Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 25, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 25, 1867 Page 3
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LAW IHTELLIOHSCE. A Large Number of Disposed of- Dirorccs Granted and Asked —i Judgments and New Suite. . The completion of the Croat work of introdue- Snclako our homes Is not to affect the flood of migatloa. The Judges will not figure in the ceremonies of the occasion on «oni!ar. rh«w ,V® biAomeao accustomed, oerh to«, to the hard i&P°r of the Judicial office that ibcy t>ecm dill-.- mined to yield tbemsclve to the luxury of a h>;ll oaj, albeuthat the relation hball ex end only to, the term of a day’s labor. U may be, bower* -t, Umt the introduction of pure water into the court Bottsc,ih£lr place or business affecis-Lhem.leas than any other class of borlaoss or prof esional men, forbett well kco'-u the county has not so much as provided the meatu for one ol them to dean from nls bands tbe accumulated dost arising from tbe tramping of tiundrcns of dally visitors. EXITED. STATES CIUCIJIT CODHT.* J The cose of dark vs. Cosgrove which Us* oc cupied tbe mention ot the Court during three day e Is as yet undecided. cn.-.xrr court. • There were galci a number of orders catered la Ihlf Court on featnrday, ana ibe harness Ie : pro" £tesaim» so favorably that dudee Williams doc* not intend (o break in apon its oven tenor by on M<nday. j 1 1 oe bneiDcss was as follows : The People of the Siale of Illinois. Jbc , ts. Chicago City Railroad Company. On the fllioe of a bond in me penal earn of fL.IxX), to be approred by ibe Conn.« preliminary Injunction is ortt-red to ia«ui restraimne the company from operatin'* it* steam dmarny oa State street. • , Le !?.S; S orl ’' 11 « «!• «. CatUarlDO B. WricW Bt &1. Bllllakcn pro coalaao. »rP' , ? r - 1 l* Al i ier ' can,,cd JcU » Smith vs. Simon for J Assumpsit. -Default and jnagment James N ocqm-t vs. Oliver Edwards. Assump sit Dclaull and judgment of March 2;6i set aside. Ejias BapUcrys. The Chicago & Great Eastern xuiiroad Company. Trespass. Ca?e on trial curing the past two days. Jnry discharged lor ■want of agreement. John McCarty et aL vs Eocene B. Barrows el al. Debt. Motion maircft of judgment withdrawn and tew trial d cied. Judgment on the verdict in favor of the plalt.Uils rendered upon the trial December2»tb forSLB22.CO. Appeal. Maria B. JcwelL admlnislralrfs of William B. •Jewell vs. Illinois Central Railroad Company. Case. In tide case the jury, .on ihe trial, January 24ib last, awarded plalntm - 31.4 0. The Court offered tbealteniailveofancw trial or the remis sion of JL-L-Oof the vemicL IMaiutiff electing to to remit, judgment was given for £3,000. De fendant appeals. W illiam M. larabce vs. B. Jlutchings Badger. AsETtmpstt. Motion for new mat overruled, and lodgment on the boding of l. c jury, February 41b last, lor 30CC. . Frank ilopldns to. Richard Connell. Replevin. Finding, on February Slr-t lasi, for pliin'lv. Mo tion lor new trial overruled, aud judgment on the vcrdlcL The u-wemts in this Court were as follows: Fi'tcr Biddle vs. William Sml'b au>! Miry C.. his wife. Trespass. This action is brought fer ao alleged woug dl en try upon the of the plamtiS, room No. 15 iu No 1G South Clark street, and for Ibe carry ing away of his hou?ehula fundturc. George Mcisier vs Leonard Singei-, Petition for C'lticrati addressed to Dougherty, I. P., on an appeal from a jndgme: tin an ecnon of forcible deiaitcr, given in favor ot plainlliL The property is port of the house No. 242 North Franklin street. B. W. Anftin et al. vs. Newman £ Norton. At lachmoal. Indcbiedness to, £2od. Writ issued ae noL-rcsidenU. Ellen Curtin, by her f.lcns, ic.. vs. The North Chicago Railway Company, case. Dam age laid at *4,UCO. summon counr. In tie common law bra- cli of this Court some “snags 11 nave been startcu. consequently final orders were on Saturday few. Tula Court will be in session on Monday, tae tunnel celebration to the contrary notwithstanding. The grand jury will be cmpacnelled at Ido’dock. The business concluded was as follows: Max hchweizcr vs. James M. and Ezekiel Mor rison and Benjamin Hendricks. Trespass. On trial dnrisg several rays of the week. Verdict of cot guilty and motion for ueir trial. Sbeluon rcase vs. John Toby and others. Ejectment for the east lialfol ibe south east quar ter of section 20, township 37 north of taage 11 east, except block, one to thirtv.fivc Inclusive, in the town ot Athens. Submitted to the Court and fndirg lor the defendants. Franklin D. Clarke vs. Nathaniel Mitchell. Trover for the alleged conversion of fixtures of a doctor's cfiice. This is a contest between two Sartres advertising and selling special medicines 1 Ibie city and Indianapolis. Ibe case was tn><d dnringNotc'ttber hist, when a verdict of guilty wim *329 damages was retnrned. The case now is on bearing, a new trial bavirg been granted. Id tic chancery branch of till* Court. presided over by Jndee Jameson, ibe case of Norton vs. Shay & itrlehart, folly noticed yesterday, was elill on hcarirp. The only final order rendered was a decree in the divorce case of Loretta Collier vs. Clark W. Collier. The hill in Ibis case was Sled December Ist, last. It charred adultery with a “ Mrs. Nel son, or a woman who w«.-nt by that name.” at Cnlllicoihe. Peoria County, of this State. The charres also included cruelty. The parties, the compla'nant be'.iiff then named Nlchol.-, were married by Dally, 3. P., at Peoria, July Ith. 3SCI. The decicc recites that the material facts aliened In the hill are true. It appeared in evidence that the defendant Introduced the woman Nelson into the household of bis wire, and there slept with her. The new f mts m this Court were as follows: Mary Smith vs. Louis Smith. Bill for divorce cm the ground of abandonment. The complain ant ollcces a marriage on Uie4ih day of February, 3SW, and the subsequent birth of a daughter. The wife asks a decree of divotce aud the custody of her child, which she says she always his, aud is always williuc to labor io support. Samuel Finlay vs. William D. Crowfoot, Oscar F. Bane and Henry D. Clemens. Injunction to restrain defendants from Interfering with asses and books of the firm of Crowfoot, Bane & Finlay. COUNT! COUBT. 7?o new Losnxea* was taken np in this Coart on SatanUy- ntCOEDEK'fi COTOT. 2Co Imelnces vras tarns acted In this Court oo Satmday. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOKETAET. Satuedat Evanyo. March 23. He following Is ilsnarer ive-’ exhibit of the tmslcces of tie Clearing House for the week end ing to-day Clearings. Balances. .51,632,050.33 £2 •-6,155.12 . 1,713,011.57> 290,797.75 . 1,039,709.2* 173,216.45 . L6W.S9I.nC 149,053.91 . 1,494,319.44 22G.0C3.57 . 1,390,752.11 177,*'C0. 51 March IS, “ 211 $9.617.830.11 1.933^29.14 Total. B£3iU(o 001,003.2^59 Lsetweek, Quarterly day linear at hand, and the country Nationals are checking freely for currency on which to make up a good statement, and as the city banks arc impressed with the same laudable desire, the volume of loanable lands begins to show a felling ofL In most quarters the money market is represented from taeee causes to be working somewhat closer. The demand for loons on legitimate paper is only moderate, and the speculative inquiry for discounts is less active than at the beginning of the week. The rates of interest are unchanged both at bank and in the open market. Tbc forthcoming quarterly statements of the Na tional Banks wilt ha looked for with considerable interest. The January elntem-.-nts were pretty thoroughly cooked, and although the parties in terested denied the soft impeachment, the proof was incontrovertible. Bank officers, as well as the outside public, now look on these statements as an unmitigated farce, entirely Impotent to perfirm the dnues, which llwas intruded they should perform, by the framers of the currency act. We woold like to see the National Banks of this cuy issue a weekly statement, through the Clearing House, similar to that given by the banks of New York, Philadel phia and Boston. If this were done, the business men of the city would be able at a dance to un derstand tbe situation and direct their operations accordingly. Tbe demand for loans would then be proportionate to tbe condition of the basks. If Javorable the market would heeasy; if unfavor able, close. ; Exchange was steady and Arm, with sales of round lota between banks at 55&40 cents premi um. The counter rates were unchanged—par buy ing and 1-10 premium selling. Foreign Exchange has fluctuated slightly.durlng the week, end closes firm at the following rates for small sight drafts Gold. Currency. .5 00 672@650 . 20 27© 27* London S„,. Paris Irenes. 75 101©102' Berlin thaler® Hamburg Marco banco 38 61© 53 Norwaylilx Mynt, 30 41© 42 Sweden specie doler 1.10 156©153 Floor was firm and 10@15c better. No. 2 Spring Wheat was 2@3c better. Com advanced 2©2*4c. Oats were H@j£c higher. Bye closed firm—open ing unsettled. Barley was steady. Mess Pork declined 25c. Bulk meats were firm. Lard was neglected. Whiskey unsalable. Tbe many friends of Mr. James. Boyd, of New York, formerly of this city, will be ghd to learn that he has again resumed business, having in the most honorable manner settled all the claims for whlcn he was liable, growing out of ihe failure of the last Erie “bull clique.” It will be remembered that Mr. Boyd was tbe broker lor this “pool,” and when Erie broke down, he was left by his unprincipled principals to shoulder the responsibility. Tne ;‘street” warmly sympathized with Mr. Boyd, and on bis return to his chair at the Slock Board, be was heartily welcomed by,bis brother brokers. An Associated Press telegram, received last Sight from New York, announces the failure of Eobirif on & Ogden, bankers and dealer: in Gov cmmcLts. Tbe liabilities arc set down at $2,000,000- supposed cause, disastrous stock speculations. A week or ten days ago, It was currently re ported here, and since in Wall Afreet, that Leonard W. Jerome, of New York, had suspended owing to unfortunate stock operations. Hie New Voik Times, In which Mr. Jerome has an in terest, denies these rumors. Gold was a trifle easier to-day. The market opened at 1344, advanced to 1314, aaa closed at 3514. The following quotations were received by Boyd Brothers, cold brokers: .< .134 H 12:00m... .134>; iKTJp, m. .I.HVj 2:00 p.m TthSO a.m. 10:45 a. m. 11:00 a. m. .1344 ils p. m 31:15 a.m. 11:30 a. m IS4^ 11:45a. tn 13JJ4 . Here the market wao quiet at buy ing—dosing at 1332£. Silver was nominal at 123 ©127 buying and 130 selling. The following sbow* tbc dally range nod dosing price of American cold fbrlhe week ending to day 2:00 p. ia Binge. Closing. . 1.333 fi01.31 1-34 . 1.31U®1.34?i 1.814 Monday.... Tncrday,.- Wednesday, I. .214 1.014 J. 1.314 K3»4frl.BlS LSIJ4 Thursday,. Fnday.A.. Saturday,. Governments were without any material change. The following shows the closing urlcce to-day, compared with the three previous days: Wed. Thors, Fri. Sat. Slrrsof'Sl 109 1034 109 KO Five-Twenties, ’62 1094 1094 101*4 101*4 Flve-rwcotioe, ’6l 10*4 10*4 JOT 4 1074 Five-Twenties, ’65 1074-1077, 3074 1074 Ten Forties.. 9*4 9.4 __97s£ 9*4 Seven-Thirties, Angust.lOC 1064 100 106 Scven-Tbirtles,dune....los*4 1034 303*4 1034 New Five*Twcntica.... JO* 107 107 107 Here the market was steady and firm. We quote: GovEHMiEST BEctramw—emcioo nansET. Bavmc. U.S. Sixes, oriSCl 1 82f "C. S. 5-SOa. IBGi. 1U8?» TT. s. 5-2fle, 1601. 10I« U. S. 5-HOs. 1&53 107*8 U* b. J>*2Qs, ’CS and ’CO (new)..loCs£ U. b. 5-2 Os, small UH4QIOB U. S. 10-**, larca 97«4 T 7. S 10-io«. small 37 .... IJ. S-7730k, Ist series 105 V lOGy TJ. S. 2<l scries 105 U 105 V U. S. 7-30«, ad series 105 ii 105 V U. b.7-30a,small 10a @los}* .... Compounce, Jnne, l&vi iitu “ Jnly, 1661 i lc S •. 44 Auc., ISM no 5 * 44 OcU, 1604 us **** 44 44 Waj, 1865 11* 44 An 3665 Ill* 44 SepL, 1865 UOVi 44 OCU, 1805 uo y Locals were quiet but firm. The broken are buying at tbe following rates: Chicago City 7a.; .'. -«'ook County 7a vy Chamber of Commerce 97 —': be camlngs of tbe Chicago «t .Northwestern •Hailroad, torthe weekending March2l. were; ’ • 3806. ISB7. Increase. PtF-enger... *55.52178 1 63,069-DO *10,513.19 Freight. 77.418.95 106.705 61 89,286.69 Fxpre-s 2.953.73 7,62 1 50 4.670.-7 - *1,592 59 T0ta1....*134,482.97 *180.590.50 *16,0113-23 —The New Yock Journal of Cjimuru says: . ®J? Batois, a prominent dealer in cot ton In this city bas filled, and made an assign -nicnt,'owing to lanje losses upon cotton de?l.*oy edbyihft recent are In None Moorland Wam- Icgtoo streets. It is said be bas few creditors, ■find as his remaining assets are eafflcleut to pre vent large losses to them, be bop-etomaku ar raugcmenia to resume business in a very few days. - —The Philadelphia Ltdger remarks: There baa been qnltc'a'dcmtnd for money for several days past, especially on tbe part of banks* holding GoverumchtdepofliU; but with this ex ception tbe banks arc comfortable, and most of them teady lenders on goon commercial paper.* Cali loans on the street arc made at 5 to 6 per cent, and on other good stocks at 6to 7 percent. Paper that is not the fruit ol legitimate business, or that is of longtime, thus felling below the moat np-_ proTtd, It is difficult to negotiate on any reasona .hlc terms. Trade shows a little more activity in dry scode,5 code, as well as in produce and breadatuffa. hough ibe businessln the former is by no mcina cqaai'to what it has been for several years at cor re-ponding lime, sUH It Is fairly active, There ‘are quite a cumber of buyers on the market for etaptc cotton {roods, and prices are more firmly maintained. The woollen tariff having stimu* laff-d that department ol trade, lucre is imparled a more cheerin' tone to the whole dry goods busi ness. While this is so, there Is no speculation no taking of large-stocks for a future market. Prices for the time are Him, and while orders to the mannfcctnrcra continue light, hone is enter tained that enpplics, especially of staple goods, may be kept within the current demand, and the market tbns be carried through the coming sum mer without any material decline of prices. —The Boston Adreriiaer says: Wo understand that the vote passed at a recent meeting of the Associated Barks, as an act of comity, that nil chocks drawn by the President or Cashier of any bank in Boston, on his own bank, end endorsed by the Teller, be re ceived by Boston banks, 14 has not been assented to by more than tec or a dozen of the banks, and the previous arrangement, which was entered into by thirty of the banks, who voted, to authorize their President. Cashier or Assistant Cashier,’to issue and certify checks, as good on their respect ive banks, holding themselves liable for ail such arts of issue or certification, stdl remains in force. —lh: Bo;ton Advertiser observes: From operations in money matters reported to day no change of consequence con be noticed. The demand for loans on Governments is very IhriiL &s dealers do not appear to be carrying imger amounts than their Individual capitals will aflord without much borrowlcg. Disconnts arc rather more active, as capitalists begin to think there arc some pood names left, ana are taking paper more freely. The rates vary from 6to 9 per cenLsccordincto quality and time before ma tnrit). The largest amount of baxinens is done on ilrsi-class at 7 io 7*i per cent The Bank Bia-cncnt docs notahow any great variations this week. Individual deposits and deposits to other hanks continue to decline and lessen the loaning facilities to upward of a million. Hie eniptua held in New York has decreased, ps fauds are in T&;ions WBja got home, and Legal-lenders rather increasing. Comparative statement of the Boston'banks for im. past two weeks : March 11. March IS. Lcena *93,421.953 *93J58.456 Dee. *363,167 Sprcle 695,768 S(BX9IDeX 125,974 Li.-rJ-Tcndcr Notes. 1A00L154 16,27i),979 Inc. 27C.927 Ui’tfiom other Banks 13,937X91 )8,«€1,695 Dec. 9)5X95 Dcs to other Banks. 12,r<5),437 11XM 210 Drc. 535,197 Deu- sUs 37X6A580 56.7H.753 Dec. 614,137 Circulation 34.793,753 34.809X33 UC. 15.775 Bt-’.ccLculaUon.... 503.113 299,523 Dec. 535 —The Cincinnati Gazette of Saturday remarks: ’Jhe money market, wi:h a comparatively mod ereie atmsnd for loans, has become very close. The deposits have been running down tor several day*, and are at this this time unusually low. 'This is accounted for In part by the withdrawal of unemployed balances lor investment In Gov eri jncnt tfccurHies, to avoid taxation. From this mi-vcment, and the preparations on the part oftno Naiionel Banks for their quarterly statement, the market is likely to be very close for a «veek or ten days to come. Rates of interest In the regular way ranee from 9 to IS per cent, but outside capi tal can be Invested at 1.Q515 for the time being. New York Snock and 91aney llarbet,. Ctcsing prices far cash. March 23,15C7, received by Jofcrph M. Lyons & Co M Brokers: lstß<L2dßd N. Y. Central..lo6* 103* Erie (com) 63* 58* M. 8. (com) 76* 76s C.&P.tts TO* TO* Reck Island 96* 97 C.AN. 85* 35* Dc.lU’U 66* 65* P- Fu vr. & C... 96 96* Quicksilver sc* .... W. U. T 41 41 C. <v A. (Com).. JOS 106 U.& Q M. C. 103 103 Hudson Rlver..l3S .... Ist 8d.3d.8d Con. Gregory..lloo .... O. B. 6 p cent bonds. 1831.. ..vd U. B. 6 9 ct 5-20 conp.lSCJ 109* .... O. S. 6 9 ct 5-20 coop. 1864....107* .... U. S. 6 D ct 5-20 I conp IS6S 107* .... 1.8.61) ct 5-23 conp, new,’65.107 .... D. S. 5 f» cent 10-40 97\* .... Treas M 73-10,1 st series .106 .... U. S. 7 3-10 2d series HE* .... U. S. 7 3-10 Sd series .103* .... American Gold.l3l* 131* :2rt BoardSKady. Ul. Cent... ....115* USH nin.&ucsd....mi* ioi*- C. ft To-edo 118* 119 Tol.&Wabuh.. SSJt • ••• M. k SU P. (comics' ci do (ptd)s3 .... Market—lst Board straps COMMERCIAL. Sanmnar Evestso, March S 3. The following tables show the receipts and shipments of Produce during the past twenty-four hours: EECBIPI3 PAST TWESTT-POCB HOTOS. Floor, brls Wheat, centals. Corn, centals. Oa<e. centals.. Rye, centals 5,582 7'-H Bailey, centals 1,773 576 Grass need, Tb# CU.S3U 43,506 Cnrtd Heats, lbs 10,770 113,606 Beef, brl 170 Lard, lbs 161,239 91,i« Tallow, lbs 19,150 13,315 Butter, IBS 0,120 8,1*3 D. Hogs, No 421 S 3 lave llotrs, No 4,131 1,161 Cattle, No 033 1.1 W Hides. IBs 53,003 49,799 Htphwincs, brls ISI 453 Wool, lbs... ' Lumber, m.. Shingles, m. Lathi m. amruarra past twestt-poub houbs. Flont. brls. Wheat ccn’als, Coro, centals.... Gala, centals.... Kje, centala...- Bailey, centals. Gro : 6 steeds, Djb. Broom Corn. lbs. Cured Heats, lbs 449.5 W 005,197 Beef, brls 25 2,15* Pork, brls 412 1,312 La’d. 0k... Tallow, !b». Butler, tea. Draped Hon, No IS 56 Use Hoes, N 0.... 4,431 553 Cattle, No Msl B*a Hides. Ibf... 93,821 43,301 nj^hvriuefl,brla •Wcol, lbs.. Lumber, m .. . Ph'pDgiee, m. La'b. a.... 2-alu‘brls ..... 717 193 The ProrUoo market was again dnll and un profitable, and there was not enough done to g-ho any Indications of the strength of Ihe mar ket. Mess Pork was dull and 25c lower, wl'h soles 0f450 brls at 923 2S. In other cats there was no movement. Be T Hama were firmer withsales o< 10 brls at 940.50. Bulk Meats were rather more active, with salea at DK C for Cumberland? and 8c for Shoulders loose, and Btfc for Shoulders pack ed. Lard was neglected and entirely nominal at I2f«c®l22£c- Grease was firm with sales at lOjjc for White and 8c for Brown. ' Dressed Bogs were quiet with sales at 99.00® 99.50. There was no inquiry for Whiskey, and the market may be quoted entirely nominal at-23® 23c for bonded, and 92.10@52.Ut4 for free. The more favorable advices from New York gave a firmer tone to (he Flour market, and in many Instances an advance of 10© Isc was obtain ed. Tbe transactions foot op 3,800 brls at 916.09 for White Winter.;. $10.50@12.50 for Spring Extras and $7.50@10.00 for Spring Supers. , There was a lair specula tire demand for No. 2 Spring Wheat, and the market appreciated 114© Sc, though at the close the extreme Improvement was not obtainable. No. 1 Spring was quiet but a shade firmer. Rejected was inactive. Aboat 72.000 bu changed bands at 92.4U32.41 for No. l; 54.’.4H@2.15 for No. 2, and 91.80 for Selected— closing at 921114 for regular No. 2. Com was In active speculative inquiry, and tbe market was 2®2j£c higher, with sales of 245,000 b at B9©9]c for No. 1; 71©73c for Rejected, and lor £ar—closing firm at 01c for No. 1. Oats were in moderate request at an advance of H©x£c, withsales 0f25.€00 bu at 4lH®47c tor No. 2—closing steady at 45ftc for winter re celpts. Bye was irregular and unsettled at tbe open inp. hat closed firm at outside prices. Sales ranged at 9L2001.22& for fresh,* aud 91.18 lor wiMer receipts of No. 1. in other grades there wa« nothing doing. t^, The demand for Barley was rather more active and ihe market was steady and firm, with liberal ttauracclons at 7C©Boc for No. 2; 55©G0cfor Be jeeted, and 90c@11.00 for sample lots. Seeds were steady at f 2.37‘/*©3J» for Timothy, and 93 25©9.00 for Clover. Wells’ Commercial Lttltr of to-day gives the stock of Salt in this city, as follows: Onoudagc. brls. Bay County.... Saginaw Total. Total stock on hand The following telegrams were icadoa ’Change to-day: New Youk, March 23. Common Flour 10c and choice do lS©2se bet ter, **ilh sales m slO.M©!l.Cj. Wheat firmer, at £2.*7©2.55; Corn firmer and quiet, at 91.1614. Oat' firmer, at G4©Gsc. Pork' arm, at 923.624. la d easier, at 11*£©13c. Whiskey quiet, at 32© 82JJC. Gold. 1344. Floor active and firm. Wheat better, at $2.50© 2.53; No- 1 Soring, 92.75. Coranrra bn*, qnlet, at 9LIB. Oats firm. Pork a snide easier. LITEB. After the adjournment or tec regnlar Board,the leading Grain markets were quid—doping at {2.:34f0rN0. 2 Spring Wheat, and 014‘®914e No.3Com. Provisicna were dull, with aalea of 200 tiercea Kettle Lard at 124 c. The Cattle market was quiet, with prices nomi nally unchanged. Tb: peas were pretty well cleared by packers and yard speculators at and within the ranee of JM.59®7.0t) for common to lair grades. The market closes firm at SLSD® K.CO. Live Hogs were in fair demand on shipping ac count, at substantially the closing rates of jester* day. The offerings were all taken np at f6.03® 7/. 3 for stock Hogs to prime grades, at which range the market cloeee firm. Cincinnati Fro vision market. Fbujat. March 72- TUc market tor provisions daring the week part has been about as lost reported. Holders remain Arm in their views, and the sales have aggregated quite large in the way of small orders, principally for Sonitmm account. Eastern parties, however, are beginning to make inquiries for m u st articles ot the h>g product, and considerable shipment* hsvc been made la t'-at diiecUoo. Mess pork, since my last, bu advanced rally 50c per brl, and at tuo rlo; e the best city is held at $ *3.01 wito free buyers at $33.50, hat 25c more has been pain. Country ranees from f7J.UQ322.T-0. &s In quality. Hump* tavc been in good demand, and sales have been made at $17.00 for extra heavy. The stock ot this article is not large., and further advances may be looked for If the canard continue?, a small lot of Crime m«s sold to-day at sl9.oo,bat theicls very Utttlo rre to be bad at any price. Lard has been In fair demand, but most of the ex ports reported below have been on consignment, choice oty close* firm, at 12jtfe. and choice country at 12vc. primeqteamishcldatltc: bead and cut, HHc; k«r. 13V31SXC. Greases remain unchanged- I quote brCwa to white at SJffilOc. Stearine ranges fr.un JO.V (312 c. ts to quality. Tallow firm, at Balk meats have been lo good demand, at Bc,joc,ii)Kcand Ur. loos**, for shonldrta. sides, clear rln, aid clear Bides, but «®Vc more Is a»kcd, and some buyers have bcedfonna at the advance. Sweet pickled hams are held at 13c; buyers at 12*c. Bnlkhtmsare burr at, with offering! at riVc. Bacon Is also better, homers demanding9XC, lltfc, 12c, and Xrife ders. sides, clear tib and clear sides, packethwlth aalea at these figures. Plain hams canvased and-pack-d. Plate beet $20.00. Beefhitns scarce at $35.». Whiskey held at 37c, offered. Emails ot the week were 4AJ3 oris lud, 912 «<? ao; 1,717 *»bda bacon, and balk 1,347 tres do, L7Bt bris pork SelHnij. 10» IWJ* 107i£ 103 107*4 Ol bmes uthl C'i-STi n« ms l ! mt. Thr .mports were n33t brie Un, f 4G kcgi 610 ns loose meats. Oao. Tf. Philips, Jb. CHICAGO BUI lioUUh iIAAUET. Satuadat Encfisa. March 53,1367. Tbewe'tcJoics oa a Ury Goods markofwhlcb has l> eis duractenzcd with considerable acUrlty. Prints a c in good demand, and prices bare anls-gans no special change. Btasdsrd BhecUngs arelnactlre re>. quest. Denims and Slrlprd Shirting- ore steady and LQchang*-o.* Ticks arc dull, and onAtnoskeag mikes i rices bare declined kc. Balmorals, Delatnes and iirown Drills are unchanged. Carpets contlna < Is lalrxeqoeat, and dealers are firm In their demands. W 6 quote: ■ pezktb. 1 Merrtmac D .17 | American .......15* MerrimoeW. 19 Amoskeair. 15 Cocbeco.-..; .-..ilS - Dnchearß .......14 Racine. 17 Mnnmlwf! Jgif Garner 1 * ..17* Allen’s isv Sprague's .11V Providence ....15 oomjL'll'i 16* James Saunders'......l6 Manchester., 1C Gloucester ic ' Lowell It* W. TV. Freeman A Co.ll. Arnold’s. 14* Union. 13 Lancaster iC* Warasnita.... UH- Richmond ........IC* Colombia - GDiGOAitS. Clinton .24; Glasgow.: S 3 Lancaster. .33* R0an0ke...... 19 _ BEOWX SUKETIMOH. Banner.. 31 Atlantic Mills ..IS Lavttvp'xs.'. Pepncrell 0.... 16* -Sur-:*-L 20* Great Falls U IB Appleton 4—4 .21 -!* - • S *..16* Medford 4—4 ad Indian Orchard A.....20^* Nashua. 20 44 . C isv Inalaa Dead 4—l 21* •• 44 • 88....17 Cabott A 4—l 20 , 44 44 , W..... 16 AtACtict—l 2i* 44 44 L 15 Amdbkeae 4—l 21 Coot Mills H 14* Baimot Falls 4—4 20* . “ £ o ..16* AtptwamF 4—l i. 17 * 8... CO Appleton D 4—l .13 Western World. is Illinois A 4—4 19 Arkwright. u ‘ Swift Elver 4—4 17 Portsmouth P. 12* FeppcrellE 20* Napoleon... is H 78* Quaker. u “ N 14* XX Standard 2u American A 21 Nona took. jo - DT.gaoacD smirraras. N.T. Mills 4—4 ...40 Bed Dank 7-8 13 WatHßntta4—L S3* “ 44 4-4... 16* Bates 4—l .2Bi Lonsdale **6 White Rock 4—l ..27* Arkwnebt. 31 Hills 4—4 .25* Wamheck 32 “ 7-8. 23* J. &W. Slater 4-4....25* Masonvlllel—4 27* CanoaS—4 i.'. u* Bar Mill* 4-4 .28 SlatcrvlUe 7-8. 16 Androscoggin 4—4 27 Ulackstone Elver) ~..21 , 44 7-8 21 A.; f.... Lendoo 7—6 30 Blackatone AA 22* 44 4-4....; 25 Ballon & Son 4—l 23* 44 44 7-8 20 , . Parra CAVOKCa. Lonsdale 39* I English 30* Cambrics 12*®16 I -- , BKMKS. Aznoskeag .38 I Connecdcnt...... 30 Tors .36* | Washington 23 Manchester ...26 1 MUtordimproved. 31 Oxxord 26 ome HiU 33 Union .27* i Core City 16 .Haymaker's .21* I Pawnee 20 STEIPED eniRTIKOS. Amoskesg.. „....S3 WhlttendenC... 30 Ter* .30 "* “ A J7* American 18*®19* Uncasvllle 21®23 Halls 25 Thorndike 22* Boanoke 30 Shetncket .20 TICES. Amoskeag ACA 51 Hamilton, regular.....S3 41 A. 41 44 D 30 44 B SG Pemberton E .23 M C ,31 44 X 27* _ 44 D ~..26 B wlfl Elver 23* TcrkflO-lncn .h..S7* Star Mills st-lnch 27* Albany 13* “ 44 36-inch .37* Torn 32-lnch 47* COSSET JEASB. Amoskeag 22* Indian Orchard. 16 Laconia 22* Androscoggin. 15* Bates 15 PeppereU..! 23 Nuumke&x Sattscn....26 Globe CAiTOJi rLASXBLS. Hamilton etont so Thorndike 25 EUcrtonT .23* Naumkeagbleached...3o snowv nmzxa. Bott. Jfl I Bennington 22 Laconia 22 JPenperell i 23 DELAENKB, M*nchcster, new......7J*| Hamilton. 23* Pacific. new 23* j All Wool 10®50 BALUOBAL EXISTS. Gilbert's *2.37* I UanyanAMaDekcn.*2.l2* Wi1c0x..... 7X0&2.73 Raleigh’s 3.00 Pcntojtucn. 3X0&3X5 1 Bruner 2.00 Washington Mills.. 1 Belle of the season.. 2.29 TnnsADe. J.&P. Coate *UO Green & Daniels 72* Curie’s 1.10 While Skein 90 Hadley & Co’s 90 Col’d 1.00 Worsted Braids 85 W1111mant1c......... 82* Stafford 70 OOTTOS TABES. ETC. Eagle. 53 Eastern 1.. 55 Hope 59 Carpet Warp AO®6o Franklin 53 Candlewick GJ®7O Park 53 Chicago Batts *12.00 CABPTXS. Lowell. 3 ply. S2XO SnperAae *I.OO®IJD 44 snper 1.55 Crossey’s Fat, Tapes > 44 mcdlnm.... 1.40 Brussels 1.80 HartlonLcxtra S-ply 2.00 Roxbnry 1.57* 44 lmp'lß-plj. 1.95 Empire Mills 1.10 44 anper L 55 Belgrade IM 44 medium.... 1.40 CA6SIUEXXS. ' Fanners4 Merch’s....47* I Kvorettl 47* Wabash 45 1 Everett O 45 CHICAGO CATTLE MARKET. For the Week Ending March 23, oma OF THE dult Tbibuve, ) BartranaT Etexenq, March 23. J BESF CATTLE. Tbf Hallowing table shows ue dally receipts and shipments ol Bsel Cattle daring the week ending to day, compared with the receipts and shipments of the corresponding week last year: Kecelpta. 1567. 1906. 1967. 1966. Sunday and Monday... 40 017 6S 2.013 Tuesday 3.V07 91 253 . 925 Wednesday. Thursday.. Friday Saturday. Total 8.493 6.706 6.571 4,493 Lost week 6.901 .... 6.140 .... Week belore last 4,933 .... 5.159 WeekPßdlCK March 2.. SdMfi .... 6,610 .... Week ending Feb. 23... 6.526 .... 4,170 .... IVeek enfliECFeb. 18... 4,777 .... 3.650 .... WetlcetitlmtFeh.9.... 5,903 .... 4,10 .... Wcckcaclo,rFeb.S... 3,169 .... 1,693 .... By comparing the receipts Ibr this week and last we find lie following: Receipts more than last week 1,593 Shipments more than last week. 434 ISC7. IBM. 4,215 4,360 7.481 3,0 M They compare with therccelpts for the corresponding week of 1566, as follows: 23,533 ;i,710 3,575 1,982 Receipts this weet 8.493 Receipts lor corresponding weckoflSG6 6,70* Receipts more this week l,7S^ For Uie same period la the year ISCS, wo Dad: Receipt; this weet 8,493 Receipts lor the com-spondmg week of 1365 .3,445 Receipts more this week. 033 Entered sales to-Cay and lor the week were: Carlo. Hoes. Sheep. Monday 161 5% 356 Tuesday 1,975 3,707 1,191 Vr'ecpesday 2.230 5.077 1456 Thursday 3,58 1J»1 1,436 Friday 737 4430 UW3 Saturday 400 2.374 833 Total 7,855 19415 6,013 coxKornuTS. 10,«10 0.100 ITO 33 375 192 Tie following were the shipments of Live Steel; ler the week np to left ntebt, and tbs pMcti to which the same were cocalgoed: Cattle. Hogs. Sboep. To Colfalo 2,091 To New York 1,(81 CLSI3 To Ko»toe 2.SH 4907 1507. 1686. 5.811 4,272 4,337 f«|33 £o3o sjo 199 91'', 51 403 931 333 91,1 W 44.^3 To intubnrrli 80C I^WB To lialtimore. <22 .... TobUßprmlOD Bridge .I.TU! .... To Conuntmlpaw 1,9(7 21,973 18, 02 Tc-nleht closet a doll ana unprofitable week. The receipts have been large, exceeding by I.GtO he*d tne receipts oflast week, and only exceeded in onewbek Curluz tbu put fonr months. The remarkable activity exhibited by nearly all classes of buyers daring the week tela re, the eagerness wltn which the offerings were swallowed np. and tho extravagant rates obtain* eo, would seem to bare Induced tho bell cl that the market would i eadlly absorb any number of arrivals, of no matter what Quality, at whatever price sellers had the hardihood to demand. But In this, as the re sult has proven, they were disappointed, and sot a few to their sorrow. Drovers returned to the country at the dose ol last week, highly elated at the result of thor ventures, and, confident ot realizing continued hub prices, bought freely, bas'ng their purchases upon the high rates at that time ruling, "With a moderate supply ot desirable stock, previous rates—notwltn-- sta; ding condition of the markets abroad might have been tolerably well sustained. But 9.0-10 bead of Beeves, of a quality considerably below the av erage, with decidedly unfavorable advices from nearly all Eastern points, proved rather more than the mar ket would bear, and values accordingly seriously de predated. Eastern shippers lost heavily during last wrek, and In view of the marked uncertainty at pres ent attending all operations In that quarter, the In qolryfcr shipment was very materially lessened. Buy ers were shy, and their purchases wers made with un usual caution, and only when liberal concessions could be obtained, would they purchase at all. Th ouch sales dragged heavily throughout, holders of good first and second-class Steers, were enabled to close out by sub mitting to a reduction of 2C®2sc per 100 lbs, from the closlngiatesofthe week before, while common and medium grades, which were largely In the ascendant, and fbr which the demand was somewhat limited, suf fered a decline ot fully SSSUe. Inpolntof quality,the arrivals tall considerably below any of the half dozen weeks preceding this, and when we' take Into consider ation the excessive supply of common mixed stock forced upon the market, that priers did not take amore decided tumble. Is rather a matter of wonder otterwlse. Thin rough Cows, half fattened Steers, and coarse Oxen, have made up k the bnlfcol the arrivals, and If drovers with the result Of this weeks’ speculations, and have met with severe loss, as many of them undoubtedly bave, the chief cause is to befoand in the fact that they have flooded the market with a class of stock not at allßiiUedtothewanU ot tbe trade at tbe present time. True, the legitimate wonts of the market here wll regularly absorb a certain amount of this com mon ball fattened stock, but after this demand is sat isfied the remainder Is a drug In the market, and mainly unsalable, except ot each prices os buyers ore generous enough to offer. Goad to prime shipping Steers, fair to prime bnlchers’-Cows, and goad stock Cottle ore the grades principally In demand, and dioycrs will find it to their interest to confine their purchases chiefly to these descriptions. The Inquiry, as heretofore,'was principally on shipping account, and of the 8,493 head received this week, 6.574 head wrre taken np for the Eastern markets: New York, Buffalo, Cleveland. Pittsburgh and Baltimore buyers being the principal operators. Prices have ranged at $6X0®7.75 for medium to prime shipping Steers, and g9.1XJC46.25 fer extra Bollocks, with very few soles at out ride figures. “Stockers” bare been in abundant sup piy, and to only modcrane request at $5.25®6.00 for ycrycommon to prime stock Steers. Packers re main Inactive, prices still being too high to Justify ex tensive operations on tnelr part. During the closing t'days there was some little inquiry In their Interest, but tbtlr purchases were restricted to a lew “odds and cede" at and within the range of g3.5935.13K. “epringers"wcrelnlarce supply and though there was considerable inquiry for good qualities, kales were slow at $35 00@63.00 per head for comma 1 to prime, 4 To-day—The market was quiet, as Is usually tbe case on (Saturdays. Tne weataer was fine but there were few buyers in attendance, and transactions were lim ited. Some 400 head were worked off, and were di vided between shippers, city batchers and yard soecu liters, ai prices ranging lromslXo for common mixed loin, t 05750 fbr good smooth shipping Steers. *fbe marl el doses steady with 500 bead nosold, lbs fol lowing are the 57,6 W) 49.413 43,061 SI,COO 2.0T3 15,336 140 524 0.235 5,070 1,073 W 2 1,033 819 733 !*6 Fine. Coarse. 26,293 21.013 .12,831 3.6 K .33.530 0,219 .72,833 33,875 .103,714 CLOSISO I'HI CSS. Rj tra Bettes— Ftue, fat, well formed, 4 'O6 year 010 Stttrs, aod averaging 1,400 tbs and npwgrds $7.73®8.00 Prime Beereg— Good, well tatted, finely loim-d Steeri, avcraglnz irom 1,100 to 1,400 lbs, at. 7.25®7.33 Fair Grades— Fair Steers, In lair flesh, av caring 1,00031X00 ...6X037.00 Medium CVc4»—Medium Steers aod good Cowr, fit tor city slaughter and averaging Ko®7.oto US, at. 5.7536X5 Slock Cattle— Common Cattle In decent flesh, avengingßoo3l,ooo fts. at ...*.CO®LS7V Inferior— Light and thin Cows and Steers4X(i®t.7s CATILE BALES TO-DAT. Thirty-two head common parsing Bzcers. averae inc 363 tbs. frdaud waterpd, at SSX3, Tulrtv-two bc«d f*lr fle-hy Steers, averagingL233 db cd and watered, ats6.7o. Twenty-three head “Springers." at $ll.OO per head. 'Twenty-one bead goad packing Steers, averaging LS73 Tbe, fed sod watered, at 16.12K* Eleven head common stock Steers, averaging 872 tbs, fed atd wateicd. at SSXO. Twenty hcau medium Texas Steers, averaging —ns at SSXO. Tw- nty head filr packing Steers, averaging 1,071 fts, tec ard watered, at $6.00. Seventeen head good smooth shipping Steers, aver aging 1,189 ns oil cars, S7X7K. Eighteen head medium Steers, averaging 1,074 ftsJed ato watered, at $6 50. Ten bead common mixed lot, averaging 933 fts, fed and watered, at $4.75. Fifteen bead common butchers’ Cows, averaging 876 fts off “art. at SSXO. „ Twelve head goed stock Steers, averaging LIOO fts, al * C * oo ‘ HOGS. Tbe following are tbe recants and shipments for the ‘enrrent wccc and lor tbe corresponding period last ear * Receipts. Shipments. ISC7. ISGC. 1537. ISG6. Sunday and Monday..- S 3 425 , !S) To-sdar 2,973 11J 1.519 79 Wednesday... * 5.431 K 1 Thursday 4,471 1.083 2,533 *193 Friday... 4.161 1.567 4.151 1,005 Saturday 2,509 1,161 2£63 559 Total ..19.01 4,973 13.313 2.973 Last week 11.411 .... 9.911 Week before la« 11.711 .... 11,473 Week ending March 2..2U.409 .... 16.317 .... Week cooing »o. 23...11.191 .... 7,51* Weekending Feb. 16....1C021 .... Week ending Feb.9....«.«00 .... 4 .*l3 Week ending Feb. 2 22J07 ’.... 3.058 .... The receipts this week and last compare as follows: Ib-celred this week ...19.654 Received last week 14,411 Received; more this week. £213 The rrcdjJta this week compare with the receipts lor the same period In 1566, as follow* : WCFIDP UU wnsg A9J64 Receipts tbr corresponding w*ek la 1868 4,873 U‘C tot* In this department©! the Lire Stock market there bas techa good, Lealffiy demand throaghoacran'l'thonth trices, during the week, hire fluctuated more or leas, the ruling rates 10-day wtre' substantially theaamoas • the closln* prices of last weekl Tbe recruits show an Inprcaic oh tboseof la»t,w«-ck of 4,t« ha id; bat the de mandbaa beensuch, that nearly ad have been readily worked off; Jest than SCO bead remaining in the pens' unsold to-n!*n f . Otlhe 1901 heal rece!r*d, ‘ !S,BtB h*"d were taken* 6a shipping arcoont, thus leaving -6,636 bead for packers. nod city'hatchers.* - New York, Boston and Pittsburgh buyers bare taken the-great : *baUr : Df tbo oflennis. The’receipts hare generally been ol a low order. To-'dat there was a fairly actlre. demand, thourh, under a libera) supply, tbe feeling was easier. Prices, however, were not sensibly lower, some 3,030 bead changing ban's at a range of 86.50 for common to 87-75- tor prime Bogs.. ; -,* We cit* bflow the closing prices of this week, com pared with loose ol last: . Good to Choice.. Medium to Fair. C0mm0n......t. £O. • • At. Price. 105-good common lot .-.201 *7 S 3 ,-60m«Uomict. 163 705 TBccdlumltebtßcn...; ,i?o 7/0 65 medium lot, 183 7J5 53ihlrcoareolot ...756 7.33 . 119 medium mixed lot • «o 7XO ' ’ C 6 same Quality.... 713 • 50 Cur uneven lot 7.33 62 m« dlnm ] Ignt lot .144 .710 69 medium Igbt Hon, .137 7.0 S 83 common mixed lot .135 6.75 15 medium coarse lot 210 7 00 43 common stock Qog» 1« 6.50 bHKEP—Eeceived to-day, 819 s received this week, 6.2-47. Shipped to-day. 1.532; shipped this week, 4,m The supply hat btea very liberal, bat under a steady fhlr demand, bothfor shipment and on local account, the supply has not proven excessive, and values, in stead cf depreciating, have been considerably -en hanced, the market closing 10915 c higher than last week. The character of the demand was substantially the same as that previously noted, good to prime mut ton sheep being the grades chiefly la demand. Prices range at $5.7597.50 for verj common to choice grades. • Sales to-day Include Ko, 71 medium 10t..'. so lair lot SCmeaimn lot. 70 good mutton Sheep. Alt tales of Grain reported in tMt market report are made c-n the basis of winter (4c) storage , unless otherwise expressed. _ Satubdat BVExnro, March 23, IB6L The Jollowmg is the tariff cf the Eastern Roads: Bates irom Chicago to— 8d class. 4th claps. Floor. Buuolo A bosp. Bridge | 55 St* 65 L 25 7U 1.40 Albany. N. r. LOO GO 1.20 New York. ij» CO l.a) Boston lio e j^o Portland U 0 C 5 iJtO - Pittsburgh 60 35 - 70 Baltimore....-..i 91 55 Philadelphia 91 55 | to CKCinLnU. Ohio 45 SO 60 FLOUR—Received. 4.248br15; shipped. 5,514 hrli. The tlonr msrket was mtx erale y active, atd, in gym-' pathy with fav-rabie art rices from th« Eist, prices were s tfaade Bnner, aUbousb in some Instances on ad. vai co ot lOftiSc was obtained on choice xrades. Sales Iccmde the following: White Wikteha—loo brls 44 Nashville City" at *16.00; Snuso Emus—too brls not named at t1*.75; 100 oris 41 U. Lamb’s Best' 4 at tl8.j0;800 brls “Wlrona County A 1 * at *13.00: -iSO hrisnnt mamedat*l2.oo; 100brls “Bradwells 1 ' at *IXOC; luo bris ••Kearßage’’ at $11.75 : 800 brls not nsmed at *11,73; 2to hr a •’Garnett’s Excelsior' 4 at *11.75; 400 oris not named at *11.63*; lid bris “Spaflora’a” at :* ids brls“Chiptn’s Best" at *UAO: SCO brls not named at *11.50; 500brls do (Dixon Mills) at 911.25; 135 brls "psareMills” at*11.00; 75brls not ntun«l at *10.75; 275 brls do at *10.51; CssoDsn—loo brls not named at *10.00; 20 c rls dj at *9^o; Spbixq supeus—loo brls hot nau ed at *l« .60; 100 brls do at *959; 50 brls do at *9.;5; 103 brls do at *9.CO; 100 brls do at *9.0); 103 brls do at *7AO: OotsMEAL—2 tons at *29.25; 137 Burlsns at «27JK> per ton. • v* IIE a T—Received. 7,461 centals; shipped, ceuals. Mark'l advanced l*o2c on No. 2 spring. No. 1 was a trifle timer. Sa cs were: 460 bn No. lat *3.41; S.CCO bn do at *2.40; 5,000 bn No. 2 at |2.15*;53,CCD bu do at; S.OCO bu do at *3.14*: 1,409 bu Rejected at flAO; 800 bn cnejce White at *3^s—closing steady at** for No. 2 Spring. CORN—l(occlved23£33cent&lst>ehlpncd 2,CTiO cen tals. Market advanced233*c. Ssles were; 5.000 bu No. 1 al9lc: 15.0C0 LndeattK>*c; 2CJ)Sobndottt93*c; 90,000bn do at 90c; Is.ft.obn do atSOVc; 30,(H0bado at 89*c: 8,000 bn do atse*c :AoXbndo at ASOJ bn Rrjectod st73c: Is.cOfcDudoatTlVc; 800 bn do at Tike; 15.W0 bn co at 73c ; 5.600 bn do at 71 Xc: 3.000 bu do at 7i*e: 12,000 bu do at 71c; 400 bn Ear at 68c—closing at 91c for No. 1. OAT»—Received. 8,575 ccnUls; shipped, 199 contats. Marker advanced *tt*c. Bales were: 2.200 bu No. 2 at 47c:l,70Otmdoat46*c:l.6U0Pu do at <6c—all fro<h: s,oW)budoat43v.c;li,oWbnd»at4sc;s,oo3baat 4J*c —closing at 45*c fjr winter receipts. RV R—Received, 2A33 centals; shipped. ?4 cen tals. Market opcced Irrcznlar and unsettled, but closed firm at outride quotations. Bales were: 400 ba No 1 at *1.22*: 2JBCV bu do at *1^1; 3.200 bn do at Slot. 4,‘Xa bu do at 9109)—all licsb;ax budoat *l.lß Winter —closing ai *i.22. RAULEV—Received, 1,773 centals: shipped. Bst centals. Market steady. Sales were: 4.800 on No. 2 at 80c; 1.600 ba do st79*c; 400bado at 79c; 400 bu do at 78c; 400 bn do at 76c; 400 bn Rejected atCOc: 400 bo do at 56c; 4(6 bn do at 57c; 400 bn do at 5Cc; 400 bu do at£*c: 400 bn hv sample at *I.OO : 400 on do at 90c. , A LCOHOL—Nominal at *4.36(31^15. BKHII.H CORN—'There was a fair trade trans acted tv-day and asalers were obtslnlng 101 l prices. Bales were :1 ton (choice) at fltO.OO; Xdo (fair) al *145.(0; Ido at *1X0.00; 2do at *140.00 ; 5 doat*M.oo. Is KAN—In fair request and prices range firm at *1».6r®23.00, bale of itf tons al mill at *2LOO. HEsN'S—Are steady at prices ranging from *1.503 3.CO—according to qua Ity. _BUTTER—Received, Al2O ns: shipped. 3JT3 fts. The character ol the market remains substantially the esme as noted In onr previous reports. There Is no change In aoy eisentlal psrtlcnUr, and certainly no change for the better. The demand la confla-d almost exclusively to choice table qns'liles to supply the wants oflocal customers, and as the arrival; of such aic barely sulQdcnt to meet this demand, prices are well snstalaefl snd firmly held at quotations. Com mon Tnb and Common Firkin Is scarcely Inquired (or, either lor shipment, or on speculative account, and with a inrse surplus In the market, dealers arc generally obliged to accept Inside Agates, and indeed aalesare slow at any price. The low range of prices obtaining In New York, prevent* shippers from entering the mar ket, ard speculated are unable to discover anything In the Immediate future to warrant them In operating toaay considerable extent. Hence, with conlinacd liberal receipts, the stocks of old batter must evidently be closed out at reduced rates. We give the following as the prices current: Ch oice Dairy. 25<acc Good Tnb *«jr;c Common FUklB ICaiSc Prime Flmn 70i«23c DIGGING—There Is very lltUo improvement to note in the demand, and with liberal stocks on biad, dealers are not remarkably firm la thetr views, and on large orders liberal conct felon* may generally ba obtained. Prices are unchanged and we continue to qpoic: Notional A, 2 bn, seamless linen..., *3BXO Union A. 2 DO, co ~!i 38.00 I'lidoU A,3 on, do 35.10 Cora Exchange 33.00 Btsik A, cotion seamless 64.00 Lewlstown A, do 63.00 Ai droecocgln, do 59.00 America, do 00 Bcsvcr Mills, do 6nj» Pl'tsflcid S, do 60,0) Penn Mills, do 61.00 Fort Pitt, do CLOO Siigo. do A]oo OCIiLtCS 26JM Burlap-, 4 bn. No. 1 27x0 Empire City CIIICEf-C—The demanu is nos remarvamy active, but as the;locks on hand are barely anfllcient to meet tin legitimate wants of the trade, dealers arc very hm in tlirli view#, acd the tccoit adranre is thoroughly so.-tati.ed. Asrtcalera cannot replace -weir stocks to ee.l at lower rate* than are at prene: t n> Ing. tuere is to rtl>p : >IUoD evinced, on their part, to shad < prices to ary extent We quote the market firm at the fo.- lowjt g qnotatlrns: New York Factory (genuine)..3S! 21 ®2l;c Fact, ry (Illinois) Vi @jo c Qambnrr 921 c w> stem is ®l9 e Western Reservr 17 919 - c ••Young Amraicn”. 30’c CO a K—The demand continues lair, and far the bet* ft Qualities of Btuailnoa l . Coil—owing tithe some, what iimltca supply In the market—the feeling wasde cirteely rum. The stocks of hard dcscriptloosare abm dant, at rt though In a small way dealers ar* gen erally reaMrJnc at qnoiatP-os. on round lots conces sin s are freely offered. The following are the current rat»s: Ejiie—t-rookfleid *1 oot co Ormsby 11x0 CLKvxhA«it>— Briar llill do Mineral vfldgc 10x0 do Willow Bank. 10.00 do Tunnel 16 03 ctiptewa 10.00 8.-sspnr/ Lczno Lehigh KXd Lackawanna, prepared 13.09 Bcranton iuxo Pltison 12.00 Illinois .V.. 6.00® 8.00 ds on track 5.50® 6.00 Yonvhi chenv HIM COFFEE—There was a lively movement In the narketto-dav although the bulk of the business was Uamacteo inrcuen oruers. fnces continue firm at theannrxed oootatlons: Shipment*. 3,760 6W 1,000 • 325 1,0 (7 2.110 3.110 93 633 2.197 1.151 353 6:» is 103 ajsi rna maker. Java.... S 3 «39Kc Rio. common to fair. 34 V'&BKc Bio, good toprime. CTKCtfTkc Bln. pnmc to choice X7V®S c Cl'JflPEttAUE—Tbe market rules steady,.and prices are nominally unchanged. Sale of 500 Pork Bar rels at $1.40. E«»4si*—Were in fair supply but under a more active Inquiry .prices were ic better; ranging nt 16® 13c for fresh. The demand la. confined exclusively to supplying the warts of local customers. FKCriS AND NUTr»—Dealers report a steady and fairly active demand, and as tbe stocks on hand are in no way excessive, full rates are In most In stance* demanded. Foreign Fruits are in moderate supply and very firm, with ratheran upward tendency. There Is a steadily Increasing demand for Domestic Uriel Fruits, and though the supply of most varieties Is perhaps sufficient to meet the legitimate wants of the trade, there Is no surplus, ard the feeling la de cldedlyllnn. Winter Apples are In good local request, and as tbe stocks are becoming somewhat reduced prices rale 25»50c higher. We quote: wt.i-.nHi Apples. » brl Lemons, Messina Oranges, f box Cranberries,S- brl DBixD raurrs. Turkey Prune*, new French prunes, new Figs, arums Flu*, cartoons Date* Canned Peaches, 1) doz 2 ft cans. Apples, new Peaches, halves and quarters Peaches, pared Blackberries, new, V ft Raspberries, new, p & - Cherries, pitted oueiriu, (9 no Elderberries, Fft is ® 16 Raisins, seedless. 50 ftkega~- 9.50 ©HUS Sardines, k boxes «*. 20 « at Sardines, X boxes S 3 @ 40 kots Almonds, bard-shelled :.V. 21 @ 24 Alameda, soft-shcilcd 7 83 @ 45 Alnioodf.tnper-fbelled.... 50.® 55 Pennnts. Wilmington, F bn 26 fts 400 ® 4.53 Brazil Nuts 23 9 31 Filberts 16 9 IV Frcrch Walnuts, new. 21 9 23 Kopies Walnuts 23 9 24 P< can*, small and large 23 9 SO Ulrkorv Nuts 3.00 ® 8.50 Fl^n— I There is a good business being dons in this departs cut, and the ccncral market rales firm at fuil rates, wnb rathfr an improved tendency in Mackerel atd George’s Bank Codfish. Whlteflsb are In fair stocks anu the (eclloe is a little easier. We make no centre In our quotations as follows: WLiteCfh, No. 1, H url $6.75® 7.P0 whitcllsh.No. 2, V brl 6XO® 6.73 Trout. No. 1, K brl 4 JO® 4.75 Trent. No. 2, Kbrl 4.25® 4JO Mackerel, No. I, Kbrt. new.. 10.50®10.75 Mackerel, No. 2, Jf brl 10.P0@10.13 Mackerel, fmlly. per Kbrl 9 00® 9.35 Maclarel, extra m»ss, FKbrl 14X0@15.C0 Mackeres extramess, F kit 3.50® 3.73 Mackerel, No. 1, kits new 2X5® 2 65 Mnckfrcl. family, kits 2.15® 2.25' Corinth, Bank, F 10b Oil 7.00® 7.50 CcriCsb. Gearge’s Bank. 7XO® BXO Bake 5.00(4 5.23 Hcrnncs. dried. No, 1, F box 30® 55 Herring', scaled 70® 75 Labrador Herring*. F brl 10.00&I0.50 lilt EA*£—Mat ket firm. Sales were: SI tres White atiouctts tret Brown at sc. IlfunWlNES—Receive. 131 brls: ehlopcd, HO brls. Market dull, ncricctcd and entirely nominal at 23®33c for Bonded, and $3.10®2.12K for tax paid. Arc selling at 6i®7Jclor Eastern, and CO® 650 for Western, imEviGll IKlßi*—Market quiet. Sales were: SOllogs, allround,at $9.00; 6 Bogs at SD.t2K; 46 Ilnrsat $9.23 ; 6 lines at $9 50; 20 uogs at $9.10. UAV—The market exhibited a littic more anima te n to day. and under a moderate supply a firmer lecllog prevailed; prices rnltng 50c®fl.o0 higher. Owing to the unsettled condition of the ruace, very little loose H»y Is arrlvtsg on wagons, and a further advance is rot Improbable, We revise our list of quo tations as follows: WOOLZ&ALS PEICES. Timothy, roller and beater pressed 41L5U®15J0 Tiojoiby,loose p'ce-ed 15X0®16 00 Prattle, beater EXTAIL PBICES. Timothy, roll- rand beater pressed SI7JO®I3JO Timothy, loose pressed 17J0®I9J0 Prairie, roller and beater pressed 15.00®16.00 Prairie, loose cn wagon, delivered 13.00ai5.1W HlDES—UecGlved 53.6t8 tbs; shipped 9342 T tbs. UpricrncoDtinucpg'od demand, ard with moderate arrivals, prirrs are tolerably well sustained, though the general fechrg Is less firm. Prime olTcrlogs are taken up at Quotation?, but on all other descriptions liberal cotceatlots are being made. The Inquiry is chiefly on shipping accounts; local tanners only buy ing to meet current wants. Grnbby Hides buying at orc-thlrd off. Wc repeat our list as follows: Green Butchers* 8 ® Bwc Green Salted, trimmed Hk@l3 c Green Call is ®«0 c Kip Green, ea’ted 14 ®ls c Dry Flint, trimmed is ®l9Kc DO’ • sited, trimmed HV®ts,‘*c Green Salted, part cured loK®H!fe IRON ANU sTEEli—There was n fair degree of activity D-anilteled lathe market, and ac«l«n were steady tn their demands at the lolto w lug current prices: Common Car. 5K9 5Vc Hcrse Shoe lion ck® 7kc Heavy Bard G ® G^c Hoop and Light Band 6K®H c Round and Square 9Hc Oval 5K® 6Kc» Half Oval and Half Hound s*® 6*c Sheet Iren, common 7K®— —c Extra Brands 7X®— -c Shretlron, galvanlred 19 ©23 e Shecflroe, charcoal, 26 sXi*—c S>ceitron,Jnnlata,2G 11i7®13 c Norway Nall Rods UH«WKc plow Steel. German 13 914 c- Plow Steel.cast 17 ®l3 c aprlcgaudTUeSeeUEngllfh 12K®15 c Tod Cast Steel, ordinary sizes 2? ®3Q c Tool Can Steel. American 23 c Blistered @3O c l ÜBIBEK—There was a good healthy demand to day lor all descriptions of Lumber. Shingles were active and firmly held, and Latb continue steady at our anoutiona. We continue to quote: Lunßvn-Fim Clear. L IK. 1H and 2 Inch aa $00.04®63X0 - Pfcond Clear, 1, IK, IK aod z lack 53X9@60.00 .This weet Last veok .$7-50357.75 $7.5037.70 . 7-C0<57.33 >7.Poi*7.ta HOQ SALES TO-DAY. . At. price. .. 96" *6.75 .. 97 6XO .. SS 6XO ..70S 7XO CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. .$ 4.00 a 6.00 ~ 8.00 9 BJO .. 7.73 ® BXO .. 15.00 @25.00 .. 21 ® 25 ... 19 ® 20 .. 27 ® 28 ... SO @ 35 .. 25 ® 26 .. 4.65 ® 4.73 .. 9 ® 12Jf .. 16 9 19 .. (45 G 48 ... 81 ® 32 .. 66 9 68 ... 65 @ 06 Third CJearlrch ..—.—l.soJoasßJfl- Flnt ana Clear, Flaoncr, togctli* er, rcnjsh, the same u Bec:nl Clear ' Wide., Ontpoa floonojs. roezh/..-...; SKOOeTT.OO listened and Drested Common FI 00mr..'41.0090.00 Hatched and Dressed 8-incb Common * FKoibg SAOOe&OO, First and Sccon* Clear Bldlnjj together;. S 3 OS ‘ Flr*t Common Dreaseil-6l<*me 33 01*80.00 Waton Box Boards, seltct-IS-iich, acd I niiwanl* 39.C03( r .o> AEtICK BOBMmI2 Inches, 05*32.00. B Stock Beards, 12 Inches.... WJti@t7.oo t'Oßumn B .ard*,.M*ta, ScanUlnp, Feno* •, • * ' ter, and SmaU limner. 13 to 16 feet. 1 lenc... 31.T0®J5 00 • Jol*p* aart »cnntlmr.lß.2o,2tand3l (bet. a.OT®SUO • Jouta and BcattJine...- 0.00 8] " *''*•• VUUU BQU *l.~ siusolx*—.\ or aved 5h1ßß1ea..... 14.39 Aor Star Sawed Shingles ...I. 5.M»8J0 Ho.l'awedShmglra 8.5003.09 Lara—Perm myard .k........... • 5.W ■ By car-load by Northwestern Railroad, -aeliverodiD anyy&rd «herecarscan be - ' I '• switched or-«sy depot, Aor Star Sawed ~ ' • Shlsgles, by car-load, on track.. - .;;,.;.'.. 8.00 Aor Star Shaved Shin*lee. by car-load, _■ : on track ..v........,??. ATS® 4.00 80. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on . , - 1 .. - track '. ■ 4AO Three dolltra a car-load added when trausterred,- whlch charge fo’lowa the Fhlngle) la freight bill. j aniKOLE BTAXDAKT). Thickness—Five Shingles to, be two inches In thick* ■ Length—Sixteenlcchas, ■- -r , » , Banos—Twenty it ches. 1 Conrrea—Twenty-tiv*. LEATHER—Trade la slowly, though ftetdlly,; placing no, and the Arm fueling that has characteriz'd ttc market daring the past lew weeks la still apparent. The Blocks are fair, hot In no way exccsilrc, and are being firmly held at toe price* given below: - •** j nsxbocK. • • City Harness' V ■ Slaughter,rßnf- . B- | 39® 40 . £*lo Sol* $ 40® 43 CouctryHirneiS SA® 3.4 Slaughter, Sole, Llne.l'B 42® 44 Chicago, No. 1 40® 42 Kip, medium. 9 Slaughter; Bole, 1 B SWaI.SO Chlcago.No.2 St®. 37 Calf, 9 8.... i„ 1.40®1.M Buenos Ayres.. 36® 38 Upper, 9 foot.. SO® SI Orinoco bole.. 31® SO Country Upper. 23® 25 Ortcoco, good. Collar, f» loot.. 23® 21 damaged 310; 32 • oak I Slaughter. Sole. S3® 511 French Cali, 31 Durness, 9 8... 40<® 461 Bs 2.1C02.23 Upper. 30® 33 I French Call, 31 Kip. No. 1, me* I »a dlum 1.1001-80 > Breach Calf.Lc- Kip. No. 1, molncs, P . beavv Sol.lO| doz... .......00.00090.00 ' iIIAPLE bCRAK-li In fair request at Dt®32c. with an ample mpnly In the market. r niEIALSAM) TINNEItS* STOCK—Trade co&tlsuisateadyand pilceshavenndergonecospecial change. We continue to quote: n.v. mnonT was. Box Tin Plate, I C 1 to 0 > 11 10x14 *15.00 VS* oo9 ** 13 Large Mgs.... 37 10 and II 13 Small Mgs 33 13 U Bar Tin 39 is and 11 15 copfsb. 15 and 16 16 Metallic Al’BottS.. S 3 17 :17 Copper Bottom 53 te..... 19 Braziers over 10 bs. 41 31 &hcct,l4tOlGcz.... 45 21 ! 93 Tlnulnga 10 Fence Wire. -10 BABUXT UXTAL. ItUSSIAB. lat quality, 30 No*. 9 and 18 23026 Antimony 20 American. Utquall- Flno bolder SO ty, 9 sheet 19 zinc. Amoricao, Ist quail lit quality, c»Ek.... 13V ty, »bd1.... 19 let quality, sheet... 14« American, 2d quail* SUh... 131 ty,9shc"t 16 SalljS—Tbo market was only fairlyactiveand dealers were still maklnr concession* of IDftlSo to meet tbe views cf buyers. Wo repeat quotations: JOe to CO v keg .*7.00 1 -Ml .*9.25 8d 7.23 3d. One blaed 9.23 CU 7JO I id. line biaed 10.<3 4d ;.7.73 j Cut Spites....... 7.21 . - BJS j Clinched. Net 9.50 IHLW—Tbetro’erai market was rather wore active wMlay and a better f«cllne obtains«. Linseed vh In moderate request, and, under light Block*, was OraUT hHd at prerlons rates. Lard OIL In Tlew or the recent auvance la (he rear material, **as atlfl at J1.1331.2Q lor extra. Wc make no change Id oorqaota Lons as tol* lows: • • Li men) Oil fljartua Lilted OU, boiled cure oil C«^W Whale Oil, W. U L2ftai.24 Lsrd Oil, extra *. 1.15-3L20 Lard on, «o. 1 Winter I.IOALIS Lard Oil. No. 2 Winter, l.(iS®LlO Bank Oil, ronod lots 1.150L20 Batik Oil, Straits ~ UfcjtLZS Machine on ocolm Sperm 011, W. H ®XSO Lnorlcatlne Oil M&i.eo L'ABBON til L—ls Omoderatempply and tinner. Tlitre is s Mr Inquiry at the fallowing range: Cerbon, V car icad <Rc Cai bon, small lots «Se B« role SkSilC and 101.510 &f Lard; snipped. 419.541 a>a Cared Mots: 25 lirU Heel; 41? brie Pork, and 37,800 os Lard. itlt'HM Pork— Marsel dull and 25c lower. Sales wwe; 45« brls at*22.25. nullf npatA-lrarkftqaletbntOnn. fialeiwercs 850 pcs Catnberlands at 9J<« 80,000 »« sboolders at Se ttle oope; 1 O.COU Os shouldorsatßKc, packed. I.nrd—Neglected and entirely nominal at 1 2H& 12j\C. IMlOLTßY—Bc'lneas was active, and prices wera fir.-ly sustained. Sales Include tbe following:- Due* fed CuicEitss—l3 doz at 16.00; 3do ats3Jo; 4do at {5.00 -.Live—l coon at 13.25; 2 <ioz at *3.00; Duessed Tr>iKET»—loo as at 19c; 1 brl atlOc: 900 as at 18c. POTA TOE**—Were In good demand, the supply Is lair. Sales were: 175 bu Mlchlmm at 85c; 50 bu float 80c; 150 bo Peach Dliwa. Illinois, at7sc: a brl* do'at 75c; 2cars Michigan at 800 on track; 200 ba Keshan* nocks at Boe. • SUCSAKSs— Thcrowasa Rood Daftness transacted In the lowfr grade* of Sugars, mod lor such the market ruled firm at the lollowlui* prices: C01w....... Poito Klco V .UJfftlllfe N. Y UtflneO,Powdered aLd Granulated....lOi^lCVc WIUH A - Circle A White D UU(3l3kc Extra C 14*(515 c TtUow. C 13 §ia; c Oxnard c Oxnard C,extra.... New Orleans prime. lr -nsla- J«cw Orleans Xalr 11 aUKe PYK(JP?I—Were la limited demand. and conflned exclufjv«'iy to supplying Immnolato vuU. Prices were, howerer. steady At the following quotations:; Doi-ton AtnUer |U?V3!«*IO Kew YorKSyrupa 603L13 Yellow Dries 1.1301.50 Cotta Jdolaaaea 75,-4 55 Porto Ulco (00 K 5 N»w Orleans GO’el.OO Philadelphia Bee Hire. GO,* '0 CMraco itefl cry. Amber 1.0041.13 Cmcaico R< finery. Golden sa<4 90 Chicago Hennery, Sacar lioata “iCj 60 ~F«UA ji'sif Btc..cly at tlie following prices: 1 Babbitt's Medicinal uwaitvc ' *• Pnre 12 csiUtfc Deland’9 Chemical 13M313 c “ Healthy .13 »13J<C *• _ Pure 11 Mlifcc FAI/T—Kicelred, none; shipped,Bl7brl». There 1* bat little change to notice In tne general features ot the market, amt prtwa are firmly maintained. Sale or 9IC bris Fine at |2JSS ddlrero d. We continue to quote: ■Kow Fine. $3.54 ccarse Ground Alumi Groanil Solar. Tcrk's Island, boss 750 Dairy, with sacks Dairy, wltbonc sacks 5.75 rsFEOf*—Keceived, 58,945 b»; shipped. SUM n«. The marset was fairly active, ana prices were Quota* biy uncharged. Sales were as follows: Traorav—J list;* at 13 W; 90 do at f ?J»; 55 do at *LSS; SI do at «.H); 6 do at $3.75; 40 do at *2.60; 4odo atsL3Jsf; Cl nr*R—l3 bass at $3.00; 4do at $8.73; 4do at $3.90; ■JO do at 18.59. TEA—The market was not quite so active. The stocks are unusually large, and prices have declined Seen all qualities, with thi exception of Gunpowder, which remain stu sUrtlaily the rams as previously noted. We revise quotations: Young Hyson,superior u> fine, 9 B (UO&l.tO Y< nng liysnr, extra to choice. K ft IJOC4I AS Imperial, superior tonne, P fi l.lOcct 60 lui’k-nal. extra io choice. V D lASaJAO Gnnjtowdrr, superior to One, B l.lOacl.M Gunpowde> .extra to choice, V & LBV4LO3 Japan,natural teat fire to extra fine. V a... 1.09(41.15 Joiah, natninll-at. One to choice. V B 1.29(4140 Japan, natural leaf, colored. K B . . IJIVjIAj 10041 ns— liemalua quiet, with prices steady acd unchanged. We quote- FissctJT cnrmwn. ,$1.1501.50 I Medium., . 1.CT(«i.19 | Common, SMOKinG TOUACOO. Extra.. Choice Vlrdn'a’aFavor- I Medium 3p%l>c Ite ; ConmooSlema 19^333 Choice BV4-ICC Medn.m 65at3c Common sf-t^TOc Nvvte* .53 3 73 c Virginia ID* & &b...Soa*&c Flounders TiVicTSc i fair, am! pricer are steady a y.oo <a 3jo Loral Citizen.... TS&BOc Farmer's Delight CnjcTSc Natural Lcat....|Mo!%Uo Halfltriclit n«al.00 Choice b’k soond 7&80c \\ CIO I)— I The demand u: bp previously quoted: M-ple, f ccrd, nclivercd....>-. V ccrd, in yard Btvcb, V cord, d-nverpd... Beech. V cord. In yard ISailroairs. A R RIVAL AITD DEPARTURE OF jCJL TRAINS. Winter Arrangement, CHICAGO AND NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD—COUNCIL BLUFFS AND OMAHA LINK—DEPOT SOUTH WELL? BTXItET. I/eare. Arrive. . *B;lja.m. •7;20p. m. ~ 7:80 p.m. tC:ooa.m. .. 4:00 p.m. 11:10 a.m. )nr linz. Omaha Fast Line On aba Night 'Express, Oixoo Passenger Freeport Paepeeger. Freeport Passenger. Rocklord, Elgin, Fox lover and State Lice... *OOO p. m. *11:10 a. m, Geneva and Elgin Pas senger. *&£) p. m. *8:45 a. m. •ItteOO p. m, *3:11) a. n. •9:00 a. to. *3:40 p. m. WISCONSIN DmBIOS’—DEPOT COUKZIt OF CANAL AH2> SQiZZE BTBXTT. Day Express •ShOOn. m. *C:3oo.m. KlcbtEzprese •4:80p.m. *5:15 a. m. Janesville Accommod'nr •5:30 p.m. *2:85 p. a. Woodstock Accommod’n .3:00 p. m. *9:30 a. m. Milwaukee Division—depot coasts or oanae ajtd Knrzn btrekt. Day Express liorehlh, Calvary and Evanston 1:30 p.m. 3:40p.m. Niebt Express 4:00 p.m. 8:30 p.m. Keooiha Accommod'n... • 4:40 p.m. 0:45 a.m. aooa.'m. 13:00 d. Waukegan AccommocTn. 6:30 p. m. &50 a. m. Milwaukee Accoramod’n. 11:45p.m. 5:30a. m Gao. G. Dunlap, Gen 1 ] Snp’t, B. F. Fatih ck. General Passenger Agent. KCEXSAa OSKTBAL BALLSCAy—OHIOB USTOT. VOO9

oplaxx mnt. Morning Express *3:00 a. m. *&45 p. a. Day Express *7:00 a. m. *li.*oo p. m,' Evening ExprtTß 75:30 p. m.7*12>0 p. m. Niaht Express 7*9:45 p. jq. 7A25 a, a. . OXNCXXHATZ AND LODISVILLS TBAOt*. 1 Morning Express *7:00 s. m. *10:85 a. a. Nfcht Expre55........... 15:00p.m. *ll:00p.m. MiroidAß souzHxna and aav anoai zjas—xjx* ior conasß tan bdhen and bhxbnax smzxtju KjLXUO UN*. Eay Express *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p. m New York Express 3:fsp.m. tlS:3op. m Night Express 1*10:00 p.n. *6:00 a. St nstsois UNA. Dav Express *7:00 a. m. 111:00 a. m. Sbrht fcxpwaa tiOtOL'p.-m. *B:s3p,iL, rnrsßimon, ro7>f watns and Chicago. Mail *k2oa. m. 6:00 a. a. Express *l:ooa.a. 12:30 Fa.-:line 3:15p.n. 7:40 p.n Cznrcss *lUhOOp.m. 11:00p. n TTT.T»nrn cBNYmn. . Day Passenger *3:20 a. a. *10:80 p, a. NigM ras“cnger 710:00 p. m. *0:45 a. n, i Sankakce Acconnod’n. *4:05 p. m. *U3S a. m, tlv lc Pari anl OakVTood *6:30 a. m. *7:45 a. a. • •* “ “ *15:10 p.m. *9:53 a. n. , “ “ M .... *3; *Dsop.n, I •* " “ *s:ssd.xa. *7:2op.m I omCABO. St73LD(«*on AND QUIXOT. i fla> Express and Ma 11... *8:20 a. m. *9:00 p. n. . GalesburgPassenger..., *B;oop.m. *I.OO p. m. i Aurora *s:oop.m. *9*oo a.m ■ Night Express 712.00 nld’ht tS:S9 a. n. ! . CHICAGO AN 3 fcT. LOUIS. i EXKicMandMoll S:osa.n. &4Sp.&u '• Kigat Express v.isp. m. 6:30 a. a. i Jol.ei and .'Wilmington i Accommodation 4:00p.n. 9:45 a. a .•n'-lAQO AND 6BZAT ZAfIrHSS—(LAVS CSJOIUHATI Atn twe)-NiLWAUxax aamtoAD dx?ot, ooa, • ANAL AND XIHm tTBtXTS. Day Express 7.0 J a. a. 11:40 p. n, Nigat Express 9:00 p.m. ■ 8:50 p.m. I *0" ISDIAHAPOLU, LOtnff.LLII ASS tT.HCINNATI. Day Express 7:oa a. a 11:40 p. a. Night Expree5.......... 9:00p.m. 8:50 a. m. Columbus Express 7:00 a.m. 11:40 p.m. %% ” 9:00 p.m. 8:50 a.m. ; lALSIng Accommodation fcw a. m. 9:00 a. m. •' "■ 6:13p.m. RtO p. n. CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND AND PACIKS BAHJtOAD, Da; Express and Mail..., *9:00 a. m. *5:30 p.m. ' Night Express 12:00 p.m. *5:45 a. m. *oikt Accommodation.. 4:40p.m. *%40 am. *?onday executed. szccptodfTSstcrday escented. UNION STOCK TABD Tmx TABLE, i Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Yards. 6:30,..7 a.m. 7:10... a.m. 1 600 a.m. 9:10 Am. 10:00 a. m. 11:30 a. m. 12:80 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 3SO .p.m. 4:00 p.m. i 4:43 p.m. 5:40 p.m BUNDAT THAISO. 9:30 a. m. I 0:35 8. m. 10.20 a. m 11:45 am. 12:80 p.m. 2t20 p.m . 4:00 p.m. | ras p.m Tho following is the new table for the arriva and departure of nulls from tho Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now in force: HAIU CLOSE. P. O. CHICAGO, KAItS AHBI7B. a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m. 2:00....Mich, South. R.R 12:20 .... 3:15.... “ •* « B:SS .... 12:00 m “ « « .. 6:00 11:00 .... 12:00 m Mich. Central R.R 12.00 8:15.... “ “ “ .. 6:00 8:15 .... 2:oo..Pitta. & Ft. Wayne 12:30 .... 8:15 ... « “ •* 7:W .... 12:00 m ** « * .. 6:00 11:00 12:00 .-4:80 ...Great Eastern R.R.. 8:30 10:00 12:00 * 17:30....New Albany & Salem 8:20 11:00 8:00 7:45....Ga1ena Railroad 3:10 3:40 ♦ 12:00 6:00....D1x0uA1r lino 6:00 7:20 12:00 Rock Island Railroad 5:45 2:30 St)o Qalccjß. B. 5:50 0:00 &lio 3:oo....Northwestern R.R.. 5:45 8:30 &Co' 2:45....M11nankee Railroad. 11:30 8:20 12:00 7:45....111in0is Central R. R. 7:00 9:00 ,42:00 T:OO....SUIiOUIa Railroad... 5:95 8:45 rr ROB’T. A. GILMOHB P. M. ISusinesß ffiarhg. QEST, HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission 'Merchants' NO. 50 UoGao-ltH , [BetweenF andG-6Bj DENYEB. COLORADO - LIST OF.JITTERS. *7; - “LETTFES BEMATHTNQ UK CLAIMED HT THR Post Ode*- a« Chioadb-dtate of DllooU, on tbs da j JSrd 'cf March.Mß7. t ■>. .v * * * . t . Or - “lo obtain any of these 1-ttcri Uu applicant tnn«tcsQfor ‘ASTxmszD Lcitskb,’ gtretho data of thi»lla r . m pay coot far adrertlamg. •• •• ty •‘Letters aiwßOf »d*ertl"e*l nntT b*T» re mained Id *beolDee<»neweet, action Fmays am fi\u urnaya letters tobeadfertisedaro in the bands of, in* TratscMblac Cieru. i ' Of" Free dcllrcry of Letters to anr part o!’the eltr can be secured by baring them addressed to the street aid comber ■ • - "■ • ' LADIES' LIST. ' j•, • ; :,A . - > { Adam! Anna Hmn ‘ • Anderson Annia tars • Alieta* orth Jenny miss Anoeil AtmdaU AleianfeELovnamrs Arrow*mithA mrs Aidera.n Kitty mtw ■" ABhley Came mini Am. erson Jamie mn . Baker Kniemrs iMUlngs Angnsta mrs ; },**« Elizabeth mrs ' Bennett 3 *.l mn 2 Bailey Mary mrs bell Cot* madam 8"?“ F 1 Bennett Annie mra \, mr * Brook* Sarah S mrs BakfrAnnJoEmri ' Bill Ejjqi ols# BarkerEoward mrs •- Brothers Elizabeth mist mlaa Margaret mn {dine mrs Brown'ylria mlsa Paid Becktc S mrs Burns L'zzle mlsa Farrows Louisa jnrs Borns Mary mm Bctee Lizzt* E miss BelsadAltneemraJ ' Burges*HaggleC mrs3 Bra&icl Ellen mbs Burger Anna mUs -• t Brewster Katie S mn Burton Salotna mrs « *■*? Clias mra Bnrk Mary miss Bcith Elizabeth mrs Bucklm James TP mra ItcanmoitUuyEmlßS Boilum A mrs * Beckwith Edonamrs- Buikioy SslUo G mrs Be set James D mrs Bnees Jnlla A miss Bassett Jennie miss Burdick Hattie mis) , nacombanrahmlis ' Bruce CT mrs BcuchcrMaryiUs* Bnrclck Mary ttnrt Bo wman Eliza a Isa Bulges* (latt>c J Boldsn.Lncy A miss llyera 111110 im*fl Pcid Aggie miss Bearyßriagetmlss Birt Sees ml*i Borzsng Bridget ’ B»>Kaan Fanny mlaj Barton Eugene mrj C Calvin Anna mrs Clark Jennie Q miss Cahill Bridget miss Clark Anemia B miss 'Campbell Mary miss Clark Kelle E mlsa Cannon Laura mra Clldesdell M mra Can'cy Mary mlna Coaklry Kate miss Cartw-lcilaiy mra 2 Coate saddle mis*- CatrollCmn Colborn >Vm mrs Carr H V! mrs Conklin Hester mrs Chambers Ava miss Cooper Bell miss Chevailer L C tnacam Cook Cornelia Climbers Sarah miss . Coon Naomi mrs Claytin H Pmra • Cook Barth miss • Clapp John W mrs Crowby Nellla miss CtmentNina B mrs- - Crowe Nellie miss CiatditeroSsrahDmra Canniagbam Alary A miss Clark Augusta mrs Core Carrie mra CiorkDAzurs Canaingham Ann mra Clark Eveline alas Comings Ellen H miss ClarkFtora Amiss Champion Elea mUs D Damon C mrs Doaly Mary P miss Dargln Uose mlsa Donuavan battle mrs Dovijn M M miss DoyioMargate' L miss Dakin BL mra Downs Umlu Daggett Ja«-e miss DuFore Uattte mra Davis mrs Dunn Alice E mra Davis Kate mra Duncan Jane U Dean Jane miss Bbn*gon C mrs Dhcstnrlily mlaa DoffrLicyAmrs Desbay Maggiemla* Dairy Hattie nits) Dickenron Uarymtss Dnnneean '.'a'hennemrs Dodge Mary mlsa Dairy Marymra Dilicn Mary mra Dnsgan Efon n»U* Doc<re t Emma miss Dnntnt Jtula mUs DowLyMary Enmes Hattie L miss Ewing Cora miss Eu: 11 Mary mra Emen U mIM KtWyc Ellen Eror Anna M mils 3 El lolt Qeorgo mra Krert-u Ltule mhs En mom Hack mrs Enright Mary B mlta tmmcns Emma miss Egan Emelina mra F Fairchilds Annie ml* Fletcher WD mra Farnsworth Lacy mrs Parians Margaret miss FairacSAmra Forint H. mrs Femuioc James mrs Foss mUs Fllhrlci John mis Foster Loll miss FGh Jtoemlts Foster Loa E miss Fitch Mary u miss Fowler Emcunp mrs Fllr* Wli ford mlis Frank Hatch nisa Fleming Peter mrs Fry Carrie mUs' FUmmlng O limn • G Gilbert Uollle miss Orlffleths Wm mrs Gillespie A S mil Grcgo-y Chaa S mrs Glnnlss Kato il mUs Green Sarah Q mils Gray Ltbole miss „ u - Gray Ltbole mils OceJcnulo Graham J 1 mla* Gtnslae C A mrs Gray E*tolla E mUs Gerjrerymrs Gould Elsie II tnlsa Gearm Catherine mils Oots Adeliamlss Uercnld LocUta GooOlnz Albert mrs Geary otmrrmia Gorlcloe Mary C mrs 1 Gablcr Caroline Goodies too Emma Carrier Julia mils Goddard Laura S mrs Cade Dorothea Godfrey Martha miss Gliman Beale L min . Gleason Carotlne Grlvstiarab J miss Gilbert F mrs GtiainsHannahmUs GonaliCmlsi n Hnhemen Hannah mra Hamilton Annie mrs ' Hale Rate mrs Hendtiekion Mary a mrs Hall Elt mra Hen Uarsrarec miss - ' Hamilton E Hints HGgtcs George mrs liurmarlicrs O mrs Hynes mra QswcnATtertlnemrs Hobbs I A mrs Hacsiran mrs Uolorook Sophia miss Harintong Mary E Holmes Walter mrs Hart L M mrs Uolaen Gmmi miss Hastings Jullamrs Holden Harriet mrs Hamit alary Holnroos Uolllemtas Haven Annie E mrs liuzhs Nellie mrs Ilniden OndffftmlSß RodMnLJmrs Hcdere Emma mrs Hydes Jane miss ■ licllter Wlnalemrs miss Isbell M mrs J Jones Lizzie miss Johnson DP mils Jones Char lotto miss Ircreon M mn Jacobs mrs Johns Celllerarß Jones Uebocca miss MOVOH - c .aiJiyiiiVc Fine Jane mils htnejme nuia Reman mbs Keatlne Marla mra Keegan Patrick mra Ring Elizabeth mbs Laurence Sarah aka Ltir pate James xnrs Lee Crura Im rzjnnlc mils Lewis 21 A 1 mra Mack Mary J miss Mack Grace M mlta 2 Mack Lizzie mUs Max cite Alice tolas 3 Maguire mis •. Monghan Johanna mrs Maalgan Maggie mlas Morgan Marla J miss Mahcncy James mn- Morgan Catnerlna Mansfield Anna mrs Morrison Elizabeth J mrs Mansfield Wealthy mist Moore Rate M alts 2 Marsh Oliver mrs Monroe Sarah L miss Marrow Maltlc mrs March Sophia miss Martin EIIU mn Mullens Catherine mrs Mathews Sarah M Manford Rrclyno Matthews Hatty miss Murphy M mrs Mayfield Kote Murphy Emma mrs May land Eva miss Myers Mary mra Mtad Maggie miss Mullcshy Mary mrs Mvsklll John mra Muore Annie mrs Mtttvalnger Mary mlcs .* . -i.CS me M. Carthy Julia miss McDonald Christy miss McC»clan Llbhle mlas McGee E.lzt miss Mi C- llore Hannah mrs McMertry J H mrs McDonnell Win mrs McPar.and Jane xnlts McUcicel! Uanorah Nthhy Catherine mn Nervine Fra"kDmn Kelson .sT ran 2 Norton Esther mrs Newberry E nits Noy»s Mary Lter*2 Nichols Amanda M mrs Ncble Caroline L mrs Nichols A M mrs Nnnh Henry C mrs Ns< olson M»ry mrs N'cndle Emma miss u O’Connor Joanna miss Owen Christian mn O’J.rlli 3lartire mill O’Brien Moggie miss Odell Louisa tun O'Connell Ellen miss PsceJoeemits IftKVUWL’liiir, .. w U.. 8 Parser Jennie miss Podoll bophla A mn Far* Lavlea Pollard Matilda mra Paul Jessie miss PoatGsorgerars Pick Vareetamn Power Amelia mn Ferklna Ellen mra Predmore Joseph mrs PevtraSQnn Pratt Lydia mbs Pitts Mar ha 8 mra potnana Katie miss Pike Minnie H miss Pritchard John mn Place 91J mn Provist Fanny miss PlcrccCUzamn Faulting Nsomlca mrs .soaooe .93:479c Pierce mn u Qallty Katie alas Raymond Addle F mlrs Rose Mary mlsa lUancr lUnotb mn Rotter Ili'Ue E miss Remold* Ado mn Koarke Kale mias Isey. old* Jennie Bu*»ell addu miaa Reid Mttrr miss Uatsell mn lifcd Maty U miss Raised Hmn 3 Kl'ci Mary tnU* ItaMeJ John V mn Kilty Manna miss Rnhbaum Mnry mn Rrbi-onJ mrs Ryan Patrickmra Itobcrt'tnMollle Jmlas Ryan Larina mra Roby jnlia mra Bemlclc Mary A an Coach Ellen mIM Barger PnrahE miss Smith Annla miss Savage Kilcn J miM Smith blla Bchoc.ley James mrs Southwlck Arars ScrttAnn-Mana Squires Wm II mn Selvey EmmamlM St Clair Jc&nle miss Scanon Katie mlra Starks Phcb* L mrs SiKckicy Nellie rots* St Clair Robert mra Sbeiruan Amelia Cxnlai Steveos Minnie mra 2 Sides OL mra Steven* mu Simplon Q E mra Stephenson Thos mra tldeioihom Stoughton U E mra Skinner Lizzie miss Btranahan J L mra 8c Ith Laura mus Strom? Jennie miss Smith Mary miss Sullivan Annie J miss Smith Lena miss SnUran SeetUa frolth M P miss Bmith H F mrs Smith C mra Tollman Sarah mra Toombs Sosan miss Taylor Carrie mrs Troxell Louisa M mra Taylor Lizzie mra Turley Mary Ana mias Tituawortb I.aura S mlaa Turner Lafayette mis Thompson Annie miss Vaughn Cecelia mra Walt Emma B miss Wills Edvard 8 mrs Warier mrs Wilcax MaryJ mrs Waller Lillie ml»s . Williams Sarah miss Ward Emma mlra Williams Mary C Warren Ellen mrs Williamson .Nevada mlsa Ware Emma mils * Wilson Ida Warner Frances mra Woocbnry Frances B miss Ward miss " a Wold Hannan miss Weir Jennie mrs Woodworth Mary mrs Wells Matilda Johnson mrs Wood Char Ula B mrs Wetco’lllF mrs Wood Abnlo F miss Whipple Betsy mrs Wrleht Anna miss wiuhtMaryßmra Matters Ellen miss Wicker Jollette miss Wsdfllagton Nora miss Wickham Alice A mrs GENTLESIEN’S LIST. Abbott H V Alden Ben] Andreas Wm A Abbott Dcnjamla Alexander R AS & Batch Abell Jobn o Alexander Jobn Andrewsllenry A Ackhoff ilenrv AlklreJ Andreffi Fro) Ad&mi C K Alieman James J Andrews F L Adfima chas R Allen H T Anaenoa Cbas B Adams F H Allen C Arms Cbas Adami J W Alronl J 51 Arm*: O 2 Adams Aco AmbroießF ■ Arnett Wm Ae.rJohn Ambrose JE ArneyWS AbcraTbosP Ambrose Jobn Ashton Wm Aiken Henry Ammon A Avery John A Aiken WmD Babbitt Laban S Bishop Thos Brlmucr Hash Bacon Q W Black Daol Bristol John Bacon. Ennis A coßlackail A T Brockway Q J BacomSV Blackman CS Brockway Jil Bacnell Wmjr Blackman FL - Brookcr tom B Balky JcstpnS BiackwellTnnlilinrooka Wm Baker JasF Blair Z Brooks 8 □ Baker Beni dr Blake Wm 3 Brooks DC Baker John Biako Elllo t C V Brown A C Baker W Blake Michael Brown J Baker WC Blake Martin Brown BL Da dwiollW Biases ec A oo Brown Sherman Ba dwtn W A Blandln John Brown, Bailer A BadwlaColcn Blodcctt Lsl co Baldwin JasC Blodscttilu BrownAßarwood Balls 51ichl BloomF DrownsamlAco) Ballard John A BmndcJl Cbas Brownhndzrruos Barber Hiram Weld Brownell w W A Barber J BlymyreDatld ca Barber Ira U BogEfFH Brace B:bt BarbonrUA BarasardncrHcn-BrockncrJohn BoikerEW ry DryanTJcol Barnard John Boncralt Chas Q Bryant Go Barnett EN Boomer W H captßncklann Wilber Barney mr ACO BoomerA Kidrldgeßacidry D F BaineyJßP Boon John * Ball Chas Barney Errs B Booth A Conway Burbank A J col Borrctl H C Uorcherdt J C Borchelt Wm dr Barrtll Lil Borden Trnman Burceas IMlny A BarrellD Burden JW col Barite E BaircttA BontwelUasH Burk-yD Barry Cornelias Bowen Thos Burn* Charlie Barry Then Bowen Jos Burns John C < Bonify Miles Bowen Geo Bares John 2 BajleyWLS BowtnOC Borns SainlN Beady Hash Bower WHIM »Burn:lde Chas w Bean Eldndze B Bowers A »o Burr Benjamin F Bean Hiram Bowman BW 2 Bari H S ymoar2 Beck, Filklns A COBOwipsn Oco W FBartmsn ul.s Bcektrllliamcaptllowser Kl> Barton Israel Bcckley E B Boydcn J T Bnrwell W E neckwuhTC Boylnsun, Coopcrßaib Hiram E BeckwlUiHC tW , norbUlramE Beebe Wm dr Boyles Sami Basht ell L Belmont Henry Brartlora A G Bnlcher l«7l Bcr neit Frank It Bralsted Edw L Batcher Robert Bicnctt Deni J Fransficld John Battcrflcld J C Benson Breck Joseph Battcrflcld Wm BerceU Henry Thornes „capt Blenall Allred G Brewer B capt Butterfield Glint EllltresEd Brewster TP Bailor SO PlnfhamWW Brick Freaerlck Byrne Michael BirgeJollnsC BdgrsElkannoh Butler Lawrence Birmingham Johnßrlgbam Wm Nexen Llshop Cbas J Calhoun John C ChosoLnkel Conway Thomas Calkins HA Childs A Lamb CookJH Cambcilln Wal* Cnrlstcy Groß dr Cooley Henry iacc W Christian it F Copeland U rev 2 CamtronWllllam Christian Jacob Corbin D W.-' Can pAco C B Christopher W B Corllcs J B Campbell JS capt rev , , . Cormaa O A Campbell M ChifrtvJA CorwiihJE Campbfll Wm C Church Charles Coate John Campbell John Clancey aiatbew Coachilotes mA Csagblm John CamphclEH Clark EJ S ox “i v Campbell Catvln Clark Jesse Cox John v\* v Clark Hanna Aco Craig Geo Rsbt- CemoVll A Clark A Young Urazln laalh L CamnbcllNorman Clark Leander W Craeln Arthur 8 E Clay Henry Ciallß,Fcant Campbell NW Claytoi C M Cram John L Case Simon Clear Pat Cramer John W Cane John H efraveland Uriah Cramer F Carart Wm C Cramp ton J W Corey U S Cleareland Jar O Crandall J £ Carey T 82 Cleaver C 8 CrawfordT Carman Cbas 2 Cline JM CrnvfordJb CjroenlerGeoH Cloth Charles CrawfjrdWW CaiptcterGW ClybouinCA CregarPW CaxpkpCbas Coan James rregoCbaau CarrollThasU CobbßUprof Croea JohnE Carroll Walter T Coe Geo A Croaw WH Carroll cbasß ColueckUß CrowellFO CarurHGa ColeT Crowley Michael Carter Ablal H Cole John O Crowley Wm T Carter B Cole Hetry S Crnlae I’hltlp Cary Thos Cola niratr K 2 Crumlsiacf Casorty Michael Cole Geo W Cnhley EUwln_ CasfldavJonn Coleman Owen Cnlbertoon Cbas CaofidayAiexan* CoUfru John „Mlt - dcr M Cclcney A Fair* Gallon A Tiro C L Cavaiah Wm child Camming* O A Cboimcrv James Colvin Albert Cummin*® Baml ChslmbcrlaiQ J E Cotnllord Joocph casnlnghamßlcb* CbapeUA Co riant Ezra aid 'C%tjtta bred " CoaalTJ ' *- CnaoinsbamC S Ontpir. Li.a --. Ocu rer C ■ Lhspmai JkGale* : Martin , ; Cnrrea Patrtcs , Cbaprr&n Ceo C Conrad JG3 Carrie Hiram 8 - Chapman DJ —Consldniepati Cntler Joslab' Chapma&rßebJ - CoaaUaUna Wa Cutlet* F AB*' * DakeP.WD DfefcrdcrfßohertDorr J R James ' Dl-rtleM H Dowd Bimini • Daulfl*E •* AcoSDldmia Wtlliani2D,jwns Win Rrer Daniel! Alfred Dillon B J Dwwui Mien icl •DsrnnfrCeo .■ DUgerAW Dayb. Arcnr DavlrA CampfieldDlazman C Doyle Edward T- DsvlsCH Dlsgw*UM*lcilmD lytfl'Jas DanaßF • • DlxJohaA' DracsGeo DtonoDL r DUon Armor . DraHoOll Daytncsljas Doan John P DtemeaThO) Dean Dante) Oppcnhel-DiifrrHagh .DoaDelosM merftco Dngsil Ctu* ■ . Deui Aco Dcadrldgo II (j . Dunbar Edward Dean* Win H B DoegeCß - rev DcßaroKU Dodife ilmoo Duncan Josaoh De lago Oscar B D<dce A Finley Duncan June* DccnlngHenry Dclg Jn> DnncaaS n. Dennlor Join • DotfStepben Dunham Sami J' 'Din»more Jaa Donald#!* John LDnnn Martin Den ten Lawieace Dotnbae Michael Dunn Augustus A Deppen William DonuhocTho* < caps . DerdloJohn Dooll'tle EawmHDuaton A L DevemyJohn DojIIUIo a - Durand CC Devine Thos Doolittle Ezra A Dwlre Philip Devol PC ' • Do rand ffm H Dye 11 _ Dewey J R Dore Satchal C 3 Dyer W H i Dexter Edwin F - Domey Michael Dvorttn Dlctmson Wm D Dorr Geo J DrerNDcapt Dickinson C s Dorsey A - Dari# & Bacon Dickinson H P “ Douglass TW -• B Eager George . Edward# Monts Elmore TJ Ealon A McCanly Edward). Towns-Emiston J A dr Earl A co dr end Aro Krrlccoa One# E ■ Eastman kelson EdiottWHH EsmayJohn J KddfADrer ElllsJohaW? Evans Morris Edgerly John • Ri»« C - Evans Chas • Falrhank L Q ' FMckenger Harry Frank Nathan A FalnnanF - FogotvJsme*- Fraakilu WalterD Falconer JO Foote Henry C Frawley Peter Fanning Martin Topples Too? L Freeman E C Fa? ley j L Forney M J rev Freeman L PM:, FarnorACdr Forbes A bid O Freeman John - Fsrnll James Foray thSam’l Freeman J A Fay Jacob. ForaytbSE. Frector A W Pearl Th V 2 Forfln Job French, Lynds & Ferguson James Fortmann Joseph Miller Fern si co Fo«dlck Marlon French Goo M Ferris Fred J FosterJohu W Frick John K Field John H Foster Wm B. Frlshle F W Fmjobn Foolda W 3 dr Frye John P Flncharrt John Fountain TnomasFaller OEA J E FltzgeraldJames Fox John B Fuller Henry Flaherty Jots Franda A Webber Fuller E 3 Fleming Peter Frank Monroe dr Forgna 9 .. .. FerlotgJohnp Gardner Jaa Garvey H J Glatcock Mlcajah • Gaffeo#y I'at ■ .CarverPal2 Glasoy Anthony Gadc Henry 2 GatkeuJß Glass Henry GaiagrmnWm " Oaskell John Glass Thos Gaineban Pat Ooslin N Glass Geo Galbraith JotmH Oa*6 Wm OlazterH W Gale Allred Gaston £ K Glsaion Jeremiah GalxWm' Gates Atlas P Gleason Jerry J GaleJaoH Gates P ' Gleason JasP GaleßyJ GatesSJ Glen Geo Gale Barry Gates 8 Glover Jas Gall John Gates Frank Golahcr JI 2 GalladayTheo Gales WS Gold Jacob Galilean Jas Gsnhert Chas OouneJos Galloway S H Gardener Panl Godfrey L D Galloway bam Ganeben Fraccis Good Geo W capt Gannlan F Goodall H Z GsllowayltW GavlnAllck2 Goode Jo&nH Gvlplnlhos Gavin M Gooding D W G jinb*r U Gay O Lather Goodrich A co Goner Michael Gaytra Carroll Goodrich EA. . GanrsHajryC Geartyjos Gornon Oodlrey Gaclsrdhros Geo C Gorham I’atrlck GmcanJas Geo F Gorham Wmß Gacrcig Francis Gee John GowranME OsnoetVm Gents Lewis GraUPeter GsnoßM Qcnlxler Phil Graham B Gano Louis H Oeorce B F Graft & Roily Hardin John George nc Grant Jus C Oarcner, West & George John? Graves FM Wheeler ' Geohegan Anthony Gray Henry GarcnTerAU GetchelllU Gray Edward Gardner John GetUnS Edward Gregory John B GordlncrELQ Georgian UathewOiegory Stephen O-.rdlncr Jaa S Gibbs OF - G Gardiner J J Gordo erJ F Gardner Jas GlbersonJas Onrlan il I) Gibson Wheaton Greer Robert Garland F V Gibson John A Onffln Dennis GarllcfeDS Gibson Eatnl A GrtfflnGß GorleckSß Gibson Elias Griffin John GarnoekHy Gibson OW Griffin Usuries T Cornell Boot Gltaon Job lab terunffitb Allen A Garner J GlbbertJas Griswold Fred Gamer Geo M Gilbert CE Grocsbeck Aaron Garrard J n OllbraltbJos GrosTenor JohnM Garrett HD Gilchrist WmD Qnridfijrd J La* Garrison T OMen John ’ tber GarrltyJobn Griffin Jas GnrradJL Gorrityß . Gilman John Galea Atlas P n HseedonCW ITnwley Frank Qolcben Patrick fir pen Geo Ilnyßß . Holt Edgar A naenaWm HaydcnCboamas-HooikJohn Hateht Alfred ter _ Hooper ER Dull ltd Hayden Cbas A Hooper Cbas capt Hall Ansar & Hayes James Hopkins Theodore I'rlpp • • Haysftbros PS Htll Joseph capt Healey James J Hopkins HatlJW {lealyJotan HopplnpQeoL Had Geo Beanes D HomTJ BbTIFW Heart Thomas HomFJ Hall Honey Heilman ,Wm □ Hornby Thomas Hallett Jinn It Horton Nathan Halloran Wm Henderson Q C ft Horton J P Daemon Jas co Hoskins Harry T Htmliton John 2 Henderson James Hotell C N litmlin Cba* ter Hough Geo Chon TlnmlinT Vftco Hendrickson WM HoreyElorldge Hammer John Denser Wm Howard John HammlUßC HerbeckJotm. HoweßH Htminord h.U Herbert Harry Howe J w col Hammond EtSw Hcrman-E HoweJobnP Hammond Herrick J N HoweWm Hammond ft Bat* Hattie* W A Howell Amasa ter Hewitt A m Howes Seth B 3 Hamon Henry C Hcweon W B Howes John P Hankey J Hcywood Porter Howicn Nimrod Hanks L Tracy I*2 Hoyt A B Hanson Joteph Bicker Patrick HoytWmA HuniooJcbnA Hickman Job J HostWmH Har aenbere T P Qicslo Jobn Uabb&rce Geo BnrcineCbaacspt Hicbgr ll *co Habers Geo Hardin* AW HIU ETA-drS Hadron F Jr H»nnoaJonathanHlltonOH HasclosCnas K Hinckley F Hazhes John A Harved sneam Hindi James 2 Unnnewell Wm Q Harper Joseph T KinmasUC nompbrey James Harper Abraham Hippie James E Jas HUtJotm dr RantOO Kinder mra Kirby Wm n mra KUUestan Anno miss Ktnfl ElUa mm Lord CL mra Hnrrtsßjron HltUeJohn Hunt Frederick Hcrrlien Jonaß Hl'tleJohaF Hunter Henry S Hurt James Uoajraa J<t co Hooter Kennedy Hartley JM Hobson Edward liontlt ctoo C Harvey A Raw* Hodman J CUaa llonltey Nathan eoa • UoßanJoa HontleyßL Hazeiton Henry Hogan Martin 2 Qorlbort N C Hascy Cbos Hoaxes James B Htulby Q W HaalettWestleyETlott L B HnsonGcoß lIMcbCA HolbrockOA Hussey John IlhlcnMF Holland CbasF Hutcluoson Mark Haver Thomas Holmes C B Hatton Samuel a Hawks Chasil Lucas Lizzie mUa J.ackcr Daniel mra LonoMlonle mlas Lymft Asa mra McnlckGoo o mrs Meinck i-cllla N mta Miles Marla mrs Mlllward Emily IngenoliOP Inn Is TVm Irons George 3 Isabelle mr w Jsrkson Allen P Johnson TB Jones Joseph C Jackson George Johnson Solon Jones JB Jackson Henry Johnson John Jones J J James Levin 2 Johnson Christo-Jones Henry O Jarrett Arthur B pber JoncsllearT Jei'rey John Johnson John F Jones Morns L Jeicti Ezra Joanson Isaac 3 Jones John Jcr.ckaGeo A Jones N Jordan ffm'R Je. nines Patrick Jones B C Jordan James Jit cr Henry Jones t* Jay & Emerson Jcliztob & co A J Jcces Warren Jonas Charles K Rsating Patrick KernedrPH Ring Christian Keating Henry Kennedy Martin KlngJ A KccicyLC Kennedy Wm Kingman PJ K* os John Kennedy L Kipp Edward KHI Chas KennyEdwardHS Riraland JF Kt-ilcyJohn KenwortbyA KlrgJjhn B Keliey Wm EersChaa KnokesOeo K* 11c eg* Nash Keys t run Knapu Nathan H K< IlouchThcs Keys I* W Knovlcs-C KrlaeyWm Kilby Geo H KsoxJoscph errapoer Isaac Kimball Bit Kelley Thot edited? John King norland L Lscy Cephas 8 Lclchttn Thoe UttleßF Ladd Augustus A Leith Jos W Little Jesse Lane Jas LenbartJ. Livermore Jonah LakeJasK Leonard JJ Livingston Samuel Lamenson Arthur Lcrch Sami Lockwood E E Lass Joseph S or LcrowJ U LoDZ&bcbaJer LaneJcweV LesheCbas Looboy Patt Lace Jas hiwrOroW Lord OF Landon, Walling- Letcher F C Love June N Itrd&co LtriLgaGF LculsWmtr LandonJohnß W dr Locust a G L&uganß Levy Lewis Luo O'© LangtetJohn Lewis Joseph Luton Leonard LtighranJC Lee J Lewis Lyman Henry I longbton Geo n Levis Thos Lynch Jas I« untie Jacob Lewis Cbss Lynch J Lawrence li H Lillie JP LyooEC LsyrdLL I.lnaicy Wm LyonCCZ L( *ch CbssE LlPPlncotC Ed- Lyon P R B an Plankett Mary miss U arm Tnoa ward Lyon G W gen TAff It H Liston Maurice Lyon Baml Robert LteRP M Mack Geo W Merlgold James Montgomery Di M'ckbU Ucmcg Patrick Tide Mu bol CbSB Mcnick Geo Q Moody George A MuidcnJotm Murid CD MoodyOC ‘ Mi in* BN Merrill Augustas Moamey C M; tor John A 82 Mlcbeau D 8 MfinncyJO Mt-bory WmP Minikin HB Moore Lewis F M»loyw Miller Ant&ohy Moore James Maloy Michael Miller Peter moore Henry Manchester Wm Mil,er Clarence Moore Ambrose Mace]£ Smith Miller O A Moran Tboa Ui-sn Alien Miller Henry MoionFraacls MknntrsßQ Miller J MorganC C Mrntz Eawaid B Miller Wm H Morrill Charles Msdtcl A Miller Jaa breret Chancery Mhorel tiennct col Morrill J F March Alonzo B Miller ft eo . Morris &co Mercy KB gen Milligan ACottoa Moms ffm F Murks Sami L UUis Aco A J Morris James Q Marsh LH MtUtJWS* Morris Thoaß Marsh Hi* Milts K A Morris SW Marshall OK Milton Frank Morrison Abram Mtrdn Morris T 3 Miner EO W Martin Jaaß Mincer L MortosJotm Martin EX Mmrermr MosaJP Martin Peter Minty James B MoidownyTE Ma<on Lett MirnerJ Mnlialnb Mason John Mitchell S B Mansell F B MiseeeFS Mitchell Isaac Morphy A L Matchette Algne Mitchell Walter Morphy U W or Mix AMUier Murphy Ihomas Maxwell. Hogg Ailixer Chas S. Murray & Smart Jtco Mixer A H rev Marry Cb A May Angulos Molamphy Dcnrlsiiurreyßobt - MrtdE Molloy James Myers D MtckllmGlF MolsonEphrlam Mylon Martin Me-deil Geo Montgomery W J MyrtcK Lucias McieCassian Swisher mrs Bwlntoo WI mrs swamebeart D C mra Van'BrockUn Nancy miss McAnloy Joha2 McDonaldJ2 McKlmFrank McCann James McDonald K McKnlgtiCß J F McCarty Dennis 2 McDonairtMlchaelMcKnlgbl o H McCarty Daniel McDonald John McLaochlan Ed* McCanley Peter McDohgal John win A MiClartyJohn McEaneely JamesMcLcod Ddr McClUhEll McGill Andrew McMabonTlmothy McCloaltyWm McGinnis P 8 McMan Sami McClnreSD McGovern Jno McMullen G W McCotioughJH McG rain John 2 McNamara Patrtc McCormockJohnJ McGrath Patrick Mc»olty James C McCormack NP McHugh Patrick McPherson Wm McCrab John Mclntyre SP UeFbcnooDarvln McCrcadyThcß Mclntyre WE Alex McCnrdy Cbas W McllwalnJoecphKMcToley Batt McDonal Edzha McKeoWJ McTavishDaalelfl McDonald Alex * Ncr.sle & Miller Nichols Walter Nolan Wm Nasn Pat Nichols Wm 8 Nonon 9 rev Neclry Daniel NlcboisGeoß Norval Wallace Ne\ens Edward MlculionJasA Konchtln John Ncv. ton It Cdr 3 Nlel T A Nonree Francis NlrholasßU Mess John Noxon Robert J 8 NUliOlsWmG Nihil Thoß Nylen Timothy O OTtlrnoß O’Nlcl James, Ohesjno u ru.uuu wiiiw u.'uc«. wuwjuuh O’Brien Lawrence O’Niel J‘» A j Oliver WcUingtos O’BneaManrlco O’Riley Michael Olmsted MB O’Conner Wm O’Solllvan Edwd Olney G G O’Conner Jfes O’Snlllvan Thos OnntbyNJ O’Ccnncr Jobn Odell SW Osbcm Hoi O’L'ODDfll Michael Oates Roailngton Oswald Geo O’l oLcellWm O Owen Waiter M OTonncii Patrick Odell Ell Owsley JohnE O’Niel J Ogden mr P Face Chas PeckAcoF PollardMlcbielE Page A co Peck Qco N Pool Geo A l*aucJohnA FeilAco PopeAco Palmer CO Penflcld Frank n Post Chas N Palmer CD Penwardon John Potter H staples Palmer J S pro! Pcrlam Jonathan 2 Potter, While A PalntrAsonE Perkins Edwin Q Barfry Pa; ks Henry E Perkins Lll Power Michael Parker D Perkins A Horton Powers A Q Parker brie gen Perkins A broa Powers W R ParkerND Perrin L Powers4co WJ Parker James . Perry B Prati Bcnl Par. hall A Bmlth Peters Bcnnlo Prescott Harry B PattrlaDwlcht Phllps Brewster Price Jeremiah PaiicrßonNlcholasPhlibrlck Geo a Price O P Patterson John W Pnllbrrok D it Pride D S Palica Davtd PhtUy Frans Pnndle Edgar H Patien & co PhlllyJohnA PrlnrtleLC Pay on H 8 PblllyGeoSa Pnddyß2 Per.todv James B llcard Alfred Palling Harry Q PeiufoUco Collcn Pickett John Pam out A IT John Pike Bootbveo W Putnam BeonetS Pen c John M Pitman J U rev Pork James PectheJohn Plunkett James Qa*>kenbos \ QalnlaaFW QolntaxdFE Qm:.kenboaG QulUon James 2 R Rae J D Reynolds Chas Robson William Bsllms A W Reynolds W E Rockwell John Ba: dall E b 2 Rice J H Roekwood A bro Rankin Rrbcrt B Rice H C BoaenbargO-H Rankin Henry Rice rev Rogers, Garnett A RauklnWE RlteEdwardCS co Rarpley A B Rich John Rogers Oeo C gen KavCha»E - Richards WP A Rollins H BaVmond, Miner B O Rolph Hiram Aco Richardson Ed* Rood M L Ram end E ward D Root Levert Ra»ter James Richardson Oeo Bore Henry F RayncrJohnW Richardson H B Roman A Wcapt Reader John Richardson WmßossCW Reowocd Thomas Q BoasDancsn R<*i-d A Doane Blcket A WebstcrKoss James* Real John Riddell David Round W H ReedJS Riddle JW Rotmsvel Cbas S BewlGeoW Rider WB capt Uoonsiwelia Reed C W Rules mr Rowland T S Reed Francis P Riley Peter Rowley Leonard Held James Roach C cant Rutosy Oscar F RetdWmC Robb Cbas O Rovyoo E Reid A Morgan Robb B H prol 4 Hassell £ Re*si.ewley Roberts L Rassell Milton J Reese S May Eobcruon Henry Rutherford Wm John Bcbertson A Ra»herfordJL Relry Miebncl Rohlnson M W Rnlleige Boot KernclcsW RoblosoaLD Ryan Fair ck Be\cro James Robinson JohnT Ryan Michael Rew W c Rcblnioa Henry Ryan Cass Reynolds QtoL Robinson dr Ryne John S Saloway Dan Simpson J P Starr H H Binders Chas E S'ceporJ Rassell Steele Andrew Sands H Bleeper JH Steele OP Sanford 8 8 Bloater R A steel Jobn Sawyer Cbas Small A Marsh StellerCE Franklin Smith Gwen Stevens F K SclicfleJo FlelOlsgSmtib All steward Silas Scholleld SC3 SmithP StcwortFraak Scott CA Smith Paine L stcwartJVm Cclllna Aco Smftta Ceaa I BUlllaas Dan! M SeottMorgan Aco Smith Edwin J SUmson John F Scranton Alonzo Smith EG Stocker D C 3 F 2 Smith frank Mokes W J .Scribner C BmlthFiedC Stonebrps Secor Jeromeß -Smith Tcoa W Stone Edward a Selby Pan! capt stmoAC StitonrTrev Smith Geo stone Renaellaer EerecalC BmllhGna .*» Stone Bark HerbyßW BnrtthHß BtonekamAJack . Sewell JB Smith Henry _ »on M SkorkcrJoha Smith Jis „ Story Alfred&co Sharp Wm Smith J“.bnH ’ShawDavid E SmithWW Stott John ShcaDinlel . Smith W H StrocbcnH* Gibbs 089 Grets JF • GlnbonsCA Green John Green Leri World” Employment Agency Enterprise "Varnish ro 3 Frank Lombard's Troupe Freight Agent Savanah A Agency Bvds Park Lodge No 123 JWKJ LKB „ I Lools or Berman I French Letters, ora arch 17 ta March I—Frederic Miras 41—1 DeLormo ' 2—J C Colas 42—L.ICazaaa : - B—Pierre Drolet 48—C F Bondlnot ' ' 4 peter Laecst 3 Htters 44—Louis Lacaque ' 5 W U Lachle 48—Stephen Mailette 6FW De Bcrara <6—J L Verna*tl 7 WUbrad Msrchand 47—JollanorPaqatn 8— Louis J- Cazeau 3 4-^—Francois Braduer 9 Charles fountain 49—Narcls Atulot 10— Htlatre Brass cur 10—Charles Arcbamhault 11— Lonls Lcveno • Sl—Cano Fable i IS—Alfred Leptne 67—Charles Dupre 15— Joseph Charhoncean 13—Henri Rang •14— Loots Lcprltro 94—MdeBelonleLafintalna is—Tsai Bt l*lerre 3 99—Joseph Longpra 16— Edward Sannett 66—Veronica Chndoba ' 37 Louis E Denies 57—Louise Kappeller IS—Lcnls Bergeron 58—August Clermont 19— Signor Rlglontognlo SO—Lontso Goffurt 20— Large Caese 60—H G ayer 21— Marco Kleonl 61—Joseph Fountain 22 Helene Valllere 3 62 Mrs Lma Dupre 38— Caroline Rarloy 63—Gideon Geroux 24 J B Conlllard ' 64—LPLabouyJle 28— Louis Tone 65—JGourcaa 26—Pierre Goyelto 66—Paul Bonslcgncnr 3T-Dominique Muvelle 67—Moos Gurad 25 L M arret . • 68—Narcls Lehean 29 Pled ro BettlDl EO—Maximo Graton Maria da SUva 70—Joseph Labey S3—JGourean 71—PriscULaplauta 32—Aotolne Portirl 72—Chari'S Bocque S3—Molfo F Depatle 73—M M E Gonrcau St—Ber p j Bedard 74—Leopold Champagne 85—AchUIe Bollard 75—Albert Ca*rou Sfi—Antonio Mazzone 76—Charles LeSnour m—Lonla Blssooet 77—Gloeomo Msllo 38— Gulcomo Mallo 78—Fraucoeise 39 Narcli Cbatel 79—Emanuel Levina 49—Jtan Baptiste Arvleux 89—Gulchluc Valent HOLLANDSHE BRII ml Hoi 86—Hendrick Bhscbop 37 Tom Job Francelva 38— 1 T Van Berschot S9—Mart H Van Bergen 49—F Hour —Office open from the Ist of April to the Ist ot No vember, from 7U a.m. till 7N p. m.; from November Ist to April Ist, from 8 a. m.tlU7p.m. Thevestlbulc will remain open until 9 o'clock _p.m. On Sundays from 8)4 a. m. all 10 a: m. B. A. GILMORE. P. M. XT'LECTION NOTICE. Pj City Clksk's omen, March 18,3567. Public notice is hereby given that an el ecu >n will be held on Tuesday, April IS, 1867, fir Mayor. City Attor* ncy.Clty Colhctor, City Treasurer, Clcrc of »he Police Court, throe Police Magistrates, and one Alderman and one Constable for each ware. A- H. BODMAN, City Clerk. "PROPOSALS FOR THE CONSTRUCT jr TK)N OF THE SUMMIT DIVISION OF THE Illinois and Michigan canal. Oxrzox or the Boxed or Public Woexs, ? Chicago, March 13tb.1567. J Sealed Propofla’swill be iccrlved by tna Board ol Public Works, at their cfflcc, until 11 a. m. Wednesday, May 181,1867, for the excavation necessary to deepen the tlllßole etui Ul«bicrui> Ceaal. ocoordlne »«the pies adopted, irom Chicago River to bnmmlt Lock, No. (wo (3) a diatanre of twenty-six (26) mile*. Maps, profiles, specifications. Ac., wilt be exhibited at the otfice of tha Board of Public Works in Chicago cn and oftrr April 15th ontU tha day of leulng. Tltere will be some two mlUIons(2,00(l,000) cubic yards ol earth excavation—some of tt quite bard and m* bracing considerable detached roc*:—and absnt fßur huLdredtevrniy thousand (470,000) cubic yards of stra tified limestone. The work must be prosecuted so os not to Interfere with the me of the Canal curing the season ol navlga tion. Misbelieved, however, that the most of the ezeiva tlco, except the stratified root, can be done with steam dreozta without interfering with the navigation of the Canal, hot the reek excavation will allbavcto be done between the elost'of navigation In the fall and the opening in the spring. 11 anew lice to adopted lor any portion of tbs dis tance, operations thereon mar be continued the whole year; and the oavlgatloncf the Canal will be ♦ expend ed at least five mottos In each year unless otherwise mutually agreed by the Board and Contractors. The whole of the work moat be done on or before the end of the thlro season ot the suspension of navigation. A large amount of machinery wiu he required to excavate the work within the ame required, consisting mainly of steam dredges, scows and cranes tor the earth work, and drilling machines, pumping machine* ry and cranes fbr the rock. Contractors will be required to commence wort on the earth excavation within thirty days ol the time ot letting, and upon rock excavation by the flrstcf Novem ber next. The dredges, cranes and scows now la the Canal can be had at an appraised valoe which will be known to bidders prior to the letting. Parties contracting for the work will bo required to provide all machinery, and to pat np and remove all dams and all works ol protection, and at their own ex pense to do all pumping, or, whatevermay be necessa ry to secure their work from water. Proposals must oe addressed to the Board of Public Won s, endorsed “Proposal for Deepening Hllcota and Michigan Canal.** and be accompanied with the usual two hundred dollar (ttOO) bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. .d Contractors will bid. stating the price for which the work will be done on each of the different sections, and the work will be let as a whole or In part, and in each quantities as the Board shaU determine. The Board reserve the right to reject any and all bids, and so proposal will be accepted unless the party ottering it shall give evidence satisfactory to the Board that he has the necessary skl'l. exoerl-ccc, energy and abilUvfbr doing the work, ta trustworthy, and has sof- Qcltntpvcaniary resources. The Board will require such security a?, according to their Judgment, wiu secure the .doing of the work according to the contract. _ J. O. QINDELE, FEED. LETZT^ O. J. BOSE. WILLIAM GOODINQ. R. B. MASON, 13t Beard of Public Works. CITY COLLECTOR'S NOTICE-stale ofllUnols, County of Cook. ss. City collectoe’s Oryxes,) * Boom No. 14, Cotnrr House, > „ .. CmcAGo, March 16th,liiCT.) Public notice Is hereby given that tho following de scribed Warrant has been Placed in my hands fer collection, to-wlt: Warrant No. 790 West, dated March 3tlu ISCT, and leaned for the collection of a special assessment levied fbr oeenlne MltcbeU street nlxty-eix feet («6 ft.) wide, from Wal'er street to Hals ted street, In Brand’s Addi tions Chicago, so that the same snail be on a line with that part of Mitchell street east of Halstcd street and west of Waller street. All persons Interested In said Special assessments are requested to make Immediate payment at my efflee. In cefeolt of such payment the said assess ment will be co lectcd at the coat and expense ol the persons liable therelbr. __ A. H. HEALD. City Collector. TO BUILDERS. Otvicz or the NoETnrz-v isdiawa Petbos, > Micxuoah Citt, March 13th, 1567. f Eoaled Proposals will be received by the Board ol Dlrecto** of the Northern Indiana State Prism until TUESDAY, the 9th day of April, 1867, at 12 o’clock tu tor the construction of abulldlcclnrthe purposesofa kltoben, dining-room, hcspital and cbapel, on the Prison grounds, near Michigan City, Indiana, accord ing to the plana and specifiiationa ol the duperiotctid ing Architect, to bo prepared and ready Ibr reference on and alter April lit, 1867. AH information concern- Irg the dimensions of said holloing, the materials to be used in constructing the same, the quality ot the work, together with the terms ana ccnditlona of pay ing tor the work and materials, and all other matters connected therewith, maybe obtained by applying at the office of aald Prison. Proposal* shall be enveloped and plainly addressed ,_to “Boardol Directors northern Indiana state Prison, Michigan rity, Icd~” and endora-'d “Proposals for Kitchen nod hospital.” and to Izsure their condJern . Hon. must be delivered by the day and hoar specified. Eald proposals moat he made in strict conformity I with the terms and conditions for the destruction of said bnlldltp, as indicated by the nines and spcclfici : tiois and ordera of tbe Board of Directors, on file in the office of said Prison. I The Poarc of Ihrcctois will reserve the xleht to re ject any bid that may oe ottered, a:d to make {any changes that may then seem necessary and proper. A- D. UAMIUCK, J. N. TYNER, TT. D. CBOIHF.RS, Board ol Directors. rpo CONTRACTORS. "Propositions will be received for the construction of tbemascory (about 23,000 yards) of the Bridge over the Ohio Ktvcr. at Louisville, UNTIL TBE 10XB OF APRIL, 1667. Flam and specifications win be ready for Inspection afi*r the 13th of 11-rch, at tbe Engineers Office ot the Louisvlde and Nashville Railroad. No bios will be considered if not made by responsible *MJy' ordff ol tbe Board ot Directors of the Louisville Bridge Company. ALBKHT FINK, Chief Engmetr. TO ARCHITECTS. ILLINOIS NEW STATE HOUSE, me undersigned, Gommltslooers ol the State or Illi nois for the erection ol a new State House la spring field. give notice that they will receive plans or designs atd specifications for a new State House, the aayeto be addrefsed to tbe President of the Board, Jacob Bono, E»q_ of Sprlngfieid, 111., on or below tbe second day of'Juty. A.D.1867. Three thousand do'lara will be paid as amrem’nm for the design. wi*h specifications, selected and adopted by said Commissioners. . . A sketch of the crounds and suchlmrmaUon as may be denied as to maximum cost, room, ac commcdatlous etc..will furnished to all wishing to compete, on apmtcanon, oy leaer. to l J. C. Webber, Setrtury of «M Wd. JOHN W. SMITH, PHILIP WADSWORTH. JAS. C. ROBINSON. WM. T. VANOEVEER. - WM. L. H AMBLE TON, James u. beveiudqe, j. c. Wraara, Secretary. FAIRBANKS' jgT STANDARD JT**, ROALEB./I. or ail etzß. FAIRBANKS, GREEN LEAF A 356 ft MS Chicago. . Fbe-bv Elrhard BslhWn Shrugs Jiha • .fianth-WD* >••, Stntetk- ftdward Sbetlem n«fc' .BitlUlß *c« • ~.eap« ;_ ■; ? tbei*« Chan*'Saiui* Matter*.sir*Bgir { teyh SmithAlexAco StmpoGevlf ShrpaMFrsokP smithwiekPatk KaartJr- ■ . Bbertmrn« B J; •• Smyth Thoe B ■ SuDlvaaQeeW Sheridan William Saeii ft Evans ? BoillvanDinl .Sherman Jv SL • Sayaex rev- . - , SumwiUßJ, EhermanL w' furd rBA ’ Sath*r;aaa tt O fchldaker Perry ■ShlndlerML ' Spader John W Snlherlasd Zink Bhmn Isaac Spain ED swain BDcapt • Shipman Kilos fnl Rp«nMtn g • M«M. Swam Tnoa S . •bhynnanDaalel n ten Swamsted ’ Hoyt , Sholtisbory Na-Spaulding HN ft* ft C«- thailriGeo .. hroi .Sweeney Timothy Shatllm*orth Jaa Spear Asa B ‘ Sweeney Mile* .. SlrleyY- , Spcnc-rFQ ■'Sweet wm WckfraPftco Spoor Fred Bidden F-TL* Staekßobert . SvlrartOeoH SimoßdsJH' Btalrßftco s«ltzerAmoa Simona B BtashoceED sUbyBP ‘ EUnpaoaWm'Wll-SUBhopeKdwlnD SCcel Juß ■ . boo Suntot Baud i T Tana James' - Thompson A P Tonsley Reuben J Tate mr Thomson Daria Townsend 0 T TatoreT Starr Ticbenur R D Trscv James - Taj to Edwin . Tlsmy Daniel • TripoThos Taylor James W Tiflany Chaa Trou Samuel TaylorLp . . TUlln£n**ta Trumbull uolllnH Taylor Mart - Tobin T T Tucker Henry Tayior, McDatn ftTrdds D A Ttrekw u F ‘ co 2 •-• • Tomlinson JMcoTuen RF Teller James P . Tompkins Homer Turner chas A Terrell SIT --J • • Turtle Richard Thayer A E Tockey Michael Tartl- K G <5: co Thomas Bfrney Torrey D ... Tweddl- T L Thomas co . TotOnehom , Al- Tyler Samuel •TbomasTbomas bcrtE 2 - Tyrrell Gilbert B Thompson Henry? . UUmaa Joseph y Tandem Barrh VsnraalF A rev Vanghoy Alexan- V»n Lone Cvart Talentlno Daniel der Van Slyte JR K • VoorhlsM&bro Van Vi dr TacarOrlan ; Tates A sou . Yeomans Geo B YaotyJasA Yates Sanford Vt Young A.exE 3 TTalnwrightßP TVclls S ‘WTfloa Mich & tvalt Angus tine Wentworth, Day co T 9 slbay Alfred . Aco • Wilson RP espt Walker R A ■ Wee term an H A Wilson W A - Walker ebas co Wilson Mathew WalkerDoUon WbeelerSM . WHtonUarry Walker A C Whittaker Chas Winchester C A Wallace Thos i Whittaker David GC Wallace J W • Whitby T 8 Wlndman Sami Wallas Thos White Michael Wlnd'wnJA Waller The.* • White 8 F Wine Sami Waller A B ■ White David 2 Wmeate Chas Walls Andrew WbltmoteGD Winn Andrew Welsh Patrick 2 Whitney Hanty • Wloa S Waif h J B ~WhlttlerD Wise AH Walter* Bdr -WlghtLevens WlsePA Walton WW WlttonJC Wlsnfr Hoary 2 Watson ft Stan-Wilber Jdr Woddock Frank dish ' Wilcox WB Wolford J A Ward Horace Wilcox Sylvester Wood uooJ Ward Sami A Willard Geo Wood Ezra Wane Joseph Willard Sami L Woodbury Wm WarnerEw Williams Geo Woodbury Len Warren Robert Williams B W Woods Maurice Warrington Hen- Williams Wm R Woodson Porter ry cap: 2 Woodward John Washington IzearWilliams B M Worrtell M Wass B Williams Sam H Worden CS - Waterman CII Williams Jos J. Worthington Geo Watson J C Williams John ft Worthier Samuel Wan day Alfred bros Wright Austin, W Webber Thoa WUmarthSW WrlshtAustln Webber- N Wdr • Wilson William Wright AW Webster RL Wilson Chas Wright Edwin Weir Thos A Wilson Jos D H Welch Chas P Wilson ED Wright Fred ■ llcut Wilson Wm R Wright Gea S Welch OH- Wilson Frank M Wvmaa Richard Welsh Richard Wilson Wm Uobt p Welcher Newton Wilson. Tbomp- H scoftco bltaeellaneoDs. MSB UMD Mr Worton Aoams e»q BanUter Hay cso Ur Martin Mr Carter Mr Parson Spaolding esq, firmer!? capt c - * 1 Mithra Lodge No 410 Myrrlunt North Western Booh Man* nfactnrlog co President or Secretary of the Contractors' and Bnildera’ Association BBS Sec North Star Lodge Sec Palntera * Union Secofthe Joiners’ Asso nation Theatrical Agency AH AWF axyz Ascot New Bcgland Sew* - lag Macnine co Ashler LodgeNo 3CB Campbell’* Golds Chicago Lodire Ho 437 Chlcsgo Window Studs CO City Collar co Editor of lbs “ Child's HlsaßK Great Western Btulness EF—from Maich lOtb mb 17th. 41— Willem Duikers 42 C DeWlt 43 Cornelius Fntnsha 44 T Van Berschot 15—K H Werkmann } (Kitg ISToticeg. jatoposala go Eidjitects. Beales. .Special Notices. Tbeßealiig PoolasißooM oCSletej, ■JT-irani ftsasntna ysawaabia »♦’ oj®® wmndvaod the arrara, abases andTnaeaae* *lit? P°»W. * d create Impedl- J"*® of rellofr Sect la Address Ur. J. BKILLUt HUCGBTON. Howarma Water Cnrc.-A HewlUt Bstabllaliment, At Columbus, Ohio, toasted tires alias from in- aty. A superior retreat tor Invalids suffering from chronic disease; hwbeca in operatfsabtuteenyetr*. •Addioa ; . W. SHEPARD, M. 0. Dr, BlffloWf Paving th* confidence of the pomle sad the mediea atUrta.l* the most reCate phyndan ia t&« ©"ty tor chronic nrrvonj and sexual ausasea. Call ai hie offlcc, 179 -South corner of Slonroe. haomaseparata. Onnsanattoo flwe. P.O.BoxjlS-i. Hla enhl* w health, pobhihod aoathly.scnt free tr aaiadCreaß. b... ■.« ■.l Lonli Suger, JT. D,, Member B. C. Bara eons. Loßdoo.No.S9 Basdolph*si« attenoa exclusively to the medical treatment of Pri vate and Seem Diseases of both sexes, loo* his ape eisity. F«mala hemedle* are certain In all ease*. Prt» Lecture on the'prevention of ofikprfcff, sent tc any addm* tor M cents, consoltatlo&s private. P. OTBoi 7573. l>r.Xoomaoii, Proprietor of the MaUcal and Borgiea: Icetltata. 178 Sooth ha* treated ad lonns of venereal dis ease with unprecedented success lor nearly tarty years. Spermatorrhce* and impotence treated with the hsppl utrvsma. PartlcnJafa of the Institute and theGulde malted free to aartddreas. P.O.Box73.Chtcsgo, Lllcois. ■ ©tean Jrfraraets. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM i PASS'S TZmoUßfl LINE, TO OAXiIFOXUfXA, ' CARBTCtG UNITED STATES MAIL, Via Panama Railroad. Steamers leave Pier No. 4*2 North River, toot of Ca* naheU at 13 o'clock coca, as follows: March I—RIMNO STAK-Capl. W. G. Furbcr. con uetimg wlui GOLDEN CITY. Capt. Watkins. March tl— BESRY CUADNCKY. Cant. A. Q. Gray. connecting with MONTANA, Cant. Sutton. March 2J—OCEAK QUKEV, «pt T. A. Harris, con necting with CONSTITUTION, CapL CaverlyT All departures touch at Acapulco; those ot the flrst and 31st connect at Panama with steamers tor South Parade porta. First and Uth tor Central American pom. and those of flrst touch a* ilaaziniUa. Departure of nth each mouth connects with new steam line from Panama to Australia and New Zealand. Steamer of March u, ISS7. will connect with the Com. pony's steamer COLORADO, to leave San Franclsso lor Yokohama and Hone Koag. on April 3,1907. lOu pannes of baggage aLowod each adult. Medicines and atttcdancelree. For passage tickets and all further Information apply at the office on the wbarfr toot of Canai-st_ North Riv er. New York. F. B. BABY, Agent. Or at the General Western Agency, si Dearborn-iL, CWcagm JAMEdw ARRACK. Agent. OCEAN BTEAMERS. GRAC'D EXCURSION TO THE PAEIS EXPOSITION. The new and drst-class ocean-going Iron steamship HAVANA, 2,000 tons burthen, STzrnss Wntntjuf, Commander,' win make aa excursion from New Tort to Havre and hack, sailing from Pier 46, North Hirer, on Wedneaday, April 17, at 13 o’clock M., tatdag passengers fir Paris, London and Bremen. Re* toning, will sail from Havre on Jane S. giving pas sengers holding Excursion Tickets, about six weeks m Europe. This magnificent Steamship Is divided Into water tight compartments, and has been newly f&mlahod and elegantly fitted op expressly fir this voyage. ■ The Havana will only carry first-class passengers. An experienced Surgeon on board. rwAfail Band of Music will be attached to the ship. Price of passage, in currency, to Havre SISO and SITS, according to size ot state-room. To Havre and return StfO and £BO. according to size of .state room. for farther particulars and passage,, apply to the Agents, - MURRAY, FERttS A CO., 63 Bsatb<st>, Kew York, Crto the Agent of Merchants* Union Express Chicago. j - AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE. Passage to London or Brest, fllO, 873, and S3O, cur* rency; Excursion tickets at reduced rates, available for six months. A lolanta, Capt.Plnkliam,tromNewTork,March3Dth Bellona, ** Dixon. “ •* *• April I3tb. Celia. “ Geode! I. ** ** u April 37ih. Wm. Penn, *• BUdnger, •• “ “ May nth. The elegant British Iron Steamship Atalants will leave Pier No. 3, North River, New York, lor London, calling at Brest, on Saturday. March soth, at 32 M. Until further notice, all the steamers of this Line win call at Brest to land passengers. Tickets sold through by rail to Paris, at 35 percent less than regu lar rau-a. Freight win he taken and through bills ot lading given to Havre, Antwerp, Botttnlam, Amsterdam and Dunkirk. i For passage apply to CHAS. A. WHITNEY, 26 Broadway. N. 7., or to JAMES WAItRA JK. 51 D*arborr-*t„ Chicago. For freight apply at 54 Bouth-su N.... ROWLAND A A&PINWALL, Agents. CTEA3ISHIP GREAT EASTERN, O CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAir.a. Sir Jxjcßi Anderson, Commander. The French “Company ol Charterers” of the GREAT EASTERN, baying provided the ship with new boilers, ana thoroughly refitted and reftunlf ced her la every department, with soeclal retarence to this service, will ran her regularly between New York and Brest, as fil* lows: LXATdQ HTW TOST. LXATTSQ BS23T. Tuesday April 9 I Saturday April 27 Tnnrsdsy May 16 | Tuesday June 4 Saturday —luce 22 i Thursday. July 11 Tuesday -Ju y3O Saturday. Anc. 24 Thursday Sept. 11 Tuesday Oct. 1 Saturday. Oct. 39 [Thursday Nor. 7 NfcW YORK to LIVERPOOL, Tuesday, N0v.26, talc ifig only first class passengers. Passage rates Is gold, or its equivalent, flic, fia, |j**-*«cordlng to loca* Uan and size ol room.. Tickets lor the hocMossage lasuea » ta redaction of 930 to passengers returning previous to August. Passengers can be furnlsued on board with railroad tickets from Brest to Paris at the reduced rated lICAO fir flntelass and |7AP ror second-class, being a reduc tion ot 25 per cent on regular rates. Twenty cubic Iset of Baggage avowed to each passenger. Letters ol credit issued tor England and ths Conti sent. for paaaag* apply In Chicago at the European and American Steamship Agency, 31 Daaroom-iL, James Wairack, Agent, where plans of the cabins may be seen ardbertts sheared; also, to Wells, Fargo s S4 Broadway, N. Y., or to the Am. and H. S. Ex* pwo> Uo.*», a« tsdf TMlom agoocte*. ONLY DIRECT UNB TO FRAHOK. The Genera! Transatlantic Company’s MATT. STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW rORK ABE HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid new vessels of this favorite route 2n the Continent will sail iron Pier No. 30, North Elver, a* follows: YTLLB DEPABlS..Caot.LanDoaut..Mafeh23. EUROPE -April 4 ST. LAURENT Capt. Boeasdl.... April 20J PEBEIBE. Capt. Ducneas-... Mar 4. _ PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. First Cabin, r 60; Second Cabin, COS, including ttbls wj£e la cither class. luwwuuieraiH. The steamer* ol this Use do not carry steerage pat sengers. Passengers intending to land at BREST will be far* nisbed with railroad coupon tickets, and their baggngf checked to Paris, at an additional charge of |5 for first and S 3 for second class. Medical attendance Ire: of charge. For farther Information, apply, in the FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE. 333 llilaoia-sti; In New York, to CEO. MACKENZIE. Agent. 38 Broad* way. &t)tcafr. 'J'HKEAD. J. & P. COATS’ Best Six-Cord Cabled THREAD. JOHN & HUGH AUCHINCLOSS, Sole Agenta in Hew York iHacbiners- thprdVjbd PRE&S --TT X URB TURBINE WATER Af WHEEL NOW BEADY—Tne best Wheel to market using less water and selling lor l<*sa than any other first-class WheeL Every Wheel war aßT g*ranted. Sendloradeserlptivs H circular. Also, our Imptoved |K. £S Brick Machine and Brick 11 1- IHi-l chlnerr. Engines and Hollers, —Cane Mills. Portable Forgbs, ■HESJB and all other machinery. PEEKSKILL MFO. CO-, • Pee Katin, N. Y. D. L. SETMOUB will bo at the office of Backard & UliLNo. 193 Water-st-N.T-Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday*, from II to 1 o’clock, to receive specifica tions and make contracts lor Machinery and Ciitlngy ot all kinds. patent*. TO INVENTORS AND OTHERS. Notice Is hereby given that the members of a Commtsilon, actlngnnderthe authority of tha Secre tary or the Treasury, will meet m the CUT ofNew-Tort at the office ot the Supervising Inipoctor of Steam boats. No. 23 Plne-sc, on the SECOND MONDAY in April proximo, lor the purpose of examining and testing the merits ol such Inventions of a life caving character as as may be brought before them, Said InvcntJocs will embrace Boiler* of Steam engines, Antl-lncrustators, Salety-valvcs, Steam- Sages, Water-gaages, Steering Apparatus, Life au, with detaching appararaa, Ac.. Ac. Inventors may appear In person befere tha Commis sion, tor the purpose of explaining their inventions; but no expenses will be allowed coder anv circum stances. Q. McCUU-OCH, „ Secretary of the Treasury. WasinsoTOir. D. C- Starch 13,1367. 5Tf >e 3300fc ®tahe. TpUGLISH LAW BOOKS —Just rc- Fj cclved, a new Invoice of ENGLISH LAW BOOKS. Priced catalogues salt, tree of charge, to any ad dress. JATIUE & BS3TS4X9, Importers of Bore, Curious tod Standard English and Foreign Books, No. 4 Corfand-et. near Broadway, S. T, agents. PER MONTH TO AGENTS TO I r (I sell tbe Best, Cheap, Licensed Sewing Machine 111 [J In tbe United States. Address, with stamp, PAGE PROS.,Philadelphia. Toledo,O. ■jFor gale. AN CONSIGNMENT—IOO bbl?. choice \ / Dnod Apples; 33 bbls. Dried Peaches (halves); kSbbls. Hickory Nats (shell-bark): 500 cans Peaches, put up at Duqubln; 23 bushels Onion Sets—the true Too heed Onion. H. P. STANLEY & SON. "DEOEtPT. HOG CHOLm. I will send a receipt for the cure of ths Hog Ch ilcra, for SI.OO. Also, a treatise for doeforiav hoc*. JOHN CLARE. Milford. Dl. ssair Sse. HILL’S HAIR DTE —50 Cents—Black or Brown—lnstantaneous aataral, durable, beautlfnL The best andi cheaoes* » _tfoatalns as much as as any dollar slue. HILL S ARCTIC, or ALL up i, tno OINTMENT, reliable forgenaral olulmcnt dSmi 68 John-eL New tork. Sold by aU drngplitt. • - "OATCHELOR’S HAIR DVE. -VSlt splcadia Hair:Dye u the belt »£e world. ‘f*L renabiß, laitantsaeour. the only ««*** No trim to nature. GeneLaa signed WIIAfAM A. H ATou eloh. Bold 07 Drngzlitt and perfamers. jraewn. IP BtrCiij-aL, Hew xork- jacmcai. :pHYBjqAI. YIQOB. PfIISICAI VIGOR 0 the wata safeguard of health. It repel* end jtpMv oJT tie morbid elements ieiieA tuperinaut* The grand'’QuesUoa, therefore, is. Bov shall thks repellent potter be increased where It D bat feeble, and acqalred whert,lt. scarcely olsts'staU? There waa a time when Una question coold not be Sa*l<fM to*Dy answered. 'Bat the problem If now Mired. It has been proved by the experience of more than fourteen ytan that ' ' “ HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS Bd thoroughly rcfriftrce both the cousmutioa sad tfrt secretive and the nervous syatams as to render **t body comparatively invulnerable to the oawholeseaia lefiaeoces which prostrate so many thousands on iv>i of sickness. In various parts of the world, at an sea. sous of the year. As an Invigorating, regulating ml restorative preparation, suited to an eSmstes and to all medicine*, it la the only tonic of which the sttmolav lug principle Is perjeettf pare. Its basts Is tha essential principle of sound Bye. admitted by analyti cal chemists and medical practitioners to be the most genial and harmless ot stimuli: sod u»t« gold la .purged of all tha crudities which belong to It as IS comes from tha manufacturer, before being usad la tha compoatuon of the Bitters. The alterattr*. camcttva and restorative properties cl the preparafraa are da rived exclusively from roots and plants the virtues oC which are acknowledged by pharmaceutists and phy sicians, and which are often prescribed separately by the profession. Never, however, were these tavate atla vegetable agents combined tor preventive sad remedial purposes until the hygelsa compound. Hostetler’s Stomach Bitter^ was given to the world. The stomachic and antl-biUous operation el tfec ' great restorative has long since rendered U a standard medicine tor complaints of the digestive organs aad thellver, in all parts of the Western hemisphere: bwt it la no lesa deservedly celebrated as a pravaattve oC epidemics, and of the various disorders generated hr malaria and Impure water. UtSl6£hTloN —DYSPEPSIA. Pbogsxss has Its penalties. Aa the world advageen In civilization. It becomes more luxurious aad the pampering ol the body seems to be an inseparable aa compoaimenc ol the cultivation ol (he *pin»i nee onghtnottobe;bntltCr,and no argument can alt*- the tact, though wholesome advice and judicious, pre cautionary and remedial treatment may ml Ogata tha evil. Savages, we are told, are not troubled with dy». pepsla; bntthls dictum Is open to doubt. Prlratlaa and hardship, as wan as high living and mgender the disease: and it woold tberefire seem ***** the man ol the wilderness, as well as the dweller im cities, mnst he more or less subject to It. One thing; however. Is certain: tnno country under heaven Is U eo prevalent aa In the Halted States. Hare ths dis ease has become domesticated; It Is to be find ta almost every household; and, consequently, a - Household Remedy for Dyspepsia is o! Inestimable value to ths American people. Few disorders Involve greater suffering; and, U not In Itself Immediately dangerous, tt is thefirsraawr and source of many deadly maladies. But even 1/Ik did not tend to shorten life—which it undoubted does—the mental and physical misery which it pro daces, and which renders Ufi comparatively uattjoy able, is a sufficient reason why no pains should be spared in the efibrt to prevent snd core It. Physicians, aa s general rule, admit that no gives them so much trouble as dyspepsia; but they attribute the difficulty of curing it to the unwilling ness of their patients to abandon the’ habits whlek occasion It,—such as excessive application tabus!- ztse, hastiness In eating, Ao, Ac. Itlano doubt traa that the best treatment ol a complaint may fall ta cuielt; If the patient refuses to exercise common petto dfnee. Bat It is also true that what an called St* ojjlaal remedit* fir dyspepsia do not nnder aay dr* cnmstaaces produce permanent relief On the other hand. It Is a lact established by thoosands oferedltahf witnesses, whose testimony is simply a statement of their own experiences, that Hostetlers Stomach Bitten t eitt cure th« malady, and that an occasional usa of the preparation after the cure has been effected tan perpetual s aft guard against the recnrreace of Cks symptoms. On this account many intelligent mem bers ol the (acuity have abandoned all the stereo typed prescriptions of the pharmacopeia, and saw rlably, and, with great success, administer thlspopw lar tonic. FEVER AND AGUE—INTERMIT TENTS GENERALLY. Fxrzs ass Aeus, unfortunately, 1* to* wliffiy known by experience to render a lengthened deeo*** Uon of Its symptoms necessary. In order to escape fever end ague t* aay regies, it is only necessary to fortify the lyatcm against -t—n pherlc poiaon by the regular use of Hostetler’s Stomach Bitten. By this means an danger Is avoided. Some roles hawt exceptions: this has none. So surely as the BITTBSS are token ns a preventive, so sorely will tho ludlvxda*! who adopts this precaution be exempted from the paisa and penalties ot one ol the most h«r»»«ing complaint* to which the dw tilers In unhealthy districts are jected. as a remedy, the preparation has no eqoal. Wlthoutenlalllng any ot the unpleasant and dan**g« ou consequences which accompany and follow tha use of qolnlse, It breaks np the paroxysms and rajfct ly restores the strength of the convalescent. If tk* preparation had no other merit than Us wonderfkl efficacy as a preventive of, and cure tor, Intemltto* fever, it would be an article of the first necessity In 4 new settlements, and low, marshy districts. Ad* t* this Its value os a stomachic ana an antl-blllous ageat and who. w!U venture to gainsay its piatma to til* very jlrtt place among Family Medicine* T BILIOUS REMITTENT FEVER. TUB is a disease ol a more nfallgnant type tkaa ordinary “chills and fever,** hat U springs from tk* same cause, malaria, and may be forestalled by the same means, viz., a precautionary course of Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters. In order to render the system malaria-proof, U mas* be endowed with extra vigor, and put in an res poet* In perfect order. To effect these objects, theBITTXE* must be resorted to. Remittent fever, it is firmly ta» tiered, may be certainly prevented by the dally use oC this unapproachable protective preparation. XI tk* disorder Is already In progress It should be taken b» tween the bot stages. As the pulse is up to one boo dred and twenty or one hundred and thirty during hot fits, It would not, of course, be prudent to isterthe tonic then ; but when prostration comes om and the pulse Is thin 'and feeble, It may be given with great advantage, and alao when the patient is recover* lag, as a means of recruiting the strength, indeed In all cases of convalescence this powerful bat harm less tonic shoo’d be administered. It Is the safest a* well as the best ol restoratives. BILIOUSNESS. The liver Is the largest gland In the body, and tk* moft important of the secretive organs, except tk* membrane which secretes the gastric Juice, the fluid which dissolves the lood. When it tails to perform U* functions, the whole system suffer*, its peculiar office Is to take tbe Aperabnndaat carbon of the blood. Tbls carbon It unites irltb other elements, and thereby forms the bitter fluid called (file, which Is poured into the upper bowel, and greSfay facilitates tbe pro cesseq ol digestion and excretion. When tbe liver docs cot work, the bile has to be t»v»»g out ol the blood by tbe kidneys; andhrnceln billons disorders the urlxe Is ol a deep yellow color. Tbe kidneys, however, cannot dispose ol all the bile, and, conse quently, much of It oozes through the surtoceot ths body, giving the skin and the whiles ol the eyes that saffron tinge which is cne cf tbs mostnoted symptom* of a disordered liver. It 1s abtolutdg euentlal cs htalth that this povtrfal gland thoula da iU dutw thoroughly and ictlA clock-Wet regularity. Probably one-fourth of the people ol this country know what It Is to be billons; and in tropical cilnate* the proportion of cofferers is ranch greater. If what are called “antl-bllloos medicines” were really what they purport to be, the disease would soon become obsolete; lor thelr name is legion. Dot neither mer cury, tbe official remedy, nor the drastic pills adver tised under so many titles, seem to produce the de sired vfffft. In foci, calomel and blue pill have pro bably been more fatal to the human race than the va rious forms of liver complaint combined. Hostetler** Bitten alore,ot aU the madldaeo at present In existence, fully meets the exigencies of whatUtenned“aflfffoueAa6« 0/ body.” This pre parative. like the bile Itself, has ajmlld aperient pro perty, and therefore (when tbe secretion of that natu ral cathartic is Interrupted or Impeded! it Is exceed ingly useful aka means ol preventing hard accretions In the Intestinal and consequent oosuveness. it also acts directly and most beneficially upon ths binary organ, as an Invlgorant and corrective regu lator. Persons with a constitutional tendency to Uv« disease may sccarcexemptian from its attacks by tak as a small dose of the BITTER* once or twice a day. nOSTETTEh’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS old br nil Respectable DrajmlaCa la all part* ot the World. HOSTETTEE & SMITH, Proprietors! Plttaburgfc, P*.