Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 25, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 25, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tebime. MONDAY, MAECH 25, 1887. THE CITY. Faux At.nnr—The alarm rung from box 63 about noon yesterday was caused by the burning out ofa chimney. . TnsenaFsrc.—A practical lecture on the Tele graph will be riven at four o'clock this (Monday) afternoon at Porter’s Telegitph College, Nixon’s Exchange. Tbe public ate invited. Snxmrr’s Sans.—G. Plaber, Deputy Sheria; will on Monday, March 25th, at 10 o’clock a. m., sell the entire stock of cigars, tobacco, pipes, &c., at store No. 78 Dearborn street. Atixoxd Riot.—Thomas Harley, one of the principals in the prize fight on Friday, waa brought before Justice Sturtcrant, on Saturday afternoon, and held for further examination on 'Wednesday in bail of fSOO upon the charge of riot. WjunnxoTosiAX Boxx.—A special meeting of the Directors and Officers of tho Borne will be held on Monday evening, In the rooms of the Tonng Men’s Christian Association, at 1% o'clock, at which time tbe term of service of tbe Board Of Directors will be determined according to the pi o tisians of the new charter, and other important business transacted. A full attendance is re quested. Thk Jsrrxcsox Robbebt,—David Hickey, aliae George Davis, alias George Rime, a man thirty yean ol age, was arrested yesterday morning by Sergeant Barrett, of Captain Hickey's force, as the sixth and last of the parties concerned In the Jef lezeos robbery about two weeks ago. The vigi lant officers have been “piping” him for eight days from Chicago to Indiana.hack here, then to Joliet, and at last found him In bis house on Sampson street, west of the city limits. He is in the Ar mory Pnruo Discussion.— A joint public discussion wDI he held this evening, in the Ctrcmt Court room, between the Toting Men’s literary Society and the Chicago Law School Lyceum, the question at issue being: ItekUzedL' That the States of-Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Lou isiana, Florida, Arkansas and Texas shoold have equal rights with the remaining States of the Union. Affirmative—(Literary Society)—W. I. Culver. Ed. T. Jeffrey. F. J. Smith, ZL S. Goodapeed. Negative—i Law Lvceua}—Jno. A. Hunter, Albee Smith. A. C. Bardweli, Chas. Parker. Bon. Henry Booth will preside. Tm Exm.—Ad interesting party of fonr per sons, George Donley, Martin Brady, Mary Brady and Ellen Brant, were arrested on Friday nignt, all more or less Intoxicated, on the Pittsburgh & Fort Wayne Railroad track near Twenty-second street. Brady was armed with a very handsome, blood-thirsty looking dirk knlie and 'a navy revolver. Be ha* been wanted for some days, a warrant baring been is sued for Uia amst fur drawing his “beautiful” knife upon a saloon keeper a snort time ago, near the comer of Rucker and Twenty-second 'streets. At the Police Court on Saturday evening he was bald forfsrtber examination, bis companions be ing fined £i each. It is said ol Brady that he killed a man In iho State of Pennsylvania about a year ago. nod waa sentenced to nine or ten years in the penitentiary, bot hla mother succeeded in obtaining a pardon for him, and so he waa lei loose on the community again. Ajcduoaxi nr Paso*.— Tbe following appear among the names of Americans registered in Paris for the week ending March 3: Hon. E. B. Waahbume. of Galena, and J. R. Jones, Esq., of Chicago, and Messrs. W. W* Cobb, F. S. Newell and F. A. Starring, of this dty. The name of Miss Boylan, of Dubois, appears on the list of those presented to tbe Emperor. The Gazelle del Etrcngeret , of the same date, haa the following: “Bon. E, 33 Waehburne. of Illinois, ao well known as a prominent member or the Bouse of Representatives, is now m Paris. The arduous nature of hia duties in his scat in Congress, so faithfully attended to for many years, has at last affected his health, to restore which he vlalts Europe. Since Ur. washbnrne’s slay In Paris be has been most cordially received by the American residents. On Friday Ur. Montgomery Gibbs, United States Treasury Agent, Invited a number of his friends to meet him socially. Among those present were Dr. Evans, Ur. PuUam, formerly United Stales Consul at Havre; Bev. Dr. Simms, Ur. Monroe, Colonel Noiton, and Ur. Jones, the travelling companion and friendjof Mr. Wash burns.” Exbiko Wokxh's Refuge—Omcsas, <tc.- The following are tbe officers, managers, &c., of the Erring Women's Refuge, for the year 1SCI: President—Mrs. S. S. Norcrosa. Vice President—Mrs. E. I*, Hammond. Secretary—Mrs. O. B. Wilson. Treasurer—Mrs. W. H. ilarke. Lady Managers—Hie. A. S, Bcynolds, J. Nutt, G. Herbert. D. Sheppard. U. G. Clarke, it. Levan way, W. Monger, J. T. Byereon, A. bnydor.H. L. Bristol, Brooks. Spanloing, V. A. Tarpln, H. Ly man. Jordan, D. Goodrich. W. Bell. B. A. Jones, W. Sawyer, J. B. Bayless, E. H. Whitney, O. N. Benton, W. Dickenson, ALMcSbeban, J.v. Far well, J. W. Heeley. Menaon, O. Williams, O. B. Green, Dean, Borne, E.J. Eley, E. A. Sextan, Partridge, and Misses Minnie Walter and Jennie Cnlver. Trustees—Tnfbtlir King, W. B. Ogden, J. Y. Scammon, J. K. Burtis, Bev. Robert Collyer and Pbilo Carpenter. Matron—Mrs. Ann 8. Telford. Assistant Matron—Mrs. Shaw. bobciting Agent—Mrs. A. W. Hartnpee. Missionary—Mrs. L, Aiken. A Detestable Bbuth —William Smith, resid ing at Ko. 179 West Indiana street, was brought before the Police Court some time since, charged with an outrageous assault npon his wife. It re sulted In hia being sent to jail, but he promising to leave the city and never trouble her any more, the wile succeeded in procuring hia deliverance. On Thursday be enme borne again, and being in his usual quarrelsome mood, resumed bis old time habits by kicking and beating;cue of his little children in tbe most brutal maimer. Mrs. Smith called one of her neighbors and caused her bufibaso to be removed from Ibe houro. Tbe SeXt morning Smith relumed and flon* a slaao tumbler at ms wife, cutting b<-r uo*e very badly, and causing her to tail to the floor in a state of icsensib-Uty. While she was thus prostrate, the brute kicked her several times ana then l«Jc the premises. The outrage was reported at the West bide Police Station, and an. officer was sent to find the monster. He had taken passage on a train oi cars jest leaving the Northwestern Depot when the officer found him, and strongly resisted arrest. At the Police Court. Saturday morning, he was fined 175 and required to give bonds of S2OO to keep the peace. Fenian Meeting. A meeting of the Roberts and Sweeney Circle ofthe Fenian Brotherhood was held Sunday af ternoon, Captain Thomas McGirr, President The purpose of the meeting was to increase and complete, numerically, the Circle, both in its civic and military organization. Speeches were made by Meters. Michael Scan lon ana A. L. Morrison. Tne last named gentle man deprecated the idea of strong belief In the success of the present uprising in Ireland. Tbe movement would be a fall arc, unless bom these United States came rescue, and be deplored as a premature act. the revolt across the sea. The cup of nil and bitterness- flowed over In the coarse of Mr. Morrison’s speech, when his reflections tamed to the rich men of this city. He denounced “ the men ol money” for their coolness toward bis nation’s glory. Be said there was only one rich Irishman in America for whom be had re spect. That man was William R. Roberts. Presi dent of the Brotherhood, who had left the luxury ofaprlncely home, to which the possession of a quarter of a million of dollars gave pleasure, to mingle with the worLlngmm who came bom Ire land, to elevate bis down-trodden country. The speaker intimated that an early movement is In tended upon the Canadas, tbe t*o salient points to be aimed at being Toronto and Montreal. For eneb a movement ne augured success; and, in this connection, ha spoke of the ardor now being exhibited, even in this city, where a whole regi ment is nearly raised, tbe requirement from tbe whole State being but two regiments. Mr. bean tan then spoke briefly, alter which sev eral names were appended to the roll, and the meeting adjourned. Tbe Philharmonic Concert. The late Philharmonic Society gave another postbumns concert at tbe Opera House on Satur day evening, to a very comfortable audience, and for the same reason wc suppose that the swan zings most sweetly when dying, so tula concer: was one of the best the late society have ever given ; so good indeed, that one cannot help be believing. tbaiiTdnrlng the life of the late bociety, all the concerts had been as excellent, it might have been living even now. Ihc symphony (Mozart’s Third) for teatancejmd the adagio from Onslow, were admirably placed, especially the andante movement in the symphony, which de served an encore. The overture to Zampa. which has been played an Innumerable number of times was also well done, inasmuch as there is no excuse for doing it any other way. The remaining instrumental piece, Mendelssohn's violin concerto, played«by Mr. Lewis, with piano accompaniment by Mr. Robjohn, would have been much more effective. Lad the solo been properly sustained. Mr. Rob john should know that something is needed, be sides lacilltj in reading, to accompany a concerto well. Tbe vocal features of the evening were the re appearance of Miss Ham in public, after her long silence, and the ce’>nt of Mr. Biscboff. a rounet tenor. While Miss Wain has not perceptibly Im proved the quality of her voice, she displays most drc.ded Improvement in style and sings with great ease and perfect command ol her vocu resources, and with very fine expression. She song an aria from Robert l h e Devil, displaying a good sense which some other* might Imitate, in •kipping th* grand ana and choosing ono suited to her voice, tibe also eang an * 4 arietta,” composed by B&latka, consisting of some rather flond fiOntore, Introducing & very familiar waltz movement. Ram of her efforts wcie encored, and she well meriu d the compliment for the happy manner in which she ases a voice, natnral.y small and wiry, and mutt™ It effective. • Mr. Biscboff created quite a sensation. It is evident, painfully evident, by his nervousness and awkward use of bis arms and bead, that he is a notice bcforelhe public; bnt these me fault* that will tvtaroff, if he is careful Be has all tbc material oi a great singer, ills voice is of mag nificent timbre, strong, ringing, flexible, of good range, and, wba. is somewhat unusual In robust tenor*, of very tweet and musical quality. There is much room for improvement yet, and we hope be ’Twill not take his handsome reception and success as the signal for inactivity and negligent-.. Hia mere eiage pres ence be can easily correct, and bis nervousness will wear off by contact with audiences. But lxl« voice will require patient r-tndy and culture under a good teacher. Let him hit give his conation tons efforts in this direction and many tenors, now dignified by tbc name of artists, will have to look to their laurel*. We believe the late Society will give one more concert, when the places that hare known it will know It no more. Wc regret that its last concerts should be its best: bnt such is Itic. Ames e: m e iv ts. The past week has been a remunerative one for our theatrical managers, they having coined money in fnll houses without extensive outlay*. The great event of the coming week is Rihroni—Who opens on rneeday evening in the Opera Uonee, :or a brief season nf throe cigbraand a matinee, with tbe same able sup porters as sublimed her on her former visit: Tbc initial piece will be Elizabeth. Nearly every scat Is clrcady taken, and those who wish to zee the great artiste in this character, and have not yet obtained seats, will need to make early applica tion on Monday. The rale of scats lor the matinee on Saturday, will commence on .Monday. McVicexb’s 1 ueatee —VestvaM was obliged to terminate her engagement in its meridian on account of Illness. The hiatus was supplied during the early partof the week by substitutions not down on tbe hols.” For the latter half Mr G.L. Aiken's new play, the “Chcviller, or the French Jack Sheppard,” has drawn good homes, end will probably do so for some days to come. ilcfczcir.—The Follies of a Night and Wild Oats, with a conglomeration of comi'jjit-ccs, have filled cn tbe week very acceptably. The benefits of Mr. Marth, the TreaMiier, and Mr. Cron®c, the some manager, oa Wednesday and Friday night*, were v-tll attended. Monday—“A Dangerous Game.” BxKFriT or an. C. S. Rooms.—Next Friday evening Mr. c.s, Pn g a familiar face at the Museum, and who baa recently been pla.-- Irg with ranch acceptance at McVlcker’e Tn-afr * takes a parting benefit at «he latter. He h about *o enrer into ihuatrica! management eoS vrilh Mr. Right, and Ibis bend i* tendered to him a* a larewelFbenefit. An excellent comcdv bill t* put op for tho occasion, and hie aumcronairlmd* who-wb-h Llm success in hia uudertakinz will poiiaiUobeouhacd. FRED.DOUBUSS. His aVew Lecture— I ‘The Sources of Dan ger to the Bepnbllc.” Frederick Douglass, the eloquent colored ora tor, lectured last night at the Clark Street Metho dist Cbnrcb, on M The Sources of Danger to the BepnbMc.” The lower part of the house was crowded at aa eariy hour, and the gallery was soon after filled; the audience being a very large and attentive one. The lecturer was Introduced bv Rev. E. U. Bat field, D. D.. who said that his work was one of supererogation, as it was hardly necessary to In troduce to them one so well knoitn as Frederick Douglass. Ur. Douglass then commenced his lec'ure, which lasted two hours Be said that be bad uaually appeared before the American people in the character of an American slave; hecad s'nce appeared m the character of an American freeman, and to-night he appeared in the more dignified character of an American citizen. [Applause.) He was anxious to cast in bis mite to testify' to the nobility of that position. There has much been said of the beauti ful) machinery of our Constitution, its adaptation to the circumstances of the nation. Be did not come to deny this, and in as lar as our Constitu tion did not interfere with the rights of men our boastings were right acd excusable. But he would remind them that the citizens of other Governments, monarchical and aristocratic, deem theirs as good aa ours. Indeed some of them have looked upon our Gov ernment as a failure, and look for Its downfall and the substitution of another and a better Govern ment Our boasted right of the ballot-box has not been very worthily Illustrated. When other nations, a few years ago, were tottering and about to fall, we tat secure in thin power. 'But ail is now changed. The ballot-box was broken down. A large part of the people revolted from Its arbitrament, and for fonr long years car ried on armed resistance against it; and this they ray shows its weakness. And then after the re bellion was put down, the same want of strength, these loreigners say, was evinced. They profess to see evidences ol our lack of confidence in our principles, in that we do not punish treason. A nation that does not hate traitors cannot lave loyal men. One that does not punish treason esnnot love loyalty. They point us to the fact that thousands of citizens have been shot down without crime in the South since the war, and that no effort is made to arrest and punisn the murderers. If this Government was what It claims to be, there would be no place of hiding so secure as to ahelter the murderers of loyal men. Butio day they walk about tho streets of Memphis and New Orleans, smoking their cigars, ana no hand is raised to molest them. They point ns also to the commingling of tbe distinct branches of the Government—the execu tive and Indldary—interfering with the legisla tive: and in this they see evidence ot tbe downfall of tho Government. In one respect our nation has the advantage over onr critics abroad—m the Divine right of kings. There Is nothing athwart the pathway of free criticism of onr rulers. Onr Government is entirely destitute ol means ol inspiring awe towards its rulers. It Pan honest Constitution, and deserves respect for what it is. It was designed to combine lib erty with order, to promote tbe general prosperi ty, and to secure the blessings of liberty to our selves and our posterity. His own eaiiy education, the speaker said, waa not very favorable to securing Lis reverence to tbe Constitution, and especially not to the pecu liar institution. But even he could speak rev erently of Its framers. Tbev gave ns a eonsUtu lion as broad as nature, and Dec from caste and complexions! distinctions, in its eyes we are neither while nor block, but only citi zens. fiber who claim that this is a “ white man’s Government” find iilUo support in the Constitution. It does not base men’e rights in the form of their nose and the length ot their heels. Those who claim that tbe negro lesemblcs the monkey, forget that tbe monkey has no heel, and rn the longer ’he negro's heel tbe farther he is removed from the monkey. (Laughter.] .In the Constitution tbe poorest acd low est slave is recognized as a wmn, and as soon as hla rhahm are broken, he may rise to any position for which his ability tils him. Nowhere in tne constitution do we find a word squinting at “cvhite man.” It wonld be as proper to find la the Lord's Prayer tbe words “give ns white men our a ally bread." [Laughter.] But, good as It Is, tbe Constitution Pm many o elects, and it is our doty to discover and amend them. Before the war we were dis posed to let well enough alone. At the beginning of tbe rebellion we hesitated; bat now that we have met U ard pul It down wc are disposed to 1 emcdyitE defects. The war has shown by what a slender thread our Government! hangs, and bow nearly it come to being overthrown. We are lit tle indebted lo the mere structure of the Govern ment for its preservation It was because our cause was right, arid tbe cause ot tbe rebels wrong, that we conquered. The rebellion was smitten with death the mo ment that Abraham Lincoln wrote upon our ban ners the word “Emancipation.” [Applause.] That word stretgtbened onr whole army to fight as they had not betore. It frightened and disheartened the rebels. They were reminded that they were fight ing not only against their country, out against God. Another reason of our success was tt»yt we happened to have an honest man in the Presiden tial chair. It only happened that William H. Sewai d was not elected Preslden L Perhaps that was owing to the “Wigwam.” Without Chicago wefbonia have had no Wigwam; without the Wigwam we should have haa no Abraham Lin coln ; without u Lincoln we might have to day had no Government. Bat the people believing that the country fa more than the Constitution, resolved to save tbe country, with the Constitution if (hey could, but at *n v rale to save the country. We discovered some errors in our system of government during the war. Bat there are more to be grappled with, and happy will it be for ua, and for onr children, If we remove those defects oefore (he lurid light of another rebellion shall compel their removal. Happy would it have been for ua If we bad long before resolved upon the abolition ofaiavery. But we did it at last, under the pressure of military necessity, and we hardly deserved more credit than Pharaoh did for letting the Hebrews go. ItwasnctunUithe pes tilence of war had compelled ns, that we consented to let the people go. It was necessary that onr sons should come home legless and armless, that thousands of hearthstones should be maoe desolate before we would do this great act of justice. And, too. it is due not so much to the virtue of the North as to the persistent villainy of the South. Now*, said the speaker, let ns begin to do justice at bomc. It la a shame and a disgrace that, alter tbe lessons ot the war, tftkre should be on the Con stitution of Illinois such a feature as Its black law. The sources of danger to the Bepnblic may be stated under two beadsthose which are esoteric and those which are exoteric. The speaker would not, however, admit tost a Republic was inher ently weak, and lees powerful than an autocratic or aristocratic Government, li it has weaknesses they are not inherent in the form of the Republic, but because the Government leans towards the autocratic form of gorcmtDODt. 'l'oo epoahor WAD a thorough demrerat as acalnst monarchies, au tocracies, and all tnat. He bad fasihm the peo ple. The masses of men mean well. This is shown by the many benevolent institntlons that rise on every hand. The masses may not always be right, but they always mean right. When tnoi Government derives Its inspiration from them it will, as a rule, go right. In seeking a basis of government Qe would case It upon ibe people, ana If it Is made in harmony with the idea of tbe Constitution that all govern ments derive their power from the consent of Die governed; that all dhxess may take part in the Government; that roman maybe kept from (he ballot-box on account ofhtscolor; that no woman may be kept from it by reason of her sex—he saw no reason why it aboard not continue as long as tbe world stood. {Applause.] Unfot innately, toe constitution combined some of tbe Ideas of aristocracy. An age is required to obliterate all traces of former bondage. It was not easy to drive ont the traces of monarchical ln stitutiotis derived from the British Government. It was not strange thaMvben onr fathers came to frame a new Constitution ibey should mingle with it some traces of the old form under which they had lived. This tendency appears now. While we are willing that tbe slave shall be free we want a few links to remain to re mind bim of bis former condition. Our weakness u that we retain some of tbe monarchical element which cannof blend with republicanism. Tbe first source of our danger is tbe one-man power in our Government. Bnt the people are waking up to tbe existence and tbe danger oi this power. If Jefferson Davis taught ns the folly of retaining the slave power in the Government, Andrew Johnson may be said to have taught us the follv of tbe one-man power. If he shall teach ns the danger of this he will prove to ne a bless irgin disguise—though partly horribly disguised. (Laughter.] Mr. Seward introduced Mr. Johnson tojthe people ofMlchlgan as their King. Wc have laughed at this, but there is something of troth in It. The President is invested with something of kingly power, which he mar use to the hurt of tbe people. Andrew Johnson. Ln some of tbe conditions of mind which are quite too often with him, has seemed to imagine him self not only tbe King of the United States, but the United States. There Is danger In tbe brevity of the Presiden tial term. It Rives a man impunity in bis actions. We would not stand John son an boor if we thought that we had to stand* him for life. [Langhter.l There Is some consolation In the idea that we can change our masters. When he was a slave be was allowed the privtlegeicf choosing hi; master, and w nen he got a bad one it was some consolation to tbtnk that aithe end of the year be could shake him off. But, after aIL It was not wbal he wanted, to have a new master, bat to4>ave no mas’ er, and so to be tree. This is wbat the American people want—at all limes to be tbeir own masters. We are free while we are voting, bnc when this President is elected and in tbc saddle the national animal must go where its master drives. Tbe I’resident can ride with an absolute power that no monarch can equal. The Government of England is exercised with a respect tor the feelings of the people sneb as is not shown In tbe United Slates. An . officer there who finds that be Is not wanted by tbe people, hastens at once to lay down his office. Bat m this country a man may be Invited repeat edly to resign, but be never accepts tbe Imita tion. The people of Wisconsin have invited Sen ator DoolltUe lo resign, bat be says, k -What does tbc people know about the duties of a Senator 1” President Johnson bos been Invited almost unanimonely to resign, bat he does nut do It. Tbc sources ot this one-man power tie In sev eral things. Tbc lact that the public patronage is In hts bands is a great power. The President has avast amount oT influence in this way. Every man feels it important to keep m biaikvor. His smiles arc blessings, bis frowns curses. Not Mr. Johnson only, but all Presidents, have used this patronage to btuld np their own power. Tne lec iurerwas for taking the appointing power cn tiiely out of the President's nands and make him simply an executive officer. He would take also from the Constitution the two term principle. One cause ofthe antagonism netween the President and Congress has been that •he Constitution allows blm to be his own suc cessor, so that he comes not with an eye to the duties ofthe now bat to tbe possibilities ofthe then. Let the office term be confined to ono term: let U be ibe highest and last attainment possible for tbe American citizen, ana be will have tbe single eye and heart to his detr. Another eonicc ol danger is the veto powsr. He knew not why this exotic was engrailed upon our Government, It Is anti-republican, ami-demo cratic. It is (onndcd In a donbt of the people. It is bated upon the absurdity that one man Is more than ma'iy men; that the liberty of tbe people are ices than the wilt of one men; that one man sur rounded by his cliques will be likely to amve at a more intelligent understand ing of principles, than will ibe immediate representatives of tbe people, coming directly from them Be aid not believe that one head was heavier than two hundred; that Andrew Johnson was greater than tbc Senate. It la only owing to the tact that eleven States are anrcpic- M U.ed that Andrew Johnson docs not rule Con gress. Wbal is wanted of tbe President is to only Inquire what is the law and execute it. ills re markable that while tbe veto cower is entirely consistent with a monarchical Government-, it has not been employed in England for a century and a half, and it would nearly cost Victoria her crown to veto the will ol the people. But over here, where it is in direct violation of tho spirit of the Constitution, we can have a little veto every morning and sometimes two of them, tcr.j It Is because we are used to 1L Dot the legislative bodies of England ar-i interior to the Congress of the United btates and while the one is never vctocu the other is constantly vetoed ; though in one case consonant with tbc Government, and in the other directly opposed to It. The argument for this veto power la that there must be a check ; that without it majorities may be arbitrary. But ifibey arc ever ai biliary, it is to those who arc not represented. If a temeJy la wonted, make the Government impaitlal to all citizens. Bat If a check is wanted, it is found in the Snrrcme Court, unco better than in the “ hmnble Individual,” or In any one individual. Another theory to do away ia secret diplomacy in time of peace; and another ts to abolish tbe VlccPictiaency. We have been unlucky In our Vice President*. We don’t need any; be Is use less and dangerous. Man is human. Ambition is ambition; history Is constantly repeating itself; lor tbe crown wen have mmdered their mon atchs; no crime has been too great .J Not a crown in Europe has not at some time been stained with blood by its successor. Tbc Vice Ptcs!d< nt is atpsralcd from) the summit ot hie ambition omy by the life of one man, ami separated only by the sin—wall of assassination, liow cosy it would be for a defeated party to sur round him alter an election and inquire bow he would administer the Government If. in th- course of Providence, the President should Itq re moved then how easy. if desired, to secure the ast-aeshiatlon; and then when that is done, to hole the new President to his promises. Not one of our Tice Presidents who bae succeeded to the Presidency ha-adhered to the platform on which be was elected. Fill mere wu elected as an Abolitionist, bat as soon u Taylor was removed he betrayed bis party and foil erred oat the wishes of the slaveholders. Har mon died as soon as he was seated in (he chair, and Tyler succeeded, and he threw himself into the arms of the Blare - power. Buchanan was poisoned that Breckinridge, a strong young slaveholder, might succeed. Bat (he poison failed because It met its maii-h, [l aughter.] Then Abraham Lincoln was elected with Andrew Johnson, and every one would hare said that the latter was the stroncer AboUuooisl of the two. Be swore to make treason odious and to bans the convicted traitor. The speaker believed that Andrew Johnson was as well known to (be traitors then as he is known to ns now. He wonld not sty that Johnson knew that Lincoln was to be murdered. There are several mysterious things about It— Johnson being so Intimate with Wileos Booth and others, bat he would not attempt to loliow out iblnidca. It was asked If there be no Vice President, what ijbonid we do*h> case the President should die. That was the point that ho wonld be far leas likely to die. [Laughter] And he was not sure that we might not get along better with no President at all; Just ae tho Swiss Republic electa its Presi dent only when be la wanted. Happy for tbo country it is that Congress has largely anticipated the last point of his discourse by the military reconstruction law which is being adopted over tbe South. He believed that It would prove a salotarv measure, and that tn ten yearslueSjuth would bless the Congress that Save them that law. Already the Hons of the outh are beginning to he down with the lambs Andrew Johnson said that if the negro waa allowed (be rights of a citizen, it would bring on a nar of races. How beautifully his prophecy has been accomplished I Tbe aim of the people will be attained when tee idea of “Liberty and union, one and inseparable,” shall prevail all over the country. But while Consrees has done the right thing, liiinolo and Ohio have yet to do it. It la a ebamethat they are retaining on their statute books laws so Inconsistent with the spirit of tbe age. Tbe speaker wonld cioso bis discourse as be began. Only make this a truly republican Gov ernment —ol the people, and by tne people and for the people, end it might stand strong and vig orous as long aa time shall last. YOUNG MEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Meeting—Report of the Presi dent and Library Committee* Tbe following reports were unavoidably omit ted from onr summary given yesterday of the proceedings at tbe annual meeting of the Tonng Men’s Association, held on Saturday evening last: Tbe following is a brief statement of tbe condi tion of our Association at the close of this tbe S6lh year ol Its existence; Number of paying members (ladies In duced) 1,401 Number of paying members (ladles in cluded) the previous year 913 Showing an Increase doting the past year ot. 499 raying members, being a considerably larger num ber of members than have ever joined the Asso ciation in any previous year. Of-the above 1,401 paying members, 19S are ladles, who are by roles of the Assodation, allowed the privileges of the Library and Rcadtrg Room, on paylsg thclryear ly docs, without paying their entrance fee. There ore besides, 359 LUV, Honorary and Complimen tary members, who arc not required to pay any yearly dues. The total number of books in tbe library are 10.149 volumes. The nnmber of books In the library the previous year were 9,000 volumes, showing an increase during the past yearol 1,349 volumes. This is also a larger number of books tbsn have been added to the Library during any previous year. Tbo number of books taken out from the library b&s increased in a much greater ratio than tne increase of members and books. In Marcb, 1666, the number of books taken out averaged less than GOO volumes weekly, since which time llhas steadily increased until now, and 1,300 volumes ai© taken out each week, an increase of over 100 per cent In the nnmber of books read is one year. 1 question very much whether in any other nubile library in the country. one-ninth of all tbe books therein are read each week. This ex hibit alone shows tbo pre-ont necessity for a very much larger nnmber of books than our Xibrdry now contains. This giarifyiog increase in the number of mem bers, and the somber of books read during the past j ear. Is owing, in my opinion, to two causes. Pint, To the plan adopted by the library Com mittee of purchasing several copies of each sew and popular woris as soon as published, instead of only one copy, or at most, two copies of each, as baa heretofore obtained, so that any member ta generally enabled to obtain the new booKfl within a very short time of their publication; and sec only and chlefir, to the most admirable and methodical manner in which the Library la con ducted by the present Librarian, Mr. John Hob son. This gentleman u the only person worthy ot the same of librarian, whom it has been my fortune to meet In connection with that office dur ing upwards of five years’ membership of the As sociation, and I wonld respectfully and urgently recommend to the incoming Board to aecore his valuable services ior the ensuing year. I am sorry to say that the profits trom thelcctures oi the past season show a very great tailing off from those of the season before. The net profits from the lectures of the previous season were in round numbers H, SOU, while the past year they were only about ft,'TOO, or a little over one-third, ’ibla lamentable decrease in the profits from the icctnrcs was owing to causes entirely beyond the control of the Lecture Committee—partly because thexe being no public hail m Chicago, we were obliged to use Crosby's Opera Boose at $3.0 rent per night, and even at that price could sot get it at oil regularly or on the evenings we wanted it, but were obliged to take It at inconvenient intervals, whenever it could he had between its other engagements, but princi pally because the groat majority of.the citizens of Chicago seem to prefer more exciting and more ques’lonable amusements to the quiet and profit able one of listening to lectures. The money alone paid m Chicago this winter for ibe pcrfotmance of one person—speaking in a language which not one In one hundred of her audience understood, and nearly all of which money was carried away from Chicago, thereby impoverishing to jest that extern—would have tncieased this library forty thousand volumes. I hope that the next Lecture Coznmltecc will have a better report to make, and 1 would recommend to inture Lecture Committees, whenever, if ever, Chicago has a pobhc ball adapted to lecture pur poses, and at a leasonahle rent, to have a regular course ot lectures, issuing season rickets thcretor; hut the past year this plan was impracticable. This Association for thepast two years, In order to obtain more funds, issued on tbc first of March and first ofAngn-t of each year, a trade circular called the u Merchants of Chicago,” containing the advertisements of many of our best business houses, nnder the able supervision of Mr. J. It. Taylor. The first year, the paper paid by a net profitof SI,OOO, bnt the past year we were not ao torlunate. The August edition paid a net profit of 1552, but the Mi'rcb edition barely paid tbc ex penses of punlicatiOD.ll trust that our merchants, and particularly those interested in the success of this institution, will see to It *hat the nex: year’s issue of this paper shall be more creditable to them and profitable to as. • The reports of the several committees will show, more in detail, what has been accompli bed in their respective departments. 1 am sorry to be obliged to slate that the report of the Treas urer will slow a very marked falling off in the total money received, notwithstanding the great inctcaee of members. 1 cannot fjrbear. in this connection, from pay ing a justly deserved tribute of thunks to the Re cording Secretary of this Aa ociation during tbe past two years, llr. B. F. Guyton, for the admira ble manner in wmch be has performed hia impor tant duties, and am plc&sea that the Association has endorsed Its appiecuUon ot his service oy electing him to a higher office for the year en suing. qTo the members of the press, for their many f avers, 1 det-ire to tender our sincere thanks. I must now ask your patience for a few moments longer, while 1 call your attention to the sad lack oi interest which exists m this city in record to supporting this, the only public library in Chicago. 'While, aa previously stated, this institution shows on the whole a healthy growth daring *be past year, yet it is not at all •hat It ehovld be. Chicago, wbUe it boasts its fine public and business oulidinge, its gigantic elevators and stock yards, Its widely-known tun nel, aiid various other celebrated works, has but one pitiful public library of barely 10,000 volumes I Chicago, while it supports its thou sands of drinking shops, its hundreds of brothels, and its scores of places of amusement, all moro or less injurious to the morals, health and pockets of the community, cannot, or does not, pay but little more than one-half of the running exjHneei of even ao small a public library as this I The actual running expenses of this library and reading room, when conducted with the closest economy, are upwards of $7,000 a year, without 1 adding any new books, while the yearly dues paid by the present paving members amount to bnt a little over one-half ol that sum—thereby compelling the officers of this Association to actually earn tbe money necessary to keep it out of debt! Is this creditable—ls It right f Tbe report was accepted and ordered to be placed on file. LZBRAST EXPORT. Rev. Dr. U. Collier then presented the follows lugreportot the library Committee: r -lnpresentirg a brief report of tbe condition of the Library and Reading Room, we have lo state that no change has been made from tbe pol icy of former years, of procuring tbe best books and periodicals to be had with tbe means atonr disposal. The neglect of the institution by tbe vasi majority of oar most wealthy iften. os un pardonable In its way as would be the neglect of our public schools, and in palnfn contrast with what has been done in our sister city of flu Louis, has compelled vour committee to practice a rigid economy whenever that was possible. It is pleasant, however, to be able to pay that so iar as we know, this has never been done to the exclusion of one really good book or serial, while in both departments many important additions have been made that must add greatly to tbe interest and usefulness of this foundation. We have been able to procure for tbe library 1.119 volumes alto gether; 104 volumes have been purchased with the special fund set aside for this purpose last year, of which f 520 is still in tbe bands of the committee. With a part of this fund we have determined also to purchase a complete set olthe Gentleman's Magazine horn the beginning in 1735 and hate sent oa the order to London. In the periodical department eight new magazines have been added to tbe list, and some others will be ordered for the new library year. In tbe general report It will be seen that forty magazines and reviews are now taken, fifteen American and twenty-five English and fltty-thrce American and four English newspapers. It has also been ordered that the magazines circulate as books alter the first month, and In this way they can always he nrocurcd by tbe members and car ried home. We have also been enabled to par chase a number of copies of any work for which there ts a great demand so that n j member {need be long- without a eight of any book he cares to sec. Inconcln flcn, your committee has to express it- thanks for the very able and efficient assistance of yonr Librarian, Mr. John Robson, in carrying out their plans as well as in originating many improve ments in the conductof-theL!brary,and to express Its conviction that tbe present excellent condition nf the institution, better no doibt by far than it has ever been before since the Library was started, is tine, in no small meaenre.lo his constant care.” On motion of Aid. Carter, the report was ac cepted aud ordered to be placed on file. Voong IQcn’s cnrlstton Association— Annual Election. This Association has become a great power m car midst, In proot of which it points with Just to tbc long list of uretul works which It has inaugurated and sustained with energy and suc cess anting the past seven years. Tne mission, relief and employment departments coder tbeir Cicsent systematic and efficient management, it • acknowledged by Eastern cities, constitutes tho most effective organization for tbe good of the masses of any In America. Tbe lone desired object of the Association is' about to be realized in the large and beautiful building cow nearly ready for occupation on Madison street, between Clark and LaSalle, when it win farther that part of tbeir work which has in a great degree been neglected, that ol a work directly fur the benefit oftbeyonog men of our city—in providing a large public library and tree Reading Room, a large and com .modious hall and a salt of parlors for social gath erings of tbe member* of tho Association. To enter upon this work and prosecute it with the greatest success, the Association desires to greatly increase Us membership. The membership is divided into classes, Active, Associate, Lilc, Auxiliary, aud Life Auxiliary. The flisf class (active), arc members of evangeli cal churches, and. alone, are entitled to hold office and vote for office: s. Any man of a good moral character may become an member. Each of the above classes are subject to the pay ment of two dollars annually, as dues, or may become Hie members ,by the payment of twenty dollars at any ono time, and are exempt trom all annual assessments. Ladles may become auxiliary member* by the payment ol fifty cent* yearly, or llic auxiliary by the payment of five dollars at one time. According to announcement, the annual election of officers tor the ensuing year will be held to-day, at the Young Men’s Christian Asso ciation Rooms, in tbe Methodist Church Block, comer of Clark and Washington streets. The polls will be open ail day and evening, thus giving all an opportunity to vote. internal Berenuo—lncome Return*. Tho 1-iw o? March 2,15C7, changed the time «or making returns of the annual Income, from the Ist day of May to tbelsr day ofMaica. Income returns for ISGU are now doe, and all persons wilt find it to tbeir interest to make tmeh return to the Assistant Assessors of thiir respec tive Divisions at once. Persons who receive notice will be assessed and penalty added U they do not make their return wit-in leu days oftex receiving such notice. Mi R. M. Wallace, Assessor. THE URETUMREL. Formal Opening To-Day—Laying the Corner-Stoheoftho Hew Water Works—The Procession. The following official order, from the Chief Marshal of the procession, contains a summary of the proceedings which will be carried out to-day on the occasion of the formal inauguration of tbe grcatldke Tunnel, and tho laying of the corner stone of the new Water Works on the lake shore at the foot of Chicago arenue In tho North Di vision : PROGRAMME OF ARRANGEMENTS For laying tbe comer atone of the new buildings tor tbe chlcieo Waterworks, March SS, A.D. 1607 (A. L. 5967). The procession will be formed in the following order: ■ - Platoon of Police. Light Guard Band. Apollo Commanderv Knights’ Templars.. Subordinate Lodges of F. & a. M. in the follow ing order: Tylers, with drawn swords. Stewards. Master Masons. Secretary and Treasurer, wardens. e - Masters. Q g « M. W. Grand Lodge P. &A, U., State •>§ *§ of iUlnoia. -Sg. o*s. Grand Tyler with Drawn Sword. S. *fa Grand Stewards. o ® o« Principal Architect, with Square, Level om and Plumb off Grand Chaplains. B„g sc* Fast Grand Officers. g-t 2p Junior Grand Warden, with Silver ,a„ OM Vessel of Oil. * o o#; Senior Grand Warden, with Silver gto Vessel of Wine. * 5.3 •-•a Deputy Grand Master, with Silver Sa a B Vessel of Com. s°* op Master of Oldest Lodge, carryingßook u,-. • of Constitutions. « b *stt M. W. Grand Master, supported by Bg 1 _ S Deacons with Rous. Grand Standard Bearer. ? gu Grand Sword Bearer, with Drawn a Sword. 5 Great Union Bind. Chicago Commandcry of Knights Templars. Ellsworth Zouaves as Guard of Honor to Civil Division. Bis Honor, tbe Mayor, as Orator of tbe Day. Commissioners of the Board of Public Works. Secretary of the Board. City Engineer and First Assistant. Chief Engineer Pumping Department. Contractors Lake Tunnel. Contractors of Machinery and Buildings. Judges of the United States Courtand other Uni ted States Officers. Judiciary of tbe City of Chicago and Slate Officers. Heads of Dcj artmcnts of the City of Chicago and principal Assistants. Members of the Common Council. Clergy. Members of the Press. Ex-Mayors. Board of Education. Police Board. Officers and Principal Assistants Connected with Board of Public Works. Ex-Water and Police Commissioners. Bond. Qnackenbosb Collegiate Guard. Citizens. Chicago Fire Department. Associations. UKB OX XABCII, Tbe Masonic Division will form in front of Ma sonic Temple on Dearborn street, the right rest ing on Randolph street; will march thence norla on Dearborn street to Lake street, west on Lake street to Wells sheet, south on Weils street to Washington street, and east on Washington street to Clark street, nhore they will be Joined by the Civic Division; thence north on Clark etreet to Chicago avenue, east on Chicago avenue to Flue street, and north on Fine street to centre of block, where the column will open to the right and loft, and allow tho Grand Locue, His Honor tho Mayor, tbo Board of Public Works and principal officers, tbe Contractors, the Judiciary, members of the Common Council and heads or City Departments to pass to the platform. The tear of the procession will close up and form around the platform. The corner stone will bo laid with tbe nans) ceremonies at high twelve. His Honor Mayor Rice will deliver the address. Returning tbe procession win form In precisely tbe same order as above, and march to the points item whence It started. All assouations in the city, and tbe citizens at large, an cordially invited to participate in the ceremonies. Masonic bodies will form at the Masonic Temple, other associations and societies who wish to join in the procession by giving Information to tbe Marshals at the Buggs House before 9 o'clock wilM>e assigned a place in thq procession, and are requested to be at the CoftC House. City authorities will form street, right resting on Dearborn street. Fire Depart ment on Washington street, right resting on Lasalle street. All will be ready to move at 10 o’clock. The undersigned have tbe assurance from tbe Board of Public Works that every available workman will be put on at an early boar thin morning to clean ttje route of the procession. The obstacle of dirty streets bring to a great ex tent removed it la earnestly hoped that all the organisations on the programme will be ont In full force and do credit to this great occasion in onr local history. AararaC. Ducat, I W. F. Tvcskb, f Marshals. Letter from Dr, Parker. To (be Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Tbe statement in your paper concerning my consultation with Dr. Kendall, was false in every particular. Tbc patient had intense nauseating and vomit ing, resembling the effects ot tartar emetics, or some other irritant poison, and I stated so at the time, and prescribed accordingly. Tbe next day the Doctor came to me and said the patient was worse, the symptoms tbe same kind, and the treatment advised for the same symptoms as before. Tbe next day—or next but one—(be Doctor came tome and said, to my great surprise, that the patient was dead. This is all 1 bad to do with the case, and wish to correct any other impression that tbe public might have from reading the reports of tbe case In jeaterday’e papers. Mjltos Pahkxu. Chicago, March kb 16G7. LOCAL MATTERS, Interesting to Sportsmen.—All lover* of good guns and first-class sporting mate rial will be interested to learn of a recent change in a well-known firm dealing In this line. Messrs. James U. Foster A Co.. 18G Lake street, successors to the old and well-known house or George t. Abney, Ua»e reccaity associated with themrin tbc wholesale and retail gun Dusloess Mr. Frederick J. Abbey, formerly engaged lo the same trade at IS2 South Clark street, the firm name remaining, however, as before—James U. Foster & Co. The near approach of the season when onr ciiy ai-d country Nimrods shall take up anna against the web-footed denizens of lake and stream, gave practical importance to a recent vis it of oars to this fine establishment; and we arc pleased to communicate tbe result of our Investi gations. Their store, It le hardly necessary to pay, Is one ot the best-known and most popular Lake street locations. SO leet front by 150 feet to depth, fonr ttones above the basement, and with the fine stock which Mr. Abbey brings, added to that ol ihc old firm, and with their recent large additions and Iroponatlons, li wonld be difficult to find a more extensive and diversified assortment of sporting material In tbc West. Among many oher things of value, ono can find betc the tie plus ultra of a breech-loading shol-gon. It Is well known that among find-class sportsmen, as well as In the United States service, the breech-loader Is fast consigning (be old-fash ioned muzzle-loader to the cabinet of ancient ca llosities. The safety, simplicity, rapidity of fire, acd ImpervloDßiicßS to water, of the breech-load leg gun, make U equally desirable to tbe soldier and sportsman. Tbe guns which Ue-srs. Foster & Co. make their specialty arc. It is safe to say, unex celled by anything of foreign or domes tic manufacture. Tbe barrels ere Im ported, acd are of the finest laminated steel, and are finished andmoanted here. Tbe cart ridges have a metallc fuse, and water-proof paste board sides, are easily Inserted and withdrawn from the breech, and a pin upon which the ham mer strikes communicates with a cap within the cartridge, and fires the charge. These cartridges can be used several times, a peculiar little instru ment being necessary to reload them rapidly, and tbe ease with which they may be removed from the breech, upon the appearance of other game, and those containing larger or smaller shot readily in serted make them very desirable. The gun is. pi operiy designated as the snap-acltoribrceco-loadj Ing shot-gun, a small lever on the side being need to throw np the breech, which, when the cartridges are Inserted, can be snapped Into posi tion while the gun Is being brought to the face for Urine. Tcclr superiority over other breech loaders Is very apparent; there is nothing ex posed to water, no escape of gas, and the ham mers do not interfere with the insertion of the cartridge. This splendid cno, with one set of barrels, is sold for $350; with two seta of barrels logo into ono break-oiL $-150; and the ease and Implements complete cost about SSO extra. Tbc smell-arm department contains everything lo the single-barrel and rcvolvingpistol line which this age ofbnrglary and robbery seems to demand. We were particularly Impressed with the deadly qualities of a six-shooting revolving Derringer, J. field’s patent, a very effective weapon of self-de fence; and with a single-barrel breech-loading cartridge Derringer, which'yon may carry without looking as thongfi yon were armed cap~a-pie s and whose capacious muzzle would shed a flood of gas light through the burliest ruffian—one of tbe safest and handiest weapons we have ever seen. Hero, too, arc ladles’ pistols, tiny bat not tbe less terri ble to those who face them, with colored Ivory handles and gold-plated barrels; Slocum’s, Smiln & Wesson’s, of all sizes, Remington's, and coop er's seif- cocking revolvers, and In fact almost every style of the latest improved small-arms. The department of breech and muzzle-loading rifles Is equally extensive. Messrs. Foster & Co. are tbc only mabutUctaiers of telescopes for tele scopic rifle 4 In the United States, aad they sup ply the dealers of the entire country with tnem. rhey are also agents for Uazzard’a powder, and sole agents in Chicago for Knapp’s celebrated base-ball bat-*, and their stock of regulation balls, and all Implements pertaining to the national game, is very extensive. They are also agents for the Ncwhonsc* steel 1 trap.rond’s section Iron Dost, aad keep an Im mense assortment of all kinds of fishing tackl*, whlos, and the diversified paraphernalia of the sporting dog, and all kinds of boxing and fenc ing apparatus. We were narilcnlarly struck with a neat and tasty camp kit, of the size and appearance of an army canteen, and weighing a trifle over two tontds. It ts attached to a sbonldcr-strap by a snap, and wb- n taken apart is found to contain two plates, two coffee cups, a Hying pan, smear bowl, pepperbox, salt box, two spoons, a knife, fork, and ontterdlsh-aperfect camp muUumin parto. Messrs. Foster & Co. keep a fall assortment of everv kind of gun material, and pay particular at tention to tbeir wholesale trade ; and wo heartily advise all sportsmen and dealers m sporting ma terials to examine their extensive and valuable' stock. Swavnciii Ointment Is warranted a sure, speedy and positive euro for Prattio Itch and all skin diseases. Remember we guarantee a cure or refund the money. Sold by ail druggists. Wholesale by Burnhams & Van Scbunck. The Poor Little Sufferer ■will bo Im mediately relieved by using Msg. Winslow's Soothing Stbcp for children teethin’. It softens (be gums,reduces inflammation, cures wind colic, allays all pain, and sires the child quiet, natural sleep. Irom which It awakes Invigorated and re fieshed. Perfectly safe in all cases, as millions of mothers can testify. An'flfDdnvlt— “l, I»aac L-Oascnborry, of No.ICO North Seventh street, Willlamebnrgb,N. Y., being dnly sworn, solemnly declare that, last December.! was so severely oflllcied witnttncnraa llfm as to be unable to more for tbree weeks; acd (bat after baring taken bat three doses of Metcalfe's Great Rheumatic Remedy I was ena bled to walk without assistance, and otherwise restored!© perfect health/' PsoGardlucr’aßheuranlicand Nonral glc 1 ompouna. It cures Rheumatism and Neu ralgia. core warranted. Sold by all Drug gists. Burnhams & VanScbaack, agents, 10 Lake sweet. Fairer Hangings and Window Shade*. All the newest styles at reduced prices, at F. E. HiGtzr’fl, 89 Randolph street. Momp -Ribbons! Stamp Ribbon*! Stamps, dies and seals. Old stamps repaired. O. M. Babcock. No. C 2 Reynolds’ Block, near Port Office. Oideis by mall promptly filled. The oairland iron Ocher Paint Co., are paying good comtnrtnion to travelling men now selling goods in the West. Call at No. 10 South Claik street, office up stairs. The Franklin Brick machine. Justly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great stiecgin, amt immense compressing powci, is ouAjtAnrEED, with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to 8/00 elegant bncica per hour. J. H. Rejtiok, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room S 3. i The Purest and Sweetest Cod Liver Oil in the world, manufactured Irom fresh, healthy livers, upon the sea shore - ; li is perfectly pure and sweet. Ask for “ Hazard & Caswell's Cod Liver Oil,* 4 Oamtexl, HacaACo., New York. Sold by Vi druggists. Oelpte Sc vo.* Wlntor Soap.—Re commended for chapped haoos and for general toilet bae during cold weather. It but m oh* tained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers. Itch! Senueh!! Boyd’s medicated Cream cures ifeh, scra'che*, end all skis diseases. It Is neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sold by all drug gists. - MARKETS IT TEIEfiRAPH. New York Financial Newh (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.l tixw Yobs, March S 3. The etoek market opened firm this morning, Michi gan BooUiern being the favorite stock. On call Erie (common) advanced to MV. and Michigan Southern to 76k- At 1 o'clock the market tu rery strong, and with considerable cash, stock pressing, which was readily taken np. After this the marxet became doll and Inactive, and at 4 o’clock prices fell, la conse quence of the report of the Bank (statement. jfew York Central, seUlngatKSk; Brio (common) at 37k; Michigan Bonthern, at 73k. 'and Chicago and North western (preferred), at 64k,—the Increase In deposits bdnxfenrmllUons, and the decrease In lent tenders two and a half millions. American Gold continues doll and Inactive. The money market was more active to-day, and sold at 7 per cent. Consolidated Gregory was strong at noo, and prices tend to a higher range. (Associated Brass Report ] Maw York, March 23. Mom. Money steady at 6«7c per cent on ran. roBXiQH bzcoaxob. Sterling exchange is quiet at lCßk@io9. GOLD. Gold is a shade easier: opening at 131 k. advancing to 134 k, and closing at 131 - Exports to-day HUM. OOVKHSMXHT3. Governments unchanged. LATZn. Sew Toes, March 23. Mosirr. The demand for money was less active to-day. GOLD. Gold was anlet and steady doting the day. Cash gold I« plenty. Loans were made from 1-611 per cent nitmmm to 8 per cent lor carry leg and Anally closed Bst. eauwatb. The Railway market was (ms at the open Board and Stock Exchange, with a general bat cot marked Im provement In prices. Michigan Southern was the chlel polctcflnterest,and£olaupto76k- Thomarket was firm at the one o'clock Board, and subsequently de clined st the prospect of an unfavorable bank state ment on Moncay. >Vro. Death & Co. report t CLOSISO Am. Gold .ISIkOlSlk Ohio certs 28 w tax Canton ‘46,59 47 Cumberland... S3J4 Quicksilver.... S 5 Mariposa 9 Do, pfd 23M Western D. Tel 41 @ 41k K. Y. Cen ItOkwltOk Erie blH<* 58 OOVZBS Governments were firm 1 heavy and lower: heg’o, ’Bi MBk®l» 1 Coupons, *81... .106X0109 iigisva *a .io7k«io7k J-20 coupon ’S2.IWJi@IOI) 5-?9coapoDr«.lfi7)»fclo7k' 5-2Cconp’6s....Wik»loß I BORDKB bt. Quiet and without much * Tennetire to.;. 61k i N. Carolina 6s. 49 0 50 MUsncrl Cs 96 ft 9Ck i’actflc bonds.. 96 O 96k ic following; Hudson 137Jf3t33 Heading. mi 3101 K M. 8 75*3 73V UL Central IU 3115-4 «.*P 78* Toledo 1WV3119 It. I. & Pacific.. 96*3 96 V N. w..... asH« »«f N .W. pld MX® «V Ft Wayne 09* turns. in the forenoon, but closed I 5-20 coop *65 Jau and July 107 aiO7V 10-10 resist'd... 97X® 97* 10-iO coupons... & 97v August 7-3C5....1CG 3106 V I June 7-305......10&V31Q5X "ATS BOSDS. change. ■j Hannibal & St. ! Joseph bunds 80 382 Virginia G 5..... 57* rrrr « ws m p snASZS. Steamship stocks higher ami more In demand. I’aclttc Ma1J....124J»01V7,V | Atlantic Mall.. 95 • COAL STOCKa. Coal stocks Arm, ana biddings more general. xingrvn cniPiK Tlie mining share market was generally quiet and Ann. Condon was the feature, and rose to CX&US. UtPOVTS. Imports, other than dry goods and specie, lor the week racing March 23, were t3,sio4W. Tlie Piodnce markets, MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] MiLwamß. March 23. Flour—Unchanged, with sales of 1.000 brls at 812.50 for city ZZ; 812.25 tor Riverside ZZ; fILSTV tor Hiawatha country XX; fIOJO for Taham good ex tra ; and 87.00 tor rye Hour. Wheat—Unsettled. Morning Board, sales 0f17,t00 centals. Noon Board, sales of 5,700 centals, at f-t.CO for No. 1 spring In store; $3.73 Ibr No. 2 Spring; $3.72 @8.73. sellers* option next week; 83.73. buyers’option ten days; 13.77. sellers'option till April; *M3for No, Sin store; and $3.00 for rejected Instore. Oats-Steady. Bales of 2.000 centals at 81.56 for No. 2, fresh receipts; Cl A 0 lor No. J, old receipts; tITJ by Sample, delivered. Cora—Finn. Sales ol I.OCO centals at f 1.61 lor No. 1 old In store. Rye—Dull. Sales ot 800 centals at |3.l< for No. 1 in store. Barley—Unchanged. Sales ol 2(0 centals by rample delivered at 81A6. Provisions—Quiet. Sales of ICO brls mess pork at 832A0. Bed Dams— Bales oi five brls at 836.00. Lard—Dull. Bales of prime at lS3<c. Dressed Hogs—Steady. Sales at 89.0039.50. Sundries—Sales of 5? bags of roas at BUC. delivered; 10 bags prime cioverseed at I&50; 1,000 as common roll butter at 17ci eggs, buyer's count, 16c per doe. Receipts—6oo brls floor, 9,000 centals wheat 1.200 centuis cats, i,coo centals corn, 1,003 centals rye, 100 dreosed hogs. (shipment*—3,2oo brls floor. 1,000 centals wheat. ISO trea pork, SO ties lard. X4EW YORK. „ „ Ms Took, March 21. Cotton—Very fUm. under light receipts. bales aioo bales middling uplands at 50Kta3lc. Flour—Receipt.*, 1.117 brlt. Market SQlOc better. Sain 830 brls Eupernne Slate and Western at 13.83© 10.75; extra Western. *li.oo®l3 23; choice do. 117.30,.» 13.79; ihlpptne brands roonadioop Ohio, trade brands, 112.50G* 13.75; extra Southern. 817.73© 1&73. Closed quiet and tlrm. California firmer, and advancing, balm 500 brli and sacks at 1U.50513.25. Whiektj—Quiet and unchanged. Wheat—lftsc better. No receipts. Sales !>a bo. 8 Milwaukee at 82 d? 1; No.ldo. 83.75; cooimon bo.3do 1 f2.455243; prime do, 12.53; amber State, 83.10; white California, *3.l2tf@.-U5. Ilje—Himer. Sales B.oob bn Western at 81.8(21.35. Barter—Finn, bales 16,010 bu Canada West, free. &t(L23@I.2S. Harley Malt—Dell. Peas—Sales 011,200 bn Canada at 11.32,free, Coro—Opened dull; closed l®Jc better, with a lair speculative Demand. Receipts. 1,315 bn. Sales of 66,000 bn mixed Western at |1.17@1.15, In fcWre, and f1.1H31.19 afloat. Oats—Dali and heavy. Receipts, «U bn. Sales of 26,600bn Western at 63XO<£c; tew Ohio, G<367c; Slate, 71071 c. Hops—Quiet and unchanged. Wool—More active and unchanged. Sales of 300,000 fts domestic fleece at SOgTOc; unwashed. 37S31HC; Texas. 23H» t««c: California, Leather—!} nciian Red. Coal—Unchanged. Hies—Dull, Carolina, 10®t0vc. CoCee—Quiet. Sugar—Quiet. Sales of SCO boxes Cuba at 10S43UC- Molasses—Quiet. Petroleum—steady. Crude, 16c: refined In bond, Poik—Quiet and steady. Sales or 2A60 brie at *23.60 &CT.CB lor new mesa~clo»lngat J23AC regular; fcfJJO WSI.UI lor cld mest; f18.75C419.51 lor prime, and ij1.73 (<t 23.37 ler prime mess; also 2,250 brls new mess at 133,65 K 23.75 feller and buyer April and May. Beef—Unchanged and steady. Bales GOO brls. Tierce Beet—steady. Bales ol 350 tea prime’mew at 156.00. v Beef Hazes—Finn. Sales of4obrts at fS7JM««.OO, Bacon—Quiet at UXaUc lor abort ribbed, and I3tfs for long cm hams. Cut Me ats—Firm. Sale* 0f530 pkgs shoulders at 9;,' <2lOVc: hams.llU(%liKc. Lard—Dull srdlb'avT. Sales effcO brls at HkftlSHc; 330 tree selltr last half April at 13tfc. Butter—Dull: Ohio IfotScc. Cbetse— Bteaay at 12«13c. latest—3 p. k. Flour—Closed 5c better, trim fair demand, chiefly speculative Wheat—Firmer with fair Inquiry for No. 3 spring at $2.4933x4. * Bye—Quiet and dm. Western |1.34@158. Corn—Quiet and very Arm. Shipping mixed Western tI.UB LW afloat. Oats—Steady. Western 64064*0: State 66067 c, Pork—Little firmer. Sales of 1,000 brls mess at 333.75 check Monday and regular, closing with buyers at f'S.natd sellers at $23X7*. regular. Beef—Firm aid (atm active. Cut Meats—steady with fair demand. Bacon—Quiet at 10*@10*c for Cumberland mid* dies. Lard—Steady all?K(313;-,'c for (air to prime steamed and kelUc-rendexeo. WXXZI.T EETIKW OF TUX WnOLraXLE UABEST. Lew Yoke, March 33. Breadstuff* have been very much excited during the past week. The prices of floor and wheat have ad vanced materially. Com fluctuated rapidly. All Kinds of grain, except barley, ciose with an onward tendency and speculative request. The market decline In freight stimulates the .Inquiry for com. The stock of flour is renoced about W.OCO oris. Prices advanced 40c @51.25, The Improvement has been most marked In medium grades, which haa reduced the supply. Receipts of floor, 14,009 brls, for the last week, and sales 6.7&0 br s. The stock of California, Canadian and Southern flour is nearly exhausted. The advance in wheat was aauc per bn. Sales NoJ spring S2XS. and No. l do at 12.75, the highest price ever obtained lo this market, and this was atlast re fused at the close. Corn—ls in active demand, the stock much reduced, and there are now about 1,00.0(0 bn. Bye—Has bfen In better demand and haft improved, doting at $ IXI in store. At the close wo notice some demand for flour and wheat to go up river. The opening of the river has given ns no audltlonal supply of small grain. Pork—Has fluctuated and sold freely, 36,000 brls sold for present and future delivery. Beet—lmproved materially and the good stock is nearly all ont of market. Cotton— Bab been active and prices lower, a large business doing at the decline. Whiskey—Neglected and p’rlces nominal, lor State. f 3.3302.53 for Western la bond. CINCINNATI. CDfCiNKATT. March 33. There was a good Iceal demand Jor flour, and the market was steady. Trade brands SIIXOO3IXO, and farcy do 114X0016.(10. Wheat—Firmer, and winter higher, with a good demand—closing at $3.5502X0 lor No. 1 spring, and 13.90 (or winter. Com—Firmer, with a good demand lor No. 1 at 73a 74c in elevator, and sic in sacks. Oats—Steady. Sales ol No. 1 at 51c, Rye—ln moderate demand at $ 1.1501.47 for No. 1. Barley—Unchanged, Cotton—Very dull; no demand. Middling 37c, no minally. (The receipts for the week were 3,337 bales, and for the season 110,171 bales, against 135,230 bales last season. Whiskey—ln moderate demand at $3.37. Provisions—Quiet. Not much done, hut holders are firm at f3L60@V3.00 for mess pork, «*®lo*c for bulk shoulders and Mdes,9*l{pll*ol2*c | or bacon. Lard—Held firmly at 12*0130 for country and city, with sales of country at toe quotation. Expoits—The exports during the week were 11,811 bhtlsandj 1.433 tree. fiaoon and hams—2Xßl brls pork; 1,316 boxes English meats; 3,846 brl* lard, and 933 kegs do. The exports of 1 trd this season so far were Sl.Ofti brls egalnst 57,000

brls. same time last season. Cheese—Steady, at 1634017 c. HotUr—TOaSL Eggs—Dill, and prices lower, closing atltfttSe. Seeds—Clover seeds in demand as $3.7508X0; timo thy. call at $2X003.00: flax In good domnad at (2.100 3XO. Sugar—Steady; Cuba, lU»U* *, Porto R!co, 12*0 Uc. * Coffee—Steady, at 25077. The money market la unchanged. Exchange—Firm, at previous quotations. Gold-Closed at - Buttaio, March 23. Flour—Qplet; spring, $12.00. Wheat—Good Inquiry; sales 4 car loads of amber Canada at 12.60®?. >0; -l.oOMm white Canada at 12.900 U. 00; 1.000 ha Canada Olob at J2^i*02.45. Corn—Old mixed Western nominal at 11.00, new To- Udo selling slowly at 95c. Oats— Doll, ami h*ld above the views of borers; 55c Ins been offered tor No. a Western and refusal. Uye—ll.23 ottered and refused. Uorley—Dnll. at Pork—New ruees dull, at S23XO® 23.50. Lard-Doll, at isolate. UlKhwlnes—Nominal. BT. LOUIS. bx. Louis, ilarcb 23. Larco receipted grain. Tobacco—Lively. Cotton—Do)! and lover at 58c for etrlct middling. Floor—Ftrnr and nnchanccd. Wheat—UblL bm era Blandtng,off. Business small, end puces übchaceca. Corn—Lower at|1.60@1.70 per cental. Oats—Doll and lower at Bs@9oc per cental. Barley—Reclined: »9J9@2,n per cental for prime to fancy spring; fi.B3 percental for prime Call. Rye—Cull and lover at 97.2362.30 per cental. Provisions—Dull and irregular. Business small. Me>B Port—l 22 500(23.15. Bacon—Unctut'ccd. Lard—iS&lSMc. Wbukey—Firmer at 92.1562JC. BAITIMOKK. r.- DAtTUIOtIR. March 2d. Coffee—Qniet and unchanged. Stock In first imnda 9.000 bags. Sonar—Quiet. Fair and good refining lOtfc. Flonr— Finn with a fair demand. Howard street ex tra $12.55; extra family f 15.00 1 City mills superfine common fll.OO. Wheal— I Scarce. Pennsylvania rod 92.90@3.00. Corn—Jersey 91 OStal.lO; yellow $1.05 ; damp prime yetlow held at fl.lo. Oats-65@CCc for Pennsylvania. 'Clover Seed—Prime 19.50, and old 910.00. Whiskey—Nominal, and quoted In bond at 25330 c. Provislors—Dnllbntfirtn. Mesa pork 921.00. Lard sales ol Western in kegs at 13K&13hc. Btt.k shoulders 9?»@9Hc. Bacon steady. Shoulders 10*® 11c, rib aides u*eus=: c l“ r „ l i^ DlS y ll j, E . Lorrtsvn.tß. March 23. Tobacco—Sales HShhdalcaf. Co mmon lugs lower at S9.ioen.i9. „ .., Flour—Superfine. >9.15. Wbcal—lTlme red 3.85.. „ . Ccin—ln ear ana In bulk, 10c; shelled, 13315 c. MMa _ bacon shoulders, 9jfc; clear sldi 8, 12y.c- Lard In Uercce, 12>*C. N ew O hlbaxs. March 2t. Cctton—Receipts, 1.019 bale*; exports. I.OTI bnl*s. ilark-tunchanged. Bales 2,150 bales at He Cor low middling. _.., Sugar and Molanes—Dull; no movements., Flour—Finn si 912.50 for super. Com—Hull and declined Ic. Oats-Rnll and unchanged. Day—Quiet and firm. Prime 6t. Lonla and Ohio Iftver, 942X0@43.0C. . „ , Pork—Dullard depressed. Mes*. 923.15@23J7J(. Bacon—Shoulder*. lOVct ribbed sides, U*c; clear ilbncd, lie; clear sides, WVC Lard—Qulcthnt firm atl2*@lSc lor tierces, andllc for keg. . Gold—l3s. • Sttrllng—l4s@l46)<. New York Slghl-Xo>f premium. PHILADELPHIA. PmuDKLPnta. March 23. - Floor—Firm. Sales extra stale at JIL3O; CdliTorala, ‘VSMt Wbeat-fiale* Pennsylvania red it |tu. California advances 10c. B^o— fc aks of 3,C00 to at f 1.40 western and Pennsyl- T^ora— Dull. yellow at Whliknj—Sales contraband at 60C39L08. HevToilt Dty Goods market. New Toss. March 73. Tbe market Ibr Gotten goods is moderately. active, and prices steads ataiedocnon. . „■ .. Standard Sheet Inga—23c for Atlantic n, Pacific A and D. and lidlaz. Deads; Pa'lflc L. 210 ; Medford, 19)<c: Lawrence, 20c; Eoxbarr A. 19£c; Pepporell E, fine. 50c; do B, floe, iTtfc; da N, fine, lie; Taro nit fc,*atbed Mosllts— Unchanged. Wssuntta sens readily at S?Ke; Lonsdale, linen finish. 80c; Lonsdale atd Bui Androscoggin, 25c; Arkwright, water twist, 71c; Clinton. CCC. KXc; Bope, tZHO : Laogdon, 20c; do7-B.isjfc; Bopo,»c; Greets l5Kc, and Canoe. E>c. pi Into—AcUre at 17919 c lor Merrtmac madders; 30c for frccks: 17»17j*c lor Sprague’a lasciei; 13c lar par flea and iroeks; 17c lor GamorA Co.’s fine cloth; 6wc Ibr Glouce ter fencles; for do purples; UkAlßiife for dark and light wear; Horer'i, 9l*c. Omsbams—ln Improved request, at a reducUos. Glasgow 31C. and 80-moke 11c. Delaines—ln steady requist. Anunun's 33c, and Cashmere effects 27c. New Tork JProTlalon market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Nrw Tohk. March 23. Pcrk-S2SJO at the close, and quiet Bams—Good Western pickled telling at 13V(5Uc, some as low as 13c. Lard—Firm. New Fork I>lto Stock market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toes, March 23. Swlreflrmer,atßK@BJfc. Receipts,ao. Ocean Freights. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tons, March 23. Freights—Bates fbr grain lower and unsettled. Boom la increasing. New York Breadstnfls market. (Special Dcspamb to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toes. March 23. Floor—Sellers continue to force the advance, and high grades improve most, hnt havers related at the close to go on. Wheat—Prime No. 2 clnb freely offered at 53.60. and bat little coald bo had lower. Co’n and oats took a strong torn upward, partly ow ing to lower freights. Corn—Closed at f 1.13 In store, and oats Cic for com mon Western. • New York Grocery market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, March 23. Coffee—Rio 22350 c, and quiet. Sugar—Fair to prime grocery, lOtfOlltfc, and steady. Pittsburgh Oil Market. „. . . . . .. PnTHßmran, March 23. Oil market unchanged. Holden 01 crude arc firm la Ihclrvlewß.and nnwilltngto eel! below GVc for April delivery. The week closed oua quiet marKet. Refined In bona unchanged in remand or price. Free oil dull aud unchanged; small sales »t 40c per gailoa. No de mand for naphtha or residuum. 91AUH1ED At Racine, Wle- March 6tb, by Rev. W. t». Alexan der. Mr. H. C. MAYNARD, of Chicago, and Mltb NEL LIE Mm daughter of W. H. Roe, of the former place. No cards. ggr Buffalo (N. Y.) papers please copy. DIED. In this city, on the 21th lest, QEOBQE B. youn?«t child of James and Cbnatlaa Thomson, aged i years. Funeral from their mlecncc, 141 North Wells street, Tueiaay.vcUi Inst., at I*3o p. m. In this city, March 23d, WILLIE DUNHAM, only child oi Wm. C. and haste Fyfe. Funeral services Monday noon, at the residence, 119 West Van Burcn-st. At Battle Creek, Mich., cf consumption, Mrs. LU BRNA UNDKBWOUD, recently of Aurora, 111- aged 61 years and 4 months. _ bhedltdss tneChnstlSn dies, and is not lost, bnt gene before. amusements. P'RANK LOMBARD’S CONCERT TROUPE, About making the tour of the Eastern cities, will Concert at Michigan city. Tuesday Evening, March 3Ctb; Kalamazoo. Wednesday, 27th; Jackson, 23th: Detroit, 50th ana 3Ut. McYICKERJ_S THEATRE. CKEU A MYERS MANAGERS. CHANGE OF HUE.—On and after March 19th, the doors will open at 7#—performance will commence at 8 o’clock precisely. Production ol the Bom&ntic Play written by George Aiken, las acts, entitled j a CLAUDE Highwayman of Claude Duval Geo. *l*™, Wednesday—Benefit of Jos. E. Baggot. RISTORI- CROSBY OPERA HOUSE Director. J.GItAU. Season of three nights and one Matinee. 80-entree In Chicago ol the Great Tragedienne, Mme. ADELAIDE RISTORI. Tuesday, March 25 ELIZABETH. Wednesday, March 37 JUDITH. Friday, March »-SIART STUART. Saturday, Marchso-GUAND MATINEE. Seats for any of the three nights and the Matinee, can be secured now at the Opera Honse. Reserved Seats. 8?A0; Boxes, 83.00. 'Y'ARIETY THEATRE. Monday Evening. March 33th, IS6I. Extra Announcement. After weeks ot careful preparation. wM be produced the newly written, lnfern«ny-DtaOoUcally-Serlo-C3m leal Drama in three acts, entitled BSfcZs UPON SAHTB; Or, SATAN AND BIS SEVEN DAUGHTERS. New end beautUul scenery by W. D. Slerrey. New properties br John Sherman. New and splendid ward* robe. A carefully rejected and beautiful Corps de Bal let. New effects. Brilliant transformation scenes. Act I—A View of Bell acd Its Inhabitants. Act 2 Batan aod Ills Sere n Daughters in Unlcago. Act 3—A Cbange of beeno—War—Love—Vlitue Triumphant. QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. [From the Chicago Tribune, March 23.1 ▼ocaz. ovz<Txras. We are requested to state that no more members can be received, with advantage to themselves. In tne la dles’ and gentlemen’s class which meets In Professor McCoy’s Lecture Rocm, on Thursday evenings. Ap plications may be made, however, for other classes now being funned, and applicants will be informed on what days or evenings, and what hoars Ib-y will cclvc lessons. If by letter, tbey will please state whether they prefer to Join a day or an evening class, and whether toclr object In taking lessons is for their effect on the health, or to strengthen and Improve the voice In conversation, reading and speaking, or whether It U lor tbs purpose of staging. TX7ONDKR OP WONDERS, AND VV NATURE UNVEILED, at the Now Tork SHneeum of Anatomy* 96 Handolph-st.. corner Dearborn. Lectures aslly. Those tumble to attend may receive them by enclosing 10 cent* to Secretary. THE Causes OP DISEASE may be seen at the New York Museum of Anatomy, 9(1 Bacdolph-sL, corner of Dearborn. pOL. WOOlVjj MUSEUM. cOL. J. H. WOOD Proprietor ...F. E. AIRBK .THOS. 11 ABUT Director of Amusements. Stage Mscsger A new play of great European reputation, from the French rl Viclorlen Ssrdon lutrouuelng novel scenes, novel tableaux, a river ot real water, and produced with new scenery, machinery, costumes and decora* tions. On Monday evening. March 55. will bo perform ed. first time In Chicago, the new play of , A DANGEROUS GAME, With a splendid cast. The new play every night and Matinee. Meg's Diversion and My Turn Next In pre paration. OPERA HOUSE. Thursday Evening, March 28th. “ lawyer Lincoln, by the Crier ol the Court.” A Lecture by T. W. B. KIDD. Crier ol SprlcgfleM Conns, in which Abraham Lincoln practiced as a Lawyer. Ifyou want to spend a pleasant evening and enjoy n good langb, go and bear the Crier's bnmorou* portrait ure of Abraham Lincoln as be appeared at the bar among hla neighbors, from a professional and social standpoint. Door open at 7* o'clock. Lecture begins at 3~ Tick ets 50 cents each for Parquette and Dress Circle; 25 cents for Family Circle. QROtiBY'S OPERA HOUSE. SEVEN SB ADS! TEN BORNS! WILL APPEAR APRIL STB, 'Finegar. pURE CIDER TINEGAB, Warranted pure, and to preserve pickles. Larges works of the Kind in the Untied States. CHARLES O. E. PRUSSINO, 339 and 341 State-sL, Chicago! EliiclUin Sales. JQANIEL SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lake-flt., cor, Laßailo, Chicago, Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale, Ont-docr sales promptly attended to. A UCTION at Daniel Scott & Co.’s il Rooms, No. ItM Lake-fit., TUESDAY, March 26, at 10 a. m. Dry Goods. CasMmercs, Hoop Skirts, Balmoral Skirt?, Codies’ Shawls, Prints, Calicos. Linens, Hose. Half llOfe, Ac., Ac. DANIEL SCOTT & CO., ■ Auctioneers. RUCTION. CMARUfIO OUT SALS* Wednesday,March 27, atlOa.m., at Daniel Scott i Co.’s Booms, 161 LoKe-sU, Glass ware of every de avrlptlcb, mclaalDS table, kitchen and band Kerosene Lamps Chacde lers. Porcelain, Morale and Alabaster Lamp Ba>ti>, Beer Glasses, Wapplea. Sonars, Creams, Spoon-Holders, and a large assortment of Castors 4c. DANIEL SCOTT * CO., Auctioneers. AUCTION —Thursday, March 28that 1C n. m., at Daniel Scott & Co.’s Auction Booms, 164 Lake*st.. • Household Furniture of every description, Carpets, China ware. Glassware, Lounges, Sofas. Ac. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Auctioneers. QHATIEL MORTGAGE SALE of FURNITURE, CARPETS, &c., On MONDAY. March 25tb, at 10 a. m., at oar sales* rooms. 75. 77 and 70 Wells-st., corner Randolph, consisting of Hair Ckih Parlor and Chamber sets, Brusitrlts and Wool Carpets. Malting, Oil Cloths, Hair atd Glass Mattresses, Father Beds, Pillows, Ac.; to gether with a variety cf Furniture, Ac. of several par ties breaking up housekeeping. Also. 10,QUO Cigars, Guns. Ac.; 2to volumes Miscellaneous Bowks, Ac* Regular Sales on Monday and Thursday. J. HEANEY A CO., Auctioneers. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • „ , 127 DEAUBOBN-ST., Sells a honstfnl ol FURNITURE, At No. 150 Grlswold-st., cn MONDAY, March 25ib, at 10 o’clock a. m. n ILBEUT AND SAMPSON, General Auctioneers. 47 and 40 Dcarborn-st. SPLENDID STOCK OF Bloli and 3rcdlxim NEW AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. March 25. at 10 o’clock, consllttns of an elegant assortment ct Parlor, Bedroom and Dining* room Fen iture, including a great varlttv of Rich and Medium Marble and Plain-top Chamber Suites, with a general auoitrucnt of Household Goods. GILBERT A SAMPSON, AnOtoneers. A. EUTTEUS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Kerohants . *44 it 40 It, MJm.wi-Hr,, ” Between State-:t. and Wabash-ar., Hdldregnlar tales, at their salesrooms, ol DBT GOODS, CLOTQINQ, BOOTS, SHOES, &C„ Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS, Ac*, qyerj SATURDAY Krai tEstate-arua. infBoTBD. TTOK bALE—By Tbcs. B. Bnan & Co., _lJ_ Beal EstaU Office, in Brya» Hal.: WABHINQIOW-ST., camrr of Gamester Two threostory and basement orlca bon**, with a i m d no improvement*. LotiKzKD teet. Price of me cn ttrepropertv.fas&O. CANAL BT-, sonlh of WsahlnstßO—Plnebaslaees lo cation Lot «x!SO fe*i. price MOO per loot. LOOMIb-ST., south of Jackses—Ao cl eg act bride restdeece. Lot77x3oofree. Price 939,000. LoEE-ST., westol Learltt—A new two-story frame boose, with store front and 7 room*, ham, sheds, Ac. Price SL®O. ' HDBB ABD-bT„ comer of Leavitt—A cottage borne and two-eiorybain, with improved lot 75x190 feet. Price M.IOO. This li a pleasant and large residence spot, for a smell price. TUUSTS£-t>T.,weet of Bea>naod north of Klaxle —A two-story Itame h- use, containing 9 rooms. Lot •ISxUO leec. Price gLSOO. WAKEES-ST., comer of Learltt—Lot 120VX feet to on alley, surrounded by a blgti fence, tlx feet high, □as ocea filled In tad planted with trees. Price 95 per foot. ADA-BT-, between Baadolph and Lake—A two-story frame house. with Brick basement, m complete order, ccntalnlrgll rcoms. gat, water, 4a. recently pal&ted and papered, bars, lot idll3 feet, with alter on side. Price 9».0C0. W ALN UT-6T., west of Lincoln—A good btnld'ng lot 27*xM2 feet. Price 5950. JAOKBON-8T- comer of Desplalnea—A store and three two-story frame dwellings; barn on planked oi ler ; now renting for *L«O per annum. Prlce&aro. . MICUIGAN-AV.. between Twenty-fourth and Twen ty-fUth-ots.—AframedWflang. with piazza,containing aboutl4 rooms: 10t50x190 feet. Price 813. DOO. MICHIQAN-AV.—A most desirable residence lot, 50x170 feet. Price 9310 per foot. ill UUIGAN-AV.—An elegant marble front residence. Pncesaa.oco. WAHABH-AV-, soath of Tblrteenth-ft.—A choice residence lot, TSxISO Icet. Price 93C0 per foot. INDIANA-AV., soath ol Slxtoenlh-St.—lot 91x177 leer, frontmg cut. price 91,500. PUAIBIE-AV., south ot Bizteenth-flt—Lot 33x177 feet, fronting east. Price 94£00. PBAIKI&AV., eouth of blxteenth-st.—Lot S 3 by about iso fett, running back to the Late: shore. Price 93a730. PKAIIUE-AV., south of Slxteentb-st.—'Two two story pressed brick and marble basement bouses. Lots each 35x190 feet. Price, each, 916XC0. K ANKASEE-AV., south of Twrnty-nlnlta-st—Cot tage bouse, surrounded with trees ana shrubbery, neighborhood good. Lot 51H13 feet. Price WELL?-ST., near Folk—Lot about 31 feet by 105 leet. Price n/00. TWcNTT-NDTIII-ST- between c alumet and Esnka* kce-av.—Lot 75xiI9X fecu Price MO per toot. ItIVEB LOT on tne South Branch—With frontage of 212 feet. Docked. Price 930,000. KIVEE LOT on the North Branch, south ol North av.—With a frontage ol C 6 feet. Price 913^00. GBBEN BAT BO AD, about one-baif mlie beyond Dr. Dyer's place—About 15 acres, with grove. A very eli gible all e for a re. A non resident wishes to sell, and will take 91,000 an acre, thongb much below Us market value. OTA large amount of Residence and Business Property for tale in the three divisions of the city. 17011 KALE—By bnyder & Lee, Keal Es- J? tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block,anew frame house ol 8 rooms, water. g*». marble mantels, sewerage, and lot. No. 684 West Washington-fit, be tween Wood and Lincoln. I7OR KALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 8D X Washlngton-at Fine marble front residence, three stories Irheteht, cn &ltchlgxn-av., north or Sixteenth-st, with lot 30 tots front Large irame house, brick basement, with all modem Improvements, bam. outhouses, fiat, on Eighteenth sta near Indiana-av. Three story btlcic boose, all modem Improvements, on WiUanl-place. near Washlngton-st, with lot 227 ieet front by 117feetm depth. Neat frame house (two stories) on West Adams st, containltc 9or 10 rooms, water, Ac. Lot 2SVXI93 feet Neat frame house on Wabash-av., near blxteenth-st, two stories la height, an modem improvements, ana large lot. Fine two story and basement frame boose on West Washington-fit, near Robey-fit., all Improvements, and full depth lot. Larse foar story brick boose and lot on Foarth-dv., near Harrlson-st., all Improvements. Ntat frame boose on North Ucarborn-sL, contain* Irs u rooms, water, 4c_ One bom and a lot 25x125 feci. Nest two story frame honse on West Lakc-sU,near the Park, with about 9or 10 rooms, water. Ac, Lot 25 feet front. Three story brick honse on Stalest* near Sixteenth it., all Improvements, a? d fine lot. Neat brick honse on Hoyne-et* near Manroe-st., con taining 9 rooms, water. Ac., with large lot St-rua feet. Can be bongbteheap if applied for at once. Afro, very desirable residence property in all pans of the city. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new frame cottage honse of < rooms, water, bath. lot 27x103 lect. No. a S Ada-tL, between Lake and Fulton. EOK SALE—Lota for S3O per toot on Washlngton-st., near Oakley-sL 83 on Park-av. > hons* and lot on for 8.1.2C0. J. F. STABB, 134 East Candolph-at* Boom No. 1. *I7'OK SALE—A very desirable three I? story and basement marble front residence on Hlchlgan-av., near Twclfth-st- with all modern im provements; lot 23x190. With bam: fronts east. Price |2i,GOO. Several years time will be given up'n a large part -of the pur chase money at a moderate rata of interest. Tide perfect. Immediate poss’Bslon given, war. BEN A GOODRICH, 125 Dcarborn-st. Boom 2. T7OR SALE—A two story and basement J? marble front residence on Waßa«b-av., near Four teenth-fit.—one of the most complete and elegant houses In the city, with every Imaginable convenience and comfort. Cot 25H90. Price only tli-500, Includ ing gasfixtures,fornacmAr, Title beyond question. Early possession. WARREN A GOODRICH, IttS Dearbora-aU Boom 2. TT'OR SALE—“Stop paying rents”—Buy X! yodf booses and lots on bug time, at fair prices. tin Park-av., two brick basement homes, and lots, of 10 rooms each. On Lake-st., Walsnt-st. and Fnlton-it.. cottages and kti, atprlceaOomsliteea to twenty-five hundred—a annul payment down. Mlanco time, with 8 per cent In terest. J. B. AN DRKWs, Beal Estate Agtnt, Boom 7 Methodist Chnxca mock. FOR SALES—With lease of lot, a well tarnished cottage containing elx rooms, with pantry and closets; the ceilings are hlsh; there la a neatplaxza. The hooaela nearly new, anddocated at »80 North Clara-61. Cara pass the door, inquire at 1-12 Llndcn-st., one block ahoyo North-ay* near Wella-st. “17 OK SALE—A two story house and Jj lot, with barn, and water In the hQnsa.No. 2d 3 North Sangamon-st* at lUS3o—s4sUca*h, and balance In one, two and three years at seven per cent. Also, a house and lot. No. 4JJ3 West Jackton-st. Inquire ol the owner at 141 South Dearbom-at. T?OR SALE—Cottage, seven rooms and r two pantries. No. 304 'West Adams-st- opposite P. Schntllcr’e. Apply to J.B. KEELER, 182 South Water-sL T7OR SALE—Cottage house of seven X 1 rooms, besides closets, etc.. No. 310 West Ad nms-flt., (near Aberdccn-st.) WUI be sold cheap. C. C. AUSTIN. 00 Washington sL.Hooal. TT'OR SALE—A very choice piece ol X protertyon Indiana ar., a corner lot with a splendid bouse, which will bnnir a flne Interest on the Investment. Apply to J. M. MAltailAlX, 97 Clark-st 17 OR SALE—A desirable two story house on Wabasb-av., near Fooneenth-sL, 11 rooms, &c- in perfect order: lot 25xtS0 to alley. ts.Ocu If taken at once. Will rent fbr fl.ioo per annum. Title perfect. WARREN A GOODRICH. 12S Dear bom-st., Hoorn g. FOR SALE—On Wabasli-areime, a first class brick house, with large lot, corner of Peck court. A very desirable residence. A. J. AVERELL, Real Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—Pour new houses ot ten moms each corner WlUnrd-p>ce and Rando'pb st. Price f 12.C0P. Rasy terms. Will pay 30 per cent. YOUNG A HOWtff. IPO MadUon-Bt. F’OR SALK—SO teet on the southeast corner ol Calumet-av. andTweaty.n'st-.-L, extend* Inc through about SCO feet, to the Lake, with good ftnme boose on stone foundation. Prlc<* $13X09. A.J. AVERELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—Splendid comer lot on Mlcblgan-av., south ol Twelftb-st.. 45x170. southwest corner of Bnsu and lluron-ats . 33#x109. II lota on Washlogton-st. and Pork-av., west of city limits. 'i lots cn Ad ams-st., east of Lincoln. !3 lots on Ransem-st, and W*ntworth-av., south of Tbirly-am-sU, cheap, A. B. MEAD, 151 Bandolph st, I? OR SALE—Cottage on West Side J with or without lots, cheap for cash or on cost terms. Lest locations. HILL A WHIPPLE, 128 Drarborn-st, Room 3. T?OK SALE—CJ.'eap for a few days— X 1 Home and lot 87 *xllv tect to alley, two-stjrt»B. on We*HWa nat-6u Inquire of BILL it WHIPPLE, 128 Dcarbom-st.. Beal Estate Agents, Boom 2. T?OR SALE—A first-class bricK house, JL 1 with all modern Improvements. Lot 3(Vx164 net to alley. Choice location on North LaSaile-st. Offered (era tew days only. HILL & WHIPPLEjItiS Room g. "I7OR SALE—A new home on Peona-st., Jj rear of Church, corner of Peorla&nd Washington its. Water, sower and gas; eight rooms, closet and pantry. Inqulreon premises. 1?OR SALE—A story-aud-a half cottage : boose, on leased ground, has all modern improve ments, within one hires of street cars. No. 06 South Pcorla-st. Price $2,000. Is nicely finished throughout. Apply, between the hours ot 9 a. m. and a p. im, at the house. FOB BALE—At a hagain, a new two* story house, with or withoutlurnltnie, as the par ty intends sailing for Europe. Also a new Rnabe piano. Inqulreon the premises. No. 112, Twenty nlnth-st. . • FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, anew two-story ana baieoent bncfc home of 13 rooms, mod ern improvements, and lot. with brick bam, on Mlchl gan-av„near Twenty-first-at, TT’OR SALE —Cheap—Tlie marble front No. 377 West Washlngton-st. D. J. F)R SALE—By Snyder ft Lee, Real Es tate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a first class three-story brick house of 10 rooms, modern Im provement* and lot. together with |4,C00 worth of lor nltnre, on Ontario-st„ near Pice. F)R SALE—First-class three-stbry and basement brick house No. 290 Huron-st-'be tween North State and Cass-tla. Apply to GALLOP & PEABODY. Boom IQ-Portland Block. F)R SALE—By Snyder &Lee, Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new nrst-class two-story and brick basement houses, with Mansard ruoL containing 14 rooms each, all modem improvements, aid lots, with ham, on Corpenter-sc, near'Wathln&Con. T? OR SALE—Until April 15ih, large', JP nice, new brick tense. Jutt finished. North La SBe-et. A. GAGE FOR SALE —By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, three lots comer Jackson and Allport-sts., three lots on Lincoln st, near Monroe. f?OR SALE—On Wabash-ay., near Thir- X 1 tcenth-st.. a first-class marhie front tnn?c, with all the modem improvements. A. it. WING & CO., S 3 Waatungtou-st., Boom a. rrOR SALE—On Jttichigan-ay., the rest- X' denceof the late John L. scrlpns—a flrs*.*class boose In every respect, and one of the finest loent’ons in ihecltj. A. J. AVEKELL, Deal Estate Office, Ho. 7 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—That elegant house on the P sontbwert corner of ItidTnna-ar. and Twcntv ELL, Keal Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. |7OR SALE—By Snyder « Lee, Real Es r tateAsrcßta.No. <f Metropolitan Blocs, lot ICO by M4ftet, on Wainlcgtoa-it- bstween Wood and Lin coin; lot 50 by 150 feet, on Abcrdecn-at, near Jackson. F)RSALE —EBusiness property m one of the but localities lor wholesale business In the my, payins 14 per cent, on price asked. Alto, two Orst-cIaM stores on South Walrr-st. A. J. AVER ELL, Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan mode. J7OR SALE—Very desirable ■ business ' property, one block west of Chamber of Com* meice. Los* 128 and 128 S South WellaeU For particulars, call on the owner, at 43 South Ann-at. T? OR BALE—Store and lot, No. 161 X 1 Sooth Cl.rk-sL, between Madison and Monro 1 , Bauoolph-at I7OH SALE—Two houses and lots on 1? southwest corner of Dearborn and Ohlo-sts., IlOx 112: also, 20 lots on Mitchell. Henry and Catherine-* ta. ana Ccntre-av., east ol Blue IsUnd-av. A. R. WING A CO., 85 WasrirgtOD-fIL, Kojm 2. F)R SALE—House and lot on Calumet av., lot 25x183, |2,SM; one on Adams-st.. S6AOO; one on Monroe-*t(6ioo; one on West I ake-aL. $3,300. PETER SHIMP, feat Estate Agent. No. 93 Mooroo-at. T?OR SALE—At a sacrifice, for cash, J? large two-story gothic bouse and two lota. West Side, near street cars, 53.5C0. GEORGE A WIL* Lf AMS. No. 7 south CUrk-st. T7OK SALE—Two-story frame house, X- with stone basement, No, 461 Wabaah-av., let 40x170 feet, and brick barn. Prici (19,000. A. J. AVFRELL, Real Estate office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. personal. "PERSONAL —A ycune man would like X to open correspondence with a lew young ladles, as be Ictendsto make Chlcaso his future home. Ad* oreis LYMAN R. C. EOUhES, Box 359, Lockport, New York. .. Sato-dKUIs, See. HE LANE ifc UODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills. PORTABLE STEAM EHODTES, Shingle mif inn—, com miiij and Shafting, Wood* working Machinery. LAKB'A bodlbt. Corner ot John and Water*cts* Cincinnati. Applicants tor descriptive «lreul«r» will .specify the ■•chinery the j nwd* Steal Estate-®its. VSHSPBOTBO. 170 R SALE—By William D. Kerioot, X 1 8* WaaSlrgtrMW ~~ _ SOxieo free on wastah-ar., near Twentr-slrtS-st. so reel on CalomePar- sear Tweatyfonrib-it, Mwhipn-tT., Hrar Fonrtemth-at. 60 fcet oa MaoUon-st- nearFraaklin-ct. 40fe»tonMonroe-«t-neirWejla*t. _ HOf'etcnVr: vorg»u-«t. 40 feet oo comer oif Harrison and Franklin-sts. ICOlottos Wat UkHL,near Deaplames-st, 50 ftet on tfonrce-sU, near Panllna-st. SO 10-t on Wtlunt-i L, near Uoycc-st. Si* Set on Fclton-i t- near Boyse-st. uo lets la Urowni Addition. Alao, lots la Brand's aaa Archer** Adamant, -which may DO bought tery cheap, oa easy terms. TP OR bALE—In J. H. Keeler & Co's JP Beal Estate Office. 129 Boats Olark-st I’m sera la the sonthern part of the city. Boats hide. Two fine lots on Jackson-st, between Aberdeen and Bncker-sts. SJHxlft toa4oteet alley. several flee tots corner cl Jackson and Llncoln-sts. Boats front. Desirable reddence tots on Boats Peona-n. F)R SALE—Fine lots on Wabash-ay, corner Thirtletb-et.; also. K snrat ee-ar.. coma TTUrty-firrt-st.; also. Fnlfm and WatauMts., near Pau lina. «1,C(0 each. GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 Boats CUrk-au T?OK SALE—At a Bargain—3o lots on ■7 Indians and near ISlrty-Uilrd-et, A. R.WINO ACO-SS Waahlugton-gt- Boom a. FOR SALE—Cheap—soxlßo feet, front ing east, oo Wsbash-av- loath of Thirtieth-«t. U yon want the location tor a beautiful borne, lock at IbUlOt N. B. KAPFLEYE, 107 Monroost. Tj'Oß SALE—37I-3x160 on North Dear- I* east front, |SS pa fbjt, cash; lot on Carroll-sh, opposite Onion Park, 9900, south front; two on ttree on Estate Agent, 97 Monroe-st. 170 K SALE —One acre ot ground situ- J. ated on North Bide, Inside the city limits, KOxllS feet, cheap—a good investment, soluble ibr subdi vision. Inquire at northwest coma ot Michigan and North State-eta., in clothing store. TTOR SAIjE—At Auction—A first class JP bnslcess lot. coma of Sabbard and Pcorla-sU (West Side) two blocks west of Milwaukee-av., os . Wednesday, March ?:tb, at 10 o'clock a. m.,on the premise*, one of the most desirable btutne«s lota in that vicinity. Terms, one-third cash, balance la one or two years, interest six pa cent. Sale positive. JAMEB A.MARSHALL, AncUoneer. T?OR SALE—Two choice lots near Lin- JL; coin Park. East front, 34x123 each, to al’ey. ottered low. and ready terms lor one week. HILL ± WHIPPLE, 128 Dearborn-st n Boon 3. Heal 358tate~®ounteB. T?OR SALE lmproved Farms—By T ARTHUR A BOTDEN.2IO State-sL: Al —lo sera within 7 mile* of Kanaakee—tLCOO. XIV—2S aaa within 3 miles of Ainsworth—SL6o3. XX— 160acrawitblnSmllaof Bine Island—96,4oo. XIX—IO acres within 1 mile of Calumet—94Xoo. XXX— 12 acres within 1 mile of Joliott-frAOO. XXXI— 160 aaa within 3 miles of Chinos—*6,4oo. XXI— 60 aaa at Marengo— 9lAOO. XXV— 75 acres within 3 miles of Onareo—93.7oo. XXVI— ico acres within 16 tniia or Cbicago-95,6C0. XXIX—6O aaa within U mile of Thornton—93,4oo. Unimproved Lands Remarkably cheap. XVI—COO meres In Mason County. H1.—9L200. X—to aaa In Cook Coanty—94oo. XXII— 300 aaa within 7 mlla ot Kankakee—93. Coo. XXIII— 120 acres within 5 miles ot Johnson's Button — tKO. XVIII—SO acres wlthla 10 miles of the Ccnrt House— t aa. FOK BALE—S76-acre farm, well im proved. 130 acres heavy timber, two beaatUbl laces abounding In fish, good boating, line orchard. A&, SC miles from Chicago, Pncelow. ISAAC CLAFUN, 93 Washlngton-st. FOR s?AJ-E—AtEvanston—Three dwell ings, with grennds attached, and one store to rent. Inquire of AMilltEW J, SHOWN, 116 LaSalle* st. FOR SALE—A splendid country seat, located on the west oank of Bock River, two miles below the City ol Eoekford, 111., consisting ol 6P acres of highly improved land, a large, elegantly fin ished two-story bonse. containing 19 rooms, with cel lar under the whole; good outbuilding*. barn, car riage honie, ice boose, and a nearing orchard of 300 apple trees. Grounds a tout the house well laid out and Improved, and covered with throbs and ever greens in great variety. Also, SOS acres of farm and pasture land, adjoining the above, with 40 acres of tim ber within three miles. The bonse and tarm lands, ta ken together, make a splendid stock farm. Will be sold separately or together. Price tow. Terms easy. Apply to Dr. O. W. COBBY. Bocttord. Ui, f'OR SALE—Two pleasant residences, with adjoining premises. For particulars, ad dress Box 37. Geneva, 111. Eo 3Sent==ienuscs. r f 1 0 RENT—Furnished or unfurnished J —a honsc on tbe North Sid**, containing 1« rooms, exclusive of closets, pantries and bath-room. All mod em Improvements and convenient to cars. Furniture Is first-class. Apply at 198 Dearborn-aL, Hoorn 9, TO RiiiNT—Furnished house, North Sice, very pleasantly located, with all modem con violence*, acd nicely mmUued. Apply to QBOEGE 4V 81011. 164 Bandolpb-SL, Boom 13. XO RENT—Two-stoiy and basement marble-front boose. No. 36SLakcaL, fronting m-park, containing ll room* and all modern im- Eovemente. Apply at No. 396 Falton-sL, or a: mm 11, 164 Randolph-st. TO RENT—Two-story bouse, 11 rooms, gas ana water. Bent only 533 per month. Fural tore for asle at a bargain. Apply at 18 Foarth-av. TO KENT—And Furniture for sale, Rr.nse on Michigan-av.. S 4 rcoms. desirable for day boarders. J. B. AKDBEWS. Boom 7. Meth odist Church Block. TO KENT—Cottage House,' No. 179 South Morgan-st, Apply at 19 and 21 Darborn- XO RENT—From May 1, 1887, No. 101 Calnmet-av.; 1038 tfabash-av.; 443 Cottage Ffrftv. Apply to J. M. MABSUALL.97 Clark-Bt. TO KENT—Furnished Boarding House on Michlgan-av.t also, one on Adams-sL; also, hoarding house, with toroltore for sale. £• A. BICE. 133 South Boom 14. TO RENT—The lower part of a house, (3 rooms,) to a quiet family. One whD would take two or three day boarders preferred. Beat *35 a month. 140 West Wasnlngton-st. TO RENT —A good iwo-stoxy and b&iemcnt boose, hot and cold baths, on the West aiuu; very convenient; small amount of furniture lor sale: poaversion immediately. Call on, or address AIV' 90 Lake-U. HpO RENT—Two 2 stciy frame houses, A 136 and 138 Aberdcen-SL, corner of Va* Bn rcn-Bf-7ioo3scacb, water In kitchen. A. B. MEAD, 151 Eandolph-st. saEnt==i3.ooms. 'T'O BENT—Three or four furnished Jl rooms to a gentleman find vile ora are*.'! fami ly. TliMa three minutes’ walk of toe Po»l Office. Also a fane furnished boose, consisting of 14 rooms, on kichlgan-av. For particulars Inquire at 165 Mlchl gan-av. RENT—A small, but very nicely .1. furnished sleeping room. In aconvenient locality, at a very low rate. Fo mlture tew and tor sale cheap. Afply Immediate.? at 161 State-at. r rO RENT—A suite oi furnished rooms X lor gentlemen. References required. *l3O Slau-st. TO BENT—Double or single rooms, JL comfortably furnished, suitable for 3or 4 young men, with or wlthont board, at 77 Fourth-av. TO RENT—A suite oi unfurnished tront Booms, with board, fbr gentleman and wile. For particulars apply at 619 West Washloatou-at. TO BENT—Three unfurnished rooms X and closets, with use of bath room, suitable for housekeeping, on Twenly-SccoadsL, east of State. Call cn Monday forenoon at 159 Sonth Clark-st. rpO BENT—A suite ot 7 rooms, with X part or all ol furniture for sale. Very cheap and deniable. App*yat IQQ Madlson-st-Boom 4- TO KENT—One lurnisbed room to single gentlemen only. 252 SUte-st. 2io3aent=S tores, ©ffices.&c TO RENT—Prom the Ist of May next, the store, and dwelling above, Vo. 339 State-a:. Apply at CHARLES G. E. FBUSSING’S, 339 A 3-11 State st,» Chicago. TO RENT —Stole No. 117 South Clark- I st- store and basement 1*23 Deni born-st- stores Nos. 199 and 201 South Clark-st- and No. 187 South Clark-st. Apply to J. U. MARSHALL. 97 South Claik-st. HpO RENT—The basement of store No. X 43 South Clark-st. Also three stones and base ment orptoreNo. 39 South Water-st. ffir storage par pose*, inquire oa the premises. TO RENT—From May Ist, part of the bull dine 231 Sonth Water-st. Apply on the premises, office up stalls. rpo RENT—Second Floor, No. 50 Lake- X St. PHELPS, DODGE A CO. TO RENT—Two large rooms, connect ed, over a planing mill, with power, and use of diyroom. They ate now used as a sashaud door lac lory. The location Is one ol the best lu the city, Ap ply at office 445 South Wells-tt. HAIR AOUIOUM. T) RENT —A part ol cellar, first floor andapartof (ecood floor of Store 217 South Water-st. Apply for terms at same place. TO RENT—Dockage—Lumber Xard to rent lor a term of years. In Greene’tSoutb Branch addition. A.O.THBOOP, City Treasurer's Office. TO RENT—BOxIBI feet on north side of WoshlnstoQ-st. east of Franklin-at, lor a term of 30 yean. BEES A AYRES, Real Estate Broken, 10 Opera House. . TO RENT—The Store Room and Base ment known as number 91 Washlngton-st.; also, neat store on South Clark-st. near Harrison. Apply to WM. D.KEBFOUT, 89 Washlngton at. TO RENT—Basement No. 17 LaSalle* bL, suitable tor Sample Room or Office; also, one or two offices in building tor rest. Tbe bnudlng t* centra] and In good older. W. H. SAMPdON, Beal Estate Agent, 3 Metropolitan Block. TO RENT—Store 113 Clark-st, and fix tures for sale. This la one ot the be»l stands for retail trade in tbe city, and t legantly fitted. a?aanteb“®o iseut., \\T ANTED—To Rent—A cottage of 6 VV rcocißrby April lac, on West Side, within one ttlle of LoKe-ec bridge. Address **M N,” Tribune office, statins price and location. TXT ANTED —To Kent, a medium-nzed, VV nicely tumlshed house, m afirst-class locality, daring Ihesumiuer mouths, by a small family (with out children), who will take toe beat ol care of I oral tore. Will tasc possession any time between now and Oth of May. Atldren ** BANKER.’’ Tribune office. TXT ANTED —To Kent—A house ol oor V V 10 rooms, on the Sontb Side, south ot Twelfth st. and east ot State. Bent not to exceed S3OO o»r an num. Will rent now. or the first of Slay. Address GEO. GILBERT, care Gilbert & Sampson, 47 and 49 Dcarborn-st. V7IT ANTED —To Rent—A good house, V V containing 9or 10 rooms. South side, south ot Twelfth and east of State-st. Possession wanted Ist ot Mar. Per a prompt first-class tenant for such a hense, address ’■nouSE," Box 2885. P. O. TTT ANTED—To Kent—A convenient VV house, medium sire, modern Improvements, South Division. east of dtale-sh, to take possession on or l*fore Ist ot May- Call at or address 342 Noith Water-SL, east of Bosb-st. bridge. SPAPPOBD A TURBMaK. WANTED— To Rent—A furnished room, with fire, without board, by a lady who HPDgagtdont daring the day. Address “ MRS. A SD.” fHacftinerg. FOR SALE—Portable engines, station ary and on wheels, 10 and 12-hor»c_power, on bind and tor sale at low prices, by THE PESHXIGO CO., North WaUi-sL, North Pier. K'OK SALE—Three 8-hoise power np- IP right engines; also six horizontal engine*, 8, 10 and 12-horse power. Larger or smaller engines fur nished with or without boilers. 13,15. U ana 20-borse tubular aad locomotive boilers toeuie, best mare. Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and Macnme. Sawmills, barrel and wood-worktfg jaacmnaVj lrpM p-aners. belong, saws, lUe* Dearbcrn-et., Chicago. OBKBNLEB BROS. At O. TTORaALE—A snperio: low pressure _T engine, 30-lnch cylinder and 4-fret str-ke, in splen 3i<J running order, with shaft® laches In diameter and fly-wheel 20 feet, welshing ar-oat 7 tons. This engine Is of sufficient capacity *3 <lrtvn the largest elevator, and Is particularly adapted to a mill capable©! makl-g 100 tS-rei of flour per day. We ctfer the above at me low urloe of tTAOO. For mrther particulars, Irqulre ot DATER. WHALING A CO-State MB a, Chicago, or MEDBEOY, bTEVENS A CO., Milwaukee, Wla. FOR SALE—One second-hand 10 horse portable engine, complete, been la ns? only three montne, and Just os goad as new. Apply to A. H. PALMER, office Phmnlx Life Insurance Company, -13 South Clark-st., Boom 4, up stairs. FOR SALE—2S,IO and 15-hoisc power portable engines and boilers, with all modern lm njeota.aodall complete, and for sale at very low prices, by GRIFFIN 880a n H6 LaSallfrSt. FOR SALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and stationary engines, from 4to 35-bone power; also. Putnam Machine Co.’s tools: two 13-fret bed 2Hach. two 10-re-et bed. 20 and 23-lccn. one S-reet bed U-ineh, one 6-leet bed 11-incb swing, all screw-cutting lathes; three upright drills, two iron planers, bolt culler*, saw mills, shingle mills, twoWoodworth plan trs and matchers. Farm’s stirfrren, jmmps, belting, vS&SStS?* * C * C ' L * Ttt sad ai £2lanttc=JHale Eelp. ■OOKKBSPBBSt UUSOIN *6. TX7AKTED—A first rale Ula insurance V V mas, to solicit la this city sndelse ohos.’ A good aa*ary will be goarantoao. No person need aooly crcopt he ns command a good basinets, - TUCKER • SHOfELDT. 116.< \\f ANTED—A competent Record ffn- V* ter. Nose need apolr unless Unronghly ac qcaloteo with Comnoa Law aad Chancery Record*. Adcrrss Box rest Office. WANTED— A good Gardener; one wbo oaf asUnda fakp g care ol largo orchards aoo aii hlcdsortrolti; tlegteman preferred. Call at 1 9f» boats CUnr. comer ol MooroMt. DA BIOB LOW. tttANTED—A salesman, immediately, V V competent to asaatne entire charge of a ran eral bualnera. Inanlro of or aodreaa R. H. CURRAN, over lag Pear born-st- Chicago. tKABSS. TXT"ANTED —3 or 4 good Moulders. VV Price 93A0 to SSJI7 per day t steady Job, airly mile* eastot Chicago. CoetrJUTmgcheao. Apply to D. MVEBS, 19*J SoatS Clark-ft, MITCHELL, WIL SON A CO Eetp. JBOCSB SERVANTS* TTTANTED —Girl, to do general house- VV work in a private family. English or Qer* man prefezred. 634 Lake-st., near Union Pars. TTTANTED—A Woman to wash and VV Iron tor a small family, and assist In chamba work- Apply comer of North Dearborn acdKlm-et*., from 9toila. m. Gooa references required. TTTANTED—A Girl, to do general VV housework, at29o Wat Jacksoo-st. BeicT* \\f ANTED—Competent girls for cooks VV and general Apply, to ÜBS. WHITTAKER, Offlee 1126 Chlcsgo-ar. Emplogmcut agents. TTTANTED—Toung men in the conn- VV try wishing to obtain situations, such as book keepers. daks, eoUeeto’S. salesmen, conductors, ex presmen. 4c, Ao. to apply at Room 13 Fullerton Block. 92 or address J. M, MOORE A CO., Box 1707, encloslnfl 10 cent* for fall paruealars. TTTANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers 3 VV aa era cn. 1 conductor, 2 brakesmen, I fireman, 1 nprta. Sdrtrcrs.rexprajmen. Apriy at Room 13, Fullerton Block. 92 Dcarcorn-st. Applicants by matt address j. M. MOORS A CO- Box 1707, esclcslnj 10 cents tor reply. WJ ANTED—100 experienced lailroad VV laborers on Barlmetoa A Missouri River Rail road In lowa. Wages. 11.75. Board. 94-00. Fare to the work, 95.00. Tickets furnished by P. B. WEARS A CO- Commission Merchants, No. US* South Water et- agents tor Wolf A Carpenter, contractors. TTTANTED— Odc executive agent in V V each State with cash capital from 9500 to 9LOOO. Several luoorotnateagonts tor each Bute with 950 to 9100 cash. The first to locate, the last to trnr**!. Energetic men In cither position can earn from 3?,1D0 to *10.C»0 in the neat three mouths. For particulars, call on H.H. ROBERTS, General Agent ibr the United States, at Northwestern Hotel. Chicago. TXT" AS TED—2,OOO oil barrels. We ■will V ¥ pay tushes* market price for 1.000 or ipOO (rood second-hand carbon or benzole barrel*, delivered a* onr store. AUiISTKOSG i CO, Oil Dealers, No. 41 lUTer*at. WANTED —To buy out some railroad hotel and eating heuse. at some good point—to nave possession Ist ot May next. Any person baring such solace can find a enstomer by addressing Box S 3 9, Oshkosh, Wls., at once. TXTANTED—Energetic, local and can- V V vassleg agents in every ctvy and county in the Northwest, to sell the new Patent Sewing Machine Cantors. Ail ladles owning sewing machines will ap predate them and purchase readily. Large commis sion efiered to good agecta. Scad tor circular. E. C. FAHTfclDOE,General Agent, formerly with Wheeler A Wilson Manufacturing Company, office 33 Dear bom-sL, Boom No. 7, Feat Office Box 17-19, Chicago, Illinois. TXT ANTED—To purchase A dozen V * Milk Cans, from Sto 30 cations. Address *• O D," Tribune office. XXTANTED—SoIdiers to know that all VV appllcaaots forflCO bounty must oe made be fore April Ist. Advances made on claims. A. GOOD RICH, Attoniey-at-Law. 196 Dearborn-aL. Boom 9. IX7AN TED —To know wbo wants dry, VV hardfllllneor grading, of old mortar, brick bat#, etc. Call at93B Lake-st., or address -I W S,” Tnoane office. WANTED —To purchase, ior the pur pose of removal, s two-story frame boose, not over 20 feet front. In the North Division. Address No. 19 Portland Block. TXTAN TED—To huy two to ten acres Vf unimproved land In Late View. Parlies hav ing such for sale will address “A B," Tribune office, describing property and stating lowest price. TXT ANTED—A party wiln #SOO cash W to Join In a light manufacturing business. ProPtt largo and no competition. Apply 10 JONES, BUNDY A fAYLQB.No. 19 Methodist Church Block. TXTANTED—Agricultural Implements VV InexchangefortralmprovedPralneLandsm Champaign County, Illinois. Address “D." Tribune Office. TXTANTED—A reliable white man to VV take charge ol a pair of hones, carriage and to do other work about a house. None ne**d apply without they are experienced in taking caroot horse*, ncod references wilt be required. Call at 148 Lake-3 L TXT ANTED—A business mnn with VV tS-UO capital and the ability to Increase the same, desires to frrm a conncctl'-n with some good person or firm now wrll established In a good, resp-ct able and paring business. Manufacturing preferred. Krien 10 S. XL KERFOOX A CO., Baal Estate Brokers. 71 Dearborn-st. \A f ANTED—An intelligent, acliver V V young man as shipping clerk m a lumbe* yard. One with some experience In the btulaeas preferred. Most write a fhlr hand. Address, with reffirense* and amount cf t alary expected. ** A,” Tribune office. TXTANTED—‘Vessels fer Anapee (Wolf VV Klvcr), and Clay Bank. Inquire of BAB COCK, MASTIN' & CO., 43S Lnmber-eL, scar corner of iwenty-tecood-st. TXT ANTED—Hardware—ln exchange VV for good Prairie Lands tn Champaign Ccnntv, Illinois, ana part money. Address “lIaBDWARB," Tribune Office. 2!2iJantel)~Keal instate. TXT ANTED—ReaI Estate—A let is W wanted for tbe erection of a club bonse tnd pub lic halL Snch let must he centrally located, thousb not necessarily on a principal street. Should oe so fast front; In case of unusual depth less frontage will an swer. Ttr lot snonld nut be north ot Indtana-et. ncr jpeth of Montoe, nor went cf Jefferson. Adcrois,witn *pertlcolars, P. O. Box 3973- lousiness (ffifjances. T7OR SAXE—Valuable Mill Property— X One ament; the best si earn flouring mills In South ern lowa containing three run of four-feet burrs, en gine and bober In poca order, merchant and cnitum bolts of the nett—no better In see. The mill Is a’l In coed repair, and In a good location. Water and fuel in abundarcc. For further particulars, adcreta WM. SHARP A SON. Fairfield. lowa. FOU BALE—The good will, stock and fixtures ol a first-class retail drug store, &U iu complete ui tier, situated lo a good location in ito city A Si. Joseph. Mo. Lease 2M tears to ran, at low rate. FcrlonheTlLfcxEatlf'r.lnquliecf J. U. W. JONES. BUlioner, 42 aed 44 Dcarborn-su, Chicago. IU. FD R BALE—A water power grist and flouring mil of three run or 4-leet ston- situated in the city of Ottawa. LaSaile Co- HI. The mill l* ta good repair and doing a good business, and nowlea*- rd lor 13.400 a year. The property will be sold at a s.criflce. Call on or adores* BOBT. MCDONALD. Camden Mills, Bock Islana Co., UI. T?OR SALE—A steam sawmill an Green X Bay, Wls- in pertbet and complete runnlogorder, canableofsawlocsir mlJlon offeetot lumber during the season, and admirably located for the handling and shipment cf lumber both by •railroad and lake— railroad running pasttho property, and a good nock cn the place, with all conveniences lor shipment by lake, in addition to the mill, there are between ttrec and fire million feet of logs on hand, ready for Imme diate operation. The whole r*r sale at low figures. For terms and (briber Information, address or inquire of W. A. MOWKY, 37 South Watcr-st- Chicago. T7OR b ALE Rare chance Desirable • X stock of dry goods, with fixtures and lease oi a first-class store (trade established), located tnoneof the most flourishing cities of the West; population, 14,000. Address P. O. Box 338, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. FOR SALE —An old and well-estab llthtd retail grocery, elegantly fitted op and doing a large business in a mo»t prominent location on the Sooth Side. For pamcnlars address P.0.80x 1863. F)R SALE—The only hotel m a thriv ing town on the Northwesters Railroad, S 3 miles .rrrm Chicago, containing IS rooms, good cellar, bar room, Ac. The hotel Is mostly new, with good sta bling, and has a good run ol custom. Apply to J, BUEMEB, Barrington. Cook Co- IU. pOR SAT/B—Stock of fruit and coulcc- X Conor, with lease of a tore and fixtures. In a good location. Apply at 246 State-st. EOR SALE—First-class saloon, with furniture, fixtures and lease. Inquired DAVID ray A CO., 20 State-st. - FOR SALE—Machine shop, doing a good business, or one or two shares of same, to suitpartles. Ctpltal required, $7,00a to 921.000. Good reason given for seeing. Address “T M J»” Tribune office FOR SALE—AII the fixtans and good will of a well-established milk rout* in this city. First-rate chance for young man ot small capital. Ap plvatßoom 17 Lombard Block, fiom 10 to 12, or at 279 West Randoiph-st- np stairs, in tna evening. FOR S4LE —Gems’ furnishing goods— Davlngarsoclated mvsslf with and pop ular Gents* FurelshlDg House oi P. C. Sempton, Breadwav, New York, under the name and firm of F. C. Kemp ton & Co., (the same to take effect April l), I offer my stock, furniture and lease for sale forcadwor will rent store ana sell fixtures (olack Walnut) at a bargain. WM. P. CRGBCQ of Wm. P. Church & Co., 112 Clark-st. " dfot Sale. F)R SALE—Office formerly occupied by Kirby, Carpenter & Co- North Side, near New berry’s Elevator, suitable dwelllogfor a small family. Apply at 258 Sonth Water sh. Room 4. FIR bALE —VVe have gram and lumber vessels for sale, of Tartans grades and sizes, many of them not befbre offered. HAi-arun a latha», Boom 20 Oriental Bonding. T7OR SALE—3OO cords hemlock bark. F Address S.P. WILSON, for three weeks, at Sooth Haven, Mich. FDR SALE—A Durham and Devon both thorough-bred. Price, each, |IOO. Address OLIVERUPPXNCOTT, Agent. Peotore, Will Co- 18. TTOR- SALE—Pure Milk Wanted, a I 1 purchaser for the milk from 50 cowa, for 5 months, delivered at llllflols Central Ballrosd Depot eretr morning, at 9 o'clock. Addres3 a ßßO, ,, Tnbuneoffles. 170 R bALE —Bank Stock—A lew shares J 1 cf National Back stock (one of the cltr banks) tbr sate, Inquire of DICKENSON A WEBSTER, Keoi Es tate Agnus, 98 Washingtoc-Bt. FOR SALE—Seda Wafer Machine—A Matthews' twenty gallon fountain, soda water machine, with bottler, salcty screw, and Put am’s Pa tent 3yru per, alt complete, forra’e cheap. The ma chine u as good as new, having been n«cd lees than a year. Address. P. O. Box 543, Rochester, N. Y. FOR SALE—ISOO m seasoned flour bar rel staves, with circled beading, on consignment and lor sale by A. J. LATHAM, Boom 20 Oriental Building. FOR SALE—Patent ice box, scales and all necessary tools and fixtures for carrying on a meat market. Inquire ol GAGE A WHIIrEMOItE, 136 WeetMadlson-st. I7OK SALE—2OO,OOO feet of first, second J? ard third clear ijf and 1W lumber, dry, in one or two lots. Apply to DAVID GOODWILLIB A CO corner of Franklin and Oblo-sta. FOR SALE—To Brass Finishers— Cheap, one mil set of Patterns for Plnmoeri’ wort, and a complete set ot t-ola tor finishing work. By D. C. A J. GEARBY, Pawnbrokers, corner Wells aid MadlsoL-ats. FOR SALE—'Warehouse with elevator, eighty flvomlles from Chicago, atone of the beat points In Northern Illinois. A.C. BBOWXA CO-128 L&ip-it. Information aaantcir. INFORMATION—Wanted—Of n little J girl, aged 11 years, dark hair cot short, da:t eyw. Is blind in the left eye; has assumed toe name of csi- Usd All! cion, saying she Is an orphan without home cr friends. Any Information will bo thankfully re ceived by her parents, 199 Blue Islard-ar. Host anlr dfounO. LOST— By a lady, a: the Matinee at iit-VlrkPi’a Theatre, on Saturday afternoon, a 1c Morocco Album focketßoJt. coaUlnlog be rwSJ&faad »Utycollara- The flodcr wIU Do Uhef cr at 2ol and 209 South Water^t. LOsT- $25 Reward—On Fnday, March , *7 . Diamond fioltalro Pfu Any person retoro iheiaina to JOAN WALSH. 22 BtTCMt.. Will te the above reward. V i OST— Stray&l from the bam tn Jhe Xj rest of X4B CWML, ft 0*1113*7 Marc. Situations OSanteo. RlLBm Wanted, by a practical »y a good De- Vj Untr. teafiocy vocllre at l. IT*d iztcui* cx lwSH<^aSa l i! frnialiU * Addim J.H.SuSBBAW; SITUATI ON—Wanted, by a bookkeeper andcoTT**pcndlnrclerfe; kuswi Ooaaa aadU ready to make hta*df gaaaUy useful. bmi >sr»- eocffl. Address “A g." Tribune office. rSAAItIS. GITDATION—Wanted,by ayoune lady. O as isleswoman Is a millinery store, or a* boos*. id a nsaU amlly. Address "LC Q," Triouae SITUATION—Wanted, by a respectable O Girl, t“ afsmlly. to do general housework. Cn e:ae well recutnc.ended. A»s]y tor two days. at 177 Wabagb-av. Sooth Side preferred. CITUATION—Wanted, by a Norwegian Kl. Be *T!P tcll l, who understand* all the homework. Call at4l anron-st. CiTDATION—Wanted, with a family O. going to Denver. Colorado, whom 1 eonld assist rnmcietUy to pay my way. I have a sister there whma 1 wish to reach. Adores* Jdlii K. MAitON. »i Jodd-st. GITUATION—Wanted—As ChamDcr maid ta a botch or general servant la a private }*£“£• Good references erven. Arply at tha Has- Licn.Htofe, comer cf North Clark and Water-ct. CITDATION— Wanted— A lady teacher wlho I* gotec: to Calllornla In April or fiay. dsalres to ro:respa_d with soseote wbo may be gome. She wul take an ajrmcy tnr books or engravlaaa tor tbo Pa- YELnlwbUef uf for ° ne monUl * L- CITTTaTION—Wanted—By athorough- O ly competent. pason, with ref.rcncer as honsekeepaer cock-haa ahoy eight year* old—would go In the country. Apply to MBS. WdITTAKEE, Office 2*J6 Chlcago-av, agents SiHanteiJ. A GENTS—Wanted—Everywhere, to XI sell the “INSTANTANEOUS WINDOWCLEAN EB AND MAGIC POLISH." Everybody want* It, and yen can sell thousand* of boxes this *pnsg.maklng from |3 to |lO pa day. atX KXPBSSB CHABOEA PREPAID cn wholesale orders. Send 'A cents for sample. circular, with testtmoolal*. Ac. Ad drcß*.G.M.SMirn ACO^l63l>earbom-»U.Chicago AGENTS —Wanted “ The Pictorial BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND INCIDENTS OF WAR." Warranted the most artractre. Cut-sell lag hook of the age. Payslargeatprofltsaadzlresbest *ati>fsctlOD when de'lvercd. Agescs a ake <3O Tn fIOO per week, a* we wi lprove. Address SXODDARD • CO- 102 Waahiugton-st- Chicago. A GENTS Wanted For “WO il MAN'S WORK IN THE CIVIL WAR.** Prepared under the annroval of the United Suus Bamtary, Western sanitary sod the ChztsUut Commissions. History has so precedent, poo -try no parallel, to the work ot women in our lalecivtlvar. An eminent Divine says; “Thi* Work I« a household treasure, a Joy and blesilns to future nm«i. It ifevelopes a cew. social era; a new result of ourDeeinracntjons, our schools, our churches, our pulpit, and our press; anew power In woman; % new phase la Christianity I wed." T. 8. Arthur’s Magazine rays; “We welcome this book moat heartily as the oulf record of Woman's work la the War wtuea makes any approach to completeness." Send Ibr a circular, and get a fall de»rrfpuon of the work and terras tu anna. Address ZEIQLBR. McCURuT « CO- Lombard Block. Chicago. 1U 4 GENTS—Wanted—To self, by suh verlpOoD, a new wort, now ready. THE LOST SE, the onlv cfflcul southern hiatory oftha war. uy Edward A. pcllard. of Virginia, in one large royal octavo volume of nearly SCO pages, and cot tuning more matter than any 1,300 parol bt*tory nsw before The wort; u meeting with as immense ssl& Over 30,000 ordered in advance of publication. The Prorla Dfmocrat says; H ln many respects It hv* no equal in American history. Itwuibeontne shelve* and read by every scholar and Historian.” H. P Willla said: •* It Is to bet both an epic poem and a drams— the grandest epic ever written uixm tee grandest drama ever acted.” No intelligent, rlsht-UnaKlcgman,■what ever be us politics, can afiord to be without this work.” An agent Is Hock Consty. Wu, writes: ” I have just received prospectus, and have already taken flvesnbwulbera.” Another; “Have called on torn per sons and sold three books.” One agent's eoomlsioa for nine boors' canvass was over f£o. Another sold US Id two weeks. Atciber 40 la tnree days. Oar ten» are nowhere excelled. Addm<, a t ooco.C. W. LILLET. Publisher. 36 Reynolds' Block. Chicago, lIL A GENlE—Wanted—For Geneial L. C. il Baker's HISTORY OFTHE EKCRET SEKVTCS, the most exciting and Interesting book ever published. This work was announced more than a year ago. tat owing to the attempts of the Government to snponaa It. 1U publication was decayed. It win now be Issued, tmaltend and unabridged, nrdrr the snperrlsloa of General Baaer. It contains a fan and official exposeof tbe intricate machinations of tse secret enemies of tha Union For startling deTClnpm°nw and ventures this book eclipses ll£i fhmoos experience* of Foncbe std Vldocq. The marvellous narrative* of GeneralßaWareall attested by f hfiicst official anthorlty. ItwlF contain the only < leufacconnl of the assassination conspiracy. A fill history of this great, startling and terrible crime, mm Its conception In the haunts ol villainy, to the burial place ot Booth, has neveryetbecn placed belbre the public. Thnwork also fully exposes the nefhrlons system by which Pres idential pardens were and ere so readily obtained at Washington. Tbe iroials of the National Capital an thoroughly ventilated, and there are acme strange re velallois cf zccmlcg heads ot departments, member* of Congress, female pardon broken, and distinguished military characters. Send for circulars, and see oar terms and a frill description ot the went Address NA TIONALPOBLISHINQCO.. 1-18 West Fourth-eL, Cincinnati. Ohio. A GENTS—Ranted —Experienced tixst- X 3. class canvas?en.'gentlemen and ladles. Sir “WASIUNOTON'B FBAYEB AT VALLEY FOUGIC a new and magnificent* steel engraving; price, Has peculiar 'recommendations which cause lito be admired by every American, of whatever sect or party Agents everywhere are meeting with unparalleled sue eeas. Publishers’ highest commission given. Ad dress. S. s, BuYDEN, 93 Clark-«L, Chicago, UL A GENTS—Wanted—English MetalHc llClothes Une. Good Inducements to amenta. Send two red Btarns . for aamoie. to PARKINSON A YOUNG. 1hx469 Fort Huron. Mich. AGENTS —Wanted—Five Ideal Heads cl American Women: Angel ot Hospital— Before the Battle—color the Front—Army Neas. The ncest works of ait ever Intiodnced lathu country. Experienced canvassers wonted In erefr eonnty lathe Stat*. Address JOHN D. BICE, 9# £Ute4L. Chicago, HI. A GENTa—Wanted, everywhere, to sell Xw Patent White Wire Clothes Lines. Can make Ilfl to f2O per day. Address w Metalie Clothes T.>,m Co-” 99 Cleveland, Ohio. “j*" A GENTS—Wanted—soo Agents want -tl ed In a sew business. H. B. SHAW. Alfred, Maine, A GENTS—Wanted—#2s a day. Fif- Jr\. teen pew articles lor Agents. O. T. GABBY, lliddetord, Maine. A GENTB—Wanted Gentlemen and Xl ladies thronebont the United States for oar new Book. “LIVES of the PRESIDENTS,” from Wash fogtofr to Johnson, by Abbott, the great hlato rian. Complete In one large volnmt. superbly lilac trated with steel eneravings. among which ar* por Waits of theseventren rreaideots, bsttlej sceoea, »*« This Is the only work of the kind yes nnblished. and affords to experienced agents a rare oncoi tnaity to make money with a splendid book, and no competi tion. Exclusive territory and publishers' highest con missiop given. Books rcatfy for delivery now. 8. a. BDYDEN, 73 Clark-sC, Chicago, m “* AGENTii —'Wanted—Ladies or cents. at your own homes or travelling. atfiffi oer mentb. Don’t negotiate with any other tarty ail roa firstsrrdforparticulars. AddressBRONSON *CO M 1»1 Detroit. Mich. A GENTa—Wanted—l,ooo wanted, male -iJL naa female. In a new business. Samples sent free, with testimonials ot the hi chest character. Aiftirn GOOrapEED A CO- 148 Laxe-st., Chicago. A GENTB—Wauled—To sell the Amer -CA. lean Republic and American Continent. The two traps sent free to any address for £{. Best thine out fur agents. Also fifty kind* cf charts and UJpd hints of pictures. Aodreis SAMMONS. WHITE A CLARK. 179 Lahe-fit. Chicago. ’ A GENTb—Wanted—Enclose $2.35 for Xl Complete outfit on ‘•LIFE AND DEATH DC REBEL PRISONS,” the greatest s&Ung book erer pubiltbtd. A. EIDDEK, 98 Waablngtoa-et, Chicago AGENTfc —Wanted—Biggest thing ont for Agents. For oar Honiara and sample, send 35 cents to R. D. RUSSELL A CO., Jscksoavufe, IU. P. O.Box 4.11. partners asaanteb. T>ARTNER —Wanted—ln one of the XT best lor atm meat markets ou the West Side, do leg a good paying bmlnesi. OtJ-ct: more capitalaod help. To the light kind of air an this Is a rare caaccs. Call at 103 RandUph-flt, under Matteson House. PARTNER—Wanted—A special pirt- X ner in a drug store. In a country town of - nhabitants. Cash sales last year |2vXO. One partner wishes to retire, and the other to find a man with about 13.000, as special partner, whom be will guaran tee 20 per cent on his Investment. For particulars m quiie of DIgTSCB. BLOCKIACO-398oathClark-sL PARTNER —Wanted —To take a onc- X half Interest In a new set of oU stoves for family use, the most perfect and complete erer made. Manu factory already establishes, and the stores thoroughly tested. Oulv needs to be seen in operation to be ap preciated. Bus little money required to buy stock. A state right can be bad on easy terms. If desired. Call at the store of CSOS3,«DANE A WESTLAKE, 30 State-st. PARTNER —Wanted—A single young man, of gtod moral and business habits, with some capita], wishes a partner similarly situated, toengag* In some reipectable legitimate badness that wilt pay ; produce badness preferred. Address "J B M,” Tri bune office. PARTNER— Wanted—One fwith $350 In a well sstabllshfd business; onswtihfSooia a manufacturing business; has no competition. Ap ply at 100 Maolson-st- room 4. PARTNER— Wanted—To engage in the Be*! Estate and Ageocy business. Ua**t be a eoou bnsinesa mas. For particulars address Foss Office Box 1313. 33oarbing. T>OARDING—A suite of front parlor fl and bedroom, also several single rooms osd day board cao be had at 17 Dearborn-su, up stairs. T>OABDINQ—For man and wile, in a I 1 private fiimily, (Tost room and bedroom. In sec ond story, all ec ropletely acd cicely furnished, gas in both rooms, and oath rorra oc rage Coer. Location on Twenty-filth-st, tear ladlana-av. Apply at 19S Lake-it. T> OARDIN G— W Ith large, pleasant I) rooms, furnlthei or unfUrslaheo. tnluble tor & gentleman and his wife or tingle gentlemen, at 338 Madisoi-sC, near Union Park. Boarding— Good rooms with first class board for single gentlemen. or gentlemen and thur wives. Call at 110 Mlchlgan-av. .. T>OARDING—Two gentlemen desirotia n ota comfortable home with elegant large front room and ezcetlentboard In a respectable lamlly Urine on Wabasb-ar, not far from the Poit Office. Best re? emets required. Address **o.'* Box 1320. BOARDING —A front parlor nicely for n'shed, suitable Ibr a gentleman and with, or two single gent emen. Comforts of a borne. Terms rea sonable. Cali at 3Q North Halsted-st. T> OARDlNG—Restaurant 47 South «> Clarkst. Day and week boarders wanted. Warm and cold meals at all boon. BOARDING —For a gentleman and wue. near CnloaPart two front rooms. Tenaa moderate. For particulars address Box 0211, Chicago. T>OAhDlNG—Pleasant rooms andgood JJ board In a private family, (hr two or three gentle men can t« obtained at No. 113 South nalsted-st. O OARDING—Good board and pleasant JJ rooms at Briggs Boom No. 2, 88 Mooroe-st., also a lew day boarders. BOARDING— Two gentlemen, a gen tleman and wife, or two ladles will find E&nd stmely furnished rooms with board at -183 South Jetr>-rscD-st. Location, pleasant and convenient, ad joining streetcars—term-, low. 13oath astanteir, TJOARD—In a private family, with O small room. Terms moderate. Address Box 1463 Post Office. ffiotscs. (garriagtg, Scti I7OR SALE— Two horses, with harness, 1 Xh,y are tire rixht «Ue tor a bakery or grocery w i K fn. ligalre at 137 Archer-road. ANTDU —A good family Horse. Ap ply to MARSH A FOSS, comer Canal and Van Buren-sts. WANTED— To purchase—Two second hand farm wagons and harness. Address *• B B O,” Tribune office, lor three days. FO it SALE— I Trotting horse, m splendid condition. Prices:OO. Go losldsif sMSlast fUL Been cat wintering since October last. Very gay, very gentle. Address •* B O," Tribune office. FOR SALE—Good team orbnegy horse. Iroulreat P. H. BROWN A CO.’S Box Factory, corner of Van Daren acd FrankUn-sta. t FOR SALE—Horse and harness, with double-seated family wacoo, all sound and good as n*w, cheap fat cash. Address *11," Tribune efflee. Tj*Oß SALE—One large hay mare. X 1 Weighs UCO. U*ed to cltyt One 3-aprlng tight wacoa. one harnetia. 162 Wat Monroe-st. pianos. rpO RENT—Pianos, Oraans and Melo ■ X deona ; aiaa. new and aeoocd-haad Pfanos fov sa*e on time payments, received la UsteHqiCOU. W. W* (Kl W*edltigwn-rti