Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 26, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 26, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. JLaifst News fey Oee*D Telegraph. Arrangement Entered into Between Austria and Hungary. Strong Protest from Kossuth. Further Particulars of the Late Irish Bevolt. Latest Financial and Commercial Quotations. FROM WASHINGTON. Maryland Union Men Petition for Bccosslrnction. Extract from a Letter of Gover nor Parsons, of Alabama. The Adjournment Question. As sumes a New Phase. Action of the Joint Repnblican Caucus Last Evening. initial Arrangements for the Sum mer Political Campign. FIIO9L EUROPE* BY OCFAN TELEGRAPH. Italy. a rnoTEfx rnos kosscth. Turin. March 25. Kossuth, who Is now residing in this city, has •written a irtier protesting against too airange xnent made between Hungary and toe Emperor of Austria. Great Britain, STEAsma AnmvAZ~ Lirnro.'L. March S 3. The steamship Peruvian, from Portland, March oth, arrived at Londonderry on bunaay. Latest Foreign IdarSccls* gK nSASCIAL. Loxnos, MarcbSS—Noon. - * CoiMls—Optnltg price,olk- HUnclfl Central, 7S*. CvMwi-uV'ei.Tlk, Erie,S3. At frankfirwAflvc-twnitice, 79; at Paris, BIJf. Loxnov, March Z5 —Eveulcp.B Corst'lf—Clotfd at »I fur money. Flve-lwenUae, 71jf; ntlnols Central, Eric, S 3. Piiia, March 25—Evening. United btates Bends—BlJ*. FeaxefoCT, M irch 25—Evening. Untied States Bondi—lß. COUMEnCIAte Liverpool, March 25— Noon. Cotter—Opened Cm and active. BreadslnEi— Generally quiet. Cere—Hu d'cllcec. Bales at 40s Cd for mixed We*iern. Oats—Steady at 3s Sd. provisions—Quiet end unchanged. Lard dull. Ba con «t 49 J lor Cumberland cot. Liteetool. March Co'toc—Market for cotton buoyant and active. Closed firm ler middling uplands at 13Hd; Orleans ai 3G\d. Bales 12,000 bales. DreadslUlT: —Quiet. provisions—T*Uow at 4b Cd for American. Lard at Sts 6d. Produce—Afbee—34 for pots. Spirits Tcpentlne— C7sCa. linseed OU—£39 4* ten. Petroleum—l 4 “d V gallon. lro'_—fecolch pis -9s ? ton, private. AUTiCBS BV STE&3IBS. Fnrtbcr Particular# or tl»e Late lrl«U Heroic—2V» Farlhfr Triable Appro- iundtd-Bumured Brlonli Proposal T<*i2cliiQff 'lie Alabama Claims. jizvr ToitK. Warch 25.—The steamers IfcwTork and City of Waphingtos, from Europe, arrirec to day. Tlc Fenian agitation coniian>-d. out so further collirione have occurred. It is represented that the military force In irelaud ia sow to £ laced 'Cal In no part of West Ireland could any ofly of armed men bold together for twenty-four hours, without the certainly of receiving exem plary pncishmeLt. lie flying columns were producing a decideily good motafcGect. Bmc crscf iTmistcn al dissensions were rife. POKTUU.D, Me. Maich 25.—Steamship .Neilorl* an. trom Liverpool l-Jtu and Londonderry 15th in* slant, lias arrived. _ TCc /all Mall GazelU says: We hare reason to belles Uial tOFK ream* overtures ot blr Fred erick Bruce, in hchalt ot bis Government, In tbe matter of aihllra’lon on tbe Alabama claims, have not been rtccned in a conciliatory spirit bvilr. Sewaid. We do not und-Taiand that the offer ot the British representative has been directiy re fused, but at the two intcrviewa cae subject has been cvndid. FROM WASHINGTON. P'pecial Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.l VTabhisotos, March 25. TLe Constlmtiou of the new State of Deseret, cmliraonc the present Territory of Utah, was laid before Lorgress last week, with the prayer of the General Assembly lor admission to the Union. It i» accompanied by documents showing that the proposed State has fourteen counties, and, on the 4tb of last February, on the question of adopting the Constitution, cast 14.055 votes, all but thirty Being in its favor. The Constitution, In its gene ral features, resembles those of other States. No oUtlncLiou of race or color is made, but any citi zen of the United States may vote or bold office. The only clause bearing upon polygamy is the following from the Bill of Rights: Src. 3. All men have a natural and inalienable right to worship tied according to ’he dictate? of their own conscience, and the General Assembly shall mate no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or to disturb any person in his religious worship or sentiments, and all persons demeaning them selves peaceably as good members of this State shall lw equally under the protection of the laws, and no subordination or preference ot any one. sect or denomination to another shall ever be es tablished by la*, nor shall any religions test be ever required for any office of trust under the Constitution. . , The Union members of the Maryland Lcgtsla lure have sent Congress a long memorial praying for Immediate acilon on the question referred ten days ago to the House Judiciary Committee, viz.; Whether ibeir State has a republican form of government. They recite acts of the Legislature this winter tending to give ex-rebels sod sympa thizers corap:ete control, saying that among other things that ihe State tnmi-bed about twenty thousand men for the rebel army, the great ma jority of whom have already returned, and are made voters under the new registry law. Toe memorialists ask the interposition of Congress to give them a loyal government under the Military Deconstruction Bill. A VOICE most ALABAMA. Lewis E. Parsons, one of the Senators cleet from Alabama, in writing home from this city, used the following language respecting the Mill* tary Reconstruction Bill: “Why should our peo ple hasten to make this monstrous act of Con gressional usurpation their act before its consti tutionality has been passed on! As know stands it is forced upon na. If we adopt It It becomes oars, and from that moment we preclude oor- Belves.” *gw toek custom norsß teapot. The action of the Douse in voiing. by yeas 80, nays 35, to allows Collector Smythe to appear be fore tbe New York Custom House Investigating Committee by conn-el is regarded as settling that no impeachment of him will bcaltcmpicd atpres- cat Be is now in this city looking alter hiejaf falra. cxscncwATi post orncr. Representative* Eggleston and Hays and Sen ators Wade ai<d Sherman united this morning in a written request for the appointment of Captain Babastian as Postmaster at Cincinnati. exploded uomocs. Secretary McCulloch, In a private letter to a New York gentleman, alludes to tbe stories abont the over-issue of bonds, saying they were origi nated by parties who are operating In gold, and adding: “We have instituted a most thorough and fearthing examination of the Currency Bu reau by the most competent men, and are satisfied that the report if utterly without foundation. We have no reason to believe, nor do we believe, that there has been an over-issue of a single dollar." A TEMPERANCE MEETING IN JAIL. A tcmperatcc meeting wa# held m jail here yes terday aitcrcooo, which nearly ail the prisoners attended. Smrait and Sanford Conover icfosed lo appear. About half the prisoners signed the pledge, ttbkck orm sex ironsides. Gorerrment advertises for proposals for remov ing the wreck of the iron-clad New Ironsides, burned at Le igne island last December. THE AUSTRIAN mission. The President has appointed Frank P. Blair as Minister to Austria, and the nomination was sent to the Senate to-day. He has promised several Ume« within the last fortnight to appoint cx-Seca lor Foster. General Blair haring been rejected as Tax Collector at .'t Louis, isn’t llke’y 10 be con firm. das Minister. He is now slumping Connec ticut for the Democratic ticket. THE ADJOURNMENT QUESTION. The change of front ou the adjournment qncs tlon made by both branches or Congress this toomlup, took Democrats and outsiders by snr piisc. A Jeiv words will explain the matter. It app< are that two or three prominent gentlemen call* d «<n i* t Sicreiary of War last evening, aud luend that he thought, in view ox the possible questions that miglt come np under the Military IJeo'EStruciion would be unwise for Con* frees to tie its own liatids tor nine mouths. The rcpoit of hie opinion was circulated In the proper quarters, and this morning it wa« reinforced bya Eteti ment that General Gram held the same Tjcwa tf the situation. The latter visited the Capitol about nooit,acd was on the floor of the House jnei before action was taken on Mr. Pchenck'e resolution, and it may be said that he thet suggested to more than one gentleman, that a provision should be made for getting Congress together on one or two specified days before next December, If it was deemed advisable to re-as- semble when those days trrired- The Scbenck. revolution baring been passed. the Senate thought best not to lake farther action to-dar. *tet there shonld eecm to be a dead lock, warrant ing the interference ol the President, and accord li-glylbe tnatier treat over till to-morrow. An' cite i Is making this even lug to reach aconcla* nor on the wnole subject that toll be satisfactory i o the leading gentlemen of both branches. EXT cum CAS CAUCUS. The joint caucus of Republican Congressmen he’d this evening, was railed at the instance of Senator Wilson arid, others, to organize, as was inhmated in this correspondence last night, for. the political campaign daring the summer and Jail throughout the country, and especially in the Southern States. General Banks acted as Chair man, and Representatives Hays tndiKcrry as Sec retaries. Senator Wilson unfolded his views at some length, and expressed hlcaself as very eaa gnine that three-fourths of the Southern Con gressional Districts can, with proper effort, be carried for the Republicans. Other gentlemen also spoke of the necessity of work In the South, and It was resolved to reach all see tionß with documents. If possible. The only business done was to appoint a General Congres sional Executive Committee of one from each Stale, which is as follows: Maine, Senator Mor rill ; Sew Hampshire, Representative Ela; Ver mont, Senator Morrill X Massachusetts, Rvpresen live Ames; Connecticut, Senator Ferry; Rhode Island, Senator Sprague; New York, Senator Morgan; New Jersey, Representative Halsey: Pennsylvania, Representative Kelley; Maryland, Representative Thomas; West Virginia, Repre sentative Hubbard; Ohio, Representative Scbcnck: Indiana, Representative Coburn; Michi gan, Senator Chandler; Illinois, Representative Logan; Missouri, Representative McClcrg; lowa, Representative Allison; Minnesota, Representa tive Wmdom; Wisconsin, Representative Paine; Enoses. Representative Clark; Nebraska, Sena tor Thayer; Nevada, Senator Nye; Callrna, Sen ator Cosncss; Oregon, Senator Williams; Ten nessee, Senator Fowler. The committee will meet to-morrow to perfect its organisation, ap point its own Executive Committee, and decide upon a plan for the camoaign. AK EXPLOITATION. WAPimrcTON. March 25.- Senator Wilson, In a letter to John M- Waskom, of Texas, relative to thercconstictioolaw,says; *‘ln reply to your question 4 Docs tbe law. as It now exists, dlslraa- Si sc the rank and file of soldiers who bad never tttKcn an oath to snpjrort the Constitution ol tnc United States T I have to say that it does not dkfnmcblse them. The Constitutional amend ment disqualifies from bolding offices certain persona who bad taken oath to support the United JJtates; and then engaged m rebellion or gave aid and comfort to u. This class of peraons are disfranchised, and all other persons are entitled to vote. SOUTBZUX BELIEF. A meeting was held at Assembly's Church to ds v, to take measures for southern relief. A''out fit teen clergymen were present. Committees were appointed and other business transacted wiih a visa* to concert ol action. JEFF. SATIS. Tho President lias been .urged by prominent Republicans nnu others to release Jeff. Davie npyu his own recognizance, because there is no pr< *pect of ChitV Justice Chase bolding a court In Virginia, so long as that State Is under the con trol or the mlll'ary authorities, be Deeming it be neath the dignity of a Judge of the Supreme Court to prestce m a district under such control. There ts a good reason for saying that witbio the utit ttndays Davis will he released upon htsovm recognizance, to answer when called upon. CONFUtaiATION AST) SEJXCTIOK. Wafuikgton. March 25. —The Senate, to Execu tive session 10-doy, confirmed the nomination ol Benjamin Fimp ß on as I'-dian Agent for Oregon, ar il rejected Janes S. Hunt as collector of Inter nal Revenue for the Ninth District of Kentucky. IHTEBNAL BEVENUB BECEIPTS. Internal Revenue receipts last week amounted to over two millions. EDUCATION ronTUB SOUTH. 1 here fr a large and rapidly increasing party to the derate wbo will be unwilling to vote lor the aomfcslon of any rebel State that docs not pro vloe for the education of its people. Commodore James Alden has received prepare toiy rrdets to take command of the United states Minnesota on a special cruise to tbe Med- ric.iurj tiuiiUWtaviiaci'VWßib.uuc iu tut iii^u iterranean nvxt June, taking such of the gradua ting Class ol midshipmen as are not required for oiler vessels. STATUE 07 C STEP All SCOTT. VTAsms ctos, Match 25.—A. special order of the War Department, dated SJi. refeie the whole sub ject of a statue of Genera! Bcott, to a commission cun irtlng oi Brevet Major Generals E. Scbrtver and J. li. Bernes, Brevet Brigadier Generals C. B. Tomphins, N. Mcchlcr, and Brevet Lieutenant CoionelL. J. Treadwell. COSGBESSIOJiAL PROCEEDINGS. Wasbihqtox, March S 3. SENATE. Mr. WILSON movid that the Secretary be or dered to request the House to return the rcsolu tio'.i for adjournment, 'nrh a view to a reconsider -lion of the vote by which it passed the Senate. Mr. v'TLSON explained that he wished, if possi ble, to fix a day between now ami December on winch Congress mig&t be called together if neces sary. 'i ut motion was agreed to. Mr. CHANDLER, irom the Committee on Com- meice, reported a resolution authorizing the head oi the Engineer Corps to employ five civil engi ne* rs in the work of surveying and Improving the northwesters nvcis and harbors. Passed. Hr. NYE presented a memorial of the Grand Council of the Union league of Maryland, asking that tbe provisions of the Military Reconstruction Bill be extended to Maryland. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. BBEHMAN, Irom the Finance Committee, reported a bill authorizing the emplovment of ad ditional examiners in tbe patent office, not ex ceeding four of each class, or twelve in all. The section in tbe House Bill creating the office of So timer of Patents, and a (bird section increasing tbe Examiners of Patents were recommended by the committee to be stricken ouL After debate tbe second and third sections were stricken out, and the bill passed. Mr. SHERMAN reported from the Committee on Finance a joint re. olution providing that— Wqeuzas, There are now in tbe hands of tbe Pressure r of tbe United States, or Areut of the Xr* usury Department, several millions of dollars, the proceeds or property captured during the re bellion, which is under control of the Secretary of Hu Treasnrr. and, as it now stands, may be dis port d of In settling tbe claims preferred by the alleged tormer owners of said captured property without tbe sanction of Congress; and, Wheexas. It is considered proper that such claims should not be settled and naid without first receiving the approval of Congress; there lore. Hr salt id, That all monies thus held by the Treasurer of tbe United States shall at once be conveyed by a warrant into the United States In aenrr, only to be drawn by authority of law. Mr. MORTON said ibis >lll proposed to legis late into law (he very principle which forms the basis «f the Alabama claims. To nass it n>w would be to stultify American legislation before the world. It would put it into tbe bauds of tbe pettiest nation in tbe world to make war upon the commerce of the greatest. Qu motion of Mr. SHERMAN it was postponed until Di-c rnber. Mr. CHANDLER moved that the Senate take up ibe till to allow American citizens to sell ves sel*. of war to friendly bcl gerenta. Vr, SUMNER hoped it would not be taken up. Sir. CHANDLER sooke at some Isng b in favor of ibe bill, saying be" was willing to letthe Ala bama claims rest for tbe present- He would be content to tike land on the Northern frontier. Be eaid Great Britain bad ceased to commaudiUe ierj ectof the civilized world. Tbe bill "enow pre coted was purely commcicial in its character and there ought to he no objection to it. Feeding the consideration of ibis subject, Mr. WIOON asked and ©blamed permission to re port a joint resolution authorizing the Command ing General ot the army to permit ’ra-ters to re main at certain posts 'or the accommodation of persons crossing the Plains. The resolution passed. Mr. CONNESS introduced a hill to Incorporate the Lincoln Mon omen I Association of the District orcolnmhta. Bslerrcd to the Committee ou the District ofColumbia- Mr. CONNEBS introduced a resolution calling npon the Secretary of the Interior for mtormitlou as to the cause of the suspension of work on the Pacific Railroad, and what further legislation was ncceseary to secure a speedy completion of the .Pacgx * liaGroad westward from Omaha. Adopted. Mr. CAMERON introduced a resolution direct ing the rfstrtbntion of £50,000 worth o' seeds among tLe people of the rebel Slates Its present coLfJderation was objected to by Mr. FESSEN DEN, and it goes over. Mr. MORRILL introduced a resolution, which war agteed to, directing the eoznmlssiouer on In dian Affairs to inquire into and report upon the eixcdiescy of removing the Indians now in the states lb the Indian Territory. Mr. NYE Introduced a bill to amend tbe organic act ot Colorado Territory by providing that the sections of Us Legislature shall be biennial, and that the members ol said Legislature shall receive six dollars per day. Immediate consideration was o'4-’Cted to. The House resolution for adjournment was re- ferrco to tbe Judiciary Committee. The Senate went into executive cession and soon aojounied. HOUSE. Bills were Introduced as follows; hy Mr. UWRENCE, of Ohio, for the rcorgan ixauon cl the Judiciary; also, a bill to provide a emporary government tor toe Territory of Lin coln. Beierred to the Committee on Territories. Also, a bill to irlvc construction to the acta of Jar nary 20th, IbW, and March 3d, IbW, and limit the pay of officers' servants. Referred to the Committee on Military. Alto, a Hill to repeal the act authorizin': (he Seen tary of the Treasury to retire ? 1,000.000 trom circulation monthly, Referred to Committee of the Whole. By Mr. EGGLESTON, providing for the neces earv servers lor a ship canal around the Fall: of the* Ohio Hirer. liefcrrcd to the Committee on Commerce. , „ , By Mr. KERR, to authorize and require the ad ministration of oaths in certain cases, and puulsh Serjcry in connection therewith. Referred to the nciclary. Cv Mr. INGERSOLL, to construct a ship canal fiom the Mississippi Hirer to Late Michigan. Rc.errcd to the Committee on Roads and Canals. To provide for the erection of a bnildlmr in Pe nrfa, Ulltois. lor the accommodation of the Post office ana internal Revenue Offices. Reierrtd lo ttc Post Office committee. Bv Mr. PILE, to establish a National Bureau of Intmaccc referred to the Judiciary. Mr. IAWKENCE, of|Ohio, introdneed a Mil to rcoiiflniio the Judiciary Rclerred lo the Judici ary Ccmmitt-v. The bill abolishes the Circuit Con:ta ol the Uniteo States, and calcs Courts of App-als. Tne District courts arc lo take the jutitdlc lon now exercis'd by circuits, and Courts '■i Appeals arc lo be helo by one Judge of the supreme Court and by District Judges, with appelate Jurisdiction from District Courts ana oric-’cal jurisdiction in admiralty cases. By Mr. FERRY, various joint resolotloas of the Micsigau LerMatorc as follows: For an act to secure the speedy construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad; calling attention to the national importance ol fortifying Mackinac 'slcud; for the construction of a railroad from , Menominee to Houghton; for pension* losnrvl voit of the W-rof 1612, and the widens of those who died from April let, IPCS; for an elective protective taiid* on copper, iron, lumber, salt, i!ns and coal. . . l>r Mr. UIVON, a joint resolution of toe Michi gan Legislature, for an appropriation to improve ilic harbor at the mouth ot the South Black Uivcr. lUTcirid lo the CoumlUee on Commerce. Br Mr. SCOFIELD, to authorize the Sccrc'ary of the Treasury to prescribe rules and i cento tionofor the registry of ccrain vessels built for use in the Wos'eru and Northwestern lake?, on payment of the internal revenue lax on the mate riatF used in their construction. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. By Mr. WASHBURNE/of Wisconsin, lo author ize the Nontbern Minnesota Railroad Company to and maintain a bridge over the Missis sippi Hirer. Referred. BvMr. SAWVER. a memorial of the Wiscon sin fora branch extension of roads between Fort Howard, Wisconsin, and Port Well- Uvip, Michigan. Referred to the Committee on Public Lanas. By Mr. UOPEINS.a memorial of the Wiscon pjd Leclplomre in rcfereiccto a Ship Canal to con nect (be Mlffiisslpj)! River nUn the waters of Lake Michigan. Referred to Committee oo Commerce. By »t. BCRLEIun, u bill sranUnp land to aid In the ct instruction of certain railroads in UaUo tab Ternioiy. Referred to Committee on i’nblic Lane*' oBflS- _ By Air. ASHLEY, of Ohio, nn act to chanze the location of the capita! of Montana Tcmtoxy. Passed. 'ihe following resolutions were Introduced: By Air. £ f ’KLEY. a joint resolution to pay George Wasbbnrxe M',B:JB.y7, tor his share of the oroc-cde of fie seizure ot property in Nashville, Tei iiesscc. under the Conhscanon Act. i:y jIr.TA'WHKNCE, of Ohio, a resolution directing the Committee on Claims to ascertain v.bcihcr a claim Comrolt'e* of the'War Depart roent 1« allowing claims with authority of law. A«» ■< d 10. ... Br Air SCHENCK, fl concurrent resolution timt each Donee aball adjourn the prescat session at noon on the 2Stn of Marcd-tp assemble on the flr: t Wcuuofdav ol Alar, first Wednesday in J one, lint Wednesday in & pi-ni’jer. and first Weanes day In November next, unless the President ortho reijateaud the S'pea'icr 01 the shall, by joliit proclamation, ten days before either of'hose dates, declare there is no occasion lor tho meet* i' g of Conrresa at such tune. Adopted—yea*, I Ba; nays, M. „ . [ 'the SPhAEEB presented a letter from 21. A. S VOL. XX. Smythe. Collector of New York, requesting that be be allowed to appear br counsel before the Committee on Public Expenditures and produce witnesses in his own defence. Mr. RANDALL offered a resolution to grant the i'hialiy, the rules were suspended and a resolu tion was offered and adopted, yeas 86, nays 85. Mr. WILSON, of lowa, offered a resolution, di recting the Clerk of tbe Bouse to present to the Secretary of State the Supplementary Reconstruc tion Bill passed last Saturday over the veto. Adopted. Mr. PILE, introduced a joint resolution author izing the Secretary of War to bnild two dredge boat*, for nse at the mouth of the Mississippi. Passed. , Air. LOGAN Introduced a concurrent resolution directing that all amounts ot money not esti mated tor or asxed by tbe Navy Department, lor the fiscal year ending June 80lh. 1868, and now nnder the control of the Navy Department, be conveyed to the Treasury of the Untied States. Mr. Logan slated that tbe secretary of the Navy asked in bis last report to Congress to do this very thing, stating that bo had turner his con trol unexpended tja l ances omountiog to £{‘B,ooo,ooo, accumulated from the sale of different articles, and £18,000,000 appropriated In the last naval appropriation bill, making an aggregate of £117,094.000 acquired by the department. This resolution was simply to have tbe money con veyed into 'he Treasury Department. After con eidciable discussion the Joint resolution passed. Mr. THOMAS presented amomoiial from tbe members of the General Assembly of Maryland, asking the Immediate consideration by Congress ot the condition of public affalraln that State; alto, resolutions of the Graud Union League. Or dered printed. _ . „ . . On motion of Mr. STEVENS, tbe Senate Ap propriation Bill to supply the deficiency .fund of the Senate, was taken irom the Speaker's table. Mr. SI EVENS moved an amendment adding an appropriation for the ealanea of the Commission *t ot Education and nis clerks, £8,400. and for the furniture and stationery of bla office, 16,000. : Agreed to. ’The suction making It the duty of the Secretary ofSie'e, on receiving notice of the designation by the deck ol the Home of the newspapers selected for tbe publication of the laws and treaties of the United Stabs, to furnish promptly authentic copies ihcrool.prondcd it shall be lawful to pub lish them in three newspapers In Louisiana, was agreed to and the Dili was passed. . 'the House proceeded to the consideration o bneinres on the tpcaker'a table, and disposed thereof as follows: The Senate bill declaring badges over toe Mis souri River at Si. Charles, Missouri; over tbe 7.1 iEsissippi River near Louisiana, Missouri; and over the Mississippi River near Leavenworth, Kan sas. legal structure* and poslioads. Air. LOAN offered an amendment providing that for tbe bnrtcc at Leavenworth, authorityaball first l-e obtained tnxa the States of Missouri and Kansas. Mr HOLMAN moved to refer the bill and amendment to tbe Committee on Commerce. Agreed to—s 3 to 83. ... 1 ne Senate Joint resolution prohibiting persons in the diplomatic service of the United States from wearing uniforms not previously authorized bJ M °sBbENCK opposed and Mr. JUDD favored the revelation. Mr. CUVODE moved as an amendment to add the following: Trovidfd, Thai diplomatic agents *hall not he permitted to wear any court dress ex cept such as shall he prescribed, and the patterns drawn by tbe chief tailor of the nation, who is now presiding o»er Its destinies. The SPEAKER ruled promptly that the amend ment was not in order. Ul, L. AS liW. 11l V. MV* . Mr. NOELL suggested as an amendment that the nniiorm shall consist of a cocked hat, looped up with American Eagle; swallow-Uilcd coat, with stats and stripes on the tall: balleruut pan taloons; close-fitting yellow stockings, with gaiters c la Franklsn;buc\ifikln vest, one side black and one side white; Ac. [laughter.] Ihe amendment was ruled out of order. Mr. PKUYN suggested as a substitute that the Secretary of State be authorized to prescribe such uniform as he may deem proper. Mr. BARKS refused to let the amendment be offered. The House seconded the previous question and passed the joint resolution. Mr. DONNELLY ottered the following; Mffdud, That this House express its earnest desire that the people of the Slates lately In rebel lion will. In tbe reorganization of the same, in accordance with existing laws for that purpose, insert In their respective State Constitutions as a prevision requiting the Legislature to cstabiirb asvaemol free schools, which shall afford ade qua e opportunity for public education to all dill crct) ol the Slave. Adopted. Adjourned. FROM SFKISGFIELD. Personal—Article* of Association Filed -city politics—Aid for the SimUiem UtMhuie. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! bpnrNariiXD. 111., March 25. Governor Oglesby and General Hayuie returned last night from Kentucky. They report the pros pects of the Radical party in that Stale hopeful, with a prospect of ultimate success in carrying ihe Ur ion ticket. The Governor left for Chicago to-day, to be absent from the capital ten days. Articles of association of tbe Centralis Sharp of Cen'.ralia, Hi., were nled In the Sec retary of State's office to-day* The American Mi'tnal Health Insurance Company, of Chicago, also fated an acceptance of tneir charter. The Union Convention to nominate Mayor and other candidates for ibe city election, will be bebi here on Thursday evening. The collection for tbe relief of tbe starving nccplc in tbe South, taken at St Paul’s Church in ibis city, yesterday, amounted to £3UO. On Saturday nigbl a fire occurred iu the Amer can House block, but was soon extinguished with but slightdamage to tin.*building. . SriUNorau). 111., March 25. —On the first Mon day in June next a Judge and Clerk of the Su preme Court for ibe Second Grand Dixlaion of (fate State are to be elected. Judge Walker and Wildest A. Turney arc the present incumbents. Jut ge Walker was first appointed to this position by Governor Bleecll, upon the res gnatlon of Jbd”c Skinner, and afterwards In June, 1653, elected by the people for the fall term of nine years. Judge Turney was elected m June, 1539. andatterwaidsin 1861, without opposition- Both are cow candidates for re-election. Other names areolro mentioned. Among the candidates for clerk Is Capiatu T. H. Tyndale, son of our Secre tary of stale, whose war recoid Is a proud one. FROM INDIANAPOLIS. Injunction AgalnM (lie Sale or Certain ■\Vlne»—Wort of the Yonng men’s Clitia Jan Association—Bistort—.mur derer Incarcerated- Judicial Appoint ment* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Isr.iArrArous, March S 3. The successors of Nicholas Longworth, in the wine business, on Saturday died an application with Judge limes, of the Circuit Court, asking an injunction against Solomon Kaufman, a dealer of till? city. restraining him from selling a spuri ous biand of wines, bearing an imitation of hongworth’s labels. Ihe latter are certainly very cleverly executed, and much like the genuine. 'I he injunction was at once granted. Mr. Kauf man puichased the spurious wine In New York, and is doubtle-a entirely Innocent of any fraudu lent intent. He baa several cases of the wine on land, bet is willing to deliver them up to be de stroyed. He has also promised to furnish tbe names of the New York dealers. The Young Men's Christian Association are holding meetings with tbe various churches of the city ou successive Sabbath evenings. Last evening they met with tbe First Baptist Church. Various addresses were made and a large collec tion was taken up) in aid of tbe Association's traasmy. Tin* home for abandoned women, recently established by the Association, is prov ing to te a success. - Bistort plays Mary Stuart to-night, at the Metro politan Theatre. Owt thirteen hundred dollars’ work of tickets have been sold for the occasion. Ihe Judge of The Criminal Court bas overruled the mourns foranew trial and in arrest of judg ment in the case of Howard btre'chtr, and ren dercdjndgmtst upon Ihe verolct. The Sheriff will leave with him to-night for tbe prison at Michigan Cny. where he will serve out his two years term of imprisonment. Governor Baker has appointed Hon. James Park Judge ol tbe Twenty-third Common Pleas District, ties D. P. Vinton, resigned. FBO3I LOUISVILLE. Theatrical—A Horrible mystery—A Box JiUcoTcrcd Filled with Human Bodies in a Dissected State—Politi cal) Ac. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Louisville. March 25. The new theatre was opened to-night with great refer. The house was lammed, and there was great enthusiasm. George D. Prentice’s address wat> recited by Miss Augusta Dugan, and ap plauded tremendously. At the close Mr, Prentice ■ enured from tbe box thanks to tbe audience. Tbe play ot Money went off' admirably. At the close tbe favorite actress was called before the curtain. The theatre was pronounced beautiful and convenient. £x President Fillmore has been requested to deliver an oration on unveiling tbe statue of Henry Cls on the idth rf April. It is anticipated that ue will accept. Geo. D. Preat'eo has prepared a poem lor the occasion. A sensation was produced last evening by the discovery by hoys, in duck shootilg on a pond six miles below the city, of a large dry goods box iloatlng in tbe centre of the pond. Circumstaces were so suspicious that Coroner Moore was sum moned, who found that the large box had been snnk hy a rope and heavy weight, but became ex posed by tbe receding water. With mules the pox was haul d ashore, and tbe horrors exposed. Inside the large bos was a ?jnnlltr one packed with unman hones and tkullp. Within the smaller wera further skeletons and bemon remains, not decomposed. Altogether three males and one female, one bead was un touched as sewed no in a hog with the features ,Elect, ibe other parts of the bodies exhibited no decay. The Jury returned a verdict that the bodies were those ofnegroee, and that they were tom some dissecting table of parties unknown, fbe atTair is shrouded in mystery, and it is diffi cult 10 persuade the people (bat there has not ixtn a ionl murder committed, though tbe ro tu;iln« aie evidently subjects of some anatomical society. It seems to he settled that Judge Underwood will i>e the Conservative candidate for Governor, and Charles H. Wadsworth, Lieutenant-Governor. , it is conceded to be a strong ticket. FKO3I KASIITIUiE. Retributive Justice—Political matters— Kisntnptfoii ofUoilroad Business. [Special Despatch lo tbc Chicago Tntmnc.J Nashville, March 85. Some weeks since George Ryan, a prominent Union man, was murdered In Triune, Tennessee, In cold blood, for political sentiments, by George Waller. This forenoon Walter was lonnd lying dead on the road, not tar from his house, pierced by three hails. He was killed while driving his <owc. One of the Ryans was seen near the place where he fed, and is suspected of the murder in revenge lortbc assassination of bis father. lion. John Trimble announces htmself as can didate for Congress In the Nashville District on a basis oi freedom and nationality. Aieccnt letter from Alabama slates Ibstcol oied in that Slate are rapidly organizing Union Leagues all overtho State. Through freights will pass over the Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad next Thursday. . i be water at Jobnsonvillc has fallen six inches In tn enty-lonr hours. 1 he Labor Question in Blaasacbnaetta, Boston. March2s.—U is stated that theKalionai Mill Spinner*)' Association recently notified the agents and treasurers of some of the cotton and woollen manufacturing establishments In this vicinity that they shall work but ten boars a. day after April Ist. Avan informal meetirg of some treasurers to day, the subject was discussed, and it appeared almost the unanimous opinion tustEUno dictation on the pari of opera tins should he snbmitted to, even It tho mills were compelled to stop. A suspen sion ot maumactuiing at the present Hmn would relieve rather than embarrass owners. The Master Plumbers of this city having notl- fled their workmen on Saturday afternoon that lie eight-hour system, tor a day’s work, would be discontinued after April Ist, the latter Imme diately left work, and to-day the workshops have been nearly all asserted. FEOM SI. LOUIS. municipal Politics—Tbe Weather—' Bone IhlevH at (York. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Lo cis, March 25, The Radical primary elections, held this cvcn- Ing.'arc believed to have resulted favorably to the re-nomination of Mayor Thomas, against whom there Is a greatdcal of bitter opposition. Ho pub lishes a letter in reply to a call to become a cau oidatc, saying tbat If bis name ’hreatens to divide thepary he wished uwithdrawn. The democrat says editorially that Thomas cannot-be elected, and urges the nomination ofanewman. The river has been swelling since Salurday, though tbe weather continues cold and un pleasant. Horse thieves are doing a large business in the suburbs, and the people ore agitating tbe lorma tlon ol a Vigilance Committee. MICHIGAN LEGISLATURE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.] UtoßCio, March 25. Both bouses concluded the entire labors of tho sessional about 9 o'clock. All measures of Im portance were disposed of. The ticnai c passed the following bills: To Incor porate the village of Paw Paw; relative to school bones Win the township of Houghton, Ontona cun County; amending tbe laws relative to mi ners’ liens upon mining property: to provide for tbutm-pccUon of illuminating oils; Incorporat ing a Board of Trustees of tbe Universallst Con vention; levying a specific tax of one per cent on the shares of National Banks; to organize tbe township of Ingallston, Menominee county; pro viding for a State Road to the marble quarries In Menominee County; a bill attaching Washington County to tbe twelfth Judicial Clrcoit,and severe! bills organizing townships inWosbingron County. ’ihe bills passed by the House were ofan Im portant character. MEXICO. Late Advices from the Interior—Move ments of the Opposing Forces—No Im portant Engagement Reported—Maxi milian’s Supposed IntomloDs. Sak Fn as cisco, March 23—Later advices from most portions of Central Mexico are received. Private letter* state that the city of Morelia was occupied by the Liberals on the 17'h of February. Ibc entire stale of ilichoacan is free from Impe rialist troops. On February 251 h. Generals Regnles and Corona left Morelia for Queretaro with u.OUO men, and at list advices bad arrived atCaioya, ten leagues from Qutretaro. The entire liberal force in the vicini ty of (ineretaro is placed under the command of Corona. From Cnernaroca the Ctb, General Alrarer, Senior, writes: “Ilia rumored here that the trai tor General Mender, (bices have been rooted in bat'le by General Kecofedoa* command. Men dez was among the killed. Miramon attempted to elfect a Junction with Mendez 1 forces betoro tbc battle, but wan rooted and lost both legs in tne engacemenl from a cannon ball. 11 Geueia! Poiferio Diaz wael brcateulog the city cf Puebla with (1,000 men under bis command. From the tenor ot a letter received, well in formed parties are confident that there has been no further engagements ol consequence between the contending torccs. It is believed that Maxi rol’ian has concentrated most of bis forces in a body with a view to maklog terms with the Liber al Government prior to evacuating the country. No baltlebctwven any portion of the forces under the direct command of Maximilian, had taken place at last dates, and It was believed that none would occur. A letter from Colima, dated March 10th, says the smalt gai risen from Acapulco landed at San Bias. General Loxsda was sending home the poor victims of misplaced confidence. Here everything U quiet. Trade is Improving. Mexi can dollars are scarce, no conducta having ar rived from the interior. The latest news from the City of Mexico makes us believe that the Empire is about playing oat Maximilian is now making his last effort*, and is actually In wane, in propria persona be bolds Qucretarowltb lU,OOO men against tbe combined frrees o’ Escobedo and other chiefs, who out turn ccr him crniideiably. A report Is current that a bat'le took place a few days ago. In which about 1.000 Imperialists were piaetd /tors du combat. Matauouas, March 10. ria Oattxstos, March 25.—Reports of the Liberal defeat near Queretaro reached here on tbe 12th, and were extensively chculated, but there was no tenth in them. No news of a general engagement was received in Sar. Luis up to the 28tb ultimo. Maximilian, who moved out of Qucrctaro OB the 211 b, bflß returned. lue Liberals bare advanced their Hues within seven miles ol Queretaro, and heavy cans have hern r.cnt to the front (rotn San Lula* Joacez was anil there. . . „ . Humors of an attempted arrangement by Marl* millaii with the Liberals were very rife. Juarez ls_eald to have been deleated and taken Pi ‘ itlfcOLcr atZelaj*. _ Galveston, March 25.—Hfo Grand dates to the Sd ore received giberc Is do change in the posi tion ofuoops at Querelaro. The imperial enp plli s woe scarce. All provisions were seized for the use of the ann.v. "Ihe Imperialists were de serting by companies. Both parties were levy ing heavy taxes on the inhabitants. •Iht Liberals had seized a condncta with 800,000 pieces of silver. Pillaging was going on in all itsUt* of the country. _ Kiw Yobk* March 25.—The steamer Morro Castle from Havana the 20th. has amved. A French steamer from Vera Cruz arrived Just as ?he was leaving. Juarez was at San Lula Poioal, where lie liberals were concentrated. As Imperial force would leave soon, and a de cisive biiUe expected near San Lola. The liberals are closely beslegne Vera Cruz, and were cxchaiur*ng shells with the garrison. • G< ncral CasUsuy arrived at ilataoa on the sth. Bazaiue was expected hourly on the frigate Sol ver iar. FROM SOUTH AMERICA. ,\ ttrlibib War Veasel menaces the President of Cortliacrena Into an Jp»loey-A Confederate officer In the Peruvian Service—lie flan a iTllsun dvntandlos with a United States Naval Commander* New Vojik, March 25.—The Herald's Panama corrcppomlet ce says a British ingatc ap peered oft Cartbagcna on the twenty-seventh of February, ard the Captain addressed a note to the President, Insisting that the British Consul should receive the mails before they were sent to the local Post Office, and that the Prtei'-cnt should apologize for past offences in respect to the matter. The President i var ed undecided answer to these propositions. A war steamer, in the service ofMosqnera. came In -10 the portacd was seized by the Englishman. The demands were reiterated, with threats of taking ether measures in the event of non-com pimtice. ai d the President, fearing bombardment, succumbed and apologized, promising to do better in (be future. Lima letters slate Ibal the unpopularity of Pres ident Prado is made msotfcei by the mutinies of hoops. The obnoxious poll tax recently levied has neen suspended. Buckcr. the Confederate Admiral of the Peru vian Navy, has resigned. The question of religious freedom la being ag itated. Uhe United States steamer Pensacola had ar rived at Callao. . A Valparaiso letter says the question of a truce with Spain was definitely rejected by Peru. The mediation offered by the United Stales was still under consideration. The serious obstacle tolls ac ceptance, was a recent misunderstanding between Admiral Tucker and Captain Stanley, ol the United States steamer Tuecarora. owing to which the usual courtesies between Peru and the United Scales had been suspended. General Kilpatrick was trying to straighten the entanglement. IheTJmted states steamer Dakotah was at "Val paraiso. FROM SEff YORK. General Sherman to irfokc a Foreign Tour—Action of the Trustee* of the Peabody Educational Fund. New York, March 25.—General Sherman baa expressed a desire and Intention. If be can obtain leave of the President and General Grant, to no on Captain Duncan's excursion to the Holy Land, which in to sail in June next. General Sherman will take with him Lis daughter Minnie. The Peabody Educational Fund Trustees have finished their session. Tbe whole subject of iroet was discussed. uucb »ap uiobuco.u. From Iho Committee on Investigation and In quiry, a report was made hy Bishop Mcllvalnc, that for the present tbe promotion of primary or common school education by the now existing or other agencies, be tbe leading object to aid. The design of a normal school education to prepare teachers will be favored, and scholarships en dowed in tbe now existing Southern halls of learning. The application of science to industrial pur suits will be another purpose of the trustees. Rev. Dr. Sears, of Brown University, was elect ed us the Chairman, and is to appoint an Execu tive Committee of five to carry out with tbe Gen eral Agent tbe views of tbe Board. The next an nual meeting will take place in this city on the third of June, and the Chairman authorised to call meeting? at the will of the Executive Com mittee* The Board agreed to meet In Richmond on the ihlrd Tuesday ofJonoary. The Executive Committee comprises Messrs. MUUkin, Alkln, Evarta, Graham, Eaton, and the Chaiiman tX'Ojflcio of tbe.commlitee was appoint ed to obtain an act of incorporation from the New York Legislature. . . , Samuel Wetmore was appointed Treasurer, subject to tbe concurrence of the Finance Com mittee. moat Cincinnati. A Heartrending Casualty—A Blotter and Two Children Drowned—A me chanic murdered. Cincinnati, March 25 —Mrs. W. O. Brain, who lives et Errst Malion. near this city, went yester day morning lo iho residence of her fatner, on. a neighboring hill, taking with her two of berfonr children, a blind Ctrl of three years and an Infant of eight months. In the kitchen of the bontc of Mr. Dyer, there is a cistern with a trap-door, and Into this tbc Mind child accidently fell. Her screams imme diately attracted the mother to the spot, and she, tutCe delirium of her iright and grief, is sup posed to have fallen In bead first, with the infant in her arms, in her efforts to rescue tbc other child. When tuo people of the bouse reached the r-ccnc ot this hcarr-renclng affair, the mother and her two children were dead—all drowned together. 7he husband and father of these un fortunates is now absent from the clly, in Memphis. Two mechanics, named Conley and Mackey, be came embroiled ou Front street, yesterday, and the latter cat bis companion s tnroat with a pen kullc, kilting him almost instantly. The mur derer w as arrested. PBOM CAKADA. Railroad material Ordered—A Fenian Banner and Us Effect, Ottawa, March 25.—Eight thousand ton* of rails have been ordered from England to repair the Greed Trunk Bailroad track. The appearance of a Fenian banner in the pro cession on SL Prtrick's day la etilJ causing much ccmactt. The petition presented to the Mayor to inquire into the matter has been relcmd to tho Solicitor General. TBOM MEMPHIS. Foilore of the Tennessee National Bank—Steamboat Accident. Unarms, March 25.—The Tennessee National Bank, George It. Balter, President, has been nlaccd in the bands of a Receiver, individual dciufitoreart’ kale, but It is understood that tho stale of Tennessee loses heavily. 'i be Luminary run beiselt through sixty miles abere bcie on talaiday night, she transferred CHICAGO. TUESDAY. MARCH 26. 1867. her trip to tho Motile Able, tad has gone to St. Luma wr repairs- Narrow Escape from a Blot Ist Albany. Albast, March 25.—There was considerable ex citement to-day at the railroad 1 ferry, to eonse. queues of s difficulty between the proprietors of toe Soulh Ferry and the officers of the Westomo Boston Railroad. The lerry proprietors purchased the land adjoining the ferry slip used by the rail road company, and said company not having re moved the bridge and other property attached within tho specified time, the propriefora denied their right to take It away. The railroad folks, however, brought a large party to the spot and re moved tho bridge by force. At onetime a serious riot was threatened, the crowd being targe and various weapons drawn, but, alter aliew arrests, quiet was restored. Xbo Weather. ", Caiuo, March 25.—The river fell-five Inches. The weather is cloudy, with a light rain since dark. Thermometer 44. Business good. St. Joseph, Mo., March 25 —Another snow etoim this afternoon, with mercury below the freezing point. _ . . PixTsßunou, March 25.—The weather Is cloudy and cold, with a light fall of snow or sleet In the morning. . . St. Louis. March 25.—Tbe weather has alter nated between clond and sunshine the past two days, with a hard frost laatnlgbt, To-da> has.been mild, aud to-night scow is falling with a iatr pros pect of tftin. General Loncaircet on Kcconaiructlon. New Yonx, March. 25.—The ex-rebel General LorgsUect has expressed his opinions on ihe re construction plan, in the columns of the New Or leans Times. He says there ts no humiliation attached to an acceptance of tbe terms proposed by ( oppress, and he has no reason to doubt that such an acceptance, in good faith, will secure the re-admission ot tbe Southern States. The Cental System, Detuoit. March 25.—The Board of Trade has abandoned tbe cental system to consequece of the acuou of neighboring cities- Oswego, March 25.—Tbe Board of Trade has re solved not 10 adopt lUeccn'ol system until it is pul In practical operation in the markets of New Vctk, Chicago aud Milwaukee. Horrible murder. Portland, Me., March 23.—Geo. Rolfe, aged thlny-flve, wan murdered Sunday morning in ton William’s House, Folmonth, by Eben Williams, aged twenty-one. wbo shot him through thubcsrl with a rifle and torn ent oft his heart with an axo. Williams is an imbecile nnder guardianship. Negro Suffrage In Connecticut. Meriden, CL, March 23.—A colored man was to-day admitted to registry as a freeman by the Hopiiollcan Board of RegUiers of this town, and declared entitled to vote. There Is much excite ment in consequence. Fires. Astoria, N. Y., Marco 25.—A large fire is raging to-nistat. 'fhe Odd Fellows’ Hall is in flames, and toe fire threatens to extend. Biistok, March 25.—Jtrims G. Tucker's dry roods store was destroyed by fire this evening.

Loss, £40,000; insured for f2r,OCU. €auglit a Tartar. PoTTSTttix, Pa., March 25.—0 n Friday niebt five Irishmen attacked the boose of Pat Gallagher, near Shenandoah city, intending to rob Galla gher. ibe latter fired on them, killing one and wounding another. The wounded mania in jail. TILE DELEVAK TRAGEDY. Reprieve of the Murderer TPUUamson on the Day Appointed for Hl* Exe cution—Disappointment of the Popu lace—Exciting Threats of Violence— The Murderer’s Confession—Arrest of Supposed Accomplices. [Prom Ihc Peoria (111.) Democrat, March 23.1 The execution of Thomas Andrew William ton, for the murder of Charles Koch, in July last, near Delcvan, Tazewell County, was sot for Friday, the 22d instant. Rumors had been afloat that all applications for Execu live clemency had failed, and that the exe cution would certainly take place according to the sentence. On the previous evening it was stated that a reprieve had been granted, but was not generally regarded os having any good foundation, and a largo number of pci eons assembled, probably five or six iliousand, to sec the dying struggles of the victim of the law. The cars ol the Peoria, Pekin & Jacksonville Railroad were filled as they were never filled before, and Peoria turned out a crowd to witness the spectacle thot only such an occasion could get to aether. About nine o’clock, while the streets wore filled with the unxlons expectants, a procla mation was issued by Sheriff Myers, ol Pe kin, conveying to them the unwelcome in telligence that a reprieve had been granted the condemned man until the 21st of June not. Several threats were heard in the crowd that the execution should take place, il not according to law, In defiance of it, ana it was feared at one time that violence might be invoked to work out the programme. But better counsels prevailed, and no out break occurred. The officers were on the alert, and special policemen were ready to act, bat, fortunately, their aid was not need ed. The crowd did not disperse until night, and theu some of them went off with the air of men who had been defrauded of a valuable privilege. The gallows had been erected on the east side of the jail. It was a rough concern, con* tlstlng of a platform about twelve feet square. With ft drop three ondabalfleet square, and two uprights aud a cross beam supi ortlng a hook about seven feet above the plultoim. This was the subject of much ctu loslty, and tender looking women anxious to see how the thing worked, for that purpose crowded upon it, under it, and over it. it stood until lute in the afternoon, when it was taken downwind store in the cellar for future use. The prisoner was notaware that a reprieve had been granted, until about noon, though it vaguely hinted to him that such a thing was possible by his spiritual adviser. When be "us informed of the arrival of the reprieve he burst into a passion of tears, and wept forscvctol minutes before he could ar ticulate a word. When the first burst of feeling Lad subsided, he exclaimed 4 T am very glad.” lie has made a fall and complete confes sion, which we give below from his own manuscript. It Inculcates three other per sons, Abraham Sldvcler, his mother, Mrs. Shivclcr, and Milo Usrcourt or U&rkett. The confession is In some degree corrobo rated by the confession of the parties above named, since their arrest, as*de from the part which criminates tlum docs not vary very materially from the facts solicited through the testimony on the trial. The old lady smokes her pipe aud seems com fortable in her narrow home. No examina tion of these newly arrested parties has yet been had. hut that matter (till be gone into □ext neck, or as soon as the testimony can be Collected. • TOE COXFIFSIOX. Along in Jnnc, about the middle of the month, Abe (buiTelci)camu out Into Oarver’a Held to see me when 1 wa» hoeing c:rn. lie wanted me to ectne to his house to make a bargain with him to maio seme money without working lor it. Be raid he did not like to work no bow. X told him be had better go to work for somebody. Be wci.t oft Id about two weeks. Abe came hack to see me again, In the east field, where X was plowing corn, lie said that XJarconrt (one ot those now under arrest,) bad seen a man with money, and they were going to try to get it. X acta, “how are you going to get it?” “Bar conn Isbolng to play cares with him for it,and be\unt‘you to come and play with him. Be thlrta that yon and him can get It.” J said to Abe tba* X would not play cards with any man tor rooi.ev, a*'d that I did not wont my lather and moiberto know that X played cards. Abe went away again; on Sunday, the first of July, he came hack to sec me again; ho sold that Dauonrl had ibe night picked out to “ make a mite," if I would come and meet him and Bar court there; 1 said to Abe, “where Is that f” He said at the Dutchman's—old Charley's—on the iSth night of .July; 1 said that I worked very ham; that Sam Carver was head-ovcr-heelein weeds; Abe said I need lose no time, for they were going to do it after night; I told turn I need ed test of nights, for 1 forked very hard; he said ho wished 1 would promise to meethlm and Bar- com t there on that night; I told him that X would not meet him there on that occasion. Abe went oft again ; X stayed there and worked forGarverthe Ibth; it was raining; I asked Carver if I could lose lhat day ; be said he aid not care, if 1 would come in the morning and help him haul in bla bay; 1 asked Garver if he would Jeti/iC have ten or twelve dollars; he said be bad money, bnt allowed to pay it out on Monday: 1 told him if be would let me have some 1 would give him fifly dollars when 1 came back; he gave me tome money; I was fixing to go away; the Dutchmen told me to hold on a minute, and we both went oQ’together: stopped in the Dutch man’s home about ten minutes, and then went to Bckvan. and stayed most ail day; X etaned to go to Carver's, and when 1 got <hat for it was nearly night; I told him I would stay ail night if be would wake me early, so 1 could goto Carver's to work; X got supper, and wo talked after supper for two hours, waen in came Darcomt; wc three eat there talkfrg about - , when in came Abe. They fixed a place to play cards, and eat down around iU They wanted me to play. I told them I vs as too drunk to play. They did not play. They moved their seats to the stove and set there. I tumbled about an hour, and lolii the Dutchman 1 would He down. 1 took one ot his blankets and laid down on it, and went to sleep. They waked me by tbclr fuss. Abe had the Dutchman in the cast Korn holding him there, and Uarcoart ham mering him with the flatiron. Sometimes be would miss him and fait the bouse. Tccy got mo waked by that bitting on (be house. I said, “Boys, what are you doing S” Baicourt said the Dutchman tried to shoot him. Ho said he would kill mo. As soon as they got the Dutchman killed Abe stepped hack to the fctove and got the ha'chci and broke in his head ; Barcourt eatu to Abo. «rve mo the hatchet, he vonldluli me; Abe uej.ticd in between us and told him not to kill me for that I was his aiiu iuiu uiui "... wt, iui iuiit a »oa u.s cousin: Harcourt said he would not do it if I would nolo to hide the body and stay with them -111 the thing was accomplished ; Harcourt asked where we should pm it; Abu proposed to put it under tbc tioor: be got the spade, took up the floor and dugabolc; Harcourt andl then dragged the body to the bole; Uicy got a rubber blanket and we then wrapped him up and threw him into the hole; Abe fixed the floor on him; Harcourt said we will ecc how much money wo can find; ho went to the trunk, gotlbe pocket book and counted the money; there was $35 or s£6; he tali to Abe. ihu is your part— ihatwasflO; hcfuidto me. here is your part, and (hat was $5; Abe said, let n? be in a hurry so we can get home belore daylight; Harcourt want ed to tnow when wc should meet: Abe said, I wil meet Andrew In Hopedale ou Sunday; Har conrt said that will do; Abe went away; Har conrt tied I went to the stable and fed the mules, and wbileihoy were eating we harnessed them: wc fben hitched them to toe wagon and started towards Uarcourt’s house. • * • • I .rent to Bloomington and got in with some showmen and staid with them until Millwcr and some one else am-sted me. They took me to Springfield and pm me in jail, They acted the mun with me. And am 1 to sutler for oil this alone f God forbid it. It was done by whiskey and card?. Thomas Andhew Williamson. prcueli Iron-ciad» to Visit New Lon don and Newport. The Navy Department has been informed by Commodore Winslow, commanding the Gulf squadron, ol the intention of Rear Ad miral Baron dc la Rowerun lo Mouny to vis it Newport and New London, accompanied with the iron-dads Magenta, Magnmime and Flandre. They wonld also have entered the haihor of New York, hot the Magenta’s draft of water being thirty feet, prevents it. Tbc Magenta is tbc finest iron-clad of tbc Trench nary, her speed under steam being fourteen knots. WASHINGTON. The Maryland Senatorship. A New Inquiry Before the Jnii oiary Committee. A Secessionist in tho Senate. Philip Francis Thomas and Charles I). Drake. The Latter Reads a Sermon to the Senate. [Special Correspondence of tbe Chicago Tribune.] •j Washington, D. C.. March 23. iThe Judiciary Committee of the House bis been ordered to do what never be fore was done—give an interpretation of tbe constitutional phroso “a republican form of government.” In other words, they have , been instructed to inquire whether Maryland has such a form of government; and U they conclude tbat ehe has not, they must, of course, report what, In their view, is the dut yof Congress la the premises. That the country will wait for the report with some curiosity, not to say anxiety, may be safely assumed. Of course It will not he made till next winter. PHILIP FRANCIS THOMAS, the sew Senator trom Maryland, is not of the men with whom one falls in love at first eight. In general appearance he Is Southern to the last degree; hatred of the North and of free institutions lies in his blood and bis temper. Looking at him, you notice, first, that his eyes are set very near together, that his ears are particularly prominent, and that bis forehead is exceedingly deficient in the upper part. These three points of bis out ward mao arc bound to strike you as soon as yon sec him. For the rest, he is a weak faced mao, with lips and nostrils that show passion and intensity, brows that de note insight, a hawkish nose, a broadlsh and scowling forehead—a man who looks about fifty years, but is probably older than that, a man of medium height and slightly corpulent tendecles, of brown hair, leathery face, quick motions, rather pompons manners, and a sort of easy nervous ; uddiess. in South Carolina he would have been an intense fire-eater; in Maryland be could show malignity but not boldness, and so was nothing but a neighborhood seces sionist of the bitterest type. A Republican Is a traitor in his eyes, and he stands ready to swallow the iron-clad oath without gulp* Ing or winking. During the debate on his case last Mon day, Mr. Thomas and two or three other prominent Maryland Copperheads sat on the lounge In the corner of the Senate Chamber. He found it very difficult to keep still, but got up every few minutes to go and speak with Keverdy Johnson, and toward the last he imitated Saulsbury and walked up and down the area hack of the Democratic desks. Seeing that the Senate was determined to have on investigation, he made a virtue of necessity and finally asked Mr. Johnson to move that his credentials be sent to the Ju diciary Committee, of which Judge Trum bull is chairman, if the session runs over to the middle of next week, 1 presume a report thereupon will be made before adjournment. Some Senators want the committee to go back to the ‘'election returns and qualifica tions,” and inqmre into the character of the Legislature, even Into the loyalty of the electors by whom the members of that body were chosen. To do this would practically be to take up the question referred to the Judiciary Committee of the House—to con sider whether Maryland has 'a republican form of government. If the case Is reported noon at this session, no such range can be given to the investigation; and 1 know no reason for thinking that the committee will feel warranted in making It* anywhere near 60 broad, even if the report Is postponed till next winter. CQAItIXS P. PIUKE. The new Senator from Missouri has already made his mark here. So much, at least, one may say, without expressing aa opinion on the course be has seen fit to pursue. He has put himself In a position that few men new lo Washington life would covet—he makes himself the target for the keenest ridicule ol the entire opposition of the country, and sots himself up for the criticism of very many Republican papers that arc, at least, quite as sound in the faith as be Is. His ac tion is satirized by the stately Intelligencer , ridiculed by the Times, condemned by the Evening Port, commended toy Mr. Sumner. The World is engaged in showing up his po litical record prior to 1802, and a score of journals arc reminding him of the fable of the frog that wanted to be as large os the ox. Possibly you may not very clearly see the cause for this cross fire uj>on Mr. Drake, for the press reports of the Senate proceed ings lately convey but little Idea oi the de bates in that body. Ho took a very prominent part in the dis cussion of the Supplemental Reconstruction Bill, and offered twice os many amendments os any other Senator, only one of which, however, was adopted. New Senators are so generally diffident or reserved, so much In clined to lei their older associates fashion the legislation, that the prominence be gave himself wonld alone have subjected him to some not wholly friendly comment. But he did more than metcly take an active part in the debate; be read the Senate such a lec ture as 11 has had from nobody but Sumucr since the days of Toombs and Mason—a lec ture that would have been quite creditable, indeed, to Mr. Sumucr himself. He had been, on the whole, quite unsuccessful with his propositions for amendment, and bis po sitions weie criticised rather sharply by sev eral of the oldest men on our side of the Chamber. At this juncture he allowed him self to speak as follows: “Ido not hesitate to avow in open Senate, on the Cist occasion when 1 have undertaken toad dress this aucoft body, that I come acre as a representative, not of a Conservative radicalism, Put of a Radical radicalism, widen believes la doh>t sad not in half doing. I regret very ranch, ittdied, .Mr. President, to have discovered, or thocebt 1 bad discovered, in the brief time I have been bore, that there is each a thite on the floor of this Berate as Courcrvattve radicalism; and X tell any gentleman who Is nursing Conservative radicalism ibat that Is not the radlcall«m.or the people. We might as well tar removed as we arc from the people by oar position as Senators, re mcmhtr that there Is a people to whom every man in this Chamber is sooner or later to bo account able. And, sir, there la among the people a pro found radicalism, a radicalism which hasa strange and new lasbloueo way of shelving those who vaa dilate or slnggcr, as well as those who desert. Some gentlemen nftbis body have had experience of that. Perhaps it is not wltboat the range of possibility mat some others may have similar ex perience m the not very distant future.” This to such men as Trumbull, Fessenden, Conkling and Wilson, who were opposing h!s motions, and to the dozen more Republi cans who did not favor them. It was ex actly in the style of Mr. Sumner, yon see. The Massachusetts Senator Is only barely tolerated In such language, though his radi calism is life-long, and his service in the Senate covers more than a dozen years. Mr. Drake bad been lathe Senate just ten days when he made this speech, and his political record is well enough known in the West. It is safe to say that he has not put himself in a position calculated to give the greatest weight to his counsels and bis judgment. Mr. Drake impresses you at sight with the fact that ho is a lighting man. ills manner is repellent and aggressive, ond his lace is decidedly suggestive of pugnacity. In per son, he Is rather under medium size; in bearing, he Is careless and nervous. He re ceives you with courtesy, but entirely with out geniality. The lower part of his face is something like General Grant’s—that is, he has the same short stiff whisker; the same straight-lined mouth, and very much the same square under jaw. Here the likeness code. HU faceis wcazcnish,hls eyes are small und deeply set, bis forehead is broad and low, bis brow is very much wrinkled ; he has an eager, intense, restless, unsatisfied expression. His general appearance shows that the mental man is wearing out the physical man. He is round-shouldered and sunken-chested, and his faceis old and fur rowed, far beyond his middle-age years. Has his whole life being a conllict ? You would say so, and then would add that you expect him to be hard at work as long as he lives. Quietness and sluggishness are foreign to h’s nature. Iseapl. 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Including aa well, hydrodynamic aqj pneumatic pressure, and that said reissue la valid ffim, antedate* my sail patents. Now, for the purpose® settling this controversy, and the right of the parti® In the premises, I propose and agree to submit my said pneumatic patents, and all question of right anting under the same, to the arbitrament of three competent lawyers of Chicago, ol which I will choose one. said Hydrostatic Company shall choose another, and those thus chosen shall tame a third, who shall constitute a board ol arbitrators, who shall be empowered to bear and determine all questions ot infringement; and to that end I will assign la blank my Pneumatic Patents, and deliver the same to said board, and the President of aald Hydrostatic Paper Company, or some person authorized hr it, shall assign lablant aald Hydrostatic Patents, or the reissue of the same, held by aald Com pany, and shail deliver the same to said board of arbi trators; and the aald board shall be empowered to hear and determine whether aald Pneumatic Patents are an Infringement of the tights ot said Company, or whether said Hydrostatic Patents have been invalida ted by surrender and reissue of the same, and whether the tald reissued patents do not. in terms, infringe my said patent or patents; and the eald board shall be au thorized todHtrer to thoparty whose rights afa in- Qtrged by either cf aald patents, said infringing pat ente, to be the property of the party to whom they ore thus delivered, on the nayment of the consideration ot one ($1) dollar to the other party, thus coding all far ther dispute between the said parties. H. B. MEECH. Fort Edwards. March 30,1347. Safes. gAEES. Bold and Daring Aitempt of Burglars, SIOO,OOO AT STAKE, i( Hall’s” Safes Again Triumphant Messrs. Jos. L. Hall ft Co.: Gent em< n—On the night of the 14th Inst, our County Clerk’s Office,where alt the money and valuable paoera helonglogto the CountyTreasnreranl Clerk’s office*, together with a large amount of special deposits be* longing to citizens, are kept, was entered by burglars, and oor large ~ Urban ” Safe, with doable doors and Inside doors, was opened without much trouble. In side of Utts safe, however, we bad one of JOSEPH L, HALL ft GO’S BO BOLAIt-PiIOOF V ADLTS, made by yen about six yuvrs ago, wl»n one olroor “ Victor ” Combination lio-kcr-hole Locks. This box proved THOROUGHLY ODROLAB-PBOOF. and defied all their eflorts to open It. They tried wedges, and all the various paraphernalia that the most akiiral and ac complished burglars could devise, without success. 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HOBBS & CO., EXCLUSIVELY FLOUR COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 166 Waatlngton-gt., Chicago, HI. J w. POTTLE & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 144 LaSalle-st., Chicago. Advances on Consignments* PLOFE, PROVISIONS, &c. fy property Bought and Sold on margins, j. w. romr, jomt dppct. r. g. mrcpuAP. gMOKED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE PEALEB IS PORK, BEEF, LARD, ASP SMOKED MEATS. 150 BOT3TU WATEK-ST. HOOPS. O. O. 310BRILL, TSSSS HOOF ntANUFACTTOEH, WIIOLEUtLZ ASD KXTAO~ ■Wlnamac, Indiana. HOLDEN. & PENDLETON, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hardwood and ‘Whitewood Lnml>er. Office and Yard, 304 South FrankUs-sn, bet. Vaa Boren and Harrison. Chicago. r. O. BoxS23ti« OTBllls cut to ordcr-_iEl ISAAC n. noLDE.v, jb, xnacxp Fcmijcron. ISgc an® Ear. ■p\R. UNDERWOOD. mm AMD SAB. Ccnsnlllnp and Operative burgeon for all diseases Cress Fyes straightened In one mtpn;<^___^_ patents. PA'tmt OPFICEb.-lnvemms « Trtib to Mt. ottt l.eltert .Palest ccnnsel tml Cfos 4 CO, editor. ,2L? JftS"fej AneriChr. who haye pro**cnt*d ~T?,”. Patent Cor nearly twenty and Eumpeas Intent AceixyOa lha the world. Charge* !e« taaa WT ouer rell»h!i as fomnhlet,containtfleJtiU isatrnttlons to tutet crs.U sent gratis. Ad*if«* JICNN & CC-„ tJincgar. ELDER & MAXinELD—The only ex tensive manufacturer* of Pure Cider Yinejfar in Chicago. Ko 1.17 Klrrleit. Unrivalled for pickling and table use. Warranted, Stock Subscriptions. ppKOSPiOTDS OP "The Chicago Fibre £ Paper Co." - $500,000. Capital Stock - Five Hundred dura, SI,OOO Sad. , Thia Company hit been organized acder a* Oates* Lews of tile &ttte ot Uioels. tor the purpose at mass, aettn. tng aa Mods ot FAPuiad pr—doc fLBBM to* otter purpoaev horn theWILD GKASSIomd la wusvianlty in great abundance. To* practical development sad utilizing ot such c* ttroo*a file laTffiQciu, aed us KTcnl Pstmta utom MB. HARBISOS B. 3IEECH. of fort Sdwazda New Tort Thia Company —— purchased from Mr. Heecn u the to Lowing States, n>wlt: JQUnou, tmud. inn, Wkeonsln, lows and Minnesota, are now to receive a limited amount ot subscriptions toiaa Capital Stock. w In In-rttoS to thia Stock, wo wotiS state Utat the Company axis sow toe owners at the BATAVIA PAPER MTT.T^ Which are producHi? at the present time two (7) toes per day of pnnt paper. This mill has baudnuf and water power ofsnffldest capacity, already erected,- and Wixadxtlot to reertva two CD additional machine*, which have been ordered, and it la estimated can he put In running order oa or bstofa the first day ot May next, wntch will la ere— thecactuiy aadprcdaetacf the said MU« to six (*| toexper asy; that, at the present market prlcw, should j Ida to this Company a very satisfactory PioCS. Ihe future operations cf tula Companr contemplate the erection, or coLsoiidaUng cf other milk with their enterprise, wlthra the present year, hauls* tee fidl axotmt of the’r Stock, and which wui probably mow fti«n dcuhie the mregoiag estimate ot product of Print,- Baaffla and Wrapping Papers. This Company having procured * charter irora fha Legislature of the State of mmol*.- increasing their capital to cr.B mti’isn of dollars, are now reofgr-r.lnrg under thei? Charter privileges. The Stock Books ora nowerenforJubscrlutiPoto the Offices of U«srs. DICRBK9ON A SHEBEfIN. 170 kn duUh-kt_wltere all further lotormatioa as to the pofr ent?, prospeciCAc, wJI be given. In so’lemtg-our friend* losubeerloe tw this Stock, We believe we are warranted In saying that this eat** prise promises uacßpanl’eied return cf prcCH, com pared wUh at y other manufacturing busmsu hereto fore presented. IHOXAS S.DICKEESOS, Pres»£, G£Q. B. Tice Ptea’t. (formerly president Batavia Paper sun Co.) WSL HANSBBOUOQ, 6t C*y- I. N. W. SHEBItAIf. Treasurer. svanstiol,anßs. SALE OP KANSAS LANDS. Oa TUESDAY, the 3d day of April, 1367. wQI tM illeiedat PUBLIC SALE At the Eldridge House, to the city of LAWHENCD, HAWSAS, About 155,000 Acres of kid, Situate la the ecnoilesof Leavenworth, Wyoadotta Jefferson and Douglas, and known as the “DELAWARE RESERVE.” These lands Ue directly on the main line of the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern'Division The branch oflheaame Bead Irma Leavenworth to Lawrence paws through tnem, and the railroad trout Et. Loots to Leavenworth runs along their Hasten* bonier. In Fertility, Location, and abundance of Timber and Water, these tanas are tho FIMJ&T IN TUB STATS. By the treaty wilt the Delawares In 1360, the Indian title to the •• Reserve” was extinguished, and since that date many farms have been Improved, and churches, school nooses, prUt and saw milts erected, and many other improvements made ih-rcoo. The climate of Kansas U remarkably hsallhlnl, and to farmers and settlers those lands offer Greater Inducement* than aay others la tins Also, at the same place, immediately alter the dlfpo siUon of the above Lands, will be sold about 28,000 ACBTB OP Z*AI9D, Situate in the southeastern part ol the M Sac and Fox Reserve.” In the conntyct Franklin. Kansas. _ Atso. a large number cf TO WN LOTS and SLOCKS In the towns ol Norllr Lawrence, Tonganwie and Perry. The sale will commence on April 3d. -1967. and WtQ continue Irom day to dar natu si tai land* abova named hare been disposed oL The Lauds will be Of fund in cruets to suit purchasers. ' Tsaxs or Sals— Oti*-thlfdcasnacd balance In two equal annual payments, with S per cent interest there on from date of purchase. £. ar. Agent* hoofing JpLAbTIC SLATE ROOFING. A TEST OF FIVE YEAtib has demonstrated th« superiority ot this material over every other now koowu. A mastic—lt adapt* Its ell to every shape and slope. Item Cat to perpendicular, covering tne wools root without seam or >»nt. Nou-comba»tlbie—tt l» sot the scans of destroying your property, but of protectlrgir. Non-expaanve—n-at mas ter bow Intense, can compel It to expand or contract. Impervious—water nor even steam, can penetrate or dissolve It. Uncecvylnfr—time and :fce cements only mature and perfect it. To sum up the whole matter. It is Fire, Wafer and Frost Proof, and la cheaper than any othergood material, and better inan the most expensive. The New York Tribune in speaking cf is says: •* W* consider this invention the greatest boon-ot the age.” The Farmer's Club at the American Institute pro nounce the Invention one of the most Important ever discovered. For the paat year we have been engaged in supplying this material to the people ot Illinois and Wisconsin, and from the many nattering testimonials now on u* In our office, we teel warranted la eaytng. to their en tire satisfaction. ROOFING FELT, asd also the new SHEATtHNa FELT used tor imlne buildings. asd COAX. TAB. con stantly on band at lowest market rates. Circulars •=“ m wpu “ ,ioa - d. 99 LaSalie-sL. Chicago. DL 33ourkon 2l2afjisltea. Address S. T. SUIT & CO., LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. gy Country Druggists can orocure the above supe rior Whiskey In barrel* and half barrels from the prin cipal Wholesale Drug Houses la Chicago. Express Companies. rj'HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITA!. - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES BY EXPRESS*, Money* Valna-. tales. Freight nod Parcels* over more than 13,000 miles ot Express Line* at Jest and liberal rates* saves Million* yearly to Ex* press Shippers*.and eao be made permanent only by their liberal patronage. This we hope to merit ud receive. Office, JTos. 103,105,107 & 109 Beartonir«V B.3XE. COOPBH Affont- Sot S>aU. J"OR SALE — Genteel If abash-av. Residence,. With Lot 40 by 160, y£AK ELDBH) GE O OUBT The most thorough ballt two-rtnry and stone bar*- mcnt frame house on the avenue, Beared by steam throughout, m fine repair, and containing all modem improvements. Fora first-class reldencc, the moat de»lrable one that has tees ofleied this season. Terms tavuTaUe. Inquire of A. J. AVERCLL. R*al Estate Agent, Boom?.MetrJpoluan Block. TO CAPITALISTS. Mn,WArxn, March I. i»l. Uavlngdeclded to relinquish Daftness, we olfcr our estahUshmentxor sale. Otr house was bstabushiib in la as, Has been In existence 31 years, aod is now plao d on » safe, Ann ana permanent basis, and to met «r capita who are oeslrons of embarking in » PROFITABLE branenci trade (wholesale and jrbolae onlj) this ore scuts a rare and valuable opoort unity. Our stock m loiLes bt aces none bat the most staple goods, and w« basic ess Is In perfect miming order. U. BOUWUUTtI A* SOX*. Wholisale Drmrsrlsts. Milwaakee. WtS. £toritijol®crs' {Betting _ H ricniGAN SOUTHERN <£ NORTH- I^iIXDLI-VAR.^<:o jt[iitis(STairr _ , Kxw Voek, March 15, 15C7. [ The ac'-nat ejection lor Directors of this Coranafly wvb be h?ld at the Company's office In Toledo. Ohio. m Wcdne dav.the vtih flay of April next at noon. The polls Will remain open until •» p. m. The Stock TMnifer Books wIU ha closed on the 30th lest, at Fp. m *'il re-.wened onthe ath proximo at 10 a. m. £»- i». RaBUYDT. peetttary. Brick. “TMUCii MACHINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. •r Office. Room So. X 47 Cl*--* C-. Chicago. PATENT ■ BRI-HK as Eostb Je3eraoa-«- OUi» iihutatlonal W ABASH COLLEGE, CRAW FOUUSVILLK, I\|)IANA.-Th<? Summer Term w ill commence o: Ta*s!U>* Momlcg. AprWao* ISCI. The ticUlUn fur putsuto;; literary, cubical«« •cleottflo coortes of star/. a»c*o ample ai to UYtie natrcr-aaaof jouna an rtncaitoa,.and oi the poWic at*ar«. A. THOMSON, M*rth|Us. ** jre*sortrofW3»9at*>Ute«