Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 26, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 26, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1857. THE CITY. TBS REGISTRY OF VOTERS. The Boards of Registry will meet to-day In the several products of the city, lor tbe purpose of revising the lists of voters tn preparation for the pnwninp mww election. They will meet at the pip™, of bolding the last election, except in the Second Precinct of the Ninth Ward, the place of which has been changed to the Police Station on 'West Lake street, near Reuben, the skating park plat being pnt back Into itae First Precinct. All voters who have changed their residence Bin™ the Isst election, or who did not vote at the last election, must apply In person or their names wSlnotbe placed on tbe lists. Parties sbonld make application to-day where U Is possible to do bo, as It will save the Inspectors some delay, and may save themselves some trouble. Tux atji wr or Fat last evening from box 123, was caused by thebnrningof a box at tbe rear of a email buCding on tbecorner of Kmzie and Rush streets. Damage fifty cents. Stealing a Coat. —G. W. Lewis, on tbe com plaint of G. W. McFarlin, at the Police Coart yes terday morning was committed for trial in ball of *3OO, upon the charge of stealing a coat. Fins.—At a quarter to eleven last night a frame dwelling at SSI Klnzie street, occupied by a Mrs. Hogan, was partially destroyed by fire. Suspicion ofixiccndiaiism were entertained from tbe fact that she bad sect ber family ont ol the house and also remuved her furniture. ArcnoK Saix. —The ladies, and all others in terested, sbonld remember that the stock and fix tures, curtains, counters, confectionery Ac., of Mrs. Thomson's well-known establishment, will be sold this morning at No. 71 Washington slreet- Sen Against tub Cnr.—Messrs. Sawyer, Steele A Co., have commenced a second action against the dty in connection with their contract on tbe enlargement of the Illinois and Michigan CanaL in tnis case they claim *250,000 damages. The salt is in tbe Circuit Court, Steel Pens.— The attention of oar readers is directed to the advertisement of Payson, Dnnton A Scribner’s steel pens. are rapidly coming into general use, and arc equal, if not superior, to any now in thefcmarket. They can be obtained wholesale or retail, at W. B. Keen A co.'e. No. 14S Lake street. Fenian Sieteuhood.— a meeting of ladies was held last evening at the residence of Mrs. P. M. Cardwell. for the purpose of organizing a Circle of the Fenian Sisterhood, to assist m equipping the Commodore Perry Guards, and for tbe general furtherance of the cause of lash liberty. About twenty-five names were enrolled, and the mooting then adjourned, to meet at the same place on Thursday evening next. BHeadt fob Spuing Tuape.— The announcement elsewhere of Messrs. Seymonr, Carter A Co., No. 22 Lake street, shows that this large and excellent house is prepares tor a brisk spring trade in hosiery, cioves. white goods, notions Ac., at New York ptiecs. Their axl:m. “It is cash that bnys goods cheap.’’ indicates why some dealers can afford to sell lower than others. The ready money Is a great moulder of prices to all pnrehaseni.. An Exit anatjon.— The public should mt con fonrd Dr. Lyman Kendal', homo-pathic physician, corrcr of Fallon and Morgan streets, with the Dr. C. B. Kendall, now under arrest ror complicity in tie recent life Insurance swindling case, who claims a residence on Fnltou street. Dr. Lyman Kcncall Is at> old resident of tbe city, and tbe last £l*l son to be engaged In such transactions as the C. B. Kendall has been detected in. Musical,—The Western Normal Academy of Music, located at Akron, Ohio; Adrian, Michi gan; and Aurora, Illinois, and now In its eighth annual term, is said to be the most flourishing music school Jn the West. Its success is due to the normal method of teaching as introduced by the Principal, Mr. J. William Snflew, who is known to many as an author, and a conductor of musical conventions. For circulars, address Normal Academy of Music, at cither of the above places. Anotheu Pbize Fighter.— Abont seven o'clock last evening Detectives Schumann and Affleck ar rested George Galley, one of the “principals*’in the prize fight which look at Cottage Grove on Friday afternoon last. Galley was hovering around the darkest comers of an alley which opens on Clark street, rear Madison. The lower part ot bis face looks as though lie had been laid up in some quiet nook t- repair the damages re ceived in the set-to with Hurley. He will probably be piesented to Justice Stnrtevant this morning. Donation to tuc Soldiers’ Hone.— Professor B. P. Hamilton, the horse-tamer, who 1- at present giving instructions at the Coliseum, has gnerons ly donated the sum of £3OO, to be divided amorg toetumales of the Soldiers'Home. He has also promisee to give an calertiiinmont at the Circus, the proceeds to be appropriated to the purchase ol musical instruments, the inmates being desir ous to own a bras* band. Prolessor Hamilton's liberality end kindness will be only appreciated by me citizens, and we trust they will aid him in giving the soldiers a good benefit. Patixo tux Fiddles.—George Roberts, the keeper, and ten inmates, of Ihe gambling rooms at No. SI Dearborn street who were arrested on Saturday tight, were fined at toe I’ollco Court yesterday morning to the aggregate of SO9O and costs. Tne inmates were fined SSO -ach and the ket per SIOO. With a view to Ibe facetious side of the case, hese men had all registered themselves in the report as‘•clerks.'” Thelt employer Is be lieved to have existed ever since the first inst«ncc of domestic trouble recorded in the boon of Gen esis. The jEFEEnsoh' Bobbebt.—Daniel Hickey ahat George Davis ahat Klice, whose arrest was men tioned in yesterday V Tnnsusn, was examined be fore Jnttlce Mortevant yesterday morning upon the charge ot robbery, and commuted lor trial in bail ol jS.CCO. Hickey t- tic siz'h and last one of tbe party \tbo committed the lobherr at tbe bouse ofilr. Snell, in Jefferson, oi> the 13k instant. His absence trom the group ot bis confederates who v eie examined at the Police Court some days ago, vss remarked by the la y witnesses, aud his iden tification os one ol tbe baud of ruffians is beyond a doubt. All are now in Jail awaiting ’heir trail. Escelsiob Machine Works.—We call atten tion to the advertisement of th 3 new, complete and extensive establishment. Messrs. Wilson & Snrkhardt have erected upon the north pier, near the lighthouse, one of the largest machine shops and loondiisfi in the United Slates, and being thorough masters of tbeir basinets, with the aid •f their improved machinery tocy will be able to give complete satisfaction *o tho c who may de sire wood-working machinery of any kind, as planing and shingle mills, sash, door and cooper machines, &c. Their shops are a credit to the city, and will undoubtedly prove profitable to the owners. Miss Lettita Shepard —We learn from the New York Clijiper that *his highly esteemed your g lady, daughter of Dr. Shepard, of this city, recently made her debut oj the stage at In dianapolis, as Pauline. When Miss Shepard read at Smith & Nixon’s Hall, we published a state ment by her physician, that uer voice, which previously was so weak that muric teachers thought It useless to give her lessons in music, stas not cnly wonderfully increased in volume and porer by the vocal exorcises prescribed by Professor Mc'Joy, but that the same culture had entirely cored her of a serious tendency to con snmprlon. Fatal Eaileoad Accident.—On Saturday afternoon, as a switch engine with three cars in trout end four behind was backing southward on the east bound track of the Illinois Central Rail road at the foot ot Twenty-eighth street, a man named Mathew Itidgely was run orcrand In stantly killed. Mr. Biogeiy stepoed out of the way of an emigrant train, bonnd for Chicago on the west track, and as he was walking ou the cast track was struck by the switch train. The deceased was employed aa a driver at the Stock Yarda,tnd was about seventy years ofage.Coroner Vagner held an inquest tn the body yesterday alternoou, when the Jury returned a verdict of "accidental death." Iktantcides.— On Saturday night last (a fjetus apparently eight mouths old, was found along the line of West Division street ont on the open prai rie. The prematura birth was produced, without doubt, br violent abortion. One leg was torn completely from tho body, ana Its right arm palled rut of joint. The remains were earned to the Dead-House where an inquest will be held to-day. About one o’clock the same morning the body cf an infant tw o months old was found lying ou the railroad track near Harlem. The mother of the child Is supposed to be a yonng woman who was seen to get on the train between tho Junction and Harlem, aud who tried to leave her child at Cottage ILiil. It.was banded back to her there, axdwbenatDesplanes bridge she left the train and depart»d iu company with a man unknown. T. M. C. A. Election —The annual election of Ihe Young Men’s Christian Association was held me polls being held at the office of the Association, Room 15. Mcibodist Church Block, comer of Clark and Washington streets. Ihe election was not an excited one, but a foil vote was polled. Iho following ticket was elected by a large majority: President—D. L. Moodv. FliPt Vice President—J. V. Farwell. Second Vice President—B, F. Jacobs. Correspouoiog Secretary—J. K btcames. Recordirg Secretary—Jotm O. Harris. Treasurer—S. A. Kean. Board of Ufnagcß—W. Randolph, Baptist Church; D. W. Whittle, Congregational; S. H. Larmlulc, Episcopal; O H. liortcra, ilethoiist; G. E. Pmington. N. S. Presbyterian: Rev. D. C. Marquis, o. T. Presbyterian; >V. D. Holmes, Free Will Baptist. A Sentrs or Fobobuies.—A yonng man named Charles 13. Vai. Doren, was arrested hy Detective Kelly last evening, upon the charge of forgery. Two or three checks of recent dates and for vari ces sums, parnoniLr to be feigned E. W- Grove nor, and etch drawn on dlHerenl d'y banks, have been trauslerred to various parties. One of f27.Wl nas passed at thcßrige* 11-me. One of v as passed at Knight, Uamiin i Co.’s., on Lake street. Ote or two more w*rc lound on his Dcrson, one of which pnrported to be slimed by George Maliice. and drawn upon James W. Adstt, No. S!t Clark street, tor sl6 50. It Is stated that other swindles of a similar character, invoking larger sums, have been com minted by Van Doren, the retails of which have not vet transpired; and tt is also alleged tnat he ha* iwo wives, one In Batavia, Illinois, and the other In this city. He was about starting for St. Locis when arrested. He wlli probably be ex amined at the Police Court this morning. Legisiatiok.— The peculiar course of legisla tion ai Springfield during the past winter is aptly shown by the following Incident: The amend ments to the Charter of this city Caving passed, it was discovered that-a portion of the Board of Canal • Commissioner*, Messrs. Mason * Gooding, whose duties were confined to the enlargement of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, were legislated ont ot office. Alderman Holden produced a supplemental act which passed, retaining them in their office to act with the Commissioners tobvappointed. This act was short; our readers know that the other was very long. It therefore occupied but a a few moments in Us enrollment, and less time in perusal by the Governor. It was therefore at once signed, the approval dating on the 7th of March. The amendments to the char ter being lengthy, they were not approved until the 9th instant. The result is that the act sup plemental to the act repealing the act giving them power. Is lepealed hr tbo act to wnich It was it self bupnlcmcntal. Messrs. Mason & Goodingare not, ihe will of the Legislature to the contrary notwithstanding, members of the Board of Pub he Works to enlarge the canal. AnCSEBBATii. RtETom.—To-rlght Uistoti, the peerless, makes her reappearance at the Opera House la the char acter ol “Elizabeth.” The scats were nearly aU sold yesterday so that a fall andbrilllant audience will doubtless be present. Mr. Werlhelmberp the efficient treasurer of the company leaves the the cliy to-day for Pittsburgh nnaCicvciand to make arrangements tor the engagement of the great tragedienne In those cities. Mcercit.—*’A Dangerous Game.” McVicetes.—“Claude Dnval or the Highway jean ot Whitefreiars.” COMMON COUNCIL. Appointments—The New Board of Pub. He Works— Sisensslon—Citj- Ballway Monopolies. Changes in Election Precincts and In- spectors. Salaries of the Board of BeaiUt. The regular meeting of tbe Common Connell was held last evening. There were present, Hla Honor tbe Mayor, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf; Wicker, Calkins, Finnncan WaUwork, Schuler, Rafferty. Talcott, Woodard, Holden, Bixby, Russell, Gasifield,- Franzen. Enh, Engel, bhackiord. Lawson and Clark. The reading of the minutes being dispensed with, ms Honor the Mayor said: The first doty to-night is an Important one for all of us. The legislature of the State, by anact passed at its r«ccnt session, removed tnree officers of this dtv. elected by the people, and has made it the duty of the Mayor and this Council to supply their places, tbe three to be appointed by this Council, a most important branch of the city gov ernment, and by the law tbe Mayor is to nominate and the Council are to confirm the nominations. The Mayor’s unty la to nominate those men that he thinks, from such information as he can ob tain, to be our best men for teat office. Tbe Connell Is bound by their duty and their oath to sustain that nomination, If they believe those the best men, and not otherwise, ibe Minor sow nominates for the North Division, Augustus H. Barley; West Division, John McArthur; South Division, J. Q Gindelc: and I hope the Council will commence with tbe North Division and then take np the West and Sooth Divisions. Aid. Wicker moved to take np the nomination for the North Division. Aid. Engel thought that Mr. Glndele. during the time he had served on the Board of Public Works, had done bis dnty well and faithfully. He also thought that the German element of oar pop ulation should be represented In the Board of Pnbllc Works, and no man was so acceptable to the Germans as Mr. Glndele. Ald. D’Wolf did not propose to discuss (Ms question in Council. It would perhaps be better to postpone the consideration thereof so as to al low it to be done In caucus. He had great faith in the nominations of tbe Mayor, buthe thought it wonld be best not to vote on them then. He moved that action be deferred. The Mayor said that as every member of the Council knew that the nominations were to be made that night, of coarse each and every Alder man would be prepared to vote upon it. He ihcrelote ruled that the motion of Aid. D’Wolf was ont of order. Aid. D’Wolf appealed from the decision of the Chair, and the Chair was sustained by ayes 13, nays 12. The vote was as follows: Awes—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, Wick er, Finnncan, Hatch, Wallwork, .Schuler, Rafl'er ty, Jalcott, Prondioot, Franzen, Rub, Lawson and O’Sullivan. Aoys—D’Wolf; Wilmarth, Calkins, Woodard, Bixby, Russell, Ackhoff, Gasifield, Engel, Shack foro and Clark. Aid. Gasifield explained that in view of the recent action of tbe Legislature bo was drawn aback. He did not know what was necessary under the law, ana the men named be had not constdeiedwitn reference to the office they were proposed to filL He sbonld vote not to sustain the Chair. Aid Shackford opposed tho nominations gen erally; be said: last winter certain amendments to oar City Charter came nnderthc advisement of the Com mon Connell, and a section relating to tbe ap pointment of Commissioners of Public Works by the Mayor and Connell, after having been discuss ed, on motion to adopt, received only sis votes ont of the thirty-two members comprising tbe i.ocucil; the reasons given for rejecting thia prop osltiou were that the co-ordinate branchei of onr city government ought to remain as they are, in a measure Inrtepenpcat of the Council; that they should cot be made tools for Mayor and Alder* men to nse as self-interest or caprice should dic tate; that experience in other large cities had proven a concentration ot power and patronage in the legislative branch ora city government detrimental to the public well arc ana subversive of ibe democratic principles upon which the lans of our country are supposed to have been established. The political principle of “Popular Sovereignty'* involved In the proposl* lion was subsequently alluded to by all oar city i ewspapers while canvassing the pas monopoly question, and the theory advocated hr the Conn* cil was lolly endorsed by them, and the Mayor endorsed our sentiment to-day wnen he said, in this blessed country the voice of the people is always bva:d. After oar charter amendments had been sub* mined to the General Assembly for legislative action, reports reached the city of thclrhartng been tampered with at Springfield. The Mayor, with a delegation of Aldermen were sent by the Counai to ssprineflelo to look afur the interests oi the city. ‘.They accomplished nothing, and were rudely treated, Ihe Mayor, on his return, reported to the Council that our Citv Charter seemed to be entirely under the control of a member of the Legislature from a neighboring town. The gen tleman reierred to by his Uoior occupied n room at the Lelard House. In company with a burse railroad proprietor, and the two slept in the same bed together, and the consequence is these ille gitimate sections In the Charter Amendments. Al a lime when a Pve Democrat is rarely to be teen It Chicago, no political necessity could have existed for an overwhelmingly Republican Legis lature to deprive their own friends in this city of iheir debt to elect their municipal officers, and • onfer their appointment npon.a Mayor jnst pre vious to our spring clccilu'g, who might, ii ns chose, with despotic power in the Council Cham ber, and the patronage attached to the appoint ments, perpetaa'c himself In office daring tbu term cf nis natural life and entail it to his posteri ty after him as til actively, for all necessary pur poses. as If the aristocratic law of primogeniture governed the case. Thu perpetration of this out rage npen the citizens uf Cmcago Is as extraordi nary aproceeding as if the Legislature bad de prived ns of the right to elect oar own Mayor, and given his appointment to the projector of the Wa bash gridiron swindle. ibai so one in the cliy will admit of having had a hand in conceding this new pirce of deviltry, is (Vincnce of Its meanness. Ever since the aavent uf horse railroads into our dly the treacherous, overreaching policy ol their managers has been a eomce of annoyance and anxiety to on? citizens ; me ninety-rune year swindle passed by the Legis lature ot Itfio, over the Governor’s veto aud which crcaUdsnch unneual commotion in the city at t«-e time, is but a type ol their innumerable iniquities. This swindle still l.ves and only requires an ordinance of the City Council to give it powvr aud efficacy, and this of urelf h» ot sufficient importance lor their proenr mg possession uf the remaining executive branch of the city government—the Fire, Health and Po lice Departments having immense influences for com tolling eh c lOEf,isnownudcrthegjncra.i?mo of a Loree railroad man. That there exists a prefßlnjrreccssiiy for their gaining a controlling influence to the Board of Puollc Work#, may hu (-ten fiom thefollowing circumstances: 'lhe original orolsacce passed by the Common Council in 1659, grams the nee of a large portion of the streets oi Norm Chicago to the North Cnl rngo Horse Railroad Company; the grant was t:pon the condition "ihatlLt company shou’d keep iu pood repair tie lit feet of every street occupied by them wherein a single track is laid, and six iccn feet where a doable track la laid, daring ail the time to which the privilege granted them shall extend, and they shall pay In the came proportion lor any improvement ordered by the Common Council upon any of the streets used or occupi-d ■ v said company;" upon this secti- n of the original ordinance, after it* passage, a si rip of Taper was pasted, upon which Is u-rjtu n In sub fiancc, that said company ehalt only be required f oj>oyjor (heir proportion oj heepiuy the utretts »n oiatnary repair, leaving all the exp naive Im provements to be paid by the owners of the prop erty abuulup, This corrpanyalsoown the Evanston charter and ordinance, which contains the same nrouFloti as the ordinance of ISoO, whether there is also a paster on this ordinance tix, 1 am not aware. Last year the council oideredthe Improve ment ot North Clark street from the bridge to Chicago avencc, at a cost of over SXI,Out), one (bird ol which wool! l ave been assessed upon tho company be: lor the mutilation by them ol the ordinance; bet he whole cost was assopsed upon the property abutting, the owners of which car ried the matter Into the Superior Court. The Conn ruled that the paster was a lorgery, and that the company were nablc ntdur the ordinance as it originally passed the Council for tbeir proportion of their improvements, and also that they were liable to be assessed under a provision of the City Charter of J 857, section 4b, which empowers the city to cause the expense of any improvement—excepting aide- walks—mane and directed under said section lo be assessed ou any real estate in any Ward of the city tinned benefited by each improvement, iu proportion to the benefit resulting thereto, asnear as may be. Judge Wilson held. In that the ncht to use for ninety-nine years the streets of the city, constituted them the reel ee titeot the company as effectually as if they had leased them ft individuals for-Imilir purposes, ihe case was-akento the Supreme Coart, where the judgment ot rhe court below wa»sfllrm , ibis decision is made to apply to ail the hor*e railroads in the dry. In order that the city ; bould have full power and authority. and to avoid any possible di-crct-aucies rha: might exist in the City Charter, these decisions of tb« (sOtirC, our present amendments contained i provision to the effect that the Board of Public works, is making up their estimates lor auy -peaal assessment, snail specify bow ranee ot the expense thereof shall be chargeable to the teal estate especially bencOtrcd, and how-much cf it shall be paid out of the general fund* of the city ; and It would appear now as If all the ob stacles to the improvement of some of our miserable streets bad disappeared, and that all parties would pay a fair proportion of ex pense, and cause no further trouble, r-ucb, however, is not the case. To my own knowledge a railroad company claim? to derive no benefit from the improvement of streets occupied by their track, and they point out where the im provements arc positively Injurious to their inter ests, and here is the point, it Is proposed to curb and nave north Clark street Bout the bridge to North avenne during next summer, at an expense exceeding 5120,000, one-third of which, on the basis of the ordinance of 1650, amounting to 520.000, is the share of the company, but they don’t propose paying one cent cl this sum, and if they get possession of the city government, the amount will be assessed to the property abutting, or be paid out of the city treasure, or else there will be no improvement at ail, and that street will remain a* it is, valaless tor business purposes and a disgrace to our city. The original stockholders of this road, 1 am in formed, have never paid but twenty-five per cent, upon the‘r stock ; it is now wortu par. making me profit npon their investment 30u per cent, beside dividends; there is no excuse therefore, ihat they cannot afford to piy. As a simple act of justice to the <az payers of this city, no horse railroad concern, stockholder, or protege of a horse railroad company should be appointed a Commissioner of the Board of Public Works, and it is the duty of this Council that they see to iL Aid. Shacklord farther said, that be was not aware ibet Mr. Burley owned any property tn the North Divirion. Atd. Russell explained in behalf of Mr. Barley, that according to Lis best belief be did not own snvetock m the North Side City Railroad Com pany. Be believed he was a truth teller, and be also believed the Alderman who last spoke did not desire to injure tho gentlemen for toe purpose of elevating some one, who, having interest in the monopolies thegentlcmancomplained of, desir.d too see him cast out. Be trusted the nominees v\onid be confirmed In the offices to which they were nomiratcQ. ... Aid. Holden desired to inquire why this action ot the Legislature had been taken. It was an uu precidented action, and anch an action as caused an Indignant outburst to come from the el-*cted Aldermen of the city of Chicago. The West Sidu representatives bad opposed the Charter, but fearing that the whole of the amendments would b.; lost, they had consented to the passage, even of this obrostona measure. He regretted the result of the legislation, wishing it had not been done, but as it nad been completed he desired to sustain tor the North Division the nominee, Mr. Barley. Hccaiednot if he held railroad stock; he only cared, with bis best knowledge for the result, that Sir. Bnrlcy would, if he took the oath, obey Us tenor, Its spirits and Us words. Aid. Lawson, In support of Mr. Bnrlcy spoke in reference to his position in relation to IhejTorth Side CUy Hallway Company, be had invest! gated that matter and learned that it lacked truth, nnd in support of this he cited the signature of John B. Tinner as heading’s petition In favor or another gentlemen for the same office. In regard to the matter of residence, he caused to be read a letter from Hr. Bolrey himself deayieg his connection with the horse railway of the North Division. • A vote was then had upon the confirmation of A D. Barley. The vote was as follows: A ye $— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox.' "aner. Wicker, Calkin 0 , Finnucan, Hatch, Wallwork, Schuler, falcoU Woodard, Bixby, Holden, Russell, Prondfoot. Knh. Lawson. O’.'Ullivan—l9. Vbcs-Ald. D’WolC Wilmnrth, Rafbrty. Ack boir, Gastfield, Fraozcn, Engel, bhacklord, explained that he did not consider the vacation ot the office legal, therefore be A vole was then lad upon confirming the nomi nation of John McArthur. It resulted as fol -10 Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Wllmarth, Calkins, Finnocaa, Hatch, Wallwork, Schuler, Raierty, -Talcott. Woodard. Bixby, Holoen, RusselL Ackhoff, Prondfoot, Franzcn, Rub, Bbackford, Lawson, O’bnlllvan—24. „ , Hoes— Aid. Gastfield and Clark. £xeuted— Aid. Engel. AM. Clark explained that he voted In oppost tion to General McArthur recanae he had pledged himself to another candidate. Haring made the vc^f 6 *' dOl TOte him. Therefore he Tbe molt was announced, great cheering reign ing among those who bad no voice In the actual proceedings. On motion of Aid. Holden, the election was then made unanimous. Aid. Wicker moved to confirm. Aid. Talcott opposed the confirmation of Hr. Glndele on the ground of hla physical dlnbllUy. Independent of this he desired a new deil to be had. Ho thought it unjust as to the co-laborers of Rose and Let* that Coe member of the old Board should be retained ,and the present candidate had sent by telegraph to Springfield yielding no his claims in favor of Aid. Carter. s ** Ald.Bdmlcr advocated the confirmation of the nomination on the ground that Mr. Glndele was a German. Aid. D’Wolf staled that be bad known Mr. Gin dele during six years. Daring that time he had met with nothing bnt courtesy at hu hands, and Imcw that the Germans ahonla he represented on tbe Board. BntalJ nationality- conld not be rep resented in that Board, and he would go further and say he believed the nominee was not the choice of the South Division. A3c. Wicker spoke m isvor of this nominee as the only candidate of the German population. [Cries of question.] Aid. Holden suggested that 'the appointing power being in tho Mayor, this Council, unless Jor reasons publicly to be expressed, mast con firm. In tbe case of Mr. Glndele naught has been said against him, and ho demanded that the office be given to the candidate. Ald.Proudfoot spoke to somewhat tbe same purpose. Be thought it absolutely necessary that at least one German sbonld have a seat on this Board. If this he so. Mr. Gmdele la the m«n that sbonld lie elected. New men coming into the of fice, it Is also necessary that one at least should bo left who can give a direction to the current of ah airs. Aid. Clark stated that Mr. Qirdelc had declined to be a candioate, remarking that bis physical condition prevented hopes of his being able to servo m tho office This having been said to »»m he should be compelled to vote iu the negative upon his nomination. Here be asserted that tho legislation was for tbe purpose of getting Messrs. Rose and Letts ont of office, with a farther vlewto sustain the present nominee. Aid. O’Sullivan asked whether the Council acted to legislate these gentlemen ont of office. Aid. Clark thought that anontaide Influence had been brought into play. Aid. Rafferty looked upon this proceeding as treating the minority as avery shabby thing. Up on the old Board there was a Democrat, and the Democrats thought that at least one office would he given them in these appointments. Ho pro tested againn tbe whole oasiaesa, and donated whether this was a good precedent to set. Tides turn, and hereafter mar come a time when a Leg ialatnresittlng may turn, by an obnoxious action, these officers ont of their places. Ho complained that daring tbe presidency of the Mayor no Dem ocrat nad been placed upon any Important com mittee. Aid. O'Sullivan asked If there twere Democrats enough there to place upon the committees. Aid. Rafferty replied that they had not been praced upon any committees. Aid. O'Sullivan asked if tho election had taken place to-oay whether any Democrats would have been elected on this Board. Mayor Rice stated In reply, that when it was known dial be bad the appointing power, he an nounced (hat he would keep a list of candidates, and he pledged himself that whatever man had the preponderance ot voice sbonld be first nom inated. He had kept hla word. A Republican mentioned on this list the name of a Democrat, the name was stricken off by the party who named him. Subsequently Judge Van Btucn bad named one, and hla name was rejected a- impossible for election. A greater difficulty existed in the legally recognized divis ions of cbo city, tbe citizens of each division ob jecting to a man adverse to them m politics. He had been fretted more by tbe duty thrown npon him by this act than by anything that had oc < urrod to him; bnt he had. under bis pledges en deavored to perform his duty. Aid. Talcort, referring to tbe remarks of Aid. Rafferty, spoke of that quoted courtesy of ox- Mayor Sherman. For less than Aid. Rafferty bad now said he had been compelled to take his seat, and open committees, after thirty years of visit ing acquaintance, be bad been pnt in a place where be never heard even ofapaper referred. A ballot was bad with tbe following result: Ayes—Mi. Knickerbocker. Carter. Wicker, Finnncan. Mooro. Schuler. Bixby, Holden, Rus sell. Acklioffi. Gastflcla, Proadfook Franzen, Rub, Engel, Soachford, Lawson, and O'Sullivan. A T w«—Aid. Cox, D’Wolf, Wilmarth, Calkins, Hatch, Wallwork, RaSurty, Talcott, Woodard, dark. « Aid. Cox explained that be voted In the nega tive lest hia vole should be construed into a con demnation of bis associates. Aid. Cai'er lonmi himself in a peculiar posi tion. He would vote for Mr. Glndele. but be bad learned that he did not desire the office, and yet not knowing but there might be proper reasons for bis continuance In office, ho should vote In the negative. On motion of Aid. Clark, the confirmation of Mr. McArthur was made unanimous. On motion of Aid. Talcott, the confirmation of Mr. Bradley was made unanimous. ELECTION PRECINCTS AJTP INSPECTORS. On motion of Aid. Rafferty, the place of election in 'he First Precinct of the Eighth Ward, was changed to Kaiser’s saloon, on the corner of Tbroop and Sampson streets. On motion of Aid. Clark. Charles was substituted for B. H. Lincoln, of the six teenth Wstd, as Inspector ot Election. On motion of Aid. Carter, Isaac Howland was substituted for B. T. W. Urey as Assessor for the rontb Division. On motion of Aid. Woodard, the name of John W. Slnjlrou was dropped from the list of In- Fpectore cf Election of the Second Precinct of the Ninth Ward, and Thomas Marks was elected, and «he placed election was changed from the Skat ing Park to the engine house on West Lake street. HALAIUE9. The Special Committee on Salaries of Officers created oy the amendments to the Charier re ported the following : Beard ol Health, each Tax Commkeloner, Apife'gor, S. D .$ 501 ncr annum. . 3,5’0 ” '• 2,930 “ “ ” W.D 1,600 “ “ “ N.D 1.400 u li The committee expressed It as ibelr opinion that tbe salaries thus allotted would apply only until each time as tbe preseut fiscal year should expire. It, however, recommended that these rates be adopted by ibe next Council, 'ihe teport was signed by Aid. Clark. Bizhy, Wicker, Schuler and Lawson; hut Aid. Bixby sicced excepting as to tbe office of Assessor of toe West Division, and Aid. Wiener excepted to tbe office ot TaxCommis loncr. Al t. Clark moved to adopt so much of the re* Sort at referred to tbe members of the Board of ealih. Aid. Huh moved to amend this part of the re port to maks ibe salary oftbe Health Commission ers SI,OOO. Aid. Lawson moved to lay the motion on tbe table. And the amendment was laid upon tbe table. Upon the call ol the roll there was tint one I'Crutivc vote cast, that was by Aid. O’aullivan. A|M. Woodard moved to adopt tbe remainder of tbo report. • his he stated was with a view to In i' oence as an amendment a proposition to make me salary ot the Assessor of the Won Division the >amc as that ot the officer in tbe South division. I’ctioing discussion the Council adjourned until Frio ay evening next. A FISH CONVENTION. eraithi Agalnwt the Lake Tunnel—A Phcatery Hegira. Terrible excitement reigned yesterday in the waters of Take Michigan. The fishes, big and little, had somehow got bold of the intelligence >bai the great cnb, about and around which they bad often swam so curiously, was put tuerc in the n.idr-t ot the waters for the purpose of tapping the lake lor the supply of the bibulous wants o'the city ol Chicago. A xew who bad been loitering about fbe breakwater, lazily eyeing the baits thrown out by the xkhenm-n, and listening (they say heh have no cars) to the talk of those anglers, bad caught the drift of their conversation, and, big wita the intelligence, swam out to the lake, telling the story in their mute wav to all they met. The whole take as lar north as Waukegan wa- soon in a piscatory ferment, and ihe bigacd little denizen.; of the aqueous element met as by common consent just oft the old ceme tery, for th* purpose of an informal discussion on the subject, to sec if it would afreet their inter ests, at dm what way they could be protected from this evil of free trade by the citizens of Chi cago In ihat article of pur; water of which they, the fishes, had hitherto enjoyed a monopoly. The meeting was called to order by an ambi tious sucker, who asked tb?m to nominate a Pres ident for the meeting. A shoal of minnows who had followed in bis wake, signified with their dor sal fins that thcaloresaidsackerwastlicirchoicc, and there no opposition, the minnows them selves being the choice of most of the rest, be was appointed Chairman, and floundered to a stone on the top of which he lay lazily waiting their pleas ure. One oi the company called out for inlorma tion; be wa* quickly gratified by a response from ouc ot the ongiral tail bearers, who disburdened bis finny memory briefly to 'he following effect: It "as rumor d that the lake would soon be emptied of its water, and leave them to perish, 'ihe fellow who had told the story on the pier, said that the tunnel would carry a hundred thou sand million barrels of water out oi the lake every day, atd he wanted to know bow long it would take at Ihat rate to i-ave them low and dry. It was aa outrage. A minnow followed inapathctlcmood. The old svstem bad been fa'al ro very m-iov of bis race. b*ut now ihev would be taken by wholesale. Tnelr flight was worse than that of their larger brethren. The bigger fish would be able to exist so long aa the water lasts, but the mo ment the tunnel is opened, the water will set in from alt parts of the lake lo a perfect torren*, defying their puny efforts to swim against tie tornado-like wash ioto to thegrand maelstrom. He sighed as he thought that be might bo one of the firetlo go irto that bourne whence no little fish returns, and his onlr consolation in that event would be that thooFanda wonld share his fate. A huge bass here interrupted the speaker with the remark that It was no matter If it were at be feared, but thought there was very little danger of such a rcenlt as he, the bass, would make a meal of him then and there, if he did not close bis gills and let Ms betters talk. |Mmme.] The bass tried to brave it awhile, but at last retired amid a Btnrm of fi»hy indignation at bis scaly conduct. The speeches were, however, cut short by this little episode, and motions were the order of the day. a little fellow timidly suggested that tbs big fish volunteer to stop up tho passage, as be had beard that there would be gratings for the water to strain through. He wonld gallantly act the oart of a Qulntius Curtins aud leap into the gulf, If be thought it would do any good; would not some of the larger ones volunteer to do good and cam an immortal name at tnis risk of death 7 The idea took like wlidflre, everybody being anxious that somebody else should " hell the cat." Alter a long caucusing to no good result. It was proposed to cast lots to determine who should cast themselves into tho deadly breaco. While the lots were being prepared, the follow log were proposed by a eeli-consiituted Commit tee on Resolutions, and adouted n*m con .* Reeolted, That the being called nun has always btenonr greatest enemy, destroying tu in every possible way. Jtesolred, That in its present action the race is showing Itself a more deadly enemy than ever, seeking to destroy us by wholesale, where heieto tore it has only been attempted in detail. lletolud, That, as the safest course for our selves, wc will migrate northwards, the biggest fish hereby pledging themselves not to molest the smaller ones of the hand while en route, but to catch only such as they meet with on the way for their daily sustenance. The latter resolution being adopted, of course the necessity for casting lots was obviated, and on motion of the chairman, (be meeting ad journed with a universal screech of execration against the race which was driving them to snch matte (as Mackinaw). They took up their line ot march forthwith, and about midnight the lake ip. front ofWaukegan was literally alive with the finny tribes on their voyage of exploration for a place where they will not be endangered by the Chicago bkc tunnel. CROSSING THE BIVEB. Regulations Needed Arrangements Proposed. A movement to regulate the crossing of the riv er is meeting with general favor. The haphazard promiscuous way in which the thing has been ac complished for years past being an immense loss of time to everybody, and no advantage to those on in** water. The recent amendments to the ciiycbai let give lo the Common Council the power to impose all necessary lestrlctlonson the passage ofvestels, np to that point, ot course, where an Admiralty decision would libel them os interfer ing too ranch with navigation. For the benefit or those who doubt the power ol tbe Council in the premises we cite the follow ing from the tales which went In force on the Ist of October, 1565, on the line ol the Pittsburgh, t ort Wsyne and Chicago Rail way; “This company’s swing bridge, across the South Branch ot the Chicago River, will not be 1 opened lor the pa?saec of vessels, unless there is full twelve minutes before a passenger train is doe at said bridge.” The power which could authorize such a re striction is now largely increased, and the people knowing this fact arc calling loudly on tbo Conn ell to give them relief, that they may ho able to cross the bridges at reasonable times during the coining summer wilhont unnecessary delay. Ibe exact regulations which should be adopted arc ol coarse matter for discussion, and should be determined on only afier due consideration of the wants of the people, as well as of those who go down to the sea in ships. The following are some of the facts v blch would need to be considered: The bridges would teqoire to be closed at least bNlftn boar before tbe Ume of commencing work at seven o’clock In (he morning, from twelve tin bIU-postone and from balf*p«»t five to seven 0 CLOCK in the events? for the accommodation of the Great army of workers, who so often lose a 8 carter ofa day nsder the present order of things i consequence of the delay at the bridges. Thu passage across the river should be free for at least a quarter of an hour before (be departure ofthe trains, and for a reasonable time after the arrlvalortrainsetthe depots. - , .. . Between these times the arrangement might be that vessels sbonld have the right of way, riving, however, as much time as possible to pedestrians and vehicles wishing to cross. It Is devoutly to be wished that some measures will be adopted by which the people will be ena bled to cross from one division of the city to an other without running the risk of an boar's deten tion at the bridges. BOABO OF TRADE. Annual Sale of Tables* The annual sale of tables to the members of the Board of Trade of this city, was held yesterday at the Chamber of Commerce. The tables should have been disposed of In tho forenoon, bnt tbe celebration of the final completion of the Lake Tunnel, rendered a postponement necessary. Tho sale was accordingly held at foar o’clock lo the afternoon.- The sale was spirited, the most desir able places being closely contested for. The fol lowmglsa list of the purchasers of divisions, the places selected and the prices paid: |f 3 B| o 3 rOBCBASECS. g H : ? s* • Rankin &Co 2 i |OO.OO J. L. Roberts 2 18 55.00 J. C. Denary 1 9 85.00 Hooker, Schwartz A Co 0 7 56.00 C. R. Hoy! 4 1 60.00 J. G. Smith 2 11 63 00 Low Bros 3 1 62.50 Kingman, Height ACo 3 11 65.00 U. Barton 1 1 02.50. A.L.COX 1 12 60.00 Harhllckcr A Co 2 20 40.00 C. Malbsmith 3 20 48.60 T. A. Gill 4 20 40.03 A. Morse 1 30 40.00 smith A Jcnnlson 1 7 45.00 Lawrence A Co 2 19 45.00 W. Northrop 7 7 45.00 LeckelACo 1 J 9 41.00 Foster A Lee 5 7 45.00 W. Wood 8 29 42.50 Tomblln Bro,, A Co 3 7 40.00 Carter, Hinckley ACo 3 19 37.50 E. V. Robbins 4 19 45.00 It. AS.r.Lnnt 4 18 33.00 Sproance, Preston A C 0..... 9 18 35.00 BcaslyA Co 1 18 43.00 Norton A Co 8 18 42.50 M. Nelson A Co 1 22 -10.00 Slack A Co 4 22 40.00 Underwood A Co 7 20 85.00 W. R. Stowe 3 23 35.00 Dans, Pope ACo 3 17 37.50 J.V.ToIe 2 21 37.50 T.H. Seymour ACo 1 21 87.50 Hobbs A Co 4 6 175.00 A. M. Wright’.*.'.' .V .'.*.*.’..*.2 8 mOO W. H. Underbill 2 8 105.00 Jones, Merrill A Co 4 8 115.00 Geo. Brine 2 7 100.00 H. E. Robinson 4 4 100.00 V. Weieiker 2 4 . 100.00 Hanlincton, Bros 1 4 105.00 Star A Crescent Mills 6 7 103.00 Baldwin A Co 3 8 100.00 Gilbert A Field 4 S 85,00 J. P. Rnmeey Ramsey Bros J. W. Sykes lave, Foster * Co. J. W. Pottle A Co , Underwood A Co.. .4 9 85.00 .2 10 75.00 .1 8 65.00 .3 8 70.00 .1 10 70.00 .3 4 70.00 •Parker, Colton * Co 4 6 70.00 Culbertson, Blair & Co 1 0 67.60 Blair, Densmore* Co 8 IB 72.75 H. O. Armour & Co 4 10 70.00 Tengnary & Horlbnt 3 19 72.50 Winans iCo 3 10 67.60 Culver* Co 3 10 7860 Norton* Co x 5 75.00 Allen Howe ..: S 3 75.00 Pettit, Smith & Co 4 3 72.50 Creep* Hughes 1 6 73.50 La Bar & Bortrec 4 3 75.00 Spruance&Co 8 5 70.00 11. C. Livingston* Co 4 11 70.00 J. O. Cadwcll, Jr 4 7 63,00 G. C, Pearson 1 3 62.50 George Sacketl 1 11 60.00 Bacon & Co 2 2 67.50 SUBINB NEWS. ScnooKcn Jons Scbanks.—This vessel which sprung a leak on Monday last, and sank within a few hoars afterward, was towed to Doolittle * 01 colt’s dry dock tola morning by the lag Geo. B. McClellan. yuip-Bt’tLDDfo at Fonr Hdbon.—The nnasaal degree of prosperity attending the lake carrying trade throughout the past season baa imparted great activity to shlp-bnildlog, and probably at very few points la this important branenof Indus trial enterprise beingproaecuted with more energy than at oar neighboring city of Port Baron. A friend has Vmdlv inmlshcd the following resame: Captain Mofiatt and others arc building at Frank Leighton's yard a steam tag ot the following dimensions: Length ISS feel over all; breadth of beam 31 feet; depth of bole 11H feet. She -will be launched in abonc three weeks, and will be taken to Cleveland to receive ber machinery. A scow is building at the same yard for J. End ued. Length CO feeth; breadth oi beam, 17 feet; depth of bold, 5 fccL A scow is on the stocks at the same yard for Tboe. Whitman. Lcng'h, 93 feet; breadth of of beam 20 feet; depth of bold, 7 feet. Captain Gaines is also building a scow of the same size at the same yard. At the yard of Arnold* Co., Captain George Bedford and others are ooildlng a steam barge of the following dimensions: Length, 180 feet; breadth of beam, 30 feet 10 inches; depth of hold. 11 feet: carrying capacity, 350,100 feet lumber. She Is to have a centre-board. Ludwig £ Co., are building a scow at the same yataeS feet long, S 5 feet beam, and 8 feet hold. Carrying capacity 150,000 feet lumber. At A. Steward’s yard, John Johnson and others are building a steam barge 145 feet long; oreadth of beam £6 feet 4 inches: depth of bold Jtf feet 0 inches. At tbe same yard, Johnson & Neil arc building a bark ICO Icet long, SO feet beam, and 14 feet hold. At the game yard. Captain Fitzgerald is band ing a schooner 141 feet long; 2Ctf feet beam, and Id lect hold. All the above vessels ulll be anchored within a few weeks. —Detroit I*oßt, Bubclab Ablest!©.—About throe o'clock yes terday aiiomoon, on West Eric stree*. Detective ScLumaner '‘tumbled” to a thief of the Norwe gian •* persuasion” named William Johnson, who had committed a burglary a short time sine: upon tbe premises of Christian Hons,(and stole a quan tity of carpenter’s tools. LOCAL MATTEES, W’cihe undersigned. Republicans of the 1 nirtcetith Ward carne tly solicit George T. Beebe to become a candidate for Alderman of Fold Ward, and we pledge him oar hearty sap port for that office: Eber WooomS. John Atwater. John Stevens, Albert Patch, John S. Qninn. K. George Schmidt. E. G. Htokcreier Mohr, Fred. Wackcr. Henry Stevens. John Costello, A. J. Hams, Miner Porter, Charles Faith, Leonard Falcb. T. P. Hoes. George Ziegler, V. Bine. James W. Ueppol, J. Mc- Glaughiiti, 0. P. Emerson, □. Brett, John Mll'cr, Fred Vogel, Nlc Von Tbnrner, William Kemper, William Harris, N. /.nderson, and two hundred others. An Effectual Worm Medicine,—The combination of ingredients used In making Brown’s "Vermifuge Comfits" is such as to give the beet possible efiect with safely. Worms in tho siomach cause irritation end of ten prolonged sickness, and can be removed only by the use of a sure remedy, which will be found lo the Vermifuge Comfits. Tlotli and Freckles.—The only relia ble remedy for brown discolorations called Moth ai.o FrecMcs, is Perry’s Moth a»id Freckle Lotion. Prepared by Dr. B. O. Perry. Dermatologist, 49 Bond street. New York. >oid oy all Druggists. ITUss Louisa Pync, of the “Royal Ital ian Opera," sneaks of " i he Troches" in the high est terms, at a uses them constantly to clear and strengthen the voice. For Couchs, Colls, and Throat Diseases the Troches are Tuvarlably effica cious. Go to Jones A Klug« No, 119 Dearborn street, and get your clothes thoroughly cleaned atid matly repaired. Jnnipcr Tar Soap euros chapped hands, salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Mace & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. Ute Gardiner’s Rhcti malic and Neural gic - oznpuunu. It cures Rheumatism and Neu ralgia. Sure cure warranted. Sold by ail Drug gists. Burnhams & VanSchaack, agents, IQ Lake street. Paper Hanging* and Window Shade#, All tire newest nylea at reduced prices, at F. E. Riolet’s 80 Randolph street. MARKETS BY TELEQRAPH. New York Financial News, [Special Despatch to the ChtcagoTribune.l new York. March 2s. This morning the stock market opened steady. On the regular call Michigan southern was the favorite stock; afterwards the latter stock advanced to 76V. but soon fell to 76ft. Chicago & Northwestern (prefer red) epeoed at Oft. but afterwards declined to Civ, and the whole list tailing off JfOY- |At 1 o'clock the mar ket was again steady, and with coss'derablo pressure to sell. Shortly after this the whole list declined V. dosing quiet. At 3:30 the market was strong, and prices tended to a higher range. The money market Is easy at C@l per cent. American gold Is Inactive and neglected. [Associated Press Ueport j Nsw Yobs, March 33. MOKZT. Money active end firm at C®7c per cent fbr call loans. FOEKIOU EXCHANGE. Sterling exchange is quiet at ICBV@IO9 in gold for Utst class bills. COLD. Gold lower: opening at isiv. dcdlulng to 133 V. and closing at 133 ft. GOVZB EVENTS. Government stocks a shaae easier. New Tons. March 23. kailwats. The bank statement was very unfavorable, but was generally discounted on Saturday. The railway mar ket was steady at the open board and the stock ex change, but the volume of business was light. After the regular call tire market became quits dull, and fell off per cent. Michigan Southern was the feature of the list, and at one tme touched 76ft. The market was oull and steady at the one o’et ek board, but weak at the second board, and subsequently became Urm and closed steady. Wm. Heath & Co. report the following: CLOSING QUOTATIONS AT 3:30 I>. V. Ohio certs 26*® 27 M. 8 76*3 76* Canton 45*@ 45* 111. Central lU*®lls* Cumberland... 21 @ SS* Fitts 79 379*- Quicksilver.... 31 @34* Toledo US @ll9 Mariposa B*@ 9 K. T 9G*@ 93* Do.pfd 82*® 22* N.W S3*® S3* Wet-tern U. Tel 41 @ 41* N.tV. pld M*@ CIV N. Y. Cen....,,105*@106 Ft. Wayne 93*3 59* Erie 58 @sß* Paclflc Ma11...186*0137 Radeon 137 @l3B* Atlantic Mall.. 81 &83 Beading. Ul*@lol* aoTzmnfmrrs. Govmaente lower at the morning board and rather doll, and closed dull tnu evening without marked changed. Kec’d, *6l .103*3.108* 5-20conp ’65 Jan Coupons,’Bl....loS*«lo6* and July 103 @lo3* 5-20regiBi , d’£a.l07*ai07* 10-tOrestat'd... 97*3 9<* J-20 coupon ’62.103*3109 August 7-3W....100 @loo* 5-20 c0up'63....103 @loß* June7-30s 103*3105* 5-80 coupon ’65.107*0101* July 7-30 s 109*@10&* no corn state nose*. Border State bonds firmer on Virginia 6s, bat others are lower. Tennessee 6s 63* j Hannibal A St. Virginia 65..... 59 @CO I Joseph bonds 79 381 H. Carolina Cs. .. 49* Pacific bonds.. 93 ® 99* Missouri 6S 97*3 93* i insczniANsors. Steamship shares were nrm and higher. Coal stocks quiet. HOKET, Money market more active. Call loons plump at 63 7 per cent on Government stock collaterals. P.lmo dis counts qnlct at 7@B. . GOLD. The gold market close! at 133*3131 alter a very dull day. Cash gold was first loaned at t-6t per cent, and was then flat,hatnftcr the Clearing House closed, 7 per cent was paid to bare Beamed. FOUTEGS EXCHANGE. Foreign exchange markit rather firmer, and private bankers' bills were quoted at w sixmo shacks. The mining shares market was more active and ani mated today than for a long time post, and there was an increased badness la many snares on the tut. In Consolidated Grigory transactions were between 1,000 and 1 stti shares. The stock sold at lOAO. Corydon was thenext lavoriie. acd actively dealt la at 4203150 —riootoc strong with an upward tendency. Almada rote trom 7SO to 800. Quartz Riu steady at 203 3!u,andflrnieratthecioec. Colombia gold and silver firm at SOSQSIO. Xbe Produce ITlarßcU, MILWAUKEE. [special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, March 33. Flour—Dali. No buyers. City XY held at 112.25; country do, f11.25@U.57*; extras, fllbso@to.S7*. Wheat—Quiet. Morning Board—Salea, 14,000 cca till. Fcsn Board—8alo». 1.790 eati'i itßUftr 'Ko.lepriaslaeiote;|UßS3.7l tor Me. * de; 93.79. aeller*' rptioa next week; 93. A barer*' option next week; 98.40 for .so. 9in Mare; 9SJO Ist rejected do. Oats—Steady. Sale*, SB9 caaials, at 9L*W for Ho. 1 ft—h- Corn—Finn. Sales, 1,800 centals at fl.«l for No.l old In store, and |i.49jf for cnoiee new shelled. Pro Till ccs—Doll ami unchanged. Drafted How-*8J04«45; lire do, 97.03Q7.50. Grain Freighis-Qniet. Schooner Oneida Chief wa* ctartered to-day, first trip, to Buffalo, to load lm. mediately, at 10c. BeceJpta-LTOObrisßonr, 6,100 centals wheat, 1,290 do oata,€(k. do com, 1,000 do barley, 75 dreised hog*. Shipments— l,ooo brl* flour, tjoo centals wheat, 3,t00 bill pork. NEW TORE. Cottsn—Very firm, with only marine's, owing In part to the firmness or holder*. . 20.000 bales at Sic for mlddlinr uplands Floor—^Receipt*. 11.937 6ns. Market &atta »«.«» Bale* WOC Western. f for extra Westemlii io^iu«• Ijr Cb»lee do :lil7S«l2.€S lor shlpprax braoda «»a MOM t0000H... .3 "fS-'mSS toSS market cloelogqulet. ■ California Hour—More active and firmer Sate* I.BoobrUai)daacktatriJoe|lS.73r l “’ Whiskey—Quiet and unchanged. Wheal—EocMpia, none. Market opened firmer, but dost d quiet and very Arm. Sales, 19 000 bu «mwa 93-55 for No. 2 Ullwauhee; 53.08923.i0 for whitn rail. lonia, end 9A25 tor white CatadrT l “ C4U Rye—Quiet. Sales.3.7oobn Western at9L3|. Barley—Finn. Bales 9,000 on Canada West Ires at 1 Barley Malt-Doll. Corn—Beceipts, *.905 bn. Market without decided chance, bale* 61.000 do-at 91.17tfQ1.18 for mixed Western in store; thl&ai.lStf Ur do afi-iat; It jbj* for new white and ye-low Southern, and 91.13 for damazea mixed Western. • Oats—Receipts, 2,131 bn. Oats are !Q7c better and more dolt g. Bile* 62,(00 bu at 63367 cUr Western • GCQ6Fc for new Ohio; 6GQt9o fat new choice do. and 71«.2fbr state. ’ Rice—Dull and nominal. Coffee—Steady. Bales 1,900 bags in bond atlOlfc. Sugar—Steacy. Sale* iW bbes at lOQUc far Cuba, and lie for Porto Blco. Molasses—Btcaoy. Petroleum—Quiet at iGtfcfor crude, and 27Vc for re ined In bond. Pork—Firmer and quiet. Sales of 8.900 brl* at $23,50a 23.75 for new mess, cash; for old mess : for t rune and 922.10ca3.w0 Mi prime mess. Alio lyoobrlsnewmcssat 923.7iQ21.C0, seller and buyer April and May. beef—Firmer. Sales ot 7.000 brls at 518.0ha20.00 lor new plain mesa and 919.0<V«23.00 for new extra mess. Beef Hams—Firm at 937.00Qtt.00. „ Bacon—Active and firmer. Sales of 1,830 boxes CnmbcrJandatlJKSUKcforshort ribbed; 12Q12WC for short clear: ana uc lor long cat bams. Cat Meats—Qul't and steady. Sales of 470 pkes at OkQlOJic Ibr shoulders and 13!<Qlljfc for bams. sales of 1,100 brls at iSJiaiSUcfor Batter-Dull and heavy at 10Q29c lor Ohio. Cheese-steady at UQi9c Flour—Closed fairly active. Mcammaod good grades S&ioc higher. Wheat—Quiet and very firm at 93.4832.55 Ibr No. 3. and 93.7f1Q2.T6 for No. l spring. Bye—Very firm at 91MQLSB fbr Western. Oats—Acflv* with good speculative demand at 6CQ 67Vc fbr old Western, and 6*Q690 for Western. t Corn-dull at 91A7K la store and fUßtf for shipping brands ol Western. . Pork—Firm with an npward tendency with sellers of new mess at $23.81. cash, and 923J57 regular; buyer* at $23.75 cash and regular. Keo—Quiet and steady. Cut Meats—Quiet and nominally nnchanzed. Uacon—Finn and fairly active at lOftc fi»r Cumber land middle*. • Lard—Qnle't and firm at lor fair to prime steam, aud 13Jic for prime ketue readered. ST. LODIS. _ . ST. I/JiTta. March 25. Tobacco—Firm but quiet, with sales at 95.i0Q5.70 lor lean Cotton—lnactive, at 26c tor low middling. Uemp—Dull; sales at 9L6001.65 lor prime and choice tudrreaed. Floor—Firm, hat active and unchanged. Wneat—Fires; sales at 93.9021.23 p-r cental for spring, and 93.2305.(1 per cental for choice tall. Corn-Heavy; saiej at per cental. Oats—Dnll and heavy; sales at f1.8301.9l percental. Barley—Depressed under larce receipts; sales of prime to t holco sprluc at ft.45ai.73 per cental. Rje-Quict; sales at «.»02.38 per cental. Pro VHlona—Unsettled, heavy and druoplng. Mess pork, #22JO. Bacon—9Kc lor shoulders, 12J4c fir clear no sides, l3£c for clear sides, and 14 vaisve Cor sugar cured and canvassed bams. Lard oatl, at lie tor steam, and l?c tor kettle in tea. Bayers refuse to pay ever 12c for choice lard. Whiskey—Held at *2.1123.15. CINCINNATI. cnicnnrATi. March 25. Flour—Firmer, with an Improved demand, aad in some cases higher prices were established. The de mand was cMeQf for higher grades. Good anoerflue. |KCo@ltN>: trade brands, 911AO013AO; and laucy. Wheat—Firm, and demand good. Sales 6,000 ha at 92A002.53 for No. 3spring; *3.5523.60 iurNo. I do; *3.60c4. , '55f0rN0.3 winter, aad 9L95 lor No. 1 do. Corn—Ha* not been so Arm. Sales 9,000 bn, at 73274 c for No. l In balk and tftstftc m sack. Oat*—Quiet. at 53Vffi51c fer No. 1 In balk. Rye-*i.«9l.W; bat the demand is tight. Barley—Unchanged. Colton—Firmer, under the reported light receipts and more favorable advices trora Liverpool. Mid dling Is held at 23c; the demand U light, however. Whiskey—Quiet,al3Tcla bond. Provisions—Quiet, without Important change. Mess pork held at 923-73 lor the best city brands. Balk meats atffjadlOkc. Daconat9jfc,lCVcandl2Vc tor etnnl- Oers.sldea and clear aides, and 13c tor clear rib sides. Plain haras at ISfcc, and sugar-cured at isaiSUc. Lard Is quiet, but holders are Orm at 12V0UVC tor prime city and country. Eggs—ball, at 15316 c. Hauer—Firm tor trash at SC@33c. Cheese—Firm, at laveiTeior common Ohio, and 13 ©l9c tor factory. Seed*—Clover at 98.7305.95; timothy at 12.9501.90, and|oax«eed at f3.1(&2.5(i. Groceries—Unchanged and quiet. Gold—l 33 if- baying. Exchange—Firm. Money—Market ticht, NEW ORLEANS. Nxw Oblkass, March IS. Cotton—Staffer. Sales of 5 000 bales ilowtmad.lnz at 29029XC. Receipts. 5.597 bales: exports, 3,123 bales. bngar—Dull at l3cior good to fair. Molasses—Kosalec; prime quoted at 80c. Flour—Easier at <13.35 for super. Corn—Large receipt* at reduced prices. Mixed 91.07J1 gI.U; white,<1.4501.16; choice whi1e,91.23. Oats—Dull at 75c. □ay—Dull at <10X0012.50. Pork—No sale*. Round lots quoted at <21.00. Paeon—lev, 12V and 13Vc for sbouldere, ribbed aad clear (Ides. VICO, Lard—Quiet but Arm at 13V013S for prime In tes, and 14c for kegs. Sterling—l4V346. BUFFALO. Buffalo, March 25. Fleur—Dnll and unchanged. Wht at—Fair tequirv. Sales 8,(05 bo No J Milwaukee at <2.33 and I,l*o bn No. S Canada white at $3.66. Com—New Toledo active, steady. Sales of 40 car loads at »5c on State Line track, port to arrive. Oats—Nominally anchonzi-a. Kje—Bales 013 car loads Western at 91.25. Bariev—Quiet, bales ot Canada at <1.(601.10. Seeds—Quiet, sales of medium clover at |SAO; sales cfTlniOlbyatflJO. „ . New Bless Pork-Dull at 933-00; Lard—Quiet at 1 I&gbwlnes—' Unchanged. SAN FRANCISCO. Son PcAKctsoo, March 25. Flour— inactive: demand principally fbr New York. Extra <650; superfine<s 73. . _ WLf-M—Quiet;«»!'«. sta for New York by the Grace Darling: 10,000 do for Flectwlng at lull figures. Quoted at<lJo©i.9V. PHILADELPHIA. PniL.*DKi.FHiA. March 23. F.our—Firm; State super 99. W. . . _ „ Wheat—Quiet but prlc< * firm; choice red, 9 MS: Cal- ITornla, 93.23. Soles, I,OUD 03. Rye— 9l-50. "orn—Dull: sales. 3.0&0 bu yellow at ft.lo. Oalfr-Qulet; sales, 20.000 bu State at 53c. Colfee—Sales of ttto st 3t vc. Snear »n<i Mnlssrc^-Dall. Whiskey—Sales of contraband a;73c3fl.W. BALTIiIOUK. lULtihob*. Much 45. Coffee— Oal*.t and firm. Snear—steady. Stuck scarce; Air to good reflntng JO’iCHOtfC. fitch grades ertras from widerjflSeal,aivanced 3St3foe; other dcicrlptlona nncliacCTa.,- Wheat—Firm and scarce. Choice winter red $3.31; CUr do $1.30, and Pennsylvania bed i1.95aJ.9i. * Cora—Dali. licccipts small: demand moderate. Whit** $1.0T«I.10; yelf-w Jl.0TOl.03; mixed Weitern Oats-60(3C9c. _ Ckmrhced—Prime new i 0.50; old |9JW; Timothy 51.75 Wmabey—Nominal at 25®30c In bond. Provisions—Finn and tmehaoced. MEMPHIS, Usvrms, March 2». Cott'in—Buoyant at 23c,a?9c. Corn-Firm at fi.tKU 15. Hour—Snpcrflne. 19.2W9.50. Pork—Firm at $3J.r.0a13.D0. other marketi unchanged. LOUISVILLE. _♦ _ LaomtLLV. March S 3. Tobacco—Sales of I2Bhhds for common light log*. m<yltum loaf. Market sttadr. Floui—Superfine, J 9.75. Com—ln bulk: 70-for car ; 73c for shelled. Oats—bales at fi.’acte. Mess Fork—Sales at f'hJ.SO. Daeon—Shoulder*. 9Xc; cKar Bides. l?>sc;lard tn three*. 12WC. Whiskey—Raw. 23c. New York market. (Special Despatch to the Chlcazo Trtbnnc.] New Toes. March 25. Brcadstufts—The advance In float was mostly inhleh grades, Including St. Lonls brands, and at the c'.oie the market was doll. Wheat was very freely offered bat not pressed. Buyers demanded a concession and at the close the market was nominal at 92.50r22.53 for good No, 3, Coarse crams firm, bat since ’Change thEre is very ittlelnqolry. New York Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. ] New Vobx, March 35. Pork—Closing sales alter 'Change at 133.80, cash. Market qnlct. Bacon—The movement to-day was mainly specula tive, withbnyersat lOJfc for Cumberland,and UJ*c lor short ribbed. Ocean Freights. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yoke, March 29. Freights—The Liverpool packets take a little com at 3d, and the shipments of hog products are lloctal. New York Grocery market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] New Yoke, March 33, Coffee—Firm and qnlct. Bto, 22S2Cc. Sugar—Finn and more active. Fair to prime gro cery, 10JV®HKC. New York Live Stock market. New Tour, March 23. Receipts—s,o67 beeves, 14,911 sheep and lambs, 14,330 hoes. * There were 1,163 cattle in market at One Hundredth street this morning. Taking oat about 200 head ot prime to extra Ohio, Ullcols and State beeves, the bal ance were mostly ordinary to medlnm cattle. For the best cattle there was some competition and snop batch ers paid 17<ai7Nc for a few of tbe choicest. For all graacs below strictly prime tbe demand was very light, and sales were extremely slow at losing prices. The bulk of tbe cattle sold at 1103 10c; from Ts«ilsVc was an much at wholesale batch ers were willing to pay for fat steers ol fair quality, and the majority of chop botchers got what they wanted at Ib3lC£c. Tbe proprietors of the One Hundredth street yards

pnpose to make Wednesday theortncipal market day, atd discontinue the market on Monday and Tuesday. Quotations o' extras, 17®l7),’cj prime, l6®l6Xc: good. tftolGc; medlnm, livcalSc; poor to medlnm. 13 ®UXc; In bulk, 14®IGc: average, ISc; wont, 12313 c. Sheep—The market bss been pretty steady and firm throughout the week, and good sheep are In demand at high prices. On Saturday 2 car loads of choice Canada were sold In sixth street at lOtfc. and I car lead of good State sheep at 9*<c; Gear loads arrived late at Hudson City, and were on tbe market to day. At Browning's eight car loads arrived to-day, mostly good. Market not so active nor so firm as Saturday, owing to the decline in wool and wool skins, bat 233 sold at 10c; SCSheadat 9Xc,and one bunch ot common at sxc. Daring the week 2.423 bead were sold, at an average at $8.89, and 1,035 bead st an average of $7.81. At the Hudson City, 3,790 head were cold at an average ot $7.33, and at the Commnolpaw S/.OS, at BM(%9Xc. Hogt—Ths demand has taken all oflered at3®SXe. The quality of the receipts has been common to-day, with about L4OO hogs on the market. There were nine single deck loads at Fortieth street. The best were selling at BX®9Xc: and for rongbboga 7X®73(c. Prime Western boss would bring BY®3Xc. City Dressed Fork-Scilirg at Wjfaio*c, and firm. Philadelphia hive Stock market. Philadelphia, March 21. Cattle—ln fair demand. Sales 1,200 beeves at 17@13c for extra; is@l6.tfc for fair to good, and 14311tfc for common. CUUUIVU. Sheep—Advanced. Sales 6,ooohcadat9@9tfc, crow. □ogß—Scarce and higher. Sales 2,1X0 bead at 11® 12c, nett. NcwTork Dry Goods market. New Yoke, March IS. In cotton goods trade 1# only fairly active, and prices lor heaw sheetings are tfc lower. We quote Atlantic A sheetings at 21c; do u and pacific A andH.sotfc; Nashua D selling at 16c, and Lawrence G at tbe same price. In other markets there is little or no change. Prints—Moderately active at steady rates. Merrl tnacks command X7@l9c; American Dunn;la and Richmonds, istfc, and Victory, 13&Uc lor dark and' light shades. Pltistmrsli oil market. PnranuEQU, March 23. The oil market is doll and little doing. Prices In crudes and ether graces without change. No newfea tores to note. New fork Weekly Bank Statement. New York, March 20. Leans K59.15a.5t5 Decrease $3,672,057 v.f,Hnc 9,113,913 Decrease 821,809 (Aiculnilon Legal-Tenders., nt.901,938 Decrease 1.939,031 Deposits 193,173,615 Decrease 5^533.180 kuruibd. In Ihl" city, on the 21th irst., by Rev. E. .1. Goad, speed, WM. WOOD and Mrs. MABQAEKT WILSON both of Chicago. DIED. Inthtßdty. on the 33d Inst* OEOPGE ANDROS, lormerly of Lockport. N. Y„ aged 89 years. Remains t&krn East for interment. At Middletown. Vt, March 13, ot measles, HORACE HASTINGS, aged Si yean. amusements. McVICKEB’S teeatre, CKBK • KTUB MANAQBBh. CHANGE OF TIME.—On and after March 19th, the doora will open at 7 vr—performance will commence at 8 o’clock precisely. Production ol the Bomantte Flay written by George Aiken, in S acta, entitled CLAUSE Highwayman of Claude Duval Geo. Aiken. Wednesday—Benefit ofJas. E. Baggot. pOL. WOOiTb iIUaETJM. obi. J. B. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. E. AIKEN* Stage Manager. THOS, barrt Anew play ol great Unropean reputation. Irom the French a victoria Sjrdou, introducing novel scenes, novel übleanx. a river, ct Mai water, and produced with new scencrr, machinery, costumes and deenrs tions. On Tuesday evening. March 26, will pc perform oo. first time in Cbicazo. the new play of A DANGEROUS GAME. With a splendid cast. The new play every night and Matmee. Meg's Diversion and My Turn Next la pre paration. RibTOKX- CROSBY OPERA HOUSE. Director J. 12 MAD. Season of three nights and one Matinee. Ee-ealree In Chicago ol toe Great Tragedienne, Mme. ADELAIDE RISTORI. Tnerday, March 36 ELIZABETH. Wednesday, Marco 27 JUDIT- _ Friday, March 29-MAKT sTOAItT. Saturday, March&o- GR AND MATINEE. Seats for any of the three nights and the Matinee, can cc secured now at ihe Opera House. Reserved Beats. t?A0; Boxes. 93.00. THEATRE. Monday Evening, March 25th, 1867. E>tra Announcement. Alter weeks ol careful preparation. wH be produced the newly written, laf-irn»lly-DliboUc*lly-Seilo-Com- Ical Dfama In three acts, entitled BSLXi UPON EARTH; Or, SATAN AND HIS SEVEN DAUGHTERS. New and beaatlinl scenery by W. D. sterrey. New properties bv John Sherman. New and splendid ward* robe. A carefully selected and beautiful Corps de Bal let. New effects. Brilliant transformation scem-a. Act I—A View of Hell and its Inhabitants. Act 2 Satan and His Seven Daughters In Chicago. Act 3—A Change of fecene—War—Love—Virtue Triumphant. QROSBV’S OPERA HOUSE. Thursday Evening, Marcli 28th. 11 Lawyer Lincoln, by the Crier oi the Court.” A Lecture by T. W. s. KIDD. Crier ot Springfield Courts, in which Abraham Lincoln practiced as a Lawyer. If you want to ipend a pleasant evening and enjoy a good lancb, go and bear the Crier’s bntnoroui portrait ure of Abraham Lincoln as be appeared at the bar among his neighbors, from a professional and social standpoint. Door open at 7X o'clock. Lecture begins at S. Tick, ets 50 cents each lor Parqncttc and Dress Circle; 25 cents for Family Circle. WONDER OF WONDERB, AND NATURE UNVEILED, at the New Fork museum of Anatomy* 96 Randolph**!., comer Dearborn. Lectures dally. These enable to attend may receive them by enclosing 10 cents to Secretary. THE CAUSES OP DISEASE may be seen at the New York Museum of Anatomy, 06 Randolph's!., comer of Dearborn. QROSBY’B OPERA HOUSE. SEVEN HEADSI TEN SOBN3I WIU. APPEAR APRIL STD. auction jpaleg. JQANIEL BUOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lako-st„ cor* Chicago, Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for ealc. Out-door sales promptly attended to. AUCTION at Daniel Scott & Co.’s Rooms, No. 161 Lake-su, TUESDAY, March 28. at 10 a. m., Dry Goods. Casslmeree, Hoop Skirts, Balmoral Skirt*, Ladles’ Shawls, Prints, Calicos. Linens. Hose. Half- Hose, &c- Ac. DANIEL SCO IT A CO., Auctioneers. RUCTION. CLEARING OUT SALE. Wednesday, March 37, at 10 a. m H at Daniel Scott A Co.’s Room*. 164 Lske-iU, Glass ware of every de scription, inciaolug tabic, kitchen and band Kerosene Lamps, Chand? lers. Porcelain, Mamie and Alabaster Lamp Bases, Beer Glasses, Wannlcs. Snears, Creams, bpoon-nolders, nnd a large assortment of Castors, &e. DANIEL SCOTT * CO„ Auctioneers. AUCTION— Thursday, Starch 28lUat 1C a. m~ at Daniel Scott A Co.'s Auction Rooms, 164 Lake-st.. Household Furniture of every description. Carpets. China ware, Gla«s ware. Lounges, Sobs, Ac. DANIEL SCOTT A CO.. Auctioneers. A UCTION- Saturday, March 3Ulh, X> 1667, at 10 a. m M at Daniel Scott A Co.’s Booms. lU4 Lakf-sU, 200 cases G. U. Mnmm's genuine Dry Vcxrczay "Champagne" Wines. The particular atten tion of cnnnoKscurs and the trade is directed u this Important sale of G. H. Mnmm's genuine Dry Veine zay Wines, sold by order ol the consignors. DANIEL StOXT A CO., Auctioneers. Gilbert and bampson, General Auctioneers. 47 and -19 Dearborn-31. SPLENDID STOCK OF Kloh nnd. Medium NEW FURNITURE, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. March 2G.stlO o’clock, consisting of an elegant assortment .4 Parlor, Bedroom sod Dining room Fun itnrr, iccludloc a great variety of Rich and Medium Marble and plain-top Chamber Suites, with a general assortment of Household Goods. GILBERT * SAMPSON, Aa .Uoneera, A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneer* & Coami&eioH Merchant* 44 3c 4B BANDOLPH-*»T.. Between State-it. and Wabast-ar., Hold tegular ea>a, at their i&lefrooci. o: I)SY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SUOBS, AC.. Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FUKNITURK, CARPETS. Ac., every SATURDAY iHacljincrg. FOK SALE—Portable engines, station ery and on wnetU, 10 and n-norsc power, on and tor sale at low prices, by TEE FBSIITIOO CO., North Walti-sC, North I'ler. g/Oil SALE—Three b-oorsc power uj.- 1? right engines; ai2P six horizontal cctlaei, s, if ard U-borse power. Larger or mailer engioes inr rlshcd with or without bolicrs. 12.15,14 and 20-horse tubuiar ana locomotive ocUexa for sale, best male, A iso one t-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmill*, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron Krrs. belling. saws, flies, Ac. Machinery cepe- a* bom-flu Chicago. QKEENI.LB BROS. A CO. Foil aALE—A supcnoi low pressure engine, 30-Inch cylinder and ifcel strike. In splen did running order, with shafts inches In diameter and flj-wbeelSOfeet, weighing aooul 7 tons. Tnls engine Is of sutficlent capacity to drive the largest elevator, and is particularly adapted to a mil’ capablcof making 4CO barrels of ficur per day. Wo offer the above at the lowptlceof 57,500. Forfarther particulars,ltqnlrco! DATER WHALING * CO.. State MU 9, CUlcago, or MEDDERY. STEVENS & CO.. Milwaukee, Wla. FDR SALE—One second-hand 10 horse portable engine, complete, been in ns? only three monins. and last as good, as new. Apply to A. H. PALMER, ofllcc Pbccnlx Idle Insurance Company, 43 South Clark-st., Boom 4, dp stairs. F’OR SALE—2S,IO and 15-horse power portable engines and boilers, with all modem lm mate, and all complete, and for sale at very low prices, by GRIFFIN MBPS., ltd LaSaUc-9t. 1701? SALE—H. M. Ames’ portable r and 1/ stationary engines, from 4to 33-horse power; also, Putnam Machine Co.’s tools: two 12-fect bed 24-lnch, two 10-leet bed. 20 ami one 8-reet bed 13 Inch, one 6-lect bed 11-inch swing, all screw-cnttlng engine lathee; three nprlaht drills, two iron planers, bolt colters, saw mills, shingle trills, two Woodworth plan ers ami matchers, Farrar’s snrfarcrs, pomps, belting, hose, flies. &C.. 4c. C- L. BICE 4 CO.. 1U and 21 Dcarborn-st. FOR SALE—A nearly new Pease’s selt leedlng tonacco catting machine, cheap, at 173 Uiybonrno-av., near Larrabee-at. ffiotscs. (Eartiages, Set. FOR SALE—Two horse?, with harness. They are the right size for a bakery or grocery wagon. Inqalre at 137 Archer-road. TT7ANTED—A good family Horse. Ap- V V ply to MAKSU 4 FOSS, corner Canal and Van Burcn-ats. FOR SALE—Horse and harness, with dontile-seated family wagon, all sound and good as new, cheap for cash. Adatcas •* it,** Tribune office. 17 OR SALE—At the California House, ' 410 State st., one pair heavy draught horses, wishing 3,000 poand*. Also, a lot of young family ei d light draught horses. 17 OR SALE—Two car-loads of ireah 2 country horses at the Garden City House stable, corner Madlscn and Mnrket-sts., from a track or aray hotsc to a saddle pony. Host anb jfmmb. LOST— Strayed trom tlie barn in the rear of 148 cass-BL, a dark Pay Mare. LOST —Strayed from No. 10 North Ellzabcth-sl., March 23d, a Dark Bay Canadian Bony. Mease return to 530 Sooth Clark-st., and re ceive a liberal reward. H. WHITNEY. T OST—An Account and SaJe Book. A J j liberal reward will be paid on returning the same WAQENfDEHB, 17 LaSalle-st,, Boom 1 OST—Sunday, March 21ih, between J 133 West Slnzle-Bt. and ISB North Morgan-st a Lady's Gold Pin and Locket, set with hMr. It Is pmea, belr g the gilt of a deceased friend. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at 133 West KiDzie-Et. LOST— On the 20th inst, between 105 North Wells-st, and 153 Park-av- a Far Collar— sqmrrel. Also, a Lady's Pocket, containing a veil. hardkercbl*-r, pocket-pook with $3 or $6. Alto, letter addressed 105 North Weds-st. The finder will be suits bly rewarded by leaving the same at Trtonne office. FOUND —Picked up on Saturday even ing. 33d list., a mall Canadian Pony. Owner can have tame by proving property and paying charges. 2SMarkct-st. gtrageh awfr Stolen. STRAYED —Escaped from the subscri ber, on Saturday evening ia*t. a Brown lonr-ycar* oid Coll, with saddle ard bridle, will snltably reward any party who, finding said colt, will return him to PEI til TOOM Y, 39 J Mltchell-su CTRATED — Two Bay Horses One O llchtbsy, abontlltf bands high; one light bay, 15 bands bleb. Any cm* returning them to the Central Livery Stable, 8 and 10 South Water-st., will be libe rally rewarded lor their trouble, WM. COX & CO. *aki jUtllg, aSnsincs, &c. iJVHE LANE & BODLEY Portable circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAK EKGZBE3, Shingle Machines, Com Mills and Shafting, Weed working Machinery. liANF, dc DUDLEY* Comer Cl John and Water-eta.. Cincinnati. Applicants for descriptive circulars will specify the they need. tzsanei4o»«a printing. J> MUTING, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facilities for dointr Work ol Any Descrip- tion Unequalled la Uio CUT* STo 3acnt=sDouses. 'T’O RENT—Furnished or unfurnished 1 —* bonae on the North Sid**. centals in* It room*, exdntlTeofCtoeeta.pantne*aoobath-room- Allmod em Improvement* aid coavctloit to ore. Furniture liflrsKlaas. Apply at 138 Dearbora-sL. Room 9. TX) RENT—Two-story and basement I marble-ftcnt house, No. 468 Lakt-st* Ducting Unlon-parE, contali mg U room* and aJ modern 1m prorementa. apply at No, 328 FuUon-ah, or at Boom 11, 164 BanJo.pb-et. T> RBN T—Two story house, 11 rooms, ns and water. Rent only 135 per month. Furni ture for sale at a bargain. Apply at IS Fourth-ay. r pO RJfiNT—A Cottage of 10 n>omsL at A. 114 North Panllna-SL, with all Improvement*, T} RENT—Two good houses ot twelve rooms and closets, bath room had other conven iences. nlcelr located, Irontitg Lincoln Park. Nirth Side. Bent C6BO per annum. Apply on the premises, at 933 Sot th Qark-st. TO RENT —On Michigan av, a first class house, elegantly furnished throughout with furniture worth 93.5U7. to a umail family that can par 9900 yearly in advance. ARTHUR* BOTDEN, 310 Btate-st. TO RENT-—Furnished house with 11 rooms, two blocks Irom Post Office. Possession given immediately, price 9109 per month, s months cadvance. Apply at 92 Adams-st. TO KENT—House, at SBO per mouth. Poasesalon April DU Furniture tor sale. Six rooms, closcta ana pantry. None need apply except those wishing lornltuie. 138 South Cllnwa-st. T O RENT—Dwelling on southwest cor ner of LaSalle and Oolano-sti.. containing seven rooms acdc'os ts. raqaireatKNAURR*MALCOM's, corner North Water and Ci&rk-sts., Ewing's Block, Office No. 1. Security reqnlred. r PO RENT—Brick house, 7 rooms, on JL Waihington-st. near Clinton. Bent S3O oer month. 9250 worth ot furniture for sale. GEORGE & WILLIAMS. 7 south Clark-sL r T' , O KENT—To a small family, the L pleatentest home and In the most desn aole loca lon in tne West Division. Terms easy. If references paililactory. Bent can be paid In boarding the owner. Apply at 235 South Watcr-sU, upstairs. TO RENT—A Iwo-story and basement house in the brown block No. 220 West Midison st- ncarPeoria-st; ll rooms, hot and coll bath*; good nelehborhood. Small amount of furniture for sole. Possession given immediately. Call at the hoa.e. TO RENT—Dwelling No. 21 Cottage place; clsbt rooms, hydrant water. S3O per month. T. S. FITCH, Boom 2.169 Dearborn-st. rpO RENT—House and furniture. The I residence ot Mrs. Johnson at Cottage Grove, on the corner of Douglas-place and Lake*av. Two-story frame home, 13 rooms, well, cistern, new barn, and 010 acre of ground welt filled with shrubberj. BhES & AIRES, 10 Opera House. TO RENT—A large marble front boose on Washlngton-st. near Willard place, together wim new and elegant furniture. REES & AYRES, IO Opera Hctuc. npO RENT—A two-story house od L State-st n centrally located fbr a boarding bouse. Cheap rent, and furniture fur sale cheap. ARTHUR A DDYuEN, 210 Stale-st. r PO RENT—Two desirable houses, 517 J. and 510 North Clark-tL, containing ga*, water, mantels, *c~ wtih shrubbery In front yard. Possession off. no April Ist. the otber suv Ist. Rent quarterly. In advance. Inquire at 517 North C ark-st. Ko JxenteHoomg. rpO RENT—Two rooms, famished or 1 tmftirnfebcd, with or without boar'*, to 4 young men. Can on or address ” F,’* 147 South Clark-st. nro RENT — A large unturnisUed room, X 77 Morrison’s Building. Chance lor a stove. Coll at room 7S, seme building, 10 to 15 and 2 to 4 u. m. TO RENT—A Dice large furnished front room, at 312 State-att, Bailable for a gentleman ano lady or lour gentlemen, with or without board; also, several otuer nice tarnished rooms. T'O RENT—A suite of rooms arranged f>r hoos'kceplng: water In kitchen. West Side, near street cars. BentflS pur month; <l4O for the fur niture complete. A bars aln. Cali In Collector’s Office, Clark and Ra?dolph-st. TO RENT—A furnished suite of rooms tor two nr three gentlemen. References re* quired. 230 State-st. rpo RENT—Two desirable rooms, com* J plete for housekeeping. Small quantity of faroi tare lor sale._ 190 South ctara-st, Room 9. RENT—Fine furnished and unfur- X nlsbed rooms, large, atd pleasantly located near the Post office, tome of them Holtnblo tor a party ot four or six. JOKES, BUNDY & TAYLOR, Room 12, Methodist Church Block. r) RENT—Room No, 17, second story, Lombard Block.lußt west ofPostOfQce. Posset sion April Ist. Bent <360. inquire at the room, or st No. 8 Custom House-place. TO RENT—A suite ot 7 moms, with part or all ot furniture for sale. Very cheap and dctltaMc. Apply at 100 Madlaon-sL, Room 4. ®o3£ent=Js tores, ©ffices.&c TO RENT—From the Ist of May next, the store, and dwelling above. No. 227 State-st. Apply at CHARLES O. £. PRUSaIKQ’b, 329 A 341 State at., Chicago. TO RENT —Stole No. 117 South Clark st.. ’tore and casement ] 83 Don born-ot.. stores Nos. 15Jf) and 201 Sooth Ctark-st- and No. 187 South Clarfc-st. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, 07 South flat k-*t- fj<o RENT—The basement of store No. A 43 South CUrk-at. Also three stories and base ment orgiore No. 39 South Watir-sU fur storage par pose*. on tnepremises. TO RENT—hrom May Ist, part of the building 831 South Water-st. Apply on the premise*, office up stalls. npO KENT—A part of cellar, first floor I and a part of iccond fleor of Store 217 South Water-st. Apply for terms at same place. TO RENT—Dockaec—Lumber Yard to rent for a term of yean, la Greene’s Sjuth Branch addition. A. O. THROOP. City Treasurer's Office. TO RENT—BOxIBI teet on north side of Wasolnaton-sL east of Franklln-st.. lor a term of 30 year*. REES A AYRES, Raal Estate Brokers, 10 Opera House. HPO RENT—Basement No. 17 LaSalle* A sL, suitable lor Sample Room or Offlce; also, one or two offices In building tor rent. The building la central ucd In good order. W. Q. SAMPSON, Real Estate Agent, 3 Metropolitan Clock. TO RENT—A good Dock—ln good com* lllon. and well -.ocatod on North Branch. In* quire at Room 2. Pardee’s Bullring* r PO RENT—Dressmakmc shopand tmn- X mine store, doing a rood business, with the it->ck and furniture for sale, and three rooms suitable for hoaickceping Inqnlreat4o6 State-81. P) RENT—Store 113 Clark*st, and fix tures for sale. This Is one ot the ben stands for retail trade In (he city, and t legantly flttM. 33usinc?ii5 ©ljances. Foil SALE—Valuable Mill Property- One amocclho best steam floarlncmllis (a South ern lowa containing three run of foar-feet barm, en- Ke and boiler In good order, merchant and ctutom tsofthebest—no better Id as*. The mill Isn't la coed repair, and In a good location. Water and foci Inabnndarcc. For farther particulars, address WM. SUABF it SON, Fair E eld, lowa. FOU SALE—The pood will, stock and fixtures ot a Crat-claas retail drug store, ail la complete order,situatedlaa good location initodty of St. Joseph, Mo. Lease 2,S' v ears to ran, at low rate. For lurlhsr Inforrtatlcr, Icqnjieof J. iL W. JONES, SUtioner, 42 and 44 Dearborn-aL, Chicago, IU. F")R SALE—A water power grist and flooring min of three nm of 4 leat ston», situated ir. the city of Ottawa. LaSalle Co., 111. The mill Is in good repair and doing a good buMaess. and now leas ed for &LIOO a yiar. The property win be sold at a s .criUce. Call on or address ROBT. MCDONALD, Camden Mllle, Rock Island Co-. 111. FOR SALE —A steam sawmill an Green Bay, WIs M In perfect and complete rmmlngorder, capable cf sawing sis million of fe-l ot lumber during the season, nnd admirably located for the handling and Bhlpmentof lumber both by railroad and lake— railroad running pasttbe property, and a go'id oock on the place, with all conveniences lor shipment by lake. In addition to the mill, there arc between Urea and fire million feet of logs on band, ready for imme diate operation. The whole f.r sale at low figures. For terms and fbrth-r inlbrroatton, nddicss or Inquire of W. A. MOWRY, 37 Sonth Water-st.. Chicago. 7701? SALE Hare chance Desirable 1? stock of dry good*, with fixtures* and lease ot n first-class store (trade established), located In one of the most flourishing cities of the West; population, 11,000. Address P. O. Box 558> Oshkosh, Wisconsin. T7OR SALE—An eld and well-cslab- J* 11‘hsd retail grocery. elegantly fitted op and doing a large business tn a mo«t prominent location on the South Side. For parocnlara address P.O. Pox ISGt?. F'OK SALK—The only hotel in a thriv ing town on the Norlhwettcm Railroad, S 2 miles from Chicago, containing 13 rooms, good cellar, bar room, 4c. The hotel Is mostly new, with good sta bling, and has a good run ot eastern. Apply to J, DICEMEB, Barrington. Cook Co„ Hi. T7OR SALE —Stock ol trait and conlec l* tlonery, with lease of store and Uxtarci, In a good location. Apply at 2-10 Btate-st. T7OR SALE—First-class saloon, with JP fnrsltnre, fixtures and lease. Inqolreol DAVID REN BY 4 CO- 20 State-st. 570 R SALE—Machine shop, doing a A 1 good business, or one or two shares of same, to salt parties. Capital required. $7,000 to 931.000. Good reason given for selling. Address M T M J,” Tribune office FDR SALE—Boarding bouse, on the West Side, full of boarderr, well located, and making money. Good reasons far selling. Inquire of E.II. CUMMINGS. 132 soath Clark-sL, Room 10. FOR SALE—Several line guld and silver claims In and around Central City. Mountain city, Virginia Cltv and Eureka Call at Room 2, No. 48 Eonth Clark-at, and examine specimens. 1701? SALE—Saloon and hoarding house X 1 427 South Canal-st Everything nearly new. Will he sold cheap. Call soon. FOU SALE—Cheap, the stock and tis loiva ol a long and well established grocery store on the Weft Side, doing a flourishing business. Pro ceeds from $75 to SIOO per day. A rare chance to those who wish to engage m business. Call and satisfy your self, or address 138 Bwlag-su, between Jtffcraoa and Dtsplalncs. F)R SALE—At a bargain, all the fix tales, tools, materials, rtcck and Icasi ol a well established trank factory in this city; or. If preferred, will sell either the stock, or the tools and materials. First-rate chance fbr a man to get into an established business-with small capital. Direct letters to P. O. Box 2-193. . -|7OR SALE—I will offer lor sale Ter? I’ cheap for a few days, my stock of dry goods, gro ceries, hotdware, boots and shoes crockery and bats and caps at Bine Island, 111., with lease ot a pood brick store Ifdes'rcd. It is a well selected stock ol about six thousand dollars. I have a pood ran of cus tomers, and sales arc perfectly satlalactory. It laa splen did chance for any one wanting to step Into an estab lished business. Good reasons for wliblng to sell. Any partus wishing to purchase can come to bine island and see the stock or address me at Bine Island. 11. p. MASSEY. TT'OR SALE—Twenty-five hundred dol- X 1 larswill buy a sleek or groceries. horse, wagon and two sets of harness, together with fixtures, all complete. Itect very reasonable, or will sell at in voice. Call at 220 weal Lake-aU corner of Green. F)K SALE—The pood will, slock and fixtures ot a retail grocery store. In a good loca tion, doing a gcod business, on tbe West Btdt. Inquire at 21 LaSatle-st. FOR SALE—A very tine saloon, with two ot the brst billiard tables la the city, located mine centre of business on Ciark-st. Will neeold at a great sacrifice lor cash or salable property, as the owrer has ether business demanding his attention. Inquire of JUNES, BUNDY & TAYLOR, Beal Eilate Agents. FOR RALE—Gents’ ftimishinc goods— Having associated mtsslf with the old and pop ular Genie* Famishing Home ol F. C. KEMPTON, Brandwav. New York, under the name and firm of F. C. KKMPION & CO., (the same to take elfect April 1). I clTer my stock, furniture and lease fur sale for cash—or will rent store ana sell fixtures (black walnut) at a bargain. WM. V. CHURCH of WM.P. CHURCH* Co.. 112 Clark-at. 17 OR SALE—A first-class saloon, cheap 1 for cash. Parties going East. Apply at ISO# htate-st, FOR BALE—Lager beer and ’billiard saloon. Inqnlre on~ the premises. 88 LaSalle-st. FOR SALE—Restaurant and saloon, 127 Sontu Dearborn-Bt. Good location and tall d bmlntss. Good reasons given for se Ung. Apply on premises. v 170 R SALE—Groceries, saloons, board- X lot* houses. Jewellery, boot and shoe and stationery stem In til parts of tbe city; alro. a travelling basi nets that is pa-, tag fro*i|3o to 1500 per week. Boom 13 lombard Block, 107 Monroe-st. |7OR SALE—At a barcain, it sold this t* week, stock. lenso and fixtures of a boot and shoe store on MUwaukee-av. Will invoice at about S9OG. As the owner has been called suddenly awav it Is with me for sale cheap. Call at IRA BKOW2T3 Bock and Jewellery store. 2S Muwaukee-av. personal. "PERSONAL —A youus man would like X to open correspondence with a lew young ladles, as be 1c tends to make Chicago bis future home. Ad dretsLYMAN R. C. ROGERS, Box 358. Lockport, N cw York. ■ PERSONAL— II George P., formerly of Fairbanlt, Minn., will send his address to bar aaBB he will bear from an old acquaintance. “K M. Heal Sstate-ettf. IHIPSOTB*. T7OR SALE—By Bnyder & Lee, Real X Brt»te AKeßtt.No. 4MettopoUttnnT9ek.Bt«o •hTj UuDßbouse otßr-oma, .and lot, comer Thiro-av. and Twenty-fim-et. Price &930. tfOR SALE—With lease ot lot, a weir X furnished cottage containing six rooms, with pantry sad closet*; fne ceilings ue bleb; there I* a neat piazza. The Moaett nearly new, aaddocat-d at .•>Btt North Clarx-st. Can can tbs door, inquire at 14a Undea-st., one block above North-av., sear We Is-st. ■T'OK SALE —On Wabash-avenue, a first X class briAr boose, with large lot, corner of Peck court. A XMw desirable residence. A. J. AVBKKLL, Real KsuwOClce. No. 7 Metropolitan oteck. |7OK bALE—Splendid corner lot on X Allchlaaa-ST., sooth ot TveUQML. 45x170. Bouthweit comer of Sosa asd Ucron-sta . 33#x109. li lots on Washlngton-st. and Park-av., vest of city limit*. llotacn Adamant, east of Lincoln. S 3 lott on Bansi m-st. and W*ntwnrth-av., Booth of Thlrty-firat-sL, cheap. A. B. MEAD, 151 Bandolph st. FOR SALE—Cottage on West Side with or without lot*, cheap tor cash or on easv i gulp, peat location*. HILL & WHIPPLE, 128 Dearborn-st, Boom 3. FOR SALE—Cheap for a lew days— Home and lot S<WzUaieett-i alley, two-stjrles, on West Walnut-eu Inquire of HILL A WHIPPLE, 128 Deatbora-aU Beal EBtate Agents, Boom *. ir»OR &ALE—By Snyder & Lee,Real Es- X Ute Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Bloik, a new i>o*itory and basement orlcit boose of 11 rooms, mod ern improvcmenu and lot, on Wastungtoo-sU near Lincoln. T?OH BALE—A first-class bnck house, _X with all modern itxprovemenu. Lot SiVxlSi Petto alley. Choice location on North LaSaile-st. Offered ter a lew days only. HILL* WHIPPLEJI2B Dearborn-BL, Boom g. F)R SALE—A stoiy-and-a ball cottage house, onleued ground, has alt modern improve ment*, within one blrcx of streetcars. No. 06 south Pnce 12.000. Is nicely finlabed througbout. Apply, between the hours ot 9 a. m. and 2 p. ul, at the house. FOR SALE—At a bagain, a new two story boose, with or without lurultnre, as the par ty intends sailing tor Europe. Also a new Rnabe piano. Inquire on the premises. No.-112, Twenty nlnth-st. T?OR SALE—Cheap—The marble iront X dweill£g,No. 377 West Washlofiton-st. D. J. LAKE. TT'OR SALE—Until April 15th, large, X nice, new brick bouse. Jtut finished. North La Salle-et. A. GAGE & CO., 44 South Latiaile-sL, Rsom 4. F)U SALE —On Midiigan-av n the resi dence of the late John L. tfcrlpna—a firs*-class house in every rapret. and one of the finest locations inthsclt}. A.J.AVEKELL,HeaI Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. 17*OK SALE—By Snyder &Lce, Real Es X tale Agents, No. Metropolitan Block, a new two story and basement buck house of 11 roues, modern Improvements and lot, with barn, on Wabish-av- near Twehileib-et. FOR SALE —Business property in one cf the b?st localities tor wholesale bmlncfa In the city, paying 14 per cent, on pnce asked. Also, two first-class stores on South Water-st. A. J. AVERELL, Beal Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. T 7 OR SALE—Store and lot, No. 161 I* Sooth Cl.rk-st., between Madison and Monro*, UX feet frost. Inquire or JOHN FoBSYTHb, 15JJ Baaoolph-et F>K SALE—By Snyder &Lce. Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Blocs, a floe new two-story ana biueracnt brick house, with 15 roemi, hot and cold water, bath, furnace, mantets, and lot 22x160 feet, with barn, on Adams-st., near Rucker. T?OR SALE—Two-story frame bouse, I' with stone basement. No. 461 Wabash-av., lot 40x170 feet- and brick barn. Wei *19,000. A.. 1. AVEKELL, Beal Estate office. No. 7 Metropolitan F)R SALE—Office tormerlv occupied by Kirby, Carpenter A Co,. North S?!de. near New berry's Elevator, suitable dwelling for a small family. Apply at 25H South Water st, Ifc>om4. 1/OB SALE—A house near Twenty- V fourth-st.; one near Twenty-nlntlHit.: store on Water-st. tear Mlchigan-av.; lot on Mlchlgaa-av., near EUhteenlh-sL, by B. B. CHAMBERS, 17 Rjy colda* BKck, ITOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real X 1 Estate Agents, Ro.4MetrjpoUlau Blcck.anew ireme home ot 11 ror ms. modern Improvements, and lot 00 feet front on-Park-av., near Leavitt. T?OR BALE—Genteel Wabash-av. rcsi- J 1 deuce, with lot 40xlM, near EldrlJge coart. The most thorough built two-story and stone basement frame home on tbe avenue. Heated ny steam througn out. In lino repair, and containing a l modern Improve ments. For a first-class residence, tbe moat desirable one that has been offered this Reason. Terms favor able. Inquire ot A. J. AVERELL, Beal Estate Agent, Room 7, Metropolitan Block. F)P BALE—A fiist-da-.s brick residence on Wabash-av., elegantly finished, and containing all the modern improvement*, barn and lot. Price $9,550, cn good terms. Tbe buddies Is worth the money without the lot. ABXHUE A BOTDEN, 310 Btate-at. FOR BALE—By J. H. Keeler & Co., Beal Estate Agents, 129 South Clark at.: ren acres In the southern part of the city. Two fine lots on Jackson-BL, between Aberdeen and Bucker-ste. Blijxiec to a4O feet alley. Seven flue loti on Jaekson-sL, corner of Lincoln. IT OK BAI/E—ln J. H. Keeler & Co’s Beal Estate Office, 129 South Olark-st No. 12 North Cmtba-su, good t»o-story hooie, 9 rooms, closets anil bath room, with barn and lot. >». SO South Peorla-Jt, boose of nine reomsand basement, and let. No. C6B South Canal-sL, store and two-storydwell- Inr, with water and g«s, nod lot. cheap $3,500. No. Sl4 Sontb Morgan-st., cottage. 6 rooms, and lot. No. SO Lcavltt-sL, cottage, and large lot, JZIOO. On beyitour-bt- near Lake-sU, cottage, ondlottSz 0. on Bose-6t,near cottage, and 10t,?1,350. On tvtrren-su just west ot Colon Park, cewtwo story house ana lot. S4 JMO. bevcral fine houses and lots on the North Side. I? OR SALE—A very comfortable two ' story house on Wabash-av., newr Fonrtecnth-st~ with ii rooms. Ac,; iot2Srlßo. Omyfb.ort), Iftaken at once. WARREN & GOODRICH, 135 Dear-bom-sC, Boom 2. FOR SALE—A two story and basement marble front residence on Wabash-av., near Four tei-nth-st., with all modern Improvements, finished last Octot er. lot shxlSO to alley, at tbe remarkably low price for a lew days ot *11.290, including furnace and gas fixtures. One of the cheapest places in market at-aonerf the most desirable In every respect. WAR REN A GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-sc., Room 3. rNIXFBVTED, TTOR SALE—Pine lots on AVabasb-av, s coruff Thlrtletb-ot.: also. corner Thirty-fint-st.; also. FtUt'n and Walnnt-it*., near Pan. hua. jI.MO each. GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 South Clsnc-st. I?OK SALE—One acre ot ground situ- JT ated ob North Side, Inside the city limit*, ICOxIQ feet, cheap—* good investment, soluble lor rubdl vision, inquire at northwest corner ot Michigan and North Statc-et;., la clothing store. ¥7OR SALE I —By Snyder <fc Lee, Keal Es- X tate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Bloc*, three low on WalLut-st- between Wood and Lincoln; three lota on the con er of Jackaoa and Allport-sa. TT’OH PALE—At Auction—A first class i 1 boil: css lot, erreer of Snhbard and Peoria-sts (West tilde} two hlccka west of Milwaaket-av- on WcdotsHay, March Jiib, at 10 o’clock a. in., on the premies, one of the mou desirable basinets Vita in >h*.t vicinity. Terms. cne-thlrd cash, balance in one or two years, interest six per cent. Sale positive. JallES A.MARSHALL, APCtioneer. FOR SALE—Two choice lets near Lin coln Park. East front. 2ix!?s each, to al’ey. t/rrered low. icd ready terma lor one week, nir.r. & WHIPPLE, Room2. FOR {SALE—By Snyder * Lee, Rea! Es tate Acccts, No 4 Metropolitan Block, lot 100 by 12-1 fret on Washlogton-st., be tween Wood and Litcola; lot 0} by 121 fret corner Madtsoa-st. and Paalms. FOR SALE—A splendid lot on Michi ma-av- near Madlioc, 26yxU0 feet to alley, at the low price ot SI2.SOC. If taken Immediately. Terms, JJ.roOcash. balance one. two and tbree yean, at 8 per cert. line perfect. WARREN A GOODRICH, 125 Boom 2. 3£cal ISstate==(Kountrs. FOR SALE—S76-acre farm, well im proved. 120 acres heavy timber two beautlfbl loses abonnolog In fish,good boatlmr.flne orchard. Price.ow. ISAACCLAFLIN, 93 Washlhgton-st. X 'OR SALE—AtEvanston—Three dwell- J Ires, with grounds attached, and one store to rent. Inquire of ANDREW J. BROWN. 116 LaSille 6t. 17 OR SALE—A splendid country seat, ' located on the west trank of Bock River, two miles below (he City ot Rockford, DU cocsisting ol 6b acres of highly improved land, a large, elegantly fin ished two-atcry home, containing 19 rooms, wlta cel lar under the whole; good outbuildings, barn, car riage bouse, ice home, Ac- Ac., and a hearing orchard of MO apple trees. Grounds anont the home well laid oo and Improved, and covered with ihrnbs and ever* gr*ens la great variety. Also, SOC acres cf farm and [isstnre land, adjoining the above, with 40 acres ot tun ier within three miles. The home and farm lauds, ta ke* together, make a splendid stock farm. Will be sold separately or together, knee low. Terms easy. Apply to Dr. G. W. COREY. Rockford, U . FOR SALE —Two pleasant residences, with adjoining premises. For particulars, al a«ss Box 37. Geneva, 111. (70R SALE —A bcaulilul country home, X 1 ne«r aty limits, on Noith City Railway. Houle has 8 rooms, barn, icehouse, Ac- wlthooeaete ol ground, finely shaded. Price, $1,500. Easy terms. Room a. Pardee’s Building. F)R SALE—In a pleasantly situated and healthy village, about d) miles from this city, amoit desirable residence, containing eleven rooms, besides pastries and closets, good stable, wood and ou'bonsci*, with welt and prick clater:, brick cellar with cement floor, all in good order and repair. House situated In centre cl 3 acres ol ground, covered with chrlce fruit and shade trevs, grapes. Ac- twenty roos fr;m depot, wild plunk walks, will sell boos?, to gether with piano, carpet? and all household goods, cow, wood and coat and provisions complete, or sepa rate. to suit. For information, send note to Bax 1102 this city, with name ard address. A splendid chance lor o ready made home. I7OR SALE—At a bargain. A rare ’ chance for some enterprising man who de sires a farm cheap. lhavcSU acres ol cood land, part timber and part meadow, 12 miles from Madison. wblcn can be bought at a low figure. For further In toimaUon, address “Q D F," Tribune office, lor three days. I?OR bALE—By J. H. Keeler & Co., X* Efal Estate Agents. 120 Sooth Clark-st: Fine form cf 01 acres, only 10 miles from Chicago and cue mile sooth of Brlckton. oo C. * N. W. B. B. Fmefoim of 240 acre*. 85 miles from Chicago, onC. &ILI. K. 8., S miles from railroad station. Will he divided into acre lota. If desired, cheap. A mspniDcent place in Janesville, wh, for what the hot discs atone are worth. One of the be*t frolt and stock forms lo the State, one mile from Winfield, on N. W. H. ltd acres. F)R SALE—In Evanston, nine houses and lots, well located, some of which arc among the best in the Tillage, and four of them hnilt the put lesson. Prices, *1,200. *II,OOO. *7,500, *7,000, *1,500, *4.000, *3,3(0, *iOOC, ILSOO. One-turd to oacshslf cash; nalosce In one and two rears at 8 and 10 per cent. Apply to C. £. BBOWNE, Beal Estate Agent, Evans ton, or at his office, IV Laballe-sL. Chicago. aaaanteb-®o Ucai. TXT ANT ED—To Rent—A cottage of 6 VY rooms, by April Ist, on West Sice, within one mile of Lake-st bridge. Address **M N," Trioone office, stating price and location. TX/" AN TED—To Rent a medium-sized, V v nicely tarnished boose. In a first-class locality, daring the sammer months, by a small family (with out children), who will take tne beat ct care of larni tnre. will take possession any time between now and SthofMay. Addreia^DANKEß.*'Tribuneoffice. TXTANTED—To Rent—For a year or V V more, a smalt house or cottage containing sor more rooms, convenient to hone can. In a pleasant lo cality. Bent from *2O to *M P« month. Keierenca given. Address P. O. Box 513. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A good house V? with trom 10 to IS rooms- Will lake some good turnttore. Central location. Boom 2, No. -IS South Clark-st. TXT AN TED—To Kent—A small Cot- VV tace,o: paitolaboase.tnagood locality, for a lamlly of two. Address “BS W Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Kent—By a penlleman, VV an nntorplsbed room, with boari, between Var Boren end Elurldge-conrt. anawtol of State. Ad, dress LUMBER DEALER, 33 hebor-st. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A furnished VV Cottage to good location on West Side, for six or cnc vear. by a man and wile. References ST£B,iroaM: Adteu “SO AKD 60." Tnbaus office. WANTED -To Rent—A good sized* room, mulshed or unfurnished, for two gentle men without board, on North Side, east ol Clark and south of Cblcago-sv. Andros *• B & C," Tribune office. WANTED- To Rent—A house con taining about 8 rooms, on North Side, in good loeauiv. Address *2 B,** Box 2874. Saoaflt fflSJant^'a. lIOARD —By two young men m a pri- X va*e family, oo North tilde; room with close; and are-place. *‘HX* Tribune office. BOARD —AVitb ftimisbed room and closet oft; by a gentleman sad wife, on or about Blaj ISlh, la a private fsuil y where (hero are no other boarders, booth cr West Side. Addrws“M, J,T«’ lilbune office, staling terms, Ac, Plrlp. BOOKUIFIBS* *AI.«MUW At, WASTED —A first rate Ule insurance VV man, to ooiiett Inthlsdwaade’seahere. A goodsaltry will bo guaranteed. ao penon need anoly, nceptheran command a good btulneas. TCCSBBs BHOrBLDT. Il.aSaue-sl. WANTED —A competent Record Wri ter. None need apolj unless thormignly *c osalotee with ronmon Lav and taancery Hecoidi. Address Boa 3 B£6Post Office. XX7ANTED —A salesman, immediately, * y competent to attema entire charge? of a yea eral business- Inquire of or address K, H. C u HKAN, errer 123 Deafbom-SL, Chicago. WANTED— Toung men to sell our cev Prise Stationer;Paeaana throaghont the censor. S*mplepactare»ceents. Call ad dress with (tamp, doom 27, Beynoldp BlcckfColcago, "XX7ANTED —An active, indusmous W young man. having a thorough knowledge of Chicago and of office work. Host be quiet and seen* ratoTwrlteasookbaod'be cf pleasing adores*. eour taoor. systematic, and willing to be gen-jallr oseioL ealsrr iso per month. Address, vttb references,- “liQUIUES," Tribune office. TBAJISS. TXT ANTED—3 or 4 good Moulders. W PneeWAOtoSLSZperdgy; steady Job, sixty mile* east ol Chicago. Coatctnvtngeheap. Apply to D. UT£BS, 19*1 South Clark-sC. MITCHELL, WIL SON A CO. *IX7ANTED—A first-class Barber, at V V corner Oe»plalnea-6t acdUQwaake*-ar., In the basement. _ *IX7ANTeD—Four srood Carpenters, to W werkon a dwelling'boose. Apply at 357 Weat Lake, from 6 to 8 in the evening. \A7ANTED—Two eood Machinery yV Hoolders. Wages |3. Apply to W. JL HILr DuETB. LIP coin Honte, West Dandolph-aC. WANTED —A man not alratd ol work, who thoroughly understands gardening; farm mg. ard taking care ota horse and cow. Call between 13 and S p- m. at Boom 20 Larmon Block. TX7 AN TED—Mason and Painter, corner VV W&iMngtonand Peorla-9i% Apply on the pre mises during the day, or 15 South Unioo-SL, between 6 and 9p. m. H.3L CHAPMAN. WANTED— A eood Coppersmith, im- mediately, at IQXorth Clark-at. WJ ANTED —A first-class Carpet Up- VV bolatcrcr accustomed to putting down carpets aid oilcloths. Steady work and good pay to a good mao. HOLLISTCB&PHELPS. 135 and 13TLaSe- WANTED— A reliable, competent man in the Produce Commission bu'lueas —eoe who can influence consignment*. Andreas COMMISSION. Tribune office. TT7ANTED—A midale-aged man of W eteady babits, for porter at the ST. CLOUD HOUSE. 114 Prankim-et. agaantctejjFemale %clp. WJ ANTED—A Woman to nurse a sick V V lady. None need apply unleta willing to do a Utuecooklig. Apply at 859 Statist. WANTED— A healthy Wet Nurse. Apply Immediately at 603 Mlchigia-av. MOV3S BBMVAITC3. TXTANTED —A Woman to wash and VV Iron for a email family, and asstst In chamber woik. At-ply comer of North Dearborn and him-et*., from 9tolla. a. Qooa references required. WANTED— A good Protestant woman to coolr. waab and Iron, luaprlvat* family at Evanston. To one who pncergiatids her business a trood borne and good wages will be given. Andreis »♦ a £," Tribune office. TXT ANTED—A Lady Teacher in a sc- V V lecl school. Must have n teacher’s certificate. Apply to BEV. GUNTBCM, corner Burnside and Twcnty-scccnd-gt. Salary S4(O per year. TST ANTED—A girl to do genera! bouie- W work. Please apply at 47 west Lake. _ WANTED— A goed dmlng-room Girl g references. TXTANTED—Cook and first girl. None V V need apply except they ca i furnish good refer eneea. Apply at 430 Fuiton-st. TXTANTED—By a respectable family V V (no children), a servant of all work, good warn ei and ii oner. Apply at 312 X Fnlton-st. WANTED A Girl capable to do housework In a private family, at 711 Fall;n bu, near Lincoln. TXTANTED—A good Girl to cook, wa«h V V and Iron; we keep a girl to do np stairs work. Un»t bring good reference. Apply at 96 WestWash iDgtGL-Bt. TXTANTED—SeveraI good cooks, one VV lancdrymaid. and one dressmaker,at MBS. WHITTAKER'S Office, 256 Chlcago-av. corner of Laralle. QITUATIONB—Wanted—The attention Co ofamllle* seeding help la respectfully Invited to MRS.-WHITTAEEB'tr Intelligence Office. 336 CM cago-av. corner of LaSalle WANTED —A first-class Ironer at tbe Richmond House. TXTANTED—A good dmimr-room Girl. VV one that understands her business, and Is not afraid of work. Apply at tbe basement door of 207 Mlchlgan-ar. WJ ANTED—A pood Girl for second V* work; alto, one about 13 yean of age, t-i assist In light housework. 251 Indlana-at., North S>da. WANTED —A good cook, washer and Ironer. m a small family ci three persons. Nor wegian er Swede preferred. Most nave good refer ences. Gcod wacc*, with second girl to an chamt-er work. Apply at a? Plne-st., Tuesday anti-Wednesday. WANTED —A Eitcten Gni who un derstands coo king (meat particularly), and who can bring got d refirences u to honesty, neatness and capacity. Apply at 371 Weet Lake-st. WANTED— A first class chambermaid and one dining-room girl. No other need ap piy. Call at once. 295 Mlcnigar-at.. North Side. iEmplogment agents. TXT ANTED—IOO experienced railroad VV laborcraon Burlington A Missouri River Rail road In lowa. Wages. Sl.tS. Bjard. S4AO. Faro to the work, f 3.00. Tickets furnished by P. B. WE ARE A CO„ Commission Merchants, No, 118 south Watcr st- agents lor Wolf A Carpenter, contractors. WANTED —One executive agent in each State with cash capital from $530 to Cl.odo. Several subordinate agents lor each state with SSO to SIOO cash. The first to :ocste, the last to travel. Energetic men tn either position can earn from to SIUOIO in the next three months. For particular.*, cation H.H. ROBERTS, General Ag*nt for tbe United States, at Northwestern Hotel. Chicago. TXT ANTED—Experienced Canvassers, VV loviilltoansandcltles only, throughout tne Wear. Cali at Boom 23, No. 123 Dearborn-st- or address, with stamp. Box 1110, Chicago, lIL WANTED —Xmmg men m the coun try wishing to obtain sitnatloQs, such as book- Keepers.clerks, collecto-s, salesmen, cooductots, ex 6testmen.Ac.Ac- to apply at Room 13 Fullerton lock. 92 Dearborn-st., or address J. it. MOORE A CO., B-x 1707, endoslE g 10 cents for foil particulars. WANTED —2 assistant bookkeepers 2 ia can eu.l cordnctor. 2 brakesmen. 1 flrcmsn, I goner, 3 drivers. 2 expressmen. Aptly at Boom 13, Fullerton Block. 9*2 Dea’ioru-st. Applicants by mall addret s J. M- MUOKE A CO. Box 1707. enclosing 10 ctita lor reply. TXT AN TED—Energetic men, with $25 f V to|so cash, to a neat,cltauani profit able hnelnesi. A spiet oldbmdsess tor yoaugmea to travel with. Cali from 9to 12 and 3 to 6, at No. 90 Mtnroe-st- Bcom 3. 212aan f e3j=:=:^U£icellancous.- TXT AN oil bairelsTWe win IT pay nlthesl market price for 1.000 or LWX) good sccond-hana carbco or benrole band*, delivered at our store. ARMSTRONG A CO. OHDealere, No. 41 Rlver-st. TXT ANTED—Energetic, local and can- V v vsif Ina agents in evrry cltv and county in the Ncrthwdt, to rell the new Patent Sewing Machine Ca*tors. All ladles owning sewing machines will ap preciate them and purchase readily. Luge cummls ►lcnoDcredto eocd agents. Send lor circular. E. C. PABTfcIDGE, General Agent, formerly with Wh-eler A Wilson Marnfoctutlog Company, olßce 33 IHar* l.orn-ft., Room No. 7, Pest Office Box 1742, Chicago, ULnoia. \T7ANTED —To know who wants dry, VV bard filling or grading, of old mortar, brick bat?, etc. Call at 238 Lakc-eu, or address “I W S," Trioone office. WANTED —To purchase, lor the pur nose of removal.* two-story framehouse, not over a :0 feet front, in the North Division. Address No. 19 Portland block. TXT ANTED—A party wiln SSOO cash v V to Join In a light manufacturing business. Proem largo and no competition. Apply to JONES, BENDY A TAYLOR, No. 12 Methodist Church Block. \\T ANT ED —Agricultural Implements TT In ea change for Unimproved Prairie Lands In Champaign County, Illinois. Address “D.” Tribune Office. TXT ANTED—Hardware—ln exchange .V V for good Prairie Lands In Champaign County. Illinois, ana part money. Address “HARDWARE," Tribune Office. WJ ANTED—Tne celebrated Gypsy W Woman. If you want your life told correctly by the palm ot the band, visit the Gypsy Palmist, Don’t be humbugged by other?, who call tnemselves tariuue tellers,hut come to theQypsy Palmist and get foil satisfaction for your money. Don’t lorget the Dumber. 3*49 South Clark-st. Fee |l. (m \\/ANTED —To exchange a superb VV Grand Plano (Rosewood} lupart payment for a lot on West Side. Address “wWlfr’’ Tribune office. WANTED— Men wishing to earn $5 per day above expenses, with to take them to toe country, wUI please call at 63 West Lake-«L, Chicago. XX/^^TED —One car load prime Tuno- V V thy Hav. and one car load prime Prairie Hay. delivered fu Chicago in onewcek. Address WOOLNES A GARRICK. 242 South Water at., Chicago. TXTANTED —Ladies and gents to can- V V vass the city for a new style oT stamp for em • bossing envelopes, hunn-ss card;, letter heads, etc.; alsc, monograms. E. LOCKE. 9 Reynolds* Black, from 9 to 11 a. m. TATANTED—A man with $5,000 to m- V V vest In the safest and best business in the city, with small bat sore profits. A farmer would be preter nble. Address Box 1337. Chicago, 111. TXT ANTED—A tew smart business men VV car mskemoney fast and easy. Call on or ad- Cre?s TRlf PsnKT.T,& CO- Room 13. Lombard Block, 109 Monroe-st. Also, a partner with SSOO. Call soon. WANTED —To purchase—Good fruit farm, either In Michigan or in Southern lilt* oois. State location, together with fall description of Bslafann,sndurms. and address “Llli," Box 158, Chicago. dfnr Sale. FOR SALE—We have gram and lumber vessels for sale, of various grades and sizes, many of them not before ottered. HALS TED A LATHAM, Room 20 Oriental Bonding. -C'OR SALE—3OO colds hemlock bark. |J Address S.p. WILSON, for three weeks, at Socth Haven. Mich. FOR rvALE—Bank Slock—A lew shares cf National Bank stock (one of the my banks) for sale. Inquire of DICKENSON A WEBSTER, Beal Es tate Agnus, 9S Waahiagton-st. FOR SALE—Soda Water Machine—A Matthews* twenty gallon fountain, soda water machine, with bottler, satety screw, and Putnam’s Pa tentbyruper, all complete, foreale cheap. The ma chine is as good as new, having been c«cd less than s year. Address. P. O. Box 513, Rochester. K. Y. FOB SALE—6OO m seasoned flour bar rel staves, with circled heading, cn consignment sac (or sale by A. J. LATHAM, Room 20 Oriental Building. F)R SALE—Patent ice bes, scales and all neecasary tools and fixtures for carrying on a meat market. Inquire ol GAGE A WHITfEMOBE. 13tf West Madison-at. T7OK SALE—2OO,OOO leet of nrst, second X? acdlhlrddearljf andlWlamb-' one cr two lota. Apply to DAVID GOODWILLLE A CO., corner of Franklin and Oblo-sts. FOR SALE—A second hand set ol lin rer’s tools. Machines and hand tools vtiv chean. it called for soon. No. 2tf4 Kan>i«k»-aT. F)R SALE—Bay scale, Fairbanks’ make, large size, to bo removed Ist ol May. Also, make, nearly new. Inquire of T. HEELER, No. 1 South Clark-st. F'OR SALE—Set rosewood parlor lur nlturc, lace cur tv Ins, b-okcase, wardrobe. lot hooks, pictnrse, clothing, dc. Boom 21. No-l**l - Ciark-Bt. information aglautcfl. TXTAJNTKD—lnformation —Ol tne mtle W ffirl advertised tor a frw dajs atocc. calling herself Lillie Alltrgton. ilJ, r “n- ot .a«*ihe rt la I^ an or‘ Si'S?’’BSSl.“a l fton. l»r in »td msy dow aavaassumedaiother Sm? SmSSfoSWI lie thankfully racayM iy uar paints at 19 ffianos. T*o RENT—Pianos, Organs and Melo deocs: also, new and sc oo ad-bond Pianos for sa e received la ItstaUmeaU. W.W. slmbaLL. 03 Wuhiaaton-tt, Situations SHameo. SALKS, ft Wanted, by a practical •“* J*» wife, to ute charge ot, aa& vork s SfteßSSJiStiSSgaygs t S*£?Z. K25cKiML <mmms ' A^^J *^*liuiaaAir, C ITUaT 1 ON—Wanted, by a bookkeeper k 3 andcorr*»pcndlngclefk>knowa German, asdla read; to make himself gwerally naeftu. Beet CPC fa. Address •♦A A,** TTttiaa» office. O ITU ATI ON—Wanted—By an O can, to takecharge of a private atable. or drive a team. Beat ofcttv references given. Address »n- WABP MOfcSB, Tribune office. ClTUaTlON—Wanted—Miller. By a Ovoung man of steady haslts. asd la vUUoz to make himself useful. tKoa reftreoces elves. Co an try mUlpieferred. Address *•WT.J." Chicago, llL,tor one week. GIT U ATI ON —W anted, by a young man O as entry clerk, assistant bookkeeper, or s&lpolnc clerk, la a wholesale bouse. P. O. Box 1674. CITIJATION—anted, by a young man O inap»latlngofflce,asaa apprentice toloaratbe trade. Address J. QUINLAN. Tribune office. CIT U ATI ON—Wanted—By a married Wj mao as engineer; cm worK at wood or Iron: baa bad 16 yeata* experience, and a character from bis lun employer. Apply at bla residence, 520 North Car penter-et. OITXJATION—Wanted—As bookkeeper or to do miscellaneous writing, by a middle aged man. of strict Integrity, steady, tndnsmona. and wil ling to earn bis salary. Heferences nnexeenUoaablm Address P. O. Piawer 0117. SITUATION— Wanted—As clerk, or in a capacity where the party could at lnuv pay ooard. Addrci*. lor three days. Box ■‘O," Trlounw office. OITTJATION—Wanted, by ayoung man, Ozfl years ofage, of good and steady habits, as coach man fora private Cunlly, is willing to votkandmako hlmsell gtneraliy usemi. Has beat of refcreoe-a from fbrmcr employer. Address “X K.” Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted, by an American O man to butebsr. Prefer going Into the country. Prefers-the slaughter bouse to the store. Addiees •W F,” Tribune office. OITIJaTION—Wanted—In somewholc- O sale or commAaßlon bouse, by a yonog man, SI Jeara old, who la not afraid to work. liefer cnee given 'required. Address “A 3 C," Tribune office. CllUATlON—Wanted, by ayonngman O of good moral character, as tight porter In a wholesale botu-e. I; a cooc p-.onian. itefamcc given. Address P. O. BoiilO'L SITUATION— Wanted—To take care of bone* and makehimaeireenerally useful about a noose, by a young G rman. Is well acquainted with the city. nQdrtas -Gll,** Tribune office. SITUATION —W anted —By a young mac. as coachman and erocm; thoroughly under- BiaLdti bis boßin-ss m all im branchta; can produce ffTßi-clas* ref-rence from hla last employer and others, b edreas *K) u,** Tribune office. SITUATION— Wanted—To Millers—A young man (Engllshn an) who Is an experienced, practical miller ana corepet-nt to manage a floor or gtlsOng mill, seeks employment. No objection to any part of the country. Addles* “O B O,” Post Office, 31. Louis, Mo. OITUATION—Wanted—A first-class O cutter wonts a situation In some larce town la the country. Rest ol r-reiecces tnvec. inquire ot HAMILTON * CBAIL. 78 Maalaon It. QlTlXaTlON—Wanted ln a private Oianilly. b, an Englbbmas. to drive a»paa of bone* and make hlmsell csclui anent the home. Has had W year* txpmtcec. Best aiy references. Address “O L." Tribune office. FJEIBAI.SB, CITDATION—Wanted—As second girl O In a private family. Apply at 75 HiU-st- conur Well*. CITUaTJON —Wanted—By two rc lO sncctaVe girls from Philadelphia—one as cook, the other to do chamber work. Can bnrg good na erercea. Call tbr two days at 644 West Lake-st. SITUATION—Watted —A middle-ascd O American ;adywl»hes a situation as honaekecoer. For partleulais, pieate call or apply at 176 Ohlo-st. QIITJATION —Wanted—i3y two sisters, O Inai private family. Inquire during the forenoon at BUB lilmoU-st. CITUATI ON—Wanted —A voug girl de- O sires a situation In a family to-do lecoaJ work. Rptcreccea given. Adcress “Mias J U J,” Tribune r.ffico, SITUATION—Wanted, by a ;'rst class dreisn alter, a« forewoman, or to go out in families by the flay. Perfect fitting warranted. Address *-C C." Tnbo! eoffl:e. OITCTATfON —Wanted, to do family O sewing, coxtlnv and making plain dresses, by a lady who canlurclsbher own marhlso «nd patterns. Adcrtys Mrs. CABBIE T-. through the Post Offiso. SITUATION —Wanted—For a young O lady, as ei'pjL't cr clerk In some good store. Wrltessn excellent baud and raa a superior education. Address *~L E.” Tribune office. agents (ESaanfeb. A GENTS—Wanted “ The Pictorial jr\ ROOK OF ANECDOTES AND INCIDENTS OP THc WAR.” Wairint«?d tbe most attractve, Ciil-aeU ing book cf the age. Pays urscst ptofltiond elves Nut satisfaction when de'lvered. Agents n ace to 4100 per week, as we wM prove. Address HIUDDAJ2D A CCy 192 Waabiagton-iU. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—For Genoa! L. C. Baker’s HISTORY OF TOE SECRET SERVICE, the most exciting and in tries ting beck ever published. This work war announced more it an a year ago, bat owing to the attempts of tbe Oovrrnmeat to suppress It, its publication was ue ayed. It will now be issued, nnaltendana unabridged, order cite supervision ot General Baser. It copulas a full and official exooseof the intricate mochlnallors of tbe secret enemta of tha Uclon For startling developments and thrilling ad vectnrrs this nook eclipses ihs buncos excellences of Fcuche and Vldocq. Tbe marvellous nazratiVM of General Balrer are all attested by t* hVhcst official authority. ltw« cortam the only . Ids! account of the assassination copsplracy. A fol history of this ere-it. staitllcg and terrible crime, trout its conception in the haunts ot villainy, to th- burial place ot Booth, has neverjetbeeuplaced before thepubllc. Thawork also tally exposes theneCtnoussysieatbvwhlchPres- Idecml paraens wereard »ro so rramiy oot-alne-l at Washington. The n orals of the National Caottol are thoroughly ventilated, and there are some strange re velatlois coccernlrg head* ot rtepartmen’f. members of Congress, frmsle pardon brokers, and distinguished military characters. Send for circulars, and see onr terms and a full description ot tbe were Adrircas JTA TIONAL PDRU>HING CO., 148 West CitclnnatL Ohio. A GENIB—Wanted—English Metallic Clothes Line. Good Inducements to a-*nW. Send two red stamp', for sample, to PARKINSON A YODNO,Ikx463 Port Heron, Mich. A GENTa—Wanted, everywbeve, to sell Patent White Wtre CTotbe* Line*. Can roaknllfi to ?2o per day. Arldresa “Metallc Clothes Line Co.,** 92 Senccs-n.. t levland, Ohio. r AGENTS— Wanted—500 Agents want ed in a sew business. H. B. SHAW, Alfred, auine. . A GENTS—'Wanted—s2s a day. Fil ll teen new articles lei Agecta.' O. T. GABBY, Blddetord, Maine. * A GEN To —Wanted —l,ooowanted, male XX ard female. In anew hoslnesi. Samples sent frwi, with testimonials or the highest charact-j. Address GCOtSPEED A CO. 148Lakc-at.. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—To sell the Amer ican Republic and Amcrtean Continent. Tbe two maps lent free to any adoress for tgt. Beat thing out for agent?. Also rf ly kind* rf charts andljOOO of picture**, A<!dre<s SAMMONS, WHITE A CLARK, 179 Lakc-at, Chicago. A GENTfc —Wanted —Enclose $2,05 for XX romplete outfit on ’• IJFE AND DSATH IN REBEL FRIfcONS.” the greatest se.lmg boo* ever pnbil-htd. A. KIDDEB, 98 Waahlngton-at,Chicago AGENTfc —Wanted—Biggest thing out lor Aroiti. For canicular* and sample, tend as cents to B.D. RUSSELL A CU- Jacksonville, ID. P. O. Box 431. AGENTS —Wanted—For Folsom's new Utder Feed. Letter A. SEWING MACHINE: price*lß to f4P. Maeblnrasentootrial. F. ATKIN bON. 104 Randolpb-st- Boom C. Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—Male or female, XX for WOMEN OK THE Wa R. By Fran* Moore, author of the “Rebellion Record." It Is receiving the commendations of the most distinguished literary men of the country. Astonishing mcc*as! Fortieth thou sand now in press, tt U shove all competition. One agent writer, he sold six books at one residence, and four at another. A ladr writes, she took twenty-five subscribers in one establishment. Another agent sold and delivered two uchdred books in one month. Another received ox* nrxsnzo obdzss in one week. A lady Just report! 31 subscribers taken in one day. Agents write. “People are dellcbtea with the book.** herd for a circular before taking an agency for anr other book. Address B.C.IBEAT. Publisher. 11T South Clark-st.. Chicago. AGENTS —"Wanted—Male and female* to sell a pew article in great demand that every tamlly wants. (4 per dav trade* Ithjnt leaving home. Travelling agerts can make from f3to tA per day, without interference with other business. The article shows fer Itself, samples, with terms and particulars of the business, sent for 35 cents. Address R. W CBAPPfcLL. Drawer 6333. Ch’cago. AGENTS —Wanted—Ladies and gentle men (hroDghont the West, to canvas* for our popular workr. Large commissions paid. Addresser apply to W. J. HOLLAND A CO- 3S Lombard Block, Chicago. ffiiHantth. J PARTNER —Wanted—ln one ol the test 1« atea meat markets on the West Side, dtv g a good paying business. Object: more capital •urf help. TotheilsbtkindofaiLaQ this is sxare enaace. Cad at 103 Bandc lph-st-under Matteson Bouse. T>AKTN£K—Wanted—A special part- XT ner in a drug store, in a country town of 12,(00 la habitants. Cash sales last year fSQ.CIO. One partner wishes to retire, andtOe other to find a man wttti about $3,000, as special partner, whom ha will guaran tee SO per cent cn bis investment. For particulars In goire of DIETfcCII, BLOCK IA CO- 39North Clark-St. PARTNER —Wanted—With $5lO, in a profltaole business. Good references. No com peUtloD, no risks. Address AHMOUB. Tribune o«wr*». PARTNER— Wonted—To take a one half Interest In the manufacture and sale of very uveiul ana de Irable articles, used in evervfamily.Tha articles are protect'd oy patents. But little money re qnlxed to par for stock on hand. It Is a perfectly safe and reliable basmes*. Call at the store of CRO93. DANE A WESTLAKE. 30 Slate-Bt. PARTNER —Wanted—One with $350 in a well-established holiness; one with SIOO In a marnfactnrlng business: has no competition. Apply at 100 Madlson-su. room -1. PARTNER —Wan-ed—In an estab lished AnetioD and Commistioa House who wish to increase thrlr bailees*. To a ccod man with f" f*ri to f3.OU) a good connection Is oflered. Address office Chicaao Post. Unarming. BOATtDING —For man and wile, in a private family, front room aid bednom. In sec ond story, all completely atd nicely furnished. gas la both rooms, and bath room on sstre floor. Location onTwenty flfth-it.tear Indlana-av. Apply at 19M Loke-st. T>OARDlNG—Pleasant looms aedgood II board In a private family, fir two or tftee grallo men can be obtained at No. 115 Sooth Halsted-st. BOARDING —One single room, with board, now vacant, at 142 Wabaah-ar. BOARDING —Two gentlemen can be acccmmooatcd with nom and board at IIS btate-st.; alzo, a lew day hoarders desired. Moderate prices. TXOARDING —With a pleasant front XX rcom, In a private family, for a gentleman and wife cr two young gentlemen. Apoiy a; 105 Pecrta-st., one blcck from Madtsoa-at. cars. T>OAKDING A large, furnished XX front room, tollable lor mao «”d wlt&ortwo slcele gentlemen, with bosrd. at 89 S«*uUi Dos plsines-st. A Meas&nl location, and oio d.or from Madlson-st. can; ten minutes* walk trom Court House. T>OARCING—A nice, pleasant suite of n front rooms, with first*!*** accommodations. to xect. In a private family on Watasb-av, For partlctt lan address ‘ll.'’ irlhant office. T> OARDING—A gentleman and his wife as rr two gmUrmcn can be accommodated with fioard to a private lamlly. Apply at 3SB West Madl- BOD-»t. _ - OARDING —One suite of front rooms, nnfomlshed. for a gentleman and wile, and coo tarnished, lor two can bo had, with gcod. board, »t 253 West Kandotph. BOARDING— Two gentlemen desirous cf a comfortable hump. with decant large front room and excellent boat dm a respectable (amity TlvliLr on Wabasb-av., not far from Post Office. Best refer ee ora uqntrcd. address box 13211. BOARDING —Two or tbicegecilemen can U* accommodated with cod hoard, plrmssnh room* ami accmiortable home oa reasonable terms, at 139 Wabash-ar. BOARDING— Good board and [‘leasact me ms at Brlzss House No. 2, SS Me alio a tew day boarders. I>UARDlisG—The finest suite of ontur -13 nlshcd rooms lo Crosbs's Building. S 4 and 841 St-vtMtl will be ler rent, with board, too fl.-sf day oc hr*U. Call at the office, the ttrst door lo the right, up stairs. TJOAPDLNG—For single gtnUemcn or X> arosrtled coopletalarge, nice room, with oseaf bath-room, hot ana cMd water, gas, fto, Hoase and furnltureallnew. N 0,9 May-3b,belweCA and TCfcshtogtoo.