Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 27 Mart 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 27 Mart 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News fer Ocean Telegraph. Sailing of the Great Eastern for New York. Withdrawal of England’s Demand for the Forger Lamirande. Gladstone’s Opposition to the En glish Reform BilL The Whole Island of Candia Again in Arms. FBOM W4SHINBTOM. Proceedings in Congress Yesterday. fievewal of the Butler-Bingliaiu' Control crsT. Probable Release of Jeff Davis on Parole. The Xominee for the Austrian Mis sion Again Rejected. Progress of Reconstruction at ths South. FROM EUROPE. BT OCEAN TELEGRAPH. Great Britain* THE CHEAT EASJXBS. Liverpool, starch 26. The steamship Great Eastern sailed from this port at noon to-day for New York, which city she wDI leave on the 18tb of April oo her fi»st trip to .Brest. As the Great Easters was about to sail, the steam capstan slipped, instantly killing two men and wounolcg several others. XAXntAimS, THE POISGEB. LosnoK, March 20—Evening. The English Government has decided not to persist tn claiming the return of Lamlraude, the french forger, who was taken from Canada no* der the Extradition Treaty, a?* It was claimed Il legally, bnl reserves the right to do so should she hereafter renew the demand. ABUTTAL. * ..... v.nV ns Liverpool, March 28. Steamship Kangaroo, which left New York on March 13th, has arrived oat. TEE BZFOIIX QCEBTIOS. Lord os. March 25—M’doltjht. In the House ot Commons. to-nljjbL Gladstone epoke the Government plan or reform, and opposed the second reading of the lletorm BUI. Xhe Eastern Question. tuuktt wnx. poasissios or candia. Ixjhcos, March 25. peppalchc* from Constantinople state that the Porte will never consent to give np Candla to Greece. Latest Foreign narkett, knaitcial. Los DOS, March 26—Noon. Consols for money, 91; Erie, S3k; Illinois Central, 73H • United States Bonds, 71*. Faso, March 26—Noon. United States Bonds, 8«X- Feankfobt, March 26—Kooa United States Bonds, 73. Lojtdos, M arch SC—Evening. Consol; steady at 91: MO;, 745; Llmola Cen tral, W*; Erie. 3S*. Pabjb, March 26. .American bonds, 84 j<- Fsaketobt, March 26. American bonfs closed at 77?£. oovxzßCzan. LivxepooL, March 56—Koon Cot»on—Quirt. Sales 7,000 bal»s at opening prices as folio* ;: Middling upland;. itxd: Orleans. l3Vd. BreadttuS.—Quiet, vvueat—iss aa ior muwaacee No.L Cora-40* Sd tor mixed Western. Barley—<s* 7d per CO a; Am.ricsn white; California ben grades, 3S»6d. Cats—3s3o psh lbs American and Canadian. Prevision*— Unchanged. Pork 77. Gd per 200 as. Eastern prime tress beef 125 s per 304 ns; extra prime mess bacon 4* per cwtlor Cumberland cheese 60s per cwt lor middling; American lard. Ms Cl. Prtdace—Petroleum at Ud per gallon fbr spirits, and 10* 6d for Pennsylvania refined. Rosin, 9s 63 per cwt for common Wlimine leu; !&• lor fine. Turpentine 378 Od per c* tier spirits. Clover Seed—Cos per cwt for American red. Ashes—3U per cwt lor pots. Iron—Sis Cd&s2s fur Scotch pig*. . Ta low—ms 6d per cwt. Lln-crd OU—psr ton; linseed cakes, £lO per too for thin oblong, for icedlig. Linseed, 65s per cwtlor Calcutta. White oil, £4l per 200 gal ona. LirrcrooL, March 26—Evening. Cotton—Market dosed dull wish a declining ten dency at the following authorized quoiaUoos: Mid dlluc uplands. lSj;d; middling Orleans, iSXd. Sales to-day, 7,000 bales. Bmdstnfli quiet. Corn declined to 40s per quarter fer mixed Western. American barley, 4s 6d per GO ns. Oats, Canadian and American. Ss 5d per 45 tbs. MarketlorprerlUoaaQ'ilet,bat steady. American lard. Me Cd V cwt. Bpl its turpentine. U7s 6d p cwt. Ashes, pots, 34s f> cwt. Scstch pig Iron, si. Mandtts V ton. BY SKAIIm Nrw Yon*, March Sfi.—Thu Paris correspondent of »bc London &<nday Gazette says Stepncnr and a number of American officers are in Paris, quite Innocent of die rising in Ireland, which took tucro by eurprise. The Opiniar.e nationals, of Paris, has an article on the Fenian movement. In which it hints that the United States Government connived at the re bellion in the Interest ol Knsau, as a means of emban arsine England at a eMcsl moment of her dipti mac; o*» the Eastern question. New Vo elk, March 20.—J’be I'nbuat't Crete let ter of ibe S4tn pH. aaye the insurgents have been successful in two important battles. Ibe whole Dined is again in arms, and the people are more determined than ever to be satisfied with nothing abort of annexation to Greece. New Yozts. March 26.—Advices per Nestorlan state that in the French Corps Uegislatil the Presi dent laid before the Boose the new bill upon the press and right of public meetings. The follow ing are the principal features ot the new Press Law: The authorization heretofore required previous to establishing a journal, and imprisonment for offences against the press laws, are abolished. The amount ol fine which may he inflicted will not be less thau one-Qfieunth nor more than-one-half of the caution money. Printers and publishers arc no longer required to take licences. The bill makes no mention oi any chance In the amount ot stamp duty. FROM. WASHINGTON* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, March 23. VS. EIXO HAN. The Butler Bingham fight was renewed Id the Bouse to-day. Butler had prepared and distrib uted a pamphlet In which Bingham’s last speech, ns printed in the dobs, and as really delivered, appeared in parallel columns, tbo corrected speech being twice the length of the real one. Bntlcr criticised this action severely, and made another reference to Bingham’s connection with the bunatt case. For this latter, Butler is uni- Tersally coLdcmned. Bingham’s reply was very severe. The corrections made in faia printed speech were cot eucb as to justify the attacks of Bntler. and on the other hand the attack did not justify Bingham’s ail unions to bottles and spoons. Hereafter, whenever the regular order i« demand ed, a fight between these two gentlemen wiH be expected. nr« ADPTBIAH 308810*. The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations have reported against the confirmation of General Trask Blair as Minister to Austria. THE APJOUBjntXST QUESTION, The adjournment question was discussed for about two hours in the senate this afternoon. Messrs. Nye, Howe, Yates, Howard, Drake, Wil ley, Btcwart, Williams, Morton, Sanlabnry, Kes aenden, Sumner and Trumbull, were the speak er*, and -the speeches were almost the some as those made on the same question lasi Saturday. The proportions were also similar, ana the vot ing showed that every Senator stands now Just where be did then, consequently the resolution to adjourn from Thursday noon to nest December wua sustained by a good majority. As before, the House will endeavor to get a committee of Con ference on the subject to morrow. nuuauATiov. A number of gentlemen residing, ortemporarl ly flopping here, have organized an association calico the American Board ol immigration. They propose issuing circulars and pamphlets in sever al European languages, giving such Information as will be valuable to immigrants. The organi zation is rfwnnaf m character, and has several committees. John T. Cox, of Kansas, is Prcai -dent. vna snf touh coetoh house thaudb. The Senate Judiciary Committee bad up ihe case of Senators Doolittle and Patterson, at the meeting this morning, hm came to no conciualon. Collector Smythe was called end examined for nearly an hour. Itls believed that the committee will exculpate the Senators from tbe charge or in sinuation of having received money, and thatthey will make a report before adjournment. aobiocltubal college setup. The hm prohibiting the Issue of Agricultural College scrip to the States lately in n hellion, ex cept Tennessee, has passed both branches of Con gress, and goes to the President to-morrow. HOaWATIONS. The Presides! ecot to ibe Senate this afternoon about fifty nominations of Postmasters and as many more of minor officers in the army, with Lalf a dozen Internal Revenue officers. TOE EiSEEm LAW. The effort to postpone the time when the Bank rupt Law shall go Into effect till cert January, or next July at least, has failed, the hill to that end having been sent to the committee In the Sen ate this morning. xxssoum zlzctios case. The War Department, on call, has sent to the Bouse some aimy reports made by Colonel Sweit jtcr, of Missouri, which hare been laid before the coibtuiuct on tlectiuue. nnii will not materially help bis contest for a seat to Coogreea. EKASCITATtOX SAT. The colored people of tbU city and George town are making arrangements to celebrate the ICLbof next month, which is the anniversary of emancipation In the District of Colnrobli. emu session or tux axsATB. The Preeldcnt is understood to have prepared a proclamation convening the Senate In executive tesaioc, which will be lamed Thursday morning, if the Douse agrees upon adjournment to-monow. The callea aeaalon will probably last about a week. BXGBO VOTERS. The Democratic evening organ estimates, on a basis of the number already registered, that about ten thousand negro voters will be found in this city, whicn U aaya will be enough to control the election. KtITABT onOEZU. General McKee Dunn, Assistant Judge Adro cate Gcceral, has been ordered to Montgomery for duty In the Third Military District, Company I, Fourth Artillery, Captain Frank Smith, baa been ordered to duty at Fort Whipple, Arlington Heights, ISTTRSAX BETESUE BECBPTfI. The receipts of Internal Revenue to-day were ?35!),U00. Thoujrb the daily receipts now rule low, it is believed by the authorities that the amount for the year ending with the coming June will reach the figure upon which the estimates for the ytarwerc made. COVEBBJCENT BECEITTS AND EXTEND ITUBEa FOB THE HTSCAITEAtt. The Government has made official statement of Its receipts and expenditures no later than till Jane 80,1806, Ibe close of tbo last fiscal year. I am able now to give you the figures down to De cern :er 8!. ISGtL, or. In other words, for the calen dar year 1806. They are as follows: HECEIPTS, From Customs— First q muter. * 16,C5j,597,83 decora quarter 46.173J51.59 Third quarter 10.&43,T]J.21 Foutth quarter........ 37,603,027.51 trout in quarter ! *181,407,551.00 From Public Lands— First quarter Second quarter Third quarter 88**®*® Fourth quarter From Direct Tax — First quarter *I,9SC*H>B.44 bf conn quarter 455,C38.U7 Third qnaner.. *, 810,454.39 Fourth quarter 92,107.95 From Internal Revenue— First quarter 106,153,031.31 Second quarter G 3.837.73593 fnrd quarter 99,166,09193 Fourth quarter 65,014,791 74 From miscellaneous sources— First quarter *10,^74,024.30 Second quarter 18.542.516.06 Third quarter 7.981,704.24 Fourth quarter. 7,57C,359.b4 Total receipts *323,877,389.96 EirrKrirrunKs. Civil, foreign and miscellaneous— Fiibt quarter * 9,248,033.17 second quarter 11,653,339.55 Third quarter 11*693,784.44 Fourth quarter 12,539,254.38 Pensions and Indians— First quarter 5 5.809.127.04 Si cond quarter 2,033.302.02 Third quarter 11.767,975.06 Fourth quarter 1,479,004.30 H 22,059.009.02 ■War — First quarter £38,233,000.10 Secoiid quarter 12,7+1,023.69 Tclrd quarter. 13.835.211.03 Fourth quarter 19,601,00(1.57 64,595,137.45 Koney— First quarter f7,435,932JiS Second quarter.. 9,218,471.41 Hard quarter 7,878,609.17 Fourth quarter £,547,200 57 In«erest on Public DeW— Fu>t quarter $30,021,417.51 second quarter 20,155,230.89 third quarter 33,865,390.90 Fourth quarter 37,769,330.60 Total expenditures $£3,056,216.40 From an examination of these figures, it will appear that the excess of receipts over expen di lates daring the calendar year ISG6 was fBOO.BBMM.SO. It may be advisable. In this connection, to give the figures lor the calendar year JBtw. and, accord* iogly, I reproduce them. They arc os follows: stcura, ISC6. Customs. lands Direct Tax Internal Revenue. Miscellaneous. •• • Total Chil Sendee, &c . I'cnsione and Indiana. War >'avy interest Total. From an examination of these figures, It appears that the excess of expenditures over receipts dur ing the calendar year 1555 was $519,445,028.51. It Is interesting to compare the figures of 18S5 with those of 15CC. Thus the aggregate receipts of ISC6 were nearly (18,000,000 greater than those of 1615. and the aggregate expenditures more than $732,000,000 less. The customs receipts of 1356 weie greater than, those of 1865 by more than i44,0n0,0cn. and the Internal Revenue receipts by only $£,000,000. The war expenditures of 1563 were greatest by $756,000,000, and the nary expen ditures by (54,000.000. IKDIQEST INDIANS. '*•'£< Washington, March 26.— There are at present in this city about one hundred Indians, repre senting the various tribes, who are without the necessary funds m carty them home, and anxious ly await an appropriation by Congress to relieve their uetes.-ity. DESIGNATION. Major O. B. Newton. Chief Clerk of the Agricul tural Bureau, rent In hia resignation, to take effect Apnl IsL •pinnKwrr. Admiral Fairaxmt is here and the guest of the Secretary of the Navy. MUTiur TDAKSTEXIS. Brevet Major General Rufus Ingalls, Assistant Quartermaster General, has teen ordered to New loik. to relieve General VanVliet ihelattcrto relieve captain Kimball. Assistant Quartermaster at Baltimore-. Captain Kimball is ordered to re port to the Commanding General and chief of tne Quartermasters Department of Missouri, for assignment. Captains B. Laufferesa and F. Rock well. Acting Quartermaster?, have been assigned to the Department of the Missouri. Brevet Lieuten ant Colonel F. Moore, Quartermaster, la as-igned o duty at Nashville, to relieve Captain Kirk. Brevet Maj>-r A. G. Robinson and Captain J. V. Fieny. Acting Quartermasters, to are assigned dmy In the Department of Dacotah. Colonel Charles H. Smith. Twenty-eighth Infantry, has i>eeu appointed Assistant Commissioner Freed men’s Bureau for the Slate of Arkansas. COjmUNATIOHS. The Senate to-day confirmed the following: oj Land Of.ce~W. S. Winfield, Irouion, Missouri. tcco iters of Public Honey —J. Reid, Ironton, Mhsonri; JohnE. Pnelps, Springfield, Missouri: also a number of brevet appointments in the army, including those of officers deceased. DEJECTIONS. J+ie'master—T.'P. Metier, Rolls, Missouri. L'eceittr of Public Money— C. B. Clements, Den ver. CcJorado. of Land O^ce—Samuel Knedaad, Springfield, Missouri. 3TTT. SATIS. New Yobs, March 26.—A special to the Com mercial from Waibing'on, Match 26. says that the Senate Judiciary Committee will probably report In lavor of Senator Wilson’* resolution asking for the it ia) or release on parole of Jeff. Davis It is expected that Congress will adopt the resolution and that Jeff. Davis will be released on personal parole in a week. notnsuxA appoint*ekth. The New York ’Jnbunt's special says: “The President stated 10-dav that be woaid send to the Senate to-morrow the nomination for United States Marshal of Louisiana. This is the most luciative Government office m the country. Gen erals Herron and Kirby smith are the candidates. The Senate Finance Committee has reported fa vorably on the nomination of General Steadman as Colfertor of internal Revenue m the First Dis trict of Louis tana. 4, This may possibly secure his confirmation. Mr. Sherman, of the Finance Committee, is a warm personal friend of Steadman." TKOCBLZ ANTICIPATED. The New York Tribune's special saya: “The postponement of action on Die adjournment of Congress was caused by anticipated trouble tn the South, and General Grant advised against an early adjournment. Trouble is also anticipated In Maryland during the sluing of the Convention which is to frame a new Constitution for the Slate. Prcmment Radicals of Maryland have been ask ing aid from Congress." The New York Times' Washington spedal says: “Ills i-tatcd on good authority that the causes- which induced the Senate to recall its resolution for adjournment un til December, and which likewise shaped the ac tion of the House to-day on this subject, were in timations from General Grant and Secretary Stan ton (hat it might be injurious to the progress of reconstruction under the Military Bill lor Con gress to adjourn until December, without pro vision for coming together in the meantime, it ne cessary.” THE POST TOCKD. Information was received to-day that the Mon tano bonds, supposed to have been lost in the Soniccm Hotel, New York, have been recovered. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WAHtm?GTOS. March 2C, SENATE. Mr. HARLAN reported a bill to incorporate tin Jincoin Monument Association. •t he bill 10 amend the organic act of Colorado Territory was passed. Tt p Joint resolution to restrain the issue of Ag ricultural College scrip to btates lately lurebellion till they be u-presemed in Congress was tasen up. Mr. MORTON opposed the whole system under which this scrip was Issued as playing into the bands of speculators. The bill passed and goes to the President. The bill to bz the Ist of June as the day for the Bankrupt Bill to no into operation was referred to the Judiciary Committee, after the rejection of un amendment chancing it to the let of January. Ihe VICE PRESIDENT submitted a communi cation Irom the Secretary of the Interior, stating cost the Department was unadvised of any sus pension of work by the Union Pacific Road, and was unprepared to recommend any legislation, laid on the table. Mr. HOWE reported, from.' the Committee on Chime, with amendments, the House Joint resolu tion relative to the claims ot certain Northern creditors, which passed. Mr. bUMNEB Introduced a bill fo enforce the several provisions oflhe Constitution abolishing slavery, declaring the immunities of citizens ana cuarfeDltelng a republican form of govemmcn',hy securing the elective franchise to colored citizens. It provides that every citizen shall have tbe right to vote in every State or Territory at all elections for Federal, slate, or local officers oi every kiia, on equal terms, without record to race or color, all Stale or Terri toital LonstilnllonFor laws to the contrary not withstanding. Oidcred to He od the table and he prided. Jar. TRUMBULL reported the House resolution for adjournment, with an amendment by way of a substitute. Tht Judiciary Committee recommend, in ben of tbe House resolution, that the two Houses adjourn on Thursday next at IS o’clock. After considerable debate, and several proposi tions were made and voted down. Mr. Trumnull’s ■ proposition was adopted. Yeas, 21; nays, 17. Executive session adjourned. HOUSE. On motion of Mr. THOMAS, the Attorney Gen eral was directed to report whether (be title totho public property at Harper’s Ferry Is heliin lee simple, or merely in trust by tbe President for a sptcific use. Mr. BAWVEUpresented a memorial from the w bconein Legislature, asking an appropriation for ‘mprovlng the harbor of Menomonee. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. On motion ol Mr. BENJAMIN, ihcJSccrotary of War was directed to furnish copies of the cor respondence of Captain Swilzi-la, formerly Pro vost Marshal of tbe Ninth District of Missouri, wiih the Provost Marshal’s Bureau, in reference to the lovalty oflhe people of that district. Jlr DONNELLY offered a joint resolution In reference to tbe mode of payment of mileage and compensation of members and Senators. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. GRISWOLD asked leave to offer a resolu tion directing that not more than four millions shall be withdrawn from circulation in any one month. Mr. BROOMALt objected. . . , .. Mr. EGGLESTON introduced a Joint resolution providing for tbe necessary surveys for a snip unal around the falls ot the Ohio. Passed. Mr. SCUENCK introduced a Joint resolution authorizing the employmeat of Brevet Brigadier YOL. XX, General beth Eastman in the decoration of the Capitol. Pawed. . . Hr. COVODE offered a resolulion Instructing the Committee on Public Kxoenditurcs to In quire whether any legislation is e ccesbat-j to s e core the prompt payment of bounties to soldiers under the law looking to an Increase of the filer* ical force in the Second Auditor s office. A Mr P . BOILER called the attention of membera to the fact that Mr. Bingham had tensed and al tered and materially chanced the (rlole report er’s manuecilpi of tie personal debate of last week, between himself and Mr. Bingham. Mr. BUTLER then laid on the desks of the memberr a primed pamphlet showing tho report os written and the report as printed. He charac terised this proceeding aa most unfair. In defence of his own assertion made the other day, that Mrs. Surratt washnog wiihont snmeent evidence,bechargedthat John Wilkes Booths diary, which showed all his movementa prepara tory to the assassination of Lincoln, was Kept from Ihe knowledge of the Court, acd It now appeared that it had been spoliated hy having eighteen paces ov it cot oat after 1' got into the Bands of the Govern ment. Herald: “Tnere is still remaining In the 'diary a remarkable Instance within a few hours "before DooUi’a death, acd quoted from memory: “I have endeavored to cross the Potomac five times, and failed. 1 propose to return to Wash ington and give myself np, and clear myself from this great crime.” Heconlcadedlhat this piece of evidence would have shown, in bis Judgment, ihai Booth, up to a certain horn-, meant the cap ture and abduction of Mr. Lincoln, and that be changed his purpose and resorted to assassination. il Mrs. Surratt did not know of this change, she would have had no knowledge of the intended assassin ation, and, therefore, could not have been con victed. It all the testimony had been presented we should Lave been able to pursue the accom , pllcee and fled om who it was that changed booth’s purpose irom capture to assassination; who it was that was to profit hr the as ratsrnalion and toat would not profit ov the cap ture ol Jiicoln; who it was that should succeed to Lincoln In case ihe bullet made a vacancy. . Mr.BlKGHaMreplied: lathe cxcitemcatand t orry a - Iho Umc,U so happened that the report or my nply to the gentleman was the most impcr- Pcx report ever sent to me of remarks made by me In \be Bouse. Any gentleman may examine It, and bo will tail to flndin the corrections a single accusation that if not by express words or by ne cessary implication in the reporters’ nolcs. 1 defy hie cafumnv. Whatchargeia bo complaining of? That 1 eaid he bcu condemned without knowing or caimg lor evidence. Isay so yet. If he la the lavvver he is reputed to be, then be 'is to be pitied for coming here and arraigning bis pceisfornot cons oiling to admit the testimony of a man accused, made after the fact. I dely him by any Investigation which he n-aydarc institute, here or anywhere, to show that any communication came into my bands pur porting to be the production of J. Wilkes Booth, that was not made alter the fact,and long after the Ike*. If there any lawyer In America or England who would say the words and declarations of an accused felon, after the fact Is in evidence, which the advocate of tie Government ta bound to admit in any conn? X treat with con tempt and scorn any intimation from any quarter, that 1 or my associate counsel were under obligation to aumir any such evidence. The law docs not require it. The common law, tbc growth and gathered wisdom of a thousand veare, excludes it. Perhaps that great monument of wisdom and learning is not equal to tbc incom parable genius of the incomparable hero of Fort Fisher. [Laughter, which the Speaker endeav ored to suppress.} Mr. BUiLER tried to get In a remark, bnt Mr. Bingham would not let him. adding that the gen tleman from Massachusetts bad no right to ask favors at hia hands. Mr.BIKOHAM continued: I never saw any memorand by Wilkes Booth which indicated any plan or motive by which ho was to carry ont hie projected conspiracy. I never saw any aneb thing, and I am not surprised that the gentleman would not let me see the boos which he put Into his pocket. Mr. SUTLER again essayed to make an expla nation, hot with no better result. Mr. BIKGHAM said: Ko. sir, I do not care about U- Having refused to let me Inspect the book on which be based bis charge, he may now imitate the example seen in the vision of the Apocalypse, acd torn round and cal it. f Laughter.] Ihe gtn’lcinan talks of a apoUa'ed book. Who spoliated it? Tbat is about as interesting a query as that which I referred to the other day: who killed Cock Robin? Who knows that It U spoliated? If John Wilkes Booth tore pages ont of it, was tbat spoliation? The gcntioman’s words ore as Impotent os they arc unwarranted, “l et the galled jade wirco. My withers are nnwrung/’ I him and dare him, here or anywhere. In this tribunal, or out tribunal, to assert that 1 spoliated any book. Such a charge as tbat with out any ti’tle of evidence, la "only fit to come from a man who Uvea in a bottle and Ii fed with a 674,688.40 741.06744 558,9.->7,CC6.15 50,371,696.09 .*173,731,259.38 $ 43.172,833,92 14.493.111.01 87,121,123.83 112,865^54 .f 1,095,179,337.67 spoon. (Laughter, j What U the other statement here, sLowmg the heartlessness of this accuca tiont It is tbentter disregard and contempt for all decency acd fill law. It la that 1 controlled tte evidence in the Court. The gentleman knouelwas not the official organ of that Court, lie knows that its Recorder was the Judge Advocate General of the United States, and yet I am to be at fault because 1 cld not overrule the official organ of the Court. The gentleman has undertaken a task entirely beyond hia powers, and only proves in this thing which he has undertaken to do that the execution of the war, on hie part, in this instance as in others. Is by no means np to the high acd sound* log manifest, (Laughter.] bet the gentleman read my argument on that subject, and let him show wherein it Is lalse, malicious or unjust. Mr. BDILER tried to make a brief explanation, bnt Mr. PIKE and others objected. Mr. HAMILTON WARD asked leave to offer a resolution reciting Montgomery Blair’s declara tion (hal Mrs. bnnatt was improperly convicted, ana Boiler's d< deration to the same effect, and directing the Judiciary Committee to Inquire Into the matter. Objection was made, and the Hoo«e refuted to suspend the rales to lei It be offered. Mr. NIBLACK Introduced a Joint resolution in reference to the sale of the Marine Hospital at Evansville. Indiana. Passed. >h. EI-DKIDGE, from the Judiciary Commit tee. reported a joint resolution declaring the meaning of the second section of the act of the second oi March, 1601, relating to property lost in the military service. Passed. Mr. LAWRENCE, of Ohio, from the Judiciary Committee, reported a resolution directing the Seen tary of the interior to withhold the issuing ol patents affecting the title of Eaoche Ranecpc giants fc California. Passed. The SPEAKER presented a letter from the Clerk of the Honae slating that ne bad furnished the Secretary o> State with the supplementary re construction act, and been Informed that the Sec retary would promulgate tu Mr. EOUTwKLU worn the Judiciary Commit tee. reported back Mr. Donnelly’s bill in refer cr ceto the payment of members, with a substi tute provlofug that Senators, members and Dele gates, having taken the oath, shall be entitled to receive their compensation monthly. The substi tute was agrer-d to. and the bill passed. Mr. LOU! WELL reported a bill making the office of feolicuor of the Coart ot Claims a Bureau m the office of the Attorney General. Passed. The Senate amendments to the Honae bill to Ira case the force In the Patent Office were con enner In. The Senate amendments to the House bill rela tive to the claims of Northern creditors were re ferred jo the Judiciary Committee. A djonrned. BECOXSIEUCTION. Political Feeling in Uic Various South ern Mate*—Former Slave Driven* Aox ir OH to Sec ore the Negro Vote—General Miendnn and the Ifebel Mayor of New Orleans—Union Meeting in Oliarlciutn. New Yoke. March 26.—The J/traid's Illchmond says; ‘‘John Minor Botta recent ly collea upon General Schofield, and gave some advice regat dins the manner in which the new pov. cis oclesatcd to the General, as commander ot the district, should be applied. No reply *as voochsak-d to him, however, and he Iclt lecling hloirelf snubbed.” “ The press are all turning their attention to secure the negro vote, and Uunnlcnti’s paper wains the colored people against voting for rebels. “In Louisiana similar efforts arc being made by the politicians, who, a month ago, were defi antly bent on not voting at all, if the negroes did and their late leaders did not. Now they call upon their Uaders to sacrifice themselves, and advise the negroes to vote with their old masters andbeetfrieuda. “Ihe first set of General Sheridan under bis new authority, it is reported, will be the removal of Mayor Mnnroe and the secession municipal Government. Governor Wells and the General, who have been enemies since the riots, have re sumed amicable relations. “The Grand Army of the Republic, an associa tion of oistLargea Federal soldiers, cambers over seven thousand men in two parishes ol the State alote, and is extending all over the Stale. “Accounts of lawlessness and outrage In North Carolina are etiil reported.” New Youk, March 26.—Governor Patton of Alabama, bos published a long lettur. In which be advises the people to accept the terms propose 1 by congress lor reconstruction cbecriully, and carry out the law faithfully. Charleston, March 26.—A maesmectiog to rat ify the Republican platform lately adopted oy the Union League, was held this atteinoon. Four or five bandied negroes, of both sexes and all ages, were present. Four white and several colored speakers delivered addresses of a radical charac ter. Among the white speakers were United amirs Marshal Epping, and Solon Robinson of the Ne*» York IriOune. ■Jbe meeting was followed by a negro torch light procession to-night. The negroes made sev eral attacks on the street care, ana took posses sion ol one of them. The cars ate now guarded by policemen. Considerable excitement prevails throcebout the city, and there are grave appre hensions ot further trouble. General Loncatrecris Views on Kecon- Ex-rcbcl General James Longetrcet bas written tbe following letter to the New Or leans Times on the political situation; New Orleans, March 18,15C7. Ir your paper ot yesterday yon have expressed a desire to bear the views of tevcrol gentlemen upon tbe political condition of the country. I fine my name mantloned among the bat. and pro ceed without hesitation to respond. As I have uever applied myself to politics. I cannot claim to speak to the wise statesmen of tbe country who arc devoting their energies to the solution of the problem which agitates the pub lic mind. 1 can only speak tbe plain, honest convictions of a soldier. It can hardly be necessary, at this late day. to enter Into a discussion of matters that are usually brought op in aicuing upon the proposed plan of recon structing the Government. Indeed, I think that msny of them arc not pertinent to the question, i be striking feature, and the one tbit our people should keep in view, is that'we areaconquercd people. Recognizing this fact lairly and (■qnarcly, there is but one course left for wise men to pursue, ana that is to accept the terms that are now ofiered ns by the conquerors. There can he no discredit to a conquered people for accepting the conditions offered by ibeir conquerors, nor u there any occasion for a feeling of humiliation. We made an honest, and I hope I may say a creditable fight, hut wo have lost. Let ns come forward, then, and accept the ends involved in the struggle. Onr . people earnestly desire that the Constitutional Government shall do re-established, and the only means to accom plish this is to comply with the requirements of the recent Congressional legislation. It Is said by some that Congress will not receive us even alter we have coruslied with tfcclr conditions, but 1 can find no sufficient reason for entertaining ibis proposition for a moment. I cannot admit that ihe representative men of a great nation could make such a pledge in had faith. Admit ting, however, that there is such a mental reserva tion, can that be any excuse for us In fauiugto discharge our duly f Let os accept the terms, as wc ate in dutv hound to do. and if there Is alack of coed faith let it be upon otheis. Very respectfully your obedient servant. Jakes Loxosthbet. municipal Nominations, [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis. March SO. The Radical City Convention, to-day, nominated Mayor Thomas for re-election, after a bitter canvass. Many of the delegates voted for him under Instructions, but were opposed to bis nomination- Ho has many bitter enemies in the Radical ranks. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, March 20. Tbe Republican Convention to-day nominated jfcunbrf Finch, tor Mayor; 8. C. west, Comp trojlcr; George Treasurer; ByrojPaine Attorney; Thejdorc Biown, Surveyor. EvAKamix, led.. Match 26.—The Republic ids nominated a full city and township ticket, last night. Meeting Urge and harmonious. Another Murder—Democratic National ConTcadon Postponed. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Louisville. March 20. J. 11. Bowman, one of Ibe proprietors of tbo Democrat , on Sunday, shot a former employe named George Cooper, whom he charged with Insnltirghls little danghter. Cooper will prob ably die. The examination tabes place on Wednesday. Ibe National Convention called to meet hero In May. on consultation ot the committee, has been postponed to Independence Day. The Murderer Gin del—Efforts to Obtain a Commutation of Ills Sentence- Stormy AVeatlicr Belief Meeting* &c. '[Special Despatch to Iho Chicago Tribune.] bPumoFiEtn. 111., March 26. A eiropg pressure is being brought to bear on the Governor lo commute the punishment of John Gindcl, under sentence of death in St. Clair County, to be banged on next Friday. The cir cumstances of the cose ore familiar to most of vonr readers. The condemned man is convicted of the prcmcdilaUd murder of a man named Zimmerman, ol Madison Comity, about a year ago. The Governor has fully examined the case, hut has not yet arrived at any determination. This locality was favored lastnigat with another storm of enow, sleet and rain, and to-day the condition of our streets, stdcwalts, £c.. Is bad bevond all comparison. Tbo roads to the country ore Impassable as they have been for weeks, and ibe price of all country produce has risen to fabu lous rates. The State Register Is employing it most persua sive eloquence and Christian logic, which it never fails lo into In behalf of Southern rebels, to drum ibe people ont to the Southern Belief meeting to night. I fea», however, that the weather will more than offset the efforts ol that most worthy 6b Tbo Hon- Dr. Bateman left this city last evening to attend a special meeting of the State Board Of Education, which comes off to-day. TEE FOEX FULL. KEARNEY HAS- Additional and Tbrillio? Particular*— Extraordinary Bravery of the Troop* >(ireat Slaughter Among tho Indiana* St. 1.0 cis, March 26.—The BepubUcan'* St. Joseph special gives the following account of the Fort i’blf. Kearney mapsacrc, derived by the Com* uibfiionere from some Crow Indians, who received ittrom the Sionx* “Ibe Sionx drew our men out of the fort and killed them all. Oar men fought Uko tigers, and would not have been mustered so easily "bad they not kept so closciy together. The combatants weiufeo mixed up that the Indians shot arrows and killed several of (heir own party. The bravery of one bugler was much admired, ho hav ing killed several Indians by beating them on the bead wilh bis bogle. They say there were only sixteen Sioux and fonr Cheyennes killed on the Held: but after they encamped ninety four warriors died of tneir wonods, and three hundred others wounded, half of wbom they expected would die. One big Sionx Chief is among the killed. They mention one man, on a while horse, who ent off an Indian's bead with a tingle stroke of bis sabre, and say. when rein* forcemeats left the fort far the battle-ground, they (the Indians) loft, having bad enough fighting. Iheie were 2.200 Indiana engaged in the fight, and the strength concentrated olthc tribes Is re ported at 2,500 lodges, which arc now moving towards tho Yellow Stone and Missouri rivers.” CTWAIT itUOTUEBS Advertising Ag’lt Dearbern*Ht*t receive advertlacmenu tor all the leading papers throughout tbe (Jolted Btate« and Canada*. 'J'HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Eipress Company. CAPITA!, - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Onr Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES BY EXPRESS, Money, Ynlao liies, Freight and Parcels, over more than tff.UOO miles at Exprcas Line, at Just and liberal rates, saves Millions icarly to Ex* oress Shippers, ami can be made permanent only by ibelr liberal patronage. This we hope to merit and receive* Office, Nos. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearborn-st S. HZ. COOPER Affont. VfASONJC. —A Regular Convocation of < orinthlia Chapter, X'o. 69, B. A. JU will M ueid Tills (Wcanruifty) EVENING, In Covenant flail. No. 5:1 North Clark-sU Work I*. M. and it. E. M. D. comp?, are larlud to attend. w. p. smith. Secretary. 'PO LATVY.ERS.—A centlcrann of the 1 proi*-wlon, who hat practiced ten years, desires to fr rm a connection with a firm In this city, liefer e&cts given. Address EaT 6EDE KINK. SPLENDID SHEET OF ICE. p OAL. 11. N. HOLT, Cotnml'sloa Dealer and Shipper ot COAL! And Metals. Orders filled for LEHIGH and other Coal at n leers’ pricer. Office No- 6, Front«st.. New York. EXECUTOR'S SALE.—Notice is here by given that the undersigned, Executor ol the tuiate of Gldccu L. Becker, deceased, will On the 27th day of ICarchj 1867, Between the hours of K) o'clock a. m. and 12 o’clock m. of said day, SELL AT FDDLIC AUCTION, At Ogden’s Slip, (or North Branch Canal), (INK SAILING SCOW, named tbo “Trio.” Terms ol the sals will be made known on the preml ftCS* JAMES IV. nTFPLB, Executor. -£HE REAL SCIENTIFIC Astrologer of America, In Chicago. A. B. MAURICE, Just arrived from New Yotk. From ibe position and aspect ot the stars at the tine of one's birth, wit, reveal astonishing secrets that no living mortal ever knew before; bow to t>c success ful in ail reasonable undertakings; he will tell all the evcnucflile without your aeklnc him any carstlans. Call ni/d consult au Astrologer that is an Astrologer. Indies and gentlemen each, (1.00. No *24» South biate-ac, near Jackson, on the eact Mccofthegtreet. All hours until Bln the evening. tOR SALE—A VERY DESIRABLE i: Two-Story Frame House Brick Batcment, with all modem Improvements, con* tlfiUUir of Hot-Air Furnaces, Hot and Cold Water, Mar b e Matties, Speaking Tubes. Bath Room, Sc., with 10 yeart’ lease of lot at a low rate. PRICE, SO,OOO. Terms easy. Inquire at 830 STATE-ST. fßy Mall.] •traction. JJEMOVAL, FREETH, SHAW & CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in FKAMES, riCTDJIES, SUBEOKS, &C , Inform their patrons and the trade generally, thatthey Have Removed From their old stand. No. 186, to No. 180 Lake-st., Chicago. T?FFLKVESOING CITRATE OF 1~./ Macnesta, In 6-ot bottle?, in powder. This mag m»ia is a ratio purgative and aperient, very accepta ble to the stomach, for sick headache, soar or sick stomach, and all febrile cases. For sale by most Drag gists. Prepared by ARTHUR ROGER*. rpEETH EXTRACTED X WITHOUT PAIN*. BY THE COLTON DENIAL ASSOCIATION, 80cm3.118 Dearfcorn-st.(Tlnicv Building.) They arc none Dal ticih and pure Wltrocß O-itde or Laugh ingG&s. 3 EETH. NO EXTRA CHARGE fbr Ext:*Ctlrg Teeth WITH OUT PAIN, by the me ot Nitrous Oxide uu, when at titlrial ona ate Inserted, at TREGO'S Dental Rooms, 73 South Clark-su, Chicago. Ncvr Teeth Inserted same dor as extracted \t ALE.—All Graduates in Arts of Tale College are rolltcly and cordlsUv Invited by Car ter H. Harrison. Esq., to a Reunion of the A th*s residence, ob Thursday evening, March 33, at MOn.m. GEO. W iIEECU, For Ex. Committee. Scissors grinding .—w. y. Hough, practical grinder, guarantees to pnt all kinds of Scissors, Shears and Razors In tbe beat cutting order, or no charge. Call at 264 South Work-**.,and giro him* trtaL FBOM LOUISVILLE. FBOM SPRINGFIELD. SACEE. ISrpress (Companies. iflasontc Notices. aUSantrir. XU. B«, Tribnno Office* Skating. Brand Carnival ond .tlnalo To-Nlgbl. (final. SLegat, astrologg. Heal Estate, Uemtihals. iHehlcal. ©entisttg. ©metal Notices. “VALE ASSOCIATION,” CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 27, 1867. ISus ness ffiarbs. STURGES, M’ALLISTER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOB THE BALB OF wool. ABD WOOLLEN GOODS, ISos. 3,4 & 6 Hnsh-st., (North cad Rmh-at. Bridge.) CHICAGO. BARTLETT, HOSWELI & BUSH, (Successors to Bawson, Bartlett & C 0..) BOOT MD SHOE JOBBERS, 3 0 LA3£E-9T.. CHICAGO. SEYMOUR, CARTER & CO., Importers and Jobbers ol Hosiery, Gloves, White Goods, NOTIONS, T WINES, Arc. wo. aa lake-st. Sole Agents for Bigelow’s "STAB" Paper Collars. HOWE’S STANDARD SCALES!

Chicago Branch Ofilce and Warehouse, 190 <!fc 201 Ranaolpli-st. How Scale Co. JAB. T. WHIPPLE. Agent CHICAGO LEAD AND OIL WORKS, Cor. Clinton & Pq»ton«sisp West Side, E- W. dt CO.. ManolACtnrers of ).cnd Pipe* LlnseeJOHi . Alt Ahcci. Honed Linseed OIL bar and Pig Lead, Ground UU Coke.fl gSTCasbpald for Flax Seed and Old Lcad.^J L WILLARD POX, WINDOW GLASS. 2 0 3 IiASE-ST. H. W. & J. M. WETHERELL, Importers and Wholesale Dealers In Millinery & Straw Goods, GO & 08 LAKE-BT., CHICAGO. 42 Wnlker-st.. New York* WILLCOX &niBBS’ SEWING l| MACHINE. “Its seam Is strong- erond less liable to rip In me or wear. than the Lock* BUtch.’* PMudgca' Report,” at tbq Grand Trial .1 _ ■At Send for tfi» and aamplea ■ df of wora, containing! B botnkinds ot stitch ll|| c#. rn itessme piece I« of goods. L. LOR. ■■ NELL A CO., Agents, IJ3 Lake ■ ■ at., Chicago. Ohio Stone Ware, Rockingham and Yellow Ware. SCRANTON & CO., 117 & 119 North Wator-st. THE JOLIET MOUND COMPANY, ItAXCrACTUEXfiS 07 BATH SBICE, Pas BRICK, Sower Pipe and Brain Tilo, Office and Yard, after Ajrtl lit, 1867, Corner ot Polk and Wcllpbls., Chicago, Illinois. REAL ESTATE. J. H. KEELER & CO., Beal Bstato 129 South Clark-st. Qoohcm and Lots In all part* of tbo City. GRAFFLIN BROS. & HALL, Bag Factory. Beamless Sags, Gunnies, Burlaps, Wool Sacks, Cotton and Paper Flour Sacks, ftc. &o> 12 Sooth Wolls-st., Chicago. M. TEBHUNE, SHOW CASE WABEROOMS, No. Q 35 Zjalx.o"St. WYLIE & ARMOUR, Oils, Paints, Glass, 121 South Wator-st. AMERICAN CLOCK COMPANY, EolcAKCate lor the celebrated SETH THOMAS CLOCKS, A2TD DXAIXBS IS CLOCKS AND BBOUZ.ATOBB OF EVXBT DEBCBITOOS, Tfo. 115 XjalLO"ot. SMITH, BENHAM & AIKEN, IMPORTERS OF CROCKERY and CHINA, And Wholesale Dealers in Carpet Warp, Batting, Cotton Yam, Twine, &c. NO. 1511AKE-ST., CHICAGO, SICKELS, PRESTON & CO., WHOLESALE HARDWARE, Cutlery and Tinners’ Stock. 333 UrAKE-ST., CHICAGO. NOVELTY CARRIAGE WORKS, 44 Adams*9t. Now Is the time to get a flret-c'asa TOP FUGGY, arrarged so that the top can be taken off la one moment. No rattle. Also, Skeleton Wagons and Sulkies Oi superior make. Repainting and Repairing promptly and neatly done. THUS. 11. DROWN, Agent. NEW STALES LADIES’ SATCHELS. Ar. IMMENSE STOCK and New Styles for 1807, at CHARLES A. TAYLOR’S, 61 SOUTH CLAUK-ST,, (Opposite Sherman House.) CHICAGO GLASS GILDING CO. All kinds and varieties of BIGN PAINTING. GLASS ADVERTISING TABLETS, RAILROAD BULLETIN BOARDS, Office and Store Shades made and lettered to order. FLAGG & HELLER, 68 WONKOE-ST,, (Near the Post Office.) CHAS. A. KERFOOT, FANCY SADDLERY AND Horse Clothing*, 87 Bandolph-st., Chicago. GANIARD BROS., Carpet Hassock Mairafact’y 134 Booth Clark-st, Rooms 4 and 6. A good assortment of all styles lor Home and Church nse. N. D-—Parties having remnants of car pi ton band can hava them made into Hassocks at a t-ining expense. Agents tor “Excxlsiob.” AH order* tutat our rooms wtU he attested to wita prompts**. 33 tg (Koobg. ■QKY GOODS CHEAP FOR CASH. PARTRIDGE A SMITH, 64 & 66 Michigan-av,, (ADJOINIHG ADAMS HOUSE CHICAGO,) ABE SOW OPENING SOME Special Bargains IN Dress Goods, Shawls, Hosiery, White Goods, Fancy Cassimeres, Cottonades, Prints, Sheetings, AND ALL KINDS OF DOMESTIC GOODS. Prices as Dow as the X«owSßt« STOKE, NEW GOODS, tOW PRICES. ROSEUAU BROS., 66 LAKE-ST. We will sell the balance of oar Damaged Gcoda at oar New sloro, at a GREAT SACRIFICE. TUPORTANT NOTICE TO THE X TRADE. W. E. BURIOCK&CO., 44 take.HiChicago, Agents lor the celebrated •’ Keystone” Linen Imitation COLLARS. Also, the “Bands" and patented “Railroad” enam elled. all of which are superior In mate, style and fin ish, to any other In the market, at mumlactarers' § rices. Also, headquarters for the “ Bollock” tole rated “Diamond’’ White Shirts, and “Star” Skirts, and importer* of German and French corsets. W. E. BURLOCK * CO., 44 Lake-sU, Chicago. Ktto ffutUcations. gTEVKN LAWRENCE TEOMAN, The New Story by AIR 3. EDWARDS, The Author of “ Archie Lovell,” Is commenced In THE GALAXY ■FOR APRIL Ist, Whlcn is dow ready, and for s*le by all Ncwidealera. gTEVEN LA WHENCE YEOMAN, The New Btory by MRS. EDWARDS, The Author of " Archie Lovell,” U commenced in THE GALAXY F 0&. APRIL Ist, Which is now ready, and for sale by ail Newsdealers. gTaVBN LAWRENCE YEOMAN, Tbe Sew Glory by MBS. EDWAKDS, The Anther of “ Archie Lovell,” is commenced Is THE GALAXY FOR APRIL l«f. Which la now ready, and tor sale by all Newsdealers. MAGAZINES. The Atlantic Monthly. CONTENTS The GnardUn Angel, IV; Tbs Restless; Pioneering; The United States Sanitary commission; The Haunted Window; Eatbarlne Moore, IV; Timon's SoUloqny; Cocslderatiors on University Reform; Th* Claudlan Emissary; Travel Is the United States; Chester Hard* lug; A Faml’Jar Epistle to aFrlend; Adelaideßuto rl; A Winter Adventure on the Prairie; Literary No tices. Odr Young Folks. CONTENTS Good Old Times. IT; Lessons In Magic, IX; Our Vl> let Gill: A Child’s question; Pussy Willow Blossoms; Roand-lhe-World Joe. Ill; Wbcre toe Elves Came From; Going Halves; Football and Hockey ; A Glory of an Apple-tree; The Song of the Robin, with Music; Round the Evening Lamp; Our Letter Box; Eighteen Illustrations. XT For sale Everywhere. TICKS OE & FIELDS, PnWishcrs, BOSTON. business ffiarbs. J^UFFIKED’tt Celebrated Hams, BREAKFAST BACON, Sugar-Cured Beef and Smoked Tongues. The Oldest Brand. Established in 1337. Very mild cured. For sale In au> quantity bv U. F. 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Clark-st. gg~ Apply ftt once. They axe selling rapidly. jfox Sale- rpo CAPITALISTS. I MiLWArszE, March 4.1567. Having decided to relinquish btuluess, we offer our establishment for sale. Our house was &&TABLZ6BSD 1W 1840, Has been In existence 31 years, and Is now plaodon a safe, him a&n permanent basis, and to men of capital who are desirous of embarking In a PROFITABLE branch oi trade (wholesale and Jobbing onlj) this pre sents a rare and valuable opportunity. Our stock Is foil, embraces none bat tbo most staple goods, and the business Is In perfect running order. B. BUMWUK.TH «fc SONB. •Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wta. 35se anb ISat. T\K. UNDERWOOD. EOT AND BAB. Consulting and Operative Surgeon for all diseases ana cctonmUes ol the Bye and Ear, 124 BANDOLPU-ST. gjf~Croaa Eyes straightened la one minute. (gongignmentg. A PPLEti Green Apples Appier— il Greenings, Rassette, Poonai, Red Winter, Win- Esps, Red btrtpe. Pippins, <tc., Ac, tor tale by £. 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Thi s Company haylni purchased from Mr. Meech an of the said Patents for the following States, to-wlt: Illinois, Indiana, Ml(3d van, Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, are now prepared toreceivea limited amoont ol subscriptions to the snhecrlpllotis to this Stock, we would state that the Company are now the owners ot the BATAVIA PAPER KELLS Which are producing at the present time two (3) torn bmfSi’z* and water power of safflcleni canacltv. already erected, and In condition to recelvt two (3> additional machines, which have been ordered, and It 1* estimated can be put in running order on or before the first day ol May next, which win lacrea* the capacity and products cf the said Mll.s to six (6) tons per oay; tut, at the present market prices, should yield to This Company a very satisfactory profit. Ihe fntnro operations of tcls Company contemplate the erection, or consolidating of other nulls with then enterprise, wltbln the present year. Issuing the fnl amount or their Stock, and which will probably mon than doable the foregoing estimate ol product of Print, Bonilla and Wrapping Papers, This Company having procured a charter irom tin Legislature of the Stale of Hanoi*, increasing thcii capital to one million of dollars, are now reorganizing under their Charter privileges. The stock Boots an uov open for subscription to the Stock, at the Ot&cct Jf Messrs. DICKEuSOU & SHERMAN. 170 Ban where all further intcrmatlon aitotha pat arts, prospects, Ac* will be given. In soUciacg our friends to subscribe to this Stoca. we believe we are warranted in saying that this categ orise promises an unparalleled return of profits, com nared wtih any other manufacturing business hgrstc* fore presented, IHOMAS Ss DICKERSON, Drcs’t. GEO. D-3IOSS, Vide V *ee*r. (formerly President 11111 V°*} WM. HANSBBOHQH, Bec’y. I. N. W. 8 HERMAN, Treasurer. aaagtcljes nub J gteelrg. QFFICE OP ROBBINS & APPLETON, IS2 Broadway, New York, Feb. 1,1867. TIIEIIItiKItJiW'ITCIIfO., OP WAZ*TBASy BLABS-, Give notico that the; have appointed Messrs. N. Matson & Co., jewellers, 117 LAKE-ST., SELLING AGENTS IN CHICAGO. Dealers and the public will find at all times in the hands of this Arm a very large stock of the Company’s productions, to be sold os low as they can be bought In New York or Boston, BOBBINS & APPLETON-, GKXEBAI. AGESTS. «Earpcts, ®il (Elotijs, &c. QARPETING I CARPETING! The finest and moat extensive as* sortmont of English and American Carpets; Slatting*; Oil Cloths; Cur tain Goods; Ctc. in new and elegant designs; at EXTREMELY LOW PRICES! JOSEPH WEST’S CARPET WAREHOUSE, 70 LAKE-ST. Elaines anh (Eorbage. 'JVVTNES, CORDAGE, ETC., ETC,, GILBERT HUBBARD & CO., DEALERS IN 0 TWINES AND CORDAGE, 206 ft 207 SOUTH WATEE-ST., CHICAGO. The largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAX DUCK, all widths and weights MANILLA AND TARRED HEMP ROPE; COTTON SEAMLESS GRAIN BAGS; GUNNIES. WOOL BACKS AND BURLAPS; TAR, PITCH, OAKUM; COAL TAB ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TWINES Ol every description-. Cotton. Flax, Paper and date WranplogTwinea; Bel! and Saab Coras, Gilt Nets and Seines, with every variety of Seine and Netting Twine. Tests, A wins ga, Wagon Coven ft Tarpaulins. F Ii A a s Of Silk or Banting, as per Army Regulations, con stanuy on hand and made to order. O.BCEEiED, 2.B.TUKRUB, GSO. B. CXBFSSTR. patents. WATER ELEVATOR! GILBERT PATENT. jttAt out. Doubler speed, doubles value, and beats the world. Agents wanted. Look oat for prospectus. PATENT OFFICES.—-Inventors who wish to take out Letters Patent are advised he counsel with HUNK A CO., Editors ot the Scleutlfl* Ametlcar, who have prosecuted claims before tbt Paten uflcemrnearlyrwentvyears. TheirAmerlcu and European Patent Aceucyns the most extensive U the world. Charges less than any other reliable ftß A°c9mphlet, containing 101 l instructions to inveav 0r.,.. .cmgrad.. Addrea MDSH s m NT Park-row. New York. proposals. INDIANA AGRICULTURAL COL LEGE SCRIP. Notice U hereby given that sealed proposals wlllbc received by mail or otherwlie for the purchase of tbe Indiana Agricultural College Scrip, In Siar- titles not less than onesectloanp to iW. 000 acres— e whole amount owned by tbo State. That said pro- Eoscls shall bo tcalrd and directed to Conrad Baser, lorcrnor of the State of Indiana, andendor-ed “Bids fbrt ollego Ecrtp.*’ That the Board 01 Trustees will meet at the office of the Governor in the state House, Inoiananoilj. Indiana, on Tuesday, the 9th day of April, 1567, at 2 o'clock p. m.. at which time and place, and in the presence of the Buard.aU bios tar tala scrip win be opened and awards made upon the same. Persons biddies should be prepared to comply with the terms of W9t bid on said day. The Board reserve the right toiMK any oral! of such bids. Ai y intonßpi In relation to said scrip will be farurhedotlafSiicatloa to the Secretary oi the Board. CONRAD BAKER, Governor and ei-cffldo Presldeitof the Board. E. B. MARTINDALE, Treasurer. At <*st:J. .1. HAYDEN, becretary. ItUonnpolls, led., March 19th, 1«57. iSricft. 44 PRICK MACHINE." DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office, Boom No. 3, 47 Clark-st., Chicago. Q.ARD*S PATENT BUCK MMSSNSI, Office and macmactory S 3 Boath JetferaoMV. For Information and descriptive circular addresa S. B. GAHD. 8S South Jeffcraon-cL. Chloaa* _Stocki)oiacrs^lHcettng._' ■\TICHIGAN SOUTHERN & NORTH- ItX ERN INDIANA B. R. CO. No.lß WH.Ua* STRXCT. > New Yobs, March is, 1867. f The annual election lor Directors of this Company will be held at the Company’s office In Toledo, Ohio, on Wrdueiday, the 31th day of April next, at noon. The polls will remain open until 3p. m. The Stock Transfer Books will be closed on the SCth last, at 2 p. m-and reopened on the 23th proximo at 10 a. m. D. I*.BABHYDT. secretary. Educational. TX7ABASH COLLEGE, CRAW TT FORD STILL E, INDIANA,—The Sommer Term will commence on Tuesday Morning, April 2nd, 1£67. The facilities for pursuing literary, classical and sclentlOc courses of ttucy. arc »o ample ai to Invite Satrocagecf young men seeking an education, and of le public at large. A. THOMSON, March aut. Treasurer of Wa*s«ti College • ffiacl)iiiecß. A MEB* XJu Celebrated Portable and stationary STEAM ENGINES, all sizes. Superior to all others. C. L. SICE 4 CO- Chicago; SMITH 4 BIGGS, bt. WM. P. HOVEY. Milwaukee: JAMES JSNESTDecroIt, ageau. Call or MDd lot clnmlar. NUMBER 290. JHarijinets. JjTXCELSIOR MACHINE 'WORKS. The subscribers hiring united in COparta ership,under the name and style of WILSON A BURKHAROT, hare erected and ont Into operation, upon the North Mer, near the XJghthoofC, the most complete, beat equipped, and one of the largest Machine Shops and Foundries In the United States. Haring each, separately, had a long experience in Hie business, and bringing wttn a corps of drilled oocraUvea, they devote them selves, m a specialty, to the mannUcture ol Wood Working' Machinery, Sachas Planing Mills, Shingle 31111 a. Saab. Door and Cooper Machinery. Their worts have been erected with a special view to this department ol the business, ard, In this respect, are unequalled by any lo the country. The best mate* ml. skilled workmen, long experience, undivided at* tendon to their business, aoo reasonable prices, are the Inducements which they offer to the public ibr their patronage. Practical parties need icarcely bo reminded ot the advantages of ordering machinery from reliable home marufactureri. where broken cr worn ont parts can be PI A James, Machinery De pot. 34 Soato Wehe-st.: C. L. Bice A Co., Machinery Depot, 21 Palmer. Fuller A Co., Sam and Poor Manufacturers, South Clark-st. F, It- WILSON, F. BPitKiiAK.PT. a. Challenge. r£o PAPER MANUFACTURERS. Hydrostatic vs. Pneumatic. A CHALL6*>a E! mJP’PA** I HxJHydroaUtlc Paper Company bare pub lished that my Pneumatic Patents lor the treatment of paper stock are Infringements of patents held by the “Sydroitatlc Paper Company” for accomplishing the same purpose by hydrostatic pressure; and, whereas, they malm to hare obtained a reissue ol said hydro static patents, Includlogaa well, hydrodynamic ami pneumatic pressure, and that said reissue Is valid art antedates my said patents. Now, for the purpose cf settling this controversy, and the right of tbs parties In the premises, I propose and agree to submit my said pnenmatle patents, and all question of right arising nUifT the same, to the arbitrament ol three competent lawyers cf Chicago, ol which I will choose one said Hydrostatic Company shall choose another, and those tbnschoeen shall came a third, who shall constitute a hoard cl arbitrators, who shall be empowered to hear and determine all questions ol infringement; and to that end 1 will assign In blank my Pneumatic Patents, and deliver the same to said board, and the President of aald Hydrostatic Paper Company, or some person authorized by it, shall assign la blank said Hydrostatic Patents, or the reissue of the same, held by said Com pany, shall deliver the same to said board of arbi trators; and tbe said board shall be empowered to hear and determine whether said Pneumatic Patents are au Infringement of the rights ol sard Company, or whether said Hydrostatic Patents have been Invalida ted by surrender and reissue of the same, and whether the laid reissued patents do not, la terms. Infringe my said patent or patents: and tbe said board shall be au thorized to deliver to the party whose rights are in fringed, by either of said patents, said infringing pat ents. to be the property of the party to whom toey are thus delivered, on the payment of the consideration ol one (fl) dollar to tbe other parly, thus ending ail far ther dispute between the said parties. H. B. MEECH. Fort Edwards. March 20.1867. Slssolution. J^IBSOLDTION. We, the undersigned, have this day dissolved tbe partnership heretofore exlstlrg under theflrui name ol Si. GRAFF & CO„ 149 South Waterst. - MATTHEW GRAFF, March 20,1567. SIONES P.SLADDO. Chicago, March 23,1567. 1 have this day sold my halt intcreatlsasa to ths Ora of M. GRAFF & CU-, IdD South Water-st., to KOL7IN SHERMAN. who will assume all firm UahlU* tics and pay an fast dcbls the firm may owe,<and re ceive and collect all due old firm. r „ BIDNBT P. SLAPDBN. The undersigned have this day formed a partnership, under the fir tu name of M. GRAFF & CO., For the purpose of doing business as Wholesale Fancy Grocers FRUIT DEALEBS At 140 South TTatcr-st. MATTHEW QUAFF, R. SHERMAN. jpurnitute. gfj HikSDOLPH-ST, PIKE & _ CAVANNA. Furniture, BEDDING AND UPHOLSTERY. aiibertising agents. X 0 AD VEETISEES. Advertisements or Notices inserted In EASTERN NEWSPAPERS, ■WESTERN NEWSPAPERS, SOUTHERN NEWSPAPERS, GERMAN NEWSPAPERS, RELIGIOUS NEWSPAPERS, AGRICULTURAL NEWSPAPERS, PICTORIAL NEWSPAPERS, Pertoctcals. Mazarines, Journals, &&, upon the most favoiable term*, by COOK, COBURN Ac CO.. Advertising Agents, Qfflce S 7 Dearbom-tt, Room 11. iDopet. 'J'HE CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON A SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPER DEALERS, SZALEE3 IS Paper Makers’ Findings, Chemicals, etc,, 170 Handolph-wt*) Chicago* We offer for sale to dealers and consumers 3.000 Handle* News and Print 25x42 2.000 do do do £4x36 1.300 do do do .££x33 2,31)0 do do do 23x37 2.000 do do do £7x4l 1.300 do do do 28x44 2.3110 do do do 30x43* 1,800 do do do 31x44* 3.000 do do do 30x48* 1.300 do do do £3x3B 1.000 do do do 26x38 800 do do do £OX43 Extra sizes made to order on ebon notice. For sale at the lowest market prices for CASH. 3300 ts & g>l)otg. GO EAST? Bay Chicago Work. KIP BOOTS. S43perdoz. CALF " 51 “ “ High-cut Bal. Brogans, $27 per doz. BeQW warranted beft Chicago custom made. Semi for complete Price List In Journal cf commerce. E. CHAPIN. 141 Kmne-st. Banks ana Dangers. JpIKST NATIONAL BANK. Comer of Late and Cierk-sta. paid in capital 5i.000.000. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Drawn la sums to mil cn a l l the principal European Cities. LETTERS OF CREDIT Isined, available In ell pan* of £oro;e. GOVERNMENT BONUS Bcncbt aid sold. 7-30* converted at market rates. Sam’l M. Nicnssos, Prea’t. 7. D. Guay, Vice presX C. It. Firm. Cartier. Chas. J. Schmitt, Asa’tCasa. TyiNSLow, Lanier & co., * ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available In all parts of Europe. NOS. !i7C!iil PIXB-ST n NEW TUBE. £o 9&ent. 'J’O RENT— Offices In the Chamber of Commerce. Offices No*. 10 and IS, on main floor. Apply at office Nc. 18-, _ _ J CBAS. L. HArMOND. Scc’y. tEljinatoatre. Albert pick, Importer of and Dealer in China, Glass and Qneensware, CUTLERY, BRITANNIA AND PLATED WARE, 21il Chicago* T3AYILAKD, CHURCHIIAN AND FI ENGLAND, 47 John-sC, New Tork FRENCH CHINA. We are receiving from'our factory in France richly decorated dinner, ua and toilet sett, rues, aid a lull supply of white Chios. business Carts. IStINE, JONES A M., tSnoef on to Otarta A Irrtgaj mOtZSAIZ SKiLZB is WHITE GOODS. HOSIERY, Press Trimmings, NOTIONS. tOO,, If LAKE«sT. q» Itnw. WHITTEMDRE, CARTER A SHOWN, Wholesale Dealer* in HATB - r ASD A lock ftir soring sale*. boughtal price*, and will be fold at very low- Stftgurea. 114 13L*kMU Chicago. JOSEPH L. HALL A CO., JUSTTiCICUB or Hall’s Patent Concrete, Fire and Borglai Proof SAFES, Ajrn Victor Combination Loots, 93 DEABBQRN-3T. S. M. FABSETT, ABTZBTXO PHOTOGRAPHY. XT Picture* taken in dark as well as in pleasant weather. Gallery-, 114 Sonth Clart-st. BREENLEE BROI Manolactaren' Agents fbr STEAK ENGINES, Circular Saws, Belting, 'WOOLLEN KACHINEHT, And Supplies tor Woollen Mllla, Machin ists’Toolsol all kinds; also Wood Work* lug Machinery. No. aa DEABBOKN-OT. HALLOCK & WHEELER, Manttacttezes 1 aossts fob ETJBBEE AND EEATHEE BELIW, Rubb-'r q oo( |s, 4c. UX aandolph-st. SHIRTS DIADB TO OBDEE* iND WARRANTED TO GIVE PEB FECT SATISFACTION, WILSON BROTHERS 124 ft 126 Dearborn-at. spnmtni.Es. GEST.WESSe.ITS, GENTS’ BUSINESS HATS, YOUTHS’ DRESS AND SCHOOL HATS, aii the latest and most fashionable styles. BISHOP a BARNES, 115 Late-sb' BANBS BROTHERS. BABSTOWS NEW Cooking Range, Cooking, Laundry and Tailors’ STOVES. BeiißSeM and Ventilatois, 8 3 BONBOE-BT, , (Nearly opposite the Post Ofllce.) BILES, BRO. & CO., Watches, Diamonds, JSWSX>B7 A27X> SILVER GOODS. Agents for Rogers, Smith* Co*" Bated "ware and U- 3. Clock * Bra» Ct. of Chicago. I KIMBALL, STEVENS & CO.) WHOIiESALE CUOTH HOUSE, 64 and 66 Miqn IGAN-AY. PHILIP WADSWORTH & GOij ■ ILurorAcrußXEs asa Jonsxss or CLOTHING. 34&36LakMt. 95 Devonshire-rt. Cntcaoo, lix. Doe Toy. Mass. J. J. M’BRATH, UAKXnfACTUCIB as© Impoetsb of PAPER HANGINGS ASD TTISDOW SHADES. VTarehonse, 78 Eandolph-st., CHICAGO ILL. TURNER, BRISTOL & CO Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of French German Calf Skins, 16 & 18 Statist., Chicago. Agents for Taylor’s Oak Belting. HIBBARD A SPENCER, Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 MICnjGAN-AV., CHICAGO. 1,000 26 WHEELEB ft WILSON Sewing Machine! nr use. Increasing 1,000 per week. BVBFABBAB, ►st., Agtfbrthe Northwest. The number 1 ASTZ 106 Lake-i M. D. WELLS A GO., BOOTS & SHOES, 38 LAKE-ST^J CHICAGO. LUNT, PRESTON A KEAN, BANKERS, 47 Clark-st, 7>3os exchanged for new 3*2os Land Warrants A College Scrip for sale. WM. W. STRONB. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph-at., P. 0. Box 8383. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, BOWEN BBOTHERS, Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass & Crockery, 15,17,19 & 21 Randolph-st. HAYDEN & KAT, LEATHER, CAEEIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, 45 St 47 Z«ako«Bt,.Chicago. HART, ASTEN & CO., FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BACS y And Sags of Every Description. Paper Flour Sacks ol the Best Quality. 183 Bonth Water-st. J. BAUER & CO., Manufacturer* and Importers ol Bnsicnl Instruments and Strings Also, Wholesale Dealers la PIANOS & ORGANS. No. 630 Brcadway.NEWTOßK. N 0.09 WaablnctOß^t,CHlCAGO DR. i.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, HO Bandolph-st. Teeth Extracted 'Without Pain lor 81.00, Br the use cFKitroua Oxide Gas. or Vi talized Air. Teeth inserted on the VtU canitaoi Rubber Base far fU to fdlaact. life fnstttance. INSURANCE. TWENTY FOURTH mm STATEMENT. THE mutual Ilf E INSURANCE COMPANY NEW YOBK. F. S. WINSTON, - - President Set Assets, Feb. 1.1366, - - - - 5U,Ui,J19.85. KXCHPT3 DCItSO ZnZTZAB. Premiums. Original. Ist year.. t5^C9,374.7) Cenewala Interest. Senta... 840.359.359.7 S pjsßCAizxzm nesnto tib ms. Paid claims by death. .. t T57.wa.67 Matured endowment 7,00X01 Cash DirJdendt Addltlooa to Cumin toy death .1118,717.81 Additions to mator* ed endowments.** SAS.W Poet mortem dirt* dende M4IM7 Dividends need In payment of pteml> nms 439^».’S Total dividends paid in cash darl&B the year OMdHLS Commissions 3M9UO paid for asnoltlea 11,93411 Paldlbrsnrrendercd policies.. 151,91503 Paid In liquidation offntnre commlsilons ...... taxes and medical euudutt 133,11498 Salarlea and legal expense*.... FrlnUas and itadoawy, and anrdrjrofflco tlP**”" °® ca . Xtor realeataie elnfc. las fund Profit and lou ......*~ I. AGO. ' and Dealers la Ket cub assets, Feb. t, ISC7. XSTZSTZDaS FOLLOWS Cub la tad Trust Com panies. *I^*7,4SOJTT Bonds and mortgages... JO,W7,SCWO United States and Sew York state stocks at cost. 5J03.105.7S Real estate 337.71U3 Due from scents 55,716.37 H7.SBJ9SJT Add: Interest accrued, bnt notdne. 153J63.75 Interest doe and unpaid. S.SOOJ9 Uuket value of stocks la ex cess of ct it- Premiums In course of traits* mission premiums deterred, semi-an nual and quarterly 909JTIA11 U7SJI9.4C Gross assets, Feb. 1,1567. 819,311.367.41 Increase In net assets for sbe year... 83,338,947.14 The assets are thus appropriated: Total reserve at four per cent tnteresr, to re-In sure outstanding policies and addi tions fiwjsu* Claims ascertained but not yet due. Premiums paid In advance Kit surplus.... Gross assets as above. From the undivided surplus as stated above (12,795,09.60), a dividend has this day been declaredt* policy holders, available oo the acnlvenarlea of ths dates ct Issue In tbe present year. eor.icr aap Bissaccotnrr. Issued during the year. Bestored. Totallisacddorlnglheyear...l3,673 R 3J.573.13aA AtlUkFeb. 1,1366 . 23,771 83.113,9318 Deduct Dead, matured, surrendered, forfeited, etc - 2AB S&ifiOM la force January 31.1567. 33,633 HW.I7IJISJ* Add dividend additions oo ex* IslingpoJiclea. Total amoont insured January si. 1667 iuwomsmi iccreM enuring the year * 48,000,’JffiJt 1 have carnally examined the foregoing statements and find the same to he correct. ISlcred] SHEPPARD BOUANS, Actuary. A Dctisksd, or distribution of lorplos was made Feb. Ist J£66 and’67, and will be made mb Dually herealter. The phrase Asttcax. DmDßroe, in thU Company, means dividends made annually from the start, on the first and every subsequent premium; and not at Me expiration o/lfiree,/our or five years, and only them annually. Is also means that the dividends are avail able im mediately to increase the Insurance or as qua la redaction of tne premium ot the current year; and sot merely to canal nolet and accrued interat oa premiums three, four or ttve > ears old. By this system there Is no delay Jbr the redemption Of script, as in some companies. The Assets of this Company are purely Cash. Fa premium notes, railroad or bang stocks are included. They consist of bonds and mortgages in the State of Kew York, worth double the amount loaned, atfice real estate, bonds of thsState of New Tor*, and United States stocks. Particular attention is desired to the &ct that a very arge portion of the Company’s business is now on Bn doicmenlFoHdet. This Is a peculiar lea tore with Company, as no other companies ean present the rily we offer, or the profits which we are enabled to divide, so AS to make the investment a good one to the applicant; and the rates for such Policies are ftamll to 30 per cent lower than those charged by other and smaller Institutions. BOARD OP TRUSTEES : FREDERICK 9. WINSTON, President of the C». JOHN V. L. PBUTN. Vice Pi cat. Union Trust Co. WILLIAM MOORE, late firm DeEMn A Boors. EGBERT H. McCDRDT, late McCurdy, Aldrich A Spencer. ISAAC GREEN PEARSON, vice President Belief Firs Insurance Co. MARTIN BATES, of Martin Oates A Co. WILLIAM BEITS. LL. D., of Betts A RoblflSOa. JOHN WAPSWOBXH, « Liberty street. ALFRED EDWARDS, Prest Pacific Motiial Zrsar anceCo. OLIVER H. PALMES, SecVWcttemUalouTtlsgrapA Co. SAMUEL £. SPROULLS, Brest. Merchants* Exchange National Dank. SAMUEL M. CORNELL, Retired Mercnant LUCItJb ROBINSON, late Comptroller State of New York. W. SMITH BROWN, firm W. S. Brown A Co. RICHARD PATRICK, Mo*chant. WILLIAM H. POPHaM, Popham A Qaxtos. FRANCIS SKIDDT, Sklddy, MUtibrd A Co. WILLIAM A HAINES, Halstead, Baines A Co. EZRA WHEELER, Ezra Wheeler A Co. SEYMOUR L. HUSTOD, of Brooklyn N. Y. SAMUEL D, BABCOCK. Babcock Bra. A Co. ALEX. W. BRADFORD, late Surrogate city and cock* tyofN.Y. DAVID HOADLET, Prest. Panama B. R. Co. HENRY A. SMYTUE. Collector port of New York, WILLIAM V. BRADY, Ex-Mayor city ofNew York. HON. W. £. DODGE, M. C. Phelps, Dodge A Co, GEORGE S. COE, President American Exchaagc.Na- tlonal Bank. WILLIAM K. STRONG, Wm. K. Strong A Co. WILLIAM M. VERM ILYE, VennUye A Co. JOHN E. DEVEUN, late Corporation Connsel, New York city. WELLINGTON CLAPP, 01 Clapp A GrtnnelL ALONZO CHILD, bt Lonls. HENRY E. DAVIES, Chief Jostlce Court of Appeal*. nICHAED A. McCURDY, Vice-President of the Cam* pany. RICHARD A. McCURDY, Vice-President. SBIFPARD HOMANS, Actuary. WILLIAM BETTS. LL. D„ 1 HON. LUCIUS ROBINSON, £ Counsel. BON. A. W. BRADFORD, ) ISAAC ABB ATr, ) JOHN M. { Secretaries. iIIs!URN POST, M. D. ) ISAAC L. KIPP, M. D. I Medlcal Examlnera. 0. CRONKHITE, Agent, 47 Clark-St., Opposite Sherman House, CHICAGO, ILII MBBVIN TABOB, Special Atrent for UUmols* LOCAL AGESTS IN ILLINOIS. E. B(«bC) Galena. J. a. Ticknor, Rockford. Fox & Flower, Sprliigfleld. Bees Ac Downing', Feorla. J. B. Ball, Aurora. Rodney Aahley, Kankakee, p, H. Pope, Cairo. A. B. Sawyer, Pekin. F. B. Bond, Wenona. S. U. Lewie, Clinton. TV. a. Sanborn, Stirling. J» IX. Babb, Champaign. 0. W. Pntnam, Tbkllwi. B. V. Sutherland, Pern. J. H. Sheleday, Faria. Wm, Id. Oaklbrd, Havana. P. S. Rlsbel. Cambridge. J. A. Palmer, Baldwinsrllle. W, H. Long, jut. Carroll. George fllnnroe. Charleston. A. .11. Hitt, polo. Geo. O. Leooard, Beardstowa. S. F. Heath, Dwight, Geo. 11. Jenkins, Jllnonk. S. D. stfnson, Sandwich. Albert H. Vecder, Calva. J.». Jenkins, Greenville. Frank Porter, Richmond. J. B. Charters, Dixon. B. F. Armltage, Gardner. S. O. almonds, Joliet. 1. R. Bowletr, Lanark. TT. B. merchant, Washington. IT. C. Carson, £1 Paso. Geo. IX. Daniels, £igln. ja.<. ill. Bishop, Quincy. Jas. V. eorj, Waukegan. mcHxldcdc Hanna, norris. P ev, G. S, Johnson, Belvldere. J. si. IX.Spinning, Shelbyviiie. hr. XI. Barham, LaSulle. Fay & Sherwood, Ottawa. John S, Bead, Beiuvan. TV. K. Dewey, Jacksonville* C. P. Allen, RTloceion. Thoo. Meredith, Batavia. A. J. Xlasbrouek, Puna. Geo, 8. Fmerson. Budo. Corby & .ttofiltt, Carthage. Bev. XL K. Todd, Woodstock. Fiancls 11. Ullrich, Naplervllle. H. E. BIEEBELL, General Agent for Illinois, Wisconsin* lowa, jmiancMHa. Indiana and JBlchlgan, CHICAGO. OF 1,00,49.70 oß,coojos mtwwjs 453,06.13 20.000.00 .417£B£MJV 501,735 4U.86L88 83U1A38 59.551.JJ 3,793, ThU® | Policies. Insuring 0,160 t135,289,368J8 lletajOSM Detroit, Mich.