Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 27, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 27, 1867 Page 3
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ITEMS OP HEBE MENTION. Personal Inielllgeneei Dr. Tlavrs, the Artie explorer, hopes to be able to organize another expedition for the Dolar regions. Mr. Miibnrn, the blind preacher. Is now abroad and under treatment whereby he has strong hopes of re coveting bis eye flight. General Tom. Thumb is living quietly in the enjoyment pfhis wealth, at Bridgeport. He ought to take the stump lor Barnntn. The report that Hon. D. S. Dickinson had an insurance on bis life of one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars, is denied. The sum should have been twenty Ihocsand dol lars and no more. Madame Paterson Bonaparte lives at a hoarding house in Baltimore. She Is seventy eight years of age. Parepa-Roea is likely to become a singer In Dr. Tyng’e choL in New York. With Dr. Tytg In the pulpit and Parepa for mnsic, the new church will be pretty sure to be filled. Caleb Atwater, author of a “History of the State of Ohio,” “Western Antiquities,” ** Essay on Education,” and other works, died at Cirdcville, Ohio, on the 13th of this month. The death is announced of Captain John S, Allison, the brother-in-law of Zachary Tay lor, and the correspondent to whom he ad dressed bis famous “Allison letter.” Cap- Another and a third Baruumhas taken the stump as an Independent candidate lor Con gress in the Fourth District, Connecticut. This time it is L.S. Bamum, a cousin of the showman. tain Allison was eighty-three years old. General Sterling Price has gone into the commission business in St. Louis. Mollie Trussell did not teke the veil. “Oa the contrary,” she took a California steamer. It is said that, in his beantifnl residence at Bridgeport, Barnum has no relic or sign of his long life as a showman, except a marble bust oi Jenny L'md- Lord’Duudrcary has Jnst given his opinion with regard to that much vexed question— marriage with a deceased wife’s sister. “I —-I think,” be says, “ marriage with a de thcalbcd wife’s ttillher is very proper and veiy economical, because when a fellah mar vielh his dethcathed wile’s thither, he—he hath only one mother-in-law.” The Empress Carlotta is convalescent, and writes regularly and sensibly to her family. Lady Franklin, the widow of the Arctic navigator, is in Rome. The Rochester (New York) Express tells how “ Artemus Ward” came to add thefinal •e to his surname of Brown. It says; “He did not begin to spell bis name in this way until ISC2, when there was a Charles F. Brown who occupied an cfEec in Nassan Btreet, of the same number as Vanity Fair Office; This led to great contusion in the delivery of letters, and in other ways, and induced * Artcmus,’ as he told us, to add the do bis surname. The other Brown was a colored person—a class of people very dis tasteful to the Democratic humorist. He did not use the e', however, in legal papers, And considered his name the same as his lather’s—Brown.” Messrs. E. S. and J. A. Allen of Provid ence have received commissions as aeronauts in the Brazalian army from Dom Pedro 11. They will take oat balloons to be used,for reconnoitcxing the military works of the Paraguayan army on the La Plata. They were the first balloonists employed in our array during the war. Lewis J. Powers of Sprinfield, Mass., is a wonderful instance of success made by Yankee wit; he was a newsboy a few years ago, and is now one of the largest news deal ers and booksellers in the country, he has Just purchased the leading interest in one of the largest paper mills in Berkshire County, and is still a young man. Political Intelligence. The loyal Unionists of Virginia, without distinction ot color, have been called to meet in State Convention on the 17th of April, at Richmond, by the State Central Committee, appointed by the Alexandria Convention of May 17, ISG6. The Washington Chronicle notes the coincidence that on the 17th of April, 1601, the Virginia ordinance of seces sion was passed. Sis years of straggle to cave slavery have resulted in the meeting of master and slave on terms of political equality. The “Conservative Union” members of the Tennessee Legislature call a State Con vention ou the IGlh of April, of all who oppose the “ruinous policy and practices of the dominant party,’’ to nominate a Gov ernor. The rebel element have been conside rably cooled down by tbe decision of the State Supreme Court sustaining the rebel disfranchising clauses of tbe State Constitu tion. As showing the disposition cf the people of the South to aside by the mandates of Congress in reconstructing themselves, we give the following resolution adopted at a meeting recently held at Cartersvllle, Va.; J2eeolv«i. ’fbat we wilt obey the mandates, of w« •> ill <3t» ivbaj tlia axthoritiM o' ibe United Slates require ns to do. We are for tbs Union and tbe Govemmtni, and will abide its action upon all subject* affecting our interests, whether it corner tram • ougre-a or tbe President Our doty Is to obey. Wc love the Government o onr father*, and desire that party differences be buried in oblivion. The Louisiana Senate proposes to appro priate $30,000 to defray the expense of test legislation on the Military Bill, or any other hills passed by Congress affecting injuriously theSlateof Louisiana or any citizen orresi dent thereof. Thirty-six connticsof Alabama have white majorities of population, and sixteen conn ties have negro majorities. The t jtal negro majority in the latter is 130,474, and the total white majority in the former Is 211,955; ac tual white majority in the State, 81,434. Es timating tbe voters as one in seven, the ma jority of white voters will he 11,432. Thu Republican majorities £>r Congress in ICew Hampshire are : First District, (which was thought to be tbe most doubtful,), 1,202 ; Second District, 7C0,; Third District, 1,029 ; aggregate majority, 2,091; aggregate vote, 36,839. Id a letter received in Louisville, Hon. Garrett Davis says: “The course of the Democratic leaders and Convention in Ken tucky have made the organization of a third party necessary.” miscellaneous Intelligence, The project of a railroad from New Tork to New Haven, rival and parallel to the present one, will be revived and vigorously urged as the next session of the Connecti cut Legislature. A company has been recently formed In Memphis, to run a line of freight barges be tween that city and New Orleans. It is thought that steamboats, as carriers of freight, will be ultimately superseded. The Longworth Wine House in Cincinnati offers premiums to the amount of S3OO for the best wine grape of the country. £lx millions will scarcely cover the cost of the buildmgs now going up In Baltimore. An elephant, on the New Tork Central ynaß train, on Saturday, bound for Girard, Penn., the borne of Dan Bice, amused him- Bdf between Rochester and Syracuse, by pulling the bell-cord with his trunk, causing the brakes to be put on and the train stop ped three times before being discovered. Nine young ladles took the II at the con vent of Mount St. Joseph, Chesuut Hill, Philadelphia, a day or two since. Tbc Eastern Massachusetts boot and shoe manufacturers feel encouraged. At Haver hill the February sales were $359,723, twice the amount of January and lour times that of December. The relatives of an Irishman, named St. Legcr, -who died at Bridgeport, Connecticut, about a year since, and left Ills fortune of SIOO,OOO to the Driest, at whose house he died, and a few personal friends, are trying to break the will by legal process. They claim that he was unduly influenced, or they would have bad a share In the spoils. A Pike’s Peak miner, writing to a Minne sota paper, says the miners are ranch dis couraged in that region—“ they have to dig through a srlid vein of sUvarfourfttl thick be* fore they reach the gold. Tfortlivreetern Intelligence. The Executive Committee of the Wiscon eln Stale Agricultural Society, have decided to bold the next Annual Fair at iladison, during the last week Id September. Two men were arrested in Colonel Case ment's quarters, North Platte, Nebraska, on the 14tb, who were deserters from the Sec ond United Stales Cavalry at Fort Sedgwick. "When they descried they carried off eight thousand dollars, belonging to the Sailer. Seven thousand dollars of the money were recovered. The Hall Hotel, between Waverley and Syracuse, on the St. Charles road, lowa, was burned to the ground on the morning of the 21su The inmates had barely time to escape in their night clothes. An old man named Dnnran, residing on the Stranger, between Wyandotte and Leav enworth, Kansas, was killed by hia son one day last week. The ire of the son, it ap pears, was kindled by something sa’d by the lather in derogation of the wife cf the form er. The old man lived in the family of his son, and is said to have been much respected. TiteSootticrn Itelief Bill, Tin: following is a copy of tiigjolnt reso lution lor ILe relief of sulferiag ia the South, as finally passed by both bouses of Con ?TCfs: Ji( That the Secretary of War be and hereby is empowered and directed lo issue imp plice of food sufficient to prevent starvation a-jd extreme want to any and all class'* ot destitute ot h 1 picas perrons in tho?e Soaihcn and South westers Mate.' where lailarc of the crops or other ceuh.'s have oeraeioned widc-.;prcai des'i* tntion; that -be issue ne made through the x recdmec a Bureau, tmder rega’atioai as Ibe Secretary of War ahull prracMbu ; and to ’hit end »h*- M-CTc«aty 01 War is lurch’ aulhorixed and directed, Oifongh the Commissioner of the Frcedmen » iiaiean, to apffy -o muen as be may deem nect.-saiy for fo purposes tfjrcsiid of the unexpended moneys heretofore appropriated to supply freedmeu and refugees with provisions or rations ; provided thal toe expenditure rliali not exti nd btTond the present appropriations already mare ior the Freedmen’s Bureau - The U the vote of the House in detail; Tea*—Messrs. Allison, Amos,Anderson, Archer BaVer.BiDk*, Barnes, Beaman, Benton, Bing bam, Blaise, Blair, B>mttveil, Borer, Broi»k-, Broom ail, Back)ana, Barr, Chanter, CtmrcbiL, (. lark of Ohio. Cobam. Coroelt, Donnrlly. B*- glcston. Eldndge, Ferris, Fern', Pox, Garfield, 'eta. Oloaabrcnner. Haiebt. Halsey, Hamilton; Hayes, Holman, HnLbaid of lowa, Hubbard ot West Virginia. Halbard, Humphrey, Ingersoll, Judd. Jnllan, Kelley, Kerr, Ketcham, Kitchen. Rooms, Lincoln, Mallory, Marvin. McCarthy, Wercnr, Miller,' Morrill, Hom?aer,' Mung;n, Myers, Newcomb. Niblack, Nicholson, H«ieU, Orth. Pcrham, Peters. Pyle, Plants, Poland, Pol acy, mio, Randall of New Hampshire, Stewart, Taber, Taylor. Trowbridge, TwLchcll, Onion, van Aermaa, Van Alien, Van Horn of Nc* Yore, Van Horn of Missouri, Van Tramp, Van Wyck, Ward, Washburn of Indiana. Williams of Penn sylvania, Wfleon of lows "Wilson of Ohio, Win dem and Woodbrldge—9l. Kays— Messrs. Benjamin, Bailer, Cake. Clarke of Eon ear. Cook, Covorte, Cnilom. Dodge, Drtggs, Eckley. Farnsworth, Fields. Finney, Gravelly, Hopkins, Bonier. Ijiwrcnce of Ohio, Loan, w>- gam Moore, O’Neill, Payne, Sawyer, Scbenck, Scofiele, Sbanka. ShelJabarger, Sfevcns of Penn sylvania, Washbome of Wisconsin, Welker, and Williams of Indiana—3l. COMMON COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL REPORT.} Regular ileeUi , g , > Chicago, March 25, ISG7. PnserJ— His Honor the Mayor, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, WlcVer, W’ilmurth, Calkins, Fmnncan, Hatch, Wahwork, Muore. bcbuler, Rafferty, Taleott, Woodard, Bix by, Holden, Russell, Ackboff. GaetCeld, Prood .fout, Franzcn, Knfa, KngeL bhacklord, Lawson, CUrk, O’Snlllvan. Atsenf—Aid. Barrett. Earn, PriEblc.Hontlcy. KtKCTES. Alii. •n’tTftlr tnAVAiI (Ka, lliA Tnlnntflfl nftlia nrn. Aid. D’WolCmoved that tbo minutes of the pro ceedings of the regular m-cling held March llih, I£G7, be amended by adctlur aFcr the words “ The ai.pcal was not entertained” in two several inftancce—the words u by the chair.” The motion prevailed, and the minutes were so amended. Aid. Moore moved that the minutes of the proceedings of the regular meeting held Marco lltb, ISG7, as amended, and the minutes of tbo proceedings of the sneclal meeting held March ictb, be approved, without being read. The motion prevailed. BOARD OP PUBLIC WORKS. His Honor the Mayor nominated as Commie. Elmers of the Board of Public Works: A. U. Corley for the Norto Division. John McArtnurforthe West Division. J G- Gindcie for the South Division. Aid. Wicker moved that the nomination of A □. Bui icy. as Commissioner of the Board of Public Works for the North Division be confirmed. Aid. IP Wolf moved that the consideraion of the nomitatloEß be nos poned until a sub equent meeting of the Connell. The Choir ruled the motion ont of order. Aid. D’Woll appealed from the decision of the Chair. Aid. Clark demanded the ayes and noes, and tbo Chair wasjßnsUlned by the following vote: .-lyre—Aid. Knickerbocker. Cox, carter. Wicker, Finuncan, Hatch, Wall work. Schuler, Rafferty. Talcoit, Proudfoot, Fraur.en, Rub, Lawson, O'Sul livan—ls. Aces— Aid D’Wolf, WUmarth, Calkins, Woodf ard. Bixhy, Holden, Rnrscll, AcUboff, Gastffeid, hcgi 1, Bhackiord, Clark—l 2. Ibe question then being on confirming the nomination of A. H. Burley, It was decided in the affirmative r<y the iollowtng vote: Jiyfs —Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter. Wick er, v-alkips. Finuncan, Hatch, Wabwork, Talcoit, Woodard, Bixby, Bolden. Bneeeli, Prcudfoot, Rub, La«*son, O^Builivan—lS, Foes— D’Wo'f, Wllmailh, Rsffitrtv. Ackbofi; Gasifleld, Fnmzen, Engel >backford, Clark—9. Aid. Taicott moved thattbenomlnallon of John McArthur, as Commissioner of toe Board of Pub lic Works lor the Wert Division, be confirmed. The motion prevailed, and the nomination was confirmed by the following vote: Ayes— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D* Wolf, dicker. Wllmartb, Calkin?, Flnnncan, Hatch, Walwork, Moore, Schuler, Rafferty, Taicott, Woodard. Bixhy, Holden. Russell. Ackhoif, Prondtoot, Franzen, Rah, Shacktord, Lawson, O'Fnlllvan—Ss. 2>oee— Aid. Gastfleld, Clark—2. Jfa-cvsed—Md. Engel. Aid. Holden moved that John McArthur be de clared the acanimons choice ol the Connell, and Tic motion prevailed. Aid. fctholcr moved that the nomination of J. G. Giodcle, as Comtnlrsloner of the Board of Public Works for the South Division, be con* tinned. The motion prevailed, and the nomination was confirmed by the lollowmc vote: Aytt— Aid. Knickerbocker, Career, Wicker, Pin nci-sn, Moore, >cbnler, Bzsby, Holden, Bussell, Ac‘hoff. Gaftfield. Prondfoot, Pnmaen, Enb, Encel, Bbackford, J jitraon, O’Snllivan—lS. Rote— Aid. Cox. D’Wolf, Wilmanb,Calkinfl, Hatch, Wallwork, Eatlerty, TatcolL, Woodard, Clark—lo. Aid. Clark moved (hat J. G. GindeJe be de clared the cnonimoos choice of the Council, and The motion prevailed. Aid. Talcott moved that A. H. Barley be de dared the unanimous choice of the Connell, and The motion prevailed. IK6PECTOHB or ELECTION, AC. Aid. Carter moved that the came of Isaac How laud be substituted for that of W. B. EL Gray as Inrpector ol Election for the First District, Sec ond Ward. Carried. Aid. Kadertv moved that the place of voting in the First DUnlct, Eighth Ward, be changed from corngr cf Bine Island avenue and Sampson street to Kaiser’s saloon, corner of Throop and Sampson streets. Canied, EOS Aid. Clark moved that the name of Charles Dracsdorff be substituted for that of B. H. Lin coln as Inspector of Election for the First Dis trict, Sixteenth Ward. Canied. Aid. Woodard moved that the name of Thos. Marks be substituted for that of John E. Strirtiron as inspector of Election for the Second District, Kinth Ward. Carried- Alfl. Woodard moved that tbe voting place for the second District, chiuuredfrom the Washington Skating Park to the new engine house on West Lake street, carried. Aid. Woodard moved that the block oonndod by Ada, Sheldon, Washington end Randolph streets, be taken irom the Second District of tbe Math Ward and added to the First District of stud Ward. Carried. eananiEß. Aid. Blxby moved that the rules he suspended for the purpose of taking np the report of the ?ek*cl Committee on the Sate'tea of Commissioner of Taxes, Asses:-ors nod Board of Health. Trc motion prevailed. QA Id. Clark moved that so much of the report a? related to the salaries of the Board of Health he concurred in. Aid. Rub moved to amend by substituting one tbousasd dollars in thep'ace of five hundred dol lars, as the amount of salary to be paid to each member urine Duanl uf Ursltti. Aid. Lawson moved to lay tbe motion of Aid. Rub on the table, and demanded the ayes and noes thereon. The motion of Aid. Lawson prevailed by the following vote: Ayes—Aid.Knickerbocker.Cox,Carter. D’Wolf, Wicker, Wilmarth, Calkins, Flnnucan, Batch, Mailuork, Moore, Schuler. Rallcrly. Telcott, Woodard, Bixby, Holden. Russell. AckhoQ; Cast field. Proudfoot, Franzcn, Sbackford, Lawson, Claik, O’SnUlvau—26. Aoea—Aid. Rub. Engel—2. Tbe question then being on concurring in the report so far as it related to the Board of Health, and the ayes and nocs being called, that portion of then-port was concurred la by tne following volet Ay it —Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox. Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Wilmartb, Calkies, Flnnucan, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore. Schuler, Rafferty, Tafrott, Woodard, Bixhy. Holden, Russell, Ackboff, Cast field, Prondloot, Fran sen, Rub, Engel, Shacklord, Lav. ton, Clark—27. A ora—Aid. O’tjullivaa—l. Aid. Woodard moved iu concurm the remaining por.ions of the report or the committee. Seme discussion occurred, at the termination of which .Aid. O'Sullivan moved that the Council do now adjourn caul Friday evening next at half pa«t seven o'clock, to take np business where left o£ Tbe motion prevailed, and the Cornell stood adjourned- A. H BuDMAN, Oily Clerk. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL MOHETAB.T. Tun scat Evnxiyo. March 2C. Owing to the dreary disagreeable weather busi ness at the banka was very dull. The money market is without change. Exchange was firm, w.'tu sales at 25@C0c pre mium between bunks. Tbc counter rates are steady at par baying and 1-10 premiam selling. Floor was quiet bat firm. Wheat de clined Ic. Com was lower on No. X, but l@l!sc higher on No. 2. Oats were firm bnt inactive. Bye was quiet. Bailey firm. Provisions doll but beld with great fimiuess. Cold was without any materia) chance. The market opened at 133£ and closed at 184*$. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bro thers, cold brokers: IlfcSO a. m 123* 12:00 m 131 3ii;lsa. m 11:00 a. m 184 2:00 o. m 184 31:15 a. m 181 2:Wp.m 131 31:30 a. m 181 &U)p.m 181>$ 31:45 a. m 181 SiSUp.m 131 H Hoe the market was quiet at 138&®1331$ buy ing. Silver was nominal at 325&18G bujlng. Ihe Public Funds opened easier, but rallied, ami, on some Securities, a slight advance was ob tained at the dose. Tbc following shows the closing prices to-day, compared with the three previous days FrL Sat Hon. Toes. SlxrflOf’Bl 109 309 103 H 108% Five-Twenties. ’62 100% 109% 108 y 109 Five-Twenties, ’6C..,...107?j 107% 107% ' 107% Fire-Twenties, ’OS 107% 107% 107% 107% Ten Forties 97% 97% 97% 97% Seven-Thirties, AmniSt.lo6 106 10G lOrf Seven-Thirties, June.... 103% 103% 105% 103% Seven-Thirties, Ju1y....103% 103% 103% 303% New Five-Twenties 107 107 106% 107 Here there was a good demand at the following qaC'tations: _ tiovnnsaiEKT ezetmmes—ctncaao aununr. Buyinc- Sel'inc. ...luS* JOS* ..1(18*4 JCb* .107 107«* 107»4 107* TJ. tj.s-iscs, of 1381 U. S 5-208.15U2. .. U. ?>. 5-Sflr, 18*1.... D. S. Si*Ps. IS'iS xj. Si i-ios! ’CS aod"CG (oewj..iwi£ mil Üb. 5-2 C?, tan!! 10rt @107« ..... LT. S. 10-4i*s, large 97*4 U7J4 U. S KMOs. f-aull 97 U. S 7-30 k, Ist renes 105»f 1057. U. a.7-3r«, 2'| snice 105 4 loss; U. S. 7-COp, 3d PCIiCS 1034 105*$ U. a. 7-30 s, email IWS@IOSJj compou&cp. Jnoc, IS6« 117J4 .... July, IS6I 11G4 Aur., MCI 116 “■ OcU, 1661 115 .... “ Dec., 16W IH “ Mot, ISC3 112 *• Aug., IPCS mu ** ScpL.lßos 1104 “ oct.. isos no T-ccala were quiet at the following buying rates: Cluratro City 7s .....OS Cook County Si... 07 Chamber of Commerce 97 —1 he Boston Journal observes: Jloneycau be height at 0 per cent, with Gov ernment collaterals, or call or at sixty or ninety days, end the very choicest ramus cau oe passed at fat rate. Jloncy la sotao much In demand as confidence: S per cent was offered to-dav on a gout list of New York names, and good Boston names at 7*J to S per cent. The range of flral dass names that at low rates is getting more circumscribed every day, and the rate on all otl;i ra is hardening. —1 he Pcllndelphla ledger says: There is a {rood demand Tor money, and higher rates are paid. On call, wita prime securities, loans are made at h@7 per cent, the outside rate being mostgeneral. Only first-class paper meets vim favor.. Foreign exchange is Inactive. For sterling, leading bankers ask 100 for 60 days, and IflOii for short sight. —The same journal, in alluding to the specula tive movement in brcad'tufiS and provisions in die West, says It will soon extend to the Atlantic pom. and thence all over the country, to Ibc great prrj ndlce oi consumers everywhere. Ho if much this speculation is favored by “accommodation at bark.” we of course cannot know positively, hut there is good reason to believe that the quotations In the daily reports of the Hour and produce mar kets, of “upward movements’’ ano “upward ten dencies. arc sot wholly free irom aid afforded by the banks, indeed. vc arc Informed that the barks sot only lend money to specu lators to put up pric-s and to hold tnem op until scarcity forces consumers to pay them, bat that bank officers are. In some instances, encaged as partners In the transactions. This Is not only a most reprehensible abuse of the privilege of hanking as agam-t the people who have conceded Iherlcblto them to bank, but it la most ons to Ibe solvency of the iobtlla.lona that may su employ their means. Tnere have been several bank wrecks recently, all of which cm be traced more or less directly to ep-calailon. None of them bo far, have been from speculations In hrcaostnflfe. but if what Is now reported Is true, the nest that occms may trace its trouble u> that caiitc; and anvsuch tailor® will, command lituo public sympathy, nrd will do more than almost anything dee to attach odium to the sytem. Tee Boston Bvlutin gets off. the folio wing on the recent Stale Bank irregularities: gome who arc outside ihc ring bis strikes are made in Coppers. The following Is. fon-ltbed us as an Instance of. howa single firm, might realize *1,250,000 on a -ingle stock. This roek ve will suppose consists of #B,OW snares. The film pioposfnc to engineer “a corner” com mence bnylngat about czo a-share. a'*id bay-and bnynntil they have nought say 15,000 shares of -ibe tunic. Owing 'o tne rire which toese pnr~ chaste cause, tbo stock'costs tbom oa an average <ro a ttaie. We wi-1 aupooec they borrow on their flock ray $25 a share, or $775,000; bat In ibemlortof their operations the bubble bursts, *hv su ck t (cedes at a stogie drop to the old price oi $25 a fbarc, leaving them, as the elite and pen cil womd show, cot of pocket $3 5,000. But suppose duuug these “operations” they nat.ngc to obtain tic following amounts: From over-issue of stock, say $ 80,000 “ one baok..l ; 500,000 “ anrfber bank... 853,000 *• anetberbonk 125,000 “ anclherLank 125.000 11 one otbex a bagatelle 0f..... • 50,000 Sundry nuall-iry amounts of 20,000 or so each, say 120.000 The stock on hand as assets. $375,000 Amonrt in som'bodp's pocket, debt hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. Xi'an opera tion of tils kind was put through, those who are “out”by It. an well as the public generally, ought to know how it was done and who did 1L unless there was a patent taken oat for the affiur.| —T be same aotnoiify says: “Dmirp ‘he week at least two more of oar banks have bccc brought luto unenviable notorie ty by tbo “Irrcgnlanlles” of their officers. We have bien famished with the names of the officers and Institutions thus pretested to the public no tice, and with the leading Incidents of Iheaflklrs. We reserve Ibe facts for the present. 'i be tranegresfiora are entirely without excuse, and we have little patience with a community which allows these repeated breaches of confi dence to pass unpunished. State street Is getting Into a sad cundt ton, and it win soon be Impossi ble lor Loncbt young men entering Into mtnations ol responsibility in that locality to obtain the bondsmen necessary under each circumstances. Ibe Cacaoa papers give tbo following state ment of the amount of Provincial notes In circu lation on Match G, and the amount of specie held against them at Montreal and Toronto, Notes in drcnlatlon.payahie atMontrem $3,265,255 Payable at Toronto 85M,445 bj vcie held at Montreal 511,000 At Toronto 213,333 Debentures held by the Receiver-Gener al under the Provincial! Note Act 3,0011.000 The Westmoreland Bank of Fredericton, New Brunswick, has suspended payment. New York Slock and Slone? Market. Closing prices for cash. March 26,18C7, received by Joseph M. Lyons & Brokers: Ist ltd. 2d Bd lstltd.2d.Bd N. T. CentraL.lOjk 10G}< Con. Gregory..liOQ .... Erie (com) S7# s*a O. b. 6 ♦» cent M.S. (com) 76V 76k bonds. 1881....108k 106 K O. 7»K 7VK U. 8.6 Vct 5-20 Reck Island 9CK 96k coop. 1362 108* 103 C.&N. W SSK SSU D. 5.6? ct 5-20 Do, nl*d &4K UN coop. 1864,...107V 107 K Ft. W. ft C... 95K U. S. 6 F Ct 5-20 Quicksilver 83 52K I coup 1869 107 K 107tf W. U. T 41K 41 U. S. 6 F ct 5-20 C. a A. (c0m)...107 107 coup. new,’Cs.lC6K 107 B. Q IS?K .... U. S. 5 V cent M.C. 10S 101 K 10-4 C 97K 97« Hudson River. .136 137 Treaß„ 78-10,1 st 111. Cent. 115 USK series .105 K 100>f PhH.&Kead....lolK tots O. ti. 1 S-10 2d C. & To-rdo 118 K ÜBK senes 106 K ICSK ToL & Wabash.. 37 87 U. 6. 7 3-10 Sd M. & St, P. (ccm)S3K .... series JO3K 105 K ao do (pld)s4 .... American GoId.LSI 131 K Market—lst Board strong ;So Board steady. COMMERCIAL. Ttxsdat Evening, March 28. Tlie following tables show the receipts and (shipment* of Produce during the past twenty four boors: XXSCEBTS PAST TWEKTT-POUB QOCSS. ISC7. 1800. 3,307 3,903 7,133 2,257 18.068 3.080 1,971 1,196 1.655 420 Floor, 1ir15.... Wheat, centals. Com, centals. Oa>6. centals, llyc, centals. Bat ley, centals.. Grass £eed, It's.. Brcom Coro, lbs Cared Meals, Die. Lard, lbs.. Pal,aw, tt-9 Butter, J&s D. Bogs, N 0... . i.iveHoes, N 0... rattle. No Hides. Iba lUchwiucs, brls.. Wool, lbs Lumber, xn Sai'jjlea, m (.alb, m . 37,473 00,311 .210,879 6,093 . 9.360 2,036 . 7,893 6,188 . 101 131 502 533 . 53 331 . 39,430 £4,235 . 63 2"0 . 7,813 2,170 49 03 70 773 . 430 82 amniESTs past twentt-foub nouna. 1067. 1668. 5.133 4,417 4,536 8,200 12.713 1,391 693 452 625 (Ml Floor, brla. Wheat, centals. Coni, centals... Gate, centals.... Bye. centals.... Baric;, centals;. Gra'B Seeds, S>b. Broom Corn, o>s. .. 88,0115 92,831 . 22,610 15.374 .851,350 565,240 . 452 854 . 95 37 .201,024 89,502 . 66,5*7 755 . 6,001 11,850 . 400 > area Meats, B>e. Beef; brlfl Pork, brla Lard. Jbs. fallow, lb? Batter, lbs.: Dressed Hog?, No. Live Hops, K 0.... Cattle, So Bides, lb? .113,614 16,330 . 174 292 . 7,517 1,700 . SSS 511 . 969 601 . C 2 40 . 695 83 Uiebwines,brJfl Wool, lbs Lumber, m Shingles, m. lath. m.... Salt, brla. There was a good attendance on ’Change to-day, spite of the dreary uncomfortable weather, but tteteadng Produce markets were less active,and 'for some articles lower prices obtained. We yesterday referred to a movement on foot among some of the members of the Board of Trade, looking to the abandonment of tbe “cen tal” system. Action was taken on this subject to day, and the following preamble and resolution, abolishing the “cental" were almost unanimously adopted: Mueueas, The adoption of the cental system in the purchase and sale of Grain, appears to be impracticable aid is generally unpopular: there fore. Hceoltxd. That this Board adhere to Us past and PTtsent custom of buying and selling Grain by the bushel, and hereby rescind all prior action to the contnuy. Tbi Chicago Botrd of Trade baa, by their ac 'ion, maoe itself appear superlatively little, and a tii6t rlftna slock for tbo entire North■'ost. We had always supposed that the members of (be Board of Trade were energetic, and promnl to i.dcpt anything promising a saving of labor and complex calculation. We are mistaken. The fossil Ctement still prevails, and Judging from the eboro rceoluliou Uw our opinion that for geo logical investigations the Silurian strata of the Boaid ot Trade cannot be excelled. There Is no longer any necessity for appeals to the Chicago Boat aof Trade, for railroad communication to the for West, or anywhere dee. Tno utility of railroads is denied, and the saving of tune cheered by them Is voted a bore. It would not surprise ns to sec the entire Board “duck” their heads should some one inadvertently shout, from ibe ladies’ caliery, “low bridge.” To complete ibe work so auspiciously commenced to-day, it is only necessary to cease taking telegraphic reports ottbeKcw York markets, and make arrange ments for receiving the same by letter. In a pe cuniary point of view it wonld bo a great saving, and no doaht the majority of the members would pionouccesucb action true economy. Tbe ware housemen may retire from business. They are no lunger wanted. The Chicago Board of Taade is going hack to first principles, and hereafter, we ■-xpcclto see gi am vessels loaded in the good old tsehioncd way—a wheelbarrow or a bushel bas ket. Wc hope the Fortieth Congress'will take up •be question of weights and measures at Its ear licit convenience, and pass such laws as will give the people a decimal system of weights and measures, uniform throughout all the a fates. There is the same necessity for it as thtre was for the decimal currency. The Provision market was again very dull, but the under current was strong, and holders would not concede a hair's breadth to effect sales. Mess Pork sold to the extent of 150 brls at $22.50® 22.75. Bulk Meats were quiet hut firm, with sales at Sc for f-boulders and 11c for Clear tildes—both loose. Lara was in good demand at ISiK&ISXe, but there were no sellers below 12j£c. Whiskey was tinner and more active, with sales of CUO brls bonded at 21$ic,;transporlatIon bonds furnished. Floor was stead? and firm, with sales of 300 "brla ot fH.SSQ.IG.OO for White Winters; *13.60 for Red Winters; $11.00013.00 for Spring Extras ; $7. COO 3 CO lor Spring Supers, and $7.50 for Rye. The demand for Wheat was less active, and the market was quiet al a decline of 1c on all grades. The tales fool up 33.000 bn at *2.41 for No. 1; $2.25 for No. 2 In A. D. & Co.; for regular, and *l.7S@l.fcs for Rejected—closing at *2.12}4<22.13f0r regular No. 2. There was lees activity la the demand for No. 1 Com, and the market declined 101>£c, bat Re jected was in good speculative request and 101H® higher. We note sales of 135,000bn at9o@9lcfor No. 1; 62c lor No. 2, and 73075 c lor Rejected dosing at 9O}£o9O£c for No. 1. Oals were firm hot Inactive, with sales of a few car loads at 45<404<c for No. 2—the upper llgarc foj tie*h receipts. Rye was in moderate demand and steady, with sales at * 1.20@1.21*i for No. 1. Nothing doing in No. 9. . There was a fair demand for Barley, and the market was steady and firm, with sales at SGc for 2?o. 2, and CC©E5c for sample lots. Dressed Dogs were quiet with sales of 103 lulots at ?9.iK). Feeds were qnfet and unchanged, with transac tions at S2.CT.©3WJ Tor Timothy; $7.73©9.00 for Clover, and $3 CO for Flax. *i he follon Inc telegrams were read on ’Cbanga to-day: New Touk, March 20. Flour attocc at 51U.C5011.80. Wheat inactive I'Ot Him at $2.45&2.53. Tom better at $1.17*4 <§}l ib. Data firmer at 06®G7J4c. Porlc firmer and salable at $23.51. Lard firm at 13®l3i£c. WbisLey steady at 32c. GoU, 13L LATCH. Flour active and Armor. Wheal Irregular; com mon, heavy; choice, firm. Corn quiet at $1,104 uhi-17 Oats steady. Pork firm. Xard Armor, at l-?BQ.l2j*c. LATER. In the afternoon the Produce market was dull and nominally unchanged. lucre was but very Utile business transacted in the Cattle market to-day. The cold, stormy weather prevented even a fair attendance, and the few dealers (bat ventured as far as the yards evinced little or no disposition to operate to any extent. A few of the primesl droves were token by shippers, but the bulk of the fifties reported were made to feeders and city botchers. The clos ing prices of last week were realized on shipping grades, bnt on common to medium qualities there was a decline of 1~5025c per 10U lbs. We quote the market quiet at 84.6005.00 for common mixed to prime shipping grades. Received, 930 head; told. 6W bead. Hogs were active and the pons were well cleared, principally by New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boflalo shippers, at an advance of 501Ccper3OOD>s over the closing prices of yester day. A few city packers were on hand, but did JiU'c In the way of buying. We quote the market dm ot 10.1C07.90 for common to prime lota. Be ceh cd, 3,259 bead; sold. 8.800 head. New York Grocery Market: [From the Shipping List.] Coffee—The ruarxetfor Brazil commons extremely Dm, ana as the stock Is low and offered sparingly, prices ot Ulo, in gold, must be quoted one-quarter ot a cent higher. c.o«u g very strongly. The steamer a ad vices now due. are looked tor with much Interest. The sales ot ulo arc 3,30 c bags, per Lubec, understood to bo at or shout isyjc, golflTtn bond; 1,241 do, per Nautilus,,duty pain; andlWdo Santos, per Insula-. rlcmoupilvalcteims. Dcslces the above, the only eal»-e nr. 10.451 male Java, ptr Rainbow, at Boston, to come here, 00 private icras: 10a bags Jiar,calbo at thgliiic; and it hales, 50 hall do, and 6U quarter do Mocha at 33c. both cold. _ . , . Swckcf Blt end Santos Coffee In the United states: New York. I?.CBi bags: Baltimore. SAW do; Moolle, 24X0d0; Newi.-rlcaos. I,CSOdo; Philadelphia, 4Wdo; Savannah, 500 do; Galveston, do. Total-33,961 b VvGAE—The business In raw since onr last has been moderate, usd the market habihuwneignsolwcakn’Si, sotiailaiTlogoodnfiilncCnba can now be quoted only UttlfiXc. All oilier crtalttlons are also ono-. elrntb lev cr, ano at the close there was not much tone tc tne mars et, even at the reduced valuations— transactions Debt, ard stock cn the Increase. We 5 note No. 12 Dux at UKc, molas-es sugar In boxes at H<4loSc, and the same in hhd>- at 9yslOJ4c, 4 months. Bcdnui continues li active, and pric-a rather favor 1 buyers: weqiuieolher than Smarts’ hard at 15c; BOltnhltcl3V(*HW, and yellow cash. Thu sai.fc of raw arc 1,831 hhds Cubs at 9X6IOXC *, 1C Clarified co at Jivaitkrt tUP'.rta P.icn atMKdUKe: SIS bhds at 10K®lOVr; IS do St Domingo at Joc: to do Laguayra :o><c; and 3,261 ooxes Havant*al incaujac, 4 iQ'-niM. St ck yc»tcrvar. 2S,tn hods, 30,630 boxen. 109,220 mats. 9.200 nan, 1,251 bukels Java, and 70 bbdi> Meladu, equal to xSjiae tom, against 20.314. t'ns ]>tMarch, 25^00t.oal>t AsrlL 4S6S, 50,145 tool 1865, and 7.831 toss ISO. • • Tea—The market Is Inactive, there bans no general oca.are from the trade, but price* are pretty >ta«dy at toe previous currency. Via notice i&M ball chesra Color g, per Gxe>hani. sio do grcea from first baad«,and IJQO fle lion. *ec< nil htuce. Uouaso—The tnarke'since oorla»k has continued Inactive, And price* have favored buyers. Thrro ti son>e demand lor refiling.' but too general Inquiry is light. The take srt: SiO bhds covi to cbolcu Porto Eico at Cs@7?c: 10 libdi do fair at 6'Ns; 197 bids Cuba Unrcovauaat SOfiSSc; 40 bbds do, od croo, at4sc 4 zacr ; SO tint New Orleans at 80®90c, cash, and 29( hhda ana 29 tierces Mosstnilt*, for r-.finmz, on termr sot mice public. By auedon. 506 hhds Demerata s-tld at 47®C5c, 4 mot. Mock about 8.0. 0 bbda Cuba, 700 thus rortu Rico, and 500 brls New Orleans. New Orleans Provision market. New Obleaks, March 32. The receipts since our report of the I9ih lu&tanthave beta liberal, in consequence of whh'h, and, prt>b*bly, the near approach tf the close of the month, all arti cles oi provisions, with the exception of tierce lard, 1 have hum dull «.r have d c.lned. $1,250,000 . 375.000 wa « V « WILU Uk'U UUIO U' VtIUCU. The upward tendency m mess pork noted on ths 19th was check*d the next day by nnerpe "ted Heavy re ceipts, Buyers held otfi and some receivers of pork. ItTflted at low figures, submitted to a decline because It raid, although at present prices North 1’ could nbt be replaced. The heaviest holders aren't offering at prerent price*. It told p>-d*y at $14.00 on theepot and cse lot at *33X9, to an Ivo tbo first of next week. For wont of stock, nolblnc hoc been done In dry salt meats, excert a sale of isa.oo9 ns sbooldcrs, per fiat* boat, at 9c. loose. The supply ofbscon Is In excess of the demand, Ci-oaeb being constantly forced os tbo market to pre vent any Imnrovement In price. SbonldertlO@lOXc: ciforistse. Kucar-cnreo name are still abradant and doll ot sale. at IG®l7c tor canva'aed, andl43isofor nncanvasaod. Breakfast bacon sehs slowly at 11@I7C, according to quality and brand. There has been more activity In tierce lard, with aalee for ihlpmcnt at t3Sf@mc: keg doll at 13K9UC. Ifec'lpts for past three days; S.T&bils pork: 4'ti tes 1,02 kegs lard; 604 csksaadSU tes and 33 bxa bacon. Exchange on Sew Fork advanced to K premium yes terday. and k to-day. V.'ealber dear. Thermometer 79. • D. W. C. Eastoud & Co. Philadelphia Provision market—March S 3. The market his been more active and prices have ad vanced. 7CO brl* otnew mess park sola at C23.0d%21.0Ui prime tu«b at $23.10; and prime at sis.oo 7» barr-1. Mcse b i er sells at IliJW®2o.oo fbr Western, and $22.00 (373.50 P brl tor CUT pacxed. B%con continues huso ttvc; salts of SO casks plain atdlancv canvassed hams arcsiskiog at lV%18c; tides. 13K013VC, and shoul ders at lifeline 4' fi. Green meats are more active at an advar ce; 400 tierces tow pickled hams sold at 14® 14 vc. and salt shoulders at IromSKftSKc, now held at XCc b. In lard tccrc Is more doltg; sales of&OObrla and tres at 13®13kc V> tt- and kegs at 14®13c. CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. Tuesdxt isvkxnro, March 26,1867. Our leading Jobbers arc unanimous la reporting aa acm e trade during the past week. Bayers have come forward In goodly numbers Iroffl diflercnt portions of the South and West, and have purchaied largely. Since tbo date of our last report prices have undergone no special change. We quote to-day’s cloAlagprlces as follows: FttHTB. Merrtmac D .17 American.... 16k Mcrrtmac W 19 Amoskeag. 15 Coclieco 18 Duchess B 14 Pecltic .17 Mourning 16 Garner’s 1?K Allen's 16 Sprague’s 17K Providence. 15 Gunnell's 16K James Saunders* 16 UancheiUr 16 Gloucester .16 Lowell 14K W. w. Freeman &C0.13K Arnold's I*K Dolan. IS Lancaster IGK Wamsatta 13K Richmond 16K Columbia 12 ontonaks. Clinton, .24 I Glasgow .23 Lancaster. 23<f | Roanoke 19 bsowk anxsTtMue. Banner 21 Atlantic Mills .18 law? *w»e 21 Pcppereti O ICK Appleton 4—4 2t ’• ” 8 16K Mrfifom 4—l 26 Indian Orchard A 20 Nashua. 20 « •• C..... 18 Indian Head 4-4 2IK ” “ 88.. M t7 CaPott A 4—4 20 “ “ W....J6 Atactic4-4 21K “ , * L..... 15 Amoskeag 4—4. 21 Boot Mills H .UK Salmot FalU4—4 .20K “ £ O ...16k Agawam F 4—4 .17 _** .* 8.. 19 Appleton D 4—4 .19 Western World 15 Illinois A 4-4 IS Arkwright. u Swift Blver 4—4 16K Portsmouth P «K PeppetellC 20V Nap01e0n....... 16 B 18K Quaker. 11 u N ...14K x2lStandard 29 American A 21 Juniata J 7 bleached BimmNoa. N.T. Mills 4-4 40 Bed Bank 7-8 14K Wamsnua4—4. -2K “ ” 4—4 .16k 8au54—1..... .33 Lonsdale 36 White Bock 4-4 97* Arkwnght. 31 Bills 4—4 25 v Wambeck. .32 - 7-8 33K J.* W. Slater4—4....WK Masonvllle4—4 27V Canoe S-4... UK Bay Mills 4—4 .27V Slavnrlllß 7—B. is Andio*coggtn4—i ‘.l Ulackatone£lrrr)....2t “ 7-8 24 A LandoaT—B 20 Blackstoo® AA UK •• 4—l .23 Ballou A Eon 4—l 23K ** - 7-8...,.J0 fates CAsmsna. Lonsdale IBK I English.... .13 Cambrics. 12K814K I Q&34 12,910 4,600 DtiiDtß. AtDOßktag as I Connecticut. 29 Yorx .SC# I Washington 22V Manchester .36 I milord improved- 81 Oxiord .23 I Dine UHL. 23 Union 27jf I Corn City 16 Haymaker’s 21* I Pawnee 29 STUPID SHntTLfOB. Amoskesg .31 Whl ttenden C. 20 Terr 30 “ A 47V American 18V®WV MOM Halts 35 Thorndike..; ......33V Boanokc 20 Sbetnckct. 20 TICKS. Amoskeag ACA 50 Hamilton, regular.... AS “ A 40 “ D TO w D AS Pemberton K Jt 3 “ C AO “ X 27 K M D. A 3 Swift Hirer. 31V YorkSO-IDCb 37V Star Mills 91-lneh 27V Albany 13V ** “ S«-inca J7V rorkSMsdi 47V COBSR JEANS. Amoskeag. 22V1 Indian Orchard. 18 Laconia. 2SV I Androscoggin. 15V Hates is pepperelL. 33 Kanmkea* 6atuen....39 . I Globe ...15 CANTO* rURKKU, Hamilton stouL. 40 I Thorndike..—. 35 . EUertonT 22V |24aumkcagbleached-.,30 bbowh puttie. 80th.... .23 I Bennington... 23 Laconia. 22 (Peopcretl 23 DSLAIWKS. Manchester, new 2J ] ilamlitotu. 23 Pacific, new 33 | All Wool 40&50 BALItOBAX. SKtR*. Gabort’s IS-CTVI ManyanAMallelmn.l2.iav Wilcox .440(23.75 Ihddgh’s 3.00 Portoovuc | Bruner 3.00 Waj-nlDßtonMills....3.oo I Belle oftbeaeason.. 2.23 tufkads. _ J.AP.Coats *IJO Green & Danielle... 72V Clstk’A 1.10 White Stem 90 Hoillcy & Go’s, 90 Col’d 140 Worsted Bratus S 3 Wlllimaatlc. 82V Stafford 70 COTTON TAEJTS. ETC. Eac’.c ss!5 s ! 1 Eastern.. 55 Hone 5.4 I Carpet Warp AC&GO Fra: Klin 53 ] CandleWtck 0,470 Park.#. 58 I Chicago baits 112.00 cxrrns. Lowell, 5 ply |340 saoerflae 41.00041.30 “ super..- I.K Crossey’s Fat, Tapes •• medium.... 140 Brunei* LSO narOcrd.extr* 3-ply 240 Boxbury 1.67 V •• Imp’lS-piy. 1.93 Umpire Mills IJO “ super IAS Belgrade LCS *• medium.... 1.40 CABSTVEEKS. Farmer* ft Merch’s....47 V I Everett 1 47 V Wabash 45 I Bvereu 0 43 - CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Omci ottm DAiiTTanrtrTX, ) Trocar Kvekcjo, iiircb 36. { Tlie following table stows tbo dally receipts and shipments of Lire Stock daring the week. up to Ibis cvenlnr. »s reported by tbo Secretary of tbe Union Stock Turd Company: Sntday and Monday. Tutsflay Total 940 3,03 1,180 Tbe receipts today were by the following routes: Cattle. Qozb. Sbecn. - 66 - 400 180 416 Utt 200 64 130 ,3 182 430 150 208 180 ,432 By IlllnMa Central 1 By Burlington A Quincy Road. ;.y St. L- nii & Alton Boat By Ncnowcsurn Hoad By bock Island Hoad Total 93$ 2A59 1,010 •niestlpmenta to-day. and lor tho week op to this evening, were: Sunday and Monday. Tuesday Sales to-day and for the week up to this evening were: Monday. Tuesday BEEF CATTLE—More disagreeable weather for ont-door business cannotwell be cone el red than vu experienced to-day. It bos been a regular blustering day, with now, ratn and sleet la abundance. "Whether the weather was the cause or not, it bas been a doll day for this class of stock, and values were generally 13@20c per 100 bs lower on all grades. There were bat a ftw buyers In the market, and as they were generally 2S@5Cc below the views ot sellers, there was but little done eren in the beet grades; Sales embrace SCO bead at $7J0@7.73 for good to choice first class SUcrs; $6.75 0,7.40 tor fair to good second class; and $1.7536.50 lor Interior to latr Butchers' Stock. Milch Cows and “Springers” were doll at $85.00045.00 per bead. The following were a few ol the leading sales: CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. Twenty bead talr Steers and Cows, averaging 937 its. at $6.55. Seventeen coarse fleshy Steers, off cart, averaging 1,225 OH, at S7AC. Nineteen common Steers, fed and watered, averag ing 910 os, at $5.50. Eighteen medium Steers,averaging 1,000 Bi. at $6.00. Sixteen choice State Steers, averaging 1,239 Be, at SB.OO. Twenty light medium Steers at S6SXO each. Sixteen good second-class Steers, averaging L 320 bs. Eleven common Steers, averaging 9SI bs, at tSJa. Twenty-six medium bntcbo'a fitters, averaging 1,030 BH, Bts6 25. Thirty-three good second-class Steers, off cars, avera ginc 1.189 BH, at $7.37K. . ■ „ One bondred and twenty-eight choice State Steers, averaging 1,260 B!, als7/.j. J . Seventeen medium Steers and good Cows, averaging 974 Bf. ats6.2S. There were aiew sales ol “Springers" at $33.00315.00 each. >et this class of stock was dull. CATTLE QUOTATIONS. Extra Benr*~ Fite, fiit, well formed. 4to 6 year old Steen, and averaging 1,200 Bs and upwards $7.5037.87Jf Prime Secret— Good, well fatted, finely formeo Steers, averaging from WOO to L«0 BS, at 7.0034.37Jf Fair Giadft— Fair Steers. In fair flesh, av- , _ craging LCOO3UOO bs. at 6J&&6SJX .Vriium CYa«»—Medium steers and good Cowß.iUforcilvsiangUterandaveraglng 50031.000 bs. at. 5.5036,00 Stack Cattle— Common Cattle In decent . fl«*b, averaging 80031,000 B?. at ..6.0035.73 Inferior— Light and thin Cows and Steers 4X0*4.73 UOQS—There w&a a brisk shipping demtndffor this elsss ot stock, and values advanced 10315 c on all grades. The offerings were takes chiefly fbr New York and Boston at f7.5C37.90 for good smooth lots of 200 to 250 bs averages; and $6X1037.25 fbr common to fair lots of 130 to IfcO bb averages, and over. Toe pens were cleared at the above figures, the market closing firm. BOG SALES TO-DAT. Ko. SI ihlr even lot, oilcan SC kloq smooth lot, led and watered. .253 7.70 (9 Itcbt uneven drove. U 2 6.80 128 fair quality, otf carl 319 7.55 113 Debt uneven drove.; 143 6 93 22 coane and uneven 127 6.63 15 good an.coth lot 209 7.50 67 lair light lot. 15S 6.90 os lair drove, off cars 217 7.35 59 fair drove, off cars 200 7.35 113 uneven tnd light. C 3 medium mixed. 151 uneven lot, off cars. IC3 rood drove, off cars .231 730 63 ibctco smooth, ctl cats 219 7.90 55 choice let, off car* 25C 730 Ihc mnainlLcsales were at the same range. SHEEP—There was a decided falling offln tbe de mand to-day. and prices were weal; and tended to a lower range, especially on commoa lots. Sales were Nc. 165 medium'lot coarse wool. SI choke fine wouled 77 fair lot ncc.w0u1ed....... Sb lair lot medium w 001... WEEKLY REVIEW OP TOE CHICAGO market. All tales of Grain reported in tMt market report are made tn the bash of winter (4c> storage, unless otherwise expressed. Tutfdat Evn&'ixfl. March 20,1F67. FRElGHT;*—Railboad Fnkionrs—are 10c lower The rollowltg la the tariff if the Eastern Boads: Bates irom Chicago to— Sd class. 4th class. Flour. Buffalo & Snap. Bridge f 53 33tf G 5 Montreal. C. IS. l.jg To 1.40 Albany.N. Y 1« CO 1.30 New York 1.00 60 i./o Boston I*lo ® XJO Portland 1.10 « 140 Plit-ff-urgh 60 35 70 Baltimore 91 65 1.10 Philadelphia ?1 53 UO CitcimatLOblO 45 SO CO i.irr Freights—Thr fullowlpg charters were maoc to-day; To Bcffaxo —Schooner Cornelia, with Corn, at Sr ; schooner Swaßow, with Wheat, at oe-to load Becciv.d,3.3o7bris; shipp'd. 5,195 brls. The flour raara-t during tho weec haa i>een t deraoiy active, ntd on choice branas unccs hare advanced tally £sc. To-day me market was flirty active, and piu-c' rem-ln nmhaLgtd. Sale* include the ioi lowing; White Wisiees—3o brls “Miy Flow er” kl t.CM; 50 brls not nam'd at si3 00; 50 brls do at *l4-23; Red Wikters-SJ brls not named at *13A0;:W) brla “Qallago"at*l3.oo; SimiNO EiTHAfi—fOO bits ** Pickwick”, at IliOa; 100 brls “EnuTiid” at flS.00:SO) br:a “Big Loot” at 512.C0 1 500 bna *• British Lion” (yestetdav alter ’Change) at $13.C0; 450brls not named alfjAJ; i<jo brla do aitUIKJ; 1W brJS do at f lUHV ? 303brls do at f 11J&9; 100 brls Conquest” at *ll-60; I‘Obr.s” Root Rlcer , 'at|llAo;lWbrt* “Union” at *n.V5; VO brls not earned at.h1.25; 57 brls coat *11.00: 100 brls “ Winona" *t *11.00; SraiNQ Supers— llo brl« not named at*B4lo; ITO brAdoat#».Mt Dftsourp-tt brls not named etfSLW; KTK Fnot7S-20 orU at fJAO; Good Urili—S.tcns coatm at#M.oO»tthe mil?.. JVe qoolo to-day’s do-lr/r price* at fbllaw* :• *•• Wunxnwn»ir—Choice Soutaem Q-- i •- itnoSs JI6JO 018 A) I Choice St. Lotus 16.00 018 JO ! - .. w.ccoD-ia - ... rtoo aii» . Snoao Extbas—Faoci brand 5........ 13JM OU.OO t Choice MtoocaoU.... 1140 OI3AO . I *■' Choice Ildnois.-Wls- JUstt aod lewa..~ 1L» 01UO - Fair Grades. 10AJ <411.40 I ‘ Low Grade! 9-» frlO-jg Sort bk Bupertne. 7A) & 9.00 Rje Floor!;, 7.25 0 830 Buck* heat Flour. 6.71 0 7M ■■ •MCEaT—Uer«iTCd, 7.1.75 tenuis; shipped. 4A33 cecta.a. Mstk'every quiet and icTowor aU round. Bale# were: MO bn No.) at *2.41; <OO ho No.*(A.D. & Co;} at 12.25; 1,500 ha do at 5?.15; 2,000 bo do at *2.i3; '_u dc. at fC.LStf; 4Do bu Selected at 11.55: 400 ba Jo atgiiC: 4Du bn do at *l.7B—closing at *2.12* ,0«.13l-rrcenlarNo.S. . .. . , COKN—Hfc.lved, 18.668 centals; shipped, W.7W centals. Market quiet, at a dojliueoriQiucoaho. 1. Sale# wet>: 45,t00 ba 9tc; 3\ootrna do at OOWc; 15,(00 bn CO at 90c; sJdbndo atfrto ; 6,000 bu Brjceied at 75c; 6,000 tu do at 74 Vo; 4,000 suoo at 74#c; 27.000 bu do at 74c; 0,050 bo do at 7J#c; 2,000 bu do at TJc; 400 ba Kar at oe—closing at 9934<2903i:c lor No.Land74)4fc7sclorßt'J-ct£d. . , U4TB-Received. 1,374 centals; shipped,s93centals. Maint Inactive. Sales 0 ere: 1,500 bu No. 2 at 47c, (fresh); 3,00 b•do at 433»c; L*X) ba Rejected at 4®s. k v IS—Received, LG3S centals: shipped. 625 centals. Market quiet. Sales were: 1-100 hi No. 1 at *1.2114; bu Co at |J .51; S.rrc bu do at |l.?0. _ BA RlEV—Received, 1,335 cental*-.shipped, 177 cwitals. Markelsteady. Sales were :JWOO ba No. 3at 80c; 1,4(0bud0at79340; (OObado at79c;L*oo bu do at ’S\c; 4CO bn, by sample, at tec; L 209 ba do at 80c; 500 (m do at 78c; 401 ba ao at 6Sc. A LCUUUL—Market dull. and nominal at M-Xtf 4^j.. ÜBAN-I 1 quiet, at prices ranging from 120003 23.00. tale of 5 tons at *23.00 at the mill. Middlisgs —Are£rmßt*BOAOo36.CW. ÜBIIU II CORN—Steady at *50.030250.00, accord fair demand and firm at *1.5333.00 B ba. *>«ieof2brl*m«ilnmat*2.23. • MUTTER—Received, 7.895 »•; shipped, 6.694 ft*. There oasr>ecn little ebatge to notice, either In the tone ot the market or prices. The demand Is confined almost exclumveiy to choice table qualities, to supply the wants ot local customers: C:.olu Dairy 2JO£C Good Tub 23 &T.C Common Fliklc Pnrac Flrzln BaG«4lNl4-Is la lair demand, and on largeonleis dca era would make concessions. We give the follow* lac as iho prices correct: _ LJUI JLn National A, 2 ba, seamless linen Union A.2oa, uO 33.00 Illinois A.fioa. do 33.10 Combxenange...... 38,00 Burk A, cotton seamless 34-90 Lcwlstown A, do At droßcocgln, do, do 59 00 lietrcr Mills, do PpUllcic 8. do Penn Mills, do Tor* Pitt. do Eilco. do GddUcs. , Burlanf.4bn.No. 1 IE, ■ - ‘mplre City 4U.00 rllKEHE—There was on act!re movement in the cartel tc<ay, and dealers were realizing full prices. We continue to quote: Jvew York Factory (genuine) 21 c Factory (Illinois) 19 ©w e Qamburr It) (4)1 C Wffitem States 16 ©l9 C Wcateinituerve.. 17 @u c “Young America" 30 c COA I.—Trace is moderately active, and prices arc without change. We quote: Beie—Vroobfieid sll6O do Ormsby 11.00 CIXTELASD—Briar ILU 11.00 . do Mineral Ridge 10. CO do wuiov nans. loxo ' do Tunnel 10.03 Chlptowa 10.00 Blcseburz 12. CU Lump Lehigh.. 11.00 Lackawanna, prepared. Scranton Plfcfon.. Illinois. do oa troctc. Yonchioeheny COFFBB— Themarketthronghont the week has been active, although the b.Uk of tbe business bM been carried on thronib orders. Stocks are ample, and S rices arc dimly raala.alned. We repeat quotations: S3 @3>XC HIo. common to fair. Rio, good to prime jnx&hkc HIo. prime to choice. .37£dX e I'UOrEltAUE—Since tnodateof our Hit review there ha* oeen Utile or no Improvement 1a the de maid, and prices are nominal. Sale to-day of 15 Port Haireis at 91.33. IVe now Quote: Pone Barrels $ l-2i3 1.45 Whiskey Bands L 53« 'iSA Butter Rem. dozen 13.C0«15JH Lard Regs, each 903 1.00 Floor Bands, round hoop 603 GS floor Darrels, flat hoop 50@ 60 Hoop Foies, Uickoir 20.u0fe30.00 Uooo Boles, Oak 13.0Ga20.00 Hoops, flat Ash 5.00 a 7AO Shaved Hickory Hoops ISJXH2OJM CA ND LEW—Are In fair demand, ami steady at Jactations, which are aa lollows: alrbank, Peek A Co.’s Bteanc Lights .18 QlCJfo Extra Tallow, Stearlne. &14WC Tall .w, fi b .11 eUJfc Vaxltnc. V » HKol4}fc Star. ¥ B (Schneider A CoJ) 17 s2l c AND CnKmCALS-nosloeJSUtol crably active, and prices have undergone no special change. We repeat quotations: Aloes, Socotrine. Gam Tree sorts. SAftCOc * B OOC Gum. -hcllsc.... 55350 c A>am S 35 c Gam Trag. flake lAOfeLTS Anoalto fl.ooCsfl.T3 Otnn MynluTky 90c Arsenic, p0w.... 8310 c Gam Opium 9.J1310.00 Arrowroot,Jam. ' Sic Ipecac.s.oo Anowroot, Bcr. 90c indigo 1A5®9.C0 BatCopavia.... C&JIJO lodine 7.00 Bai.Tofu.. 2.00 lodlae Potas 5.7530.00 Eng.Bl-carb.Soda IQfcllc Jalap ...3.9033.00 81-carb. Potash. Mo Juniper Berry... 9310 c Borax, refined.. 40A42e Morphine 7.3 Camphor,do.... 1J331.20 oil Castor 1.2032.75 Copperas, Am... :fc»4c QaiCEsUvor lAO Cream Tar-pnre E*3Coc Quinine 3J032J5 Cupebf 55c I VttroL bine 14315 c I Sody i5h..,....i Ulmvwhlte. CO36Sc SodvUsh BJrfASc Glue, com 23«35c IGlauber Salta... StfflOfe AqoaAmrootila. 12&1JC I Caustic Soda.... ■ 10*c Ghryalal Silicate 9)fc*loc I Curb Ammonia, 31315 c Sal 800 a 4j»«iKc | Sp. Turpentine.. 9iaiJ» BtHJ*—The supply u fair and with an active In onlrr prices role Ora. FltLilTs AN I) NET*— Bnilneas . waa rather active, and with light alcckr, dealer* are obtaining mil pitcea. We repeat Quotations: Apples. 9» bil Lemons, Messina..., 9 b0x.... Cranberries,» brt. Turkey Prnnes, new. French prune*, new. Figs,'drums Figs. cartoona Canned Peaches, V do: 2 A cans 4A5 ft 4.73 Apples, new 9 ft I3tf Peaches, halves and quarters 16 <9 19 Pi*achea, pared |45 ft 43 UlacsberriCT.rew, |> a „ si ft a Raspberries, now, V & 66 ft © Cherries, pitted.; 63 ® G 6 Elderberries, f* A 13 ft 16 Ital»ins, seedless, 30 & kegt 9AO ft 10.15, yboxes... 20 & 21 Sardines, a boxes 39 & 40 Almonds, hard-shelled.. Ahunuls, sort-shcilel. Ataonfls p*prr-iiiel!ed 50 ci 53 i'Mnnts. WlliLlnßtiin, Vbo VS ftß 400 (* 4.23 Brazil NuUt „ 23 ® 31« Fre; cn Walnuts. new - . Naples Walnuta P«can». email and large. Hickory Nut* 3A) at 3JO Ki^H—There was & fair boatnesa tranaacted In tbli department. ana dealer* were arm la Uielr de* metidc. \Yr Quote aa follow#: Wbiu*nfh, No. 1, J* url $6.15* 3.00 "MUMleti, No. i X bri 6.80* 6.15 Trout. No. 1, H bri 4 J 0» 4.15 Trout, No. % S bri 4A) Macaerel, No. I. V bri, new 1D.50.«10.15 Mackerel, No. 3. bri 1040*10.1* Mackerel, fimtly, per H bri 9 DO* 9JS Mack at 01, extra mcaa, PKbri 1450*15.00 Macßcre>,exaameu t V tat. 8.50* 8.13 Mackerel, No. l, kits new. Mackerel,family, Idts... Cod if h. Bank, ¥ 10b tti. CodCSh. Oesrgs’s Bank. Hake Uetnnss. dried, No, 1. fl box. ilertitiirr, sealed Labrador Hernmn, ¥ br1..... liUEAME—Market quiet but Arm at the following nnouttoLt: White lOJlOxc Yellow 9a 9’ic Cattle. Hon. Sheen. 14 169 140 9& J.WO Brown 89 Bke i IIUJII WINEM-Reodvod. 68 brU; shipped. 171 hrli. iial-r were: c» brU bonded at 31)»c, trampor tation bonds famished. ;|loprt—Are quoted at CSdTOe for Eastern and GtwffCfor Western. ; HAY—There was a fair degree of animation In the ma»krt,aT.d,nnderalightsnpply,a firmer lecllngob tained. Wecontlnne toqnote: WUOLK&ALK PBICXS. Timothy, roller aod beater pressed. Tirootby.loose pressed Prulne, beater pressed . Timothy, roller and better preaaed 417.5a»13J» Timothy, loose pressed 17.5Cte19.50 Prairie, roller and better greased 15^0»16.M prairie, loose on warn delivered..'. 19.00caU.00 ! niDEH-Dccelved. 33.430 shipped, 113,914 bi. The general marfcetTQJcs firm. The inquiry la chiefly on '■blpDlnc account. We glrs the lollowtng quotations as the current prices: Green Butchers 1 8 a B«<c Orten Salted, trimmed IlkAlS e Green CalL It wx o Rip Green, salted 14 015 c Dry Flint, trimmed 18 Dry lalted, trimmed 14V®15^c Oreen Salted, part cured lOKMIWc , IKON AN U HTEEL—Toe market is without special change. and dealers are Arm la their views at the following Quotation*: Common Bar Cattle. Hon. Sheep. .. 86 680 .. SSI 2.420 253 Cattle . Bon. Sheep. . ISO 1.260 2SO .. 564 *,830 96t Horse Shoe lion. Weary Band Iloup and LL'ht Band. Konudond Square.... Oral Ir&Vf oval toid' sy& 63*0 Bbect Iron, Tjfts—-c Extra Brands. Hhctt Iron, gaiVanirwil. Fticctlroo.ctarccu, 26, Steel Iron, .JtmlaU,26. Norway Nall Rods plow Steel. German... Plow Steel, cast Sprlcc and Tire S’ecl.Encllrti... Tool Cast Steel, ordinary alzea. Tool Cost Steel. American Blistered Steel JbE AT IIK It—lbe mail _ nexnocK. City Us mew Slaughter, Buf , a I 33® 40 falo Sole $ 40® 43 Countryllanifss SO® 39 Slaughter, Sole, Tine, vn 42® 41 Chicago, No. i 40® 43 .Kip, medium, V Slaughter, Sole, ■ a geai.2o Chicago,No.a Si® 87 Calf, V & 1.40®1.50 Buenos Ayres.. 3G® JH Upper, toot.. 30® 31 Onnoco Sole.. 81® 36 Country Upper. 23® 25 Orinoco, good. Collar, P loot.. 33® 24 damaged...... 31® 32 Slaughter. Solo. S3® Si I French Calf, 31 Jlarnetfl,Va... 40® 461 lbs 3.1C®2.23 Upper 30® S 3 French Call, SI -Eip.Ko. 1, me- as 3.00&3.10 I (Bum 1.10®1.80 Bkench CalLLe . Kip. No. 1, molnes, V ’ heavy 85®1.10 doz .80.00®W.00 i ItlftlßßK—There has been a good business trans - acted In Ibe yards during tbe past week. The stocks ; are becomit g much reduced, and prices tend to a high ier range. Bhlagies are in active rcqne-t, and the sup j ply is rally equal to the cemand. Lain are in fair in 'quiry and firm at qnotatlons. We now quote: ; LtJsißKr.—First Clear. 1,114,1 H and 3 Inch ? fa.oca®.oo Second Clear, l. IK. lif and 2 Inch SSJjaaM.CO Third Clear lech W.OOaMJW First aco second Clear, Flooring, tottetb* cr, roach, the same as Second Clear wide 50.00(255.00 Common flooring, ronah SS 00(4-77.00 Matched and DressedCommoafloorlßg.. 40.00®(3.00 Matched ana Dressed 8-lncb Common Fleering IM-OOftSUO Tint sad {Second Clew Biding together.. 80.U0333.00 First Common Dressed Siding....; 33.00325.00 Roi Board;, select 15-Inch and upwards 88X0347.01 A stock Boards, IS Inches 30.t0333.00 B Stock Beards, 12 Inches 5G.00327.00 Common Boards, Joins, Scantling, Fenc ing, and Small Timber, 12 to IS feet lone 51.00333.00 JoWts and scantling, 18,20,22 and 24 feet. 23.0C&.TJ.00 Joists and scantling 23.00 SniKQLis—A or Star Shaved Shingles 4.50 A or Star Sawed Shingles 5.003 Sho jno. 1 sawed Shingles 3.503 8.00 Lath—Per m in yard 5.00 By car-load hy Korthwestem Railroad, delivered in any yard where care can be switched or any depot, A or Star Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on truck 4.87342 3.00 A or Star Shaved Shingles, by car-load, on 8.75® 4.00 Av. p/ice .353 |7.2 No. 1 Sawed shingles, by car-load.*" on track ’.149 . 6.95 .139 7d2)f Tnree dollars a car-load added when tracsterred, which charge follows tbe SMnelct in freight bill. BHTKOLISTAWDACD. Thickness—Five Shingles to be two Inches In thick* nest. Length—Sixteen inches. Kanos—Twenty Itches Conncs—'Twenty-nve. METAL* AND TINNERS’ STOCK—Trade continues fair, and prices are well sustained. Wo quote: At. Price. .. S 3 fAM ' ..129 7.63 .. 91 6.73 ..01 0.73 TIS. Box Tld Plate, I C 10x14 115.00 Large Pig* 31 Email Pigs 33 Dor Tin 89 corns. Metallic Al* Bot U.. S 3 Copper Bottom 53 Braziers ever 10 fis. 41 Sheet. 14 to 16 0z.... 45 Tinulogs 10 Fence wire 10 nrssiAß. Nos. 9 and 16 23®76 American, Utquall ty, f> sheet 19 American, 2d quail* ty, I* sheet. 16 Is moderate, and the stocks ced. We continue to quote: i 2d 49.25 3d, fine blued 9*33 Id. One hmcd 13.15 Cat spikes 7-23 Clinched. Net 9AO ,’t.e demand Is steadily ln rm as follows; latn Yarn Man illa .ntffcWc Manilla Hay Eope2l «>Sc Manilla 80pe..,..23Jf(334c Manlne.,... 80c Sash Cord. S_Jc Oakum 17.003 »A 0

Hemp Twine #1 ®loo . Paper Twine 33 (WOe Olt,h«-Continue In coed demand, and under light stock?, pncci are fully maintained. We make no chance In quotations: LUllwdOlf. Ltrß'Cd Oil, boiled Olive Oil Whale Oft W. B Laro oa extra Lard On, ko. 1 Winter. Lard oa N 0.2 Winter. Bank Oil, rsnod lota.. Bank Oil, Straits..- Machine Oil,;. RABBIT XrTAL. Istnoailty; ao AUimonV 20 Fine Solaer so ZZSO. Jitqnalllr.ciss.... J3V jgtqoaiur. theet... 1) bl-b ....... 131 N a I Lb—The demand 1 are becoming much reaac 10c to 60 T kez 37.00 8d 7.25 6d 7 JO 30 8.V6 NATAL STOKES-1 creasing, and juices rale flr; Tar SSXO VaiAtP Pitch. 64-0 K. C. Pitch 8.00 Italian Fax Paeons Ole Italian Hemp Packing 4Cc Flne»emo,Snr 22c Am. Hemp, No. l i»c Am. Hemp, So. s uc Sperm OiCw. ~ -LaorlcaUm MiLv'J - OARBON Oli«—lainiairroqaest, J 4 stesayit •the foilowCig-pncw:’ , Csiboo, |» car 1 *6c -CuDon,srLaUlots..... 48c . Bet rob- .ttUOfl PKiIVI^IONS—Beo-lred fti Cared Heats and i£s» ft* I.*m, Shipped, 2S4.M> ft* Cared Ue«i«. IS2 brls Dec!; 95 br.spars, and 30LC4 ft* Lard. ■ <*iesa Park—laaetirelmt firm. Bala went U' bil* at 122-73; J» w*a«BWo.-„■ . Bnia Qlenie-Sale* were: 4£UCO its Shoulders at Sc; CSOCuftt Clear Side* at llo—both l«cee.-. Lard—in solU demand at 1534913,# tor Ste m, with no sellers below I2#c. "We ou«e the rang« of prices fi>r txlay as follows: Clear Pots.— 10,00 NCUO , UtseFort 22jc «2ho# Prime Ueas. M iso.o 020.00 , Extra Prime Pork. 018.00 Bump Pork 16.00 017.00 Mraaßref. ISjOO 020.00 Extra U*sa Beef. aOO 05raO Bed earn 5.......... mrn atSilO • ItoiahltesßceCF tic, 033.00 Prune Mess B«L F tre 032 00 BweetPlctledUams 17340 13 Cumberland Middies (loose) 9 0 914 Short Bib Middles (1005 e)... . . . 10 a 10K Short Clear Hlcdlrs noose) 11 0 1134. Dry baltUßbonldfr* (p teted).;,.. . BLO 8k Dry bailee Shoulders (loose) 8 0 8« Dry Salted Hams (lease) U 0 112 Loose Ih ngb bides (cured) 9340 10 New Steam Lard. 12340 13k No. 1 Lard ll#o lljj X'Olil.TH Y—The market Is quiet. Sale* of 5 dor Brewed Chickens at*3Jo; 1 dozdoat *5.00; 3doz Live ntj^M; 2 do* do a: *4.75; 124 fts Dressed Tor- POTATOES—Are active and in good supply. Sale* wcie: 3Woa Mlchlgtn atWc; 150 bu Neshan nocksateSc: 175bn Wrscoistnatß%; 100 bu lUJqois Peach Blows at 75c 5C3 bags do at TSc: 130 bo Bassetts atTCc. PA I NTS—'There has been a slight improvement In the demand daring the past week, ana prices area shade firmer. WerepeatqnotaUons: B. L.Pearl Snow....*iLCo Bauenor *17.00 Bead Lead ujo Premium 10.00 O’Falloa Standard Laclede 9.00 _Lead St.lxralsStar. 14.00 French Zinc,pure... lUO D. li.Bbipmau’swar. Amer. Snow White.. 12.(0 ranted pure in oil. 15.50 American Star 10.00 ChlcairopalntWoxfcs Garden City..; 14J0 la OIL 14AO Diamond ujo Dearborn In Oil 1350 D.B.Shlpman’sZinc, New Jeney. 10A0 pare 15 A 0 Bt. Louis, pare IS 00 Parlor Snow White, Bt. Ixints union HLW Zinc, pore 11AC Charles River, Bos- Lehigh 10A0 ton 11A0 PHJ 1 RON—The market is fairly active, and prices arcuncranged. Wo quote: Scotch Pig,No. L V ton f33AO@GOXO MaMillOh, No. 1 53xV Massillon! No. 2. Iron ton, No. 1.,.. Tuscarawas, No.l. “ U 1 55.00 •• no. a 93.00 Lake superior. No. 1 Moreau 63jjq “ “ No. I Greenwood BAOO PAPER BTOIJK—Ihe market Is without caeca tlal change. We quote: Cotton Rags, miaul Hope and Cable Hope 5 oeS^e PAPER—Ib In moderate demand, and prices are steady. Werepealquotatloos: Dock Pacer, v a 36 a» c News Paper, V it 19 030 c Wrapping,common 4JfG» 5 c POWDER AM) BHOT—The market Is life* leas, and prices are merely nominal. We continue to quote: Bine Powder. 17.5038 CO Blasting Powder 5.0G35.50 Shrt (Drop) Buckshot Bar Lead. V is .. BICE—la steady. Wequote; Arracun Patna Rangoon. Carolina. ST A KCII-la In limited demand, bat stead; at the following quotations: Kingston!, Com Kingston!. Fare Kingston!, Befiaed..... Kingstonl, biivcr Uloss, Pare Laandrf. Ottawa Com.. Watts 6.00@ 8.03 bP qnlet'and prtra unchanged. We repeat quotations: Pepper 8 BS@ SS Pimento S3@ S 6 Nutmegs, No. 1 1.50(41.60 Nutmegs, No. 8 1.40@1A0 Caesla 15s 83 Cloves 50@ 53 f*OAPH—BnMtwilntljis depaitraent U improving tlowlj.and prices are without perceptible change. TTe now quote: B. Bchcctder & Co.’s Paim 7j(® 7Sfe Proctor & Gamble’s Qerraan Mottled lOv&llKc IJSUA 'JJ» C&bUjb Soap. Am Forclcn Outlie. Dwlebt'a fall welch; Old EncUah.fnll weight.... Old English. short welcbt. Kirk's German UoUlea.... Kirk'a Austrian Kirk's Ko. 1 Halm.. Kirk's P»l« Family. Fankee Chemical.. Emery's Improved Erosive S*® Sjjc Falrbaak. Peck ft Co.’i German Mottled 9 & 9# c w *• “ Evasive... 8 a 9 c ** “ M Palm cya 7#c Hook’s Eraslre 8 & 8«c M»1»A AND HALEKATIIS-Tho demand li fhlr. Slocks amnlofair, and prices an as follows: Babbitt's Medicinal Utf<»Uve .•• Parc 13 «18jJc Ddand’s Chemical o2«@i3 c H Healthy 13 «I3Wo “ mid .u «u*c the past week there has been an active movement in the market and dealers hare been firm In tnelr demands. The stocks are only moderaulv large, especially ot. choice grades which are In very Uftbt supply. We repeal Quotations: Cuba... UKdiStfo I*ol to Btco .ViXMlste U. Y. KtAoed, Powdered KKlGr»aaUtod....lß*iai6*e TOiUe a. iaj*G#ts*c ClrcleA Is*@lsjfc TOilte a 13X«13h0 £ztr*C 14*«U c Yellow c 13 tali e Oxnard C, Oxnard C. extra. New Orleans prime. New Orleans lair... . HVROPf*—Tba market bai been fairly s.tir throuphoat the week, and dealers were generally shading prices la order to eilcct sale*. Wo continue to emote: Boston Amber 51.t091.30 New York ttyraps Yellow Drips 1.1391.20 Cuba MeUisaes . »va S 3 • 4 LOO A SXO .. (COO ft HJP ... 7.75 0 &0Q ...15.00 025.00 Porto 1tc0... N*W Orleans. Philadelphia Bee Hive..... Chicago Kefi - . erj. Amber.. Chicago B*-flnery, Goldon. .. « a 25 ... 19 (4 SO .. 27 ft 29 ... 80 ft 35 Chicago Refinery, Sugar lions*. 8A I.T—Received, none; shipped, 05 brls. Market quiet tnd firm at quotations. sale ol 210 brls Fine at Undelivered, we quote: >’ew Fine. Ground Alum. Ground Solar. Turk’s bland, bags. Hairy, with sacks. Dairy, without sacks 5.73 SKEllSt—Received, 62.2 M As ; shipped. 38,093 As Th« market dor leg the week has been tolerably active, and prices have been wen sustained. To-day tbe mar ket was fairly active. TiiioruY—3o bags at(i.oo;4o do at (3.95 ;:s(ln at 93-S3; 83 do at *3.60; <1 do at 92.65 :23 do at (3.©. CLOvkn—6 bags Manmoth at *10.00; Bdo at (9/-0; 26 do at 99.09; 4do at 93.60; &do at 97.73. Flax—B bag* at S 3 00. TKA js—‘There baa Been only a fair movement in this bramh o' trade curing the week, and dealers have been firm In Uidr demand*. Prices arc asfMlows: Young iiysop, superior to floe, V A.... 9L20&1.40 Young Hyvop, extra to choice. V A I.7ojsl,SS imperial, superior to line, V A LIQftIAO Imperial, extra to choice, p A lJCkii.2 00 Gunpowder, superior to flue, V A I.lou»L© Gunpowder,extra to choice, V A 1.3X44.00 Japan,natural lest fine loeitra fine, V a... lAsftl.lS japan, natural leal, floe to choice, ft a 1 Kftt 40 Japan, natural leaf,colored. «A ...IJOftltC TOOAMIO-'ltero isbut little dclcgw this de partment ot trade, and prices rule steady, is loilows: rnmctrr oh*wiko. 33 0 31 M 5 i 6 a n 31 a 33 33 3 U Extra.. Choice Tlrcln'n'sFavor- I Medium. .71»23c Itc SVt«;|l.oo CummonSU;nu.....u^zje Choice...; »WCc \ ■ tiAia ISS B.lV* Uft 7-00» IAO 7303 B.OV 5.00(* iX PLtKI TOBACCO. Loyal Citizen.... 73<aS0c I Medium GSaTte Farmer’* Urliebt 68473 c I Common VwTOe Natural Leat....|1.1041 JO I Navies ..H3Sc UalfUrlaht..... 730*1.09 ( Virginia 10s & tts...M*6oc Choice h’k sound tiuSOc I Flounders 73ta73c WOnoF.N AND WILLOW WAKE—The demand It moderate and price* are firmly sustained. W* continue to quote: Tutis, extra size 116J0A17.D0 Tnbs.No. 1. per dor ItJQftISJM . 60a 95 . 70« 75 jo.oxatojo Tubs. So. 3, per doz. TnlM. No. s, per doz. Pai s, two-U op, painted.., PalH.thfer.coor. painted. Wash boards, zinc Willow market baskets sJO,i* 7.50 Com tU’kcU, 1 bushel &00A 7.50 com biike'i, IXbOßtieU 7.50*9.00 Charnc,No 1,22 Itch IIJX^KJO Chums, No.iJOmch 18.0OS'3JO Chums, No. a, IS inch maSu.3o Cburci. N«'. t, IClnch 11.00*11.50 WOOD—Ibe market contlnnea steady and prices are firm st the annexed quotations * Maple, V cord, delivered..., Maple. V com, in vard Beech, V cord, delivered... Beech. V cord. In yam WINE** AND LIUI steady. ♦ .4U.5Q&15.50 .. 15X0316,00 .. ILCO®UXO poranc oooDe. RocUfiaiWhkkeyjiO __; cent U. I'. sl-95 Do, 20 7 cent U. P.... 2.10 Mononeahcla, V. A.B, 2.13 KyoWhhkey (chic).. 3 50 Do or bon do (Cldc).. 3.55 Pure Spima (proof)... 3.40 Cologne Bplnts, Si? cent. 4~£ Chicago GIBS 3.M35.4J do UrandioajLso33.oo do Rumi....2ja»2.75 do Pt.Wme.l.7s@2 00 do Sh*y do.. 2.00 do Malaga..! 7332.00 Ginger Wtte 1.T2®2.t0 Cherry Wine 1.73w3 00 Blackberry Wlne.3 503X00 Raspberry Wine. .3 50a3.00 24. England Bum.3.oo®lM Penn. Bye Whis keys .8.5006.50 Kentockr Bonr , bon Whiskeys..SJOaOJO |53 |£c 6 a e£c etfc —- 08~«23 0 .uSais c •ufcauxe .13 Oil c .17 e Ohio Catawba 'Winfi WOllif—KecelYrd, 7.515 tts; Shipped, 7317 ftl. Tbe Woil market presents no new features, and prices remain substantial!? the same as at the date of onr last review. Sales to-dar of 3,000 A* Tub, from first band* at 50c. We dip the following trom Btnrgus. McAlltiter 4 Go’s wool Circular of to-day: “The total receipts of wool La this city during mo week are 49,797 Be, and shipment* 90,061 as. Last week the re ceipts were KVTSS as, and shipment* 36.130 as. Wo re port thefollowlnc sales: 4,0t0 as (Iso Wool. ats3c per a • 9, c00 as common tub-washed Wool at 50: per a : 4.000 a* llehtmUcatlecco Wool, at-Dc per B, andS.OOo as due tun-washed Wool, at 55c per a. : “Notwithstanding the backwardness of the season, and the prevalence of cold winds aud frosts. there bavebtutsymptomsof Improvement ot the previous dull and luactl ve state of this market. In adcltlon to the sales reported, we have had a better attendance ot buyers, and may talrly anticipate a more marked im provement during me ensuing week. .. , “The improvement reierred to is substantially a more active demand lorwoollcn roods, and not to any further speculative Inquiry for Wool. Whatever pro l prctlve advantages nay bo anticipated to the woollen market or toe Wcol trade by recent legis lative enactments, speculators feel that the present is no time for risking invrßtmcnls In this staple. Nor is there any occasion for Wool dealers to foster this class ot trade, teeing that the stocks ot Wool remaining In the market are barely adequate to meet tbe legitimate demamiof manufacturers until the tew clip con come ft “wi:b’any thing like an ordinary sprlnetwade. manu facture:* will very soon have ao far reduced their stocks < f woollen goods as to enable them to turn their attentionlhllytotbeftature. And as so llllla com par»tlvely basyet occu done for the fall trade, we feel Jastmcd in anticipating active inquiry, anyway to the i xtettof the supply during the balance of this i SC “Mne Wool Is stcady-though limited demand: and, for medium and coarse wools there is a more active 'lnquiry. We quote the market Arm and unchanged,” .UK3IS C .33 ftSO 0 .23 Q 25 C .30 ©3O C cetqnleU Wequote: mABINK INTELLIGENCE. Sim* Build iso in the Distbict ot Cutaiiooa. —Tbo following ie tbe hat of vessels built In tbo Dle’riclof Cuyahoga daring the yov 1806, wlib their names, denomination and tonnage: Tonnage. Denomination and name. ToEB -J’ l 'J? Schooner Oakleaf- Sifl.dß Bark Charles K. Nlma., •jILSj Propeller Brooklyn <^6.39 Scow Batcher Boy 9-]4*67 Scow L. Gonld 41*50 Bart Onondaga “Irg? ScowNcllle Schooner Scow Drop (rebuilt) 19?-*® Scow Colorado J 55-99 Bark Marta Martin K»3.80 Schooner Pnde J*J Si Steamer City of Fremont • .539.61 Scow J. B. Prime............................ 170.'8 Schooner Goa Hawk 518.C2 Scow at. o. Keyes 86.01 Schooner W. b. Lyons 253.44 Schooner liillo Fox CI.BI Tag Cyclone 29.98 ScowFalry 88.83 ScowMoantflln Maid (rebuilt) 52.02 Schooner Wcuee 17.41 Scow Asa Childs 2*4.32 Tog Ada Allen 25.43 Bari: Chandler J. Wells 519.29 Scow General Sheridan 83.17 Schooner Kate Lyons 215.11 I to 6 •.Sana 9. 10 ana 11. Bandit! 15 and 16. Sloop Achates 9.27 Bark Annie Sherwood 622.1 T Bark Thomas B. Bice 200 61 rropciler Messcnser 4J5.57 Tin; Volunteer (rebuilt)... 9.33 TnsFypbax. C. 13 Schooner Charles Wall 629.31 Total 7,99-2.00 Euie Raixiioad Steamboat Co.—The names of the steamers which will consulate the Toledo Line doneg the season of 18t57, together with tbe names of Captains and Clerks, ate as follows: Wauash—Captain John Kirby; George S. Jef fers. Clerk. Passaic—Captain H. A. Sisson; T. L. Jeffers, Clerk. Camstco— Captain George Blackmon; John E. Shepard, Clerk. New Yo:k—Cap’ain A. D. Howett; George L. Seaton, Clerk. _ Eimira— Captain 'William Thorne; J.IT.Hon* gerfOrd, Clerk. Clean—Captain F. H.Brown; James Parder, Clerk. • Uoga—Captain il. M. Drake; E.M. Bollard, Clerk.. IHTOHTABTTO T >TTT NAVIOATOBS. —Colonel W. F. Kaynold-, Lighthouse Engineer for the Lakes, has given notice teat the Itenthome tower of Ke nosha - WJrconsin. having been completed, allied while light varied by white flashes, will be exhib ited frbm its lantern on tbe opening ofnavigaUoo. At the same Ume a fixed ced light will bcaaown ..*1.50131.55 ... lJSs3l.fio ... ... 1,20.41.0 ... 1.15.91 A) ... tmtu ... UAgUO ... 1.15&L20 ... L20«l-« ... «®LW &35&3.40 11® 12C ..10*®U C liraiiuc " *uigo .11 @uge .11VQU c .13 9l3Ke c .12 aisfcc .13 @l3*o ..« @lO e ..13 @l3 C BX@lO .8K.416XC .33 &2i c C .10X911 c 9kr<io c 9H918 C BK9 9 C %r fame aJdiTc 3*£ l o*e ..lOXtttl o .aiwauite .u*®u*o .U ftUXC 80(9 83 BSftLOS COM 70 LOOftUS 50,9 90 . 7i* SO . 2 AS .S3JA32U3 .GOQOOc .59®75c ,fLts@iJo| Medium... . I.oC(* | Common.. ratOKZSOTOIUCCO. 13.03i413 JO 11.00*12.50 &Z*« 3JO 3.604 3.73 SJSfc 1.00 oo . UJOQU.OO . (A 9.00 asjn • IJOllS—'Trade coiunnea FOEBIaS*QOOD6. riBASDT— Cognac. 47.50315.00 Otff— Holland S.CO® 6.73 Jamaica 8.00310.00 St. Croix '7.753 8.50 Wkb- 4JI\3 9.00 4.000 S.OO 4AO» 8.00 Port Sherry.., Maderla. BllTKU,*— Red Jacket Stomach 9JO Drake’s Pl«ntatloD..lOJO HoMettcr’ Wcncs— Strawberry. Cherry Raspberry.. Gets— Old Tom Gin .10.00 Holland Gin 00X0 from Bwoofleobwcontt the ertmnveofl or tbe_ northfcler ofEwbmU lU|Adr. BatttfalMclveß >Ol tea ihaton the openmg of navlgatloalbere wilt • be BboKh from the ligbiiuueAloirctat Wind Mill Point: Lake at. Clair, a fixed whirr Debt, of ih • fifth order, varied by red will occur ar Intervals of one mnmie, In Ibo place of (be find while Ugbtheretofore ebpwo.— in'roM Pott. ®ceaw SteaOTgtg; CTEAM TO LIVERPOOL, *t, CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, Frcta Pier 43, Nona Hirer, New York, can ryloff United States nans. INMAN MAIL LINE! EVERY SATURDAY (mall Heamer),. EVERY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer). Cabins, *BO to fUO. To London, *5 extra. To Paris, with prtTlleeeol stopping m Liverpool and London, 110 eiti a— aU in gold. BETOBN TICKETS. GOOD TILL USED. AT RB* ■ PDUED BATES. Handbills on application. Cabin plans on view, and berths or rooms secured on application at Western Agency,3l Dearbom-st., WAEBAC^ WM. INMAN. Liverpool. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. The General Transatlantic Company's MAIL' STEAMSHIPS BfiTWEBN NEW fOBK ASD 1 ' HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid oew vesMU ot this uvonte rente Ta the Continent will sail tram Pier No. 30. North River, as follows: VTLLE DEPARIS..Capt. Lunnouut..March 23. EDBOiK . ST. LAURENT Capt. BocandL...April 30.] PER EURE. Capt. Dacheae....M>«y 4, _ PRICK OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. First Cabin, fico; Second Cabin, *IOO, incladlsg taut wine in either class. The steamers ol this line do not carry steerage pu> tenders. Passengers Intending to land st BREST will be for* pished with railroad coupon tickets, and IheD tag gage checked to Paris, at an additional charge of *5 for flm and *3 for second class. Medical attendance tree of charge. _ Foriurthcr information, apply, in Chicago, at the FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 333 IlUncfs-HL; IB New York, to GEO. MACKENZIE, A sunt, 38 Broad* way. ■ CTEAMSHIP GREAT EASTERN, O CARRYING THE UNITED STATES RAILS. Sir Jaxki Ab'DEESOJf, Commander. The French “Company ot Charterers** of the GREAT EAS TERN. having provided tneahlp with new hollers, and thoroughly rented and reftmisaed hn In every department, with special reference to this service, will run her regularly between New York and Brest, as fol lows: IXSTXSQ SXW TOES. UU.TCTG BESST. Tuesday April 91 Saturday April 27 Thursday May 16 | Tuesday Jane 4 Saturday June S 3 I Thursday July 11 Tuesday Jmy 30 I Saturday Ane. W Thursday Hrpt. 121 Tuesday Oct. 1 Saturday Oct. 19 Thursday Not. 7 NtW YORK to LIVERPOOL, Tuesday, N0t.26, tak ing only first-class passengers. Passage rates la gold, orTta equivalent, 9110, $129, fI n^-A ocordlng to loca tion and size o( room. Tickets lor the home passage Issuea » reduction or |2O to passengers returning previous to Augiut. Passengers can be mrnUoed on board vita railroad tickets from Brest to Paris at the reduced rated SUrAO tor om-ciass and |7XO lor second-class, being a reduc tion oi 25 per cent on regular rates. Twenty cubic l»et of Baggage a'lowed to each passenger. Letters oi credit issued tor {England and the Conti nent. For passage apply in Chicago at the European and American Steamship Agency, 31 Dearoom-st n James Watraclc, Agent, where plans of the cabins may be seen andbertos secured; alia, to Wells, Fargo A Co., &4 Broadway, N. Y„ or to the Am. and U. S. Ex press Co.’s, at their various agencies. •PACIFIC MAIL {STEAMSHIP COM- X , PAura TOBOrCQ LINE, TO OAIiIPOKIffXA, CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL, "Via Panama Kallroad, Steamers leave Pier No. 42 North Elver, ibot ofCa* nal-t t_ at 13 o’clock noon, as follows: April i—NEW YORK, Capt. Jeff. Maury, connecting with CONSTITUTION, Cnpt. Laploge. April 11—HENRY CDAUNCEY. Capt. A. G. Gray, coLcUng with GOLDEN AGE, capUWaUlns. April 21—OCEAN QUEEN, Capt- T. A. Harris, con necting with MONTANA, Capt. Sutton. All departures touch at Acapolco; those ot the tint and aitt connect at Panama with steamers for Sooth Tactile porta. First and Htb for Central American ports, and those of first touch ar Manzanllla. Departure of lltb each mouth c-.nncct* with now steam line from Panama to Australia and New Zealand. Steamer of March 11,1867, will connect with tbe Com* paw's steamer. COLORADO, to leave San Francisco lor Voknbama and Hone Kona, on April 3.1867. 100 pounds of bags ago aLowod each adnlt. Medicines and attendance tree. .... For passage tickets and all farther information apply at the office on the wharf, foot of CanaMt., North Riv er. New York. F. R- BAbY, Agent. Or at the General Western Agency, 51 Dearboro-st* ChlcogQ. JAMEi WAKBACK. Agent. QCEAN STEAMERS. GRAND EXCURS IO N TO TUB PARIS EXPOSITION. The new and first-class ocean-going iron steamship 2,000 tons burthen, Stkfuev Wnmiur, Commander, will make an excursion from New York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 46, North River, on Wciluesdaj, April 17, at 13 o’clock M., taking passengers for Paris, London and Bremen. Be* turning.will sail from Havre on Jane 9. divine pas* BcoKers boldlag Excursion Tickets, about six weeks in Eurooe. This magnificent Steamship Is divided Into water* tight compartments, and has been new.j furnished and elegantly fitted up expressly for this voyage. The Havana will only carry first-class passengers. An experienced Bonreon on board. OTA fun Band of Music will be attached to the ship. Price of passage, in currency, to Havre 9130 and 9173, according to size ot state-room. To Havre and return ISO and (800. according to sue of state room. For Further particulars and rassacc. apply to the Agents, MUBKAT, FKUttIS ft CO., 6‘A Bonth«et.« New York* Crto the Agent of Merchants’ Union Express Chics so- AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE. Passage to Loadon or Brest, |UO, |75. act! S3O, ear* rency. Excursion tickets atredaced rates, available for six JQODttU. Alalaua, Capt, Pink bam, Irom New York. March 30th Hellona, *• Dixon, “ M “ April 13th. Celia. u Gcaoell, ** “ “ April 27*h. IVm. Pern, *• BlUnger, •• •• •* May nth. The elegant Critl.h Iron Steamship Atalanta will lc»ve Pier Ko. 3. North Klver. New Yorn, lor London, calllrur at Brest, on Saturday. March s3th, at 13 M. tntil farther notice, all (he steamers of this Line will call at Brest to land paiserutexa. Tickets sold throach by rail t« Paris, at 23 percent leu than recn lar rat*a. freight will be taken and through bills cl lading even to Havre, Antverp, Eotterdax, Amsterdam and □otlrk. For paasaw • apply to CHAS. A. WHITNBr, 30 Broadway, N. T„ or to JAMES WAItBAvK. 91 Dcarborn-flt„ Chicago. For freight apply at 34 Sonih-at, N. T. HOWLAND &ASPINWALL, Agents. JBarijiners. »» TSLHROTED pke&s- Jf X ORE TURBINE WATEB WHEEL NOW READY—Tne best Wheel In makeu name fc Itss water and selling for 1-M than set other Onpclav Wheel, every Wheel war* IMB I iuwl. Scndfaradcscnptlve { ■eV] [| IK circular. Also, our Improved rlHl'J ffjfj. a'Bru-K Machine and Brick Ms* If >jC-y* «3rzchmenr. Engines and Hollers, Cane Milts. Portable Forets, f and all other machinery. PEEKSKILL UFO. CO_ Peekstill, N.T. D.L. SEYMOUR will be at the office of Backard & UUL, No. 195 Waterut., N. Y., Tuesdays, Thoradsys and Fridays, from 11 to 1 o’clock, to receive spcclflca- Uons and contracts lor Machinery and Castings of all kinds. 3Lepl. T7BTATE OP PRANKLIN TANNER, Pj DECEASED.—PubIic notice Is hereby circa to STTpcrscns haring claims and demands against the es* tale ot Franklin Tanner, deceased, to present the same tor adjudication and settlement at a regular term of iho County Coart of Cook County, to be bolden at the Court House In the city of Chicago, on the first Mon day cl May, A. D. 1P67, being the sixth day thereof. CHARLES FRANCIS TANNER, Executors. Chicago March 6,1567. 13U5UW60 <EatUS- O.EST, HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commiuion Horchaate, C9o« 50 MoGoo-etn DENVER. COLORADO [BetwecnF andG-sts] agents. PER MONTH TO AGENTS TO irfl sell tbe Best, Cheap, Licensed Sewing Machine l|lll la the United States. Address, with stamp, PAGE 8803., Philadelphia. Pa., or Toledo,o. iStailroahs. Arrival and departure of TKAINS. Winter Arrangement* Chicago asb horthwmtbbk elailboap—cophch. BLUITS AKD OMAHA LXKI—DSPOT 50BH1 WALLS STIiEKT. Leave. Arrive. Omaha Fut Lise *&lja.m. *7:20 p.m. OmahaNifibt Express... 7:80p.m. 18:00 a.m. Dixim Passenger........ 4:00p.m. 11:10a.m. __ TBZEPOBT T.iwe, Freeport Passenger. *10:00 p. m. *8:10 a. m. Frecuort Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p.m. Rock lord, Elgin, Fox RiverandStafeLlne... *4:oop.m. *11:10a.m. Geneva and Elgin Pas • eenger. *s:3op.m. *8:45 a. m. WIBCON6IH DITIBIOH—DEPOT OOUTOI Off OIKAI AND Kerns BTBUT. - *n.m> _ D&v Exprees *9:00 a. m. *G:3oo.m. NlgbtKxpresa *4:Bop.ta. *&}sa.m. Janesville Acconmod'n, *5:30 p.m. *±3s p. m. WoodstockAccommod’n ,3;00p.m. *fc2oa,m. XO.WAUBBB DIVISION—DEPOT COBSEU OP OANAt AND UIM£IM BTBXET. Mi* niiiiiiap.w*** Day Express 9:00 a. m. 12:00 m. ■Roecnili, Calvary and Evanston 1:20p.m. 3:40p.m. •Night Express 4:00p.m. &3Up.m. • Kenosha AccommodTi... 1:40 p. m. 9:4a a. m. > Waukegan Accommod’n.. .5:30 p.m. 8:56 a.m. iMilwaukee Accommod’n. 11:45 p.m. 5:30 a. m , Geo. L- Dunlap, GenH Sop’t, B F. Patbick, General Passenger Agent. > CO' OAN OSSTSAI. SAILNOAIi—CHIOS VOOT, PCOT op Lin Rsnt. ;«or -mg Express »5:oo a-m. *8:45 p.m. ’Day 2xpre5i............. •'3:00 a.m. *llhX)p. n. - Sveatsg Express *5:30 p. m.|*12:30 p. n. Stg'tExprcn* ?*9:lsp.n. JB,*9sa, m. CINCINNATI AW£> LOUIOTTBLS XUAIB9. ator Jng Express *7:09 a- m. *10:59 a. m* Kigy. Express ;5:00p.m. *ll:Chp.BL axes -sab aouTzxzna and akx aaonx us»— um- PC * GOBKS& VAN BUIIEN AND smreVAX TCtIOO ZJKX. TVmIUV i.ifl j. Day Express *7:CO a. m. *13:00 p. m ■ Nev York Express £lsp.m.'-412:50p. a NlginExpress j*lo:Wp.a, *6:COa. m DXTBOtr rant. Day Express... - *7:ooa. b. tll:C0 a. a. JsierUixpttt«B.. tlttOU p. m. *8:55 p. SL irosßtaaH, ross warns aio> csictao. HaP. *fc2oa.B. 6;00 a.m. Express ~ *7:00 a. a. 12:20 a. m. Pas*. 8:15 p. m. 7:40 p. n Sxp.*c?B...; .• 11:00p. a nuxos oarnitT, !'Day i*asßengcr. •SWC a. ss. *itt3o p. o. • flight Paa«eoger. $10:00 p.n. *6; 15a. n. Kankakee Acconnod’a. *4:03 p. m. •ftSS &. m. Hytli l*srit and Oak Wood *5:20 a. xb. *1:45 a. n. iv « “ »iS£:lOp.iE. »«:53a.m, “ “ ” .... *&SOp. in. *1:50 p. m. « u »s;sscini *7;3op^m' . omaiso. susuxroo *kd ■ Day Jipresa and Ma 11... *&Soa.m. *9:oop. a. fiaicsbotePaMengcr.... *3;OOp.m. *-LSO p. m. Aurora *s:oop.m. •IHK’, Night Express $13.00 mld'M.tWOa* n. cmosso sap ex. loot. _ _ _ impress and Mall 8:05a.m. &45p.a. Night Express 9:15 p.m. 5:50 a.m. joG-'t and Wilmington •Accommodation. 4:00p.m. 9:45 a.m. GSICAUO AMS CHEAT SABTZSM—(LATH CZKCHKBAY3 *n LDTZ)—VILWAinife BA3LSOAD DVOOV, con. CABAL AJtD XIHKai RSHII. . Dnv Express. 7.00 a.m. IklO p. m. iNigai Express..- 9:OCp. su 8:50 p.m. i : rob amaMAfOus. i>rco7-LLa aid oixckkaxz. 1. Day Express 7:Ck> a-m 11:49 p. m. : Klrhi Express 0:00 p.m. 8:50 a.m. ! Coiamhoß Express.. 7:09 a. a. 11:19 p.m. •* .*» .... . 0:00p.m. 8:50a.m. Lwt ttwy ;w, it fcisp. m. 5:1X1 p. m, ar-A CABO, BOOK BLAXD ABO PACZTIO BAILBCAL. Da> Express and Mail... *9;OOa.m. ‘WOp. m. snßhiSxpresa.... - 12:00p.m. *5:15 a.m. i Joliet Accommodation.. P ; oaday excepted, tflondaj exccptaC, J3*tarl*j : excepted. Special; Notices. Formerly of James* Lock Hospital. Ciuta'm HoulS New Orleans,'iad for th cl « f Six years" toratid la Chi cago. con becansuitaiat bU .efiee ud parlorvW HandoJph-aL, corset of Dearbor*. Chicago, UL, fto-m 9 a. m,103 p. m.,npoacrery species of Private Dlsor-; der. Dr. Jams*, reputed the Bert ex potent oi Secret Diseases *xt*at. containing directions and presctlptloas for seJ'trealnieat, wlib a treaUM npcn Female Disc airs. Low avoided, their remedies, de., can be bad br adiresalag Dr.JamiS, P.0.80x 606, Chicago, UL, enclosing one dollar. Tour Destiny and Future Prospects In lifaclearly revealed by Dr. Raphael. He guides yon to wealth andbsppmrat. 213 East Mtdlsoa-aL, up stairs. Consultation One Dollar. Send four 3-ccnt stamps for bis GUIDE TO HEALTH AND LONG LITE. Oil circular about winning tbe affections ot the oppislte sex and a happy marriage, will be sent gran*. A Pure nod Perfect Care In Guaranteed To allwho are afflicted. Dr. Raphael describe* tbe diseate without an) information from the patl-nt. thu« eavlng vent bea lb and Uts fromwrong treatment. Send lour 3-cenl stamts for his GUIDE TO HEALTH AND LONG LIFE. 213 EoStMadlsoU-it., up-SUITS. Consultation lee, one dollar. VließealiDK Pool and Bouse ofJllcrey. Howard Association reports, lor yoosg mea,.ou the crime ot solitude, and tbo errors, abuses and dtoeatei which destroy the manly powers, atd create ImpMl* meats to marriage, with »ure means of rellou Sent in seated letter envelopes, free of charge. Address Dr. J. BRIL LIN HOUGHTON, Pblade!* pbla.Pa. Tbe Only medicine In the World . That Is warranted a Bare and Perfect Core for all kinds Of PILES. LEPBOSF, SCROFULA. SALT RHBDM, and all Disorders of tbe StdI'. 1 '. IB FO wLK*S PILE AND HUMOR CURE, nuy of cone who do not refond the money to every case of failure. For Internal and ex ternal use. No failure for eight years In Piles or Hu mors. 91.00 a Bottle. Sold everywhere. -««■ J Dr. Tboasoni Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, 198 South ClarK-sL. ha* ueated all forms of venereal dis ease with unprecedented success lor nearly turty years. Spermatorrhea and impotence treated witb the happi est results. Particulars of the iMdtuteondlheOnlde mailed free to any address. • P. O. Box 72, Chicago, inincis. Dr. Bigelow* Having the confidence of the poblle and the medics' faculty at large, ts the moat reliable physician In tbt city for chronic nervous and sexual diseases. Call at bis offlee, 179 South Clark-sb. corner of Monroe. Booms separate. Consultation free. P.0.80x 134. HU guide to health, published monthly, sent fine to any address. (Central pacific ITailtoaa 'J'HE CENTRAL PACIFIC R. R~CO7 : “V-=ss Having Completed, Equipped and put in operation nearly One Hun dred Miles of their Hoad, from Sacramento, California, to within 12 Miles of the summit of the Siam Nevada Mountains, con tinue to offer for sale, throughlus, their ~ FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS, Issued is conformity with the Acts of Congress and the awsof the State of California, noon the division o 7 their road located In the State ot Cillfbrala, and ex tendlngone hundred and fifty-six miles from Sacra mento City to the Calllornla State line. * The Boons have Thirty Tears to run iroaJulyli 1365, and are secured by a FIRST MORTGAGE, Constituting an absolute prior lien on tie portion of Bond above named, with oil the Bights, Franchises, Equipments, &c., pertaining thereto. The amount of three First Mortgage Bonds to be issued per mile is Umltsd by law to tho amount of Bill ted States Bonds allowed and Issued to aid the con- Btructloa’ofthe Bead, and the Mortgage by whiehth-y are secured U DECLARED BY ACT OPCHV GREB9 TO CONSTITUTE A LIEN PRIOR AND SUPERIOR TO THAT OP THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. Merest at tho rate of Six Per Cent per Annum, pay able semi-annually, on the First days of January and July. Frlndpal'and Interest payable in UNITED STATES GOID COIN, In tho dry of New York. Tho price of tholßoads Is fixed for the present {atp3 per cent, and>ccnied Interest zrom January Ist In Car rency, the Company reserving the right to advance the. price whenever it is their Interest to do so. The Boad loans the Western part ol the MAIN TRUSTS Of the Great National Pacific Eailroad, Authorized, adopted and aided by THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. Itrunsthrongh the heart of the richest and moit populous section ol the State of California, connecting the Extensive Mining Regions of Nevada, Utah and Idaho,- With Sacramento and the Pacific Coast, trom whence their supplies mist be drawn; and the Eamkigs of the portion already running are very heavy, and largely In excess of the Intarest upon the Company’s Bonds. Haricc been for sometime familiar with the opera tions cl the Central Pacific Railroad Company, we are satisfied that they are conducted with rare ability and prudence, and that the energetic and economical ’ man agement of the Company's attain entitles them to the confidence of capitalists aid of the public. We have carefully investigated the progress, resource] I and prospects of the Boad, and have the fullest confidence in Ha success, and in the value aad stability-ot the Company’s securities. The attention ol Trustees of Estates,lnstitutions, aad Individuals desiring a long, safe and remunerative Investment, is especially invited to these First Mortgage Bondi. Order* may be forwarded to ns direct, dr through tbe principal Tianira and Bankers In all parts ot tho country, Bemlttancre may be made in Drafts on New York, in Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Notes, or other funds osrrent In tfls city, and the Bonds will be tor warded to any address by Express, free ot charge. lo quirles fbr farther particulars, by mall or otherwise, will receive punctual attention. FISK & HATCH, Bankers and Dealers in Gor’t Securities, SO. 3 NAS9AC-ST* N. Y. N. D.—All kinds of Government Securities received at the fall market price in exchange for the above Bonds. Also, CF"AII descriptionso( GovernraentlSecort tlcs kept constantly on baift. and Bought, Sold or Exchanged. pyGola Coin and U.S. Coupons bought, sold and collected. received oo liberal terms, sab* Ject to check at sight, gar Collections made throughout the country. Df Miscellaneous Stocks and Bonds bought and sold at the Stock Exchange, on commission, for cash. pTtfpcclal Attention given to the Exchange ol SEVEN-THIRTY NOTES of all the Series for the New FIVE-TWENTY BONDS of 1803, on the most favorable terms. proposals TNDIANA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL A NOTICE TO CONTBACTOBS. Sealed Proposals received nntll Wednesday, April ICtb. prom, at the office ol J. A. Vrydagb, Architect, southeast corner of Wabash ana Fiith-sts., Terre Haute, Indiana, for the following work and materials, iocozsirnction cf said Normal School Building: Ist. Excavation ol foundations, about caolcyds. 2d. Burning *LBOO,OOO bricks. 3d. Laying the some. 4th. Aboui 13,(00 worth ol dressed stone in founda tion nod wall. sth. 18 iron columns, weight about 30,000 lbs. 6th. 150 window frames. 7th. potting in and bridging Joists, wood-bricks, dost (baits. Ac. Foil information as to plans, specifications and con ditions, furnished at Architect’s office, oa and after Friday, March 3Sd. The Board reserves the right to rqject any or an bids not (atttiactoiy as to price or terms, surety required (orperformanueof contracts. Dy order ot Board ol Trustees. JOHN E7uLB,Jb., President. ■JJOTIOE TO BUILDERS. 0771CX 0? THE VnRTirgUV I?TDtASX PBtSOJI, > MicmOiK Crrr, March 13th, 1361. C Sealed Proposals will bo received by the Board ol Director* of the Northern Indiana State Prls -n until TUESDAY, the 9th day of April, 1867. at 13 o’clock m., lor the construction of ahulldlnglor the purposes of a kltnten, dining-room, hospital -and chapel, on the Prison grounds, near Michigan City, Indiana, accord ing to the plana and specie, atlons ol the superintend ing Architect, to bo prepared and ready for reference on and alter April ifet, 1957. All information concern* It'g the dimensions of said holloing, the materials to be used in constructing the same, the qoaiUy oi the work, together with the terms and conditions of pay* ing lor tne work and materials, ana all other matters connected therewith, may be obtained by applying at the office of said Prison. - Proposals snail be enveloped and plainly addressed to “Boardct Directors Northern Indiana state Prison, Michigan e l’y, led-" and endorsed “Proposals for Kitchen and Hospital” and to Insure tbelr considera tion. most bo delivered by the day and hoar specified. Said proposals most be made in strict conformity with the terms and conditions fortbo construction of said buliaUg. as indicated by the plans and ipeclQo*- tiozs and orders of the Board of Directors, on foe in the office of said Prtscn. . . . _ ■ The Uosro of Directors will reserve the right to re ject any bid Uiat may be offered, asd to make |ary changes that may then seem necessary;and proper. A- D. UAMIULK. J. N. TYNBK. W. D. CCO FIXERS, Board ol Directors, i'T’O CONTRACTORS. ■ Fropoeltlcns will be received for the construction of tbe masonry (about 33,000 yards) of the Bridge over the Ohio River. at Louisville, 1 UNTIL TBE 10m OF APRIL, 1567. Plans and specifications will be ready tortospoetton after the 15lh of March, at tbo Engineer’s Office ol the .LontsvMe and Nashville Railroad. No bids win be considered if not made by reepoasib-e P By order ol the Board ol Directors of toetoalmile Bnage ctmpaty. . architects. TO ARCHITECTS. IIUSOIS SEW STATE HOUSB. e mulctalsncd. Commissioners ot the State of I'll* nols for the erection ot anew State Borne in Spring* flew give notice that fey will receive plans or designs frdrrcnCcatioosroranew State dense.the aaxc to be sadrtised to the Prei aeni of the Board, Jacob Bnnr. Dq- of Boringpmd, UL, on or before the second day of Jn>y. A. D. 1567. Tbrcc th&nsard d'llars will be nald as a nreminm for tnc cerlgi.wuh specification!, selected a-.d mlopted by said Commissioners. A skefobof thegrounca and such Information as may be deri-ed «s to tnaxlmnm cost, tbe required room, ac* comraccall ns etc , will be larmabedti all wishing to compete, pn apcitcatton, oy LUer. to J. C. Weober, beentary of the Board. hPri-efiell, Him >ls. J ’ JACOB BUNN. President. JOHN W. 311ITB, PdILIP WADS-erORTH, . JAS.C. BOBiNSOH. , WM. T. VANDEVEER. WM. L. HAMBLBTON, JAMEB H. BBVERIDOB, Commiatiancra. J. a-Wsimn, Becreury.. • . . -Tf «Wdict)f£t Q ■ E. COtUN6-&-cp.r . Agents faz. American and Importer* at , r WAT O HBS, 42 & 44 NASSAU'S!!,. NSW YORK. Previous to the prc«nt ycarflSST) webvvebecn daol tog iars'-ly In American at d European Watches, «eH-' mx exclusively at wholesale t> th* trade la the East craned Western States, udm New Tore cU/. : Tao whclrsalttuslntes.secefrsarUycotdaclednpoia credit gyet* m, hsvl-g tees attended vltb contlderaole lots a:d {'convenience. we bare determined to absaaoa it aUoce'ber.coac&iJCOsrselTTS to s Brraxz. Teens for Cam osLi, and supplying oar customers with smzle watches at oor former WbolxsjiL* Psicts. mu glr lor ttien. the advantage of porccasmr at the uaa prices wi lib w atebes tuaoliy cost reull dealers. 1 be prices we offer are guaranteed lobeat !ea*tos*-' ißtcr> less than u»nal retail p'lees to tbls dtp. for flue Watches, and the n auction la »UH greater os many lends of aeoluo duality. OnrCsctlloss «reaucator purchasing irom the manufacturers, that otaer dealers oorz.b2tor.if so dl-rwed, sell at our onces. Every wstcb ts folly guaranteed as to duality of the movement, tneoesa of gj!d or silver in the cases. and 1* warranted t» beep accurate time, and to give entire (attraction to the purchaser. Watches sent by express, with bid for collection on delivery, ano tbe express agent Instructed to permit them to be teen bejoro paid for. PRICES OP AMERICAN WATCHER GOLD WATCHES. Patent Lever movement marked Apoletoa, 1 racy & Co., W.itaant.foll Jewelled, chronom eter balance, accent, ly ajjo-ted to best nod c k. gold ban tine. en. toe turned c«ei..f 175.50 Tbesauictaiftß. galdcnirs ui.oo Patent Lever mov«>m«nt, Appleton. Tracy A Co., full jewelled, with plain cold balance. IS g. bunting, cold cases, engine turned 108.00 The frame in 1C k.cater 9T.00 patent Lever movement, narked Waltham Watch chronometer balance, toil jewelled, IS k. cold bunting casaj 105. M Tbe same to 16 k. cases..., U.UO Patent Lever movement, tnark-d P. 8. Bartlett, drosometer balance, extra jewelled. 13 k gold bantu g cases 97.00 TbutamctolCk.cnse:.... *3.00 Patent Lever ur.vea»en?, marked P. S. Bartlett, extra Jewelled, v lib plain cold balance, IS t. gold buntinccase- 91.50 The same in 16 k. cases 35.00 Fat&nt Lever movement, P. 8. Barbett, 7JcaOs is escapement, 18 k gold hunting cases. 91.00 Tbe same in 16 k. ca*es 90.03 Patent Lever movement, marked Wm. Ellery, extra jewelled, 16 k. gold tannilog cases 77.60 Patent Lever, marked Hime Watch, 16 k. gold hunting ca«s 73.00 LADIES’ GOLD WATCHES. Three-quarter plate, patent lever movement, for Udlcfr'use, extra Jewelled, with gold bilance, marsedP..-. Bartlett, 13 k. gold cases 87.50 Tbe fume, Tjcwels to escapement, but no extra Jewels SI.OO P. S. Harriett movement, for ladles. TJsweU. 16 k. cases 78.00 »chare introduced a new and exceedingly rich styie cl engraving and enamelling to cases, costing from ITJO to $3>.00 extra, according to the extent of tbe workmanship. SILVER WATCHES. Pai-TitLcrcrmovement, marked Appleton,Tra cy a Co.. Waltham, full Jewelled, chronome ter balance, accurately adjusted to heat and co d. 4 oz. CTSCa, with cold joints 67 JO Tbe same.sot cases, sLver Joints 63.00 Tbe .ame, 2k oz. cases 53.03 pat* ut Lever movement Appleton. Tracy A Co,, full jewelled, with geld balance, 4 os. esses. with sold joints 47.50 Tbe same, 3 cz, cases. 4&50 The same, oz. cares. 43.00 PateutLcver movement, tuiljeweiled, chronom eter balance. narked Waltham Watca Co., 4 or. cases, with gold Joinu 45.00 The same, 3 oz. cate* 41.00 The same,»c* 39 JO Patent Lever movement, extra Jewelled, chro- Dcmcterhalaice. maracdP. a. Bartlett,! oz. case?, gold joints 87.50 The same Is 3 oz. cases 34.00 Toe fame la JXoz, cases 33.00 Patent Lever movea.eit, extra jewelled, with plain balance, marstd P. S. Bartlett dt Co„ In 4 oz.cases, with gold joints 23.50 The came lo 3 oz. cases The same Is Jfcoz. cases. 23.50 Patent Lever movement, 7Jewels, plain balance, P. S. Bartlett, In 4 oz. cases, cold Joints 33.00 The game In 3 oz. cases 23,00 iUC ,fIIUC lU-. V.-. MM... <U.HW The tame In IJ4 oz. cates 23.00 Patent Lever, extra jewelled, marked William Ellery, 4oz. cases, gold Joints. 30.00 The same In 8 oz. cases 35.00 The tame m 3* oz. cases 21 JO William Ellery movement, TJewels, 4 oz. cates.. 2S.OU The tame in 3 or. cates. The tame In 2 oz. cases 20.00 Patent Lever, "Jewels, with plain balance, mark ed Borne watco, a good reliable time-keeper tn 2 oz. cases..... 17 JO PRICES OP HWI-S WATCHES. GENTLEMEN’S GOLD WATCBES. 18 K. Gold, stralght-Uae lever, adjusted chro nometer balance. Izochrotal hair spring, ex ti a fine finish 190.00 16 K- Gold, patent lever, straight-line, foll-jew ■ elied, ruby Jewels, adjoited chronometer bal ance. Brequet hair sprint. nickel movement.. 73.00 14 R. Gold, same movement. 70.U0 16K. Goldjeverjul)-lewelled,3loLtondonjnakar. 45.00 A gnat variety of other gentlemen’s watches irom f!5 to (150, according to quality. 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Lutz Brothers makers 25.0 Extra finished lever, lull-jewelled, h.-aas cap, _ Soonee eases. Lutz Brothers masers 30.00 Extra bniabed lever. tul-leweUwL brass cap, 2-ounce cases. Lutz Brother* makers 13.00 A largo variety of other sliver watches, marked M. J. Tobias, Jos. Johnsoi, Ac., tr0m..414X0 to 16.0) A silver lever, tail-jewelled, of fair quality aid a „ good timekeeper, butnot tearranud 12.00 Itnltadon American Watches, plain halasee 22.00 irritation American nsiches, chronometer bai-, aoce 21.00 Composition-cased Watchre. imitation of gold asdmlver, fair timekeepers, but not wirratuetL 6JO All the above in Hunting Cases. C- E. COLLINS Ac CO.. 43 and 44 Nassau-sr., New York. HEfjteab., ■pHEEAD. J. & P. COATS’ Best Six-Cord Cabled THREAD. JOHN & HUGO AUCHINCLOSS, Sole Agents in Hew York. fflitg Notices. T? LECTION NOTICE. P-/ 1 City Clses’s Omae, March 13,1567. public notice is hereby river that an election will be beldon Tuesday, April 15,1967, for Mayor, City Attor ney, City Colltctor, city Treasurer, Clerk of *ho police Court, three Police. Magistrates, and one Alderman and one Constable for each warn. A. H. BODMAN, City Clerk.' ■PROPOSALS FOR THE CONSTRIJO- X. TICK OF THE SUMMIT DIVISION OF THE ILLINOIS) AND MICHIGAN CANAL. Cetice of the Board or Prune Wooes, ? Chicago, Much ISth. 1967. 5 Sealed Proposalswlli be received by the Board ot Public Works, at their office, tmtll 11 a. m. Wednesday, May Ist, 1667, for the excavation necessary to deepen the Illinois and Michigan c«nat, according to the plan adopted, from Chicago Elver to Summit Lock, No. two (2> a distance of twenty-six (26) miles. Maps, prcnles. specifications. will be exhibited at the office of the Board of Public Work* In Chicago on and after April 15th nntll tbs day of letting. There will be some twomUUona(u4oQ,ooo) cubic yards ol earth excavation—some of it quite bard and em bracing considerable detached rock and about tour hundred seventy thousand (170,000) cubic yards of stra tified limestone. The work must be prosecuted so os cot to Interfere with the me of the Canal curing the season ol naviga tion. It is believed, however, that the most of the excava tion, except the stratified rock, can be done with steam dredges without interfering with the navigation of the Canal, but the rock excavation will allhavc to be done between the dost, of navigation In the foil and the opening in the spring. U a new lice bo adopted lor any portion of the dis tance, operations thereon may be continued the whole year; aid the navigation cf the Canal will do impend ed at Irast five mouths In each year unless otherwise mutually agreed by the Board and Contractors. Thewboleofibewurkmuatbedoce on or before the end of the third season ol the suspension cfnangauoa. Alsrge amount of machinery will be required to excavate ue work within the time required, consisting of steam dredges, scows and cranes tor the earth work; and drilling machines, pumping machine ry and cranes for the rock. Contractors will be required to commence work on the earth excavation wluun thirty days cl the tlmeol letting, and upon rock excavation by the first of Novem ber next. The dredges, erases and scows now lo the f’«n«i can be bad at an-appraised value which will bo martw known to bidden prior to the leitlng. Parties contracting for the work will be required to provide all machinery, and to pat Dp and remove all dams and all works ol protection, and at their own ex* pense to do all pampins, or whatever nay bs necessa ry to seen re their won from water. Proposals mast be addressed to the Boardof Public Wor, e, endorsed “Proposal for Deepening Dilcouaad Michigan Canal,” and be accompanied with tbcnsaal two hundred dollar (fSO) bend, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. Contractors will bid, stating the price for which the worawlll her done on each of the different sections, and the wore will be let as a whole or lo part, and In such quantltl-s as the Board shall determine. The Board reserve the rlgas to reject any and an bidr. ami so proposal will be accented unless the party offering it shall give evidence satisfactory to the Board that he has the necessary skill, expert-lcc, energy and acllllv for doles the work, la trustworthy, and has saf flcUntp* caaiary rcsoorces. Tbeuoaio will require socb security as, according to their Jacemcnt, will aecare the doing of the work acccrdlngto the contract. _ * J. G. GINDELE. Fit ED. LEFZ, O. J. BOSE. WILLIAM GOODING, R. B. MASON, Board of Public Works. CUT COLLECTORS NOTICE-atate of Illinois. County of Cook, sa. Crrr Connecron’s Okkic*,) Boos No. 14, CoUBT Horst. -V Cxiicaoo, March 16th, 1967. 3 Public notice Is hereby given that the following de scribed Warrant has been placed in my hands for collection, to-wlt: Warrant ho. 790 West, dated March Sth. 1367, asd Issued for the collection of a special osse>sment levied for opening Mitchell strcetilxty-mftet (fieri.) wide, from Water street to Baited street, In Brand’s Addt* non tn Chicago, so that the same stall be on a line with that part of Mitchell street east ol Hoisted street and west of Waller street. All persons Interested In said special aisessmcats are requested to make immediate payment at my .cilice, to oefhult of such payment the said assess* meat will be co lectcd at the coat and expense ol tho persons liable tnerefor. A. H» BEAT.ii. city Collector. jSeales. T^AIRBANKo’ STANDARD Jpl B CALES./I. Ok ALL sizes. FAIBUANSB, GBEEBLEAF A CO„’^^ssSE 221> A 2US Chicago. %air £}£?• HILL’s HAIR D>E—5C Ccmr—Black or Brows—lnJtaatAO*on"» nature, durable, beanunu. Thebcstand to asm Cptulas a* i much at as any iin<lsr rUe. HILL’S ARUTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable lor gec-xatolstmoit pnroraea. DcoctHd John-sk Sew York. Bold by all druggists. OATCHELOR’S HAIR DVB. ; "Tbis spienmd Mair Dye u rh beat • BAtmieu. rehab.t, Inswaunenus: - the oalr repw (Dye. No dliappcklineal. He ildlculsas tlnu. b-t true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. HATCH* I ELOU. Bold oy DRureista rerfamera. Factory. ' 81 Bufftoy-sk, Hew York. —Weßiraj;- rvv oF ns ™im.» -. CONCERNING HOSTETTEirS STOMACH BITTERS. I*IIOTECTIOISr FOR THE HEALTHY, AND RELIEF FOR ERE SICI. INTELLIGENT TESTIMONY 13 ASIMPOBTAJW DT MEDICINE as tn law. The greet Patrick Buy said that the lamp hr which his feet were guiitot ns the ** lamp of experience-" The stateasita ox moa< character aad standing is relation to the prepertw and effects ot a medicinal preparation which ther Ihcm* elves hare tried, and the operation of widen they have had abundant opportunity cf witnearincO* a great variety ot eases, are absolutely eoaciustra- They are so considered by the public, who very natu rally prefer this species of tescimoay to any other that can he offered In behalf ot a proprietary remedy. Yolnmeaof such evldanca have been pnhlUhed la hnt ot HObTETTENS STOMACH BUTTERS daring twenty years that the uneqmalled Tonic and Alterattva has been before the world; and although its reputatScm. as u STANDARD SPECIFIC has long been established throngbont the Western hemisphere, it is soil deemed advliab.e to exhibit, through the press, from time tft time, new proofs of Its success, Beccnt facts add licence and three to tacts more remote, aad serve ae show that the great remedy Is prepared with uniform exactitude and care, anil that It Is stUL what It ever has hven, the PUREST AND BEST OP ALL VEGETA BLEINVIGOBANTS, an Inevitable core fbr DYSPEP SIA and all derangements of the Stomach and Liver, and s perfect antidote to the unwholesome Inflngaw which prodace and aggravate epidemic levers. The Bntrjolned letters are all from dozens well knows and generally respected In the localities from which their communications are dated, aad are published a> specimens of an immense mass of correspondence off • similar tenor. Some Idea of the quantity of this kind ol testimony tn the hands of the proprietors of HOS IETIEK’S BITTERS may be formed by the reader, when it is stated that the commonlcaOccs on the jectof FEVER AND AGUE ALONE, received by the firm dating the last three years, number. upwards o( TWO THOUSAND. They are sdl to the same effect m that’ol Mr. Bourne, giver below, and U aver anything was established on uncontrovertible evidence, It Is tkn important lact that ■emits AND FEVER can be broken up and radically cored In * very abort space at time by the ose of this incomparable tome. Nor is thin all. Entire examptioafeom the distressing malady v md all terms cl Intermittent Fever, Is guaranteed to sock residents ot Fever and Ague Districts as may be win* enough to take the BITTERS ai a preventive. Thoogfc malaria maybe prost&tlng their neighbors on the rtgkb hand and on the left, those who bare taken the precao tlonto fortify their systems and constitutions. In ad vance, with this COUNTERBLAST TO ALL ATMOV PHEBIC. POISON, will sorely escape the scourge. The physicians and ether* whose names appear In thd annexed correspondence, are reacy at all times to con firm verbally tho statements made over their signa tures. Perhaps one of the most striking proofl that can bw cited of the intrinsic excellence of the BITTERS, is general adoption ol the preparation by medical Tho profession as a rale *et their laces against saver- Used medicines, bat this unequalled vegetaole tonic haft vanquished thou prejudices, and they recommend soft ad minuter it to their patients as the purest sOmnlaat and best stomachic that money can preure. The present season of the year is a trying one to the feeble and enervated—lndeed to aIL In July.lnAogasg and September heavy dr aoehts are made upon the sys tem, and it Is necessary to have a reserve ot strength and vitality in order to meet them without flinching or breaking down. HOSTETLER'S BITTSBS ARE A STAMINAL MEDICINE, sustains the vital and mitK fiiiar energy ol tbe frame with this powerful and grew era! vegetable restorative, and any temperature, aaj climate, any condition ol the atmosphere may be countered with comparative Impunity. Bead the following tetter from B. Docd*, a »<1 knownclUzcaol PiUsoarsCuPa^ PirraßCEOg, May ID, 130. Messrs. Hostetler ft Smith: Omxtlxoes: Duringavlstt to the West, last foil, t contracted chilis and favor, which brought me to ray bed, and finally terminated In typhoid i.ver and CO' fined mo to myroom for several months, during Thick time Inr as, physically, to prostrated that I almost d» ipaired ol evtr recovering my health; having entires? lost my appetite for day a, not being able to eat amor eel ; added to-which 1 was much distressed with steel* log sensation in my head, and passed many sleepMM night*, ail from deolllty caused by mr prostrate oood*- Uombrooght abentby the fever. At Uni ata*e at my condition. a Cnead reootntucnded me To use roar ceio bratedrftjTOMACH BITTERS; hot. being morally op posed to the tueof stimnianutnany form, 1 at first dined, but aftewirds yielded my prejudices, nc after taking the medians for several -weeks aa directed, my appeUto retained, and wita It I am rapidly regaining my former strength and vigor. My deep (trom tns loss ot which I haft suffered much) has never been better than is Is now a and the reeling sensation (before alluded to) has entirely left me. My bowels, wnlch were much constipate* and liregnlar, are now quite natural, and In {bet I aa f ind to say that I feel myieff a new mao, ana tender yoa his testimonial of my appreciation or year valaablft preparation In order that otbera suffering aa 1 bars may avail themselves of tta virtues, which prejodica prevented me from enjoying tor to long a period. 1 may also add that my physician, after seeing the htrp ficlal effect your Bitten "ad on me. recommended 1 use them regularly. Tours, very resuecUnlir, E. BOURNE. 15 Market-st. Anotterletter, frema well known dtues of burgh, dated September 1,1666: Messn. ficstetter ft Smith. Pittsburgh, Pa.: GERinos; Ithlnkl am only doing the part of ft good citizen when I testify {to the great benefits I hsvw received from your stomach Bitten daring the last five years. Being to th« Oil regions in’SL I had a seven billions attack, and being dispeptic, which left me very weak, I was advised to try yoor Bitten. I procured one Dottle, and tnry worked as a charm on me. Inosa week I got eight (9) pounds heavier, and 1 seemed ta have got new life in me, to much so that ihavetwaft them every summer since as a tonic. I uimir they are Invaluable. This summer, having anotcer blluona tack, and much reduced in weight, being under the car* ofan ANo. 1 physician. I again bad to have recourse to the old Bitten, wtta the same good resalts, galntss six (6) pounds m a few days. 1 have bought a half dos en bottles a lew weeta since, and Intend to seep them regularly as a tonic and beverage. Wishing yoaevnw ,mxa ’ IMI mm, EfTXHOHAX, E77ZXOHAX COCXTT. ILL. Messrs. Hostetler ft Smith: Gshtxzvzv : With pleasure I can tay that your BIT TEES are superior to any other*. I have used tnw In my lamliy for a long time, and alwsy* with bene ficial results. Tours, very truly, i EUBT. r.n/nERT, Btcklasd, Purscx wuxzax Couhtt, Va_, ) . January 39, 1066. 5 Messrs. Hostetler ft Smith: Sms: 1 believe toot UICTEBS are the best In uso. I tried then for dyspepsia lo 1663. and they cured me. It was notfoith that old It, for I bad no faith la them: ItHedthemu pteaseairland. 1 bad been prostrate for several weeks with dyspepsia and chronic da*'- rhcEs. I expected to die: but lees than one bottle so ftw restored me that I conld attend to my business. Last October 1 overworked myselfi whJcn resulted la Qw return of the same disease, accompanied with bra chial affection, when 1 again used your BITTERS, aaft was soon restored to health. I have recommended them to hundred* of my acquaintances, and haw never known them to foil in effecting a speedy core. Truly yours, MIRANDA CHAFPKL, Postmaster at Auckland, Va, Suiriov, Pa~ November 6, ISOS. Messrs.HosteUer ft smith: • SGektluizs: We have been elllng year STOMACH ITTEBS for eighteen months, ana find them an excel lent medicine. AU that Is necessary is to let the poo* pie know their virtue, asd they will use them. 1 Hava tried them myself, and now recommend them to an who have weak (tomachs. Respectfully yours. WATEBSON A McFABLASD. Druggist*. OoDEncßtrson, srasxx Coojrrr, u. j,, > September LJ. 1368. C Messrs. Dot tetter A smith: Q*a-tl*m*x; For a long time I have been tTIlcfA with a disordered stomach, and was unable toatumC to any business. I was advised to nse your BITTERS, which 1 did, and found them a great benefit to ma. £ believe bad it not been for them 1 should have been in my grave ere this, r write not only to tesOfir to tbs virtue of year BfTTBBS, bnt also to have yon ship ma two dozen as icon as poeeihle, as 1 am sow keeping* store. Yoon, respectfully, JOHN M. GREACS2T- ifetsre. Bcstetrer A Smith: Gists: It Is with the greatest pleasure that 1 re* commend yonrBTOiIACH BITTEaS to the public. I think U the best BITIERB of the day. lets specially adapted to the South and West, where biliary derange ment* of the liver are prevalent. Ten yew* experi ence In the nse of compound*, as curatives, compel* me to give yonr BITTERS the prefercoce that lu pop* tuarlty merits. E. ANGLE, 1L D. Gallatu, Salma County. CL Messrs- Hcstetter A Bmltn: . GksTLMBt: I have practiced medicine for many years, and have used your BIITEB9 in a number ox cases with great success, and take pleasure in recom mending theta to the public in general. _ Very respectfully, j. SMITH, M. D. Matioos, RL, January a, ISO. Messrs. Hostetter A Smith; „ • Gcttlsocc I sell more of yonr STOMACH BTP TEBS than of any other medicine. Farte* whojiare tried them speak to very high praise of toeir virtues, I have nsea them mysetfi sod presertoo then with an paralleled success. •Ten rt-pecitanr A yop^ rT VFn , M D _ "sens. Clay County, hl M oss^S^^i r *av? mwd. andotten prescribed, vormSlOhiACH BITTERS, aud take pleasure in re* commending It to ad whose stomacoa are debilitated. Ituanexcetlencappetlzerand tonic; and I praise U a-oneefthetretmedlclneaoft^d.^^^^ FkaznoET, Clinton County. ImL, I December 3,isfit > Messrs. Hostetter* Smith: . Uxns: Some eighteen months since I was troubled with weakness of the stomach, and had 10-t myappj> ate, ana on the reeomtnesdatloaof Dr. Cox, onr “J?iiJ physicisf, I purchased several botuwcf your BIT TERS. which had tbe drelred effect of,rw fortog rM to Irtolth, but of late I have not been | BITTERS In our place; pKa« Inform “ 8 purchase them, or If yon wUI send me will be pleaded to have-iheagm» I courocommeid taan iICTLiaVroS: PitEPABED AND SOLD BY HOSTETTER & SMITH, PITTSBUGrEH, PA. For sale by all drnegitts, grocer* tad itankaopas throngboulltoewortfl.