Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 28, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 28, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. The English Eeform Bill Passed to a Second Beading, Latest Phase of the Eastern Question. The Constitution of the North German Empire Accepted by Parliament The Situation in Ireland. FROM WASHINGTON. Proceedings in Congress Yesterday. The Adjournment Question Still fending. Hesolntion Passed in the House Requesting the Removal of Collector Smythe. Also One of Sympathy for the People of Ireland. -Extracts from tlie Report of the Director of the Statistical Bureau. BECIONSTRUCTION. General Sheridan’s Initial Order Under the New Lav. Mayor Monroe and Others Eemoved from Office, FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. Great Britain* THE ncronai BILL. la the House of Commons the Reform BU passed to a second reading without h dissenting voice. The debate Is fixedjfar April S. STEAHEU BOVEEtSTS. Queenstown. March 27. The steamship Louisiana from New York has arrived. 1 jvzui'OOL. March 27. The steamship Pennsylvania which left New York on the 2d tasti, for Liverpool, was seen on the 19th Inst, under sail. Galway. March 27—Evening. The Eteamshlp Pennsylvania arrived here this evening witb a screw broken and ont ot coal. Queenstown, March 27—Evening. The steamship City of Briton, from New York, touched here this evening. Ban tern Affairs, THE WAS BETWEEN TUUEST AND HER PROVINCES. London, March 27—Evening. A despatch from the East states that the Ser vian Prince is aboot to depart from Belgrade fur Constantinople on a visit to the Sultan. Accounts from Athens report that there has been no fighting in Candia for two months. uennanr. COSSHTCTTOIt OF TUB KORTII-GER3fAjr EOTIBE. Berlin. March 27. The North-Germ an Parliament has accepted the Cotstllnrion, the provisions of which arc mainly in accordance with the plan proposed by Bis mark. Latest Foreign markets, FINANCIAL. Londos, Mireh 27. Consols, SI if; Eric, 3SV: Illinois Cental, 735/; United Sutes bonds, Tig. Feaskfoct, March 27. Cxited states 5-10 s 7%. Pacts, March 27. United States 5-7 Os 84#. . Lospos. March 27—Evening. Cocsots closfd at 91# lor money; United States 5-103 minois Central,73*; Erie. B^'. Fsanktoet. March 27—Evening. United States bonds 77#. Pacts, March W—Evening. American bonds 64V. Ltveepool, March 27—Noon- Cotton—Dull. Breadstullfc—Dull- Wheal—Ko. 2 red. tSsSd; whlt»* Californio, tse Cd. Corr.SSs 9d; barley, 4s 6d;oats, I*rovlßlon!—PoTk.77« Cd; baron,49s. Produce—GenerallyQdct. Befi.ed petrolt«m.7iGd. Livebpool, Match 27— Evening. Cotton—Market closed quiet, at the following clodne quotatlua*: Middling uplands, 13#i; Orleans, 13# d. Sales reach It.OCO bale*. Brea 4s tuffi—Deli, at roon prices. Provisions—Dali and unchanged. Produce—Ball at noon prices. Bt STEAMER, New Tons. March 27.—The China's mails ar rived to-night. English papers have a rumor that the United States Government have, through Mr. Adams, called the attention of the British Government to the neglected condition of Ireland, and pointed out the measmes which, in their opinion, a-e beat calculated to allay disaffection, and also tbe irritation which exists among the Irish poanla tion of America. * Duke Persigny has made a speech id the French Legislature. He was silem on French oolltics, but said but tor Ministerial responsibility, th** British Government would have broken up the American Republic long ago. Emile Alllvlcr bad made a speech urging that France should honestly accept toe transformation which had taken place In Germany, and which he eaid was not directed against France. The French naval division In the Levant Is to be increased by two gunboats. La France Bays the basis of an understandm** between France. Russia and England on the Kart «rn question, which still exists, permits the hope ol a speedy eolation. LaFrance also says there 'exists at the present moment, in the foreign policy of France, no single question capahie of embarrassing her diplomatic action abroad or of disquieting nnblic opinion. * * Tbe health of tbe Empress Cariotta is worse. The Anstrlan.Relchsxath will probably meet on the Mh of April. It Is staled that toe Emperor has sanctioned a LIU tor the introduction of trial by jury in Austria. A volcanic eruption has occurred on the Island cf Pantellaria, southwest of Sicily. It ts reported that tbe Thessalian insurgents were defeated by the Turks and 000 laid down their arms. New Yobs, March 27.—The Herald's corrc ppondence from Ireland contains some additional news regarding the Fenian situation In Ireland. Quite a number of the intantrv bad been invalided by the duties of thccamiialgn, and many cav alry horses died from fatigue and exposure u> the extreme cold weather. A fight, we are told, occurred between the British troops near Cork. Fenmnlsm being the exciting cause. The men of tbe Seventy-second Jtifactry, Scotch, sided with the Irish, when many -members of an English lancer regiment were se verely handled. Tbe people of Cork cheered the Scotch soldiers Jhe next day. FROM WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WAsanroroK, March 87. 'Tms AProunakENT question. The adjournment question made one more stage of progress in the House tms p. m.. when the Senate resolution for reassembling next Do .ember was rejected. The debate covered one Tionr. Mr. Scbenck's proposition lor meeting on -the first Wednesdar In June and September, un less Messrs. Wade and Colfax shall declare by jomtproclamation ten days before the dales spcci icd, that the session is not necessary, was car ried by yeas 74, nays 5L The negative vote was -made np by twauy-eeven Democrats and twenty fbnr Republicans—the latter being tbe following: Baldwin, Betcbum, Poland, Bingham, Kitchen, Robertson. Koontz, Smith. Dockland, lAflln, Spatdlng, ConnelL Lincoln, Stewart, Terris, Marvin, TwucheH, Ferry, Mallory, Wa.bbumc, of Griswold, Newcomb, Wis. Hubbard, of W. Virginia, COLUCTOB BE HUE. The action of the House this afternoon relative to Collector Smyihe was very decided. Motion* to lay on tbe table, recommit, postpone and adjourn were oil voted down, and Hnlburd'e reso lution from tbe Investigating Cimmltiee, declar leg it as the sense of the House that he be at once removed, was then carried by yeas, CS: nays, S 3, several Republicans, who voted in the negative, said they thought be should be turned out, but didn't believe the House was called on to act nt all in regard to tbe matter. There 3s no present probability that the President will act in accordance wuh the suggestion of the Douse, and Smytio declares be will not resign. The report ol the Judiciary Committee exoner ating Messrs. Doolittle and Patterson from all Wamc in connection wlinthe New York Custom Douse, was accepted by the Senate without di ■vision or objection. A long discussion followed about printing the evidence, bnt no decision was reached prior to adjournment. beeps ron the south. Senate bill allowing the expenditure of fifty Ihosaand dollars from the funds of the Agrlcul- total Bureau for tarnishing seeds to jibs Soalh. Kill probably be agreed to by the House. boxactPEHsnra patweht rottsumo slats). The President has cot yet sipped ;he bill sui pending payment for slaves drafted or eah«ted into the army during (be war, aid tbetmpres?loa pains ground that It will not become a law, as L'oneresa la almost sure to adjourn before the constitutional limit of ten days expuea. ATPOIXTMST. Colonel Charles H. Rmlth, of the Twenty-elghth Infantry, haa been appointed Assistant Commis sioner of the Freedmen'a Bureau for Arkansas. aootiTiu, Senator Doolittle has gone to Connecticut to plead tor the election of the Democratic nomi nees. coaunseiojrca or mux xttaees. Colonel Kott G. Taylor. ex-Cougrewman from Tennessee, was confirmed this afternoon as Com missioner of Indian Affairs. The beat evidence of his diners for the placets In the fact that his con firmation was opposed by the whole Indian specu lators’ ring. NOS DUTTONS. The President sent to the Senate (his afternoon aliTge number of Internal Us venae nominations, a few Postmasters acd minor army officers, and that of General Slocum aa Naval Officer at New York. LINCOLN NONUNEXT ASSOCIATION. A bill passed to-day organizing the Lincoln Monument Association. The corporators con sisted of one from each Sta'e. The Western names are as follows: Illinois, Mr. Callom: Mis souri, Mr. Benjamin; Ohio, Mr. Wilson; Indiana, Mr. Orth; Michigan, Mr. Dnggs; lowa, Mr. Har lan; Minnesota, Mr. Ramsey; Kentucky, Mr. McKee-; Kansas, Mr. Clark; Wisconsin, Mr. Paine. STATISTICAL BCHEATJ—SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT. Wasuikoton, March 27.—11ia report of the Director of the Statistical Bureau shows that the exports of domestic produce, for the six months Lucing December 21ei last, were $172,1X51,129, in cluding the following: Colton $51,150,913 Gold bullion.. Sliver bullion. Gold coin... . Sliver com. .Manufactures of gold and stiver 28,(123 BrcadstnSs 2,(317,911 Oils, petroleum, etc 17,210,573 Provisions 11,252,471 Tobacco 11,812.297 Lumber, etc 7,013,157 .AU in CUTTCDCJ. Ibe exports of foictgn articles amounted to &>l.CO>-,74S tti coin. IJECLAMATIOK OF COTTON T»T- Upnn a claim for reclamation the Commissioner of Internal Hevenne has decided that the taxon cotton grown in the Indian country onebt to be refunded. The question bos been submitted to •he Attorney General, who, it ia believed, concurs in tbal decision. TftiNSrEBBED. Surgeon F. L. Town has been transferred from •he Department of the Cumberland to the Depart ment of Dakota. s »urnERK jiah.ho ad debt. * The thiry-seven lallroads. In Department of the Tennessee, owed the United Mates, on the Ist of bebmary last, 55,51*6,000, being the principal and interest unpaid, due tor railroad property of all lands pm chared from the Government. CONSCIENCE MONET. The conscience food of the Treasury Deport* meet was increased to-day by the addition or -Ixiy-oce dollars aua seven ty*flve cents, forwarded l«y Iter. Tbos. Burke, pastor of the at. Vmc-nt Church, at ?L Louis, bavins been entrusted to turn for payment Into the United States Treasury, romafsioszn or aguicultuhe. Washington, March 27.—1 tis under? tood that tbc Piesident to-day nominated to the SecateJ. C. G. Kennedy for Commissioner of Agriculture, in place of Isaac Newton. COMnnaATTOKS. The Senate to-day confirmed the following: Nathaniel G. Taylor of Tennessee, Commissioner of Indian Adair?; Norman S. Andrews, UnPed Slates Marshal for the Eastern District oi Michi gan; Thomas Jones, Collector of Internal Reve nue lor tbc Eighteenth District of Ohio; James uoitbcn, of Tennessee. Indian Agent for the Southern Supcrtatendency. BEJECTED. uwtwi c.u. Tht Senate i ejected S. L. Warren, United States Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee. NATIONAL BONUVENT ASSOCIATION. Washington. March 27.—Congress passed a law organizing on association, national in character, for the purpose of the erection of a monument commemorative of the great charter of American freedom. The irus tece.fortbc North and Northwestern States are Representative John T. Wilson, of Ohio: Repre sentative Orth, ol Indiana; Representativev?ul !nn, of Illinois; Senator Harlan, of lowa, and Representative Driggs, of Michigan. ACT rnOKCLOATZD. Washington, March 27 —The supplemental Re construction Act is to-day officially promulgated by the Secretary of State. 6LBPENDKD NATIONAL BAKES. The Comptroller of the vurrercy gives notice to holders of cnculaiine notes of the First Na tional Bank ufNc>« V. t ? aebusetts, Tennes see National Bunk, Memphis, and First National Bank ot Medina, New Yo.k, that such notes will be paid in lawful money ot the United States on presentation at the treasury. NEW TORE NATAL OPTICER. The President has nominated General Slocum as Naval Officer for the port of New York. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Washisqtok, March 27. SENATE. Mi. THAYER obtained unanimous consent to have read a telegram from the General Manager ol ihe Union Pacific Railroad from Omaha west, to the effect that the work was progressing rapidly and wooid • e pushed on at the rate of two miles per aav for the next one hundred days. Mi. HOWARD introduced and moved to refer to the Judiciary Committee the report of the New York Bank of Commerce for the year ending dune, 1665. in which it is charged mat Sir. Thoma«, Senator elect from Maryland, withdrew in Sep tember, 18*0, from New York, a large amount of money accumulated there for the payment ot in terest on United States stock, leaving this stock unprovided for, at the time Mr. Thomas was Secretary of the Treasury, Referred. The joint resolution transferring J 30,000 from the Frredmen’s Bureau to the Department of Agriculture for tbc purchase of seeds lor the cit izens of the rebel States passed. Mr. HENDERSON, from the Finance Commit tee, reported a bitl to guarantee to the State of Louisians six millions of dollars for the construc tion ot leveet on the Mississippi. Ordered print ed. Mr. THAYER, from the Committee on Indian Affairs, reported a bill Introduced by him a few da> s eince,to prohibit the removal of Indian tribes, and the expenditure ot the funds held by the United States tor Indians, without a special pro- Mr! ,^&.\l*SS(s'!f a joint resolution that the joint resolution of March fid, 1567, amending the Tann Act of IStrffshall not he construed to ap ply to lasting, mohair, cloth, silk twist or omer manufactures of cloth used for the manufacture uf buttiDs. Nr. CAMERON objected, and it went over. Mr. THAYER, from the Military Committee, reported a resolution authorizing the Second \nditor of the Treasury to settle toe accounts of une on cers without race!vine the monthly returns or property In their possession, where such otßcers have been prevented irom making returns by ■ ea*on of being prisoners or In the hospital. Mr FRELINgHUYSEN moved an amendment, that the Second Auditor shall be satisfied by the jffidavil i-i the officer or otherwise of the inability of the officcrto make his monthly report. Agreed to, and the bill parsed. Mr. MORRILL, of Maine, from the Committee on Appropriations, reported a bill to snnply de ficiencies for appropriations in the contingent fund of the Senate. The question was oa a con* runeuce In the House amendment. The House ned prohibited paying to a Washington piper a higher compensation for publishing the laws of Congress than paid to newspapers elsewhere. Ihe Senate refused to strike this out. The House amended by giving to its Clerk the designation of the papers la Northern States to publish ihe Jaws and increasing the rate from one •o two dollais per page. By the act of lost sea r-ion compensation was inerdued for Southern papeis, and the Clerk was authorized to desig nate the papers. On motion of Sir. SHERMAN, it was amended by providing that the compensation in the North ern Slates should rot be lucrea«ea. Agreed to. Mr. HENDERSON offered an amendment ap propriating SSI.OKJ to pay tbe expenses of Indian delegations on their recent visit to Washington. Mr. SHERMAN moved to amend by providing that herearterneilherihe President nor Secretary ol War shall make treaties with Indians until ex press appropriations have been made by law. Agreed to end adopted. . Mr. SHERMAN moved to amend by placing the funds heretofore held by the Commissioner of Public Bniidinrs at the disposal of the Chief En gineer of the Army, or an officer to be designated by him. Agreed :o. The hill passed and goes to tbe House. Mr. J RUMBDLL, from the Judiciary Commit tee, reported on the bill concerning Messrs. Doo little and Patterson, In regard to the New York Custom House, The Committee declare there Is no evidence Implicating Mr. Daollttle or Mr. Pat nr on. Mr. CONSLING made & minority report clear ing Mes‘rr. Doolittle and Patterson, but review ing toe renert of toe House, showing that Mr. Smythc had from time to lime declared bis inten tion of giving money to those gentlemen, but there is no evidence that those gentlemen so un derstood It Mr. JOHNSON wished the House to understand that, while Mr. Conkllug had made a minority re port. they were unanimous on toe question or toe entire innocence of Messrs. Doolittle anl Pat erson. Pending consideration, the Senate went M<7 executive tea-ion. Adjourned. HOUSE. The hill to incorporate the Lincoln Monument Avocation was passed. On motion of Sir. McCLURG. the Secretary of War was directed to present General Simpson’s report of bis tour ot inspection to the Pacific coast dm teg the summer and fall of 1566. Mr. STEVENS, of Pa., asked leave to offer a resolution for the reappointment of a Select Com mittee on Itaijroads. Mr. CHANDLER objected. Mr. STEVENS moved to suspend the rales, which was agreed to. The resolution was then ottered and passed. Mr. BOUTVVELL. from tbe Judiciary Commit tee, reported back the Senate amendment to the joint resolution relating to the claims of Northern creditors. Upon Mr. SCOFIELD'S motion,tbe amendments '<crc laid on the taolc, which is a detest of tne bill, by U 7 to 33. Mr. POLAND introduced a bill to repeal the provisions of the Internal Revenue Lawof last ses sion, to the effect that no court shall interfere by injunction to restrain the assessment or collection ut anj tax under that law. Tbe SPEAKER presented a message from tbo fcnaic communicating its action on the adjourn ment ol Congress. which was to close Its session nt is o'clock to-morrow. Mr. SCUENCK offered an amendment to the amqr.omcnt, which was a modification ol tbs graduated adjournment propoeltiou. tbe two in termediate steps being tbe first Wednesday in •Tune and the first Wednesdar in September. Messrs. SCIIENCK and LOG ANaddressed the House in support of this plan, which was agreed to—TO (o 61. Mr. BAKES, from the Committee on Foreign Affairs, reported a Joint resolution In regard to ibe claims by foreign Governments against the United States for property destroyed by the army of the United States. Mr. BAKES also reported a Joint resolution declaring that the people of tbe Doited States cannot regard tbe proposed confederation of the Provinces on the northern frontier of this country withoutextreme solicitude; that a confederation of States on this continent, extending from ocean to ocean, without consulting tbe people of the Provinces, and founded on monarchical principles, cannot be considered otherwise than as u contra vention of thu traditions and constantly declined principles of this Government, endangering tne most Important interests and tending to increase and perpetnate the embarrassments already exist ing between the two Governments. After some discussion, tbe joint resolution was passed without a division. Mr. BAKES aleo reported a resolution declaring •hat this House extends its sympathy to the people of Ireland and Candia in all their just effort* to maintain the independence of Stabs, to elevate tbdr people, and extend and perpetnate tbe prin ciple* of liberty. Mr. ROBIKSOK, a member of the committee, sus tained the insolation, at the some time expressing hie desire that the language were stronger, saying be expected to Introduce into this Congress a resolution recognizing the belligerent rights of Deland. Mr. PIKE also spoke in favor of Ireland. Mr. WASHBDItKE, of Ullnois, offered an amendment and an additional section declaring that while sympathizing with tbe people of Ire land, the House believed the present Fenian movement must prove entirely moociatlve, and any encouragement to It by the resolution unac companied by force could only result in involving brave, enthusiastic Irishmen in a difficulty from which their brethren were powerless to extricate BANKS said that the proposition had been before the committee and been rejected, tbe com mittee not deeming that a matter in which It should interfere. He hoped the amendment would not be adopted. „„„ ,_ T Messrs. FERNANDO WOOD and ELDUIDGE spoke against tbe amendment, which was rejected— yeas It), cays 127. . . . The joint resolution was then passed unani mously. On motion of Hr. HULBUHD, a resolution was adopted, by a vote of 63 to 33,requesttng President VOL. XX. Johnson to remove Henry A. Smythc from the office of Collector of the Port of New York. Mr. GRISWOLD asked leave to offer a resolu tion declaring that oftbe Treasury notes issued under the act of June SI, 1801, including the $50,000,000 authorized to be Issued lor a temporary loan, not more than four millions he retired in anyone month. Mr. SPALDING objected. Mr. GRISWOLD moved to suspend the rules, but the House refused. Mr. KELLEY asked leave to introduce a joint resolution to amend the act of March 37. 136?, in creasing the tax on imported wool by sinking out of the paragraph commencing with tho word “Webbing,” the words “onmlzed with silk ” The roles were suspended and the joint resolu tion passed. ■ On motion of Mr. BODTWELL, the President was requested to furnish the House or Judiciary Committee during the recess, a full 11-t of all offi cers and enlist d men who have forfeited their debts to par bounties, Ac., and bad those ri.'hts restored, designating the amounts, on whose recommendations, and on what grounds each re mission of forfeiture was made. Mr. WINDOM presented a memorial to the Lcp islatnre of Minnesota lor a grant of land to old fa the construction of the Lake Pepin and Omaha Railroad from Wabashaw, Minnesota, through Rochester and Fort Dodge, to Omana. Referred. Mr. HOLMAN moved to suspend the rnlcs so as to takelrom the table the Senate hill to reimburse Ohio and Indiana for moneys ex pended in enrolling, equipping and provisioning militia forces to aid in suppressing the rebellion. Negatived—s 7 to 57. Amotion to adjou J *jbecn sogeened. the Speaker, ia ‘-ctUon, elated Ih:.; be would no* .m • J ->. • vdec'arcthcHousc sojourned, a-i o ««;i ; v • Utiihad been tak en by the Sena r. The amendin'i • . •11 deficiencies in the contingent fuedt v. t; > • ! ul/om the table. Ihe amendment In ?othc Indians was noncon corred in, and a conference appointed. Ihe Senate amendment to toe joint resolution authorizing the Second Auditor to settle the ac counts of officers of the army where they cannot present vouchers on account of having been held prisoners of war, Ac., was concurred in. Adjourned. 7,337,728 5,81)5,037 8,533.800 1,074,503 FBOM SPEISGFIELD. W. R. McCracken—Denies that ho Li “the OicCracken”—What he Intends to do* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SpnctariEXO. March 27. vt; R. McCracken was In Springfield to-day He denies that he the author of the Seward- Motley-McCrackcn letier from Paris, and chal lenges proof. He eava he will very soon satisfy the public that certain newspaper articles lately published in regard to him, are untrue. FRO M MADISOS. Booth and His Claim—Wctherhy With dnui B—Ucury Viuceut, etc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wis., March 37. Mr. Booth, who has spent all winter lobbying about tbc Legislature, is Increasing bis demands against the State for expenses and losses growing out of suits against him in connection with the Glover rescue case, thirteen years ago. His claim was digitally but f 5,675, but the committee, to whom his memorial was referred in the Senate, reported a bill givirg him 515,0 W, and the Senate voted to grant Mr. Booth the extraoralnary privi lege of arguing his claim before the Joint Conven tion of the two Houses next Tuesday evening. It is understood be has an elaborate epeecn prepared advocating its justice. P. Wetherby, the Democratic nominee for As sociate Justice of the Supreme Court, has pub lished a Idler withdrawing hla name, on the ground that his election, of which the danger would be very slight, would interfere witb private business in which be desires to retain an interest. Henry Vincent, the Knglirh Liberal, by invita tion of the Assembly, lectured on England nod America in the Assembly Chamber this afternoon belore alarge audience—Legislature, citizens, and ladies. Governor Faircbildpresldmg. The stilte on the railroad measures continues animated, and a very large iobbyls here. TEE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wisconsin, March 26. The Senate 10-day concurred in a resolution passed oythe Ae>cmbly sometime since for ad journment, modified, however, so as to make April llih the day of adjournment, and limiting the introduction of new business to April Ist. The Asecmbly passed another resolution to ad journ on the fcth. 7be contest over No. 27 In (he Senate to facili tate the construction of a railroad between Mon roe and Dubuque bvthe Prairie du Chien Com- Bany Is bccomtagqnlte heated, and a strong lobby i here favoring or opposing. The bill has been repotted back irom the Assembly Railroad Com mittee, with the recommendation or a majority lor its passage wi'h the fifth section, which has been claimed to give tne directors power of con solidation, and the substitution of a clause re pealing ibe proviso of section 1. chapter at, Locul Cans, of 3SC6, which requites the assent of a ma jority oi each class of stockholder? for the con solidation or extension ot the road. Ex-Governor Salomon made a strong argument against the bill before the Railroad Committee and members of ihe Assembly, last evening, and 10-day a corresnondeucc Is established between Alexander Mitcbel] and Governor Salomon, agree ing to a public discussion before the Legislature between the latter, representing the dissenting stockholder?, and any counsel on the other side the etaternim maae In some papers that a majority of the Senate favor the mil for the removal of the capital to Milwaukee, is unfounded H*Hry Vincent, the English Libera], by Invita tion of the Assembly, lecimcs before the Legis lature to-morrow afternoon. A violent enow storm has been prevailing here all day. J he following were the principal proceedings In the Legislature on Monday evening: In the Sen* a*e,Seuaior ulark, from me Minority Committee on Benevolent Institutions, reported against fur ther appropriations to the Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home, and recommending some other methods of cailngfor soldwra’ orphai.B. A bill was Introduced for a tax of three per cent on the gross earnings of telegraph companies. Sevcial Senate bills passed, including the in crease of salary to the Corresponding secretary of the State Historical Society to 2(iUQ and the librarian to ; to provide that no school district shall contain more than a township of land or have any part thereof more than five miles distant from the centre; to provide for thecol lection ol delinquent village taxes, and repeal all laws aulhotizirg the Treasurer of any village to sell lands for delinquent taxes ; for limitation of the tax certificate; to regulate tbe carriage of raggage by railroad companies; to repeal chap- JS* laws of 1667, relative to the mileage ot Sberifis. “ In the Assembly, bills were concurred in to re strain diseased animals from running at large; to amecdchapter 111, laws of 165}. which amended the civil code; to amend tbe statutes rela tive to auctions and auctioneers. The bill was Indeflnllely postponed to provide lor the levying and collecting ot a lax to pav the schooiiund income interest on the amount which the State bod used as expenses for the manage ment of said fund. h In the Assembly hills were introduced to found an Institute for the Education of Idiotic and Im becile Tomb; to amend chapter 3U5, laws of 1865, rtspecing evidence: for taxing telegraph and ex press companies, and several minor bills. Assembly bills were passed to amend section 3, chapter 109, Revised Statutes, concerning mar riage, and relating to proceedings against debtors by attachment. Senate bill ror publishing the transactions of tbe Agricultural Society was indefinitely post poned. On Tuesday morning in tbe Senate a resolution was adopted asking Secretary Seward to oso the influence of the Government to secure the pardon of Robert B. Lynch and Rev. Mr. McMahon, con demned for participation in the Fenian invasion of Canada, on the ground of evidence that they were not Implicated. The Aesemoly bin to authorize the Secretary of State to procure ana furnish to the County Boards ofeumyors authenticated lists of de*crters from the military and naval service ol the United States and to provide for their distribution, was concur red in by a vote of 16 to 10—strictly party, except that Mr. Webb, Union, voted with the Democrats in tbe minority. Senate bills passedappropriatlne $730,070, annu ally, to pay the interest on the University Fnud uved lor buildings; appropriating SIOO for the pur chase ot a portrait or Abraham Lincoln; $2,000 for the Governor’s contingent fond, and $17,000 for toe Inetitutefor tbe Blind. The Assembly Eight-Boar Bill was made the special order lor Wednesday evening, and the As* scmhly vro raia Railroad Freight and Passenger Tanfi Bill for Thursday evening. A hill was introduced to increase the amount authorized to be expended for the Whitewater and PlatlcvUJe formal School buildings to *S,OOO for the former and 15,000 for the latter. Assembly bills were Introduced amending the Bankrupt Law; repealing section six, chap* Ur fourteen, Revised Statutes, concerning actions lor the recovery of real estate ; and regnlatin?lhc transpoi tation of powder. Senate hilts were concurred In appropriating sl',ooo for stationery for the State; to authorize guardians to lease and grant ieasement of tbe lands of their wards; amending Revised Statutes concerning evidence; and some local nuts. Several local Assembly hills passed, and a me* mortal to Congress lor an appropriation for the Port Washington Harbor. WEDNESDAY’S PROCEEDINGS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnhnno.] Mapisok, Wls., March 27. Tbe session of the Assembly last night was mainly devoted to the discussion of General Ho bart's bill making adultery the only ground of divorce, which was refused a passage oy a vote of 021045. Several unimportant Senate bills were concurred in. The Assembly to-day virtuously tabled a resolu tion for $25 more In stamps by 43 to 4S. Several bills were Introduced, Including one ap propriating $25,000 to the Hospital lor the Insane; also one to prohibit tbe consolidation of leading railroads of this State, similar to the one already passed by Ibe Assembly, with a proviso that it shall not affect existing legal rights. A rcenimlon was offered by Mr. Horn, Demo i rat, similar to one offered in the Missouri Legis latnie, requesting Governor Fairchild to repre sent the Siate at toe Paris Exposition and appro priating $2.U00 therefore. It was rajected In the Assembly by lonr majority. A good many mem bers have set their faces link flint against farther appropriations u connection with this Exposi tion. * ?0. S 7 in the Senate, to facilitate the coil strnction of a railroad from Monroe to Dubuque, was made tbe special order for to-morrow. Most of the session this morning and after noon was occupied in tbe discussion of the Ean Claire Dell’s Improvement Bill, on which so vole was reached. Xn the Senate a report was made from the ma jority Of the Committee on Federal Relations, in favor of paying Mr, Booth $15,000 tor bis ex penses in the Glov«r fugitive slave rescue case. Senator Thorn, (Democrat), fiom the minority of the committee, reported against the State's paying the hill. A resolution was adopted for a joint convention of tbo two bouses In the Assembly Chamber on Tuesday evening, to hear Mr. Booth advocate his claim. Senate bills were passed appropriating $40,557 to tbe Insti’nte lor the Deaf and Dumb, of wblcb $24,257 is for current expenses of the present year. $3,100 for the deficiency of the last year, $10,090 for the completion ol tbe west wing, and fXOOO for ettam heating apparatus; also, to amend the act reorganizing the State University so as to leave tbe regulation of tbe education of the two sexes there to the discretion ot the Regents. About fifty Assembly bills were concurred in, including cone of importance. VRBinoNr. MonTPEtiro. March 27.—The Vermont Legisla ture convened in special session to-day. Bills were passed aalboiizinc certain towns to sub scribe lor *(ock lor building a now railroad to connect the Rutland & Benntugton Road witn the Harlem Bold, and antooilzlna tbe mortgage of tbe Rutland A Bennington Road for the aame purpose. Tbe construction of such a road will remove tbe embarrassment occasioned by the ac ton of the Proy & Boston Road in refusing to run In cennection with tho Rutland & Bennington Road. Coltjxbus, Ohio, March 27.—1 n the Senate, to night, the resolution amending the Constitution, giving the right of suffrage to negroes, passed— yeas 2S, nays U. Albany. March 27.—A bill passed the Assembly making eight hours a legal days' wore. - The Ccnsiitn'tonal Convention Bill has finally passed the Legislature. The negro suffrage clause is omitted. Continued Preparations for (ho Recep tion of tno Fenian*—.TloYcmeuu of Canadian Troops and ttnnboau—Ac cidents In Uie Lumber Districts. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbunc.l Toronto, C. W.. March 27. Preparations are still being made to receive the Fenians, though the general opinion is that they will not trouble the country this spring. Through their defectives, Govcrnmeutarc kept informed of everything important that tho Fenians do. Their intentions arc fully known. An Increased fleet of gunboats is to he placed on the lakes at the opening of navigation. There ate five on Ontario now. Four hundred seamen have been eent Rom Halifax to man the new vea tela. Extra drill has been ordered for all volunteer forccain this country, for which they will receive pay. The Thirteenth Hasrars arc to bo thrown ont by detachments into tbe diO'crcnt towns along the front. General Misted, Commander of this District, has made himself fully acquainted with the frontier by general observation. TonosTO, March 27.—The gunboat Enron Is preparing tor sea. As soon aa navigation opens she will leave for a cruise around the lake. Orders arc received from Ottawa, that volunteers ditlltwico a week. Ottawa, March 27.—1 tis semi-offlcially an nounced that Don. Jno. A McDonald andG. E. Carter have been created Baronets. The former Is now on bis way borne, and the latter bos gone on a visit to the rope. Messrs. Galt and Larglan, the Confederation Commissioners, have arrived home. Accidents in the lumbering districts arc unusu ally frequent this winter, owing to timber becom ing scarcer and lumberers betas compelled to tako It from dangerous places. Remarkable Chance in the Public Sen timent of Georgia—murder of a Freed man by a White Boy—Colored Bleu In vited to Attend the Conservative State Convention. [Special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.] Nashville, March 27. A prominent Georgia statesman, in a letter to Governor firownlow, received to-day, announces that a remarkable change in public sentiment has taken place in Georgia within a few weeks, and that without doubt tbc Congressional policy of reconstruction will be heartily adopted by the people. Esquire Smith, of Giles Conntv. Tennessee, re ported to the FrecdmenV Bureau that a freedman «as murdered last Saturday, near Pulaski, by a white bov only fifteen years old. The murderer Lad not been ancstca. A freedman in Giles County was whipped last week by while rufllana who met him mine road, because he declined to intorm them where he was going. Judge Whitworth, formerly Chairman of a rebel Vigilance Committee, recommends In the Union and Ihepatc h this evening that colored citizens be cordially Invited to participate In the Conservative State Convention, on ihe 16th of April, and that in all subsequent Conservative Conventions they be leprcscntou and treated as other citizens. Attempted Anamination— Give* Ball- [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Louisville. March 27. The life of Police Lieutenant David Needy was attempted la«t night by an unknown man, who shot at him from a dark alley, agd then ran off and escaped. Batlons Phelps, who, in 3SC3, at an election pre cinct in Caldwell County, refused the votes of re turned rebels, on the ground that they were dis franchised, and was sued by various parties, gave ball in one thousand dollars ta each case in the United States Court to-day, West Virginia having been annexed to the De partment of Kentucky, General Sidney Burbank took command of IhoDistrlct to-lay. Weather quite cold with indications of a storm CooßcrratlTo Nomination—The nis*la< alppl Bridge—The Cental System. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tr.bnne.j The Consemtlvcs slaughtered their leit men 10-day, and nominated Alderman Funk foi Mayor, on the third ballot. The workingmen bid pre viously nominated Mcßride, hat he was defeated in the Conservative Convection. The capital for the Mississippi Bridge tag all been subscribed, and tbc estimates and plans ore (acidly maturing, it is expected the work will be commenced on the abutments by tbc lit of Jhe following resolution was adoplcdbythc members,of the Exchange to-day: Whereas, The cities of Buffalo, Toledo,-Dc troll. Oswego and Chicago, have rescinded their action adopting the cental system; therefore Retolted. By the Merchants’ Union Exchange of at. Lonis, Thai the cental system be suspended on and after April Ist, nutil further adopted hr other cities. * * Republican municipal Nominations— Aid to Sonihem Destitute* Ac. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Paul, March 27. The Republican Convention to-day nominated J.J. bhaw, proprietor of the Merchants Hotel, lor Mayor; J. V. D. Hand for City Attorney; and Frank Bromley for Street Commissioner. Jas. GillllJan wag romlnated for Jadge cf the Criml nal Court. Theec are good nominations and 11 tbe Republicans will work, the whole ticket will be elected. Ibe Chamber of Commerce last night gave ono thousand and eighty-eight dollars to ala the saf icrers In the South, and called a public meeting In the Opera House for to-morrow night to turlher donations. At Fort Snelling, a woman was yesterday found ntable to leave her bed, dying of cold and starva tion. - One child was dead on tbe floor, and another on tbe bed In a dying condition. Other families at the Fort are In nearly os bad a condi tion. Union Meeting In Montgomery* Ala,— General Slierldan’a Flint Order Un der Hie Reconstruction Act—Re moval off mayor iHonroe and Others, New York, March 27.—1 be EeralcTt Montgom ery, Ala., special says: “Areconstruction meet ing ot both colors was held here on Monday night. Resolutions favoring & fallhiul concurrence in the rcoulicmenta of the Military Reconstruction Bill, eulogizing the colored nu n. who are entitled to political equality, and calling for a State Convcn lion, were adopted. Generals Wager, Swayno and two or tbiec ex-rebel officers addressed the meeting. Governor Patton was among the Vice Presidents.’’ New Ouleasb, March 27.—The following order vos issued to-day: [General Older No. 5.] Headquarters Fiptc Military District. Andrew S. Herron, Attorney General of the stale of Louisiana: Jno. T. Monroe, Mayor of New Orleans, and Edmund Abell, Judge of the First District Court of the city of New Orleans, arc hereby removed from their respective offices from 12 m. to-day. The following appointments aremade to take effect on the same date: B. L. Lynch, Attorney General of the State of Louisiana:]Edward Heath, Mayor of New Orleans, and W, w. Howe. Judge ol the First District Court of New Orleans. Each person removed will turn overall books, papers, iccords, etc., pertaining to bis office to tbe one appointed thereto. The authority of the latter will be duly respected and enforced. By command of „ , Maj. Gek. P. H. Sheridan. Geo. L. Hartsutt, a. a. Q. Mr. Heath, the new May or,la a well known mer chant. Tbe Richmond Timet save General Lee has thrown tbe mflnence of hfs name in favor of a Convention. Macok, Gcorcia, March 27.—A mass meeting of fieedmen to-night were addressed by prominent citizens, The speeches and resolutions were con- Borvatlvo. The latter return thanks to Congress for emancipation and suffrage; declare that they cherish no bitter feeling to their late masters, bnt aro as respectful and faithful in the discharge of their duties as ever; endorse the policy of Gov ernor Brown, and recommend the people to ac cept tbe terms proposed by Congress. Augusta, March 27.—General Sweeney. Post Commander, has Issued on order forbidding all elections til) General Pope assumes command of ibe district. Arrested for ITI order—Tobacco Ware boose Seized—Fenian meeting—iie mand for Xtlcber Wages. New York, March 27.—Morris Lonargan was arreted, charged with the murder of bis wife In Waehlrgton street, on Tuesday night. A tobacco warehouse in First avenue has been seized for alleged fraudulent returns to tbo Inter nal Revenue officers. A lecture was delivered this evening at Cooper institute, under the anspices ol tho Fenian Bro therhood, by John Savage—subject, Theobald Wolfe Tone, and the cattle of Ireland." The lec turer concluded by appealing to his covntrymen ana friends of republicanism to aid Ireland in ber struggle fox lloerty. The house carpenters of this city have given nntice of their intention to demand four dollars a day on and after April Ist. New Yobk, March 27.—Tho legislative com mittee charged with the Investigation of tbe affairs of the Pacific Steamship Company held a meeting and beard testimony on the sub ject yesterday. Tbe President and one or two directors of tbe company and several other stockholders testified, among them Mr. Leonard \v. Jerome, who stated that ha had tost $500,000 in different stocks last February. The President slated that thu company was worth thirty seven millions of dollars. Bievct Major General Ingalls, who was tbe effi cient Chief Quartermaster of the Army of tbo Potomac, has been ordered to assume the duties rf Cblei Quartermaster at ibis city. General Van Yliet gees to Baltimore in a similar capacity. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. mining Prospects In Idalio—General Crook and tne Indians. San Fkancisco, March 27.—Late advices from Idaho Territory represent »be mining Interest In a nourishing condition. Interesting geological discoveries arc being made in the Owyhee conn tnr. it was expected that tbe developments would create a sensation in tbo scientific world. General Crook's command suffered considerably from co din the Warner Lake expedition. A fight was anticipated soon. Cincinnati Hog Trade. Cincinnati, March 27.—Ibe Price Current pub lishes, to-day, the annual reporter pork packing in the West. The total number of hogs packed, is 2.423,854, agalcat 1.705,955 last season. Tbo gene 'at average weight 3321-7 pounds against 2313-10 r OHIO. NEW YORK. FBOM CASIDA. I’BOM NASHVILLE. FROM LOUISVILLE. Military—Weallier. FROM ST. LOUIS. St. I .cuts, March 27. ruoa st. paul. EECOJfSTEUCTIOJt. FROM HEW YORK. CHICAGO. THURSDAY. MARCH 28. 1867. pounds season, and the ypid of leaf lard 29S' pounds against SI 1-7 pounds lest season. The shipment of boss East over the Baltimore & Ohio and the Pennsylvania Central Railways durlnz the eea-on were 512,184 Bead, against4o,s62 bead last season. The great Increase was over the Pennsyl vania Central. MAETLAND RADICAL STATE CON TENTION. . Snbstanco of the Benolntlons Adopted. Battzkoux, March 27.—'The Republican Radi cal Staie Contention re-assembled to-day. A committee on resolutions were appointed, who,at the afternoon session, reported resolutions appealing to Congress to gram the request of the memorial of the Republican members of the legislature, and to protect the loyal malorltyof the people of Maryland, white and colored, and give a State Constitution on the basis of man hood suffrage; opposing any Constitution in sub version of the present one, which does not ex press the will of the people without regard to color, as a revolutionary usurpation, and that we will take no partis the approaching election of delegates to the Convention further than to re commend the Republicans of the State to vote asaiost the call for the Convention, and use all la" ful means to defeat the call. itt— iui lu.uu, iv u.iuib Uiv won. They propose Independent, separate action In case the Legislative Convention £a sustained by a majority or the voters of tnc State, and that tbe Convention of tbe opponents be held in Baltimore on the first Wednesday in Jane, to proceed to form a Constitution on the basis of manhood suCrnge. The eighib resolution declares that wisdom and courage are all that arc necessary lo success, and calls npou tbe veteran soldiers of the State to aid in accomplishing victory. The resolutions were adopted and a committee appointed to lay them before Congress. The Convention then adjourned shit die. FROM DETROIT, MICHIGAi. Nomlnatlnofl of Delegates to tbe Con- ktuuUoual Convention. Detroit, March 27.—The Republicans have made tbe lollowmc nominations for tbe Slate ronstilutlonal Convention: Barry County, H. Wright, A. Elliott; Tuscola County, B. W. Hors tor, Jr,; Eaton County, Joseph Masgrave, Milton P. B.uilch: St, Clair Comny, O. D. conger, U S.. Miles, E. Ilazcn; Alleghany County, W. B. Wil liams, W. F. White; Kalamazoo County, Harsh Gtddinge, Dclamoic Duncan and Milton Brad ley, Tbe Democrats of St. Cl&ir County hnvc made the following Constitutional Convention nomina tions: Don. Wm. T. Mitchell, George W. Wil son, 0. Rix. lion. Wm. S. Utley has announced himself as an independent candidate for the Convention from Newajgo Connty. Fata] Affray. Cairo, March 27.—A private letter from Eliza bethtown, 111, aated the 23th Instant, states that Caplam Gibson shot and billed finches Belt, on the day named. Thu letter merely gives facts without details, except that the canseofthc shoot- Inc was whiskey and politics, and that Captain Gibson acted entirely In self defence. Belt woa f hot just above the heart, and died m ten mlnntca thereafter. The Coroner's Inquest was held on the body, and a verdict returned In accordance with the above tacts. No leeal examination bad been bad when this correspondent wrote. municipal Nominations* SrnrscnzLu, March 27.—Tbe lloonbMcans of Jacksonville nominated a fall city ticket last evening. John Mathers. Esq., was nominated for Mayor, and C. Cassells for Clerk, Charles Rock well for Sired Commissioner, Ellis M. Allen for Marshal, A. N. McDonald for Assessor and Wn. L. English for City Attorney. SrniMcrrELD, March 27.—John Finn was nom inated for Mayor by the Democratic Convention to-day. Steamer movements. Boston, March 27.—The steamer Africa, for Liverpool, took no specie. The steamer China, tiom Liverpool, rfa Halifax, arrived ibis morning. The Olympus, trom Liver pool, also arrived here. Railroad Accident, New Tone, March 27.—An accident occurred on the Erie Railway, near Maslhope. this morn ing. Tbe express train, dne at New York at 7 a. m . waa thrown from the track, the tram badly smashed, the eoclneer Instantly killed, and sev eral passengers Injured. The Charleston Rioters, CnanixsTOK, March 27.—Two of the negroes concerned in tbe attack on the street cars, yester day, were arrested to-day and fined. They said they were incited to mlecondnct and were par

tially Intoxicated. All qniet to-day. Challenge, New Tors, March 27.—Aaron Jones has for warded a challenge to Michael McCool, of St. Louis, otlerlPtfto match with him lor si,ooo, and to fight within two or three months, Coal Male. New Tons, March 27.—Sevcnfy-flye thousand tonb or Scranton coal sold at auction to-day at $3.(1105.20 for steamboat, $4 1204.25 (or damn {5.00(£6.23 for stove, and $4.0004.12 (or chestnut. ItllftslMlppi Levees Giving Way. New Orleans, March 25.—Reports from points on the nver slate that the levees aro giving way, and the whole lower valley will probably be In undated. Abolition of PlotrclDg in Schools. New York, March 27.—ArT act of the Leglgla inre of New .Terse; went into effect to-day pro* blbiticg the whipping of children in public schools. The Comal System in St. Louis. St Locif, March S7.—The Merchants’ Exchange passed a resolution 10-day lo suspend the cental sjstcm anti! fully adopted by other clllca. masonic. Baltimore, Match 27.—After two days' session :he Grand Royal and Arch Chapter Masons voted io-nlj>hl to teparate by a voir ol l» to 3. A Alan Almost Bniicd Alive—Death of the Victim. (From the Mobile Times, 17.] An Italian named Joseph Galatia, who had unfortunately became Involved In some diffi culty, was brought in contact with the United States District Court, on Tuesday last, and by order of the Judge, sent to Jail. About six p. m. he attracted the attention of hisjailers by his strange and unusual appear* ancc. and stated, in reply to questions, that he did not feel well. IDs case, however, did not strike his questioners as one that should create unnecessary alarm. In the morning, however, greatly to their surprise, they found him apparently dead. By order of the Marshal the body was Anal ly turned over to tbe friends ol the diseased for burial. Every appearance of death was manifested. The strange part of the story is still to come. Upon arriving at the grave yard the friends of the diseased found that the coffin had been partly broken open, ap parently by force exercised within. They at once held a consultation, which resulted in the opening of tbe coAln, when the ap pearantly dead man was fonnd to present the most unmistakable signs of life. Although there was evidently life, there was no eonsc’onsncssjandafler unsuccessfully trying the simple methods known to them to resuscitate the unfortunate man, the body still imbued with life, was removed to a neighboring shed and a physician hastily sent [ or - The whole strength of tbe almost buried man seems to have been throughly exhausted by the un successful effort he nad made to make his condition known to his mends, and his power of consciousness and exertion seems to have deserted him simult aneously with the bursting of the lid by his frantic exertions to save himself, for he was certainly dead when the phyaclan who was sent for arrived on tbegroond. Proposed ITlonnim-nt to Artemns Ward. (From the Richmond Examiner.] A proposition has been made by “A. R ca <V , .who is a facetious writer on the New Orleans Crescent , to erect a monument to tbe late “Artemus Ward.” As the de ceased was a printer by profession, “A, Head,” wbo is also a retired member of the craft, proposes that printers in the land, and every one who can perform such a feat, shall set “one thousand ems” of type, to be paid for in the usual way according to the price in the locality, and appropriated to the pur pose of raising a monument which shall typify” the virtues of the deceased, and transmit his memory to futurity in im perishable bronze or marble. The proposer of this scheme has already set his one thousand ems and is now on his way to the Paris Exhibition as correspondent for the Crescent . His real name has not transpired, A. Head being his nom de plume. Whether the idea wM take and become popular Is more than wc can foresee; but it Is certainly a very good way to raise a largo anm of money. There cannot be less than twenty or thirty thousand practical printers in tho land, active and retired, and if each would set his allotted amount of matter, at an av erage ofllfly centspcr thousand ems of type, the sum would be /rom ten to Aftcen thous and dollars. Perhaps the money could be apptoprlated to a better object, for, after life’s Atibi fever, wo think. Artemns sleep! well, and desires no imposing stone or pom pons column to typify his virtues or repress his vices. New JTlotcrlal for Paper* An inventive person writes to a Southern exchange that paper can be made from the common swamp cane. He says: “The machinery is simple and not very costly. It consists of a ten-horsepower on §lne and steam boiler complete, and a cylin er boiler thirty feet long and forty-nine Inches in diameter, with one head perma nently secured, the other bead to work upon hinges, and fastened with a latch so it can be opened by means of a lever. “fill the cylinder boiler with green cand just cut from tbe forest, and when fhll, shut the boiler up and fasten the head so It will not open until it Is wanted to be; then let in red hot steam for thirty minutes, or more if necessary. The hot steam will fill every tiorc and cavity in the cane, and when charged full, then throw off the head by means of tbe lover, and when the cane comes In contact with the cold air from outside, each and every cane explodes, and loaves the whole a mass _ about tbe consistency of oakum, which is then ready for the paper mills.” The paper obtained in this way Is said to be of better quality than that made from common rags. Arrest of a nan on Suspicion of Haring ITlurderea Hl* uaushtcr. Great excitement is now existing at Bran don, Vermont, owing to the discovery of the body of a daughter of George Goodcnough buned In her father’s cellar. Tbe girl had been missing for some time, and it was sup posed that she had either committed suicide or been accidentally drowned in one of the mill streams or ponds in the vicinity. Mr. Goodenoogb has been arrested and lodged in jail at Rutland.on suspicion of having mur dered her, the report being that he wished to get rid of her on account of her being of un sound mind. Tbe unfortunate girl was eighteen years of age. SAN FRANCiSCD. The Spring Rains. Investigation of the Anti-Ohinese Biots. Immigration. The Clitmces of Successful Em ployment in California. Tile Frequency of Suicide and a Case in Point. Eiptcleii Visitation of n Distinguishci Japanese Delegation. {Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.] Bah Francisco, Ca!., February 23, 1807. It Is a wild, dreary night—the rain pouring steadily down, and tho southwest wind blowing “ great gnus,” rolling the sea In on tho bar at tbe entrance of the Golden Gate, and making it impossible for any vessel to enter the port. I would not’llketo be on one of the vessels ontsldo to-night. The rain fall has already exceeded the an nual average (twenty-two Inches) by some three inches, but still it comes, and it seems as though it never would let up. Stockton has been flooded, though tho damage was slight; but Sacramento has thus far escaped with one or two bad scares. Travel Id the interior ol tbe State, especially in the val leys, Is at a standstill, but there Is a bright side to the picture as well. We shall have famous crops throughout California this sea son. THE ANTI-CHINESE RIOTERS. The trial of the twelve persona alleged to have acted as ringleaders In the late mcr derons outrages by the Irish mob on the Chinese laborers of this city, is still dragging its slow length along. Our law allows every defendant to testify In his own behalf, and, ofcsursc, every mother’s son of them has sworn that he had no hand or voice in the riot. This law has been found to work badly here, producing perjury without limit, and it will be repealed or modified at the nest session of the Legislature. While the Irish rioter is allowed to testify fully in his own behalf, and swear himself out of the difficul ty, his victims, the unarmed and defence less Chinamen, are not allowed to testify against him at all; It would not do to allow a yellow man to testify against a white man, you know! What coaid be more absurd or better calculated to make a mockery ot Jus tice and secure the escape of criminals of the vilest stamp? The evidence, however, shows one thing conclusively, viz., that the mob was composed exclusively of men who quit work at $1.75 In coin per day to wreak their brntal vengeance on the victims of their blind and stupid prejudice. There was uot a hungry* or unemployed man In alt the mob of bowling fiends who disgraced our city. AID TO IMMIGRATION. While this is going on. an association with a capital of $5,000,000 is forming to bring be fore tbo world the advantages offered by California to industrious men, and Indace white Immigration from Europe and the At lantic Slates. “Said company to continue In operation for twenty years. Its exclusive objeot to be to aid, by the publication of truthful reports, the establishment of widespread agencies and correspondents; the assistance, by loans of Its money and its credit to those who, with a view to the permanent cultivation of onr public lands, may settle thereon; also, to sustain every species of industry; and to induce immigration from Europe of classes of persons slutable to this country and its resources.’* A mass meeting is to be called next week to further this project and induce subscrip tions to the capital stock. WHO SHOULD COME. The farmer, miner and mechanic, able and willing to work—lf having families, all the better—ore greatly wanted in California, and none o/Aen. We have a full supply of professional men ond business men of all classes, and a fearfully large surplus of drones. No country on earth possesses. In proportion toils population, such a number of worthless drones as Calilornl*. Of the young men without any regular trade or oc cupation, who come here expecting to re alize a fortune by doing nothing, or with a vague idea that “something will turn up” in their favor, nine out of tea become abso lute “bummers” and, after living an aim less, hopeless, shiftless life, getting an occa sional meal, Heaven knows how, and ekelng ont a miserable existence by borrowing where they can never return, or swindling by some species of false pretences, die In a hospital, or get home to the States again through the efforts of their friends, to tell long stories of famous fortunes which they made In California and lost speculating in stocks, or by being robbed on some moun tain road, or on tbe Isthmus, on their way homo. No such men should ever come here. Nor should unmarried females, having no protectors or means of earning an honest livelihood, ever seek this State. Since Cali fornia was settled by Americans, a large number of girls, beautiful, accomplished and, In many cases, wealthy, have grown up here, and the supply may be quoted as in excess of the demand in the matrimonial market. But to those willing and able to take hold of hard work and settle down for life on a farm, or at some business which they can carry on and control within their own means, I know of no such inducements as are offered by California. DEATH A LA CALIFOBNIA. While speaking of this, I am reminded of the frequent cases of suicide In this State, growing out of the propagation of the ac cursed doctrines of modem “ Spiritualism,” and the largo number of men who have failed to win success in the Golden State and have lost all strength of character and ambition, whilea false pride remains behind. Only last week I met on the street a Ano gentlemanly, well dressed young man with whom I bad a slight acquaintance, through his brother, who has been some years in my employment, and talked a few minutes with him about a situation in a store as a clerk which was offered him, and on other sub jects. Wc shook hands and parted. Next morning, on coming down to the oAice, I was handed this letter, written in a plain, bold and utterly unshaken hand, carefully scaled and addressed to me: San Fnascisco, February ID, ISC7. Fnirsn: Probably when you receive this note I shall have passed Into the spirit laud. No doubt, von will think 1 have done a rash act—perhaps it Is—bat 1 have battled in the world long enough Do not think I am insane because 1 lake my own Ule. i pledge you my word 1 am, at Ihlamomem. as sane as any man. 1 have been thinking the matter over for some time, and have come to the conclusion to pass In my checks. Please do me the favor to write to my dear brother. Caleb, the ponlcnlaiß. Iwtsli you good bye and success. ReepccUuUy yours, (Signed), Ozones Wnmso. Not another word to any human being I I read the Jetter with a feeling I cannot de scribe, and walked over to his room across the street. Great God, what a sight! He lay on h!s back on the bed, holding In one hand a Derringer pistol, and in the other a small looking-glass, which he had held be fore his face to assist him In directing the fatal shot. He had placed the pistol against one side of his head, and the ball lay on the pillow on the opposite side, while the blood covered everything around. I mane some inquiries. He bad made considerable money by Incky speculations In stocks in 'Washoe, lost it all, and got tired of life. He owed but a single month’s room rent, $12.50, and on the evening previous to the suicide he said to the landlady, “I will hand you my room-rent to-morrow.” She replied that he need give himself no trouble about It, as any time when It was convenient to him would suit her. Had he made iis necessities known—assuming them to be the cause of his suicide, which may not have been the case—he would hare received im mediate assistance, but he probably never mentioned tbe subject to any one. The de ceased was about thirty-three years of age, unmarried, and a native of Massachusetts. We hurled him nest day during a driving rain storm, and already the circumstance is half forgotten by San'Franc!-co. I should add that his letter was written on the day I saw him lost alive, and ho evidently went to bed that night intending to commit suicide nest morning, which Intention he carried out. FROM THE ORIENT. From China we learn that tbe establish ment of the new steamship line from this port Is regarded in China as certain to trans fer tbe course of exchanges from London to San Francisco, and great Interest is felt in the enterprise. A full passenger list awaits the Colorado on her return trip, and among the visitors from the Asiatic side will be a Japanese embassy of six persons and suite of servants, coming to see our country and examine our factories, our war vessels and our navy yards. As they they visit the Atlantic Slates, you should see that they are Invited to visit the West. I find that the Japanese, and Chinese even, have a good idea generally of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Ba't mire and 'Washington, bat have never heard of Chica go, or St. Louis, or Cincinnati. To them the Great West is as yet a wholly unknown, un discovered land. When the Colorado returns, the readers of the Tribune will hear from the lands on the other side of the Pacific through a special correspondent. Adlos I Altamonte. An Item for tbe Ladles. CmcAao, Illinois, March 25. To tbe Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Please Insert tbe following for the benefit of the lady readers of the Chicago Tribune who are so afflicted with water-bugs In their kitchens (not cock-roaches, as some suppose them to he.) Take of pulverized borax two parts, sugar one port, mix well together and sprinkle it liberally where the bags congregate- If this Is followed np, they will soon find the ranks of the enemy thinning oat. By the way, please tell us If we have got to drink tbe water that those four unfortunate men bathed in in the tunnel, and chat flat-bottom ed boat beside? One of the Afflicted Sisters. De Profondls. The True Index , published at Warrentown, Va., utters the following first-class howl over the Reconstruction Bill: Virginia la Virginia no more. The record of her past lame is rolled np and laid away. The memory of her sons who made a“ bee line for Boston ” and ponred out their blood for a principle which involved only the ma terial interests of her New England sisters, is forever ignored. Like the prisoner of the Basilic, upon whom its gloomy portals once closed in the bloody reignof Red-republican ism in France, she has lost all other than a numerical designation, and even the Ups of the turnkey who doles to her her bread and water, refuses to utter the name by which she was hon ored among the nations of the earth. She Is now District No. 1. And who Is re sponsible for this crowning infamy ? Those over whom she has yearned as a mother, and around whose infant Umbs she has thrown ' tbe protecting arms of a mother’s love. Those who have suckled at her breasts and have drawn life and substance from her gen erous and heroic being. Is there no flash from heaven to. blast the heart of ingrati tude ? Is there no thunderbolt in the vast concave to strike terror and dismay to tbe hyenas who are gorging at her grave, and gloating with blood-shot eyes over her sacred bones? How long, O Lord! how long? Yet do we see through the eye of faith, amid the darkness and gloom that curtains tbe pres ent, tbe glorious Inscription that wUI yet blaze upon her front— Resubgam. t5TThe Boston Advertiser gets off the fol lowing hard bit at Napoleon’s biographer: “ Rev. J. S. C. Abbott, after describing bis speech to Napoleon at ‘his own fireside,' says ‘The interview was prolonged for nearly an hoar. I saw no visible indications of ill health.* “ This Is certainly extraordinary, for what Mr. Abbott said would have made any other man sick. “How docs a man see invisible indica tions ?*’ ms WAIT UKOTHEtii Advertlutna Ag’ts ISO Deerbom-st,, receive advertisements for all the (radios papers thronebsat tbe Called statc« and Canadas. (Enteral 'Notices. JOHN CORE RIDGE, E?q,: dear Six: The undersigned, trident* andßepubll ”**** believing mat the inter e*iß (f the Wa'd wM be much benefited thereby, call upen yon to content to become a candidate for Alder man at the ensuing election. Your residence In the w atd for twelve yearn past, as also your residence la the city for twenty yesrs par, tbe spoiled purity ol *®d the high tone of year personal affability and disposition, au will unite to give yon that weight and personal influence la tbo Common Council to which the banner Republican Ward of the city Is entitled. Respectlully, . Geo. Sconlle, Deary Greentshano, Thot. Jackson. Lows Qrtmme, M. A. Bartlett, Geo. Gardner. C. A. Reno. A. L. Hale, J. F. Bulk F. C. Hale, Jas. L. Bliss. C. H. Wlgnall. A. Chapman, C. Breycr, D.Lee Hale, w. Kiekenalt. T. Bermans, Jacob Greenebaum, Jr- Isaac Greenebaum, H. Srkerilemah, chas. E, Moore, rnas. n. Baymm, James Field, Frank Arnold, and 100 others. X HE DENTISTS OP THIS CITY AKE 1 request*! to meet at the office of Dr. HOCTSINGEB this fTHUBSDArj evening, at ijf o'clock, (br the transaction of business In connection with THE LATE RUBBER SUIT. W- W. SHERWOOD. President. TO VESSEL OWNERS AND OAP TAINS.—A yaosk man would like to eceseo lor me comim season with thcowoertor C.ptstn of some veatel—bark preferred—on which ho would have an opportunity of ncqalrlcjc a thorough knowledge of T?LDER A. MAXPIELD XL; 139 Klnzle-st., MANUFACTURES CIDER VINEGAR. Highest price paid for SOUK CIPEB . |EMRMMPHOR QRACELAND CEMETERY. CABS LEAVE FOB GBACBLAND. From corner of Lake and State-sU., at 7.-03, &SB, 1038 «. m.t 13:38,2:14,3:40, 438,530 t>. m. Company’s Officet No. u Opera House. Hour*,» to Its. m., 2to4p. m. jpfeathts. YyEiT SIDE RINK. GRAND MASQUERADE On SATURDAY EVENING. Maskers free. Register yonr names at the Office, fine Ice. Skating Day and Evening. RINK. 6BAKD CLOSING MIGHT. FULL STRING BAND. SPLENDID ICE. JSiHantcir TO LATVTERS.—A gentleman of the prolusion, who has practiced ten years, desires to form a connection with a Arm la this city. Refer ences given. Address »X. B.y Tribune Office. 'J'ENOR SINGER WAIXTBI> For a Quartette Choir—one who has had experience atd can read music at sight. Address, girlae qaallU cations and references, “ CHOIR,*’ P. O. Box 244. QOiraissioN. Wanted, by a young man who knows and means bus iness, to engage with some commla ion boose to attend to ofltslde matters cr offleo work. Salary no object. Address >4 E H." Tribune office. Election Notice. JgOARD OF TRADE. SPECIAL - NOTICE. Tbe Annual Election for President. First and Second Vice Presidents, five Directors, flvo Members of the Committee ol Arbitration, and five Members of tho Committee of Appeals, will be held on MOM)AY, April Ist, 1887, Between the hoars rt 10 a. m. and 3 p. m. By order of the Board. JNO, P. BEATY, Secretary. iSor jFactori). 'J'HOMAS G, GOODWiLLIE, NORTH PIER BOX FACTORY! Strawberry Boxes, per 1,000, $6.00* Crates, to hold 48 quarts, 95c* to 50c* Packed la boodles in quantities to salt. Alep, a central assortment ol Packing Boxes of every description, kept constantly oa hand. J asttoiosg. J£ADAME ALWDf. All persons wishing to know tbclr FUTURE PROSPECTS Iff LIFE, Can bare them correctly stated by tbe Madame by calling at 347 Sooth Clark-at, (opposite Jones School) where ehe mar be consulted abont all matters concern ing Business, Marriage, Lore, etc., and will tell the name of the lady or gentleman yoa are going to marry: also the name oi her visitors. 'J'HE REAL SCIENTIFIC Astrologer of America, In Chicago. A. B. MAURICE, Just arrived from New York. From tbe position and aspect ol tbe stars at tbe time of one’s birth, win rereat astoclshmg secrets that no living mortal ever knew before; how to oe sncceai inl in ail reasonable cndertaklngs: he will tell all the eventsof lilewtthont your aiklmr him anyqa'StDßß. Call and consult an Astrologer that is an Astrologer. Ladles and gentlemen each, |l,oo. 1.0 M4H sooth Btatc-st., near Jackson, on tbe east aide of the street. All boors nnttl Bln the evening. Eranspottafum. T?OIi MANISTEE.—The A 1 schooner r _ ‘•ADVANCE**’ now ins? at Chapman’* D ct. will mil Saturday next, at 6 o'clock r. tn. For freight or pa<<iazo apply at the office ot D. Chapman & Co., 336 Sznin Water-tt. 1). CHAPMAN A CO. Chicago. March 27.1867. So Kent. RENT— Offices in the Chamber of Commerce. Offices Not. 10 tad 19. mi main floor. Apply .lOfflcaNo. un|oWWr| NUMBER 291. patents. TXT’ARNING is hereby given Vy TO PURCHASERS of a certain Patent. wm a unuaaociiw e«ub. Whereas, one I BOM AS FALVBi*, of tUcine. WU cotEln. did ODlaln Letters Patent February sth, 1367. The Paten: granted gold Falvey la as IbUsws, tasea trcmttie Patent Office, or Commissioner's Record: “1 Ciilm casting or terming an Irregnlarthreidupsn the fckeln A. for thr purpose of ftrmiy receiving ana stationing the Collar DD. which are cast over aud Irregular thread, substantially as herein speciflcd.” The eald Falvey has sent agents different States, carrying aid exhittnug models of my Tbltnb.e &«eln and wason Axle, with broai bearings, and with an an alar collar with a receptacle for the ban of the bos to prevent the coteilng of dost. Said brais or Babbitt metal, or other sol; metal bearings, and said aauUr collar, are patented by ms. 1 patented the brass or metal roattDf Sept-mber COih. 1363, and said anular collar Fearuarr istti, 1566, and any one asms or pur chasing the ngnt to make or n*e said bra<a or Baooitt metal bearings, or said anolar collar, except they par. chase ot me or tar lawful agent* or M'letis, wilt purchase a spurious right, and I shall proceed to nul lify the claim and ccLect damages. Sparta, March 13, 1367. B. P. GILLETT. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Dxab Sib: I notice In your issue of the 3D*.h an arti cle headed, “ Warning to Purchasers of my Patent lor Thimble Skeins,” by a party or person signing him* sell R. P. Ol.le ft. Sparta, Wls. I see the gentleman spreads my claims before the pub lic, and claims that 1 have infringed his rights and his claim tot Patent under date of September 30th, 1362, and alio February 13th, 1306. I will spread his claims on axles before tha public, so that all parsons, who are adepts in the business, can readily see Just what claim* were allowed to the gentleman named above. [Claim of September 30th, 13C3J I claim having the axle covered with Babbitt’s metal, with an oil reservoir made lo such meta'. all at herein set lorth and described. No. ot Patent, 3^561. (Claim of February 13th, 1366.] I claim tbe Collar B, on Axle A. constructed with a recess (A) for the insertion of butt end ot boxing E. substantially as and for the purpose described. T will a»k Ur. Gillett where I use or infringe any part clhlsclatma? Do I use Babbitt metal? Do Ime Ms oil duct or chamber? I believe he claims nothing of this kind. If his claim or Invention was worth any thing, why has it not been brought before the public before? Why secrete It? The truth Is, It is lot now and never was worth anything. H 1 am, as he claims, infrtr ging his rights, there Is no necessity ot this coarse of advertising and cautioning the public, lor he can imd plenty ol the legal profession in Racine that will, if be shows them anything that they can make oat a caiesoasioget me Into Court, will do his business without the tuuai retainer. He can. II 1 Invade his rights by infringing bis Patent, by enjoining me pat n stop to my agents selling or in any way offering to sell or dispose oi this right, and certainly if the case were reversed, and 1 In bis stead, if I felt as be does 1 would enjoin him at once; but the fact is, bo has no Patent that covers anything of any value. In view ot that fact, I do nat, nor need he, have any fears of my Infringing any part of his claims, as from preseat appearances no invent on allowed by the Com missioner in the past live years has tbe value of the Patent granted to myself February stb, 1567. PATENT OFFlGEb.—lnventors -who wish to take out letters Patent are advised tc counsel with MUXN & CO., Editors ol the Scientist Airerlcar, who have prosecuted claims before th| Patent office for marly twenty years. Their Americas and European Patent Agcncyffs the most citenXve U the world. Charges leas than any other rehahk agency. A pamphlet, containing mn Instructions to inveav on, & .en.frr.tu- Aaoreu UONU ft CO -37 Park-row, Mew icrk. Estate, JJEAL ESTATE. FOR SALE AT THE BEAL ESTATE OFFICE OF Clarke, Layton & Co. Thirty choice 50-loat lots fa ihe Grove, south of the Chicago University, la the aubdi virion of the old Daich Gardens. Also, thirty choice lots Jost north of Essa*?., In the Grove. The above property Is now for the first time offered to the public in lots, and It la the moat ceslrable prop erty tor residences In Soath Chicago. Come quick 11 yoa want to purchase of first bands, and cheap. Also, several choice lota in the vicinity cf the Chi cago university; for sale oafonryears’ time—interest at 6 per cent. Also, flue Residence Lots on Lake, Warren, Fulton, Madison, Monroe and Adams4ts n Jastwe>t of Union Park, at a bargain and on time. And, generally, H ouses and Lois la all parts of th city. Ten new Cottigea on the South Side, tor sale on easy terms of payment. CLARKE, LATTOX & CO., 138 «Va*tbington-£r. SALE—A VERY DESIRABLE Two-Story Frame House Prick Basement, with all modern Improvements, con sisting of Hot-Air Foresee?, Hot and Cold Water, Mw b'c Mac ties. Speaking Totes, Bath Boom, with 10 years’ lease of lot at a low rate. PRICE, @O,OOO. Terms easy. Inquire at SSG STATE-ST. I O LUMBER DEALERS.—Knr Sale, X two lots 33x125 fret c*clt (comer lots), about 3jfl feet west of Western av„ and Jjst santb of Madison-sn, VERY CHEAP FOIt CASH. Orwlll trade for lumber. Apply to QhO. W. HILL 17 Reynolds’Block, near P.O. Ultlb ®arltoarr. gPRING TRADE, 1807. A B. & a. H. IKHZXEB, 8 5 Stato»st. We are now opening, fresh from Domestic and For eign Manufactories, a large stock ol Hardware and Cutlery, Selected with great care, and adapted to (ho wonts of the Western Trade, at greatly reduced 1 Wade &r Batcher's XCD Pocket Knives, Geo. \Vos<eDho>n 4 Soot* )XL do. do. American and English TablcCutlery. Genuine Wllkidsod’s Sheep Shears. Disstons ik Spear and Jackson’s Hand Saws, Ac., Ac. . Also, a fine stock of FARMING TOOLS. Batcheller AEcns’ HAT AND MANURE FORES, and other good urandi, at low prices. ® Ames & Eowland’s Shovels, Spades asd Scoops. We are sole agents lor the Justly celebrated brand of Files made by the ‘’AMERICAN FILE COMPANY,” Which has taken precedence over all oth s rs. and to which we Invite special attrition. Mali orders promptly and caremlly Oiled- Express (Companies. 'J'HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAIi - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers, CABBIES BY EXPRESS, Money, Volna blps. Freight and Parcels, over more than 13,000 miles ot Express Line, at jnst and liberal rates, saves Millions yearly to Ex press Shippers, andean be made permanent only by their liberal patronage. This we hope to merit and receive. Office, Nos. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearbom-st B. B« COOX*fiB A front. Educational. TX7ABABH COLLEGE, CRAW TJJ» ~m° RD3VILLE - Sommer £55“ SS r- c in{?. eßt £ oa Tursday Morning. April 2nd, e -l ,clllUe9 , fbr Pursuing literary, classical anil iclentlOc courses of stney. a«c so ample as to Invite R?i r °v^ eec r? °uoe men seeking an education. and of A. THOMSON, Mmc: Treasurer of Waaash Uoliece gCHOOL OF DESIGN. Beopesisg of Otto Sninob’s Drawing Class For ycupg ladles and gentlemen. Particulars at Boom 19 Reynolds* Block. Madlaon and Dearbom-sta. jpeed. jpLAX SEED. FLAX SEED FOE SOWETO. Choice and well screened, for sale for ca*h. Al*o. line Orontd Linseed Cake. Highest price paid for Flax aeeo toenub. atOOOLD BHO’S Llnsred Oil Works. 44 to 50 WestCbaries-at., between Van Bnrea and Ham son. 3Hse anh isar. J)R. UNDERWOOD, E7S ASD SAB. Consulting and Operative Surgeon for all diseases ana determines ol the Eye and Ear, 124 BANDOLPU-ST. Cross gya straightened In one mlnnte. Uenlistt£. nPEETH EXTRACTED JL WITHOUT PAIN, BY THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION. Eooma.llS Dearborn-*t(TlmC3lJ't« ,, s-2,) They nre none but fresh and pure Nitrons G ; ; Langn- Intr Gas. iSritk. MjgRICK MACHINE.I'’ 1 '’ ~ DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. OtHce, Room So. 3. 47 Clarkgt„ Chicago. 0, ARC’S PATENT BBICK MAGHDRI. . Office and maautaetorr 33 team JeAnaMl. pot IMbnuaUcn tad ivarflrtirs circular adds am A B. QABDt •S ftram JecenoMi* CbtatM. Sts <Soottg jQBT GOODS CHEAP FOR CASH. PARTRIDGE & SMITH, 64 & 66 Michigan-av, cADJonrnrs adaxs house Chicago,) ARB NOW OPENING SOME Special Bargains Dress Goods, Shawls, Hosiery, White Goods, Fancy Gassimeres, Cottonades, Prints, Sheetings, . AND ALL RINDS OF DOMESTIC GOODS. Prices as I»ow as tho X«owest» gPRTKG TRADE, 1567. SEYMOUR, CARTER & CO., 22 Lake-st., HATE IN STOCK, AND OFFER TO THE TRADE, A FULL LINE OF Hosiery, Gloves, White Goods, Notions, Twines, &c. AT NEW lOEK PRICES, It is CASH that Buys Goods Cheap. 33ourion glSaijisfeeu. Address S. T. SUIT & CO., LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. ffy Conn try Druggists can procure the above supe rior Whiskey la barrels and half barrels trom the prin cipal Wholesale Drug Houses In Chicago. jptoeft giutsaiptiong. pROSPACTUS OF "The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co,” Capital Stock - - $500,000, live Hundred Shares, 81,000 Each, This Company has been organized under the GcnerC Lews of the state ct I.lincis. lor the parpose ol mane, actui ingall kinds ol PAPER, acd preparing FIBRE for other porpesea Dom the WILD GKASb found in this vicinity in exeat abundance. The practical development and utilizing ot such aa« ferial has been effected thronza the inventions. the several Patents tssoed to OIR. HARRISON B. MEECH. of Fort Edwards, New York. This Company having purchased from Mr. Mecch all of th- said Patents fin the fbl.owlng States, towlt: Illinois, Indiana, Michi gan, Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, are now prepared to receive a limited amount ol subscriptions to the Capital Stock. In Inviting subscriptions to this Stock, we would state that the Company are sow the owners ct the BATAVIA PAPER WTT.T.S Which are producing at the present time two (?) per day or print paper. This Mill has buildings and water power of smCclent capacity, already erected, and in concition to receive two (2) seditions! machines, which have been ordered, and It la estimated can be pnt In running order on or before the first day ol May next, wnich will increase the capacity and products cf tbe said Mills to all (5) tons per nay; that, at the present market prices, should yield to this Company a very satisfactory profit. The future operations of Lola Company contemplate tbe erection, or consolidating of other mills witn their enterprise, within the present year, Iraninj ire fall amount of thclr Stock, and which wnl probably mote than doable the leregotng estimate ol product of Print, Manilla and Wrapping Papers* This Company having procured sedarter trom the Leelslatnre of the State of Illinois, increasing their capital to one mll’lcn cf dollars, are now reorganizing under their Charter privileges. The Stock Booesare nowopenfarsnbscrlptionto the Stock, at the Offices of Messrs. DICKERSON 4 SHERMAN. 170 doloh-it, where allfnrtber inlormatlos as to the oat> eats, prospects, &C-, will be given. In so’lcmtg our friends to subscribe to this Stock, we believe we are warranted la saying that this enter prise promises an unparalleled return of profits, com- other manufacturing business hereto THOMAS S. DICKERSON, Pres’t. GEO. B. MOSS. Vice Pies't. (formerly President Balovla Paper Mill Co.) m HANSBBOUGH, Bec’y. 1. N. W. SHERMAN. Treasurer. dfst Sale. FOR SALE—Bam at No. SlAdams-st.. lor 8 borers, if not sold before, win he at auction awl o'clock Friday, 29th last. B. T. LEE, City Auctioneer. 123 Dearbom-flt. Atpnvate sale, a fine goat and kid. ■s» pORSALE— Genteel Wabosli-ar. Residence, With Lot 40 by 160. NEAB ELDRID GE COURT Tbe most thorough bcUt two«story and stone base ment frame house on the avenue. Heated by steam throughout, m tine repair, and containing all modem Improvements. Fora first-class residence, the most deniable one that has been oflered this season. Terms favorable. Inquire of A. J. AVERELL, B»alEstata AgenL Boom 7, Metropohtaaßlcytr. HORSES FOB SALE OF THE GOLDDDST BREED, that have challenged the world fbr speed and bottom. SfSS/'rf SpUlt cf the Times”; also, Lydia Golddut, that won lorfeit ol Motmofa celebrated Brnno In three races; also. Matty Golddast. that won l a r ,*££ of two year olds of Kentucky In the faJlof is®, and the noted style and speed mares Sue Golddast, Rosa Golddast. These, with many oth ers. make up the best and most elegant lot cf trotters ever offered lor sale la America. T am now breeding over 75 mares annually cf the most improved crosses ol Morcaus and thorough-breeds, and can supply Hq! gle and double driving horses, brood mares,or stat ions, ol any desired ages, at the shortest notice. 001068-261 Tn net L, L. DORSEY. JB. PEEK SKILL MANUFACTURING CO.’S bestlmproved BRICK MACHINE, simple, cheap and durable; TEMPERING MACHINES, and all machinery for making brick. Machines to be seen, and all InformaQon gained. by calling on or addressing WHITING Sc WENTWORTH, P- 0. Box 2705, Chicago, HL TO CAPITALISTS. . ~ &ln.WArxzz. March 4.i867. »ofthT? C i tJ d s c ! ( i ed to relinquish business, we oiler oar establishment for sale. Otr bouse wu EBUBtIBHEB IN 18AS, Has been In existence 21 years, and la now plaotdon a sale, arm ana permanent basis, and to men of capital who are oeslroos of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and jobbing only) this pre sents a nre and valuable opportunity. Oar stock U tun. embraces none bat the most staple goods, and the business Is In perfect running order. D. BUS WURTH & SON*, Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wls. _JStocfei)oUrcrs3' jHegttng, ■\TICHIGAN SOUTHERN & NORTH i.TX ERN INDIANA E.IL CO. No. is W xluam Street. 7 _ Niw Yoke, March 15,1567. f The annual election lor Directors of this Company win be held at theCompaof'sofflce la Toledo, Ohio on Wednesday, the 74th Cay ot April next, at noon! The polls will remain open until 2p. m. The Stock Transfer Books win be closed on the 3Dth insc at ? o. m_aod reopened ootbe asm proximo at ID a » fT P.BARHYDT, Secretary. * *•** u ‘ (garbs. ’ Celebrated Hams, smaspab* bacon, Sugar-Cured Beef and Smoked Tongaeo. U r »cd. Establl.hed (07337. Very mild cured. For sale In any quantity by 3 B. F. JACOBS ft CO., Commission Merchants. 161 Sooth Watcr-aL gMOKED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORI, BEEP, URD, AT7D SMOKED MEATS, IBC BOOTH WATEB-BT. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Hardwood and Whitewood Lumber. Office and Yard. 304 South Fraakllu-SL. bet. Van Boren and flam so:. Chicago, p. O. Box 2236. Bill* cut te order, wi assn n.gaujßf.JE- Eoiicnovesdletd*. 0 &HDTCHINB & CO., commission Merchants, CHICAGO Adtutaler T, Wnpiord Abons* Osyego Qtafcd. Kansas Aanhs. - SALE OF KANSAS LANDS. OS TUKSDAT, the W day of April, ujv Tflfia offered at PUBLIC SALE At die Edridge Honse, in die eitj of LAWBUTOB) CAMAS, About 155,000 Acres of L;sd, Wl “°“ “DELAWARE RESERVE.” Tteoe lands Ue directly on the mala Una ef the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Biviiioi The branch of the same Road from Uavenwann ta Lawrence pa»M through them, aaa Um railroad Mm SC Loon to Leavenworth rasa along their border. * la Fertility. Location, and abundance of Timber an* Water, these lands are the FINRaT IN tub stats. By the treaty with the Delawares in 1360, the lactM title to the “Reserve" was extinguished, and slao»* «>«i date many farms hare been Improved, and churches, school nooses, grist and saw mill* erected, and many other improvements made thereon. The climate of Kansas la rvmarsahlyhcalthial, sad to fkrmen and settlers these lands offer Greater Inducement* than any others lo the west. Also, at the same place, immediately alter the dltpo littoo of the above Lands, will be sold sbJtfr 28,000 ACHBB OF ZsAMB, Situate la the southeastern part ct the u Sac and Fox Reserve;** In the connty cl Fr.iafUa. Kansas. Also, a large number of TOWN LOTS and 3LOCO In the towns ot north Lawrente, Tonganoxie and Perry. The sale win commence on April 3d. 1567. and win continue from dav to dav until *1 tb-* lauds above named have been disposed ot. Tbe Lands will be efr ftred in tracts to suit purchasers. Tibbs or s*ix—Onc-lhtrd cash acd balance in two equal annual payments, with 6 per cent interest there* cn from date of purchase. B. m. BABTSOLOW, Agent* SI (Sljallenge, 'J'O PATER MANUFACTURERS. Hydrostatic ns, Pneumatic. A CHALLENGE! Whereas, the Hydrostatic Paper Company hare pub lished that my inenmaac Patent* lor the treatment of paper stcck are Infringement* of patents held by the -Hydrostatic Paper Company" tor accomplishing the same purpose by hydrostatic pressor**; and. whereas; they calm to have obtained a reissue ot said Hydro static patents, Including as wel’. hydrodynamic and pneumatic pressure, ard that said rtlMue Is valid sod antedates my said patents. Now. for the purpose of settling this controversy, and the right t f tin putlea In the premises. I propose and agree tj snhult my said pneumatic patents, and all question of neat analog under ‘be same, to the arbitrament ot three competent lawyers of Chicago, ot which 1 will choose one said Hydrostatic Company shall choose another, ant those thuscboeenshall rameathlrd, whj shall constitute a board ot arbitrators.wboehall be empowered to hear and determine all questions ol infringement; and to that end 1 will atslen In blank my Pneatralle raceots. aid dellTer the same to said board, and the President of said Hydrostatic Paper Compacy, or some person authorized by it. shall assign la blank natd Uydrostatlc Patents, or the reissue of the tame, held by said Ccm psny. and sbail deliver tbs same to said board of arbi trators; and the said board shad be empowered to hiar and determine whether said Pneumatic Patents are an Infringement of the itshu ot said Company, or whether aald Hydrostatic Patent* hare been Invalida ted by surrender and relesue of the tame, and whether the (aid reliancd patents do net. in terms, Infringe or said patent or paler ts; and the said board aboil be au thorized to deliver to the party whose nzbta are la- Onrcedby either cf said patents, said Infringing pat ent?. to be the property ot the party to wtum to*y an tins delivered, cn the paymentnf the ecnMdentlon cf ore (ft) ooilar to the other party. 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