Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 28, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 28, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. THUEBDAT, MAECH S 3, 1307. THE CITY. Bobekux Ct-im.-The eeml-amiMl meeting of the Bohemian Club, for the election of offleet,. •will he held thla d»T. « 'he Club room.. The will be called to order «l one o’cloclc. Txkpouwci Mxrmrs.—A public temperance meeting, under the auspices of Chicago Lodge of Good Templars, wlßbeheld at their hall, comer n f T-rabce street and North avenue, on Friday evening. March 2»th. Bcv. O. H. Tlflany. D. D., trill address the meeting. Larrabee street cars run past the door. Cncncn op the Messiah. —The annual renting Of the pews in the Church of the Messiah—Rev. B. L. Collier—took place on Monday evening last. The pew holders bad permission tormain their seats for another year at the former rates, thote not eo retained were pot up at auction, an average advance of one-third over the rates of last year being obtained. Tnx Strain or Srnrrr Laura.—The contract for keeping the street gas lamps of thedlyln re pair for the ensuing year was yesterday awarded to Hartman, for the sum of £ 1.47 per lamp. As there an? about 8,000 lamps In the city the total expense of repairing will cost lae city about £1,503. The only other hid was from Jones & Co., their proposal being f L4SJ4 per lamp. Abcbivk UrsnucDP.—Christian Schastiand and Thomas Doley, the one coming to the (Police Com I from No. 160 Elm street, and the other from No. C 35 Clark street, were each fined £25 ye’ter day, and required to give bail of £303 to keep the peace, on account of unnecessarily abusing their wives. U is stated that Doley ts foreman m a packinghouse. Pbokotioss—U. S, a.—ln looking over the confirmations of the sreoate recently wc soiled the promotions of Major Fred- Myers, Quartermaster United Fiaics Army, toa Lieutenant Colonelcy, and Lieutenant Kelson Thompson. Fifth In fantry United Stfl»es Army, to a Captaincy. We congratulate these officers opon the high honor tbe Government has conferred upon them, and hope that they will lone be stationed with ns. Jcmrax ScscrsG School.—Ur. Dye, the well known music teacher, will commence the Spring term of bis Juvenile Sinning School on next Sat urday morning, at nine o'clock, at lus ball in Methodist Church Block, on the corner of Wash in pier and Clark streets. Ur. Dye is also agent for tbe celebrated Hazleon Pianos; tbo sale rooms arc at No. 101 liar dolph street, where these bcantilnl Instruments may be inspected. Habdwaue aim Cctixut.—'We call attention to the advertisement of A. It. & G. H. Miller, No. 35 Stale fctrect, who are now opening fresh from do mestic and tertian manufactories a large stock of hardware and cutlery, select* d with great care and express reference io the oame ot the Western trade, at greatly reduced prices. They also hare a fine stock of farm cutlery and toots, first-c ass band saws. Ac. An inspection la solicited. As otueii GaxxLtKc Dcix-—Tlie Police author ities are erioenily in earnest to the work of root ing out the gambling dens which infest the very bustcess centre of the city. Last night between S and 10 o'clock a descent was mad* on ibe faro rooms of Eugene C- Bowers at No. 68 Bande'ph street, resulting in tbe capture of tbe proprietor and fifteen young men of various agos and de grees or deficiency In “banking.” A few were there who will read this morning's Turn use with a sense of rebel is not Coring lhar names given to the public, tbe suppression ol which may save {bem from farther disgrac* and preserve to them ibelr situations. They will be found and Cued at the Police Court this morn ing. Old Folks' Coscebt —At a meeting of the Managers of the Home for the Fiiendleas yester day afternoon, a number of our prominent singers were selected to take pari in the Old Folks’ Concert, to be given shortly in tire Opera Bonsc far the benefit of this benevolent institu tion, and those invited are notified to meet at tbe mafic ro tins of Messrs. Hoot «fc Csdv, on Thors dsyevenfi'g, April 4lh, at 1 o’clock, for reheiraal. The rehears sis ana concert will be conducted by Mr. Waller H. Meade, a vocalist from Europe, who has recently taken up bis residence here,and trill, it Is hoped, famish a handsome sum for the needs of the Dome for thu Friendless. Fuffo Gaatßtxns.—Barney Kellis, for keeping a gaming Louse in the Garrett Block, was fined sllO yesterday morning, at the Police Coart. Eleven Inmates were fined SSO each, and three who were only visitors and “never did anything wore.” were amerced in only f 10. A fine for disorderly conduct would not have been oat ol place with one or two of the three innocents, as It Is stated that they hal betaken themselves an l daily to bed in adjoining apartments upon th ■ appearance of tbeofficeis, whore 'hey were fonn : with bools on 1 What became of the Wabash avenue inmate mentioned in this conjunction i • these columns yesterday, clla not tranrpue. Absoixi* STHiKiefi.—The great trouble in tpvif> c sun pictures ha* always been to seer o perfect stillness, tbe least motion being latal to the fidelity and dearness ot the portrait. This is especially the case wUh photographs of children. S M. Bassett, the well known artist, has ob tained a set of patented appUacccs which obviate this difficulty completely, enabling the operator to fix absolutely the posture of Die sitter, of what ever size or age. The veriest infant is held in absolute stillness during the entire operation. Mr. Bassett Is thus enabled to do what tew photo graphers c-n— guarantee a perfect picture. Mr. Faseett is always on Ibe look out tor the most re cent improvement, and js thus enabled to pro duce every novelty ar last as presented. Tn* * T Suttzeixs.— Judge Walden, of Cherokee County, in Northeastern Alabima, ar rived in ihla city yesterday as a committee ap- • pointed by the sufferers m that county, to solicit aid from the people of ibis and other Northern d‘ie«. He wiß remain attheTromontHonretili Fndav evening, Tne amount ot aestitntion there may be Jrfcired from an official statement that out of a population of 15,500 that county has 3,000 whites, and from 1,800 to l.oou blacks in the depth of poverty, most ot tbe latter being old men and children, ibe almost total failure ol the crops, owing to tbe very unfavorable weaihtr of the last pnnmer, is the cause of the destitution. We tivutlikt the appeal will not he wade in vain. Cincinnati him already aided to a large extent. House Tawsq.— H. P, Hamilton, the celebrated horse tamer, who Is now giving free exhibitions every afternoon and evening at the Coliseum on State street, is having erected for his use a building on market sweet, comer of Wash ington, in which he will! open on Monttny Professor took yesterday a kicking boree. seven vears old, belonging to Gooding A Hamp son. of the West Division, one of the best know n worst kickers io tbe city. He brow© the animal In a few minutes, and yesterday was seen by thousands driving her bp-Clark streH or rope. Be then turned ter loose a distance of twenty rods ahead, malanc the mare stop at the word, and then torn round and come back to Hamilton is leaching horse classes dully how to attain ibis same mas*erv over the tone *hlchho possesses. He taught more than one hundred and twenty tbe past week. Tex Ghacelasd Cae*. —There has been, for ft ▼ear or two, great complaint expressed by resi dents along the lake shore north of tbe city limit® in regard to the lack of depot accommodations at Fullerton avenue. The placing of the dummy on the extension of tbe street lines, lor two miles north ol the city, stimulated building in that vicin itv greatly, and many now co business in thircily and go out by this rente to their homes In Lake View As the dummy, however, leave* Fullerton arcmle only once every bourln tbemorntng and evening, and once In a naif hour in the afternoon, it Is necessary, frequently, to wait In the open street for its arrival, the only shelter near being a ta?er beer saloon,’ wh-ch though a Pleasant. re sort tor some classes of people, i» able place for ladies and children. When the reads are mnddy, or obstructed with snow, con nections arc often lost and the incodyenieuec s u fered w considerable. The North Division Rail way Company have boon frequently asked to■ erea even a shed as a shelter, but as yet nothin., ha. been done. Tnr Socthebs Scf rnnEns.—The movement Ic the Board ot Trade to aid the .Southern suQ'erer-, tarns out to he a dead 1 allure. Tbe original mo tion to donate one thousand dollars out of the empty treasury ot the Board, was sought to he tm proved bv making it five thousand, aad the la motion was laid over to give the mcmbers uu o nortunity to do even better In their mdivlun •canaStyf A committee uas appointed to aui o the members and other leading easiness man an subscriptions. Yesterday that committ: Tfnnrttfl progress, or rather the want Of It, an requested to they not having enc ceeded in collecting enough to make a respectable exhibit. Onmollonof F. M. Mitchell, Esq, the % S a».S'S t . e rdor to I*, the effort ha* failed, not so much ftomalackof sym tty with tbe suffetere in'be Sooth, as on account ot the comparative inability of the great majority_to ♦rive lite season now closing has been a very cull one. and very maty of those who were able to give largely during the war, are unable now to % more rum paj 'heir way. There U, .t00, an other reason —our business men are conviction that the parts!, least most effective chanty. Is that which borne, and arc looking after onr own poor much more extensively than of yore. Ak Elsctho-Maonetjo Clock.—Mr- H. J. Hutoift watchmaker al 175 West Randolph street, has for some years occupied himself In discover icchow an electrical current might be used di rectly as a motive power In clocks, dispensing weights, the pendulum and the clock work. Bo has at last succeeded in constructing «n ‘■electro-magnetic dock," which requires but a elncl e wheel Instead of from four to seven as In an ordirary clock- A battery of a few cells-eacb cell consuming no more than twenty-five cent* vortb offline Tlliiol dorioe o by means of wires wlta an ordinary eundatd or regulator, the electro-manaeuc docks p. Inc also included in the circuit. By a system consisting of an escenlric. an a j-Tcr,fifty or one hundred clocks maybe connected Min the etat dard clock, the same cJec uirsl current causing them all to move and stoke exactly alike, rrqniilng no oil, repairs or clean ing- Tb e advantages ofibU ingenious Invention are that the clocks will run equally well m hori zontal or perpendicular position, and that they might be iotrodnc**d,with grcate&vmg of time and exptcee,'nto hoi els, conn bouses ana other public buildings where a perfect uniformity of all the cluckainihcdiC'eieattoomsii desired, wbltMhe necessity fer repairs Is obviated and only the one regulator needs to be wound instead of the num bers throughout thebuilding. , , „ , . Mr, HUiorffia very cnibuhiaslic in the study of clectncitv, and has wires so arranged In hU store that the entrance ofany one clores some electrical circuit fli A ilnga bells in dtdvrent parts of the building. Tbe T>w dohek Fonctut Caen.--The exam* loailon of Charles fl. Van Horen, charged with forgery was postponed at the Tuhce Court yes terday morning until Friday morning, $5,000 hall being reaulred for bis appearance. The onlraddillowU evidence in this ca»c to* c i^««iS, d oi”B 8 B“nSTop: sToSSfo 8 ; in the case, and seemed an un willing tn “ a * “* aerting that it was not ycl Known whether the documents were forged ornol, and questioning toe rebt of the court io mam possession of them. One of these documents was a leUer bcariu, (late February 15. JSC7, addressed to Mr. hi. tt and purporting to be written i»y A. B. Van Doren, *bnt gentleman to cash a New Tor. assigning as a reason that a kept no bank account, and stating that h * be responsible for the saqie.. j&i* iwa « sums* •“ oip * Oltos sssssr^ss tare of c_,i«v Esc It reads as follows:: f. d S’wlll lntri>^ h “ “on Ne* SWSf. of finrnrms here, and would be or no business wiio j tame and give him a S®““>- “ THE CAIEEI OF k SWINDLER. The Late Attempt to Defraud Three Life Insurance Companies. Antecedents of the Princi pal Actor. floff He Began liiffe- In thß Pwu tentiary—He levies Money for the Purpose of Sup porting a Political Campaign. His Apprehension! Under the Belief that He is Surratt. A Strange and Ercnttnl History. On Friday of last week the Tnmusx contained an account of a hold and skillful, but happily un successful, attempt to defraud a number of life insurance companies out of £14.000 by represent lug as dead an Individual who Is yet living, and who bolds policies to the above amount In the companies to defraud which the plan was de vised. Richard Rainforth was the person In whose name policies, to the amount of $14,C00, from the na. St. 'Louis Mutual and Mutual Benefit Life in surance Companies. bad been issued. He was a partner of tbe firm of T. W. Fuller «S Co., of Ibis city, and by him and Fuller tbe Plan la supposed to have been originated. Rainforth was to make bis will, die ano be bailed by proxy, aud then make off. Bia partner was to remain behind, at tend to the funeral, get tbe will proved, and set tle up tbe afiairs of the estate as culef executor, obtain tbe insurance money, and with the pro* CtfCds of tbe transaction join Ilainlonb and di vide. Tuts plan was very carefully arranged, lbs afiairof tbe funeral was successfully managed, and tbe plan would have been entirely successful had not a brother of Rainforth, why bad been Kent in ignorance of tbe plot, taken it into his bead to come to Chicago and seek for a more satisfactory explanation of tbe manner of bis brother's death than had been hitherto vouchsafed him. The re sult was that the whole plot was exposed, and Timothy W. Fuller was sent 10 Jail to await bis trial in default ot bonds to tbe amount of $1*2.000. The manner in which Feller, seeing that tbe game was up and that bis little plan bad faded of success, confessed to tbe part which be bad played,'he cool impudence with which be (brew np bis nand and even aided to brine about a full understanding of the asalr,by detailing tbe whole ctrcutmtancesot the case, merely seeking to de read bimsell by showing tbe many chances of suc cess which he baa bad, struck every one by sur prise, and convinced znanr that be was no ordi nary swindler, and that tbe aattuaece which he exhibited was lie result of an experience acquir ed only after a Ion? continued series of practices ora nature similar to, though doubtless more suc cessful this. This conviction can now oe confirmed, a careful Investigation into tbe past history of Fuller having resulted in the acquisi tion or many facts which will be found to be of rare Interest to our readers. Tbe history of this man’s career as herein nar sated, is essentially on aot.biography, for the greater portion of the events detailed below is taken from confessions made at different times by Fuller nlmself, to a person on whom be was in the habit of forcing bis confidence. Such as'did , not come from Fuller himself are gathered from the knowledge aud observation of the individual referred to. To tuese eonrees we arc Indebted for an account strange and eventful Indeed, but which may be railed upon ns true in tne maiu. Fuller comes from itadne, Wisconsin, where, with a few Intervals, he lived fora period of at leaslflfleen years preceding tne breaking out of ttic rebellion. Here be was noted as a reckless, dissipated character, whose more than suspected connection with many Irregular transactions gave to him the name of a man far from honest and re liable. He was known to be addicted to gaming,and reports were rife that in play hie many winnings were not fairiy obtained. tin* alleged connection with a scandalous aflair with a disreputable woman did not tend to make better tbe reputation borne by him. There were tbose who aald that he tyas a counterfeiter, and that he had been detected In passing worthless notes; but the troth of these rumors is not Touched for. Finally, after “run ning a muck” with Justice for a longtime, be was, lu JSS7 or ’sl, scot to the Penitentiary for two years. In consequence of some misdemeanor com mitted by him. „ . ..... . He was seen no more In Baone nntil tbe break ing out ol tbe war, when he returndd andremaiocd for two or three years. Here be thrived lor a while npon the Irmia ol tbe bounty-lumping busi ness. In this occupation he Is interrupted at length, and Is forced to migrate elsewoere. People who read the papers will remember that some time in the fall of ISW, during the Presiden tial campaign, the operations ol a gang of swindlers who had levied money on loyaTomcere throughout the country were exposed. These had travelled about from point to point, and soliciting contributions from the Federal officers for the pioeeculion of the campaign, under the pretence that they were members of a committee appointed for the purpose, h:d reaped a rich harvest. Ful ler was the leader of this organization and during the brief time Its success lasted be bad succeeded io providing himself with a plentiful supply of funds. But he bad the audacity to make bis old home the field of his operations in this direction, and at Racine the swindle was exploded. Fuller had to flee Into Canada to save himself. Here he was by no means idle Wl'h the money which he bad obtained by tbe campaign committee swindle he was enabled to personate a cbivalnc Southern gentleman ot opulence, whose political opinions had forceo him to seek a refuge in a foreign land. Other cbivalric Southern gentlemen sought bis companionship, and lor a time Fuller waa m his glory. But all this time bis attention had never been diverted from bis native soil, and with long it" eyes he waited until there should be a prospect of hla returning In safety. At length ha thought the opportunity for a secure return had presented liself. With an astonishing degree of audacity or of ignorance he presumed to return to Racine, the city which he had been constrained to leave so abruptly bat a tew weeks betore. If he had ealen’ated on paralyzing Justice by his boldness he was unsuccessful; for he waa prompt ly arrested. Here the assistance of some ot his ftiecds enabled him to escape severe punishment. These succeeded in procuring bis temporary re lease from the Jail In which he had been confined on the pretence that they desired his presence as a material witness in a case then pending. As soon as he found himself without tbe prison walls. Fuller took the speediest means of improving bis opportunity. He fied to parte unknown. This was laic In the fall oflS6l. From his time until in tbe spring of ISOS, Ful ler disappeared from theknowledge of blstilends, and efforts made to obtain a clue to his where abouts, were wholly unavailing. Everyone ia familiar with the circumstances at tending the assassination of President Lincoln, in April, iSfiS. The escape of the assassin, his cap ture and death, the arrest of the principal con spirators, thetrtrtaL the execution of thclrvanons sentences, are facts fresh in ‘he memory of all. In like manner the mystery which surrounded the escape of Surratt. the unsatisfactory nature of tbe exertions made to ascertain the direction of bis ttirht and procure bia apprehension, will be easily recalled. Out of the many mistakes that were trade ia the search for Surratt, and of tire many innocent men who were arrested under tbe belief that each of them was the fugitive conspirator, it I will be more difficult to bring to mind particular I instances. Still there Is no one who wID not 1 readily recall the fact of the arrest ol the enpposed 1 sarntt at Memphis, somellme during the i spring of 1566. All will remember the profound 1 sensation that waa created throughout the coun try at the Intelligence of this arrest. The mystery which enshrouded hla capture, tbe profound si- Icnc- maintained by the guard to whom was en trnsUd the custody ot the prisoner, on all ques tions touching the manner of bis apprehension, and his personal identity, did not diminish the excitement. The prisoner was kept heavily Ironed and sedulously withheld from all communication with outsiders. He was hurried swiftly, slippy, mysteriously to Washington, and Immured in tte Old Capitol Prison, while rumors were rife and the newspapers were filled with speculations ani comments with record to the name of the priso ner, his crime, and tbe manner of his arrest. Very many believed him to be Surratt and rejoiced in hla arrest as a fact. Still, no one knew anything certainly, and the mystery wtlch prevailed whenever this last arrest was broached waa scarcely Inferior to that which has prevailed regarding the memorable incarceration of the “man in the Iron mask.’ Gradually the excitement died out, the “mysterious prisoner dropped from public notice, and the popular mind became absorbed In succeeding events. I Itnow tnrns out that, by bis own admission— | and concerning bis statement there can be en»er tained hardly a doubt—T. W. Fuller Is the same person arrested In Memphis, id ISGfi, asi Surratt, and confined in the 010 Capitol Prison. In a con vernation which ho had with the P e l?nn whom tne mam circumstances of this sketch ere dert asld that at the time of his arrest he had nearly SKD,OOO. How he obtained this large earn the reader will have no fl °nbt m de cidlng who has followed tUs through that portion which gives the his - 0» the campaign swindle of the tail of 18C4- He said that roe fact ofhls having a very large amount of ready money was known to the officers by whom his arrest was Sensed and ef fected. He said that they succeeded in being detailed to guard him during hto Imprisonment, ana that they kept with him until they had rained possession of all his money, aller which he was te Fuller soon after tarns no In Chicago, hla last bsceof operations, and which was destined to witness tne signal failure of his last scheme. Soon after coming here he went Into business as a dealer in a patent scissors grinder and improved shoe-brush. Here, Uis said, his transactions were worthy of a slippery character, if not of a nature absolutely cttmlaal. events herein detailed U to said that Fuller has often told parties that be was a Govern- SSt detective, and that he had powers S“t unlimited. About three months ago he went to a citizen ofthbeity and endeavored to ncranade him to go into a certain business ar rangement with him. He said that it was a*• big t£fn?“ and that $50,000 could be deared from it. The person referred to signified hla wilUngnes* to enler into the arrangement, if it was honest and legitimate. Thereupon Full» to said to hare re piled that “ it waa not exactly square, but that they couldn’t get beat on it,” meaning that they could avoid punishment in It. About a month ago he said to a friend of hto that he bad made np hto mind to reform, and that hereafter he would leada viriuons'and honest life only. , Fuller is a man of apparently about forty-five vtara of age, to of medium height and of strong j. 33. B«&» Hack eyes. ana dye. hla Mir Md whiskers the same color. His appearance to gen itcmanlv and refined, and shows that be has been iccnsiomed to move in society of the better class. the mew board of health. Appointment of the Six Commission, ers— Their Duties and Func tions Provisions of the Sow Charter. In accordance with the provisions of the new Clly Charter, the Commissioners of the new Board of Health were yesterday appointed by the Jadees oftho Superior Court. The new Board consist of H. a. Johnson. M.D.. John A. Bauch. U. b*i William "WacniT, M. D., and Messrs. Samuel Hoard, A. B. Reynolds and William Giles. The Charter provides that sir gentlemen, three of whom, and no more, shall be physicians, shall, together with tne Mayor, constitute the Board of Health of the city of Chicago. It provides that the Board shall be divided Into three classes, the first of which shall hold office for two years, tne second fortonr years, and the third for sir years, ihis division into classes shall he determined hy the Board Itself, by lot. at ns first meeting. It provides that the Board shall enset such rules and regulations as it may deem necessary to promote the health or improve the sanitary condition of the city. In case of pesti lence or epidemic disease, or of danger there* from. It if provided that the Board may take such action and measures as the public safety may <o demand. A violation of any of the health laws by the provisions of the new Charter subjects vhe tiereon or corporation violating to a fine of not less than $5 nor more than *3OO, or iu de fanlt thereof imprfeonment In the jail or brldo- W Tb« members of the Board are required to give of *25,000 each for the faithful BfIrn 1 rn otbSfSrciret Mond«J In April or ench “l °a?Loriof m Cjpenaitnrea dnrinr rticpast ieaJ a rimusl BDbmlt also, on or before iha tart an estimate of the expenses Boanfltia provided that the Board of erutloii of the departments of Health and Police was a wise act no one will deny. The Department of Health ia oie that requires, if any. the nnalvl ded attention of one body of men at all their meet* Inga: and the creation oi a Bo.rd of Health to at tend to (he Important business of the Improve meat oftbe sanitary condition of the city was an act that should bare been passed looe before. It la the wish of every citizen that the Board may accomplish all (he good of which the members are capable. BISTOBI. Her Personation of “Judith*” With (he story of Judith and Holofernea all—or j It Is to be presumed that all are familiar, and the I play follows the Apocryphol version very closely, I eo that any analysis of it U unnecessary. Addi- I tlonal toteicsti-given to this play from the lact that it displays Bistort to ra from a new stand* I poin‘. In Medea, Bistort brings oot the classical idea of fate, which was the great underlying idea I not alone of Grecian tragedy, bnt also of Grecian ] life. In Elizabeth, ahe interprets the contradic tory passions of the many-sided queen—love and bate, sincerity and hypocrisy, friendship and mal ice, fickleness and constancy, a weak character and an iron will, a strong intellect and a vain, vacillating nature. lu Mary Stuart, she depicts, and none more touchingly, repentance for guilt | and devotion even to death. In Gamma, she : pleads with fascinating eloquence for the fidelity, I constancy and parity of woman. In J udlth, sill) 1 another principle la strongly brought forward and developed br Bistort—that of patriotism in woman, nerving the soul and arm to the accom plishment of deeds which invest her with more than human strength—the same spirit which ani mated Charlotte Corday and inspired La Pncolle. In the representation of characters possessing such attrihulcs, Bistort pre-eminently excels. If it temjmred to delineate love, pity orpatbos, to eonnclate the dignity and virtue of woman, Bistort shines oat the more erasdly, because she Is a true woman herself. We do not mean to say that she cannot portray the fierce and baser passions. Medea and Elizabeth are answers to Ibis, but In such characters she never wholly merges herself. The woman will reveal Itself through the features of the fiend. Bacbel bad this power Bom natural sources. She could play Phadre, bnt not Gamma or Judith. Bistort can play Judith, but not Pboedte, for the simple reason that it is natural for her to personify the noble and true, therein acting herself. It was not natural for Eachel to play the role of goodness and virtue. Either of them, of coarse, would have acted (heir mutual antagonisms well, better than any of their con lempoiaties, but it would not have becuart; whereas the dramatic art reaches its highest stage m Rachel's Phcedre and Bistort's Gamma, J udlth and Mary Stuart Elizabeth is a magniacent pic ture, full of exquisite manipulation of details, bold handling and apt laying on of colors. Equally effectively would Eachel have treat ed Gamma, but in neither picture would you have seen the soul of the artist, but in Its place the results of cold study and wonderfully developed imitative and, to s certain extent, crea tive paw/r-. Tbe character of Judith is interesting in another aspect, namely: that In Its representation we see Bistort In her proper self, undisguised by the ac cessories required to make up modern historical characters. Bistort's natural lace and head are eminently tragic m their composition and all the lines of her contour clstslcal to a great degree. There is not a feature of the face but lends strength to her tragic representations, while tbe grayish lone of her eyes is exquisitely adapted to express varying shades of emotion and passion, the only defect In their nso, if It be a defect, being the bsbit of closing them too often. These natural gifts have been heightened by care ful study. Her hand and arm would not be con sidered beautiful, measured by the conventional standard. The beauty lies in tbe use of them ; the knowledge of the corves and lines which constitute grace, which she has studied so well that she can express sentiment with tbe finger as welt as with the modulations of her musical voice. Riston is more effective to ua in propria persona than when “made up” for the character, whereas exactly the converse bolds true with most actresses of the day. In the elements of classic and artistic grace, Judith eeoms to as to be Bistort's best character. Sublime in some roles, powerful in others—la the she Is beautiful, so exquisite are her tpirUuel conceptions. In the opening acts, her graceful robe, black mantle and flowing black hair, well suit the attributes of the character. Tbe serenity and inspiration of Judith find their counterpart in such scenes as that when Bistort relates tbe discovery of the spring. Kneeling, with bead thrown back, eyes raised to Heaven and bands crossed npon the breast, her whole face illumined with spiritual grace, you have before you an absolute embodiment, not only physically bat spiritually, of Gntdo’s and Raphael’s Madonnas. I From such Italion models they must have painted 1 their outlines. Bistort is ah artist and does for I the character what Guido and Raphael did for the { model—supplies the sod. '> I There are other artistic effects which Bistort produces in this character, of equal power. In tbo second act where Abramie, her slave, reads to her from the aacred books the song j of Jael, she at first listens In a calm, thoughtful attitude. As the song progresses various emo tions play npon her lacc, following each other as light follows shade over a meadow. Aa the song reaches its culmination she catches the rhyme-words of the stanza, and In the dispersal of the enemies of tbe Lord seines the whole | fnpi stanza, chanting it m triumphant 1 ecstacy. The lenlble conflicts In play ing the doable part. In concealing hatred under tbe mask of love, which she knows vo wellto portray, are brought out with unusual effect where she submits to the embrace of Holo femes, in the presence of Eliakito, the High Priest, the more completely to veil her purpose: the strangle between forced smiles, seeming com pliance and loathing for the tyrant, between pa rity In contact with imparity. Is admlraoly given. The voice, the face, the hand, tbe whole body, all play their part in producing Ibis effect, each changing In expression and gesture with tbo ra pidity of the lightnings on a hot summer’s eve. We might go on and ennmerate passage after pas sage which Ristorl develops with inimitable beauty and force, as tbe Interview with Arzaele when she threat-ms her with the sword of Gideon, the read- lugoflheatoryofJeha, tbe scene wilhHolofer rea returning maddened from his revels, and the final accomplishment of her second mission in tbe destruction of the tyrant; but it is needless. The whole personation was harmonious, rounded and finished. As a purely artistic character, we consider it her greatest. Her support was not all that conld have been desired. The role ol Holofemes, which is fall of" opportunities for splendid tragic power, was very badly taken. Indeed, none of the characters, except Ha fas (Burl) and Arzaele (Casaft) were taken in a manner com mensorate with their importance. Were not tho genio# of Riston so transcendent and the lan gnage a strange one, snch wretched work as is oft*n made by the company would be simply un endurable. Ibis evening there will be no performance. On to-morrow evening Mary Stuart will be given, and on Saturday afternoon Elizabeth will be re pealed. the late pbize fight. A Victim ot Circumstances In the Stiape of a Gang of Roughs. The charge of riol preferred against John Cal laghan and Thomas Harley, tbe combatants In tho “princ” fight which occurred on Friday last In the southern suburbs of the city, was changed to dis orderly conduct yesterday morning when the par ties were brought before tho Police Court for emmlcatlon. . . Barley was permitted to make a statement of th» affair and his connection with It, which, cor roborated as it Is by the testimony of otters, pre rents the matter in quite a different light from the oaring jt bad previously borne. Tbe account tiat Burley gave was straightforward and evl dmtly imthfuL not sparing ms own partlaoation mtte affair.bat shoMngvery conclusively that he wfe forced into U by a crowd of v *roughs” who wee eager for the brutal sport. ~, . Lnrlev stated that last Thursday night, he vlsred a saloon, on Clark street, and there met litre Englishmen, whom he knew. They drank toceher. Their conversation was of a baif-qnar relsonc character, and calculated to irritate Hur ley b: tbe application of frequent verbal insults. Callaihan look a part In conlo whtp him or any one like him. and Hurley was claileuged to fight. The hangers-on of the place vere ready to bet on eilher man, and, ftfrly forced hto the affair on pain of bearing the lmmi tatlon (f coward. Barley consented to meet Cal laghan md his iricndß the next day at noon, at Pete Kelvin’s saloon, on Dearborn street. SlOn Fmay noon Hurley found that more than a dozen of Callaghan’s friends were “backing him, drinLrg together, and manlfeitlng a cool ness towads himself. They went to the place tpecifled, hst outside the city limits. At first Hurley was challenged to afoot race from some one of the tarty. .This be atxepted. The pair started togeUer, hut after a few moments Har ley lookedannrd and not seeing his companion anywhere on the prairie, very reasonably con eluded that le bad woo the race. They then came to the fight. After taking off his oat ana Test he was i desired to remwe his shirts also. While he was i aoing so, his fao concealed in the shirt he was taking on; be revived a severe blow from talla • chan. Hastily removing the garment, he sent ’ bis antagonist on« or two blows. Believing it was i entirely a “pntnijob” on him by his adversay I and his friends. Huley accepted a stranger s invi . tatlon to nde back to the city, and that was the l end of the matter mill he was arrested, r Callaghan was filed $25 and bis companion $5. John W. Bartlett, *nc of the rioters in the affair, s was held for furibet examination on Today, in i ball of S2CO. YOUNG HEN’S ASSOCIATION Ll* BRIUV, Tbe Executive Commttce of the Toting Men's AseociaOon have Issued a circular for Ibe purpose of calling more general atcntlon to tie advan tages which tbeir library pl»ces within the reach of all, and to secure co-opemion In their effort* to intend its nselolnesa still Virthcr by Increasing the number of it* member*. The circular Bays: “Ibe -Yonnc Men’s (library) Aseoclation’ was orsanized in JB4I, with the view o? estabUablng and maii-Ulnlng a Library and Raiding Hoorn, and, also, ajcariy comse oflltcrary aid Sdenllflc leelurca. The library now contains alont 11,000 volumes of well-selected bo*ka „ lu the various departments of hUUrr, bio craphy. Travels, Arts, Sciences, Bcllea tetters and Fiction. On Us tables may be founuell the leading magazines and reviews published m this country and in England: while on tbe flies c{ its reading-room amthe tUlly and weeklr rfloeia published In the more important cities of the Uni ted states, Canada and Great Britain. All new nnhUcattona are added as rapidly as the funds In the bands of the Library Committee will allow: and boring the nast rear the management have adopted the plan of buying several copies of each of all new and popular books, so that the difllcalty. someUmcs heretofore existing, of obtaining new works with- ' In treasonable time after publication, has been la & ?^Th o d^om“ C oV° T the Association. In Portland Block, on the Southeast comer of Dearborn and Washington streets, have bcca lately thoroughly -Med and refitted, and made more attractive. one or tbo bat ins Ut a S^ k rte?l l S.totoS"«Wblo ona. .bi as at this time the e A,W h . b LtSd present members do not P«7 ° Be * b ": J, ® fijHi working expenses of the llbrair and readme room (without sadine any now bookal-so.thst the manacement are obliged, in order to Be ,'? books and keep the institution oat of dent, to actually cam the money in other ways, inis state ot things Is not at all creditable to thecity of Chicago, and our citizens should notsnmsru longer to continue. The number of paying mem bers should be at least doubled (we have now only about 1,100 paying members), which would then nay the actual expenses of the library and reading-room, leaving all the money made from the tenures and other outside operations to be ■tnrotrfl entirely to tbe purchase of new books, us to add from 2,000 to 3,000 vot- to the library. Instead of less than ’-“is? uK"« 4 J WJ “ t “• optß every day, Sundays excepted, from 8 o clock a. m. to K) o'clock p. m. . “ The fees for membership are as toll*"* • __ Entrance or initial!cm fee, (paid onlr ooce)..f|,W Annnal does, (payable yearly, to “UaiM ore allowed the prlrllero of the IJtjr.. ry and Heading Boom on the payment of the an nual doer, wlihootpaylceanyentraucefed I The committee, in view of the above “CU, in- Tile airclllaeoa of Chlcaeo who are nol metnhera of the Association to join. and urge their friends to iffc* pains to indoco others to become mem bers. AJILSK TIIt.NX-d. McVickeb’s Tuxathb. —Mr. James E. Bsggot, the property man of the theatre, took a benefit last night, when the play of Claude Dnval was re peated. The same bill will be given 'bis evening. Mcbecw.—“The Dangerous game” Is attract ing full bouses every evening to the lecture room. The play, and the manner In which It Is produced, are both deserving of warm commendation. The between acts are tula week enlivened bv the Gar rick ferpns Scbotrische, and a new Folks Mazurka, both composed end arranged by the leader of the orchestra. Mr. George Stevens—they are pieces of real excellence, and add largely to the already bisb reputation of Mr. Stevens. Bswxtit or Mb. C. S. Rooms.—A bill of un usual attraction is pat np for this occasion at He- Ticker’s on Friday evening. Mr. Rogers, having , recently severed his connection, with, the Museum, where oe has so long been a favorite of high standing, makes his last appearance in Chicago I on that evening, previous to bis departure fora I theatrical tour through the West in company I with Mis" Jennie Hignt The entertainment com prises a portion of “Richard 111.," “The Too dies," “Shamns O’Brien, "recited by Mis. Cowell, and last, not least, Mr W Arlington, our old Chicago favorite, who is now on a visit to this city, bss volunteered his services, and will appear In hla Inimitable “Arkansas Traveller." With such a bill of fare we may anticipate a crowded house. Bobtoh Mzm>Eiflsons Qtnsrem Club.—Mr. H A McGlenrn, of Boston, has concluded an cn caeemcntwith Camilla "Oreo, Mies Adelaide Phil lips. and the Mendelssohn Quintette Club, to ! make a brief tour through the Wealorn cities. i They will appear In Crosby’s Opera donee on I April 15th and 17th. The merits of the two lead ing performers are well known through the coun try, and the Quintette Club is highly spoken of by the Boston papers, who characterize its mem bera as flrsl-clasa musicians. I Tub Lchbaiid Tboupb.—wc are reliably as- I sored ttat the paragraph copied some six weeks 1 since into onr columns from a Bcmdcrc paper, I charging Frank Lombard with appearing before 1 the public In a state of partial inebriety, was on line. We notice that (he corps has recently been I reinforced by Mias E. A. Abbott, a soprano of ) acknowledged ability. The company Is still starring with good success. Newspaper Postage. The follovtinr ate the rates of postage on news papers isent from the Uniled States for countries of Europe and Asia by Bremen or Hamburg mall. Prepayment compulsory: „ Bremen by Bremen mall Scents each Lanenbnrg by Bremen mall ..3 Hamburg by Hamburg mall 2 “ Italy by Bremen or Hamburg mai1...6 * Svi'zcrland by Bremen or jlambnrg mail 4 u Prussia, Austria and German States.. 3 “ United States, Bremen and Hamburg postage on newspapers Ibree cents each to tbe places named below, (except Australia, India and China, which Is debt cents via Trieste.) Tbo foreign •postage beyond Bremen and Hamburg to bo added In all cases. Three cents additional on each paper must be added to tbe following rates: Scbeawig-Holsteln 1 cent per IJ4 ounce Denmark 1 “ * Holland 1 Peseta 1 Sweden 3 “ Norway •••••4 .. Spain, Qibralier, Portugal....# “ “ Turkey and Greece ‘ ** Australia, India and China via Marseilles 9 ‘ 1 Australia, India and China via ! Trieste 5 cents per 1 ounce Lancnburg by Hamburg mall.l cent per 114 ounce Parties sending more than one paper In a pack age to the shore places should call at the Post (mice and bare them weighed before stamping them. BtAr.rsa Fnutr.—A writer to tbe Jtellglous Tel'- scope of this city, in its issae of March 6th, says: “At the close of public worship In one of our city cnnrches In Chicago, one of the steward* arose and addressed the assembly as follows: ‘Brethren and fricndfrS-onr Pastor, .has been breaking to ns falihmily the bread of life almost two quarters, dnilng which time we have done comparatively nothing toward supplying his temporal wants. Let na. during the present week, make a grand rally. And. by the way, in looking over the Settoious Telescope, a short time since. I saw an article “on the duty of ministerial sup port,” m which the stewards were fanlted for real neglect, and want of example la leading the way. It is unnecessary to say here that I plead gul.ty to tbe charge. At our next meeting I will be on band with **so. and expect tbe same of many more. 1 Ai this Juncture the pastor arose and said: 'Hoping the call of your steward to the observ ance of tbe practicalities of Christianity will not bare a choking effect upon the good seed sown, we will Join with you, if you please, in singing *iVoU« God from whom all biasingsJlow. " iWe are always sorry to spoil a good thing, hot are tempted to add that wo have not yet.hoard that the *SO has been paid,though “our next meeting'’ was held several days ago.) “Boabd op Toads TicKrr.”—The following ticket was nominated yesterday to be voted for at the ensuing Board of Trade election: forJ+etideni— Jesse U. Richards. for First Vice Freeident—Lym&n Blair. For Second Vice President— C. B. Goodyear. For Directors— Geo- A. Wheeler. W. U.Lnnl, 8. H. McCrca. T. 11. Hibbard. W. E. Rlcbard»on. For Committee ot Arbitration —D. 11. Lincoln, 3. B. Hobbs, J. J. lUcbard*. J. Ik Benaley. J. B. Fbelps. For Committee of Appeals— Tbos. Parker, E. B. Slevens, It. M. Cannon, T. Maple, C. E. Culver. Bdxdat School Cokcblt.—a special rehearsal for the Sunday School Union concert will take place at five o’clock this afternoon, at Music Ball. LOCAL MATTERS. Foreign Opinion.—Extracts from Ene* list testimonial*, giving evidence of the efficacy of Brown’s Bronchial Troches: , . . “ I have derived greater benefit from the trocnes than from anv thing I ever tried.” Biiookuodb* Bownxn. Prime Tenore of the British Operatic Association, London. . , , __ r t. j never knew such a wonderful core for hoarseness.” W. Rasdall, ( Oxford Mnalc have tried your troches, and can testify to Ibelr efficacy.” Chables Sxoxax, the English give great satisfaction.” T. W. R. Lxs. Editor Loughborough Monitor. ‘•Very beneficial in clearing the throat, when compelled to slog, though suffering from cold.; aikslet Cookt, ot the “Royal Italian Opera,” London. Snersefrtlve MJecnlc Phenomena.— Newepapcrfl are reporting me circumstance or • a man In Fredericksburg, Va.. being knocked dounbvli'rhlrlog. He was at death’s coor pre viously with rheumatism, but has not felt a twinge ajncc.’’ '• here arc many similar cases on record of chronic diseases being cored by accidcnial tPriric shock* from lightning. Why don t pby* eldans lake the hint and use electricity morel Dig. Dso iliLLin ajtd Win, at their rooms No. 20 Lombard Block, arc meeting with the urea eat success In curing Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Ner vous Derangements, and other chronic diseases, by a ecicntnic use of Electro-Magnetism. The afflicted would do well to give them a call. Strawberries,—By referring Jto the advertisement ol T. Goodwlllle, packlngjbox manulacturer—who is the sole agent for the sale of Newell’s Patent Strawberry Box, and Is now ready to lake orders, you will see that he can furnish uoxca wlu> crftlcs for ihe same, costing to the grower when filled and ready for shipment, the low price of one and a half ccnls per quart. We regard this as the cheapest and most superior manner of shipping the berry. An Effectual Worm Medicine.—Tho combination of ingredients used In making Brown’s “ Vermifuge Comfits" la each as to give the beat possible cfiect with safety. . a .. Worms in the stomach cause Irritation and often prolonged sickness, and can bq removed only by the nse of a sore remedy, which will bo found In the Vermifuge Comfits. “.Etna” NoUeleaa Shuttle Sewing Machines, for family and manufacturing purpo ses. Western office, 96 Washington street. J. H. Lerow,'agent Local agents wanted. « Formodenta” Tooth Paste nreaerres the teeth, preventing decay, making them white and beautiful, it is free from all Thlnricma sub stances. It Is used and recommended by the beat dentists. Manufactured solely by Caswell, Mack & Co., New York, bold by all druggists. Bloth ana FrftWn.-Tta only roll.- ble remedy for brown discolorations called Moth and Freckles, is Perry’s Moth and Freckle Lotion. Prepared byfcr.B. C. Perry. Bond street, New York, bold by all Druggists. Go to Jones & King* No. 119 Dearborn street, and get your clothes thoroughly cleaned and neatly repaired. 17*e Gardiner’s Rheumatic and Neural gic Compound. It cares Rheumatism and Neu ralgia bare cure warranted. Sold by all Drug gists. Burnhams & VanScbaack, agents, 10 Lake street. Paper Hanging* and Window Shades, All the newest styles at reduced prices, at F. E. Rjony’a, 89 Randolph street. MARKETS BY TELEBRAPH. New York Financial News. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NewYobx, March 25. The stock market opened weak, but afterwards Im proved, and on regular call was very strong and with a ccod demand. Chicago & Northwestern (preferred) sold at sad Michigan Southern at 56>f. and soon atter advanced to Mtf. At 1 o’clock the market was strong. New York Central advancing to 106),', Erie (common) to 58X and Michigan southern to 77. The Northwestern stocks being very quiet. AtS;3O the market wasqulet, and prices were ashade easier but altcrwards stocks became firmer. At 5 o’clock there was hut little doing, and prices remained unchanged. Early this morning money was active at “P cent, liat later In tbe da. It wan mid at 6 * Mot, .od 111. predicted that before Ujecloreot.-ttic week prteeerrtll be lower, rrbrch l.owlOß fn all probability to comb* quarterly statements. American geld was stronger, bnt without derided change. Government* continue steady. • [Associated Press Report.] New Tons. Marchs?. kohxt. Money firmer and active at,7 per cent for call. rOKKIOH EXCUASOB. sterling quiet at icsvaics in gold for first classbius. Gold firmer, opening at 134 H. advancing to IMK, and closing IS4X- .. * nnw P « \TKKTH. Government stocks without declaed change. LATER. >'tw Toes, March 37. Money market active to the cliae end somewhat stringent at 7 percent on stocic collate ra.s, sad C per cent on governments. Interior bents ora sllil check* log heavily on the city bank*. routios KXCnAKQS. , .. Foreign exchange firm r after the closing of the isoi owing to a decline In cotton on the other aide. Priite banters lOftaUßJtf* gold. bold Arm. Cash gold loaned from flat to 1-15 per cent. o>Terntncnt la still selling almost dally, oonsnuars. Ortv»rnm«nr uMirltlM firm * Govenmhntsecurities firm: Beßistercd’&...iCS*®loex 1 IWOa reg WK® 9<V Coupoca , Bl... «BKaiOBK ICMO coupons.. WH« 97* 5.20 s registered ly-XOs August,..lo6 QH •C 2. IwuaiCTV 7-30 s June IWXSIM* 5-2 C« J*u. and 7-3** July July. 107>*aiOTH | Jane comps ...117X0118# Hallway market during the morning, and Qnctnslet frequently, but not widely. Toe activity id moccy ctnacs a v*i7 feverish feeling generally. fbe market wa»firm In th* afternoon, with more demand for stocks on biyers option. BTAT* STICKS State stocks higher .. Mlnottn .SOM VUdma..... W Tcnnißßeo MX 1 faroina 99 smiKsnip snauw. SteamiMp shares active and decidedly higher. Pacific Man opened I29<k. and rose t« 137. but declined to ISP. Atlantic Mall rcseto66jf®S7.snd was In de* ®“ l1 ' KISCXLLAKrOCB. vn.**lUnn->ns ard c-al shares were active verier* f shares were active yeiter* was transacted in the lead* Ulscellaneons ard c-al day. but a good holiness ' “« stocV '- isg evocsß. __ xrstsa HToexfl. Corsolldated Gregory fluctuated between 107301110, dosing at 1030 sCorydoo firmer and active at 450^169; cmartz Htiiaold at 3703380. closing steady; C-ilom bia. SIOASI9 5 Aimeda Silver higher, and rose to 839. wmiHcali * Co. report the following CLOSIHO OCOTiTIOSB Al M 0 P. H. G01d...* 134M«1MX Beading. IfflxaiOW Ohio ceft* ® «T7H M. 8 76H» rutm\T. .... « 111. Central.....m raliax Comberiandl.. SI »S 3 Pt«a “S** 7»S S3H9 ss Toledo .118 «1U« ffiiS?S»a n«.. MX® kS B. I. * Pacific. MK® 97 tesla «*=** Bodioß *■ ® ls * Tlte frodnee BUrkedt MILWAUKEE. [Special DMpatch to t2»e Chicago Ttftmne.] - MiLVAunrM, March T 7. IHoor—Quiet and weak. Bales at 800 bill an 811.73 for Eagle City XX; sllJ* ftr Douglas do jf U J7* tor amber lowa and Forget-Me-Not do; fll-W tor Alderly ehoireX; B£.’S for rjefioar. Wheat—SolL Moraine Board: sale* ol 13,650 can tali. Kcoo Board: sales of 10. COO centals at 83.63 far N0.31n store; 83.6803.70 buyer's option this week: f5.7Dv8.73 buyer* option next weeks 83,68 buyer’s option all m«nth • J 3-73 seller's cpUou April 15th and 9Bth; $3.49 tor Ko. Sls store; fLtlbayet’J option ten days; HO3 fit rejected la dock a; No. 1 nominal at fUO. Oatt—Dull Sales ol 703 centals at f 1.55 for No. 3 fre»h xccelpu; |1 A 7 for do In dock “A." Coro—Steady. Sales ol 1,000 centals at $1.61 Mr No. 1 old In store: f 1.63 tor do fresh receipts; fiao for new shelled In store. Bye-Steady. Sales of 1,500 centals at HU tor No. 1 frofh receipts. Provisions—Quiet bat held firm. City mess pork held at 122.73. Dressed Hogs—Steady and unchanged In price. brls floor, 3,300 centals whttt, 1.600 centals oats, 600 centals corn. 600 centals rye,ia dressed hogs. Shipments-1,600 brls flonr, 5,100 centals wheat, 50 trea port. NEW TORE. N*w Tobk, March 27. Cotton—Dull and heavy and jfc tower. Sales w liuo bales at 80»c for suddllng nplards. Fleur— BecnpM 4.0 W bns. Market satOo lower and le*s active. Sales of brla at for saner line State and Western; $11,00012.40 fhr extra Western: ai?.4s<jjl3.W tor choice do; *11.75311.® icr shipping brands extra round hoop Ohio, and $12.7*313.90 for trad* brands, market closing quiet. California Flour—ln fair request. Sales of lAOO brla and tacks at $14.75®16.C0. Whiskey—Quiet and unchanged. Wheat —Receipts none. Market 2@Sc lower. Sales ol 33.000 bn at J2.48Q2A0 for No. 3 Milwaukee, and 13.10 ihr white Caiifomt- Bye—Firm. Sales of 4.o(ft bu Western at 11.35, and 400 du Slate at SMS on extreme. _ Barley—Steady. Bales 19,000 bu Canada West free at $1.2031.38. Barley Malt—Quiet. Corn—Receipts, 1,623 bn. Market irregular, unset tled and 1c lower. Sales 45,000 bu at*ai.ißjf for mixed Western in store—closing with buyers at «U6jf afloat and in store; f 1.16 tor welt* Western; t>.l9 tor new yellow Southern, and JL1301.14 for new mixed Western at railroad depot. Oats— Receipts. lA6I bu. Market steady. Sties 44,000 bu at «®GBc for Western; 67®70c for new Ohio, and TfalSc lor State. .. „ Groceries—Rice quiet Coffee dull. Sugar steady; sales 608 Iboxss Cuba at lOVQUjfc. Molasses quiet. Petroleum—Firm at l6J4®l"c iar crude, and 2i®77c for refined in bond _ , Bona—Quiet and firm at 30070 c for new. Wool—Lets active. Sales J6J.000 fts alS9Jf@Toc lor domestic fieece: 47®M)*c lor pulled; 22®3Sc tor Cali fornia. Leather—Hemlock In fair demand at 23.133 c lor Buenos Ayers, lightweights; 24331 c for middle and heavy do; 7.02&C for Cauioinla light weights, and 2So2»efor middles and heavy weights. Pork—Opened firmer, and closed easier. Sales 7,100 hr is at (34.00021.fe fornew mess, clewing at 131.60, cash: s23ACdtx3.oo icr old mess; $19.75030.35 for prime, and |22fe»25.7510r prime mixed; also 9.700 brla new mess at $24.C0®24A7, sriler and buyer Aunt and Mar. Beet—steady. Baled CW oris at flt.OOoA).co for new plain met s. asd J18.0C@33.C0 lor new extra mess. BeefTlcrco— Steady. Sales 310 tcs. at $33.00 ihr citme me«, and SO7AO for India mess. Beef flame—Finn. Bales 180 brls at $10.00045.00. Bacon-ttody. Sales 710 bxs at HW<@lo)fc lor Cum berland, and short clear ana long cat awns on private terms. Cot Heats— Steady. Sales 4SO pkga at c far shoulders, and i3ti®U£e for hams. Lard—Firm, sales i.ico Iris at 12)<@l3xc tor new and small lots at a shade higher price. Butter—Bull and heavy at 10016 c for Ohio. Cbeete—Unchanged. latxbt—s p. m. Flour-Doll and 5310 c lower, with only a limited local trade demand. Wheat—Doll and declining. No. 1 spring, $2,653 2,70; No. 2. |V. 153250. __ _ bye—Quiet. at *L33ftl.Ss lor Western, parley—Quiet at 90ft Wc for Western. Com—Quiet and steady atfl.i6ftlJ6* in store and afloat, for shipping mixed Western. Oats—Quiet, at Wft97e Ibr old, andffTo69c tor new Western. Pork—Bather heavy. Sales.l,3oobrls new mess at $29.95(324.10—c105ing with tellers ais3Uo, caib and Quiet. and scarcely so firm. Cut Hears—Dull, and nominally unchanged. Bacon—Quiet at lOftc Or Cumberland middles. 'Laid—Leas active, and rather heavy at 13313 Vc for 'air to prime steam, and lor kettle ren dered. CINCINNATI. CixcirntATt March 27, Flour—Unchanged and Arm. wltn a jalr local de mand for trade branos at |lLsoft]3Ad, and finer at il4.ooftlG.CQ. Wheat-Firm, but quiet. Sales No. winter at $3.90; spring at $2.55. Corn—ln good demand and pnecs higher. Sales No. Int "Iftlbc. In bulk, and BSc loreacged. I( was offered lor future delivery at rates below these without flndmg buyers. Oats—firm, with a good demand at 94c In bulk, amt GiaGlkc (or sacked. Bye-Held at (i.tfftlAO, but sLUftl.46 represent the views ot bn* Colton—Dull again, and prices nominal t middling at 97®27Qe. !Ko demand at the close.*oeeauae of the on torornble news irom Eastern and English markets. Pork—Mess was in speculative demand at $£i.TV and all to be had at this rate was taken. It was held at at the close, and some small lots sold at this n ßuik Meats—Were offered more ireely at the close, aad 100,COO Bs sold at Bcfor shoulders and lOftiOtfc for B *Bacon—Dull and raster to buy. Sales of shoulders at 9vft9*c. snd 12*c for clear aides. Hams unchanged, will) a moderate demand. Lard—Very firm, but the demand is light. City was procured to a limited extent at 13*c. but tnero was not much to be had below 13c: keg, laKftlSjfC. Butter and Cheese—Steady. Ecca—iSftlfic, with good demand. CloVer Seed-Advanced to $lO.lO. being In light sup plv. and In the hands ot one or two par tie*. Timothy dnli and prices nominal at $5.5002.75. Flax Ora at 9 Groceries— Unchanged. Sugar. U*®l2kc for Cnha and I3ftl4c for Pono Blco. Molasses dull; New Or leans at*ft9oC- Coffee2sft2lc; (orCalrto Ijnme. Gold— jilJkftiSl buying, and 134* selling, closing Steady at parbnylng, and MO prsmlnm M Money—Market close at 9®13 per cent. PHILADELPHIA. PmutozU'nza, March 37. Floor—Firm with Utt’e tpeculailve inquiry. Sales Philadelphia extra at 113.33: State 111.25 and enperooe * WhSl— Good demand. Sales red at |AIS: CslUonda ftt Westers at 11.40: State at |l £o. com—Dali end lower. Sales 6,000 ha yellow atlt.oo. WhUkeT—Contraband 73c0|1.00. Clover seed—Firm at tlO-Cc. UALfiMORE. BaltOSosb. March??. Coffee—Qnlet bat Ann: sales at iftJWlc lor choice Rio, and ISuldc for Lasaajra, In gold. Flour—lnactive and firmer. ■Wheat-Firm. Sales of«,W» ha prime Pennsylvania red at $3.30; lair to prime Maryland red at 3.lft® SJ7, and prime to choice white at #3.40. corn—Active and steady, bales of white at #l.lo® U 2; mixed at f1.03®1.09; yellow atllXftJl.U. Data—Sale* atei®6oc. Meta Pork—Sales at #23.50. Clover herd—Firm at #9 35@9.73 lor new. provisions—Firm. Qnlet and oachaDKed. Snaar—Dull. Fair w«ooa refined at lOaiQHC. Whl'Kcy—Halos of I.oto brl« city and Western in bond at 20&30C. LOUISVILLE. LOUISTIU.K. March 77. Tobacc<>-Sales 118 hbds leaf tobacco at toll prices light common lugs to cutting I«®L Floor—Scarce at f 10.50 lor snperflno; CU.CO lo Nominal. Com—Ear in bulk, TOo: shelled, TSAuC. Oats-eoc. Coffee—Active. Sugari-New Orleansprime.HKc. .. Pork—Mew pork fAMt bacon shoulders 9,V39tf« cl*sr sires. 12*c; hams, J3,,@16c. Lard—Tteree Kkc. Whiskey—Saw, (ift. BT. LOUIS. fix. Lons, March *7. Tobacco— Quiet, unchanged. . , Cotton—DniLataiJnlc; ealesot the week3sobales; stock in store, S.W3. Flour—Dull; unchanged. , , Wheat—htllL at J4J3 for choice spring. Con.—Firm tor choice, bnt dull lor medium and low S Oa£-Flrtn. at «I.SO®L9I. BarlcT— Unchanged. Itje—Unchained. Provisions— Unchanged, whiskey—Unch seted. NEW QRLKAN3, Kww OautANa. March 27. Cotton—Ea'ler. Salt* WOO balp* low miadUßg a. 83c. KecelPis,7s7balej; export* 4,«0ba1«. Sna&r and '•sola*^ea—Very dull and unchanged. Floor—Quiet. Snpertlne, |12.}3. „ ~.w u „ Corn—Firmer. Yellow, fl.OiK • lt.U • Cat*—Dull at TtVtTlc. Fork—Dull a* *iuo. . Lard— onlel but firm at U YQdSXc. unchanged: on New Tort, K premium. SAN FRANCISCO. „ ... Saw pßAseisoo, March Zl. Nolblnp dolnp In ttie aserchwidlse ijatset. *1.85. . _ L*B»l*Teodcrt“Ts. _ BUFFALO. BctTALO, March 27. Floor—Good demand. Sales 800 brl« sprlngai|ll.73 A 12.03; 200 brls Inferior white Canada at |ll£o| and Western sprlncat |12.40®12.73. v t h Wheat-Good milling inquiry, and' White and spring scarce. Bales 6 «»rs whVW CaaaiU at *.1.00*3.13; 1,000 on No 3 Chlo-go at «. 30®3Sj, WM bn No. 9 jfllwaokee dob at *335, and 1 car No. 3 Mil "t:olS-w"“;. nl Toledo wmW. OM mUei Western neglected. Sales ® ears now Toledo at toe on S oSiSttefwi tra No. 3 VTc.t,m 10. •tore. Barley—Nominal at *l.oS®t.lofor Canada. NcwYork Dry Good* Blarlcet, New Tons, March 27. Dry Goods— Steady and in fair demand tor staple styles ol cotton goods, but with no real active trade, and yet prices are apparently as low as they can well ‘’awSSe'iiblrtlncprint*«ber peine mliej»nillo« ; crcd. are again being Jobbed at an advance of_*c., viz. 18 Vc. which is about the only change of Importance. The Oriental new prints go slow at I7jfc. Woollen good# are slow of sale. Tiew TCorfc Grocery market. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] 1 New Yobs. March 27. Coffee—Frmer and in moderate demand. Bio 33326VC- Sugar-More steady. Fair to. prime grocery at 10X dU»e New York Provision market. rsoeclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New York, March 37. Pork—Closed firm and quiet at *24.15 regular. Other hog products lower and and Irregular, with sales of prime steam lari at 13*; dry salted shoulders Cc; dry salted hams 13*. New York BreadamiZk Market. I Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NkwToek. March 71. Flour and wheat closed without spirit, and quota tions were unsettled. There was some Utile effort at a ■pecnlallre rally In corn, hut closed flat. Somo ex port orders hare been filled at Baltimore. flew West ern sold here at fl.ll. New York Lire Stock Market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnne.l KswYoek. Marchfft. BeelCatt'o—Eecelpta, 1,300. Market scarcely so firm, but without quotable decline. The offerings were nearly all told. Good to pome Illinois steers 16&1TC; common and medium Hsl3c. Sheep—Receipts, 1,500. bat very ftw prime qa&htles; prices ranging from 7X3IOMC. Swine—Kccelpts, 2.500. Finn and soiling at *3.333 8.02 for air to good. New York Hide Market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trioano.] New York, March 37. nidce—Pry foreign farther advanced tfc, and acUve. Mottlredeo 18* c In gold. Ocean Freight** New Tor. March 2t. Fielchu to Liverpool doll, while tales are generally without decided change. iHtlabnrsb Oil Market. iPmsßuraiL March 27. The market In oil still continues very dull. holders not sextons to sell and buyers not w.llmg to give over ovale lor crude. fimall lots were sow at ibis figure. Receipts by river light, only 75 brls arriving today. Hefinedln bend dad and without change la trice* Small sales offree oil were made at <Qc per gallon* MABBIED. In this city. March 271 Rev. E. J. Ooodspeed, Mr. JOHN M. ALLISON. ol Janesville, and Miss GUARLOITB LYONS. of Chicago. in this eltr. at the residence of her parents, March 21it to the Rev, Samuel Philips. Mr. MALTING. GOOD, of Chicago, lU*. and Miss ANNIE E. UND, ol this city. In this city, on the evening of the 27th, at the resi dence ol the bride’s brother fJohn B, Floyd. Esq.) by the "Rev. Robert Patlerron. D. 0., Mr. WM- H. B<\U&- BURY aid Mia* BELLE FLOYD, both of this cl tv. In ‘his city. March 2Slh, by Rev. J. W. Dealy, of the

TaberiacU Church, Mr. JAMES CaLBICK. and-Miss CATHERINE CAU.ISTKB. all of Chicago. At Clinton, Cons., Match 9th. Mr.J. K. HURLBUBT. of this eltv. and Idles oARaH A, STEVENS, of the former place. . DIED. In this city. March 251 b, ROBERT 8„ oldest son of Mrr. EUtatelh J. C.srke.latcof Burlington, lowa. lo this city. March 26th, CHARLES EDWARD, spa of Eber C* mid Katie Preble, aged®years and 6 months. W-BpnDgfleld (Maas.) BepusUcan please copy, la the city of Washington. March 26. ELIZA BOLT, eldest daughter of D« R-and Ellen dolt. J . Funeral services wiU be held at the house efOnrdoa Babbaid.Esq.,29l hotth Laba«e*UCaucagy,oaßat- Sri^iiarchfctb. al iOH »- a. Tno Irloods of the family are invited to attend. amusements. ORO6BTS OPERA HOUSE. Thursday Evening 1 , March 28th. lawyer Lincols, by the Crier of the Court.” A Lecture by T. W. B- KIDt). Crier ot Sprlpetleld Courts. in which Abraham Lincoln practiced as a Lawyer. IfyonwanttoipeDdapleasant erenlncaodeeioy a rood lanch, eo and bear the Criers huraorotH p irtralt ore of Abraham r incoin as bo appeared at the bar amoBR his neighbors, from a professional and social **l^rop«i at7Vo’clock. Lectureberln*atß. Tlct ets 90 cents each lor Parquelte and Dress Circle; 23 cents for Family Circle. JJIBTORI AS MARY STUART. CBOSBT’S OPERA. HOUSE, Director. Mme. ADELAIDE RISTORI. Saturday M “ELIZ ABETH, QUEEN OF ENGLAND." Mme. RISTORI will perform Monday and Tuesday next, in on her return will give TWO FAREWELL NIGHTS (before her df-uarture for Eu rope). when win be produced “ANGELO, The Tyrant of Padua.” and “LADY MACBETH,” In which charac ters Mme. Bistort has achieved the greatest artistic triumph in her career. Seats for Friday and Matinee cao be secured at the Box Office.' Reserved Keats. SLSO: Boxes. $3.00. General Admlstlon, JIAO; Family Circle, 75 cents. TV/f cVI OKER 1 S THEATRE, WoViCKER ft MYKSB ...MANAGERS. CHANGE OF TIME.—On aod after March IStb, the doors will open at 7X—performance will commence at ® bu(Ke«t^p l of Goo. Aiken’s great Sensa tion Drama, CLAUDE DUVAL, received nightly with thunders of app anse. Thursday, CLAUDE DUVAI^ i jr, fi gw Highwayman of Claude Duval, Geo. Aiken. Cast with the lull strength of tco company. Saturday. Grand Matinee. Friday. Benefit of Mr. Cbas. Rogers. Monday, the tragedian, Ur. Jos. Proctor. pOL, WO QJP’B MUSEUM. H v TVOOD^ ; . y.. Proprietor DlrecwV’of AmcsctsenU. Biage alanager. 'fads. CABBY Another decided dramatic triumph. The new play, (com rhe French ol Victorten Hsrdon, produced with nowreenery, machinery, coflomei, a stream of teat water, novel effect* and tableaux. State may be se cured six days In advance. This, Thnrtoay evemny, March 18, at a U beiore 8. will be performed for the 9th time, the new play ol A OANGEKOOS GAME, receiv ed w ttti distinguished applause. Satntday afternoon— Grand Matinee. Meg's xilreiilon and My Turn a ext, soon. THEATRE. Monday Evening. March 25th, 1367. Extra Announcement. After weeks ol carefal preparation, will be produced the cowly written, Infcrn ♦lly^labollcally-berlo-Com leal Drams In three acta, entitled BULL UPON BABTB; Or, SATAN AND HIS SEVEN DAUGHTERS. New and beautllnl scenery by W. D. Sterrer. New piopertleabv John Sherman. New and aplendld ward' robe. A carefully seiect*d and beautiful Corps da Bal let. New effects. Orililant transformation scents. Act I—A View of Hell and Its Inhabitants. Act 2 Satan and HU Seven Daughters in Chicago. Act S-A Chance of bcene—War-Love—Virtue Triumphant. rpHE ANNUAL GRAND CONCERT OP THE CHICAGO SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION, Will he given at Crosby’s Opera. House# On Monday and Tuesday Evenings, April Ist and 2d. Tickets 50 CIH. Reserved steals extra, tf* Seats can be secured for either evening at the Box OUlce of me Opera Bouse, on Saturday and Mon* day, utm 9a. tn. to lp. m H sod Domltoa p. ta. McTICKEB’S theatre FRIDAY EVENING. M ABCH 29,1367, Chicago's Favorite, BIX.LT AB LING TON, Will appear lor Mr. Rogers’ Benefit. QEOSBY'S OPERA HOUSE. Burnt &a ass i TON BOHNS! •WILL APPEAK APRIL BTH. JLectum. p OPDLAIi LECTURES ON HEALTH 'AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION, By SB. O'tEABT, snryeon, of Brooklyn, N. V-, at Crosby’s Music Hall, TUESDAY EVENING. ApiU 3d, lUostrated with* splendid collection ol Alaniklw Models, Drawing*, Curloos Soeclmens, Oil Palntm/i, 4c. Thennestcol.ecuonot the kind in America. Admission Free. Ko Contribution. So bora ad mitted. Surgical and medical treatment irom 10 a. m. STpTm., attho Tremonl House, commencing Wcdnea- Am AtrllSfl. W. U. SIAwILS, day, Apruso. Agent and BasHwa Manager. Suction Sales. J-JAKLEL SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ltf4 I.abe-flt., cor. baSalte, Cbtcaso. Cub advanced on ilercbandlae conslKned tor aale. Outdoor ealea promptly attended to. A tlCTlON—Thursday, March 28th at J\_ 10 a. m., at Daniel Scott ft Co.’s Anctlon Dooms, 101 Lake-st,. Household Furniture or ,Tcry dtwrlpUon, Lounge*. SoIU.a.;. UAMELSOOfTi^O.^ A CCTlON—Friday, 26th March, at 10 J\ a. m-. at Daniel Scott ft Co.’s Auction Booms, 164 I-ake-#t. Dress Goods, Sheetings, Shirtings,,R)D Hot pialda, Flannel*, Prints, Gentlemen a Dress Shirts. Jeon*. Caaslmerea, natlncts* and a general Dab assort ment ol Dry °^ s - DAKIE i. scOTT ft C 0„ Ancfa. \ UCTION Saturday, March 80lb, i\ iSCT.atlOa. m-flt Daniel Scott & Co.’s Boom*. 101 LakVst.. 300 cates Q. 11. Mnmm a genuine Dry Vernezay “Chsapsgoo** Wines. Tn«* particular atten tion of connolneurs and the trade It directed to thlfl Important sale or G. 11. Mumtn’s genuine Dry Verne xay Wtaes, sold by order ot the consignors. 7 DANIEL BcOiT a CO.. Auctioneers. f'i ILBERT & SAMPSON, _ w , OT General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dearborn-st. Elegant New Furniture, Fine SliowCase, &c., AT AUCTION. On FIUDAT. March 29. at 10 o’clock, will bo sold at our salesrooms. 47 and 49 Dearnbrn-tL, a large and superior assortment ofPar;or Bnltej, twenty Plain and Marble-Top Chamber Snltes.liockmg. parlor, aad Easy Centra, Hat Tie**, What-nots, Book Cases. Secretaries, Marble-TchTaldes and Stands. Sideboards, Bedsteads, a general assortment cf Household Goods. Also, one very fine Slircr-Plslcd fchow Case. very hbooht JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, I'jr DEUIBORK.ST., BelHon-numSDAT, March 28, P'S’nS§£ btate at- at W o’clock, a ceneral assortment oi Uoo»e --bold Good*, consisting ot HMr Cloth aod otter Furnl tore, Brussels Carpets, Mirror«, Xatilca, Chairs, Ac., 4c. T M. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, fl « Sells on Fnni AT, at 10 a. m., at the residence of Mr. CLAKR. S.T Peona-st-a nnUcJua furniture. Tlr. : (In part) Plano, iitasseii andother Carpets, MarWa-top Sets, Pictures, Glasses, Beds, Bedding, Ac. ■ A UCTION sale this morning, J\ „ MARCH 27th. st 10 o'clock, at our Salesrooms, ynl. urChe;gS’Sf'gSS.. Regular sale on Mondays and Tboradsys. A,. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers * Commission Merchants 44 & 46 BANDOLPH-ST.. Between State-st. and Wabash-ST., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, oi DRY GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS. SHOES. AC., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. „ FDBNITOBK. CARPETS. Ac., every SATURDAY Sato J$UUs, Engines, &c. rpHE LANS & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGEffES, fi-himriß Machine*, Com Mills and Shafting, Wocd* * working Machinery. I.ANBAe BODIiET* comer ol John and Water-sts., Clnclnna J. Applicant* lor descriptive circulars they need. gaaßewpg^ ISoatUhtg* BOARDING —A desirable tront parlor with board, in a private family. *?*f‘ 077 wabash-av., corner Tweniy-aecood-st. BOABDING— Good board and pleasant rorins at Briggs House No. 3,88 Monroe at. also a tew day boarders. T> OARDINQ—Ttto gentlemen can be 13 accommodated with room and hoard at 116 Biate-at., at moderate pi Ices. T 3 OARDING—Two gentlemen desirous O ofwmCc.ttahle home, with excellent board and eleeant large tront room, tn a rMpecUble.totallyUJ»og on Walash-ar., pot lar from I'ost Offlcj- Bcstrefer encca required. Address **c, Box 13*tl- ■ROAKDING—A gentleman and hjs D wife, or two single gentlemen, dMlrousof ob talnlcc a comlortablo home and plaasant a D* accommodated at J 39 \Vabash-tv. ply only these who can Punish the beat ot references. ■DOABOIMG—A large fnrn;sbccl room, JJ tnltobleloro gentleman and wife, to let with board. Reffeitnccs required. Apply at 133 Wabash ar. • T> OAHDIH G—Three or lour young I I men tan be accommodated with board and rooms. To n young man who play* the piano good terms of fered. Apply at 293 Mtcnlran-st, Aorta Side. BOAKDIEG— A pleasant tront parlor, famished, to rent with board In a ptlrsta family. Apply at 071 Stale st. _ BOAKDLNG— Two handsome large rooms to let with board, with or without foral tore, fn a private family, and In a pleasant location. •'*- , 0 exchanged; 3*05 Writ Madjgog-^t*.' Refercilci BOARDING— A suite ol trout parlor and bedroom, single rooms and day board, can be Detained at Ko. 17 Lcaiborn-at., np-statis. Moatb ffiSJanttb. BOARD— For gemleman and wife, two children. Parlor and two ttccolnc rooms. In prl rate family, or where there are bat few boarders, rooms nicely furnished. It any partyjabont going to housekeepingwonidtakes large borne and give mo desirable roemt. would furnish rooms myscll, wuu a view to permanency. Michigan or Wati>«b»sY., ure ferred. Kelerencea exchanged. Address G. LEvV IS, P.O. Box 7^7. BOARD— A young gentleman desires first-class beam with room, on Wabash or Mtchl gan-avßn between Washington and Van Bmcfl-sts. pre ferred. Address "T L” caro Tribune Office. BOARD— By a young gentleman, a tar nished bedroom, with partial board—dinners put except on Sunday*—ln a private family near union park. A musical family preferred. Terms roust be reasonable and statedln reply, Eelerente* exchanged. Address "B." P. O. Box SSCS. BOARD —A gentleman and wife desire board In a private ismlly. Terms must ba mod erate. Address for two days, stating terms and loca tion, K-H. SIMPSON, Chicago P. O. BOARD —Will teach German and palnt iDgforboard. Aladrwithes boardlnaulntelu eeat family residing on the Sontb SWe, la which there are teachable children, and where instrcctlsa laths German language and drawing would be accepted as a» equivalent lor food, shelter and a room. Beet refute nets given. Address “TKACHEH, IDS ■ g'AtO-BV . ®o iSents*ouses. Good chtnce tn tuskt money; jffltcbeid). pf g. a. CUMMISQS. 133 Booth Uark-iL» Boon -■• _ TO KENT— a. two-story boose, “ S»J? location, east of Ctarksu North nimre tor sale. For terms apply at store 174 Nocta Clark-st. _ O BENT—A Cottage of 10 room at 114 North with all Improvement*. TO BENT— Two good houses ol twelve room..noclowl* Mth room ud ottß tonra- toctrd, IrcnUtß N ’rm Side. Bent *660 per annum. 1 Apply oa the premises, at 933 Noith Clark-st, __ TO RfiNT—For six months, a Cottage hr use of 3 rooms, with the furniture, on OtUJto *L: »hade trees, and pleasant neighborhood. L.CLARK, Fullerton’s D.ocf, Boom 18. up Italia. XO KENT— 2-stoiy bnck house on Wa bash-av. near Darmou-conrt. 40ftlon rood barn, letslon April Ist. H. C. MOREY ft CO., Beal Es* isle Broken, 8 MetropoUteaJHock. TO RENT—Twd story house of seven rooms. between Twenty-drst and Twenty-second siSm on Burnside. Beni only $35, with about S3OO worth offtunltnre for sale, Incfudln* a Stewart cooking •tore, carpet, ana many useful article*, very cheap. Apply at 310 State-st. .J.GRAU. rpo KENT—A very desirable residence JL on the Sooth Side, east of Wabash-ar., IS mlnutee wait from Court Boose; suitable for Keeping boarders. Furniture, nearly new. for sale, which must he pur with lease. Address “a A, Tribune office. TO RENT—A new two-sicry honse, tot finished. Srooms, gas, water. ceUarfor wood aod sarden, 296 Calumet-av., near Twenty-sixth-st. J. MEEKER. TO RENT—Furnished house with 11 rooms, two blocks trom Post Office- Possession given immediately. Price SIOO per month, 3 months ui advance. Apply at 93 Adams-at. XO RENT First-Ciass marble-tront house on Wabash-ar.. with largo lot; east front, no better location on the avenue. Will be rented ESStSfiSSrSUSStB *5? wiSaSs W*AMngton-sU Rooms 1 and ‘2- TO RENT—Two desirable bouses, 517 and 519 North Cl«k-»U containing gat, water, mantels,*c„ with shrubbery fkon Posaon of one April Ist, the other M*t Ist. Kent quarterly. In advance. luqalteatsiy North Clark-st. 3 no RENT—House and furniture. The L residence of Mrs. Johnson, at Cottage Grove, oa e corner ot Donglas-place ana Lako-ov. Two-story frame house. 12 rooms, well, clitern, new pain, and one acre of ground well filled with shrubbery. BEES ft AYRES, 10 Opera House. TO BEST—A cottage ot 5 rooms, 81 C*r» pass the door every ten min. ntes. V/lUuennurionly to a responsible tenant—l3o a month. TO RENT—Prom April Ist, the two story bouse Ko. 16 SonihMay-gt. Nine rooms, closets, pantries, cistern and hydrant, with new inmi tare for tale. Apply on premises. XO KENT—No. 75 Warrcn st., May Ist. 46 and 4S Warren-st. A1n.125,143 aud I W«**t Jactsm-st. E. B. CUMiiWus, Boom 19 Ko. 133 Boom Clar fc-«t. O RENT—By Snyder & Lee. 4 Metro polltan Block, botweand lot Ko. 178 W«t Mon roe-iOor Are years. at a very low rale. Alflo.ftir* nltbed house on aonthweet corner Adami and Acer* deen-at—lloo per month. 'O RENT—Cottage No. 251 Warren et. Mne rooms. rpo RENT—For six months. A first- L class brick boose In Uib North Dlrlslon,e»«tof Clark, Partially furapbed. Apply st 144 Latost. TO RENT—A house on Michigan-av., south ofTwelfih-st.. in excellent older, with every cod Venn oce and modem ImproTraentaandgood stable, for terms address "AB," Box Bi 7» Chicago p.o. rpo RENT—Fnmisbed boarding houss. I To Bent—Boarding houre (furniture tor aale). To Bait— Boarding house (without fomUure). R-A. BICE, House Agait. 153 Semin CUrk-st.. Boom 14._ TO RENT—'With immediate possession, a fine three-story brick house 0 1 10 rooms, water, eaa mnea, Ac-, on Twenty-lonrtn-st., betwe-n Bute and Wabash-a tf.jbslf a block from hone-cars, for the low sum ot f 600 a year, hsil-yearly in advance. In quire ot JONES. BUNDY A TAYLOB, Boom 13 Methodist Church Block. _ Co Rent=?Rooma. rpo LENT—Furnished rooms to let at X 253 State-si., lor gentlemen only. References required. rpo KENT—Boom 33 Post Office block, X a pleasant lodging room. Furniture lor sale. T. STtrrcn, room 2, ICO Dearborn-at. TO BENT—Boom, with boaifl, on the South Bide. In a private family without children, suitable for man andwlle or two single gentlemen. Terms moderate to a rcspectab.e, permanent tenant. Address M U|>” Tribune ofllce. TO RENT—Four rooms, in good loca tion, well lighted, high celling*, soluble for oOcea or sleeping rooms. Inqmreat 340 Kait Ktnzle-st. KENT—3 Iront rooms and 2 back jm*. nearlyncw, cheap, In advancs. Inquire at inbbaid-ei. ____ Xo root )Hi BENT— Foot roomy, with closets, at 23S Oak-Et. TO AC. RENT—Nicely tmnished rooms. rtth gas, closets, Ac., with or without l»ard, at orth-av. TO npo RENT—A suite ol 3 rooms/witbin I, three minutes’ walk oi Court House. FornUnro for tale if desired Room *4. No. 48_^Jtith_Clark^U_ gEo%Unfc=£>totes, Offices. &c TO RENT—From tbe Ist of May next, the store, and dwelling above. No. 337 Stateat. Apply at CHARLES O. J 2. PbUSSINU’S, 339 A 341 State st.. Chicago. TO KENT—Fyom May Ist, part of the bolldlnc ’431 Sooth Water-si. Apply on the premises, office op stairs. TO RENT—Dockage—Lumber Yard to rest for ft term of rears, la Greene’s Soath Branch addition. A. G. TSBOOF, City Tfeasnrer’s Office, TO RENT—BOxIBI leet on north side of Wasnington-st. eastofFranklln-st., (or a term of ao yean, REES ft AYBES, Beal Estate Broken. 10 Opera Home. . TO RENT—The Barber diop under the Richmond Boose. Apply at office. ■ TO KENT—The second and third stories ol a brick store fbr a resident*, fitted!ln good etvie, ga> and water. Comer State and Twelfth-st. Apply at JEKVIB HOUSE. TO KENT—Store, and fixtures for sale, In s good locality for grocery or commission boa -1l»s. Apply at 218 ffeifutMt. itgot cheap. TO BENT— Office, No. M LaSalle-sc. Boom ixo, 11, first floor, now occupied by the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Companies. •O KENT—A store on South Water-rt. Inquire at 140 Sonth Water-st. TO KENT—Store on Washincton-st, on the first ot Jone, also two flocia lor maauito tniing or storage. Addreea *‘B.A." Tribune otflee. TO RENT—Prom Ist of May nest, m»tb;e Boat .tore, Ko. 17 ptitbom.a ptKo, flMo Brick store and basement, No. Sss atato-st. Apply at 101 Washington-*u, room 7. : TO KENT—The basement, first and filth stories of the new brick store No. 88 Michigan* a t„ 3Pii3i leet. ironnng on two streets, west on Mich igan and east on Central-iv. finished complete. Ad* (frtas WASHINGTON SMITH, 414 WaPS«h-ar. TO BENT—Store No. 39 Sonth Market st. Apply to C. MCDONNELL. 134 Sooth Clark-et. _ TO BENT—An eligibly located store, 74x»0 fttLon Sotth Clark-et.. and stock Md Ox torts tor sale, with a half interest in a well eaiabllshed grocery business. Alio, for »*le. two years’ l£ wsof store and basement under the Severs Home. *330 ycr year. H. C. MOKh Y A CO.. No- 8 Metropofltan Blocx TO Floor. No. 60 Lakc st. PHELPS. DODOS A CO. TO BENT —Store 113 Glark-st, and fix tures for sale. This it one of the best stands loi retail trade in the city, and elegantly fitted. npo BENT—Second story and basement I ol store cn South cast of Clark. GIL DEBT & McCAh'N, 14 Lake-st. TO RENT—Store and upper part of hoMc on EnnJoloh-«, n»»r {majl. to eelher or separate. Apply, to MACLAY & KEDZIE, Boom 80. a. Walker’s Building. 03 Beni born-at. TO RENT—Fixtures lor sale. Store No. 14 0 Blue Island-ar. Good location for dry goods or groceries. Apply_ouJhg_premlses^^^^^^^ fflijances. FOR SALE—Valuable Mill Property— One amonelhe best steam flourlngmllls InSouth ernlowa containing three rnn of four-feet borrs, en gine and boUer ingood order, merchant and cm tom Bolts of the beit-no better in use. The mUI la wn In good repair, and In a good location. In abundance. For further particulars, address WM. aaAIU* A SON. Falrceld. lows. T7OR SALE Rare chance —Desirable r stock of dry goods, with fixtures and lease ot a first-class store (trade established), located iaoMQt tiin mest flourishing cities of the West; population, »m“S™.O.BoiSSS. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. F)R SALE—Saloon and boarding house 4*47 South CanaMt. Everything nearly new. Will be told cheap. Call soon. _ I? OR SALE—Cheap, the stock and fix* ■’ lures ol a long and well eambllsbed trocery store on the West Side, doing a flourishing business. Pro ceeds from STS toflwper day. A rare chance to those who wish to eoeage In business. C»U andsaUslT yonr eelt or address 138 Ewlng-afc, between Jefferson and Desplalnea. _ FOR SALE—At a bargain, all tbe fix turns, tools, materials, stock and lease of a well established trunk factory In this city; or- If preferred, will sell cither the stock, or the tools and materials. First-rate chance fbr a man to get into an established business with small capital. Direct letters to P. O. Box 2495. FO*> SALE—Twenty-five hundred dol lars will buy a stock of groceries, horse, wsgot and two sets of harness, together with fixtures, all complete. Kent very reasoaable, or will sell at In voice. Call at 2JO West Laku-st., corner of Green. |?OK SALE—The pood will, sleek and Jj fixtures ol a retail grocery storo, Jo a good loca tion, doing a good business, on lac West Bidt. Inquire at 21 LaSade-st. FOB SALE—Lager beer and billiard saloon. Inquire on the premises. 88 LaSalle-st. FOB SALE—A one-halt interest in a Brst-classexhlOltlon. The interest will ne« a Tear? arid *I.OOO, with travelling expenseslaald.,as »a,arr! This Is a bona fide thing, and Is worUiyol the attention of responsible parties. None ©then need talLApply to -IP K," Room la 19a doath Uark-et FOB SALE—Stock, lease and fixtures m a fintbciaas. centrally located hardware store _i!ac]t7. A good residence or building lots lathis cTirTor » good islrm within « miles of Cafcago. taken tn part payment Addrsaa, fbr three days, *E H, Tribune ofllce. FOB SALE—Groceries, saloons, board lnghonscs,Jewelry,boot and shoe and stationery stores, in all pans of the city; also, & travelling bnal ncJsTthst is pajlng Irom »50 to $303 per w«t. Al»o, a partner with *W). a rare chance. ft COn Room 13 Lombard Block, No. 109 MonfQfrst. FOR SALE—Stock of groceries, invoice 53,«0. Will take good real estate In pan payment, acoxcss “D B,” IkiX 1863. Chicago Post Office. TT'OR SALE—Gents’ famishing goods— 1* Marins ojsoclatedmrsslC with the old andppn mar Gents' Furnishing Home ol F. C. KJJUPTON, Broadwar.Ncw York, under the name and firm of P. C. KEMPTON ft CO-, (the same to take effect April 1). 1 offer roy (lock, furniture ana lease for sale for cash—or will rent store ana sell fixtures (black walnut) at a bargain. WM. P. CHURCH of Wll.P, CHURCH ft Co.. 112 Uark-st. FOR SALE—A saloon, stock and fix tures. Will be told ch*ao, the owner wishing to go to Europe, apply at 83 Mllwaukee-av.. corner C'OR SALE—Drue Store—A first-class t? prescription and retail drug store. In ope of the finest locations in the city. Address “K B. b,” Tribune office. rron SALE—A house, with or without I 1 saloon or stock. Inquire at 404 South SUtMt JOHN RCEHL. FOR SALE—At a bargain, a first-class saloon, near the Post Office. Proprietor going East. Apply at XB9K State-st : __ - ____^____ PERSONAL —A gentleman (stranger in Chfca?oi withes to become acquainted with some yonngladr or wldSw. AdlrSs LUCIEN 8. YOUNG, Chicago. V. O. _ anir jFouna. LOBT— $25 Reward—Strayed, 3 horses: <med,rk b»r> ibort talk “ d men; one light bay, about ishands bish- ft AW in returning them to the Central Llvew Stasis 8»»dlW South Water-aU will receive the above reward, wiu- Id AM COX A CO. TT'OTTITD—A lady's for collar, onVan Heal tigtatt—<gttj, F°«£ frameh-nwof Uroonif,»ml 10t40x373 few,«ouon FuutnoMv. __ LfOX! BALE—Michiransr. lead? 0 "*- » w s*s;“j&B^£iS^!3str#su. Dee 50. 7 Metropolitan Bloc*. Ir'OK BALE—A house and I 0 * 01 *?* I foctieait corner of Fourth and P“ > , r **~* t ** **°3f t ll> j_oue-h«af car h—balance t»e *®,* per cent. One of toe ebetgret place* In A OOODBICg, 123 Dearborn-*!. SoomS. f7OR r*A f-TS—Cheap—The marble front r dwe1.t0g.N0.377 West D, J. LAKE. -•-- T7OB aALE—By Snyder & Lee. Heal Es r tate A rents. 80. 4 Metropolitan of 4 moi. with a lot. on theeorner of Hubbard and Leavltt-its- tsxlg. Frtca sI.TOQ, XT* OR SALE—Until April IStb, Isne, TPOR BALE—Store and lot, No. 181 f> south Cl.rk-n- between Madison and Monro . 3i* fen front. IcQQlreof JOHN Banoolph-et - FOE SALE—Office lormeriy occupied by Kirby, Carpenter A Co- North Bl(Je,ne*r New berry's Elerator, suitable dwelling for a small family. Appty at S3S South Water ac, Boom 4. FOR SALE—By Snyder & tec, Beal Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Bloc*, a nc» two-storyaodbaiemettbrlca booseof II rooms, and lot, vmh barn, on Wabaab-av., near TwentletlLSt. F 'OR SALE—Genteel Wabash-av. resi dence. with lot *oxl6o. near Edridge court. The most thorough trollt two-story and stone oasement trame house on the avenue. Heated oy steam through* out. in fine repair, and containing a'l modem Improve ments- for a first-class residence, the most desirable one that baa been offered this season. Terms favor able. Inquire 01 A. J.AVEKELL, Beal Estate Agent, Boom 7, Metropolitan Bloc*. r /OR SALE—Two story brick house on / WabMh-ar., near narmon-coort, n room*, co&l fton«—a decided t»r*aia—at HW»>. Two-thirds ot the pnrchaw mosey on time. I©medi ate poiscwlon. H. C. MO KEY * CO., Beal Estate BroKera. S Metropolitan Block. }rOK KALIS—By anyder &Lec, Real Es- I tateAgents,No.4 Metropolitanßlock. anew two ■torT frame boose of 11 rooms, marble mantel*, waser, a*#, and lot, no. 17‘A J»ck»oa-*t n between Desplames and Hallied. . - FOB SALE—Cheap—Horae, tot and barn, with gas, water and sewers. No. M« Ohio* it-, tear btate. Norm Side; also, furniturefor sale, in qoire oa tbe prcmUta. TTOR BALE—A first-class two story F frame dweUlnc.andlotsoil» room, and all modern improvements, cellar, cl*tern and aewer, wltb a good barn, flrtt-claM neiKtDorbood, early possession, terms easy. Apply on premises. No. 80 Centre-av, F-OK SALE—A choice residence, nearly new, ticely located, wltb lot. Price $6,000. Im provement* cost newly the above amoimt. Mn« ne gold lamedlately. Please address “JB C," Tribune office. __ poll SALE—On Prairie-av., yen- cheap, r a good frame hoots. fi**r TT £nJy , - ? front, jot 27x1£0 fact to alley.. will be sold this week at a bargain. J. D. HARVEY. 78 LaSalle-st. FOB SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tote A cents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, ft new tratno house of 8 rooms. and lot, on Warren-st* near Home. FOR saTVR—On Kankahee-av., near Thlrty-flrat-st- two new one-and-a-h*lf story cot. taces.wt-blots sleet front, wells, cisterns. Acu seven rooms. Terms $2.t00 each—s6oo cash, balance in 1.2.3. ana4years. A great bargain. Inquire at No. 37 Reynolds* Block, ofE. B. SEEBMAh. FOE BALE— Wabasb-ay. residence, a llte two-story and basement marble front house. oatalninglS rooms, with Jot 48 by 170 fret to ftplsaked alley 20 ft. wlde.east front. Grounds are beautiful!* laid outaud inclosed with a neat, substantial iron fence. Th* home Is as good as new. This Handsome place Is ottered at the lowprtce of *71.000. Terms easy. Apply to OLINGER A WALLER, 86 Waahlngion-st* Booms 1 ana M. • TP OH SALE—4 bouses on Roboy-st, 2 r onThrooo-sb. Son Park ay- cottages on West Gke-et. Good locations and favorable terms. A. u BROWN * CO* 128 Lake-61. FOB SALE—A desirable two-story frame house. No. 696 Wabaah-av. ntar Fonr teenlh-ft—lot 33x180 feet—only r.SCO, caaMf taken at nriMv_miiT fti 000 less thSQ It* value. Will rent for anndm. I TlHepotet, WARREN A GOOD RICH, urn Dcarbom-st. Room a. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new frame house of 8 rooms water. gag. sewerage, marble mantels, and lot. No. 664 Washlngton-at* near Lin coln. - . _ XT OR BALE—On Wabasli ay., a first- I' e ass marble front house, ana fttrnlture. A. B. WING & CO„ 83 Boon No. 2» TT'OR SALE—On Peoiia-st, in rear ot r church corner of Waahington-sL, a new boose ol Srboms. closets and panfry, gas pipes, water and sew er connections. Apply on premises. FOR SALE—Wabashav. lots, gI.OOO each, nearThfrtleUwt. Also.on Thlrty-flreni-, iear Bankftlee-av. Cheapest lota ottering on South Side. GEORGE A WILLIAMS. 7 PonthClark-sL i?OR SALE—Two buildings, 75x125 and f I6zs6 leet, now occnulsd fbr ft cooper shop, with born, on Msy-sL, near Fulton, with lease ol lot <SxI3S Pet, atll.CWi, if sold within a few dajs. Apply to WHITE A ELbON, corner Morgan and H. C- MOREY A CO n Real Esute Agents, No. 8 Me fropolltap Block. TT'OR SALE—Wabash-av. residence,with X. all tbe u Oderu Improvements, on lotSSxlis feet to alley, barn on alley, nice (S-SDO, if sold soon. £. A. RICE, 153 booth Clark-sL, Boom 14. FOR BALE—We have choice houses and business property in sll parts of the dts, and ftnns in at) parts of the country, constantly on hand. A. J. MILLS A CO* Boom 31 Reynolds* Block. FOR SALE—A flnt-class bnck resi dcnce, elegantly Snlsbed, and containing an the modern Improvements, and .ot and barn, for *BAto. The Imoiovemeuts would cost that »®^k T ,a ll®s Dothltg about tbe lot. ABTfICK A BOYD BN, 210 tilate-at. : FOR SALE—Business nroperty, 70 feet front ng on 190feetdeep toaa 18- loot alley, situated on the diagonal corner from the Post Office, being the ground occupied ot bandings Noi. 90,93 and W Monroe-Bt. This property will have a front of 190 feet on the extended part ofDearborn-st, and lntlod« the Uatory btUldlas No. SO Apply to H. C. MOREY A Co* Beal Eetste Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block- COR SALE—House and lot on South f (Park-iL, (8 story boose), |1L500; one on Adam»- st., with two buildings, (one bnck). only <ASCOt one on ilanroe-flt- near LaSsHe. JtaOO; one oa North Sl*to-st.,fUt£ PETEK 6HIMP, Beal Estate Agent, 98 Monroe at» FOR SALE—A very desirable lot on Pralrle-av., south ol TwentT-nlnth-et^'CrxlSbteel, at «0 icr foot, fenced, and fine shade tree* In franc. gro. W. HILL, 17 Besaoldi’ JQlock, near Post| Of- FOR SALE—Very desirable productive property on West Randolph. Canal, Lake and Washington-sts, Also, oa East Waantogton-#t_ neix Chamber of Commerce, One business lot. J.D. HAB- V&Y. 78 LaSalle-at. FOR SALE—Comer lot 00x120, wotlh 18.000 cash. Will accept an improved 80 acre (arm Is part payment. Addreaa “H J B,” Tribune office. 1701! SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Beal Es- F late Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Bloc*, lot by ist feet on Washington-fit- between Weed and Lincoln, Three lota on Watoat-sU, between Wood and Lincoln. 170 R BALE—7 lots 24x124 feet each P with north and south front, cat ween Tbroopand Loorolk and Van Buren and Jacton-fits- attw oer lot—very cheap. GEO. W. BILL. 17 Eeynvlda Bioek. X7OR SALE—4O feel on Madison st. by P 190 sooth front, near Wellfi-ft- S3OO per foot; 155 feetonJacrson-sUfisODer foots 158 feetonVanßu nM°.mi«ftat: PETEB SlflMP, 93 Monroe-ifc. I7OR SALE—On West Adams-£t, some V of the moat desirable building lots In* IS3 feet, south front, nearLaflln-sC cheap lota on MadlSn-it; J. P. HABVEY. 78 LaSalls-tC Tt oil sat.e—Calmnet ay, northeast cor _P ner of Twsnty-thlrd-st. lOflxiSO feet to an alley. TttU dealrabte property will hetor *<£«• time, at the low once or |?0 per front foot. Apply to xaoe. B. BBYAN A CO.. Bryan Hall. fT'OR s AT.P—In Evanston—Nine bouses P and lots, well located, some of which are among the best lt» the village, and flve bnUt during the past season. Prices to |U,OOO. The fast named price will purchase a residence on the Western mdee, which Is pronounced by good Judge* to be one of the finest in Ccok County out of Chicago, standing upon two beautiful lota llOrai feci, covered with young, thrifty trees, and commanalns a tplencid view of too western prairie, and giving yon, from toe observatory, a fine view of old Lake Michigan. This house was built the ptsttcaaon, expressly tot toe owner, has au the modem Improvements, and j* In every respect a model house. Any one wishing to lekm moreln re gard to 1». hetor* calling, can Inquire of Eev. Dr. Ev arU, 608 Wabwh-ar.; J. E. Tyler. 3* Clark-st., cor ner laSt: S. C. Grtegs, 39 ana 41Lake-«t.. or E. B. Skinner, 140 Lake-st. Alio, tor «»le, a fe* fivtsacro lot*,Jnsi north of toe Bib’lcaf Instltate. at <2to ivct acre; and a good torm,under Improvement.with balld luas, at wtnetka, K mile trom depot, 16 miles from Cci caso. containing 160 acres, at <4O per acre—halt cash, balance in two year* at 6 per cent Interest, Terns of payment for toe houses and lots, generally half cash, balance In one and two years, at from 8 to 10 per cent Interest- Apply to C.E. BKOWNR.RCaI Ektaw Agent, Evanatos, or at bis office, 17 LsSalle-sL, ttucago. XT OR SALE—A splendid couutiy seat, 1* locatod on the west Dank of Bock Hitct, two miles below the City ot Rockford, Illm consisting ol 60 acres of highly improved land, a large, elegantly fin ished two-story boose, containing IP rooms, with cel lar tinder the whole; good outbuildings, barn, car riage house, tee house. *Cm Ac., and a bearing orchard of 900 apple trees. Grounds about toe bouse Well laid oui and unproved, and covered with shrubs and ever green* la great variety. Also. 306 acre* of Carat and pasture land, adjoining the above, with 40 acres of Um ber within three miles. The house and larm lands-W --ke-i together, make a splendid stock farm. Will be sold separately or Fncelow. Temia easy. Apply to Dr. 6. W. COBBY, Bocktord, UU FOR SALE—In a pleasantly situated and h*althy village, about V 0 miles from this city, a most desirable residence, containing cloven rooms, besides pantries and closets, good slatH&wood and oo’bousea, with well and brick cUters, brick e-nar with cement floor, all In good order and repair. House situated In centre of 3 acres ol ground, covered with choice fruit aod ihade tre?s, grapes, Ac- twenty rope ftjm depot, with plank walks, will sell house, to gether with piano, carpets and all household boo da, cow, wood and coai and provisions comole to, or sepa rate tosalt. ForlntormatiomsendnotetoßoxllOlS this cliy. with name and address. A splendid chance lor a ready made home. FOR SALE—A splendid stock, gtain and dairy farm ol SCO seres. In McHenry Co., II! • v> mile* from Chicago. wttbWhallmUeoCdepotoa Northwestern B. B, 3 Houses, sbarns, well fenced, aerer-taillng stream runs through the farm, 60 sere* timber, win keep 3to catte. excellent location for cheese lactory. clay on premises lor the toanniacture of crram>coiored brick: new Northern B. B. surreyed through tbe premises, depot on property: farm can be divided Into 10-acre lots, each with running water and on public road. It i* without exception the best dal r> rarm In the Northwest. Price only pet acre. Also, lor sale adjoining the above, the best waterpow er in McHenry t;o„ and a large number of tillage lots. Apply to J. BOND, Bocm 4, 44 Lss>aa&-«t„ or to J. H. NICHOLS, Kenosha. Wls. I7OU and lot at Rockford, * • i]j. A {rood two-itory atone boost, with base meet, twelve roooa. ball, doable parlors, large kitch en, two brick cisterns, garden well aopolled with frmt and sbiobbery, boose sonoondedby large abide trees, an acre corner lot. In a moat desirable neighborhood, within three minutes walk of the well-known Bock ford Female Seminary. A rare opportunity lor moae barter daoebtera to educate. fbicefSAOO. Apply to ” ~ ACKHEB.I3S Bandolpb-at. FOR SALE—I6O acres IS-4 miles from Misonrille, In theconntyof the DnUaflne « Sloox city Railroad. PrteWj* per acre- A’so, UOacmaboatSK vllle,ard■boutthe«ame dlataace Buchanan - . Fnllerton Bisct. Chicago. pergonal. larßoTßDt 6NIMPBOYCD. 3£eal ISstateggEtmnttß. oTcrBLAv L. CIABKi r?OR SALE—WeiI improved buOTie® r Property In noli River; also, s.oo oacres wc)£»e lowa lands. Termaeaiy. JONES. BU.ndx « aai LOB, 13 MethodUt Church Dloca. tt> Or ’S/TLB—Bv Jones, Bundy & Tay- P inV Methodist Church Block. 1,400 A- lor, mads, selected In 1535, or wilHrade for land m Marshall, Woodford, McLean or ■rtfimirg counties. FOKSALE —Cheap—A well improved lam of MO acres at libertyrin&Lake Co. Will •**« nraoertr In part payment.WPDweinoa given Metro polltao Block. TP OH SALE—A farm ol 40 acres, all H fenced and Improved, with new two-story home, a room*, new ham, * cows, horse and wagon. 100 y-hirvena. anc all tne tanning Implements and bouie nold furniture. Within 16 n>Ues of Chicago. Price SlkO. AETSUR A BOTDKK. 31Q SUtt-Bt. T7OK SALE—A farm of 160 acres, with- X In $ miles of Chinos, ail ImprornLwltta sew bouse or 8 rooms, carpenter shop and bam, 300 bearing apo o trees, 400 grape vine*, one acre In strawberries, sad glenty ol other fruit. ARTHUR & bOYV&S, 310 ffiamm. f7'OR SALE—A splendid piano terte, X at a great bargain; or wsuld be exchanged tsr building material. Address *>C B W,” P- O. Bex 3369,Cb16ag». IBeip mMW Set* ANT£J)—Brag Clerk—Apply it 80 . T*7AI*TED—A yrnce roan about 18, W onevbocan•ntsilo«meetrntrtet.Bosllßb or GerxoM. App’yattbeeonierof Adamsaad WallMta, In stare, fromatol ociocfc oa toe after* aoep of tbePtb. ■tXTANTfcD—A JjTUf Clerk, at Hilctt- W coek’e Dm* St-re. 327 BuiMt. The bos of reftresce framed. App y between® and 10».bl, end 3 sods p- *d» ___ T8A839. TH7ANTED A tost clast Barber, at VV comer Doplatees-st and Mllwaakee-ar.. la the nsseaent. TXT ANTED —'A first-class Carpel Up- W hnltterer eecnstomed to putting down carprts noth* Steady wort and good pay to a good Si? aouWßßii'nsLra. us M in u*,- TXTANTED—A good practical Bnck- W ftS-rtSlt ayer*Addrt»mrlU. price, WISE mn A WILLIAMS. ADbcra. a. TirtVTßn—A Brewer—A man that W demand, the brewtocrflagw^rcMget a situation in Bauson's Brewery, So-— SChlcago-ay» Apply tor three days. TTT ANTED —12 painters, at 108 South W faqHca-At. . jgetp. WANTED— Experienced saleslady, m hoop skirt store. ot.e who trill make hsiyelf osenu and ha* good reterenees. can roent by addressing, with lull name, “MKBOHANT, Tribune offlee. HOCBB SERVANTS* 'xtta'NTED—A good Protestant woman VV to coot, wain and Iron, Inaprlrat* family at Evsnrtfn. To one who tualerstanos her Sxmncsi % eoM borne and good wa*e« will be gtren. AddreiS “ H E," Trlbooe office. TIT ANTED —A Lady Teacher m a se- W wt school. Slost hare a teacher's certificate. Ahoir to BET. GUNTECM. comer Bnmaide and Twenty-second-st. Salary StCO per year» TTTANTEI>—Cook and first girl. None V V need apply except they cas famish good relcr encea. Apply ai43Q triiinn-gt. WANTED— A fiist-clnas Ironer al the BlfJi«ODd Boose. TXT ANTED—A girl to do general house- YV work at 991 indlana-av. TXT ANTED—A pastry cook for a firrt- VV dus botehat Jacksonvi'le, 111. Inquire at MBS. BATES* Office. 171 Waablngton-at. ANTED—A Girl to do general housework. Wages liberal. Can at S 3 War* reo-st. ttt*™— Dining-room girls at City VV Hotel. Apply Immediately. TX7AHTED—A girl to coot, wash and W mm In null Amur. Bn»nd nlrt np stairs work. Liberal wages to a neat, tidy ort, wltb good references. Apply at 313 West Monroe at. WANTED —A good cook, washer and V* Ironer, In a small feml’y. Apply Immediately, at 748 Wabash-av. TTTANTED —A jonne gill for second VV work. Om who cad bribe coed reference can find ft permanent place fey applying at 87 Sooth Green-at. Irish not wanted. WANTED —A flrsi-dasß cook, at 98 BmColplXl. 81. ULAIBaaTOSg. VST ANTED—A first class cook, washer VV and Ironer. To one who can sire satisfaction • pleasant borne la hereby oflered, and cood wac** be men. Apply as early aa possible, at 304 West Lake-st.. near Union-park. jSmplogment agents. tttANTED—Experienced Canvassers, VV to vlsittowns and cities only, throughout the West. Call at Boom 73, No. ia» OnituMt, or a/Mress. with stamp. Box 1110, Chicago, III* W ANTED—Ttoung men in the coun try wishing to obtain situations, such as book- Keepers, clerks, couecto**, salesmen, presimen, Ac. Ac* to apply at Room Block. 92 Peaibom-sU, or addressJ. M. MOORE A CO* Bex 1707, enclosing 10 cents for full particulars. TUT ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers. 2 VV sa cmren.l conductor, 7 brakesmen,! fireman.i porter.3drivers.2 expressmen. Aptly at Room la. Fullerton Block. 9*2 hcarcorn-st. Applicants address J. M. MOORE * CO- Box 1707, enclosing ID cents lor reply. TXT ANTED —A lew more stood men to VV canvaas tbe city lorthe isle pt B. R. PattUnu*s KtUe scaurer—a very nice article, Also, agents throughout llliaols, lowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. 198 south Clatk-at., between Adams ana Monrue, Chicago, 111. TXT ANTED—Energetic men, to encage VV in a neat, clean and proQtable business. A splendid thing to travel with. <25 to »50 cash reqofred. Call from 9 to 13 and 2 to 6. at 90 Monroe-sU Boom a. TUT ANTED—Three men of good ad- VV dress and mature age, who can engage perma nently. as salesmen and solicitors. Apply this day. J.H. JONES. 125 Dearhorn-aL a®an*rtr=JHfe«Uanwus. TUT ANTED To exchange a saperb VV Grand Piano CRoaewoodi la part payment for »lot on West Side. Address “W W R* ,, Tribune office. WANTED —Men wishing to earn $5 per day shove expenses, with f3O to take the-n to the country, will please call at 63 WestLakeeC, ChlcakO. . WANTED— One executive agent in each Stole with cash capital from *3OO to, several suborfllnate agents lor each State with sso to 1100 cash. The flrat to locite, the last to travM. Energetic men In either position can earn from *rjxn to *IO.OOO la the next three months. For particulars, cationH.O.ROßEßTS,General Agent Ibr the United States, at Northwestern Hotel. Chicago. TXTANTED —Good men in every conn- VV ty in the West, to seD Johnson’s Copper Light ning Boa. No rod wss ever received with such uni versal fsvor as this, combining as it does the conduct ing pcwerofcrpperwlththe btexnotb of the Iron rod. Our agents last season cleared from *3OO to *3oo per month. Send for psmp&let and price Hat. E- F. BENaHAW A CO* 166 Lake-sU Chicago, Dl. Wanted— A respectable young pen tleman to share a nice room with me, at 24-1 wabast-av* with board U desired. Address as (o In tervlew, ‘ > MB > ”Tnbune office. TXTANTED—To purchase, an interest V V In some business well established In this dry, bv an Eastern party, who has had 20 tears* experience, and possessing a capital of *IO,OOO to *15,009. Grocery trade preferred. Address “Hfl G.” Tribune office. W~*antrii —To lightning rod dealers. Experienced agents to sell the most perfect rod la use. None except those having experience in this or a Mmllar business need apply. Address "Copper Scroll Lightning Rod Co." Freeport, lIL Wfi M'PRn —Tn Buy—A Cottage House and let, or tw Mlory horns aod lot on tbo West Side between Parrlaon and Fnitoa. blast bo cheap and oa gcod terms. Address “W W.” 19 Plerce-st. WANTED— Owners olreal estate hav ing property to sell or real, will do welt to leave It in carbines, as we hav e_ numerma apollcailpaa which we are nnahle to supply. A. J. MILLS & CO., K»ni Estate r gents. Boom 31 Reynolds Hock. T&T ANTED—A man with $5,000, to cu (V cace In basinets in thl* city which will pay 110.000 a year. Address Box 13117. Chicago, 111. This will be Hand an opportanlty worthy of investl gallon. XXTANTED—SIockof groceries or hard rV ware in exchange tor an elegant residence on the North »lde. E.A. BICE. Boom 14. No. 135 Sooth Clark-fit. XXTANTED—S2,OOO, on first-class fami ly V tare worth <s,OCO—insured for IWOO; also, on two trams house*. <1,500, ler 6or 13 mootas. wni pay per cent per month. Address P. O. Box 333. XXT ANTED—'To exchange a two-story V V bonfe of 6 rooms, besides closets, with lot 33 by boras and boggy. ARTHUR &BOYPHN, 810 Btste-SL W AlTED—Brick Yard Machinery— rV Parties haring brick machines, trucks, barrows, moulds, tempenns wheel*, nnd otner necessary tool* ready for n*c« ana In good order, can find a pmtha*er InSTEffART. T.nnLAM A CO-No. 4 Lind’* Block., jgftawteh—•So M. TXT ANTED—To Kent, a medinm-fized, r V nicely furnished bouse. In a flm-claM locality, during the summer month*, by a small umlly (wltu* out children), who will take the best ot earn of furni ture. Will take possession any time between now and sth of May. Addre is •* BANKER,” Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Bent—Porayer or VV more. ..mdihoiißi* or cottage cantalt -tz.or more rooms, convenient to bone ear*, in a pleasant lo cality. Bent (tom <3O to <3O per month. Reference given. Address V. O. Box 313. TXT ANTED—To Kent —A first-class VV Cottage or good small house. In a good neigh borhood on the North bide, or within one mile of Laks st. Bridge on the West Side. Rent from <35 to SO per month. WUI take possess ton Immediately. Will take part of the turn! tore. W. HINE, 49 Klnde-st. XXTANTED—To Rent—Either onSonth VV Water or Ktnae^ts- a Store, half of store, or store and basement, at a Alt. living rent, tor a Cotu mtstlon bUHlneea. Apply, glflng particulars. No. 30, Tribune office. XXTANTED—To Rent—2 or 3 rooms for VV housekeeping, by am«n and wlfb, on toe West Side. Address E. A. FOX. 399 West Indlana-st. XXTANTED—To Rent—Prom three to V V five rooms, south of Twelfth and east of State- BU suitable tor housekeeping, tor a gentleman and ■wife. Address “T." Box 64. TT/"ANTED —To Rent—A small house VV or cottage, of 7or S room*, near toe i treet care. West SWe preferred. Kent trom <2O to S3O. PoMeaiion by the 15th of AprlL Befereflcea given. Address ”C A." Box 8388- TXTANTED—To Rent lmmediately, V V hr two young men In the Post Office, a furnish ed room, without board, wltaln a few minutes’walk of S aTmS S.” Station A, P. Qm City. TAT ANTED—To Rent—A good store, VV eastcfLaSaile-stM on Sooth Water, Lake or Randolph, cr on the cxois stfsetj between. Adarwa, stating location, rent, ACm Box 549 Post Office. WANTED —To Kent —Immediately, a large collage, or small two-story house, con venient to corner of Lake-el. and Mlcblgan-aVM orn»r the street car*. Prompt payment and good care guar an teed. Will not pay over <6O per giving street, numcer and price, •‘BPfl, 80i1133, Chicago P. Q. WANTED— To Bent—A famished house, by a gentleman and wife, without chil dren- Any one wishing to leave loclr bouse to a re- Bpcnalblepartyfhvcdaioratorm of six months, can address “MERCHANT,” Tribune office. ITT ANTED—To Rent-Bv a gentleman, VV wUh;wire.»ndtwo children, aged te-tzU to rent a three-story and basement brlclt boaie. be wishing to retain tße aeeoud **orr toriam3eir g Smlly, «td board with eala tenant. ' Uj»«o- sortt of reiereices given and required. Address «BT L,” Tribune office. TTTANTED—To Rent—wiliiin 3 blocks VV ot State and *or t ram*, sultablefbr housekeeping, to a carelffi. prompt paying tenant. No children. Most be In a good nelchborhood. Bint on to exceed *ls or 118 per month, wonld take asmall boose, with privilege of renting a part. Ad dms “M B. w Tribune office. jfot gale. 17'OK SALE—Soda Wafer Machine—A I' Matthews’ twenty eallon loan talc, sods water machine, with boUler, safety screw, and Fa* lentsrrnper. all complete, for sale cheap. The ma chine is eood as new, bavinc been n*ed leas than a year? Adtlresr. F. O. Box 543. Bocheater. N. Y. TTOB SALE —COO m seasoned flour bar- P rtl staves. with circled hea'llnc, oq condemned and lor sale py A. J. LATHAM, Boom 110 Oriental D olid log. FOR SALE—2OO,OOO feet of first, second udthirdc]earlMaodiulnmh«r.dry,{a one or two lots. Apply to DAVID GOCDWH.LIE A CO., comer of Franklin and Qhlo-sts. T? OB SAXE —Hay scale, Fairbanks’ 1/ make. large »Ue, to be removed Ist ot May. Also, one top baggy, city make, nearly new. Inquire of T. no. x South Clarkst. FOR SALE—Cheap, less than half val ue. three choice Bomao palatines—the Msgdslm. Joseph and Chile, and Ancient view of Rome. May be seen at Matteon A How’s Art Gallery, No. 1 7 Lake st, Oflers lor aamewtU oe received up to the athlflJt* Address ’•PAINTING,” Tjlbone office. 170 R SALB-Chicago City ItaUway r stock. On account o! the permanentJOTO vaj ot the owntrfrom theclty, the above stock wll* la Bute* to Bait purchasers. inqclreatNo.lJtna beref Compel ce. ______ Sft cTc. Sf'eodaziiiß. oa a, ground. rat.E One hundred and fifty W nerland aides, at SO cents. In- information ggaanteh. TSfORMATION— Wantcd-Ol Snssn I n-imerTacalond girl about Uyear* of age, whs i te^otber lCosdayjast, Any latormatteaman oMocibMK, Will be thankfauy locaim by BUM* at 33 bout* Weil*-*, Situations ZSantfO. AALBUt ‘ITTJATIOK—■Wanted—A* bookkeeper tO or to do ml«ceiUfl9oiu wrltlar. tf • middle aaod jrao. or strict lQle*mr. sttadr, ladsortou, and wll line to cam hi* mis-t. Refoecccj aaexcepUoosus. AddreuP.O.D averßUT. SITUATION —Wanted by a vdcnc min, U u salesman (or o»berwl«> to a crccior store, Hu had six y<“*r* «pfn*ncf ia parehasinc esrttea irarelortb*n.B.xauK*ts In the Bt«flonl*C#r% potter lea, England. Address -X. U, M 184 NorvV PeorU »U Cwc*«o. CITUATION —Wanted, by a lire bnsi- O mu cf die jean* experteoeo, ** d-rfcla » r»mi dmc or grocery store. Ware* rr*j Beat of menace* circa. Address L.ELWICKOCT, Luce, IU. CmiATlONS—Wanted, by two tailors^ to go to the country. Addre»* KDWaKD CAB' BOLL. 91S Chicago-ar- Chicago. OlTUaTlON—Wauted,by a young man, O aslrarcerlnthtscuy. a* porter la a store. U« rood recommenaaoon* from last employer. Adores* P ALBEBT,’* Trtbnne oOcr. §ITUATI ON—Wan ted, by a gradoale cl E**tman Business College. In any capacity ut a > lore. where willing work and attention to ba«toe» will otter adraccemeac Address DSC, Trtbnne effles- CITDaTION—Wanted, by a young man O about 13 tc*ts of ace. la a whoTe*aleor retail gro cery sto»e- Cndemaod* thehoslne** perfectly- Jhe beitot reiereccecaa be girts. Apply at No. 413 Hal stea-st- QITDATION—Wimted, m a wholesale O or retail boot and shoe establishment, by a young can who ba» had andoubted experience. The eery b**icity reftrence gir-n. Woa.d accept a trareUlag situation. Addrtn -J E," Tribune offlee. SITUATION—Wanted, by a young man, O toward. Has had experience. Adores* Tri bune offlee. SITUATION —Wanted, by ayonnamaa who Is not afraid to wort. Adarcsa ‘C." Tnbarw office. SITUATION —Wanted, m a good com- O TolsaKm or wholesale- boose. ll«i of reference* nrcn. Salary no object- Address **B\JS\HES3” Tn- Bane office. CITXJATION— Wanted, by a yonng Ger- O man. to take care of boneaand mate blnr-eli sm oallyosefnl. Address“MUXEß, Trlaaneoffice ClTUATlON—Warned, by ayonnft id an, la adrueor grocery store. lias bad three year*’ experience tu tbe city. ws,tot telerencts given. Ad dress **F C H." Tribune office. SITUATION— W anted, as shipping, en try or office clerk. Hadth'eeyears’expcmnceln commission bualuesa. Best of ref»««» given. Ad ores* “F W T.~ Tnbnne office. CITUATI ON—Wanted, h; ajoungman, O as entry clerk, assistantboobieepCT »r clerk, in a wholesale noose. Address P. O. Box H>7l. F3BMAI.Bg> O ITUATlON—Wanted—For a jotmg O lady, as cupTiKt cr clerk lo some cikms atarc. Writes an excellent band and baa a superior education. Addreaa E.” Tribune offlee. CITUATION—Wanted, to do no stain O wort or wait cn table, by a respectable girl. In quire at 103 bebcPiL, for two days. SITUATION— Wanted,by a widow wo man with baby. In a private family, city or coun try. Understands all kin js of bonwwortr. wic«m ebjcct; a borne Iswbatis desired. Apply at 163 Clark-st. CITUATIOSS—Wanted, by two expe ls nenced young lady el-rt*. Best of retvreaces fur nished. Adores* Mils “L Q P." Box 1579. Chicago- agents aaaanteb. A GENTS—Wanted—For Geneial L. C. J\ Baker's HISTORY OP THE 9KCBET SERVICE, tae most exciting and loterwtlac book ever publish*]- This work embraces an AUTHENTIC and OFFIdiL account ol thetutberto suppresed facta and, Inlorraa tlon obtained by General Baker, dating his flvo yean service aa Cbietot the National Detective Police. It was announced more is an & year ago. oat owing U> tbe attenpts of the Government to •aporeeft It, us publication was deayed. It will now fee uaned unaltered and unabridged, under the supervision of General Baser. The little information and measre ac counts ol his operations derived from the newspaper* r t the day, have only awakened* more Intense dedre In tbe minds of the reading community, tojearnstin more ol the mysteries beretofjre bidden by the curtain of official surveillance. This book effectually lltu tno vellol secrecy and lays bore tl dr inward receaseftto the Inspection and criticism of the world. Tbe morals of the National Capital are thuroughly ventilated, and there are some strange revela tloi s concerning heads ol departments, members of Congress, female pardon brokers, and distinguished military characters. For thrlUinglnwrest uwso mar vellous narratives ol General Baker eclipse the fa mous experiences ol Fouche aod Vldocq, and possess tbe rare mentot truth for their recommendation. be tng all attested by tbe hiahest official authority. Send for circulars, and see oar terms and s full de scription or the werk Address JONES BROTHERS & CO. 148 West Fourth-st* Cincinnati. Ohio. A GENTS—Wanted —Marshall's great XjL porfraltcf Abraham Lincoln. Read the f>Uow- IcgfrumNtnlsn W. Edwards, brother-in-law ot Mr. Lincoln; Hon. John T. Stuart, Judge S. T. Logan. Lin coln's law partnersfor years; S. (I, Treat, Judge D- S. Court; J. Bunn, banker—all Intimate personal friends tor more than thirty years; _ SrsiscnxLD, February Oth, 1587. Mcwra. Tlcknor A Fields: __ . G*3m*3irN--We have compared the two portraits of the late President Lincoln, one painted by F. B. Car perler and engraved bv F. Halpin, and tne other painw ea and engraved by W. E. Marshall, in onr Judgment, Mr. Marshall's Portrait Is not only a superior work of art, but also s more correct likeness of Mr. Lincoln. N.w, Edwards, JohnT.Stnait, S. E. Treat. J. Bunn, 8. T. Lor an, ItiapionounceQihebeatbv-- _ Gov. Oglesby. Chl‘f Justice Walker. Lieut. Gov. Bren. Assistant Justice Lawrence* Adit. Gen. Haynle, Auditor of State Miner, And all of Mr. Lincoln’s da frierdi who have teen the two tide by side. Liberal terms to A cert*. Address J. H. AMMON* Publishers’ Agent 87 Wa»hlagton-«t, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted “ The Pictorial A\ BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND INCIDENTS OF TBs WAR.” Warranted the moat artractre. fut-sati iDg book of tbeage. Pays largest proflu and elves best sath-factloo when delivered. Agents make *so to *tos per week, as we wr! prove. Address SIODOABD A GENTS —Wanted— English Metallic J\. Clothes Line. Good Inducements to s—bU. send two red stamp’, for sample, to PARKINSON A YOUNG, Dcx 462 Port Boren, Mich. A GENT&—Wanted, everywhere, to seH Patent White Wire Clothes Lines. Can make 118 to *2O per day. Address "Metatie Clothes Line Oo*** 92 Sencca-st.. Cleveland. Ohio. AGENTS— Wanted—500 Agents want ed In s new business. B. B. SHAW, Alfred, Maine. AGEI^TS— Wanted—$25 a day. Fif teen new articles lor Amenta- O. T. GABBY* uiuaetord, Maine. A GEN To—Wanted—l,ooo wanted, male r*«**i*, in * uc« tmoiuco*. oscipiea seat tree, witn totlcnonlals ot the highest characfe-r. Addrsas GOODSFEED A CO* 148 Lskftst., Chleags. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the Amcr- X 3. lean Republic and American CooUnenL Tba two maps sent free to any address far *3. B**t thing out for agents. Also fifty kfrd* of charts sndijre kinds of pictures. Address SAMMONS, WRIT» * CLARK, 170 Lake-at, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted —Enclose $3.3-’i for complete outfit on **IJFE AND DEATH nf REBEL PSJbONS," the greatest ae-linff boo* ever published- A, KIDDEB, 98 Washington-fit,Chicago ( A GENTS—Wanted—Biggest thing out Ax for Agents. For nar'lcalar* and sample. !end» cent* to TL D. BUSSELL & CO„ Jacksonville, lU. P. Q.B<a43L _ AGENTS— Wanted—For Folsom's new Under Feed- LETT AH A SEWING Price *73 to *4O. Machims ieaton triil. P. atkjh -505,16-1 Randolph-sc. Boom* No. 6, Chicago, 18, AGENTS— Wanted—Male and female, to sell a new article in ereatdetnanrt that every family wants. <4 per dav made*lthontleaving bDme. Travelllcs agects can make from tS to |m per day, without Interference with other business. The article showsfer itself. Samples, with terms and particular* of the business, seal tor 33 cents. Address K.W. CHAPPELL, Drawer 6333. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Ladies and gentle men throochoot the West, to canvas* for oar popular works. Large commissions paid. Address or apply to W. J. HOLLAND * CO, 38 Lombard Blot*. Chicago. AGENTS Wanted “ The Empty Sleeve” and “The Belter Land,” two fine*}, choicest and best seDloc s'eel engraving* ever puouih ea in America. Best Judge* pronounce them **tbe finest creations otmtdern an.” Commissions unusually large. Address STODDARD A Cl)., 103 Washington sc. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the new XX picture. THE TOMB OF LINCOLN. Liberal terns and exclusive territory granted. Call on or ad dress J. OEMMELL, Print FupUaher. 133 Randolph st_ corner of Clark. Send tor catalogue of U 0 Choice Prints. A GENTS—Wanted—A “eolden oppor- A tnnltv"—To sell Ofktts tor cor “Wlssomin Pre irlnm GlflConeert” tor 1867. Prnons travelling oa other hcslness can do best. All such should apo'y. Drawing July «h. 1867. Parties perfectly responsible- Terms liberal. Agents making money tost. Illinois. Mlchlgsn and lowa acsold. Good relerencr* reunited. Enclose stamp tor circular. Address BODGEBB A KiBEUF, Neecah. Tf Is. A GENTS—Wauled—For the city and AV elsewhere, who are not dead broke, can mako money on a new thine that’s sure t&seli. Sviupte and Piperasentcnrecelotoftao stamps for postaje. Ad dress 47 Lombard Blocs, r.r call and see. AGENTS —Wanted—Male and lemale, tor an entirely new bnslacsa. which will pay *3 to *3 per hour. All who see* a Pleasant occupation ad dress. with stamp, Mrs. TEt M. WORDEN, Drawer 6319. Chicago. partners s®anteh. T>ARTNER—Wanted—ld one ol the 1 beatlocatod meat markets on toe WestSldA, d<v log a good paying business. Object: more capital and hup. To the tight kind of a man tats is a rare eoanca. Call at 103 Bandolph-su under MaUesoo House. PARTNER— Wanted—$1,000 cash -mil purchase as established basinets that Is oayluc weiL A good penman preferred. Boom 13 Lombard block, 109 Mooroe-su PARTNER— Wanted—With S3OO, to engage la a pleasant aod money-making busi ness. For partlcnlraa aaply a* ISA Aonto Clark-sL, room 3, from 8 a. m. to 3 p. m. PARTNER— Wanted—In a well cstab listed and paying carriage factory, Forpattlc n;«readdress “S. C. Tribune offlea. T> ARTNER—'Wanted—'With S3OO, to en \ gage in a pleasant and money-making business. For paKlcnJaraapply at 194 So ato Ciafk-«L, Boom 5, trom 8 a. m. to 3 p. a. PARTNER— Wanted —Vf ith a capital o( <S C€o to 115.0C0. In an cstabllihed whole**le b<Mt and shoo manufacturing business. A good opportu nity for a man acquainted with the business, or prac toS hMtoajrman. Addrei* P. O. Box 1367. jHatfilnera. FOR SALE—Portable engines, station ary and on wheels. 10 and n-borae power, on bind tod lor sale at low prices, by TOE PESBTIOO COt North Water-sL, North Fler. rrOK BALE—Three tJ-borse power up f* ngbt quOe«s; also six hortxoptal engines, and U>bom power. Larger Or xmaUer engine* rsr* olshed with or without bouei*. 13.15,18 and 20-hcr*« tsbniar and locomotive boilers for sale, best mate. ai«q one t-roller Union Matcher and Placing Machine, sawmills, barrel aadwood-wortoag machinery, iron F)R sa7.?VOne second-hand 10 horse portable endae. eomSl-M- &«a to w only «uje mootns, and lost as good as new. APfi'T W A. u- PAI-MElt, office thecnix life Insurance vompaaf, 43 Sooth ciart-sU Boom 4,ap»talra. _ ¥7 OR SALE—2S,IO and 15-hnrse power f portable engines and hollers, with all modern Im menta. and all complete, and for sale at Terr low pnew, toyomggiy &803-116 LaSalle-et. XTOU SALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and I; stationary engine*. from 1 10 Putnam Machine Co.’i tooU; two:k®** S 5 ?• {2£S* two 10-lrtt bed. 30 and »lncA. o one Meet bed u-lnch » w ’*Js*„* D t hoc A Ale*. *c~*o. C* "* IV and 31 •nwarbom-st. OB SAUi— Very low, two steam m trin#» nearly new, 13 and 15-bone power. Inquire _«SsMiy, ofWM. SQOTWELL, 130 Rlnde-it. rhicaaro. FOB SALE—A nearly new Pease’s self feeding tobacco cutting machine, cheap, at 173 uyooame-av., near Larrabee-st. FOR SALE—One stationary eneine 5- borse power, cheap, at the corner of Wait Po.’k-at. and Canal-eta. _ _ florets. Carriages, sft. FOR SALE— Two carloads of fresh country horses at the Oardsa City H?u«a stable, comer Madlscn and MarkePsts., from a truck ororay horse to a saddle pony. TTTAKTEr—To buy two span ct team VV heists, tor mb. Weight not less than 3.200 a*. Wares preferred. For farther particulars loqalrs at Klnch’sStomachßittenDepot, liySoatb Clarkst. T7OR SALE—9 No. 1 family horses, 1 X splendid boggy mare. 9 cheap work horses, Ito* and 1 open buggy. Can be seta atWrensbUbles, 434 and 43tt eute-st. 1?OR SALE—Cueap—Square box, open X boggy, nearly aew. To be sees at the carriage tov torr aftAbtate-at. Go to saaePlaee to gslyaur old carHM» P rspafr ** w ‘