Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 29, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 29, 1867 Page 3
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the rßßas»ss-cr asiras -STBiiSTiall'.' • inolhcr Ssutlicra CiTcra# Lnyaliziid. Letter from Governor Pdtlon, oi Alabama-. * The following is the full text, of the re cent letter of Governor Fallon, of Alabama, advising the people to accept the terms of Reconstruction propngrd by Congress, and to obey ILe law faithfully: Gentlkmbx : 1 am in receipt of your favor of the 12lh !os*., •■cqucsimg tny vews as to the beet coarse to we pan-uud by the people of Alabama, In reference lf> the recent act of Congress, Known us the Military llecoo6t‘uc tiou BiU. Comm.unicatioc& nltaiJar to yours Lave reached me from various portions o! tbe Slate- Upon the topics embraced In there severe l commnmc-illons T have bestow ed much anxious r«Geet**n*, and 1 do n-.*l frel at libe*ty to with bold- I:o-n rov countrymen any opinions 1 may have iouned in regard to them. The cct recently jrasred by Congress as sumes that tbe present government of Ala bama is Invalid, uml provides Cut Uie State shall not be restored to its nroper position in tbe Union m.-Hl i»s Oobstita lion is so modified as to contain cerla-n prescribed features. The cxis'.iog civil government of the Stale Is r«cogci.:ed as provisional only, uod a* such il maveou- Umie until tbe retjuirec /t vu.o -of me Con ebtnllonls completed. Hut i.hisrcc-tgoti'oa Of tbe State as a xnCiCly by *.f 1 he H<i!i>a;y ,iulhor ity of Ihe United Hiatus, fast an'horitv, under liifs Jaw, Is jjirM.iouat t» (be Slate, and may, at auv time, ** abolish, modiiy, cocliul,-or suparca-de tbe Harne.” This is lo be »ue coudtUjn of things until the Slate shall be declared en titled to representation in But the act provides specsdc.-Ily certain things shall be done b-t.-re snea reprfereultt llon is allowed. Tbe thing.- 12 us required to be done etc nriefiy tbc*-c; ihe form it ion of a Constitution, in wMcb sic-iluht is extended to whites and biaelis alike ; the ratification of the prop-a-d amendment to lue Constitution ol iheUu.ted Status; and the eleeliuu ol Senators and K.**prcseatattvcß who esn qualify under existing laws.. Wnea all this is dene, then t tic»»n oftbe act in questiou u:Il ernseto operate; and then the military will give way u> regular civil govenmieatT At the time 1 write, a bill is pending in Congress, supoiementa! t<» 1 tie act above re ferred to. 1 cam.« t. < f eourrft, tell what wi‘l be the r rccLc feata ts r>f t ce bill when it pasfes. Halil may be safely assumed that the bill will bccorrp a law. and that It will provide cfirctnnliy for c-irrying the ex isting act into full ed.-r.*.- ihe «ju-= tion now present* rfo'’*’. ~ * - nr.* ;u.; people -oi Alabama to d<» ? The- ? - a rrauncoi ques tion, and one of vest iii-a-.; a-iv. It nivoivea everything jici lultiug 10 lbs future of Ala bama. Surely il cannot, he ibe hI-Uo! ingman iiiatiM; prc.>:-u; fifvtD'Goas condi tion of the Slat* l- ceati*:u*sd. It may almost he ;:ui w« are neither in the fni-a car oat of it. The amhorry of jbr Uuitel Stales Govt-mm* nt 5- fully exe-oised over us, ami 3 vt v.e harem* v..:rc i- i-;ie en-vclmcDi of national Jawc. or iu |*rovidirs lor tneir exe cution. Thiels a latii'.-uia’-le condition far any people to he tdaeed ]*•. T’n«re Is bat -one way jor u? to escape frora it; and teat is to Lave the Slate fully restored to ib« fva lional Union wish all tlia lights and Immu nities or a coriqne-ctl member tb-reoL It may betaken for grg’.i-.i I bat, at no distant day, the mllFarr c.ornmanruut will take the w« per srer-s to have iM»*gales elected to a Convuiiior? to n-vie-e tir: Consti tution of tbe Stale. Tin* tew of Con-rre-* imperatively requires tbit this modified Constitution flail exie-ol the elective Jionehise to all males *' iweaiv-ouc years cld, and upwards. cf vrlit ever race, color, or pievioue d*&d»iu*n.V In o(. ; *er words, luc Xreeumen as wc.l as lire* ttiiU.s, am to be allowed to vo’c. Tbi? is a plan. ?p?c:fle, and uncccriiiionat cxae-loe. U cannot be .evaded. Itsit this }*!••-t»t»i3 f-»»urj which ia piescixhctl as a ennui*ion t;"> the approval «»f U-r<i>t.*»c ei discre tion is allowed in regjuu l*» evetytsin;; else. The rHpMrerncrt ot tbt« act cl Congress should be accepted as conclusive upon the question of negro enUrage. To contend against it now la simply to struggle s2aio«t the inevitable. Sucj a struggle would be mttrJy hopeless, and could accomplish no good to out c-ne. At tiu. election of delegates to the State Convention, a portion of ou'- will be det rivod oftbe privilege oJV.ihcr voting, or ht-iug chosen members The persons com posing this class are tliO'c wrsn, as United fclate? ofliccns, eras members .-.riba Ltg.sta ture, or Executive of Judicial nulccrs oftlic Slate, tons, an oath to «ti**i b- Con«iitn -1 ion of the United States and afterwards par ticipated in the war ag.'-tist the Federal ■Government. This uistrMichiscmeutcvcludus many good men from vot-ng; and Bill de prive the C’oii\eDlit»n oi the services of many who, for their talents, experience, wisdom, and coo lant iiliat* to opacid t® imegriiv Of the NVhmal Govcrrnurot. •Ic-trve anicii joy Ihe confide: cc of •be p«’ ;.:e. Bui such is the law, and nerd iT..i iV-irbat what a wise a*, d pniriosicCoiivrtiMou may be cho»en from ibi.e aba arc ci'g.b'e. AH w ho will be enttiia- I * v.*tc should un licsbii.ln'giy exercise tin*. and those who are j s'ruJubV;:! cV»:;i J uia their influence lor the arc up- ';u of al* r.os feib*c good. Let it I) >l l>- mp-i lied that tLev can do no! uing bpcir'sc; uc? ar j nai‘>P» to vote. Tnc nct-urnba a o »..* for the Pr.-t I:.lie. We xs-fu'e ebcr’ra hg-iiu-L them loIM frcl-ng. 'l:>* fi-.tnehise is confcircd upjn th'.*.i«: *ci t'-.m cvercisc it Iree’y, and in Ibc.r i»«.i ;v->. NutJ'.ui should be iiir.ue 'o eiur.-o : r v»cr, ex cept Buck us ii':-* lend to ia' lu in Tote iiitelliapiitly. »nd f. ;c.i a- mr? be Lucas. topro":cr them agai .*t uil.-rbi-vous m £ucnce.- to *liicu, m*oi lUvir waal of intelli gence, they c:«y ju-s-ib'y be sahjected. Above oil ttbigg, we ih»u!d cverysLhiu which may lann - nluroni-m between wpi'eand culo’cd voters. T'bis It ar. iiai oiianL !.ir a» all. We require prudeuce ni*» i* irtib.u, coupleG with decision aod (iitnoeM. i nave every coDfldiTce tliHt these su-ring qualitiesi wi>l Le txetcecd by our pouidv, as lut *v will soon Lave, suiaras !•> c->pserned, & definite and tffeeiiv-- sti;L-jnenL <>f the CTeat question of ilently tsniu'fi ate the cao'i— suea dele tales loliteL-oavenil. n *•* w i»! give u»u good ConstiLtitiou. and ouc ilmt win «»a acc-ijjted by Congress. With a (loa>til j:i n rrcoirtti.ted by the Kttiumal o:i s:.a.o v.mjLu be relieved Itoiu tile uuce. abd e-n --bari rte'Rieiils wLlcli mnv uat'g us, and which Will coni itiiii: to buna • u* uu;i! we are rcs'ored to buniiuttious relations with the Mall.mal Uflon. It Is, pcrba;.*s, imneccfsary. and might be rmprofiialdc, to inquire wild tif-r or u*»i. tuc State oi things now upon us un-e: ti.iva b-;cn averted by u policy different f.out :*..*« which Las been iiuisued In itiistiai-. 1 Lave been thorr.ugLij cunvinced 11ml <-i«» little consid eration Las been accorded to Congress. That body no* wield the chief pmver tu tueGov cnmieuL. Jta.-sens and eseroises the right to control the wltulc question ct rce*»«jslrue ticiD. Its power to do so is complete; and time and again it Las given evidence ol an utiyielU*ng purpose to enforce ttn policy in tLis regard. \VLiie this has been to me clcatly manifest, J Live binccrelf rejrelted to dnd such an it. It would have been tar better lor us if, before this, in accepting thenati -nal “siiu- alion,” we Lad made projier cuncresloes to Conffrcssioi al requirements. We caunot place ourselves in nmicablo and burrooniuus relations with ike General Govunim ,a n*. wiiile deffatice and denuncintt’in arc buried against iU conlrollirig department.. TbeauLSKOLism between Congress and the Southern Slates bas already b ought infinite mischief upon us, and we will buffer still more if it does not cease. Our State should not he continued in an attitude of hostility to Ibebiw making power ol the Government.. Upon Ibis vital question oar people should profit by ci|»eriencc. Tbe events o* the past lew mouths show incontestably that nei filstcut op)-osi>ion and abuse of Congress en tail upon us increased exactions. Tttose who cannot h. c this, or will not admit It, arc any thing but wise or practical men. If there can only be a settlementof ourpo- lliical IrouLlcs, Alabama bas a mo«t prouti sinp future before her. Our uatunil rc gourceaarc equal to i Ijosa of aor S'iitein the Ucion. Tbtifc resources are and ap preciated by capitalists among us, wno are caper to make invc.stmetL.-s, but who will not do' go iu the pictent rouuiiiou of political nn ccrlntuiy. Oa?y t ivc us tmoquiiilv and se curity, am) capital ic abundance will flow in to our Slate,'ard with it will necessarily como, skill ami labor, for tbe devei opment of our agricultural, tuineial, man nlaclurkg and internal improvement rc eourcra. As before intimated, it is probable that the time lor holding tbe dec.lon for delegates to Ibe’Convectjun will be Used by the mili tary commander for the d'atnet. I hope it it .ll be done at at early day. Tam decidedly of opinion it is < up true htcrest to bare the Slate placed in Us proper position iu tbe Kalioual Union as early as practicable. ic view of all that has transpired in the lk?tlwelv£or eighteen morttig it is niter folly to expect that thla can be dime oa any terms more favorable than thn-c embraced In the present act. I think Ibat by proper concessions, bctlertcrms might hive been secured In-rcioloie; but it is uutt too late. Zf we fill to ze the St»te in accord -ance wiih the requirements of IbU net, wo may, ami I think will, bo subjected to mure Uefc-s. I think tbit this reorganize lion should be pefectod just as soon as an opportunity for doing so is pre sented. Until this is done the supreme authority will be the nrl’Ury; andi'a the meantime, the civil authority may be permitted as a provision*! government, I h*vc every rea son for belb-vinj that inis civ*l authority will he materially interfered with, and the States have only to discharge their dalies faithfully ord impartially. Tbo law makes It the duty ol the distr.ct commaader to see that strict and impartial just'ce is adminis tered to persons o!»U classes and conditions. It this he done by the civil and judicial offi cers of the Plate, tbc requirements of the law, In this regard,w!ll have been fully com plied with; and 1 have no doubt that the military authorities would greatly prefer that no occasion should arise for their direct inlc*'pofit : on for the enforcement oi the law. naviujr written this mucli In reference to our political condition aud prospecis, I hope to be excused lor appealioc to our people to apply ibeujpt-vcs with renewed energy to the‘r reiq-t cL ve pirtults. Let there be no forchodin'jp about the iusecniiry of property. Let them r»*st assured that they wi'l reap all the butts of lln-ir labor. It should he re mer-jbered Unit Uc-.-o i- y.n avast umoaot of Euficnnp in toe btat*;; and inis na’oralJy EucccsU the of piuducioi: more pram and less cotton. Non**, of us should yi'-id to dcjp K.dercy; bat a \i P i,oj d s-.-ivc to rescue Ibe State from its ma’crial and political depression. Very icspcctfallr. li. LL Patton. bavo been jyolne on inde pendently by I*o Europeau aaLro-mmer*, which promise lo clear up the sal ject of the periodicity of meteoric showers. One tot of calculations has bceo made by M. Pcbiapaufl!), director ol the observatory *t Lilian, who finds that the meteors arc uab:i» Jonsmarßca moving In very oval and ellip tical orbits, which brine them periodically v.iltm tbc sphere of the earth's aUric ioa, and under the Gxldiaiog and icnltlug lofla of the earth's atmospheres tie has nlro found, on comparing two sets of tables, n!tmarkable F*ml arty of constitution. as well at goferuln*’ laws, between comets and meituirci though it is t*>n early to pronounce wl[b' anytbig like norUlvcness upon this coniine to these conclusions, M. Le Verricr, ut, Paris, was nncotisciouriy corrobunting them by his own Investigations. He re gards the orbits of tbc meteoric swarms as extending as Jar as lira as if not beyond t iml piano!. The oerimT-of thr principal lean-, as estimated'by both ntiTvers, Is 83J£ ycarr, which agrees with tbc recorded facts. THE ATLANTIC CABLE. Annual meeting of tiio Atlantic Xdo •jrapU 4x»mpany. The anrml meetingoftbe AllanticTclo rrarh Company was held oc Ma-chlS, at the* London Tavern, the Hon. J. S. Wor'clv in tbe ebulr. Tbe report slated that the actaslirroys receipts from toe work* big r.f Ihe cables Irora the opcologortue commnclcatlun with America from the 2Stb of July last to the present date, averaged per day, Including Solid»ys. At this rate of revenue, utter deducting tbe charges «1 other fOL'ijjAiiicu, working expenses, lu tcicst on bond*, and diyldecd to r.lieAciglo* American Telegraph Company, the*e should remain at tbe end of the iluancal year a FU:p.tcs in lavor of th** Atlantic Te'egrapU Company ol about but as the reve nue ucc*.‘unt could not be made up until the Angolo-Americ'in Company had first se cured tbdr nrolit for the year, amounting to £125,01)3, tin? Board had not been üble to present any deiailcd slalerueTt ef earuiags at the mccr-ing of ibis n orniag. The chaitman, in moving tbe adoption of tlie icjiort, taid he could congratulate the tshuxvboidcrs tipou the profits oi tbe com pany. /or although they, had no profits to divide opou tb-it occasion, sti'l be hoped he would soon have to announce a satisiactory div.Ccnd—[cLccisj; and again be could con giutuia'.c locm upon the working of the ci b:ca; .‘or although they lud neverexpacled more than live or tix words a minute, they had upuu come occasions got as many us lifveu words a minute. l_Checrs.J As tbe rcpcjt tialcd, tiicaverage receipt had been a day ;bul wiltiin Ibe la*t iortnigot *ie average bud been £1,053; indeed, one ds-.v thev liad received over £3,(XK). [Cheers.] 'j i.’s.s iucreaec need hardly siy, the ru-uUoftbcrctiUi'Uun of their Uri IT— namely, fi.-m £~O to £SO per twcuty woras. Under these chcauittamuxs, he doubled hat taatn get-dmary sharelioldeis would ivonder woy :hiy dia rot mate a further redaction. Tl-;’> the uircclors had. seriously coutetn l-la?cd,r.nd not to make a forihcrrcduc tio", but to make a much greater reduction, fur ibcv luliy believed t hat step »vould m»:ciiali> increase their receipts. As it was. ho;*, ever." their rcce:p:s had been euißcient to tusfcle then* to lulfill their ensagemeuts, -but in a short time they would most.ccr ta 5My make the cc<ui cm plated ri-dncMun. 'j no motiou for she adoptlo-i 01 tne report v.j'B adopted unanimously. SlcEsrs. F. Le Bra Lou and U- I‘eabudy were re-elcetcd Ui rteiors: Messrs L. Andrews, of New York; C. W. r of New Vork ; H. Bolter, of New Yo k ami ii,ofM:;nt tsil.wcrcrc-olccied iiCiit.MSty dtieclore ; Mr. 1L Vi. BlackburD, of l;i£ul‘iro, wes re-elected Auditor, and a vole oj Thanks to the chairman terminated the pr reeuiiigp. LAW {BTELLiGEgCH. rc'.'tiiiiQl 3>t?>iness-»Judgrments and Jiew SuiLSi The proceedings in Jbe scvcn»l Courts yes’er t!ay, wav l;m.MuJ ;o amoanf, foar Judges having i2 l crua cries which bare occupied several days In •ils!. vsrrm states crr.coir cooet. ” his Conn was je-teulay cucagcd In closing uj l (herasoo 1 VauA.v-.rv against me i’hmntx !n --m: ulvc which was fully nenuoned 'CSiCIOtT. CITCLIT COCBT. This Court wlmc.-ted mu submission lo the ;ttr< oi the cafe ofiiuc.ey O.llcs&iaon VE, jl. V.’ab*-. Irliy I'oticrd yufcVtdar. Wi;.}»io 11. Waite ve. Haris Id. Dcctstcn. i'ii.i 1 .:; gly *he Court for ploin'.id. Damaged M t?- tv crft.O’Jaiiw jeiigmaut. r.enty rainier v«. Julia O’Cilea. Assumpsit. Esn di* iiiis'.ca. H;.rlfrß. ‘i.'rrrrcc v.-. Sarah Terrence. Aa •Bwj f“. •Trfircrs-*" for p’atnulf 1 L*e only ii‘*w rn:t was Ctorye K. lifnaobn and A. H. Hovcy v?. RoharL L. Fab.-c. As2Via;sl*. Damages laid al SI,3U*. semarou cvurt. J-.ifge wriscn -vac enraged noon tha ?sr cc ,, F( , iwvi>i'»oj>Lu hUaFepFun ou Wtduei ca:- o.‘ I.Eura A. Baker vs. Almira N. Liisrjn, The raicfvtc seen:a tue pi-cIC': i;?r o:iamcc olacaa ♦a cl for ifcc =a>e of lacd In £vun<ton. Jrfi;:e Care esc cn-egcd nr*on the ca»a of Mon lCtT.tliila.liy i;t al. iTnb-a K. BaKhtril, re- IK’Tia io'te u«j. The cast* was Fcsict h*-arng t’oa cause. He made tbs fallow ing orders in cl'..! maucia: Jctcph Vn-ionpo] va. Join Shcfcbsk. Ae i.iiiuprn; di>m ticd. Al»<?u Og.iec and ivitliam Elliott va, George W. Cofllt, Atiachrount; di.<uiltsed. 1-aac il. and Arrmlc \Vo:Cw. William Rosea- H'.nrj a: h Uaviil Crcccbanm va. Uringston ct l). Afbump.dt; dssm{*? cd. 'j i panes accused m.-di-ribc xmlr**lmeatß ore fCEJ-.-u *<ti the rrecrcdl g day were arrainged. J-cr ; amsn fcablns, Jereinlab Gormic. -.'obn Uor man, i'ernis **njitb, cllas Jwnnis Wcalea, anr itcoige 3)aii», o'rcff George bjiac. iad’cicd foe bu. elaiy, pleaded uot gudiy. Teel' bail Woe fixed x: £ si'D- eauX i r.r'ri E.-ris; larceny Pl“n of uol guilty. Jctn T-etr; Jarceny. Plea orcailiy. t'tie pne crervtk' cantimietiVtf t<* tJie effect of Ms pl*-a, i'i j-w"tj]. arid wa; euiiica*.*}-! to Umie y-s--’ i*jj:i:l'or.TDt;nt M the !*• ar.ey.iary. V.'ii’iain Ikri; lor inuriicr. Plea otjorjraitv. i'jiioacrallo.vedto ba billed ta f n:n;;i G.-m iadlc'ccul for cmrdcr. Plea of :<o: c. ;!£;•; .iam-'OTi wan a'po c2X2?2tl on a cans bis occi‘p;- Q Us a v.ntioa during t’irca <*m i. 1 «* the bU n rhmcir* «t J 1 ;ciidvv Jicj'-sv.s. Yrsbka and Josub Ki’her. T:»- UJcclcrt-c bvl i; la alia ta lbs hi oi* • atiJ 8, (iilbiuiV hi xll vf no;!"!."* of Ci;ceil Coj.l parii’iuo of lbs t-iti.b ha’rcfUrc hoaib-iant cjna:l2f of tecJon li* {•_v ~J, north iar»"c ISvaeL 3ceuew•’i’ll’ were: ■i'Te.iatl Vf. Kenoio tb. Terence Tlciley. l)o- Icci’-ant’s appeal Irom ajadgznent by \7in-hlp, J. i 1 U:r Hrs narti vs. Edwin and .Tolta Braitiaid. Hi? oi duwer lu the real estate ul ike lee Hr. L'shierd. cr'mrr. II ;r.*-v j*T:t was a’.pobiir.l guardian of 11-: of , , uuj lue uslitti ul Urn lait- Wifa'j ilmz \-as dtciareo closed. o; .»ircuol Kaiohley. Claim of Ezekiel A. -too; l;r, S‘;OW"d for <C!j, of Clm- two .I:-;.?* I! Eica tvss appointad gaardiaa of Frci f r. f.-ivc t.r Alcmteficr L. Johnson, belters of b •• issued lo Aaclaida B. Jottusotv bau«r oi C-3-l,h'J usd elt*» anp.nsicd' gtisruun of U-e ieitio«‘ heirs under a tike ooml. A STiSPICIODS CiUEIAhE, The I'crlls of an Auction Hoorn. A cli'grTt of welM-pywo Integrity of characler. who doe.- buritess on ’Change, end I? recognized an a gePiJcman of uiil»:ci:ii«h;d reputation, tuii; Balle's’ anclioO rooms Jh-r other «'..j to lecken at :Ledl=i»oga! ofprDjiyty. I’js'iog abr.-.i ilrrougb the crowd nilbbia baf.cls carfe lit"y r«Tsg bjbmtl h:m iwbica is a ral;:;ai luib'lv kh hliu). he vtus qul;a unconscton-* that h- a’jout to become a ,-rey to a eha-p-sJ.gbled In tr e jiier.tiado of bis ecjoymeuiLc tiiovcu tils bands outward, ana worked his fln"C.-a in tokr.n of bibCuiiiinrt. i gei'tleMan ofibe second-hand persuasion, who was ;n (be room wttn ou eye to rc raidcdA,. « ca citizen—the person firs; named), tcij t'lstttn-licl looks, leaacbaa Jits l l".l:vt, a::*s much to bis horror he observed tl nl while A. o, was seemingly absorbed iu wbat the ae'Uoi’cor waa eating, be was steppingsouty, s.l, a-jj lxckw»id, nis Ungers ex emieu, and dual ly rt»i‘j*inc tb«- broedclolQ of bisvicliut’s puma loots. But Base would no;J be rash and raise an ou ? c:». Makir; a camlnl dciour he safely etc: P' d from ihc tin chcs ol A. C. wt'lii>n£ ne lose ofa collar, and (hen piolotmdly IhanVful for lu* ocJvctauco, he again reconnoitred the movements of A. C. CcnfMcrlng the prejudices and suspicions pre vinS'ly ez::i-.“d in ms mind, the watcher not al till curp:!«eu o pnJicc tbit A. C. irw making titio'ilier of b:s peculiar back-buudea raids, hi 4 c-yc?. aa bo*;i e, lulenlly fixed on the moveurmls cl the aucn'uueer. Ills unconscious vicbm, a well-crcsFed geiilleman. oould ovidcn'ly lo*c bis pocket-tinok, bis watch, i'bididnnt do puiaothirg at once to prevent it- Wliua geinTouH. z.-al. qui>c a.-JouiaLiug in oae of bis kluU. Iraoc wmi lor aj otlcemen. The first cue ho eueoun— tried use Officer Craru-y, ond Le brought luut qnietty to lint Boot. W.’i'i hb usual flii'clfied bearing, the oSlcsrliov c-rd in the backgronnJ klil kcpiaeEatp Jo ikojl no* n the further operations ot A. O.' Sow, r.raicyisa mau who entree as far into ibo mo-i llwt of uecplc who carry their hands bshttvl tl.i tn as the man vl.o called Idm in. Tliongh Le 1 ad i-ever i-cea A. O. hefure, bo «*as FaUsJcd, aber a few mrr-cuts’ observation, jh»t it wa-* u.» idle ha!-i'w iio n'nt. hut a very artful, ingeni.ias and Sjpaeie device «o pfcl: people’s poek-.-ls. Iu nil Lis expert* nen as an officer it wai rarely that he had ever ceen such coclaess and aaaar atcc in a tl iirf, such im, ndhreo In mi; !;vdy. Jn nrcten tr.*r vb«uo - ;s and dcionccic'a lon ab*a fn-ra :he toils of uuprlnci-.dod bac'iiuso, he bad crcuoiiturcd base. utinaralieK-d lusbiua lio..?< trd i to an 'e.ionnoss extent, bat tou r BTiifbUiga* corlas this, ah. olafely a:- lunicp *he airs of a gcnlls naa tn Ircnt, era walking in the inlircsis of Salau Oj He skatjjhf.vay cm-sted him A. C.; im-, DCE'tly a -t« i if-:;cd, inquiroo wimv was tbe m»t ot. Ui>e:ewiii no warraui, but lie was cl’argjd wl h a'j*ai:ll wis'i ii. .nl to commit a larceny 1' Fcr afi-w A. tcfieclcd upon bts-pa«l iitc to -ee to wbul particular ev nt in it this chvrge could have ref-, ctcscc. Eluding iiim.-clf uuab'e to recall au'innig cl the otcil, he mildly tv.ntincd 'v:.a;he ; had been dclurj. This was a siJfV »iue..UriQ as prcceeding irom a man who h:d done it, uullic leaily did not krow, urd HUpposed Coal the oJllcer. cir. 71c policeman told him, not what be had he* :i tohie, but Hln»t they cn-pected ho int.-ud-d i**t’o, llieoccasion ofrlsarrest. AfLsrOeing ca ched t'J tha I’olice Coart, bo procured a con tinuance of the ca?e until yeaferday morning. Being well ki.own, do was put to little troaulcxo pet bail, btf tf he bad bean a stran er In the city, paf ring an idle ball-day, ord anxious to go on to the end ofh’a journey, how - oald it nave been? \Vb * would have paioUio eapeuac of bin nioniry irgtie.ay? What woald have been hia impres-, elo;i» of flnrego justice? A •the Pobcj Court, yesterday morning, A. C. : made bis appearance, aid be was coulronrod by I* sac, arc Craney, lae policeman Thay told' cue arm carelessly fintig behind him, dottbllora monnUng guaid, and watching for a c.iaaae to niau.i a furtive grao al somchfd.t’a watch chain or I'crku-bcok. He was a wrll-tlrcfiscd, qnietgen tK-man, ct fitly Years o: more, whojuukei several degrees mere hnuest than either ol (ho prose- wlmcsn-B. Several ccntlcmcD prc?ent in Court t2stifle3 to jbt* good reputation borne t>y A. (J., and be was at once discharged Crum ciMoiiy. Soniliern Toloraacc. Haber tbls brad tha Poona Transcript of a re cent dale Lad the following: * l Vcrierdav Jdeuluinni J.. Garth watte, who b*»d *encd rndor General iliilroy, in ’'etmwsce, call-’ cd upon bs aid cave us a somewhat, dt-uiil-j-l Jds t»'jy of the t eaUDrot meted uu* to bint ami Ids f-nidv bv the rccoDftructed in tsaco thedi v« loptcenl of she President's „oii.y. \Va«n our urder General Poslx.mii3 x bad pos- Mtslr.n of Mr. •‘at ap pointed I*ofl»n3S'»T at Itf&ird Station, i« P.ank fin, which place be held farbixr a year. Wbtn the v*cr closed, at the solicitation ol t'us ciiir.ros ol that txcllou of the count"/, he cnnieuled io remain at that place at>.l cac ti r ne In tra»».\ and to identify himself wi.h the 1o<a! : y be pu'chascd prope-iy. ana built up.n i!, and algo moved Uls family there. horatnuo icinr* went alone t’Daniliir, but a« eobnren's j>* hey Itcpiulo ho hoßtili-lea towerd’ the* * Yankee-* be;an 10 tuani ti. '■ iipfcjf, and with other?. Garth waive was warned' to have Uic couutiy. FaMue to dibuueo of hie > property, he was unable to leave at the tune Sie:i£caby the lovers of Johnson. he was beset by them the night, hlj oroptrty burned, him tt'f asd family shored, Ms money W ; en fm-n Mm; and be was driven away almost dsstituto. When be rosebud Naehvlll' be hid no money, bnl found friends who brdoed him lu means to com- G**ls now rccidinjra' TJo. CO Second street, ii. Unsciiy, and is vuy anriom? lo obiaincnplo/- im-r.i, bus a larg-; fnmilv lo .uj ort, UU Blifcmcnts fccti in he ami Irulh lul, and bis irsdniontela or chawteri- &C.,’ arc freui men occupying Msh pontoons in tbe ar-nT. While in lb- rervlco he was twici wounded, mice in ihcEhonldor and in the right lee. From the tfl-cls oflhi ws wonnds be still Buffers. We tmt our clli?.csr. will extend to him Uuur aid and nym raihy m the way of ctnpioymcm, as we believe him to be worthy and deserving.** Ibe gentleman referred to os'now In Chicago, the ofibcUonaboTC noted Having recently been in terrified by the loss of bis wife. As one of the many who have been driven oat by ths very Foutberuere who complain) of poverty, be and others of his class have at least an equal claim to He sympathy of tbo benivolcnt. TBS Littß TSrtlTHli. The Coetto tbo City and Contractora— Qaality of the Water. The Hoard of Pnbllc Works were in session yci>«crday considering tt*e claim of Messrs. Doll & Cowan for an additional appropriation upon tbcir.TunneJ contract, but r»o conclusion was ar rived at. It is known that these gentlemen have claiimd to be losers by Hie work, although the city has allowed tneu tor come cslns and also icJiuvcd iLcm liom tomc expenditures which the cuntmclcalJcd i'U. Tbcamouul of Uieirloajis not. however, so large an eomc have supposed, ns Ibclr (inures lLow that the - appropriations nearly cover all (beir legitimate er-ueiiditan;?, Having little more than their time and interest on their money fur which they con make any claim. The eical work having Dctn so successfully accomplished there is no doubt 1 hat the people won! d r avor paying the conductor,* a fur coin pansation for their services above the acta*' cost of ibe Tannol, althoaub (he city m legally under ro obb/ratiocß to do so. Ttie matter id to be sab* miued to Uie Council to niehl. i Lc amount or toe contiact «Htb Messrs. Dull & Guv'an. nod cxlrao. wba tUJ3.731.01, and they have already received SUSO.49C.7i, leavm*' 001v.tU,757.53 really due them. he'r hill for actual expeadi luree amounts to eomethm? over We have no doubt that the Board of Public Works and (he Council will pursue a wise aad just coarse inlhemsllrr. Although hardly sufilcicnt time has elapsed since the leuieg in ofthe waturfrom tbe Tunnel to out the impurinco which have collcc-ed from the old wafer in the retervoicj aud jilpw, still ibo ijuubiy o» ibe g-’id w»pi which llio cu? 1* now nao )>ludl-> suf-eient 10 prove bejuodu doubl that iho Tuuiitl is u git-at euttcas. A gtars-of Iho water is (omul to he Icaaiilnlly clear, allhoagb little nnves o‘ vcgclsble mcltcr, like raoia, arc This is aceonuled fur by the Jart ilicl I'onlju present the passage from lbs Tmi id is by a abort drift into be old badn loiujcrly void, and the tremendous eddy ana Loilug motion caused by the rush i.f water from the st'uuuel wiuiaes oil ibe znuwy sulmk' which had accrnnniatcd on the piank eidcd of Iho bariu and forces it in'O the pil es. UYcrc Is. however, nothing harmful or ertih nram In tht.-c panicles, and a few days will piuhahly setEcn to reniuvc ihcm. The great cii:,eii.»ri(y of Uie new water la cnJeet, when il is coTiMfkrcd that for (he past few days the wivii Lave m:1 in towaids the shore, causing tbo water about the Latin to be very (hick nurt dark, so that wr tbonle imw be driokibt* the nmddy fluid, v Licli we so well remember, were the Tumid not a nttrcrsF. At pix o’cl ck lart evealng, the Oity ICi nir ecr entued (hs otglu-loch vent In tbe msin near Rash street hnlgc 10 be uncacil, fur il,e purpose of blowingolf tbo accumululeil sedi- U.C..1 in tbo pipe*. The wal* r for an instant was very muddy, but tmmedislely becoms quite nnre and verj plea rant to the taste. On tlie whol*. we have icifon to he we'l pbased and graUfiod wiiii ourboozonlal borr a* for vraicr. DEiisiun xn«nei«s. A Slrango UnTlnctrmlion—Sayiojr c. CefSn. About three o’clock on WcdccFdoy afierroon, Mr. Wagner, an undertaker, whose place of basi ns? (b on Bine Island avenue, was called upon by a mau rcnicd JamtsScamon, ronding on Moreau i-hcel, who oerlrvd l«» pnreoase a email coffin. lietaJd that his li Uc boy bad just died oftbc rn.all-poi, and Ilia?, lielng In rather core dream- Eisrces, be t boulrt be under (he ncccasity of get liuga fhoflcredll lor (he colßn. Mr. Vf’acocr told him that each wag not bis Ilcsb coblon), but it he would find some man hnoibhiy known to both of them to become re sponsible fur the amcu*il, it would DC entirely Miflefattoiy. A Mr. pnrh inrety. Mr. Warmer proposed lo take the coffin over to Scanlon 1 * honre. nnt iho I V.lcr raid be would come for U bfrascif, aa he d:d cot *.vnh oUicis (o expose tbcmscives dreadful disease oi which hia little boy died. At hz o'clock the esme evening. Mr. Scauton came and ) cc- ivud the cofiln from Wagner's store. 'ilic puymenl having been promised ai a ccr tiiiiy ycMiudny tnormng, Mr. W*;roer corfidinl lr cr-nccicrt his money. Aair.falJei} to come, he crccliutcd to i:0. of ll»; mil aII pox mfix'-io j. Arriving aline buiifeu'iLe beruv d parui'i, be fjimd that iu •civlrual !ji»'C piece aero the little cofils. the lev** ‘(cslirg cown his ch-e'cs, and be slowly waFlrr; out grlof with lite rxpre slo:;: -‘6, my boy I 0, my poor l-oy I' 1 Ai.nusl numansed at the b rlr, of fucp grief. Wagner forgot for a uioment tLr object n( tn* visit, and stood a-icechles?. At l;><3 DKHucnl a ladv eutered (rum tbo ad- Jo’iiirg room, tee wlfr cl Scanlon, and uddrer-stne Mr. Earner, r,t ybc ramc time polu'ing lo tbc e<dbL, alie said, “ You may as wi-H take that away, we Pave roMr.-tauy cUildfc;ir" it was i-npiatned to Mr. Wagner that had be?n irono, oi v,»iin by fccanlon, who was laboring cttlcra vc:7 attack of d-llrium frt/iwis. lie brd become iuipruxs.'d with the belie! lbal >!U!i: hoy wbh and bis family wimo sur pihen ou Wucneoday evening to see him bringing it the colfin. Sccr.lori was arreried foe dieorderly conduct ond biotiglit before Justice Miiliken yeaierdiy *f- K iccon. Ao be s ill Bucmcd lo be ui.dcr he xu- P.ui lieu o! the terrible *Mtca?c,Jio was Jacked up foi rmiLerexanmiatioD Uile u*lernoon. A Mrak Act.—Sliortly after 4 o'clock yeekf- Jay iiTicn oi'ii an indiv>d*ial of middle Bgc, wao|v jtic a BpoUci? sell ol elegantly cat carmci'ts ai»! h glossy biln bat, tlnpp. d Pi (runt of the ilancaon iio'jLc. acd calling to a liille bool black who mogq rcat by, asked hrtn to yohsh Ids bools. The I;o' did Us ««>k rapid 'y and veil.and aaoo the brels of t!:c pcifon i cri-rreu lo their miicity bee lor « foie noJtsb. The JiiUe fellow tio- ii '‘inling fur Ms pay. Tne man angrily lutoitg towards him told bm» to mike wnle h«t*!«an to t»a)k eway. The boy began to cry ord u c‘o»'d spcejilygathercd. Surrounding tb<! nrr fe* hcaj'L'd Imarec-tUons on hfa bead, and would have Uo’io him violence hi: b- u ittsiic* pd m Etcalhrg otT. A genii man who bad but*. <* Uie sltilr «t ibis juncture ap irt-aclud iitd gave Ibn lad a dims, which cx c'.mgeu bis acrrvw for haporncss. Inecaa-ieof ih< ci-iurhaucr* biivjcu dica»pca"cd, ibac-owd. • wbicJi by ttm; time r.umbou o fully a bnirtrcd per- F«-lis, hut’LA fo dhpen c, n*»d Ibe fear ofna crcil- Inc rccne, -bleb bed b- rn ccncxal. waa dijpcilcd. EoiplojnunC fur Women with lies. roti'p Editor of the Chicago Tritmno: One of die meet tenons difficulties met will) In coi irTlii.n s»iih the work of the Young Men’s. ( Ini-linn AiFocirron in Uiat of tinning employ nu fe» those women (chiefly wiiiovs) with fjai f]M-‘ c» oi i.dciit upon iheir labor for support. Aboiu lie only work obtainable by them n wjbU h.g. cbatdrg by Ike day In families avd office?, or wm Ling nnd rewins to t»e doucat Lome, Buithc miv’ker of woi’.crr is >-r> much g eater than the unionnt of work to be rone that the woman Is loi.uniitc w o Is able to tecure from two to three cays work per week J-’ulrc hall the vear thc'C Is but litlle bnnsc rltumrp to tie had, and those stores w&icli fur nob vo.k for «-e • log wotnn, which car. be at I chip, o'lv do fo »tr a few weeks before ana rum c tbe lab ar*i spring trade. Jn coi.seqiiet <v of >t;;. rtatu ol thing.; kin dreds of women, who with coiib'aaLcniiilovmeiit would be self-suaport-. ire. me compelled to a»k for and receive aid fir lb« ro-cJve-. and families. Vfnai in must utremjy seed'd is come kind of '■TniilojiMir wLi’ch can be made available lbt:c most needy and deservni" women, ll does seem to n? that in thla jr'aciiral age and practical city some plan might r.c .'evlscrt, some branch or branches or bui:oo,-a iulr.-dnccd wbicb tmold meet this want Awl wc will l.c most thankful lor any Ideas or sugcesiuoaa bearing upon thl question. Its practical aoluiton would very mccli Iwacit fhe relief work of the. cliy. Bi.y Hflur day thvae vomen call at our rooms ’ .0 nsk; a ls Here any work 10-dayi" and reectv trr nT' ta'iv.; aas.ver tun. sadly away to coalinnc lb" ofijisieo v*!n searc'-eipoivhere. A- ihe :u g s*-2?oi’j-j uo vat hind, will not these c“ div. ;tiescnlc>of v.o:u«n for cl"r.vTr". r.v F<;wJ».g, F-.*ad their apphotnovs to our ofilte iii I*imitii 21’. Chiirch Bled:? Zai't-oiMKjfv CoMKirtEE, V. M. C. A. Benefit to the Soldiers’ Home, TothcCi.izcn* nf fblcaco: Ptolipfor 11. P. Hamilton, tbe celebrated hor#o give, on last Sfl'Lirdav, a benefit from which ifcc inmates of she Soldlerß’ Borne re ceived two hnndr d dollars. He will give, ou taiu'«*:»y ever?*--.’ -••zf, a: the Coligeum, a benefit for the f’cvccue o.‘ miiaga brass bund fo: the Solciesi’Boteo. 'lke Professor will, with a fine xightnrjn lull heuie, give the Home the band it Las teedtu fco ; ;.vg. Jam s i B. EexpivEUL, Aci’.ug Prv.identSoldicia' Home. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAI, EOHETAEY. TncEsDA” Evsxzfo, Marclt 23. The iccal Money,muk'-it prestefs noauvvfeat ttrtt*. Ti.od<m?:-d Tor diicuaubs is unVtnoifc* rate, as bur. ov/c-a ate boldii"/ off (fil after Moa day, uhea lie market will bo more accos-iblo. Kzcharre v;vj ca»i*r.*, with calos between bant at pa: iiCC certs j-remlata—meetly at £3 coats pre mier. The Counter rates were occlriuccd—par Mi.-:i ~a* cl prvmlnm telling. r!cvr.wa9 qnM. Wheat advurced lor. Corn opened Tregular butctoa-d flnaa l an hr-s rovimoLior Oats wore llim-r and nrieaifjvc. iterated quiet. Birley was tm- rro.ii’f.ns wc:c firmer bat qaieL 2’ Hogs were onlcU Seeds cc:r.e, (it'iti was.qcicr, i'^:iilßdc~l>3tß , cea ad day. Vbs qn jiaaoiia were received li r I’-uTii Bios-, cold brolterH ■ l\ a. in ..’5 ;i j Jia'fl m.. 184J4 j.«j| . .3';-;, SOIIjJ.U) ■ 't.'.'a 3:toj».ra Wtjs &30p.r0 131? i L ; p."the rra.-Ucc <p;ictandemail. b-;iisilvernominal ut IJ5® >iG. (.:• vi iE-cLI Stermllrs /do steady and Arm. j]i<-iolio-.\irp ffaO'’ - atlc closing oric?s to-day, ccmrartG wim ihc tbreo pitmans days: linn. Tu“s. Wed. Thnra n :C£-i 331] rtj 1 9ii • Siron of ’tl. 'ol 1/7;* lOTli lU7*-* i cciJcs, lU7;i IU7^ 37*i JjTJJ 07j£ FfTtE-lim'jvs, 3C3 ICS 7 * lie, .'Suu-s ...lOSyj VX>*i l(S?j 105?*' Fpvoi-'ihirtis.s .J:st»....UJj?j Htf"* iL'jft llij-g Kevf I'lvt-T-.vuulii-i-.. 107 10? i Hero tbis znarLec i;os eleady and Vftr cjnote: COVI.uIiUEXT SECCJanCS—CHICAGO SIAIiSET. Unjir.j;. ...TUSJ4 IT. S.C». ISSI. u. IS'2 ... . W)>A li. S IW&, IS-i? 10?*4 1U7;4 U. «s. 6-SO-, ’OS 1«?5* m» i; if. tew IU7 107*4 17, *i. 5-£it<, sn-aJI JO3V£<J^IO7JJ ' 3C-i: t. laric U. S. HMfs. «naR w ir. «.crs, series 105*$ 106 U. V.Ma, Sri fefjic.- ««514 18?$ U. t. 7.JX-, aa series 10b}$ 105?$ U. S. 7.U's. small '**s @10554 .... con.n. Ju. Roles. JuiiC, lfcGl..Uii£ . ‘ k jajv, i»si..ncji “ *• Ann., 1581..1 >0 “ »• OcU 1801..115 “ “ UtC., ISM..H4 4 * Mav. 1885..11S *» “ Aui., 3SUS..IUH “ “ Sejtt, IfXH..IIOJS “ “ OcL. 1055..110 Ix>ca] Sccurilics are unchanged. We continue to cnote iLc buying rat"e as follows: Ch rnfo City I* Cui.k vonnlj T« Chamber t;f Commerce. —lie foliowicsebows Uic condition of UieNow York city backs ibia week at.dlast: NarclUO. March 23. T-oart $203,072,072 $253,10 >,315 S:n-« u- 0,003,722 0.113 913 Ciiciia lon Del twit- ~ ... lo£o5B!£i jw’gwlcls lA'gul-'i'cudcra 02,81 C,U.iy 60,'J M,9j3 Tbo deviations from the returns of tbs previous week arc os follows*: Loans Dec. $3,012,557 ■ Specie Dec. 821,509! CiiCU'BllOD... Inc. 23,715 Dcnofjls Dee. 5,581,183' Lc/:al-Icudtre :...Dec. 1,U>'3,081 —Subjoined is an account of the customs' re celpls or Great Britain for the post year com pared with those of the two preceding n-ara The Hat, which now comprises only- thirteen heads. *lll next year be reduced toderen, hy die ondeßtoD ot pepper, and timber, the duties on which were repealed o» the Oih of May last: m 1885. • ■ 1860. £0X01,727 £*,945, *B3' iW»K,9II 5,335.370 5.41 >.C2i • 3,240.853 3.407.330 4.018 ff» 4,431.807 C. 183,209 2.51,154 1,31*.201 1,371,053 1,411,0i8 («r,.y:a ciT.twa Oor-.O'Ml 405.4 M - ■ Ht'S.i 2 39J.C70 331,313 OT.t.OiS 1-J9.1-03 127 032 rjn.ftu 120.420 132.400 25,030 2jy,310 SCS,B'2 25,03: 17,580 17,871 19.100 G 4.176 58.543 86.001 Tobacco Sugar Spirit* TVa.» V. juo (Tnm J-Ynlb Coffee .Chicory Pepper -Timber Cocoa Giber aiUclet*,. .£22,400,211 £21,789.072 £31,983,331 To(alß..v. Kcw York Stock ocd'aionor AloracU Ctamnc prle v fur case, March IS, IK7, received by Jotejib U. Lyune & Co., tirckcra: Istßd-iMDd lt>L ltd, 2d Cd N. Y. Central..tie;* itr?; Con. .... Ct!c (cum)...... 6SJ4 5Sg U. b. 6 t* cent fci.K. (com) 7e?i '«7J£ Donas. PJBI O. 6i This 79# 7iii U. b. CY ct 5-20 Itcer Inland.. .. Bll£ 97»; coap. 1£5f.,...10;£ 109 V c.*k. w :s,v 355,' c.s c ?ct 5-20 1)0. rl'o 6l£ St*,' coup. 1cet....107# 107# W. i C... 95*5 9ii>f 8.8.GF eta-iS Onictallvcr 72 Slif coop JBC3 ICTJtf IV.U. T 41 41H U. a. «P ct 5-23 C.A A. (i-0tu)...106Jf lOJ;i COUp.nirw.’SS.ltnjf 107jf m. ft Q U. ». a v cent M.C. IW'fWUf KMtt 97 H SIX Hudson Ulver..lS7 i:7;< Trraa., 7 8-10,1 st in. Crat n.V{ 115 : aeries 108 105’{ pan.* ucad....itiS iei3f C- B. 7 s-io 2d O ft'loll(In 179;i .... SCTIOt 105 ft 105*$ Tol.A Wahuh.. 87ft S7ft U. E. 7 8-10 S<l M. &su I'. (rorr):s:,4 .... Mjrln* .1104 105 ft no do .... American Gftld.kkft jsift Market—lst Board steady ;3d board strong. CC3MEECIAL. TncusDAT Evxkikg, March 23. The follotnog tables show the receipts and clilpircctts «f Produce during tbo past twenty-four hours: ' nzcxirrs past xwmrrr-roun nouns. Flour, I»rl^. Wheat, l>ii. Oats, bu... Ity**, bu .. Barley, bo. Giflfeh Bccd, lbs.. Ouicd Miuit, Its. J’orb, brla. Lmd^lpi'.. 'ial.ow. Jits. Bn 1 tor,'lbs. Drcated Hogs, No. Live Ilois,No. i.aulc. No Hides. Us. Eielnviots, brls. Wool. lbs. I. umber, id. Slid uL-J 1 , m. KMii-ttianTn rABT TW'XNTT-rOtm COnitS. Flour, Irfa. tv beat, bu. OiilH, Du Bjv, bu Barley, bn Gia?o!?tctl. ]>’». Biorm coin, les, l ined Meat, lbs.. Bin. brie, IVk, bris. litnJ, Ihj... Tallow, Ji>a, JluikT, IDs. Jjro'M'O Horn, Wo. Uvr I;oj;r., Ko f’n’ilc, Wo Hi'lce,sb? ll’chwiuea, bila. \VooJ, tl»r .n, ui i «•!;, Ui . Calf, bile J'r.r iimtedlat-r delivery thuro was nothing do ire in Mess Fork, find ibe markctnical he qitolcd ri.ibulw muuhuit at freelyoilvrad at Hie oiilt uc figure. Fur fatcro there was a fair speculative demand, and the market was firm, wjili skits on.nyi K-1j: at £a-3.p0&23.£5, buyer S 3 atd 33. Clear Fork cold 10 tho extent of 4'J brls ni ?2.*>,of). Bumps wvre »{uiet, with retail sal- sat . Eolk diesis w ere maciivu and nominal at to,, ll'e, and Uc for Shoulders, Camber iaurtt. ItoDsh Sidca, Short liib and Clear—all lo«». e*. Lard was firm, with sa'ea o/SSU tea at 13@ ifiPjCc ?tp Piirae Sicara, aad Jto for Mo. 1. Grease was firm, with sales at ViH&llc tor W-aKc tr d gj£c for ordinary Yellow. Ifrt--i*cd Jlcirs were <ial«i, trllh transoctlone at UTicre w»s DoTmig doing lo Whiskey, and tbo mcikctinnst be quoted entirely comma* at 25c fer bended, and for tax paid. » floia - was Quiet, and prices were without any cnniablc change. Tbo transactions were con iijied to forae J.OOO brln at SKJ.S'J for White Win- :<rr; ?!3.ct'@n.s'J for lied Winters; SU 53*71 K<.'( ior Sj'.-mg Extras, and f7.53£9.60 far hj lit g SsUpc.3. 'ihure was a moderate speculative demand for Ko, S Spring Wheal, and the market advanced ik.-lijc. Mo. 1 Spring ta scarco sad Ks3c better, v.-l>: a fair milting demand. Ibo sal«3 foot up, 5 :,‘jto.bu at£-:.SUS‘AS2for Mo. 1; fiir Ivi., 2-lue upper figme fur fresh receipt— and fill)lor llejccicd—cloelng firm at 52.18J.S for fi hpriog. 'J no Co; u market opreed quiet and rather un- Bcit*G'.!, but'e?te'(be rccoiot of the secoa.l New 3'.0!-L dcrpatch an active srccuUUve demand sprang up, and values appreciated sums 2lt 15'4c— Strung. EajcUud was in good demand ran belter. Thu (lan.-acuons sum up •jSfdCULnntMiiatßjjcforMo. I; 7l!4®7ti:4efor Kcj'cttd ina’are, and 77c for do I. a t>.—cloaicg £j in i>t for No. 1. There nab more activity in Oats, and the mar-. >:et nan fi-me.% with sales of No. Sat47e for frcib, ffim for winter reccipw—closing al out- Vi,n; fumes. quirt and tmebanged, wltblrauachoj at til.til (<c J.dd for No. 1, au«l 5, HI for No. 2. ) '*‘l- y v.aa Jinn, with sales a* SlStfilcfor No. 2; C2((..f.rc »or Krj.xicd, ond 7jcfor sample i Jla. IH'LtL; ucrc sti good dcmac-i, and oa Timothy wo note aii advance of s<3l(tc. Sale* ranged :i tor Clover and Tor rin.ojij. 'Jim burolcr prospects aro brightening A ago it ass feared that the ooan wilder w uuo came a Tallin" off In lire crop ot log}, but ih - rteem cold weather snow Ptor.a.l have help*** the lumbermen materially In logglog. It ia now pcnciailT conceded that iho receipts nr ills point Hu !Lo etujmug ecasoc will fully equal ■lictc of JlkG. Havers and cellars Lave great confidence in the eiabili y of prices, abd ove hear of largo sales fir early <!• livi.ry at £T.(O for Cut's; f M.WJ for Common, urn I-IU.CO for Uppert—all delivered on the dock uillayCuy. i‘or fniino delivery at tbs port we l.cai of sales or one million feel from Au aablo imcJ Afeena at f)J3O for Culls; 917 AO lor com* turn. and Sls.fio fur Upprrs, deliverable In Slay, Jure aid July; aI»o 030 m from Alpena at Sll-Od for Cells; ®1«.00 for Common, an* $14.(KJ&13.00 fur Upper*, deliverable in May or early June. 3be foliovung telegrams were read on ’Change 10-day; Nkw Yore, Match 23. FJottr, lowgradre S<®l'c escier a;. SlU.lia'idll W. Wj tuitlicuvy avii.-HtiJ.S'J. Com firm uiiMC-J «UJ7. Oom lover at c. Pork eaJ'ic.-tl k‘.4.lii. Lar« lam but quiet Whiskey caller at 3(.c. cola, Ehiiir ftnn. Wheat quint. Pom un*ctllcd and eiillui at in store. Onln ilrmnr at r. y.r.. H7r. Poik dimer atliMS'/a. Lardflrm at l-hfaK-KC- LITER. Tlierc was a frlr movement In the leading Grnn martela after the close of ’Change, and prices were a ebade higber. Ko. 2 Spring Wheat folo up to firm at 92.13. No. 1 Coir wag higher, et t'sQ,D3'sc—clO;iog firm at the i'-titiu figure. Vfe beam of co tratuacaona tn PiOthiODK. Tke Cal le market was octlvc to-day for all paae able grades at about tbe closing pi ices ol ycaiet <??*>. On some :e\v vales of really prime shipping tioc’i an advance of jn©2Jc 100 Iba was real i»:d. Aliiany, Pittsburgh and BaiTslo ehlppcra rcre ihc fccivicrt operators, ye: some coaoidcra- Lle-iock was taken lor almost all other points East. Feeders, etty packers and butchers were In good uriyodsccc, anil bought quite freely. We quote from t4.C2:-s®B.CO (or common mired to choice. Bccvlvea, l,fC9; sold, I,T£C. ILc Hog pens were ucil cler-red 10-day, chiefly by shippers toPcila- Boston, Baiiimcrc, Flusburgh, BulTilo, coo New Ycrk. On? packers tvero oahand, b'tl were Ugh» parchascrr. The closing prices of yes- U-rdayru'ed uilhoutquolablc change. Wo report the market firm at i6.33®7.90 for common to prime grades. Eecclved. 4,251; sold. 4,378. In Slemorlam. The following fct lip ol,;lmrr js irom the Rochester i'j.i.n L’a the gist lustzut. dcc-sa:cd at BoOs'e, htw YtrF,yc unz ‘ Ctalsl,’ alicraLriftaadspi modlc • m*l.-n*c.-t.rrcsidsil t*y tnsey warmfrJeedsof‘ele vui*0 *|»c‘Uj->n ‘on the d ev,’ *ljo declared Uiat it • w«-M »g -lutiliusrsu •to Blve bin up. Youug Cea ij-J!r. a t!*-i!Cfli-aad unhcslt'iy fj-»tra. aud, aot De nt very riixcp, Lw death *’.s d*>u’ji!e»s LaMeaed by ri:e ci tfierta of beyirs ard FCln-rs t> tet Jam * icfo bcsheio’ nud clhrr contracted i"sc*;*. ‘Cental ♦ Imd relnltvcs In Mt.waajee, Pr r.,ft aim • Jcvelmai, an! they were all tu feeble I.*; i L, iLd n'a;i\ • ( iLem rnlii<»o Ly Bporulattccs la ur; ;t. Uic Kutfuio Board cf Trade did evcrrtnivg m m* ! r noßcr To alMviftU* Lis milerlips, ana soothe Ids Uh* n.i.nirnis, L\»n to oPerlngUlm lotso:-rye,’ Latin vaic. T!;«->• then tcov ebarse of Ins remsiai which ii:e- • n<>avcr. <1 io tnakr weigh CM w" to the barrel,’ cuvj ial:y cave It uj) brd chskeo It down *194.’ A },u I i.; rum Lv the Dr-aid raveAted the fhet that •t * Mol’ c.edtl •IVtMi-ru fever,’ contracted mChicago,> Katy aucruvatedbv cies? contact with ‘sunup IMI vKnl.’ Afur juicioglu ‘Old Hundred’ the Board aOJ> uiiivu.” Pork FnehlDK In the Went. fFrom the Cicclemitl Price Current.] In previous naprcsslccsof our r» per we hive Riven rrpcrln and estimates regarding pork packing, which very s&uraicly Indicated the result ol the season's hmlucsF. . ' llj.ving now completed our collection of statistics, wemakeoor foil etalcmco:, showing the extent and character of the pork crcpoi lctC-1, in the Western tie Ue. It willlc ccenthat there is a mar lets’ increase, far* Dishing another lUustritirn of the abnormal state of the aarltuliufil Interests of Uic country, which had Us crisis in the war. So each changes as these were kc:wr htlorc:CCl). oswillbetccn by reierrlng to the tahir givtnbeljw, 'hewing theennberof togs packed In tie t\ erf, each tetson, tinea ISSt. Had the com crop been a full one, last year, which It was not. and had the price cf pork been put up t: (J.COftlC.OOnet, the cropput up at the rcgu'ar packing plaice in l6w 7' would col hav-; been less ‘ban three million bogi; hut u»c corn crop cf 3M6 proved poor In quailt? and dea cl'i tln quantity; and c.o:e than this, an Immerse amend mss relied by the we; weather and great 0 ror • flowe in September. We have rerorl'. from nearly all tbe picking plices, giving lb" prices paid, hut without printing them In clitall, wo will say that the average price caldfvr the cnilio crop, U'-ua tut very much Loin 4T.OC per cental ttt. This price jT'.vtJ rnlcccs to tanner*, because thiir stuck hcgi wctoworlh, in August last, giO.-jOj 12.E0i.TC87, oua uf.ei ba>ihg tec them lor throe months, they dianol leoluo over SS.CC gross, so that their earn end labor were lost, cr nearly so. But, 00 th* other hand, the prices paid, will, doubtless, provo high enough to give patters a reasonable pros; , ce: ofre muncraiisn for their inrestmint. The feecers.donag (be previous two sessrrs. ob alicd pr.ces inr above the real value of pork, as has been shown bjlhare soils i andpackerstunerrdserious losses, cjcaequ.-nt- Jy,H it Ihcraoio tut fair that they thoaM hare on op portunity to recover a small p.TSIoo of these ossei, a: Jean. Ssllia^. «82£ The average weight cf toss packed in JSC-Swaafar above that cssnl; I n:, totwlthsumalng tai?, ai vhl bJ ceim. the cencr&l average Ihisscastn ehjwa a farther ehthlltaeiPC. Avail the smdlir paces the hags wtie much heavier than they were the previous icaicir, bet at the larpcr places ttey were light:?, so that the polk crop ol the protect seasoD, «s tezsrds its quality, ie the b&t ever cured In the count*/; ttc bogs being young, the proportion ol boco Is very small. Tbc yield of laidtbllssbort of that oi tbspicvloas season, notwubstiUdiQu.tbe increase In the -welsh*, cf lioirs, wluck is consequent upon the relative low pnee of the article, which mode paevers make as Utile as possible: Indeed, tbo general tenor cf the re* ports ¥ c bftTe fr3m lho points leave no oenbt tbat toe rule ibis season was to make as little lard as possible, whilst last season It wai to make as rntcb as poislblc, and this led packers to render one a Jarco amonut of sides into lard, la the early part of tbat season. In this city folly 20.000' ho*s were rendered into lard, ei eptlns tae barns, la u> 33,*51i1,401 tobcr and November, 1365, and there can be no doobt tbit tea per cent of the crop of aJfcs list season was fhnsdliposco of. Nothing of this kind was done tins season. We repeat tflat nor lard report embraces oil; leaf and trimming 5 Uto bead and gat moot ae added to flnd Uic aggregate product, say tea to twelve pounds per bead. -7hefiir..-wing tanks sbow Ibe packing in detail and in tbeagE regaie t ; • ISSS-C. ’ 1555-7. Aberdeen 11308 tons BmScn!:.: -- WOO . &MW hodurock WMI t.hanrCT • TuO- J,'rt Clncuui’l 954.C79 464.610 boae none Camden 5 i none none Chli • ‘olumbufi 3 none 4.0-.4J C;r vii 19.h70 52>,u7l Ccdiz ned rlu nity " *9 7ad rone Canal 3^33 liruo}-, (inch la.4®f '2o3’® Uayten j 600 none 6>o Dtrp Cut Done Jlo D.Jphoc-.,.. 183 450 miop. I,US none Kr.numt. ;.... vos v.ioo <:« ttjhburg none JM Oofcbtn - 710 300 Grhovlllc none -W UigcltipurU. • tW WO »»e , none Uarrcysburg. 4-9(0 . Also HnmlhCD 6.W0 0,003 Llo.a »« 444 1-cban0n....... nene iiom Mnncm.... „Ast' 1,3J0 Minster 2,350 !kJofl ilsshtlloa coco - I.WO WlLtrva. 4uo UM New Paris none I.WJ New Burlington tone none j-MMmim <r») •••—• •4“ nqim 12J r-390 . I'., ti Lie tact MV. Va ) 4W 1W l*»rk« r»hu»c. (w. Va.) 9^o H-njsborch 300 270 hULuio&o 100 430 -lUploy 6.. W S.SW SprltgYailcj none njao Hieukrtyilk 800 <CO Sifllililted... "25 . 75 Itof.. 200 310- Juntos BOM 230 li Itdc 6,40(1 B.UO 1607. IBCC. 2.SGI 3/.01 0.61*1 1,051 10,030 8,535 2,(i99 6,113 3,950 400 1,012 B'JO 23,017 83,531 .... 50,000 89 WUDIiDR(4>S.« W«»kifgi« d... Waver!/ S«JI3 ZaccevUle.... Totals. Albion.... Aiun .103,803 ffi.lßo 4, »3il 3,«W) . £O3U 11,5:5 TO S 3 . 5.850 2,431 . 3,9 9 0.947 . 33,88 a 24,62(1 . 13 150 20 31 As uln. Auhhlh nine none BearOetfWJi IS2J 35C0 UivtfJy none none He'ry . S,Tt'J 4,259 Cstint cn« vlcallT I,'UJ WIO Centro 2.100 .tone Clitcsuo JriMttt C83.73J Beolur 6JJ SSU ItanviDe. hv auio.. Ji'ClurLsm -tuljiklii... iot. jst«b. 4,f*3 2 :m B.2TU 7,250 7,'JOS 1,38 S mi\ii v Fmhrkk. (Jii)eca. (iCKVfVlllr nr.jiß 2,700 G.ujvile... 1.5i3 6,«0 UuitcLVil;c 3J75 5,500 519 C’,W7 ll:.aplCD.. •k.nyWlk* ,TJG 355 MBM 11.0 W y,2jfi 89,5K1 817,1)11) L- wiscnvn. ul Cttmd V*w 8,7(8 Mliioc ziw n-~oe J»ir UOtiß COUC j\f. stJ-rimc I,'S9 It) 4(W 92,M(5 9,083 &i,'JOU 20,'JtH .... 1.263 Ntw L'ceicu UU) 2,181; KNfi>-e 2,0x0 2.SW m-w (.kotov none Logo K«-w BuTrv oorn l,t(0 4,739 J. 096 9=2 an I'cxrjr,, J'Vniß... I'uiaiticf. 80,071 80,000 877 50 81,020 6,051 £sl 652 m BSI 0 CO 5T.3 72 Ouiccj 26.102 58.4£1 Hb:hv>l:« 4.4C0 £.lJ® Bo«klcliiD4> ftCCJ «.W0 l!m:k Pen I.l® Snil.cfi'lrt 2,-WO IO.MpO wcawr.rU'.wn s*) l.** s ** t rru u t«j -•:§? VnutHtt «7l <3l VirsUiics Den- S'JO \y»rraw ocas none WatLHftton iwt« W 5 lets la. A’lr.lfahnrr. AlMca.. i;«!farU Blc'emlocics. Him: ton tontor/vjii. CratvfordbTille. 5.*02 B.SW can nrlrtce ctiy Wa WOO CcviigUO none none Caijbte 3,543 J,SO JJCtiIC, UCipbl. Dimnt tLtcre. KVatavliJe. Ffctr.Ui.CiTlJo. FairkcW...-. Foil niancL. C^w.-I tirrcrcastfc .. .V. n no none H»terMowr 1,019 . S.OuJ liul'.l We....,,,.7,303 1.400 lu.'isL»yoHi*. I»«'U»:C1'» Litem., U^r-ron. .Mi. Vcni'/D. Mfidltoi Mlr-.-n. Jla-i-.0. Lljiitoznaa. Mum** Uirhtcaa City* Mniillrt/iwn..., j«*.r jinjDiocy ifii o s.iis Ntwpjtl J ?r : |2 M'WtMire. I*niicr.ton. Pet'-rsUWTj». jutnka l*e*ovlllr. P'iJU horkf.irtl. Sojmour... . Ti-uv Uuulf. Vi: cod Wbl n»ft W*itLii,ntoa. Totals. R> cmf Uurtii gun... r-hmiL-liam. Da'rn poll. iHilitiqii-... tcrjvlile. fi 4I.W* (lOUUiLUiC. lo\.H City.. KM.MIt KfoKrtUiiiia. 7->o t t<. Nct.-at-a City. Ottumwa, It tfidulr..... Vr'tp»>i;UO. \7 IS'JONGIK. M<‘«huhe: I'i. ult ull Cblco TVMtcwater Tends. Atchison. (Kaieas)... A'cxsi.orla pruro rare 470 CiiiUiio lie Dine n.uc CuMhh n »ro 2.0)J UcLlpU; noaa 1.733 Hu i iial 2.7 M 6,050 La Gamut- 3,330 1.5)0 I. J.oOj 2E30 1.e..-'.irton cone oi>nu I 'ici-laua. t!W l;..uijra ir-0 2.C;0 J. H(0 W St.J-nni.- 11C.7-10 170,‘58 .SL.lcet li tv Pile Word, (Kane*) TVUiICII Totals. Bowtlrc Greet. Fffct »ior: J,om-vil.e Le.Miislon sojc none Totals.., 92,719 17i.0« BECIPITCIATXOS. rrzm Ohio IM.C.'S UUrvjV .. Intuit a. lows WtPot me Mrsooii Kri.iucicy Graid Totals VJ05.955 2JJV2M Increase in nnttiher 713 293 h errs.—The parting at CcltuaQnj, ladltaa. aad at two other >m*-l places. Is estimate}. The a'crase wdciitol hn2g,aed the yield ol leaf lard pc-r bug, compote with those cf the pre»loas year as follows: _ If 65. 1867. IKAi. 1357. Iffl. Bia. ft*. Ohio 245 3-6 331 K SJi-C 3ltf IncUnn vsi 232« 81 Rl3-7 I‘HroJw 2:0 2J;i»J S9'f 23 KfMnci-r ,~S 228 23 27 Mlrsocrl 5531-9 css;*' zv{ si«< loro 219 5311-6 89'S 291-7 3a £5 Bi, r < Xlif gene, a! averages, tmedopcuUie actual wclguu of all the ho?! picscd at these places, from whence wp succeeded in getting the averages, compare os Al lows : ' 1607 V 7 2)% In order to arrive at tbo net Increase In Uiocrop. without lurtlter detail, all tcccssnryto be done la to nmltlplT the number packed cncb year by thegeneral averapes respccUve’y, aad the result allows that tbo total packing this year la equal to 2,43&5(8 bops, of last yeat’a aver ago-- tbo crop of both seasons compar ing na follows: Year. Oops. IS6C-C7! ISC-C6. Net Increase .'. Tins is cqa&l to 422 f per cent iccr&uc. TLofoliowici; shewn Ibu pork crop reported by ns each season since we Urn commenced coH-cUlc tbo statistics of the port passing: Year. , , No. cf Hkct. IRif-SO. IJBC St. 3851-52. it: 1853-51. IVSI-55. 1855-56. 1858-5-;. 1-57-S9. 1858 59. VGt)-£d. lfiu-62. 18E3-C3. 1863 61. 1866-67. Previous to 1232-S3 the reports were obtainedonjytn port.. Wttb regard to the shipments ot hoes to the Eastern marktts during the season, we made application for them early, but np to last aotjrnt those orcr the New YoikA Enc Rahway irom Dsaklrkaml Bnlialo, bat doobtlcss will gel them soon. Tbs ship meats, e:> Bit as we hare been able to set then:, com pare os follows from November Ist to March Ist: _ . 155 t-j. 1865-6. 1356-7. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, tri m Wheeling 17,187 22.951 29.437 Dodo.lrca> I’crniyivonla Centra! 131.5 U 10-331 472,111 Total 276.593 40,563 E12..54 Thodestina'lonoftbe shipments over the Pocnsyl* t la Central daring tie eeifon, that is, from November Ist to March Ist, was as fo law s: Vcw York... Phiiiac-phia. iiflKlmorc.... Total live. New T nt. Total drafted Itwil be seen that tbo shipments over the Pennsyl vania Central this s>son wcreann-.uallj Urge. bat the Ceurcj havo been tarnished to os from official ecuras. The I.amber Prospects. - fFrcm WosJncr&Garrlei'a Ctrcalar.J WchfPciY lay c>-lore jaa oar aannolc*rua ar,co-* piled from pc.iit.aal otstrvatliasroadJ darnr cxiead*. cd trips ihrocubiiat the prim-ipal parti oi the nmtiry : ountlyircour market with iambi*, bou inMichlsan. WiSbomm an i Canada, and from reports oo'.matd lbioui,li Uio mostrcLable«oar'es. . ' Oor ob#e f vatio: s in Cpper W<"J« that In the Hitt tert of the winter Uw conitry; was V'sixd ccucr.l.v by n bei'7 tall uf bi.ow, to the depUi of two fiJt—thU was telire tbe ground In (low ods had become fraaon. Ao ao-, emcvorsßOW storms for some week', daring a clear.; cold nciiod, male a bottom for bin.ln?, aid ths oprraQoDSid tbc woods tbrou?haatth.‘COaotry.baTd btut carried on With much sncicas. In the Georgia Bay icr lore there la rtiU plrnty of eno-v. ftndl:j,jgln£ outnilloQ .tcnilncc to b» sarrcsjiully prrsucokd. Tee rid Mock oi lumber on baco at tnli tim-Mi tb* Jiatu-ro Ueiud eu,t*» markc»a,-la nsderstood l» t: 'ercr In comirarlwn wllliotb ryears, particularly r: at Albany,Cl.vilatd and Toualo. • , It - 8b txru curt roa-y forTjuyert trom tnoee place-* ton eke contract* in Gonad* fur lonrcr during the wiLlcr.bniMJ fir as cur * paorunliPß admit *-!.»• dirt rotl.rar o- bui o- n transact: 39 It the ktsd, 'lib. nm be accounted for, to a (TMBln extent, incoa tcqiance of the general prcsMU'ig icejnir ara<>. c otiei mi iL»n of ail nsMcMi that w« must eb.rtly ha\ca c-iDii errlsl • iul-*Jc ihe United btatet; a fair srUlne Ireui went ofiuicrtnslioD pa lo our vast re* ecmraaotd Uic&ouDClnihCj c»cy of our peopic. We, ibinT. rc, Icik forward u> •cc'lvimr a imica ltrg*r rtientlty rflmrl* r f cm Upper o«ads. the un iting eeason Urn;-fon.«;»rja! fc»t? past. I roirnaiiml ob-ervnll ms maon throughout Michi gan, TVificocFin ao tM Own B-y di-tnct/, we arrive «t me «one;nsJon tint tbo nippiy of lumbar fur 1887 destined for this o>aik«i willp- ampl.-. The sudden sod w’ldopriKif tbaw durlnrlha m otbof F-bra.rv ou l aiio;>t:>Ap-ra ;Oi>-, aoo the fecil-gga'O-o grannd ttaionly » v*-iy lin-ltcdcrr-pot logs would besoeufen. J‘‘C(arat'Otir on itlnvery largest tealchadbren mad*, *rd tut icr Ui's temporary cb«u our market would meat ccridc y hare been glutted. Thereedp’s here lo I’CCwcro >t y tl»,e on to scT<.n hundrai mllkn rc«t,braid nM*»anee, ■ndthecrpcctitloes f->r 1*77 were af hid: as e gilt hundred t one ihnnrand mlillona. an amount Jar Ja orm*-. ol the probable drained The overstocking the ro»r»ei uai been averted, hultbr front setting in again, with ne occasional fail or *nov , so sr m 1 ccp the roaas nas able, has also dls pe’led the fear that ll.emMls might ba t-Ue. lo thohcsioToiir he'lri; the supply from the dUfer* ■ cntpojnie ou Lake Mlchtcan. will fully rm tns ftg. 1 uraioi lt«. aio frem the ca*t shor-* of Mtebism the ; asopnt ofiambtr fcrklng a western aarictwillbe greater than curlmr toe proTlona years The only piece where the total emoent produced la 1687, .may fall a llUI* attort ot 1555 is Sairtiaw. ana . cv»n lh»re the dlfTcrerx'e will ee slight. If at.®. The frelii'Cai 1» very bealthy, ardltls the only . point oncer lakes where a socic ot laft year’s lumber • I® 4.Dl>HLd—about fi ty million feet belnu pt ed oa tec dock* ihcte. Thu has mctt.y teen bonebt by tbl* time, Ui« .(.reer shire for Oil- market ; £s»t. The pners tber. are $7.00 farcullrt.jw.OO rj.-cem* non,ar.d 140,00f.rlh*.ibr-e »ip»erqrad-i. rhlstner Orj lumber, h’ur irnnncr to he stwed stlcJ have b;en marie at (0.00, f l?.00 ut d $40.00. Onr market i» brt'er shocked with tippers than with cnrnn on and cmln, aid our dealers are not over d si* rous ol pmebasi slumber wltliatoo largetcrceot atre ot clear. The logging on the Upper MlwlsstpM KtTer hasheu I cjr-iinuoa. and v«».y tlt«*,ro that* larger crip than ever may be txpec cd tmm th*re. This lutnb;-r, ot (comae, I* unert alinoat exclusively to Mipoiy the wants ! wettcftheMlwlsPlopl, and Urge quantities so tsfsr asßr. Ig>n|a, Mi>*onrl. How-.ver, It is not very rich Inribtr, tot averaging 15 percent upper*; and, being ■ all rafted, leaves a large demand for the liner grides of lumber, which is supplied from this morkst, or from Siuilnaw dirnt. The SUUcpu dealerslmilPg at Sagl*aware on'y looking for the verv heat or stock, the freight on lha common h»lDg too hmU *0 make ll proa table. ■ From our oh.TrviUlimi we come W the coaclutlon that the whole nwouni of lumber fee ra all points, ('.’an adalndudel.) seeking a market here InisTT. will bs somewhere irorn ?evm hendred lo eight hundred mil lion (let, beard iteaMiro. and, from all aowarnntta, the lifinarid Will bo lull? '.cjuai ta the supply, saa we expect a very Lc«lttiy trace, with remunerative prices. ’* nonu >)U ... 900 1,000 dodo van ... noue aio ... aoQo bcj ... 6,53) IQ.MO t‘-0 . 1,900 ILLINOIS. .J,<« 3,023 Orncn or the Dailt THnnnra,>

TnuEi-DAX EvEMiiQ, March ImJ. f Tlio following tcble »bowe tbs dally receipts and iLipoicntcofLUo Stock dnrlnc the week, tip ;o ’.his fcVe..ii»H, as retried by tilts Secretary of tlio Union Suck Yard Company: 2tQ 970 Euue 2.C09 Bm <Jny and Monday. liiifduy ; TMirfcdbj 1,021 2.K0 none 210 713 1,690 J.3GO 4.U06 (UIQ WtO Trial ; 4.355 irVJJJ 4.C5T The receipts to-day were by the fil'owlui: routes: Cittlc. tToss. iiccn. Hy Utroln CVctiat Boa'’..- ■ 2J3 7i.l 3J3 r.> tturiiDKUio A: t>uiicy 110 ac.... till 1.617 IJ3G Bv SI. Louie & Alton ItosO 10J . 27u 13 BiKorihtstalrm 428 7J7 138 lyHicl; Ifciacc Boai d»7 813 U 3 Lmen je..- BJ 2.110 8,100 70 1,010 S.fiSo 7,970 Tclal th l,Cf3 8,&t) 2.037 Tin t-bipm&U -to-day, uitl f.r the vetkup to this Cattl*. Hoct. SUfep. s’ccfity «cd Monday &1 «80 .... Ttn-edsy 119 .3,502 SSI tVecbetdsi W 2 4.1 M 561 ILoHtoy 2,23 4,253 T0ta1..., 3.125 12,TJ9 2.2*7 fctea to day ana f«r ILe w«si op to tulflevenißtf were; 4,Wi u.j© asio IS.M7 ?I,SM I*l6o I.VSJ Mncrfty.... Tuefday... Wednesday HjQTicay.. Total ...... b,(69 11,114 2,702 ffi*F !<?■<:«). aa entered at tbs cilTcrcat Scslc-boases were i>>follows: Cattle. Hoes. Sheep. At Illinois Central BcbK... 476 lim * 516 At liurlioctcn Ecale. E 79 . j.TW 296 At Alien .-calc i(tl vU 13 Atftuumc&tcltScalC 5iS i bol 106 IMIIAHA. roue 7,501 iiyne wnc Z,VO 4,5011 Total 1.7 W 4.2 U 329 i:E£F CATTLE—There was more animation lo trace to-eay, red on nrr*'r "rear an advance of IS® SCc %»wi realized. For common to trrJltmstCCK there was DO decided laipiovemeot, jet the general' tone of the market was core lavcrat.le tor tellers. The do n axils centred cd good to choice sh'pplcs Stecra net! fatr tc jftod hntchers* st:dr. snch as touch f*t txs, Com »o<l Oelftrs, and lor aach prices gsMd-' Its a firmer Pcllr.g. • Bat common mixed tots of rongh lean filters, ccart-e Oxen and poor Cows and BcLcra arc dc» at BKtfP CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. No. ■j} sons ei7 i.oio ,793 10*5i0 [ria s,3ss • V WJ3 ruioe none none none CJ3 IJI7 ’sß7 2.2 W note none none sotto nwuo iii 2JI Ar. Price. J 7 rnlrrcecnd e!a«s Etecrs 7,iv» to |>ilu>«»ccui.ti trade oleerv i,vi:l 7.1 S 15 cfcoicc tlutctUer* i.:H9 8.00 15 iri.o'» acccuc-c&uUtcis u:.6 7.w 15 rt(ireflrht-(I;*«s Mecra ....I.WO S. V‘.'A 17 Ul.* «ir rar* 1.120 6.7 s 52 lair butclure’Sucri t,tU3 ti.o3 TO i iicn iux-utli sicerc L2JO 7.53 140 k« i.d stack btecn, lei M&d watered.. Xj 5.75 17 i''«C M-coul-c'as* ttcers 7.-J3 IK trnsicm fetter' i,«M 6--<0 74 UiOiiiita feiccfb and toff* i.ujy QM'A 14J rcilij ibcicr fefetra 8.2 a 17 Rediuiu MecW vtd Ucir*r*.... !,cu 6.24 14 trot! Jat rniisl; Strtr*, «alerfd l,i/o C-‘i) 15 • i olce Ktccri. <-U ear* ......1,4(4) B.IS * ;v< IrW 4W - :c cii-.tari! sut' »;« iv’ Stccrr i t ;:a c.i*> BOOT 5.1f.O 57 L 1.233 13,GW 53.7J9 Vis t.ica ... note none CJ.tqi Stre luoc . 53 I*3 1,1?1 1,337 a won«« ;r. Slier* oIU Cow $53 5.50 Jft utouni S>«etf ar<lCcwi>.i t.U? ■" ■ cx> la srulUwasCtpa. 139 ».*;# 'inrrr »«n; aftw fa’ss niaCo as Usb as J3.si3.SJi.', flcli was c'tslfiiroJ eztrenu l , tb-y are so; tuku ILU) account U> u-efollowiTß quolaiio.e; s<.ce iwo iiO * r M7 S,f>JO . 5,121 I,V» 3.0(0 2^lao CtUalMi t-BIOKb. £.■ ira litfrrg—i'Lie, :ai, wen farmed, i 10 C ytur cm fcUirt. aul sv r«iou I.fJC Di Kar,« upwantt {7.7338.23 fn»inr XfftT*— 6- o*l, W'-h IniiOTJ, nru-jj-- rcxm-o sm-ri, irora IJOC co J.-fOu as, at .. 7.2337.50 /■••• r fyta]>r~ i><r st err, lu iair ticsX ar- tM^7.C3 Mw.uim CVy.u—Wcrtl-m stcun And gtx.*l i«r cl’y o auiUui und avtMKUnr RUCUI 0 ta. a 5.5035.23 Arrti- OJiilr— c.oinajOf > Atti- irdecent _ ivcr.flrproC(3t,o.o Jbs. n? . 5/035.73 ‘M mme sjo lMi7 *450 ‘flß If.lM C1.53i i,sy 73.WJ T.ICd 5,9j0 h j<rici-~l.\i\j\ aaci tLlc C;nn andSie«i«. (!i mar.u c-r,:lna< - c briiK, and fjr rood Piiu’t tti lou cflU/Jo V* Tiß pfi'/atvirc firm at s'.«!» S.CC. l b - :; »• was »!,«» a wr-'i Inquiry f.>r me <l;liii to goad latcn Jot*, at iO.7i,,vTXO. bt*Kk ftgicold to i. lui’iUd *xltnt ut Th? «li;ruea 10-iay were mken rljj .li> fur f\.;w York, HonloD. Di-lirmre Kni I the ntr.e IcUktjc ! c!w..J &: ibe clctc. UW . wj UlTiO 16,710 5.0 aouc n’.re l.’lW n.ooi stow ■0 U lUII n’»ae V>o3 cous none • ™. U'ltfl UOP-t HOB tiAlXb TO-DAY. J'O. Av. Trice. l«J cKirmnn et(wt Tip* 12*1 |r.v», il k- <J >t*Kt i |. i- i<;j (i-Jl ' A. fi*j >t-*« lr» I!) CM rt* 120 f.;^J 4i Inn I!, ibiliu n-ucli 2;0 7A5 57 ntUium *l 30 7.24 25 1. rtlTLttj tircm*. fro ara vr&tcrcd .315 7.1 a 7;; k-ocw Hen, ic< iicu Ts»:«Ti«i. IflJ 7.i0 45 IT(,*#U MRiiuili h i {SI B.IV) CO in-d im. «.r vp.... 155 7.l?’< 7n nirtiium to:. v. fiUT*-*! 181 7.15 t 7 *■> oil mi’-i lit li»[. rti c»rt 2. ( 1.7,1 - 79 n-lr I-jt, ratfcncuEl.. 155 7.13 i:2 .<~»1 i:.i.c!. earn Ull 7.7 J JsiroitAt-.oucarn U»1 7.4(1 M «or tp. '1: par? '.~l 773 {.!.!• lets lot,nil enrp 14 f>.«» U liar ot,«;; -*i ( 2CI 7A3 nt>a- 1/>CO J't.fiOO 7.V00 r.»n a..jn w. o 9.D0 Dj Hi JloD- 93,5 U 113,311 man y;; uo.o 3,uij MISTOOK!. .. •• IUW r ill Ll—uns-riuu ,ilt> imrmv.mcct lathe Ccr.aiu tc C:<7. and fortes;!/ dtP-lrcble ntq prlcu vm ru u nirlr. baiter, let for coma in to iccaiamq’iili tir,- Uiirc; wjs but n. umucu tiemanu, atu paces wore w«al;. BjJl3 tt'C! No. Ar. Price. Vst c( od‘hJ. fnp wonted lot ->ol 57.21 t&coea neii C*e wooted 03 7.00 roni R‘o *C73 i:-ro K) a i-duim ca-de corns: woolid! 150 a-tcium i r»ec 21,r30 So.l*t> S.-hJO 2,8 K I.ICO 3,009 All tales, cf Grain retcriid in this market report art rrod* on Ur. totli of iclr.icr (It.-; t'.orasr, unltus u/iirwue tjprift'd. Tiic»»x>*t Evv.voro. March 29.1M7. Fcciaiac—Arcldc low er. 1 u«: follow leg Isibu lailUot iheEasternltoads: . Kbic.- iioai Chicago to— b-l class. 4ih class. flour. Cutulo tfcuin. liriutte. gti mu «& aj..;.t.tsi, c. t; Kx.77T UCaV. conn P. 090 aiir.n n-me I-V>:3 167.071 -v.bany. li. Y. hew Yoilt boston ....... ixri'wJ ..i.iu _ 1 1-I*l uijfii... eo . in UaUiiuuMV. - . mu 12 .iiu.i 2!».2ji . 93J-.1 IK.tMI ~97.iW 131 OM . 163.2! 0 £55 2,0 . 02,119 ili.'Ki I'U.f.Oc.nbla. CauauiU', onto 13 SO 69 i Lahi: t’Kium.'-Arc quiet. ftt Cora to • Csv. ro*;Sc lor Corn. Pc I r Wteat to UuiU'o, and SI.OO i V uiforLamticr to Sabina* - . The fu lowintf cuartera ; were trade to-day; To usivKOO—Scbr George Bteo', • Cera at l?'Vc,ao'i SclirTubil bam. Coro at 13<*c, 1 i.Ollit—lUcc-tvcd.y,SSl br)a: pfnp&e-J, )A»2 brl«. : Tone w»' only atucdexau: Ltqairy to-tuy, »nd prices: riuj'fl urchsnecu. b»ies Inclare the following:! WniXE TVcnees—lCO brU “ Hasn«" at sl3So;itKD' IVimfes—lOObr'SDotnamfdar tIXTO; ICO brl« “Gal*l »<c~’ at St:UO; m>i;iku £xtjus—lOJbru “lliroie’s Xii" at f!SOOt JOUlirl* “00-d Medal” at $i:MD:100 br a ” Laj«-(alU”at |I2XU: 10) lirls “ItiClno Brick" at i'jliO; lu) brls do' namen at $11.15: 50 brli <lO at *u.:o; :«• brls •• r»wn Lake** at liiAu. The ICO bna ot "Garaeil’sKxceJior*’ jetterday, sod for $11.15 mislead ot*. Spbcso Surat®—too brh Dot ■ ran cd at $9.50; It brls do at *9.23; ICO brls do at $9.90;! twiir acoaifSdJJs tCO brio do at $7.00; Cob* Meal— ■ 2C toonoarreai*Cf>.tO. UiiKAT-GtalTtd, C. 831 bn; shipped, 3.910 ha. . Market ic better on bo.?, aid l@2c bister on No l Si>rlce. bales were: SCO bti No. lat $3.53; 1,909 bn do ati‘; 5,400 bu do at $2.50 ;KW bn No 3 at $3.11; S.UO bn uo at s2.l2jf; 93,G00 bu do at 12*12; 10,1X0 oa> u at?3JI,V; 5.1 to ba do at J 2 U; I'.Obn Kcjcclid at JU-O-uic&jdk firm at $2.1331 lor regular receipts oi No. 3 sutler. ♦ aCOHN— received. 10,650 ba; shipped, 7.903 bu. arlcladtnncca Sale* were: S.UM> bn Not ati3’;C; D.CtC bu douliCc; 5.0C0 bu rioatOl^c; 15,020 bu co jil9l,'»c; SO.C.Cbu do at 9lc; 5,C00 bu do at - la.tWbn do at&'j'c; 41,000 ba do at attic; r.lOObuaofltSJi,'; IP,OOO nudoat ao.Vc; 5,000 bu do attPJfc; r-.0/Jbn bVjecied at TSXc; 8,000 on do at 16c; ttv-uibudo at 15Kc; b.tOObu do bu <.u at IrLc; bu do at 72c: 4,000 ba do at 71 <c; IS (CO bu do A o. b. at Tic—closing firm at 93Q93tfc lor >o.l In *tor«*. GATS—btfCcive-.2,C59 bu; chipped, 519 bn. Mar* kei id- n: ac ivc. bn es were: t.nw bn N 0.2, fresh,at 4 'e- 25C:Cl,u doaHs;,'c;a,Wo bu do at 4K; tO.OOObn do at buyer Belt wtui—ml winter—closing firm atcintiue ptltes. _ I• yj;- lloa'lv■ d,3£o bu; shipped,C9 bn. Market null. t ile, were: U.uw bu No. iat tldW; 60Q ba do at Si 31^; <!(. bu No.‘2 at 311;'. JJtKLiEY—i:«.e;vc<l, I.OU ba; shipped, 396 ba. Marke. li'Bi. Saksner-.: ICObu No 3 ai Bjs; 800 ba c<uts?c; C.tU,lmdu at Sic: 4U)bn Rejected at 62c; 6CO undo at me; roobn by (ample at 12c. A I.lMimMi—Nominal atS-UXVaUJ. nj I’UAIS—In nirnlcrnte requitaltrlxlVjvMO. 151IOO" COUM-Ibe demand ii aud prices art iulb rralrita’xcd. Bates of 2 toes frir at JliO.OO; 1 ten no uriKO.CS'. steady. Soles ol 4 bsgs at $2.50; 4 liuT'a Kfl—RrcnlTed, 3.C60 bb; shipped, none. TLxe was but a moderate inquiry trwiay. Ccolce onahiUi arc infiirdemat J, and for sacn, prlc:o kenp vn-lvp. talrstooaynLtancihe following: 13a bs. all,'. ;sjajk nt ZCc\ ifo Ba. rollatCcJliO B9.atS2c;loO Bsat-ju.;; ISUtklnsat lie. _ „ Che :«.f I 'airy Qoi;u 1u5.... Comnirc “I'll". 3 J’rimc Firkin «O(4SJc liAlitilNt.—Ws) steady; stocss aicfuir.undjii Acbrorcoksin and Atrcrlcan n.a'<cs wa note a dn dire of ft.on. IVe rf-.nsc quotations; „ NaUcnat A, U bn, tcamlerx Unca 'ra-ra Gmnn A. 2 mi, do • r ’2.y Hunti-A.3 ba do Cctii Kscimnec ;■= " ATcrage weight Yield of lord per noc. per b ,g. LbJ. T/w. .331 .7-13 31 t-7 .3,t:a.3i3 • l.TJj^jS 7J033 .I'OJ&kC? AMIUW .B.S9WW ."MW.Wi;iss .a.*4P.T7S .3,4'i5J>3 ■> fil 3>Jl>ss ..I.OfJJ.VjO A’3oOe3 Il*W3;. 53 ‘iia/KU Star*: a. cotton seamless. LfcW.sioaA. on < oo Aincihai*. do . B-av«r lili.I?, do I’ltoCiln S, no I'cr.a amis, do f. rtrm, Sl.o. GuinlfP.. Durians,*4 bn, He. I '. 19.00 l.*HEE*«fi—The genera* character cl the ma-ka; re mains >u.9uUiuil7 tlio same os noted in oar lost ro t». re. -Wo continue to cnoie: __ Ke-» Ycih Factory (scunlnt) at «22 c Factory (Illinois) 13 ftte c linn bar* -1 w«l c Western Mates.. 15 Mi 9 o IVlfctern Keserre. 17 «>9 c ••Yc'uiiu Amrnca” ®i) o COt l.—Tbt market was quiet, and r.e fillawlns prices were literally wcJl sustained. We quote: £us—ErotKfleid JII.CO do Ormsby - 11.70 iiviit *-:r—.-:rLir £1 11 11/w oo btinctal Itl*gc do Willow HoaK.. ‘ 30.00 Ob Tnnnn: IC.CO J3/{J D-rubur* 73/0 Lump LAI-h U-J» 1.-CivcWaUs, p-epaTvd ij-SS IM3 JMfiSOJ;.! 12/0 ITcsJ. .275,836 .131.161 . £3.733 ,152,683 naasa-su. _ , Dei>L ' 0,233 j, jlTi ; .V.P/'Oft s'/o Uc on track 6.00 Ytticbiaclieny 11-20 COFFEE—Business was brisk, and under Ilcht .caters are obtaining tun prices. lib’.foainoDtt' ftir K'f, g<. i! t> nrlme 27J,'«27*c Rif. prltr*** to cho’ce %*%(■4'& d COOl’LCltAiiK—'Was la limited demand and prices wrren auv. N-,sales reported. . , , ccnsfcnjcnee of tbo lareo arrivals, ana the mi dtifi» o( n e'weaiber the marsoswaj rntlicr »tak. tnetnde tbo lolto»»»es 3Jodozen attsc; 4pke» at 23c; 100 do (freib) at 23c; 1 pkg at K’ct ld »ai22r, ■ FRUITs aKD NUTS—The market was rather acme aid vnua were Ilrmly scstaiofli. wo con tinue to quote: . Apples V br1...,......™.:.... fl.oo ® 6.00 Lf u-oni, Mci&ina (US W BAO Onm>:erf,F box 7.75 & S.OQ Cranberries. Vbrl... 15.00 CHICAGO LITE STOCKOTAItKBT. Cattle. Hose. Sheep. . 14 l*o ito . 1.140 8,597 1.010 ~ 1,959 fi.eso 830 . 1.660 4.231 3,K>7 Cattle. Hoea. Ebeep. liO 1.259 sraO 5M 2.H00 561 2.105 5,731 929 J.7W 4.214 939 83 BAT* *35 6 A) CHICAGO OAI».V MAIIIICT. .1.00 60 1.20 • UW M 1.20, .1.10 65 IJO a i.33‘ .. DKUtU nuns. - : TnikrrrrnE«,ncw 7t ft a. fra.chr3nnw,ncw..-. 19 (A . g Mtf.cnm-.5.... n » a Msi. M d » Daioc...- *5 '#'*» - t attid TeaUKS, 9 dOZ,7 a caos. 4.(5 0* 47j - • JJX itkcJui.liaArtaniqaartcn. ia M 10 l iacl.ri, purtc!.... 13 O 4S . l3iEckbcrn*r,new, ¥ts « C# "J Ka*pbtrnc . pew, f> 1 66 (<a 63 Cnerrfe*. piUcC. (5 <4 06 Kutcrberrid. P & 5 oft J 6. It.ialto,t®rfllcc,t3 C. krgs.... M ■ c arnicas, Ub0xtw........................ 20 (« £t tarmLCr, \'bcits........w 53 Oft <0 AlmcEdß, helled. e.aoPda.-toft shelled.. ‘ 50 r- a* I‘earott. bs. 400 « 4.7 S Brstllhula. 23 (4 21 1-liocTie... 16 Oft 17 hunch Wainclt.. Nspies Walmi e...... 25 cs 2( Pccair, on.alt snd 1arjrc........ S d 30 Hickory Kota. B.OU to WO l< t -H—Was Id eo. d demand anti firm a, gaouuora, which are b« follows: hlUCtb, .‘O. J. >» brl 26.75(5 TOO WJiltcLit, Ko. 2, % 6JO» 6.75 Trout,fie. I, Jibri... • 4AO» 4.7 S TroDL.Ka.2, x brl 4X44 4-*0 Mickucl.Ko.i, KbrL new 10AQt010.75 JTaekCffl, Ko. 2. }( brl UUUtalO J 5 M«cfc®THi finilJT. 9 X brl 9-TOA 9.23 Maocrel, extra mrss, 7* U brl; l4Jrv«ls.Co Maecrzs), extra mrra, V kit ii-SOca 3.75 u«ckcret,Kc>. 1. kite, new 3.83 Uacktrd, family, klta.. 2U5*253 Codfish, Bank, y itO as 7J04 7-W Cf cotb, (leorgc’s Bari 7A0.4 MO Bake WJO,« 5^ E»rrtnes *dri«VNo! lV¥ box. Hcrtlncs, uunuke, in*. «. Labrador licrrlnes 9 .1C.50.91t.00 Korweslap Herrin a .is.ootoi6.oc GllEASE—£a «s were: CO tree extra While at Uc; 13 ves ccod co. ttll^C; 53 tres Yellow at 1114.0 W 1 NF.W—k- cclTed. 33 brlft; .hipped, 277 bn®. Market entirely nominal at 213 jsc, „ GUl’S*—Are quoted at 6&Jt«oe lor itastern and 60S fficaor Western. D«E*»SKI> UU4JS—Sa’eswere: DlTldleg on 2U) ns. 70 b’ t b .(-C-»9.v5; by average, Cat t9—J; ail roacd, C at li /I V—There was a liberal demand ts-day, and tbs following price wer«* malstaltcd: WIiULBSALS VCICES. ■ Ttscthy, roller and beaur pressed.. 411A0915.0U Tin'.oipj.lcoteprefisca UAV4IB.OO Ttalilc, beater picked U.OO^IAW eetau. raicus. -ri M .,v. < •, * - o m Timothy, toller anJ bcaier pie*6«tl f 17^^19-30 Timothy, 1c0tepre5ifd.,.................... i7.itl^lJ.W Prairie, idler and beater pressed 15.00&I&A) loose c« wacen, delivered 13.0 , itf015.00 HIDES— HcceiTeo f i?,fc<3Bpß;.Rlplppjd.iio,inißß. Wens fairly active acdbieady at ike foltuwlotfpnces: Gietn nutcheib* ... 9 o e Gtcen Salted. Criminal. Ui?wll c O.ocn i a.f. W &Zi c KJp Or*eo, fitted U «15 c Dry I'llcMrininml 18 &I3J<c I>ry Sailed, trizncd ........... Urten silt'd, cars c .rrd luv«HJaC IHUN AM) feTKEU—TIi*-re I* a good score de- EISLU, tiUtJ IU CULBUJUtIiCU ta Die ItUUCtXI ccmtiiuua of iLiitictf. prices we Brmly mutamtd: CotL'm'in Car. SKQ s*o Hone Muve Iron '•i^o Heavy Hand C & fl';c HccpaedLlclit Vand . 6.HM11 C HouLd ana Square Bh«* 9!fc OVal .......i hj<o Hull Oval and Had Tinned C^c iLttl Iron,common T'irt.. c eiUaliraads T-xa.. c Bbttt lion, ealvaniort... ; is c fcl.ccl Iron, cUorcaa), 26 9&’<3.. c Slittl Ixoc, Jonlata. 2o lli'ctVJ c Norway Nut Hods*. .......It j^u^c rJowblcf?, tin;sad ..13 (311 c Mow StteJ.cait i? «is c anrlr e nrdTire sttcl, Kmillio c loot Ca>t'ti.-ot,< nliDA'jitzea 2S iajq c Hllstured SUxL 20 @3O e LEsTHfis—Ttc maicct presents no tew Ma in ta, and prices are Cic came an prcnonfcly coed. We quote: City Birceu P J» ... S9Q <0 CcioDiryll»rDe‘f, tfct 28 LUC,*& tX& « Kip, medium, V GQa ia> Siatichtcr, Ruffa lo hole 49® 43 Slanphicr, Sole. I CuTcaco, No. 1 <W® 42 Ffftuehicr. Sain. I•- Cmcaso. No. 2 34a Si I BccniM rtyrts... 3Vi* sn o;ic.ocoSo!e„... 34® S 3 I Oricoco, good, ! itazugcd 21® 8J Jfc* U|.per, Y f 001... SOc* SI OontiJ Upper.. 3Sra 33 (jolar, f) 100 t... Zi3 34 felMiCbW' Eolc., sag) si Hbncbfc, V V,.... 4tM 40 Upper. 4CS S 3 Em. ho. i. me dium Em. Ko. 1, hea vy efeuo. L U Itl B E 11—Bu;kces in theyaioato-day tuhmfc, atd J.umdcroi’all o*fcrlpMoa» *ss iuc-jod demand. SDlDkJes were in nenye rcqueatjaLdiata w?ro filxly active. Prices arc lira and unchasecd. V>’e repeat grMaU.Oi-s:. LTnifcer-Plrst Clear,l. IK. IJf and tf inch • „• *IH~. Stcotd Clear, asd Sltch ifI.CKUf.3.OO laird Clear, l-.cli ?(■/-,%>'y.h? ptret erd icccrd Clear flooring, er, roc*b, the same as Secuml Clear wide 55.or®raxo Common fioorirs, rcosh a>(CK<c37.CiO JlatiLtd slo Dierrcd Common Flooring.. 4U.oo<ai.iJW hin'ched octl Dressed S-incU. .Common Fieccb C&H 31 •ft* 2.10^2.23 t'reccb CalA SI »r 2JSCS2.IC Fic&cfi Calf, Lr nunncF'P aoz^O.WsM.OO Ficcrmc SCOO&&S) First and t3«‘cotd Clear elfllf'ji.tozetter.. 33.T0332.30 I int Coimoon Drea-wd biding SLOOgtOXIO Trspoa lioi JKounls, select ib-lccli and upwn»tiß.... 83.01*312.00 A fcicck HearJ3. U Indies.. SU)ft*32.U) rs»fltk Uospi,, Witches 20.0C(527.00 Ccmu.on lean's. ScantiUe,Fee- ii«. Mijo hmairiiuji*-.*. Ui tolafcritoaz. 21 00322.00 Joists anti H-antiiE-, 1?,. a anaai icct.. JclelsandecaitllDc 2J.00 EniKoi.Rs—AcrburSuavotoliiosle? ixo A or SUrbawetl Shlnsle* 5 C3a S.i() Ko. t sawcJ t-.bluulce SOO I. Alii—lVr mm yard sxo L‘J carload cy Sortl;«cslarn U-Uiroicl, any yunl »b-r« caracal m »»itUiid or «ry ucpoS A or s,ur Sowed th'Ußl.s, by cer-Ived. on track 5.00 A »i SUr fcUavtd by car-load, on tract.... „ 3TS3 4.C0 K«’. 1 Sawed bhlcslee, by car-loai, on Dick * *iy Three cc!!'»it a car-load added aiiea lran?C3rrcd, which itarpo CDlio'fg tbe Shine «' f’J irelithi uili. _ _ EI!tXCLES.TASUAED. Itucßbees—Five bMcglea to be two inched Jn thick- L- retL— Sixteen Inches. P'lHlß—‘Tw*rty leches. C.,>\ir—«—TTent^nv-. Ril-.TAt.H AMJ TINNEICS* STOCK—There wii- » D ttltr*to polecat UmUt, aad wub the » - icei*iJoa ff a decline of 5.c 03 Txal'Jale, pacta Hit icmlna 1? ULcttu-acd. TVe cow quote: • HSf. - litUOUTWIttK. Bo* Tin Pl*t«s 1. C. lta6 *■“*' ♦H.K 7. S a-'* ■* H.CO in mail, ar n... an n nod 11. l>9 li uad lu. Hr tire Tin. j:u Pii!*.. tanUTij;*.. Lir Tin 17. 83 is. CUITAS. 5lPt»ll!c Ai* Estts. CO%p*}f U' tIOIM. uri.xurt. over ;u «». 4t bhc;i, UtiTlGoi..... , a «eocu Wiro iU.i.UC«i IQ _ IU3JKIT JIKIAL. N>S. 9 rind 16 35335 lit quality .*» ACUUVL}- 20 ly, V sheet I FI-e Sc'.tier SO Aacncan. la. ona i zizf. »y, F Ddl 1 )Bt<]oalits.c-k-W. ..,. IS”$ Amviicsn; 3d quail* in i|Uslu>, thecL.... Hi ty.Faheut 16 bit 13 \ JiMl.lS—lrado is itciiy, tcfl dealers arc still a-u iiis vci i-tf BiCDit ot iC&ISc on round lou. Wc ui co to Quote: ICO tcCCT-kw <7.oolTrt f9^j to 7 Vfi IM, CIP Ij’MCi} il Ji CC 7-a'i | *l. fiao Wucd H'.75 4d 7.75 1 Cut bolscr 725 Co CiiucLod. nut 9.10 I JLI-J*-TLr ti-tri:* tfoi.lii ue-> ocure and nrlccs arc nit tout tfie. publo titanic. *e cantinas to na-’tc: Lititcu f 1A1.41 J 5 Lit *ICO Oil. 0- iittl OiKcOl ,42.30 \M.Ii- 01J.W.C... LU41.3 Lfltut'-t, i.iv«t.2o Laiu Oli.hC. J Witter I.IiV&I.IS Lanl <H.', >o. *; winter J.o3<eLlo Hank (m, rrtn:Q iota l.lar^i.jj i-ai» Oil. Mtaile LW<i.a Wkt lilr.c t)t 30*1.00 Lu: iirvir? i,i. S‘MI.CO C. A KHUN ui u— naae ursay, uau prices rated liras Ca. 1;od, F car !• ad 4fc C«i 1m •, email lota 4£e !>!■ it- afc4oc i iiOt IMO’i*— Jr«j,cus tts Li. felia; j.ui, jbaCiucu jimli, 10 br.fl i'orkaadSiCCS HfeLtuo. fl.'rt.* I*ork—Market nominal at {23.71333 00ca«b. Fi r luicit.veLcaruJlXCO b.L»at KAf.S buyer April SCO brU fct mtO, buje; t)J. <: car *1 mops—b»leawe>e: <Bl».' 8 OJ. X.uilk .iicuts—luacUvo and ooxlnsl at 8c for Sh< ultici*; Pj. t c In i Lumber and*; l«c lur ltoa-U bi< cs ; ICL't fcr Short Kio arc lie fur Clear—all Pwoe. I. litui. Salta were: 103 tss prime S't. di «tnMtc; 2n teaatisc: 2Qo d) oap,t,; 60 tea >C. «alllc. » lUrl.TlSY—w.ia ir fiir-sspuly and prices were ft«i<djr. a.-!c* ledeiii ihe.'ollotvinir; 2 ilnscn D'Osacd Lit eat 10. to; 1 ci.op at *3.03; i dozen Mallard iittcxs at; 1 ao Dr-ntatC.UJ; 60 tts l)r«t«*tl Tarseysat lOTATOhS—In coon demand. 8tl<;« were: 100 lailicbl uuhi roc;Ci hfis ’rticu at fl.O ;Icir at EUC cn :ißck; <0 liu HIILoU rtach iiOAB ot itc; Cu pan do alViCdclircred. MIGA K.»—Were la active demnsd, and astbc etcikS ate oniy Ul*r*tly larsc, prices were well nieritalnca a; ice decllccnoicd last tvamng. Were peat quouiLa-: cui a........ njianjic Porto Klco .l3^»3U<|c h. Y. KiPLeQ. roßdcttcas(lUraaula:u^....]6; >h 4:i^c Wl.;-.e A 15. i «ls^c Cit. ic a ij,‘;<Ukc Esin C )iV4li c Yel'or.- C 13 r«!U c Csi arc C d3V-'all c Osri*rd t. exira^c Stv Orleans H^-tUxc £<ei.- Oileans in: U"uslt;;c &• Vld.'P«-*A’eralher _nule‘. oml the rcstrlcten to local« oats. IV e continue to quo o: Dof ten Amber 5L3P3L80 New Tors Syiups i’eliow Drlp.c LlSisl.JO Cali ilcJOßics TVA S 3 i*citel.!co fca« 83 l»evOrleana 9i41.C5 Fbiiadelphla Bee Hive CA-a 73 ocicaito KrflLorj, Amber. 117)41.13 O lcazo Ucflcery, Ooiueo «jo Chicago KcCocry, Sa.-ar House trOCA AND !*ALIStCATUS—Tbs market was fall') active. Ibe following are thectzricncprices: Labi li Vt Ye Puie 12 EtSaod’s Chemical..... i3Vi*i3 c “ Healthy. ia laUUc " Pure aitvs SAliT—Kecclved,none; »bipp«l.f*-»2ri?. Thomar kel rtn-alfifl qultt, Bales ot 11j pels Floe at 22.33. Wo quote:. Fine y>?a Coarse ' 2.55 Cured Ainra t2J&i;2-i5 Uround Soiar. 3,63 Tnrk’a IMarfl, baus 3 *0 iJal.y. wim Backs 5.0 U £air>, without Backs 5.75 MJEDS-KccclVd, 5&317 da; sMopjd, 45,550 tt». TlicnarKciwa? active atd Of. Tim.lhy prices were a tn tier. C:over and F*ai are nticnanped. bales were: Tn.'omT—73 bars at fS.JU; JOdo ait MS: 47 corts3.lD; 145 do ct rift); V»4 do' at *3.73 ; 4* do at'; 03 da at *3 60; 1)3 do at : 20 oris dost tiC5; Ciovkb—s bapa Mammoth at *10.00; 139 ossa at t'J.Cn; SbrisatfS.TS; 3 do at fSZC. TEA?*—'lucre w bat little ooinjr In tbls department. Stotksare larpc.ncd dealers would make concession cf JcUCc on itrso orders. Wo make no ebangu la gnciaUcns: Yot. tt I'jfirn, superior to flno, P » fl 20®L4& Voc> pllyton, exua tocLuite, p 1> 1.73(41.83 ininifai.suDtnot toiicoP d uoisiAO Iroretlnl. extra to choice, p d 1J547.00 Cut; owder, superior to tin**, p b„... I.U&LGO Cm powoer, extra to choice, P d., I.SaaWO .Tarao, natural leaf,iloe to extra fltc.p IJJ.VaI.IS Joi-uo, natural hat, tine to choice, p d i.*£ol.lo Jara". natural lea*,colored. P d 1,3031.33 1 OBACcO—The market w qnict. Wenowqcoto: Exfn.. CbCKO. I.M'dlQtaJ. I Common. , i.we.nal . Medium*. 71(3250 CuamoL stems.....u&uc Tlr.;. la’s Favor- I U-- ,Sc®?l.«» CLcllc. S^CCcI TLCU TOTACCO. Lojtl ritlrcr.... 7C® Tjc} MMlam BtVaTOc Foii; * , r>Drllsht fill* 75c Cjo OOP ,S&B'CC Nat;.ml I>-»1....51.UwL64 j Navlf? .SSCsTjC flalrDrlcht 75<(31.0<'| Fiuodfre... - . 6R®7sc CSc ch'fc aoend. iv® tic I v isOJ>—lte maker was dull and prices were stiadr. Wc centime to r,uc.ic: Mat ;o, V, delir- red f 12>"C!213.00 Mar'e, ¥ cord. In yard. 11.i0312.C0 JieecJi, V ccrc, delivered u.OO JJcctTi, 5< cord, in yard 8.00 V. (Kill-Kcmred, rono; Stepped, tt». Har ket> jicl jiot»lea repotted. • Beales. C‘i I K B ASI S' JZjgr . STAKIIA&D Jnl SCALES ./I. or at.t. uzn. I FAIRBANKS, 6BBKWLEAFACO n^^^^gjP 4 21iS vhUe-St., CblCMt- Business fflatars. QEST, EATTBH & CO., Wacleislo CoanniosioTi ’Ks-’r-,- No. GO HoGao>AU [Between F and G-sta] DENVER. COLORADO agents. PER MOOTS TO AGENTS TO £ r || sell the Best, Cheap, Licensed Bewms as sehinc In the United States Address, with etimn, PAGE PROS..Philadelphia, Pa,,or Toledo, O. ©air 3328. ■pr ILL’S HAIR D)cE—5C Cents—Hack -L-L or Blown—lzututaceons. natnra 1 . darable, beaaUiaL The best and cheapest In ore. Contains-s much a» as any dollar site. RILL’S ARCTIC, or ali. UEALING 01NT>rENT. reliable tar censrs! (.latment pm seers. Depot 06 Joim-st, New York. Sold by Hi dm ecu a. pATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. "Tan splendid Hair Dye is tte twst in thaworld-: - Barmteea. rtiiebie. toxtaotanoooit the only Perfect Dye. No dlaappclattcent. No rtdlcniaas tints, bat true to nature. Genuine stitced w 1 LT.t AM A. H ATilli- KLOiL sold ry Druniau and B eriwncre. rectory, fil Barcisy-stn New York. Special Noticeg. Ur. iamtsi So celebrated throughout tbs Doited States ■jUtsrn years inNew Orleans, where he established and coa dotted the widely-known James* Lock' Hospital; for the last ill year* located in Chicago, canbecostolted alhia Rooms, 93 Randolph-it-, comer olDearoom at. -, that mneb-to-be-dreaded poison, Dr. James . winguaranteo to eradicate tram the system without the ose el mercury or any poisonous drag*. - Sferw&tocbiisx—Nocturia) rr diurnal emissions, cau‘cd by self abase, lexaal excess, etc., treated, and ; radically coxed, by an Infallible method, saving . sxd expense. ' ' IVPOTZSCT, caused from Spermatorrhoea. This de> ; bUltyDr. James will obligate hlmseU to care, iestor> 1 Ingfan power and vigor to thedebmtatedorg*n«. Dr. James has made the treatment aad study of what ' are called Peitxtb Dunams. a specialty tor the lost twenty years, and has bad a greater field ol exponents . than any phyrlclan la t&e cool try, and be Is acknow* ledgedbythebestmodlcal talent to have no superior, :U an equal. I Tberecannotbeamcrecomplete, or tetter appolnt • cd salts or meolcal rooms, than those of Dr. James*. ; Tallents cover come In contact with each otter, aa : mere are private entrances and exits. Dr. James can be consulted from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ■ Office and parlors, 93 Bandolph-st,, corner of Dear born. P.O.Box6oC,Cblcago,lU. Separate rooms, and cccenltaUtns confidential. 71 » U a M 45 31 (O. ZS co* n 75 . A Sure ond Perfect Co pels Gnnrameed Toaliwhoa’eafflictcd. Dr. Baohael describes tho dlfcsre without so} information from tho patl-or. thus saving ycot Lea-th «nd luo from wrong tr .mutual, tend icarC-ccnt (tamcafor h!i GUIDE 10 QISALTH AND LONG LIFH. ”13 Bass SUduoa-st., ap-Stalr*. Consultation lee, two dollars. Tbo JBeaUng Pool and House offlcrcy. Howard Association reports, tor young men. oa tbe crime of solitude. and the errors, abases and dtswes wblihdeitroy toe msnlypowers, aid creaw Imperil menu to marriage, with sore means of r&iof. Sent tn sealed letter cnvej',nea.£fee of charge. Address Dr. J. BKILLZN HOUGHTON, HowtmKAiSOCUaou Bhlaael phla.Pa. Dr. Bigeiowt Bavtagths confidence of tte paode ana the medical facnity at large, u tbe most reliable ohyMdaa is tht city tor chronic jurvoos and sexual diseases. Coll at his office, 179 Banth Chirk-st.. corner cf Hoaroe. Rooms separate. Consultation free. P.O. Box 134. His guide to health, published monthly, scat free v ant a agrees. l&ppOgSlg TKDIAKASTATfiJSOUAIALSUaOOXi NOTICE TO CONTH A CTO IIS. Scaled Proposals received unlit Wednesday, April lClb.prox„ at the office ol J. A. Vtydngli, AichltecC, FcnlDrast ccmer of Waliash ana Kiubsls., Terrs Dante, Indiana, fecthe tallowing work and materials. In coisimtUoncf said hormai ttccooi IJailthug: Ist. Excavation ot toondatloos, about OAAcuulcydi. - 3d. Burning %»io,cco brtcoa. fldl Laylnglb«stme. 4ih. About SB/ CO worth ol dressed stone tn lounda tlm aert wall. Lib. 18 iron columns, weight about 20,000 83. Ctb. ISO wtacow framia. bui. uu I. uibuw uaiuu. 7lh. rotting in and bridging Joists, wood-bricks, dust stalls. Ac. , _ . • Fml ir tonefctioo as to plana, BocJflcntlons a;d con ditions, furnished at Architect’s office, ou and after Friday, March XSd. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids noiinttdactoiy aa to price or trrma. bnxoty required Icrperfcnnanvcofccntrarts. uy order or Board ot Tnutees. JOHN INOLB, Jn, rreshleet. “VjOTIGE TO BUILDERS. ' otticb of tub Norrninm Ihdtawa Person, > . Michigan cmr, March lath, 1507. f Scaled PrccoaaiS' will bo received by Ute B-'anl ol Director of the Northern Indiana sum PrU- u until TUESDAY. the 9th day of April, 1567. at IS o'clccK m., tor (be construction or a buildteir lor the par pace* of a kitchen, bcsplUl ami chape}, cn the Pmoo (noonaj, near MichiganCitr, Indiana, accord ing to the plans and a Declarations ol the superintend ing Architect, to be prepared and ready for refer*rc? on and titer April Ist. l£i7. At* information coaesm tig the dimensions ofKstd builolmr, the materials 10 be asea tn constructing the samc,ibequo.ityot the ■work, together with the terms ana ccmliUons of pay tnc tor tne woik and materials- ana all other matters connected therewith, mbyte obtained by applying at the office of said Prison. Proposals sha>l &-enveloped and plainly adares»ed to “ board ot Directors Northern Indiana aule Prison, Michigan t l’y, Ind-,’’ and endors'd “Prcoosala fer Kilchfn and Hospital .’’and to ttsure-tbclr considers •■mi, entbt be iJ<“UV“red by the day and hour specified. cV|.i mfinia.'* must bo p|ade in strict conformity WUI) 9‘t9l*u<rt!<?q of laid bulltihg, as Inilcatcd by the Plans dad spSciflci tints and ord-rc or the Utard of Directors, on Clc in the office of «*ldPrUt,n. ~ ' . .... The liosrt of Directors will reserve the rtent to re ject any bln that nay no offered, ara tomakeiany chances that nay then teemn«rt»ary and wooer. A. U. UAdlulOH. J. N. TYNER. yr. D. CROinERS, Heard ot Director?. fy O CONTRAOXOKS. i’ropotlllrns will he rccrived for the construction of the mastery (ahuat 52.0C0 yardsioltae Bridge ever the Ohio Klven at T-oulsvlilc, UNTIL THE 10TU OF APRIL, 1&57. Plan* a:.rt «esctflcattoD« rrlll he ready fir inspection afur UitsiSUi of M-rch. at the Engiueers uaicoot toe Louisvf le ana Nathvlue Railroad. No bids wlh be considered if not’made by responsible parties. By order ci the Board ot Director* of the LouJsvlDe Bridge Company. ALHKKT FiNn, •* Chief Eogmetr. (Eitj) iSToticcg. T>KOPOSAJ.S POR.THJ3 OONSTEUO -1 TIONOFTUH SUMMIT DIVISION OF T3R Illinois and Michigan canal. Cjuice u r the Boxen ny I‘cnuc TVonss, > Cmcaco,2lirwhiSUt.iSC7. { SetlcdProposa'VWlll'he :tc:lvcd by the Board ol Public Works, at luurt. flic's until 11 a. m. Wedneatsy, May 111, Ui<, tortile excavation uectesary to deo;*2; tli« i.liiuis aid Mlcmgan Caaal. Occorolag to (hs plan adopito. from Ch'caxo Rlvtr t*» commit Lock, No. two C> a distance of iwcsty-six (U) nnlga. &la;s. pron’es. epecincxUons. be exhibited • at ihuoltccof the Board of public Worts in Chlcagc cn and after April ISlh until the day of lettln;. There will be some two iLtlllocr(3,o’XJ,ooOj cubic vards Oi excaTsiton—some of It quite hard aod em* bracing comldcrahle detached rocs—end aosat ioor htmdrrdvevtniy thoassnd (4*0,000) cable yards of stra tified limestone. Tho work trust he oroerented so as not to teterfhra with the me cf the Canal caring tbs season ol naviga tion. it is te leved, oQwevcr, tb it tlm most of tne excavs lien, tuceot Ue eUatuki, rocK.cso heikaa wnh.i.eaai dreiites wlthontsntcr'cfinewuh Hie L'lVldaUoaof’he Canal, hat the rock rxcav&tiun will allhavcto h-> done « brtwceut''eclM'.of navtea’Jcn in the fall and the opcMng In the spring. H anew Jme tcadopted lor aay portion of the (lis tener, operations tbcrcoc may no ccatlna-d the whale ytnr; aid the navigation'f the Can*! w.II oe >nspcnd ed #1 bstiffve moeUisic ta.'ti year ouleu otherwise mutually agrecti by iheßoird aa:l Ccntracmri. The wnoleofibe work roast be dote on or betorethe e&u of ihu Uilro ecatou o', (tie suso-tosi'.n of n.ivura'io a. A large anoect of incliioery will be required to excavate Urn work within the time required, consisting aelniy cf slam dredges, scows and cracts tar the ami- work, and d/Bl;iig machine?, pumping machine ry nvd cr*j>-s f.r io** rodr- C« mracUir« wii* i>e required to commence wortr oc tor (aithczmvailsnwlunn thirty days ol the time ot lettiis. and upon rock excavation uytutfiratofNovum- ter next. The ■ red(jtm cranes a**d scows now to the Canal cao b* bad at an appialsixl value which will be made kfcwi-1. bidder* prior to Ibc Je tin*. • I'anlsacuiliacueeA.rihcwortwil. be requiredtc prrvidcall inachiucxy.audto pat ap and remove all dams nan ».t worm o( moleetloa, ana at tneir own ex* pecuetadoali putr.pimr, or whatever mar ba nevtua ry b> secure ihclr work irom water. X’rr.poula mutt oe adOieas id to the Board of Public Wor 8, endorsed **Prcpf«al r>rDeeDenm"lM:ois and fillctilean Canal/* and be accomiMtied wiUi tha naaat two buncrea dollar (lltfj bond, wild soreUea, to be approved by ibe linru. Ccatractorfi will bid. stating the price for which the work will be debt 01 caeb of ibe duftreat section*, and Uto work wilt be let at a whoH sr la part, and in finch qaaTtiti e u the Beard ataall determine. in ; Board reserve Ui» rlctu f a r«jcct any and ah bids and ro prcpraai «ill ba accepted utile** the part; It shill nivo evid OC' ruli&faotory to the Board tha bo has ire n-cc-fciry tkl l, expert te r, energy and aW’llvfordriou the work, ir trustworthy, aid Lot suf nd»ntt»-cnmary resource*. Tbe Lo*iO will rttjnlro »ucn BecaMty ae, according to their Judgment, wilt tccure the doing of Uiowork acccralngto the ccntmcc. 3Sailroaß». A l< RIVAL AIID DEPARTURE OJ' X - TKAINb. if inter CmCACO Awn NOHTHWE3TEEN CAUJIOAD—COOSCIL FLI7TTS AHD OMAHA tIHE—DEPOT NORTH WELLV - STREET. leave. Arrive. OmabaFast 1ire........ *GilJa.m. •7:itop.m. Omaha Hiclil Express.. . 7:30 p.m. $5:00 a. m. Dixon raaaengcf -tuOp. m. 11:10 a. m. P3IEKPOETLIHB. Freeport Paseerger •lOiWi p. m. *2:!0 a. m. Frecpon Passenger.. .. *S:ooa.m. *3:lop.m. Borkiutd, Elgin, Fox KiTcraiid Slate Lice... *<:Cop.m. *11:11) i. m. Geneva and Elgin Pas senger *SSIp.n, *S:-si.Tn. Wl-COKtIS DIVISION —DEPOT COR7SB OP CANAL ASS KIN2TB STREET. Day Express *U:O3a. m. *&3np.m. NlghtExpiesa *it3op.m. *3*.tsa.m. Jan-evilSe Accoromod-n. *s:3op.m. * Woodstock ACCommoa’D O-'p. m. *3:30 a. m. ULaVADHXB DIVISION—DETUT COSNEB OX CANAL AKS KISZZB BTUEST. Da; Express .... O;UOa.iD. 12:00 m. Kotehili, Calvary and EvaTj»ton 1:30 p.m. 3:40 p.m. IJlchl Express 4:oUp.m. &3n j». m. KenosSa Accommod’n... lilUp.ra. 0:43a. ta. 'Waultcgan Accomxzxod'n. 6:30 p.m. 8:35 a. ra. Milwaukee Accommod’o. 11:15p.m. S:3oa.m Gao. L-Dunlap, («en’l Sup’L B. P. Patoick. General FassengKTAgcrt. sncmoAN central railboad—union d2tot,toot Slornirjr Express. J.ay Express F.TeLine Express. Klpht Express.... CINCINNATI AND LODtBTILLS TCAINB Moraine Express •7:00 a. m. e i(h3o a. m. Ktghl Express t3:lWp.m. *11:00 p. in. MICHIGAN SOCTIiEJtK AND LAKE atIOZIS LINS—DS« TCT cons fin VAN BOLEK AKU SUiUUUN &TCSST9. •1:00 a. m. *11:00 p, m. . C;lsp.m. t12:30p. m. .i*10;CO p. m. *6:00 a. m. DETROIT LISE. Da> Express Ref Yerk Exprers. Sight Express Day Express... Sight Express. PITTBDUEOH, POUT WATNE AXD C3IOAGOi Mail •■i;2ua. m. 6:00 a. m, Zjpteßt.... •«:[)» a.i3. 1-2:30 a. m Fail Uoe ...... 8:15p.m. 'J:Wp.m. ■EsircM. ZLLCtOia CfiKTHAL. 3)a» Passenger »lfe2oa.m. *10;53p.m. KlpLc Paiecncor $10; 0 p.m. *3:45 a. m. ilai-halsce Accommod’a.. *4:02 p. m. *3:25 a. m. E c.c Pari. and Oak Wood. *3:20 a. m. *7:15 a- m. .** **. M *12:10 p.m. * •* “ •* *o:3op. m. *1:50 p.m. “ ♦* *2:55 p. xn. *7:20 p. m. cmcAGO, BcntinoTOH a;;d qmscr. Doj EiprefsanaWtil »S'2oa.m. *o:oop.m. Galesburg Passenger ♦•'tOO p. m. *1:83 p. m. Autctq ra. *3:00 a. m. Kigi.t Express $12:00 tnid’ht $5:50 a. m. CnICAOO ASI) ST. LOUIS. .««coe .55® 750 Eix res? sad Mail £:Usa.m. S:43p. m, Kichl Express— ;9;13p. m. 5:50 a. m. Joliet and Washington AcrommodaiioD 4:00 p.m. 7:45 a. m. CHICAGO AND OCKAT EARTTUH— (LATC CINCINNATI AIT. LINK) —ITIT.TVA.rK22 UATLUOAD DEPOT, CO3 NED CANAL AND KINZIE 6Ti:DETS. Dav Eilickh; 7:00 a. ra. 11:13 p. m. flight Eipres? SiCOp. m. 8:33 p. m. yon INDIAN ATOW, LODISVILLtI AIID CINCINNATI. ray isprtfcs . IhiOp.m. l*iphi Kspres* 9:00 p.oi. B:5Ja. m. ColnmCusJirprcsij 7:&-a. n. 11:1-1 p. ia. *• •• 9:W)j», m. 8:30 p.m. Landing Accommodation. 0:55 am. G:iWir. a. *• *• . S;15o. m. S:; : » CHICAGO, ROCK I3RATTO AXP FACIX'iO RA/LitOAD. Du> i:s»;rc?saiidila}!.... »U:;.oa.m. *:,:■£ m. KULtExpreva IsOOp.m. *u;i3s.n. Jolit-t A'ComraodaUon..,. d:4op. m. *3:loa.ic. •cnD-ayrxceptadt t'looiiy oiwyled, JSAiar daj cxccptcd. omou stock card rmsTAstr. . Leave AlaOiscc Plr*,xU Leave StocS ifttofi. 6:30 .a.m. 7rio *- 6:ST ;.a. m. a * °»* 10:00 3.m. Ul-'JU I*Bo p. m, 1:39 p. m. 3;£fl o. in. 4:09 ..............p. to. 4:45 p. m. S;10 P-3. gOSDATTBAIMi. &3i A. TO. I 9:35 ' 10:20 Jt. a. JI:« 2*ro p.ja-1 4:00........ . ...;D.a..l 5515.. 'j£c following is the new tib’c forlUenrriv* a»d departure of mails from the Chicago Post Office lor the wiotcr, and now In force: KAILS CLODS. I*. O. CHICAGO, ILL. KAOM ARRIVE. a. el. p. id. a. m. p. m. ..... SUOi...Uich.Sontli E If. 12:31 ... . &15. . * 4 44 “ 8:55 4 ‘ ... &00 11:0j .... 12:00 tu, Mich. Central B.K 12.0. ... & 5.... 44 44 44 .. 0:00 &I-- .... &CO....PUu.*Ft. Wayne I .a .... 8:15 4> 44 - 4 l:li .... 12:00 m 11 44 4 .. 6:00 11:0. 12:110 tSO ...Great Eastern B R,. 8:30 10:0 ■ 12:00 tt:Jn....NcwAlbany*Salem 8:20 tl;00 8:10 7:45....i»a1eaa KailrDJtJ 8:10 2:10 12:00 «00....D150r Air Line.... 6:00 . 7i30 12:00 &00....Uocklslan'l itiDroad 5:45 kg) 12:00 :OO....c..l>.&ffcilccylLl{. 5:50 9:00 8:10 :too....Noitfiwc«iero 5:15 8170 8:00 2:45... Railroad. 11:30 S:io 12:00 7:45....11Hn01s Ccnlrat IL 8.. IkDQ T00....51.L0a1s Railroad... 5:35' 3:45. ■— - HOITT.-A- GILMORE," P. U. When changes cf weather, climate an! ffiod are most iliuly to produce sickness. . A f real French rhyilcianssyi: “More than bailor the disease is tho world comes from neglect to fortify thceysum nyairy* change* of cllmatet weather and f cd. The great secret of health la to k«p the condi tion of the Stomach * ,rirf Blood regular and uniform, 80 that chances trom Heat to Cold, tram Dry to Damp. cannot npsrt the mac tun cry of the body, and breed disease. ’ T Kow. it la a tact, positive aid well known, thattbere is ro saeb bulwark and assistant for the Stomach as PLANTATION BITTERS. This splendid Tonic la now card by all classes of peo ple fa? every symptom of a “Stomach oat ol order.” And particularly do these Bitters serve tbe purpose ol mote wbo “lire oat of door*," and are exposed to r Chooses of treat her, Raw Spring Winds and Weaken* teg Sommer Heats. Thcsccretol It 1« this: Plantation Bitters are cer tain to correct the juices of the Srotns-h, alt Its machinery acwork, sod enable It to resist and throw o 2 the approaching danger. The tendency of the opo> rations of Nature is always towarca a core; all she needslaaliuieassistazceat the proper time. Bow math more reasonable and sensible is is to help her along wltn a gentle, yet powerful Tonic, th*n to deluge and weaken aid defeat her curative processes wtih polaoroos drags and fiery mixtures, which only stupe fy oed plant tbe seeds of disease and death. Tncy parity, strcngtbca and invigorate. They create a healthy appetite. They are an antldota to change ol diet They overcome eCecta of dissipation and late hooray They strengthen the system and enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fever*. They purify tbe breath and acidity of the stomach. They core Dyspepsia and CocsUpatloo. They core Dtarrhma, Cholera and Cholera Morbus. They core Liver Complaint antTNervous Headache. They arc tho best Bitters in the world. They make the weak strong, and are exhausted nature's great fo sterer. They are made of pure St, Croix Hum, ths cel ebrated Calieay a Bark, Hoots and Herbs, and are taken with tbe pleasure of abemage, without regard to age or time of day. Particularly recommended to delicate persona requiring a geatla ailmnlant. Bold by all Gro cer?, Druggists, Hotels and Saloons. Only genuine when cork u covered by car private D. &. Stamp. Beware of Counterfeits and refilled P. H. DRAKE & CO., WINE OF TARI Do not permit otlicr prcpara-ln jS rations to do palmed off on you for. ?r glWlliE OF TAR, as this has morel g Tderlt ill an all others. | S Wire of Tar c-’n*ain9 all the Med!JnalProp-|O ?? leittesol am Pinelrro in the highest degree, aq land iz unexcelled as a Remedy lor I* Couchs. Colds, Hoarseness* Soro Throne, nod Breast and Liver Complaint, Diseases «f the UliSocsa and Bladder. Weakness of btomacb, Ac-, &c., Ac. XT See that “ WINE OF TAB” Is blown oa ovary bott'e. hold by Drogciflts everywhere at |l a bottle, OLIVER. CROOK. Sc Prop’s. BURNHAMS & VAN SCmVACR. Who!*rele A rent*. Chl*nco. Abo volt] by FULLER, FINCH & FULLER, SMITH &DW SBC. Chicago. qiEASI TO LIVEiIPOOL, &a, CALLING AT QDEENSTOI7N. Prcn Pier 45, Nona Uitcc, Nc*v, YorU, car rytnir Dnitcd States 01- m va&xz i x,tszi: i EVERY SATURDAY (mil rtwxer), EVERY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer). Cabin*. 319 to sllO. To-London, fa extra. To Paris, with pnvllecc ol stopping in Liverpool o-d Leaden, s:oexua—admg'.id. RETURN TICKETS, GOOD TILL USED, AT EE- I'UCtD BATBb. Bundbllls cn aprlication. Cabin plane on view, and berths or rooms tentrea on apnllcsaan at Western Acency, 51 D-aibomet., Chicago. _ JAMES WARRACS. W.M.INMAB, Liverpool. ONLY DtREUT LLNK TO FKAWO£ Th* Geaerol Transutlantlc Compa^j’e MAIL SITL\MyHirS BdTVYtiBN NEW yOrtH ANI HAVRE, CALLING AX BKEITV. Taeapltmdidnsw vtaatis ot this tavonte roots in the coalmen; Wul saU mom mer Co. sc*. North Blts os fonow;: EDF.OIE. ~ApHI« . ST. LAOURNT Capt. Bocudl....April 3JJ vEUVIKK Capt. ilacb-as May 4. VTLLE I)EPABIB..Caot. Larmonat.April 19. FtUCK OF PASSAGE IN GOU>. Pint Cabin, fico; Sectna Cable. £IOO, inclotUt* Übi» n Ine in either class. Ttc steamers ot Cua line do not carry nccratra rir icacen. Pazstißgere latenmnc to land at BiJKST win m tui cubed wIUi railroad coupon begets, aco U»*lrlnMlpw.r iurckrd w Pans, at as aciitioaa: charge efiafar iat; aad |3 for S'coml clast. Medical attendance ties of cnarge. _ For timber Information, aopiy, ic Ctimgo, at tw FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 3?> Ulltkil--'U ir Ne«? Fork, *0 QSO. MACJTKNZIK Agent, 3j*» Brute way. . LONDON AND NEW VO UK STEAMSHIP LIME. Passage to London or Brest, $75, and S3O, cor* rency. Excursion tickets abredoced ratio, available for six non tbs. At slants. Capt Plnbham,lromNewTorl£.tlarcb39th Bollona, •* DUon. »• •• “ Amii 13ln. Celia. *• Geaoelt. tt April 27'li- Wm. Pino, “ Blllrgcr, •• “ “ May lltb. The elegant f-jtthb iron Steamship Atlanta will lc»ve I*l er No. U, Ncf'h uiv*r. New Yorv, lor Loudon, calling at Dies*. on Saturday. llarc& Mtb, at 13 iL I nUI further notice, &Ii Lc Steamer* »C tiiia Lice will call at Bns-t to land pajson vr* Ti livti sold through by rail to Paris, at 25 percents? ihaarcgo freight will be tabes and through bilH cl lading given to Havre, Antverp. EoiUrdam, Amsterdam asa °For ’passage apply to CHAS- A. WHITNEY, 26 Broadway, N.Y., trio JAMES WABRA.E. 51 l) j artwrn-*.t., Chicago. For freight apply at 5-t So3;h-6t. N. Y. HUtfLANi? & AapiNWLLU, A^entr. J. G. GIKDRLE, FiIKD. LBTZ, O. J. nO'K. WILLIAM GOODING, 1L B. MASON, liMird cf Fuldle Works. Steamship great aasterk, OARH77NG THB UNITED STATUS MAILS. Sir Jaxxj Aj>'Sess<'N, Comcnd r. The French “Company ol Charterers'* ol ins GREAT BAST E£N. barme provided tb*sbls wi’.b new boilers, ana UiotODSblv rartted and RfurLljied h*r la every df oartmcLt, with snodal rtlerenee to this serrlte. wUI ran her regularly between Hew Tcric abd Brest, ui tol. Iowa: IXATISQ SEW TOES. LZAVZSO UEZST. Tuescay April 91 Saturday .April 27 T'arnlny May IS | Janet Saturday Jiute ii I Thursday July 11 Tuesday Jn yso I Salardsy Tbcisday s-pt. 111 Tutsday uct. l Saturoay Oct. 191 Thursday NbV. 7 NEW tOBK to LIVEbKIOL, Tuesday, S:v.2rt, tak ing cmy UiSt class passenger]. Passage Mica in gold, or its equivalent. £ll4. <U3, to loca ttcu ana size ot room. licEvts lor the tome passage Hfuec » reduction of (20 to passengers morning ptrvloas to Angx-u PaefcpgeTßcanbolbrnl»oed on board with falTr-.’aa tlcae-sfrom Brest to Paris at the r.-untc i r*‘.eot ill-JC fnr flrsNcars and (7JO lor seeoud-clavs, being » recuc- Coii ol a per cent on regular rates. Twenty cajtc t;et af Esagago altwed to essh osasenaer. Letters ot credit issuedtor KngLind and the Conti nent. For passage apply in Chicago a: theEufujesn aud American Steamship Agency, 31 U arnoru-it-, James Wairsct, A Cent, where plans cf do cabins may boseec aedbertna a-cared; »’so, tO -Weli.t, ‘•A.'to a Co., Sd Broadway, JJ. or t-> tav Am. and U. E-i --prtss Co.’s, at them various arcoclts. PAC/jFIC MAIL steamship com PAST’S • THROUGH I.INE, TO CAT»TF’OT?=yT\TTA_ 7 CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL, 'Via Panama Bailroiul. Stcaictr: leave Pier N'o. -t‘2 Scrth ILver, Ca ta!-‘t., at 13 o'clock normnsfonnwa: April I—NEW YORK, Cipt. Jeff. Maury, conaectlcg with CONSTITUTION, Opt.TApiogA April 11-liENRY CUAUNCEY. CapU A. G. Gray, CCECUng with GOLDEN AGE, CapU WatslUf. Aptl. 21-OCBAN &DEEN, Capt I. A. barriACon nectli g with MONTAN A, Caul. Snltun. All deiarturea touch at Acapulco; tocscot the first scdTlstconncetnchantsa with steaxers fir South Faci&c ports. Flr»t and lllb f:r Central Axeriean ports, anc Iboieol first touch at Man* intllx Departure of 11m each month enneett with new steam lint from i'ausmaio Australia and New .Zealand Steamer cf March U. 1867. wm connect a ilh thi o;o. rans’s steamer COLORADO, to leave San Francisco tor Tok n hnma and Hong Ko ig, on April 2.15>77. ICu ponne a of tngga »a showed wli adult. Medicine* and att< cda&ce iree. For passage tickets and a l turtber Inlormation apoly at the cfflceon the wharf, fbol of Canal-tt_ North Elv er. New Tort. F. B. BAIIY, Agent. Or at the General Western Agency. 5t Dearboru-JL. Chicago. JAM£i WABCACR. Agent. QCEAN STEAMERsT GRAND 'EX CU R'S I O i« TO TUB PAEIS ESTGSITIOIf. The new and flrst-class ocean -galiu Iron steamship S,oCotons burthen, Stephen WniraaN, Coxnnnfirr, will make an excortion from New York t.'lLivro and back, sailing from PlerlC. North iUvcr, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o ? cloci 51., taSlrg pasaengnni fer Parti, L'.Qdou and BMoeo. K*- tuning, will rail f em ilavr; on J :ne 5. giving uas sengera bolding Ezcursuo Tinkcta, shuntlis wceha in Jtoronc, nils magutflcait Slcaxjhlp la clnde* Into wat>r- Ugbt cnmUHr'.’xenia, arc has ucen newty furnished aid’ tlrgenuy lined up eiprccsly for tub voyage. I'hcßava-.-a will OM7 carry tint-elasa passengura. An expdiUncfd Sor.'ion on board. CTA fn;l Band cfMcslc will be attached to thoahto. iTice of cameo, m currency, to Havre $!53 an:l ?173. arocrefer to fLie rl ptals-rcom. To Havre and return s*£C aid |3fR. according to a re or state room. For eorOitr canlcn'ara and tasaw-i. apo'rtotbc Agent:, UDRrtiY, FKRrciS * CO„ . IM o>oatb-et.. New VorH. Crto the Agent of Merchants’Dnica Ezpi&s -* Chicago. . # 3;00 a. m. •& 13 p. m. . *7:00 a. m. *il*Co p. .n. , {ih-TO p. p. m, p. m. $S:i5 a t m. . *7:00 a. m. i11.R09.15. J1C:» Op.m. *8:35 p. m. 11:00 p.m. TO ARCHITECTS. ILLINOIS NEW STATE pOUSB. IDs cndeMiitied, Comml-abners til Ibe B~uapc L il* cob for tbc erection ot «ne» Stale »°TI. . Eire notice that t:er will receive Pba* °* fls*i;ns HittaiicoflcalloDSfjr aSUto dcu** tas sice to be 80dn.tse4 to tbo l*r*< ocai of ImrJ, Jacoo Bom. E'-q. of SailnsfUid, IU-. on onshore ms oca jtd Uuljuiod will to oallasaorcm'cm f;r too ceslss.wn:tm;wcl£bß f Bilccted ail xlopiec, by etiii *:cmnls>l'Oofs. _ A stttrh nfOiccroaocsaod men Intomatlnn m m%? he dtil crf as to maximum c»l, the rcqaiml ro ..-n. eomm'CsU-c» etc ,-wlil ruittfuUijil « compete, on appruation, oy Irtier. to J. C, Woabor, ticcittarr of Uio Coorti, i. ULn’.ts. Jacob ISUNV, l*n»lJc=:t. JOHN W. SMITH. • PrtILTP WADAWRIH, JAM. a KOJttH3ON. "W4L T. VANDKVfciiB. WU. I^OAStnLKtON, JAMES H. UEVitRLDQK. CasutlsslOflCO, , -J. U. SicnUry. - Meoicai, THIS IS THE SEASOS S—T— i 360—X. rraw' ?o3s. ®ceau gifeaiugrs. ®o architects. Keti Ihrtliratuws, J ÜBT PDBUSHKD. Ayj fcio«v^«r CT~ CONCERNING KOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS. PEOTEOTIOIT FOE THE HEALTHY, 4ND BELIEF FOB TBE SICK. INTELLIGENT TESTIMONY IS AH IMPORTANT IN SI EDI CINE as in law. The great Patrick Henry said that the lamp by which his feet were guided was tbe’'lamp of experience.** The statements ot men et character and standing 1c nation to the properties andedects ot s medicinal preparation which they ihem-elves have tried, and the operation of whleft they bavohadabiiQuant opportunity cf witness lag la a great v&r.cty cl cases, are absolntdy conclusive. They are so considered by the public, who very cat*- ratty prefer this species cf teamoay to any other that can be offered in henalf ot a proprietary remedy. Volumes of such evidence have been published In hvtt ol UOhTKTIEK’B STOMACH BITXTEHS darts* twenty years that the unequalled Tonic sod Alterative heshecn before the world; and although its repntatlc* as u STAND AKD SPECIFIC has lone bean establish** throughout the Western bapispbere, it is attadeemoa advliab e to exhibit, through the press. Cram time ta tune, new proofi* cf 1U (access. Eecent facts add pv> tlneuceand force to facts more remote, and serve M show that the great remedy Is prepared wUhanUbem exactitude and care, aiff that It Uatm* what Itever has been, the PUREST AND BEST OF ALL VEQStV BLEINTIGOB ANTS. an Inevitable core ibr DYSPEP SIA and all derangements of the Stomach and Llveet and a perfect antidote to the unwholesome Inflocasst which produce and aggravate epidemic levers. , Ine subjoined letters ore all from citizens well know* and generally respected tn the locolltlea from which t-t mmnmintlcfn are Aarjff, aad are published 01 spe< linens of an immense mass of correspondence cf A similar tenor. Some Idea cflhe quantity of this land cl testimony in the hands cf tho proprietors Of.QOS TETTER'S CriTc.ES my he formed by the wbenlcisstatedthatthecosimnnicaClots on the Sub ject of FEVER AND AGUE ALONE, received by (ha firm dming the last three yean, nomber upwards TWO THOUSAND. They are all to the same effect a* that ol Mr. Bourne, given below, and if ever anythin* was established on uncontrovertible evidence. It Is tha Important iocs that CHILLS AND FEYEB can bt 'broken np and radically cored In a very short space oi time by the use of this Incomparable tonic. Nor Is this ail. Entire exemptionhrem the distressing malady,aa* all toms ci Intermittent Fever, ts guaranteed to sueft residents oi Fever andAgao Districts as may be wise esoogb to take the BITTERS as a preventive. ThoogM malaria maybe prestatteg their neighbors on the right band and on the left, these who have taken the precaa • tlcn to lorttly their systems and constitutions, la ad vance, with this COUNTERBLAST TO ALL ATMOS* rQEKIC POISON, will surely escape the tcourge. Tne pbyaieiac a and ethers w hose names appear in tM annexed ct-rrc-pcndeccc, are ready at all times to cos flim verbally the statements mode over their tares. Fur haps one of the men striking pteolk that can be cited ol the Intrinsic existence cf the BITTSB3, is th* genrraiadoptlon of the pr(]«raUcn by meticalmau Tbeprc&sslonasarule»csthcir lacei amost adver tised medicines, bat this unequalled vegetoolo ionic hag vacqclihed their and they recommend and admlnuur it lo theli paUcnta as the pornt sttsmiißt mod best stomachic that money can preure. The present season of taeyearlaa trying on- to ta* feeble and enervated—indeed ta all. in July, InAncnst and September hear/ di aaehts are made upon the sys tem, and it U necessary bi have a reserve ot etrautt and Ti tali ty U order to meet them wiUiunt Omening or breaking down. EOSTI.TTiiC’S BITTERS ARg A RTA\TT*f Al. M?!nffTTMW, snnlalna the Vit-l Ohd BBS color energy ol the iraao wiUr this powerful and gr> era! vcg> table fcsurativc, and any temecrature, any climate, anyccn-ittfonol the ahnoiphsre may be ea countered with comparative ImpcaJty. Read itc todnwlrt: letter Iron E. Rotjkne, a trc3» too arc citizen m i H'Aour&ii. I'&i “Finsunaan, May 10,156 C. Messrs. Hostetler & fnlto; GLNTLmn; Durt-ca visit to t&c West, last fUL I contracteo cj.iLs and&ver. which bioach: me to ny bed, and Really terminated lu t/chnid t.veraad can hnec mo to my room for several montf'S. during wtlek Uine I was, pbys'eal:;, so prostrated last 1 *liao*t do spttred ot cv»r recovering my betnn; haring entlrojr loatmy appetitei- rcars, aot bct»s able toeatnicor* tei; arnica io vhicbl wu macb OisU«s«a with st<wK togscisstionin my bead, and caastd many «.ecpien nlcbut. all from detlilt* caused by tuv crastnte condi tion. b rough* about by tee fever. At this s*.%ee ot mj cutmutcn. a friend rcrornciendcd toe tom-your cele brated'STOMACH PITTEUS; bat. bang morally op* rescatotbeoset'f scmalautalnaay form. I stflrst de clined, bat utewards yielded my prmdlccs, sad af<r taking me mrd'cioe Cr week* af directed. my appetite retorted, ami ante It l am rapidly regaining my f.rmtr «ue:&tb and visor. My- sleep (irom toe loss ot wblcb I bad sabered meeb) has never o«ea better than it 1* now, ara am reeling sensation (btfareailuced to) na* entirely leftnio. My Dowels, walcb were much coi*ap«tea ana Irregular, are now quite natural, ard lo dot 1 am Etna toeay Hut I feel ruyjeif a acir m»n. arc wjdrryoa tm&tftmonlal cf my appreciation o. year valuable preparation In order that others sneering as I bays cay avail- themselves of Its virtue*, which prelmbe* prevented mo Irom enjoying lor so Icn>r a period. I may s!mj ado tbst ray phyrtclae, after stclx-z tba be&6- Ccla etlectyoar iiitierubaaoa me, newmmeaded that I use them 'ecuiariv. Touts, very rcspccttully, B. BOURNE. 15 Martet-st. Another letter, irom a well known clUzen b until, dated Septcmotr 4,ISCS: Ueesn. Pcvtetter & Smith, littrbur?ti,ln.: GEHTtßikx: Ithlu lam onlydolng the part ot ft cood dtlzen wnea 1 testify no the creat oeneliu I bow received from your stomach Bitters curiae the last live years. Beiuc is the Oh reslona In'M. 1 nad a aeverw oihioca attacic. and being dupepuc. wlurn left me ray weac, 1 was advliel to try your Hitler*. 1 procortn one bottle, and they worked as a charm cn ms. In o&o «ecklgoteizbt(&> pounds heavier, and I seemed to macb so that Ihavensst them every summer since as a tonic. I thins they invaluable. This summer, baring anotcer billions aa> tsez, and much reduced In weight, being under me can of an A No. i physician. 1 again had to hare recourse to the old Bliurs, wua me aaras good results, ealntac sli{C) p n ends In a frw dsys. lhavebcughtanalfdos> ea betuesa tew wcrtsstuce, and intend to zeep recu ariy as a tonic and beverage- Wishing you everr success, Ireißalaysarsersictnnr. WILLIAM MILLRB, .. EmaQHAH.EF7ISaSAHCOU3TT,ILE, Messrs. Ccatctter & Smith: Gentlxubs: wunpieasurelcansaythatyoarßlT TEßa are superior to any others. 1 have used than. In my ihei yfbrnlcogtiEic. ana always with beoA* Ccial rcaolts. Toms, venrira’y. UUBX. GELBSBT. Broa-uro, Purser w Tt.r.t4w Cocntt, > J&atux y 3. IMS. J Mafta. Hostattw & Smith. Sits: i believe jcor tUTTEKS arc the best la m lined themXurdysptbbla in ISS& audit?; cared ma lt wa» cct Sutb Urn cia It, for I bad to tuth {a theta; laicdibemu p<caaa atrteaj. I tod been orostnta Cjt several weeks Willi ayj&epsla acd clircnlc alar it era. I expected to die: bat less mu oneoo'tiesolhc rettored me that I ecold attend to my bonces*. LUB Ccutwrlovtr»a:t<>d myaelt; whlca resulted In tfca icluxn cf the same disease, accompanied, with bron* cb!a: aTetlioa, wtea I staui uasd vaur QITTEBS, and vas scon restored to health. I have recottmeaded them to hnsdrrdt of mv scriaalntanca*, asd tSTS sever Known them to f ill In edbcttng a rpeirfy care. Truly toots. MIIIiUDA CnAPPfcX, - I’o-jtmsstcr atßacklaad, V*. „ • ’ Koranher 6, ISO. Hettrt. Bo:tctt?r & smith: - Gjantru: We tmebcen eUIn*yonrSTOMACH EliTtUbftr eighteen mcnUil aoaima them aa excel- Icitt medicine. Ait that la necessary is to let the peo> plofccow tnar virtue, aid they will use them. 1 tiara tried ibex xnyaelAaad cow recommend'thinto all who have wcai uoxactu. Kcspectfally Ton?*, WATiiESON » HCSAELAITD, Oncosts. OcnsstECiaa, Susses Cocarr, S’. j„ > >ta».lt«Mnrtanlll. : t Gestlsxxn: for a ocjr tlmolhayc bemaSlcted trim a disordered biotoacb, and -was enable to attend to cETbarnuaj. i \rai advised to use year BITTEKS. wMclildld, and (bond them a meat beoeflt to me. X believe bod it cot been t» r them 1 should bare bees la my mat e ere lids. I ante aot nmy to tcaOfr to tha virtue cf your but also to have ton ship twodrren bb roon aj ixjfaible, Tta bow keepiur a •tore. Years, respectfully, JoHN M. OUEAGSN. aictsrr. acstctter&bTßUn: Gum: It Is win tne ereate't Dleasuretbatl re coma.CLd year SI oitACa am’jJtUj tj il<j public. I oftaedar. Ills specially adapted to Uie Southasa Wwt, wbero biliary derMC** meat* of the liver are prevalent. Xen yean* expert* cnee la tbe use of cnn;i>cuaJ , aa curatives. coui9c>a maiUj mtilts. E. ANGLE, M- D. Gallatia, Saline County. Ct. M«rrs. IltitetWr&SmJm: GiSTtKit.-;: i have practiced cedinacfrr macy years, and hare used Tear 31 rXKi:3 in a number oX cases with meat succsai, and tahe pleasure in reccm* montHne ibcm to me pubUcir seacrab „ _ Very respectfully, SMETH, M. 0. Matioos, lIL, January a, ISO. MeftrTS.HcatetrerfcSmitb; _ n . f . rrT »n> iizr.iirzzsz Z at. ' mere cf you? STGSLITI BIT YEUS of any other tucrbwoc. Parties truo have tried them la Tery nljrb prauo of tbelrexuellest virtues. 1 have a«cu them myself andprescribe them with uapand oicJ sneers*- Vktt r-apccjul’jvyonra, >cfJ y O. T. KILT7ES, M. D. „ Zxsu* day County, HL \le»?3.BomiterftS:anb: Gi-mr-i juts: I i*™ turd, and ottea prescribed, your sIOj-ACu JJUTEHS, urd Ule p leu are la w coma-tcalm: It to an wlicsa etonaecs are debilitated. It ii »n errc!lcal appetizer acd tizlc; ami X praise It uccocftbsiatuedlclne&of t-aday. R. G. iIOORB, M. D* Fcasxus, cut.ten County. ImL, I D.-cotnlwr *. «**• > Means. Hostetler ft Staltb: _ nM-( , Gei.Ts: Some ttonUU since twas troaMea with weaiarss ct Uie suiem^ UU.*, azu on the rw>oxcnuailono£Dr.Co-** ouomu* pbrsl.iar, I roidiaiwt irreral Ootua of yonr BIT* Tf&S, a £lca cal mo desired adtet olmtoziagmaut lit aim. tout of late 1 1 arena t tow ati» te obtiUn Oa n*af«! ulrsso infowmce when I tn f nrcSfiSSif SvmirtUiH* n>» i.m o. utox rinup'tifrti to toiTO tie anaocr-aa lean weoxmead t ai-.o r « -jsyi'g’n^^SF: PREPARED AND SOLD 07 Bosmm & SMITH, PHISBUGBH, PA. For sale by an arncjflsts, troccrs aa* spcekceosa tooajliant the •world.