Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 29, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 29, 1867 Page 4
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FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1867. THE CITY. Opp ron Pajus,—Mr*. Johnson, (he well known, confectioner, has closed ont her business in this city, and last evening left, with her family, for Baris, to spend three or four months. Fouswrmr Wabd, —The Republicans and Union men of the Fourteenth Ward are requested to meet on Saturday evening in <tautheur 1 s Ha!L No. S2S Sedgwick street, at hall past seven o'clock. Tira Gaxslsbs.—Eugene C. Bower* allae Fish bone, tbe keeper of the gambling rooms at No. 6S Randolph street, was fined SIOO at tbe Police Court yesterday morning, and tbe fifteen gentle men who were arrested at tats rooms were per mitted to pay SSO each to get out of their little difficulty. As Mr. Mantilinl would say, *Tt was a dezsniuos grind.” Own Toun Bo**.—Parties desiring to save tbeir rent are offered an excellent opportunity by Lyman Bridge*—Masonic Temple—No. 85 Dear horn street. He has ten first-class cottages of *lx rooms each, on tbe avenue in the South Division, only one ana two blocks from tbe ears, to be paid for by the month in three years. Any man may become his own landlord : those desiring to do so should call and eee Mr. Bridges. Sorts or Yale.—A large and pleasant gathering of Graduate* In Arts of Tale .College was held Isrt evening at the elegant residence of Carter B. corner of Reuben aud Van Boren streets. Tbe company comprised many of the professional and business gentlemen of this city, who spent some boors in recalling tbeir college days. Jokes andanecdotcswere freely circulated around a bountiful table, end the evening was passed quickly and pleasantly. “ Stutxt Lint xx Eußorr.”—Wendell Phillips will lecture on the above subject, on Bunday evening next, in tbo Opera House, for the benefit of tbe Hospital for Women and Children, a most worthy institution, and one in great need of aid. The lecture has never been delivered in this city, and we doubt not will prove to be one of rare In terest, the subject being an exceedingly sugges tive one, and Mr. Phillips being one of the few men who arc capable of handling tL The house should be crowded. Thuouqb PnEtcnr.—’Three cars. loaded at New York with Salt Lake City freight, and consigned lo “ The Woolworth & Barton Overland Trans portation Line,” passed (brougb this city yester day, bound for Omaha, without change, via Chi cago A Northwestern Railway. Tbls shipment marks an epoch In the Metory of freight traffic and is an evidence of the enterprise of the times. “ The Woolworth & Barton Overland Transporta tion Line” hare an office at No. 53 Clark street, and Western fMppers would do well to consult tbc*r agent in regard to rates. Fibb Caused bt x Defective Pipe.—A short time before tea o'clock yesterday moraine, a fire broke out is (he roof of the stained jr'ess works cf Tobey £ McMahon, Noa. 209 and 211 Superior etreeL The fire was caused by the store pip® which pierced the root and closely fitted to the wood-work, the precaution of surrounding It with a thimble bavins carelessly been neglected. The arrival of the first steamer, and a stream for a few minutes upon the blsncg portion sufficed to extinguish V~t flames. The building, a wood* cn structure one story In height, wa» damaged to the amount ox J 75, covered by insurance. Geneva Watches. Ac —We uk the attention of our leaders to the choice and extensive collection of watches which Messrs. Wendell & Hyman, un der the Iremont Bouse, have just received from Europe, through their agent, now at Geneva, who Is constantly forwarding to their bouse the latest and finest goods in the trade The as:ortment now to hand comprise* the finest class ofwatchos ot the most celebrated makers, and the jobbing trade and the public generally will find it to their Interest to examine. They have also received eome very rare sets of garnets, well worthy of in* specilon by intending purchasers. Their stock of watetes. ienellry, diamonds, Ac., being one of the finest in the dty, should not be overlooked. Bo ADD of Elxctxok.—The ticket? are numer ous. The field bids fair to be contested more hotly than ever. The folio wing is the last ticket issued for the suffrages of members of the Board of Trade—it is ca’led the “Anti*Warehouse.” I*e»UUnt— Wiley M, Egan. i traf Tier rre.Ad.ent —Daniel A. Jones. Second 11 ce President —o. B. Goodyear. Directors —J. w. Preston, Alex. NesblL Geo. Field, C. J. Davis, D. W. Irwin. Comtitiitee of Arhitraiion—'D. H. Lincoln, P. M. Mitchell, 0. E. Chase, E. R, Bord, C. iL Fa vorite. »Committee of Applets —John C. Dore. E. W. Dcnsmore, E. B. Stevens, C. E. Culver, ts. P. Hutchinson. Baldwin's Files Railroad Guide. —Owing to thetacithatlbesecond Issue of this truly valu able woik was delayed by circumstances over which the publisher had no control, the thltd edition will not he issued till May 1, in order to give advertisers the benefit of the foil month's circulation. We notice 'hat the second edmon Is distributed over the Union Pacific Railroad, and also to the business houses In Omaha. Mr. Bald win's arrangements arc fuow such that the Guise is circulated pro f osely all over the West, making it one of the very best possible mediums tnrongh which the advertiser can speak to the great public. The Guide marks a new era in this business, ana we are not surprised at the un precedented support which it receives, seeing that It is full of interesting reading, reliable in its statements of facie and figures, and univer sally read. Wood Sawiko Made East. —A Connecticut Yankee, to whom mu cld saw-buck, back-break ing me’hod of preparing bis firc-woodhad become unbearable, after years of study has succeeded in bringing ont an invention called " The Daniels' Wood-Sawing Machine,” which saves a vast amount of time and toil. His worked by an ec centric and crank, with a hall circle saw hung in a swinging fiame so as to cut both ways; wnlle a very ir.ginioue feature is me attachment of a grind stone which serves as a balance wheel and also for sharpening tools. The machine (s not liable to fet ont of order; is portable, neighing but ninety vc pounds; requires but one man to work it. and will save its cost, in many cases, within a year. Mr. Frank R. Bollingwortb, who owns the right to this machine lor Illinois. Michigan and some of the southwestern states, and Mr T.N. Kellogg, who owpa the right for lowa, may hot** be found at (he Metropolitan Eotel, where they wilt dispose ot town and county rights for selling or manufac turing thr machine. This seems to be a floe op portunity lor those looking tor profitable business. liEOAit Lode ron the Million.— The great value of the ''ell-known work, "Wells’ Every Man hie own Lawyer,ard Business Form-book,” is too extensively acknowledged to need special men tion, the work bcinglaivciy in nse in every city of the United States. An improved edition has, however, been necessitated uj me recent changes, which are so extensive a: to render former sum maries in many cases comparatively valueless- To meet this want a new edition has been issued, reused and enlarged, to meet tne wants of the times. It contains over two hundred and fltrv pages of new mailer, including forms and instruc tions for proceeding under (be Bankrupt. Reve nue, Emancipation and Patent laws. Pension and other war claims, it, Ac., with changes in every otter department, bringing it np to me lates* mo ment, and containing information invaluable to ail business men. The volume ot sir hundred and fifty pages handsomely bound, is famished at the low price of two dollers. Mr. G. S. Baldwin, No. 121 Monroe street. Chi cago. is the Western Agent lor the work, to whom all orders should be addressed. Kbw Soko— 1 “ FATircn Don’t Go.”—Mesars. Lyon & Scaly will Issue, in a few days, a new song, with chorus, by Sieberl, entitled “Father Don't Go,” founded on the following incident; “ A mechanic was in the habit of going nightly to a beer-shop, taking with him his llt’le daugh ter, who would conduct him home in eaiciv ader bis carousal. One night, as the wind blew cold, when nearing tbs saloon, they beard shouts of laughter, swcUng even above the noue of the storm; the little girl shrank back and cried, ‘Father don't go.' Feeling annoyed at this at tempt on n»r pan to oppose him, he raised the child in his arms, determined to Join his com- K ultras, bnt just as he placed bis hand on the ch, a scalding hot tear fell on bis cheek. It pierced bis bean, and be turned from the doo* as irom a viper, making a firm resolution to drink no more. From that moment he became a sober man.' 1 It is a eovg foil of pathos, with a refrain tor one or l«o voices, and chorus. This song will assist the cause of temperance, and might, with advan tage, be introduced into the public schools, as well as the loogee. LotroLH as AlAwrzn. —Captain T. W. S. Kidd, the Crier of the United States Coart at Spring field, 18., delivered a lecture last evening in the Opera Bouse on (he subject ol Abraham Lincoln —not Lincoln >be statesman, the President, or the martyr, bnt Lincoln the lawyer, viewing him in bis urlrate and social characteristics from the standpoint of a court crier. Captain Kidd ap pears io be imbued with a reverence for the late lamented President as profound as that entertain ed by Bozzy for ihe great Samuel; bnt here the similarity between (he two biographers ceases. It takes something more than an In dustrious collecting of anecdotes to make even a Hczzy. Mr. Kind had excellent opportunities of rlndying the peculiari ties of Mp subject, yet he docs not seem to have selected for the purpose o' hw sketch the most characteristic points. Ilia lecture la too ambi tious, anc instead of a oflively personal reminiscences, which one would anticipate from a court crier, u deals largely in generalities which axe too evidently not the result of personal observation. The stories, however, were well told, and the lecture proved, on the whole, to be a very entertaining one. Captain Kidd Raid that his a' miration for IJncolnwas not the result of political prehrence, but of his virtues, his gener ous impulses, and becan-e be had the Impress of a great man in mind and morals, and some of the best anecdotes m bis repertoire were told to illustrate this phase of his chsiacter. He was an honest man and an honest lawyer, seldom allowing himself to be on the wrong side of a case, and to this he owed ranch of hie power. His extraordinary moral courage to do tight w&s the great lever which lifted him above bis fellows whether at the Bar. or aa the Chief of a great natior under the most compli cated and trying circnmnau-cs. Bohemian club. Tbe third semi annual m-alng of the Bohemi an Clnb of Cbicago..was held yesterday afternoon In the rooms of the Clnb, for tbe election of officers to serve daring tbe next six months. There was considerable excitement manifested In regard to tho proceedings. Five ticket* were placed In thefie’o, the chief contei-t was,however, for the office of President- The successful candi dates were as follows: Ficslden’. —Charles H. Wright. Vice-President—S J- MediU. becreiary—Blnmore. Treasurer—A. L. Smith. Executive Comiitce—James Chisholm, George —Frank Wilkfe, James W. Sbeahan, J. C. W. Bailey. The incoming officers were installed by their pTcdeces-or* amid loud cheering, and then a vote of thanks was passei to «hc retfrlngolßcerfi. To thia Mr. Colbert responded briefly, acknowledg ing his sense of the honor conferred npon him m three euccessJve electfons fo the Presidency of the Clnb. He referred to the early struggles of tbe little band of nine members, who eighteen months since Inaugurated the organization of the Clnb coutrasTinr the position of the association then with Its position to day. when the Uob num bers on its roll more than eighty names, Inclnd tne the great majority of the journalists of the dtv with many of the more prominent gentlemen of tLc artistic, dramatic and musical professions. He tmrted that the future growth of the Associa tion w*n3d exhibit an even greater ratio of in crease than in the past. , AMUSEJIENTS. IhßToni.—The Queen of classic tragedy will ap pear tins evening ae Marie Stuart, in the Opera House- nils la her last evening. The matinee on Saturday afternoon will close the season. Musxc*.—“A Dangerous Game hepr acuted again this evening. It is a P’f,- admirably wrought out and beautifully ;• McVicKEu’a Tuvathe. —Mr. Charles s. liogc. • will take a bcacQtthlß evening, on which occario a rich bill »iU bo presented, Including Toodie* and Arlington's Arkansae Traveller. Coliseum.— Professor E. P. Hamilton 1 * exhib - tlons increase in interest dally, as his extending acquaintance teenres him more and more vicious horses to deal with and to exhibit bis skill upon. He will rive free exhibitions at 3 and at 7 o'clock to-day« showing the absolute mastery which be has acquired over the most dangerous equities. Hm classes are still increasing in cumber, and the Professor is now building an amphitheatre on Market street, near Washington, which he will occupy rriih bis pupils on and after Monday ncc. THE ATTEMPTED INSURANCE SWINDLE. The Arrest of Eainforti-How the Swindler was Detected and Tracked—He is Brought Back to Chicago. Blcbard Ealnforth, the hero of the latest aensa don, baa been arrested. Bis weary bones do not rest in Gracelled Cemetery, but his body will re cline at perhaps doubtful ease, after bis many labors, in tbo County Jail. The record of (he County Court exhibits h'm dead and boned, and yet, “alive andldckine, 11 he will soon be behind toe bars, keeping company with the chosen associates of his «ant coneniracy. ate drcumeiances which called for his arrest are too well known to the readers of the Toibckb to need a lengthy recapitulation. With others, be entered npon a plan to defraud in surance companies by. feigning death, that executors, supposed to be properly appointed under a valid will, might share with him the profits to accrue from many heavy policies taken out in solvent institutions. Carrying oat their pl«j Balnrorth was taken sick. That be was sick (here can be little doubt, for he was plied with drugs, to bleach him, to cause expectoration and a cough, to emaciate the irame, and procure vomiting. All the results exoected, followed, and to so meat an extent that after the barber bad shaved tbo man supposed to -be dying, his co-conspirators Blood aghast in the mm conviction that their conspiracy had ended In “ murder 11 bv consent Ealnforth was somewhat recovered by the use ol stimulants, and on the 22d day of February he died—upon paper. Timothy W. Fullerduly em balmed ms memory In the columns of the papers: a body, aaidto be Ms, had been dnly conveyed *o the grave, and proceedings were at once commenced with a view to the collection of the fourteen thousand dollar* alleged to be due to the legatees npon the insurance policies. The insurance companies fancied that there was something wrong. It is probable that only the hasty bnnal, or the speediness of death, gave rise to their suspicions. Be the in citing cause what it may, they, by concert*? of action, 7 charged the detective agency of W. Turtle & Co., to Investigate the mat ter with a view to dclendmg- the suits which they intended should be Instituted before payment should be made. The case was put into the hands ot the detectives on the SSitr day of February. On that day the body buried at Oraceiand was disinterred. A poet mortem examination was bad. Doctors Wagner and Boguc officiating. The cutting up of the corpse was in the presence of one insurance agent who bad seen Kainforth. Bis belief in the Identification rendered necessary the most rigid Investigation. Be stated teat ho must have sworn, bad he been called upon to testify npon view of the corpse, that it was the remains of Ms company's client The core Represented hair of the color ol the sup posed deceased. The general contour and the featuresprei-ented the same outline; tbe height corresponded with the statement In the several policies, and withal there was the decent burial suit, the clothes in which Ealnforth was last seen, even to the gloves and socks, and as It was known Ealnforth has, by the exercise of a barber’s skill, lost Ms moustache and goatee, there was perhaps a chance for even one who casually knew Mm to be further mistaken, for this corpse was' also new shorn. Theport mortem resulted In an incentive to exer tion, however, for U developed the fact that If this w&s the boey of Elchnrd Ealnforth, be had not died of typhoid fever as certified to by Dr. Charles B. Kendall. It was but a slight indication of fraud, but it was something on which to base a belief that there was fraud. There were persons who signed bis will as witnesses; a doctor who attended Mm; a lady to whom he was paying at tentions ; an intended falher-Ln-law. and pall bearers at bis supposed burial. Turtle learned their names and ne “piped 11 them. A shadow followed them into every place that rbey fre quented, and when they met there was near a si lent and an unseen witness of their proceedings. Kslnfortb, too, wrote letters, in the cer tainty of success he communicated with his partners in tbe crime, and the Icttera were watched, and they testified te to Us whereabouts. Be was spending a lively time in New York city, under as alias, assumed for the occasion. His likeness now fell into the bands of the detective force, and bis description was in each policy. All seemed to favor Ms capture. Now came the publicity of the case. The pro ceeding* in the Coantj Court developed the plan and tbe fugitive's name. The loareals contain ing the tact* shown by the examination of the stupendons conspiracy, were wide spread over the United States, and, before he could be esged, Ibe erring bird might take flight. The telegraph was freely used, 9 aud before the wind blew tbe rumor abroad, llaln forth was watched In New York. On Saturday evening he was arre«led in that city, and on Saturday evening Robert Kinney was on bis way to bring him to Chicago. 3 here were still difficulties in the way. The de tective was not equipped as the law directs, and he had ro lecal authority to claim the prisoner when he secured his cue'ody.aDdtbe law so recently passed, by oar Legislature demanded ■ delay in procuring (he necessary requisition on the Gov ernor of New York. By this law 11 was made necessary that the County Judge should certify his belief in the necessity that the ends of justice might oe subserved, that the body of the now prisoner should be brought back. Fortunately this emer gency was met by reason of the developments which bad been made before Hon. J. B. Brad well, of the County Court. An affidavit was mads before him, of which the material portion Is as follows: William Turtle, befog July sworn, on his oath, deposes and says, that be is a resident of the city of Chicago, in said county, and that he is imormed and verily believes Richard Ralnfnrth andf others have been guilty of the erfme oo conspiracy In said city of Chicago, t defraud the .Etna life Insurance Com > pany and other life insurance companies out of a large sum of money, to wit: the sum of 51E.000, In the manner followlog, to wit: that the said Richard Bainforth, on the 26th day of June. Jfife, obtained a pollcj ot insurance from the said JJtna Insurance Company upon his life, in the sum oi 17,000, and that on the 11th day of December, 1-6 G, said Raloforth also obtained a policy of insurance upon bis life in the bt. Look Mutual Life Insurance Company for the 3am of 53.00 U, and that said Bainforth ob tained also, on the SOib day of December, 1366, a policy ot insurance on his u r e In the Mutual Ben efit Life Insurance Company forthe sum of $5,000. Acd that afterwards, on the Sid day of February. ISC7, the said Ramforth and others in the city of Chicago.with the intent to cheat and dclrand said Insurance companies, unlawfully did combine, cor spire and agree together that he, the said Bainforth, should feign and pretend to die, so as to obtain of the said insurance companies the several sums of money aforesaid, and that <o pursuance of eald combination, conspiracy and agreement, the said Kah.fonh did, on the day last aforesaid, ic >fae city aforesaid, execute his laH"PI and testa ment and pretend that he wu about to ale, and hat on the eald day others, with the knowledge, consent and collusion of said Bainforth. die fraudulently procure, or cause to be carried into the room solely occupied by said Bainforth, a corpse, and did otherwise’disguise said corpse so as to make it resemble arid Bainforth, and that acquaintances of said Uainforth, who knew him, were calledfmto a room which was pur posely shaded, and showc the said corpse as the cad body of said Kainiorth, and mat sail corpse tfas buried by the others entered Into the conspiracy with him, with mu knowledge, coo lest and collusion of said Bainforth- «« the dead body of him, me said Bainforth. This deponent iminer, on bis oath, says that, a* he be lieves, said Ralnlorih. is cot dead, but is alive, and that me said Bainforth is also guilty of subornation of pc jury in this, that be on the Sih day of March, lEC7, induced and procured and requested one t bailee B. Kendall to appear before the County Judge ofsald county nnd swear and make oath in order to get said last will admitted to probate, that said Bainforth was dend. Upon this affidavit, a bench warrant being is sued, Judge Bradweli made the proper and necessary endorsement and an agent proccedei to Springfield, where the Governor issued the desirco application for the return of th» accused. Kinney arrived In New York before the requi sition. however. He found Bainforth securely in the custody of Superintendent Kennedy, of me police of that city, and tho prisoner learning that his "game was np,” consented to make the home trip. Be is expected to arrive by the train ou the Michigan southern Ballroad at eleven o'clock this evening. THE BEDOUINS OF OUR STREETS. The Xcirsbojs, Bootblacks, Vagrants and Ragpickers of Chicago. Their Precocity and Ignorance Efforts to Effect an Improvement io their Condition. A Timely movement on Foot, last yea- there were Issned licenses to the boot blacks ot this cl»y to tbe Dumber of about 703, and to about 400 newsboys. Besides these there was a large number additional who followed these lines of business, avoiding the payment of tbe re quired license. Ibis yeir tbe rmmttcrof bath classes is doubtless much enlarged. Still farther, there is a number, by no means, inconsiderable, ofbrfysand girls, of all ages, who go about the streets picking np rags. Again, the person pass! ig homeward through the streets at night is o ten ac costed by some forlorn-looking. woe-hegone urchin, who, approaching him from the shadow of some large building, or from in front of a store where he has been stand ing. paring at the rich display within, tells a forlorn story of hie having been abend ned by his parents, who live at a distance from the city, and solicits aid that be may be ena bled to proenre a passage to where they arc. This last named does not belong to the classes men tioned. The former work hard to obtain a liv ing, which, though scant, brings with it tbe satis taciion that it has been earned. Tbs last dues not. and hl« satisfaction is not of that natnre. Paris has its gamine and chiffonltre. America has. in ber large cities, the newsboy and the boot black. tbe nearest approach to tbe gamin that this country produces, and the rag-picker. Many of these have homes to which they withdraw at the approach of night and to issue from at daylight, where they have cat eats who exercise a sort of care over them. This care hardly partakes of the na*nre of a protection, for ihe newsboy and ragpicker are seft wholly, entirely to themselves; and it is only by rare good fortune that they are ever able to grow up other than as the vino which is always neglected and never trained. But a great portion of them have no sort of home, no parents nor ft lends, and roam about toe streets alter nightfall seeking for a place of rest in some hayloft or out house, or. If they have any kind of lodging, it is but temporary and frequently changed. A large number, too, come from the country, having at this early age deserted their homo for tbe tabled and visionary attractions of the city. Such are the Bedouins of our streets. By early contact with humanity they are subject to a process of attrition which makes them precocious to a rare degree io many respects. Taught to rely upon themselves, and learning that it is cither work or starve with them, they gain great self-confidence and become indc pcnccht. That tney arc shrewd no one who has been thrown into contact with them will deny. The sharpness and tbe keenness of their wit as a class 2s equally so nnqacsriosed that he Is a rash person who wOl render himself liable to the rallies of a knot ot newsboys or shoeblacks. Here, then. Is precocity. The experience which these yonthfni vagabonds acquire would, iftnrned to acconnt. make mem in many and many, a case successful business men. and citizens capable of accomplishing a great deal of good. But nnfor (umately this rarely occurs. It is a rule, which by many is believed infallible, that one portion of the mind is developed to a remarkable degree, only at a corresponding expense of the remaining farts. A rare exception is eaid to prevail among he gamine of farts. These, though they arc vagabonds of the most woini type, and though they are even more ferocious than onr street Arabs, are not as a class vicious. Many of them dlsp:ay trails of rare beno land integrity when put to the test. No snch exception occurs on this side of the water. Destitute of the influences which reform and save, they generally grow np to he dishonest and vicious In the extreme. Their moral nature is dwarfed and stunted. One side of their dis union is forced forwatd as by a bot house growth, while the other is perishing for the want Attention has been dlrcc’cd to the condition of this class of beings, and efforts have frequently been made in many o' onr large cilics towards tnelr amelioration and improvement. No need io detail the history of these exertions; a few of them have done and are sliß producing good, bnt the greater part bare died out while VCt in embryo orbave at the best had but a short lived existence, •snch has been hitherto the hDlory of the efforts which have been made In Chicago for their Im provement. Want of rigorous action and proper encouragement have been tbe causes of failure. Within the past few monihs this subject has been occupying Che attention of a lew pbitan ibrooic gentlemen In this city. Of themselves ihe* succeeded in effecting nothing until Ihe mat ter attracted the notice ot one young man, whose exertions have already shown, by me reeußs ac con pilled, tlnl they Dave not been pat loidt In This U Hr. Martin Van Aredale, a student In the Northwestern Ideological Seminary. This SenilemtD, monlbs ago, conceived the Ides that icrewaaagood field for Christian labor in oar streets and at oar very doors. Be started oat on* Afternoon on s tonr to rough the streets and alleys. His experietce determined him to condone ois efforta. Everyday he went out, and approach itig soma newsboy, or bootblack, or ragpicker would seek to interest them tn fits project. His work was tedious and ulshesrtenicc atflrsL The young Arabs saluted him with jeers and deri sive Ungbter, and the ragpickers fled at hla ap- ROt a Be enlisted other philanthropic yonng men In his plans, rC Srin n ”o“ coms! ” entor “ cCMt * ?o About a month ago the hill on South Water street, formerly occupied by the Board of Trad*, ’ *nd * series of meeting* started, it ere meetings were held twice each Sunday— *f “* the morning, and in the evening . . ° The originators canvassed tbe invited Ml those of the classes mentioned whom they met to be present. At the first meeting m the forenoon there were present about a hundred. In the evening there were not more than twenty. This was fair for a beginning, out increased effort was necessary If substantial good was to be accomplished. Increased effort was made, and tbe result was proportional. Last bunday at each of the meetings over two hundred were present. Tbe exorcises consist lo singing ana to short addresses of a religious character, in the evening a sermon is preached. But three exercises only would perhaps soon lose their interest. Seeing this, those who had the enterprise In hand decided to do something for the amusement as well as instruction of their protegee. It was determined that the vagabonds should be treated to a sapper. As soon as this purpose was known offers of contri butions came In plentifully from the ladles. The supper was given last evening. Seven o’clock was the hoar appointed for the «U)e vagrant* to assemble, and that the gathering , might be in some degree exclusive tickets of ad mission were issued to all those present at the last Sunday meeting. Long before tbe hour named a miscellaneous crowdnad begun to gather In front of the hall, and bomb Water street, from Wells to LaSalle, was thronged with the invited. As there was some delay in preparing for their reception fner were not immediately admitted, and were obliged to find amusements In the street wilhont. By half past seven theie were collected not leas than three hundred boys ot all ages, or all descriptions and of all shades of color, from the clean-washed to the most unmis takably dirty. All were ragged, and nearly all impudent even to Irditference. A lot of them scoured the neighborhood for old bores and bar rels, beating on which with sticks and clubs, they raised a fearful din. In the vicinity some of them chanced upon a bell, left in front of a hardware store, and they nogmout vociferously, white cat calls, yells and fearfully discordant shrieks rent tbe air. But there was no sign of quarrelling. In the doorway stood a littie boy with a face of unusual intelligence. Beheld a cane and one of Ms limbs was misshapen. Whether ledbycariosi fyor sympathy be was questioned. •►How old are yon ? “Eleven, going on twelve. I live In Franklin street. Father works in tbe depot I peddle papers. Some days I earn tMrty cents and sometimes I make about a dollar. 11 Another tittle urchin, with a hat, through the crown o Tvhlch his matted and frowsy balr protruded, lived on Ohio street Be was a shoeblack, and earned from fifty cents to one dollar a day. Another, in response to the question “ What is your name 111I 11 said that he was called “ Slxtecn-stnng -Tack. Be lived nowhere in particular, and bad a mother living off In lowa somewhere. Ai otner gave his name as “ Jack Codfish. 11 Still another, xnth paßy checks and a general ro tundity of form that betokened any save a starr ins condition, eald that he was a poor boy who bad nothing to cat foraweek. “wonld’nt we give Mm ‘ a stamp 1 to gel some bashf 11 While others crowded about and with equally cool Im pudence, asked 11 they should give ns a shine. All ware impudent and independent, and some few ventured remarks obscene In tnolr coarseness, I hough these fell dead with no encouragement. Shortly before eight o'clock the doors were thrown open, and the motley ana ragged crew poured in. In the centre of tbe ball four tables were ranged, loaded with cakes, sandwiches and pies, while from tbe middle table arose & great heap of oranges. Upon tbe end table was a great coffee boiler, flanked with a goodly array of tin cups. A number of yonng ladies stood ready to receive them, and a molo dcon wa? placed near the platform. Upon the sides were stationed three rows of chalre, ex tending tbe whole length of the ball. In marched the crowd of urchins,laughing, talking, shouting, and tossing their caps, with as much sangfroid as Is given to Uavrocbe in the face of death. They were all seated, but were as noisy as they had been in the street, save that they had no beu or barrels to work on. There was bat a momen tary silence occasioned by their sense of anticipa ted enjoyment. This was soon overcome, and they were In more confusion than ever. Finally a gentleman arose and announced that there would be singing. The guests were all invi ted fo join. They did join, In such Inharmonious discord as to create a very Babel of uproar and arown out those who were trying to slug. It was found necessary to begin again. Hardly bad order been restored, when it was completely overthrown by the untimely voice of one little newsboy, hardly five years old, who upset the gravity of every one by erring out In a shrill tone,, indicative of impatience, “I sav, when's them thing* goin 1 to be dished up?- 1 Another tedious delay, and order again intervened. Another song was sung, and those who had been in tbe habit of attending the Sunday meetings—for there were many present who had no tickets—were invited to join in the cbortta. It is bm justice to say that they sang with admirable effect, considering tbe short training that they bad enjoyed. Toe listener bad a good opportunity of learning what good music voices accustomed to yeMng for iheir ma tutinal cry, ” Here's yerTainuxE and limes, 11 can make. Brief addresses were then made, which were listened to with eloseattention. and then the sup per was served, ’the little fellows, most of whom bad bad no supper, attacked the viand* with avidity and enjoyed ihem rarely. About half-past nine the gathering was dispersed. It is designed to continue these entertainments monthly here after. Probably the next will he an excursion in to the country, when ihe young Arabs will have an opportunity of tasting, for, perhaps, the first time in their lives, the enjoyment of pure country air ana exercise. Alderman Math Ward, Chicago, March 30. 1867. To S. B. Williams, Esq., No. 420 Fulton street; Deau 9m: Wc, the undersigned citizens and legs! voters In me Ninth Ward of me city of Chi cago, hating confidence In your character and ability to fi»ly represent me Interests of the people in said Ward, would respectfully request yon to become a canoldaie fox Alderman therefrom at the ensuing election, A. A. ttankin, James H. Morris, E. P. Cronkhlte, 11. Witbeck. J. C. Dean, Carl F. W. Junge, Ezra J. Warner, M. A. Horae, W. H. Anderson, O. Cronkhlte. Charles E. Culver, Douglas Ely, a. I) Reed, M. Q. Magifl, J. Edwards Fay, Joel S. Pige, John Kirkcby, O. 11. Miller, M.D. Buchanan, A. B. Miller, W. W. Wheeler, O. P. Curran, £. B De-Ison, E. Reynolds, l*ml A. Uoyne, Martin Rrereon, •lames Webb, Wm. Osborne, dames Hollingsworth, C. M, Taylor, It. T. Crane. • S. W. Raweun, Lathrop Wight, O. Erickson, And many others. ueixt. Chicago, March 27,15C7. Messrs. A. A. Rankin. O. Crockhite, R. T. Crane, Martin Rycxsou, J. Edwards Fay, and others: GESTLEarcii; Your favor of the a*th inat,, de siring me to become a candidate for Aldermen Tom ihe Ninth Ward, !•> before me in reply, I would say that 1 am no poiUcUn.but :lat t take great interest in the present and future o f our city at large, and especially of that portion i« which wears residents, and desire to do what 1 may be able for i s best interests. lam willing Lat my name be used as von desire, subject to ce decision ot the nominating Convention; and ibanv.iog yon for the confidence expressed In your eummnnicaitou, I remain, Yours, respectfully, 9. B. Williams. LOCAL MATTERS. A Soldier who Jiad loot tbc uanoriils limbs from rbenmatism has been comolcldy cured and enabled to abandon hfo crutchc;* by one holUe of MetcclteV Gre-t Rheumatic Remedy. It is truly (be wonder of the age. Rwayne’w ointment will cure the worst case of Itch in twelve hours, or no pay. It acts like magic. Sold everywhere. Wholesale by Burnhams & Van Scbaack. Itch! Scratch 1 1 Boyd’s fflcdlcatod C>earn cures itch, scra<cbes,&naall akin diseases. It ia neat, pleasant aromatic, safe and certaln spcclally adapted to children. Sold by all drug pale. Hair Drcwilns without a particle or grease. “ Glyceria” restores the hair, communi cates & delicious cooling sen?atiou to the scalp, cleanses it from d&ndmir, and Is absolutely free from grease, so as not to soil the finest fab rlc. Caswell, Mack & Co.. New York. Sold by all druggists. Use ftardiner’H Rheumatic and Neural* gic l ompouna. It cares Rheumatism and Neu ralgia. Sure cure worran’ed. Sold by all Drug gists Burnhams & VanSchaack, agents, 10 Lake street. Purer Hangings and Window Shade*. All the newest styles at reduced prices, at F. E, Rigby's 80 Randolph street. IIIOM KEWTOEK. Alleged ReTcnne Fraud»—Abortionist Reid for Trial Restitute Southern EmlgraDix-Steamer II arsed—loan* ranee SwludJer Arrested —Aid for the Southern Foor, New York. March 28.—The tobacco warehouse of Mr. Schneider, on William street, was seized on the ground of containing barrets on which there were counterfeit inspection marks. Dr. Heakiey and Mrs. Cole, concerned in the Kimball abortion case, have been commuted for trial. Dr. Thiers, alias Dnbols, has been held for cx. amlnatlon on another charge of procuring an abortion on one Maria Jones, on tho 3d lost. The 250 Texan emicrauts hound for Brazil re. main in this city till the 22d day of April, and are ■ entirely destitute. As appeal is made for their relief. The iron steamer Ceres was almost destroyed by fire this morning. She was owned by Wood rnff & Beach, of Hartford, and valued at SS(J,OOO. She bad no cargo aboard, as tbe vessel was re* poirlcß, pterions to sailing for South America. Thes’eamer Union sajled to-day for Europe, taking $80,500 in specie. Richard Rainlortb was arrested yesterday for attempting to defraud several Insurance com panics oft 15,000 in Chicago, and awaits tho requi sition from Governor Oglesby. The steamer Europe, from Havre, arrived to day. ihe Southern Famine Relief Commission has received a leuor from General S wayne, dated Montgomery, Aafbama, S3d, stating the amoant of supplies whlfc should be sent. The onlv true limitlalonndin tbe means of purchasers? The alup Purveyor, which sailed on Saturday, took 18,000 bnsheis oTcom to Alabama. A letter from Marie- ta, Georgia, says many peo ple in Northern Georgia have no broad, and noth in? to buy it with. Dealers In com and bacon will not sell exrept for cash. In one family, near Dalton, four children died of starvation in Febru ary, and It Is believed oihera have died from the same cause. The Emily B. Sander yesterday took 18,000 bushels of com to Charleston for the Commission. Five hundred emigrants are expected here from Mobitd, bound to Para, Brazil. New Tons, March 28.—Rumor has it that Joe Coburn and John C. Deccan are to fight for SIO,OOO and the championship of America. PROM IOWA, Deatli of a Burglar’s Victim—The Cla rion County Safe Bobbery— Frozen to Death—A Brutal child Jlurder—War on Saloon*—Sentence of a murderer. DesModtes, lowa. March 2S.—Dr. A. B. C. Davis who was found with bis throat cm in bed, about a year ago, died eight before last from the cfl'ects ora large cancer on the back of the neck, caused be alleged, by the Injuries which he re ceived from tbe burglars. Chatlcs S. Larder, tbe supposed Marion County tafe-robber. has been delivered to the Jail of that county. Tne evidence Is very strong against him. Near Clermont, on Sunday last, a mao on going to bis barn fout-d a team near the door, and In the wagon a man frozen to death. The dud was un known. The details were received here yesterday of tho murder ol an luitnt child, on Tuesday night, by us father, at BandyviUe, Warren Connty. The man's name Is Heaves, it seems the father had some dislike to the child, and rofased to allow U to sleep with its mother in the bod- The night being cold, tbe mother could not withstand Its cries from cold in 14s crib, and took it into bed. In the morning it was found dead, with the marks ui fingers on Us throat. Tbe monster was at once ariesu-d. The courts arc taking a tilt at the saloons, and 'a’gc quantities of liquor are dally poured ou the gtoued. This Is a poor place for eroggertea. A. 1L Feller, the Tama Connry wife murderer, (■as been sentenced to tbe Penitentiary (or life. Sires. Cu TGUHD, 0., March 28.—The boose Of Hr. Hickr t, with five of hla children, was bunt last night at buffi eld Centre, Ohio, uuamu, March &3.-A £re (hli morning destroyed the grocery store of Dow & Burkhart on Main street, between Fonnb and Fi'th, Involving a loss on the property and stock of 127/000. which Is Insured. Sr. Lons, March 28.—ihe notion score of 3. u. Jacobus, second stoiy ot No 815 North Main street, was badlv burned to-night. Stock valued at $28,000; Issmed forfJO.OUO. The je.rc'ry store of Forbes & Co., on tee cronn I floor, and the boot and shoe store of W. E. Stover, adjoining, were considerably damaged by water, xbe fall loMjcannot be ascertained to-night. PnrtADELPnti, March 23.—Ike woollen mills on the comer ot Twenty-second and Carlton street*, occnpltd by John B* arle, were burned this even ing- Lops heavy. The building was owned by W, B, Mann, tobacco merchant. THE STATE LEGISLATURES* WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madiboh, Wls„ March 23. Senator Gary, Chairman of the Joint Committee to investigate the rumors of the corruption of mem-; hers of tbe Legislature by railroad agents In 1805 and 1686, made a preliminary report to-day that a large amount of testimony had been taken and every effort made to ascertain the Meta, but the testimony falls entirely to establish the Jruth of the alleged correction in a single Instance, and tbe committee have no expectation of finding any evidence thst will do so. Giving tbo widest con struction to the testimony, ft only amounted to rumor* aud reports that certain men had al leged that certain corrupt transactions had taken place, which statements they low deny having made, or having any knowledge of the same. Tbe Committee report, however, t’at tbo testimony indicates several gen tlemen as involved in these remora of corruption, and since there is no evidence of their gnilL is of tbe opinion that the testimony would go to fix an unjust stigma on tbeir character, on a basis of mere rumors and insinuations and Injure tbe good name of Stale to no purpose. Inaccoroance with the recommendation of tbe committee tbe Senate passed a resolution leaving i’ discretionary with tbe committee what testimony should be reported and published. In tbe Senate a memorial to Congress was adopted, asking the General Government to reim burse Ibc city of Milwaukee for constructing a harbor at Straight-Cat: also a bl’l providing lhalconnties instead of tbe State shall pay the cost of keeping convicts in the State Prison: also to ameud Section 1, Chapter 171, Revised Statutes, relating to tbe payment of ex penses in cases of demanding fugitives from Justice. Tbe Assembly resolution to adjourn on the Btb of April, was laid on the table. A Committee of Conference was appointed to confer in regard to the time of adjournment In the Assembly a bill was passed amending Section 14. Chapter 113. Revised Statutes, relating to guardians and wards. Tbe Senate resolution asking Secretary Seward to use the Influence of the General Government with the Canadian Government for the release of Lynch and McMahon, was concurred in. The Senate bill to Incorporate tbe Dells Im provement company was lose, killed very dead, with no hope of resurrection. MASSACHUSETTS. Bo Eton, March 28,—The House has passed a bill prohibiting parties engaged in any illegal traffic from serving on Juries In criminal cases. municipal Nominations. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, March S 3. Hon. E. O'Neil, an ex-Mayor, was nominated for Mayor by the Democracy to-day. Dubuque, March 23.—Tbe Republicans have nominated J. K. Graves to tbe Mayorship. Tbe election occurs next Monday, and tbe contett is exceedingly spirited, both parties being confi dent of success. Litigation Extraordinary. CmctKKATi, March 28.—Afunny suit is in pro gresshere before the Superior Court. Not long ago W. S. Merrcll & Co., manufacturing drug gists. of this city. Instructed a correspondent in Kentucky to send them an Indefinite amount of eaesaltaa pith. The man addressed Mred a large number ot women aad children, and in a short time bad loaded three flat-boats with sassafras pith and delivered them to the astounded drug gists In Cincinnati. The latter retosed to pay tbe bill of nearly $6,000, and they have accordingly been sued for the amount. Innndallona on the Lower iaiwlulppl Canto, March2B.—Advices from below eav that the levee opposite Governor Roman's plantation has broken, and the surrounding country Is bciog inundated. The levees below the above men tioned point are iu a bad condition, and liable to give way at anytime. Locomotive Explosion. Buffalo, March 23.—This morning a locomo tive on the Grand Trunk Railroad, at Fort Erie, exploded, scalding tbe engineer and wounding the fireman. William O. Bird, Jr., Deputy Col lector of this port, received injuries. MARKETS BY TELEBRAPH. New York Financial News. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] • Sew Tons, March JB. The stock market opened strong, and with consider able dlspetition to operate. Oa the regular call, cash stocks was readily taken, and with more activity In Erie (common). Michigan Sontbern, Rock island, and Chicago (pfd) stock. At the 1330 board, stocks were buoyant- Hew York Central advanced to iC6VJErle(commOD»to£9t{. Michigan Sontbern to 77 V; Bode Island to 97 %. and Chicago & Mortwestero (preferred) to OK- Several ot the prominent “bears” have turned “bails,” but success in their nowspbereis dnblous. Outside operator* are keeping ratner quiet at present. Early this morning, the money market wasacttveatT Vcent, At 1 o’clock the stock market was dnll but firm, end with bat little disposition to “bear” the tame. After the regular call, me market waa easier, oa account ot the bank* letting op. At 230 the market wsj steady, Cleveland and Toledo being the strongest stock, and advancing from 110&113, and finally closing at 130. At the 530 call, the market was Inactive, although prices were without special change. American gold continues steady at 131 V. There Is a good demand for customs, hot speculators are not operating very extensive. The 8 o’clock market was steady. {Associated Press Report] New Toes. March 83. NONET. Money a shade easier at I percent for call. FOCXIOS ZXCUANOE. lim at IM f n snlrl fn, .f... 1.111. aterltoc firm at 109X3109 tu gold for first clast bills. Gold steady, opening at 131 M declining to 19JK, ad vancing to and closing at ISJB. OOTXBSWESTa. Government Stocks am without decided change. AATzn. New Yobs, March 23. MONET. The activity In the morey market subsided matsrl a;iy toward the close ot baric batin, andtbe market was more abundantly supplied than tor some days luoicatirmi are favorable to continued ease in future. C»u loans, 607 percent; prime dlacounu, 7© IK per cent. OOT.D. Gold closed at ISIXtaiSIH. Loams to-day ranged Irom tlat to 1-16 per cent. foreign exchange. Hurling firm at IW®IO9H for prime bankers'bills, but dall. uut.iuiuMig. securities axe firm and moderately ac- Keg’d. f ai 103Jf«109 5-20 eonp ’65 Jan CocpoM,’t*l....JO-and July lOTMWIOTV 5-«flt«'pßtV€2.l(nxaf<nK to-w rretst’d... OTKO 93 5-2Ccoup’fit....ta:>i«l(J7i' August74Uß—lWJ 5-?0 coupon ’C5.107X31033a -fune 7-30* 105X»10i>f „ „ BAtLWAYS. Railway speculation steady at the open Board and StO' k Rxcbaare. tm* after the regular session the mar ket advanced X&X Mr c-ut, »-Ub more activity. Erie was the favorite aoil sold up to 99: ? orteweatern pro terred was n-xtln Intcrcat, and rose toCiX- The mar ket waa firmer at the 10 o’clock Board, and quiet bat firm at tLc last open Board. state nouns. Border State bonds were a little lower on Vli alula's, and hlchcr on illsfuurt’a, which closed at 96; Caroli na 79, and Teroessce 63ff- sTXAJtsurr suxirza. Stcamriilp shares lower. Pacific Mali, 129; Atlantic Mall, S6k@9l. . . MISCELLANEOUS. Coal and miscllaceous shares quiet and steady. _ CLOSING PRICED, orlcei'- HwU> 4 Co. report the following 550 p. nr Gold..*. Olno eerie i, ® jflu Canton ® 46 Cumberland... Si ® 83 Quictellyer.... St <% au fiUrtpoaa S*® 9>( Marlpoaa t>fo,. 23U0 ;av Western u. Tel 41Ji® 41* N. T. Cen .106*oi06>< Erie I8k& 58« Umleon 138 @l3O Reading. .101*3101* U. Central 107*0107* M. S 76*0 77 ll'. Central 115*0115* ‘•.APitta 79*0 60 C. * T01ed0....121*0123 K. T. A Pacific- 97*0 97* K.W 35*0 35* N. ptd Ol* Ft. Wayne 96*0 96* The Produce ISarkeU, MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Milwaukee. March 33, Flour—Quiet and firm. Sales MO brla at sl3 00 for Blvcr street XX; city at ftlAtJf: Forget-me-not Company do at $10.87*; Anglo choice X at $10.92*. Wheat— Unsettled- Morning Board—Sates 7,200 centals. Noon Beard—Sues 9,300 centals at $4.00 (or No. lin store: 3.7003.74 for Jfo. 3 in store; $$ 7103.72 seller’s onion next week; $3.71, buyer’s optlcn this week; $3,43f0r No. 3 in store. Nothing done in re jected. Oats—Steady. Sales 200 centals at $1.63 for No. 1 in store, fresh receipts. Corn—Firmer. Bale* of 850 centals at $1.73 for No. 1 old receipts; $1.48 for new,by sample, delivered. Bre—Advancing. Balei 500 centals at $3.11 lor No. 1 fresh receipts. Barley—Unchanged. Sales 260 bags, by sample, de livered atsl.6l@L96*. Provisions—Firmer. Sales 3$ bris pork backs it $23.00. Eggs—Steady at 17016 c. Receipts—-600 bris flour; 3,300 centals wheat; 2,000 do oats; 1,300 do corn; 500 do rye; 50 dressed bogs. Shipments—6Cobrla floor; 550 centals wheat; 50tea park. NEW YORK. Nxw Tons, March JB. cotton—steady with better business. Sales 3,900 bales at So*33lc for middling uplands. Flour— Receipts. 3,132 oils. Market dull. Common and medium 5010 c lower. Sates 6.400 bna nl $8,300 10,15 for super One State and Western; $10,950 12.40 dr extra Western; 110.45313.90 for choice do; $11.70013.55 for shipping brands extra round hoop Ohio, and $1*.«013.90 for trade brands. Market closing quiet. California Hour In fair request. Bale* 1,300 bris and sacks at sl4.7s@l6X(—the latter an extreme. WbiFkey—Qulctaod unchanged. Wheat—Receipts, none. Market dull. Spring 102 c lower. Saks 9,6(0 bo at $3.15 for amber State, and $3 53 for amber spring. Bye—Without decided change. Sales 1,170 bn Western a $1.03. ’ Barley—Bales 9,000 bu poor Canada West free at Barley Malt—Quiet. Sales ofsoo bu at $1.35. Corn—Receipts. 2.754 bu. Market quiet and steady, but near tne clcse of ’change, under good loqulry.pric-s advances 2@3c. Sales of 9,800 !iu at $i.i60i.17 tor mixed Wcitero, In storr; si,ib@l.2o do afloat, and $1.24 for old Southern j ellow. Oats—Receipts, GTSbn. Market thirty active. Sales 61,0(K| beat CB@C7c for Western ; 67©70c lor new Ohio, and 71®73c lor State. Sugar—rim. Sales oi 900 boxes Cubaatlo*®l2*c. Ccflee— Quiet. Molsssee—Dull. Petroleum—Flm at 16*®l7c for crude, and 25*a 27c lor refined tn bond. ” Hops—At 30®70c. Pork—A Shane firmer. Sales 0f2,300 bris at $21,003 24.18 for new mesa-closing at $24.18 for regular: $21.37 for old mess; $19.75020X0 for nnmc.and at 52t.12.-a 24-43 seiler and buyer Aorll and May. Beef—Quiet, bales ot 450 bris at previous prices. Brertaams firm at $40.00045.00 v v Tierce Beet—Quiet. Sales of 350 tree prime mess on private terms. Bacon—steady. Sales ofß7o boxes atm*cfor Cam berlar d cats: ll*®«*c for Ebon ribbed; 12c far loos cut hams, and like tor long clear city made. Cut Meats—Firm at 9*oiO*c for shoulders, and 13* 074*c tnr faamr. Lard—Quiet. Sales 650 bris at 12*01S*c for new. Butter—Doll at 11016 c lor Ohio. Cueetc unchanged. latest—s p. si. Flour—Closed more steady for mixed and good grades. Wheat—Firmer, at $3.4308.42* for No. 3, and $3.63® $2 73 for No. 1 spring. Rye—Firm at $1.340125. Farley—Drooping. Cora—Firm, with sellers at $1.30 In store and $1.31 afloat. U»t»—Very firm at C6067c for old, atd 67070 c for new Western. Pork—More active and firmer. Sales 2.000 bris mc<s ats24.socatbardrcgu ar, and eel'ers alsi>Js: sellers at $21.63*. sellers’ option May, and buyers at $24.50. Beat—Firm and upward. Cot Meats— Unchanged. Bac'-n—Quiet and Arm at lC*©lo*c for Cumberland middles. Lard—DoF At 14©14*c lor lair to prime steam; 13* ©l3*c for kettle retdeted. PHILADELPHIA. PHiLADBLPniA, March 23. Flour—Firm, with sties ol i.«O0 bris Western family at 513.CC&1XS0: superfine at $£.2539.00. Wheat—No. 1 wanted at ?3.00®3.i5; California at $3.25. Corn—Active. Sales JO.COO bu at f 1.0701.08. Oats—At 06067 c. Provinces—Firm. Whfrkcv—Sales of contraband at SIOOOL3D. CINCINNATI. Cincdcxatl March 29. Floor— Unchanged and moderate local demand. When —Firm, with a fair demand. Sales of No. lat $3.15 for spring and $2.90 for winter; No. 3 at $2 35 lor scriteanrt $2*7302.35 for winter. corn—Firm.withftlrordcrdemand. Sal»at73o74c for No. Un bulk and btftSSc in sacks. Oats—Scarce, and prices higher—closing at 55©35*c for No. lin bulk. „„ l 0 Rye—Firm at f1460L49. Bariev— Unchanged. . . WbDkev—Steady at 37c tn bond. . Cotton—Dull, and prices nominal at 37037*c for m ftoviilone—Unchanged and quiet, but holderaflrm. There vn not mnendone. Mesa pork sold at $22,750 25X0; bacon at 9*c, like and 11*f, and not enraaa done in any to establish prices- Lard dim at ll*c; Ttrj Uttla offering. Batter and eneeae steady at IT® J7Hc for the former ud avaSSc for the tetter. CJorcr reed tiuu, with a moderate demtnd- Timothy ie»d very daU it tUW 8. Flaxseed 93.409 uo. Hemp—Held at SSJ3O tor teed. Groceries—steady and unchanged. Ooio—U3k baying asd iMlf telling. Mosey—The money market It an chan zed. BUFFALO. or—Steady. Salat ol MObrte spring »t lU.Tia ID T 3I . r 7 > end market bare of sonad spring and winter, both Canada and Western. n^ y . . ope y4 I , awer - dCHlce firmer. Sties of track tßir Tolrto 11 oa the State liae Os ti—Nominal. Bye—Western held at |lu. JSlSlSflrtn?io^ > ’ n " ima » 1 " re - Ctoiccu- Closer Seed—Held at iio.OO lor new Hess Fork, Lard and Hubwiaee-Unchanred. BT. LODIS. Tobacco—Steady, at **.10®19.« M4rcb * s ' Cotton—Nominally lower, bat nothing trantnlrod. Fiour—Finn and unchanged. ~***** <«• cb^“^ snfr ’ “ Vbn tor spring, and *3.20 for Corn—Firm and a little higher. While. 91Q95c • Trf. tow. SlfflSSc; mixed. 68<aH>c. , jei- Oats—Finn and higher, at63367e. Harley—steady, at |US@L» for prime and choice **Bye— Steady, at 81-3031.33. Ueu Fork— Firmer. Holders ask 82SJXJ, bat no sales were made over f22J). Bacon—Ball and unsettled, at 9Ve for Bhoalders tor clear tides, asd Utfcfor canvassed mrir enred hams. s Lard—Heayy, with no buyers at oyer Ue for choice tierce. Whiskey—Firm, at 82.13 tor free, and 33c la bond. BALTIMORE. BaLTUtocs. March S 3 Coffee—The stock of Hlo Is scarce and heia firmly Pngsr—steady, at 10#c for lair to good refining. Floor—Him. Wheat—tabs of Maryland red at B&so—the highest prici in many years. Corn—lnactive. White, t 1.0331.115 yellow, tUJaa 1.13; mixed Wtstern, 81.03. Ohio—6s<a 66c. Bye—Bl,so. Clover Seed—Steady, at 83.75 for prime. "Whist oy—ln bond &&3X, provisions—Active, with a demand for bacon on Southern order*. There were no la ze sales to lab* ners, and prices were unchanged. Meta pork, $31.00. Lara—Soles Western at 13M@1SXC* Balk meats qnlct and unchanged. NEW ORLEANS. Nxw Ozi-xtsb. March 33. Cotton—Sales 3,300 bales. Receipts, l,ti3 bales. Markets unsettled, bat quiet. Low middlings, 33c. Exports, 460 bales Snijar—Qnll at UKc for prime. F’our—Dull and unchanged. Coro—Firm and unchanged. Oats—Quiet and firm at «oc. Pork—Dal! at $£ JO. Gold—Closed at 133. Exchange-On London, 115K®U8K;oa New York. K V cent premium. LOUISVILLE. Loumoxs. March 33. Tobacco—Sales 155 hhd i leaf at 13.30333.50. Flour—Superfine, |9.7h31UA0. Wheat—Nominal. Com—Ear, 70o; shelled, 73c, In bnlk. Oats—(Sc. Rye-81A9. Sugar—New Orleans, llJic. Coffee—Bio, 21®77c. Mess Fork—l33Ao. Bacon—Shoulders. 9^c: clear sides, u#c. Lard—ln tierces. 13kc; feegs,l3>(c. Whiskey—Baw, »2^2@?.73. Cotton—He. SAN FRANCISCO. BAS Frascisco. March 23. Butter—Eai tern iSASSc. Candle*—Firm. Grant’*, 31c; Macoy’a, 2Zc; Dopes, 32c; Etcery’*, 21C, Oil—Star dard brands. 65C?57Kc. Floor—Firm;at (6.ooa8AO: Oregon, |5J0®5.73. Wheat—Dali. Good shipping. 11.85. Teas—There wu an auction sale 10-day of 10,003 pigs Japan teas at 70®71c. Legal-Tenders—73. New York Live Stock Marker. [Special Dei patch to the Chicago Trlbone.] NewTore,Tecbsdat Eronso, Marchs. Brer Cattle—There were 1,89 3 head at Bergen yesterday, of which 1,000 bead were hold; COO bead at national Tarda and 900 head at Commonlpaw 10-day. All were sold. The beet grades at Commonlpaw brought the same figures as Ibbl week, but Xc lower than on Monday. The weather Is fine and trade lively. The prices were; First quality ICaiC^c Second quality is®lstfe Tllrd quality 12®14 c Western drorers must take the thing In hand and say when and whore their stock shalt be sold. As it now is the fight Is lively. Sucxr—Dull, drooping and growing poorer at @9*c. Boos—lS cars received at Commonlpaw. 5 cars sold at Bsc; 1 car poor at Bkc; the best quality at B>fc. bOLOH KODIXSOX. New York Breadstuff?) Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toes. March 33. Flour—Closed with some show of steadiness, but is (till dull. Wheat—Mora looking about by country millers, but they Insist on lower price*. (kirn—The steamer brought from Liverpool, and the Iocs! trade bought. Other coarse grains were doll. Albany Live block Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] ALnairr, N. Y„ March S 3. Cattle—Received thus far this week. 3,100 head. Sales are alow, but holders are firm and asking a slight advatce. Several droves of fair to good Illinois bare changed hands at B®SXc. No charge In sheep. Bog.—About >«c higher. New York Provision Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs. March 23. Pork—Closed active and excited, notwithstanding sales to realize. Sales sioco’Change, 2ADO brls at (24.39 &23.C0 regular, and |24 50®3|.67, seller May. Other bog products quiet. New York Grocery Market, [Special Despatch .to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, March 33. Coffee-Quiet. Bto, 2?®26>sc. Sugar—Heavy. Fair to prime grocery, lo>f@ll’,'c. Ocean Frelcbt*. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yoke. March 29. Freight, to Liverpool—Coro 4d by sail- and 5d by steamer, and to Glasgow M by steam, with shipments ot (0,000 bn. Pittsburgh Oil Marker. pnrssenaiL March 23. *Oll codUducs dull with sale* ol 500 brls crude, to ar rive, at 12c. and '5 brls on spot, at 13c, packages In cluded. Receipts, 2.100 brls. No sales ofrcflaod m bond. Free oil dull, and price* unchanged. No In quiry for naptha or residuum. Now York Dry Goods market Maw Voss. March 23. There was a lair demand in cotton goods, buyers purchasing Tory cautiously, according to absolute ne ce»«iir. la prices tbnre it little change to notice. Annrttfcogirln bleached muslin* adraoced Vc. Best standard h*»Tjr shrolluga at He, sou ••road# at 20 Vo. Sprague’s new lancy styloi prints selling ss hign as ?0c on ordinary. DIABBIED, Ic this city, March 39, by Rev. T. M. Eddy, D. d.. Lieutenant Colonel T. W. BCUDDKR, formerly of me Filth Kama* Cavalry, to MISS BKBNTIE ROGERS, daughter of Hon. A. A. C. Rogers, of Chicago. In this city, March H 7, by R:r. C. B. Wheeler, el th* Illinois street Independent Church, MR. ROBERT MILLER sod MISS ALICE BIRD, both of Chicago. • In this cltv. March 20. hr Rev. O. n. Tiffany. MR. CHARLES W. BULLARD and MISS EMILY A. WAT IS. all of Chicago. D I B D. In this city. 26th ItuU of wbaoptne cough, LIZZIE M-twin aaighter ot Waller and Lizzie A. Grltnn, aged 8 years and 9 months. Boston papers please copy. Funeral services at the residence of her parents, 197 Krlc-st.. on Friday, at 11 o’clock a. m. At Waukesha, Wls„ March 17th, MARY BELL, aged "years, only daughter of Calvin D. and Addle Fainter, lately cl Detroit. In this city, at the residence ol his son John W. Shaw, No. 326 Nonh Franklin street, of paralysis of tbe spine, JAMES SHAW, ot Portland, Maine, aged 70 vean Smooths. Funeral irom the New England Congregational Church, oornerofWhlw and North Dearborn streets, on Saturday at 3 o’clock p. in. prMalne papers please copy. amusements. THEATKE. MoVICKBU A UYHRB MANAGERS. CHANGE OF TIME.—On and after March 13th, the doors will open at 7V—performance will commence at 8 o’clock precisely. ■ FRIDAY. March 39, ” BENEFIT OP Mr. CHAR. ROGERS. W, W. ARLINGTON will appear. THE TOGDLE3. Timothy Toodlea. Mr. Chat. Rogers. Mrs. Cowell will recite the Poem of Sbamua O’Brien. Tbe Battle of Frneroy, by Geo. I- Aiken. Arkansas Traveller. ,W. W. Arlington. Fifth Act ot Richard til. Richard, Mr. Chas. Rogers, King Richard, Mr. Chas. Rogers. Saturday afternoon and evening, Clande Duval. Monday, Mr. J. Proctor. ■JJISTORI AS MARY STUART. CROSBY »s OP3SBA HOUSE. Director j. GRAD, Mme. ADELAIDE RISTORI. This, Friday. March 29 MARY STUART. Saturday, MarchSo-GBANH MATINEE. “ELIZ ABETH, QbEEN OF ENGLAND.” Mme. RISTORI will periorm Monday and Taesday next. In Milwaukee, and on her return will give TWO !• AuEWELL NIGHTS (before her departure for Eu rope), when will be produced “ANGELO, The Tyrant of Padua,” and “LADY MACBETH,” In which charac ters Mme. Btstorl baa achieved tbe greatest artlitlc triumph in her career. Seats for Friday and Matinee can bo secured at the Box office. Reserved Scats, «LSO; Boxm. *3.00. General Adtnisilou. |1A0; Family Circle, 75 cents. piOI,. WOOD’S MUSEUM. cVl.j. H. WOOD ..Proprietor Director of Amusements F. E. AIKEN

Stage Manager .THOS. DARKY Another decided dramatic triumph. The new play, from the French ot Victorten Sardou, produced wits new scenery, machinery, costume!, a stream of tcai water, novel effects and tableaux. Beats may be se cured six days in advance. This (Friday) evening, March S 9, at a u belore 8. will be performed for tbe Sth time, the new play ot A DANGEROUS GAME, receiv ed wito distinguished applause. Saturday afternoon— GrandMallnee. Meg’s Diversion and My Turn Next, soon. 'Y'ARIETY THEATRE. Monday Evening. March 25th, 1607. Extra Announcement. Alter weeks ot carctal preparation, wM he produced the newly written, Infcnuliy-Dlabollcally-Setlo-Com leal Drama In three acts, entitled HSZiZa UPON EARTH; Or, SATAN AND 816 SEVEN DAUGHTERS. New and bcautltnl scenery by W. D. Sterrey. Now piopertlesbv John Sherman. New and splendid ward robe. A carctnUy selected and beautiful Corps do Bub let. New effects. Brilliant transformation scenes. Act I—A View of Bell and Its Inhabitants. Act 3 Satan and Bis Seven Daughters in Chicago. Act 3—A Change of Scene—'War—Love—Virtue Triumphant. rpHE MECHANISM OP THE NER- J_ YODS SYSTEM may he seen at the New York Museum of Anatomy, 90 Randolph-st., corner of Dearborn. r J l HE MUTUAL GRAND CONCERT OF THE CHICAGO i-UKDAV SCHOOt ONION. Will be given at Crosby’s Opera House, On Monday and Tuesday Evenings, April Ist and 3d. Tickets 30 cts. Reserved pleats extra, ty Beats can be secured for either cvenlcg'at the Box Office of the opera Boose, on batnrday and Mon day, utm 9 a. m. to l p. m., and from 2 to 5 p. m. The mysteries op man cre ated may be seen at the New York Museum of Anatomy, 00 Randolph-st., corner or Dearborn. QKObBY'S OPERA HOUSE. SEVEN HE AES! TEN BOHNS I WILL APPEAR APRIL BTH. THEATRE | FRIDAY EVENING. M ARCH 29,196 T, Chicago’s Favorite, BELLY ABLmGTON, • Will appear lor Mr. Rogers' Benefit. IBalr StUsrtotatfoe.. HALL’S Vegetable Sicilian HAIR RENEWER. STATE ASSAYEB’S OFFICE, 1 20 Btate-Bt., Boston, Jon. 24,1867. 5 We have made a chemical analysis of this preparation, obtained from different sources, and have deter mined the properties of the substances employed. The constituents are PURE, and carefully select ed for excellent quality; and the combination of them has been skilfully effected, so as to form an efficient prepara tion adapted to cleansing the skin of the head, and promoting the growth of the hair, restoring the ORIGI NAL COLOR when it has be come gray. Being deprived of all caustic qualities, and protected from subsequent acid production, it is a mild, oil-like fluid, which, while it retains the hair and skin moist, will heal eruptions, and promote healthy excre tions from the scalp. We re gard this as the BEST PRE PARATION for the intended purposes, which has been submitted for examination. A A HATES, M. D., State As saver, 8. DANA HATES, Chemist. Hectares. JJOTOLAH LECTURES ON HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION, By DR. O’LEaKY, Borgeon, of Brooklyn, N. Y„ at Crosby’s BXofiic Ball, TUESDAY EVENING, April 3d, Illustrated with a splendid collection oi French Manikins, Hcelctous. Models, Drawings, Curious Sooclraem, Oil Paintings, Ac. The flucstcol-ecUon ol toe kind in America. AdmUflonFree. Ko Contrlhntlon. No bovs ad mitted. Surgical and medical treatmeut-lrom 10 a. m. to 4 p. a., at the Trcmont Bouse, commencing Wednes day. Aim 30. w. U. MARTIN, Agent and Business Mauager. auction Sales. Gilbert & sampson, General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Oearborn-st. Elegant New Furniture, Fine &c., AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY. March 29. at 10 o’clock, will be sold at our salesroom*. 47 aod 40 Dearborn-sU a large and superior assortment of Parlor Sultca, twenty Plain and Marble-Top Chamber Sul tea,Rocking, Parlor, and Easy Cealrs, Bat Trees, What-nots, Bookcases. Secreta-les, Marole-Too Tables and Stands. Sideboards, Bedstead), Bureaus, Washstands, Lonngea, Dining Tab'es, Cham ber and Dining tainlrs. Reception and Hall Cham, with a general assortment of Household Goods. Also, one very fine Silver-Plsted t-how Cose. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. A ECTION NOTICE.—WiII be included /\ in our (ale or TO-DAY, a largo assortment of nice .Second hand iloaocbold (Sands. Furniture, Crockery, &c. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. J M. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, Sells on FRIDAY, at 10 a. m., At the residence ot Air. Clark,Ss Sou.rlxPooria-st A general assortment ot fim-class fun isriTTj ns, , Viz: (In part) Planof.nmsse’J and other Carp jt». Mar blc-top Sets, Picture*, Glasses, Beds, Bedding, Chairs, Crockery. Ac.. Ac. JQANIEL SCOTT & CO., • AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lakes!., cor. LaSalle, Chicaso. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Out-door sales promptly attended to. A UCTlON—Friday, 20th March, at 10 jl\. a. m., at Daniel Scott & Co.’s Auction Room*, 164 Lake-st. Drees Goods, Sheetings, Shirtings Rob Roy Plaids, Flannels, prints. Gentlemen’* Dress Snlrts Jean*. Cseslmerc*. batlnets, and a general fresh assort ment ol Dry Goods. DANIEL SCOTT A CO„ Anet's. 4DCTION —Saturday, March 30th, I9G7,at 10 a. m- at Daniel Scott A Co.'s Rooms, Lake-fit., VOO cas«* G- ii. Mumm's genuine Dry Vetcezay ••Chatrpague” Wines. Tap particular atten tion of connol*feurs and the trade Is directed this lxportantsal4 Unmm'i genuine Dry Veine zay Wines, sold by order ol the consignors. DANIEL SCO IT & CO, Auctioneers. JgARNAT AUCTION—At 81 Adams- Prldny. March SOib, at 11 o'clock. On the premises. A Ham tor 8 horse*, to bo moved. B. T. LEE. City Auctioneer. A. CO., Auctioneer* & CommiMioii Merchant# 44 A 46 HANDOLPH-ST.. Between Btatc-st. and WaboJh-ar,, Bold regular sales, at their salesrooms, of DRT GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS, SUOB3. AC.. Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS. Ac- every SATURDAY CTO RE, FIXTURES, SIGNS, MOR- O TAR, Ac., AT AUCTION. To-day, March 29. at 3,< o'clock p. m.. At Btoro Wo. 87 South Wator-3t. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Anct’s. GRIFFITHS & CO., Hell cn Friday Morning, 10 o'clock, March 22. COUNTERS, SHELVING. TABLES, CHAIRS, AC OF A FIRST-CLASS BALOON. Also—Writing Desk, Queers’ Ware, Dry Goods, No lions. Ac. g>ate fHillg, iSngincg, See. <J\HE LANE & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Hills, POBTASLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machines. Com Mills and shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANE Oe BUDGET, Comer ol John and Water-sts., Cincinnati. Applicants for descriptive circular* will specify the machinery they need. «*sSaicl-4Diiu 2SHanteC--0:o Rent. \\[ ANTED—To Rent, a medium-sized, VV nicely tarnished bonee. In a first-class locality, daring the summer mouths, by a small family (wltn cut children), who will take the but ot care of lurnl tore. Will take possession any time between now and 6th of May. Addresa” BANKER.” Tribune office. WT ANTED—To Rent—Either on South V V Water or Klnzle-sts- a Store, half of store, or store and basement, at a fair. living rent, for a Com mission business. Apply, giving particulars. No. 50, Tribune office, TAT”AN TED —To Rent—Prom three to V V five rooms, south of Twelfth and oast of Stale st-suitable for housekeeping, lor a gentleman and wife. Address “T.” Box 64. T/ITANTED—To Rent lmmediately, V V by two young men lu tbe Post Office, a furalsn ed room, without board, wltain a few minutes’ walk of the office. Address ~W S 8,” Station A, P. 0., City. WT ANTED—To Rent—A good store, V V east cf LaSalle-st., on Sooth Water, Lake or Randolph, or on the croia street* between. Address, Flatmglocatlon. rent, &c., B:x 84P Pest Office. TTTANTED—To Kent —Immediately, VV a large cottage, or small two-stsry house, con venient to corner ol Lake-st. and Mlchlgau-av- or near the street cars. Prompt payment and good care guar anteed. Will not pay over iU) per month. Address, giving street, numter and pnee, ”B P B," Box 1125, Chicago p. Q. \\T ANTED—To Rent—A furnished V V blase, by a gentleman and wife, without chil dren. Any one wishing to leave tnelr house In a re spcnslbleparty’s b»tds for a term of six months, can address “M£RCU ANT,” Tribune office. 'WT ANTED—To Rent—By May Ist, or V ▼ sooner, 3or 4 rooms for housekeeping, with gas and water, on Wett Side, near street cars. Address or call on “J D s,” 170 Lakost- 2d Bo jr. 'WT ANT ED—To Rent—One or two un- V v ftrclslied sleeping rooms, by two brothers, on North or Wc»t Bide, within 15 mlnatci’ walk of Clark at. bridge. Addicts ”J A S,” P. O. 80x*2874. TXT ANTED—To Kent—A good house V t with from 7to 9 room*, on the sooth or West Sine, centrally located, with bam attached. Poshes f lon Immediately or the Ist of Mat. Address, stating terms, BENT A COWARD, 800 East Madlson-st. T\7ANTED —To Kent—A barn, cen- V r trolly located, with accommodations for from aototPhciees. Apply at 43 Stste-at. ISoarh ®aanteh. TSOARD—For gentleman and wife, two JU children. Parlorand two slccnlng rooms. In pri vate family, or where there are but few boarders, rooms nicely furnished, it any p&rtyjabont going to housekeeping wonldtake a largo bou*e and give me desirable rooms, would furnlih rooms wyaelt, with a view to permanency. Micblzon or Wabath-av. pre ferred. Belercncea exchanged. Address Q. LEWIS, P. O. Box 7 27- I>OARD— By a gentleman and wife, in a j private family, where there are few or no other boarders. Address “E C,” Tribune office. BOARD— Where there are but few other boarders, and In a locality north of Twelfth ana east o I Clark-sts. Address “p g." P. O. Box 1664, BOARD— Two young gentlemen doing badness on Scnth Side desire a pleasant room ann breakfaxt six days In the week, and all meals on Surdity, with a respectable family on West Side near streetcars, between Elizabeth ana Hoyne-sts. Terms must bo reasonable. References exchanged. Ad dress ‘*.T H G." Box 2SS7. jHorSEg. damages, FOR SALE— Two car-loads of iresh country hors.g at the Garden City House stable, corner Madlscn and MorkePsts., from a truck orctay horse to asadoie pony. FOR SALE—2 No. 1 family horses, 1 splendid buggy mare. 9 cheap work horses, 1 top and open hujgy. Can be seen at Wren’s Stiblts, 434aad43«»wto-at. FOR SALE—A splendid Bay Pony, four years did, gentle and a good trotter, suitable for buggy or riding, especially for ladies or boys. Can be seen until Wednesday next, at 821 Pralrlc-av. T?OU SALE—A Fpan ot Mules, 3years r old, wen broke and land as kittens. Are In good ora* r. and well suited for any light wazon. Inquire of COOK & McLAIU, 109 ClMk-it. h * FOR SALE—A very desirable Horse and Buggy, cheap for cash. Call at 131 Booth Clark-»t. t room No. tj. FOR &ALE—Horse—Seven years old, sound in all points, kind and well broken. Is a siyilshdrtvcr. and U sold only for L*ckofu»e. Apply at Architect's 0t8ce.«47 ’houth L»3oIIe-«t~ between the boon ofllandUandS anal. &o 2S.ent==2>oust3. TO RENT—A. Cottage of 1C rooms, at 114 Berth Faoltna-st, with ad improvements. TO RENT—For six numbs, a Cottage hcoteofS rooms,wHhthe furniture, on Octano if.thadetrees.andDltasattnelztibo'Dood. L.CLARE, Falicnon’t D oc-. Room is, up ttatis. TO RENT— I Twostoiy house of seven rooms, betweenTwcnty-nrst aadTW'nty-seoosd sts~onßnm*ide. Rentonlr IS.with abontflOOworth cf furniture for sale, Indnnlaa a Stewart cooking store, carpet, ana many useful artlueo, very cheap. Apply at glOßtaie-it. ' * r PO RENT—A new two-stcry house, X finished, 9 rooms, gu, water, ceUarfor wood ar? sardro. 296 Calumet-av., near Twenty-Sixth-it, J> nKaSEB. XO RENT First-class marble-lront house on Wabash ar-with largo lot; eut front, no better location on the avenue. Will be rented only to a good responsible party. No board!tc house keeper need apply. OLINGER & WALLER, 86 Washington-*!., Booms 1 and 3. TO RENT—Two desirable houses, 517 aid 319 North Clsrt-eL, containing gat, water, mantels, wt»h shrubbery Jn front yard. Possession orcneApr!llst.t&ectherM«v Ist. Heat quarterly, la advance. Inquire at 317 Narth c:ark-st. XO RENT —House and tonutitre. The icsldence of Mrs. Johnson, at Cottage Grove, on corner ot Bouglw-plice and Lake-av. Two-story Dame boas', 13 rooms, well, clftem, new bars, and one acre of ground well Oiled with shrubbery. REBi A AYRgS, IQ Opera House. 'T’O RENT—A cottage ot 5 rooms, 21 X CJyboome-BV. Cars pass the door every ten min utes. Will oe rented only to a responsible tenant—{39 a month. HPO RENT—From April Ist, the two* X story house No. 16 Sonta May-st. Nine rooms, closets, pantries, cistern and hydrant, with new farm tnre tor tale. Apply on premises. TO KENT—No. 75 Warren-st,, May Ist, 46 and 48 Warrea-st. AUi. 123,143 and 144 West Jacks in-st. E. H. CUMMINGS, Boom 19 Nc. 133 Booth Claik-Bt. TO RENT—By Snyder& Lee. 4 Metro* polltan Block, hoaseand tot No. 178 Wert Mju roe*ft, for five years, at a very low rale. Also, tar nished house cn southwest comer Adams and Aoer* deen-«—sioo per month. TO RENT—The lower part ot house No. 690 Fnlton-st. First-class neighborhood. Six rooms and 3 closota. Inquire of P. J. HEED, office Bd. F. Works, Nos. 15 and 17 Wells-st. TO REN I—A two-story, well finished bouse. No. 33 Warren sL, near union-park. Bent 8730. Anoly at Fire Marshal’s Office, comer LaSatle and Wosblagtoa-sts. TO RENT—"With immediate possession, a line tbree-story brick boose o( IB rooms, water, gas pipes, Ail, on Twcnty-loartn-st, between state and Wabash-av-.'hslf a block from hone-cars, for the lew sumot 1600 a year, ball-yearly m advance. In quire of JONES, anaJJT A TAYIXJB. Boom 13 Methodist Church Block. Also, untarnished rooms near the Fcst Office. 'T’O RENT—With Immediate possession, A a famished thrceetory house, on Mlchlzan-av.. nerthot Jacksoo-st. Eleven rooms, hatli room, water closet*, pantry, store room. Ac. Kent 8309 per mouth Id advance. Tb« Txat of references required. Address - INGALLS." Tribune office. 'T'O RENT—The two- story and basement L house. No. 330. In the brown block oa Madison- comer of Pcorla-sc. A pleMant and convenient house, good neighborhood, bmall amount of fur'iiura for ta.e. i’oesession immediately. Call at the home. TO RENT—The two large houses, Nos. 364 and 368 Ohlo-at., and the furniture for sale. Apply on the premia**. STo 3Ucnt==Honms. nrO BENT—Room, with board, on the JL South Side. In a private family without children, sailable for man audwlte or two single gentlemen. Terms midcrate to a tcspcctab.e, permanent tenant. Address **Jl»," Tribune office. rpO RENT—Pour rooms, m good loca- JL tiou, well lighted, high ceiling*, suitable for offices or sleeping rooms. Inquireatß46 East Ktazle-st. TO KENT—Four room?, with closets, at 23S Osk-st. . HTO RENT—Alter May Ist—Four rooms 4 over the brick More, southeast corner State and Clghteeotb-ets. Suitable for offices for physician, den tist or photographer. Two ot the rooms connect with attic, tn which are two well finished cnambers. Apply on the prembes. TO RENT—A room in a first-rate loca tion, very cheap, and small amount ol fuialture roraala. Inquire at 137 Clark-at., Room 16. TO RENT—Two rooms, suitable lor an office, at 23 West Randolph-st. TO KENT—An elegant suite ol seven rooms, with part or whole ol furniture for (ale, on south Side, very cbesp. Apply at 100 Madtson-st., Room 4. TO RENT—Nicely tarnished rooms, with gss, closets, Ac., with or without board, at 54 Fourth-av. ffio&tntsS totes, Offices. &c TO RENT —Prom the Ist of May next, the store, anddwelUDgabove, No. 337 Sute-st. Apply at CHARLES G. £. PBUSSING’B, 339 & 341 State wt., Chicago. TO RENT— Dockage— Lumber Yard to reel (or a term of years, la Greene’s B:uth Branch addition. A.G.THROOP, City Treasurer's Office. TO RENT—BOxI6I leeton north side of Washington-fit. east of Franklln-at., lor a term of 30 yeart. REES & AYRES, Baal Estate Brokers, 10 Opera Route. TO RENT—The Barber Shop under the Richmond Ponte. Apply atoffice. TO RENT —Store, and fixtures for sale. In a good locality for grocery or commission bus meas. Apply at 212 West Lake-st. Beot cheap. T) RENT—From Ist of May next. marble tront store. No. 17 Dearborn-*:, price, (LSOO. Brick store and basement. No. 2SS State-st. Apply at 101 Washington-su room 7. O RENT—Store No. 29 South Market , it. Apply to C. MCDONNELL. 134 South Clark-Bt- npo RENT—An eligibly located store, JL 94x70 (bet, on North Clark-sC, and stock and fix tures for sale, with a naif interest to a w«ll e*'abllshed grocery business. Also, for*<le.two years’lea*n of store and basement under the Revere House, (350 per ye*r. U. C. MOREY & CO.. No. 8 Metropolitan Block TO RENT—Second Floor, No. 50 Lake RENT—Store and upyer part of A house on West Randolph-st., near ranla-st- to gether or leparate. Apply to MACLAT «t KEDZIE, Room No. 3, Walker’s Building. 52 Deaiborn-at. TO RENT—Fixtures lor sale, store JL No. 140 Blnelsland-av. Good location for dry goeds ergrocenes. Apply on the premises. rpO RENT—Second story and basement _l ol store cn South Water-st- east of Clark. GIL BERT A McCANN. 14 LaSalle-at. r PO RENT—A nice trout office in a good S. location, with furniture lor sale or to rent. Call at lltit Booth Clark-tt., itocnt 18. HPO RENT—Or lor sale—A large barn, L situated at No. IflS West Waihington-st-near Union. "Will held twentr-five horses. Apply at 54 LaSalc-flt. B.W.LYON. r) RENT—Store 112 Clark-st, and fix* turn for sale. Tbit It one of the beet stand* lor retail tradelnthecity.sndelesaaUyfltted. TO RENT The second and third Ffloora of No. 40 Siate-st- suitable for a.fobbing business. Apply on the premises to INNEd, CON VERSE A CO. TO RENT—An office, splendid location. Rent only ten dollars per month. Floor doth and chair* tor sale cheap if applied for immediately. Apply at once, 114 Dcarbort-sC, Room tip. rpO RENT—btoie and offices on Wash- Ji logton-it..between Oi&ik onaDearbbotn, Apply to W.D. KERFOOT, 89 Washington »t. npO RENT—From the Ist ol May next, 1 the marble tract bnlldlde. No. 10 SoohlClarE-at. YOUNG A SPRLN'OER, No. S Metropolitan Block. r PO RENT—A cood store on West Mad- L leou-st, suitable for any first-class business. Res idence In second story. Possession Mar Ist. A. J MILLS A Co..Boora 31 Reynolds* mock. business finances. T?OR SALE—Gents' turmshme goods— _lD Having associated mvself with the otdand pop ular Gents’ Furnishing Home ot F. C. KEMPION, Broadway, New York, under the name and firm or F. C. KEMPTON A CO., (the same to take effect April 1), I offer my stock, furniture and lease for sale forcaih—or will rent store ana sell fixtures (black walnut) at a bargain. WM. P. CHURCH of WM. P. CHURCH A Co., 113 Clark-st. T7OR SALE—Valuable Mill Property— J. One among the best steam flonringmllls in Bou'h era lowa containing three run of four-feet burrs, en gine and bolter in good order, merchant and custom bolla of tho best—Co better Jc use. The mlli ]« aU la good repair, and in a good location. Water and fuel In abundance. For further particulars, address WM. SHARP A SON, Fairfield, lowa. T7OR bALE Rarecnance Desirable L stock of dry goods with fixtures and lease ot a fint-c>a&a store (trade established) .located In one o' the most flourishing cities of the west; population, 21.000. Address P. o. Box J3S. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I?OR SALE—Stock, lease and fixtures A ol a first-class, centrally located bard ware store In this city. A good residence or building tots intbla city, or a good tarn within 46 miles of Chicago, taken in part payment. Addrai*, for three days, U B U,” Tribune office. FOR SALE—A saloon, stock and fix tures. Will be sold ch»ap. tbe owner wishing to co to Europe. Apply at 83 MUwaukee-av., comer Indlana-st. FOR SALE—A Louse, with or without saloon or stock. Inquire at 404 South state-st. JOHN RUEHL. - li'oß SALE—A Jewelry Store, with JP stock and fixtures, on one of the principal streets of the city. For further Information apply at H. OP PENHiJMER & CO’S, 40 South Clark-st. F)R BALE—At a bargain—3leat Mar ket onone ofthe principal thoroughfares, doing a good cash trade. To a man possesoed of five or six hundred dollars, thl* la an Investment rarely met with. Address "ST Z,” Tribune office. FDR bALE—A first-class Drug Store— The best location in tbe city. Go*d trade and an iccretslsgprescilptlou business. Adiirena “jg £ t>.” Tribune office. T7OR SALE—A Saloon near the Post l 1 Office. Can be bought cheap. Apply at IS9K State-it. T?OR SALE—Lease and fixtures ol the I* Barber Shop 103 East Msdison-st- doing a good business. Reason for selling, going Into other bait ness. TTOR SALE—Confectionary, Ice Cieam Jr and Oyster Bestanrant. Cheapest rent and best lo cation In the city. Address E. HOWARD, P.O. Box 0183. FOU SALE—A Liquor Store on South Clait-et. A rare chance lor any one wishing to ezeage In the liquor business. aisos travelling busi ness, par *3lO per month sure. TRCESDELL 4 CO., room 13 Lombard Block. 100 Monroe-flt. "pOK SALE—A Boot and Shoe Store, r in a splendid location, and doing a good retail business. Invoices about *3,000. Terms cash, or gcoq real J. MILLS & CO., Reynolds' Block, Boom 31. loathing. TJOARDING—Two gentlemen desirous J J of comfortable home, with excellent boaid and eUgant large Iront room, tn a respectable tamlly living on not lar from Post Office. Bm refer ences required. Addresr M C," Box 1320- T>OARDlNG—Three or four young JD men can be accommodated with board ana rooms. To a young man wbo plays the piano good terms of fered. Apply at 295 Micolgan-at. Nona Side. BOARDING— Two handsome large rooms to let with board, with or without furni ture. In a private family, and In a pleasant location. U 63 West Madlsoq-fli. Reference exchanged. T>OARDINQ—A suite of front parlor JL) and bedroom, single rooms and day board, can be obtained at No. 17 Deaibom-st, np-stalrs. T>OARDING—A pleasant room (nafur- J.> nlsbed) suitable tor a gentleman and lady, to rent with board, at SO© West Randolph-st. References re quired. T> GARDEN G —Rooms (o rent, with JL> board, suitable for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, at 74 Jackson-st- two block* south ot the Post Office. "DOARDING—A lew single gentlemen I_J can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board, at »4 Adams. Also, two day boarders. TDOAKDINQ—Hi a house deligntfully JL) situated for a summer residence, where the com forts of a home can beobtalned.and musical tuition ou the piano lorte, if oulrrd. References exchanged. 332 Mad Lon-et-, tear Unloa Pork. TDOARDING—A pleasant room with 1J board, suitable fbr one or two gentlemen, can be bad at 134 stalest. Also, a lew day ooarders accom modated. "DOARDING—One handsome room on U second floor, for gentleman and wile or single gentleman. Alto, one single room. Apply at 297 Michigan-St., corner cl Pine. . "DOARDINQ—Two gentlemen and their I J wives can Dud a good healthy summer home at a moderate price- private family, 1414 Pralrle-av., comer Thirty-nrßt-fiL. one block east ot Indlana-ar. CATS. Keal «staw-«tt*. IBIPBOTBO. 1708 SALE—By Snyder & Lee, heal Es- JP tatc ASU3. No. 4 Ueuopo Itsn B ock. * nearly new two-story ud basement Bnci Housed 9 ro.m». hot sad cold water, water closet*, cmoUes, ana lot, on Aaams-fU.between Tbroop and Loomis. front ing Jefferson Park.' Price f&soc. Tern* of psymeot made easy. —. 17OK SALE—On Michigan av., "orthol r Bamsoa-st., flrst-clais marble front house. with every convenience ana Improvement, and one of tbe beet caisa as tbe avenue. Can be bought, partly on time, tor a. j. AYEBELL. Beal Bslats Of fice T?OR &ALE—Cheap—The marble trout .TV dwelling, No. 377 Weal WMhlngton-it. D. J. LAKg. ■ 170 R SALE— By Snyder & Lee, Real Es- X' .tats Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Bio k, house of<rcoas,wifhaioC on the comer of Hubbard aad LeavlU-sts.. 46x185. price >1,700. T?OR SALE —Store and lot, No. 161 X 1 South Cl.rk-st, between Madison and Monro-', 2TVto-t front. Inquire of JOHN FORSYTHS, 133 Baaoolph-st F)R BALE—Office tormerlv occupied by Kirby, Carpenter A Co- North sTlde, near New berry* Elevator, suitabt* dwelling for a small family. Appty at 338 Sooth Water B>om 4. F)R SALE—Genteel Wabash-av. resi dence, with lot tOxIGO. near Sldrldge court. Tbe most thorough built two-story and stone basement frame bouse on tbe avenue. Heated oy steam through out. Inline repair, and containing a:i mcoero Improvc menta. for a first-class reeldence, the most desirable one that has been offered this season. Terms favor able. Inquired A-J.AVEBELL,BeaI EitateAgent, Boom 7. Metropolitan Block. FOU SALE—A choice residence, nearly new, ticely located, with lot. Price $2,000. Im provements cost nearly the abive annuct. Must be ■mo Immediately. Please address “J BC.” Tribune office. T?OR BALE—Wabash-BT. residence, a X? fine two-story and basement marble front hou*e. contatamglS rooms, with lot 4S by 170 feet to apUnced alley 30 ft. front. Grounds are beantlfolU laid rutand tnctosea with a neat, sabstarttal iron fence. The home Is as good as new. This basdsime place Is offered at the lowprlce of fJI.OOO. Terms easy. Apply to OLINGEB & WALLEB, 86 Wsshlngtoo-sh. Booms 1 and F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 ilttropolllan Block, a new frame house of 8 rooms, and lot, on Warrea-at- near Xloyne. X7OR SALE—I houses on Robey-sU, 3 Xj onThrooo-flt,, cottages on west Lake-st. Good locations and favorable terms. A. C. BBQWN A CO-12*4 Lake-st. T?OR SALE—On Wabasb-av., a first- J' e'ass marble front house, ana lUroltare. A.B. WING & FOR SALE—Wabash-av. lots, SI,OOO each, near Thlrtlethwt. Also, on Thirty-flrst-sU, near I skaiee-av. Cheapest iota offering on South Side. GEORGE A WILLIAMS. 7 South Clark-st. XT OR SALE—By Sn> der&Lee, Real Et- X' tate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new bnck Bouse cf u rooms, modern Improvements and lot, on Washington, near Lincoln. Ij'Oß SALE— Two buildings, 75x125 and JL I6xii< I set, now occupied fbr a cooper shop, with b«rn. on Uay-sL, hear Fulton, with lease ot lot ,3x139 Get, nt »1.6 w, If sold within a few da;s. Apolyto WHITE A ELaON. corner Morgan and Klnzle-Bt«., or H. C. MOPEY & Beal Estate Agena, No. 8 Me aopolltan Block. 170 K SALE—A most desirable Resi- I deuce, furnished. in a first-class location, north of TwHfth-sL, on the Booth Side. P.lce. with forcltnr-% |134300, pan cub. balance on llae. Address “EO." Box 1832. Chicago P. Q. FDR bALE—A Lame Dwelling House,tobeiemoTed from lot Will be sold low. Inquire at 321 and 333 South Watcr-at. TT'OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real X Estate Atrents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a first class three-story Brick House or 11 rooms, all modem Improvements and lot, oo near Fine. FDR SALE—We have choice houses and business property In an parts of the city, and tonns in all parts of the country, constantly on band. A. J. MILLS & CO., Boom 31 Reynolds’ Block. FOR SALE—A comfortable two-story and basement Frame House, on Wabssb-ar. near Fourteenth-fit. with 11 rooms, etc.. lot 23HS0 feet to al ley. at the very low price of 57.150, U taken Immediate ly—fanyßl.oooleßßthanlt*valne. WABBEN A GOOD KICH. 120 Dearborn-st.. Boom 8. FOR SALE—A House, with lot IS3 teet front, well stocked with shade trees; alto, two or three vacant lots, all situated at Cottage Glove. In qn'fe at Office ol Local Tteasnrer Illinois Central R. B. |TOK SALE—First-class Cottage on Ji ground lease 4 years to run, situated onwabasb ar. near Tblrteenth-st. with brlcc basement, dining room and ritchcn. double parlors. 4 chsmheri, 3 mar ble mantles, cooking range, and portable furnace, hy drant and cistern water In la perfect order. Possession given Immediately. THOb. PABKBE, 3 Methodist Church Block. FOR SALE—One House and Lot on West Lake-st.. f. 1,800. One bouse and lot on West Jackion-fIL Also, cutt&e and lot on booth Green-st. T. F. BALDWIN. Agent. 104 Randolph Bt. fj'Oß SALE—A new Hou?e, on Feoria _f fit.. In rear oi church corner of la: ge rooms. 4 closets and pantry, gas, water and sew er connections. Apply on premises. T?OR SALE—A two-story House on J? West Washlugton-sL. containing six rootss/wlth lot so by 125. Worth f3.OW, for fIAOO, ons-lhlrd r*-fh- ARTfIuR A HOYDEN. 310 State. T?OR SALE-By J. H. Keeler & Co., JU Beal Estate Agent*. 139 South Clark-st. '24S Booth Peom-st., two-story bouse, nine rooms and lot. 3 3 North Curtto-st., two-story boose, nine rooms, bath room, s*wer. and ham and lot. T* o-*tory bouse on Warren-st, near Union Park ami large lot. . Twocew boose* on Jackson-st,between Throop and and lot*. Good cottage and lot. SO Leavltt-et.—f»4oo. Cottage and lot 43x134 to au alley onjSermonr-at.. near Lnke-sL—ILCOU. Two floe jots on jackson-st., between Backer and Aberdeen—s4fcxlSO to U feet alley. lota comer of Jackson and Llncoln-sts~ south front. l>e»lrabla residence lots on South Peoria-st. FOR SALE—The cottage house 143 Tblrd-ar., containing eight rooms, to be taken o£T the lot immediately. Inquire at the Central Police Station. CT*OR SALE—By Wm. D. Ecrfont, 89 K. Washington an clegantnew frame house on Maple-§C.Just eattot Dearborn, fronting south. UNIMFBUV£D. TT’OR SALE—Business uroperty, 70 teet A front neon Monroe-fit. by 190 feet deep to an JS toct alley, situated on the diagonal corner from the Peat Office, be'Dg the ground occupied by buildings Nos. 90,93 and 91 Munroe-st. This property will have a front ot 190 feet on the extended part of Dearborn-sL. and Inilndos the S-story bnUnlug No. 90 Monroe-st. Apply to U. C. MOBET A CO., Beal Estate Broker*. 8 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—House and lot on Sonth Oart-st.. (3 story bouse), SILSOC; one on Adams st., with two buddings, (one crick). only one on sear LaSal’e. one oa North Slate-st,ss WO. PKTEK SHIiIP/Keal Estate Agent, 92 Monroe at. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, three lota on Lincoln-st., between Monroe and Adams. Three lota on Walnut-st., between Wood and Lincoln. Tj'Oß gALfi—lo teet on Madison st. by 1' 190 sonth Iront, near Wells*!.. S3OO per ftnt; 155 feet on Jacteon-st., $ 150 P*r foot: feet on Van Bn* reo-at., f3OQ per foot. PETER BHIMP. 92 Moprooat. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, 6 lota on Uonroc-ft, between Wood and Honore, opposite the residence ol Judge Van Boren. EOR SALE—Pour corner lots and nice Inside lots on Harrlion, Sangamon. Peoria and n-tte. Vf*y desirable residence property. Call on T. F. BALDWIN. 104 Raadolph-Bt. ' Ueal 33state==ffiountrs. XT'OR SALE—A splendid country seat, A* located on the west bank of Bock River, two miles below the City ot Rockford, 111., consisting of 60 acres of highly improved land, a large, elegantly flu feiedtwo-etory house, containing 19 rooms, with cel* lar under the whole; good outbuildings, bam, car* risgchouse, ice house, ftc~ Ac., and a bearing orchard of 300 apple trees. Grounds aoont the bouse well laid out and Improved, and covered with shrubs and ever greens In great variety. Also, 306 acres of Sum and pasture land, adjoining tbe above, wltb 40 acres or Um ber within three miles. The house and arm lands, ta ken together, make a splendid stock arm. Will be sold separately or together, mice low. Terms easy. Apply to Dr. Q. W. COREY, Rockford, 111. _ Ij'Oß SALE—In a pleasantly situated A and Withy village, about TO miles from this city, a mest desirable residence, containing eleven rooms, besides pantries and closets, good stable, wood and on 1 house*, with welt and brick cistern, brick cellar with cement floor, all In good order and repair. House situated In centre nts acres ol ground, covered with choice fruit and rbaae trara, grapes. twenty roos term depot, with plank waxs. will sell house, to gether wltb piano, carpets ard all household gooda, cow, wood and coa. and provisions complete, or bp pa rale to suit. Forinformstlon, send note to Box 1102 this city, with name aid address. A splendid chance lor a ready made home. FDU SALE—House and lot at Rocklord, m. A good two-story stone house, wltb base ment, twelve rooms, hall, double parlors, large kitch en, two brick cisterns, garden well supoUed with fruit and shiubbery, boose Bnnonnded by large elude tne*, an acre corner lot, to a most desirable neighborhood, witbln three mitmtes walk of the well-known Rock ford Female Seminary. A rare opportunity rnr those havtigdnnshters to educate. Price SSAOO. Apply to O. C. DLACKMEB, 135 Bandolph-stT FOR SALE—I6O acres 1 3-4 miles trom MasouvUle, In the county of Delaware. lowa, on inn Dubuque ft Slonz City Railroad. Phce $7Ai per acre. A'so. 160 acres about 3N mi es from Mason vllle, atd about tbe same distance from Wtnthrop, to Buchanan Co„ lowa, first quality. Price $6 per acre. L. CLARK, PnlJertoE Block, Chicago. F3R SALE—WeII improved business property in the thriving village of Henry, on Illi nois River; also, 5,000 acres weir*elect*d Miasoorl and lowa lands. Terms easy. JONES, BUNDY ft TAY LOR. 12 Methodist Church Block- T7OR SALE—Two good Farms within I* cue mile from a railroad station and good town, well Improved, orchard, etc.; one of 83 acres, one of 160 acres. Price S3O per ad e—very cheap. Aleo. a few more lots in Chicago, sumo improved and ntlm proved. Hotues and LUs, trom $3,000 to $35,000. some od Michigan and Wabssh-av, and some near tie Uni versity on tbe North Bide, one at SI3,CCO, one at and one at $4,500, on easy terms. Apply toL. W. W. F. D’WOLF, No. 2 and 3 Lombard Blcck. TT'OR SALE—A desirable residence in JP Waukegan; good frame boose, brick foundation and brick lined, la good order and coauins tea rooms, besides closets and good cellar; large barn aid stables, well, cistern, ax.; wi - h lot. 20 acres, fine or* chard, 250 apple trees and 100 pear trees In toil bear ing. ornamental cedar hedges, evergreens, depone mile from depot on ttaebeat street In the city. For particular* apply to O. S. LINCOLN, Waukegan, or TIIOS. BEID, at office of Nyc. Campbell & (Jo, 8S Booth Water-st., Chicago. P’OR SALE—By J. H. Keeler & (Jo , Real Estate Agents, 129 South Cl ark*st. One of tbebcat fruit and stock farms In the State, near Winfield, on the U. AN. W. R. B. Fine Improved farm. 160 acres, thirty-five miles from Chicago, on the C. *R. 1.6. B. Improved farm ol 91 acres, ten miles from the city, cn the C. &N. TV. B. It, one mile from Bnckton. Several other fine farms In this State. dfot ‘Sale, FOB SALE—6OO m seasoned flour bar rel staves, with circled heading, on consignment ana lor sale by A. J. LATHAM, Boom 30 Oriental Building. TT'OR SALE—2OO,OOO feet of first, second J? and third clear I}< and XK lnmb*r. one cr two lota. Apply to DAVID GOODWIO-IE A CO„ cernerof Franklin and Oblo-sts. FOR SALE—Hay scale, Fairbanks’ make, large size, to be removed Ist ot May. Alto, onotopbuggT.cltymake, nearly new. Inquire of T. WHEELER, No. j SoathClark-st. ‘ 4 TT'OR SALE—Cheap, less than half val- JL 1 ne. three choice Roman palming*—the Magdalen. Joseph usd Child, and Ancient view of Rome. May be seen at Mattson A How’s Art Gallery. No. 17 Lake st. Oflcre lor same will ce received up to the 20th lost. Address »*PAINTING.” Tilbune cfllce. TT'OR SALE—Chicago City Railway t. stock. On account ot the permanent removal ot the own* r from tbe city, the stock win besom, in gams to suit purchasers. Inquire at No. 13 Cham ber cf Commerce. FOR SALE—At Chicago DriviogPark, 200,000 lect seasoned second-hand lumber, consist ing ofboards. foists, scantling, etci. lnquantUlesto suit buyers, inquire ofC. A. FOBSTTUB, on the grounds. |7OK SALE—One hundred and fifty X 1 pork box-s fur Cumberland Mdes. at £» cents. In qulrcatlHOd. GOODWILLIfi'S, NorthFler Box Fac tory- OK SALE—Two RecemneTuhs, hold- IngSOO to ICO gallons each, suitable lor a distiller or vinegar maker. Also, a worm and copper atllL At 313 Fast MadUon-st.. up stairs. FOB &AljE—Cheap—A No. 1 Pointer Deg, well trained. Inqulreal 783 West Lake-si. FOR SALE—A fresh Milch Cow. In quire at Ho. 2.Cu>tom Hanse-place. Host an® jfoun®. IT'OXJND —A lady's for collar, on Yan - Friday evening. The owner can have u py calling at 147 West Folk-lt. T ObT—Wednesday, March 37th, on Xj fctate-st., between Sooth Water and Uleblgan- Cross, board with gold, and a purl in the o-nire. The flncvr will bo suitably rewarded by leay- Ibs t&c same « SO Sputa Water-at.i 2l2lanteo==lEalE lselp. IHKKKUIBIi S&IUHIIt *6. ■^^^TED— Drag Uetk—Applj at 83 WANTED —A pood bov, to learn tbe trade, (jce that» now, how 10 sUtci prearrcd. inquire at HA Trunk Store. 39 Pear born-sc, anaer the Tremont Home. XX7 ANTED—Tnrce men of good ad- V V dreas and mature ace, who can eugan perma nently, as salesmen ana solicitors. Apply this day. J. B. JONES, l:*gDc>rb3nnt. ■\/|7ANTEi>r-A good man who tbor- VV oughly ondents&d« tbe crockery a-d rlam ware batmen, to travel. Address ** W. P.. 0. Box 108, Chicago, IB- \a/ ANTED —A man acquainted with VV the patent risht business, to sell rcnitorr on a nod patent. Call at tbe Investors' Exchange, 01 between 10 a. to. ana 5 p. m. TBADKS. TXT ANTED —A first-class Carpet Up- W bolsterer accustomed to pulling downcarpeU acd oilcloth*. Steady work and good par to a good mao. BOLLISTEB A PHELPS, 135 aad 137 Lake- TXTANTED—A good practical Brick- VV turner and Layer. Addresa,wlth price, WINE SIAN A WILLIAMS. AObom. Ilf. WT ANTED—A Brewer—A man that Tv understands the brewing of Jag*r beer can get a situation inßanson’s Brewery, No. JJS Chlcago-av. Apply for three day*. \\f ANTED—A first rate brass founder, If to whoa steady eaplojßsent wi: Ibe given as ourneyman; orlfhU work suits, can bare so Interest to the cosine wot an old-cstabUthed hoove attrobuque. lowa. Apply at City Hotel, corner State and fAlce-sti between 7 and 10 a.m. and 5 and 9 p.m. W. H. DAN IELS, TXT AN TED—An experienced baker, to II go to lowa. Wages |8 per week. Good refe rences required. Address, tor one day, • , JH. T *ldbane ~\\T ANTED—IO first-class carpenters. V? Apply at SSI Adams,or24oacogwick-sc None tot good workmen need apply. T. B. SPRING. aiaantelTjgjfmalg ffielp. WJ ANTED— girls accustomed VV to cloak or dressmaking. Apply at 107 and 169 Lakc-st. BQ93AOOSSAGE. Ta/ 1 ANTED—A lady cashier nr the VV Ladles’ and Gents' Bathing House, comer of State and Washlng*on-its. Must come well mom iz ended, bone others need apply. Good wages and steady employment. \y\/ ANTED—Experienced workers on V V Wheeler A Wilson Machine*. At No. SSBan doioh-au np-«tairs. X*/ANTED —A cood dressmaker, one V V that can make a dress after It la cut and fit. Apply before 10 o'clock this dav, to can* FIELD 310 Wear Lake-st. BOUSE BBBYISTS, TT7ANTED—A good Protestant woman V V to cook, wash and Iron, la % private family at Eranstcn. To one who understands her business a good home and good wages will be given. Aodre«s “ d E,” Tribune office. TXTANTED—A Lady Teacher in a se- VV lott school. Mon have a teacher's certificate, apply to REV. OUNTBUM, corner Burnside acu Twenty-scccnd-gt. Salary XCO per year. TXT ANTED—Cook and first trin. None VV need apply except they ca i fttrntoh good relcr encee. Apply at 430 Fulton-st. \\[ ANTED—A first-class Ironer at the VV Richmond House. TXT AN TED—A girl to cook, wash and V V iron la a small tamily. Second girl does up-' stairs work. Liberal wage* to a neat, tidy trlrt, with good references. Apply at 1113 W»t Monroe at. WANTED—A first class cook, washer y ▼ and ironer. To one who can rLtp aatu faction a pleasant home Is hereby ofiered, and snod will beirtTrn. Apply as early as possible, at 304 West Lake-et., near Onion-park. TXTANTED—A first-days kitchen girl. VV at No. 239 West Warren-st. To one who can recommended the retyhljbat wages will \\J ANTED—A girl to do general house tt work. Apply at 79s West laae-st. Wf ANTED—A good trusty German VV girl, at 465 Wufjacksoost. TXT ANTED—AII experienced girl to vf do recent housework in a small family, that can bring good retcrence. Apply at 1&7 htate-st. TT7ANTED—A German or Norwegian Vy girl to do the general noiuework on a farm. Apply at 830 Wabash-av. \\f ANTED—A tngbt, neat girl, from VV Uto is, to become a permanent member of a small family, expecting to remove to cottage Grove la May. She will bo well clothed, and taught all things required ol a good honsewlie. Apply, Ibr one- week. TXTANTED—A Girl to do general VV boua» work. Call between 9 and 11 o’clock a. to., at B 4 Clark-at. TIT ANTED—A cook, washer and Iron- VV er. Apply at 3-7 Sqperlor-st. References re quired. TXT AN TED—Wet nurse for miant 8 VV months Old. Apply Immediately ta GEO. RUCK. Central PreKrlptlon liras Store, 93 Bcnth Clark-at. X\f ANTED—A good meat cook. Best VI ot references required. Good wages paid. Apply at 363 3tate-«t. to-day. T\7 ANTED—A neat girl, not Irish, to W do geoeial bonaework. Un*t have good re lerencea. Apply at baiemeat No. 9 Soua> m *y-st. TXT ANTED—A good cook, or girl to do VV general housework in a private family. In quire at No. IQi Boom 5. \A/ ANTED—A young girl for second VV work. Mast bring good refrrcae»- Aovlr*tor two days, at 87 fconta Green-st. Iriahnotwaoted. TXTANTED—A good relLThle woman, V V or faithful steadr girl, to do the general house work In a private family recently from Chicago, cow residing two miles from the pleasant atv cf Kenosha. For particulars apply at 281 West Laxe-st- from 13 m. Friday to 12 m. Saturday. Smplogment agents. TXT ANTED—Experienced Canvassers, VV to vtoi t towns and cl tlei only, tbronghqat tn« West. Cali at Boom 33. No. 133 or address, with stamp. Box 111 Q, Chicago, m. TXTANTED—Energetic men, to encage V V lu a neat, clean and profitable business. A Bpienflld thing to travel with. 835 to SSO cash required. Cali from 9 to 13 and 2 to 8. at 90 Boom 5. \\f ANTED— Anting rcen in ide coud- V Y try wishing to obtain sltoatloas. such as book keepers, uerkt. coLectO’*, salesmen, conlnctois, ex* prcatmen.ftc. to apply at Boom 13 Fullerton B'oct. 92De*iboiD-flt,or address J. M. iIOOKE A CO., Bex 1707, eneloelce 10 cents for foil particulars. X\ 7 ANTED —2 assistant bookkeepers 2 TT ia'csnen, 1 conductor. 2 brakesmen. 1 flrem»n,T Porter. S drivers, 2 *xpr«men. Aptly at Room 13, Fullerton Bloch. (W Applicants br mall address J.M. UoOSEftCO- Box 1707, enclosing IC cents lor reply. aSan^b^jHisKUaneous. Wf ANTED —To exchange a aoperb Tv GrandT*lano(«oaewood)ln_p\ripayicent fcr a loton WeatSlde. Address “W W ft"’ Tnbuno olhce. WANTED— Men wishing to earn $5 per day above expenses, with sMto lake them to tbe country, will please call at 63 Wtet Lake-st, Chicago. WJ ANTED—Good men in every cotm- Tv ty In the West, to sell Johnson’s Copper Light* Ding Bod. No rod was ever received with such nnl* vasal layer as this combining as It does the conduct- Ins pcwfT ofer pper with the strength or the Iron rod Onr agents last season cleared from *3OO tofiOu per month. Send tor pamphlet and price list. E.F. HENaHAW A CO., 166 Lake-su Chicago, m. TAT ANTED—To purchase, an interest V v la f=ome business well established la this city, by an Eastern parti, who has bai 20 tcarv experience, and possessing a capital of SIO,OOO to $15,009. Grocery tradapreferred. Address “MSG.” Tnbaneoffice. T XT ANTED—A man with §5,000, to en- V > gaze Is business in this city which will pay SIOJ>OO a year. Address Box 1337. Cbicago, Dl. This will be ft. and an opportunity worthy of investigation. \\f ANTED—S2,OOO, on first-class furni- T V tore worth—lnsured for s3£oo - also, on two frame houses, $1,500, lor 6or 13 znontos. will pay IX per cent per month. Addrees P. o. Box 333. TXT ANTED—By a gentleman, with V V wife, and two children, aged 10 and 6 years, a tenant, to rent a three-story and basement brick bouse, be wishing to retain the second story lor himself and beard with said tenant. Location North Side. Best of reiereaces given and required. Address “BT L.” Tribune office. |A/ ANTED—Brick Yard Machinery— V V Parties having brick machines, trucks, barrows, moulds, tempenne wheels, nnd otner necessary tools ready for use. ana In good order, can find a purchaser in STEWART, LUDLAM ft CO ..No. 4 Ltod’a Block. \T7ANTED —The celebrated Gypsy ,V V Woman. If yon want yonr life told correctly by the palm ot the hand, visit the Gypsy Palmist. Don’t be humbugged by others, who cal] menu elves tsrmne teller*, tnt come to the Gypry Palmist and get toil satisfaction tor yonr ruonev. Don’t lorgst the number. 329 Sonth Clark-at. Feeli. \A/ ANTED—A tew men to peddle a V V new and very salable household article, at 33 Wcatßandolph-st. \\/ ANTED—1 parlor set and 3 chain s' t her seta, of good quality and In good condition. Address Box ao.Datby.lU. \\T ANTED—A lew more Rood men to V ▼ canvass the city tor the vale ot B, E. PatUsun’s Kclle Bcjnrer—a very nice article. Also, agents throughout Illinois. lowa, Wisconsin and Micnesott. Ifl* Booth Clack-et., between Adams and Msnrce. Chicago, 11L TXTANTED—A man with $1,200, to Tv buy a 20-borse pomb’e engine worth $3,000. Must be solo. Room 2, So.-18 Sonth Clark-st. WJ ANTED—A reliable party, with Tl good rclerencea, to buy my Interest In Jones ft Scott's Temple of Music, In cte ol the best hnslness town* west of the Mississippi River. Business well and favorably eatsbllshed, paying and steadily Increas ing. Capital required about 13.500. Reason tor felling, boor health ana advised to go Sooth. Refer to Messrs. ROOT ft CADT. and address HENBT C. SCO IT, Mc- Gtcgor, lowa. . TTTANTED—Immediately, experienced VV canvasser* to sell the richly Illustrated “Collazo Cyclopcedla,**completelnone octavo volume of over l.roO pages. The richest repository ot ksow.'edre ever brt nsbt within so small a compass. A mine of Intel* lectnal wealth. a g*mtf literature. An mdlspcnsa* ble requisite to every family. Tbs best selling boot la market. For terms and territory address GLinußS A HATjr Fabihherr. 127 boats Clark-at., cmcazo. WANTED— Canvassers tor “ Lile in Holy Land.** a work of thrilling interest to eve ry lover or sacred literature. Jnst issued, and idling rapidly. Elegantly Illustrated. Endorsed by thepnl plt and press. For terms ana territory address GUb- DEN t DALE 127 Sonth Clark-st. \\f ANT ED — To sell a half-interest in y\ an established auction boslncsi. increasing dolly. One of the partner* is compelled to leave the city on business, Addre. s “S." Tribune office, for one w- ek. TXT ANTED—To purchase, a Iruit farm. VV In Michigan or Southern Illinois preferred. State location and amount of improvements, together with terms of payment, and address Box 158. Chl- TXT ANTED -A y otmg man to learn t*c V V drug and rreserlcUon business. In afirst-tlaas drug store In the dty. Tbe successful applicant will be rectmed to loan his employer from <SOO to 1700, on good security, and will receive a moderate salary, in addition to a thorough knowledge ot the business. Aodrc.’* ‘■CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST,** Tribune of lice. Chicago., iiattnetß ffii&anteo. PARTNER —Wanted—In a well estab lished aud paying carriage lac lory. Forpartlc uiarß addfe** (j. G.«” Tribune office. TJARTNER—Wanted—With a capital ot JC $5,000 to <15,000, In an established wholesale boot and shoe manutacturlng business. A good opportu nity for a man acquainted with the business, or prac tical business wan. Address p, o. Box 1567 ■pAKTNEß—Wanted—With S3OO, to en- JL gage .1° a pleasant and money-making business, for particular* apply a* 194 South Clart-st- Boom 5, com 8 a. m. to a p. m. TJARTNER—Wanted—In an establish* JL ed mllUoerybußlee!*. Location central and one of the ben In the city. Only those with at least <I.OOO cash need apply. “J H M,” Box ISO. P- O. VMeuo. TJARTNER—Wanted—With a capital T of <250 to to engage in a well paying holiness— profits large. Apply at 100 Madl roo-feU Boom 4. personal. PIiEEONAL-U this should meet the A-fl ith tnc ihfptr Cfi rhirty-fiva year*, tall. Mk- hair outerxed! whiTu i'cllned, sue wUI S>i27SdiMa A DAVIB, Chicago, Hllnols, wltn name atdwldr«B*for reply- AU cornmnnlcaiions siricUy ctnfldentlaL__^^^ iJianog. T7«OR SALE—A splendid piano torte, fi -t i great bargain; or would be exchanged lor gliding materia*. **C D W,'* f. I). Box 356 9,Chicago. Situations aaaweh. ■AUI, Wantca . b J a maoste ASSj% u g , c* S1 J anted, by a young man about 23 ve«n of ace. la a wholesale or retail m. err not e- Under*land* iho hualncs* perfectly be»t ot rfiaacce can be given. Apply at a©. 413 aJJ; CITUATION —Wanted, ra a good com- O mission or whclesal# house. Be« 0 f references SITUATION—Wanted, by ayonnemaa, Lj as entry clerk, assistant bookkeeper or snipping clerk, tn a wholesale Bouse. Addreas P. o. Box 1074. CITUATJON—Wanted, bv C* »1 y»ars ofage, whrtl»ootarraldloworr.!a a cor mission booM or wholesale grocery. Address “C H l, Trliione office. (SITUATION—Wanted, by ayouoa man, *-?. u shlpotag or office eJejk. Best of reference*. Address "Y W.” mbone efflee. *««««■. SITUATION —Wacted, m s good com ly’mmioo or wfaofegaie hoaw. Would travel a pvc tlnm It desired. Address **H T F.” Tribune of- CITUATiON-Wanted, as drug derk. h , a iS llrt vct»Tears Ad ow **T J K," Noe. l*,S and IBCOMo-tt. QlTUATlON—Wanted—A bookkeeper, O now In the employ ot a leading wholesale boose. bouse win terminateooor about April 13th. Oestfftj to make arranxementa to serve in same capacity for name good home- Eetetm ces given. Address •■6BT,*’Trloune office. SITUATION —Wanted, in a wholesale orjobblßghoose.brayoaQgmaa of bua cess tal ent and expert ence. acquainted with dry good*. llncasL ardm-n’sweargcodi, also well up tn ooee routine and willing to assist at anything. Moderate compete eatlon required where energy and application will se cure advancement. Good references given as to aMit Address, for three days, “APPLICANT,” Tri bune office. CITUATION—Wanted, as a coachman, L 3 by a young American who thoroughly uodcr standstihe bmdne«s and the cars ol horses. Is non anaiatomske hlmaetf generally useful. The best ot city reference* given. Address “ ALBERT,” Tribune office. yiMAißg, CITUATION —Wanted—For a youDg- C 7 lady, as eoptlst cr clerk In some good store. Writes an excellent hand and has a superior ©donation. Address “L E.” Tribune office. OITUaIION—Wanted, lo do no stairs IO work or wait ca table, by a respectable glrL In qmreat 103 gebor-stM for two days. SITUATION—Wanted,by a widow wo- m*a wltb baby. In a private famlly.clty or coun try. Understands ail tln-ia ol housework. 'Wages no object; a home Is what is desired. Apply as iffy CITUATIONS—Wanted, by two expe ls rlenced young lady clerks. Best of reicrence* far'- ntohed. Address MUs “L Q p." Box 1.579; SITUATION—W anted—For a German r O alsoaa American girl, for second woik. other gecd girls can bo found at MBS. UALKAM’S Office, 15b Slate-at. ClTUATloN—Wanted—By a Tonne KT* lady.todofamUy sewing. It araxl aetmittoMl • and andemands working Wheeler & WiUon orGrorcr * Eater eewins machines. Address 340 West Ean dclph-st. SITUATION—Wanted —As second girl Hi or »Co kitchen work Id a maU’pnrate totally. Address or call at 78 Nora flauted-st. CITUATION—Wanted—By two re k.7 ecectableyonng gHrs—one as cook and theolhec as chambermaid, la a private family. Rest of refer* escfccanbe hsd. Please call at No. BO West Hlas dsle-it. CITUATION—Wanted—By a xespecta kT bfefnrfi«b lady of quiet habits, as housekeeper. Address “WIDOW." care 199 Washington-*!. agents ffiJEanteb. A GENTS—Warned—For Genera) L. C. -LA- Baker’s HISTORY OF TUB bKCKET SERVTCB, tae most exciting and interesting book ever published. This work embraces an AUTHENTIC and OFFICIAL account ct the hitherto sanoresed facts and Intorma tlon obtained by General Baker, daring his five year* service as Chletot the National Detective Police, it *•* announced more than a year ago, bet owing to the attempts of the Government to suporm IL w P n s<l«tiOQ was de ayed. It will now be toned. unalterid and unabridged. neder the supervision oi h** e r. The little information and mearre ao counts oi his operations derived trom the newspaper* thsSilrts*e e ,£ nl iir ake,:edft more Intense desfr* in the mlnos of the reading community, to learn roll more ol Uie mysteries beretof ire hidden by the curtain of official surveillance. , Thl* book effectually lilts tho se £”<r»n‘ s lays bare tlelr inward recedes to the inspection and crtUefem of the world. Tho the National Capital are thoroughly ventilated, and there are some strange tlois concerning head* ol departments, member* °f Cocerass, female pardon brokers, and distinguished military characters. For thrilling interest these mar vellous narratives ol General Bak-w eclipse ihe to mens experiences ol Foache and Vldocq. and pooeee* the rail; merit oi truth for tkelr recamm-adaOua, tos £r.u hlihest effleta. authority. Send for circulars, and see our terms and a full de acrtptioßot thoweti Address JONta brothers* 1.0. 148 West Fonrtb-sL, Cincinnati. Ohio. AGENTS— Wanted M The Pictorial w9n.V r tA^ C HOTES AND INCIDENTS OF WaR. _ Warranted the moetartrsetve. fast-wli. Urgcst proflu andgive*bed sattoCsctlon when de Ivered. Agents make *3O to StOB Pffweek.a4 we wid prove. Address SXODDABD A GENTS—Wanted—English Sfetallie -LjLClothes Line. Good Inducements to s-.ota. c-n>t fitaipp*. for sample, to PABKISSOH A YOUNG, 1kx463 Port Huron, Mlcb. AGENTS— Wanted, everywhere,toseH Patent White Wire Clothes Line*. Can make MO wfsPPerday. Address “MetaUc Clothes Line CoTJ” 93 Seneca-fit.. Cleveland. Ohio. A GENTS—Wanted—soo Agents want -Tk ed la a new btumeee. H. B. SHAW, Alfred, A GENTS—Wanted— ?2s a day. Fit ?. e T Articles lor Agents. O. T. GAR ST, BUldatord, Matas. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the Amer -LJL lean Republic and American Continent. The two maps sent free to any address Ibr ta. Butthlur ontforsgentt. Also nfty kind* rf charts and LOW ft 8 5A^ f J'lKiPr't Ad s£? la SAMMONS. WHITE A CLARK, 199 Lake-fit, Chicago. ■ A (jKNTS—Wanted—Enclose JIM for X\. complete outfit on ‘•IJFE AND DEATH IN REBEL PBI SONS,” the ctMtesS ie.lms tow m pnblbbed. A. KIDDER, gj-j Wasbington-st, Chicago AGENTS— Wanted—Biggest thing out lor Agents. For nanlculars and sample, tend 35 cents to B. D. RUSSELL * CO., Jacfcaonvllle. UL F. O. 80X431. AGENTS —Wanted—Fcr Folsoms new UrdcrFeed. LETTER A SEWING MACHISB. Price $lB to S4O. Maehlnfsienton trial. p. ATKIN SON, 164 BanUolph-sL. E:ocua No. 6. Chicago, 111. AGENTS— Wanted—Male and female, to sell a new article in great demand that every tamlly wants. $4 per dsv made without leaylag home. TravelUcg srects ess make from $5 to iia per day. witbouc Interference with other business. The article ebewa fcr itself, samples, with terms and oartlcolara cT the bnjlaesa, seat tar 3 cents. Address fi. W, UH &PFRLL, Drawer 6533, Ch'cago. AGENTS —Wanted—Ladies and gentle men throughout the West, to canvas- fbrotrr popular works. Large commissions paid. Address or gflyto W. J. HOLLAND ft CO., 3S Lombard Block. AGENTS Wanted w The Empty Sleeve” and “Tbe Better Land ,** two finest, choicest at d best sellings eel engravings ever publish* ea la America. Best judge* pror ounce idem “the flaws creations of modern art” Commissions unusually larce. AddrcjaSTODDARDACO n lo2Washingtoa* at.. Chicago. A GENTb—Wanted—To sell the new XL picture, TUB TOMB OF LINCOLN. Uaeral tern s and exclusive territory granted. Call on or ad* dxCr9J.GEMM£LL,FrItt Publisher. 123 Randolph* of Clark. Send fbr catalogue of 4CO Choice A GENTS—Wanted—A “golden oppor aL tnnltv”—To sell tickets for nor “Wisconsin Pre slum Gift Concert” forISST. Perioos travelling on other business can do but. All such should spnly. Drawing July 4th.1567. Parties perfectly responsible. Tfrnifl Übcraj, Agents making money tost. Illinois, Michigan and lowa ncsold. Good rronlred. Enelopc sump lor circular. Address RODGERS ft kirk up, Neenah. Wta. A GENTS—Wanted—Male and iemalc, XL for an entirely new business, which will pay $3 to $3 per honr. All who sect a Pleasant occupation ad* drwr. with stamp, Mrs. W. M. WORDEN, Drawer 6319. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—Everywhere, to xl sen the “INSTANTANEOUS WINDOWCLSAS - AND MAGIC POLISH.” Everybody wants IC. and yon can sell thousands of boxes tbit «prlng.maldng ftom *3 to SJO per day. ALL EXPRESS CHARGES PREPAID on wholesale orders. Send 25 cents for sample, terms, new elrcnlar.wlth testimonial*. Ac. Ad* Chicago A GENTS—Wanted—achool Teachers, XX Clergymen, to Introduce Rev. Dr. Kltto's “ 111 os uated History of the Bible.” This is a Book for the Times and contains about 7DO pages and over 100 mil page engravings. ReUrsd Clergymen or school T*acU era, and experienced Agents are wanted to tatrodnea this great work into each County In tbs United State*. Tbtsls the best selling work snbiisbed. Agents s*y “thsy never knew a book to sell so well.” ) t elves sat- Itoctlon to all. and is Is recommecdad by the leading Clergymen East and West. “KJKo’s work ha* been prepared with snch accuracy anl fieeiltyaatobe a proper companion ot the Bible In rue public or private library.”—fur. W. W. Evans. Ist Baotlsc Church, Chi cago. For terms apply Immediately to person or by to CHARLES BILL. Chicago, lIL A GENTS—Wanted Gitt Enterprise XL. sen and dealers, to know that theplace to get Oral ard Square Framea and toetnresof ai: kinds, and Card Phot; graphs, cheap, rs 8A MUONS, WHITE ft CLARK’?, 179 Chicago, itnd tor circular. Try onr Black Walnut and Gilt Polished Frames. Try our Polished Mouldings. * A GENTS Wanted For “ WO- A MAN’S WORK IN THE CIVIL WAR.** Prepared under the approval of the United States Sanitary, Western sanitary and the Christian Commissions. History has no precedent, poe try no paralleL to the work or women in onr latecivll war. An eminent Divine says: “This Work Is a household treasure, a Joy and Dies; tog to future time*. Itderelopesasew.soclalera; a new resulted ourteeetnsmnticas, oar schools, oar church**, otr* pulpit, ana cur pres*; * new power In woman; a new phase In Chnsllxnity UssU.” T. 8. Arthur's Magaxtoa sajs; “Wewelccme this bookmost heartily as the only record of Womat’s work lu the War whici makesanv approach to completeness.” Send tor a circular. -1 get a fall defcrlption of the worn and (erma to aeeuta Addms ZFIGLRR. McCUBi»T ft Co* Lombard Block. Chicago. 11l A GENT*—Wanted—To sell “The Lost £\ Came.” toe only offlclin Southern History ol the War. by Edward A- Pollard, ol Virginia. This work la creating core interest among lue reading public any history ever published. Agents find u toe b4S paying work thty ever tooa bold of. One ageara coin, muilons have in less than three months amount'd t> orvr jHjOO. For circulars and terms address c. W LILLET, Publisher. 36 Reynolds* Block, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For the env and XI elsewhere, who ate not dead broke, car. money on a new thing that’s sure to sell. Sample and Pipersßentcnreeelotoftio stamps for postage. Ad dress 47 Lombard Blocs, Chicago, or call and see. A GENTS—Wanted Every wheie, to sell SIR COPP. Sum edition. Terms liberal. anaagent«ar» making money- S'cd oae dollar tor % eopt ■pdclrcnlart.toPßOF. GLARES, 213 lUluols st„ Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted For the “ WO MEN OF THE WAR.** attracting thousands by Its thrilling record ol the noble and pure minded wo men who followed tbatr hnsbands and ion* to the war. Written lu tea glowing and soul stirring language of Frank Moore. How many owe tTelriiviato-dy to tbo ministrations of these lelf-sacnflclng women 3 Margaret BftckenrWge,Mrf. Fanny Rickets, Mrs. Marr Brady, Mrs. Byckerdjke, Mrs. Belle Eeyn .Ids.Mra. Mary Mor ns Husband, and many more In this nobis lut-they are names that deserve to live. Only by reading ithe facta ot thf lr live* jn the army—facts oftentimes more thrlLlng than any romance—can we be Ud to realise the beauty andnobiiuyorwoman's sonL or the true herol'm. ana tbe unselfish, faithful devotion of which women are capable. This is the tree field lor material toran Interesting book: and the author baa done hi* part well. Tbe work U splendidly published. Noth ing comparable with It m elegance and beauty baa be fore been brought out ofali the book* devoted to our war literature. Theportrajtsol these women, oustcal, are In the very bights* sn«j costliest style of the an. Many scents are reporting an average sffie or sixteen corl'sper d*v. Senators circular before taking an sgeoevioranv other book. Address R. C. tkrar. 117 South Clark-st- Chicago. fHaciunets. FOR Sale—Portable engines, station ary and cn wnesls. 10 and U-’iorae cower, on band ana lor sale at low prices, by THE FKdHTIOO CO-, North Water-sh. North Fler. FOR SALE—Three h-corse pewtrnr right eugiccsiaiso six borlzostal eagtie*, 8, 10 ana 12-horse p»w2i. Larger or smaller engiaea fur nished with or without ooUen. 12,15, is and 20-hcrre tubular and locctnotlw boilers for sale, best —•«*-» A-»o one 1-ruuer Union M&ichcrandFlaatnx M&ctme, Bawmllla. barrel andwojc-wcrinar BAcninerT. Iren piantrs. btlCns, sass. files, ac. Machinery D-pjS, 5S Dearbom-sU, Chicago. OREBSLEB 3BOA A CO. TT’OR SALt*—One second-hand 10 horse A’ portable engine, complete, been in us- only thm mortns.and lust as good as new. Apply to A. 11. PaLMKK. office Fhmntx Life Insurance Company, 43 South Clark-st., Room 4, up stair*. UOK SALE—2S,IO and 15-hnisc power A portable engines and boiler*, with all modern Im wtait. and ail<2 air sales* very low pricea, h> GBIFFIN' ÜBOiL. 110 fj'Oß SALE—Portable and Statiouaty I? Er gines and Boiler* for sale cheap kt 73 and 75 Mlchigan-st,