Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 30, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 30, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Laust News fcj Ocean Telegraph. Great Storm with loss of Life in the Black: Sea. The Emperor Francis Joseph to he Crowned King of Hungary. mm WASHINGTON. Proceedings in Congress Yeste T day. The Impeachment Question igain Before the House. Final Passage of the Ohio and Indiana War Claim Bill. How A. Johnson Manufactured Democratic Voters. Information Concerning Booth’s Diary. Hie Final Adjonrnment of Con gress to Take Place at Twelve o'clock To-day. FROM EUROPE, BTOCBAN TBLBGBW IS, Great Britain* TUT CANADIAN KAH.WAT LOAN. London, March 29. In the Commons last night tbe propositl-n of the Government to guarantee a Cansdi-n railroad loan was agreed to. Cr.ltAT STORX OK THE SLACK BKA. London, March 29—Evcniag. A despatch from Odessa reports a terrible storm in tbe Black Sea. Several vcjfcls were wrecked, with some loss of lite. BOTAL XAMUAOB COKTUACT. It is announced that King George, of Greece, is soon to marry a niece of Qneen Victoria, sima abuttals. Q prut stows, March 29—Noon, lire steamship The. Qneen, from New York, has ■arrlTca. Lossoitsknnr, March 25—Noon. The steamship Nora Scotian, from Portland, has Arrived. Falaoctu, England. March 29. The steamship Fulton, from New York iCth, ar rived to-day. Bnnsuy, tbahcm josxpii to be cbowkbd Pesth, March 23. The coronation of Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria, as King of Hungary, will take place at ihia capilol in July next. Latest Foreign markets, mtaxcun. ' Losdos. March 29—Noon. Tive-Twentie*, 7»h Erie,B9jg; Illinois Csitral, ?«Jf; Consols, 91W; United State* bonds, at Frankfort, T7,*i at Pons, Sty;, LoxDON.Msrch 59—Evening. Consols closed firm at 91-*; s stir, 75; Illinois Central, Erie, S 9. Feakkfobt, March 29—Evening. 'United States I)cadi TS’f. Basis, March 29—Evening. Americas bends 84H- Liteetool, March 29—Noon. Cotton—Qui unsteady acd cncuonged. Salt* probably 7.VCO btiei- Breaofltnfif— Quiet and unchanged. ■w ProTigioLS-DuU and unchanged. Roetr—Declined 3d. Common. Ss 9d per 100 lbs. Flue. . advanced to IC*. Spina cl turperilae. declined 61, doting 01375. Petroleum, IsCd. A-bes.'Mi. Clover seed, Ms. London markets unchanged. Ijteepool, March 29. The Brolert' Circular reports the Imports of cotton for the week 215,<<0 ba'es. and nock foots up baler, being 2?,CCt bates aborc the esUmaie. Liteutool, March 29—Evening. Cattoa—Quiet, Tbroognout tne dey transaitlous were Dght. Price- nuctisnced. Sales amoaoted to bcls. TLe trade cf the Manchester market for gooosandysxa 1$ dtp essea with a ucciiolug tendency. Freadr.hfis market taslo*. Corn declined tivday at 3rt 1 er quart cr—ciO‘cd at SJs r r m:xcd Wostcrn. Flour —WeHcrcSlatc qctled at Jgj 9J per bri. Offe-s nz charged. Provisions and produce quiet und atesdy. TEOfl IV ASHING TON. ySpedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wasulvoxos, iltrrh 29, joioteux as a xAJfCTAcnii.EE or pexoceatxO VOTE US. General Boiler h-onght to light in the debate this afternoon the facts oo which Governor Bout weira icsolntion, relative to tbc paidon of de serters, was founded. He Raid teat while doing his dntyas Chairman of the Board of Managers of the National Asylum for Disable! Soldiers, he discovered that about $75,0 € of the money which should tayc been enbiect to his order had, by direction of the President, been transterred to another fund. This led him to make a thorough investigation, when he foimd that some time last tall lue Democratic Concessional nominee in the Second District of West Virginia made ont, or had made out, a list of lift deserters from the Onion army, and sect it to the Tresidi-nr, witha letter saying that it they were pardoned and lestored to pay and allowances, they would all vote the Johnson t'cket. This list and letter were laid before the President by Colonel Taomae Florence, of this city, end every ore of the deserters was thereupon pardoned wlthcnt other proof or question, and pay and allowances to the amount of about seven ty thousand dollars were made over to them. Tbfe pardon, or orders for the same, were delivered to Colonel Florence, who received ot.c thousand dol lars for hla eeivicce m the case from me Claim Agent who had it in charge. It come out in the debate following this statement, by General Sut ler, that the whole matter had been laid before the impeachment Committee, and the Demo cratic members thereof denounced Bailer in strong terms for speaking of the subject in the open Home. One of them attempted to convey the idea that there is another aide to the story,. bnt BciJer tala his statement had been sworn to Lr'a Brigade r General of the army, and parties -outside of Congress, who are conversant with the matter, say the tiers can be snhs'antfattid beyond doubt bclorc any civil Court. TUX DCFEACnXEXT QtTEBTIOS. The impeachment question got into the Honrc again tbtw afternoon and was feebly oisenssed lo .3 rambling manner lor about an hour and a half. Mr. Vvoodbridge, of Vermont, who is on the Ju diciary Committee, made a brief speech without communicating anything more thin was conveyed In the assertion that tbc committee uonld report in favor of impeachment when they bad evidence of the President's guilt. Mr. Wood undertook to twist this into a direct admission that no such evi dence has yet been taken. Mr. Woodbridce de nied that the words would bear enca construc tion ; and some sharp croas-qncatlonirg followed. Wood withdrew his first remark, though be de nied it to the last. General butler urged imme diate action in his usual manner, and was sus tained by Messrs. Stevens, Farnsworth, and Clarke, of Kansas, while Merera. Garfield and Bingham wanted the matter let alone till the com mittee a report. Clarke's resolution for a meeting in Juno ,to hear that report and take action thereon was pm through by yeas C 3, nays 59. The Senate, ol course, will not act on it. * AXuouicarEST. The adjournment oi Congress has finally been fixed for to-morrow noon. The Conference Com zciltee ordered last evening wer? in session for over an hour early this alter noon, bnt tailed to Teach an agreement. The Senate then took up the question again on Ihe resolution passed by the House yesterday, aud tbc House also took It up again on a new resolution. Each branch, after a struggle of-an hour, reached a conclusion. Tbe Senate, hr a vote of twenty-five to thirteen, .agreed to adjourn from to-morrow noon till the first Wednesday in July, when If a quorum is cot present in both branches, an adjournment ehuil take place till December. A rharo struggle en sued when It came to tbc House, but it Was car ried through late In the evening, by yeas 53, nays -33. I> Is not believed that a quorum of ■either House will be present In July, unless the emergency is very great Both branches of Con gress meet at ten o'clock to-morrow morning. It Is very doubtful If there Is a quorum present In the House, and certain that no linpi rtant business .will be done there. The Senate will prohanly spend most of the time till noon is Executive session. fier T-yUEU ‘vrra OOHFTtrUTIOSAL AJftWDMEKT. ILefirstappltcation for removal for disability under the third section of the Constitutional Amendment comes from James L. Seward, of Southwestern Georgia, a former member of Con gress from that State, whose memorial was laid before the Senate to-day. booth •enuarc. The diary of Booth, concerning which so much Las been said oi late, and the email pocket mem orandum book containing entries concerning & variety of subjects items of personal expenses, entries ot socfsl visits, and statements of various matters concerning the flight alter the assassina tion. it contains adcscription of bis terrible con dition the Friday subsequent to Mr. Lin coln’s death, being then with a broken leg alone and an outcast in the Potomac swamps, and tbto is evidently written in a perfect agonyol fueling. The missing pager may have been to-n out by Booth on vuxloq* occasions, or cut out by come ot the soldiers through whose bauds it passed, or, as Mr. Untler b lieves, removed by aome one In high Executive circles, it can tic positively staled that neither tbc War Department nor the Judge Advocate’s Department know any thing of tho book in any other <h»n ug present condition, and the same is true of Mr. Bingham's knowledge of it. ZZEUUUV* SUUJKB. . The Executive session to-day was about two boon lons. Action was taken on bnl few nomtnaUdna-comparatively. The cuea of General BonsEoan and Commissioner Newton were not readied. Neatly one hundred nominations yet remain tra the Executive boot?, many of which must fail with tbe adjournment to-morrow. The Austrian mission has not yet been filled. bevisue tuacds is cAmromoA. The Treasory Department has received mforma tior that two of the wine salts pending at San Francisco have been trices verdict fonbe Gov ernment being rendered In each case; This result is considered important as. proving t'.c alleged frandnlcnt practices in wine, and the absolute ne cessity for the stringent measures adopted, to de feat and punish them. OHIO ASD INDIANA WAS CLAIMS. . The Houeo concurred with the Senate today in passing Governor Morton's hill for * Commission for tie adjustment of the war claims of Ohio and Indiana, and the bill went to the President forhii signature this evening. CONTRACTS. In all mail lettings since Jnne.l, 1505, the Government has refused to pay prices higher than the old rates fur transportation of the mail?. This has caused great dissatisfaction among all rail roads in the country, and the Post Office Depart ment has row determined to have the mails ou all important routes weighed during the month of April, end allow pay in proportion to the amount earned. rrrm iujkois colllctiok oistuiot. , fi ht I derate, ibis afternoon, bya majority of one, & bare quorum being pre?cnt, A advised and con sctU-d to the removal of Colonel John il.Brraut,of Pncccton, and the appointment ol Wm. Kellogg, c-fl’ioria. inhlsnlacc asltevenne Collector of the Fifth Illinois District. This action has surprised aiirt mortified most of the Republican members of the IUIno : s delegation, and some of tnem denounce .rosa rhamc and outrage. Mr. ingcreoll and Governor Yates have been very bnsy ever'since Kellogg was nominated in getting Senators plirciffed to his support, acd these pledges, made before the case was understood, gave him the votes of seme oithe most radical members of the body, and secured his . confirmation in spite of Judge Trumbull's strong opposition. JTwo or three Scnatots declare this evening that they would have voted In the negative bat that they were pledged. Tbe end of the session is so near that Itis cot probable that a reconsideration can be carried. the nrPEAcmmrr question. 3r the debate to tbe House Mr. WoodbriJge al luded to a former remark of Mr. Blaine that the action of the Judiciary Committee on impeach ment v.asgtnetally considered a farce, saying that the committee had made an arrangement, fr the Ilonse adjourned now, to come 1020150- about the Ist of May, and co'itinna the investigation. It vasto be honed by everybody that nothing would happen that would render it necessary to impi-ach the President, bat if a sta'e of facts sbenid appear that would render n proper tits judiciary Committee would not shrink Irom the n.->!;ocafbility, hut would recommend a hill of Impeachment. That was a dmy which the mcii'bersof that committee did not seek, a dmy* which they would be very willing to be rid of. but they would candidly and firmly, and with out prejudice, examine the question and report the convictions of their deliberate judgment Fcir.anoo Wood made some remarks against Impeachment, for whicbilthere was not, as it siocd, a thadow of proof. Hr. Butler supported. the idea of impeach ment, by s'atingthat an tmportan* point of evi dence bad been laid before test committee. The President bad, lor political reasons alone, pardoned 193 deserters from a West Virginia regi men in order that they mightvote torfk Democratic candidate for Congress, fiebimselt snpplt-tl ILO testimony. Be added that the result of ihU par di n of a Latch ot deserters was to entitle them to the of 573.000 which would have been lor feitrd lo tbe National Asylum for Soldiers- Be also stated that Colonel B. Florence had received £3,RLO for bis services as intermediary in that matter. Mr. Marshall said It was not proper to speak of vhut occurred in committee. The statements of Boiler were unauthorized, and brought before the Home In a manner improper and discreditable. snxnnjAji’s jiesiovals. . Thu Frctidcnt is importuned with protests against the offical changes in Louisiana by Gen eral Sheridan. B. L. Lynch, appointed Attorney General, 1c place of Herron, was the Attorney General of tee Slate nnucr the military control of Builer and Banks. Edward Heath, appointed Mayor in place of Monroe, was Comptroller of the state finances under Banks; and W. W. Howe, appointed District Judge 10 place of Abell, was judge Adroca'e of the Military De partment under Entler, Banks and Canby. PZKIALe. *lhc New Vork Tribune's special says Gen eral Grant says he knows of no United States troops being sent to the frontier m anticipation o! Fenian troubles. Nxw Youk, Ma»ch29.—The Colorado Senators publish a card denying the statement that they promised President Jocnson to support hia pol icy if he would sign the Colorado Admission Bill. inrXACIiBEKT UrVESnOATIOS. —.UVMMAI UtLOUUAUUd* The New York Times' Washington sp cial says General Fullerton, in his testimony belore tho Jn dlctmy committee. In connection with the Im peschmFut matter, was called onto answer ques •ions ngardirp the contents ol letters brought to him In Louisiana from President Johnson by per sons whose lands and other confiscated property* were afterwards restored to them. He explained (hat the letters did not contain sjccial instruc tion?, bnt were mere introductions, acd that in the nrtoraliou of property be was always gov erned by the general ord rs of the Bureau, lasved by Gmcra] Howard. Otherwise nothing new was aevtkptd. TUCOCK3COHTOK. Ant Port will soon be made to induce Major Sfcendan to remove Governor Throck morton, of Texas. if Tbrockmortou is removed, thcappcintmcct of a Union man is secured, no matter what the Genre of the Administration may be. at the law requires all officers to take the Iron clad tsi oath. Throckmorton caccof take It, and there arc but few men of prominence in tho State who can. Among them are Judge PaschaL Judge Sherwood asd Judge Thomas—all radical Union ists. JUT. BATTS. A special from Washington to the Pjsfhasa rumor that the trial of Jeff Davis will take place inJlcy. BZZP. WAsnurcTOK, March 29.—Hon. George Heade Riddle, ex-Seualor Lorn |Dolaware, died here this c\ enlng. WOBKISCMES'S 6SBEITADE. The workingmen, in larjc numbers, to-ntght sercuudcd Gtneral Banks and others, who voicd \ :*day for, and passed In the House of Repre sentatives, tha bill cons lmfing elgut hoars a day’s work, applicable to Government employees. sekiocslt ill. George W. Malthews, of Indiana, step-father of hpeai-cr Colfax, is lying dangerously i*J with •yiiDord ftver ru this ctty. TizixsrrnnEP. Brevet Majo-Gmeral A. MC. McCook, of the Twcny-stsOi liifatuy, has been relieved or ui< present duty, and ordered to'joia his regiment ISDIAK ATFAIHS. lit gy. late Commi.-'sloadr of Indian Affaire, act ing :cr Gov rnmcnf. baa recently bad important interview*. w ith the Yancton, Sionx. Sank Sioux, Winn a?;t. Omaha tribes of Indiana, bavin" mvicivaiiitLerprovielonfor their comtort ana welfare without costto the Government beyond '.he present appropriation for those tribes, under ceatv eUpnlellons. - A favorite idea iato provide for uT-m out cf this fund a sufficient qoi.mty of cattle so that they mey begin to raise stock anti a'suthn the chase. ’the Indians, it u inought, mil adopt this mode of life very readily, and as the Inal can he made without any expense to the Gov* eminent, it Is deemed worthy of being pat in prac tical operation. coitrmjfATioxe. 'llie <r*mm onnflr-mn/1 a, AS«f»BQf>F nf In. The Senate to-day confirmed as Assessor of In tercal Revenue Richardson L. Wnght, Fifth Dis trict of lllirc-is; Collector of Internal Revenue, il. M. Kellogg. Fifth District of Illinois; Surveyor (Jcnc.-aJ, A.H. R. t-aSord, of Nevada. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. VaamxGTOi', March 23. SENATE. Petitions and memorials were read and referred, among them »uveral by Mr. SHERMAN, praying forrcncl from the disability under ihc Constitu tional Amendment, known as the NIVlh Article. Mr. Sherman did not believe that Congress c mid reltc'eanv one irons his disability nmii the Con stitutional Amendment bad been adopted. Tea memorials wire referred lo the Judiciary Com mutee. Mr. HENDERSON, from the Committee on In dian Adair*, reported a resolution authorizing said committee, on the prosecution of the inves tigation called for by the recent resolution, to visit the p’diatj ft crrltory, aid directing the Secretary to furnish transportation and mtLiary protection. Adopted. Mr. HENDERSON introduced a resolution calling on the Secretary for certain detailed Infor mation in regard to the Indians, the number of etch tribe, description of their lands, copy of each treaty, &c. Adop’cd. Mr. CAMERON introduced a resolution calling on the Secretary of Wax lor icfomtatlou as to the amount of compensation raid during the war to the Cmumore & Ohio Railroad for carrying ■roops; whether the came or greater than was paid to other railroads; and if greater, why so ? Mr YATES objected, and the resolution went over. Mr. DAVIS offered a resolution reciting the cir cumstances under which Wen Virginia was ad mitted into the Union, difcviing the Committee on the Judiciary to Inquire Into and report on the ; ainc. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. PATTERSON, of I ermessec, offered a reso lution nopropriatinc £50.001) far the relief of those who suffered damages by the late tlooas. Ordered upon the table. Mr. UONNESS introduced a hill providing that Geo. Marshal Vermont: Max Mullen and Richard Ck vetix French, of England, and Cbas. A. Dana; of New York, shall form a Board of Commission ers on the phoneric system, to report upon the practicability of substituting phonetic for the Latin alphabet. In common use in tsc United stales end Great Britain, tbc Commission to re ceive CS.GGI each us compensation after the report t-as bten submitted. Referred to tne Joint Com miner on Lihiaty. Mr. SHERMAN offered a resolution calling on the Si cretary ol War for a copy ofthe report of Cereal Carrington on the Fort Kearney mas sacre. Adopted. Mr. CORBITT introduced ahill.appropria*lng lor the support oftbe Sailors' and Soldiers’ Urphr.cs Home of the District of Colombia. Ob jected to, and goes over. Mr. SPRAGUE moved lhat the Senate lake up me Lit! to fix’ne lime at which the Rankiuptßul thsll go into effect on the first of Jane. Mr. CUMUNDS moved to. lay the bill on tho ta b's. Disagreed to. Aftcrsome attempts at amendmect.thc question was taken on ordering the bill to a third read me. Lost—yeas 14. nays 29. Mr. SPRAGUE called np the joint resolution oireciJLg 'he rccrctory of War to cause a survey so he made lor the purpose of ascertaining the cott of com-traction ol the Mississippi levees. Mr. SUMNER moved as aproviso that no be appropriated to improve the levees iu any Stale until the same has been admitted to tho Union on the basis ot cqoal rights, elective fran chise atd free tchoole, without distinction of. color. •After debate the snbject was, on Mr. TitUM BALL'S motion, postponed. Mr MORRILL,of Marne, from the Conference <"cm»»ittee on the bid making-appropriations for detid'LCtes in the Senate Contingent Fund, made n rept n, which was agreed to. Mr. EDMUNDS, from the Conference Commit tee or adjournment, reported that tbe committee were : nr.iile lo ague, Mr. EDMUNDS moved the following proposi tion. which he believed would be agreed to by the House: That tho President of the Senate and Speaker of the Bouse adjourn their respective houses at noon 10-mo.-row until tae first Wednes day m duly, when, unless a quorum of each House snail be present, they shall further adjourn Lem •• Ithout day. Several propositions lo amend this were made and injected. In the coarse of. some remarks, Mr. WILSON said he wished to remain here to settle the ques tion cf suffrage all through the country. Mr. DIXON asked if Messrs. Sumner and Wil son rcrant to pass a law lo enforce negro suffrage. Mr. SUMNER said certainly be did. Mr.WILSON bad no doubt that, nnderthere c- inly adopted Constitutional Amendment, they bad a riubt to pass a universal suffrage bill. Mr. EDMUNDS’ proposition was adopted—23 aciticri 12. Mr. TATES, fromtho CommilJseon Territories, reported au act excepting from tbe provisions of the act ot tbc last session of the Thirty-ninth Con gress, amendatory of the act to provide a tempo my Government for the Territory of Montano, approved May 2S, and tte act to change me loca tion of the capl'al or Montana, and the license, revenue and bundy laws of said Territory,passed by tbe Legislature at tho last Bcestou. Objected to and coes over. • The Senate went Into Executive session end soon after adjourned. HODSE The SPEAKER stated that owing to the Berlins iilDets ettiis step-father, Mr. Maihews. h e wo rid not be able to occupy the chair to-day. and would ih sicnatetho gentleman Irom Massachu-otie. Mr. BOUTWELL, as Speaker pro -fern. He would, however. Come to the Hall during the dayandsigu bills aud joinx resolutions. - . , _ TTiobenatc bill to reimburse the States of lodi ana and Ohio tor moneys expended for tho United Slates in enrolling, equipping and provisioning militia to aid in the suppression of the rebellion was passed—s 7 against 36. ‘ Several Disirict of Colombia bills were pissed. Tbe Senate Joint resolution in reference to the collection Md payment qf monays duo colored yol.xx. soldiers, sailors and marines or their hairs, di recting Chechs and draft* for such purposes made payable in Iho bonthem States (o the Commission er of the Frecdmen's Bnrean,wbo to be paid a? claim agent, his legal tec, and the balance to go to the claimants. Passed. The Senate bill to grant the Americas Atlantic Cable Telegraph Company at New Yo»k the right, power and privilege to lay, land and operate a submarine telegraph cable on the Atlantic coast of tbe United States, except the .coast oi Florida, and establish telegraphic communication between tbe United Stares and Europe by way of Bermudas and the Azore Islands, was parsed. The Senate Joint resolution in reference to the surveys of rivers was passed. Mr. CIABKE, of Kansas, offered a reso lution for adjournment, which, after de bate, Hr. BHOOMALL offered a substitute for. Adopted—yeas, 88; nays, £fi. it pro vides for an adjournment from to-morrow at three p. m. to the first W« rtnesday of July. when, if there be no anornm in both Houses, theyihalt adjourn from day to nay tor five days, and'in the continued absence of a quorum, shall adjourn tlil December. Mr. STEVENS, from the Committee of Conicr cnce, made a report on the bill to supply deficien cies in the contingent fond of the Senate. Report agreed to. Mr. CLARES, of Kansas, offered a resolution torcqnctlibo Judiciary Committee to report on the impeachment question on tbe first day of the adjourned session. Adopted. The Senate amendment to the adjournment resolution was concurred in by a vote of fifty three yeas against forty-five nays. The resolution, as adopted, provides for ad journment to-morrow at twelve-o'clock until the liiTl Wednesday In Jaly, when, unless therein a quorum of each Bouse present, the session shall adjourn till ticcunber. Mr. FERRY pretenfed a resolution of the Michigan Legislature for a grant of land for a railroad fiom the mining region of tbs Upper Pe nlntnia to a pomt on Mackinaw Bay. The Senate joint resolution authorizing the irar.-fcr of certain muds and urovidlng for a pnr ctcse of iceds. and their distnbution in tno Sonic, was passed. __ On motion of Mr. BOUTWE.L, leave was emu the Judiciary Committee to report iho im peachment testimony at the session in 'Jnly, in mitt. Adjourned till JO o'clock 10-motrow. FROM SPRISGFIELD, SLoz: John P. Reynolds In Paris— His Accotznt of the Preparations for «l»o Paris JCxposltlou—municipal Politics. It peaal Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.! SrniNcrißtT). March 23. A private letter was Ibis morning received from the Don. John H. Reynold?, Commissioner to the Laris Exposition. Be Jcit New York on the 2£d of February, and arrived at Brest on tLc 51b of Match. He reports the work ol preparation lor the Exposition is going ahead strung. bat cots not think it can possibly be ready by the Ist of April, although Ihe formal opening will take place on that day, os expected. The undertaking is a large one, and Is being exe cuted on a magnificent scale. France aiid England will be the chief exhibitors. Ihe united States will make a respectable show in some departments, ba* oar Government baa not realized the importance of making a first-class exhibition as the others have, "he collection from Illinois Is thought well of by • the United States authorities in Europe, and we have been pnt on a good footing. Soma slates rtat have prorolred largely nave failed euiire*y. which makes the large collection from Dlinois all the more acceptable. The Ist of May will be early enough for Americans to go to Europe for sightseeing); by that rime the exhibition will be in full blast, bnt rot before that time. The letter is addressed to Ur. David Sherman. Secretary of the Agricultural Society In the absence of Mr. Reynolds A series of Union prayer meetings are to be beld at Rndolph’s Opera House, commencing next Sabliatb. The winter wheat in this portion of the Stale looks well, but no spring wheat has yet been pat in, and the time for seeding has now passed, and wc have not bad one day ol spring weather. Ihe Republican Convention to nominate candl dates for city officers met last evening, bnt wa • compelled to Bdjonm without making any nomi nations, on account of the immense crowd in at tendance. Ward meetings are to be held, aud a Delegates'Contention called to make the nomi nations. FBOM SASUYILLE. Elopement Case—Appointments by Gov ernor Browulotr—Chattanooga' itall road Again to Operation. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nashville, March 29. Two days since Edward Fowler aud Margaret Strclraman eloped from Louiaville, cnae to Nashville, registered at the City Hotel as Z. Mer ritt and ifidr. were accompanied by a man named Little Peter Siremman. Margaret's husband keeps a confectionery in Lotusvilio on Seventh street, and has been married two years. Prior lo the elopement an attempt was made by Fowler to poison Strcinaman and run away with the woman. She took gSt’O of her bnabamps money. She is rinctccc years of age and a German. She says she will col live wrtn her husband Because a&e has never had children. Alt the parlies were ar rested this evening by detectives Ryan and Frcc slon, and will be scut to Louisville to-morrow lu charge of detectives from that city. Governor Brownlow has made the following ap pointments for the new Municipal Court at Mem phis: George W. Waldron, Judge; Haynes E. Hudson, Pro-ecntlng Attorney; Lucian B.'Eatou, ol the rosf, Clerk; i'homas M. Boswell, Marsha!. Ihe Goverpcr has also appointed the following Commissioners, who snpe'sede thelate reb.llious Shelby Coarty Conn: Earbonr Lewi*. Jamie E. Mcrrimau, William H. While, Witllam flack and F. W. Louis. Ike Jn*t named Is a German. Major Augustas E. Alder whs formerly in the Second Minnesota ‘Volunteers, and in spector General on General Steadman’s staff, lie nos received the appointment, from Governor BrowrJow, of Comnjiasiencr of Registration in Davidson County. Nashville, March 29.—'The ‘baUnnooga Rail road commenced to-day transferring freight cars over the Tennessee at Bridgeport and will hereaf ter transfer fifty care daily. The Ctty Conrcll has passed a resolution in structing tue Board bt Education to procure school houses and tnalnre a plan for the free edu cation of colored children. rnoji MADISON. The Railrood Turin Defeated— Debate ou ilxc Pralr n tiu fti. t» Hail rosd Dili, Ac. [Special Despatch to the Chics?* T>ca? e.] Madison, Wia.. »ta.*tU29. The action oflhc Senate last night u.?efinitely poitponirg by a two-thirds vote the Assembly bill lor a maximum railroad tariff, Bellies the fact that no law will pass this winter regulating railroad charges. A bill for the appointment of Commissioners to collect facts In regard to Railroad management and report to the next Legislature, will probably pass. The debate in the Assembly to day on ‘he Senate bill 27. iacidtutlnglibe construction of the Prairie do Cblen Railroad, was one ofthe most Important oftbe session. Mr. Thomas moved the amend ment of the oth section, the great point of opposi tion, so as to prohibit the consolidation ot the Prairie do Cheen road with any other, and made a lengthy and very able speech against the hill in its present shape. The discussion continued alt the afternoon, Messrs. Graves, Bennett, and Dyer, favoring, and Messrs. Robbins, Barlow, Flint opposlng- Onpocents of the bill claim that it cannot pass without such modification as to take away all consolidation feature?. The passage of the hill by a large majority in the Senate to complete the rotunda of the Capitol this year, does not look like a removal of the Capital. FKOM ST. LOCK. The Banking House Snspcnslou—lts Reported Cause—iTlnrdcrer Respited— Tire Upper missonrl Trade. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, March 29. The hanking bonseof B_M,Tsnnyaa dosed Its doors yesterday aflernoon“ahbnt one o'clock. A good deal of talk and speculation was provoked by tbc event, but no information has been elicited beyond the fact that the proprietor has made an assignment. It is asserted that the assets arc full v equal to the liabilities. It la e;atcd that tbc sus pension is caused by tbc failure of tbc National Bank of Tennessee, at Memphis. A messenger from Springfield passed through this city this morning with a respite tor Geiger, sentenced to he banged there to-day. Twobo-ts left for Fort Benton yesterday with lull freights and a few passengers. FKOH MILWAUKEE. ■Tianibcr of Commerce—Nominations Tor Officers—Southern Ald'Sollclted* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, March 29. i be regular ticket of tbc Chamber of Commerce has nominated the following officers: President— Edward Sanderson; Vice President—ll. A.Nlchols; r-ccrclary and Treasurer—Wm. J. Langsdon. J. B. Walden, of Alabama, was on'Change to day soliciting subscriptions in behalf oftbe South. Tbc matter comes np lor consideration to-mor row. EKOM CANADA. Navigation on Loire Ontario—Railroad Project. Poet Hope. Canada, March 20.—Tbo steamer Corinthian haves to-morrow morning for Roches ter. 5-tic will hereafter continue her regular sea son trips. The schooner Wesley cleared for Charlotte this morning loaded with timber. She is tbe first ves sel out this season. Totiosxo, March 20 —A sailing vessel arrived yes-teiday irom Oswego with salt. Sac Is the first arrival this season. The Seventeenth Regiment, stationed here.-has been recalled, and will shortly leave for England. lIAmLTOK. March 29.—The Board oi Trade and delegations from counties in the northwest, held a meeting to-day iu tms city, to devise m a ans fur a railroad from Guelph to Owen Sound. Resolu tions were adopted, and ahommUlec appointed to take ccilor. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Mrcnch of Promise Case—Proceedings In ilie -Nevada Legislature. SAJT Fbakcibco, March 29.—The jury in the breach ol promise case of Caroline F. Clark against Michael Ree«e for SIUO.OOU damages, ro •mued a verdict of 55,000 in lavorof the plaintiff. The Nevada Legislature . has passed tbo revenue bill. , „ . . . , . .. A concurrent resolution was Introduced in the Senate against the Mormon doctrine as prejudicial lo the interests of the whole country, and asks tho Government to place a mSlna<y force In the Tcr ntorv, that equal civil, political ami religious ri-lit* may be injured to all citizens of ths United sta'er , and the laws of tbe land bo enforced. FEOU CrSCISSATt. A. 1 kief Saved from Drowning—Eob« bery—Salcido Southern Railroads— An tva>bluvc Employs his Late mas ter. Cikcikkaii, Match 29.—Night befoio last two of the river police heard a cry from some ooc 111 the stream. They procured a skid", and. towing to tho middle of tt e liver, fished out a tblel who had his pockets filled with false keys and a bottle of clilo- Toloim. He had been attempting to robahoose on the river bank, became alarmed, and, running ibewiocg way, fell into the water, and floated a ci-nsiderabli- distance before being rescued. He is now In jail. On W«one*day evening about 7 o'clock, as Samuel late, Jr, was crossing the bridge at Day ton, on hla way home, be wan fired upon by a man standing about the middle of the bridge. Ihe ball entered the body Jnst below the breastbone, end it was feated the-wound would prove fatal. The mu'derer rifled Mr. Tate's body where ho toll of a small amount of money, keys, memorandum books,etc. Be is not known. Griffith Eoberts. a wealthy drug merchant in Cclumbnp. committed suicide by banging yester day. Religions monomania was the canse. All the Southern railroads, the trains of which were impeded by the recent flood*, ate reopened for business. A Dalton (Ga.l caper tells of a former planter in Pulaski County, who is employed by one of his ex-slaves as overseer. Sambo dots bis “ 010 m ra sa" liberally, giving him eight bales of cotton for bis services fur the season. TVISCOSSDf LEGISLATURE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wig,, March jfli. SENATE—2Srn. In (be. Senate luet evening tbe Assembly fblll, providing for uniform rates of tariff on railroads was laid ont cold. On the motion to Indefinitely postpone, tbe vote was as follows: Ayte —Senators Browne, 8011, Clark, Earnest, ‘ Gary, Judd, Larkin.* Meal, * Morgan, Palmer, George Reed, Sboles, Smith, Stevens, F. O. Tbotpe, Webb and Wheeler—l 7. jVoci—Senators Adams, Fulton, Littlejohn, Protidfit, Rountree, Starks, Thorn, Warner ana Wilson—9. Ab«nt,ornof*otin£/—Senators Ranncy, Orson Reed. Sanderson, J. U. Tnorpe, Todd, Whitman and Young. Senator J.O. Thorpe paired with Senator San ders* u, who was called borne. - - A proposition that the Governor appoint a Board ol Commissioners to examine Into the management of railroads, and the complaints made against them, was voted down. SENATE—S9nr. Bills were introduced providing for collecting railroad statistics, amt for tbe appointment of Commissioners as above: to appropriate Mrs. iiatvey, the widow 01 the late Governor Harvey, nve hundred and eighty dollars for bia services and expense us SUio ao»>*» stuaior tholes, from Ute Committee on Finance, made a report in regard to the finances of tbe State to the effect that the requited disbursements ftom the State Treasury before the next State tax »oe payable, would amount to $691,537.05. The balance on band and certain to bo received into the ’i reasnry was 5505,W0,W. leaving a deficiency of 5255,£57.4£ for this year. That the expenditures for tin* vear iscs, nonld amount to 5001,003. The .total emonnr to be provided for was 551C.333. To roott ti ls the revenue from railroad licenses and other sources would he about 1274,000. leaving a of 5&72.3C3, to be provided for by tax. The ■•otnmittcc also reported in favor of a resolution inuoUuctd some lime since, opposirg any farther contraction of the natiocnl cnrrency; that the surplus fund In the United Males Treasury should be apt lied to the payment of tbe interest bearing debt of the National Government: that the com pound interest notes should be replaced by legal tet der notes, bearing no interest. The committee abo favored <lio replacement ot the national oank currency by greenbacks, thus saving an expense of twenty million dollars a year. Sonic time was spent in consideration of tbe Beef SlougU Boom Dili, a recommits of which, arced by iu friends, was refused. Senate bills passed: To provide for completing ard roofing the rotunda ot tbe State Capitol, the vote standing 17 to 7: toregntatethefeesandpre terihe the duties of Clerks of tno CTicuil Court. Tl:c Assembly resolution for the preservation of game was concurred in. ASSEMBLY—29th. In the Assembly a resolution was offered em bodying several columns of Senator Doolittle's speech monsver to the resolution Instructing him to resign, and declaring Doolittle vindicated, &c. Ihe Assembly refused to receive the communica tion. The proposition to bold a joint convention to hear Mr. Booth on hia 215.000 claim for relating the authority of Congress, was so amended as to allow him a committee room, and as big an au dience as he can draw. A lew nnlmpoitant bills were introduced. Bills were passed to incorporate elght-honr State leagues; to incorporate the Natural History Association of the State of Wisconsin; to re quire railroad companies having a land grant to (•elect the land within a certain time ; to amend section l, craptcr 118. laws of IBCC, relating to the duties of town treasurers; lo amend the charter cf (be lorn ah & Lake Croix Railroad Company. Berate bill No. 37 was taken up tor considera tion, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon and bos oc cupied the time till now—six o'clock In ibe after noon—and r>o final action been reached The leading opponents thereto are sanguine that It will be defeated. Tha railroad lobby is In strength and full vigor, plying their vocation with no sma'l effect. Boot bouses have agreed to adjourn sine die, on the llih day ol Apr!*. FROM JiEW YORK. Stcanrer Harriot Lauc—Frccdmen for Liberia—Auutlicr l>b*tlliery Seized— (iarroted uua IXobbed—Alleged Swin dling. Nxw Yobs. March 99. —The steamer Harriet Lane reached here to-day. , One thousand five hundred freedmeq have ap plied to the American Collnizatlon .Society to he .-cat to Africa, within eight mouths, of whom GOa have embarked. Another distillery was seized in Brooklyn to day, on a charge of making false revenne returns. Nxwr Yoek, March 29. A lady named Mrs. ibompren, residing in Bergen street, was gar rotid end robbed of $t to aud u silk dross pattern »y three ruffians, last evening, at the comer of lAwrcnce and Willoughby directs. Brooklyn. An order for the arrest of Daniel Drew and Fisk 4 lM‘!ou. brokers, was issued yesterday on the complaint of Joseph B. Stewart, tho aselgnoo of i-eonard Hnvrk. charging teem with a wrongful .'onvertloo of capita) furnishod by Huvck for a ; oint operation. Judment is demanded in tho si m ol three hundred thousand dollars, and a pe tition ts (plered lo have the defendants rendur'an account of their operations in Erie stock fur the ast year and a half Mr. Drew was held to bail ■ in the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dol lars, and Messrs. Flak.&jßeldouinfirty thousand doUsts each. FRO3I MEXICO. JTaxlmlliaii Reported Near the Lad Ditch. New York, Marcfi 23.—Despatches from Son i.uis Potosl report that there was good reason lo "clleve that Maximilian, finding himself cornered, '.iheral troops being In front and rear of him, and bis main dependence tor snpslies being on toe meagre crops In his neighborhood, has ottered to -oimndcr. The answer was a refusal to treat with traitors. Progress ofßccoustructLon In Virginia. New Tons, March 23.—Tie ITrraid’s Richmond correspondent eajs: •* In Virginia, rccon'lnic rion la rapidly progressing. Even tho most anaticul of the cs-rebels • express themselves arxions lo co-operate with General 'Schofield, ihc labor system will probably develop Itself me coming year, a- in orcvlous years, when It proved decidedly unsatisfactory. Tnc negroes were only concerned about their newly acquired liberty.” Daring Burglary. Louisville, March 23.—A party of burglars in disguise entered the office of the Paymaster of the Jeffersonville- Railroad Company, at Jeffer sonville, thl* morning, and stole a tin box con taining 520,000 and tomb record* and memoranda. Iho night watchman was bound and gagged and gttarced while' the robbery was being perpe trated. No arrests were made. Defaulter Convicted. Earttoud, March 29.—1 n ihc case of Charles D. Tn'lon, late teller of tbc Hartford Bank, charged with abstracting S2(UK)O in Government bonds, the property oi Loyal Wilcox, of ibis city, in August lost, the Jury returned a verdict of guilty. The case was appealed. Duel in New Orleans. New Orleans. March 29. — A duel was fouphl this morning between the manager of tho Na tional Theatre end tbc editor of the German Ga zette. Tbc latter was seriously and perhaps fatally tsho? at the third Weapons, revolvers; cause, an actress. Vires* Buftaio, March29.—Afire Ibis, morning dam aged the propeller Boy Stale somewhat. Another fire occurred in a building occupied by Mngrldgc‘6 bakery and Brown and McCntchcou’s mars foundry. Damage about 511,000, mostly insured. Sew lork State Democratic Conven tion. Aleajjt. March 29.— The State Democratic ’Convention is called to meet here on the lUh of April to nominate delegates at large to tho Con stitutional Convention. FKESCH VIEW OF FBNIAN IS3I. Strategy of the “Mcu lu tiro lltc Causes Which Have Excited tlie movement. [From the Paris Debate, March 13 1 Every day the English Ministers declare In Par liament that the Irish insurrection is ostia gniebed, and that the miliary forces at the dis posal of the Government ore more than sufllcient to suppress every strioua movement. Aud yet UiC rising does not end, and will notcidiora long while; it Is ever recomm r ncihn. No doubt tbc regular troops, who i>am»on Ireland as if iu a conquercd-Conmry. will win ihe battle when the enemy oilers battle: but the tnttny will not offer it. The tactics of the Insurgents are clear enough—and they have long been indicated by the insurgents themselves—to avoid all general actions, in which they would inevita bly be crashed, but to harass the troops by moun tain and guerilla warfare; to disperse as soon as tbev are reached and go and rally elsewhere; to keep the authorities without rest and continually on the alert, and render the country uninhabitable from i ante andrerror. Tbc Eqelish Government is much more embarrassed by this Impalpable and irrepressible.movement than it. cares to admit. It has force enough to repress-disorder, hut what it cannot do is to re-establish order. Whatever it may do or say. order doea not reign in this eternal \\ aisaw. The rising of the Fenians Is not like an agitation for reform, which ends by a reform biL; nor like a workingman's strike, which is settled by weariness or a compromise. It is rot a political movement, which may be satisfied by the admission of a new class to the exercise of tbc rights or privileges of old classes. It is arev olnlionnry aud openly socialist movement, its princiulc being a change iu tbc foim of Govern ment, and its object ihe transfer of property. As wc have alrcaoy said. tbo Fenian conspiracy is en tire); different from that great religions agitation aroai.d which O'Ccuncll rallied ail Ireland, and which carded tbc doors of Parliament by assault. The crusade nnderlakcn then for the emancipa tion of tbe Catholics had a powerful polm of sup port In England i'eeif among the English Liberal fiurty and among all the partisans of re gions liberty, and the Emancipation Act averted the civil war which was ready to break our. Tho present movement has nothing In common with religions questions; tt is as hostile to tbe Catholic Cfamch as to ihe English Government. It Is im agrarian revolution iu tho wildcat sense of tbe term, tbo object of which is to dispossess the holders of the soil in order to restore it to Its ancient and legitimate proprietors. The Fenians, as we have ssla. arc not children without a parent age; they cannot uc called protein sine matre creafcm. Their sires were called the United Irishmen, the Whltebojf, the Hearts of Oak, the bP.clboys, the Whitcteet, the Blackfcet. .Misery is their mother; her at'.enaan's, famico, fever aud pettilcnce. A ►till more prolific mother of permanent revolt In Ireland is history. With ttc IjltUhistory Ib a legend; itnas not changed for several cpnturies-nflt since the conquest, ’ihe; still consider themselves conquered, still oprKSsed, still under a military occupation; they st 11 consider ihc Invasion as a thing of yester day- Pas-lug through a field, the peasant points to the ground ut his feet and says to bis children, - “Ibis layouts; It belonged to yonr forefathers: it is the Basons who have taken it from us." The history of Ireland is always the same, aud when we speak ot it we may say, “1 always tell yon tbo same thing, because 'lt Is always the same." Head the-proclatoadoa (be Insurgents published (he other day. As wT>l be teenby Ibis proclamation, and-moreover by CHICAGO. SATURDAY. MARCH3O. 1867. the very comoosillo.i or ihe insurgenta and their < riff’n. ibis movement is e*sentialJy from lhai which Ireland rose lor thirty years ago. It is corrected rather with the great rebellion of 1703. FculajJ-mls above all a return movement from Ametlra—i tort ofebb of the lido of poverty cast upon the other fide ol the Atlantic by famlne-and typhus. I saw that horrible tiestib’nco of IStT, which devoured two million or human creatures; 1 still sec tho«e herds of spectres dying in the putters at the doors of the overcrowded hoipi'als. Alter povedy n was youth which left; the young Ireland republicans of 1818 emigrated to the lard ot the rtpin-Uc, and from Tear to year the current ofcmitnation swelled—it wsa by han dreds of thousands that the rream flowed on frrnr old Europe to young America. These emi grants, the.-e outcasts, these outlaws, who depart 'd leavlcg imprecation* behind them and carry* log with them oaths of hatred acd vengeance; have founded bn the other side of the'ocean a sec orb Ireland, which Is Id a state of permanent conspiracy against England. They it is who car ry armed invasions into the English possessions in America; they it Is who have formed all those associations, all those masonic lodges from which the Fenian society has sprang., la that new end boundless country, where there is room for all. they have made money. Many tflok part in tbemeat American civil war, and acquired In ita . certain amount of military experience, which they pliiccotlbo service of their fellow-countrymen. Ahclilsb insurrection is essentially American. Ibe money, the arms, the leaders, come from America; U U a return of the emigrants for oficn aivc purposes. This transplanting baa completely chanced the character of the insurrection. We arc accustomed to eee in history the antagonism of catholic Ireland and Protestant England. Row, the religious question counts tnr nothing. Were O'Connell resuscitated, he won'd be booted. The Irish revolutionists are not only republicans hnl rationalists; they will submit to the OomiDQ'loncf the Catholic clergy no more than to that of the Protestant clergy. They have inscribed on their banter the emancipa tion of thowjhf, the automation of I nairtteiior, <ht teparcr.icn ft Chvreh and Slate. As happens in b] :>Sn and Italy, and In every na'lon r-afdd tvheie thought Is st-fled, uicy leap at abound from superstition to atheism, born tho ecapalaryto blasphemy, This is why wu ecu the Catholic clcigy In Ireland for the first lime make commn cfiuatiwub’ice iroteßtant Government of Kucla- d. .JbcinunecUonls analhviaatizedTrom tho pul pit, end Fcnlnr.lsm cxcoummmcatcd like Free masonry. Eftablisbed society closes in Us ranks a*alt -t an assault which ibreatenf. it In its every class, lu Us every grade, and In Us every form. We Inow very’ well—to say so, once again—that the liiah will not take England; we know very well that they M ill not even take Iceland. Bat if they aie powerless to do anything, they con pre vent anything being done. with such a state ol things no order, no labor, no industry, no se cmliyla po'slbio A few days are j-afficientto destroy the work of long-years. For fiileen or twi-niv years, ever since Ibe law which had mobilized mortmain property In Ire laud, English money bad gore to tae country arid been embarked in noth land and trade. At the tame imethat wound of Ireland, •‘absenteeism" —that Is, the uon-rchldencc of tbe great landown er*, who did nothing hut-draw their revenues through agents, in order )0 spend them lu Eng land or on (he continent—tend'd considerably to

dimiulrh. This regenerative movement Is com pletely paralyzed and checked. In vain the Eng lish and the EuglUh Government may say that they wilt crush the Insurrection. That m un questionable ; hut afterwards what will mt) do with their victory? Agriculture, trade, capital and labor need security. Security, tjreaaymnchfcbakcn during the lust two years, dom no longer exists. Castles are being forti fied as in feudal times; Isolated houses have be come uninhabitable. Business men who have grown neb, and who had begun to buy land and spend money upon it, are regarded as usurpers and spoliators, and are shot at* Even lu the towns tiadd*bas Du future; and the olDcr day— that on which the insurrection hrnko out In sev eral counties-at once-hundreds of young men were missing from the Dubllu shops. TRICiiIISIASIS. Ravages of tlio Disease in iTlassachu- ■elts* From tbo Sprinctleld, Republican March 20. J Six cases of the dread disease known as Irlchiita ipiralu have occurred in this city, with mtal result, yesterday afternoon, in ore of them. The family of Rdusley Hall, living at No. -10 Hickory street,are the victims and the disease is traceable to a ham, which was parcliasccfc few weeks ago at a grocery store in Ward Seven. The family ate freely of this ham in its raw state, no part of it be ing cocked, and in a few days unpleasant symptoms began to manifest themselves. On the 2d of,March Mr. Hall, feeling very unwell, summoned a physician and about the same time his son Cornelias was attactcd in a similar way, but not so severely. On the following Saturday his daughter Ida, aged seventeen was taken sick with the same disease; the next Satur day Sirs. Hall; and subsequently Mrs. Hall’s father, Air. Church. It is noticeable that Ida, who was londcst of the ham and ate the most freely of it was the sickest of the family ;Jaud after a singular illness of a little more than two weeks, she died yesterday afternoon at about two o'clock. The others were ill almost in proportion to the amount of ham they had eaten. The illost one Is now Mrs. flail, whose case is still critical, but the others are considered out of danger. Mr. Church has stoutly refused to be con sidered sick, and has taken no medicine, but his limbs arc so badly swollen that his boots cancel he removed from bis Icet. lira. T. H. DHlaber, ree Miss Olive Robinson, was with the lamily when the ham was eaten, and helped eat It. She went from there .0 Albany, where she has been sick precicely with the same symptoms. This pork disease, caused by minute worms preying upon the muscles, is tbo one which has proved fatal in thousands of eases In Qeimany; and bos also appeared Insome of our Western cities. In the case of Mr. Hall’s lamily, the symptoms were qnltu uniform, varying only lo degree of Intensity. The first was a violent pain through the eyes, which soon became swollen and bloody. This was followed by pains in the stomach and bowels, with vomiting and a very oifen siva billions and mucous diarrhom. There was at the same time and subsequently tbo most profuse perspiration and urination and the lace and limbs became badly swollen- Aflerthe swelling and bloody appearance la the e-yes had disappeared, which occurred at about the cud of the third day, the limbs began to 6e rigid. When lying perfectly at ease, the patient would feel no pain, but the h ast movement of the limbs would cause terrible agony, and towelling them in certain places would also cause great pain. Ida, the young lady who died, coula only lie with her lower limbs perfectly straight; the least change from that position caused her dread ful suffering. During all her illness her pulse was never slower than 100 or 140 a minute, while during the lust four days U was too quick to be connted. During the first part of that time her hands and feet, were cold and clammy, while the rest of her body retained Its natural warmth. At 0 o’clock yesterday morning she fell asleep and never awoke. The physician in attend ance was not fnlly satisfied as to the actual disease until yesterday; but his treatment was the same that is laid down in the books for (nVAma fpiralh, and, with - the exception of the copious urination, the symptoms were nearly the same. The eases have ex cited great interest in the medical profes sion, and it is to be hoped that a microsco pic examination of the muscle will be made to ascertain whether trichina are really present, and thus confirm or disprove the theory with regard to these singular eases. COLOBADO, Its IBlneral Wealth—llio Great Fatnrc. Rufus K, Friable, F.sq<, formerly of Illinois and now Superintendent of Pabllo Instruction for Col orado, was intbiadly yesierday. Eo brought a number of mlneralogical speclraepa showing the wonderful richccaaof that country, and famishing somo inlerer-ting fads in regard toll. Investiga tions seem to be constantly bringieg to licht new proofs of tbe natural wealth deposited in the mountain gorges. The quartz which was lor a long time considered valuable for Us gold alone is found to be rich ia silver, aud the rufu*e which was thrown away after the more precious metal was extracted has proved to pay better than tbe result of anginal working. Some quartz which yielded «.fio in gold to the too, afterwards yielded sßooin silver per ton. ibis ia called the ‘•argentiferous galeva,” being com posed largely of lead. Thi-; iatlcr metal was not rormeily considered worth saving, owing to the heavy cost of transportation, but it is now being extracted and shipped m considerable quantities, so that tbe same rock;yle?ds gold, silver and lead. Ibc low hills at tbc'hasc of Ihe mountains, within twelve miles of*Denver, contain large deposits of gypsum, or sulphate of lime, which lies hi strata from a few leot to an unknown number of feet In depth, the quantity being almost| • mcxhau-tlble. This luatenaf, which is white end easily cot, Is extensively used Id some carts ol the country as a land fcrtolizer, bat Mr. Friable thinks that It may serve as a very handsome building material. It hardens somewhat alter being quairied, and if it should prove 100 soil to bear the action of the weather alone, a thick coaling of paint would make it very valuable for building purposes. Mr. Friable says that it la a stegular fact that the and stiver bearing quartz of the whole Rocky Mountain region Ho* In a belt not more than four milca wide, tbocgli lour hundred or more miles long, interbcctlzgat different altitudes the mountain ranges, und bearing off toward t*e northwest This, if trne, is an important fact ns miners wander over the bills and expend xnneb fruitless labor in searching after gold-bearing quart*, which a knowledge of this wonld save them, it is said Uni no blossom, rock, or scoria Is found outside of this belt of four miles, and that the ricbcst portion Is not more than two miles in width. The belt has been traced to wltbin six miles of the Plains. 'ibcntlentlonofoar capltilUU is being turned more cf lain to securing some of the Irado and wealth of Ibis boundless and wonderful region, which is every day being practically brought nearer to ns by means of tho Iron rail. To day the cars run to the North Platte, 300 miles west of Omaha, and &00 miles cast of Denver, and the rails are being laid cner the level olain.atlhe rate of two miles a day: ‘so that duilng the present year probably the whistle of the locomotive will echo among the gorges of the Rocky Mountains. Tho distance from Chicago to Omaha Is 49U miles, and to Denver 1.090 miles. The entire trip now re quires about lour and a half days, as follows: hom Chicago to Connell BlnlQ or Omaha,'twenty nine hours; thence to Platte, twenty hours; and thence bystage to Denver, two and a half days. A great work lor the tboosandfl of pilgrims who have tolled slowly over the burning plains, the other tbou'ard* who are auxtons to visit tuc go'd fields, and the business men of this and other cities, who hope to reap some of the wealth of Hose “eternal Mils,-’ will alt rejoice when a con tinuous baud ot iron binds ns to that distant and hitherto almost icacceatiblc region. PTmai r mtuTitiKivc. AovetiiHisit AK’ts 12(1 recciv* vdvertisorrcsia for all the leading papc/ti ihfougbout the United Suites and Canadas. iHasonir Kotlas. TV/IASONIC!—There will lie a Special JjA rommmilcatlon of Hesperia Lodge No. 411, K. F. AA. St., this (Saturday) evening at *cvea o’clock, ebaip,btthtst UaU,No SiiWeitßscdolnh-vt. Mem bers t:t requf sted to be present, vM log brethren are cordially Invltto. wort nn the U. M- Decree. GEO. O. CObTEK, Sec’y. Per orderly. m. MASONIC— The regular quarterly ol tae Directors cf the West Chicago MasoMc Ucccvolent A-uociatlon will take price, at Clev<jatd Lodge Uail.M ndsy, ApiU at, 3o’clock p m-. for the election st officers tor fa-• y# ir. , CUAo. B» CBASK, Becretary, insurance Companies. RICAN MirrCAli HEALTH Insurance Company, 25 Lombard Block, Cor. Monroe and Dearborn ats., Chicago, Guaranteed paid up Capital, • • §35.009.00. CIIAS. HOLLAND, President. J. GDs. KING, Secretary* 1. C. DAUBER* Ass’l Treasurer. CIIAS. HOLLAND, E. A. ANDREWS, L C. BABBEB, J. K. MUEFQ7, E. A. CALKINS. This Company, having fhUy perfected lu organiza tion, 1« cow prepared to Issue Policies of HEALTH INSURANCE Against General Diseases, T 9 an amount of from to SSO FJBB WEES*. This Is the only Chattered Health InruraocoCom pi ny In the country, and a pioneer In this branch of Du dcrwrlilnp. Ite Coir pany Is purely mutual; each person on be cominginsured la entitled to share In tbe profits of the business, and we feel confident that by tbe assured seeping Ida renewals up for ten years, the profits of bta Insurance wi,l forever there Uter pay his premiums. Our systems arc entirely original, and are our own. No system 01 tho kind was over b-iore otfered, a-, d we feel sure they have only to become known to he duly appreciated. Onr premiums are arranged wuh care, ars of careful study, to correct the enls ol tbe old systems. All applications lor Aaencl-e may be addressed to* the tecretary, and they will receive prompt attention. j. ic. MURPHY, General Agent for Chicago, NO. 98 LA SALLE-ST. iUcturcs. QKOoBY’S OPERA HOUaE. WENDELL PHILLIPS TTIT,I LECTURE OS “Street Life in Europe,” SUNDAY EVENING, March Gist., For the Benefit of tbo Free Hospital forWomenaml Cldldrcn, Con-tncnclnc nt Vi o'clock. Tickets 30 cents, Including Reserved Peats—iir sale on SATURDAY between'the boors or 9 and 1, and on the afternoen end evtninc of SUNDAY, at tbo Ticket Office or Croabj'a Opera Uocae. (General Notices. OFFICE OF THE NOETHCHICAGO CITY RAILWAY LO. ON MONDAY, April Ist, and during the season ol navigation, the can of the Forth ChlcagoClty Rail- way Co. will start from the corner it Forth Water and Clark-sts., instead of the corner cf State andLakents, QT. GEORGK’b BENEVOLENT AS kj SOCIATIOF. Tbo members aia reminded that the annual election ol ofilceis takes place next Monusy evening. April Ist. Inerder that tceuibcrs may vote (heir dues most be paid up. A full ottcLflance is requested. The lollowlnit uci.Uojicr are anthemed to receive subscriptions duo the Society : Mr. A. Boom, cfiMicr Dearborn and \ladlsoc-sts. Joseph jsobev. Drmrsist. ta Rinae-st. It. Blathb, ISO Went Kanrto pli-st. Joseph Bailee, £0 South Clait-et. By order. A. BOOTH, President. Tnen. E. Pooxsox, Recording Beercta.-y. JgOAUD OF TRADE. special" notice. The Annus! Election for President, First and Second Vue Presidents, five Directors, live Members of tbo Commute? ol Arbitration, and five Member a cf the Committee of Appeals, will he hola on MONDAY, April Ist, 1867, Between the hoars <*i 10 a. m. and 3 p. m. By order of the Board. JNO, F. BEATY, Secretary. gMITH’S “INSTANTANEOUS Window Cleaner and Magic Polish.” A real blessing to all honeekeeoers. No soap—no lot w.Ur— do hlcpb ! A lady on the West Side saya. ••We have cleaned all our windows with it In lea- than halfthe time required by tbs old process, and rnrtrrly ir.ltbout ship* or lltt-rr. It n the lies*, tiling for clean ire paint I ever saw.” Get It, and save hours of hard labor, Scld by Dyebe & Storey, R- U. Samlet, Bllas * Eharp, bmith a Dwyer, and dealers generally. Whole sale Dej-ot, XOB Dcarborn-st., Chicago. O. M. SMITH & CO. HEDAB CAMPHOR 1 For Moth?. Use It early and you gala money while you sleep, (or you nave by d-*trcjing dwarms yet un bore, C. C is sold by all drnaghta. QAUIUS & CUAPMAN, Boston. -JJOTICE. her eervlciaa on experienced LndyNunofo the lodl-s ol LhUam) and vicinity. wun the best med ical rclirence. I3apcc jilangtuga. DRAKE & BRO, PAPER HANGINGS! 184 South Clark-st. astvoioss. jyj" ADAME ALWEN. All persons wishing to know their FUTURE PROSPECTS IN LIFE, Canhnvo them correctly stated by tho Madamo by colling nt :t47 South Clark-st, (opposite Jonci Schiof) where si e may be consulted about all matters concern logßDsl[e&s.Marrlnge,Love, etc„ aad will tell the name efthe lady or gentleman you sro going to marry; also the name ol her visitors. $25,000 T 0 LOA * ‘On Heavy Woollens, Heavy Clothing, Poet! and Shoes, or other merchandise, for elx.months. In sums not less than |l,Cti9. Address P. O.Box 3539. $25,000 TOLOAN AT 8 PEli CENT, on Improved city progeny. fll. 0. HENNESSY. 33 Opera House. sls, 00 70 LOAN For five rears, on Improved Re*l Estate In this city. ■* BOZbT &CUMMINGS, 99 Lasalle-at. IVTIOHIGAN SOUTHERN & NORTH -IVX ERN INDIANA B. R. CO. - • No. is Vi oxtAii Snmrr, ) Krw Yoke, March JS,ISS7. J The annual election tor Directors of this Company will be held at the Company’s office in Toledo, Ohio, oq Jltb day ol April next, at noon. The polls will remain open until 3p. tn. Tuc Stock Transier Books will be tlcscu on me 3otb lest- at 3 P. m , ard reopened on the 25th proximo at 10 a. m. if, p. BaBUYDT. Secretary. ffiats anti (£apM. DRESS HATS! IN SUCH "WE CAN PLEASE ALL. BREWSTER, Hatter, Sherman House. \3~ The DUNLAP SILK HAT. Irnsttucuau, TVTUtIC. ■ LX M XT S I'C . ALadr having ten years’ exp-rl'nco tn New York, detires pupil. foi Plvno »iriJ Ocitar._ Terms (15 prr 14 lei sens AQdresß ** MU>IC.“34O FnUon-flt. gCHOOL OF DESIGN. Reopening of Qtto Enirsclt’s Bruwxug Gluts For young ladlfj and gentlemen. PartlcuUraat Hoom 19 Reynolds’ Block, Madison and Dearborn-sts. 35gg auh iSat. UNDERWOOD. BTS A29D HAH* - CoomtlßC and Operative Boreeon for. Ml dlsea** anoaetomlUesol t&Byeandhar, 1 2> BANDOLPd-BT. 'OTCrMs Sjti •uaighionedto one minute. Knitting famine. 'J'HE IAMB K.NITTING MACHINE Kelts Hosiery cl all sizes. Uni's the heel and narrows olTlho toe complete; sets uu Us own worrjwlders and narrows, and by ktlttlLg the weo either Tubular or Flat, single. Double or Ktbbed, produces upwards of twenty artlc.cs of apparel. No Other Machine in the World can do Vhese Things* The most profitable and labor-saving lovcsttoofar woman. Agents wanted. Call or sc. d lor circular and sample stocking. Ad diesa (enclosing stamp) S. BRANSON, Geu’l Agent; 99 Chlcngoi 111- jFtsvuisljins (Koobs. jI.TEN'S FURNISHING GOODS AT COST! WM.P. CEURCH&CO., KING, KELLOGG & CO. 24 & 26 tdbe-st, JOCBEC3 OF IUDMUE CLOTHING AND GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS, Have opened to the Trade the largest stock in their line to he found in the 'West, to which they invite the attention of Merchants. 1 8 6 7. BOYS’ CLOTHING. Now opened. AN ENTIBB NEW and lull assortment. Including all rate and elsgant SPRING STYLES, CHARLES C. COLLINS, No. 74 nandolpn-sc. (Old Stand Ed. Locke & Co.) PRICES VERY LOW. Ncto jfHusic SOUNDS OF THE SEA. Now Song with Chorus, COMPOSED BY J. 3?. WEBSTER. Price dO cents. This most beautiful Ballad hid* talr to exceed la pop ularity any 01 the author’* tenner works. Although Uis but 20 days since it was issued from the press, It has aln&dr run throueli six editions. LTON ft BEALY, Publishers, Clark and Washington-sts,, Chicago. MUSIC. “The Moonbeams are Dancing To-night, Love.” “ The mcoobenma arc tUndns tonlebt love. On river and leal with delight, love. The cear friendly nara twinkle bright, love, While I tune nsy harp !o tt-oe; Then water, maiden Dir, troni thy slumbers. Ai d list to my low brcaUilnc numbers, Ab sleep! thy oiabractss encumbers That Jorm which Is dearest to mt" A beautiful serenade with chorur, inltible for ordi nary voic»e. Key oj G, »*i»»y accompaniment for llano. Composed by A. TV. aver; price S 3 ceula. Published by -LSTON a healt, Clark and Washing ton-aU. Colcapo. ITtihhet (Goobs. JVEHOTAi. Haliock & Wheeler, (Successors 10 John B> IJeson dk Co.») DAVE REMOVED TO No. 143 Lake-street, Between Clark and LaSalle. Best quality Vulcanized Rubber Beltinsr, Packing anil Hose. Superior Oak-Tanned laEATHEK BELTING, And every variety of RUBBER GOODS, Wholesale and Retail, at the lowest Eastern prlcca. (Earns. ■J"JNION HIDE & LEATHER COMF’Y, SUCCESSORS TO Turner & Sidway Leather Co. L. B. StnwxT, Pres’t.W. H. Tcesze. Sec’y, Ueo-£cusxideb,V.F. t C. Hisses, Snp'c. MANUFACTURERS OF UPPER HARNESS And Hip Leather. Office, So. 44 taSalle-st., Chicago. Tannery, Els ton-road, south of Livision-st. jgACON, ENNIS & CO:, (Sacccsjcra to E. BACON S C 0.,) COMMISSION MERCHANTS * —IS— FLOUR, GRAIN, &c., Ko. 140 Chicago. Liberal Advances made on Consignments. t3T Property Bought and Bold on margins. jQUJ.'i’LLLD’iT Celebrated Hams, SHBASFAST BACON, Sugar-Cured Beef and Smoked longues. the Oldest Brand. Established la 1837. Tory mild cured. For sale In on> quantity br a. F. JACOBS & CO., Commission Merchants, 3 61 South Waur-st. gMOKED HEATS. E. P. MARSH, -WHOLESALE dealer in . POM, BEEF, LARD, AND SMOESD R2ESATS, 150 SOUTH WATER-BT. HAVILANIT, CHURCHMAN AND ENGLAND, 47 New York FREN CH CEtINA. We are receiving from our factory in France richly decorated dinner, tea and toilet qets, vases, aid a tali supply cf watte Chics. Q S. HUTCHINS & CO., Commission Merchants, cnicACi). Agents forT. Klngslord & Sons’ OawegoStarch. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers tn Hardwood and 'Wlutewood Lnmberc Office oad Yard, 304 South FrankUc-eu, bet. V«a Boren and Harmo-. Chicago. P.0.80x 3230. £XTBills cut to ihaac h. nougy.jc. gimcKP fetputom. HOOPS. O. O. BIOEILIDC, * TREC3 SCOP ICATnjrACTDBiBH, WQOLESiIJt ASD SSTAH- Winqmaoi Indluua. Eitanteb JO ARCHITECTS. A first-class Draughtsman Can find iteady employment by iff appHcatlcn to E.bUULi iG s i-u., • 1 lit Laasil9-*L ©0 iiSUt. 'J'O KENT—. Ulßces In the Chamber of Commerce. Offices No>, 10 and 13, on main floor. A PP .r ««ch t . NUMBER 293. Heal Estate, JJEAE ESTATE. FOB SALE AT THE REAL ESTATE OFFICE Of Clarke, Layton & Co. Thirty choice 50-loot lots la the Grove, south of the Chicago Unlvcrßlty.ln the subdivision of the old Dutch Gardena, Also, thirty choice lots Just north of Egan-av., in the Grove. • The above property la now for the first time offered to the public In lots, and Ills tbe most ccallable prop erty tor residences In Sonth Chicago. Comequickil youwant to purchase of first hands, and cheap. Also, several choice lots In the vicinity of the Chi cago University; tor saloon tour years' time-interest at 6 per cent. .Also, line Residence Lota on Lake, Warren. Fulton, MadUon, MonrtJe and Adams-sts^JastwertofUnion Park, at a bargain and on rim*. And, generally, Houses and Lots in all parts of the city. Ten new Cottages on the South Side, tor sale on easy terms of payment. CLABKE, LAYTON & CO., Igg WasbingtonHif. j^ORSALE— Genteel Wabash-ar. Besidence, wiih Lot 40 by iso, NEAR ELDRIDGE COUBT The most thorough bnUt two-ltnry sad atone hase- Incntframehuuse ontbe avenue. Seated by steam throughout, m nne repair, and containing all modern Improvements. Fora flrsuclsas residence, the most deilrablconethatiiasbeenofleredthlsieason. Terms favorable. Inquire of A. J. AVERELL, K*al Estate Agent, Room ?, Metropolitan Blocfc. pOB PALE—A VERY DESIRABLE Two-Story Frame House Brick Basement, with all modern Improvements, con sisting of Hot-Air Furnaees, Hct and Cold Water, Mar ble Marties, Speaking Tubes. Bath Boom, with IQ yearn’ I cate of lot at a low rate. PRICE, §6,000. Teimseasy. Inquire at ' 856 STATE-ST. poll SALE— House and lot at Evanston, lIL Inquire of S. A. KEAN, jiaper. pHE . NAT ION AL PAPER COMPANY. Qlancfactarers of First-Class Writing Papers. Billets, Ladlet* Note, Commercial Note, Packet Note, Letter, - Commercial Letter, Packet Post, Fools Cap, Legal Cap, Bill Cap, Flat Papers. Flat Note, Fiat Letter, Flat Cap, BUI Head Cap, Crown Cap, Folio Fast, Beial and Slodiam. There Papers are WARRANTED FULL WEIGHT AND COUNT, and are fqnal. If not SUPERIOR TO ANY OFFERED IK THE WEST. Special Inducements to large Cash Buyers. CULVER, NGE & non, liS and 130 Lake-st., Chicago, AGENTS SOLS 'J'HE. CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPER. DEALERS, SZAIZEB K Paper Makers 1 Findings, Chemicals, etc., 170 Randolph-st*, Chicago* We offer for sale to dealers and consumers 3.000 Bandies News and Print 25x43 2.000 do do -do ‘ilxJO 1.300 no da do 22x33 2.300 do do do 23x37 2.000 do do do 27x11 _ 1.300 do do do 28x44* 2.300 do do do 30x43* 1.800 do do do 31x44* 3.000 do do do 30x48* 1.300 do do do 23x39 1.000 do do do 20x38 800 do do do ,20x49 Extra sizes made to order on short notice. For sale at the lowest tsarlet prices for CASH. Express Companies. 'J'HE . MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITA!* - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CABBIES BVBXPBB9S. money, Valua bles. Freight and Parcel*, oyer more than 13.000 mile* ot Express Use. at Just and liberal rates, saves Millions yearly to Ex. press Shippers, and cna be made permanent only by their liberal, patronage. This we hope to merit unci receive- Office, Nob. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearborn-si. B. ax. COOFBR Agent. agricultural implements. 'T'HB HENRY CITT COEN TENDEE! To all pcTEcss Interested In the manufacture and sale r f Agricultural Implements. »e woum sav that the m.SDXIAiiSU IMPROVED RIDING CORNPLOW, patented January 15th, 18C7. haring been thoroughly tested thc.past leaser, by a cumber of our best firm* ere, has been pronounced superior to all other Plows now to Use. Itisadultted to he ot lighter draught and more easily manageo than other Plows, only one lever bring used fot raising and lowering the shovels, acd dodging when at work. Ihe lever can he used with rate, either whilst walking or riding. Being aoout one foot narrower In tread, is not liable to knock down com whilst at werk. For lightness, elm* pllclty and cheapness surpasses any other- Biding Com Plow maae. State. County ana Shop Rights fbr sale on ver? reasonable terms. Orders tor tho Henry City com Tender will be Oiled ot talr figures, hor parUculari address bERECK FOX, Herjy, Marshall County, Illinois. Jpox SaU. Jj-OR SALE— SEKDS. 130 bushels Osage OransoSeed, warranted new seed and of chobe quality. Also, a 1-w lots ot sowing Flax retd, Timothy, Clover, Hungarian, and Millet Seeds, orders fur sale or nnrebarc of Seed 'About, Cats, Bar ley, Corn, etc., promptly and carefully executed, we are general Commission Merchants, but make seeds a specialty In their season. • J.SUEBUAItD & CO., General Commission Merchants, V6lO Sonth Watcr-st. TO CAPITALISTS. Mn.warxxß, March <• ifei. uavirgdecldfid to reiicotusb buuieesa, we oiidr oor establishment for sale. Our house was 'EBTaBUSHUD XV 18Ao, Has been In existence 31 year*. and 13 i bow; ptaod on a saf», Arm ano permaneoitoasts, and to raaa or capital ' who art aeslrooa of embarking u » PROFITABLE branch*t trade (wholesale and_J cto ?is K oulJ) thia pre sents a rare and valuable opportunity. Our stock Is full e~ braces noac but the most staple goods, and the fnfVm is in perfect running order. H. BOSVVOK.TH A SON!*. Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wli. SEED. A FLAX SEFD FOB SOWING, v ' * Choice and well icreaied. for sale lor caib- Al?o, One Ground Linseed Highest pries paid far Flax leeotopru'b, ataotlLD DUO'S lansred Oil Works. 44io50WetlCbAr.e3-6t., between Van Baren asa Ham son. 1 « pAOKX>:,G BOXES M ade to okder • From lowpriccs; alas,Tobacco Btxtß ‘awl xea Caddies made la tfrsvcja;* aisle, at «uu v,avTD GOODWILLIE A CO,’B, Corner oi Franklin and Obto-ita. A PPLEci— Green Apples Apples— J\ QtealDjrt, RnsaeUarPoußOS, Btd Winter, Win* Bap*, Bed stripe,Pippins. ftc, 4c .tor aaleby ** E. WBXTE ft C0.,141 South WamMt. BUTTEB—OhloHeaerve Buttar-flna TeTow extra tablE, U •» all tut A weelTlt g dails by exuw*. *. 8. WHTT* ft CO, 141 WaWt, ffiari)inerg. jjoardman’3 Paiem Water Elevator with NEW SELF-ACTING RATCHET.* Mannfactorj at fort TVajne, Indiana, One of the Beat and Cheaoest Articles la Cm far Kalilng Water from Wells and - Citterns They are (specially serviceable In DEEP WELLS, and used with other HOPE cr CRAIN. As no tubing efwcod, iron or trad is used, toe water is kept PURa. We vast an Agent in every town and township in theTnlted States, and we offer the following IXDL CJJ- To merchants* mechanics. Farmers and illßuniacturerm We will give a PaTEST BIGHT DEED fbr as uadi- Vlaeahau-lnterfstln'.ni cr towmbipa, la any part of the country cut air-at)y taken, to any party who will ecu lor ua within the year 1337, irora 13 to 31 machines, according to the population, lor each town ship so conveyed. Agent* are masitgflOO g*r month on their sales, be tides securing the territorial right. Sample machltes will be sent to any address on ths receipt of the wholesale price. For prices, clrcnlara and ictormattoa, addrm S. B. EOAJtDMAy A CO., fort Wayne, Indiana. F. K. ORVIS, and > Agents, CHICAGO, CBA3. E. WHITMAN, f 46 West Lake-tt.' J£XCELSIOB MACHINE WORKS. Tbe subscribers having united la copartnership,under thonsme sod style of WILSOI3 & BURXHARDT, have erected and not Into operation, upon tho North Pier, near tbe idzhthoure, the most complete, best: equipped, and one -cf the largest Machine Shops and Foundries lu the United States. Having each, separately, had a long experience in the business, and bringing with them a corps of drilled ooersQves, they devote them selves, as a specialty, to the manultcture ot , Wood Working Machinery, Suchsa Planing mills. Shingle Mills. Sash, Door and Cooper Machinery. ThMrwcrkJ have been erected with a special view to this department ol tbe business, or d. In this respect, aie unequalled by anyJniteconnttr. Tne best matc-- rib], skilled workmen, long experience, uc divided at tention to tbdr bnsme>s, asa reasonable price?, are the Inducements which they offer to tire public tor their patronage. Practical parties need rearetly be reminded ot tbe advantaaci of ordering machinery from reliable home mat olicturcra.. where broken cr worn outpartacsu be promptly aapliMted. KEFFBENCES—HxwkIns AJarue*, Machinery De pot, D 4 Sonth C. L. Rice A Co, Machinery Depot, 21 Dcaroom-st.; Pulm«r. Falter & Co., Sast and Door Manofacturen, South Clark-rt. . f. ic. Wilson, F. BUttILHABDT. pDATABLE STEAM ENGINES, 6,8, 10, 12 and 15 Horse Power, WILL OB SOLD AT LOW FIGURES. Hawkins & James, 51 South Wells-st. “T>RICK MACHETE” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. OfflM,RooiaKo.3, 47 ClagHl., Qtlcaco. rjAKD’S PATENT BBIOS M&OSiME Office and manufactory 53 South Jeffersch-n. For Inannstloc and descriptive circular address 53 South Jeflenon-fL. Oblige. PEEK SKILL MASTJFACTUKINQ CO.’S belt Its proved BRICK MACHINE, simple, cheap and durable; TEMPERING MACHINES, and all machinery for matins bnck. Machines to be sees, and ah information sained, by calling on or addressing WHITING A WENTWORTH. F. O. Box ‘J795, Chicago,lll, R (Gfjallenp. PATER MAHUPACTUKERS. Hydrostatic vs. Pneumatic. A CHALLENGE 2 Whereas, the Hydrostatic Paper Company have pub lished that my Pneumatic Patent, tor the treatment of paper stock are Infringements of patents held by the ••Hydrostatic Paper Company’’ for accomplishing the same potp< sc by Hydrostatic pressmv; and, whereas, they c alm ta bare obtained a reissue ot said hydro* Btatie patents. Inducing aa vel’, hydrodynamic and pneumatic ptwsme, and that said reissue U valid and antedates my said patents. Now, for the purposoof settling this controversy, ana the rleht cf the parties In the premises. I propose and agree tosubvitcmystld pneumatic patents, and all question of neat arising under *be same, to the arbitrament ot three competent lav yen cf Chcsgo, ol which 1 will choose on« said Hydrostatic Company shall choose aaitber. and tbo*e Uioschotensball tames third, wbo»ball coniutnte a board ol arbitrators, who shall be empowered to bear and cetemiie all questions ol infringement; and to that end I will asalsu In blank my pneumatic Patents, at d deliver the same to said board, and the President of said Hydrostatic Paper Company, or tome person authorized by It, shah nvaismlablanlc said Hydrostatic Patents, or the reissue of the same, held by said Ccm* pany, ancWhail deliver the same to said board of arbi trators; and the said board shad be empowered to btar and determine- whether said Pneumatic Patents ar<* an Infringement of the lights of said Company, or whether said Hydrostatic Patents have been Invalida tes by surrender and r<*i«sue of the same, and whether the laid reiisued patents di not, in terms, infringe my said patent or patents; and the said board shall be au thorized to deliver to the party whose rights arc in fringed by either cfa&ld patent?, said infringing pat ent?, to be the property of the party to whom they are thns delivered, on the payment of the c-tnrtderstloo ol cne (|l) noilar to the other party, thus ending all fur ther dispute between the said parties. H, B. 3IEECH. Fort Edwards. March 30,1567. Stock Subscriptions. J>*OS!\LUTUS CP “The Chicago Fibre & Paper Go," Capital Stock - - $500,000, Pive Hundred Shares, SI,OOO Each. This Company has been organized usder the General Laws cl ths slate cl Idioms, tor the purpose ot maan fhctnrtng all kinds ot PAPER, asd preparing FIBER for other pnrposea Com the Wild) GRAib found la this Tldhltr In zrcat abundance. The practical develoomenl and utilizing ot sucb ma terial has been effected through the Inventions, and the several patents limed to 918. HARRISON B. 3IEECB. of Fort Edwards. NcwYcrfc. This Company having purchased from Mr. Meech all of the said Patents fbt the following States, to-wjt: Illinois, Indiana, Michi gan, Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, arenow prepared to receive a limited amount cl subscriptions to th 6 Capital stock. In inviting subscriptions to this Stock, we would state that the Company are now the owners 01 the BATAVIA PAPER MILLS Which are producing at the present time two (3) toss per day of print paper. This Mill has buildings and water power of sufficient capacity, already erected, and in condition to receive two (5) additional machines, which have been ordered, and It la estimated can be put In running order on or before the first day ot May next, welch wIU Increase the capacity and products cf the ta d Ml!* to six (6) tens per day; tbav at the present market prices, should yield to this Company a very satisfactory profit. The future operations of tnls Company contemplate the erection, or consolidating cf other mills with their enterprise, within the present year, leaning the foil amount of their Slock, acd which win probably aor> than double the foregoing estimate cl protect ot Print, Manilla and Tf rapping Pap'irs, This Company baring procured acnarter tro-a. Uia Legislature of the Suite ofUUscU, increasing tacli capital to oce mthlon of dollars, are now reorg aalzini under their Charter privllegr*. The Stock B ootaart bcwcpenforsuhscriDtiouto thestoct, at tb * Offices of Messrs. DICKERSON * SHERMAN. 1 70 Bas il olth-ir.. where all further Information aa cotba pat rats, prcspects, 4c~ will be glveo. In Wlcmrg our friends to subscribe to vsi* Stock, we believe we -are warranted la saying th At this raus prise promises an unparalleled return, o' ; Croats, com pared with any other manufacturing bo £m<aa hereto fore presented. THOMAS S. DICKERSON, Pres’t* GEO. B.OIOSS. Vice Ptca’r , (Formerly President Bata via paper MID Co.) Wil. HANSBEODGfI.Sec’y. I. N. W. SHERMAN, Trca- cr . <KWS Notices Assessment notice. Oi/ICZ OF Iju. , DO ACD of Pcqlic Wozks, ) p-mu i- Chicago,March29. 1887. ) given to all persons Inter of the »oard of Public "®*LSfl/iv 1 Chicago have commoted the As- Sr p £ « widening to the width of 52 feet *T *°* alley running sast ana west In -Aetlcn Addition toChlcago.and the *» e ««* *0 Clark street o? the same 3C?J je sooth line thereoi parallel to and iV.i iv*Sf. E «Sii J ,r '*® the north lire of Mocroc atree*. SeOty* Clerk* c,cnt has been fllei in the office of The Corrmi ssioners efihe Board cf Public Works wm apply to the Common Connell of said city, at tts seat regular aetULfc, b eid on the ei«hth(3tb) day cl ApnLlo oXal the boar of 1% o'clock o. m.,for a such assessment,at which time all par* tie* Inter^ have the rl«ht to ba heard. A : I ?ersosa wishing to object to said assessment muft “I® belr o’jjfsUous to tbasazsc.'lo writing. In the office of tne CMj Clerk, at least one day prior to §ucb meeting of the common Council. ■ GINDELa, FRKD. LCTZ, O. J. KObE. _ f\ Csmmlitftgers of the Board of i~ bile Worn. A SSE&SMEHT NOTICE. rl orm or tux Boakpot Fcbuo wotcs, > * cmcAOO, March J5, 13*7. ■{ Public notice is herebyßiyta tu all peraoia later* e,tec tliat the»sloncra of the Board tf Fnblie WcrU of the City cf Chicago bare completed the As* s-tsmectEoll :or the ex tension weitwanlly to Rico* burr street of the eighteen foci alley In Block?. But* hr "Wilcht A Webster's Addition to' Chicago, cl the same width and on the aama tine with that part of said alloy alr**cyopen*o, and inch Aueaamant lioU ha* been hltd in ite oaceof the City Clerk- w«fta The femmlasonera cf the Board of Public wora will apply to lieCommr n Connell of said cuy. at its next tesuUr be held «a Uie tlghtn (wn> the hour ofTH?clf^L p h“3% a canftrtcsnou ot 5 anch asaessmeoL at wnlrti \j. ceres ted wUi bare the rtsbtiobeh«Ma* AU pet*o*« wi.hiog to o*.ject t* • their • bjactions to ttesame. In WTl *^?h l ■U-.*cit» clerk, at leaat one day prior to rath meeting '*f the Common Co.nclL j n antnn.w FRED. LEIX, - O. J.KOSS. « of the flaart 9t fame Wotk* Nets liKtlicatumc. JUST PUBLISHED. NEW EDITION, REVISED AND ENLARGED. WELLS’ Every Man His Own lawyer AMO BUSIKSS FOBM BOOK. A compkta Guido fir Sff msSten Of Lav. ud BM OMKecsCMou lor every State lathe Union. L«ral Forms, tad nil: In*trac , l"n« tor Proce~d u».wiibra* assistance, ta Sola aad snaaess &*£«c«3McißTei7 description. *hirr***»WUb«Qje Ciflfcwat State Ll»l C'-Bgrml-g B£li%St # Jl2? Property exempt from Exeeat ucmw taseil Goodt. Qa»U3- Ai®?ihJ*£*?•* of Actions. eto. Law, with lona, tad full ftU *ad.<y editors ta take A'*£l£?to.. h »££ t '* , ?* w,t 1? » 1 SMUtsace.- FaxettLawi with fan lastzacuotu to taverns- AllOi£itlicL.WL Staling Duties, Po.t ASew Custom Home Regulations, theviola* lc toaof mS GoTOTment la relation to RccoastructtoriiSj the Freedmen. Ceostitattoa of the United Sut^wits Amendments, state seals, with de*cnp;foca.Jc* TalswoiE, prepared ?ome yean ago, tu receipt with great tovor by U» public. attaining a Luaer ««i* It u believed. than say work oi tae kina ever ou alin ed. LopMCfUmeßaobroaghtmatenalc&aacesta'hd statute* cl many of the BUtes; toe war has not only al tered the Social cocouionol some ot them, bat hat in troduced the Intersal National Han a, new post OtOce and CoMora .tPniinw Amendm-nr? to ids Caasttrat on of me U tiled states, Em«i clpatlcn of ajar,*, General Bankrupt Law, ere. ThemPjtctor tailors, Bono CM atd War Claim* basaiAnasssmeits&evaca greasyincreasedimport- These numerous changes tiave 3rd the pcbUaher to make anewandttoioajhly revoed edition, teprodao irg the whole wore, vjth special refrrcnceto maka— Ue work complete and reliable, without reward to e£ pthse. So critical and thorough ha»been thw renroo. tl at tbe most implicit reliance can be placed upon the v< ork, as authority on all the cnojecta ol wulch it beats. t over two hundred and fiity pages of new matter have been added, to meet-me requirements of the dices. The utility of suehawoit no one wiiyquratiou. The sale of hundreds of thousands ot copies of tne former (dittoes, and the constant demand lor It hare settled that point. The professional ttao. the former, tae me chanic, the masniactnrer. the soldier, tne sailor, eacta requires a conveelent, comprehensive and rellaalo work which will enable him to oraw op anytnstru mtnt tn wilting that may be required, in a legal torus, which win lunush such legal information aa u called for in the various avocations «i life, a book mat ever*- body can enderarand. and that will enable every maa or woman to be his or her own lawyer. Therefore class of tae community, male or female* who,have, or expect to have.a»yproperty,or who have any rights orprlviletcs which require pro tec Hob, who wU) not be gzeauv benefited and advantaged by the possession oi this boos. It will aa»e them money, save them trouble, save them time, save them litiga tion and lawyer*’toes, and give them Information nobody ran afford to be without. ISao., CO pares. Price, handsomely bound, y?.ov_ ST Sect postpaid os receipt of price. a good, reliable agent wanted in feveiT town la the United State?. Address HE2f J. W. HITCHCOCK, Publisher, 14 Cham tiers-* u. New Cork, Or, G. t>. BALDWIN, -gyParcrv glricg this advertisement acaajplcaoo* Icsertlcn will tccdtc a copy of the work. ©atitoarc. gPHING TRADE, 18C7. A. B. X 6. H. millcb; S 3 Stato-st. Wearenowopenlng.£reabCrom Domestic and For eign Manufactories, a targe stock ot Hardware and Cutlery, Selected with neat care, and adapted to the wants off the Western Trade, at greatly reduced prices. Wade & Butcher's X(!D Pocket Knives* Geo. Wosieaholn A IXL do. do. American and Knglisb Table (jstlery. Genuine wtlklDMtn’s Sheep Shears. Blinont <Sc Spear and Jackson's Daad Saws* dtc.* dee. Also, aflne Stock Of FARMING TOOLS. BatolreHer & Kens' BAT AND MAITURSFOBSS, and othergood brands, at low prices. Ames & Howland’s Shovels, Spades and Scoops. We are sole agents lor the Justly celebrated brand of Files made by the “AMERICAS FILE COMPAHY " Which has taken precedence over all others, and to which we Invite special attrition. Mall orders promptly and carefully Oiled. m (Earpets, ©it (Stotiiß, sct. QARPETING I CARPETING! Tho finest and most extensive as sortment of English and Amexicam Carpets, BEattings, Oil Cloths, Cor* tain Goods, &€■, in new and elegant designs, at EXTREMELY LOW PRICES! JOSEPH ¥ESrS CARPET WAREHOUSE, TO LAKE-ST. Ivansas 3LanUs» SALE OF KANSAS LANDS. On TUESDAY, the 54 £*7 of April, UC7, wfllkS jfleicd at PUBLIC SA-LB At tlie Eldridge House, in the cit/ o € liwamcE, Kansas, About 155,000 Acres of Laad, gltnate in the counties of Leavenworth, Wyandotte Jefferson and Douglas, and known as the <■ “DELAWARE RESERVE.” These lands Ue directly on the main Use of the Mon Pacific Railway, Eastern Diiisiai The branch of the tame Read from Leavawortn t» Lawrence passes through them, and the raliroiJ tnan BU Lotus to Leavenworth runs along their Baiters border. • In Fertility, Location, and abundance *o4 Water, these Lancs are tne PLNBsT LH TUB STAT®. By tho treaty with lhel>e!awsr*. In 1360. ihelnoUa tlUe to the ** Reserve*’ waa estlnemsb*J,aad since ttcit date many farms hava inprotrt. aad churches school bouses, prtit and saw mills erected, and macff other (mirovemente made thereon. The climate of Eaasas U remamblyh.altr.ial, acd to feimers and settlers these lands offer Greater Jndaceaenrs than any others in the >Vc»u Also; at the same place, immediately alter the eltloQ of the shore Lands, wtli he sold ah ml 28,000 ACHSB OF Z*ABZ>, Situate la the southeastern part of the “ Sac and Fox Beaerve,” la the county of Kraairlln, Kauas. Also, a large number of TOWN LOTS and BLOCKS In the towns ot North lawience, Toßganmie 'and Perry. The sale will commence on April Id, X 857, and wUi continue from day to day until »1 ths lands shore named have been disposed of. The Laud* will bs ofr ft red in tracts to salt purchasers. Tzaxs or Sale—One-third cash asd balance In two equal nnmai payments, with « per cent interest Utarw on from date of purchase. B. ar. BABT3HLOW, Agent. jHtistcal snfftrumghts. YAKIETT OF SECOND BAND ORGANS, Some of them nearly tew, takea Is exchange for the Burdett Organs I Will be sold at a greai redaction from the regular prices, or rented, allowing tia rent to apply towards, payment. LYON & MEALY, General Agents lor the Burdett Organs, : Cor. Clark & NVashlngton-sts,, Chicago. 33anks ana Bankets. TjHKET NATIONAL BANK. Come? of L&se and Cl*rk-«ta. PATTI rs CAPITAL 81.000,00#. FOREIGN EXCHANGE -Drawn In suit on ail the principal Koropeaa Cities. lETTERM UP CBEDIT Irrned, available In an part* of Europe. GOVERNMENT BONDS Bought aid sold. WOi converted at market rates. SajTl M. Hicszssoh, Prcs’t. • F. D. Grit, Vice PreaT. C. K. rm Cashier. Chjl3. J.Scmurr. A9»*tCaatu TfTINSLOW, LANIER & CO., IBS US LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available in &n parts of NOS. 167 <£ 569 PINB-BT., NEW YORK. Dissolution. 'T'llE COPARTNERSHIP HJffibTjf X FORE existing nnder the firm name of SUITBft PLOWS, ii this day olaiolvedby ma-nwi conietl. Wat. J. Plows having disposed, ofhls In tere*t to C. tt- EMITH. who will continue the business nnder the flna came of C. R. SMITH 4 CO., Acd who will oar all Indebted:*** ot th« lata Arm, and iTaJoaeantbomed w collect ali bills<£» •latßflna. H. SMITH, W.J.VLOWS. • Chicago. March 27.156 T. Bgntisttg. rpELTfI. "NO EXTRA CHARGE for ExtractmgTteth- WITH OUT FAIN, by tte use tu Mirons Oxide Uas, vhsa ar tificial ones aie Inserted, at TREGO’S Dents'! Koomt, 7 3 South Clark-eL, Chicago. New Teeth Inserted same day ns extracted T^thextrXotad WITHOUT PAIN. BY THE COLTON DENTAL Boom 3,118 They usenonebatflethandputeNitroua oxide or Laagfr* itoWai. |5-s.“Kjpi?ibJ Fot.aobymo.UOT*- Seating. r side kink. GRAND MASQUERADE \ our Dimes at the Office, /me ice. Skating Day a&x j greaing. '