Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 30, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 30, 1867 Page 3
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THE ASSASSINATION TSIAI. Full Report. of the Butler- Binghaw Controversy. Startling Accusations and Sharp Retorts. Sooth and His Diary. The I'nrevealcd History of the Assassination Plot. The following Is the offie'al report of the Butler-Bingham controversy in the United States House of Representatives on Tuesday last: Hr. Bnxrn. I ark leave to make a personal ex planation, which will occupy the auenlion of the House bat a tew moments. Hr. Boss. I would askhowmnch time the gen tlemen wants! Hr. Ptm-EB. Fifteen minutes will do. No objection was mane, and leave was accord rclymanted. Mr. ilnux. Hr. Speaker, 1 have canned to be laid upon the tabic of eaab memqcr a copy, as re ported in the official journal ot the House, of the speech of the-gentleman from Ohio.(Mr. Bing ham) the other day in reply to me. 1 desire to -call the attention of the fioosc to the lact that the speech as published contains double tbo amount of mailer which the official reporters fur* tithed: aua aUo that one-bcLT ol the words con tained in the original official report arc erased. I«ow, 1 understand the rule to be, that ic any oe bale personal to a member, no such change cau be made properly wheat the consent of tbe member to Iks affected thereby, lint what I par ticulaily desire to call the a tuntion of the Donee to is tub: that a cbtogo is made in the report which takes the fbape of a direct altars upon rae to wbiih 1 could make no reply, ibe new matter is as follows; il Üb-,'ccutKunae denounces me as having cic- | euled ar motcem pers n without evidence. I 1 hare executed no person, but acted as the advo cate of the Utuicd States on the trial of persons i who were charged with and coat icted of the as- ; sassinatlou of Abraham Lincoln. 'i be gentleman ; prononac.-s, v.ltb tbe assurance of Sir Oracle, : that au innocent woman was on that trial con* Tided without bufiident evnlccce. By what right docf the gentleman thus assail roe, or tbe tribunal? o! true and brave anc honorable men, •who found the facts upon their oaths, and pro* the judgment S What dues tbe gentle* man know or ttre evidence in the case, and what does be ca»e for the evidence when be thus as sails the f-ißcial conduct of those men who con stituted tbe Court 5 _ Jtovv, wuh the leave of the House, I do not de sire to make any charactcrtcaton by use of epi thets of such a change. Thai even in the heat and ardor oi debate we may thio* - olTvsptessioue which upon reHecilon we would a little rather bad net beep: said- It is most true, may lc. and should be changed in the official r.porf. 1 may do ao xnvrclf But be who in tbe cool boor of silent sight sits down and deliberately pens an accusa tion against bis peer to which be cannot reply la sol to fcccnyied. Therefore, 1 ask Icavcnow to stale the evidence spoil which 1 made (be assertion I did the other day, that Sire, bncratt was improoc ly convicted; because the gentleman cay? that I neither knew nor carer for the evidence. 1 hold In my band Ibe evidence as reported under thcgeotleman's official sanction- 1 examin'd it with great care long ago. The statement 1 made the other day was sot sporadic thought with me; it was the result of a careful examination of this case for another and a didorenl purpose, in the endeavor i to ascertain who was concerned in fact hi that . great conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. Ibe gentleman says De was ‘•iheadrocate of ofthe Cctica Slates orly." St, be makes a wide , mistake as to Lis official position. He was tbe special Jnoge Advocate whose duly it was to pro tect the lights ofthe prisoner as well as tbe rights of tbe Lnited Ma’es, and to sum cp the evidence and stmu the isw as vould a Judge o*i the bench. Certainly u was bis duty to present to the Com mission all the evidence bearing upon tbe case. Kow, there was apiece of vvitalnthe knowledge of tbe special Judge Advocate audio bis possession wuicbhe did not produce tm this most momentous Ulal. When Booth was captur ed by the Jorcc under tdcu’enamColonel Conger, tbirewas taken from bispocueta diary like the. one I tow bold inmybann. In this diary Booth had set down day by day tils plant*, his thoughts, bis motives, and tbe execution of his pUn« Thit diary came into tbe poeses*iou o< the Govern ment, hs* it waa not Drought before tne hliiltary Commlsfiiun Although even Booth's tobacco pipe, cpnr, and compass, found m tbe same pocket with tbe diary, were put In evidence, tbs dicry was not produced. That diary has been heifore your C f omutiUce on the Judiciary. Let me say here, to exclude conclusions, that 1 do not obiaiu my evidence, trom them. That diary, as now produced, has eighteen pages cn* out. the pages prior to the time when Abraham Lincoln was massacred, although the edges as yet show toev bed all been wiitien ovit. Isow. what I want to know I? Ibis: Was that diary whole when it came Into the bands of the Gove-nraent? And Second, if u was good judgment ol the oart of tne genUtman prosecuting the assasrias of the Presi dium to put in evidence the tobacco-pipe which wn? found In Booth’s pocket, why was not the mary. In bis own bind siting, put la evidence, svd vLcreln be himself lad detailed the particu lars oftbalcrime? And :ii rciorc 1 did not charge the able and gal lant soldiers who eat on that comt with Laving done any wrong. They did not see tne diary. T ncy die not know tbe ci*ry. Iftbiy bud Ibey might have given a dllloreut fli.diug upon tbe matter ofthis prat conspiracy. Who si-olisted thru book? Wlto suppressed that evidence! Who caused an itmocen-. woman to he burg when be ban if his pocket the diary which bad silted at least who: was the idea and tbe purpose of tbe man- conspirator in lae case? There i? etiil remaining in Uiai diary n mosl re mailuu-ic etnltuce. written apparently but a few hours LcJoie Boob diefl. I civ.- it foal memory: *• 1 tavc rndoavor*-d to cross ihe Potomac nvo times, but failed. J prepoee to return to Wash ington ard rfv myself np, and dear myself from Ibis great cilme.** How e'eat himerlf? By di-cloamg bis acc‘m pbces ? \V:o were they? Who spoliated that beak alter It bed got ii to the possession of. tbe Govcnixncnt, iili ,»as nol spoliatvu before ! And what evidence is there that it was spoliated be fore! Why was not Liectennol Co’yrel Coager ol iewed to stare folly in regard **» ibis matters Bel mi* read Irom lue reported evidence of the trial, it will be seen ibat :b* questions were careluilv put, so that Codl-t vbea on thewit ncts-tiacd should tot tell about that booh. Be says: ♦•1 then took whatlh‘nge were in bl? pcctets aad lieu them tip in a prove oi paper, ile was cot then quite dead. He would—once perhaps in five mimucs—gs*p; Ms htart would die on*, and th-.u ii would conn.-ence again, and ny a few rapid beats would make a ►tig'-.i motion. Jleit the body snd the priconer Harrold m charge of Elcnicuev. Baker. 1 told him to wait an hoar if Booth was cotddd; if he recovered to wail there, and c-.iid overt Beil* i’rain i.rr a surgeon from ore ot ti e gus-rhij-s. and if he died iu the space of un hour togcit-e he could and bring him on. 41 1 f.ijcu there some V n minute? alter that was •aid when the doctor there s:-!d hi- was dead. 44 JA Knife. pair of pistole, bid’, hosier, file, pocket compare, Epur. carbine, cartridge:, and and hills ol exchange "etc thown to the witness.) ‘•ih-.l is the knitc, bel*, am bolster u'uen from Booth ; the pistols 1 did cot uxatnina with any care; but they looked like tb-ee; ibaiifl»bcpock ci-coio].£sf, with the caudlc-crcetc on it, ju't SB we lout-d U: the spur} turned over to tdr. Stan ton; trad 1 judge this'To be the one !tk n from Booth, That is ihe carolne w. took; ms a Spen cer ride, and has a mark on the breech by which I know it; both the ptetnle and chrlncc were load ed; I ui-lcaflcd the caririne my?elf in Mr. secre tary Slnnica’s office, and lhc?e arc\the catridecs xhat I lock out; ircrc wd« one Is the barrel and the chamber wts full; these arc the bills of ex change; I nnr xut loidflis on taem.” • » « 9 » » ,4 I had hCcn John Wilkes Booth iu Wasbiogfon. and recognized the mau wiio waa killed as the same; 1 liatl bclore remarked Ws re; emblauco to his b;c:acr. Edwiu 800 b, whom 1 had often seen play.” I; will be seen that there was no point where Ibe witness was arked, “Were things all that you took irom BooUrV poclrets?’' Certain articles were snn-cd out before the w?tu-.‘ a s, even voatcihacco-p:r>e, aud he was 4 ‘Did you takethtel” **J)ia yon take thati” Ji-; aDswcred, ‘•Yes.” But if UiO proper qu< suuu had been asked be would have answered, ••Ve*; and 1 took tbc diary of Booth L*om bis pcinon; ii was not reces'ary that i should kr.o*v acyl:.!-g about him from his resemblance (o In* broihi-r. Kdmu Booth, in order to 4ecogi>me him. b'-cau-e 1 look thta diary in Lis own ha'idwT:ting from his own breast as be 'ay there garping in the airozi-j* of death.” That r.ould have b-.-cn an idcuiificaiiou beyond all qncrtlon and all peradv niuro Now. nr, i co cut know wirat vronli have been the jur.gmcn: of tuat Military Commissiou if that evidence lourd upon the pen-on ot the prisoner br.obrrnpiodnccd; aud that evidence ought, In my judgment, to have been procnccd. j will state 1 etc (because I with to cm fnliiy and Justly with tort case; I Lave no feeling, no beat m re purd u> il,)thst I nncerfiai.a tbt- f.corv to be that that evidence was not produced lost Booth’s glo rification of himself, as found In his diary, should jro before the coua*ry- 1 think that a lame encase, if an can gtoriiy himself, lei lam do so; No harm could result from itiu tse minda of a lo’.lc end Inttlitcn'. people. Therefore, 1 again Bek,7Vhy was a jnost rcmarksblo piece of cvlusace, which was found oc the boJyol the great coespira-or. concealed? No: I will take xhatb:ck; IwiJ! not eay 4 *conccahd;’ but why was It not brought forward on that idol? Why was It not brought to the koowlt-dg - of the public mind* X believe that piece of evidence would have shor.n what the whole case. In my judgment, now shows: that up *o a certain hourßooth con templated. capture and abduction, aua that he afterward changed bis purpoii to assassin ation on consul lation with the cum-piralors about him. Mrs. aurrattmay or may not have known of that change of pnrooeofroai abducudfPto assossi ■nation, Now, what I find fault with In the Judge Advocate, who die not sum no for- - the pnaouer, is that in ids very able and very bitter argument sg&nlsl the prisoners no noUcc L? token by the special Judge Advocate of >lm change oi purpose and brought to the attention oi the mon who com* SosedtLat military tribunal. Ana U Mrs. Surratt id not know of line change oi purpose there is no evidence that she knew in any wsy of the as fcasFisariou, and ought not, lu my judgment, to Lave been convirled of*auiug par; m it. Mr. Speaker, these are brieily some of the ree cons why in my former remarks I said, *‘l am glad thel>lu<.d oftliatwoman, be abe guilty or Inno* cent, is not upon my bead.” Batin i-o manner, in no way, by no intendment or vvc:d of mine, did 1 mean to asy that t*>ofe able and discreet of ficer?, military men who relied for the law of tbe case cj cn the spcclsl Judge Advocate, and who thought :hty had all tteiacts whies could throw light ut ou me case, but b.-forc whom all the tacts were not pet, did any wrong vrnantvcr—l do not mean to pay they judged wrongly under the light? (bey had. Butihc point I make, and the goint which stall bland made before this country,, s that Rlithotestimonv possible lo throw tlgnt on that ca-c was not before that Tribunal; lor it we bad only the auvautage ol alt the testi mony, Mr. Speaker, wc migot thet, have been able, with (ho testunonv oi wbuessta fresh In mmd, to find who, indeed, were all the accom plice? of Booth ; to fine who it was (Hat enaeged Booth’s putpose from capture to examination ; who It wjib uut could profit by vaFUFs-laaiicn who could not profit by capture and abdnotion of the President; who 1< was expec t--: ny Boo*h would gurcct-d to Lincoln il the kcue r ado a vacancy, which we cannot do now, but might cave done if we con id ascertain rtm was in ihnt ook. Al though in tome aspects of too ca-c It might not Lave been ieg>il evidence, yaia all aspects Uis moral ovl'icuce, ca-rying cocvicMon to the moral sense. It Is the dying deda-adohoi a nine, as sassin though he be,who wa- ej.erkiug the truth, piobably to himselt as netweun bim-olf acd God. If we had all the pages weshuabi L-;ve huisomc esplauctii uofthisgrcal X-cl: bo*r Booth to dear hiiuHlft*?going Pack to \va-hingion from the great crime ho had committed? That Boota. thought he couid do to appears from wbatstin re mains; the other eighteen page? arc gone- were gone when that book oaui-t 111 : . n , j“p bosses* I'ti 0110,-kiur.ea Joto: Advocate! IftLry wore, wbv did n< the inquire vvhenas-d »h--rcmey went. When Lkntpi cat Colon®! Congergave ll io eome one, whv diab; net Inqnite ** W’n- it whole theu. Whm it went into the bauds of the next man was It whole then? Whose was the Lmfc thatcul out the leaves in away thatinpUla to oe seen of oil I am now not creaking of any'Using which Is snrte L-anav. but of that wulbn 1 kr»ow. lam Epeadr. gof that In vvh cb, !11 tpcak r.ronvly, any genUvii.av-oribc Judiciary i'ouiunUee who has iadt'Jn book beforehtm canc-in-.-c: m«\ Again,! ts2e lerve to snv 1 am not epcakuig or any >;no 'l - coi lir-ui them, because they propnly l.eep *1 JO ttivSl-dVrS. Now. el*, 1 kbov.ld cot have further puirued this msilct vxc-r-t ibst the '•emlctnan ciurgcd me with having r.»y Etalcracnt without evidence, vviliuC l cturjiuuiion of the cvlJct-co. De has chosen to b'li.c tins msttcr h«rc bythatcbari-i-, 2i.d I dueie now ni some tor m ti>atitie mailer shall he folly and thoroughly loV’ Ergab d, ►o that ad theiacia may be brought before the House and the country. .. ’ . •;tc iij' T ' lT ’' rn - ..The gentleman’s tme has cx- P Oblecllon was nede. Mr. BiionaK. 1 atk -unsninious consent to make a reply to the gentleman. The BriuvKxn. How much time docs the gen llemcngskfOT? Mr. Bcsguak. Tbe lcnrlh, of time taken by my opponent and accuser. There was no objecaon, and leave was accord ingly granted. Mr rtngrcnvK. I desire, If the gentleman baa the book to which be refers, be will have good ness enoneb to send h tome? Mr. Bmm. Is this the book yon desire? Sir. BiMcnaai. Ko, sir; 1 mean the diary of Booth—not a report' of tbe trial. Mr. Bciltu. The diary? Obkio, elr. They do not let no see it. . limonia. Ob yes, fir; that is another cx lon of fairness and manliness. - Mr. bJhJUi Mr. Benin. I bare tot it, sir. * • ... Mr.Butcnaai. If the gcnilemanhas not cot it, he ougnt- not to have said anything about it. VThv talk of written evidence and not oe able to produce il? Mr.' But then I knowwho has. Mr. Breimm.- Weii, I do not; tliat la the all* fercnce, „ . Mr. Speaker, I desire to say that the report which wag mado ol the hurried and cxcJico de bate which took p'aco bttween myeeli and the centlcman, and which was provoked on hia part hr an uninst ImpotaQon. nnwarranlcd byr all par liamentary proceeding,none tbeiess Q»Jtt»tand disreputable because he selected the so-test words In the language, was very Imperfect except the he S fiP£UEEn. The word “dlaroputable” is not P 3C r fi«n». IVlut Ij not proper! The Speakto. The word “disreputable. Mr.BnioiiAK. I hte pardon. I suppose that loeccak ofac unjest accusation as disreputable Is parliamentary. . , 2he SrsAEEu. To characterize the language of a member as disreputable is not parllamcmarr- Mr. Bisouxai. lam only sorry the Speaker did not discover that like worm* tn my accuser's har angue were not also unparliamentary. 1 -lake back tbe word under the direction of the Speaker, and stand corrected. The SrrAExn. The gentleman will speak in order. Mr. Biegbam . I beg to say that in my former reply to the gentleman, made under the excite ment arising from a sense of wrong done me. and the llmjiaMon of my time, it so happened that the report sent to me was the most imperfect, as he roic elated, that has-ever been submitted to me of my remarks made in this House. I therefore re vised the rep art, as was my right, and of this the gentleman complains, and In nts sore distress re prints the imperlectrcport, with errors in it patent to every man who heard me, and lays it on the tables of members. That is beyond Question a heroic and magnanimous achievement! Sir. I say tliat any centk-mun mav examine the report in the Olcle as revised by me with what ca-e be pleases, and be will fail to find In my corrected remarks as therein published a single accusation against the gentleman that is not, by express words or by necessary implication, in the notes of tbe report-. cn>. The remarks as revised and published are substantially and almost literally whati said on this f.ocr. 1 charged that the gentleman constituted him self an unjust accuser. • 1 charged him with h&v- Ingassatlcrd my official cont act upon this floor and elsewhere. 1 charged him also *rilh having assailed the official conduct of men who were his pcei eln the Held; who stood amid the blackness and tempest of the great contest, where the earth* yuak»* and the fire l<d the charge. These words I Ttacd that day, and 1 repeat them now. although they did cot appear in precisely that form In Ibc official report sent tome. And yet the gentle man is driven to such straits as I hare af ter ti.akmg this assault on me, simply because I donol choose to.follow him ana levy charities by confiscation upon a conquered people. He chooses to try to get out of the difficulty Into which he Las put himself by gefing up this mu- Plated report of my remarks and printing it. The icnlleman is welcome to all that he can make by aty such course of procedure, and there I leave Pipy with thi- additional remark that even m the meagre reports ot the daily papers on the follow ing morning is found substantially every state ment that is recorded in the corrected report In the Clct>e % even down to tbo last words I uttered, widen they did me the kindness to preserve, and which are, “I defy the gentleman's calumny. 1 ' ' What, then, is the gentleman complaining of? Why. that 1 said be had condemned without knowing or coring for the evidence. Isay It yet. ' And, sir. If he t- the lawyer he is reported to be— cud I am not tbe man to underrate my adversary here or anywhere—he is to be pitied, coming Iruo and arraigning his peers again lor not consenting to admit as Testimony for tbe defense the declara tions of any man accused made alter the fact. The gentleman puts bis book Into hie pocket. 1 tell him that I defy him, by any investigation that he - dare institute, here oranywherc, to show that any communication came to my hands that appeared or purported to he the production of J. Wilkes Booth that was not made after the iacr, loog after the fact. Is any lawyer in America or tn England to be told that tbe words and declarations of an accused felon, made alter the tact, arc evidence tbat the advocate.©! the Government is bound to admit on behalf of the accused in any court? Why. sir. if one .of the ssveral conspira ore can thus make bis declarations, made after the fact, evidence, ellh< r for himself or for h»s co-conspir ators, how impotent is justice Itseif 1 blr. 1 treat with contempt and scorn any Intima tion liom any quarter that lor my associate coun sel were undcrobligatlons to. admit any such evi dence. The low ooee not require it; the common lew, (be growth ot centuries, the gathered wisdom of a ir.onsand.year* excludes it. But perhaps that great monument of wisdom ai d learning is not equal to the incomparable genius ol tbs incompar able i ero of Foil Fisher. [Laughter on the Dem ocratic stde.J Mr. Berm;. Will the gentleman give way a moment? Mr. hisGBAM. No, sir; the gentleman has no right to ask favors at my has da. One word more; 1 beg’leave to say that Luever saw any memoran dum of any Lind of John Wilkes Booth or any writlnr inuicatiug. If I understood at all the gen tleman’s remarks, any plan by which he was to carry out lils projected conspiracy. 1 never saw anv such thing. That is my answer tc» .bat. If aovhodv else *aw It, then let whoever tl ß c saw it aniwerYofit. I never saw auy such thmg.' Acd X am uotaurpn*’. dibit the gentleman would not let me rcc the book that he put in his pocket. Mr. Bcxtzsz. Mr. Speaker, 1 think Mr. EtSQUAM. No«.eir. The Spsakxb." Tbe gentleman from Ohio de clines to yield, and must be allowed to proceed without xnletruption. .... . Mr. BtscuAX. Ido not care, If having reftt«» d to icirm inspect ti c boolc, be imitates the exam pie given in the vision in the Apocalypse, and “ ciU it/’ [1 angblcr. 1 One word more. The gentleman talk* about the spoliated book. “Who spoliated the book?*’ That is about as Interesting a cry as that to which 1 referred the other day, “Who killed Cock Ilolln?” Who knows teat it was spoliated or mutilated, if that is the gentleman's meaning? If John Wilkes Booth tore paces out or U. -w that spoliation or‘oruila>iy;ii The gentleman's words arc as Impotent as ib.yarc unwarranted. “Lei the go Ilea jade wince, our wj-hera are nn- I ci-iilcuge the gentleman, 1 dare hint hero or ar.yw’icre. ic UrU tribunal'er ru ary tribunal, to aFseit that 1 spoliated or mutilated any book. Whv, sir, cttch a charge, without on.- uuitr of evi dence, is onlv fit to com-; from a man who lire* in a bottle and la fed with a spoon. (Laughter and applaule, checked by the speaker] One woiado chow the btutiLss naliciournc-'s of this assault, it that be pari atnectary. I have c great respect fcnheSpeater ot this Monte perscsa ly, as well as for bis eir<lie fairueis ; and ifanr thing said by me in the hee: ami excitement of this moment even t-ohuably r eflects upon the s-pcaker, 1 ask that the reporter shall record in the d«.bates at-d proceeding- of this House tbat 1 itcrll ted disclaim any tnch purpose cracy such intention. Tic ymmm. The pen'leman did reflect la some cf hia remarks ths dppaher. Mr. Biekcak. 1 beg iLe puiuon o' the Chair; 1 biH loeuchliTention. 1 believe a moro luipar iral PjcLicllng Officer nevur sal since the Com mons fuel met. , , Nov-, what is the otner slaiomcnt made here, FbtiWihff the utter mallaouTucss of UrU accusa tion, the utter dlsr«-gavfl unu contempt for all decency and all law? What is it? Why, that I controlled the ruling* in tire Court. The gentle man rays he Las the record HuJsnil unlearned In the law—for, as 1 said before, 1 do cot under rate mv adversary—cud be knows 1 was not the official recorder of that Couth nor its prc-lnne Judrc Advocate, lie kno«s its recorder was tbo Judge Advocate General of the United Slates; Le knows that he presided during every minute and«. very hour of its session: he knows that he was Its legal eaviscr. Whntthen? Why, lum to be held ut laull: .and why? Because I did not overrule the official recorder cf the court. Hav ing sa'd tins, allow me to say further that the Juoge Advocate General did bis duty fatihiuliy and is above reproach. Now, if t?e centlcman seeks to condemn me lor ob% Iking seld in the argument on that trial, which J a’rimit i made, and every word of which is my own ted that ofno ether man; it the gentleman seeks to ronoemu rite fur anything uttered by me in ’hat argument, let him read Horn ihe passage ard show to this House and to the world wherein I did injustice to any man or to any person con nected cither directly or indirectly with that Inal, sir, the gentleman has undertaken a task entirely bet ond lus powers. And he only proves in Hat wuicLCctas undertaken today that the circa lion cf tbe wur on his part lu *Qis i;>.-taucc, asiu others, is by no means up to the high and sound ing manifesto. irepcat. when he again accuses me, arid before be asks thatl shall ne cor.d-.mccd for any part which 1 performed upon that trial, let him point to any utterance or act ol mine which justifies tnch condemnation. What la this matter to which the gentleman re fers in reference to a change ofplau? Why,it was exhibited in evidence on that trial that the original plan, as falsely alleged by the coi splra tors, was to kidnap, not assassinate. And the gentleman tays. “Poor Mrs. Surratt did not know Ik” Sir, I remember tbe maxim which even the Pagan observed, to speak nothing of the ocad bat that which is good; and therefore I ax no: to be driven by anything which the gentleman mar have said, or anything heesn eoy, to utter one single word now In the way of argument as to the guilt of Mrs. Surratt. There is the evidence; and when tbe gentleman chooses again to assail me let him lead my argument upon that subject, acdlct him answer It. Let him show wherein it is false; let him show wherein it is corrupt; let him show, above all things, wherein it is malicious or unjust. For, sir, I recognize that at lari jnatlcc Is tbe rule oHonduct. both official ar d unofficial, inasmuch as it Is the attribute ol ihc great Goa of nature, w bicb dw dt with Him before worlds were, which will abide with Him when worlds perish, am by fhich ihe gentleman on-1 myself shall both be judged for ihia day’s prccccdicgs. Mr. rpeak«T. nothing gives me more pain tbm to be compelled to utter an untied woraoward myltl’ow-mau; anal repeat wcatl said in the opening of this couirovcn,y with me gentleman, that I d»fv mortal man to And upon the recorded debates of this House durii gail my ten years, service, any word of mice oil nsivc to any human being exceptworas ptovokedhy an uujiifct assauh. Am 1 ic be condemned if taring the *-cnse to feel an insult 1 have also tic spirit to resent it? That it my answer, sir. A conduct la worth more than a men’s pretensions. Inasmuch as conduct at last is clmn-clcr. * 1 may have spoken v.itbaueot unuecom iua me in this place; lm*, sir, if 1 have. 1 shall a«k tbepeur pjlvuicee of sol eulug my rude words if anv i tavr uttered la the official icport. Unviog said inis lunch, sir, I desire to s.iy one word more, and 1 ►h»H have done: ••Gratetnl as lom to vhe t coo Being whose bounty has imparted to me ihis iesso! ing li.icilert, 1 holdmys-di’pfoportiocably indented to him from wr.ose enlightened under standlrg another ray of knowledge cornmnuicstes to min e.” I deeply regret tnat the gi-ntluman has not :bu.' made me his debtor. Mi. Waiis cbtnmed tbo floor. Mr. Butxxzt. Mr Speaker, 1 ask a moment to co:te»i one mistake. Mr. ITle, I object to any further continu ation oi ihiscontrovcrsy. We have had enough o *Vr. Getz. I also object. The gentleman from Marscchnsetts has had words enough about this I ask unanimous consent to offer the following rcsolalion, which, in view of what has taken place, is evidently proper at this Ume: Wuiuieas, An cx-mvmlcr oftbe Canton’, has or caml in a pnolic speech delivered at Boston that the le.-Umonv given in bshalf oftbc Government «n me trial o’f the assassins ol the late President Lincoln was tuborcen, and thal oce.o, the accom plices of the assassins, Mrs. Suiratt.was convlcied m.d t xcriitcd without (here having been any # J£T* dcnce of her guilt; and when as, a ititnibcr of ibis iiocs*-. ihu honorable cmtlemait from Mas*cchu iclts iMr.BuTLQtI did on the Slat day of March, IS>T in debate iu this Uou«c, use the following “But the only victim of the gi ntlemau e p owers that 1 know of was an innocent w-unau. imtg upon the rcoCbld, one And I csd sustain the memory of Fori rioter it he |Mr. BiisoiiAiii and hia associates can sustain him In shedding the blood of an innocent woman tnc-l by a military ceiiiCiißtion end con'icied wlthonleuf- Ecici't in my judgment and uhereas, the trial of said Übiatuns 'las essentially ua litT-alin I*a clia-actcr, and the public honor re quires tt at tbi-> <n avf and detibcra'c Impeachment of the integrity of its protccdlnga shall lie Investi gated t-nci the muh declared; ihcrofore, lie if Tfso'.TH}, Tnat a selpct coaiaritoo of three he eppoin’ed by the bpejkcvto esaralue thorough iy into raid charge*.. a-jJ to npurt th'-reou, and .(hat Uicy Lave aathoriry u« send for all persons m.d papers which mey be required iu conducing said iuvertipution Mr. SxEVtse, of Pennsylvania. I object. This Question never ought to have come here, and Sever ought to go any turthfr. Mr. Wahd. In.cvo that tbe talcs be Btispended. The House dnided; and thoiu wore—avea £6, ®SS? called for fhc yea* and noys. Tbcyoesannuavs were no’ordered. So the Consi; refused »o sespeed the mica. Tlic Bolrcr-Benu liJopcmeru-A Denial of tiio tteporied l»eQUf U Captain John Hatl.-of the Now York As eoclalcd-I’rcaj, writes to the .York Sun, In yonrpaner of this dale Is an article headed, “1 he Dcas-Bokcr Marrisge,” cooled from the Sattoiday, which U 'as nearly t iiliitly isisc aa it l» poavfble to com pote an aitlclc- Tils, In fact, Mr. Beach, a most diabolical outrage .on a worthy and happy ffoiaao. Inlvo yon the assurances of Mr. John L. Van Eoceheicb, the Chief lusoeclor, and Colonel Van “Brunt. Deputy Purveyor of the funtoms.and my ov.n personal knowledge o' ice niter nntJTUhtiii nefeof the cntlic article’in .question. Mr.and Mrs Beau were for several Tear connected with (be Departments this city, and enjoyed the acquittance and • soclc’y of the most worthy of that Department,- and who ycl entertain for them the greatest possible respect. Mr. Dean ,is .at present in the cot ton brotetage business, and with his wife resides comfortably and happilyi»Hoboken. I'o ns, who know the parties so vUI, the article In question produces feelings of the most profound concern, and we can only account for tbe publication of It on the supposition (bat the reporter of the Wash ington paper was imposed upon by some unworthy character. An apneal was mane to tbe cube press ol the country on a previous occasion to de sist from placli-g ibis worthy young couple In a false position before the public, and with your cetmiEsion, through your columns. It Is cow re futed. •* • Jomr Haix. Whereupon the Sun says: *‘Tho state ment ot Captain Hail can he relied upon as tnilLiul. and we arc glnd of an opportunity for running this denial as public as me article copied from the Washington Intelligencer.”- The Plitalmnrh, Fori Wayne' & Chi cago Bailroart —Anrnal idectlng of the. Stockholder*—Beport of itio JDl rectors.. The stock and bondholders of the Pitts burgh, Fort Wayne. & Chicago Railroad net at Pittsburgh on Thursday last. Gene ral Cass, President of the road, submitted his annual from which wc gather the following facta: -£AHKR«GS. Frrm paepencer trace! From traffic From transpoi tatlon U. S. Mail From Irautponalion of Express mat ter 100,233.43 From Clevelara & I'illfibargn ‘Hail road Co., fur joint ueea ot the track between Fittebotcb. aud Rochester 85,0\b.00 For rent ol bnilditigft end grounds.,. 2,809.00 From miscellaneous eourcce ... 81012.31 Formnlntcracce of way §1,370,533.01 For maintenance of cars 533.010 50 For maintenance of motive power... 1.3b8,i3a.04 For conducing transportation 1,280,473.31 For ccneral expenses, Including all _ ..... 475,874.55 §5,117,080.54 Which leaves a balance of §2,319,531.02 to the credit of Inc me cccount out of the operations of the rcadforthe year. The last annual report exhibits a credit over all pavmenie and liabilities on the Ist dav of January, i'tO. of § 550,150.5 J To ibis, add as fallows to the carrent year:-Net income trom operating iberallwnyin 1600 2,319,531.12 Net tucome trom the lease ofthe New Ccetlc & Beaver Valley Railroad In ItOfi 55,460.30 Amount received lor talc oi 0.231.50*100 scares ofthe capital stock 033,150.17 Tolal amount available tor the yeir.£-!,50U,233.00 Ontor this sum (he payments and liabilities for the j ear have been as follow: interest on the mortgage debt.,. 9 870,301.93 Bniocnd of ten per cent on lire capital Block ; . Federal income tax on same 51,013 19 £xr.rndc<l for constmcttoa and ecuini ment.... , «... 1,110,975.70 Sinking fond..- 118,078.07 Amount paid the Cleveland & Pitts burgh Railroad Company nadcr cca raci fer 16t6, and a balance due foriew. sr-6.W8.f6 $3,050,573.55 Total above all expenses and liabili ties, January 35,1. 1fi.,7 $109,913.52 BECLiNE IX HECCIPX3, Theabove summary shows a decline in Ibe gross income of.tbe road of os compared witU the pievious year, of which decline $35,485.76 was in the freight tralllc deportment, and $949.525.7G in the passenger department ol the business. Nearly oac-balf ol this tailing off of the passenger earnings arose from loss of the movement of soldiers, which has reduced the earnings from over one-hall million of dollars in IBGS to - $iW,(£K) in ISCC. "While the gross income fed off over one million dollars, the report shows that the operating expenses were reduced only $57,829, and the diminution in the oper ating expenses are even less than the reduc tion in taxis caused by the abrogation of the 2>£ per cent Federal tax on freight earnings, so* that the expenses Incurred in earning $7,407,217.50 In the past year, were really more than the expenses of earning $8,459,002.50 in 18C5. 'rAssENcrn Tnanx. The revenue trem ho.uansponloaorpassengers fell olf *tM9,525.7G hum the previous year. Of lias diminished income, moie than ouc-bair, or 54kUW, was on account of military inm-porla lion, the whole income from Hits source fur Use Vtarhavirg been but SC'.i. 00. About two-tbirda of the dimhiltbtd iocome from this smnee was oa the through or foreign (ravel, and ouc-Uilrd fiom the local travel. Of the loss of foreign travel, nearly fifty-two par cunt was on the Earlem Di vision, and rather more than lorly-elght p*,r cent on the Western Division. Of the loss in tee local tiavd, (he result on the two divisions is very drf fenxt Iroo the above. On the bsstera-Dir»stou »Ic loss was twenty-seven oercent ot the whole, ai d on the Western Division ecvcniy-taice pec tint. " The only increase In the passenger travel was on tbc accommodation trams, on which the xucieate was ten percent in number earned, seven per cent in mileage, and four aud a half per cent In revenue icctlvic. EXrXEeS TPAKeI'OUTATIOK. Tie coinings iron tiautpor f a.:o:r of express matter in ISCowcre $i43,C5i.t2; and the earnings tiem the trine source in l£oy were fin.vihi.43 —lor?. $4U,459 s‘y—being a los* of about thirty-three per cent. The large express business of ltC5 was exceptional, ani caused by the mobility of tha llctrs occupied by the Atoms Espies* Company to accommodate the large t-outhwcet bu*ls<g« of taut company ouring iLo do»ug period of 'be war- the overflow snUng vie Cif.-uinc on the road of this company num ruitburgh. - . TUX MOTIVE POWEB. The cumber of locomotives in the service of the company remains as at dated lastropo.t—3£9in Limber. Tbiy are in good order, and by the offi cer* <-< tl e road censidued io belter condition at the dote, than si the beginning ot the ;• ar. The whole number ot miles tan by tea engines was i,5:5,‘113, being an average of miles per «m --“ii c, for each engine owued oy me company; aud :ht union n earned by each eugir-e (i»y average) ku>{ Jhnse aicveiy good r«uiu. i-assurozu axi> rumour i)tPAirrjcE.vr. By the JLtmildir-g of wom-out. cars aid the re pair* of oiLct*, (bis portion uf lb? equipment n inrpruwd over the the previous year. It cauiata of 53 nr.-l-cl*** coacnc*. eight eecuDd-cass coaches, j 8 emigrant, 23 baggage, 7 mail, 39 ex pnti. i pay-csr, uud I Dlrecto*’ car. The freight equipment Iras been Increased dar ing lx*o jear, by building, at the Company’s shops, in roifWny. «•. one Ucnnred and U'ty uew bos carp, and the whole ol Hus cia-s of equipment at t'ic c!> ee cf tire year, la reported by the General ; npcriiitenJcn* a» fo.tows* 1,m37 box tars. 11l . u>*k tar e , •76 Cat care. 55 caboose cars ror freight •i>d gravel wrecking cars umt3 airtcl cars, malting atotal'of 2,331. cf ail of winch hflper ren'are lu good order, end the balance seed re budding or extensive repairs. - • fIaiKGIAL AR3 COMHROIAI. EOEETA2Y. Fiudat EvzxiKa. March 29. The Honey market was closer to-day, o -'lng to the liberal checking by country ban) s for- curren cy, to be used in making np tbc April statembuU. Ibe demand frr Honey was good, but there was very little dircouDilbc done, and favors were ex datively confined to tbo-o whos-c claims could not Le Ignored. Alter Mor.oay next the market w-n tesurae its normal condilion. There was an inetca-ed amount of Exchange of renng to-day, and man: of ’ho Nationals were anxious to accumulate currency, and the market was flat. Bound lots were placed bet ••uon banks at par. but purchases were confined to providing for actual wads. Ike counter rates were steady aud unchanged atparboyixgasd 1-10 premium selling. Hour was quiet and firm. Wheat advanced CtftSjtc. Com was In good request, and l®i‘ic higher. Oats appreciated Mi&lc. Rye was-1315c higher. Bsrley ruled steady and firm. Moa Pork wqs inactive, but firmly held. Bulk Meats ruled quiet. 1 aid was steady. Secdv wer&more active end higher for Clover. Gold was a shade easier. The market opened at IMJ4, snd dosedaiiMJi. The following quota-• lions were received by Boyd Bros., gold brokers; I3IU ni 151JS lC;43c.m 134 U l&SOp.m 131J6 ll:C0a. n 134.4 ‘itOp.m I>lH 11:13 a. m 1314 -JSp.m r.lZlli 11:33 a, ro 1314 3:03 P-m Mila 11:45 a. m ..1344 P- tu 1314' Here the market was quiet at buy ing. Tee counter demand was right. Silver was nominal at 1250126 buying. The Public Funds were a txific stronger to-day— <he advance being confined to the gold-hearlpg horde. The following shows the closing nricea 10-day, compared with the three previous days: Tues. Wed. Tburs Fri- Sixes of ’£l BB*S XfiSy iCS'i 103 H»e-Twentue,’«S HW 1W l'»;4 Hvc-Twerlies; ’sl 107J4 11)714 1‘7 1 ,i 107-4 i ive-TvventleC,’63 13754 107jj 107? j 2054 it-n-f orliee 9% 074 JWi Sevcn-lTnriieE, Augnsl.lWi IWS 716 10i Seven-Thirties, June I'-Srj 103“ S Jj|s3s Seven-Thirties, Ju1y....105=4 XO^fS Now rive-TwccUts.. ..11/7 207 107 In our market there was a good demand for iu, hut the amount o&erlug ia not large. tVc quote: • COVEUh'SIEST 6ZCLHHTE3—CmCAGO MAHEET. Buying. Selling. U. 6. ft. 18S1..- ; ofJi 109 V. 5». 5-2r;s. 35)2. 1--OJ4 103J5 U.S.r-2L*, i&CI 107 ft 107 ft U. &. t-20s, *665 118 103*4 U. S. r-20s, Ififio-ISCO, new. 107 107 ft U. 5.3-2)‘s, email lC34@lftJft U. S. lU-«;e. Jarre D7ft - 93 0, S. 10-:t)a, nnall 07 - .... U. S. T.CCb, Ist series 103£ lOoft U. 8.7.;-t-s, 2d scries iteft. 305 ft U- fc.7.SCc, 3o Ei-rlcs 105 ft IKJft U. 5.7.509, small 'OS ©lOSft .... Comp. Int. Notes, June, 3(61.. 117*4 •••♦ “ • ooiy, JSM..llCft *• 44 Ang„ 3Sbt..llC . 44 44 OcT., 1601..115 44 44 Dec., 350i..114 4 * May, 1515..112 44 44 Auc., lfiKs..H2ft 44 “ Sept, 1515..110J4 4 * ‘ 44 Oct.. 1RK. .110 ... Ivocci Securities are quiet but Ann. The bro kers ere buying at the following rates: I’hicnyo < ity7B. cook t.ounti 7s. 'Ch&uilwr of Commerce —The New York Sfttfpwg List obserres : Tlic condition of the motor mark-r is r \ithput nrctcrial charge. Borrowers In strong position ob ain accommodation readily at 7 per cent oa call, v.Ub limilcu exceptions at G per cent on Gov ernment collaterals, llipconnts, except lor blgu erode* of paper, arc rather alow. a»jd the classifi cation is stiii rigid. Thus, npo» choice note?, rterslrc aic7ofi percent, while those which do not present ench cV-ancteristtca a« to remove theni bei o d ihc shadow of doubt, tkongh cou- lair, are obliged to submit to 9016, and even 12 pti cent The large decrease in the dc- Dotits onu heavy decrease m loans, a? shown by ti e bank statement, b> ti.e result mainly of the v.itbdiflwal ofcouany bank balances, with a new oj fctreng'hcßing their position for the quarterly cihlhiicnibeltit proximo. Alice that period some relaxation U locked fur. . —ILc New York Journal of 'Commerce re n'lf Mr. Mcrnllocb rrally wisbed to fund the fleeting obligations of the Govunrocnt,ftvlmake cn immediate Bi-tUcmcct of the wndlc duot on a b.iia satl-factory lolnttlrlgcot men of all par i cttlr decs no 4 \vi?h *odo any such tbin e at ovco/and will not do urged to It byany coasfd eiulJtipr'. however forcible to other minus. Yre thlr.t wc have tbc key to this inaction, and cai, tie no motive for it which is not highly dis creditable. II any friends of the'/secretary will explain btp policy, it he Iras any, in reasonable Uroif. and Coiend It ny any argument which has oun ihf »biCow ot plausibility, we shall he to tear from them. —Ti c Bov«ov A<Z r crtlter of Wcflnesday says. j Money baa'been In good demand to-day, and • (hehsnt.? aaft mlo cave not to supply all the calls made upon them, many of those in stitutions bclnc ?h*>it of loanable funds, while the reserve sacred to the toithcomlag alvldecds la utpaid. The recent tlahu-nlng up in Ke* York has some effect here, tmtaf-erthe first of April an easier movement la looked for. Rates are. however, without ai ce-ul change, prime paucr psstln? at rix to eight por cent, according tn the nice olsUiiciions of nnahty which are reaagclhbd, g&d other gratis*} al lop oauil onward range.' vail loan? still, rule at elx-per cent on satisfactory col'atcrsls*. • . —Tbe total amount of gold certificates issued and redeemed by the Sub-Treasury, together with tbe balance unredeemed on the S 3! mstaat, is thus stated: Issued. Redeemed. Oulst’diug. StTs.... S 2811,319 $ iSl.ttfl § M»,4Ti) 4,0-10,1*00 3,319,100 l,fi3l‘,S:!o DCOV.... 318,01-0 290,000 431,050 1.00 V.— ft3.(SC,CIO • 19,00,009 S,C32,C!JO 8,«Cn... H3.CC0.000 131.40i.tC0 13,C25 t 0J0 10.tC0’e.... 5,000,0'0 5,000.000 ...... Totals .. £180X33,740 §101,102,000 §19,4.0,71!) The New Tors nevoid save: “ Reports arc current that little, if any, contrac tion ot Greenbacks will appear in the Government April debt statement. 1 ' New York Stock ui Clr«ns prices ft>r ease. Joseph 1L Lyons & Co., Brel let Bd.rtl Bd N. T. Central..lo6 tOS# Etlc(rom) Uf% sSje M. S. (tom) Tti .i C. ft Plus 79* 79* Kocs ItlMiU Slif S«s C.&N. W S 3 SI 35« Ue. ofrt 61« F.. Ft. W. ft C.;. 96* 93* .Cnlcksilver..... :ajf 8J « w. c. T 11;; iltf C.ftA.(com)...lw> ioi H.& Q 18? U.C...., lU7X ICS Hudson BtTcr..ltfH h>7 111. Cent. 115 113 FWl.ft 8ead....101 H 10154 C. ft Toledo 121)4 1»»* Tol. ft U'abasb.. SS Ca M & St. F. (com)B3 . co co Market—lst Board strom*; £2.441,8:13.70 4,707,683. U 93,000.00 COMMEBCIAI. Fiudat Etejoko, March 23. The followina tables chow the receipts and. aLlpmcnta ofProduce duilns the past twenty-four hours; * . BZCEiPTS PAST TSTEXTT-FOCII IlflCE3. 1857. . 1830. Floor, br]«...v 2,790 3,l'ia Wheal, bu 6.400 5.11 U ... 8,7k1 (*,375 Oats, bn 1,330 10,231 Rye, bn 1,831 .... Boric), bu 870 ■ ... Glass Slid, lbs ... 55,000 22,897 Cured Meat, E»e .* .... 113,171 Beef, brie ..... 41 §7,307,217.50 Pork.bde. Laid. B)?... Tal.ow, lbs <. Bptur.tts Dressed Bogs, No. Dive llore,No Cattle, No Bides IDs Higluvmcs, brls.... Wool. Ibs.. * Dumber, m Shingles, m... . SIIIPHEIJTS PAST TWENTT-rOUn UOUC9. 3SOT.. ISGfi. Ploiir, brls 3,703 0.1W7 Wheat, bn 6,910 7,073 Cert, bu . .. 9,G17 10,:15T Oats, bu 7.274 Bye, bh . ; 2,000 833 Barley, bn ’.. 533 Grafts Seed. !bs 21,230 67,200 Bioom Corn. »s 19,511 Cored Meal, Its. Beet, brft I’ork, brls Bard, Tbs Tallow, lbs Butter, Tbs Dresf cQ Hors, No 83 Uvellogs, No 4.353 083 Ca'tle, No 2,233 1.331 •Hides, fts ; : 72,220 55.713 IlJtrbwjres, bits 375 Wool, lbs 5,052 • 4,305 Lumner, m 772 783 fchuigk’tf, m 830 G2S I.oita, tq 810 110 Salt, brls 263 1.C23 The approaching Board of Trade election Is the prevailing topic of conversation on ’Change, and tbe prospects ore that tbc contest for President will be a very close one. The candidates an nounce:: ara Messrs. Egan, J. M. Richards anti Stearns, the last named having been pal In nom- InUion to-day. Mr. Eginis a capital presiding officer, well versed in parliamentary rulings, and in evtry respect will make an excellent President. The friecds of Mr. Richards are working baid, and be is exceedingly sanguine of success. Col onel btcams is one of the oldest members of the Beard, and is too favorably known to need any fmlhermentlon. • Tbcic was a good attendance on ’Change - to-, day, and the Icadirg Grain marketswere more ac. tlve at advanc’d prices. The Provision market was quiet. Mess Pork was freely offered at S?3CO, cash, and #23 25. bar er April, but there were no buyers ut these figures. Sweet PkUed Hams wore quiet, bat firm, with sales oISJ tes at 13c. Beef Hams sold lotbe ex tent cl 60 brls ats4o.o». Balk Meats were quid, but Aim. with sales atO&c for Cnmberlands, ard liH©ll'Hcfor Short Rib—lho'lnsidefigure for a small lot ol TlgJjt weights—all loose. Lard was • etcadr, though holders were strong in i ikclrpictensions. The sales were 1,600 tea at 13c lor ; prime City Steam, and X2?jc for Country Kellie. Grease was firm, with tales at lie for White, and for Yellow. j Dressed ilogs wero quiet, with sales at 59.00 j I Whiskey was nominally firmer, owing to the • improved advices from New York, ami there : wc:e no fillers below 23c lor horded, the j jobbing trade in free Is mostly supplied by cun -1 unbend manufacturers at prices ranging from ; 51.65g>2.00. Flour was in only moderate request, out holders j were etreng in .their view?, owing to the tin : proved prices for Wheat. We report sales of 2,100 fcrl* at 5J3 50 for White Winters; 113.30 for . Red Winters; SiO.S(JQI-‘l.tolorbprlng Extras: 57.50 ' Q9.2U for bpring Supers; $7.75 lor Ryu, and SS.Ou | fur Buckwheat. '4herevms a good ppecnlative demand for Wheat end the ma.ket advanced wits sales of 110,600 bn at lor No. I; 52.13.4Q2.16 ! for No. 2 end Sl.lio for Rejected Spring—closing Ol $2 J54Q2.10 tor No. 2. ' Coni was In' active speculative -request, and the market ad'ancedlGlJjc on No.', and 2Q5c on Rejected, though at the c'ose'tbc improvomenl was not entirely maintained on tbc first men tioned. About 026,009 bu changed hands at 32 4Q sfc for No. 3; SCc Rr No. 2; 7S4QsOc ror Rejected in stoic, and 81c for do, f.o. b. closing at 08® ff;«jCfor No. I. Oats were more active and 4Qlc higher, with tales of 74,0CChu at 48c for fresh, acd lOQICJic for winter teccip’s of No. 9. The demand ter Rye was brisk, and the market advanced •IQOc.Tnmaactlons were made aISI.TIQ 1.27 lor No. 1, and 51.23 for No. 2—the market closing tl- ady at outside figures. . Barley was steady and Him, with sales at S2QSSC for No. 2;" C2c for Rejected, for cample lata. Seeds were in good demand, and on Clover wo nolctn advance of 2U@2sc. but others were not quotubly higher. Sales were made at S2JiQ©3.OO lor flmothy; £?.75Q9.25 for Clover Seed, and b 2 80 for Flax. The following despatches were read on ’Change tc-d'aj: • New York, March 23. Flour Btcsdy and qnlotat Wheat slrons;or at 42.4'c3-.i.52. Corn buoyant at ®L£(). Oat-* flru:*:r at Fork weak al s£i lU. Laid- null. V/Ultk.-y ualetat 3-c. Gold 1341*. Flour and Wheal firm. Corn tamo at SI JO in store. Oats llnacrat The leading Grain markets this afternoon were only tolerably active. . Wheat was quiet and prices .were nominally the same ea a(b*r the' close of i ’Change. No. 1 Corn was fair]; active, and prices • were a ftbade easier—closing at 9225® J3c. . I Provißions were dull. The Cattle matket was faWy active for all escept very common grades. The bear shipping ofioriug-i were taken for Pittsburgh, Albany ag4 Bufiaio. yet some stock,was taken for almost all. Eastern points. Feeders, city bulcncrs and packers were in good attendance, and were liberal operators for this period of the week. The closing prices of yesterday were firm bnt without quotable change. Sales range from f 5.15@P.00f0r :air Cows to prime shipping Steers. Received, 1,231 head; sold, 1,002 head. • The Doc pons wore entirely cleared, principally for Baltiiboro, Boatoa, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and BntJalo. The c:ty packers were light opera* tore. Ycstc-'day’d prices were firmly malutalued. Sales range from £G CS® >.OO for common to prime. Received, 0,029 head; sold, 5,214 head. FEticuTt.—A lew of the railroad linos running East have Jdlecarded their conMsa'.ion rates far Ireiehting live slock, and all have reduced thetr rates IffelSc per 100 lbs, while several are favoring their patrons with retain passes. The Pittsburgh. Fort Wayne & Coicaeo Lice have reduced toelr rates 4Cc per P-Otts to Pittsburgh, and also fur rdfbtng return passes to shippers. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK 51A It It ET. OrncE ov tukDailt Tbiscxe, > i'BtDAY EVL.STXO, March *3~ .J The following tabic cbowa the daby rccuipts and shipment? ofLlve Stock during the week, up to this cvcUnc, as reponed by the Sccrctary of th Union Sicck Yard Company: Cattle. Hogs. Sherp. Sutdnv pr.d Monday. 14 DVJ iru •ima-UkV LUO 3.SJI .1,040 tVi-du-edsy l.vyj S.bSO Sai HitinU-*} I,'ivJ i.VSI '2,0il frtaay... l/ai LOW 181 Tctal 6,016' 17,751 5,721 The iccclpts to-day were by the ful'owlug roatu: Cuttle. Hogs. abcep. By l llsols Central Hoao 157 t*c ui By BuillDglCD ii (julLcy 110ud.... 790 561 .llv St. LoulsA Alton lload 8 62 .... By Northwestern head 157 Sl4 103 l»y Hack Island UoaJ 116 470 * .... By Michigan Southern hood 83 .... By Cnieago&Ql.Eastcrnltoad 121 .... Total 1,221 4.021 731 The shipment? to-day, ud for the wukup to this cretwnir, wtre: • • Cattle. Hogs; Sheep. Sunday and Monday 80* too .... Tuesday 119 8,932 231 tVecnerday 938 • 4,731 551 Ihursuay 2,308 4,333 1,403 Friday... -623 5J.8.-9 1.521 Total 16,08 5.781 to-day and for tto week ap to this evening we?e; Monday.. Tot-dij.... Wednesday. Tbur*tay... rrloay ’ Tcltl 6.C93 19,353 8,2(2 Salts to-day. os entered at the cllTerenl Sca'c-boascs. •were ns lollops: Cattle. Hogs. Steep. AtminolsCentral Seale.... 207 1.8-9 no At Burlington scale...*. 0»9 3.09 J . 400 At Alum scale 50. 53 .... AtNurthweatern Scale 226 . Bto .... Total 1.003 5,201 5W BEEF CATTLE—nicre was no decided ehaaga in the general features of the market to-day. The offer logs were largely ctmmoa to fair gradis, with a few eu all droves oi good* second-class hsneo our Qootaltonsfcrprime to.chojce grades are a little Ins than nominal. The demand fur all grades except Inte rior continues fair, and drovers experienced no dim cully in closing out at fall prices. Sales embrace some Lead, at 51.07©? 75 for paod to prime scccai-class SUCrs of 1,800 to 1.530 B 3 averages; 50 893G.90 for Cur grade. Sims and fat (Jxen of 1,060 tu 1,(00 as aver as<4; $5.5066.23 fur common to fair butchers’flock, such a; roach la.c Steers aud good fat Cows sad Heifer?, lor Interior to coma-oa mixed lots. Inline conroctlsa we would «>to that the various i sllroad lines running East cave uhcarded tnclr comhirrvUcn rate** for frtl.-liUus live stocs, all baying reduced tbelf rates lo©lsc per 10) dp, while some arc again favoring thetr patrons -wlta return passes. The PUUbargh, Fori Wayne & Cafcaga- Uosd put tb?lr ratca to iMisburgh (town to ICc per 110 fts, with re turn pas,eß to shippers, BEEF CATTLE SAESS TO DAT. Vo • Ar. Price. 76 medium Mcrra, fed and watered Ltes |6,?0 Slci-cdritond-tus, £t-,-e;a... i.1«3 i-Ua l6r*iCHlcaC..wnytli« bc«l v •••• I*. fair Sicersby Um hwl Bjhw 26c c men -tom and Copts ........... 969 s^o M Ihrl lj itcot -uiei*.led .od wileral. im .« SjfoU «ccn:-.liM I,o®* Hi s * •a mtdl-in Steers a - dCuvs 931 6.25 S 3 common stick Stoertsfouud watered 9J9 5.M 63 ru- d su.ouih Steers, watered U» •-« isnol'iccosicsili rutri......,i.i..,ii21S 82pnmenef n ,! RtailoSteers,...,.. LMS i-52,. n mime ♦ econd ur*«ie e-.eers. 1,350 7-62)tf 1 iOsl'ltt N-.trs. «i] (5K.~.......1r84 . jjj>l r flß6hy Steer*, fed and watered....LOW Q.TS • 18 fair fiat nneren Steers... «Diic»tf*f«Kste»K.r«lanlTT i tc/00... 50 mired bntchsra’ SUser*.., - -7 WO 5*2 jSmiMd-ConaLd steer*..; «•« IS light ft; fctu»», ell cars.. .. « 21 bead mixed butchers’ a-ck. ESI 2-g 51 bead good .«ewnd cla« *•» 19 f.l rough Steer*. fed and «•« 35 ccod nc- r-d grade Stctri 1.1»1 T—* There w-ic ~ low sale* ef -renph ureven lots, ana a l so of ihiu Inferior Moctr, os low as |L73@5.53. The lollowlcewere tho ’ ‘ ' ci.onso races. ■ fr'lrn r,*t(*~Tee, lat, wen lormed, 4 «« « yiar oio St-trs. and hv-.rouiog l.itf tt» . _ ardcrworJ* --- f«-73®8.23 Pnme Lf*ret~iifad t well rlom-o Sutrs averaclne Irom UCC to - I.IW T*s at i.<a Pur rrod-"-FnlrSt-»n.ln falsflesh, »r --taiat •• 6 - ,3 *s*- OT MaUum tv.rjs—bteer? und good Cows,fit lorciiyaiaunhurandaverages SCl¥llllO S 9. ‘Salmon ' atti-In decent fleib, _ at ’/Msf Ir/trl'i-— Licit and thin Ccwe and Steer*. InU'rlor dealers and fannns sju aid diilincUj nt.ucr itand that iris only choice .state'Steers, even and welt mtcnecJ, rf !,m fr IfiCC fts average-, Out command tuttlic Cear-r. . • BOSS—Trade was rather quiet daring the tor’noon, and prices exhibited a icdcctton of 10@13c1» »W»*. Later Jn the day, however,- when it became known that freights East had Wen reduce?,-bnye.-s took hold freely, and the decline suffered earlier lathed»y wai ftilly recovered, the pens being well cleared, at $7,350 7.75 for good smooth even lota of ISO tu 360 »s averag-u sud ovir, and *6.0C07.23 lor common to fairoacia grades of ICO to 140 Bs averages and over. 800 SALES TO-DAY. . twl K 0 At. J’rioe. si cncrcn rclx-d let, fed and watered...! li $5 w 1(2 medium drove, lid and watered......2M 7.13)f ’.3 c.»dlnm quality, ltd and watered ....ISO Mr< n;;h 11,-nttef, f-d andwatcred US 073 61 fall drove, off cats 215 tJj} 63 Huhtcven lot, off car*..... 1«I 7.00 71 fair c rove, fed and watered. JuO •■*fh 63 lair light lut. C-'.Q anai watered. un VO 44 uutT'ti drove, fed and watered 1W 53 medium t rafle, fed ana watered 221 jl l ' i 66 medium lot, no and watcrad .223 «.10 1U lair drive, elf mrs *• 72a S3rough uneven lot, ftd ana watered.... 1M C.M KU good smooth lot, oil ca'B ‘«3 «_.ej ivo ilubi ion fed and woter»d SI • 2j 133 lair lienc drove,led and watcro 1 «M i, V 3 a good light let, off cars .3U i.ttt 44 uneven and coarse \iw 0.94 72 medium.drove, off car* ipj 7.1 j frO co:d drove, elf cars 2*l j ‘ SScccdeven "35 «.«0 Th* remaining sales were at tneauni range. . saCEI’—‘tbedemard C;r good to choice lots con- Uuecs fair, ana pilccs ere Arm at $6.71it7.23. But common and medium qna llle* aro not wanted to the extentof the receipts, aad prices arc weak at $3.00 &&SB. ■ ind Dlont-j Hart el- March 29,18C7, received by ekers: Ist Ud,7dßd Con. Grerciy..i(oo .... U. b.-69 coat bosca. 1a5t....109 103 O.b.fiVct 5-Z9 coup. 15C2 109# 10334 u. S 6 ¥ ct 6*20 coup. 15&1....107# 10734 TJ.B.&?? ct&-20 I coop 1S« lOSpf 10334 U.S.ti 9 015-23 coup. new,’f55.107>5 10734 O. a, 6 ? cent 15-10 S 3 9734 Treas., 7S-10,1st eerie# *..105 103 G. S. 7 .3-10 Sd series 105? i lE* U. S. 7 W 0 Sd «CTlr« -..105*5 105*J American Uold.lSJtf 13134 ;3d Board steady. (J 3.384 375,043 Ketr York (Jrocery Market. [From Uic Shipping List.] Corns—The etcamcr North America, from Illoja rclro, brings nccuuntd to Uic 21th ultimo, and a&vl>:*s ct somewhat liberal abloaunatnUU' ana other United Slater ports; but, la view of tho low state of the stocialn iho cootify, hohWs hav-* advanced their arc oar rcrUetfqcotatton« are sgua one* quarter ot a cent la sold higher for all except ordinary quality, In other kinds tlxcic r>as Iwoi a lair busiau-s, and Is Arm. stocks gcn»rally beingUjht, aid Java nearly cut ul first hands. Tuiftdeicrtpttua U new held at TSfsSjVc—-omo 9,000 toio 090 ma s, males, per i:«: bow, havtirff i ce i m«da at The rales I l*rarll,t>cr»t7«nrw North America.arc 3Wba;s* ltt > atXlct£l,ooo m», Ida; 1,87-' do. 13*c;5Wdo 13,v. aad ],U»I do, 11c; besides 250 uo akimmlugs. per Nautilus atdDniuebroifrlic: 1,013 to aritve. per Orazileiro, all bond; und 1.099 "oSonlos. ba'iec? pcrlisnlartcc.oa trrins we did out learn. Theom-r sales arc 3,WJ has* lit. Doming) (I'm an ITlnce), for exporter 11c,hi bar a; 71 do. Java, 'J>{C; 170 Sava-- tills, JCic; Ifi M iracalbo, ISa; 09 Lsgyanra. 18c; ami xen-ntiy, per Klhblet-ia. run oil in bt*. 15,030 ipats Java, 7l>{<tlCTNc.all goal; -1,000 bags SC. Domingo are to be iM.'Ptd to Europe from flrit bands. &TOCK Of KtO COrFBW IS THE BKtTKI) STAYSO. New V-rs bags.lß,l9li i*hlladiph<a ....bags. 200 BelUmo;c 5,000 Golveiton .1.03 J New Oilmans 1,6601 Total .bag 5.30,031 UvEAiiKa—ihcie Is a fair demand for hone us*-, and the market dotes pletty flrmiy; trim® and qu. liUcs are Ftarcv acd wuat-u, and for the*? extreme •prices are paid, while for all descriptions they are supi'cned. The sa es are a cargo ol 439 hints anc 43 tes Cana Muscovado (rrimdaujatWc; 35 brls and 42 half do prln eto choice, tame cargo, OOSSJc: J 97 hhds aud 11 its MsttimU*. fOS7Oc; Da midland UVj Onto Mmccvado (Signal, 5Cc; 25 hhdsclulce do, 78;; ICO clayed Cuba. 4l*c; >9 do Cuba Centrifugal, 4oe; and 165 do fVrlo fr:co. C2®75e,4 NewOrlciaalsscarcaand wanted. By auction : UO hhti I‘orto Itlco sold at til® ibe: and 4Q do, 49c, 4 mss. ‘The atoex yestCiday was about 753 hhils forto Itico, and 3,050 Cuoa, Ac. Stoat;—On Saturday lasi tbo market lor raw was n lUUu « cat. and some concession was made to buyers, ilcuony, witliao Improveddrmaed, the market !>■»• came tinner, and the los» wo* recovered; t at, jester• cay, with iiuvlces cf lower talcs, nnl a declining mar ket is Havana, there were symotoms of wcilmos scatu, and, though wc reduce our quotations fium f>c rates or Friday, they w«rc at the close—tome of oar brokers even quoin.;* ralr to gcodrellnitg Cuba He below them. It-llted is mo tive, aud pncts have declined about He. We quote. for otacr than Stuart’s, for hard; l.UaiSlic Itr toll white, and lsk£b.Vc for yellow, Messrs. Stuart hare r- rtuc'd their quota tions li v»s(c for their belt crushed, gramtuted and; lie lor wiuu*aad t3)|Cfor yellow C. Tho -alci ofraw ato 1.C3-hints Cuba at-.-HHc; CSd9 clarified do atiy.'y.l'J^'i!: 731 bids Fo'to Itico, inoH y Ctl. adt. Croix a! 11-»-ll Ve ; 447 ox 4 Havana at I ruu*; acd b oxa Cuba cistern tictP'bi, on Ptu.i which we <lla otl-ara. By auction. 73 hrls forte ItlC"* sold at cash. The stock yetlerday was about 2t.4r9 blids. 31,717 Dxi andbskts 118,5h5 pm;* »uear. and 70 hhds Mclado. Tba—7Vc have niH to report a rather quiet market, ttouph some Inrther busloua tn§ necu done In Oolccgv at a pout prc\ lons rate?. Green 1« supported, bet black is wesk. The isles are 3.574 b«lf chests Oclocg. per Florence Nightingale, a.HJdo, ptr Tyo csic, l,U>itlo 'tmoy Oo org, (so.a and xesollj, liteto, and IJO colored Jsp-n. 9.101 8,319 3.915 12,511 109 170 1,231 0,097 . 1.«3 3.727 83,224 13,455 110 ' 178 11,439 • 2,050 CO 58 575 TOO 70,7301,031 750 3.572 111 41,888 33,736 30,573 435 .... 15,993 New York Dxv Goods Market. [Front tins ludep-ndcnl J The weather Ins coatluucd uutavorablc, and Inal* acisi.f ad bines has hen comparative::.' dull. Coun try mere l, ant* l.ny with more than ordinary camion, preferring to reduce ttocr oed leep thcaincKcs la a sauu cc“«lMo». 1-ortive years pu*i the? Lave, as* rlnff. had u. prccudinb-u jr -bDtrltv. and they oroda* tcrnilucd to mats the most of it. Our city lubbers arc equal/ couJurvaUvo nod eon ml. Oncer two l-a Uuj; itrmi repci tercal acUviry me past week, am arc tht a Klrc* surprised toflud dial their ecurcijnic ba'iis amount to more than ever ectoro darlib t‘-u concrpoudlne ocnod. This, however, la »r exrr pilcn tuthe kcituni rule. MAaufactar.ra are plit' siC'C.B ‘.ccamulalr. Tli ■ cloihUs trade is exuea-tly dull, and one or two Cdlurcv an \ sumc exteo eloi» ace rei r*t«d. Cottm is lower ana heavy, and this mascs a dull market. Brown shtUTiUfS have hc*.n active at a declin*, on stai<i:aiu make*, of alirul hvlf rent a yard. B.cached i.'oo*!» t i.vpnc chanced auth In price, except on le*s desirable tirnnds. lirruira arc lower, with a lutle lx tie; demand. Dill)* are dull and heavy. .leans arc stc.dya' l*:wer q lotallons. Stripes and tick-are la l»s cimacdst lower price*. Prints are veiyactiva for tew i* prim styes Vl.hco quota!) e reduction in nice, except (oratcoud rate f-tvltu and Job lot*. Bose heautif d fruich>*lcoklns‘patterns ar* oa the marset, viiK-hvcU ra.saiv. Cou-u nsa* arc dull. Priming* clotns are mere active at firm price*. ll'.lCcm evidently JLlic-'puve higher qnohi'-lons. Gmchams ate in over etocs and rather ueavy. Pri: tcc lawns are inac.lve ca account oi bad weutlrr, rr.d etocM me sccum.ulaMnr. Roiled arc neglected end heavy. Csmhrica and slje s.uarc >teady. a: d atu perhaps a fraction lover. Mtitllr relait'.s are very active, and the »u.ct oi new laiicu rrcuu'i. Cold vca'hei favor* thcmsrkct lot ibe.ei-'cd.*. floii's are trr-*jnilar in j-rhv, vl-h ie-s activity. The rmv tariff.hasuot m»terl"liy tin* |imv*-c the maikt'. CHrMmere* at*- In tatrdemand * Tor ast arrinr stylf e; o'h'ri are r.celtcted. Funnel*

areOrui withni-.Jcratn xalea. UlanvcU} .a uaial at ti ls saas.n. Carpet* are qolte ai"- live, «:Q ate pythap- a little flrmet;?ood styles sell .rcmptly. Foreign cor,d*,as a wbuln. are very heavy. i-puin u (Low *ou.e uixltlj, uad ate pns*- lijitab-a trnioch atKtlor-r.'OT) and otterwl-,?. Many ti the KaCmx r,:m»amOD< them,however.have of ZLUt.iy loan'd oat on call in W»’l „ir,rt. ami'inesan.eU trnacf severa. wel -snown com* ui’*«ton Lous*. Tlic*«♦ Who prtUlcl a amoni* Hny rle*sof our nurshaats this tpilne are doomed t > uisappoUittLeut. -47/ riUt of CrolH rfjn.rtiil in thit*merkitreueri vre on thf tmMof tclafcr (tc) uulesi vtf.eruue exprteitU. FciPaT ETKxnro. March 29.15C7. FitKlUllT**—Ra.lcoal* fEEiUHTs—An;iQn low* tr. Thefsllolng lathe tmlflor the Eastern Roads; Rate: m>m CUlcajr. tv— ad clu»a. Ith ciau. flour. Botalc. & Sn»p. Brl.ige. tf ti 31i ntrtof, C. K .* 1.25 - 1.40 A.buny 57. Y 1.00 :«> New York Ud ; CJ I.SJ BO* ton I.U r. 5 1.33 I'crtlsud... Hits b«rch. ItaUlntorv... I'M-acv.iMs. Cli cJinr-ti, Ohio 45 50 CO Lake I'Brumrs «>rs inactive and nomlnilly na vhatiied. Vcvkcl owners ana agents arc not over uialou* to charter at the prices rUciedbr shippers. l i ’l,C>pU—Tlcmv€rt,2,»99 brts; Unpi tu, 3,7-jd brl?. There was only a ni* derate sin ;unt cl butann trans acted in tills department. Holders wore Drn in their ?eu.andi at y»btc:dty*s prices. Winter Extra; are hl,ndj. asd ttcsJDflr 1« tally CQRaI to the demand. Choice grades <>f bhang Extras are la rnjdo atn in quiry, an<’ as Uio kioct* are not over large. d-aiers are reuhzir-afnil pne-s.' Bprlog bupersare fairly active and prices tele firm. to-dayodtdrace the fol lowing: tVciiß WtSTzrs—lit btli no*, namea at tID.S); Kcd WI.NTBIi-r-kOO oris “Oakland’* at $1340; 100 br.s “Cola Medal” at *13.0); HU Clair" at $13.00; bl-hlhO Enws-;w brll •*Ufckir'» XX" at ?i3.u;; 593 brl« not named at fl 3W; .in brl* ••Lillian” (yesteraay after ’Chance), at sl9^s: 1U- Iris “Victor”ut|i2.&; 1W brls “Bis Loaf” at *U.2i; 240 bns hot minecat $11.33; 103 brU do at ill (d: 20J brie do at 510.,5: 100 brls dost $13.50: rjj-viKo Scpr.ts—lo.: brls “Eagle” (jfe-trraay af;*r 'Chaucer, at »9 30; 4C brU tot named at $0.50133 brls do at 0-000; 11 brt* “Ctlnn Mills" at 89.75. Dksocnd— Ut oru “Morrirou” nt s7.y>; levs Fence—M brls at UuctiWiiXAi FUicn—lW brls nt $8.00; COBrr ntraL—is tons coarto at $32.00; Fzru—l tons at £3(O. l\ IJEAT-Eec-lved. 6.400t0; shipped, 6.910 bn. Market artya-iceo HftUsc. Bairs were: BCO bn No. lat dont *2.52; »,UW bn- No. 2. at $2.16;21,009 hudo»is‘l.iSk':3S,Ood bu do oi $2.15; 18.CJ0 bu dJ at J 2 14;13 CrO bu do a $2.UJ,';1388 ha 00. fresh, at $7.-19; !,uo bu Rejected *t(i.9o—meting 2 riprlr.r; (NtUN—Received. P. 773 bn; shipped. 9.617 bn. Mr.rfcel odvancea l©JNc oil No. land 2334 on Re jected. Salei were; bo No. lat die; 41,m3 ba do atili'c; fei.OW) bn do at 9.1*0; 13,00* bu do at 9iuc: CO.C Ihaao si 93c; kO.C-OO lu do at OSAc; 5,403 bu dont I.OOd bn No. tat SJr; 3,8-0 bn Rcjccteuat ?Cc; 10,400 r,a <".a at lOke; •£,- CO bu do at 73c; 1AO) bu d»at '..i*c; 17.140 l.u do at file. f. o. b.—clooltcat XqXSXc for No. 1. - ftAV*—llec-.tved. l.i.'Jj bn; shipped, none. Market Nfele be ter. hales wore: I,IXO bn No. 3at 18c I.VCIj M, CO at 46i,*c; 23,000 bu do at JC;<C; 43.003 bu do nt-JEc (wltil-^-i—ci.slcs at46(k-46kc. ItYli—Rcc-.lvcd, 1,921-bn: ;lilii.iw, 2.000 ba. Market tCiCc tetter. Bales wore: 1,105 ba No. 1 al |l*i7; l.bUi bn uo at $1.23: H-'-J bu d.> at ll.'lOXt 4.193 tmdo at *L3!i; I.OCX bu do at $1.24: 49) bn No. 2 at $1.23. ItAKl.EY—Received. b7O ba: ehipix-d, none. Afar krt steady aid 11m.. fixihn!iie; 1.. W bu do al file; IUCO ou do at Sic; 1.3J0 an lie- Jocf-d s.t t2c: IvObaES by sample at $1.15; 890 tudo, at 90c; 400 bu al,(c; 4uo bu do at 73c. Ai.l :»noij—NonunMatS».3C®4dr». * ' UICoILU IJOUS—is selling at $50.00321.00, ac cordtuu toquainy. MitAX—iUrtci6Uodyui)dsl.oo belter. Saleof 10 ton* at ?ts.tti on track. ‘ liA'A'tCß. BEANH—Moderate racllvc.aal Arm at $1.5033,00 V l>u. $2.0.1; tO l.u at JJ.CO. KCTTER.—lkcelvcd, 3,313 -OS; shipped none. Tlic market lor cuaJco qualities raid firm: common de termines are ettodr and nncliaaeed. Sale* were as follow-.: -3 pkes at d.c: 100 os Kollat27c: 710 at vJc: KOBseo-x!atttc: IpkgaUMc; tsOJ »s »t'2ic; •iV ns ir.'iaiun at 20c; 500 as poor Boil atl2Xc; I.UBO Cm Tub and Jar at lie. „ ’ Choice fairy BW«c Good Tub... . ViVOc 1 Omm*c Firkin 10 jJSc ! Prime Utkin «WBjC : It.tlililN-.-Thc crucial features cf the xnariret | nmaio the tame oa at tnc date ol last report. Prices ; are ns f ilow»; . 1 National A. 'i on, seamless linen t«.CO Union A. 2 pij. ‘ do S3.|o Jimxlf A. a bit do R«AO Corn Kacnanze -»*xs Stats A. cotton seamless « 00 Lewtstun A. - oo Androscoggin, oo .--.l PS-JJO Ameiti'aa, do ■»£} IP aver Mills, - do '. 60.00 ITtUflcht S, oo 60-22 Penn villa, do .-. 61.00 Fort l ilt, oo Cl-W SillO. do W.M Burlaps, i bu, No.l 27.03 Firplr- City 40.00 C»»EUri K—There was j;ooa demand to-day and the niaiktimlcdOm at the annexed quotation*: „ New York Facrofr (zcauine) •..;.... JUi. ®2B c Factory (Illinois) ......19 c ■Uan.lmrp 83 ©2l c Western states 16 »19 c Western Ueserre J 7 ttlO e ••Youra Amtrica" .' 033 c *:OAl^—Themarket w-a only moderately active, and prices n ere without special change. Wo continue do Ormsby |J-®2 CLEVXLisD—Jiriar H U M.OO do Minoialittdce do Willow Uanlr J 222 do Tunnel...; 30-22 IKbiMir? };^2 LunipUhlsh .. 11-M TACkawnhs, prepared Jv™ Fci union IMtMo: 1 12,'w KiooX:.. do on track............ -fX) COFFEE—There vu o fair movement la the market, and prices were without the Jitchtcjl cuansc. .Business is as yet to the fllllag of oruers. saw Klo, cotmoa m C»IV.'..V." Ilio, c* cd tc prime ■A‘?£'n X * Itl«*. prime to choice ........2j.\523 c cmjrEll AtiE-Buslnoj' was dull and prices were we-m. sale ofO Pont Ba-rcis at fL4 t >. ..... EtUStt-T be market U dull, and piles? are a shade lever. talta-fJpSci fr*h at23c;b do at 2.c; 0.0 Uczcc at 51c ;P brfs at 20c. . . . |< | «fl—Th»re wava cood enquiry, end dealsrs wens firm ir> ’heir views at the foil awing prices: Whittum, * c. 1, » IS3 J\ hllel-jh, 50.2. ® Cattle. Hoes. Sheep. ISO 1.2-13 UzO 564 2,890 SOI 2,166 5,731 VO 1.733 4.2(4 939 1,198 3,204 510 Trocf. ; -}•*- front, 2, }t J.-r: a .*-x9 JI-»tktrcl. Nn. 1, J<hrl, iVn^™*. 1 .? Mm scicl, X l 2‘SVf £ Jlntk*rcl. Unilt?. P *i Mac» ere),extra cth-*. a -rvl vS' Slarmn*i,f:nr*m» * V Lit w » *•£ -iUtkcre,kiiAMf £5“ Mack- r» I. luimly. k*.v» ~?i rofiltMl, i;ar>t, V ICQ iVp •-*« George's Kan* i*XX* ? Bakt* . j-OU-i 5.Cj H»rrinifV box ?** 5* Hcrrtr.L’f, tcacrt...- **"tntva»i m I-aorartcr Utrrirgt V Wl Norvrclai- £ - T nL-A tti—ilt n* 9.09 VttIJiTS ANli* WUTS-TJO »“ aollTe * and pzitw were well GitSXS 7BTJITS. ttSIM Apple* sail *ig g|g OKBSf*|VtK>l tS SajSs LeuonsUtfkiM * _?•*} *J|fs vmtoniMtoi CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. .1.19 bl L3J . 60 SI 70 0! M 1.19 31 53 l.lti Turkey Prunes, new. Fmch rinses, new. Flc», Crums..., Fie*, cartoons nci, v— “ «• " Dates... - ...... 25 4* S 5 VantcdPeacßes, V dox.2 3> cans .1.(3 0 1.73 Apples,new. , 9 & UK Peaches.hßTtian'Kinarten........ • W 0 i» . Fescbes. pared - 45 c*- -W Dlackbcrms, new, H n 61 0 31 Kappbeme. .new, ? B 65 q 63 c&ertie', mttd 65 ® « E-derberne*. tp p. ; 15 « is ltoßlDß,ser«ilcs.s6o C> keg? 9A0.010.0 Sardines, irbuspß a) & ai Sardines, Xboscß 53 0 43 «CT9. Ahrotds.nara-f'bolled 22 0 ;i Aimonda, 10ftshelled 33 0 15 Aln.osds,rapcr.Melied 5i « • GO I'carrft. WiUDlngkc, Pbo26 tbs 400 0 4,24 Brazil Nuts..; 23 0 S( FUocrte..., is a 17 French Walnuts Si 0 23 haplcstValnu* 21 0 21 Pccair,anrnli and large. 23 a so nufcory 27« t» 3.93 ig, 05J POH«»— Salev trm: 6 V.ltk at?3S3; I lied Fox at Lie; 1 Orsy hoxntKc; 23 Coen at iii24’.c;3 Markrat BtSSctSdo. at 20c.. *• il K.a^K—Market Arm. Sslcawctc: 53 tres While attic; K tea Yellow at 9c; 37 tre* do at 3\'c. BliiHn INElj—E<»cetred,lOObrls; ebipped,nooe. Markt-t non.turn at 25cfur oouued. , flop**—Are firm at C5070u tor Eaitcra aado3GSe lorWifUrn. , DKEM4ED nOHS-DlTldlng on 200 Bs. 6 at By averacefl, Bavcrazlnz 177 tts *t 59.00. HA V—The market rmes study. Ws repeat qndta tlCEs: • * _ ntiuuuu rKita. Tlcothy, rol’f r and bealtr pressed $11.55^13.00 •Timoit>. kc(cprcae<3 15.0*^16.00 Pralilt', beater pressed UJDO^ILM EETAH.' PRICES. Timothy, idler ana beaterpteseed f17.593t5.a0 Timothy,lewe press'd ir.jc.rflJ.3U Fralrle. roller ana beater pressed 13.WtJlfi.00 i’rair'e, loose enwaden. o-Ilvcred 13.i/j315.00 HlDliS— RcceiTca, :3.2M as; shipped. 7WJ3 as. There Iras an active ahippicc demand Unlay, aad the following price- were well maintained. VTo mate t.o char gem quotations: , (•teen r.mcners’ “X 9 S c Gieen Salted, trimmed c G ecu i aif. 10 @2O e Kip <!r. u 6*13 c Dry FilaMrlmcud 13 @IS,Kc Dry Hailed. ulc.Qi£d li^ai^c Gr*ec Bnlt'd. rartT».rf<! lO^follkc IKON AND STKEL—Tbo market w*. uctin% orders it call were large, and toe followln/ pr.cas nil'ti Urm: Common Oar s^o Uor»c shoe Iron Heavy Baud HcopacdLlsht Fund... Heard ana Square . oral Halt Ova] and ilad Koutd. Sheet Iron, common tstra itrncJs Sheet Iton. galvaniz'd Sheet Iron, charcoal, C 6-. , Sheet Iron, Jtminta. 2i> Norway N*il Kodi* Flow Sue), Get moo. . Flow Steel,cast spiUtr am Tire steel. English. Tool ta:t *>tc-cl, i riQnaty sizes, TooK'ait Steel, American. Blistered Steel. I.EtTHGU-lain eooi steady. Weqcote c ...IS QZJ c C c iwau c .2s «ao c aso e ni request, and prkia rule City Harness P V>... 393 40 Conutiyllarnese, .360* 38 Lite, B 42d 41 Rip, xncclum, V a! srtoiso Cab. V U l.itHsilJM V 100 t... 97S 31 Co natty Upper.. 2S& 35, V 100 t... 31 Slaughter, Baffa- Jo bole 40® 43 Slanebter, Sole, CnTcago, No. I 49® 43 Slaughter, Sole. Chicago, No. 3 it® S« Buenos Ayrts... 3s® S 3 OiicocoSole st® S> Orinoco, good, damaged 813 S 3 Slaughter,Sole.. 53® 54 French Calf, si nance;, V a.... 40h 1G ms ?.19®2d» Upper 41® S 3 French Calf, SI • Klo. No. 1. me 2JX-32.10 diun .... 1.400140 French Calf, Le- Kip, No. 1, hca* momer.V d0z4C.00090.0 vy SCOUO I.ll^4BEK—There w~s a good Inquiry to-day, and dealers acre Invariably asking the following prlcoi: Luiiin.n—First Clear, I.lJ*. IK and 2 inch V in SCO.OOgGjJJO Scco<aClear,l,-U.,3Kaad 2lnch 53.0a4tn.00 Third .Clear, ‘.50.00^.55.W Fim a< d bi.cord Cleat Flooring, togeth er. rough, the some oa Second clear wide : 39.0f®55.00 Common flooring, rcosh Sica-cnxo Batrlied ngu Diciied Cornmo- Flooring.. 40.Wi5U.0J and Dressed 8-lnch Common Flooring 56.0h333.00 First ano Record Clear Siding, Flnt common Dressed Siding 38.00^45,00 Wagon Box Boards, edict ib-luch and opwn'ds 53.000t2.00 A Stock Beards, 12 Inches 81.00014.0) BSicck Board;, 131rches 2J.O^i37J» Conm.on Boards, Joist", BcantllLg, Fei c leg. oi>o Smallllmt er. 22 to IGfset long. 22 09333.00 - Joists aud scantling, 18,20,32 auu 21 lect., 28 00®T).m Jclttx and scattllug.' .* 23.00 S-insoi.rt—A cr Star Shaved Shingles 4.50 A or Star Sawed Shingles 5.00® s_iU No. t Sawed Shluslea Lath—l'crni in yard ; 5.00 By carload by Northwestern Kahroad, dcavmd in any yard where Caracas be switched or aty depot A or star SawoJ th'Egl h, by car-load, on track 5.00 A cr bt*r Ehaved SLanclca, by car-load, • on track.; 5.750 4.00 Nv. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on track. 4.50 Three noUats a car-lo«d added when tran<fhrred, which charge follows the Sbtcg ei In irekht bill. hHIXOLE STANDARD. Thlcßr.CEs—Five Shlrgles to be two Inched In thick- nee*. Lvnrth—Sixteen Inches. Banda—'Twenty Inches. Court rnf—l venty five. MAPLE SClwAte—There Is but imio doing In thioua&chur bustness. Sales to-day of 550 ££•* at 13c; a.c a-eaMtc. niElAl.4 AND TINNERS’ STOCK—Bail* sci* continues lines, nnd.Vitn grod working stocks, prices rule steady. Tinplate Is flralyb-Id at me de cline noted Let evening. t e continue to quote: TIN. BUIUU7 WUIB. Box Tin Plates I, C. Ito 5.... 11 10x11 114.5 C 7.S and 9 13 Rootirg Tin, I. C 14.00 10 audit 13 J.-reeriM 37 17 II ShiHllPlgJ S 3 13 and It 15. Bar Tin 39 15 and 16 18 coi-Piu. 17 17 Metallic di* 8e11a... 33 18 13 CO| per U< ttom 53 19 21 Brjirhrs. over ill as. It so It Sheet. 11 to 16 or 15 fence WJm 0% linnlnns 10 eusmas. nxiiciT metal, Nrs. 0 and 10 35326 let quality ■ SO American, let quail* Autisony SU ty. * sheet. 1 flee Solder CO Autncan. Isi quan tise. ' ty, |» bdl 1 Istqnallty f ca*k l i'A .Amcilcao, 3d quail* let (|Uillt>, thevt 11 ty.Vshoet 16 61 *b 13 NAlL?*—Are la limited demand. Stocks are very much reduced, enn dealer; Qnd it almost ixipoulble to DU their i nters. We repeat quotations: HM toOd 'r tefi i'.ca I Vd 19.25 hi 7.'^} 3d. flor b’ued 9.23 Cd 7jU I M, fine blued 1P.73 Id 7.73 ) Cut 6 Dike* 7 23 SI 8.251 Clinched. net 9AO l, 11,**— latLia de;tt. tiruit buvin.M was active, and rmlLiib. ttc unproved of the Hocks an tadur feelioj: obtained. On United Oils Trt note a dcclinovfCc. Wenowqaetc: Linked on iiamiao Lluuca OIL briicd 1A0.4t.55 DltveOii..... (<c2.3> Whale oil, w. B. Laid till, extra 1.1.Va1.20 Lard Oil.Nc.l Winter 1.U&1.13 Lard Oil, No. '* Winter I,ISMMO B«nk Oi’, round lets. l.ts«t.A) liaoh Oil. L293>.7S Mtchlue Ol ; 303L00 £p*mi Oil, W.B 6P3.C0 Lutncsitrx 0i1..... 5:®1.00 CAICItON OIL—TTi*-demand was Ulr. The lot* . lowicc art- the current prlcea: Carbon, v car 46 Csrbot, luiall lot* _ -tSc Basaole 30340 Pl,uVlflONS—Received, Q* Lard; ahlp pe«,,7>,.T'o r.sCitred M-ftts a , .<r-lt t 363 as Lard. BlrvH Port—lnactive with seller* but bo buyers at *23.iu caeuand s23.‘X* buyer Ap 11 Il*'Chß—Saiesvrre : 13orlsat|a.0n, . btvcct PiciHed llaiii!*—Salta were: Sltrciatl3c. }icrl tlnnia—Wbrl*64U.OO. link i»u-«xt»—sales were: 70^00Ds Cumberhtsds at 9Kc;So,uu as 6Uon Rib at lo^c; c,ooo »s do (Ueht) at !»k'c. Lard—Market steady. Sales were: wn ua prime Cltv htcam iU3c; 113 tes Cauniry KetUcdat 34 ire no ordinary atl2c- . POlj i.TIt Y—The market H quiet and the supply I* rather .Lht. Baba cf 2r2 As Dressed Tpiktusat arc: 123 C»do at 19c; 10 nezen Dressed Chlcsena at $0.25; -x Uve av $5.25. . i?DTA7 oKjp—Maiket nrm. Sales of 400 bu IlU nuts I‘escn Blows at 93c; 70 at 832; 150 bu Uus* bcLsatKV. nUIMIIb-'Tbs ccneral market was tolerably ac tive. Uaw grac'd fauro In good rcQu<a r , sad dial era t-xperlei c«Tout htue trouble la obtaining too follow* Uaprlcts: Cubs ...IJ^I3XC Porto Rico 13!4(411.‘*C N. V. Rutted.PowderedacdGramilatud....lC^;6-4C White A Is>i(#lj>,'c Circle A ls'|«lsHC WhiteD .13 «15v,C Extra liy»ls c Yellow C 12 c Oxnard C, extra iI^MUXe Kcw Orleans New Orleans lair 14 alike & V H UPS—Arc In lisht Inquiry, and the demand Is restrict ato supplying Immediate wants. We cou* t noo to quote: Boston Amber £1.2031.90 New York by tups, Yellow Drips Cuba M daises.... Porto l-lco N-w Orlcon 9JcetO Philadelphia Bee Hires. 70 Cncarc IJetltery, Amber 10131.19 CMcaso Ueflnery, Golden BO;* 00 Chicago IkUnery, Kugar House bO i-ODA AND *Aljl;>CATUe*~Tiie market eon* tiroes to rate Heady. Uibblt's nalerttoa Is la light stock, ami prices are a* follows: BaboUfe Medicinal il2Jfai3*fc •• l*nie a 10 &13AC D*a»nd’B Chemical .13J»at3 c •• Healthy. 13 (rtis^e •> pure ; U SAI/T—Deceived, cone; shipped, 063 arl*. The mar* ket remains qaltl and onchauicd. We quote; New Fine..; $2-95 Coarse . 2X3 Ground J2J032.15 Gronnd Solar. 2.63 Turk's istard, bans 390 lialiy. with sacks S.CW Dairr,wlthootsacla „ 9.73 SEEDS*—Received, 93.070 fca ; shipped, 31.230 C. 3. The market wai fairly active. Timothy was steady. Clover wa; doll acd 2«%39c higher, and Flax waMn*. active and a shade easier, hales were: luiottit— -10'. ban at S-1.00; &0 do at 93.00; ISS do at $33) *. 37$ do At 12.73; ‘204 do at 53.73 K: t9do at S3XO: Si do at $3.93; it 3do a* s>.3o; Clovcb—3l bacs at SOX3; 51 do atSO.CC: 7d0at53.75;—sobacs ats3.3o. «Oltt;nDM—Saloof 2b'Uat3oc ’ ’IEA-'—Trade wss fairly active, and prices rather favored buyers. We make no changes in quotations: Youtg Hyssu, superior to.Bne, V a f1.i>31.40 Yoons nj toa, extia to choke, ¥ a..'. 1.70w1.85 Imperial, snoetior to fine V 1b....; I.IMIXO Imperial, extra to choice, V » 1.&&3.00 Gunpowder, superior to fine, ¥ 1b.... 1.10&1.60 Gunpowder, extra to choice, ¥ n> I.SS&IXO Japan, paturalleAfiflac to extra fire, V ft.... Japan, natural leaf, flue to choice, ¥ ft 1,32(31,10 Japan! r alural leaf, colored. ¥ ft 1X331.33 TOBACCO—Was In good demand, and dealers : verc very firm la their demands at the following prices ■ puns err enztvero. .|US3I.S9| Medium.. . 1.CU0.U3 | Common. Extra.. Choice. &KU&UIU iUUAI.I.U. Virginia's Favor* ' | Medium 31ijt3ac Choice. 2^3Cc| PLUG TOBACCO. Loyal Citizen.... 709 73c Medium GCftTOe FaßnerVDellßht • 679 73c Coamoo 509’Cc Natural J.rai fl.lCuiLit Navlt*- Ssa7Se IUII Bright TScwl.On Ficnnders 6a@7sC Choice l*’i- sound. Cs9<»ff TALHIW—M-irtetaull. Sale of 1 brl Country at 9 '\voOD—Wai in lair demand, and prices wera gen* crall* welt maintained. TVe make no change in quota* Maple, O cord, delivered ,'...513A0«13.00 Maple, P cord. Id yard 11.W91i.00 liccch, ? coro, delivered 9.M Beech.’i cord. In yard ...... BJW tVOOfj—Bccelvcd, 11,ISO Bs; shipped, 5.C52 Bi. There ffu bat little doing 111 this staple. and price* re main unchanged. The stock'are very light. Sale* of 15.0)0 ns Medium U) Fine at 50c; 6,009 B! Fine at prices ranging Irom 4Cs3ic. jSfein 33ui)Iicationa. READY. Rev. Slr.SourbairsEuropean Tour; Oit, The Recreations of a City Parson, *A Series of Humorous Pen-and-ink Sketches. Small quarto. Price 73 cent*. “A t>lea«ant bit of satire It is. and rone the wdrse be camolus literally founded on lad.”—{Dr. K. Shelton Mackenzie. Sold by all booksellers, and malted, postpaid, by the ouhllihtr, DDFFIKLU ABQMIbU), v Philade.phia.Tcna. J^OTICE! Tlic sctt Orleans Republican Solicits the patronage of all loyal men la the North who hava businesslnterests In the South. Having cecs rejected by the Cleik of the Bouse oi Ueprt&tn'.atlTcs under the la- ol Coigress p»6iea litirch WO, 1&u7,23 the paper fnr prlnUn; ad the i,aws and Treaties. aid all the Federal advertisements with in the State ot Louisian*, It win he the beat adr-rtbUs medium in the Southwest, rra'-lnns a largjr camber of business mat than any other paper. Ador*9 0 B.L. BROWN & CO., Sew Orleans, L%. HENRY HOWLAND. Agent. angles. PAIRBAKO' fSf- STANDARD /5T SO .A. L Ei SjE—L 07 *T.T, Bills. f Jr» FATTMIAKKS, GttCKhLEAg* 22U A L&£.e-gt,, Chicago. 33u»li«8« ffiatttg. QEiT, BATTEN & CO, WialMal* Comßsinelon' KtrsiiilU, • No> 50 HoOecv^t^ f til G-stal DENYKR, COLORADO Spetial Noticeg. 34 « S 19 9 30 27 » 23 30 C* 85 coulldcndiil Information to UlO mar* lied! Emtlnaealcd envelope oa receiptol Ucettf. Ad dress DB. E, B, eOOTtC, an»horol Uedlcal Coay?'*?. Secse,aadlar3Uet>yßll Booksellers. 1138 Broad way. JI.T, ■ twa y wlttx Uncomfortable Truss -a » COM FOOT AND COKE tor the Eopturcd. Seal, pert paid, oa recuipt ol 10 ccctJ. address Away with Spectacles! OLD EYES MADE NEtF, easily, without doctor or medicines, bent, post paid, on receipt of 10 cant*. DR. S. B. FOOTE, Take no m<*re Doplcasant and Uneafe Bcmfdle* for nnpleasaut and daegerom <H*£ I,iS ar Uslnlrald’e Extract Bacboanl Improved Base naaa. Dr. Jsme*« So celthrated throughout the United States la the treatmeatof Syphilis, without tho use of mercury or any poisonous or pernicious drnss. SPEBMATOBBHtEA—SootcnSAI. ASD DlCß.s'At Em#6io> s. araiSALWEAKiress, caused by »eil-aba«o, sexual excess, or other causer, trcifd and judicially cured by an Infallible method, saving time and expense. Old discam of the most horrible clas\ where the bleed i*«ta become poisoned, producing blotches oa. the face, small watery blisters. * •• Dr. James can be coußuited at his efflee and parlors, 03 ilandclpb-BL, tom 9 a. m. to Bp. m. P. O. Box -6B 6. Chicago. DL r Hclmbcld*s Extract Baclmi Gltm health and vizor to the Iratna and bloom lo tte pallia cheek. Debility Is accompanied by mmy a ana tec symptoms, and If no treatment Is submitted to, consnmptlcm7lnsaalty, or eolleptlc uts ensac. Xtie Only medicine la.the World Teat is warranted s Sore and Perfect Cure for all Kinds ot “iLRftfLEPROSr, SCROFULA, SALT BOSOM, and all Disorder* Of the SW-, la FOWL P’S PILE AMD UOMOH CUBE. Hoy of none who do not refund the mooav In erery case of failure. For Internal andez temal nss. Ko failure lor elcht yean la Piles or Hu mor*; 11.00 a Bottle. Sold every where. 7«c o « c;*c Befell c s}«@ 91fc £>JIM o!<c 6^c C flelmbold’s Fluid Bxtract Rnvba Is pleasant In testa and cdor.ftee from ail injorloos properties, and immadiate in Its action. Your IKattoy and Future- Prospects Inllfe clearly revcaleil b> Dr. Raphael. lie guides yoa to wealth and happm-sr. 21 Jt East MidU m-sL, up stairs. Consultation Two Dollars, bend fonr-3-cent stamps for hts GUIDE TO HEALTU AND LONG LIFE His circular aboac winning the aneciionaot the oppesite sex and a happy marriage, will bo seat grans. Enfteblcd and Delicate C»a»Utath>iM Ot both sexes, use Uelmbold’s Extract Bachu. It will give brUk aid caexgetlc feelings aad enable yon to sleep well. A Beady and Vonelailve Test Ct the properties ot IlclnbolC t Flnld Extract Cachn v, m be a comparison with those set Orth In the United States Dispensatory. A Sure and Perfect Coro Is Guaranteed To all who are afflicted. 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THOMAS RICHEBO:;, iTeJldcut. . COLLIER CO.’S MANUFACTURES FOX *»T-* BY FULLER, FINCH & FULLER. BURNHAMS & VAN SCUAAUK, .1. H. HERD & C 0„ And all “Wholesale DrugnUts. tinjtcas. rj^HKEAD. J. & P. COATS’ . lAOC4IAS . (-«2.30 1.7p^)*.29 ;Sest Six-Cord Cabled SESBAS. JOHN & HUGH ADCHINCLO3S, Sole Agents in Hew Tori. Blssolution. ■VTOTICE OP DISSOLUTION'.— The 11 flna c*f Olnut'd, Jcncs * n>. have this day noil all their Interest In bn*lnea* carries on to/ t'-e-s at No. 179 Lskost., t> BUCHANAN. CARPENTER & CO., who are aulbotUed to cllrct and pay all the indented* naf doc to or by ns, and aitd Arm ot OIrn«;cl, Jonej & Co. te tuts day dissolved. We most chccifa iy tocoa* mind the new arm to all onrcnatontTS. and asi for them a conUtnatce ol the MfroM*efo U"«ra:iv be stowed on UJ. niKAM It. OLMjTBD, “ w * ww menAito w. jukes, OtVES LAV«IXE, • Chicago, March 27,15C7. t:. H. CAKPENIER. LOFAUT>BRSfIIi*. 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Freeport Passenger.;.... *0:00 a. ili. *3:40 p. m. KockJord. Elgin, Fox lUTer and Slaw Lice... *1:00 p. m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and. Elgin Pas- - _ ecnger. *s:3op.nx« *5.45 a.m. WI3COK-4H DIVISION—DEPOT COItKXB OP CAB AX . ADD KLNZIZ STREET. Day Exprees *9:Wa, m. *£:3oD.m. KlcbtExpresa *i:3Up.m. 15 a.m. Janesville Accocynod'n. *5:30 p.m. *fc3j p.m. Woodstock AccommoQ’n .S:Wp.m. *9soa. m. MILWAUKEE DIVISION—DEPOT CORNER JOV CANAL AND KISZZX STREET, • Day Express 9:00 a.m. 33:00 m. Uosetuli, Calvary .and Evanston STS! p * m * Night Express 4:00 p.m. 8:30 p.m. Kenosha Accommod*n... ,4:40p.m. 9:45a.m. WsakesnmA'ccommod’n. 5:30p.m. &38a.m- Milwaukce Accommod’n. 11:45p.m. 5:30a.m Geo. L. Dunlap, GcnTSap’t. * B. P. Patrick. General Passenger Agent. UICRIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD—UNION DEPOT,TOOT Or T*lT« STREET. Morning Express *5:00 a. m. *Brlsp. m. I ayixprees. I *T:UOa.m. *11:00p.m. Evening Express $5:30 p. m.s*i2:oop;m. Night Express ....s*3:43p.m. s3nJsa.m. CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE TRAINS. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. •IftSS'a. m. Sight Express ssroop.m. *l3toop.m. NICHIOAN SOUTHERN AND LAKE BROOK UNE-DE -POT COBNER VAN BDDEN AND fiQZOHAN STREETS. TOLEDO LINE. Day Express ..' *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p.m. New York Express 0:15 p. m- +l-20 P- «»• Kiofct Kxpiess $*10:00 p. m. *6:00 a. m. " DETROIT LINE. • . Day Express *£oo a. m. «1.00 a. m. Night Express $10:10p.m. *B:sop. m. PITTSBURGH, TORT WATSE AND CHICAGO. v.n --tai a. m. 6:CO a.- m. Eintca .. *lioo a. a. 12=™ a. m. FMt Luio ......:... 3,-lßp.m. jam. Exprees... m. lEOOp.m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL, ......r...... Day Passenger *3:3oa. m. *lo:3op.m. KiahtPatseuger ....sio;op.m. *w4ja- m. KanEahce Accomtnod’n.. *4;osp.m. *0:-ja.m. ilv tie Park and Oak Wood. *0:20 a. ra. *7:tja.m. u .» •* *l2:lop.m. *o:s2a,m. ■»» « “ .... *3:30 p.m. *1:50 p.m. u u « *assp.m. *7:9op.m. CHICAGO, BURLINGTON AND QUINOT. . Day Express ana Mail *s*£oa.m. *2:oop.m. UalCßbmc Passenger *£ *hoop.m. Aurora..? ..." *s:oop.m. *W»a.m. Nlgot Express $12:00 mid’ht +«SO a. m. * CHICAGO AND SX. LOUIS. Express and Mall 8:03 a. m. |:t» p. m, Night Express -. fclap.m.. 5:50a.m. Joliet and Washington „ _ Accommodation 4:00 p.m. «:45a.m. CHICAGO AND OHCAT "EASTERN— (LATE CINCINNATI *pt LISE) —MILWAUKEE RAILROAD DEPOT, OOa NEB CANAL AND KINOE STREETS. ‘ BaTEsTicse Ni-ht Ksure”... fcCOp.m. B.jop.m-. POU INDIANAPOLIS, LOUIaVILLZ AND OWCINKAW. T)nr CrnfM* ... . «:COO. H.'U P» HR ' 9:CJ p. m. 8:50 a. n. UolarOouaWiM.: .■•••• gjgj; g; •Laedeg gga m. rmrACO ROCS RJLAND AND PACIFIC RAILUOAD. Night Express...* Joliet Accommodation... 4: Wp.m. *9tloo.m. • excepted,' sS»lnr dayeEcetl«d» m Central pacific reatiroan. iJiHfi CEHTBAXi PACIFIC R. R. 00. DP« K. B. FOOTE, „ 1130 Broadway, H. T. Having Completed, Equipped and put in operation nearly One Hun dred Miles of their Road, from Sacramento, Cdllfornla f io within 13 Mile* of the summit of the Sierra Nevada • con tinue to offer for sale , ihroujh'jts, their RRST MORTGAGE BONDS, Issnedut contormlty with the Acts of Conrreis and the airs of the State ofCaUlornla, nwi the division or their road located Is the State ol GsUfamu, an! ex tending one hundred and Hfty-nx miles from Sacra mento City, to the California State line. 1 The Bonca hare Thirty Teats to run IroaJoJyJ island are secured by a FIRST MORTGAGE, Constituting an absolute prior Hen on tbc portion of Hoad above named, with all the Eights, Franchises, Equipments, &c., pertaining thereto. The amount of these pint Morhrsjje Beads to be issned per mile Is limited Dy law to the amount ol United States Bondi allowed and issued to aid the cos slructloa of the Boad, aud the Mortice bj which they are teemed U DECLARED BY ACT OF CON- C7RES3 TO CONSTITUTK A LIES PRIOR AND M7PBKIOR TO THAT OF TUB UNITED STATES OOYERNMKNr. .ateiest at the rate of Sis Per Cent per Annum, pay able eeml-aunoally, ou the First days of January and July. Ptlcclpal and Intercit payable la mUTED STATES GOIB COIIT, In tho dry of New Tort. ThepriceoJ the'Boa-Jl Is tttfsd per cent, and.accrned interest irora January Ist ta Cur rency, the Company tvserrinu tho right to advance the price whenever It Utbelr latotcit to do so. The Hoad lorma the Western part ut the Tatriirs Ofihe Great National Pacific Eailroafi, THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. It rune throtnth the heart of the riches*, and mod populous section ol the Stale of California, connectlag the Extensive Mining Regions of Nevada, Utah and Idaho, With Sacramento add the Pacific Coaft, trem whence their supplies mm be drawn; and the Earning* at the portion already mining are very heayy. asd lamely la erccss cf the interest npua the Company's Basis. □aTisgbeenforsonfettoe familiar with iba opera tion! ci the Centra! Pacific Railroad Company, we are satisfied that they are conducted with rate shldty and prudence, and that the energetic and oeonoateal’man agement of the Company's attain entitles them to the cocfldcnce of capitalists aid of the pnallc. Wa ha*e carefully investigate! the protest, res-jureest and prospects of the Boad, and hare the fullest confident© la Its soccers, and Id tbs vatue and acabll'ty ct the Company's securities. The attention al Trustees of BsUtef.lnstttution*.andlndlndoa'a desiring along, BBfe and rcmascratl reinvestment, is especially invited to these First Mortgage Bands. Orders may he Ihrwarded to ns direct, or through the principal Bangs and Bankers In alt parts ol tha ' country. Besdltarc*e may be made In Drafts on New York, In Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Note?, or other foaia current In this city, and the Bands will be. lor warded to any address by Express, free ot charge. In Qmrits for further particulars, by null or otherwise, mil receive punctual attention. FISK & HATCH, •Bankers and Dealers in GoT ? t Securities, IT. B.—AUklaia-cf Government Securities received at iheftillmartel price in esdusgo for tbs sssto Bends. Also, C7*Ail descriptions ot Government‘Becnrl tics kept constantly on bund* nud tlansbt* bold or Exchanged* prßnii Coin and U. 5. Coupons bought, snU and collected. received on liberal terms* sub ject locbccUut stuliu ETConectioaJ.iLade ibrondbnnt trie country. C2T JUsceHantina. Stocks and Bondi tuajtit andtold at the Stock Exchange, on coaialuloa, for cub. pr*pccial attention Btven to tbo Excbanne ol bETENVrniItTY N»*TEs» of all tbo -cries for tbc New' FiVK-Ti*BNTiT 80-NOrf ol l£tfs» on tbe meet fmrornbio terms. INDIANA STATE N ORMAL SUHOOL ■*" NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Bealed Propos'd* r**celv£d until TVeoteiday, April Ittb. prex., at me office oi J. A. Vrycsgh, ijchlkict, rcatbrs>t comer, -.f >Vnba:>b anc FiUaSM., Tc»r*i Haute, Icalana, fir tbe f«ll»wtng work -tad materials, In tf said Normal iscoon- BmMiag: . Ist. Excavation ot reandction3,nbont3,s:,oca3lcydr. 2d. Burning s.tfCO,OCO bnca. Sd. Laying ih’a»me. , , . . 4*Ju About s3,' 00 worth oi dossed rton* in laonda tlcn and wall. Mb. 18 iron colamna, weight about »,CM 88. Bill. ISO *lhcoW frames. . 7lb. nullne is and bridging JcKs, wosi-brleks, dust sbiiiL*. Ac. . Foil it lorn-tlon as t« plan, floeSHeauon* aid coe diUnns. fumlOed at Architect's office, on and after * serves the right to reject an? or all bids sol fatiilacioty as ta price cr Wnna. surety required icr nerfcrmaicC Of centra* ts. l»r order a: Board ol TniSM. jyQN ENGLE, Jm, Pmldeat. "VTOTICE TO BUILDS US.! orncs otto* Nobtobrj. - Dmiaya Ptoo»,1 Michigan Cm, March 13th, 1367. f Scaled* Proposals will bo recencd by mo C *anf ol Dlrctlon of the’Ncrtbcrn Indiana state Pm a natu TUESDAY, the »tb d*y cf April, U?l. as U o’cuctm., lor ibe construction of lot tbe pnrp-iesofa kltnhen. olulrg-room, hrspital and chapel, .n tbe Fruon jboencs. near Michigan Citr, Indlaea. accord* lCKtotßep!»Dsacdspoclfi-aiioDß of the **aperluiea-i- Ipz Architect, ta po prepared and ready fut referatc.* cd and alter April l.t* iS-i7. ->l> information concern lie the dimensions cf s»ld holloing, the materials 10 be nsrC id cccstrnc'lng the aamc,«beqnaiity«t the work, with me terse aniccndulanaof pay* !ne lor tte work aad materials. aoc all other matter* connected therewith. m»y be obtained by applying at tbe ctllcc cf said Priion. .... ~ . Picncsals n« enveloped and plainly addresicd tn “Doardci Directors Nonhera Indian* state Prison, •Mlcbmao Cl'y, Ind.,” and cndcrard ••Prroeuala for Kitchen and Hospital.” ana to Itsnre their considera tion, most be delivered by the cay aoi boor sn&'lßcl. Said proposals most be made in strict conformity with the terms and conditions for the construction of said bnUalisr. as indicated by the alacs and speelilci tlots and orders of tee Hoard of Directors, on flic in * b TheCcamof Idrectoiswiilrefcrre the rlzbtto re ject any bia that n-ay do ctfered,Ma totna*e |any chances that may then seem necesjary and proper. A- D. UAlll.itA, J. N. TYNER. - W- D. CBOrIIERS, Board ol Directors. rr-O CONTUADTOHS. jProp«lUcnswtUb6 recelveSl for the cocatracttoa of tben-asenry (ab-mt 21000 jarosj ot tae Bridge over the Ohio River, at Louisville, UNTIL THE 10m OF APRIL, 1367. ’ ■ Haas aid specifications wIU be ready for isipection'. after thclSthof M- rcli, at the Engineer’s Office ci the Lonisvl Jo ana Narhvlile Railroad. - No Was will he considered If not made by responalb.e P1 Dy ?xder ct tha Board oi of the Loaimile BnieeL-ompuT. AL CMrf■ffh'iSr. T7'LECTION NOTICE. w * iew Tj . Crry CLEifit's Omot, March IS, ISCT. "public nodes Is hereby rives thal.aa election will tie held on Tmsday, April 1A1567. for Mayor, City Alter sey, City Collector, City Trtasmer, Clara of ibe police Court, teres Police Macistmtes, aad one Alderman and one Cons table for each warn. - A. Q. BODMAN.CIty Cl;rk. Leave. Arrive. *Bo>a.itu **:2»p. m. 7:83 p. in. sls:Uos,m, 4:00 p.m. 11:10 a.m. t>koposai.s FORTRBCON&TRUU I TIONOFTDB SUMMIT DIVIbION OF THE Illinois and iiioniDAN canal. _ Oxricz o? the Boa no ov Public Tvouxa, > Ciucaoo, March 18th, ISCT. ( -SealedPropoaa'swlll be itc-lved by the Board 01. Public WorkS, at thar efflee, until 11 a. m. Ws'inesday, May Ist, ISC7, for the excavation tecni&ary to deepen the Illinois and Michigan Canal, accominc to the plan adopted, from Chicago Klvtr to summit LOCK, No. two (3) h ilutm.cnof twcuw-stx 126)mt1,a. _ wtvii _ ■ Maps, pronies. speclnc*tiona. Ac., will be exhibited at tlio olcce of tbe Board of Pnoitc Wore* In Cblcagc tn and after April Uih antil the day of letting. There will be some two mllilos>(3 1 000,000i cublcrards ol e*rtb excavation—<ome of it quite bard and em bracing considerable detached roc»—and about lonr huLdrra tcvtn'y thoosand (I<o,oU>) cubic yards of fltra ttned limestone. . . . . . . The work renst be prosecuted so as not to interfere • with the nae of the Canal oaring the season ol navlgs- U Ilia believed, however, that the most of tne excava tion, except the stmtineurocc,canbedone with steam dreoeca without interfering wltii tbe navigation of *he - Canal, bnt the rock excavation will allhavo to ba done beta ees'the close of navigation in the. till and the openlnglntbe spring. , w U a new line te, adopted lor any portion of tha dis tance, operations ttcrcoc may oe couUnued tha whole year; aidtb&navlgattoncfmeCanaiw.llbe impend ed at least live mot tbs In each year nnleu otherwise mutuallyagreeaby tbeßoanlarvi Contractars. • Thewholeof ihe workmoatbedoos on or before the end ofthothlro semen o: tne suspension of navigation. A largo anount of mvchmsry wilt oe required to excavate tne work within the time reqptred, cooilsUag mainly of steam dredges, scows and crones tor the earth work, and drilling machines, pumping machine ry and cranes for the roar- Contractors win be required to commence wot* on tne earth excavation within thirty dnysot the Umooi letting, and upon rock excavation by tetfirstef Novem- cranes and scows now la the Canal eae be bad at an upptalszd value which win be made known to bidders pder to the leitinc. Parties contracting fbr the work will bo required to provide all macblmay, and to put op and remove nil dam* and oil wcrk> ot protection* ana at their own ex pense to Co all panning, or whatever may ba necessa ry to secure their woralrom water. rph] . Proposals nnut tw adorcawd to the Do irl cf Pobuc Wor 8, endorsed ‘•Propcial f.wDceocnin-'nil.oiJ and ssssiscg • Bi’f h nna-ttti b ss the Beard shJl ULterminc. 8 tb. Q lio'vrd reserve thi rlrnt to rrject any and all b!d?'ar.d ro prepSai *>» b« accented uric-* the pirn olicriog it thill give evtd-rtc- satisfactory tn the Board It-: he has ue n-c«ry lh 1 U expert txi, energy and Suiiv for doing the work, ll trustworthy, aid mu auf flC T b ° t^ l^c l^u r «qaire’vuca eccn-lty a», according tatheir lurtimcnVwiii setaic the doing of the work acctriligto Un ccntract. j G GLN[)EtiK , • • FdfiD. LEIZ, O.J. RO-E. •WILLIAM GOODING, R. H. MAr'ON, I3t Beard cf Public Woxla. TTllL’j. HAIK DlE—sc Cents —EUct 1 I oi . UiowT>--li»ti3ti3tonj« natural, oarabla, hevaUlnl. The'beatact! cheawsttnti«._ CoaUPM a? much si as slyno.far Mze, HTLL o AI.CIIQ, or AIL UEALISG OINTMENT, ralla&te tcreeasral ointment mnwft'ft. Depot 86 Johwt. New Tort. 801 l l»7 aL gragguta. - T> ATCHELOR’B HAIR DV E. •Vmi Mieadia Mali Djt is tte b<« Hart cm. reiiabis, ltswot»aeoa*; the «0r w«» Uffo.No oil Appointment. •Ho rtdlcoinaa uao. h« t4atoa ftOU O. GecUlS e tiered WILLIAM A. BATCH- Soft Boi* ry Drc«t«» aadrertamer*. Tactary. 81 Hew Tora. Authorized, adopted and aided by NO* 5 RA9SAD-ST, N. Y. i3*opoSslS ffiitg ‘Nuticcs, S&airßa?. asiatcfjfis. Q. a COLLUfS &' CO, Agents Ibr American and Importers of European O 231 BSr 12 & 44 MS3AU-ST. NEW VllUli. ‘ Previns f o the prr«fntyearflSST)»ehwcbvndeal ln« Lusrif id Am-riesa at d Buropsoa scil- IMlSVtlleiTtrv »l WllUftSaltf t> lb- whclrsal' tn'toos. crreJitarily conducted upoi a crtsUt havi ff l-ecu attended with eonMeraoli l.i«« , duccavaaeiic*, we have determine toahanaoo it silcj;e'Ltr. cf'C.tx e ourselves toaß*TAix.T2Aoaf>r Cini oifM.anrl snpplyt"? oarcastome:* wtshsmule • at' i.ta at enr fcrai-r Whcc’sjx* msxs. toa* elv- Id* ne» 118 advantareof ptirCffisics at toe same prim vi lib wticiies cruxl” C'VT 'etil'd'^cra. lbs prlM e offer am xaoraetesd lo w at! »• t on tSIT'D twa than ritual retell pdc«s la thl? city,lor doe Watchc*. and tbs r-duettoa u #U)X xreafasroa many totJscf aeolumauadty. narfurltltie* .pjaueitor vorrhastou irora the maanlactorer*. that ouer dealers ccctD sot, if so sell &t not prices. • . K\ try walchisfnUt guaranteed mto duality cf the movement, Lnsocssol n!fl or surer In the casas. an t 1* warranted to beep accurate tine, and to give entire M for coHsctloa <m diilterr. end tee c-tore-s aaent Instructed to pirmli ttttn to tfeteen txfforo paid tor. PRICES OF AtIBRIUAX WATCHES, GOLD WATCHES. Patent Lever movement. marked Apofcton, liiiry &x:o.. W.itmn.fatl lewellea,fhroaoni «er baliact*. m.xuxal'iy *dji*ted to h*a,aad K 'ldhnnUos, en.laetamoa ct»ei..?133.53 Tbes-meln 18 r. gold cat'9 •—••• RLVO Patent lever tnov- m-nt, AppUtno, Trtcy rail Jewclleo.wUh plain now balance, 13 „ hunting, kj'u casss. engine turned. I®-® TLcroann*c* 77.0(1 patent I.ever movement, s artel Wa’lhara Wales Co- chronometer tail jewelled, 131*. eoldhrmticsc\.-».' 1C3.r0 The cane la 16 k. case? .’...... 93.00 Patn t I.eter movetc>--.t, irvrt J t*. $. UarUslL ctr&tometerbalmcc.extra l**cilod.l3K«:ja hunt;, p 97.00 Tneiatstlalt'H-cajjei ti.OO i atent I-cver tnovtir.en*-, -narke-l p. jj. .unJeit, extra J'.we'tcC, ffllt plain sold Balance, 13 t. COW hnctlDff cr.M» 9I.!0 Tbesair.eTM6k.casw..... 33.00 I’gtcnt Lever movement,P. 9. Dartint, 7J3*»U u cscspcm'et, 18 tc cold twtlnrcues n.iff) • The fame in lSk.c«««s »}.(J Patent L«-vet tnoveireat, marcod Wm. Etlery, extrijeweiled,l6fc.iff»ia bonttegcaset 77.50 Patent Lever, marked lime Watch, IS k.cold LutlojtCUii t 53J0 LADIES* GOLD WATCiIBS. Tbrec-anirtcr plats, lever mov'm'nt. lor lidieb’ csr, extrajearellol. vmh cold balance, - mareed >. BarC.btl.73 K. goll ca^td—67A3 The taae, 7Jewels loeacapniEßat, bat ao extra Si.CO p. S. uartlcttaorcaient, larladiea.7JJWCA. 16 Xute« 73.00 ivelave intro-luc«<J a b*w and tP b iivio cl Mreravlng and ehameUlny to uece, co*Uc.' from * to £.vff)o extra, accuroi&ff to the exicut of tho womnatahlp. SILVER WATCHES. Patsnt Lever movement, marked Appleton,Tea- C 7 a Co., (V«itnao. full jewril'd, chrouomo ter bauiicv, accurately anjasted to-neat- and cold. 4 Greases.with KOldjolnti. 63.53 The earnr, 3 oz. case*, elver joint* 63.D0 The»amr,»« 53.00 pat»nc Levcrmovcrecnt. Appleton, Traey « Ca, follkwe.ltrt, with gtU balance, 1 or.cider, with ffolujolnw L-w Theeame,acr,caa*# JfW The tame, 3H ex. case* 43.00 Pato.l moveieest. lull leweilei, chronom ctei balance, marked Waitaam. Watcn Uo., 4 _ cz. cases, with grid joint* «-«0 The iamc,3 oz. Ji-w The wmc. 2*4 cz.c*»e»..., S9~o Patent Lever movement, extra je-vetlrt, obnv ncmeurbnl»Tce,iLarEedP. S. Bartlett,4 oz. ca*c<,'gold Jolnu 57.53 The gdms la a ox. css-*. ffl.M The rame In 9K cr. caacs ar.OO *PatetiLc»er moveaett, extra jewelled, wild flambalanc*. marsid P. s. Bartlett k la oz. casev, with yotnjjlnli S3.M The lame In 3 oz. cases 91.10 The same In 2j< oz. c«a«s 23A0 Patent Lever movecent, TJswcj, plain lulancf. P. B. Bartiru, in 4 oz. cases, ffjldJoints. 33.00 The same la 3 c*. cases ».M The eame In 2A oz. cue 33.00 Patat Lever, extra JcwnSwl, maratd William , El erv,4oz.ea«es, gold Joists ' The lame In 3 ot. 25.0 J Tbe»«u« aUKOZ-cascs ZIAO ■William EU-.T) mote neat, 7 Jtw Aj, I oz. cates.. 23.00 Ttesattclnß» ».W TLc same lb 3 cz. case*. 29.90 palsnt Lettr, 7 J'wtli*. with plain t aiam e. marx td Bcnsr waico, a good reliable Um»-fc«perja PillUEd OFSWI«H WaTVUIU. GENTLEMEN'S GOLD WATCH 23. 13 K.-Golfl, strwsht-Urc Uvcr. adjuit-.d cata notneier balance, Isochros al nslr spring, liaflcettaish... -•»-••• ••••»—• 16 K. Golu, patent lever, stralght-llic, fua-jew elied, ruby Jewels, adjusted coroaometer bal atce.Brequot hair *pnn». nickel movement.. Tt.oo HE. Gold, came movement- ' 16 K. Uoldjarerjull-lcwf Ued.MocHodaiunahjr. IS.uO A gnat variety of other ccnUemcu’s watches :roo f 45 to $l3O, according to quality. LADIES' GOLD WATCHES.. Eittaflne, superior flcUheU lexer, fail-JawaUed, aicWei movement, robjr pallets, adjusted euro rovcler balance, iaocy eauoe-Uirbea and en amelled cases, 18 K. kuIO, Lutz Bros., maSOS:.f 113.03 Flne-flauhed lexer, nU-Jetrciled, cbrocometer balance, 13 K. aoW ....*60.0’ to OUW Fine qoaity lexer. loii-jcwcllca, sold balance, it K. cold to eoxo Exua dm Ua;shel. iiramM-'lne lexer, MIJeT- , died. adjusted cdrotonisier balance, BeU-»lnd ins, Knijl»Hnsa»nln, maser. - 123 M Extra ftnt i*l.<bed-. stiaisnt-Lne lexrx, tlltiL adjusted chroa->n oter balance, wlib key; &>.W Fine Qoauiy, lexer moT6ta4St,fail-Je«olleJ.Lrt« liio#. itxkerx, 16 K. caseJ SW.CO 10 53.00 Fine qm Uy. lexer moy-.ment, fa.i-Jcweiled. ca- _ plor-tarned. 16 K. cases. 55.C3 Fire lever. fml-tewellsd, sold «p,Benry Besao-. 11a maker. 18 K i • W-CO Lsx»r. brass cao. Montontiaa m«* ■ er,ICR • •••—,• ;• 40 - w Lever. fnu-hweil-cl, brass cap, mas er, 1C Iw second qna*lty v •—••• “S- 00 /y i nmtwr at ouief flae watches by CGlooraliQ mas er?, GESTLEMES’S StLVEK WATCHES. Extra fine finished, first qiallty lever. itnM-w* el!c>.**d aitanue^sllvcrcao. I JAM Extra 6« fii IsLed lever, full-JeweUetu aojutiel citron: ntler balance, silver cap, Ui.ra.MUa Vml’cmtnisslcr. 23,00 p-rtr, finished .ever. cdjaated ciuomaeter balance. faK-j«*ejic-l, silver cup, second sue, Ilosu-rnln VelilssUn matter.-. 23.53 Extra Sue fitubed lever. fanjcsfclli-J, eter balance aoltnted. lo.ltauoa maslc ca»«e, Qovnenin Vtililemln nnaer. 33.59 Ex trl fined Is&edlever, raj-jewed-a, gold cal aice, tlnrueuta Vuil matter 20.03 Extra &.*l»**d,straS#li - tna kVoT. laJl-Ju *»:lled. •live-T cap, Etuz Broinet* matter*. 23.0 Ext:* did»L6Q live:, tall Jewelled, a a** cap, . Spence c»v.»,l.ntr droihera omcrJ 20.03 Extra snl'tien lexer. ml-*eirell«l. bras* cap, ’ 2-oontfccaws,La;* eroih-.-s aattsra 13.C0 A Urea variety of oilier silver watcbra.nmrtted N. J. Tobias. Jos. .loansor, Ac., irom..-3ILWtoIG.W AsilTcrlever,lcU-Js*«ll*l,«4f4ir<i-ialil» aid* ccod timeketotr, out not uv»rA»m-d w.w Imitation Axcrlcan WV.cbes, p;a!c oaia ce «.C0 l*t«aiion ABj«ricaa-**«che#,cliroa »-a:eter d*i- ». iiiiUrtlja ,-f tjcli . a»drtlTer,-<alrtimctt*.epew,baSnotw.jmwU<if. C. 33 'all tAa ftbavoln Hunting Cases. ' (J. E. (;OLM*9 Sc GO.. • •ttSacd'W lark- sHxsuai, jyjELIOISAL. WK or TAS?! • I Do not permit other •5 Irauou* to btt palmed off on you for >r Oi?' i’Alf, as tills bos mare 2 S merit than all others. 53 *Z | TVlte-cf Tar c'B'aloa a’l *.b“ Medians! Prop- O : ciflceot the Pinelrte In the bishrit degree, -<5 ; ana is unexcelled as a Bemedyior * Contth*. Colds, Hoarseness, Sorb Tliront,' nm) llreast oucl Mjer Complaint, Diseases' cftlie Kidnets aad U|addtri Woiuraesa of Stjaacb* c*c.. &c.« &e* pr s«o that “ WINE OF TAR” U blown on eTary boit'e. s hold by Dmeelsts everywhere at it a bottle. OLITtB CROOK A* CO fl Prbp’A* - BURNHAMS A VAN SCUAACS, tVhol»»alc Ae»«t«, Chi*ano. - A lio sold by FULLER, FINCH & FULLER. SMITH ADWiEß.Chlcaso. Gccan Steamers. MD HEW VO UK STEAMSHIP LINE. to London or Brest, sllO, $73. and $39, cur re|acurh Jon tic t eta at reduced rates, ayailaclo for six months. - . Atalanta, Capt.Plokham.fromNewTork.MarchSJth Bellcna, Dixon, ” “ “ Aorii iMh. Cellm •“ OeauelL “ “ “ April 37;h. Wm. Penn, *• Bil.lnger, “ “ “ May Uth. The eiecsnt Brithb Ixon Steamship. Atalants will Rave Fier No. 3,Ncr»b UT«r. New Tort, lor izJtdoa, callinfi’ af U'eat, on Seta may. March S3tb, at 13 AL- Vnul tor liter notice, all tbs Steamer* of tola Lice wiiicail at Brest to land paueasci*. • Ttckea told ihronch by rail t« Part*, at2S percent leothaarcan lß|i will bo taken and through bills cl lading riven to Ham, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdwp and Hfefsr«st“ wSeSsC* 6 .arMfiaway, a. *•»** 5L u#fcrbonrtt>t Chisago. For Deisbt apply *t S‘l bonth-at. N- T. ' nor uci>rn. *gf 0 * wl<Aai) & lanTAix, Agents. CJTEAiISHiP - GREAT iiASTEIiN, O CABRTINO TD3 UNITED STATES MAILS. Sir Jamkj A>oa«soif, uommKaiUr, • _ - The French “Company ct Charterers” of the GREAT KASTERN, bavins provided theahip with new boilers, *CQ thorough.? re~tt«d and'tJ hit la every department, with special relerrnce to this service, wI3 run her regularly betweenfiew York ard Brest, as Jol lows: ’ ’ imavrsQ srw tost. lxatiho bsxst. __ Tuesday AprU 3 I Saturday ;.„AnrllZ7 Ttnridsy May 161 Tn-*day..... Jane 4 Satnrdav Jai-oSi] fhariday.... Jaly ll Tnesdsy Jn y 39 Saturday. Aar. It Tbnieday d«pt. 11) Tn- »Cay .pet. l Samrday Ocuj9l XborMay Nov. * NEW YORK to LiVEtsTOOL, Tuesday, tak lie ciuy tLstclaii pajscaceri. Passage rates tn gold, oriteeqnivaieEU flU’. fl'-j. f n ' v loca tion and tire ol rocia. , .. - •tlcketslorihehoiLepaaasgciijueo*-' redccuonoi JlO to pa»sengtt» retcmirc pr-vlonsto Angnit. PaestcaeiacanbefarnUaed ua boardwlmrallroad dele’s Dom Bteit to Paris at thog.-daicd raMol <IOAO for Cnt-eiatsandJ7Jo lorwM-.dclvs, helnsareano- Ocu oi 23 per cent ou rtral vr rates. Twenty cubic lect of Baasaga a-kwed to each nasMKr. ■ - Letters ol credit usuoator Srgiand and the Conti* cent. Far pawnee apply in Chicago atlheLnrooeao scdAmeiican Steamship Ae*ncy, 31 Drarporu-sL, James Watrack, Ae«nt, whera plans eftha cabinsmay beseer ardbcttis 8-cnred;v»o, to Well*, Farcoa: -1 Breadway, 5. Y~, or to tae Am. and U. s. Ex press Co.'s, at their varlona agdaeies. QCEAN STEAMERS. GBANH IXCURSIOft TO TOE PAEIS EXPOSITION. The new and flnt-class ocean-going iron steamship Sg^-~V 3,000 tons borthen, Stxphes IVcmas, Commentijr, sfill make an excursion from New York to Havre aaJ, nae*, sailing from I’lcr 4A North River, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o’clock 3L, mklng pa&dengersfjr Parts, L:ncon and Bremen. Re tnitlng, will sail Dom Havre* on Jnco 3. giving cos set gets holding Excursion Tickets, about six weeks In Bnroee. XTild magnificent aieamehlp Is dividel latow*t»r ttchtccmtertccnta, aafthns veea famished and tlrcfcniiy tUtedup expressly for tali voya-c. The HavaiS <g)il only carry crobriots pasrengsra. An pxparltnctd Sorreon on board. ETA fn;l Baud of Mo!C will be attached lotteahis. Price cf rae»»ce, in to ILtvre *u*» a.« *l7>.afetrdicc t»irlze rt state-rcem. T> Havre acd return *SC atd $3». acc»»:(!iDg ta rna of «:ata.looau For ffurthtr panlcmars a:*d icaaisc. "Pb*l UB Aeentt, ' ' • MURRAY, FERrtIS A CO^ 6*J6oath-st.. ScwVort. Crto the Agsst of ■Merchant*’-Union Expresa «> Chicago. • ®o arrbUErt^ rpo ARCHITECTS. - X n,TuSOLS KEW fTATE norSE. The eadcpdcncc, conurlrsU'ccra ri : eeß*3« ct IU SJS IfS,"Sii !^4»£. I SrSSSS Sate d-.ufts.U)2 ULCM Pr»ft.oen» ot tn« Board, Jacob Sorlarteid, Uh, cm or helore the second C *iMtetl?cMß«j■* 111 fce MWusjwn'nn fcrtßrfoe»ifrn.' !r vh »peoflcaUon?« elected ard adopted. b) ArtcticffiSSs‘»sdit(i trortLitmw n»f >* d”iea »s to saslinam oot, the roiiu. a-- etc ,wl.m mndrted i .VS'J&f ”o£r«e. OB application, oj ltUer,u>JU wvuifc-f. becrtury ot me Bo«d. B y^^fette*dent. , john ' PdILIP wSt ®WKKE “• • ■ Sir I: HASmEBtoN. j^ctoH.nEV£au>o^ : **“ <j»aiaUiKa*a«. .-. 1. c. W«M«a, SfiCfOUIT. •• '• «■•_.' 'pjELMbOLp’S BPCHP. BUCHU* Fr om Cispeaaatory of th«. United States DIOSMA CRENATA. BUCfIU LEAVES. • : peokebties. Their odor Is etnay, diffusive, sad somewfcss so- matic, their taste WUdJh, acdlnafftCQUS to mint. arFirffyAT. PBOPEETIES ASO USES. Bnchu Leaves are reueraHy ittamlanr, wtth a poea- Bar tendency to (he Unnir Osaiav, predeetne <0» reals, and, Uta other «im»af medlcaiee, oxiSQ diaphcreals, when dreamstacce* fhvor this mode • ictlon. They are given in complaints ct tie Urinary Oryns. inch as Grave], Chronic Catarrh of Ac Bladder, Rorbid Irritation of die Bladder and Urethra, Disease of the Prostrate and Betea don or Incontinence of Urine, From a loss o*. tone In the pom coseerued la Mi cvm* nation. The remedy has also been reeommesM ■ Dyspepsia, Chronic Ehonmatism, CGts° neons AJeotlons, and Dropsy. SelmboM’s Extract Bsebi Is nsedby persons fram thsages cf 13 toC,ssdfzaz 33 to S 3, cr in the decline or change otitis; alter C» C&emect or Labor Fatss; Bed-wsttCtg is ehlldca. In Affeclicns peculiar io Females, Tte EXTEACT BUCHU Is anequallea tv S3J o txa rcmtUT, u la Chlorosis or Betentioa, regularity, Patefi*- • cess or Suppression of Customary £rae>- nations, Ulcerated or Sehimraa State of the Uterns, Leo,* eorrhea or Whites, Diseases of the Bladder, Kidney CRATEL b BMPSICAI SWEILHM. Tbls medicine Increases tte power of Dt t«**ica» O® sxcitM tbe Absorbents into healthy wajaat ttetfiteu or caleeraas deposition** and all oaaav oral Enlargement! an.radsctd* as well aafala MEOISOLD’S EXTRACT BCCHD Has cored every ease cf B £IT la which it baa been ytra. Irritation of the Heck of tie Bladisr, and Inflammation of tke Kidney 1, Ulceration of tie Kidneys and Bladder, Retention of Urine, Dis easea of the Prostrate Gland, Stone in the Bladder, Calculus, Grarsl Brick-dust Deposit, and lines* *2 Milky Discharges; and for SmW hied and Delicate Constitntisnss of Both Senes, Altsided with the fbaowtn* aymytomi Indlijwaltica to Exertion, Lew o i Power, Loot ct ÜBr cry, DtCicnlty of Hreathtny, Weak Nenrsa. ba> him S,Horrcr et Disease, Hi ot VUioo, pain in tha Back, Hot Bands* Flushing «t tbs Body, Dryness of tha pirtn. Eruption on tha Foes. Paßld Countenance, Untrmal Lam* tnda of the Uucciac Sj> tea,’ate, etc. ISKIiS3KOIiI>-S EXTEICT BCCfIU IS DDEHETIG AND BLOOD PUMFYISO, CTITft RABTTIGf BlSmir iioy, Eic usta and ißpztroiscia is Lira, mnimw 07 in* blood, repersodta* Copabia is aSecaov ft)r Which It lSß*ed,»OCh U OCSOBTSOAt GLK7B Of. locr lUttCuff, asd STnnzxno ijnen»A» \hot diseases, rued in connection with Helmtold'a Hoso Wash. SOLD AX ;praOIBOSiI)*S CHUG fifiDCHEKlCftl WAREHOUSE 594 BBOAjPWAtT, And I>y Everywhere. ASK FOR ' ' HELMBOLB’S Take no Other. Beware' of Cenmto*XUU