Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 30, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 30, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. SATURDAY, MARCH 30, ISB7. THE CITY. Hhtloteent. —A ll persons banns employment of any kind for men or boys are requested to ap ply at the rooms of the Young Men's Christian As sociation, Methodist Church Block, where num bers are applying daily for work. Porrmm.— I The examination of Charles H.Van Doren, charged with forgery, which war to hare been held yesierday morning allhe Police Court, was farther postponed until next Monday after .noon. How Disposes Op.—Of the eighteen youthful vagrants gathered to the Armory on Thursday af ternoon, nearly all were fined $lO each at the Po lice Court yesterday morning. Eobertßrookbank, being a rabliting light” among them, was as sessed f 85. Excbz-Hocb Batiucatzon Murnso.—Governor Oglesby and Colonel E. ingereoll. Attorney Gen eral of this Sta'c, will this evening, address the attendants at the ratifies lion meclng ofthe advo cates oftheelght-hon' labor system. The meet ing will be held in Cropby'a Opera House. Blacking Boots.— I The combined blacking brush and box, Invented by Frank Hatch, has reduced boot blackleg to each a nicety ae to do away wittAll ibe laoor and dirt incident to the nee of brash. Any ono can block his own boots without soiling bauds or clothes. A working modelis on exhibition at tne Matteson House, where the tight is for sale. An Attraction.— Gentlemen who love a glass Of gcqfl champagne, who smoke a good cigar, who are fond of Canaries, who believe in good soap, who prefer claret to the beat lake water, who like good cheese, who are food of flowers and a thousand other things, will do well to at tend the sale held this morning, by Messrs. Daniel Scott & Co , at thdr auction rooms. No. 164 Lake street, near LaSalle. Strawberries. —Mr. T. Goodwillle, packing hoxznamifactnrer, sole agent for the sale of New ell's Patent btrswheny Box, is now ready to take orders, famishing the boxes with crates for the came, costing to the grower when filled, and ready for shipment, only one and a half cents per quart. This Is probably the very cheapest and most superior manner in which the berry can be shipped. Fmx.—An alarm ol fire sounded from-box No. IIS, between two and three o'clock yesterday morning, was occasioned by the destruction of a cottage and adjoining bam at No. 7 Cedar street. The cottage was tbe property ol Mrs- Marks, and the bam belonged to P. Tor new. Tbe loss on tne cottage w«e about $4lO, wblch was fully Insured. The Sara Was damaged to the value of ssoo,which was an entire loss. Wood-Woi kiso Machinery —We call the at tention of those Imetested in wood-working machinery to tbe advertisement of the Excelsior Machine Works, Messrs. WiLon & Borkhardl, In another column. Tbclr establishment is one of the most exieaslveandcomnlee in the country, and they will be found competent to fill any order wnicb may be made, and honorable in the carry ing ont ofa contract. Their machines arc of the Lest, and wooo-workera cannot do better than to give them a call. * Ihfrovez) Clothe* Line.— L. Grfribwaite. room 2, No. 48 South Clerk street, has secured tbe agency for tbe Empire Clothes Line EeoL, a very useful invention, and one which would be found very valuable in every family. It is simple and cheap, enacting any one (even a lady) to ont up a line ot any length in one moment, and take it down with equal celerity Ur. Garibwalie is one of those wl o nave been drives oat ofthe South by the unreconstructed, fur bis Union sentiments, and is well worthy of pa-ronage. Kocm Division Cnr Rah.wax.—The cars on the KorthDivleion lines will stirt r.-cm North Water street, on and alter Monday next. The por petnal swinging of the bridges Tendering it im possible to leave rnd arrive on time from Lake street as heretofore. There seems to be no snch Temrdy possible In the case of the West Divli-ioa. The only reltet we can hope for wouto be furnished by - the Common Connell in the issuing of regulations for the open ing and closing of the bridges at stated times on the South Branch. *, The YA2f Doses Fobgebt case Is beginning to assume considerable more importance than when the young man was firstarrested. Other forgeries alleged to have been perpetrated by him have come to light. H« presented a letter, similar to those already published, to Matthew Ltflln. pur porting lo be written by his father, A. 3. Van Doren, requesting Mr.Lafiin to cash a New To k draft os b. B. Redmond for $173.83. The draft was dmwn aid endorsed by Mr. Tallin. •It came back from New York protested. lonmms'o a Gaubotsb.— When the Jefferson robbeß were being tried In the Snpcrior Coart, on Thursday, Francis XL Kales, Esq., recognized in one of the prisoners. Jerry Gorman, one of the parties who aaaanltenblin on the night of Feb ruary fiCth, 1806. when be wa« robbed of 51.50 D on his way homefrom a meeting at the old Board of tirade bail. Goman's companion In that affair was arrested, and subsequently sentenced to four teen yean* Imprisonment. Ur. Kales Is willing to swear to the identity of Goman as the other ruffian. MovxatEKT op Troops to tub West.—On Wednesday evening Company C, of tbe Fourth Illinois Infantry, which will be remembered as Ibe regiment originally commanded by General Grant, ard which has been stationed at Sackett’s Harbor, left this city for Omaha. On Thursday morning the troops which have been stationed during the winter at Fort Ontario, N. Y.. passed through here, also en route toe Omaha. It is not known wbatis the ultimate destination of these forces, but it is supposed that they are to take ■part in the coming campaign against the Indians. FtnaotJs Eukawat.—Shortly before two o'clock yesterday afternoon a team of horses attached to a heavy wagon, owned by the Merchants'Union Express Company, took fright just after crossing Lake street bridge, and dasbed furiously through « South Water street. Tho crowd which is always found at the intewscfloc of Clark street, was scat tered rigbtend left, though by rare good fortune no person was mj tued. Jn*t bej ond the crossing the affrighted bor«e« ran into a dray, wnicb was overturned. Ihia arre.-ted their flight, and they were accrued. Beji-nd the mashing of one of tbe wheels of the express wagon, no damage was done. Buxobzd Resignation or Mo. Qindele.— Th omission ofJ. G. Gicdele, Egq-, the member elect of the Board of Public Work* from the South Di vision, 10 file, last enrlig. hi* official hood, gave rise to eooe rumors to be effect that be intended to decline. Various reason* \rere assigned, the Chief one being that of ill health, Mr. Giudele hav ing frequently expressed him-eli to the effect that his health was tailing, and that be feared he would be tmaole to aiund to the duties ot the office. We give this only as a rnmor, and we have no doubt that we erpiess the sentiment of the general pub lic when we say that should Mr. Gmdele decline to serve It will cause' great disappointment. False Poxtescss.—Some time last Call William SatUcr obtained of J. S. Brown & Co., Distillers on Sooth "Wells street, £I,OOO worth of alcohol, Baking rcprcstntatioi-s. it ts alleged, regarding his ability to pay and his business standing with others which were subsequently ascertained to be entirely untrue. Taking the Savannah, Illinois, it was converted into whiskey, aud be fore Brcwu & Co. had learned that Sattler was not responsible they had advanced another hill of al cohol .to ihe amount of s9uo. Being unable to procare a settlement, a warrant was Issuer for his arrest for obtaining goods under false pretences. Dtlective Eliit was sent to Savannah to apprehend Sattler and he jetumed to this city with him yes terday afternoon. Mutual Health Jnscuakcs Company.— We call the attention of our readers to the advertise ment (found in another column of this paper) of the American Mutual Health insurance Company of this city. The officers and directors of the company are gcutlemeb of ability and large ex perience in insurance, and ol well known in tegrity of character, and we are confident the business of the company will he conducted with .skill and energy. The guarantee and paid up capital of twenty-five thousand dollars is deemed sufficient to meet any emergency that may arise over end above premium receipts. Jhe company la folly organized, and, as we are credibly inform ed. are already issuing policies. Soundings of tee Hahbos Channel.^Cap tain Faith, Harbor Master, yesterday afternoon went out on the lug “Crawford” for tho purpose of taking soundings in order to ascertain the depth of wa*er in the channel and the change that baa occurred in the bee thereof since thetaose of navigation last fall. The result was most satis factory; so much so, that no dredging will be necessary this season. The heavy fresbeta which have occurred during the past season have had the effectof creating a current luthe river sufficient to clear away the bar which ia usually thrown up by the storms of winter, and even to deepen some what the old bed of the channel. The soundings showed an average depth of thirteen feet ol water, wl«h a strong ulna from the west. Jest off the north pier, where the v. t'er last season was but eight and a half feet deep, the depth la now eleven andahaiffeeL Ltctcbe bt Wendell Pixilutb.—On Sunday evening Ur. Phillips lectures at the Opera House, in behalf of the Hospital for Women and Children, which is located at No. SIS Ohio street. This be nevolent Institution, which was established In' 3!ay, 18C5, has, since then, received 3)5 patients— -282 women ano 73 children, wniie 1,06# out-door patients have been treated through the dispensary, making a total of 1,444 sufferers whose wants have been ministered to. It 1» uuder the charge ol Mies Mary Thompson, It. D., who bu the entire confluence of the Trustees, and is doing a great and increasing work of usefulness. The patients arc cared lor fiee of charge, unless they have means and prefer to pay something. The insula tion Is in sore need of funds, and Mr. Phillips will generously give his lecture, and Mr. Crosby tre use of the Opera House, for its benefit. It our citizens will give an audience worthy of the abili ty uf the lecturer and of the cause, a great amount of good will still he done by this Hospital among the suffering poor, who-e need is so great while their means arc so small. A Ductal Attack.— On Monday night last Patrick Fccncy, a constable, went in search or a prisoner to a saloon on the comer of Clinton street and the Chicago, Burlington & Ouincy Railroad crossing. In me saloon was Mr. David WalsQ, whose bent it ie known lies in a political direction, and whose proclivities arc strongly Demo cratic, Mr. Waleh was talking politics as usual, and stated mat he Intended to run for Alderman of the Sixth Ward. Fccner, who Is a Republican, said that he was sony mat he was nnable to give Mr. Walsh his vote, as he had voted me Republi can ticket forraany years. Upon tbls Mr. Walsh began to abuse Feeney, and finally knocked him down. he affray was soon leimlcatrd, and Fee rev Icfrtbe saloon. He had proceeded no fir mer than thesldewalWbowcvcr, when ho was set noon by a party of ruffians, headed by a son of Wal«h, and most cruelly beaten. Tbe matter will be brought before the authorities. It betokens a dffperatestateofthecoirdltion of any political party, when fie adherent are necessitated to use such means to convince persons who may diner in • opinion from them- Laee Navigation.— The opening of naviga tion has been delayed this year considerably be yond tbe usual time, and while every preparation is being made In me river and at me Custom, Bouse for me moving of vessels, there is yet no’ certainty as to when me first fleet will r»e able to gel under way. The straits of Mackinaw are now clear of ice. but os yet no vessels have come through. The canal is.not expected to be open for navigation before at least me middle of April. The unwelcome closing in of the ice a~ahi, after the great thaw bad raised expectation- that'the coast was clear, has put a stop to alt operations for me present. The river is at present, however, m a state of busy preparation, 'ihe tug-boats arc at work al ready, lowing vessels from one point to another, while me men are hard at work pult'us tails In order and couing in readiness for the approaching event. Mary ol me ship- are bemg reuainted and Repaired and hauled to their old moorings, where the rigging has been stored away during me mu ter, while come of the togs are getting new boilers. btlll me winter b not over. Night after night a fresh frost eels In, and althongu wc have occa eionai Indications ot spring in the fresh breezes mat blow doling the few hours of sunshine, they are but indications—prophecies of a more genial timewbici are as yet far Irom being fulfilled. Since me 4m of March only thirteen vessels h ave arrived at this port, and during the came -pace of lime filleen clearance- have been made The-e embrace only small crafts bound tot Michigan St- Joseph, Milwaukee and Manitowoc, with provisions and other small cargo. No l«r t c ve-seU have y t left tbe river, and it will probably be several weeks before me yveaihur is mild enough to per mit (be opening of navigation. COMMON COUNCIL. Special Meeting—Cemetery lots—The Csnal Contract—Election Places— Board of Health. Streets and Alleys—Awrt«men(s-The lake Tunnel Contract—Petroleum Storage. An adjourned meeting of the Common Connell was held last evening to take into consideration general business, the stipulation of the motion carrying the adjournment being that business should be taken up where It ended at the last reg ular meeting. There were present his Donor the Mayor, in the chair, and Aldeimcn Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’- Wolf, Wicker, Wllmanh, Calkins, Kann, Fiona can, Moore, Schuler, Rafferty, Talcott, Wood ard, Bixby, Hassell, AcknotC, Huntley, Fran sen. Bob, Engel, Shackford, Lawson and O'Sul livan. The first business being the consideration of salaries to be paid to dty officers, provided for in the recent amendments to the charter. The ques tion was on the motion loanoptascale of salaries proposed lor Tax Commissioners, Ac. Tne motion was laid on the table. prrraos?. ac. A petition was received asking the appointment of S. £. Kent aa agent to negotiate between the city and the holders of Cemctzy lots. Deferred to the Committee on Streets and Alleys ol the North Division, Several petitions were received, asking that regulations be made as to rite opening of bridges for thepassageof vessels. Aid. Woodard moved by resolution that the mat ter be referred to the Committee on Judiciary. Carried. ILLINOIS CANAL. ~ A remonstrance was received from Tcdhe, Lowell &*Jo, sub-contractors on the excavation of the Illinois and Michigan Canal against the violation of their nshta by the fcneitSre of the contractor Fox. Howard & Co. They ask tobe reimbursed their expenditures and paid their losses, Deferred to tbe Committee on Finance. BOARD OF PUBLIC WODSS. Tbe official bonds of two of the members of the Board of PnblicWorks. recently appointed, were approved. That of John McArthur is signed by John Alston, Carlyle Mason. Wesley Monger ana George Armour. The bond of A. H. Barley bore as sureties the names of Arthur G. Burley and Stephen F. Gale. A.d. Wicker objected to tbe taking up of this matter at this time, there being a likelihood of a contest, but ho was overruled. A HEW ZBIDQE. A petition was received asking for the erection ol abridge across tee slip at Lumber street, be tween Union and Halsted streets. Deterred to the Committee on Harbor and Bridge*. VOTING PRECINCTS. The voting .place of tbe Ftr.t Precinct ofthe Eighth Ward was changed from tbe comer of ihroop and tssneom streets to the comer of san ?om street and Bine Island avenue. And tho voting place ot the First Precinct of the Third Ward was cnanged to Moms' coai office. butchers' incenses. Aid. Wicker intiudnced an ordinance in relation to hatchers'licenses, to provide that they shall, hereafter, run lor a year from the date on which they are Ifsncd. instead of arbitrarily from the first day of April. Ordinance ordered to be en grossed. BOARD OP HEALTH. A communication was received from tbe Judges of ike Superior Court statirg the names of the persons by them appointed to act with the Mayor as a Board cf Health, [These names have been already published in the Tribune. j A communication waa received from the Board of Public Works recommending that hereafter no street ends be leaded la the central, and business Portion of tbe city. Referred to the Committee on 'ire and Water. The Board of Public Works reported an ordi nance to vacate the ordinance lo open Pine street' Crum East Pvarson to Chicago avenue at the width provided lor and to open the same to a width ot aUtj-six feet. Referred to the Committee on Streets and Alleys of the -forth Division.' ABSESSXENT DISTtUCTs. Tbs Commissioner 01 Taxes reported the Assess* ment Districts bs follows: South Division. 3. All north Of Twrlfh street. 2. All between Twelfth and Thirty-first streets. 3. All sonth of Thirty-first street. West lAtinon. 4. All south'd Twelfth street. B. All between Twelfth and Sroxie streets. 6. All north of street. Horth Division. 7. All sonth of Division street. 8. All north or Division street Report concurred in and ordered to he pub lished. A report was received from the Comptroller asking the appointment of a committee to fix the rate at which be shall lease the dock* and ends of streets belonging to the diy. Referred to the Committee oa Wharves and Public Grounds. A proposed ordinance wa» received from the Beam of Education providing for the issuing of bonds to the amount ot ?2f10,000 to payforthe erection of four new school bandings. Referred to the Committee on Schools. EXTRA PaT OB TUB TUBS El, The Board of Public Works reported that hav ing folly completed the Lake Tnund. they are how ic a position to look into the Question of Its cost to the contractors, MessA. Dull & Gowan, and to contldeMbe propriety of making them any pay ment beyond wbai may be found aa strictly due them under the letter of the contract. uwuv* u.c ivuw vi uiv vuuuavu Frcm a statement made by the contractors to the Board U would seem that the total cost to them of work on the 'Jnnnel. deducting S9,4UU for the value of machinery, rail* and other stock on band, and allowing them nothing fur personal services, is 13E6,0U0. That on the work included in this amount of cost there 'haa been, or will be, paid to them. $383,781.00. * The Board ought. In justice to Meters. Dull& Gowan, to say that they hare finished their work very satisfactorily, ard with great credit to them ’ selves, and also that in their rations applications to the Council during the progress m tbe work, while the Board declined to recommend or en coinage any increase of price, in the then unfin ished state of the work, we did encourage them to pu»h lorward the work to its- completion, and assured them, if it should be energetically prose cuted, that the city would undoubtedly sec that they should not be losers by their contract, that they would be paid for their outlay and a reason able profit. Wc recommended that a committee be appoint ed by your honorable body, to cooler with the Board on this matter wlrh interactions to male such investigations and report as the facts may seem to require. On motion rf Aid. D’ Wolf tbe report was re ferred to the Committee on F.nance and ordered to be published. OEDDTAKCES PASSES. An ordinance to aulhoiize the Pittsburgh’, Fort Wayne & Chitsgo Railway Company to maintain a petroleum store bonse on the comer of Stewart Avenue and TweJrh Street. Passed. Ordinance for the belter regulation of night scavengers. This ordinance makes it compulsory for each scavenger wagon to have placed on each side of it a lighted lamp with tbe number of the license of its owner. Ibe failure to comply with the ordinance is to be visited with -a fine of (25 for each offence. The ordinance passed, Aid. Shackford voting In ’be negative. EXTRA PAT. The Committee on Finance reported on the pe tition of Glaaing d: Fuller for extra pay on their contracts for budding sewera m ISUS and 1806. Ihe petitioners asked an allowance of £5,000 and the committee recommendedthat-t1.513.55 be'pald item in full of all claims, that amount being al lowed as loss caused by the inability of the city to furnish brick. Befetrcd to tho Corporation Counsel. The Council then adjourned. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Judgments and New Salts—Divorce Asked For/ The following orders were entered yesterday in the United Stales Circuit Court:. Pish Ual. ve. Williams. Default In two suits of the same title. D. Bellinger vs. Murphy ft al. On trial. Information was lodged against William Bel field and against William Mather for violations of the revenue laws. Suit was brought by one Tunis Cooper against Patrick Heckey. Assumpsit; damages £3,cob. The case of T 0 Avery ot al.. owners of the steamer “Kaioolah,” vs. The Phtenix insurance Compaav, of Brooklyn. New York, on trial during two days, was deemed, as on the former trial, by a verdict for plaintiffs. The case was on a policy of insurance. There were circumstances of inter est in this case. On the first trial copies of some let ters wereprodneed byMr. O. B. Ssnsnm,; attorney lor plaintiffs, which had been written by the gen eral agent of the company, establishing conclu sively the refutation of the defence of the statute of limitations, they showing that Decollations were pending beyond the year lor a settlement without Urination. The counsel for tbs dr fence then en deavored to show a manner of producing the cop *les which they claimed was improper and thoy were withdrawn. On this trial Mr. Honey, coun sel, produced the same papers as a part of Ihe deposition of the general agent. He stated in his testimony that be had written such letters, and so far the esse was at an end. The Court ruled against tho defendant on the question of depart ure, in effect allowing that a steamer, safely har bored, may proceed to the relief of a vessel in distress where the reasonable hope of her deliv erance exists. A more hotly contested case has not lately been tried in this Court, and its end is rot yet, the defendants having for a second time moved for a new tnai, the verdict being for plain tiffs for the full amount ol their claim. Deduc tions were made for salvage, etc., and the judg ment rendered for f 2,530. czEcurrcoußT. The new suits in thia Court were William J. Tewksberry vs. Thomas Nelson. Case lor slan der. Damages laid at £IO.OOO. W, T. Butler and John W. Ela vs. John P. Mor rill. Attachment sued out to recover for legal services, the amount sworn at £GSO. Daniel Boyle -vs. Johh Nacgle. Assumpsit.' Damages £250. city of Chicago vs. Robert Brooebank. De fendant’* appeal from fa Police Court fine of £23. Caroline Ni.lte vs. Henry Nolle. Bill for di vorce. The bill sets np that the parties Intermar ried October S, 1848, in this city, since which time, * until very lately, they have lived together, she beating to him five children. She charges that for upward of two years her husband has treated her with extreme cruelty. She also alleges that he Is habitually a drunkard. An Injunction issued upon the showing of the bill to restrain him from deposing of the means in his bauds, and the piopcrty bc owns, (which Is not described.) lj vnuri v n uitu to uub ucsu.. wu./ ED7EUOB COCJCT. The Court sat in each ot its branches. Judge Wilson was engaged in the tnal of the close re portedyeaterday. The following order was made hy Judge Gary: B. M. Qnlmby ct nl. ve. Jabez K. Boteford, Verdict, defendant guhty, with damages, fI.oCO. On the Cbancerylaldc, presided over by Judge Jameson, In the case ot Trchk* vs. Trchka et al. • fully mentioned yesterday as haring occupied three dare in the hearing, a decree was rendered in favor of tbs complainant. The liens cslallsbod on me property are: the coats of tine-proceeding; me sum ot $133.33 atd Interest at etx percent, from October llth, 1805, purchase money, and SSWU, with ten per cent Interest, from OcfoberSGlo, 1865. and the sun of SSIKI and elx per cent ipter ''St, from November 2Stfa, iB6O, and the further j.-ayment of $235. with six per cent Interest, from January Ist, 1867. Toe property upon which these sums are a lien is Lots 7 and 8. Block 1 Gilliam's Subdivision of Lo* 3, Circuit Court Partition ot south half of the sooth east quarter of (Section 13, Township 39. north of Range 13 casr. Daniel A. Jones and Charles M. Culbertson vs. Andrew J. Denison. John F. Lester and Joseph B. Den son. Creditor's bill died April 18m, 1806. The purporeof the billle to eel aside that which Is alleged to be a fraudulent conveyance of lots 1C ano 17, and the west 15 lect of lot 18 in the e ist half of (Jock 53, Canal Trustees' Subdivision of Section 7, T. 39, N. R. 14 east.- The value oi this property is laid at 113,000, nnd it Is charged 1 that Andrew J Denison made a fraudulent conveyance of the property In Joseph B. Denison for the pre lcnaeo consideration of $3,000. The bill is based npon a judgment against Andrew j. Denison for $11,580 63, recovered at the January term of 1806 of this Court. On bearing. The new suits in tus Court were: Adolph C. Jaebde vs. Tobias and Frederick Clomp. Aesnmpfit; damages $1,500. The City of Chicago vs. John Leonard. De fendant's appeal from a Police court fine under a charge of vag»arcv, for f 100 and costs. James McKiudley et a), vs. Grand Trunk Rail way Company. Assumpsit; damages SIO,OOO. - Eli S. Prescott vs. Robert McCaddcn. Injunc tion to restrain defendant from removing a col lar building ftom the west three-lonrths of north bufof lot tlx block SO, Canal Trustees, sub division of the cast fraction of S. E. quarter, sec lion 21, T. 3», N.8.,14E. „ . Hanna Moynaban ve. St James Church (Catholic). Assumpsit: damages SSOO. Ucnry Reolickve. Jacob P. Reed. Replevin for machinery. cousrr cornr. Estate ofJamesß Baker. Letters of admiuislra- Uon with ihe will annexed, granted to Elizabeth Baker. Estate or Adam Murray. Elizabeth W. Murray (widow) appointed to administer. The estate Is swum at fcr.-G.uoo. Bond required, $50,009. Mr. Murray died intestate. File, Police asd Exalte. Th* regular semi weekly meeting of me Board of Fire, Pollee and Health was held at the Central Station yesterday. Present—lhe Pre-Ident, T. B. Bioim, Esq., and Commissioners Gundaud TiUwortU. Fire Marshal Harris offered a communication suggesting that the vacant ground at the foot of Franklin, LaSalle and Dearborn streets and Wa bash avenue be not again leased, as those locali ties would be needed by Ibe Fire Department in case of large Area In the vlduliy. The Boaid in structed the bccre ary to submit the matter to the Common Council, with the recommendation that tne vacant around at the foot of these streets be not leased, and that upon which’teases expire April let be nut again rc-ieascd, bat reserved for (be use of (be Fire Department. The following appointments were made for the fire engine at Camlle: Adam Barber, driver; Samuel Pain, driver lor the bore cart; Thomas Sanderson, watchman: Charles Kramer. John Fitzgerald, John M. Dels, Christopher Goodwin, plpemcn. •itereslgnstions of Wm. Q. Kirkman, telegraph operator, and Louis Dodge, and A. B. Keyntids, assistant health officers, were received and accepted. A petition was read from'Jolm M. Deed & Co. praying that the slaughtering of animals within the city limits may be stopped, in accordance with the city ordinance on the snbjcc. It was referred to the Superintendent of Police, with Instructions to ascertain whether the Injunction suspending the action ofthe ordinance bad been repealed and linotio enioteo it. The Cnlef Fire Maifibal was authorized to purchase two horses acd harnesses for the Fire Department. Ibe Board then adjourned. ART IN THE WEST. Striding Forward—Associative Effort for IzuprpTemcnt* The Northwestern .Art and Photo* graphic Company. In no department of tbe aria, has such rapid propress been made within tbe pari few years as in photography; and that progress has been much greater In the West than in Europe and the East, as the Atlantic coast dwellers were already good picture makers when hat daubs were executed here. .» Chicago is now emphatically at the head of tbe photographic forces of the West, holding a posi tion sot excelled by New York, the artists of Chi cago bcipg fully equal to those of any city of the East. From tbe Garden City, as a centre, ha* ra diated ont a flood ofnhotograpWc light over a Seat portion of the West, and the artists of ihe teru-r cities look to her as-the source .whence they draw tbclr supplies of material as well as tbe advanced sheets- of most of the Improved pro cesses which now almost daily mark a step still higher on the ladder which leads to perfection. Thus muen has been achieved by individual ef fort. btill more remains to badonc, by associa tive action. A number of tbe more studious, am bitions to alum still greater distinction, have for some time past bad under consideration a plan by which they could always keep ahead of their Im mediate competitors, without a ruinous outlay of tune or money in the effort. It was decided that on association should be formed by ono photo grapher in each. Northwestern city. with, head quarters at Chicago, where should bo gathered tne best of materials needed for their Supply, to which should ho brought all the newest and most perfect apparatus, and where should be taught the latest invented processes. It is believed that by this means the country members of the association will be enabled to male as good pictures as are produced in any of the large cities, driving out of the business all In ferior manipulators, and enabling the members to stand ont as the acknowledged heads of thelrpro fession. Such an association bos been formed, and at the last session of tne Legislature ot this Stale a char ter was procured, .authorizing the establishment of tho Northwestern Ayt and Photographic Inatl tnte, with a capital stock of one hundred thousand dollars, and extensive powers. The company is authorized to erect, lea-c, pur chase, occupj and maintain, and operate, an art or photograph gallery in the city of Chicago, and engage in the Purines? of photographing, por trait or landscape palming. in all its branches, and may manufacture, purchiee and trade in pie- - lures, picture frame*, photograph goods, chem icals, albums, engravings, and other articles Inct cent to the fine arts, and may establish branch galleries and agencies at one or more points, as they ehall determine: and own and occupy so much real estate as (hey ehall deem ntccsrarr in and about their said business, and may sell or exchange the same. Ihe headquarters of tho Institute will be at 114 and 116 cSbuth Clark street, in tbe Smith & Nixon block, now occupied by Mr. S. M. Faasett, the well-known pnotograpbic arils,,whose already large and commodious establishment will be im mediately enlarged end remodelled to meet the new conditions, it will be filled as soon as may bo with a large e (ock of all tne best photographic material ana opparatus.-wmch will be the proper ty ol the association. Ihe choice is peculiarly appropriate. Mr. Fa£ sett is pre-eminently the man whose long expe rience, comprehensive knowledge, cultivated taste, extensive acquaintance and wide-spread in fluence fit him lor the position of leader m the great movement. His aim has uniformly been to elevate the photographic profession, and to this end be has labored coLsdeutiouriy, assiduously ano patiently through a long scries of years. That bis success has been abundant, wo need noteay; it is amply attested in the universal confidence tne pnhlic has long reposed in him, and In the corre sponding extent ol his business, which ha? for some two years past hern among tbe largest in the Called States, and has recently been Increas ing steadily and rapidly. His recent visit to Paris, where he has studied alt that is peculiar to the art photograplc in the old world, has added much to his ability, and fitted him especially for ibe work of tnfnsiug fresh vitality and importing a new stimulus to the art in tne West. A large proportion of tbe capital stock has been already taken, and tbe association trill soon be in active business operation. Tbe stockboid-* ers. one in each town, will have tbe freedom of the gallery, where every new improvement brought to right in this country or Europe will be introduced at the earliest moment, and for mulas foiwaided free to every stockholder, with practical instruction when needed.-. Arrange ments have been made In Europe fortberor warding of every new apparatus and Imnrove meut, as fast as made public there, and in the Chicago bouse the heat photographic operators, colorists and chemists to oe found in Europe or America, will be employed, while photographic stock of all kinds, chcnpcaia and In struments, will be imported direct to this depot, or manufactured ’here, and the trade sup plied with tbe very beet and purest of every class ot mateilol—warranted—and at prices far below those at which an inferior article is usually sup filled, as tbu usual cost will bo reduced by direct mportatiou or manufacture, without tbe expense of Intermediate handling, while the stockholders being tie purchasers, the profits, If any, accrue dtrectjy to ibem. Tbe gnllcfy of every stockholder will thus he in effect a branch or the Chicago bouse, and tho public knotting that btbasat his command all tbe advantages of the association, will not be slow to accord to him their patronage, in view of the much better class of pictures which be will be able lo produce if be be a competent operator. It is tbe design of tbe c: rporators to admit none but those of undoubted aptitude and skill as stockholders. The Chicago Gallery will of course he continued as heretofore, under the. superintendence of Mr. Faagelt, except that it will be conducted on a much larger scale, and In a more perfect manner than hitherto. Highly creditable as are the re sults of Mr. Fassetrs efforts in this part, be con siders himself oa but a learner in the ait. and is. perpetually pushing out for fresh triumphs, though far beyond the point at which many deem themscives pet feet Herein ia the true secret of ins immense success as an artist, and herein, too, will be found the best qualification" for assuming the part of instructor to such ot bis fellow-stock holders as may require aid. He will proceed on mb (rue Pythagorean plan ofa mlug to keep but a lew bonrt In advance of his pupils. A SWINDLER AND BIGAWIST. A Visitor from Oliioand Ills Schemes— A Widow Vxctlmizrd—Two Weeks of marriage and the Finale. A. man named Samuel Milliken. aged about fifty years, came to this city three or four months since, and after making the acquaintance of sev eral citizen?, began to negotiate with different panics for the purchase of real estate. His rep resentations. coupled with a somewhat engaging manner, giving on air of truth to his statements, conveyed the general impression that he was wealthy. He assumed to he a widower, and slated that bis home bad been at-Hamilton, Ohio, where be still owned considerable property. Among the lady friends to whom be earned introduction here was a widow named Mrs. Johnson, residing at Ko. 985 State street. Pleased with his affable ways and put under frequent obligations to him by the frequent receipt of trifling presents. Mrs. Johnson was flattered by the special character of his attentions. In the course of a few weeks bo had progressed sufficiently in his acquaintance to make a formal proposition of marriage. The proposal was ac companied by such a dazzling account of the comforts and elegance, of a new borne ho prom ised to provide for her, and suggestive of such a happy domestic life in the future, that bo was soon an accepted sailor. They were married only two or three weeks ago. Be bad not yet purchased any properly, though he told the lady that be bad secured a nice house in a pleasant lo cality for their tuture abode. This present week parties arrived in this city from Hamilton, Ohio, who were making earnest inquiries for Mr. Miihkcn. Rumors ot nis conduct in this city had reached his wife and children at that place, and messo^ gera were despatched to ascertain what founds! on there was for the reports. The etorips of his wealth ate alleged to ho "pare ficaon. He was arrested by Detective Simpson on a charge of bigamy, yesterday afternoon, fie was foond on Washington street in a state of intoxication. • 'Jhe unfortunate victim of bis last marriage ia the widow of Peter Johnson, who for somctorce years kept a first-class saloon and restaurant in the basement or tho Southwest comer of State and Randolph streets.- A singular fact is related regarding his death, which occurred in April, 38C5, upon the same day that the city of Rich mond succumbed tottae Union army. Mr. John son was bitterly opposed to the war and had been beard to say that he did not want to live after the South was conquered, if that .event was destined to occur, ills wish was fearfully answered. He died upon that memorable day. A SWINDLER CAUGHT. Hitf Record-Facts and Forgeries—A Hall Honeymoon. Some weeks ago a young mao calling himself 11. O. Benson, and giving his residence as New York, came to this city with bis wife and engaged board at the Mattcson House. He hadlprcvlously been in Rockford in this State fora short time. On Wednesday the proprietors of a hotel in that place, where he had been stopping, sent to this city a carpet bag to be delivered to him on the payment ot a claim for board against him, to the amount of $9. Benson having already incurred a bill of about SIOO, at the Mattcson House, the proprietors naturally suspected that «her were id danger ot losing it, and they therefore notified their boarder that he must at once settle, at tbo time seizing his baggage os security. Den son seems lo have become alarmed by this time, and on Thursday left the city on the Michigan r-onlhrro Railroad. Mentlmc other unpleasant evidence appeared against him. He bad bargain ed with N. H. Colton & Co., on South Water street, for a patent refinery which be said be wished to take to Racine, Wisconsin, and had de posited with them as pan payment, one note tor SI,UCO, and two for $!>00 each. As soon as this, fitm heard that Benson bad left the city they tms pi eled that the no: ca were forgeries, and gave hi faimation to the police* authorities in order to secure his arrest. The descriotioh was placed in the hands of detective Hale, who telegraphed to the Marshal of Laportc, Indiana, to arrest him on the arrival of the after noon train at thatplacc. The officer followed on the next train—Thursday night—and fonnd the fugitive in custody at Laportc, whence he brought him to this city and lodged him In the Central Station. The prisoner says thatbbnamo Is G.B. Benson, and ibathe failed In business In Net? York and was obliged to leave on account of his difficulties. He claimed that the notes are genuine, and re (erred to C. L. Fleming and Thomas Allison of New York a? guarantees of his honesty. These gentlemen, however, on being telegraphed to, de nied any knowledge of. Mr. Benson, so that the aflalr bos altogether a bad look. A letter was found upon Benson dated “New York, March ICib,’’ and porpor’mg 'bo' from his business agent there, stating mat the latter had sold Ben sou's stock and natures, and would soon send him the proceeds, amounting to $9,000. It is suspect ed that ihla letter is a forgery Intended for eiTcci, but this is not proved. Ilia just to add that the lady accompanying him Is his wife, alihough hints to the .contrary have been thrown onu She was married to him in Buffalo, New York, on tbe 7ih Instant The lady has her marriage certificate with her, and sbouldnot bo made a party to the wrong. , Tire Relief of Solpiebs iho Soldiers Relief Committee of tbe Grand Army ot mo Repablle met last evening in Uhlich's Block. The chair was occupied by General Julius While. Tbe reoe* of James btuarl and T. M, Beatty were formally added to the committee. Tbe hnbscnpuon L'otimlUoe reported collec tions made since me previous meeting to the amount ot-|lCl.fiP. The meeting (ban adjourned to meet, again on Friday evening next at the same place, when It ts expected Jhat all members of (be committee will be present with the subscription Hats which they bare in charge. IIISTOHI'S “ m AllV STUART.” Schiller's superb play of Maty Stuart was re produced last evening to a largebutcold audience by Distort and troupe, Of ber conception and matchless delineation of the character of Mary Queen of Scots, we have on two or three occasions written at length, and to write more would be but a repetition of what has already been said. Ber personation of this character, especially m the famous Interview with Elizabeth is the Park, is one of the grandest efforts, the modern* stage has ever known. We can only rejnet that it ehoold have fallen upon so many cold ears. Bistort is an artiste of Axed reputation. sod the greatest of all living actors. Site docs not need enthusi asm for encouragement, and she would play equally well before an audience ofa dozcp,—for a great artiste is always contclenlloos—but It la always pleasant for an artiste to be greeted with the recognition of her genlns. It would be Auous for us to add anything to what we have al ready writtenin regard to her Mary Smart. It is a physical and intellectual effort to be cherished among the souvenirs of great artistes. This afternoon her great historical character of Elizabeth will be personated. AnUSBOIENTS, Museum.— u A Dangerous Game” will be pre sented afternoon and evening. McVicker’s Theatre.— 11 Claude Duval” at matinee and in the evening. Coliseum.—Professor B. P. Hamilton will ex hibit his newly lamed horses this aitemoon at two o'clock, withont charge, la the evening bo will give a benefit to the Soldiers' Home, on which oc casion, in addition to the horse?, he will give a magical entertainment, embracing a series of the newest tricks and illusions. Board of Trade Election, The following additional nominations have been made for officers and committees of tho Board of Trade for the enealnc year: TUB .KNOBBY TICKET. President—Jesse 51. Richards. First Vice President—Sam. Schoencman. Second Vice President—A. F. Dickinson. Board of Directors—Oliver Bealey, S. A, Trow bridge, James Kearslcy, J. N. Smart, James Kerby. Commlriee of Arbitration—James W. Muston, A. J. Marble, J. A. bbaw, P. L. Underwood, John B. Bensicy. Committee of Appeals—H. Brinkwortb, Horace Barton, U. H. Crosby, George Cowan, James P. Page. ANTI-WAREHOUSE TICKET. Tbe joke on this ticket Is that every man named on it Is connected.with the warehouse interests: President—Daniel Thompson. First Vice President—C. S. Dole. Second Vice President—George L. Scott. Directors—lra Y. Mm.n u Hiram Wheeler, Oco. Armour, Wesley Monger, E. Buckingham. Committee of Appeals—James Oddi, W. H., ’S. I*. Lunt,* C. VV. Wheeler, James W. Finley. Arbitration Committee—Q. Henry Wheeler, L. D. Norton, James B. McKay, Marry Nelson, W. T. Baker. OONHEBCXAL TICKET. * President—Marcos C. Steams. . First Vice President—W. F. Coofbaugh. Second Vice President—C. B. Goodyear. Directors—John B. Lyon. Daniel F. Baxter, Jirah D. Cole, Jr., P. W. Datcr, Ebenezer. Wal brldge. Committee of Arbitration—Win. H. Murray, T. T. Gurney, fi. Baurbluichcr, John C. Wlawell, Georee W. Biggins. Committee ot P. Ilonch, Il{. Me* Chesney. Warren Horton, W. If. Wooarofl; Isaac iloyer. AITOTQZn "COXSZBCUZ. ■JICKBT.’I President— Geo. c. Walker. First Vice Prealder-L—W. F. Coolbauah. Second Vice Piesldenl—C. B, Goodyear. Directors—Lyman Blair. Geo. Field, Aaa Dow, Daniel A. Jones. B. P. Hutchinson, Committee or Arbitration—J. B. Phelps, D. 11. Lincoln, D. F. Baxter, J. U. Wlbwell, Q. w. Ilig glna. Committee of Appeals—Jirah D. Cole, Jr., J. B. Lyon, W. 17. Woodruff; 0. L. Hough, It. ilcChea tey. Theological Sekhtabt.—The following is the programme of the closing exercises ef the eighth session of the Theological Seminary of the North west, to be held, daring the ensuing week. The friends ol the Seminary are cordially Invited to be present at all the exercises: Monday, Apili 3,7 K P- m.—Social reunion and Senior farewell at the Seminary. Tuesday. April 2,7 U p. m.—Address before the Society or Religious inquiry, hy Rev. R. C. Mat thews. D. D., Monmouth, 111., at North Presbyte rian Church. Wednesday, Aprils, 7*4P-m.—Address before Board of Directors, by Rev. J. P. Salford, D, D., New Albany, lnd>, at the North Presbyterian Church. Thursday. April 4,7 Hp. m.—Graduation of Senior Class; address to the class by Rev. 1, N. Candec, D. D., President Board of Directors, at the Nolth Preaoytenan Church, onicse furtherno tice to the contrary. Tuesday a. m. to Wednesday!), m.. Anrll Sdand 3a.—Examination of stndcnts at the Seminary. Thursday, April 4.2*4 p. m— Meeting of Alumni Association at the Seminary. Ehjciocb.—Bishop Wbltehonse will presch in tbe Tnmty Church to-morrow evening at tho usual hour* 3ho Young Peoples’Union Prayer Meeting un der the auspices of tbe Young Men’s Association, will be held in Room No. 15, southeast corner of Ctatk auo Washington streets, ibis evening at7J4 o’clock. 'The young men and ladles' of the different churches of our city are invited to attend and assist in the work of tho Association In this icsptct. The Ease Case.—AC the Police Court, yester day afternoon, the continued case of Mtcbacl and Ann Kane, charged with larceny, was called. Tbe husband was discharged, and Mrs. Kano was held for trial in ball of 3200. Mrs. ilorrlsey, charged with receiving the stol en goods, was discharged from custody. • Republican Alderman ninth Ward* John Corbidge. Esq.: Dear Sir : The undersigned, residents and. Republican voters lo tho Moth Ward, bcllev iig that the interests of tbe Ward mil be much bencQtlcd thereby, call upon you to consent to become a candidate for Alder man at tbe ensuing election. Your residence In the Ward for twelve Tears past, tbe spotless pari ty of your-character, and the high tone of toot personal affability ana disposition, all will unite ■o give yon that weight ana personal lotlncnce in the Common Council to which ine banner Repub lican Ward of the city Is entitled. Respectfully, George Scovllic, A. Chapman, Henry Grccnebanm, . C. Brcver, Thomas Jackson, D. Lee lisle, Louis Grlmme, W. Kickenaff, • M. A. Bartlett, T. Bermann, George Gardner, Jacob Greenebanra, Jr., C. A.ilcno, Isaac Qreeoebautu, A. L. Hale, B. Srkcrllemab. •I. P. 8011, Charles E. Moore, F C. Hale, ■ Cbailee 11. Baymm, James I- Bliss, James Field; C. H. Wignall, ’ Crack Arnold And lUU others. RETLT. ,, „ Chicago, March 19,15W3. To Messrs. George Scovjlle, ii. Greenebaum, T. Jackson, L, Gnmme, C. A. Reno and others: Gentlemen: Your favor" ol the 38th de siring me to become a candidate for Alderman of ihe Ninth Ward is at hand. In reply 1 desire to eay that 1 will allow my name ta be used subject to the decision ol the Republican primary meet ing. Thanking you for the confidence expressed in your communication, I remain yours truly, John CoruuDoa. Seventh Son—a Wonderful Care of Scrofula Wituout medicines. To the Editor of the-Chicago Trihane. Having a largo circle of friends, some of whom are in poor health. 1 wish to make tho following declaration, and that they may know that my name has not been dishonestly employed in this connection. 1 personally appeared before a Justice ol (he Pence and made the following statement under oaih: When I came to Dr. Duvall, the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son, one week ago, my face was liter ally covered with sciofuia sores, and had been for several months. I could scarcely put my finger on my face without touching a sore. Some were theehe ora chestnut, others of a grain of corn. 1 have taken about eight treatments and tho sqres have all healed so that there la scarcely a trace of them to he seen. My general health has alio im proved finely, and all without talcing any medi cine o uelng any preparation whatever. I reside in WDminpton, Will County. Illinois, and am hoarding with my brother, No. 25 Kramer street, Chicago, Illinois. John Butlsh. Subscribed, and sworn to before mo, this 2t)th day of March, 16t/T, T. B Buowk, J. P. for Cook Connty, HI. (InL Rev. Stamp, 5 els., canceled.) Dr. Duvall treats ail di-ca?es without medicines or instruments at bis Healing Institute, No. 74 Adams street, a few doors west of State street. South Side. LOCAL MATTERS. Look Hero a .’THnntc.—lf you want a smooth, white, aud beautifol skin, re-ombling alabaster, yon should stop using poisonous toilet powders and give King’s Cold Cream Soap a trial; the effect of its use is wonderfully pleasing. ■ Retailed by Dytcbe & Storey, and Buck, pothe carics. Wholesale by Smith & Dwyer, druggists generally. . 1 have used -Gardiner’s Rheumatic and-Neuralgia Compound, and can recommend It to-01l who are troubled with the rheumatism or neuralgia. A. Booth. An ElTcctuhl Worm medicine.—Tho combination -of ingredients used In making Brown's “Vermifuge Comfits ” is such as to give" •the best possible effect with safety. Worms m the stomach cause irritation and cflen prolonged sickness, and can be removed •only by the nee of a sure remedy, which will he found In the Vermifuge Comfits. Couchs and Colds arc often overlooked, A continuance for any length of time causes irrita tion of ihe langs or some chronic throat disease. ‘•Brown’s Bronchial Troches” are offered with the fullest confidence In their efficacy, giving almost invariably sure and Immediate relief. •noth and Freckles.—The only relia ble remedy for .brown discolorations called Moth and Freckles, is Perry’s Moth and Freckle Lotion. Prepared by Dr. B. O. Perry, Dermatologist, 40 Bond street. New York. Soid by all Druggists. Go to JToncs & King, No. 119 Dearborn street, and get your clothes thorougldy cleaned and neatly repaired. *‘iEtna» Noiseless Shuttle Sewing Machines, for family and manufacturing purpo ses. Western office, 97 Washington street. J. U. Lerow,‘agent. Local agents wanted. The Beat Tonic.—Cantrell* IWacU & Co.’s Combination of Iron, Phosphorus and Call saya, known as Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of Calif aya. The Iron restores color to the blood ; me phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tis?uc, and the calisaya gives a natural healthful tone to tbe digestive organs. One pint conlains the vir tue of one ounce of calisaya, and one tcaspoonfol a grain of iron and phospeoms. Manufactured by Caswell. Mack & Co., New York. For sale by all druggists. • Paper Hangings and Window Shades. All me newest styles at reduced prices, at F. E. Riobt'6, 89 Randolph street. MARKETS BY TELEQRAPH. New Tork Financial Newt. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nkwlobk, March 29. Tbo stock market opened Btrrng. Michigan Southern being the favorite stock. Alter tbe regular call me market was steady, and with but little disposition to operate. Shortly after this R<.ck Island advanced to MM, a»d Michigan Southern to T!X cash; afterwards It was oflered at 76#&765f, seller three, but with no buyers at these figures. The latter stock finally sold at 76, and weak at this figure, when the whole list de cllced X per cent. At one o'clock stocks were weak er, and with* less disposition to operate. Michigan Southern selling at 74E,acd me balance of the list was Inactive, with the exception of Erie (common), which declined to 58#. Rock Island has been* tbe strcEgeal stock to-day; X per cent cash was paid for me loan of Michigan Southern to use the proxies to morrow. The money market was stronger mis af ternoon, but without decided change. At the market was weak, and prices were a shade lower. China stock fel off 1 percent, and the rcmaUdtroftbcllfit • American gold was inactive. Money at the* close was easier, and with more apposition to s:U In antici pation of lower prices to-morrow. At the 9 o’clock board the market was steady, and nominally unchanged. [Associated Press Report.] m . Ritw Tobe. March M. uoirsT. Money ti rather easier at 7 per ceat fer call loans. fOBXIQS KZC&ASOB.; sterling Ann It 108^®109X*in gold. Tor flnWclus bills. Gold without decided change, opening lining to J34tf. sad closing st in*. fIAWD *ygll*ll Government Blocks sre a thaas better. XATEXt. Nbw Tost, March 29. _ UOKKT. There was a very active demand for money this al ter aeon, and the market was stringent at 7 per cent on call. t .. „ roanosaxcaasoß. Sterling Quiet and fine at 1OT»1 OOtf. Gold qnl-t and closed mt°uui»- Cash gold loaned to day Iram !•« to l-iepexront. _ . iMTutaueara. Government «ecu titles firm. Kec’d. *ai......ioax«ire • s-Mcoup ’65 Jan „ Coupons,®L...uwaußK and July HT7tfalo7?f S-tf'coup’W.y.lWKKiofS' 10-W coupons.. 97tf- 93tf 5-50 coupon’66.loß <eV»X August 7-3W....118 «108tf June 7-30 b .105HdlfeO« BArLWAT SHARES. Tbe railway market was siroup at tbe forenoon brard. and afterwards in tbe lone room, with a cete ra! Improvement Id prices, especially, of Michigan Southern anc Beck Island. At the call althe Stock Exchange, the market was flim. until Michigan Sontb emuas reached, which stock suddenly broke Irom 77}» to 76. Alter the call Bock Island and Fort Wayne were strong, and the balance of tbe list off k to 1 3> cent, as compared with the highest price. At the one o’clock board the market was steady, nntattercall old Bonthern tell to 75, and tbe balance of tbe list was dull. At the second board prices wess atrong,,but subsequently became heavy and lower, owing to tbs decline In Southern and a stringent money mar- William Heath A Co. report the following: LATEST PBICSS. Gold BMtf(3U«H Hudson 137 ®153 Ohio certs 16KU 27 Reading. <lol* Canton « @ 45tf M. 8... 71 7S& Cumberland... Si @33 Ul. Central.....lls' <allsw Soickßllver.... 83 ©si o, & Pitts. 78ka 79 ariposa 8 @ C A T01ed0....119 @l2O Martposajifd.. 23X® Rock Island.... 97x@ 97« Western D. Tel 41*9 43 N. W 37££ a; 7 * N. T. Cen !C6tf«lostf N. W. pid « a CSX Erie &6X9 &S* ' STATE BOSDS. Border State bonds were geteraHy lower, but tbe chaigea were not taut- :Missotuig, 95tf. KT»AM«nn» BUAEKB. Steamship shares were lower. Pacific, 127 X; Atlan tic. BJ@BB. MISCELLANEOUS. Coal and miscellaneous stares were generally firm, and belter In some instances. sictcro EUAUXS. Mining market heavy and lower, einscially 01 Greg ory. Quartz BUI. andCorydon. Columbia. 3103309; Kipp and Buell, 66; Symonds. ISO; Charter Oak, 165; Davidson Copper, ICO; Corydon. 415; Gunnell, 4So: Keystone. 3; People’s, 110; Quartz Bui. 3109315: Grejory, 975@250. Tlio Produce markets* Milwaukee. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, March 29. * Flour—Firm. Sales I.GOO brls at 815.00 for Nauga tuck superior winter; j 11.75 Douglas choice ty -511.33 tor Ha. cock XX; sloA7Xfor Taharra choice X, to arrive; $lO 73 for Fountain X; $10.63x for City Mills, Waterloo and Manhal;Sio.7s for MazcmanleX; 17.C0 for rye flour. Wheat—Closed dull at the morning board. Sales 11,000 centals. Noon board—sales 19,CM centals at $3.73 for No. 3 fresh In store: $3.73X for No. lln store; $3.73 Beliefs option, this week; $3.71 buyer’s option, thiawesk; S3JB lor rejected In tlore. Oats—Advanced ic. Sales 3,000 ceaUls at |l.G2>f@ 1.63# for No. 1 fresh; f undo for old receipts. Coro—Steady. Sales 1,700 centals at sl.-63 lor No. 1 old. 4c storage; $1.51 for new shelled, delivered. •Bye—AdvancedSc. Sales RSOJ centals at5£1302.20 fer No. 1 fresh. Provisions—Firm. Sales 100 brls old mess pork at |11.75; 50 brls prime mess at $31.00; 90 brls extra . prime at SIKSO. Receipts—3JOO brls floor; 3,400 centals wheat; 4Cfl do oata; 300 do rye: 700 do barley; 30 dressed bogs. Shipments—4,7oo brls flour, 2,000 centals wheat; 27 brls and 50 tierces pork. - • : NEW YORK. Kaw Tobk, March 39. Cotton—Dull, heavy and declining. Bales of IAOO bales srSo#c for middling uplands. Flour—Uoreipts, 5.347 hrl*. Market opened more ac tlveandashads nrmer, and closed quiet and without chaige. Bales. 6,000 brls. California flour firm, with sales- ol 1,300 brls at $14.75 Whiskey—Quiet and unchanged. Wheat—Receipt*.Cc'.OoO bn. Market a shade firmer for winter, and quiet and without decided change lor Spring. Bales ol 41,00$ bu at $3.45 for No. 3 Milwaukee: SO.IO tor wutte California: $3.10 for white mixed West* err, and $3.1533.30 for amber State. Steady. Bales of 7,000 bu’eanada In bond at Barley—Dull. Farley Malt— Quiet. Corn—Receipts. 9JU6 bn. Market le better, but less active. Ba es of S6,ouolni at *1.1901.20 lor tniT»ri •i nln Store—clcstog at the Inside ptlce; SIJ3OOL3I for do afloat, and sl.3o>s for new yellow Southern. Oats—Receipts, u-o bn; moderately active, with sales oflo,oCo bu at CCo<77)ic lor old Western; MV®C'Jc lor new do; 72073 c for &>tato; and C9o lor Canada East in bend. Rice—Quiet and steady at lOXOIC vc. Coffee—Quiet. Sugar—Dull. Sales, 3)) bxs Cuba at 9vaue. Molasses—Dali. Petroleum—Quiet at 16#c lor erode, and 25037Qc10r refined In bond. • llopfi-Qulet at 30037 c. Perk—Opened firm and closed heavy. Sales. 3.700 brls at $24.00034.25 lornew mess, closing at $34.30 for regular); *z3Jt033.75 for old do; $19.75030.00 lor prime, and s£<e2hso for prime mess; also, brls new mess at $34.36034.50, teller and buyer Ann! and May. Beef—Steady, boles. 430 brla at previous prices. Beel Hams—Firm. Salts, TObrls at $10.004 45.00. Tierce Beef— Sltaoy. Bales, 685 tree at s34.CCti3i;jO. for prime mess, ard $38.50040.00 for India mess. Bacon—Steady with moderate demand, sates. 7SO bxeatl(WolU£clor Cumberland cut; lljfauxc tor short ribbed, at-d ISc for smoked short ribbed. .M l ..* . IVV.U, MUU BMUt. <IU LA.I. Cut Meats—Dull. Bales 290 pkgt at 901O<ic for should ers, and lor bams. Lard—Firm. bale*, 910 brls at 13j4013#e fbr new. Batter—Dull ar,d heavy at 10016 c for Onlo. cheese—Steady at 12010 c. Flour—Closed quiet, with holders more disposed to realize upon common and medium grades. Wheat—Quiet and Aim lor winter and doll and heavy for spring, bales of No. 3 spring at $1.400 3 46; No. 1 spiing at $2.0001.67; winter red at $3.(004.61; white at f-7.CC09.55. Rye—Quiet at 11A301J9 ler Western. Barley—Dull and heavy at 93092 c for winter. Coro—Dull at $1.19 In store sod t1.20J401.31 afloat for shipping mixed Western. Pork—Quiet and steady. Sates 1,500 brls now mess at $31.20034.35 regular and $34.50 buyer’s option April: doting with buyers at $31.12)4, regular, and sellers at Beef—Fairly active and firm- *“ CutMcats-Qulet and nominally unchanged. Lord—Dull, and slightly drooping, bales at 13014 a for lair to prime steam, and CJ#Ol3J4c for kettle ren dered. CINCINNATI. cocnnraTT. March 39. ■ Floor—QuUt, and ortcei steady. Wheat—Firm. bale* oi 6.000 on, at $3.55 lor No. L spring, sod $3.90 for winter. Coro—ln tatr demand, chiefly to fill orders from the South, bald of ba at Cfc/or ear, 71c far No. Ila balk sbelloo, and t)7OBSc fur sacked, the latter rate lor white. Oats—Good demand, at 55c tor No. 1 In balk. Bye—Quiet. Hale* of ho. x aVSi.4SOL46, and choice at|U7ol.4B. Barlc>—L nchan eed. Cotton—Doll. Nothing doing, and prices nominal at 370S7KC for middling. Whiskey—Doll, at /IQ In bond. The demasd is light,* at d sales conic nut t>e forced at tbu rate. Mesa Pora—ls held more firm, at $23.00, but could not be sola at over $23.75. . BulsUeau—Quiet, with sales of 310,000 &■ at 3c and Ibkc on shoulders and sided. Bacon—Dull. Lard—Firm, at 1314013 c. There was a sals of 150 tres at ibe muoe rate. But erard cheese—Unchanged. Uiocerles— S'eaoy. Seeds—Clover seed advanced to tIOJO. Tlmithy doll. Hemp very scarce; numerous oroera hare beta at nt East Flax firm at S3JO. Gold—l33k buying, and U4J4 selling. Mcney—Close, tbooeh the demand was light, Floor—Dull and declining. sale* Northwestern extra atsi3{s; extraState,iHAO, • Whtat— klrm. Pennsylvania red, $1.70; No. t gad No. 3 Milwaukee. $3.87; Western rod, $1.61. Ccru—Unsettled. Sales 6,000 Du yellow atfUJtf. Oat»—Steady at SCSc- Barley Malt—Sales i,sfO bu at SI.OO collee—Saict iho atslkc. Sugar—Quiet at ICife lor refined. Clover Seed—Active. Bales 1,000 bu at f 18.09. VrDlfikey—Contraband, $1.20. BALTIMORE. _ Bxitixosb. March S 5. Flour—Firm. Wheat—Choice white. $-LSO; Pennsylvania red held at S3.00&&10. but tot sold over *2.80*42.90. Com—White, for mixed Western; 11.103 1.11 lor prime; 3,000 bu yellow”at fLlOrtl.ll. Cats—Sate* 815 bo at Cf.®*7c. Whiskey—Dull and unchanged. Sales la bond at 30 6ftc. Pork—Mcir.JsiCO for prime.' No sales, BT. LOUIS. St. Lons, March 39. Tobacco-Quiet and unchanged. Cotton—Dull and heavy. • Rour—Firm and more active, but unchanged. Wheat—Stiff and unchanged. Cam—Receipts small and prices higher. Mixed and yellow, 92«96cfwhlte. «<39Bc. Oats— Higher at Celtic. Barley—Firmer at 11.1fV31.30 lor spring. Bye—Firm at sl.Soa !.». Wets Pork—Firm at $21.50(322.73. * Bulk Meats—Shoulders, 6c; rib sides, lOKc, clear sides, lie. iiu.d, in.* Bacon—Dull at llfcc for clear sides; canvassed sugar cured bams. iM«c. Laid—Dull at lnwc for choice keg. Whiskey—Frse, |2.15. LOOISVITJJ2. Lou;svn.Li. March 29. Tobacco—Sales 133 hbds leas at fall rates—sl,so3 25.75. Flour—Superfine, $lO 00. „ Corn—72c la tar; labulk, shelled, 76c. oais—etc. Mess P0rk—123.50ft22.75. Baom—Shonlders9j<®94c; clear sides, 11XC. Lard—ln tlcrccf, 13xc; [a keg*, HJfc. Polk Shoulder*—BVc, packed. Whiskey—Raw. $3.32 tor tree. CUUm—27S27J*c. BUFFALO. ■ Buffalo,Harsh 33, Flour—Firm, quiet and unchanged. Wheat—ln good demand. Canada is wanted. Sales, 13,000 bn No. 2 Milwaukee at $2.50; 20,000 bn No. 3 MU waukce at $733; 2 cars white Canada at $3.10. Corn—New ■actlvef and closed firm. Hales, 25 cars, at ate: 8 cars at 95c; 5 cars, to arrive, at 95c—all Ohio, on tbe Btate Line track. Old mixed western nominal. UU vtuuiuvi lluwtu .«...u.h.i Oats—ln fair demand. Bales of small lota of No. 2 Western at 57&SSC. • Rye—Dull, and held at SIAO for Western. Barley—Quiet, at $1.12 for Canada. - • Seed*—Dull. Clover Is held at $10.00; medium Tim othy. $3.50; ttax,s3.Co. Ulghwinet—Nominal, at $?.30. Pork and Lard—Unchanged. NEW ORLEANS. New Obpkans. March 29. Cotton—Sale* s.ldd]iDgs.7*>;(929c. Receipts for the week, 10.371 bales pyainhi 1-1,589 oalcS last week. Exports lor the week, 40,010 bales ; stock on band. H55.95l bales. bngar—inquiry tor prime at 13tfc. Molasses—Marl it nearly b»re, and quoted at 70c for good. . ■Float—Finn; roperflno,sl2.l2#& Corn—Firm f white acvanccd. • Poxk—Firm and advanced 50c. Lard—Finn ami enchanted. Exchange—Uu London and New York unchanged. MEMPHIS. . Memphis, March 29. Cotton—Doll, Middling SBc. Receipts to-day 597 hales Expom. &« bales. Week's receipt!, 2,9:8 bales. Ex ports,s,2lsl-ales. Corn—Active at f1.07C41.12. Other markets unchanged. Albany Live stock Market; [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Albany, N. T., Marclt 23. Cattle—The trade was reasonably active to-day, with* ont charge In prices. Most of the di oves have chang ed bands, end some 1,500 have been taken for Eastern markets. D. Walxell sold 75 bead Illinois, averaging 1,220 3>v, at $93.00; 11, averaging 1,350 ai, at b#c; 65, atcreping 1,170 as, at BKc; ITS over 1,213 as, at |B.SO. Stetson ft Co H 124. averaging 1,100 as. at SKc- ’Jonas Farthing, 43, averag ing 1,500 as, at Bc. H. Klopscr. 70, averaging 1,255 as, at $8.65, a- d 40 averaging 1.450 as. at P. Priton. 127. averaging I,‘SO as, at $8.60. D. Walxell, CS choice extra, averaging 1,534 as, at 9XC. John Sawyer, 19

averaging 1,400 as, at 9tfc, and 61. averaging 1,500 a*, at 9Jfc. J. Owens, 55. averaging 1,000 as. af $3.40. W. Scotians, 104, averaging 1,190 as, at $09.00. Total re ceipts, 3,400. Sheep—Receipts, 4,300. Bales quick at 6HS9c. Hogs—Firm, at7sC@S\c. Receipts, 4,200. NcwYork Dry Goods market. NEW Yoke, March 29. The demand for cotton goods ts more animated, and prtcen are generally pretty steady and Arm. Most of the operatives In New England haveuotltled the mills that they would cearc worslng on the first Proximo unless the hours of labor were reduced, but the mill owners have concluded to etoplcr thirty day* rather than submit to such terms. Owing to these circum stances the market is mere steady and Arm Standard sheeting*, shirtings, 17c; Andros coggin bltscbed nmillm, tec ana 80c ler Z. Cxcstlta tlonal, 14c; Conestoga do A. 26c; Amoskeag d.-nim«, 86 V; Blue Hill, 20c; Nacmteagsattceng.iixc. Prints and delaines steady and in go d request. Woollen goods generally inactive; best makes firmer. New York Bide Market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NEW Yoke, March. 29. • Hides—Dry Mootivedeo sold at 19e in gold, being a further advance of Jfc • New York Grocery Market. - [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, March 79. Coffee—Quiet. RlO 22^I6Xc. Sugar—Drooping. Fair to prime grocery 10X® H«c. . New York Seed Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.] New toes, March S 9. . Seeds—An advance In clover, HC.ooai7.oo. ' New York BreadatnfDi Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] . .HswYosi, March 29. fisur—Lower iiaoo 'Ckaage, tad tory muttUsL Wheat-Bales BOity CsUfornla, Terr son for spring. Corn— Closed heavy anddrooplng. Offered at |I.U 1m store. WU York Fioiidoii market* CBpeclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Niwrocx, March 29. Pork-C‘osed quiet at $24.25, regular. All other hog producU held firm, but very dull. Ocean Prelghts. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] NawToBK. March 29. . • Freights to Liverpool—By steamer, ij.coo bn com at <d. Pittsburgh Oil marker. Pxriumuan. March 29. There was considerable stir In tbe market. Holaert appear to have trungs their own way. Sales efil 600 brlsat7@7,Vc. Not a single receipt by river. Rcdnert In bond quiet; holders ate unwilling to make con tracts for future deltverv. News Com tbe East are an lavorable. Free oil quiet; small sales at 10^c. QURItIRD, In tbte city, on the evening of the 23th of theßer. U. OIL Mr. maMUEL HAHN and Miss BAB BABA BBECHEIsEK.bO’b of this my. OnMa»chßStlulß67, by Bev. Dr. Ktlley. HARRY MORGAN and EMILx D. BODINSON, both ot Bine Island, 111. No cards. DIED, In the City of Washington. March 56th. 1867, ELIZA HOLT, eldest daughter tl D. B. and ELLEN M HoLT. Fnuera! service* will be held at tbe boose of Gordon Bnbbaid. Esq.. 291 North LaSalle street. Chicago. March iOlb, at li a. m. H ’ Cars provideo by tbe Ro?e Hill train leave the Northwestern oepot,West Side, at 1:30 p. m_ returmue arrive at 3:50. **. UUIH..h Cars provided leave Lake Forest at 8:10 a. m., reach !»g Cbfeaco ato:ls. Theirlends returning will leave Bose Bill by the 4 p. m. train, anlvlng at Lako Forest at 502. amusements. J>ISTORI MATINEE—ELIZABETH. OBOSB7B OPERA HOUSE. This Saturday Afternoon, March 30, at 2 o’clk. DOOBSOPKK AT 1. RISTORIMATEVEE, ADELAIDE BISXORI for the LAST TIME in Chicago, before her oeparture for Europe, laherrs- Downca rclo as Elizabeth, Queen.of England On Monday and Tuesday next, April Ist and 2d, Mad an.o Rlstorl will perform at Milwaukee.-whence the will return to this city and give two farewell eights, prior to her leaving America, the field on which, by oer great dramatic powers and transcendant cealus. she achieved some of her greatest triumph*. Oa Thursday next, April 4tli, Maaamo ttlstorl will appear labor great roleot “TIUSUE.’’ in VlcterHn go’* celebrated drau a “Angelo, tbe Tyrant of I‘aoun.” and on hrlday. Anrll sth. sue wl’l personify “LADY JJACDETU.’’ in Sbokapcare’s. ctlebr»ted tragedy ol •• ilacheilu" "y’AHIETY THEATRE. Monday Evening, March 3th, 1567.. E>tra Announcement. Alter weeks ol careful preparation, wl 1 be prodneed the newly written, lnfero*lly-Dlabollcally-Se:io-Com leal Drama In three acts, entitled BEZ.Z* UPON SABTB; Or, SATAN AND 818 SEVEN DAUGHTERS. New and beantltal scenery by 77. D- Stcmr. New properties br John bherniau. New ami tplenald ward* robe.* A carcfolly select'd ana beautiful Corps ae Bal let. New streets. Brilliant transformation scents. Act I—A View of Hell and Its InnaDUant;. Act 3 Satan and His Seven Daughters In iTnlcago. Act $—A Change of tceno—War—Love—Virtue Triumphant. pOL. WO OP‘B MUSEUM. ebb, J, H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. E. AIKEN Stage Manager THOS. DARBY Continued Success of the new French Flay—Crowded Houses. • This (Saturday) afternoon. March SOth. at the Grand Matinee at 2# o'clock, and also ia the evening at v to 8, will be penormed the new Comedy of A DANGER* OCS GAM a. produced with new scenery, machinery, demand received with shouts of laughter. More Lon don novelties. Meg’s Diversion and My Turn Next, soon—very seen. McT i. C KEIl 1 S * THEATRE CKSRft MYEKB MANAGERS. CHANGE OF TIME.—On and after Mt-ch 13th, the doors will open at 7#—performance will commence at B o’clock precisely. • Saturday afternoon Matinee and Saturday evening, two last performance* cf Geo. L, Aiken's great drama of CLAUD DUVAL; or, the highway man of Whltefrlars. Claud Dural George L. Aiken. Cast with full stret gtb ol the company. Monday, Mr. J. Proctor. OP WONDERS, Ard nature unveiled, may be seen at the - New York Museum of Anatomy,. flit Randolph-st. corner oi Dearborn. Lectures dally. Those enable to attend may receive tnem by eu closmg ten cents to Secretory. rpHE MYSTEKIES OP MAN CRE _|_ AT'ED may be seen at the Xcw Vork Museum of Anatomy, 90 It&cdolph-gt., corner of Dearborn. QRO&BY'S OPERA HOUSE. SEVEN BEADS! TEN BOONS! WILL APPEAR APRIL STH. JLecturcs. pOPUEAR LECTURES ON HEALTH AMS PHVSICAI^EDUCATIOTJ, By DR. O'LEARY, Surgeon, of Brooklyn, N. Y„ at Cxosby’s niosic Bally TUESDAY EVENING, Apill 3d. IlluiUated with s splendid collection ot French Manikins, i-ktletons. Models, Drnwicrs, Curious bocclmens. Oil I*alutln<*, Ac. The finest cel tction oi the kind In America.. Admission Free. No* Contribution. No bore ad mitted. Surgical and medical treatment Irom 10 a. m. to 4 p. Hu at the Trcmont House, romu.ei.flnr Wedaes day, Aprtl3d. W. U.MAKITN, Agent and Doslnesa Manager. auction Sale* i)(JOTT coT AUCTTONEEIUi A^ <T) QQMMISSiON MERCHANTS, . -V-fli., car. Chicago, n on Merchandise consigned for sale. uatj, Voor sales promptly attendad to. 4DCTION —Saturday, March 30tb, lfiC7,«t 10 a. m.. at Daniel Scott 4 Co.’s Rooms, LakP-sL, 300 cues O B. Mumm's genuine Dry >/tncz»y “Chau-pagne” Wines. Tne psrtiG“l2 r atten- UoaofcrLootueurs and the trade Is directed to this O.H- Uuiun'i guuuiue Dry Vemo xaj WiaeSj sold by order ot the consignors. PAKiSL BCOIT 4 CO., Auctioneers. AUCTION— Monday, Ist ot April. 1867, at 10 a. m.. at Daniel Scctt & Co.'s Auction Booms. 164 Lnkc-st.. a large quantity of Furniture, the-property of a gentleman leaving Chicago—includ ing several Carpet*. Wardrobe. Book Cat*. Marble Top Bureaus, Easy Chairs, Writing Desks, and a large ai-sonrotmt of new Fcroltnre, Carpets ane paintings. D 4NIEL SCoIT 4 CO., Auctioneers. FT ILBEKT & ©AMPSOXL \JT General Auctioneer*. 47 and 49 Deatborn-st. ELEGAST FUESIURE A. T AUCTION, OS' TUESDAY, April 2d, at 10 o’clock, atour sales rooms, ccisisting of almost every variety of par.or, library, chamber and cinlng-rtom Furniture. Includ ing a large number ot marb.e ana plain lop Chamber sera, some of thee very ejegant. with a general assort ment cf housekeeping goods; also. two sets of new single baggy Imres?: al-o, a button hole machine— cosilKC. .GILBERT 4 SAMPSON, Auctioneers. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • y . 111? Dearborest., Sells THIS MOCKING. March3otb, atlOo’clock, Ncit and Second-hand Fnmitnrc, Pictures. Carpels. Chairs, Plated Ware, Gold and Sil ver Watches. 4c. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneer! & Commission Kerchante 44 4 46 BANDOLPII-NT.. Between State-st. and Wabuh-ST., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, ox DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, 4C.. Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE. CARPETS. every SATURDAY Sbm JHtllg, iSngineg, 4c. iJiHE LANE & BOULBY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGDTE3, Shingle Machines. Com Mills and Shotting, Wood working Machinery. I.ANK 4 HODLEY, Comer ol John and Water-sts-, Cincinnati. Applicants lor doscnptiTe cireulars will specify the aaemserr ther need. cgS|le]-4oxiu Heal 35statc==(£ountt2. FOR BALE—A splendid country seat, located on the wctl hank of Rock River, two miles below the City ol Rockford, 111., consisting ol 60 acreaofhiehly improved land, a large, elegantly fin- Rhcd two-stcry house, containing 19 rooms, with cel lar tinder tbe whole;- Rood uutbuU'tlDgs. barn, car riage house, lea house, 4c.. 4c, and a bearing orchard of 300 apple trees. Ground* aicut the homo well laid out and lmproved, and covered with ihrubs and ever greens In great variety- Also, 306 acres of farm and Eaiture tana, adjoining tbe above, with -10 acres ot tim er within three miles. The borne and larm lands, ta ked together, make a splendid stock farm. Will be sold separately or together, hnce Tow. Terms cosy. Apply to Dr. G. W. COREY, Rockford, II:. l?On SALE—Xn a pleasantly situated J. and healthy vll'aee. about 20 miles from this city, a most desirable residence, contain fee eleven roc mA besider pantries and closets,.rood stable, wood and on* bonne*, with web and Brick clsterr, brick cellar with cement floor, all in good order and repair. House situated In ccura rt 3 acres ot ground, corereffwith choice fruit ami ►hade Ire- a, grapes. Ac., twenty rocs fr:tn depot, wlto plank wa.ks. will sell house, to* gether with piano.'carpets a;d all howchold goods, cow, wood ord cca> and provisions complete, or sepa* rate tosnlt. ForlDronuatlon,seodnotatoDoxllOS tils city, with name aid address. A splendid chance tor a ready made home. FOU SALE—House and lot at Rockford, HI. A good two-story stone bouse, with base ment. twelve rooms, hall, double panora. large kitch en, two brick cisterns, garden well enrolled with (nut aod shinbbery, bouse surround'd by largo shade tr?ca, an acre corner lovln a mon cestrahle neighborhood, within three minutes walk of the wcU-known Rock ford Female Seminary. A rare opportunity tor those having dauchfers t-o educate. Price $5,300. Apply to O.C. BLACEMEH, 1.15 Randolph-it. . FOR SALE—WeII improved business property In the thriving village of Henry, on Illi nois River; also, 5,000 acres w-dli* elect'd Missouri and lowa lands. Terms caav. JONES, DUNDY ft TAY LOR, 12 Methbdlst Church Ulock. T7.OK bALE—Two good Prfrms within X 1 cne mile from a railroad station and good town, well Improved, orchard, etc.; one of 83 oflM sens. Price J2oper ac>c—very cheap. Aho. a few more tots in Chicago, some unproved and fi- m? u[.lm proved. Ucnecs and Lots, from 12,000 to $25,000. some on Michigan and Waßa«h-av-, and seme near tie uni versity on the North Bide, one at $13,C00. one at $7,500, and one at S4,SCO, on easy terms. Applv to L- W. STONE, or W. F. D’WOLF, No. 54 and 3 Lombard Bleck. FOR SALE—Cheap. A story and half frame honse, with wing, containing 4 rooms, pantry and closet on the ground, 2 abovc/cellar, well and cistern. The lot Is one acre, wlln over IflO bearing fruit trees of the choicest klnaa, choice evergreens and other shrubbery. 7 kinds of small Bolts, bandy to school, church, and only c ne mile from mo depot, and one hour's nde Bom Chicago; train* ronalns: to ac commodate basinets men, lour U and oat. Also, a warehouse at the depot, and lot, that rents at 15 per cent the money asked for It, Going East, “dheiuto sell. For rarUculsrs' address, Q. B. GCFF&BA, Dauby, 111. Reference, Root ft Cady, Chicago. FOR SALE—Genteel cottages, at Hms dale.on c. B. ft Q. B. 8.. fifteen miles trom the CUT, at SIXOO, «K2otf, fIACO, S3XOO, $4,C00, on very caSy terms. Very best suburban .ocatlos out of Chicago. Farms from *lO to SSO per acre. Seme very cuoice ones. Will exchange fbr city properly and pay cash. O. J. 6TQPGH. Boom 19, No. 118 Uark-st, FOK SALE—Or Rent—A summer Uts tdeuce, bcautifally sitnatc-J on the bask of Geneva Lake. Wtscor sic. with barn, ice house, and every con venience. Price $6,000. B- nt SIOO per tc*v th. F or particulars address MBS. E. H.FARB.4O Walnut-sc, Chicago. T7OK SAL>l—Oboico country residences i* and farming lands en railroad line l , within Uto $0 miles of the city. HILL ft WHIFFLE, ISS Dear bora-sL. Room 2. . Jhtforination agHanfefl. r .’FORMATION—^Wanted—Of.Snsan Helmer. a colored girl about 12 yean of ago. who left her mother Monday las*. Any igfrmatlou given other present abode will be thaaktaUy recayMby her 13 QtUwflll-*7. ®o sKcnt=3Bouseß. TO RENT—A Cottage of 10 rooms, at 114 North Paaltna-sL. with alllmproTemecte, TO KENT—From April Ist, tne two* story hcnseHo. 16 Scum Miy-it Nine rooms, closets, pantiles, cistern and hydrant. with new ram turn Tor tale. Apply os premises. TO RENT—No. 75 "Warren-st., May Ist, 46 and 48 Warren-»r. Als*. 133; 143 sod 144 Wrst Jacks uwrt. B. H. CUMMINGS, Boom 19 No. 133 Booth Claik-st. rpo RENT—With immediate possession, J. a line tbree-story brick house ol 10 rooms, water, pas pipes, Am, on Twenty-loartn-st-, betve-o State and half a block from borse-catf, for tbe low sun. cl «00 a year. bad-yearly in advance. In quire o! JUNKS, BUNDY A TAYLOR. Boom 13 Mclbcdist Church Block. Also, untumtsbed rooms near the Pest Office. ■ T) RENT—Two desirable houses, 517 sxd 321 North Clark-st, containing eai. water, mantels, with shrubbery In yard. Possession Mar Ist. Kent quarterly. In advance. 317 North C atk-st. rpo KENT—To a small, respectable lam- I Hy without children. No. O*. second floor, corner van Boren and Fourth-ay. Inquire at 113 Aoams-st. NoT 251 Warreu-er. • J Niue rooms, closets, psntries, cistern and hydrant. April Ist. &o l*nit==l&joms. TO RENT—Fcur rooms, in good loca tion, well lighted, high celling*, sujtaolc far of&ces of sleeping rooms. Inquire at 346 Kast Klnzle-st. TO RENT—Alter May Ist—Pour rooms over the brick drug store, southeast cor. State and Eighteenth-sis. Snltaoie for olQces for physician, den tist or pbntographer. Two ot the rooms connect with attic. In which are two well finished chambers. Apply on the prcgl«es. TO RENT—Two rooms, suitable lor an office, at S 3 West Baudolph-et. TO KENT—No. 11 East Randolpb-st., fmnlfhed front parlor for two gentlemen or gen- Horan ud lady, with or with, nt Doard. Private iam- By, best location. No. XI Bandolph-at. XO RENT—Twp gentlemen can be ac commodated wlta mrulsbed room In a private lly, wither without board. Inquire st3l3 Stale st. • • TO RENT—A good-sized trr.nt room, furnished, sultab.c for two geatlcmen only. inqulie at 134 Mtchjgac-sL, rear Clark. T'O RENT—Three or four rooms, very . JL pleasant, conrenler tto stfeet care, aud well suit ed lor a gentleman and wife to keep house. West Division. AfldresaP.O. box US3. ■ TO RENT—An elegant suite ol seven rooms, with pa’t or whole ol furniture for sale, ou South Side-very cheap. Apply at TOO Maduon-sL, Boom 4. golSentejptoieiii, Offices. &c TO RENT—Dockage—Lumber Yard to rent for a term of years, In Greene’s S.utb Branch addition. A. G.Tar.OOl*. City TTcasarer’s Ofllcc. TO RENT —BOxIBI leetonYionb side 01 Wasoincton-st. eastofFracklta-st., lor a term of ZDyeart. REES A AYRES, Real Estate Broken, 10 Opera House. • TO KENT—The Barber tfhbp under the Richmond Pome. Apply at office. -fPO KENT—Store, and fixtmes for sale, I in a good locality for grocery or commission has* U.u». Apply at 212 Wen Lake-et. heat cheap. npO KENT—Store No. 29 South Market- JL it. Apply to C. MCDONNELL, 131 South Clark-st, • 'X'O KENT—An eligibly located store, i 34x70 fect,on North Clark-st., and stock and fix* tares for sale, with a half interest lu a w< U es’abllahed grocery business. Also, fors.le.two years* lease of store and basement under the Revere House. $3lO per yc»r. U. C. MOREY A CO., No. 8. Metropoutaa Block TO KENT—Second Floor, No. 50 Lake- St. PHELPS. DODGE A CO. XO KENT—Or lor sale—A large barn, situate! wt No. 16S West Wasnlogton-sL, naar in. Will hold twpntv-flre horses. Apply at 31 Laials-st. D. 77. LYON. TO RENT The second .and third It floors of No. <lO State-at., suitable for a Jobbing huKißow. Apply on the premises to INNES,- COX- V£ USE A c 6. TO KENT—bioie and offices oi\ Wash legton-*t_betwcenCiarkandDearbbotn, Apply to W. D, KERFOOr, S 9 Washington st. TO RENT—From' the Ist ol May next, the marble fror tbulldldz. No. 10 Souht Clark-st. YOUNG A SPRINGER, No. 3 Metropolitan Block. nr.O RENT—In a central location, a shop J suitable tor a carriage panter. Apply at No. 67 JSouth Adams-et., near corner of State. TO KENT—The fclore-and dwelling,l27 North Driplatnes-st. A soodstandfor any bail nets, or a boarding bouse. Rent low. Apply at 12. UOODHIDGE. 163 WcstLakc-st- TO KENT—Store 112 Clark-st, and fix tures for sale. ThU Is one of the best stands lor retail trade In the city, and elegantly fitted, - TO KENT—Store 181 East Madison-st, between LaSaTe and Wells*st Good basement, and dwelling above. Apply to WM, H. SAMPSON, Boom 3. Metropolitan Block. T'O KENT —To iawjers or corporations. Two suit's ot offices on third floor of Portland Block trom May 1. one ol three offices connecting, the other of two. PARKER A LYMAN, 17 Portland Block. TO KENT—btore and basement 80 Ran* dolph-st. •* , r*o KENT—Deck to lease for a term of I years. The Pralnarl dock, adjolaltg Brower's Salt dock, with ralin ad track nod 500 lect water front age. Apply at Room No. l, 190 Clark-st, TO RENT—Two fine smtes of offices on LsSalle-iU fronting the Court House Square. Also, several veiy desirable rear office*, cheap—all newly painted, grained, calsomlncd and In complete order. Also, the finest baicmeut in the city. Itebi and dry, 42x150 feet. Apply iO BOYNTON, FOSTER A Co., Commission Merchants, 84 and 86 Laballe-st. TO RENT—Second floor ot 183 East Madlsonet. TO KENT—A fine store in the central part of the cltv, with or without the fixtures. Kent very reasonaole. Address “L O'* Tribune office. 33usinrss Stances. IT' OR SALE—Gecis’ tarnishing goods— . Raring vsbcUtedmeself with the old andpoo mar Cttp*-* Furnlshtor House ot P. C. KEMPTON, N r^a -wa.. New York, under the name and firm of F. k EMPTON A CO,, (the same to take effect April 1). 1 offer my stock, furniture ana lease fur sale forcash—or will rent store uno sell fixtures (black walnut) at a Bargain. WM. P. CHURCH of WM.P. CHURCH A Co.. 118 CTark et. (TOR BALE—Valuable Mill Pioncrtj— X 1 One among the best steam flouringmU.s in South ere lowa containing three run of four-feet burrs, en gine and Id good oiocr, merchant and ctutom bolts of the bert—do better In use. The mill Is s'l la good repair, and in a good location. Water and fuel For former particulars, address WM. SHARI* A BON, Fairfield, lowa. FO K SALE—A faloon, stock and fix tures. Will be sold cb*ap. the owner wishing to so to Europe.. Apply at 8H Milwaukoe-ar., corner I?ORI?ALE—A house, with or without r saloon or stock. Inquire at 404 Sonth SUte-st. joiik injEnu FOR SAIJS—A Jewelry Store, with licet and fixtures, on one cf the principal streets nr the city. For further Information apply at XL UP* PENHEIMES 4 CO’S, 40 South Clark-st. FOK SALh—Lease and fixtures ot the Barber Shop 193 Ea*t M«dlpon-eU doing a good business, Reason for selling, going Into other burl* sees. IVOR SALE—Confectionary, Ice Cicam _T and Oyster Restaurant. Cheapen rent and best lo catkn Intheclty. Address E. HOWARD, P.0.80x jrOH SALE—A cigar stole in one ot J? the bcifbuslnm stands ol the city, near abridge, where pe< pie are passing continually. Cheap lor cash. Bent low. Inquire at 237 East Rlnxie-st« * ' L'OK SALE—One half interest in a Sid* X 1 ond-class hotel which Is now clearing SSOO a month, which can hr c’early proved by any men with- Inc t* hoy, as 1 will allow loh time fur proof hr allow ing any olc to itay a week and keep the accounts: $3.7T0 will buy half Interest. Adorcss M. SMITH, National Hotel FOR SALE— To a party with §l*oo, a business that Is paying well. Also, a liquor store tor $1,310. on south bargain. Boom 13; Lomoard Block, 109 Moaroe-st. FOR SALE —A newly ntted np barber shop loot tbe best Ic cations In the city lor sale cnr.-tp. Inquire at 354 State-sU ANTON BEI CHARD. FDR SALE—baloon and boarding Louse.No 427 Consist. Two-thirds cash; bal ance on time, with security. FOR SALE—A first-class diug store.* The best location In the city. Good trade aud an inert nunc prescription business. Adarcss ‘‘E K S,” Tribute otllce. FOR BALE—A complete outfit of fix tures and too'a lor a meat market, with some srocericr, together with the privilege of rent ofprem- Uts. 314 Clark-eU Uoarbmg. BOARDING —A suite oi front parlor acd bedreom. single rooms and day board, can be obtained at No. 17 Deaiborn-at. op-ataus. "DOAUDING—A pleasant room (unfur- I) olfihed) suitable tor a gentleman and lady, to rent with beard, at 2BU West Uandolph-st. Reicrences re r> CARDING—A lew single gentlemen I) con be accommodated with pleasant reams and beard, at g»4 Adams. Also, two day boarders. OOARDINQ—One handsome room on JL> second floor, for gentleman and wile or single gentleman. Also, ono single room. Apply at 297 Mlchlgan-st., corner ol Pine. T>OaRDINQ —Pleasantly located rooms 1$ to rent at 13 LastllgiTtsoo-BL BOARDING— The advertiser hasa good sized room, with closet and bedroom attached, wmch he will rent, with board, to a gentleman and his wife. The home Is anew brick dwelling on the North Hide, rear two lines of street cars. Address M L,” Tri bune office. • T 3 OAR'D IN G—A pleasant iront parlor F) to rent, with board, suitable lor a gentleman and hu wife or two single gentlemen. Appiy at 671 Bia:e-st- BOAKDING— Good board and pleasant rooms can h* obtained at Briggs House No. 2, fe;* iiorroe-st. Aho, day boarders accommodated. O. BRIGGS, Prcp'r. • • BOAUDIN G—A gentleman and bis wile or two gentlemen can be-accommodated with toatd lu a private family, where there are no other boarders. Apply at 38S West Madlson-st. BOARDING— ‘ODturnisbed trout room; alio onelurnlshed room, imtabte lor ladies or cent'cmsn, at 1052 indlana-ay., two doors north ol Twenty-tblrd-st. Permanent place. BOARDINQ— Very pleasant unfur nished rooms can be had, with first-class hoard, atoi booth Carpenter-at. * T>OAKDING —A lew gentlemen can be X> acco-rmcdatcd with plcaianl rooms and board at 154 East Ma&licn-st. 230 arb ffiffilanttfj. BOARD— Two young gentlemen doing holiness on South Bide desire a pleisaat room acrl breakfast six days la the week, and all meals on Surday, with a respectable family on West Side near streetcars, between Elizabeth and Qoyne-su. Terms must be rcasor.abls. References exchanged. Ad dress “J H O," BoxgSS7. T>OARD—In a private family, by two JL> young grntlcmcn, coed room and where they could make then-selves at home evenings. No other boarders. Terms moderate. Address “A O B," Tri bune office. • TDOARD—And lodgiDg, by two young men, 8 - uth Side preferred. Most oe within U mlnutrs' walk trom Court Honse. Address “B& U,” Tribune office. "DOAKD—A small family, consisting of JD a man and wife and child three years of age, wish toob'olca pleasant room, with board. Prices not exceeding $lO or sl2 pet week. Address M TO£ T.AV.n," ‘J44 Randolph-il. T>OAUD —A single lawyer desires board 11 on the West Side, tear Randolph or Madlson-st. cars, is sot particular abuntdiatancc. Prlvab- tunlly preferred. Terms moderate. Andreis '*COLONEL,' I 159 Rardoiob-st. eraitiagcs, Sa. T?OU SALE—A span ot Mules, 3>ears P old, well brokeanr) kind aa ktttpos. Are in eocd erdrr. and well suited for any llchtwagoa. Inquire of COOK ft McLain, 109 Ciaik-«t. • |?OK SALE—Horse —Seven years old, JT found In all points. Bind a.d well Broken.- It a stylisbdnvcr, and la said only for lacEofa-e. Apply at Architect's offlce.'47 feoath between the hours of 11 and 12 and 3 and 4. FOR. SALE—Very cheap. A horse, harness and eprlog wagon with top. Price $250. can at 107 £*at or aadrets P. Q. Box '47358. FOK SALE—A very desimblc horse tin buggy-,Call at 131 S«aUt ClarkH« n Rom 9, XU& festote-eitg. IHMIOTBO. T70!l bATJC—By Tics. B. Bryan * Co., r Res! Estate Office, la Bit** Hit': . MICBIGAN-BT.. comer of me— Four S-story brick bouses. LetiOOHOOfeettoanailey. Canoe sola sep wXLLLSOIS’ST-,e»st ofßash—Twpstoryfrsmedwen’ ire sea born. Lol4£xlCofobt toaal3-.oocalley. Brice *7.500. ILLINOIS-ST„ east of North State-Frame dwelling and K.t anoo fret. Price |SAtO. ONTARiu-ST., corner ot Lasallo-Large two-story. trame boose, wito addltlorutu rood rcpilr; gas, water, aeaer. ScTprlce *6,tCO. ONTAKiGST., vest ot LaSalle—Frame dwelling, in good order. Lot 21x100 fret, ■ price s3^>oo. CLY BOCRN-AV. and lirrabefrst.—Frame boose, Wlthfalo-»tu LctS3x.4olcec. Pricei3.HW. ■ HINSDALE'S r„ west cf Laasile—Good T-story frame boose, in thorough j epair, containing about 10 rooms. Good bam. WUirm for $«0 rer month. Lot 50x109 feet to an iS-foot alley. Price $6,000, NORTH STAXS-&T., tear corner of Division—A thoroughly built name boose, with stoaecelar; la exc llen« condition, with all tbo modem improve n eut». Two-story barn. Lot 10x143 feet. Price f ICWOC. . WtLLS-ST., corner cl White—Cottage boose of aboutirooms. LotSTxlCOleet to geodailey. Price north of Horon—A choice residence tot,- In a Ttry deslrablenelebborhooc, and of unusual depth. LotMUU feet to a U-loct alley. Price |l9O per front LAKE-ST., west ol Beoben—A dice and large frame dweilug hoa-.e. in good repair, bam, and lot 50x1:0 left. Price ISACO. • • . LAKE-ST., west of Curtis—Two storyiframe boose. Lot SOxIOO teet. Cheap at (4AOO. t, west of sangamon—Lot SQxICO leet. Price (5.M0. PARK*AT., west of Robey—Two-story frame boose 018 rooms, bam, etc. Lot 30x125 leet. Pricesl3oo. • of Faullca— Two-story frame hoaie,wltb7rooaa,bara,etc. LotJSxlOOfeet. Price (2.0C0. U U bDABD-STm ccrntr of Learnt—New cottage boose and two-story barn. Lot 75X130 leet. Price $4.0£0. PULTON’ST.. west ol Beoben—TWO lots, each 23x131 festtoa slxleen-fbot alley. Price $35 per foot. FDLTON-sT., west of Wood—Frame boose, contain ing 3 rooms. Lot 25x106 feet. Price *? T SOO. BARKISON-aT., v est ot Leanit— frame home, with stone basement, containing 10 rooms, ele ven finished. Two cisterns, awed. bam. etc. Lotus x 264 feet, fenced ana cultivated, sbruDbcry. price SGAtO; JACKSON-ST- west of Desplalne*—'Two-story frame ■biuee.wUbbncKcMiar.coDtalning 9rooms. Lotifix ICO leet. Price 16.700. CARPANTER-ST-soath ot Lake—Good two-story frame dwelling, cot talcing 10 rooms; bam. Lot Wi 127 leet. Price S3AOO. tHELDON-ST., south of Washington—A choice res idence lot. with as east frontage, 50x142 fret, an alley on tb« side, acd a 20-foot alley at the rear. At toe low prfreof fSpCO. REDBEN-bT., southwest comer of FnllOtt—3l6 fret front by 133 deep. Will be soid in lota, trice S7O per loot. . FIVE ACHES on TaylOMt-jeast of the limits, with a irtntage ot about 650 fret on Taylor. Price SS,UD. fULIGN-ST., comer of Morgan—l7sxloo leet. Win be sold in lots to suit, price lor inside (3d psr Coot. ROYNK-bT., corner ot McGrath—Fire iota 21x111 leet to an ailer. Price S7OO per lor. CAKr.OLL-ST., comer ox Wood—looxl3s teat. Price ACRES fronting on Wood and Lincoln, south of Poik-rt. Price 110,(00. CAN AL-BT., tontn ol Washington—46xl3o feet to an alley. Pricesloopertoot. RIVER FRONT, opposite BridreparP-lOC fret, docked tail depth to street. Price (40.010. TDIRTT-TWO LOTS on Inaiaha end Ashley streets, west or Liacotn, ranging from S»SO to (35C per .Ot, Also, a large list of otber ounaras and residence ori-perty m the several divlilauaol lbs city. XROS. B. BRYAN d CO. L*OU SALE—A desirable two-story 1? Frame Boose, oo Wabasb-av- tear Four tecnth-sk. with U rooms, waur, gas. etc., lot 2hxiSo f«l to alley, good baro. This place'will rent readOy for fi.ftO per annum. Will sell for *7,750 caih, U immeolattiy—at which rate it Is th»«hcapj; property on the aretue. WARREN A GOODRICH. 13d Dear born-st.. Boom 3. irOll BALE—By Snyder <fc Lee, Real Es- I* tat* 1 Agents, No. 4 Metropo lian Block, two new two-ttory and basement bncE homes, Hansard roof. It rooms, all mod* id Improvi-meaU, and lota, comer Adams and Loomis, fronting Jetletsoa Park. IT OR . S ALE—iive two-story new build- L* logs on Fonrth-av., near Twelfth-*!., renting tor J2.C00 per annum—H2Aoo. Uouts and lot on Fourth av., near Harrison; house has 8 rooms, water and eewer—*2,3so. Twc-ttory borne on Quincy-sk, near State st, stone cellar—*«,ooo. □. C. MOKEY A CO- Keia Estate Btokeri. 8 Metropolitan Block. |?OU SALE—On Michigan ay., north ot X 1 Barnaon-st-- first-class marble front boose, with every convenience atd Improvement, and one of the best earns on the avenue. Can be bought, partly on time.iorJ3l.Goo. A. J. AVEBELL, Real Estate Of flcc Ko. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—At a bargain, It taken this week, Fraine avenue house and lot ncarTwen ty-stzth-n. Has water, gas. barn, and lotmiSOfsol. On Prairie avenue, nesi Tweity-foatth-sL. a .large Souse with all improvements, lot £0 feet front, very e«liable. J. D. HARVEY, 7S LaSatle-st TTOK'bALE— Cheap—The marble iroßt Ko. 377 West Washington-*t. D. j. TT'OR SALE—Store and lot, No. 181 X 1 South Cl .rk-sk, between Madison and Monro*. JTxfevtDont. Inquire of JOBK FoRSYTHE, 153 Banoolpb-st - T?OR SALE—Genteel Wabash-av. reii- X 1 deuce, with lot 40xl£O, near Kldrtdge court. The mest thorough built two-story and stone basement irame boose ou the avenue. Heated oy steam througa out. In fine repair, and containing ail meuern Improve ments. Fcr a first-class residence, tne most desirable one that bss been oilered this season. Terms favor able. inquire ox A. J. AVERELL, Beal Estate Agent, Boom 7. Metropolitan Block. -- |?OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Rea 3 Es r tate Agents, Ko. 4 Mttropollian Block, a new Irame hou?e of 8 rooms and lots, 004 Washligloa-st. near Linei In. EOlt-bALE— 4 houses on Robey-sL, 2 onThroop-sk, 3 on F&rk av- cottages on Wes: e-ek Good locations and favorable terms. A. C. DROWN A CO. 12W Lake-Bk FOR SALE—On Wabash-av., a first eus marble front house, ana furniture- A.B. WING A CO. frs Wathlngtonjk. Boom Ko. 2. FOR SALE—Wabasli-av. lots, SI,OOO each, near Thirtieth-*!. Al*o, on Thirty-first-*k, tear Facfcaiee-av. Cheapest lots offeringon South Side. GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 South Clark-st. t'OR SALE—Two buildings, 75x125 and X? ICxVS leet, now occupied fcr a cooper shop.with barn, on Slay-sk, near Fulton, with lease ol lot t3x123 fret, at (l.Ctu, If sold within a few days. Apoly to WHITE A FLiON, corner Mofk&n andßlnzle-atv.. or ti. C.-MOBHY A CO., Real Estate Agena, No. 8 Me- Uopolitan Block. ' . 17*OR &ALE—By Snyder & Lee,Real Es -1 tate Agents. Ko. 4 .Metropolitan Block, a new. two-itory and basement btlck house of li rooms, mod ern improvements, and lot, on Washingtin-sk, near Lincoln. • ’ • f'OR SALE—Three new homes on Wa bash-av. near Twcnly-nlnth st. two stories. 10 ronm* each, lot 2Cx191 < ach, oul* *5.000 each, on tavor able termK. WARREN A GOODRICH, I*jO Hear born-sk. Room 3. FOR SALE—A most desirable Resi dence, furnished, in a first-class location, north of Twelfth-sk, on the South Side. P.lce. wlih fur-ltur-*. K 1.000. part cs»b. balance on time. Address u E G, 11C53. Chicago P. O. FOR SALE—Two-siorj house, 1041 Waba»b-aT., 8 room*, -o» 32x173. oo leased Jot— 83AOO. Two-story and basement homo, 1291 i Wa- Lash-ar., with good bam—|9,7Co. Threj-story bile* borne on Indiana-ar., near Tnlrty-first-st- 9 bath room, 4c , good tarn—(s.3oo. H. C. MOREV 4 CO. BtalEaUte Broken, 8 Metropolitan Bloek. L'OK SALE —A Came Dwelling Bouse * on Mlchlgan-ar., to be removed from lot Will hSV.i.! t..—* Inquire at 221 and 223 South Water-at. COR SALE—A w,tli J? front, well stocked with shaSfl trets; iw, , „ three vacant lets, all situated at Cottage Gxovo. In* qurte at Office ol Local Treasurer Illinois Central K. R. pOII &ALE—By 6nj der <to Lee, Kea! Es- JL tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Blocv, two new twe-story and casement brlcs bouses. Mansard roof, cocUm<ng]l rooms eacr.all modern improvements, and lot?, oa Carpenter-si-, between Wai Mug ton ana Mad Iso Ei. I7OK bALr,—Pirst-dass Cottage on A ground leate4yearn to ran, sltnatedonWabajh av. near Tbirleemh-st~ with bnez baictnenc, dlntor room and eitcben. doable parlors. 4 chamber*. 3 mar ble mantles, cooking range, and portasle famare. by drai land cistern water in Eltcccmal) la perfect, rder. Possession given Immediately. THOb. PARKER. 3 Methodist Church Block. * PXU SALE—One House and Lot on West Lake-st,, (3,600. One bouse and lot on West .lacfron-st. Also. Louse and lot on south Qreen-st. T. F. BALDWIN, Agent, IQI Randolph at. ■ 17011 SALE—The cottage house 113 r Tblrd>av n containing eight rooms, to be taken otf the lot immediately. Inquire af the Central PoUce Station. J7OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real X 1 Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block.' a two story and frame bouse of II room*, hot and cold water, water closets, marble mantels, and lot, with barn, on Waba*h-av.. near Twenty-aecond-et. T7OK SALE—On Michigan avenue, i* genteel residence, with large lor, near Twenty* luU’th-iL cast trert. Will sell carpets and some fur niture. Rare ctancceto secure a desirable home. j. P. HAhVEY. 78 LaSalle-*t. I? OR SALE—By Wm. D. Kcrfoot, 89 I? Washlneton-sL, an elegantnew frame bouse on Maple-st., Just cast ot Dearborn, fronting south. I7OR SALE—A large an*d elegant honse r on North L4Sa)le-st« No. 37G. with all modem Improvements, lot UxllO, with her barn. Price lo v. Title peitfct WARREN & GOODRICH, 123 Dear born-it.. Boom 2- 170 R SALE—Cottage of seven rooms A 1 on Indiana av.. near Twenty-ieccnd-9’.. on leased ground, four years to run, with privilege of ex tension. win rent lor 813 per mouth. Price, (L7OO. Apply to F. B. COLE. 89 Washlngton-SL, Boom 11. |j OR SALE—House and large lot, 111 r Hoyne-it. East front and splendid location. Bouse has tine loom?, wall arranged. Cheap for cash, or nearly cash. Apply on the premises, or4o W. D. KERFOOT. 170 R SALE—Two first-class brick resi r deuces on Centre BOZET4 CtTM MINOS. QS LaSalic-st. ' T?OR SALE—Clieap. A good two-story P house, with lot in a pl«asaLl nelahoorhoodon tuc South Side—B3,73o. GEO. SCOViLLK, Attorney, 70 Lasallc-et. FOR rale—First-glass new bnck dwellings, with all modern Improvements, and in choice location?*on the North and West bides. Also, cottages and lots in all part* cf the city on easy terms and low figures. HILL & WHIPPLE, 12S Dearborn st, Room 2. . tKIMPBOTED, FOR SALE—Business property, 70 Icet front ng on Uonroe-st. by 190 feet deep to an IS loot alley, situated on the diagonal corner from the Pott office, being the ground occupied by buildings' So*. 90. 92 and 3t Monroe-st. This property will have a frott i>i 190 lert on the extended port of Dearborn-su, and -.lotlndex the 3-story buUolne So. 90 Monroe-st. Apply to 11. C. MOREY ft CO., Beal Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. - FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, lot SO by 110 fret, on Thtoop-st., between Monroe and Adams, froptlcg Jefferson Park, FOR SALE!—Calumet av,northeast cor ner of Twenty-thlrd-st. 190x180 feet Uan alley, ‘ibis desirable property will be for !ule,lbra rhort time, at the iow pnccorlfO per front foot. Apply to TfcOS. U. BRYAN A CO.. Bryaa Hall. FOR SALE —Bv Snyder & Lee, Real Agfctr. Boom No. 4. Metropolitan Bloch, a val uable hnrlncss mt cn Moaroe-so, between LaSalle and Weils, 7!X by 190 feet. TT'OR SALE—Fc.ur comer lots and mre JD Inside lots on llsrHf on, Sangamon, Peoria and Grecn-kta. V-ry desirable residence property. Call on T. P. BALDWIN. 104 Racdolph-st. F)R SALE—Lot 75x100 teet, northeast corner Market and Haron-it, suitable far maun* fictmlng purposes. Inquire of T. S. EOSEBERRY, 143 LaKi-tl. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, eight lots corner Adams and Honore streets, opposite the midetce of Jndge Van Boren. Three lots on Llncoln-st, between Monroe and Adams. TT'OR SALE—Cheap—Lots on West, l* Maduor. Wanen, Washington and LakE-sts. and Parls-ar., near Oaklcj-st. Terms essy, it purchaser will Improve. J. D. HaBVEY. 78LaSaUe-st. personal. T)EIiSONAL—Abt iamily irishmg to I adopt a healthy female child one month old. can hear of such by addressing ** H. GV’ Tribooe office. PERSONAL —A gentleman intending to make Chicago his future home, whbes to torm tne scqnalntaoce ot a young lady, or widow, tnat can appreciate a true friend. Address M C. H. B n ” Tri bune office. PERSONAL —Will John McCarty, lor merlyof St.Louis,and la*t fall in Chicago, or bn relative*, please a duress -JOHN McCARTY." Drawer .7783, Chicago, whereby they will learn tomethlagto his advantage. Host anir jpouns. LOST —A Misses’ Squirrel Fur’Cape, in the Lecture Room at Col. Wood’s Museum, on Thursday evening. Wul the party who picked u up in coming cot. be ktnd enough to return it to CoL Wood’s Ticket Office,-oad receive the thanks cf the owner. 1 ObT—On Friday afternoon, about 3 Li o’clock, between IL L. BlssesHa’s trimming sure aid 8. C. Griggs’ bookstore, a lady’s pocketbook, ccntffiriogißu lamnont ct mtney. and marked on the Inside “ Nellie. Oct. 37,1b66. n Tne finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving thesimo atTlsae* office- T?OUND—A lady's for collar, on Yan JP Dartn-eL, Friday evening. Tha oireflt *aa hare itpy calilag at 117 west cw-«W EKaniEß==iHalE Help. •MKUBFKBS. Mmm As. Ucrk—Apply at 80 \\j ANTED — A good man who tbor- VV ouehly understand* the crockery aed glass ware business, to travel. Addre?s •• W. P. O. Box 108, Chicago, lIL Wf ANTED—A young man to learn the V V drug and prescnstlononanm. ta a first-class drug store la thedty. The sucatsful applicant will be required to loss bis employer from SSOO to *790. on good security, and will receive s moderate slur, m addition to a tborooah knowledge ol the business. -Andre's “CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST.** TrUJaae of fice, WANTED —An mtelligenl colored boy, one vbo onoerstanda toe care of horses. Apply at the Dcctot*s Ogee. ?03 Ssuth rT*i?V-l-rt. TXT AN TED—A Boy, between ihe asres V» of 14 acd 18. as reader. To a good read'r a*'-tb eral salary will be paid. Apply at BAKER'S EN GRAVING ROOMS, comer Curt and up stairs. TXT ANTED—A dry goods Entry. Clerk. VV Apply by letter. statlßg where i«t employed, and wbat (alary expected, to ** a Y.” Trtbnne offlco.~a ttt ANTED—Energetic men, to encage VV In a neat, clean and profitable business. A gtlendld thing to travel with. $S to SSO cash required, all irom 9 to 13 and 3 to 6, at 80 Monroe-aU Boom 5. tbAdsl TTTANTED—A good practical Brick- VV turner and Layer. Address,with price, WINE MAN ft WILLIAMS. Auburn. Pi. WJ AN TED—A first rate brass loander, VV to whom steady employment will be given as onmeyman; or if bis work sutta, can have an interest in toe bnslncv ot an old-eetabilsbed boose atDabnqur, lowa. Apply at City Hotel, comer Stats and lAke-st*, between 7 and 10 a. m. and 5 and 9p. m. W. H. DAN IELS. |i*/ANTED—S good Jcnmeymen Car- VV renters. Apply at 98TfanklIn-st. Note bat cooj men med apply. WOOILACOXT ft HAS BRiTQE. "\\7 ANTED—lmmediately—A Moulder V V capable ol doiag any kiedot wore, and quail .flfd to take ebarce of a foundry. Reicrcnces required. Addrws. or call on EAWLBT ft CO- Pekin, 111. TT7ANTED —20 good sawmill hands lor VV* Michigan, Germans or Norwegians preferred: also, one good farm hard. Apply at Room 3, Lind’s Block. Rapdolphst. Bridge. Bi!aanfrh=jFemalr j^elp. Wf ANTED—lmmediately, a first-ciass V V dining-room girl—one that ]« neat and tidy, and capable of taklog charge of a dining-room ; none others need apply, Apply at 200 Bandolph-u. WJ ANTED—Cook and first eirj. None V T need apply except they ca 4 fumlth good reier. cncee. Apply at 430 roiton-st. ' WANTED— A first-class Ironer at the Rjchcond House. TT/ANTED —A first-class fatenee airi, VV at N«. 239 West Warrea-K. To one who can come well recommended toe very highest wages will te raid. ~ WANTED —A girl to do general fiotif e- work. Apply at 785-West Laxe-sk WANTED —A Girl to do general honvwork. C&n between 9 and 11 o'clock a. m., at U-l Clark-sk WANTET —A ccod Girl, who under rUudscooking,atsOSWabasb-av. CaUnntil Monday loco. WANTED —At 65 Warren-st, a good kitchen girl. Good reference required. WAN TED —A "Wet Nurse—American, English, Scotch or German, under SO years ot age. References required. Address‘‘U," Box 1233, stating where an interview may be nan. A satisfacto ry party can obtain a good home for a year. \\T ANTED—In a lamily consisting ot a VV gentleman. Invalid wife. daughter 10 years old. an IntcMgcntwomao. competent and wll log to take the prlneipa, care and do the wotk ot the family. Ad dress M lt H. n Tribune office. TyST ANTED—Agocdcook, washer and y V Ironer. or elrl to do general housework in a private family. Wages 84j>er week. Inquire at Ko. IQI Dearboin-it., Haem a. \hf ANTED—A good cook for a private VV* boarding house. To a. compel- st person good wages will be given. Apply at 289 Illlnols-sk WAN TED—A goed meat cook. Ret erences required. Good wages paid. Apply at leaatate-st. to-day. iatnplogmsnt agents. WANTED —Experienced Canvassers, to visit towns and cities only, throughout the west. Call at Boom S 3. Ko. 135 - Dearborn-sk, or address, with stamp.DoxlllO, Chicago,Hl. . \\T ANTED—\ onng men intheconn- V V try wirhlnelo cfctaln altuatloos. such-as book keeper?. clerks, cohecto’i, salesmen, cooduetois, ex- to apply at Room 13 Fullerton Block, 93 Dearborn-sk. or address J. U. MOORS A CO. Iks 1707, ensloelcg 13 cents for foil particulars. \\7 ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers; 2 TV »a cases. 1 cocdnctor, 3 brakesmen, l fireman. 1 porter. 5 drivers, r expressmen. Aptly at Boom 13, Fullerton Block. JhJ Dearbora-sk Applicants hr mall address J. M. MOORE A CO. B6x 1707. enclosing 1C cents tor reply. aggan’ghssiatsteUamtms. WJ ANTED—Good men in every coun- VV tyinthe West, to sen Johnson’s Cooper Light ning Bod. Ko red was ever received with such uni verialfhvorssthls.ccmhlnlngos It does the conduct ing pewer of C'pper with the JTEiaoTa of the iron rod Our agents last seasen cleared frotm S2OO to tbOU per month. Send for pamphlet and price Usk E.F. BEKafIAW A C0..106 Lake-sk. Chicago. 111. WANTED —Bnck lard Machinery— Parties having brick machine#, trucks, barrows, tnonioi, tempenn: wheels, and otcer necessary tools ready for use. ana In good order, coo find a purchaser in STEWABT. LDDLAM A CU.Ko. 4 Lind'S Block. TAT"ANTED—A few more sood men to V V canvass the elty tor the talc ot B. B. pattlsun's Kclle Securer—a very nice article. Al*o, agents tbrouchcnt lllluols, lows, Wisconsin Miuncaota. 191* South Clati-gt., between Adams and Monroe, Chicago, ill. X\J ANTED—A reliable party, with Y* gocdreferencea,toboymylaterejtta Jones A ScoifsTcnpleof Music. In uce ot the beat buHiesa towns west of the Ulsilsslnpl River. Business w«U ana favorably established, paying and steadily increas ing. Capital required about *?A00. R-a&ou tor aciliug, porr healih aso advised to go South. Bifrr to Messrs. BOOT A CADY, and address HENRY C. SCOTT, Mc- Grcgor. lowa. TX7ANTED by the day or V V week, at GEORGIA'S DIKING HALL. No. 99 South Clsra-st. Pries I# per week. Tickets lor twen ty •cuemeali, S*. WANTED —To purchase a •well im proved Farm lying aijilnlng a riliroad »ta ticn. Aim, suburban prupertr n*sr Cnlcszo. Send QCBcripUOB to 8. W. SKA. 104 Clara-sc TXTANTED A second-hand Secreta- W rr’s Desk. Price must bo reaionable. Address “MERCHANT,” Tribune office. WANTED —To borrow money on first* cla-sttal estate, la sums ol £3OO to *3 000. Par ties having surplus fano» can invest on £h-n or ions f-me.arrttor amounts to suit them, by adlrtailnjP o. pot znxv. WANTED— £2,500 —X waul to bor row the above a*notmt lor ouo year, for vhlch 1 will piy *«0 Iniercst and eireamorigage on proper ty valued at 86.0C0 cash. adv person wiling to loan themoteyesa be sattsflefl all li on the square. Ad press “A H.” atNatlooal Hotel, Chicago. \XJ ANTED—A bookkeeper, nr a part* V* n«r In a boarding hen e, that can lean rue JIOO cn BirCC personal property recurlty. A good salary will pe given tor three hoars services per day. Ad dress “PARTNER,” Tribune office. TX? AN I p-D—A purchaser lor a first -V v ci&s* Billiard Hall, situated a tbortdlitane* m the country, detng a good pavlnr buimcss. Terms, hall pown. balance on time. For particulars tzutulre ol D. McGILLIS. 239 West Baadolpb-at. WANTED —Men who are nearT.bnt not unite dead broke, and who want work, to' call at J. 8. CBAU'i Inventors’ Exchange, Al Clark st. - WANTED —$0,000 lor one year, on Improved Beal Estate la this city, worth lonr times the sams. ROZET4CUMMINGS, 9S La&aUo-st. TXT AN TED—To purchase improved |7 residence property In a soMlccatlsn. within IS or 31 minutes’ wale from bomb Water-sL—(DXO to (5.CCO—or an Improved let, part cash aod part on time, or cash oown if a decided bargain. Address RUSH, 29 and 31 Blvertt. * ffiaantek-gra daem. WANTED —To KcnL a medium-fized, nicely tarnished house, ux a flm-cla&s locality, aoruig tte summer montba, by a small family (vim out children), who will take the best ol care of lurtil tore. Will take poisesalon any time between now and athcfMay. Addrets ”BANEEB, r ’ TrlDnre oglce. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A good store, T V east cf on South Water, Lake or Bacdolpb, cr on the cross streets between. Address, statinglccatlOD. rent. 4c., Box 849 Post Office. WANTED— To Rent—By May Ist, or sooner, 3 or 4 rooms for hauiescepin;, with gas ana water, on West Side, near street cars. Address or call on U J B 8,” 179 Loko»L2d floor. \\i ANTED—To Kent—A good house »V with from >to 9 rooms, on the South or West Side, centrally located, with barn attached. Posses sion Immediately or the Ist of May. Address, stating terms, BENT 4 COWARD, 20tf EaatMadlson-it. TXT ANTED—To Kent —A barn, cen- W trally Iccatcd, with accommodations for from 20 to 40 horses. Apply at 40 Staie-st. XXTANTED—To Kent—A sniaU bed* Vv room, without beard, within ten mmates’walk of Post Office, on Sonia side. Address ”£ B,” 1320, Pott Office. TXTANTED—To Kent—By tbe firs; of V V May, a Cottage or h small two-story house, la a quiet, respectable locality cntbeNortn or West aide, within esey walking distance of the Court Bouse, by* geed prompt-paying tenant. Address “A IIU,” In- Done office. WAH TED—To Rent—A Cottage with 7 or 8 rooms, on South or West Side, not more then a mile and a l ail from Coart House. Kent not to exceed lira. So children- Addma M S B,” F>,Bt Office Koi 316. TXTANTED—To Rent—A house or cot- W taae conjoining 3or 9 roams, on the North Elda, not above Chlcago-av. Kent iron it CO to lidi per an* num ;if suitable a lease will be taaen lorseveral years. Address ** C CV* Trio one office, for ttueedaya. WANTED —To Bent—Desk-room in as office, location central, and moderate rent. Address, staling location, ** W.* P. i>. Box JSSB. WANTED —To Rent—lst of ilay, a bonse cotlali log s or 6 room*, within one mile oi American Express Office, lor which Sll to 313 will be t tud month.y In advance, North Division, east of North Clark-so, preferred. Address “It A," care American Express Compaay. T\7 ANTED—To Rent—A good Cottage VV of Sto 7 rooms. on West bide, south cf Rin-’ doiph, west of Sangamon, fora gentleman and with, no children. Want one tnat we can take good care oL Addicts “HU," Box 6'Jll. T/5T ANTED —To Kent—Cottage of 4 or VV s rooms, east of Wells ardeonthof Dlrlalon-sc, North Side. Address *‘IS it." Trianne office. TXT ANTED— I To Rent—A Cottage of 5 VV to 7 room*, on Wen Side, near street cars. State Icratlonand price. Address •• R. A. CL,” Tn bna«* cfflCf. jFor Sale. T?OR SALE—IOO m seasoned flour bar _L? rel staves, with circled heading, on consignment and lor sale by A. J. LATHAM, Boom t£o Oriental BnLding. |7OR SALE—2OO,OOO feet of first, second A and third clear 13< and It* Inmb-T.rtry, Ja on* cr two lots. Apply to -DAVID COODWILLIE ft CO corner of Frankun acd Ohlo-sts. n FOR SALE—Hay scale, Fairbanks’ make, large *Ue, to be removed Ist ot Hay. Also, on^mptmggy,city mate..nearly new inqatroofT. WREKI.KK, NO. 1 So ith-Clark-st, 4 F>R SALE—At Chicago Driving Paik, 200.0CQ leet lessoned second-nand InmberTeonslst* ing of boards. Joists, scacuiur. etc, la qnaautles to suit fcuj era. Inquire of C. A. FOK&YTUE, oa tne gronacs, F3R SAljE—Cheap—A No. 1 Pointer Dog, well trained, rnnofreat 7Sii West Lakfrit. ITOK bALE—Chicago Oily Railway r Ilcci. On account ot tS. the owner from the city. » f*» S ab-.Tosiockwll»beso!d,ln»ne» “> Inqnlre at Ho. 13 o* mbgf cf C° mmercc - (STn'o. iaa sooth i-tarv-st. i*»nu —a r.K—A second-hand 120-gallon r ketUe.wtth stone euf.coopleu. hJS onr* tew months. Will be w>id cheap S mb? Atfrtss *• LABD KETTUL Trtbnne office. FOIT’ BALE—A Weed No. 3 Family sewing Machine. It Is In i effect order and good _ew baring been nsed one tour months. It will be rAr US. If called tor soon. at the Call at Qark-tC, Boom flpj. - YTOK SALE—IO.COO biiclr, which will be P saML at a bergaU- awner is determined to sett befl ie April in. JL OLAKS, sad C*al yard, oecasr Lake aal MsrkeViti. Situations aaanteh. <• BILEIi OITUATION—Won ted, by a yotmv num. isiH *L*^“p r la this city, as porter la a store. Has Addre. Wanted, by a graduate Btislseaa la any capaeltr m* T hera i wUna * work and attention to Steffi"'*”"" A&m* -oa c - crysto’e- Understand* toe bmoi riicrocca can pe given- Apply at so. 413 CITUATION—Waiited, in agooderra' l77ml»Uon or wholesale honse. Wimw trav-’ m aT_. oftoe time It desired. Address “ST F,”Trlbaae«i CITTJATION—Wanted, as drug clerlT Oby one vbo has bad thirteen vears a-i* dress “T J K. n Noa. ls»Sand l!JO Ohlcsst. ** A4 ‘ OITTJATION—TV anted—A bookkccrcF O cow In the employ ot a leadlcg wbolesal* bC-t— * whose connection with t> at bouse will temhnts mw alaut April 13th, detires to make arrsagec*sea Berre Id laiue capacity fbr some eood bcn*«. Boter™- ceagiTca. Address -3 K T." Trlonae cOce. (SITUATION—Wanted, in a wholesale O orJobtlQgbousc.byaycungmaaot hurncMtai. entand experience, acquattted with dry poods, llaeaa. uidm-n’* wear cccd*, also well up in offlec rooonT* ana wllUng to assist at anything. Moderate comoer? fatten requited where energy and application win v. curesdvancemtnt. Good reftrences given as to abtn ffiAadrMß.mr three days. “APPLICANT,” Tri- CITDATiON—Wanted—A young man S? nt ?T a s l tUiH °u la a Jewefry store to do repair bnsmess over three ye*rs. Addle s “W.“ cate tlastell Bro n 39 Dearbnrn st. SITUATION Wanted, as sal^mul kJ by a man who works by toe square, and has bail experience. Address “G ” Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted, by an espen- O tteed saledman.i«ho has a ftm class acqnaiatanco with the trade In: Missouri acd Kan-as. » pcsitloa to travel for an A No. 1 grocery, cigar or honor bouse. Address “E J,** Tribune otfice. SITUATION—Wanted, by & vnutg, ex k? peneicsd macblslst, u engineer. * He UsGer mas, and speaks EsgiUh. Apply at toe G-tmta Agency. B 7 Kltzle-st. QITUAIION—Wanted, by a first class O mattress maker, as eaiamaa lajotse flrspclan ftore. No objection to the country. Aoilrts* “MAT. TRESSMAKEB. M Trlbuno office. ygfIIALW, SITUATION—Wanted—For a young k3 laay« a* copyist cr clerk in some coo<f sure. V rites an excellent band and ras a superior edaeauoa. Address “L E.” Tnbnae office. • C ITTJATION—Wanted—By a l especla -13 ble £nclltb lady of qclet babiu, as bon>ekeeper. Address “Wn)OW. ,r cate 199 Waatunglon-at. CITUATION—Wanted, by a Boston C* lady, as govemcM lor one or two children or as housekeeper It a small larnl y w|U» one or two <erv atts. BeleTeceesgireaandrequlrea. A'dressMls* J. WILD, Boston, Ma*s., statug terms reqnire menu. - CITUA'IIONS—"Wanted, by two respect- O able girl-*, as cook and second slrl Ip a private family. Address No. 32 Ceater-av. Reference given if required. agents .SSaanteh. AGENTS —Wanted—For Genera) L. C. Baker’s HISTORY OFTUE BKCUET SEItVTCR, mo most exciting and lnt»r«u*i-book ever publimed. Thu work embraces an AUTHENTIC and OFFK.I u, ao.cnnt ct thehiiheno annomed facts and tntoraa tlcn obtained by General Baker.donughis dec years tervlceaaCbleiol the Naaosal Detective Police. It was annoosred mere tfcau a year ago, bst owing to the attempts of the Government to snpsress Ik 1U publication was de ayed. It will now bo issued, unaltered ana unabridged, aeder the supervision oi General Baser. The little information and moarre ac counts ot his operations derived from the newspapers rt theday. haveonly awakeieda m<»relnt nse desire In the mines of the reading comm-mlty. to learn still more ol the mysteries teretof.-re hidden by the curtain of official sumlllancc. Thl» book etfectnal'y Hit* tne veil ot secrecy sod lays bare tr elr inward recesses to the Inspection and criticism of. the wor d. The irorais of the Rational Capital are • thoroughly ventilated, and there are Some strange revels* tlois concerning heads oi departments, members or Congress, female pardon brokers, aad distinguished military characters, for thrilling interest mesa mar vellona narraaves cl General Baker eclipse the &- mens experiences ol Fonche and VWocq, and possess the rare merit oi truth for their recommendation, typ ing all attested by the hlahest official anthorirr. Send for circulars, and see-our terms and a fall de scription ot the work Address JONES BROTHERS a CO. 148 West Fourth-sk. Cincinnati. Ohio. A GENTS—Wanted “ The Pictorial xA. BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND INCIDENTS OF itm WAR.” Warranted the most artrsetre. £sst-<«U --PS 1 ?®?. 0 *thesge. Pays iargett profits and elves best satfrfactlon wbeadellreredi Agents cake SSI to ” ?^ e^L,. a V re ... 1,1:1 Address SIODDAKD A CO.. 103 Wash!ngton->u. Chicago. AGENIS —Wanted—English Metallic Clothesline. Good inducements to a->nta. aeoa Jwp red stamp-, for sample, to PARKI.SSOK A YOPKG, Ax 463 Port Hnron, Mich. AGENTi —Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Clothes Lines. Can make tic u» *2O per day. Address “Metallc Clothes Lin- Co." 02 feeneca-st.. Cleveland. OMo. AGENTS— Wanted—500 Airents want ed in a new business. H. B. SHAW. Aif - Maine. * A GENTS—Wanted—s2s a day. Eil Uclea t 0? eAR*Y A GENTb—Wanted—To sell the Amer ican Bepubllc and American Continent. The two maps sent free to any address for Si. Best thin. out for agents. Also cfty kind* cf charts anrti. ktms of picture*. Audrers SAMIIOKB. WUITKi' 1 AGENTb —Wanted—Enclose $3.35 fo complete outfit on ‘•LIFE AND DEATH n REBEL PRISONS." the greatest se.linc book ev pohiUhrd. A- KIDDER, OS Waahlngton-et., Cble A GENTh—^Wanted—Biggest ihmg out dl lor Agena. For uarilcntars and sample, send Z cents to B. D. RUSSELL A CO. Jacksoavllie, lik p O. Box 451. A GEN T S—W anted—Fcr Folsom s ner Underfeed, LETTER A SEWING MACHINE. Brice to *4O. Macblnts sent on trial. P. ATKIN SON. 164 Randolphsk, Bcoma Ko. 6, Chicago. 111. AGENTS— Wanted—Male and Icmah to sell a new article la great demand that ever lamliy wants. *4 per darmaasKllhootleavls'h-me IravelUcg sreits can mske from $5 to per da without inlerference with other business. The art lea shows fcr jUclk Samples, with terms and narUeulan of tbs business, sent tor 3 cents. A'idros R.W CHAPPKLL, Drawer 0533. Ch’eago. AGENTS— Wanted—Ladies and gentle men ihrouchcut the W<r*t, to canvaii for oat popular work*. Large communions paid. Addr-rs ot apply to W. J. HOLLAND A CO- 3S Lombard Block Chicago. A GENTS Trusted “ TJ.e Emo* ii Sleerf" anti “Tie Belter Lane,’' two flaeai choicest aid best selling a eel engravings ever publish ea 1c America. Best Judge* pronounce taeco “the Qqm creations of modem art.” Cotnmls'-lons nauro*. lame. AddressSTODDAßD&CU.,lo2Washington sl, Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—-To «“U the net «« P ns t ?- e ’ THE I I DISOf UNOoLS, Uaora i c “‘ 8 an 2 wtncrtTi; let ruory granted. Call an or ad ..'CIS J.OfcHMELMMnt Pac.lshcr. 123 RtnV.ljJb at., comer of Dare. Send fur catalogue ol ii o ChUc Print*. * G'tNTb —Wanted—A golden oppor To sell tlrkrts for c cr “Wlsconna Pre n lum Gift C, Vtcert *.’ for 1967 Penota traveling o. otter bnslrc*sc^? t *2.l ,fcit - All such tboud* »poy Crawler Ju.y lib. lie:.- Pirtiej perfect'y rcipoudblc T»ms liberal. Agent* money fast. Illinois Michigan and lowa utsold. Good retereners required Enclrse stamp l«r circular. Address RODGERS i KlKKUP.Nceaah.Wts. AGENTS —Wanted—Everywhere, U sell the “LVVTAHTANEOHS WLSDoWCLSkN EB AND MAGIC POLISH.” Everybody want* it and yon can sen thousands cf boxos this tpnntr.maldn (tom 83 to 810 per day. ALL BXPBeSB CUARO PREPAID cn wholesale orders. Send A cents To. sample, elren ar.wlth testimonials. Ac. Ad dreiB.G.M.SMITH 4 CO„ l63Dearporn-iL. Chicago A GENTS— SVanted Gilt Enterprise il men and dealers, to know that Displace to get Oval ard Square Frames and inrenre* of a; k!eds.atd Canl Fbotreraph?, cLeap. Is SAMMONS, WHITS 4 CLARK’?, 179 Latre-sL Cbleaio. bend tor circular. Try oar Blac* Walnnt and Gill Poilihetl Frame?. Try our Polished Mouidirgs. A GENTS—Warned—For the ciiv and XI elsewhere, who ate net dead broke, can make money on anew thing that’s sure to sell. Sample and p tpetasencen ivceict oft *o stamps for pratage. Ad dress 47 Lombard Blocc, Chicago, cr call and see. A GENTS—Wanted Marshall's grea' XL portrait cf Abraham Lincoln. Bead the Ctllow logfromNmtan W. Edwards, brother-in-law ot Mr Lincoln ; Bon. Jehu T. Smart, Judge S T. Logan. Ua ccln’s lawjpartnrrs for years: S. U- Treat, Jaoga C. S Coart; J. Bunn, banker—all Intimate personal trlendi lor more than thirty years: .. SraisofiglD, Febinary 9th, 1357. Meurs. Tlcknor 4 Flelu*: OxJfTLrKEt—We have compared the two pvrtraluo the late Prw).lent Lincoln, one painted by r. B. Car peutar and engraved hr F. Halsio. and t&o other paint ea and engraved by W. K. Marshall, in onrjaaameat Mr. Marshall’s Portrait ts not artjbut also a more correct likeness of Mr. Lincoln. N.W.Edwards, JchnT.Stuart, as. Treat. J. Bunn, s. T. Lor an. It is pronounced the bast bv— Gov. Oglesby. ChUf Justice Walker. Lieut. Gov. Brcss. Assistant Josdco Lawrence Adit. Gen. Haynls, Auditor of State Miner. And all of Mr. Lincoln's old friend* who have seen th< two side by tide. Liberal terms to Agents. Address J. H. AMMON Publishers* Agent, fa? Wadrlngton-iL, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted Everywhere, U •ell SIB COPP. 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