Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 31, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 31, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. latest News by Ocean Telegraph. Acquittal of Ex-Govemor Eyre, of Jamaica, Probable Sale of tbe Grand Pncliy of Luiemboorg to France. Oount Walewski Eesigns the Presidency, of tbe Freooh Corps Legislatif. yivc-Twenties Quoted in Ziondon at 75 2-2. FROM W4SHSN6TON. Proceedings in Congress Yesterday. Both Bouses Adjourned till the First Wednesday in June. President's Proclamation Conven ing the Senate in Execu tive Session, Statement that Jett Davis’ Trial Will Take I‘lace in May. tBOM EUROPE, BY OCEAN TBLBGRAPU. * Great Britain. xequrtrax. or xx-oovxuson rratx. Lojtdoß, March 83, Ex-Governor Eyrl *, of Jamaica, recently ar rested, wea acquitted tiler a abort examination. WIOMM.B (ALB OT THE GUARD DL’OUT Of* LUX**» nntmo. The early rale of the Grand Duchy of Lnxem hourg to Prance hr Holland, Is probable. RTtmn auuitaia. Southampton steamer Teutonia, from New York, arrived. Lonooir, March 80. S(eem»hlp Win. Penn, from New York, iota, ar rived this evening. Francs. ncuoKAnox or court wat.ewhki. Pauis. March 30. Count Walowskl has resigned the Presidency of the French Corpa Logtslatlf. rncsintxTaotwsoM’a txrrxs to rna tops. PAms. March 30, Hie American steam ilnop-ot-wnr Cautodslcna haa m rived at CmtaVerehla. Captain Uopklos, to whom was entrusted President Johnson’s lei* tor for delivery to the Pope ■ubsequenlly pro cecdcd to Home and executed lit* commission. Laical Piireign markets, riRANOIAU I O.IPO*. March S3-Nikjo. Amrrlevn arenrltlcs ere at coo Kivc-twimUcs, 7SV| Illinois Cm irel.W*/; KrKtttH. Cutianl • rtoaeil el VI if. UoMpov, Mifch M-kventng. st Is lor monev, vi<( t Krlc, a; lilloou Central *.Vt rirr.t»coiJC*,»V. FnAXHroRi-, March«-p, a, I'tvriwrLUrs, 78X. Pabio, March Klvr-twcaiiei, (M*. onsKitmu Livnroar., March S9-Xooo. Colton—OrenMatcadr, but amen bis boeomedull, aa>l declin’d };<3 tor midiillnc uplands. Dreadalufl*—Unchanged and qnlet. Cora has as up. ward imdcDryatid I*qnoted W Wilier. Fionj— fjr Wcn>m. Wheal-13« 3d for mixed, ted and aoiher; Ue 6d for <’«lliofnla villa. Corn—39h M toe mixed Western. H.rJt-v—<«Sd. Oau—3l 60, fork—UreUned; quoted stoi. Beef - UcciiLcd io U4s C<l. Itaeor—4o*. Lerd-SOd. He« -Generally quiet. bpiilu-TcUoltuimUd; refined,HOd.; B— isilyxd rcrmtddunxnplaocs: qnoted si 13-J. LrvzKroon, March 33—Erenluf. Cere—S?r Other artlcire nueban aed. FJUOiI IYAbfIINGTON. [Special Despatch to t’>o Cbn ago Tribnue.) WA-uraoTos, March 33. closjxc riocM op cosoncss. The attendance at ihc capl.ol tuts morning, to Mltaci! the closing proceedings or Congress, was large. Everything mm none qmctiy and in good order. The Senate spent one hour in open session, and acme time In Executive session. Atom elxtrl nomioatlona Call to the ground be cause they were not acted upon. Nearly all the bills srnt over from the tower branch were dis posed of. The Boose had hardly, a quorum present, bat one member raised a question, and therefore the bet was officially known. The Speaker's table was cleared of all the Senate bilis bat three, none of which are of public im portance. xxnae&ssionor m ecxAtx Ibe President's proclamation convening the Senate In extra session appeared abnnt four o'clock to-day. The session Is likely to last ten or twelve days. titnu'ArraoTzs, The bill to suspend proceedings relative to pay ment lor slaves dialled or enlisted Into the mili tary service, and »ho bill giving Governor Brown low ten tbooftno stands of arms for the use of the Tennessee militia, both went to the Provident last Satiuday morning, bat neither was approved till about balfan hour bciore adjournment to-day_Be was strongly inclined to pocket the flrißSaatned. nicrnmiATio's utjwasmsoios. Registration m the Second Ward, Washington, .show* 1,419 negro-and 836 white voters. The registry of the rhlM Ward will begln-oa Monday. aTSßxitf'itTt xvi ■nseerrrs. The internal Kcveune receipts for March were $15,183,236. and for thu fecal year to this date, $2X4,630,077. nnnKUCI ZKTESTICATXOX. The Joint Committee on O.doaace, provided for by Congress to-dsy, is especially rawer! to Inves tigate certain vague charges and insinuations made by Norman Wlard, or in his interest, but the House rcxnsed to claim on the Gov ernment to go before the at present. nxcoaffmcimoK iw vmci>*i\. A Richmond letter says that General Schofield will begin the work of reconstr&rtion m Virginia Immediately,and itts hoped tbit a Siva Conven tion can be beld In July or August. xxxcunvaexaatox or tuc uusate, Wasrasorox. March 3U.—Tee Picsileatlssaet the following to-day, a copy cf which Is directed to each Senator: WmmnjLß, Objects of Interest to the United Stales require that the Senate rboald be convened attwelvc o'clock on Monday, tbs fleet day of April next, to receive and net upon each fommntjici lions es may be made to it on the part of tbs Kx tfcntlyc. __ A'otc fhertfort, I, Atdrcw Johnson, President of the IKUoa Stales,'have considered it to be my doty fo Issue Lb!«. my proclamation, declaring (bat an extraoidbary occasion requires the Senate of the United Slates to convene for tbe tranfac'lon of business at toe Cap! nl in tbe city of Washington, on Monday the Ist day of April next, at twelve o'clock on tOatdsy, of which all who shall at that time be entitled to act as that body are hereby required to take notice. G’von nnaer my band and the seal of the United Slates, at Washington, this 30tb day of March, in the year of onr Lord-IPCI. and of vbe inde pendence of the United Stales u: America, tb< niseiy'ftrat. (Signed) By President. \v. IL Sgwann, Secretary Slate. SPEAKER COLFAX Axobev Jomrsoa, Speaker Colfax was in the Chair to-day, fats step*taiber having passed the ertri, of fala disease yesterday, and is cow regarded out of danger. CQurnutatioKs. The Senate 10-day confirmed the following: Collector of JnUrnal itovaue—General dimes B. B'ecdman, otOhlo. First District, Louisiana. Attmor or Internal £*tvnu«— W. Me- Lane, Tenth District, Illinois. Postmasters— William Cromwell, Bloomington, lIL ; Samuel Q. Smith, Pern, HL Register of (be Ismd Office —Nathaniel Goss. Humboldt, Kansas. Receiver of public Honey— Daniel D. Emmert, Humboldt, Kansas. ColO*d of United Suttee Infantry —Captain lUlnold McKentlo-Co-psof Engineers. ColUclorof Custom*— Jesse hi. Harrison, Du buque, lowa. * nnrxcnoxs. n l. Cimm mlmlm! Him fnllmrlni*! The Senate rejected the following: Briffcditr General by Brswf—Brevet Colonel the Land Ofice—A.. S. Wadsworth, Traversa City, Mich. —John •B. Rogers. Vlrnen, ill.; John c. a. Young, Litchfield, 111.; Matthew C. i'e&rce, Elkhart, Jnd. nrr. nans. .Af J . I/***--. Judge Underwood, ot Virginia. h*« been bare for eetcral daysin conference wltb the Attorney General respecting tbe trial of Jett. Davl*. Itl« the intention of the Court to have tbccasetrled nt the May term, and it la understood Chief J na tter Cl aae mil preside. COKGKESSIOSAL PROCEEDINGS. WasmsuTO*. March 33. SENATE. On motion of Mr. HOWARD, the Secretary of ihe Interior was tiled for a copy of the last re port of the Union Factflc ttatlroad. The bill appropriating f5,00i ror tbe Soldiers' aud bailors* Orphans* Home of the District of Co iotubla.P*ro4. Tbe resolution offered yesterday by Mr. CAME HON, nsklzgthe becmaiy ot War now much mo ncy was paid tbe Battlmirc J; Ohio Ballroad oar Jnglh* waijwbat rates of charg**c«,whether higher ,h.n paid other ccmuanles. &c., was ameuded, on motion of Mr. JOHNSON, by Inclnoinx the Northern Central and Pennsylvania Central roads, 8E the Exectt'lre session requiring tvomutallona rot acted upon to be ratnmed to the P/tbldmi after the close ot the s«slon, waa re ■rindoo so as to alio* noraluaaouj now pending continued n«-U! actcrt upon. rraointion for the appointment of the Joint standing Committee on Ordnance was ,™r«d£iby to*ci.O for perao-s and papers, take tsaUmonr »*o lhe beßt 8114 impcororoonU >n iSp ll s\D!^ a resolution for the appointment of » Joint Commlileo Of three Sen- S'IKIWSBB; ““Uf* U»l on U,, 11™, Bn'Ss* 1 1 uflSf I'il,?/ WoXmtSZVu 10 tell "» 'Vo-W . to extend to the ChJniiS^s 0^ Veiled tip tie bill to allow the 1 pH\f HcnJ « of ItcpreeenUtlrea to drew m *si l^ f 8 rllie P rei!,enl tear. Pasa*d. „7 •' * 4 O the Scnste went Into executive ae«ion, S: 0 ,5 l . ,h ? doom were reopened, and the «£ffk C J?* P*g km• declared the Senate adjonroed til! the first Wednesday to Jo)/. v „ HOUSE, ear. THOMAS presented a memorial from the mayor at-o members oftho City Council of Haiti, more, asking Congress to assist <ho people of Ms ryiand to lorm a Mate Government, republican itt form, and In onUon wltb the spirit of the age. Referred to tbe Judiciary Committee. Mr. BENTON asked leave to offer* resolution Irrdcrtng tbe ibanks of ibl* House to General Sheridan, fur tbe removal of the LouleUna olD cerc, Herron, Monroe and Abell, from the offices tbor di-graece, ami tbe appointment of loyal men In -bclr olacre. Mr. WOOD objected, and the resolution was net received. The Senate Joint resolution to authorize the Commanding General ot too army to permit trtdem to remain at certain mtlUiry potato. The Senate joint resolution In reference to tbe removal of Indian tribes was tablcd-ti aeiinsMl ““““"Ol Mr. BonrwjstL. Iho JuiklVrj , ?fl? Ken “i* wnenoment to the House resolution ppo,l !, ln - ,ent °* a committee on ordnance vas concurred ip, as ua> the female resolution for the eppolnlmcnt of a cuiumluee to nccompaiiv i bertm-iuh..fSc»,atorllMdi<.toUelawire. P 7 \.^<&P£iW r,aQt 0,1,8 were ps-sed. *, a ‘ fk «sd leave to oftor a resolution directing tbe m-mbers of tbe House who were of lhe J,il,,nr y Committee of the last e * o » p £ oec i cote during the recess the Invustt- ti>C mana 2«®*’hl of the Military Mr.* 1K» objected. 10 m ' M “ 4 ““ ralM a fX Scnßt ® Wll lo confirm certain sales made by tno direct lax Commissioner for South Carolina, to pcrsoce In the army, navy and marine corns! Hcicned to the Comml"cc on Claims The Senate joint resoln'lou relating to the trantporlauoa of troops bribe Isthmus rente to !£• ViS . err ‘ lQrl «- was merred to tbeCommlnce on Military Affairs. l.ln appropriating *5.000 for the Home,ln tnciot Columbia.parsed. Ibe Senate bill (o cift-nd to Nebraska the pro moot 5 p f , , ’i C vAc” ca H u,al • College BUI, passed. n^, r -j-fL Fi :} s offered a resolution ibatthe re port of the CoDeroalonal Priutcr, on tbe parehase of paper, be takeo from tbe tab>e ano referred to the Commliue on Printme, whn power to lares* Uffote jrd acndior persona and papers. &c.. dur- Icc the recear. - Adopted. ’ ftrt ~ , uur i> P/wcoiea a from the lufJdLUt the Joint moWin cirrylnij into ' £ . et 'M oe , n ct iort more cffcctualffovcrnmept of the rcXci S'isles, he did so because It Umiled the ex pc«A,i2i C v« 10 sue not breanse be had modified his objections to the original and sun plcmcntaryac*. 1 prtnied DWMRCt,M ls,d on ordered Ibe Speaker announced the Select Commuteea as follows. CtmmlUfcto’acrempany the body of Senator Ridoic to Delaware—Meat™. Nicholson, Fains wottb, Glost>bicnner, Lrrrond Renton. Ou Uidnenrc—Scbeuok, Logan, nod Bailor. To wait ou tbe President— and Brooks. Alter the transaction ol some minor busiocs* the f-pcakcr. at 12 o'clock, in a few bitaf words? declared th* House adjourned till the first Wed? nost'ay in May, ntOM Madison*. Lea !*IaIITC-A Novel Argument on Ball* Appoint* im-m—naulctpal Politics. (bpeelsl Despatch to (be Chicago Tribute.] lUntsoir, Wls.. March 30. The protracted contest in the Assfenbly, jcb- Icrdsy, resulted in the substantial trlumohofthe present managers of the Bt. Paul and Prairie du Uilcn Railroads, in the passage of bill *37 from ibe ferule facilitating lire construction of a rati* roao fiom Blorroo to Dubuque, wlthont mate* rial alteration, though so amended as to secure tbe rote In the ereningof some who spoke against U in the afternoon, by providing that the repeal of he proviso In lb o law of last winter, requiring the a«renl of a majority of each class oi Its stock f f,n 0 ,£ BO I’ , nn or «*ico*lon. shall not !iIL2. c .?^ c S l !J 1 i b .? l,o,, ? , * ,rotlfl * d for been excited and delivered, and that said repeal shall not, confer the power to coniolldato wlih any olh* cr raUioad in Wisconsin. 7 u.V-i^'Lv , » OVt ~ * < r . WM * ho . 8,ll f wriUfln report of M nMorbhoh's, ifiU morning, on the Assembly bill to prehlblt the consolidation of leading ran ■ oiidslnibls Htate. be taking ground ended po«cv* Rr8,,1m1,,> The Henak has Bdlottrerd to Tuesday evening and ii I srgii iiiimln r of iliu membtr* ot ilia Ikj?is rKay ** ,om ° loßUwnd l - :0 ylooltoaon , "‘V , : i : lßn r i 1 B "<1 Ih*«* reappoint d V, *’ f . dn "' l ice nf Him Huprntne Gumr. which euabW Mm m draw Increased pay nt M.WO n >*•«{« iimler m*» law pimmi thl* winter. h Hm krinocraU 10-iNy nomlnstod A. H. Sanborn for B nynr, ni<d (leu Melulmd for Tret'urer. jgn l, ‘ , t H "* ,iCBO Convention will tic hold to WISCONSIN liEOISIiATOBE. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Madiiov, March SO. SENATE. In the Senate, three report* were submitted by membera of the Hallroad C’ommlllee upon the Asrcmbly MU prohibiting railroads from comoll* datli g. Senators Iborpe and Larkin made are port i t commt nding an amcniimcnt simply to pro hibit (he consolidation of the St, Paul, North «v€lvm and-Prairie d-t rhien roads, deoatora MmdoieoDaod Proudflt reported In favor of the the bill with amendm'niwnd Dro PVBTtg that the Damea aha!) not bo divested of the franchise* which they enjov, and »r,B piobiWUon agaUwt crm&oudßtion to tbe toads trtrneiiiiy, *w!tb a view to qaict-cningirecisportation and teasecing expense, tnereby making cheaper fares and tariffs. No important hill was Introduced, and only two bills DBRscd—both local. Adjourned to Tuerdiy evening. ASSEMBLY. In Ibe Assembly a hill was passed extending ibe I rma ol office ot ai> County Judges to Jann* iry first. I£Uit,atidproviimg that thereafter «ach •ludpce tlirongboTt the State shall be elected for a»ur rears T in* Senate resolutions reported by the Ilallroad Cornliiillet* wens concarreo in. A bill was introduced to repeal Chapter 190, jaws of 'Ol, concerning the town and cou’.iy offi cers : also legalising the acts or Boards of Super viFore : aho arocndlcg chapter?, laws of 'O7, re lating to roads and bridges. Adjourned to Uonday next at half-past eleven o'clock. In the Assembly, thi« attemoon, the Senate bill being the hill to amend the articles of association oi tbo Milwaukee & Prairie da Chlen-Railroad Company was parsed. Ayes, 65: soea. SL Before passing It was amended, nominally tak ing consolidation out, but in reality con solidation Is covertly leit In. so that the oppoi.cnlsof the bill claim that the passage oflt i*a triumph of the Alex. Mitchell party overly U. Meyer of New York, It seems that the Assam, has not borne such traits as was expected from ihem at ibo ouenlug. like the Senate, they ildo on railroads. FROM LAWRENCE, KANSAS. Terrible Tragedy—An Escaped mur derer Shoots Two of Hl< Parmer*— Tim murderer anil Two Confederates Bunged, I Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Lawiixxoe, Kansas, March 30. A terrible tragedy occnrrud at Fort Scott last week. The negro Mackey, who murdered ft man - last tali, had escaped from Jail.- Ilia whereabouts being known, the Dcpnry Sheriff and a posse at texuutrd to ro-arrest him. He fired upon thenar- IT, killing a cluzea and severely wounding another. Upon capturing him he was Immedi ately hung by tbc crowd. Two of bis confed erates. a brother and ano’hor negro, were taken from the Jail m the evening, and bang. The railroad la*id sales, which come off on Tuesday In ibis city, are attracting a large crowd here from the East. Some of the leading railroad mco'aud capitalists of the country arc already here, and others have telegraped lor rooms at the Kldndge House The election of officers of the Kansas branch of the Pacific road lakes place on Monday. The weather has greatly moderated, with ap pcaiance? of rala. FEO3I ST. LOUIS* The municipal Canvass Teat Oath t'aiet Dismissed—A VemkicLuigtut [Special Despatch to tbo Chicago Tribune.) St. Locus, March 30. Tbc city election next Tuesday excites no attcu tfcm vhatercr. Many American Radicals are dis gusted with the nomination of Thomas and Naur, fte Americas ConservaUvca'are equally disgust, vd with the nomination of Finn. The Conserva tive* held lonr mass meetings to-night. The Rad icals will probably carry the dty by two or three thousand majority. Dudley Kavanagh, the great bllliardist, la. In town, and is going Into business here. In Ccrrotl County the Circuit Coart has ordered a'i the test oath ca«es dismissed. Cora James, a notorious character, has sued ihc laic County Marshal tortoise Imprisonment. FROM DESMOINES. Death from Polsonlug-A Bold Bone Tiller. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. J Desmoct&s, lows, March 3d. Mr. Phillips, who took poison ten days ago, by mistake, died (o*d&y. Tie horse oi Mr. Winch, which bad been loft by him at a blacksmith shop, to-day, to be shod, was boldly called for by a borae thief, stating that he was sent by Mr. W inch. The animal was given him, and be mounted u and galloned away, and Las u«»t since been heard from. A gentleman at Mr. Gneu'a h larding hon«ebad thO »»olm Irom his pants pocket, wniie in bed. Us: night. FKOM MILWAUKEE, Contest for Officer* of mo chamber of Commerce—ULauiri* (Sl-ccal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) MtLwacszx, March SO. The following officers were nominated for an opposition tlrvrt lorthe Chamber of Cotnuteics : I‘rcriuetr. Jchn Planklnloa; andyice-Pre*ld*at t>. J. Hale, Both tickets are strong ones, and the fight will be exciting. Kifiotlanske* her appearance here on Monday trwxm.g In the character of Maty Smart. Peath of a Pi eminent lowan* M *^ h B).—The Prodocs Ex- Kdoca i I «t hare passed ap- KS?.Vfc te w r 5? , . u,101ia 10 ,he taemory of Hon. Patrick Robb, ex-member ot tbe Legislature, fwimcrly editor of tho Blonx City ReoisUr ana once of the Dabnque hfrraid,*who died yesterday morning. * u The Welland Canal* Totokto, C. W., March 23.— It U expected that the Vi d’anoCanal will he open abonl the middle of Aprfl. The riidcwMch took place some time t-iaceal Allcnbnrg will be so far repaired bHcre •he ice move* as not to Inierfere in the slightest tilth tavigallon. Thltylog Express nesaengerCaptored. fitT-mgnnt, March 80.—-Potts, the messenger who recently robbed the SonUem Express Com lispy. at West Point. Miss., offSOOJO, and ran auay, ua* caught this morning, near this city. Mott of the money was found in hi* possession. The - Peabody Edueatioual Fund. raOTuBO. Marti M s^sajasaiffsaasss-sa: Peabody Soulheni movement, • Fratricide. KnCuni, De).;V«rcb his lirother Henry mar New * aslle, to-day, dnno* ■ quarrel about tobacco. TtU was arrested and loogcd In Jail. VOL. XX. IMPORTANT TREATY. The Entire Russian American Possessions Ceded to the United States. Length ol Our Pacific Coast Extended Six Handred Miles; Price to be Paid for the Acquisition Seven Millions of Dollars, The British Government Expected to Protest. Description of the Territory Ceded. WasniKaTQK. March SO.—Tbe President com inculcated to tbe Hen ate, in executive asaaioo, a treaty with Russia, by which that power surren ders to tbe United btatea Its sovereignty over all ot Russian America and the adjacent Islands. It especially includes the atrip four hundred miles long which extends down the coast, (fans nearly excluding Bntleb America from this ocean. Tbo treaty was laid on the table, and will be taken up next week. Tbo cession excites Intense Interest. Influential parties regurd it as significant rf the Rosslin policy Iff view of tbe impending European complications on the Patt ern question. Russia cedes her American terri tory for the same retsoce that induced Napoleon toeilllxiaisiana. In the event of war Russia would probably lose Una territory, and by parting with 11 the Crar areures the friendship ol oar Gov ernment. The Engllib RcprcsortaUvo la deeply cfcaatlced. and It is raid Sir Frank Brnco will tel* egrapb to Earl Derby for instructions to protest agatnstUaacceptancebyonr Government. This acquisition more than doubles tha United States coast on the Pacific. Another despatch, dated Washington3oth, aaya: U Is true, aa reported, (bat tbe President comma* mealed tothettenate to-day a treaty with Basils by which that power aurrendera to tbe United Slates the sovereignty over all of Hussion America and the adjacent Islands. Tbe price to be paid for this territory la abont seven millions ol dollars. The treaty was signed early • his morning, acd sootlo tbe Senate shortly af terwards. The Mtr Territory, Human America, according to the treaties with (be United States and Great Britain, In 1811*8, comprehends all tbo American coast of the Pacific nnd the adjneent islands north of the parallel of filly degrees forty minutes north latitude, and lbs whole ot tbo mainland west of tbe meridian o one hundred and forly ono degrees west longl lode, which passes through Mount Bt. Silas, it Is bounded north by the Arctic Ocean, oast by tirtilsh America, south by the Pacific, and west by thn Pacific and Arctic Oceans and Uohong's Hlralt, which separate It from the Knsstin potios •lons In Asia, tbe distance across from Oaue Piiuro ut Wales to East Uipe being only tbbty. six milca. With the exception ot the narrow strip extending In a southeast direction along the eossi nearly 4M) miles, and the remarkable peninsula or Allaska, U turns a tolerably comimcJ iiism, »li|i an an rage length uml breadth or Thout coo mllu each. Its greatest leuglh north and south, from thosoutlurnexlromltyofAlUkka to Point Bar* row, is abont 1,100 mtlei; greatest breadth, mres ored on the Arctic Circle, which passes through Cape Prince of Wales, la about 600 milesj the longest lire that can be drawn across the country la from Capo Prince ot Wales to its southern ex tremity. laMlodt) flfly.four Ccgreei forty mumea. o dlatarce of about I,CUO mtioj. Hsu mated area, BW,OOO square miles. The part ot ibe mainland south or Mount bt. Ella* consists of a narrow belt, which Is con tinned alone a mountain ridge parallel to the coast, ana has nowhere a greater width than ebont thirty three rollcs, Tte Moriarof the cocntryis very SsuwaWSW 'Arctic Ocean la invariably flat, with the - of a small portion lying between U 1 dcgeces aui 15'idcgtcea weal longitude. The coast* of lh c maltland and the Islands bare almost all been ’carefully explored. The north coast wai first dis covered In tbo con’sc of the present ccutnry CaptetQ Cook, in 1775, daring his last voyage, reached Icy Cepe, latitude seventy degrees twenty mitntee north, and one hundred and slxty-oce degrees forty minutes west; end it was enpposed from the large masses of ice there mot with, oven in fttirnitr, that further progress was Impossible, in 1826, however. Captain Beechy proceeded ea*t aafarosNorth Cape, or Point Barrow, latitude -cven'y-onc degrees twenty-three minutes thlrly occrrcoims nerth, longitude one hundred ano flity-six degrees twenty-one mmntes thirty-two seconds west; while at the same time thofatnentod sir John Franklin, then Captain Frank lin, traced the coast west from the month of the Mackenzie to Return Rem. latitude seventy degrees twenty-six annates north, longi tude one hundred and forty-five do-rroei fifty-two minutes, west. The Intervening spa:* between Point Barrow and Return Beef was first explored Is 1537, by Dense and Simpson, officers of the Hudson's Bay Company. The whole of the north coast of Russian America, from Demarcation Pout west, to Point Barrow, Its northermost extremity, stretches with tolerable regularity Is a west northwest direction, and Is, with the exception of a small pari In the east, a dead flat, often nearly on a level with the era, and never more than from ten to twenty feet above It. From Point Barrow tbc coast takes a uniform direction, from northeast to southwest, rising gradually towards Cape Llsbnrn, which U 650 feet high. It here turns sooth, forming, be tween the two large inlets of Kotzebue Bound and Norton Sound, the remarkable peninsula of Prince of Wales, which projects into Behring's Strait, and terminates In an elevated promontory, form ing the most western point of North America. From Norton Sonnd It turns first southwest, then sooth southeast, becoming indented by several large bare, including those ol Bristol Bay and Cook's Inlet, on the opposite side of the long and narrow peninsula of AUasfca; oud Is lined almost throughout by several groups of large Islsnds, o! ohlcb the most important belong to the Aleutian, Kodiak, and King George 111. Archipelagos. The greater part of the coast last described Is very bold, presenting a succession of lofty volcanic peaks, two of which, on tbc west coast of Cook’s Inlet, have the respective .heights of 11,270 fee' and 12,066 feet. The .climate of Russian America Is not to cold as either the east parts of the tame continent, or the east :>art of the continent Of Asia, under ihc same latitudes. It is, however, far too rigor ous to admit of agricultural operations; and the whole valac of the territory is derived from the products of He fiiSories or of thechase. The latter have been placed under the rigid moaoi-olyhy the Russia*! Government, which has conferred the sole privilege of trafficking In them on the Rus sian American Company. Thu ha* led tore* monstrance* on the part both of the United State* and Great Britain, which hare been eotkr ene* ontehil that a lease has been granted to the Hod* eon Bay Company, granting them the exclusive l-of session of the mainland of Russian America, from fifty degrees forty minutes north, to Cape Spencer, in latitude fifty-eight d:grees thirteen minutes. north, and the exclusive privilege of supplying (be Russian* with agricultural produce ard provision*. The principal settlement is New Archangel, a •mail town with 1,000 Inhabitants on the Island of Sitka, the largest of the stoop of George 111., which Is called Baranov by the Russians, and was named George 111. by Vancouver. It lathe seat ofthe Governor of all the e*Ub)labments of Bos nian America, and has fortifications, magazine?, ard a Governor's residence, all built of wood. Ihc ordinary squadron stationed on its coast* consists of two frigates and two corvettes. The Hubaun American Company, Incorporated iajfl, for fishing and hoc ting Inr-bcaringanlmals, whose cblet establishments are here, have fifty ships of all sizes engaged In the collection and conveyance ufpcltiy. Besides these possessions Russia had formerly • email colony called Bodega, in Cali* fornla, north of San Francisco. It low belongs to the United State*. Its port la small, bot was once Important for the Russian fur*trade. The population of Russian America Is esti* mated at 61,000, of perhaps 6,000 arc Kns elans. Creoles, Kodtaks, and A 1 tools. Tho re* maindcr. above 50.000 m nmal>«r, enjoy* greater or less degree of Independence, acd conttst almost entirely ot Esquimau*. FROM SEW TORE. ‘Fenian Piacord—Prussian Forcer Ar rested—Suicide— A - Custom House Swindle—uormserftUcr*—Tbe Hnyck- Stewart Embezzling Case, Nrw Vonz, March 30.—Tlie onion of the Amer ican Fenian organizations seems impracticable. Fhil'p Uenricb. an alleged Pros elan forger, ar rested In Fond dn Lac, Wisconsin, has been brought here, having been claimed under the ex tradition treaty. Mrs. Mary Bassett, committed suicide In Brook lyn, last tight. The Coroner’s jury In tho Jas. Fltxpat rtrk, declared that he was murdered by one Ephraim. A swindler succeeded in victimizing the Custom House to-day to iho aiaonotot 61,530, by forged pay roils of the clerks. The Covemmcnt lathe losif. New\ook, March 80 —Another dlsaitrou* con flagration occurred last night, on tho corner of roity-»cvcnih street end Sixth avenne, destroy l?c„lCa exteaslvt cabinet manoUctoty of Uenty ' alkcr-ltg, and several other buildings adjoining vrete badly damaged. The lore isestututod at over a handled thomana dollar*. • A decision waa rendered tn the Cooetor-An. ?fSS,. ,c S cr f:V” 't* .■SiukSS M ctU K 5 nls£?l en Clark against dames and Btestua Brooks, relative to tho ownership of the JrenuS Erpress newspaper In thl* clrr ih« ilirecllrit tbe rnper to bo eolil, «o tbit o*k ca obtain hts n'erret. Is to be enforced **-a.can There tie more counterfeit United Ktatre bst.v noire afloat at presiet than there have t«ocn rl»p nalfageneration b-fore. The eomi>o*nd-iai<ftMi notes of the denomlaalioa of fifty onllsra ar luKaloa very bncce*«inlly. a dangrrons counter- felt Arc rtollar non* r. n tee Proplo’a National Btr k, of Jacksrzu Michigan, is afloat. Yesteidsy afternoon M"-»rs. Leonard Hnyck sad Joseph B Stewart, broken, were am-lcrt by United States officers on a charge of dcfroudlirg tbe Government Tcelr bml was fix dat frftLOOO each, and not being able to obtain the amount, they were wnt to Ludlow Street jail. Mr. Hotels was President of tbe Bank of Wa'blcffton. which institution ia alleged to be indebbd to tbo Government a tbo sum of 1750,000. Mr. Hayck having trarafemd hU prop erty •<> Mr. Stefan, tbe Government had both parties arrestrd on a charge of conspiring to de fraud. Mr. Stewart is 'be complainant In the Krlc-Pool care, in which he sllegus that Daniel Drew Je indebted to him In eomeihlzur like *310,010. FEOM CIIUO. AltetDpted Knlcldc—TUe Last letter—Xfce A flair Sim Nbrouded In mystery* Cazuo, March SO.—A man of respectable ap pearance wbocameupyestrrdayaa a passenger on the railroad atesmer General Anderson,from. Colambns. Ey n made rcocstcd attempts to com mit suicide by drownlnc himself; bol was pre vented froracmylns out his design by persons on tie boat who caucht bold of mm as lie was about to take the fatal leap. Before aUempunu lo Jump from toe boat be wrote aerecat lexers to his friends, also one addressed to tbe public press of Texts. These he handed to the mall arent on the boat, and Immediately left the cabin and made the first attempt to leave the boat and this woild by Jumping through the window of the barter shop. Caving been roiled ia this, be soon alter went down Hair* and made a second attempt to Jump horn the decs, but with no belter success than jbe first. After this he was carefully watched uni il the boat arrived here, when he immediately took tbe Northern bound train, to what point is not known. It Is believed he was sotforins irom aCI of temporary insanity/ Tbe letter sddressed to tbe public press was not sealed, postage un paid, and was as follows: “4 o tub Faorta—There will be much said In reference to my drowning myself. All I have to say as to wbat caused me U> do the asms wu by facts exposed oublicly 0D a trjln on the nlcbt of the £aih of March. 16b7. For facta rvier to a wit ness present. 1 bate always been boncri. and was ever bonestto her curing JUo. I may have been to her memorv, which she well told mo of publicly. Tbis is the statement of oue who now deeps in tbe Mississippi Jitter. “T. P. Tuck." A ppetfcrlpt to this letter requested thla scut to the oalveston AVtrr, Holly Springs papers, also to the Houston and Macon newspapers, as Ua irienas lived there. The postscript closed by so?ire that he did not like to leavo disgracefully. Ano her letter, addressed lo Mrs. Jane Bowen, a slater, stating that Mr. Shaw Klmc would be after them as soon as be got his letter mailed that day. cad rioied wlih “ Good-br—meet me la heaven ” —-Mcned ** Your Brother.'* This Utter here the same signature as tba* ad drtrtcd to the press. The whole albir is thread ed m mystery, and H la not unlikely the unlor foitnn&te man has ere tbts sneceeded In nutliog an erd lo hie miaerable existence. FUOM CINCINNATI. A l?uy Convicted of murder-Arrest of a Hun Irrupt Banker—Lease of a Thea tre - huccraaful suit for Damages Against n Railroad—A nnrdirsr Ar* r » Mid—Sole ol a Railroad—A Copper* Itt od Prcachtr Recovers Damagn. CmcmsATi. March 80.-Bsmael Case, a Isd of fiftem, was convicted yesterday of murder In the (v 7 . fof afsasß'natloß of James llaglire. last month. De and two accomplices will probably be bang for (bis crime. George O. Hodge, a bankrupt banner, was ar fSVi a wtrraat sworn ont by one oriljotlcltmUeifiieposUoni. who lost one thou* «i“ d rel«a“d br U ‘° “ «« T » I»H .nil The National Theatre of this city has been tessed by jamucl Colrliio, late ot Wood’s Thea* ho will pro once the ’’Black Crook,” and bring one Edwin Poircst wlihiu a law weeks. * Capiaiu Wrtinoro has received 87.000 damaoev 1 10^1 ’ll? hllaml Itmlroid, for an assault « o |«{chui o onlllw B armed with Hart, Wbo whipped a four year old boy to * CB *\ " • r «w, Indiana, shorn a month ngo, «a»inund ana airesiod yo*Uir.isy, at Imlenoti. ll;?k?o"\"r« , >" n ‘ Vor ° 0 “' 0ll, “' *■' *« W«n ITir IVnn.YlvoDlft Central Hallrnad Company I* . in «»f 'ho Columbus vUsvl {# Uroaa having recently pur* At Wabash. Indiana, in July. Ififlflja Copp.-rhcnd prenclur, named O-ttran, ami hu raughter. ware ■nmewhat rouchly handled In consiiqittnca oi th»« douphler wearing a bnuernut cmhlcra. Tbo ob noxious tbluo wus lorn from Ibe young woman’s i*vck by a aoidlvt a wile, and me preacher swears ho was klcken and olberwlso niHreatod. for which he turd cvrialu clilxt-na who were In the crowd at the iliur, claiming 83.1**) damages. The case has jnsl closed at UnnUrgiou, the Injared Individual oh,ai>mig a veidlct for one huudieo dollars. FBOM SAN FKAN CISCO. Sol Hoc: of the Japanese Conimlnfon* era for New York—£xperu of Specie wud Grain, Sa> l uahcisco. March 30.—The Japanese Com* mirstonvrs ami amte vailed to day m the Gold-n v >c J or .i ,c, T Yor . fc ' During their »tay they vUued >«! h>rtlflcatlOß«.la-pnr i—. - iCtUedby several primlnent cliiz<ns. rncy •icro highly gratlfleu at the aueuilou shoan l>« m. The laying of the corner stone of the Mercantile library building. In tula ct), took place md was as m,pueii.g afihlr. 'ibe ceremonies were lidcnbe direcuon of the Masonic tetcr&lty. ihc full Oranu Lodge was In attendaacei Ibe Golden Age, for Panama, bAs sailed with Br3,(* 0 Id trea-urc, 8615,000 for Now York. Ibe ship Blue Jacket sailed for Liverpool with 11.210 sacks of wheat. I.AVPtfbMVI HUCBIt 10-dav’sFtcamcrcarrleaoverfl.SOOihmr barrels > New York, THE AHEM PUD INSURANCE SWINDLE. "i S. * The Latest Arrest--Fre<jg|c!£ SI. Lacey the Inside Operator-llis Antecedents and Conner- ■ tion with the Case. Further Details of the Plot find its Workinff—How the Villainy was Discovered. Importing Bodies lor Dissection. The coils of the law are gradually drawing tightly around the conspirators In the recently attempted Insurance swindle. Timothy W. Ful ler and Dr. (btrlesß. Kendall, the arms of the ' plot, have been In the county jail neatly two weeks. The trank, the living-dead body, in the person of Richard Balnfortb, has Joined nis associates m crime In Lie custody oi the Sheiiff, and the supposed brains of the combi nation was on Stinrday delivered Into the keep ing of the officers of the law. Captain William in rile yesterday presented to the Coonty Court FnderlckN. Lacey, late of this city, hot more re cently of ci&cmnstl, as a prime mover In the ease, on the Joint charges ol conspiracy and sub ornation of perjury. In describing the recent arrest of ilalcforth !o Ibc city ofNtw York we had occasion to recite (be affidavit on which he was arrested- Ibat affidavit Induced the name of this prisoner, hot his arrest not hating been (ben a adAihe end* of Justice required the ex pur ion mMs name from the publication nnde ol the otfltodocument on which both arrests Farther publication of toe affidavit In the case, this explanation baring been made, is unnecessary. On hia information and belief, resulting from his detective researches, William Turtle, on bis oath accused Lacey as a co-coosptrator with the others m arrest and as one also guilty ofeebomation of perjury lu procuring Dr, doll to make oath of the death of Ratnforth. The fecoidicquwliloo made by the Governor, under the new law of onr State, was signed in the pres ent case. It was speeded to Ohio, where toe proper warrant was soon procured, and ou Thurs day Lacey was taken In charge at his new boose In Clodosali. The prisoner, of course, claims an entire in* nocencc in the matter, He denies all and any knowledge of any part of the transaction. He claims that when ids examination ehail come un, no complicity on his part can he shown, ilcun wbile it may b« proper to stare some facts in re* lauuntotho party, and alieced facta as to the transaction. seeming to warrant his detention Lacey, a young man, with many friends in this diT, was a short time since employed as trcoerai agent of the bt. Louis Mutual Insurance Com* pany. in this eny. He was also (or a time in the employ of the A&a Company, these befog two of tne corporations attempted to be defrauded. Be was discharged from these employments, and then went to Clndnoa t, where ha became enraged In the husftica . ol Stephens & Co., tobacco Ucalcr.. oi Main street. It was here that bo was cmplovcd when his arrest was made. Os b?mg brought Into the Connly Court, whrre Judge Bradwell preside-, in pursuance on he war >an< issued on the 53i Instant, Lacey sent forag attorney, E. F. Kenyan. Esq. That penile.nan, at the mac engaged In - the presentation of a clletl's cause In the Su perior Court, aoon m&do his appearance. He asked. In view ot bla present actual occnpa ilon, snd because bis new client «u unprepared to rater upon an examination, that the ease be {postponed. This proposition being reasonable t was at cncc acceded to, and the cause was laid over until Saturday morning sex* at 10 o’clock. The Conn fixed tte bail at the amount demanded In the case of Fuller, f 12,000. If r. Kenyan became the surety, ana the prisoner lett the Court for * Citizens of Chicago, who have been dUxena but a few veins, hope that the uruoucr, Lac«-y. may l>c ab‘e to acquit himself of the accusations bronchi acalnst him. It he be guilty ha has ren deted desolate a home where comtort his hereto* fore rtlcncd supreme, for be jras ot a taniiy which did not lack cicdtt or mean* for the accom plishment ot any purpose lecmmately within toe scope of those order whose control ready tnouey i cats to the extent of thousands of dollars. The pilionerisoneof thesons of Dr. Thomas B luccy, who died in this ettyonthe ninth day of February. ISCS. On the firth day of February bU widow took oul letters fof the heirs of the estate being one dxnchter and three eons, the accnscd in this ctae being the third child. She then gave her bond; secured by John B. Benedict, John Kathleen SI. Lacey, (daughter), and Eben F. H O U n the 4lh of April, ISCS. »be widow presented an uvcntoiy of ihe estate, which Included: khi l b ? Csti v> Km maie#HKeorihcland.:.T*».s3.6a On vhlch was to bond {CgS&py... -00-00 622.7J9.73 Tbla amonnt waaiduly pat to interest for the hct cfli of the hair*. . Mr waa a doctor. He had a co d tenntallon.and nls talents were engaged for the Aina Insurance Company. This employ ment on tw perhaps, was ’be teaching of hi* *on the lessons he has to well improved. The Doctor was selected a* ibe examining surgeon of the company, nis credit In <h «t office on the one sloe and his confi dence in the office on th • other, ate exhibited by tbe fact that when be died there waa an open ac count. salary being due him to the amonnt of 17.458.4 J. he having by Indirection drawn til,' £75.63. A Jury sluing npon the jclaim returned a verdict giving to the company 15,005 fit. Tbe scccess of tbe father I'd’o the appointment of the *onlo a responsible pcslilos in the A3ma li.taraccc Company. Tbla position he retained tome months »ner his father died, bat In the CHICAGO. SUNDAY. MARCH 31, 1867. in« ptha or ilay or Jnno last it appears be om<i- If'ri tbepln, »>bich haa culminate* la his meji. ar.d in tre ircaiceratioQ of those who are all.ged to be bin co-coneplratore. ->i ■ li e dc%-> JoptnoDU in the 1 ease tend to show ftxTP, sot hitherto pnbllshed. which writ bear strongly the accused and his associate*, if borne one by the testimonj of the to be produced on the tml. IJmoibv tV. Fotlef and RScbard TZalaforth, about a year i-ince. tookaealte of rooms In the State Sating* Hank Block, on LaSalle street, and opened an office tor the manai'accore and sale of u patent shoe bench. They employed several wert men in tbe manufacture of boxsa. and Id too 'atelllcgand 6tamplnir»'f ibe arlliU. The two* and tbe prisoner, J-acey, frequently met in ibe office, srd here, it is alleged, the latteriM scggci-ted a plan by which to procnre fra2l In sural ce companies an amount of money which would only be limited by ' the extent to ehlcb companies were willing to so In accepting n*k«. Uainforth made investigation Into ito rlan, and for some roe seemed to donbt Its readability. II won't appear, lo *ner. that be wa» meander tbc ultimate-success of the enter prise by Lacey, wbo told him and bH partoor that bis cmpioymiDt a» general agent ol two compa pante* would*cable bus to pane ibe aDOtlcailocß, and cutacgcectiy ?o eocoro the payment of the clajmt uitcctu Inquiry. This orignal plan differ ed from that which war sobaequeally attempted to be carried otr only In one particular. Bolnforth, who baa been rejected as the mao to die, was to give up the ghost In some coun try town wlibln district, where be (the latter) would hare entire'loria diction to en dorse the claim of his heirs. It a!ao included a neccseary forgery, a woman to be called Jenny lUmfortn beic? selected to personate the wife of the defunct lialuforth. In ponoance of thw acreement the first policy was taken eat la the AJvn Cotipary. for the benefit of the. supposed Jenny. It became necessary. however, to alter the plat*. Ihitnforlh havina aechnctl to die any* where butic Chicago. In I’ caa-cd the policy to be transferred to tua own bene fit. Aboat January Dr. Kendall, who 1! now in the County Jail, seems to bare be come connected with the conspiracy. The par ties had removed to a new ; ’Of fice at-No. 135 Claris stree*, whore Kendall Joint*} them In the proprietorship of ins oaem«--The plan being noviJhoronsblT matured. Dr. Kendall moved to another room in tee earns buildltur, while Puller retained possession of the old room, and Rolstorth blmd the room in which bis death was said to hare occurred. It wa* here that the e'enta transpired which have caused so gscxlaa excitement. There remains only to be explained the suhsli tullon of a body in form ard tealarcs so Identical Milt halnfonti as to deceive even oao of tba in* Bursnce agent*. An arrangem<.nt is said to have bc«n made with a medical college at Kalamazoo, Michigan, to furnish bodies for dissection. Three cortrts were shipped to this city, and the third was tonnd to suit the purpose, the shaving op eration having been performed on Kalarorlb, bis epresentative would hare passed ransicr but for throe wounds showing stabs by which the body, which had been moenred through the college, was Identified as the remains ot a criminal from it«l’cnltcoUary ot the s»ate of Michigan. liiibaid Ualn'orih. the body of the conspiracy, v s received last evening Into the Cunuty Jail. To use Ma own expressive term*, *• the d ai should be Allowed to rust'* Riuofonh was arvesud in New York, at the Dupont (lonic, Ko. 100 Hudson sirtri, where be was parsing under the o/ureoi lleciy Culvert, lie considers tbatno Is in a “ Dad vcrapc.” bnt bo refused to make any statement lo Implicate any of bin associates until be should know exactly what they had said, bis knowledge jo be deilvfii from themselves, as bo loins them lu the Conuly Jail the probability Is he will have on opportunity to verily the t icts which have ap peared In this paper as to the extent of the devel opments made by them. lie did, however. stmo that hr had read ‘be account of the examination on the probate of hi* wilt, end be listened with ranch In terest to (bo account of his funeral, at which he declines to state he was present, lie seemed par ticularly comjilituoired when be was (old that the form and features uftho body deposited lu Grace land Cemetery wa* the counterfeit Of himself and expressed htmirlfilm the plan would have been a success but for Interference of a person whose palm bad out Wen well greased. Till! NEW ISOAIIU Ot UEALTU, I'lrat noetlUKoUrKauixatloU) Ac. The that netting for the ptupoae of orgautia* lion of tlm new Board of Health of tola city, con

atiittPO nnder thn late act amendatory to the City Cl atter, wna held at lour o’clock on (Saturday the oNcq of Mayor Uice. The ful hmlDg arc the names of the members of the Hoard, an appuiitt’-il by tho Judge* of the da* iioniii- couiii 11. A. Julinaoo, M It., Joan A. Hitirh. M. P ;TVhllatu Warner. M. 1)., Messrs, fam’i'l Hoard, William Piles and A.U. Keyuolds. they “vrcuU pirauui, nod ureaented the-r hoods of ouirc tn the aura ot duly approved. Thr Mayor read acopyofthaactcoosUiiiUng ihemw Board. Wo have already given It to our readers Mayor Blco waa appointed temporary chairman oi the Board. _ . , t UUU OF OFFICE. Thn Board next proceeded to select by lot the Urraa ofoQice of each of the members, lira draw ing rcauhed m the choosing of William Wagner. U. D„ and Mr. William Oilea to aclfortwoyoars; 11. A Johnson, M. J).. and Ur. A- U. Reynolds 'or font years; and John w. Rauch, M. and Mr. Somncl Hoard for six years ELECTION OrrUEtIDEST. m Mayor Nice was ananlmoaely ecosen PreAdent of the Board. The M»yor salltbat be was thank ml lor tno honor conferred upon him He was not aware that ho aavumed an Increased responai- Mttiy lnjtcccnilnr_ihßjvflV;A«s, A t » ! fy of wutumg ibo object lor w hich their offices werecoaeUlutea. BSOBSTART. The applications of Hltam Amick. George Budilov, John Malone, Major J. S. Kline and Chartiß i*. Dunham tor the office of Secretary of the Boaid, were read aod action deferred thereon until the in*xt mealing. Dr. Bauch wavcbOßcn temporary Secretary. The Boa»d then adjourned until < p. m. .on Monday next. MARKETS Bl TECEGRAPH. New York Financial News. (special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New Tokk« Much S 3. The stock market opened AnZ lh |* m •rgultr call advanced Xc. New York Centra, Rock Latand and Chicago 4 Noithwetten (preferred) tVKk were t!io m ist active, with an advance of tf. Alt if warda the market was a made lower. Money was very active audit Is eip*ct«d that tbs banks will be leaden after the quarterly statement Is ccmplctcd. After the wralar call the stock market became 1 trotter, Eric (common), Rick island, sal Chicago & Northwestern (preferred) stocks were H higher, and New York Central and Michigan Central were X lower. At one o'clock the market was firmer, hot toward! -he close of call Bock Island sold at 93 V. Flush mil, Fort Wayne A Chicago at 91X, the bal ' mce of the Hit remalatnk unchanged. At the 4i50 board the market was inactive and flower,and money was a shade firmer. Bock Island selling at ill and New York Central at J«x upon the bdler that Governor Fenton win sign the Railroad BUI. Americas cola was inactive. Chicago 4 Northwestern (preferred) has been the strongest stock to-day. Consolidated Gregory sold at 00, and it is thought that It will advance toM«M before !ong. [Associated Press Report.] Nxw Tots, March SO. noser. Money steady, at 7 per cent for call loans. yoßEias rxcnxxo*. Sterling dull, at 103*<3*ltt)lo gold for first-class bills. American cold a shade easier, opening at lit, ad lacing to UtX. and closing at tox- Government stocks are without decided change. LATCH. New Took, March 30. UOTCT. The mot ey martlet was very active during the after econ,and quite steady at? per cent, but towards the dosed bank hours u was reported a little easier a sou c quartets. The tank statement ou Mondsy will probably show acecnsseof «tk.ut S4.QXJKOIn loans, fCdOOJ la one cl<*, s&r<Cu,o> oln depsvts, aod an increase orsi,&jUMo in legal-tender*. This Is much more favorable than was generally anticipated. OOLD. There was more pressure to sell gold after the cleslng )f the ro«m, and sale* were msdo at 13;,V^133Y. Government securities wrre firm, with on advance oncldb-33*. The elo'lng prices were: itea’o.'hi lOXftlWf, MO coup *«5 Jan __ Coupons,’9l....KSHttWx and July 5-30 regiai’a’63 Ao7<* *t 103 19-40 irgurd... 77*0 * 5-3 C conp’a....lo7*(*lo7X 10-19 coupons.. 93 w st3J< 5-?0 coupon ’69.106 August 7-3W....tC8 aio3,‘i Jane 7-30 s 7»X®lOiX XAJLTTJIY*. Then* wai more tore and firmness to the railway sptmlAtlon at the open board and stock exchange, and tfir ma-ket wa* generally higher. The principal lea turewi>sUockl*lard. watch rove to ssonam<re ac Uve dc.sacd. Northwcatein shares were next In pout ofirtemt. and showed more vitality than of late. Public Interest to the Michigan Southern has material ly *m*!dcd. Cub alack Is itoro plenty, aod loaciag flat, tb" bull operator! bidding more lively (orftocks to-dar, on the belief thit the mouer market would rare up alter the day when the quarterly na tional banh statement ana’] r>e made. After the rrcu larseMlcotbema’-ketwaa atroag In the Long Rwo, Thomaiketwa* •abeeqceutiy steady to Uw clone cf the day. Wm. Qiaih A Co. report tne f >Uowlug nAtr-PasT rm r. w. rnca, American tioid liS YtsJSX Hudson Elver ..IST Ohio ITU 77 <»77u Beacug 7«y*ia2Y Cantos *« »«)* M. C. IW Mich Sou 73 A 73* oulemilver.... »)»<• 3Y Pittsnurgh .?k« 79 Maiipo l * 9 T0M0.........131X0X31 Marpom prfd. 23 Rock laUsd.... w. c.Tel SIYA (3 Norrhwestero.. . S. Y. Centr*l..losr<W»H N.Wjifd ®M ert r MNrt 55k I Fort waynA... WX* WX were quiet, and did not *h>w any marked change from jestercay. Baskibmres and flrei-ciass railway mart* gsres were In demand fbr tnveatmentv at full prices, ufitiUga light. rrar* woxo*.^ Bcrdcr States bonds aeupsUT dun. vmiT nrom. Imrcrta of the wees—Dry goeda, f I^I7.CC; genera machitsdUf, 15.C25475. acacia xscoar. _ Export ol specie iCMlaj, « which $361,731 gees to Havana. _ jfjroro makes. . . _ . „ In ibcmlntnsmatketto-day* Ccasolldatad was tbr Uvorltc, and flueluasel between BS3 and XP, cJc:lng at WO. Olhst ch*n«e» were not |m oonanx Xbe Ptodnce Marieet*. MILWAtm HZ. . (Special Despatch to the Cmcajo Tribune.] Mhvicdi. March S 3. Floor Aim.trim aa upward tendency. Salci I,ICO hiXuillffor City XX. lIIAO lor illoaesott aad Empire XI, s7l,*T7Jf for choice do, fII.CO tor Ooidea Get* end Union choice I, « R» tor Juneau, truest *O. t flic. Morninff boart-Sales 13,100 ctn tel*. NooQboard--fcaie*«Lied«sials.Btsl.o3t3rjaro. 1 la store. Irob; $3.75313.77 Or No. 3 la store: 13.73 (std. 79 seller ell eat week; $350 for Jfo.3 la scare. Rejected nominal at 13X9. Oats Ora. SaJe»X,6WceotsJa,at|lJ# lor N 0.3, old receipts; $l.O do fresh la dock. Cera aoTaadng. Sales 9CO centals, at $1.61 lor 50. 1 old, |UI tor see ebflted to store. Earicy quiet, sale* *o«atal« by sample, delivered, Byeheldat sU«,withhare** *» $1.2131.35. Provisions quiet aad flra. Price* unchanged. Dmsed Hog nominal, at s3.7s®*^. 801 l Batter In good demand, at 3193 c, Sees arm, at 17018 c P doxen. Snpdilea—Sale* Timothy Seed, at $1.75: 5 bag Flax Seed, at $7.73; 900 »s common Ocecft Wool, at 40c. BectlPta-4» br!» floor, U» -ceoUl* wheat, 600 do oat*, eco ds com rye. <» do barley, iAM w hotter. <C dressed hog. Sb!pm«nt»~tJoo brts floor, WOO centals wheat, M tree aad 60 crls perk. NEW YOBS, Mv Toss. Mird- 39. curt uplands. clo*la* With buyers re»«n« topay over Beeelota. 1.753 hrU Market less act!vs. rJ”3f n rraoo* SoiOe tower, while medinm and cood Aaleswere: Ww. at and Wa»ten; s'&s&U S 3 Cor extra tor choice do; fILSaiUS tor era* roaad hoop orua, and sllO aifVfortradehraaCa; market ctodn*quiet. with ul#d\w brl» at 1 Qo lf * and uncharged. w Si,v—BeiMpt«,no*«. Uar*« tor sprln* dull and I9)c tower. Wisiec scare and 503 c totter, anise ba at fS.IOftTO lor waits Cab "orma; m ftS.J for wu'o Canada; £US fir' a.a fcMfiirPTerygood Ho.* SttjwsatM. “Te—KMler. Sale* Da wt ter at IU3. Barky—Mere aaire. Sals' C7,n«.ft ba at Kc tor Canada west ta bona, and IM7XOL# for Cam via West tree, ite latter rtry chotce, - - - . Barley Malt—Dsu. Sales TO.OOO bushels at fWiVHI.I!) fir mU*l winter m atfff VaUI th T do. ad at, and tUUtiJ" tor new mixed Western at the railroad depot. Oa»—Dad. Becerpts ba. tales OJKO ba at 61 ft67c for old Wwtern; 67SOclor new do* aad for«i«t*. £ea*-salc» of 7,500 ba Cicada, la bond, at «J.K. . Klee—NrrnlcsL Coff*t—Quiet and flrn. . hnjir— Dull, e-Uh ntnall riJ(« of Cot* at »;£(?:0V. 3Ji bfw*—Qelet. • Petroleum—Quiet, at lf£o for mat, and 2JX'2~c£or record it. nond. Ilobe—Quirt. #*•' Lesiber-|ic»flloct;«aM»dßn »t S?X&Ui<c for Due £*• r «' llirt.t w-fgbU; tor twiddle do;. isHtwo-; tor beaTT do. —.*• ."‘'**l—Wlrhoai decided Sale* of 359 000 at •t <»i>.ivcrcr T7xM ,B, ' trß:<? * <Sc 1 ‘ r lnpcr P^ leJ < “d tor __f‘ c rt—Heavyandlower. Sale* of I,lsofcrlsat e si.ia tor nctr men, closing at tiiZS rezalir : f1•.7 « toroidm««;<i9.;sa»3o.a tar prime,ana «i?A' r f'lmc me*«; al.o, 1,500 brn tt-.vntNlt W!J» Ml,er ond hnrer Arrll and Mar. gtef-Bteady. Soles of 150 tirla at pterions prices. Sale* of SW bo*» at 10*ic »r long cot ’ , lot Meat*—Qa!et aid Bte***?. BaleaoftSnkga atfta I0«e for »UottJdft:B *nd arouse f ir Inns*. ,«r^HU'aTTMdiowcr Salt* ofWWbrltatiaxa 15*»c lor cf w. Jinttcr—Dnll at Kfelfefor Ohio. Choose—CDChaisg»>o. _ _ _ , nATDT—6V.K. r>and • shade ea««r tor coaaia grades. Good and choice grades Ormly held. Wneit—Active acd aUvaietn; tor winter and dnU Wiater ren $3 90fi%J1.W5 whits We«t-ra |3 white cilubniia |aaa j So. *»prin*#a.ia* KTe-Dall at« S3 for Western. Bartry—steady. Vora-yjrmfr, and moderately active at iI.W In •’“£s. : and 1t. 21 nn.mlfor shipping mixed Western. \7nu~ 4t «««*^ uf old : am! 6m£Oc tor new * J4JW ** BU ** °“ !l Ul! XCSa * Quiet mri and steady. ■ « 1 and s.lcbtly la buyers* Ctvor. KS2 a T; D H n •’J'KaJOKc for Cumberland middle*. ..^. a “- D 5, I L 1, . nd Fr aT 7 a‘ tsailc lUr fair to prime steam. sndWkt&UXc for ketue rendered. wiiklt nxvaw or the intoimii surest. „ . . Net? Yobs, Mu:h33. - .’Jr?®* wea somewhat irrexulir. and closes vfttf'S 11 * differing in their rlewa. Midchnv uplands, SC.Sc; Keir Orleans atul Texas do, ..i f'cnrarlable. an d closes leu active. and KK^-fftSTl 0 ’ 1110 ® todc 11 fednctd toaboutnooo Ji'2 a, L *, P rM P«* lh »t receipts will be light l?r K in* week* to come, me Flour—Easier at f7.5r.38.95. becß in moderate request, and prices aod <^om7Se ?e,fl,ai,Wltll * r,lr dciu “ ut toreipjrt Byc-ln moderate demand. k°r “*ll** h**n much excited, and closes strjax. Oats—Were Urm and active. Petroleum—Actlre, bol prices easier, closing hoary. »T. LOW*. T ,w.„, _ . . , .St. Ecru, March 19. , Tobacco—Quiet, anchanyod. Cotton—Dull and oomloal. ~.w55. r r/ 1 . rn3 medium cradet and doable extras cenjnand*d rather Hiller prices; super KJ.ofcft9.9os dochleau(l treble extras nine" ot9l3.TVats.-ft. iwftlkwniilSfi." ,u “ 11,, « **' K °• 1 •■’i 1 "* Corn-HlgUor, at Oirafl .(0, pats—Aetire and hlrW, at Wane. Bariev—Firm, at 91 nai.Mlhr spilug. me-Flrmer, atllds. Prorltlots— Unchanged. Laid—Eocbansed. vfhiskey—Unchanged. I’BIL ADKI fill r.iro, rn n****™**™**. H/ertt—Uovet a*ed »-lrancinz. Sale* at 91Q Etfime. Mnnr— Dull,with Htfe spccnlatlr* Itupiryi North, vestern extra 911.75; extra bUw 911.00; aoperOns wbeat-Qulet at 99.39. Bre—ll.ttwuo. SBEar-ic ,fp tur rood rtflolsr, W lii*kry—Bile# of enctraoaod at 11.93. CINCINNATI. Cotio'—llrtil mnro firmly, but nnco> are nominally unchanged. Middling. Mu* ». llocclpts rurthewpor, L.m» Kcpicmbcr OffsliUl 1i<%913 halos last seaion. . Flnut—tlurhsnpftl, vrllh tnrrtnrsl* Osmond. Trade bttnds.lli.tcaiiM;«yDiaia.M. ' wiieai-jn uir dcuia&a; No. 193.3 a Pir sprlnr, aul 99 00iorwintrr. M Cor -In good demand and tbs markst firmsr. Nar.iVt siirli'd.lte m bulk,and tfTAWo (or tacked, Ihs latter rate for white, Oats-lugocd demand at Q9o In bulk. isww LUDIBVIU.B. Tobae<yv-u»jr# of jw hhdt loaf tobacco. Market •tesdy at 19.1 U 91.00 lor Unit lemoenulsz lest. .Flour—tiimortluck lIDAi; tancy, uraln—Wbra*. nominat at 19.19,41.9)1 Coro, shellod, limk houlooiw—H|fc. Paeon—AhoalrtrN 9W'**Vet Cotr.n—tt I* e. Whlskry-ltsw, 99.3fi»9^5. Ocean Ifrelsliu* Ntw You. March SO. freights to Liverpool-Dull and a shade easier. New York Dir Goods market. Nav Tobk, March T>. Colton Good—^Market tmlrlr active lor all alaedards. oodprlres firm at 9le for standard brown sbeeoais, JOVcLr second*, end 19ke for B-’xbury •heetmz*. rrtrU—lo gr>od request at I7fai9c icr McrnmacK. 19c forCochrea, t6X«l7c for American. l«Hc tor BlcL ffirfid, Unroclt and AUeu’s. fflltnbfo at 33c. ir «AIT OUOTHKBD AdveitliliiK Ae*U 196 l>esrb«ra-ftt*, receive advert! aernenu lor all the tebdlus popere cbrocsboat (hr Cotlro Stntr«en«iranail(te, (General 'Notices. Life spying api-akatus for STKAM VESSELS. From the folio*lce ln«tr-cUoS« from the Trcaiary Department, notice It herfby given that I wM take charge of any Itvcnllona for the following purpose*, udsee that they are carelolly taken care otbybcli torworded to m*, care ot A. J. BlCHAUpiOjf, igg water-si,, New York, op t£ too 10th of April next. ALFUEO UVTIIKiE. Chicago, Much 3d. 1807. Bnt: Ton an hereby appointed 1 member of a Com mlct*e organized for the purpose ol examJclng into the merits ot tocb Inventions of & lifesaving character at may be presented 'to U, and o! reporting upon those most calculated (0 accomplish that object. In order that the Department may authorize their employment os the Teasels ot our merchant marine. The Inventions wilt embrace oolert ot steam en gines, oatl-lncnutattrs. safety valves, steam gauzes, •teerlnz apparatus, life boats with detaching appara tus, Ac. The object in view la to obtain, both as regards the qnallty ol material and design of inventions, the beat aid most prac'ical results of the best and most practi cality of the country. • (Signed) HUGH MCCULLOCH. Secretary 01 the Treasury. To Alfred Qathrte, Sopervt«ory Inspector. pIiTSTAL For the comlog season orders m»ybelaft at our (j«, flee. No. 9 Ke>nold*’ Block, southwest corner Uadi-' ■on and Dearaort-st- at A. Kootn's Oyster Depot, northwest corner Madison aod Dearbom-aU and at our rew Crystal Late Branch lee Houses, at Michigan av. ccar Sixtoroth-at. AU orders wiu be promptly attended to. CHICAGO ICE COMPANY. JAS. P. SMITH, Jn. Superintendent. OFFICE OF THE NORTH CHICAGO’ CITY RAILWAY CO. . ON MONDAY, April '.s;, and during the season Ot navigation, the cars of the North Chicago City Ball- way Co. win start from the corner it North Water and Clark-MA, instead of the corner cf State and Late-* t*, pRACELAND CEMETERY. (CARS LEAVE FOR GKACBLAND. From corner of Clark and North at 7:37, fcO.lfcSla.ra.; 13SJ, 1:57. 3:15, «9, «:17 p. ra. CSmr tery Omcc, No. 6 Opcia Hoove. Hour*, 9to 11 a. m., ttotp. m. CAPITALISTS. One of the most valuable river lota In this city, frentjogtwo hundred leeton the two hum ored a:d eevesty-stx feel un Empire slip, newly docked, 4c. Bare chance lor investment. J. D. HARVEI, SUBSCRIBER DESIRES TO A REST A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE^ (15 VABVhU ««. .MICHIGAN AVENUE. nnoiT»&n»i. <J4 Choohrr of Commerce. GEORGE’o BENEVOLENT. AS cl officcis takes place next Monday evening, April Ist. lu'crder tnat members may v-te th»lr dne* must be paid up. A frill atterdance 1* requested. The lollowirc ccnUcjjeo are authorized to receive subscriptiuns due »he Society: Mr. A-BoonuwnetDrsrbom and Madison-su. Joszra Sonar. Druggist, (3 Rttiac-»t. K. ShaTT*. 135 «■«; Baud'* Ph-at, - Jdocni BrrLCT. 335 South Clars-st. By order. A> BOOTH. FreeUent Tnos. E- Ponaox. Becordiat Secretary. JgOAUD OF TEADR SPECIAL - NOTICE. The Annual Btctlca for president. First and Second Vue PmlJects, five Directors, five Members of the Committee ol Arbttratlrn. and five Mcmoers of the Committee of Appeal?, will be held on KOSDAT, April Ist, 18G7, Between the boar* rl ios.m.aad3p,in. By order of the Board. JSU. F. DEATV. Secretary. BBS. H. AZ«?ZI7ZZ ter service* as aa the isdlf* ot chlcaeo aad vicinity. wita the best med ical reterence, Acdrest lS32>otth-av. ftlasoiuc notices. MASONIC.—Tbcre will be » Special L>J C-nvocatlos of LaFaycU* chapter >o. -sU. A. 24., at tbeli bail in the Majoalc Temple, evening, at 7* o'clock. M vetk oa A fail ud punctual attendance I* desired. Msitari coMUUrttnuK!. Kroner TUCMBi Chicago, Monday, April 1,1967. MASONIC—' Tdc regular quarterly TEfetlECfl tu Directors cftb« Cbtcaso tic itotvvolent A-sscaiUoa wUI tasc place at Cleveland Lodge U»d, M' odty, APtU wV3o ctocl. p tonne ciecuon oi oncer* _ * * secretary. gitawsportatlon. F)R RACINE AND MILWAUKEE, AUDPOBTSSOaTB OPIDLiWAUKEE. • ■ The Steamer Sea Bird, On tIOFDATMORKIHO. APRIL 1. AT 9 O’CLOCK. cut Btg (Sturts NEW GOODS Large Arrivals of Spring Goods P. I. MLM fc-COl NEW FIRM! NEW GOODS'! ind a X'ew Way of Stllin; Them, AT THE OLD STAND OF PUTNEY, KNIQHT & HAMtIN, 105 & 107 LAKE. STRICT!! ONE-PRICE SYSTEM, SO MISBEPBESESTATIONS. Goods Always Warranted as Brpresented, or Honej Refunded. FBICES GUAHAJMTEIJD! Any child can be seal to oor store, as oar GOODS ANDPKICB3 ABE WAERANTKD. We shall always’ Keep the DKST MARES of Goods, and at prices NOT TOBB UNDERSOLD. Our Stock is Now Complete. Everything Desirable In Spring Goods. Our Domestic Stock It now full acd perfect, and will always bo Kept ao. liO Caaes Good Prints at 13 rents. 13 Cases 1-4 Supetlor Pleached Colton, 120 ccata. Fins Dro. Cotton. 13 cents. Ail (trails* BUEETINO, ITI.LOtV-CAHR COTTONS, tad other UUMB9TIC9 In proportion. LINEN GOODS, Fit (MI AUCTION. 10 Pairs Crash, naiy 10 cents. 10 i’alm Kuper Crash, only j2M rrats. 3'lo Doicn Dinmlt Napkins at 13.50. worth 13. M. 300 Poitn Hark Towel* only |7 rents. 4-1 ;r*. h-I Dirsritad Llnru,9l,|*jv, worth 91.15. Llocu bUtnißfif, all crodra, rare chrup. Oar Flannel Stock Complete. Our Cloth Stock Full of Bargains. oncoe~UooD9. Everything New and Desirable. BC.AC SL ALPACAS Pram Anoiion, at Extremely Low Prices. ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF Travelling: Dress Goods AND Goods for Street Suits. Mourning Goods. A FULL AND COMPLETE STOCK. TRIMMINGS AND RIBBONS. Particular attention is paid to thla Decartmeat, which l* under lh» Immediate supervision of MB. A. 8. FIERCE, who will be found always at bis post to receive and wait open his many friends and custo. moa. and show them a« the novelties 01 the season, at ASTONISHING LOW PRICES. HOSIERY. A FULL STOCK. Gents’ and Indies’ Underwear. A FULL.STOCK. Thanking the public f&r past favor*, we would re soectfnl y solicit a continuance of tbelr patronage. OarGooo* will ALWAYS BB SHOWN FREELY, with fourteen* treatment to aQ. ana sold at PRICES to keep trade lively. F. N. HAMLIN & CO., 105 & 107 Lahe-st., CHICAGO, ELL. SIGH OF THE GOLDEN EAGLE. BAKER, HICKOK & CO., 141 LAS E-ST. Have enlarged and refitted their storej and are now opening a very extensive stock of SPRIER GOODS Of every description, which they are offering- at their usually LOW PRICES. Blr. O’. VOZiWZOBB, for the past twelve years in charge of ?■ Pal mer’s cloQk and shawl Department* is now associated with ns, and will give his experience and especial at* tontion to this department. BAKER, HICKOK & CO. STOKE, NEW GOODS, lOW PRICES. BOSENATJ BEOS,, OO LAKE-ST. We win eell the balance of oar Damaged Goods at oar Kew Store, at a GREAT SACRIFICE. thportant notice to the X TRADE. W. E. BURi-OCK &CO., 44 Lake-**-. C*»!c»«o. . Anuta lor tbs celebrated - Key* woe"Otoea Imitation COIiLABS. ihn. *h* ußnrii” patrated “Railroad** ecam- *}*%*&'•&**. uStoanr oS« m toemarket, at maantacturera* nr&M. aWI hesoonarters for lb« •* Dari oca “ cole. ffiSS - mS.SS° a wlltt sum. .id •• sur- SUIU. 44 Lato-*t„ C&icaso. NUMBER 294. . Carpets. 1 CARPETS !| CARPETS!; CARPETS!; CARPETS! CARPETS! CARPETS! CARPETS! : VP~ The Oldest Carpet ilooM latbe. i Wot. i Ur Oar Stocic is the 1 amort ever ci iMiblted WertofNdW .York. C 3T We scaarantee cor prices to be as low as any Moose ia tbo United States. Carpets, Oil Cloths, Curtains, Hath esses, Malting, | Feathers, !<fcc., * ‘ &o. BARGAINS! AT THE Great Carpet Hall HOLLISTEE & PHELPS, 136 & 137 Lake*9t. Do cot OUIto ttinla* oar etock before parehaalnc. ©lasstoate, 3Lamps, &c. 71 and 73 Bandolph-St. Glassware, Lamps, Fruit Jars, Sold at a slight adranco on Factory Prices. dfutuitm. CHAS. TOBEY, 87 & 80 BXATE-SX. Furniture, BEDniNG, MIRRORS, &C, Of Every I>c«orlptlon. Parties wanting such goods will oon a«it their own loterest* by examining my immense assortment ofnow goods; prices; 6tc. Chicago, March M, 1887. Uccturcs. QUOaUX’S OPEKA HOUSE. WENDELL PHILLIPS jjnc ilk xmiupv; SUNDAY EVENING, March 31« L, Fcr the Beseflt 9 f the Free Hospital forTf omen and Children, CcninCßClognt'TK o'clock. Ticket* 30 cent*, including Reserved Scats—for sale on SATURDAY beoreeo Die bonraof 9 and 4, and on the aftertKK c and eriping of SUNDAY, at the Ticket QfH( e or Crosby’s Opera House. fttpnm » jidiiniirpi PLEAN WATER •• CLEAN CLOTfI.ES. \J -THE Chicago Steam Laundry Are toning out splendid work. Ladles try ns. Orders sent by post, addressed. CHICAGO STEAM LAUN DRY, 9*i West UadDon-s:., prompt y attended to. p AHPETsTLAcisrnOOP skirts, V i anything and even thing, large and small, done op in splendid style at the Chicago Steam Laundry, ■V-Q chemicals used at oxjr LAUNDRY. ’ Steam, soap and elbow grease. p OODS DAMAGED BY WATER, \Xdried, or watbsd and dried in one day. Thelargest BUYING BOOM In Chicago. 92 Wcit Miullioa-at. J^ADIEB, Cali and See Us Do Your Work, At 93 West IHadiaon-8t» ]ypr WASHING IB DONE AT THE CHICAGO STEAM LAUSDRT. Bow Pretty It Books. 03 Wet Madlson-e«t. sH)Otogtapljß. IAQ THE ONLT PLACED -1(10 Juo BRASD’B elegant Gallerr (10S IWO LakMi.) is the only plecs where joq can procure those beautiful pew pictures, the PHOTO-PORTRAIT. ProL w.O. SItTLL has been earned exelusively by Ur. Brand, and such work as be proa aces has never been even attempted before la this country- Copies troa old pictures made equal to those taken from tire. Any chance cf dress to the prevailing modes, made without changing the likeness. The public are cordi ally invited to call and examine specimens. Cartes-de-Tisite only SI.OO per Dozen. QHAKLIE MOTHER MAKES THE BEs*T PHOTOGRAPH*. „ the dty for One Dollar Per Dozen. TbaVs so nut's re. r. B.—Ras reduced the price of his Cabinet Album Size to Five Dollars per Dozen. Call and see them. SiSaantcb AFIteTCLABS PENMAN, COS RESPONDENT mud BOOK-KEEPER. d'ilres to make an engagement from M»y Ut, with some Banking Houso, or ether GOOD ESTABLISHMENT. FlrsHOass, artistic work rnsraoteod and a (air compenl.tion re quired. Satirtkctoty references given upon a personal interview. Address, for one week. at Trlbnna Office, “JACQUES." 'J’O ARCHITECTS. A first-class Draughtsman Can find steady employment by immediate application » * E.DURLISG & CO.. 110 LaSsile-st. do JaCUt <TO RENT— A SUITE OF FINE BOOHS. On tbMlr t floor of “Bank Bnlldlnr,** >fo. 33 Dear bers-eu. reliable tor Insarance, Commission or Law* yets* clficcs. Inquire of _ • ' GEO. B. CHITTENDEN, Boom Ko.T, tame floor. QHEAP DOCK ON MAIN BRANCH TO KENT, <C (ret frent by 125 deep. Apply at 326 North Water-st. fjpO-RENT — Offices in the Chombff of Commerce. OCI cm Ko«. 10 and IS, on main floor. Apply at Office So. u ratmOKP, Sccfr. JDcntiSttg. HpEETH EXTRACTED I MTTHOCT paw. BT THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, 11 b Dearborn-et. (Times Bonding.) They we foe* pisßimfos Oxide Gas,whichU safowhsnpore and judiciously Instruction. Arctic. MUSIC. A Ltdy having tea years* experience la Sew York, dettrea papll* for Plano ardQottar. Terms 115 per 2l iMtons Address “MUslC,** 240 Fnltoa-et. 3Bjie anb Ear. UvR. tTNDEKWOOD. BVB AND HAS* Cocsnlttss and Operauve borgeon for all anadNnnafUts ct the,B7* 124 BAHDOLPd-ST. _ (7'Crcfo Eyes auaightenedta eat tnlanw* insurance (Companies, MUTUAL HEALTH Insurance Company, 25 Lombard Block, Cor. Hoaroe and Dearborn sts., Chicago. Gaaranfeed paid np Capital, -. $25,000.00. CBAB. HOLLAND, Freeldeat. J. CSDj*. KIJiCS. Jnecrewry. !• C* BABBEB, AM'tTrCMHKT> SZBSCTOBS fTT/-S. HOLLAND, L C. TUBBBR E. A. AXDBEWS, J. k. iiHsrar, H. A. CAULKS. This Company. hiring Ihfly perfected its organiza tion*'l mow prepared to issue Policies of HEALTH INSURANCE Against General Diseases, * l *' To an amount of frost $5 to SSO 7£3 WEES. This Is the only Chartered Health Insurance compa ny In ihe country, end a pioneer Lx this branch of Un derwriting. The Company is purely mutual; each person on be coming insured is entitled loshare In the produof the business, and we ftel confident that by the assured keeping his renewals up for ten years, the profits of h» , Insurance wui forever there liter pay his premiums. 1 Our systetaa are entirely original, and are our own. Ko system ot the kind was ever bersre offered, sad w© lecl sure they have only to become known to m doxy appreciated. Our premiums are arranged wuh care, alter yean of careful study, to correct the evils of the old systems. All applications tor Agencies may be addressed to the bccretary, and they will receive prompt stuntion. J. K. MURPHY, General Agent for Chicago, NO. OS LA SALLE-ST. g Challenge. 'J'O PAI-EK MANUFACTURERS. Hydrostatic vs. Pneumatic. A CHALLENGE! i lhe Mydroetattc Paper CoTtKny haro pnb* Itttcd that my Pneumatic I*atcoU jor the trrvmont of mdct are iptimavtocnta ot patent* held p. the fc uymoitatle Paper CompatT tor acebinpliabm* the mil« pmp.iebjf bydmuue pmwren-t and, wnaiwu, tbiy e aim 11 h.TO obiatttd a teisan* oi mi ordro •ttucpaia&te, tnerndj-rax wet. hrdfwtypatnlo and pcramailc pmauie. aca Uut aald reiuuflli valid nft attedateemmiaratcnta. Now. for the purpoMof •etUlak thUconifonrfy. anotbr rich* >ftb) parti** In tbt* rrcrauf’, 1 propoao end ame t j fabait mrt«ld pneumatic patuu, aad al’ quotum of neat arialna uuirr ' bo *»mf, to the arbitrament oi taroo competent U»yira if ch c**o,ol which I will cb«*o>e on* aifd Uydrrmttc Company aball eho<»ii»aniiUcr, and tbuM touacbotmihaii latneatMrd.wb-. ihall con.mato a board ol artmratnra.whiihOl bsempownedtobtar andcetermlre all question* ot intnarementi and to that rndl will aialaa In blank my pnedn atlc Patenta. a.udellter Uip.arneioaaidhoarTt, atdthn Preildmt cf aald IlydroataUoPaoer company, ot tome peraoo anthotUed I t it. ahali n«asgn li blank aa'd Dydrnatatlo Paienta, or tbo r*t**ue of the aeme. held by *ald C< ra- K. aid ihail deliver the aame to laid board of arid, irai apdlbcea'd board abad he ampovared ta htar and determine whether aald Pneumatic Patent* ar- an InTrinrrmrol or itm nahta ol aaid Company, or whether eal.f llydroatatte imienta have be«n lova;irta. tad by luirandi-r and releaneof tliatatu*. and whether (he aald reiiaurd patenu do not. ta tarma, ihfrtnae my Mid patrol or! and ina aald board ahtll I- au' thoiUedtu deliver UMhenariy Whuaa runt* am ttw mPkrdhyellhrref aald PatetW, laid mfllßglea pat* enu. l.» be Ihn property rl (hr party n whom ip..y are thua <, « n «he t>*y i of iheObU'idaralioo o| onn (IDOixtar to the oilier parly, Um» ending wlur* lbc/dUi'Ul« between Uieaatdpartlr*. 11. IK* MEKUU. KflrtKdwaril*. Mawh W, IM7. dfurutstjtug ©oobs. KING, KELLOGG & CO. 24k Sl 26 laln.Bt, JODQEE3 Of BEiDYJiDE cioreme ——•« -f.- •*.« *ubtargen stoczis their lioo to be found in the West, to which they invite the attention of Merchants. Sale of Stock. p HEAT bALE OF BLOODE3 STORK. The undersigned haring told his tana at Ole-cii Btattoc, Chicago &■ Milwaukee H. U,mllss a irih of Chicago, win .eil, onTOURdUAY, Ap:U 4th. all his Taloab'.e ttocic. con»«** , or Um£r1 > o *°* **7 Membnoo Woodrord. be by 5 4 and 5-ytar old poote*. broken to rideand drive. 1 4-yrar old bail. A bert £awafd, No. L 5« Short Honed Herd Book. l i.year Albert Jfaaard oat cl a thorough* bred Oow. 8 tharoUßbi>rrd Durham cam- S thoroughbred Car. has brlftrs, 1 Aldersy cow. 3 stern, 2 cnemia ciw», 1 pair work moles, 1 pair wort oxen. 30 Booth Down bnekt and ewa. IX ewes, with* lamb* at their aide*, got by booth r ack*, an of Mi fhrmateEfils and household fornltare. Terms made known on day cT sals. AH tr«m» wul step on that day. J.U. Coe. cn the firm, win answer all lnqulr»ea on the snhj-ct. W. S. GLKNSS. abbertising agents. TO ADVERTISERS. Advertisements or Notices inserted In EASTERN NEWSPAPERS WESTERN NEWSPAPERS, SOUTHERN NEWSPAPERS, GERMAN NEWSPAPERS, RELIGIOUS NEWSPAPERS, AGRICULTURAL NEWSPAPERS, PICTORIAL NEWSPAPERS, Periodicals, Magazines, Journals, Ac., upon the most farotabie terms, by COOK, COBURN Sc CO„ Advertising Agents, OSlce S 7 Dearoonut., Uoim 11. Business Caws. JOSEPH J. SIDDaLL, ** dispensing chemist, Df»Jer In Fla- Imported Pcrfame-te*. 8o«9% Tseth Brush*m Tollst Articles etc., IK3 we« llaolijn •st~ corner of iJsbird. special attention to phyilciacs’ Prsscrlptloa*. gMOEED MEATS. E. P.MARIH, •WHOLESALE DEALER IS PORE, BEEF, LARD, ASD SMOKED MEATS, 150 SOUTH WATEH-STe 825,000 T 0 LOAN On Heavy Woollens, Heavy Clothier. Rocts and Shoes, or other merchaidfae, far six months. In sams not less thanlLCW- Address P. O. Box 233»- $25,000 TOLOAN AT 8 PEK CENT, on Improved city property. 91. U. HESSbIWY. 2S Open Boose. $15,000 TO ZsOAJO’ For Are years, on improved Beal Estate la this dtr. _ PSU^ue-sU TirICHIGAN SOUTHERN&NORTH -1?X EEN INDIANA B. 3. CO. Ko.t* WiLila* Erazrr. > N*w To**, Sftareb 15.1351. S Theaaanal ejection tor Directors of this Company will be held at the Oompaot’s office In Toledo,Ohio, on Wedneidar, the ?4tb day ot April next, at nocn. The polls will remain open, until 2 p.m. The Stock Transfer Books will ba eleven on the SOlb list, at 2P. nuaod reopened proximo at 10 a. m. D. m. naßlirPT. Secretary. _ dfot ■pOB SAT.-R OR EXCHANGE— Harup to tire pcs«c*sloo of the store center of Clark and Washlngunats^ The Stock Must bo Sold ot Once. will be txcbaecrd for g od real estite or other TpOB SALE — , SS3EI3Z>S. 130 besbt's Osage Orange Seed, warranted caw need andofchcl«eqcsilt?. Also. a l-w lots at sowing Flax* rerd, Timothy. Clover. Hanearian and itUiet Seed*, orders for uU or parehare t( S*.ed Wheat, Uata.flar* Icy. Core. etc., promptly and carefully executed. We are sescral Comm salon Merchant, but make heeds a specialty In ttwlr season.- J.SHERUARD <t CO.. General Ccmnilsakin Merchant/, 219 SoaUi Watcr-jt. rfO CAPITALISTS. _L . UiLVAdxkz. Hath (. 1967. uantg deeded to re'tajmsh bndteM, we otLr oar e«tabiiab3.ent ar sale. Ox.r house was BfcT ABZiSSHSB xm 18A6, Hasb?enlaexul«meo2lvcar*.aLd is now plac'd on a saX-, Urm aoc permanent haili. and to met. of capital who are ecslrooa oC embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and jobbing only )toU are* ser.U a rare end valuable opLortunlty. Oor swri li lal, ea tracea none bat the most *s*p*e goods, ana the tnsitm Is to petlfcrt ranting order. D. BU'lWtitTH A MOSS Wholesale prncglsta.hLlwankee.Wts. TTiAX SEED., X PLAX SEED EOS SOWISQ, (Tiolce snd well joreaed. for wdo tor fi,x- CrondLtnreea Csk*. BiebMt pr^^ ou Wono, ,se«tocrojb.atG()ULD BhO» Borea and 441030 between - n.iiw** m A fPI ? Irr°S ,, —.f. nhio BM«r»e Better—naa yelow extta BtJTTEB— oeio wTO express. **“'• ** “t'ferra, co. wi i»u4 w.wr.t. Heal Estate JJtili ESTATE. tOR SALI AT TOE HEAL ESTATE OFFICE OF Clatfe-Layton & > Thirty choice 50-Coot !oU la the Qrore. south of Chicago unirenity, la thesabdlslfioaoiaie old Da Gardens. Also, thirty choice lota jut north of Bgsn-*T„ m OTOT3. Iheahore property U now fee. the am ttmeoSa to the public la lots, and It Is th* meet cealrabta pet, erty jor mtdencet la South Chicago- Come quiet: 11 ypawant to purchase of fleet ha» and cheep. Also, several choice lota la thertctnltyoftneC csro U&iTciltr: cole as finxryeen* tune—lnto at 4 per cent- - - Alio, fine Basldenc* Lets on Lake, Warren. Faltc Madttou, Monroe and Adams-€ts.,ju«we»tof Uah Fatk, at a bargain and on time. Aao, geseaSy, Houses and Lou in all parts of C city. Ten new Cottage* on the South Bide. Sn sale on ea’ terns of paymett 118 ffashlaatotwu JT 0R SALE—A VERY DESIKABK Two-Story Frame House Trick Basement, with all modern Improvements, cot tlsdus of Hot-Air Furnaces, Hctaod Cold Water, Mu Ke Ma-Ura, Speaking Tuba. BaUi Boom, *r-, with ‘ years’ lease cf !ol at a low rate. PRICE, SO,OOO. Terms easy. Inquires! 850 STATE-gT. yaprr. 'J'HE CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse: DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPER DEALER^ Paper Makers’ findings, Ckeraicals, ete. 170 Saadolph-«t«| CUeago* WeofferibraaJetodealer* ami oomuaer* 2*952 Handle* Hew*and Print. 3.000 do do do . 1,300 do do do , 3.3()(1 do do do . 3.0110 do do do lAoO do do • do • SJ>M do do do 1.9*00 do do do . •1,1100 do do do i-liHI do do do ! l.ltOO do do* do , SBO do do do EjtJ* ■!**■ mad# toorderoa abort dotted. ForMle at the lowm market price* tot CASfL Stork Subscriptions. piiOSPLOTCS OF “The Chicago Fibre tPaper Co.” Capital Steak - - $500,000, Five Etmdred Shorn, SI,OOO Each. Thi» Company haa been orgaoued under the '**aerei lawioJ the i tateoi l liin.ii, tor the oaragent m%aw» fltciminaall kinds cd PAPSltjind rreparmr riDim tor nicer purariaa rr..m ibe WU.O OltAsi* lotiad la lhi« Tlclnfir la treat asondance. The practioal iieTetoDmant and atilltina ol rank at* lerlal haa been tthcW utoan the UTWlaiih and tb« arrrral ratmta laanod to MR. IIAWUIHON B. MRKCII. ef Fort hdwarda. Hew fork. Tbia Company bartaa PunbuM friitn Mr. Meecb all nC lb*aald imUnt* tow lnato'..wli)»tH*l»w. n>»|tj liunola, Ind Una. Mloni ■an, vrifctMiain. lowaand Mlaa.aou, tr*nowbrep«ff«s Uirrr.tvaa ji«.it«d amouat ot aßbacrtpUUßa (• os C.pua) at.Tk. In ioTitlng aoNwrlnilAca td thU Shwt, wo woal4 ilat* that iha Company are Dow tfts o mere ot lea BATAVIA PAPEB MILLS Which am prodtteiet at ino preaeni ttma two <t) toss p«i day «f prut paiwr, ihu Mill haa bnitthun and w»>r power of *n<fai»et eapariiy, ahead* <nKted,«nd m t-omnliuc to ratalM I two (I) acdlltooal maehlo**. which mra hoar, ordsrad. amt UUutiui»<idcan no pnl in runnhik orrttr or. at before UMlratdaTOi May n*it, wnl*h wi.l tnrmaa the capacity and or.dneurf (be *ad Mi a n at ( t.’oa pet day, lha', at tbe pnaeui xaikat prlf/a. aboahl Jlnid 10l bit Company a very •Ml.Tactjfy pr(ou 1 ho h.tnreor.erbtiona f t feu CAspana cout'mn'atA the erfrrjiin, «»r co* Mihdatint of <whaf mil:* wiia uatr nniemnae, within the prewnt year, l.aulnt t?e fui naonbl nf tne'.r Stock, and which wul probably am (ban doable the (oreffoins c«Umatp ot prodrxtor Print, Kjmllls and Wrapping Psper*. Thlt Crmpanr h*Ttmr proenrod acaartar trotn tbs Lctiauioroof tie mate ot Illisola, tncreMing Uetr capital to on. mU ion of da.tan, rworraottn* tieder CielrChartrr prtTUtc*a. Tbe Stoca Itooaaan new open tor inbacnrtmn to the''toe*, at th» on cos of »tewn. I)ICKKRSO> A SHEBMA.N. 170 Kan- tllfhrtber lnt n rc > .aUoe. at to tbe oaV •y», *r- wii »tw«- XU DMAS S. DICKEBSO3, FresH. Gin B.MO-8. VlcePlca’u (Formerly rrcalceat Qatar!a Paper Min Co 4 WM. HANBDEOCGa.SecT. t. M. W. bIQtBUAK. Twmfr. grpicss (Sompar-lrg. rjHE MERCHANTS' UNION Express Company. CAPITAL . - *30,000,009. i Owned aad Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CABUIE9 BY EXPBBHM. Blnn, Taiaa blesi Freight nd Parcels* seer more tbss of 13,000 miles ot Express Line, at Jas> ud w liberal rates, saves Mtllisas yearly to Ex* press Shippers* and can be made senuom ( only by their liberal patronage. Tula w® » hope to merit sad receive. Office, Not. 103,105* 107 ft 109 Demrbora-at, S. az. COOPSS ftyeat* Uanks anh ISanfurs. ipUtST NATIONAL BANK Corner of Lira sod Clirk-ra. PAID IN CAPITAL 81.00O«0M. FOREIGN EXCHANGE _ nnvn la scsis to suit on ad tie principal Ruropen ctaes 1/ETTEKS UP CREDIT limed, available la all parrs of Europe. UOmSnENT mi!»DS Bought ard sold. 7-53» cout cited at market rate*, fiaat Jl. Kicnssox, mat- F. 1). Gur, Vice PvoaT- C it. trwh C'afOlef. Chaj. J.PcmcrTT.A*«tCasfc. Tins SLOW, LANIER & CO, '' issue LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travel!*™, available in all parts of Europe. NCS. 5*7 « ag FISB-STn SKW TORg. rfHE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO- X FORE existing under the firm name of S HITS A PLOWS, u this day absolved by mutual coaient. Wa. j. Plows bavins disposed of hla Interest to C, S. SMITH-who will continue the business under the am name of C. R. SMITH & CO., And who will pay an indebtedness ol the late Ann. sctl la alone authorized to collect all bills arm. Chicago. March 27. ISG7. W. J. PLOWS. Neto jHusic. MUSIC. “The Moonbeams are Dancing To-night,-Lore.” M The moonbeams are dancing to-night lore. On rivet and leaf with deUsht, lore. The dear trtredly star* twinkle bright, lorev 'While t tone my lad barp to tnee; Tbeo ware, maiden (air. trom thy slumbers. And lut to my low breathing Lumbers, Ab sleep 1 tby embracing ee cambers That form which Is dearest to mt" A beautiful serenade with chores, reliable for ontf> nary rotors. Eey ot G, easy aeeompaniaept for Plano. Composed by A. Wearer; price 35 imh- Po&usbed by LfOH a HE ALT, Clark and Wasblnc ton-atv. Chicago. Rubber ©obbs. JJEMOTAL. Hailock &. Wheeler, (tfnccesMrs to John B. Idesen Oc Ce..> HAVE REMOVED TO No. 143 Laka-atrect, Between CUzftaad LaSalle. Best quality Tnicanlxed Butler Btllinir, Packing and Box. Superior Oak-Tanned LEATHER BEUTIXG. And every variety of RUBBER GOODS, Wholesale and Retail, at the lowest gai'-gm prices. ffinal. H. N. HOLT, rv,—— i««iqp Dealer and Shipper ot COAL! irasfcuw. ortosfilWßrliniGaaalaierO^ at misers' prices. Office sa. 6, HsW York jHacbingta- 44TJKICK. MACHEfK.” . - 0 douisxas • PATENT BRldtßfACHiraa. Office. rgsomHUa. 3k <yc^hes.»<aQQtk».^-P. ri AR5^.-rajHß*» ii ’ BBJLBK as&omNb. Offioa vA xannrwWsry 33 Sontai VahnoMb fcr »4<asCf« ......S.TbXT lOztHj]