Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 1, 1867 Page 1
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FROM ST. LOUIS. Destructive Fire. The Lindell House, with all its Con tents, Burned. sl.Go",ooo—lnsurance About $490,000. Less - FROM EUROPE. Prussian Complication in Luxembourg’. Suffrage Question in Parliament FROM MEXICO. The Usual of Reports and Humors, Another Revolution inHayti Geffrard .Defeated and Flies. FROM WASHINGTON. Disgraceful Trading Receipts from Internal Revenue, Terrible Prize Fight in Kansas. One Hundred and Sixty-fire Rounds. FROJff ST. lOUIS. Destruction of the Lindell Hotel by Fire— Fnmlmre, Stores Underneath st>d Conienis Entirely Drttroj c - Loss over sl,6oo,ooo—About SIOO,OOO In snniDce—Full parncnlars, Ac. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tnb one.] St. Locis, March 31. A fire broke out in the lindcll Bold last even ing, about nine o'clock. When first seen it was la tbe seventh story, but toon spread to tbc sixth, and then wrapped the entire building In finjncß. The fire was supposed to have originated Irom a pas JeL About eleven o'clock the wall on lie south eastern comer fell into tbe street, and thejv hole was a total lc» 3. The conflagration was a temble and gloiiovt sight. Tbc losses, as near as I could gather In tbe contusion, were as follows: Ihe bailUmr, owned H)y Edgar Ames ard Henry Ames, Jr., is a total loss. It was in* snrrd lor t3U*,vOQ, mostly In various local com* panics. Ihe lessees were Hatch, Weaver, Felt &. Co. Bui lit le furniture was saved; but they had an insurance of £IOO,OOO on it. There was also about £IOO,CGO insurance on the stocks of tbc htores In tbc building. Tbe losses are estimated at about talfa million dollars in all.* St. Locis, March SI —The Lmdell Hotel, the largest bnDdlng ol its hind on this continent, if rot In tbc world, was totally d«-sirojed by fire last night. There is a good ocai ot mystery abont the origin of the fire, but the most reliable accounts are that It broke on* Is one of tbc wceUrout room in the fifth story, about halt-past eight o'clock; hut the alarm was not sounded till after nine o'clock. At thu time the ore was confined to the Iwo rooms on that fi<*or, bat owing to the extreme height of tbe bmldtng, and the great difficulty of reaching the fire with the hose. U gradually as cended rill it broke through the sixth ard seventh stories, and reached tbe roof, near tbe north west comer of the building. From this point the fire rapidly extended underneath the roof across tbc entire v loth uf the hotel to the Fast Sixth street front, and then moved rapidly downward till the whole structure was enveloped in Camts. Vp to this time the fire spread across the building. It was the general belief tout the lower part of tbe bold would be saved; but as soon as tbe Danes reached the elevators and inner courts, up and through which strong currents of a!r rushed, the fire received new and powerful Impetus, and all hope uf staying the devouring dement was lo»t. The efforts of the firemen were not relaxed, however, and the full force of tbe Fire Department was pul forth •until three o'clock, at which time all the Inner work was consumed, and a consider able portion of the walls had tatleu ; and what was once tbe stateliest, most Imposing end hand somest hotel In tbc country, was a mats of crum bling, blackened ruins. The building was owned by the estate of Henry Ames & Co„ Edgar Ames being the representa tive of the property. Its original cost was s little over £300,000, end it was bought by Amea & Co., In December, IKS, two mon’Jn after it opened, for £373.W«0. The insurance on tie ‘ hotel wwnmn ta ihr.o hundred and too thousand dol lars, i-eventy to eighty thousand of which is in Eastern companies, mainly New York, Brook lyn and Philadelphia. The lessee* were Hatch, Weaver & Felt, whose loss cm fnmitnre aud stores is about £500,000 insured for £IOO,OOO. But little of the furniture was saved. There were abont 400 guests in the hold, a large number of whom consisted of families boarding in the bouse. Tbe latter lost most of their personal effects, owing to the confoslon and excitement prevailing, and the disbelief that the bouse would be destroyed, untiljlt was too late to remove them. The loss from this source probably reached *IOO,OOO. The goods in thertorea underneath the hotel were almost totally destroyed, although there was abundant time to save them. Loss probably *50.000. Thetotiilloßsbyihe dlsaaterwill scarcely be lesa than 11,000,000. A list of tbe losing companies will begivenaseoon as obtained. Tbe fire was st-m at a distance of twenty-seven miles from the dtr. Mr, Ames says be'shall not rebuild tic botch but a number of prominent citizens have taken tbe marter in hand and exer tions will b» made to efleet Its reconstruction. Sr. Louis, March 21.—The following is a partial list ofMr. Ames’ Insurance on the hotel: *IO,OOO each in the Phcolx and Lortllard (New York), and North America, of Philadelphia; Commerce, of Albany; and *IO,OOO each In the followicg SL Louis companies: Marine, Globe, Citizen’s, At lantic, United States, SL Louis, Mound City, Missouri, Stale, Mutual, Home, and Pacific, Batch, Weaver, Felt & Co. bad the following, among other, insurance on furniture: *5,000 each in tbe Continental, Washington, Jefferson, St, Louis, and Excelsior; *IO,OOO m the Pacific, Na tional. and Mississippi Valley—all St. Louis offi ces ; and *5,000 in the Xlna, of Hartford. This fire Is the most serious calamity that has befallen St. Louta since the great fire in 1810, and is aiu alter of universal regret and sorrow. The value of surrounding property has already de preciated ten lo twenty per cent, and if the hotel is not rcbult this depreciation will be felt for a distance of msny blocks. The weather is wot and cold. A slight snow fell this morning. Caibo, March 3L—Over *IO,OOO hivo been sub scribed bare for the relief of the destitute sol diers. Captain Vardcring of the Freo-h Army, and Admiral Tcgeihoff of the Austrian Navy, are atopping at tbe Southern Hotel. FBOH EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. zssrrr to rnusbiA. Bbcbsels, March 31. Placards hostile to Prussia and favonog au alliance with France have been posted up in the streets of Luxembourg. Ihe Prussian com mander at the Fortress of Luxembourg has claimed that an insult was offered to his Govern ment- most THE EAST. Lokdos, March 81. A despatch from Belgrade states that the Prince Scrvia left that city yesterday for Constantinople. Kew lork Produce market* iKpecUl Despatch to the Chi taco Trtouue.l New Yoke, iUrca 39. Flour—lnterior and choice grades a:e neglected and dioDpUiC: cood extras and fair double extra* have steady sale* at *l3 JbaiS.oo. Wheat—Salt* mottlr California, which is growing in favor with miller.; food spring closed steady at a de cline of 7c for the week. Cots—Very heavy, and other coarse grains dull. Pork—Cloicd unsettled and nominal at StXC for res- Cut Meals and Bacon—'Very heavy. t Lard—o ulct. Freights to Cork—A vessel with com 5* 9d per quar ter. Bwlae—Jtrctipt* JA 0. Firm at Whiskey—SCO brls Westers sold at *3.0035.00. Alvotul—<9c. Coltoe—Quiet and Cnn; 1U022<322tfc. Bucar—Mere steady; lair to prime grocery lOtf® UKc. BI STEADIES. Disraeli’* Reform Scheme— Rebate In Pvlumcnt-Arrest of an American Ccnnnu«l«ner to Paris Amnesty to Freuca Political prison era by Rusal*} &c. Klw Took, March SL—The steamship Sbennan from Bremen the ISthanu Souihumptor the 2jth! with five hundred and seventy-debt paaronzera, armed thia evening. She was delayed by ice. KevyTouk. March 31—The Eteamthip City or Pane, IromUverpool March 50th and Ciueeastotvn the 2 1st, arrived here at six o'clock (his afternoon. £he t-riiis* seven hundred and ninetj-;evea pas icugers. in the House of Commons, on the 13ih, Dis raeli, in an nole and brilliant speech, proposed tie Government Reform scheme. lie Mild, with a view of settling the Reform question the Government p oposed s household suffrage fraoch'se, wliu r* »• years residential and tax paving conditions. Out ol SVOj householders In England and WaleSjiipt voters, this proposition would enfrau elite 237,000, bc.-< asing the borough voters to 531.C00. The principle left 488,000 Uou-ohuldera without a vote, who, as they did pot pay their mcn,wuoi(. not becomequalified. Tbe«»overu r'f-i thoncM H rte«ltan!c and offered the com poond honseholdcrs the «p ort'imty to • -f the urtvliege of voting upon fulfilling their constitutional duties, lu-oiu not s ate, however, wlun form the op portunity would take. Ee t'jen enumerated the fancy fiarciacs, namely: A vole to every person who pays twenty shillings in direct tax, n« by p ’Sficetlon £"> in the say.ucs b; nka <■ r Pond?, and u> members of learned professions. Ee contradicted the »t*temeDt that the posses tor ot any four franchises would have the profit in addition to what he was entitled to by being a householder. He explained that the person who paid twenty eUlUlnea either as In come tax or assessed taxes but not taxed under licenses, should alone have the privilege. Both of the franchises proposed reduce the county franchise to £ls ratirfg. Dis raeli estimated the scheme would ado 1,000,000 voters in boroughs and Cuo,ooo in the countries. Ur. Gladstone severely criticised the scheme, and be declined to accept Disraeli’s figures, re- or the new voters as men in ockram. He denounced the dual vote as a gi gantic iraud, and expressed the opinion that the bill would never pass us a whole. Mr. Lowe and other supporters of tbs Govern ment opposed the hill. The Liberal journals, in cluding the Timet, all consider there is little chance for the b'H, and call for the abandonment of the duality principle at once—that proposition alone being le al to the whole scheme. E. G. >gmer, appointed to act as juror at the Paris Ex ostion, was arrested on some liabilities in connection with his former luter-occrnlc scheme, and was detained as prisoner at Lancas ter Castle. It is stated that the Pope agrees to allow* the Italian troops to enter hU State to assist the Pon tifical troops suppress brigandage. An'onelli op posed the proposition. It Is announced the Emperor of Russia has ex tended amnesty to all Frenchmen exiled to Si beria for connection with the Polish revolt. German Parliament an amend ment toTfotxn a Constitution providing for free dom ofthc press and the right of public meeting was rejected on the Slet. Mr. u)ad>tone had convened a meeting of the Liberal members of the Bonse of Commons. Uls oncerstood, to agree on a course of opposition to the Government Reform Bill. The extra steamer Tripoli sailed from Queens town lor Hew York on the 20th with a large num ber of passengers. Rosa, March 20.—A proclamation has been is sued at Frissimotc offering a reword of GOO ecttdl lor the capture ot every brigand, dead or alive, and 1,280 send! for the capture of every chief of a band. FEOM WASmSGTOS. t Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] THE r&ESIhEST’e KOEIRATIOXS. Wasbisotok, March Si. All Dominations pending before the Senate yes terday are carried forward into the called cession. Among these are Rousseau, for Brigadier General of the Regular Army, and Kennedy, Commmla elonor of Agriculture. An effort was made to get these up for action yesterday but failed. The hostility to cx-Provost Marshal Fry was so positive that the Senate refused to rivo bin a Brevet Brigadier Generalship. General Steadman got Ms Revenue Colleclcrehip in New Orleans by three majority. Major William H. Johnston, of Cincinnati, was rejected as Paymaster yesterday. Be was also rejected four weeks agoby theThlrty ninth Congress. THE JOUST SELECT COEKimE 09 HETHE9CH3CE9T will hold sessions daring tbe recess, both in Washington and various of the principal c/les. It baa been Divided in enb-crmini trees, e,ch charged with special investigations or the security of public monev; method of tccoantablllty for the same; and the Printing Bureau. Tbe Treasury Department is referred to Edmunds and Halsey; general expenditures department, reduction of salaries, and expenditures for ordnance to Welker, Logan and Van Wyck; appointments in public service and abolition of useless offices to Senators Williams and Buckalew; captured auaahandonrd prope ty, including cotton, to Van Wyck, Randall and Welker. wobk or ro&Ttrni cohguess. Congress at the session just closed, passed twenty-sis bills and thirty-seven joint resolutions, all of which, except the Supplemental Reconstruc tion BUI, were signed by tbe President. UMO.V PACIFIC &AHJIOAD. Tbe affairs of the Union Pacific Railroad Com pany, Eastern Division, have been referred to tbe Uoueo Judiciary Committee for thorough investi gation. The poitn la issue is understood to be the right of possession to the road and rolling stock. UMCOI9 MOXUMEST. The Lincoln Monument Association met and organized yesterday. Senator Harlan is Presi dent; Representative Drlggs, Vice President; General bpirner. Treasurer, and there is a board of fifteen Directors, among whom are General Howard, Bishop bitspsau. Speaker Colfax, Judge she Jaharger. PostmasterGcneral Randall, Fred. Douglass, and .ex-Governor Andrew. Postmas ters throughout the country are constituted agents to collect ced forwaid contributions, and every body is milled to aid in building the monument. THE 6CPUXXE COCCT meets in special term to-morrow momisg. It is much behind in business, and will probably Bit four or five weeks. DELAwABS SEKATOC. There Is a rcuon that the Governor of Delaware will appoint Thomas A. Bayard, son of the former Senator ot that name, to the Senatorial vacancy. MIXED. A report of the late Contention at Raleigh shows that among th -sc sitting on tbe platform with negroes were several who, in the Johnson Convention of 1565, voted against giving ireedmen t-.e light to testify in courts. TBADI9O. The trading among Senators, Representatives and the President has been on a great scale- dur ing tbe last few weeks. Host of those who voted directly or indirectly against impeachment and against the summer meeting are being rewarded. Wbt-s rvo «cch claims lor service ceudered the President exist, a compromise Is demanded, by which Senators must agree to >bc confirmation of adibusonman for every Republican appointed. Son-e of those bargains are utterly disgraceful. Many members sre still here attempting to get offices in tbclr district--filled. ryTruKAX urvExite. WxsnnrGTOi,, March 31.—'The receipts from in ten al revenue are more than since ibe riet of July leCb, that is for thiee-fourths of afbealyear. It is said in official sources that there is no good reason for supposing tha rev enue from this source will fall below the esti mates. In fact, it is confidently believed it will exceed three. The Income ttx is yet to be col* lectvd. and according to tbe provisions of the amendatory act ol tbc fid instant, to be collected i.ylbe anh of Apr*l. Tbe conditions ol 'bis branch of the National revenue is encouraging. iiotv.ilbsTsnding tbe dcpre-*lou that at first signt would seem to tbn eten a serious deficit. EXECOnvn session. A number of ibe members of tbe House will remain in Wsfh'nglrn dnrirg the Executive ses sion of tbe Senate to look after appointments ot federal officers In their several Congressional Districts. It is supposed tbe session will continue for a week or ten day. THE SATIOSAL UXCOLS XOKCXXKT ASSOCIATION »as been organized, wiih Serator Hirlan as Pres ident and Don. James M. Edmund*. Secretary. Hon. Burt Van Horn and Fred. Douglass ore managers on the part of New York; Hon. John A. Andrew, Massachusetts: Hon. Schuyler Col fax, Indiana: Hon. Sidney Perha-n. Maioc; Hon. sann el tibellabarger, Oalo; Bishop Simpson, Pennsylvania, acd Hod. John Conness, Caliior nla It is proposed to erect a monument m the city of Washington, commemorative of the great charter of tmandpa'lon and universal liberty In America. Contributions are to be forwarued to General Spinner, United states Treasurer. FEO3I NASHVILLE. first Colored Voters -Swindling In« snrance Company, Ac. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nashville, March SO. Ten colored men voted at tbe election for At toncy General at Jackeboro, Campbell County, Tennessee, on tbe Slst March. These were the first colored votes cast in Tennessee since IS3I. Investigations indicate that the Cumberland Valley Insurance Company, of Nashville, has been doing business wuhont capital. The Vice President is under arrest for remain# to produce the company's books in court. A writ of aitach merr was retained. No property found. The Uf lon and Deer.atai. u» a leader this morn ing, urges Die admission of colored men on equal terms with whites into the Conservative Conven lions. _ The Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad have de termined to send packages damaged by the flood to consignees, ana then pay the amount of dam ages sustained. _ . •rtc Nashville* Chattacooga Railroad makes an extrajeharge, for ferriage across tbe Tennessee River at Bridgeport, of sevemy-llve cents lor each passenger, seven cenU per hundred pounds of height, and four cents per bushel for corn. MEXICO AND WEST INDIES. Various Reports from ITlexlco -City la a State of Mege—Communication with ilie Interior Cat Off— Reported Revo* Iniiciiary Proclamation from Spain— A cottier Revolution in XXaytl. New Yoke,March 3L—A Vera Cruz correspond ence of March 15, states that Marshal Bizalne si.d the rear guard of the French army, viz., the Eg\y,tiar Thirrecnih, more than one-halt of that corps, whlco originally numbered 3.OUU, remain under the soli of Mexico. The French flags of Mexico-and a large qnantliy of war material, were sold to the Impel labels. The city was in a state of siege, martial law had bera decared, and the gates closed. Ills feared the troops inside the city will pronounce for Juarez as soon as the Liberals appear la iront of tbe walls. ’ Ail communication with the interior Is cut tff, and only news of a doubtful character is obtained from the capital. It was rumored that Maximilian had agreed to abdicate, if Juarez would consent to abide by tbe decision of tbe people for or against the Empire, but the tumor u not confirmed. TLe young Prince ItorWdc had been taken in cha:cc by his father, and he was tn rotrir toNew V A Havana letter of the 23d inst, states that a revolutionary proclamation had been received Bom s-pain, bvmany prominent persons, calling all classes to arms for the overthrow of the (Jueen and the establishment of a republican govern men in Spam. The smalt pox had disappeared from Matonzas. General Bazaine Is ot Havana. . , . Another revolution In Hnyti Is reported, head ed by Prospcro Elle and son. The Elies were killed and tranquility ensueJ. Another account, without date, says Geffrard was reVeated, and fled in a French war vessel to Jamaica, which the Hurana Diara says Is from a trustworthy source. PRIZE FIGUT. Frank Drew tb. Joseph Bralnard—One Hundred and Sixtj-llve Boauds brew tbe Winner. St. Lons. March 31.—A prize fight between Frank Dtew, of Su Joseph, and Joseph Bramard, oi Montana, occurred in Kansas, opooslte SL Jo seph, yesterday. One hundred and sixty-five rounds were fought, occupying over two boors. Drew was ’he victor. CASADA. Pa»saeo of tlie Inter-Colonial Bill— Boyal Assent Given to (he Confedera tion Bill— dumber* &c, Ottawa, C. W.. March SO.—A message waa re ceived by the Cable to-day, Irom the Provincial Secietary, sayieg that the Inter-Colonial Bill rasred the House of Commons by a large major ity. 3lie confederation BUI also reed ret the r °A°flive*rrcparati ons are being made to Increase the thrift ou lumber this season. An American millionaire on the Clmdicre River has commenced to construct piers tor a borm opposite this city. Intended to hold an Im mense number of caw logs, which have been cat on ring the winter In Upper Ottawa. Discount on American Invoices per week, twen ty-five per cent. IQyktertolU Affair. Nrw Tons. March 81.—A mysterioaa affair, involving a aoppoted murder, and disappearance or a ptomlncot physician, Is attracting the aUeo* yol. xx. linn of the police. On Frirtav n*ch» a physiCi-**, who is attached to tbc Board of Health, r.-porfed at the station bouse that a woman had just met ceatn by violent means, and that throe men, whose actions were suspicions, we:e si- the place designated. Ibe police visited the spot, but no corpse or men were found, and the doctor him selfhas sot been seen since. Tbe Mcimo-American Treaty, KewYoue, Marchßl.—The Herald's Washing ton special says the Russian Treaty was fully dis eased in Cabinet council on Friday, and taal evening the Russian Ambassador was received at*the Slate Department, the negotiations being brought to a satisfactory conclusion at tiro o’clock Saturday morning. The treaty will have to be rat ified by the Senate, and both Houses of Congress must concur In making the appropriations for payment ol the purchase money before the treaty Is an accomplished fact. BRITISH REFORM. Lord Derby Explain* tbe Particulars of tbe Xteform Bill. [From the London Telegraph. March 15.] The meeting of Lord Derby’s supporters, which was called by Colonel Taylor for yes terday aftqrnoon, at the Premier’s official residence In Downing street, excited all the interest usually attaching to a great politi cal event, as ft was anticipated that a full disclosure would he made of the ministerial intentions on the subject <»l Befonn. At all the West-Eud clubs the question was dis cussed by cncer crowds of members of both Houses of Parliament and leadlcg politi c ans; while suca was the impatience of the Conservative members, that they flocked to Downing street some time before the hour appointed, and by half-past two o’clock 195 members were present. Lord Derby, who had been in consultation with his col leagues In the Cabinet at_his private resi dence. proceeded to the meeting about two o’clock. The actual numbers, However, as sembled did not represent the full strength of the party, as letters of adhesion were sent by forty-three others ; so that the total lorce mustered In reply to the invitation may be said to be 23S—about fifty short of the estimated Conservative force in the Lower House. We may remark that Lord Crnnbomewas among those present, but General Peel was not. The Adullamites were cocspicuons by their absence. Lord Derby nt once proceeded to explain to the meeting tbe particulars of ibe Reform I Bill which the Government will introduce on Monday next. Before doing so he detailed the events which had occurred before the secession of the three members of the Cabi net. So assured was he on that memorable Saturday that bis colleagues were unani mous, that he proceeded to consult the Queen upon the measure, and her Majesty was pleased to express her approval. He was therefore not prepared for the course adopted by his colleagues, to whose honor and straightforwardness, however, he boro the highest testimony. In tbe measure they intended to introduce on Monday, Min isters proposed to adopt in conntles a rating franchise of £ls annual amount, in place of £SO rental, tbe other county franchises re maining as at present. With regard to the borough enffnige, his Lordship explained at seme length las reasons for thinking that a rating or rental valuation did not afiord the proper basis for an enduring and satisfactory settlement. The Cabinet had decided on proposing the borough suffrage on house hold rating, but coupled with two years’ residence and personal payment ’of rates; these conditions were considered essential. But to admit the largest possible Infusion of tbe best dements now excluded from the privileges of elec tors, they proposed to cre ate four additional qualifications. One would be based on education, and would in elude ministers of religion, members of the learned professions, graduates of universities, certificated schoolmostcr.- aud others, sach, for instance, ns persons «bo have obtained a middle-class examina tion certificate. Tnc others would be : tbe payment of twenty shillings a year direct taxes, the possession of £SO In the Funds, and of the same amount in a savings bank. In order, however, to give to property allied with Jorg residence that legitimate weight to which* the Government thought It was en titled, a second vote would be conferred on every man who, besides having occupied a house for two years, should, also pay the twenty shillings annually of direct taxation. In other words, u householder paying that amount of Income or assessed taxes would have two votes, one as a two-years’ resident, the other as a contributor to the wants of the Slate. He Intimated, however, that the dual system was not one to which the Government were strongly wedded. It was not proposed to disturb any of the existing franchises, all of which would be preserved. Compound houecholdersalready qualified would be exempted from personal payment of rates ; but those not yet quali fied, who obtain a qualification under the new scale, would he entitled to hare their names put on the register by personally payingtheirrates, and thus bringing them selves under the conditions named. He con cluded by saying that he. of course, could not tell whether the House ol Commons would accept this measure from the adminis tration ; but he had a very strong confidence that it would be acceptable to the country, and. if necessary, be would appeal to the contUtnenciee. With regard to disfranchise ment, the Cabinet adhered to the prouojals ?a recently expounded by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. A HEAVY KOBBBRT. A Railroad Cashier’s Office Plundered, of Twenty Thousand irollao. From the New Albany (Ind.l Lodger, March S' I .] About two o'clock, yesterday morulng.oue 01 tuc most daring and successful robberies ever perpetrated in this section of th? Slate, was committed at the office of the Jefferson ville Railroad Company, at the foot of Wall street, Jeffersonville. During tbe pa-t three days Paymaster Sanders has been busily en gaged in preparing the payrolls of the em ployes along the line of the road, and had finished his labors at a late hour last night, placing the money in a large tin box, ready to go ont on tbe pay train this morn ing. Before leaving bis office every thing was securely locked, and as he passed out between eleven and twelve o'clock tbe night watchman, Patrick Dean, was on duty as usual in the lobby on the first floor. About two o’clock a man in disguise, with a carpet-sack in his hand, rapped at the door of the lobby, which was opened by Dean, when the man inquired if the house was a hotel. Dean thinking him a benighted traveller, opened wide the door anti stepped to the threshold to direct him, when four men who were secreted near the door sprang upon him and threatened his Ji(ciih«gave the alarm. Tbe watchman, although in their power, was inclined to make a noise, but a blow over tbe bead with a pistol felled him to the floor, and tbe thieves then proceeded to bind, blindfold and gag bim. After this was done he was earned up stairs, and, while two stood guard, tbe others, sup posed to be six In number, went to the Pay master's room on the second floor. They endeavored to pry open the door, but iailing in this they broke open the window on the north side and gained an entrance. Tbe first object that attracted their attention was the tin box, which they broke open and robbed of abont $20,000, and some records and mem orandums. The records and memoranda be ing taken, the Paymaster is unable to tell the exact amount stolen, but the above figures are supposed to cover tbe loss. Tbe watchman says the party were not over three-quarters of au hour accomplish ivg their purpose, and the party who stood guard over bim called him by name and asked at what hour Mr. Sanders left the office. The voice of one was familiar to him, but the disguise ol the party was so com plete (all being black and wearing soldier overcoats) that he could not call to mind who any of them were. Aflcr securing their booty the scoundrels left Dean hound and gagged on the floor. In about an boar one of them returned and par tially unbound his arms and then lied. Dean soon released himself, and went out in search of a policeman, whom be soon found, and instantly a search was instituted. In an open lot, abont one square from the scene of the robbery, the tin box, i several overcoats, and two sledge-hammers were found. In the paymaster’s office the robbers bad left a cooper’s axe, a screw driver, and a chisel, which had been taken from a cooper-shop near the corner of Wall and Market streets. The rascals evidently were prepared to blow open the safe, hut the money fonnd In the tin box seemed to satisfy them, and consequently that strong box was kit uninjured. A HORRIBLE TRAGEDY. Tbe Result of Superstitions Credulity— a man I'bops Off Ills Neighbor’s lit ad with an Ax. fFioui the Detroit Post. March 23.] Another of those startling and horrible events which periodically agitate the coni' inanity, occnrrcd yesterday in the vicinity of the quiet village of Swan Creek, on the Mich igan Southern & Northern Indiana Railroad, it seems that a boy in the village has been and is credited with the powers of second sight, or a species of pronhetlc vision, which has given him considerable notoriety. The most ancient female has sought his aid, and the avaricious have conferred with him concerning matters of monetary con sideration. It is said that be is in possession of a stone, through the mani pulation of which he can see wonderful ibints and opens the concerns of the past, present and future with as much facility as the most mysterious-minded could imagine. Uls powers of seership have been doubted, but notwithstanding this many have flocked to his father’s house to test his visionary mode of revelation. From this blind confl uence a most horrible Incident bus occurred, resulting in the death _of a hard-working and probably innocent man. It seems that a man named Kelson lost a« axe, and suspected a neighbor named Wat kies of stealing it. It being sugar time. Kelson needed the services of the blade, and i.rocceded with rather wrathful feelings to Welkin’s shanty lor the purpose of getting the Implement. The peculation wasindig ra» lly dn |<-d, but so well satisfied was Kel son that Watkins had the axe in his posses sion that he openly accused him oflt. A per sonal encounter ensued, during which Kel son received the worst of it. After this he went to the boy alluded to, and was told by him, after consultation with the stone, that 'Watkins had stolen the axe. Satisfied that it was true, ho returned and renewed the quarrel. What passed between them Is pet known, but that a most fearful encounter took place cannot be doubled, as Watkins’ .-banty is besmeared with blood. Uls door way Is bespattered with blood and other horrible evidences of a desperate flight ore apparent from, appearances. How the clrcnmelanceflortbcafTair first be came known are not apparent, neither can a history of the deadly light be read until 'the inquest takes place, but that it was a terrible one cannot be doabted. Kelson was first dis* covered flying about five yards from tbe shanty, with his head literally cut to pieces, and a ghastly wound on bis right breast, suf ficient ofltseif to have caused death. A more horrible or sickening sight than the body of the wounded man presented, would he impossible to conceive. His skull was batlci ed in, and a gaping wound on the left side of the head, of the measure of the axe, exhibited how fearful a blow bud been given. “When our reporter left the body wasstill at the shanty where the terrible affair occurred, awaiting the arrival of the Coroner of the county, Watkins, after the occurrence, left the place, and it is reported gave hltueelf up to the authorities at Mon roe, but bow far this is true remains yet to be told. He is spoken of as a bold, vicious, bad mas, whose ill temper has made him the terror of the neighborhood. Many re gard the massacre as the evil results of the boy’s representations, but at the same time are willing to be rid of the companionship of so dangerous a neighbor. EQUAL RIGHTS. .Tliy Simmer’* Bill Securing the Elec- Hvu Franchise to Colored Citizens, The following is the bill introduced in the Sciflte on Tuesday by Mr. Sumner to enforce the several provisions of the Constitution abolishing slavery, declaring tbe immunities of citizens, and guaranteeing a republican form of government hr securing the elective franchise to colored citizens : Wuebkab, Tbe Constitution of the United States abolishes slavery everywhere within the jurisdiction thereof; so that all Confutations, taws or regulations of any State or Territory to aid ol slavery, or growing oat of the same, are null and void; and WnznxAS, The same Constitution, in another provision recently adopted, declares that “no State shall make or enforce the law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of tbe United btates”; and Whereas, also. Congress is empowered by ap propriate legislation to enforce these several pro visions, which cannot be done without securing ibe elective franchise to citizens who have been slave', or who are the descendants of slaves, or who ore deprived of equal rights by reason ofrsco or color; and Wuebeas, farther, It is expressly declared m the Constitution that the United Slates shall guar antee to every State in the Union a republican form of government, and it is plain that any Ine quality ol rights is inconsistent with a republi can form ot government. and tho promises of tbe Declaration of Independence ; now, therefore, 2Je it enacted, die , That every citizen or the United States, although be may have been a slave, or is tbe descendant of a slave, or by reason ofiace or color is deprived of equal rights, shall, in every State and Territory, nave the right to vote at all elections for members ol Congress, for Presidential Electors, for Representatives and Sen* tors to State or Territorial Legislatures, for all Slate, county, city, town, and other officers of en ry kind, upon the same terms and conditions, and no others, aa white citizens are. and may be aliened to vote; and every provision of every State and Territorial Constitution, statute, and oi diDficce which is now, or hereafter mar be, en acted, and every custom and principle of law here totorc recognized In any State or Territory con trary to the foregoing provisions are hereby ce llared r.nll end void. Sec. 2. And be Itjurtherenacted, Thatany per son who shall willolly hinder or obstruct, or at tempt to hinder or onstreet, any citizen once a •lave, or the descendant of a slave, or not belong ing to the so-called while race, from voting at any e'ecuon where he is entitled to vote according to 11.1 provisions of the foregoing section, shall be pm isbed by a fine or cot less than one hundred nor more than three thousand dollars, or by Im nrhocment In tho common Jail for not less than ,hlrty days or more than one year. txo.B. And be \t further enacted. That any per •srn to’diug or conducting ony election to which he f»st section of this bill is applicable, who ball wilfully refuse to receiv. l . count, return, or olhmwl«c give the proper legal effect to the vote of: ny citizen once a stave, or tbe descendant of a slave, oi not bdonglnsto the so-called white race, t hall be punished by a fine of not leas than five nnndted nor more than four thousand dollars, or by naprl£omn« ntln the common Jail fur not less than three calendar months nor more than two yC *Ec, 4. And be if further enacted. That the Dis trict S'onrta of the United Slates, within their re spective districts,shall have exclusive jurisdiction of all offences committed against this acL and tbe District Attorneys, Marshals, and Dcpnty Mar shals of the United Slates, tbe Coramlssloncrsap pointed by the Circuit and Territorial Courts of the United stales, with powers of arrcstlrc, im prisoning or bailing ottenders against tho laws of ihe United Slates, the officers and agents of tbe Freed men’s Bureau, and every other officer who may be specially empowered by .the President of the United States, shall be. and are hereby, specially authorized and required, at the expense of the United States, to Institute proceedings against any person who shall violate tbe pro visions ol inis act and cansc him to be arrested and imnnsoned, or balled, as the case may be, for trial before such Conn of the United Slates or Ten-burial court aa by this act has cognizance of tbo offence. Sec.s. And be if further enaefed,TbAt6Bj citizen, orcc a slave or the descendant oi a slave, or not i.clortrlng to the so-called while race, if be shall -,c unlawfully deprived of his vole, may maintain .i sni*. against any person so depriving him, and recover damages In any District Court ofthc United States for the District In which such per .on may be tound. THE FEMAN WAK. Annexation of Ireland to tbe United States. Donum, March 16,16C7. The following important manifesto has :;ecn largely circulated in all parts of the country within the last few days, notwith standing the precaution of the Government officials. It reads thus; K&rnrxeTO or m ntzsn pzoflv. Upon con?idui tog our present position we have come to the lollop me resolution ou behalf ot onr countrymen In Ireland, In America, and In every other qnartcr efthe world where they arc now dispersed, English government has become absolutely In tolerable to ns. Wo cannot endure estate of so ciety id which the commonest liberties of all men are suspended. We are unable to contend with onr oppres sors in arms, am! wc turn to tbe hope of mankind, tbe exeat republic nt North Amenta, in onr diffi culties. , _ Weasl to be admitted to the Amoiican union, ns a new Sla’ikhavinc our own local Government, but yenning Representatives to Congress. Wc arc as near to New York and Washington as New Orleans and San Francisco, and we have be come fo thoroughly Americanised that connection with England is no longer tolerable or possible. This Is a final and solemn resolve upon fall de liberation. „ . . We solicit onr countrymen throughout tbe American Union immediately toj assemble and place this, the petition o' five millions of Irishmen, in.dnc;foini before the President and Congress of the United Stab a. Signed on behalf of Ihe Irish people. neon O'Neil, Pateick Sarsfield, Wolfe Tone. Kdwaud Fitzoebald, bairn O’Buien. Foot or the Garres, March 32,18G1. The University of Michigan. The Ancual Cotuuiencement of the Law and Medical Colleges ot the University of Michi gan, occurred on "Wednesday last. There were seventy-eight graduates from the Med ical College ana among the number were the following from the Northwestern States, exclusive of Michigan and Ohio : Homer E. Aylcfiwortb, M- A., Roseville, III.; Edward E. Bigelow, Lake Mills. Wis.; Augustus C. D Bradshaw, Fairfield, Iowa; Theodora A Collett. Madison, lod.; Rhodes D. Davis, Muscatine, Iowa; Fred. W. Fanning, cnebanae, 111.: George Sproneon Jones. Covington, Ind.; Nalban D. Jones, Rockville, Ind.: Frederick R. Matthews, Carlinville, 111.; Jamesß.McQaoghey, Dodsvlllc, 111.: Ryan G. Mendenhall, Ridge Farm. 111.; beldcn O. Moore. Goshen, Ind.: Henry C. Parker, Mid dleport. 111.; George R. Reynolds, La Porle, Ind. ? James S>, Rogers, Pleasant Hill. Mo.; Ezra A. bcammon, Arlington, 111.; Robert S. Simpson, Rosctnonil, III.; Thomas K. Smith, Muabilc, Mo.? William W. Spews, Austin, Ind.; Jackson Walker. Hagerstown, led. The Law College graduated 146 “Bache lors of Law,” among whom were the follow ing from the Northwestern Slates, exclusive of Michigan and Ohio: Job Barnard, Westnllc. Tnd.; James A. Bart lett, Elgin, ill.; ArthurßasnetL Veman, Jnd.; Robert Bccklrgton. Chicago, 111.: George W. Beeman, bedalia, Mo.; Frank Bccwghaneen, Milwaukee. Wis.; Centenary B. Bradshaw, Mt. Vernon, Iowa; Jefferson H Broady,Liberty. 111.; George W. Drowning. Warsaw, 111.; wijlla A. Bopbee, South Bead, ltd.; Edward Bailer, Ca stor. Iowa; James B. Cartwright, ML Morris, 111.; Frederick J. Casllehon, B. A., SL bools. Mo.; John S. Clifford, Clarksville, Mo.: Edmurd R. Connelly, Marshall. 111.; James W. Craig, Charleston, 111.; Samuel A. Craig, Fort Atkin son, Wis.; Robert D, Creamer, Fairfield. lowa ; .7. Frank Davidson, Eureka, 111.; George P. Davis, Bloomington. III.; Sanford C. Davis, B. A., Terre Dante, Ind.; Elon W. Deaton. Rochester, Mtnn.; John It. Foster, B. A., Terre Coupe, Ind.; Samuel S. Gray, Hamilton, Illinois; Alvin P Green. North Vernon, Ind.; Hurlbutß. Griswold, Hamilton, 111.; William S. Harbcrt, Terre Haute, Ind.; Fronds A. Hodman, Jr., B. A.. Chicago, HI.; William Hoge, Morris, 111.; Adonlram J. Holmes, Palmyra. Wla.; Howard J. Huntington, Baralioo, Wis.; James O. Jones.Lafayette,Xnd.; James Jl. Justice, B. 8., I<ogansport, Ind.: John P. Lewis. Kockport, Mo,; Robert M cC’art, Bloom- Ington, III.; Samuel M. McCntchcn, NorthMau ctictier. led.; William C. McFarland, Clarksville, Mo.; John J. Miles, Galesburg,*lll.; Frank W. Pennell. Fhclbivllle. III.; John L. Pratt, Syca more, HI.: Jehu E. Raymond, Champaign. HI,; Lorln W. Reynolds. Rolling Prairie, Ind.; James P. Robinson. Mm shall. 111.; Thaddeua S. Rol lins, B. S., Logausoort, Ind.; John G. Salley, M. A., Upton, Iowa; George S Sandercock, Dauby, HI.; MatthewP.Simpson,Rosemocd, HL; Rich ard R. Stevenson, NoblosvHie, Ind.; WilliamW bnllivan, Peru,' ltd.; Kerry 8. Towle, Mishawa ka, Ird.; Albert Trash, Waterloo, Iowa; James A. Tyler, Decatur, ill; Jacob T. Wells, Mont pelier. Ind.; Thomas J. Wood, Terre Haute, Indiana; Jackson Young, Morrison, Illinois. The annual exhibition of the Junior Class in the College of Literature, Science and tbe Arts occurred on Tuesday evening. Ad dresses were delivered by lourteen members of the class, and among this number were the following from Illinois, Indiana and ■Wisconsin; “Woquencc and Ingenuity"—Frank 11. Ly man, Kenoeba, Wle. “Enduring Monuments" —John J. Davis. Big Rock, HI. “The West and its Future"— Edward C. Lovell. Elgin. 111. “Fax Urbls. Lex Orola”—Charles OoarJes, Eetotha, Wis. “ Honesty is the Beat Policy"— John C. Jlaglll, Rockville, Ind. The annual catalogue of the University, just Issued, presents the following summary of students in the different Colleges: College of Literature and thtArtt, Senior*. £Z; Juniors,46; Freshmen, go. in jiininc En<?lneerinm 6: In Selected Studies, 41* in Higher Chemldlry, Jis. Total In Department, 83^ hotieae of Medicine and Burgery.— Stndenta, 525. College of Zcir.—Seniors, 153; J amors, 212, To* tal lor the Departments*. Total lo the University, I,SM. jg 0 i,amc, in making oat the above summary, is counted more then once, and no names are In serled In the Gala logne, of persona who have not CHICAGO, MONDAY. APRIL I, 1867.1 scinaiiv lei-u present os atO'icnt* since the lost Actual Catalogue van pnblisbed. The cert Asunal Commencement of the College of Science, Literature and the Arts will occnron the £Cih of Jane. The Beheb and the Negro Vote. [Bcanfort (S. C.) Correspondence (March IB) of the New York Tribune.] The new Military Reconstruction BUI caused some of our rebel citizens to wear long faces. It is a bitter pill. but they will swallow it. 1 suppose the Radicals of the North cannot be expected to understand the exquisite agony of the aristocratic Southern ers, who hare been accustomed to the In alienable right of whipping negroes to their heart’s content, when they see the same ne groes holding the ballot In their black hands. It is amusing, by the way, to see how the rebels are beginning to love the negro since this bill passed. One year ago he was look ed upon with loathing, but now with smiles and bows. Then be was not lit to speak to ; now he is patted on the shoulder and called a good fellow. Then they complained of the intolerable odor; now it Is sweet as the spices of Cathay. If the thing goes on at this rate, wc shall expect to hear old slave holders claim to have been life-long Aboli tionists, or possibly see Jeff. Davis running as the Radical candidate for President from the South, against Wendell Phillips, Con-, servntive of the North. The unreconstructed rebels are busy with their plans. No stone will be left unturned to accomplish the defeatof the Republicans, nor will they be at all scrupulous about the means. Many of tbe “ poor whites” can be bought for poor whiskey, and many others

be bartered and frightened, leaving but few white votes iu this part of the State for the Radicals. Strong efforts will he mode, also, to divide the freedmen by nominating a con servative man. who has friends among-the colored people. The chief trouble, however, will be in tno black counties, where there arc no schools, and where the blacks are still under the tyrannical heels of their old masters. There Is not the shadow of a doubt but that the freedmen, with very few exceptions, when not compelled to the con trary by the rebels, will vote with the ex tremist Radicals. A Remarkable Woman. The Princess Metternlch, as is well known, ranks high among the witty and accom plished women of the French Court. She always appears to be inspired with some novel and fresh Idea. Not long since, a par ty ol intimate acquaintances were assembled at her house, when the subject of the eccen tric toilettes of the present day was started, whereupon the hostess proposed that every woman should compose her toilette accord ing to her Individual taste and character. The idea once started, the company set to work, and commenced composing the dress of a frivolous woman by giving her a butterfly for emblem, and continuing with the sentimental woman, the witty woman, &c.‘ The muse was to wear laurel in her hair, a lyre for a waist buckle, a dress stud ded with stars because she loved ethereal regions; then the lower part of her skirt was to be embroidered with all her attri butes, arts, sciences, natural history, «fcc. A sentimental woman, on the contrary, shbnld be decorated with hearts, arrows, doves, half opened roses, &c. It was to be regretted that some clever artist, with a rapid pencil like Gustave Dorc, for instance, was cot present to sketch these toi lettes, so ingeniously commenced. The idea, however, captivated, and a /ew evt nines after the same company met at the Princess’ house, and some were robed in a very fanciful, although highly successful manner. The most captivating was a warlike costume intended fora heroine. The dress was wolte satin striped with gold cannons; the low coat bodice was crimson velvet, - crossed with a black ribbon, which was striped with every variety of color, to recall the different ribbons used for decora tions : the epaulettes to the coat consisted of gold fringe; round the waist there was a gold band, to which was suspended a minia ture needle gun ; the halrwas turned back a Vanllgve. and the headdress was a small hel met in chased gold, encrusted with precious Pace, the Alleged murderer. fFrora tbe Valparaiso Repabllcao, 29th.] This oi&n was brought to this city, from Laportc Jail, on Tuesday last, by Sheriff Bar tholomew, and now lies in our county Jail, awaiting the 'action of the grand Jary, be fore whom bis case will probably come this week, li indicted, be will then be arraigned before Judge Osborne for hie pics, and com mitted for trial. Page will doubtless take change of venue, on account of alleged prejudices Against him In this community, lie comes among us well dressed, and shows being well fed; is seemingly cheerful, aod converses freely on all current topics, except tbe cberce against him. His trial will ex cite deep interest, not only here, but wherever the dreadful tragedy was related. Dr, LlrlucttOße’N Alleged Dcaib. Dr. Livingstone's daughter, who Is living in Glasgow, has received a letter from Sir Roderick Murchison, in which he says : The more I reflect ou the story told us by the Johanna (the nine Johanna men), the more 1 doubt its veracity. It seems very probable that they ran away by concert among each other, and lelt your father with tbe Indian bavildar and another or two, and tbcu cooked up the story they have to tell* If it were true that they really buried him, they would, I think, have brought away soD-e relic to prove tuc truth of their tale. I shall, therefore, cling to (he hope until Dr. Kirk clears up the mutter. (3TUAIT JIUUTUBBB Ad.rnl.iQi Ak'ii 13(1 Uenrborn«st„ receive advertittomenu tor alt (be ieadlos papers tlirei/efeeul tbe Untied btateo and Cutmuoa. iElasonir K oilers. MA S O NlC—The regular quarterly meeting cl tbe Directors ex the West Chicago Mssotlc llercvolent Association will take place at Cleveland Lodge Uail, Monday, April Ist, 3 o'clock p* m., fur the election ot officers lor the ensuing year. CUAS.E.CUASK, Secretary. (Central ISfotices. 'J'UE GREAT SUNDAY SCHOOL CONCERT Occurs this MONDAY EVENING, April let, at CROSBY’S OPERA DOCSE. Door* open at 7 o’clock. To cnmmenco at 6. Tickets CO cents. Rfseivtd scats 39 cents extra- Box fe»t>-H.OOt«ca. liemved seats can be aeenred Irora 0 a, tu. to l p. m. ana 1 to 5 j. m.. for this ami Tuesday (.■Venice, at the Box Office in the Opera Home. pRTSTAL XjJAKE ioe. For the coming season orders may beltft at odr Of fice. No. 1) Ue>nolds’ Block, (oatbwest corner Uadi, bun awl Dcaroarr-dt- at a. nooto’s Oyster Depot, northwest corner Madison and Dearborn*a».. and at car new crystal Lake Branch Ice Houses, at Michigan* uv. I'Mur Slxteenth'fiL All orders wIU be promptly attended to. - CHICAGO ICE COMPANY. JAS. P. SMITH, Jn-, Superintendent. OFFICE OF THE NORTH CHICAGO CITY RAILWAY CO. ON MONDAY, April Ist, and during the season ol navigation, tbe cars of the North Chicago City Kail* way Co. will start from the comer A North Water and Clark-sts., Instead of tbe comer of State sndLake-sts. rr'HEfcUBSCRIBER DESIRES TO X RENT A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE ON WABA.SU OK flllCniOAN AVENUE. north of Tan Buren-st. Pq6Sm»lod QT. GEORGE’6 BENEVOLENT A?- 0 EOCIATION. The members ate reminded that the annual election 01 office re takes place next Monday cvcnlrg. April let. In order mat members may veto their due* most be paid up. A Cull attendance la requested. The following gentlemen are authorized to receive subscriptions due the society: . . Ur. A. Doom, corner Dearborn and Maalsoc-sts. Joanra Sonrr. Druggist, cs Klnzi»-st. K. SLATVB, 133 West itando'pb-st. jotKi'U Butler, 136 south Clark-et. By order. A. BOOTH. Preeldeat. Tucs. E. Poctsos, Recording Secretary. Fcr three weeks more only, TheKewYoikWliiseum of Anatomy, 06 HANPOt PH ST.. COIL. DEARBORN- agricultural l-mplemgnte. BATCHELLER’S hand corn planter. We beg Rave to call yenr ***.*"ntlon to the above Planter. It ba« been before r Jt<» p-bHc forelx yo*rs. and has - reputation equalled by no Planter In use. It cnmMnesall thvqcatttus ui a good tool, efficiency durability and simplicity. The advantages U Las over other kinds In use arc t It brings out cv»Ty tbatltcanbeseen by the p< non nslr g It -11 any dirt cal’pe’s i the foot of the Planter In wet ground f«n tc opened and cleaned out. Tb'Tf 100 Unber .to:-which tircvcnts the machine *arre« to pieces e, they irequecUyare where the iron’■top is ere • . . By •urpir.giiv.o small buttons the plunger can be ta pr?cef4 and liberal deduction to thetiade. Please send lor a circular, containing cut and de scription ol machine. Address R. P. BATCQEILEB. Sterling, 111. ffio sß?nt. npo BENT— A SUITE OF FINE ROOKS. On tLeflrtfloorof*‘V,ant Building,* 1 No. 53 Dear born-sl.. suitable lor Insurance, Commission or Law yets' offices. Inquire of 5 GEO. B. CHITTENDEN. Room No. 7, Bimefioor. rpO RENT — Offices in the Chamber of Commerce. Offices No*. 10 And 12, on main floor. Apply at Office No. 18. 1 v ' CHAS. L. RAYMOND. Sec’V. JDentistrj). rpEETH EXTRACTED J_ WITHOUT PAIN* BY THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, 118 Dearborn-it (Timas Building.) They use fire* pore Nitrous Oxide Gas, which la safe when pure and judiciously administered. ffijgatctes awtr gjetoeiri?. QFFICE OP ROBBINS & APPLETON,! 182 Broadway, New York. Feb. 1.1567. 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PassageT»ti gold or lu CQDlvalet t) lor April trip, ?S0» SIOO, $l2O, ac cording to location atd size or room. Reinro tickets at a reduction ol f A), until August. For full inloimatlon and passace. apply tn WELLS. FARGO A Co.._ TkTONTKEAL iu ZiZ27E or BTSAZTCEIBB. This line ot steamers, consisting of the propellers East. North, Bristol and Ilmno, will run regularly be tween Chicago and Montreal during the coming season, commencing on the opening ol naqigaclon. ° 11. MCLENNAN A CO„ Agents. Dissolution. ■phISSOLUTION.—The Copartnership I J heretofore existing under the film name of WENTWORTH, HIBBARD A FRENCH. IsttlisolTCd by the death of Mr. C. D. P. Wentworth, All bmi rcsß of the late firm will be settled by the undersign ed, who will continue the Commission Business, Under the firm name ol HIBBAKD & FRENCH, 113 Lonaio* street. Chicago, April 1,1867. Dartnirsjiips. '•The ncderslgccd have formed ft copartnership unde the Arm name of HUGH M’LENNAN AGO. TO COSTESC* THE commission & poawsaoiiw business, hitherto done by H. McLennan. Office re moved to No. 1. Otl# Block, corner LaSalle and Ma l iioc4tii Hugh McLennan* 140 WILLIAM DICKINSON. Chicago. April 1,13C7. business (Earlta. TRICMPH SOAP THE BEST IIC THE WOELD^ try it. BBOPnr & CO., Sole Manufacturer*, 382,384 4 386 South Clark-it. STURGES, M’ALLISTER & GO., commission merchants rosTss sal* or Wool and Woollen Goods; New* 2, 4 and 6 Rnsh-nt.. (North end Uoih-eC Bridge.) CHICAGO. BARTLETT, HOSWEU & BUSH {Successors to Bawson, Bartlett A C 0.,) BOOTAND SHOE JOBBERS, 3 O LAKE-ST., CHICAGO, SEYMOUR, CARTER & CO., Importers and Jobbers ol Hosiery, Gloves, TOle Goods, NOTIONS* TWINES* Ac. I*o. 33 I*AKB-ST. Sole Aren la for Bleelow’s "STAB” Paper Collars. HOWE’S STANDARD SCALES. Chicago Branch Oflicc and Warehouse, 109 & SOI Bandblph'Sti JAS. T. WHIPPLE. Agent for howx’s-scal* compact. Chicago leal and Oil Works, Cor.CliDton Sc FnUoMia* Went Side. £. W. BLATCHFORO Sc CO.. Manulftctarers of liC&d Fldci LlQucdOlti , Sheet, jtolicd LinscfdOlli bar and Pla tJrouod (Hi Colte, 17* Cub paid ftrFlax Seed and Old lead. t WILLAED FOX, WINDOW GLASS 3 0 3 Zj jASiI-9T. H. W. & J. M. WETHEREU, Importers and Wholesale Dealers In Millinery and Straw Goods, OO & 08 LAJiE-ST.,* CHICAGO. 42 Walkcr-st.t New Tork. WILLCOX &n\BB S' SEWING !■ MACHINE 1 “Itfl feeam UWstrocger and less liable to np la ase or wear, thau the lock-stitch." -[ “ .lodge*’ Be-; port," at tbe Graad Trial.. WSend for tbe*% M Beport. , '*ndßaro-J pleeof work.coalltainlue bom kinds, ol stitches, cnl — the same piece of goods. L. J:OuUNELL*CO-Qsa.J Agents, 11 Chicago. Ohio Stone Ware, EotkinrfKun ami Yellow Ware. SCBAKTON &■ CO., 117 & 119 north TVatcr-st. THE JOLIET MOUND OOMP’Y, HAMrpujivaaaa or 3ATH BBZCZ,FXBB BRICK, Bower Pipe and Drain Tilo, Office and Yard, after April Ist, 1367. Corner ol Polk ami Wclla»sts„ Cbl* coco, Illinois. Real Estate. J, H. KEELER & CO., Seal Estate Agents, 120 South Clark-st. nooses and Lots to all parts ol the City. SRAFFLIM BROS. & HALL, Bag Factory. Seamless Sags, Gunnies, Burlaps, ■Wool Sacks, Cotton and Paper Flour Sacks, Ac. 3.2 iSonth Wolla-st«j Chicago. M. TEEHUNE, SHOW CASE, WABEROOMS, WYLIE & ARMOUR, Oils, Paints, Glass, 3.21 South Watcr-at. ‘AMERICAN CLOCK COMPANY, Solo Agents lor the celebrated Seth Thomas Clocks, CLOCKS & REGULATORS OF EVEHT OESCEIPTIOS, Wo. US Lalto-.t. SMITH, BENHAM & AIKEN, IMPORTERS OF Crockery and China, And Wholesale Dealers in Carpet Warp, Batting,Cotton Torn,Twine, &c. 151 LAKE-ST., CHICAGO. SICKELS, PRESTON & CO., I WHOLESALE HARDWARE, Cutlery anil Tinners’ Stock. I 333 X.AJK.IS-ST., 1 CHICAGO. | KOVELTY CARRIAGE WORKS, 4.4. Adams-st. Vow is the time to get a flrst-c’ass TOP l DGGT. rarged so that the t/>p can be ta li tn off in one moment. No tattle. Also, Skeleton Wagons and Sulkies, Oi superior make. Repainting and Re pairing promptly and neatly done. 1 'TllUb. Q. HRUIViN) Ascot. NEY7 STYLES &ADZES’ SATCHELS. in IMMENSE STOCK and New Styles for 186?, at CBAB. A. TATZiOB’S 61 SOUTH CLABK-ST., (Opposite Sherman House.) CHICAGO GLASS GILDING CO. All kinds and varieties of SIGN PAINTING. GLASS ADVERTISING TABLETS. RAILROAD BULLETIN BOARDS, Office and Store Shades male and lettered to order. rX*AGG & HSLLSR, GBMONUOK-ST .(NearthePoit Office.) ! CHAS. A. KERFODT, ! FANCY SADDLERY, and Horse Clothing, No. ernaoaelpk-'rt-: CUcogo. NUMBER 295. Insurance dTompanies. mutual HEALTH Insurance Company, 25 Lombard Block, Cor. Monroe and Dearborn flta., Chicago 'Gnaranlced paid np Capital, - - $35,000.00. CHAS. HOLLAND, President, J* GUs> KING. Secretary,' 1. C. BARBER, Ass’t Treasurer. E. A. ANDBEWB, J. K. MCEFBr, CHAS: HOLLAND. LC. BARBER, This Company, having folly perfected its organiza tion, u now prepared to Issue Policies of HEALTH INSURANCE against General Diseases, To en amount of Com $5 to SSO FJBB WEEK. This Is the only Chartered Health Insurance Compa ny la the conn try, and a pioneer la this brooch or Un derwriting. The Company is purely mutual: each person on be coming Insured is entitled to share In the protits of the business, and we feel confident that by the assured keeping his renewals np for ten years, the profits of bis Insurance will forever there liter pay his premiums. Our systems are entirely original, and are our own. No system ol the kind was ever buore offered, and we feci sore they bare only to become known to ne duly appreciated. Oar premium are arranged with care, alter years of careful study, to correct the enls ol the old systems. All applications lor Agencies may be addressed to the Secretary, and they will receive prompt attention. J. K. MURPHY, General Agent to Chicago, NO. OS LA SALLE-ST. gale of Stock, Q.KEAT SALE OP W BLOODED STOCK. The undersigned having sold his lam at Glencoe Station, Chicago & MUwanxre it. It- n» miles nrrth of Chicago, will sell, on THURSDAY. Aptil 4th, all of his valuable stock, consisting of _ 16 3-year old colts, got by imported Stone Plover. 4 2-year old. got by ilembrtno Woodtord, be by Membrtno CbSeL .. , . 5 4 and 5-year old pottles. broken to ride nod drive. 1 4-year old bull, Albert No. 4,314 Short Horned Herd Book. J 1 l-year old,got by Albert Edward ont ol a thorough* bred Cow. 3 thoroughbred Durham cows. 5 thoroughbred Dur. ham heifers, 1 Alderny cow. 3 steers, 2 common cows, 1 paw work mules, 1 patr worn oxen, 30 South Down bucks and ewes, 200 ewes, with lambs at their sides, got by booth bucks. All of bis farm utensils and household furniture. Terns made known on day of sale. All trains will atop on that day. J. C. Coe. on the farm, will answer all inquiries on the aubjrct. W» S. GURNEE. business Caras. DEAD TET. COOK & FARLEY, Who were reported dyeing lust season. ABB STILL ALIVE TO Dye for the Living! Old and faded clothing made to look equal to n*w. Bring in your old clothes and hare them Dyed and Bcpalred at oar Old Dyeing Establishment, 19334 SOUTH CLAHK-ST. N. B.—Satlslactlon guaranteed. Storage, forwarding and commission merchants, for the purchase and sale of all kinds of country produce, and give especial attention to sale ot _ Broom Corn, High twines. Dressed Hog* ana Live stock* Also agents for sale of SAGINAW SALT. N. B.—Oar rates of commission are those established by the Board ol Trade, Rom which we do not vary. Coosl gnments solicited. JgAOON, ENNIS & OOi, (Successors to H. BACON A COO COMMISSION MERCHANTS -Cf— FLOUR, GRAIN, &c., So. 14C LaSalie-st, Chicago. Liberal Advances made oa Coneignmeoi*. fW property Bought and Sold on margins. T?LDER A. MAXFIELD _lli 137 Klmicst.. MANUFACTURES CIDER TUfEGAB. Highest price paid for BQIJB CIDER. A EBERT VICK, Xjl Importer of and Dealer in China, Glass and Qneensware, CUTLEBT, BRITANNIA AND PLATED WARE, itlii Bandolph-at. Chicago. JOSEPH J. SIDDALL, ° SZSFBNBZJfO CHS OCX ST, Dealer in Fine Imported Perfumeries. Soam, Teeth Brushes. Toilet Articles, etc., 183 West Madison at., comer ot OaUtea. Special attention to Physicians' Prescriptions. gMOKED HEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IK PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND SMOEBO MEATS, ISO SOUTH WATER’S!. .■{Financial. $15,000 TO liOA-KT For five years, on Improved Real Estate in this city. ROZhT A CtJMMINUS. fIS Lasftlie-st. IVTXCHIGAN SOUTHERN & NORTH i\i Eas USD! AN A. K. R. CO. „ ttiuzax Sntrrr. > N*w ToeK, March 15, JS67. J The annual election lor Directors of this Company ■mu he held at the Company's office la Toledo. Ohio, on Wcdne*d*r, the ?lth day ol April next at noon. The polls will remain open until 3p. ra. The stock Transfer Books will bo closed on the 30th lest at 2p. m.. and reopened proximo at 10 a. in. D. i*. BaRHYDT. Secretary. dFox Sale. JffOß SALE IN NEW VORK CITY— A Long Established Business in the best part of Broadway, “ West Side." A larzo and profitable business has been done In LADI En’ AKD CHILDREN’S FUBKISEIKG GOODS, WHOLESALE AKD DETAIL. The lease cf the whole hense, stock, fixtures of store and good ‘will, will be sold at a reasonable price lor cash. The only reason lor sehlngla the owner's fortune being mace. For particulars, address “J O,” Box IX9O General Foat Office. Kew York. ■C'OR SALE OR EXCHANGE— Bovuc to give poe'etslon or toe state corner or Clark and Washinptrn-sta., „ The Stock Must bo Sold at Once. Will be exchanged for g>.od real estate or other property. Call early and mike a bargain. _ S. W. SKA, 101 CUrt-at, C'OR bALE— SKEIDS. ISO bashe-a Oaace Orange Seed, warranted new seed and of choice quality. Also, a tew iota ot sowing Flax- M*d, Timothy, Clove/. Hungarian and Millet Seeds, erdera Cor sale or nurchase of ’■v beat, data. Bar ley, Corn, etc., promptly and carefully executed. We are general Commission Merchant*, hat make Seeds a specially In their season. J. siHERKAUD ib CO.. General Commission Merchants, 219 South Water-st. rpo CAPITALISTS. I MnwarKHt, March L 1557. Having decided to relinquish btulnesa, we oifor oar establishment for sale. Our house was IN 1846, Has b»cn in existence 71 years, and la now pla-* don a ssfe.llrtn ana permanent basil, and to men or capital wbo are ceslroQ* of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ct trade (wholesale and Jobbing only) tnla pro per. ts a rare and valuable opportunity. Our stock u fall, embraces none but the moat staple c«“ds, & 11 *the hnsin«i la In perfect running order. n. BosivueTH os sox?*. Wholesale Druggists, UUwankee^Wls. ■pLAX SEED. ixax sEED.roa somSGr Choice and well screened, tor sale lor co«b. Ground Linseed Cake. Highest pries paidi i° r wort£ seed to erm-h, at GOULD Oil Wortt. 44 to 30 West Char:»Bt., between Vao Boren and Hamson. - 4PPLES Green Apples--Apples— Greenings, ,Brf S'.lVia.Sk Water,!. fITTTTSB—Ohio Bca«Te Cotter—fine yeßow extra saantrtr A PIR&T-CLASS PENMAN, COR aESPOKDEVT and BOOK-KEEFEH, d'ilrck 10 cage an ugagnneat from May lit, with some Banking Hoztso, or ether GOOD ESTABLISHMENT. Pint-cUM, artistic work guaranteed and a fair compensation re quired. Satisfactory t efereacea given upon a pereoual interview. Address, for one week, at Tribune OBXco, -JACQUES.” r£o ARCHITECTS. A first-daw Draughtsman Can find ateady emptoyrnwl hr utmedlate •op.ncauot W ’ U lie LaSaUMV business fiCarnu. 11. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, 13.0 Raxxdolpli-st. Tee Extracted Without Fain tor SI.OO, By thi ol Nitrons Oxide Cm. or Vi talized. Ten til Inserted on tha ViU cat tte or.. her Base tor fit to P) e set. 'VINE, JONES A CO., Successors to Grayes * Irrlnaj wn > rr MkT ' ,y ‘* 1T -*** T * Wh E GOODS, HOSIERY, Dress Trimmings, NTOTIONS. cOO M 19 LAKB»BTf ip^laln. WHITTEMOIE, ’ CARTER A BROWN, Wholesale Dealers la HATS, CAPS* MIIAANERY AND STRAW UUOUS. A large stock tor spring sales, bought at pat 1c puces, and will be told at very low* esifimm. IX Al 3 Lake*!. Chicago. JOSEPH L.HAIL&CO.r Hall’s Patent Concrete, Fire and Burglar Proof SAFES, ASP Victor Combination Locks, 93 DEAEBOBN-ST. S. M. FASSETT, AHTisrro PHOTOGRAPHY. gF” Pictures wren la dark aa'wcll as In pieasansweather. Gallery, 114 Sonth Cla?t-st, GREENLEE BROS, Manulactorm’ A grata tor STEAM ENGINES. Circular Saws,- Belling, WOOLLEN MACHTSTEST, ind Supplies for Woollen Mills, Marhlu ists'Toois ol all kinds; also Wood Work- UgMadOnery. 1 No. 32 PEAKBOKN-ST. HALLOCK Sr WHEELER, MazruFAcrcKeßa* agents for BTOBEB. ABB LEATHER BELTING, Rubber Goods, &c. 11l Haudolph«»t« SHIRTS made TO OBDEH* AHD WAHRANTED TO GIVE PEG FEUT BATI6FACTION. - WILSON BROTHERS 124 & 126 3)eartorn*Bt. SPRING STYLES. S’DRESSHITS, CEBTS’ GENTS’ BUSINESS HATS, YOUTHS’ DRESS AND SCHOOL HATS. All the latest and moat fashionable styles. BISHOP & BARNES, BANGS BROTHERS. BAB STOTT’S NEW Cooking Range, Cooking, Laundry and Tailor** STOVES- Besieier* and Ventilators. 83 MONROE-BTn OTearlyoppoalte the P>.t GILES, BRO. & CO., Watches, Diamonds, JEWEIAIT AND SILVER GOODS. ZW Agents for Sogers. Smith* Co.’s Plated Ware and U. S. Clock A Dross Co. of Chicago. ______ KIMBALL, STEVENS & CO., ■WSOUESAIiE CLOTH-HOUSE, 64 and 66 MICHI6AS-AT. PHILIP WADSWORTH S GO. | MaMCTACTUSZBS ASD JOBBXES OF CLOTHING, 34 & 36 Lake-fit. 95 Devonabire-st. Chicago, Iti- poeros. Mass. J. J. M’fiRATH, Masuracttnas asp btrofirsa of PAPER RANGINGS ASD TTODOW SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Eandolph-at, CHICAGO ILL, TURNER) BRISTOL & GO Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of French and German Calf Skins, 16 & 18 Stalc-st., Chicago. Agents for Taylor’S Pafc Belting. HIBBARD & SPENCER, IXPOBTZES OF Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 micnicay-AV.. Chicago. 261,000 WHEELEB& WILSOS Sewing Machine TpIKST NATIONAL BANK. Corner or Laze and Clark-sta. PAID IK CAPITAL 81.000,00#. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Drawn 13 anxu to snit on all the principal Bnropean CIOM. LETTERS UP CREDIT Dined* available In all parts of Bnrope. GOVERNMENT BUNDS Bought and sold. 7-30* converted at market nU> BalfLll.NicszMoir,Pre»*t. F.D.Qzi.T,VlceP«re. C.H.FgOJ>.Catnig. Caas. J.somrrf, AM’tQaah- BOOTS & SHOES, | W INSLOW ' & co - IK USE. The number Incteasingl,OOO per week. ABTBUB FAB BAB, 106 Agwfotlhe Northwest. M. 0. WELLS &.CO., MascracrcEKLs of 38 FA.KI3-ST.,! CHICAGO. LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, BANKERS, 47 Clark-st. 7.30 a exchanged for new 3*2oi ita & College Scrip for sale. Land 'Want WM. W. STROMS. FURNITURE. 203 Randolpb-st., P.0.80x 23S^o BOWEN, WHITMAN WINSLOW, • srrczssoßs to IIOUEN BBOTHBRS,. Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass & Crockery,_ 15,17 s 10& 21 Randolplfst. HAYDEN & KAT, LEATHER, CARRIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, 8t a 7, Chicago. HART, ASTEM & GO., usmems-j ot FLOUR SAC KS, ORPJH BAGS, And Sega of Livery Description. Paper Flour &»cto ol the Best Quality. 3-03 Foeth Water-st. J, BAUER it CO., Masofactorera and Importers of Musical Instnimenls and Strings Alio, Wholesale Dealers la PIANOS & ORGANS. Ho. 030 Broadway.NßWYOßß. o«60 Wnahlnffton^nt^CßlOASO JPttpUi Elliptic S/iixtM, T ATEST FASHIONS DEMAND J. W. BRADLEY’S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC (OS DOUBLE SPBOrO) SKIRTS. **•l will not Bend nr Bmkp Wne comtort, dajaSuitf wMca a,de ta» - ~* T T STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WQIL*. IfLotett Styles Bnllei** BTlMiia for Street oms, ud Bnitei'i UIPKM TSAIL* for Btcolbx Drew. At wholesale hj the exelastre MMfanKsn MS •ole owners of the patent. WESTS, BRADLEY A CAST, Warehouse and Office, 97 Qvuaben tad 79 «l 8a new York. Also, at wholesale hr tfte ksK Ing Jobbers. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt* By far themes* popular and gractrsi SCrt worm. Itar sale at wholesale at jw-jauAciarer*’ trrtooa, by FHtLD, FAUIsBALDTin UP. 1». 114 aad nSLtfwt, CMSMt. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt* ?or Elegance and Economy are nusurpanied. For Mis at wholesale hr JOHN V. FASWKLL * 00. j'j. 44 aad 4tf Wabssh-ar, OSeadM. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptis Skirt* The lightest, most agreeable and perfect SMrCs was. Fot*ileatw»*oi«faie. _ . HOWEN. WHITMAN A WTNStOIT, 13. 17. 19 ltd »1 KandolpS-SL. CMsMA Bradley’s Duplex Ellipti. Skirt* For beauty, comftrt and durahUltj sssertsr t» aD era. For sale at wholesale by TORUENCE. MANNING * OOU 35 Lake-st. and 39 Wahaeh-ar> dhte^ja Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt* At wholesale, at manulactarenr wnesa KKITH. WOOD * OO* Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt* For sale at JfcraJbctarer*’ New Terk WholaMs Prices, by aETMOtTB, CAHTBBAOO^ I. A GO. id Dealers tn ?aper. |J\EDJ CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON £ SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPER DEAXKS, TIfUTW Q Paper lakers’ Pimlinn, Ckimieal* its, 170 Ztasdolph-afry' ChlcmgMi We offer for sale to dealers and eotmnen 3.000 Handle* sews and Feint SSijt 3.000 do do M 3.300 do do is .*i*ji3f 3.300 do te *• 3.000 do do <• 1.300 do d* da 38x44 3.300 do do d*- MiUlf 1,800 do do do 31x4f8 3.000 do do do- SSI4W| 1.300 do do do tS3x3flT 1.000 do do do 1 30x38 SOO do do da -Jox*3 Extra sizes made to order on short notice. FsroMO at the lowest market prices for CASH. islet*t Subsetiptfonu. pROSPLCTUS OF ‘The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” Capital Stock - Five Hundred Shares, 61,000Badu This Company has bee* organise* «a*ar eke QtaeMl Laws ol the btate ol Illinois, tor the purpose ol man*; facttulrgall ktadscl PAPJSB,and preparlig PIBHI Car other purposes, from the WILD QKAbB lonad la thl* vicinity In great abundance. The practical develonment and atllmac m rasa iv terlal has twea effected through (Be lavcadtos, an* the several pateaa waned to out. UABRISON B. NBROa, of Fort Edwards. New York. TWs Company kaviafi purchased from Hr. Meech ail of the said patent* tew thefol-owiDg States, to-wit: Hllnolx, Indiana. Mleteh gan, Wisconsin. lowa and Mlsneaota, arenaw prepasafi to receive a limited aacxat at saoscrlptfss* to IB* Capital stock. In Inviting subscricUon* to this Stock, we wmAO state that the Company an aow the owner* ot -tits BATAVIA PAPER WILLS Which are producing at the pres cat Vse two (9 toa* ocr day of met paper. _ This Mill has buildings and water power of sufflsls— capacity, already erected. sndmco«alt«uu to reuge two (3) additional machines, which have been order*#, and It it estimated can be pat in running order on or before the first day ol May next, which win lucres** the capacity and product* cf the said lliUs to six 00 tons per day; that, at the present market prleafc should yield to this Company a very satisfactory profit. The tutnre operations of t&ls Company contempt*** the erection, or cocaobdatlng of other nulls with tear enterprise, within the present year. Issuing the IBS amount of their Stock, and which will prohahur bom than doable the foregoing estimate of product of Print, Manilla and Wrapping Paper*. This Company having procure* acharter-trom th* Leglslacaxe of the State of lUmols, increasing thetr capital to one million cf doJars, are now raorgaairing under their Charter privilege*. The stock Books ar* nowopen for subscription to tbe Stock, at the Ollcag of Messrs. DICKERSON A SHERMAN, 170 Bao dolph-sL. where all further Information tJtothe pa*, eats, prospects, Ac. wut be gives. In so’lcmig our friends to subscribe to this we believe we are warranted la saying that this mla prise promisee an unparalleled return of profits, am*, pared’with any other manufacturing hnsiaask hereto fore presented. THOMAS S. DICKERSON, Profit GEO. B.MOSS. Vice Pics’*. (formerly President Batavia Tiffs MSI Co.) W3I. HAXSBKOCOH,E«tfT. I. N. W. SHERMAN. Treasons. jjrptess Companies. iJ^HE MERCHANTS' UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - $29,000,000- Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Maunfac torero. CABBIES BY EXPRESS. Jttaney, Taisia bles, Frelebl and Parcels, ovtr more tkra 13.000 miles ot Express Lise, at Just as* liberal rates, saves dllliions yearly to Ex press Shipper*, and can be made pernmseat only by their, liberal patronage. This wo faope to merit and receive. Office, Kos. 103,105,107 A 109 Dearborn-rt, E. IS. COOPSS Afoot. aSanfts ana Hanfters. LETTERS OF CREDIT For TtaTellera, available In all parts of Enropa. XOS. 5A7 A 29 FIKB-ST., KEW YtfßE. Keto JSLusic. MUSIC. “The Moonbeams are Dancing To-night, Lore.” u,Tb9 moonbeams are dan time to-night lave. On river and leaf with delight, tore. The dear friendly stare twinkle bright, lore. While 1 tune my .ad barptothae; Then vase, maiden fair, trom lay slumberx. And list to my low breath Ing-numbers, Ah sleep: thy embracing ecqambera That form which is dearest tome.” , A beautiful serenade with chorus, suitable far ord*. nary voices. Key oi O, eaiy accompaniment toe Plano. Composed by A. Weaver; price a ema. Published by LVOH A HEAUY, Clark and Washing, ton-stx. Chicago. Mutter (Soots. Chicago. JJEMOYAL. Hallock & Wheeler, (Successors to John B- Ideaan Ot Ca.») HAVE REMOVED TO No. 143 lahe-stroet. Between Clark and. LaSalle. Beat quality Vulcanized Bobber Beilin?, Paekin; and Hole. Superior Oak-Tanned IgEATHEB fiELTING, And every variety of rubber goods, Wholesale and Retail. »t the lowest Rot tern price*. iHactunerg. 4 4 T> RICK MACHINE!” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK IWACHINR. Piece. Boom So. 3. 4T Clark-*--, Ctdeag*- BBISn MACS® 11 .saaaiasswssafflS£ " ai Booth JeCerecaxL. Okie—; A Portable aid Stationary * tJ ‘ STEAM engines. •nilzrs. Superior to all others. C. L. BICE * CO- Sicmo; SMITH * BICGa, bt. Louis. Mo.; WM. P. BoVkY, Milwaukee; JAMES JUNKS, Ihstrolt, agents. f*aii or send tor circular. EEKSsKILL manufacturing CO.’S best improved BHICK MACHINE. Mmptfc cneap and duraole; TKMI*EKU.O MACJIXB3. allmaeblocry for makme brick. M«kmeatob* Mg. and al: lafonnaaon gained. by caUln* on or ad«e»»« WBWWC ftWKitwowa P, O. Box V 793, CL - $500,000.