Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 2, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 2, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. The Eusso* American Treaty —lts Effect in London. Statement ic Regard to British finances. Further Evidence of 111-Feeling Between France and Germany. FROM WASHINGTON Outlines of the New Treaty with Russia, Boundaries of the Ceded Terri tory Acquired, Its Inhab itants, Products, &c. TIE ELECTIONS. The Democrats Claim Connecti cut by a Small Sla- jority. Both Branches of the Legislature Republican. large Republican Majority in the Michigan Constitutional Convention. FROM MEXICO. Cities of Mexico, Qucretaro and I’nebla Besieged. Al other Horrible Massacre oi Troops on tbe Plains. FEOM EUEOPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH, Great Britain. THE nUSSO-AMEUICAS TEEATT. Loxnox, April 1. Rcgtct is generally expressed by the press, and in politics! circles, at the proposed sal: of the ■Russian Posses-ious in North America to the United States. BRtnsß tojasces. The figures of 'he budget laid before tbe House of Commons, show that the revenue of Great Britain for the last fiscal year exceeds the ex penditures of the Government by £2,50(3,090 ster llrg. Btrmr at sea. LivznrooL, April l. The steamship Porevn, from The Hyde, bound Tot Boston, suck at sea during the severe storm of t-c Srth oX AUmVAES. QtrrxKSTOwjr, April 1. The steamer Cuba, from Ne -v York, arrived. Belgium. ■pfirtTiPAt. Tr.nrHT.Tx IN LUXEMBOURG. Bhubsels, April 1. Tne appetronre of auti-Prussrau placards In the strrcuoi J.nicmbou:g creates much excitement In France and German v. No answer has yet been made to the complaint of the Prussian common •dtr, and pendieg the MjtUrment of the allkir irri •aticn is mcrcasms ou both sides of tne Rhine. Mourn American News. XECOXLATIOKS £ ETWEES THE ***■«« AND PABA CUAT. Lonpox, April 1. A Braxihsu stramer, from HI j Janeiro, has ar rived at Lisbon. She brings a report that an Auicric.n man-of-war has up the Paraguay Hirer bea.fngaprouosition from Uie allied South American Powus containing a bans of negotia tions of j tacc to te submitted to Lopez. Latest Foreign markets. txxaxciau Loxdok, April I—Noon. Cosacls, 91; American aecuritl t not quite so firm as a* Uirdcceon Saturday—ther- has been a slight ce c.luc; Eric, S 3; I Uuols Central, : Flre-Twru ties, 75. Losnos, April I—3 p. m. Five-Twenty bonds declined X since opening: quoUd a’ 7tjf. Loxdox, April I—Evealnp, C:n-ols, 91: Eric, S9*; IlUaoU Central, 79; Flve- TwtnUcc. 7iy, Fuastfoet, April 1. United Slates Rends decline ■ to 78. Livkepool, April I—Noon. Cotton firm. Broadstnfla generally firm. Corn very Arm ot catnr-ay’fi highest prices. provisions ccnersllf doll. Pori 76. Bacon, S 9. La re, SO. procure uLChangr*. Petroleum spirits, lid; refined, is fid. LrrmpooL, April I—3. p. m- C;Uon ha* b*ccmecco-ldeiably more active. LiTinroou April I—Lvenlng. Ccttco dosed cc'l atlSduir middling uplands, and ISKd for Orleans. BrcadJtnUß Q"-let and unchanged. ■provlAots, doll. Deem, *0» Cd, Lard, tts Cd. Other* nncbvnrcd. Produce —Uncharged. FROM. WASHINGTON. if pedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, April 1. STTE BUaSO-AXOUCAN THZA.Tr— ITS NEGOTIATION. The treaty made w ith Russia has been in process of negotiation some time. On Monday of last week tho Russian Minister called on Mr. Seward, faying that the Emperor had directed him not to sign the treaty. The price offered Russia bid been seven millions. Mr. Seward immediately offered a quarter of a million more, and offered to par the whole in gold the moment the treaty was concluded. On Monday evening the Russian Minister telegraphed the new offer to (be Emperor, and on Friday evening received an answer accepting it. Mr. Seward and the Minister went at once to tho State Department and worked till near morning, finished the treaty, and took It to the President at the Capitol at nine o’clock on Saturday. The President read and signed it, and sent It into the Senate at ten. There has been much difficulty in getting clear of s‘,l claim* of other parties and companies, but the treaty gives such title. One clause of the tieaty is significant, declaring one purpose to he *‘io strengthen, it it be possible, the good under standing between Russia and ihe United Slates.” The boundary of the ceoed territory begins on the coast, at latitude fifty-four forty, run; R.lsnJ ten marine leagues, follows at that distance from the coast northwardly to the hundred and forty first meridian; thcuce Ot. that meridian to the Pole; theccc southwardly, following the malu channel through Behring Straits, between St, Lawrence lalard and Asia; thence southwardly to Western Island of the Alctiac chain, thence soutbeast wardlyto the place ot beginning. All the Islands within Hnsclincuarecoded to the United States. It la known (bat the cod, halibut, seal and whale fisheries are more val uable than those on the Newfoundland coast, and that it contains the most valuable lor regions of the con inen*. The climate Is milder thaU lu the same latitude on <be Atlantic coast. Of the in habitants, sixty thonsand belong to the Greek i Chinch. Ihe chairman of the Committee on For i clgu -Affairs favors the ratification of the treaty, ; and gives an opinion that it will lead to no i trouble with forelcn Powers, i THE CDBUEKCr QUESTION. Leading men in commercial circles in Eastern cities bare been urging on Secretary McCulloch to aboedon contraction for the present. In order to prevent further stringency in money matters- At present, tbc Secretary seems inclined to yield to the demand. The statement published in March !nIU show a decrease In the public debt of fifteen millions. | sot. ttnr.npiTg, ! the hero of the Julian assault, has been nomina ted Buivcyor General of Montana, after the Presi dent bad promised tbc Office to two soldiers and one civilian. THE SENATE. Tbc Senate was in Executive cession four hours. Only half a dozen cases were acted on. About two borne were spent on the nomination of er-Gcvernoi Bradford, as Surveyor of the Port at Baltimore, without a decision being reached. All cominatlocß ptudii g Saturday are cimedover to ‘hla tcaslon. None were sent in t;-day. The President has laoicatcd a parpose to make & arge number'to-morrow. The n tainaUon of Kennedy, In place ol Isaac Newton, was post ioned UK to-morrow. EXITED STATES SCntZVE COrCT. The Supreme Court met this morning, hat as inly hve members were present it adjourned till o-morrowj without action. Reports Indicate that iicbard R. Paison*>, of Cleveland, will he made uanhaljof the Court. nvtiKEfis or the iaft session. The number ot br.l, totrod jcvd Into the fflonee .1 the iast seaelon was 158; into the Sera’o, 139. )f.iht whole nt nibcr, £CS go over to the nert sea- vjucikia rotaries. • The inyal men of Virginia are urging Senator ‘vxleou and one or two other leading HcpubUtana ■p Visit Ibcir Stale, and probably he will go down Richmond In the course of a week to advise Tovcruor Picipoint and ohera relative to the honr-e to be pursued under the Military Recon fcroclion Bill. L xrrEACizmrr. fa Tbc Impeachment Committee was in session *od examining witnesses this torenoou. It Is Judcrttood that they will remain here this week. and thtn adjourn Id] May. Ttc committee will thee be subdivided into two or three brancticf. for service In various cities. * fifth Illinois coiiectjoh disibic». The motion entered la Senile on Saturday to reconsider lie confirmation of Willlim Kellogg as Collector of the Firth Illinois District, was not taken up for action to-day, the nomination, not haaug'been yet mumed from :h> White House. Mr. Xogeteull and Mr. Kello. g wer: in tbe lobby of the Senate nearly all tie afternoon, manifesting the greatest anxiety In regard to the matter. Mr. Jngcrsoll is using his almost Influ ence to endeavor to prevent recoasiderjiiin. _ cospiuned. WAsmaoTON. April 1.-1116 Senate to-day con firmed ihe nomination of Ecnry R. Lmdemun as Director of tbe Mint at Philadelphia. _ REJECTED . . , Washington, April I.—The Senate rejected Douglas Dale, Receiver of Public Moneys at Booneville, Mo. The President sent In no nomi nations to-oar, TUB ypr ruins cosnOSSIOKCT. Wasbogton, April I.— Don. N. G. Taylor, Com missioner of It.clun AD'airs, entered on the dis charge of bis duties to-day. ywwnOTlt’i AFTAIHS IK MISSISSIPPI. The Commissioner of tbe Frcedmen’e Bureauls in receipt of a r« port ol tbe operations ol the Bureau in llirsis.-lppi daring January, submitted under date of Vicksburg, February 17, by Gen oal Gillcm. Assistant commissioner, from 'which u appears that labor was in good demand and better wages are offered than last year, while it is elated that those who treated ireertmen unfairly carnotnow obtain bands. Thu Sab-Commis lon er in charge of the District of N*tche* »iues that while mere is some destitution among ihe freed men. the most alarming destitution and enltenng are staring w:i’e people in the face. Of the two classes ibc former are better situated, being able to do tha : kind ol woik generally m demand. Tbclr warns being few, their expeases arc sm*lL i beic were bat few complaints being made to the Bureau. Ibc schools are reported in a flourish ing condition, are well sustained, aua tbe freed met: are doing tnneb to support (hem- In con clusion General Gillcm remarks: “There is no opposition from the more Intelligent dosses to tne education ot tbe freeamen. baton the contrary many planters have axipllea lor teachers, and are willing to permit tne necessary buildings for schools.” General Gillcm convinced that all prejudice sgamsttbe education of the blacks will disap pear. Ibc demands’or labor continue unabated, thousands of colored people arc brought to this State from the older and ices fertilize 1 ! State* of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Accounts of destitution and starvation ure. so far as they relcr to Mississippi, much ex aggerated. Daring January no rations wore issued to citizens, black or white, except those in hospital. OLD FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS ABROAD. Uew York, April I.—The .New York Washington special says cJfbrts are making to depreciate tbe condition of the Treasury lor speculative purposes, and quotes part of a circu lar sent to Europe by a New York bouse with that view. But tnis correspondent teams from the highest authority t let so far from tbe Treasury hdne involved prospectively In difficulty becau e of tbe ixteot of its maturing obligations, the prospect Is precisely the reveise. Tbe customs n venuet thus far approximate closely to the largo receipts of last year, and although ibc Internal Revenue rcceipta are considerably lea* tbaslast year, as was natnr&llv expected and fnlly antici pated, as well from the reduction of taxation as from tbe depression of badness, U Is now posi tively certain that the fiscal year will close with a very gratifying balance of receipts over expendi tures. THE OHIO AND INDIANA REINBCSSENNNT SILL A LAW. WasimccTOs, March 21.—1 t toms out that (he hill which tailed to becomo a law, is that providing for the payment of the Missouri sra’e Militia, and not the Ohio ana Indiana Militia aqt The latter ia published to* cay as having passed, and been signed by th» President. acts rEUTiurrsG to westbbk xkturests. The following acts of local interests to the West were signed yesterday by the President: A joint resolution providing for the necessary purveys fur a ship canal around the falls of tbs Ohio Hirer, for military, naval and commercial purposes; A joint resolution to authorize the Secretary of Wa-to build dredge-boats for use ot tbe month of the Mississippi Hirer; An act to reimburse the States of Indiana and Ohio for money expended for the United Stitea iu enrolling, equipping and provisioning milllla forces to aid in suppressing the rebellion ; An act to provide for a District and a Circuit C.urt of the United States for the District of Ne braska. and for other purposes; An act extending to the Mate of Nebraska the i-rovUionp ot the act relating to agricultural col- leges; A joint resolution directing the Secretary of War to tarnish certain arms and equipments to the State ot Tennessee; An act in relation to a certain tract of land in Burlington, Iowa; An act ameudatciy of the organic! act of Colora do Territory: A joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of War to turn over certain property of the United States at Camp Chase, Ohio, for the use of the National Asylum for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers; A Joint resolution enspendiagall proceedings in relation to tbe payment of slaves drafted or re‘ ceivt-d or volunteers in the military service of the United States: A joint re-olntion providing for the necessary Miney for a canai between Lake Encard Lake Ontario, tor military, naval and commercial pur- pOECBt A iolut resolution extending the lime for the completion of the improvement of the Pox and Wi-ccnsin rivers. DEXIAL. A rpi rial to the l x J»t rep rts that departmental i fH r rr- soy that General Butler’s charge as to tbo tardoo if deserters to vote at the congressional election In Western Virginia is nntme. They r eru rot released until a month after the elec tion. rar !miranr UECossTurcnoN act. The Grvcmo-s of several Southern States arc get the Military Reconstruction Act be fore the Mtpremo Court for decision. r.EuccnoN c, the kationax, debt. Tbe national debt was reduced $15,090,033 dur leg Match. snssomt -war claim bill. The enrolled bill relating to Missouri volunteers has been found. Tbe President will submit tbe qumion of his powet to sign It to the Cabinet to morrow. -orrow. BOCSSEAU. Gi noral Rousseau will probably be confirm :d. RECOK6TKDCWOK Cf TEXAS. A despatch has ieea receiv'd from Governor rbrock-rrortOD, of Texas, to tbe efifeet that that slate will immediately reorganize under the Re construction Act. COKGBESSIOXAL PROCEEDINGS. SENATE—EXTRA SESSION. Wa«uinctos, April 1. Tbe Senate opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. Gray, the Cnaplaio. Ttc PRESIDENT called the Senate to order and •arreted to be read the proclamation of tbe Pits 1- dent convening an Executive Se^alon. On motion «r Mr. ANTHONY it was resolved hat a committee of two members be appointed to wtiit on Uie President and inform him tiat a quorum or tbe S mate bad assembled and were ready Li receive any communication be be Mealed to make. Messrs. Anthony and Henderson were appointed as such committee. Oc motion of Mr. ANTHONY it was ordered ti nt the dally bonr of meeting lie twelve o’clock •.util otherwise ordered ; also, that (be Standing ■ ommiit* cs of tbe Senate be continued d-iring ’he presciii session of tbe Senate. On motion of Mr. SHERMAN, the Senate, at a quartet past twelve, west into executive aoi-lotu THE ELECTIONS. Connecticut. Nirw Voce, April l, Jfi p. rn.—Returns ftom - me sixty lowns m Cornecticnt gives English, Urmrc-at, about (00 majority lor Governor, rl-cfic lowns Include New Haven, i,SOO Demo cratic, cud Hanford, ili7 Democratic. The result i-clone and doubtful, but the Democrats claim Um’ State. I.iTEn—New Haven County complete. riavricy 8.533 EugiUh 10,915 English gains 153 in the county compared with '.aft year. DiirTTORO, April I—l 2 p. m.—Vote of Hartford- Hawlcy, 2,7»6, English, 3.21 C. Majority for Eng lifh lastv ear. 479. HnMmrd. Democratic majority for Congress fn Hartford, is5U7. Doming is probably defeated hr about 20U majority. Xouwjcu. April I.—Norwich for Governor— Hawley. 1.-141. English, l.iffi. Member of Congress—Starkwea'ber, L44S. Mar lin. 1.115 Ntw Haves, April l,—English, Democrat, ia probably elected Governor by 500 majority. The Democrats cany three Congressional Dis tricts, viz: fluhbard In the First, Hotchkiss In the second, and W. IJ. Barnum in the Fourth. The Republicans elect btarkweather In the Third District. The LJcmocrats win probably have one majority it- the State Senate. The House will be Repub lican. Haisttocd, April 2.—Returns from all hut thirty-two towns. English leads Hawley uyWH). Both branches of the Legislature will probably be Republican. Ollclilsaii. EALANAZOO, Imperial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Drrnorr, April 1. The election in this State has passed off with but little interest, and the vole is disgracefully light, but is accompanied by a general increase In Republican majorities. The State ticket Is elected by a large majority, and the Constitutional Con vention will be overwhelmingly Republican. Ihe result in this city Isas follows: Firtt Wasd, 04 Republican majority: Second Word. 7 Republican majorily: Third ward, 10 Republican majority; Fourth Ward, 150 Demo cratic majority; Filth Ward, 20G Republican ma jority; Sixth ward, 369 Republican majority; Seventh Ward, i« Democratic majarity; Eighth Ward. 215 Democratic maiorltv; Ninth Ward, 18 KeimMlcan majority; Tenth Ward, 2 Democratic minority. loud Republican majority In tbe city, 30. « sync County haa gone Democratic as usual. From th*' Interior the returns generally indicate -neet’tng Republican successes. MicUgon has dorc well, all things considered. AZOO, Mich , April 1. The Republicans have carrica the dcctlon In ibis piac-; bv about 400 majority. Graves. Republican, for Chief Justice, has 417. ’ST.-c Republican candidates for Regents bare 384 uinjority. The i*onn*v Superintendent for Schools, Pat -:axu over Judf'On.JiT Tor Delegates to the Constitutional Convention —Giddings over Stuart. 491; Duncan over Potter, SCO ;ißrttilcy over Woodm, 461. TUe entire Republican town ticket ia elected, piobably. Retains come In slowly from the county. Tho rc tc is light. Estimated majority In tbe county. I,UCU. ADCIAS. [Special Despakc to tLc Chicago Tribune.) AxmiAs, Mich., April 1. At the charter election held here to-day the Re publicans hare elected their whole cl y ticket, ad fleeted three out of tour Aldermen. The •i.sjoiity on Mayor is 227. Last year the Demo rats elee'ed their Mayor by IW. Tbc balance of the county sot heard from yet. XABSHALL. [Special De-patch to tbc Chicago Tribune.) Mansiiatm, Mich., April I—B r>. tq. At the city election to-day the whole Demo cratic ticket was elected except the Treasurer, by the foi,oning majorities: Mayor—J. D. Wof -5»-yllß Itccorder—W. S. Geer, 09. Supcivi-or-R. Huston, 78- Tn-r surer—°. C. Dodge, (Ken,), U. Justice—K. W. Shear, 04. School Inspector—M. N. Cunnlrgham, 26. Republican Aldermen were el?cted ia the First and Second Wards by 03 and 29 majority. Democratic in the third and Fourth uv 45 and 7 majority. Ao rctnrrs from the Constitutional delegate*. ItLFCBUCAS NOMINEES TO THE COKBTirunONAL . - .. cokvxktiok. Accojdlcgto the act passed by the last Legisla ture. a state Convention is to be hrid at Lsssui”- commencing on the third Monday in May text, to revise tbc State Constitution. Iho Conversion will be composed ol one hundred delegatee—one liom each Representative District—who were elected yerterday. The lollowiug -list campmca th? names of the Republican nominees iu toe dif ferent counties: __ AUecau—Vtm. B. Williams, William B. White. Horny— Haney Wright, Adam Elliott. Fc'if—James Blrney. jt, nvn — l.P. Alexander, 1L T. Coohdgc, W. ?. Farmer. _ _ _ , Calhoun—G. D. Holmes, E. P. Henderson, G. Willaid. Cats—Jacob J. Vanßipe. Levi A’drich. Vlinton— A- U. Waiter, N. J. Daniels. . i'o f «>r.—Joseph Mnsgrove. Hilton P. Batten. Gmeeee— Sumner Howard, H. K. Lowell, T, Q. Smith. Grand Traverse— Dewitt C. Leach. Grofior—Nathan Church. _ Jlill-dale—h. J. Thompson, D. L. Pratt, S. P. Boot. __ Ingham— John W. Longyear, Samuel Wood* house. Jonin—G. W. Germain. 8. A. Yeomans. JacAeou— Freeman C. Watidn*, Eugene Prin , glc, Wijiau P. Goodwin. C(j iauvtf VOL. XX. EuUanazoo— Marsh Glodings, D. Duncan, Mil ton B?adley—elected. , Kent— Jacob Ferris, Solomon L. Wilhey, Ly mon Munav, Milton C. Watkins. lajieer—U. C. Kenney, John M. Lamb. Zer.atrre—Jacob C. Sawyer. Puriey Dills, C. M. Croswell, M. I*. Slockwell. H. J. Sheldon. Hnnciton— Lyman Judson, Andrew D. Wad dell. Jl/acotrb —Dexter Hussey, W. W. Andros, 0.8. Bntgcss. Monroe—l. P. Chrisllancy, Franklin Johnson, J. M. Hathaway. JVoni'v'af/r!—George F. Case. ilneifQon —Stnry B. Bolt. A'etcayao— W. T. Howell. _ Oakland—V. Dean Warner, Jacob Van Valkcu bnrg, E. P. Harris, W. H. McConnell. Gltctnz —John Halre, Dr. Brain ard- Sftplnow-U. S. Miller, D. W. C. Gage. AAtdtrasas—S. T. Psrsocs, Joslah Turner s'. Clair—O. D. Conger, Ezra Hazec, Marcos E. Miles. _ . S-. Jotenh— Wm. L. Stoughton, Comtort Tyler, Lrtvi T. Unll. 'J'uteola— B. W. Hnuslon. Jr. _ , Van Suren— Charles Bun comb, S. H. Black m 'non—E. O. Haven, Thomas Hiade, D. Pierce. 0. W. Whilmel. Wayne—' William A. Howard. William Warner, Dnncao Stewart, Arnold Kaichco, J. L. Koar, Thomas May, Isaac L. Smith, Q. W. Switt. Municipal Flection* Te*terday. DCBuqCX, IOWA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Dcbdqux, April 1. After one of the most exciting ooiests ever known, Ihe Republicans have carried Dubuque, heretofore the Democratic stronghold of lowa. J. K. Graves is elected Mayor by nearly 800 ma jority. Last year the Democrats carried the city by SSO majority. The chyle wild with excitement. INDIANAPOLIS- (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Indianapolis, April l. The annual township eleclloj look place to-day, and notwithstanding the unfavorable weather, over five thousand votes were pilled. Tno result has not yet hern ascertained, bnt at last accounts •.he Radical ticket led the Independent ticket by tight hendred votes. There wa* no regular Dem ocratic ticket In the field. COLHWBDB, onto. Con-arnus, April I.—ln the city election John <l. Bull, the present Mayor, vsas elected Mayor by fit? majority, a Union train of 502 over nia election astycar. The Council stand* 12 Democrats to C In Circlcvllic Judge Walkc, Union, was elected l>y C 7 majority. Clt,€lHNAil. m , ik. xiwviT.Ttitl bla^llah CiscctKATi. April I.—lhe municipal election passed off quietly. The whole Union ticket was elected by about 3,000 malonty. cmcLKmxE. Cxecleville, Ohio. April I.—Waite, (Union) waa elected Mayor by sixty-seven majority—a large Union gain. '•olxpo, April I.—At the municipal election to day (be entire Union Republican city ticket headed by C. A. King, for Msvor. was elected by 800 to 51)0 ma jority. 'They also elect ten ont ef twelve of the Conndlmcn. A substantial gain on the last election. FKOM ST. LOUIS. BornlDtr of Uie Llndell Oolel a Public Calamity—The Building rrloally In gored in St. Louis Compaoles—Sfionlcl pal Selection To-Day. [Special Despatch to the .Chicago Tribune.] St. Lom*. Apbxl i. The burning of the Llndell Hotel is the great topic. Ills everywhere regarded as a public ca lamity, cud a public meeting is to be held to-nlgh' to devise means to rebuild the hotel. There is a question us to the right of the old owners to re build, as oue of the minor heirs of Henry Ames owns about one-half the properly, and an act of the Legislature is required to get the necessary authority. The total Insurance on the hotel is $305,000; on furniture, fItU.OOO. Loss on both is about tLOOO.W-O. Thc election to-morrow promises a certain Rad ical victory. The Germans are very enthusiastic concerning the Hadlcal nominations. Of the *500,000 Insurance on tbe Llnrtell Hotel and contents, all but SIOO,OOO is insured In SL Louis companies. _ St. Locis, April L—The meeting to-night t>» de vise means to rebuild the Llndell Hotel war at tended by many of tbe most prominent citizen and capitalists of the city, and. tbe most deter mined spirit was manifested that the p.*«»je l rhould be carried to a successful issue. About £CSU,COO was subscribed on tbe spot, and commit tees composed of wealthy and intlneuiiai men were appointed to solicit subscriptions from the owners of property adjacent, and to canvass tbe city at large, said committees to report st meetings from night to night till the required sum Is rafted. Edgar Ames will put in the land acd mat*rial now on the spot uta rairlyappralsed valuation, and take Ihe whole amount in slock. *lc rebuilding of the hotel is insured. Isaac Sturgeon acd John O'Fallon Farrar were utammously elected President and Vice President of the North Missouri Railroad to-dsy. FKOSI LAWRENCE. Union Pacific Bollxoad—Election of tifllecn*—Election of Ilayoj-Lttud Salt Ac* [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribunal Lawuehce. Kansas, April L At the annual meeting of the stockholders of ihe Umou Pacific Railroad, Cast Division, held ia ibis city to-day. the following officers were elected: President, John D. Ferry, St. Lints; Vice President, Adolphus Mcir, SL Louis: Direct ors. George Poitridge, &L Louis; C. S. Greeley, SL Louis: Thomas L. Prince, Jetfcreon City, Missouri; John McManus, Heading, Pennsyiva da; Thomas A. Scott, Pecusylvania; H. J. JewtU. Beanesvllie, Ohio; W. H. Clement, Cm- C, Hon.*Samncl Kimball was to-day clerted Mayor by )00 majority, heatlrg both regular city nomln jUocb, and tbe candidate of the Germans. The grea'lard sales, which commence to-mor row of the Ut ion Pacific Railroad, East Division, tas attracted a large number here from the East ern -fates. Among tbe numcer are noticeable ex-Postiraster General Denulson; ex-hccrctarr ot <bv Interior Usher; Judge bwaun,of Ohio and others. FROM BIiOOMIi.»(JTOX* The Prohibitory Liquor Question—A Hold on the Gambler*—Hauling Ac* cldcni. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribuae.] Blookutqton, HI., April 1. The people of this city are just cow engaged In a very excited contest upon the prohibitory li quor question. Mceti- g* are held rea*iycveiy night, which are largely intended. Tha muni cipal election wlllbe bcldcn the 15th instant, at which the question of license or prohibition will be one of the issues. Thirty-live gamblers were indicted by the Grand Juiy of this county at (he March term of the Cir cuit Court, nearly ail of whom were found guilty and heavily fined. A eon o< the Rev. Wo. J. Rutledge, of this city, has a met with a serious, though n~t fatal, accident. While bunting on Saturday last, a few miles east of this city, while In the act of climb ing over a fence, the cun which be bold in bis band was accidentally discharged, the contents of the load parsing through hi- left hand and wrist, mating an ugly wound, hat breaking no bones. Several soot also lodged in the left aide of the lace, hut did no serious damage. FROM ISDIASAPOLIS. Departure of mi*»lonar)c*i—Personal— Removal of the State Law Library. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Indianapolis, April 1. An interesting service look place yesterday af ternoon at the First Baptist Church. £. W. Clark, Esq., and wife, members of the church, are about to leave as missionaries to India, and the officers and teachers of tbe various Sabbath Schools took the occasion to present them with a splendid pho tographic album, coctalnme the portraits of ail of them, some one hundred and twenty in number. Governor Baker haa gone to Evansville on a visit. *ihe law library of tbe State haa been removed from tbe State Home to the second story of Gal lup's new building, and pot in fine order. The Judges of ihc Supreme Court and Attorney Gen uisl have rooms on the fame floor. We bad two enow storms yesterday. FROM MADISON. nuDlclpal Politic*— De«ert«n and Draft Nncakii—State Bank Circulation. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribuao,] Madison, April 1. An active contest ia going on in tbia city for city officer? at the election to-morrow. The Re publicans on Saturday evening nominated Adju tant General J.K.l*rondst for Mayor and Lonis Helm for Tteasurer. Both sides are hopeful of success. Things arc considerably raized. The Governor has received from the War Dc i;artmcLlfall lists of deserters and draft sneaks of this State, copies of which will be distributed to the several counties. Jbe Bark Comptroller's monthly statement shows the outstanding circulation of vVDcousiQ banks doing business under the State law to he JASESYILIE, WIS. , Republican Nomination for INayor, [Si cclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.) Janesville, April 1. Dr. Henry Palmer was renominated to-day by the Republicans for Mayor by acclamation. Judge McArthur lectures here to-morrow on ‘Mary, Queen of Scots.' 1 FBOM MEXICO. The Liberals Bealeglog the City of Plcxfco—Qaerataro and Puebla aim) Besieged—Proposed Surrender of Vera Cruz —Three Hundred Persons Im* prisoned—War Steamer and Artillery for (he Liberals* New Youk, April I.—Advices from Mexico City, nib alUmo. eays the Liberal. were almost under the walls o* the Capitol, and prevented -upn'ies from entering. Maximilian’s army at Querataro was complete It environed by the Liberals. General Diaz bad commenced besioaing Puebla. The people of Vera « rn* were disposed to tn ris: on a surrender cf the place to the Liberal forces onttidc. Over COO persons were Imprisoned in Mexico ,*|ly for expressing sympathy with the Liberals, ar.n failing to pay their quota of the forced loans. Maximilian's Governor of the City bad resigned, ai d Intended to leave (or farope. New Yock. April I.—The Berdt<T» Havana cor -cspoudi-nt of the 27in ultimo eays the whole French squadron of war vessels from Vera Cruz baa arrived, making an imposing display. The j-lcrHi Iron clad lelnan. which excited the on quallPcd admiration ol the Dons some time ago, was thrown complcely into the shade on the appearance ot the French vessels of the same character. New Yocs, April I.—The General McCullam, un iron war steamer designed for the service of ibo Mexican liberals, sailrd from this portyca* teiday, for Tampico, Mexico, with two fall bat teries ot artillery, 10,000 stand of small arms, lone tons of powder and a large quantity of fixed ammunition aboard. The vessel carried alio bot cral officers of the liberal army. Another Streeucor Difficulty in CharlntoDi Charleston, April I.—Another street-car diffi culty occurred to-day. Two negroes got Into s cat, and, refusing to get out. Were ejected by the police. They forcibly resisted, bat were overcome and lodged in the e atlon-houae. Thereupon th negroes became disorderly, using brick-bat*, sad threatening to remove them. In the meles several parties were injured. Information was promptly cent to headquarters, and a squad of regulars in terfered and took charge of five ol tbe ringleaders. Ihe matter will bo investigated before the Provost Court to-morrow. ASOTILEU KASSACEE. Fort Bnford Captured by the Indium, aodtt* Kntlre Uatneon Sian "titered— Three Dmidrcd of tbe Indiana Killed, and One Thousand Wounded. Washington, April I.—A letter from the wife of a distinguished army officer, at St Louis, con firms the cuptnre of Fort Buford. Colonel Ksnkin. bis wile, children, and the whole garrison were slaughtered, numbering eighty souls. Colonel Jumkln baa represented folly four months his inability to resist a prolonged attack by tbe overwhelming force of Indians brought against him. Private letters say be anticipated his fate, and made good bis promise that be would defend Ibc position to the last moment. He re pulsed with his small force an attack of 2,0U0 or befoto he was killed. It Is supposed that Colonel Rankin shot bis wife to prevent her falling into tho hands of the In diana. Negro Suffrage In Tennessee. Cincinnati. April I.—Ten negroes voted at a total election in Jacksborougn. Campbell County, ■Jenn.; on tbe Ist nltinio. They were tbe first vote? cast by colored citizens in that Stale since ISM. irwA IT mtOTUKHS Advertising An’ts 13H Dearborn-**!., receive advertisements lor all the leading papers throughout ibt < niit< NnlMandCunniiaa. (Snicral Notices. gOAfiD op a BADE. An election win bo held on thin TUESDAY, the 2d ol jprl). between (he hours of 10 a. m.acd 4 p. tn.,lor lie election of a President, to serve for the ensuing \ tar. By order ot the Hoard. JOHN F. BEATY. Secretary. piNJ3 BU&DTESS &UIT3, To Order, at from to SSO. At HA H< «fc SPENCER’S, Merchant Ta'-lors, 91 Bamlolph-st. CRYSTAL LAKE ICE! For the coming season orders may be hfl at our Of- Dee. No. 9 Remold** block, corner Madison ami Dear hem-sis., at A. toota’a Oyster Depot, and at our new CRYSTAL 3-A-TCT2 Rranch Iceßouscs, at Mlchlgan-av. near Slitecntb-eL All orders will be promptly attended to. CHICAGO ICE COMPANY. JAS.P. EMITH, Jb, Superintendent. CEDAR CAMPHOR For CLOTHES MOTUtf. Sold by druggists every wberc. HARRIS & CHAPMAN. Boston. rjBACELAND CEMETERY. V "*CAIIS LEAVE FOR GRACELAND. From corner of Clark and North t7ater-6ls„ at 7:57, &0,1fc29a.m.: 12-39. t;37.3:15,4»3, tall p. m. Ceme tery Olflcc, No. 6 Open* House. Hoars, 9to It a. i to 4 p. m. npHE SUBSCRIBER DESIRES TO X RENT A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE ON W AIIVMI OK. AIICOK.AN AVENUE. north of Van Burcn-st. possrstion required May Ist. It. I*. HUTCHINSON, 21 Chamber of Commerce. fßusiral instruments. THE BURDETT ORGANS Are tbe nearest apcnach to perfection of »ny Heed InstiuDient now marntaetored. For volume, rlctinccs ■mu organ Uko quality of tote, elasticity of touch and promptness of action. Tliej Hare Ho Successful Competition. They are finished In cases ot Roa-woad, Walnut and «-ak. plain or carved from the most bcautttul and ele gant ccngcs; al«otnJet or Imitation Ebony, .richly gilded and ornamented. The superior excellence of these Instrncents It main ly auributaoie to the many Improvement* applied ez • tuslvdy to tlitm. a complete descrlmi:n of these Improvements may be foond In onr Illustrated cata logue. a copy of which will be mailed' free to any ad dress by LYON & HEAIiXj GENERAL AGENTS FOB THE MANUFACTURERS, Clark and Wasfalngtcn-stß.) Chicago. jfutntturc, ISeutung, &c. g^naNlWLPirbT! PIKE & CAVANNA, DEALE?S IN FURNITUR E AND BEDDIUTO. Also, Agent* lor PRESTON & OR WES* New Patent Rotary Extension Table. IHiautrtr pAPEU! PAPER! A young man who baa been in the Pacer Business It New York City would like to make an engagement with soifle Paper Warehouse In this city. Can influence come trade. Understands the Bag and Paper Stock Bu«lnes§ It all Its branches. Could take charge ot a Paper Mill. Das had considerable acquaintance with Paper Mil Machinery. Address JOHN HENDRICKS, Box M 3 P. O. TTirAOTED VV ONE OR TWO First-class Carpet Salesmen Can hud employment at HOLLISTER A PHELPS*, - - 135 and 137 Lvke-it. ARCHITECTS. A first-class Draughtsman Can fled steady employment by immediate appllcatloi to E.BUKLIKG&CO., lift LaSalle-*t. ®0 tvCllt. QHEAP DOCK ON MAIN BRANCH TO RENT, 4C feet front by 125 deep. Apply at 320 North Waier-st, TO KENT— A SUITE OF FINE ROOMS. On th* flr t floor of **Uank Bolldlnr,” No. S 3 Dear bcru-et.. suitable lor Insurance, Commission or Law yers’ efiicea. Inquire of _ _ * GEO. B. CHITTENDEN, Room No. 7, unc floor. rpO RENT— Offices in the Cliamlier of Commerce. Offices No*. 10 and 13, on main floor. Apply at Office Nc. 18. „ CHAS. L. RATMQND. SeCy. Hlasonlc Hoticrs. special commuoicatton JjAof AShUr Lodge. No. 306. F. & A. JL. will t*c te’a st blalr Ball UiU (TUESDAV) evening at o'clock, lor work on F. C. Degree. Visiting Brethren arc cordially Invited. HENET TUCKER, Secretary. Skating. side hike. STILL OPEN, BAY AM) EVENING. astrologg. JjJADAMB ALWIN. Ah pertona wishing to know their FUTURE PROSPECTS IN LIFE, Can have them correctly stated by the Madame by calling at 347 South ClarK-st. (opposite Jones School) where she may be consulted shorn all matters concern* log Business. Marriage, Love, etc., and will tell the name of the lady or gentleman yon are going to marry: also the name ol her visitors. iSrpresa Companies. B E MERCHANTS’ UNION Esprcss Company. CAPITA!. - - $20,000,000. Owted and Oosrited by Unr Merchants and Manufacturers, CARRIES BY EXPRESS, Money, Valua* bits. Freight and Parcels, over mere that 13,000 miles o! Express Line, at Just anr liberal rates, saves Billiton* yearly to Ex. press Shippers, and can be mode permanent only by tbelr liberal This we hope to meric and receive. Office, 1700.103,105,107 & 109 Dearborn-et S-K.COOFBR Agent- CHICAGO. TUESDAY. APRIL 2,18 W. Spanisij SLnstrai. The Vade Mecum OF TflE WEST. The laxnriant locks of oar Western ladies due to their Universal Css of DELIGHT’S SPANISH LUSTRAL! It is tie acknowledged favorite of tie Toilet Table. Its popularity has increased daily for the p.ast two years. The REASON is, that the Lustral has never failed to do all that its In ventor claims for it. Other preparations come into the market, and quickly die out. Use proves them to be worthless. The SPANISH LUSTRAL is used to-day more largely than ever before. BECAUSE The people have tried it and know its value. Nothing else can compare with it. Fifty Gross were sold in the last two weeks. The dealers cannot sell any thing else where the lustral is in use. It not only makes the Hair grow, but is also a beautiful, fragrant toilet article. Those few who may doubt tie effica cy of the Lustral are asked to call on or write to the Sole Proprietor, A. M. DELIGHT, AT THE TONSORIAL PALACE, 122 WasMngton-st., CHICAGO, ILL., Who will show undoubted testimoni als from our first citizens that it has made hair grow on the heads of par ties from forty to sixty years old. who had been bald for ten years and up wards. These Fads are Known to Thousands. C3T* Tho Xiustral Is for sale by all tbo Principal Drug 1 gists iu tho conatry. Statinncrj) COLTER, PACE & HOYNfi, MANUFACTURING AND JOBBING Stationers and Paper Dealers, 128& 130 Lake-st., Chicago, KEEP CONSTANTLY ON BAND Copying Bocks and Presses, No* Books, Straw and Tar B:ard, XTncaUendetcdor Antique Papin, Artists’ Pencils, Oil and Blotting paper, Xiegsl and Coayeyancinß Blanks, Tracing Cloth, Aether for Book Binders, Vsmith lor Blnt'f rs* use, Lt & Mucilage, Envelopes, nil slt»3 and grade!, Eyelet Machines and Fasteners, Oliver’s Ink*tan’s Arnold’s Writing* Copying Fluid, Heady Reference Flics, Notarial Presses, (xnttkncsht’s Lead Pencils, Pass and Memorandum Books, Artists’ Leads. Elastic Memorandums, Albums, all sizes and Quantities, liead Pencils, Note and Billet Papers, Gfcld and Silver Paper, Portfolios, Tissue and Drawing Papers, Eagle Pencils and Folygradcs, Agents for Sanford's Mucilage, Carmine, Writing and Copying Inks, Eccket Books, French Copying ink, Eamlltcn’s paper Poitcncrs. Erasers, Oriental Steel Pens, Oval and Square Steel Pens, Enbber Goods, Ruling Pros, Young's Pat. Adhesive Flies, Card Beards, Twine and Binders' Tin cad, New Bljle School Slates, 0 S” Erse sra, Hui's Dial CancellUg stamp. Embossed GMd and Sliver Paper, , Scrap Books, Elastic Bands and Blocs, WRITING PAPERS Special lodncemcnts to large Cash Buyers, TO LERD lu Sums of $5,000 or More, On Um-class farms or Chicago city property. "Address P. Q. Box g.S7C. CHICAGO ICE COMPAOT’S STOCK 70S SALE CHEAP. QUIMOF & HAWLEY. No. 7 Reynolds' Block. $15,000 TO XiOA.If Far flvcyeais. on improved Ke»l Estate in this city. A CPMUiNGg. QS liTalleat: TyricmGAiT southern &nobth iu EBN INDIANA B. B. Co. No. \H v: ILUAU Steeet. ) New lots, March 15.1837. i

The anrnal election lor Directors of this Company will be held at w*e Company’s oillcc la Toledo. Ohio, on Wcrtte'-day, the 71tb Cay ol April next at room The polls will remain open until 3p. m. The Stock Transfer Books will be cloaca cn tnesotb lest, at 2d. ai.s'TO” mßm ° «" ■»• -■ ®- liical Estate. U'OR SALE—VERY DESIRABLE Two-Story Frame House Brick Dofement. with all mcdein Improvements. con* tistlng of Hot*Air Furnaces, Hot and Cold Water, Mar* ble Mantles, Speaking Tabes, Bath Room, Am, with 10 yean* lease of lot at a low rate. PRICE, SO,OOO. Tcitnß easy. Inquire at_ 83fl STATE-BT. geutisttg. rpEETH EXTRACTED Jl without pain, BY THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, 118 Dearborn-fiv. (Times Building.) They ore fresh pareNitn>ns Oxide Gas, which is safe when pare and judiciously administered. 33anft «>tatcmmti>. QUARTERLY REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF TflE FIRST lITIOHIL BANK OF CHICAGO, ON THE MOENING OF THE HEST MONDAY IN APBH, 1867. RESOURCES. Time Loans $910,443 01 Bills of Exehanee. <>7.033.93 Demand Lease..... 700,112.94 Indebtedness ctDl* rectors .. 10.000 00-JI.6SS.2Qt -89 Furniture and Fixtures 2 313.32 Current Expenses 7,783.76 Cwh items (including tiev. Stamps) 10.50b.U0 United States Bonds deposited with United States Treasurer: 793.000,00 Com (Interest) 13,030.00 united States Bunds oa liana. Cost.. 14,453.35 Dne from Nation al Backs (N.y. and Bosun Ex change) $ 263.858 OB Due m m Kol'l U’ks ABatk’iv. 33,698.08 Natiotal Bank* 75,000.00 Lcc'ilTctrt.Notes (me I'ftiPilonal Currency) 326,633.47 --H. Check* on Utr Banks 158.096.35—51.057,300.76 $3,581,883.98 LIABILITIES. Capital 5t0ck...<1,000.000.00 Clrculaslon 602,300.00-11,002,300.00 Individual Depo sit* 1,110.322 79 United State* Dc* posits 133.07136 National Bn'kߣ _ . other Hants.... 290,312.13-11,549.3t0.0S Dlvldecdacct'unt „ 300.00 Surplus F00d,... 63.838-00 Discount. ~ 54.427.7 H fcxcbnnce 4. SKI .17 interest. 35.303 37 mm and Loss.. 2.101.35-< 132.373.00 f3,351.85C.9S Notes and Blits Re-discounted .None. Dills layable Rons. STATE OF ILLINOIS, County of Cook—if. I, C. K- Field, Cashier of the ‘•First Natbmal Bank," do sotemn.? swear that tho ahoro statoment is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief, Citlt. rlbbU. Sworn andsnbsciibed before tns thlaistday of April, 1567. Boa&RT BOYD, Notary Public. QUARTERLY REPORT OF THE second mmmi OF CHICAGO, ILL., ON THE MORNING OF THE First Monday of April, 1867. RESOURCES. Note* and Bills Discounted 532 4.713.01 Overdrafts 2.U21.93 Furniture acd Fixtures 4,0(10.00 0. S. Bonds deposited to secure clrcnlatlon.lloß.3oo.oo D* S. Bend' depositee to secure Depo:lt*.. 100.000.00 0.8. Bonds and 7-30 Notes on band 12 330.00—220, 5j0.C0 Cash on band 144,830 06 Checks on City Banks and Bankers 33,796.21 Due from Banks In New Vorkandotbcr „ cities 55.277.53 Bemmsncc* and OIL- rrca-h Items 21.513-54—308.440.56 Premium on 7-lO Notes * 2,019.79 0. S. Revenue Stamps on band 29,116.12 Taxu paid 1.533.11 1593.714.3 S LIABILITIES. Capital Stock paid Id f 100,000.00 snrplua Fuidand Proftami Loia tto.o-SO.U3 Clrctiiatleg Kotci 07.000-00 United Mate* Uepontfl... 113.000.50 Other Dcp-Oilta... 331.13138 *803,714.33 STATE OF 1LLINOI?, >„ Cor.HTT or Cook. L PDWAUU i. Tlh'EtlUM Ci*bler o( the scccnrt Notional Bank, rtncoro, IU„ rto toleomir swoir tost me above statement la iroe to ibnbest of my tniwl edjio and be.lef. EDWARU I. TIN KR AM, Cithler. sworn tad snbrcrlbed to before me tbit first ) seal. > day of April. A. D. IVC7- \ .> JOHN B. MEYER, Notary Fablls. 'J'niUTEENTH QUARTERLY STATEMENT OF TOE Third National Bank OF CHICAGO. Monday, April Ist, 1867, RESOURCES. Net's and Bills Discounted fi.200.3G7.50 Demand Loses. , Dated stales Bonds 903,356.01) other 80nd5....... 3,00».«0 Furnltnre and Fixtures 3.455.31 Expemc Account..... 1 3,433.75 Taxes paid 10.100.50 Overdraw 705-20 (revenue stamps 070.40 Duefrcm Bants and 8ankcra........ 313,073.13 Cash os band in Checks on City Batiks 4201.001-SO Specie 2.013.70 National Currency... 12X58U0 Legal Ten r era and Fractional Currency 336,001.73 742.055.37 93.314.391.00 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock *730,000.00 Surplus •••• 100.000.00 Circulation 000.000-00 UnitedStat*.sDeposits 991.265.13 Other Deposit* 1.737.122.30-1.831.387.07 Dividends Unpaid 280.00 Profit and Less 03,020.33 93.344,204.00 I, IRA HOLMES, Caihlcr ol the Third National Bask of Chicago, do solemnly swear that the above state* rocit is true to the beat of my knowledge and belief. IRA HOLMES. CasbLr. STATK OF ILLINOIS, County of Crofc, es. Sworn to and subscribed i»«* me this Ist day of April, 1E67. LUCIUs PARSONS, Notary Public. QUARTERLY REPORT OF THE FOURTH NATIONAL BAM OF CHICAGO, April Ist, 1867. BESOUBCES, Bills Discounted United btalea Bonds... Furniture and Fix- tutes Premiums..... Due from Banks and Bankers CASH ON HAND. Specie 9 004.51 New York and Boston Exchange 29,441.93 Checks oi. city Barns.. 07X98.08 Legal Tenders 93,232*52 National Bank Notes... 3,300.00 100.597.03 9700,180.74 LIABILITIES. ' * Capital Circulating Notes. Surplasjlund Deposit? Profit and Less.... S7O »J, 180.7-1 I, s. A BRIGGS, Cashier Of the Fourth National Bank (fChlcoC'*. do solemnly swear that tbs adore la uue to the best of my knowledge. S. A. ORlflQS.Cashlcr. Sworn belor; me this first day of April. 1567. A. FltibblE, Notary Public. QUARTERLY REPORT FIFTI Unilll Bill, OF CHICAGO, Monday, AprH Ist, 1867. RE-ODBCE3. Notes and Bl’ls discounted 8060,370.14 Overdrafts 1.188.30 Furniture and Fixtures 1,200.00 currert Expeucs 8.788.33 Cash Items in,H»3.B:i Doc from Batks and Bankers 140.134.80 U. S. Bonds to secure Circulating Notes and Deposits 532,900.00 Other Bonds, Stocks and D. B. Se curities 23 310.00 Cash on hanLoth* erNatlonai Batik Notes.... 811,080.00 State Back Notes 18-00 Specie...,. 6,020.00 Fractional Cur* rcncy..., 4,013.88 LecßlfenderNobrs 100,003.00 Compound Inter* cat Notes 33,830.00 Checks cn other City Bants 143.G53-SG- 381,314.74 81.700,701.38 LIABILITIES. Capital Stork paid in 8300.000.00 Circulating Kmes outstanding 449.930.00 United Stale* Deposits 77.G33.H2 Other Deposits 718.33ti.34 Surplus and Undivided Earnings.. 30.610.42 ei.79f1.7C1.38 T, Isaac O. Lombard. Cashier of the Flita National Bank of Chicago, Illinois, do solemnly awear that tre above statement la strictly true to the best of my knowledge and belief. ISA AC G. LOMBARD. Cashier. STATE OF ILLINOIS, Cotjstt or Cook.«. Sworn to and subscribed before me, this Ist day of Anru. 1367, W. H. PALMER, Notary Public. 23ank Statements. QUARTERLY STATEMENT OF THE liHIOI HiTIOHII BANK, or CHICAGO, Monday, April Ist, IBS7. BEBOCECES. Notes and Bills discounted $1,103.179.57 . „ DtASod Loam.. 391,441.16 f 1.530.920.33 377,300 00 'ST"" 1.507.3 E Bsprnse Account Taxes paid 7.34«.1» OverdroU* S2i?*2? Revenue Stamps. 729.34 Duo bom Banks ■„ , and Bankers... 270,109.83 Cash on bond la Oiecksonoiher _ „„ City Banks,.... 319.618.69 Local-Tender and 13.563.827.68 LIABILITIES. Capital stock *322’222«2 Clrca'aUng Notes ‘ J s2o22V2 United States Deposits 5.J-94J.45 Other DcooslU S * 7 VT&IX- , I&. Snrnlns Fnnd 40 000.00 Front and Loir 67,366.85 $3,863,837.68 I. CHARLES J. CONNELL. Cashier ol the Union National Banker Chicago, doaoltmoy swear thst the above statement Is tree, to the best ol my knowledge atdbelief. J#craJ|iai|Ci-h|#r> STATE OF ILLINOIS, ) M County or coos, i - __. w , w , , swera to and subscribed before me this 15 cent {Cm day oT April. l 807« H. C. Wilson! Notary Public. QUAKTERLY REPORT OR THE CONDITION OP THE Mechanics’ Rational Bank, Of Chicago, ON THE WORKING OF THE FIRST MONDAY OF APRIL, 1867. RESOURCES. s rnS'!..“” , ... d .f: «3«.g5g-gg Overdxalta „ FnrcllnreandOxtarcs 2.717.22 Current expenses 3.693.37 Premiums 4.000.09 D.B.bonda,tfet>otlte<l _ _ with U. 8. Treasur*r 221.000.00 U. b. bonds snd eten- .. rltiea oo hand 3,200.00 Otosr bonds and seen* Tiitrt 6,100.00 specie. f 3.694-41 Üb.iesal lender notes nun frac’l currency 100.332.34 National Bank notes. ,»,S3O-J)U Coecki on elty banks 40.709.U0 Due irom bonks and _ bankers 30,4-10.91 Remlltancta * other ~r t„ cash .tents... 0.743.67 202.0j3.32 5793.509.10 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock. W sn«nnnn *nn>lus ftind.....~... , 52’SH8‘ni» Circulation .oonA-m 140.b00.00 U. 8. deposits t8.50p.39 Ollier deposits 390.H75.37 - , DuetoNatlon’lOanka 40.794.35 370.572.51 XTcfl: and less. Inter eat and exchange... 12.019-.j6 L anbrew rousrrn, vflS“ t < . c !i? l 2in,S2 Mechanic*’ Notional Bank cf Chicago, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is trnfc to thsbeit ol my kDOFlcOg.and bcliw. ANCBEH'^TOP^rTtI^. STATE OF ILLINOIS. County of Cook, as: . Swutn to and subscribed before me, the first day cf A ?«sS W * EUGENE C. LONG, I®***- 1 Notary Fnblie. QUARTERLY KEPOET OF THE CONDITION OF THE Northwestern National Bank, OF CHICAGO, ON THE MORNING OF 188 First Monday of April, 1867. RESOURCES: Bin* Receivable I 870,900.05 Office fvumtlrf 2,0211x0 United Stales Taxes paid O, J 33.02 United States Bonds oeuoMted lose- ... core Circulation, <Ts oi ISSI 300 000.00 United St ,tca Bonds on band,7-30’a... 33,950.00 hevenuc Stamps 000.00 Cash on band. Legal Tenders and Na tional Currency....1309X73.00 City Banra.. 107,10510—447,038.10 One irtir** National Bank* 181,334,33 . 93.071,817.09 4 LIABILITIES: Capital Stock f 500.000.00 SnplM 200.000-00 Circulating Note*. jM5 ,; i22'2? Deposit! 917.255.74 Front and Loes - 8-2.j9.25 *5,071.817.99 I. JOHN DaKOVEN, Cashier of the Northwestern National Bank ot Chicago, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true to the best or my knowledge and belief. JOHN PkKOVEN. Cashier. > PUU wvu*. VVVM... - bwern to and subscribed before me this Ist day of April, IS6T. ffM. C- OAKLEY, Notary Public. QUARTERLY REPORT OP THE CONDITION OF THE cm nil bunk, OF CHICAGO, ON THE MORNING OF THE First Monday of April, 1867. RESOURCES: 1221.282.50 200.000 3,100 3.000 19,001.31 Nctes and Bills Discounted, overdraws Furniture ona Fixtures 2X38-80 Due from Ninth Nat’l Back, New York. 34X34X0 Due from other National Banks 19,012-49 United States Bonds deposited with JSJ United States Treasurer, to secure Circulating Notes 2<j0.000 00 Cash ! tem 9 (Incl ndt ngrevenue stamp*). * li-1-10.38 National Bank Notes...* 4.024.(10 Specie... 3,333.00 Fractional rnmney... 07.15 Legal Tender Notes.... 74.279.00 Cheeks ou Clearing _ _ „ „ Hcnse. V 18,511.03- 100.514.18 Current Expenses 4,210.30 9760.387-30 1200,000! 1711.000 0,000 311.011777 0.482.07 LIABILITIES: , ’ Capital Stock paid in $230.00 0.00 Surplus Find.. 17,101.00 Circulating Notes 223.000.00 IndlvldUHl Deposits 302.907.1 J Doe Banks and Bankers 3!1,2!17-i4 Interest and Exchange 12.021.ti3 57tiG.387.30 1,17. A. STJTOIL Cashier of the City National Bank of Cblcnro, do solemnly swear that the above state* meat is me to the best of my knowledge and belief. W. A. BUTOR, Cashier. Chicago. April 1,1567. QUARTERLY REPORT OP THE CONDITION OF THE Merchants' National Bank, Of Chicago, JIOKDAT MOESISG, APRIL Ist, 1867. RESOURCES. Notes nrd bills dls* cocmcd 1838,397,34 Overaranp.. None. Current expenses... 3.094.43 IT. 8. tax account... 7.134 06 U S.rcTenne stamps I.:i4i <»u IJ. S. bo-df 430.UU0j10 Due frtro hanks In New Yoik and Boston 105,449.43 Due trom other , w bar baaed backers 33 487 38 C*«b on bat d— J ' 4 ‘*® Legal tenders $312,736.03 Specie 13,000.00 Na:’l Banknotes!. 22,487.00 Checks on city b’ts 70.3*28 93 418,572.90 11,882.277.34 LIABILITIES. Capital stock bur plus fond Interest and exchange. Circulation Deposits L HENRY R. 6YMONDS. Cashier of the Merchants* National Bank of Chicago, do solemnly swear that the above statement la true to the beat of my knowledge and belief. H. R. 6YMONDS, Cashier. Sworn and subscribed before me. this flrat day of April, 1167. RICHARD THOMPSON, Notary Public. NUMBER 298. Bank Statements'. QUARTERLY REPORT or tbs corpmoH or ts> COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK, OF CHICAGO, on not acocnsa or TUB First Monday of April, 1867. Loans and Discounts. _ CASH OS JIAMD. LcgalTenderNotes 189,069.00 Compound Inter ertNotes........ 63,330410 National Bask N0te5............ 22,267.00 Fractional Cur* reiicy, 1.751.56 Checks on CUy Banks... n 49,335-87 231.003.33 Due Jr cm National Banks (Eastern Exchange) 53,233.46 Doe from Backers 676.98 bight Rills of Exchange In transit 6,107.48 U. 8. Bonds deposited with Treas. ofU. S 203,3*0 00 U. B. Bonds on hand—.,...,........ 44,000.00 Revenue btampt 1,893.16 Office Furniture and Fixtures 4,464.37 omorsfis Dae from cuy of Chicago. Current Expenses Capital Stock f 350.000.00 Karpina 10,000.00 ClicoUtlng Notes outstanding 150.0U0.00 Deposit*.* 394.274.27 Interest and Exchange 13408-OT 11,048,083.14 L illlford D. Buchanan, Cashier of the Commercisl N stlonal Bank cf Chicago, do solemnly swear tnat the above statement Is tine to the best ot mjr knowledge and bell el. M. P. BOCHAN AN, Cashier. STATE OF ILLINOIS. Cook sworn to and snstenbed before me, this Ist day of Apill. POUOLASSE.HALB. \ 5 cent Bcv. Stamp. $ Notary PohUe. QTJAKTEULT REPORT ol the condition of the Manufacturers’ National Bank 015- CHICAGO. On the. morning ot the First Monday of April, 1867. Loans and Discounts 1242.431.32 Overdrafts 591.87 Furniture and Fixture* 765.00 Current Excesses 3.240.29 Premiums 880.00 United States Bonds to secure circula tion 230.000.00 Dne from National Banks New York and R0et0n.f53.303.78 Cash on Hand—Legal __ Tenders 35,000.00 Notional Bank Note#.... 7.305.00 Fractional Currency.... 1.035.00 _ Checks on Other Banks,. 29.310.00—146.281.87 BcmUtancts In transit 3.310.83 1647.310.38 OABTI.ITIRS, Capital Stock..- 5250.000.00 Circulation Outstanding 214.50U.00 lad. Deposits 124.871.71 Undivided Earnings— Sur pins 58.000.00 Interest and Exchange... 11.118.*7S _ Profit and Loss 3.219.86 22,338.64 Kotos and Bills 80-dUcoonted 35.306.00 <793,392.10 1617.310.3 S I, DAVID J.LAKB, Ca«blcrof tbe llannractorera' National Pant of Cntcago. do ao lemnly awear that the above statement la true to Uia best of my knowledge anoibcllet; . D. J. LAKE. Sworn and subscribed to Delore me this first day of April. A. U. ISCT. N. B. GLADDING, [L. S.j Notary rnblle. QUARTEHLT REPORT TRADERS' NATIONAL BANK, Monday Morning, April latj 18^7, BESODBCBS. Loans and Discounts 5369.533 40 Overdraft* Drlted State* Bonds deposited with Treasnreref United States 133.000 00 Legal Tender holes . 87,339 25 National Currency Notes,.., 23.510 no Chtttoon City Bans* I b0.n5H.47 Lash 1tem5.............................. 32H N 3 I/uC Backs and Bankers 0.71 H 02 Dne fromßatlonal Banii 99.971.01 . *693.374.56 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock 1300,000.00 CircolaUon 105.000.00 dorplos 4.000.00 1)-, Oepo«Uore,„„ 355.805.00 RemanJ L«s.. 34.469.86 _ 1692,37-* .oC I, Thomas P. Tallemad, Cashier ol the Traders' Na tional Bank of Chicago, do solemnly swear that the „ . THO 3. P. TALLBUA27, C*lhler. Sworn and ixthserlbed to before me. Ibis Ist d»y ot April. 1867. (Eransportation. J'OR MANISTEE.—The Schooner LIVE OAK win fan for Manistee WEDNESDAY, April Sd at 6 ° dock p. m. For freight op passage apply at the office of D. CHAPMAN <fc CO., 286 Sonto Wftler-st- Chlcago, Parch Sd, 1867. D. CHAPMAN &CO ITROM NEW 'SOKE TO FRANCE A. DIBECT. Steamship Great Eastern, SIB JAMES ANDEHSON, Commander, Havlngbeen thoroughly refitted, with especial re'e recce to this service, will Itav t> New York APHIL 16, MAY 28, JULY 9, Taking Crst-clafs pas.icngers only. Passage (la cold or ÜBM\slvala.t)lor Apnltnp.fSO, ? 100, * 120, ac cording to location and size oi room. Return tickets at a redoedon ot |jo, until August, For lull information and passage, apply to WELLS. TABOO* CO.. Si Broadway, N.Y. J^TONTREAI, inn or arsAsxsas. This line of steamers, consisting of the propellers East. North, Bristol and Bruno, will ran regularly he* tween Chicago and Montreal during the cornin'* season, commencing on the opening ot nanicattoa. h. MCLENNAN * CP„ Agents. (Eitg Notices. AN ORDINANCE allowing the Pitts* burgh, FortWoyne&Caleaeo Uall way Company to maintain the Petrolsnm Warehouse erected by them at tho comer ot Stewart arenno and Twelfth street, in Ihe City cl Chicago. lie itt rdalntdbu the Common Council of the Cltu of Chicago: * w B*cno> i. That permission Is hereby glren to the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne* Chicago Ballway Company to keep and maintain for the exclusive storage of pe troleum, gaseline, naptha, benzine, camphene. spirit gas, homing (lulu and spirits of turpentine, toe new warehouse •reeled by said Company at the southeast corner ot Stewart avtnne and Twelfth street, la the city cf thkago,' the location and eonstrucUon of the same haying b*-en approved by the Eire Marshal of said city: l*roe\ded, however. such permission shall be subject to atcenda eat, modification or revocation by raid Common Ccnncll. Passey March 59th 7557. Approved March 30th, 1167. Allcat: A. H. Bopmax, CUT ckfc MC& .9349,339 15 3.239.44 AN ORDINANCE fi»r the better tcsjd uie cltyof CMcaeo hl BC * TtDserj * the lIaUU of lit" ordained by Me Common Council of the City of ChlcnQo s Section 1. That It shall be tho duty cf the owner driver or manager, and each of them, ol any night scavenger wagon, always to keep upon each side of inch night scavenger wagon.ln the night time, a light* ed tamp with plain class front ana side?, with the comber ot the license of such wacon punted with black print on the Maes and front of each of aatd 1-mpe. in distinct and legible figures a: least two lucres In lire, and so placed that said lamps may be dlatlntUy seen and Slid numbers cosily read. Bec. 3. Any own»r, driver or mmagsr of any sacb night tesrenger wacon who shall violate any provis ion of ibis ordinance, shall be fined not lets tbau twen ty-five nor more that one bandrea dollars lor each and every effene.. Sec. 3. This ordinance shall be lo force from asd niter Us passage and doe pabUcaGoa. Passed March ;9th. 18C7. Approved March 30th, 1667. J. B, HUT, Mftvor. Attest; A. n. Bcdmax. City cierg. faults aub Uanfcers. JpiUST NATIONAL BANK Corner of Lake asd Ciart-sta. PAID IN CAPITAL.-. 81,000,000. FOREIGN. EXCHANGE Drawn in sums to suit cn all the principal European Cities. LETTER!* OF CREDIT Dined, available in all parts of Europe. GOVERNMENT BONDS Bought and sold. 7-50* converted at market rates. Sau'l m. Nicexbson, Pres’t. F. D. Gear,Vice Prea’t. C. It. Field. uaehler. Crus. J.Scimnrr, Aaa’tCash. TXTINSLOW, LANIER & CO., * V ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, availableln all parts of Europe. NCS. 'i7 ft JO PINB-6T., NEW TOEK. iHarijinetg. H-gRICK MACHTNE*' DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINB. Office Boom Ho. 3. 4T CMe^o. $,430,000.00 100.000.00 18,741.60 \ 400.00000 . 913.333.74 $1,882,377.34 QARD’S PATENT BBICK MACHINE Office and manufactory 93 Boutti Jeflsrsouei. For taformatioa and deacrlptfre clrcaiar a^rga & a, uaium Ml Booth JeotnoMU ftMW MUTUAL HEALTH Insurance Company, Guaranteed paid op Capital, • - $33,000.00. CHAB* HOLLAND, PreaMear, J. GOS. KING, Beeretwr, I. C- B&BBEB, Au't Trennwr. CHA3. HOLLAND, LC. BARBER, This Company, having failf perfected IB organisa tion, U now prepared to Issue Policies of HEALTH INSURANCE $5 to SSO PEH WEEK. This Is the only Cbaitered E tilth Insurance Compa ny in the country, and » pioneer In this branch of Un derwriting. The Company la purely mutual; each pmoson be coming insured is entitled to share In the profits of the business, and we feel confident that by the aaured keeping his renewals up for ten years, the profits of Ms Insurance will forever thereafter pay his premiums. Our systems are entirely original, and are our own. No system ol the kind was ever before offered, and we feel sure they have only to become known to be duly appreciated. Our premiums are arranged with cate, alter years of careful study, to correct the evils of the old systems. AH applications lor Agencies may be addressed to the Secretory, and they will receive prompt attention. RESOURCES. *468.333-91 » 1,333.34 *1,049,683.14 UNITIES, | NO. OS LA SALLEBT. LOUISVILLE, KESTOCKT. X3T Country Druggists con procure the above sups rlor Whiskey In barrels and half barrels from the prin cipal Wholesale Drug Houses in Chicago. pLASTIC RESOURCES. A TEST OF FIVE TEARS hta demonstrated t£« superiority of this material over every ctner now known. A. mastic—lt adapts Itself to every shape and slope, from flat to perpendicular, .covering the whole root wlteout seam or Joint. Non-co:nba.Ob'o—u 1* net the means of Aettroytng yr»tr property, bnt of protecting 1L Non-exponilve—heat nor cold, no mat ter bow li. tense, can compel it to expand or cuntracu Impervious—water nor even tteant. can penetrate ct dissolve it. Undecaving—time and nte elements omy mature and periect il To sum up the whole matter. It 13 and Is cA taper than any other prod materia!, end bates tn»n the most expenrtre. —_________ „?^2gta“^fflSS^ , yiift ! «sS P-ISSOLDTIOST.- The; wwrtnercMp Tbe/*artner‘«c < Iu& 01. the American Institute pro* * J beretofljre existing between the onlcnlgnea, na sconce the invention one cf the moat important era lire dm name of year we hare been engaged la supplying ' ALEXANDER Sc CO,, this material to the people ol nimcu and Wuconsl* - la this day dissolved by mutual consent. S. tv. Ainr and from the many Mattering testimonials new on ’,£• ander retires Irom the Arm, and HBSBY C. MU>- In onr office, we leal warranted la saying, to tbsU en> DATjGU la alone authorized to me the firm ousels. Ureiatiafrcticn. thniaUemmoCUmpaitnentio otuloo^^^ 800 PINO FELT, and also the new SHEATBU 1- H. C,mPDADQR* FELT used tor Imlne bmlolugs, and COALTaJ* -<*» Chicago. Anrll L 1867. stantly on hand at lowest market rates. .ten- colc ** ,ap i, * •cnto2appUcatlon,aM UO\D tinned by the undersigned, under Uie Oris name oC AicaexkL A. H. ASDBEW9 «& CO., For the mannfactnre o? OtSea and School FanvUare, at the old stand. TIiPORX&ItT NOTIC E TO THE »■» b TBaDE. w - BURLOCK & CO., A -. 44 Lnke-«., Cblcnso, " ..nts lor the celebrated •* Keystone" Linen Imitation COLLiRy. Off CHICAGO, FLOUR, PROVISIONS, &c. niiEiiivSSu & to., General Commission Merabis, Cor, LaSalle and Washiagton-slo, orsos smith. rrmi? Fabric. Give particular attention to beta buying and apn*-:^ Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. tW“ special ratea ol CommlMlon cade to those wM tarnish their own money fbr lane purcaae# of nror» erty to be held fcr saleby ns. P. It* Cnderwocd, gMOKBD MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND smoßco meats, Igo SOUTH WaTER-ST, HAND CORN _We beg leave to c*ll yoof attention to the above Planter. It ha* been t>cfhrn the public for six years, and has a reputation equalled by no other Planter in use. It combines all the qualities of a good tooL efficiency durability and simplicity. The advantages it has over other kinds In use are: It brings onto try hill, so that it can be seen by the prrson using It. II anvcUri collects .n the foot of the Planter la wet ground.,, can be opened and cleaned out. There is a leather stop which prevents the machine being Jarred to pieces at they fnajucnlly arc where the Iron stop la used. By turning twaeaiall buttons the plunger can be taken out. Price 14 SP. and liberal deduction to the trade. Please send lor a circular, containing cat and de scription ot machine. Address H. F. ISATCIIELEEB. _ Sterling. 111. JJEAIOYAX. Hallock St, Wheeler, (Successors to John B. Meson A: C 0.,) HAVE BEHOVED TO Rnbljer Beilin?, RUBBER goods. Wholesale and Retail, at the lowest Eastern prices. F 0I: sale in new yoke ox it— ft Long Established Business In the best part of Broadway, •* West Side ” _ A large and orcfitaWe business has been done la WODS - The lease of the whole house, stock, fixtures of store and good will, will be sold at a reasonable price tor cash. Tbeuniyreuoniorsellliu;litheowQcr*sfortano being made. For particular!, address “J 0.” Box 1190 General Post Office. New York. rpo CAPITALISTS. J. Mil warm, Haxh 4. ISo7. Having decided to relinquish buUoeas, we oner our establishment for sate. Ovr boose was rSTAßiatailD IV IDAS, Has been in existence 31 years, and la now placid on a safe, firm ana permanent basts, and to men or capital who are deslrooa of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and Jobbing only) this pre set u a rare and valuable opportunity. Our stock Is fn’i. embraces none bnt the moat staple goods, and the tnuxneas Is In perfect running order. H. BUSIWORTII Sc 80N*<* Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wls. •pLASSEEL. FIAX SEED FOB SOWIHO, Choice and well screened, for sale lor cash. Alto, fine Ground Unwed Cake. Highest pries paid for Ftax seed to cru*b. at GOULD BP-O’9 Mns'ed OU Works, 44 to 30 Weat Chanes-st.. between Van Boren and Ramses. insurance (Companies. 25 Lombard Block, Cor. Monro# and D#*rbera fits., Chle*ge. ©morons; B. A. ANDBSWS, Against General Diseases, To a amount of Dost J. K. MUEPHY, General Agent for Chicago, Uourion asatJisfeeg. Address S. T. SUIT & CO., Roofing. SLATE ROOFING. Fire, Water and Frost Proof, Also.lhe “Bin;lß”and patented “Railroad” ecam fcleo. all cf which are superior In make, style and An lab, to any other In the market, at maaalaetnrcrs’ pnea. Al'o, heanquartera for the “ Oarlock" cel®, orated “Diamond” White Shirts, and “Star” Stilts, and importers of German amt French Corsets. W. E. BDKLOCK * CO., 44 Lake-et., Chicago. HOOPS. O. O. MORRILL, tssbs hoop WArmrAcrrimES, WEOLE9AZ.X ASS BIT ATT., >v Inamao, Indiana. J. W. POTTIE & to., commission mehchanxs —IN— 144 LaSalle*st., Chicago* "~*ncea on Consignments. bought and held on margins. CHICAGO) Bea, W, Cadenrasd. agricultural I-mplcmcnts, 9£uMet (Snobs. No. 143 Lake-street, Between Clark and LaSalle, Best quality Vulcanized Packing and Dose. Superior Oak*Tanned UHTHEB BELTUtG, And every variety of dFot SaU. abater debater. ■gOARDMAITS Patent Water Elevator WITH NEW SELF-ACTING BATCHBT. Manufwlorj at Fart W»jne, Indiana, One of ike Best and Cheapest Article* to Use for Baiilat Water trail Wellsood Cittern* They are especially lernceabJe la DEEP WELLS, and rued with either HOPE cr CHAIN. As no tnntsjt of wood. Iron or lead ts used, tac water ta Kept Farad. We want an Agent In ererr town sad township m the United States ad we ofier tbo allowing INDUCE MENTS: To Merchants, Mechanics. Farmers aaA all atiMlart ■ rer*. We wm give a PATENT RIGHT DEED lor an undi vided half-interest in one or mors township*, la any part of the country net already takes, to any party who will sell lor os within the year t*>7, trom 13 to M machines, according to the population, (cr eacn town ship to conveyed. Agents are mating*lCO p*r month os their sties, bc elQcs secants the temtorlal right. Sample machltcs will be sent to any address on tM receipt of the wholesale trice. For prices, circulars and It fhrmfUoa. address S. R. BO A ROMAN A CO.. Fort Wayne. Indiana. F. K. OnVlS.aod ) Agents. CHICAGO. CiIAS. £. WHITMAN. \ 46 Wert Latest. jptorfe jpufrscriptumg. JDKOSPJiCTUS CF “The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co." Capital Stock - - $500,000. rive Bandied Shares, Sl,ooo £aoh* This Company has been organized under the teenl Laws of the elate ct Illinois, tor the parpose ot rasna toctm Ingall Kinds ol PAPES, and prenarlag FIBBfI tor other purposes, from the WILD GRASS loand m this vicinity In treat abundant**.' The practical aerelooment and utilizing ot such ma» tertal au been effected through the Inveotioos, and the several Patents issued to MR. HARRISON B. iIIKEOH. of Fert Edwards. New York. This Company haring purchased from Ur. Ueech an of toe said Patents tor the tobowlng States, to-wit: Illinois. Indiana, Mlehf- Wisconsin. lowa and UianesoUwerenow prepaid to receive a limited amount ol- subscriptions to ths Capital Stock. In Inviting subscriptions to this Stock, we would state that the Company an now tne ownara ot the BATAVIA TAPES MILLS Which are producing at the present tfrne two (!t too* per day of print paper. This Mill has buildings and water power cf fulßelm capacity, already erected, and in condition to receive two CT additional machines, which hare been ordered, and it is estimated can be put in running order on or before the first day cl May next, which will lucreaar the capacity and products cf the ta'd MlLs to tf z ai> tons per day; thar, at the present market prices, should yield to this Company a very satisfactory proas. The future operations cf tal» Company contemplate the erection, or cocsoltdadng or other nulls with their euterpnre, wtttm the present year. L-anlng the tXJ amount or tne'.r Stock, and which will probably mars than double the loregoing eattsatc ct product of Print, Manilla and Wrapping Papers. This Company having procured a charter mm the Legislature of the State cf lU’noU. increasing their capital to one million of dollars, are now reorganize* under their Charter privilege*. The Stock Cooks are now open for subscription to tpestoex, at the OOcea of Messrs. DICKERSON A EU2HMAN. 170 Ba» dolph-su, where all further information as to the p*o onto, prospects, Ac- will be given. In solidary oor friends to subscribe to this Stock, we believe we are warranted in saying that this enter prise promisee an unparalle ed return cf profits, com- Su-eowlth any other canafisctanag baacasa hereto re presinted. THOMAS S. DICEBBSON, Fresn. GLO. B. 310*8, Tice Pios’l. (Formerly Batavia P*P*r Mill COO WM. nANSBBO’iTag^SeCy. 1. K. W. SHf.kWAV, Treasurer. 83 WEST WASUINQTOS-ST. A. n. ANDREWS. H. C. iUD.IM.CUiI,. Chicago. April 1,1857. T^ISSOLpTION.—The firm of Winans -L/ * Co., Commission Merchants, Is this dar dl«~ Sl«S£°“raS^^if^SoCTliOT*s: VAS VilKESBmtDn. »*jj.M, MOTMm.Bmia- soninr.up & tas t alkesbuegh. We, the ccdcrslsncd, late of Winans & Co„ hare this SrS«Sff*£ w c ?w l S ar ' fc fc,p J? at,,r Uie ara> »me ot Nortbnp A van Valkenboryh, for the tranaacbonoi * General Ccmml*iton business, at HO X^aSallcast, WILLETT NORXBC?, Jb.. camwa® 1 ,AS VAteMBDEOK TV&SOLOTION. —The Copaitceiship Misting under the firm name ot *y£NTWOHTH« HIUBARD & FRENCH, 1* dissolved bj - the death of ilr. c. U.P. IVeutwortb. All btm- Dcsa of the .ate Ana will be titled oy the ua den Us ed, who will continue the a4t “ Commission Business, Under the flrra name ol BIEBAED & FBENCH, 113 S2nzio*stre&t> Chicago. April I.IBCT. Uartncrsljips. J'IOFAhTNERSHIP. lie undersigned have formed a copartnership under *»nn name of ‘ j'JUGH M’IENNAN & CO. to cosnsre tub counnrasioN & roawaaiimii business, hitherto done by • McLennan. Office re moved to No. 1, Otis Blocs, c ■.. w °s r 5.* 5 * isoc>3tsL huuli McLennan. *"* TTILUAi: wesoraojr^ Chicago, April 1.1367. IJapcr, rj’HE CHICAGO fibre and Paper Go. Warehouse. DICKEHSCH & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPEE DEALERS, es Paper Makers’ Findings, Chemicals, etc, 170 Baiidolph-st«j Chicago* We offer fbr sale to dealers ami consumers 3.000 Bundles News and Print 38x4* 3.000 do do do 2li3< 1.300 do do do .33x3* 3.300 do do do 2.1*37 3.000 do do do 37x4X 1.300 do do do 38x44 *£»« 3° 00 do Jill Mif 1.800 do da do SlxMk 3.000 do do do 30x48jZ 1.300 do do do l"“!‘.33i3S* 1.000 do do do 2900 do do do 3Ux4* Extra Hrrs made to order on short notice. For tale at the lowest market prices far CASH. ®arl!toare. gPRING TRADE, 1867. A. B. 6c G. E MXIiLCTs 5 8 Stato a st. Wearenowopening, frcehfrom Domestic and For eign Manufactories, a large stock ot Hardware and Cutlery, Selected wlth ?reat care, and adapted to the want! of the Western Trade, at neatly reduced prices. Wade Sc Ba rcberis XCD Pocket Kn!ve«» Geo.Woflieoholm Sc Sons* IXL do. do. American and English TableCotierr. Genuine tvllUtnson’# f*heep Zhenia- Siasten* Sc Spear and Jaciuon'o daad Saws, Arc-, Arc. Also,aflnestockofF*RMlNO TOOLS. Batchetlsr A tons’ OAT AND MANUKS FORKS. and other good, brands, at low prices. • Ames ft Rowland's Shovel*, Spades and Scoops. We arc sole agents lor thejusny calibrated brand ot Flics made Dy the “AMEEICAIT FILE COMPANY,” Which has taken precedence orer all othtrs, end to Which we Invite special a«-rtl<>n. Malt orders pnmptly and carelaily Oiled. jsale of Stocfe. n reaT sale of BLOODED STOC2L The undersigned having sold hta lara at Glercos Stattcc. Chicago A MUwiuKre It. K-. VJmllesnjrtb of Chicago, wIU sell, onTUrItSUW. April 4ta, alt of hla valuable stock, consisting of „ Ifi 3*year cld colts, got hy imported S'oae PI >ver. 4 8-year old. got by Mtabnno tvood.ord. be bjr Membrlro CbleL _ .. b 4 and 5-year old poalc*. broken to ride and drive. 1 4-year old bulLArbert iAward, No. L 514 Short Albert Edward oat eta thoroagh -1 3 C ?hnraurhbred Durham cowsS thoroughbred Dur ham uclfors. 1 Alderay cow. 3 steers. Joonooanirs. i nmle*. 1 patrwers oxen, 33 South Down. tuSs «d ewe*. «t cwea, with lambs at their aides* £ °au otensila and household furniture; Term* made known on day cf sale. All trams wilt r-cp on that day. J. C. Coe. cn the farm, will answer * »Irgnlr es on the sublet. W.S. CDBNSB. Esc anb 3Sar. UNDERWOOD. STS AMS SAB. Consulting and Operative burgeon for all disease* ana deformities ot the Eye and Ear, " 12-1 BANDOJ.I'O-ar. Eyes straightened tn one ornate.