Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 2, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 2, 1867 Page 3
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Foster, New York; W. Doaovc St entries; Miss Gannacav, Missouri; J. Hoover. Alton; A. Bennington, Illinois; j, Beckham. Missouri. There wcrekW guests in the hotel at the t me of the cocfiagrarinu: DESCRIITIOS OF THE BUILPDtO. The archi ctUual plans of the Innduß were made by Thomas Walsh and dames Smith, of this city- Tie design was Itallv of the Venetloa tchool, and the building v-ae of a v>ry substan tia) nature, being constructed of brick, iron and stone. The hotel consisted of two parallel haiid ings, cxt«ndipg ea-l ai.d wcet the 1 ogtv of the whole front, wlth a space ot f.rt -2 »c fast bn *ecn them, and connected only in thr centre, and both cxti ernes by wing bull flings, r-niiing north and eomn, and leaving between t>ro c mrti», one of which was used f or a gentleman’s recreatioc, and the other for a lady’s ry. The outer connectinghuiloiuga ana the east ern flank erumded 'oihc full dep h of -h; hiL The prinapal or southern front - a-- divided Into five compartments, on its Da-e )<ne the centre and both extreme divisions forming projections, and the two nerding divisions lonning on the first and second stories colonnades between them. Tbe three principal elevators on »fie ground floor were ennpcripd t>j column*, imports and ar-.Uss. tbe shahs lormlcga con itnuus a-uide arooed the three freuts and imparting strength to the building. The Ltnd< 11 was six stories high exclusive of attic and basement, both of which were equiva lent to two rloucs more. Tne height from side walk to cornice was oce hundred and twelve reeu The stone need (rich cicam-colored lime-stone) was from the Gmttos quarrici. The basement extended under the entire structure, conns ann sidewalks, and comprised mo laundry, (fire rooms.) linen rooms,bakery, grocers’ rooms, coal and a&b vaults. Ac., Ac. nurxasiovß or toe rustic noons. The whole eirnc'urc, irom basement to attic, inclusive, embracing public rooms, lodging rooms, stone, wine cellars, ofllcca, etc., bad tbe enormous number of five Hundred nod thirty rooms- Those ol public ebarse or were numer ous and spacious beyond these of any other hotel edifice cn the continent. Their dimensions were ae follows: Gentlemen's dining-room. Tadics’ “ “ Caning r00m... Bililaxo r00m... Bar-room Lower tcsilLdlc. Upper Kitchen. Barber-ehop... Ladies' drawing-room. Parlor? Fame. Some. came. ..... .............. ....... uu STATISTICAL SUMMARY. Hboebccn etaP d (bat tbe bricks laid on the walls would be sufficient lo i ave on area of more tnan thirty-eight acres. 7 his is in audition to f?.Uk) perches of rnbbie masonry !u the fonnaa tioa; 85,00(1 cu'-ic feet of cue etanc iulbe front?*, 740 tons of cas> nnd wrmignt trnn. acres of plastering; Siu winnows. CSO inslac doors; 3.24 U pounds of copncr for gutters; Ihe plcie glass utcu would cover ar acr; of ground, the floors seven acres. 'I he sheeting or wash "boa;ds Laid xn a contlnnous line, would teach thirteen miles: and E a bo truer de-lrcd to take a walK before bicaWort he might travel through Ihecorrideroicmilecndagoarter with out going over the same floor a t-ecoad nne Bs sides the marine floomg and nlber flagging, 310.(00 feet of flooring hoard- were laid, requiting 20,000 yards of carpel lo cover them ihirlv-two lone oi sasn-weighto were us«-d. fee f of gas pipe. 12J.D00 pounds of lead and 30,0 4) of iron pipe to supply it «uh water, besides 57,7f10 leet of eicam pipe lor heating tt. Jhlrty-two miles of bell-wire wa? used. COST or THE nUILDIRO. The actual cort of the bm'ding wa? $950,000, which »Hh the ground (valued at $325.100 1. muk 'a tLo whole v«lce f 1,27i',U0Q —rot to *pcak of fumi tore. ssbC.(tti worth of which wa* Impor-ed md put In. So that when the hoc?a wa* nearly com pleted and famished, the wb»!o property cost neurly a uullion and a half of dollars I FAIOOBS. TCiaOTUBE, ETC. Itc floors cf the ladle-’ drawing nmm was cov ered with a cosily Ami buster carpet, of highly ornate patters. Ihc piqno was a Sieiaway grand, probably the largest aid finest ever mad,} by the manotac'nrers. 'the chairs, ►ofa«. ma<»'cl.', mir rors, Ac., were gorgeous and luxurious. The ladies’ parlors, three xu number, were tbs most clegantiv famished, and lbl« remark is true, in deed, of*the gcmienjei’s parlors, four or five in number. The furniture of tbe ben rooms was the tame all over the house—black walnut bedsteads with walnnt marble-lop bureaus. Tlio carpets wre all vchew on the first floor, on tbe second Brussels, and the floors above tapestries. LEibEEF. Ike Lindell was leased by Messrs. John H. SparranJ Jocn C. Parks (formerly o r the Virginia ar.d OUre street hotels), try vt bom if was opeuea on the Iffih of October, 1863. and under whose auspices was given the grand” lanlell ball,” on ihcusth ofthe following mouth. Thelvs-es* oc cupying the hotel at the time ot the awful catas trophe we tav,* above recorded '■ere Hatch, Felt. Weaver & Co. It wa* in September, I?GS, we bell lvs that the ownership o* me hotel properly passed info the hands of Henry and iidgar Ames by purchase. A TERRIBLE TRAGEDY. Shocking; Exhibition of Parental Ci nel'y. A Young Girl Beaten to Death by Her Father. The Culprit at First Denies His Gnilt bnt Afterwards Makes a Partial Confession. An Inquest to be Held To-Day. Intelligence was on Sunday aHeniooa conveyed to (he West Side Police Station to the effect that a little girl of ten years, named Louisa Barahans.a daughter of William Darkhau-, a German, had died very suddenly that morning a-'d wis then lying at lb*} house No. 20; Morgan street, on tbe corner ot Fourth street. The Coro-er did not receive Information of tbe care until yesterday monjing.wbeu h- at once proceeded loth: locality indicated. He found liviug in me hou-c a Nor wegian family who, in answer lo tiU Inquiries, said that the body ofihe dead ch.ld was lying iu a bed room on the ground Hour, which, wuu a lror.l room they Lad »nb-rcu'ed to Bjrkhan*; but that the father and mother of The glil nad gone away early iba* moninff together. H're «• is znatltcr for suspicion, and the Coroner .-unui-ed that ail was not rigtt. He went into the first of tbe two rooms occupieU bvßarkhans. There was no carpet ou iho floor, • «mi the faruitnre was ot the meo*»esi sue scantiest Lind. Ixadirg back froo» thi-, was a -m>ill room go small that me bed which stood within Je>t ecmcely space sufficient for the opet-iug ol the coot. The ticking had bc«.r. folded up near the head ortbebed.ard The head a*,d bouy upon it, tving dtagouallv across t ic ned, on its lace. Uy the con-sc ot the dead child, in its night donna*. Th'r dress Ort.ig Pared down from revealed a sight wtiica might Well cause the ttoulcel heart to ehuddir wi'h 111- reprieved bnirur. the back was out mass of bloody welts aud. discolored brntres, while llte BarmcnU were st-ired with the blood which bid teu extrsvacated, and lay thick ai d cloity upon the surface ol the eUiu. Taming t'-e body upoa Its back the spectacle -'hich m.t the gaze was -. yet more d-eaufuL The neck bore plainly marks as f> a violent tund had CiU>cbcd i fast, causing the oloud to collect in bine uud purple spots as undv the prints of a haii\- fngcis. Thwbreastwas.Clacolured by the same welts of coie which mark eh tuc back and thuabJ«-mcu wjs streaked witublue and purpje, such as blows (torn a rawhide causa, ‘'lie expres sion of the face of tbe dead cnild was such as to indicate rial st.e had died iu ail ifa.- agoay of a drath falcful and -101-. Lt In (he estreuie. Tbs liul!-.pen eye* were yet staring, not who vacancy, buUullol the expression of «nc terror ard Uieuit est agony. From the face all cjlor b*.a va'tiibed, leaving it a* white as the dowers in me -trcaih •which these on whom her death no *• hangi- heavy had placed there beside thecorpse in the hypocrisy of feigned parental regret- lb- parents were roue, no one knew where. Before luey had left, however, and guided perhaps bv the tnoaght that lo inquiry would be instituted ns to the death ot the child, a coffin bad been pro cured and now lay, open and ready to receive the dcao. in Ibc outer room. A beginning had also been made to prepare the corpse fur banal; for fa-tenee about the ucck was a clean root*, strange ly contrasting in its snowy purity wih tuc biood- Ginioednhd gore-clotted'garmealfl which lay be* scatb it. Tbe name of tbe family who rented ibcsc apart ments to Darkhanr and bis wife Xs Peltrsoc. Tnoy said that Bark baas atd Lis wife were ilullanders, who had come to this country during last rum mer, and whose knowledge of English was aa yet very dciective. Barkhaus ia a carpenter, and the child whose dead body now lav within the sdjoicmg room was bis only oau’ghttr. Tbe child baa teemed to them to be very quiet and Inoffensive, ard wllhal, rather bright. Set for all this, Bsrklians, whom thev represented to be nmao of very tHor.g passions, frequently beat his child, to severely, that otten her cries '-ere heard inthctiictL On Saturday morning, Mrs. Peter son sard. Barkhaus was beard whipping the girl, ll was nme o'clock. The door of her room was open. U-uaing into a hall, from which a door led in<o the room of the Barkhaus family. Ibercforo she could hear very readily the sound ofthe blows, Ibc angry voice of the father, occasionally joined by woras from tbe mother, and above aU tbe sob bing ofthe child. She says that the beating dis tressed her exceedingly, xbe child seemed to be in great agony and the father from ols voice to be in a whirlwind of rage. She says the betting con tinued almost unmtemipU-djy for nearly an honr, ae It seemed to her. Finally, sue was unable to endure it further, and was on the point of going in to speak to the parents of the child, when she reflected lha‘, as she knew not German, nor they her language, or English, it would be nselcss. She bad put on her things to go nut tor interference, when ’he blows and mud talking ceased, one suer a time tbe sobs of the Child, becoming fainter and fainter, died away. The girl wa* teen no more that day oy tbe Pe tersons. Nor did they hear her voice. Annul four o'clock on Sunday morning, nowevor. Mr. Peterson says that he awoke and *oon beard the voice ol L’arkhaUo. the filber, talking angrily to the child. Shortly after he heard ibe fuher take tbe girl into the front room. This was aIL Bnt about 7’i o'clock that morning an acquaintance of the Bar khans' came to Peterson and told biro that the girl was dead ; that «bc hod d>cd of dlptherio. Peterson had his suspicions about thK and set on for the West Side Police tanou. On his re turn cc teamed that Barkhaus and his wife had left the house. They returned . hat evening, how ever, and slept that night in tbe same room with the dean child. Yesterday morning Ibey ogam went away, leaving the preparations for their daughter* bnnal partially completed. The police au lionties had received nothing from Pelcr.-on wnicb would lead mein lo suppose that the case was other than that of sudden death, and for this rca ouUicCoroo>-r did not learn of ihc jnalier ni.uJ yesterday morning. As soon as that official Lao viewed the body he at once sent off for so officer, who, reaching tbe spot, was promptly detailed iu search of Barkhaus. An lionr'e search sufficed to find him, at the bouse of E iriend on CarpeLti-r slrceL He was taken into custody and lodged la a cell in the West Dividon station House. There the Coroner had an interview with him Eestcrdev afternoon, Barkhaus at first said that chad done nothing to bi* daughter, that he would not bun his own child. W’>en told that hit l denial trasorco use he confessed that be had beaten her **jn-t a little, with a strap.” He alleged that she was sick on Saturday, and her re-fma! to (aVe some meoldnc ■which be Lad purchased for her Induced him to report to force to compel her to take It. Borkhau* la a man ap parently about thl.ty-eigbt year* or age, with a tace "hich Is nut of an appearance that would impress one unfavorably, flis face is a simple German ;ace, such as one waald see often in the course of a day’s walk through our streets. Vet, it will be remembered, the Peterson's say That he is a man of a fierce and uncontrollable temper. That they had learned Hus irom their observation xnsy be referred irom the fact that they both reinscd to enter the room wtiere <tic dead chilli lav, until they had learned that Duk hans was amited ; for they were utre’d of birr, fcince the arrctt of Barkhaus, LU wife has not re turned to the scene of lhl« terrible tragedy. An ezummottou of the body was held yesterday altcrnorn bv Dr. Elmbart, whose le.-tiitnouf will be given at iho inquest, wnicb Is summoned for to-day at id o'clock. DoatXtTic iNrmicirr.—Hans Ben* 14 n stolid, gool-i a:u cd, caiy-golog German, whose frame is cast in a mould of great power. Ho *s Very tall and pro;ioiticr_aUy corpulent. A short time since lie led to ibchymcaial altar the widow McCarthy, of Hibernian nativity, much smaller in size, but whoso disposition 1; tar from phlegmatic Hans loves nls lager, while y B Wl f tf j.ho-s an ardent longing for whiskey. The contact of intoxi cating ucvcraeeg dl!N:mitkuut ofTen produces ane-ectnottono dcired, and Utii was frequent ly the cabti tvubtbc two suojeclj of this sketch, vbon each w.t. animat,-d with liberal potations! Dans corn! g home often fon*id hi- --ifa In a v*rv cxdtflble cnnaltion. A hand-10.-aud conflict would ocually ensue, which Invariable ended In the wo'fizngof poor l>nr, the husband. Heal leges itat she stove in hUhat.rore his coat. rmllM blshcsr. and. with an exquienc sense ofu.cior lure indicted, poured hot water down nU back At length Iluna wse driven to sue lor a divorce' The wife thereupon rose to a sense of her domes'- tic danger. She could not endure the though* that any o'bcr woman should clasp the manly form of her husband as her own, and set about employing the most seductive arts lo win hick b.a love. She succeeded partially, and on inter view was appointed, (o bo fa eld at the office of Jostla, Quito, that dignitary acting the part,-»f a mediator. After a long and tedious redial of hts wrongs, Haas agreed u> take hack tbs woman as bis wile end drop the proceedings for divorce, if the would then and >hure lake the pledge. The soul of the McCarthya was up In arms at once. IVbat! forsake foreverlhe ftliarmsof the beverage ehlch cheers, even though it does inebriate? Never. Fbe would become a single woman first. But Hans was inflexible, and the divorce suit Is to be proceeded with. THE ATTEMPTED INSURANCE SWINDLE. BalDforth Commuted in Default of BsU-pr. Kendall Before meConh— lb Regard to bis Contempt—A Heavy DeHncc jeromised. On the convening of the County Court (Hon- J. B. Bredwell) ycetciday, Richard RalLforth, Ihe rlicnmtlances of whose death and resurrection have been carrated in these columns, was brought fiom the jail for examination- Tbe specific charges preferred against the prisoner arc, con spiracy and subornation of perjury. The con spiracy consisting of the entering upon tbe work of swindling Insurance companies, and tne subornation of peri cry lo inducing or conspiring with Dr, Charles B. Kendall to t-wear to me clr cumß'ancc of death. The proceedings in court were as follows: .. .. , Ihe Court. You arc charged here conspi xacyend schoidtratloc of penury. Are von ready forcxamioarionl A. No. I nave juatcomo from N>w York, a’jd I have no attorney or anything, and I don’t know what I am charged with. Ibc court- Ibe charge is that you conspired with Dr. Kendall, and Mr. Fuller, and Mr. Lacy acd other persons, to defraud three or four In surance Companies out of about $15,000: and ihit you made your will, claimed to be taken sick and pretended lo die- That yon conspired with others to place a corpse in your beu aoj after wards buried It, and that you made your will to these parties that they might gee this amount from the Insurance Companies, and then ran away. Thai Is what von stand charged with. Mr. Reed, State’s Attorney. And also that you was a natty who suborned Kendall lo commit pcijury by making the will and having It pre sented to this Court as jour will on the oath that yon were d«xd- Mr. Kaluforth. I suppose I can bare time to send for an attorney. , , „ ibc Court, Oh yes I Who do you desire ? A. I don’i know. Mr. Ilecnan. Mr. Cvenan, (who was In Court).—l would pre fer that Mr. Rilnfortb would get some other at torney. (SJtiv voce to a member of tbe bar,' 1 don’t want to he ut contempt before tbe Courts again). Mr. Ralxfforth. Can yon refer me to any one ? Mr. Eeecan. I should hate to make invidious distinction. Then* are plenty of attorneys that 1 am acquainted with. —■ . The Court When did yon arrive here? A. Saturday night. Q, is jour name Richard Rainforth f A. Tea. Mr. Deed, ilow long do you want f A. Three or four dajs. Mr. R« d. Sba’l wc put It over uctß Saturday ? A. Yes. The Court, Can you give ball ? Mr. Rainforth. No. I don’t wish to give any bail. .HR fen by 41 .55 do 44 . 49 do 41 . tfl do 43 .CO do 41 .92 do 61 . f>4 do 40 .G 2 do 45 .31 do 2U .40 do 30 .31 an SO .21 do 18 10 do 17 rbe prisoner, Chaa.B. Kendall, was order of the Courf,prodccefi that be might parse himself cf his contempt. The prisoner came to the bar much as an over-confident yonng fishier would advance to the ring In'o which ho bad “shied hia castor ” Something of the ludicrous seemed to strike him as be stepped to the eide of Rainfor»b, «bom be bad so successfully doctored to make rim tick, and to whose act of yielding np the uhota he hart sworn so recently. A “snicker” convulsed the involuntary muscles of bis lace, aid even the dancer in which his personal liberty stonrt, and tbe precarious tenure by which he hold whatever ot worldly possessions bo claimed lo be tbe master ol were unable to eubdoe the ball lunch. Xbe examination la record to the contempt was as follows: The c ourt. *lhc Court committed yon for con tempt in xelusinc to answer a question as a wit ness when upon the stand here. Arc yon ready now to answer the question? A- I. was ready then to answer such questions as I could answer; inch as were proper lor me to answer. a. What do yon mean by that? Explain yonr , A- The question that was asked of me was, when d:d Ur. Rainlorlbdie? 1 sated that 1 could not answer that question. Q. tthy could you not answer Jr? A. Well, for the reason that if 1 did answer It 1 would either have to answer Incorrectly, or 1 would have to answer in such a wav as to implicate myself. C). You did not so sate. A. Your honor did cot ask me to explain why, Q, Do yon know this ge'-tleman here? A. Yes. I know bun. (Here thu prisoner gave a broad prim) Ur. Reed. Is he the man whose death yon were Invt stiea.lng that day ? A. lie is the man, sir. The Court lie Court wiil require you to show catue. Immediately, wbvyousha’l not be dealt with by tins court for contempt, in attemptin': to Impose upon this court an instrument as the will of a dead man. and of presenting a petition to tiua court, croer oath, setting forth that the party was dead, when yon knew that he wee living, and of* f< ring to get the will admitted to probate. If you have any cause to show why this court should rot commit yon lojril for a long time, and fine you heavily, if yon have got plenty of properly, von boa belter show it. If yon want counsel for tu-t purpose, you can have It now. Dr. Kt-acalL I have counsel, bat they are not here. The Court. Yon bad better send for them, for I yours is an that the Court wiil not over* took. , The prisoner sent for the counsel, and Messrs. Wilson ar.d Asay soon came Into court to repres ent him. "1 he situation of affairs wav then ex plained :o them, The leeal bearings of the case were oho discuf-ed, it was easy to be understood that it was a ma ter in the discretion of toe tiouit itself, and eneb being the case Judge Brad veil expressed a willingness to hear all the evidence that should be presented, wPhaviewto mitigate the punishment. The Court, however, demanded that the cmsc should be shown in writing. K. is. Wilson, Esq-, then stalled his inten tion of showing dial this was a scheme onmated and earned into effect by detec tives, with a more dangceous gang of peniicnlary birds, hr which the prisoner nad beer brought into ills present position. He would also show that the prisoner was induced to lake his present course by counsel employed by thl? gang to ply him for the pm pose of induc ing Lira to act He asted s pme delay. ■the Court allowed until 2 o'clock. Mr. Asay. 'Jbotisnotlong enough. Tbe Court. Oh yes ills. Filtcen minutes is long enough iz which to dre w up an answer- Mr. Wilson, li would take fifteen years to draw an answer In this case to reach the Infamy of tlic case.a Mr A*ay. I wUI* undertake to convince your Honor they have attempted to make your Honor • a ttol to carry on: their infamy. ILe Court. U is nol \vo«th while to discuss tr-tec matters. If you want time you can bare It, oilrerv.l-e 1 will deal with me case at once. Mr. lUcd. Will there be time enough 10-mor- Mr. Wilson. Yes. Thr Court. Iben yon may have the time; hut I ninrl have this la writing. On demand ofcom.s'l, the Court instrncled the rhenff to allow no communication between the icvcial pri-chers, or with them, except on tbe unrt ofUipirreppccilTc couiuel, until the answer of Kennall i? fohroitled. The following are tbe interrogations submitted io Eendaxl; the answer, of coarse, to bo ewom to: Hid yon not present to this Court a pretended last will ana terfament of Richard Ralnfortbf If yon ans'cryca. then state whether you did noi swojr tuat said Ratnfortb was dead? li yon did so sweat, Iben state whether you did not then know that said Kaii.forth was not dead, bnt "as alive? UU| -Ui Ull I u . If you answer tiiat you knew then that aald Haiufonti was not desd. then state "by did yon : present said will, and why yon swore that said Ralnforth was oeaa when you knew hs was alive f State why 'on and yonr attorney, Mr. Heenan, were so anxious to have said will admitted to probate? btnte fully all yon may know in reference lo the makngofe-nm "ik. and the attempted imposi tion upon tbe Court, atd also whether you did not prelend to doctor <std Ralnforth, and did not declare lhat be was dead, and also whether yon did not procure a dead body with which to per sonate said Ralnforth. ThcpriFoncrswereremandedtothe cn-todyof the Shcriffi LAW INTELLIGENCE. Several Divorce* Granted, and a Nam litr Asked—.tsnny JVevv Nnlu-Com* mlttul tome Deform School —Judgment*, Ac. Easiness in the several courts yesterday pro gressed fairly. In the United States Circuit Court the case which occupied attention on Saturday v as concluded; the result was no: announced. cmccrr count. There have been recently quite a number of long drawn ont proceedings which have delayed the progress ot the call upon the trial caicnnsr. Tbe cal! wilt not extend beyond No. 45 tnis day. Maria Zngerman ve. Effort Engennan. Divorce granted on Mastery's report of crnelty proved, the custody of two children of the parties, la given co the complainant. B. F. Thompson vs. W. E. Wait. Assumpsit. Default and Judgment for £l7O. Henry Robbins vs. William Moak. New trial denieo. Hester Ann Deeg&n ve. B. Beegan. Bill for di vorce filed Jannary 2Ulh, 16C7, on the ground of desertion. Decree granted. WiUißQL.Moloxieyv9.Thomas J. Day. As sumpsit to recover £lls, with attachment in aid. SnOmittud lo the jury. j. E. Conklin and al. vs. John Flanigan. Ap peal dismissed. Iho new salts in ibis Court were as follows: 1,. Churchill etaL vs. The Administratrix ofthe estate of Joseph Muller. Appeal from tue Coanrv On March llth, LLI- Courty Court allowed a claim of plaintiff's at £J,R2fi 4R. while theyde mbuded judgment for £2,037.2R. Plaintiff's there fore appeal. Francis M. Bight ve. Thomas H. Brown and T. Charles Alvord. Ca'-e with ezplaa ic aid. The allegations of the affidavit on which the writ was iseucr*, are that the plaintiff was employed aa fore* man in Brown's carriage shop, on Adams street, ut 63.23 per day. Subsequently he purchased a watch ol defendant, Brown, agreeing to paythcrc loro by daily deduction. Shoilly after, being dis charged from (be service, be Bays Blown caused bit wrest, n= bavin" feloniously taken the wa’.cn, possession ot "hich the cocetablc, Alvord, took by means of threats of imprisoumeut. He sues lo recover carnages. Christian Auerbach vs. Andrew Robbins and Jssac Dcsniore. Ejectment, for lot 15, Macuiere’s snbdinsion of lot I, block SI. Canal Trustees snh 'division of south fruition of section 23, township 39, north of range 14, east. John D. Bcwley ns Jesse M. and Sanford Rich ards. A<stunpsii tofvcovcr for services lOD, and lor money looxu d £SO. Damages laid at £I,OOO. Itob-rt Watson vs. John ana George Planntgan. Atsumprit. Damages £SOO. TTmothy Lynch ct al. vs. Isaac Cook et al. Bill to remove a cloud from lie title under partition proceedings affecting block 15, Canal Trustees snb divirion ot section lonmabtp 39, north ot range 14 cast. BCTEnrOB COURT. This crurt was open In all its breeches. In Judge Wilson's couit however no final orders were n.ade. io tbs common law branch, presided over by Judge Gory, Hit bneincss was as tollows : Georne 0. Bates and Henry B. Towsleevs Wil liam Cox. AssnmneiL Damage? laid at £1,(19.', to recover for Ipcal Fenlci s, £929.01. Veroictfor plaintiff, with fJU) damages. Henry McKlnzlc vs. Devtile Ballow. Appeal dij-ciiieed. Robert Hcarte, &c., ve. The Chicago. Burling ton A Quincy Railroad Company, bull brought Jnne Huh iart to recover nnder tne etilnte for tbs death of Daniel 1L Heart, alleged to have been killed by negligence oithe agents of the Company. The facts in this case wilt be remembered. The deceased was driving the feam fire engine “the Economy” to a conflagration, when an engine Firnck the engine, be fell from It and was killed. Salt dli-mif-fcd. Ira It. Harvey vs. John J. Turner. Attach ment proceeding bad March 22d last. Dismissed. Ellen Murphy vs. Cry of Chicago. Trespass. Suit commenced October 2Glh, 1665, to recover for a personal injury alleged to have resulted in con sequence of the neglect of the city to keep in order a sidewalk on South JeSereoa street. It is alleged toat the plaintiff fell through the sidewalk 16w - Uamsffea are laid at |3,COu. On trial. The chancery business before Judge Jamesbo was as follows: Petition of Samuel u. McCrca os conservator oi the estate ofDanlel u. Johnson for authority to ecllJandsof Daniel ii, Johnson, a lunatic. De er* cior sale. , w Francis W. Danley vs. Marr J. Danly. Decree of divorce onthegro-md ol her bigamy, proven on s hearing. Samuel M. BaudonJre vs. Theodosia Baudonlnc. Decree of divorce on the ground of adultery, as charged lb (he bill, heretofore noticed. N. Lancaster vs. £. G. Cleaver and al. Decree of lorccloeuro. Indebtedness lonnd at d13.5U7.45. ManhaJ. Wickham vs. Qetrgc D. Wickham. Bill for rlivoice filed September 22d, last. Decree. jlaqß. Tilley .vs. Stephen Tilley. BUI for di vorcc January SOth last. Default, and reference to Scott, Master. Neasy Smith vs. Louis Smith. BQI for divorce filed March 23d last. Default entered. •Jbe first case under the new law in relation to the confinement ol boys in tho Reform School came tip yesterday in this branch of the Court. It will t>e remembered that the committal; to that Institution mustnow he made by the Judge ot a court Of Record, the services of » barit e been dispensed with. Hlcbati Pitagewl' »* the boy, wsaa-rc'ted onachtree of fUullntf a part of a sewing machine. Ihe magistrate re tnrxert a warrant flndlwr that there wui* to snerect bis emit. The main fact proved by the (latninmkn was that his father brouzot into Va Lome a stepmother who bad madt. xl an earth lv purca-ory for lha child, to euible him to eecauelrom “hich, be was allowed by hto fatoer to co tatter largriv upon the streets. I‘ce boy. on ilie anert. bad given the name ol Mlcoael Thompson, to prevent the knowedge of bis parentage. Tbe boy was ordered to do sent to the Kcform School Ttc new suit* In this Coart were of; b a«y \\. OrcouJ v*. William Brophy. Eject irrnt forj-üb-10l 19, of lot block SI Caual Trustees Mibdinsicn of sooth fraction of section S 9, town ship £9. north of range it e&rt. Famn‘l W. Rodman and William R. Robison %e. William H-Jan* ur.d George I. Stowe a-.d per sons unknown. Bill to set aside a tax tills upon Ibe southwest quarter of section 8, township 89, north ot range Ueaat. Catberine Foley ts. Edward Foley. Bill for divorce. Tbe bills seta np a legal residence, and a mamftgc at Buflalo, Ne .v York, in toe year 1-55, with the allegation of kindness and attection. The cheese in the bill is, that -efendant has been habitually a drunkard for upwards of two years. It also charges desertion without cause. Edgar D. Pierce vs. Exzullno Pierce. BUI for divorce. The bill alleges an Intermarriage at Attrora of this State, during tbe fait of 183t*, and tbebutb of a femaiu child, now aged seven years. The dkarcc It- that the wife ts an habitual drunk ard. The prayer asks, as well, the custody of the child as the divorce. , Wan J-While vs. Cooper White. The bill al leges a marriage at Toronto, C. W., on the 10th doy of November, 1657 and that she hod borne to Lim—children (number not given), she cha-ges brr husband with desertion and seta up tost Pincc the contract ol marriage was entered upon the husband has been convicted of and sentenced to the penitentiary lor larceny. COUNTY COURT. Tbe business oi the County Coart included far ther action in the late attempted insurance swin dle. Ttc report of these proceedings will be found elsewhere. The other business of the court was as follows: Estate of Samuel R. Moore. Application filed forlcnvfi to sell real estate. Estate of Thomas Hogarth. The following claims were nl'owc'i: J. n. Taylor, $ 1.115.22; Jeannette Taylor, $2C8.)7; T. Hogarth, ? t'J9.Rb; J. W. Sykes, f 24.75; William Casey, 512.75; Theodore Filzpalrick, $37.11: A. Frubc, $58,09; R. Fox, $47.05; James JDagnald, E 10.50. Mahony, minor. Account of the guardian ap proved and be discharged. Estate of John Gray. Claims allowed of Ed ward Martin, foi.4"; A. U. Bolter, I3J.OO; and J. M. Slayker. SCJ.4O. Estate of Abraham Haas. Leopold Meyer ap- BoitUd admirlstraicr on bond ol $19.00?, and eijamiu ScDoencmon was appointed guardian of Leon, Solcmon sna Fanny Xloaa on bond of $14,000. Heinrich Studclman was appointed guardian of William Sladclmsp on a bund of ntcoituEu’s couai. No grand jnry was empmncllcd yesturday In this court, but a petit jury Is ordoted to be re turned on Monday morning nest. Trials will, therefore, not be taken up during Ihe present week, The Rccord'r has bcc-i sick of late and the opening of the term was too soon, perhaps, to allow ox hie perfect recovery. Henry c. Humes; larceny Sol. pros, entered. A special rentrt Issued for a petit jury, return able on Monday morning next. , John Fidinrd vs. Dorothea Pidlund. Bill for divorce. Cross bill Hied and order to plead by Fndav rooming next. „ _ James M. Taylor vs. Sarah E. Taylor. Bill for divorce. Defendant answers «he Dili, denying the desertion alleged against her. POLICE maTTERS, Thefts and Disorderlies—Fining; and BallUig, An extraordinary procession ot drunken and disorderly people parsed into the pnsoners* box at the Police Court yesterday morning, and the attendance of tfaclr friends quite filled np tbe court room. Jt would lie rank ingratitude to omit noticing the absence ol the cumbersome table from in front ot the Judge's desk, and the substitution of a smaller one, ricketty, and worth fif-y cents, bm withal a great comfort and consolation to the reporters who have bee* so long and patiently waiting for tbe city to furnish some conveniences at this place for their accommodation The little axble is a species of table-moving In the right di rection. A man named Jallns Friedman was found on Saturday night In possession of some goods be lieved to have been stolen at lbs Clark street fire. lie "as ceid for examination this morning in ball of 1200. Michael Thompson, & lad of thirteen years, was sent before the Superior Court for stealing ma terials used about sewing machines, from tbe tbe premises of ALrcd Gtcbbics, at No. 65 Kfnzle street. Charles Heffner made Ireqnentpromlsea of mar riage to Christina Lawson, a Norwegian lady, thereby obtaining from her At different times earns of money to tbe amount of about £SO. Be then mairled another woman. For these false pretences he was committed for trial la ball of Charles Welch met a colored woman on Wells street and expounded the law according to Chief Justice Taney by pulling her hair and cruelly beating bcr. He was fined £3O. Charles keeps a saloon In the Wes' Division. Jenny Rote was fined $25 for keeping a dtsor dtrly house on Clark street, and eight inmates were assessed £8 each. One ot the men explained hi* presence in such a pl»co by saylug that he had nst gut “licked” in an adjacent saloon and went u there for repairs, soon alter which the bouse was “pulled.” Jenny claims to reside m Ottiwa. Illinois. john Jones, at chat, probably, was committed for Inal in ball of 1300 fur stealing £5 from the vest pockel of David Pravt, who keeps a billiard room at No. 70 Monioc street. Pratt was asleep at the time, but the act was seen by another. Moritz Rcinocne, employed by John Rlordon, a for dresser at No. 100 Cooiidge street, stole lour mink skins from the es ablisbment, worth £3l. He was held for trial In bail of £SOO. The autus were found in a bed at a saloon on Blue Island avenue, where lleixucke boarded. Remecke also had a half dozen pairs o! host*, new remnants of silk. Ac., which were, according to bis account, the Ret of a stock of goods, tbe balance of which was sold by him in Pennsylvania last year. Rcicuckc seems to b.J a man of general milky to all sons of people. Not loug since bo was a phy sicran, malting especial claims on the demhmonat tor vxuuordutory ptole&rional skill, Jt-rny c o: cell, a colored girl, got out of Bride well a* nl; c o'clock la t Thursday morning, and an lic-nr later found a place as servant with Airs. Hall, at No. 77 Judd street. The next mormug -he di.-aDpeared with a r iscellaneona assortment of jewels and clothing belonging to her mistress. She was afterwards arrested, and committed for trial yesrerday morning to ball of f 330 Charles Miller was charged with tbe larceny of atetof barresF, in November las», from Dand Olcsbmcb. tesid ng near ibc intersection of Chi cago and Milwaukee avenues, which he after wards sold toMontz liieuappler. alNo. ISJbMii waukec avenue, (or S3O. Be was held for further examination on Wednesday, in bail of £sllO Chaties KirfcLner, a saloon keeper on Polk .met. for abusing bis wife most shamefully, aud breaking np all Ibe furniture he coatd convenient ly reach, was fined 825 John Carney, Robert Johnson, Michael Kelly, Peter Mahon and l*atrlck Gaynor, were hold for further cxsmication this alternoon io ball of £1,005 each, noon the charge of stealing water pipe (Tom the city and cas-pipc Irom the People's Gaa Company in the West Division. It is esti mated that during tne pastwio'er the gas com pany have loti from twenty to thirty tons of pipe, worth from £2O to £lOl a ton. The ca-es of Charles 11. VsnDoren and Elisha Groevenor. held on chaises of forgery, were con tinued until lliarsday afternoon of next week. BOARD OF HKIkTOT. Rnuidlug Committees—Secretary. An adjourned meeting of the Board of Health was held at lonr o'clock yesterday afternoon lo the office of Mayor Bice. Pre.ent—all the mem bers of the Board. STANDING COMMITTEES, Mr. Hoard moved that three standing com mittees—a committ-.e on Sanitary Regulations, a Committee on Finance, a Committee on Ordi nances- he constituted. Carried. Dre. Ranch. Johnson and Wagner were chosen as ihc Committee on Sanitary Regulations. Messrs. Hoard and Giles, and Dr. Ranch were chosen as the Finance Committee. Hr. Johnson and Messrs. Reynolds and Board were chosen to constitute the Committee on Ordi nances. The Mayor was elected fx-oficio member of each of the ab.<ve committees. St-CnBTABT. The Board then proceeded to the choice of a Secretary. The applications of the following per sons for the position were read: Hiram Amick. John Magoun. C, H. Dunham, Julius A Hays, and Major J. C. KUue. On the first ballot the voting was as follows: D. Amick, 2; Major J. C, Kline, 3; C. H. Dun ham, 2. The second ballot resulted in the election of Major Kline, by tbe following vote; Kline, 4; Dunham, 1; Amick, 3. The election of Major Kline wa? declared unani mous. Itwas ordered that the Secretary be directed to iniorm the various branches of the city govern ment of the organization of the Board, and re quest their co-operation in the at'ainmcntof the objects forwbich the body was constituted. HEALTH OFFICES. The applications of Sergeant Charles H- Jen ning, Ambrose Burnham, T. B. Bridget, and Charles Perry, for the position of Health Officer, "ere read. The Board then adjonroed until four o'clock Wednesday aftemooa. ATICSJKJfKNTS. Mcsrtrst. —“A Dangerous Game” will bo re peated this cvcnii.g. MoVicker’s Theater.—Nell G Wynne was pro duced last evening. To-night Mr. J. Proctor will appear in “Ambition, or the Tomb, tbe Throne, and the Scaffold.” Abukotos’s Benefit.—The benefit to Mr.Arllng lou will he given m the Opera House, not on Wednesday as stated, bar on Thursday alternoon, m which occasion Trill be produced many novel ties, among others bis new bane qne on Profej sor Hamilton, thehorse tamer. He will he sup ported by the entire strength of McVicker's tal ented company.wlih Mr. u. S. Rogers. J. B. Don nitcr, Arluigton’d fate partner, has alsi promised to appear. Feman Ball.—A hall will bo given this even ing at the old Board of Trade flail, under the aus pices of the Commodore Perry Guards. P. B. Tuxolooical SmtmAnr of TnsNonniwEsr.— The anniversary exercises of the eighth aunusl cession of this insulation arc being held during Ihc present week. The Seminary, which Is nndcr Ihc control of the Old School Presbyterian do r omination, is located on >be comer of Fullerton avenue and Noitb Halstead street, not far from the Clark street and Larrnbce street cars. Thu bnlidicgisan imposing and handsome structure of brick, in an enclosure of twenty-five acres of gronnd, and commanding a fine view of tbe lake and ibe ary. ihe plan contemplates tbe addition i\ another elrncturc. similar to the prereut one, upen tlic south and a spacious chapel on tbe north, both connected with the central building by It is hoped tiiat this northern addition "tithe very toon creeled. Tho-onmber of sin dents at present is lhiriy-ni' e, aud the institution I- constantly increasing in cumbers and useful ness. Last evening a very pleasant social reunion look piece at the Seminary a* a farewell to the senior class, which numbers fifteen. The Semi nary Glee Club fumiehco excellent marie, and the formal exerrifcs consisted of responses to Ecntuntnts. as follows: Tbe Seminary and Its Patrons—Rev. W. W. Harshu- The Faculty—Rev. Willis Lord. D.D. Tne Alomni— Kev. D. C. Marqnla. She. Senior Class—Mr. C. McCauley. 'lheWiddle Class—Mr. Thomas Galt. The Junior Class—Mr. W. W. Faria, lie Old School Presbyterian Church—Rev. L. J. Halsey, I).D. Sister Denominations—Rer. D md Swing. Our Country—Rev. Dr. Robert. The Memory of Dr. MacMaster—Rev. C. S. Elli ott, D. D. 1 he exercises closed with prayer and the bene diction. 1 bis evening an address before the Society of Religions Inquiry will he delivered by Bor. H. C. Matthews, D. D„ ol Monmouth, ill.. In the North Prcfibyicnan Church, corner of Indiana and Cass streets. Schdat School Usion coxoeut.—The Opera Houso wan crowded last night on (he occasion of the second annuti concert of the Chicago Sunday School Union. Every reserved seat was token, and many were obliged to stand through the evening. At (be appointed hoqt a host of little ladies from a very tender agotoxho verge ol the chignon and long skirt oonod, dressed in pure w-h<te, with coMFed sashes about tbclr waists, filed tmo (heir teats, occupying the whole of (be stage in front of the curtain, amid a burx of chatter among themselves and a storm of applause from the audience. But when the gong struck and toe curtain rose, disclosing loine suipilscd and delichled spectators hun dreds of oilier seraph-* and serwphesßca crowded thickly together onihe face of a hill rising high np to the extreme rear of the stage, white robed girls in Hie centre and black-coatcd boys at the sides and back, and all waving white baudker chiefs, which flattered like tbo o> little angels, the applause broke out with redoubled force. The sight of so much youtu and innocence was arareaitdphasanlone, worth going a long disiancc to etc. Ibo music of those eight hundred fre*h voices, accompanied by tbe harmony of the grand piano and the dozen reed organs, in the opening and. following choruses, swelled up with a novel and pleasing effect, and tr e duetts and solos also had a charm of nature and yonth about them that calico forth hearty applanre, Specially notewor thy were the doeu, “In the Staroghr, ’ the o‘eop song, acted by forty UtTa infants, and the solo, “Beautiful Angel. 1 ’ A fine effect was produced by tbe chorus, *• How it Marchs*—the F»ago! the tfnlon”—when the whole choir rose suddenly to their feet, each waving alolt tbs “star-spangled banner.” • Throughout, the concert was a great success, and ought to have left every one the better tor hearing anc seeing it. It will be repeated to night, with a change of progiamme. Alter the clone of the performance a great amount of trouble occurred m (he cloak rooms where the children had deposited their wrappings. Each article was checked, but-the young men la charge became confused at the rush upon them and alt knowledge ol ownership was soot lost, so that it was an hour or two before tbe Utile ones coaid all get their garments amt start for home. article which were not claimed may be found ol the looms of the Sunday School Union to-day. We are assured by Dr. Blackall. tbe Superintendent, that no suca trouble shall occur to-night. FUSES, Probable Arson-Arrest of Suspected Parties, An alarm of fire about four o’clock yesterday morning, rung from box No. 2?, was found to pro ceed from a building situated at No. Sl7 Clark street, occupied by James Burke.a ealoon keeper, and owned by Chancellor Jcnks. Tbo building was damaged to tbe extent of about $lO9, which was covered by Insurance. The fire extended to No. 519 and injured that building to tbe value ot near SGOO, which was also insured. This flro seems to bate first been discovered by ofQccr Semsrolt, and some suspicious circumstances led to the ar rest of Mr. and Mrs. Buruc, who were examined at ihe Police court yesterday afternoon upon the charge of arson. . . , . Upon entering the budding to ascertain the oc casion of the light, the oQleer found that tbe Camvs proceeded trotn some material which eiemed to bare been saturated with kerosene and placed In a small hole in the partition of tbe second story just over thcstalr-way, which commu nicated with rooms below. Mr. and Mrs. Burke were np and dressed and three wanks were found in a room at the rear of the saloon, all packed vlth houeeuolj goods, in reply to questions which were asked the answers were oi a seem- Ingiy inaifeicnt character Irom both of the priso ners, Mrs. Burke giving the officer large install ments ol aousc and profanity. There was no stove or chimney near tbe place where the firest cmcdto have originated, and tbe prisoners wcic both down stairs and fully dressed when the officer first entered tbe place. Mr. Jcnks stated that tbe building was much Injured by fire just a mouth ago nt about the same boar in tbo mom'iig, and that the lire originated not more than three feet from the piaco where the last one broke out. Mr. Bnrko was at that time occupying the premises ard had not paid bis rent, and was insured, os. he had told tbe witness, lor S7OO. lie was allowed only $25 for ttte damages snstaimd, which sum was endorsed on the policy. Burke said to Mr. Jcnks last week that his wife bad advised Mm cot to pay his rent before Mon day (vusferday), as the bnildlcg might be burned. Upon examining Burke's stock in tbe saloon, be found only part of a box ol cigars and a quart or two cfliqnor. The fixtures and larnllurc In tbo place were piohably worth $4M*. It appeared to ihe witness that the flro doing such serious damage to No. 517 was cepa-ate and distinct from the other, though occurring at the same time, Mrs. Bnrke was Uncharged, and her husband was held for trial In bail of Tie marm of fire rung from box No. 131 about noon yesterday proved to be lalsc. Alderman Seventh Ward. We. the undersigned Republicans of the Sev enth Ward, hereby request ilr. Francis Paade loup lo become a candidate for Alderman of the fcevecth Ward for the ensuing municipal election, and we pledge him. our hearty support for that office. Ivan Bouwens, Robert McLane, Heury Newhottsc, Jacob Arnold, Ross Fmiayeoo, Hr. P. 11. Matihei, Fred. Scboch, H. Amio>, I* c. Noocao, J. G. itemmclse, Henry Pilgrim, Johtißioly, C. £. Meyer, J. D. Bamngartner, and many others. Chicago, March 80,1 SC«. REPLY. To Messrs. Ivan Bouwens, Robert McLauc, and others: Gentleveh : In reply to your kind request I will state that lam very thankful for your confi dence In my abilities, ar.d will allow my name to be used as a candidate for Alderman or the Sev enth Ward, subject to tbe decision of the Repub lican primary meeting, 1 remain, gentlemen, years, faithfully, Chicago, April 1, ISffl. F. Pasdelooy. Alderman Tblrtccutli Ward. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune : In reference to your report of the meeting in Ibe Thirteenth Ward, on Friday evening, we de sire to say that the meeting was called as a .Re publican meeting, for the purpose of a'certalning the public sentiment as to the choice of the proper candidate for Alderman of the Thirteenth Want. Soon after the organisation, one of Alderman Prondfoot’s friends became very abusive, which was resented, and a disturbance ensued fora short time. Order was soon restored, and ho meeting proceeded in an orderly and quiet man ner. Speeches were made on both sides in favor ofthe respective candidates. When, at the close ofthe meeting, a rcsolnilon was offered express ing It as tee sense of toe meeting that George T. Ueebe was the choice of tbe candidates, tbe vote (which was taken by rising) stood thirty for George T. Becoc and seven for Alderman Proud toot—some few not voting for either candidate. This is a fair and correct statement Of the pro ccedinge ofihe mccticir. __ „ , E. Woodhutt, Chairman. S. D. CniLDB, Jg., Secretary. FINANCIAL m COMMERCIAL MONETARY. Monday Eventno, April l. The following is an exhibit of the business of ;be Sub-Treasury iu this city for the week ending A!atib SO: Customs Internal Revenue Miscellaneous.... Total SIBStmSEUENTS. Spcclsl warrants... Disbarring officers. Currency interest.. MlsccUancoas ttT? 1203,509.90 CASH OK BAND. Total. Col-...- Cuuency. Total.. list week Tbo week opened with an active speculative de mand for Money oa short date paper, caused by the large deliveries ol brcalslulEj and provisions to-day, on contracts In which the seller had the option for the present month, as is always the case, the market was easier Immediately after the qaanerlv statements were sworn to, and first-class borrowers experienced so difficulty In negotiating loans, provided the collaterals were undoubted. There is no charge in the rates of interest, either at banks or In open market. Exchange was decidedly firmer. Hound lots were placed between banks atpar@2s cen s pre mium, and at the close sellers were asking 30@i0 cents premium. The counter rates were steady, at par buying, and 1-10 premium selling. Easiness on ’Change waa materially Inlermptcd by the annual election. Flout was quiet and un changed. Wheat was ezdtcd and advanced Scon Ho. 2 Spring. Corn wda In good specula tive demand and Sc higher. Oats appreciated Sc with an active movement. Rye was a shade bet ter. Barley inactive. Provisions were very quiet—the attention of operators being mainly directed to the large deliveries on sellers’option this month, beads were quiet and steady. Gold was without material change and the vi brations were slight. The market opened at 133-K and closed at 13L The following quotations weto received by Boyd Bros., gold brokers ; .1335(112:30 p.m.. ,1525(! 1:00 p.m. .184 it <2:00p.m., .1335(1 2:30 p. m. .1335( 5 8:00 p.m.. .1335( 3:30 p.m.. 10:70 a.m. 10:45 a. m. 11:00 a.m. 11:15 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 11:45 a.m 12:0(1 m ~.133*£ 1 Here the market was qolet at 133J4@133H bay ing—closing at the npper figure. Silver was nom inal at 124@127 the extreme figure obtainable for large pieces. Governments were stronger on the first, but easier on the second call. The .following shows the closing prices to-day, compared with the throe previous days: Timrs. Prl. Sat. Mon. Sixes of 'Bl 103 lU'JJi lU9H Five-TwcntiW, ’62 li/J»4 109>fi 10!)*/* IW?S Firc-TwentlC3, ’6l. J ifi* lo7** 107*5 107fi Five-Twcnlles,’Cs .10775 WSfc 10S« 108^6 ttn*FojUes i ......^.... < 9]IJI J>3 OS Seven-Hurtles, August. 106 103 100 100 Seven-Thirties, Jnne ...105JJ 103*5 Vs£ m% Sevcn-'ihirUes, Jnly-...105j8 lo3*j l(K?i 105?iS New Five-Twenties.. .. 101 107** 107** Here there was a good demand, and the market was Arm at the following rale : GOTEKNMENT BZCDIUTXES—cniCAQO HAItKET. Buyloe. SolUnc. lusjj WJH U. S. Cf. 1881. U. 6. B-2fJs, IS>>2. U. S. C-208, 18M. U, 6.5-2(Jd, 1655. U. s. 5-20;, 16G5-16G6, tew 1973* U. S. 5-2Hs, 5ma11..., 1065*0108?* .... U. h. 10-4 Us, lor.o 97=5£ 03 U. S. 10-109. small 01 .... U. S. 7.305, Ist series 105*£ 10(51$ U. S.7.SOs, 2d scries... .. ....10oj| I<BJ* U.b.7.805,3d series 103J* 103»j U. H. 7.305. small 103 01C5J4 .... Comp. lnt Notes, June, JfcCI..JITJ4 “ July, UHU..U«<i “ “ Aug., J8W..118 “ “ Oct., 1601..115 “ “ DtC., 1301.. 11l “ “ May, 1865..11S “ “ Ana., 1605..H114 “ “ Sept, 15R3..110J4 ” u OCU 1803..110 Local Securities were quiet and unchanged. We continue to quote the buying rates as follows: Chicago Uty7« 98 Cook County is., 91*4 Chamber of Commerce 97 In this issue of the Tbibunb will be found in onr advertising columns the quarterly statements of all the National Banks in the city. We hare et cry reason to believe (bat less cooking bus been done, and the statements are more honest than usual. Wo heard of no comments ou the various debits on the Clearing House, though the clear ings were larger (ban we anticipated. As com pmed with ;ho January footings, wc find the fol lowing dincrenccs: Capital ....Nochange. Loans and discounts, me 5733,979.38 Circulation, Inc -tW.OO Cash on band, dcr '♦8,113.44 Government deposits dec 135,213.23 Other deposits, Inc. 499.910.G0 Hue by banks, dec 350.160.00 Overdrafts, dec. 23.C53.31 Surplus, Inc 21,801 20 Profit and loss, dec 106,457.81 In relation to the last named item, it is proper to say that a day or two after the last statements appeared, most of the banks declared dividends, which accounts for the decrease. Notwithstanding that the statements for this quarter have a much more honest appearance than those for the qnarter preceding, we find nothing in them to praise. The system, as at present pursued, is a had one, and docs not fulfil the expectations of those who arc interested. Bank officers look upon the whole thing as a farce, and the sooner the system is abolished the better. Jbc stringency (hat invariably takes place in the money market on the eve of quarterly day is entirely unnecessary and uncalled for. The Comptroller should insist on an average state ment. This would bo lolly as acceptable to the department and the public, and, If earned out, would do away with that periodical scraping of currency and slaughter of exchange which we have seen four times a year, since the National Bank system went into efiVcl. Wo observe that one institution indadcs in its liabilities a re discount, aid have deducted this Item from the aggregate ofiia loans and discounts In oar sum mary. This is a practice that ought not to be loleraied. A bank la tnppoeed to be an inatitu'ion fjt loaning money, and not borrowing it; a .d In consistent as I: may seem, the institution r.!crred to pride* Itself on absolutely refß:laj to allow interest on dally balances or time deposits. In financial circles it is well understood that »be piacticeof re-discounting prevaTa to a largo ex tent amons the country Nationals, who are all ex ceedingly ambitious to da double the bad ness justified by ttelr aeinal cash moms. Should a financial crlrl« take place, there would be only one result—the destrucU 1 nof tbe entire National Banking system. So Ion? ns re-discounting pre- Vails the National Bank* resemble a row of brick*; upset one, and the rest Immediately iail to the ground. , . . : The foil owing is our usual quarterly synopsis or tbo condition of the Chicago National Banka; ««» eEsSlcSi^ssriSg? S?l»3i’:si & a, P‘2*‘ |"»3o *,: SS3: SS g "£|r ; : :|ltifv==•-=! s a|: •j I “: : i ;•: ; : ? II | §1 oiisisl = S = > sS| iiifiipfimwil g ill iisailalliSs2?o -S 222 feSS‘S*afe2SS*SßS® T «g a I *?| u .f « |i gSrii’JipSSasi I 5 iiiliiiiiiiiiiiii I g ** r 3 ** «• sH 15s]I5illiasii *|g g S; gs .§sgigsg|gggi?|i ? i p: as gssgssssasaasf gg, c B «>J * o a _ 02 B ®*J; 2Ss d ® ss a*. V»s» sg o f»p; Ba*. itg O §3: sgg ?| | H: 0 • S : a’ is : |i fei SB : h: 4% S 5T « -.-§■§ ibnu re->b*etts>«cs£3->W7)Ct>a »t gS3 ts o £'h2 3ISS&£SQ3BSS&g 5 gg's ss*s&s323S:i3S& | | •. «* 5 Hi §| g 7-: L.-- fessasgr;S2±3£fS-®S?- < * Q gt S 3 fsttn.srrlpPrMWffi; O *gi g* s S33SSS3SSS3BS M a > ij: Ss ja«” § gil «■'.» -sav»-v »s« e—• ;2s; S'© g: Sg w£s=g* g: g<£: se. 5g t* 2* &•£ g&sTs: fe: £S; &8- ? 7 g sSi „ Ib3 p ssS? : " i¥i iiisi-:-iiiiiii| ’S’SS SB’3S'SSBSSSS§S“ -»• fcS»S i *»2 g* SS • —■-‘-J»3s>loojo^Sq.*tJ n; g-s VsWs'a'ssa'sssssra 3* aid S-s»& -<« i»Bsao B &: sis I s^aa^s«sasssap New York Stock aad Money Market. Cicsidk prices for cud. April 1.18C7, received by Joseph M. Lyons & Co., Brokers: i»tlW.2dßd Ist Hd,2d Bd N. Y. Central.,lW* 10;* Coa. Orcpory.. »30 .... Eric (com) U. S. 6 P cent C. & Pitts 79* 7ri* U. b. 6 ck 5-4) Bock Island 93* U* coop. 1562.....109* 103* C &N. W SO 35* U.S 6 Vet 5*20 Dbrpl’d...«3V 65 Coup- 1661.... 107* 13* P fl. W. 4C... W* 91 IT. 8.6 Vct MO Quicksilver :’.l 33 I coop 1565 133 ICB* u. 1 11* 11* U.b.tiV ct 8-20 C. *A. (c0m)...107* 10? ..coup.. now/fia.KW* 107* B,* o 13 1* .... U. b. 9 I* cent _ M. 107* IWO 96 93 Bodson !Uver..l36* 136 Trees., 7 8-10,1 st 111. Cent... ....119* i>6* scries 100 106 Phil. * 1W..V.102* 103* U. 8. 7 3-10 2d G.AT0W0.....12l 123 5erie5..........106* 106* Tol. * Wabash.. SS* 33 U. S. 7 8-10 8d M.*Bt. K (com)34 .... 5erie5..........105* Iftj* do do (ptdlM .... American Gold. 181 131 Market—lst Board steady; 2d Board weak. COMMEECIAL. Uokoat Evrsraa. April l. •Tbe following tables ehow the receipts and shipments of Produce during the past forty-eight hours: uccEirrs ron tqs past pobtt*eioiit nouns. 1867. IS6B. 4,5«1 4,“63 3,*» 5,771 11,1*13 11,075 1.530 10,003 1,000 375 Floor, brli. Wheat, bu. Corn, bo.. Oats, bn... Rye, bn Parley, bn Grass bred, Jba. Broom Coni. Os Cnre*l Meat, Os.. Urcsaetl Ho"s, Ko Live Ho. 6, Iso 8,052 3,310 Cattle, i*o ... .... 339 733 llidefl 09 30.8*1 8.200 nißbwincs, l»rls 3*2 Wool, tb?.. .. 3,327 380 Lumber, in *■* ST SUr.tfe.s m CIO • 2SO fcHITJirSTS TAST FO»TT*ZtOUT DOtTM. 1807. 1860. , 7,420 3,310 . 1M24 7,861 . 1ti.053 B,aw . 1,909 8,607 . 705 . 3,681 . 70.320 32,357 . 13.735 3,631 .804,635 231 400 , 1,037 180 173 153 . 10.153 4,870 . 10.503 13,555 , l.« 0 4,1.0 . -W0 30 . 3.C07 1,633 . 723 1.303 ,108.097 87,623 SIC 02 37,035 1,031 978 016 W 0 639 60 COO 91 .£ 2,572.0* , lI.TOLW . 71,713.51 Floor, Vr15........ Wheat, 1m......... Corf, Oats, bu Hjv, bu.. Barlcj. ba Crass Seed, 1b5.... Bioom Corn. lbs*. Cured Mrut,£>s... Beef, title Fork, brls Lard, lbs ... Tallow, T!.-s BoCcr, 1b5......... Drest'ediiopß, No, Live Hoes, N 0..... Ca'tlc. No Hides,».« Itichwincs, htls.... Wool. 1-g Luo nor, in ShicpliH, id ]jlb, in Balt, brls.... £80.114^1 ? 10.551 14 75,5TT87 91,823.54 8U.13 .**2,447.22 . 279,093.08 .f5'J1,455.25 .$633,009 7u The annual Board of Trade election created considerable excitement on ’Chanrre 10-dayand materially luterferred with business, bat tbe sales of Wheat, Corn and Oata were nevertheless larger in the egerccnte.and prices ruled higher. Tlic general inactivity which pervaded the Pro vision market last week continued, and prices for netriy all descriptions were but Utile more lhan nominal. Mess Pork was generally held at $22.73 ©23.00 with buyers at $22.50. Balk Meats were dnll and tbe transactions light at 10j£c for Short Bib Middles, loose. Sweet Pickled Meats were very quiet and sold to the extent of 133 tierces Shoulders at SJic. Lard was Inactive but firm at 12Ji©18»8C for strictly prime steam rendered. The season for Dressed Dogs is rapidly drawing to a close, and tbe eales were trilling, at $3.75 tflCOtts.. There nas no movement in either Bonded or Free Whiskey, and in the absence of any life

whatever In rhe market It fs useless to give even nominal quotations. The Plonr market was characterised with a fair degree of activity and prices ruled Ann, bat with out decided change. About 3,800 barrels changed bonds at sl4 t:o©l6.oofor White Winter Extras; g1i.00©i2.25 for Spring Extras; $7.5003.00 for Spring Superfine, and $7.75©7.87*i for Bye Floor. Tho speculative demand for Wheat was active and on advance of 7©Bc per hnshel on Saturday’s prices was established for No. 3 Spring. No. 1 Spring «as quiet, but firm. In Dejected Spring nothing of consequence was done. Sales of all graas loot up in tbe neighborhood of 81,000 bush els at $2.57 for No. 1 Spring; $2.19J4©2.21f0r No. 2Sprint?, and at 11.75 Tor ‘‘No Grade”—closing quiet at $2.23JJ©2.21 for No. 3 Spring. Com vias active ned firm tmder a good specula tive demand, and prices Improved Sc per bushel on Saturday’s closing figures. Sales foot ap in the neighborhood of 280,000 bushels, at price? ranging from for No. 1; 80c for No. 2, and from 7JK©Blc for Rejected—closing firm at No. 1, and ct 80©80i',clor Rejected. Tho market for Oats was fairly active and ad vanced 2c per nasLcl. Sales were made at-iSQ ■lejjc for No. 2, and at 45c for Rejected. About 107,000 bushels so id. Bye was in moderate request for shipment, and prices improved Ic, with sales of fresh receipts of No. lat£ Barley in store was ir active, and the market nomlnol at wi©9oc for No. 2 in atorc—according to the location. Seeds were steady and In moderate request. Timothy sold at $2.75©2.50; Clover at $3.50© HMD; Millet Seed at 75c, and Hungarian Grass at 50c. .131 .131 .181 .131 .131 .131 The following telegrams were read on ’Change 10-day JJew York. April 1. Commru Floor inactive and heavy; Family do fitra; prices 51U.53<2.U 00. Choice wheal Arm at, ?2.47@».54. corn buoyant at $1.20. Oats belter and active at G7®oßc. X’orkweik at 524.00; stock. 01U0U lifla. Lard doll. Whiskey quiet at COc. Gold, 131. LATT B. Floor £®loc lower at f10.15ti.1l 60. Wheat Ann. Corn leavy at Oats firm. Fore f-ard steady. LJITBH. Iq the afternoon thcatlbmion of tho operators who do the “ cnrl>" was entirely taken np by the annual hoard of Trade election, and there was no attempt made to transact any business. The lireadsvuQd aid Provision markets were neglect ed, ana prices cannot be qnoted other than nom inally unchanged. '1 ht Cattle market was iractirr, and quotations are altogether nominal at f 15038.25 for common to choice grades. The market for Uve Hogs was dull, hat steady and Cm, at previous rates, prices ranging from 5C.7505.00 for common to prime Hogs. Slock* of Pork m New York, ■Jhe fol'owtojr taWo elves tne stock of Barrelled Pork lo Now ‘i otk, on vbc am of each month, for els seats* ISM. ISO. IS6I. ISO. ISM. 1*67. J«Q 2M19 1C0,791 Feb <7.270 87.330 83,i50 155.231 60.01 S'". 916 March 67.03 J 93.160 96,120 123,231 10J.51S 9.1,039 April 70.514 M.2JI 101.130 96,171 03 210 00-000 way M.OS6 100,906 93,1 M) 91.074 93.421 JUte.. 155.115 186.133 2 23,703 96.015 01.233 July 1 £^ lol 1 i& 092 lOltOTl 87.159 .... August 183,691 230,614 15V703 65>JO 7R.731 .... Bcpt 13«,73C 274,229 164511 69,405 61.536 .... Oct .165.783 194,885 lU£3l 86.483 17.603 .... NOT .131,659 143,706 70:06 63,790 G 3.273 UCC 128,7£9 109,470 75.931 41.351 53,023 .... CIIICAOO LIFE STOCK 9IA B.KET. Omcß of nm Daily Tbibunx, I Monday evening, April 1. ) BEEF CATTLE—Nothing transpired at the Stock Tards to-dry to vary the qnlet that almost lararlably prevails on Mondays. With the exception of a few odos aid ends, the tailings oflest week’s market, and tome 18 bowl received to day, there was no (tick In the talc pent, to that bad there been a disposition to optrateonttepattoftbe few havers In attendance little could bare bees accomplished in the way of sales. Tbo feeling, however, was firm, and on the (bw transactUas reported, lull rates were realized. Tbo mwket closes strong at the following quotations: CLOSING most. Extra Fibc, tat, well termed, 4 to S year 01a Steen, and artracinc 1.-JOO &* »Qd upwards........ *7.T3®8.25 prime Ikerft—Qroi, well onclr foichd Steen, averaetex Irom IJOO To 1,400 ttJ, at. /Jar tTrotfca—Fair St. m.m iatrflesb. ar .raclnc JOO PS,at • - 6A33..W M'ditim Of"**—Mcril-m bte«* ana good Cowr.fii lor city sliOihier and averaging • yy^VAl liT s * M ® 6 - 0 slcc*Q:Mle-ConnDoa''ftMi‘Udccentfleeb, »rcr»rlEß 50031.00 ft*, at SiVX*i.T} Injirlor— Licht andthln C.w» and Steers, HOGS—There was little morrment In this branch of the Uve Stock market. TbU inactivity, however, was not doe so mocb to tndUpositbn on tne part of buy->r?, as to the auence cf itock with which to operate. Tbe market op» ned witn less thsc 50) head in the sale peas, and later c-ritraJs did not mate 1 tPy 1 c'etse the nam ■ber. Th» pens were cleared at at d within the range of 96.n@7.S mr common to pool bts. The market clcecs firm at 9MSiSB.CO. ■ eUEEP—I be market was l&actlre and wholly nom ♦n>i previous quotaUons CQICAUO DAt(jY 3IAU.Ii.ETt All fates of Grain reported fniAtt market report are made on tl>e botUof ic»nt«r (lc) storage, unites othirieue erjiretS’d. Monday Eve*iso. April 1.15>67. lUit-iroAD Feoi'jiits—ArelOc low er. Thefillowlm; lathe tailQol the Rasters Roads: Hates iron. tlblcugn to— 3d class. 4th class, tfloar. Buffalo & Snap, lirloge f to 3lk- Montreal. C. E- t. 23 70 WO Albany N. T 1J» OJ - l.tO Few York 1.00 60 1.20 Boston ,I.W 63 Ufl Fortlasd.... |.W 6J 1.80 Plitaburcb CO * 33 70 Baltimore .... . ........ 01 55 1.10 Fhl.adeiohU 91 53 1.18 Clccltnat'. Ohio 45 30 60 FI.OUU-Kecclved, 4,531 brli; 5h1ppe4,7496 brls. The Flour market woe fairly active, and dealers were asking and obtaining Batnrtlay’s prices. Sales In* cluoc the tollowinc: IVmn Wuttebs—so brls “George Field" at *16.00; 5C brls “Gilt Edge” at *11.00? Spbiso Extbas—lW brls “KeamMo at **3.4* ; sad hrU "El Rader” at f 12,25 : 500 brls “Ued Klver" at *I2XS; l«jtris "Wc Loaf’ at *13.00 ; 100brU”Etner aid” at *13.00; ipo brla M Kaßlc” at *13.00: 105 brls “Derwent's” at #13.00 : 539 brls not named at #12.00 i 100 brls ‘‘-Fawn Lake” at *11.50; SOO bm not named at *11.50; 100 brls do »t BH.IJ; 200 brls do at iil.00; bfniNo hct*Bt»-95 brls not named at *«.CO; 70 brls dn at *8.00; 50 brls co at *7.30; RteFlock-UO brls Bockjon at »7JJ7V?150 brls at *7.73: Cons SlzaL—l tons Danker Street Mills Deceived, 10,1*4 bn; shipped, 8,390 ba. ilukct cluiea 7fcßc bli her for N 0.2 Spring. Baled were: jtjiO nil Ko i snrlna atfel-57; S,C(H bn r»0.3 spnnr at SM9V• 8/00bndf>at*230; io/BObadoatFl.U; 23,000 bn do at 57.23; 10,000 bo do at #A%|Xt 5,40 a ottdi at »£3?rU<X)bo du at £ I.&U X 5.003 bn do at *2.23*; 5,CWbn ao at W 91: 4w bn do (fresh) at 800 ba do (fresh) at waej/s 800 i w •wCrale"'«lW*. 4/‘oUN—Received, 16,953 Da;»hlDoed, ILOI3 ba. Market 3c hither. Sates were: 2?.<JCO bo No. 1 at 93*c; 2.0(0 6a ao »t94c; p.CCObudi atOltfc: 10,000 bn do atMFc? 45,000 ba do at9sc ;Wtt) ba da at 95Vc: SS.COO bo do at 9j>(C ; SOXU) bado at 9.»5(c; M/JooWdo alBGc; 10,000 t>ado « 9C«c : 30/MbaNo. 2 at «n; 7,000 na Rejected flt 79 «c; 33.000 Da do at Kc: 4.C00 ba Uoatßol4c: 4,439b0 float 81c. IIA 1.909 bo; •hlpood. l.Wp ba. Mar ket advanced 3c. Sales wero: 60,003 ba No.iat Wc; 3ssoQbudoat«Kcs S«0 b* da at 43*c; WObado (treiii) at 50c; 1,2001 m Rejected at 45c. ItVK— Recelve‘ , ,7Csba; fhlotHJd,l,Woba. Market 1c Wilier, bales were: 400 ba No. 1 at*LUO; 1,200 ba doat*lsoW; 3,900 bu do at 11.3 L . IIAK l.EV—Received. 1.631 ba; sWppcJ. KO ba. Market Icacttve ana nrmlnsi for No. 4 In st»ro atSOo 90c. Sales include 400 ba, by sample, at 87Kc, on KAN—Market steady. Sale of 10 tons at *3.00, 'on track. Minnusos—a una at *,C.10. BlJTTEK—Received, S.Ufi C»: snipped. 1,030 as. The ccreral character oflbo market dees nat diner lo anyciscntial particular from that noted m our pre vious reports. The market lor common descriptions is very dnlL bat for choice tablo qualltle? there can llnucsto neart*adyf»irdi-mandairrevlooßrates. we m&kenn change In cur quotations ui allows; Choice Dairy Good Tub *SSfSS CommcL Firkin ?£»!»£ Trlme Firkin 405123 c The market remains qnltt w»th prices ttoady and onenmeed. Tto at ,°, c M though notcxcesttvc. prices ate tolerably firm at tno lollr.mngranee: ... c«>m National A. 2 Da,£caml«tf« Unco *®-J® Union A.* bn, do llittfla A, abn do s-SS . Corn Exchange 5rJS| i Star* A. colton seamless I Lewiston A, do f|*Js Androscoggin, do jg-J® l Amoilrao. do *sß}® B< aver Midi, do «•“ i Flttrllcld S, no »•}« Ptnn Mills, do 61.00 F.-nriit, oo B ho. do &W 0 * Rurlaps,4 bfl, No. 1 .. J7-*J Enmir* CUv 40.00 ( llEErDE—Ucfllcra report aialr and steadily la crfa.imr cl. tnai d. and a* the sopp'y on hand U nsrctjr sufficient to meet the leniUmate a ants of Die trade, or Ices keen well up ana are decidedly nrm. We repeat onr list ofV rations as pillows: Ncw York Factory (genuine) 31 c Factory (Illinois) » g» c Wcsteni ataics to fe.|9 c Western Reserve 1* (*W c “TounrAimrtca - c Cisa tr-‘ The market is doll, and or Hard Coal, ol wlilct the mocis arc inrce, me u-vunp i» wucr ewer. llltaminous Coal* owing to the moderate supply la the market. Is *firmly held at previous ratts. We i'L°«-;Broi»eM tU-® do Ormsby 11.00 CiTOasHs-ittUr Udi... i«.oo do Minctal Kldce W-00 do Willow Dank 10.03 do Tunnel 10.00 Chippewa . 15-W Lamp Lirhlgb ll*oo lAtkawana, prepared 1-^0 Scranton JUlnoti BXO do on track 6XO J 1 * 1 ? CUIFFKK—As is usnaily the case on Monday, barl oer s In this, as well ft* tn other departments.? as rather dulet. and pul im,e was done a*lde from filling a few of Saturday’s orders. Wc continue to quota: Rio, common to fair B'O, en d to prime Rio! prime to choice I'OOVEKAtiB—Mark« doll. No sales reported. ElaliS—Were in lair request on local account, and Millrp rcadiiy at 18@19c. vuh an occasional sale at 2Cc. The supply *■« a oderate. FItUIT< -*ND NDM-The demand eontinuce *cod. end wllti only mi-dtrato stocks on band pncea are well all aronul. and firm at oar quota tiers?, whicharo ss follows; UIIUJI wuutio. Applet 9 brl *4-2® Orar-sri. 2‘S WS.M I/-c.on»,Met»l'a.. f*oo <#) KM Cranberries. * Ij-W ($33.00 dem> fhuitu. Tnrhcy Prune*.new « S FrcLcli Italic*,new 1J ft fl FlsMrums 5? S Fie*, cartoons 3J a » Dates . m SO Canted Peachis,*? doz,3 » cans 4.0 ®W Apples, new ® G 4 Peaches. ha.T« and quarters 1* M vs reaches, pared « ® « Blackberries. new. *ft ?1 M 2i Kaspbcrne*. new, V 8... 66 (4 w Cherries pitted.... Oj « C 6 E-dcrberms V 8..-.- 0* 1® i;*u.mmße<uie&i, so a 9.a0 (410.» Saioaes, V*box»s & » ** tarciuo'. X boxto 83 9 40 32,810 88,303 11,200 .... 83,930 .... HI Almonds, )mrd-*belled Aimonda, toft shelled Alcowlt*. pupcr*»nel'c<l Peanut*. uumlngtcn. 1» bo 16 &*. iiraxll NuU.. i’l : D'Tte Fiench Wainntu’. 31 9 23 Naples Walnut 21 (« 31 Fecar.r. small and Ur*re. 29 & 30 liickurT N'ubt 3.03 (a XSO Nlrtll—‘im. market remains stoa2y and Dm,with prlcea nr.chaccfU, as f-Mlawe: V.lilU DtP, * o. 1. s bil *>.TV9 7,00 Whit. flHj.Kcr.2,s* In CAOs 6.75 Trout. No. 1, X bn 4-60-e 4.75 Trout, No. 3, As brl 4.53(* 4AO MacbtriJ. N>». l, K brl, new lUA'.'ylO.ri Mackerel, No. 2. X r.rl ; lO.O^iOss Mackerel, f-mlir. V X brl 9-ODjs 0.23 Mec» end, extra mew, 1* M brl 14Jfy« 14.03 Uacaeiti, extra mtas, V kit..... s<Aor4 3.73 Hacker? , N . 1. VMS', new 2 55a 3.03 Mack* nl. family. ktw 2.ot\* a 10 CCKlttfH, Uaik. V 100 B 8 7.Coii 7.53 C:on:b, (icorve’B l<ar,k 7JW<4 6.00 B*rrln«i dncc, Xo. 1, V box M.a 53 Herrlnc*. »f a ci* , Ttw* 75 Ijjoranot UnrltiTV ¥ tin lD.w,jil.iw Koru«lar nerrlncs J 3 i>y^je.oC Lake lic:rli l-'Ojfc 5.00 ll Av— 1* quiet bultlno at prcvlsua rate*. We coa uuuetoqno'e; WUOLCAAX.C VttCEfi (OK TRACK.) Ttectby.itl trend brattr pressed ftI.SOaJS.CW Tiniotb). pressed 1J.M416.00 ITalHv, bcslcr prtTred 11.00^17.03 retail rinera. Timothy, >ctlcr an i bca'er pressed f1“.W(i113.5a Timothy, loose pn»*‘d i7jo^l94J J’ratrlc. roller and beater pressed. iS.QO&i'i.OJ i*rirtTti% loom* cn waci u. d-lircred 11181->—Received, S6.SO Bh; shipped. ID%On DB. The demand caimooes Rccd and with only ruod-tratj rcctiptt,pi:i-e- arewtl »n*taUcd. Ornhhvlou were bnylrcatcnc-thlrd oif. Trim; wereselling readily at u.e prices given hel&w; Greta lUnclicis' 5 c Green halted, trimmed ll vwllVc O'ecu tad - . 19 atO c KlpOr'fn,s»:t«l it @is c Dry Tilthtrlmnud.. .13 ®lBXc Gry hailed, trlttraed lllfttUJic Often salted. tart cored. ....10kC4lH«c lilON AM) STEEL—'TPcre was a Ctir order hmttei transacted to-day In this department of trade. Tbs stocks at emndt reduced and dealers ate Oxmla their remands. Wc conUtot to quote: Conmtn Uar, Hone shoe 1r0n....... Heavy Band Hoop acO Llcht rand. Hamel sod Square..... Hall *(Kp* and iiait Round. Sheet Iron. comtatn. Extra Brands Sheet Iron, calrsnjzeo.. Sheet Iron, charcoal, Sheet Iron, Juniata. 2fi,. Norway Nul PlowbtcrJ. Ucriuaa. Plow stecl.catt, hOtltpatUTire Steel, Encllst-.., Tool Catt nteel, rrdinary itzw.. Tool ca;i steel, American S 3 aa e Blistered Steel 30 (880 c I.EATHEIf—TIie demand U air and stevl'ly In creasing. Ttc sleeks are lloeral, But co core than saf- Sclent to meet the legitimate wants 01 the trade, hence priors ate fully stutolaed and Orta. Tno follow ing arc the current rates: UMtOCK. Cltr Harness p | Siaotthter, BolTa- Jb 393 40 lo bote 40(3 41 Country iiarncts, SGOt 3S | Slaughter, sole, Lite, *Jb 423 41 1 Chicago, J»o. I 303 40 Kip, medium, ¥ I Slaughter. Sole. Cal'. Vo> l.iot«i.M j Unenoi Ayres... 373 53 Upper. V fi-0t... 308 in I Orinoco 501 e..... 513 56 Countiy Upper.. 233 231 Orinoco, good, CoLar, V f00t... 233 34 | damaged 313 32 Slaughter, Bole.. n® 51 French Calf, 31 nan css, t* 0).... 4a* 46 as fi.1032.2s Upper. 4WB 53 French Calf, 31 KIP. No. 1. me* o>f 2.0C®2.10 Klp, Ko. l, Lea* . memos, V d0z.8C.00390.00 vy... ......... 8601.10 niAPKE f'UtSAlt—ls In demand and steady at a ranee of lifjaic for common to nrlme quotations, wllli al«ir supply in the market. . • LIJAI BEk—ln consequence of the b-id condition of the wagon roads, business in the yards to-d»y war only tolerable active. The orders by mall were rather large. tVc make no change la quotations: LtjanEE-Flrr. Clesr, 1. IK. IK and 3 inch * n) .tOMOytOIOO peco'd Clear, 1, IK, IK and 3 Inch 68.00*69.00 Third Cl'nr, r*ch 50.(U@36.00 First aidSecotdClcat Flooring,togeth cr. rough, the same aa Second Clear wide 50.003ri5.C0 Common flotrlne. rough 3it0;t37.C0 Matched aid Drctfed Common Flooring.. 4U.00@1i.00 Matched and Dressed 8-Inch Common Flocnut 55 00333.00 First ana Second Clear biding, together.. 5u.00332.00 Flrrt Common Dressed Siding. 3X00323.00 TVacon I lax Boards, select iMneh and upwards; 53.00312.00 A block Hoards. 12 inches 3t.00032.00 n Kscck Boards, 12 itches 22.00377.00 cttsu.t>n Boards, Jolsut, sca&uipjt, Fete* lac. nnd SraallTtmrer. 22 to 10 feet long. 22 00023.00 Joists and scantling, 15,20,22 ana2l feet.. 28 00050X0 Jcdsts and scantling 21.00 Si«solf£—A cr Star Shaved Shingles...... 4.50 A or star Sawed Shinnies S Ma 5.50 N’o.t Sawed Shingles..., 2JM3 AM Batji—Fer rn in yard. S.fiO By tar lead by Northwestern Ualiro-d, delivered In any yard where cars can De switched or any depot a or star Sawed bhinghs, by car-load, on tract. 5.00 A cr Star Shaved Shingles, by car-lead, on track..... 8750 4.00 Ko. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car-loa7, on track.. 4.50 Three enlist? a car-load added when tran«fijrred, wblcli charge fellows the Shlegei In freight bill. SUINOLR STANDARD. Tblcsness-Fire filling: dpts. Lenath—Sixteen leches. Band*—'Twmty Inches. Coumps— Ttrenlv-nve. DIETA!/* and Til merset was mooerttely act] prices rule exceedingly firm ttons: ns. 001 Tin Plate, I. C. IWII fU.53 nvoltDcTm.l. C..... 14.00 LucsPles 37 £m«\l Me* 53 Bar Tin 50 comtß. Metallic At* 801t5... S 3 Copper Bottom 53 Urazkrt, over 10 ES. 41 bbeeu 11 to 16 0z..... 42 Tlnnln&s 10 TUBUIT UETAL. Ut quality *4) Antimony 29 FUe Solder 30 1 use. lstquallty,ca»k 13X Ist qU'llty, (beet..... 14 EUt- 13 NAlljS—bUiiO'H cootl would abide tbe following tales. Wcquote: ICd toGdFkeg *7.00| 8d 7.« I Cd 7AO 4d... 7.75 3.1 &SS I Clinched. net 9.50 OlLS—'There was a pood Itqnlrr to-day for stan dard Oils, and prlcts were folly sustained all around. tVe niake-no'chanpc tu our quo tattoos, as lolilo vs: Lloeted Oil. ?1.43(91.9 linseed OIL boiled IZD&W Olive Oil fiWJ Whale OH. tv. upaua Lard OIL extra * l.ttSl.iO Lard Oll.No. 1 winter Lard Oil, No. a winter 1.05aU0 Bank on, round lota Hank Oil. straits Machine OH 3031.00 Sperm Oil. W.B ©3.61 Lolkrtcstlne Oil St©LM (•aUBON OlL—Was in moderate request, and thonehtne*apply >» ant excessive, round loti were fmerallr being offered at a concculon of IC. We cos* innetognote; Carbon, V car lead. Carbur. small lota.. Benzole. 7.M3TJO an eflered $23.50. We note rates ol s£w oris at 9;iW, iCO or s ('arartw night) . dnit Built Mewts— Demand limited and raarkc. ouu. Salts c! Co,«v »r Snort nib Ulddles at lOUc top’s. °Pjckl«i 3J» nr»—Qa'ethnr steady, bales Include j it,fliibDiKß ; ttresSho , n<tersatßf<c. I.ard—Qulol and a*Uboul awMfiU change. P»r«- cla«T rrnnea hrld ttro.lT at l»3l3>ic, Sale* include i&J of MOO Br Couu -1 f pr/u I.T A mTc3 v M E-Tt o sapply Is light n-d thr n*frgf* urtn. balrs Include the follow toc 5 dOzDrcJSed Chtchr B« at ?•> Oth 4 cos do at 55.50-. 1 axnldvedo at Its Dsersed Turkeys at ate gjSrioiu li?; *oSQ.oe .t tOMi lo» BtnJl.l i6J(hs<ior Matlard Docks at J 4». POTATOES—Are in good reqn**l. Bales were: sto bn Michigan at SO s 50 bass do at 65c on tract; t car con:s:< dell*end; 150haIllinois Peach Blowsatßsc; awbultusseuatsclremitore. . . ‘ _ p. I -i; A its-The dt mind was medrrate. and prices are cirm»y sustained- We repeat quotations : ,-nhft. 5m081c0.......... JJXSUHc S'. T. Refined, Powdered aid Granulated....lSVftJCKC •SST" = oltaS £ c BS£sc.«». ,‘SgSHK New Orleans iiew Orleans talr . SV It UP?*—There was but-little: doingdutguiae pnttitent to-day. The demand is itlll eenfloed to sup ply toe local wacta, and defers are making reductions of tQICc on rotmd lots. We quote: Boetoa Amber........... New York - Ttltcw L S2 I -IS Cuba iWastcn **» g* Porto hleo ®»,S S&} L S Philadelphia Bee Hire , ®£, *2 Chicago Brnnery, Amber itnauia tTlcaeo Ucdnery, Golden »3 w Chfcaco KtCnery, Smrar House •■••••■■•■ »» ® MEEns-IhcelTCd, 52.810 a lVN hlp Pw* I°/5S Theiewaa only a ulr lo me marka aul niece were qootably utehaeged. Sales Include the followlcc: Tihotuy—3s bsgs at fi W; KO baffS at tzso 5 131 bags at *2.15; CnOTKE-53 bttfhels «t |IOXO; iGban ot 110.00; 3 bags at ; tU. r*ODA AND jiAbEitATCii-Tlic market role* steady at the totloaU>s prlcts: Dabhlll’f ** Pure c«*Wi® Dclsnd's Chemical “ neaitny # * ~..•••....•••••11 CSlIifC t»Al.T—Received, none; shipped, 6Whr:«,. Dcaieri report a fair trade, and prices are unchanged- »ve continue to quote: ' New Pine * Coarse... Grr nnd Alum Ground Solsr. j-g Turk’s Island, ban *gi Unity, with tacts Aw Dairt. without sacks __ 5-*5 TEA«*-The market presents no new feature* astao Irom toose previously mentioned. Tbe ilocks are large and cosiness Is as yet restricted to tbe nlllng Of orders. We make nochacgo in qootaUons: Toucg Rysan, superior to doe, *> is ?r3x®**i2 Young Hyson, exttato cholic, V j-*wV* Imperial, suoenor to floe 91 tt Imperial, esirato choice, V &•••» Runpowder,snpertortoflne, ¥ B. HS®i*S : Gunpowder, extra to choice. V 1.%93Jn .lapnn, natural leaTflre to extra flee, ll 8.... IJn'At.lS Japan, natural Ua£ nue to choice, 9* B l.Aat.lO Japan, cntural leaf.colored. 9 & IXO^tAS TonACCd—Tcero is no laproTemcnttonoto la the General character or tbe market. The demand Is limited, and only on round lots can outside figures bo realized. The fallowing are tft<* prices current: rtsz cur enkwwo. .fI.IUtt.QO | Medium SB®!«c . 1.&X3.U3 1 Common .56»15c UIOIkDO TOBACCO. _ Vlrslula'iFavor- t Medium —..awVßto lie Kc<s!tl.tol finanoa Stems l!*££fe Choice. teoaccl Extra.. Choice. n,r-n tobacco. Loyal Citizen.... Tic Medium. 'anDet'cOeliKbt 6T(* 75c Co a raoo Natural Nrwlu.“„.., II&U Bright Tsc®l.oo Flounders tTjolreb'lmonnd. 653 72c WOOD—Is steady, at the lollowlnc range of Japfe.TJ ccrd, delivered siaSo3l3.oo Japle, V coni. Id yard 11.50^12.00 leech. V U‘to, delivered 9.*J leech, ?* cord. In yard _ 8.00 WOO!.—U'.coved. IVE 7 BS *, 6hlPP*l, 37,933 SB. The market waa only modnraielf active, and prices inlad firm. Sale of 3,100 as Fine Ficccs-l at 53c. gtranspoitation. 1867 T,,E 1867 WESTERN TRANSPORTATION COMPANT. PEOPLE’S LINE OF STEAMERS AND WESTERN EXPRESS. Bnunlnc over ttie Eric Railway, The Wertern Trans* portatlnn Company Is prepar* d to tranport Mcrcban* cue acd produce lictwteu CntcacQ. New ror*. uoston ana oib*r Eastern and Vi'etwn points, and will run ilmine rucnlne season the fallowing orst-class rropel lets on the Lakes: Iftnptre State, Tindarrr Stoic,; ttneuln. Plymouth, niobnn-K. Batialo, Prcc smic, Acme. I'uiomcc. pntMbtirsa. ToDuwanda, Snnqucuaaoa* Pennine a Dally Lina between CHICAGO ANO BUFFALO, Touching o' illiwanke**, Mackinac. Detroit and Clero latd. comjecnnc»UU tne various railroads at those placesi acd at palfalo with tbe 3Bitxj£ railway, acd the TV. T. CVs Line of D-aU on Erie Canal, Ibfl oi wfclcb leave UiitfVoanrtNew Yore dally. For Contracts acd Dills oi Lading apply to HUGfI ALLEN, corner Wnicr-at-andOld S New York. • A. CoIiSCINt <!«. do. do. do* . A* ll* WAKD. 210 Broadway, Ast. Erie iIUST.AP- 15 Siate-at., Boston. S. n. (iIIASH. i'll i*»er. Albany. s*, G. CHASE. IDI ttivcr-Mt.' Troy. It. A. MID A It I). Tpicdo. . 11. Sandusky. G. 111. TIIIKETIw. Aliltvanaeo- A. P. HIiTTDV, Racluo. _ _ TOB WEsTEItN TRANSPORTATION CIi.IIPaNV, BullHlo. S. ItOtVE. Ticaer Asroli foot of Mate st; Avdat Adams llonsc. J, W- TUTTIiB, Agent, FOOT 0/ STATE-ST., CHICAGO. Uusintss (Catßa. JOHN MUHROS & CO., AMERICAS BASKEES, KO. 7 BITE SCRIBE, PARIS, and NO. 8 WALL-ST., NEW YORK, 1.-roe Clrcniar Letters of Credit lor TioTtUo'* In aU I arts of Euiopc, &c., &c. Also, (jommy elexCrcdlU. 8* « ?4 38 » ,45 5J c< G 3 100 f* l.a 23 <* Zl QECBB.S BELL & bMITH, Manofactmera cf Maclilao-Cut n s n O 0> R. DS. & ! 270 MaJlam-Et. (next tha bridge). Chicago. JT.Efc£ t BATTEN & CO n Coiamlarioß K jrch&nts, (Between F ard G-stsJ Tie undersigned have this daj formed a Copartnership, under the flfta name oi WEimEY & IMS, To carry on a R-al Eaute and General ComtnlMhn Inelctss Arc prepared t-- att*na talinfady to selling or rentlrip Itcal B-wte la the city cr country: al«o, to all ud Jo ail coreignmo td of country pr.doca and make prompt re’.uru*. Especial attention *t?«o to Qlltncr tracts f r lusher utd c*n-:rnl merchandise, ritsfc etre a* a can. Koom 15 Ohllch’s Bloc*, car. ncr 2>orth C.ark and BJnzle cts. A p. VmiTSET, E. A. J.INX, Chicago. April 1.1661. nil -,’5 fJAII! DIE— SO Cents—Black > I oz Uiosro—lnftaalaseons. natural, durable, baauttfai. Ihe beat and cbeat>c£t tu use. Contains as much as as ary dollar size. HILL’S AHCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMKNT. reliable Isreawral ciatment onrposet. .Depot 06 John-st, NowYcrt- Sold by all orurpUts. ■OATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. ■*T?la splendid Hair Dye is tie best in the Harmless, reliable, Instantaneous: the only Perfect Drc No disappointment. No ridiculous tints, bat true to nature. Genuine «lßcc*l WILLIAM A. BATCH* ELOU. sold oy Dnurglstt and Perfumers. paettry. SI Parelay-st.. Mew Yort. .. SVc .. «*« 7*c .. c @ 6j,C .. 6*«U C .. siia 9Vc .. 5«« «3c ~ C^c C .. 7Vd.. C wa c ..ova., c ..tivou c ..HMtfWVC ..13 014 e ..17 Ois e ..14*015 C ..28 020 C C'AIKBANKS’ jgr &TAKDASD JT*i. SCALES ’/^at 07 ALL SIZES. fAIBO AHHB, GKEKSLEAf A C0 H 2’jU & 2US Lake-sr., CWcmo. PER MONTH TO AGENTS TO J F I! sell the Beet, Caeap, Licrnscd Sewing Machine 111 18 in the United States. Adders’, with stamp, PAGE BBOS., Philadelphia. Pa., or ToleJo.O. A HKIVAL AITD DEPA.KTURE OF jtlL TKAINS. Winter Arrangement* Chicago ajtd KOjmnrMTEnji iLutnoAD—cocscn, uLurra and ohaua use—depot nosth wbllb street. Omaha Fast TJcc Omaha Niebt Express. Dixon J'aasengi.r mEEPODT PINT. Freeport Passenger...... *10:00 p. m. *3:loa, m. Freeport Passenger.. ... *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p. m. Hockicrd, Elgin, Fox Hirer and Slate Line... *4:00 p. m. *11:10 a. m. (Jenevu and Elgin Pas* „ ecneer..., ... *s:3op.m. *8:15 3. m. '.VISCOK-IS DIVIgIOS—DEPOT COHOSH OP OA2UZ. AND ECTZIE MUSES. l»ay Express •U-.00a.m. * KlghtExprcss •■hTOp.m. *j;lsa-ia. jAiicaviUe Accommod-n. *5:30 p.m. *2:33 p. m. Woodstock Accommoo’n .3;OU p. m. *Sfc2o a. m. SULWALKLE DIVISION—'DEPOT COHNSU OP OAHAZ. Ajn> KtKZIB StUZBT. Pay Express 9:00 a. m. 12:00 m. Uo.-*ebih, Calvary ard Siciit Express ... WJp.nj. StSup.m. Kcnosla Accummod’n-.. iiWp.m. 9:45a.m. Waufecsac Accommod’n. 5:30 p. m. 8:55 a. m- Mtlwflutce Accommod’a. lk-I3p.uu Saturn Geo. L. Ditkuu*, Gap] Sun’L B. F. Patrick. Genera] Passenger Agert. CENTRAL UAtLRO AD—UNION DEPOT,TOOT OP LAKE BTUEBT. ilomit'«llsj>tMß.*» j.ooa. ra. *B:<3p. m. i ay Cypress..... m. *ll*oo p. m. Evenlnc Express sswu p. m.J*ri33 p. m. Night Uxpi c!-s p. m, $8:25 a. m. CINCINNATI and louisville 7ZUINS. Idomiutr Express *7:00 a. m. *10:35 a. m. Night Express {5:00 p. m. *11:00 p. m. to be two inches la thtek- xucuioak sotmusntt and take boore LINE—DE SPOT COINED VAN BDIIEN AND SHERMAN STREETS. INKERS* STOCK-The urc. Stocks are ample, and m at the following quota Day Express NewYoik Express. Klghl Expicss Day Express... Night Kipruts. 1 to 6 7.Sued 0.... 10 ana 11.... 12 IS and I I 15 and 16.... 17 18 10. 20 Fence Wire. ruTßocnaii, ronx itatse and cbicaqo. Ma 11.... ; *l:2oa. m. 6:00a.m. Espicse *~;ooa.m. 12:30a.m. Fast Line 3:15p.m. 7:10p.m. Exprcaa •sl'*:oop. m. 11:00 p. m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL. Day Passenger *9:*ioa.Bi. •KhSOp.m. NigLt I’meenccr Jloi r op. m. *C:4.»a. m. Kankohto Accommod’n.. *4:05 p.m. *9:35a. m. HyriftPark and Oak Wood. *13:20 a. m. *7:43 a. m. “ “ •li'lOp.m. *9:52 0,10. “ “ •*. *3:3op.m. *4:50 p.m. u » l •• *5:55 p. m. *7:20 p.m. cniCACo, uchlikqton and grrcroT. Day ExpceasanaMail..... *3-20a.m. *o:oop.m. Galesburg Passenger *3:00 p. ra. *4:80 p. m. Aurora *3:oop.m. *9:ooa.m. Night Express 712:00 mid’hl 73:50 a. m. ETSStAS. Jfi-a, 0 and is ...SteM American, Ist quail* iy, F sheet l American. Is*. quail* ty, V bdl 1 American. 3d quail* ty. pahoit.. 16 luaes -steady, and dealers prices In order to edict |M |9.» 13d, flee b’ued 9.25 id, line blued If .75 Cuts o«e? 7 35 CUICAGO ASP ST. LOUIS. Express sod Mail 8:03 a. m. 6:45 p. m, Nlcbt Exprers 9:15 p. m. 5:50 a.m. Joliet and Washington Accommodation 4:00 p. m. 7:45 a.m. CHICAGO AND CHEAT EASTERN—(LATE CINCINNATI Am LINE}—MILWAUKEE RAILROAD DEPOT, COB HER CANAL AND SINZIE STREETS. Bay Eioicsp T.oQa.ja., 11: to p. in. Night Express ftOOp, jo. 8:30 p.m. FOIt IJTDLAJi ATOLI3, LOUISTILLS AKP CISCINXATI, Bay .Express ":00 a. w. 11:40 p, m. ' «"ht Espi— - l<i Isrht ikpres* 0:C0 p. m. &5U a. m. Colombtu Jisprcss 7:03 a. m. 11:40 p.xn. *• . ” 9-.OOp.CJ. Lanalog Accommodation. tkl>s a. m. ftOO a. m. *• •• , . &i5D.m. aoop.rn. Chicago, hock island and pacitic railroad. Day Expreea and Mail.... *ifcio a. m. *5:30 p.m. KlcbtEiprcsa 12:00p.m. *s:t3a.m. JoU«-t Arcommodation... 4:40p.m. *9:4oa. id. •Stm/ay excepted, tMondajr excepted, s3atar day excepted. ! 4ac 90^40 ..watoc .AOetfee ..s&aTsc ~C6@7sc jNc. 50 McOcsa-Ht4 f DEJTVEB. COLORADO partner sljips. Ujait ®se. geaua. agents. i-tallrmnu?. 1-eave. Arrive. •8:lj a. m. *7:20 p. m. 7:80 p. m. 7(>:uo a. m. 4:00 p.m. ll:I0a.m. •T;00 a. ra. *11:00 p,m. . 3:15 p. m. 112:30 p. m. ,;*iC-.w>p.m. *6;ooa.m. PSTBOIT LISE. . *7:00 a. tn. +ll.OO a. in. *U):(Up. m. *&S5p. m. Special Notices. Dr. June* !The 0017 Fbysidan that has made the treatment ot Private Disorders a Specialty, that Is endorsed by the 'medical profession, can bo consulted at his office and piticfr, 03 EmJolph-rt n corner of Dsarbors, from 9 a.m.toSp.m, P. O. Box 096, Chicago, lU. Bclmbeld’s Fluid Extract Buena laoleaiaatintasta and cdor, free from, ail mjttrious properties, asd immediate Is lu action. Your Destlnr and Future pronpecli In life dearly revealed by Dr. Raphael- guide* you to wealth and bsppm-s*. 213 Bait uvilun-Bt., up stairs. Couaultati m Two Dollan. Sead f »nr kat stamps for his GUIDE TO HEALTH AND LONG LIFE. BU circular abcat winning the affection* ot lbs opposite sex and a happy marriage, will be sent eratn. Beautiful Hair. CHEVALIER'S LIFE FOR THE BATH nsdtlreir rutons gray hair to Its original color and youthful beauty imoarta life sal strength to the '• itoos Its felling out at once t keeps the bead clrarn , is unparalleled as a hair dressing. Sold Of all drugglsu ano faahlooable hair dresser*, and stmr offlec, 11-3 Broadway.N. Y. SARAH A.CHEVALIER. H.P. Enfeebled and Delicate OonsUtatlonv Ol both sexes, on HelmboWs Extract Bachu. It will give brlik and energetic fesungs and cowl# you to steep well. _ CoofldciUlal Information to the mar ried ! Bent In scaled envelope oa receipt ol 10 cent®. Ad dress DB. E. B. rOOTE, author ol Medical Common Sense, and for sale by all Booksellers. 1130 Broad* way, N. T. Away wills Uncomfortable Trusses { COMFORT AND CURE lor the Ruptured. Sent, poet paid, on receipt ol 10 cents. Address DB. E. B. FOOTE, 1130 Broadway. N.T. Away with Spectacles I OLD EYES MADE NEW, easily, without doctor or medicines. Sent, post paid, on receipt of 10 cents. ‘ DR. E- B. FOOTE, 1130 Broadway, N. T. Shattered Constitutions f E{Stored by Hclmbold’i Extract Bachu. The (.lory of Ulan Is Strength. Therefore, the nervoux and debilitated should imme diately me aelmhold'i Extract Bnchu. Private Consultations, Dr. Louis Sanser. S 9 Rsodolob street, can be dally ccnenlted on thetre*lment of Private Disease* of botbsexei. Female remedies are certalaln all cases. Frtzc lecture oa the prevention of offspring sent to any add’ess fjrM cents. Bend stsmp for areolar of rubber goods to prevent conception. Address all let ters to Box 2573- Take no more Unpleanant and Unsafe Remedies for unpleasant and daagrrous disease*. Use Qelmbold’s Extract Boebo and Improved Boie Wash. Heim Hold’* Extract Bnclm Gives health and vigor to the name and bloom to the p&Uldchcek. DebUltyUacjornpani'-dhymsav alarm ing Bymntoma. and u no treatment Is submitted to, consompilaa. insanity, or epileptic iiU ensm. Dn Oleelaw, Having the confidence of tot paoile end Use medical the most reliable physician in the city fbr chronic nTTOtu and sexual disease*. Call at bis office, 179 South Clark-it. corner ct Monroe. Rooms separate. Consultation free. P.0.80x !«><». HU golde to health, published monthly, sent free to any idCrese. A Ready and Conclusive Test Ol the properties olfleimbold-s Flnld Extract Oichu will he a cnmpsrtsoo with those set forth In the United States Dispensatory. Ifanbood and Tonttifal Vlffor Aza ggalned by Helmbold’s Extra Bochn. cubical. THIS IS THE SEAS OS When changes of weather, climate and mod arc meat likely to produce sickness. A great French Physician sajrs: “Mora than ball of tbe disease In tbe world comas fron’h-Kleot£to i fortify the system against changes of climate,’.weather and food. The great secret ol health is to keep the condl tlcb of the Stomach and Blood regular so that changes from Heat to Cold, from Dry to Damp, Ac, cannot upset the machinery of the body, end breed disease. Now. It Is a fact, positive and well known, that there Is so such bulwark and assistant for the Stomach as PLANTATION BITTERS. This splendid Tonic Is now used by all classes ol peo pleftrevery symptom of a‘-Stomach oat of order.” And particularly do these Bitters serve tbe purpose ol those who “live out of door?,” and are exposed to Chances of Weather, Raw Spring Winds and Weaken leg Sommer Heats. The secret ol It is this: Plantation Bitten are cer tain to correct the juices of the Stomach, set all Its machinery {at work, and enable It to resist and throw oQ the approaching danger. Tbs tend mey of the ope* ratio j» of Nature U always tow arcs » cure tall she needs Is a lIUJe assistance at the proper How much more reasonable and sensible It Is to help her along with a gentle, yet po verfal Tonic, than to deluge and weaken and defoil her cuiattve processes with poIiOLOUI drugs and her; mixtures, which only stupe fy and plant the seeds of disease and death. S-T-IS6O-X. Tncy purify, atrengtbcn anl Invigorate. They create a healthy appctlft. They are an antidote to change cl wat:r and diet. They overcome efiects cf dissipation anl late boors. They strengthen ibe system sod enliven tbe mind. They prerent miasmatic and Intermittent ttvaa. They ptmfy the breath and oddity of the stomach. They cure Dysptpila and Coistlpatioo. They cure Diarrhoea, Cboleisond Cholera Morbus. Tbey core Liver Complaint and Nervous Headache. They are tbe beat Bitter* la tbe world. They make tbe weak strong, and are exhaoslcd nature's great re storer. They are mode of pore St. Croix Bom. ths cel ebrated Cahaaya Bark. Roots and Herbs, and are taken with tbe pleasure of a beverage, without regard to age or time of day. Particularly recommended to delicate persons requiring a gentle stimulant. Bold by all Gro cers, Drocgists. Hotels and Saloons. Only genuine when cork is covered by our private D. 3. Stamp. Beware of Counterfeits and refilled bottles. P. H. DRAKE & CO., nsw rontr. jyj^EDICINAIi. WINE OF TAR! • j Do not permit other prcpara-[« § rations to oc palmed off on you for, > SjWIiNE Of TAR ? as this lias more! 5 g >merlt tfi*s sll others. 13 H 1 Wlto of Tar contains all the Medicinal Prop-10 z* let ties ol too Pine Tree In the highest degree, w (and is unexcelled os a Burned/ lor I • Cocshs, Colds, Hoarseness. Sore Throat, and Breast end Liver Complaint, Diseases of the Kidneys and Illndder. Weakness of Siomntbi dkc>. &c., Arc. pr* Etc teat “ WISE OF TAB” Is blown 0a every bottle. bold by DrneeUU everywhere fit ft a battle. OLIVER CROOK Sc CO fl Prop’s, BURK SAMS * VAN SCHAACK, Wholesale Anonts, Cfll-affO. Alro Fold by FULLER, FINCH & FULLER. SMITH & PW 188. Chicago. aeaftite 3Lcan. QLDEIST WHITE LEAD And Oil Establishment in the Missis sippi Talley. (g 18371 g| 110 to| CHAULEJ B. VICKERS, Secretary. THOMAS BICHESON, President COLLIER CO.'S MIMFACIUBES TOR SAL'S BT FDI.LER, mctl & FULLER, BURNHAMS & VAN SCIIAACB. .T. H. REED ft CO., And all Wholesale Druggists. JDissolutiou. "VTOTICS OP DISSOLUTION. The J a firm of Olmsted. Jones ft Co. have this day soli all their Interest in bujlness carrlci oabv item at No. 199 Lake-tL, to BUCIiAN AN, CARPENTER ft CO who are authorized to collect and pay all Um indebted ness due to or by ns, and sitd firm ol Olmsted. Jocca ft Co. w this day dissolved. We moit chectfaiiyreoom* mtnd the new firm to all cur custom? n, uaa ftek for thrm a continuance of the pafonweso liberally be- CtOWCd on OS. HIRAM IL OLMSTED. MttHi VU Mfl. 1H RICHARD W. JONES, O iVEN LAVRId.Fi, Chicago, March 97,15C7. r.H. CARPENTER. COPAHTN EKSIIIP. We, tie undersigned, have tils aav formed a partner ship under tie style of BUCHANAN, CARPENTER ft CO., fjr the purpose ot carrying on the wholesale Coach and Saddlery Hardware bc*ln-*s, and bare par cbas*d all tie stock and Interest of the late firm of Olmsto’. Jones * Co- at No. 199 and arc to collect and p»yaUladebWda*w*w waad brsaW firm. ‘cfiari/es r- carpenter, &.M. PiHLPOT. 3To arrijdccts. TO ARCHITECTS. ILLINOIS NEW STATE HOUSE, e undersign hi. ComcPaloner* ol the Stnti of I u nolsfbr the erection ot anew State Home in Spring field. give ncttce that t*.ey will receive Mans or designs aid epeciCc»tloti for a new Slate sense, thv ame w be aadreised to tie Pres.cent of the Board. Jacob Bonn. E'd-. of Sbrlnefieid, Hi., on or before tie second dayot Jaiy, 4. D. 1661. Three thousand do lor* will to paid as a premium for tic dcalgo.wuh specifications, selected and adopted by said Commissioners. A sketch oftiegroonda and snch Information at may be deilied as to maximum cost, tie requir'd room, ac commodations etc., will be mrniahed ti nil wishing to compete, on application, by letter, to J, C. Webber, Secretary of the Board, hPiloefleW, IJUn-l*. Jacob BUNN, President. JOHN W. SUITS, PHILIP WADSWORTH, JAS. C. ROBINSON, . WM, T. VANDEVEKB. WM. L. HAMF.LEFON, JAMBS H. BEVKBIDOE. Corns lasloser*. J. C. Woan, Secretary. ®itß Notices -pROPOSAI.Ss FOR THE CONSTIUTU- I TION OP THE SUMMIT DIVISION OF TUB ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAU ' Cxrxcs or tuk Boxed or Fcauc Wotaa. > CmcAOO,M»rchl3lh,l>C7. f Sealed Proposa # win he iicltm tr tar Bosrd ol Public Work*, a; mar lOk. anUl It a. m. WenaeiiaT. Mayl9t,liC7,loribc excavation aecrsmr to decoat the lilitolJ and Michigan CaaiL adoptid. from Chicago River to samitl Hocc, No. two » Cumi.ceoMwet.ty->ixiss) nuies. rroa'cs. be exhibits at tbe ottce of the Board of public R pr»s la Cabasc ca sad afvt April ttth untU the day w £tUag. There will be soma twomililoO*tiooU,CW) cable yards ol exrth excavation—soma of It quite hard aad em bracing considerable drticbed reel—aaq about lour hundred «ev« n*y thousand (17P.0C0) cubic yards of stra tl rfnst c« rrwwcuted so as not to Intrffere with the me of tbc Canal curing the sown ol navJga- be if ever, that the molt of tna excava tion, except toe stratifica rocs, can be does with »«a dreosts w ithout interfering with tbe navigation of'-he Caaai, but the rock excavation trill allhave to t»s done be tween me dose of navigation la the fill and the opelEK lathe spring. . . 11 anew lire coadoptedler any portion of the di«- tgn. v operationsicereoa may oa continued the whole fear? and tbe navlgaUcatf me Canal w.U pa itapead edatV-utflte mot tbs In each year onlesa otherwise mutually agreed by ibeßotxdacd Contrscton. Tbe whole ol ihe wort must ba doce on or baore the end of the thlro season ol me bus pension cf naruauoa- A tarce amount of machinery will be required to excavate me work within the time required, consisting mainly cf steam dredges, scows and cranes tor the earth wore, and drUßng machines, pumping machine* ry aad erases fhr the rock. Contractors will pa required to commence-wo_r s on the earth excavation within thirty days ol the Umoot lettlcg. and upon reck excavation pyCjfflntafNoTea her next. „ Thecredges, cranes aad scows now in the Canal can be had at an appraised value which will be made known to bidders prior to the letting. Parti-* contracting for tbe work will bo required to provide all machinery, and to put up and remove all dams and ail works ol protection, and at their own ex pense to do all pumping, or whatever may be neceata* ry to secure their wore (rom water. Proposals mmt be addressed to the Board of Public Worts, endorsed ‘•Pro petal for Deeocnmz Ilil_ois and Michigan Canal.** and be ateomputea with tbe usual two hundred dollar (1100) bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. Contractors will bid. stating the price for which the worx will be done ot each of the difftruat sections, sod the wore will l*e let as a whole or In put, and In such qnastltl s »9 the Hoard shall determine. The Board reserve the rlgnt to reject any and all bids, and t o prcpoeai will be accented ante-** the party offering It shall glveevid-cct- satisfactory to tbe Board mat be has the necessary skill, experl-nce, energy and atUUvfor dome tbe work. Is trustworthy, and has suf- Sclent pecuniary resources. Theßoaid will require inch security as, according to their judgment, will secure the doing of tbe work •cctioltE lo iw tamo. j_ q GKDEL FRED. LETZ, W^LLIAiMSOODINO, R. li. MASON, _ 13t Beard cf Public'Worka. ASS£S.-JIENT notice. Omct or wns Bo&sn or Pubuo'Wonts, I Chicago, Maxcn 53.1561. t Public notice Is hereby given to all persons inter* of the itoard ofPcbue Works of me City rl Chicago have comnieted the As sessment Roll ftr the widening to the width of 33 fret of tbe eighteen loot alley Fanning east and west In Bl:ck 118, school Btcilcn Addition to Chicago, and the extensloß of the same east to Clark street of tbe same wtutb. making the south line thereat oaraUel to asd 1771*10 leet i orth irom tbe north itte of Motroe itrec*, ard such Assessment Roll has been Mel In the office of T’onmlveloners tftho Board cf Public Works w ill apply to tbe Common Council cfsata city, at its nest regular meellcg, to be held on the eighth (dth> day ol Apnl.lS67,ai the hour of 7* o’clocr 0.m.,f0f a cc animation off uch assessment, at which time all par tie* interested will nave too right to be heard. A l persons wishing to obJ«t to said assessment on*t Me their obit ctloos to tbe tame, la writing, la the office of tne City Clerk, at least one day prior to such meeting of the Common Council. G GDn)ELBi FBKD. LETZ, O.J. HOSE, _ 6t Commiiiloeeriof the Board ol public Works. ASSESSMENT notice. Omcs or vrz Boxed op Ptmuc worn > cmcioo, March 29,1307. j Public notice Is hereby Riven to all persons Inter ested that the Commissioners ol the Board cf Public Worts or the City of Chicago have completed the Aa setsmt-Qt 801 l tor the extension westwaruly to Klues bnry street of the eighteen tost alley In Block 3, But* ler. Wright & Webster’s Addition to Chicago. cf the same width and on the same line with that part of said alley afrucy open*?, and inch Assessment noli has been filed in tbe office of the City Clerk. The Commissioners of the Board of Public works will apply to the Common Council of said city, at Its next regular meeting, to be held on the dghthfsth) day of April, 1867. at the hour of 7K o’clock p.m, tor a confirmation or each assessment, at which time an parties Interested will have the rlttht to he heard. All person* withies to oojeett r*sld assessment mnitflla their 'Mectiona to thesaxe, In writing, in the office of the Cite Clerk, at least one daypnotto rich meeting cr Uie Co-ndl.. j. G . OKDKUt FBKD. LFIZ, O. J. BOhE. Gt Commissioners ol the Board ot Public Works. proposals CTWAMP LAND DITCHING.— I TDe O undersigned will received scaled proposals for the following described swamp land ditching in Bureau County, 18, up to IS o’clock a.m,0l THUBSDAT, April 25 UJ.IS67. lit—A ditch 6 miles and 193 rods long, to be 6 feet wide on tbe bottom for tbe first 4 and I*lo miles, and the rest of the distance to be 4 Icet wide on the bottom. 2d—A dltcb 5 miles and 143 rods long, to be 4 feet wide on tbe bottom. Sd—A ditch Z miles and 153 rods !:□?. to be 4 feet wide on tbe bottom. 4th—A ditch Z miles and 70 rods long, to be 6 fret wide on tbe bottom; all of sold ditenes tc have a slope of 1 to 1 on each side. The party taktngthe contract for theabavc described ditchlrg will be required to give security tor tbs fhith lul performance ol the contract. Slid security to bo approved by the Drainage Committee. M per cent of price that said work is conlr<*..ted flirwlU be paid as laid work progresses. ou the estimates of the Engineer, ano the osianceasvoooaa the wort tacomplcted. All cf said ditches will be let to one party, or separately to dfricrent tartics. Jolt os the undersigned committee thinks beet. The committee reserves the right to reject any cr nil bids lor the above ilcscrtbed ditcher. The bids will be ooe-ed on Thursday afternoon. April 25 tn, 58b7, at the office of Charles Baldwin, la Princeton, lit, and then sac there disposed of by sold committee. All bids tor this work enould be sealed up and sent to Cbiibs Baldwin, at Princeton, Ills. . . .. Any parties dorlringfoilhcr Information about said wos k. can get the same V corre*ponding with, or call ing cn 17. F. Lawton. at ahofflela, Korean county. Id. Plate. BpeclficaUtcs. and Engineer** report now on the In County Clcik’s office will be made part of the coa- A. MORRAST. f D. N. STEVENS. ) wodumw. CHAS. BALDWIN. Drainage Commissioner. Princeton, March 12.1367. JNDIAKASTATEJSORMAISOHOpi; a._ w „ BOSiOfc TO CONTRACTORS. Proposals received until Wednesday, April OuJcC of J. A. Vrydagh. Architect, eauthea’.t comer cf Wabash and Fitth-sts,, Terrs Haute, Indiana, for the following work and materials. Id coLsirubtlon cf said Normal Scoooi Building: Ist. Kxcavsticn cl foaodatloas,aboatJAdOcoblcydl. 3d, Earning brlcES. Sd. Laying the same. 4th- About *3,(00 worth ol dressed stem in kcuria tlcu and wall. &tp. is uon columns. weight about 30,000 ns. 6th. ISOtlndowfranMS. . . . _ 7th. pulling in and bridging joists, wool-bricks, dust shalts. Ac. . Full utonnation as to plans, ssejlflcatlons aid roo dlttons, fUmlettd a: Architect’s office, on and after Friday, March 3Cd. Tbe Board resem s the right to reject any or an bids sot latmacioiy as to price or terms, borety required tor oertsrnxant.eof contract*. By order ot Bo*rd of JOHN ISgLE. Ja. freriaent. "Vj OTIC£ TO BUILDBb'S. - omen ovtub Koetbsej.* li.T)la»a Pntsov.) Micmoss Citt, March lain, LJC7. J Scaled Proposals will be received by Hie Board ol Dlrccto-s of the Northern Imtlaro SlatcPris n until TUESDAY, the SUt day of April, 1867. at 12 o’clocc ra ter tbe construction of a handle? lor tbe purposes of a klteben, dlnlre-room, hrspital and chapel, on tbe Prison grounds, near Michigan City, Indiana, accord ing to the plans and apcclfiiationj oi tbe Superintend log Architect, to he prepared and ready far reference on and alter April Ift, !3oT, -Ml information contra il g tbe dimensions cf said bnttelae, the materials to be need id ccnstraeilDK tbe same, ibe quality ot the work, together with tbe terms ann conditions of pay ing tor tee voik and materials, ana all other matters connected therewith,may be obtained by applying at tbe office of said Prison, Proposals shall be enveloped and plainly addressed to “BoardctDirectors Northern Indiana state Prison. Michigan city, Ind” and endersta “Proposals for Kltchtn and itospitai" end to Itsore their considera tion, most be delivered by the day and hour specified. Said proposals moat be mode in strict conformity with the terms and conditions for the cot-structlou of said butldlt c. as Indicated by the plats and specifics tiers and orders of tte Beard of Directors, on file in tbectßceoC»aldI > rtsco. „ The Poaro cf Directors will reserve the light to re ject any bid that may no offered, ana to mate |aay chances that may then seem nccesrary and proper. A. D. HAMRICK. J. N. TYNEK, W. D. CUOIUEUS, Board ol Directors. TO CONTRACTORS. "Pro positions will be received Cjr tbe construction of Ihen.aßctiry (about 23,000 yatdsjol tee Bridge over tot Ohio Elver, atlxralavlile, UNTIL TBE 10m OF APRIL, 1567. Plans aid specifications will be reads far inspection alter the 15ih of itexcb, at the Engineer a OUlce ct tee LoulsvMe and Nashville Railroad. No bids will be considered if not made by responsible P By order ot the Board ol Director* cf the Louisville Bridge Ccropasy. *■* * Chief Engineer. ©tcan Steamers. ANO NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE. Passage to London or Brest, sllO, £73, and £3O, cur rency. Excursion tickets at reduced rates, available for six months. Atalanta, Capt.Plnkham,trcmKewTork,MarcbS>tb Bel Una, “ Dixon, “ " “ April 13th. Celia. “ Geaaell. “ “ “ April 27th. Wm. Penn, “ Bll.lngcr, •• •• “ Mayltte. Tbe elegant British Ron Steamship Ataiants will leave Pier No. 3, Ncrtb River. New lortc, lor Londoe, Cal line at Bres*. on Saturday. March sOth, »t 13 M- Lntll lurteer LotSce, all tee steamer* of this Line will call ax Brest to land posaenstts. Tickets *oM IbrcochbyrsUtePsirU, at 25 percent less than regu reteht will be taken and through bills it lading elven to Havre, Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and apply W CHAS. A. WHITNEY, 38 pfcadway.NVY M oi to JAMES WABBA irf, 51 Dvarborn-st., Chicago. For Crelcbt apply at 54 Souih-st.. H. Y. * hqwlaND ft AbPINtYALL, Agents. QCEAN STEAMERS. GUANI> EXCURSION TO TUB PARIS EXPOSITION. Tie new and first-class ocean-going Iron steamship 2.0001008 burthen, St*p2C3 Whtihas, commander, will make an excursion from N«w Tcrk to Havre ani back, scUlrg from Pier 16, Norm Itiver, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o’clock 31., toklrg passengers for Part ß , L'miou and Bremen. Re torting, will sail from Havre op June 5. bJtlds tas eeogers holding Excursion Tickets, abont six weeks la Steamship W divide IstowaW- Dcit ccmp*f tsenu, acc has Deen newly famished aid elrcaatij- fitted up expressly for mis voyage. TießETsia wul only carry Drst-cJws passengers. An ripiilfnc<d Snrceoa on board. fir A fu:l Bard cfMcslc will be attached to tie ship. Price cf ravage. in currency, to Havre |IA) and j:J2. according to *Ue ">l etata-rcom. To Havre and return S"AC atd f3oo. according to r.zc of state room. For gartisr particulars and passage. apply to tie Agents. UDRtCAT, FERHI3 & CO„ 62 Boutb»at., New YorK. Crto tie Agent of Merchants’ Union Express J Chicago. ISeto iluljlications. 'J'HE bankrupt and tax laws. THE BEST.—The Lawyer’s EdlUca of tie Bmk rnpt Lav.—Large type, full side notes, thick paper. Word fir werd with tie official copy. Scat pamphlet. Price 80 cents. Order “Tie Lawyer’s Edition.” Also, The Amendments to tie U. j». Internal Revenue Law, recently pasted by Conrrcsi. Tieonlyedldon print ed. From tie cfilcial copy. These Amendments raise very ImportantcfcanECs, acd will be needed by every Tax-Payer. Neat pamphlet. Scents. ..... Either ol the above sent by mail cn receipt of the P Ptaier* and Canvaisers supplied on liberal terms. BAKER, VOORHXS ft CO., Law Publishers. (JliNasj-ao-it., New iork. Or.TPE AMERICAN NEWS Co.,New York. ■pj-OTICE! . Tic New Oricsns KepnWlcan Solicits tie patronage ol an loyal men la tie Norti who have business interests In the South. Marine been selected by tie Cleik of tie aoa*oot Beomciuaves under tie lav ol Cotgres* ptssf-t 1361. as the paper for printtar ad tus tAJJ* andTrrallea, acd all tie Federal adrerttsemeots with- In tie Stated Louisiana, UwUi be tie oa*t adv»rU«loe muUum in tie Sauthwcn, wa'btog a larger com «r ot business mm than aor other paper. Ad Jrws 8. L.BROWN ft Ct». New orisius. La. DENBf HOWLAND, Agent. ffUhical. j^TTHE CAPE OF 6009 DOPE The Hottentots Bare long used B U C H TT Fcr a variety of diseasee. it was borrowed fteta those rude practitioner* bytaa English and Dutch physicians, on whose reeomasaida-- Don It wva employed Id Europe, and has NOW COME INTO GENERAL USE zc is given chiefly a GraTel, Chronic Catarrh of the Bladder* Morbid Irritation of the Bladder and Urethra, for Female \Teah* ness and Debility, for Pro lapsus and Bearing Down, or Prolap sus Uteri, DISEASES OF TOE Prostate Stand, Retention or InconU»« ence of Urine, And all disease* requiring the a*d ot a dmretic arises frem a loss ot tone In the parts concerned la its erica* atlon. it is also recommended la cases cC DYSPEPSIA Chronic Rheumatism, Cutaneoas Affections and Dropsy. To core these diseases we must bring into action at muscles which are encased In their radons functions* TO NEGLECT THEM, However slight may be the attack. Is sure to affect the bodily health and mental powers. Our FLESH tad BLOOD arc supported from the* sources. Persona at every period c 4 lift, from Infancy to Old Age, Asd In every state ol heal tit, are liable to be sattfedi ol these diseases. Tbe causes ta many tastaaef am. unknown. The pstlent has. however, an rr’nilrshd remedy la HELMBOLD’S Fluid Extract of Buchu, And when taken ta eariyAtsgcs of the dlieasu. HOHEBUFFFBTO AMYESTEHT. It allays p&ia and infiatsmatloa. Is free from rlous properties, pleasant intt* taste ahdodor.tad i Immediate la iu action. It is the anchor oihopet* the physician, and was always so attested by the M otS-mI !». Ibjilc. proptnar, wts on rt" • THIfiTT THOUSAND UNSOLICITED CERTIFICATES And hundred* of thousands cfllvlrg wltneesen eft* curative properties, accumulated within fifteen yeea Has not been in tbe Habit of Re sorting to their Publication. He docs not do this trezn tbs tact that hi* remedus rank as standard: THEY DO HOT NEED TO BE PROPPED UP B 7 CERTIFICATE!. TEE SCIENCE OP MEDICINE, LIKE THE DORIC COLUMH, SHOULD STAND Simple, Pure and Majestic, Having tact lor Its basis, induction for iu plEar, «ad Truth alone tor Its ctpUoL His SOLID&FLDIDEZTRICTS Embody tee fun streogtb of tbs Ingredients of wblch they are named. THEY ABE LEFT To the Inspection of AIL A READY AND CONCLUSIVE Test ef tlielr Properties- T7UI be a comparison with those set ferti in tic United States Dispensatory. Thoec remedies are prepared By H. T. HELMBOLB, Druggist of Sixteen Years’ Experience. Aid«a believe them to be reliable: In fact vs hay* never knowntm article lacking merit to meet with a . Permanent Success Sir. HtlniLold’J Sncccss Is certain!, Prims Fscis Erldcnce. Drag and Chemical Warehouse In tke City of New Tort la not excelled, if equalled, by any in this eotmoy. aaft ■we would advise onrraadar* when vlsltfag that dty gtyebla a cell Mdjedce tot uwaaolyee.