Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 2, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 2, 1867 Page 4
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Cljicflfl* tribune. TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 1567. THE CITY. Comacnos.-Wciu* requested te»j th»t Bn. woodward, whose enadco dejth *«• re ported in our of 3Iood«T, «• 00l order «, Sj““. mls&e probably aro.e from Ibl. Hot. - Csicaoo & AtTok Hxn.uoiD.-nn aunnal meetlnc ol the r {octioldcra 01 Chicago A Alien Railroad. was held in this dty yesterday. Tn t nJ Mitchell, of Alton; John Crerar. of Chi rfL, and J-orenzo BUckslone. of Norwich, Ct., were unanimously elected Dlrectore, to serve for three years. finx ow Nosrn Water Street.—About ten o'clock last night an alarm of fire rung from Box No. 182 was caused by the discovery of fire in a sbed attached to the works of the Northwestern Tarnish Company, situated on the south eide of North Water sheet, near the lake shore. Tbe loss sustained was abont S3OO, upon which there was no Insurance. Bettbucak TdErnsoß.—A meeting of the resi dents ofthc Thirteenth Ward will be held this evening at the house of Conrad Foie, comer of L&rrabee street and North arcane. Tbe Republicans of the Eighth Ward are re- S nested to meet at the house of Fred. Maas, S 8 loe Island avenue, on Tuesday evening. April fid. in order to organize for tbe coming elections. A Paealettc Stxoke.— lt is stated by the Bur lington (Vermont) Fre* Press , that Norman Wil liams. of Woodstock, in that State, father of Nor* mas Williams, Esq_ of this dty, and of Dr. Wil liams, formerly Assistant Superintendent of the Chicago A Galena Union Railroad, sustained a severe etrokc of paral.v sis a week ago last Friday, and at last advices was stiff unconscious. LyxvEnenr or Chicago.—Ucnterant Governor Brass niff deliver the second of a coarse of lec tures before tbe Students* Association of tbe University oi Chicago, in the University Chapel, tLiMTuesdcylevening at o'clock. Subject; “Acrosstbe Continent.’’ Thosegomg from the city win avoid all difficulty in reaching tbeUni vereliy by taking through cars lor Douglas* Place. New Axpititdeatre,—Professor B. P. Hamil ton, the celebrated horse tamer, bos erected a new and spacious building for trail-log purposes, on the comer of Market and Washington streets, where Lc will give free exhibitions everv day this wet k at z o’clock, and every evening at seven. Over six hundred people in this city, lumbering some of our best citizens, have al ready taken lessors in horse taming of the Pro fessor, and nnitormly speak In the highest terms ol bisfcysiem and ability as a teacher. Eoacd or Pcsuo Works.—Tie new Board ol Public Works held their first meeting yesterday morning at eleven o'clock, and organized by the election of John G. Gtodcle as President, A. n. Burley aa Triai-mer, and A. W. Tlnkham as Sec re'ary. The folloulngrcsoln’ion was passed; Meaolvtd, That all officers and employes of the late Board of Public Works relain their positions until otherwise ordered by the Board* No other holiness of general importance was transacted. The Board were In echelon during the afternoon, and will hold fregttcnl meetings for the prest-nu Drxiarrr’s Ldstsaz,— Our first page this morn ing contains an advertisement cf this celebrated Spanish Lustra! for the hair, now so well known and highly valued that it scarcely needs mention, much Jess commendation. As a sew feature in the art of hair dressing It is, however, worthy of all praise, being of a completely different charac ter to the great bnlk of hair preparations which ate used for a while only to be despised as worth less. The Ivuattal has steadily gained ground for two years past, and Is nowin extensive use all over the West, the tales being enormous. As a toilet article it is everything that can be desired, while Its virtues as a restorer of the locks are al most miraculous. The principal depot is at Mr. Delight's Tectorial Palace, No. 122 Washington street. GaSDEK CITT HIDB AHD T-VATTTTm COStPAST. The attention of dealers In, and users of, leather and bides, is requested to the facilities possessed by the Garden City Company, for the supply of the trade in the most extensive manner. As manufacturers of, and extensive dealers In leather and hides. Unices, topplucs. collars, tan ners' oil, Ac., and importers of French calf end kip skint, they arc well known as leading men in the business, and enjoy the confidence of ibe en tire trade in the Northwest. Their offices an 1 salesroom?. Nos. £43 take street and 263 South Water, large as they are, have been tound eclirely inadequate to the needs of the business, and Nos. £ss ai d 256 South Water street, arc now occupied as store rooms, and arefilUoto their utmost ca pacity with one of (be largest slocks to be found in the Gutted Slates or Europe, embracing all of material known to the trade. ‘ Im porting their French stock dtrec* Irom France, they are able to offer lbs best goods at very low price*. Their stock of sole leathers will be found particularly inti, and dealers will find it to their advantage to give them a call. Election op Ormcnrs or the St. Geobob’s Societt —lbe annual election of officers of the St. George’s Benevolent Association was held last cvcr.lng at the rooms of the Society, No. 226 Clark street. The President, Mr. A. Boom, occu pied the chair. The reports of several standing committees were first read and acted upon. The Society then auvanced to the business of decline officers, with the following result: President—A. Booth. First Vice President—J. B. Walker, 31. D. Second Vice President—C. Roberta. Treasurer—R, Slater. Financial Secretary—Ttos. Porter. Assirtantsecretary—‘W. B Cham ol on. Recording Secretary—T- E. Poulson. Visiting Committee—Ncrlh Side—J. Sobey; Somh fide—S. dtoll; West Side—J. Roserson. Trustees—>V. Wayman, J. Atkinson, J. 1». Da vie. Physician—Dr. Snowdon, fbaplair—Kev. G. C, Street. Auditors—W. W- Stree', J. W. Standing, G. A Woolmer. Tbe Soc’ctr iben adjourned. A rtopm OnsEnvAscs or xnn Sabbath.—The regular monthly wetting oi the Chicago Ministe rial Union was held yesterday morning in the rooms of tha Tonne Men’s Christian Association, Eer. W. W. Patton, D. D., in the Chair. The committee, to which had been rrlcrred the ques tion of considering the hest means of Introducing & l-ellcr and more general observance of the Sab bath in the city, presented tbolr report. They re commended the dissemination ot tracts, bearing upon ti e observance ot the Sabbath, among the woik'tg clsfeeaof the city, English and German. They brought before the notice ot the mcetingtbe question of the advisability of enforcing tbs lavs l>eaii»£ on the observance of the Sabbath. The report oaa accepted and discussed at some length by Bets. Hatfield, Gnlliver. Eealy, Patterson. Humphrey, ane others. it was fiaatjj d( aded to refer the matter to the Young Ucu's Christian Association. the present committee Ivelng appointed to cotter with the offi cers of that organization. The committee appointed to consider the tern question icportvd that itiroogh a misnn demanding relative to the member* of whom the committee was composed, the matter had not bvcu acted open by them, the question wa* tberenpi'u recommitted to the committee, with in structions to report at the following meeting, j»o further bnsii.ese of interest was transacted, and the meeting adjourned. THE CITY BIEIiTIO.V, Call for Republican Convention, The Republican Union City Central Committee met last evening at the office of J. L. King, Esq. The time of holding the primary meetings for the election of delegates to the Republican City Convention, was fixed at Monday, April 6th, from 4 to 7p. m-. and the time forthe Convention a*. Tuesday, April 9tb, commencing at i p. m. Merer*, ts McCoy, o. Rpcar, A. C- Hesmg and L. !>. Bond were appointed a committee to secure a ulancer meeting forthe Convention. Tti e cumber of delegates to which the Ward! are entitles was fixedas fellows : Fust Ward 15 Ninth Ward 15 Se ond Ward 11 Tenth Ward 12 Third Ward 11 Eleven* Ward .... 11 Fou-.ih Ward .11 Twelfth Ward 7 Fifth Wild fi Thirteenth Ward. ... 7 Sixth Ward 6 Fourteenth Ward-... 9 Seventh Ward 9 iFiftecnio Ward 11 F-irhth Ward 4 I Sixteenth Ward 13 The number of delegates to which the wards arc eutltled,and4ht names of the Inspectors ap pointed, me as follow*: Fikbt IVaed—Number of delegates, fifteen. Place of noldieg previous meeting. Sheriffs of fice. Inspectors—l). J. Avery, C. D. Peacock and C. F. Chithoim. Second Waed —Number of delegates, eleven. Place of meeting, fchoedas’, coiner of Clark and Jackson ftrcels. lasptciors—Philip Becker, E. J. Whilehcsd, August Kopscll and Joseph Kel* J °TnrmJ Waed— Number of delegates, clevea. Plncc ot nu cling, comer of State and Tweitth streets. Inspectors—W, W. Smith, Joseph Pol lock and Frederick bchreider. Fotrtni Waed—Number of delegates eleven. Fitce of meeting, Engme-IIon«c No. 9, comer of Cottage Grove avenue and Twenty-sixth street. Inspectors—William P. Comstock, William Wheeler and Coi>rad Lcnnroaclier. Firm Waed—Number of uol* gates, sis. Place cf mceimg at John Lsri'icck’s, tear the corner of Ualried Biroil and Aiehcr load. inspectors— Captain J. Finucan, P. Roflnch, and William Boh- Sixth Wxim—Number of delegates. fix- Place of mtcilrg, William Kashi's, corner of Maxwell a« d Caor.l streets. Inspectors—A. Pardoe and N. Wahd—Number of delegates, nine. PLce oi mwtttg, at Penn's, comer of Twelfth and Union etru-ts. Inspectors—A. Mooie, H. Illgrixa ard 1 basics I.oddiog. . . Exonrii Waun—Number of delegatee, lour, place of iiicdoe, Daniel Sorjen'a, come” or Twellr. :.nd Kucher, impi-ctcra—Lewis Dodge, A. U. Alcrrid and Lewie Eaereal. Nuts Wabd—Number ot delegates. Ofiecu. Place cf meeting, Wcahlngtonl-ikatiae Park. In* fpcctoif—il. laicon, Reuben Ta> lor and George C. Gardner , ~ , . ~. „ TeiitbWai.p-Number of delegates, elgoiccn. place of muling. Engine House,- comer Clinton and AVa*>,:.rton ftrecis. Inspectors—C. c. Holden, A- Wciwple and A. Arnica. ELBvr>Tir Wahjj—Nmn'ier of .ic'eirates, seren te»n Piece c.l meeting. cor nr or Unl-ted and Klnxle atrews.—H. AckbofT, G. 11. Sitif srd M. Gray. Twzirrn Wabd—Nmbcr of col .'gates, seven. Place oi meeting, house of John iJeaulcr. In spectors— Geo. Bail, Aug. bteiebaus and Jacob TiraiTEExm Waud—Nt.robe* ot dd-gatea, esv en. Place of mcetiug, I’oljV. corncrNorih avenue andLarrabct averts, inspector'- Lanfer, O. PLbnr. Alhrj-r Putsch. , Focwrctra Waud—Number of dcleiratesjime. P;»w oi naetlag. Kelts Frclllua. corner of Divis ion ami Welts st'ccta. inspectors—E. Batten, Pmflk. Witte. Fim*«Ta Wauu—Number of delegales.elevcn. Place or incetirg,-rnfi;ef Hall, dark street. In spectors—Samuel Shackford. F. Gnnd, Andrew Neiaou. SiiTXWTii Wahu—number of delegates, thir teen. I’iacc of meuliig, Notih Market IUU. In spector* Joseph flripgf, \adrew Nelson, ILA. Hanrman. It, H Jlllam I*. Bnvnll, Seven it) Son 01 the Seventh Sen, To tbe Editor ol the Chicago Tribune • The fallowing extract of letter datua’March ‘*>d. from Mir. WiTUami, of Buffalo. u. b*r u n Vi£ Hose Tsjlor, Esq., ol Chicago, is s ctrikiug proof of Dr. DcvallV wonderful power over the disease of the human system. Mrs. william* says; “ Willie (her sen, nlue years of ago), has been at ti e point ofd*alh. liewas paraded and was so ntlnieta lb«t be had to he fed. At; abscess came on ula back aid tbe doctors said if it broke it would euiely bib him Dr. Duvall, who Is now in Chicago, the ►eveulh son of the seventh eon, was hc«e in Buffalo. Willie’s limbs were drawn up, and we took him to Dr. Dovall, and in a mouth K conld walk. It was like a miracle, and be Is dally I improving. He pae been the greatest euteicr \on ever knew.” J hereby certify mat the forrgoin" I« correct, snet every word can bo ivllca upon. I will be happy to give fuilher Information at W J Ralph's harness ahop, corner of sum and Adams Birvels. ci at my residence Ko.« West Jackson street. Chicago, Illinois. Hobs Tatlor. C sT Dr. Duvall treats all diseases without medicines or instruments at hia neallng ioMltate Ko. 74 Adams street, lew doors -west or state stieer, rocth tide. In Chicago daring the mouth of April. BO3KD OF TRADE. IVineteentli Awnnni Meeting Election of Officers—No Choice for President Report of the Board of Directors— Lumber Inspection. Important Change in (he Hade oi Passing Besol aliens. Yesterday was held (he nineteenth annual meet ing of the Chicago Board of Trade, an event which awakens a lively Interest, not only among busi ness elides and the members of that important body, but among all wbo take a pride In the pros perity of the city. The office of President of the Board of TTadels one of the mrsl Important posi tions which can be assigned to any citizen, and never has It ttood higher in the estimation of tbe public lean at the present time. For nineteen yeara the history of the Board baa been the his tory of Chicago, and the contrast between now and then is scarcely more marked in regard to tbe outward aspect of tbe dty Itself than in the lohtitotion wulch tonne one ot its most con spicuous features. To trace the history of 1U rise and progress fromphe first small beginnings to Its present proud position, would be only repeating a vtory with which all are already familiar. Yet no one who was present at the election yesterday, atd saw that living tide of men, the representa tives of tbe wealth and energy of the greatest com munity in the West, could avoid recalling that mcctlugofnlneteonyearaago when a few ottsi t>ees men assembled in a small room on South Waterstreettoconsldertbcsubject of establish ing a Beard of Trade. It was established, and it has increased and multiplied year by year till now It transacts .the hoik of the business of the North west, and settles the most complicated questions which agitate the commercial community. THE ELECnOH, The election yesterday was a very spirited one, but it was conducted with great good order. About twenty-five different tickets. In ail, were in tbe field, many of which were, of course, split tickets, tbe candidates being distributed through out all the various offices. Of excitement there was very little, and, indeed, during the scarcely interfered with the regular business of the Board, the only evidence of the election being (be multitude of tickets which lay scattered around the tables. The voting lor President was keenly contested, and resulted In no choice being made, Mr. W. M. Egan and Mr. J. U. Richards having received an equal number of voles. The election tor President will he held to-day between the hours of tm and four. THE MEETING. Tbe annual meeting was held last evening in the Beard of Trade Hall, at which a large number of members were present Tbe rearing President, John C Dore, Esq., called the meeting to order at a quarter to eight o'clock, and called upon the secretary to read the report of the tellers of the eicctioo, which was as tollows: TUB VOTE. President of Chicago Board o! Trade: We, the nndersignod, appointed by your Board to art oa tellers at the annual election, held this dey, do respectfully report the result as follows: Whole number of votes cast .CM For President— Colonel M. C. Stearns 73 J. W. Rlchaids 818 W. ji. Egan..."'-.'.'.''’’.'.’.*”! Necessary to a choice For First Vice President— D. A. Jorcs D. C. Scranton , W. F. Coolbaagb Lvman Blair. ror Second Vice President— Scattering D. C. Scranton.... B. P, Hutchinson. C. B. Goodyear. I fco Uibectohs.—Twcaty-fix candidates re ceived Je?f than 100 rotes. D. W. Irwlii 113 George Field 814 A. Neslnt 220 G. M. Howe 321 F. M. Hibbard *37 S.H. ilcCre* 869 J. A- Preston 298 W.H.Lunt 870 G. A. Wheeler.... ...81*. W. E, Richardson...47o AiiEimATios ComnTTEs.—Thirty-seven candi dates received less than 100 votes. A. Mor ; e.. 100 | J. J. Richards 928 Lev! Higgins 119 George J. Urine..... 185 R- H. Parks 177 C. £. Chase... ITS W. F Hashes .203 J. J. Balsiar ...537 Joseph B. Phe1p5...854 J. B. Hobbs 306 .D.H. Lincoln 455 CoamnEX or Attxa ceivea less than 100 voti s. —Twenty candidates re i. G. B. Stevens 375 T. Maple 406 R. M. Garmon 123 C.E Culver 522 Warren Norton. U. M. Bough .. .E.W. Denamore....l93 J. C. Dore SSI Thomas Parker... .CG4 Ail of which is respectfully snbmitted. R. M. JonDAX. D. C. Diceuboe, Jons Watson, J. EL. KoirroS, A. J. Dejusok, joun O. Wiswsix. JohkJ.Dwight, iub» v.iiii, SPEECHES. Mr. C. B. Goodyear, the second Vice President elect, then addressed the meeting, returning thanks lor ibe complimentary vote he had re ceived, by which he was seeded to be an officer of >he Board. Be bad ever deemed it honorable 'ooe a member, and now he felt more highly hcnoied when he - -*as elected to represent bis as sociates rn a position of responsibility. In ac cepting the post he proposed always to act with an eye tlLple to the advanccmentof the prosperity of the members and of the organization. The speaker then reviewed the char acter of the late legislation in regard to the warehouse system. He bed carefully read the bill which had been adopted, and be believed it contained no on*? thing to he complained of nn less it wereon the part of those who seek privi leges which (bey are ncwilimg that other busi nessmen shall have. The dav Io» me fostering of monopolies was gone by.’aad therefore the time bad arrived to correct the certain irregulari ties referred (o tn the law. Be was glad the bill had passed. Meanwhile, be advised that an eye should be kept on the matter lest the bill be suf fered to sick into disuse, to result in being a dead letter. Be concluded by hoping that others of the successful c muldates would speak. Mr. J. J. Richardson being called on. said: 1 am happy to find that I have so many friends in the i>o&rd of Trace, and gentlemen 1 will try to serve you in a way that I will have no less when the next election comes round. [Applause.) Here There were cncs for Mr- Lout, with re sponses that “hi has cone down to get a drnk;” aid cries for ‘MlcCrea” and G.'orge M. Howe.*' The meeting was now getting into great good humor. d ibe cto ns 1 Rspoirr. John C. Dote. £?q., then presented the eub ftarccoftLe icpo-t oi the Boa'd or Directors, remarking that tte dciails would be presented on ihe ui-st Mouda; evening. The report was as lollowa: At Hie commencement of the yeir the Indebted* ne-p of ihc ooard was SS,WG.47, which, wuh ob ligations afterwards assumed, am mated to 111,&17.4T. It is gratifying to state that this In debtedness has been reduced to 51.931.T4. At onr last annual meeting the rates of inspection, . together w lib the subject of annual assessments, were thoroughly discussed. The rales of laspec- 1 tion were finally increasud tweidy-tive (23) per 1 cent, and the annual assessment remained as fixed bv the Directors, at twenty-fire (25) dollars. Ibe amount of pram received during the year was much creator than was anticipated, and con sequently the amount of money received for in spection exceeded our expectations. If there ap peared any probability that as much grain would be received doring the ensuing year as was re ceived last year, the Directors would recommtmd aieduction In the rates of inspection. Dai they are led to believe from information received from all parts ofthe grain-ci owing Districts that there is but a verv small quantity of wheat to come to mart el; and it is also believed that much less com will be received than usual, on account of me damaged condition of a very larpe portion of th-- last year's crop . These considerations prevent the Directors from recommending any change in rates of inspection at present. Ine mexnberahm ofthe Board in 1821 was 1,482; 111 l&Go it was 1,401, and last year it was 1,259. Ills nwlsnrprisin? that the membership of the Association should have been diminished dur me the last two jears. considering the Increase in the annual assessment. , , year the annnal assessment was based on a =upnofced membership of 1,200. hut It proved to be j,25a. This year. In view of the probability that the rates of inspection will not pay the expense of inspection until after harvest, the Directors have deemed it ad vie able to fix the assessment at tnirty llve (33) dollars. . „ . . . .. The current expenses of the Board daring the year have pot been materially lncrea*ed oy extra ordinary expanses. And unless some unfaraecu , exigency shall arise the Board may reasonably hone that the anneal assessment after the present year will rather be diminished than Increased. ' 1 be Board, not tmmindfnl of those who have been taken away, have great reason for thankful ness for the jr» x.era.l pood health of its members. 'Jhe Commercial committee, established at onr ]» a t annual meeting, have failed to accomplish the ohji-ct Intended. It numbers twenty-one, selected :o represent as many Important Interest* in the city. The committee Is, thervfoie, widely scat* u»icd. to make a quorum. It pus proved too difficult to get Ibis number to gether. The Directors icccmmeodlhitths num n« r of the committee remain the same, and that this Board make five of said committee a quorum for the transaction of business. The year, though luauspitiously begun, has proved to be a year of more than ordinary pros perity. Every branch of industry has been amply rewai ded. The business of the Board keeps pacs with the rapid development of the country. Ine iron arms of commerce are continually extending in every direction from Chicago as a common cen tre, and yet they are scarcely adequate to the de mand tor iraußPoruiUon. The prospective busi ness of the Board is limited only by the future development ofthe Northwest, in the country’s prosperity aid adversity our progress has been 'apic. Viewing the mure In lac light of the past ;hc Directors Improve the present opportunity to congratulate the Board upon the hopeful prospect before us. KtrEcnoN or lumber. I he Preside ni then aatonticcd that the election *Dt having failed, C e polls would be re {•rani'd at ten oMock on Tuesday, aud remain >.p--n until lour o’clock. He then Mid; in the year JE>3. l think, this Board established . nie p of irepecllon for lumber. At that time there were xaanv lumbermen who •'■ere members of ibis Boaifl.' Subsequently they formed an : ctrenendcht associailon, and passed rules and reenlatlODß for their government. They ime jio charier, and It did well. They nor. <*c*he to return to this Board, and they bare •'resent* d certain rules for tbo inspection of Inm ixr. followed by certain resolutions which they »>flre this Board to adopt, with a view of return in" aril cooperating with ns. I presume the Beard will be glad to have them return and com oly with Ibclr request , . lie then read the rnies of inspection recently idontrd at the meeting of imaoermeu, os already nnblisLeil In the ThincKß . 2 on motion of It. Ai. McChcstiey. rules and regulations were referred 10 the Board TO BT-LA.W3 Mr Lowe called up tie amendment to the by >a«£ vblch nes been noticed for several days, ...j ai.irh wes adopted as jollows; 0 k. commercial Committee shall convene on thr call of the President, or in his absence, of the Vice President ; S nd five of their number shall he a quotum tot the inmsnction of business. Airies Randolph, Esq. Itficmeiiuiea hap pens tfcai. In aoinc business : spicily on Change, ihc Board do*-« thkffi that it regrets. I can state, recently the instance of onr action on the ct-nUI system- The r» solution was ottered oa ’Chance, and rushed through without debate or consideration. Subsequently it was repeated in •be same way. Lately, too. in regard to the reso .liticu for the relief of the South: tha; was passed trd rt-oassed, and really the operations that we baa under It was not particular ly creditable to the [Applause]. Jt strikes mess we meet on Chance we ought not to be interrupted by anything mat “ new to ns , no resolntion ought to be rushed through in a moment so that wo shall do nothing that we re gret afterwards. I move thcrelotc ; .. iitsolced. i bet hereafter no vote shall be taken on'Change otter than one relating to deccaas of members or on a question of adjovrnmcnU «ccpt T*ier notice has been given at i-.ast one day, and upon demand ofone- hhdof the “embers prM ..nt «inv uucsllon except as herein named snail nc rcfeired to a special meeting of the Hoard at some other thsn the usual business hoars of change. Jhc resolution was adopted by a unanimous •;ote and the meeting then adjourned. Tne Kxw Esouti llocsb. - Tbe steam fire en tire - Frank Sherman” will to-day move into it* new quartets, just completed, a building com binli-g an engine bouse and sub-police starton, situated on Collage Grove avenue, near the Illi nois Central Car Works. The “TUsworUv” will : cma.n at ihc bonee near the comer of Waahlug ton and Dearborn streets. CoasjmrED.—William Saltier, arrested at Sa vannah. Illinois, by Detective Ellis, for obtaining alcohol ol J. S.. Brown & Co., of this city, under lalse pretences, w« brought before Justice Brown yesterday afternoon. where examination was waiv ed, and be was held for trial in ball of $2,000. Sotrnma’ Dome.— Bills against this institution wilt bo paid on presentation at Boom No. 5, Court Uonse, at 3 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon. JEOM WAUKEGAN. Brutal AwsoltUpon a Negro—A Ring Stolen from ihe Victim*! Finger—The Parties Arrested and Brought to Tnnl. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribunal Waukcoak, April 1. Our quiet city, which li disturbed with disgracefnl nots and rows hot seldom, was, os Saturday, a good - deal exe*aeed orer a contemptible attack made upon the person ol anegto, hailing from our big neighbor, Chi cago. who called himself Wercien Barbor, and In jonaed jonrcorTcasondLnt that he was a waiter, doing doty In the Sherman House. He bad started frc-iu Chicago on foot Friday evening, for this place, hoping, as he staled, to obtain employment In one of oar hotels. Annine hereon Saturday afternoon abont three o’clock, hungry, weary, foo*-sorc, nearly exuansted and with little mosey, bis first thought was to seek for food and rest. For the puiposc of gratifying the criyings of hunger and thirst, Barbor repaired to a saloon on Washing ton street and nuletiy called for a plate of porn ai'd boars. Alter finishing this scanty meal, he called for a glass of ale at the bar. at woichtime two drunken Irish roudiesielalbcd Icto the saloon and coolly iorited themselves to dilnk with the negro, cslngthe while laaoitingaud most abusive language toward the quiet, inoffensive black: seizing him by the coat, tearing his clothes and generally ill using him. The negro paid for the drinks of his uncon genial guests and was going about hla business, when a drunken Irish bally from your city, (pat ties on airs up here in the country among nla Fenian friends), whose name I did not team, and a thing known here as Dominick Burke, a cowardly scoundrel, discovered a silver ring on a finger of Batbor’s right hand. While Burke held the poor negro, the down-trodden and suf fering eon of Ena from your city managed to force the ring from the negro’s finger and make off with It. The negro, inoffensive soul, “sot a good deal o store by that ring,” as he expressed It, and In formed Deputy Sheriff Lincoln of his troubles, wbo. In company with Officer Ferguson, under took to “work up’’ the matter and brine the guilty parties to justice, which they did. After a short search, accompanied by the colored mao, the officers clapped bands upon tbe Chicago huffy, upon whose finger the missing nog was found. Chicago bully was arrested, and, in company with Burke, marched to the office of Mr. Justice Stewart. About ouc hundred and fifty Irishmen (such birds as always have and always will vote the “dlmlcralic” ticket, “he gorra,”>.foltowed the officers and culprits to the sceno of trial. As the hnliy from your city bad imbibed more “ aqua fortis’* than the other bully ho was proportionate ly more brave, and defied the law. He was tried upon two charges—assault and battery and lar ceny. The tiial upon tbe first charge was te dious, and U was late in the evening when a decision was arrived at Chicago bully (b/ this time somewhat sobered) was fined three dollars and costs, after which Justice isle ward informed the defendants that bis client must answer to another and more serious charge: that ol larceny, ano, owing to tbe lateness of the hour, be (the Court) would be obliged to bold tbe criminal to bonds of $l5O for his appearsnee before his Court on Monday morning, April 1. T&OSL QUDiCY. Whig and Bepnbllcan—lncewt—Stale Fair. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trfbuae.l Qcxhct, ni., April 1. The IP Mg and Hfpxillican of this city makes Us appearance this afternoon in an enlarged form and entirely new dress. It Is now tae largest dally published In Illinois, outside of Chicago, and looks exceedingly neat. A most revolting case of incest has Just been deve’oped. A man named Condor ran away with the daughter of hie own brother, carried her to St. Joseph. Mo,, and tnere married her. The lather pat sued the parties, overtook them at St, Joseph, and there found them living together as man and wife Be ba<t -the villain arrested, and on examination, the charge was folly suhstan ated, and the man bound over in the sum of $3 000. In dciault of hail be was committed. The girl was hut sixteen years old. All the par ties reside in this city, ond the father bears the character ol an hornet, nprgbt man. The ground has been selected lortbe State Fair, ano is thought by some to be well adapted for the purpose. moat MILWAUKEE. Election of Officer* of Use Chamber of Commerce. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Milwaukee, April 1. A very spirited election occurred in the Cham* ber of Commerce to-day, resulting in the election of John Planklnton for President,©. J. Bale, Vice President, and ffm. J. tangson, Secretary. A belter selection conld not have been made. FROM VALPARAISO, EfD. Page, (be Alleged Murderer, to bo Granted a Change ol Venue to Laporte. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Vah-apaiso. Indiana, April 1. Cbsnncey F. Pnge, the alleged murderer, will be arraigned one day ibis week in the Circuit <'onrt now is session in this place. Be will he granted a change of venue to taporte. CENTRAL AMERICA. Xbc Suspected Steamer B» B. Cnyier Sailing Under tbe Colombian Flag— She is Believed to be a Chilian Pri vateer—The Notorious Steamer Me teor Turns np at Callao—Stale of Ne gotiations Between Spain and the South American Allies. New Yobs, April I.—Tbe steamer Henry Chann cey. from AspiMvail. brings |E93,tWO lo treasure. xhu i’anama afar of the 23d says the steamer R. R. Cnyier, detained in New York on suspi cion, is cow sailing under the flag nf tie Colom bian Government, under the same of Rayno. She has received six torpedo boats on board, and started for Jamaica. The Star thinks thesurpi cion that she 1* a Chilian privateer is well foued vd, and that she will prey on Spanish commerce ofi Porto Rico and Cuba. 1* also says It is bu lleted that the Colombian Minister at Washing ron has showed himself to be imposed upon by a parly of Chilian aceats, to enable them to evade ibe United Stales neutrality laws. The notorious steamer Meteor has tamed np at Callao, and it is presumed that she will become a Punviau or Chilian privateer. The difficulties between tbe President and. Con gress of Colombia continue. 'ibe revolution in Guatemala has bseu entirely suppressed. Thechcr Republics were tranquil. Negotiations between the Sooth American Re publics and'Enropean Powers have noi reached n truce yet, nor ha? the pronorition of the United States for a conference at Washington been ac • eined. The United States steamer Watecre arrivodjjat Panama Torn Callao on the 9th. •ihe United Slates sloop of war Jamestown was to sail for San Francisco immediately. FROM SAJi FRANCISCO. Revenue Salt—A New Railroad Con structor. San Fean cisco. Apnl I.—A decree of forfeiture was yesterday entered in the case of the United sta-es against forty-six casks of crape brandy, for /allure to make correct returns to tbo Internal Revenue Department. Iho trial of the new Railroad Constructor was a complete enccesa. The machine levels the track, lays me tics, deposits the rails, and nails them In Uieirplsces. It is estimated that ucomplomcnt of twenty men will do as much work in a day a« 200 without the aid of the constructor. San Feancibco, April I.—Late Arizona advices represent the Indiana as troublesome. On March drat, the savaees attacked a trair reluming from Frcscottto Lapazin, In the vicinity ol Date Creek, and killed three men, wounded one. Cipturcd twenty-fonr animals, four nuns, three pistols, and three hundred round* of ammunition. Dale Creek, the scene ol the massacre, was formerly a military station. The people of Arizona complain of the indo lence of the military and indifference of the Gov ernment at lhe>e outrages. _ The ship Orpheus,' from New York, has arrived. The Bloc Jacket, for Liverpool, Bailed. FROM KEW YORK. * The New Post Office Question—Arrest of a Forger—Revenue Frauds—The China Trade—Sailing of California Concressm en, New Yobr. April I.—The Special Committee of the Board ol Conncllmec has reported against the Park rite for the Post Otfice. Alfred A. Clark, a Custom House clerk, was arrested as Iht amhor of the forged payroll last Aeck, by which he realized SI,OUO. The Internal Revenue officers seized to-day over 400 barrels of whiskey which had been relieved from n bonded ware noose under transportation hoods which are thought to he worthless. It is believed that by a eimnar process, from 3,003 to 4 000 brls have been removed and realized on. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company’s steamer Costa Rica, sailed to-osy for China, wllh a full and valuable cargo. This vessel Is sent out for *hepurpose of making the connection between Shanghai and Yokohama. The California delegation to the House of the Thirty-ninth Congress, Messrs. Bidwell, Mcßncr. and Uighy, sailed for California in the steamer New York to-day Messrs. Mcßncr and Uigby ore candidates for re-election, and Bidwell is a candid ate lor nomiua’lon of Governor. FROM MEMPHIS. Former City Attorney murdered by an Cukuowo A*xa«Mn. Mrstrms, April 1 -Ex-Confederate General Stmih P. Bankhead, lately City Attorney, was as* vaulted by an unknown assassin on Saturday vijrht and beaten to death. Suspicion points to a policeman lately die charred at his request. Fires. New Yors, April I,—'Yesterday afternoan some boys set Are to tone shrubbery on the Jer «ey fl&tf, along the UachcngacU River, which com* munlcated to quite a forest of tree. B , and b fore the Are was extinguished it spread nearly a inile In length, destroying everything In Its way. The firemen or Hudson City and West Hobokea succeeded in preventing the Caines from com municating vilh aeiera! dwellings near by. FunADELTBiA. April I.—The printing Ink man ufactcry of C. J. Johnson was burned thl* morn* mu. Loss $50,01)0 new Yosk, April I.—The Dye Wood Mill of Haney, on the outskirts of Brooklyn, was burnt Saturday evening. Loss SIO,OOO. Insured. St. Louis. April J.— A Now Orleans special to the £cft,in<j J)ff}>afc!t says the steamer Alabama, with 1.300 bale? of cotton, burned tlm morning Ate miles above that point. The boat was owned in St. Loul-- 1 , and valued at $52,400. She was in sured lor $33,000 in the Piiccmx and Security, New Vtrk : Enterprise Fire and Marine. Cincinnati; New England Mutual Marine. Boston; Eureka, rittsbnrch ; Atlantic and Globe, st. Louis ; am utmen’s Ineuranccaud Transit Company. Tm mo, April t.—A lire ihl? morning destroyed ;l;e livery establishment of S. Warren ,£ Co., and .-ox Email frame bmldlcgs adjoining. The total ioss will urobably rcacn S23,tCO, on which there ; s about SIO,OOO insurance. L}ticb Law In Indiana, CcciXKATt. April I.—The town ofßrownstown, tb" county sect of Jackson County, Indiana, on ibe line of the Ohio & Mlsßiaalpol Railroad, was, on Sslnrday nlthf, 'be scene of a tragic altalr which resulted in the forcible capture from Jail, and the hanging by a mob of exasperated citizen* oflhat vicinit'- of two men charged with the murder of an old lady lor the purpose of robbery at or near Clear Springs, Jackson Conuly, Indi ana, some months ago. Female Swindler*. Caino, 111., Apnl 1-—The Mound City (Illinois) Journal warns Iho public against two women who have been travelling along the line of the illiniols Central Itaiboad, calling at all important owi-p, solidiing aid for the Mound City f oaerera. The women are doubtless Impostors, who have availed themselves of published sliiemptils 01 that town to All their individual pockets. No women have been authorized to go 00 any such mission. Pcmiajlvoiiia State Loan> n&BhivnußO. April E—Blds were opened to day for tbe f23.00J.t-U) S ato loan. About one million at five per cent was bid for at par, and about thirty-one mlUionsal six per cent were bid for from jar to one-balf pet ££s bids exci ed tbe amount wanted by aboat eight million dollars. Drcael & c °°{V*; »ud Clark & Co. get about sixteen million at a premium ranging from 1-20 to l*i6 per cmt. The Labor Question. WAHcnMTxn. N. H„ April 1.-Tbe projected -trike of the spinners lor ten hours a day has been abandoned, and worK proceeds as usual in fac tories. LOCAL MATTERS, Manufacturing: JftreJrr.-We now keep constantly cmnloycd some of the most skil ful and experienced workmen in this county, as veil as the costly and del cate machinery neces sary for making all kinds of jewelry. Orders left for repairs are sure to he promptly executed In a neat and workmanlike manner. MolU-E. ItODDIW & lIAVn.TOS. Jewelers, No. 120 Lake street, N. E. comer of Clark. A Grand Fenian Bally under the atu« pices of tbe Commodore Perry Guards, will be held at Oldßoaid of 3raaa liall to-night, 2d In stant. As this is tbe first ball by this favorite company the Guards expect a good attendance »nd a pleasant lime. Paper Hanging* and window Shade*. all the latest styles. Great inducements to wholesale dealers atP.E.Rlgiey’a, 83 Randolph street. Catarrh.— I The origin of Catarrh Is In moat casta a nfgl'ct'd cold, whlcbcan be relieved bj the use of ** Brown's Bronchial Trocars” by soothing the irritated and inflamed membrane ex tending from the nose to tbe throat. For coughs and throat diseases the Troches are of great service. Phrenology—On next Wednesday evenlngFeter Kelley delivers tbe first of a aeries of lectures, on Phrocnlogr,before the members of tbe Iron-clad Temperance society,tn their hall, in Bridgeport. Use Gardiner’s Rheumatic and Neu ralgic Compound. It cores Rheumatism and Neuralgia. Sure cure warranted. Sold ny all Druggists. Burnhams & VanScbaack, Agents, 18 Lake street. Strawberries. air. T. Ooodwllllc, packing-box manufacturer, sole agent for tho sale of Nowell’s Patent Strawberry Box, Is now ready to take orders, furnishing the box with crates for tbe same, costing to tbe grower when filled, and ready for shipment, only one and a half cents per quart. This is probably the very cheapest and movi superior manner In which the berry can be shipped. See advertisement li>another column. Swayne’i Ointment Cores positively and without a possibility of failure" tbe worst case of itch, letter and other akin diseases. Sold ev er } where. Wholesale by Burnhams & Van Scuaaek. fflotb and Freckle*.—The only relia ble remedy for brown discolorations called Moth ann Freckles, Is Perry’s Moth and Freckle Lotion. Prepared by Dr. B. c. Perry, Dermatologist, 43 80l d street. New York. Soid by all Druggists. “Atoa” Noiseless Shuttle Sewing Machines, for family and manufacturing purpo ses. Western office, i>7 Washington street. J. H. Letow,"agent Local agents wanted. Juniper Tar Soap cures chapped bauds, salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Mack £ Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. MARKETS BT TELEGRAPH. New York Flntmclal News. (Special Despatch to the Chtcaco Trthnne.l Hew Tore, April I. The stock market opened steady. After the regular call the market was firm bnt Inactive. At twelve o’clock mckswetc weak, and before the one o’clock call prices declined 3(01. and with' large amounts of ca‘h stock pressing. Money was active at 7 per cent* on Governments. There Is a heavy drain reported fronvtbe We.U At soothe market was dull, and at-tbefeSOcaU the market was weak, although prices were qnotably un charged, and with considerable pressure to soil. Erie (cowmen) declined to 57J,'; Mlchlg-tn Southern to 73; Chlcigo and Northwestern (preferred)- to Mtf, asd Bock Island to 91K» At the fire o’clock Board there was & little reaction In stocks. Money was very active. 7 per cent hctngpald m geld this afternoon. Accerlcan sold was active at 13IX- Now that Corgreai has adjourned, it 1* expected that there will be mora activity la all departments of trade, [Associated Frees Report] New York. April I. Money active and firm, at 7 per cent for call loans. Stcrllcj; quiet, at 103*0103 in sold for first-class bills. GOLD. American cold a shade tower, opening at 133 V. de clining to 133 X, and closing at ISIX- , OOVZRKIfUfTA. Gcveramezt stocks • anode easier. New Tobe, April li The demand lor moaey was very active throughout the day, and the market was stringent at 7 per cent for call losts, with mlscellaaeoaa collateral*. Tne* general rate on governments was 6 per cent. There was very little dome In discounts, and only prime pa per is current at 7(28 per cent. It will probably be some days before comparative ease Is restored. It was rumored Irom Washington that the Secretary will not retire Ibe usual |4,<80,000 In legal leader lor March. GOLD. Gold closed firmly at 134. X. foueiox exchange. Foreign Exchange Is in t&tr demand with a very cocersle tom mess. sncuiGAjfeocrnißM bajlvoad affairs. The Michigan South era transfer books were closed on taturdsy, and this indicates tne retention ol the old Board ol Directors. Governments were Arm in the morning with a fair dement], sod an advance on 5-eus. Tut* p. m. tbs market was quiet and generally a fraction lower. Closing prices: coupons, *81....109 avox 13-W rPglsfd... 97*3 96 5.20 iegisi'a'£2.lo3HetllU 10-40 coupons-. 93 93 X 5-2 C coup'M....lO9X - 01O9X AugU9t7-JW....t0« 0106*4 5-20 coupon *65.109 (gIOSX June 7-30 S lOSXOIOjX 5-20 coop *65 Jan and July 107K«107V HT AT* BONUS. Oi A . 3m W.l IV. Border State bondswere strong- Missouri, 90X for icwt Tennessee, 64:.V1rg1nia.37. UAU.WAT SUAXZS. The railway market was steady and dull at tbe open Board »i d block Exchange. Alter tbe regular call prices were eff from X'«sf percent. The nance*-can tinned dull and heavy all the afternoon, and declined still further. Outside orders were very limited. Wm. Heath & Co. report tbe flowing HALF-PAST FITE P. X. PRICKS. American noldi3lX«i3»X ! Ln**— WXO MX Ohio certs 26V027 I Hudson River..l33 013GH Canton *6 Reading ......ID’UOKQK CunibcrlßßdCoa] 31X033 Mich. Sou 73X® 73* Quicksilver.... 33X0 33 Illinois Cent...l73Xl*lls*’ Maripoia BXO 9 Pittsburgh 78X3 7»X MsripoM prfd. 23X0 33X Toledo 1% 0131 X W, u, Tel 41X0 41X Rock 81and.... 91X0 94X Pacific Mail...l*AXot7BX Nonbwestern.. 33k® 86 Atlantic Mat].. 81X0 88 MV« SIX N.Y. Cemral..t»XolOSX Fort Wayne.... «X 0 935( tTKAWSH P RUABXB. stcamrhlpshares bUbcrla the morning, but snbse qatutly sympathized with the themarket. JILHCKLLAMEOCS. Coal and mlscellatcona stocks unchanged. The mltlng market Is cencraJly quiet, and the inter est centred In few stocks. Gregory wesK.Jmd sold from 910 to 925; Quartz mil firmer, and rote to 330: Corvdoh firm at 391-0100; Alemeda Id demand and -old' at SSCOSJO: Colombia advanc'd to .US. WEKKLT HANK BTATEMCST. New Pouz,AuTllt. Loans .*2i5.252£« Decrease |4H,795 swcle.... 8A22.6C9 Decrease C3lJ6d Circcjailoo.,.. 83.C0,1f5 tocicase 149.791 Deposits 168,580,250 Decrease 8^93.3-3 tacai leccer.. er./398U increase 1A51.853 The Produce market*. MILWAUKEE. [Special De< patch to the Chicago Tritmue.l Milwaukee. April 1. Flour—Firm. Sale) of 400 brls at (ILSD< for Forget me-rot XX; (11.00 for Wcqocn X; 110.73 lor Daisy X; and (B.ot for BushneU superfine. tt beat—Unsettled and higher at tbo Morulas Board. Salta cf 5.0C0 centals. Boon Board—Sales of 9.2C0 etntals,at(4.l2o4.l7forNo.l in store|i.S3®3Ajfor No. 3; $3.63 for No. 3 in store; 13.63 tor Rash In A; (BUir for rejected. Oats—Firm and more ictlve. Bale*-of 3JX O era tali at (1.69 for No. 1 fresh; (1.6.’01.67>f for No. 3. Corn—Firm and quiet. Sales of 234 centals at (1.70 for No. 1, old receipts. ProvlMocs—Qnlet and nominal. Receipts—TOO bris flour: 3,000 centals wheat; 6CO do oats; 400 do corn; 40 dressed bogs. Shipments—l,loo brb floor; 4,300 centals wheat. NEW YORK. New Yoke, April t. Cotton—Opened very fl-tn, hot close* dull and drooping. Seles 2,0(0 bales atSOo3lo.flc tar middling aplands.cloßlt.Kat the Inside prices. Flour—Receipts,7.3l9 bris. Market opened a shade firmer and closed dull and diroplog. Sales 6.HM brls at f9.7ittlO.TD for superfine State and Western; *10.90&12.35 ror extra ’Western ; (or choice co: (1i.0012.53 for shipping brands extra round boop 01 io. unfl (UL65@13.90 tor trade brands. Canada Floor—ln air request, with sales of COO brls in bond nt (11.25. California Flour—Firm. Sales 500 brls and sacks at (IS 00(216.25. Wbhkey—Quiet and unchanged. Wheat—Receipts, none. Market opened quite firm and closed dull. Sales 29.100 bu at (M702.4S lor No. 2 Milwaukee, and (3.15 for white California. Rye—Drooping, bales 15,500 bu Western at Bales 15,C00 bu Canada West, free, at t1.14at.20. Barley Malt—Quiet. Core—Receipts 4,295 bu. Market active and le btrer, closing dull. Sates 10.300 bu at (1.1901.20 lor mlx<d Weeiemin store; (1.21(3)1/3, afloat; (1.21 for tvcslemyellowtn store: (M9v for Jersey yellow, aflaut, and (1.21 for southern yellow, afloat. Oats— Receipts 7XOObnsh*ls. Oats active sad 102 c better. Sales43.ooobu at67068c toroid Western; 730 75c for state, and 6S®7lc lor icw Western. stock is eroßEnopan. Bushels. Wheat. Corn... Oats... 8ye.... Barley. Malt... Peas.... Com 531,913 Rye 51A000 Oats 89.000 Barley IfO.KO peas.. Rice—Qnßt. Sale? 51 tierces Carolina at IbKglOjfe, Coffee—Quiet and arm. bagar—umetnttormcrpriw*. bales iw oxs Cuba at lORc. am 1773 bagf at R&palOKc. Molasses—Qolet, Sales ot small lots Muscsvado at route, (lons—Quiet. _ „ Petroleum—Steady at 17c for crude and 25Q27.'*C lor refined in bond. Pork—Open'd heavy aud clcs»d more firm. Sales 5300 brls at (23.8753J.ia f. r new mew. cluelne at S7XBS, ca.L; (hi CO for old mess; |19.75@20.2S for prime, ana SZl.'&fytiM t'T prime mess. nt»ck of old and new. 99,181 bnr: same date last m:ntb. 9u,56l brls; same date lam year. 99,216 brls. Rtef— btcady. Sales SU brls at previous prices, btcca(fold and new, 10,213 pkss; same date last mm(h, 15,069 pves; same date last year, 27,361 pkg«. Tle’c*. Bsef—B‘tady. Bales SOO ires at (S9UO@ID.OO lor India mess, and (tf.59 ior nnnie mess. Beet Hume—firm, boles 113 brls at S-t 0.00040.50. t'acto—Quiet. Salvo S.O boxes at 10u<alOHu tor Cumberland cohanc HKftllkefor snort ribbed. Cut Jlcste—Quiet, bale: 370 pk*s at 9313)<c for fhou d-r», and 13>/@l4K3for bams. Lord—Heavy. baustcSbrls at UJ4@l3,Hc forneff. Butter—Hall and heavy, at 19@16c <or Ohio. Clucfe—Ccchangcd. at 13@19c. LATEST—S P. *. Flour—Market closed dull, and 5010 c lower on com m»u ecu interior eradcs. t\ heat—Quiet, and bolocri mere dlspossd to realize. No. 3 spring, (2.1003.03; No. 1 5pring,42.65.a3.70; Win ttrr'd and amber. (335(31305; while, (3.W03.30. It' e—Hull, at |l srftlA3 for Western Barley- Quid at 90093 c lor Western. Core—Doll nt(l 19@t.l9>£ In store, an J (1.2101.71 K aUtatfor srlpplncmixed Western. _ Oats—(inlet at 6U3075.C for old, and 67K@70c tor new WCBtiT.% I’o:V—Quiet, wlih huyrra of new mejs at $27-90. ca h, and s Hers at (13.16; buyers at (24.00 for regular, and seuert at (24.C5. Bee:—Hun a: <1 nr changed. Cut lb at*—\\ fihout decid'd change. Boc-n—Hail st loJ<cfor ComDerlioti middles; HKc for »}>crt rlbwd. Lard—Q* it tat I3ols>ic (or fair to prime steam, and lor kettle rendered. CINCINNATI, (JINCIJTXATT. April 1. Cotton—Dnl 1 , and prices nominal, Middling h-M at C7<?.-7>,e. wl»is no demand. ... Ficnr—Cur! aliped at d firm, but tbe demand Is loc»l. Trade brands aod £a:cf brands 511.W3 IC Wheat—Scarce, bat lUUe offering: demand light and puces uccbanced 5 Ko. 1 Spring win ter. *2 90; Ko. 2 winter Si f3c»2.57. Com—ln balk 6Sc andbOc for sacked,the outside rates Advanced to sS£s9e, and at tbe close were btldatCCcfor Ko. I la bulker elevator, and 6Tc la Scarce s sales at {1.50. Raney—Quiet and Qnrhang*d. IVblstty—Doll, aod prices comlnal at 26tfc ; no buy ers atoverCSc. . J'mvieions—Finn, with not much done; mess p;tk, *2a." , .'AtSS.CO ; bulk meats. Sc, lie and HWo. Use. n—o£e, HMc, 13c and 13tfc for Bhouldora, sides, clear rib and char sloes; bams, for plain, and t6@i:kc for sugar cured. I.ard— IZk'ffllfc. Gncerlcs—bteadrt sugar, it wane; coffee. 25327 c. betes— Clover seed, f 10.50; tloiOtny, ; flax, 22 50. Butler—rlrm at SC@33c fbr fresh. Egg,—itfltbc. cEcese—rum at 1T(?l<)fc. Gvld-1531f buying, selling. Exchange—Steady at par.buyltg, and MO premium selling The money market remains close at 10311 per cent. PHILADEIPHJA. Philadelphia, April 1. Flour—Dull, the Wert India trad* filing ofl. Sales of Northwestern at $13.50 for extra Siate. Wh- ai—Quiet- Boles of Pennsylvania red at $3.20, and CalUorma at Sales s,ooCbayel'ow at 91*10. Oats—M» acy at 48c. Clover Seed—Acuvc at $10.50011.00. • WtiUkey—bales ol roatrabsad at $1.13. NEW ORLEANS. Kxw Oslxaxs, April 1. Colton—Active and firmer, Sales 9,500 bales low gaoling at Wtffijpc. B«oeIpt«. 4.571 bales; exportf.sSl Sugar and Molaaaes—Unchanged. Floor—sipertJne and higher grade* scarce and In request; low trades plcaty and roll. Core—in oemand fcr rood aid sound; adranced to Pork—Active. Lard—Actire at 13 Vc. Btcrllnp-MSr.iu, hew YorkSlgiu-xg* premium. BALIiHORE. „ PAirmow. April 1. cxwSe7^ lna aM#caTe ®- cargoes are bomly floor—rmn^" at CUf to good rcflalnr. PAySSSIrWv « w ß i :, -^ h,ts Anthem at *1.3*33.53; r<SS£!aV«i* I Vnaiyiraalt red at *3.10. mixed Weitern at «x.03«i.03™ ail * 13 ’ •“”» •- Oats—At G7®6Bc. Provisions—Quiet. Nominal and nocharured. Will* key—No Bale*. In bond socisJc TOLEDO. nm-oat. Torino, April 1. “ » 5 -W = *"«reo Coin—Active at SflxCtfJc tor new No. 1; 83c io*Vo. 2. Data—h Irta at 56c. LOUISVILLE. lootsvillc. April 1. Tobacco-steady. Sales of »hbda at trgvaia « t«r common logs to iclectidus, Floor—SDoerflne *9.50ai0.25. Corn—lS®7sc lor shelled, In balk; ear, 70c In balk. Oats—6c. in balk. Mers P0rk—f22.603 23.75. ■ '*• Bacon—Shoulders, 9k&9)fc; clear aide! UKftUEc. Italic Meats—Shoulders, SftSMc. ilaw Whiskey—33c. BUFFALO. _ BtJTVALO, April 1. Floor—Qatet and nn chanced. Wheat—Scarce. Bales of S car loads white Canada, at 13.1093 JS. Core—Active. Sales of 25 car loads new Ohio, at 95c, on Slate Line tract; old mixed Western nominal at f1.0031.C6. Oatg—pull and nominal at 55360 c. Rye—western held at *1.33. Barley—Doji and scarce. Canada nominal at $1.12. Fork—New mess firm, with sales at *33.50; bams, 16c; shoulders. UVc. .ya Lard—Bales at IStfc. Htgbwlne^Nomtnal. Seeds—Firm, but unchanged. ST. LOUIS. St. Lout*, April 1. Tobacco—Quiet and unchanged. FJpnr—ln good demand at fnfl prices. Wheat—stur and Unchanged.. „ Corn—Higher but glow, rousing from 97c to fl Jh. Oats—Higher hot liactlve, afS^Tfic. Harley and Rye—Unchanged. ProrlilODS—Dull and unchanged. Whiskey—Steady at &.16. New Tork BremdatnQQr 3farKet, [Special Despatch Ur Hie Chicago Tribune.] New Toes, April 1. Breads tuns—Holders firm fbr flour and wheat, but there islets demand than last'week. Coi n—Closed wilb no buyers over |LI9 to store. Oats—Firm, tut rye and barifey heavy. Oeean Freights. New Yobs. April 1. Freights to Liverpool—Dull ant Slower, with on en* gagement for 5,000 bu corn, per anil at 3d. New York .Live Stock UfarkpJ. NrWTonK. April t. beeves, 13,070 sheep and lamua, 15,169 bogs. Beevct—Tb ß supply to-day was HO bead of fslr quality. Ihls was not tnfOclPDt tor the wiotsct the trade and as the weather ftivored sellers t£cy bsdUUte difficulty in advancing prices Jfwlc over lost Mon day’s rates. Th« market, however, was slow,a«batch* era cvdcntly arc atrald of parcb&slng oaMoidsy moretban they really reed to supply (be moderate wants of this week. Poor to medium. I23l3c?tuediam to fair steers, 13K015c; goodaleersand fat 0xen.153 leke; prime steers, J6>*3l7c. The majority of the sales were at 13017; average piles, 16XC. A few choice sold atllXwlßc. Sheep—Easier, especially common, while good arc itcaoy. Today the market was sow and does not ex ceed 9Jfe fcr prloa sheep, though an extra bnceh might realize lOc. We quote common to iatr sheep at S39c; good to prims at *39Kc: extra at 9KOIOC. Latrbs nominal. Sales reported daring tha week 9,832 sheep. Hogs—Tbs market rnlcd stradv throughout the werk. but the quality is suck, the averacebcicg poor, still the prices maintain their own. Cett quality *1.50 as 73; fair to good I7AO09.OO; common and rough *7.2307.30. Philadelphia live Stock Market.’ PJULADZUHU, April 1. Cattle—Firm,- Sales of LBOO beeves at 17ai8c for •xtra, 15®15Xcforfalr tocootf, and ISSHJfcfor com non. Bhecp—Sales of £OOO at S39|fc- Uogs—Don. saias ora.aooai fii.scißU.7r f 100 as. New Tsrk Dry Gowda Market. Ngw Yobs, April 1. The dry goods market ta qnlet and steady at 31c fbr Indian bead and Atlantic a. SnceOngs—3«lic for At lantic H and Pacific A and £L and Appleton do; 20c for August*; 19cfor Nassau Extra-, IBfcc for Amos keagß. 17c for Atlantic V. Shirtings—is kc for Law rence E; VJMc lor Dwight W, and lie lor Portsmouth P: 23,1*@36c for Bates $S inch. BleachedMniUn—2sc for MasonvlDe; 26c for An. droscoggln t 20c lor Lasgdm; H Jfc tor Great Falls 8; 4?ifC tbr Utica 5-i; 80c for do 9-1, and. Ssc for do KM; 180l8>£e lor Sprague frock prints; 17A173*e for Pacific: lie for Waaregan dark do; 17c for Glkneove do, and 9kc for Hovey prints. Olngbanu—Steady ot 21s for Glasgow, and 33c fbr Lancaster. Delaines—Steady and in fair request at S 3: lor a’l makes common cloths, and 23c fur Pacefic cathmera effects; sse for Paeilfe robra de chsmbre; fcc tor Manchester cashmere efiects, snd 80c fbr Manchester robes dc chambre-i Ptttolrarßk OU market, April l. Oil market quiet. Not a tingle calc reperted. The beat offers lor crude oil were 6#c.bnt holders were shy. and no transaction? were made. Receipt* of crude, sobrls. UeOted in bond, qnlet: salesol WObrls standard white, all vear, sola Saturday evening at SJHc: COhbrls sold to-day asSosfcdellvcrable-aoy time dnrlrs tbe year. Id Philadelphia, cash paid ca spot. Purchaser pars 10c storage per brl a month. Free oil quiet and unchanged. Naphtha and residuum; dull. lOARUKED. March v?th, at the residence of the brldo'Sfhther, J. A. Montgomery. Ken., Mr. W. L. CHURCHILL to Miss AMELIA MONTGOM£EY—QII of Chicago. No cards. DIED At Beloit, Wls., March »,18C7,.0f nuerptrai: convul sions, MAIiY EI.IZABUTIi, wlfb of George W. Hale, of this city, aged 27 years. The deceased wa> a daughter of the late Dr. Horses White, one of the pioneers of tho Territory of Wis consin, who* selected tne site of the now city of Beloit, and a sister of Mr. Horace White, of this city. Though the earth has received the mortal part of this beloved woman, hrr noblemss of character, h«r ten dertessof heart, tho purity and sweetness of her life, abide wltn Immortal beauty In tbe memory other relatives and fi lends, Looklcg upon her calm features for the lai t time, tbe promise rf the Besorrectloo alone makes such a bereavement supportable. Thongb hid den Lt a time, - God's treasures are safety kept. In Washington City. March 2S,Mrs. MAKY DRURY, aged73years, wlfeot Samuel ofthatcity. and mother of Mr. J. H.Drory and Mrs. J.W.Bhea him of Chicago. At Lake Formt, HI.. March sm, IS6T. nENRYT„ need 10 years 7 months and todays, son of Uarcum and Christina Blake, lately of Port Washington, Wis. tar-Milwaukee papers please copy. Morcß Slat. MARY JANE, wile rf R. D. Treadway. Funeral this 3d day of April, ISCT.trom their resi dence, 2U5 at 8 o'clock p. m. amusements. \fcYI CS ER ' 8 THEATRE UcVICKEK A MYBK3 MANAGERS. CHANGE OF TIME.—On and after March 18th, the (loots will open at 7X— performance wilt commence at 8 o’clock precisely. ——• . Engagement fer Fire Nights of MB. J. PROCTOR. Tuesday. April 2d, the tragedy ol _ , AUKI i ION, orthe Tomb, the Throne and the Scaffold. Ethelwood (Marquis of Durham and Ehrl of Derby Mr. J. Proctor. Wedm-day. JACK CAD*. Thursday, NICK OF THE WOODS. Dt rehearsal the ereaJlndlaa play ol CTELANCHET. poll. WOOITB MUSEUM. COT,. J. H. WOOD .Proprietor Director of Amusements.... F. B. AIKEN* .Stage Manager .THUS. BARRY Last 3 nights of the great French Comedy, wblchbu created so marfceda sensation In Paris, New York and Chicago. Tuesday evening. April 3d, last. Vlctortnv Sardon’s celebrated Frecch comedy of A DANGER OUS GAMIu produced with new scenery, machinery, eoituuie* and appointments. Wednesday afternoon. Grand Matinee. Friday. Benefit ol Mr. J. L. Weather wax. Two London dramas, Meg’s Diversion and My Turn NesLareboihlnifehemal. yARIETY THEATRE. Monday Erening, April 1,18C7. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT! Alter weeks o) catefol preparation, wM be produced thenswly written, Infornslty-DUbollcally-Serlo-Com leal Drama In three acts, entitled B£U> UPON EARTH; Or, Satan and His 7 Daughters. New and besntitnl scenery by W. D. Sterrey. New piopertlesbr John Sherman. Now and splendid ward robe. A carefully selected and beautiful Corps do Bal let. New effects. Brilliant transformation seems. Act l—A View of Hell and Its Inhabitants. Act 3 Satan a’id Ills Seven Daughters lo Chicago. Act 3—A Change of scene—War—Love—Virtue Triumphant. ~pj|~ ART L. STEWART Bushels. ..1,311,167 ~1,600,588 ..1.653,416 . 3SWSJ . 639,783 .. 22,091 .. 20,693 WITiL LECTURE at cnosßr’s opsra aouazt, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, April Bd. Subject:—“Principle and Polioy.” Tickets 30 cents. Reserved Seats 73 cents. Sens and Tickets may be seennaat tbe Box OHce on Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9 a.m. toSp. m n *nd at the Bookstores. QuOSßl’b OPERA HOUSE. CO.riPLIMENTAHV hIATINEE BENEFIT TO MB. TO AEX.INGTON, Thursday Afternoon, April <l, ISC7. Doors ones at X past 1. Performance commences at 3. A Splendid Array ol Talent hu volunteered. AN EXCELLENT COiIBDY. _ SINGING AND DANCING. Ttc Great one-horse Burlesque, PROF. HAM—ILLS—TUN. Ham-Uls-Tups Mr. Wm. Arlington. Tickets tor sale at the principal Music Stores, and at the Opera Hotue. Box Officcnsw open. Admission, 30 ccnta. Reserved scats, 75 ccnti. O IbT OKI'S FAREWELL RIGHTS IN CHICAGO. Prior to her Departure for Europe, by the trans-Atlan tic stcamsr Vllle do Pari;, which will leave New York otthclfithofMay. . CHOSBV'S OPERA HOC^E, DIBECTOR J. GRAD. last Tvro Might's tn Chicago, ot ADELAIDE BISTOEX, Prior to her leaving America, tbo field on which, by t or treat dramat.c powers and transcendent genius, ■deachlcved seme other greatest triumphs. THUBSDAT. April 4th, Victor Hugo’s Celebrated Drain,. *• Angelo, tbe Tyrant of Padua.” ADELAIDE lUETORI in her most celebrated role of THJpBE. FRIDAY. April 5. Shakspearc’s Celebrated Tragedy, Macbeth ADELAIDE RISTOBIasLADY MACOEIH. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 2 o’clock. RiSTOUfS LAST APPEARANCE la Chicago. GRAND KISTORI FAREWELL MATINEE.

At tbe Matinee, tbe price ol admlsa'on. Including re icrvcd Scat in Boxes, Dress Circle, parquette,Orcoca tra Seats and Balcony, will be two dollars. Second Grand Concert OF TBE Chicago Sunday School Union, THIS EVES IB O, April 2d, jiX Crosby’s Opera House. PRICES SAME AS LAST EVENING. Secure your leatsearJy. 537“ Matinee on Wednesday at 3 p. tn. OPEN FOR THREE WEEKS MORE ONLY. HieNewYotkMuseum of Anatomy, 96 Bandolph-sL, corner of Dearborn. Wonder of Wonders-Mystenea of Man Cre ated—The Mechanism of Nervous System— The Secrets of Nature Unveiled. Ltcturo Dally. These unable to attend may recelv them by eadotlPS lOceata to Secxqiocy, Boatiring, T>OARDINQ—A suite oi IroPt parlor I) sed brdroom. single rooms and day board, can be obtained at No. 17 Pcarbont-sC, op-atairs. T>OARDING—One handsome rcom on 1> socona floor, ler gentleman and wile or ringt* gentleman. Mac, cue single loom. Apply at 297 Mlchljan-st., corner cl line. QOAIiDING -Twogcnllemenanawives O canoe accommodated la a private ftmllv, n-ar uclos-park. Qcose ncarlj new.ln a pleasant eltn atlon. Kctcrcncc exchanged. 50S Fulton-st. ROAHDING— Two gentlemen or ladies can bo acccmmodatei with room ard board at 116 Stat Mt. BOARDING— Two handsome large rcuma to let. with board, with or without farnl* tare, in a private tanUly and in a pleasant location. 203 Wist MadUon-st. Reference exchanged. BOAKBING —At the National Hotel, corner of Washington and Wells-sti. Rooms tor lamilles with fire, gas, Ac., on the first floor. Front rooms anc nrst-dass board ter gentleman and.wlfg. BOA RDXN O— To Rent—With first -class board, a front parlor and hoi room at 319 Onto* no-st, one door Ikon Clara. Reference required. BOARDING— A lew day boarders can be accommodated at reasonable rates at 83 Jack, fop-it, near State. BOARDING —Piret-claas board for gen* tiemenesnbebadat 293 Michlgan-st. Also, a .few day toaruera accommodated. T? CARDING—-Good board and pleasant I! rooms can be obtained at Briggs Home No. 2, Monroe-SL Also day boarders accommodated, o. BRIGGS, Prop. TJOAKJJING—Three pleasant rooms, f) two parlors (unfurnished) to rent with board at 26 6 West Randolpb-st. Also, furniture {or eaJe lor one room. References required. TJOAK.DING —Booms to rent, wrtU Is board, suitable lor gentleman and wlfo or two single gentlemen, at 74 Jacason-st., two blocks south of the Post Office. TJOABDINQ—A few single gentlemen 1) can be accommodated with board and plcatant rooms at No. 243 West Lake-st., between Pcotta and Bangamon-aia. TJOAKDIHG—A pleasant mmished I > front parlor to rent, with board, suitable tar gentleman aud bli wife or two single gcatlcmen. Ap ply at 671 3late-it T>OAKDiNQ—A pleasant suite ot un llftirtilihcd rooms, with Orst-class accommcxlatlont. for gentleman *nd wile. In private family residing on WaCash-av. Address “J W.” Tribune office, lor four days. BOAHDING —Fine suite ol iront rooms aud bock parlor, untarnished or partially tur maned, with good board. House new—modern lm> provements—pleasant location. 64 Park-aW BOARDING— A suite ot unfurnished front rooms, also a Inrclabcrt room,to let, with board, to a private family at 299 Fulton-fit. BOARDING —A suite ot rooms, tor nlalied or unfurnished, with board. Gas, bath* rocm, hot and cola water- House and furniture all new.atNo. 0 South between Baadolpa and West Wasldogton-ita. TJOARDING —Nicely lurmshed rooms, j* with gas, ualh-rooms, AcTrWith or without board. Also, a parlor and bedroom, elegantly furnished, at 34Fourlb-aT. Day board rcaiQcnb.C. BOAKDJNG— Kocms to rent, ftimisbcd or unfurnished, with beard,, at 37 Plnc-sh, cor tex of Ohio. Kcterence required. BOARDING— With a pleasant iront parlor, for gentleman and wife or two since gentlemen, in a private family. Apply at No. 103 boaih Pctina-st, ose block from Alaaisoa-st. cars. T>OARDING—A gentleman wishing ll> permniect board In a private family, near Voo Burcn-st., tor *7.00 per week, wilt please adores*, with reference. “X Y Z.' 1 Post Otflca Drawer 39 15. 53oara iMHanteb. BOARD— In a small private family, by a couple of young gentlemen* who de sire a comtnrtable home. A fair rate wilt be raid. The arran.emertsof the family will be adhered to and their eoavcnlsnce observed. Locality on tho West bide, a the vicinity m Union Park, or on the South Bufr, north of Twulith-Bt, Address HOME, P. O. Box 102 C. OOARD—For gentleman and wife,, two II children.- Parlor and two sleeping rooms, In pri vate family, or where there arc bat few boarders, rooms nicely fui Dished. If any party about going to housekeeping woa tf take a large house and alveme deelraulc rooms, would farnbh rooms myself, with a view to permanency. Michigan or Webaah-av/nre lerred. fiernmices exchanged. Address G. LEWIS. P.O. Box 737. BOARD— On; South Mde, in private lamilr. or where there are few boarders, by two single men that are permanently established In bcsl ness. “0T10,”P.0.80x215. T>OAKD—And Rooms—For sell and I) wlfr. within about fifteen minutes walk of Court' Goose, to North or Scum Side. CIIAS. A. GKEGO' BY, office, Walker’s BnlldlDg.No. 30# Deatborc-st. ■ROARD—I want a good place to board. II where there are fewer no boarders. Must be on tbe North - Side, and near tbs- corner of Clark and Kin zle-tts. Address lor three .days "MASON," .Xrlhanc otfleo, BOARD —A young man of regular and retired habits desires-a-nicely loruuhed room, with board, In a quiet Epieeonal uimUy. on the North Bide, east ol Clarg at. a: d south of Chlcago-av. Ac dress "T," Tribune office. T>OARD —Ayonne lady desires board f> where the t»rm« are moderate. Central location preferred. Address "Miss J J W," Tribune office. BOARD —In. a private family, Wes; or North Side, by a single gentleman. Address G. YOUNG. Chicago P. U partners ggaamca. PARTNER— Wanted—In a well estab llebedand paying carriage lactory. For partic ulars address "S. C. Q.." Tribune office. "DARlNEtt—Wanted —To take an in -1 tereit lo one ol the best established and most profitable wholesale business bouse* on Mti:hlgao-av. None but those wtm can furnUD the best of recom mendations and tS.OOD cash, need apply, Adarcss "O K.” Tribune office. ■PARTNER—Wanted—With S3OO capi- X ttl. Will guarantee a prrflt of 33AQ0 In three months. Call and see lor yourself at 170 Booth Clark* BL.ioarth floor. "Ox^RTNEß—Wanted—A good business X Tran with 13.C00. Cal) at Room 13Lombard ulbck. 101) Mnnrre-st. This Is a chance tor tho rlgnt man to make big money. T>ARTNER Wanted Wltb Item I |1 AOO to 11,800. to Mcc- half interest lo a whole sale commission home. Most be temperate and not afraid ot soiling his bonds. Roam 2, No. -IS South Claik-tt. PARTNER —Wanted —To take /ine half Interest tu two- set woollen mtQ, now la good rucnlnz order, and doing a fine business. The t est of references given and required. Address No. 138 Wabash-av* or call, at 110 Adams-au room No. 2. ffiaaos. FOR BALE—Or exchange ior- real es tate. l*i a no, 7 oetive. rood snnedl'g. nice caw, ronod comers. H. O. STONE 107 bUUC-»>. ILeetures. OOPULAR LECTURES ON HEALTH AND FB7BXOAZ* EDUCATION, By DR. O’LEARY, Surgeon. of Brooklyn, N. T.. at Crosby’s Music Sail*. TUESDAY EVENING, April 3d, Illustrated with a splendid eolK-ctloa ot French Manikins, skeletons. Models. Drawings, Cnnous Specimens. OU Paintings, Ac. The coltcriOL oi the kind In America. Admission Free, No Contribution. No bovs ad mitred. Sanded and medical treatment Jrom 10 a. m. to 4 p. m., at the Tremont House, Wcdaes day. Arm 3d. w. h. martin. Agoataad Dost ness-Manager. auction Sales. tt/'M. a. butters * CO., AUCTIONEfcJRS, 44 and 46 BANDOLPE-ST. Between State-et. and Wabash-ay. PROPERTY, THE EIOHMOHD HOUSE AT AUCTION, On Wednesday, April at 10 O’Clk. ON THE PREMISES, We shall sell the valuable property known as the Rlchmend Rotue. situate on the northwest corner ot Booth Water-et. and Utcblpan-av.—tac bonte froits % fatten Mlchlgcn-av.andisofeet on South Water st., with marble fronts, six itorlsa and basemen'. Too lot Is 96 feet bv 130. the home covering the entire ground. The RICHMOND HOUSE h One of tbe Best BuiWinffS in this City, Having been bollt at a c>st of sl-10.000, and Is now In the very b*st repair. All the gts futures and steam apparatus wilt ha sold wiia the home. The sale will be made subject to a mortgage of SO,OOO, payable In 8 sears, with Interest at 8 per cent per arnnm. All above that amount will be cash. The heme Is now rented for a term of years to a prempt paying tenant for SlACttO per annum. The taie of this valuable an t desirable property 13 wUhcut reserve, WU. A. BDITEItS &CO.. Auctioneers. RUCTION SALE OF ELEGANT Fancy and Toilet Goods. I will sell at Vo. 104 Clark-st, corner ofWashing ten. Smith & Nixon’s Block, ON THURSDAY, April 4tb, Commencing at 1G o’clock a. ra.. the enttxo stock of New HUil Fancy Articles, Dry Good-. Books and SU tloi.ety.Rarefliee'. EegravUcs. Pcrfoaorloa.*c.,Ac., coniamcd la said store, known as Guy A. Lewis’ Ca raar. Tbe goods are all of superior quality, not surpassed by any stock ct the krzd In tho city. Ttrma of a&le, cash. Every article offered will be scld, J. A. MARSHALL. Auctioneer. JE REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • 127,137 & 127 Dearborr at,. Belli at 10 o’cloet, a. in., THIS DAT, April 3J, Ono Kallct, Davis & Co. Piano, In good order. ONE HOWE SEWING MACHINE, nearly new. One blnger do. OrtuicU and other Carpets, Hair Cloth and Marble-Tip Furniture, Extension Tables, Pictures, Lounges, Mattrassee, nttrcius, Stands, Ac- - M.REYNOLDS,Auctioned. Gilbert *. samfson. General Auctioneers. 47 and 40 Dearboro-iU ELEGANT EURMURE AT AUCTION. ON TUESDAY. April 2d, at 10 o'clock, atonr sales rooms, cncsisitng of almost every varletv ofpsrior, library, chamfer and dining-room Furniture, includ ing a large number of marbie ana plain top Chamber sets, eotneof then very elegant, wilts b general assort ment cf housekeeping cooes; also, two seta of new etrgio baggy h.nussal o. a button hole machine— cost 314 C. GILBERT & SAMPSON, Au tioaeers. SCOTT & CO.. AUCTIONEERS and commission MERCHANTS, 1 04 Lnke-wt., cur, Ln»altr, Cbicaua. Cash advanced on Mercnacdise rorui -med fer ealo- Cut-doer sales promptly attended to. A tlCTlOiN.—Dry Goods. Oassimercs, r\ Prints. Ac, Ac. „ This day. TUESDAY. April 2d. l£o7. at DANIEL SCOTT & CO.’S Auction Booms. IGi Lak*st~ a large ard frem assortment ol Dry Goods, Dreu Goods bhawls, Gentlonun’s Clothing. Ac.. Ac. Sato jffiillg, iangiucg, Ngc. fJ’-HB LANE & LOLLED Portable Circular Saw Sills, PORTABLE BTEAJK ENGINES, Shingle Machines, Com Mills and Shafting, Wood- Wurlrice Machinery. LANK St fIODLET, Comer cl John and Wattr-tts., Cincinnati, appusantsfor descriptive circulars wm specify tbe tnacbiDcrT they need- wSaieMoxsu ffiarijinets. •pOhTABLB STEAK ENGINES, C, 8 t 10, 12 and 15 Horse Power, WILL BE SOLD AT LOW FIGURES. Hawkins & James, 54 South Wells-st.' Ko 3Senti=s?ousrs. 'PO RENT—House to rest and furniture 1 |:rstlf. Foretime all in toad order and nearly new. Board for a abort time will be taken In part pay* mrnt. Apply at 28 South CUat jn-ft. TO RENT—A two-story bouse, with teorocc-'B aid bara.No 724 West Jackson-at. career cf Scclcy. Price ttOO. r) RENT—House 823 Wabash av., to a responsible tcaa&Mrom the lat ot May. Larre ot. n’Uen, two-atorv bare, Ac, Inquire of J. L. WEATHEKWAX, at Museum Box office. r) RENT—The tine brick house No. 8C containing II rooms, with all Improve, meats.and bnck barn. Inquired I.H.HOLDEN, Jr, 304 south Fratikhn-st. TO RENT—House 243 Michigan*av., containing Ortorn rooms, two bath rooms, Ac. In* quire cf JOHN FORSYTHE. 133 TO RENT—House and furniture, on Wabash-av-forsix months. BeatfliCpermocth. Address **a C." Tribune otflee. _ TO KENT—Bouse No. lltf West Jack aciwt. Contains nine, clo'ets. pantries, cel lar.cas and water. Barn Is rear. Rent foO. Apply to JOS. STOCKTON, 32 Sooth Clark-St. TO KENT—Two desirable houses, 517 and 321 North Clsrk-fiL, containing sat. water, mantels, ac„ with shrubbery In yard. Possession sl*v lat. Brat quarterly, in advance. 517 North Cark-st. TO BENT—Dwelling house, 150 Cass* it, near Saperlor. Rent *6O per year. Security required, icaolre of KNaDKR a HALCOII, comer North Water and Ciark-str* (Ewing's Block,) Office No. 1. XO RENT—By Jones, Bandy & Tay lor, Rocm 12 Methodist Church Block, a fine c-jtory bnck hoase on Twenty-iaarth-et- between Stale-sl. and in advance, close by horse cars. TO RENT—A house of twelve rooms, near Lincoln park and can. North Bids. High ground, bora, flower and vegetable garden, with plea ty of room, to a party that wilt board the owner, man and wife. Direct “Al,’ Tribune office, fbr three csyr, with reference. rpo KENT—A new two story house, X with every accommodation for private Warding boose, with furniture ibr sale, on the West Sloe. In* qnlre at No. 42 West MatUroa-st. rpo RENT—Part of house, with ax I rooms, and farnltaic for sale at a low price, at 202 Oak-fit., near Lake Shore. TO RENT—Two-stoir house, ODB Micht- X nine roc ms; *>w; postcasloo May Ist. Two-fitory house. 180 West Monroe-rt., nine rooms: fCCO: possession May Ist. J. if. KKJSLEB A CU„ 129 South Clark-tt. 'T’O RENT.—Furnished Bosrdmg House. 1 Also boarding house, with fun<9iweii>rMlcats sacnfice. E. A.RlCE ( Uouse Agent, No. 170 south Clark-fit, Boom K r PO KENT—Dwelling No. tOl West X Twelfth-st; twelve rooms; hidrant water; 810 per month. T. S. FITCH, Boom 2, l«i9 Dsoroorti-st. TO Ru<NT—May Ist, a Dice cottage, ilxrooms,clofets,Ac n MJl West goed ncighborncod, healthy location. Inquire at 223 Washington-fit. TO RENT—New cottage of tearooms. 114 Paonua-st, r with haacment,bol and eon water. Rant 135 per m-jatb. Apply on the premises. TO BENT—Tue tine thrce-stoiy and basement marble front house, 503 Carro l-stl* with ail the modern improvcmenta. Good barn cm l lot. A. P. 31E3D. 15L Randolpb-at. TO RENT—A large marhle iront house, on Washington-fit, neaywillard-plsee. together with new and elegant furniture to rent with oouse, or sell, in quantum to suit pnrehafiers. REKS&AYUttS, liml Eaute Brokers, 10 Opera House. TO KENT—Small lirame dwelling, on Wabasb-av.. lour doors nortta-of railroad crossing, with all the modem improvements; carpet* lain one {csr.-wCT be sold to tne tenant If wanted. Icqultcol IZEo istcnt==3snoms. TO-RENT— Four rooms, in good loca tWß, well lighted, high celling*, suitable for offices or sleeping rooms. Inquire at 340 PastKinife-st. TO KENT—A desirable furnished front rcea forgentlcmco, without board, at 11.1 Wa basn-ar.- rpo HEFT—Rooms, with or without I board! at-lUgFonrtfi-av. TO RENT—Room—A tarnished room and recess, well located, andmnlture lor stlc. Apply at Room 33. Portland B ock, between 6 ecu 7H p. m.. this week, or addreas “\V L S." 80r1843. TO RENT—No. 11 East Bandolph-st, famished front parlor far two genii smea or gen tleman snd lady; with or with,ot board, private lain ily, best location. No. 11 Bandolph-st. XO RENT—Two front rooms,-second floor, furniture fbr sale, or part of them. Bent ■p. Call a'lkkifnTtJ, McCarty's Building, comer Washington andOearbom-sts. TO RENT—Three - rooms, with closets and water.* Furniture torsade, ana everything necessary for Housekeeping.for £l3O. Address“ 3 4f,’’ ■Tribune office. TO RENT—araie ot tnrnished rooms, and farnltwc-forsale.HAddress'-W HU,-Bo* 2«U4. TO RENT—Furnished and untarnished rooms at 33 Tblrd-av. TO RENT—And furniture for sale, four large, wcll-llElrtea rooms, suitable for hoosekeep tng. Furniture nearly new, and will be sold at a saerl flrc.asd most he sold by April irtu. None need apply but those who are willing to buy all inrnlture. Inquire on premises, IKS# South > Clark-st., near ii inroe, Boom O. TO RENT—Nicely furnished rooms, with pas, hath mom*. 4c.,Ac., with or without board, and also a parlor and tea-room, elegsnUy for nhbco, at 5-1 Fcuith-sv: ®o ISenfcJptores, ©fficcs.&c XORENT— Dockage—Lumber Yard to rent for a term ofycara.-lc Greene's Sjntb Branch tlon. A* G.TOISOOP, City Treasurer's Office. TO KENT—bioie and offices on Wash- between Clntk and Dearbbotn, Apply to W. D. KERFOOr, SO Wdahlngton st. TO KENT—btore and basement 85 Kan dolpu-st. TD RENT—Df ck co lease for a terra of years. Tbenralnan dock, adjolnicg Brower's Salt dock, with ralirtad trcck-nndOMleet waterfront age. Apply at Room No. 1.-tDO Ciark-at. TO RENT—Two fine suites ot offices on LaSslle-sU fronting the Court House Square. Also, sever*! veiy deal: able rear offices, cheap—ail newly painted, grained, calsomlned and In complete oider. Also.theor.cßtba*emeitin the cltr,Hsbtand diy,«*lso fret. Apply to ROVNTON. FOSTER A Co., Commission Merchants,.&l and 86 LaSsile-at. HTO RENT—More—ll 2 Clark-st,. and 1 fixtures, lor sa'e. Thlo-ls one rf tbe best stands tor retail trade In the city,.and elegantly fitted; Im mediate ooasesstoa given. TO RENT—From-Maj Ist, 84 Wash* lngtot-»t .a well-lighted basement. with steam power. Aim. fourth story ol same bulldlor, with stem hoistway. Inquire if CHURCH & GOODMAN, 110 Deartiocn-st. TO RENT—Desk Room—A room in connection with a Beal Estate office. Apply at laonia. ipy statu-Bt TO RENT—Store, and bascmenlßs Ron dolph-it. App'y at store. TO RENT—S-une of offices m the Reynolds’ 81.-ck. QUIMBY A HAWLEY; No. 7 Reynolds* Block. TO RENT—The store 29 Market-st, hy J_ C. MCDONNELL, 131 Snath Clark-st. TO RENT—First-cJas? store on Dear- J lora-sr.. near Madison, (east front) Iram Mtyl, 1&07. mJmur&nAVyLEY. N 0.7 Reynolds- Block. SSiSautEb—®a lacut. TX7"ANTED—To Kent, a mcdmcK'izsd, Vy nlcelv lamlshedhoase. In aflrsLclass locality, during the summer a small Ctmlly (wlta out children), who will take the best ol can of land, litre, win take possession any time between now and sth of May. Address “ DANKER.” Tribune office. TTTANTED—To Bent—Two rooms, VV snltabl»i«r dressmaking. Mn*t be-within one mile ot the Conrt Rome, Addrosa- Miss "N L,” 333 State-et., giving location. T7TT ANTED—To Rent—ln good loca* V V tier, furnished honsu 13 to 14 rooms, with mod* cm Improvements, by a gentleman and wile wno an* demaud how. and wld ta-te excellent core of nous* atd iQirUnrc, and pay liberal rent. Address **A B c,” Tnbupo offlee. Chicago. WANTED— To Rem—A bouse on the South Side, eastof Stale-»C.snltiblc lor a small family. l*os«easlon by mlodleoi Aonl or Ist of Mey. Wcderate rent. Address "ATTORNEr,” P. O. 80x.18.T9. WANTED— To KcDt— An unfomished room, within ten minutes’ walk of the Conrt House. Adarms P. O. Box 1804- WJ AKTiUJ —To Kent Famished V V mom, with board (or gentleman and wile, in a nitrate (unity, convenient to street car*. Terms main lie reasonable. Address ”B L W.” 9J LsSalle-st. TXT'ANTJiD—To Real—A nicely lar- V V Dished bouse, by a gentleman and wile, for one Wabash-av., north of Fonrtecnlb-st. Addxcta “X,” Ti Ibune office. TXTANTED—To Rent—A single room, V V famished, by a yonng gentleman, to a private family, wltuin five minute*’ walk of tbe earner of Wa ba&h-av.aml Lakc-ah Adorers ”W J C,” 81 Mlchlgan- TXTANTED —'lo Rent Room, wJtn W steam power, tor manufacturing pnrpoaes. Ad dress P.0.80x 1300, stating location, amount of room, atd tent for tame. WANTED —To Rent—A good sized fnrtiebsd houfc, on of near one ot tho avenues, for the rummer, or a longer Hindi sailed. Addraw. with location and terms, BRAND’S PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY, 108 Lakf-at. \\T ANTED—ITo 1 To Kent—House in good VV order, within abouiflveblookaaqatboTPost Office. One on Ttird-av. preferred. Extra bonus paid If pc«s6Hlon could be had immediately. Inquire at the store, 279 South Ciark-at. TTfT ANTED—To Kent—A small tioose, VV with tnedern Improvements, In a good neigh borhood, not more than a mile from the Post once. South Slropre/erred. Adcrcss. with particulars and price, E. G. WHITE, MaUcsou Howe. \\rARTED —To Rent—A nice medium VV sized honse. with large lot avd barn, on the West Sloe. Deal Union-park, or south side, south of Twtnlleih-st Location must be desirable* Prompt par. cod good care taken of property. Andress Box Uttlsi Qt call at 40 Chamber cf Co amerce. TTfT ANTFT?—Tn Rent—A good house V V wanted irom May T*t, to be located within the JollowlngCls-rlcts Latent, on the north. Union Pars on the west, Vanllnren-at. on the south, Bautamoa pa the cost. Any party having sacb a house (with stable) to rent, can address •• w, E .1..” 107 South Water-**., until frstprdar.alvlng location and pncc. jfox Sate- 17011 SALE—At Chicago DrivmgPaik, £j 200.0C0 leet seasoned secondhand lumber, consist ing of boards. Joists, ecanUUig. etc. in quantities to salt buyers. Inquire ofC. A. FORSYTHE, on tnc KTCUOCI. 770 R SALE—Chicago City Railway stock. On account ol the permanent removal cf the otm«r from the city, a few more sturrs ortho abcvestcckwilibesold, insuiua to suit purchasers. Inquire at No. IB Chamber cf Commerce. 17'OR >ALE—About 12,000 teet good JP sound seasoned Black Walnut Lumber—inch staff an 3 scant tcs. Cull on or add&css WSI. VALENTINE. Schall’s House. 207 and 200 Baadolph-st. FOR SALE 20,006 seasoned Black Walnnt Lumber, prime condition, water sawed, and six years seasoned. Apply to E. J. FRASIER, Grccn-st, between Jackson and Van Dnren, or to Grover & Baker S.M. Co., 104 and 106 Washing* ton-et. FOR BALE—A Weed No. 3 Family Sewing Machine. It la lo t crfCct order and good as new. hiving been osod ont four months. It will be sold fer 343. If called Pt soon. Retail price at tbe office, (63. Call at 132 Clark-rA, Boon 2J. FOB SALE—Or exchange for real es tate nu’c of SLSCO. secured by trust deed on real estate at Hyde Park. U. O. STONE. 107 btate-Bt. FOU SALE—fceveral silver-plated show causcf dlflerentflses: a'sn. a Wilder fire-proof sale; also, side cases, at B.H. STEIN’S, 70 ClarK-sL epporite tee conxt house. TTOR SALE—To Harness Makers — F 3'CtW worth oi stock, Including lease, which ev p re* May Ist. 19W, at tt*o ner year, wl l be sold (or *2,200 cash. Call at 166 West Randolph-sL Eost auk jfaunk. 1" OST—On Mondav afternoon, on a JLi Ptate-?t. car, a parse containing between S3O onl 360. Tne Under win be liberally rewarded by leaving tticsameat 107 Tacsty-second-ct. LOST— On Snnda.- morning, two |5 bills, going from Canal-ft. down Rlnzleto Market bu The finder will pieosn return the same to 66 Lara bee-st. and receive the thanks of a poor woman. 37*01751) —A pockei-book containing r mosey and sundry articles, which the owner cm have by rarloc for tols notice. LAWRENCE NEXSRN ABUILF.R. 161 Msdlaon-st. Otis Block. Utal Estate-««s. lISPBOTKa rroß SALE—By Hill * Whipple, 123 X 1 Rooms. . „ r.c,n. Mssoifleert new bnct rralJcncs on liOrth L»saue st. Boase finished In first class style. L»r*e jmo. items bsase of 13 rooms, »ll niortefn Im nroTcmCLU. I<arco yaid ana »Lsbl«. rnwfmwu* NewbrJcs boase on Sedswlct-st- ll rooms, finely Onl-bcd, l»r»elot, 1* a bareim at *5£S). , Fine property on Horlbat-st—l two-story hoaieof llrooms,icottsgcof"rooms. slots,SasSleacb, Tba whole UcbrspatiSJCS. TwototsonNorinFrarklln-st, near Lincoln pars; 21x1*5 leetfich.eastfrost. Twofloebrlckbonsee on West EanODlpb-st. 93,(00 CoiWßesand lets on the West Side, at prices ran*- tee from to *3.510. w .. Tnree tew 2-*to?T trims booses on wabasb-ar., welioilsaed. fWOOeacb. . . . „ _ * Other property of erery description In su pans of tbeaty. TT'OK SALE—Cheap homes m the West F DlTlslon—Cottage, 8 rooits, barn. SO foot lot, on Lalt-st. rear Boher-ac, 0; Cottage,6 rooms. :ot 21x190 to shanked aller. on MoaroMt., near UaUted, tjico; ICS Weal Van Bnren-at., 2-snrry hoofe. 8 rooms, ird lot, f?,SCO; 792 Follon-ah, a-atory bow and lot, |3JSO{ Corner.sroom.*,cortcrPtorta and andlot,readba-T>, fWCO; Cottages 3 FrK»-place,aad lot, *3,0X7; Cottage, 5 rooms, and lot tert front, on near Fulton-et., 12,(00; new Cottage. 3 rooms, and lot, on Morgan-st-. near Barrlsotvst., |Wav. Alio, a large number of house* on leased lot*. S on Van Buren-sh. near Halsted*6t* fI,W, 52.700, and fI4W); No. 1W South Sangairon-st- leaaegS orryfar. *1.6C0; a*OEwlng-su,#S». a C. MOBirr » CO/Beal Estate Brokers, g Metropolitan Block. XT'OR BALE—By J. H. Keeler & Co., F Ecal Estate Ageau, 139 Booth Clark st.: warren-st, sew two-etory boose and lot 30x133. _ Cortui-sL, tvo-ftory house, No. 13. between Baa* dolph and Lore, f niton- two-story honse. near Msr-.«t._ Jackion-ti, two oew hcoses, between Tbroop and Loomis. PfOrts-st-, No. 2-15. two-slory house and lot. West Lake*sr.,No.6lo. store and dwelling snd lot North Bide--49T two-story house and lot 5»J25. North darkest. No. 951, two-story bouse, lot 5Qx 130- Beveral flue I-'ta on Jackson, corner ol uneoln-st. Desirable residence lots on Peoria and Jadaon-sta. FOK SAI/E—House and lot on Twenty* flrsl-lt.-f3AOO. House and two lota on Carroll-sC—(SACO. House and '0 te-t loot in Cottage 0 rove—*s CC<7, House and 33 fret lot on Dinsiou-st,—fiffiiO. Two houses onW«uCworth-st M both House and lot cn WalnuMi—MAoo. Hon. c and lot on Carroll-st.-j9TS. House, bilck. 150 feet lot, on ewlng-st.—£UOO.- Plantation. 1.100 seres, near Natchez. Miss. ADAMS, SHINN & EVANS. Real Estate Brokers, northwest corner Maalson aod Dearborn-its. FOR SA-LH—House and lot No. 104 West Adams-it. A- very cheap place at IIS.MO, half sash, balance one year's* eight per cent. WAR* BEK t GOOUKICH. 125 Psarooro-aL, 800m8. 4 TTOK SALE—Cheap—Tbe marble iront r tJtseUine, No. 377 Weeff Waablaglon-st. D. J. LAKE. F)R SALE—Gen teeF Wabasb-ay. resi dence,. with lot iOxiGO, near Zhlrldge coart, Tm roost thorough built two-story »nd stone basement trametaonseroatlie avenue. Seated pj steam through one, in dee repair, and containing air modern Improve* roeots. For atkat-claas residence, tne most desirable one that has' Seen offered this Terms favor able, inquire or A. J. AVEBELL, Beal Estate Agent, Boom 7. Metropolitan Dlocff. FO SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate AgeptkvNo -t Metropolitan Clock; two new two-story and Homer, Mansard roo& 14 room?. «il modern improvement*. and ioSvwlth barn, cn Carpenter-et., near Washington. FDK SALE—-Two first-class bifek resi dences on Centra av., Wcat Side. ISOZET ft CUM MINOS, 9S LaSauc-et. T7OH SALE—The three-story brick r house So 248 NorthLaSsdle-et. AUotfffekhoase KiHO North ICueker-et. Apply at the law otflee of AttNOLP, PAYSON ft GEffiQORY. gg D carbon.-ft. TTGR SALE—House and lot No. fll Hal* I 1 ared-sh, oew boose, ten rooms, ft*. Price.f3.soo. WARREN ft GOODRICH, 223 Dcaroorn-st., Recta 9. FOR BALE—Three-story bnck building addict 20x190 *fcet on Mkdlßon-st. near Welb-tCt three story frame building and lot 33x190 Icet, opposite the Post Office: 40 feet on Narth Lasalle-st* in as ex cellent iteration : 40x100 fcct’on West of Dfll»«rd-9t., a corner lotRB feet oa Ogden’s sUp near the Archer road; 79x90 ftet, with brick bnttdlce D6xSJ.f lU-300, os Fnlton-st. nesrthe river; a splendid lotfor acimoiacioryoalllcairan-fit. H. C. MUKEi & CO., Real Estate brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. Fm BALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real FatatrAkeott,No.4 Metropolitan Block,anew frame bouse ora room*, water, cm, sewerage, marbli mante.' 664 West Washington-*!-,near Lincoln. FOR SALE—House and lot on Mtchi* gan-»r„ t>tween Twctty-fourtUand Twenty-flfth ars, lot 33x170. Price tSfifio. One-third cash, bal ance one and two yesra, at eight per cent. WARREN ft OOQDBICB. iaa pearborc-gk. Room 2. FOR SALE—And Lease—The furni ture ot bmte 213 East Wi-Magtoa-sU. 10 rooms. fßmhbcd and carpeted tbrougnout, with Ica*e of building (two-9tory brick) from isPot May next. Apply on the premises, or by mall, P.0.80x 1974, Chicago. FOR SALE—House and lot in Wauke gan—House containing 11 looms, tn the neutral pari ot tbe city (pan on time.) The lot is UOfeet square. Well supplied with ;rnll and' onnmeatal trees. If not sold by May Ist, it will he rented, to gether with furniture, lor ail or parr of tbe year. Apply lo 77 south Wfttcx-st., Chicago, or toO.S. LINCOLN. Wankegaa> FOR SALE—Three-rtoiy bndc houjw. No. m Foorth-av, only 15.0 - Bali rash, balance on time at seven percent. WARREN ft OOOOIUCH, 123 Deartwrc-gU Boom 2. Tj*Oß SAXE—At a great bargain the . r lots and balldtcoa No. 78 and 8# Orem-sL Water, ca*, and sewers- complete, possession May Ist, This is one ot the-best investments now ottered larhomca. Apply to J.|M. MARSHALL, OTClart-st. FOR SALE— I Two-story bouse and lot, with brick basement-’on Tbroop-sL, Bear Jeffer son rark, tor tale very cheap. Trims liberal. GEO. V. PERU. No. 100 Boom Not H- FOR SALE—House and lot on Monroe -BU, between State-ok and W&bask-sv.' Home has hinerocmi. Lot 89x100 corner alley. Title’perfect. Only ll taken at once. Nicholson pavement as set snent paid for. A fine piece ol central property nr Investment. H«a ercnWtorSTO per month. WAR REN ft GOOPHlcg.’llSPDearbofD-BL. ttewa 2. FOR SALE—Dwelling House, West L<Ue-»t- 6 rooms; leased lot Slf years from the uiofJuly. 19C7;|3ia year rent. Price ft,2)0—4900 cash, .balance in l year. A. J. MILLS, Room 31 Bcyoolils* Block. CNUSPBOVED. FOR SALE—The following real esiate bcl .nslng to the estate of toe late 11. I-. Backer: Lot 13. in iilcck9'.and'«i>ath half of Lots 4 and 7, In Clock S 3, School Section Addition. Sublets L J, 3 and 4. i&Lota 8 and 9. and Snb-lot), in Lot ic, tn Block 29, la C. T. Subdivision ot north west qnsrti-r of Sec. 71. T.S9, B. It. Jx>t D. In subdivision of west ball of southeast Quarter of S»c. 31. T. CC, It, U. In town of Thornton. Lois li. 13. li and I*. In subdivision of 8 anres in north ea/tqnrrter Sec. 86,T. 4% B. 13, In towcol Jefferson. Ten ortei' in Bee. 56, T. 4f, ft. 13. on Milwaukee Flack ilo‘d, acjololne city limits. Sals iM-itive. title perfect, and terms reasonable. T. £. FIiCH & Boom 2,169 Pearbom-at. Fok SALE—SO leet corner ot \v esi Randolph and Mar. 100 feetcemer of WilMrd-plaee and Randolph. 120 lect on Park-av.. i car Oakiiy. 80 lect ca Twentr-flm, sear Wabash-w. 60 lect on Wabisn-av.near I'wentlethwt. Tern » reasonable and part on time*. Two mod cottages on Wes*. one with large ham—cash price $2,200. One tarec two-sto'y tons**, wllh 94 tout of gioond, on West Wasnlr-elon. at *5 OCO. _ L. 11. RUBINbOif, RealK:Utel>ca!er,B-lDfarbom st-, Bcoro 1. TTOR SALE—On the avenues, P 1U) feet on mdiana-ar. comer ftlstecnth-st. 50 lect on Wabash-av. between Twentieth and Twen* ty-flrst-st. :oo feet on Indiana-ar. Between Twentieth and Twcptj.flrswt _ 100 feet on Prairle-av. between Twentieth aadTwea ty-Urrt-it. __ , „ Teo lect on Cslnmct-ar, south okTwenty-fieconu-st. Alsu n number cf fir/t-class buntea on the avenues. A. J. AVfcRELL, Real Estate ctHcoNo. 7 Metropolitan Block. F)R SALE—Lots trontine on West? Monroe and Adsms-iC. rnomne back IS7 leet to an alley,between Lanin ana 'Rraben-sts. Theabsva are the meat desirable residence lota on the West Hide, ard If soidaocn can be nought below the market value. J-. 1). HARVEY. 78 Lnßalle-st. TJ«UR SALE—lsl*3xl9O feet to alley on* _T Monroe**!., between Wells acd Market-su., at only $l5O per foot U taken-immediately. Improve ments included. Those looking for cash bargains will dowdl to take a lorfc as> this property. It is the cheapest central lot In market. Title perfect. WAR* REN, A GOODRICH. 125 Boom if? FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee,.Real Asrntr. Boom Ko. -fcMiiiropolltan Block, gvlnti oc Adams-st, between Wood and flocore-sta, opp> flUaretldenceot Judge Van Suren. T7OR SALE—A fine lot on Michigan- Jj' av.,36Kvllofeet, sear Madl.ioo*st,at a low i>rtce and oo very liberal terms. WARREN & GOODRICH, pcarbom-st.. Room J. FSR BALE—Micbiean av. lot, Dear Ihlrtcenth-st, very desirable, is oflered for a tew days at a low price. Pralrlfav., scar Twenty- lots. J. D.RARVES - , 78 USalle-at. FOR SALE—Three goed lots, near C., B. & Q. Freight Dcoot.' Low price- and easy terms. Aso rcslduucrs In alUirentnarU.oX tbeclty. A- C. BROWN * T?OK SALE—To Capitalists—One of T* thebest River lota Intbc clty.tUuatoon South Branch, near Twelfth-al. bridge, is ottered for sale a lew days. Ihhas a water frontage of-nearly 300 test. Very desirable investment. J. I) HARVEY, 78 La Salle-st. F'OK SALE—An improved comer lot 50x120 toet. comer of Carroli; and win bo solAcbcap for cash. Address "B J B,” No. 68 North Jxderson-st. FOR SALE—A splendid country seal, located oa the west bank of Rocs River, two mues hslow the City ot Rockford, 111., cocslstluz oi S acif s of highly improved land, a large, elegantly fln- Isheo two-sury bouse. coutoißlna 19 rooms, with- cel lar turner thi whole; gcod caibulldiog*. barn, car* rlsev bouse, ice bouse, Ae^&c, and a nearing orchard ofxoapple trees. Grounds the boose well Mid out and Improved, and covered with shrubs an A ever greeas in great vartfty. Also, 306 acres cf torn and Easture laud, acjolnlsg the above, with 40 jurrso' tim er within three miles. The bon* e and larm land*, ta* ken together, make a splendid stock farm, will be sold separately or together. l*nce low. Terns easy. Apply to Dr. O. W. COREY, Rockford, IL. FOR BALE—In a pleasantly situated nod h-fUthy vlllsee, about 30 miles from this city, am'-st desirable residence, containing eleven ro- ma. beside* pinlrlej and closet*, stable, wood and OQ’bousc*. with well and brick clslexr, brick ollar with cement floor, all In good order and House altn&icc in centre ot 3 acres ot glutted, covered with choice fruit aud rbode tre t, grape*, 4c„ twenty rocs from depot, wltn plank waks. vVlji «ell boose, to gether with piano, carpets a-d all household goods, cow. weed and coai and provisions complete, or sepa rate lorulU Forlnformalion,-se&d:Botetoß7XllOn. tblsclty.withnaiueiud address. A splendid chance lor a ready made borne. T7OB SALE—House and lot at Rockford, JC m. A good two-story stone house, with basis ment. twelve rooms, hall, doubts parlors, largo kitch en, two brick cisterns, gardes, wen npallod with, fruit and sbtnbbery, bome surrounded by large shadotMes, an acre corner lot. Is a acMt CMtrable neighborhood, within three minutes walk of the well-known Rock ford Female Seminary. A rare opportunity tor those havlccdaccbten to educate. Pnce &£OO. Apply to °. C. BLACKMER, loagamlolpn-st. FOR SALE—CO acres, consisting ot plow land, meadow, pasture and timber, with good brick dwelling, out houses aud orcnard.tJ miles from Chicago and l mile from Bricßton Stailor, on Wiscon sin Division Northwestern Hallway, price *4,300. Terns fI.COO ca*b, balance easy time. Inquire of tQtKttlbera at limkton, HI. PENKT. MEACiLAM A CO. __ FOR SALE—Tbe following yaluablc property cocn'y. Illinois, at the Junction ol the Ohio A Mis sissippi sad 11 Inols Central B. K,; Eating boas* on the Ohio A Mississippi plauorm.completely lurolibal and doing* good badness. Brick cottage,33 by 32, rew, barn and fixture*. Bara built for a livery subio, tb*re bang none here cov. A good opportnuiur 1* offered. tftU sell on easy rermaor exchange for larmsltuatrcl within SO miles of Chicago. For terms adores* D. B. GATES, Cola. 111. FOB SALE—36O ncies of Inna five tn'les west of Chlcaro, on easy payment. 4M acr?s * f goed land In Will Cionty ut-ar a afrUos, will be sold In parcels—a decided bargain. Also first class tents in Cook. Kankakee and Ford CoantlM, n»ar rallrocus—ail sizes, at reasonable figures. O. 8.P03- TON, No. 2 Smith d Nixon** Building. 17 OK SALE—2O acics on TwelfA-st, . Ibree miles from city limits, lIEES & ATBES, 10 Opera tloo:e» FOR SALE—At Evanston—Per Lenses and lots ol all prices, from HAM to f IS.'.IW, or -V Bcrelbts.ora fuocno mllo Ircm thevlllaac at th; lowettratrsaod upon the best terms, apply to a E. BROWNE. Krai Estate Agent, BTanatoa, op at hU office, ISrlagaile st.. Chicago. FOR SALE—Cheap—A well improved term ol 300 seres at LlbertyvilKljke Co. Will takeciiy property In part payment. PcsscMlon given Immediately, inquire ol G. A. SPRINGER. No. 9 Metropo lian Block. FOR SALE—Or exchange for city property, a bouse, twelve rooms,ham. and five cr Cfteec acres, In Bydo Park. Seen at JOON G. BOGElta* Office at 13 o’c PCS. DILLARD. F)R SALE—In Hyde Talk, good two* story bouse of eight rooma,withweuiatheyard. Lo- 80x180—at a bargain if sold soon. J. B. KJUsLEH 4 CO., R(»I Estate Agents, 129 gonm Qark-st, ££lamro==i9ale &elp. BOOKKUriBIi *AX*B*MW *•. TXT ANTED—An experienced Salea- V T mu-aut beela bnrlorts at once. Rffrr etitx requited J05B» * OBVI3. orsr 133 Dear born-st.. Chicago. TXTANTED—An energetic young man Vy tofolicltadTattsemanU. Apply at Bo>a 18 Bcyni'ldi* block, between 11 and 13 and 3 and I. of V. UABOTHY. TTT/i_N TED—A laboring man, at S 3 f V South Water-st. TTTANTED—An experienced tailor and VV entter. to eo Into the country, A single m»a prelerred. Adatcaa “JEB." Tribune oa«, statin* where aa tsterrlew can be bad. TXT ANTED—A respectable man, folly VV acaatlnted with ino grocery boslncsi, One that understand* Notwealaawwnld t* prettrreJ. Ap ply te JOHN WEIGHT, *J7 Hnb&anS-st., cotntr D«- plaints. _ TXTAKTED—A good hardware sales- W man who really know* the trade of Chicago and Northwest. One who U wlliln* to «*»▼«* itdeilreO: tod bfae his remnnefatlon upon his ic«o tnike aaunuroaliydesirableconnection!Mn addressing, who mu name, references *od an particulars, P. O. Bos ana. Chicago. XX7ANTED—A young man to learn tbs VV dnur and prescription btatnej. drag store m the dtr. The eeccrjrfhl will be required to loan his employer Itorn good secortty, and will reeelTO m moderate addition to a thereof h knowledge et the online*#. Adurcw u COEiIIAT AND DBUQGIST, Tnbaao of flee, Chicago. TRASKS* TXT ANTED—A good practical Brick -VV burner and Layer. Address, with price, WINE -11 AN A WILLIAMS. Anbwm. 111. TTTANTRT)—lmmediately—A ITonlder VV capsbleol doing any kind ot wort, tod tyosll tied to take charge of a fimndry. Beferencea required. AddreM. or call on HAWLETA CO~ PeklD. Ilf. WANTED— Good pattern makers at 57 North Fraattln-st. aSHanttfc-iFmale IBelp. TX 7" ANTED—A milliner, to go oat of VV the city. Apply atD. B. TISKA CO.’S, 33 sods3Lakc-»C, \\f ANTED—Immediately, a first-class Vf dress trimmer, sad three good otftrston on the Wheeler A Wiuca-mschlne. at the L adio* t arnlitlng ttore.SCState*t.- Applyfbrthreedayr.- \\r ANTED—A wet nurse, young and YY healthy. A raittble person can obtain a home for one year. Apdltto Hi*. J. E.CONB, Bonwcooath jc Physician, 233 Indiana-at, Isom 9to K»a:-:a,aßd3 to S p. m. 'fTT'ANTED—A toy good lady Kents. TV Call at Boom US' Block, Desrtflrn-it. Basdcets light and easy. BOUSE SBSTABT^ \HJ AKTED—A go?d' girl to do general fV h-asewoit. Most efcmeTrefl recommended, Applyat2o\t Soatb Sangamon-ec TTTANTED—A Preach-girl, as nurse. VV Al«o. a second girl. Eefetkaces required- Afc* ply at 3i7 aopenor-st. XTTaNTED—A neat and experience* VV chambermaid, at 865 Wahartt-av. TXT’ANTJSD —A good second girl, at 8$ VV Twfcty-Becond-»t. TTTANTED—A good worflan to wash V V an-I ireir fcr a small lan Uy. bV the day, at ths boose. Nose seed seme who cannot, do laslr work well. Applyat 182 Weat Jactsoc-eC- VXrASfTED—At 210 Ontario's!., a good VV plain coot ;-al»o a Bood refe- JEmplogment agents. WT ANTEB^-'ioung men inlbecoun- V V try wishing to obtain situation*. sosß-aa book keepers. clerks. cDliecto-sv salesmen, coodnetois, ex pretimen.ftc, Ax,-to apply at Room 13 FaUertoa B.ock. 93 Dearborn-Bt.. or address J. M. MOORS ft CO n Bex 1707, eaeloetefflOemiUfor fall prrigriUan. TXT ANTED—3 assisunt bookkeepers 3 VV »s esc en, 1 conductor, 2 brakesmen, 1 tremw.l Krter. 3 drivers, 2 expressmen. Aptly at Boom IX illerton Block, 9*Jt)ea»con>-e». Applicants hv mau addrws J. M. MOORS ft CO- Box 1707. enclosing 16 ; cents for reply. TXT"ANTED—TiIs Day—l 3 good men ■ V» to work In sawmill.- Apply at Boom 3 Lfbdt ' gock ,Bandolpb-»t. brtdga. • Jiaan’elr—JCHiwrllanEOUjfi TTTANTED —Boarders by the day cr V v week, at OEORfHE’S DINESO HALL. -No. Sooth Clark-sl. Pnca 9J-ptar wwt Tlcsea lor twes tyone meals, 19. TTT ANTED— ? for one year, oxu \ V hnprond Real EriatA la this dry* worth tour' times thesame. BO2BTftCPMMfNGS,9 S LaSaIIa-st. WAN TED—Men wishing to earn $5 per day above exposes,-wltb|S& to take them to too country, will please cali at 63 West Lake-sc, Chicago. WANTED —Families on the North Side to know that Mrs.- WIsSTTAKEB, 226 cmozc-av., uses every exertion-to supply soluble help. WANTED —One executive agent in each SUte with cash capital Iron* 1600 to 31.000. beveritsnbordlnatcageoU for each State wltn *SO to SIU) casti. The first to locate, the last to travel. En ergetic-men in either position cai ears irom 17.030 to $10,(00 In the next three months; For particular*, call on R. H. ROBERTS, General Agact for toe United States, at Northwestern Bote), Chicago. TTT ANTED—An enterpnsimrmauwitb V V *l o# to SSCO to take an Interest in »p- o-l paving bcainers. For particulars apply akßSom 5, No. 194 South dark-st. • TXT ANTED—A few exueneuced uavel- VV line agents. Apply »t-&9>Waablhgtoi.«st. FJNREB ft LYON a. M. Co. • TXT ANTED—To borrow 1 money on first* VV ela*» real estate. InsumsofiSfidtoSsOoO. Par ties having surplus funds can invest- on shjrt or long Cme, txdtor amounts to snlC thenv by addressing ‘NEGOTI kTOR,” P. O.Bax TXT ANTED -Aroom-iiiate^tDShareiwo VV ■wenCaioUhodrooms.wtthgnodDlaao.ta one of the best new bnlldinst la the cltj.. SsJerecces ro. qulrcd. .Addreia**K K,”lTibnßS office. TXTANTED—A anart man with S2(JO VV capital, toukehalMaterestlathemanafac-are ot aitMto article. Apply at 133 -South Ciark-sL, Boom 6. Xx TAN TED—To give music lessons for VV daybnard. Kjntn Sldeprclcrred. Good refe rencciglven. Cill on or N.** 83 South Clatkat»third floor, TX7ANTED—Wc have constant appll- V V cation for both boalaeaa sod residence Proper ly, (e»pecia|lyflrtt-cia:s mltfenca propel tv) which we ore unable to supply. .7 H. REELGSdt CO., Beal Es tate 1*29 bonth Clark-et. TXTANTED—Mechanics to call at Room V a 2. No. 48 South and:examine a won* derlaSmschlne. TXT ANTED—To purchase- a drug store V 7 la a town of about 7.K0 inhabitants. lowa or Minnesota prewired. None only ihnv* meaning bad ness need answer. Address .“CH &SJ* Bos 2812, Chicago. TXTANTED—A lew tons ntsecond-haTd V V Strap Railway Iren, by THEPESIITIGO CO , North Wamr-*L, North Pier. WANTED— A lew yoone men with $73 to SSO cash, to ensue is a preamble bust* ness, either local or travelling. Cal from 9to 17 and} to 4, at No. BO Monro»*L. Room «£. : \y\? ANTED—Acents—Male and female, . V* In Cnlcago and elsewherc.foranew thing, sure to sell, and pay largo profits. An agent mad* sls m ibis city the tint day. send stamp for circulars, or sail atdsee. Address 47 Bombard Block, Chicago. . W' ANTED—A good, reliable bnsmess mm, having f2C&, and willing to loan it f>r one year, with interest, on good security (la hn owa hards), worth $6/00. Sacha men can bare a situation rtrsTeiilng) at siooper month and expenses. Address P. O. Pox 859.. ■TXT ANTED—Owners ot real estate nav- V v lag property to sell cc- rent, wl ldo well to leave It la our hands, as we have numerous sppitca-, Hoof which we are unable to*upolv. A. J. JlltXS &■ Real Estate Agents, Room 31 Biynolds* Block. WANTED— Prom SIO,OOO to $20,000 worth af drygoods orcJotnlng. fjr which park cun, and lands In Mioocsots and Wisconsin, will he paid. Apply to "I U,” 34AX»a*e-»tn Chicago. TXT ANTED—A toll quartette oi good Vv B’czeraioraehcirina Cattolle Cbnieb. Ad. drees wltA terms and rtirxenccs “ P. O, Box SOV6. TXT ANTED Everybody Ladies, ▼ V housekeepers, merchants, farmer*, mechanic, salesmen ard all niters, to know that by cts. to our adoress, that w«i wiH send you an arttcle.wbich win prove lor Ibelf to be worthy ot yonr attention, "postage paid." This la -o humbug or catcivpennv co; cttd. bat h«« given entire satutsctl .n. whicn will show fully to you, if yoQ.fiiror with an order. Morey by return moll-If not perfectly satisfactory. J. HALL * CO.. IBP bomb room y. 13usin?ss Clftanccs, EOR aALE—Gents* Purnishin^Qoods— Having assccl&ted myself with the otd and popu* lar Gents* Furnlthlnc Hou*e of P. C. Ecmtiton. Brcsd wsy, New York, under the name sod Unn of F. C. Kempton & Co. (the same to take elfect Aonl l>, I of fer my stock, furniture, and leass tor sals, tor ca:h—or will rent sure and sel Oxtnres fblack walnut) at a bargain, ffll. Pi CHURCH, of Wo. P.* Church A Co., 112 Clark*«t, FOR SAJ-E —A house, with or without g&lonn or stock. Inquire at 40d South Stite-SL JOHN RUEUL. TT'OR SAIJ3—A Jewelry Store, with. _fj ttr ck and fixture*, on one of ;ae principal streets oitbochy. For further lofonuallon apply at it. OF PEN A GO’S, 40 Booth Clark-at. FOR SALE—A splendid business -‘chuuce Is oflsred. Largo or.imall capital may be employed, but cot leva than t&L&X. Ft out very large. For particulars address " MERCHANT.” P O Box 1886, Chicago. XU. {TOR SALE—The household furniture 17 of a iamPy. breakleg up. Parlor, ebambef and kltcVn fninlture. All cjmpjcte. Alan bedding acd linen,crcctcry.and glais ware;bo3kcase*.library, Chlskerlng Plano, &.c~, U (icstrod. Lease ot bccaecan bcobtslied. A good oppertontty (bra family wish* Ins to commence housekeeping. Adores Sv "D,” drawer 0125, Chiesg?. ITOK SALE—A letail grocery and f? liquor store, now doing a good basinets. South Side. Reason for selllpa, the owner golng-lnto whole sale borings. Address Post Office box HOP. FOR SALE—A good Cimily giocery store no the South Side, now doing a rood bail nee*. Will be sold tbcap, as the proprietors wish to leave the city- Nmbotter location in t/iacUy- Capi tal ircro 33,W0 to g3J)9O. Address JOHN PETERS, Box 9258.’ F)R SAT.y—Or exchange tor enttaoe and Jot. ou on Jeared lot, the furniture, with year’s rent, of a canvenlent boanuDr bouae. centrally Rested ana fall or bonder*. E. It.COMiUhGd, 132 South Clark, it. Boom 111. FOk BALE—Saloon and billiard ball, with tables and flilatea. a good run of 00-l --ita*. fl’strs'e location on West Side. Price, sb<OOt cbesn. A. J. MILLS A CQ>% Boom 31. IL-yaoWs’ Block. FOR BALE—Lease, stock, and fixtures of a well established retail grocery store, one of the pi-st location; on tlua West Side. For pai Ocular*, Inquire at 449 WestSandolph-at. FOR SALE—One of the Leal boarding bouses in th& city, ni&r Boat Office asd Court House conlalplng2Broomj, all tailitnrd,and having 43 regular bosrden. Call at the office of D. Q. HOKNE. Eaq.. 14 lAnbard Block. 170 K SALE—We have choice houses I? sndbuilneai property to all parts ol the city, and frie s in ail parts of the country, constantly on band. A. J. MILLad CO., Boom3l, Keyaoltfr’ Black. F)R SALK—A fiißt-elass drug store, situated cn one of tbe Uveites*, buslneis streets on North Side, having a bilak trade aids large and ex tensive prescription business. Cheap reu and a long lease. Full nanlcnlars given at the Tribune office. Call at 2113 Npttb Clart-al, 170 R SALE —HaIf interest in a Grocery r Store dolcg a good mall trade. A good resl deccelot taken In part payment. Apply W I. B. AN- DkEWS, Boom 7 Methodut Church block. tOR SALE—Having purchased the (? right to Hathaway’s Magic Match Sate sod Sell Lighter, we oiler lorssleState and caunty rignw la Illinois. lowa, Wisconsin. Indian* and Ohio, small capital required. Fronts certain and satDlacton’. The Match Box with lamp attvebed will De a ncc«- slty la every house. Samples mav be rec3.and eood b*i gains had cfFOSTON d ALLIN. No. 3 Smith 4 MXOL’S Building. Pergonal. PERSONAL— Any one anticipating a trip to Calliorsl* wliln six weeks, would cooler .™“SrSr cni l"lvaialnoa compuijr, bj CHUM at or addressing 83 JscJasn-**- P E^„ 0 -&S«o!?3°BiSSbS asked, Situations ffiaanteo. ntkKm JCHUATION—Wanted, by an expert* • am claaa aeqnatataaea T***}i n vi u f ct,rt Ki Kan***, a position *0 v 5. fof * No-1 mxvrr, d/ar or Lanor nouse. Addt«a“E * uqtuiruw»». CITUaTION—Wanted, by a good book- O keeper tad cotrite:claJ corr?*mnri,nt. Rta re.* eteoce*. Addrtts for one week, ** TRIAL BALASCEJ 1 TxlbnneoOce. —Warned —An expert* kl esrrdtbipDisß clerk deilres a tmtnoa ta too» wholesale b'-nie. Befen to HOfFbAN A TljTOlf, 187 Sonia Water-it. CITUATION —Wanted, by a young man O atcoaebaao. (Scotco.) Has good city reference. Address ** W C,** Tnbaaa office. CITUATION —Wanted—ln a wholesale O cr retail Grccery sjoubj mtaor»U Jean expo ifccc, who nrdertta&d* the business la all ts branches. Salary no object. Address M TC, n Tit bone efflee. SITUATION—Wanted—As bookkeeper O or shipping dark In a wholesale boose. Good recommeadatlons from buttnoa sen in this ettr where I hare bea employed, Address G. YOUNG, ay Latc-it. SITUATION—Wanted—By a yorme kJJman aa *uflneer. One who has bad four year? ”?fSFi e * P°oo reJcrsnce from last place, isqnne atß34Thlrd-ar. far use week. SITUATION—Wanted—By an ecerget- O lc younccan aa a*st*Uat bookkeeper, »hlpplnc derk.or clerk in some office. Salary to object. Ad drew - C s«** Tnhaaa office. SITUATION—Wanted—By a young kTI saalaaderklna retail eroctry stars, cr as trav elling salesman lor sore wholesale rrocery. fla# had considerable experience in the«rocere tndn: also at canvassing. City reference given. Wining to wort hard tor mall salary. Address JUBN HAWTSOBN. Tribune office. SITUATION Wanted —By a good O bookteepe.*, who ha* s thorough knowledre oC tSr luaber business and can kits give fint-rlsas city ref erences. Addre*“CKif,"* Tribune office, Chicago, hl SITUATION —Wanted—By a man of O fifteen year* experience in the hardware boslaeaw aa salesman or to do general work to this lion. r»a remiss rcod rtftrences. Address HARDWARE, Tn bnne office. « SITUATION—Wanted—As travelling O saleamsr.byayonsg'man from New England. Baa had experience fn the Eastern States in several lines of good*. Business done “on the square.” Ad* dress **B A Trtonae office. CITUATION— Wasted —To Mining O to? Completes. A rentrrman wbo Irw fsteiy been, sc'lcr M strtnt or loexl niDScer isr v) Jion Uinlojc Ctacaur tp now Tort wlsbcs-lo prccnre*lli:e«Ua*- tlcnlc’beWertorSoaih. Address Trt -1)006 oSce. ~"W CWEATION—Wanted,, by a lire bttri- O ne£a mao ot Ore yean* experience, as clerk m a retail draa or grocery atorc. wage# Terr Best of xrfemxea given. Addresr L. H. WTICOFT, Lacon, lit.- CITXJATION—Wanted, by a younjj iTI man,rvttfi goed references. In a’dolblm; fcotoe. who vrlabeetb learn the business. Andreas *•+, OV* Best Office Bo* 1320- CFTtlATlON—Wanted, aff bookkeeper Cj a jonue man of eipertecie. In ihecota mlsstoo busts**?. The best references jircn. Address • 1». H. L-.™ Bor m P. 0., Chicago. SITUATION—Wanted, as salesman, O or light portfcr; by a young man cf goodhablt* snd address. (rota irierences siren. Adores* M JM. a„" No 430fronnciaik-at. CITUATJON —Wanted, byayomig man LJ of lam experience, aa assistant bootketwr or .-writing clerk la art office. RecommeuCattcaa true ifomer employer*.- Address “C-,” Chicago P. igox 1387. 'CITITATION—Wanted, by ayoonrman -ij m entry sblpplag clerk, orassislant bookkeeper-. P. O. Box 1674. C2ITUATION—Wanted, by a yonng mao as porter la a wholesale grocery store. tfagea no oyeet where sttentlon'to dodea woold »ecan»-promo tjon. Wishes to learn 4he* business. Has good retar ftpee. Address ** GROCES.** Tribune office. FBSIUBS, CxTTJATlON—Wanted—For a young \J lady, as eopylst os 'clbrft In some good store, excellent hand snd baa a superior ftbenoo. - A4draa M L E.** Tribune odtee.- OITCATION—Wanted—By a lady of n exotrienee. aa forewemaa tn a cloak or drew makißsestahlisbrneat. CaaglWclty references both: as to character acd ability: • Croax* pr*fcmd. Aay onewiablnracall tromme wlH’pleaS« direct to lira. L. 11. CLOAK. Chicago P. O.- QITA’HTION—Wanted —As honsekeep- O erlriaflrst-clasabotel.tyawldowlady who baa had mnhSesperlencs lo that easscity- No objectlon to thecoaairy. Best references’zlvcn. Addiosa,lbr' two dayg,-* r A I* 2." Station B. Chicago, in. OITTJATION—Wanted-*-By a respecta- OMeyokfis woman as seamriressinapmatefam tty—ls a first-class operator on Wheeler ft Wllson’a aao Qrorer ft Bakara Machines, or would like to travel. Chlroraddrsss **A H.” IW9 Pauilna-st. cor ner cf West Side, for rm>day»,fromi3tol o’clock. SITUATION—Wanted —As nurse girl orsecocrfclrLby arcspectablwyouvggirl. Xaa rive good dry reference. NoobJcdtocs to go travel—- Itsgtorthesomsbr. Address V LI2ZI£ S,’ Tribune offlee. SITUATION —Wanted—By a respecta ble girl se cook, washer and treser. Goodref-r --; enees given li feoutred.'two days, 315 Sedgwick at., North Side. CITTJATION—Wanted, by:a girl in a lO respettable-lsmOy, to oo Us&t up pevir*. went and sew. or take care of a child. AOdrci?; f:r two dsyr. “g.c. a,” ChissgoP. o. agents ffiSantza. AGENTS— Wanted—For General L. C. Bakeris HIITrOBY OFTUE SRC ROT SERTTUB. tbs most exdtlar and tntrmtlng bonk ever pnbli-ftod. Thiaworkembraee»aa AUTOEINTIC and OFFICIAL account < t thehnhmo snpnreied facta and Inlorma tlos cbraised by ufaeral Baker, during bu Are year* service aa CLletol the National Oetecave Police. It was announced more' ttao a year* ago, bat owing to the attempts of tbe Government to suppress It, Its publication was deayed. It will now be Usoad. unsltend ana nosbndged. under the supervision of Generalßster. Tholmleiolbrmatton ana measreae counts ot his cpcraUtvos derived trom the eewspaper* rt tLedav. have oolyaxakeneda morelnbsse deJre In the mines of the reading cornmnaity. ro leans still znon-nttbemysteries heretofjrahidden bytbeenrtam cfoOdal snrvtllisncK. Thl» oook ctfectnahy lixu the veil at secrecy and inffsbtireuclr toward reeceea to the Inspection sod -critiekm of toe world. The moists of the Nadocal Capital are thnroughly ventilated, and there are some strange revela tion concerning heads ot nepartmen'*. members of Ctmgrsss, female pardon broken, and distinguished military characters. For thrinuju Interest these tnar- Ttlloxs iitrrstires cl General B*v-r eclipse the ta mens experiences ot Foucbe wsd Vldoeq, and possess the rose merit ot truth for their recommendation, be ing all attested oy the highest r.ffldai authartty. Stndfor circulars, end-see our terms and a full da. scrlpacu ot the werk Address JONES BRUTBSSSft. CO. 148 West FoorauL-, CmclnuatL Ohio. AGENTS— Wanted—To sell the Amer ican Rrpoblfc usd American continent- The two map* sent tree to any adlrrta for SI. Beat thing out tor agents. Also rrty kind* cf charm* sad UK*' klcea of picture*. Address SAMMONS, WHITE 4k CLARR, Ha Lakfrs*;Chhiago. AGENTS —Wanted—Biggest thing out lor Amnia. For'nanlcnlara and sample, send 3$ • cent* to B. D. rttkscs.t. * CO., Jacksonvltfe, W. P. 0.801451. AGENTS —Wanted—To sell the new' picture. THE TOUB OFLINCOLV. LMrral tern 8 and cxclnaire territory granted. Call no or ad dress iCEMMELL, Print Pno.lsber. 12-'tßatvltlpb sh, corner of Clark. Send tor catalogue ot 110 Choice Print!. AGENTS —Wanted—A “eolden oppor* tnnltv"—To sell tickets for our “WlaconunPre-- nmm Gift Concert” Wr 1357 Perrons travelling on other boalceis can do belt. All such should apply. Drawls? July 4th. 1867. parties perlect'y responsible. TenrsUbcral. Agents making money last. Illinois, Michigan and lowa uz sold. Good rciercac'3 r squired. Enelcxe ramp lor circular. Address RODGERS * KIBKDP, Ncenah; Wis. AGENTS —Wanted —600 Agenis want* ed In s new basinets. H. B. s'ttAW, Allred, Maine* A GENT* —Wanted—s2s a dav. JjTi- XjL teen new., articles lor Agents. O. T.'UABXT, Blddciord, Matas. AGENTS— Wanted —To canvass lop. “Life in Holy Land." a work of thrilling Interest, to every lover of sacred literature. Just issued, acd idling rapidly. Eleean'Jy illustrated. Endors'd by the pulpit anupr'ss. Fct terms and teizltorr addxtM. GUDIEN & fIALS- 127 booth Clark*»fc A GENTS—Wanted, immediately—Ex- Jr\. perKnced:canvassentosellthsncbly Uluslrated: "Cottage Cyclopaedia,” complete In one octavo volom*. cfcverl.OCO paces. The richest repository otksowiodgs everbrousbt within so ama'l a eomooaa. Amine ot in-, tellectnal wealth. A gem of literature. An indispensa ble requistw* to every family. Tne beat selling book ts market. Fur terms and territory address OLIDURTI' A HALE. FobiUneis, 127 South Chicago. A GENTa—TVan led—Male and female—• iX To cahvua for a oaelul article that everybody want>; $4 per day made without leavlrg hom&« Sample sod trrms sent oc recrtpC ot SO cents. Ko burnt,ug. Address "ABTIPEyj* Station H, Chicago^ A GENTS—Wanted—“THE BETTER xl LA3D." The most popular engraving to Amer ica, and aaya be« r . " I shall cn-rtaa U among ay gems."—tSr. J.G. Bol'and. **ltsuggests llmChiUtiaa Muse, tbc.cuse of sacred prstry."—L. Mana. Clild. " Ctamiag."—Umry Warn Readier. ” Firm a* mao» mild as wtmiaa. beautiful as Penserosa or Toaar Mil* ton or Rvangeltne. cbeenul as • sweet mzt-en.''hop»- ful oc BanyiD'k Pilgrim, a »oal replete wun faith.look log oat ink* the stillness ot ctcrsllv."— Chicago Tri bune. "Destined to take r«nk with the Soest works oc art ip this country.”—Prof. *HU. oberJlu. College. **Tbeßne*tctestlonol modern art.”—Chicago Jour nal; Bend for circular. ARo tor "TUB" EMPTT BTRIEVE," anew wore by the same artist, and dse tlusd to beeoms as Popular. Addnoa, immediately. ffraDDARD * CO» IQlAVfaahiaeWß-sv. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—A srood. agent In every coonty io the*tes, tase*l me "Magic Linen Marker," the very besfc munoy icaklngpatentevcrtnrenud We otfer-superior lo> uacements to thensht panics. Small esptcal rfr 'Qnlrrd. Address, tzlsh stamp, MORTIMER <t noiir.ean corner Clark and or p. O. Box Gti7. A GENTS--Wanted—To canvais for t\. One worts of art. Energetic men. are mating Irani sjPto <23 per dav. Address, or call on T. J. DuLEN DEUA CO., 3»i# South Clark-at^,Chicago, HI. AGENTS— Wanted—Eor oarhcantifbl engfavlsg "Boms Asaio.**- Largo commission P'laatd exe.uaWe territory alvon. Apply to ar ad orers W. J. IfOLLAND A 3S Lombard Block* Chlcato. 111. jHadiiaeig. F)U SALE—Woodworth planing and tcatrtunff machine* of cWer»nt styles and elaes; oaftSt-mchsurtecer; a full assortment of sash. door and bjr.t> machinery, moulrlnsmacl loe'.wcxxl scroll sejvs, re-sawing machines, saw aronrs, dc., alro, machinery loi Iron rrcrk—engine lath!*, placer*, upnehurillls, Merrlicao’s patent bolt cullers, Darla *• patent. bolt header*. Brain aid 1 * patent 7 [sea—all aft manuiKtare'S* prices, freight wMoL Clrcultrs seat oaappTtcaUoc. MERRIMaN4 WRIGHT, 14 Wella^t. )R SALE—2S,IO and 15-horse power portable engines, and boiler*, vlth ai! moaera im- SHBta.and nil complete, and (br sale at very low prices, by GRIFFIS BROm, 1 * tt LaSalle-tt. (TOR aALE—Portable and Btatlpnaiy I? Engines and Dolters fbr sale cheap at 7£a&l 7* Mlctugau-st, I7OR BALE—R. H. Ames’ portable and stationary Cannes, from 4 to SS-horae power; also, Putnam Msebinaco.N tools; two U-fcet bed 31-lncn, two lOlret brd. 3D and 33-iacn. one 8-;eefr bed Ulnch, one 6-het bed Ft-tnca swing, all acrew-coßlng engine lathes t three uarfght drills. two Iron planers, bolt caller*, saw oi*l«, ehlngl** trills, two Woodworth plac ets ami matchers, Farrar’ssornuera, runup*. belting, bote, flies, C. L. BICE 4 CO- 19 and*! DetrooTp-si. l/OR SaLE—One 10 fen 128 tnchswm*, r fouM3 /cot bad 50 inch awtsi. twi IS foot bed SO Inch »wlns. ttiee s’< fool 11 hicb swing, all screw cuttlcgeszlir lathes, made at Sprmcflel<£ Uats.stz Iren planers, five upright dnils, two Woodworth Placers? and matcher*, two sarucc-m, eeroll-raws. and moulding machines. Ail on band m*»te*tti» MachineryDcpotof DAWKINS Js JAMES. 34 eoatta FOR SALE—Tixree a-cotsc power im- Tight esgica: also sis ciglae*,S, IS and IX-hcrse power. Larger or smaLer esgiaes tur nlshed wim or vrtthont bolters- 1* tubular and iccomotlva op»j«s Ca. tMe,.h-st maM. D jstssssfeif=sak^f*s SALE—Steam Engines—Two CO, oceCdooelS and one S-bor-e power, wIUi boll esaccoptete; tw° IS-httseflM box bollotsj on** Bv».rta aturgle ml l,«rd one heaolcg rounder. JAMES WAB yett, 233 Smte-st. jgetseg. gTattiagja. Set, T7OR SALE—A span cl Hales, 3 j cars r old, well broke and kin Jas kltiras. Ar-t la rood ot?*t. and well saite-t tor my ilghtwagsa. laqairs of COOK d McLAI-N. IOU Chirk-st, *l7 OR SALE—At a bargain a pair ol Ij young black, hem*, sailed Tor light csrrlaga or buggy. Price ixo. Apply at ISO Mlctl^n-arT FOR SALE—Hcrre and harness, with double-seated temlly wagon, all »omd and rood aisew.chfaplorcash. Addreu” U,” Tribin*office. J7OR SALE—Two hea\y bay horses. suitable lor truck or dray we. WlUbeaold singly wUbed- Laabeseenatcarner of Sute-st. and Ar> cner-rcad. F)R SALE—A light bay styliah stage hone, *7 yean old, 1* hand) blgb. Apply »t 094 WaCaah ar.nooi I to?o’clock p.m. ‘ *