Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 3, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 3, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest Slews hy Oce*a Telegraph, Formal Opening of the Paris Exposition. Grand Holiday for the Parisians, One Hundred Thousand People Present. The Emperor and Empress Wit- ness tie Ceremonies, Collision Between English Troops and Straggling Fenians. FROM WASHINGTON. Booth’s Diary-Synopsis of its Cuuteuts. Business of the Senate in Execu tive Session. No Seduction in Currency Cir culation Since January Ist. General Sherman to Pass the Summer in Europe, Unnicipel Elections in the A'ortli- western States. FIIOM ECEOCB. BY OCEAN XELEGttIPn, France* TnEPACIS rxrosmox. . New Yobs, April 2. The Herald has toe following special: Pabib, April I.—The great Paris Universal Ex position was formally opened this morning. Tue •day was observed as a holiday by the entire popu lation. At eleven o'clock the doors were opened, and by tbe time the Emperor arrived there were •live thousand persons Inside. Onislde at least one hundred thousand people has assembled. There were eight thousand police on dutv. and the order was excellent. Every car. Tiage In Parts seems to have been em ployed. The grounds of and around toe Exposition building are In a lamentable state of confcsion. Notcne-tcnlh oftbe goods are opened aid arrsn&ed, but toe French department Is lu the best order; next to the Russian, and third, the English. Ad the other departments arc not ready. The American department is one of tb° most Incomplete, and the Commif-sloners, ex hibitors and Americans generally In toe city, are very dt-satbfled with Commissioner Beckwith. Who appears totally Inefficient. The only depart ment In operation is that of the restaurants; but even here the Americans are behind band. The •Only goods which have been damaged on toe voy ages are American. •‘At 1 o'clock ibej Invited guests assembled in the An Gallery, where America made afine snow, many fine platans belcg exhibited and w<Ji hung, "hot the English display was much crea'er. * ♦‘Whentbe guests gathered, however, tnc su periority of the American ladles was conceded. They were toe belles of the day. ♦‘A brilliant company, blaring with diamonds And orders, died tot central ban, to welcome the Emperor and Emprerp, who came precisely at S o'clock. They drove up a long avenue, covered vito a velvet canopy of green and gold, decora ted with flags and llmd with soldiers. They adffctea at a splendid pavilion, specially built for toe Emperor. The Emperor Im mediately reappeared aud gavo his arm to the Exupress, tud proceeded on foot to tne main door. Preceded by the chamberlains, tbe party passed around toe entire gallery, nearly a mile Jong. The Emrmor spoke a few words to each Commission er, but at the American departromi be stopped with too Empress and bowed to the crowd, who Were cheering hearthy.- The Exposition will not be ready nclil May. Onc-calf of toe sosce is allotted tojFrancs, -ad that Is not complete. Tbe English are very strong In oachlneiy, beating the Americans iu that department. Tbetc is nothing like so many stingers here as were expected. The number of Americans is not much creator than usnil every season. Prlcrt hurt cone up fearfully. The hotels raise itelr charges flTiy per cent efier this week. It Is useless to come to see the Exposition before ilay. fcri-at Britain. TBounLr with -xuz mruse. London, April 2. A despatch from Dublin says : Troops search ing, yesterday, near this city, for Fenians, found three fully armed. The troops fired upon and killed one Fenian. One, who proved to be the notorious Mac-urc, was captured. The ether es caped. Denlin. April 2, A despatch from Cork reports a flghl In tae vi cinity of that city, this morning, between the treops di d a hand ot Fenians. Several rebels Vine taken prisoners. Bom cnarxfl. London, Apnl S. In the Bouse of Lords, last night, the Duke of Buckingham, Colonial Secretary, said the pros pective transfer of tbc Bussian North Amenon Possessions to the United Stales was a matter of indifference to England. itast Indies. TOE COTTON OELTCBE. London, April 2. Advices from Bombay state that the growth of cotiou m that region la greatly Increased. Latest Foreign lilarkcU, Losdov, April 3—Noon. Consols, 91; Erie, 39J*; Dllacls, 73*; bonds. 75. London, April 2—Erculnc. Ccasols closed at 91; Five-twee lies, 75; xunou ■Central. 79; Erie, 29J4. Feasxtoct, April 2. Five-twenty bonds. 7s. Facts. April 3. Flve-tw entice, 84fc. Fads, April 2—Evening. American bonds, 81 J*. Liverpool. April 2—Noon. Ccuos dull and slightly declined. Brcadstnifs dull: prices advancing. Com quoted at 40s W. California wheat aevanred 2d lor white. Oetf firmer at IDs. Others unchanged. lITEEPOOL, April 2—p. m. Cotton sllgbUy dechucd. Milling. 12*4. Breadstsfls firmer and advauciog.QCors, 43s 6d iormixcdWeaiern. California wheat advanced 2d— quoted at ISs £d. luvrcpooL, March 2—Evening. Corton—Cloaes dull. Sale* ot 7.V00 bales. The clos ing quotation for middling uplands was 13*S13d. Ad. Tic-s from Mu cheater are unfavoranle. Breadstuff*— Finn. No J red -wheal, 13s sd; white CblUhma, 1 5* cd. Floor, 3Ss. Com, 41s—an advance Of7d- Bariey. 4s 6U. Oats, Ci Sd. Provisions—Generally uncharged. Pork, 7C? DccL TC7fCd—as advance of 3i od. Bacon, 4Cs Cd. Chsttc, Cd. Lore \9s—a docJne of 6<L Prcdcce—Unchanged. JFiiOM IVASULSGrOPf. [.Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wasihsoton, April 2. mCCTUT BUSINESS. He Senate spent two boms and a half in Execa live session to-day, Meet of lb'* time was spent On the nomination ot Census Kennedy la place ot Agricultural Newton. He was rejected after a lull discussion of his case, by a very decided vtte. A lew Senators do cot like NewJoa, bat think him preferable to Kennedy. The esse of cx-Gor ctnot Bradford, for Surveyor of Baltimore, was laid over ull to-morrow. Maryland Unionists are working against him. Nominations emit in cambered about eighty, about hall belter Post masters. The Austrian Mission was not filled. Ex-Senator Hama line been strongly recommend ed, and eome Senators think It will be given him. If one of the nonr nations were of special note. It is erpoctca that the mote Important places will be filled to-moi row. it la thought that Captain Sebastian will be statin as Postmaster for Cin cinnati, assurances having been given Mr. Eggles ton to that effect before he left for the West to night. insEOCCI WAS CLAQC BILL. The Missouri SlllUa Bill, which failed to reach the President for his signature before adjourn ment, was considered Jn Cabinet to-day and no decision reached. There Is no opposition to the provisions ol (he bill, and the question of sign ing U wilt be settled in Cabinet on Friday. At tbe worst there can only be delay till Congress meets, when the bill will be at once approved. so cssead's NOMINATION. There Is s good deal of interest n the question of making Rimsscan a Brigadier General in the Regular Aimy. An effort was made loget at his cate in executive cession to-day, but two or three Senators were not ready. He will be strenuous ly Opj oetd by several Radicals, but as Morton. Jtdeo Hall. Senator Cameron, Genera atfi other strongmen are making it a per* ccn&l matter to secure hla confirmation, it la thought be Mill oc successful. POimtEBK HENTntEST. The Stor, which speaks the views of the better portion ol the old residents at Washington, in its lestic lals evening says that, while it places no corfidnvc, in vbc br- tent, apparent food will of the ioMbcm rebel, towavd, Ure rccoosttac- Uon or Conurcloo.l plan, Ibdrconrec b Insur esll* adoption ol s new ConrUtuUon by every Utely rebellion, Sl«te that win cmbrece universal (nSrac-. and will open ibo mind. ot alt SooUiern whites, substantially inlv-rested m a speedy im provement of everything around them, to the fact that the great Republican party of th e North mean the South no harm, bnr, on the contrary, it is the only Northern political organization capa ble of lifting the South oat ox the slouch of ae- Fpoid, and siding In the development or CBftrml acd intellectual resources. nioisTßAnoa nr waamvor Itturr-sootUialiannywhlicresldei. 2sh- Icgton refused to voters, for xalghtbe drawn as jotora with tcgroes. All ths Democratic papers publish articles 10-day show ing that colored men cannot be jurors, aad urg ing (be whiles therefore to register ‘mmediatcly. tax corrEnnuAns aunmixT. Doohtle baa relumed from Connecticut, and Is In high glee over the result of tbs election. Be and Dixon ray the sober Jodjroentof the people is beginning to work, and express confidence in the belief (hat the whole country will endorse the President’s policy before fall. Dixon is willing •o forgive his Republican colleagues in the Sen ate ii tney will restore him to the committee posi tions he formerly held. OUDKAXCE CtTXSTIQATIOir. A Joint Committee on Ordnance constating of Senators Howard, Cameron and Drake, and Rep- Jefematlvef vchenct, Logon and BuUer,mjt to day, authorized the Chairman to cat! on all the Departments for Information and documents,and teen adjourned till the 29th of May, when the com mittee will meet for active business. THE SEW THE ATT WITH SUSSZA. The Committee on Foreign Relations hare not yet reported on the Russian treaty, and as yet its dlpcosslons bare been of a very general and in formal character. Senators are very cautions In (.sprcetlng on opinion as to the expediency of rat ifying, and scan anxious to get the sentiment of the country before voting. panpoxr. The President for some time past has been granting but lew pardons to Ihoso engaged in re bellion, although there are a large number of petitions before him. FLOUR COKTHACT. * The Comml&sarv Department contracted to-dty for six hundred barrels of flrul-class flour at rales from Sltrifl to $ 15.17; 1,290 barrels sccoud-clajj at from fI2.SC to $13.47. general snraatAir has received leave of absence from the President and Genera] Grant for such lime os bo desires,not exceeding four, months, and writes to bis friends here that, accompanied by his daughter, ha wBl during the summer visit Europe, and perhaps the Holy Lund. rsiox Picmo batuioid. The affairs of the Eastern Division of the Union Pacific Railroad being under investigation by Congress, It la probable that the President will direct (hat no more bonds or land! le issued thereto til] the matter is concluded. . OmCE-SEESEBS. The lobby of office seeker* has not decreased any since the Congressional adjournment. Not less than SOO cuch persons were hinging about the chamber nearly all ire afternoon, at a thire are fresh arrivals 10-nlght from Ne* Yj.fe aid I'enneylvanla* PIXASCIAL. It is nrderstood that the Stcretary of »be Treas urvbassotavanedhitaae'f of (he law allowing him to retire four millions per month ilnie the Cirai of January. a. j. aorzruz- A. J. feels highly Gated over the small gain in • onrerutut, and tliinks itttte mininff of thi tide in hia flavor. Firm ILLINOIS COLLECTION DISICJCT. Thenoaiina-lonot Wm. Kellogg was returned by ibe President to the Senate this afternoon. Mr. lugcrsoll wanted it taken up lor final action, hat title was not done. He aud Kellogg were In the ohby nearly all the afternoon button-holing -cnators. It is not known wlun the caae will be -ef.lcd. . BOOnzV 2JZAHT. firxr iouK, April 2—lhe New York Times' sftye: Jlie dlaiy taken from the body of Booth mil be given to the public inafewdira Judge uolt baa testified before toe Judiciary Commit:** that (be diary was given to him, to fgtoerwito too other articled found on BootoTlm nKaiatciyon tie arrival of tie captors of Lbo as aselnin Washington; that the book has been in Lis possession and control ever since; that It Las not been allured in any particular; that übra it was handed to Llm eighteen leaves were cut out; that the diary cimmencca with April 14, the date of the assassination; and the first entry slates that on that c«y be (Booth! hod prepared a communication and sent it to the Salioml I/iUUvjenctr. cl vine ca account of the purposes of h’msclf and his cwicflemits; that the remainder of lie dia-y con cert of aclerificatlouof hUnself IBoothl, whom he likenea to Brntae. and a denunciation of his victim, whom he calls “a tyrant," <fc<u Jtraee Holt farther teetifl‘d that, in bis judgment, toe diary toed no light upon the cate, and he did not deem It proper to ofier It as evidence. 'ihe publisher of the Intelligencer testified that be had not received toe communication Booth pretended to have sent to that paper, and finally that there is no evidence that Booth ever wrote a 'toe In the book other than that winch Is found EXECUTIVE BUSINESS, TTasbixctok. April 2.— Tbe President to-day communicated to the Senate a huge number of oumiu&rivns. The only business concluded In F-xccuttve session was toe rejection of Joseph C. ki. Kennedy, Commissioner of Agriculture, and ..i ntiiiyj. Commagcr, Postmaster at Toledo. Ohio. TUB TBXATT WITH BCBFIA. The Commitiec oo Foreign Relations have not vim to a conclusion cn tne Russian treaty. sarmtoßE natiokax. bakk. The National Mechanics’ Bank ol Baltimore has, oy the prompt aud jucicloos action oi llsdlicc :«-r?, through Ihe Comptroller of the Cnrreccf, i* en enabled (o report to its stockholders an un impaired capita] of $400,000, aud is tons sav-d rom the me- ;slty of liquidation at toe bauds of a receiver, its capital has. by vote of toe Board of Directors, been increased to tie original amount of SiiW,OW. WATtoKax. rntAXOXS. The public debt statement will be forthcoming -m it nr, day. Coin balance in Ihe Treasury, $107,0- 0,03), including about si6.ouo,Oo(j of cold certificates. CU*TO2IS RECEIPTS i R’-celf ts from customs during March were nn nsUßily large—sixteen millions. Internal revenue i e- eipts appear comparatively small, and amount ;o fifteen millions. uevisiok or- the xixtzawb. The Secretary of the Treasury, in reply to a m tolutlon, has sent to tbe benato a letter to toe cure: that the suggestion as to & revision of Ihe mint lasgisasabe-jci well worthy of considera tion, there being many particulars in which the usilng laws are unaciapred to toe requirements ol com »»wce aud tne greatly increased production t ’ l ••union. Many amendments have recently ->vcn proposed, among which are propositions for -he mint to relinquish toe refluing or gold and -liver and leave that business wbo'lyio private tnd the repeal of toe coinage charre. d ufcontcxoftfsirgaoy opinfoa nuoc these sub lets at toe present Dme, he transmits a comma j catiox fiom Louis A. Garreu, of San Francisco, j.rmerly an officer of the Branch Mint, and ■ ow connected with an extensive silver refinery. Je sa*s a coroplet * abrogation of a>J taxes and e- tricnocs upon mining enterprises, and a repeal •i alt charges at toe Mint, would tend to develop he country aud enhance its products. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS* WAsmsaTcs, April 2. , SENATE—USE CD J’l V E SESSION. Mr. JOtINbON roietoaprlvtlegel qtte s tlonand ■Mcnccu Mr. Philip Frank Thomis, Senator -Icct ficm Maryland, against the charge contained .u ibe report of the bank of in 1362, hat he, w hllc Secrolaryjol the Treisary, failed to lovjrjs for tec payment of interest on ihe public rebt tailing due January, IS*>l, Mr. Johnson to be read a long letter from Mr. Thom *s n defence of bis loyalty and official conduct, bowleg that he successfully made such oro l.'lfE. Mr. HOWAKD said he had brought this matter beiore me Senate tor the oenvfl; of the Judiciary Committee. He was no accuser or prosecutor, but it did seem siraegethat although ihe report was m«de five years aco, Mr. Thoms* bad not nn <il rccc-rity, beard ot fl, notwithstanding extracts were published In the JVa'ional lnieltij c ne>r in M«y, INS. air. JOHNSON explained that after leaving Wa«Blnctou in 1962. Mr. Thomas went to his farm and aid not see the J/ileUyjeaeer and only sub scribed to the Baltimore Sun, On motion ol Mr. JOHN&ON, the letter of Mr. ihomas. defending himself against the charge of treasonable conspiracy to damage the public credit, was referred to the Judiciary Committee. The senate iben went into Executive session. THE ELECTIONS. Connecticut, H Amronu, April 2.—Return* of election in this Slate are nearly all in. The following is the re sale wjthn a fraction: The Democralic Bute . ticket is elected byTOO majority. Tne Democratic majority on Congressmen is 1,800; average Dem ocratic majority on the whole ticket, 1,230. Hotchkiss, Democrat, is elected to congress from the Second District, by 2,500; Hubbard, Democrat, in the First District, by 600; ffm. H Bammn, Democrat, elected in the Fourth District, bv 500. The Republicans elect Starkweather in Tbc Third District, by 1.7C0. The Lccieiature la Republican by a small and reduced majority In each Bouse. municipal Election. JACSSONTttLS, ILL. fEpeclfll Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SrnnforirLD. HI., April 2. At the municipal election in Jacksonville, yes terday, the Republicans elected (heir straight ticket by majorities averaging about four hun dred, with toe exception of one alderman. FiiErronr. 111., April 2.—At the municipal ejec tion here yesterday the Republicans elected their sualglt ticket, with tne exception of street Com mlmoncra, Alderman and City Treasurer. The contort waa very epirtled on botn sides. rVANSTULX, XKD. (Sp« rial Deapatch to the Chicago Tnbnne.] EvAKeviiLß, Ind., April 2. The aty election yesterday resulted in a com alclc Union victory. The Democrats made no nominations, but omblned with bolting Republi cans (o defeat the tegnlar tickeL After a severe < outer!, the Republicans carried a majority of the Council, and cieclcd their entire anr ticket by average majorities of ibrce hundred and fifty, which is a gam ol one hundred over the last city i-k-cuon. * MADISON, WU. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, April 2, The election In this dly fo-day, in couseqncnce of a general apathy and local ls>uca resulted in a complete defeat of the Republicans. The vote tor Mayor Is, Vanhorn, Democrat, KSB, Proudfit, Republican. GCB: Democratic majority 249. Ma jority tor I! mhard, Democrat over Delta, tor Trea surer, »s yi9. The Dfmocrata elect seven out of eight Alder men, and toe Council will stand nine Democrats ;o three Republicans. A light vole was cast—l,4lft—about SCO less than ut the last election. jnziTinsz, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, April 2. The municipal election passed otT without much excitement, as tor as the Republicans are concerned, many not taking the trouble to vote a - all, while the Democracy, chagrined at their terrible defeat last year, redoubled ifcclr effort? »na tuccecded in carrying the election by about I.2CU, iwlug -00 lets than lUnr usual majority, uon. E. O’ri'icl was elected Mayor. Antr two or three more defalcations, the Re poblicane will arouse themselves to a realizing ecxibcofthe importance ot a Republican city gov ernment, and make a proper cflort to secure it. KimOHOA, .... , . . Kenosha. Wls., April 2. At the dty election SL H. PetUL Re publican, was elected Mayor. H ST. TAUL. JON. Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.] _ , St. Paul, April 2. Jhe Democrats have carried tho dty by an un usually large majority, oils bas 1,035 majority for Mayor, and Sprigg Hall 000 for Judge. The FUlh Ward elected a Republican Alderman, bnt no o'ber Repnbllcan la elected in ihe rliv TheSecoi.fl Ward cave 310 DemocraUc ma’ior »ly, the Third Ward ilua. and Fourth aya mw, result was partially owing to the 111-advised man- Lcr In which some Republicans conducted the campaign, acd the Importation of voters ana the extraordinary activity on the part of tbs Dcm ocrats. CINCINNATI, Cincinnati, Aprils.—Fall returns from an the wards give Charles F. Wtletacx, (Union.) for Mayor, 4,-Jiio majority. The average majority for ih» whole Union ticket is about 5,000, showing a Union cein ot abemt 1.&00 over last fail. The election for Couucilmcn shows foorieoa Union men and fifteen Democrats are elected, a gain of one Democratic Connctl'maD. The new Council tvijlfitandtncniy-six Union and ten Democrat*, the tom] vote of the city u about 84,000—0,000 lees than last toll. DATTOS, OHIO, Dayton, O n April B.— ihe whole RepabUcaa •vy - ■ VOL. XX. ticket Is elected, the avenre majority being 4W— a Republican grin. Th; D.aocrats gain two Councilmen. [Sj-eclaPDespatch to the Chicago Tribune.! hr. Louts, April 2. The election to-day ba« hardly elated ordina ry attention. All the efforts have been on the part of the Conservatives, who have spent conald eratle money In vain, as the returns show many heretofore prominent Conservatives voted the Radical ticke* to show their disgust of the Demo cratic rebel ladles. St. Louis, April 2.—The election passed off qui etly to-day. James 9. Thomas elected Mayor by Z.DOO majority. The vote was light. TOrZEA* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Lzavkhwobts, April 3. Colonel C. K. Halllday was elected Mayor of Topeka on Tuesday. BSRii au* Dejtvzb Crt, Colorado. April 2.—Municipal elections occurred in Denver and Central City to day. there was % spirited contest between the candidates. Negroes voted without disturbance or molestation. LKAVXHWOCTH. fc*T. Louis, April 2.—John A. fitlderman, anti- Radical, was elected Mayor of Leiveoworth yes terday. Bon. Sam. Kemble was elected Mayor of Lawrence, Kansas. Politics did notenter into the election. FROM ST. LOUIS. Tire Work of Bcconnrnctlou on Use JLmdcil Already Commenced—Rail, rood Accident*. Ac, [Special Despatch to the ChicagoTribune.] Bt. Louis, April 2. Work on the ruins oftbeLludell Is actively pro creating, with a view to immediate reconstruc tion. The old materials are being removed, and lie chaotic mass of lubbiah is gradually undergo ing redaction. Cut stone and brick work In the edifice, in its new form, is being rapidly repaired for that purpose, and the labor department is eyttcmtulcally organized to carry on the work. A scaffolding is now in course of couFtructtou alone the Washington avenue front, and the re moval of the stone and iron work Is progressing, each piece oeiug numbered as it ia carried away, and nut where it can be easily reached, when it will be used iu its appropriate place hereafter. Mr. Walsh, the architect and superintended, is giving bis ’personal attention to the work, and by means of the stsiem be ha« established thcie, a large amount of the material will be saved, and will be as good as new. The subscription lost nlgbl to rebuild the Linde)] was about f 120.0 JD, iu addition to which Edgar Ames proposes to pat in the ram* and (he ground for stock in the 'new Hotel Company. There Is a very general disposi tion to reconstruct the building. A freight tram ran off the track on tho Terre Haute Road, Sunday morning, throning twelve care off. Nobody was serloualv injured. A freight train on the iron Mountain Railroad ran oirthe tract at hall-past two o’clock yesterday, near Victoria. The mall train coming north col lided with tho cars on the rear of tbs freight train, damaging five of them considerably. The passenger engine was much damaged, the smoke rtaek and tead-tight being knocked off and the tender considerably The damage to the engine is estimated at $2,000. it wIU take nearly MOGO to repair the engine and cars. The accident is attributed to the carelessness of the employes, in failing lo have a flag out op on the rear of the trait, alter the first accident nad oc curred- MEXICO, Advance upon Vela Crux by the Üb. era is-X tie Surrender of the City lie* mandedand Kelased— Diaz deported in ypcbla—-Maximilian at Qaerelaro -Ihe City Closely Besieged and b<i Troops Deserting, New Vonx, Apnl 2.—The Herald's Mexico cor respondence says; “The liberals have advanced so closely upon Vera Croc that the Imperially fixe upon thixn from the walls. A surrender of ihe city has been demanded, aud rcfa«cd by Gen eral Gomez." It was reported that Diaz had partially occupied Pneb'a. Official news from San Lula Potoal to tor lllh ult. is received. The expected battle near Qucrctaro has not taken place yet Escobedo has been appointed to command toe concentrated armies or toe North, West, nod centre. Trevino baa succeeded Escobedo as Command er of the Army ol toe North. Maximilian and bis troops were at Qneretaro fortifying toe city. The liberals occupied Ineatanc'eua de Lbs Yacas, nine miles west of Qneretaro, on the Ce layaioad; Santa Ross, ten miles north, on the San Buis road ; Cuerta del Cheno. eight miles east, on toe road to toe City of Mexico, and Ajur tu, close to the south. Tbe city was therefore surrounded on ail sides, and communication was entirely cut o(T. Maximilian attempted to seed rcconnoitertng parties out, hut they invariably went over to the Liberals, it la stated that 'be troops mslde were very much neioralized, a* a all the natives would join the liberals as soon as they have an oppor tunity. Tbe Imperialists had about 4,500 men tn the City of Mexico, under tfobra. Moat of them, however, hare been forcloly taken Into toe ser vice, bdo canroi be relied on. Generals Diego, Alvarez, Rfva, Palacco, Mar tinez. Loam and Neica a&dotoers invest very c’oscJy toe Cilr of Mexico, and had already iso lated it irom Ihe interior. Puebla was delended by 2,000 men, under No vi ego, ai:d Genera) Diaz, with 8,000 men, had be gun bl operations to like it, Should Uarimillao le captured at Qneretaro. as It is confidently ex pected te nil) be, Mexico and Vera Crux will sur render without filing a single shot more. SBPKEME COURT OF ILLISOIS. | Flmi Day’s Boslnea, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Ottawa, IU„ April 3. At a Supreme Court. began and held at Ottawa on Tuesday, the 24 day of April, 18C7, within and for (ho Third Grand Division of the Stale of Illi nois. Present the Don. Pinkney IL Walker, Chlsi Justice; the Hon. Sidney Brcesc, and the Don. Cbtiloeß. Lawrence, Aasoclale Justices: I?o.Rule lor joinder by to-morrow morning. 31. Dan’l Baton et al. vb. Albert D. Sanders ct als. Submitted by department in error on briefs t > be Cted. 32. —Dau'l Eaton ct al. vs. Damon T. War.en et air. Bam" as 3). 35.—Rule for jo ndcr in error by plaintiff’* at torrey. by ibnrsdaj next. 65.—Same rale as Wo. 9, on Friday next. Bc.—Motion Tor additional security Is supersed caa bona by Campbell. IIS.—By agreement time to file abstracts extenj co to lOtn matam. H7.—Continued, with alias sci/ri faciat to Sul- Hvan. 1 9.—Fame as 118, on motion of Dickey. 134.—Aribnr Walters vs. Henry Iff. withcrelL Enlctojoln in error by Saturday next. Hugh Mcher. Impl’d, «fcc-, vs. Marla Ball, ndminltba'riz. Ac. Petition for rehearing. 146.—Josh. Mont etal. ve. Isaac Cook. Same as O. 14S.—Motion for time to file abstracts for ten days. 349.—Same as MS. 156.—Rule to join in errors by 4th Instant. Court adjoumea. FEOM NASHVILLE. Explosion or a Bogns Insnnnee Com* pany—lts Swindling President De camped-Salt to Obtain tbe Custody ofa Cblld-BuiguaUonof the Hebei Judge Frazier, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Jijksnnzxe, April S. Lenalrc, Vice President of the Cumberland Val ley Inanraicc Company, departed for parts un known to-day, forfeiting bla bond of *2,500, given by hia father. Not one dollar of stock bad been paid in. Some respectable men had bees unwit tingly inveigled int j tbc concern as officers. Governor Rrownlow has appointed Horace £f. Damson Chancellor of the Nashville District, tice Campbell, resigned. "William ti. Ryan, the supposed murderer of George Walton, In retaliation lor the murder of ble iaiber on Chris-mas, has been arretted. Ills widowed mother icsldea at Xenia, Ohio, an exile trum a desolated home. At Triune a woman of bad character applied by writ of habeas corpus for the custody of her darghtcr, abandoned in Infancy to the care of Its grandmother. Chancellor Campbell, on a bear ing of the case to-day, decided tbat tbc child should remain with its grandmother. The child is twelve yeara old, and remarkably useful. Edmund Cooper announces himself as a candi date for Contacts in (he Fourth District Articles of impeachment preterred against Judge Frazier were lo be t> led bylhc Slate Senate next month, ins rralimatinn being received the (rial cannot take place. RECONSTRUCTION,. Elections In Virginia Temporarily Soft pended—General Swnync’s Adminis tration in Alabama—maryland Folt> ties. Riczmosift April B.—General Schofield has In dued sn order suspending all elections nnili reg istration is coznoietcd. In the meantime, vacan cies occurring will be filled by the Commanding Genera). . ** MofttooiirnT, April General Swavne, who is charged with the administration of'thc Mili tary Bin in Alabama, says that a litoral com. pllance with the Civil lights BUI will oc exact ed, and payments for services rendered the State ouring the war aie peremptorily forbidden. Genera) Pope will establish his headquarters at Atlanta. DAX-ruionr, April 2.—ln the Superior Court, to day, on the application for an Injunction to re strain the High Sncrifl of the dtylrom holding an election tor members to the Constitutional Convention, as autboiizcd by the lata Uyiialamrc, the coon declarcQ Us want of jurisdiction as a court of equity to decide a question or a political nature, especially involving tho sovereignly of tne jiolillcal power of a State. The court therefore evaded fiat tie application tor Injunction be re jected and the bilj dismissed with costa. FROM SEW TORE. An Absconding: Agent— Brutal Treat ment or a tbild-Tho Waihlngton Notional Book Fraud. Kew Yens, April 2.—Wo are Informed that O. U. UerdwicL. alias O. Harley agent of a well-known Ann In this dty, bag absconded with cash, notes.accounts, and two horses and a vegou. Ibc last heard of him he was in Chicago. The book trade sole to-day passed ofl at remu nerative rales. A man named Vanderbilt, residing near Uack etcack. New Jersey, haa been arrested for treat irga girl thirteen years old with revolting cruelty. Ibc child was taken fren the Asylum tor Orphans and DcetUale Childrcnu. New York to do gen eral bonsework. Ills alleged that the child was tied up by the wrists and whipped until her flesh was rnoiy mangled. The child succeeded In escaping ami matte the facts known to the neigh bors, who ibrestened to lynch Vanderbilt, bat were dhenadedby a Catholic priest. Judge Barnard' in the Supreme Court to-day, discharged J B. btoort, on a charge of conspira cy to flfiraud the Government In the matter of the Merchant*’ National Bank of Washington, but held Leouaro Qnyck for examination. THE LOWER MISSISSIPPI. Nmnernn* Brenba in tbe Levees—The lilcheta Portion of Bontliwcsiem Loufaiana In Danger of Inundation— Buck Suffering Predicted. nnmcroufl breai. In the levees assnie the devastaUon of the rlchtut poitlon of Southwestern Ixmlslaui. way ol tbe grand levee at Morganrla overflow* seven parishes. This was one of ttm bugSt works of the kind in tho world, and was but re cently completed. Work is progressing at Roman Crevasse, fifty six miles above this city, with some hope of closing it. b The most recently reported break is nine miles below Baton Rouge, which will do imTT»«na? damage in the overflow of this section 01 the eouitry, and cause great suffering among the Jioorer classes of whites, and thro wLhottsands of reedmen upon the resources of the Bureau dur ing the comingseason. tar WAIT BROTHERS Advertising Ag*u 186 receive advertisement* for all the leading papers throughout the United States and Canadas* ©enreal Notices. NOTICE. At a meeting of the Stockholders ol the Chicago Fibre and/aper Co’y, Held April 3,1567. the Special Charter In corporating said Company, with n capital stock of 8300|000i with authority to In crease the some to 81.000.00(1, and confer ring on said Coir pony special aqd enlarged privileges, was accepted, and the Company reorganized under the same. Thl* Company Is now in successful opera tion, and It propones to Increase Its business, and for mat purpose it authorized Us Presi dent to receive farther subscriptions ?to] its capital stock to a limited amount. Accord ingly, the books of (he Company will beheld open for a few eavm to receivenabxcrlprioas. bnbscrlptlonswlllbe received at the Office of the Company, No* 170 Kandolph-st. thus. s. dh;kekson. Pres. NOTICE. TO PAPER MANUFACTURER! The Ohlcavo Fibre and Paper Company have purchased the exclusive right to vend) sell and use the process lor the manufacture and blenching of paper palp. Known as the AIRECfI PROCESS, In the States of.'Ulchl enn, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, lowa and ill inn carta, which process is se* cured by inters patent (ten In number), an d lean efficient and cheap means lor convert* in? (Ibrons substances, such as straw, grass, wood, dire., to palp tor the vaanfnctarc of paper- The controversy raised by the Hydrostatic Paper Company ih at an end, as this Compa ny have never proposed to bleach stock by (be dm- ot a Rotary vessel, either by pneu matic pressure or otherwise. But this Com pany are tbe owners ortho exclusive right to bleach by pneumatic la all closed vessels, w hetber rotary or otherwise, and no person can law!ally use pneumatic pressure for the redaction or bleaching of paper stock in closed vessels, within all the above-named •Rates, wilboqt oar license, nod this Com* pony hereby slve notice that tbty will pros ecute all persons who Infringe tbclr rights. THOMAS S. DICKERSON, President of the Chicago Fibre and Paper Co'y, A NY PARTY DEaIROUS OP EN JX. GAGING LS THE HOTEL BUSINESS, And who can tarnish a CAPITAL OF SIO,OOO May leant of a fine opening by addressing - H D," P. Q. dpi t23G». Chicago. JJOPJE KDBSBKT, 953 NORTH (,'I.ARK-ST. HOSES IN FULL BLOQU-CAIX AND SEE THEM. Boqnets, Cresses atd Wreath*. _ F. WILLIAMS. City limits sna Fnllerton-sr. cars pass the Nursery. CRYSTAL LAKE IO E ! For tbe coming season orders maybe Isft at our Of fice. Ko. 9 ke/Qolds* Block, corner Madison and Dear bom-sift., *t A. tooth's Oyap-r Depot, nnd i»t oar new CRYSTAL i^ATCF. Branch iceGoascs, at Michigan-av. near Slxtecnth-st. Allordcn will be promptly attended to. CHICAGO ICE COMPANY. JAS. P. SMITH. Jg, Superintendent. 'J'HE SUBSCRIBER DESIRES TO RENT A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE ON WABASU flit fiIICQrUAN AVENUE, north of Van Bures-it. Possession roqnlreil sl»r Ist. B. V. ViDICRIStsON. T OsT DISCHARGES. we have received from the Second Auditor the (■lurlal form ot apollcaUon for additional bounty ot f-tOO.Where addlcr* bive ton trclr dlrcharcccctua tales. Soldiers so allotted should apply at onco to XJIOREKSON & WEUStEU, NTetaj Duplications. THE AMERICAN LAW REVIEW. urns, brown & co.. 110 WaiMngtot-sU Boston, PUBLISH APRIL let, NUMBER THREE OF IHE AMEHTCAH LAW EEVIEW. CONTENTS: 1. The Law ot Sales—Delivery. IX. John Marshall. UL Teelimony of Pmoaa accused of Crime. IV. Leiisifctive control ovar Railway Charters. V. Law In Rttnmnce. VI. plgestot the English Law Reports for November and December, 1566, and January, ISG7. VH. Self cied Digest of State Reports. VHI. Book Notices. IS. List ot New books published in England and America since January ist, 19C7. X summary of Events. This Review Is published Quartcrlyat a subscription price oi (5.C0 per annum. Slrgle Numbers, |l^3. X3T Back Numbers supplied. Northwestern Insurance ant) Mercantile Journal, TOR APRIL, 10G7-BNLASBSD. INTERESTING AND VALUABLE. Ctnfrxjrrs—Ftanda on Inarraocn Companies, Con mcrcisi iravelcrs. Accident insurance. The Prevention of Dietwe, Imperlsl virtue. The Tax on Cotton, Out raceoua LeeHaliop. A Lest Policy floMer (part third). Hlslorv of the gtnt Music Ronic ol Root & Cady. Rif. tory of Gilbert A Ssmcsen, Carelessness as to Fires. Thirty-four Years Age, Business Chaagc*from Feb-a ary 2»tb, Monthly Digest of insuraoe-. Mercantile, Fi nancial. Mining. Manufacturing andLtterary News, Slt ple copies lb cents. Annual subscription *1.25. Address all commnnlcrtioc* to “Kdltor Nortawe«tern lusaracce & Mcrcamlle .Joornal." P. o. Box ifla. Chicago. WESTERN NEWS COMPANY. General Agents. DlanKss BOUNTT BLANKS. •In cases where discharge papers are lose* Act March, JBC7- For sale by CtTZiVSB, PAGS & BOSTV'S, 128 and 130 Lake-st., Chicago. Publishers of all Binds of Pension, Bounty, Com terclat *nd Law blanks. bend for one of our new catalogues. Ready Msy Ist. arransportalitm. 0.0 ODKICH’E SIEaIIBOAT LINES. For Grand Haven and Muskegon. PROPELLEU OTT A. W A. , On TDURSDATEVENINO, April 4tli, at 7 o'clock. Poets below iinsh-!t 1 ridge. 1 Doots Sc Siloes. GO EAST? Bay Chicago Wort. KIP BOOTS, 543 per doz. CALF “ SI “ “ High-cut Bal. Brogans, $27 per doz. Boots warranted Pert Chicago custom made. Send tor complete Price List iu Journal cf Comatrce. E. CHAFIN’, 141 Klnzie-Bt, fflasomc In oiicjs. TlT^SONlC.—Chicago Council, 210. 4, IJI R. & S4SI. There will be a Stated Conclave at their Loll in the Maraulc Xcnpic. THIe WEDNESDAY EVENING AT 7* O'CLOCK, fcrbnelmst and work. A fall ard prompt atteedanrp is desired. Per order otT. 1.0. U. w-aaacc A. E. CLARK. Recorder. asttoiosg. \ 3. IL4UBICE, lies) PcicmiEc As- J\ • trolo/er of America in Chicago, last arrived worn StwYotk City. C«n be co&tuUeuat No. 249 Stuth sutc-aL, on the east side of street near WDAt. Callatallhcars until eight to tbe creator- Ladle*' and gcnUtmen'a toe, IX each. CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 3, 1867. CtatjEte, ©il ffitoti);-, &c. pST The Oldeat Carpet Ktocwe fttt the WeaU CARPETS! CARPETS! |3?“ Oar Stock in the largest ever ex hibited Weal of New York. We guarantee oar prices to be as low as any House iu the United States. CARPETS! CARPETS! Carpels, Oil Cloths, Curtains, Math esses, Matting, Feathers, &c„ «fco„ «feo. CARPETS! CARPETS! CARPETS! BARGAINS! AT TUB Great Carpet Hali

HOLLISTER & PHELPS, 135 & 137 Lake-st. Do cot fhll to oxamlne our stock before purchasing. QAEPETINQ t CARPETING! Tho finest asd most extensive as* sortzcout of English and American Carpets, SZattinga, Oil Cloths, Our tain Goods, &c> In new asd elegant designs, at EXTREMELY LOW PRICES! JOSEPH WEST’S CARPET WAREHOUSE, 70 X.A.KIE-ST. 153 and 155 Labe>st. CARPETING! Carpets, Oil Cloth, Mattings, Curtain Materials, etc. We offer 8 LARGE STOCK of the abOTfl Goods the recent GREAT DECLINE IS PRICES. Al;o, ao co (entire stock ol DRY GOODS. W . B. WOO r> . Ocean gteamergs gTEAM TO UVEHPOOh, drc., CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, From Pier 4,1, North Kiver, New York, cai rrlnir Unlica Htaiss Malls. HUMAN MAIL LIME EYEKV HATDUPAT (mall steamer). EVKUY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer). Cable. ISO to f 110. To London, f 9 extra. To Pari with pnrlleeocu stopping in Lirerpooi aud Londoi flO eitja—ail in gold. UhTCHN TICKETS. GOOD TILL DSHD. AT RE. DIICKD RATES. • UeadhiUt on application. Cabin plans on view, sed bertha cr rooms secured on application at Western Agency, .11 Dfarborn-st., Chicago. , JAMS 3 WABRACK. WM. INMAN, Liverpool. VISITORS TO THE PARIS EXHIBITION. Partita In tiding to Tint Europe this year, can hare Hate moms secured f r the jnocitu ol April, May, Jane and Jnly, by mating timely application so tbs under- t l 'f£%.cUf£! of . ttu S 4 ? ll * ,sOl lt,a regular mail iTEASISnUt, alAOcf the magnificent GItE&T HAST* KUi«, can be Tltwod. and bertha chosen, at ay office. Ihe advantages, locoiufDrtiu>daafnT. ol rrar-Hmc- W Uie KEOCLAIi LINES, accustomed to t&a trade In* -lean of by a crowded excursion steamer, are ohvtoni BOUND TRIP lICKETB. either dirrt\oEmnc°Vr uith tb* option rfttnpvtng in England or .Scolfand es rente, firsts. to Pari, and bac. Taxy£rom«JM to WM in currency. and are good ler 6 and 13 mostbi. and longer hr special arrangement. Second cabin, to * ranee direct, only *l9O cnrreccy, round trip, single tickets. flat claaa, ler 9110 to 9?io. v tßßie Apply, personally or by mail, at General European a Americas Steamship Agency, 31 Dearborn-st., Cbl* C JAS. WABRACK. l?KOM HEW TORE TO FRANCE A’ DIRECT. Steamship Great Eastern y 818 JAMES ANDERSON, Commander, Having been thoroughly refitted, with especial refo* fence to this service? will leave York AI’RLL 16, MAY 28, JULY 0, Tonng first-class passengers only. Passage (In cold or listtjulraleit) lor April trlp,9Bo. 1100, 9130. ac cording to location and lire of room. Return tickets at a redaction ol 9-W. until August. fOrruil Information and passage. apply to WEUJLTARtfo A CO.. S X Broadway, s’.Y. SEtotnes anir <£orhage. 'J'WINES, CORDAGE, ETC., BTC, GILBERT HUBBARD & CO., DEALERS IN TWINES AND COBS AGE, 205 * 207 SOOTH WATBB-ST CHIOAOO. The largest and best assortment in the West of t'O'iiOK ANDFLAXDDCK, all widths and weight! A>T) TaUKED HEMP ROPE;. * ccrrroh seamless grain bags: DDiiLAPs ’ fcBS^?^SS-So r ®^ D raTns .° COXTOA, FLAX AM) HEMP TTFLVES Ol every description; Cotton, Flax, Paper and jute Vr rapplusTwincs; Bell and Bash Coras, Ulll Nets and acmes, with every variety of Seine and KettlngTwinc. Tents, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins. X 1 Xj O- S Of Bilk or Banting, as per Army Regulations, con stantly t n band and made to order, o. rrcBDARD, j. b. luarm, oeo. b. caepxxite. asaoob aitb ®oa!. WOOD! WOOD! At Deduced Prices! 200 CORDS OF Seasoned Beech & Maple Wood, —AT— S 8 per Cord, -IN- A. S. BAILEY’S YARD, SOUTHWEST CORNER Market and Yan Bnren-sts. M. N. HOLT, Commission Dealer and Shipper ol COAL! And Metals. Orders oiled for LEIZIGQ and other Coal at miners* prices. OfOco No. O, Front-st.. KcwYotlt. grpress urontpanirs. 'J'HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - $20,000,000. owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CABBIES BY EXPRESS. Money, Valeo bleu, Freight and Parcels, over more than 13.000 miles ot Express Line, nt Jaal and liberal rates, saves Million* yearly to, Ex press Shippers, and can be mode permanent only br their liberal patronage. This wo hope to merit and receive. Office, Hos. 103,105,107 ft 109 Dearborn-fit. B.S.OOOraB Aleah liatents. CTZS *W S I X3SO , OB« jam A patent hu recently been taken out far a light portable Picket Fence, emlnvntly adapted tothaWeit era country, either for yard, village, or farm, combin ing ebeasnefis, durability, convenience and beauty in a greater degree than any other fence ever offered to the public. Fo‘ta that will never rot—Picket* without nail?, and more reliable than any other. Foatt without holes, and many ether novel pilots win be shown hr the patentee, who Is sleeping till Saturday next at the Paclffc House, eppotitaSouthern Michigan*; Kockls land Depot, acd pledges himseff he wul satisfy every one who will call and give it an examination, that it Is tho cheapest fence that can be made. The right of Western and Southern States will oe sold on reasonable terms. Also town, county ana individual rights or will sell an undivided Interest In the pa’ent, fat a great advantage to the purchaser,) conncct-dwtth or with out iso acres valuable timbered land, located Id the oil regions near Tideonte, Pa. Communications addressed to WM.KEVINS, Box 977, TUosvUle, Pa., will meet prompt attention. SlrfSOO TO ©3,000. THE NATIONAL COW MILKER. For sale. State Rights of tho above for Illinois, Wis consin. lowa, Michigan and I’hlo. The simplest and most Defect invention ot tho age. Full partlcularxby applying to Room 14, No. H 7 South Clarx-tL, Chicago. K. B,—No c but principal?, with the money. Will be (rested with. WLattyw antt Jetoelrg. QPFIOE OF ROBBINS & APPLETON, 163 Broadway, Now York, Feb. 1,1567. THE AMERICAN WAM CO., PF WALTHAM, STABS., Give notice that they have appointed Messrs. N. Matson & 00. JETTEIiLERe, 117 jLAJKIE“ST., TBEIB SELLING AGENTS IN CHICAGO, Dealers and the public ■will find at all times la the bands of ibis firm a Tery large stock of the Company's producers*, to be sold os low as they can be bought In Now York or Boston. BOBBINS & APP2.BTOW, GENERAL AGENTS. jFutiiilute. CHAS. TOBEY, 87 & 89 STATE-ST. Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS, £C, Of 32vory Description. Partioswantingsneb goods will con sult tboir own interests by examining my immense assortment of now goods, prices, &c« Chicago, March 23, 13C7. 330 r jpactorj). 'J’HOHAS GOODWILUE, NORTH PIER BOX FACTORY! Strawberry Boxos t per 2,000, 56.00. Crates, to bold £8 quarts, 25c. to 50c, Packed in bandies la Quantities to salt. A:«o. a general asoortmett ol Packingßoieaof every ducrlptl jn. kept constantly on baud. 2121 antes m *** GROCERY WANTED Dy a young man ahls to sell goods with any man It the business, at rcMOLablo wages. Addreu •• p fb.' Tribute office. ’ A foil Quartette of Good Singers for a Choir ta a Catholic Church. Address, wUh terms and ref-.rences, “ B," P. O. Bax 3060* TXT ANTED— 1 YV ONE OB TWO First-class Carpet Salesmen Can find employment at HOLLISTER & PHELPS’, 'J’O ARCHITECTS. A first-class Draughtsman Can find steady employment by immediate application to ' E. BUULING AcO., 116 LaSallfrst. 2To Kent. T'O KENT— _ A SMALL FRAME DWELLING on wabash-av.. four doers north of R. It. croulnsr, with all tlie modern improvements. Carpets (laid oco year) will be Sold to the tenant, 11 wanted. Inquire ol R. L. LARIN, 763 Wabash-av. 'J'O KENT— A COTTAGE HOUSE of font rooms with pantry and closet. $l5O north of furniture for Sale. Apply cn premises, 607 Carroil-st. <TiO BENT— A SUITE OP FISE ROOMS. On the fir t Coor or ’Murik Buliainc," No. 53 Dear hern-et.. suitable lor Insurance, Commission or Law yers'offices. Inquire of GEO. K. CRITTENDEN, Room No. 7, asms floor. 'J'O RENT— Unices in tbo Chamber of Commerce. Offices Nor. 1 O and IS. on main floor. Apply at Office Nc. 3 8. CUA9. L. RAYMOND, Sec'v. grating. SIDE RINK- STILL OPEN, DAY AKD ETENEVG. dissolution, ■pkIbSOLDTION,—Tiic Copartnership X.J heretofore existing under the firm name of WkNTWOUYU. IllliiSAßD & FRENCH. Is absolved by tit death of Mr. c. R. P. Wentwortn. All boil ness of the Isle firm will be settled ny the tmdcrslgo cd, who will continue the Commission Business, Under the firm name ol HIBBAED & FKENCH, 123 Siazie-strooU Chicago, Anrll 1.186*;. Ijlartnetsijipg. /"“lOPARTNEKSHIP.—The undersigned hare formed a copartnership under the firm natneor WiNANS, MATTHEWS & CO., To continue the COSmnaglON BUSINESS Hitherto done by WTNANS & CO. Ur strict and prompt attention to baslncs wo hope to merit tae con fidence of all who may bare occasion to deal with os. K. WIN ANS, p. p. Matthews, L. WINAN3. Tho undersigned hare formed a copartnership under the firm name of HUGH M’LENHAH &CO. TO COJtTUm TUB COKKISSION & PORWAfiSZSTG business. hitherto done by n. McLennan. Office re moved to No. 1. Otla Blocß, corner LaSalle ana Mad- Ison-sts. HUGH McLENNAN. WILLIAM DICKINSON Chicago. Aprlll, ISC7. wiv*ui*ua. HSge anh 35ar. J)R. UNDERWOOD. fiTS JLSip SAB. Ccnsnltipg and Operative Burgeon for all diseases no determines ol the Eye and Ear, waeasea 6g~Cro6s Eyea straightened in one minute. .-{Financial. $15,000 TO LOAIV For five years, on improved lle*l Estate In this city. RUZhT & CUMMINGS, OS LaisLe-St. ■JVTICHIGAN SOITTHEK.N & NORTH iU ERN INDIANA R. B- CO. No.lh WiLuxs Sntter. \ , K*w TOEK, March 13, lj«7.J Tfcannaal c.ectlon lor Directors of this Company wju be held at the Company’s office in Toledo, onto, on Wednesday, the JUth day ot April next sc noon. polls will remain open oLtliap. ra. TncStotk iranifer Rooks will be closed on thehotb li« »■’r, a ?H on the 23th proximo at 10 a. m. u. I • OARUTDT. Secretary. fßchicai. Tj'PFERyj&fiOING CITRATE OP J"V Magnesia, in 6-or bottles, in powder. This mar- PI* 1 * *• » purgative and soeriect, very accepta ble to the stomach, for sick headache, sour orsic. stomachyand ail febrile cases. For sale by mostDror gists. Prepared by ARTtiCU ROGER*. 193 Spring-si., New York. Business fflarhs. CHAS. A. KERFOOT, FANCY SADDLERY, AKD Horse Clothing, 87 &andolph-at> 3 Chicago, TRIUMPH SOAP THE BKriT IN THE WORLD. TRY IT. BHOPIIT & CO,, Sole Mannfatlnrers, 382,364 & 386 South Clark-Bt. STURGES, M'ALLISTER & CO., COMM ISSIOX 3IEECHAKTS yon mx axis 07 Wool and Woollen Goods, Nos, 2, 4 and 6 Buah-st., (North ecd Bajb-st. Bridge.) CHICAGO. BARTLETT, HOSWEU & BUSH (Successors to Rawson, Bartlett A Co M ) BOOIMD SHOE JOBBERS, S O XiAKE-SV. CHICAGO. SEYMOUR, CARTER & GO., Importer* and Jobbers ol Hosiery," Gloves, While Goods. NOTION-, TWINES, &c* Ifo. S 3 LAKE-ST. Sole Agents tor BlgeWw’a ‘■STAB" Paper HOWE STANDARD SCALES. Chicago Branch Office and Warehouse, 100 & SOI Baadoiph'st, JAS. T. WHIPPLE. Agent for the HOWE SCALE COMPANY, Chicago lead and Oil Worlis, Car.Clioton Sc Faltoa-els, West Side. E. W. BLATCUFOKD & CO.. Jdanatictarer* of Lead Pipe. Linseed Oil. *beer« Holloa Linseed OH, baraadPlffLcadtCSronDdOti Cake* HT Cash paid Car Flax Seed and Old Lead. X WILLAED POS, WINDOW GLASS 2 0 3 XiASB-ST. H. W. & J. M. WETHERELL, Importer* and Wholesale Dealers la Millinery and Straw Goods, 90 « OS LAjKE-ST., CHICAGO. 42 Walker-st,, Now York. Wiucox anißßS’ I SEIVI.VG I. WACIIZNB ‘•lts ’seam isVmonger and leu liable Co no in nw or wear, than the loct-stiteh.*’ —i •* jartee*' Re port," at the Gram Trial.; j WSead (or the f* “Report "and oam-J pl-aof worE.conl Ita-ning both kinds' ot stitches, on| — tte asme piece of ttooda. L. « ORijSELL &CO,Osa. Agents, 11 3 Lace at., Chicago J jOMo Stone Ware, Botkinslmm and Yellow Ware, SCBASTON & CO- 117 & 119 Horth W atcr-st. JOLIET BIOTO CO. B&xcracrcitrna or BATS BBXCS,rZHB BBZOS, Sower Pipe aad Praia Tile, Office and Yard, Corner of Polk and Wells-sts. J. H. KEELER & CO., Real Estate Agents, 139 South Clark-st. Attend to Purchasing. Selling «nd Leasing Beal Estate, Renting Homes and Collecting Berts. JAMES n. mt«. CT.A.HK M. OtKB. GRAFFLIN BROS. A HALL, Bag Factory. Seamless Bags, Gunnies, Burlaps, Wool Sacks, Cotton and Paper Flour Sacks, Ac. * 13 South Wolls-st., Chicago. M. TEBHU3VE, SHOW CASE, WABEBOOMS, SO’o. 235 Xials.o a st. WYLIE A ARMOUR, Oils, Paints, Glass, 121 South Watcr-st. AMERICAN CLOCK COMPANY, Sole Agents lor the celebrated Seth Thomas Clocks, AT7D DZJXZBSCt jCXiOOSB & SECOIiATOBB orznsT pxacaimos, SJo. XXO Xials.o"St, •SMITH, BENKAM & AIKEN, IMPORTERS OF Crockery and China, And Wholesale Dealers In .Carpet Warp, Battlng,Cctton Yarn,Twine, &c. 151 LAKE-ST., CHICAGO. j SICKELS, PRESTON & CO., I , WHOLESALE HARDWARE, Cntlcry and Tinners’ Stock. 333 X.4KE.ST, CHICAGO. NOVELTY CARRIAGE WORKS, A 4 Adams-st. the ? mo *« a first-c’ass TOP FUGGY, ragged *o that the top can beta ben off in one moment. No rattle. Also, Skeleton Wagons and Sulkies, 01 enpcrlor make. Repainting and pairing promptly and neatly done. THUS. O. BROWN,‘Agent. HEW ftTVT.-p.ft LADIES’ SATCHELS. An IMMENSE STOCK said New Styles for 18G7, at CHAS. A. ttAVXOB’B 61 SOUTH CLAHK.“ST„ (Opposite Sherman Boose.) CHICAGO GLASS OILDINC CO. AH kinds and varieties of sign Pain ting. _ __ GLASS ADVERTISING TABLETS, RAILROAD BULLETIN BOARDS, Office and store Shades made and lettered to order. tUOO * 85Z2218, 68 aiONBOE-BT., (SeartoePost Office.) NUMBER 297. igugincHg earns. J. FREEMAN SILKE, PRACTICAL ACCOUNTANT, Boom 17 Smith ft Hixou’s Bußdiog, 108 SOUTH. C£ilßK-ST. An experience of nearly Twenty AS Bookkeeper, both by Double and Bloals various kinds of business, and a thorough knowledge of Mercantile Accounts, ecahlee me to offer prompt ard efficient serrlee In tag* „-,_a *m Settlement, Posting Up and Balancing of Book;, And bringing the affairs of any office or humess let convenient order. I give particular attention to the settlement ot ConwacAT*j> accounts, Ssratcs. CoPomr*eamp». Insurance Losses—Fire or Msrlne-lgxxKMat, ttsruck ictTLEis, or other matters reqolnag iKUI ana experl ' ®N ***WNW * 1 - Mil la cases where the lull services of a Bxikkeepcr aro not required. 1 will, for a moderate compensation, giya each occasional se meet os may be needed to kroptne booLa In proper order. * Papers, Contracts, Agreement*, Ac* EETAIL DEALERS, Contractors. and perrons doing business oa amaii caeltoL will And my advice I eanTiaihori lime, arrange accounts so oi to suit the peculiarities ol each ki*d of business, and to diract taelabor of a general clerk as to hare the accounts kept In dtodsp system with little extra expense. ¥ v* v * Competent assistants always at basd. All business strictly coafldeattol,and prices moderate. X&TBdCXSj H. Bcoyll, Patent Aledicxaes, 131 and 138 Wabttb-ar. C. r^. W. Jongc. Sec’y Mot’j Sec. Isa. Djchß&frtorey, Dfnrcists, cor. Dearborn A Baudolph. A.C.&O. F. liadcer,Bankets*&i Deotbora-st. v bcammon * Lincoln, Lawyers. Marine Book Bmldiag. A. H. ettr Citrk, City Hall. JohnF.Curtis, Prof- B'keeblng, Bryant* Stratton's. B. Burliapim * Co* liardware,44 stalest. Wm.Coler* Co* Co>isn>»ealo6. 213 South Wateret. John Berry, Jr* Boos keener, Ann Fuller, Finch* F. SMITE & JENNIBON, Commission Merchants in SEEDS m FLOUR 182 Washington-tt., Chicago, PXiOtm: ST. 1,01118, MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, WISCONSIN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS BRANDS, Constantly on hud tor the trade. CLOVER, TIHOTHT, BED TOP. MILLET, HUNGA RIAN, OSAGE ORANGE. In lots to salt purchasers. a. C. A 0. F. Badger.Baaters? Wra. Blair Hardware. (J t S* HUTCHINS & CO., Commission Merchants* CHICAGO. Agenta fbrT. Kingston! A Sons* Oswego Starch. Hatiland, churchman and ENGLAND, 47John-sC, New Tort FRENCH CHINA. We are receiving from onr tactory In France richly dead tet. COOK & FARLEY, ''?• t' wp■ n re ,->orle-J dyelnz U.E aouon, AHE STILL &Ll>£ Tv) Dye for the Living! Old and faded clothing made to look eoual ton*v Brlcslni year old clothes and have them Dyed and Repaired at oar Uld Dyeing Ettsbllthment, 195* SOUTH CLAHK-ST. N. B.~SuUtacUcn guaranteed. “OLDER A.3JAXFIELD XL/ 137 Klnzie-et.. MAHUFACTDBES CIDER TETEGAB. Highest price paid lor 9QUB CIP ER. A LBERT PICK, il Importer of and Dealer in China, Glass and Qneensware, CDTLEKT, BRITANNIA AND PLATED WARE. Mitt Randolph-ar, Chicago. gMOKED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IB PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND 7 SMOKao MEATS. ICO BOOTH WATEB-BT. JFot Sale. ’T'TTO LARGE, LIVING BEARS! FOIL T.TT, Fcr ORE DAT ONLT, at the UN'ITKD STATES REPRESS OIPICB. * ST Call early. poR sale— AT EVANSTON, ntw Dwelllnar Home, with lot 150*200. Pike 18,000. HUGH A CO,. Ho. 1 Om Block. pOB SALE IN NEW YOKE CITY— A long Established Business In the beat part of Broadway, •* West Bide." _ A largo and profitable business has been done la WHOLESALE 000 DS ’ Swi tortiM iS?s£&iSHSiir “ JO " *» 1190 a “"» TPO CAPITALISTS. H»rtac decided toreucqcla^ bdOaaafw^ l establishmentforsale. Onrboosewm* O&TaBUSBGO IN 1845, Has been in exutence 31 years, and la now pia* d on * Bate, Arm ftno permanent baalt, and to men of capita) wno are aesirooa of embarking tn a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and Jobbing only) tnunrZ BenU aram and valuable opportunity. Our stock U full, embraces none but the moat staple roods, the business Is In perfect running order. » wvu *» H. BUSWUkTH do SON'S, Wholesale Drngriats, Milwaukee, Wif, pLAX SEED. FLAX SEED FOB SOWING. Choice and well screened, lbr sale for cub. Alio, flue Ground Linseed Cake. Highest price paid for Flax seed to ern-h. at GOULD BbO’9 j.mssed Oil Works. 44 to 30 West Cbarles-Bt., between Van Boren and Harrison. iJeowng, &c. gg bandolpb-st. PIKE & CAVANNA, DEALERS IN FDR\ITU R E AND BEDDING. Also, Agents lor PRESTOK A GRAVES’ New Patent Rotary Extension Table. abberttelng agents. TO ADVERTISERS. Advertisements or Notices Inserted In EASTERN NEWSPAPERS, WESTERN NEWSPAPERS? SOUTHERN NEWSPAPERS GERMAN NEWSPAPERS, RELIGIOUS NEWSPAPERS! agricultural newspapers! PICTORIAL NEWSPAPERS, Periodicals. Magazines, Journals, Ac-noon the most favoiable Unas, by COOK* COBCRN <fc CO., Advertising A penis. Office 87 Dearbora-it., Boam 11. Sea <Soo»s STORE, NEW GOODS, LOW PRICES. EOSENAU BROS., 06 LAK33-ST, We win sell the balance of oar Damaged Gcols at oar 2fow Store, at a GB2AT SACRIFICE. Sentisttg, rpEETH. "no EXTRA CBAEQE for Extracting Teeth WITH* OUTPAlN.bythsuMot Nitron*OxideOaa,whenar* tlflctai ones aie Inserted. at TREGO’S Dental Kootss, 73 South Clark-sfc, Chicago. Sew Teeth inserted ttne day ■* eanacted rpjEETH EXTRACTED X without pain. DT THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, 118 Dearbonnc (Times DoDdlnc.) They ore trash ynzeimrona oxtne Ota, which U safewhaapuru and jnoicionaly irtmt nutated. iSußiness ffiatbs. J, BAUER A CO., Jtoratteara, topontn at Insienl ImlnuntßliMil Strings Alto, Whoi«a>e Dealers ta PIANOS & ORGANS. NO. 63OBr0R6w»J.NEWrOBK. *.W WIiMttWst.CBICAGO 81. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, 116 Bandolpb-ot* Teeth Xztzmeted Without Pain ftsr si.oo, By tbd nse ol Nitrous Oxide Gas. or Vi tsllxea Air. Teeth Inserted on the Vni caelte cr Bobber Dose lar *ll to rjo a set. IRVINE, JONES A CO., (Successors to Grans * Irrinej WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, 9mm Trlnuniags, 9a - OTIONS. dso., 19 I«AKE-**T« ap-sralr»» WHITTEMORE, CARTER & BROWN. 'Wholesale Dealers In HATS* CAPS.yiILMNEKY AND STBAWUOOUa. A large stock for spring tales, boncht at panic pncea, and will be told at very low estflknraa. lid 13 Lake-st* Chicago- JOSEPH I. HALL A CO. smtrracTußtis or Hall's Patent Concrete, Fire and Burglar Proof . SAFES, 05© Vidor Combination locks. 93 DEABBOBH'ST. S. M. FASSETT, ABTZBTZO PHOTOGRAPHY. . Of* Picture* taken la dark os wen as in pleasant weather. Gallery, 114 South Clart-st GREENLEE BROS. & GO. Mionitetaren' Agents Lbr ud Dealers la STEAM EEGTSES, Circular Saws, Belling, WOOLLIER And Supplies for Woollen Mlllt, M«<*blß* liU’Toote ol all kinds; aUu Wood Wort* Ug Machinery. No* MDKABBOEN-ST. HALIOCK A WHEELER, iUxrTAcnrrxsa* Aanria ros EXTBBEE AHD IEAXHEB Rubber Goods, &c. 11l Randolph***. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER* AND WARRANTED TO GIVE PER* PEtT SATISFACTION, WILSON BROTHERS SPRINB STYLES. IWSHiTS, BESTS’ GENTS’ BUBIBEBB HATS, TOUTHS 1 DRESS AND SCHOOL BATS. AN the latest and most fashionable styles. BISHOP a BARNES, BARBS BROTHERS. BABSTOWS NEW Cooking Range Cooblcg, Laundry and Tailor*’ STOVES. Rcglsiers and Ventilators, 8 3 MONROE-BT^ (Nearly opposite the Post Office.) BILES, 8R0.&C0., Watches, Diamonds, JEWCLar ANO SILVER GOODS. gy Agent* Ibr Begets. Smith S Co.’s Plated Ware and U. 8. Clock & nrasa Go. cf Chicago. KIMBALL, STEVENS & GOij WHOLESALE CIOTH BOUSE, 64 and 66 MICBIgAN-AT. PHILIP WADSWORTH & COtj Majtctactcezbs u.-p josascs or CLOTHING. 34 656 Laka-st. 95 DeroaaMrs-st. Chicago, izx. Boeros. Mxsa. i. i. M’GRATH, ILiUrTACTUQB A3TD IHFOSTSB 07 PAPER HAMIDS AND WINDOW SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Bandolpi-st, CHICAGO ILL. TURNER, BRISTOL & GDI SXALXEOI3 I Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of Trench aad German Calf Skins, 16 & 18 State-st,, Chicago. Agents tor Taylor's oak Pelting. HIBBARD A SPENCER, IKPOSTSBS 07 Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 BITCniCAX-AT.. CHICAGO. 12 6 2,00 0 A WILSON Sewing Machines IK USB. - increasing!,ooo per week. arorAßßia, hßt., AgLfbrtheyorthweet. The cumber 1 ABT2 _loßLake-i M, D. WELLS & CO., BOOTS & SHOES, 3® LAKE-ST^j CHICAGO. Agricultural College Scrip and Land Warrants PCBCTIASEP and kept constantly oc band.foraalaby LUHT, PRESTON 4 KEAN, 47 CUKK-yT. WM. W. STRONG. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph-at., P. 0. Box 3383. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, 'sreexssonato BOWES BROTHERS* Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass A Crockery, 15) 17,19 &31 Randolph-sf. HAYDEN & KAY, leather, CARRIAGE GOODS, SADDIERY HARDWARE, 45 & 47 LaJco-st) Ohicag'Oa HART. ASTEN AGO., FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BAGS, And Sftga of Every DeMriptioa. Paper Floor Sacks ot the Best Quality -183 Sooth Wator-it. gtotlt Sutsteiption*. JAROSPECTUS OF "The Chicago Fibre & Paper Ce.' Capital Stock - - $500,000, Sirs Huodrod Suura*, 11,000 Zm*u ssg^ksssss > &M« BfR. HAHBISOH B. MIBUH. of Pert Edwards, New Tort tw* r- . BSgagS&SSi®®®* gas, Wisconsin, lows and MhmeaotCaroaowVSSS KMval 0t nSKr, WnstT< In laming snbwslpllons to this B*uxt. wa womie state that the Company are now thoownsnottta BATAVIA PAPER MTT.T^ Which ore producing at the present ttae tvomttw and water power or nfietaM erected, and In condition to retire* Tii sOdlUoaol machines, which hare been ortarea, ??£ii weiumare d con be put w nmlne order on or belbrothedmdayw May next, which will lucres** the capacity mad prod nett of the said am* to six CD tons per day: Uur, at the present market prime, should yield to this Company a very tattWketory pro#v The future operatruna cfthis Company contemplate the erection, or consolidating of other mills with t&eu enterprise, within the present year. Uenloc the fha amount of their Stock, and which win probably mcs« than doable the foregoing estimate cl proaset of Print, Manilla and Wrapping Paper*. . This company haring procured a charter trwm tbt Legislature of the Bute of mmols, Increasing thesr capital to one million of dollars, are now reorganising nnder their Charter prlTlleges. The Stock Boats are nowopen for subscription to the Stock, as the Moot of Messrs. DICKENSON A SHEBMAN. 179 ■*». dolph-st* where mb farther bUonnatloa ma talks safe ents, prospect*, *c* wui be given. In soTeiazg oar mends to subscribe to this Stoc*. we believe we are warranted ta saying (hat this rnStt prise promise* sa unparalleled resam of proatt, ee*» gored with any other saanlhctsrlng ballasts ksTniLj THOMAS S. DICKEBSO3T, Tret*. GEO. B. SIOSS. Vice Prcs’t (Formerly president Batavia Paper MIQ 004 WIL HAN SB BOUGH, BoC>. I. K. W. SUKSMAN. Treasurer. Insurance Companies. AMERICAN MUTUAL HEALTH Insurance Company, 25 Lombard Block, Cor. Hour oo and Dearborn gts., Chicago. Cnaranleed paid np Capital, ■ - CHAS. HOLLAND, Preridenr, J* OUe». KING, Secretary, I. C. B&BBEB, Aaa’t Treasurer- CHAS. HOLLAND, L C. BARRBR, This Comoany, having tolly perfected la orgtalea* Hon, u now prepared to Issue PoUcle* ct HEALTH INSURANCE Against General Diseases, To an amount of front $5 to SSO PJBB WEEK. This is the only Chartered Health Insurance Compa ny In the c cun try, and a pioneer In this branch of Un derwriting. The Company U purely mutuals each persaa on be coming Insured Is rntuied to share In the profits of the huilncsa, and we feel ccuSdent that by the assured keeping his renewals up for ten years, the prsflu *f ha Insurance will forever thereafter pay his premiums. Our systems are entirely original, and an onr ova. No system cf the kind vas ever bsmre offered, and ve feel sure they hare only to become known to be duly appreciated. Onr premiums are arranged with care, alter years of careful study, to correct the enls ct the old systems. AD applications lor Agencies may be addressed lw the Secretary, and they will receive prompt attention. j. is. Mimrair, General Agent lor Chicago, 3VO. 08 LA SALUE-ST. 'J'HE CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAM, COMMISSION PAPES DEAIEBS^ Paper makers’ Findings, Chemicals, tit* 170 ftaadolph-ot>, Chicago* TT« offer far sale to dealer* and consumers i|Bo B “S, dIM “O '2T Iltl da S° a ° SoSo SS IS 3S iiSi 1,500 do So do ‘iZfli f'JSQ 2° do d* no*4llif l'*n9 do do do 3 1x44 3 SiilllO do rtrv Ha 3.30 U do 22 h° do do ........JHiS &BO do do do ........SSx4R Extra ilzes made to order on rtiort notice Portal* at me lowest market prices for CASH. UC& Gutter (Snobs. JJEIIOTAL. Hailock & Wheeler. (Successors io Jobn B. Tdceaa St C 0.,) 9 HAVE REMOVED TO No. 143 labMtroet, BctwfEa Clark and LaSalle. Beat quality Vticarlzcd Bnbber Celling, Packing and Hose. Superior Oak-Tanned LEATHER BELTING. Aaderery rarietyof BtTBBEE GOODS, Wholesale and Retail, at the lowest Saltern prices. agricultural I-mplerncnts. m2XD COK » E.S^VipS.?«c P *M.Sl h .t^sS has a reputation equalled by no otcer Planter In use, la 5 0nj &lnes all the qualities of a good tool, effldeaew durability and simplicity. ,rncy The advantages it has over other kinds ta me are s pmon MUCK. 6 ' trJ hUI ’ OO **** iC *** be,e<n bJ **• 11 any dlrv collects inthe foot of the Planter la woe ground,.»can he opened and cleaned out. Therelssleatbcrstopwhlch prevents the machlnw bclngjamo to pieces attbey treqoenUyarewhwatk* Iron stop lamed. By turning two small bottom the plunger can be bULU UUU Price si 50, and liberal deduction to the trade. Please send lor a circular, contalnlar cut and d*> gcrtpttcm ot machine. Address H. F. BATCHEtLEB, Sterling. Rf, Uantts anh bankers. JAS. W. TUCKER & GO, AMERICAN BANKERS, 3 ASD 3 RUE SCRIBE, PARIS, FXtASfGE, Boy and sell United States Securities, negotiate ta— oo fame, bar and tell Draft* on iirua cS? Letters of Credit, and trmoaaet a OtmeraTcoamisiJS I/W.4UCU, Also, have ccuaected with their Ba&klnz Boon m American Readier Boom. Steamer Office Registry, and a Post Office, where all care are delivered or lorwarted as msy be AMEEICAR CORRESPONDENTS. I- P ; Morten A Co- 35 Wall-et- Kew York. F. W. Andrews, »2 Statost- Boswm Towmesd, Wbelen A Co„ Walnot>«i- Pbll*drfnKf*_ State sartpga Institatlop, Cbleago, ni.° Uia ” PM *“ JfTKST NATIONAL BANK. Corner or Lara and Ciark-at*. FAID D? CAPITAL 81,000.000* FOREIGN EXCHANGE i/rawn in raaa to adt cn all me principal Snropcao Cl ties. LETTERS OP CREDIT Dined* available In a!\ pant of £stoae. GOVERNMENT BONDS Boorht ard aold. 7-Sfl* converted at market rate*. PTM’t. F. 1). Otay. Vic* PrcJ*C* c. k. nap, t-muter. dm. j.scnanT.AJi’iCaAiu INSLOW, LANIER & GO., ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Traveller*, available la all part* of Europe, ncs. ay a 29 Piys-trr-j»ew yobk. jHactjinerg. CHICAGO. 6 * T>RlCf£ UACmNE*’ DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACH INK. omen. Some So. 3. 47 ClfM., ettotto. A MEB‘ J\. Celebrated Portable and stationary 6TEA3I all ilzes. Snpcrlo: to all others. C. L. UICZ * CQ «>lcarn- SMITH * BIGGS, bL Loot*. Va.: Wif, f*. FO\ fcY, Slliwaakppt.iA\iFs jks'KS. Ditrolt, agesfe. Call or tena tor circular. —^ Q.ASK PATENT nptnt M&S^£XiiZu n~ e6 ard juasa»ctcf7 J*C*r*?c<t. For fl» south jMgerttaxu. 1 sjatr ogs. HILL's HAIR DYE—SC Centi^-Bbcfc or Brown—loztanuneoas, natural, datable. beaoUfoL The beat and cheari .’attnnst.. Copulas a» much ai u any dollar sire. BILL’S ARCTIC, cr ALL U BALLS u OiirrMEST, Tellable mrceutTM otaiment Depot Qtt Jchn-et, Sew Tors. Sold by ah T>ATCHELOTVB HAIR DYE. "Tbia tpienmi Bait bye la me beat it Husitn. rehab: c, instaatanwar. the oaW ret pet Dye. Ko disappointment. No ildlcatons tinti ng* true to nature. Cctnlse stzreii WILLI AV a. BAILH* KLOU. Sold by DtoKSUU and reclames*. rac-xty, MX JUrciay-mMß tm »ori- WBSCTOm; y, B* A. ANDBBWB, J. K. MUBPHr. h. a- calkins. J,3opec. SXAIZES is