Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 3, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 3, 1867 Page 3
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following table shows the'ty by ages: c o •ss *e •»-q a Piliiiiiiiii | |isssggg|sss=? | Z T: oSoooecoooj 5 i gSSpgSopSp 1 Hi : «=oSgaSsSS"m‘i\r q J 1 "lIJT sl 5’ ‘ • ods_p Si 09* e»Mee*3**o«3SS33 ' ll'S-: «-»Sl3SSS£*3—anv I Sl MC<f3ttwaSSSSa'*'*lPO Si a' *-»s-*S»3SoS§SJl3**’*AOiI -■ ' esSSSt2S2scSSs****d3(i sl e* - “o£o*2SSSc<o”” tiaj Hits? 1 w=oo:S2£«ctiS —Qoj >9 1 «. aisstsl *&«s»-9SI£cIa»m‘*<I54VJC XOSTAIZT7 ST PTTIiIOSS. The following ehows the mortality by Divisions: North Division South Division. West Division. 'Unknown...... Total. CHOLERA CASES. Tb« foDowinir table ebowa the number of cases of cholera and the number of deaths by that diecaee: Cases Deported. Deaths. J.CG2 673 llontiu August .... September. October.... November. Total 1,561 990 The following (able shows the natnher of chol era cases reported irom each Uinsloa : Kotth DiTiwon 471 South Division. ..... 393 Wen Division 674 Division not eta ted S 3 Total. i UU1!.... ..................... . ... ....... Haxirmns of cnotaiu casus. Below Is given the nativities of atithe cholera cases reported: Bohemia. 31; Beldam, 6; Can* ada. 15 $ Denmark, 9; England, 42; France, 9; Finland, 1 ; Germany. SIC ; Holland. 9; Italy. 3; Ireland, 278; Norway, 96; Poland, 4; Portugal, 1: Prussia. 1; Sweden, 45; Scoiltud, 13; Switz erland, 4 ; United States, 557; unknown, 61. To tal, L&6L SEXES. The subjoined statement is a recapitulation of the table of sexes: Males 799 Females 053 Unknown }OO Total, CUOIXCA IS THE eCYERIkL WAUDfI. Tbe following table ehutrs tae deaths bf cholera in the several wards: > ® C « c 2 £ o © B <9 §• g £■ “ B ® -5 ; _ Disnuors. 4 20 Si S 70 97 21 63 2 213 15 19 CO Z 93 9 1C 4S .. 63 2 9 27 33 First Ward .. becotd Ward. Third Ward .. Fourth Ward. Fifth Ward... 15 15 58 S 8 93 91 343 .. 337 a 8 45 1 57 1 5 £3 1 S 3 Slr«bWwd.... Seventh Ward. Eighth Ward.. Klein Ward ... Tenth Warn 12 S 58 .. 75 Eleventh Ward 21 13 83 .. 123 TtrcUlh Ward 10 87 CO 2 lU3 Thirteenth Ward 4 3 5G G 3 Fourteenth Ward 15 85 105 .. 153 Fifteenth Ward 25 20 72 4 121 bixtoemb Ward 17 11 I'JO 1 132 From vessels in the Harbor Waidnot known 8 1 G Total SIC 265 3,063 15 1,561 NUI*ANCKS. The following Is a list ol nuisance complaints, taken from table. •* E”; - Doll, lonl and leaky privies. 5,333; flltbv houses, yards. &c-. 1.612; filthy cow stable* and hogpens, 201; feeding still slop.. 69; (stagnant water In basements and cellars, 140; flKb and garbage in streets and alleys, 1,8)1; privy film depo-ited In streets acd alleys, 75; manure heaps in streets and alleys, 8,064; batchers, rendered and bre v «»s.l9; toaumicufcclorie*- :t; defective dram?, Iji; leaky hydrant, 20; filthy crca basics. 32; open privy vaults, M; privies witoont vaults, 214; premises pot supplied with privies. 43. Total unis antes abated 12,205. naan astsals. The following shows the number of dead ani mals removee irom the city limits; Uojt 4,705; horses, 143; cows. 87: hogs, 15. Total, 4,9(0. The number of notices served to connect with street sewers was 4.122; number of sewer con nections made- 4,11 E. Respectfully submitted, 1. B. Bill uGES, Health Officer, THE CHILD BEATING GAS:. IsqGC&t oa the Body of Deceased— Dost 31 or tom Examination— Tlie Verdict—Death Has tened bj 11l- Treatment. An inqmst was held yesterday afternoon the body of the child. Louisa Backhaas, the par ticulars of whose death were rel.ied m The Tju ncxr of jesterday. The inquest wa* se’ down for the morning, but owing t >lhc time occupied by the port mortem examination, it wn necessa rily dclcneo nutit the afternoon. Tie mother of the child was present at the mqncst, a pircntly mnch affected by the deatn of her daag uer ibe father was also present In custody or on officer. His demeanor was sloUa and iudifiiretit and be evidently took Uule interest in the progress of the investigation. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson were the first witnesses fiwoin. Their testimony coUtlu- no fids or la test bcyoiri those whica weie given in oar pre vious edition. The tcetimonyor Miss Well*, w»io occaoies the room over taoae hfld by the Bsckhuu tam ilv, merely went to corroborate toe siateme - 1 of Mrs. Peiersou, relative to Die sonnds woich were htord on the morning of Sunday, proceeding from the deceased. Dr. Btigne *»a» next sworn. He testified a« fol low* ; 1 a-sistea Dr. Blnthart m maki iga poti morion examination. About th- hip* ot the de ceased, aco on the abdom-n, a* wvli as oa me back, were b;n!scs and ma;ks. There were also a few about the lower pan of in*) jaws. Saw nothing on the neck to indicate violeace. There were several contusions on *he arm. Noticed no marks ou tne Lead. The organs of the abdomen chest and thorax were apparea'ly healthy. Found inflamnutioit of the orutn, of the sub-acute varie ty and of iccemoncm. Ibe b-a'iu; wbicQ the dcc.oscd had teceivcd would DOtneccisanlr cause this inCammajioa. There was much congestion. Rough tnaimeet mU’hL wben a person h«d m fiammatiou of the brain, aggravate the disease, bat not ndfcessGnly so. In my otnnion, ni* in flammation was the cau?c of death. Thl* teflam ma'ion produces deUrinoi. and the child was xiLccssanly delirious ou Satnrdar. Dr. Blnhort, sworn, testified as follows: I made a very thorongb ttott tnorUm, Found ex ternally the murk: at ir-ticatraom. la the brain the vessels were fell of congest* d blood. A lym phatic coveting was formed over the brain. The brain was Injected with blood. Nothing was loom! in the inroat that would have cau-ed death. The air-passages wcjc inflam°J. cither irom a cold, or from excessive screaming or crying. The marks on the child’s person were such as most have icsnlied from the most severe treatment. 111-treatment must have hastened the progress of the child's diseise. It 4s not prohaole that a person afflicted with this disease would be cble to be up anc around the day before death, unless tbs death had been has tened by some other agency. The saying of the child two hours bclore her death, coneiderlsg Ihst she cleo from memogitis alone, would be impossible. Generally tho?e afflicted with the d.6:esc remaiti in acomatose state for many boors before death ersne?. In meningitis the pnpil of the eye is uscally dilated, whereas In the present case ilia coMjacted. Meningitis was the imme diate came of death. Lonieel>e?cimo]fit testified that so Saturday sbe came in lo nee the ebui, which wa> blck. It was l>lcgou (he bsd, with ire harde cramped, and the bead hanging over (he of (be oed. The girl vomited s great deal. Christina Htiuemann testified that she bad seen the deceased about 5 o'clock on the afternoon of Saturday, tab? «as dchrioae. WUceaa a J kcd her several questions, but could get no answer. The deceased made wild motions mth her bands, and ground ber teeth. Saw tbe child that same morning, bot beard nothing. nor knew of tbe beating. Lett (be deceased about It o'clock that night. She was then unconscious. William Bockhnus, tbe father of the deceased. Stated, through an Interpreter, that be whipped the child onbaturdar, but did not maltreat her. He whipped her because she wool 1 not take med icine; whipped her with this strap, (the strap shown was a leather strap, doubled, about two feet long, and with a heavy buckle on the cni.j He knew nothing about any marks on her neck, and struck her only three or four times. Thojnry relumed thefollowii-jr verdict: “We, the Jnry, find that said Louisa Hackbans came to her death on the moralcc of March 3int, lfcC7, at fe Loose No. 2'S North Moreen e'reet, Jrom merlrtnds; and wc, the jury. do think that said disease v*s accravatcd, end the ratal cod hastened, by UMrcatment, indicted by tne hands ol William Ifccfchaus. the lather of the deceased.” BOARD OF EDUCATION. School Lots and 3»ow Buildings— Changes —Expend! lures —Election of Clerk—Attendance. The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education was held at their rooms last evening. Present, the President, C. N. Holden, Esq., in tic chair, and Inspectors Blackman, Bonfield, Brcntaco. Bnggs, Ciarke, Drier, Foster, Runyan, Ryder, Bond, Ballantync and Pioßham. GROUNDS AND CONTRACT TOR NEW SCHOOL, The Committee on Buildings and Grounds made the following report: “Your committee would report mat tbc Comptroller has purchased for a school bunding In tne Foster District, rbo Jots recommended by your committee heretofore, fronting 2tt) led on Harrison street by 111 I'-et deep to a IGfootalicy. Price £IU,SOQ, in Cl'y bonds. They fnnher report that a contract has been awarded to Christian Pasch lor the erection of a buUdfsroa the lot for Ui- toial price of $13,520, and to he completed by October 81st, 1567. The report was accepted. PURCHASE OP LOTS HECOMHENDED. The earn? committee reported propositions for lots for a building in the Foster District, as fol lows : 11. v. Sampson, lot on corner of idfiiu and lluFlicge streets, £1,500? 3. Gtinzerhouser, lota on corner of Infilu and Sampson streets. SI.SW. They recommended that the Common Council be requested to purchase of the lasi named. De port acceded and adopted. They also reported propositions for ground for the Washington School, from ffn. B Ogden and Sinclair ana Tompkins. They recommended the purchase of that offered by the latter, being on the southwest comer of Second and Hacker streets, for 510,000. Heporl adopted. They also reported several propositions for the Bridgeport School District, from which they re commend accepting the offer of M. BooJeld. for a lot ou the comer of Thirty first and Duolng eticfii.«}i' N (i)o, Report accepted aud adopted. Ttcy also presented propositions for the Brown School District,which were recommitted. BUILDINGS SOT TO BS LX6I?UCI>. Inspector Blackman, ot the Committee oa In surance, ripcn-ted that 1 nsurance oa ►cbo , H bulld fciCß lo the amount of SUO.Wk would cxnlre on Ajirll 7. and that ihu rales haring been advanced So greatly they did not led authorized to renew the po'idce. Intpcdor 'linkbam oUI-red a reflation that the Committee on Buildings and Grounds be In* etmeted not to renew tbe policies oa ecnool build* mpR. Adopted. texcbehs. *Pl.n in a ... * The follow mg changes of teachers were reported «nd accepted: „ Htnmialtotu—HzfAe Goodwin. assistant la Frankllu School Helen X). Kendall, a-alsum in Washington School. Lncy C. Trnesdaie, assistant is Since School. Ccrt\ficai.t» GrautedSanh A, Slain er, Untie a, Locke. Confirmation*— Almira A. Hiller and Abba F. Gilbert, Kinzie School. Mary L. Bocklns. Wasb- School. EMrctla P. DcJ-nce anl Marc B O'fi. H, Foster School; Mans A. Parry aod .Marlon W. Croniij-, Skinner School. Mary A. M-war, Brtdrrport School. Amelia U. Moshier. Boiling Mill Primary School. ’ " „ dppclnfpitn's —Jallact Wicker in Washington School. Charlotte P. Pinmer In Kltizde School •sue}-Hillock in Kjuzio School Sarah A. Maiher In Newberry.lschool. wawnsunr ecbool. It was voted to scat another room in the New oeny School wlib new furniture. nsAHciix ncroßT. The Committee on Finance presented the report ®J the School Agent for the oast month, showing cash on bond February Ist to be $2,077.2J. Receipts for March, $22,088.51; expenditures. fc5L545.U7; cash on hand, $1,318.01. ..Reportac cepted. AFFABATCB. The Committee on High Schools recommended the purchase of agalranic ba’tcnr for the Bigh School ot the price of SBO. The report was adopted. two iahok nciLDnros besoltkd ufos. The Commltleo on BnUdlogs amt Grounds rec ommended t the erection of a foil-sized ecbool building like the Wells' ScbooL on the L&flm and Sampson street lot. Instead of the win** as before recommended; also, a similar building In the Bridgeport Pistrict. Report adopted. cluck or Tire noAnn. On motion of Inspector Ballontync, the Board proceeded to the election of a Clerk of the Board ior two years. Mr. S. V. Johnson, the present Clerk, was unanimously elected. On motion of Inspector Runyan, the salary of the Clerk was fixed at (2.000 per year. BCW SOISJROS, On motion, It was voted that tbe new school bnilolbgs proposed, bo erected in tbe following order—loe Bridgeport School, Rucker Street School, and Lofln street School. ESTUCATAP EXPEWSES. The Superintendent presented an estimate of expenses necessary lor the ensuing year, as fol lows : Salaries, ($32,000; Janitors, Ac., (55,009 ; fuel and supplies. £3’.’,000; -rent, $3C,000; ofilce expenses. $6,500; hi’erest, (19, h 87.50; per manent improvements, slcnm apparatus, $40,000. Total. $443,187.60. The receipts from rent. Interest, Ac., was fixed; at about $55,000, Icaviog some $30,000 to be raised by taxation. ATTESDASCE. The Superintendent presorted the followinc summary of alter dan co lor March: Whole number enrolled 38,491 Averace number belonirlnir 15,762.4 rcr cent of average number belonging to namber enrolled ...7... Avcracc daily attendance 15,801.7 Percenter attendance in average namber belonging 91.3 Number of tardiness Per cent of tardiness The Board then adjourned. Fire, Police and Health. The regular semi-weekly meeting of the Board of Police, Fire and Health Commissioners was held on Tuesday afternoon at Police Headquar ters, comer of LaSalle and Washington streets. Presented. B. Brown. President, and Commis sioners Tittsworlh and Good. Several bills lor expenses connected with the Fire and Health departments were passed. Fire Marshal Bams reported that the number or fires for the month of Hatch were forty-two. Involving a loss of property to die amount of • M&SCO, the losses being covered by Insurance to the extent of SIG9,'JS3. Four false alarms were also reported lor the same period. The report was accepted. A communication was received from (he Metro politan Board of Health, static? that, having been organised In accordance with the act creating It, they would be ready to relieve the Board of that portion oflts duties at any time that might ho convenient, and also requesting that such infor mation night be furnished as would be of service to the new Board in promoting the sanitary con dition of the city. On motion, the Secretary was instructed to in form the Board of Health that the Police Board bad designated to-day (Wednesday) as the time when they would turn over everything pertaining to the Health Department. The Uealih ORicer was directed to send back to the Police Superintendent the officers of the Health Depirtnuni. and Inform him that they were no longer in tbc employ of this department. John Ponetly was appointed as operator of the Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph. The reports of the Police and Health depart ments for the year were read and ordered filed. The Board tleo adjourned. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONETAEY. Tczsdat Evesiko. April 2. The following Is (be usual quarterly exhibit of thejMcrchante’.Savingi l , Trastaud Loan Company, showing its condition oa yesterday morning. It will be mntmbered that this institution makes these reports voluntarily: I.TABTL2TIZB. PanlM «», nnn rvm nnn Capita] Slock -.51,000.000.000 Deposit?, city $1,252,0C5.9l Deposits. conmry 212,113 50— Li3i,lS7,tl Undivided profits 230,073 53 Total 12,755.201.29 BMnmcpi. vnia 'hi—,n, Bills Discounted f 1,367.101.37 Due from Bonks 31,951.51 United states Bonds at par. $233,900.00 United Mates 7-30 s at oar, 443,'J00.00 Cook County Bonds, $70,400097c CS,2SS.OO 743,038.00 Cash account. Currency. 263,559.00 Compound Notes 223.063 95 City Checks 105,340.16- 001,00312 United Slates Revenue Stamps. Office furniture Total. L. J. Gaos. Cashier. In some bank parlors there Is considerable dissatisfaction felt at our strictures on the man ncr In which the quarterly statements on the Na tional Banks arc made up, and It is hiuted that such remarks have an injurious effect ou the credit of our backs in other clUc*. We wi?h it dis tinctly understood that the Tiubtthe is not op posed to the National Bvnking system, but on the contrary considers it superior to any that has heretofore been devised for the issue of a circulat ing medium having for its basis an evidence or debt. The security for the redemption of circula tion is the same throughout the country, and a note issued in 11am e is intrinsically worth as much, and no more than one issued in Oregon. It is admitted by everyone that no laws can be made which will protect Ibe depositor under any sys tem of banking. He leaves his money on do pcsit, trns'ing to the credit or the institution and the Integrity of Its managers. It is one of the recognized principles of banking >ba( a Judlmous use of money deposited with a bank la the main cource of protit. In the use of these moneys, bank officers cannot be too careful. A larce bulk of these deposits ore the savings of those who can illy afford to lose them: and no batik of deposu should object to giving frequent publicity to ibe condition ot its affairs, Such action on the part of the bonk is productive of two resu'ts. It Places a check on the aspirations of the cashier to take large risks with the expectation of increas ing hia profits; and Inspires greater con fidence is the minds of those who are Its depositors. The National Banks, above ill otfaen', should make frequent exhibits of their condition. They are the banks of the people, and every dollar of tnelr circulation bears the ea dorecmenl of the people. They are in addition so intimately loterworeo, one with another, tint any Irregularity or defalcation m one acts on nil the others, in the same manner that a stone dropped into the centre of a pond causes a succession of npplee. which ceases not until even drop of water lias been disturbed. For this reason there is no possibility of too much circumspection and care. No hazardous risk? should be taken, no matter how tempting tbo possible profit, and ibe resenes should always remain at such a noint end the nature of the securities be such, that a "ran” conld be maintained under all circum stances. Wc arc opposed to the present system of quarterly reports. The pub.’ic and bank officers understand perfectly well (hatthcscexbibits ate a sham—a piece of legal fiction. They do not foifil the expectations of the framers of the Notional Currency Act, and give no indication concerning the manner in which the institutions are run. In the cities selected os redemption points, the quarterly statements should be abolished, and In their place, let there be gives a weekly exhibit, such as is made by the banks of New Yoik, Philadelphia and Boston, The changes in these statements from week to week show at a glance the workings of the market and the gen eral slate of trade; while at the same time their publication makes hank officers more careful la the investment of the moneys committed to their charge. For these weekly statements the follow ing items are alone necessary: Capital, loans and discounts, circulation, deposits, duo by banks, cash on band and legal tenders. We understand that several of our largest institutions are in favor of this weekly statement, and it is proposed to bring the snbjoct before the Clearing House at an early day. It is to be hoped that all of our bank inc Louses will sec the utility of the system, and act accordingly. There was an active demand for Money o-day mostly os short date speculative paper, though the inquiry for legitimate purposes was quite lib eral. The prevailing high prices for Bre&dstofis tend to render bank Presidents very conservative, and where loans arc granted on this kind of col lateral, wide margins are inexorably insisted on. The rates of interest are unchanged. Exchange was firmer, with liberal sales between banks at 30c premium. The counter rates were unchanged—par buying and 1-10 premium Beilin;. Flour was firm. Wheat advanced 102 c. Corn was active, and 214034 c higher. Data were 102 c better. Rye and Barley appreciated 102 c. Pro visions were very quiet, and almost nominal. Gold was a shade higher to-day. The market opined at advanced to 1314 and closed at 134<4. Ihe following quotations were received by Boyd Brothers, gold brokers: 10:30 a. m 131*$ 112:30 p.m 131^ 70:45 a. m I3iu ) 1:30 p. m 381 H li:Coa. m UMJ4 I 2:00p.m I*l*4 11:13 a. jo 134? i I 8:00 p.m 131}* IHWa.m 131 S 1 &Sop.m 13154 11:45 a. m 334* I 15:00 ifl ...134?,} ! Here the market was quiet atl33}4®l3i*4 bay leg—closing at 234 bid. SUvcrwss doll and nom inal at lCd@l27—tie upper figure for large Government Securities were firm In New York, hut without any material chance. The following siows tho closing prices to-day, compared with thethiceprevious days: Fri. Sat. Hon. Tum. Sues of ’« 309 109*4 H»» HDtf Five-Twcntiffi. ’C2 109*5 109* 109?4 109*4 Flvc-Twcnlies,’BL 107« 207JS 107*4 10**4 Five-Twenties, ’BS JOS* lD3*i 108*4 103*4 it-U-Foities Seven-Thirties, Augusl.3os 106 106 108 : Seven-Thirties, June ...105*5 3'5*4 J«s*4 103*tf Seven-'Jhirties, Ju1y....105?: 305*4 105*4 105*4 New Five-Twenties.. ..107 107}* 307J4 107*4 Here the market was steady and fins. We quote: OOTEKKVEKT BICCRITIEB—CHICAGO WAR SET. Buying. Selling. D.S.Cs.ISSI JUS?} 309 k U. t*. 5-20?, 3502. 303 U 309J4 U. S. 5-20 a, 16W 107*: 307*£ D. I*. 5-20?, IGGS lU7» 103*4 y. 6. 5-23?, 1865-ISCC, new. 107 307*4 U. S. 5-2'*s, small 306«<a30Sii .... tJ.&.30-lt's,lar*:c..... .... 97*f 93 U. S. 30-tm. Final! o?** .... U. S. 7.50 c, 3si series 105« 303 U. b. T.'-Os, 2d series lusw i*s{4 tT.S. 1-Btw 3d series 1054 105C4 U. S.“.tflte. small lUo' ChlOS 1 ; .... Comp. 11l Holes, June, iKU.inu .... - vi July, isi»..iir,«4 *• w " Oct n 3 661..115 “ « DtC., 13-H..3U *• May, 3635..112 “ Aus., 1?65..111H Sent, 36C5..110J4 “ OcU 1885..U0 Ixirat Securities were quiet and unchanged. The brokers ore buying at the following rates : Chicago fityTs Cook County 7e * a-*4 Chamhir of ‘ The following are the comparative earnings of the Chicago & Northwestern EaUroad: isos, ISC7. Increase. PfIMCTgCT.... $75,114.74 $ 83.59J.71 Freiebf... ... 1U.001.C8 135,63169 54,6120 U Express 8.C31.54 15,336.25 Hail 8,13043 1.592.51 Total $198,363.83 $239,797.28 $46,438.40 —The Baltimore American of Friday says: “At a meeting of tbe stockholders of (he Me* Charles* National Batik, held yesterday. It was unsntmom-ly voted to reduce the par valnc br the stock to 110 per thare, instead of (15, and to is sne2fl.Coo ‘bares of new stock' at $lO per share, in order to make no forth? defalcation ol Wen's and Boners. The present Board of Directors was also unanimously endorsed." New York Srock aud Money itarret. do-flng prices pit casn, April 3. 1537, neeired by Joseph M. Lyons A Co., Broker*: _ Istßd.Mßdl latIKLJdBd h.y. Ceolral..Uf lasjtfi Con. Gregory.. owT .... trie (corn) 57a 57 H lU. b. 6 * cent U.S. (com) an TVil OO9QS. Jt51....109Jf 109 K C.&Plu* 78 78R 1U.b.6 pct 5-r0 Boca Island 91* 9IR» c00p.186?.....1£0J< IWR C.AN . B? SjU 36k IU. S 6f» ct 6-JO Do. Pfd.. 6 *H I conp. 15W....1J7V IC7« P„ Ft. W. A C... 82k 93 •, •D. 8,5 P Ct 5-30 Quicksilver..... 33 S 3 • coup 1865 MS# 103 k W.B.T «S 0.8.6* ct 5-29 C. A A. (c0m)...107 Its coup. new,’65.107!* 107 R b. a q. ....laju .... U. s. 5 F Cent M. C. 107 K It® IMO 93 93 ilndfon Hirer..lJ6 136* Trias, 7 8-10,1 st Til. Cent 115 k 115 series 106 106 Phil. A 8ead....102*103 O. 6. 7 8-10 2d C. A Toledo 120 120 senes 105* 105* TolA Wabash.. 38 58 U. 8. 7 3-10 Sd M.&BLK (COXB3 .... scrKa .105* 103* ao do (pld}s3 ....) American Gold.lsl* 131* liaikct—lei Board steady: 2d Board dnll. COMMERCIAL. Tuesday Rtehcko, April 2. The following tables show the receipts and shipments of iTodncc during the boors: RECEIPTS FOB TOE FAST TWENTT-FOtm HOPES. 18G7. 1666. Flour, bris 5,018 4,1U3 WhcatLbu..... G.SU 8,215 Corn, bu 12,017 18,070 Oats,bu 1,831 0,830 Rye, bu 1,167 1.050 Barley, bo. 2,151 .... Grass Seed, Sts CU,823 45,605 Broom Corn, lbs... .... 6,100 Cored filcat, tt>a 83,2i0 Beef, brie 173 Po.-k.bris 119 Laid. lbs. TalJOW.ttß 12,171 0,970 Butter,fcfi ... 0,370 8,-ltO Dressed Hoct, No S 3 UvcQo;g,Ko.. SGI 020 Cattle, No 1a 816 Hides.lbs...... 151,005 81,158 njchwincs, brla. WooLlba Lumber, n> Shingles, in. 5,725 .7 empjtENTs fast xwnitTr-poun nouns. Flour, hrls Wheat, bu Corn, bn oats, ton Barley, bn Grass Seed, Bs. Broom Corn. Bs. Cored Mcat,fi>s... Be el, hrle.. I'ork, torls.. lord, 85.,. Tallow, Bs. Balter. Bs. UveHocs, N 0...? 1.033 Ll4B Cattle. No 205 I.SSI Hides, ftp..... 60,425 .... Higbwincs, bils. Wool. Fa T.umoer, m Shingles, a.... l.afb, m bait, brlfl noun AJ.D GRAIN IK STORE. The following table, complied from the official returns of the warehousemen, exhibits the amount ofFlour and Gram In store in this dfy on Satur day evening, compared with the amount in store at the corresponding dale last year: Flour, brls. Wheat, ba. Com, bn... Oats,bn... Bye, bn... Barley, bn. Owing to tbc failure to elect a President yester day, In consequence of the two principal candi dates having tied, another election was held to day. This in a measure interfered with the gen eral business on 'Change, though higher prices were obtained for the leading cereals. . The Provision market was inactive, and little belter than nominal. Mess Pork was neglected— ofiered at <23.75 casb, with no buyers over <32.50. Bnlk Mca’e were quiet, with sales of 120,000 lbs Dry Salted Shoulders at Bc, loose, at which there were free sellers. There was soma inquiry for Clear bides at lie, Irose, bnt holders were asking liifc. Lard was quiet, with sales ot COO tres, part latt evening, at 13c, and the balance on pnvalo terms. As a general thing there were'no buyers over I2*£c. Grease was Inactive and nominal at onr quotations. Dressed Docs sold In a email way at <9.75£.9.00, The season Is about over. The Whiskey market fa lifeless. Bonded is nominally heid at 25c, though a bid of 23c would find sellers. There is nothing doing In tax paid. The jobbing trade is supplied by the contraband article at prices ranging from $1.23© 1.75 pur gal* 100. Flour was firm and la moderate request, with rales 0f2,030 brls at $16.00 lor White Winters; $11.00012 03 for Spring Extras; $77308.73 for Spring Supers, and $8.60 for Buckwheat. There was a fairly active speculative demand for No. 2 Spring, and the market advanced 102 c; though at the close the extreme figures could not be realized and business closed quiet No. 1 Spring was Sc higher—the transactions being con* fined to car-loads for milling purposes. The sale? foot up 88,000 bn. at 12 75 for No. 1 in B. I.; $2,60 for no Regular; $2-2502.23 tor No. 2, and $2.00 lor Rejected—dosing quiet at $2.25 for Hcgular No. 8 Spring. The more favorable advices from New York caused a large speculative movement In Com.aud on No. 1 an advance of 2140354 c was obtained. At the close the extreme improvement coaid not be realized, and the market closed quiet and rath er tame. Rejected was la good request and fully Sc higher. We note transactions to the extent of 209/00 bn at 9CJ4@fl.ofl.for No. 1; 90091 c fir No. 2, and E2@64c lor Rejected—closing quiet at 93c for No. I. 2,602.06 1,530.00 Oats were fairly active, acd the market aporc c:atcdlj£o2c, with sales of C3,00v ha at 54057 c for No. 1, acd 49052Hc for No. 2—closing at 59c for winter receipts ol foe latter. Bye was 102 c blcher. TrarjescUons were matte at f1.50®1.33 for No. I—closing at $1.82. 1 here was no movement in No. S. Barley was quiet, at an improvement of 102 c, j with sales at D9091c for No.S; 73075 for Re- ! jeeted, ard BSc tor sample lots. ; There was a good demand for Seeds and the market was firm, wit'i soles at $2.5U03.U) for Tun -ihy and $3 00 lor Flax. Clover was 75c0|1.00 higher, with calcs el $9.62*4011.06. Tallow was inactive and nominally unchanged. The fallowing despatches were read on 'Change: New York. April 2. Flour firmer at $lO 55011.63. Wheal firm at t2.4V05.E4. Corn buoyau at Sl.SOjf- Oa e firm ' at G7on£>se. Pork dull al $23.00. Lard dull. Whiskey heavy at 80c. Gold, 134*;. ; zateb ( Floor firm an? salable. Wheat steady and quiet. Corn ecinc at f Ons tmcban^ed. I’ork easier at iiS.7O. Lard firm. ULThB After the adjournment of the rcenlar Bond the leaairg Crain markets wercmodcrate'yacllre and a Fbaoe belter, clorinfr at D3’,-c Torino 1 Corn la store.' No. 2 Soring Wheat dosed steady, with tales at $3.55. The Cattle market was brisk and 25(£3Dchiirter. The receipts were 2,720 head, ana thecnleied pales 2.027 head, at a range of 5*>.25®8.50 f or In terior to choice lots. The market cloaca Arm with less than 500 head unsold. The market for Live Hogs was active and firm at the clop'.rg rates of yesterday, sales ranging at f5.5C<38.00 for clock Hogs to prime lots. The market doses firm. A correspondent writing from Su James,Bearer Island, ilicbJpan, coder date of March 13, says: Onr harbor is open and has been ao daring the greater portion of the winter. There is bet little ice eare acme floating fields in the north end of Lake Michigan, and it is almost imposslblefora man on foot to get from ooe island to another. There is only a email strip of Ice in the Straits, acd not mocb west of Old Machinal. Aiew days of warm weather and a southerly wind will open the Straits' for navigation. The weather daring the past winter has been Ine mildest that has been witnessed In the Islands for ten years. Wind Southwest and warm. Walter UroTra Oc Co.’n Monlh'r Wool Cl eular. 53 Bboadwat. Kew York. April 1,1867. Eocn alter the passage of tbe Tartit Dill there was an Ixaeasme activity in the market. and quite a number of transactions were modeatS®? per cent absve pre vigqs selling prices. Thl* advance, however, was hardly maintained during the loiloatng week, and through th-; remainder ot the month toe demand was quite moderate and chiefly for immediate consump tion. and prices, though firm, bare scarcely Improved lor theiaft fortnlsht. There has been leas trade to goods than was anticipated, and therefore tuaunfector era continue to purcha>e wool with reluctance, al though we thick with more confidence than heretofore. The mouth doted with a feeling that April would bring with it better weather, a more lively demand for spring goods from the country traders, a consequent (at in woollens, and better prices lor the raw material. Before we can bare a healthy trade la wool the con dition of general cosiness mmt milcrl&lly Improve. Atncauit but lew cr the country retailers are pay ing np tbrtr indebtedness ana making new bibs with the Jcbbeist the Utter class are. therclora unable to purchase ireuy or discharge promptly their obliga tions to commission men, and, as a consequence, they cannot render remunerative r. tores to the manor* bo xers. The rcalleatlon of another crop In th t West and South msy be required bfioie the wheels will be fairly ret in motion. MranUme. we thick, wools will main tfflnpmcnt raws, with a tendency to higher prices, though wc may not tec any material advance before the opening cf the fall trade in woollen goods. The storks In market, while they offer to buyers a good election, are net large, and the regular require ments of consumers than absorb Atho receipts irom me cunt try, tuna keeping the market In fevera b e condition lor making advantageous sales, tIC WIMt'UVU IVt I • tMtttt« If l I BtitUttWUd OSIUOf Polled wools, on account of tbelr relatively low price, bavebccr Is active demand, and the Blocs, par tlcnlarly of fine cradcs, it materially reduced. Cajif rela wools have Men in lair request, and con tlderable rales nave been made at aaSc advance. Texas wools pave been token oa arrival at fall Or. nres, and ibe present stock Is licbt. Foreicn wools are much more firmly held, and there have been sales of about 3,000 bales Cape and 700 bales Mestizo. Prices current of Woo! at New Tcrk, April lst,lSC7: DOMBbTIt: FLEECE*, jrxw tors, viczuoah and Indiana. saxony Fleece Co@s3 Three-quarter andlnll-blood Merino .S7(iK> flalf-hh od Fleece Slaw Quarter blood Fleece. 50*53 Common Fierce. 47®50 onto, Pennsylvania and vibq un*. Choice Fleece s.xcny Fleece. Three-quarter and lull-blood Merino, llall-blord Fleece Qoar’er-blnod Fleece. Common Fleece.... . WISCONSIN, IOWA, VEESOST AND ILLINOIS. Iliree-quaiW anarml-b:ooJ Uctldo 50 <153 nail-blood Fleece „... . 43<t5l Quarter-blood Fleece. <sc+3o jfISfiOUBLKRKXn-CCKTAKD TESSXS K BS. Washed Fhcce 43A53 Uiwished Fleece .-33 Canada Fleece.... 55® *j TUB-WASHED WOOL. K*.om Choice.. Fair. Ir fcilor and buny PULLED WOOL. New York City extra Puked..... New York City super Pulled New York City No. 1 rolled Ditnbs’ Woo 1 , W. stem ‘uper and extra Country extra Puned CoLntrysnpef Pulled Country No. 1 Foiled re* caufobsia. spnnc Clip, fine apntg Clip, medium... strir.jr clip, low grades. Poll Clip, A Pul Clip, lew trades.... Extra Hilled Super Pudrd Lew Polled Fire Mroiom. Low v.ierVot!,.J Very Bony. _ _ Totems ■wool.. __ . Cepe of Good Hope 5734 HacEOi AJTes Merino.. BaowAmi UetllZA. Goiitkoi Washed CHICAGO LIVE STOCK, MARKET. Ol23C*OFTnßDAn,TTßnnnf*,> • TireaDAT Etexiso, A»nl i i The following table show* tbe dally receipts and fh'pmenti ofLlre Stock during lbs week, op to tbls evening, as reported by Ibe Secretary of the tJaloa Stock Yard Company: Cattle. Hors, sheep. Snrday and-Monday. is sq & ‘Tuesday 2,730 «,soi 675 Total Same time last week. The receipts Unlay were hy th« fet’eirlag routcj; Cattle. fl’ogs.aheep. By I llnols Central Road 619 1,031 HO By Burlington * Qnlccr 80nd.... C<G 961 219 By St. Lools A Alum Rood 289 200 .... By Northwestern Bead. SB 1,596, 13 Fy Reck Island Boai S 8 iSS .... By Michigan Centra] Bead 133 91 Total 3,730 4,301 6Ti Salta to-day. as entered at the different Scae-haaita Were ajiolhjws: Cattle. Boss. Sheep. AtXninois rostral Scale. 730 613 .... At UnillDßton Scale.... At Alton >cale. At Not tnwotem scale. Total A 027 3.765 403 We pretent belox Assistant Secretary B.L. Baida’s reporter the receipts and shipments of Lire stock for the month ending Match 31,1867: Receipts. Cattle. Hogi. Sheep By lUlncia Central ER, BMI6 U. 691 4.17 J By Chicago & Bock lalanl R. R.... 3,910 13,028' 3,961 By Michigan Central It. R. 441 49: By FiiwoorsbA Fort Wayneß. B. 49 135 81 By Chicago & Gt. Eastern K.B 173 .... By Chicago A Alton B. B. 3.WT 2.877 Byfhlcajo A BurJmgtonß. R 11,027 25.6 U 7.141 By Chicago A Northwestern R. R.i 6,447 21.531 3,613 By Michigan Southern B. R 125 7W 561 Prirca la 333 £7 .... Total 27,958 7&2i7 2>,193 Shipment?. * Cattle. Bam. Sheep By illchlew Central R. R 0.621 3.017 2.C01 Uy Michigan Southern B. R 8,74.1 23.206 4.V81 By BllUl argh A Chlcaso R. B 7,158 35,703 2,553 By Chicago AOL Eastern B. R.... 1,031 313 .... Total 33.565 61.324 9.039 BEEF CA ITtE—ln ttli department of the Live Stock Market, to-nlcht dotes a day of more than or alnary activity. The weather was deligntfol, clear, mild and iprlcg-Use; Indeed all that could be desired tor active ont-door operations, and with an abundant supply of stock, and a very liberal attendance of the different clashes of buyers, trade opened sharp, and continued lively to the close. The receipt?, though large, were of pood qnality—considerably b«tter than tbe average—and with tceouraelng adrlccafrom near ly all Eastern points, th?ro sprang op a strong ship* picg demand, under which prices experienced an ad vance of 41350 c f) 100 ns on dm and second-class Steers. Tbe Inqulty for common aud medium grades was leas animated, hence tbo Improve ment was cat so marked. Bolder*, however, wvrr, In most instances, enabled to realize an advance ot 2S@3sc V 100 &s on tbe closing rates of last week. Too > eduction In tbe rates of freight is tbe prime cause ot the depredation In the value of srock. nod as It 1? hardly reasonable to suppose that thcdlf lereot roads will for any considerable lenclU of time consent to carry stock at the present low rates, drovers will do welt to bay cautiously, os with toe resumption cl the old ‘’tazlir,” prices would again recede. The demand os heretofore was principally on shipping ac count, and all desirable lots were readily taken up for tbe markets of New York, Buffalo. Cleveland. Pitts burgh, and Philadelphia, at prices entirely satlstao terr to holders. Tbe bulk of tbe purchases were made at and within tbo range of (7.0093.00 ior medium to good shipping Steers, though some choice droves were clceea oat at (8.25@8M. Amoeg the cholm offer ings was a drove of 70 bead from McLean County, av eraging at home 14591 its. They were fed by James Bixhop. An offer of (9.CS fi 100 as was refused,:s9.2s bring tho price at which they were held. They were ehlpoed East on owner’s account. The demand lor 60,773 31.051 233 .270 2,830 10 M 710 1,473 1867. iSGG. . 2,030 8,512 . 7,855 10,850 . 4,106 GOO . 2,650 415 .102,693 11,805 2,873 36,018 141,726 4,433 “ Stockers" aid butcher’s Cattle was not particularly brif», tfcoucb there was a mir trade doing tn these do a range ol $5 60(36.75. Tbc entered sales foot up 2,027 head, at f5.55AG.75 lor common mixed lots, Irclodlng seallawag Cows. thin, rough Steers, coarse Oxen, Stags and Bulls, atd Texas Cattle, to choice Ist Cows and prime stock Steers; 17.0033.00 for medium to good straight shipping Steers, and 13.733 .5C for prime to ezaa Bullocks. Tbc market closes firm at the following quotations: 189 41 .. 10,008 704 701 570 .001 833 35 432 133 CLOSIXO IBICES. Extra Etexxt— Pine, Ist, well formed, 4 to 6 year om Stem. and averaging 1,700 lbs and upwards $3.35(28.50 foim.d Steen, avers pin* Irom 1,100 to 1,400 168, at. 7.7333.00 Juir Crodrs—Fair 8t» era, in lair flesh, av eraging I,ooo@ljoo .. 7.00(37.50 Medium Cfoss—Medium Steers and good Uowf, fit lor city slaavbter and averaging BWQUXO ns, au 6,0336.73 Siotl* OKJJc—Common Cattle In decent flesh, avcrsglneSOOfil.OOO us, at 5.5336.75 /n/<rfor—Llpht- and thin Cows and Steers. 4.50(36.1.0 I'CT. 1808. . 62,693 58.610 473,590 1,075.602 ,82i7(58 499,751 .730.192 BHSO7 .111.9-3 112,827 .149.973 269.624 CATTLK SALES TO-DAI. Seventeen bead medium stoca Steers, averaging 941 »s,otfc«v,at 15/.5. Twenty head meolatn mipplng Steers, avenging 1,C96 b>b. rffcars, »ts7.uv. Flltecn bead co:r moo CoWs and Balia, averaging 90S off cars, *l|5J?O. T«enlv-n!ic bead medium roughlsh Steers, avera ging LitfJtts. offcars, oisT.Wtf. Twelve hr«d cood stock titrers, averaging 1,012 as, off care, at $6.75. Beventia-head medium Steers, averaging 1,076 ns, off cars, at Ten he»o I'oomoa stock Steers, averaging 1,010 fts, fed and watered, at $6 22. Tlittty-five bead pood averaging 1,104 tts, off cars. at Fifty bead medium roachlih Strcrs, averaging 1.193 a*. lea and watered, at 47.00. Thirty-three bead fair, neaby Steers, averaging 1,158 fts, off can, at $ 7A'. Ftieccn head coed shinning Steers, averaging 1,305 as, ltd and watered, at f 7.60. Twenty head aood batchers’ Cows, averaging 833 ns, off cars, atfC.W Twca»y-two head fair rooghlsh Steers, averaging 1.139 na. sttt.l3. Twenty head springers at M?.CO. Thirty-two head prime State Steers, averaging 1,330 a*. otl tart, at $8.25. Thirty bead extra State Steers, averaging 1,571 SB, off cars,at 15.50. lluee honored bead Texas Cattle, averaging 933 as, * sixty’hesd emooth flnt-elaas Stccrr. averaging 1,390 a*. on cars, at IS.ttX. Thbty-ioar bead cood flret-cli’s Steer* and Oxen, av crsjnrc 1.403 a*. on cat a. at |3U3V Forty-i even beao emcotn Dm class Steers, averaging as. oil can, at ?SJ2S, liEieUtecnhea<qr.lrroa'hlih Steers, averaging 1213 ts*. fcd atd f7JP. EieotecD head rredium Steen, averaging 1,012 as, fed and watered, at $7.00 Thirty-four btad talr shipping Steers, averaging 1,031 off can, at S7.S7K- Seventeen head ronvh thin Steers, averaging 1,144 ps. fed and watered, at f i.IO. Tbntcen beao prime shipping Steen, averaging MOo B>t, eff cars, at 43.(0. Mxty brad good second-class Steers, averaging 1,236 as, f«i and watered, at $7.0. Fiitem head good smooth shipping Steers, arcrag leg 1,7 W us, off cars, at J7-SO. . floOS—There war ».liberal supply la the pen* for this day Id the week, and under a full attendance of shippers and a live y competition between these In- Urests. the pens were pretty well cleared, at price* telly op to those of yesterday. Sales were mads at prices v ary It g from KAO* 6.00 for Stock Hogs*; s4ifii 7.50 for common to medium grade*; «ad57.75&8.00 tor f,lr to good tat Hogs. The asrkctcloses firm at tbo quotations given above, hales Include the following droree: 800 SALES TODAY. No. Ar. Price. Vo. AV. Price. S 3 195 $7.50 90 Kl S3AO 61 2to 7.50 M» 183 750 5S 191 7.» 61 Sll 8.00 M iOl 7.70 51 V.B 7.4714 66 192 7,60 CO IGO 757 133 121 6.75 121 1W 7.41 V tri 1« 7m C 9 159 7;>o IS IS9 7-S 52 214 7.50 158 715 7A G 7 133 755 G 5 ir,J 7-33 44 713 7/0 US 171 7-30 56 193 7.60 47 XU 7.99 43 203 7.37 V 6BEEP—7 be market was dull and Inactive, the only Inquiry being for good to prime Mutton grades, fur city tlangbter, of which there were few offering. Prices ranee at s9.7Vs<tOO fori rami on grad**; $6.3)(3 C. 75 lor medium, and $7.00®7 A 0 fbr lair to prime Sheep. CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. TteiDat imwao, April 2.1367. The week oocns a fairly actiro Dry Goods market, ard should pletaact weather costl&oe for a few days there will no doubt boa largo Influxol country buy ers, The general market proseota do new icatircs. Prices a»e ttenljaod likely to remain to for some time, unless disturbed by so upward or downward movement la gold We quote: t'ttll.Tb. ...13 Ducbcss B ....14 .17 Mrnrolng...... ..IS iitmnwc D. Heritage W. Cock rco I'acibc. Gamer's..... S;itgne'».... imnnrtl'a.... UaoclieiUr.. Lowtl! Arnold's Lancutcr.... Ulcbmocd. . (Staton. L*MMitr. Banner. Law^»CK. S(x£ *-4 vojtf Great Fall* M 18 Appleton 4-4 .21 “ “ S 16* M«-dfom4—l I'W Indian Orchard A 19.4 Kaairaa. 80 “ “ C 114 Indian Head*4—ill....2lsf Cabott A 4—l 30 AtiactjeV-4 tiX M ** L 1434 4—4 21 Boot Mills n itu Balmot Falla 4—l 30y *• •• O I6* AgawaaFi-4 .17 M ** 5.... 19 Appleton D 4—l 19 Western World 15 I'linolsA*—4 ....19 Arkwright. 19 SwtftKivcr4—i 16H I'ortamontn P uy PcppereilE 30 Napoleon ic « K 13 Qaaker 14 “ N..... UK XXaiawlard American A 31 janiata 17 nuucncD suncrrsas. K. T. Mills 4—4 40 ] Bed Bank 7-8 Dates 4—l Wtite 80ct*i^4...27* ArkwrleliL. Hills 4—l. MucotUlo 4^4. Day Wills 4—l 77* BlaicrvlUo7—B 15 Androscoggin 4—4.....V7 Hlackstone River) ....70 “ 7-8 2i f.... bandoc 7—B 70 niacksttue AA 71 pirenc Lonsdale is* Cambrics. DS> Atnotkeag Sb York .S6X Manchester 20 I 0xi0rd..... .23 Union 27«4 Haymaker's 71* I Amoekcag. To« „. Halls .23 Eoonokc 20 i Amoskeag ACA 50 •• a io “ Jl 33 •• C .30 •• D.. York 80-lnch. Albany JoncSt-inch-. COSSET Axnosfccag 2VJtf I Laconia Xu I Dates 15 Xanmkeag Suttees....2s I □amliton stout., Eller ton T Bolt. Laconia Manchester, sew- 23 Pacific, new 23 BALUOB4 Gilbert’s H-ST# Wilcox i>ontoo«uc~. -.. .25C&L25 Wasninßton Mills... .2,00 TUB) J.&P. Coats. (I JO 1 Clark's IJO Hadley A Co's 90 I Worsted Braids S 3 | Stafford 70 | COTTON T* Eagle. s«s I Hope 57k I Fraikilu 57k Park. 57k I CABf Lowell. Spiv t 2.00 •* super .72577 .6L«70 .60« SJ .56T460 ** medium.,.. 1.40 II art lord.extra 3-ply 2.00 “ imp'l3-piy. 1.05 “ super. lAS “ medium.... 1.40 CA6ST! I arm cm ft Mcrch's....4S Wabash 12k ..ssaco .52*55 .Man WEEKLY EETIEW OP TIIE CHICAGO M4.ai4.ET, ..<B*s3 -43*13 ..2A*3l ..33*40 .^7*43 ..53Q.‘8 ..45-450 ...30335 All sales pf Grain reported In this market report ore made on the bails of ictnttr (4c) storage, unless otherwise expressed. Tuesday Etcmxo. April 2. i 867. PKEfrcnT*-IUiMiOAi» Faeioirre—Are 10c low er. Tbefollowlng Is tbu tosltl o{ Iho Rastero Roods: Bates from Chlcaeo to— Sd class. 4th class. Flour. BoCalo & Snfp. UrtOße. »ia aiu ts JUonUeal, C. £..... 1-25 73 1,40 Albany. K. T 1.00 cu Few Torlc 1.00 W j.BO Boston 1.10 CJ i^79 Portland.. 1.10 SVfcSJ ty*n ... 40« l» Plttsbareb. 'Ualtlmoie., .33937 .30(335 .23.923 Phlade-DhU.". 91 65 1,10 Cincinnati. OI»o 45 „ SO CO T.»trr FmooTS—Are steady at 8c for Coro, and Wh*stai 6c to BntlHl?, and UHtiliXe lor Coro to os* wi-ro. We beard ot no cbarters. F I,OIJ it —Received, s.Cl3tirls: iblpped, 3,630 brig. There b«s I»**cd a f»lr decree cf activity manifested in this department cl trade during the p lat week, and on seme very chdce brakes of Winter and Spring Extras prices have advanced 25353 c. Winter Extras wtrein actU* rectest, and the supply is fully equal to the demand. Spring Extras were in pood inquiry, the stocks *>t which are becoming much reduced, and on at me oftbc best breeds dealers nnd Ualmwt uu o sslble to flu their orr cn. Soring Supers are -sly moderaiely active, and the st-css are exceedingly u c nt. To-cay the market was oaten and dealers were asking yesterday's onuldc prices. Sates embrace tfce following: Wong Wtarsisfc—lCO brl« not named at tlßoor Ido bits “Eacle” at SI2.M; Smso Extra*—soo brls not .nsintd at $12.00; 100 brli co at f 11.63 V -.150 nrl* d» at ill JO; SCObrls Brilliant •’ at $11.0; Sbbixo Supers —6O brls not named atfß.7s; 370 brls do atSJ.SO: 100 bn# do at $8.00: Ussocsu—7s DrU not named at $7.76; Hr* Flock-110 bfla at 17.75; occkwiibat Flock— CO brU at S6JO; Cobh M*al—2 tons Banker Street !MS;23 2,738 4.&C4 671 • M 3,038 I^6o 8H WIS J? 5 833 135 167 V 73 IHJ '.'.UK ai'l ai~s . .7. V. i r. c x Aiii I‘rovldence is ~HJ4 Jjvic* Saunders* 15 ..ic uiooceftter is ..HM w. yy. Fweman &0C.13V ..14 tTi.inji.......... 13 ~ICJ< Wamsutta ..10S' Colombia u oucoiums. .21 JGIasCOTT 23 '.zsx I ttoSotee. AUaatieMUla 17tf O u BB.'.V.ifo St# .. m 4_4. .38 Lonsdale ami (ikiii Warn bee*. /OK J,&V. Stotwl—i'.V.jiijf .27 H Canffifc-1...... 11X !» Ballon & Sou 1 -1V..‘”173# “ “ 7-8 20 luntßica. | English | Connecticut. ....30 I WISUIORtOQ Zix MlHord improved. 31 ome mu -a Cora City 16 Pawnee stuped SHUTTINGS. .so I WOUtenden C. 10 .59 “ A 27* Uncaavlllc..— Thorndike .22* I fibetuchct 20 llamlltOD, regular... ..S3 “ D 30 Pemberton E .23 “ X 27K B win Elver.. ...3sx Star MillsSMuch 21# “ ** 36-lucn 37# jeaws. I Indian Orchard 19 I Androscoggin 15W I Pcpperell 23 1 Globe 16 ulsselb. CAKTOK f SO [Thorndike. 25 I Xaumkcag bleached...3o : rmn.ut. BBOW s ••••a i I Bennington 02 iPcppcrelJ..... 23 SIXES. I Hamilton. .23 j All Wool 40®50 iLfiKIETS, lUanianAMalleten $3.13K Raleigh'S 3 03 Uraner v.OO Belle of the reason.. 2.25 SAPS. iGrcenADanlels..-.. 73H White Skein 93 I cord 1.00 WlUlma&tle 83* LItXS, ETC. | Eastern 65 Carpet Warp .Sl^GO I Candlewlck 63Q70 1 Chicago Batts 2U.00 ’ET9. Snperfloe .Jl.ooai.SD Cross?y’s Fat, Tapes Brussels 1.89 Roxbury t.CTK Empire Mills 1.10 Belgrade LU> ; Everett 1.. I Everett O. 65 j.SJ CO S 3 91 55 Millfl»t?3Wo.» W«s qnatj to-day'scloslux prices n a™ CholcrSCLonU...... t 6-« €4J5.» Wirconals 13.00 914.00 SPEDfO En»a»-J>ncy brands— U& 9}0.» Choice Minnesota.... ILSO @IXSO Choice UOncl/, Wls- „ _,„ r . colilo and 10wa.... IL?S 01X00 Pair Grades W-M Low Grade*.... • .. 9 *s?’* : S*S Soring Superfine...., 7-g &9M Rye Flrur..... 7.25 » s*® Buckwuai Flonr 6.*i ««4» VVlJßAT—Received. 6.311 bn; •MPP'i, 7jjSi ho. Market advanced l@2c urXn.C Spring but at the dole tee cxire" c -drance woe not maimainc-?. No. 1 spring Vm » 3c higher. -airel were; KiO ba No.l (B. T ) at K.73;$U) ba do (Bcsularj at |?.W ; 400 ba No, 3 fieiL atsJ.2S;6.7ot ha CO at 8i.37; 23.0 W ba floß-ca- 12 3*: S.OuOrm Co »t sh'isK» 45,000 btt do at M. 35; 3.000 bo Rejected at $2-00-ciO3lag qoJct at $1.39 lor IC ri)Kl*eetred, 12.013 ba; shipped.4,l66bn. Mar* ktt aavatced SH9-IKC, taoocb at tbo close tne extreme Improvement wan Rst. bctectsflwas 3c higher. Sa.<* » cro; 1.4C0 bn K». lat $1.00; 35,000 bn do at 9J5; 65. CM bn do at93Kc; CkOKlba in at tiSc ; 31,003 ba do at yguc: 83,600 on do at 97tfc; 20,01 dbn do arJUc: 6,000 budoatOOKc; 1.&.0 bn NO. *at ale; 10,0-0 bn do it 9Cc 1400 bu Bel-cltdatß»c; 9,100 bn bn doatß?c : jf.O Cbudoat gj.yc; 800bn do atsiyc; 0.600 t>u do at 82c—Closing quiet at 93c for.' 0.1 In store. lc> K—Deceive'?. LIC7 bn ; shipped, lose, t-tarkot l®2c better. Miles were: 1,300 t>n No. 1 at slftt; 4'o pu coatJUJ: 400bndoat$1.31;5,100Cudo at$1.30— on ndv-oce of Idle. Sale* were * *460 he No. 2 at9lc:S.W)O bndo aiSOcjJM m Rejected at 75c; 400 bn do at 74c; 400 bo dp at 73c; 500 bn, by sample, at 88c. __ ~ IJAT'-K c. ived. LlSl bn; shipped, pone. Market advanced ;v®2c. Sale* were; COO ba No. lat S7c; 603 b“doat s?c; bn No. aatSWes )&0 bn rfoat &2Nc: eco on do at 57c; 003 bn do at at 5iC-*n.Jfresh*. 13000 bndo at fiOkc; 25,«W bn do at 501ic: 10.600 bn do it 50c; 5,0(0 ba 00 at 43Xc; 3,000 On do aeWc-all wlnter.-cloaing quiet at 50c for No. 3. B HOO.II CORN—Market steady at 1:0.00*330.00, accr.rdluctooualiiy. , . „ BRA Is in fair demand and firm at s2o.CoajlJM. Sates of 10 fn« at s7l DO, on track. Middusos—Are St* ady at S2C.COg3C.PO. BEANS—Murielanlot. Biles of 33bags Common at UUn'^TEli—’ 0,970 tts; shipped, none. The market present* bo new lealnre ti -day. There con* tloues to be o steady and fairly active demand to son* ply »bc wonts of local customers, and as the arrivals of prime qualities are barely sufficient to meet this de mand, price* keep well u.i and are firm at our quits. Hons. Indeed, for something very choice, la small finer package*, an advance or 18?cmay occaiinnally be realized, though soles at outside cenfrs arehyno means frequent. i*or common Tub and common Fir* kin ihno is mile inquiry, and nndsr the exet save sup ply, holders experience no little difficulty In realizing, even at tnstdo ilgorcs. Sales to nay Include: LOW »* choice Bill at 33c; M 0 ds do at 58c; 3 P*** Roll at Kc; *do ante; 2r*ojt33c; 21 pkga Poor attOc; 10tubs Good at ISc; 200 tts R-'U at 3JC- _ Choice Dairy O pod Tub .C«29e Common Firkin.. I^4JSc Prime BAIiIJINU—■Thereuno material Improvement to note in the demand, and under a liberal supply tbo sen era! feeling 1« by to mean, linn. While m a small way dealers arc realizing at quotations, on round lots prices are tody shadoo. Gunnies areli fiirrcanestand to]* erably trm. We make no change la oar quotations os Inllbws; National A, 2 bn, seamless Uncn fB.OO A| m UU| euiuiv. ‘ Union A. 3 ho, do llmn;j«A.2bo do Corn Ejclianee . Stars A. cotton ecamlew... LuMiEion A. AcriroK'Ogtflo* do a merit an, do B-aver Mills, do Pittsfield S, ao Penn Jullls,' do ... 61.00 F.»rt rut, oo Silio. do w.oo Gunnies 36.00 Burlap*, 4 ho, No. 1 37 ja Empire City 45.00 Under a continued Rood demand, and wltfi no improvement in toe supply, previous rates am ftol.y sustains , and all prime eooa* are firmly field at qnotutlots. Tfieitocluare barely sufficient to meet the Inanimate want* of Use trade, bene* dealers are* not disposed to nrro sales, even at outside Usurer. The lollo*lmr are the prices current: New Vorlr Factory (genuine) .31 333 e Factory (Dtluots) 19 330 c Hamburg Western Mates. Western Reserve. 'Tonne Anurtca* COA L.—Trane Is a little slack at present, and for Uart Costs, owlnp to tne excessive suoplr, the leellop Isisthcrrasur.andoa ronad lots slight ooncessloas mar pen* rsliy be obtained. Soft descriptions are in reduced flocks. and prices la consequence arc well sus tained oua tolerablv firm. Prices are uncuanped, and we continue to quote: Etß—Brookfield $ll.OO do Ormsby. : CtrvhLAND—Briar Hdl do Mineral Bldce. willow Bank. do Tunnel. Chippewa ILcfalmr.'..... l.umpLebl:h La'kawaua, prepared. Scranton Pi Baton. Illinois.. do ontracK 6.00 Tcmchioghetj'. U.CO COFFEE—The marxct throacboal tho weet had teen tolerant? active, although the volume ot (mines* WM tot ae Inrcoiw that cf lUB prtcjdlue wee?. The * tocXs are comparatively licht mod deafe;a are arm in Ihelr demand*. We Continue to quote : Java. - .113 iys>Xc Rio, common to s>*lr. n'\o, coctfio prime* *.*1275U57!}0 Rio, prime to chotcc (‘OOeCUA<iK—A*tde from a Ilgat demand lor Fork UamK tLe market nxlea doll, and price* are nominal, bale of 600 Lard Tierces (prison! made) at lies on track. I’crk Ramis 1 ms Lainl Whisker Harris Hauer Kf trs, p dozen. Lord Reas, each Flour barrels, round boop 60ft G 3 Flour llarreli, Ualhoop .... SOft 60 (loop J'ol*-#, Hickory 20.0(U30.00 Hoop Pole#, Oak U.Otf^W.OO Iluope, flat Arb fiXOi 7JO Staved Hickory Hoop* 15.C0.^20.00 CAM)ljK?»—'Hiccemaad continue* light, ani with the ricej tlonofaQecmcoi xcon Tallow and Vaxlme Candles. pric<« are utcbanrtd, We now quote: Falrtank, Peck 4Co,> Stearic Light# 16 <3l6lfc Extra Tall jw, Stearlce c#l«Wc T»ll’<w, V t> 13!<r<l3yo Vutroe. ¥ - eUr, * Co.bk AND CIIKIIICAbH-m thl* depart rotnt of trade tosme<fl Is steadily increasing, and Ito general market rales firm. We now quote; Aloes, tkaotrlce, [ Gam Trsg srt*. 5.VtG3c Vlb 90c <snm -hcllac.... sisiJc Alum 5 06 c Onta Trag. flake 1A0&1.75 Anuatto |i.9os<{t.T9 Gnm Myrrh, Tky 80c Arsenic, p0w.... tijjiOc Gam Opium 9.75310.00 Arrowroot,Jam. Ssc Ipecac 5.00 Arrowroot. Ikr, 'Me indigo 13503.00 llal.Copnvla.... QSOIXJ lodine 7.00 llal,Tola 3.00 Jodlae Polos 5.7506.00 EOK.I3i-carb.Sod4 IftglPKc Jalap 3.9043.00 JU-cnrb. Potash. JOr Juniper Berry... silOc Borax, reftnod.. 40<%12e Morphine........ 7.a Camphor, d 0,... 1.1501.20 OH Conor 2.2003.73 copperas. Am... . 3,.4c Omcniirer...... * 1.00 Cream Tar„pnre €OOUc Quinine 3.3>o2jjj caoebs 530 | \i:rol, blue IPalSc Glue, •whi1e.,.,.. GOioGsc ! Sodi Ash sS»\4lliC Glue, com.. 25033 c I Glauber Balts... S^ltfc Aqua Ammonia. 12014 c 1 Cstmic Soda-...9£010Hc Chrr»tal Silicate 9N«WcIC»rb Amtnooia.. waffle gsi feooa . 4>»(2sXc I Sn. Turpentine.. KCGS—'tv ere in good local request, and felling at llio2lc, wiiji sabs chiefly at the inside flrnrc. ihe supply Sales to day UiclDde 147 don In 1 rla at 19c; rd dc.2 in boxcl at 30c: 1,050 con (fresh 4 18r; m d<» at IPr: S 7 pkc* at 19c; 7co at !Sc I'lMUTs* AM> NOT-**—DuMneea Is brisk la thl* dcpsruur: t, and the general market tales Arm at fail rates. The Inquire fbr Ootnestic Dnea Frtuta u taicly active •ndhteadlly Increasing, and, as the stocks are not large, rrletf areflra with rather an upward ten* dewy. winter Apple* are Id good local dem*ml. and aa‘be supply is bccnr.lag gradually reduced inces har« taken » higher range, varying irum 84-53 t'rcom mon to fp JO tor prime fruit, with sales at fT.OOfors very choirs article Nuts are in eocd request and steady. We quota aalcllovs: Apples f) hr 1...»,,, Orcnt'fi, *• box... L» a nns, >1 oMr*.. Crsoberrles. » hrl. Turkey Pnrae», new. )incuj,new. Flea, Crums Fie*, cartoons SO oc s) Dates i; m 23 Cam cd I’cacbcs, )> 4oz, 2 a cant ...... 4.® A 4.% Apples, new 9 ft uw IVacltt*, hsives aul quarters 16 (« ig Teaches, pared 43 <4 43 Clackberrira, new, H ft.... SI a 3J Itaspberne-. new, f d, no a 63 Cherile», pitted a a fit Kulcrbcrn*-.*. ?» ft U <4 ll.iplch, M » heps 9.60 «10.4 S 'Nuumca, JthuZes 2 2 & 24 AJmondp, bard-*bclled...., tt it Almonde, ?oft shelled 45 ta 45 Almonds. paper-sncHed 5J « m wumlngtca, V fame as <OO <.» Uruzll Nuts.. 23 d ‘'l FUocrts 16 & ■ I? ricoch Walnuts 21 m as Naples Walni.B 21 Z »l Fccacr, small ana large. 23 « 21 Hickory Nnts 3.00 m 3JO FlfMi—l)»ftl“ra report a ralr and steadily Increasing demand, and as the, locks on tuud arc Id noway ex clusive, prices »re Ormly held. Macitcrel are in rather thori supply, and are very hrm at quotation*. with aa iwvince lo prwpect. The following are itjiTciirrcnl Whitenih, Vo. i, vbri........ too Whiten,!,.’No.« tfbrl . IS Trout. No. 1, tfbrl 4 4.75 Trout, No. 3. H hr] 4J5« 4JO Mackerel. No. 1, X hrl, uew J0J0^10.73 Mackerel, No. 2. X hrl 10.0t5w.33 .Mackerel, family, * X hrl 9JKK4 9.23 Mhcucrel, extra rmi*. V X hrl 14JfV.a15.00 Mackerel, extra mess, V Bt SAOta 3.73 'lackers., Nu. 7. kits, new a. 65 Mackerel, family, kits..; 2 00.*‘*10 LodlUb, Bank, V ICO lbs 7.COa 7J3 Cconsb, George’s Hank 7JO« b.M ihmDrsVdiiMVNo: \Vv’iwrV.v.:iv.:v.v.’.’.’. s w» *» Herrins*, rca’od ?5a n LaDrador Herrings V bet A0.w2u.00 Noractlap Herrings 13.1KWc16.0fl Lake Herrings 4 Jtta 5.00 Ualihnt (Btnokcd) , 13.0tQ11.00 I ”" ,,ra - Mt » tth “ <“• \riiite .....,....ios<aii b 3 cllow . rajvS Brown 8 a «3c , nifJll\VlNE«>«—Uecclvcd, 235 brls: shlppoj, 153 bf]*. JJ'irkc l entirely nominal, at Sc for Bonded. « 11 . ,,t :?-; Vre «at.tcdat6j®7oclbr Eastern, and 60Q wcirr »iMcm. , r*ItE>SKI) ZlOGH—Received, none. Market “«y* 0^ ia,ct » w «e t 39. ail round, at |S.TS; 6, all round. HAY— I The market Is quiet but steady and Arm, „ .. PIMCSB (OS TBACK.) Ttootby.rolitr and dealer pressed 1U.50frj15.00 Tlmotns. Icofe pressed. .15,0-^IO,OO ProlilC, beater pressed 11.00ai8.00 „ ketati. psiees. timothy, idler am beater pressed tl» JOaiS JO Timothy, loose pressed i7.50ai9.5a Prairie, roller and beater pressed 13.00iai6.0d prairie, lo.«>bi on wagen. d‘llvcred • is.O'«ais.oa IllUfc!*— necetTeo, 151,005 IS9; shipped, 56,m Ua. The market exhibits no net? fc»tnre to<by. Under a eooa health} shipping demand the teUlng Is decidedly lira, all pTline oiferlags being readily absorbed at tall rates. Lccal Tanners are only baytmr in a small w.

torrcetciirrehtwant?. Crabby Uldea are token at cif. We quotti Orccn llntcLere* .... 7*va c c Green i-TUted, trimmed................. UsSl?Vc tJfcen ra.f. Kip Owen. salted.. .11l S Dry Filet, trimmed rtigiie DrytiaJtof, trimmed liK'VblsiSe Grern S<<.t-d.r-art cjrrd WVfLliCr liOM ÜBIt-1 be Lumber market dor ins toep« week ha* ruled rather Heady, ana the volume ol ling!, nmwfts somewhat jess than that of the nrcccdlmr week, •which la owjnc to the Dad condition of the wscoa reads, Shinnies areflm and in fair reancat Sawed **A s' aw fairly active and prices are casv Lath are tolerably active, but firmly held atquotatlom. Tlic sates by cargo to-iay Include the schooner O. tt. •lohcson, from Mmkceon, with W m feet mil: rnnat f!8A0. and schooner J. 8. ban boro, from Manistee, with UO m feet RcftMliiic andstnps at fl 9 DO. The loliowm* arc the yard prices: " fi l.cmißn—Pirs: clear,l. IK* IK and 2 inch Stcwd Clear. 1, Ul, IX and 2 lnchV.*.*.'.’.‘.',*M!ootw!oO Third Clear, 1:ch.............anav.w tX) Fim aj d becotd Clear Floortnir, toenttj- * WWJJ ‘ er. ronch, the same as Second Clear wide 50X0055X0 Common llocrtwr. mush 3510>«#37 GO Matched «5« Dressed Common Flooring . ju caaiVoa Matched and Dressed 8-lnch Common ' flooring. 3C 00(333 00 First ana Record Clear Biding, together.. 30X0*33.00 First Common Pressed hiding 23.00A23.00 Wacon Box Boards, select iMnch and up will da 83X3® 12.00 A block Boards, 12 1nche5..,,,,.. jjr frt-4 - a 03 B6«cck Board*, 12lrclics 2dof®27 00 Comtron Boards. Joists, ScanUh,e,Fe:<y . lag. and Small Timt er. 22 to.lCfci-t Joists and scantling, 1?,20,22 ana 21 feet.. 2a 00*30 CO joists ana scauiloc c oo SmuGLEs—a cr Star Snared Shingles 4XO A or Star sawed Shingles 5 m* 5 «>o No. I Sawed Shingle* 2X0*300 I<atii—Per m m yard jap By car load by Northwestern llallroid delivered in any yard where cars can be switched or any depot a or star Sawed bhmgps, by car-load, on track 5 00 A er Star Shaved Shingles, by car-lcad. on track.. ’ ana jjq N>. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car-loaV.’oa ’ * track * . 4xo Ibrce collate a car.lota added when transferred, which chargefolio-ethe Shine et la freight bill* am.votxsTAKDaso. Tblcancfla—Five Shingles to be two laches in thick* seas. Length—Sixteen Inches. Bands—Twenty Inches. Courses— I Twenty- tlv*. I«-ON AM>r>TEEL—There baa been a good business transacted Iti this department amine the Week. and ocaleis are Invariably obtaining the know ing prices: Common Bar .............. sJ£<% Skc Horse shoe Iron tHW 7uc Heavy Hand........... ........ 6 0 C^C Hoop and Llcht Pand cwall c Hound and square si*a guc Oval 5V® t»vc Hall Ova* and Hail Hound sy® cue Sheet Iron, common 7144.. c hxtra Brands c Sheet Iron, calvamrra 18 &Zt e Sheet Iron, charcoal, i 6 gvva.. 0 sheet Iron, Juniata. 20. pvau c Norway N’ml Rods ItfcwUJtfo flow Steel, Gciman 13 «aU c fJowSteel.cact. qis c hprlt e and Tire Steel, English «u®l3 c ToolCa2lrtccJ,frainaiyit2eß.. .2S ®3O c ToolCanStecl. American..... 23 /aa c Dllalered Steel aso c I.EATBEIC—Trade Is fairly active,and with no surplus sleek on the nmtet, roll prices are demanded. Wc quote prices arm at the milowlnc ranee: „ nutLocx. City Harness v _ Slaughter. BtUtt ft 89® 40 lo Sole.. 41 ConnwyllarneM, 3ft* 88 Slaughter. Sole. Idle, »i a. .. 41® 44 Chicago, Wo. I 35® 40 Kip. meclnm, 1» Slaughter. Sole. ft...- ,gW» Chicago, No. | 51® S! Cab, ?ft 1.3431.50 Buenos Ayrss... S*a S 3 Upper, V f00t... SO® 31 OrlnocoSole..... 34® 36 Countty Upper.. 23® 23 Orinoco, coed. Coliar, F mot... 23® 34 damaged 31® 33 Isianrfau*r; Sole.. -S3® St french Cai; 81 Ran est.ft &.... 40t4 46 as 2.1432J3 Upoer. - 4«8 33 french Cali; SI Kin. ho. 1. me- b, 3JJ682.U Uiura...... ... U 051.20 frenca Call, Lr- Klo. No. 1, hca- g^ uo mom«,VdoxSC4)3B9sJ» jJaPL® -iitiAß—i-iic demand and steady at» awSfatsssiS” 1 ■ **“■ “• „ »*K'? l -r , AN''• TINSEB!"" STOCK-TM ge aaim>rsetttuuiishont th* weeebubeen active, uid with the exception of a decline of 50c on fin' Fmtc. price* are without e-scntul ch-tange. Dealer* are Of m la »hi-lr cemaad* at the folio *101? pneoc ♦. H-, „, TIS ' BaioHTwn*. Jlox Tin FUtc, 1. c. Itoc 11; 10x14 7.Bud 9 13 I4.W loanall 13 LvgePiea 37 jg u BmallPlgi si Wand 14. 15. Bar Tin - 33 « and ID 15 copws. 17 n MtUllic Ai* liatU... S 3 18 18 Copper Bottom 53 19 31 Urailf«,ov**r JC n». 4t 20 2* bhoit. Htol6 os 45 Fence Wire 9H Ilcrlpce... • 10 Bcasias. . . PATmrriigTAu' Nrs.9andt6 .25®J6 Dt quality SO American, Ist quail* Antfaoay ro ty, piheet, 1- H;e Solder aJ American. Is: quill- 1 IStquallty,c*‘k.Wtf American. 3d qoall l«tqu,m>,»hce(..... 14 ty. Jlsheot 16 Slab 13 NAILJ*—Arc to fair demand, the Stocks ore much reduced, and dealers are ItcUy shading the annexed Qnotatiors: . .47.00 .. I .. 7AOI lOd to 6d Vkez. Sd 8d 11-8/aICJ NATAL HTOKEH-me active, nod pitcee ate flnaJy tn cha. ce In nut tatlona; Tar tico Laos Yam Man* Yai.lf*' Pltcb 6.C0 lUa jav&Uc N. C. Pitch 8.00 Maol'ia Hayßopell ®isc Italian Piaz PacAnx sic Manilla Bope XiU&Uc ItallanHemP Packing 4Cr Marine 30c Fiaelietnp, Sap 23c Sash Cord. 3V: Am. Hemp, No. 1 20c Oakum f7.0037.i0 Am. Hemp, No. 2 lie Itonp Twine » @(oc Paper Twme 33 taioc OlLS—Ecmaln Arm, with pried onchaasced, aa follows Linseed Oil Linseed OU. balled. OnreOli...' Whale Oil, W. B ..... l.Mai.3 Lard OIL extra... i 1.1M1.20 Lard OlLNo.lWmicr IJPqi.l3 Lard Otl.Ko. 3 "Winter LORatlO B»nlc Oil, round lots ijiai.-.O Hank Oil. Straits LW551.33 Machine Oil.. SOftLOO Sperm 0U.W.8 ®&G3 Lobncstlmr Oil sr^AUJO CAICiION OJL«—Thelnquiryla somewhat limit ed, ond under a fair enpply round low are betas oflpred at a concession of Ic. In n small way the lot lowing prices are realized: Carbon, P car load Carbon, email lou nccclred, C 0,773 B 8 Lardjsiuo ped, lba,ya7 &t ViHTM Meats. ftJrtM* rork— and entlielr nominal a; $22.20(5:£2.75 cash. „ Itolk JJeatft-Saleawere: 120,000asBtoal^eraat 8c loose. Lam—Qnl't. Bales were; 300 tea prime Steam (luf<t evtniDs) at 13c ;800 lea to-C»r on p. c 'We anoicuie ranee of prices for 10-day ns lollow*: Clear rone. nun <3-14.00 t Mesa Per* 23.26 @23.73 Prime Mesa mo @».00 Extra Prime Pork @IB.OO BmnpPork 16.00 @17.00 Mess Beef. . 1&00 @20.00 Extra M'SS Beef.. U«U«....... Beet Hams leant Mesa Bert N tre., Prune Mrs Beei; p trc. Sweet Pics led Hates.... Cncberlsnd Middies (1005 e)...... Short Kib Middies (loose) Short Clear Micelles (1005 e)....,. Dry baited Shoulders (picked)... Drr Salter Shoulders (1005 e)..... Dry Salted Elams (loose) Loose itrUKb sides (cored) New Steam Lard NP.lLard uya 13X POUI.TKYIANniMTI It—Tt e market contiaooa opleu Thf enpply Is Uj-ht. Sale* were: icoop Live Tnrkc/8 at 30c; Ido (to arrJvj at 20c; 100 iss Dressed no at lac i Bd> zen Dressed Chickens at 8 aozea Live do atj|£.oo. , , . .30 ®2l c .17 C 413 c POTATO£■—Are lo fair demand, and dealer* are rcalizineiuli price*. Sales »ere as follow*: lOOba 3Ui blc&n Teach Blow* it Me: l c»r do at (Be; 100 bo do at 79c; 15 bo do at 755; 4CO bu Bassets at 05c; 35 do Illinois Peacn Blows at rfc. .IS Ml» C taso c PAlNT?*—Trade u picking no sharp, and the fol- Jowlnr quotations are well snstalned: B. L.l*earlßDOW....fllXo buocnor filXO deadhead 13.00 Premium 10.00 O’Fallon Standard Laclede 0.00 Lead 13.50 Missouri 8.00 St. Lonls Star. 13.0 C French Zinc, pure... 15X0 X). n.fibipmaQ’awsr- Atner. Snow White.. It.oo rantedjure Inoll. 15X0 American Star 10.00 ChtcacoPalntWorfcs Garden City. uxo in OU MXO Diamond UXO Dearborn laOU .... 13W D.B.bhlpmaa’aZinc, New Jersey..... 10X0 pure 15X0 St. Louis.jmre 16.0 U Parlor Snow White, Ft. Louis union 13X0 Zinc, pore 1150 Charles Elver, Bs*» , Lehigh 10X0 ton 11X0 FIR IKON—I* in fair demand, and an the stocks arc moderate price* are firmly held. Wo make no chaneß In our quotations, as follows : bcotcbFls.No. U 9 ton fsfiXO@6o.oo varilllop, No. I. 59X0 12‘ca .Mo@ B.CO Maatillon.No.a SXOO IrontoD.No.l • . W.OO Tuscarawas, No. 1 &3XO •» H 1 55.00 •* No. 3 93X0 Lake gopcrkr* Ko. 1 At :> nr an 55.00 M No. 1 Greenwood 53.00 PAPER—Tie market is qolet ard steady at Srenooi rates. We continue to quote: sok.Paper, p ....30 ©3O c New* Paper, P D 19 «20 c Wrapping.common 4Vc« 9 c PAPER ftTOUK—Remains steady wlto prices uicbsosed, as follows: . U3r< /M 13.u0»15XJ 90M 1.03 Colton liars, mixed Rope and lexeme.. Cobh Rope l»mV|iEtt“AM> 'sMlOT—Tfiero' lias beta a Bllcht improvement la Uie demand since tbe date oi our Iwlrevlew, ana prices are a shade firmer. We quote: Rlfip powder t 7.5035.00 iMutiue Powder. Shot (Dritp) 5.C0:«.15 Huck'liol . 3JA*3.10 Bar Kftd. y A Itca Uc UIC K—lb limited demand bat firmer, at tbe follow* lo«prtct*s • .It ail c Arracan 10XAU c fttaa... .u «nxc .W*«U~c Itanpooo. CWulin*. >*riUK!>—Arc m lair rcqnwt and sreauy, at the loiluatnc prices' IVppcr... PlmrnU), Nutmegs, No. 1. Nntaer*, N 0.3. Ct'Bla Cloves 500 U ST A HC'H—The market mca aicady. The stocks are ample. We make do change In quotation*: Rlngdord, Core IS StJJVc Kifcgsford.J*uro • c Blnaaf. id, Heflced IS «12fcc Kli gtfonh silver ulots. PuteLaundrr Ottawa Core. Watts. t?ODA AND f*Al*E«ATl7J*— 'There U but mtle the marfctl, end pricte Me timet the lollop Ire quotaCloDi > Us6DUl'f McdiciLot. .UK4UXC .12 (?*I'2UC C SA I.T—KecMvedVnoneV shipped,’ 'iij or j. 'rue market v> u itlrly active. We qu -te: It'ew Flee. f 2-55 Coarse j.os Gr. ud(l Alum Ground Solar 3.63 Turk*# Island, baza 250 I)iU7. with iicki g oo Dalrr. without sacks 5.73 S CfSAKfei—Dunce llio week 'he market his b*ea fairly active. »nd the bo k of th; badness ru carried on Uifuacli orders. Keilatd Sa?ar. are la fair request, see lor such toe market role. firm. The followiua are the current prices : Cuba liKPIUXc *• Pure Dcland’a Chemical. * Uetliny.. H-50 a CM 7.73 @ B.M RJO (t ft JO ISJU @23X4 I’orfo Bico 13V(^M>ic K. V. JUiUea. PowiletfU Md GrmnaJtHcd 15j,i-«:6vc While A .IViilSjiJc Circle A 24 » 25 20 (A 21 27 S S White B.” ."u^SSslc Extra C c VcHovrC. ~,IJ aii c Oitan: C .lOjtfiU c Oxnard C, extra it , New Orleans 143*C*U*c New Orleans tslr. . 14 , KYltl; PS— Are in verj llrht demand and the mar ket is BUfldy at the annexed quotations: Boston Amtcr sl.*X3 IJO New York bjtnoa T3<U3 bellow 81ip.*.... 1.1531.29 Ottha M-laa:c» 7»3 » J’om blew ana to 7»<*w Orleans 9V41,« , Philadelphia gee Dive Wa 73 1 Ccicaro Keflceri, Amber. 10)31.15 TMcaso iteflnerr, OoMen 60.3 90 Ch'caeo ifa-tnerr, Bmrar _!'«EKI)S*-KfCelvird, 60.923 Jha; shipped, 102,69* Bj. Tim market throughout the week has oeee tolerably active, and with the exception of a dl. Ut sdraoeolo clover, price* remain the same aa at the date of onr las;review. Svcato-oay were: TntoniT—4 haes at r.%10; 10dont$3.»: STSdo at 13 93; 603 do at>j.W: 33 doatsTS«; Hdoat #2.73; u do at Cw>t*b—l DDslid*at $11.00; Bdo at flO.(0;M dan atClOJO;? bacs Jlnminolh at 113.73; a bris nt $9.73; 13 do at S9.C2K; Flax— l hrlat«00; 10 baea atil.W. SWAP—With a slight Improvement la the demand, and umaiTaieir larrc stocks, prices arc a shade caster. We revise quotations- E. Schielder* Co.’s Paim 7 a 7Vc Proctor ft Gamble’s German Mottled lOXoll c C&stHe Boap. Am 13 &ic c Kmclim CasUle..,.. 33 ©2l o Dwlcbl’ffuM weight Old Knells!,,foil weight.... Old English. short weight. Kirk’s German Mottled. Kirk’s Austrian. ....... K'rk’s No. 1 Palm Kirk’s rule Family TanKee Chemical 9* Exery'B Improved EraMve 8 Gt Btf M “ •• Erosive 8 ® 1,. Hook’s Entire , . g a 85» 1 EAP»—J'Ucrs Is but little doJur In this department, and at tbostneks both hue ond East ore dealers ore making cccccsdeci of S&Ucon rannd tots. The demand 1« conflict* to tnpplyme local wants. We con* to Quota: Tontjr Hyson, superior to floe, V » f J.30^1.45 Yourg Hyton, extra to choke, P tt„......... U7iJ«l-S5 Imperial, sunenor to Coe V a I.lo'^tAo Imperial, extra to choice, V a 1-85-41.00 Gunpowder, superior to ane, << a 1.10&1.C0 Gunpowder, extra to choice, V a.. Japan, natural teat Are to extra Use, V a.... JJJV^I.IS Japan, DbturaU-saCflnc to choice, p a i.* Jaoan. natural leaf, colored. ¥ a 1-T0.41.23 TALLOW—Market quiet. Sales 13 brls Country at9\c. TOBAf'CO—The demand la Increasing, and as there Is a sc ncltv of prime goods, dealers arc firm la their views, ana sro generally realizing lull rates. The following are the prices current: nsii cur onewtxo. Medium.. . | Common. fiXOECtO TOBACCO. Extra.. Choice. Vlrclrla sF/ivor- ) Medium .21®35c itc. (Saa|l.ool Common Stems it&Sc Choice. 'AVvSCeI PLCO TOBACCO. TrtCAl rlH»n... TXj* Ifi.Alitm PIVIVI. Loral Citizen.... 10® 75c Medium WralJc Farmer’eDsilclit 67® 73c Con moo M®;oc Kutuiu] NavJe?,. s^i73c HaUUrleht iSral.on Fioanders 68373 c Cholcoh'ii sonad. 65® Tic IVOUUIiN AND IVfLCOW WARE—The market l» eteadv at the price* given below: Tolxt, extra size i!Cj^n.OO i.per *ol. 1ud.3u.00 Tnba, No. 2. per dm 13 00*13.90 Tabs. No. 3, per dox. U.Oo®liJO Pal s, two-b op, painted 3.23® 331 Pall*. thi<v.»joop, painted 3.G9* 3.7* Waahcoanlf,zl-c 3.29*4.00 Willow market baskets. 3XO® 7.90 Corn baskets, 1 bunhel 6.00® 7.50 Combaske'*, IV bushels 7.90*9.00 chums, No l. 84 i:ch Jt.OwtUJW Chums, No. 3. SO inch 13.00*-3.50 Clmros,No.3,lßinth.., ViJW4Vj.SO Chnro».Nc.4.l6loch 11X0*11.50 \V l)»D—There Is little doles in thl* article, though n« the stocks arc not likely to prove excessive, prices keep well up and are firm as elves below: Maple. V c<,rd, delivered f12.Wai3.00 Maple, V cord, la yard 1!.30®12X0 Beech, V erro, delivered 9.00 Beech. «> cord. In yard BXO WINES* A Nil JLlQUOIt^—Tbo market presents ro nrw features, ana dealers are Arm la their views at the following prices: DOMESTIC COODfe. KectlfltoWLlsk'ey.3o |»C!Ctir. t .+1.83 Do, is p ccm tr. i* 2.10 MoDomriUcla, V. a.D. 2.45 Rye Will key (Clue).. 2 50 Bourbon do (Cblc).. 2.55 Pure Spirits (proon... 2.40 Colodee hplnt3» 93 V cent 4.50 Chicago Gina 2XCGV.73 do do 1tnm»....2J.Ta2.75 do 1*t.WrnD.1,736«2 DO do Sh’r do., 2.(Xt do Malaga. .17303X0 Ginger Wu .1.73® 2.10 Cherry Win** Hlacßb'irf Wlne.2sCCf3.oo i ItaiDbcriy Wlne..3 30&3.00; N. England Penn. Rye Wala keya XXOOMO Kcntorc? Dour* bon Whiskeys..BJCS6.6o )Mo Cauwba .&5033.00 WOO I j—Keceircdt Wool market during the part week has rated steady, and prices arc without special chance. Wc dtp t&e following from Slnrcea, McA'Ustey ft Co.'s -wool cir cular cf to-day: The toUl receipts of wool to thlsnty florin? tlie past week are 4J,5d7 fts, and shipment* 63.956 ns. Last wees the receipts were 41.757 as, and thipmrnM 90,061 ibe. We report the folliwin; sales: 8.0 W) its rrediam wool at SCcpcr ft ; 12,000 as coarse unwaehcl wool at 31 per d. There has been nothin? in the transactions of this msrku riming the past week. to Indicate any change In Uic views previously held by btiycr* ana sellers. The receipts hare been very Haired, and ths sales re ported equally trilling; still, as will bs seen by the statement of receipts and shipments given above, the stock fl wooi in this market hasbrenlnrthor lessened. At me proem rate of redaction, tee entire stock re maining lc the hands of dealer* can be closed oat to WesfmrentmCictiirers alone. oefere the clo’col next month. Hence holders are nnn in their views, and erioceluttedlsposuicntomakesales except nponla voroble tcras. At tela feoascn of tho year -we are not accustomed to expect any marked activity la oar wool market, bat tbe continuance cf cold and unseasonable weather this season la very materially ImoMlne the lerUlmite movements of trade. Monalkctarera bare accom plished. ni yet, little la monn? off their spring stocks of worllen poocs. and are thus etfec'naliy prevented irom naming ft-osh risks m providing for the coining season. Ilctail purchaser# are boldine back antllbusl ness hu vanmed a healthier and bitter tone; so that were It not tor the limited quantity ol wool row held, both East and West, it H almost certain that prices wouidmaterWlr suffer. W 111 se&soaabe weather, which cannot bo delayed much longer at the utmost, w** antic pste a good aver gee trade, and theiefoto recommend holders of wool in the country to send their stocks forward. Prices contlnte nnn at nor pr-nocs quotation!, bat with no prospects of any mentlal chanze In favor of holders during tee balance of tho season, which has now so nearly imred at Its conclusion. formerly ol James' Lock Hospital. Caitom Honsa-sW New Orleans, la the only Physician making ths treat cent of ffcrvATa Pagaap- a specialty that I* cn* donedbj the msdlcal profession. Dr- Robert Uonglos, fur twenty yea*s a practitioner of mrClctno In New Orleans, toys: “ To maftr persoos ** appiyttc to mo lor treatment, sutfcxinateomciscaie* - »ncn a» Dr. James make* it his spezlal pravioee to ‘•cure. 1 have them u him.and in so *• cue has ha dissppoutod sitbtr miielf or patient. Dr. James can be consulted at hts offito and pirlsrr, 03 from 95.a.t08 p. m. P. O. Box 096, Chicago, 111. Separate rooms and chosalutloDs 'confidential. TbeßeallD' Pool and Booh of mercy. Howard Aseociacloa reports, tor young men, on the crime of solitude, and the errors, abases and dls-miei which destroy the manly powers, atd create Impedl meats to marrt&ge, with sore means of reiloc. Sent In sealed letter envelopes, toe of Address Dr. J. SKItLIN BODOHTON, Howard.*A*aoclaOon Phladel phla,Fa. ■ The Only neellctne In.tbe World ThatlswarretitedaSaresnd r*errect Care for all ktnds SCROFULA. SALT RTIEtTVL and *ll DUorders of the SW-. 1* fOWLB*BPILE AND UUMOK CUBE. R nv of none who do not refund the money In every csss of failure. . For internal and ex tcrnal use. No failure for elghl years In Piles or Hu mors. tUQ a Bot Ce. Sold everywhere. 12d 13d, flee Mned. 2d, fine blued. Cntbouce*.... flSTlozthe confidecccof the public' and tbe medical facultyar large, 1* tbomost reliable physician ts the city tor chrome ntrvoni and sexual diseases. Call at ti* effleo. 170 Bonth CTsrlMt.. corner of Monroe. ICoonuseparate. Comnltstloa free. P.0.80x 134. Bis culde u health, pabUjbed monthly, smt ace to an* adoww. winched, oe: 9jo i market la moderately nalntalned, Wenmxono ■VfIGHT SCHOOL,—The nndernsned JA| have rpened a Nleht School tor the b*nclt of inch as arc encased during the day. The course of Instruction will embrace Classics Mathematic# and Rncli*b. per particular* apply to WM. O. OTAS, at Ms efflec, IS Fullerton fTocx. ’ WM. 0. DTAS. J T4&c w. GEO. K. DYAS. t Tgacacr3 . fSgs PLANK KOAD NOTlCE.—Biphty Shares of the Northweit-'ru Fit:); Bead Com pany's stock will ba told at Auction on SiTular, An'll istb, st 10 o'clock a. m.. by me Trcantrer, T. Bleb tnood.stblsvlUco.No.33 South Clark st~ for detm* Qucotpoymcot or so installment of forty dollar*, called jo be paid oatheSO'h of Uarcb lost, and tbacosti of advertising ana teUlas tbo same, br o*der of the Di rector*. il. LULL, Sec'y. , JBc tsoa. to 1867 THE 1867 WESTERN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. PEOPLE’S LINE OF STEAMERS 10 00 «2UO 40xo @is.oo (£O.OO asi. co VHt* U nonnlnjr over the Bno Railway. The Western Trans pcnation Company Is prepared to transport Merchan alee oca produce between Calcaeo, New iforjc. Ujjtoa rind qthtr Eastern and Wertern points, sad will rua dartre racnlnr season tne following orst-claaa rropcl lera on the Lakes; Empire State, Ttndecr State, Oneida. Plymouth, iTlobawlr* UutTaio, *<rce state, Acme. Potomac, Pn Übursh* . Tonawanan, Susquehanna. Pennine a Dally Line between CHICAGO AMI BUFFALO, Toncblmt at Milwaukee, Mackinac, Detroit and Clere* lar.d.conncctliizMtb tnc various railroads at those places, and at EatTaio with the 9X 10 U® 10H U & UK 8!iO 8* & S U a Ilk' (4 10 is ¥» n ERliii BAII<WAY, sndtheW.T. CVs Line of Boat* ouEne Canal, tour ol which Icavi Buffalo and New York dally. For Contracts and Bills ot Ladln< apply to DCBH ALLEN, corner Woicr*st. and Old blip. New York. A. CItLSUNi da. do. do. do. A. (I. WARD, UlO flroad«rar, Ast. Erie Itnllwnv* N. Y. JUiiN H. DUNLAP. 1.) Staco*ot., Boston. ». («. c:llAr*B. i ».*f Pier, Amany. M. |i. K. JOIIN*l)N «v CO.* t'leve and. A. UUUAItU. Toledo. H. !M. (J**H()ttNK, tfrindashy. 14. ni. TIIIMeTt**. niiiwaauce. A. P. DUTTON* Rnc»ne. _ _ THE WESTERN TRANSPORTATION V, Daflhlo. H, ROWE. Ttcaet ASCQt* foot Of Slate st. Andat Adams flonae. J. W. TOTPIiTI, Agent, FOOT Of STATE- CHICAGO. 'j 1 HREiD. J. & P. COATS’ ..s*a3*c .. &t c ■A ttSKe Best Six-Cord Cabled THREAD. JOHN & HUGH AGCniNCLOSS, .11 OUS*C .11VC4U C Sole Agents in New York. .f 250 S 3 . Slrf 36 1.M0160 1.10 41.50 75.4 85 ■KTOTICB OP DISSOLUTION. The J » firm of Olmsted. Jones & fo. hare this day sold all their tntmst in tmrlneas carried on by tiem at No. 170 Lake-et,, to BUCHANAN. OARI’ENTER & CO., who orenuthoilzed to oiler; and pay all thoiadeoted newdneto or by ns, an* ana ol Olmsted, Jones A CO. is tuia day Wemoilcbeeifah/iecon meudthe now to all cur cnatomtri. and ask for infm a nr the patronage an lloeratty W» stowedop.Qa. c biuam r. olmstbd, RICHARD W. JONES, OWEN LAVKLLK, Chicago.March37.lPß7. C. n. w , „ tOPARTKEKSHIf. co„ for the purpose oi carrjlac on the Wholesale Cuacli asl Saddlery Hardware basin -a*, and hare par* chased all the stork and Interest of the late ons of Olrosieo, Jones* Co., at No. 170 Lake-at., and are to collect and payallUuJebtedaessdod w and hr aaldflrai. JOHN 8. BUCHANAN. CII aHI.ES fL CABPENTSB. A.M. PHILPOT. .13 <3l33iC .. 9 010 c , v ir «is e 834010 8 TAISSOHITION. The copartnership I J heretofore existing beWcco the imCavlcnal, on* act the hi a name of B. W, ALEXANDER df CO., la thla 0»r dlraoWed by mutual consent. E. W. A’et andsr retire* irom t~e firm, nod UKSRF c. MID- DaUCu la alone authorized tonae the Ocm avails tho settlement of the partncrpblD aaplocu. E. W. ALEXANDER 11. c. lUDDAOQIL Chicago, April I, !St7. The budncsa of E. W. Alexander ft Co. will h« eon* turned by the uncer&lgned, coder the Arm name of A. n. ANDREWS Us CO., For the manufacture or Office and. School Furniture, at the ola Blanc, Chicago, April t, ISC7. rxIbSsOIAJTION.—The firm of Wloans I J ft Co., Commission merchants l> thU day dls solved by niutaai consent. AH account* may be set tled trtth it. WINANS. Boom 2».- or NOItTHUP ft \AN VALKENBURGH, Room 23, Mercantile Build ing. ransom wisass. WILLET NOBTBDP.’jB-, GIFFORD VAN VALEJtSBUEGII. KOETHRUP & TAN YALKESBURfIH. TTf, tbe undersigned, late of Wlnsns ft Co n havethlc day Irrmcd a copai tnentijp under the firm name ol Nortbnp ft Van Valkenburpb, for tho transaction ol a General Ccmmlislon business, at .10 .10 &10X 9Hi* 9* BILLET KORTBUP, Jt„ . OIVgpUU VAN VALKENBUEGH- Chlcftgo. Arrll Ist, 1667. 9H<«tU B,S« » 6k(4 7 2*® ?X PET* MONTH TO AGENTS TO JL n Ke U the Best, Cheap, Licensed Seeing Machine 11) || In the United States. Address, with stamp. PAGE BROS.,Philadelphia. Pa..or Toledo,Q. Tj'BTATE OF FRANKLIN TAKNER. Fli DECEASED.—PubIic notice Is hereby riven to ail persons havlns claims and demands against the es tate ol Franklin Tanner, deceased, to present tno earns lor adjudication and settlement at a regular term of tho Comity Court of Cook County, to bo holden at the Court House In the Cliy of Chicago, on th* lint Mon dav of May, A. i>. I«C7, being tnc «lxth day thereof. CHAKLES JONEB, FRANCIS TANNEB, Extcutors. Chicago March C. 1667. Al< RIVAL AND DEPARTURE OP TKAIBS. Winter Arrangement. CHICAGO AJTTJ HOitTUWEHTEBn CAIIHOAD—COUNOn# 131. CITS AJTD OMAHA LINE—DEPOT SOOTH WlLlfi STBEET. .Ro@9oc .S&®7se leave. Arrive. Omaha Fast Lire *8;1 ja. m. *7:20 p. m. Omaha Sight Express... 7:30 p. m. 10:00 a. m. Dixon Passenger 4:00 p.m. 11:10 a. zo. THECPOHT UKB, T*fl..a. r.nm iflLAfl » M M l . ].in .. _ Freeport Passenger. *10:00 p. m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a, m. *3:40 p.m. Rockford, Elgin, Fox RivcraEdSlatolice... *^oop. to. *11:10a.m. Geneva and Elgin Pas* sengcr *5:30 p. m. *8:43 a. m. WISCONSIN PITIfIIOK—DEPOT COUKSZI 09 CAHAX> I»ay Express *0:00 a. m. *f<3o p.m. Nte&tErptoas. .......... *l:3op.m. *5; 13a.m. Janesville Accommod'n. *s:3op.m. *2:33p.m. Woodstock Accoromod'n .3;00p.m. *l2O a. m. MttWAUCBB DITISIOK—DEFOT OOBKKB 09 OAHAI ASD XOZQ BmSBT. Day Express ftDO a. m. 13:00 a. Bosehih, Calvary Evanston... 1:30p.m. 3:4op.xa, flight Express 4:00 p.m. &3Uu.m. Kcnosta Accommod’n... 4:10p.m. 0:13a,m. Wanhejjan Accommod’n. 5:30 p. m. &50 a. m. Jiilwausce Accommod’n. ikiSp.m. s:3ija.m Gko. L-Dcklap, Gen’iaap’t. 0. F. Patbics. General Passenger Agent. FOBZIQXIaOODS. BTIANDT— .jTxo&tsja Cognac. ; OI.V KICHIOAN CENTRAL RAILROAD—UNION SEPOT.VOOT or LAKE fiIUSBT. Holland 3.CO® 6.75 Ren— Morning Express *3:00 a. m. *5:13 p.m. I ay Express *7:00 a. in. *11:00 p. m. Evening Express Js;3op. m4*12:30p. m. night Express t*D:45 p. m. j&as a . ra . CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE TRAINS. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. *10:35a. m. night Express $5:00 p. m. *11:00 p.m. memOAN SOUTHERN AND V-ATTg 6HOIUC LUTE—DE* £[ror CORNER TAN CORES AND fItIEBV i2T STREETS. Jamaica 8.00^10.00 bt. Croix 7.7*rf BXO Win ra— Port 9.0 d Sherry -un® 3XO Madcrla ixo® BXO _ CASE GOODS. Bitters— lied Jacket Stomach 9XO Drake's HoiteUer’iSlomach.UXO Wines— Day Express ....... JCew York Express, night Express strawberry OXO CbeiTT 7XO Raspberry 8.00 Blackberry 9JS Gurs— Day Express *7:00 a. m. fll.oo a. m. Eight Express JlCtlOp. m. *&ssp, m. rITTSBUBOn, FORT WATJfE ASD CHICAGO. Mail *4:20 a. m. 6;00 a. m, Express *7:00 a-a. 12:30 a.m. Fast (juc <h 15 p.m. 7:tup. m. oio Tom Ola 10JM Holland Gla 10JM fis; shipped, none. The Express. Day Passenger *9:20 a. m. *10:30 p.m, JJlglit Paisescer ?!U:t.o p. m •& 15 a. m. Kankakee Accommod'n.. *4:lisp. nx. *9:23 a. m. UydeParUandOak Wood. *&2oa.m. *7:43a.m. ** • ♦..*. *l2:lop.m. *5:52a.m. ** * ‘‘ *3:80 p. m. *1:50 p. m. p .m. *7^op.m. . CHICAGO, BUHLIKOTOS ASD QUTSCT, Day Express and Mail *3*2o a. m. *2:00 p. m, Galesburg Passenger *soo p. m. *1;80 p. m Aurora *s:oop.m. *9:ooa.m. sis'it Express 112:00 mid Tit tasoo.m. , CHICAGO ASD BT. LOUIS. Express and ilall *8:05 a. m. t*4s p. m, Nlcbi Express.. *9:15 p.m. *jjsoa.m. Joliet and Washington Accommodation *i;CO p. m- J7:45 a. m. CHICAGO AXD CHEAT EASTERK—(LATE CXNOINHATZ Ant USE) —aOLWACKEB RAILROAD REPOT, COfl KERCAKALASD KWZIE STREETS. Day Express 7;00a.m. 11:10 p.m. Mgbt Express 9:00p.m. & FOR DIPIAKAPOZIS, LOUISVILLE AJ«D CISCISNATL Day Express ... . 7:00a.m. 11:40p.m. Express ~ - JU7l»t **spres? 0:00 p.m. '&aia. mu ColtnabUdKrpicsa.. 7:00a.m. 11:40p.m. •' 0:00p.m. -6:50p.m. Lousing Accommodation. 0:55 a.m. 9:00 a.m. ** * k . 5:15 p.m. &W)p. m. CHICAGO, SOCK ISLAND ASP PACITIC RAILROAD. Day Express and Sail..., •ifct-0 a. m. *5:30 p. m. NfphtExpross 12:00p.m. *3:lsa.m. Joliet Atcommodatton... 4:tvlp. m. •Oc-lOa.m. •Suncay excepted, tMonday excepted, Satur day excepted. Special Noticed. Dr, J«mea« jDr. Bigelow, instruction. Notice. Eransyortation. AND WESTERN EXPRESS. gtyreafr. Btesohition* 83 WEST WAfiUISQTON-ST. A. FT. ANDREWS, H. C. iIiDDADOII. IXO X.aSalle-Bt, Slgcntg. Hcpl. iSailroairs. ASD SEKZZZ BTiIKET. TOLEDO LINE. .. *7:oofl.m. *11:00p.m. .. 8:13 p. m.+12:30 p. rr 4*lo:oo p.m. *6:00 a. m. DETROIT USE. -*?lis6op. m. ii;6splm. nxiNoiß cmrrsAX^ Central pacific Kailtoan. 'JHIS CENTRAL PACIFIC R. R. CO. Having Completed, Equipped and put in operation nearly One Hun dred Miles of their Jtxmd, from Sacramento, California, to within 12 MUca of the summit of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, con tinue to offer for sale, through'jis, their nBST HORT646E BONDS, Issued in conformity with the Aets of Congress And tha awsofthe State ofCalllomla, noon tne division ot their road located in the State ol CMUbrnla, and ex iSSagote hundred and fifty-tix miles from Basra men to City to the CaUlomla State line.) The Bonos bare Thirty Tears to ran from July? 19©, and are secured by a FIRST MORTGAGE, Constituting an absolute prior lien on tbe porUon of Road above named, with &U tbe Rights, Franchises, Equipments, &c., pertaining thereto^ The amount of these First Mortgage Bond* to bs issued per mile Is limits! by law to the amount of United Stabs Bonds allowed and Issued to aid decon struction of the Hoad, an! the Mortgage by which they are secured Is DECLARED BY ACT OF CON GRESS TO CONSTITUTE A LIEN PRIOR AND SUPERIOR TO THAT OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. .htcrut at the rate of Six Per Cent per Annum, pay able semi-annually, oathe First daya of January and July. PrtnclpaVaad Interest payable ta UNITED STATES GOLD COIN, la the city °f New York. The price of thelßoals Is fixed (hr the present per cent, and.accrued interest from Jacoary Ist la Cur rency, the Company reserving the right to advance the price whenever It Is their Interest to do so. . • The Road lords tbe Western part ot tho trujvk Of the ■* Great National Pacific Railroad, Authorized, adopted and aided by THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. It runs through tbe heart of the rlchu*. and most populous section otthe State of California, connecting tbe Extensive Mining Regions of Nevada, Utah and Idaho, 'With Sacramento and the Pacific Coast, Horn whence their supplies mist be drawn; and the Earnings otthe portion already running arc very heavy, and largely in excess of the Interest upon the Company’s Bonds. Having been for some Uma tanallar with tbs opera* dons cl the Central Pacific Railroad Company, we are satisfied tbat they are conducted with rare ability and prudence, and that Iho energetic sad economical ■ man agement of the Company’s attain entities them to the confidence of capitalists of tbe public. We Lara caretally investigated the progress, resources) and prospects of the Road, and hare tbe tallest confidence in Its success, and in tbe ralne aad stability ci the Company’s s counties. The attention ol Trustees of Kststcs.lnsUtatloaj, andlndlvldua's desiring along, safe and rtmuneratlve Investment, Is especially Invited to tbeee First Mortgage Bonds. Orders may he forwarded to os direct, or through tbo principal Banks and Bankers In all parts ol tbe country. Remittances may ha made In Drafts on New York, in Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Notes, or other tand* current In this dty, andlho Bonds will be for* warded to any address by Express, free ol ehxrgo. In quirles tar further particulars, by mall or otherwise, will receive punctual attention. FISK & HATCH, Bonkers and Dealers inGor't Securities, no. s nassau-st, n. r. N. B.—All kinds of Government Securities received at the tall market price In exchange tar the above Bonds. Also, K7~AII descriptions ot Government'ScenrU lies kept confitaolly on band, aad fioaslit, Sold or Exchanged. gy Gold Cola and D. S. Coupons bought, sold and collected. received on libonil terms, snb* Jcct locbcekat sigbl. BPCoUectltms made throozhout the country. CT Miscellaneous Stocks snd Bondi bought and sold at the Stock Exchange, on commission, tar cash. OThpcclnl a ttcmion ulveo io tbp Ezchanse Ol MfeVEN-ThiltT V NI»TES of alt the for tbo New F*VE*TIVESTIT BONDS of 16tf3, on tbe most favorable terms. (Ocean Jointers. QNXY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE General Transatlantic Compaay's mail sTRAUfDifT* Berwisaa new fork ahs. HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. T6e splendid new vessels ot thi* fevonte route Joi the continent wia sail nrcm Pier Wo. SU. KorUi RlVal aS lOIIOWC ECROI E »Apr»l 6 ST.LAPffENI Capt. Bocoadi....Apni JOi PRUPHiK. Ctp(.Pueanu)....l]aTi I ’ VIRUS DEPABIb.-Ca oU Lormjuut..ap rtIIS. PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. Fim Cap id, fjco; secopu Cable, SIOO, including tahJi Wtn« In «ther cleat. The steamers ol this Jjdq do tot carry steerage pai icngcrs. Passengers mteooing to load at BREST wUI be tax planed with railroad coupon tickets. ana tbeir fcaggar l checked to Pam. at an aaditloca) charge of 15 for firt ; and f 3 for second clam. Medical attendance frets or charge. Fortnrlber information, bddlv, la Chicago, at tb- FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 333 lUJcoLs-fU ll New Tot*, to QBO. MACKENZIE. Agent, 58 Bread way. AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE. Passage to London or Brest, *IR), its, and ¥3O, cur- Excursion tickets at reduced rates, available for six mouths. A to] an la, Capt. Plnkham, fromNewTork, March SJth Bcilana, •• Dixon, “ M •• April l3ia. Celia, *• QeadelL M M “ April a7th- Wm. Pena, “ BU.lngcr, *••••« ilayiith. The elegant British Iron Steamship Atalanta will lesve Pier No. 3, North River. New York, lor London. colllng at Brcsr, on Saturday. March SOtb, at 13 M. Until tnrther notice, all the Steamers of this Line will call at Brest to land passengers. Tickets sold through byrali to Paris, at 23 percent leas than regu lar rates. IV lulu, freight will be taken and through bills ci lading Sven to Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam. Amsterdam and ankliK. For passage apply to CHAS. A- WHITNEY, 26 Broadway, K. T M or to JAMES WAKRA-Bf. _ 51 Chicago. For freight applyat 54 Sonth-st, N. Y. iiOWLAND AASPINWALL. Agents. QOEAN STEAMERS. EXCURSION TO THE fabis Exposition. The new and first-class ocean-going lion steamship HAVANA, 2,000 tons burthen, Stxpozs Wuitwak, Commander, will make an excursion from New York to Havre and hack, sailing from Pier 40, North River, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o'clock SL, taking paseenger* for Part?, London and Bremen. Re turning, will saU from Havre on Jane 9. giving pas sengers holding Excursion Tickets, about six weeks la Encoce. This magnificent Steamship is divided Into water tight compartments, and has oecn newly famished and elrganiiy fitted up expressly tor this voyage. _TbcHkraia will only carry first-class passengers. An experienced Sursreon on board. fW~A foil Band of Moalc wilt be attached to the aMo- Price of psrssge, in currency, to Harrs |ii) and 1175, accordlne to size rt state-room. To Harrs and return tttC and ISO. according to size of state room. For inrUur particulars ocd passage, apply to mo A Renta, MURUAY, FEUkIS t c 6.. B'Z Boalfa*et-, New York* Or to the Agent of Merchants’ Union Express o Chicago. Nth) Tic New Orleans Eepnblican Solicits the patronage ol all loyal men Is toa North who have bojlneai Interests In toe South. Having been (elected by the Clmte of the House o I Representatives under the law of Corgress passed March 2d, 1367, as the paper for prlntla? ail the Laws asd Treaties, atd all the Federal advertisements with* In the Stated Louisiana, it will bo the best advertising medium ta the Southwest, reaching a larger number of business men than any other paper. Address S. L. BROWN ft New Orleans, La. HENRY HOWLAND. Agent. business Catbß. QEDEBH, BELL <6 SMITH, Manufacturer* of MutMue-Cat C O TL K S ! 276 Madlson-st. (next thebtldge), Chicago. HATTEN & CO„ Wholesale Commission Merchant*. jpio. 60 MoOatusU DENVER. COLORADO [Between F sod G-sts] fHacfjincci). *3* T3IPROTED PRE&S- Jf A ÜBE TURBINS ■WATER art WHEEL NOW READY—Tne best Wheel in muket, using ffn-VA Dss water and selling lor I^ss "heel. Every Wheel war- S 11. aa- ranted. Send lor a descriptive [■V] »Ifi; ft! -S| pedlar. Also, our Improved 181-ih/£ GISHL Brick Machine ana Brick Mi jgt? ,-r-sy?chinpry. Engines and pollers, Mills. Portable Forces, *nd all other machinery. .--J PEEKSKILLMFO. CO- Fee ts kill, V. Y D.L. SEYMOUR will be at the otOeaof Backard’ft ntihNo. 193 Wster-sC, N. T., Tuesdays, Thured*jrs and Fridays, from 11 to 1 o’clock, to receive specifics .oQft£s(*iaafcecuDtr&cUl(.rU&ehiDcry and Castings ot all tele da. s&ealess. r'AHtBASlb’ J»- HTAKDAKD JT*i, BCALES./I OT ALIBIZKS. f FAIRBANKS, GREEK LEAF A 336 ft 228 LakfrcL, Chicago. Cits No tires. rpLEoTiON Nonet Pj CnTCt*ak*» Omen. MarcUrt tan exbllc notice Is hereby give* u»« »a ■*i*cu *a triii h# heiC on Tu*wiay, .April 1C 1367. tar Mayor, CIUUm tey. City Collator, City Treasurer. Cler< of *hr k>ii-. Court, irrcc Police acd 000 Altfenain end oao Cons table for each w *p}- . _ A. g. BODMAN.CItvci-r> PKOPOSAJ.b FUK THIS COtfbTUUU TION OF THE STM MIT DIVISION OF idS ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. oznc* or mi Do*ao or Pcsttc wors.% > Cnicxoo, M trch 13th, 1357. { - Sealed Propoaa'a will he icCelred by the Board oi Public Works, at their tlfiee, until 11 a m. Wo-mo*uay, M*yl»t,ls6T, lor the excavation teewa-ry lo doeoet tbo LUiioii and Ulcntgan CaoiL atC-ruing to the plan adopted, from Chicago Hirer to summit Lock, No. two &) a distance of tweriy-oix (36) miles. Map*. j>r->nie*. specifications. &c..wul be ezhrmed at the office of the Beard r-f Public Work* la Chlcazr in and after April Uth until tha day of Idling. There will be some twooili!eß»(3,ooQ,ooo>cubicvanla ol earth excavation—some of it quite hard and cm* bracing considerable detached roc,—end about to nr hotdredsevrmy thousand («O,CCO) coble yards of stra tified limestone. Tho work must be prosecutedso as-not to interfere with the use of the Canal eurlss the Mason ol naylga. Urn. . It is bettered, bewerer, that the melt of to- excarv lien. except the stratifiedroec. can be done with,warn Credits w Uhout interfering with me navigation of’be Canal, but ibe rock excavation wtllallhavoto between tse close of navigation Is the IsU and the opening la the spring. Uancwliretejid-jptedtor asp portion of the dis tance, operationsthereon may be continued the whole year; and tbcnavlgatianef the Canal wJloe impend ed atltanave mortis In each year unless otherwise mutually a creed by the Board and Contractors. The whole ol the wore must be dace on nr before the enaof tbe thin season ol tbo suspension of navigation. A. lane amount of mtthinery will be rcouirod to excavate the work wiuun the time required, consisting mainly ofsteam dredges, scows and cranes rcr the eavtn wort, and dtiUime machines, pamning machine ry and crane* for the rock. ’ yp ' Contractors wilt be required to commence wort on tne earth excavation wlmm thirty days ct the timed tettlDg.hnaupon rock excavation DyttitfiratofNovem- Tbe crcdges, crane* aud scows now la the Canal can be bad at an appralsod value which will be kr own to bidders prior to the letting. Partita contracting fir the work will be required to provide all machlperv, a'-d to pnt up and remove ail dams an<i ail wcrk» os pictcctton. and at their own ex pense to do all bumping, or whatever may be nct&w*- ry to secure their went from water. Proposals oiU'toe addressed to the Board of Public Wor; s, endorsed **Prrpc*-il for Deepening Diitots and Mfcblgsn Canal." and be accompanied with the usual two hundred dollar ffKC) bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. Contractors will bid. stating the price for which the work will be done on each of the different sections, sndthewors wlllbelet as awboletnnpatt, and in sucb qnnttlti. s as tha Board shall determine. The Board reserve the rl*nt to reject any and all bids, and no proposal will be accented unless the nartv offering it shall give evid-ncf satisfactory to the Board that ho has the necessary skl’l, expert -cce, energy and abUUvfur dcioz the work, is trustworthy, and has suf. fldent pecuniary resource*. Tbe Board will require rocb security as, according to their Jacgment, will secure tbe doing of the work acecrtl»stott~ contract. „ J. 0. GINDELE, FEED. LEtZ, O. J. BO*>E. WILLIAM GOODING. R. B. MASON, 13t Board of Public Works. A SSESSMENT NOTICE. r\ Omcs or th* Boaed or Puuiac 'W'oixs, > Chicago, March 29. 1567. ) Public notice la hereby given to all persons tcter eeted tbat the Commliooxeia of the Hoard or Pnbuc ■Work* of tbe City r 1 Chicago have cocnn:etci tbe As sessment 801 l for the widening to the width of 52feet of use eighteen loot alley running east ani west la Block 118, school Section Addition to Chicago, and tbe extension of tbe same east to Clark street of tbe same width, making the south lino thereof parallel to anil 177 MOleetcorlhrroro the aorta lire of Monroe street, std sacs Assessment 801 l baa been filed la tbe office of tbe City Clerk. Tbe Con mlssloners cf tbe Board of Pnbllo Works will apply to tbe Commoa Councilor said city, at su next regular meeilt g. to be held on tbe nebth (Blbl day ol April. 1367, at tbe boar of 7jf o’clock o. m.. for a ccnflnnationoftachas«essmenr,Btwb!ch time all par* tics Interested will bare tbe light to be beard. AH persons wishing to object to said assessment max file their objections to tbe tame, la writing. In the office of toe City Clerk, st least 000 day prior to each meeting of the Common Connell. J. O.6IKDBLB, FBKD. JJCTZT O. J. BOSE, gt Ccmmlsslorers of the no and o: public Works. AH OKDJNaNCB aJiowitc the Pitts- T-orgb. Kort Wayne* Col cago Railway Company to maintain the tvircUam Warehouse erected by them at tbe corner ot Stewart avenoo and Twelfth street. In the City ct Chicago. Be >t • Tdulmdbythe Common Council of the City of Chicago: • Sxcrxo? 1. That permtaslnn U hereby given to the PUKburgb, Fort Wayne * Culcagj Railway Company to keep and maintain tar the exclusive storage of pe troleum, gasoline, nap’ba. benzine- casphene. spirit gas. burning Hold and spirits of turpentine, toe new varcbotueerected by said Company at tbe southeast corner ot Stewart av*nue and Twelfth street, la the city cf Chicago, the location sod construction of the same having been approved by the Fire Marshal of said city: Frocfifrd, however, such permission tha'l be subject to agenda ent, modification or revocation by iala common Council. Passed March 39th 1367. Approved March SOW, 1167. * J. 8. RICE, Mayor. Attest: A. H. BomtAg. City Clerk. 6t A N ORDINANCE lor tbe better resa tatloa of night scavengers within the limits of toe city of Chicago. Be U ordained by the Common Council of the City qf Chicago .• Scenes i. That It shall be the duty of the owner, driver or manager, and each of them, ol any night scavenger wagon, always to keep upon each side of sum night scavenger wagon. In the night time, a light* ed lamp with plain glass front ana side*, with toe number ol the license of »uch wagon punted with black paint on the tides and front of each of said Isrrps, in distinct and legible figures at least two laci cs In size, and so placed that said tamps may be distinctly seen and said numbers easily read. BX&3. Any owner, driver or manager of any such night scavenger wagon who shall violate any provis ion of this ordnance, shall be fined not lets than twen ty-five nor a ore one bondrea dollars lor etch and every cffenc*. Szc. s. This ordinacce shall be in tarco from and after Us postage and doe publication. Passed M arch ;9tb, ISS7. Approved Warch3olb,lS67. _ J.B. BICE, Mayor. Attest: A.H. DooiLCr. City Clerk. Assessment notice. Omn orrozßoAßoorpoßLio Works,* Chicago, March 23, 1367. f Public botlce Is hereby given to all persons inter* ejtec that the Commissioners ol tbe Hoard of l*ubUc Worts of the City of Chicago have cumpiUcd the As sessment Roll tor the extension wenwartfir to Kings bury strectof tbeeiehteea foot alley in Block 3, Bat- Itr, Wilcbt* Webster’s Addition to Chicago, ct tbe same width and on the same line with that part of stid alley slr-acycpeuso, aud sach Asiesament 801 l has been filed in the office of the City Clerk. Tbe commissioners of tbe Board of Public Works win apply to the Common Council cf sala city, at its next regular me*tlng, to be held on the eighth f3th) <i»7 *t amp, lew/, at tue bout ui «• ci'*at i*. tot a confirmation or snch assewmeot. at which lime au parties interested wlh have the right io be h»arQ. All perecn* wifbingtoobkctti-ald aisefiamentmint file their • bjectiona to the same. In writing. In the office of the City Clerk, at least one Cay prior to such meet'- of lie CottJßfffl r ~ J. G. GINDBLB, FRED-LEfZ, O. J. BOSE. 6t CcmmUslsaers ol the Board ot Public worts. 13xopnsals DiYAJIF LA2fb DITCHINO.—T4o O oa’creigred will received seaied proposals for the follcwing ocacrlbed swampland ditcnlng In Bureau County, 111., np to 13 o’clock a. m n of THURSDAY, April 25 th. i£«7. Ul—A ditch $ miles and 185 rod* long, to be 6 fe*t wide oa Use bottom for Use first 4 ana I*lo milet, soil Use rest of the distance to be 4 leet wide on Use bottom. 2d—A ditch 3 miles and li3 rods long, to ba 1 leet wide on tbe bottom. 3d—A ditch 2 miles and 133 rods I mg, to be i feet wide op the bottom. lib—A ditch 2 allies and TO rods long, to be C leet wide op the bottom; all of said ditches to have a slope of 1 to 1 on each aide* The party taking the contract Car the above desert bed djtchlrg will be required to giro security lor tha feltb lul performance ol me contract. S*U security to be the Drainage Committee,so per cent of price that said work Is contra-tea XbrwlU be paid as sold work progresses, on the statutes of the Engineer, ana the balance as soon as the work is completed. All of said ditches wUI be let to oneparty, or seoarately to oscerent tartlet. Just as (he undersigned commute* thinks be«t. Tbe committee reserve the right to reject any or all bids ter tbe above desalted ol tones. The bias w>U be opened on Thursday afternoon. ISiT, atihe office ot Charles Baldwin, In Princeton, 111- and then ana there disposed of by said committee. Alt , bids tor this woik mould be waled up and scut to Charts Baldwin, at Princeton, ills. Any parties desiring tu. ther Information about said woik, can get the same oy correrpoudlng with, or call tug on w. F. Lawton, at Sheffield. Bureau County, I-J. Flats. speclficaUrns. and Engineer’s report now on file in County clerk’s office will be mado part of the con tract, when sola work Is !•>(. W. F. LAWTON, ) „ A. MORBASY, ( SSSSSSS*. D. N. 31EVES8, J Cotnmltleo. CHAS. B.VLDWIN. ___ w Drainage Commissioner. Princctop, March 12,1567. JNDIANA STATE N ORMAI SCHOOL . , , _ NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Scaled Proposals received until Weanevday, April Itnb. prot, at the office ol J. A. Vrydagh, Architect, southeast comer of Wabash ana Filth eta., Terra Qante, Indiana, far tbe following work and materials, in cocatniLtlon of said Normal School Building: Ist. Excavation cl fonodattoos,aboat3^oocuDlcyd«. 2d. Burning adJCQ,OOQ bricks. Bd. Laying th* same. 4 th. About ¥3,i00 worth ot dresaed stons tn tounda dop and wall. sth. is iron column, weight about 30,000 as. 6th. tsOwinoowframes. 7lh. Putting in and bridging Joist*, wood-bricks, dust shall*. &c. * Full information an to plans, enesitleacloo* and con ditions, fa misted at Architect’s office, on and after Friday. March 23d. The Board reserves the right to reject any or an bids not satisfactory as to price or terms, barely required lor performance of cinirsct*. By order ot Board ol Trustees. JOHN INGLE, Jb., president. TO BUILDERS. Omcz or Tint Nobtbzbs Indiana pmsov,) „ . „ MicniOAjr Crrr, March 13th. ts« 7. f Sealed Proposal* will bo received by tao Board ot Dlret io** of the Northern Indiana State Prison until TUESDAY, lbe Sib day of ApnL 1567. at 12 o’clcc* m., tor the comtrnctloa of a building tor the purposes of a kltohen, Qlrlng-room. hrspitaj and chapel, co the Prison ground, near Michigan City. Indiana, accord leg to tbe pious and specifications ol the superintend ing Architect, (o Lc prepared and ready for reference on and alter April let, i&T. All mfomuDoa coucern lig the dlmensloav of said bnllotng, the materials to be naed in conatrucilng the same, the quality ot the work, together with the terms anJ conditions of pay ing tor tte work and material A and all other matters connected therewith, maybe obtained by applying at the office of sold Prison. Proposals sfaU be enveloped and plainly addressed to 4 * Board ol Directors northern Indiana state Prison, Michigan cpy, Ind«” and endorsed 44 Proposals for Kitchen and Hospital.” and to insure their considera tion, most be delivered by the day and hour specified. Said proposals most be mode m strict conformity with tbe terms and conditions for the construction ol ealdbntidlrg, as Indicated by the plana and specifica tions and orders of the Board of Directors, on file m the office of tafd Prison. W l * VLUkrQ Ui ItflU A The Boarc of Directors will reserve the right to re ject any bid mac may m offered, ana to mate |any change* that may then seem necessary and proper. A- D. HAUIUCK. J. N. TYNEK, Tr. D. CBOIHERS, Beard ot Directors, 'T'O CONTBAUTOKS. "rtopoelticna will he received for toe construction or the masonry (t»boni 23.000 yards; ot toe Bridge over toe Ohio Elver, at Louisville, UNTIL THE 10TB OF AFETL, 1367, Plan* ard ipedCcaCona will V ready lor Inspection after toe uto of March, at the Engineer's Office ul toe LooisvMc ana Nashville Railroad. No bids will be considered IT sot made by responsible parties. Dy order ot tbe Board ol Director! of the LontsvUle Bridge Company. ALBERT FIXE, Chief Engineer. EoHrctitects, rpO AKCHITECXS. JL ILUNOIS NEW STATE BOUSE. Tbe undersigned, Commlfslooers ol the Stats of fill, nols ftr the erection ot anew state Hoots la Borin", flew, give notice thatteey will receive plana or designs and specifications for a new State douse. the sane to bo *dd/«sed to tee President of tee Board, Jacob tecoaiod do‘lar« will be oaldasanmnlnm for the de»ijri.wT.h specifications, selected and adopted by said Commissioners. " vu:u A sketch of tbe grounds asd such Information as mas bede«liedastomaxlmame3at,teereqalrfdroum sc commcdaUtts etc., will be tarnished tj all wishing to compete, on application, by letter, to J. C. Wenber becretaryof the Board, bprlccfleld, Illinois. - JACOB BUNK, President. JOHN W. SMITH, PdILIP WADSWORTH. J AS. C. ROBINSON, WJL T. VANDEVBKB. WM. L. BAMBLBfON. JAMES IL BEVEIUUG& J. c. wmm, Fk-crclarr- Commoner.. jamcai. WINE OF TAR! • j Do not permit otfccr prepara-’<-3 $ rations to be palmed off on yon for > 2 JWIJSE OP Taß, as this lias morel £3 S imerit than all others# | S 3| Wire of Tar contains all the Medlrlnal Prop- O r> fettles oX the Pine Tree la the hlgheit degree, 5d land is unexcelled as a Remedy lor t • Coagba, Colds, Hoarseness, Saw Throat, and Brcnst and User Complaint, Dtsrnscs of tbe Kidneys and Bladder. Weaunem of btomnefa, 4c., &c., dec. tr Etc that “ WINE OP. TAR- 1* t.’owß oa every boitehy Drugelat* everywhere at *1 a battle. OLIVER CROOK ft CO- Prop's. BURNHAMS ft VAN SCHAAUK, wnol-»ale Agoat*. lining>. Alio sold by FULLER, FINCH ft FULLER. biUTH & DWSEB, Chicago. iHetnrat. QPIHIONS OP THE FEOPLX CONCmiNfi HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS. PEOTEOTION FOE THE HEALTHY, AND BELIEF FOR THE SICK. IKTELLXQHSTTB3TUIONY 13 AS IMPORTANT TS MEDICINE as in law. Tbe great Patrick Heay said tbat tbe lamp by which his feet were goldsd wac the “lamp of experience.” Tbe statements cs men tt character and standing la relation to the prop**** and (fleets ol a medicinal preparation which they tbcnuclves have tried, and the operation of whisk they have had abundant opportunity cf wUncsatsctß a great variety ol cases, are absolutely soadnslm They are so considered by tbe public, who veryaatw* rally prefer this species of testimony to any other thal can be offered in behalf ot a proprietary remedy. Volumes of snch evidence have been published la taw Ol HOST UTTER'S STOMACH BTTTXEKS dnrtn* twenty years that the unequalled Toole and lucrative has been before tbe world; and although lu reputaticc as u STANDARD SPECIFIC has long been estahlls&efr throughout the Western hemisphere, It is still deemed advisable to exhibit, through the press, from time to time, new proof* of its success. Becent tacts add per tinence and force tc tacts more remote, and serve to show that the great remedy Is prepared with nzdfbrm exactitude and care, stiff that it tastm, what it ever hna bees, the PUREST AND BEST OFAU. VEGETA BLE JKVIGOEANTB, an Inevitable enrefbr DYSPEP SIA and all derangements of the Stomach and lire, and a perfect antidote to the unwholesome Influences which produce and aggravate epidemic levers. The subjoined letters are alltzom citizens well known, and generally respected In the localities from which their communications are dated, and are published as specimens cf an immense mass of esrrespcndence of a similar tenor. Some Idea cf the quantity of this load ol testimony In the hands of the proprietors of BOS* TESTER'S BITTERS may bo formed by the reader* when It is stated that the conmnnlcatlots ea thesutv Jrct of FEVER AM) AGDB ALONE, received by the Arm during the last three years. Bomber upwards as T tvO THOUSAND. They are sill to the same effect as thatol Mr. Bourne, given btlow, and If aver anything was established on uncontrovertible evidence, it U tbs Important tact tbat CHILLS AND FEVER can b* broken op and radically cured In a very short space 03 timebytheasocftbUincomparsblstomc. Norlsthta all. Entire exemption flrczn the distressing malady, all tonus cl Intermittent Fever, la guaranteed to sock residents ot Fever and Ago a Districts as say pe wiaa enough to take me BITTERS as a preventive. Though, malaria may be pros £a ting their ndghoorson the right hand and on tbe left, these wbob&ve taken the precau tion to lortiJy their systems and constitutions. In ad* vacce, with this COUNTERBLAST TO ALL ATMOS. PHEBIC POISON, will surety escape the scourge. The physicists and ethers whuse names apeest la the annexed correspcndeccm are readr at all timm u mo* nrm verbally the statements m«u in over their slgsw* turca. Perhapi one of the sinking yrooQ that can hk CL<*i of the Intrinsic eicellocc® of the BITTBRS, is (he general adoption of the preparaticn by medical men. The profession as-a rule set their laces against saves • -■* -nnaicinfa, tut thlsonequalled vezetaolo 'onle has tlscv.- • ——•tiailccs, and they recommend and vanquished tm^...... —*«rat stimalsnt administer it to their patients as , ana ‘n—i that money can orcure. The proen t season of ihe year Is a trying Ofie to Ot» >l c e " d « en L a - ed -^^<s*H. InJulr.laAumar and Septttnbei heavy draughts are made upca me stv d»,i.l?l,eceala, J rfe>, “ re areaerre ot str-tmk and vitality in order to meet them without fiiucnlcjEor breaking down. DOSTETTBB’S BITTERS ARE A 6TAMINAL MEDICINE, sustains the vitsl and mos* cnlar energy of theframe with this powerful and gea* «al vegetable restorative, aad any temperature, turn climate, any conoiuoa of the atmosphere may oom countered with comparative lopuzdty. Bead the toUowloc letter from B. Pocet*. & wen. Imown citizen ot Pittaourgh-Pa-: *.*w«u Mean. Hostetler * Smllt.f Irn “ ,n,on ' “• »*■ UUtICtKI tt •JWlkti; GzsTtxaocr: Dorics s visit to tic Weal, lan fell. 1 contracteuctihs and fever. which bionihtjae tons bed, and finally terminated in typhoid Lver and con fined me to ray room for several months, during »ua ume 1 was, physical?, so prostrated tnat I almost <w ■paired ot ever recovering my heatsa; bavlnc entire!* lost my appeUfe tor days, not belmt able to eat* mo£ set • added to which 1 was mods distressed with a rael l?B^.eca^^£s,a J a,y bead, and passed maay sieepleM nights. ail trom deotlltv caused oy hit prostrate copib- Uoa. brougntabJUt by Use fever/ At this smec cl n» cordtuen. a mend recommended me to ass roar cote- BITTERS; bat, beisgmorally oa- IJ?SS k ? °-*ecf stimtuants tn any form, lat fint bat attewards yielded saj prejudices, mi taking th* mrdlclna fir several weeks as directed, my appetite returned, »n>t wlta it I J® r »P'?'y regaining my fumcr stt«“3i Ini vlyor. My sleep (irom see loss ot which I *«•* stutoed much; has nevar been better thaau Ii aow tod the nellmrsecsaaon (before auailed to) nag MtlrSr left me. My bowels, wnlch were as oca couttMeS and Irregular, are now quite natural. and la a exitS jtiad u» say thatl feel z-jbcJ a new mao. oca t-ndtryo« this testimonial of my appreciation o/your ralcablß preparation In order that others suffering as I Para may avail themselves of its virtues. whiAprejmSeS prevented me from enjoying lor so long a period. I may al«o add that my physician, alter seeing the beoA flclatmtectyoar Bitten bad oo me, roco ana ended f»i*e 1 use them regularly. Yours, very rcspecUnUy, JL BOQRNR. <sMarkßt-«fo • Asoiber letter, jrcra a well known citizen topics*- bnirh, dated September 4.15C6: * Messrs. Bostetter * Smith, PI tfburgh, pa.: Ilhii* 1 am only doing tha part of a good citizen when 1 testify |to the great ocneots 1 have received from yoar stomach Bitters daring the last are ytara. Delhi w the Oli reglooa m’Bi. i nad a serarw bihloos attack, and being dispepoc, which left me rerv west. I was advised to try yoar Bitter*. iprocareS oneootrir. and they worked aa a charm on me. Inoa week 1 got eight (8) pounds heatler. and I seemed to nave got new mb la me. so much so that IhareueC them cveiraammerilace as a tonic. I think taeg are invaluable. This summer, na-nag another bUnoaa si «md much reduced hi weight,being oaderthecxra ? f ?5. A , : ?:™ 1 J phrßlclan » l *i |llc tod to have recooraa to the old Blttare, with the sane good reaotta, caiata* suc(6)poaLdalnafbw(Uys. I hare beerht abairdoa enbouita a lew weeks since, sad intend to ieep m*r»» regularly aa a loalc and beverage. Wishing to* ovctt success, I remain youra grstetaliy. .. _ ErmnuxEmsfiiss Cocarr lit. Mrsan.Hostetler A Smlfe: GaiixxjQm: With pleasure 1 can say that your BIT TERS are superior to any other*, I have rued in my femi y for a long time, and always with besd- Scta) results. Yoon, very truly. ROOT. GILBERT. BCCTlawp, Psora Wilma* Corsrr. VaJ January a. iw ~v Messrs. Ho*tetter & Sml th; _ Sos: 1 believe year HI3TER3 are fee heat to us. I tried them for dyspepsia In 1363. and tney cured It wo* net cuth that aid It, for X had co faith la them? I tiled themt! please a friend. I had bcca prostraM for several weeks with dyspepsia and rhren| ff -» ihom. X expected to die; but less than one nottio so fee restored me that I cenid attend to ay basfreas. lamb October 1 overworked tsytelL which nsaßed to dm return eftne same diseaae, accompanied with bron chia: affection, when 1 ogam used your BITTERS, aod was soon restored to health. I nave recommendat them to hundreds of my aeqaalntancca, tad han never known them to feu to effecting a speedy care. Truly youra. MIRANDA CHAPPED, Pe, toaster at Bocklaad, Ve. _ EfioxßTox.Px-NovesnbortlSaL. Meßsw.Hoftetter ASmlth; - fcMßteeo emoeyonrSTOMACB EiIILBS ft.r eighteen bdqUiß> ud t!sd u>ww sq w»[_ lentmedicine. AIJ tfiat la necesurrutolet themcw pl« know tucir Tlrtoe, and they will nao them. I here tried uem mrseli; and now recommend tljtm to «n wbohave weak itomac&a. *** ifespectfnlljyotm, W AT&E&OK 4 McFABLAHP. Dracaitfc. OGDrSSBUEQC, EC9SZX CoiJ.N'IT. W. H,iaa. S Means. Ho*tetter & smltlu «Sh7&SS r: .£ or ft ©as time I base been afflict* with «djaortered *tonjftcb, ana was tmabla to atte* iS»f‘r n ?ssf'? iess ; iwfts advleed to o*s yonr BITTSKa. wmcb I did, and (bona them a treat benefit to xca. 1 DeucTe bad It cot been for them 1 should hare betata my BT»t; ere thla. i write not cniy to testlfr to tb« Jirtae of year BirtKEa, bat also to hare joti sMj> me two cozen as 100 a aa possible, m I a® cow kccp&w* store. Yours, respectfully, JOIDi M. CBBAtiIS. Messrs, ilcatetter ft Smith: Geres: It Is with the greatest pleasure that I commend your STOMACH DITTEbS to the public, C think it tne best BIT IKES oftneday. It la sseciaUjr adapted to the Sooth and West, where binary derange mestsof the Uverare prevalent. Ten yo«a' experV encs in the ose of compounds, as enraavea. compeß me to givey enr BITTERS the pnderence that Ita tap tuarlij merits. E. ANCLE, M. D. BitT.irri. Saline County, Hk Messrs. Heitettcr ft Smite: , , r.wrtrvna; I have practiced medldnolor man? years, and havensed roar BITTEiIS In a number eft cases with great success, and take pleasure in recom mending teon to tee rubUcln general. Very ropectfhdy. __ J. SMITH, M. O. Mattoom, QL, January a, ISOL Messrs. Hostetler ft Smith; OEixtams: Isellmore cfyoor STOMArn BIT TERS can of any other medicine. Parties who tarn tried them speak is very high praise of their ncceitcss virtue*. 1 have area them myself and prescribe teem with oaporal’cic J success. Veryrrapect^y^cm^^^^ „ "inu, Clay County, DL Messrs. Sostttter ft Smith: ... Gaxnxjras: I have used, and often prynoak yourblOMACa BITTERS. and take PJ commending It to MI whose Stomacns are dvbißtatod. It ts an excellent appetizer and tonic; and *-pra» ■* as one cf the heat medicines of Si-I>. Gxsra. Someietfigt«rß had lest my appo with of Dr. Cox, ourfamuy I p«uSm«* severaJ bottles ef jour Bnf- the desired efiectof twtortnßTne \0 hZStil. bdtof Jatn I have not been able to obtain th« in oar place; pirato Inform tee where lean irii-hSeteeni. or Ifyou will send mo seme ca rale I bettleased to have theageacy, as leva recommend SSfSfM '7oHS°^nOTcm3Tos: f&EPABED AXD SOLD BV HOSTETTER & SMITE, PITTSBUGEH, PA For sale by an druggists, grocer* and Moctfteepsft throughout the world.