Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 4, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. laisst News fey Ocean Telegraph. SMp Abandoned at Sea— Eight Lives Lost. The Emperor Napoleon Aban dons His Luxembourg An- nexation Project BY STEAMER. Another War Impending Be tween Russia and Turkey. Action of the English Liberals Tonchlng the Reform Bill. FROM WASHINGTON.. Earner That the President “Will Remove General Sheridan. The Eeconstruction Test Case a First of April Joke. TEE ELECTIONS. Splendid Republican Victory in Rhode Island. Both Congressmen and the Entire State Ticket Elected. Municipal Elections in the Western States. FBOM EUEOPEa BF OCEAN TELEGBIFH. France. rnE?n)Escr or the tbesch coups leoiblatip. Pabxs, April 8. M. Schneider, Vice President of the French Corps Lcgialatif, succeeds to tbe Presidency, which was made vacant by the resignation or Connt Walcwekt. LIaKSHOIuO. Negotiations looking to the acquisition of Lux embonrg to (he French Empire have been stopped. Great Britain. AHJIIVALB. Queer srrowir. April S. Steamer Hecla, from New York, has arrived. Southampton. Aprfl 8. Steamer America, from New York, has arrived. ABANDONED AT SEA. Lrvrnpoon, Aprfl 3. The chip New Hampshire, from Shields, bound Xor Bombay, was abandoned at sea on the SCth of March. Eight o! tbe crew perished. Latest Foreign markets, FINANCIAL. London, April S. American seennties unchanged. Consols declined since nocn H ; quoted at 9C3f • London April S—Evening. Con_-ol£,91; 5-Ma 7j: Illinois Central. TSjf: Ine, S 3. Fbannfoet, April S—BrealOE. Five-Twenty bonds. 7E. Pass, April S—Evening. Fve-Twenty bonds. &l#. Ffanktoet, April 5. Unit'd States bonds closed at comncbcial. LtTEEfOOL, April 3—1*092. gotten—DnlL wltb adowLwsrd tendency, ll.rlty—Advanced Id. and gaoled at ia Td. Oa'fc—Advancedid. 6al«atS*4d. Wheat—l3s 3d for red Western; 18a 6d lor Calilomii •while. Provisions—Qalrt. pork advanced la 64, and lurdSd. Produce—'Uncbaaged. Livespool, April 5-5 p. m. There have been large sates of California white wheat, for czpott to Kcw Ycra. Cotton—Declined K<h Liveepool, April S—Evening. Cotton—Cloetsdull. Orleans iStfd. Brcsdstofls—There has been a Urge sale of Califor nia white wheat for export to New York. Closing prices: Float, S£c9d; Ko. 1 rea wheat. 13a Sd; white California wheat, 13s 6a; corn, 40tSd&l9s6d; barley, 49 <d; oats. 3*4-4. Provisions—Ck« gfnira'ly dull. Poi k heavy at 77s Od. Re, t, 127 s 6d. Bacon, SS* Cd. Cheese, 60s. Lard, •49s Prcdncc—Urchaaged, except a decline of Sd In the mornlig on common resin, and an advance cl Sd In spirits of tnrpenUue. Tney are quoted respectively St6d,ands7«3d. BV STBAtXCB. Another War Impending Between Hnwla and Tin Key—Until Powers inablng Active Preparations in View of a Desperate Struggle—Action of the Englisb Liberals Toocliing the Be* form BUl—Confederate Bondholders to Institute Legal Proceedings Against the United States for a Recovery of their Claims, New Yoke, April a.—The Heral<T* Constanti nople corrcsponaecce, dated 2S;b February, says Turkey is concentrating her of various na tionalities in great force ic and around Constanti nople. Russia is reinforcing her regiments, and advancing on her frontier line, and the Turks of all classes seemed impressed with the belief that a struggle was at hand in which the Sultan's posi tion must be maintained at the cost of much blood or the Crescent be retired from Europe to the Asiatic shore of the Bosphorn*. The Viceroy of Egypt, moved. It ia thought, by French advice, burs himself more independently towards the Suluu as he understands the near approach of war. New Yoke. April 3.— I The steamships Aregoand Java, from Europe, arrived to-day. The Java brings advices from Liverpool to the 23d. Queerstowe. March -4. — Mr. Gladstone, on the Sißt, Invited his supporters to a meeting at bis house to consider their course on the Government Eelonn Bill, and about two hundred members of the Hocse of Commons responded to the invita tion. Mr. Gladstone recommended that the sec ond reading of the bill should pass unchallenged, but that If the clause embodying the principle of duality of voting was not abandoned, nnd difficulties as regards compound householders equitably adjusted, and If these concessions were not distinctly made in the Chancellor of the Ex chequer's epecch on the second leading, anoth er meeting of the liberal party should be con vened. and be would then propose that a cardinal vote eoouid be taken on tbe question that tbe Speaker dn leave chair In order to go Into com xnatee This, be evplalned, would have substan tially the same tS-ct as a vote against the second reading, while it would give the Government am pie opportunity for deciding whether they would insist on retaining the present objectionable pro visions o f the bilL Mr. Roconck said he should support the second reading, hat acquiesced in Mr. Gladstone's pro posal. Mr. Bright spoke strongly against Inc bill, as it Dow stands, but supported Mr. Gladstone's sug gestion*. The IhiU UaU Gazette a;ya Mr. Gladstone al luded to a rumor that the Government intended to postpone going into committee on the bid to a inte penod. Hr. Gladstone said he intended very strongly to oppose that course. Tbe same paper says Hr. Bright's speech was very moderate in tone, and nc intimated a belief that be should hive no difficulty in backing tbe policy ot the liberals as a party. Accordingm the Standard, Mr. Glaas’one inti mated that he should propose in committee a larger extension of the connty franchise and some other alterations in the bids. tux nxroiuc non. The Reform Bill 'introduced into the British Parliament by Mr. Disraeli applies only to Sag* land and Wales, Scotland and Ireland and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge being ex cluded. It provides as follows: That every man who is of full age, not anbject to any legal incapacity, shall be entitled to be reg istered as a voter, and, when registered, to vote lor a member or members to serve m Parliament lor a borough, who is qualified a? follows: Is on the last day of July in any year, and has during the whole of the preceding two years been an in habitant occupier, as owner or tenant, of aav dwelling-bo use within the borough; and has during the time of such occupation been rated In respect of the premises occupied by him within the borough to all rates (If any) made for the re' lief of the poor In respect of such premise?: and has before the SOIh day of July In the same rear J aid ail poor rates that have become payable by lm in reenect of the raid premises up to the pro ceeding sth day of January. In the counties, subject to the conditions of age and legal capac ity, every m«n eh n ß be qualified to rote who “is on the last day of July in any year, and ha? dor-' sug ihe twelve months immcdia'ely preceding been the occupier, as owner or tenant of premises of anv tenure within the county of the ratable value £IS or npward; and has during the time of snch occupation been rated In respect to the premises so occupied by him to all rates (if any) made for the relief or the poor in respect oi the said premises; and has before the 80th day ot July )n the eame year paid nil poor rates that have become parable by him in respect of the said premises no'to the preceding slh day of January." The educational franc-hires are that every mao. either m conntirs or boroughs, shall be entitled to be registered, nud to vole, who D. on tne last dayofJniyinanyycar. and has, during the year immeciatcly proceeding, been resident tn such ooxmty or borongh, and is possessed of any one or more of the qtuhficatious following: “Is, and has been during u>e period of such residence, a graduate or tassociaie in aits of any uni versify of the United Kingdom; or a male person who has passed at any senior mldd.c-clase examination of any university of the United Kingdom; i*, and hai been, during the period aforeaai i. an ordained priest or deacon ot the Church of England tor a mini-ter of any other religious denomination ap pointed cither alone or with not more than one colleague to the charge of any registered ctuoel or place of worehtp. and Is, and has been during auch period, offlclatingas the minister thereof; or sergeani-at->aw or barristcr-al-law In any of tne Inns of court in England, or a certificated pleader or certificated conveyancer; or i certificated attorney or solicitor or oroetor in England or Wales; or i duly qualified medical practitioner registered coder tae medical act, . 1858: or a schoolmaster holding a certificate irom the Committee of Her Kresty's Council oa Education: frotldfd. That no person shall be entitled to be registered a« a voter or to vote la respect of any oT the quaUficitlom mentioned in this section, m more thau-one place. n • , Tte pecuniary franchises *r* - J - O" 315 ®* who “has on the first day* . V‘ 3 tA has bad daring the two y. , ceding, n balance ofaot les SVH* to t" l ' posited la some savings ; W | B came and for his own use;--*-notes on the first 1 day of July in any year, and has held daring two years Immediately preceding, to the books of the Governor and company of the Bank of England or Ireland in bis own sole came and for his own nse Parliamentary stocks or finds of (he United Slue* dom to the amount of not lees than fifty pounds; or ha?, during the twelve months immediately preceding the sth day of April in any year, been charged with a sum not less than twenty shillings lu the whole year for assessed taxes and income tax, or either of sndh taxes, and has before the 20th day of duly In that year paid all each taxes doc from him no to the preceding slh day ofJann try; provided, first, that every person entitled to vote in respect of any of the qualifications men tioned in this section shall on or before the 20lb day of July in each year claim to be registered as a voter; secondly, that no person shall be entitled to be registered as a voter, or to vote. In respect of any of the qualifications mentioned In this sec tion tor more than one place.” Contemn? the dnal vote Is that, “A person reg istered as a voter fo a borongh by reason of his having been charged with and paid the requisite amount of assessed taxes ana income Iht, or either of such taxes, shall not by reason of being so registered lose any right to which ho may be entitled (It otherwise duly qualified) tobe register ed as a voter for the same borongh In respect to any Iranchlse Involving the occupation of prem ises and payment of rates, and when so regis tered in respect of such double qualification ho shall oe entitled to give two votes for the mem ber, or*(tf there be more than one) for each mem her to be returned to serve in .Parliament lor the said botoogb.” Then follows a danse giving a member to the University of London. At a meeting ol Confederate bondholders in Loudon, it was resolved to famish a committee with lands to tusmntc proceedings against the United States, and protesting agamst the United States Congress and the Legislatures of the South ern States passing any law to prejudice their rights, and the contract made with such States. The new Canard liner Kossla was launched on the SOth- FROM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnac.l Washington, April 3. THE PEXStDEKT AND GENERAL SHERIDAN. Tbete Is a icportthia evening, which seems to be tolerably well authenticated, that the President has. by advice of the Attorney General, deter mined to Interfere with General Sheridan’s ad ministration of aSairs at New Orleans, and bis supersedere In command of District No. Four is even hinted. Johnson takes courage. The statement la general among Congresemeo remaining here to look after appointments that since the Connecticut election the President ap pears disposed to change bis policy and to leave ont Eepoblicans entirely. In a number of cases where vacancies had been promised to Repub licans, the names were withdrawn by Mr. John son to-day, and Congressmen were informed that they would rot be made. SENATE—EXECUTIVE BUSINESS. The Senate was u Executive session to-day for four hours. The nominations sent in were gen eially unimportant About twenty-tire revenue officers, fifty Postmasters, and one hundred mili tary brevets and promotions, nearly all cases sent In yesterday, were actca upon, A long time was spent ou Bradford,' as Sur veyor. Baltimore. The discussion was very animated. Mr. Chandler not only deecnnced Bradford, bnt sharply criticised his chief sup porter, Bevcrdy Johnson. He presented a protest from the Bepubllcan State Central Committee against Bradford, and brought up some ofSena lor Johnson’s speeches and letters of two or three years ago, charging that they had educated the people of Maryland into a disregard of their constitutional duties and the binding force of the test oath. The case was laid over till to-morrow. Boeecrans* case was reached, but postponed for further consideration, without debate. A debate occurred on a point of order relative to a construction of the rules, which came up ou certain Pennsylvania rejections made last Friday. Amotion to reconsider was entered on Saturday, just before adjournment, and the question was whether a reconsideration could be had at this session. After discussion, Mr. Wade decided in the negative. This settles about half a dozen cases. rum zxxjhozs collection dibuhct. The decision of Mr. Wade, Vice President pro iem, that tbe Senate cannot at this session recon sider confirmations and rejections of the last ses sion, though a motion to do so was made before adjournment or Saturday, disposes of the ques tion relative to ~e Collcctorship of the Fifth lll uols District, and the removal of Bryant and tbe confirmation of Kellogg therefore stands. Kel logg. Ingersoll ana their friends are in high glee over the result. a pzbst or atiul joke. As some of the newspapers appear to bo seriously discussing the question of bringing tbe constitu tionality of tbe Reconstruction Bill before the Supreme Court in the form of an Injunction against the District Commanders, it seems worth while to call attention to the fact that the sensa tional stories about the Southern Govemsrs were sent out on the first of April. It may be said, furtner.that no member of the Supreme Court, nobody at the White House, and none of the Senators whose names are mentioned in connec tion therewith. Lad seen or heard of such a peti tion, and no lawyer here admits for a moment teat such a case conld be brought before tbe Court. THE DISAPPOINTED AND DISCONSOLATE. The Conservative Army and Navy Union, of Washington, are mneb exermed In mind because certain of their members hsre failed In getting office, and last night, after most hearty de nunciation of the Senate, they resolved to open a he books and receive the names and complaints of soldiers and sailors from all parts of the coun try vld cave been nominated by the President and rejected by the Senate. HANK or POST CHAPLAINS. A recent law of Congress provides that Post Chaplains of the army shall horealtcr be ranked Captains, and appointed with the advice and con sect of (he Senate. A list of about thirty, now In tbe service, was sent In by the President yes terday and confirmed to-day. seeds ron THE SOUTH. The Commissioner ot Agriculture is preparing to carry ont the law made last week, nuder which J6o, r 6ofrom the funds of the Freodmea's Bureau is LriDßf.Tred to bis credit for supplying seeds to the people of the South. THE EUBSIAN TUEATT. The Foreign Relations Committee bad another meeting (his morning for consideration of the Russian Treaty, but came to no conclusion. Tbe chances for ratification do not improve. The com mittee take It up again on Friday morning, hm are not likely to report their judgment till next week. CLAIMS OP COLORED BOLD IE US. Tlie new law relative to tbe claims of colored soldiers provides that all checks and Treasury certificates to be issued In settlement of claims for psy, bounty, prize money or other moneys due colored soldiers, sailors, marines or their legal representatives, now residing, or who may have resided in any Stale In which slavery existed in the year 1860, the claim for which has been or may be prosecuted by an agent or attorney, ehall be made payable to tbe Commissioner of the Freedmen’s Bureau, who shall pay said agent or attorney bis lawful fees end ex penses, and shall hold the balance snblect to the order of the claimants, on satistactory identifica tion ; but no money shall be paid to any person except tbe claimant or his or her legal representa tive, If deceased, nor shall any power of attorney, transfer or assignment of the amount of said claims, or any part thereof, be recognized or allowed by the Commissioner or by any o tear or sgeLt acting nuder him. TRADING AT MILITARY POSTS. The office of sutler having been abolished by Congress at tbe session Just closed, it ia found Tie cessary to pass a law authorizing General Grant to permit tracing establishments, after the Ist of Jniy next, at any military post cn the frontier not in tbe vicinity ofany city or town, and sitaatjfl at any point between the one hundredth meridian and the American boundary of California, when in his judgment each establishment is needed for th«* accommodation of emigrants, freighters, nnd other citizens. RELIEVED. General Robinson, for some time in command of North Carolina, has been relieved and ordered to join bis regiment. CONFIRMATIONS. Washington, April A—The Senate confirmed tbe following; Fot'.masrert— John M. Hnlskmack, Pelar, Pa; A. H. Edwards, at. Charles, Mo.; Rebecca Adams, Fort Madison. lowa ; Elliot Shurtz, Mar sbaliown, Iowa: Marcus B- Osborn, Rock Island, HL; CasperP. Ford, Clinton, HI.; A. Van Dorn, rnsculoosa, HL; Humphrey Hoover. Alliance, Mich.. Wd. H. Bliss, Hamilton. O.: John U. shnttleworth, Clarksburg, West Va.; W. G. Ter rill, Newport, Er.j Charles A. McGregor, Ponti ac, HI.; m If. uoodson, Bellcvne, O.; Win. H. Owen, Muskegon, Mich. Mectirer orJ*ablic Moneyt—Gto. Me Leon, Hele na. Montana Territtry. Svpcrrinnq Intjwcior of Steamboat*— For the Tblr«i District. G. W. Morris. Surveyor of Customs—For Parkersburg, West Virginia, Thoa. Q. Gordon. n EJECTIONS. The Senate rejected the following: j\)t!masters— O. C. VValley, Jeffersonville, In* dlana ; Chas. R. Callen, Mount Vernon, lowa ; S. «l. Bradbury, Wantcga, Illinois: Matha A. Robin* eon, El Paso, Bllmols; Sherborne Gaige, Joncsnlle, Michigan; Robert If. Patterson, Bry an, Ohio. Asitstore Internal Edward S, Bragg, Fourth District, Wisconsin; John Hill, Nmtn District, Illinois. United S/aUs Consul at Dublin—' William B. West. Wisconsin. Collector of internal .ffrrcairt—August Shappc, Third District, Mo. _ _ . „ Legtsur of the Land Office— Isaac J. Moore, Montana Territory. TUX wniSEXT TRATTIC. A special ascot of the Interul Revenue has been sent to Philadelphia to institute measures, looking to an immediate enforcement of the law. requiring Ihe forfeiture of distilled fplrits offered fon sic at a less price than the tax Imposed by law thereon. Tire AUSTRIAN MISSION. Ex-Senator Harris, of New York, Is being strorgly urged by the New York Republican delegation tor the mission to Austria, but itis doubtful if he Is appointed. A CONTRADICTION. The New York limes' Washington special say.*: There is cot one word of truth in the telegraphic despatch that the President is advised of auinten tion or purpose to go before the Supreme Court, or aid or connect himself with any movement lo ?rocnre an Injunction to restrain action under the tcconstrucUou Law. NEW ORLEANS BEBEIB. VfibUilfl ilbtiUff* Information has been received fhat Judge Lynch, recently appointed District Attorney, vice Andrew J. Herron, removed by General Sheridan, will, as soon as possible, proceed to me indict ment of John T. Munroe, ex-Mayor; Thomas Adams, ex Chief of Police, and outer municipal authorities, for melting and participating in the note of July last. MARSHAL OP TUX UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT. Hon. Richard Parsons, of Cleveland, was to-day Appointed by the United Slates Supreme Court its Martha). He was qualified and entered upon hie duties CONGRESSIONAL. SENATE—EXECUTIVE SESSION. Washington. April 3. Directly after prayer and the reidiug of the journal, the Senatewentinto Executive torsion. A Grand &ald on the Counterfeiters. Rochester, N. Y., April B.—Colonel Wood, of the Secret Detective Corps of the United Steles Government, and his assistant Deputy Marshal?, made a grand raid yesterday, on the buyers and sellers of counterfeit Government treasury notes, fractional currency, Ac. They have up to noon arrested twenty persons, who resided in western Now York, and lodged them In jaiilntols city. Warrants have been issued by the United States Cfyvco^o YOL. XX. Commissioner and Clerk, and tho examination of the arrested parties will lake place before him. Rocnxsrzn, April 3.—Eighteen more prisoners were brought In this evening, and lodged In jail. The last lot resided mostly m the southern tier of counties. THE ELECTIONS. Rhode Island. . Peovtdekou, April 3.—The Slate election to-day retailed in the compleie success of the Republi can ticket for the Slate officers, members of Con grees and State Legislature. The vote was very fight. Sir. Dixon is re-elected to Congress in tho Se cond District hy abont 1,200 majority. InJ the First District Sir. Jeuckes is reflected without opposition. State officers elected: Governor—A. E. Bnm side; Liculcnantl Governor—Wm. Greene; At torney General—Millard Sayles; Secretary of State—John R. Bartlett; General Treasurer—Ueo. W. Tew. The Senate will stacd2S Republicans toGDem ocrats. The House—o 2 Republicans and 8 Democrats. Connecticut, NewHavxx, April 3.—English’s majority is 676. „ Ic the Senate there will be 41 Republicans and 10 Democrats; In tne House 131 Republicans and 117 Democrats. mr.rronp, April 3.—Full returns from every town give: English, 45,787; Hawley, 41,808. The Senate stand? II Hcpnl'licana toll) Demo* crats. House 127 Republics is and 111 .Demo* crate. Michigan, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Grand Rapids, April 3. Returns come in slowly. About half of Kent County is heard from. The Republican majority on the State and county ticket will be about one thousand. A very light vote was cast. Municipal, xoimotmt, ill. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Monmouth, April 8, The aty election on Monday passed OS' quietly, and resulted in the election of Captain Turnbull *for Mayor. The town election on yesterday also passed off without much excitement, the issues being en tirely of a local nature. Politics were entirely discarded, hut nearly all the officers elected were good, sound Radicals. JJLOOKIKCTON, XIX. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Bloomington, IK., April 3. At the township election held In this city yes terday, the proposition was carried authorizing the township to take $37,000 stock in the Si. Tonis, Jacksonville i Chicago Railroad, condi tioned that the Northern terminus of the road -hall be at this point. The towns west, between here and Delivan, each voted to take stock to the amount of $25,000, except In Dale, where the majority was against 1L This will probably in sure the completion ot the road, and cars will be running to this city by the first of September next. Pkkis, TTj.Twnra, Peszn, Illinois, April 8. Pekin Township in Tazewell Connty, wfale. In cludes the aty of Pekin, elected the entire Re publican ticket on Tuesday, a thing never done before. A fall vole was cast and a splendid ticket elected. ermycFiru.. Spnrxorm.n, April 8. Tbe town election n this city was carried by tbe Democrats, yesterday, by majorities ranging from four to one hundred and thirty. The vote was un usually light, and no enthusiasm manifested. In a number of tbe other towns m this county the Republicans were successful. ST. LOUIS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, Mo,Aprilß. The triumph of tbe Radicals yesterday was com plete. About three-fifths of the registered vote was polled, and hundreds of Conservatives, dis gusted with their own party nomlnatioo. voted for the Radical Mayor. At the same time many Radicals scratched their own candidates name freely. Tbe average Radical majority was twenty seven hundred. The Board of Aldermen stands thirteen Radical to nine opposition. PT JOSEPH. *O. St. Joseph, Mo., April 3.—Tbe municipal elec tion in this city, yesterday, resulted in the election of F. F. Davie, Conservative, for Mayor; Allen McNcw, Conservative, for Marshal: Jara.sß Dawlev. Radical, for Recorder; and W. D. Sher man, Radical, for Cily Attorney. The Council is Radical. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Trlbnno.l Madison, April 8. In the Senate, last evening, the Assembly reso lution ordering the Secretory of State to procure and distribute ou index of the statutes and gene ral laws was concurred In. A resolution was adopted to provide for submit ting to tnc people the amendment to the Banking Law proposed at tbe lost session, relative to Slate DanVs retiring their circulation. Bills were Introduced to restore to Court Commissioners power to grant habtes corpnt. Assembly bills were concurred In amending the law in relation to divorce, so that either party divorced shall be at Ilbcrtv to marry, again; to limit the rime within which aopri<*«tlon m.y b« maiie fnr th» <*T'ra t,ai" of five dollars a month granted to volunteers’families to the first day of November, IS6S. Senate bills passed appropriating $20,000 for the purchase of wood land for an hospital for the in ane. The Assembly amendment to the Senate bill No. £7 was concurred in. A further proviso, prohibiting the consolidation of the Prairie dn Chicn Hoad with the Chicago & Noilhwestcmor Si. Panl, was rejected by a vote .Of 8 to 18. There was a long discussion on the Senate bill in n gard to corporations repealing the law of last winter, providing that the common stockholders of all corporations should bsve a right to vote so far as ll referred to railroad corporations tn whose charters the matter was regulated. The bill was indefinitely postponed by a vote of 1C to 3. In the Senate Unlay aiesolntlon was adopted, requesting L. if. Hills to act as Clerk, and Ass Kinney as Hergeant-ot-Arirs ot the ezrra session of the Senate os a Slate Board of Equalization, in September. The Committee on State Afiairs Is reported in favor of the Indefinite postponement ofibe bill for the removal of the capital to Milwaukee Tint Eight-Hour Sill was made the special order for to-morrow forenoon. A few local bills were parsed. The Finance Committee reported In favor of the pasiage of a bill (o pay five dollars a month to families of cltlz ns of Wisconsin who served during the war in the United States navy, cstimatirglhe probable corial about $22,000. Several bills of little importance were intro duced. Senate bills were concurred In to exempt lands from taxation granted to build a military road; appropriating $26,1100 to the Institute for tbe Blind. Assembly bills were passed appropriating SIO,OOO for tbe support of the Uospllaf for the In sane and $20,000 lor heating and famishing the new wiug of that institution ; to amend tbe Re vised Statutes respecting tbe sale of lands of minors; to amend sections, chapter 63, of the Revised Stamp's, concerning wills, &c.; to amend the law respecting the registration of marriages ; (or tbe preservation of brook trout, and some lo cal bills. Both Honscs had a session this afternoon, and transacted considerable miscellaneous business ot minor Importance. A large part of the time of the Senate was occupied m discussing the bill ap propriating $30,600 to tbe Soldiers' Ornhans' Home. There was a lengthy discussion on an amendmen L, whlcn was rejected (4 to 20), reducing tee amount to $12,560. An amendment was once adopted, by a vote ot 16 to 12, bat afterwards reconsidered and lost by a vote of 6 to 19. appropriating $60,000, to be dis tributed under direction of tbe Governor, Secre tary of Stale and Treasurer, to tbe widows of sol diers needing aa'iitance, and preferring to cure for the children themselves rattier than send them to the Orphans' Home. The bill was ordered to a third reading and passed. Among the bills passed by tbe Assembly was one requiring the State Prison Commissioner to present to tbe Secretary of State vouchers for each quarter's expenditures, before drawing mon ey lor ibenext. S. M. Booth has the use of thq Assembly ball ibis evening to argue his claim of sl3,ouu, ex penses in the celebrated Glover rescue case, and there a ill be no session in either House to-night. omo. Columbus. Ohio. April B.—The Senate resolu tion for manhood suffrage was taken np in the House to-day. / n amendment was agreed to dis franchising rebels and deserters. The resolution will probably pass to-night. Columbus, Ohio, April B.—Tne House passed the henate manhood suffrage resolution as amend ed—yeas 63; nays 29. It will go to the Senate to morrow. RECONSTRUCTION. Political Feeling in Western Texas— Colored IQau meeting In .Uncoil, tia. — l The Reconstruction Act to He Tested lu .TtizAlaalppl—Batters In Charleston —Evacuation Bay in Richmond. New Tons. April B,—The Herald't Southern letters state tnat the people of Texas, near the Rio Granao border, are utterly Indifferent about the workings of the Military ueconflructlon Bill, professing leally as ranch allegiance to Mexico 88 they do to the United States, and tailing de cidedly more interest in her affairs. Alarce mass meeting of colored voters was be!d in Uacon, Ga., on the SCth of March, at i.btch sentimeots were expressed favoring affilia tion with the white voters. uuu miu iul i*miv iuu4s* Governor Humphreys of Mississippi, has given his arecnl to the movement shoitly to be made to test the constitutionality of the Reconstruction Act. It vfll take longer than was first anticipated to prepare the briefs and cite the legal authori ties, and the injunction against tho enforcement of me Jaw may not be applied for within a week or so. Another maesconvenllon will be held in North Carolina verv soon, composed of original and un conditional Union men. who will retmdiale the party organization reflected at the recent Raleigh meeting. Their platform alii be manhood suff rage, while me Holdenites have merely pledged ihemsi lvee to impartial suffrage. Charleston, a. C.. April o.—The Board of Trade banquet last night was a brilliant a flair. Governor Orr made an elaborate speech on me situation, counselling prompt compliance with the requirements of Congress. General Sickles also spoke, foreshadowing in general terms, his policy as District Commanuer. He has issued an order prohibiting elections for the present, and an noupcin" that he will appoint Shcrifls, and other Ctrl! officers; upon the expiration of the terms of the present Incumbents. Richmond, April 3.—There was a procession of iitgrooc to-oav to celebrate the evacuation of Richmond. Hunnlcutt, in his speech, warned them to beware ol Southern whites, and cling to the Republicans. ..... senator Wilson Is here, but did not address them. FROM THE PLAINS. Snow-Storm on tbe Platte—Arrest or a n urdcrer Teamsters Frozen Pro ject for a New Settlement at tlic Head of the Colorado. St. Joseph, April 3.—Snow, seven inches deep, fell on the Platte River, near Julesbnrg, on the Sfitb, and dnrmg the storm there was the most ter ilfic thunder and lightning. Gcorcc Carman was committed to jail in Den ver on the 25th, lo await bis trial for the murder of “Cheap John,” an eccentric old Jew peddler, in December. The bait Lake YidelU says that in the late freez ing weather seven teamsters were very badly frozen near Rybo Canon. They were scarcely ante to reach a place of shelter after abandoning their teams. * The Denver I*us advocates a convention of the people of all the Territories, to assemble stSalt lake some time before Congress meets to consider subjects of general Interest. A party Is being organized In Denver, having for ns object the fonmung'iiif a settlement at the bead of navigation on;uj2 Solonido River, and the farther exploration of that important stream. - SPTBEfrE COURT OF ILLINOIS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] '- r Ottawa, 111., Aprils. 35—Motion to' strike the 4tb, 6th and 7th pleas from file, and demurrer toßd and sth. 44—Motion for leave to file amended record granted. ■ E2—Submission set aside. 53—James Mix vs. Peyton R. Chandler etal. Submitted by Loth parties on briefs to be filed. 328 —Submitted by both parties on briefs to he filed. 125—John Parker, impleaded, vs. George Q. Fergus. Submitted hy defendant on brief to be filed. 115—Jacob Streamer vs. Joseph Davis. Rale far iolnder in error by to-morrow by consent. 163—'Theodore Hill vs. Rimer D. Bacon. Sub mitted by both parties on briefs to be filed. iflfi-Jamea W. Hludley ct al. vs. Maria Back. Submitted by defendant on briefs to be filed. 192—Edmond S. Holbrook vs. Ellen Fellows Dickerson. Time given till next Monday to file record. 187—Bronson Murray th. Sam'l Schlosaor. Mo tion lor iulc to loin In error by the Cth granted. 100— Thos. Gilcrccal vs. Wm. E. Savage, for the use of Jacob f IshouflC. Time for filing record, ex tended till the Slh by agreement. 101— H. August VonGlahn vs. Matilda Von- Glabn. Motion for time for tiling erroie and ab stracts. 106—George Fickes vs. Mary Manchester, ad ministratrix. 4c. Submitted o»i briefs and arma ments to be filed by both parties. B IDS— James Hamilton va. Benjamin F. Onlmbv Mellon for time to file record. H 3 200—Joseph Lenesa vs. Antony C. Essie*. Same aa 124. “ «?3. Tho Commercial Insurance Company of Chicago vs. John C» llcblmau. Ten days for filing record by stipulation. 2W». John L. Bedard, City Collector of the City of LaSalle, vs. Lyman Hall ct ids. Motion for lulu to Join Id error by Monday. 210. Harry C. Roberts vs. Theodore Farmhalla, Motion for rule to Join in error. 212. Edwin Hatters vs. Henry Hatters. Peti tion for rehearing submitted. 2ie. Band Ford va. George C. Hickson. Mo tion fortlme to file record. Ton days granted by consent . 224. The Board ofSnpervisors of Mercer County vs. William Ilubbard.. Five days* time for filing record allowed by consent. 225. Gallgan & Hunter vs. D. B. Brandlcbal. FEOM KASHTELLE. One or the Unconvinced Chivalry— Ifamages by the Late Floods—Suits Against H allroads. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nasutius, April 8. Sheriff Pcden, of Giles Cocnty, has actually re turned to the Assessor two negroes, claiming that they are still Lie property, and that all laws a~d Constitutions to the contrary are unconstitutional and void. The Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad has determined not to pay damages to freight occa sioned by the recent flood*. Atlanta merchants have appointed a committee to visit Chattanooga to ascertain whether the road took tbe necessary precautions on the approach of the Hoods, as a care has been entered m Chattanooga against tbe Western & Atlantic Railroad, for damages on freights injured and destroyed by the great flood. The ifilcatncr Emma Floyd brought from Cin cinnati to Governor Brownlow, to-day, quanti ties of blankets, camp kettles, bard-tack and other equipments for the State Guard. Company B. Filth United States Cavalry, reach ed here this day on the steamer Nashville. FBO2£ LOUISVILLE, An Excursion Trip Over tbe Fall*— Railroad matters—murder and Seduc lion—Suspected Tlilef. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trllmnc.l I.omsmiz, April 3. The steamer Richmond, one of the finest on the Western waters, went over the Falls to-day wllh a crowd of excursionists. Tbo steamer struck several times on the rocks, but got over safely and undamaged. Tralee will not run through on the Memphis Branch road for several weeks, an important tresue on the south etde of tbe Tennessee River nelng unrepaired. A quiet man, named John Collins, while closing his mure, on Broadway, lest night, was shot and killed by Jack Shepard, bis brother-in-law. The latter's wife, from abase, had sought protection at Collins’ house. In Carroll County a married man, who bad se duced a half foolish giri, Henrietta Graff, to elope from Indiana, was arrested to-doy and lodged In Jail. The watchman on duty at the Jeffersonville depot, who was robbed a few days since of f2y,uX) by. as bo said, a gang of men, was ar .eeted to day on suspicion of being apany to the lobbciy. FKOM ST. 10DIS. Collection of Fond* for tbe New Lin* cell Hotel—Tbe fflonntaln Trade. [Special Despatch to (he Chicago Tribune.l St. Louis, April 3. The rebuilding or the Undell Hotel Is the pop ular excitement. About SIBO,OOO has been etr*bj scribed, bat great Indignation prevails because Isaac Walker, who owns half a million dollars worth of property opposite the hotel site, refuses to contribute anything toward rebuilding. To day a proposition has been made to rebuild the hotel timber np town. Mountain freights are active, six boats have deponed, ana others are rapidly filling np. There is a email redaction In rates. St. Louis, April 3.—Late news from Montana s-aye the mining operations this season will be very extended, and thocatimated yield ofpreclous metals Lt thlrty-siz millions. Ihc rums oi lire Lmdel! Hotel are being cleared awsy preparatory to rebuilding the edifice. The Watlrnigion avenue wall, about two hundred feet of v>hkh 1* still standing will be carefully taken down, and tbe elaborately wrought iron front preserved for the new building. FEOM BLOOSUSUTOX. Bootand Shoo Store Bobbed. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Bloomington, HL, April 8. The boot and shoe store of J. j. McCoy was enteiedlaet night by burglars, end about S2OO worth of bools carried away. No clue has been discovered of the thieves. FROM CINCINNATI. Israelites versus Insnrance Companies —Attempt to Break. Jail—A Negro Killed—A mysterious Adair—A Dead Body In a Box—Arrest of an Alleged Embezzler—Bromide of Potassium iu B ydrophobta.] Cincinnati, Ohio. April 3.—A very largo and in rnenliul meeting of Israelites was held in this city yesterday, to take action regarding the recent proscriptive policy of certain New York insurance companies. Resolutions were passed unanimous ly. pledging the Jews of this city not to insure tn the Manhattan, Germania, Hanover. Niagara, He public and UndcnvrPere, insurance Companies, over fifty of the must prominent firms in the city signed the resolution. Two negroes, who bad been placed In jail at Pans, Ky- on the charge of bog sualiog, attempt ed to make their escape on Fndoy night last, when the jailer fired upon them, killing one ata severely wounding the other. ih: citizens of Georgetown, Ky., are enjoying a first class sensation. A nc/ro man received a dry goods box by express, a few days since, and wa« horrified to find that It contained the dead body of hie mr-thcr, who had been living at Lex ington. Appearances indicated that she had not been dead more than eight or ten hours, and some suppose that she was alive when placed in the box. The mystery has not been explained. Eight or nice years ago the Coshocton County Tresanry was robbed of $20,060 by unknown thieves. Recent developments have led to the arru-tof Kctcbam, who was County Treasurer at •Lc time, on the charge of embezzling the amount. Mbs Selina Eller, of Becks Station, Hamilton County, Ind., was bitten on the finger by a rabid dog, some two months ago. Laatwcek symptoms of hydrophobia appeared, and tbe disease was rapidly approaching the crisis wh«n one of the doctors in attendance determined to try bromide of potassium, lately recommended by a Euro pean physician. Continuing this remedy until nearly two ounces had been given, the horrible symptoms began to abate on Monday, and at tbe last accounts It was hoped she might recover. SANDWICH ISLANDS. Reports from the Whaling Fleet In the Northern Stca«« San Francisco, April 3.—Honolulu advices of March lllh, arc received. The ailnirs of Walker, Allen & Co. arc being rapidly closed. The corner-stone of the proposed reformed Catholic Cathedral was laid by Ills Majesty, as sisted by Bishop Staley and bis clergy. The church Is Intended os 8 memorial to the late Kamebamaha. The American whale ship Cork, arrived at Hilo, FebrcatT 23d, from the Clarion Blands, with one hundred barrels of sperm, and thirty barrels of whale oil. She reports the following vessels: SL George, ono hundred and twenty barrels; Rein deer, neety barrels; Three Brothers, ninety bar rels; James, four hundred and fifty barrels; Dacny, one hundred barrels; Jobn Howland, two hundred barrels: Whales* Champion, three hun dred barrels; .Tosiab Berry and Nile, each one hundred barrels; Ocean and J. O. West, each ono hundred barrels; George and Lydia, each half whale * UrLO, March 2—Arrived yesterday, General Pike, Galiaoagoe Island, with fitieeu barrels sperm oil. bbo reports the Emily Morgan, with two hundred and eighty barrels sperm; Roman, one hundred barrels sperm; Cuioliuc Foote, one hundred barrels' sperm. Coral and Maiiloa Scars cleared lor Honolulu March 10th. Arrived—Benjamin Cummings, New Bedford, JeiiLoltc, California Coast, wllh two hundred ana thirty barrels sperm. FROM NEW YOKE. Embezzlement by a Revenue Officer— Ghs Explosion In tlie New Academy or ITlnMc—Success or Hie Roman Loan In ibis Country. New York, April 3.—Joseph Crochcron. a Dcpntv Collector of Internal Revenue, was put on t< ini yesterday, charged with having embezzled tho sum of nearly ten thousand dollars, which be bod collected for taxes at various times daring jfOl and IECS Horn incidents of Staten Island. Ti e new Academy of Mnslc was the scene of a gas explosion last evening, about an boor pre viously, lo the nightly performance, which came near causing another serious fire. The property man was so seriously injured about the lace and chest that he is in a very critical condition. New York. Aprils.—Upwards of two millions of dollars ot the Roman loan has been taken In this country. MEXICO. Stxcnctb of the Oppoalncr Force* at Qneretaro. New Yoke, April 3.—The Herald's Hatamoras correspondence saya: “The main forces of the ItclHgcrenta In Mexico arei toeing each other at Q cere taro. The total la 69,700 men, including CHICAGO. THURSDAY. APRIL I, 1867. guerillas, for tho Liberal.*, and 16,000 men for tbe Imperialists. •‘Tbe French squadron Bailed from Banina last Wednesday mornmp.” The Goodyear Rubber Patent* CutouniATi, April 3.—ln tbe case of the Good year Bard Robber Company va. Drs. Taft and Berry, dentists. Judge Leavitt, to-day. following the course of the United States Courts in Chicago and 6t. Louie, granted a temporary Injunction restraining the defendants from the nee or tbe vul canized rubber in their profession, except upon giving bonds for tbe profits on their work, incase, npon a final bearing, the anil should go against them. Fires. PntLADktpmA, April 3.—The extensive woollen mills of BJSchoflcld at Manyunk were horned last night. 'Jbcfirc originated In tbe drying house. Lose, f 160,000. learned for only JISjCooU- • - Un-WAtTKiE, April 3.—A block of buildings on_ the cast side of Broadway, on North Bridge street, was burned last night. Loss, 212,000. ■JSt-r' Death Warrant. • BAimisnnuon, April 3.—Governor Geary has leaned a warrant for tho execution on tho Islh of May of Robert Folger, of Washington County, fur tbe murder of Robert W. Blnsmore, on the 41h ol December, ISGQ. Injured while Firing a Salute., MoNTTEtinn, Vermont, April 3.—Two/men wero-ecrlouriy injured, and one fatally, by-.tbe fiematcrc discharge or a gun while firing a snlata n honor oltbe Connecticut elections. [Cowblding. MEurmp, April 3.—A cleric named- -fay. In Ellson’e dry goods store, received a severe cow hiding to-day, by a gentleman, whose sister Jay had Inenltcd. The acfhlr created an excitement. A SOUTHERN OPINION OP TRE PRESIDENT. Andrew Johnson’s Policy Reviewed by a Georgia Newspaper—A Rap at the Democratic Parly and Papers* [From the Macon (Oa.) Journal and Messenger, March 22.] Andrew Johnson has at last yielded. Thank God for it. He has done usanim mense deal of harm; crippled us when our armies were in the field; rejected the terms which Grant and Sherman gave ns, and then, at last, has kept sectional and animosity stirred up against us by his un whe course and his foolish conflict with Congress and Northern sentiment. And now wc hope President Johnson’s op* Eositionto the Government will cease. He as opposed it so long, and indneed onr peo ple to oppose it so long, holding ont to ns the false idea that he would do something for us, that ho has done us infinitely more harm than all other men and all other causes combined. Bat lor him we would long ago have been admitted Into the Union and upon far better terms than wc shall now be able to obtain. Be has been the moat effec tive enemy we have hud. In the first place, his inflncncc was great In arraying the border States against us. He was one of the most earnest supporters of the war waged upon ns. He refused us the terms given us by the generosity and mag nanlmlty of Grant and Sherman. And last, though not least, be has. by bis course, kept Northern prejudice ami hatred constantly excited against us. Save ns from onr friend Johnson 1 Commencing his official career as Vice President by an excessively post-prandlal speech—afterwards as President, Indulging in such spouting tirades to the populace of the Federal Capital as should not be used even upon the hustings—going upon his Western lour with an engine of vituperation, whose hose be kept turned back upon Con gress—he excited the frenzy of the Northern people against the Southerners, whose cause he professed to advocate. Had bo been our most hitter enemy, he could not have pur* sued a course calculated to do us more baim. Further than this, bis conduct has all along inspired the Southern people with the hope that be has intended to defend onr rights at the point of the bayonet. Andrew 11. was compared to Andrew I. Tennessee had given ns “Old Hickonr," who crushed nullification and “removed the deposits," and Tennessee, it was hoped, had given us Andrew IT., who would remove tho Radical Congress. Johnson was to he our Crcmwcll, who would disperse the Rump Parliament of America. In the meantime, though, with all h!s proclamations, he has never removed martial ‘.aw from the South, and never restored to onr people habeas corpus ; nor has he released Davis from Fortress Monroe. It Is difficult to determine whether Presi dent Johnson has exhibited the more politi cal peculation or the more political folly. HU course has certainly been good ground for inducing the Southern people to hope that he intended to wield tho support In their behalf. And we think .yet that there has been at some time such an idea lurking in his bosom. Bat he hesitated, he dallied, and proved himself a dastard; be doubted, and isdummd. Thank God for it. The spell is broken—the illusion is gone. Andrew 11. lacked the nerve to do what Andrew I. would have done. The Southern people are undeceived. Let them profit by their dear ly-bought experience. Our coble President, after bellowing in the cities of the West, like one of tie mad prai rie hulls of that great section, now “roars yon as gently os any socking dove." All the thunder which he ponred against Congress, from the Olympus of the White House,turns out to be Pickwickian thunder, go far as Congress Is concerned, but it has recoiled with deadly effect upon '‘the President’s Southern friends.” Andrew Johnson, In his veto of the Milita ry BUI, says this measure la “without prece dent, and without authority—in palpable conflict with the plainest provisions'of the Constitution, ana utterly destructive to those great principlesof liberty and human ity for which our ancestors on both sides of the Atlantic shed so much blood and ex pended so much treasure.” After painting the “absolute monarchy” and “military des potism” in each of the five districts defined by t tie Military Bill at the South, In such fearful colors as to make the blood curdle in the veins, and strike terror into the heart of

every man, woman and child, white or black, found living under those “despot isms”—after exciting the Southern people almost to acts of open rebellion against the provisions of the Military Act, he now turns round and telle ns be hopes this monstrous “Reconstruction Act” wUI have the effect of alleviating much of the bitter ness caused by tho war, and he “will faith fully execute” what he says is a subversion of the Government and Constitution, which he has token an oath to support and defend. And such is President Johnson—such the man who has lured us ou to our destruction. Let us have done with all this knavery and folly. TVc prefer trusting oar fate to open enemies to trusting It to false friends. We prefer old Ben. Wade, old Tbod. Stevens, and old Horace Greeley, to Johnson, of Ten nessee, and Johnson, of Maryland. True, the President has talked finely In our behalf, and so has the “little villain” of the Timet. But as Raymond has always voted against ns, so Johnson has at least not acted tor ns. Let him go his ways. The South can trust him no longer. IVe must lind other guaran tors for our safl-ty, and that safely wo must find with the Republican party, or not at all. President Johnson has no strength—moral, political, or physical. He represents noth ing, and he represents nobody. Let him go, like “the Coniedcrato note.” Representing Doming on God's earth now. And nnnebt in the water* below it. But we have to complain of the Democrat ic parly Nortla as much as wo complain ot President Johnson. Next to President John son, we owe all our present troubles to “the unto rifled”—"the fron-ribbed Democracy.” In the first place the Northern Democrats al ways agreed with us in onr Ideas concerning secession, and often encouraged us to exer cise our right. Many of them declared that the South could be coerced only over their dead bodies. And it was so, but not in the sense in which they intended ns to under stand their declaration. The South was co erced over some of their dead bodies, bat they had enough living bodies left to enforce the coercion. Since the war the Northern Democratic jonrnais have continually fed us on the false hope that the Democracy, in conjunction with Picsident Johnson, would give us our rights, ifnecd be, with the bayonet. Wit ness the more ultra Democratic journals, the Day Dock, Metropolitan JReeord , Freeman’s Journal , and Daily Fetes, and the more mode rate journal, the New York World. “Outon such friends”—friends who en courage us to get Into trouble, and then whip us for doing what they told us to do. Senator Sherman declared that If the Southern people complained that the mili tary act was harsh, they had their Northern Democratic friends to thank for It, since they had voted down an amendment, which was quite a mitigation of the severity of the orig inal bill.- - Tins is so, and we have a good many other tilings to thank our Northern Democratic iriends for. We have to thank them that they encouraged us to secede, and then whip ped ns for doing so. We have to thank them that since the cessation of the war they have again fed ns upon false hopes. Wo have to thank them for keeping up tlie exasperation of the Northern people against us. Some Republican remarked in Congress that the more Democrats resisted Republi can policy, the more decided and emphatic that policy Would become. Brooks, of New York, a recent convert to Democracy, an swered lhat this might be true, bnt the Democrats would continue to resist. Bully lor Mr. Brooks I Living in a “ loyal ” State, as he docs, It costs him nothing to “ resist;” hut his iniquities arc to be visited upon the Southern people. He can pursue his parti san policy with impunity, but the South is to be made the victim. Party tactics make it necessary lor the Democratic Congress to defeat, if possible, such a thing as Blaine’s amendment, and to oppose Republican policy generally. In the meantime the most vital interest of the Southern people is the plaything of the politicians, the shuttlecock that is tossed back and forth between the battledores of the two opposing factions, the football that is kicked aoout by two hos tile parties, the unhappy grist that is croand between the upper ana nether mllstoncs. Of this wc are tired in the superlative* dc. gree. President Johnson has tried to “re construct” us. has moat signally tailed, ac knowledged bis defeat, and surrendered at discretion. The “little villain” of the New Tord Tinifi, and men of his like, calibre, and kidney, with their milk and cider policy, have also tried and failed. The Northern Democracy have lent a helping hand wher ever failure has been certain to bo the result; and now the exigency demands new men, new measures, and a new policy. Hen who formerly led at the South are not up to the demands of the crisis, Wo need an Infusion of new and vigorous young blood into the veins of onr government policy—blood that has been generated under the present cir cumstances--our immediate earroundlngs. The old fogy politicians and fossil remains of the antiquated press are not capable of ap preciating our present position. Nourished in their InfaiJby and fed in their prime npon Ideas which have been forever destroyed, they are starving in their old age, by en deavoring to live upon the shadows that yet befotad the •substance which has eluded their grasp. Prussia’* Designs mtlie Netherlands. IFrom tbe Pall Mall Gazette, March 20.] Tbe apprehensions ot the Datch in regard to tbo supposed aggressive designs of Prus sia have not yet subsided, in spite of official 'explanations and contradictions. The news papers reflect the popular feeling of patriotic alarm. Animated appeals, as we learn from ob correspondent at the Hague, are made to the young men in town and country to en roll themselves as volunteers. Thousands of gu elders are presented by private citizens to -a hind which has been established for far nUhingthc volunteers with rifles and unl fonhs. Meetings are also held to stimulate the patriotic ardor of tbe people. In foot a general tnanie toldaictquc prevails; military preparations and question of guns and forti fications engross attention. The Ministers oflVar and the Marine will, no doubt, now And little difficulty in carrying their schemes for the re-organization of the army and navy through the Second Chamber, although an expenditure of 45,000,000 of gueldersfor such purposes J» deemed excessive by a sec tion of the incmbers. John Morrissey In a Dilemma* The friends of Joo Coburn and John C. Heenan are said to be anxious to match them for a prize fight for SIO,OOO a side and tho champion’s belt. There most bo some mis take in this, however; John Morrissey is champion of America. He whipped Hcc nan, and Is now the rightful owner of the belt. If Coburn or Heenan desires to win the championship they must first challenge John Morrissey, when he will be compelled to fight or yield up tho belt to his challen ger, according to the rules of the prize ring. MARKETS RY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] .Nrw you. Aprils, The Stock market opened stesdy, hnt Inactive. At 10 o'clock there waa considerable disposition to sell. After the regular call the market was weak and Jf lower. At 1 o'clock It rallied, but was again doll at 2--30, with a dccllte in the whole list. After the break In Ktw York Central stock the whole list declined X <32, and things for a while looked panicky. Money Is steady at 8 F cent. At the WO Board the markst waa weak and 2 off from the highest figure, but at 3:13 New York Central sold at 102 V, Erie (commot) at 35X. Michigan South* era at 70K, Bock Island at 93.5, Chicago & Northwest ern (preferred) at «!>,', and Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne A Chicago at 9t V. The market after this waa heavy, and prices tended to a lower range. [Associated Press Report.] N*w You, April X vovxr. Money a shade easier at 7 per cent on call. roßnns EzcuAXOk. Sterling quiet at 106*0109 in gold for flrst-clau bills. Gold lower, opening at 13» v. and closing at 133 K. ooTEvrmxTa. Government stocks without decided change. ZATEB. Nrw Yoek, April X HOSWT. The rooccy market was very active to the dose ol bank boors, and quite stringent at 7 per cent. Gold doll. Tbecurtoms demand was moderate, and tho speculative feeling tame. There is a consldorah'o short interest outstanding, and loans were made to-day at Xd to s-sr per cosl Governments dull and lower. Reg. ’« 109 (31091, XJOconp 'S3 Jan Coupons. *Bl. ...ll«K«lC0w and July 107V2107V M 0 regist'd *62.103 Vft 104 IX4O reglst’d... 97*0 98 5-30 c0up’62....109 Vfaltt V 10-40 coupons.. STVw 9SK S-20eonpon'r-t.lo7H(£l<T£ August 745K....1M CtIKH 5-JO coupon *63.108 6*loß June and July Border State bonds dull and lower. Tennessee, 63; Missouri, 95J(; Csrolmaa, 50; Extra C'oopoaa and New, Stcamsblp shares weak and lower. __ BAU.WATS. The railway market Urtull. it opened steady, but tell RAN V cent at the stock Exchange, witn a light boslne**. Erie. Toledo and Ft. Wayne were the strong est stock*, and did not give way with the rest of the market. Bock Island waa pres»*d tor sale, and de ellnsdfrom 91V to 90 V. TUI* vsl the principal luatoro ot the aeaslofi. The market was heavy at the i o’clock Hoard, and prices were )*olh V cent below the open ing morning rates. Stock* were heavy and still lower at the second Board, and anbscqncaUy declined sharply under a strong pressure to sell. Wm. Death A Co. report the following r 5:30 p. m. Hudson Hirer..l3o fai3V7 Beading. 101 faioiu Mich bon TDVfa 70* Illinois Cent... 115 ulisv Pitutmrgb 75\ta 76 Toledo 119 CiltOV Hock island.... tOkfa 89v Vorihwestern.. SJkfa sox N.w.nfd <a ra naij Fort Wayne.... 94.5 M VzJ( I-BICU* AT American Gold ISSVfaiot 0.411 Cert*.... ZzVfaTS Canton M-kd 45V Cumberland Coal ai (gssw Qnickkllver.... 31 fa 32k racier Mail....tasgfam • AtlanUe S 3 fa St Mariposa prfd. 31 V« 22V W. 1LTe1...... 41 » 41V N. 7. C«9Crsl..lo2VaiG2K E«c »S« 55J< HIRRtfl ouezs. The mSnirg share market it scUve but with a g»n eral def ine. Coiydon alone was steady. Corydon •lone was steady. Closing prices: Corydon 415 fa .... 1 Alaur-da .815 fa... Montana ~40 fa .... I Columbia 315 fa... Peple’s „90 fa .... |c. Greg M 0 faSO Quartz .270 « .... Liberty 5 Q ... Rocky Monnt..los fa.... IN. Y, Gold 75 fa... SinluirarmeleiSSO 0....1 Tbe Prodnae Market*. MILWAUKEE. [Special De* patch to the Chicago Tribune.] MILWAUKEE. Aprils. Floor-Firm. Sties of bOObrli at f 11.87 K fur Snow, flake Country XX; 113.00 lor Haccacs; f 10.71 for com mon X; fSAO forsnperflne; ftJ.Mlor superior winter, and $7.11) for buckwheat. Wheat—Actlre and hitcher. Morning board aales 13,000centals; noon board. 17.400 centals, at $t.S7 fbr No. 1 In Uora; $3.93ft5.95 tor No. 3 In store; fd.93, buy er's option this week: (AST, borer’s option ten days, and seller’s option ncztneek; f3.75ft3.77 for No.S In store, and |3.3(ft3.53 for rejected do. Oats—Advanced 3c. Sales of 8,800 centals at $1,753 I.7BlbrNo.3,treab receipts, and $1.7331.75 fur do, old receipts. Corn—Nominal. Sales of 250 centals new shelled, delivered atfl.M. Rye—Has advanced. Sales of 3.300 centals at $3.37 for No. 1. old receipts; $3.53 for do, fresh receipts, ana $3.21 lor lor No. 2, old receipt*. Receipts—7so bus floor, S.OCO centals wheat, 400 do oats, 200 do corn, SCO dorse, 300 do bailey, 30 dressed hope. Shipment*—'3,6oo brls floor, 3,000 cental* wheat, CCO hrl* pork, 7 tc» lard. NEW YORK. New Tome. Aprils. Cotton-Doll and heavy. Prices again declined ua Ic. Salci ot 3.300 bales at 39c for mtadi<ng uplands? Floor—Receipts, G.V 13 brl*. Market without change, with less doing, bales of 63,000 oris—closing quiet. California floor quiet, bales of 350 brls, at $15,003 Whiskey—Dull. Sales of 200 brU State In bond at 2Sc. Whist-No receipts. Market without decided change, with a moderate demand for spring, bales of 3,600 ou good to prime No. 3 Milwaukee at $3.4933.50. Rye—firm, with 11-17 refused for Western. Barley—Easier. Sales 4,600 bu aiK7Netor WCitern ana f1.i5ft1.33 lor Canada west free, the latter for verr choice. Uoncy Malt—Quiet. Corn— necelpto. bn. Market less active and without decided change, bales bu nt fl.3Uftt.3l for mixed Western Instore: f 1.32 afloat; $1.3-/tfor Western yellow In store: f LVOXft I -! tor Santnern yel low afloat, and fl.lCftl.lß lor mixed Western at the railroad depot. Oats—Receipt?. LSSS bn. Moderately active. Sales of 30,000knato”ft69c torpid Western; 68ft70cfor new western, and 73ft75c for State. Wool-Quiet. Sales W.OOO ns at 40®ffljfe for do miiQc fl<«e;7sc for pick lcck<; 43ft 17c tor super pull ed;SlftS7clcr extra pulled; tSftSCc for Texas, and 34ft 34c for Cali'ornia. j}opt_Bn)l at SCftfOc. Leather—Hemloctr sole Arm at nbsnt previous price*. Coal— Unchanged. Bice—Quiet. Colfee—Steady. EfJcs. 500 bags Rio on private terms. Sugar—Firm, sales 100 bxs Cuba at lOftllc- Molasses—Dull. petroleum—Dull atl6ftl6>fc for crude, 34ft37 lor re fined In bond. Pork—Quiet and steady. Sales. 3,050 brls at s33.Gßft 33.87 for new mesa, clot.lng at 123.73 cash; |33.50ft23.75 lor old mess ;;f to.7sftio.u for prime, and f33.25ft33.G3 for prime men. Beef-bteady. Sale*. 475 brls at $12.00®20.00 tor new plain mors: f 18.50ft33.50 for new extra mess. Beel Hams—Firm at $49.00ft43A0 Bactn—Qnlct and heavy, bales 370 boxes At IDifc tor Cumberland; 113-16 for short ribbed, and I3ftl3£c for short clear. Cut Meats—Dull. Sales 350 pkgs at flftlOc fbr shoul ders, and HN&H# O tor hams. Lsrd—Dali and heavy, bales GSO brls at tor new. Batter—Dali at IDftlSc for Ohio. Cheese—Utchsnsed at I2@i9c. - LATEST—3 P. M. Flour—Dull and nominally unchanged. Wheat—Dull at *2.40(32.60 for No. 3 spring; $3.60$ 3.C7 fer No. 1 spring. Rye—tinner, with buyers of Western at $1.57, and sellers at f1.39ft1.40. _ Rarity—Heavy at 87@S7Kc for Western. Corn—Quiet. with buyer* of bhlpplng mixed western nt *l.lO In store ancsL23 afloat;sellers at $1.31 Instore and $123 afloat. Oats—Quiet, at 66®CSc tor old Western and CTftTOc for new western. pork —Quiet, with sellers ot new mes* atf33.7s.csah. and fJI.SS, regular; bnyen at {23.70, cash, and sellers nt $23.80, Beef—Quiet and steady. Cut Meats—Nominally unchanged. Bacon—Dali, at iPJfc lor Cumberland middles. Lara—Dull and m mioal. at 13ftl3Kc for fair to prime steamed, and 18J<®13R for kettle rendered, BT. LODIS. St. Lons. Aprils Tobacco—Local demand brisk. Medium grades brought full prices. Cottcnr-Nomlnally low'T at 25c lor strict middling. Floor—Very firm. Holders demand an advance, which checkedbastneas. 3 Wheat—sohlehcr, at $2.73 lor prime Spring; s2Jsofor prime club; JSJO for prime tall ; SA3S®B.-I0 for choice. Com—Film at f1.05i31.10 lor choice yellow, and white. Oats—Firm at 71®77c. Bariev—Firm at sl.lO for prime spring. Bye—Firm at SI.BB lor prime, piovlriona—Very doll. Mess pork, $233; bacon. 9uc forshonlders; 13# for clear sides. Whit key—52.1432.15 tor free; 23c In bond. BUFFALO. BUTTALO. April 8. Flour-Spring, active and firm. Sales of SOO brls No. 1 Hprtrc at $12.00. wheat—ln good demand. Sales of 2,300 bu choice Canada white at $3.35. Cora—Firmer ano moderately active. Sal’s of IS cars B(V Ohio at 11.00, on the State Lino track; I.OCO btx cid mixed Western at la store. Bye uLQ Seeds—Steady. Barley—Sales ot I.OCObu Canada at $1.13 for new. Meu Port—Quiet and Orta. Lard—Stcadyand unchanged. Blghwmea—Unchanged. PHILADELPHIA. PmunKLpnTA. April S. Flour—Quiet. Superfine at S9XO; Nortnweetern ex tra at sl3-3. Wheat—Unchanged. Prime red scarce. Corn—Active. Sales of I’.OCO bn yellow at f1.C9CA.13. Oats—Firmer, with sales of 700 bo. Barley Malt—Atfl.4o. ■ Coffee—Quiet. Sales ol Laguayra at 21gc. Molasses—Bales, carso West India at 49c. Whisker—Sales of contraband at $1.20. Clover heed—ln good demand. BALTIMORE. _ BALTDIOBS. April S. Flour—Firm and unchanged. Wheat—sales of white at $3.00. Corn—Balts. 8.000 bu white at f1.113f1.13, and 4.C00 bu jellow at *l.of<3sl.!o. Oats—cic. No calcs, Wblfkej—ln bond, 80@S2c. Provlelen*—Unchanged. Mess pork. $34.00; sides, l|aw*c. - Lard-Bales of Western la tierces, at 13® Sugar—Quiet and steady at for f«lr to good renting. TOLEDO, Toledo, April 9. Fkrar—treletand Ann. Wheat—very Arm and 3c b? tier on amber. 1c rotter bales: white Michigan at|3Jo; amber, at Sc andclMlog «U 0 Mttsr; LOUISVILLE. LOCTSTIXXS. April s. Tobacco-flalesoflSOhbdalesfai tell rates, 19.09. Floor— Superfine doll at 89.50aW.25. Con—lo bulk 74375 c, Oats—Tn bulk 70c. - Pork—Mesa fn.50®??.73; bacon aides 12J4913Jfc; •boulder* 9X69KC, packed; balk shoulders SKe, loose. Other markets unaltered. New York Live Stock market* [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Nkw Yobs, April S. cattle—Receipts, 1.430, at Hudson City and 115 elsewhere. Tbe market at Hudson City was good and strong, and all were acid. The offerings were mainly of good average quality. A flew fancy lota brought 13c; good to prime, 17©l7jfc; common, Sheep-Further decline; selling at 6to 9c mainly; fair to good at 7tf@6jfc. Swine—Receipts, SfitO. Irregular and lower at W@B*c. New York Breadstuff* Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tubk. April 3. Flour— Wei tern held firmer, but quiet. State firm on tbe dock and 10c lower, with liberal receipts. Wheat—Rejected Chicago sold since ’Change at $3.13, closing quiet. Ail coarse grains closed dull and nearly nominal. ' New York Provision Market. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] New Toes, April 3. Pork—Closed quiet at $33.75, cash. Othar home pro ducts not salable, except at farther decline. New York Grocery Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! New Yoke, Aprils. Coffee-Qrlet. Rlo,l«<jX9Jfcincold. Sagar-He higher, and active. Fair to good grocery at lOXOUKc. Uolaaaas—in hotter demand at 5C$5St. lot Mus covado. Ocean Freights* [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] New Yoke, April 3. Freights to Liverpool—By steam, 13JW0 bn corn at sd. New York Dry Goods]market. N*w Tobx, Aprils. Fair business on staple styles at prices showing no chance of importance, Weatbsr besuUlnL and a more animated demand is anticipated. Mott of the satinet mills throughout Connectlcnt hare concluded to cease production until prices and trade improve. « Slo tor Indlm Head mu A» 20Vc for Appleton A, Lawrence C and Pacific extra, atiC 2.C for Stark and Augusta. Bleached Muslins—Steady,. and best makes sell well atSSVc for Wamsotta, ana Sc for Lonsdale and Oil 1 . Naumkeag C half cent lower, which Is abont the only change In staple cottons. Prints—ln coed request at !6Jfc for American, Den* □ells and Blebmonds; ITMC for Sprague's fancies: ISo tor frock’s and purple*. and 20c lor extra choice styles Cocheco nrinta quiet at 10c; Merrimack sell at 170 and W cloth at 19c. Delaine*—ln fair demand at 33c, and Cashmeres and 'Robes de Chambre” at 28Q30C. Pittsburg & Oil market. ' PrrrsnuEQU, April 3. The oil market was dull. The fallowing sales are reported: 110 brls at live,packages Included; LOOO brls, May delivery, sellers’ option at 7c; 1,000 brls. Im mediate delivery. 6Vc; l,oou brls, flnt water. 40 to 45 gravity, 6j(e: 230 brls, pacaagei returned, 6*c; 1,000 brls, Stay delivery, sellers option, 7c. Receipts, LOOO brls. Benoed In bond unchanged. Sales of 3,000 brls Srtme light straw to white, deliverable April. May uce ana July, In SCO brls lots. S5Vc for April, 26c for May, 36Kc far June and 27c for July. Free oil unchanged. tr WAIT BROTHERS Advertising As* ts 130 Dearborn-st., receive advertisement* for all the lending papers throughout the United States and Canadas. tEo 3£cnt. LUMBER YARD TO RENT. 100 teat Dock by 500 feet deep, located on Uie North Pier. Possession given on the Ist of May, 18C7. Inquired TAOS. GOODWIDME, North Pier. QEEAP DOCK ON MAIN BRANCH XO RENT, 40 fret front by 123 deep. Apply at 326 North Water-st, 'J’O KENT— A COTTAGE HOUSE of lonr rooms with pantry and closet. $l5O worth of Furniture for Sale. Apply onpremises, 667 Carroll-st. J’O KENT— A SUITE OF FIXE BOOMS. On lb-» ftr/t floor of •*Hank Building,” No. 33 Dear born-tt.. reliable far Insurance, Commission or Law yers* offices. Inquire of GEO. R. CHITTENDEN, Hoorn No. 7, same floor. r pO RENT— Offices in tho Chamber of Commerce. Office* No*. 10 and 13, on main floor. Apply at Office Nc. 3 H. ffiiSlantrir Bookbinders, lUcntioa! We wUbto employ aFIRST-CLASS FINISHER, tod to *ucu cun give a permaoeot situation and OOOI> WAGES. Western Book Manufacturing Co., Southwest Center Washington and Dearborn’*!** gITOATION— WANTED. A fint-class experienced man wants a situation to travel or keep books. Excellent references. Address ”A.** Trlbone office. WANTED— ONE OB TWO First-class Carpet Salesmen Can fltd employment at HOLLISTER & PHELPS’, 135 and 137 Lake-st. .-{Financial. TO LOAN On three to five Tears’ Time, On Improved Chicago Real Estate. WRIGHT & TYRRELL. jyj-ONEY TO LEND, In Sums of $5,000 or More, On firs t'Class lams or Chicago city property. AddreJS P. O. Box aS7C- $15,000 TO LOAIM For fire years, on Improved Real Estate In this city. BOZETACOMMINOS, OS La3alie-BL rpo CAPITALISTS, FOR S ATiE, 500 SHARES GALENA LEAD STOCK at a bargain, by WEBBER i WILSON. Boon 18. Reynolds' Block. TI/ITC/HIGAN SOUTHERN & NORTH XYX ERN INDIANA B. R. CO. No.ia william Stout, ) New Tome, March 15,136», f The annnal election lor Directors of this Company will be held at the Company's office In Toledo, Ohio, on Wednetday, the 34th day ot April next, at room The polls will remain open until 3 p.m. Tac block Transfer Books will he closed on the SOtb lest, at ?p. m* and reopened onthesstb proximo at 10 a. m. D. P.BARUYDT, Secretary. ffiencral Notices. CILVEK PLATING, KE-PLATiNG, O Ac., &c. NORTH WESTERN Silver Tfaro jffannfacturlDgr Company, OF CHICAGO, Factory corner Fldridge-eourt and State-st. In addition to the regular btifclne«« of manufacturing all kinds of bond bilvrr Ware, Go d and surer Watch Cases, etc- this Company has made extensive arrange ments Icr the repairing and rc-piatlng of old and worn plated goods ofeverv variety: also, for the repairing, reflnlslilng and polishing of Solid Sliver Plate, making li tqaa> to new Adartlclesshondbesenttotheofflce of toe Company, at the corner ol Kldrldct-conrt and State-eU JAS. 11. HOES. Manager. "VTOTICE TO SHIPPERS—The WESTERN TRANSPORTATION CO. Are new receiving merchandise and coarto Jragbtln New Y« rk. to do shipped at once by rail and steam around the Lake, or via Canal at the opening. Office, corner Wattr-sL and Old blip. New York. J. W. TOrTLE, Agent, Chicago. CEDAR CAMPHOR Us« XT Uses. Clotuxb Motbs while chrysallas are cheaply destroyed. All oroaxma eell C. C. HARRIS A CHATMAN, Factnrers, Boston. pBACELAND CEMETERY. '' J CARS LEATE FUR GKACELAND. From romer ol Clark and North Water-eta., at 7:27, 8:19,10:29 a. tn.: 12:33, 137.3:13,4:32. C:l7p. m. Ceme tery OlUcc, No. (i Opera House. Bears, 9to 11 a. 3 to ip. m. Any pautt desirous of en gaging IN THE HOTEL BUSINESS, And who can tarnish a CAPITAL OF S 10,000 May learn of a flue opening by addressing u B D.” P. O. Box 230«. Chicago. CRYSTAL LAKE I O IB ! For the coming season orders maybclrit at our Of fice. No. 0 Reynolds' Block, comer Madison and Dear- at A. Uootn's Oyster Depot, and at our new CRYSTAL J«ATCFS Branch ice Bouses, at Ulchlgan-av. near Stxteenth-et. All orders will be prom oily attended to. CHICAGO ICE COMPANY. JAB. P. SMITH, Ja, Superintendent. * npHE SUBSCRIBER DESIRES TO X RENT A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE UN WABAHU (lit tUIuniUAM AVENUE, north of Yon Boxcn-st. Poseesslon required Miy i3t. B. P. HUTCHINSON, T OST DISCHARGES. We bare received from the Second Anditor the official form ot application for additional bounty oi SIOO, where aoldlera bare loat tbclrdiacbanceceiUfl. catea. soldiers ao eltoated aboold apply at once to PICKENBOJJ A wEBSIEIt, 98 WaHUngvw-st NUMBER 298. patents. JJUBBELL’S IMPROVED CIBRIIGESEITINDRUL PATENTED FEB. 37,13«7. _ r ■ We have accepted the agency Cor the entire North* west (except Michigan ana Indiana) Cor the above. We regard this seat os being Just irhat has long been minted. The improvement win be eo plain to all carriage man bat hardly any explanation Is necessary. While there has been a desire to n*e tne Board Seat, the old way to make them has been a eerloas objection, in this yoa will notice: L The entire rail, back and arms, are Is one solid piece. 3. It at once does sway with the Joint In the comer, which will always become loose and open in the old 9. The grain, in tbe arms to this seat, runs in the right direction for strength. 7. Can be made any required bevel. 5. eaves Ti cent: In comer Irons 00 each set. etc. We can lumtah either tbe seats all complete, or the rail separate. We also bare on hand a lot of very nlca Bent Rati Stick seats; also, Bent Ralls and Seat Sucks. AUSTIN &> BOAL, ■Wholesale Dealcriln Carriageand Wagon Wood Stock, Bnegy *nd Carriaee Axles, Springs, Seneca Falls and westernTblm ole bkelns, Improved Stela Holts, etc* 221 and 223 South Watcr*sfc, Chicago* CAUTION. bANDPRTtT. Ohio, Dec. 23, ISM. We haring made Messrs AOSIlN&BOAL. of Chi cago, Exclusive Agents for the sals of our solid Bent Board Seat and Ball, (a patent for which Is applied for) In the States of Illinois, Wisconsin. lowa, Mlauo iota, Kansas. Nebraska, all ol Missouri north of tae Missouri Blvsr, and Territories west of the above States, we hereby want all parties that we shall hold them for damages U found Belling the above Beat and Ball In said States and Territories, unless purchased of or by the consent ol said Austin & Boa). ALONZO F. HTJDDELL. Brg COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE! MR, THOMAS H. DOAKE, (Late ol Pollard, Doauo * C 0.,) has this day been ad mitted a member of our Arm. SEYMOUR, CARTES * CO. April Ist, ISC7. SEYMOUR, CIRTER&CO., 22 Lake-st., Chicago, Importers and Jobbers of White Goods, Hosiery, Glares, Notions, Twines, &c., Have now In ftock and offer to the trade at LOWEST CASH PRICES, a full Use of the above Goods. X3T cioie cash buyers are invited to examine our Stock. WE BDY AND SELL FOR CASH! SEYMODR, CARTER & CO. Tnotua D. SxTMotnt. OCX. Q. Bt7mCDr.Cnnmiu4M-u«wh»«. - i - llh * Co. Thomas U.Doane. late ol Follard, Doaue * Co. Express Companies. 'J'HE KEECHAETTS’ XJmON Express Company. CAFXTAX. - - $20,000,000. O weed and Operated by Onr Merchants and Manufacturers* CARRIES BY EXPRESS, manor. Yulua* bins Freight and Parcolm over more than 13,000 miles of Express Lise, at Jast and liberal rales, wares Millions yearly to Bx< press Shippers, andean bo mode permanent only by their liberal patronage. This we hope to merit and receive. Office, Noe, 103,105,107 & 109 Dearbom-at B# M. COOPBR Agpnt.S JFov Sale. SALE— Concert and Dancing Hall, West Side. Frame bul'dlntr, 30x90, high calling, gallery, stage, scenery, gai fixtures, 4c. Can bo removed, U required. Cheap-terms easy. GOOD WILLIE <t CO.. Beal Estate Eraser, 103 cor. LaSalle. TO SHIP BUILDERS AND FARM ERS—The undersigned has lor sale several thou sand Fellow Locust Trees, six to ten inches diameter at butt, tall and straight. about three thousand LocußtFeLCePoato,CQcppedeevenieei loss,diameter aa above. Address _ JOSEPH BAILEY, Walworth P. 0., Wisconsin. JfOU SALE— SKATING PARK PROPERTY. W*‘h!ngton-fU south front, only two lots left. Lou are snxi.u to ib-foct alley. Call immediately. This Is your last chance. Terms easy. . OOODWILLEE 4; CO„ Real Estate Brokers, IC3 cor. LaSalle. Jj'OK SALE—Cheap, To C'oae Consignment. ISO cates canned peaches, at ail and 21JJ South Water-sL Sample can bo seen at our office, 54S Chamber of Commerce. T. H. SEYMOUB 4 CO. HORSES FOR SALE OF THE GOLDDDST BREED, At Eden Stock Farm, eight miles from the city oi Louisville, Ky. These horses include the ten head that have challenged the world for speed and bottom, through “Wilkes' Spirit of the Times”; also, Ljdla Golddnst, that won forfeit ot Monnot’s celebrated Brunolo three races; also, Matty Golddnst, that won lorielt over ten ofthebest two year olds of Kentucky in the fall of 1305, and the noted style and speed mates Sne Goi.ldnst, Bora Golddnst. These, with many oth ers, make up the best and most elegant lot of trotters ever offered lor sale in America, f am now breeding over 75 marcs annually of the most Improved crosses ol Morgans and thorougb-breoda, and con supply sin gle and double driving horses, brood mares, or stat ions. ot any desired ages, at the shortest notice. OC4b6C-2Cfninet L. L. DORSET. JR. SALE IN NEW VORK CITY— A Long Established Business lo the best part of Broadway, “ West Bide.” A large and prctltabla business has been done In I.ADIEV AND CHILDREN'S FURNISHING GOODS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. The lease of the whole house, stock, flxtnrcs of store nod Rood will, will be sold at a reasonable pries lor cash. The only reason lor eciiingU the owner's fortune being mace. • For particular*. address U J 0.” Box 1100 General PostOlUtc. New York. TO CAPITALISTS. UH.WACKZX. March 1.13C7. liavlig decided to relinquish batlncaa, wc oiler oar establishment for sale. Our bouse was EBTABUBHBD let 18AS, Has been In existence 21 years, and is now plac'd on s safe, drm anc pernnnent bull, and to men or capital who are desirous of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and Jobbing only) this pre sents a rare and valuable cp&onnnity. Our stock i* foil, embraces none bnt the most staple goods, and the holiness Is In perfect tunning order. H. BUSWOttTD lb SON:*, Whol»sal-» Drngglsu. Milwaukee, Wla. ISemonals. JJEMOVAL. JONES, ELLENWOQD & BRADLEY’S SEED STOUR IS REMOVED TO 171 Xjalvc-st., CUlcaco. T^LMOYAL, JA3CES E. RICE, Marnfactnrera* Agent Clothes Wrlrgers—Bailer’s Pat ent, Champion’s Novelty, Drivers’*!, Ehsrman, New World—has removed to 171 LAKE-5.T. N. IL—Clothes Wrlmrera repaired. gEranspottatlon. Q.O ODBIUH’a STEAMBOATS. BTSAmUU BBABIHD, For Kecloa, Milwaukee, ard throngh to Kewasec ard Ahnepee. MiIDAY MORNING, April sthZat9 o’clock. Docks below ltu*b-st. bridge. A. E. GOODRICH. QOODEILH’S STEAMBOAT LINES. For Grand Haven and Muskegon, PROPELLER O T T W A. , On THURSDAY* EVENING, April 4th. at 7 o’clock Docxa below Bosa-n bridge! ’ 1 (glofljiwg. J^ENE BUSINESS SUITS, TO order, from |46 to<3o. at HALL & SPENCER’S, Merchant Tailors, 91 Buuteiph-st ISagmtg* Catflg. J. FREEMAN SILSE, PRACTICAL ACCOUNTANT, Boom 17 Smith ft Hixon’s Building, 106 SOUTH Oli 4JIK-9T. An experience of nearlj Twenty Years AS Bookkeeper, both by Double sad Singls Ea&y. in Tsrlosi Had* of ballasts, sod s thorough knowledge of Mercantile Account*. enable* me to offer prosit aad efficient service in the Settlement, Posting Up and Balancing of Books, Atirt triaging the affairs of say odea or baliases Into OQQTSnKat order. X sirs particalmr sttentlon to the settlement ol rnstimnn ACCOCNIS. ZsTATKS. COFAkTSkUiUIPS. InsnrsaceLoeme FlreorMirtae—Unmilavgapg Krrcus,orolhermattcrs raqulruu itill and experl* ence. In esses where the 101 l service* of s Bookkeeper are not wound. 1 win, for a moderate coopeoutios. give tachoccsrioLSlsemcesssmsy be needed to keep tne books in proper order. Copartnership Papers, Contracts, Agreements, Ac* drawn op. RETAIL DEALERS, Contractor*, and pertons doingbaslnesi on small caoltsl. will And mysdrics and servlcoß particularly valuable. as 1 can. in short time, strange accounts so ss to salt the peculiarities of each kind of buainou, and so direct the labor of a general cicrku to have the accounts kept In proper system with little extra expense. Competent assistant* always at hand. All bnslnaa strictly confidential,and prices moderata kzmzncKat B. Scwyil, Patent Medicines, ut and isa Wahash-av. C, F.W. Jungc. Sec'y Man Sec. Ic*. Co„ 33 LaSalle-st. Dyehe A storey. Druggist*. cor. Dearborn & Randolph. A. C. AO. P. Badger. Banker*. 51 Dearborn-at. y Bcamtcoo A Lincoln, Lawyers. Marine Bank Buildlnz. A. U. Bodman. City Clot. City Hall. John F. Curtis, Prof. B’keaolng, Bryant & Stratton's. B. Barllnglm A Co„ Hardware, M State-at. Wn. Coker A Co., Cotr rc'uloc, 319 Sooth Water-at. Prank A Meyer. Dry G.xklk, fO and 63 Mlehlgan.aT. Watson ClarkTln and Slate Rooter.rear ot Its Lake-at. Cook. Cobnrn £ Co. Advertls’e Ag'ts. Masonic Temple. P. A. Hoyne, D. S. Commissioner. P. 0. Bonding. John Berry, Jr., Booskeeoer, firm Fatler, finch A F. gMOKED MEATS. E. P. MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER m PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND SMOKED MEATS, irso SOUTH WATER-ST. Stationer}). CULVER, PAGE & HO YV£, MANUFACTURING AND JOBBING Stationers and Paper Dealers, I 28& 130 Lake-st., Chicago, KEEP CONSTANTLY ON HAND Copjlcgßooks and Presses, Hoto Books, Straw and Tar Board, Vncallendered or Antique Papers, ArtlsU* Pencils, t- Oil and Blotting Paper, liegal and Conveyancing Blanks, Tracing Cloth, leather for Book Binders, Varnish lor Binders' use, L, & Mucilage, Envelopes, all sizes and grades, Eyelet Machines and Fasteners, Oliver's Inks tan’s Arnold’s Writing* Copying Fluid, Ready ReferenceFlics, Notarial Presses, Gutiknechl'* Lead Pencils, Rass and Memorandum Books, Artists* Leads, t Elastic Memorandums, Albums, all sizes and quantities, liead Pencils, Note sod Billet Papers, Gold and Silver Paper, P ortfollcs, Tissue and Drawing Papers, Eagle Pencils’ and Polygrsdes, Agents for Sanford’s Mucilage, Carmine, & Writing and Copying Inks, Pccket Books, Eresch Copying Ink. Hamilton's Paper Fasteners. Erasers, Oriental Steel Pens, Oval and Square Steel Pens, Ruling Fens, Robber Goods, Young's Pat. Adhesive Files, Card Beards, Twine and Binders’ Thread, New Stylo School Slates, 0 K" Erasers, Hu» Dial Cancelling ir-tio. Embossed Gold and Silver Paper, Elastic Bands and Slogs, WRITING PAPERS XT Special Inducements to large Cash Buyers. Insurance <£nmpaniCo. MUTUAL HEALTH Insurance Company, 25 Lombard Block, Cor. Jaosroe and Dearborn sts., Chicago, Guaranteed paid up Capital, - - $25,000.00. CHAS. TIOLEAND, President, J. GUS. KING, secretary, 1. C. BARBER, Ass'* Treasurer. pmeroßs: CRAB. HOLLAND, £ L C. BABB Eli, J H. A. CALKINS. B. A- ANDREWS, j. k. murphy. This Company, haring four perfected its organiza tion, U now prepared to I jane Policies cl HEALTH INSURANCE Against General Diseases, To an amount cl from $5 to SSO FJBB WEEK. This is the only Chartered Health Insurance Compa .oy in the country, and a pioneer In this branch of Un derwriting. Tbo company is purely mutual; each person on be coming Insured Is entitled to share Is the profits of the business. and we feel confident that by the assured keeping bis renewals ap for ten years, the profits of his Insurance will forever thereafter pay bis premiums. Onr systems are entirely original, and are onr own. No system cl the kind was ever boons offered, and we fed sure they have only to become biown to be duly appreciated. Oar premiums are arranged with care, alter yean of earefnl stndy, to correct the enls cl the old systems. All applications for Agencies may be addressed to the Secretary, and they will receive prompt attention. J. K. MUEPHY, Gsneral Agent for Chicago, NO. 08 LA SALXiE-ST. 33ourfiou ©aijiskeg. j^KSlIk Address S. T. SUIT & CO., LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. Country Druggists can proenro the above inpe. dor Whiskey in barrels and half barrels irom the prin cipal Wholesale Drug Qooies in Chicago. Ocean Steamers. gTEAM TO LIVERPOOL, &a. CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, Prom Pier 13, Norm River, New York, ear* rylns United duties Matts. INMAN KIAIZ. Z.JTSS ! EVERY SATURDAY (mall I learner). EVERY WEDNESDAY (extra stcacar). Cables, 130 to *UO. To London. f 3 extra. To Paris, with privilege ct stopping in Liverpool and. London, 110 in gold. RETURN TICKETS, GOOD TILL USED, AT RE DUCED BATES. Handbills on application. Cabin plana cd view, and bertbaor rooms secured on application, at Western Agency. 31 Dearborn-*!., Chicago. JAMES WARRACK. WM. INMAN. Liverpool. |?KOM KEW TOIIK TO, FRAKCE i 1 DIBECT. Steamship Great Eastern, SIB JAMS S ANDERSON. Commander, Having been thoronchly refitted- with esnetlal refe rence to IhrS lemcr, wU leave rfew York ra * „ APRIL 16, MAY 28, JULY 9 Takingflrapclaas paa»cngtri only. PasaagehneoMct Its edulvaleLt) lor Apnl trip, ISO. ac£ cording to location and Hzd of room. - ‘** i i , e^‘?. t . lc^ etß at . a reduction ol *lO, atm August. i or full information and nspsase, apply to WELLSjYARUO a CO.. —^^_^^_^__BA_groad3 , ar. N.Y. blanks, BOUNTY BLANKS. **ln cases where discharge papers are lost." Act March, 1857. For sale by CtTZiVSS, PAGE & SOTBrSfe 12S ard 130 Latcec, Chicago. Publishers of all kinds of Pension, Bo only. Com murctal and Law Blanks. bend for one of our new catalogues. Bendy May Ist, astrologg. J B« HAUKIOE, Real ScxeuUfic As* La trclogcrof America la Chicago, Jo*t arrlrcO. tu New York City. Can be consulted at Ko. 319 youth btate-ct. os the east tide of street, near Jacxtoa »t. Cali at eh boors until eight m the rrealagt La dles’ and gentlemen's tee, ft bach, gaptt. NOTICE. At a aeeiiax «1 the Stockholders m the Chicago Fibre and Paper Co'j, H«U April s, 18« r. the Special Charter fa. corporatloa raid Cinpur. with a capital atock of MOD,P»«. utkuttr] m crcaoo the aaaic to •*. and edsfarw rlna onaald C'ompanr rpcclal and cnlanpd priTllecaa, waa accepted, aad the CdepeW reorganized noder the same. This Company Is now In ooereasrol opera tion. and It proposes to laereasetlu boslsew, ud for that parpooe It authorized its rinH dent to receive farther capital stock to a Halted amoant. Accord- Inoly. the books of the Company wilt behold open for a few days, to pccclto subscriptions. Subscriptions will be received atjlho O*co of the Company, No, 170 Randolph**!. THOS. S, DICKEBSOY, Pres. NOTICE. TO PAPER MANUFACTURERS. The Chicago Fibre and Paper Compaar have purchased the exclusive right to wend, sell and one the process lor the manafacturw and bleaching of paper palp, known an lbs 3IF.RCH PROCESS, In the States of.Tflchl gan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, which process Is ae* cared by letters patent (ten In number), and. Is an efficient and cheap means tor convert* Ing flbrons substances, sneb ns straw, gram, wood* &c>t to pnlp tor the monafoeture sf paper. The controversy raised by tbe Hydrostatic Paper Company is at an end, as this Compa ny hare never proposed to bleach stock hr thense ot a Botary vessel, either by marie pressure or otherwise. But this Gov* tanynre tbe ownen oftbr exclnalfe rtgWC 10 bleach by pneumatic la all closed vessels, whether rotary or otherwise, and no porsoo. can lawfully nse pneanratle pressure far the redaction or bleaching of paper stock lu closed vessels, within all the abeve-nameft States, without oar License, and Ibis Com pany hereby give notice that they will iron ccute all persons who Infringe their rights* THOMAS S. DICK EC SOX, President of the Chicago Fibre and Paper Co*y. 'J’HE CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPER TTRAUM, rtnr.-m tv Paper Inkers’ Findings, Chemicals, ell., 170 Randolph-*t*j Chicago* We offer fir sale to dealers and caunmera 3.00 J Bandies News and Print .3^x4} 1.304 do do do 2.300 do do do 3.1x37 3.000 do do do 37x41 1.300 do do do 28x44 3.300 do do do SOxlilf 1.800 do do do slslit %UM do do do JOz4HX 1.304 do da da iMsStl 1.000 do do -do tSzM SOO do do do .34x43 Extra sizes made to order on abort notice. For Ml* at the lowest market prices for CASH. iharltoarc. gPIUNG TRADE, 1867. A. B. &, G. H. BZIU.SB, 5 S Slato-st. We ere now opening, fresh from Domestic and For eign Manufactories, a targe stock ot Hardware and Cutlery, Selected with great core, and adapted to the wants ot the Western Trade, at greatly reduced prices. Wade & Batcher's XCD Pocket Knives* Geo. Wosicnbotm &Soa*’ IXL do. do. American and English TableCntlerr* Genuine Wilkinson's dbeep Shears. Dlwtons Se s>pear and Jackson's Hon# Saws, Arc., Ctc. Also, a One stock of FARMING TOOLS, BatcheUer * Sons’ HAY AWD M ANCKE FORKS, and other goo< brands, at low prices. Ames A Rowland's Shovels, Spades and Scoops. We are sole agents lor the Justly celebrated brand «f Files made by the “AMERICAN FILE COMPANY,” Which has taken precedence over &U others, and to which wc Invite special attention. aaoob ans ©cal. WOOD! WOOD! At Deduced Prices! 200 CORDS OF Seasoned Beech & Maple Wood,- —AT— S 8 per CorcL -nr— A. S. BAILEY S YARD, SOUTHWEST CORNER Market and Tan Buren-sts. partnerships. /"COPARTNERSHIP.—The undersigned V-/ bare formed a copartnership under the firm name of WINMS, MATTHEWS & CO,, To continue the CO3X3IIBSION BXJSHTESB Hitherto done by WINANS A CO. By strict prompt attention to baslnces we hope to merit tne con fidence of all who may have occasion to deal with nc. K. WIHANS, P. P. MATTHEWS, L. WINASS. COPARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have formed a copartnership under the firm name of HUGH M’IEMMAN & CO. 10 cosrzsnns nu conzzozflszoir & roawasozva business, hitherto done by H. McLennan. Office re moved to No. 1» Otlß Block, comer LaSalle sod Ma d nuon Mclennan. WILLIAM DICKINSON. Chicago. April LISCL. Rufifia ©ottos. JgmOTAL. Hallock & Wheeler, (SoceessontoJohn B. Ideses Oc C 0.,) HAVE REMOVED TO No. 143 lake-street. Between Clark and LaSalle. Best quality Tnlcatlzcd lubber Belting. Packing ana Hunt. Superior Cak-Taanel X.EATUKK BELTIXG^ And every variety of RUBBER GOO OS, Wholesale and Be tali, at ths lowest Eastern price*. 53aaks ana bankers. JpIHST NATIONAL BANK. Corner of Lose and Clark-sts. PAID IN CAPITAL. 81.000,00*. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Drawn la. sains to suit cn ail the principal European Cities. LETTERS* UP CREDIT lisacd, available lo all pom of Europe. GOVERNMENT BONDS . Bought ud sold. 7-OOj con veiled at market rates. Saul. M, Nicsmm.v, pres’t. F. D. Goat, Vice Prta’u. C. B. Fuad. Cashier. Cilas. J.Schmitt, LAMtEK & Coj ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT |Hac])inetE. W-jgRICK MAGHIXL?' DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINR. Otflce. Boom No. 3, 47 Claik-sL. Chicago. TDEEK&KILL MAMUFACTTJBIMS X CO.’S beat improved BRICK MACHINE, shnpkf cheap and dnrablt; TEMPERING MACHINE?- aaq all machinery for making brick. Machines to pa teen, and all Infcrmaltoa tamed, bycaDlng on or addreawa* WHITING Si \VE-VrW.lltTH. P. O. Box 2793, Chicago, RL PATENT BBZGS WACHINIh &ed n anni«tor7 53 South Jeflenos-«t. Tor Sox jFactotn. NORTH PIER BOX FACTORY I Strawberry Boxes, per 1,000, 56.00. Crates, tffhold 38 qnarts, 35c. to 50c. Packed in bundles la quantities to suit. A'so, ■ rencra! Dole, or erorj ■IASM S. teat coumllT «> tort. 13ge anb Ear. TYK, UIIDERWOOD. xms Arcs salt Censnltlsc and Operative barsfeon for all diseatM ana delarmltles ot the Eye and Ear, 194 RANDOIaPU-ST. (7~Cro«a 87es auaighteoed la «ne alaate.