Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 4, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 4, 1867 Page 3
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TOE NEW TAX MW. How Internal Revenue is to be Collected. Official Instructions from Commis sioner Hollies. The amended Internal Revenue Law Is now in operation, and the following Instruc tions to the assessors, issued by Commission er Rollins, will serve as useful guides to tax payers : TnxisTßTDEPArnrrxT, 1 OmCE 07 IKIEUXAL RKVENUK, > WAsniKoxoif, March 6,1587. j It 1? provided by the act of March 2,1687, “that all acts in relation to the assessment, return, col lection and payment of the Income tax, special tax, and other annual taxes heretofore by law re quired to be performed in tbe month of May, shall hereafter bo performed on the corresponding days in the month of March In each year; all acts required to be performed In the mouth of June in relation to the collection, return, and payment of the said-taxes, shall hereafter be performed on the corresponding daj sin the mouth of April oi each year.” All special taxes are to be reckoned, aa hereto fore, from tbe first day of May, or from the time or commencing the business subject to tax. to the first day of May following, althongh the lime of assessment is changed as above stated. It is also 44 provided that the taxes on Income for the year 1666 shall be levied on the day this net lakes effect.” The following Instructions should bo observed in the assessment of the annual taxes of 1667. They have bten prepared and prii.ted to answer the questions which have been most frequently presented by revenue officers, In their letters to the Commissioner. Particular attention is directed to tbe modifica tion o' the rules observed in the last annual as sessment. Assessors should Instruct their assistants to cal] personally upon those who have not returned their income as required bylaw. If any person is not at home, toe nonce on the hack of form fwen tr-four should be filled out. and the blank left. This being done, ir becomes tbe duty of the lax naycr to suck the assistant assessor and deliver Lis reinru. E. A. Roluks, Commissioner INCOME. 1. Tbe farmer’s profi’s from'salc* of live slock are to be found by deducting from the gross re ceipts for animals sold the purchase money paid for the same. 2. NodcducUoncanbemadcbyths fanner for the value of services rendered by his minor chil dren, whether he actually pays for such services ornou If Us admt cbiljren work for him and receive comncnsation for thetr labor, they arc to be regareid as other hired laborers m determining his income. C. Money paid for labor, except each as is used or employee Id domestic service, or In tbs pro duction ol articles consumed In the family of the producer, mav Oe deducted. 4. No deduction can be allowed in any case for the con of unproductive laoor If boose servants are employed a portion of them Uae In produc tive labor, such as the making of batter and cheese lor sale, a proportionate amount of the traces paid them may be deducted. S. Expenses fcrdiichirg and clearing new land are plainly expenses for permanent improvements and rot deductable. C. Tee whole amount expended for fertilizers applied during the year to the fanner’s lands may "be deducted, but no deduction Is a'lowcd for fer tilizers produced on the farm The cost of seed purchased lor sowing or planting may be de ducted. 7. Fanners will not be required to make return of prodnee consumed in their own immediate families. S. If a person sells timber standing, the profits arc to be ascertained by estimating the vaine of the land after the removal of the Umber, and add ing thereto the amount received for the timber, and fioxn tbe sum tbns obtained deducting the es timated value of the land on tbe first day of Janu ary. ifCS, ot on the day of purchase, if purchasrd since tkudatc. 9. A farmer should make return of all his pro* dace sold withinthe j ear, out a mere executory contract for a sale is not a sale ; delivery, cither actual or constructive. Is essential. The criterion by which to judge whether a sale is complete or sot is to determine whether tbe vendor still re tains in that character a right over the property If the property were lost ordestroyett, upon which of the parties. In the aoseuec of any other relation between them than that of vendor and vendee, would tbe loss talk lU. fax-pavers frequently claim deductions for lofFct from depredation io the value ol stocks or ether property of a Use natnre. No deduction can in any case be allowed for depreciation of value of such property until it is actually disposed of and a loss realized. 12. Coe's ol eni'fi, and other legal proceedings arising irom ordinary business. a:e o Oe treated a* other expenses of such business, ana may be deducted Irom the gross profits thereof. rUXSIOAKS. 22. Where physicians arc obliged to keep a horse for tbe transaction of business, they may deduct so much of the expense so incurred as 18 fairly rclcrable lo the business done. 23. Expenses for medical attendance, et ere bills, etc, are not proper subjects for deduction. Ex penses for repairs of implements, tools, used in butineas may bo deducted, 24. If the mtmocre of a family hare eepara'e incomes, the returns maybe made separately by the cioper parties, and a ratable proportion of the f i,UUO exempted from the Income of each. The parent, os ibe natural guardian of the minor child, is required to make return for him. But wh- rc any other guardian or trustee has been ap pointed. the return should be made by the latter. If the minor has no guardian or tmsteebe should make return himself, if he refuse or neglect, an independent assessment must be made as in other cases, omitting penally. 25. For the purposes of the exemption of one thousand dollars, husband and wife are to be re garded as members of tbe same lamily, though living separate, unless separated by divorce or other operation of law, so as to break np the family relation. Minor children and their parents should be counted members of tne same family, whether living together or not. 26. il a taxpayer has a minor child in the service of tbe Government receiving a e Jury, such parent should include in Lis income return so much of the salary of bis child as is not subject to salary 2ns. 17. Rent of a homestead actually paid maybe deducted, but the rental va'ur of property owned by the taxpayer is nut a suoiectoftlcdocuou; but where the taxpayer rents a iurnish-d house, that portion of the nut paid In consideration of the use 01 the furniture should not be allowed as a deduct on. expo Dee *Tu7" a Oednctlo n on account of that tbc room or rooms occupied by Uim consti tute Lis borne, and that be ha* no residence else where, ana this being shown, be mav be shoved lo deduct what he actually pays for rent ol each rooms, bit' nothing can be s.lowcd for rent or for* sittxre or are of rooms. When rent Is iucl tded and deducted assn expene of bnsm**s»«, it most sol be again deadeted as rent, nor shoot i a person Lines a boose and subletting a portion of it be allowed to deduct more than the excess of bis payments over hi* receipts. IS. Marriage fees, gifts from mt mbe*B of a con gregation to their pastor, <fec., are taxable as In come when 'be gifts or donations are in the na ture of compensation for services, rendered, whether In accordance wild an understanding to that c£ect at the lime of settlement, or with an acimnl custom. 39. Guts «*f money, when clearly rot in the na ture of payment for services rendered, or other Taluablc consideration, are not liable to taxation ne id come. Amonzt'a received on life insurance policies, aid damages recovered in actions of tort, ate exempt from income t**- SW. Lawyers and physicians may return either the actual ices recited during the vear, without regard to the time when they accrued, or the smoenta due to the business of the year. Sat when the tax-payer has heretofore adopted onp zneth< d. he cannot non* be allowed to nut-n nee of the oth* r. 21. If inc manufacturer or dalerb&s been in the practice of estimating Lis annual profits by taking inventories of stock, he snould take the cost value of such stock, unless hj has taken the market value in making previous returns. Which ever method has been adopted by the tax-payer should be adher fi to snlformly. 22. If Interest accmed during the year on note*, bonds, Ac., la good and collectable at the end of the year, it should be returned oe income whether actually collected or not. 23. The tact that income is devoted (o the pay ment of debt* does not release the same from liability to Income tax. 21. if an inventor sell bis invention a' once for a gross sum. he should return .is Income the whole amount, less the expenses actually incurred in perlectlug the invention, or in procuring a patent right. But no allowance an unmade for the labor or personal expense* of Ihe inventor. U he tell only a portion of his right oaring the year, he may aednet a proportionate amonnt of snch expanses. -5. W berever the salary or pay received by any person in Govrrnineat emuloy does not exceed the rate of fI,LOU per annum, or is made np of fees, oris uncertain or irregular In the amount or tunc, and has not thcrcloro bceo fnbj r, cfed to salary t-x, it should be iuclnded with other taxa ble income. Where eneb salary exceeds the rate offl,UXi per annum, the amount of salary from which the lax has been deducted may be deducted Jrom the gross Income. 2G. Incomewof persons who died after December SI are taxable, sad should be returned by execu tors or administrators end also si 1 income which seemed In IKH3 to persons who died within that year. Income which accrued from the estates of such poisons in ISG6 after ihe date of decease should be returned by the heirs or other persons who received the benefitof the same. 27. Residents should make return in the district where they reside at the time of malting return. The residence required under section 116 for the purpose of taxing income Is held to be a resid ence during the year for which Income is “ deriv ed." It any person snbiecl to income tax resides abroad Lie return should be made in the district where be last resided. 2S. Citizens of the United States residing abroad arc subject to tax npon their entire In comes irnm ail sources whatever: and the came is true of foreigners residing in this coun try. _ 29 The law provides that a like tax shall be levied, collected and paid upon the gains, profits and income of every oasines.", trade or profession earned on in the Lolled States by persons resid ing without the United States and sot citizen! xnt>r*ur. GO. A lease for year# or for lifels personal es tate. and any profit# on Uic sale of each a lease arc taxable as income for the year of sale. 31, Where any portion of a legacy has been transtcrrvd by the executor to the legatee, so that the executor in bU capacity of guardian or trustee ba# no longer ary control of the profits anting from men legacy, the return of such ■ as income must be required of the lega- 24. The payment of legacy or succession taxon the bequest of an annuity does not relieve the an* xiuitactfrom liability to Income taxon his an* amity. 32. Assessors should be careful not to allow the deduction of amounts claimed to have been lost in botlneea, when In reality th-w should here* Sardctfas investments or expenditures, ns when mere! ants expert! money in'atming or gardening for recreation or adornmcnl rather than pecuniary profit. . 81. Whenever scrip dividend? are returnable as income they ehouidbc returned at their market value. 35. It Is believed that in many Instances, In the assessment of income for former years, p.r-ons holding Dotted States securities have not Includ ed the sccrniiig interest in thei»- return ol income. Assessors ■ hould Inquire especially into this sub ject, and If the omission has been made, the de ficiency should be usseiMcd, but without penalty whim it appear# to have been due to a misappre hension of the law. i 3C. The attention of Assessor# is particularly called to the term# of the net in force, which re quire to he included in return# ot income the thareofanypersonofthegeins and profit# of all companies, whether incorporated or partnership, who would be entitled to the tame If divided, whether divided or otherwise. SPECIAL TAXES. 1. Section seventy-four requtres all special tax receipt# (exempt in case of auctioneer#, produce broker*, commercial brokers, patent-right dealers. phpu<raohcrf. bnildcrs. insurance agents and peddlers) to ppccily the place at which the busi ness is to t«e dose, and (he word u place ” as here T.rcd is construed to mean the premises occupied by the Ux-payer in thg prosecution of his bus!- whether the place be a single room, in a r lUUdinc containing many rooms, or whether n be several building# standing upon me esme prem ises and used lor a comm n purpose. But there We certain branches of hoalue-f which are not re l? f ‘ ncls premises, as It is provided In tno act that lu* Terr, physicians, sugeoos, dentists, horscKlcalefe may Jo burin tea i*? tever ' v »kouthclnz subject (o ad dltloualspalal tax. Troprl-tor- ol circuses, jug £h!s. Ss’SSIS? *' *“ r«r suiom St. TLeforcialtil ordc.lm b . aBMS . ed rpon tlic basU or«U «.le, mvlc. cilhcr bv them ttlTcs br tin ouch plherj, ercryt thus, tb!on~h other wholesale dealers ou commission. 8. Manufacturer# may, without additional lia blllly, sell their ware# at the place or manulacture. or at their principal office, provided no *ar*a are kept, except as samples, at each office. Bat if a 1 manufacturer sell at his factory or at his office gooes not of his own production, he most par tax ns a dealer if such sale# exceed 51,0'JQ annually, end each tax will be assessed upon his ealea of and) poods only, and sol npoa sales of Us own manntactnre. 4. Special tax receipt* are not transferable, bat in case oi removal the tax-caver is liable to add!- l:oi al tax unless tbe tact of removal is nslstsred. &a provided In section 75. * 5. 'J be tax required order the proviso to section 76 for all or either two of the classes of business therein named, is twenty-fire dollars. 6. The special tax of a bask should be assessed spos its chartered capital; that of a banker noon the amount of capital used or employed. 7. Whenever a retail dealer ia found to have made sales exceeding $25,0T0. he should be as- Bc«ed as a wholesale dealer from the dale of bis 11»bill ty as a retail dealer. The Collector should endorse upon ms tax receipt the amount of reas seeem ent paid. 8. The liability to special tax depends In many B « npon R oe *tion whether tbe party makes j CM domfi the act specified. Occasional v£»? Grander a oenon liable to special tax, ont tt is not necessary that the business should be bis solo business, or even his principal one, m order that he may be held liable. If a person bolds out to the public by advertisement, by words, deeds, or writieg, that he is ready to transact any kind of business subject to special tax, bernnst pay such tax, although the business in question may not be his chief or exclusive oc cupation. In the following named occupations and professions even occasional acts do not appear to be allowed by the terms of the law without liabil ity: Wholesale and retail dealers In liquors, lot. lery-Uckel dealers, distillers, brewers, rectifiers, coal oil distillers, insurance scents, peddlers, photographers, circuses. Jugglers, bowling alleys, proprietors ofpifl enterprises and lawyers. 9. Wholesale and retail dealers may do business as confectioners and apothecaries at the same pltco without tbe additional special IC. Under the aclof March 2. 1567,a retail liquor dealer may sell liquors in quantities of more than three gallons at one time to the same purchaser without being thereby rendered liable as a whole sale liquor dealer. 21. Wholesale dealers In liquors may sell liquors at retail, and both wholesale and retail dealers in liquors may sell other merchandise, and may sell liquors to be drunk on the premises, without pay ment of additional special tax, but all sales must bo Included in the basis of the special tnr aa dealers. 12. If the sales of a retail dealer in liquor ex ceed $25,000, be should be reassessed aa a whole sale dealer In liquors. The collector should ea ter the amount of reassessment paid him upon the tax receipt. IS Hotel keepers may feed tbe horses of their guests without paying tax as livery stablekeepera. 21. If a produce broker’s sales exceed SIO,OOO annually, be should be treated as a commercial broker or a dealer, as the case msy be. 15. Peddler may buy up produce to sen again os peddlers without liability as produce brokers Produce brokers cannot peddle - produce from house to house without incurring liabUUy as ped dlers. 20. Original or unbroken packages or pieces, as referred to In paragraph thirty-two of section seventy-nine, are held to be packages or pK-ces sold just as they come from the manufacturer, wholesale dealer, or importer, without being broken or divided. b 17. Brewers and rectifiers mar sell their liquors at the brewery or place of rectification In Urge or small quantities, either to bedrock on tho prem ises or not, witboutpayment of other special lax. Brewers and rectifiers may also deliver their liquoranponorderaprevioaelyrecelved to their regular customers about the country without pay ment of spedal tax as peddlers. In Farmers and others who frequently furnish food and lodgings to travellers for pay should be taxed as hotel keepers. Yet an occasional act of that kind should not be construed as rendering any person liable to such tax. 13. Persons engaged in the business of prepar ing legal papers In support of claims against the General Government, who do not present the claims personally or by letter before the depart ments. should be taxed as conveyancers, unless paying special tax as lawyers or special agents. Su. Persons whose business it is to sell patent rights should par tax as patent light dealers, even though they sell only patent rights for their own inventions. Assessors will observe that a patent right dealer is subject to a different spedal tax from that of a patent agent. SI. Trustee* and guardians should not be re quired to pay tax as real estate agents for renting tr selling property held In trust, 22. Every person, other than one paying special tax as lawyer or claim agent, who makes it his business or any part of his business to draw deeds, tends, mortgages, wills, writs, or other le gal i-apeis. or to examine titles -to real estate who. by advertisement or conversation, or by ac cepting tho business whenever It le offered, holds birr seif out to tbe public as ready 10 undertake It, ts a conveyancer, and should be required to pav tax te such. S 3. The act imposes no special tax upon board ing-house keepers as such. Hotels are open to all who choose to enter, without previous-stipula tion. expecting entertainment, unless tbe house is full; while boarding-house* are open only to those who by previous arrangement have acquired a right to entertainment at such me of payment as may be agreed upon. 24. Ihe special tax of a hotel keeper is based npon the annual renter rental value of that por tion of the premises which is actually used for .hotel purposes. Barber saloons, billiard room®, land liquor, cigar and newspaper stands are the fcaual concomitants of a hotel, and m assessing *Le special tax of a hotel keeper no deduction should be made from the rent or rental value ol the entire premises on account of any portion thereof leased to the keepers of such stands rooms or saloons. When a portion of the premises is leased for ordinary store*, such as hat and cap, drag, or far nlshing stores, a ratable proportion of the amount ?aid for the entire premises may be deducted, bo sum thus deduced may be greater or may be less than the amount of rent paid by the ac tual occupants of each store. 25. If any person manufactures in excess of f hWO at each ot two or more places, be should pay a special tax for each such place. 26. Where journeymen take clothing, shoes. Ac., to their nooses and make them np there, they shoo'd pay a tax as manufacturers, if their manufacturers exceed ¥I,OOO annually. Under then lax receipt they may employ others at tbe place named therein, 27. All applications for permits lo hold lot teries, &C-, for charitable purposes, free of tar, must be made through (he collector of the dis trict. ard should boar bis recommendation. 23. Selling at wholesale under Ibe thirty-third paragraph of section seventy-nine 1b understood to mean selling to others to sell again, without reicrcncc to the quantity sold. 29. Apothecaries, who have paid the special tax as such, arc not required to pay tax as retail deal ers in Honor, in consequence of selling or of dis pensing npon physicians’ prescriptions the wines and spirits officinal lo the United States or other ———— —— ' UkUU na’ional pharmacopeias, in quantities sot exceed ing half a pint of either at one time, nor exceed ing in aggregate cost value the sum of three hun dred collars per annum, cor In consequence of selling alcohol. SO. When spirituous liquors are medicated or mixed with foreign substance®, hut to so slight a degree that they are sill] used as beverages, and are sold as ancta, tbe special tax of a liquor dealer will be required of the seller. When the medica tion or admixture is carried to such an extent that ibe llqoor u 00 longer susceptible of beta* used as a beverage, such tax will not be required. HI - Hnlrh-ra tt hrtkfl «»!<>, d O col —1 gt,flOO enrnaliy, and batchers who sell butcher** me it exclusively by themselves or agents, travelling from place to place, are subject to special tax of five dollars only; but all batchers whose anneal rales exceed twenty-five thousand dollars are re quired to make return of sales, and pay « tax of one dollar lor every tbon-and dollars in exce*s of twenty-five thousand dollars, In tbe maimer re quired of wholesale dealers. 2-2.- Cattle brokers are required to be assessed on the excess of sales over ten thousand dollars in tbi* same manner as wholesale dealers. • « —uc n ucaiCiT, ST. Builders and contractors are not subject to special tax in any year in which they do not con stiuct on contract, nor unless their contracts are In excess of $2,500. 84. A mmer may employ one person lo the bus iness of miningfor coal,silver, &c., without pay mi nt of special tax. SS. The liability of peddlers and commercial brokers to special tax depends npon the act® done, and is not affected by the fact tnat ihe party is employed by others, and is acting merely at an agent. 86 Watches and watch chains da not come within the definition of jewelry, and may there fore be sold under tbe tax receipt of a common peddler. 37. A retail dealer in liquors wishing to close up business may fed out bis whole stock at one auction sale to different purchasers, or may sell the whole al private sale to one purchaser, with out i ayment of special tax as wholesale dealer u hquois. S 3. Farmers and gardeners may sell all product ofthrirownfarms and gardens in the manner of peddlers, without payment of special tax as such. 09. Under the act of March 2, 1807, no special tax is required of any person for the manufacture of butter or cheese. 46. In assessing tie special tax upon boats, bar pes, anu date under the lastprortso to scctloa lug, the capacity la to be determined by the customs admeasurement 11. Persons travelling about the counter a* the agents or manufacturers or dealers, seeking or* dejß for goods as agents of one person or firm only, and who are paid a salary, bat receive no commissions whatever, should not be required to pay lax os produce or commercial brokers. 42. Apothecaries, confectioners, plumbers and cap-fitters, whose annual sales exceed twenty-five Ibou-find dollars, are required to pay, in addition to the special tax. one dollar for every thousand dollars of sales In excess of said twenty-five thou sand dollars, the taxes on such excess to be as sessed and paid in the manner provided in the case of wholesale dealers^ THE PARK BILL. Copy of the Act for a Public Park Ad jacent to tbe Southern Limits of tlie City of Chicago. Potter and Duties ofthe Board oi Parle Ccmmlaslonerß. As Act to provide for the location, improvement ard regulation of a Park far the towns of South Cbiraro, Hyde Park and Lake. Sectios 1. BeV enac'edbyfhepeojiU oflheSia'e of Illinois represented in ths General Assembly. that five persons who shall be designated by tbc Governor ana Inc Judges of the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois, or a majority of said Judges, at the April term, A. D., 1667. or at any succeed ing term aftertho certificate ot the County Clerk of the County of Cook has been tiled in the office of the Clerk of said Supreme Coart for tbc Third General Division, as required by the seventeenth section of this act. be and they arohereoy ap pointed a joo&io ui vuuuuiniuun*. wd, with 'heir successors, shall constitute a Board of I’nhilc Commissioner for the towns of South Chicago. Hyde Park and Lake, and be known under the name of the south Park Commission ers. Such of said Commissioners as shall accept such appointment shall, within thirty days of their notification of their appointment, notify In writing tbc Clerk of arid Supreme Court of said Third Grand Division of •ccii acceptance, and in the event of the failure, for any reason, of any one nr more of the desig nated Commissioners to notify said Clerk, his or their place In said Commission shall be thereby vacated, and It shall he the da y ot a majority of tbc Commissioners so accepting to nominate to said Judges some suitable person or persons to fill the place of the person or persons so failing to accept, which nomination, if confirmed oyaaid Jndcea, or tbc majority of the same, when accept ed by such nominee or nominees, shall constitute such person so accepting a Commissioner under this act, and a majority of said Commissioners i-bail so continue (o nominate until the said Boaro shall consist of fiveptrsons; and said Com mi&riou so constituted shall have all the authori ty in and by the act given to said Board of Park Commissioners for the towns of South Chicago, Hyde Park and Lake Each of said Commissioner*, belorc entering upon the duties of his office, shall take an cam to well and properly discharge the duties of the said office for the lute-esr of the public, which oath shall be reduced to writing and subscribed by him. and filed In the office of the County Clerk of Cook County. fcre. 2. As soon as convenient after the said Board shall he constituted as aforesaid, the mem bers thereof eball decide by lot,at a meeting to be called by any three of tfaun, as fo the respective ttTtna for which he shall nold bis office. The number of lots shall equal the number of Com missioners, and the person drawing the longest term shall servo for five years from the first day of March, one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven; the one drawing the next shall serve for four years from sold dale; the one drawing tbc next shall sene for three years from said date, and so on nuttl tbc term of each one of said com missioners shall bo definitely determined, each one serving for ihe length or timeinseribed on the lot drawn by him. the last of aaid Commissioners serving for the term of one vear only from said first day of March, one thou sand eight hundred and sixty seven. As soon as the term of office of each ol said commissioners Eball be determined as afortsald, said Board shall organize by electing one of their number as the President, and shall choose a Secretary, who shall not necessarily be a Commiisioncr, and who shall hold, his office until his successor shall be appoint ed as hereinafter provided. Tnc said Board of Commissioners shall adopt a real and alter the same at pleasure; shall keep ft complete record of all their proceedings and transaction?, which shall be open at all times for Ihe Inspection of the public. The said Commissioners shall receive no compensation for their services, except tbc Presi dent of said Board, who may. In the discretion of raid Board, have and receive such compensation as may be fixed 'as hereinafter provided. All vacancies occurring in said Board than be filled br persons nominated to such places by a majority of the Board in office Vht& such vacancy or vacancies shall occur, and confirmed by the Superior Court of Chicago. Bald ■Board of Coma Iseioetrs shall be a body politic and corporate, and shall bare and enjoy all tha pow era necessary fur the purpose of this act. B*c. 8. Tbe President ana bccrciary aball be elected annually by said Board at the annual me> Utg tbcieof, and shall receive such salary for ibclr services as the said Board may from time to time de ermine. fixe. 4. The said Commissioners are by this act authorized and empowered,at d shall.within nine ty da.'s from and after ibis organisation as aforesaid, select such land in the said town of South Chicago, Hyde Paik. or-Lake, in-the coucty of Coor, aforesaid, not exceeding-in area one thousand acres, as msy to them seem, fit and proper for the purposes of a public Park. ** Dd J 7 ~ heir same to take the title thereto by purchase, cif derise or condemnation, as hereinafter provided to be held Lv them and their successors in trust for the health and recreation of tbe people, and to etclose. Improve, manage and control toe same. ere. 5. In case the said Commissioners can not agree with the owner or owners, lessees or occupants of any real estate selected by them as aforesaid, they may proceed to procure the con demnation of the same in the manner prescribed in ibeactof the Genera) Assembly of the Slate of Illinois,entitled “An Act to emend the law con demning right of way for purposes of internal Improvement, approved June 23, ISSV’ and the aejs amendatory thereof; the provisions of which said act and the several acts amendatory thereot, are hereby extended to tbe Park and Park Com missioners to be created by virtue of thm act. - Sec. C. When the title to tbe land selected for such Park, as herein provided, shall have been acquired by said Commissioners, by gift, purchase, condemnation or otherwise it shall be the duly of such Commissioners to acknowledge and file for record in the office ol the Recorder of Deeds of Cook County, a mao showing fbe said land, with a correct description. Including section, tbwnshlp and range. Sec. 7. As soon as the amount required for the ftnrchasc or condemnation of the grounds selected □reatd Park shall have been ascertained by sold Commission c», they shall apply to the Judge of tic circuit Court in the Seventh Judicial Court lor tbe appointment of three disinteree’ed free holders of the county of Cook as Park Assessors. Tbe Commissioners shall give notice, in one or more of the dally newspapers published in the city or Chicago, of the tune when such applica tion will be made, and all parties interested may appear and be beard by the said Judge, touching such appointment. The said Assessors shall proceed to assess tho amount so ascertained noon the property In tho towns of South Chicago. Hyde Park and Lake, In Cook County, deemed benefltted by reason of the improvement occasioned by the location of said Park, as near as maybe In proportion to the benefits resultin'* thereto. Upon entering on tbe duties of their of fice me said Assessors shall make oath before tbe Clerk of tbe said Circuit Court faithfully and im partially to dischaige the duties of their office, they shall give at leatt ten d»rs’ notice In one of the said dally papers, of the 'time and place of their meeting lor ilic purpose of making said as sessment, and may adjourn such meeting from time to time until the tame shall bo completed. In making tbe said assessment, the said Asses sors shall estimate the value of the several lots, blocks or parcels of land deemed benefited by them os aforesaid, and shall include the same, together with tbe amount assessed, as benefits In the assessment roll. All parties Interested may appear before the said Aa«esfors and he heard touching any matter connected with tho assessment When the same shall be completed it shall be signed by tbe Assessor* and returned to (be said Circuit Court, and shall be filed by the Clerk thereof. The Assessors shall thereupon give notice in one of the said dally pa pers of tbe films of said assessment roll, and that they will, on a day therein named, apply to the said Circuit Court for confirmation of the same, which said notice shalbbo published at lea-t ten days before the lime fixed for such application. Said Circuit Court shall havepowerto revise, cor rect, amend or confirm said assessment, and may make or order a new assessment. Ail parties In teiertcd may appear before said Circuit Court, cither in peiaon or by attorney, when such appli cation shall be made, and may object to - tain as scfsment either In whole or In part, provided all objections shall be in writing. And snail be filed • atleastthrce days before the time fixed tor the application, and shall (poclfr the lot, block or parcels of lend on behalf or which objection is made. Alter the confirmation of the said assess ment the Clerk of said Circuit Court shall file a copy thereof; under the seal of his said courl.wUb ibe Clerk of the County Coon of Cook County. Ten per cent of tbe amount so ascer tains shall be due and payable annually, and shall be a lien npon the several blocks, lota and parcels of land asfeased fur benefits as aforesaid: and the Clerk of said County Court shall Include in the general warrants, for each year until the whole sum shall be paid, for the collection of State and county taxes In the said towns of South Chicago, Hyde Park and Lake, ten per centum of the said an appropriate column, to be termed “Sooth Park Assessment,” with tha amount to be collected opposite tbe several lots, blocks or parcels of laud assessed aa aforesaid: and like proceedings in all respects shall bo had tor cnlorcicg the collection of the same as is now provided bylaw for the collection of State and county taxes. Tho money collected under the provisions Of this section shall bo paid to the Treasurer of Cook County, and be held by nlm in the same manner, and be subject to the same control and direction as provided in this act for other moneys belonging to said corpo ration. Sac, 6. For any deficiencies arising through ac quiring title to sold Park, and for the payment of the expense of enclosing and improving tbe Park herein provided for. ana the expenses, disburse meats and charges in the premises, the said Com missioners shall have power to loan or borrow from time to time, for such, time as they shall deem expedient, a earn of money not exceeding one million of do-ltrs, and "ball have authority to issue bonds secured upon the said Park and im provements, which bonds shall issue under the seal of said Commlssloters, and shall be issued by them or a majority of them and by the Secre tary of said Board and bear interest not exceeding ten per cent per annnm. And li shall be the duty of said Commissioners to keep an accurate regis ter of all bonds Issued by them, showing the num ber,date aud amount of each bond and to whom the same was issued, and said register shall at nil times be open to tbe investigation of the public, and for tbe payment of the principal anti inter est of said bonds the said Park and Improvements shall be irrevocably pledged. ' Sec. 0. The said Board of Park Commissioners shall, annually, on or before the first day of De cember In each year, transmit to the Clerk of tbe County Court of Cook County, an estimate in writing of the amount of money, not exceeding In any one year two hundred thousand dollars, necessary for the payment of the interest on tbe bonus so issued by said Board, and that, in addi tion thereto, will he required for the maintenance and government of said Park during the current year. And toe said Clerk shall proceed to deter mine what per cent said sum is on the taxable property of said town* according to tbe several Aeeetsors’ returns lor the respective year, and shall, in the next general tax warrants for the collection of State and county laxe* in said several towns, set down the amount chargable to tte several persons, coioo ration*, lots or par cels ot ground In a separate or appropriate col umn, and the Collectors respectively shall proceed to collect the same in the manner bow provided by law for the collection of State ana coucty tax.B, UZ.O nil Hie proviPlouo of la-. Su teppoot to the collection of State and connlv taxes, and pro* cct-nlcgs io enforce the same, so far aa apphcaole, shell apply to said assessment and taxes, rtae said sum of money shall be retained by (he Treas urer of ibu saiu Ccunty of Cook, to the credit of said : Board of Pork Commissioners, and shall bo drawn by said Board liom the County Treasury by a warrant signed by the President and Secre tary of eald Board ana countersigned by tbe Aud itor or Comptroller, who shall be one of Bald Board, to be appointed by sold Board and in no other way. The appointment of each Auditor or Comptroller having been first duly certified to branch President and SecrcaiT and filed In the office of the said Treas urer of Cook County. Sec. 20. It shall be lawful for said Commission er? to vacate and close up any and all public roads or highway*. excepting railroads which may pas? through, divide, or separate anv lands aslectm or appropriated by them for the purposes of a Park, and no each roid shall ever be lair! out through said Park except such as the said Com missioners shall lay oat and construct S-EC. 12. No one of the said Commissioners shall be interested, either dlrcctiv or indirectly, in any contract entered Into by them with any o f her person, nor sha-l they be Interested, direct ly or indirectly, in tbe purchase of any material to be used or applied in and about the uses and purpose* con’t-mplatcd by this act. And It shall be' a misdemeanor for any commissioner to be directly, or Indirectly, in any wav pecuniarily interested In any contract or work of any kino whatever connected with *OIO 1*811;. Said Commissioners shall give bond In the penal sum of twenty-five thousand dollars each, with one or more sureties, to be approved by the Judges olthe Superior Court of Chicago, lo the Treasurer ol Cook Connfy, condltioualfor the faltbiui discharge of their dntiea under this act. Sec. 22. The said Commissioners, or cither of them, mar be removed from office by the Judges of tbe Superior Court of Chicago npon the pe tition presented to them In term time, or In vaca tion, by one hundred free holders of said towns of South Chicago. Hyde Park and Lake, If It shall app< nr after bearing and proof before said Judges that tne said Commissioners, or either of them, have been guilty ol misdemeanor or malfeasance In office under this act, and if the said Judges shall remove any two or more of eald Commissioners from office for any. canse, bef« re the expiration of their term of office, they are hereby anthoriKed and empowered.!© appoint others In their stead, who shall fill such offices for and during tbe un paid term of such Commissioners so removed Sec. 23. The suid Board shall have the full and exclusive power to govern, manage and direct saldPark: to lay outand regulate the same; to pass ordinance for the regulation and govern ment thereof; to appoint such engineers,' sur veyors, clerk and other offices including a police lorrc, as may bo necessary; to define and pre scribe their respective duties and authority; fix ihe amount of their compensation; and, general ly, in regaid to said Park, they eoall possess all tbe power and authority now by law conferred -pou or possessed by tbe Common Council of the Cut of Chicago in respect to the Public Squares and places in said city. Sec. 14. 1 he office of any Commissioner under tbi* act who shall not attend meetings of tbe Board for three successive mouths after having beeu duly notified of said meetings, without reasons estlsCictory to tte Board or without leave ol absence irom said Board, may, by eald Board, be declared v-.cftut. Sec. 15. Uu rtal estate and personal property of fold corporation shall be exempted from taxa tion. Sxc. 16. No part of said Park shall be laid out north of Douglas Place, west of Michigan avenue, nor soutb of Junction avenue, nor east of Cottage Grove avenue: Provided , that whenever the piece of land known as the Reform School Property, and now occupied by the Beform School, and gioui'ds shall cease to be used for the purposes of aaoh inform Sc&ool. the same may bo token by girt, purenase or conaemncuon,Jis oereiu utv* vided; hot Lake View avenue shall not be obstructed or interfered with: Provided, also, that the said Commissioners may select and acquire for such park, by gift, purchase or condemnation, a strip ot land two hundred feet lo width, north of and adjoining the north line of Elm street. In the town of Dyde Paik, and also two hundred and fitly feet in width, south of and adjoining the tooth line of store-said Elm street, and extending from Cottage Grove avenue to Lake Michigan, but said Cottage Grove avenue. Van Buren, Adams and Washington, or Ilyac Patk streets, in said town, shall not be obstructed or interfered with: Provided, also , that notblng in this act shall be construed to prohibit or prevent the said Commis sioners from selecting any lands without the limits herein prescribed. If tbc title to the same may be acquired otherwise than by condemna tion. Sec 17. This net sbali be submitted to a vote of the legal voters of the towns of South Chicago, • Hyde Pork and Lake, at an election to he held in said towns, at the usual places of bolding eloc llom* therein, on the third Tuesday of April. A. D. 16C7,; and each elections shall be conducted in the manner provided by law for other elections in said towns. The ballots used in sneb election eball he written or printed For Park 1 ’ or ••Against Park," and if a majority of the voles cast on that subject shall be “For Park,” then this act shall remain in lorce, otherwise it shall be void. The votes shall be canvassed, and the returns thereof made, in the manner provided by law lor the election of State and county officers, and the Clerk of the County Court of Cook County *lmli immediately thereafter cause a certificate of the result of such election to be filed iu the office ofthi- Secretary ofState and in the office of the Clcik of the Supreme Court or the Third Grand DivUion. A copy of this act. when adopted as aforesaid, and of each certificate of said Clerk an thenlPnted under the seal of the secretary of State, shall be evidence In all coarts and places of the adoption or rejection ot this act as the caso This act shall take effect and be In force from and after Its passage. Approved February 27, 1957. Letter from Wendell PhUlipij Esq. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribanc: Nsny Lyceums have made inquiries of mo In regatd to *be new woman speaker mentioned In the extract which I enclose. 1 can think of no better method of answering tbeir questions than to a?u yon to republish ihis tnoatc to her from the New York iiiatidard. By so doing yon will rot orly do justice to an eloquent speaker, but aid the Lyceums 10 making their courses next season more interesting. Wehdell Phillips." ‘•Mrs. Ella Davis Rockwocd gave her lecture, ‘A Yankee Girl’s Thoughts,’ to a large and atten tive audience, at School Donee mil, Natick, Maes., on Wednesday evening. Match Cth. A cor respondent says: ‘The lecinro evinced earnest thought upon the subjects on which ehe spoke Intemperance, onr duties to the Freedmen, and Woman’s Social and Political 'Rights. We were surprised, tbat oce so young, a woman too, should have dared to speak so bravely and boldly. Mrs B. labored under peculiar difficulties, as she was addressing for the first time her own towos-peo !1e and early companions, who seemed astou nd that the school girl of yesterday hid grown tuto the plain, outspoken woman of to-day.* “Mrs. R, Is very nreposscsnng'Jn appearance, but of slight and delicate structure, and possesses an energy and .whl that will force her Into-the. Xnontraiik of our re'onnatory. lectnrera. n in an iioonacg this lecture, the Natick Timet spoke of Mrs. B. > s follows: ‘Mrs. Bockwood has lived In Natick since her -chflohood. Bor sudden marked sncccs* as a lec turer In temperance meetings ana on the Lyceum platform has been no surprise bare, wuere her energy and ability were well known. Nowhere baa her success been balled with more cordial satisfaction than hero in her home. After speak mg to full houses, many times a week, for the last fifteen months, in different parts of New England and New York, she bos been invited to address her neighbors, and trill do so on the 6th of March ne» t, in the School House HtlL We are sure she wlB have a cordial welcome. ‘She lecture, *A Yankee Girl’s Thoughts,’ has won higfarepnta- Mon as 'thoughtful, well reasoned end eloquent. Wo tan easily believe iL for Mrs. Bockwood. though • so .young, has had a varied, experience, and was always an original thinker. If Water town 1* proud of Us Harriet Hosmer; if Philadel phia always gives Us Anna Dickinson the largest audiences she ever addresses: Natick, we are sure, witl show its youngand popular lecturer that she has tbe heartiest welcome and most en thusiastic recognition here, from her life-long neighbors.” Last County Txacnsua’ Association.—The third regular session of the Lake County Teachers Association will bo held in tbe Lecture Boom of the Methodist Episcopal Church, In Waukegan, during each day of the entire business week com mencing with Monday next Lectures will be de- Uvercd-ron Monday evening by Professor J. K. McAScrly, of Racine College; on Wednesday evening njJ.M. Gregory, Regent oflhe Illinois Induslrialunlverslty; and on Thursday evening by G. W. Perkins, Esq., Superintendent of the Reform School, of Chicago. Essays will be read by the following named teachers: Leslie Lewis. W. P. Avlesworth. dames M.Taylor, H. P. Hol comb, Miss M. Etelle Smith, and the County Su perintendent. It Is proposed to make class drill the leaning feature lu tbe exercises. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOUETASY. Wednesdat Eves ura. April 8. The demand for Money Jwas fairly active, but less pressing than on yesterday. In other respects there Is nothing new in financial affiilrs.. The dis count houses are pursuing a conservative policy, but tho market Is easy enough for those whoso ac counts entitle them to any favor. Exchange was in better supply and easier, with sslvs of round Jots between banks at par®23c premium. The counter rates were unchanged— parbnylrgand 2-10 premium selling. Fioar. was 15@25c better. Wheat advanced 4© sc. Corn opened strong and rose 4c, but subse quently fell off 2c,cl oslng tame. Oats were lft©2c higher. Bye was again l©2c better, Barley was scarce and 6®7c higher. Provisions were stag nant and without any special change. Gold was slightly on tho “ down grade” to-day. The market opened at 134 ft and closed at 283 ft. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros, gold brokers: 20:30 a. m 131 ft 22:00 m inju 10:45 a.m 134 ft 12:80p.m 131* 21:0Unm 131*4 2:00p.m 124 U 21:15 a.m 134* 9 2:10 p. m 131*1 11:80 a.m lS4ft 8.00 p. m 21:15a.m 131 ft .3.15p.m 1333 Here tbe market was dull and lower. Early in the day the brokers were buying at 154, but at tbe close there were no bids over 28354. Silver was .nominal at 1240127 baying—the upper figure for large pieces. The offerings are light and the demand ditto. • The Public Funds were scarcely so firm for the Qold bennng Securities, but tho currency Issues were, steady ..and unchanged. The following shows the closing prices to-day, compared with tbe three previous days: c. ,?st. Mon. Tucs. Wed. Sixes of ’81..... 109*4 103 ft 103*4 100 Five-Twenties, ’62 109 ft loo* io»2 10 ))v Flve-TwfcntJCS.’64 107 ft IC7»J 107*5 *107^5 Five-Twenties, *65 108 ft 108 ft 103 ft 10s'* Ten-Forties.-. US OS os 7 * 93 Seven-Thirties, Ang IMS 106 - 106 106 Seven-rbulles, June.. ..105ft 105 ft 105 ft lt)sft Seven Thirties, July ...,105ft 105 ft 105 ft 105 ft New Five-Twenties 107 ft 107 ft 107 ft 107 ft Here the market was quiet at the loflowlng quo tations: OOVIIOTIEHT SECtnUTtES—CIDUAOO RABRET. as. 6s. ofissi io$ 7u *- se, ]ir aS. 5-208,1802 109$ io9*r a S. 5-2fls, ISM iutS as 6.205, 1855 107 V ios2 D. S. 5-20 e, ’65 and *66, new.2o7 io?2 U S. 0-2fls, small 1064@103« n a 8.10 4' s, large 97 J; 03 as. UMOe. small 97 U. S. 7-30 e, Ist scries 205 V inuU U. S. 7-SOs, 2d series iccs jobu U. S. 7-80 s, Od series 205J4 losli U. S. 7-Ollfl, small 205 ®205« ” Com. Znt. Note?, Jane, ’61.217?* “ “ Jaly, , M..XlCii “ ‘ k Aug., ’61.,116 “ “ Ocu, ’64..215 * k “ Dec.,’61..124 “ ,k May. ’65..113 “ “ Aug., ’65.1111* “ kk Sept., '65.n0J4 “ “ 0cu,’65..n0 Local Securities were firm but quiet. The brokers were baying at the following rales: Chicago City Ts ug Cook County 7's I”I!I*97«s Chamber of Commerce I!I!l!m97$| —•The Boston Ada filter of Monday remarks: “The preparations of iho banks for their quar terly return?, and also for the payment of their dividends, ended 10-daj, and the effect which their temporary retention or withdrawal of large amounts of currency from general circulation has produced, will doubtless soon be over, and be succeeded by a more free movemeat than for some time past. The banks to-day, pending th* com pletion of the. required official statement, have not generally been disposed to do much for their custooicrt. and there has been Increased difficulty in obtaining accommodation. Rales, however still kcop within the extreme limits of the ordi nary quotations, prime paper passing at from 0 to 3 per cent, very good notes being freely offered at 7 H pur cent. Paper not recognized as first-da®* and other fair notes, are negotiated with difficulty al higher rates. Call loans still rule at 6 per cent.’’ r Tbe I’blladelphia Press says: kk A couDtciielt flve-dollar note on the Peopio’a National Bank, Jackson, Mich., was discovered oaTbtid street, on Saturday, and It ir believed the amount ol sach notes out is very large The counterfeit is well calculated to deceive those an accustomed lo handling large amounts of paper money. Irmaybc discovered, however, by the fact (hat tbe signatures of both President and Cashier are printed, while m all Iho genuine bills Uicse names are invariably written. The letters “I” and in the title “PresV* In the original, arereparated by an apostrophe; in the counter feit they are joined, with no apostrophe. In the counterlelt tbe neat figure of tbe two females, sit ting, on the lower right, la almost Invisible; In tbe genuine it is dear and distinct. The back of the bill 19 still more bnngiingly made than the front. The green is pale ana poor, and In the true bill no letters along the top touch on the green border, while in the spurious the words are partly printed on the green entirely across. Tbe picture plate Is too large for the green bolder. There are seve ral minor differences, but these will be a safe guard, If observed.” —The Philadelphia A'rfgirr observes: “Ihe-cwas less demand for money on Satur day. We have no lower rates to quote, but it be ing known that Congress bad adlonrned, and that it was sot probable it would * re-asaemble be fore tho usual'day in December m-ixl, the future was contemplated with more confidence, and tbe demand for money was more readily met at 6®7!* $1 cent on call, generally at the latter figure, the banks being liberal lenders on approved commer cial paper. Ibe street rate of discount ranged from 7 to 20 v* cent,]’ New York s*(ock a Closing price* for case. Joseph M. Lyon* & Co., Drc md money Market, April S. 13C7, received by jkera: lit Bd.2d Bd N. T. Central. 103* Erie (com) S"K 57J( M. S. (com) 71V C.&PIU* 79 77K Hoc It Island W* 90 C.*N. W 35* 31M 1)0. ' „ „ lit Bd,2dßd Con. Oreerory.. 850 U. b. 6 V cent beads. 1531....109 JOSJf D.»S.6i»ct J. 20 coop. 186* 1093 C 10334 U. S. 6{) ct 5*20 . * ».nl*d WH 63X , ft. W. ft C... W* 92ft ildcsllTcr 33 S 3 ...U. T 41 g 41* C. &A. (cota).-.ICO 106 .'t B. Q 132 .... M.C. 107* 101* RcdKOD IUTCT..IS7 136 111. Cent. 115 115 Phil. A 8ead....101# 101* C. 12C* 118 Tol. & Wftbub.. Sfii*' 37* M. & St. F. (com]33 .... do do {ptd;s2* .... coup. 16ft....107# 107 V B. (3.6 f> ct i>2o coop 1665 106* 103 D. S.« V ct M 0 coop. DCW,’6S,:O7V 107 V IX. S. S p cent 10-40 98 93 aerie? 10C 105 11. S. 7 M 0 2d ' senes IB* IB* U. S. 7 M 0 Sd series 106# 105* American G01d.134* 133* ; Sd Board dull. Market—lst Board weak COMMESCXAI. WEDmtsDAT Evxkcto, April 8. The following tables shows the receipts and shipments of Produce during the past twenty four hours: RECEIPTS FOR TUX PAST TWESTT-POUR HOURS. Flour, brls 8,716 4,221 Wheat, ha 3.011 6,530 Com, bn 11,613 11,745 Oats, bn 393 8,400 Bye, bn 375 1,010 Barley bn Cl 7 400 Grass Seed, lbs 07,079 42,131 Broom Com, f-e 3,100 Cared Meat, lb 39,400 Beef, hria .... 57 Pork, brls 00 Tallow, Ths 6,498 17,431 Butter. lbs 4 418 8,303 Dressed Hogs, No 83 S 3 live Uoge, Fo 4,101 &t< Cattle, Ko 2,631 33-2 Hides, lbs 34,507 43,600 Wighniiiftfl, brls 582 , .. . Wool, lbs :... 0,250 205 Lumber, m 17 ■ 53 Shingles, tn 568 .... Lath, in 1 . .... emrxEJfTfl for the past twzktt-poub hours. _ . , 1987. 1866. Flonr, brls 5.211 1,9113 Wheat, ba 13,939 6,370 Corn, ba 3 Oats, bn 1.319 Barley, bn 400 1,794 Grass Seed, fi>s 15.305 2,102 Broom Com, Os 1.020 3,476 Cured Meat, fits 601,490 803,870 BeeT. brls 325 305 Pork. 506 550 lard, tts 6,973 20,500 Tallow, tts 4,525 .... Butler, tt>a 120 Drcsped Bogs, No 1 Live Dogs,No 3,292 30 Cattle. No 1,626 151 Hides, IN 2,019 29,912 iiighwmes, brls. 301 63 Wcol.lba 7,703 2,2ii0 Lumber, m 490 611 Shingles, m.... - 774 1,816 Lath, m 12t 20 ball, brls 221 0 There was a good attendance on ’Change to-day, and the leading Breadstuff's markets were excited under a strong speculative movement, and higher prices prevailed. The Provision market was almost lifeless. Mess Fork was offered at $23.75 cash, bat there were no bnyers over $22.50. Boyers option all the mouth, 200 brls sold at $23.00. Beef tt»w» were firmer with sales of 50 brls at $41.00. The inquiry for Mess Beef ia light, and sales were restricted to 60 hrls at $17.25. Lard was quiet with sales of 800 tea at 12i{c cash and 13*c buyer the month. Hold ers were generally asking 13c ca«h for prime steam. Grease was inactive and nominal at our quotations. A small lot of Dressed Hogs sold at $9.75. Whiskey was Inactive. Bonded was in moder ate request at2lc, with no sellers below 25c. There was a fairly active demand for Flonr. and In Mew of the upward tendency In Wheat,the mar ket advanced 15®25c. The sales foot np 3,800 brls at for Wnite Winters; 112.30@i8.75 for Bed Winters; slo.Ss@l2.sofor'Spring Extras; $3.54 @9.25 for Spring Suporß. and $3.00 for Bye. The Wheat market was again cxcited,and prices advanced 4@sc on No. 2 and Rejected. No. 1 was of&icd early at $2.65, hot was subsequently with drawn, and at the close there were no sellers be low $2.75. Wo report sates of 83,000 bn at $2.2514 @2.30 for No. 2, and $2.05 for Rejected—closing wilh tree bnyers of No. 2 at $2.29, bat no sellers below $2.30. Com opened active and. an appreciation of 4c was obtained. Subsequently a slight reaction en sued and prices fell ofi 2c, closing weak. Rejected advanced About 204,000 ba chanced hands at 99c@51.02 for No. 1; 91@93c tor Noland 65H@HH4c.for Rejected—doring flat, with more, sellers than buyers of No. 1 at $1.00.- •mere was a good speculative demand for Oats, la view of more advice* from the Bast, nfl (he market wu 11403c.belter.. The sales foot up &M*)olm at 51052 c for Water, and. 52K053C for freahrccaptsofNo. 2—closing at 51H®5l£e for the former. ■ Bye was again 102 c higher and Ann. at the im provement, Wc note sales at sl.33tf OLSS for No. 1. Nothing doing In 80. 2. . Barley was scarce and 607 c higher, with trans action* at &9c@f LOO for No. 2; 78081 c for JJeject ed, and 97c©f1.20 for sample lota. Seeds were firm and in steady demand, with sales at $2.5003.00 for Timothy, $9.00010.75 for Clover, and $2.65 for Flax. The following telegrams were read on 'Change to-day: . ■ New Tobe. April S. Flour,firm and qnlct at $10.55011.65. Wheat strong and quiet at $3.5002.54. Com firm hot quW at sl,3ljf. Oats firmer at 68059 c. Fork doll and heavy. Whiskey qniet at 30c. Gold, X34J4. . Floor• strong. Wheat salable and Irregular; common easier; choice firm at $2 490L54. Com firm nt $1.31. Oats firm. Pork weak. Lard doll at 13013&C. LAXEB. After the close of ’Change, the Wheat market was quiet and prices were nominally unchanged. The unfavorable tenor of foreign advices caused a decline of Se In the Com market, bat It shortly afterwards rallied—No. 1 closing firm at 99KC. -.-- - - •»-* Provisions were dull and neglected. M —• ’jj The Cattle market was fairly active at a decline 0f15025c from the closing rates of yesterday. Some head changed hands at a range of $5.0008.50 foe inferior to extra grades. Re ceived, 8.000 bead. ELlve Bogs were m moderate demand and 10 15c lower. Sales were made at a range of for stock Figs, to $7.90 for prime fat Bogs. Tue receipts, to-day were G. 215. Tbo market closes heavy with 2,000 head nnsold. -a --** CHICAGO LITE STOCIi. QIABICET. Z] Office of the Daily tmiicne,7 Wednesday Evsktso, April 3. § Tbo tallowing table show* tbo dally receipt* and shipment* of Live Stock daring tbe week, up to tbit evenimr. a* reperted by the Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Company: Cattle. Hess. Sheep. .. 18 303 9s .. 3,7X3 4XOI 573 .. 3,096 6,715 433 Sunday and Monday. Tucsdiy Wednesday Total 5X3! 10.M3 1,106 The receipts to-day were by the following routes s „ , „ . , „ . Cattle. Hog*. Sheep. By Illinois central Hoad 271 537 uj By Burlington AQuincv Hoad... 1,552 1,757 233 By St. Louis & Alt.m Bead 618 - 697 61 By Northwestern Raid 337 IJtui .... By Bock Island Road 258 691 By Mlcbigaa Centra! Road n By Micblganßonthtm Road 1© .... Driven in 7 145 .... Total . 8,098 C. 211 *55 Tbe shipments tc-day, ana lor the wc*k up to this evening, ■were: _ • . . Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. Sunday and Monday. ... Tuesday 1,327 3,232 *B9O Wednesday (not returned) .... talcs to-day, ns entered at the different Scale-houses were at follows: * Cattle. Bon. sheen. At Illinois Central Scale 420 i.m j&j At Darlington Scale I.CG9 i,«9 *ss At Alton scale B*l 750 iu At northwestern 5ca1e....... 233 1,540 Total 2,055 5,129 931 BEEF CATTLE—With continued favorable advices from the East, pleasant weather, and a full attendance of buyers, trade opened with considerable spirit In tbe morning, and, up to about mid-day, the advance of yesterday was tolerably well sustained. Later, how ever, with excerslve arrivals, and under tbe Influence ot a rumor to tbe effect that tbe rates ol freight on tbe Eastern roads were at once to be advanced to'4sc 9» too• Be, an easier feeling obtained, and values experltnced a sensible depreciation. Buyers lost confidence, and were shy and cautious In their movements, and re fused to buy at all, eiscpt wbsre liberal concestlons were granted. Holders accordingly gave way, offer ing freely, towards the close,, at a redaction of is@2sc P 100 Bi.- There was a better .inquiry for “Stockers.” and butch*r*s Cattle were in more active request. Feeders Bom Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, are In attendance, and several droves found their way into their hands at prices ringing from Biso for common lots to f*.ls .for good Stock steers. The demand, however, was prin cipally onshipplngaeconntandthe major portion of tbs offerings wera taken up for the markets ot New Tsrk, Buflalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh nod Philadel phia. at and within tbe range of 17.0039A3 for medium to choice shipping Beeves. Among ths noteworthy i»la was fifteen head extra smooth mmols Steers, av eraging j. 470 bs at (9.00. This was ooeot the best sales ef the season. Transactions to-day embrace 2,055 head. These were divided between shippers, city batchers and feeders, at price* raqgtng at 15.0C66.76 for common mixed lots, to prime fat Cows and good stock Steers; (7.0037.75 for medium to good shipping grades, and (8.0038.50 for prime to extra bol lock!. The market at tbe close was unsettled, with prices rather leaning downward. Tbe following were the CX06150 PEICM. Extra Fine.Eat,well farmed. 4 tod jeer old Steen, and averaging L3QO as and upwards. /*rm»e £*erex— Good, wcU fitted, finely lonned Steers, svcraglngtrom I.COO to iJtft Bi, at 7.7Ji23.00 #Wr Grttdft— Fair £ leers, in fair flesh, am* agItgI.COOCsUSU) as. at 7.0CU7.J3 Aleduiw Cli/aa—Medium Steen and pood Cows, fit for city ■langhter.and averaging 800c.1,000 ttß, at ..tT. 6.0046.7$ Sloex Cattle— Common cattle In decent Duo, averaging SOOfcI.COO 5.50*1.75 Inferior— Light and thin Cows ’and Steen.. 4J045.00 _ CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. Thirty bead prime shipping Steers, averaging 1,745 ft*, olf cars, at 1.00. * * ’ Eight brad extra smooth chipping Stetrs. averaging l.Cßisi, off cars, atsS,«B. **a Sixteen head prime chipping Steers, averaging LISI ns. off cars, at |B.ut». Flflesn head extra Illinois Steers, averaging 1.170 »s, oil cars,at $9.00. Twenty head medium Steers, averaging 1,012 os, off can, at 16.65. Fourteen head rongb Oxen, averaging lASO 88, fed aid watered, at $1.79. Eighteen bead Pur fleshy Steen, averaging 1.133 01. off can, at S7.CO. Thirty-ora head good straight shipping Steers, aver aging UM ft*, off cars, at 17.5). Twelve head medium bteera, averaging 1.013 tbi, off can, at <6.70. Twenty-eight head lair fleshy Steers, averaging 1,073 ft, ofl cars. »t S7JW Bevcnt'ca heao Brrilngera. at $13.00 per bead. Eighteen head falrahlpp-ng Stocn, averaging 1,031 ft a, ©if cars, at <<.33. fc&T'nhead medium itact Cattle aTerarlncOOO ai. at|s.‘.s. sixteen Hiead good second class Stcarx, arorarlnir 1.201 ftf. olTcara. at fI.W. Twenty head fair shipping Sloerc, averagingl.o33 BB.oif ran. at FT.a. Thirteen head fair rooghlsh Steers, averaging LIS9 tt«. ofi carr, si 17.37 Twcnu-oan bead good stock Steer*. averaging 950 ita. a; |6JO. Sixteen head fair rouehlih Steers, averaging 1.170 I**, ted and watered, at S7OO. * * Bevel teen brad Springers, atj 1.00 per head. Forty-alx beedara] awags at sls.ooper bead. nOGS-lbe market opened actlrc and arm and the dosing saleaofyealcrday were folly saataioed, op to about ten o'clock, when, owing la part to the large ar rival*. Mil to the advanced ratei of fTeigbl de manded by tbc dlflereat railroad companies. price* re ceded lOi/tllc per 100 Bi. But trade dragged consider aolycvcn at the decline and the market closed beary with acme 2,000 bead unsold. The eo'ered aalca foot up 5.179 bead, taken chiefly on shipping account at a tango 0f55.62>f*6.0C for stock Fig*. WAOaTAO for com mon to nediDin lots, and $73£*7.90 for fair to prime Hogs. We note the following; 800 SALES TO-DAT. No. . At. Price. ISO (rood even lot. f. tnd w its 1m IS3 a cmo& mixed lot til &si 73 medium ruocb lot. oS can TOO 7.10 59 prim' fat lot, off cart ZSt 7,90 ill o mni'm rough lot. f. and w ITS 7.10 79 siime quality, t. and w 119 7.10 7k Cur light lot, t. and w 165 7J5 Kl rood even lot. f. and w 191 7,50 69 fair Racon Hon, t. and w 181 7.30 M same quality, r. and w 1',9 7 30 61 good Ul even lot, t. and w 200 7,50 77 meclnro Ucht lot 138 7.15 (4 fair Bacon Dogs 1. and w 191 7.35 7J rnoiom lleitiet Hi 700 56 food fat even lot, f. and w 197 7 m 60 lair mired lot SOI 7.90 26 slock PIC« 80 5.63 V CO fair even lot oil can 193 7so 57 medium lot. f. and w 171 7.10 63 Calf Bacon Hogs 179 7JO 47 medium llxhl Hogs 157 7.01 USgrodevenlot no 7.20 131 common mixed lot 141 6J30 65 fame quality 150 6.90 140 fair Baum lot IT6 7.25 89 medium Bacon Hogs. 15S 7.10 32 Coed &l lot *.TS 7J3 68 medmm Itgtt Uoga 160 TJj 63 same quality 113 7.10 SHEEP—Therewai little doing is this department ol the market, though all desirable lots were taken np at substantl&Uy the closing rates or yesterday. The re ceipts today were Ucht, and generally of a low order. Trices range at $5-50®7.50 for Interior to prime Mutton qualities. CHICAGO DAILY HAUKET. All talt» of Crain report'd m thin market report art made on the batit qf winter (4c) ttorage , vnleti other • wite etpretud. WamxzsDXTErrsrsa, AprOM967. FREIGDTH—RaiIed ad mioinfr-AreiOe lower. The following is the tariff of the Eastern Boaa#: Rater trom Chicago to— Sdclass. 4thclass. Flonr Buffalo A hasp. Bridge *55 33v « Montreal. C. F 1.15 70* L ® Albany,h.i i.oo eo New York 1.00 60 ija Bcston 1.10 &s inn Portland XlO 63 1 so Pittsburgh GO S 3 7n Baltimore 91 65 110 Philadelphia 91 55 1. in Cincinnati. Ohio 45 30 60 .FLOUR—Becclved,3,?l6bila; shipped, tSUbrls The Hour market to-day was moderately active, aud In view ot the tavorahle E.-vatera intelligence, ana the advance In Wheat, prices were isoft’e higher. Sales induce the lollowmp: Wurrs Winters— io brls not named at $1&S0; 10C hrU do at 114.00: Red Winters— lOObxlsnot tamed at $13.75; 50 brls “Interchange' l St $12.50; SPBIXQ ExmAir-100 brls ••Loctportfly. draullc" at |12.10; 100 brls “Garnett's Excelsior" at {12.50; 2TO brls not named at sl2 50; 100 brls do at 13.40; 550 brls do at $12.23: ICO brls “OlgLoar" at

$12.25; 200brls "Northern Belle" at $12.00; GOO brls cot named at $11.76; 300 bill do at sll AO: 150 brls do at 111.57 V; 3W brls do at sll .UK: 200 brls do at SU.CO; 160 brls do at $10.79; 100 bru do at $10.25 * Bpkdco Serena—loo brls not named at S9AS; 100 brls do at #8.60 ;1M brls do at $350; Rtx Flock—so brls at SB.OU; 25 brls •* Stone Mills" at $3.00; C'oBN in tons Coarse at f33.C0; 35 brls (Klin Dried) at ’ WIIEAT-Bccelved, 3,011 hn; shipped, 18,959 ba. llarktr advanced4o3c. Saicawere: 23,000 bu Ko2nt «.w, 35,000 I’U <lO »•. *2.89; 5,C00 ha do at $2.37- nvrjm bn do at *2.26; 6,000 bu do at $2.7314: LOW ba UH-eV-d at s2.o3—closing with bayers of No. 2 at $2.29 and'sell, ers at $2.30. <JOItX-Bccelred.ll.9lß bn; shipped, none. Market advanced2®lc- Bales were: 6,000 bo No. 53,C«)Dadoat|l.llV; 30.C00bn doatfl.Ol; aiOQOhn do at ?!.00V ; - 00.000 bn do «1.00: 10,000 bu do at Mve • 6,000 to doatWc: 800 bu No. lat fee: l,2Dobadoat 91c; 10,000 bo Uejoctrd at 66 Vo; 28.000 ba do at 86c -1000 bn do atttifc: 8,000 bn do at esvc—closing aolet! with more tellers than buyers at SUCOfbr No. 1 H OATS—Received, 133 cn; shipped, none. Market 1 v<auc better. Sales were: 8,000 bu No. aat Slot id non bu do atSljkc; 23,000 bn do at 61 Vc: 20,000 bu do* at stHc: 20,000 bu do etstc; 600 nu do fresh at 65c; COO bn do atoavo-clo'lDratOlvesiVc lor winter receipts. It A B—Received. STSbu; shipped, none. Maikatad vanccdiC2c. S.lcswere: 1,200 bu No. 1 at* bu Co at 9lA4t 2,000 ba do at 11.34 V: S.CUO ba do (winter) at 9LS3; S.oMbudo at at 91.34 for fresh. . , . BA It I.KV—Received, 64“ bu; shipped, 400’bn. >carce and 6®7c higher. Sales were: sw huNo. aat 91A0; 809 bu do at S9c; 800 bu Rejected at 81c: 400 bu do at 80c; SCO bu doat The: 66 bags by sample at flAO: £OO bu dc at 9l.»; 800 bn do at 91.00; 150 bags at P7c. RKOOiTI COKS~The market rules Arm at 930.00 @3354)0 FtO<J. Ult AN—Market quiet. Sale of! car at *26.00 de livered ; 10 tons at f.a.OC on track 9 lIKAXS—There is a good Inquiry, and the market rules arm at prices ranging from 9i.00®2.75 V bu. Balts were: lbrlat?’. l j; 11 do at 92A0; Ido at 92.03: 4 bags at 93 0U5 ISO bn (common) at 91.73 •11 bass at |I.3D; 1 brl at 91.60; 12 bogs at *1.25; 1 do (poor) at * HDTTEK—Received, 4,418 S 9; shipped.none. The ccnetbl market conilnnts quiet, with no Improvement in prices. The inqul-y is ccnfired almost crclustvely to prltncTalilc qualities, to supply homo wants, and only f"f such grades are fmiy sustain'd. Bales today Includes 3 csltou at23c; SOOdo at 16c: 2 pkgs at 16c; 3,660 ttiat2S@2Sc; 93 flrklns at2oe. We quote: Choice Dairy Good Tub #>®23c Common Firkin 10® 13c prime Firkin...... 2fl@Oc BA<S(>lNla—Tbe market Is well stocked and with nomatcrlallmprovemtntln the demand dealers are notmnstkably firm la ttelr news, though la a small way full prices are gencially realized. We make no change In quotations, as follows: National A, 2 bn, seamless Uncn 438,00 ‘ union A, 2 bn, do 53.00 Illinois A. 2 bn. do 86.00 Corn Exchange 33.00 BUtkA.cotton seamless 614)0 Lewiston A. do .634)0 Androscoggin, do s&£o American. do 6S4XJ BeavcrMUls, do CO.OO Pittsfield B, do 60.60 Penn Mills, do 6WO Fort Pitt, do 61430 Bllso. do 60.00 Gunnies 36 00 Bar>apa.4bn, no. 1 V74W Empire C1tr..... 404)0 |:|JEE^E—Thedemaodcontinues good, and with so Improvement in stocks, toe feeling Is cceldediy fins, and dealers In nearly all instances Insist Upon roil rates. The following are the pnco> current; New Tork Factory (genuine) 31 @22 c Factory (lllitols) 19 @» c Hambor* @9l C Western Statea u. 19 0 Western Reserve.... is @l9 c *• Totmp America" @34 c COA I#—Trade is a little slack, though as thestxks are Decom’njr somewhat reduced, Bltnmlnous Coals are firmly held at quotations. We repeat oar list: Kmx—Brookfield. *ll4O do Crosby U 4» Oun&A»—<>ttar mu. iua _«0 MjMtailßdgS IMS <• Willow Bank. 10X* »,„*» lß nael r..;....: - 100# I TU0MW*....... • •• - .•- johm Wife:;-;;:::;;::::;;;;;;:;;;;:::;;::: gg i«k.wu»,imp«red. u bcnmton • m Kffn::;:::;::~:;;::::r™£wi to department was brilk. fair attendance ot buyers in the market, and dealer* were realizing the following price*; Wo, common 'siyaMvc Kio. good to prime „ * 'nffilttwe- Rio. prime to cbojre nffiRSKASS" 11 " S“ke» rßi«*itelMS*«d ■i™Bflnoer.. ho »ale» reported. nt^s«M t^2iSr^ftSS*l,^lE, t l, l'T on local account 10 the market. Bale* of «9do at Me!* 1 ** I#C ’ M dor at IStfc; m£niFr I Mi?T.^i?i9.? CTW ~ Tte waeral market «• SnLrt« D iaS2?i lr aa aoteo In oar prenous I ??s e . l .*^. st, ■“ y • fau Bernard lor rooetal av ?fISS»W a > ltoCi * on hand are no more than ? CTrth ? letWnrte wants of the trade. ’ sustained all around, ana firm at quo tattoos. Thefollowingaretoe currantrates: Apple*, p brt Granges, p b0x.... Lemons, Mention.., Cranterrtea, 9 hrl. new...... ai © as - SIS El.%^“rr.v££;p : E :: g S S a Peacl *es t $ dor, aft caii».V.....V 4.63 © 4.75 Apple*, new .V?. 9 S l aw pSEhS , s a ilS saad^a * rter# * 16 ® 19* fc» n r.: ? SI § i IKfeWt;;:::::::::::::::;::;;;;:: g « g gMries, set-die**. SO b keg gjo ® Sardine*, boxes tt © 24 Almond*, bard shelled 32 © 24 Almocdß ; 88 © 45 Almonds, paper shaded 95 0 GO Peumis, Wilmington, pbn 36 &* txo » 4X5 Brazil Nate ..T. 33 © 21 Filbert* I - IS | 17 French Walnuts St © 23 Naples Walnut* 23 © 34 Hickory Nut* 300 © sjo Klttll—Tbomara«tis active and firm at previous rote*. WecontlnaetoqnoteasfoQotrs: Wbltctib.No. 1, U brl *6.75© 7.00 WhUeCsli,No. 3, Jf brl OX9© 6,75 Trent, No. 1, K brh 4.73 hr 1...... 4Ji© 4JO Mackerel, No. U H bf i. now 10.90©10.75 Mackerel, No. 2, V brl 10Xl©io.}5 Mackerel, family. 9 KbrJ 9.00© 9.0 Mackerel, extra me**, V H brl 14X0©UXu Mackerel, extra me**, pint..... BJo©a7s Mackerel, No. 1, kits, new 3X5© 2.6 S Mackerel, family, kits 3XO© 2 to Codflab, Bank, i ICO D* *io Codllih, Georee’e Bank 7x9© s 00 Bake saoa bxs llerrlncs, dried. No. 1, P box Herrlnj-fl. scaled. 70a 73 Labrador Herrin**, 9 brl 10X0«li 00 Lake ucrrloz* virat ■snn Halibut rtmoaed) ..Il.WXOawoo l2lCKAe*E—Market Inactive and nomrnally un charced. We repeat: * c Yellow r> Qtr e Brown 8 a. sue fllGHWlNßS—Received, S33brls; sblnped. 801 brl*. There was some Inquiry lor Bonded at2lc7bot bolder* refuted to accept Jess than 23c. No sales re ported. HOP*-Arc quoted at OaTOo for Eastern, and 603 (So for western. bUES'KD HOGS-Sales were: 19, averaging 150 hs, at 88.75. * HA V—is quiet, hut. with a moderate supply lo Die market, stocks are firmly held at our quotations, which steaaloUows: wnor.rsAT.l men (osteacx.) Timothy, roher ana beater pressed f1f.50315.09 Timothy, loose pressed 15.0OA1GJO Prairie, neater pressed n ftwi*<vi pm tt. i>bth*s —a. Ttmothy, roller and heater pressed f l7A(Vai3 jo Timothy, loose pressed 17A0M19A0 Prairie, roller acd Dealer pressed IS.Maie DO Prairie, loose on wagon, delivered linoau’to HlDES—Received, 31,507 lbs; shipped, The demand continue* gojd, end. under moderate ar rivals. the feeling today was decidedly firm, and, for prime offerings, outside Deurea were readily obtained. Grubby lots were buying at one-third off. Wc emote- Green Botchers’ t*Aa u c Green tatted. trimmed iiwaiivr Green Calf 13 c Kip Green, salted ....!* g Dry Flint, trimmed is hiswc Dry baited, tmnmcd 14 VAta^e Greco baited, part cured IdvmiiCa IttON AN D BTEEI/—The market continues to rule erra. The orders by mall are moderately large. Prices arc as follows: ’ * Common Bar. Horse Bhoe Iron Heavy 8and..;;........ Hoop and Light Band. Hound and Square..... 0va1.... HaifOraland UalfKonno s?* c.l 0 Sheet In-B, common wet 'V Extra Hand*. c SbMt Iron, iralranUed is Sm e Steel Iron, charcoal. 26 JT Sheet Iron,Juolata,36 iiV'-tu e Norway Nall Uodj/....,, twJiwr Mow Steel, German. 18 «ii o How Steel, cast. 2jo a Sprns ana Tire Steel, End! ah I3kais c Tool Call Steel, ordinary dues 28 <a3o a Tool Cast Steel, American £-« c Uliitcred Steel (as) e I. DittUßß—la consequence of Uie Impamble con dition oi wagon roada the demand la confined to in terior want*. Price* are Arm and without perceptible chance. Wecontlnne to quote: LSjiszs—lTrit Clear, I,IX, IX and 2 Inch, V in 460J30cafflQO Second Clear, l. IK, IK aad a inch saxafcCOXXJ Third Clear, 1nch....... 50JXU55.00 ilrat ltd second Clear Flooring, togeth er, rough. the »amo u Second Clear v ide .. MJXkauJX) Common Flooring, rough 83U)0ueJ7ho Matched and Dressed Common Fl-*onag.. 40.00*12 CO Mstihrd and Ureas ad S-mch Common Flooring M.n-fotu.M First and Second Clear Siding, together..'n.oo First Common Dressed Siding 2io(Va3X<o Wagon Box Boards, select 15-lnch and up* wards 8^.00x13.00 A Stork Boards, 13 Inches SOXO%3ZXK) B Stork Boards, U Inches *6 03437.00 Common Boards. Joists, bcantllrg, Fenc* lag. and Small Timber. S to 16 f-ct long. axOarLOO Joists ard ncantllrg,lS 1 39,33aGd31 reel. 39.3Qc3i0.00 Jests and Scantling 25 00 Sm.s'ouc»—A or Star chared Shingles 4*o A or Star sawed Shingles 5.P535A0 No. IFawed Shingles 8A033H0 Lath—l'er mln yard 3 rrj Bj car load by Northwestern Rtllroad, delivered In any yard where cars caa be as Itched or any depot—A or Star Bswed Shlccles. by cai-load. on track 5 00 Aor Star Shaved Shingles, by cat-load.oa track 3.75611 00 Ko. I Hawed Shingles, by car-load, on track 4,3) Three dollars a car-load added whea transferred whiffi charge follows the Shingles tn freight bill. gmvm r anvnim aniKQLK STANDARD. Thickness—Five shingles to be two Inches tn thick- SIM. Length—Sixteen Inches. l ands—Twenty Inches. Churl'*—'Twcntv-flve. LEATIIEU—Trade Is good and steadily Increas ing, and as the sloes* arc In no way excessive lull rates are In all Instarccs demanded. We quote the mark* t firm at tbs tollowlng range of prices: ■ LOCK. siiashtflr, BaSft lo bole (Oil 41 SUailiVr, bole, Cblcaco, No. 1. S9O 40 blanctiter, Sole, Chicago. Ko. W, Sia <n Bueno* Arrea.... S-ia S 3 Orinoco Solo 3tA S 3 • Ortnoon. «rwvU .1 damaged sift R OAR CUT HirtMi Jb....'. 39(9 <0 Country Hemca, 3fi<9 38 Lire, VB 42& 44 Kip, wadinm, b Calf, 9 B 1.50(41 SO Cpp*r. Vfcot.... 80c* 81 Country Upper.. ta» « Cellar. V 100 t.... 35J 31 OJt FUnßhter. Bole, MCI 5« I Hamel*. V 8.... 4<*« 4fil Upper *X* 4i 1 Kir. No. I. me- t rfinm <(V9l.2(> I Kip. M. 1. heavy 1 aifcTAL** *M> TI! ru ralrly active, at auvancc of 50c on 800 flee T ciai cbaOK«._ We now quote I Frryich Call 51 Ba -2.10*2.25 I American Call, 31 I B* 2.00*2.10 French Calf. L*- molne*.sl.lor. 50.01*90.01) INNER** fVI Oril-Tbe tt.d'wimthccieepTonot an Tin, prices are wiiboot ape- ninoHT wish. 1 to 6 u 7. Ba-. (1 9 J 2 10 and 1! is 13 14 Uaod U 15 15 and 16 is 13 17 18.... is 19 21 30 23 Fence Wire BUBSUS. Koi. 9 and IS 25A26 American, m quail tr, V »beet 19 1 American. Ist quali ty. V Ml is Amenwn. 2d quali ty, 9 ih«t is eady, and the market ruled ice*: Bos Tin Plate, I. C. ](xi| |I4JO nionncTiD, I C ijrw l*ia 37 Small Pig* W Bar Tin » COPPZU. Metallic Al’Bcttl.... S 3 Corner Bottom . S3 1 Braziers, over 10 Bs. 41 6bect.T4 to 16 0z....; 45 Tinning* 10 nAKiirr sjktai, lit quality.. SO Antlacny 20 Fine bolder. M> axe. Ist quality, ca«l: 13X 1«» quality, sheet li Slab til'* KAX> >—Tradewas steady, tuu ... weak at tfce following once*: 1M to Cd P keg *7.00 2(1 JD.fl 81 7Xj 3d, Ore blued 9.25 Id 773 Cut Spikes 7.25 Sd 8.5 Cll'chel, net. 9.53 OlL**—The detnsndls fair and the general market rales nno. with price* unchanged. Wo continue to onote: Linseed 0i1....... *1.43(2.1.50 Linseed Oil, boiled 1J031.55 011ve011...... 3XO WbaleOil.W. L2-1Q1.25 LardOtl.csDs, 1.15fti.30 Lard Oil. No. 1 Winter. L103L15 Lard Oil. No. 3 Winter HankOlUrrandlow 1.15'41X0 Bai k till. Straus 1.3031.23 AtacMne Oil 80®I.CO Sperm Oil, 3T. U 340 Lubricating 01L.....,.........; .. SfIJIJO CAHHON OlL—There la a light movement In this article, though with no turpltu stock on dealers are generally bolding at tlii prices given be- Carbon, P ca*r load. 46c . Carbon, amall loti 480 1 Benzole SOKl’ie PhOVl!*lONe*—Received. 144,420 BsCired Meats; 1 shipped, (01.490 »s Cored Meats; 323 brie Beci; 509 Qrli , Fork and Be Lard. 1 aiesß Pops'—lnactive but firmly held. Sales were t I 200 »j:; j buyer April, at 143.00. For cash it was offer B llama-bales were: 50 brU at * U.UO. Hulk Menu*— Nothing doing. Lm-d—Market quiet. oa;ee wero: 100 tres Steam at Like : 100 do on p.t.; 100 do buyer April, at 13‘40; 10 ires Kettle Dried at 13;,'c; 35 trea Country Ketued j atl'ikc. POULTRY AND fiAmE-The market wad > quiet and witb only a moderate supply offering prices I areflnnlysustained, baleswercasluiiowa:—Duksskd CnicKEKs—4 doz»n at 46X0: 4 do at *5.75; Ido at gs&O; 10 do at 15.00 s 6 dozen Lire at *3.50; 1 dozen n lid Turkeys at *9.00: 4 dozen Muiard Ducks at *1.(0: 3 dr/*** do at fd.tO; 1 do at 43X5. POTATOES*—Are in good request, and prices rule steady, bah* incluue the to lowing: 230 bu Feacu Blows al6D<?9oc: 2 c»ra do at S3c delivered; t car do atß3e dcllTcred; 1 car do at 73c; 1 car Uesbaonoctra at 80c; 1 car do at 75c; 47 bags Russets at77,<icou y (]43 * It*—Were In moderate request, and on. Re fined and New Orleans bug*ra prices were a shade easier. We revise quotations: Cuba. ia«Sl3}<C fortoßico'.../.. K. T. KeHned, Powdered sod ‘White A Uuais*c Clide .A. White u U @!skc Extra C I<V disc Telluw C u @ 13c Oxnard C lOV<ait c Oxnard C, extra nHftUJfc New Orleans prims livaiivc NewOrlcana Cur 13y@ltMc SYItUPS—The market was steady, and the de mand was restricted to actoal wants. We make no change, in quotations: Boston ember lI.KVSUO New Tort Byrnps o&l.lS Tci;ow Drips Li&ai.n Cuba Molasses 7j@ 63 Porto Rico 80A S 3 New Otleans 95@1.05 Philadelphia Bee Hire 60(4 TO Chicago Refinery, Amber Chicago Keunery, Golden So@ 90 ChlcaeoßcflßtTr.BugarHonse 73® 60 M)|>A AND p*aLERATUS—Tho demaud Is moderate and prices are steady. We sire the follow ing aa (he current quotations: Babbitt's Medicinal 11 V@l2yc •• Pure 13 @l3*c Delatd's Chemical 13V«W e “ Healthy u @i2u c •• Pare. ll alive B Al.T—Received, none; shipped. 331 hrls. There was a fair movement In the martet, and dealers were prmln their demands at quotations. Bale of 430 hrls NeWFlne at 92.65 delivered. We continue to quote: New. Fine 93 S 3 Gears" 9.63 Ground Alum 3.103L15 UrcounSolir 3C5 Turk’* laNcd, bags 2XO DaHT. wllhsacks 1.00 Dairy, without sacks 9.75 ssEEDS-Beeelvrd.CT.OW lbs; shipped, 15X05 ids. The market teas loterabir active and prices were with out decided change. sales were as lollows: Tnro- TiiT—lo hags at 13 00: 190 do at 12.90:2 do at *HB;SO do at (2XO: S3do at *1.75 ;16 bn at *2.79; 60 do at (2XO; 10 brU at <3.601 .18 bass at *2.70; Clover—B bag* Mammoth at (10.75 ; 10 do medla-n at (10X5; 21 do at (10. CC; S bn at (3.00; Flax-3 brls at (2A3; Ous oauian—9 brls at 73c. SO IKS IID »l—Market steady. Sale of 3 brlsatlc. TEA"»—ABldefrom alalr local Inoulry, the market was quiet, and tbe following prices layered buyers: Tonne lit son, superior, to Dee, v jb (1x031.40 Tonne Ilyion, extra to choice. 9 lb 1.703L89 Imperial, superior to flee. V B 1.10*130 Imperial, extra to choice, V a IX3QLOO Guopiwder, superior to floe. F tt l.locet 60 Gunpowder, extra to choice, 71 lb 1.8532.00 Japan,natural leal, flee to extra floe, V iX6< Jat-an, natural lent, fine to choice, 9* o I.Uamo Japan.nataralleaf,colored, 9> & l^OauTS TA I.LO iv—Market steady. Bale cf 7 barrels Country at 10c. TOBACCO—Tbe stocks, especially of prime goods, ore Teryllcht, barely sufficient to meet cur rent wants, hence under on Increasing demand tbo fecUrglavery Arm. fail rates In all instances being realised. TVo continue to quote; vent cur onsweta. .41.15«1J01 Medium.. .. 1X031.15 | Common. nroxzNO tobacco. Extra.. Choice. Tlrcltla’s Favor* (Medium .213250 Ue .Ssc3(lXol Common totems....i9@33c Chcice .. S&SOcl PLUG TOBACCO. Loyal Citizen.. 703 75c I Medium 0V370c Farmert’tnrllgfat C 7« 73c I Common .90£76e Natural 1i*a£...(1.K«i.50 Navies Xsu7sc Balt Drlcht 73C&1X0 1 Flounders 63979 c Chotrvb’kecucd 6537*c| WOOD—Remains quiet, with prices steady as pre- Tlcnly qnctw; Maple, v cord, delivered ...112X0313X0 Maple. P cord. In ;ard - 11X0®13.00 Beech, ** cord, delivered. 9-00 Beech, P coid. In yard 800 >V Oil I.—Received, 6.350 as; shipped, 7.703 Ri. Tho market presents co sew featurci. ami prices are unchanged. Sales include the following: I,ooons tub, r>od, at slc; BXOO ns fine, is fair condition, at •So; SXCUibB tee, poor condition, attfet i,«» as at *f - : WAMU JMTSLUGSfCE, -r. Laubcjt of tm Pbofrxib' Coummol— I The Bnfiilo Exprett asya a splendid new propeller bearing this name waa launched qb Saturday af ternoon last from the yard of Heura. Umob <ft Bid well. The Colorado la a vessel pf twelve hun dred tons,! old measurement, a beatßlfnl model. and lioin her easy and graceful lines, giving promise of unusual speed. Her length of heel Is 255 feet; length over all 2CO feet; breadth of beam C 5 feet, and depth of hold 11 feet. The Colorado Is the property of Messrs. Holt & En sign, of Buffalo, and formerly owners of the Peo ple's Line oi propellers, who are now about to es tablish a line of first-class boats between this city and Buffalo. The keel of another vessel of fire hundred tons, for Messrs. Winslow, will be laid down immediately on the same ground as that lately occupied by the “ Colorado." Notice to Mabcctus.—The Light Bouse Board - earnestly request mariners aod others interested in commerce, to give prompt Information to the Inspectors or Supeilnteodems of Lmhts, or by di rect communication to the Light Bouse Board, in cases In which lights ere not lighted punctual/ at sunset and extinguished at sunrise, or In which they are not properly attended to during tbe night, or In which.light vessels and buoys arc ont of position, and of oil cases in which tbe pub lished Instructions are not complied with, that the Board may, with as little delay as possible, apply the proper remedr, and prevent neglect of duty on the part of persons connected with the lights, beacons and buoys of tbe United States. . • The schooner John) Wesley, from Fort Bope, Canada West, arrived on Friday last at Char lotte, month of the Genesee River, being the first arrival at that port Uus season. She encountered rough weather and floating Ice, and sprang aleak on the passage. She was laden with cedar posts. Another is expected to;arrlvo at that port to-day, as well es the steel plated steamer Corinthian Ills expected that the Welland-Canal will be opened about the middle of April. The Slide at Altcnsburc will alt be cleared out by the 15th or 20th oi April.—Buffalo Commercial Adc^rttssr, Tns Tea Amociaiiok.—The Detroit Tag Asso ciation, which was organized last year, will In all ' probability be revived previoas to the opening of navigation so as to be ready for working at mat time. When first organized it was only intended that the society should remain inexistence one year, or until navigation should close. Yesterday a preliminary meeting was held which was attend ed by eighteen tug owners, all of whom were fa vorable to re-organization. A committee, con sisting of Messrs. E. Trowbridge, C. B. Carey, U. B. Kean, John Pridgeon and J. M. Ballantyno, was appointed to revise the constitution, by-laws, etc., oi the former Association, and were also In structed to confer with those tug owners that were not present, and report at an adjourned meeting.— Detroit Advertiter and Tribune. Bat akd Brrxn.—Tbe "Menominee Navigation Company," which owns the Queen City and Union, met for organization at Marinette, on tbe iGUx Inst. Isaac btephenson was elected Presi dent; A. C. Brown, Vico President: W. J. Fisk, Secretary and Treasurer. The capital stock of tbe company was fixed at $50,000. Tbe principal office will bo located at this end of tbo rontc, un der the charge of Mr. Flak, who Is to be Superin tendent and to have charge of all boats In tbe line. This appointment Is a first rate one, and will insure a popular and vigorous management Ol aflalre. .*4.90 ®&SO . 7.73 a 6XO . 6.00 © 8.50 .19.00 a 25.00 The array of boats In local service along tho west shore la quite large this year. We believe the following la a complete list: At Little Saamleo, Mr. Conn 'soil have la service the tuc Coaster, now atlbis port, fitting up. At Pcnsaukee, F. B. Gardner owns tbe Miner (rebuilt) and the Ozaukee, side-wheel tugs. At Oconto, Ibo elcamer Oconto, (6. B. & O. line), the tugs Queen and Johnny McLane. and a tug, name not known, owned by Mr. Farm* worth. The Pcehtleo Company have purchased a_pro pcller tug In New York, to be brought to Peah tlgo, via the Erie Canal, as soon as navigation opens At Menominee, four tugs will be In service (his season—the Boh Mills, M. L. Martin, Annie Lau rie, ami the PCfhllgo tug just purchased. Ar rangement* arc also being made to purchase a small ferry boat, now In Milwaukee, to be used os a ferry on the river. We notice that Mr. Barden, the President of the Portage and Green Bay Transportation Company, offers for sale tbe steamers Portage and. L. W. Barden, with four barges, forming the s’oek of the company. Ifnot disposed of by the Ist of April the boats will be rim on Fox Klver aa here tofore.—(?mn Say Advocate. »MO SVC WO 7MC 6 @ CMC OMOII c Wo sue s*« eQc Psopszxut Saqihaw.— The Sandusky Btgister says (be work of cutting the propeller Saginaw down to a lambcr barge baa commenced, la a few days the upper cabin will be removed, and then tM' once favorite passenger and freight pro peller will be devoted to (be lumber basinets ex clusively. Navigation Indications.— lntelligence which bos recently come to band it would seem does sot exhibit favorable indications of an early opening of the lakes. At Harwell, on the north shore or Lake Erie, which is about midway distant be tween Bcflalo and Detroit River, there Is a much larger quantity of Ice visible and of greater solidi ty than at thin lime last year. It is, however, on the move. The time set for an opening through toßpflhloby the coastsrs along that section is fixed at the Ist of May. On Saturday last, at Cleveland, no water was visible and tne Ice seem ingly one vast field and unbroken. The steamer City of Cleveland reached that port last year as early as April 9th. and In the previous season as early as March 37th. Ax Sandusky we learn the hay is entirely clear, and the signs hopeful for an early commencement. A few days or flue weather will materially change the programme. —Detroii 7H bune. Scbookzk HcrmvA Coos.—The Canadian schooner Minerva Cook was sold a few days since at Bnflalo, hy Deputy United States Marshal Keld, Folger, or Kingston, for S3!O. • Chabters.—Two or three charters from Bay City to Chicago have already transpired at sl. The rate stood at that figure about this time last year, and although ttalterwards fell oS, the price soon rallied and went steadily upward until the close of the season. A few charters have been concluded fortron ore at f 1.50 from Escanaba to Cleveland. At Milwaukee one or two engage* ments have been concluded for wheat to Buffalo and Cleveland, to load immediately, at 10c. AboutlScis ta’ked of as the rate from the etmc port to Oswego.— Detroit Tribune. Instruction. TVTIQHT fcCHOOL.—Tne undersigned J_l have opened a Klebt School lor the b»m,Ut of inch a< arc engaged during the day. The course of frutrmttlon will embrace Clashes, Mathematics and Enclßh. Fcrjiartlculaia apply to iVll. Q. DVA3, at his office, 18 rmlcrton Blocs. WM. G. DTAS. > T .„v,. a GEO- K. DTAB, {Teachers. aiaaijlfe iUair. QLDEST WHITE LEAD And Oil Establishment in the Missis sippi Taller* //& BSTABUSiaas fa 1837: g| Is &)) \A 1851.,%^ CHARLES H. VICKERS, Secretary. THOMAS RICOESON, President. COLLIER CO.’S MANUFACTURES FOB SAL* BT FULLER, FINCH A FULLER, BURNHAMS & VAN SCUAAUK, .1, H. KB ED A CO n And all Wholesale Drngglsts. Ntto I Tic Hctt Orleans Republican Solicits the patronage ot all loyal men In tbs North who h'tvc business la lha South. Having been selected by the Clcik of the House of Representatives under the law ot Cotgress passed March 3d, 1367, as the paper for prlctlnr ail th>* and Treaties, acd all tnc Federal advertisements with in the Slated Louisiana, U will be the best advertising medium In the Southwest, reaching a larger number of business men than any other paper. Address S. L. BROWN A Co, New Orleans, La. HENRY HOWLAND. Agent. Scales. P : AISB ANKS 1 A STANDARD Jt*J, acALEa./>.l 09 ALL SIZES. /jBJHK FAIRBANKS, GREEN LEAF A fISO A T2S LakMU Chicago. SaUcoow* ~A H RIVAL AND DEPARTURE OP A TRAINS. Winter Arrangement • omcioo and noutrwestebn railroad—council BLUFFS Aim OMAHA LINA—DEPOT NORTH WELLS STREET. r«ave. Arrive. Omaha Fast Use *8:1.5 a. m. *7:20 p. m. Omaha Night Express... 7:80 p. m. $0:00 a. m. Dixon Passenger LoOp, m. 12:10 a.m. FREEPORT LIKE. Freeport Passenger *ltfcoo p. m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p.m. Bocklurd, Elgin, Fox RiTerandScatoLlce.., *4:oop. m. *11:10a, m. Geneva and Elgin Pas senger. *s:3op.m. *S;4sa.m. .IJXCeWXc 'WISCOKrEH DITIOIOK—DEPOT COCKSS OP n*wn . A 53 KTKZn BTIHET. Day Express ♦inOOa. m. *£;3flo.m. NlchtExpress *4:3op.m. *5:45 a. m, Janesville Accommodn. *5:30 p.m. *2:35 p.m. WoodblockAccommoQ'n .3:00 p.m. *lk2oa.ia. SQLWAt'KXB DITIBIOH—DEPOT COBSEB OP CANAL AND KlNtll STREET. Day Express 0:00 a.m. 13:00 m. Roaebr'*, Calvary and Evau-ton 1:30 p.m. 8:40 p.m. Nieht F.rpreaa 4:00p.m. 8:30p.m. Kclobfs Accommod’n... 4:40p.m. 0:45a.m. Accommod’n. 6:30 p.m. 8:56 a.m. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:43p.m. 6:8<) a. m Geo. L. Duhiap, Gen*] Sap’t. B. F. Patrick. Genera] Paseemrer Accru MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAtLUOAD—ONION DEPOT,FOOT OP LATte STREET. Mornlrg Express. Day Express Evening Express. Night Express.... CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE TRAINS. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. *10:35 a. m. Night Express $5:00 p. m. *ll;oUp.m. MICHIGAN SOUTHERN AND EARS BIIORE LINE—DE> ((POT CORNER TAN BOREN AND SHERMAN STREETS. Day Express ....... New York Express. Night Express Day Express *7:00 a. m. til.oo a. m. Night Express $10:COp. m. *8:55 p. m. ‘ PITTSBURGH, FORT TTATNB AND CHICAGO. Mail *4tSSj a. m. 6:00 a. m. Express *7:00 a. m. 13:30 a.m. Fast Line 3:15 p.m. 7:10 p.m. Express *$H);00 p. m. 11:00 p. m. Day Passenger *9:2oa. m. *lo3op.m. Night Pm scncer SiUP op.m. *6:45 a. m. Kankakee Accommod’n.. *4:osp. m. *o:2sa. m. llydc Park and Oak Wood.' *&3O a. m. *7:45 a. m •* “ * k *12:10 p.m. *9:G2a.m. ‘v “ “ *3:3op.m. *l:sop.m. **: “ “ *5:55p.m. *7:2op.m. CHICAGO, RUTtLINOTON AND QCINOT. Day Express ana Mail *3*2o a. m. *9:00 p. m. Galesburg Passenger *8:00 p. m. *4:80 p. m. Aurora ...... *s:oop.m. *o:ooa.m. Night Express $12:00 rmdTU 15:50 a. m. cmOAQO AND ST. LOUIS. Express and Mall *&o6a.m. $9:45p.m, Night Express *9:15 p.m. a. m. Joliet and Washington Accommodation.. *4:oop.m. $7:45a.m. dQCAGO AND GREAT EASTERN—(LATE CINCINNATI *ra LINE) —MILWAUKEE RAILROAD DEPOT, COB NER CANAL AND SIHZIE STREETS. .B0O9?e .&9&790 Day Exnresa... Night Express. FOR INDIANAPOLIS, LOUISVILLE Day Express 7:00 a.m. 11:40 p.m. Night Express 9:00 p.m. 8:50 a.m. Columbus Express 7:00 a.m. 11:40 p.m. • : »• « 9:00p.m. 8:50p.m. Lansing Accommodation. 9:55 a.m. 9:00 a.m. .. v ... 5:15p.m., CHICAGO, BOOK ISLAND AND PAOIFIO RAILROAD, Day Express and Ma 11.... *9:00 a. xa. *&3op.m. Night Express 12:00p.m. *3:tsa.m. Joliet Accommodation... 4:10p.m. *fc4oa.m. •Saneay excepted, tMondaj excepted; {Satur day excepted, Are being made st the PiantaUoa Bitters, by ft boots or two of disinterested friend* wh* hive endeavored to imlure sr consul leU them. In all of no ase. The people won't be long Imposed upon. The Plaataßoa Bitters axe Increasing In use and popularity every d»r. and '* that’ll what’s the mstter." The j are la urns slxedbolUe, and made Jail a* thsy were at first, and will contone to be, or we shall stop making thsa. The Plantation Bitter* parity, strengthen and In rig ors ta. They creata a healthy appetite. They are an antidote to change of water and diet. They overcome effects of dissipation and late hoars. They strengthen the systemaad eoltren the mind. They prevent mlasmatle and Intermittent Cavers. They purify the breath and acidity ol the stomach. They cure Dyspepsia and CoasßpaUon-1 They core Diarrhea, Cholera and Cholera Morbus. 1 They core Liver Complaint and Nervous Headache. the weak strong, the languid brilliant, and are exhausted nature’* crest restorer. Theßsclpa and lull Circular are around each bottle. Clergym ea, merchants, and persona whose sedentary habits Indoce weakness, lassitude, palpitation lot the heart, lack of appetite, distress alter eating, liver complaint, comtlpatlon, etc., will find immedial* and permanent rebel in these Bitten. Bat above all, they are recom mended to weak and dellcite females and mothers. They are sold by all respectable merchants. See that each bottlehasourprivata United States btampover the cork and steel-plate side table. BewarcofrefiUedbottles. See that tho stamp has not been tampered with. Any person pretending to sell PlantaUon Bitters by the gallon is a swindler and imposter, and should bo immediately reported to os. I?. H. DRAKE &> CO, Enfeebled and Delicate Oonstltatlons Olbotn sexes, use Hclmbol<fs Extract Bucha. It will give brisk and energetic fa clings and enable you to sleep well. Shattered Constitutions Restored by Helmhold'a Extract, Hucha. Amy with Uncomfortable Trasses 1 COMFORT AND CURB tor the Raptured. Seat, poet paid, on receipt ol 10 cents. Address DB. E. B. FOOTE, 1130 Broadway. N. T. Confidential Information to the Mar ried! Sent In sealed envelope on receipt ol 10 cents. Ad dress DR. £. B. frOOTE, author ol Medical Common Sense, and for sale by all Booksellers. 1130 Broad way, k. r. > Away wlia Spectacles t OLD EVES MADE NEW, easily, without doctor or medicines. Sent, post paid, on receipt of 19 cents. DB. B. B. FOOTE, - - 1130Broadway.N.Y. The Glory of (dan la Strength. Therefore, the nervous and debilitated should imme dtately use Helmbold’s Extract Bnebn. • 01 93 Bar dolph-eb, is the only Physician that can be Implicitly relied upon In the treatment of Syphilis, Spermatorrhoea and aU'dlsreses ol a private nature. He has made the treitment of Becbtt Dukases a spe cialty for upward* of twenty years, and 1s acknowl edged by the highest medical talentto have no superior. Dr. James* apartments cwnst be excelled in spaciousness or convenience. Parties consulting Dr. James do not come In contact. Dr. James can be consulted at bta office and parlor*, 03 Randolph-st., corner ofDoarboru-jL, from 9 a. m. to 8 p.m. P. O. Box 696. Chicago. 111. A Ready and Conclusive Teat Ol the properties olßelmbold’s Fluid Extract Dacha will be a comparison with those set forth la the United State! Dispensatory. Profeasor Dr. Rosenberg Has by his great wonderful and listening cues of nervous and private diseases, proven blmsell the most eminent and race cestui of physicians. 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Use Hslmbold’a Extract Buctao and Improred Bose Warn. QCEAN STEAMERS. GRAND EXCURSION TO TEH FABIS EXPOSITION. Tbe new and first-class ocean-going iron steamship H-A-TT" jSIIN* 2.000 tons burthen, Stxfitss Wnmrav, Commander, will make an excursion from Now York to Havre an! back, sailing from Pier 46, North Elver, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o’clock JL, taking passengers for Paris, London and Bremen. Re turning, will sail from Havre on June 5. giving pas sengers bolding Excursion Tickets, about six weeks In Enrooe. This magnificent Steamship Is divided into water tight compartments, and has been newly furnished and elfgamiyfittedupexprcsalT for this voyage. Tbe Havana will only carry first-class passengers. An experienced Burgeon on board. pTA toil Band of Music win be attached to tbe ship. Price of passage, in currency, to Havre $l5O and 1173. according to size 01 state-room. To Havre and return fUC and S3OO. according to size of state room. For Farther particulars and passage, apnlyto the Agents. MURRAY, FERrtia A c6 M 6'J £oath«et.. New York, Or to the Agent of Merchants’ Union Express Chicago. AND NEW TORK STEAMSHIP LINE. Passage to London or Brest, lllfi, $73, and S3O, cur rency. Excursion tickets at reduced rates, available for six months. Atalanta, Capt.Plnkham,lromNewTork,MarchSOth Bcllona, “ Dixon. “ “ »• April 13tb. Delia. *• Geadell. •* •• “ April 27th. Wm. Penn, “ BU.lPger, •• *• “ May nth. The elegant British Iron Steamship Atalanta will leave Pier No. 3. North River. New York, tor London, calling at Brcs t, on Saturday. March 90tb, stUM. Until farther notice, all tbe steamers of this Line win call at Brest to land passengers. Tickets sold through byrail t© Paris, at 23 percent less than regu lar rates. *relgbt will tie taken and through bUll of lading Sren to nayre, Antwerp. Rotterdam, A mater dam and nnklrk. For passage apply to CHAS. A. WHITSBY, 26 Broadway, N.T., or to JAMES WABRACK, 31 Dearborrj-at- Chicago.. For freight applrat 54 Sotuh-et., N. T. HOWLAND A Ah PIN WALL, AggnU. FRENCH FASHION BOOK FOB APRIL, Ford an Bookstore of EDY. BUBBLES, JOHN MUNEOE & GO., AMEBIC AN CANKERS, NO. 7 HUE SCRIBE, PARIS, and NO. 8 WALL-ST., NEW YORK, IfEce Circular Letters of Credit lor Travellers In all part* of Emope, Ac., Ac. Also, Commercial Credits. QRXIBBS, BELL & SMITH, Manufacturers cf Machlnc-Cal O O n K. S ! 270 Madlaon-tt. (next the bridge). Chicago, . *5:00 a. m. *& ts p. m. . *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p.m. . $5:30 p. m.5*12:30 p. m. 4*3:45 p.m. $9:05 a. m. QJ3ST, HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Merchant!, .. *7:ooa.m. *11:00p.m. .. 8:15 p.m. 112:30 p.m. 4*lo:oop.m. *6:ooa.m. [Between F and G-sts] Dissolution. —The firm of winans A Co„ Commission Merchants Is this day dis solved by mutual consent. All account! may be set tled with K. WINANS. Boom 23, or NORTHUP * VAN VALKENBUROU. Room 22, Mercantile Build ing. RANSOM WINANS, V, ILLRT NORTHUP. ItU „ „ GIFFORD VAN VALEENBUBGH. NOETHBTJP & TASTALKESBURGH. We, tbe undersigned, late of Winans & Co., have this day formed a copartnership under the firm name ol Northup & Van Valkraburgh, lor the transaction ol a General Commission business, at WILLET NOBTHUP, J8 n GIFFORD VAN VALKENECSGE. Chicago. April Ist. 1657. 7:00 a. m. 11:40 p. m. 9:00 p. m. &50 p. m. H XLL’a HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Black or Brown—lnstantaneous, natural, durable, beautiful. Tbe best and cheanest in use. Contains as much as as any dollar HILL’S ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable lor ceurral ointment gureoMah Depot oa John-st, New York. sold by at TJATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. “This splendid Hair Dye la tha'best Us the world. Hamlets. reliable, Instantaneous: the only Fertset Dye. ■No disappointment. Ho ridiculous tuna, but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH- ****** ***** gyrial Nottttg. *■ A great numj Ode kite gl Park Row, y. Y. Dr. James, Private Matter*, Beautiful Hair. Di. Bigelow, ocean Steamers. business ffiarhe. IE EON TON, no. SO MoOoo-«t^ DENVER COLORADO Dissolution. 116 X-a Salle-st, fftair Bge. CHg ’Notitta. ESSS?as Oinc* or thk Boxed of PraitcTTom,» tba UUcel* and Ulcbifaa UaoaL accwroia « t« tha niS adopted- from Cblea*o Hirer to bomiclt Lott; No. two 0) a duta&ce of twenty-* ixiJfi) suk*. • Map*, pronlea. epedfltttioea. Ac., will be exhibited attbeoaceof the Board of motto Worka la Cttlcaee oo sad after April 15lh ostU the day of fettlnc.' There mil be some two mUUoDi(b,COO,OOOj cable yard* of eartb excarallon—soma of u Qatte bard aaa en>- bracing considerable detached roca—and aooat lour hnndred gerrmy thmuanri (cryxO) cable jardl ofatra* OSed limestone- - The work must be prosecuted so as not to. Interfere with theme of the Canal oaring the lemon of nxvlga uoa. : - ' • • itisbelleved, however, that thomoitoftha excava tion. except the stratified rocs, can be done with steam drakes without Jnterftrtnr with the navigation of the Canal, hot the rock excavation wlUallharoto be done between the dost of navigation In the fail and. the opening In the spring.' xi a new line he adopted lor any portion of the dis tance. operations thereon may be continued the whole year; andthenavlgatlonofueCanalWillbe impend ed at least five months in each year unless otherwise mutually agreed by thaßoard and Contractors. The whole of the work most be doce on or before the end of the third season ol the suspension ofaxvigatoa. A lam amount of machinery will be required to. excavate the work within the time required, comlsilng malmy of steam dredges, scows and cranes tor the earth work, and drilling machines, pumping machine ry and cruses tor the rock. Contractors will he required to commence work on loeearth. excavation wluiln thirty days cl the tlmeot letuDs. and upon rock excavation by lie first of Novem- The oralge*,eraaea and scows now la the Canal eaa P* P ***. appraised value which will be made known to bidder* prior to the letting. les S ontr ¥. Ul, « fi>rthe »orkwill be required to provide all machinery, and to pat up and remove all * u - * pense to do all pumping, or whatever may ha ry to secure their work tom water. *" Proposals mnstbeaddresaed to the Board of Public S£?.s» for Deepening lliuois and illCnlgvn Csnai.’' and be Accompanied with the usual two hundred dollar (t 2ooj bend, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. ’ 00 Contractors will bid, stating the price for which the work will be done on each ef (he different sections and the wont will be let as a whole or in part, and in Such qnanUtlf s ah the Board shall determine. The Board reserve tb? rigut to reject any and all bid#, and no prep«-sai will hi accepted unless the party offering It shall give endsner satisfactory to the Board that he has the necessary xkl’l. experience, enercy and abllltv for doing the work, is trustworthy, and has suf ficient peenmary resources. The Board will require such security as, according to their Judgment, will secure the doing of the work according to the contract. -„ „ , * J. o. gixdElp, FEED. LETZ, O. J. ROSE. TVILLIAM GOODING, B. B. MASON, I2t Beard of Public Works. A SSESSMBNT NOTICE. . ii. OJ7ICKO7THSBOaSDOrPUBUOWOSkB,} _ v „ , Ctucaoo, March 29, X9OT. { Public notice Is hereby given to all persons inter ested that the Commlsnooers of the Board of Public Works of the city ol Chicago have completed the As sessment Roll ftr the widening to the width of S 3 feel of the eighteen loot alley running east and west In Block US, school Section Addition to Chicago, and the extensioß of the same east taClark street of the same width, making the south line thereot parallel to and 1771-loleet north torn the north lire of Mooroe street, and seen Assessment 801 l b«« been filed in the office oi the Cliy Clerk. The Commissioners efthe Board of Public Works will apply to the Common Council cf *a|4 city- at ns next regular meeting, to be held on theetshlb (Bth> day ol the hour of 7tf o’clock o. m., for a confirmation of such as*essment,atwhlch time all par ties Interested will have the right to be beard. All F crams wishing to object to said assessment man file heir objections to tbe isme, la writing, lo the office or taeClty Clerk, at least one day prior to such meeting of the Common Connell. _ J.G.GtKBELB,' FIiKD. LCTzT gt CommlErtoters of the Works. AN ORDINANCE allowiLp Ihe Pitta burgh, Fort Wayne & Culcaeo Hall way Company to maintain the Petroleum Warehouse erected by them at the cornerot Stewart avenue and Twelfth i trect, in the City ot Chicago. Be it i rdalntd by the Common Council of the CUy of Chicago: Fwno> l. That permission Is hereby given to iho Pittsburgh. Fort Wayne & Cnlcaeo Ballway Company to keep and maintain for the exclusive storage of pe troleum, gasoline, rap Mia. benzine, campbene, spirit gas, burning fluid and spirits of turpentine, toe new warehouse erected by said Company at the southeast cornerot Stewart av»nne and Twelfth street, in the city of Chicago, the location sod construction of tbs tame having been approved by the Fire Marshal of •aidcity: Provided, however, such permission shall be subject to ameudaens, modification or revocation by sala Common Connell. , Passed March 39th. 1861. Approved March SOtfc, 1167. . * J. B. BICE, Mayor. Attest: A. H. goxntav. City Clerk. 6t A N OKDINANCE for the better reirn il latlon of night scavengers within the limits of the city of Chicago. Be tt ordained by flu Common Council of She City of Chicago .* Sectios 1. That it shall be the dnty of the owner, driver or manager, and each of them, of any mght scavenger wagon, always to keep upon each aide of such night scavenger wagon, in the night time, a light ed lamp with plain glass front ana sides, with the number ol the license of such wagon painted with black pslnt on the tides and front of each of said - lamps. In distinct and legible Agues at least two inctes In size, and so placed that said tamps may be distinctly seen and said numbers easily read. bxc. 2. Any owner, driver or manager of any such night scavenger wagon who shall violate any provts- - lon of this ordinance, shall be fined not lets than twen ty-five nor more than one hundred dollars lor each and every offence. Sec. 3. Tbls.ordlnarce shall be la force from and after its passage and due publication. Passed March 19th, IS6?. Approved March SOth. 1567. J.B. BICE, Mayor. Attest; A. H.BonaA2T. City Clerk. ASSEdSMENT notice. Ovncx of mxßoAuuor public Works,? Chicago, March 29,1567. f Public notice Is hereby given to all persons inter ested that the Commissioners ot tbs Board cf }*nbllc Works of the City of Chicago have comp '■d the As sessment Roll lor the extension we«twarai> . .-.ings- Dary street of the elghtceu foot alley In Block 4, Dul ler, Wilchl* Webster's Addition to Chicago, ct the same width and on the same line with that part of said alley already epened, and such Assessment 801 l has been filed In the office ol the City clerk. The Commissioners eftbe Biard of Public works wIU apply to the Common Council of said city, at Its next regular meeting, to be held on the Ugkth (Btb) day of April, 1567, at the bou of 7)f o'clock p. uu, (or a confirmation of such assessment, at which time all parties Interested wlh have the right to be heard. AU persens wishing to ooject to said aiscssment must Ue their < bjcetions to the same. In writing. In the office of the City Clerk, at least one day prior to such meeting cf the Common CouncD. J# Q . Gm3KL& FRED.LEfZ, O. J. ROSE. 6t Commlfslcn*** ol the Board ct Pnblle Work*. ffropqsaig QTVA3IP LAND DITCHING.—The O nudenigeed will received sealed proposals for the following described swampland ditching in Bureau County. 111., up to 12 o'clock a. m n ol THURSDAY, April 25tb, 1867. . . Ist—A ditch 6 miles and 135 rods long, to be 8 feet wide on the bottom for the first land I>lo miles, and the re»t of the distance to be 4 lect wide on the bottom. 2d—A ditch 3 miles and 143 rods long, to be 4 leefi wide on the bottom. 3d—A ditch 2 miles and 123 rods long, to be 4 feet ride on tbc bottom. wide on tbe bottom; all of sold discbesto fiavea fi s/opl of 1 to 1 on eseb side. Tbe party tsklngthe contract fbr tbe above described ditching will be required to give security tor the fhltb tul performance ot tbe contract. Bald reeurlty to be approved by tbe Drainage Committee, 50 per cent of price that raid work la contra- tad fbr win be paid aa said work progresses, on the e«timates of the Engineer, and tbe balance as soon aa tbe work Is All of aald ditches will be let to one party, or senarately to cUCerent parties, Jost aa the undersigned committee thtiksbett. The commliteereservss me right to reject any or all bids tor tbe above described, ditches. Tbe Mas will be opened on Thursday afternoon. April 23th, 1967, at tbc office of Charles Baldwin, in Princeton, lit., and then and there disposed of by said committee. All bids lor this work sbonld be sealed op and sent to Cbailra Baldwin, at Princeton, Ills. AnypartlesdcslTlnglmthcr Information about raid woik, can get the same by corresponding with, or call ing on TV. F. Lawton, at Sheffield, Rarest! county. 111. Plats, specifications. and Engineer’s report now on file in County Clerk’s office will be made part of tbe con tract, when said work It l»t. . 1 W. F. LAWTON. J A. iiOUBASr,' ( Drainage B. K. STEVENS, t Committee. _ CHA3. BALDWIN, rrtocaon. March n. IBCT. Dr *^ a * se ftOTlCfc TO BDILDEKS. Omcr op Tine Nomrrcx Dm lava pesos', ? Michigan CixT, March 13th, 1567. f Sealed Proposals will be received by tbe Board ot Director Q f the Kortbsm Indiana state Prison until TUESDAY, the 9th day of April, 1E67. at 12 o’clock m., tor the construction of a building tor the purposes of a kltoba. dining-room, htspltal and chapel, on tbe Prison grounds, near Michigan City, Indiana, accord ing to the plans and speculations ot tbe Superintend ing Architect, to be prepared and ready for reference on and alter April Ist, JOT. All information concern ing the dimensions of said hollaing, tbe materials lo be need in constructing tbe same, tba quality ot the work, together with tbe terms and conditions of pay ing lor tnewoifc and materials, and all other matters connected therewith, may be obtained by applying at the office of aald Prtwa. Proposals shall be enveloped and plainly addressed to M Board ot Directors Northern Indiana btate Prison, Michigan cvy, Icd„” and endorsed ‘•Proposals fbr Kitchen and Hospital." and to insure their considera tion, must be delivered by the day and boar specified. Said proposals must be made in strict conformity with the terms and conditions for tbe construction of laid building, as Indicated by tbe plans and specifica tions and orders of the Board of Directors, on file in the office of t aid Prison. The Board of Directors will reserve the right to re fect any bid that cay ne offered, and to make baj changes that may then seem necessary and proper. A. D. HAMRICK, J. N- TYNER, W-D. CROrnF.BS, Board ol Duecton. Eo architects. TO ARCHITECTS. ILLINOIS NBW STATE HOUSE, e undersigned, ComtuPsloucra o 1 the Slate of till* nols for tbe erection ot a new state House la Spring* fleld. give notice that tbey will receive plans or designs and speclOcatlons for anew Stale House, the same to be addressed to tbe President of tbs Board, Jacob Bunn, £>q_ of Sprlngfletd, UL, on or belore tbe sec-nod day or Jmy, A. D. 1567. Three tbunsaod do.iara will be paid as a premium for tbe dealgn.witb speclflcatlons, selected ana adopted by said Commissioners. A sketch of tbe grounds and such Information at may be desired as to maximum cost, tbe required room, ae* eommodatlcss etc., will beiumiabed to all wishing to compete, on application, by letter, to J. C. Webber. Secretary of the Board, Springfield, Illinois. JACOB BUNN, President. JOHN W. SMITH,' PHILIP WADSWORTH, JAB, C. ROBINSON. WM. T. V AND EVE EE, WM. L. HAMBLBTON, JAMES H. BEVERIDGE. Commissioners. J. C. Wkbdxb, Secretary. transportation. 1867 TDE 1867 WESTERN TRANSPORTATION GOMPANT. PEOPLE S LINE OF STEAMERS AND WESTERN EXPRESS. Banning over the Erie Railway. The Western Trans portation Company la prepared to transport Merchan dise aert Produce between Chicago, New Yorr. Boston and othtr Eastern and Western points, and will run durtnenmnlng season the followingnrat-ciassrropel lerson the Lakes: Empire State, Fudger State, Oneida. Plymouth, Itlohawlc* Buffalo, ' >ree State, Acme. Potomac, Pittsburgh, Tonawnnda, Bo*qaeaanaa- Fonning a Dally Line between CHICAGO AND BUFFALO, Teaching a* Milwaukee, Mackinac, Detroit and Cleve- IftLd, connecting wUh tne various railroads at those places, and at BnlTalo with the ERIE RArLWAY, aadlheW.T. Co.’s Line of Boats onE'le Canal, four ol which leave Buffalo and New Tone dally. For Contracts and Bills of Lading apply to HUGH ALLEN, corner Waicr-st. and Old Sup. New York. A. C«L»ON, do. do. do. do. sShS-WW 210 nr<mdwnT ' A «- Eri » £' Rlver-st., Troy, K. <v CO>* Clere.aod. A: liUOARO. Tmedo. H. AI.OMIOKNE, SnndanUy. ■"•KANSroaTATIOS S. Agent, foot of State at. And at Adams Hooae. W. TUTTIiB, Agent, ■ FOOT 0/ STATE-3T„ CHICAGO. agents. PER MONTH TO AGENTS TO J C ft MilUn Best, Cheap, Licensed Sewing Machine I till in the Called Slates. Address, with stamp, • PAGE 8803., Philadelphia. Toledo, Q. Notice. Plank road notice—Eighty ebtrea oftba Nortbwest-ru Plank Bead Com tanv’s stock will be sold at Auction on Moo-tar. April utb. at 10 o’clock a. m- by the Treaiurar. T. Hlcn mond,athlsofllcß.No.3.T South Clark sc~ for de.m accnTpajinont ofao Insravmenf of forty dollars, Mllca io be paio cmtbeaothof March last, and th«eoit«of idrerUsUganaocmoc tbs same. bv order of in-, -rectors. M. LULL, a«7- iGUttfol. r£ILL THE HOCR OF SICKNESS COMES, FEW CABS TO Read Anything ONTO* SUBJECT OF DISEASE. la the year iSM, the writer of this arttefi* tmtaM la the Dxun Brsnasa m the city of Philadelphia baft for the last is years most of his time »«■ beta oeottpMC In the manufacture oi the rariou* Solid and Plaid tracts. The most prominent, and to which he define to can the particular attention oi the Faculty and tha Public, are the Extract Bucha and the Extract San» parilla, both of which are highly concentrated prop*. Hons of the ingredients catering into their Bon. One bottle of the Fluid Extract Bucha ot parilia is tally equal in saeagth to oaegaiioaottha syrup or decoction, as usually made, tad hundreds a druggists throughout the country have adopted It la making their syntps of this name; aadoae tahle-spo» ful.addedtoaplntol water, is lolly equal to the eel* btated Lisbon Diet Drink; so much need la fbrmv years to purify, enrich Ae blood, and itauU/g aftt complexion. In attentlen to ray remedied wish it distinctly understood that they are not Pator Medicines, most of which are compounded by persons too ignorant to read a physician’s simplest Bon, much leas competent to prepare pharmaceatfeat preparrtKmA. TTimm iwnrai advertUo. Thl* Ins compelled to do to brine my came before the peopfc. In conversation on various occasions I have been . ton!*hed at remarks similar to the following, and made In many cases by persons cf so ordinary Wiww genco—to wit; that the medicine basinets is the profitable—all that 1s necessary is to advertise. Tbow* tsds hare embarked with such ideas, and minions hm* . been expended in bringing them before the public. Ha result olfuch accumulated errors is, that when breast to the test, lacklng.aent, they kare been iksrt-UreC. Bow tew, of the many thousands embarking, are eoa» pelled to abandon the business In a tew years, eatlnd bankrupt I Look back fifty years, and how tew ba*« been snccee&ful 1 Ask the bzssox cf their success, ad yoo will find my statement. In regard to merit, comet The Science ot Medicine, like the Doric column, should stand simple, pure and nnjutic, having/M for its basis. Induction for Us pillar, and truth alsofi for Its capital. I contend thsre is no business requiring qae#, fleatlons more. The medicines are brought la eattaoK with Druggists everywhere. lam also won aware that persons reason la this manner—that which mv benefit one may be ol&o advantage to another. mistaken the Idea! A Diuretic for one, a Diuretic ter an. A Narcotic for one, a Narcotic ter an. A Purgative for one, a Purgative for an. Just as much so as wholesome food forooels some food for all, with no more dlfferesea that some constitutions require more than ethers, and tel persons la disease are given to despondency— Ing in a lew days or weeks, and perhaps with a single bottle of medicine, to be restored to with, root la youth and beanty- These persons rarely recover lacking patience, and considering, a tew dollars a* pended for the benefit of their healths waste i fun l ia~ These same persons may have been years in breabUg down their constitutions, and probably expended thoa sands ol dollars In dress and dissipation, and nothing of it finch forget that GOOD HEALTH S TRUE WEALTH. With upwards cf StmOO recommendatory letters unsolicited certificate*, 1 have never resorted to theSr publication. In this easel shall, however, append a tew remarks, trusting they may be appreciated. I am to the afflicted and suffering humanity. Their Bumble Servant, Manufacturer of Helmbold*9 Genuine Preparation* [From the Philadelphia Ledger.} PmLAMLrnxa, July 18, 130. Our esteemed Mend and fellow-cUlzea, Mr Helmbold, Informs ns that he coutemplatee mertagca the city of New York, with a view of enlarge business. Wehavo been acquainted with hlmforv*. wards ol ten years; have been pleased with hla fata lity and telx dealing. Commencing in a stuaQwv* his articles must poeaeae merit to Insure the neueaaha baa met with, and from our acquaiatacee with M«n oaS confidently speak that we do sot believe he is a man who would wish to impose ea any one, much leas the afflicted, and really Incur long business ezpestacoe re an advertising medium we have never heard ot tha success of any medicine without merit. [£nsi the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin of Jane *orw t We are gratified to bear of tbe continued sneeera tx New Tork of our townsman, Mr. Q. T. HdmhoJ^ Druggist. Bis store, rext tbe Metropolitan Hotel, M asfMtiront.33o feet deep, and five stories laheitfa It Is certainly a grand establishment, and speab favck* ably ot tbe merit ot hla amdra. He retail* bia elNe and laboratory In this city, which an Ms* tabllihments of tbelr class. [From tbe largest Maanlacturtnc rhvmiwv ja any World.] I am acquainted with Mr. B.T.nelmbold; be pica the drug store opposite my residence, and vun* oetafhl Id coadnctlng the business where others bed not been equally so before him. I have been favorably impressed with hla character and enterprise. ’ _ ;■ WM. WKIOarMAN, Firm OfPOWXZS A WalfiliTMAT, M,nnte/tTirtn T r>«>m. Ists, Ninth and Brown-sa., Philadelphia. [Ecnsrks from Chemical Analysis.] After a careful analysis of HelmboW’s .Preparations, they enjoy our utmost confidence. - We consider safe and reliable. NEVEEBS & TABS*. Philadelphia, Jane 12th. i 960. HELMBOLD’S Fluid Extract Bughu A positive and specific remedy fordlseasea of the w*«- der. Kidneys, Gravel, Dropsy. Tbe utmostcoafldeaee can be reposed In Its curative powers In above also in restoring the exhanstedpowera of nature which are accompanied by so many alarming symptom among which will be fbond Indisposition to Less of Memory, Wakefulness, Horror ot Disease, or forebodings of evil; in fact, universal Lassitude, Pros tration, and Inability to enter Into tbe enjoyment! of society. Uno remedy la used ta rach cases. Consump tion or Insanity ensues. Visit our hospitals, asyluma and prisons, and bo convinced. The reader most atca beaware,however slight msybstheattacg It la sort to afffect bis bodily health, happiness, and that ol hla posterity. Belmbcld's Extract Bncbn will give you btlik and energetic ftcllngs, enable you to sleep well, and Is more strengthening than any of the Prepare Boas of Bark or Iren. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT Bircmr AND IMPEOYED ROSS WASH, Corn disease* arising from habits ot dissipation aaH Imprudences, allajlng pain and inflammation, and tat which thoeo unpleasant and dangerous renedle* are frequently used, it cures at UtCe expense, little or am change In diet, no Inconvenience, and no exposure. All the above disease* require thcaldofaDluretle. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT OF BUCHU Is the Great Diuretic. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT smsiPlßlliU Core* Scrofula, Salt Bheum, Scald or Soro Head, Tet ter, Plmplea on the face. Erysipelas. and emotions oC whatever nature on the lace cr skm, purging out tne humors which make disease, enriching the Bicod, and BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. How to use these remedies so a* to guarantee a lectcure: In all diseases except those arising from habits of dissipation or Imprudences, use the Extract Bnchu. in these ose the Extract Buchu and Has* Wash- In Huston on the taee, or any and every pert of the body, use Extract Sarsaparilla, applying t* Pim ples and External Humors or Eruptions, Improved RoaeWaah. Wholesome Ibod recommended la all tnu above diseases. Instead of restricted, avoiding sll ttxsg and high seasoned food, and acidulous and stlmolatta* drinks, in recent cases, a cure is tUtctmX m “ uKB * 1 shingly ahoit period, but In cases ot long standing!* Is better to purchase a half dew* bottim, and use foil** fully according to explicit directions, la which case am enabled to guarantee a perleet cure. Dtiect letter* to HELMS OLD'S Drug and Chemical Warehouse. 594 Broadway, New York, mat Metre. poUtanHolel. or HELMBOLD'S Medical Depot, IN sootn Koth-sh, Assembly Building*, Philadelphia. • Qgjcribe is mptoms In all communications. Sold by all Druggists Ererj-wherc. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. A ik Cor Heliabold’*—Take no other, FAsaag, Onto. 1