Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 4, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 4, 1867 Page 4
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(JTJjimiga tribune. THURSDAY, APRIL 4. 1867. THE CITY. Tux Wauutgax Biot.— The man who figured as the principal In ice riot at Wsnkepan, is named Dominick Bonrhe. He m not« Fenian. Old Hums' Hoa*.—Tbe monthly meeting of the Board of Manager* of this icsbtatlon will be held at the Home at a o dock this afternoon. Bask Bail.— The first regular meeting of the Atlantic Bate Ball Club will be held at the Revere House this evening, at for the election of officers, Ac. PBrrnmcro the Jail.—Bather than give bail offSOOto keep the peace towards his wife and “the rest of mankind.” William Burke, residing os Adams street, told Justice MUlikes, yesterday morning, that he would go to JalL Co dotted. —Charles Miller, charged with the larceny of a set of harness from David Oienbnrcb, was finally examined before Justice Hilllkcn, yes terday morning, and committed' for trial in bolt of fSOO. . A Hoke ron Sale.— John Nelson, Deputy Su perintendent of Police, offers lor sale, cheap for cash, (be cottage bouse No. 143 Third tVonne. It must be removed from the lot immediately. This is a good cbance for a person owning a lot and wasting a house at once. Carpets.— l his morning, at 10 o'clock, Daniel Scott, Jr., will offer for sale by auction, some elegant made-up body-Brus&els, Brussels, ingrain two and three-ply carpets, and some choice oil paintings, -which, parties famishing will do well to see, at their rooms, No. 164 Lake street. Dm not Arman.—Hart L. Stewart announced some days since tfaalhe would deliver a lecture in the Opera Bouse last evening. The lecture was not delivered. Scarcely a score of persons at tended. and these found closed doors, with the plscard “ Postponed” displayed conspicuously thereon. A Book to Horse Owners.—Messrs. Chamber lain A Stewart are now in this city presenting to the notice of horse owners their patent shifting cork shoe, which enables the horse to be shod In a few momenta, In any way desired, without touching the hoof. Tney have also a detachable wblppletree, for the avoidance of accidents from runaways- Both axe gn-at Improvements. Richmond House.—From the fact that the Richmond House, oftbis city, is advertised in our columns to be sold at auction on the ]«th insL, we trust no one will infer that Richard Somers, the present popular host. Is to leave It. Mr. Somers has a lease of the Richmond for eight yeais, tnd menus to have It recognized In future, as It has been in the past, one of the moat popu lar hotels in Chicago or in the West. Death pro* Delirium Tremens.—A named Thomas Hamilton died jMterdax morn ing about two o’clock, at the Bridewell, in a fit of d'hriumtrtment. He was picked np drunk in the street, on Saturday, and committed to tho Bridewell in default of a fine. The body of the deceased was removed to the dead house, where an inquest was held, and a verdict rendered in accordance with the facts. Gu£Bwabx, Laid**, Ac.—Eaton.Magnlre & Co., successors to K. F. Memll, Nos. 71 and 78 Has* dolpta street, bare a large and assorted stock of spring goods, which merchants from the country vail ao well to examine. They are wholesale agents for Dithrldge’e Ctumnie*, and sole agents for the Northwest for the Spencer Fruit Jar. They keep a buyer in the Eastern markets, and sell goods allow rates, in original packages or in quantities to suit purchasers. Vocal Culture class for Singing.—Farther application may now be made by ladles and gen tlemen for a new class to take lessons of Profes sor McCoy, to strengthen and Improve the voice for singing purposes, to meet in his lecture loom, Cosby's Opera House, on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, from four to five o'clock. Persons wishing to confer with tbe Professor will find him giving lessons in his Hall from ten o’clock to one, and from three to six. Tbe Thursday even ing elms meets as usual to-night, from seven to elehL Kobthwbfteks PnoToccapmc Socrerr.—A meeting of this Society was held at the room of Wm. Shaw, yesterday. The following named gen tlemen were elected officers for the ensuing year: James E, Hayden, President; J. Sidney Hiller. First Vice President; Wm. Shaw, necond Vice President; Xhos. Bine, Corresponding and Be cording Secretary; Joseph Bafersby, Treasurer; Joseph Ealershy, J. Puller, Tbos. Bine, W. shaw, B. F. Bolt. Committee on Science and Art; P. B. Green, J. M. Ingraham, Fred. Worth, Committee on Membership. Hoke or Tux Fsixkdixss.—The managers of ihe Borne snd the ladies and gentlemen who have been invited to lake part in the Old Folk's Con cert. are urgently requested to meet at Mr. Boot's music room, undir the OperaHoose, on Thursday evening at seven o'clock, 'ihe programme (or the concert will be tben announced and a rehearsal will take place under the direction of the leader, Mr. Walter Meade. Some of the best musical tal ent ic the city will participate in this concert, which, being tor tbe benefit of a most deserving Institution, ought to receive a liberal support. Sckdat School Uanoa CoscEiiTa.—The last of the series of Sunday School Union Concerts was given yesterday afternoon at Crosby's Opera House beiore one of the largest audiences tbit have ever assembled there, a fall choir or singers weieon the stage presenting a beautiful spec tacle as the curtain rose, aud the singing was wondcriniiy correct, except in the “Whmllng Farmer," when the pianist ran so far ahead of them In bis accompaniment as to mar the effect consldtrably. The concert was a complete suc cess in every respect, and the little songsters were warmly applauded throughout. Pcoixsaoß E. P. Haiolto*.—FbU accomplish ed master of the art o! bone-taming is holding forth daily, afternoon and evening, to delighted audiences, -free, mbit new amphitheatre on the comerof Washington and Market streets, and teaching large classes, all the pupils being highly praiified.' The general expression among his pu pils Is that the Profiteer is far superior to the celebrated barey. bis method being the latest de velopment of tbe science of taming restive brutes. Last evening he tamed one of t e most vicious animals in the West, in presence of hU class, making the mate perfectly oocllc within five minutes. Be must oe seen to be appreciated. The Board op Public Wouks.— The Board of Public Works yesterday awarded a contract for the fnmlsblug of 8,090,000 bricks, to be used in the construction ol sewers, to Mr. A. B. K'nsley, for 'he sum of sl3 per thousand This was one of a scries ot contracts which had been opened by the old Bnarc, but rot acted upon. At the meeting yesterday the matter of the im provLir’crt of Chicago avenue, and of tbs rebuild ing of Twelllh street bridge, cams before the Board. They were discust-ed at pome length, bnt ibe Board finally adjourned without coming to any action in the prcml.-ea. A Witt Beys Avay, —Mrs. Eate Myers, re siding on Brankiin street, between Madison and Waj-hlngton, a few days ago, in the absence of her husband, invited a dealer In second-hand furniture to her house, sold her household goods to him and decamped fur parts unknown. It is supposed that ebe ha* cone to Xe -v York. H*r husband. Harry JJyers, an auctioneer, emploved in an auction store on OJark street, returned from Catiiomia a li tie over a y< ar ago, it is stated, and making the acquaintance of the fascinating Kate, became In a snort time an ardent wooer. Less than twelve months ago they were married, doping together to effect the happy conanmma lion. Mrs. Myers is said to be a woman of violent and ungovernable temper, and this is believed to have been the sole cause of trouble between the unhappy couple. Tns Eltos ExßzzrLmnrr Cabs.—Ernest El len was yesterday arraigned before Jostles D’tVclC, charged with embezzlement by bis em ployers, J. B. Dutch & Co. Tbs particular* of the"case were given at length In yesterday’s Tn bun*. The plaintiff*, who are proprietors of the Columbian Mills, is'o. SSI North Wells street, had long been cognizant of detalcailonstn their lands, bu T were nnaole to fix the mill upon any one. A detective from toe Central office was employed on the case, and through bis efforts it was ascertained that Elton, a clerk in the establishment, was the person on whom the crime of embezzlement was to be charged. Elton, ou his arrest on Tuesday, made a fait confession, and raid that for twelve months pa*t he had been awdnalmg bis employ ers by ms king a false cttiy In the returns of snles. Ibe accused was examined yesterday be fore Justice D’WolL by whom be was committed zor trial in delaall of hail. Lecai. SrancES Acknowledged.— At a meet ing of ihe State Commissioner* of tbe Peniten tiary at Joliet, yesterday, the following resol a tions were unanimously adopted : fetched. Thai the thanks of this Board arc hereby kndcred lo Eon. Leonard Swell, or Chi cago, and Hon. Corydon Beckwith, Of Chicago, lor The legal advice kinulr given ns dating the past year upon matters relating to our duties and powers a? commlsslonere ©t the Stite Peniten tiary. in behaii cf the State ot Illinois, and that we hereby express to those able lawyers oar grateful acknowledgements for their opinions, which Lave proved of such groat practical value to ut as public agents, as indicated in the unqual ified cpj'piovai oi our official conduct by the Legislature. , , , . fncired, Thai a copy of the above resolution be traa-mined to th-; "Springfield SWe Journal and the Chicago Tub cite nno Journal, Puesej.tatio;:.— B. Sprague, of the Ann of IVUr, Colton a Sprague, commission mer cLcnis. No. J 2 Chamber of Commerce, vu yes'er dey j'ie-eiited with a fine horse hr Mr. James MoLigome:y ofMuncie, Indiana, as a testimonial of cood v.ill. Tee present was handed over m from of ibe Chamber of Commerce building in tre picfcnce ot a large circle of friends, the donor referring in pleasant terms to a neriod of eighteen months durlngwhich tno firm had oper ated lor nim with the greatest success. He had entrust'd large nnq important interests to their care, and the fidelity, energy and promptness with which they had managed the same bad caused his investments with the house to be highly profitable. He trusted that the nnn would be enabled to do ns well by all their other customere as thev bad done by him, and he could speak for many friends In Muncle, who all lad the highest appreciation of the business aa gacity of Parker, Culton & Spragnc. Ti c animal is a beautiful our. worth from five to eight hundred dollars. Ib* Is named “Mnn de,” after the town in which Mr. Montgomery re side;. 'ibis ir bvro means 'he first mark of recogni tion bestowed ontbc hon«e. A short time J. \v. J. Culion. Esq , wasmade the recipient of a valuable animal aa a testimony ot appreciation ofthe business management of the bouse. They are amour our rest known and most successful commi-sion men. and always give the best ofeaUt* fscion to a'l who honor them with their com mands. Eizxiaedb—Messrs: Michael Phelan and John McDevitt, of New York,{and Philip Tlcmana. of Cincinnati, the eminent billiard professionals, arrived in this city yesterday from Cincinnati, whither the first two named players had gone on the occasion of the re-opening of a hllliam hall by Tieman. Tte news of their arrival quickly spread among the sporting f aternltj, who were on the vvirlt* as ui e ht approached relative to the movements of the trio. About 8 o’clock a large crowd gathered In Foley’s ball on Dearborn street, in anticipation of their coming. Nor were they disappointed. In a short time the professionals arrived and were re ceived with hearty welcome by the gathering. A carom table having been secured, Messrs. McDev- Itt and Ticmano commenced ■ game of 800 points, the crowd gathering. About with great apparent interest. A run of 143 at the start placed Tie manu a long way shtsd, and be continued to in crease the cap until a run by hie yomhlnl antago nist oi IC3 changed the appearance of the game The latter waa not slow to improve his advan tage; for by a succession of very brilliant tuna, two of which—one of C 9 aod the other of 187, by which the game was brought to a close—lolly continued with the delighted crowd his reputation for “ncrsinc” the: hails. The last mum.o run vat made off Rom (be two rods and the white, which were very skilfully kept together to the end; when they were in u position to prom ise s» many more points a* had already been made. The following Is the score: A’cDetßf-3, 3,4, 12,0, a, 6,5, 0.14, 1C3,18,0, 8, 8, r, Cl, B,lST—Total, SOI. Average, T. IXitr-Onn— J42, 6, 8. 15,7, SO, 515,0,4, SI. 10.0. 5. C, SI, 8,8. SS—Total. 330. Average, 12,14. A game of KO points up, push shot barred, was next played by Phelan and McDevut. In this game the playing was quite ordinary. the largest run made being 85, by McDevitt. Phelan won in IS mnincs by 19 points. The party then wltndrew to their bold. They will leave the city at eeven this morning, en rov'-t for Boston, where they are lo attend a tournament. # BOARD OF HEALTH. The City to bft Divided into Sixteen Districts, to be Under the Chirge of Inspectors— Snperlntend ent—l he Bemoral of Sight SolL An adjourned meeting of the Commissioners of the Board of Health was held yesterday afternoon In the office of Mayor Bice. Present, all the mem bers of the Board. Meson. Brown. Tltsworth and Good, of the Board of Police, were also present. Dr. Bench read copies of the communications ordered by the Board to be sent to the various branches of the City Government, notifying (them of its organization. THE BO ADD or FOLIC*. Mr. Brown, on the part of the Board of Police, with a few remarks, formal! f resigned to the Board the duties and powers of the Board of Health, together with all the records and papers pertaining to the department, hitherto in thdr possession. Ho said that the Board had dismissed all the officers of the sanitary squad formerly ap pointed by them, save ten or twelve, whom they bad retained, to await the disposal of the Board. it was resolved that the Board express its sense of the courteous manner In which the Board of Police bad turned over the duties pertaining to the Board, together with Us appreciaUonJofiheir cooperation and assistance. Tin BAXTEABT SQUAD. It was resolved that the Board retain all the officers and men employed by the Board ol Police, acting as the Board of Health, m their present capacities until otherwise ordered. DrTUIOKIOT THX CITT INTO DISTRICTS. Dr. Ranch, from the Sanitary Committee, pre sented the following: At a meeting of the Sanitary Committee, held April 2, at the Mayor's office, it was unan imously resolved to make the following recom mendations to the Chicago Board of Health, foe tbemore perfcct organisation of the same, and the belter to carry out the objects of the Board, and to protect the city from impendin'* pesti lence- ionr committee believe it to he of the first Importance to ham a thorough sanitary in spection made of this city, and as soon a*' pos sible, for the purpose of ascertaining what is necessary to be done to promote Its sanitary con dition. ’ Your committee would recommend the ap pointment of a Sanitary Superintendent, who shall be the chief executive officer of the Board. It shall be the duty of each officer, as be may be directed, to execute, or cause to be executed, the orders of the Board, and generally according to its instructions, to exercise a practical super virion over the officers, agents, ana employes of said Board. Such Superintendent shall make weekly reports.oroftener if directed by theßoard,slatmg, generally, bis own action ana that of his subor dinates, and thecondition of the public health of the city of Chicago, and any causes endangering Ule or health that have come to his knowledge daring said period. It Is further recommended that the city be sub divided into sixteen sanitary districts, and that sixteen Sanitary Inspectors be appointed, who shall he physicians of respectable character and standing, and whose duties shall be prescribed by the Board. Each of such inspectors shall once in a week, or often er, as required, make a written report to the Sanitary Superintendent, stating 1 wnni duties be h»s performed, and also snch facts as mar have come to his knowledge connected with the eanitaiy affairs of this dir worthy of the attention of the Board, or as Its regulations may require of him; and such reports shall be pre served, after dne examination by the Sanitary Superintendent, with & synopsis of the same, and his recommendations as regards the action there on. among lie records of toe Board. It is also recommended that e conference be held with the Board of Public Works of this dty, to ascertain where the dalles of the Board of Pub lic Works cease, as far as regards the streets and alleys are concerned, and where the duties of the Board of Health commence: also to request of the Board of Pnhlle Works copies of their annual re ports, and maps of the sewerage and water enpply of ibu city, for their use. Yonr committee would also recommend the foi bidding of the removal of the dead from any cemetery within the limits of the city alter the 15th of May. and that no privies will be allowed to be emptied after the same time, unless they, with the night soil, arc thoroughly disinfected; also to request irom each Board of Health, or any organization or body, the object of which Is to promote sanitary science, copies of their publish ed reports and proceedings, for the nsc of the Board. The report of the committee was variously dis cussed by all the members of the Board. A motion to defer the report was lost. The report was accepted. SALARIES OF INSPECTORS. It was resolved that the Sanitary Committee nominate sixteen medical men in good standing to fill the positions of inspectors of tbe several sab districts, at a salary &50 each ner annum. SrrXBIXTZXDEAT. It was resolved that the Chairman of the San itary Committee, Dr. Ranch, be constituted San itary Superintendent, without any additional com pensation. ORDINANCES. vw;i.i*DV&e. Dr. Johnson, from the Ordinance Committee, reported, recommending that all ordinances fiaeeedby tbe old Board of Health be continued n force nntil otherwise ordered. Concurred in. Tbe Committee on Ordinances was constituted a committee to prepare roles and regulations for the use of the Board. NIGHT SOIL. A communication was read from O. W. Gage and A. H. Bndlong, requesting the contract of re moving the night soil from tbe dty. Referred to the Sanitary Committee. us axd auoGSsnox?. Mr Board requested that the papers be Invited to publish from them a request to all persons baring the improvement of ihe city's health at bean, to communicate to tho Board any aid or suggestions that they might be able to famish, hanng In view the attainment of the proper ob jects of the Board. AITOIXTXEXTB. Messrs. Reynolds, Giles and Hoard were ap pointed to prepare a list of names of such persons as they might deem fit to be appointed to duty as members of the saallarr equad. The Board then adjourned until 4 o'clock on Friday altemoon. LAW INTELLIGENCE. An Ancient Case—Defaults in Hie Su perior Court—Judgments and Kew Salts* The results of the day's labor in the several courts yesterday were small, so tar ns the records show. In (he United States Circuit Court the jnr> is engaged In bearing the case of Hiram O. Aidcn against A. J. Mclntyre. This is an action of as lumpsit, based upon a guarantee ot work done on the Illinois A Michigan Canal scar Wilmington. CUtCUIT COLUT. This Court entoed upon tbe second day of the trial ol the case of George Hcib rt vs. Walter B. Scales. This case has aa “ Bucket esd a fish-liko smelt.” It is tbe result of Impropileiica of con duct ou the part of members of the oar, .'faicu are too frequent in our courts. Mr. Herbert, a lawyer, while a case was pending, made some re marks derogatory of Mr. scales. Ur. Scales, who was a part compiler of the Revised Sta-ntea of Il linois, picked up a copy of that gigantic vol ume end struck his contestant on the bead with it, thus adminlsterli g to Lima large am unt of statutory law. Fiftecu thousand dollars are claimed as damages. The new suits have no possible public Interest. strpinion counr. Yesterday was default day In this Court, and lo tbe .common law branch tho following delanlis were taken, all in actloua of assumpsit: J. D. Hastings et aL ts. Jerry S. Bollcngcr.g John S. Wills et &l. vs. Charles 11. Barnes. Edward Dallam vs. Peter ahlrap. Morris Sbrler et al. vs. Louis wiluams. John A. Baldwin ctal. vs. Henry Palmer. The following judgments were entered; Wolf Shafer vs. John Veerseman, $203. r B. Ueniy Cragln ct at. vs. Frederick Kleiolnger. ♦123.73. Charles Starrett et al. ts. ihe same, 8M.37. WU;lam N, SUons vs. Thomas S. Parker (gar nishee) $59.76. , Horace B. Claflin et al. vs. Rains M. Parker, $5,230.73. Aaron Cohn et al. vs. 7>oai* Gelsmau, $329.63. and against Simon Hunch and Alfred Daniels for $165.04. Fhrbart Fbrenberg vs. Andreas Bauman and Joseph B. Hebl, {241.16, Ellis Ssrcher et al. vs. Samuel Ashton. $213 Ct. Samuel Blum etal.vs. Wolf and Frederick Salo mon, $639.40. a. u. Badger A Co. vs. John K. Pollard; 51.535.T5. First Nat'ot-al Bank of Memphis, Tennessee, vs. Half W. Hi]]. SSBi. Franklin D. Gray ct al. vs. Rufus &L Parker, $4,21.5 24. Mathias Hliz vs. Samuel C. Smith, SIOO. J. J.rlc Kiug vs. Charles W. Kimball, SIOO. Ariosi Sontsg vs. Jacob aud Margarelta Frkd lander. $27.50. Joseph E. Pitta, &c., vs. Joseph Single and James Breckerndce. Debt S2OC. damages SUO. Charles H Beckwith vs. James Gibbons and Patrick O’Maler. $394.09, Henry and Mayer Newberger vs. George E. Pile. ? 146.50. Charles aud E. J Peters vs. William M. Foster. Debt $595.15, and damages $042.16. Tbe following attachment suits were dismiss ed : Gootins & Bob* rts vs. John Richey. Fox A Howard vs. The Michigan Cliy Harbor Company An appeal case, William O. Hcacock vs. Kstc M.Bcacock, was submitted to the jury. Phis Is on a demand made for the board ot a sister during her stay at plaintiff's home. In the Chancery branch, presided over by Judge Jameson, the following ordets were made: Daniel Kcieher vs. Eliza Keleber. Bill for di vorce filed February 12th last. Default and refer ence. Hannah Charlton vs. William Charlton. Bill for divorce filed March 0. Ordered that defendant par alimony $25 per month and SSO counsel fees. Several orders were made m relation to plead ings. The proceedings of tbe County Court consisted chiefly of the continuation of me investigation inlo tbe attempted Insurance swindle. This matt a r is elsewhere- spoken of. In the Recorder's Court there were no suits, aud only a few defaults were taken. aiISPLUGEiI JUBILATION. A firing of cannon was heard in this city yester day afternoon. People wondered at the unusual sound, and asked what it might mean. Some in quiry brought to light the fact that it was done by ordcrof the lillle handful oi Democrats in Chi cago. the sole survivors of the “ Invincible Club" Ath the ‘‘Sons of mini,” who once made the weak kneed patriots tremble, and gave the strong hearted mnch trouble In dealing with them. They were rejoicing over the late Democratic victory In i onneciicot, which Slate, by some strange acci dent or manccnvriug, has given a Democratic majority ofa few hundred for the first time in a scries of elections extending through a period of twelve year*. This was an opportunity for the burning o! saltpetre and the belching forth of thunder, which could not be allowed lo pass un improved. If was a chance which they have sel c'om bad lecently Intny part of the Union. It Is the onlv time in six years, if we except the occa sion of Leo's trip-to'Gettysburg, Mor can's raid through Ohio and Indiana, in which ibe Democracy have fired any cannon north of the Ohio and ibe Potomac, The detonautm or yes teiday was doubtless intended to put a Me heart into the handful of voters who sti boU the Democratic ticket without winking, with ail tie absurdities to which It la still pledged, and was invented as a special ncrve-sliflener a. few days beiore election. We shottld not wonder if the chief fuglemen would manage to get up three or four more firings on this happy occasion. A single jnbilalion is not sufficient for an event of such magnitude, and beside*, there is a good pre cedent for a repetition rf the celebration. A con siderable number of the party are noted for Ihelr ability to see double, and their love of having a good thing twice in an evening. In November. 1804, a few of the faithful, not Including those then confined In Camp Douglas, gathered here on the eve of election to hear the return s; but, to their sorrow. Joliet waa the only place in the State which cave mem any encouraging news, and the only way in which the linking cooraco of the faithful could be kept up was by the reading of the returns from that locality every few mluutcs, which was d*me in stentorian tones by ibe efficient clerk. A batch of three or four Republican victories would ho announced, and then the grand wire-puller would say “Read the returns from Joliet once more ” This cold com fort was furnished until they finally dispersed lo sot row over the defeat of Copperheadtsm, which went down under the overwhelming majority In lavor of Liberty andjihe Union. Since men the scattered remnants of the faithful have had so little cause forrejoicicg that wo can hardly grudge them this little Jett <U jolt. It is to be hoped, however, that the gunpowder was paid for in ad vance. The Relict or Soimms. —The following is a list of tbc persons appointed on the Sub-Commit tee selected by the Soldier’s Relief Committee of the association of the Grand Army of the Repub lic. for the purpose of soliciting aid from tbc citi zens of this city for the relief of the destitate and helpless soldiers of Chicago: Sovth iHririOrt—JnUoa White, C. L. Root. S. Hart, H. B. Dox, W. B. Scales, J. 4. Jones. W. O. Osgood, E. A. Gilmore, R. M. Hough. T. O. Os borne. 6. A. Robinson, M.R.M. Wallace, J. L. Beveridge, L. H. Whittlesey, T. M. Thompson, A. W. Edwards, Owen Stewart, John M. Loomis, H. W. Phillips. A. C. McClorg, W. M. Beniamin, C. L. Putnam, J. B. T urchin. „ north Division—Hasbronck Davis, W. 8. Swan, S. F, Elocke, L Ratifhs as cr, T*. SchstTner, J. TT Bartels, Joseph Stockton. John McCarthy, J. B. Flich, Peter Hand. John H. Peck, J. C. Haninj?. ton, J. P. Cosgrove, H. A. Plimpton, W, E. White. K. C. Feldksmp, Moses Shields. Wtft ZHcJaion—John McArthur, 0. L. Mann. J. 8. Reynold*, W. Quinton, R. w. Smith. O. H. Adams, J. B. Hayden, C. a. Moor, L, H. Drnrv. L. P. Bolden, W. James, Jr., M. ttHuffurii, g m Salomon, James Stnart, A. C. Ducat Thmii.V Bestir, Major Carpenter. Each member of the above committees in an. ttortodto solicit BbbßCrlDiion!,€iuJer of money or of epodf. from oar citlrens for the relief of on> destltn e soldiers, their widows and children. *«? 11108 obtained will be dis tributed bf the relief committee appointed ata former meeting of the above Association. There are now on the books of this committee 863 ner sonsto wbom supplies arc Issued IS l^» ta if h Ln e, £. UI7 th ?*® 18 not more than S3OO. .IT 111 ,5?® fleen bow urgent Is the need ofr tooncy for the aid of the suffering. m^ e of th . e above committees will IKSL oven log next In room 4 UhllcVs A? 0 * “ eir snbscnptlon books Im k. 61 ?’ 80 that 11 jaay be seen how this call for responded to, and how much more Sbc applied* necded for 111(5 °^ ecl to which it Is THE ComiNG ELECTION. Democratic Primary meetings-Nomi- nations, The members of the Democratic party In this cPyheld primary meetings yesterday in most of the wards, for the purpose of nominating an At dennan and Constable for each ward, and also to choose delegates to the Convention which-meets to-day to nominate candidates for the approaching municipal election. There was liuio spirit mani fested generally, and the meetings, for the moat part, were thinly attended. The following is a list of the nominations made. In several of the wards no attempt was made to select candidates for municipal honors: FIRST WARD. For Alderman—W. G. Goldsmith. For Constable—B. F. Crow. Delegates to Convention—St. Clair Sutherland. John C. Harrington, Q. V. Byrd, W. 8. Brown W. Cochrane, W. T. Butler, D. McKillop, Andrew Schall. SECOND WARD. For Alderman—J. C. Hilton. For Constable—No nomination. Delegates to Convention—General H. L. Slew art. A. Berg, J. W. Trainer, Joseph Scbloasman, Peter Biukhahn, John Eaine, iJohn Cook. F. Warren, U, Doyle. Central Committee—General H. L. Stewart, Dr. S. Wickersham, M. Doyle, N. Baragwanath, A. Berg. TtTnm WARD, For Alderman—George A. Moech. Delegates—J. L. Marsh, H. Kohn. Richard Barrett, Dr. J. A. Hahn, Thoraa-* Costello, G. A, Meech, P. S. McDonald, Peter Reis, M. W.PoUer, P. Saunders. Central Committee—S. Barrett. Dr. J. A. Hahn, Peter Botiner, J. Parmely, Michael Evans. FOURTH WARD. Delegates—M. R. M. Wallace, L. W. Bing, D. P. Sharp,Tetcr Sharp, M. L. Keith. Finn ward. The nominations for Alderman and Constable and the appointment of delegates In this ward were deferred, subject to the call of the com mittee. SIXTH WARD. For Alderman—David Walsh. For Constable—M. Fleming. Delegates—W. Raleigh, Con. Ryan, Mark Clifford. M. Prindlvllle. James Lynch. M. Ready, J. Taycr, M. Fitxgerald, Dennis Waldy, P. Mor ten. SXTZNTH WARD. For Alderman—Patrick Camber, For Constable—No nomination. Delegate—Michael Glaeon, E. Murphy. U. O'Brien, £. Powell, P. Carney, Lawrence Ulckcy, G. bchaaf, M. Fleming, F. c. Neagle. XXcum WARD. For Alderman—John Comuky. For Constable—James Bridgman. Delegates—Michael Griffin, E. Bulger, P. Sut ton, J. Darkin, Patrick Holton. Thomas Lanay. NINTH WARD. Delegates—J. G. Rogers, J. W. Connell, P. G. Shlel. TENTH WARD. For Constable—B. bloat. Delegates—Dr. H. S. Hahn, J. Cochrane, J. Cogan, Dr. G. P. Frost, A. L. Amberg, P. W. Bolins. ELEVENTH WARD. Delegates—J. W. Horton, S. H. Dales, W. Mc- Kay, W. Hobby, Charles Ford. P. Fogerty, T. A. Gam, Timothy s. Filch. TWELFTH WARD. Delegates—B. Donnelly, E. O’Brien, W. H. Donovan. James Farrelly. Central Committee—Christian Caseelman, B. Donnelly, £. O'Brien, W. H. Dcnovan, James Farrelly. For Alderman—Thomas Shirley. For Constable—John Bunz. Delegates—Theodore Weller, Philip M&rkc, William H. Snyder, John Waddlngton, Caspar Fishbeck. FOURTEENTH WARD. Delegates—J. Ennis, George Sherwood, F. liebt, J. U. Stack, Nicholas Ranfors, F. A. Win* keimann. FIFTEENTH WARD. For Alderman—A. WJckler. For Constable—John Maroncy. Delegatee—J. 11. Doulio. John C. Sullivan. M. Weber, M. Poulson. Captain Birg. M. Sullivan. J. Voght, T. J. Pnndlvllle, J. Kramer, James How tin. scnxmrm waud. For Alderman—cl. D. Mansur, for Constable—Henry Cunningham. Delegates—Gilbert Dutcher, i‘. Carney, M. Daw son, M Tonhy, i‘. C. Dunn, B. Kehoo, P. Smith, T. J. Holt, Jami-ft Mcilale. J. Downey. J. D. Bar ker, John Melville, F. Ueticger, M. Molloy, B. Bender. AntSEnEMTS. Risroni.—The great tragedienne will appear this evening at the Opera House, In Victor Hugo's drama of “Angelo, the Tyrant of Padua,” in which ebe sustains what has been pronounced her most celebrated part. On Friday night she will appear as “ Lady Macbeth." a part wnlch will be more InulUgible to the majority of the public than any of her porsonailoua. and which all will be deeply interest'd to witness. A grand matinee renonsflnee will be given on Saturday altemoon, Icing Eiston’s last appearance la this city. On shat occasion she will persocatc “Medea," and giro, in addition, the last act of “Macbeth,” in cluding (he sleep-walking scene. The perform ance will conclude with a recitation In cortume, entitled “Lea Adiuux De Jean D'Arc,” by Schiller. McVicKcis’a Taunts, —Mr, Jo*cph Proctor commenced aa engagement on Tuesday night, in the play of “Ambition.” Las', evening he per sonated Jack Cade, and this evoatne bo appears I* ib* ••Jlohieusimrrey,*' MceKfax. —“A Dangerous Game," one of the best ccmedlei which have been presented for seme iituc, will-be withdrawn alter to-night. Friday evening. Mr. iVeatherwas, the Supcrla tci-dem of the Museum, lakes a benefit. The Eanlok Bcotiiebs—This talented combi nation ot gymnasia—not the three brothers who were recently in ibis city, but George, William sod Alfred—will commerce an engagement at McVicker's Theatre on Monday evening, supported by a bril'Jant company of ath letes and dancers, including Mods. Henri Agonst, and Prolessor Tanner with hi* wonderful dees. ThP- brunch of the Hanlon family are ac knowledged to he Lhcmost wooderful perfarmots iu the world, and their reappearance lu Chicago will be hailed with pleasure by all who witnessed item, aud all who did not, a summer ago in the Opera House. House raaaHo.—iTofessorE. P. Hamilton gives tree exhlhl’iops, afternoon ana event-,g, m bis i.ew amphitheatre on the comer of Market and vVaebington stieets. AczJKQTON’sBmyETiT.—A matinee benefit wUI bf given to wnilam Arlington th*s altemoon, on v>blcb occasion will be produced many novelties, nmorg others bis new burlesque on Professor ~amuton, the horse tamer. He will bcsnpported •-■j the entire stret gih of McViekcr's talented com pany. wilh Mr. C. 6. Rogers. J. B. Dounll-er, ArJicgton'e tale partner, has also promised to ap rear. A. Clergyman Arrested Tor Alleged Lar ceny of a PrlQtin£ OlHcc* A somewhat mixed case was brought before Justice Quinn yesterday, involving serious charges against a clergyman, who is accused of purloining the contests of a priming office. The’ defendant is Rev. C. J. P. Peiere<m, lormerly pas tor ot the Evangelical Lutheran Cnurch {Norwe gian), comer of Erie aud Franklin streets. A differ*ncc recently arose between the reverend gentleman and his congregation, which roaulled n: hie being expelled and deposed from the min istry by tbe fcynod or the Church. They met and elected another to assume tho pastorate, and applied (or a mandamus to eject him from the pulpit and cnmp.l him to give up the ' hurcb. I be casccccnpied uvedays before Judge Wilson, ai d is still pet-ding in tbe {Superior Court. Mr. Peteism tome time ego entered into an ar rangement w'th Joan Adersen, a printer, whoso rfficelE at the corner of Sangamon and Fourth rtreetc, to print a pamphlet written t»y the pastor, enut-’ca “ falx Years' Experience in America.” The revered gcrticmsn appears lo have been nn lorlunafe. According to hia own statements he t-as so persecuted in Norway that be decided to leave It. aud bis experience In Chicago has been fcucb as not to verily tbe eayiuc that a prophet la not without honor save In his own country. Hence the printing of (he pamphlet it was to bo isrued in four weeks; but Andersen having, for eomc reason, failed to comply witntbe contract, the pastor, it is alleged, entered bis printing office on Monday last, while the owner was absent, and removed all the types, which were purchased for SS97, and a quantity of other printing material. These, it la claimed by tbe prosecutor, tbe pastor took to the basement of the church, where be lives. A search warrant was taken out, the property found, and Mr. Petersen arrested. The examina tion wae feet for yesterday afternoon. On motion of the delendnnt a postponement was granted till Friday morning, al ten o'clock, when .he circum stances of the cose will be more fnliydcveloped. Mr. Petersen was held in ball of $560. Tire Attempted Insurance Swindle. Timothy W. Fuller, one of the conspirators -■•bo recently attempted to defraud several insur ance companies, and the last of those who were charged with contempt of conrt, was yesterday brought into the County Court to answer. When he came in. C. R. Jones, Esq., his connscl, plead ed to the Jurisdiction oi the Conrt that ihocon tempt consisted in advising and encouraging Charles B. Kendall to present the pretended last will and testament of Richard Ramforth to this Court to be admitted to probate w hen the said Fuller knew* the raid Rainforth was alive. The jurisdiction Is denied on the ground that the ad vice so given (If it was given, and this is denied), jsdo contempt. Because the renunciation was his t uty under the belief that the part/ was alive; bemuse the arts did not prevent the due admmls tiatlon of justice. The answer was then put In, and several wit nesses testified to support it. No new fact was elicited, and the only Incident of the case was the questioning cf Rainforth by the prisoner. This c-me about thus: The prisoner, while Judge Hsadwed was dtlivering his .opinion, elated that be supposed Rainforth would not reply to in anities, because he believed that be (the prisoner) had caused his arrest; but if he would the opin ion of the people would be changed aa regards him. Mr. Rainforth said he had no objection to replying to any question if his reply would not criminal*: himself. The following interrogatories were then propounded and answered: Q. I will ask you if I Knew anything of this transaction after the Ist of February f A. No. Q. 1 want to know If I knew of the corpse being furnished? A. No. _ ... 6. I want to know if I furnished yon any means to leave the city ot Chicago? A. No. The Conrt sentenced the prisoner to the County Jail daring pleasure, the term not to bo less than lour months. . Tho City Election. Tnmn Waw>-—A meeting of the citizens of the Third Ward was held at eight o’clock last even ing at No. 619 State street. Speeches were made by several prominent citizens, and G. C. Wicker, Fen received the nomination as candidate for AlaemnT The meeting adjourned till Friday evening, when delegates will be nominated for (he Republican Convention. ... n Sevestix Ward.—A public iofn «i of the Seventh Ward will I>o held at Fenno’a saloon, April 4th, comer of Twelfth and Union streets, lor the purpose of ascertaining roc sentiment of the word ns to choice of Alderman. The Republican voters of the Eighth Ward arc respectfully requested to meet at the German Hsd, comer Waller and Twelfth streets, on Thurs day evening. April 4*h, to make nominations for an Alderman or the Ward. Also delegates to the City Convention. Fjtieestb Wauu.—lt is resorted that C. W. Sherwood, school book and school furniture dealer. No. 105 Madison street; will he candidate for Aldci man la the Fifteenth Ward. Theological Skwikaht or Tax NouTawBST. —On Tuesday evening an able address was de livered before the Society of Religions Inquiry of this institution, by Bev.B. C. Matthews, D.D.,of Monmouth, 111. Tbc examinations of elndents at the Seminary were conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday by the faculty In the presence of a committee, and were pronounced unusually in teresting and satisfactory. There is quite a largo attendance Lorn abroad of friends or the instltu tlon. who find occasion torejolce lulls prosperous condition. * * * Last evening the address before the Boirdof Directors was delivered st the North Presbyter! in chnreh by Bov. J. P. SaSbrd, D, D., of New Al bany, Ind., end this evening the gradnsttag class receive their dlnlomas, and are addressed by Rev. J. N. Candee, D. D., at the same church. Mem bers of the Alumni Association, which now nnm hers some seventy or eighty members, will meet at the Seminary at ball-past two this afternoon, and enjoy a pleasant reunion. Insurance Premiums—Official. The following Is the official statement of the amount of premiums received In the city of Madi son, Wisconsin, by the Insurance Companies op erating therein, for the year ending December 31, 1666: Companies. Premiums. iEtna,Hartford, Fire and Marine 51,040.02 Home, Mew York, Fire and Marine 4,000.07 Fbocntr, Hartford. Fire 8,797.87 Hanford, Hartford 2,390.75 Continental,New York 2,950.87 Home, New Haven 1,862.5'' Meropolltan, New York .... 1.492.70 LorllJard, New York 1,076.80 International, New York 900.03 North American, New York 788.95 Manhattan. New York 727.00 Pbenlx, New York 657.10 Putnam, Hanford 653 50 Commerce, New York 570.57 North American. Hartford 555.14 Underwriters, Now York . 546.75 Security. New York 400.96 Arctic, New York 487.44 i>w.. New England, Hartford 431.00 Jnsnrance Co. of N. America, Phladelphla SS2.TS Com Exchange, New York 302,50 Buckeye, Ohio 200.00 City Fire, Hartford 150.10 ConnecUcat,UJartford 03.00 LOCAL MATTERS. Important Correction.—Wo take till* method to infotin our customers, and dealers in paper collars generally, that the Garden City Col* tars are not out of the market, hut that oar facto ry Is miming in full force, and that we are regu larly supplying the trade from an ample stock of choice goods, at 70 State street, Chicago, not withstanding unprincipled competitors’ reports to the contrary, and the contemptible means resorted to by the Union Paper Collar Company to usurp the trade to their licenses. GARDEN CITT COLLAR CO. Photographs,—Tbe very beat of Rartes dx Vibite for only one dollar per dozen, at Brand’s popular gallery, 108 Lake street, equal to those which arc charged $5 and {6 at other galleries. A Favorable Notoriety*—The good reputation and extended nsc of i% Brown's Brcnchiat 'JYoehee" for coughs, colds and throat diseases has caused the Troches to bo extensively imitated. Obtain only the genuine " Brown’s Bronchial Troches," and do not bo Influenced by those who make more profit by selling worthless Imitations. Illinois Mange, Itch* and all skin diseases are positively cured by Swayne’a Oint ment orfwe refund the money. Sold everywhere. At wholesale—Burnham c 6 van Schaack. Lnndon’B Emporium, No* G 7 Lake street, is (be place for ladies aud gentlemen to get nice Toilet articles, Fancy Goods, Opera Glasses, Fans, Lubln'a Extracts, Ac., &c. Tbe most wonderful medicine over known to man is Metcalfs great Rheumatic Rem edy. Tell your afflicted friends to try It. 41 Formodcnta” Tooth Paste preserve* the teeth, preventing decay, maxing them white and beautiful, it is free from all injurious sub stances. It la need and recommended bv the best dentists. Manufactured solely by Cap we*,, Macs & Co., Now York. Sold by all druggists. “Ema” Noiseless Shuttle Sowing Machines, for family and manufacturing purpo ses. Western office, ‘J7 Washington street. J. 11. Lerow,’agent. Local agents waateu. Moth and Freckles.—Tho only relia ble remedy for brown discolorations called Moth and Freckles, la Perry’s Moth and Freckle Lotion. Prepared by Dr. B. C. Perry. Dermatologist, 49 Bond street, New York. Sold by all Druggists. Paper Hanging* and Window Shades, all the latest styles. Great Inducements to wholesale dealers at F. £. Rigby's, 89 Randolph street. Use Gardiner’s Rheumatic and Neu ralgic Compound. It cores Rncnmatisra and Neuralgia. Sure core warranted. Sold by all Druggists. Burnhams & VanSchaack, Agents. 16 Lake street. DIED. la this city. April S, of brain disease, CLARA BELLs. youngest daughter ni David asd Phcefte U Urreolth, aged 3 years, s months and t days. Paters! services at tee reMdeace of tier parents. 153 Bark-av., on Thursday at 3 o'clock p. m. Friends oi Hie family arc Invited to attend. In this city, Aprils. FRANK, only child of Chas T. aid Althea •>. Pearton, azed » months acd a dsys. Punsral on Thursday ut 3 o’clock p. m., from No. 100 North Stato-st. In this cltv. March »th, HDLDA C. SWIFT, wife of C. G. SWIFT, in the 2Uh year of her are. ’in"Salisbury, N. 11.. Sabbath evening, March3l«t, SAMUEL C. BARTLETT, aged B 7 years. amusements T> MORI'S FAREWELL NIGHTS IN CHICAGO, Prior to her Departure for Europe, by the trans- Atlan tic steamer Vllle de Earle, which will leave New York on the 16th of May. CROMIY’S OPERA HOU3E, DIRECTOR J. ORAU. Last Two Rights In Chicago, ol j\DliXAir>E BISTORI, Prior to her leaving America, the field on which, by her great dramatic powers aad transcendent genius, she achieved some ot her greatest triumphs. THURSDAY. April 4th. Victor Huco'a Celebrated Dn.m».‘-Ascelo, lbeTjr»nt of Padua." ADELAIDE UI&IORI In her mcstccleoratrd role of TUIaBE. FRIDAY. April 5. Phaksoesre’s Celebrated Tragedy, Macbeth ADELAIDE ftISTOUI as LADY" MACBETH. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock. RISTORPS I AST APPEARANCE la Chicago. GRAND KISTOBI FAREWELL MATINEE. At the Matinee, tbe price ot arttalM'oo. Including re icrved Seat- in Boxes, Drej* Circle. I*arqastM,Ofcnc»- tra Seat* aud Balcony, wIU t*» two dollar*. j-'IOL. WO OD’B MUSBUB. J. B. WOOD Proprietor Director of Auj-i»«ju.tfflU F. K. AJKKV Stage Manager TUGS. BARKY Last Nlcbt ot Sardou’s great French Pliy, pro- BOTnr*- l*y On- snl UiC ruPltc o*e Of U>9 null pcrlcct Drau *Mc Triumphs of the age. ('ommenre at S o'ci:ck. Thl* (Thursday) oremrg, April 4th,for (be last time, the French Comedy ot A DANGEROUS GAME, Fridav, Bencfitotllr J.L.AVaatberwax, Milntday ancroron. Grand Matinee. Meca DlvciMac and My Taro Next, soon. McViCKERJ_S T.HEATK E. CtvKRA UYKRS MANAGERS. Eocacetacotof MIL JOSKPn PROCTOR. Thur-day.NICKOFTIIK WOODS, OU THE JIBOE NAJKOSAY. Uloody Nftiban, ') n Nick of thewoodsf Mr. Proctor Jlbhcntlnrsay, _) •» _ The Karo* efTHBDDMB BP.LLE. Friday— Bcacfltcf Mr. Proctor, hiilnrrtay—Proctor Matinee. Monrtav— I The aiocs aad CbsmMoa Alhlotes, ttc UANT.ON DKOTHEBS. Philharmonic of CHICAGO. Fifth (and Last) Concert of the 7th Season Saturday Bvn’e’j April 6th? At Crosby’s Opera House. 1. Symphony In A major (Nn. 7), by Besthovna. (a) Introdoction ard vicars, (b) Alteitrstto. (c) Sch-jzo prrsto. (j) Finale allegrocon brla. 2. “ Ebbcn aJe ferfsol.” Grand Dao from the opera of Semlramldn, by Rots Ini. Miss Main and Mrs, Mntllecn. S. Serenade for Flats aod Gore, by K. Tile. 4. Overture to the Opera “ rne Merry Wives of Wind sor." by Nicolai. 5. Separation. Cavailra. by lh}aeiQl..Mrs, Mavtlaott. 6. Overture to Zanctta, by Anber. Ceicert commences ala o'clock prechc’y. Extra Ticstts ft each, at F. M. W. JONES’, 42 Dearbcrn-Bt,, and at the door. QKOoBY’S OPERA HOUsE. For a Short Time Only. COMMENCING ON MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 8 th. Cpen every nlsnt alter, until turthcr notice, with MATINttRb every afternoon on and after Wcdneittaj, April lOtli, Tho Wonder and of tho Ago! MAGNIFICENT AND DIVINE. THE GREAT APOCALYPSE I ILLUSTRATED; THE BOOK OF •FtTIV/PiT. A.TIOUS UNSEALRD The Visions of St. John OPENED TO VIEW. In Fittt Splendid siovxko TAntKArx idr what St. John sa>v when a Door In HEAVEN WAS OPENED, As described by him In theßonkof inenrlni: wllh the Virion of the SEVEN GOLDEN CANDLESTICKS, and ending with thcVDJots of THE DAY OF JUDGMENT AND TOE KTow «T orusalom. The whole ccmprlslnp the entire Visions related Ic the Book of Revel&tlcus, and presenting to view tbe meet sublime acd STARTLING SPECTACLES Vouchsafed to Man, and only revealed to St. Join, the •beli.vt-d endue," that toe world through him might learn of the thmes that must come to pan, and prepare for “*ho Great Day of Bis Wrath/’ when cone shall be able to stand. Tickets to Dress Circle. Parquetbs and Orchestra Chairs, SO cents. Balcony and family Circle, 25 cents. Commence at debt o'clock. Tickets to ilAinfxxs 23 cents to all parts ot tho Oprra House. MATINEE every aiternoon at hall-past two o’clock, commencing WeCnesdav. April 10th. The Stelnway Grand Plano u*cd at this Entertain ment 1b from the warerooas cl Smith A Nixon. A. B.MORRIeJON. Solo Proprietor and Manager. ■yAUIBTY THEATRE. Monday Ercuinff, April 1, 1807. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT I After weeks of careful preparation, wl.l be produced the newly written, Infornrily-DUboltCally-Serlo-Com- Ical Drama In three acts, entitled HELL UPON EARTH; Or, Satan and His 7 Daughters. New and bcautltul scenery by W. D. Sterrer. Now properties hr John therman. New and splendid ward robe. A carefully select'd and beautiful Corps de Bal let. New effects. Brilliant transformation scenes. Act l—A View of Bel) acd its Inbsmtnntß. Act 3 Satan and His Seven Danehtm In Chicago. Act S—A Change of Scene—War—Love—Virtue Triumphant. OPEN FOR THREE WEEKS MORE ONLY. The New York Museum of Anatomy, 96 Bsndoipb-st., corner of Dearborn. Wonder of Wonders—Mysteries of Man Cre ated—The Mechanism of Nervous System— The Secrets of Nature Unveiled. Lectures Dally. Those unable to attend may receive them by enclosing 10 cent. to Secretary. auction. BT. LEE, City Auctioneer, # 1543 DEABBORN-ST. Thursday, 10 O’clock. 4th of April, Tables. Chairs, Bedstead;, Mattresses, Soring Beds, Lounges, Wa;h Machines, Counters, Shelving, Clocks, 2 TifBXS. Stoves and oijierF£rmttire. USarijincrs. PORTABLE x STEAM ENGINES, 6 8, 10, 12 ’ana 15 Horse Power, TOLL be sold at low figures. Hawkins & James, 54 South Wells-st. ISoatfiing. T>OARDING—A suite oi front parlor XX and togie room* sad day board;cso bo obtained at No, 17 Deatbomoc, up-stalrs. ■ * T>OARDING—To Best—With first-class XX board, a Soot parlor sad bed room at 319 Onta no-st, one ooor from Clark. Befbreaco raqnnf>q, IXOARDING—Two very desirable suites D of rooms Jo a private family can be had on West For particulars Inouire of JOHN A. BICB, Sbermaa Honae. J>OARD^G— Single room for a gen- JUemao, with board.; also afew dsy boarden can accommodated with board at 89 Van Baremit. BOARDING— A gentleman and wife. or two single gentlemen, wishing to make Derma nent arrangement for board for the snmmercan find adesinble room and first-class board where there are bat tew boarders at 649 Bute,comer OTTblrteenth. st. Best of reference wanted and given. . TXOARDINQ —A desirable front parlor, O with board. famlshedortmlhmlshetLlnaDrirata family, at 977 Wabash-av. PT * M T> CARDING—One gentleman can have FI good board and single room, also a few day boarder*, where there arc but few In Umllr. Bsfer* ences given and required. Apply st 311 SUte-st. TJOAKDING —Two gentlemen and their X) wives can obtain board at 162 Ulchtgan-av. None bat those wishing first-class accommodations setd apply. Call at once. BOARDING —One handsome room on (ocond floor, for gentleman and wile or single gentleman. Also, one single rcom. Apply at 397 Mlchlgan-st., corner of Pine. BOARDING Pleasant rooms, with board, at moderate prices, at 310 Stats-st. BOARDING— A lady and gentleman and two tingle gentlemen can obtain excellent boaia and comfortable tarnished-r oms (one a large Pont room), with closets, at 601 West Madlton-st. TXOARDING—NiceIy lumisbcd rooms, J X with gas, bath rooms, 4c., with or without board. Also, a parlor and bedroom, elegantly famished, at 54 Foartn-av. Day board reasonable. T> CARDING—A large front parlor, JD hocd*<imely furnished, soluble for a gentleman atd wife, with board, can be had at the St. Clond House, only two mlcnus walk from the Coart House. 114 Fianklln-st. VINTON 4 HAYNES. BOARDING —Two or three gentlemen can find a nice famished front room, with board, in a private family, at 113 South Halsted-st. TXOARDING—With nicely furnished I) roomsfor gentleman and wife and slngltgentl men. Also, flrst-ciaes day board, at 152 East Madl aon-st. BOARDING —Two. desirable rooms, Just vacated, to rent, with board, to gentlemen. Also, day boarders solicited. Apply Immediately at 300 Banoolph-st., next door to Metropolitan Hotel. BOARDING —Two gentlemen and one lady can find good board at 49 Htuh-u. BOARDING —Fiont room to rent, with board. Also, girl wanted, at 57 Pint-st.. comer of Ohio. Reierence required. BOARDING —One double room, also cno single room, with first-clasa board, can be nan by applying at 393 Mleblgan-et. Also, day boarders accommodated. . I^OARDINQ —For gentleman and wile, 1J second-story front room and bed room, all tar nished. No other boarders. Gas In both rooms, and bath room on same floor. Location onTweniy-flflh-st. Apply at 198 Laks-st. ISoanr s!l<aantei>. T3OARD—For gentleman and wile, I ) with turnlfhedor ntforoUhed rooms. Address Box 2733. statin;: location and terms. T3OARD—A gentleman and his wife JL> desire board In a private fatn’ly; froat room if possible. Wabash or Michigan avenues preferred. Thcbcator references tarnished. Adorcte “HASTr,” Tribune office, Chicago, HI, T3OARD—In a small ornate family, by I _> two yonrg gentlemen, who desire a comfortable home. A Christian lamily preferred, where there are few or no other boarders. Location between E'dt idge conrt and Twenty-tourth-st., east ot htatc. References exchanged. Adoiess, stating terms, “S L D." p. o. Box 2936. * T>OABD—By two young gentlemen, on I I one of tho avenues, south 01 Twelfth-si, Address •*EP W.» 201 and 203Sonth Wster-st. T3OAHD—By a youog man, on tbe X) Ist of Hay. board and nufurnlsli'd room In a private family. on Sooth Side, east oi stats ond north of Fonneenlh-st. Address “Q. F. f 1.,” P. O. Box 3,559 TJOARD—A Jady wisues to furnish her 13 own room and obUln board In a private family. Reference exchanged. Address **J IIP,” P. 0., im mediately. DOARD—By a lady music teacher. 13 Would teach and furnish piano as Dart payment for hoard. Bet: city references given. Address -MUSIC TEACHER/* Trlboneottlce. IHactincrß. F)Il SALE—Woodwork planing and matching machines of different styles and sixes; onezl-utcbsarfacer; a full assortment of sash, door end blind machinery, moulding machines, wood lathes, ecroll laws, re-sawing machines, saw arbors, Ac., Ac.; also, machinery foi Iron work—engine lathes, planers, upright Drills, Mnrltcna's patent bolt cotters. Davit* patent bolt headers, Bralusid's patent vise*—all at mannactoteis'rrlcrs, freight added. Circulars soot onappllcaUon. iIEBKIMaN A WBIQRT.I4 Wells-*! 170 R SALE—2S,IO and 15-horse power I* portable engines and boilers, with ail modern la ments, and all complete, and for sale at very low prices, by GRIFFIS BROS., 116 LsSsllfret. IT'OH SALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and r stationary engines, from 4 to 25-horse power; alio, I*ntnsm Machine Co.'s tools: two 12-ftct bed 21-Inch, two 10-l<*et bed. 30 and 37-tnch, one 8-fect bed intact, screwcutting esclne lathes; three upright drills, two Iron planers, bolt cutters, saw mini, shinglo toil*, two Woodworth plia nt and matchers, Farrar's gorfacers, pumps, belting, hofe.'fllt*. Ac., 4c. c. L. BICE A CO- 19 and 21 Dearboro-at. TT'OR SALE—Three 8-horse powei up- X 1 nght engirt; also six horizontal engine*, &1C and U-hrrse power. Larger or smaller engines fur nished with or without boilers, is, u, 16 and 20-honc tubular and locomotive bolters for sale, best make. Also one t-roller Union Matcher ar.d Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, tror Batere, bemne. saws, files, Ac. Machinery Depot, a« cargorn-sL, Chicago. ORKENLSS BROS. A CO. K?OR SALE —Sieam Engines—Two CO, V one X. one 15 sod one S-horse power, with boll ers ccmplete; two 15-hrrse fire box boilers; one Everts riuucfe mid.and ouo beading founder. JAMES WAR NEK. 233 S’ate-iC auction g>aleg. TXTH.A. BUTTERS & CO-, * V AUCTIONEERS, <SA and 45 HANDOtP H-ST.. Dotwwn StaUMit »nil W*ba*h-av. wITOCK OF DRY GOODS AND COS O TOM-MADE CLOTHING.- AT ADtITIOK. THIS WORKING. April ith. at VK o’clock, at Butters’ Balostoonia, 4-1 and -10 Itandolpb-st. WM. A- HUTTHR3 ft co_ Auctioneers. JgLEGANT HORSE FDRNITORE, A T AUC TION, At Dwelling IBS Mlchlganav., on FRIDAY. April Sib, at 10 o’clock. WM* A. BUTTERS ft CO* Anctloneors. T>EGULAR SATURDAY SALE XV Household Furniture, White China Ware, Wheel er ft Wilson Sewing Machines, at AUCTION. < n SATURDAY. Anrll 6th, at 9jf o’clock, at Butlers’ Salesrooms, Re dolph-n. WM. A. BUTTERS ft CO., Auetlonoers. •’yALUAULE PKOPJShTT, THE EIOHMOND HOUSE AT AUCTION, On TV cilncsdaj-, April 17th, at 10 O’Clk. ON THE PREMISES, Wesba’l sell the valuable property known aa the Richmond House, situate on Ibe northwest corner ot South Water-st. and Mlchlgan-av.—the house frosts SOfe&tcn Mlchltrf a-av.and 130 feet on South Water* st* with marble from*, six Hone* and basement. Tne lot Is 96 fret by the boat* covering the entire ground. The RICHMOND HOUSE is One of the Rest Buildings in tills City, Having been built at a cert of $140,000, and Is now In the very b**! repair. All the gas fixtures and steam apparatus will M sold with the house. The talewlli be made subject to a mortgage of |tn,fOO,pfiyabl‘*lni*?eaf*, with Interest st 8 per cent P-r annum. All above that amount will be cash. The home is now rented for a term of y»ars to a prompt paying tenant for SIO,OOO per annum. The eme of this valusble aut desirable property Is without reserve, WM. A. BUTTERS ft CO., Auctioneer*. BY GILBERT & SAMPSON, General Auctioneer*. Salesrooms 47 and 49 Dearborn* Chicago. Our personal attention given tn sales of all kinds of household fon-Unre, ftc., at dwellings, or at onr Ancilou Room*. Regular sale days at store every Tuesday and Friday. Parties wishing to buy or icllwlil find It to their Interest to call on us. Large and Extensive Sale of Notv and Sec* and«!iand Fornltorc, Carpets, Plot Glasses and iloa*cbold Goods, AT AUCTION. ON FRIDAY, April sth, at 10 o’clock. at our auction room*, constsling In part of the house hold good*, carpets, ftc.. ot two families, breaking up hocs'kecplng. Also a eplcnuld stock of new furniture of every kind. Including very elegant ard me dium Cnamber Setts, and twelve new and second-hand Parlor Setts, to solid Rosewood and Polish Walnut, with a great variety of household goods. Also two splendid Freneh-platc I‘lcr Glosics, with rich carved Polish Walnut Dames. . GILBERT ft bAiIPSON. Auctioueers. RUCTION SALE OF ELEGANT Fancy and Toilet Goods, LADIES ARE PARTICULARLY INVITED. 1 will sell at No. 104 Clark-st, comer of Walking ton. Smith 4 Nixon’s Block. ON THURSDAY, April 4th, Commencing at 10 o’clock a. m.. the entire stock of New and Fancy Articles, Dry Goods. Books and Sta tionery, Rare Steel Engravings. Perfumeries, 4c., 4c., contained In said Store, known as Guy A. Lewis’Ba taar. The goods are all of superior quality, not surpassed bv any stock ol the kind in the city. Terms of sale, cash. Every article offered will be scld, J. A. MARSHALL. Auctioneer. jQAA’IEL SCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lako-st., cor* LaSalle, Chicago* Cash advanced cn Merchandise consigned for sale. Oat-door sale* promptly attendod to. A UOTlON—Thursday 4lh ol April, at / \. io a. ra„ at tbo rooms of Daniel Scott & Co., 161 Ij;ke-flt. Elegant new Furniture, embracing parlor suites of all cetcrlptlona, bed room do.. Sofas, Lounges, Chalr*4Ea*y chair*. Body Brussels, Ingrain and two and three ply made np Carpsts, Glassware, Oil paintings, Fancy Soap. 4e. _ DANIEL SCOTT 4 CO., Auctioneers. A UCTlON—Friday, sth of April, at 10 xl. a. in., at the rooms of Daniel Scott 4 Co., 161 Lake-et.—Dry Good*, Dress Goods, Prints, Shirtings, sheeting*. Ginghams. Delaines. Hoop Skirts. Ladles’ Breakfast Shawls, Ticking, Stripes, Custom made Clothing, 4c~ 4c. A largo and fresh assortment. DANIEL SCOTT 4 CO., Auctioneers. RUCTION SALE OP FURNITURE, CARPETS, Ac., 4c. OnTBURSDAY, 10 o’clock, at our sales rc ome, 73,77 and 79 WeU*-Bt„ corner of Randolph, a large assortment ol Rrussclls and Ingrain Carpets on Cloths, Mattings. Parior and Chamber Sets, Book Cixscs, Wardrobes, Office Desks, Bureaus-Washstands, Extension Tsbiee. Whatnots, Cane and Wood Chairs, Bedsteads, Mattresses. Sheets, Hair and Feather Pil lows, Clocks, unus, pistols, Crockery, Glass and Plat en Ware, together with an assortment of Fancy Soaps: also, one Express Wagon and Harness. Regular Sales, Mondays and Thursday*. J. HEANEY 4 CO. Auctioneers. Sato i-EUls, Engines, &c.. 7j£HE LANE & RODLEY Portable Circular Saw Hills, PORTABLE STEAM EMOTES, Shingle ftartiißßa, corn Min* and Bhamny, Wood working Machinery. LANK Sc BODLBT, Comer ol John and Water-ets., Cincinnati. Applicant* tor de*cripQyeeixchlkrs will specify the machinery they need. ecSSBel-ipxin Sußtatßs CSancgg. T7OB SALE—A Jewelry Store, with X? stock and fixtures, on one of the prlncipU stmt* ortho city. For farther Information apply at H. OP* PENHBIMRE 4 CO’S, 40 Booth Clark-st. FOR SALE—A splendid business rehicce Is ofirred. Large or nnsll capital may be employed bat sot leaa than faojttr. Profit very largo. For particular* addtesi "MERCHANT," P O Box IMStLChleago. HE FDR bAXiE—Lease, stock, and fixtures of a well established retail grocery store, one of the beet locations on the West Side. For particulars. Inquire at 449 West Baadolph-at.

FDR SALE—We have choice houses and bnitness property in all parts ot the city, and arms in all parts of the country, constantly on hand. A.J.MILLS4CO., Boom 31. Keyno Ida'Block. FDR SALK—A first-class drug store, lima led on one of the liveliest bnslneis streeU on North Side, having a brisk trade and a Urge and ex trusive prescription business. Cheap rent and a long lease. Full particulars given at the Tribune office. Call at 833 North Clark-st. JpOR SALE—The lease, furniture and ’ good will ot one of the best paying hotel stands the city. It Is a large house, situated opposite a depot, bears a good reputation. and has a large and constant tun ofcastom. Tbe bouse contains several parlors, reading rooms, ana bed rooms, all well far* nUhed and capable of accommodating 15 to 100 guests. Bent low. To any party having a moderate capital this Is a splendid opportunity for making money. Ap> Ply to, or address, ISAAC CLAFLIN, 93 Washing ton st. IT'OR SALK—For cash, a small Drug JL Store. Just the thing for a Physician. Apply at 116 Adama-et. FOR SALE—Or rent—A rare chance— fer a number of years a first rate Veterinary Es tablishment, situated m Bloomington. Ills. Office stabling for thirty horses. Premises all new; near public square. Apply to the owner, MARY E. HEN DERSON, Ccutre-at., Bloomington. I?OR SALE—The lease’ and fixtures of X a well established Banking and Exchange office In a first-class location. Address box 3111, Chicago Pest Office. I7OR SALE—A hotel barbel shop. It is X 1 one cfbe best locations la the city. For sale cheap. Inquire at 38 Onswold-st., at the Psclflc House barber shop, opposite tbe Michigan Southern and Chicago and Bock Island depot. T?6r SALE—A stock of wines and JT liquor*, valued at *6,500, with or without fixtures, or will trade fbr real estate all of It or a part. 46 North Wellflst. FOR SALE —To Lumbermen One 3 third Interest In a steam saw mill situated upon the chore ot Lake Michigan In Wisconsin, attached to which la 900 acres of pine Umber. For particulars ad dress (for five days; Post office box 113, LocXpoit, mmol*. t?dR SALE—Drug Store—A rare chance I 1 fbr a man wltb smalfcapltal. In a location where business can be increased. Must he sold on account of Blcknefi. Apply at or address 789 Chicago. FOR SALE—Doardme house and fix ture*. Will be sold cheap to cash customer. In quire at IS3 State-st., between 13 and 7 o’clock. FDR SALE—A barber shop on the comer ol Wells and Madlxm-eta., under pawn shop. BENJ. ROBINSON. ■ ■ Tj'Oß SALE—Gents’ Furnishing Goods— J? Haring associated myself with the old and pops lar Gents* Famishing House of F. C. Kcmpton. Broad way, New York, under tbe name and firm of F. C. Kcmpton 4 Co, (the same to take effect April 1), I of fer my stock, furniture, and lease for sale, for caih—or will rent store and sell fixtures (black walnut) at a bargain. WM. P. CHURCH, ol Wm. P. Church 4 Co., 113 ClariMt, FOR SALE.—SI,SOO to s3,ooo.—The National Cow Milker, for sale. State Rights of the shore for DUnols, Wis consin, lowa, Michigan and Ohio. The flmplwt and most Defect Invention ot the axe. Full particulars by applying to Boom 14, No. 117 Sooth Ulark-su. Chicago. N. D —No chat principals, with the money, will he treated with; T? OR BALE—Mrs. Carpenter’s old eatab le luned dressmaking hnsloeas and fixtures. In quire at 133 Lake-it. TT'OR BALE—SLSOO to SI,BOO will buy X 1 a well-located, established news and tobacco store combined, with bulletin; and flxinrei. Casa sales average #24 per day. Present owner going west. Ap ply at No. 3 Ruah-et. F3R BALE—Book and stationery store, best retail street In this city- Lease, one year; rent, including several rooms, SIOO per month. Ad dreaa Box 2833, Chicago. FOR SALE—Drug store, well and cen trally located, doing a good business, wltb a floe prescription trade, handsomely fitted op, favorable lease and low real. Apply at Room 1, No. 192 South Clafk-st. TT'OR SALE —Or To Rent Packing P honse and fixture* complete, ol capacity to cot 200 hues per day, with lease ot lot and dock ISO feet riverfront. Dodc may be repted for the summer. J. EDWARDS FAT. No. li* Lombard Block. TT'OR SALE—A brewery with all the C necessary apparatus and Implement* for running .the same; all In good order and condition; wlllheaold on easy terms. Apply to CUDB A AMICK. Beal Ci tato Brokers, Room I, corner of Randolph andCa nal-ste. FOR SALE—The lease and license of a bllUsrdsalocndolngagoodbminess. Reason for sellltg, gnltg in otherbaila»ss. Apply at thelntelll gecce Office. 150 Sonth Clark-*! TT'OR SALE—A lewelry, book and sta- J 1 tionery store In a good location and doing a good business, owner wishing to retire. TRUESDKLL A CO- Real £«tate Brokers, Room 13, Lombard Block, 109 Monroc-st, F)H SALE—A brot and shoe establish ment in a good locality, doing a fint-claas trade. Nonebotihofenicanlnghuslsessneod apply. Address •Q Z," Tribune office, T7OU SALE—Good saloons in all parts X 1 of the city. Locations A No. 1. 130 South Clark-st.. Room No. 7. Ural isstafc==fflountoß. TT’OR BALE —In a pleasantly situated X? and fa»althy village, about *0 miles from this city, a most desirable residence, containing eleven rooms, btridrs pantries and closets. good stable, wood and oa'houses. wtUi well and brick cistern, brick cellar with cement floor, all In good order and repair. House situated In centre of S meres ol ground, covered with ctolce trim and shade Ire-*, grapes. 4c- twenty rods torn depot, with plank walks, will sell honse, to gether with piano, carpets ard all household goods, cow, wood and cost and provisions complete, or sens r»te to suit. For Information, sendnote lolfex 1108 tils city, with name aid address. A splendid chance ID a ready made home. FOR SALE—House and lot at Rockford, HI. A good two-story stone bouse, with base ment, twelve rooms, hall, double parlors, large kitch en, two hrkk clsteros, garden well sapollod with fruit and shtubbvry, honse surrounded by large shade tr ies, an acre corner lot, in a moftt desirable neighborhood, within three minutes walk of the well-known Rick ford Female Seminary. A rare opportunity tor those having daughters te educate. Price (3,500. Apply to O. C. BLAOKMER, 133 Randolph-81. FOR SALE—The following valuable .property Mtuatrd lathe town or Odlu, Marion coun‘y, Illlnol*. at the Junction ol the Ohio ft Mis sissippi and Illinois Central B. it,: Eating boose cm Hr. Ohio ft Mississippi olauortn. completely laraKhort azadolnga good Dullness. Brier cottage, 39 t»f 33. r*w, barn and fixture*- Barn built for a llveir stable, ta-re being none here now. A good opportunity It ofiered. Wit] e*iion ea«T terms or exchange for a good (atm (-itnated within 30 miles of Chicago. For terms address D. B. OATES, Odin, 111. T?OK SALE—At Evanston—For houses X 1 and lots 01 all prices, from $1,900 to 519.C00. or 5- ecretni*. ora larmone mile tram the village, at the lowc-t rates and upon the best terms, apply to C. K. BROWNE. Beal Estate Agent, Evanaion, or at bis office. 17 LaSalle at., Chicago. <701? SAXE—Cheap—A well improved f farm ol 300 acres at Lfbertyvills, Lake Co. Will t*te city property In part payment. Posiomlou given iramrnUtely. Inquire ol O. A. SPRINGER, Mo. 9 Moropo-ltan Mock* T7OR SALE—Or exchange for city JT nroperty, a house, twelve r.oma, bam. and five or fifietx acres. In Hyde Park. Seen at JOHN G. ROGERS’office at 13 o’c och. DILLARD. 17OK aALE—in Evanston, a new cot* Jj tage Hons*, well built, with 7 rooms, besides clos ets. A goed cellar ned-r the whcle house. Also gcod well and cistern. L'tTO by 200 feet. Price $3,000. Ap- Ply to C. COMSTOCK, Mo. S Statc-st* Chicago* FOR SALE—Or Rent—A splendid resi dence. property In the village ci Ebckpsrt, thirty* two mllei from Chicago and convenient to cars, con sisting of lot 60 by ICU feet, with bouse 16 by 31 feet, two splice bleb*wlib wing and piazza 21x74—entire front 40 fret—ln rear of which Is a Kitchen and wood bouse 17 by 14, good cement collar and cistern ; also a well of never falling water; also a barn 16 by 33, two stories hlrh, all ol which are new and tn complete order and built In the moat substantial and workmanlike man ner. Abundance of choice young fiult trees, grapes, bmHs.fte. Price $3,500 cash ; rent $290 per atmnm. Address H.n. MKACHAM. Burlington House. 080 Canal-et* Chicago, llltnola. T7OK BALE—Form, 8 miles from Mor f? ri*. Grundy Co-. IH.,contalningts9acres.33 acres oTVhlch Is wood land, anc all the balance Improved; dwelling house, horse barn and grenary, alt well fin* Iftholand painted; aboat 10 acres ot good grafted ap ple tree*, 8 yean old, and a never-tailing stream ot wa ter en lb** premises. Terms, s6.uOC—one-third cash tn band, and Valanceon UTuctosalt the purchaser, at 8 p-r cent per annum. Inquire at the ot*e of A. J. GALLOWAY ft SON, Rcom 11 Metropolitan Block, Chicago. TTOR SALE A mamiificent conn- X try sent In the city of Dowaglac. Michigan. Large, e'egantiy finished two-story brick house of 10 rooms, with a splendid cellar unaer the whole boose; gool outbullolcgs. bam. carriage house, Icehonse, ftc n ftc., ■» ith two and a half acre* of groat d. all laid ont and Onsly improved, ana covcrei with shrubs, evergreens and irult In great variety. Will be sold very low and on easy terms. L, R. AUTHOR ft CO n 2lO Stale-st FOR SALE —A farm ot 160 acres all tccced and Improved, with new two story house, 8 rooms. SOO bearing apple trees, 400 grape vlsci, 1 acre In strawberry, within 3 mllesof a thriving village of 5,000 Inhabitants; within 60 miles of Chicago. Will be sold at a great bargain. L. U> ARTHUR ft CO,. 310 biate-st. #or Sale. T7OR SALE—Store fixtures and show X 1 case, lo excelled order, nnd lor sale at low fig ure*. at lOS Randolph-st. Call Immediately. R. 1). BALDWIN. FOR SALE—A Weed No. 3 Pnrally Sewing Machine. It Ulo t erlhct order aad good as new. having been used out fbur months. It will be sold ter sls. If called l>'r soon. Retail price at the office. $63. Call at 133 Clark-it* Roam 32. FOR SALE—fceveral silvcrplaled show ca*rsof dlQerentdzet; a'so. s Wliilerflre-prool sate: also, side case*, at E.H. STEIN’S, 70 Clark-st. opposite tne court house. FOR SALE—To Harness Makers — *2,7tK) worth o] stock, including lease, which ex p re* May Ist, 19711, at llfli per year, wl'l be sold for $2.200 caih. Call at 106 West BaLdolph-st. I7OR SALE—SO,OOO good bnch. Inquire 1 of E. GOODMAN, 133 ronth Dcsplalnes-at., be tween tbs boars ot hi and 3 or 6 and 9 p. tn. FOR SALE—A hand peddler’s license, Will bo sold at a great discount irom cost. In qaire at 220 Mlctilc*n-gt. TT'OR SALE—Furniture—'The enure fur- I' nlture of house No. 20 South Clintoo-st. In quire on the premise*. It unt sold by Monday next, the tame will be sold at auction. TT'OR SALE—Routy aim’s Patent Notch- Jn ed Binge and Shutter Fastener. State and Coun ty Rlebts for sale. Also, the receipt lar three arUmes of dally file and also dally consumption. Address, with stamp, lor circulars. JOS. L. BOUTrAHN, Orig inal Fattuiee, Frederick i'lty. Mirylaad. FOR SALE—A first-class bagatelle ta bleln perfect order, and only in use for a few months. Will be sold tor $33. as the owner U going into another line of business. To be seen at 136 bcuth WclU-st. Host anb jfounb. LOST— Monday, April Ist, a pink Swiss Crystal Locket. Ihe finder will be rewarded by leaving it at IRQ Ohlo-st. TOST— Wednesday, March 37, coming j out ol Crosby’s Opera Bouse, a light tan French kid glove, laced back. a suitable reward will bo paid tor Us retnm to 78 Van Buren-st. T OST—Or Stolen—A white Cow, sor 6 I j years old, on Saturday night. Whoever will bring her back or tell where she Is, will gat $3 Irom JOSEPH gEDMEN. 136 Clybourne-av., Chicago. ObT—On Tuesday evening, a black sou tao terrier. Had a co Ur on with owner’s name andresldence. A liberal reward will be paid for its return to 361 West Washlngton-st. LOST— $5.00 Reward—On Monday a nocket bcoc coutalnlm one tweety and two live srbiUs. Please address. Miss JANE E. DODGE, Chicago. LObT— Strayed from No. 73 Archer road yesterday afternoon a little boy two years ann three months old. Any person knowing of him will confer a favor by leaving word at above address. LOST— On Tuesday afternoon a pocket bosk containing some twenty-debt dollars and several paper* of no use to any but the owner. The Antler will bo rew aroed by leaving it at 172 CtarK-U-, second floor. LOST— $25 Reward—Between the Ma rine Hospital and West Halsted-eL, a lady’s gold watch and chain—marked ‘•Laura, trom her Father, £staT- call or address L. C. MERRICK* 223 Stato-st. LOST— A mfleh cow—A liberal reward will be paid to anybody who cou glvo Informa non orbrlnethe below mentioned cow to O. RIEBE LING. 249 Kankakee-av. It was a lean milch cow, red and white. She was lost on the Ist ol April and had a bolder and chain on when she left the premise* at 2C9 Kankakee-av. FOUND —A small sum ot money, on the litlnst.*on6tate-et, Call at 179 prove property and pay (Or this advertisement. JOHN S. BUCHANAN. ®* 3aenfe=»ouseo. T) RENT—No. 1058 Wabash at., with 9 room*, water, bath, ns, sad ga* fixture*, no. 191 calomet-av., wlthM rooms, neat the ears, ssd a fine location. Vos. sad 86 Qnlncy-rt., with 8 rooms, Applyto . J. M. MARSHALL, ■ Boom 8. No. 07 Clark-st. TO RENT—A two-story house, with tearoom and bam.Mo 774 West Jackaoo-at, comer of Seeley. Price SCOP. TD RENT—House 823 Wabash ay., to a responsible tenant, trom the Ist ot May. tarn lot. garden.!two-story bam. Ac, Inquire of J. L. WKATHEHWAX. at Mnsenm Box office. npO RENT—House 243 Michigan-av., I containing fifteen rooms, two bath rooms, Ac. In qn&e of JOBS FOBJYTHS. 193 Baodo^h-et. TO RENT—House No. 116 West Jack son-at. Contains nine rooms, closets, pantries, cel lar.gas and water. Bam tn rear. Be&tfSO. Apply to JOS. BTOCKION, 52 South Qart-st. TO RENT—A new two-story house, with every accommodation for private boarding bouse, with furniture fbr sale, on the west Side, in* quire at Ko. 49 West Madlsoa-st. S'O KENT—Part of bouse, with six rooms, and furniture fbr sale at a low price, at 2 Oak-st., near Lake Shore. TO RENT—New cottage of ten rooms. 114 Paullna-ati, with basement,hot and cold water. Bat >35 per month. Apply on the premises. TO RENT—A large marble front house, on Wsablsgton-st., near Wlllard-place, together with new and elegant furniture to rent with nonss, or sell, in quantities to suit purchasers. BEKS4AYKUS, Beal Eitate Brokers, 10 Opera House. rpo RENT—A cotta&e house of 6 rooms, 1. 134 Coolldge-st.—rent |M per month. Posse*, slcn immediately. Apply to U.W. PH ALIEN, 163 Klnzte-et. TO RENT—The two story irame dwel- HngNo.3s4 Wabash-av,, near Harrlson-st. In quire at the “Home Mutual Insurance Office,” No. l33Dtarboi n-st. TD RENT—Two new dwelling houses with stone basements and modem improvements, situated on tbe comer ot Franklin st. and Cblcago.av. TO RENT—Parlies going to Europe wish to rent their residence on Micnigan-ST n nortti of Jackfon-ar. Possession given immediately. Apply at 101 South Clark-st. TO RENT—Jwo stoir house, No. 16 South May-ic. 9 room*, closets, pantries, cistern acd hydrant, with immediate possession. Also, two story booieforaaleatSl.fOO leas than cost- Inouire at 313 West Lake-st., between 7 h. m. and 0 p. ta. rpO RENT—The elegant cottages known _l_ as Nos. 203 and 304 Oreen-st., with 7 rooms each, wltb closets, water and sewers, near horse cam. Apply to 198 Green-at., or to J. M. MAUSHaLL. Bcum 8, No. 97 Clark at. TO BENT—A fine three story hnck house between Sut<sst. and Wohasb-av„ near atreet cars. JONES, BUNDY 4 TAYLOR, Boom 13 Methodist Church g ock. TO KENT—A new and beautiful Cot tage of six rooms and basement, with water and gas. cn West Madlson-sti, tn a very desirable locality. About tSCO worth ol new tnrnlture Is for sale at a bar gain. None need apply unless wishing to purchase tho same. Bent 935 per month. Call at 162 South Water sl. Chicago. nPO RENT—Two-story frame Dwelling X Boose, No. 223 North LaSalle-sL. containing g room*, water, gas, etc. Inqnlre of PUBINGTON 4 SCRANTON, 30!) Booth Water-sU « ’T'O BENT—A two-story frame Dwelling A Home, 40 Scuth Jefienon-et., containing ten rooms, with good stable. Poo«*sston given Mar Ist. Water* A SCRANTON, 209 Sooth TO RENT—Furnished Boarding House on Mlchlgan-av. Also, a Boa-ding House, with furniture for sale at a bargain. RICB * VaN VSCH TEN, Honse Agents, 17Q South Clarfc-st., Room 1. TO RENT—No. 362 West Madison-st. IPoasetilon immediately. Apply on the premises. TO RENT—A good Cottage, with fire rooms—43 Myrlck-ar, Apply at 879 Btate-st,< TO RENT—A'famished house on Mich- Igan-av.; also a partner wanted In what appears w to be a good paying bmlnesa. L. H. ARTHUR T) RENT—In a fine neighborhood, on the West Side, a nice, very pleasaat and conven ient home, partially famished, good bam.larzsyard. to a small tamlly who can give belt of references. Rent can be paid in boarding a couple. Address “LU." Tribune office, giving references. TO RENT—Two-story house, six rooms, with pantry, good location on Aberdeen-*!.. near Madison. Rent kid per month, quarterly in advance. Apply at 1| Aberdeen-st. RENT—New Cottage, six rooms, JL Harrison near Morgan; home, 7 rooms, Maulsoa st.near Cnrtts; new home. 11 rooms, Poruncr-st. QOODWILLIE A CO.. 162 Madlson-st. cor. T.»s*n e . rpo RENT—A two story frame home, 13 X rooms, water hydrant and cUtero. marble man tels, bath-room, large yard, barn, and beautiful shade trees, north orNotth-sr. With or without parlorfar rnture. HILL & WHIPPLE.I2B Dearbom-st- Room 2. XO BENT—Houses and lots on West Side,goodltcaUon.all modern Improvements.? ’ rooms, also barnt with each. RILL A WHIPPLS, Real Estate Agents. 12M Dearboro-sU Boom 2. 3To =&cnt==3SPoms TO KENT —Furnished rooms at 81 Ad am t-tt., South Side, soilable lor gentleman and wire or two or three single gentlemen. Apply on the premises. TO RENT—A suite of unfurnished room*, with board in a private family, tor gentle man mod wife or two single gentlemen. Inquire at 294 West Washlngton-sc Reference required. 3 HO RENT—A suite ot rooms with 70 L yard* of good carpeting and furniture lor sal: sap. Inquire at No. 131 Dearborn-at, 3d floor pack room. TO RENT—Two furnished rooms for two or three gentlemen, st No. 10 Sercateeath-at. 'T'O RENT—To a small family without L children, 5 rooms, within 10 minutes* walk of Coart Home. Kent JWJO per month. Inquire at 79 Lske-sU op Halii. TO RENT—The upper part of a nice two-storv frame House in a pleasant neighbor hood. A tamlly without children preferred. Bent SIS per mocih to advance. Call at 033 Carroll-st- b»- tween Wood and Llncotn-ets. TO KENT—Room—ln a desirable loca- Hon, and tamltoro for sale at a bargain. Call, from 1 to 8. or after 7. at 05 Reynolds' Block. TO RENT—A Furnished Room, with out board. In a private family, at 68 Moaroe-st.. neai Post Office. TO BENT—Rooms at CO4 Btaie-st., first floor, for boilnesi, and five rooms on tecond floor tor dwelling. npo RENT—Two suites oi rooms, near L the Second Presbyterian Church. Posiosdon clren to ore salte Immediately. the other on the Ist of May. Address, giving name and reference, •* a,” Tri bune office. npo RENT—Rooms, furnished or untnr- A. nlshcd, and taken care 01, on Mlcblraa-ar* rear liarilson-st. WUI be let low to parties who will lor* nlsb their rooms, Addreis -M H.*’ Tribune officd. / T , O RENT—Some very race furnished X, lodging rooms. Inquire alll-1 SouthDearbern st. Room 36. TO RENT—A front room in the second story of No. 04 Laks-at* corner of State—one of toe moat desirable locations in thi city. Size of room 19x33. Apply U>KIDDEKftCO.,64 Lake-st, RENT—A desirable furnished room X lor two gentlemen, without board, at No. 113 Wubash-av. ■ &oHcnfc=jptoreg, <Mtcca.&c TO RENT—HaIf ol store 89 "West Ran* dolpb-st,, suitable for any light business. Will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply on theprea lies. 'T'O RENT—No. 125 Dearborn-st, store J and oaiement. Fes. 19H and 201 Clark-st* with rooms. No. *2?K Clark-st* with rooms. Nos. 187 and 209 Clerk-si., with rooms. Nos. 3111 ana 314 Clark-st* with rooms. No. 36K East Madia:,n-st* store. Mo. .112 6tato-st* brick store. No. 138 Jackson-tt* fine store. No. u.ll clark-st* elegant basement. No.,lloClark-Bt. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, 07 Clark-st. rpo RENT—Dockage—Lumber Yard to X rencforatermofyears.loGrecne’sßoatb Branch addition. A. O.THROOP, City Treasurer's Office. rpo KENT—Store and offices on Wash- J logton-»t» between Clark ana Dearbhotn, Apply to W. D, KERFOOP.B9 Washington «t. TO KENT—Deck co lease for a term of years. Theßralnard dock, adtolntcg Urowcr’a Salt dock, with rallnad track andhOOleet water front age. Apply at Room No. 1. 190 Clark-st. T) RENT—Two tine smtea of offices on LaSalle-eL. fronting the Court House Square. Also, several veiy desirable rear offices, cheap—ail newly painted, grained, calsomlned and incomplete order. Also, the finest basemeut In the cltr. light and dry, 43x150 feet. Apply to BOYNTON. FOSTER ft Co., Commission Merchants, 84 and 86 LaSalle-st. TO RENT—Prom May Ist, 84 Wash- Ingtou-st ,a well-lighted basement, with steam power. Also, fourth story ot same bonding, with stesm hoistway. Inquire of CHURCH ft GOODMAN, 110 Dcarborn-st. TO RENT—Store and basement 85 Ran dolph-st. Apply at store. TO RENT—First-class Sewing Machines at H.E. SCOTCHMER’S. 90 Madlsou-st. T) RENT—Packing House Dock, cor nerGrovoand Tweaty-socond-sts.; 300 test river front; R. R. switch In rear. Inquire on premises, or Room 6. No. 17 LaSallo-st. TO RENT—Bascmeut ol store No. 43 Booth Clark-st. Alec, three stories and basement of store No. 39 South Water-st.. Ibr storage purposes. Inquire upon the premise;. J. H. BROWN ft CO* 43 South Clark-st. TO RENT—Office and third and fourth stories 0fN0.13 South Water-st. Very eligible and lobbing business.- Apply to L. W. TO KENT—Desk room in a first-class office, nicely furnished. Nods bat responsible parties need apply. Address P. O. Box 293. f'T'O RENT—Offices and sleeping moms 1 In various blocks, which trill he let to good ten ants cheap. Apply to J.M. MARSHALL. Room S. Ho. 97 CUrk-at. rpo RENT—Offices m budding No. 43 I LaSaJle-st. Inquire ol B. B. BELL'S: CO., first four. TO RENT—To Physicians—Part of a physician's office to rent. Address"CW B,” Post office, tor one week. nno RENT— A stable on Michigan-av., I tsarTwenty-second-st.. having threestalls, car riage room, bay lolt, 4c. Apply by letter to “D D B,” Post Office. rpo RENT—Two stores, 80 and 88 "West 1 itandoiph-st, (brick block). Possession given Immediately Inquire on premises. TO RENT—From May Ist,part ofbnild- Inc 278 South Water-tt. Inquire within Office up stairs. TO RENT—The second and third floors ofNo-40 Stato-st* suitable for a Jobbing busi ness. Apply to JAMES CONVERSE 4C0„28 Lika ft. rpo RENT—The three-story and base- J ment Brick Store, 36 State-at. Office on street floor, 19 South Wells-st. Office on street floor. 160 Sonin Waters*. Also, a fswoffices and sleeping rooms, by P. GEDDES. Room 3. No. 17 South Wells-at, rpo BENT—The thud and fourth floors, J with office on the second floor, ol a new five-story bal’dlng. centrally located. Address Box 1369. rpo RENT—Store—ll 3 Clark-st, and I fixtures, lor sale. This Is onset the best stands lor retail trade In tbs city, and elegantly fitted. Im mediate possession given. TO RENT—A Brewery, with all the ne cessary tmplemants and apparatus lor running the same; all In good condition and ready for use. Ap ply to COBB 4 AMICE Real Estate Brokers. Room 1 Yates Building, comer of Randolph and Caoal-ats. TO RENT—Basement Saloon and fix tures for sale, at 16 West Randolph. Inquire on premises- - TO RENT—Prom May first, basement 119 South. Clark-»t. Ills 35x85 feet.his rear entrance. Is well lighted, and snltanle r>r almo«t any kind of business. Apply to C. B. NEWMAN 4880.. 119 South Clark-st. Verses, Carriages, &c. TT'OR SALE—A span of Mules, 3years P old, well broke and kind as kittens. Are in good order, and welt suited for any llzbtwagon. Inquire of COPE 4 McLain, 109 Clatt-st. FOR SALE—On reasonable terms, at 373 Waahlngton-sU a new Clarence carriage, bullltUe used; a buggy without top; a gool-sUed ildeb; a pair of matched carriage horses, gentle and stylish; a handsome pony: also, three sets of harness, horse cover*, thr robe* and pony saddle. All sold for want of use. TT'OR SALE—I express wagon, 1 gro- Jj eery wagon. 1 family buggy.and laeconlnaod buggy. Apply at 84 North Franxlln-tc, Heal sataie-ettg. IHVBOTUt P.)R SALE—Wo. 183 South Jeffereon st Boon has Bto 10 rooms, large parlor*, dining room and. bath room. M ths rooni In w#a order. Boom good as near. Lot ags» ft to tuenUer. Good t*m, water, tu. sewerm, 4c. Tala property c*a be bought nta bar*am. For particular*, call on W*«n»N4 GOODRICH. I*s Dearbont-SL. Sooma. t?OR SALE—3 splendid new stores and X* dwelling*above.bestbnatneaaatand on Bine 111* and*av-ard WeatKaodolph-at Lose, cheapground teaaro. GOODWILLIB4 CO., 16‘JMadlaoa-tt.. cor*. per LaSalle. Eou SALE—Cheap—The marble nont clUng, 80. 377 West Washington-**. I>. J. FSB SALE—Genteel Wabash-av. resi dence. with Jot <oxl6o, near Bldrtdge court. The moat thorough bnllt two-story and atone basement transe house on the arcane. Heated oy ateanx through oat. in tine repair, and containing all modem Improve ment*. for a first-class residence, the most desirable one that imm*" offend thla season. Terms favor- Sic. InquireatA.J.AVßßKLL,Beal Estate Agent, Boom 7, Metropolitan Block. FSR SALE—Two first-class hi lei rcsi deuces on Centre av* West Side. BOZBT A CUM MINGS. 98 LaSaUe-sL F)R SALE—At a great bargain the lota and buildings No. 78 and SO Gretn-SL Water, gas, aad aewera complete. Possession Mar Ist Thu la one ol the best investments now offered lor homes. Apply to J4M. MARSHALL, 97 Claig-st. T?OR SALE—Three-story brick building 1* onFourtb-ar..No, 13l,wUbfhlI-«lxedlot. Only auUO.ll taken at ooce—V caah. balance on time at 7 percent. The building alone would coat now <IO.OOO. Title perfect. WAitBEN & GOODBICII, , Iti3 Dear born-gL, Boom 9. F)R SALE—By Jas. T. Allen, Real Es late Age&t. No. 107 a first class residence (brick) on with modern Improvements; lot SO by ISO It to alley, with bam. T?OR SALE—New marble iront house, JP with flrst-clasa surroundings, near Union Park, cheap. O. S. HUBBARD, SALE—By Snyder & Lee,Real Es- V tate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new first-classtwo-atory and baaement brick house, with Mansard roof, li rooms, ai) modem ImoroeemenU, and lot, on near Loomis, fronting Jefferson Pat k. FOR SALE—Nice, well finished house of 13 rooms, with all modern Improvements,near cars. Apply on the premises, 123.5«0tb Qalstcd-BL, for one week. T7OR SALE—A Cottage House and lot X 1 attiSl North -Kucker-st, for ILS3O. Apply on the premises. FOR SALE—Two story House, 10x44 ffiet, and lot No. 373 West indlans-st., cheap for cun, or on time. For particulars call at above resi dence- FOR SALE—One of the finest places cn Indlana-av, north of Twenlleth-st. G.a. HUB BARD, Jr., 33 Dearborn*at. FOR SALE—Several cottages on leased g round: some can be removed irreqoired. Very easy terms. GOOD WILLIE 4 CO., 163 Madlsou-sr. corner LaSalle. FOR SALE—Very desirable three-story and basement marble (rent house on oetween Jackson ana Van at the low price of lUMXO; <9,000 can remain for three years, U desired, at g per art. Title perftet. Pofaassion May Ist. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 133 Dearborn su. Boon it. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Reil Estate Agents, No 4 Metropolitan Block-, a new name house <>f 8 rooms, water, ns, and lot 80 by 191 feet. No. 248 Warren-st.. pear Robey. 17’OR SALE—Two-story frame house, r SOzai.onWestSWe,storeflront.tlAoo; also, the lot. 26x100, for sale or lease. Address •* fl D," Trloune office. F}R SALE—Or Rent—Cottage house of 5 rooms, hail and finished basement, and two lots. Inquire os premises, No. 31 Fra&k-st., near Blue Island-av. F)R SALE—Or exchange for an unim proved lot—A very comfortable cottage of 6 rooms, well situated on leased lot on the West Side. Address 14 A H O,** Box 1087, Milwaukee. FOR SALE—Wabash*ay, residence neat cottaee boose, 6 rooms, large barn.SK years ground lease, near Twenty-second-at. Cheap, easy terms. QOOwILLIE ft CO., 162 Madlson-sL, corner Lasalie. TTOR SALE—That large dwelling house, A No. 104 Adama-sL, sltnste on leasol Jot, price low. Terms <-**y. Apply Immediately to a. W. PACK ARP, 137 Ranoolph-st. F'OR SALE—One of the finest marble front houses on Wabash-av., everything in com plete order. Lot 25x179 leet to planked alley. Parties wishing to secure a good bouse at a reasonable price will Pl- ase call at the Office of OLINGER ft WALLER, 80 Washlngton-aL, Booms 1 and 9. FOR SALE—First-class marble front bonselnthoNorthDlvisloo.locatloo No.l. Tbs bouse Is wen built, tn complete order, and offered at a low price. Apply to O LINGER ft WALLER, Beal Es tate Brokers, 8C Waahlngton-SL, Room* 1 and 2. F)R SALE—Two desirable two-story booses on between Eldrldge and Bsrmoc-courU, 13 rooms each, water-gas, bath rooms, double floors, double windows, ftc. will be sold sepa rately. at a low pneo and on Uvorable terms. Titles beyond question. WARREN ft GOODRICH, 123 Dearborn-eu. Room 2. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agente.No. 4 Metropolitan Block,» nearly new two-story and basement back house of n rooms, modern Improvements, and lot, with barn, 776 Michl gan-ar., near Twenty-second-at, FOR SALE—A desirable residence on ern Improvements, lot and bares, price*3.soo. North Twenty-eecond-et. I*. D. ABTIiUB ft CO- 210 State-st. FOR SALE—Two-story house, nice rooms. No. 16 South u«r-«r„ with lease of lot for five years. J. H. ft co„ Real Ejlalc Agents, 129 South Clark-st, T7oßSALE—Cheap—For a tew days JP only, a splendid sew back house, with all modem improvements, lot .TJKxievin the mostdffdrable loca tion on North LaSslle-st. Price SIS,OOO. Terms easy. Apply to Music atore, 133 South Dearborn. IT'OR SALE—House and lot No. 155 2 Grcen-it., st a great bargain U applied for imme diately. Between Jackson and Adama-su., one block from Halsted-et. cars. TT’OR SALE—A first-class frame house X on West Msrtlson-st., with all the modern 1m- Erovcments, 11 rooms, in splendid order. Als >, valuv Ic business property on West Racdclph-st- 10t39x IIP. A. B. MEAD, 131 Randolph-st. UNLUPBOTfiD. T? OR SALE—By Thos. B. Bryan & Co., Xl Bryan Hall: J ’ £NION PARK, corner Bardolph-eL. 217 feet. UNION PARK, south of Washington. 50x130 feet. faUKLDON-ST . south ol Washington, 50x150 feet. BISHOP CODRI, south of Washington, 123x150 REUBEIC.BT., comer Fulton, about 200x135 feet. JEFFERSON PARK, tronlage oi feet. LARR3IT..MW iiunmn, U.IM iWei. FULTON-t-T* corner Morgan, ISOxIOO feet. CANAL-9T.,ncar Washington. 46x130 feet. INDIANA-A v.,corecrsixteenth TCOtlMfett. INDI AN A-AV., Booth of Sixteenth. 3JX127 f.ot. PRAIRIE-AV., south of Sixteenth, two fronts, 66 feet. PRAIBTB-AV., corner Twenty*eeeo?d t 100x110 feet. MICHIGAN-AV„ sooth r.f Twefth. 50xtW feet. WA BAs* H*A V„ St otn of Thirteenth. 75x190 le*t MONROK-ST., 0 spoil to Post Office, 22*1193 feet. RL'PII-ST.. near Hnron.Soxll3 feet. RIVER LOT* on the North and Sooth branches. GREEN BAT HOAD, choice propertylor a suburban residence. (3T HOUSES and LOTS for sale In all parts of tho city, ana block for sub-dlTlsion. pOR SALE—By George & Williams, J’ Ural Estate Agents, No. 7 South Clark-st. Cnlldicglots on Wabash-av., near Thirtleth-iL, due locatlrc. rcry cheap, *I,CCO. Also, on Kantsteo-ar., from Thlrty.flrst-Bt. to Thir ty-tiiird-sU east front, from $7lO to SI,OOO. Also, on Fnl'on and Walant-sts., near Panllsa; good neighborhood, SI,IXO. Also on Peoria, Sangamon and Morgan-sts, good lots, lair prices ami terms. Also hiQ:C3 and lots and houses on leased I ;U, differ cut parts of the city. I?OR BALE—SO Let corner ol West Ran- X* dolph ard May. 100 f«ui corner of WiUard-olaoo and Randolph. l?o left on Pork-ar- near Oakley. 80 leet on Twenty-first, n»ar Wabash-ar. SO feet on Wabash-av., near TwentUtb-st. Terms reasonable and nart on time. Two good cottages on We*tWashlngton-st.,oao with large bam—caah price $2,100. , , One large two-story hou«e, with M feet ol ground, on WestWasnlngton, atss,ooo. _ L. h. ROBINSON, Real Estate Dealer, 84 Deir home U, Room 1. FOR SALE—A very valuable lot on Mlchlgan*av- near Mad Don-a- adjoining resi dence of Mr. James Bowen. 76**110 feet to alley, at a low price and cn remarkably easy terms. Title per loci, splendid property for invest ment. WAKIIEN & GOODRICH, 125 Pearbora-sU. Room 3. FOK SALE—Six valuable business lots, cn Stale, r car Thirteenth, and West Madlaun,ncar iie-plalnrs, cheap; easy terms. GOOD WILLIE & CO., 163 MadiscD-st, comer LaSalle. FOR BALE —SGO teetby about 350 deep on Vincennes road, next north and adjoining E*q. Assy’s residence, fhr $35 per foot. Al-o. another lot the fame size on Kankakee av.. adjoining the above, lor S3O per toot. Address A. P. PL ATI, Wheaton. 111. EUR SAXE—Very desirable lot, 30x170 tret, on Pralrlo-av- near lencsd, two iowr cf Lee stiadA treej m front, at $W per foot. Ap ply to GKO. W. HILL, 17 Reynolds’ Block, near P. u. Fju SALE—Two lots, 50x150 feet each. In the Grove, Jnst south of the Chicago Univer sity, and but a few steps from tbe horse car.'. The bat osomest residence property in the booth Dlvl-lon. GEO. W. HiIX, 18 Beynalda* Block, near Post Office. TT'OR SALE—Fme lot on West Wash* f» ington-st., east of Ada, 50x170 feet to an IS-loot BTct, south front—the choicest ana moat dalrabls res ide! ce lot now In market on tbe We*t Side. For par ticular, apply to WARREN & GOODRICH, 133 Dearbcrn-sc, Boom a. FOR SALE—II3xI72 teet on Wabash av., corner Hnbbard-conrt. The finest notm prt.vcrt property on the avenue. Terms favorable. WARREN & GOODRICH. 125 Dearborn*sti,Booßl3. FOR SALE—Four corner lots and nine Inside lots on Harrison, Hangamon.Peorit and Green*st. Very desirable residence property. Gallon T. F. BALDWIN, 104 Randolph ft. TT’OR SALE—We have oyer one million P dtv and country real estate. Also, lots to leas*. WHITNEY * LINN, Room 15. Cblloh’l Block, Rial Estate and House Agents. FOR sale—Choice lots on Jackson st, east of Lincoln. Also on second block west of city limits. A. B. MEAD, Rial Estate Agent, 131 Racdolph-sL ffl®ante»-®o IScnl. 1 A/’ANTED —To Kent, a medium-sized, V Y nicely tarnished boose. In a first-class locality, during (besummer mouths, by a small family (wtta ont children), who will take tno bwt cl care of fornl tore. Win take possession any time between now and sth of May. Address “BANKER.” Tribune office. TITANTED —To Rcnl—A nicely lur- V V nishedhoute, by a gentleman and wife, for one ymr, on Wabash-av., north ot Fourteenth-st. Address “X,” Tribune office. TXT AN TED —To Rent—A nice medium VV sized boose, with large lot atd bam, on tba West Side, neat Union-park, or South Side, sooth of Twentieths! Location most be desirable. Prompt pay. sad good care taken of property. Address Box 6Sl3i or call at 40 Chamber of Commerce. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A good house V V wanted irom May Ist, to be located within the lollowißgClstrlct: Late-st. on the north. Union Park on the west, Vaußnren-st. on the south. Sangamon on the east. Any partv haring such a house (with stable) to rent, can address "W.B. J~” 107 South Walcr-it., ontll Saiorday,giving location and pncc. WANTED —To Rent A desirable house having 19 to 13 rooms, situated north of liarnson nud east of btite-ji.; ouWabasb-av. prefer red. Will rent now, or any time between this and the Ist of May. Address, with particulars, ** TENANT,” I'. O. Box 2S6S. TXTANTED—To Rent—A house or cot- VV tase with 7or 8 rooms, on the North bide, not above Cblca»o-av, Rent fromlSK) to 8600 per annum. Address »*itn," Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Kent—By a gentleman T V and wife, a suite ol unlurulshsd rooms, hot and cold water, bathroom, in a ftmily where there are lew or no other boarders, south of Twelfth and east ot State-st. Address Drawer 3053, stating terms, loca tion, dc. Best of reference given and required. TXT ANTED—To Rent—By a young V V man and wife, several unfurnished rooms suit able for housekeeping. In a good location. References given. Addiesß"£NOKAYfclt."Trlbnae office. TXT ANTED—To Kent—A House ot 8 VV or 9 rooms and closets, with barn, on West Side, between Lake and Adams, HaUted and Union * Parle Will pay no fancy price. Call, cr add:ess STAT LEB.44 North Wells. TXT AN TED Rent—A front OlHce. VV Must be up but one flight of stain, and between Labe sad Madison. Dearborn and WelhHts. Addrees or apply at Room 10. No. 85 Washlngtou-n. TXT AN TED—To Kent—From Ist of ■ VV Hay.aneat dwellingboase ot ten or eleven rooms.cnodflzcdlot.ataboattSoo. North Side pre ferred. Will pay half the rent In advance. If an In ducement. Adorers, stating terms, location, &c„ “ C S W." P. O. Box H 63. information SBaanleb. TNFORMATION—Wanted—OI Jacob X Tinesdell and Wo. j. Chase—about three months agi they were at Bptlngfiell, 111. Trnesdell stoppod at the C been cry Home. Any Information ol either of them will bo thaakftlly received and rewarded by TRUEBDELL A Boom 13. Lombard Blook. lOA They are both Xbrmerty from Chicago, £glantelr~Jßale Selp. " BOOKKEEPEBSt 81M8aBH Ac. lAJ ANticu—A married man, tumlHnr VV with horticulture aad milling, to make hisaelt q*elul on a Cara. Firat-cla-a rttcrcnce* reqatrad. To inch a mao a permanent piaeeaod house wtil be ftxr- Blibed. AgoT to J,A. COOK. PmvlUloa, BU or N. Q. BAKES. 97 Sooth Qark-at. va/ANTED — To lightning rod dealers. VV Experienced agentaloam the moat perGct rod la use. None except those baring cxpe-lenc* lathis ora similar business need apply. Addreaa“Coppw T.ipfatnlar Bod Co." Freeport. 111. WAITED— A young man as entry clerk. Addreia. tn own handwriting, stating tenaa aad recreates, F. O. Box 1848. TITANTED—A smart young German VV who ha* had some experience In toe Flour aad Feedhaelnrt*. Apply, betore 10a.m.,at331 North Wei Iml 'TXT'ANTED —A young man of expori- VV encelc the retail Uroearj trade. Apply t> A. WALTER?, 374 Sontb Jeflenon-st. fXTANTEDt—Boy to attend a book- VV stand to TTOnt of a store. One who lire* with parerta preferred. Must be honest and capable. Ad dress “STATION EBY,” Trlbone office. TirAHTED—A eood penman. Inquire VV o£ Dr. G. E. FBUSSIMT, 339 and 341 State-st, • TIT ANTED—A good prescription drug- VV gist, one that can speak English and German. Beferaneea required. Call at No. 39 North Clark-vt. TV; ANTED—A lecturer for a trayelliug VV Partheneum of sacred paintings. Apply at 79 South Crom twelve Oil oae o’clock this TRADES. TIT ANTED —A good practical Brick- VV burner and Layer. Addreja,with price, WINE MAN A WILLIAMS. Aabnrn. m. TlTaNTED—lmmediately—A Moulder VV eapableot doinganyklndol work.and qnalt fledtotakecharseofafbnndry. Belerencearequired. Address, or call on HAWLEY A Pekin, 111. TITANTED —A wagon maker wbo can VV make wheels and oodles. Can work by the piece or day. Apply st 84 North Franklia-ac WANTED— One or two good Japan nf r?. who understand striping and ornamental werg upon tin. Apply to FRANK STUBQE3 A CO., 199 and 301 Bandoiph-st. TITANTED—A good Carriage smith. V V Address D. EVANS. Leland. HL TITANTED—A No. 1 Carriage Painter. V V Will give gord wages and steady employment. Address OL aZICDY A WRIGHT. Burlington, lowa. TITANTED—First class carriage bodp VV maker. Steady work guaranteed. Address J. N. CRANNEII Champaign City, 111-, or N.D. HUNTER, 303 Lake-at.. Chicago* TITANTED First class grainers at VV GROUT BROTHERS. Boom ‘J. Wheeler’s Building, southeast comer Clark and Wster-.-a. W/ ANTED—A competent man to take VV charge ofa auva factory la one of tie best lo callttes la Minnesota. Will give steady emglormeat and highest wages to a good man. Apply to FULLER 4 FORD, 283 and 384 Madlaon-at. TXTANTED—Four painters to apply at W propeller Ira Chaffer, laying at Folk street bridge. at once. 31®antelr=sjFemale ffcelp. \y\7 ANTED—A lady who would like a w V pleasant and permanent home, with moderate salary, to be a companion for an Invalid lady. Ad dress. lor one week, “H O,” Tribune office. \\f ANTED—A wet nurse, young and VV beiltby. 'A suitable person can obtain a borne for one year. Apply to Mrs. J. E. CON E. Homoeopath ic Physician, 323 Indiana-trom9 to 10 a. m., and 3 toSp. m. AANTED Milliner A first-class VV Trimmer, to go to MUwnnkeo. Apply to D. B. FISK * CO„ 33 and 55 Lake-st. Aa/ANTED—A lady Photograph Print- V* er, to go to Bloomlnston. 111. Adrtresj.»tatlng what waves will be expected, LEXTELIER ft WHITE, Box 491, Bloomington, 111. Wf ANTED—A girl to work Singer’s VV Sewing Machine, at 34 Alcxander-st. Steady employment. HOUSE SERVANTS. TXTANTEH—&■ drl to do general VV housework In a small family. Apply at 734 Wabash-bt. TXTANTED—A Ctrl of steady habits to V V do general housework In a small family. Ap ply from 0 to 12 a.ta., at house No. 1104 Pralrle-av WANTED A Girl to do general housework, at 47 West Lako-flt. Apply for two days. \\l ANTED—At the National Hotel, w V corner Washington and Wella-aL, Dining-room Girls. None need apply unless they are good waiters. Inquire at the Hotel. TXT ANTED—A girl of experience, lo VV do general housework. Must come well re commended. Call at 37 Huron-eL. North dido. Va/ANTED —At No. 18 East Harrison- Vs st., a good, reliable girl, to take care of chil dren and make herself generally useful. Must be wili log to travel curing the summer. References required. Wf ANTED—A good cook and iaun- VV dress in a private family. She most come welt recommended. Apply at 219 ilndlaaa-tL be tween State and Dearborn. \\f ANTED—Two good girls wanted at VV 210 Booth Peorla-st. Literal wages. Wf ANTED—A competent girl to do VV genera)housework. Must bewefTrecommend ed. Apply between ten and twelve o’clock at IS Wlllaid-pUce. Wf ANTED—A good clean cook, also a VV chambermaid, with city reference, at2o7 Michl aan-av.—the basement room. gntplogment agents. ■\TTANTED —-lioung men inlhccoun- V V try wishing to obtain situations, such as book keepers, clerks, collectors, salesmen, conductors, ex prcs<men.fte,ftc.. to apply at Room 13 Fullerton Block, 92 Dcarborn-sL, or address J. il, MOORE ft CO., Bex 1707, enclosing 10 cents for foil particulars. TXT ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers. 2 W sa'esseu.l conductor, 2 brakesmen. 1 flremsn.l porter.3drivers,sexpressmen. Aptly at Room 1.1, Fullerton Block, 9*2 Deartora-st. Applicants hr can address J. M. MOOSE ft CO- Box 1707. encloetag 10 cents for reply. 2Saan f cfc==iHtsctUanemis. V\/ ANTED—A few cood business men V » with |3OO con make ILSOO In three months easy. Effie&iH&TJoya'SMSH- & co - 1; ‘ TXTANTED—Employment by a middle V V area lady as boo&seeper. or any other honor* able employment. Aduress, or call at corner of Iweotr-lburth-st. and Kankaltee-ar., MRa. MPNETT. TXTANTED —Boarders by the day or 7 V week, atGEORGICS DINING HALL, No. 09 South Clsri-st. Price $3 pur wees. Tickets for twen ty-one meals, >6. TXT ANTED—SO.UOO for one year, cn VV Improvtd Real Estate In this city, worth lour tin-es the same. ROZSTi CUMMINGS, »8 La3alla»»t. \\j ANTED—A few experienced travel* FMLE U A g LY a §N^M. A C P O t) . ly “ S 9 Washlngtor-st. TXTANTED—To purchase a drag store V V in s tows of about 7XCO Inhabitant)?. lowa <r Minnesota preferred. None only >ho*« meaning basi nets need answer. AdtJreM “C H if,” Box 5812, Clucsgo. TXT ANTED—A lew tons otreennd-haed V V Strap Badway Iron, by THE PESHTIGO CO- North ffater-st- North Pier. WANTED —Owners ol real estate hay ing property to sell or rent, wIT do well to leave it in onr bonds, as we have numerous applica tions which we arc unable to tcpplv. A. J. MILLS & CO- Beal Estate Agents. Room 31 Baynolds* Block. WANTED— From *IO,OOO to *20,000 worth of drygoods or clothing, for which part cun, and lands In Minnesota and Wisconsin, will be paid. Apply to “I U,” 344 Lake-sL, Chicago. 117’ANTED—All married ladies to know V V the great secret. More valuable than gold. Ad* drr>>a. enclosing s’, to DK. E,TUrTLB, P.O. Drawer 439. Ka* kakecf'lty. HU and receive the above sesret by return ot mall. It la worth 500 times Its cost. \Kf ANTED—A horse. I want to bay a V» nret-cla*B saddle horse. Most be goucd, stylish nndb''ne»t; cot particnlar as to co'or. To weigh about 1,000 ft a. Address “C W B.” Drawer 5786 P.O. TXTANTED—By a young educated Qer f y man gentleman. In business in the city, a home In a private familv, woere Instruction la German wouldbecootldereda partial equivalent for board. Bclcrences given. Address “A H.**Trloaae office. WANTED —For a new theatrical en terprise—An experienced artist (Ute from Eur ope). out about to return to New York, is open to ne giitlstc with a gentleman potresslng means, business ability and temperate habits, to conduct a new organi zation of sensational specialties in drama, comic opera and botleeque—the Company now. forming lo New York, boa suitable party, who pan exchange unque*- tloncd relcrecce, a bona ftfie opportunity la presented f r an honorable permanency and certain emoluments. Address “ARTIST.’ 671 btate-fiL, between 4 acd6p. m., fur iDreedajß. WANTED Water-power custom Grist Mill to work on shares. Would purchase tarns, it suited. Address •* CUSTOM MILLER,” Tri bune office, Chicago. \\f ANTED—A lew young men with W $73 tossocasb,toeng&ge!napro3tib!ebnsl cess, either local or travelling. Cal! from 9 tori ana 2 to 4, at No. 90 Mocroe-atn Boom a. \\l ANTED —To borrow money onfirst- Vf class real estate. In sums of SSCO to $3,000. Par ties having snrplns funds can invest on short or long time, ard tor amounts to suit them, by addressing ♦ NEGOTIATOR.’’ P. O. Pox 3.130. \\T ANTED—Houses and Cottages to VV rent at RICE * VAN VECIITnN’S House Agency, 170 South Clark-st., Boom 1. TXTANTED—Some good people to take VV a boy twelve year* of age through tns inmmer. or longer. None need apply except chose who would treat him kindly. Apply for two cays at 170 Oblo-ec TXTANTED—For a family of two per- V V sonr, to five rooms, suitable fbr boose* keeping, within fifteen minute* walk of Lake street bridge. Address “L. A. C.," IJO Weat Washing ton's:. TATaNTKU —To Purchase—A modern W bnllt dwcllloir boose ot eight to twelve room*, and lot. with water, bath, ga* and bars. In payments of lI.CCO or fl.stocasb, and balance In annnal pty rnctuof*:.«o each.atßpercent interest, location cot to exceed twenty b'cckfl from the Court House. Address **ll. G.,” Tribune Office, stating location, price aid terms. TXT ANTED First class business and W residence property for cash customers, als - * all klndscfrml estate wanted tor rent, at Bonn 13, Uhilcfa’a Block, comer of North Clark and Water-ats. WANTED —Saloons to sell. If you want to sell now is the time. Parties looking tor saioora win find it to tbolr advantage to call at 130 Sooth Clark-st, Room No. 7. TXTANTED—SoIdiers who have 10-t W their discharges to fcnowthst I can cow cel led their *IOO bounty. A. GOODRICH, Attorney-*- Law, 120 Room 2. TXT ANTED —A good reliable business VV man having!?, tOC, ard willing to loan It with for uno year, on good security (In bts own buds) worth 3G.0C0. Can have a situation at |loh per month, with expenies Ipsld to travel. Address P.O. Box 839. iwaanicb. PARTNER —Wanted—This day, with 8800 capita). Will guarantee a profit or 81,0(0 ti tort o months. Call and ete for yourself at 17Q South Uark st., fourth floor. PARTNER— ‘Wanled—In an old man* ufacturtce business with capital of from #3.0(1) to #S£CQ cash, ready salrs and good profit* on all goods that can be manufactured. References exchanged. For Interview, adores* “iT* Tribune Office. PARTNER —Wanted —A lady ra an es tablished xclllnery bcslness. Location one ol the best In the etty. Only those with at least |I.OU) cash, nted address. "Mrs. J. H. M.”, box ISO P. O-Chlca- S* : PARTNER —Wanted—Cash • capital >15,000 in a good business in Chicago, wbare It can be Increased to any amount at a good profit. Address, “G. W." Tribune Office, stating where an In terview can be had. PARTNER— Wanted—The advertiser wants a first-class businessman with ILHO ctib. toylnhlmlnaboslntsalnwhlch be has a practical experience. Will guarantee, partner 81W per montn atove expenses,with projp*et* ol trout to I'‘“Jl* Ihc adverusarwlil secure partner against loss « capi tal, and wages guaranteed with £2£*?h2r hSro eliypropexty. Noone need atpiy, the money a’.dmrao business, call at Room No. 44. beynolis* Block.ttom9 a. m. ta|p, m. "DARTNER—Wanted Withont capi- I 9 ~1 t. . rousg man ot good address and ac tive business V^nMfiShfe’bMllSfL* 0 Ad sa.e tn a light, genteel and profitable business, ao dru-s"E.L,”Trihoce offic 0 - gtanog. fro RENT—Pianos. For sale'and to 1 ,A/» M »aadseoondhandplauos,altnesveacT 104 ftudolpb^t- Situations 2®antrt. balks, QITOATiON Wanted —An expert* O eoerd thlpeiagclerk deatrea % p?tttien li km antcd—Bj an enereet* O Ic young rraa aa aastitaat bookWr.,^^ SSWl&gfiS’.agSf- SITUATION—Wanted—By a man of £3 flittca jsiri experience in the Hardware bunaes as salesman or to do general work in this Uao. r— rare:unodreferences. AddressHARDWARE,Tn- CITDATION—Wanted, as cniogman O or light porter, by a young maa of rood babtaa ■nd aadrrse. Good reiereoaea given. -j. it. n„” ho 430 North Clark »U CITUATJON—WauIed, byayoumrman O of large experience, aa assistant bookkeeper or writing clerk to aa office. Eeccmmmdaaoas frra graer employer*. Addreaa “C.,” Chicago ?. 0.. CITUATION—Wanted—A first-class ex- C? periroced man wants a sltnatlca to travel or keep books. Excellent memeee. Address ’•A.” Tntnae office. QITUATION—Wanted, as cutter, by a kJ man who has bad nine retn experience in tat'or- Ingaadeottlng. Address“CUTTßly*Tribuneonce. SITUATION—Wanted. by a mau who O .la acquainted wltn dualling and rectifying, who waa foreman ot such la kurope. Not particular »>*yiy salary. Addreaa 238 Chicago. SITUATION—W anted, to learn the bar -13 ber trade. Good references elxen. No wages de sired to atarton. Aprly. personally or hr Jotter, to J. C.LONGDEVILLE. No.atl MUgaaksgar. • SITUATION —Wanted—To dmsreisls— By a person about 37 years ot age,» situation ta a wholesale or retail drug business.—u a sraduae of the Philadelphia Cohere of Pharmacy-ha* had a long experience in the business. Address JA3. J. oar. MALT, Chester. Delaware County. Pennsylvania. CITTTaTION—Wanted —To Business O Men—Persons or parties ta bu»lne*a which desire to keep a regular and true account of their hualnraa transactions, although not wishing to employ a booc keeper steady, may have such regularly attended to by an experienced bookkeeper, woo win give refer ences as tu bis character and ability. English aad German correspondence also executed. Addre** * B It D,” Trtnnne efflee. CITUATION—Wanted,, tor a boy ol 14, Oln a store, or otherwise, g. COATES, 353 Lai rabee*st. SITUATION— Wanted, by an educated, active and energetic man. In some actlv* employ ment. beferences lutnlsbed. Address “LEO,” Trt bune office. CITUATION—Wanted, by an expen- JO enced Druvglst In a wnc le»a’o drug hons*, or aa agency to sell on ccmmlailoc. Best of references gives. Addrtss “ H O.” Irtouae ofllca. SITUATION —Wanted — A gentleman O of good education, apeaktug and writing French, German and English, wishes a situation as clerk, eras teacher In a gentleman’s lamllytortbe two Crat laa gnages. Address- H G»” 18» Mlchlgaa-at. C ITU ATI ON by ayoungman IJj trom the conntry, as accord c«ok on a ateambiat. Smuinon for the entire season desired. Address “W M," Tribune office. SITUATION— Wanted—To the traders —An active business man. experienced In tbla n.arktt. would like to engage. witb a first-class Com* mission House where hu services as bookkeeper, o S-ileso an «>ll be mutnaliy bn&efirln) and remtmeraQTß. Adateass, “FLOCK, GRAIN ft CO.” Tribune Office. SITUATION —Wanted—As coachman In a private family. by a young man who can fhr nlahreleience, and la whim: to makehlm**lf general ly uaeim. Apply at <l6 Sooth Clark-»t.. In basement. C ITU AT lON—Wanted—By a youiut man who Is a good penman ana bookkeeper, hue Is willing to work fir small wage. Hat a general knowledge of busing can give good reference. Ad dress T. WIXTED. 679 State-aL, Chicago. QITUATION—Warned —By an experl- O eiced gardener. Address “GAkDEN" Tribune Office. PEBAIFS. SITUATION—Wanted—For a young 1/5 lady, as copyist or clerk in seme good store. Writes an excellent band and has a superior odoeatloc. Address **L E." Trlboneofflce. CITAUTION—Wauteo—As honstikeep* er in a first-class hotel, by a widow lady who ha* bad much experience in that capacity. No objection to the country. Best references given. Addiosa.for two weeks. **■£ Y Z.” Station B. Chicago, in. SITUATION—Wanted—To cook, wash O and Iron, In a private family,for a alrl of experi ence. Can give sood references. Cal Tat 30 SrIML. corner Kingsbury, upstairs. SITUATION—Wanted, by a respectable O yvuogwomu l . as seamstress In a private family. Isaflnt-cia'Boperatorcn the Grover ft Baker and Wheeler ft Wll»oa machircs. Or would like to travel.’ Call on or sddress ~il K, M No. G 2 Pnrple-st~ comer of Twenty-first. CITUAIION—Wanted, as cook in a pii vate family. Tho best of city rtftrencei. Apply at No. 234 Sooth CUntcn-st. SITUATION —Wanted, b" a respectable O youar girt from Hie Bast. to cook, wash or Iron. Best of retcreoces given. Please call at 103 Seoor-sL* near Clinton. SITUATIONS—Wanted, by two girls. cne as cook and one an second girl. Apply at 32S Tyler-st. City retereaces given. CITUATIONS—Wanted, by twe vomur Cj girls, to do second work or sawing. Apply at 87 west Jacksun-it. QITUATION—Wanted, by a good gill, to do chamber-work with rare of dining-room. Would takecareof a child, or trart) with one. Has ood rclercnee. Address 392 North Laflallfrst. agents guaanteb. AGENTS —Warned—For Gencial L. C. Baker's HISTORY OFTHE SECRET SERVICE, me most exciting and interesting book ever published. This work embrace* an AUTHENTIC and OFFICIAL account ct the hitherto snppresed facts and informa tion oh*alD»d by General Baker, during his five y-ara tervlce as Ctlei ot the Naaeoal Detective Police. It was announced more than a year ago, hat owing to the attempts of the Government to suppress It. it* publication wa* de ayed. It will now ha Issued, unaltered and unabridged, under tae supervision of General Baser. The little information ana measrs ac counts ot hU operatluna derived Ircm the newspaper* tt tbeday. Lave only awakened* m»re intense desire in tne minds of the reading community, to learn still innrgot ihe roy<ten*s heretofore hidden by the curiam of official surveillance. Thl» nook effectaally lUU tna yell at soerrvy sod lays bars tlelr inward receasw to the lospectlon and criticism of tne wcr:d. Tbe no:an of the National Oolial are thoroughly ▼ectHated, aod there are some strange revela tloi» ccnccrelt'g head* ot oepartmenta, rremnera of Congress, female pardon brokers, sad distinguished S.V.-lKr ££“““£!- - ‘p sL\i-isYti-r&- mens expel lends ol Fouche and Vtdocq, sad possess the isrement cl truth for tbetr recommenianan. tw tng all sttcnted by tbe blrhest cfficlal authority. Send for circulars, and see our terms and a fall scrlpdir.ol thew<-rk A’ldrns JONEd BBOTHERSft CO. Wrat Fourth-st~ CindnustLOhio. A GENTS—Wanted—Biggest thing out .xi. lorAgtst*. For rarilcnlara and sample, feed S 3 cents to E- D. RUSSELL & CO„ Jacksonville, 13. P. O.Eox 45?. AGENTS— Wanted—500 Agents want ed in a cew business. H. B. SHAW, Allred, Maine. AGENTS— Wanted—$25 a day. Fif teen new articles tor Agents. O. T. GAitEY, Blddeturd, Mains. AGENTS —Wanted—To canvass tor “Life la Do’y Land." a work of thrilling Interest ■ to every lover of sacred lltrrsturc. Jnat issned-and selling rapidly- Elegantly Illustrated. Endorsed by the pnlpit and pr-aa. For terms and le-ritury addreai GUDoLn&UaLS 127 South Clark-st. A GENTS—‘Wanted, immediately—Ex -£"\ perisnerd canvassers tosellthe richly lllostrated “Cottage Cicioptedla,” compleioln one octavo volomo ■ of ever LOCO pages. The richest repository ©{know, edge evrrbrousht within so email a compass. Amlr.e of in tellectual wealth- A g-m ol literstnr*. Au Indlspensw hie requisite to every family. The best setting boo* U» market. For terms and territory address OLIDDEf A CALE. Publishers. l gy South Clark-aL. Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—Male and female— . To mltvj for a us rial article that everybody want?; $t per day made without leaving home. Sample and terms sect on teeeipt ot 50 ceuti. No humbug. Address “ ABTIFBX," Station H, Chicago, AGENTci —Wanted—“THE BETTER LAND." The meat popular engraving Is Amer ica, and pays best. “ I shall cherish it among my gems."—Dr. J.G. Boland, “it sue rests thaChrlsoaa Muse, the cue rf sacred p-«ry."—L. Marta Child. •• Chanmrg.”—Henry Ward Beecher. “ Firm as man, mild as woman, oeauafol as Peoserosa or Young MU ton or Evaagellce. cbeenol aa -Sweet Sixteen.* hope ful as Runyan's Pilgrim, a *onl replete with faith look ing out Into the stillness ot eteraltv."—Chicago Tri bme. “Destined to take rank with the Onest worksef art In this coo-try .’’—Prof. Ellis, Oberlln College. “Thtflucitcreatloaol modern art."—Cblcaco Jour nal. Send for circular. Alio for “THE EMPTT SLEEVE." a new work by the same artist, and des tined to become as popular. Address. Immediately, STODDARD A CO- 103 Washlngtca-st- Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—A good agent in every county in the Northwestern Stales, to seT tho “Magic L’&cs Marker,” the very best money naklng patent ever Invenud We superior In oncemenu to tbe riaht parties. Small capital re qnlrrd. Address, with stamp. MORTIMER A CO-, southeast corner Clark and or P. O. Box 367. A GENTS—Wanted—s7s to SBCO p«r r\ month, everywhere, male and female, to Intro dnee thronshont tbe United states the GENUINE IM PROVED COMMON SENSE FAMILY SEWING MA CD INS. This machine will stitch, hem. fell, lock, quilt, bind, braid aid embroider in a most anterior manner. Price only sl9. Fnlly warranted for are years. We win pay SI,COO for any machine that will bcw a stronger, more beautiful, or more elastic seam than curs, it makes the “Elastic Lockstitch-” Every stcond stitch can be cut, anc still the eleth cannot bd SnUedaoart without v:anng It, We pay agents from to $330 per month and expenses, or a enmmtsslott from woleb twice that amount can bn made. Addxeaa bECOMB A CO., Cleveland, Ohio. CAUTION.—Do net ha Imposed npon by other par ties palming on worthleas caa; Iron machines, imrtar the same same or otherwise. Ours is the only gean- Ine and really practical cheap machine maaa&ctnred. AGENTS —Wanted—For oarbcautiftil engiatlcg “Home Acaln.” Large commisrtoa patoond exclusive territory given- Apply to or ad orns W. J. HOLLAND A CO., 38 Lombard Block. Chicago, HI. AGENTS —Wanted Everywhere, to sell SIB COPP. Sixth edition. It U unrivalled as s literary production, sqo is death upon Coppcr hMitt. *•?•“- fut ~ *n*l drcnlaii. U> PBI>F. CLABSE. 315 Illlnols-BC, ctucagv. AGENTS —Wanted—For Folsom’s new Under Feed. LETT£B A SEWING MACHINE. Price |IS to >lO. Macblnfs sent on trial. F. ATKIN SON. 164 Bandolph-eu Boom* So. 8, Chicago. IU. AGENTd —Wanted—Male and female. In CDlcsgoardel»ewliere,fbranewth!sg.%arß to veil, and pay large profits. An agent made 81S to. this city the trm day. Pend stamp fbr circular*, or call ana see. Address 47 Lombard Block. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted —For “Women ot J\ the War," written In the Blowing aodsonl «ttr nnu language cf Frank Moore. Tbs work 1* splendid ly published atd beautifully illustrated; nothing com parable with it In t fee an re »nd beamy has before been Drought out, or all the books on the war. It ts above an competition. Ascnis »ay—"Tne book ts very mach admired." ‘‘lt sells the easiest of all the books I ever sold." Apply ptHoca:iy or address H.C.TREAT, 117 Sooth Clark-st., Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For “WOMANS ±\ WORK IK THE CIVIL WAR." Prepared un der the approval of the Sonttuy and Christian Commission*. An eminent Divtnessys: "This Wont is a household treasure, a Joy and bleating to future amts. It develops a sew social era; a new result ol onrfreelnstltnt.ons, our schools oor church's, our pulpit.andour pres*; anew power In woman; s eew phase In Christianity I Bell." T.S. Arthur's iUeaaco says: “We welcome this book net hrortlly ss the only record cf Woman's work in the War wmei waßMapy approach tocompletenesa." Address ZFIOLKB; afo- CURDY £ C 0„ V tchaitf Block. Chicago, 111. AG ENTS—Wanted—East. West, Nni th, South. everywhere. to sell S * TSNEOUs WINDOW CLEANER AhD MAGIC POL isn.” one of the most wonderful discov eries cf the age. It cleats and polfbts all aTI slops or Utter, and almost aneorueotlJM wan: It as soon ss they *eojO Oar «”>«.bota ihn'nffttd* of SoSthi*'sorter.' msklag from IS to *lO CHARGES PRE-PAID on orters. Send, without delay, XV cent* fbr tdreuiarwilh testimonials, terms, and lull r«i?CTI& of t&baMt a *>. Address O. M. SMITH (b I ul 16 Chicago. A GENT 6 Wan l e d—Everywhere. f\ samples sent free. An absolute ueeejslty to <nr®y f^llcept SCXU)iPEEQ * CO„ 148Lak£ at.. Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—Agents or« mak tng twcotv dollars a day selling the new picture. The Tomb id Lincoln.” Agvnts wanted ererywh»e. J OEMMELL. publisher. XS3 Randolph, cor. Clark. A GENTS—If you want to get that rc /A relPt for mating Sliver PolbS or Magic Dla mend cemenl call at 130 South Boom No. 7. A GENTS—Tou will find the Mauutsc t\ turen’ Agency at 130 South CUrk-*C. Boom So. 7. iltrsonal. “PERSONAL—A My ol refinement and