Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 5, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 5, 1867 Page 3
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RECONSTRUCTION. Progress of Radicalism in the South. The Loyal Doings of Beoonstniotad Eehels. Old Pro-Slavery Prejudices Groiag Under. Great Mass Meetings of White and Colored Loyalists at Raleigh, Charleston, and Mont gomery. Platform of the Republican Party in North Carolina, Proceedings cf tlte itepnbllcon State CoDveot.on or North Carolina—its Organization and Platform. At the Convention which met at Raleigh March 27, and adjourned on the 23th, were 100 while and 50 colored delegates, repre senting 5G counties. Absolutely no distinc tion was made in regard to color. The Hon. AUrcd Dockery was chosen temporary chair man, and a committee of eight—tour of each race —appointed lo report’ permanent offi cers. The Uon. A. H. Jones was elected President, and O. P-Hadly and Colonel D. Heaton, white, and G. N. Harris andJ. R. Poode, colored, Vice-Presidents. N. J. llenneuger, white, and .1. E. O’Hara, col ored, were elected Secretaries. A commit tee of twenty was appointed to draft resolu tions, Ln which each race had ten members. Among the other leading speakers were D. K. Poodloe, \V. W. Holden, D. M. Carter, while, and G. W. Brodie, W. Hood, E. Mil ler and G. S. Lcanv, colored. The only question on which there was any difference of opinion, was the choice of a party name, some of the members advocating the title of Union party, but the great mijority of dele gates believed that the Republican party “saved the country from destruction, and that Its title should be adopted.” The Epcccbes of the colored members were with out exception radical and able. Mr. James Henry Harris, of Wake, who presided over the Convention In the absence of ilr. Jones, said: What is the real object of this Convention, gen tlemen? Why are we here assembled? Not to Cevisc the machlo«j , y of reconstruction, but to In* quire into the best means ol working under me ■supplemental bill which Congi ess has enacted for our benefit. To organise for that purpose is the great object of this convention. Bit just here In terposes the negro question, which has vexed the minds of the most didtiitguUbed statesmen of the nation in times past and the present. For two hundred and fifty Team the negro and white mm lived together as friends—such friends as master and sieve could ivc. Now that t“»e negro is free, all of a sudden the whites and blacks oecome un acquainted with each other. For ihefliet time they do nut know what to do each wltn the other. [Laughter and caceis.] now is this? Why is it that thogfeite man does not know what disposi tion to stake of the negro, or the negro of the white m®,nfter they have lived together In the game country for bo manyyears? Icmtell yon, gentlemen: It is because they become strangers to each oilier. Let us get acquainted once more, end all the difficulties will be removed. [Applause] Bat we have p*cjndices to overcome. Yet one moment's candid reflection would be sufficient to remove such wrong impr« scions so much indulged. Now Ictus look at l«. What has been tbe history ofonr race during the late rebellion! can any nation on earth pm-ett so greed a record? With all tae wrongs and sufferings upon them, with a knowl edge that tbclr Union friends were battling for their freedom, they suid a; I ae homes of their mas ters, who. were absent fighting to keep them In slavery, and protected the defenceless females with a wonderful Cde'ta 1 What other people under the canopy of Heaven would have dons this thing? What nobler exhibitions of self-sacrifice can be furnished in tbe bistory ol mankind ? True to their instincts, they continued ou the farms, tliiiEgtbe soil—ard in doing so. they raised to themselves a monument high a- tbe Heavens and deep as the gnat seal ; Prolonged cheering.] What man can now tolerate unworthy prejudices against onr race? Recently I have travelled la the Northern states and consulted with the first gen tlemen of the nntljn. One thing is fixed: They have determined to reconstruct these States on a thoroughly loyal basis. They have aided me and sent me here to consolidate my people ard organise them. For the colored people are a loyal race. Thcv are iot 100 igno'snt to b- so. Go to aay plstiution, wake up the most stupid negro, and* ai-k him It he loves libcrry, and he will tell you tc.~! [Cheers.] Now co not run the ignorant ticket. 1 tell yon toe negro knows erough to dis tinguish tilenu and foe. The man wuo goes on tbe ignoiant piuttorm will Cirlnmly go down I lAppiause.i The colored people will vote all right—lor they will eland by the Union and its fn-nds. Mr. S. W. Tlond (colored) said: “Let ns unite with the Republican parly. It is the only true pany in the country. It is the champion of liberty; and it has ordained, nnder God. that when this State be readmit ted to tbe Union, her Constitution shall he absolutely pure, wherein the rights of all fchoald be puaraetced.” Geo. W. Brodif, who spoke on the second day. said: “But we have adopted the name cl Republican. I love that name. I have ever been a Rcpvbliciu; and I can tell my white friends that they will love it. too, be fore they get through with n. Continue your course, my friends, and you will suc ceed—for the colored man will stand by. his friends. Let me. however, undeceive my white friends. Toev reg'et the war; we do, also, because of its sufferings; but wc do not regret it as they do, for it brought u» lib erty ! Let them remember t tut fact al ways, and we can never ditier r*u other points ” The following resoiu'.io io, prepared by Colonel Heaton, were adopted with enthu siasm : J?c«oJc£tZ.Tbalin view of oar present political condition, our rcia ions to l:e National Govern mentana the people of all sections of tbe conn trv, veao this day uitb proud saiGfaeiloti unfurl ta’ebriJJiant nno glorious banner of tb>s Rspnbli can party, and earne.-tlr aopoal to every true and patriotic man m tee Slat * to raliy to it? support. The splendid ana patriotic record made by this gtcat political organization, in stair ing by tbe General Government withant-idexiblere-olitioa, in carrying fotwaiß prof.mi d measure? of • tates manship lo a enccessful is-ne, and lbs poiverlnl aid given bv It in finally overthrowing and pros trating the most g’gant-c reorli-n of ancient or modem litres, sboulG comuiau.l (be rcatn-ct and challenge tbo admiration of every cuudtd mm. liesolc u, • hat Hie American Congress is emi nently entitled to the profound inan'ts of li.e whole country for its pei severing, psrsistent, and Lltolc devotion to tbe grea - . principles of human rights as ennoaated In the neclamion of latte pendence; that in tliemmc of the patriotic people of this State we fed warrant*-d in corrtuily asseni- UC to and accepting tnc r'coustluction plan re cently and finally aoopled by thai b f »dy, and to the end that peace ana order may bu permanency Eccmed amt every indn-trial pnrsn:! resumed .ind encouraged, we pledge ourselves to n-e every fair and legitimate means to lutluence public senti ment to the nearest porsiblc approach to unanim ity on this subiecL Jictolrtd, That we rejoice that the dogma long propogalca of the right ol peaceable aider the constuntion ha* been lorcvor over- thrown by the ma'estic tinrising of the American people, m crashing ont ihe late rebellion bytorce ot arms; ai d loal the oocUitjetUat tae sngremacy cf tbeGt-ncial Govemmenthas b:en established, and that the paramount ailegiaace of tne citizen has {been Bcknowlcdgcd as due to the United Stales. I2ct:lu<L Th&t we sincerely emit In the fact that as a radon ne are now absolutely a nation of freemec, and that the sun in ail bis coarse over our wide-spread country lo longer slimes noon the brow of a slave. Without reservation we heartily endorse the great measures of Civil Rights and Impartial Eofrauchi emeal, without any property qualification, conferred without tils* tinciioc ol color, and that we arc ready to unite In thu cojiv practical attainment ol those lne«tl» xnablep'lvilegcs. Although the mortal remains of Abraham i.lncoln now rest silently tieaeatn the soil ot hl« adopted Stale, yet bis voice still ring* like a clarion through the land, earnestly mmtnsMßff every American citizen to the sup pciit ol the great parly ot liberty and emancipa tion. . „ . iUsolroL, That as the most potent and efficient means hr which the South can spe : dilv regain her lopt 'prospcriiv. we earnestly advocate the enrcadicg of knowledge anu education among all men, and that to the alialnm* m of this great cud we demand and -ball persistently and flrimy insist m>on the absolute right of free discussion and free speech on all subjects uf public Interest. Jttsolc-ed, That wc join in an earnest wish for the maintenance, untarnished and uudimmed. of the public cr* diland nlicbicd faith of the nation. Jiesotud, Ihat In the malmcnacce of the posi tion taken and the principles this nay avowed, we carnertjv invite the influence and cooperation of men of all political persuasions, who regard and cordially support the recentactlon of Congress as a solution of our present po’ittcal difficulties ? that we deprecate parfean, and desire and good will toward all men. and if in an open and fearless effort, which wa propose to make on every' suitable occiftou, to persuade and convince the people, that our highest duly and truest interest is to be subserved t>y maintaining the priticipb-B of tne Republican party, an ear liest Interest should be awakened, tt will be from no other cause than a rigid adherence lo what we .regard as a earned right and solemn public duty. Other resolutions expressed confidence In General Sickles, and General J. 0. Robinson, in command of the Siatc. An Executive Committee of forty members was appointed, of which seventeen were colored. Sub-corn mittees are to he appointed in every county- The Raleigh Standard says: ♦*The while man and colored man met upon tee came floor on the fame footing, and co-opcra’cd together In the most cordial ai.d harmonious man ner. It was apparent to all that every one was in camei-t, and that nothing wa* done for m«re ef fect. It wa* the noble ►pcctacle of one people, uniting the tolds of the old flag in the gloiioof work of restoring lt*o Stale to her natu ral position In ike Cnior, and ready and willing to adopt promplly and cheerfully any measures deemed important to effect that result- The tor mer master met tla former as his equal in all dial pernios to manhood and the rights of fci-lf.govcimuent, and thi? meeting of freemen had no totnist In it, but was cordUl, respectful, kind and confiding on both sides. “Wc -efer with pride and satUfiCtion lo the platform of resolutions adopted. Itwillbepeen that the glorious nunner ol the Republican nai*y was flung to the br -eze. Tr.e loval people of this Stale taave taken their place ond-r tais flag, and will follow It henceforth wherever it may wave.” The Revolution in Charleston'lm mense jrtass Sleeting « olorcd Ciil zeiiK-Spctcb by General Mettle*— Mceiinz or White BcpubJtcam, •-rcbarleetoß Correspondent; (Mirth 21) of lh: Neve Yojk Herald ] This city is passing through an intensely • exciting revolution. The fre.-dmon, under the leadership of their radical Blend?, have jield three public meetings within the past two weeks. At these assemblies no one is •-allowed to speak untii they first publicly en dorse the radical platformputloithlhu2lst instant. The consequence Is that as yet no prominent Southern men, as was the ease in Columbia, have come cut In their support. An invitation to Governor Orr to preside at the mass meeting on Tuesday, provide he approved ol the platform, was telegraphed to Columbia. The Governor, In his reply, simply declined the courtesy on account of official business. Thcaltcndance at the meeting has been estimated by impartial judges at between live and mx thousand, including men, women and children. The crowd was very orderly. The following speech, delivered to the fretdmen by General Sickles, on the occasion of the torchlight procession, has enlisted the warmest encomiums of both waites and blacks. The General said; My iriecdf, l thank you I t your visit. Al though unexpected. It Is none the leas gratifying. Jit is yoor privilege’, tiot mine, to laue part as a partisan iu the political action of the day. My duty Is to see that every cltzeu of North and -oulU Carolina bat atntl and fair opportunity to vote as bis judgment and cou-ciei cc mav dictate. This duty I shall endeavor to pciorm. co j. oredrace in thbeountry have gain-*! Just praise for their admirable conduct dnrin- the war and Bending8 ending the recent agitation ol ihnir civil and no- Ural enfranchisement. In my d-spanra-m I can truly bear testimony to your nmJem forbearance When sorely provoked to rc-alhite by crnel acts of violence and humiliation, you have home your- eoltce with mwicrhc conOdeMf. Tht d«7 of rent doUvenmcc was notdlaUnL JCTiOEra.jlhtme rnlolD npon ion all In till hour of jour bomom, pcrecvt rarcoln well dome. \ on are now citlnena of ibe liipnhllc. Eemi-moer that Iho strength ot the nauon lies in the Tirtnc, Indnatij, loj fllty and course* of its citizens. Yoa mast try BL( j vindicate the hopes ol jour friends and ro of the sceptical by proving yourselves worthy of the privileges lo which yon bare been admitted. [Applause.] Whenever anr large addition has been made to the voters cf a State the same apprehensions have been ex pressed that are now heard with reference to yourselves. Those already enfranchised arc easily alarmed at any considerable ctangeinthc estublisbcc order of things.* So lh r . In this coun try, experience baa shown that union, liberty and power are safe in the hands of those who earn thnr bread by the sweat of their brows, f Ap plause.] None love the land of their birth more lotdly; cone wiil defend it with more constancy and valor than those whose labor make up the sum of a natron’s wealth. [Applause.] So long as the destinies of this country are in the bands of those whose homes are made sacred by jus tice; whose libe iics depend ou the courage with which tnev are maintained, the oil flag may defy all tnemifs, whether from without or within. [Great applause.] It would be diflient, under the most favorable circumstances, for any race of men to engage, as yon have now to do, in the most Interesting political events, without be ing deeply moved by tin if importance and novel ty. Let me advise yon as a mend, and as one not withor-t experience in public aSairs, to pre serve at at] times the utmost moderation of lan enogc, lemrer and conduct. Avoid everything like violence, impatience or indecorum. Do not give even your adversaries just occasion to com* plain ol the least disrespect shown to them in your discussions, private or public. And beware of those who would endeavor to excite animosi ties between the white and block races. The. protpcrl'v of the South, the welfare of the coun try. are intimately associated with tee harmony and good feeling which should exist between the people of both races and the Sooth. Whs .over seriously impairs the interests of one race must result seriously to the other. Intelligence, col tme, capital, land, are not less essential than labor, ard yet without labor these can have no solid and cndsringfoatidatlon. Yon have already shown your appreciation of these advantages by the eagerness with which yon have employed the opportunities lately given to you to edneate your selves. It will not be long before the white race in the South will see how deeply they are in terested in the education, industry, thrift and progress of ihcir colored population. In this mutual dependence lies the security of all. Abundant time and opportunity wi-1 ho afforded, and ample notice will be given of all the successive steps to be taken in the organ!- lion ol the state Government within my com mand. It will not be necessary, nor can it be otherwise than injurious to yourselves lor you to neglect your regular employment and associa tions to attend to politics! affairs. I promise yon that without any such sacrifices on yonr pan, every man in the Carollnas entitled tu a voice in the decision of the great question to be passed upon under my supervision, shall have a fair chance to act his part without let or hindrance from any one. My friends, I wish yon all good nhrlit. [Enthusiastic cheers.] The General, in conversation with one of the directors of the street cars, advised him to abolish all distinctions as to color of pas sengers, and quietly introduce or give way to what at present appears inevitable, the Eracticc of carrying any orderly, well-he aved person, white or black. Should the question come before him as to the right of the company to eject a colored passenger, be said be would feel bound to decide in favor of the latter. A mass meeting, composed mostly of Northern white men who have taken up their permanent residence here since tbe war, was held last evening. Mr. Joscpl% Hilton, formerly ol New York, ptesldcd.and Mr. J. D. Kavanangb acted as Secretary. The following resolutions were adopted; Be solved. First. That as National republicans we attheic to and reiterate the principles sec forth in the platform adopted 1»T a meeting of loyalmeo, held at Military Ball. ir. this city, March 21.15C7. Second. That as citizens of bomb Carolina we will support and defend these principles, using onr best endeavors to fnlfil the requirements of the Congress of the United States w the estab lishment of a republican form of government and the Epctdy admission of the State into tbe Federal Union. Third. - That in remodelling the Constitution of South Carolina we desire that tho laws shall he • o constructed as to enable tho qualiflc*! voters of the State to elect the electors for President and Vice President ofthe Un'ted States, ana that, so far as practicable, appointments to office under the State Government shall rest with tbe people, mid not with the Legislature or Governor of the State, as borctotore, to the end thst the people may determine who shall occupy their places of trust and huuor. Fourth That we arc the friends of lav and or* dcr. and counsel checrtnl obedience to Ihe con stituted authorities; that we possess in the bal lot box a constitutional and effectual remedy for oppression, unjust legislation and corrupt admin istration, and will guard with tbe utmost vigi lance the f-acrcd tights and inestimable privileges of every Amencav eluzen. FIMh. That we invite labor aril capital fro noil parts ef tfco wctld to come to our assistance m the grea’ work cf developing the immense re sources of onr State, assuring capitalists and emigrants of the utmost safety to persons aod property, pledging them a cordial welcome and our hearty co-operation: condemning, all legisla tion leading to discourage their introduction. Republican Klass Tipetln* at JHont- Somerj) Alabama. An immense meeting of citizens, -without regard to color, was held at Montgomery, Starch 27, of those who believe in the follow imr propositions of the call • The call was signed by Ed. Patton, by the State Auditor and Treasurer, the Postmaster and Mayor c.l the city, and many leading citizens. Mr. E. R. Metcalf was elected Presi dent, and among the Vice Presidents were General Wager Snayne and Ed. Patton. Speeches were made by the Hon. C. S. G. Dosler, and Judge Adam C. Ftldcn, who voted for the Constitutional Amendment in the Legislature. Mayor Henry C. Semple, Judge Mo#s, and by General Swayne, The latter, in tile course of an able argument, said: It Is but natural that where Slav rv existed several generations. and involved the fortune and the social life of millions, it ebon!d have educated thousands lo it with ciilhosidsm. Unas equally .Heritable tbit between it ana a Govern ment of enud rights there should ha war. and th-t with tuch a h fitorv as oura. the Government should uiniaph. Now, such wars are great edn cnxis, anf thonsh this war'Vig begun with no ir.ori. talk of uilveival liberty tb&a there was talk of Jhde; < nOezce at (he outset of the Revolu tion, yet it has taught tnl* nation, and is .•■-till teuenirg with increasing emphasi*. that llbert and m.iou. in very train, are one and inseparable fu.evcr. Uerce in- demand lor an anprccch to can'll rights whicli every rctu c al only baa made more exacting: hence the growth of opldcn la it? favor in onr iuldit,nutil Jllast ihcje have thdr culmination, a'd xnw all men arc as at] men should he- ,‘rcf (hid (>jusl. Do 1 fear this ? AtnTcftaid togivetac maxims of this Govern meet a full and fair experiment, after it'history thus far? Not so, my friends. I have feared the refusal rather. When men among yourselves have cume to me complaining that they were bibjecied to taxation without representation, and that *b-y were governed without their consent, it has oc cnrttdlo me that long ago it was provided that the measure which we mete to others should coma htek to ns again. No, sir ; the maxims of the Union are too grand, too trae, to be confined to »ny tucan an a partial application. The same privileges of iduta’lo:, ih- 1 game tnjoymenw of liberty, the game encouragement of opportunity that has nclpedyou and me to do vruatever we L-we dene, and to < njoy life, all those wc L«a-tily will give to every man, that being full ot bon.*, he mav exert tumselt to etrve his family, his country, uid his God. The lollowirg resolutions were adopted: Wuzixap. The condition oi Alabama Impera tively required that harmonious relations bo es tablished wi'b those Stales that weie left by the war in possession of the Government; and, WnzitKA?, The preliminari-a haveb.-en defined bv their Representatives in Congress: and, Weeueas, '»be?c involve a fandamentit change In harmony with the spirit ol democratic institu tions; and. Wuebzas. The conduct of the colored people of t v c state has been failtfal and patriotic, and en titles them to onr respect and confidence; Jlesoltfd. That we consider It the duty ot good citizens to unite lo carry out with earnestness and barmonj the requirements of the Military Recon struction Bill. J2esolud, That to show plainly that the spirit and purposes of the rebellion have been thoroughly abandoned, at the forthcoming elec tions onr gndVages be cast for men well known to Lave inllcxibly at heart the integrity of the United States and the vitality of all its powers. fief aired. That all men have a cordlil welcome to political equality upon this basis. £*eolud* That this meeting concur with the recomrn* ndation of the Convention recently held at Huntsville for a State Convention at the Capitol of the true Union men of the State, and that an Executive Committee be appointed and author ized to call (his meeting together again to take preliminary steps for that purpose. Tbe Executive Committee have called a Union Stale Convention, to meet at Mont gomery, Jnnc 4. THE CITY ELECTION. Democratic Convention—Nomination of Candidates— f* C- Sherman Named for Mayor. Speech of the Nominee— l lhe Resolu- tion*. The war horses of the ciiy Democracy met yes tc:dayin solemn conclave in the Recorder's Court room, that sanctum of Penitentiary Justice which has so long been consecrated to their peculiar m>es and needs. They met for the purpose of keeping up their organization, tokeep their forces jroro disbandment, that they may be able to pitch in with hope of success when the Sonlb has ac cepted the term? of Congress, and a lew more Northern Stales have followed the renegade ex ample of Connecticut. In that sign they hone yet to conquer. Itlormed, yesterday, the subject of much comment, and tbe oasis of ranch hoyc. the Invlncibles tell that there was an ultimate chance ol their betas other than vanquished. The ostensible object of the galhenng was to nominate Democratic candidates for office for the ensuing municipal election. The attendance was foil; the attendants the same motley crowd no ticeable at evoy Democratic Convention in this city for many years past. Itwa? composed ex clusively of those men who have been-delegates in loncer % ears, many of them having come without a constituency, the tickets not having been voted on. But it was lust as well. There was no Iron*, hie abont it, as no occ contested the honor with them. . , The caucusing previous to coming to order was spirited, chiefly on the subject of a candidate for .Mayor. Fev-ral gentlemen had been sooken to, bat bad declined to rnnfor the empty and expen sive honor of being beaten. The two prominent candidates were F. C. Sherman and Henry Ful ler; the first being the leading choice. It was no ticeable that the great question at Issue was “who la the sticnccrtf 7 not, “who Is the bestmanf The subject of securing voles was the great o ne— it is the only one on which the party will fail on U Conventlon was called to order by St. Clair Sutherland, and on nomination of Dr. iiahn, Senior, General M. R. il. Wallace was chosen Chairman of the meeting. . .... „ r The Chairman modestly disclaimed thi idea ot the Appointment being other than temporary, and asked what the Convention would do. ur. Hahn moved to appoint a committee of ono from each ward on permanent organization. The motion prevailed, but was abandoned on the rep resentation of 11, £. CM* that It was oat of cider. Thomas J. Holt ar.d H. M. Chase were made temporary Secretaries. l)r. Hahn, Senior, moved the appointment of a Committee on Credentials, one irou each Divis ion. Cairlcd. acd J. L. Marsh, of tho South Di vision; J. W. Horton, of the West, and J. H. Win* ktlman, of the North, were appointed as such commil'ce. 2be wards were called in order, and numerous substitutions made in the list as published In tht se columns yesterday. Captain Council moved that the delegates take front scats; he wanted to have uoboay else m the nng. Motion approved but not acted upon, the people thinking they bad as much right there us their representatives. The Committee ou Credentials reported a list of delegates which was read by “Secretary Cause" ana aaopted. I)r. Wickcrsbam called attention to a seri ous error. The- Secretary bad read the names of the Central Committee instead of the delegates. Secretary Chmio stood corrected, and the list was corrected also. The dilegates from the Fifth Ward, tho old stronghold of Democracy,were none ol them pres ent, and a wholesale substitution was made ad Uitium. ... Dr. Hahn, Senior, asked for the report oftnc Committee (not appointed) on Organiza tion. On being told of bis error, ho moved to make the temporary organization permanent, Oar ried- KOMCtATJOH FOBHATOtt. Dr. Hahn, Senior, moved that Francis C. Sher man be nominated for Mayor by acclamation. 1 Secretary Chase did not want tho Convention 10 work arbitrarily. There were differences of opin ion in the Democratic ranks. Ho desired to pre sent the name of Henry Fuller. fLcud cheers from two persons, and cnca of “No horse rail road.'’] Be believed Mr. Fuller to be the strong rat man, sr.d a straightforward, straight-legged Democrat, and would do every single thlae mot could be done to secure his o’ecuon if nominated. [“Sherman.”] Fuller would cither bulla a horse i allroad 10 Calnmcf. or bring out a big crowd of voters, a? most needed to secure hia election. He wanted to see a new deal. Pr. Hsbr, Senior, moved to proceed to ballot for candidate for Mayor. Mr. Chase moved that every ballot taken be accepted and motion carried. Bt. Clair Sntheilacd moved to clear the ring of all bnt delegates, bnt was told it conld.not be done. Mr. Chase announced that, finding that there was a strong feeling in the matter, at the request of several prominent gentlemen, be would with draw the name of Mr. Fuller, nndwoildtecond the motion of Dr. Hahn to nominate Hon. F. C. Sherman for Mayor by acclamation. And Mr. Sherman was so nominated, and three cbocra were given for the nominee. On motion of Dr. Hahn, a committee of two was appointed to wait on Mr, Shcnnan and in form him of the honor. Dr. Hahn and Hart L. Stewart were appointed as such committee. Ton CITY TEEASCREB. <UU b.ii iIiUSOIWU. I. K. Diller moved to nominate Marcus D. Gil man for the office of City Treasurer byacclama- Uon. Carried by a faint vote. rou errr collector. Dr. Hahn, Junior, moved lo nominate John Sol lit lo the office of City Collector. Carried. ron cmr attobket. Secretary Chase moved that Colonel Hamilton N. Eldridcc be nominated by acclamation for the office of City Attorney. Carried. ron POLICE CLCItK. Dr. Swayno Wickereham moved that Edward J. Lassen be nominated by acclamation for the office of Clerk of the Police court. Carried. POE POLICE MAGISTRATES. John G. Rogers said the committee had made a most important omission in neglecting to call for the nomination of (bree Police Magistrates—one for each Division of tbe city. It was a most im portant office. He wonld nominate— Michael Maguire for tbs North Division; W. W. Stewart for the West Division: Charles McDonald for the West Division. Some little opposition was manifested, it being especially urged that the nomination of Slcw&n would not strengthen the ticket, bnt the motions were ruled ont. RECEPTION OP HU. GHERMAN. The nominee lor Mayor now entered the room, and his appearance was tbe signal for hearty cheering. He was conducted to tbe stand, where he was sainted by another bnrst of enthusiasm. Silence having been gained, he spoke as follows: Gentlemen: I non 1 ! propose to make any speech. In the first place, I thank yon, tbe dele gates lo this Convention, and my friends, lor this Domination. Unsolicited on my part, I was in hopes that It would tall npon some more able head, but as I have been nominated, and appear to he the choice of this Convention, I will accept of that nomination. (Cheers, and cries of “Good. 11 ! You all know very well what we have cot to meet. You all know very welt that a nomination in the city of Chicago ain’t an election. Every man in Chicago who is favorable to my election has got something to do. 1 can’t do it alone. [“We’ll do it,’’] My future comae jon all know very well. 1 look up on (bis nomination as an endorsement. I may say an endorsement of my course whilst 1 was Mayor of this city. (Loud cheers,! Gentlemen, 1 believe ] can say and say truthfully, that no man ever come to the Mayor’s office, let bis coat be fine or coarse, but what be had a bearing. 11 wasn’t a question with me when called upon, nor won’t b« iflamacaln elected, to which party he belongs. I Che ers.] The question with me wUJ be. -‘What he wauls—iaitjnstT” “Is what he wants right, teat I could grant it I” I never asked tbe ques tion ; never before in my position of Mayor, and never shall. When a man comes to talk with me 1 will never a*k to what parly ho belongs. [Chc-ers.l 1 will say a very few words more, and that is tills: I have ever belonged lo the wonting class. 1 have always been a working man all my life; my sympathies has always been with 'em. end I say tore low that unless tbe working men comes oat and votes for their choice, and gets registered, there will be no show for the election, bat if they do come out. and luing their tax receipts in tbclr pockets. 1 think there will be a show. [Cheers.] Gentlemen, on my part, IwPl do wbaficanto gain the election. Ton have my word for it, ana I shsil expect your aid. Itwas with a good deal of reluctance that I allowed my came to be u-cd —that I felt I could accept this nomination. But, under the circumstances, 1 say to yon again, as yon have nominated me, 1 consider ll an honor, and 1 thank you for tie nomination. [Cheers.] POLICE MAGISTRATES. HlAfrtitrA v,c Ihfin rnm!raUfl Kv aaala. Michael Maguixc was then nominated by accla ma'ion. For the South Division Nicholas Bcrdcl and Charles McDonnell '•ere put in nomination. A ballot was taken, which resulted in tbe choice of Nicholas Berdel fiy a vote of 58 to 41; his nomi nation was made unanimous. For the West Division W. W. Stewart and Smith McClcvy were presented. The vote was partially taker, when the name of Stewart was withdrawn ana Smith McClcvy was declared the unanimous choice of the Convention. CESTUAX COMMITTEE. Secretary Chase moved ihe apoolntmcnt of a Committee or one from each ward to report names to DC chosen os a Democratic Central Com miuee lor the ensuing year. Carried. The Commitue reported the follow inr*, which were adopted First Ward... Stcoi d Watd. .St. Clair Sutherland. .11. L. Stewart. .J. A. Hahn. •A. P. Sharp. ..M. McDermott. .D. Walsh. .0 K. Boland. 1 hitd Ward... Fourth ward.. Fifth Ward.... Sixth Ward.... Seventh Ward. Eighth Ward IL Sheridan. Ninth Ward J. W. Connett. Tenth Ward 1. R. Dilier. Eleventh Ward H. M. Chase- TweMh Ward 8.11. Streeter. Thtiiecnth Ward W. H. Snyder. Fourteenth Ward J. C. WiaKelman. Fifteenth Ward J. U. Donlin. Sixteenth Word Ed. Kehoe. EESOLUTIOSB. Irate R. Dillcr said he was in favor of patting tbe Democracy on a square Issue—that tssoo was the question ot taxation. They proposed to op pose all unnecessary taxation, having been the panv which had always been In favor of an eco nomical ar'.ministrolloo ot affaire. They did not propose to introduce national issues into tnc pres ent matter, which was simply a local election, lie would oiler the following, and move their adoption: Wnutr.Aa. Under Ihc Republican administra tion tbe taxes of tbe city nave been increased nearly fifty per cent troin what they were order the Dcmocnrtc administra tor of Frank C. Shannon; and, whereas, wo .egi-nlniDcb oftlris Inc'esso as nnmces.-ary and occasioned oi Iv by Its careless and teckluss ex pci dilute of money, and the cxtiavagsnt and no wise manner in which it ha? pro-ccnltdnccsasanr find nni.icecsary pub'ic improvement:#; and, whereas, the Ijot l.egi-lalmc ot Illinois, at the request of the Republican administration, did iuak<- uun.erotio amc:;dm«-ntß to tbe City Charter, bieaklug down and lemoving all harrier? which could t<rt tcct the interests of .he (ax-payem from the extravagance of the Common Council, and an ihomlig it to licrea-cthe laics of ts.e city to iilim f-t any extent they might desire; ami, where as, w iib existing demands upon their incomes to Government, the lax-payers ol Chicago are In r.o condition to nay exorbitant municipal taxes; ihereiorc, be It . , Jfrfolzfd, As the sente of the Democracy of Chlcaro,ihaLtcc time ha-* com*! “ hen there shooM be a thorough rc orn- iu oar mnntcipal nililrs, and ocu there should be inaugurated In every part of our City Government a policy of nuloandundevi- economy tuall matters relating to the ex tier citmc ol the public money. /icf'.Utd, lhatthe authority conferred by tbe •ast Ittpnnllc.'m J-egi?l*laro ol Illinois npon tae Republican City Government of Chicago, to In create, to almost any extent, the taxes ol the city, is in onr opinion nnv-Jse and dangerous and that we recog: ixe among oar first that ot pro tectin' toe tax-payers from the abuse and nnwar rautcucx-JCitcor this authority, whether in tic levy of csoibiraut and lancce-eary taxes In the present, or in the accumulation of an immense municipal debt to weigh us down and retard onr piospcntv In the future; and that in view of this almost unlimited and dangerous anthorily tom c tosc the hardens of taxation, the Democracy of Chicago pledges itself and its candidates most unqualifiedly against all manner of extravagance In ine nomlriistralien of the City Government. JUsoletd, That while we arc in favor of tho prosccmion of all suitable public Improvements. «e insist that thev shall be conducted npon the most ecmomicil plan, with an eye single to the public benefit and the protection of the public treasury; and we are opposed alike to all un necessary works of a public character not de manded by the interests of the city, ard to all favoritism in the distribution of public improve ments in different Divisions of the city. 'I he resolutions were adopted, alter which Mr. Dillcr offered the followicg, which was likewise adopicd: „ J:**olrtd, That the Democracy of the el'y of CLlra-o, in Convection assembled, greet their brethren of Connecticut, and send hearty con gratulations to them, eqnally rejoicing with them iu the signal aod glorious victoir acniered over tt.c enemies of onr Union aod Constitution, by the taithful and earnest washing men of Con necticut. . . , . Jietclud, That In this victory we acknowledge with pleasure and gratification tho advent of me retnm by the people to the plnciplc? of demo cratic government, and that we will labor to mat e that victory universal in the nation. John G. Rogers was then called on and made a lengthy speech laudatory of tho Democratic jjarty and prophesying great things of It in tho Captain Cocnettwas called for, bat declined to speak, end The Convention then adjourned. Bbidces’ Battzut Association. —A regular meeting of this Aseoclalion was held on Tuesday evening, at No. 45 State street, the President, L. A. White, in the chair. A communication va s received from non. Lyman Trnmhnll, staling that the United States Senate bad confirmed Major Lyman Bridges, lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel hy Brevet, for gallant and meritorious services in the Atlanta campaign and at the battle of Franklin. A communication was received from Lieutenant M. D. Temple, of SL Louis, Intimating his wil lingness to co-op-rate with - the Association in procuring fords for the monument. The Committee on Subscriptions reported that JSS7 Ud been raised since last meeting. The committee appointed to procure alltbo graph of the monument reported that a thousand cot ics bso faerti ordered* and, on motion, the As sociation decided to furnish a copyio the rela tives of deceased members of the Battery. Messrs. Ihoroas C. Patterson. Oris Dibbleand Joseph Lovell were appointed a committee to re port upon the propriety of a public Inauguration ofthemormnent. _ , . „ Adjourned till the first Tuesday In May. Yocso Mes’s LißiiAnr.—Ai the first regular meeting of the Board of Managers, held on Tues day evening, the following standing committees verennnonneed: On Limary—Messrs. Collyer, SalTord, Wiley, Irvluc and Murray. On Lectures—Messrs. Pearson, Guyton and C< On Donations and Subscriptions—Messrs. Car ter, Forman ar.d Perry. On Booms and Fixtures—Messrs. Irvine, Guy ton otd Montgomery. On Law— Messrs. Murray, Carter and Perry. On Periodicals and Ifewspapers—Messrs. Gif ford, Wiley and Forman. On Fuance—Messrs. Gnyton, Montgomery and Perry. 'Jlic follomagresolution Tfns passed: Jifsoltfdj That the thanks of this Board and of the Association be hereby tendered to Ur. Aaron liibbs and Messrs. Termi&M. Wadsworth and J. H. Frink, lor their as Xurpcclors of Elec tion on March S 3. Paixtcl OccnmsxcE.—Alfred T6wns, a boy ten yeais of age, the son of Mr. R. M. Towns, who resides at No. 821 North Wells street, was run over fcn Wednesday afternoon, near the comer bf North Wells and Kinzie streets. The lad was attempting to croas Uio street, when a team of horses which were passing struck him, throwing him down. Before he could getoat of the way, one of the wheels of the vehicle, a heavily laden wn"on, bad passed over his right leg, breaking ft just below the knee. It was feared yesterday ihat amputation would be necessary. Mohb Tboopb fob the West.— The Fourth Regiment, United Stales Infantry, passed through this city ycslcrday, arriving by the Michigan Southern Railroad. They left again at 9 o’clock en route for Omaha. They are destined for the command ofOencral Anger, of the Department of the Platte The regiment has been stationed at FI Gratiot, Michicttc. Hinumbers 3» men, and u under Uic commnndol Brevet Major General Silas Ciihev. ibc tram conveying the troops to this city was in charge or Mr. K stioehy, Paasonger Agent ol the Michigan Southern Railroad. Cokcobdta Club. —lhe following officers were elected at a recent meeting of the members of this club, to serve (or the ensuing year: President—JJ. Frant entbal. Vice President—B. Lowentbal. Treasurer—J. Foreman. Recording Secretary—J. Dntenneyer. Financial Sccietary—D. Witkrsky, Jr. Trustees—J. Spiegel and J. J. Uusenfels. The Boick Coktuact. —The contract awarded by the Board of Public Works for sewer bricks on Wednesday, was for three and a half millions at sl3 per thousand. The contract was awarded to A. v* Khlsely, p( the Magazine Brick Works. . FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONETARY. TntmanaT Errerto, April L Some of the discount houses reported a very active demand for leans to-day—mostly on specu lative account—hut elsewhere the inquiry was only moderate—about equal to that noted yester day. Paper is examined with great scrutiny, as the.banks are pursuing a very conservative policy in view of the high prices now ruling In the pro duce markets, and favors are expended only to those whose signatures are regarded as “gilt edged. 11 The rates of Intctest are -mebanged. Exchange was firmer to-day with a less amount offering, and sales were made from bank to bank at 25(340 cents premium. The counter rates were unchanged—par baying and 1-10 premium selling. Flour was firm and in fair demand. Wheat opened Sc lower, bnt recovered and closed strong. Cora declined l@sc. Oats were fully 1c lower. Bye was firm. Barley was scarce and 5c higher. Mess Pork was doll and 25c lower. Bnlk Meats Inac tive end nominal. Lard was dull and weak. Private despatches received from New York this forenoon reported a “ flurry 11 on Wall street, with a decline of 2®B on stocks, and money [in 'demand at 8 percent on call. In the afternoon there was a steadier feeling and more confidence. It was rumored that the ‘‘bears 11 got control of the larger portion of the unem ployed bank balances at on ■ early hour, oiler which' they commenced to hammer the market, with the result above stated. Gold was lower to-day. It opened at 183*1, ad vanced to 333£, and closed at 133*4. The follow ing quotations were received by Boyd Brothers, gold brokers: 10:30 a, 133 j£ 112:00 m I33*i 10:43a.m 133*4 liaip.m I33j£ 31:00a.m 383 X 1 2:00p.m 13314 31:15 a.m 13334 2:15 p. ~133V* 11:80 a. 3SB*£ 8.00 p.m 333J4 31:45a.m. 3S3jfc | 3.15 p.m 133*$ Here the market was quiet at 382*£@135*4 bny ing—closing at 133. Over Iho counter the sales were light at New York rates. Silver was nominal at 124® 128 buying. The Public Funds were a ehndc easier in New York to-day. The following shows the closing prices to-day, compared with the three previous dflyS * Mon; Tnes. Wed. Thnrs Sixes of W lU9JS 309*4 109 109 Five-Twenties, ’62 109 y 309*4 100? i 309)4 Five-Twenties. 1 M 107 % 307*4 107 % Five-Twenties, ’65 308}$ 103*4 108 107? i Ten-Forties 93 US . 93 977* Seven-Thirties, Amr 100 300 300 30575 Sevcn-Hurtics, Jun0....303*4 105?$ 305*4 305*4 Seven Thirties, July... 303?fi 305*6 305*4 10775 New Five-Twenties 307*4 107*4 107*4 107*4 Here there was a good local demand for Seven- Thirties for investment, and tbe brokers fonndtt difflcultto fill orders. There are fowFlve-Twen • tics offering. For Ten-forties there is considera ble inquiry for a permanent investment, and few offering. We quote; OOVZBNMBST SECLUITIES—CHICAGO JLABEKT. Buying. Setting. U. S. 6s, of 1681 108*4 1W U. S. 5-208,15G2 109*4 10914 U. 8.5-2CP, 38M 107*4 107)4 D. b. 5-So*, 1865 107* 10SJ4 U. S. 5-20e,'C5 and ’GO, new.lo7 107)4 U. S. B-2fle, swell 100*4®109*4 U. S. 10-4's, large 97*4 97*4 U.S.KMOs, small 97 U. 8.7805, Ist series 105J4 300*4 U. S. 7-OOs, 2d series 105)4 ’ lOS K u. S. 7-00 d, 3d series 105*4 105)4 U. S. Com. Itt Notes, June. '01.117*4 .... “ “ Jnly, *01..110)4 “ “ Aug., ’OL.HO “ “ Oct., ’04..115 “ “ Dcc.^oi-.m “ “ May. ’05..112 “ “ Aug., *05.11114 “ “ Sept., ’05.110)4 “ “ Oct, *05..110 .... Local Securities ore firm bat quiet at the follow ing baying rates; Chicago City Ts Cook County 7*s Chamber of Commerce. —Tne Philadelphia Press of Tuesday has tbe fol lowing on the manner in which the quarterly statements are-gotten up: u The special efforts made by the banks to prepare for their quarterly statements, show how useless Isjtto law requiring these stated exhibits, os a means of ascertaining their real condition. No matter what may ho their average condition, It is easy for them to get up, once in three months, an array of details show ing a pctfectly satisfactory state of stairs. But while this provision of the bank law Is deceptive rather than otherwise, as a means of ascertaining the condition ofthe hanks, it causes much incon venience at four periods of the year by producing an irn gular interference with tho course of bank ing operations, and an interruption of business in financial and business circles." The Cincinnati Commercial of yesterday alludes lo thr same subject In this wise: "Adjusting af fairs lor report days is not in accordance wuh the spirit of.the requirements of the law, under which National Banks was organized. Any fixing up to make a good or particular kind of showing is a fiction, and gives no fair reflection of the ave rage business or management of a hank. Bo.llea this, such work always disturbs the current of financial aflalrs. producing a spasmodic action in the money market that may occasion merchants no small amount of inconvenience, it is not likely that this feature of quarterly statements will cease to be manliest as long as they are made, and the business community most, in mak ing tbelr negotiations, calculate a more exact and fair revelation of the condition of the banks, it would be well if the results of in vestigations made by the bank examiners in tbclr casual vltl's should be published. They would then be shown up in tbclr working garb, without any primping (or good looks, or dlstmbance of the relation of the banks to the public. 1 SVo know lbc:c are not a lew who bold that it is none of tho public's business to see or know the situation of the affairs of A hank; .hut If such persons are found among bank officers, they arc precisely tho men whose Institutions should not be trusted with the public confidence." —j he Button Advertiser of Tuesday says: ".he new month ana week open with a com fortably easy condition of the rn’iney market. There fs a steady demand lor money, however, hut the supply of loanable funds at the various hanks and m the bands of private lenders seems to le folly rdcqualc to meet It. Bales still show no chance of consequence, very good paper being otlen.dat<H to 8 per cent. Some choice notes are, however, taken at G to per cent. Call loans on Government securities are emv at six per cent. Tne banks have been busy to-dav pay ing their semi-annual dividends, and as tne amount from interest on bonds, dividends, Ac., which passes into circulation in this viclmtr 4 about this time.'exceeds three millions of dol lars. some relief to tbe money market Is expected from this source. As the quart* rly remind of the hsuksarenow made up, and Congress has ud jonricd, many look for it steady and moderately easy money market for some time to come." laid Money Manet* , April 1. IStJT, received by Dken: JTcsr York Stock at Cicpick prices for cbsD. Joseph M. Lyons & Co , Urol Ist Bd-2d fid I Ist U<] t 2d Bd N. T. Centr»!..lo2?< KH* Con. Gresoiy.. 600 .... Kric (com) Su* 51K IU. B. 0* cent 51. B. (com) 70J \ 10ft I boaas. 1351....1C5K IC3 C.&JT.IS 76* 7Qklo.‘b.Cl>ct 5-20 Kock Island K>}«' K»k| coup.lSK ICO# lOltf C. &N. TV S3* 33* U. S 6V ct 5-20 Do tiVd.?.!..... CJX *i>i\ coup, 1501....107* 1-~V W. & C... aiS W* I D. S. 6 P ct 000 OolckMlTer 31 SIX t eon;; 1565.....108* 107* TV, u. T 41X «X o.b.#¥ ct 5-30 C. -t A. (c0m)...100 IC6 I coup, new,’6s.lo7>J 107* Q 1!C! .... |U.s. S P cent >!. C... 107* 107 S KMO 97* Hudson mier..UtiH 131* -10, l#l Hi Cent lit* 1U series.... 106 10a,V pblirl 1tew1....Wl lOCSMJ. S. 7 310. 2d . . Clt Toledo 113 HB* etnes 105* 10j* Tol.& Wabash.. SIX 37k C. S. 7 3-10, 3d m & bt. I*. (com)S3 ....I (“Cries .103* 103* CO CO (pM}sl .... I American CoMai!* 133* Market—let Board steady: 3d Board better. COMMEECXAL. TnimsDAT Evening, April d. The following tables shows the receipts and sblpmenls of Produce dunne ibe past twenty four hours: UECEiPT&ron the past xwEsrr-pomi nouns. 1867. 1556. Flour, - C.4IC 2,173 Wheat,bn. 5.868 5,438 i o«S bn 12.215 1-1.923 Oats, bn 3.188 ■ 0,3^1 Rye, bn 3jo <s»» lisj BroonrCoiD, 0)s Cured Meat, Q)s *2,571) Beef, brla Port, bris Lard.lbs Tallow, lbs Butter, 0>? Dressed Hogs, Iso. J ive Bogs, F 0... . Cattle, No , Hides, 0»s, brls Woo), lbs... T.umber, m. Shingles, m. Lam, m 115 03 SMOO 47,800 1.350 1.512 1,003 5,130 83 22 0,215 2.473 3.000 1.450 40,521 20,300 STG 100 10.350 7,500 43 33 80S CIO you THE PAST TVTESTT-FOUB HOURS. 16(77. ISCO. .5 7,520 14,800 177 220 20.009 1,705 CIO Cu 3 738 451 Floor, brls, Whea<, bo Corn, bu... Oats, b 0... Barley, bn,— Grass Seed, tbs . Broom Com, tbs Curco Meat, tbs.. Beet. br15........ Pork. brls ijtO, fts lallow, lbs Batter, Sts live 80g5,N0... Code, No Bides, Ss IHgbwmee, brls. Wcol, lbs Lumber, m.,.. Shingles, m....* Lath, m - bait, brls 211 5V The Provision market wps doll and weak In view of the less lavorable advices from New York, bnt holders, though more disposed to realize, were unwilling to make any marked concession, Mesa Pork was dull, heavy and 25c lower, wliU sales of SOOhrlsat £22.50, cosh—closing with free Ballots at this figure. Prime Mess Pork sold, to the ex* tent of too hrls at £2l 00 and the same amouulof Estia Prime sold at *18.50. Bulk Meats wore dull. Shoulders were freely offered at Sc,withont at tracting buyers. There are some ora era in the market lor Sides at prices below the views of poll ers. Lard was dull, withsalca 0f721 tes at!2%@ ISc for Clly, and 12yc for Country Steam—eloping with no buyers over 12*£c for the former. Grease was quiet but firm, with sales of choice Bro wn at fs;c. Dressed Hogs were dull and lower t with trifling sales at $8.50. Tte Whiskey market is •demoralized. Bonded is neglected and entirely nominal at $2.2302 25. Tax paid with certificates attached sold a few days ago at £2.10, bnt there is littlo orno inquiry, as the jobbing trade is understood to be, supplied with the contraband article at figures ranging (root 51.5051.75. There was a fair demand for Floor, and the market ruled steady and firm, with sales of 3,100 brlfl at 51C.00516.25 for White Winters ; fH-25 for Bed Winters; 110.50013.25 for bpring Extras; S'J 50 for Spring Supers, and £3.00 for Bye, Wheal opened quiet at a depression of 1*402c, but subsequently the decline was recovered and the market closed firm. 2he sales foot np 77,000 bn, at (2 73 for No. 1, $2.27*402.30 for No. 2, and $2.0602.07 for Rejected—closing with buyers, bnt. no sellers, at $2.20 for No. S. Corn was active at a decline of 102 c—the do* mand being mostly to fill aborts. Rejected was dull and 11402 c lower. Abont GC3,000 bn changed hands, atOScosl.OOforNo. 1,00092 c for ,No. 2, and 6334068 KC lor Rejected—closing at 93>40 9S2iC for No. 1. Oats were lees active, and fnlly 1c lower, with sales of 75,000 bn at 51J4052J4C for fresh, and 60)40 51c for winter receipts of No. 2—closing at 59*40505ic for the latter. Bye was in good demand and firm, with sales at $1.32*401.35 for No. I—closing firm at the out. side quotation lor fresh receipts. Bailey was in good demand and 5c higher, but the volume of business was materially restricted, owing to the light offerings. Sales wore made at 21.CC01.C6 for No. 2; 80c for Rejected, and 85c for sample lots. I needs were doll and easier, yrtft gales at @?.no for Tlmoihj, ro.'-oall.oo tor Clorer, rod Me for Hungarian- Ihc sale of 03 ke« Batter reported at 38c elionld hare been quoted at 11c. The market la doll. • ■ The following telegram* were read on ’Chance 10-dajr New Tons. April 4. Low inodes Flour E@loc letter; b'gi do laoy ut at SIO.CSan.TO. Wheal firm and m idoraiely active at 52.150i.51. com heavy at pm steady. Fork dnll and heavy at S2V.S. Lard onll and nominal Whi-kcy oulct at 30;. Gold, WiSt. ~™ Flour linnet at slo,7oaiUli. Wheal toner; fair Ko. 2 at £2.D0@2,r.0. Com quiet at trst). Poik ccsicr at §i3.K>. Lard heavy at 12?i®18.4c. LATEU. The Grain markets In the afternoon were mode rately active. No. 2 Spring Wheat was firm and a abode tetter, closing fit $2.83. Ko. 1 Com dosed quiet at DS&c. There was no movement in Provisions. Tne Cottle market was dull and heavy at a decline of 15@25c per 100 tta. Received, 2,031 head. Sold, i,ot£ head, at *4.5008.50, for inferior to choice Grades. The market closea weak. The Hog market was dull and 15025 c lower, closing weak at *0.0007.05 ior inferior to prime Grades. Received, 0,779 bead. Entered sales, 2,291 head, at 53.5 @7.70. The market dosed weak, with 6,000 head unsold. Freight** from im*alwlPl>t ttlvcr Point* to Lake nlcmcan. Atnmaeilnc of the representatives ofthedlf ferent lines interested, at the Sherman Ilonsc. 2Glh March, convened for the purpose of ranging spring rates to points on the Mississippi River, the following gentlemen were present: Geo. L. DqkTud, J. O. Gault, W. G. Swan, rep resenting iho Chicago & Northwestern Kailway Company. H. S. Merrill, 0. E. Britt. H. B. Wllklus, repre senting the Milwaukee & St. Paul Kaliway Com- J. F. Tucker, representing the Illi nois Central Railroad Company. W. P. Bandeon, Wm. Rhodes, representing the Northwestern Union Packet Company. T. J. Buford, I. M. Mason, representing the Northern Jane Packets. . Jo. Reynolds, representing the Fulton Line Packets. „ , . • C. H. Merry, representing the People’s line On mo’lion, Mr. Hnghitt was elected Chairman, and G. W. Swan. Secretary ' . . , On motion of Mr. Rhodes, a committee of six •was created tor the purpose of arranging freight rates to be reported to the Convention, and the Chairman appointed as such committee the fol lowing gentlemen: V/m. Rhodes,©. E. Britt, U. B. Wilkins, I. 31. Mason, 0. F. Tucker and W. G. Swan. The Committee on Rates reported the follow ing schedule for the consideration ol the Conven tion M M CO ® P" n» BETWEEN CmCAQO, O O r\ BACINE OB MILWAUKEE 2 S' S 2 mn la S & S AMD « S « g TO 60 53 50 Savanna TO 60 55 |u tabula ; TO CO 55 45 Galena. 65 53 50 40 DmileUb T° GO 53 45 Dubuque TO CO &» 4o Bmno Vista 05 80 67 55 Cdssville 06 80 67 5j GuUcnburg 65 80 67 5o Clayton : 63 80 CT 5j McGngor 25 55 k ir i'rainedu l blen 75 C 5 55 4.» Columbus and Lansing..... 1.00 65 Tj w> Uc solo 1.00 85 72 CO Victory 1.00 85 72 60 Bio'viisvjJle 1.00 Sa i~ 00 Lacrosse .73 Gj fw 4*> Trcmnelean .................1.00 83 72 CO Winona.... 1.00 83 72 CO Fountain City 1.05 90 73 CU Minnelska 1.05 90 75 60 Alma ........... .1.65 90 75 CO Wabasha ii Reed's Landmg.l.lo 95 80 65 I.ako nty 1.10 93 81 Cj Wucontn and lied Wing 1.10 95 83 6j Prescott and Hastings 1.15 1.00 85 70 SI. Paul " 1.15 1.00 . 85 70 Hudson .••••••..1.15 I.UO 85 70 SlUlwntcr. 1-15 1.00 83 70 Alter some discussion, the report was.byrcsp* Intiou received, and the rates unanimously adopted. Mr. Tucker offered the following resolution, winch was on motion adopted : Hes'ilvaly That the question settling os to which shall be called “Regular Packet lines” be re ferred tu tee General superintendents and Mana gers of the respective roads. On motion of Mr. Swan, tt was Jlrsvlctil, That the rate on flour, comm? from river points, shall be Ally cents per band from Praine da Cbien or Li Crosse to lake ports ; and on wheat, twenty-five cents per one hnndrcd pounds, and from Dnnlelih and other terminal railway points below, to lake ports, forty-dve cents per barrel on flour, and twcnly*two cents per one bnndrcd pounds on wheal. On motion of Captain Davidson, It was lirtoited, “ That In view of tlio fact that, the packet companies maintain expensive pissenger and mail packets, and run them so as to make , aih com ecuons with the roads; and in consid eration of the fact, that said boats cannot make ♦heir expenses out ol the passenger traffic on ac count ot toe comparative paucity of Uni branch of the Hade, this Convention recommends to the managers of the roads, that the regalor lines be protected in the Iroight burincss, both up and sown stream, by a dlscrlmleation of five cents per HO pounds, in order to ennb'o them to keep up their regular pas-eoger and freight liccs.” On motion of Captain Unlord, it was Jif reived. That the manager* and superintend ents of roads hero represented, be requested to nfoimthis Convention what packet companies uic considered by them as regular lines, at half past i*o o'clock. A communication from Mr. William P. bbmn, Cl-aitiran Executive Committee. General Freight Ar'-rts’ Association, recommending the adoption by the roads represented in ConvenUon, of the Eastern Classification, was read by life Chairman, and was, on motion of Mr. Rhodes, referred to the General Freight Agents of the Western roads. AdjontDfd tin*die. • THE KltlU CANAL. .V Boreim-nt to Obtain a Redaction of Toll**. ACTION or THE DEITIOIT DOACD OF TRADE. IFrum the Detroit Post, April 3.) Until quite recently, the Detroit Board oi Trade wr.s the only similar organization in the country to protest against the policy of the New York Canal Board iti enriching the treasury of that Fide hy iuinofiDS onerous burdens upon the commerce of the West. Tncec burdens have,- i ovu \er, become 60 oj nrcsslvc thil other Boards nu* ix glm ing to complain and devuso meins to ohmic icdr- eg. Ycsteiday, at the regular month ly irict'ilcgof ’.he U"3id of Trade, a series of res olmions adopted by the Toledo Board were laid before H.e Association. Vr. Dndr«’ urged tr.e pr.-prlcty of the adoption rflho rtro*aTo«.“ of the Toledo Board. lie said Ik; rvcnrdfl it as manifestly proper to send dele gates to Albany to urirc the partial removal of ihere burdens. If no immediate good such ncilou would tend lo Loop the matter before the public, ai d ultimately some relief would, no (lont-l, he obtained. The tolls on the Erie Canal r rl mifrcqncntly amonntuu to more than the lake freight, and eumeliiurs to mor»* Ibau the earner realized lor transportlui; the grain from BuflTlo to A Mr. Duncan Mewart said he could not wish lo prrbint a more striking commentary upon the policy of New York Oianlhat which waa adorded bvthu rcj«orl of the Uou. Nathaniel S. Ilen'oo, Auditor of the New York Canal which re port set forth the revenue derived front the canals. It was shown that they had paid SU,U)O,OiiO over expenses ard 57.00U.0i4l In excess of the amount of interest, un aggregate of SIS.CUO,uO3 above the rxpcm-c ot keeping them In repair. When he {.Mr. st*-«art) was in Wa bington rcctntly as one of tie del-gates In behalf of the association, Fcrator Morgan meed the fact that New York ‘•had don nothing else for the la*t twenty years but reduce the tolls/* Mr. F replied lo this by Inquiring if the revenue oi the canals had not a’tadiljr I'lCicascd with every reduction, to which Senator M. was compelled to : reply in the affirmative. No Eastern Senators ex cepting Mi. Morgan and Senator Caltell, of New Jersey, teemed to have any Idea of the merits of thu transportation question or of the wants of the V. <>tin connection with this important subject. Senator Gat'd), who is a flour m-rcb iot, com ph.tncd that tliur consigned to him had been two months on the road from the Wc*t, and be Judged Horn f this fact that transportation facilities be tween the two sections oueht to be improved. This Feta’or thus accl Jcntally bad some pracical expeth.ncc In the matter, or he would have boon as;much in the dark as his brother Senators. Mr. Stewart eloted by moving to adopt the reso lutions of the Toledo Board ot Trade, which was carried. Air. Bogley moved that two delegates he ap pointed by the President to proceed to Albany, to act in concert with delegates from other Boards of Tiadv. . . The motion was agreed to, and the Association adjourned. ACTION OP THE TOLEDO BOARD OP TRADE. At u meeting of the Toledo Board of Trade, held Match 25. Abner T,. Backus, Vice President, in tb< chair, Mr. C. A. King ollercd the following resolutions: itruuuiuuo. Wueiieas. The close of the late rebellion opeos np the Mississippi Iflvcr and Its tributaries to commerce, and tac extension of the Pennsylvania Central and Baltimore & Ohio Kallroads by con vections. seek to draw our trade to soattiem ave nue? of tiamportation and markets: and Wiieueas, Our war debt has burdened our ship filng Interest wiib taxes, giving oar Canada richos an advantage in the export trade of our Lakes, aside from advantage of route or distance, therefore, Jtetolc'd, That Ibis Board respectfully ask the Enc » anal commiralonera to review tbe tolls on the Erie canal and so adjust tbcm as to enable ua 10, at least, retain our trade for our mutual ben efit. llfMolted, That a redaction of Erie Canal tolls on corn, from 2J4 mills per 1,009 2>s to mills per l,au lbs, is Immediately demanded, a< (he present 101 l amount* 10 G& per cent on Lake port volms. anrl in markets where we are obliged to compete with Southern rentes for a large portion 01 our corn trade. It amounts to nearly 12 per : ceni on value against one-third as much ad tol ortm toll on other articles, a discrimination against enr cheapest article of food, and the most important Item In our carrying trade. kftoltal, That (bis Board appoint a*comralttco of three to present oar claims >0 the EneCaual ('otuiuisHioucrs, now in session at Albany, and 1 that we cordially invito- the Boards of Trade 0' New York. Chicago, Milwaukee, • Buffalo. r * ‘wego, Albany, iroy. Detroit, and Clevclar Ja co ojHTate with us,nt.d send one to Hr cgati'B to meet onra In Albany, on th -ec del- April next, to press onr claims tor the ■* *fitn of of our trade and commerce, our rail- • protection and shipping interests. .buds, canals The preamble and resolutions «• « lynooptfd, and tho « hair a* -•ero nnasimona- Committee, Messrs. Charles ' such Hoag, Samuel M. Young. **• D ff» ITuman H. CHICAGO LIVE BT „ 0K MAttKET . ® 7 l/ t *2L 0r TTTE I>AILT TRIDCNE, I Üb,e 6Uo * B th ® Jal| y receipts and shlpmenla ol v 0 atoct during the week.iip to tats n £*, as - reperted by ibo secretary of the Union Slock T' 4 f(j company; S.n’Vday and Monday 18 303 §6

.newsy. 2.770 4.301 673 R«lnfc‘dKy 3*096 6.145 433 Thursday 2,031 Total , ."t833 17.63 17CT Tbe receipts to-day were by tho following roatos : Cattle. Hoes. Sheen. Ry Illinois Central Road 267 l.hl ft By Btirllneton & Cjmccv Hoad... 757 1,171 IGI By StLonU* Alt »n Boat! «| 6L7 151 By JJf'tthwefter: |{-»d «SO7 2.290 43 Ry ih'tK (Gain Rond 1*72 tit .... HyMicblfian South-m Road a 33 169 Ry Great Eastern R0ad.,... 53 .... Total 6,779 <3l, The shipments to-day, ana lor tho week up to this, cvetlng, wcie: CatUo. Hogs. Shtcp. Sunday and Monday Tuwduy Wednesday 8,909 ITS L®9 2.075 531 Total 5,758 9 2JO 1,153 The fcllofflcg were the stigmcnU to-d&T • Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. RyMlchlgan Centra1...,.*.,,. 490 ..•• 443 CyMlcblcaa beuthem........ 457 495 159 Ry PlUsburgb & Fort 'arsj eb. 7e3 Total '{.699 2,035 534 Sales to-day. os eniired at the different Scalo-hoosee, were as iollows: Cattle. Hoes. Sheep. At Illinois central 5ca1e...... 17J 295 161 At Itnrllngton Scale, 85t ®9 163 At Alton tealc, . SCO 531 151 At Northwestern Scale SU 551 107 Total Tee 2.291 583 BEEF CATTLE—The marcel opened dull and dc prctsed.acd alto period doringthc day did trade at tain mstc than a model ale degree of activity. The weather was fine, and the different classes ot buyere were wc 1 represented. The tenor of Eastern advices was alp® favorable for operations; still trade dragged heavr.y throughout, and Indeed toward the close, was a'tp.ost at a “stand-still.” There was a large supply ol stcck In the eaie pens—a much larger number thru the market would readily absorb—and of a quality lit tle calculated to stimulate the demand: roueh, hall fattened Steers, thin Cows, coarse Oxtn and tcfjrlor mixed lots making up the Imlk of . the arrivals, while goed first and fltcond-. class Steers, Jand good to prime Cows, were the grades chiefly inquired for. - Feeders nor city butchers seemed at all anxious to invest largely at the ruling prices, and comparatively UtUe iWck WM Meg In their Interests. Bnyera from Hew Tort Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Philadelphia were la at tendance. ana aome 1.5C0 head were taken op for.tness points at prices ranging from tI.OJ®7.M for mediant to fclr grade*, and 17.730333 tor goad to choice Bai locks. Among the oflarlnga wo: thy of special mention were 1(0 bead prime Bt*cn from Tazewell Coaaty. They were f. d by J. L. ■Winter, and sold by Booth * Hefner to Fryo & Beel at $333 VIOO ns. The rates offielght are stiU nnsctUcd, and to this fwU more than any oih-'.r, may ha attributed the depressed state of the market, and ths rcdnetl jo ofissilc, to which Bdlcrt were generally obliged to submit. The report ed transactions foot up 1,053 heal. Thtsi were taken at a range ol {L5035.M fjr inferior to common mixed lots; 96A0A7A0 tor medium tof*lr grades, and $7,733 F. 50 for good to cto'ce drovers. The market closes heavy, with a large nnmber unsold. - CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. . Fourteen htad medium stock Steen. avcrium: 1.107 tts. ftd and watered, at «6.00. Eighteen bead prime einoaib Btecrs, averaglngWSJ tt«.i dears, at 89.03. * Rlnftren head medium shinning Steer), averaging 1.1H3 as, led and watered, at 37.10. tilztef n head lair rougbuh shinning Steers, averag ing 1140 bs, oir cats, ac»".37 v. sixteen head stock Steen, averaging 1,167 BS, fed and wateied.atfSJXl. Fourteen head fair fleshy shipping Steers, averag ing LC9t ds. off cars, at 87.40. Seventy-two head rough ttdu Steerv, averaging 1,119 ftf. ftxl and watered, at f 6.90. Eighteen heart common stock Steers, averaging'fta. ft a and watered, at 86.00. Twenty bead medium butchers’ Cattle, averaging 975 8F.a1f3.5M. ' Eighteen head medium Steers In fblr fleth, averaging UM tt>, fed and watered, at $7 09. Sixteen head rcuch shinning Steers, averaging 1,237 n;, fed and watered, at |7.23. Hfleen bead goodstrek Steers, averaging 1,033 »s, lea atd watered, at |550. TiU:ty.twoheadlklrroa£lilsh Steers, averaging i.2jl Bs, at ?710. Thirty-three head coed shipping Steers, averaging 1,190 ha, off cars, at 87.50. Twelve bead coed tmichers’ Caws, averaging 9i» ss, fed aid watered, at 80.00. Sixteen head springers, at ItO.tO per head. DOGS—The market opened dull this mornlnr, and continued thus to the close. Eastern advices were un favorable, and this, with the excessive supply and the advance la the rates ol Irelgbt. proved rather more Hun the market would bear. There were many anxious sellers, but few anxious buyers, hence sales were slow. and cnly by submitting to a redaction ot lsSs2sc were holders enabled to realize; and. indeed, toward the dca», bnjcu could not be found, even at a much heavi er decline. The entered sales were only 2,501 head. Tnese were taken almost exclusively on snipping ac count at J5.00G7.00 lor common to medium lota and $7.25®7.G5 lor good to prime droves. Sales of stock Hogs were mado at I&5036.00. Tha market closes heavy at |5.00@7.C0 for Interior to prime. noo SALES TO-DAY. No. Av. Price. M good light Hogs W 1 $7.35 Cl same 2W ••W M coolcc rat Uogs ( . t i} CO pood even lot,- -731 7.33 01 good (at lot- 217 <.50 L 9 lair coarse lot -225 ?.4a £9 same quality 725 7-V) 31 Stock [logs 121 C. 03 45 ccarse uneven lot 212 «-5u 93 VVMffC UUCICU iUk. SI ccoc bacon lot .214 7.53 SC prtse CTCO lot 2*l 7.63 48 same quality 243 7.0 06 good coarte tot 730 7.40 06 saiue quality 711 740 aspcodmn lot 27S 7.50 SI good CitcTen lot 203 <*63 71 rsme finality .rOI 7.G0 79 tamo quality .717 «.60 SHEEP—There was a better demand to-day, and the feeling was rather firmer. Good mutton qualities sold readily at f7.00a7.A and the lower grades were salt* bleat |5.7c@6.75. CHICAGO DAILY AIAttKET, All tale* of Grain reported in this market report are made un the basts rf sender (Ic) storage, unless other* vhe expressed. TmmsDAT Etbnixo, April U 1307. FR El G l»TS—lUileoad Feeiouts—Are 10c fewer. The loiiowiag is the tarltf of the taslcrn It »aos: Bales trom Chlcaco to— Sdchus, 4tbclass, flour. Buira:o&Buso. linage iss <s Montreal. C.B 1.25 70 1.10 .t.oo 60 i,:o .1.00 60 1.20 .1.10 63 1,30 Albany, N. Y New tort.... Boston ‘l.’lO 63 1,30 PoiUanrt. *6O 33 70 91 55 1.10 Pltbbarsh. Baltimore.. PtUlsdtlphla 91 55 Cncitra'.l, Ohio 45 30 6j Lcmbeb FHKtnirrs—Were anlve. The fallowing charters were eficcled to-day: Know Bat City—Bark Acorn, schooners Jlrcdmmeat and Alzcrtac, a 1 at 514)0 per m. Fnou Giuxo TcayeusE—Bark Haago* tlanats3Aop«rm. . Kl.ODß—Received.S.ll6 brls; shipped,s.4t>btls. The market was tolerably active, and dealers were firm at yesterday's fiicrea. Pa:es Include the tallow* Ug: Wntra Wi.stbrs—lW) brls. not nam:d. at $lO 23; sUurli"lXL"atsloCO; BedWixtebs—lWbrls,not pftmrd, at f’.4.25; utdiixo Extbas—lW brls “Colo's Alternate” at 113.23; 300 UtU ” Lilian ”at *13.07: 100 brls “Pickwick" at fU.OO; S3O hrU. not nkmed, at 112.75; 100 brJs M Kcar»ase” at *I3CO; 200 brls d-» at 12.50: SU brls, not named, at 513 50; 103 brl» do at I 2 37V(; 700 brls do at *l2 S: 300 brls " Golden fuafnt $12.25: 100 brls “ British” at 513.23; 4%) brls, not namedl at 512.1t>; 100 bna do at $11.73; IDOPrU “Tipton" at 511.23; K») hrls.cot nsmed, at *11.03; 10} brls do at 5I087H; 100 brls (low) at 519- r >9; Cm sorxD—3s brls. not named, »l 5114 0; Spring Scpeoj— ICObrls“Ston-."at 59.50; Unsiusd-W Oris "Morri son” at «74W; Rye Flocb—ioo brls at 58.00; Coen Meal—lo tons at 595 00: Fkkd-10 tons at &S. 00; 25 brls (kiln dried) a153.C0-botri at tie mill. WHEAT—Received, 54X8 bu; shipped. 7,775 ha. Market opened lk@7ol >wcr but oubitq-eatly rallied and closed firm, bales were: 1,370 bn 52.73; D.OCO bu No. 2at 524 M; 7.0001« do at 52J2J; 2, k to bu do at 53.98 V: 3,090 buda at s2.7B>f; 22.000 bu do at 52.38; Ss,iOUlMido*ts2.37K: 410 PU ihjccted at 524)7; l.ion bu do at s24>d-clo«u>g firm wlUi boycia but no sc lera **r«lcN—Received, 13410bn; shipped.none. Market drditcdlQCc. bAlea were: 43.000 bu No. I at sI.OJ; 80 (CO bn OO at OTKc; 10,000 bu da at »‘tc; 90,030 bu do at99c: *3.000 bu do at UcYc; 63,090 on do at 93"<c: IftNObu dofttvsuc; 5,00 J hndo a 198:; 4.000 bu No. 2 at'-ic; 10.00-;bndoat9ic; 2.IXX) t o do at utc; 11.003 bu Rtjcctcd a» 83>jCt C.OOO bu do at 83‘ 4 c-«lo*log steady at KetnKed, 3JCB In; shipped, none. Market I»aa active.and fully lclo*er. tiafes were: 1.203 bu No 2 at f3Vc; 3.(00 bu do »'.52c; COJbu do at Stye (fr«sti>: 5.140 bu coat 51c; 23.003 bud.) atiOk'c; 40CC0 body at 30Vc (wlatcr)— clctlaealSOVyOJ.kC. it VK— Received, 1.793 hu; shipped, n me. Market strndy and nrro. bales were; 4.W9 bu No. lat ,*133; bo do at 51434 V t 8.400 ou do at 51411; 5,090 bu d) at 5t..'.,; lajbu do at *l4i2V- . . tl l llAKl.F.Y’—Received. 2,010 bu; ihlppwl, cone. 51»rkcl5c hlßhfracd teneincnp-iards. b»le« were: 3A(Obu No. 2 at 51 05; 1,2(0 Imrtoat *1.03; 1,300 bu Ro 1. cted at W<; 409 bu by eaxplo at Sic. Ai.CMJFIOL—I*cntlrclvu:mlcal ftts».23@l4n. UUO’Mf CDllN—Msrket quiet, at prices ranging from slSr.oi«'2Ao< , l accordlnEl«» quality. ITIIAN— Win fair demand, sad prlcts are a shaao flrmsr. bal'* of 8 tons (at the mui) als2l.Co; 10 tim Aresteady at*l (1332.73 V bushel. Sales of 15- bu at ?l 83: 2 b-b alJlAp; Hiiiz* at ii. 75. BUTTER—necclvei, 1.U90 as; ihlppeil.nnLO. The general uiaiket ccntlauca quiet, without essential change In rrlccs. The supply of Prime quadtUa W light: hnl'tf Cos.mon and Itlcilor grad*a there is a large turp ns. bal-« ttwl'iy Include rou B* Ito.l at i,c ; 2.1*0 as Choice at SCS JSc: a Jars ; 21. tt* R”H at 27c;X0u B» do »t 2lc;M Bs at22c; 1.0. U BiPoor at Me; I pkgs do»tbe: Chticn Dairy Good Tub....” Ci>nuu< a Firkin ?? *.!?? I'flice Firkin It IJI J IM»—Tnule Is l.y no tec.uii active, auJ with a full supply In tbetuarke' dealers *rc not retrarkabiy firm In tlielrvPws. Whi ota a smUl wav qnototlouj are in T-o».t lt,tance» rcallznl, on roana loi» e nces tiorui are frceiy oifcr-d. VTe make no change Incur IMofprlceH. n-M-.w ? : , Naiiuuat A,; bu, seamless linen I’Dlir. A, i bn, do Illinois a. £l.n, do yJI-l" Corn gfj" St* r A, d*tt-jti Lewiston A. do fLP« American. do "BO Heaver Sltlls, do S? 2 IMtolP-IJB, do ok'O Penn amis, do CI.M Fort I’m, do bil»o, do fd.99 Bui uue.4 bu, NO. 1.. 'T.OC Ennire Clt' 40.00 IHIEE'*E- I The sencral character of the market rc rihic* substantially the same as noted In oar pterions reports- Thccomam! li fair and aiea-lllyiccreufinr. and n» ihcstocks ou hand »r« rarely ButUclcnt to mo-t the IcclHmat wun’a of the trade, prle»-» aic thorough ly onMulnm, aril dealers arc hot anxious to cfiVct largo sab a, even nl nataid-- natures. We quote: N*-w York F»clory (ginntncj 21 6R c Factory (Illinois) ™ ®*“ £ lla'Titmro... ™ c }• *■« c Western Kcscrve I* c •• Vounc Ame’kV , tool c « i)A L—The market m quiet, ned with fair stocks oxitami a rather cai ter f.eiti-c obUlis, 'hough prices are at t quotably lower. The following arc the carrant ratear ... „„ Kmc—Brookhold WLM co Ormt-by JJ-gJ Cleveland— i: ilnr 188 }i-22 do Mu cf<dltl«Jco I®-® 1 00 Willow Bank JO-JW do - JO-29 Hilrpown 10^0 Dlotihanr }-*2? Lump JJ.W Lackawana, prepared 12-JJJ Scranton **-®J ITtuton .. 13-00 Illinois.""!** ;■«» 3-M Co on track 0.00 Toaehlocheny - H-Op COFFEE—There was only a moderate movement la tlic maiii t. and dealers were firm in their demands at the annexed quotation#: . java ...... ...» •-♦ ct-pHC Ulo, common to fair ..vtXASSKc Bio, good 10 prime 151'’. prime to choice ? ,2((*3S!fc C:OOI’ER.4<«E-*nieceaeral market rules steady, and prices are unchanged. No sales reported. p<;i;s_Thf demand was somewhat rmltc 1 t>day. and sales were alow at 19ft. Me. with rales chit Qy at the Ireicc figure- Sales Include vtO doz at Stc; WO do at 19c; 12 pairs eSVJRt Ico at lH)»c; 7 doatlßc. FltUlTfis ASI> NUTS—The domain csnllnnc* ttlrly active, acd previous rates were tally sustained and firm. Prices »rc unchanged, and we continue to Quote. rr-ffv PPlTirq. .Aptles'Pbr!.'. Orange*. Lemon?. McsMoa cranberries, V Ml . Delia) men*. TnrlfPV Prunes. new. , ?J* g French Prunes, new " g ** FlKs.drums si g Jg Fiw, cartoon! » g » Dates to oo Canned Peaches, V doz. 2 D cans i.& g 4.£. Apple?, now ® g Peaches, halrea and quarters. Jg « is Peactic?. pared « & -°- Bl«cKberrlts,neff, V B g 3- Kaspberrlt*. now, V ft “ ® Cherries, plhc? “ «* Eiccrbmles. V O ~H g. itaUlns, seedless. 50 ttkeß V Sardines, K boxes «l Almond?, bard shelled. AlmooO?. aoUthtlcd. AimoP'* * Tr KCTSv ’ 'Cinutfl. » limlr . >U) a, ft ba »> UizllNnte.. ■jibem... •• French i<> 0 17 Ksnv 'Vainuts 2i 0 21 in-V .* Walnuts as © 21 • .Kmy Natß---;:v fl -*> 0 3^o ffljill—TUe mora.-t prtseals no new feature 10-dar. TUcrciß a »lc-»oy 'jnd talrly acllvc Inquiry for neaJy ft]ldctcrtpllon9.Braprictßareucrcra!iy Urm. White* fan arc lira, Tilth aa improved tendency. \Ve repeat WldtWh.No. 1. Jfbrl ta.’BS 7.00 WldtccaS,?* 0 ' ?. b? 1-; 6.75 Tr< nt, Nc. 1, « btl 4.5 t« 4.73 Troar. No. 2, fc or! 4,250 450 Mackerel, No. 1. S bn. BOW 10.MJ01U.73 Mackerel, No. 2. X brl-... 10.Uai0.25 MncKcrel.lin.lly, p#hrT 9.000 9.'?3 Mackerel. extra mess, P U brl 1 1.50015.00 Mackerel, extra mean. V kit.; M4ckcrel.No. 1. kits, new 2J3® 3.05 Mackerel. family, klta '2.100 2.30 CcCflsb, Bank. V U 0 ft*... 7.00© 750 Codlltb, Gcorso’s Dans 7.390 P.OO Hake. 5.(00 5.23 Herrings. oil«?. No. 1, V liox 503 53 Herrings. sealed... 7113 Labtaulr Hcrrlui’S, fi brl IOAumII.OO Norwccmo herrings 13.00316.00 J uke /lenlntrs Halibut (atuo«e<o .....lltft3'J.oO Markttqulct bnt firm. Boles were: 63 Uscbolc.vHrownalßVc. HlUKWlN'B*—Received. 53C brls; shipped, 177 bns. Market dull, neglected and entirely nominal at 23 STc lor bonded. selling at 63©*0c for Eastern, and 60© 65c ftr Western- sale of 15 rales of Eastern at C3e. IIAV—The demand at present Is somewhat limit* cd. ttough. with no surplus stock In tbe market, deal ers are firm In their views, and In most Instances full raits arc realized. We make no change In oar quotations, ns lollows; WHOLESALE ITUCE3 (OS TEACH.) and beater pressed f 11.56313.03 Tloictby, loose pressed ii.0a316.03 Prairie, beater tres-ed HJftaULW RETAIL PRICES. Timothy, roller and beater pressed f17.KV518.50 Timothy, loote pressed 175<X419AU I’ralrie, roder a- d abater pressed 13.05® 16.00 Prairie. loote on wiuron, delivered lXo(lats.U) HIDES— Rvcrrrtd, 40.571 Tbs; shipped, 7JSiO DB. The market exhibits a fair decree of activity, snd. under continued 11. ht arrivals, prices keep well np.and stockswerellmilj held to-day at the prlcei given be low. Grubby lots were baying at one-third elf. We % nolo: rtco Fulcher*’ - 7*<a 8 c Green railed, tnmmcc IthWlYc Green Calf 11 WSO e Kip Greet 1 , salted 14 ©l3 c Dry Flint, trimmed IS ©ISJfc Dry baited, trimmed t4!(«l3^c Crce- baited.part cured lOjkQUJfc ikON AND STEEL—Th*.r« Is no chaage to no tice In the general leatures of tae market since tn« date of cur last r* port Thu demand U moderate. We give ihe f Uowine as tbe current prices: Common liar SJf® noise bhoc Iron *Kc Heavy Rand « C^c Hoop and Light Band c Round and s£® 9Uc Oval c^° Half Ora! and HalfKoond 6)*c , Sheet iron, common ■W* c 1 Extra Rand 5............ .!*»„ ® Sheet Iron, galvanized. *| g*« c Bt eet Iron, charcoal, , ® Sheet Iron, Jutlaia, Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sizes ©SO c Tool Cast steel. American c Ililct»mi Stpel ’■ UJMKBK-Bn«ne»* In the yards t>d*y was rather ouict. and prices were firm at qootattoas. Car co ea es were limited to erhooncr Jason ParK'-r. from with 95m Jol U.Scantling and 8 rips, at XI9 00. We repeal qa ..,„ h Luacm:—First Clear. 1. Third Clear, 1nch...... 50-D °^ ij,Co First atd Second Clear Flooring, tpcelh* " »-«aau» Common Flooring, rough,.. 33.00©37 JR Matchedand Dressed Common Fliortag.. 40JM3C300 Mstrbrd and Dreaa*d B>mch Common Finland Second Clear Biding, together.. First Common Drceied Siding -... yUAiTi ™ Wagon Box Boaros, select iwnch sod op- ___ „ f . wards suM?»awi A Stock Boards, U Indies....*. II trtocK Boards, 12 Itches ............ Common Boards. Joists, acantllcg. Fens- „ „ inif and Small Timber, ato 16 f«et loos. CJOGTS.M jouu a“d S»ni!i:»,ia, W,f*ucd2l :«et. SS-X^-W Jo'fita and 5cant1ing............... *{-K SiSi»-A or Bar ftoroj oMnslcj A or Star sawed Shingles HrKrn No. 1 Sawed Shingles t . T u_pfirinlQ yard..... aJW n» car load ay Northwestern Rillriad, 3 delivered In any yardwherocaracaa be switched or any depot-A or Star „ „ tiawid StalDClesbyeai-ioad. on tries 5.00 Aor Star Shaved Shingles, by cai-load,on tract S.IJOIJW No. 1 sawed Shingles, by car-load, on ttiicki ■ ■ i t Three dollars a car-load added when transferred, which charge followa the Shingles in Height bill. annioLs er.u.T>ASD. Thickness—Five shingles to he two inches In thick- a Length—Sixteen inches. 1 anda—Twenty Inches. Conrsfs—Twentr-Ave. ... . LEA THE ll—There Is so change to note either in tone or la prices. The demand is Improving, and pre vious rates arc thoroughly sustained. We qno.e the ntrfcetflm at the following range * _ EXIT"" Ctiy Him ess v * Slsnahter, Bnfla- V. S3® 40 Jo 801 a.. ....••♦ 40® 41 ronctryHarneis, S 0& 3 Slanslitcr, bole. Lice, VC> 42® 41 ClltesffO. Xo. UO® 40 HI {>• medium, * filaoehter, Sol* * ...... 8451.20 D.’.i. bu&i.-ui ~- CnßiFtt .l.S0«l. 50 Bncno» Ayres.... s»» W Upper. ?fcot.... So>t si I Orinoco 501 e..... 310 3a Country Upper.. 23® 2S Orinoco, aood. Cellar, V t 001.... £& 241 damaged 31© » Slaughter. Sole, 63® Ml French Call. 31 nsrertS, ?>»..„ 4T® 46 4 os V.-VAn*.V.*V, 2,lC ® s,3s sSrss~rsi. iXi 43 kfeVkvr SSBI mAPI.E SUC4AII—Is Blsa,ly at witb a liberal XItTAiM AND TlSNil*?*’ SlOCa—Tflwt to* active. Jhe were and prices crc without essential efcarps. We quote. ifitf I DBiuin wujs. RooCne Tin, 1 C 1110 llmau 13 igsi Kg; ;;;;: i »a5£:r:;:::; 15 *> »•=«« » COPPTB. „ J 2 JI Metallic AVBottt.... g }|- S . fepper Bottom S 3 T 9 <1 Braziers, over 10 68. 41 20 •• • • ••—■.••• « u Sheet, 14 to 10 02..... 46 Fence Wire......... OS Tlnnmra , ...••••• 10 BOBSIAB. nfimiisxsTAi. Nos. 9 and 16 ..23016 Ist onalitv 50 American, Ist quail* W IF, it meet 10 Ftae Mer SO Atnencan.ljtqaaU. use. ty, V bul la Ist quality, cask 13« Amen:an,2d quail ivi quality, sheet II ty, V theet 16 fil bunneaa U airly ac« tlvc, aid dealers are still making cor-ccsslons ol 5013 c on round loti. We repeat quotations: lOd to Cd V keg 67-00 1 2d |9**s 86 . I Sd, lice Dlucd 9.23 C 6 7,5012 d, (100 dined 10.75 ... B.«jr 4(l*’*’, 773 Cot Spikes 7.23 sol 8.75 9-30 OlL<sk—'ino market roles steady and Arm, with prices unchained, as lollow 9: . Llteml Oil Linseed OIL boUed ltso ®J*ss Olive Oil ..2-S Whale Oil, TV. I^QLSS Lani on, extra Lard Oil, No. 1 Winter. IJOtaLU Lard OIL No. 2 Winter. I.O&1.10 liauk Oil, rctmd lots Bank Oil. Straits Machine Oil *W@I.OO Sperm OIL W. ,&g> Lubrication Oil •••••• • 50®L0O CA RCON OlL—The demand Is moderate,the sup ply £oir. and prices steady and Arm as previously r.uotcd: Carbon, V car Joed, 45c Carbon, small IMS 4Sc Benzoic .a>3inc PROVISIONS*—Received, 72A70 Bt> Cured M*aW; 113brlsPork,and 83.7C0 bb Lara: shipped, Bs Cared Meats; 296 br a Post aro 51,118 Ds Lard. DU'SH Pork—Market doll and 25c lower. Sales Wires 200 brls at 522.50. , .... Prime IHcsu Pork—bales were: 100 brlßat|2J4W. Extra Prime Pork—bales were: 100 brls at 517 K’. I.nrd-Dull. Sales were: 800 les at 13c; 300 tres anixe (last evening); 50tcsati5c;7i tea Coon try at l2Vc. DRESSED noost-Salca were: All Ponnd,7at ss4>d: by average, 193 at f 0.50. POULTRY AND CJAiUE—'Tbemarkctls quiet. Sales ol l cozen Dressed CMczms. at 50.00; 3 do at 55.73; 4do at *5.50: 4 coops Live at»;» dozen TallardDucts at 53.50; 3 dozen Co at 53410; 2 dozen do at 02.21. _ POTATOES—The demand eontlnaes Rood, nod with n liberal supply prices were asbauecasier. tides wtreasf-llowa: Jlflbu Keabaanocks at 85c;33) bn Michigan at 85c: I cor do at 89c: i3O bu do at SOc; 40 tu Illinois Peacn llbiWß Ht SOc; 83 bags do at 80c >SO bu oo at Bac; 1 car do at 72*c. t*UlwA |t«»—'There was not so mneb activity mani fested in tr.e market to-day. and business was restrict ed to the tilling ol orders. We continue to quote: Cuba 12k'313Ve I'OttO RICO W>f(£l»'ic \ v. Refined, Powdered aadGranulated....lbVtoluVc W hite A Circle A J 1K (< SP C White 1* @ls}?c Extra Ytllew JiL®,, ,3c Oxiatd C.. 10*.«n c Oxrard C, extra UV@U2fc New Oilcans prime UH-.tUHG New Orleans fiur. 13£<£l4kc Debt demand, and the market wiis easy at the following prices: . „ Roften amber 81.70®14W NcwTork Syrups , 59®H5 Vel ow Blips Ltatl.2o Cota Molasses 73® 83 Porto Rico 9>a S 3 New Orleans ?5@ l -55 Philadelphia Bee Hive 6£» TO Chlcaso Reßncry, Amber 14XVaU5 Chicago It* imury. Golden JO® §0 Chlcaco Refinery. 5agarn0nw............... 73a 80 t>UD,\ AND MliEllATllS*—Business was rather rlack. and prices were nominally unchanged. We cor unue to quote: Babbitt’s Medicinal I*V@I2VC “ |*nre 17 «U*c Deland’s Cbealcal Uk®l3 c *• Healthy 14 @l!!fc •• Pure... 11 @IIVC H\l.T—Received, none: shipped. *7l brls. The market rules turn. Bale ot 319 Brls at 52A0 del. New Fine 54 55 Ccarar 243 Ground Alum 2.1931.13 Ground Solar. • ® Turk’s lid.nd. bars - 2-j*J Datrj, with suets 5M Datrv. without sacks 5.. J SHED—KecrtVid, 43,231 as; shipped, CT.41385. The market ruled cull, and prices wore lower.Salta were as follows: Timothy—l 23 bags at 52.90; lirti at *•>tO ;73 do at 52.75 s 231 do an 52.70; SI do at $2453; *'« do at J 2.60; Cnovsn—lu does at 510.25; 7do at 510.00 ; IlCMiaziAX—lo taps at Me. TFA “'—The demann is as yet restricted to immedl- Atewnots, although the mote favorable a.lncesfrom ttic Eattiauscd a firmer feeling la the market here. Y.’c make no change in nnotaticns: - to Ike, « B ?1.»®1.4g ».nmr Ily-cn. extra to choice. D l..a«l^j lut<erlal, superior to Ota. V D , }•!!&!;£ Impt-Tla', extra to cbticc. 7? !A>@ r oo Gurpcwdcr.fnpertoriofir.c.7 S VwS‘fn Goupcwipr, extra to ch*-lcc, V .lapßD.uiitiiinl leal, tltc'o extra fine. * a... I.Oj®l.lS .Tat *n, natural lent floe to cblen, V 8...... 1.2>d1.49 J»;.an.n:»tnral leatcol.rcd, V ............. l-Tiai-TS TA EliOtV— Market qulO. b.leofl* pkg« City ft Tf»ll \rCO-Th* hfck® atellzbt.nvd. nndcran la crei/lngd<’r.)!tsd, the feeing Is dtcnlcdly firm. We continue to quote: riSE nrr enwiso. Cbnlcv l.Coii> 1.13 | Common 53*73c SXuKIXO TOBACCO. Virrlnia’i Favor- I Medium 21'*25* 'lie ..........Skail CO Common btcm5....19®33c Chcicc | rnuo topacco. Form*rs’Bl»-llght C7@ 73c>Coamoo Nalnrui L‘uf-...51.if«1.5U I Navies Han Brunt ;:« F.oucdsr* ..C&373C Ch< lr-*-vusctird 67a7te| ... , , WOOD—Rcmslcs steady with prices unchanged Wcnu'ioa- tollows: 51 .pie. V cord, il^lnJ-OO aiar-Iti P jard... Beech. * rord, dtlivered Dec- h. P cord. Ic yard.... - »<« tVOlMi—Recetre<l. tis; shipped, 2'wjß 88. Market steady anu firm at prices racgiug from 1-ss-jTc, ftr common to pnnic. ffieaatciiEs. GB^T^REDUCTIOH In the Prices of American and European WATCHES; rctal-lng at our former wholesale orlccf, 23 to 50 per cent lies than New York retail prices. Watches felt by express. C.O. U.,and can be seen and cxamlmd before odng paid for. Descriptive cata logue ol prices sent free. All our watches arc tint quality, and are fully guaranteed. C. E. COLLINS & CO* Ag’la for Manufacturers, 42 A 44 Kaasau-st, N.Y. Notice. PLANK KOAD NOTICE. • _ Ekbty Shares of the Norlbwcit-rn Twtiy’B block will bo sold at Auction op Ujaday, April 15th. at 19 o’clock a. in., by the T> ea , arer , t. Rich mond, athUofitav No. A J bouth jiarkst- forddn quest pa; meet of an laval'mcnt f ( r or iy dollar/, called *■> be paid oi-the M'h of March las , on ,t tin coats «** advertlsing.«uutelling the py o-dcr of tn«* ret tors. M. LULL, jjjEales. ,s4io awo . 7.73 Ct B.CO . &oa a sso .13.00 ©25.00 ■p A I. R B. A N K S *• J|)|R' j S ° OL jrALLMZSS. OJ, GHEES LEAF & ysr. .G A gtiSLafcfrßU Chicago. 3£ailroairs. "A KRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF xl TUAIKB. OTICAOO AND NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD—COTOCIL BLVTFB AND OKAHA LINS—DEPOT NORTH STREET. J 3.45 <a si 23 0 21 a » « 55 0 CO 4.00 ft 4.13 23 0 21 Omalm Foet Line •sfuo.'m. •raopfin. Omaha NicM Express... 7:80 p. m. $6:00 a. m. Dixon Passenger 2* 4:10 p.m. 11:10 a.m. mumobT link. Freeport Passenger *10:00 p.m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. in. *3:10 p. m. Hocklord, Elgin, Fox itiveraodSiatoLlce... *£oop.m. *11:1(1 a.a. Geneva and Elgin Pas* fcenger. *5:30 p.m. *S: 43 a.m. WISCONSIN DIVISION—DEPOT CORNER OP CANAL AND KIN Or STREET. Day Express *9:00 a. m. *£Mo.m. KlghlExpress *l;3op.m, *s:lsa.m. JaD'.t*vtUe Accommod'n. *3:30 p.m. *2:33 p.m. Woodstock Accommod’n .3;oUp.m. *9:2u u. m. MLWAUKIB DIVISION—DEPOT COHN EH OP CANAL AND KIHZIE STREET. Day Express 9:00a.n. 12:00 m. Koschih, Calvary and Kvaocton 1:30 p.m. 5:40 p.m. Right Express 4:00 p.m. B:3Up.m. Kciosha Accommod’n... 4:4i»p.m, 9:45a- m. Wsnkcgac Accommod’n. 5:20 p. in. (k 35 a. m. Milwaukee Accommofl’n. 11:13p.m. 5:30 a, m Geo. L. Dunlap, Gen’l Scp’e. B. P. Patrick. General Passenger Agent. SUenjOAN CENTRAL HA TLHOAD—UNION DBPOT,rOOT OF LAKE STREET. MomlogExpress *s:doa. m. *&l3p;m. J ay Express . *7:ooa.m. *Ur9op.aL Evening Express {5:30 p. m.{*l2:3 , >p. m. Right Express **o:43 p. m. 13:25 a. m. CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE TRAINS. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. *10:35 a. m. Right Express £3:00 p. m. *11:00 p. m. MICHIGAN SOUTHERN AND LAKE SHORE LINE—DE RProT CORNED TAN BOREN AND SHEHM AN STREETS. TOLEDO LINE. Day Express *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p.m. Row York Express 3:15 p. m. +12:30 p. m. RJf*hlExpress 1*10:00p.m. *C;ooa.m. DETROIT LINE. Day Express *7:00 a. m. tll.OOa. m. Rl"bt Express {IQiCOp. m. *8:55 p.m. pirranußOD, tort watnd and Chicago. Hail *4:20 a. m. &00a. m. Express *7:00 a. a: 12:30 a. m. Fast Line 3:15p.m. .:£Jp.m. Express... *{l":oop.a. 11:00p.m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL. Day Passenger *9:20 a. a. *Jfc3o p. m. Right Paisencer {loM)p.m. *C:4j a. m. Kuiikakeo Accommod’n.. *4:osp. m.. *x2o a. m. UydeParkandOak Wood. *0:20 a. in. **:4u a.m. .* « “ *l2:lop.m. *9;j2a.m. ,* u «* *3:3op.m. *l:sop.m. 1* « *5:55p.m. *7:2op.m. cm CARO, BURLINOTON AND QCINCT. Day Express ana Mai! *3*2o a. m. *9:00 p.m. Galesburg Passenger *3:oop.m. *1:80p-m, Aurora *s:oop.m. *9:ooa.m. Right Express {12:00 mtd’ht +5:50 a. m. CHICAGO AND ST. LOUIS. > Express sod Mail *5:05 a. m. * s :ls p. m, Right Express *9:15 p. m. {3:50 a. m. Joliet and Washington Accommodation •4sW) p. m. {»:45 a. m. CHICAGO AND GREAT EASTERN—(LATE CINCINNATI Am ttwt) —MILWAUKEE RAILROAD DEPOT, COR NER CANAL AND KINZIB STREETS. DayExores* 7:00a.m. 11:10p.m. Right Express 9:00 p. tn. 8:30 p. m. TOR INDIANAPOLIS, LOUISVILLE AND CINCINNATI, Day Express ........ • 7:00a.m. ll:4op.ia. Right Expres* ?!S p ' m ‘ Columbus Express »:t» a. m. 11.40 p.m. TT « 9:00p.m. 8:50 p.m. Lansing Accommodation. 9:55 a.m. 9:00 a.m. ° .1 . 5;15 o.m. s:un p. m. CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND AND PACUIO RAILROAD. Day Express and Ma 11.... *|WO a. m. p. m. RlghtExpress 12:00p.m. *s:l3a.m. Joliet Accommodation... 4:lt)j>. m. *9:40 a. m. •Sunday excepted, tMonday excepted, {Satur day excepted. g>pecial Notices. Spermatorrhoea. Dj. Jbu treaty this Ha'-BW with »n mWUMs method. lupcntscs, caowd from seiast deals or self otuie, Dr. Jaoiss trill la .Terr lastaaoe assure a CQIC. Dr. James can to consulted at his oßleo and parlors, 93 Bandolph-st, from 9a.a.t08 p. m. P- O. Box 090, Chlrago.lJL Tour and Future Protpect* In U£s clearly revealed by Dr. Raphael. He guides you to wealth and b4ppin-.s>. 21:1 East Mallim-st, n? stairs. Consultation Two Dollars. Send four jwnt sumps for t>u GUIDE TO HEALTH AND LONG LIFE. QU circular about winning the affections ot ins opposite sex and a happy marriage, will be seat gram. Xbe Healxnfj Pool and Ronse ofßerty. 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His guide to health, published monthly, sent free to any address. iHesicsL THIS is THE SEASOS When changes of weather, climate and Ibad are most likely to produce sickness. A great French Pby-lclan ssya: “Mare than hall ot the disease in the world comas from'.a;glect£Co tfortiiy the sysum against changes of climate,’.weather and fced. The great secret othalth Is to k»p tbs condi tion of the Stomach and Blood regular an<l,nnirorm, so that changes mom Heat to Cold, from Dry to Damp, Am, cannot upset the machinery of tbejbndy, sad breed disease. Now, It Is a fact, positive and well known, that there Is no such bulwark and assistant for tbe Stomach as PLANTATION BITTERS, This splendid Tonic is now used by all classes oi peo plefor every symptom of a‘-3toma;h oat ot order.** AndpatUculsriydo there Bitters srrve the purpose ol these who “live cut of doors,” and arotoxpoied to Chances of Weather, Raw Spring Winds and Weaken ing SommcriHeata. The secret ol It li this: Plantation Bitters are cer tain to correct the Juices of the BMnnih, (set oil its n.achlncryiat work, and enable It to resist and throw oil the approaching danger. Tbi tendmsy ofi the ope rations of Nature is always towards a,core; oUVshe needs Is a little asslstacce at tbe proper Unre-lHow much more reasonable and sensible It Ishto h;lp her along with a gentle, yet powerful Tonic, tiun to deluge and weaken asd defeat her curative processes with polsocons drags and fiery mixtures, which only stupe fy and plant tbo seeds of disease and death. S-T-ISSO-X. They purity, strengthen and Invl joraie. They create a healthy appetite. They are an antidote to change ol watir and diet. They overcome ellecta cf dissipation and lUc,hours. They strengthen the system and enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic asd Intermittent fevers. They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach. They cure Dyspepsia and Corstlpatlou. They cure Diarrhea, Cholera and Cholera Morbus. They cure liver Complaint and JTcrvous Headache. They are tho best Bitters In the world. They mate the weak strong, and are exhausted nature's great re storer. They are made of pure St. Croix Rum. tbe cel ebrated Cabsaya Bark. Roots andllerbs. and are taken with tbe pleasure of abort rase, without regard to age or tine of day. Particularly recommended to delicate persons requiring a gentle stimulant. Sold by nil Gro cery, Drncsists, Hotels and Saloons. Only genuine when cork is covered by our private U. S. Stamp. Beware of Counterfeits and refilled bottles. P. H. D&AKS & CO., KSW ?OHS. ocean J&teamev*. QNLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCS. Geueral Trausatlaullc Compaa^a MAIL STEaMSII IPS BKTvTKKK NKV7 FORK AST IIAVKK, CALLING AT BREST. Toe splendid tew vessels cl thix fevonte rente fa; the Continent wi3 soil moo Pier 80. SB. Forth SITES, as fellows: . „ EURO! B -April 6. , ST. LAHKENI Capt. Dvatdl—April ?0j .....Capt. Ducn-m4....M-»y 4. YILLG DEFAHI»..C*Pt. Lurraiunt...April 13. FBICII OF PAShABK IF GOLD. First Cabin, tic?; Second Cabin, WOO, mcladibg teh*» wtnrta either clasi. Tbe steamers ol this Una do cctctny steerage P4i * Intcadlng to lard at BBKST will bo far* altbed «Uh rsilfoort cou'oa ncEeu. ana th r ir baggMi checked to Parti, ata: addiQouol charge of *5 far Du. e_d (3 for second clms. • Medical attendance tree of ctarge. . . .. For tuilber inforxfctlon, aotiy, m at the FKtFea CONSDLATE OFFIcA 9FA l’.lIotl:-5t.; !r 2>«W York, V> GKO. MACSJfFZLB. Agcct. 5H Erccd way. _ QCEAN BTEA3IEKS. GBAKJD EXGURSIOH TO THE PAEIS EXPOSITION, The new and first-class ocean-going iron steamship TTAVAWft- 3,009 tons bnrttca, Stspitcs WarrEis, will mate ao-eicorslcn from X«w York to Havre and bach, (allies from Pier 46. Xorth Elver, on TTcducsday, April 17, at 12 o’clock M., taking passengers far Parts, London and Bremen. He mming, will tall from cn June 5. gt ring oas eccsen* holding Excursion Tickets* about six weoks in E TbU C inseiiincest Steamship Is divided Into water* tight compartments, and has o«n newly tarnished and rtnarsrasw™. Price cf rassape. in currency, to Havre Jla) and. 1175. according to size ot (tate-room. lo Havre ar.o rclnrn » - *6 and #SOO. accordmz to sue of state rooip„ For Further oaxtlenlars and passage. '‘pniy to the Aetnte. P MURRAY. TERRIS & CO„ 63 SoQtb-At-» Sew Yrjj*, Or to the Ajreatof Merchant’ Union Express Chisago. • AND NEW A’OFji STEAMSHIP LINE- passage to London Brest, 8? „ rcncy. . -'»«•* Ml ?35, cnr fcicorslocUcistß- .... . ihodUis. at rcdsceu rates, available for six Atalaat* p* f - Capt.Plnkham,trcmKewTork,Mirch3oth —..oua, “ DUcn, M •• •• April tun. Celia. “ ticacclU “ M “ April a7tU. Wm. Pern, “ Blblngcr, •• •• “ ilaynth. The clegact Brltl«b Iron Steamship Atalunta will Ifcs've Pier No. 3, North Hirer. New yor-c, lor Loudon, calling at Brest, on Saturday. March 33th, at 13 iL I ntll turlher noace, all the Steamirj of this Lice will call at Brest to laud passengers. Tickets sold tlironeh byrail» Paris, at2s percent leas than reru larratt-B. freight will bo talcs and through bills ol lallag even to Harre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and oukirk. For passage apply to CHAS. A. WOITNCT, 20 Broadway, N. T., ur to JAMES Wadrajk. 51 Dearborn-st- Chicago. For Height apply at 5-1 houib-st.. n. t. liO if LAND & Ah FIN IVALL, Agents. Business ffiarfcs. LE BON TON, FRENCH FASHION HOOK FOB. APRIL Foreign Bookstore of EDW. BUEULKE, Q.IIDBBS, BELL & SMITH, Manufacturers of Machlnc*Cul COR. IS. S ! 270 Madlson-st. (next tha brldgt), CMca?o. QJBST, HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Mercian^* Wo. SO 3tloGao-«t» DENVER. COLORADO [Between F and G-BtsJ jSissoluticn. Dissolution.— xiie firm of Wmnns &Co., Commission Merchants I*thUdaydl»- roived by mutual consent. All accounts may ba set tled with K. WINANb. 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Uwloa ana clb'r Eastern and We*tern pilots ana vlll ran dnrcprarninz season the following nrst-class rtopil leis on the Lanes: V.rapire State, 5{V d * p .f. r J? tato * Maeidii. niobnsrk. p”Smi“' C ’ ?S«i* Totxnsraadn, So»ouea.iuna. Fcna ms a Dally Line between CHICAGO ANO BUFFALO, TAtirWnc a* Milwaukee, Mackinac, Detroit and aere- Und.coiiaccGngwUh me ranoos railroads at thos piac**, aid at Buffalo wllh the EBIK RAILWAY, andth“ W.T. Co.*s Line of B-'ats oaßne: CaaiLfoor el wt leh icav* Buffa'o and New York dally. For Contracts and Bills ol Lading apply 10 lIUfSH aLLES corner Water-st.anaO.a New Yom. , , . a'. uV \VAitp* S-lo’Bronawat.'Ant. *ErIo 5 fJ l-HASe.Titf A»oan.y. W. ii. CHASE, 191 River-st., Troy. K. JOHNSON v CO-, Clove and. A. ijiiDARO. Toieii*. . U. lI.OMJOKNE, Samlnstty. »J. m. TIRHETTS, .TliitvaatkCC. A. P. BUTTON*, Ractne. _.-, inv THE WESTERS TRANSPORTATION COMPANY, Onllalo. s. ROVVK.T>ch**t Accor, foot of Stalest. And at Adams Ilnnsc. J. W. TUTTSiS, Asoaty FOOT 0/ STATE-ST-, CHICAGO. (gitg lottos Proposals for the constrltj- TICN OF THE SUMMIT DIVISION OF THE ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. _ Csncz of in* Boahd of Public Wocxs, ) ■ Chicago, Mirth Idtt.lssT. j Sealed Proposals will be iccvlrcd by the Board oi Public TTcrto,ax Uior office, until 11a.m. Wortnesaay, Mnv Ist, ISC7, for ihs excavation to deepen the Illinois and Michigan CanaL according to the pUu adopted, thorn Chicago River to Summit bees. No. two Cj» a distance of twennr-six (16) miles. Maps, pronles. specifications, Ac., will be exhibited at the office of the Board of Public Works in Chicago cn aid after April 15ih until the day of letting. There will be some iwos.llilGa*rd.oCo,ooo) cubic yards 0! earth excavation—some of It quite bard and em bracing considerable debched iocs—and abuut lout hutdred *ev,n'y thousand (1,0,000) cubic yards of s-ra tified limestone- ... - - . The work must be rroeecnred so as not to Interfere with the nse of she OuH onrlcg the sraion ol navlga* t ‘ltis believed, however, that the racst of the excava tion. except the stratified roc c. can be done wiUistAAm dredges without interfering with the navigation of’he Canal, bnt the reck excavation will allhavolo be done between tbe clou of navigation In the fill and- the oncf'log In the spring. 11 anew lice Lo adopted lor any portion cf the dis tance. operations thereon may be conlluned the whole year: and tbe navigation of tbe Canal w.ll be impend ed at kast five months In each year nnless otherwise mutually agreed by the Board and Contractors. Tbe whole of the wore must be done on or before the end of the tblre season o' the suspension of nangiliou. A Urge amount of machinery will ne required to excavate the work within the due reqmred, consisting r-ainty cf stcim dredges, scows and cranea lor the earth work, and drilling machines, pumping machine ry and cranes fbr tbe rock. Contractors will be required to commence work on the earth excavation within thirty days ol the xltno ol lettln g, and upon rock excavation by tc t fir s tcf Novem- cranes asd scows now la the Canal can be bad at an appraised value which will be made known v> bidders prior to tbe letting, parties contracting £sr the work will be required to Srovldc all machinery, aad to pat np and remove ml ams and all wcrksol protection, and at tbeir own ex pense to do all pnmptng. or whatever may be necessa ry to secure their work Irom water. . .„ . Proposals most tv? addressed to theßcamorpunltc Wor? e, endorsed “PrcpTsal for Deepening HU 1 ois aad Michigan Canal.” and be accompanied with the usual two hundred dollar ($200) bend, with sureties, to be aP^^?/rswt mMfif*statffig the price for which the wors will be dene on each of the different rectlons, end the work will be let as a whole or in part, and in such auactin- s is tbe Board shall determine. The Board reserve tbe run to reject any and all bids, and no proposal will be accepted oalws the pirty offering It shall give evtdmce satisfactory to *hc Board that he has ite acres tar/ skW, exocri tec, cncr.ry and abilltvfor dclne the work. Is Unslworthy, and has suf ficient pecuniary resource?. The Board will require inch security a?, according to their Judgment, will sccnre the doing of the work KCOrtISE to tM COCL-Kt. 0 _ GISDEL& FRED. LKfZ, O. J. RONE. WILLIAM GOODINO, R. B. MASON. _ I3t of labile Works. Assessment notice. Omcx or ra* Boaed orPcutic'Wosx?, 1 Chicago, March 29. la(W. ) Public notice is hereby given to all pjraans inter ested that the comml.*noacrs of the rfoard ol Pub ic Worts of me City «T Chicago have completed the As sessment 801 l for tho widening to the width of si feel of the eighteen toot alley-running eaa: Blrck US, School Section Addition to Chicago, and the extension of tbe same east to Clark street of the same width, making the south line therect parallel to aud 17» I*lo tcetroitti from the norm line of Monroa «tr;c% and such Aaaeesmeat 801 l has been flic! In tho office of llMrmfsfloners cf the Board cf Puhlls Warks will arolr to me Common Council cf a-ud city- a, us nest regular mceti-g, to he on the nghth ( )ih> day ol Apni-ISCT. at t?e hour of 7* o’clock p. ni., for a c*cflmatK-u of such which time all par* lici Interested wiu have me right tube heard. At Dcrsons wishing to object to said assessm* nt man tile thtir objections to the same. le writing, In me office of tneClty curt, at least one day prior to such meeting cf the Common Council, Q gUTDELE, FUKD. LKTZ, O. J. liOa£ _ _ 6t CcranHsatoren of the Coord ol public works. AN ORDINANCE aJlowih" Ihe PUts turgh, Fort Wayne&Calraeo Hallway Company to maintain the PetrcUmn Wart-Zoosc rrtctcJ by them at the corner ol Stewart avenue and T velfln i treet, in tbe city <■! Chicago. . He it irdaliudby the common Council of the City of Escnor l. That peratsMon Is hereby given to the Pituburch. Fort Wayne dsCtlcacJ Railway Company to keep and maintain for the exclusive storage of oe trrlcmn. cas.line, cap ha, l«azUc ca*. phene, spirit gas. hurolcg fluid and splrlfenf turp-nme. Ue notv warehoufc srcctefl bysaid Company »t tbs southeast comer ol Stewart avrunc and Twelfth urcet, n the city cf Chicago, the location a:d cotstfucnna of tbe same havicg b*-en approved by the Fire Marshal of said city: Pro tided, however. sneu pcftclSil”* rbaH be subject to ametdacat, modification or revscauoa by raid Common Concctl. Psssfrt March 79th. 13C7. APP.OTM MM. =»■.:, lit 7. j „ Attest: A. H. Bodmas. City Uerx. Gt AN OIJDINANCE lor tlie belter reffa lalloa ol eight scavtngcrs within me llmlu of me city of Chicago. _ Uelt ordained by the Common Cbunrtl of the City of SEcriorr*l. That It shall bo the duty cf thu own<*r, dtiveror mataeer. aad each of item, cl any right ecavincrr wagon, always to keep upon -ach side of sum night scavenger wagomla ths night tlm-*. a light ed lamp wllh piala glass frnat *aa eldei, with me cumber ot mo Ucccs-; of such wagon pdmed with black p«lct on Hie .idea a-d froat of e»ea of said I:bm. ta dl*;liict *nd legible flrures at lea s t two luci cs tn ilxe, snd so placed mat sam stay tro dislincttrseru and sifu numbers ►astly retd br.c.2. Any ownrr,driver or nxmager «,f any suen night scavenger wagon who shall vlo ate any proyis lo- of this oral; aace, shall bo ftced not !e*s ma - . twua ty.Uvc nor more ttaa onohuncirec dol ars lor eichand ordlnacce shall be lu Drcc from aal after Its passage and due pobllcatlou. Passed March t9th. 15^5. Ap pl oT«lHutiami,lM!. j. n, RICE, ll lyar. 'Attest; A. H.ComtAy. City Clerk. • AESEcSJEEKT NOTICE. Worts of theCL.T cf ChiciSO Bsiem-nt 1101 l ;.-r tin* exia:?*ioa cury street of tbeeisbtien fov» allfi ,*l^ 1 r t Wflebt&’Webster's Addition to CblciO. «\tthe same width and on thr.sstaa line with lh»t part ifsild alley alrrsdv openeSv and such As‘eßßtneat SwU ins been filed In.tbe olllcaol the City Clerk. _ . • The commissioners of the Board of Public Woria will apply to the Common Connell cf «»U cuy, at xu next reec/ar mci’ be held on the tUhia(Stb) daypfAt.rU,lS67,at the hoar of ~H o'clock tus.* lor » confirmation cfeaib assessment, at. watch time all particti intercslcd'Wili have the rlcht to hs hyanl. All perse ta witblse to opted to'Old a ! sess:uwitnm3t Die thei«i i b'cctions to tie same, la writing, in the otaco of the citi* Clerk, ntl-astono dayptiorto such meeting tt ItoCoc-moa Cornell. j. q. gDJDKLB, FKED.LETZ, O. J. ROSE, 6t CoxmL«Btceen cl the. Board ot rnbllc Worts. proposals rvnruMP LAND DITCHIND—The J 3 will received sealed proposals for - following described swamp land ditcblnc Counts-. 111., np to 12 o’clccS a.m.,*** April Sib. 1567. Ut-AdlicbCmUcsaa'l*' wide oa the bottom fop y, A , od3 loa - to s feet the reft of lbs dlai«— _ ifjjt -land i-iO tni]c3,and S' l —* * * _ -( .c to be 4 ;cct wide oa the bottom. .* uitch 3 mites aad 112 reda Ion?.to bs -licet wldoonlbc bottom. 3d—A ditch 2 miles and 133 rod? long, to tc 1 feet wide on the bottom. 4th—A ditch 2 miles and 7) rods Ion?, to be 6 leet wide on the bottom; all of sold ditches to hare a slope of 1 to 1 on each side. ~ The party t&klngfbe contract fbr tbs above described ditching will bo required to give security (or the CiUh tul performance of the contract. Said security to bo approved by the Braissgu Committee, 50 percent of price that said work Is contra, ted fbr will be paid as nald work progresses, on the estimates cf theEocmccr. ono the balance as soon aa the work is completed. All cf said ditches will be let to onepmy.or scoarately to dlL'enmt parties. Just as the audert limed committee thinks beat, ihe committee reserves the right to reject any or all bids for the above described dltche*. The bids will bo oocnedon Thursday afternoon. April tam, ISC7, at the office oi Charles Bald win. In Princeton, liu and then and there disposed of by said committee. All bids tor this work snoold be waled up and Beat to Chailrs Baldwin. atTrinceton, ilia. Any parties desiring laiUier information about fold woik,csn get the same by corresponding with, or call ing on W. P. Lawton, at ahelEeiu, Bureau county. 11. I'lats. specifications, and Ensinecr’s report cow on d-,c in County Clerk’s office will bo made pats of tbo con tract, when said work i« pt. W.F, LAWTON, 1 A. MOltP.ASi*. ( B. K, SIEVEXS, 5 Cwmm.».eo. CUAS. BALDWIN. Drainage Ccmmlasl.ncr. Princeton, March 12,15C7. ■VJOTICE TO HUILDEhS. Otficb or ms Nonrnruv Lvdiamx Pebow, j Michigan Citt, Much 13i&, f Sealed Proposals will be received by the Board of Director of the Northern Indiana state Prls -a until 'I UESDAY. theQth day of AorU, 1567- at 12o’clcct m., l.r the construction cf abulliUigior the parp^gxsofa kltohen. dlnlrg-room. hrjpltal and chapel. cs the Prison grounds, near Michigan City, Indiana, accord ing to the plans aid spcclfltauocs ol the superintend los Architect, to be prepared and. ready for refirecce r.n and alter April 1? t, •11 infiruutioa concern* l;g the dimensions of said bulKlng, the materials la be used la ccnstracdnc the same, the qnaiity »t the work, together with the terms ani conditions of pay ineior thewoikand mat-rla's, ano all other matters < oniitcted therewith, may be obtained by applying at the office of said PrUon. Proposals shall D* enveloped .and plainly addressed to “Boardcl Directors Northern Indian* nuta prison, Ulchlcan try, lud.,” and endorser! **Pr?:o»atj fur Kitchrn acd Hospital»nd to Icaur** their cmJd-ra* tlon, must be delivered by the day and hoar specified. Said propo*a*s most be mwio in strict confirmlty with die t:rms and conditions for the cucstruciloa of taldbollal£e,aslndicated by the olaoa and fpeclfic*- ttoLB and orders nf the Board of Directors, on file in the office of ttldPrUen. .. m ... . The Doaro of Directors will reserve the right to re <tct any. bid that msy no oifered,a.a to make Jaty changes that may then scera j. n.'tynsk, u ’ TV. D. CP.O IHERS, Board ot Directors. gTo glrtljitects. TO ARCHITECTS ILLINOIS NEW STATE ROUSE. juetmderslcned, ComtnDßlsnersol the State of lilt toU itr the erectloa ol a new Slate t!ou*e la Spring- Geld, give notice that tcey will receive plans or designs atd specifications fur a new State dense. the aa-ue to be sudreised to the Pr-naent of the Board, Jacob Bans. E«q- of Sprlncfieid, IU., cu cr bclore the second coy of Jmy, a.d. ISCT. 'three thousand dollars will be paid as arrem’um fer thu de»]gc.with specification?, selected and adapted ly said Ccmmlss loners. A sketch of the erouncs and such Information at may be desired as to maximum cast, the reqntr»d room, ac* rommcdatl'jcs etc..will beiurnlshedtj all wjshlaz to compete, on application, by Utter, to J. C. Webber, bccretary of the Board, bprlsefield. Illinois. JACOB BUNN, President. JOHN W. SMITH, PdIUP WADSWORTH, JAS. C. ROBINSON. WM. T. VANDKVEfcB. WM. L. HAMBLErp.V, JAMES Q. bEVEBIDOE. uJiaiM u. " s * C3lßlt uslocerf. J. C, Webuiu, Secretary. .-ffor Sal^- TO SHIP BUILDERS AND FARM KKS—Tee nmlcntpned ba» tor s&le weral tbon. Band YtUowLocosnrtts, *«»»*“ attraU, tall ait! atralabt. A.«o.a**oat tur«w t&oataod LccnslFacero»w,cacp?«l*evenleet lobjt,diameter as above. Addresa JOSEPH BA.TLET, Walworta P. 0„ Wisconsin., Instruction. -VTIGHT SCHOOL.—Tne nndcragoeu l\ have rpened a Nlsht School lir the bjhcflj inch as are fncawd durlnc the day. Tae ibtiructlcn will unbrace ClasTlcs.MatherM.tjM and Bnilisb. For parllculaif appl/ to Ox AS, at imefflee, 18ioJerlun crocs. WU. O. NYAiL tjeachera. QUO. K. DIAS, i jHehieal. OF STAMINA, Coßstitationai Weakicss. EFFECT OF HOSTITTiB’SBirmS IN CASES OF General DeMUtu, Nature 13 not Impartial. On some of ns she stowed stalwart frames, strong ccnsUtntlocs, Iroa nerves; on others, hot little physical power, or totlonal stamina, or nerveu* vigor. Let the f*»N# take heart, however. It they esnact become Samsooh they fi»", by the nse ol proper means, make up in a measure for the deficiencies of nature, and may per chance live as long and _ enjoy Ute as much is thttt mere Herculean neighbors. Delicate machines under proper care sometimes ontlast those of a more send and porjlfet structure. A fine watch will run longs than a %e3f engine ol a thousand horse-power. I&s first the weak and fragile U, or should be, to acquire additional strength If possible. ItUpouibU. It may be stated as a proved and eslahlliied fact, that science has given to the world, In HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BiTTEBS A vegetable invlffcrant, ukicA permanently srace* op and luttalne the feeble pbs/tigse, icheiAer tls lack Qf strength and stamina be an inherent defect or Hi result of extraneous etrnee. If general debility Is not a disease, U is somesktafl worse, vU: a condition which predisposes thebady t* succumb to all inflnenoes that prodaee dleease. Wo are continually surrounded and beset, more or less, by Infecting elements. Neither the purest air north# pur est water Is perfectly pnre. And la regions where bott are absolutely poisonous, tow shall the weakly eonstt tntlon and trail system resist their deadly effects rmleiß fortified by artlficial'meani ? li the BITTERS are tM relnfbrclng, vitalizing, snstalrlcg preparation they US claimed to bo—and on this head the testimony In thetr favor Is overwhelming and Incontrovertible—then it it absolutely /atuitoiu ts any can or woman, suflertn* from physical weakness, not to resort to so potent a remedy. Whenaa epidemic is prevailing, or in pros pect, the best safeguard* are a perfect digestion, fins nerves, and a wise employment of the means which science has placed at the disposal of the public a* Udotes against atmospheric Infection. Among tM latter. HOSTETTER’S BITTERS Deservedly enjoy the highest reputation throughout the Western world. gy Bcmembcr that physicalt!gcr 1* the beat defcscw apalnst disease, and that It may be Increased to aa ex traordinary degree by tbe use ol mis celebrated tonic. How el Complaints, Colic, J)iar» rhcea, Dysentery, Cholera Jlor 'bus, and Constipation, Billions Colic is a disorder characterised by wh*» Paracelsus calls atroocoun pain, Tbe torture extend over tbe whole abdomen,and natrons man writhes under It aa If upon tbe rack. Tbe BITTERS are asefhX to relieve the paroxysms, but It la as a sure means of preventing a recurrence ot the attack that they arc particularly recommended. Tone tbe Urer aad tbe bowels with this gentle stimulant and corrective, sat yon will never be tronb ,r dwitb tbe agonising asd dsa • gaous complaint known as Billions Cello. Chronic MDiarrlusa. There is scarcely any difference ol opinion among regular physicians as regards tho treatment of chron ic dlarrhaa. Most cf them have heretofore recoia mended a tahJespocnfUlcr tcsspoouftxl cl brandy tottt errea several times a day. They one and all admit that astringents and tonics are required. This betor admitted, the main thing Is to give me best tezleand astringent mat can be procured; and that has bees proved by expirlaice, and under tho best chemical tests, to be HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS Tbe symptoms cf cbroelc dyspepsia are frequent discharge* generally, with some pain and griping restlessness, thtrat, peer appetite, debility lost at flesh, dry, rough, and somewhat sallcw skin, tha tongue dry and dark colored. The fbed often passa threngb the bowels neatly tu tbe cccdiOou in whicfr Itwas swallowed, thus sbowtre that the gastric Juice Is either not generated In snfflclmt quantity, or that ft has not the solvent necessary to decompose thcoaitlcatjdfbcd. Tholtvcr Is generally cut of or der, and the bowels offilctM with * low grade cl la* flanmatlon. Under these circumstances a medletne sllrV-lyapert cct, as well os tonic and antl-bUlous, is ra q-ulred; and sash a mectcxne la BOSTETIEH’S BITTERS. Let It be ticmo In nind, however. that chronic dlsr rbxa, aawell a»-the acnto form cf tho dl:eue which lesdato it, Boy always - be avoided hr keeclnsnpthe tone of the stomach aad cl the- esnu m-m tranced the intestines-■nlih this salutary and harmless rant. It is % great thins to restore to regularity a dl*» rjuUrn, bnt It U stU! better toexclndetha necessity for leatgraUcn by premium; All (inspires reoflre to bo rCmalstcd; and yet Strangs tosar, thsalncgtshbowcl* sreofiensnhJoctcA too treatment which In the end Increases their tor pidity, and readers a complamt. easily cared tn Ci» heglanlss. obstinately chronic. Let the constipated beware of dtastlc pills and.potions. The lavansbfr ascravat? the disorder. A combination of a »hcle some stimulant with a mild, sacthlra laxative is wta* la needed. In SOSTBTWS KITTIES tho saUcrcr has this Important desideratum. A coarse cf this genial corrective will eveatnally cure every form cf constipation, and rtmove tho bea-ache. ncß.% feverishness, nansoa, acd muddy-mind-tl/irax, by whlchlt Is nsnally accompanied. Some persona wfcoare by ccnitltnllcn ol a constipated habit may overcome ttedimnUyacd achieve perfect rsenlsrtty by asms the BITTEES dally la ccclormlty with the direction** The Three most Period .«S Of JLtfc, Physiclc"' divide lUe Into lire distinct periods—tbs ..extending from birtb to the agecf seven tbeseccrdfrom tbs sereatb to the fourteenth year the third trcmtbefcortecath to tbe twenty-£ntye*a inefonitbtiom tbs ewenty-flrst to tbe fortieth year, tbe Cltb frers tbe fortieth year to the close orusfe Boreal .* -rnufi&DAY, “straoyc,erentfulMatory." Sbatspeare divide* uv Into “ferea aics;” bttt five li tie number adopted tv tbe faculty. In what is colled the*'third period” the imports* changes occur which mark and separate the sexes. This Is the stage ol development, when the trame, la &ccatrlcg form. Proportion, and strength, makes er traoraicary demands upon the vital and constitutional icsources. The weaker res suffers most daring ttw period. TheTttalityofwomas«belnstezcdtoacresS> er decree than that ol mao, often requires to bere-hw forced by artificial means. 'Whenever this U necessary; KTETTIR’S BITTERS May be eccsclestloiialy reo: mm ended aa the moef harmle«B and effectlTe of all tonics. The fourth period, embracing the maturity cl Ilfs; when the powers of bcdy and mind ta both ssze* oashs tote In tall Tlyor, also hu lu special dlfflcaUlcs. IS Is daring this stase that the temala Is subject to meet cf Use haraiaicgjallmnits peculiar to her organization- So numerous and distressing arc these complaints, that the patience with which they are home, while is ex cites the wonder, demands the earnest sympathy, of the less afflicted heloss who »ty!a themselves par rz c<n«icMhe “lords ofcreatlcn.” InforUtada tt must be admitted that the “lords'’ are by nomeara equal the “ladies.” To the latter it is Important to know that in the troubles which precede and follow maturity, tte bitters Are excellent, both as a bodily and mental Invigorate. They will bo found a capital means of sustaining itta under the heavy drain t made upon It at the meat It teres lltg and perilous periods of married Ufa. The fifth stage is that in which an the fnnea&os de cay and the frame gradually bends tinder the weight at years. During this period, too, women saficr much more than the stronger «* T In passing tb« line which divides maturity from the decline of life, they nave to encounter mere difficulties and dangers Gzsar dreamed effwhea he cussed the Rubicon. Depression and glocm bordering on insanity, together with Innu merable physical disturbance?, are among the pains and penalties theyioeetimei hare toendore at the sec ond as well ns at the jlril crisis ol their lives. Ax • soothing and balsamic remedy ler their adllcUcns at such times, the BITTERS Arc prescribed by many eminent physician*. Th« stimulating qcalltlei cl tte preparation ate ?o modi fled by the medicinal herbs and room Infassd Into It, that i: may be takes without apprehension even by those who are unpleasantly aflected by ths crdlnary cxdtuts. Prepared oscLSold by HOSTITTEB 4 fIUH Pittsburgh, Pa. for sale by deuggists, GROCERS AND STOREKEEPERS Throughout the World,