Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 6, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 6, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News fey Ocean Telegraph. The Report of Dr. Living stone’s Death Confirmed. large Decrease of Bullion in the Bank of England Capture of a Noted Fenian Leader. FROM WASHINGTON. Business of the Senate in Executive Session. Jionssean Confirmed as Brigadier General in the .Regular Army. •Senator Nesmith’s Nomination for the Austrian Mission Eejeoted. Desolation Offered for the Expul sion of Senator Sanlsbnry. RECONSTRUCTION. Judge Sharkey, of Mississippi, Versus the United States Government. Feeble Attempt to Nullify tbs Reconstruction Act. General Schofield’s Registration Order. FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. Great Britain. TUE ANNUAL SUBSET. London, April 5. The Budget gives general satisfaction, and is well received by the press and members of Par liament. All nopce for the safety of Dr. Livingstone, the African explorer, arc abandoned. Later advices from tbe Cape of Good Hope confirm the report of his death. BOSE 07 ENGLAND STATEMENT. The regular weekly returns from the Bsnk of England show that the bullion hoe decreased one hundred and eighteen thousand pounds sterling. CAPT CUE OP A NOTED FENIAN AQITATOB. Dublin, Aoril s—Evening. A desperate rebel, who was recently taken prisoner In the fight near this city, and who cave tbe name McClure, proves on examination to be Colonel Mclver, tbe prominent Fenian agi tator, and formerly an officer in tbe United States service. . bteaneh ABUTTAL. Liveutool, April 5. Steamer Denmark has arrived out. Frnnlo. -ADJOURNMENT OF THE NOUTU GERMAN PAULI i -3TENT. Bekun, April 5. 'The North German Parliament will adjourn on the 15th insU lie Prussian Government Is about to raise a loan of thirty million thalers. Latest Foreign markets. FINANCIAL. London, April s—Noon. Uocsols unc banged. Eric. Ss; Illinois Central. 7SV; United Slats* bonds, TStf. London, April 5—2 p. m. United Stales bonds firmer; advanced a quarter; coupon* ot *6t, 75>». London, April 6.—Evening. ** Consols, 91; Five-Twenties, TtX ; IhlnoU Central, 76V; Erie. 37*. Fbanxfoet, April s—Evening. 1701160 State* oende, 73. Faxis, April s—Evening. United States bonds, Six. COMVEOCZAL. Lrv* SPOOL, April s— Kocn. Sales of cotton lor the week, CO, OO J bales; total stock, of which 370 020 are American. • Liverpool, Aprils—2p. m. Cotton—Somewhat easier. Urt-aiftnCe—Firmer, tending upward. Com and wheat advanced 3d each; com quoted atllsSd, and wheat at ISs fid tor No. 1 red Western. Petroleum—Declined a penny |» gallon for standard whit:, with sates at 1* Slid. Lxveepool, April s—Evening. Cotton closed quiet and unchanged. Sales of 6.C53 baltw. Ihe Manchester market has a declining tea- Biesdstofis closed firm. Fionr—"Western caul, 3Ss9d. Wheat—No. 1 red Milwaukee, 15s Sd; C&Illorcls white, 13s Cd. Corn. 4ls 3d tor mixed Western. Barley nod oats unchanged. Provisions unchanged. Prcdace—Petroleum declined to Is 5d for refined. Spirits turpentine declined to STs. FROM WASHINGTON. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WxsmscTOK, April S. EOUSSEiU COhTJUHEP. Tbc Senate was in Executive Session five hoars. Two hoar? were snent on Rousseau for Brigadier General in the regular army. Be was confirmed by three majority. Later In the session a motion to reconsider was entered. It was understood that the President wanted to give the place to General Slocum, but the latter preferred the New Tork Naval Office. Possibly it may be given to him yet, if Rousseau is finally rejected. General Sickles’ blends are striving to defeat Rousseau, believing that General Grant’s recommendation will then secure the appoint ment for Sickles. Tbc probabilities however arc that the confirmation of Rousseau will aland, as be is supported by several of the strongest Re publican Senators, and was earnestly recom mended for confirmation to the Military Commit tee by letiers from Representatives Logan, Hayes, Binrhsm, Backload, Eckiy, Eggleston, Donncly, Loan, McOnrg, Van Horn, Coburn and Miller, of Pennsylvania. eon. atEßEi)rm. Tbc nomination of Soi. Meredith, as Surveyor General o> Montana, was, alter some deoatc re jected by a decisive vote. A motion to reconsider was entered, on the grounds that the merits of the •case were not understood. the AtrsnuAK xissios. Ex-Senalor Nesmith was rejected as Minister to Austria without debate, it being well understood that he did not want tbc place and would not ac cepL wTiiriitß cosmutATiQjrs. General Asboth was confirmed as Minister to Uruguay, and General Kilby Smith. Conanl tp Panama. It is given out to-night that the latter will not accept, iTOJOSATIONB SENT IK. The nominations sent In nembered seventy-five, but excepting the Marahalshlp of Massachusetts, none were of special Importance. THE DUCKKEK BAUMBHBT. The resolution of Senator Sumner, for the ex pnlMon ot Sanlebnry for continual intoxication, may rot be pressed to vote for several days. £aulsbury'e Mends have been anxious for some time that be should resign, «"■< one or two Demo cratic Senators have urged bis brother, the Gov ernor of Delaware, to induce him to resign. ICBfOtnU WAU CLAIKfI, The Attorney General being called off from the Cabinet meeting to-day by the Sharkey petition, the case of the Missouri State Militia Bill was not decided. It will be definitely settled next Tues day, and Mr. Stanberry has freely expressed his opinion in conversation that the President can properly sign the blib SEKOvax. or the klw Orleans rebels. Secretary Stanton and General Grant have bad several informal consultations regarding the case of General Sheridan. Stanton gives bis opinion, era lawyer, that Sheridan’s course in removing Monroe and associate rebels was strictly within the authority conferred on him by law. To this General Grant assented, and declared that he would standby Sheridan. ’ THE EUBSIAX THEATT. Tbe Senate Committee on Foreign Relations met tins morning, and bad tbe Russian Treaty un der consideration. Several persons were present who had visited the Territory. A mass of docu ments and certificates which Ur. Seward had sent in, were read to show the purchase to be a big thing. Tbe committee reached no conclusion, but will ccnainly report next week. CTTT EECISTHATION. Registration Las been completed in three of the seven wards in ttna city, and shows a total of S,CO7 whites, ana s&ft negroes. _ XIUTABT TUANSTTBS, ETC. Brevet Brigadier Genera! M. H. Hardin. la .granted a year's leave of absence from Jane Ist, with pcrmieeiun to go beyond the sea. The leave of absence granted Brevet Major General Pleasanton is loither extended six months. Brevet Major S. C. Greene, Twenty-fourth In lan try, is ordered to report to Geneial Pope for assignment. Brevet Major General 6. W. Getty. Colonel Thirty-ninth Infantry, Is ordered to report to Lieutenant General Sherman. Brevet Lieutenant Colonel P. w. Scbaurts, Second Cavalry, is ordered to join his conpany at Fort I era ml c. DEPDTT OOJOnSSIOHEn OF EDUCATION. Edward D. Nell, formerly dnperluusndent of Public instruction in Minnesota, aud tor three years one o( the Secretaries of the President, has been appointed Deputy Commissioner or the De partment of education, about to be organised. COKTUUIATIOSB. WasnnroToif. April 6.— The Senate has t unity confirmed tie following : Minister Be tide nt —Alex. Asbotta, of Missis sippi, to tie Republic of Uruguay. Vcr.nif— Julius More ns, of Michigan, to Coblcnlx, Prufißla; ThOB. Smith, of Ohio, at Panama. rofCrr.astert—F. K. L. Maynard, Wavcriy, Iowa; H. C. Smith,Pomeroy, Ohio; Jju. Howell. Shreveport, La.; Edwin M. Hoovey, Feutonvllle, Mich.; Henry Townsend, Warren, Ohio; Boche! McKiubcn, Middletown, Pa-; John Bradshaw, Bent, Ohio; Henry L. Robinson, Washington, Ohio: Charles L. Madison. Cambridge, Ohio: John Kohl. Shelby, Ohio; Oliver C. Rawlmson, New Philadelphia, Ohio; Mahala Crane, Wells ville, ObloiDavld W. McGee, Peoria, 111.; Sarah Rexlnger, Clarksville, Tenn.; Richard Barrett, Vicksburg, Miss.; Jacob A. Kaoster, Jackson, Miss.; Leroy Browr, Natcher; Jnllus M. Carter, BL Johns, Mich.; Wm. H- Tavlor, Saginaw, Mich.; Noble W. Wood, DeWitt,' Iowa; Robert F. Steel, Geneeeo, 111.: Dennis McKay, Macon, Mo. Collector of Internal Jiettnut— Frederick W. Gummas, Second District Michigan. Attestors of Intern'll Betenue —Henry Ray mond, Sixth District Michigan. nmcnosi. The Senate rejected the following: Postmasters— H. W. Anderson. Washington, Iowa: William K. Tillolson, Owoeso, Michigan; Abner P. Darlln, Lyons, Iowa; Moses IL Kirby, Upper Banoitsky. Ohio; John H. Fuller, Toledo, Ohio; Jobs H. McCormick, Seymour, Indiana. Consul at Eatenna— George G. Barclay, Penn sylvania. Aitettors of Internal Eetenue —Adolph Forrcn eon. Fifth District, Wisconsin; John M. Glover, Third District, Missouri; James Clements, Third District Michigan. Untied &aff« J/arsAcJ—Samuel A. Jones, West ern District Tennessee. i%7irion Agent— Frank S. Curtis, Macon City, Missouri CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Washbtqtos, April 5. SENATE. Mr. COLE presented a petition from theVcterau Corps ol California. lie said they served two or three years, and daring that time were successful m their contests with various Indian tribes, eub duingtho Apaches and Camanchos in New Mexi co. They were discharged nearly two thousand miles from borne, and received a mere pittance to reach California. They have asked to be allowed the same rate of transportation given to other dis charged soldiers to cover their expenses. The petition was referred to the Committee on Military A Hairs. On motion of Mr. ROSS, it was resolved that the Secretary of the Interior inform the Senate wheth er Lewis V. Bogy is now in the employment of that Department, and what i? the capacity of his duties and compensation, when appointed, by whom, and what instructions, Ii any, have been given him, and by whom. Mr. SUMNER oficrcd a resolution, which, be paid. he would call up to morrow, that Willard SaulsbnrT, a Senator from Delaware, having re peatedly appeared on the floor of the Senate to a condition of Intoxication, be and is hereby expell ed from the Senate. On motion of Mr. SHERMAN, the Senate went into Executive session. EECONSTKUCTION. Judge Sharkey Before the United Mate* Supreme Court—He Attempts to Plica Bill of Injunction Against the Bnfcrcement of the Reconstruction Acts—How the Application Is Re* celTtd—General Schofield’s Bcglstra* tlon Order—Senator Wilson’s Recep* lion at Petersburg. (.Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, April 5. Judge Sharkey and his associate, Robert J. Walker, attempted this morning to bnnz the question of the constitutionality of the Recon struction Law before the Supreme Court, but failed most completely. They presented them selves with a voluminous bill for an injunction, out were met on tbe instant by the Attorney General, wco objected In a very dedded manner toils reception, and by tbe Chief Justice,who staid tbe oily thing they could do was to ask leave to filc,wblchmishtbe argued next week Fri day, but not before. Finding himself thus con fronted, bharkey made the best of his nositlon, and gave notice that he would then address tbe Conn in support of his proposal to file the bill. Tbe whole uroceedmg did not occupy ten min utes. At tbe close the parties retired with any thing bnt a satisfied am. bach an attempt has been made to sensationalize thU whole bosioess, to convey the Impression that it is attracting great attention here and commands very strong support, that it Is proper to say again, more fully sea emphatically, that the movement has the sup port of out few bontherners here, and that some of these lew withdrew at the last moment. It ap pears that it was concocted by two or three South erners, now claim agents here, and wheu first whispered about passed as a Joke, and continued to be characterized as such for two days after the first published reports ap peared. The idea of getting a law thrown over hoard in this way is scouted as absurd by lawyers of the most diverse political views. The bill is presented not in the name of the Cotton States, hot of Mississippi alone. If bhirkcy goes on with the matter next Friday toshow reason why he should be allowed to file the bill, the At torney General will again object in the name of the United States lot's reception. Ills reported that Sharkey is to be assisted by cx-Attorney Gen eral Block. Washington. April 5. Senator Wilson has relumed from Petersburg, greatly pleased with the reception riven, which was ot a most cordial character. He id convinced that Radical speakers would'hc well received at the South, and that the Republican party should send a number of its best men through tbe South in the coming campaign. General Schofield baa taken active measures to effect prompt registration throughout Virginia. A Board of military officers is dividing the State into registration districts, and U Is thought that registration will begin early next month. [To the Associated Press.] Washington, March s.—Judge Sharkey and Hon. Robert J. Walker, appeared In tbe Supreme Court this morningon behalf of the State ot Mis sissippi. Tbe foiemer rose to submit a bill of complaint, and prayer that President Johnson and his officers and agents, and especially General Ord, be perpetually enjoined and restrained from executing the act to provide for the more efficient government of the rebel States, and the act sup plementary thereto, and that powers of in junction and subpoma be Issued uod directed to the parties aforesaid, with any other relief that tbcCourtmay deemproper. Judge Sharkey re marked that tbe bill had been printed. Attorney General Stanbcrry said he believed it was the general practice to obtain leave of the court to file a bllL This bill was against the United States, and he desired to appear at the ear liest possible moment to object to it. He repealed ihat there most be a motion to file a bill in the regular way. Judge Sharkey replied that that was the motion which tie now made, lie was aware of the taignl aide of the subject. Involving, as it does, the im portant and oeiicate question of the constitution ality of Congressional legisla'ion. It was of greatmomeni that an early decision should be ar rlvcQ at, as much mischief mignt result by ds’^y Chief Justice Chase to Judge Sba>*:ay_“yoa •an only now move to 2],. ii e oill, and it will be in order to discuss on the next motion day.” Attorney General Stanbcrri—“ lam ready now to resist tbe grarting of leave.” Tbe Chief Justice— I “We don’t propose to hear an argument on tbe motion oat of the regular order. The motion will be filed.” Judge Sharkey—“l will now file an applica tion.” This he did and the question went over until the next motion day, Frioay next. RicnaosD. April s.—General SchoflcJd has issued an order providing for registration. There is to be one registering officer tor each magiste rial district in counties, and one for each word In cities, whose qualifications are to be, having been an officer in the United States army, or be ing a loyal citrxen of the county In which he acts, or of some other county In the State. He most bare a high character, and as far as possible have toe confidence of his fellow-citizens. He shall not be a candidate for any office, an officer of the army or Frecdmen’s Bureau. The appointments of all officers are to be made by General Scho field, on recommendation made by an Board of army officers. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Madibos, Wis M April 5. SENATE. In the Senate last evening a communication was received from the Attorney General expressing an opinion that it would be unconstitutional and in expedient to grant the memorial of the contractor for losses Incurred in furnishing the State Prison with beef In 1865. Bills werqlDtrodncsd to amend the laws of 1859 for the collection of penalties, forfeitures and fines, and the laws of 1685, regulating the mode of repairing dams by joint owners. Sixteen senate Dills passed, including hills au thorizing the expenditure by tbc Normal School Board ol not to exceed 515.1XXJ for the PJattevlllc and $18.001)lor the Whitewater Normal Schools; appropriating to Mrs. Harvey $583.50 for services as State Agent. Sixty-six Assembly bills were concurred in, in cluding bills to authorize the Chicago & North western Railroad Company to own stock in steam boat and other corporations; relative to fencing railroads; to authorize the Southern Railway Company to erect a bridge across the Mississippi River at, or near Lacrosse, and to Issoe bonds; supplementary to chapter 53, laws of 1338, for the formation and protection of county agricultural societies: to amend the act to protect the hop growing interest ot the State; memorial to Con gress for a grant of land to aid in the com traction of a railway from Appleton, on the Lower Fox River, to Ontonagon, on Lake Superior; to amend the school code in relation (o proceedings in County Courts; to provide for compensation of Deputy Clerks ol Circuit Courts. The Assembly Bill to prohibit the consolidation of leading railways tutms Slate, was amended so as elmply to prohibit the consolidation of the Milwaukee ASL Paul Railroad with the Chicago & Northwestern, by a vote of 19 to 12, tbc anti coLsolidation men generally voting against it be cause they were unable to eee any propriety in making a distinction between railways. The bill to appropriate {50,000 for the relief of destitute citizens in the States lately in rebellion, was Indefinitely postponed by a vote of 20 to 12. To-da/ the Sccak: passed a bill to authorize the Milwaukee & SI. Paul Railway Company to own stock in the Milwaukee & Prairie du Chlcn Rail road. Several Assembly bills of no general interest were concurred tn; also one to amend section seventy-eight, chapter fifteen of the Revised Stat utes, so as to restrict the payment of judgments against Town Clerks; one Lgaludne certain Boards of County Supervisors; one authorizing tonus to aid (be Platteville & Calamine Railroad. The Senate bUI passed to amend chapter 525 of laws of IBCS, regulating the repair of the mill- The Assembly last evening concurred in the Senate bill to provide for paying the interest on the University Fund used tor the erection of buildings, with an amendment limiting the ap propriation to ten years after the present, to wi icb the Senate agreed. Id-day among the bills introduced was one in relation to the privileges of boom owners, and amendatory of chapter 151, general lawsollSGti, providing lor the punishment of certain ollcnccs against log owners. A bill passed incorporating the Wisconsin River Valley Railway Company. To-day the Assembly concurred in the Senate Resolution for submitting to a vote of the people an amendment to the Constitution, authoring the payment to Railroad Companies of 1100,UB for every twenty miles of railway they may build. Assembly bills were passed tn relation to tax deeds, concerning actions for tbe recovery of real estate property; to authorize tbe publication of a lUt ol Agricultural College lands; amending the statutes respecting permanent land marks; amending the lawln regard to minors frequenting billiard saloons. <Sc.; amending the statutes so as to provide for educating convicts m the (state Prison: amending the act establishing a Home for Soldiers’ Orphans ; to amend the statutes re specting guai oiaus and wards, and to found an Institute lor Educating Idiotic Yonth. The Senate amendments to the Eight-Hour Bill were concurred in, except tbe limit ition or the application ol the bill to manufacturing and me chanical pursuits. Business is being disposed of with considerable rapidity, and tbe present prospect is that the Legislature will adjourn ou the llth, as agreed upon. _ OHIO. Colhxbus, Ohio, April 5. General George B. Wright nasbeen appointed ComroUtumcr of Railroads, and telegraphs that the suffrage resolution still bongs on an amend ment. Fires* Cincinnati, April s,—Steadman’s paper mill, near Frankfort, Rentnckey, was burned on Wedresday. Tbe loss Is 120,000; insured. H. Varwig’s spice mills. No. 423 Court street, were damaged by fire this morning to the extent of ?s,Cl*i. _ The third and fourth dories of McHenry & Car son's gaining establishment and Powell’s gan mso YOL. XX. store, on Main street, betweem Fourth and Fifth >treete. were also horned this morning. Loss, about $15,000. STTPRT.IHT’. COURT OF ILLINOIS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Ottawa, April 4,1837. All the Judges present IS. Stricken from docket by consent S 3. Submitted by plaintiff on brief and argument to be filed. 33. Submitted by defendant on btief to be filed. 40. Dismissed by plaintiffs. 49. Submitted by both parlies on briefs to be filed. 47. Dismissed as per stipulation on file. 70. Submitted by both parties on printed argu ments, and briclfe on file. 73. The Chicago and Northwestern R. R. Co. ys. The Board of Supervisors of the County of Lee. Motion lor leave to assign cross errors by consent allowed. 77. Same as 70. SI. Thoe. Ball vs. Philip F. W. Peek. Motion for rule to file abstract- allowed til) Clh. S 3. Submitted by defendant on briefs to be filed. 87. Appearance of appellee entered. 69. Submitted bydeiendant on briefs to be filed. 90. Passed over first call by consent Motion for rule to prodace record. 104. Submitted by both parties on briefs to be filed, and additional briefs to be filed in twenty days. ill. IsaacCookvs. JehlelF.Norton,ctal. Sub mitted by appellant on briefs to be filed. 11C Petition for re-hearing with affidavit Motion to file amended record. „ 121. Submitted by appellee on brief to be filed. 125. Submitted by defendant on briefs to bs filed. 127. Role lo file abstracts by the Slh. 12S. Motion by appellee to dismiss appeal for want of sufficient appeal bond. ISI. Elizabetn Dodds vs. Wm. H. Snyder ct al. Submitted by appellant on briefs to be filed. H 3. Jacob Sucamer vs. Joseph Davis. Re versed for non-joinder. „ _ „ 144. Robert F. Breckinridge vs. C. H. McCor mick el al. Submitted by appellant on briefs to be filed. Schmittcd by appellee on arguments to be filed. 147. Isaac Cook vs Joshua L. Marsh. Same as 1 159. Solcn Cummins ctal. vs. Wm. Wood. Sub mitted by appellant on hricfrjto bo filed. 157.1 be 111. c. R. It Co., et al, vs. Wm. T. Whitmore. Submitted by appellee on briefs. 159. Dan. F. Pease vs. Charier Anderson. Sub mitted by appellant on briefs 10 bo filed. Itß. The Toledo, Peoria and Warsaw R. R Co. vs. Samuel Wick try. Submitted by appebee on briefs to be filed. 3OH. The Toledo, Warsaw and Peoria R, R. Co. vs. Russel B. Fos'er, Ac. Same a- 163. 172. Eliza belli Belton va. Caleb B. Fisher. Mo* •ionto dismiss appeal overruled; snbmiUed by appellee on bnefa to be filed. 166. Nelson Buck vs. Sarah Becklcy ct at. Mo* ticn to dismiss aopeal by appellees. 191, j. Addison Crain vs. barah A. Wright. Mo* tion for rale to Join in error by Cth—allowed. 337. JobbnH.P. Jones vs. Hannah Miller ct si. Submitted by defendant on briefs to be filed. 11.3. Thos.Tineyvß.j. L. Spaulding. Rule for Joinder in error by Ctb. SCO Joseph lincss vs. Anthony C. Ileaing. Same as 193. SOI. Wm.T. Sbufcldtet al, vs. John Buckley, Jr. Same. 212. baitis A. Phinnoy et al., vs. Arba N. Water man. Same. SU6. John Stoelzcll et al., vs. Nathaniel Puller ton. Submited by appellor on briefs T o be filed. Sll Amos Hurt vs. Thos. Wing. Submitted on both sides on briefs to be filed. 213. State of Illinois vs. James M. Allen. Sub mitted by both parties on printed arguments to be filed. 214. State of Illinois ts. Chas. Atkinson. Same as 213. 215. Dan. B. Hartnmtt vs. Hamilton C. Daniels etal. Submitted by appellant on briefs to he filed. 2-6. Wells Willetts vs. R. C. Paine. Same as 215. 217. James G. David vs. Thatcher Blake, bob miued by both parties onbriels to be filed. 2i2. James Mitchell et al. vs. Thomas Deeds. By agreement no rule shall be taken to file ab stracts this term. . . „ . , „ 223. Tbe Northern Illinois Railroad Company ct al. vs. The Racine & Mississippi Railroad Com- . panyetals. The same as 222. 230. Tbe Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw Railroad Company vs. Russell B. Foster, Submitted by appeilea on briefs to be filed. 231. John W. Lumbur vs. The People ex ret, Ac. Motion for,rule, to join in error rule for joinder by 6th. . „ 242. Frederick R. Butcher ct al. vs. Emily Sea et al. Rule on appellant to file abstracts by Sth. 259. The Chicago A Northwestern Kailroaa Company ve. Chas. L. Williams. Submitted by both parties on Litcfe to be filed. 2G3. Geo. B. Joiner vs. Hiram B. Stevens. Mo tion to dismiss appeal. Allowed five per cent damages. 271. Elisha L. Mills ct al ve. Ralph Lockwood. Motion for lime to file petition and agreements for a re-bearing, both parties agreeing. 2GB. Edward fiulgar vs. Theodore Hoffman. Rule for joinder by Clh. 273. Robert Atkinson etal. vs. Wm. Bushman et al. Appeal dismissed. 273. Isaac M. Allison ct al. vs. Mary S. Allison. Motion for supercedcas. , , „ . 272, kudus W, Dart vs. Board of Supervisors, Livingston County. Appeal dismissed. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Ottawa, 111., April 5. IGB. Menard vs. Hugh Thompson et al. Sub zmi:«.d by both parties on briefis to he filed. IC3. John Bates ct a), vs. Daniel Williams, for use, Ac. Submitted by appellant on briefs to be Henry P. McCiosky vs. Silas McCormick etal. Submitted by both parties on briefs to be Bronson Murray vs. Samuel Schlosscr. Submitted by both parties on briefs to be filed. ]9l. J. Addison Crane vs. Sarah N. Wright. Rule for abstracts by lOlh. 193. Mathew Henderson vs. Patrick Bellew. Motion to dismiss lor detect In April hood. l&l, BildebratiutVon Glfilin vs. Matilda von Glahn. Dinuii ution of record suggested and motion for ctrleorari. 203. Silas A. Pbiuny et al. vs. Aiban Waterman. Same as IM. „ 2W. Robert Stiahorn et al. vs. Union Stock Yards and Transit Company. Submitted on brief to m fi John N. Bedard, City Collector of the City ol LaSa'le, 1U , va. Lyman iilll ct al. Snbmitted by appellant on briefs to he filed. 210. Henry C. Roberts vs. Theodore Forcmals. Same as 20b. , . _ ~ ... 152. J. Addison Crane vs. Richard Gould, Sub mitted by appellee on briefs to be filed by May ILth. 210. Wells Willetts vs. R. C. Paine. Submitted by appellee on briefs to bo filed. 220. The Northern Illinois Railroad Company, George A. Thompson, vs. The Racine & Missis sippi Railroad Company et al. Motion to dis miss appeal. 330. xne Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw Railroad Company ve. Rasscll B. Foster, Snbmitted by appellant on briels on file. 333. American Express Company ct aL va. Cor delia D. Parsons, administratrix, Ac. Snbmitted by appellees on briels to be filed. 315. Theodore Formats vs. Dyers Roberts. Role on appellant, for abstract by 10th. £47. Reville B. Holt etal. vs. James H. Rees. Sobmlticd by appellee on briels to be filed. 348. J. G. Scatnmon ct al. ve. City of Chicago. Same as 247. 210. Charles W. Clayton va. City of Chicago, Same as 217. 244, Solomon Cole ve. Henry Van Riper. Same as 247. 255. Percy B. Bonner et al. vs. George H. Pet tcreon et aL Same as 247. 371. Elisha L. Mills et at. vs. Ralph Lockwood. Time for filing petition for rehearing by consent extended by consent to 23d. 273. Isaac M. Allison et al. vs. Margaret S. Al lison. l>eavo to withdraw record. 275. John Clark ve. James M. Barker. Sub mitted on both sides in briefs to be filed. 376. John Emery vs. B. C. Hoyt etal. Motion for farther time lor filing record extended till the 15th, by consent. Snbmitted in briels, and to bo filed by tbc 15 th of May. 277. Jonathan EL Baker, Impleaded, Ac., vs. the Bishop Hill Colony. Same as 278. 378. John C. Emery vs. Robert W, Hemming way. By agreement parties have to withdraw record, and submit In briefs to he filed. Abstracts to be fiJco by Ist of May. 251. The City of Chicago vs. Mary Ann Gal lagher, administratrix, Ac. On briefs to be filed. „ 2SB. John Durham vs. Wm. H. Hunter. Mo tion to dismiss appeal. Appeal dismissed, with five per cent damages. 284. John Durham va. Wm. fl. Hunter. Same as 583. 255, Samel Allison vs. the people Ac. Motion for evjiercedeat. 73. The Chicago A Northwestern Railway Com pany vs. tbc Board of Supervisors of the County of Lee. Argued by Goodwin for appellant aud by {or appellee, ana the argument then dosed by S. w. Fuller for appellant, and the cause taken under advisement by the Court. 7. John Kennedy. Jr., va, Ihe People, Ac. Rule on plaintiff to file printed abstracts by tbc lOih. 8.1. R. Steel va. the People, Ac, Same as 7. 10 George Stunson etais. vs. the People, Ac. Same as *. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Republican Judicial Convention—Per sonal—Temperance Convention—Re publican Nominations* • [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnbnne.l SrctKonrLt), 111, April S. Major Sheridan Walt, member ofthe State Cen tral Committee, is in this city to consult with other members of the committee in regard to call ing a Republican Convention in this Judicial Di vision, to nominate candidates for Judge and clerk. The name of Hon. Wm. E. Hanna, of Bloomington, Is mentioned in connection with the judgeship. Governor Oglesby and Hon. S. M. Coliom, member of Congress from this District, arrived in this city ibis morning. A number of prominent members of the Sons of Temperance. In this city, left for Bloomington, to-day, to atbnd a Temperance Convention. The last Legislature amended the Township Organization Act so as to abolish tha office of Overseer of the Poor in all counties adopting township orranlzation. The Republicans nominated a strong ticket here last night, beaded by General John Cook for Mayor. General S. A. Uurlhnt Is in the city. FROM MADISON. S. n. Booth and hi* Speech Before the DrgWatnre—Prof. Heed—The Next State Ticket) Ac. [Special De-patch to the Chicago Tribute.] Madison, tv la., April 5. The storm prevented sending a despatch last evening. Ifac scurrilous tirade of abuse of tbe Republi can party, and the leading men connected there with, with which S. M. Booth befouled the As sembly Chamber Thursday night, has created pro found disgust, and destroyed all chances of his cetuns the appropriation asked. The students of the Slate University have pass ed a resolution highly to Prof. Rccd, who has left the institution to take tbo Presidency ofthe Missouri University. There is considerable figuring among the mem bers ol the Leeirlatnre relative to the next State ticket, and several slates have been made np. Nearly an inch of snow fell here last night. FROM VALPARAISO. page, the Double murderer—Tbe Pris oner Before tne Coon —Change of Venue to Laporte County—Tbe Au dience Docked Up, Ac. • [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Valparaiso, Ind., April 5. In spile ofthe sttempt to secrecy, an immense crowd rushed into the court room to-day upon the appearance of Page. Tbe prisoner was dressed with remarkable care, but betrayed great agita tion. glancing frequently and furtively at the constantly increasing crowd. Tbe indictments were not read to him, bat his counsel submitted an affidavit praying a change of venae to Like County, on the ground of prejudice here. This was not granted, but he was allowed to take a change to Laporte, where the iml will probably take place at the next term of court. When the prisoner was removed; the doors wore closed and guarded, and the crowd kept Inside until he was safely lodged in jail. FBOM ST. LOUIS. Tlie Reported Fort Buford massacre— The Collection of Taxes from tbo Union Pacific Railway, East Divis ion, Enjoined. Ac, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, April 5. Concerning the Fort Buford massacre, there are still some doubts as to its extent No intclU ccrcc of the affair has reached General Sherman, and when It was first reported he expressed the strongest doubts of its occurrence. ColonellUu kinand bis wife have many acquaintances and friends in this city, and they will hope to the last for the best Judge Dclabay, of the United States District Court for Kansas, has granted an injunction in the emtofJobn Edgar Thomson and others, com piataanu, ve. the Union Pacific Railway, Cast Di vision, and the treasuers and collectors of taxes upon the Union Pacific Railroad, East Division, oi which the complainants are stockholders. The point at issue is whether the State can assess and levy taxes upon that company under the present law of the State, without interfering with the lien and pioperty of the United States in the road of *bc company. An Injunction has been grouted against tbclr collection until the further order uf this Coait. The Court will decide in May wheth er the injunction shall be perpetual. Brigadier General James Bailey, Sheriff of Ver non county, was mordered a day or two ago fn that county by two ex rebels, brothers, Lewis and Perry Pixley. General Bailey was brevettea in consequence of bis engineering skill in saving Commodore Porter's fleet up Red River !o 1604. Ibe murderers ate supposed to have Ced to Kansas. St. Louis, April 6—The reported masaacrc at Fort Buford is not credited oure. Letters having been received from Fort Sally by a gentleman of tins city of a later date than the one upon which the story is bared, which reported all well, and make no almslon to the disaster. General shtrmon has no advices of masaacrc and disbe lieves the report. The United States District Court of Kansas has granted an injunction ag-lnst the collection of taxes on lands belonging to the Union Pacific Railway in that State. FEOM CINCINNATI, Tlic (t ßlack Crook” Injunction Dis missed A 9-1,000 Robbery New Pbß«c In tbe Unciica murder—County Treasurer’s office Robbed of 98,000. Cincinnati, April s.—The United States Dis trict Court yestciday refused to grant an Injunc tion against Wood's Theatre, to prevent them from playing what Messrs. Barns & McDonough claim Is a version of tbe “Black Crook.” A Kentuckian, named William Kting, while in arallioad depot yesterday, had nls pocket picked of nearly $4,600. The new trial of the third murderer of Tloghea commenced yesterday. A new feature in the case is his confession that a man named McGregor of fered him S6OO to kill It. B. Smith, for whom Hughes was clerk, and that he received $l4O u advance. The ofilce of the Treasurer of Warwick County, at Brookoville, led., was broken open and robbed of $8,030 on Monday night. FROM LOUISVILLE. Examination or an Alleged Murderer— Tlic Coming municipal Election. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] lotus mix, April 5. The preliminary examination of Jack Sheppard, charged with killing John Collins on Tuesday eight, was held in the Police Court to-day. A desperate attempt to prove an alibi was made. He was put under $3,000 bonds to answer any charge before tbe Grand Jury. The weather is quite cola. Snow fell darlog the day. The municipal election, which takes place to morrow, is tee oil-absorbing topic. The excite ment rune high. Heavy wagers have been laid on the result. FROM KEW YORK. Arrest of a Noted Confidence man—New California Freight Line-Prize Fights —meeting of tbe New I’ork motbu* dial Conference—Damages Against a Telegraph Company. New York, April s.—John Stcdler. a Detroit detective, to-day arrested Harry Gifferc, a well known confidence man, who, biz months sine?, cheated a countryman out of $75 in Detroit. Tbe prisoner ts now en route for Detroit. The new California Freight Line, via Panama, I? advertised to-day, W. H. Wickham, agent, 'i be announcement says a first-class steamer will be despatched April lßib to Asplnwall, connect ing at Panama with the side-wheel steamer Ore goi.lan, which sails from San Francisco April 15th. Another sieamtr will follow from here on May 4th, connecting at Panama with the steamer Ida ho, and regularly thereafter semi-monthly. The Nicaragua Line to California has announced that tbe new steamer Nevada sails on the 20th oi April. The steamer Bellona, from London, arrived to day. James Elliott, who is matched to fight Charles Gallagher, of Cleveland, Ohio, on the yth of July, for SSOO a side, recently closed an agreement to dabt Davis, of California, for $1,330 a side, on the itlh ot May, in Canada. At a meeting of the New York Melodist Cou lerence to-day, Bishop Janes, in propounding •[UceUods to candidates for membership, advisee luai me enauges ol public sentiment mast be uoted. “Von cannot reach Hie people,” he sm-l, “by sermons preached ten years ago,” and be would make bis ministry successful in society, ibis would require attention to periodical litera ture and newspapers. Professor*McUlmtock, of the Drew Theological Seminary, in the course of some remarks there on, recommended sending intelligent colored as well as white men thcie, which sentiment was ap plauded. NswYobe, Aprils,—Leonard Huyck wasyes rorday released Horn arrest, by order of the Gov ernment, on nominal bail, on the ground that ■here did not appear sufficient evidence to justify his lurthcr detention. He was under arrest m de fault of s2' 3,333. and the Government reduced the amount to one thousand dollars, Joseph B. Stew art justifying as surety. In the bnperior Court, Fart I, in the case of Mosrs btrssbnigcr vt. The Western Union Tele graph Company, for damages for die non-delivery of a telegram, the jnir returned a verdict for the plaintiff for $386.55. The pica set up by the dc tendania was that a storm had prostrated the wires and they were unable to forward tbe des patch. The strike of the bouse carpenters in this city continues. Several more employers yesterday ac • ceded to the claims of tbe workmen. FROM MONTANA. Mall Business—Political Excitement— Government Wagon#—The Pacific Railroad—Kcmarkable meteor— Meath Prom Want. St. Joseph, Mo., April 5.—A correspondent writing irom Deer Lodge Valley, Montana, says business of all kinds Is very dull there at present, as mining operations are at a stanUrPll for tbc winter, with the exception of Several quartz and two or three smelting furnaces that ate in opera tion and (bat employ a number oi hands. The most exciting topic on hand is the expected election of a Delegate to represent tne Territory in the Fortieth Congress. The aspirants are John P. Bounce and Samuel Wood, of Virginia City ; Thomas Tmt,A. Mayhew and James Cavanaugh, of breech-clont memory In Minnesota, and W. L. Irwine, of Deer Lodge. None but a Democrat can be dieted. It is estimated that fifteen hnndrcd wagons will be employed this summer to transport freight from Fort Riley and the terminus of the railroad to the different Government posts. Grading parties on the Union Pacific Road are out as tar os Bay Creek, one hnndrcd and fifty miles west of Junction City. The Montana ibsf records the appearance of a remarkable meteor that passed over that neigh borhood on the evening of tbc 10th. It looked to be larger than the aun, and was of a bright red color. On the Uth they had the most severe storm of the season. Toe temperature all day was below zero, rang ing from one to twelve degrees. A young man named James Gnesl died at He lena, Montana, on the fc£9lh, from want and expo sure. THE RUSSIAN-AMERICAN POSSES SIONS. Opinion of Prominent military men as to Uie Value of the Terri lory. Sax Francisco, April 4. To Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War: I ieam from the gentlemen who have recently visited many parts of Ruaelan-Amenca that tie value is greater than has been supposed. The iejection of the treaty would create great dissatis faction, especially in California, (Signed) H, W. Hails ck, Major General. Washington, April 5.—A letter from Quarter master General Meigs expresses surprise that ob jections are made to the acquisition of Russian America. “1 can conceive of no greater boon to our Pacific States. 1 should value Russian Ameri ca. Its fisheries and mines, beyond the hot p ains of Mexico or fertile plantations of Cuba. I trust no efforts needed to secure this great acquisition will be omitted.” - A letter from Commodore John Rogers says he thinks .the Rnsslaa-American acquslnon would be valuable, and, if worth anything the price Mould be a bagatelle. THE JUITIEN REVOLUTION A Bloody and Successful Uprising’—The Streets of Port an Prince Strewn with Dead Bodies; Ktw York, April s.—The Herald's Havana cor respondence, Match SOth, says: •* I am Inlormrc by passengers on hoard the steamer Barcelona, that a revolution bad token place In flayti, which was of the most bloody kind. The loss on the part ol tbe rcvolmlonlsis was very heavy, and the streets of Port au Pnnce were literally covered with the dead. This is the flfih attempt to pul down Gcllraid’s Government, and is successful, so far as Ocfirard is concerned.” The Hew York Tribune's Havana correspond ence ofthe same dale >ays: “ Oefihard succeeded in getting the upper hand of >be Insurgents after a desperate engagement, in which many lives were lost, the rebels being tembly cut to pieces by the shells ana projectiles of Geffrard’s partisans. The streets of Port an Fnnco were strewn with dead bodies.” MEXICO. Number and Condition of tbe Opposing Forces at Vera Crux and Qneretaro. New Yohe. April s.—Purser Austin, of the steamship Alabama, gives lbs following summary of Mexican news to March 23d: Vera Cruz Is in a state of siege, with 1.600 men and five pieces oi artillery Inside. Provisions arc hign, but there Is no blockade from the sea side. Outside the city there are 3,000 men acd four small field Napoleons. Men and guns arc ex pected daily. MeJlalsinQuero‘aro with 10,OOCfmcc, and no money or provisions. Outside there arc 25,000 liberals. Merida Yucatan is also in a stale of siege, but

can stiU communicate with Sizal, the seaport ot Menda. New Tons, Apm s,—An Imperialist report from Vera Cruz says that Escobedo has been at tacked b> Mejia, and rooted: also that Corona bad been routed by Mejia while attempting to join Escobedo. ' Suicide and attempted murder. S*. Paul, April B.—A German named John Wilde, ot bt. Cloud, committed snlcide Ly lacing trychmnc, oa Wednesday, lie had mixed the CHICAGO. SATURDAY, -APRIL 6, 18H7. poison with whukcy and given it to two of bis children, and a’trmplcd also to compel lil=» wife and a third child to drink it. bnt without success. The wife administered milk to the poisoned chil dren, and saved them, hut the man died Immedi ately. Canadian Items, Toronto, April s.—The whole volunteer force which were recently ordered to hold themselves In readiness, are being placed. Martial law has bien declared by authority ol the Queen's regu lations. The different corps in lie district have been placed under the command of Major Gem ml atusted. National Convention of tZio Beta Xheia PI. iKTUNArotiB, April B.—The National Conven tion of Ihe beta Theta Pi Is to be held at the Bates House, In ibis city, on Tuesday and Wednesday nest. DeUgnies from all parts of the United btatce wilt be present. THE ALLEGED PRINTING OFFICE LARCENY. Conclusion of the Examination of Bct. C. J. P, Peterson. The Accused. Trim the Printer Buckley, Round Over for Trial, The examination of Rev. C. J. P. Peterson, for merly parlor of the Norwegian Evangelical Church, on (be comer of Erie and North Frank,ln streets, charged with having stolen the contents of n printing office on the comer of Sangamon and Fourth streets on Monday last, came np again be fore Justice Quinn yesterday morning, having been continued from Wednesday. The morn was eo densely thronged with an interested and curious gaibtting of the nlends of the parties to the suit that many were unable to effect nn entrance. Mr. John Van Arman, appeared for the accus ed, Mr. John Anderson, luc complainant, havmg secured the services of Mr. John Mason. Sir. Jobii Anderson wad the first witness sworn, lie testified as follows: 1 am tho owner of o minting ofllce on (he comer of Sangamon and Fourth streets. I bought the types and material to stock the office. The office is rented by me from Charles Johnson. Made a verbal agreement with Peterson to print a book for bim, and was to receive therefor SSOO. lie paid me s'so to enable me to got types and mate* naitogoon with the book. Gave him my note tor the money. The work went on until be mover! my things oat. The title of the hook was “Ms Yeats 1 Experience In Am erica.” Purchased materials from JobnMardcr. The property was mine. Alter I bad received this $150,1 received S-iu, |5. sl. and ncrlu he brought mo some things for which be charged me sl. lie also gave to my man $7 while I was away. This made In all s+l. beside* the $l3O. Mywnolo bill ror the material was S-mtS. I paid on this bill $123, and agatu S2O. and was to pay the balance May Ist. Had no partner, and made these purchases on my sole responsibility. On Monday last went away from my office, ana when 1 came back the things were cone. 1 next saw them In the basement of tbo Norwegian church. Suppose they were in the possession of Peterson. Did not see any oue take the things from my of fice. The value of the things taken was about SMO. A printer, Buckley, accom panied me when 1 went to bay the materials. Never gave Peterson permission to take them away. They were taken without my knowledge and consent Crons-examined.— When I went ont on Monday S. Llstoc was left in char ire. Buckley was no partner ofmioc; ho simply bad an equal share In the profits, as I understand nothing of the print ing Business, I owned the type. when I came home and found the types gone, no one told mo at once who had token them. No one told me the game day. Pound that the types bad been takes by Peterson. Olc of the printers brought me a message from Peterson. Oufstion.—' Wi*at message was U f UMected to and sustained. When 1 found the types gone I went and swore oat a wan ant. Believed them to have been sto len. Believe so now. Made the agreement with Peterson on the nth of last month. Was to have the book printed In four weeks from the rime 1 got the types. Bid not notliy Peterson that the Job could not be ac complished by that time, He thought so. however. Never told him that Buckley was my par ucr. Wctf with as officer to the basement of the chuich. Found there Peterson and three printers—Buckley, Listoe and Ertcsen. There kss a book-binder there, too. They were at work. iVicrsonvas at a (able looking over some pa pers Made the affidavit alter 1 got the message from Peterson. Asked advlceabont swearing out a warrant for Peterson's arrest. Q, What man did yon ask advice of! A. I <lon't snppoeo that that is yonr business. 'l he Court deeded that the witness need not tell. Jle-direet— The bargain was between Peterson and myself. No other person was present. Prom me time mat 1 got the materials two weeka elapsed until Peterson come and took away the materials. 1 paid the officurcnU John Harder, stcor^— Sold some typo to An dersor*. The first Item* were delivered about two weeks ago. Some things that we were getting ready were not delivered at once. We made an estimate of the materials; it was about $250. He woe to pay half cash, and the balance Mart. After ibe estimate was made found tbo bill would tie somewhat greater. Made the sale to Anderson alone, and gave credit to him alone. VharUt Jchuton, eicorn— Live on corner of Fourth and Sangamon streets. Have known An derson five tm mbs. lie rented on office from me ou the iilth ot last mouth. He used the ofllce as a printing office, I know nothing ot his printing busli.e?!*. Know that there was printing done iterc Know nothing of the maimer In which the materials weretaken away. Anderson remedthe office of mo in bis own name, A'orrn Ohtua JlaiHifi, SWOnu—l know the com plainant and defendant. Anderson lived In the House with me. Saw Buckley and Peterson drive away with the office materials. Think It was on Monday,'in the forenoon. Asked Backleyifhe' "as going to move; belaid, no. Asked Buckley if Anderson was going to move, and Backley sola no. Peterson then came np and said that was no time to talk. A wagon was at the door. Then raw Buckley and Peterson drive away with the office materials. Bid not see any other persons there, but tbongbt there was another man there. Bo not know where Backley and Peter son drove with the things. Jtlaria Juhmon ticorn ! know the parties to the sail; Anderson bad bis office in my bouse: saw Petcreon and Bnckley there on Monday. Had no conversation with regard to their removing the things ont of the office; caw Peterson help Buck ley removing the articles. Mr. Mason moved to bavo Backley amlgnod upon the same charge with Fctsreop, Mr. Van Arman thought the wnnM bn 1 Vw.* PnnVf * *Lonldbe closed. when the wrrranl for the ar was applied for, a complaint had also against Buckley, but his name P, * Included in the warrant. He now felt ;J' reified in declaring hhn also under arrest, from the testimony which be bad beard. The defence declined to bring forward any wit nesses, and the case was rested. Justice Quinn then ordered Peterson to give bonds for bis appearance for trial at the Record er's Court, In the snm of SI,OOO, and Bnckley in the snm ot SSOO. A 1 eesra. John Von Arman and G. Gunderson bo* came sureties for tbo appearance of the accused. Tlie Into Board of JPubllc Works. WnsnuAH, Oar fellow-dtixcns, John G. Gin dele, Frederick Letz and Orwm J. Rose, have for a long time past been connected with ibo Board of Public Works, and have by the faithfal dis charge of their duties and their unllorm courtesy and kindness merited the approbation of their employes and fellow-citizens; therefore, wc. tbe undersigned employes ot tbe Board or Public Works, take this opportunity to express oar en tire approbation of the gentlemanly and urbane treatment wc nave ever received at Lbelr bands, and to expices oar high esteem of them as iiicnds and fellow-citizens, knowing they will carry with them to private life onr earnest desire for lbelr success, and tbe well wishes of the com munity at large. Signed by all tbe employes of the late Board of Public Works. Chicago, April 3, 1867. CTWAIT BIIOTHERH Advertising Aa’ ta 126, receive advertisements for all tbe leading papers tbrooghont tbe (Jailed States and Canadas. HPHE BANKRUPT LAW. WE PUBLISH TO-DAT: THE PEOPLE’S EDITION OF THE U. S. BANKBUFT LAW. Embracing the Household and Domcatcod .Exemp tion Laws of UiuNorthweitcrn States, ire. Arranged by judn j. mckinnon, esq,, Counsellor at Law. Pamphlet. Large type. Price, 25 Cents, E. B. MTERB & CHANDLER, Law Booksellers and Publishers. “ JJOiIE CIRCLE.” §I.OO a Tear. 10 Pages. A lady wanted in each town to canvass Liberal terms uad premiums. S. U. KENNEDY, ffitHantrtr. RANTED. A PARTNER, InafirEt-classCarpet Horse Business already estab llstidl. Addicsj, with amount of capital. **A u C, Post Office. -yy ANTED— To Ticarn tlie X>rupr Business, with avterr to ergaelng m the same. Can fhrnlsb si me capital In a tew months. Would go to the conn trj. Good ref-tctc.s glv*n. Address, lor one week, ** 6," I*. Q. Box 1 Jb7, Chicago. ■^yAKTED— TEK THOESASD DOLLIES for live years, on first-elms Wahash-av. property. Ad dress, stating terms, **W A," No. is Chamber ol Com mcice. Bookbinders, Attention! We wish to employ a FIRST.CLASS FINISHER, and to such can give a permanent situation and GOOD WAGES. Western Book Manufacturing Co., - Southwest C_rner Washington and Dear bom-sts.. Chicago. fHasonlr Notices. MAfcONIC. — Attention, Sir Knights of Chicago Commandcry No. 19 K.T. ASpeclal Conclave will be held THIS, (SATURDAY)"EVENING, For work on K. T. Order. Per order of the B. C. JOHN WHITLEY. Recorder. Skating. SIDE RINK. GRAND CARNIVAL. OIIOBING maBT. MUSIC, OPENING! FIELD, LEITER & CO., Open TUESDAY, April 9th, The Latest PABIS NOVELTIES in SILK AND CLOTH SACQUES, For Ladies, Misses and Children. WALKING SUITS, In Poplin, SlUr and Alpaca. ALSO, WHITE m BUCK LUMA LACE POINTS AND CIRCIMRS In Now and Beautiful Designs, all of which will he offered at very reasonable prices. FIELD, LETTER & CO., 110,112,114 & 116 LAKE-ST, SBAWI DEPARTMENT. FIELD, LEIIER & CO. SPECIALLY INYITETIIE ATTENTION OF LADIES TO THEIR OPENING -OF SPRING SHAWLS! -ON TUESDAY, April 9th. In this Stock will bo found some very Elegant and entirely New Designs in Paisley long Shawls, Paisley Square Shawls, Wool Square Shawls, . Zephyr Square Shawls, French Cashmere Sqnarc Shawls, French Cashmcio long Shawls, Black Thibet Sqnarc Shawls, Black Thibet long Shawls. These Goods have just been purchased at recent Auction Sales in New York, and will be sold at prices to defy competition in this market. £iELD,LEITER&CO., 110,112,114 & 116 Lake-st. COPiimmP NOTICE! MR. THOMAS H. DOANE, (Late oi Pollard, Doane & co„) baa this day been ad* milled a member of oar Cna. SEYMOUR, CARTER & CO. AplUlfit, IBC7. SEYMOUR, CARTER&CO., 22 lake-st., Chicago, Importers and Jobbers of White Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Notions, Twines, &c., Dave now In stock and otter to the trade at LOWEST CASH PRICES, a fall line of tbe above Goods. 12f Close cosh buyers are invited to examine oar stock. WE BUY AND SELL FOR CASH! SEYMOUR, GARTER & CO. Thomas H. srraom. OfT. n. 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We have for sale a piece of property at Ten Thousand Dollars, Which will retail at once at a HANDSOME PROFIT. B2T For sale only for a few days. S. H. EEBFOOT & CO., gkntigttß. rpEETH EXTRACTED X WITHOUT PAIN, BY THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Who originated the use ol the Nitrous Ozldo Gas lor the painless extraction of teeth, and have given It to 88,000 patients without accident or Injury. Office 118 Dearhom-si, crimes Solloffii,) (Slotping. (i, t. mi & co, CLOTHIERS, 98,100 & 102 Randolph-st:, NOW HAVE A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF SPRING STYLES CLOTHING FOB MEN AND BOYS. WE OFFER IN GREAT VARIETY Spring Overcoats BUSINESS SUITS, LOW PRICES, SPECIAL BARGAINS IN BOYS’ SUITS. Clothing Made to Order Spring Goods, Spring Goods. AN ENTIRE NEW STOCK OF MEN AND YOUTHS’ FINE READY-MADE CLOTHING The Newest end Latest Styles ol Furnishing Goods, And the Choicest Selection of Cloths. Cawlmerea, Trt- C4.t«. I lane*. Veetlnea. Ac_ tol>** hvl In any market, lor OUB CUSTOM DEPARTMENT. 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CHIPPING NOTICE.—To Chicago O Merchants and others. THE AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION COMFY, M. M. CALEB & CO., AGEHTS, Mo. 7 Coentls Slip, Nevr York. The above line are now receiving merchandise and other freight In New Torn, to be forwarded via Canal and steam on Lakes to Chicago. TVM. 8. BREWSTER. Ocn'l Boston Ag*t. RICHMOND & BOND. Agents, Chicago. J OST—A book used by me as a DAY BOOK. Any one findlngthe same and returning It to me will be suitably revraiueo L. ti. DDTLEB. IQI and 103 Wcsi;Lake-6t. The undersigned announces hlmtclf a Candidate lor the office of CITY COLLECTOB, Subject to thodeclslonol the Republican Convention. I am on old citizen of Chicago—not rich, bat honest, GEORGE IVES. A UDITOK’B OFFICE, ILLINOIS, J\. BroutarrzLD, April 4, ISS7. Notice Is hereby given that tbeßankol Bloomington, Dllnc is, has Pled In this office ft bond, as required by tbe provlel- ns of an act entitled “An act to amend the general banting lav bo aa to permit the withdrawal ol fcctultlcs In cettaln cases," Approved February 23, 1H57. Therelorc. unless tbe holders of the circulating notes cl said Bant shall picaent the aamcwubla fire years from thisdatefor redemption at this office, or In the city of Chicago, or at tbe counter ol eald bant, they will be banedirom receiving redemption tnereof. Bald notes will be redeemed at the First National Bank In the city ol Chicago. O. H. MINER, Auditor. Fc EDAR CAM PH OR| hlltciuaiiy prevents Jijury to clothes. Ac., tram Morns. and cheaply enough if yon attend to xt trow. Every Druggist haaC.C. HARRIS A CHAPMAN, Boston. qPO LUMBERMEN. 1 Xj XT AC 33 33 Zi Can be seasoned in from v to 4 day* by BDLKLEY’S PATENT, at an average cost of $1 per U- from tte grten. For circular or information address C. H. BDLKLEY. g Case Building, Cleveland, Ohio. /GARDEN CITY BOAT CLUB. —A U muting of the above ClnowlU be held at the Union Star Line Office on SATURDAY EVENING, at 7* o’clock. All young men interested In aquatic sp.rtt, and those parlies who Intend keeping pleasure boats dnr- Inc the coming summer, will Daa it to their Interest and advantage to atteno. ■VTOTICE TO SHIPPERS-The WESTERN TRANSPORTATION CO. Arocow receiving merchandise and ccnrse freight In New York, to be shipped at once ty rail and steam around the Lake, or via Canal at the opening. Office, corner Wattr-tt and Old Slip, New York. J. W. IPXTLE, Agent, Chicago. CRYSTAL LAKE I O IE ! For tbccomlngseason orders may bo left at our Of fice. No. 9 Be>nolds’ Block, corner Madison and Dear bom-sts., at A. Boom’s Oyster Depot, and at our new CRYSTAL TAKE Branch Ice Houses, at MlchJgan-av. near Slxteentb-at. All orders will be promptly attended to. CHICAGO ICE COMPANY. JAS. P. SMITH, Ja, Superintendent. npHE SUBSCRIBER DESIRES TO ‘ L RENT A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE ON WAIU9U.OR MICHKJAN AVENUE. north of Van Boien-st. FoesesMon required Way Ist. B. P. HUTCHINSON, 24 Cbambtr of Commerce. T OaT DISCHARGES. •We have received from tbe Second Auditor the official form ot apnllcation for additional bounty ol SlOt. where soldiers have lest treir dischargecenifl cites. Soldiers so situated should app'y at once to DUIRENSON & WEBSIER, 98 Waibingtoa-at NUMBER 300. saper Rangings. PAPER HANGINGS! 184 - Clark-st. - 184 ESTABLISHED 1837* We have the best designs from tbe Facto rlesof Enc'nnd and America, and are pre pared to do all work to the best advantage. DRAKE & BRO., HOUSE PAINTERS, &C„ &G. iHusical instruments. NOW ON EXHIBITION AT OUR WASHROOMS, TWO MAGNIFICENT 111 11 11111 HI New stylet. Intended expressly lor Churches and large Halls; oce with two banks ot keys, fire nets of reeds, and twelve stops; the other with tour tela cl reeds and eight stop*. The public are ccrolaily invited to exam ine the above Instruments, as well as oar general as sortment of tbe BURDETT OKUANS, ranging in price from «d 5 to f I,OOO. • LYON & HEALT, GENERAL AGENTS FOR THE MANUFACTURERS, Clark and Waablneum-st*,, Chicago* astrologg. EVIDENCE IN LAWSUITS AND BBBVZiTS TORZITOZiB, BY A CLAIRVOYANT Examination of the latest piece or pieces of writing, written by the parties In c mcroversy. having reference to tbe dlepn’e: and valuable mines nod oil wells located by a CLAIRVOYANT examination of small packages of tbe eartb or rode irom where it Is snppoaed mine* iala or oils are located; and correct financial advice (riven s» to aiUnchaoQ all kinds cf business. A fall written statement sent bv mall, in all cases WRITTEN BY THE PARTY DESIROUS OF BEING BENEFIT ED, and enclosing One Dollar, will Insure a reply by mail, giving fall directions as to tbe mode of arriving at the ecddolred, and my charge for foil Instructions, which may be FITE OR FIFTY DOLLARS, According to my labors and tbe magnitude ot the bns In esa I undertake. mas. n&B7 a. mzreasu, P. O. Drawer 6306. Chicago. jyjADAHE ALTON. All persons wishing to know their FUTURE PROSPECTS IS LIFE, Can have them correctly stated by tbe Madame by calling at 347 South Clark-sL (opposite Jones School) where she may be consulted about all matters concern ing Business. Marriage, Love, etc., and will tell the name of the lady or gentleman you are going to marry; also the name oi her visitors. Y ouk destiny. The Past, Present and Future Or your Social. Business and Marriage wants, truth- Inlly riven by madam CARLISLE, 168 South Clark st.. Room 0. Stationers. CULVER, PAGE&HOYNE, MANUFACTURING AND JOBBING Stationers and Paper Dealers, I 28& 130 Lake-st.,Chicago, KEEP CONSTANTLY ON HAND Copying Books and Presses, Hole Books, Straw and Tar Board, Encallcadercd or Antique Papers, Artists’Pencils, Oil and Blotting Paper, lit pal and Conveyancing Blanks, Tracing Cloth, Leather tor Book Binders, VurulcU tor uee, Ink A UaeUage, Envelope*. all slz*s and grades. Eyelet Machines and Fasteners, Oliver’s Inkstia’'^ Arnold’s WrUWgft Copying Heady Reference FUcs, If Preageg^ GntUawnht'i L*sd Pencils, Pass and Memorandum Books, lists’ Leads, Elastic Mcxuorandnnj^ Ath— V, oil sizes and quantities, Xiead Pencils, Note and Billet Papers, I Gold and Silver Faper, F orlfbllcs. Tissue and Drawing Papers, Eagle Pencils and Polygrades, Agents for Sanford’s Mncilage. Carmine, & Writing and Copying Inks, Pccist Books, French Copying Ink, Hamilton's Paper Fasteners* Erasers, Oriental Steel Pens, Oral and Square steel Pens, Baling PCs#, Bobber Goods, Young's Pat Adhesive Files, Card Boards, Twlno and Binders' Thread, Hew Stylo School Slates. 0 H” Erasers, Hill's Dial Cancelling Stamp. Embossed Gold and silver Paper, ’Scrap Books, Elastic Bands and Rings, WRITING PIPERS X3T Special Imfhcemcats to largo Cash Boyers. Express (Eompames. 'J'HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAP XTAXs - - $30,000,000. Owned bad operated by Onr Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES BV EXPRESS, Money, Valua* blcs, Freight and Parcels, over more than 13.000 miles ol Express Line, as Just and liberal rates, saves Millions yearly to Ex* press Shippers, andean be made permanent only by their liberal patronage* This we hope to merit and receive* Office, Noe. 103,105,107 ft 109 Dearborn-st. B. IC. COOPER Agent. <Eo 3a«nt. rj’O RIOT— Two-story Frame Dwelling, WITH HTBIYITUBB. Good Location, on the North Side. Possession Ist of May. Rent low to a good tenant. Aoply to at. wed JAKES, 114 LaSalle-st, LUMBER YARD TO RENT. 100 feet Dock by 300 feet deep, located on the North Pier. Possession Aren on the Ist of May, 1357. Inquireot THOS. GOODWILLIE, North Pier. JDissolution, DISSOLUTION. The copartnership heretofore existing under the name of »ALI*BCBYS fit AND BUSS, Is dissolved ftom March 20lh, 1567. All botiness of the late firm will be settled by J. SALISBURY fit SONS, The present occupants. LEROY SALISBURY, J. C. SALISBURY, C. W. ANDHUS3, Retail Grocers, 970 North Clark-at. iShurattmtal. -pDUCATIONAL. 111 CLASSICAL SCHOOL. Hathway’s Academy Is now cosmenclg the fourth term of the Seventeenth Annual Session, Instruction given In all the branches usually taught In academic and collcgeste institutions. W.G4HATaAWAY,A-M* PiluclpaL Dearborn Seminary. TbeDett lem 01 this School ,111 begin On Monday Next. April Bth. JHchical. Tj'PPERYEBCING CITRATE OP Jli Magnesia, In 6-oz bottler. In powder. Tbit msg. nesla is a mild purgative and aperient, very accepta ble to the stomach, for sick headache.' sour or sick stomach, and all fenrUe cases. For talo by most Drug. B “‘- ARTHUR ROGERS. ' 193 bpnag-aw, New York. JJatrnts. |_| PRBELL'S IMPROVED CIRIIIIGE SEAT UD RUL PATENTED FEB. 37.155 T. We have accepted the agency for tbe entire North west (except Ufcnlgsa ana Indiana) Car tbe above. We regard this seat as being Just wbat has lons' boon wanted. The Improves:entwlll be w plain to all carriage men bat herdiy any explanation Iscecestary. While there has been a desire to nte tae Board Scat, the old way to make them has bees a serious objection. In this yon Will notice: 1. The entire rail, bade and arms, are In one solid piece. 3. It at cnce does away with the Joint is the comer, which will always become loose and open Is the old seat. 3. The grain. In the ansa to thU seat, runs In the right direction ter strength. 4. Can be made any required bevel. 6. bares 13 cents In comer Iron* on each act. etc. We can tnmlah either the seats all complete, cr the rail separate.* We also bare on band a lit cf very sice Bat* n-M 1 Stick Seats; alio, Beni Ralls and Sea: Sticks. AUSTIN &> BOAL, Wholesale Dealers lo Carriage and Wagon Wood Stock, Borer and Candace Wheels, Wrought Axles, Springs. Seneca Fslls and Western Thim ble Skeins, Improved Skein Belts, eta. 221 and 223 South VTalcr-st,, Chicago. CAUTION. bAxnrssr. Ohio. Dee. 33,1566. Wc having made Messrs AUSTIN £ BOAL, of Chi cago. Exclusive Ae-nteforthe sale ol our solid Bent board Seat and UaiL (a patent for which Is applied for; in the States of Illinois, Wisconsin. Inwa, ailnne tota, Kansas, Nebraska, all ot Missouri north of tne Missouri Itlver. and Territories west of the above states, we hereby warn alt parties that we shall hold them for damages if round sclllm? the above Seat amt Rail Id said States and Territories, unless purchased of or hy the consent ol said Austin A Boat. . ALONZO f. UUSDELL. jpatbtoare. gPRIXG TRADE, 1807. A B. A C. H. MILLEB. 5 S Stato-at. We arc now opening, fresh from Domestic and For eign Mannlactories, a large stock ot Hardware and Cutlery, Selected with great care, and adapted to the wants oi the Western Trade, at greatly reduced price*. Wade & But Cher’s XCD Pocket Knives. Geo, iVosieoholm&gons* IXL do. do. American and English TableCotlery. Genuine Wilkinson’s Sheep Cheats. Dlastons d; Spear and Jackson’s Hand Saws, &c-* Are. Also, a fine stock of FARMING TOOLS. Batch filler Aeons’ BAT AND MANURE FORKS, and other good brands, at low prices. Amu ft Rowland’s Shovels, Spades and Scoops. We are sole agents lor the Justly celebrated brand of Files made by the “AMERICAN THE COMPANY,” Which has taken precedence over all others, and to wblcb wo Invite special attention. . _ Man orders promptly and carelolly filled. QOPARTNER3HIP NOTICE. JOHN M. AYER Bos this day been admitted to our firm. The name and style of tbe firm will be, hereafter, BALTHIS, AYER & CO. CALVIN C. BALTHIS, JOHN M. AYER. Chicago, April I,ISCT. JOHN M. BALTHIS. REMOVAL. BALTHIS, AYER & CO., DEALERS IK IRON, NAILS, STEEL, Buggy and Wagon Stock, Carriages, Bolts, Nuts and Washeis, Thimble Skeins, Iron Axles and Springs, 16 and 18 South Wells-st, Post Office Bos 2105. U9tttiwn SSljisttes. Address S. T. SXTIT & CO., LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. CT* Country Druggists can procure the above snpe rtoc WJlskey In barrels and ba3barrels Irom the prin cipal Wholesale Drug Houses In Chicago. Carpets. QARPETING! CARPETING! The finest and most extensive as sortment of Snglish and Amozican Carpets? Slatting*, Oil Cloths? Cut— tain Goods? &c*« in new and elegant designs? at EXTREMELY LOV PRICES! JOSEPH WEST’S CARPET WAREHOUSE, 70 LAKE-ST. Banks anb bankers. JpiEST NATIONAL BANK. Comer of Lase and Clark-sta. PAID IK CAPITAL 81,000,000. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Drawn In soma to suit on all the principal European Clues. LETTERS OF CREDIT Dined, available in all parts of Europe. GOVERNMENT BONUS Bought and sold. 7-SOa converted at market rates. Sam'l M. Kicsehsq.v, Pres't. F. D. Gear, Vice Prea'U C. 1L Fnxp. Cashier. Cnas. J. Scmarr, Ass’i Cash. TT/TNSLOW, LANIER & CO., T ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available in an parts of Europe. NOS.>27 A 29P1N8-ST..NEWYOBS. JFox Sale. piG IRON -18 Tons Hanging Bock Fig Iron, For sale, to close a conilgnment. Inquire of THOMAS PARKER, No. 8. Methodist Chord: Block. pOR SALE— WOOD-YARD. Office. fence and fixtures. Tula yard has been In successful operation two years. bati‘l*ctory reasons civen for eeiling. Apply on the premises 53 West Mcuroe-it., cor. Clinton. JJAT SCALES. We bare a complete set of FAIBBAieSa’ HA7 SCAZiSS In onr Warehouse, which we win sell cheap. u * UNDERWOOD «b CO* Commission Mci chants, OS Laaalle-Bt. CHEAP! FOR A FEW DAYS. Cottage and Lot. 203 Sontb Desplaloes-st. Bouse contains 6 rooms, halt, closets, buttery, and large torn, tuerkitchen, in first-rate order. Price 13w. Terms easy. Apply to A. DRAKE, 184 South Ctark-st. J'OR SALE IN NEW YORK CITY— A Long Established Business In the best part of Broadway, “West Side.” A_large and profitable business has been done In LADIES’ AND CHILDREN’S FURNISHING GOODS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. The lease cf the whole boose, stock, fixtures of store and good will, will be sold at a reasonable price tor cash. The only reason lor selling la the owners fortnno being made. For particulars, address “J O,” Box 1190 General Post Office. New York. “TJHICK MACHINE." DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE, Offlce. Room No. 3. 47 CUrk st.. Chicago. IDAHO’S PATENT 17 BBICK macbxnzl U loeth Jegcab&k, ai—i’ PEEEBKILL MANUFACTURING CO.’S best Improved BRICK MACBINB. ■inpl'J cnesp and dnratde; TEMPERING MACHINE* and au machinery for making brtek. Machines toj and ah information sained, by calling on or \VHITIMG Sc WENT WORTH* F. O. Box 0793. Chicago, BL jlapet.« NOTICE. TO PAPER MANUFACTURER! The Chlnto Fibre asd Paper C—pa— have purchased tke exelatlve rukt to »en nod dm the preceea lor the nanafaeta— on«i bleaching of paper palp, knows aa tha HRECfI PROCESS* In the States of StcU uuo« Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin* lowa and minnescta, which preceea la ae> cored hr letters patent (ten In dumber), anA la an eflctent and cheap means lor mbtbiC* Ins fibrosa substances, such as straw, gras* wood, Arc., to palp lor tbe manafoctsro paper. The controversy raised by the llTdrsaatis Paper Company is at an end, as this Csmpm» ny have never pro pooed to bleach stock hr thenae ot a Boiary vessel. either hr tmaa natle pressnre or otherwise. Bat this Co» pnnyare the owners of the exclusive right to bleach by pnenmatlc in alt closed vessels, whether rotary or otherwise, and no person can lawfully nse pneumatic pressure for the redaction or blenching of paper stock b& closed vessels, within the above-oast eA Elates, wilhost ear License, and this Cow* pany hereby clve nonce that they WILL PKO?ECCTE all persons who Infringe their rights. THOMAS S. BICKEBSO3I, President of the Chicago Fibre and Paper Coy. NOTICE. At a meeting of the Stockholders ot iks Chicago Fibre and Paper Co’y, Held April 3, 1567, the Special Charter In corporating said Company, with a capital stock of 8300,000, with authority] to crease the same to 81.000,000, and conform ring on said Company special and enlarged privileges, was accepted, and the Company reorganized under the same. This Company Is now In successful opera tion, and It proposes to increase its business, and for tbat purpose It has authorized lot President to receive Inrtber subscriptions to its capital stock to a limited amoant. cordlngiy, the books of the Company will hs held open for a few cays, to receive subscrip tions* 6obflcrlptloDswlllbe recelTcdat'thoOfllea of the Company, No. 170 Bandolpb^t. THOS. S. DICKEBSOS, Pres. 'J'HJS CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warebousi. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPEE DT.ftT.SIUt 01x103 xax Paper Mahers’ finding, Chemicals, eta, 170 Bandolph-st** Chicago* We offer for sale to dealers and conramers 3.000 Bandies News and Print 38x4* 2.000 do do do 24x3* 1,309 do do do 2.300 do do 'do 23x5t 2.000 do da do 27x41 1.300 do do do 28x44 2.300 do do • do 30x43* 1,600 do do do 31x442 3.000 do do do 30x493 1.300 do do do .23x39 1.000 do do do 38x39 600 do do do ,28x4* Extra sizes made to order on short notloo, Fcralfl at the lowest market prices for CASH. .-{financial. At 8 PER CENT. @35,000 OK $30,000 TO LOAN In one sum tor three or five years, ON FIRST-CUSS GUY PROPERTY. OX. D. lIENNF6BT, $30,000 TO LOAN ON REAL TESTATE, FOR A TERM OF YEARS* AX 10 fES CENT. O. S. HUBBARD. JS„ IyjONEY TO LOAN On three to five Years’ Time, On improved Chicago $15,000 TO XiOAX on Improved Rest Estate In this city. For five OSLasatSS: TVfICmGA!,- SODTHEKN JJX ERN INDIANA B. R. CO. No.iairxLLLuiSTszKr. > _ .... Skw Tozr, March IS, 1857. | Tbe anneal election lor Directors of this coapaaw will be beld at the Company's office in Toledo, Ohio, oa Wedaeiday, me 2im day ol April next, at *w*,. Tbe polls will remain open until 3p. m. Tbe Stack Transfer Books will be closed on tbe 3otb list, at ?n, rzuond reopened on me am proximo at 10 a. m- Si V. BABHYPT. Secretary. u ' Business caws. JOHN F. RATHBONB & GO., Wholesale Stoves, 8 8 mcmGAjf-Ay. HOOPS. O. O. MORRILL, TRESS HOOP mANUPACTUHBH, wnoueur* aao bbtail. Wlnamaot Indiana. gMOEED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER Of PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND STOCKED TOSATS, ISO SOUTH WATEB-BT. Hayiland, churchman ani> ENGLAND, 47 JohwL, New Torfc PREiVCH CHINA. Wearerecelvlcghomoor tactory la France richly decorated-dtcaer. tea and toilet sets, vases, and a ton supply of vblto China. ©ccan Steamers. rjiQ VISITORS TO THE PARIS EXHIBITION. Parties Intending to vlilt Europe this year, can haw state-rooms secured tr tbe mentna ol April, May, Jons and July, by making timely application to tbe under* eisned. i*lanaof tcecaoicsox tbe REGULAR MAIL STEAMSHIPS, also of tbe magnificent GREAT K AST* FKN, can be viewed, and berths chosen, at my office. The advantages, Incomfortand safety, ol travelling by the REGULAR LINES, accustomed to tas trade, to* stead of by a crowded excursion steamer, are obvious. BOOND TRIP lICKETS, either direct to France, or teilA the option of stopping In Englander Scotland a route, first-class, to Paris and bacs, vaiyfivmSJSO ta WOO In currency, and are good lor s and 12 months, and longer by special arrangement. Second cabin, to France direct, only SIOO currency, round trip. Single tickets, first class, lor gtlO to lufl. Apply, personally or by mail, at General Europe** A American steamship Agency, 31 Dearborn-sc. Chi cago. JA3. WARRACK. From new tore to France DIRECT. Steamship Great Eastern, SIB JAMES ANDERSON, Commander, Having been thoroughly refitted, with essedal rence to this service, wid leave New Torfc APRIL 16. MAT ‘JS, JULY 9. Taking first-dais pasiengers only. Passage On geld sr Its equivalent) tor April trip, «NO. tIOO. 1120, ac cording to location and size of room. Return tickets at a reduction of S2O. nntn AngnsC For fna InlormaUon and passage. apply to WELLS. FARGO * CO.. a I Broadway, PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANY’S TOBOUGO LINE. TO OAXiIPORNXA, CARRYING UNITED STATES matt., "Via Panama Railroad. Steamers leave Pier No. 4i North RJrer. Got ofCa ual-aL, at 12 o’clock noon, as fallows: April 11—BEK BY CHAUNCEY, CapC A. Q. Gray, connecting witn GOLDEN AGE, Capt. Watxlns. April 21—OCEAN QUEEN, Caps. T.A- Harris, can necting with MONTANA, Capt. Sutton. All departures touch at Acapulco; those o! the first and 21st connect at Panama with steamers fbr Sooth Pacrtlc ports. First and 11th for Ceotral Americas ports, and those of first touch at ManztalUs. Departure of llth each south connects with new steam line from Pansmato Australia and New Zealand. Steamer of March 1f.1967, will connect with the 'ua* pany’a steamer. COLORADO. to leave San Francisco for Yokohama and Hone Kong. on Apnl 3. Iftl pounce cf baggage aLowed each adult. Marti eme» and atttndance free. . . For passage tickets and all farther Information agsly “ i'HuSsl'aSfe T * Eos Jfartorg. rpHONAS GOODWILUE, NORTH PIER BOX FACTORY! Strawberry Boxes, per 1,000, SS.OC- Crates, to bold 48 quarts, 35c- to 50c- Packed In bundles In Quantities to suit. Also, a general assortment of PmcklagCoxesof arwy description, kept constantly onhaad^^^^^^^^^ iSmohals. ■pEAIOYAL. JOHSCLOCGH&CO Hare removed their Offlce from 19 Weils-st. t« 19 T.A saILE-ST* (Tyler’s Block),upstatrs. 35ae ana iuat. T\R. UNDERWOOD. an Am sah. Consulting and Operative Surgeon fbr aQ diseased anaaefonnfiles ot tho Bye and Ear, 354 BAKDOLPH-BT. U~Cross Byes ■tralguinand nt—te. .