Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 6, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 6, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. SATURDAY, APRIL 6, XBOT. THE CITY. PxnsoKAL.—Admiral TcgcltboG; the hero of the engagement at LUsa, in the last Italian war. was in the dty yesterday. He spent some hours In In specting the Ilona., caps, Ac.—We call attention to the Hue slo& of bats and caps far sale by Bishop A Barnes, Mo. 115 Lake street. Judging from the Quality and variety of their stock, it would seem everybody could be suited at ifaeirstore. We refer to their advertisement in another column. Brums a op a Dbtisq JLmr.—About four and a ball o'clock yesterday afternoon, a fire broke out in a drying bouse attached to the tub. stave and pail manufactory of Monro, Whitman A Co., near the Morth Pier. The steamers were promptly on the spot, bnt owing to the Inflammable nature of the material the names spread veryqulcLly and the building was consumed. The loss amounts to about 5500. Uninsured. u»it. Estate.—The firm of Arthur A Hill, No. 210 Slate street are offering far sale a large selec tion of improved farms and country residences, some of which are strictly fruit farms. In the vicinity of st. Joseph. Michigan, and others in Southern Illinois. They hav.' also a good selection of improved city property, which they arc offering at very reasonable rates in order to give purchasers a chance to procure a home be tween this and the first bf May. Parties in par suit of property may find it to their Interest to give them a calf. NoiL'mwanjLUK Theological Sejonaut.—The Board of Directors of this institution closed its sessions fast evening at a late hour. The sessions were somewhat stormy, the same old controver sies which divided the authorities still being un settled, the questions in dispute being all more or less connected with the issues which have agitated the country and the church during the war. Toe party now in themajorily are the firm supporters of the loyal acts of the Presbyterian General As sembly in rapport of the Government, the minor ity holding that these acts are an improper mix ture of politics and religion. Among the Direc tors present. In the majority, were Rev. Dr. Mon fort. of Cincinnati; Rev. Dr. Salford, who deliv ered a very able sermon on Thursday evening; Jame* M. Ray and J.L. Wiliam?, oflnd.; Ora. Cardee and Matthews, and Rev. Messrs. R. G. Thompson, S. T. Wilson, and Messrs. Lincoln. Clark, Grier, Holmes. Woodondgc and Lamb, of Illinois ; Rev. J. D. Mason, ot lowa, and Rev. B, M. Robertson and Mr. Waterman, ot Wisconsin. The prospects of the Seminary were never bet ter_lhan at present. A Baeedlt JxcnEASDao rortJLAuiTT-—On the let of next month, Messrs. J. M. Brunswick A Bros., the extensive manufacturers of billiard ta bles and dealers in all kinds of billiard materials, will remove from theirprescct location to the five story brick block situated at Nos. 47 aud 19 Sate street, between Lake and Randolph streets. The removal of their offices, wmerooros and factory by the firm from their old place, where they had an establishment, already one of the largest In the United quarters three times as large, is an indication of the unprecedented Increase m the demand for tbetr celebrated tables which has arisen within the past few years that must be grat- Ifylngin theexti-eme to these enterprising deal ers Tin the new establishment very many im provements will be introduced and the facilities of manufacture will be enlarged to such an extent that, the Messrs. Biunswick will hereafter be ena bled to fill their orders at once. Arrangements have also been made for a much more extensive manufacture and importation of cloth, balls, cues, leathers, and other material, than heretofore, so that they can be supplied at once to parties order ing, ard at greatly reduced rates. This firm guarantee everything that they sell to be first class, bo that their patrons may rely upon receiv ing satisfaction at all limes. TnrVisioirs or Sr. Jons.—The great Exhibition of the Visions of St. John, which will open at the Opera Boose on Honda; evening next, hlds fair to cause a rush scarcely surpassed by an; which has been witnessed in this city. It will tairly take oar citizens by storm. The press, the clergy and the people everywhere pronounce it to be one of the finest exhibitions ever witnessed, and almost divine in its character. Illustrating, as it does, the grandest subjects in the world. We copy the following nonce of the exhibition from the Lomsvllle Democrat. It was wiitlen by a clergyman while the exhibition was in that city: 44 Of the mastership of the artist who designed the tableaux, we may say be is certainly at home In hxa proiesMon, if each we may call iL Every scene is a living representation of what St. John saw, from tbc hearing of the first angel's voice to the day of lodgment, when God sat upon the great wnlte throne and saw the multitude ass em> bled beiore Him, that De might choose from among them those that served Him, 4 to dwell with Btm forever/ who bad their names recorded in the * Book of Ufe.’ ‘“These exhibitions have a power of influence over the minds of an audience, aud wc doubt whether there are but few, if any, who cau come away without being impressed with the truth, that to be a Christian is to be like God.” Tttt RTT.rrr or Sold mss.—A .meeting of the Belief Committee of the Association of the Grand Army of the Republic was held last evening, in Uhlich's Block. General Scales occupied the chair. The attendance was email. Much disappointment was expressed at the fail ure of the members of the Soliciting Committees to appear in answer to the call extended to them. But a lew of these were present, and additional subscriptions to the amount of *9l only were re ?iortcd. The total amount thus far contributed or the relief of destitute and Invalid soldiers is *1,021. it was resolved to abolish the system of can vassing the citv by districts, and to allow the members of the (Soliciting Committees to canvass wherever they should deem oest. A vote ol thank* was tendered to Messrs. Jew ett & Boot, of Buffalo, for a donation of *25 to the relief fund. The liberality of this firm in do nating a valuable cooking range, in 1562, for the use of the Mound City HovpliaL was grateiully alluded to In this connection. Mr. Hurlbnrt, of the firm of J. H. Reed & Co- likewise received the thanks of the meetieg for having donated *lO to the monthly fund. It was resolved to request the bollciang Com mittees to push forward the work committed to them with all possible despatch, and to meet on Frida} evening next, in Parlor No. 1, Tremoat House, bringing their subscription lists with them. The meeting then adjourned. A “ Sthike" at tile Toes Omra.-Last even ing an extensive “ strike" occurred among the printers employed at the Times office, in this city. Yesterday afternoon they were engaged as usual, but when, in the evening, the hour approached for them to commence work, they failed to make their appearance. Oat ol from twentj-flve to thirty, not more than two or three reported for dwy. The report qmckiy spread that a •* strike” bad began, and the rnmor drew a considerable number of persons to the Times building, where they gathered in iittie knots npon (be aidenalk, commcn'iog npon the ••strike,” and the supposed causes which gave rue to it. As may be known, the mechani cal laoor of ibis journal has, for many months past, been entrusted to those printers who have no connection wnn the rypogranhlcal Union. These men have been employed at the same rates as thememcers of the Dmo?,bnt have not been governed by the roles of the organisation. The cause of the strike is not very clear. It has noth ing to do with the rate of wages, or with the “eight hour movement,” or anything of that sort. As rear as we cou>d ascertain, it proceeds trom a difficulty among the printers themselves—it bung alleged that a few xavored individuals tn the office have been retting more than their share of the “lat lakes," while othen hare been getting less. So well were their plans matured mat up to the time of their abandoning work no Intimation of their intention was received. At that late hour so additional help could be obtained. Editorial writers and reporters forsook the quill and took up the stick. All the available force of the office was engaged in supplying the deficiency as well as ns lent be. The idea of getting out a full paper morning had of course to be abandoned, and the space was partially filled up with old matter. Telegrams were sent in various directions last night for men, but some delay mast necessarily occur before they can arrive. Some fears were last night entertained of on attack upon the office by the "striKere," and a special policeman was detailed to watch the building. At a late hour, however, everything was quiet. AMUSK JAUNTS. McV icexl’s Theatbe.—Ambition; or the Tomb, the Throne and the Scaffold, will be presented this afternoon; •* Nick of the Woods ” and the "Dumb BeDe,” in the evening. , _ , , Museum. —**Americans Id Paris" and the »• Qntel Family,” in the aitemoon. The same bill in the evening, with the addition of "Bradshaw, Bagshaw and Gritrishaw.” House Townie.—Professor Hamilton exhibits his feats at two end s*ven o'clock, on the comer of Washington and Market streets. The FnnjtAßKONio Coscebt.—The late Phil harmonic Society will give the last of the posthu mous series of concerts this evening, with a very excellent programme. Mrs. Matteson will make her appearance alter her long silence, and Mire win also assist in the obsequies. The Sev enth Symphony of Beethoven and some other ap propriate selections will be given, alter which the Ustead rites will take place, and the late society will be laid away by its friends. We really hope a large concourse wQI be present on the interest ing but mournful occasion. Ills due to the mem ories of the lamented deceased. THE CITY ELECTION. Brldewcil Voting—Bepubllcan Nomi nations said Ward Meetings. Tbe Democrats have made their nominations for the fntmiog municipal election, and tbe wire pullers are organizing in each ward to get out the (nil strength of the Copperhead element on elec tion day. They will need to work bard. The last time that Mr. Sherman ran for the office of Mayor most of the adult males in tbe Bridewell were pardoned out on the eve of the election, and all voted for their benefactor. This time they require to be registered before getting In their ballots, and they have to be pardoned out before they can register. These impediments to tbe polls will, we tear, uievetitmanyoi them from exercising the elective franchise at the ensninglmnnlcipal elec tion, which will be a loss to Frank, as they are nearly all "whole hog Dimekrats.” _ , HEGISTBATIOS. Some of the Democrats are felicitating them selves over the tact that tbe Republican Conven tion will be held on the same day (Fncsday next) as that designated by law for the final rcvi«lon of the registry list*. They think it quite probable that many Republicans will omit to got rccirtercd In consequence ot this. We trust tnat theßcnub linns will see tbe nccesriiyoraUcndingtolhereg isterlrg of their names early in the day, before the time for meeting iu Convention, ana not let the Democrats gain a single vote by their neglect The Copperhead element will poll Its strongest vote ibis spring, and will need a large vote to beat it. SIXTH WABD. We were in error in saying that Alderman Waiiwork of the Sixth Ward wap thrown over board oj Ms party. It was Alderman Hatch that wax slaughtered. If the Republicans make no nomination, the chances are that Hatch running independent will beat the nominee of the Copper heads. Otherwise Walsh has a pretty sure chance of an election. betzsth waud. A meeting will be held at nammel’s.on the cor ner of Union aud Mitcheil streets, this .evening at o’clock. EIGHTH TIBS. A meeting of the Republicans of the Eighth Ward will be held this Saturday evening, at No. 828 South May street. . _ Mr. Richard Clark desires its to say that he was sot chairman of the meeting held in this Ward on Thursday night. remsm wasp. Bon. L. B- Bond requests ns to state that he Is sot a candidate for Alderman in the Eleventh Ward. Wclnadveitentiy omlt'edto mention yes twdty that the friends of Alderman S. 1. Russell Insist upon presenting hts name at the primary meeting for nomination. They are proud of the record be has made and desire to retain his ser vices in the City Legislature. We are informed that be Las consented to ben candidate. HUBTEKHTH WAUD. A Republican meeting will be held on Sa’nrday evenin'* at Armbraeter’s saloon (Kllnkel’s old place) on Wells street ncarKonh avenue. A gen eral attendance is solicited. rounTrEjrrn wakd. A meeting of citizens of the Fourtearth ward will be held on Saturday night at No. 257 Larra bee street, for the purpose of nominating Repub lican delcca’ea to the City Convention. yirmarm waud. A meeting was held last evening at No. 332 Dl vi-ion meet, for the pnrpoee of o-reotog Bpon • capdldate robe pieced In nomination. Samuel Shackford, the present Alderman, and G. W. bher wood were voted on, and the latter received the creaiestnumber of votes. The number present wws small, and some of those In attendance claim ing that it was not a lair expression of tteward, hare called a meeting for this evening at Turner HalL A fnfl attendance is requested. RISTORI. Ber Personation of M VmAy macbethuii Shakspcare 1 * tragedy of ** Macbeth,* 1 done into Italian by Stg. Giuho Carcano, was given last evening by Elston and tronpe. The English ver sion as iar as It extends Is Identical with the orig in?! text. The only changes that bare been made are in the excisions. These extend not alone to scenes but also to sentences and even parts of sentences, an amputation which has necessitated a frightful mixing np and resulted In taking out the joints and leaving the play Ump and broken up—rather a mass of disjecta mtmbra , loosely strung together, sometimes without aoyvhible connections, than a banno i.loos, symmetrical whole as Shakspcare left It. In violating the unities of the play Ur. Carcano. whoever be maybe, has most assuredly violated the epitaph of the myriad-minded man; tor if anyiling would tend to move his bones, it would be this shadow of the original substance; this ravaging of dramatic proprieties; these antics of Italian scissors which have sniffed ont not only the enpernaturaliams and whole scenes but also sentences, lines, words, almost syllables, hero, there and everywhere. Indiscriminately. In the first act, the first, second and fourth scenes are‘gone entirely, and we have seven scenes of the original expanded into ten scenes of the Italian version. In the second act, the por ters soliloquy, and scene IV.—between Bosse and Macdufl—have gone Into the basket, and four scenes of the original appear as eleven in this version. In the third act, scene lll.—between the murderers; scenV V.—between Lenox and the Lord—and the meeting of the witches on the heath, are erased. The fourth and fifth acts of the original In this version are consolidated, witn the omission of the Incantation scene, the appearance ol the Kings,and the scene between Lady Macbeth and Bosse. The fine scene between Macdoff and Malcom is literally cut down to the roots. All of Its force and life has been taken away by this Shskepetesn tinker, and nearly every effective passage ol the filth act in the original, which, iu this version, is cut np into scenes far the fourth act. been thrown away. The play was interesting in many particulars, but especially as afiording an opportunity of witnessing an Italian conception of Macbeth and therein consisted the great defect of the perform ance. It was too strongly Italian. The purely national characteristics of intonation and gesture did not fit we*l npon the Scottish character. This baldly applies to Bistort, however. She merged those characteristics to a wonderful extent In the requirements of the role. In the first, second and third acts she was sot, perhaps, any greater or more effective than Charlotte Cushman, but for an Italian to be as great ns Cushman inaetrongEug lish role, eo foreign in all Its attributes io the It)!- ian spirit, is no small achievement. In the fourth act, more especially iu the sleep-walking scene. Kir tort far surpasses Cushman—surpasses anyone we have ever seen npon the stage, it is a fight of genius absolutely overpowering, and you breathe more trccly when It Is over. Mo single effort in ner wholereportoirclacomparablewithU. Ills hard to convince yourself that this is mimicry and not reality; that Lady Macbeth is not before you try ing to wash out the guilty stains of blood. The step is gliding and timid as though she walked np on air. The whole frame is drawn np with an un natural tension, and the body moves apparently mechanically. The eyes are fixed straight ahead with a strong glare, never . deviat ing from, that' line until they meet the vision oi Banquo. The breathing is hard, labor ed, and stertorous, every breath regular and audi ble to the extreme portion of the bouse—an ex periment few actors would dare to try for fear of making the effect ridiculous. But In Bistort’s care it adds to the effectiveness and makes It doubly thrilling. And was there ever before such a washing and wringing of hands ? Such a con centration of horror in lace, motion, body and mind? Such agonies of remorse projected from the mind npon the body i Was there ever before so much of guilt and remorse concentrated in the groans which follow the tmcll of that blood .on “ the little hand, all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten f" or such mortal terror at the visions disturbing her guilty sleep J In this scene Bistort outdoes herself. You are ready to pronounce her great In the preceding acts in all the urging on of Macbeth to his murderous acta; in the contrasts of love and flendisbness; but in this scene you forget the actress. You forget Bistort. You have before you Lady Macbeth her self, and it is no wonder that a friend of ours who found himself in a line with those terrible eyes quailed beneath the glance, and was glad to get himself out of their range. It is a picture too < vividly drawn, too darkly toned and sharply ont bned to be pleasant It fa an absolute relief when the somnambulist disappears behind the wings. The character of Hacbeth is really thf great character of the play, aad one regrets, therefore, that it fell into comparatively weak hands. Glech, while he was good in some passages, was Insuf ferably bad in others, and almost without excep tion weak in the strong points of the role, as for instance the dagger scene, which is the very climax of the play. His tendency to rant, his walk as of one upon very thin ice, and his high pitched voice, constantly detract from the effects he tries to make. Banquo (Mancini) was very well done, and the other characters but indiffer ently. This afternoon Ristori makes her farewell ap pearance in Medea, the sleep-walking scene from Macbeth, and will m addition recite “ The Fare well of Joan of Arc," from Schiller's play. BOARD OF HEALTH. Meeting—Violations of tbo Health Or dinances to he Timorously Pros ecuted lnspectors Ap pointed— Right Soil* An adjourned meeting of the Commissioners of the Board ofßeaUh was held at 4 o'clock yester day altercoon, in the office of the Mayor. Pres ent, all the members of the Board. BTBZXTS AND AIXXXB. Mr. Hoard and Dra. Johnson and Waguer were* appointed a Committee to confer with the Board of Public Work-, in order to ascertain thn unties of the two bodies with reference to the cleaning of the streets and alleys of the city. VIOLATING THE HEALTH OBDIHAKCES. Ur. Rauch, from the Committee on Sanitary Emulations, presented the following: The Sanitary Committee wonld respec'fully call the attention of the Board to the daily violation of Section 7 of Chapter 14, also ot Section 5, Chapter 37, of the Revised Ordinances. We also learn that iu a number of cafes where suits have been brought fur violation of the above ordinances, they were dismissed, while but a few of (lie vio lators were lined: so that, comparatively speak ing. lhc£e ordinances have been a dead loiter npon the statute book. Your committee would, there fore, res pc or ally recommend their immediate en forcement ; also, the lorblndlng of the use of any vegetable or animal matter in filling np street*, alleys, parks, oraty ground whatsoever within.the limits of the city. It is also recommended that some system be adopted for the removal of the night-soil, ma nure, kitchen cffil. and any refuse matter that may be detrimental to the health and cleanliness of the dty. It is further recommended that com plaint boxes be placed at all the Police Stations, Sub-Stations, or any other place that may be deemed necessary by the Board. ...... In obedience to a resolution passed at the last meeting of the Board, your committee wonld present the following named gentlemen for the position of Medical Inspector: West Division—Dr. H. W. Jones, H. U. Lyman, XL M. Lackey. T, P. Seely. W. R, Marsh. South Ihcuion—Drs. Waiter Bay, W. C. Lyman, Edwin FowelL Horth Division— Dre. W. Winer, D. B. Trimble, George Schloetzer, E. 8. Holmes. Dr. Ranch, in presenting the report, sold that the committee had not appointed the full number of Inspectors required. Tor the reason that they had great difficulty in making selections out of the large number of applications that had been sent to the committee horn medical gentlemen of known standing and position. He requested further time lor the committee. Granted. The clauses of the ordinances referred to, read as follows: "No person shall throw, place or conduct, or suffer his or her servant, child or family to throw, placeorcondnctlntoanystrcet,alley or lot,auy putrid or unsound beef, pork, fish, hides or skins of any kind, or any filth, offiu,or other unsound and offensive matter whatever, or anything likely to become offensive. Nor shall any perron allow such filth, offal, dong, or other offensive matter as atore&ald, to be or remain npon their premises, or in any outhouse, stable, privy, or other place owned or occupied by them, or in any alley or street in front of such premises, in such manner as to bo oflensive to the neighborhood. And every person who shall violate any of the provis ions of this section shall be fined in a snmnotlcss than (5, nor mors than SSOO. ••Any distiller, tanner, orewer. bn’cher, pork and beef packer, soap boiler, tallow chandler, dyer, livery stable keeoer, or other person what soever, who shall cause or sutler any offal, ma . note, rubbish, filth, still slops, or any refuse ani mal or vegetable matter, or any foul or nauseous liquor, to be discharged out oi or flow trom any premises owned or occupied by him, or to be thrown Into, deposited or left in the Chicago River, or cither of Its branches, or any of the slips or ruttnis connected therewith, or into Lake Mich igan, or Into any slongfa within the jurisdiction of the dtv. or in or upon any street, alley, public square,* vacant lot, wharf or dock, river bank or lake shore, shall be subject to a fine of not leas than |5 nor more than $500.” The first two clauses were concurred in. and it was ordered that the clauses of the ordinance above quoted be published in all the papers of iheclty. KIOHT BOIL. The Sanitary Committee were instructed to con sult with all scavengers and others whom they might deem proper, with a view to the removal of night sell and other offensive matter from the city, and report to the Board their opinion thereon. . . The remaining sections of the report were con curred In. . . . . ... The Sanitary Committee were instructed to as sign and name the sixteen Sanitary Districts ot from W. H. Giles and J. P. Brcckett to remove the night soil from the city were refer red to the Sanitary Committee. THANKS. A communication from Major J. S. Kline, ten dering his thanks to the Board for his election as Secretary, was received and placed on file. A FESTZLXKTIAL LOCAIITT. A communication was received, calling the ah tentlon and inviting the action of the Board with regard to the condition of the locality situated east and south of Park row and north of Twelftn street. The communication was accompanied by a diagram. Referred to the Sanitary Committee. _ A TLACE or aremso. Mr. Howard and Dr. Rauch were directed to se lect a suitable place wherein the Board may bold its future sessions. The Board then adjourned until Monday after noon. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Yesterday, informations were lodged m the united JStales Court against Jacob Sbnrtman, Hans L. Dahl, John G. Weber, and Henry Rein hardt, for violations of the revenue laws. An action of debt was commenced by Robert C Schenck against Marshall County, to recover |6,C00 on a debt of (55.000. The proceeding is baaed upon bonds issued by the county. cicccrr cotjbt. Ernst Pressing was appointed conservator of the estate ol Catherine Stadleman, who wa« lat terly declared by a commission of Inracy to be lunatic acd distracted. The bond of SB,OOO was required. The new suits were; Uen»y Winkleman and [Paulina Catharine, bis wife, vs. Joseph Tripp. Cose. Damages laid at (1.0)0. Action brought to recover for an arrest alleged to have been malicious. The allegation is that the piaiutiCk were arrested on a charge ot the larceny of a check for (730. The arrest was made on toe 12th instant, and the parties after be ing in duress sometime were acquitted by the jue * Thomas Rosmusson vs. William "Wilson. As sumpsit to recover on a note for (250 (on which (124.40 bad been paid,) dated April 13tn, IS3O, at tlx months. , , August Lang vs. Catharine Lang. Bill for divorce. The bill in this case alleges a marriage on the 27th day of October, 1554, at Landau, in the Kingdom of Bavaria, the respondent then being known by her family name of Uolfman. The par lies removed to this aty about September, 38*. and lived together until tneflt-t day of the present month. The charge is that the respondent com mitted adultery, during this year, whb one Bem baid Lauchner, with whom It Is said she eloped on the day named, proceeding to New York CUT. Mew York Belting and Packing Company ts. Estateof J.B. Idcson. Defendant'sappeal Cram the bounty Court- The claim in this ctse was for 51,903,77 and interest, a balance alleged to be doo formerch.ndise t-> April 16th, 1658. The claim, on delanli of the Adrrinfairainx, was allowed for 56.C6d.54. Daniel Boyle ts. Thomas T. EUlfl. AfeumpslL Damages 5500. Ihc conservator cf Catharine SUdleman, who has been tound to be insane, yesterday filed a bill praying to be allowed to dispose of her dower end tomes’esd right in th-*. property of herbus b&od. The property affected is Stadleman’a sub division of the east fire acres of the north thirty* five acres of the cast ball of the northeast quarter of section 83, town 39, range 14 cast, Ac. Jhe ground of the petition ts raid to be to allow the «a'c ofthc nropertj, north, perhaps, about 58,000, in part for the care and kna treatment of the tu fa tunau lady, and especially to enable the hue* band to nay an assessment icyiod by the city authorities upon the property. aup Enron count. The call of the trial calender for Saturday, in the common law branch of the Superior Court, will be set at the opining of the term. A few causes have been pissed to accommodate the at torneys necessarily absent at the Snprcme Court, but a majority of them went over for the term or were tried. The business yesterday was as fol lows: Harriet A. Dye vs. Thomas W.ffilancy. Replevin for a pianoforte, commenced March 6th. Leave given to add a count for trover and conversion. Theodore Newell ctals. vs. Henry and William Pilcher. Assumpsit: default and Judgment, 5225.40, James O. Parker ctal. rs. George P. Johnson. Assumpsit. Default and JndgmenttSUO.2s. Seventeen cases lately commenced In this court to establish mechanic's liens npon property of Robert McCabe and others, eaca of which cases have bccu mentioned as they arose in court, were consolidated. They will hereafter pass through the process of litigation as a single suit. A final decree was made in the case of Nimrod Lancaster vs. Edward C. Cleaver et al. A few days since an interlocutory decree was made find ing the amount of Indebtedness on the mortgage asked to be foreclosed at 513.567 48. This amount, with the cotts of the proceedings, it waa decreed should be paid withlu ten days. A failure to com ply with that order being shown, the decree is now entered for strict foreclosure, the property being three-fourths of twenty-five sera?, orthtee fanrtbs ot Swann's subdivision of the south twen ty-five acres of the south-east quarter of Section 4, Township S 3 North, Range 11 East. The new suits in this court were as fallows: Edward Bishop vs. Henry Kohn, assumpsit, damages 5500, John M. Durand ct al. vs. Ira Blanchard, as sumpsit, damages 5300. Elizabeth Garrett, by ber guardian et aLva. Ann Garrett widow and the htlra at law of Edward Garrett. Bill for petition of the west half of the southwest quarter of section 36, township 41 north, range 19 east, eighty acres and a pari of the Tictoire Pothler Reserve, contain ing eight acres and block 8 and lot 1 in block 10 in the village of Canfield. Jcmuc Benson vs. Robert Hill. Replevin to re cover two trunks con’ainlng wearing apparel, Ac., sworn to be valued al 5600. Daniel Boyle vs. Calvin W. Pinkham. Confes sion of judgment for $574.85. Frederick Jewett ct al. vs. J. M. Dauaher. Confession of jodgmenttor $253.!*0. Charles E, Darano ct al. vs. Mathew Eeling. Conicsslon of Judgment for $174.69. Bank of Montreal vs. Henry C. Ranney and Thomas Inclls. Assumpsit. Damages SSOO, on a bill of exchange. COUNTY OOUBT. 1.'..-T ...I. UT Pl.lm Tnilllam Claim of William Estate of Lewis W. Clark. "Wyman for f-102 G 7. Estate ol Daniel Bralnerd. Widow's award *to the amount of SI.GO-3 approved. Estate of Ibomaa Bcrott declared settled. LOCAL MATTERS. Dr. Wm. P, Dnrall) Serenth Son or the Serenth Son. Eleven Banning Ulcers on RicbtLunc Permanently cored. Chicago, April sih, 16G7. Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Per mit me to spread throngh yourpopnlar Jonrnal the success of this most wonderfully pf fled Natur ■t] Healer, Dr. Wm. P. Davail, in my own case. Afflicted, as I have been for many years, and cored so effectually, after many physicians of Celebrity had failed, it is bnt jO:tico to suffering humanity to give It wide-spread publicity. On the ifith of August last the loiiowlng letter was published over mp signature m the Buffalo Exprttt: “Five years ago 1 was taken with teverc pain in my right side. It healed and was lanced, then healed in another place and that was lanced, and in an other and that was lanced, and so on until 1 had Eleven Running Ulcers on my right long, shoul der and shoulder blade. These constantly dis charged great quantities of pus. Physicians pro pooLced my disease Scrofula Consumption, end said that my right (nng was badly affected. 1 was reduced to a skeleton, and was not expected to live long. A few treatments from Dr. Duvall, without any medicine or instrument, have peimanently cured me and lam now fleshy, healthy and strong, and have been for fhrte months past." last February I was reduced to entire helpless ness from an attack of mercurial rheumatism. I went to Rochester, where the Doctor was operat ing. and recovered with a few treatments. Be lieving It wonld be for my benefit, my friends in sisted upon my coming to Chicago to continue the treatment for a few weeks longer. Anyone doubling the truth or my statement can see the most convincing proofs by the cicatrized scars which are left upon my chest, 1 will be happy to answer questions the few weeks ihnt i shall stay at the Doctor's residence. H. E. ItOTZBT. • scnorcxA sours. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Baling a large circle ol friends, some of whom are in poor health. 1 wish to make the following declaration, and that they may know that my name has not been dishonestly employed in this connection, I personally appeared before a Jus tice of the Peace and made the following state ment under oath: When 1 came to Dr. Duvall, the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son. one week ago, my face was lite rally covered with scrofula sores, and had been for several months. 1 could scarcely put my fin ger on my face without touching a sore. Some were the size of a chestnut, others of a grain of com. I have taken about eight treatments, and the sores have all healed so that there Is scarcely a trace of them to be seen. My general health has also improved finely, and all without taking any medicine or vting any preparation whatever. I reside in Wilmington, will County, !■!., and am boarding with my brother, No. S 3 Kramer street, Chicago, 111. Jons Bcrusn. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 20th day of March. 1867. T. B. Bnowir, J. P. for Cook County, 111, lint. Rev. Stamp, be, canceled.] lung niSESsxs—Asrmii. Mn. Ed iron: a deilgbiml sensation is being produced by the remarkable cures lhatDr. Duvall, Seventh Son of the Seventh Son, is making by his natural healing powers. My wiie,Mrs. McCombs, has been a great sufferer for many veara with that most distressing disease, the artbma. As a mat ter of course, she has men a great variety of so called remedies, as well as many prominent physi cians, hut never received but little benefit from them. Under the treatment ol Dr. Duvall, she Is Improving rapidly, arid has great hopes of l»elag entirely cured. I will be happy to answer qncs. lions at my residence, 317 State street, Chicago, Illinois. J IL McConna. PAHALTSIS. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Thefollowlngeztract of a letter oated March 22d, fiom Mrs-Williams, ot Buffalo, to her uncle. Rosa Taylor. Esq., of Chicago, is a striking proof of Dr Duvall's wonoerful power over the disease of the human system. Mrs. Williams says: "Willie (her son. nine years of age), has been at the point of dealb. lie waa paralyzed, and was so helpless (bat ho had to be fed. An abscess came on bis back and the doctors said if it broke It wonld kill him. Dr. Duvall, who is now in Chi cago. the seventh son of the seventh son, was bore In Bodalo. Willie's limbs were drawn Up, and we took him to Dr. Duval!, and in a month be could walk. It was like a miracle, and he is daily Improving. Be has been the greatest suf ferer you ever knew." I hereby certify that the foregoing is correct, and every word can be relied npon. I will be happy to give farther information at W. J. Rilph’s harness shop, corner of State and Adams streets, or at my residence, No, 45 West Jackson street, Chicago, Illinois. Boss Tatlob. rmtE DISEASES. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: We can also testify to the marvellous success of Dr. Duvall. Seventh Son of the Seventh Son. Mrs. Lyman has been seriously indisposed for a long time with a complication of diseases peculiar to her sex, attended with what scientific Physi cians pronounced Heart Disease, Congestion of Alrer, Spinal Complaint, Uterine Difficulties, «£c. When Mrs. Lyman applied to Or. Duvall she bad not been able to walk of any account for several months, and was wholly incapacitated to attend to her household affairs. With a few treatments Mrs. Lyman has been greatly improved and Las walked the distance of about one and a half miles with but little weariness, and now attends to her family cares. Wo live at 71 CottagcGrove avenue, Chicago, Illinois. B. C. Ltxait,^ H. Lthas. Dr. Duvall treats all diseases without medicines or instruments at bis Healing Institute No. 74 Adams street, few doom west ot State street. South Side. In Chicago during the month , of April. Swayneb* Ointment.—lf we were per* mttted we could publish the names of two hun dred persons who have been cured of itch by Swaync'a ointment this year In Illinois alone. Landon’s Emporium) No. C 7 Lake street. is the place for ladies and gentlemen to get nice Toilet articles, Fancy Goods, Opera Glasses, Fans, Lubln's Extracts, <sc,, &c. Paper Handnc» and Window Shade*) all the latest styles. Great inducements to wholesale dealers at F. £. Rigby's, 89 Randolph street. U«e Gardiner»a Rheumatic and Neu ralgic Compound. It enres Rncnmatism and Neuralgia. Sure cure warranted. Sold by all Druggists. Burnhams & VanSchaack, Agents, 16 Lake street. The Best Tonic.—Caswell) ITlack &. Co.'s Combination of Iron, Phosphorus and Cali saya, known as Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of Calleava. Tbe iron restores color to the blood ; the phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tU*ac. and the caltsaya gives a natural bcalthiul tone to the digestive organs. One pint contains the vir tue of one ounce of callsaya, and one teaspoonful a grain of iron and phosphorus. Manufactured by Caswell. Mack & Co., New York. For sale by all druggists. _ •<Etn&>i Noiseless Stmttle Sewing Machines, for family and manufacturing purpo ses. Western office, 97 Washington street J. H. Lerow,'agent. Local agents waatcu. noth and Freckles.—The only relia ble remedv for brown discolorations called Moth and Freezes, is Perry’s Moth and Freckle Lotion. Prepared by Dr. B. C. Perry, Dermatologist, 49 Bond street. New York. Boid by all Druggists. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial New*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NewYobk, Aprils. The stock market opcnci weak, and prices were lower. Oocall New York Ccctral declined 1 per cent, the balance cflhe list remaining strong. Bat the rise In eborts somewhat frightened operators, and they wrre willing to cover at any price. At the 12 o’clock Board the market was strong, and prices were a shade higher. Monty was plenty at 7 per cent. Afterwards In the lioi c Boom the Block market was K per cent off, Erie (common) being the favorite stock. B-ck Island stock was strong, as also was Chicago & North* western (prelerrcd). Onttlde operators were rather qnlet to-day. and are waiting for a decline in cold. American cold was lower, and Government* are still selling In'a small way. At the 1 o’clock market stocks weic strong, and with quite an exciting contest be tween the •’bulls and bears.” After this there was considerable pressure to sell casbstock. Money was reported light. At £3O the pressure to sell was unabated, and prices (fo»llTi*d X per cent. Soon alter this Erie (common), Chicago & Northwestern (preferred) and Pittsburgh & Fort Wayne stocks were stronger, the balance of the list being a shade easier. American gold opened steady, bnt afterwards sold lower, and was rather west. It Is rumored that the Government win call on the banks for greenbseks. This tends to make matters unsettled. The 5 o’clock market was steady, and prices were nominally unchanged. [Associated Press Report.] New Toss. April 5. Money a shade easlenatTper cent for call loans. „ . „ FOSBOH EXCHANGE. . dull, at 103*0108# in gold for first-clats Gold lower, opening ausojf: doclinlig to 13J*. and closing at IS3. Government stocks quiet. ZATEU. SONET. New Yobx - Aprils. Money opened enter, wltb soma foiling off in the de mand, end continued to wore in favor of the borrower to the close ot the day. The demand, however, is active, bnt flret-clars firms are supported more realilr at 7 per cent. The Government is Billing gold, bn* at the same tune baying 7JO notes to a greater extent, and'disbursements at the Sab-Trrasnry are Hoorah The tide of currency Is towards this pilot from the in ti rf or. and money is likely to be stilt easier next week. GOLD. The gold market closed up steady at IS*#. The continued solos by Government, oad in anticipation of the disbursement of IhMWO Interest next mattt, tend to check speculation for a rise. oomxmw. . Government eecnrides firm and In demand. Reg. *Bl 109 @lo9* 5-20 coop’O Jan _ coopoi» 1 *ta....i08 aim* and July M 0 regiai’a *62.108*8103* 1040 regisfd... * 5-50 coupon,*o.lo9Xolo9V 10-W coupons.. 97 a* •Vi 5-20 coupon •W.IO7XBH-7K Augort2-aJS.--.JW* OIWH 5-20 coupon , 65.107«6t108}J June 7-3 C? BAIJ.WAT BIIAEKS. ... . , ■ The railway market opened steadier, with apna demat-d. Tfcc Icatarea were Erie. Southern ana rorv Wayne. The mark-t fell off a little after the regular session, but rallied acala before the one o'clock boara, at which ntlces again Improved. At the tecona board steaalnesa prevailed, bnt at the last otea beam the market waa beavyasd lower, especially on new Tors Central and Rock Islacd. The firmer was down on the report that the Government had vetoed the Increased Fare Bill. After call the market was quiet and steady. Wm. Heath A Co. report the following fc3o P. St VOICES. .... American Gold 133*0 .... | Scaotcg lOIJ4OIOI* Canton <5 8 45J4 j Mich boa 71 *0 til. com. coal so osi |Pltubureb Oulcksllvcr.... si*© aijf; Toledo 1» ©1» Mariposa Sol 1 Rock Island.... Ml @8914 Mariposa prfd. 21 O 21* Northwestern.. 31 ©Si* W. hTtc1...... 41 O Hit N. Wjjpfd 62*0 W* K.y, Central..lCO*@lCO* Fort Wayne.... 9'*« 9ri< frit 55H Pacific Mai1....120 0113* Hodson River..l37 0138 1 Atlantic. BOJfO •••• STATS BONDS. Border State bonds are dull, without decided change. MleaouiL 9334; Tennessee. 6234. miscellaneous. Steamship, coal and miscellaneous shares were quiet ““mnum There wo* a firmer feeline rn the mining market and Increased activity in all the leading stoma. Corydoa and Gregory were the chief features. Both advanced. Colombia, 330: Corydnn. 4150485; Gregory, 9030925; AlamedaTSW; Qaartz 11111.500. Tbc Produce Market*. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, April 5. Flour—Active and higher. Sales of 3,400 brts at $16.00 for Berlscby’s best and Naugatuck superior winter; $12.75 for Riverside City XX; sl2 50 for Ke kaskec Country XX; *l2X7* tor Rlpoa do; *12.00 for Cataract; and Cream of the West Choice X, $11,600 11.65. Wheat—Active and higher. Morning board sales, SB,CCObn; noon board sales, 21,000 bn. at $2.4902X1 for' No. Bin store; 12.1902.50 buyer’s option next week; $2.48 seller’s option next week: $2.49£2X0 seller’s op. tion AprUlSth toSOlh; *2X502.36 for N0.31n store; S2X3 far fresh receipts. Oats—Advanced 107 c. Sales ot 1,200 bu No. 2, fresh receipts. Corn—Higher. Sale* ot 800 bo No. I old. in store, at SIXO. Bye-Advanced sc. Sales of 11,500 hu at SIX 3 for No. 1 old. and $1X601.40 lor do fresh. Barley—Active. Sales ol 1,000 hn at SIX 7 for good, delivered; $1.13 for fair do, and sl.lO tor common. Receipts—l,ooo hils flour, 2,CtiO hu wheat, 300 bu rye, and 30 dn ued nogs. Shipments— 1 2,200 brls flour and 6,000 bu wheat NEW YORK. New Toes. April 5. Cotton—Scarcely so Arm, with sales of 1.90 J bales at 27K028C lor middling nplandA chiefly at 2Sc Fiorr— Receipts. 3.88? brls. The market la 3010 c bet ter, with sales of 960 brie at $9X0010.93 far superfine and Western; $11.10012X5 for extra Western; $12,600 ©UJOfcr choice do: $11.85012X0 tor shipping brands extra round h«op Ohio, and $12.93014.10 for trade brands, the market closing Arm. Callloiiila Hour firm. Bates 850 brls et $15.00016.00. w blfkey-Qnlct nod unchanged. Wheat—Receipts none. MatkeOftSc better, with a stood loanin' t°r spring, partly speculative. Sales 910 bn at (2.5ifi2A5 for No. 2 Milwaukee, with t-'.M lor ►nptr: at the close (3.20 lor white California, and $3.23 for amber. Bye—3ftsc better. Sales J5,C00 bn at (1.43ft1.45 for Western ;(t.49 lor Canada free. Bailer—Stead;. Sales of 1.300 bo Canada tree and Canada West free at *1.97H®3.01, lbs latter price dc* llverable at New Toilc Com—Receipts, 1.700 bn. Market more aetlreand lc better. Bales 9.W0 bn at (L3OX tor mired Western Id store; (l-Z.’X do afloat: (i.«ftl.2oK for yrilow Jersey; fl .22)< lor now yellow Delaware, and (Us for new mixed Western afloat. Oits—Receipts, 783 bn. Oats more steady. Sales bu at 67£GSe lor old Western: C&a7T3,>ic for new do:73@73Xclor State In store. Blcc—Bail. Coffee—Firm. Sales of 7,500 bays Rio on private terms. Molasses—Dull. Sugar—Steady. Sales of 13.000 hbds at italic for Cuba, and ll@l2c tor Porto Rico. Petroleum—Bail. Bales at IGftWXc for crude and 2ft27e for refined In bond, flops—Quiet and nnchaneed. Pork—Bull ana lower. Sales of 34550 brls at $23 47V 031.00 lor new mesa: 133.50 regular; (52.5aft23.95 lor old mesa; (19.75ft20.00 for crime, and f33.30ft22.50 for prime mess: also LOGO brls new mesa at (US.TVft ZjjjQ, bnyer’s’April. Bed—Steady with sales of 43 bils at previous prices. Tierce Beef—Sales 34)00tierces prime xnesson private terns. Beef Hama—Firm at (404J0®154X). Bacon—Quiet and drooping. Salts (10 boxcaat inxc forCumberlandcut; Hector abort ribbed, aud lltfc f °Cut°M Sales 370 packages at 9ftloc tor shoulders andl9K«Wc forbams. Laid—Heavy. Opening sales 575 brls at 13ftl3*4c for pew; also SCO hri*all3K@l3i»C, April and May. Butter—llftlSc for Ohio. Cheese— Steady at ICO 19c, „ , ,*rva‘K_Al* U Flour—Moderately active with a slight upward ten d Wlmat—Active and decidedly firmer for spring, with buyers ot No. 3 Milwaukee at (JASftIASK, and sellers at t34a||JS; buyers of No. lat fl.Taa3.t3. and sellers al^ye— i®3c‘bctter. Buyers ol Western at|1.44ft1.4«, and ralleraat fl.4Gfti.43. Parley—Quiet aao firm. . . _ Ccrn—Quiet, with sellers of shipping mixed Western at f1.3l In store, ana (1.33 afloat, and buyers at (L2oft WOK in store, and (1.22 K afloat. . „ „ Oata-Julet, atC7ftCßcfor old Western, and 68370 c and decidedly lower. Sales of 750 brls new mess at (534)0, cash, and (23.12 X regular, closing with sellers at (33X0 cash and regular, and buyers at (33.33 cash and regular. Beef—Quiet amfstesdy. Cut Meats—Dull and nominal. Bacon—Dull, at lOXftlOKc for Cumberland middles. Lard—Dull 12Jf@13cforCalr to prime steam, and 13®13Kc for kettle rendered. NEW ORLEANS. Kxw Oklxasb, April 4. CoUob—Unsettled and easier. Sales 2.100 bales low middling at 38c. Receipts, 1,553 bales; exports, 2,093 Sopor and Molasses—Nothing doing. _ F leur—Quit t ana firm. Superfine, (12.25ft12.37. Com—ln demand, with an advance of sc. Sales at 1t.25ft1.50. * Oats—Upward tendency. Sales atßOftSSc. Pork—Dull and drooping, nominally at (21.00ft2t.50. Lara—Firm at iSXftltc. Ooid-ISINftIAS. Sterling—USftllSK. New York sight—X premium. ST. Lo[j;s. . Sr. Lons. April S. Tobacco—Active at full prices, and working desertp ttens a shade higher. Bales of logs at t1.75ftt.50; common leaf at (2.73ft7A0: factory dried at (7.00 ft 7-SC; medium dark filler* at (54WQ7.50; medium bright do at (SXOfe 15.00; black wrappers al(l34Xftl3.oo;cood and fine leaf at (Zo.coft4o.oo. Hemp—Quiet at (230 tor choice dressed. Flour—Firm and unchanged. Wheat—Active at (3XOft3XS lor prime tall; (3.30 ft 3.45 P.r choice do. 1 . ... Cora—Depressed at the opening, but closed stronger atCt«MI.OQ. _ Oatf—Sales atTSftSOKc. . . Bariev—Firm at (1.45 for choice spring. Bie-Bnovact at (I.4oftl.t3X> Pork—Doll and unchanged. . , . ~ Balk Meats—Bales at BKc In dry salt; shoulders at lOyc, loose; dry salt at 11Xc. «... Bacon-Firm at ll*ftl2*c tor clear aides; 7Xc tor rib rides ; 9*c for ahomders. Lard—bales at KXc lor choice steam. Whiskey—Heavy at (3.11ft2.15. CINCINNATI. CDfCCCNATT. April 5. Flour—ln good demand, and prices 25&30c nicber. The demand was chiefly speculative, induc-d by a hardly of wheat, and ibe fact mat It Is relatively higher than flour. The demand was chiefly for the higher crad». Snpemne, (if1.C0910.75; trade brands, U3.OU&UAO, and fancy, «4j0®16.C0-cloßlne firm. wheat—Scarce, and prices a?3c higher. No. 3 spring, *2.65@:.f0; No. 2 winter, (2-5992.90. „ Com—White. In racks, held at 93c, and 70371 c In bmt, hotter* asking 73c at lbs close. Kyo—Held at 70c. Barley— Unchanged, with a f«r demand. Cotton—lrregular. Middling is held at aVftTCc. ar.d it was staUd that it could bare been sold at 31c. Whisker—null and price* nominal, at l&iS&Xe. provision!*—Dull, with no demand, and prices are nominal, city meas sold at *22.73 to a limited extent. Bacon and bulk meats nominally unchanged. Lard held at 12J£c, bat no offers were made at over 11)ic tor city. The relative low price* ot oork and bacon, com pared with other Kinds of lood. make holders confl uent that no Important decline can be established. Therefore there u no rrrtsnre to sel*. Sugar and Coffee—Unchanged and firm. • Clovcrseed—Scarce and held at (11,50, and small sales were made at this rate. Timothy and flax unchanged. Linseed Oll—tl 3391.40. Gold—X33K buying and 133 selling. Exchange— e inn. Money—Easy at 10315 per cent. BALTIMORE. Baltdioes. April 5. Flour—Extra State In Improved demand. Sales 200 brls extra Ohio st (13.75@13.50; Howard Street super- Wheal—Unchanged. Sales of red at |3.40, 3,57 and 3.55 lor good, fair and prime. „ ... Corn—Sales of white at 91.1291.15; yellow, $1,139 1.15. Oats—CX372C. UAUI MWUU Whisker—in bead, 60932 c. Pork—Mess, 92U10; prime. (10,00. TOLEDO. Toledo, April s. Flour—Quiet and firm. , Wbeat-Ftrm and buoyant at $7.99 to 97-99 lor am. her Uichiran; $3-60 tor Ko. 1 spring. Com—Active and 4c better, opening at 90c, and closing at 93c for Mo. 1. Oats—Frm at 53c. LOUISVILLE. LOUISVILLE. April 5. Tobacco—Sales of ICS bhds at full rates, (2.50@21.50. Flour—Superfine, SIO.OO. Wheat—Morainal. . . _ _ Com—Suffer; ear, 70977 cln bulk; shelled, 73975 c. Oats—7oc in bulk. IW 4AA UUUU Mee* Pork—Dali. at (23A0. , Bacon—Shoulder*, »M@9Xc, packed; dear sides, l2 £mfd—In tierce*, 12Jfc. Whiskey-Free raw, S7X3. BUFFALO. Buffalo. Aprils. Flour—Finn. Sale* of 800 brlj at $12.00 for Mo. 1 spring; (15.25915,50 for white Canada, Michigan and Indiana, and SI3XO for Western spring and amb*r. Wheat—Scarce and firm, with a cood demand. Sales of 2 car loads white Canada, at $3.20; 10 car loads No. 2, mining, at (3.00. and 600 bushels white Canada at Nominal at 60c fbr Ohio and No. 2 Western. Rye-Western held at (1.35.. , , Coro—ln good demand. Mew Is scarce, closing at 5t.059t.06 fbr now Toledo on the State Lino track: old mixed Western in store, $1.10; sales of MOO bn old Western In store at $1.05; is car loads of new Toledo on track st $1X091.01, and 1 car In the afternoon at Very scarce. Canada nominal, st $1.12 for Pork—Quiet and unchanged. UiKhwinra—Nominal. Sales of small lots at S7XO. bceds—Firm, and moderately active, but unchanged. PHILADELPHIA. pntLAnsLpntA. Aprils. Flour—ln improved demand. Northwestern extra at (13A0; Ohio extra at $15.73. „ . Wheat—Firm. Bales of 3j»o bn State red and Cali fornia red at (3X5. Cora—ln^ood 1 Semand. Sales of t(1,000 ha yellow at (Ll 4. AdTßßced 2c> Petroleum—Quiet. Refined 36c. Sales ofLOOOhrl* eUndardwbltcat27Kc. Wllikey—Sales of contraband at (IX7KC. MEMPHIS, Mmcpms, April 5. Cotton—Flat and nothing doing. ISeceiptt, 460 bales. Exports, MO bales. Week’s receipts, 2,W4 bales. Exports, 3,790 bale*, stock. 14,953 bales. Corn—Higher at OaU-Firm at 75@E0c. „ „ . Bay—in good supply and easier at (35.03333.00. FOTk-Qnlet. Boies at (23.5C924.00. Other market* unchanged. New York Dry Goods market. New Tons, April 8. The market was tslrlv active for cotton goods, and prices quite firm for standard sheetings of the same style*, eccones, such as Atlantic H, and Amoskcag A, selling at an adwnce of He, but, for lighter mikes Id medium and light weight* a concession of uc la yielded on some styles, such as Indian Orchard brewns. Bleached muslins of the best makes are firm and in request at full prices, but toe poorer grades are being subjected to a slight reduction in the scale ol equa'Ua lion. The changes In general, however, are very slight, lodlcatit g a very steadv market. Prints arc in good request at foil prices. Print cloths weak and no be bought at lOtfc. Albany Live Stock market. [Special Despatch to the Cnicago Tribune.] Albakt, April 5. The cattle trade was comparatively active to the dote this week, and the advance established at the outset was maintained to the close. Good Illinois steers readily commanded BX@9c V n. P. Eastman sold S 3, averaging I.SOOjBS.'at 9c. Sawyer 4 Co, 32, averaging 1.330 ns, at 1,230 ns, atfcxc; 83, averaging 1.350 he, at 73fct 17. averaging 1,150 ftp, at SRc; and IS, averaging 1.200 ns, ats&69. D. Culver sold 17, averaging 1.600 as, at 93<c. Benry*XivlngEtonsold is, averaging ns, stslSo; 79. avenging 1,700 ns, at (106; 73. averaging 1,200 a*, at$107;80. averaging 1,730 ns, at till; 75. averaging 1,360 Be, at |I10£S; 47, averaging 1,100 as, at five; and 51 Kentucky, averaging 1,240 as, at $3.40. O.Walzell sold 127, averaging 1.330 as, at (111A0. Total receipts for the week, 4.000. Sheep— Receipts, 6,000. Sales 3,600 at CflßJ(c. nogs-StfftStfc. supply, 4AOO. New York Live Stock market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, April 5. Swine— Receipts, Selling at 7@7*c. New York Grocery Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] new kosx. April S. Conte—A cargo of fine Rio sold at 19c la gold. Sugar— Finn and active. Sales, 2£oo hhds fair to good grocery at 10*®UJ<c, Molasses-Active. OoodMtucoradoMossc,. New York BreasUtnJDi Market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yoke, April S. Flour—Closes firm bnt quiet at the advance. Wheal—Leas feverish acd excited, bnt very strong. OoodNo.3spnnsbeldatl2.G9 and much of the stock withdrawn; HQ bid fbr straight No, 1 slnce'Chaoge, and &» asked. il unsettled. By*—Hrld fbr a farther advance, ant Corn and other coarse grains quiet. Mew York Iron Market. [Special Despatch to Chicago Tribune.] Nrw Toss, Aprils. Iron—Hootch pig lover. BgUnton sold at SIO.OO from tae wharf. New York Provision Harliet. [Special Despatch to tue Chicago Tribune,] Ksw Toss, April 5. Pork—The market broke badly since’Change. Sales 3,000 brU at $33.00323.20; dewing unsettled. Other Hog Products—Drooping and unsettled. Ocean Freight*. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) KrwTOBX, Aprils. Freights to Liverpool quiet without decided change. FUtalmrzta Oil Market. Prrrsntntan, April 9. Weather cloudy and disagreeable. Blvcr feet and rising. Borinefa dull and freights scarce. Receipts of oil. 18,639 brls. The fallowing sales were reported late Thursday evening: 2AOQ brls, teller’s op* tlou May end June delivery. 7c; 117 brls on soot at gvc. The sales to-day were 3,009 brlt immediately at 6vc: 500 brls at 7Kc, barrels returned ; 2AOO brls at gjjc, buyers to famish boats at Oil City, and oil to be K Refined hTbond still continues dull- The only sale wassOOhrb standard white, April delivery In Phils* Bales of small lots at 41,Y313c per for naptha or residuum. Prices of Mining Stocks In Boston, New Yobs, April 9. Prices of mining stocks bid lu Boston to-day; Canada 6° I Hancock 9 Copper Falls 17 Huron S Franklin 17 I Quincy...... 23 MARRIED. S 'gg^MHvarte? anfr l St. Louis papers please copy. DIED, At Oicncoe, 111., April 4, ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of Bobert Daegltt, aged 71 yeais and 10 months. The funeral will take place to-day (Saturday) at 3 p. m. Friends of the family are Invited to attend. At Coloma. Berrien County. Mich,, April 4. Mr. JEHIEL QILLBT, Cither of Mr. P. W. Gillet, Esq., of this city. amusements. ■pI&TOBI’S FAREWELL MATINEE. CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, DIRECTOR J« QRAU. LAST APPEARANCE IN CHICAGO OF ADELAIDE KISTORI, Prior to her leaving America, the Held on which, by her great dramatic powers and transcendent genius, she achieved some ot her greatest triumphs. THIS SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 2 o’clock, BIS TORTS I AST APPEARANCE In Chicago. GRAND UXBTORI FAREWELL MATINEE. On which occa- ADELAIDE BISTOIU will appear— I—ln the entire tragedy of MEDEA. ll—Tbe lest act ot MACBETH. which Inclndee the clrbrated BLEEP-WALKING SCENE. tciruiaK’- - ADELAIDE RISTOKI as LADT MACBETH. Hl—Recitation In Costume— IJJS ADIEUX DE JEANNE D’ARC (Farewell of Joan D’Arc), by Schil ler. tratslated oy Legourc. Tbe price ot admission. Including reserved Beat! In Boxes. Dress Circle, beats and Balcony, will be TW^DOLIABS. General admission, ONE DOLLAR- PHILHARMONIC SOCIETV OP cnicAoo. Fifth (and last) Concert of the 7th Season. Saturday Bvn’g, April 6th, At Crosby’s Opera House. rttwiln HJ*.. 1. Symphony tn A major (No. 7>. by Becthovrn. in) Introduction and Vloar/*. (6) Allegretto, (c) Sch«tzo presto, (cf) Finale allegrocon brio. 3. “ Ebbcn a2c ferlsol.’* Grand Duo from the opera of Semlramldc, by Rossini. Miss Main and Mrs, MattUon. 3. Serenade for Flute aid Horn, by E. Tite. 4. Overture to the Opera “The Merry Wives of Wind sor." by Nicolai. 5. Separation. Cavatina, by Rossini.. Mrs. MatUson. 6. Overture to Zanctta, by Auber. Concert commences at 8 o’clock preclae-y- Extra Tickets fl each, at F. U. W. JONES’, 42 Dcarborn-sL, and at the door. poll. WOOD’S MUSEUM. COL. J. H. WOOD ....Proprietor Director of Amusements.. F. E. AIKEN Stage Manager ..TIIOS. DARBY A Night of Comedy—New Plays with Orest Casts. This (Saturday) aiternoon, April 6. at the Grand Matinee at ajf o’clock, the Comedyol AMERICANS IN PARIS. To conclude with A QUIET FAMILY. In the evenltg. at £ AMERICANS IN PARIS, ORIMSBAW, BAGSHAW and BRADSHAW, and A QUIET FAMILY. Monday afternoon Graad Extra Matinee—Benefit of Mr. J. M. Quinn. Monday night will be pioauced two new Plays—MEG’S DIVERSION and MY TURN NEST. McTICKER’S theatre nern A MYERS MANAGERS. Last Afternoon and Evening of MIL JOSEPH PROCTOR. Saturday afternoon Matinee, AMBITION, OR THE TOMB, THE THRONE AND THE SCAFFOLD. _ Etbelwood Mr. J. Proctor Saturday Evening— _ NICK OF THE WOODS, OR THE JIBDESAINOSAT. Jlbbenalnoaay Mr. Proctor And the Farce of THE DUMB BELLE. Monday—Tbe World-renowned and Champion Ath letes, the HANLON BROTHERS. QROSBTB OPERA HOUSE. Vocal cultuxx Class job fixsonta.—Farther ap plications may now be made by ladles and gentlemen for anew class to take lei sons of Professor McCoy, to strengthen and improve the voice lor singing pur poses, to meet In hit lecture room, Crosby's Opera House, on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, from four to five o’clock. Persons wishing to confer with the Protestor abaci taking class or private lessons in Vo cal Culture. Elocution, Shakspesre, or the Bible, will generally find him in his Ball from ten o'clock to one, andlrom three to six. "yARIETY THEATRE. Last night but one of the great piece, entitled HELL UPON EAHTH; Which must give place to other attractions. MONDAY Ermine. April Bth, will appear the re nowned German Magician and Stonc-Breakor, IPEOF. METZ. Also, the boy wonder, the English champion, JOHNNY LONG, Forming a galaxy of new talent tin equalled. OPEN FOR THREE WEEKS MORE ONLY. The New York Museum of Anatomy, 96 Randolph-aU corner of Dearborn. Wonder of Wonders—Mysteries of Man Cre ated—The Mechanism of Herrons System— The Setrets of Nature Unveiled. BLectures8 Lectures Dally. Those unable to attend may receive cm by enclosing 10 cent* to Secretary. QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, For a Short Time Only. COMMENCING ON MONDAY EVENING, APRIL Bth. Open every night alter, until turthcr notice, with VATiwPER every afternoon on and after Wednesday, April 10th. Tho Wonder and Marvel of the Ago! MAGNIFICENT AND DIVINE. THE GREAT APOCALYPSE I ILLUSTRATED; THE BOOK OF HEVB Xj ATI ONS>i The Visions of St. John OPENED'TO VIEW, Id Fifty Splendid Mottko Tableaux log what BL John saw when a Door In HEAVEN WAS OPENED, As described by him in the Book of Revelations, com mencing with the Vision of the SEVEN GOLDEN CANDLESTICKS, and ending with the Visions of THE DAY OF JUDGMENT AND THE Now (Terusaloxn. The whole comprising the entire Visions related In the Book of Revelations, and presenting to view the most sublime and STARTLING SPECTACLES Vouchsafed to Man, and only revealed to SU John, tbe "beloved disciple,” that toe world through him might learn of the things that must come to pass, andpreparo for “The Great Say of His Wrath,” when none shall be able to stand. Tickets to Dress Circle. Parquette and Orchestra Chairs, CO cents. Balcony and family Circle. 35 cents. Commence at eight o’clock. Tickets to Mahneka 25 cents to allji&rta ot the Opera House. MATINEE every attemoon at hall-past two o’clock, commencing Wednesday, April 10th. .. _ The Btclnway Grand Piano used at this Entertain ment Is from the warerooms ot Smith A Nlxou. A. B. MORRISON, Sole Proprietor and Manager, Carriages, &r. T?OU SALE—A span ot Mules, 3y ears l» old,wellbrolreandkindaskittens. Are In good order. and well salted tor any Uehtwagon, Inquire ox coos a McLain. 109 ciaik-et. F)R SALE—On reasonable terms, at 373 a new Clarence but mile need; a buggy without top; a good-slsed sleigh; apalr of matched carriage horses, geatla and itylieh; a handsome pony; also three acta of harness, hor6ecoT(rs,farrobeoaDdpooyßaddle. All sold for want of use. T7OK SALE —Horse, suitable for a gro- JU ccr’B or express wagon. Has been used in the city six months, la aouna and ail right, and will be sold tor a low price. Apply at 38 Randolph-st. 170 R SALE— Express wagon, in good I? order, smtsb’c for a grocery or "baggage wagon. Can be seen at MARTIN’S Carriage Sbop, No, 331 East Klnzle-st. Pnce 1150. FOR SALE—Cheap-Horse, wairon and haraetß. Apply at 73-1 West Labost. ~ F)R SALE—The finest saddle hone in the city, suitable for a lady. Call atEoom 7, No. Jt7 Laaalle-st. FOR SALE —Pair oi splendid horses, suited for carriage or buggy. Apply at 36S FUIIOD-Et. F)R BALE—A phffiton carriage, bat lit t ensed: a span of bay horses. 6 and 7 years old. very stylish and sound: also, a rockaway carriage aid double and single names*, wolf robe, Ac. Inquire at Boom 3 Walker’s Halloing, 32 Dearbom-flt. 17011 SALE—Buggy—A •‘Concord r made” Buggy. almo6t"nsW, for sale coeapbyF. 6TBOMBEBG. 302 South Ciark-st. F)R SALE—A large, heavy horse, welching nearly 1,500 pounds, six rears old, suit •b'efor heavy teaming, single or idouble. Inquire at 213E1m-st. ifnfotmation aSßanteh. INFORMATION—Wanted lt David X Hadden, wholeflNo.2Klnzle-Bt.aboutionrweelts since, will return, be will Icam sometb'nc to his ad vantage. Ib about 21 yean ot age and lately tram Ire land. Any person knowing ala whereabouts will please address WM. H. WHITE, No. 2 Klnzte-st, TNFORMATION—Wanted—Ot Daniel X F. Ferguson, who resided at 238 UvUsoa-st., In November, 1865, and formerly of St. Thomas. C. W. Any Information concerning aim will be thankfully re ceived by bis parents and irlends. Address J.B. MON TROiS, Port Huron, Mich.

Host anlr jFounc. T OST—Or Stolen—A white Cow, sor C I j years old, on Saturday night. Whoever will bring her back or tell where she Is, will get $3 irom JOSEPH ppriMFN, 133 Uybourae-av., Chicago. LOST— $5 reward will be paid for the return oi a Black and Tan Doz answering to the came of “Jack.” FIELD. LETTER A CO„ 112 and 114 Lake-st. LOST —On Wednesday evening, April Sd,botween Twelfth and ,Congresa-su, on Wa bash-av, a lady's Ming Collar. If the finder will leave tt at 613 Wabaah-av, a suitable reward will be given. LOST— Maitland & Scranton’s check on the Northwestern National Bank of -Chicago for four hundred and twenty-five dollars (U3S), pay able to the order ot C. U. Cooley and endorsed in blank. The pnbtlc are cautioned against negotiating for the boro as its payment has been stopped. jßoarbing. TJOABDUfG—Two gentlemen and their t> vires can obtain board at 16# Mlcalgan-ar. None bov those visaing Crst-cla** accommodation* paid apply. Call at once. OARDINQ Pleasant rooms, with board, at moderate prices, at 310 State-st. BOARDING— A lady and gentleman and two single gentlemen can obtain excellent Doaio and comfortable lumiF&cd r?ms (one a Coni room), with closets, at 601 West Madlsoo-rt. BOARDING— A large trout parlor, handsomely furnished, suitable for a ccnu»tnin ata wife, with board, can be bad at th« St. Clsud Boose, only taro minutes walk from tan court uoose, 114 Fracklin-st. VINTON & UAYNE3. BOARDING— For gentleman and wife, second-ftory front room and bed room, all lur msned. No other boarders. Gat In bath rooms, and bathroom cusaaeiloor. Location onTwenty-llfui-st. Apply at 198 Lake-st. TJOAUDINQ—Two very pleasant suites il ol unfurnished Booms to rent, with H rat-das? bJard. House new, with modern Improvement*, and ph-aiant location. 64 Para-ar. T> CARDING—A eentleman and wile, F) also a few single gentlemen, can obtain board, with nicely fnrnlshed rooms gaa, etc.. In aortvato fam ily, within five minutes’ walk ol the Post OQlce. Ap ply at 18 Fourib-av. BOARDING— A nice second-story front room.wlthCrst-ciaesboard, Inaptlvate lamUy. ror a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, at MOEoathDapiaioea-iL. one door trom 91adlson-st. cars, and ten minutes* walk from Court House. BOARDING —A front room suitable for a lamlly: also, room for one single gentleman, may be had at 113 Wabash av. BOARDING— A few gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board at 104 East Madison-at. BOARDING— With pleasant rooms, m a private family, for a lady and gentleman or sir* gie gentlemen, with or without board. Apply at 80. 2 Bnhbard-conrt. BOARDING— Earn shed or unfurnish ed rooms mav be had with board at 148 Madl son-sU one block from the Post OQlce. Terms reason able. ■QOARDING —Two gentlemen can be () accommodated with board and pleasant room at S4Adamt-at. Also two day boardps. BOARDING —With tarnished rooms lor gentleman and wife and single gentlemen. Also board for one respectable lady-occupied from home during the day,atls2K«Bt Madlson-st. S OARDING —$4.60; Restaurant board *4.90 per week, to those who apply this day at I Dearbom-eu near Post Office. BOARDING —A gentleman and wile or two single gsntlemen can And the comloito of a home in a private family by applying at 113 South Halswd-tt. with board. TJOAUDING —A sinple mom with board 14 for two gentltmta at 244 Wabash-av. T>OARD—By a German gentleman f) board and lodging In an American lamlly where there are few or no other boarders. Address “tT, 104 Lake-sC BOARDING —A few boarders can be accommodated In a private boarding house at 32S West Maoleon-st. Also a few day boarders wanted. BOARDING —Front parlor and bed room. single rooms and day board can be obtain ea at cp stairs. BOARDING —Furnished rooms to rent, one a front parlor, with or without board, at 177 North Clark-st, Reference required. BOARDING— Two or threee gentle men or man and wile can And good rooms is a private family by calling at 81 Adams-st., Sooth Side- TJOAEDIN6—WeII famished front XJroom to r*nt with board. Also two day boarders wanted at 110 Wabssh-av. BOAKDING— And rooms to rent, at the National Hotel, corner Wells and Washing ton-sts.. ore square west of the Court House, front roomr, with Ore. gar, Ac., for gentlemen and their wives or single rooms, from S 3 to Sift t day boarders fa per week. Good rooms and good board. T>OAHDING —Good board and pleasant |» rooms cso be obtained at Briggs House No. 2, 88 Monroe-M. Day boarders accommodated, O. IIRIGOS. Proprietor. double room, also one single room, with first-class board, can be haa by applying at 293 Michlgan-st. Also, day boarders accommodated. T) OAIIDING —For man and wife or t> two young men. In a private family on West s-ule. rear Union Park. Terms moderate. Address Box 0211. JJoato aSanteb. TDOARD—In a small private family, by D two young gentlemen, who desire a comfortable home. A Christian family preferred, where there are few or no other boarders. Location between B'di lagc conrt and Twepty-fourth-sL, east ol State. References exebaurrd. Address, stating terms, “8 L D," P. O. Box 2936- T)OARD —By two young gentlemen, on Ml one of tbe avenues, south ol Twelflh-st. Address “EP W." 201 and 203 South Watcr-st. "DOARD —By a young man, on the n Ist of May, board and unfurnished room Ins private family, on Bontb Bide, east ol State and norUi of Foarieentn-et. Address **G. F. 8.,” P. O. Box 5.889 T>OARD—By a lady music teacher. f» would teach and fornluh placo as part payment for board. Beat city reference* given. Address ’•MUSIC TEACHER,’’ Tribune office. BOARD— A gentleman recently trom tcc Fast desires board in a central location. Ref erence given and required. Please address ”F,” Tri bune ofllce. T>OARD—And room, by a young Ger- I I man, employed In a wholesale house. In a private American lamlli, not too far flom business part of city. Obleot ts to learn the English language and to enjoy a comfortable home. Please address "O C," P. O. Box 2386. "DOARD—GenUemau and wife and two JJ children. In a private family where there are but few other boarders. Parlor and two sleeping rooms fumlibed. If any person about going to housekeeping would take a good bouse and give me desirable rooms would furnish mysolf, with a view to permanent home. Reference exchanged. Address G. LEWIS, Box 727 Post Office. partners ffliHantrir. T>ARTNBR—Wanted—With capital of i 13,060 to SIO,OOO, to take an interest In a Foundry and Machine Simp, at Pekin, HI. Anyone desiring such an opportunity will address ua at the Mat’.eson House, Chicago, giving yonraodreaa. We expect to be there next Tuerdav. when we shall coll on you if in the city. UA'.YLbV ACO PARTNER —Wanted—With a capital of (S.COO or fIO.OOo, to engage lu the matmfactore oi ta»h, dcor*. blinds, Ac. The business Is alread? es tablished and ran no competition, and ample machine ry 1« In operation, nt Ka'hvllle, Tcnn. For particular* address Box 420. Nashvll.e. Term. PARTNER— Wanted—This day, with fSOO capital- Will rnarantce a profit of M.OOO la three months. Call and sec fur yourself at 170 Sooth Claik-st., fourth floor. PARTNER —W ad t c d —Cash capital j 15.1X0. In a good business In Chicago, where it can be Increased to anv amount at a good prom. Address “O w.” Tribune Office, stating where au interrlew can be bad. "PARTNER—Wanted —In a dressmak- JT log establishment. One that understand* catting and fitting. Addrwa “B B,” West Side Post Office. auction Sales. TXTM.A. BUTTERS & CO., ' ’ AUCTIONE ER9, 44 and 46 HANOOLPH-3T. Between Stalest, and Wabostuay. T>EGULAR SATURDAY SALE Xli Household Fsmlturc, White Chins Ware, Wheel er A Wilson Sewing Machines, A. T AUCTION. On SATURDAY, April 6th, at 9tf o'clock, at Butters’ Salesrooms, Ea- dolph-st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers. SALE. A most remarkable collection of OIL PAINTING-S By Charles Bllslng, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, April 9th, at 10 o'clock, at Butters’ Salesrooms, 44 ana 46 Randolph-st., between Stale st. and Waba<b-av. The collection embraces FIGURES, SHEEP, CATTLE, and OTHER PIECES, And a great variety ot LANDSCAPE VIEWS OF THIS COUNTRY AND EUROPE, Mostly from nature. The collection will be on exhibition on Monday. The public are Invited to view tbem. The whole will be closed out without reserve. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneers. TAILORS’ STOCK, CastomOlndo Clothing, &c„ AT AUCTION, On Wednesday, April 10, at 9)f o'clock, at Butters* salesrooms. 44 and 46 Randoiub-st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Anct's. QTAFLE DRY GOODS, PRINTS, O STRIPES, BROWN AND WHITE MUSLINS, YANKEE NOTIONS, <tC., AT AUCTION, On Thursday, April 11th, at 9X o'clock, at Butters’ salesrooms. 44 and 46 Randolph-st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., AUCt'S. ■yALTJABLE PROPERTY, THE RICHMOND HOUSE AT AUCTION, On Wednesday, April 17th, at 10 O’Clk. ON THE PREMISES, We shall sell the valuable property known as the Richmond House, situate on the northwest comer ot South Water-st. and Mlchlgan-ar.—tne hou»e fronts 96 feet on Mlcblgcn-av. and iso feet on South Water st., with marble fronts, stx Kories and basement. Tne lot la 96 feet bv ISO, the bon<c covering the entire ground. The RICHMOND HOUSE Is One ot the Best Buildings in this City, Having been built at a cost of 1140,000. and la now In the very b*st repair. All the gas fixtures and steam apparatus will be sold wltu the bouse. Tie title to the property la ported. (65,000 of the purchase money can remain on eight years’ time, at 7 per c*nt. It desired. The saie of this desirable ant valuable property will bo without reserve. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Ancnoteers. Entire furniture, carpets, Ac., ol a large boarding house at auction, on Sat urday, April 6th. at ten o'clock, at 48 West Randolph et~ up stain. We shall sell ihe'enllrc Furniture. Ac., constating of Cat pets. Bureaus, tv ashstards. Bedsteads. Mattrasscs, Deddlbg. Minors. Crockery nod Glassware, one large hotel Cook Stove, Ac , Ac J. heavy a CO., Auctioneers. gALOON FIXTURES AT AUCTION, On Saturday, April 6th, at 3 o’clock p. At No. ISO 1-3 BTATE-9T.. ConslKlng of Bar, Counter. Tables. Chairs, Pictures, Mirrors, AC. J. HEANET A CO., Auct’a. BT GILBERT & SAMPtON—A large assortment of elegant new lumlture AT AUCTION. Weshallien at our salesrooms. 47 and 49 Dearborn on Tuesday, AprlUth.iu 10 o’elocka.m., a large Invoice ot chuice n*-w furniture, consisting ofl6 or 20 dtflerent styles of Walnut chamber suUcs,with marble tcp9.rlcblycwcdCotetme, Terry, Hair Cloth, and other parlor (ettAinat bio top Tables, side boards, all kinds, cane seat Chaim, Book Cases, Ladles’ Descs, A&, Ac., erabraclneeverv at tide found in a full and complete stock. GILBERT A BAMP3QN, Auctioneers. JJANEEL SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lake<4t., cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Ont-door sal?* promptly attended to. «jahj fßills, Engines, sct. rjiHE LANE & BODLEY Portable Circnlar Saw Hills, PORTABLE STEAM EKOZHEB, Shingle Machines, Corn Mills and mutiny, wood working Machinery. LANEABODLET, Corner ol John *mi water-ita-, Cincinnati. Applicants lor dwertpuye Ortolan will specify th* Baehin«T they used. ®o Htnfc=4oouses, TO KENT—No. ICSB Wabash av., with 9 rooms, water, bath, ns, asdgaa hxtorea. *o. 19] vim 10 rooms, neai the can, and a Hoe location. Koi. K 4 Ml S 6 QUncr-it., “1“ S'ojmj. ADDIT 10 J. M. MARSHALL PPJ Koom KNo.gyClarte-at. rpo RENT—A new two story house, I with every scrcmmodatl in fbr private bearding house, vlihfomlmier rsa’c, on the West Side, in* qnlre at No. 4# West Maduua-st. TO KENT—Part of house, with eu roc ms, and forsltnte for sale at a low price, at IK>2 Oak-fIC near lake Shcre. 'TO RENT—New cottage of ten rooms. I 114 with basement, bat and cold water. ttmt f3S per m~ntc. Apply on the premises. TO RENT—Two new dwelling houses with store basements and modem improvements, situated on the corner ot Ftanklln-st. and Cblcago.av. TO RENT —Two stoiy house, No. 1C Scuth Uay-tt, 9 rcomr, closets, pantries. cistern atd hydrant, with immediate D«s*salon. Also, two* 6torrhcnmtbre&leat(}.(oo less than cost, inquire at 313 West Lake-st.. between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. TO RENT—The elegant cottages known as Nos. 202 and 204 with 7 rooms each. with closets, water ana sowers. near horse cara. Apply to 198 Green or to J. it. MARSHALL, Boom 8. No. 97 Clark at. TO RENT—A two-story frame Dwelling House, with or vltbout furniture. 46 South Jeucison-st.i containing ten rooms, with good stable. Potsetslon given May Ist. Inquire of PUBINGTON & SCHANTON, #O9 South Water-st, _ TO RENT—And lor sale—An elegant cottage, with 7 rooms, besides closets, situated In a good neighborhood os the West Side, ISmlrutes walk from Uadlsou-st. bridge, to rent for one year, and • ronitnie—new throughout—for sale. Those not desir ing to purchase the furniture need not apply. AddreJS ♦♦FELIX.” Tribune ofllce. TO KhjNT— Or for Sale—Neat Cottage, corner lot, east and south front, 7 rooms, hall, balconies, closets, etc. Rent S3S per month, and imme diate possession given. luqotreat 124 Past Randolph* Bt., or on premises, 198 North Curtis-st. XO RENT—Desirable new house, 517 North Clark-sL, containing gas, water, mantel*, with shrubbery In yard. Bent quarterly la ad* vance. Inquire at 517 North Clark-tt. T? KENT—A buck bouse, with ten rooms acd six closets, at sroo$ r OO a year. Inquire at 102 U on Twenty-fcnrth-it. TO RENT—I arge two-story brick house on Mlchlean-av., lu good location, suitable lor a nret-clats boarding house. 6. A. SPHINGES, No. 9 Metropolitan Block. rro RENT—A first class house with 10 I rooms and a good barn, situated on the South Side, east of Wabasb-av.. north ol Twcnty-secoud-st. Item low. Also, furniture for sale. Inquire fOrfoor days of C. B. TIBBETTS. 282 Klnrie-st. Xo RENT—A three story brick house and brick bam on Tblrd-ave- between Van Ooren Harrison-sts. Apply at 174 Bandolph-st. TO RENT—House to Rent and Purni taro for sale. Fomlture all In good order and nearly new. Apply st 22 South CUntoa-st. TO RENT—House—With all modern Improvements, two stories and basement, on northwest comer of Superior and North Statists.; good view ot lake from front windows. Apply to KNADEB A MALCOh. comer North Water and dark-eta- Ewing's Block, Place No. 1. rpo RENT—Two-story house, No. 608 I Fulton-st., containing 13 rooms, Ac. Apply at 094 Falton-st. TO RENT—House No. 753 Wabash-av. at present occupied by Rev. Laird Collier, con tamlng9rooms.7 closets, bathroom, good laigeyardandbam. Kent 11.100. Atnlyto-80,”ut Hyde park Hotel, or Q.W. NEWCOMB, S‘J Dearooru st., Boom 8. TO RENT—Ore two-story framehouse, with U rooms and 6 closets, situated on Hnrlhut et_ North Side. Apply to THOMPSON A LACKNER. No. 51 Booth Clark-st. TO RENT—A cottage house ot 8 rooms and closets, hydrant In kitchen. No. 58S Fultoc st. Alto, tew cottage ot 7 rooms and closets. No. 43 Walnct-ei. App’y at No. 43 or at Roam No. 1, op-statrs, 168 Kasdolph-st. TO RENT—7 new houses in a desirable location, in a block on Eugenle-st.. between Clark and Welia-sts. Bent *35 per month. Apply to JOHN bCANLAN, 126 Washlngton-eL, opposite Court House. TO RENT—A desirable bouse contain ing 11 roous and sclosets. For particulars in quire at 413 West near comer of Elisa beth. *— • sSent==Hooms. TO RENT—The upper part of a nice two-storv Irame House la a pleasant neighbor hood. Alamlly wltbontchlldrenpreferred. Bent 115 per month ts advance. Call at 033 Carroll-a L, be tween Wood and Llncotn-sts. TO RENT—Rooms at 004 Stale-st., first floor, for business, and five rooms on second floor lor dwelling. rpo RENT—A trout room in the second M story of No. 64 LaltMt , corner of State—one of tbe most desirable locations in the city, size of room 19x32. Apply to KIDDER A CO., 64 Xake-st. TO KENT—Neallj furnished rooms, with or without hoard. In a private family, at 176 South CUnton-st. TO RENT—Room 50 by 100 feel In tbe fomth story of the Reynolds’ Block, corner Dear born and Wadlson-ata. Apply to QUIUDY & HAW LEY, No. 7 Reynolds’ Block. TO RENT—Two furnished front rooms at 128 Mlehlgan-st. TO RENT—Suite of furnished rooms to rent, end furniture for tale. Address “WH B," Box 2664. TO RENT—No. 11 East Randolph st, fornl'hed front parlor, for two gentlemen or a married couple, with or without hoard. Private fam ily. Best location In the city. 11 Bandolph-st. gro&cnfcjgtotes, ©ffices.&c rpO RENT—No. 125 Dearbom-st., store I and basement. nos. ] 09 and 201 with rooms. No. 273 K Clark-st.. with rooms. Nos. 187 and 200 Clark-st., with rooms. Nos. 313 ana 314 Clark-st, with rooms. No.2fiH East Madison-st, store. No. 312 State-st, brick store. No. 218 Jackson-et., One store. No.’JSl Clark-st, elegant basement. No. 310 Clark-st. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, 97 Clark-Bt. r i’OßENT—Dockage—Lumber Yard to J rent for a term of year’s, In Greene’s South Branch addition. A.G.TBBOQP. City Treasurer’s Ofllce. TO RENT —Store rmdboocmonlttSßan dolph-H. Apply at store. TO KENT—Basement oi store No. 43 South Clark-t-t. Also, three stories and basement of store No. 39 Sooth Water-st,, for storage purposes. Inquire upon the premises. J. H. SHOWN A CO., 43 Sooth Clark-st. TO RENT— Offices and sleeping rooms In various blocks, which will be let to good ten ants cheap. Apply to J. M. MAUSIiALI*, Boom 8, No. 97 Clark-et. XO RENT—Offices in building No. 43 LaSallc-et. Inquire 01 B. B. BELLA CO., first r. r TO RENT—To Physicians—Part ot a phTslclan's office to rent. Address“CW B," Post Office, lor one week. HTO RENT—A stable on 3licmgan-av., I near Twenty-second-st.. having three sTalls, car riage room, hay Jolt, Ac. Apply by letter to "B B B,” Post Office. TO RENT—Two stores, 8C and 88 West Itand-dph-st, (brick block). Possession given immediately Inquire on premises. npo RENT—The second and third floors L of No. 40 State-st., suitable for a Jobbing busi ness. Apply to INNESS, CONVERSE A CO., US Late st. TO RENT—The three-story and base ment Brick store, 36 State-st. Office on street floor. If) South Wclls-st. Office on street floor. 160 Souto Watcr su Alto, a few offices and sleeping rooms, by P.GEDDE3, Boom 5.N0. 17 Sooth Wells-st. rpo RENT—The tlnrd and lonrth floors, i with office on the second floor, ot a new flvo-story building, centrally located. Address Box 1369- TO RENT—Store 605 West Lake-st, 6 rooms np Blairs and bam In the rear. A few fix tures lor eale. infinite at 99 Booth Cllnton-st. TO KENT—Newstore,No. 615 State-st, with 4 rooms In the rear, to rent ch°ap for a re spectable business. Possession given May Ist. In qnlie of H. C. DICKHAUT, 66 Washtngton-sl. TO RENT. —From the Ist day of May, store 147 Dearborn-sL, at present occupied by the Onion Painting Co. For terms, aoplv to •• h O.” at Hyde Park Hotel, or GEO. W. NEWCOMB, 82 Dear bom-st., Room 8. TO RENT—The second, fourth and fifth stories, 201 and 203 Sooth Water-st.. 40x100 feet each, well lighted. Possession Ist of May. or sooner, IT desired. Applyat 201 and 303 South Wa ter-st. TO RENT—Second floor, No. 50 Lake- St. PHELPS. DODGE A CO. TO RENT—Household Furniture—A lady who does not wish to keen house will rent nerfurnlture (valued at 13,500), for a year or more, to a responsible pence who will take good care of It. For particular*, address, by letter, F. C. GOODWIN, Boom 7 Smith A Nixon's Bonding. TO RENT—Store and boarding house, No. 469 Clark-et.; store and boarding bouse, i»u». 122 and 124 aherroan-st.; store and boarding bouse. No. 297 Clark-st.: store and rooms,No. 293tf Clark-et. Apply to J. M.MARSHALL, 97 Clarc-sx. rpo RENT—Brick basement, welllight- I ed and finished, southeast comer of Banooloh and Urlou-sts., under Dm? store. Inquire of THOS. PARKER, 2 Methodist Church Block. TO RENT—Or For Sale—On long time—A very desirable location fbr a brewery or Backing-boose, near UalsieJ-st. Bridge, In McCord A 'Neal's Subdivision, by P. SIEVENa. RENT—Store No. 17 Dcarbom-sL, from May. Rent *1,500, wide trout, well lighted collect location for a party selling groceries or other goods by sample. Apply at 101 Boom 7- rpo RENT—Store 319 West Lake-sL, A and fixtures for sale. This Is a good location fur any kind of business, will be sold sola cheap audpos session given Immediately If required. 'T'O BENT—One-hall of a store and X basement on South Water-st. Apply by letter to • Q P.” Trtbune efflee. TPO RENT —2OO leet on Wahascav., im- X mediately south of Twenty-fonrth-st., for a term of years. Apply to J. L. JAMES, No. 9 Metropalltan Bloc*. 'pO KENT—Store No. ninety-tour (04) 1 WasblnctOD-rt., extending back to aid Including the first floor and basement ot what was formerly the Academy of Music, and about thirty (30) desirable offices over Bald eremites. Apply to H. G. Milter, at the effice of Miller, Van Arman A Lewis, or ot B B. MASON, at the office ol the Illinois Central Lana De partment rpo RENT—Store and basement on Kin- X xle-st- under Revere House, tor two years, at a lew rent. H.C. MOREY A CO.. 8 Metropolitan Block. 'T'O RENT—Brick store 2dß State st, i from May. Rent|9oo. Good location,nice store. Apply at IQI Waablngton-st., Boom 7» npo KENT—The half part of store 515 A Bonth Btate-st., Just right fora milliner or dress maker. Beat very cheap. Apply at3l3SonthSCato-st. TO" KENT—The third story of Nos. 76 and 78 Lwalle-sU. opposite the Conrt House. Apply to C. HOPKINSON, 138_WashIngton st. TO RENT—Prom May Ist, part of the store 231 South Water-st. Apply on the prem- Ises, office up stairs. fHacfnnetp. T?OR SALE—Shingle, Stave and Barrel JP Machinery, comprlfing Shingle MUM, Heading Mills, Shingle and Heading Jointers, atave Jointers, Sure Cutters, Heading Bounders and Planers, Equal izing atd Cut-off Saws, Ac. Ailnew, of our own man ufacture; and warranted. Send for Illustrated Lt*t. FULLER A FORD, 282 and 284 Madiaon-SL, Chi cago. HI. FOR SALE—Woodwonn planing and matching machine* of dlflervnt styles ana alzes; one 21-ioch sorfacer; a full assortment of sash, door and blind machinery, moulding mac ticca, wood lathes, scroll fawa, re-eawmgmachines, saw arbors, Am, Ac,; also, machinery fot iron work—engine lathes, planers. opngbidtlUs,Uerrlniaa’B patent bolt cutlers, Dayl*’ patent bolt headers. Bralnard’s patent vises—all at manufacturers* prices, CreJgnt added. Circulars seat onappllcaUun. wkrRIMaN A WBXOBT, 14 Wells-sL FOB SALE—2S,IO and 15-hoisc power portable engines and boilers, with all modem to meats, and all complete, and (br sale at very low prices, by GRIFFIN BROS., 116 LaSaUe-st. •170 K SALE—Three a-horse power up- X ngbt engine®; aiso six horizontal engines, Aw and 13-hone power. Larger or mailer engines fur nished with or without boUera. 12,15,16 ana 30-horse tabular and locomotive boilers for sale, best make. Also one <• roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron FJR SALE—Steam Engines—Two CO, oneSO, one 15, and one S-horte power, with boil ers complete; two 15-hone fire box boilers; one Everts shingle mui, and one heading rounder. JAMES WAB NEB, 233 State-st. F)R SALE—Siding mills, saw mills, Woodworth planing and matching machines, steam or hand hoisting machines. All kinds of ma chinery made to order. F W. KBAU6B, Franklin Iron Works, 74 and 76 West Washlagton-st., Chicago. Heal EBtote-sitg. IMCBOVED. FOK aALE—By Snyder * Lee, BealEj- Ut* Az*dU. Ho. 4 Metropolitan Bloc*. a oa» J norj and ovement tinea h-ojo of U L^. 13 *! Improrementi. and lot, on Wiitunawo-ft-, c»r ecta. ESU bALE—Two s.ory uonse, and lot, on Fomlh-ar., near T»eilv-»t.—Co«»e« Mfen .«r , cmr Falton-it-. wish r.|#t —tgJCO- Basement cottJßr. j «i» -ants 9an.rarn*a-r. lUn Block. _ FO»i j?ALE—Cheap—The marble mint _ dwelling, No. 377 ff«at Wuhingtoo-u. D. J. LAKE. FOR SALE—Gemeel Wabash-aT. resi dent?. wlthlotiOilSO.neariadrtdse coart. The meat tljo'oneh built two-#tory «nd stone bvement tnuni: house pi. toe avenue. Heated -y steam throucn ont. la lien repair, and containing all mcotro lmpt&T«y men-*, F.t a first-class resldecc*. toe dost J-J.V able cce that b*s been offered thliseMOß. Terms fciv_r able. InquireclA.J.AVEKELL,Beal E.UU Agent, Boom 7. Metropolitan Block. rrOK BALE—Two first-class bilck resi ts dences on Centre av.. West Bide- KOZET ft CUM MINGS. 98 LaSalie-fit. FOE SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Eeal Ernie AbhH.No.4 Metropollun moefc. noirlr new two-story and basement nx»o*e or ll , wll seders Improvements, and lot, with barn, 770 si.cqi gsc-av.. near Twenty-secoad-fit. T7OR SALE—At a great bargain the r lota and buildscs No. 78 and SO Greea-sL Water, ns. and tewers complete. Possession May lsc This is one ol the best investments now offered lor bones. Apply to MARS HALL. 97 Clark-st. TTOK SALE—Two story House, 10i44 Jj feet, and lot No. 273 West IndJsna-at., cheap for cash. or on time. For particulars call at above resi dence. , FOR SALE—Or Rent—Cottage house of 5 rooms, halt and finished basement, and two lota. Inquire on premises. No. 31 Fraak-aL, near Sine leland-av. T?OF SALE—Two desirable houses two 1/ story hen*?* and lots on Hllnol*-«L, between North BUte andCasa-sts.. at a very low price lor cash, if taken together. Only *ILOCO tor the two-wIU reat lor *1,500. WABBEN ft uOODBICH, 133 Dearborn st.. Boom 2. FOB SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Eeal EsUto Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two-story frame boose of 10 rooms, and lot, on War ren-sL, near Robey. TT'OR SALE—Or exchange loranunim 1* proved lot—A very comfortable cottage ot 5 rooms, well situated on leased lot on the West Bide. Address •* A B G. M Box 1087. Milwaukee. FOR Bt»LE —Cheap—For a lew days only, a splendid new brick hoots, with all modem improvements, lot s7yxl62Jn toe mostdrHrable loca tion on North LaSalle-fit. nice *15.000. Terms easy. Apply to Music Store, 133 South Dearborn. T?OU SALE—On Wabash-av., a first 1/ class marble front house and furniture, with all toe modern Improvements, by A. B. WING ft CO., S 3 Washlngton-sC, Boom 2- ITOR SALE—On Warren st,, house and ' r lot; house nearly new. with nine room*. Price &3CO: J.fCOdown; balance In lour years. £. H.CUM MINGS, room 19.132 South Clark-st. F)B SaLE—A neat brick house, con tainlng 9 roorrs-wlth large soft water cistern, hydrant, near Monroe, which can be bought T*ry cheap on easy terms U applied fjr at once. WILLIAM P. KERF OPT, 89 Washington-* t. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new thrce-slcry and basement brick bouses of 13 rooms each, modern improvements, and lots, on Randolph-st* near Elizabeth. TT'OR SALE A new two-story and r basement brick bonse, with Mansard or French roof, bath-i oota. hot and cold wafrr, five marble man tles, bells and speaking xnbts. House 21x41 feet; lot 138 feet deep to an alley; No. 204 West Monroe-st. Inquire of Dr. T. D. FIiCH, 290 West Monroe-st* or as Boom 5,128 V Dearborn-st* between the boon of 11 a.m.anal p.m. FOR SALE—By Whitney & Linn, 15 UhUch’a Block,-two cottages and lot. 14 bv NO ft, corner Huron and Markct-ata.; a fine lot, IDxliS ft, on Meuan-st* near Adams; a new two-story house on Curtlt-ri., near Madison. TT’OR SALE—A marble front house and P .lot on Wabash-av-near .Tack«cn-st_ price *19,000. Easy terms. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 123 Dear born-st* Room 2. FOR SALK—Desirable Iwo-story frame house, well-finished throughout, and good barn, with corner lot, cast and south front, near bone cars. Weft Side, only *3,400. C. HOPKINbON, 128 Wash- In gten-at. TT'OR SALE—At a banrain. an eiecant JT Residence on North Side. 'Contains ten room*, closets, bathroom, 4c., Ac.; east front, and is situated sear the lake: lot CO feet front br 140 deep; welt stocked with shade trees. Price $7,500. Apply to B. H. KRHFQOT 4 CO., 71 Dearbom-st. F)R SALE—Two-story and basement house on Cottage Grove-av., near Twenty-third- St.. 12 rooms, marble mantels. Ac* *WOO; two-story and basement honse on Wabash-av.. near Fonrteeulb st_ *8 500. D. C. MOBET A CO., Beal Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. TT'OR SALE—On Warren-st, a two t* story house o! ll rooms, nearly new, with lot 60x E 5 to alley, set with trees and shrubbery. Can be had for 16,000. Easy terms. J. B. ANDREWS, 7 Mctho di»t Church Block. FOR SALE First-class residence on Wabash-av* c’etauUy finished and containing all the modern improvements, and lot and barn, all for *B.OOO. L. n. ARTHUR A CO* 210 State-at. FOB SALE—A convenient and com ffbrtable house, with seven rooms, on North stale st* I fit 3X120, east'front. WARREN A GOODRICH, 125 Dearbom-st* Boom 2. TT'OR SALE—One ot the finest residences JP on Wabash-av* south of Peck-court; honse has all modern Improvements; lot TO feet front. Also, a first-class three-story brick bonse op Pralrle-av* near Sixtccsth-et.; pricesl7,ooo. J. L JAMBS, No. 9 Metro politan Block. FOR SALE—Michigan av. lot, near Thlrteecth-st* at a bargain If sold at once; Pral rie-ay*near Twenty-elxth-st* very desirable tor Im provemepl; Calumet-ar- some fine building lots, la goedneighborhood. J. D. HABVEY, 7S La-aalle-tt. TT'OR SALE—A new dwelling house on I* lodlana-av* with all modern Improvements. Lot SfxlSO leet. A decided bargain and most be told. WH. HANSBEODQg. 90 Washmgton-et. TT'OR SALE—A house and lot on Wa r bash-av* between Twenty-third and Twenty frmrth-sta. Price *3.soo—east front. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 125 Desrborn-Bt* room 8. FOR SALE —Two houses and lots on Wabash-av tween Eidridn and Harmon-coorta -*IO,COO each. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 135 Dear born-st* room 2. T?OK SALE—A fine lot on Michigan-av., A? near Uadiioo-st* 36Kxuo fret to alley. Only tliocc, very easy terms. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-st ,Boom 2. EOK SALE—In Hyde Park—Good two stoiy frame bouse, elent rooms, nearly new. good weit In the yard, and lotSOzlSO, cheap. J H KEELER 4 CO. Real Estate Agents, 129 South Clark-st. VNIAPBOVED. T?OR SALE—By Thos. B. Bryan & Co., JT Bryan Hall; UNION PARK, corner Bardolph-fiL, 217 feet. UNION PARK, south of Washington, 50x130 feet. BUET.DON-ST-. sooth ol Washington, 50x150 feet. BISHOP COURT, sooth of Washington, 123x130 Icet. REUBEN-ST.. corner Fnlton, about 200x132 feet. JEPFEBiON PARK, trontage ot 2)0 feet. LAKE-BTm near Sangamon, 50x100 feet. FULTON-ST., corner Morgan, 150x100 feet. CANAL-ST-near Washington. 46x150feet. INDIANA-A v., con er S ixteenth. ttOxlSO feet. INDIAHA-A south cf Sixteenth. 3txl*7 Pet. PRAIRIE-AY., south of Sixteenth, two fronts, 66 feet. PBATBIE-AY-corner Twenty-second, 100x110 leet. MICQIGAN-Av., sooth of Twelfth. 50x170 feet. WABASH-AV.. Benin Of Thirteenth. TSiISO leet. MONRO E-ST., opposite Post Office, 22*x190 feet. RCBH-ST-, near Huron.3oxll3 feet. RIVER LOTS on the North and Booth branches. GREKS BAY HOAD, choice property tor a snborbai residence. [euui'ucc. t3T HOUSES and LOTS for tale In all parts ol the city. ana block for enb-division. FOR SALE—By George & Williams, Real Estate Agents Ho. 7 South Clark-st. Building lots on Waoash-av., near Thirtteth-st., line location, very cheap, f I.CCO. Also, on Kankakee-av., from Thlrty.flrat-st. to Thlr ty-thlrd-st-cast front,from *7loto *I,OOO. Also, on Fulton and Walnut-sts., near Paulina, good neighborhood, *l.OlO. Also on Peoria, Sangamon and llorgan-sts, good lots, lair prices and terms. Also hemes and lots and houses onleasedlots, differ ent parts of the city. T?OR SALE—A 10-acre Block, being 1? Block 13 InSeetlon 7, west of Dilon Park, at a bargain. A fine opportunity for oneiseeklng a safe and profitable investment. A good bouse and lot (if in the right location) will be taken in part pavmest. Title beyond Question. The land lies well, and must greatly enhance In value during tbo next two or three years. WARREN A GOODRICH, 133 Dearbom-sc, Room 2, F)R SALE— By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metroopolltan Block, eight lots, corner Adams and three lets on Lin coln st. near Monroe; three lots comer Jackson and Allport-sts. FOR SALE—33O feet by about 350 deep on Vincennes road, next north and adjoining Esq. Assy’s residence, for *35 per foot. Afro. another lot the same size on Kankatee-av-adjolnlne the above, tor S3O per toot. Address A. P. PLATT, Wheaton. 111. FOR SALE—By B. B Chambers, 17 Reynolds' Block, a splendid building lot. near Twenty-second-eL, at a great bargain. Houses and lots in all parts of the city. FOR SALE—A few desirable residence lottfwest of Union Park, on long time and at low pncea to panlra wishing to Improve them this season. J. B. ANDREWS, 7 Methodist Church Block. T7OR SALE—fIQ feet, corner Park-av. r andLeavltt-BU, *3.100; 77 feet on Llncoln-st- near Monroe, *35 per frot: Slots on Adams-st, near Wood, KSS per root fi.C. MOREY A CO., Real Estate Bro kers, 8 Metropolitan Block. XT'OR BAT'D —By Snyder & Lee, Real [* Axents.Room N 0.4 Metropolitan Block, lot6o by 124 leet corner Madison and Panlina-sts.; 3 lota on near Wood. T?OR SALE—Very desirable Lots on r West Washtngton-fit, east of Park, at great bargains. Apply to GEO. W. HILL, 17 Reynolds* Block, near the Post Office. TT'OR SALE—Wharfine lot, one of the P best on South Branch, wltff water front ot nearly SCO feet. Business property in all parts of the city. Several lots on West Washington, Randolph, Lake and Canal-s’s. J D HARVEY. 78 LaSalle-st. &eal ISstattssCtottnirg. TTOR SALE—In a pleasantly a mated J 1 and healthy vll'aee, about 20 miles from this city, a moat desirable residence, containing eleven rooms, besides pantries and closets, good stable, wood and ou’bouses, with well and brick cistern, brick cellar with cement floor, all In goodorderand repair. House situated In centre r>l3 acres ot ground, covered with choice fruit and (bade trers, grapes, Ad, twenty rods frim depot, wlta plank walks, will sell house, to gether with piano, carpets and all household goods, cow, wood and coa' and provisions complete, or sepa rate. to suit. ForlDformaUOD.BCudnotetoßoill.o3 tblscliy. with name at a address. A splendid chance ter a ready made home. P")R SALE—House and lot at Rocklord, Dl. A good two-story stone house, with base ment, twelve rooms, hall, double parlors, large kitch en, two brick cisterns, garden well supalied with fruit «cd sbinbbery, bouse surrounded bv large shade trees, ao acre corner lot. In a mo«t desirable neighborhood, within three minutes wal* of the well-known Rock ford Female Seminary. A rare opportunity tor those havlicdanchten to educate. Price Ss£oo. 'Apply to O. C.BLACKMER, 1.15 Eandolph-st. FOR BALE —Ip Evanston, a new cot tage Boos*, well built, with 7 rooms, besides clos ets. A goed cellar und-r tbe whole house. Also gcod well and cistern. Lit 70 by SCO feet. Price £kooo. Ap ply to C. COMSTOCK. No. 8 State-sL. Chicago.. I7OU SALE—Or Rent—A splendid rest- Jl* deuce property in the vU.aeeot iJbckport, thirty two miles from Chicago and convenient to cars, con sisting of lot 80 by 160 feet,with bcuse 16 by 24 leet two stories hi eh,with wing and piazza 24x24—entire front 40 feet—in rear of which Isa >itchea and wood boose it by C 4, good cement cellar and cistern; also a well of never falling water; alto a barn 16 by 32, two stories hub, all ot which are new and In complete order and built In tbe most substantial and workmanlike man ner. Abundance of choice young Dolt trees, grapes, beirUs. Ac. price>3ACocash: rent >250 per annum, address H. H. MR ACC AM, Burlington House. 6SO Canal-su, Chicago, Illinois. FOR SALE—Farm, 8 miles from Mor ris. Grundy Co.. IUL, containing 159 acres, 20 acres or which Is wood land, ano all tbe balance Improved; dwelling house, horse bam and granary, all well fin ished and nalnted; about 10 acres ot good grafted ap ple trees, 8 years old, and a never-lalllog stream ot wa ter on th* premises. Terms, fß,oor—one-third cash tn band, and balance on dme to suit the purchaser, at 8- Ber cent per annum. Inquire at tbe office of A. J. ALLOWAY A SON, Bcom 11 Metropolitan Block, Chicago. 170 R SALE—At Evanston—A first-class P new dwelling hous'.wlth lot IKrXO Price *3,000. HUGH Mclennan a co.. no. i ous Block. "fj'Oß SALE—In the village ol6c.Cbarles, X Sane Co v m M a cottage house of 10 rooms, with half an acre of ground, lying opposite public square, well filled with fruit trees and shrubbery, good bun. well and cistern* Terms easy. Apply to B. s. KINO, cn tbe, premises, or JONES. BDNbY A TAYLOR. Room 12 Methodist Church Block, Chicago. T7OR SAIjE—At Hammond & ButlePs I Land Office, 118 Drarborn-eu Chicago—Pine Leeds—lD.CtO acres on Chippewa River; 20,000 acres on Wlscomln; SJXOacreson well; arm on Oconto; 10,000 serfs oa Metomlnee, Mich.; 9.000 acres on Fish Dam; S.oooon Milacocla; 10^00acres 00 Thunder Day Elver: &JXO acres on Grand mver; 14,000 acres on Sag inaw Elver; sawmills and flouring mills: good Im proved isms and fanning lands In the Northwestern : States; a large amount of Unproved and unimproved city property. »elp BOOKKBEPKB» *<« \\f ANTED—Young men to’sell our ¥T Levr Prim SUUcnfTi’jicSnrtfl Use contry Simple pactae* X cent. CaU at, or ad drfj« »!to »tamp, Ko-'ra27, Eeyooi<la’OJ:ck,Calcaso, "IX7ANTED— 3. tew joutut men wilh ▼ T TG to £59 cash, to ens'*<o lo ■> proStOle tmn* cc*», -Hher KKM er ttith.ld*. C» l fr».a 9 t> H aai 1 to 4. at>o. HO Knots 3. * ‘NTED- J\ fAl\- ->—A. man to tmeL One UiorooKhlr RrqtiairUM vrlih ne tobacco aal e>e*T trade, by an oW-eaimbilsi-td hcnse. lo aamtaWe mat, a permanent p’acc ana *ood »«Urr ain m rlren. AddtcM, with reiercuc*. P. O. Pox 1710. WAITED —A boy in a linnr and feed store. Apply at S 3 bo .th CUalon-st. T7?7 ANTED —A man and his tnlc, to co W a few milts in the country, in * i.nx*to ftraiir. An>ly at SIRS. BALK Ail’d OOce, 136 \X7ANTED —A stoieman. Apply this V V event' c between 8 actl a rk at toe auction ro'.msofD.'NlEL *COTT A CO.. IGI Lu.frV. Ku coeuccd apply oat tno« wlulnc toooaay sort of work aad knows dry goods » ell. TBAPBB. TXT ANTED—One or two good Japan- V V nm. who understand stMntok and oniamratil werk npon tin. Apply to FRANK BTDKGBo ft CO., 199 and SOI Randolph-st. TT7 a~NTRH—A No. 1 Carnage Painter. V V Will clve rord vir( and Heady employment. Address OL»ZEBY ft WRIGHT, Burlington, lowa. TXT anted—First class carnage body W maker. Steady work crural-toed. Address J. Jf. CHANNEL, Champa)sn City, 111-, or N. D. HUNTER, 202Lakfr*t.. Chicago. __ TfTft’NTED—A ermpetent man tn take VV charge of a stave factory In one of cbe*t lo cailttcs In Minnesota. Will give steady employment and highest wages to a geodmao. Apply to FULLER ftFOBD, 253 and 881 Madlscn-at. TiTANTKn—A locksmith, a good man, VV to do filing and general Jobbing. Call at-11 Franklin it. TXTANTED—Plasterers— Wages 44,60 VV per dsy. Call at once, at the new cturch on Fourth-ar.,Jast south Of Folk-St. ALEXANDER Mc- WHOBTER. TITANTEO-A good jiano inner. One V V who Is also qnaufled to teach toe piano would bo preferred. Apply at LYON ft QEaLT'S Mule Store, corner Clark and Chicago. WT ANTED—Engineer A competent V V man, to golnto tnc country to rtm a larire ea glne. Ingolre at 269 Madlson-st.. comer Market. TXT ANTED—A TaiJor—A first-class VV cotter and fitter, to work In a country town. Forlnrther pjrtlcnlari Icqulre at HUNT, HARBOUR ft HALE’S. Lake-tt.. near Michigan Central Depot, at 1 o'clock p. n. to-day. TXfANTED—Barber—A good work- VV roan, at the City Hotel barber shop, to whom good wages 212aantcb==iFEinalc IKelp ITT ANTED —A lady who would like a V 1 peasant and permanent home, with moderst* salary, to boa cou-psnlou for an Invalid lady. Ad dress. for one week. **H O.” Tnboae othce. TTTANTED —MiIIiner. Apply tor two VV day?, at D. B. FISK 4 CO'S, 33 and 53 Lake- WT ANTED —A book loldcr can find V V emp’oymeat at CULVER, I’AGE A HOYN'E*3, 128 and 130 Lake-st. TX7ANTED— Experienced shirt-makers W and finishers at 82 Randolph-st, np-statta. HOUSE SERVANTS. TTTANTED—A good "cook to go in the VV country. Good wages win be oaldT Apply at 670 Wabash-av. TXT ANTED—A good QirJ to do general VV housework. Must come well recommended. Call at 50 West Lake-st. TXT ANTED—A girl to do general VV housework In a small fkmlly. Apply at 631 Carroll-st, No Irish need apply. WAITED— A good girl to do general homework at 991 Indiana-av. ■VXTAHTED— Dining-room girls, at City VV Hotel. Apply Immediately. Wanted— A cook and second girl. References required. Apply at 3*7 Superior- TSTANTED—Afiist-class cook, washer VV and Jroner. Apply Immediately at 383 On tarlo-st. - jamplogment gtgente. TX7ANTED—Ioung men in the conn- V V try wishing to obtain situations, such as book keepers, clerks. collectors, salesmen.* conductors, ex ptestmen. Ac, Ac* to apply at Boom 13 FoUerton B’ock. 92 Dearborn-st* or address J. M. MOORE A CO* Box 1707, enclosing 10 cent* for fuß particulars. TXT AN TED—2 assistant bookkeepers; 2 VV sa'es-ren.lconductor. 1 brakesmen. 1 flremsn.l porter. 3 drivers, 2 expr»emeo. Aptly at Boom 13, Fullerton Block, 9*2 Dearborn-st. Applicants bv mall addrets J. M. MOOSE A CO* Box 1707. enclosing 10 cents for reply. a<aan f e'os=Jßimllaneous. TTTANTED—S6,OOO for one year, on VV improved Beal Estate In this city, worth lonr times the same. EOZETACUMMINGS. 98 LaSalle-st. •f tt ANTED—A few experienced travel- VV ling agent*. Apply at 89 Washlagton-st. FINKLE A LTOH a.M.CO. TTTANTED —A lew tons of second-hand V V Strap Railway Iron, by T2E FBSHTIGO CO* North Water-«t* North Pier. TXT AN TED—Owners of real estate hav- VV lug property to sell or rent, will do well to leave It In onr hands, as we have numerous applica tion! which we are unable to snpptv. A. J. MILLS ± CO* Beal Estate Agents, Boom 31 Reynolds* Block. WANTED— From SIO,COO to $20,000 worth of drygoods or clothing, for which part cash, and lands in Minnesota and Wisconsin, will be paid. Apply to “I U,” 244 Lake-et* Chicago. WT ANTED —All married ladies to know VV the great secret. More valuable than gold. Ad dress. enclosing at, to DK. E. TUTTLE, P. O. Drawer 429. Kar kakee City. Ill* and receive the above secret by return ot malL It la worth 500 times its cost. TXTANTED—To borrow money on first- W clats real estate. In sums of SSOO to |S.OOO. Par ties having surplus funds can invest on short or long time asdtor amounts to salt them, by addressing ♦•NEGOTIATOR,” P. O. Box 3320. TUT ANTED —Carpenter work lor a VV hense and lot, West Side. Also, purchasers tor several bouses and lots- Terms very liberal, A. C. BROWN 4 CO.. 128 Lake-st. TXTANTED —A good Lile Insurance VV Man to travel anaappdtot •gents In Michigan and Indiana. Good salary. Hone but first-claw no tic’d. Addrefts, with reference, “GENERAL AGENT," Drawer 67, Kalamazoo, Michigan. TXTANTED—To exchange avery desir- VV able Improred farm la KaUmazoo County, Mich., (situated near a station on Michigan Central Uni i road) for Chicago real estate. Apply to S. H KERFOOT & CO., 71 Dearborn-st. TXTANTED—One good tamborine play- V V er, tone and dance man. to travel with a min strel troupe. Address Drawer 4. Omro, Wl*. TXTANTED—To Trade—Five acres at V v City Ltrt It*. West, for honse and lot la the city, worth fS,OJO to *12.000. Will pay difference *I,OOO to $5,000 in cash. Address, describing property tuliy, “N." P. O. Box 863. \\/ ANTED—For a term of years, V V>. on unencumbered property worth *35.- 000. situated In Llrlng»ton Co- DL. the same being so Improve property. Adores* Drawer 6017. TXTANTED —To Lease—A hotel and V V eating bous&all furnished, so as to have pos session Ist ot May. will pay rent in advance If re quired. Address Box 870, Oshkosh, Wls. XXTANTED—Cash for a meat, game and yy provision stand, with smoke-house, ice-house, lard tanks, horse, wagon, good fixtures, and fine suite cflaaby rooms. Room 3. N 0.48 South Clart-st. TXT ANTED—On storage, at J. B. Tay- V V lor’i. No. 1 Planners’ Block—a few thousand barrels pork.lard, will forget it cot. TXTANTED —A purchaser for a billiard yy room, two Brunswick tables and stock of liquors, and everything In complete running order. For sale at ball us value. Call upon or address L. B. CROOKES. Attorney at Law. Meadota. DL WLmts%~&o%Unt. TXTANTED —To Rent, a medium-sized, y y nicely furnished house, Ln a lint-class locality, during the summer mouths, by a small family (wltn outcrnWren), who will take the bastot care of land rare. WUI take possession any time between now and sth of May. ranker," Tribune ofllcs. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A good honse VV wanted from May tat, to be located within the following district: Lake-fit. on the north. Union Park on the west, Yanßureo-st. on the south, Sangamon on the east. Any party having such a house (with stable) to rent, can address W. E. J-" 107 South Water-st., until Saturday, giving location and price. TXTANTED—To Rent—A room cen y y trally located suitable for a Society or Club room. Address, stating terms, "J W E,” P. O. Box 1529. TXT ANTED—To Rent—3 or 3 rooms VV oo the West Side suitable for housekeeping. Address cr call at 18 South Greett-st. TXTANTED—To Rent—One ertwo nn -yy fuznlsbed rooms, with or without board, for gentleman and wife. Location on Santa Side, and central. Address "Y O U." Tribune office. TXTANTED—To Rent —A first-class y V home, having 13 to 14 rooms. In a good loca tion on the South Side, north ol Twelfth-st.. or on Wathln*ton-fit,Weatbide. Address “HE," Tribune office. WANTED —To Rent—From May >si, a good home, with barn. Willing to nay from *SOO to *&0 for a pleasant location. Good pay and reference. Address No. 374 South Water-st. Mills. TXT ANTED —To Rent—A cottage honse yV of sor S rooms, op West Side, near cars, by a gentleman and wile—no children. Termi must be rea sonable. Address “H," P. O. Box 6139, alvtog terms, location, Ac. WANTED —To Rent—On or before in of Msy, a boose of 8 or 10 rooms, with mod* em improvements, on Sooth or Norm side, can of Stalest, any one having such a boose can hear ol a good and prompt paying tenant by addressing, with particulars, U D Hw,• P. O.Box 6531. TIT ANTED—To Rent—From May Ist, VY ft good boose having 11 rooms, to be located within the tollowlng district: Latent, on the norto, HalstedsL on the east, Hsmson-sL on the sooth. Unlon-nark on the west. Rent not over S6OJ p-r an num. Adores*. Immediately, M W H C." care ot Robert Bae. Bcom 29 Orient!! Building. LaSallfrSL TXT ANTED—To Rent—A Furnished VV room, by'a young gentleman, within two or three blocks ot Lale-st and east of LaSal.e-«t. please address **Q. H. J." 35 Lake-st. WANTED —To Rent—A cottage house of about 8 rooms, and good Improvements, nerrn Side, certh of Elm-st. Apply 209, RoainNo 4. Sonlh Water-st. jfor Sale. FOR SALE —fceveral silver-plated show* ca*rscf dlflerentflzes: a'so. a Wilderfire-prooi sate: also, side cases, at E. U. STEIN’S, 79 ciark-st. opposite tne court house. 170 R BALE —To Harness Makers— Jr >2-700 worth ol stock. Including lease, which ex p'resUaylst.lSni.atttStt oer year, wid be sold fbr >I2OO cash. Can at 166 West Bandolph-sC T?OR SALE—Purciture—The enurefur- X nlture of house No. 20 South Chnton-st. In quire os tbe premise*. It not sold by Monday next, the tame will besoldatancUon. 170 R SALE—Routyahn’s Patent Notch- L ed Hinge and Shatter fastener. State and Coun ty Rlebta for sale. Also, tbe receipt tor three articles of dally sale and also dally consutnptior. Adirem. with stamp, tor circulars, JOS. L. BOnXTAHN. Grig tnsl Patentee, Frederick « ity. Maryland. fj'Oß SALE—Purmitire m two rooms, X 78 Hearboni-«L,bßtweea Washington and Ran dolph lor fishnet half the cost. The rooms can be rtnttd low. If desired. Address “OTTO,” P. O. Box 21a. FDR SALE—Two thousand barrels of choice klln-drled fine mesh part white and part yellow. In lots to suit purchasers; also, floor and feed ol all varieties constantly on hand, at lowest mark'd prices. Lake orders promptly attesdad to. No. 274 south Water-st. Mills. . FOR SALE—A black walnut chamber set of furniture, carpet, to. ?«|iin/w d i®6 cheap If applied tor soon. E F HENSHAW, 106 Lake-it. ffianos. VK sale—Kew and second-nans of by J. FBBSTON. sa r.E—One second-hand piano, m H wnd flOO; cue melodeon Plano*- feSSMSSg»&*‘ i»o f” 1 * g.iio-it. TTM CASrEK. rno KENT—Pianos. For sale and to 104 iiaadOlpb-fU Situations aaamefc, a&LB8. OITtIATIOK—-Wacitd, as salesman, Kj7 cr llgus Pg*t*r, by a y«nc n»a of sood habin si-d rt. Go> (1 m«rrcce« rires. Address ~J. M. lU**Ko43oKcnbClßtk-K. 5 ** SITUATION-Wanted, by an experi- Ci creed Fntcher. JCnfv-Uetlonto raise!aUjiicooa trj. A<larei3 •*W,” SCO to-oce week. SITUATION —Wanted, as salesman o* O tumtent hootSeeper, by a y<Minz mai who hu hpd two year*’experience lathe SotiUu Bacammea {tali'-a* tcm former ea plover. City reference ztTsx. Additu -KENTCCKlAy.**Tribune office. CTCH ATI ON—'Wanted, a man com- O pfTcnt to gtre Mtlmttlon In some office. or a* to cal or trave lice talcamaa. Ad area* tor ose woes. Box 91, Bar lit glen, lowa. O ITU ATlON—Wanted, as stationary en- O e'.rcer ard m»cMnl«t, nr a man of 35 year** expo* mnee. Can re tomxl at 33t sooth Jegertoa-W. SITUATION—Wanted, as assistant up- Obobierer. bv a young nun that 1* willing to went- Has bad experience In maklnx mattresses, outnsg down carp-u. ell cloth and cocoa matting. References alTcn. Address “E B.” Tribune office. CITTJATjON—Wanted—A young man O wiahcaaaltaatlonln a hat, gents* forcUMmror clothing More. Object to learn toe badness. Wonld like aa Interest after a few months clerkship, or would hew mine to take an interest at once with a good home. Adareas-pVTrttmnßoCce. C FILIATION—Wanted— By a first-class k_3 Pieter hotel or billiard rooms. First da« N«rw York reference. Address C. HUB3KLL. I*2B Dcarbora-sr.. Boom 3. SITUATION—Wanted—As a drug and U Pre-cripHoQ clerk; has li Tears* experience la country and city bonnes’. Can nirnlto pest New Torkclty rdftrence*. Apply In perron or address J 9 WHITESIDE, 128 Dearborn-so Bcom 2. FE.UILES, OITTJATION —Wanted—For a young JO lady, as copyist or clerk In some good store. Writes an excellent hand and has a superior education. Address "L E.” Tnboae office. UlTUA'llON—Wanted—As cook by an C? experienced girl; can bring good references. Call at 404 Indian a-st. OiTDATION —W anted —As housc- Cl t rrper or other light work, by a widow. Addnas “mABy,” Tilbnoe once. SITUATION— Wanted—By a young woman.toddnp-suirsoreeieralboa*ework. Cma e good references. Apply at 366 Thlrd-av, b*> tween 10 and 11 a. ra. agents ananteu. AGENTS— Wanted—500 Aeents want •d In a new business. H. B, SHAW, Alfted, Marne. AGENTd— Wanted—?25 a day. Ell teen new articles lor Agents. O.T. GABBY, Btddetord, Malaa. AGENTS —Wanted —To canvass tor -Life id Holy Land.” a work of tbrlilinir Interest to every lover of sacred literature. Just Issued, and selUnv rapidly. Ble?anUy Illustrated. Endorsed by the pulpit and pr-ss. Fcr terms and territory address GXJDbEN ft HALE 127 Sonth Clark-st. AGENTS —‘Wanted, immediately—Ex perienced canvassers toseßthe richly Illustrated “Cottage Cvclowrdla," complete la one octavo volume cfoTer i,cco pares. The rlchMtrepcsltorv ot know.«lga everbrouabtwithin so smallacompass. Amtneof in tellectual wealth. A c*m cl literature. An indispensa ble rtqoMu to every family. Tba best selling book tn market. For terms and territory address GLlDuaif A HALE. Pnbilt Dei». 127 South Clark-st* Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—s7s to S2CO pe* il month, everywhere, male and female. to Intro duce throughout the United states the GEN OINK IK. PROVED ( OMMON SENSE FAMILT SEWING MA CHINE. This machine will stitch, hem. fell, tcek. quilt, bind, braid acd embroider m a most superior manner. Price only fls. Fully warranted for ftre years. We will pay 11,000 for any machine that rill sew a stronger, more beantituL or mure elastic <eaa thaoonrs. It mates thi “Elastic Lockstitch.” Every second stitch can be cot, anc sou the cloth cannot be palled apart without tearing It. Wo pay agent* from sis to £2OO per month and expenses, or a commlsstao from which twice that amount can be made. Addieaa bECOStn A CO., Cleveland, Ohio. CAUTION.—Do net be Imposed upon by other par ties palming od worthless cast Iron machines, the same name or otherwise. Onn la the only gnet- Ine and really practical cheap machine mannfretared. AGENTS —Wanted —Fcr Folsoms new Under Feed. LETT EE A SEWING MACHINE. Price ns to no. Machines scot on trial. P. ATKIN SON, 164 Randolph-st* Rooms No. 6, Chicago. 111. AGENTS —Wanted—Male and female; In Cbicagoandelsewbere.fbracewthlng.'sure to sell, and pay large profits. An agent made film this city the first day. Send stamp fsr circulars, oc call and see. Address 47 Lombard Block. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For “Women of _r\ the War,** written In the glowing and soul-etlr nne language of Frank Moore. The work Li splendid ly published atd beautifully illustrated; nothingcom- E arable with tt In elegance and beauty has before been roaght out, of all the books on the war. It It above aU competition. Agents say—“ The book Is very njocfc admired.” “It sells the easiest of all the books I «ror sold.” Applypersocally or address B.C. TREAT. 117 Sooth Clark-st* Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—Agents arc mak ing twenty dollars a day selling the new picture, “The Tomb ot Llncohu” A gent* wanted everywhere. J. GEMMELI* Publisher. 123 Randolph, cor. Clark. AGENTS —Wanted—East, West, Noith, South, everywhere, to sell Smith’s “INSTAN TANEOUS WINDOW CLEANER AND MAGIC POL ISH.” one of the most wonderful and valuable discov eries of the ace. It cleans windows, mirrors, paint, Ac*asdpo Übesall metals without soap or hot water, slops or litter, and almost without time or labor! An want It as scon as they seelts effects. Onr agents, both laoles and gentlemen, are doing w-11, and yon can sell thousands of boxes this spring. In your own vicin ity or elsewhere, miking |3 to $lO per cay. ALL EXPRESS CHARGES PRE-PAIU on wholesale orders. Send, without delay. 23 team fbr sample, new circular with testimonials, terms, and tun particulars ot the business. Address G. M. SMITH A CO* X 63 Dearborn-st* Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—s7s per month to r\ ose good Agent fbr each County in the UnltM slates, to Introduce onr PATENT CLOTHES LINE. State age and occupation, and address the AMERICAN WIRE COMPANY. 149 Broadway. N. Y. A GENTS—Wanted—Male and female— _ljL Builncas at borne No capital required. Active acrat* can make $5 dally. Aduresi, with stamp, S. DEVEBEAUI. Drawer 6044. Chicago. PI, AGENTS —Wanted—with nnah capi tal, will find the “Marie Llaen Marker” the best selling patent In use. For circr-lan. samples and drawings address, with stamp, MORTIMER 4 CO* Box 367, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted Everywhere, to sell SIR COFP. a book thawing up the diabolical spirit of the Copperead*. Sezd one dollar fora copy and circular,, to PROF- CLACRH, 215 liliuoia-st* Chicago. A GENTS Wanted “ The Empty _LJI Sleeve” and “The Better Land.” two Hook. cboleret and best selling steel engravings aver ed in America. Best Judges prntounce mem “the fineaa errationa cfmcdem art.” Commluions nnusuaSr large. Address STODDARD 4 CO* 102 Washington it., Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted “ The Pictorial r\ BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND INCIDENTS OF TulC WAR.” Warranted the most attractve, fojt-*aii- Ins book of the age. PajsUrgestprofltsacdclvesbeak satfifoctlon when delivered. Agents make {3O to |TOD per week, as we wifi prove. Address SIODDAKD Si CO.. 103 Waahlngtoa-«L. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—Agents are mak xjL in? from *5 to *3O per day canvassing with “TRUMBULL’S FAMILY RECORD." For narOttt lars address TRUMBULL A CRDVEB, Boom 13, Ho. 40 Dearborn-6 L, Chicago. iSusinees (Cijances. FOR SALE—A splendid business chince Is oflered. Largs or small capital may bs employed, but not lets than 120.000. PtcCt very large. For particulars address ** MERCHANT," P O Box 18S6, Chicago. XU. FOR SALE—Lease, stock, and fixtures of a well established retail grocery store, one of the best location! on the West Side. For particulars, inquire at 449 West Randolph-st. T7OR SALE—We have choice houses l 1 and business property in all parts ol the dty.and forms In all parts of the country, constantly on hand. A. J. MILLS & CO., Room 31, Reynolds’ BW* F)R BALE—A first-class drug store, situated ou cue of the liveliest business streets oa North Side, having a brisk trade and a largo and ex tensive prescription business. Cheap rent and a loo? lease. Pull particulars given at the Tribune offlce. Call at 233 North Clark-st. TTOK SALE—For cash, a small Drag X' Store.jmtlho thing for a Physician. Apply at 116 Adams-st. ITOR SALE—Or rent —A rare chance— X 1 for a number of years a first rate Yeterlnarr Es tablishment. situated in Bloomington. Ills. Office stabling for thirty horses. Premises all new; near public square. Apply to the owner, MARY E. HBN PERSON, Centre-si, Bloomington. FOR SALE—A stock ot wines and Honors, valued at ISAM, with or without fixtures, or wl'l trade for real estate all of It ora part. 46 North Wellsst. FOR SALE—Boarding honse and fix* tores. Will be sold cheap to cash customer. In quire at ISS State-sfi, between 12 and 3 o’elccx. FOR HALE—Mrs. Carpenter’s old estab lished dressmaking business and fixtures. Is* quire at 133 Late-st. TTOR BALE—SI,SOO to SI,BOO will bny I* a well-located, established news and tobacco store combined, with building andflxiurei. Casa salsa average *24 per day. Presat owner going west. Ap plyatNo.3Rash-st. FOR SALE—Saloon and restaurant, with lodging rooms, established 10 yean, doing an excellent business, and wnere money can be Slmated oo the mutn street and adjacent to railway depot Rent *25. Amount required, *BOO. Satfrlse lory reasons for selling. Address Box SOO, Laporte, led. IT’OR SALE—Bare chance for watchmak- J 1 era—A stock of Jewelry. Ac- with fixtures, for sale cheap, or trade tor real estate In the city of Go sha. Trade established, doing good hmlness. Only two shops In city. Direct A. J. PRATT, Goshen, inttj FOR BALE—Drag store, entirely new, with a good trade. Nor a drugglit. physician, or any one wishing to learn a safe and profitable boa loess, tbu is a chance seldom met wlttt. Address Drawer 6044, Chicago, DL FOR SALE—Millmeiy store, stock and fixtures, good locality, and doing a good Dtulnes*. Rare chance. Inquire at l4> Foona-sr. T? OR SALE—Lease and fixtures, with or I* without stock, ot a retail grocery, cow doing a large and paring business. Reason lor selling ont, go ing Into the wholesale trade. Address P. O, Box 1619, Chicago, m. FDR BALE—A barber shop, on the comer of Wells and under pawn shop. BENJ. BOBINSON. v FOR BALE—Brewery and malt bouses, Tippecanoe City, Miami Co* Ohio. New. stone and brick, cost $21,000. Will be sold at a gre« socri- to clcte u p a p e«ute. Address JOHN CLARK or IT'OR SALE—Small family provision X 1 store, centrally located. on Sooth Side. Will be Bold cheap lor cash. Apply at 100 Madlson-sO, Room 4. FDR BALE—Stock and fixtures of a re tail millinery and notion sure, doing a good busi ness. Reason fbr selling, poor health. Box 75. L»porte.lnd. T7OR SALE—First-class tea and grocery A store. The parties, wishing to engage in other business, will sell cheap lor rash. Inquire at or ad dress 192 Weat Lake-st., Chicago. T?OR BALE—Rare chance to buy a sa- X loco—National Hotel saloon, wlta fixtures, lor sale, corner Wells and Washlngton-sts. Besson for selling, sickness. F,-r terms, apply on premise*. EOR SALE—Splendid drug store, situ ated In one ol the most desirable) towns In the country, with a population of about l Stcck and fixtures Invoice between fJJWO. Any one la want ol a store of this kind will find it fir their Interest to Investigate this before purchasing elsewhere. For Inrtber eartlcuian, address or call as 29 and 31 Hlver-st.. Chicago. 111. , F)R SALE—A lO.COO-brl warehouse, m»t nrooE bandy to river and railroad. Insured *Mn»t hesold this week. Prtce XWWO. cast- No. 4S» Sontt Clark st. T?OR SALE—A bcot and shoe establtsh r ment In a good locality, doing a fint-class trade. jJonebntthosemeaninsbuslnestneed apply. Address •q z." Tribune office. OK SALE—Steam gnst miD, 85 mUes sonlh of rhiesgo, at »sacrifice. Terms, S4.Coocash. Inquire o?J-X-NO YE A CO., Chicago, or &A. IIPNGEbFOBD. OaftfS*. HI- • FOR SALE—Small hotel, corner State andTwenty-sccond-sta. No. 1006 Slato-sL, In complete mntag ord«Vwith a firsfrclase saloon at tached and well mrntahed. WIU be auld cheap to re spocUbie parties. Inquire at 1057 Stste-ss. or 50 Dearbcrn-st. FOR SALE—And To Rent—Packing borne and fixtures, complete, with lease of dock laoreetonrlver; aLo.bouse and barn, to be moved, ailtorsale. House on Blzab*th-iL, and cottage oa Wecdell-iC. to rent. J. EDWARDS FAY. 13 Lorn hard Block. For. SALE—Gjcat Bargain—l will sell at auction. April l6tb.l9S7.tte bakery ard fix tures known as tbe NsshTlUe bte«m Bakery. No. 16 North Summo-sL, consisting ol steam engine, cracker mtchlnes. eardy machines, ovens, wagons, bora-*, oray, sed erfrythlsg for carrying on tbe wholesale bakery busloess. Everything is as good as new. and conkl be made a very profitable Investment to a bust ns as man. Terms mace known oa day ot sale. s. Q. WOOD, Nashville. Tenn. FOR SALE— Lager and Billiard Saloon Ho. S 3 L»S*IIMU Inquire o»Kie premise*.