Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 7, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 7, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. Unsettled State of Affairs on the Continent. Further Reference to the. Luxemburg Question. Enfeebled Condition of the Ans- triad Empire. Vessels Foundered at Sea. FROM WASHINGTON. Copperhead Hopes Built on the Connecticut Morsel, Business of the Senate in Executive Session. Senator Sanlabnry to Have a Pro bationary Trial. RECONSTRUCT ION. Ireedmen’s Schools at ihc South —-Interrsting Statistics. Correspondence Between Generals Grant and Sheridan. Action of the Arkunsas State Cow volition. FROM EUROPE. HV OCEAN TELBGBAPDi Groat Britain. ilTilM ON TUE CONTINENT. London, April C. Here Is a general distrust in political and financial masters ail over Europe. MAJintE DtfiXSTEIIB. tmapnoT. Annl G. Liverpool, April C. A despatch has bcenrccclved wntchstatss that the btlg Elizabi-th, Captain Deprc, from New York to Havre, went ashore at Bremen darings gale and wus seriously damaged. Ixincon, April 6—2 p. m. Information has reached this city tint the bark 'Nicotine, which recently left Newcastle for New Haven, was lost at sea. No date. No further patlicnlira are given. France, TUE LCSESUILEO qCETTiON. Paul?, ArrP 6. Notwithstanding it was announced lou 1-nego tiations looking to the acquisition of Luscmbnrs had been suspended, it is known that tbe Bmps ror hesitates to release Holland from her engage ment. Italy. vrw* cabixit to he ronxm. Plohexce, April 6. Baron Kabzxi, President of tbe Council of Min isters, will immediately form a new Cabinet for the Italian Government. Latest Foreign market*. FIVIVCIIL- Losnox. April 6—Noon. Consols nnebanze-t; Eric. SJjf; Illinois Central, T-H; OrltedSiateiMt bonus, 73H, Marketsgmeratly uncbaastU. Loxdok. April (—Evening. Consols. St; Erk, 58; Illinois Central, 79Jf; United Stairs bonds, 75j<. Fna9.-xrocr, April 6—Evening. United States bonds, W. Pams, April o—Evening. United State* bonds, FrxxsFotrr. April 6. United States bonds.T^K cojutearraL. Ltvrcroot. April 6—Noon. Cotton—Doll and declined Sd; middling Oritnos, ISd. Brracttufls —Firm. VTbcat, IC* Gj; MllvaaVec rod aid Ctkforbla white con, 41s. barky, ti 7 . Oak, r« ul PruvUlons—Quiet. Pork, 77* Cd. Lard, (9-. Liverpool, April 6—Gveoler. Gotten—Mttkct doted htavy.vlih a cownward tun dn»ey. Sates, SWW tale* uplands at Ukd: Orleans, 13d. UrcadstuCs—Market entirely wiUtoatcbanga. IToTifJots—Bulk Pork. fid. Beet, 177 s U. Ba con. Os. Cbewc, GO*. Link aw. Pctro’eora—lOd. Spirits !% Sd. Standard white rostn, 8 t-ICs lor eonanns: !<*« fur coo. Olls-Llructd. 29‘; «p?rra, llli; white, lit. Seed! ■ Sts. Uuccd, Me. Ashes—Ss. Plgbon-Sll-C*. Tallow, 445. Linseed cite,*, Us. Spirits txupentlae.s;*. by rtiAiL* Illness oCUic Frcucb Prince Imperial— Enfeebles! Condition of tbe Austrian Empire. New Yobk. April 6-—A Paris loiter says tbe health oflbe Prince Imperial ha* sustained a severe shock by bis recent time*#, and his general deli cacy of constitution gives omen of catly dea’b. A Vienna letter says most marked official atten tions are paid to ibe Italian Minister, while tbe coolness suown towards the Prussian Representa tive waa very decided, it Is thought that the Austrian Empire will go to a speedy and com plete dissolution, should it noth** immediately kutt together by either a sbatp war with Russia or Prussia, a contest with Russia on the Hut* ■cm frontier bciug (be most likely. FUOM. WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] WasnisuTOS, April €. 6EXLTK KXCCtmVB BUSU'ESS. The Executive Session tn the Senate was bnt two hoar, long, and was a dull sffitir throughout, several Senators being «ml cf town and others en gaged at the Departments. Thennminationssent In were few In nnmocr and confined almost ex cinslvely to Post Offices and tbe Navy Depart ment. Confirmations and rejections were not nu merous. Alex. McCook cola Brevet Major Gene ralship. the nomination of A. £. Jor.cs, for the Cincinnati Post Office, rejected on the 30th In stant, was again sent in, and again rejected. Gen eral Rousseau's case was not taken up, though some of his friends were anxious that it should lie. The nomination for the head ot the Agrlcsl* taral Bureau was not sent in. the President not having yet determined watch of the dozen appli cants shad have the place. BAULSBCIIT Ok ZBOBXTIOK. Mr. Sumner's resolution for the expulsion of Fankbnry from the Senate, was not called up this morning because It has been determined to give him one more chance to reform, tie was taken tome last night in a most beastly state »l Intox ication, and will leave the city os soon as be is able to travel. Bis in ends promise that he aboil not again offend against tbe rales of tbe Senate, and It la thosgbt by some persona that they will Induce him to resign. DELUSIVE DOPE. The President's hopes are shown by this morn ing's InUUKgmur. In a leading editorial tt says the result In Connecticut irdicates a reaction against the Radicals which will carry New York, Pennsylvania. New Jersey, Tennessee and Oregon; that the* e States, wltn Connecticut; Deloware, Ma ryland andiKentucky, wll] give the Conservatives ltd votes in the next Electoral College, at least, against 111 for the Radicals. It thinks California, Nevada, Nebraska* New Uompehlrc, and possibly Indiana, may be earned again*l lbs Radicals by J editions management, which would give the next Presidency to the Conservatives, even IT the Southern States are sol a'lowvd to vote. corrmniiD rsouanrcDt. Tbe manner in «hlch some person* get confirm ed In office waa well Illustrated In the Senate Ibis morning. It appears that a man Domed Frazier wa* nominated for As sessor In Philadelphia, and secured the place by profcaelng most devoted Republican ism. On entering upon his duties he was scie- Daded, and in response made a spvcch In the most extreme Johnson-Coppcrbetl style, which wot produced in the Senate to-day for the edifica tion and warning of tbe Republicans who voted for his confirmation. The time in which his caac could be reconsidered hoe passed. enr ro times. The Demceratie Association of this city had a meeting Uet night relative to nominations for charter officers. It was a stormy affair, and con tinued till a late hour. Tbe prominent discaarioa "was whether the result in Connecticut Justified a fusion with conservative Republican!. It was finally resolved to nominate a straight oat-Demo cra'lc ticket, and cuax Conservatives into its sup port. ±% OLD TUILT. l*c, who stoic ico,«joo worth of Treasury bonds from the Department In February, and was arrested three or four weeks ago in St. Louis, and tried and teitenced lo sereu years, has been taEen to the Albsny Penitentiary. Uewa* Iden tilled there as baring abeconded from that cliy before the war with f!i,uuu. J thill op semurr. It has not yet been detei mined wbra the trial of Snmil thill take place. 8L Marie, the principal wltntss against him, is in thU tiiy, waiting the pkosure of the authorities. SALE OP THE OLD CAPITOL BCTLDIKI. The old Capitol bnl'dicg, orcuplea aa a prison during the war, has been sold tor abont $3Q,"00 to a gentleman who will convert u inj 0 a hotel. ntvxsnoATioir. Wasimcoroir, April 6.—The Committee on Pilnttng.oii an order of the House, met yesterday *0 investigate the purchases of paper made last November by Cornelias Wendell, the Saneria (undent of Public Printing. ' JOLiranr moxonon. The Senate has confirmed General George H. Thomas to to a Major OeneraLby brevet, end WV err bwarae, Thomas L. Crittenden, Daniel £. trickles. James J. Reynolds. Benjamin U. Grier son, *nd Wei son A. Mills. Bngaater Generals by brevet. INTZUNAL BETZNUZ SCOXTTTS. The receipts of Internal Revenue lor the week were »8Sd,«8». CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WasnnroTov. April I. SENATE. Mr. ANTHONY made a report, from the Com mittee on Pnnnng, aramst printing additional copies of the reixm of the Commissioner of Agn culuue. but pauvioins that betetufore ordered to lurnishJd that officer In or* •irr to meet the demanns upon him. Mr. CHANDLER said the r-en.le bad been re markably litoral toward nominees, ano ay an in stance othuw they expressed their jjratl.nde be caus'd to to read S newepspt-r article. The Clerk read, ns was on Thursday night tendered to John W Frazier, recently confirmed as Assessor of* Internal Revenue In the First District «f Pennsylvania. This gon l.u a |;9 reported to ha\e said in acknowledging me honor that a anmbcrofhu radical friends had Invited him to morn to the fold, which he declined. He did not led order any obligations to the Senate, tor be was appointed to fill a vacancy. Politically he was still a Cocsorratlve. and In favor ol Johnson. Grant and the Supreme Court, In contradistinc tion to Sumner, Stevens and Butler. He wa* apolcfet the radical element trampling of the Con itlrenon under loot, and the injury of the enr reticy, etc. .Mr. eUMNERdId not, as was expected, call np bis resolution for tne expulsion ol Sanlsbnry. The Senate went larocxecuUve session. KECONSriOJCTIOS. Schools for Frccdmcen at the South—A Telling: Argmnentia me Case of Free dom versus Slarerr—Southern Com nit-uin on the Connecticut Election— Correspondence Between Generals Grant and Sheridan—Action of the Arkansas Union Convention. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Wxsmjrnros. April 6. The report oflhe Superintendent of Schools for the Frredmen'a Dalian for the six month sending with the 81st ot December, shows the whole number of schools officially reported to to twelve hundred and sev-n. witn fourteen hundred and six teach ers, aud seventy-five thousand four hundred Hnd nny-frlx pupils. Tne number of Industrial schools m.d schools not officially reported Is one hundred and ninety-two, with two nnndred sod twenty eight teachers and twelve thousand five honored and fifteen pupils, making a grand aggregate of ('sghtv-jcven thousand nine hundred and seventy one ’pupil?, of whom only two thousand tsne nnndred and two were free be rore the war. Tbe freedmen own two hnu ared and eighty-six school oalldiugs, and suttain wholly or in part 623 schools, containing : I,CSI pupils. Eight pay a tuition which amount* to fl>,mf per month. Of Utc teachers 453 are colored persons. | Che number of Sabbath School* la reported as 783. with 70,1110 pupils, the Su jierimeudent says these figures are very nltsfac tory. In addition to these schools, th-mtand* of children who have mode some progress are now teaching parents, brothers and sisters at home, so mat rearlv every freedman's house in tha land has become a school-house, and v-hoie famtiu?, in every section, have become pupil?, and to ray that hall amiltun of persona, liberated by the war, me now studying tbe spelling book, would be a very low mtanatc. Th- Aurr thU evening thinks the guarded com ment of the Southern picas on tbe Connecticut election is evidence of a hopeful change of public -entlmcut in that section, aud says the people vldeiitly l«cgin to realize that self-interest la the rnlli r mclive with Ihcir Northern ejmpithlzcra. Tb> New York Timet' aprtial from Washington rays: * General >herl«lan has not yet seats re pot t to the President of tbe causes that promoted :..m to remove Uetrun, llomoe and Abell, nor has hi- wired soy lustrcctious alnnl his action under the hecotietrnction Act, as has been alleged oy newspai-cts. “Correspondence between General Sheridan and General Gram ot the 2d and 3d Instant; Gen eral Sheridan cays Griffin, of Texas, recommends the deposition or removal of Governor Throck morton of that State, and that be (Sheridan) agrees with Griffin, eheridan thinks he will nave to re move the Govrrnorol Louisiana. Ho farther fays be will commence the work of regie t ation a* soon os he receives certified copies of the law: that he (Sheri dan) feels HmseU eqnal to the 'ask imposed upon ;.lm by the law, and will perform hi? work with c rdlt to ibe military service. General Sheridan voncliidt'S by Faying: *lbhall make bat few re morals.' General Grant replied that It would col be pioper to remove the Governors; tbit tne sub ject 1? now under consideration, and It is not be lieved that military commanders have tbe power, and removals can only be made oy act of Cod grvra, or by trial under the sanction of me law.” The Jltral<r» sprclal rays: ‘*fhc statement tnat the President is a prime mover In the effort now being made to obtain the decision ot tbe >upn-me Court on the constitutionality or the . ecoueiruction Act, Is emphatically denied by the unitor ufthe petition and the originators of the movement. “A few dsya aro. 'Hon. W. L. Shorkey called npen tbe President and formally notified hen that he was atom to proceed aga'nat him. To ir is the President expressed neitner approval no uisitppruvuloribe movement. I'be Herald'e J.tllle Hock, Arkansa*, special of y«b>ie>day says: “In the smte Union Conven ient;, to-day, a committee was appointed to confer with Genera. Ord on the selection of localities in ;he vrreuns counties for registering voters and for voung. A resolntlon waspoased ashing ~.i remove tbe cotton tax. and a copy of the same is to to sent to every Congressman. A commit •ee vas also appointed to vlnlt Wasblniton >o lorlbt r the object. The Conveniion then ad journed *in« die.” Flioai ST. LOUIS. imy ol tbe Fori Buford Jlanscre DU ibe .Vlurdcr of General Bai ley FerUooa Climbing Justifiable Homicide. Jbpccml Despatch to the Chicago Tribunc-l St. Louis, April 6. AtGeneral Shcnnav'a headquarters letters have ;>«er teemed from Fort Rice as late as February •.sih, wblt h make no mention of the arrival there ol Mis. Colonel Rankin, in the condition repre ,iiitd by the Philadelphia letter. The report may ihcu tote be set down a» entirely untrue. Genera) Joseph Bailey, SbeißT of Vernon Coun ty, Missouri. whose murder by two sconndrele cameo Ptxlcy was announced yesterday, was tne utsiii tmlshed engineer who saved the gunboat ■Vet alter Bank's delcat on the Red R 1 ver, by coa st* uctlng the dam tu float It over the shallows. Ihismomingamao climbed to ibe top oftbe tmoUe-stsck of the Lindcli, n hicb is situated near and towers above the wall on the northeast corner uf that structure. A guy Or iron rod used to sup port the chimney was tne means of ascent, and K.C brave fellow went op band over hano. .be t riixipal object ot ibe ascent was to throw a tope over me wall near the chimney, to be used u.rtl.c purpose ot lowering tbe amuke s’acklo be ground without bruising or breaking it. I bis was accomplished. After the smoke stack Is low vied, tne same rope Can be used in pull over tho •all. The trial of Captain Meitell, an officer a*. Jcffer n.n i nirncks, far kilhuc a private soldier, trad l onclnted to-day. Joi n McManus, tanking nou loniniistJoned officer of the cattery to wtnch John belonged, ibe main witness fur the de rcuce, t< rlificd tbat Insubordination In ibe battery »• aa a common occntreocc, and >ha' one hundred turn eight desertions baa occarred In tbe com (any during ibe past year; tbat Mailer - as addicted to intemperance and bad repeatedly disobeyed orders; that on *be evening before the alicrra’lut: between him and Captain Melnell. italic was todinnk In the city that witness bad to put blu to bed. McMinus also testibed tbat in uu. oi my when a man jriUultr disobeys an order, ti wa# the custom for a superior officer to knock him down, though the eastern was in violation of iLr cm] and military law of me country. At me conclusion of the testimony of McManus. Judge Wolfe decided tod'seharge Uau'aiu Meluell upon tho ground tbat the killing of Mailer came up neder the classification of JaaUdable man* daughter. 'ibe American News Company of New York, rith J. It. Wahb, of Chicago, and W. J. Gilbert, of Unbuqne, have united nuder lb: name of tbo 't. Louis News Company and bought out the large book store of <l. M. Crawford, on Fourth street* where they will do business as a branch of be American News Company. MEXICO. The Mr*c of Querrlara—The Liberal* to starve the Imperialist* Oat—Movements lu Uibi r Quarters. Naw Onitwr, April B.—Brownsville dries to tbe 2d, Monterey to IheSTlb nit, tialtiloto the ?«ih, oifd San Lms to tbe 20th, arc received. Thtre were no new features tn the stegc of vjncrctaro. Ibe RennbUcana were not disposed i»> assault, bnt hoped to capture tbe city by starv ing out the Imperialists. A letter trom a well known merchant of Zacate cas says Ibe last news from Qneretaro, to me li;h. was to the elite: that the Imperialist* at u-mpuo a rally, but were driven in with fifteen killed. lo.flrloDUc was in Onadalonpe, one league from the City cf Mexico. Rlva Palodo was in raenbaya with a force of nearly 2P.U.-0 men. The reported captor* of the heights of Ls campa and tbe tonifications at La Cruz Is nntbon* tati\c<y contradicted. Ibe San Lais, i’olosi, correspondence of the New York Herald says : The infpruuuon from Quctitaro indicates that the Imperialist* are lortllyi' c the city, and have determined to await ■be attack ot tbe Liberal army. 1 now loos upon the whole oflair as concluded. Maximilian's troops are qnarcred upon tbe Inbabbauts of a cuy of tbiny-elz thousand sonis. Upon those be eti not hope to support his army more than ten da} s. Even now all the private booses have been entered and food for his army taken by force. Ibe officers receive but fitly cents per dav npon which to support themselves; this ts to officers of every grade. Vhe French and Belgians in his army ouml«cr stout six hundred, tbe old regular troops of the Chnrco and the Imperial ptrty -.bout Lnlxly-flvc hardred and the nv recruits i.bcni four tboasand. Übc action of the Imperial Generals in tbe past two weeks shows that in ihi* torce they have no «uxifidetice. To retreat now to Mexico Is to have the Imperial army desert by battailous, and 1? werae than a defeat. Bat to retreat Is impossi ble. fur tbete are more than five thousand Liberal troops occupying the road between Qucretaro and extci'. It is Impossible even for Maximilian to mt a letter through except by a Conner travelling nv mi-lit and hiding by day: even then it ts dlffl* colt to inter the Capital, hemmed In as it Is to its verv gates by Liberal guerilla force#. Tbe troops ortupyit-g Maximilian's line of retom are those of Mendez, who was lately at Pschnca. twenty* twolragnee northeast ol Mexico, and those of the guerilla leader Frago*o, who Los so harassed the ttirrcu of Maximilian on h!a toad to Qucretaro. Tbe c>ty of Qocretaro has no topographical fea tures which render It capable of easy defence, l ucre I# no wa’cr in the city excepting tbat which i* brought Irom a long dleurce by on aqueduct, and which msy readily be cat otf. Toe indica tion# ate, now Mnximlllan baa placed himself and his army in a lisp, that be will make a shovof dc* ivi cr with the hope that Escobedo will assault hit works and he beaten back; or, if this does no* •nVcpiacr, tbsl termed surrender may be made which will give some hope to lb-; Imperial leaders jht» thf> can fa\c their neck*. The liberals, however, hold all the vantage ground, an! in ibeti present spirit arc little disposed to accept '"°t r “* surrender. 1 consla* p t»t*ds but little chance to save rJ**n J pJ«H , *. b V’. c "“Ptitryd- Sbtmld his capture i “needed to him, it will be S Government haresthorough “ovirty of intellect, and deem . that he is tioti compos mrnfit. CANADA* Th. Conrcdcr.Uoa nill-lu, Kllml and Approval by the Qacen—Tbe ktailroad Loan bccurcfi. NoSTUtat, April C.—A special cable despatch toilieMoalrcal *taies lhal “the J?ee“ has Mnnloncd both bills for the confederation of Hi itisb North America.” *1 be Cazute says: •• Both the bills «re, therefore, laws. Prom this tin* these Colonics start upon a new era. ana u Is one which will determine their destiny. United, and connected by rail, they will balld ns a crest Northern nation. Unconnected, like a handle or nic';.. the probability ts that they would, tn time, btvo been, one by one, absorbed In me seething no itlcal cor»m*lon to the simtn of us. v “ Lei them have a down years to consolidate and j.itkiD their resource* under tha protectorate ot t. e.t Hniaio, and this the? win hold weir own Am! wc belli ve that, with their sounder and better polMcal aistcm, than that which we have st cn of late yean crumpled oo and torn imp au i-orts of pieces, 1' will fall to them to exercise a talniarvtxillilral Influence on thts continent lie Montreal Wi'uett says: *♦ The Conledcra tl«n bill was pmhed through Parliament with enst despatch, and the Loan Guarantee but with irrtLtej—ihr Queen’s ast ent being promptly to bo b measures. t%e hope that all will come out well in these measures, which, however, may Cfylcagx* YOL. XX. only prove the tx ginning of the end. Tbeexus otdlrasy move which Knxula hi* made to strength cr herself for war by ceding a territory which she ccnldnot defend,maybe a tempting precedent, and Britain mav rsquire our new confederation to take care of Itself sooner than we desire.” xhe labor question. Riot Among Workmen in Luzerne County. Fa.—Strike of Mill Operative* in Lewis ton. Me. HannisßCito, Pa., April 6.—The Sheriff of Luzerne Connty telegraphed to the Governor that a serious not exiata in Uazelton and Foster township?, In that connty. and his authority cxbiUFtcd without success; that armed and organized forces arc necessary, and that he wish ed an order calling out Captain Ellis' company of Wyoming veterans, boon slier Captain Hilts telegraphed that the Sheriff baa ordered him oat lo quell the rlot,ard asked for lonherorders. The Governor ?nweqnently telegraphed to a Erotmnent dozen of Luzerne Conr.ty to advise Im of the exact condition of sffaira, and then sent an order to Cantata Ellis, ordering him to bold hlfl company In readiness for future orders, bat in no event to move without order* from him. It is unofficially understood that the cause of the riot was a strike for higher wages, the ma jority attempting to picvrnt the minority from working. _ Izwzbtoh, Me., March 6.—The male spinners in all the four cotton mills hare Men on a suite for ten hours. Since Monday the mills are ail running as usual, and will probably continue witn new help. THE FAR WEST. Affair* nt *alt !-akc—Severe Weather of tbe Piui Winter—Ureal Destruction et Live Mock. Nrv Vobk, April fi.—Edward H. Hall, who left here on the tub of December lostfo- China and Japan by the Pacific Mall Line, reached this city to-day, returning from Fan Francbei overland. He furnishes tbe following Uinta oi news: General Connor arrived at Austin on the 271 b of Fcbruaiy, and tccl General Cbetlsin on thv 15Ji ot March, en route for bait Lake City. i'be Alo;mon Temple and Tabernacle at Salt lake 1? advancing rapidly to completion. No foundaiiou exists lor tbe reported massacre at Fort Baton . The winter has been, as gencraly itportcd, one of unprecedented severity. Thou- MUida of cattle, horse?, mules and some few fami lira perished with cold and hunger. TLeeratloos on the OveilsnaMpULine have le*.n supplied with provteloaa at great cost and labor, snow in many places rcndenugtbe roads in<p&.-rahle for m'tea. In the vicinity of Sail Lake City the thermome ter ranged from At to id degrees bciow zero for eeVvral dajc during March. the Hatties revolution. State of Affairs on the Island—A New President to Be Chosen—Gefffrard an Exile. Nzw Yons, April 6.—Additional news from Ilavtt >mr: Tbe revolutionary movement was led'by Victor Chevalier, sometime .an exile, who Lndcd secretly at SL Marks, General Sagis has been elected X’resulrnt, tmt declined, and mud tne (-Kcrion of anotner President the Govern ment wilt be administered by the principal Secre tary of state General Falnave had returnfd to Ilaytlsnd taken command of (be Northern Deportment. All quiet at tbe latest advizes. Ihe revolution was praceful. Political move ment?. general discontent, and an embarrassed state of the treasury are the causes. Boston, April ft —A letter from pjit an Prince states that President Geffrard haa resign' d and left the island for Jamaica. FRO3I MILWAUKEE. Narrow Escape from Death—A Party Two Days on the Imtoe en a Capsized Boat —t*nd Result ot the Exposure. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.jjfl Milwaukee, April 6. A small sloop contslnlng three min, named O'Neil, Smith and Jackson, cangfat in storm fif teen miles north of this city, cn Friday lost, was capsized and ai*ms?tcd.and after drilling two dav? acd nights, wa? discovered by a fishing vessel near the Michigan shore, and tbe men rescued in an exhausted condition, thulr hands and feet being so badly frozen aa to require am putation. Telegraph hnterprlse. New Yens. April C.—'The International Ocean Telegraph Company, to-day, send to Florida, via Savannah, mother and last installment for the conelrncnon of the land line throaghFlorlda. con sisting ot several hundred miles ol wire, battery slock. Instruments, under tbe charge of Major H. Dels*, Superintendent, who will immediately proceed with a competent force of builders to con struct a line over tho route which be surveyed du ring the psst winter. It Is confidently expected that the line will be bmlt, the cable to Coha laid, aid messages from Cuba transmitted before the let of Jane. Fast Day Proclamation. Smsonnj), 111., April 6.—The Governor has this day icsmd a proclamation appointing Mon day, the 15th day of the corrent month, to be oh ftived a* a day of humiliation and prayer to Al mighty God. It win be remembered that (bis wlllie tbe anniversary ot the martyrdom of I’tcsldcnt Lincoln—a day which ought to be oh terved, not omy In Illinois, hot throughout toe nation for all generations. The proclamation Issued one year ago is substantially repealed In the present one. Billed by Falling Earth. Eeokck. lowa, April fl.—A laborer, named Pot-ick Morrissey, white dining under a bank wnicn he was engaged tn excavating, was Instant ly killed by the caving In ot the earth. He leaves s wife and six children. Beknterment of Federal Dead. Oino, 1)1., April 6.—The work of removing tie Federal dead, burled in this vicinity, to the Gov ernment Cemetery at Mound City, baa been com mend d. About one hnudred and fifty bodies lave already been exhumed. {Male oftbe SliniMippl Leveet. New Ouleaxs, April o.—The levees above con tinue unfavorable. The Mayor ol Batou Rouge iclrgrapca that Hall's levee Is in imminent danger. Bnlclde by Drowning. Fox Lake, MTn», April C.—A young and esteem ed lady, named Miss Nathans t’arrUh, committed suicide by throwing herself into a cistern this morning. Tbe cause is unknown. MISSISSIPPI IX TUP SUPREME COURT. .Hovrmeol to Test the Constitutionality of the .llUllory Government Bin—Petition ot Governor Miarkey and Kobert J. Walker* The following Is a copy of tbe petition of Gov ernor bhaikcy, of Mississippi, and Robert J. Walker, presented to tbe Supremo Court: To tbe Supreme Court ot tbe United States: Ibe bill of complaint of tbe state of Missis sippi, in behalf of herself and such other State# as may be Interested In tbe premises, who shall by consent of the Coart, properly make them selves panics hereto, against Andrew Jonnsou. a citizen of tbe State of Tennessee, and President ot tbe United States, and also against General E. O. O. Ord, « citizen of the State of Mott land, who lus been appointed bp the said Andrew Johnson, as herelnatter stated. Br.mbiv complaining, tbe said State of Mississippi would respectfully show to this bon < table Court that her territory was composed of a poit.on oi the territory or domain comprised within the former limits of the State of Georgia, and by su irrevocable compact between that Stale and the United Mates, ceded to the United ti ates on tic SUb of April, ISOS; tbat said com* p ct was made on certain conditions, which Were unalterable; among which was the P'oririon that said Territory should become -lid forever remain a State of the Ameri c:n Inlon. on tbe same footing os the original tiutr s in all respects whatsoever, another of these provisions extended to said Territory, and to said ntw State when admitted, oil tbe terms of tbe uroinance ot tbe tbe ICtli ot July, 1757, except os to slavery: and said ordinance wa# bised upon aid ■tilfied as a compact with the Stale of Virgi nia. I>y which certain Stales were to be admitted no forever remain Struss oftho American Union, on an equal looting with tbe original States in a’l respects whatsoever. By said compact of ISO? all these terms and conditions, os well of tbe compart ol IHU, as of said ordinance I*B7, which were unalterable, were aecland to be binding and a part of the compact of 160?, contained the provision# that •* the inhabitants of said Territory shall always i>e entitled to the benefits of a writ of hobeas tor •,ius and of a trial by jnry“ no man shall be de prived df bis liberty or property bn: by his peers and the law ot the land." Tbe rata Territory and Mates which may bo formed therein snail forever remain a port of ibis confederacy. And this was the compact between tbe United States and Mis sissipl. Has it been kept? By act of Congress ot ifi el March. 1817. passed in parsaance of said compact of Ibdi and the ordinance of 1787, author ity was given to the peopla of tbe western part of Mississippi Territory to form a Constlintioo and Mate Government, and for the admission of snch State in:o the Ucion upon the same footing with ibe original States in all respects whatsoever. By ibis act the Constitution ofthe proposed State was required to conform to said compact ofl&ri and »oid ordinance of 1787, except as aforesaid; and the aaid provisions were declared to oe ‘irrevoca ble" wnlioni the consent of the United States. In par?nance of these acta, ordinances and compacts. t*e people of said Territory of Mississippi, on the 15tb of August, ISI7, adopted a State Consti tution, with an ordinance thereto attached and made a part thereof, and declared to be “irre vocable withonttbeconsentof the United States." On tbe Kith of December. ISI7. t'osgre-s, by • joint resolution, admitted said State Into the Union, npon the terms and conditions before stated, and especially reaffirming the ordinance of 17-7 in Its application to said state. Tbat ordi rarce, as we have before seen, provided for lha admission o> States which wore forever to remain status ol the American Union, and was made ••Jnndsmemal" and “unalterable." It was'thtu. Decides the general provision of tbe Federal Constitution, tbat Mississippi became a State o; ibe Union, under compacts with Georgia. Vir gin's and said State ol Misaiseippt. and all of which were “irrevocable** and “unalterable." either by Mid state or by the United States. It is respecttnlly submitted that, independent of these special compacts by the provisions of the tedcral Cumtitutlon, the State of Mississippi redd by lo act other? withdraw from tbe Union, cor conid she be excluded therefrom by Con gress; and tbat all opposing acts or said Mat-or of Congress, being contrary to the Federal Con biitntiun. which is “ the anprome law cf tits laud," are null aLd void, and In a proper case w. believe will l>e so declared uy this Court. in this case, however, besides tbe JconstUntlonsl right* of a State, here ate compacts, “fundamen tal." “iricrccab.e".and “unalterable," securing tu me Mate of Mississippi her tights as a State of tbi» Union, snch compacts, and the rights ac qulird nndert*em. we believe this Court wIU re tard lias its duty to maintain and protect in the nmcm&rce*, at leas'* as itwotud uniorce between individuals* by injunction or otherwise, me spe cific turtoimaucc of connects. The said State of Mirsttuippl avers and charges that, having been admitted as a state of the Union in 1817, she has o.unuru K ■ vi wv» v mwm m* ~ .m. mm ever since continued to be so, and is now; that ha* a JMatc Constitution, republican In form, . nd a Government in complete and success ful or«n lion under tbe Constitution,with all its de oa-tnientß filUd and administered by proper ftinc iouaiica in as proper and fall a manner as any ••‘ate In ths Union, and hence she is entitled by t* e« ot'sntnMoti oi the United States, and by the covenants and compacts alorceald, to be regarded as a Mate of the Union In sit retpecU. She ae knouiedgcsandclarais that the Constitution of thi* UniledStatea la the supreme law of the land, cLduhcuhcr constitutional rights or the cove lay* * l,b "ndVlrclma are luraded, nrder the ordinance of 1797 she has a right to ap peal to tH* honorable tribunal, established as it hi bs tl c Constitution t • decide in the ia«t resort in all caw s to which a htate is a party, acn to give appro prune and adequate relief, especially wnen, as In tbu cate, lucre is otherwise no remedy to prevent her ctt« r annihilation; and U there be no rented? ben. then her condition is without redress, and ber no»t sacred ngh* may be lavaoed and bar very existci cc desuoyed. ’nib said Sidle tnnbcr shows and charges th»t having become a member of the Union, aa afoio •7 -aid. in 1517, she surrendered certain rights » the United Stales In consideration of perpetnal protection under the Constitution, with ail n*-r rights and privileges a- a Mate perpetually guarat/ew*, ai d that forever after U was Impos ts Vc (or btr people or far the Mate in Us cor porative capacity to dissolve that connection with the other Sta cs, and any attempt to do fo, by se cession rr otherwise, was anulltly. which she has admiued by e* grsf.iog in an amended Constitu tion a sob mn declaration that tie pretended or- dlnance of secession adnputd i y a portion of ber ptcple was sb. oiutclv nail and void; and she now mott solemnly assert? that ber connec tion with the Federal Government was not In any wise thereby destroyed or Impaired. And she moreoveravers and charges that the Congress of lie Untied States cmrot c nstllntlonaUy expel ber irom the Union, ana that any attempt which practically does ru la a nullity; auo she also char ges and avers that there is no provision In the cons'uunon of the Untied States which subjects her as a Sia'e to any pain*, penalties or forfeit uiea as a consequence of such void attempt of a portion ol her people to withdraw her from the Union—all power- to punish a State, by expulsion o; oihcrwl-e, for any cause, having bee>i expieaa- It refused m the Convention which framed the F*deia) Constitution. She avers that her citizens lost non- of (heir political rights, c* rlicnnco ary penalties, except what might be li fl.clcd oi them ae individual- by due process of isw, after trial byjury.ln Courts having jurisdic tion of their edences *t-d that disabilities attempt ed to be imposed upon her, or unon her citizens, otherwise than as aiorerald, by any body ol per sons, are void, and violations of the Constitution of the United Slates as well as of the compact with Georgia of lUt/2, am! with Virginia of 17g7. The raid state admits that by the wrongful acta ot part o> hex citizens, ana tn« needed of the Federal snthorltlesto pioteetthe loyal, her Government became temporarily disorganized In reference to its relations with the Federal Government, but the claim- that this evil naa toon corrected In the tirojter manner by the people of the State. In conrurience with the view of the President of the Unfed Mates, ana the apparent sanction of the public senrlmeit ol tne whole country, the people of the Slate assembled la Convention and established for themselves a Government, repub lican in tom, acd so in practice, and she baa been re-vornli ed a- a state by various acts ol Congress, by the official proclamation of Ihe President, and. as sbe believes, or this Court. Bren if any of these acts were tnega'a*. which Is not admitred. Fill 1. when the people of Mississippi did so assem ble. It was an assemblage of tbe highest power of the end above tuc control o: tbe President or Corgress, so tar as their tale Constitution was concerned, asd neither eoold Impart power to the people cr do more (ban aid them, since it i* a •urdsnjcutal principle “that governments are ItiMlmud among men. deriving thtlr Just powers from the consent of tbe governed.” ‘i'be people ass- mblcd voluntarily, and no: by com pulsion ot tbe President. A copy of the original and amended Coostilnrion is herewith presented, ’ibe said fcute further avers (bat she na* exhib ited her good talth aud adhesion to tbe Constitu tion uf the United States by electing Senators and Representatives to Congress, a; o! right and duty she was bonnd to; but her Senators and UcpreeeiittUveH have been sod are wrongfully -excluded from their right to participate In tbe Legislative Department of tbr Government, sod her people have been ccmivllcd to pay the taxes and beer the burdens ct the Govtnuner.t without representation. And foe comphdbsut charges that, after (he exclusion of her Serators and Representatives, and after ibe exclusion of the Sc.atora and Representa tives of nine other Slates, all or most of whom applied for admission, but were rejected, the . rpresentattve? of twcnty-.'lx States have assem bled at the seat of the tidcral Government, aud, IcgblaUngaa the Congress of the United states, have passed an act, which Is now the special ob j< ct ot complaint, entitled “An act to provide for the mote efficient government of the reoel state?,” which is hereto annexed as exhibit A. and an act entiritrd “An act supplementary to an act entitl'd an act to provide for tbe more efficient government of the rebel stales,” hereto annexed as exhibit B. and both prayed to to taken aa a part of this bill. The title of these bills admits that they arc Stairs, and vet power is assumed to establish goveramenta for them, and this as sumption is founded on the pretext set out lo tbe preamble, that no legal «tate Governments exist In tLc said State of Mtash cl >pl and«i ter Southern states adequate to the protection of life or prop erty, which ts believed to to wholly erroneous, i-iure the people of Mississippi, the only source from which state government can emanate, have, as b« (ore stab d, formed for themselves a govern ment tally adequate to the prelection of liffi, lib erty ard property. 'ibis act, and tbe act supple mentary thereto, utterly annihilate the state nod its government by assuming lor Con* inss ibe power to control, modily and even abol •«hltw Govcrrment—in abort, to exert sovereign power over It; and tie nt’er destruction of the mnat be tbe consequence or their execution. I bey alto violate a well-known aalntary principle to governments, the observance of n men can al* ne preset ve them, by making tbe civil power Miboidinate to tbe military power, and thus estab lish a military rule over Ibe Mates enumerated in tbe act, and mate a precedent by which the Gov ernment ot tbe United Slates may be converted into a military despotism. Id which every man ■ may be deprived of his goods, lauds, liber ty and life bv the breath of a military commander or toe sentence of the military com mission or tiibuual. without the benefit of (rial by jury, and without the observance ot any of those requirements and guarantees the Consti tution aud laws so plainly protect and guard tbe tights of th citizen. And the more efiectually to srcompllsb this purpose said acts divide the ten Southern Slates mto five military district*, and make It tbe duty of tbe President to assign an of ficer to the commando! each, and to place a suf ficient force under him, whose will is 10 lie the law, and Ills soldiers the power that executes iu It is declared to be his only to protect all persons in their right of person ami property, to suppress insurrections, disorder and violence, and to punish. or cause lobe puntsued* ill disturb*r» of the peace and criminals; and he may organise Military Com missions ana tilbonals to try offenders when be may think proper. But by wnat rale or law ta he to judge of the rights of person or properly! Dv what rule or law is be to arrest, try and punish ciiminahf By what rule or law is he to Judge whether they have commuted crimes? JTk answei to these questions is plain. By bis own will; ior though he may adopt tbe State authori ties as his instruments if he will, yet he may reject them If he will. A scope of power so broad, so comprehensive, was never before vested tu a military commander in any Government which guards the rights of Its citizens or 1-nbJ cts by law. It embraces necessarily all those »nnjecis over whlca tbe States reserved the power to legislate for themselves, a* essential to their existence as btales, Inducing the domestic relations, all tbe rights ot property, rial and personal, the rights of personal security and personal liberty, and assumes the right to control tbe whole ot the domestic concerns oftbe State. These acta alto provide that the Govern ments now existing m the southern States are but provisional governments, subject to the para monntauthonly of Congies*, which may at any lime abolish, modify, con'rol or supersede them. Ibise acts were voted by the President, but were passed over tbe vetoes by two-ihirdn of troth houses as now organized, ten Mates being ex cluded from representation in both Bouses. Now, the charges tbat, trom information acd 'belief, the said Andrew Jobntin, President, in violation of the Constrm* Uon ana tu violation of the sacred rights of the states, will proceed, notwithstanding bis vetoes, nndaaancrc ministerial duty, to tbe execution ot sard acts, as though they were tbo law of the land, which tbe vetoes prove be would not do if be bad any descretion, or that in doing so he per* termed anything more tban a mere ministerial dnty. Wi’b tbo view to the execution of said acts, the raid Andrew Johnson baa assigned mill* taty commanders to tbe several districts to carry them Into complete and tall execution, and lor this purpose has assigned Gen. E. O. C. Urd. a citizen of the tiute of Maryland, to tbe command of the States of Mis* tlssippi and Arkansas, whom com* plaiuant prays maybe made a defendant to this Dill, and served with all proper procesa, Ac. And complainant further avirs that the said Genera) B O. C.Ordwillspeecilv enter on the discharge of said duties unites restrained by this honorable Court. Now, complainant avers and charges toat the execution ot said sets, by enforcing them In the manner therein provided, will cause and pro* ducc immediate and irreparable mischief In tie States tu which It applies, as moat be manliest to the Conn, in this —that they are npugnant to tbe Federal constitution, acd violate tbo spirit, tbe purpose and the objects of tbe compacts between Georgia. Virginia and the United States; Uwill deprive the States of every attribute of State aniLcritv. and practically annihilate them as Mate?, by c nvsiting them Into subordinate dipt ndcLcies; It wtil derange the whole system oi internal or domestic analrs: it will an nul their legislation, and snbveitthelrwholejo dicial system. Inasmuch as it declares tea State government illegal It msy annul all contracts and uties to properly made with reference to existing laws. Uwill deprive the people o» theirmoel sa cred rights, their exemption from arrests except on warrant founded on affidavit, their right of tbe intervention ot a Grand Jury, and tbclr right of trial by tnry. and establish arbitrary and despotic military powers on the rums of their constitution* si ngbis. it will produce a train of irreparable I mirchiefr that may not be corrected for years, a* ] ihejconrt will readily perceive, and they can oniy > be prevented by « very speedy application oftbc ' restraining powers ol Ibis Court Bnt, above ail, 1 these acts, if maintained, establish a precedent by which C< ngresa, composed of a majority oftilates 1 may at pleasure exclude any Slate, orony number < of Stale# from the American Unhn. ’ And complainants woold further show that > many legal question* must arise under these hills lithe Governments contemplated by them 1 tic earned out. which sooner or later must come betoretbia Coart lor final adjudication; and It is believed these bills will ulumnely he declared 1 unconstitutional tn their whole length and breadth. As a consequence, ail acts that may have been 1 (tone nndcr them most be declared void, even to tbo Constitution which may be formed under them. Tbemiachlefs that must resnlMrom snch a state of things arc incalculable. Saits without number, not only In regard to rights of property hut for banishments Indicted without authority, a total disorganization of the present Govern ment, inasmuch as no elections can be hold to fill the Slat- offices, a elate of anarchy must intervene until govcrcmtnt can be again reorga lied by the people. Therefore, public policy, tbe goon order of society, the safety of a people, call londly for speedy redress. And comrlatnai t also charges that tbe bin ts fled as a bill of peace, and to prevent •mliess salts and controversies, inasmuch os tbe execu tion of the actmnnv produce each a variety of legislation as to dUtnrb the good order of society, Ly driving aggrieved parties to seek redress against tfficer# and others who may commit tres passes and crimes against the Innocent. To pre vent snch evils is ore of the common grounds of equity jurisdiction. Ana tbe complainant avers tbat tbi# appeal is msde to the honorable conn In good folio, and not from factious motives or from any spirit of inmbordinatlon to law, bnt nnderafixed belief t*<ti these acts arc tn violation of th<* Const! n-Jon and Ibe compacts aforesaid, and impose no obligation on her people to observe them unless decided to he valid by this honorable coon; and. therefore, claims* as she has a fipbttodo. <he deliberate determination of this Court, os the tribunal organized coder the Con stitution to preserve it lanolate. and to keep all the departments ot the Government within their appropriate spheres, by trying their act* by the test of the Constitution, and she claims the exer cise of tins undoubted right in advance, tor tbe pnrpcae ot preventing irreparable mischief* so Sc antic ana Intuleraole as those which are teetered. If she should bo mistaken In this, nnd the acta should be decided to be CocstitnUon al. she will moat cbecrialiy yield implicit obedi ence to oil their behests, whatever the conse quences may be. All she desires Is to guard her tights and tbe rights of her citizens, and this bo*.n she hopes may be accorded her before it is too laic, at.d without being subjected to the imputation ol improper motives. If either th*- State or the people have constitutional rights it is a paramount duty to pweivethemby all legitimate means. This Court the Male believes to be the great tribunal for the peaceful seme mnt ol all constitutional, qne#- uena and esp daily Jn "dl coses in which a Bt*’e is a party, and expressly crovidtd tulbe inndamemal law. In conslfl ra tion of the premises, and lna-m%ch as comolatn sui manifestly has no remedy whatever at law, is mutt I e apparent to Ibe Lontt, and canhave no rev -css as obtatc cnly ttrouru tats Loan, as pro vided bv the Constitution, complainant appeals

uJlho* preventive power of this honorable Conn, exercising tbe Junsdicrioo ol a Cpart of Eam;y. and humbly piays tbat the said Andrew Johnson, and hi* officers ard agents appointed forliattitirtrose. and especially General E.O. C. Oid. shoved named, be perpetually enjoined and lestramed from extcutit-g or in any manner car tying out raid acts and that procesa cl injauc l tior indsobptrta i#*no, ctrected to the parties - atorcsald,ana another requisite piocessnec^s CHICAGO. SUNDAY. APRIL 7, 1867. iatj may be laaoed -.or snob other aod farther liel *a maybe deemed proper by tbta Coart, ana that defendants be repaired to answer tlxla bill of complaint. And a» in doty bound complainant will ever pray, Ac., Ac , Ac. W. KSuabkct, R, J. Walkxb, Counsel for Complainant- OCEESGUSH EELATIOSS. As Important Hiatrmcnl Prom London—The Alabama Claims—A Sew Proposition hr f*ccremry Howard—Wbnt ia Said of the Penlan Interview With tbe President* [From the I-ondon Owl. March 20.1 , . The American not received with anything )ibf cordiality the proposals 01 Lora Stanley for an arbiiraUoa on the Alabama claims. They even object to ourflist proposition, that the pieciee point* to be aobmlttedfor decialoa to an arbitrator ebonld be fleet definitely agreed to by the Americans and ourselves. No*, only this. Mr. Seward actually makes a conmer-propodilon. that ibe first question to be referred should be “WLetner the English Government were justified In recognizing the re Del States as belligerents 1 Tbir. of a proposition ao monstrous that it is impossible to entertain it. Abhough, howtTiT.on the surface, the relations between the two Governments are not apparently each as we conld wish; nevertheless, it is certain that the Cabinet at Washington neither designs nor is in a position to assume an attitude of hostility. By leaving the pending questions to the wearing In fluence of time and the bring away of diploma tists. we may be certain that ultima 1 ely tbefmat lets In citcuielon will be satisfactorily settled, [From the Saturday He view, March 83. J In the midst of domestic dissensions, during the transition from a superstitious taith tn me ComQ tmlon to acquiescence In the parliamentary om nipotence ot Congress, American diplomacy re mains true to t s own courteous tradition*. There is reason to believe that Mr. Seward has rejected | or disc, unlenanced the English proposal lor an adjustment of pending diServticcs t and it is even said that, with a facetious vulgarity, be has proposed as a subject fur arbitration tbe question whether the English Government was Justified in recognizing the Southern confed erates «t> belligerents. Lord Stanley’s offers ex presatd the earnest desire of all classes In England to cultivate the good will of the American people, even at the coat of a considerable sacrifice ot national vanity. Lord Hasten bad demonstated the Ijwleseneas of the English proceedings in the cdse of the Alabama, but bis suc cessor thought that, as tbe Americans still believed ibemsclvea to have been wronged, it was expedient and generous to abaudoa a strictly technical Jn lidcalion. Time, how ever, which oidinariiy dulls tbe edge of public and private resentment, has not taught Mr. Sew ard good (ceUnw or good breeding. Although be some time since dec ared that do cause ofdwpute remained between the United States and France, he still tnliks it desirable to resent, is the case of Enplane, a proceeding wblcn was simulta neously adopted by the English and French Gov* amenta. Ilia useless to attempt conciliation i the lace of ostentations rudeness. Yet I<ord .•fanleyV overture will not have been wailed If it satisfies any scrupulous conscience In England Ibattbe lesponiiblllty lor unfriendly relations iC9ts exclusively on the American Government. Ibat the Secretary ot State actsjln banoocy with ike I'teaideiit, mi be Inferred from ibe report ofalaU interview between Mr. Johnson and a Fenian oepnation. The representatives of tbe freebooters showed, in their dedand lor a recogni tion of the belligerent rights 01 the Insh Repub lic, a confidence m tnc President’s sympathy which, if It bad not been Instilled by the result, mteht have been called impudent. Instead 01 contemptuous reproof, they obtained an as surance that the object deserves and receives the anxious attention of Government. Neither party tbonebt it necessary to remember tnat the war which was to do recognized bad not even ostensibly commenced. Tbe attacks on police barracks, and tbe riotous assemblage In the neighborhood ol Dublin, had not been reported at Washington when tbe President undertook to consider tbe crant of belligerent rights to prospective pirates. It is said that an uticr abandonment of human sympathy Is too painful a sncnfcce for tbe most resolute of misan thropes or of criminals. Tbe President and bis pilncipal minister have become, not wholly by ttieir own fault, universally unpopular; bnt though tbeu domestic policy is con demned by tbe great majority 0! their countrymen, one nnialllng appeal itlll remalnslo tbe rational dislike of England. Tbe Fenians are the favorite* in Congress, and an uncivil de r patch has never tailed to excite popular approval in America, 'ibe President and Mr. Seward him- sell*can, except by overt acta of hostility, scarce ly outbid the act for abolishing central duties which was nnanintonalr paaaed by the laic Hon-c of Ucpnaentaiivea. Sir. Seward tailed to attract attention when be addreaaed to toe Euz- lith Government bta wondenal demand fur an opportunity oi revising the sentence* of the Fe nian julsotei* in n -lada; and Mr. Johnson's lor mal advice to th ■ lellah Government to scant *n amnesty to l*.' Fenian pnaoocrs was over looked among the more nopalaiable portions of bl* measure. It la not certain whether Mr. St waid will new succeed in atlmnlaUng the jaded appetite of bta countrymen. THE CITY ELECTION. Tlio Republican Primary Meetings— Toting Places and Inspectors —Copperhead Presump tion. The Republican Union primary meeting* for ibe selection ot candidates for the offices of Alder* xren and Constable, and of delegates to the Con vention of luesdaynext, will be bold on Mon day, AptUbih, In each ward, between the boars of lour and seven o'clock, afternoon. The following are ttc number of delegates to which each ward la entitled, the places of meet ing, the names of the appointed Inspectors of pi unary Flirt Ward— 15. Place of bolding Krimary meeting, bberin's office. Inspectors— i. J. Avcrv, C. D. Peacock and C. F. Chtlson. Second Waid—Delegates, 11. Place of meet ire, corner of Clark and Jackson streets, in spectors—Philip Becker. E. J. Whitehead, August Koreell and Joseph Keilog. Thud Ward—Delegates. XL Place of meeting, comer of State and 'twelfth streets. Inspectors— W. W. Smith, Joseph Pollock and Frederick Schneider. Fourth Ward—Delegates, 11. Place of meeting. Engine House No. 9, corner of Cottage Grove ave nue and Twenty-sixth street. Inspectors—Wil liam P. Comstock, William Wheeler and Course Lcndmacher. Filth Watd—Delegates, 6. Place of meeting. John I andcck's, near the comer ol Uatsted street and Archer road. Inspectors—Captain J. Fionu ran, P. Rofinot and William Roberts. Sixtb Ward—Delegates, 6. Place of meeting. William Kucnl's, corner of Maxwell and Canal sucets. Inspec ors—A. Pardoo and N. Urden. Seventh W ard—Delegates. 9. Placed meeting, at Fenno's, comer of Twelfth and Union streets, limectors—A. Moore, 11. Pilgrim and Charles Loading. Eighth Ward—Delegates, 4. Place of meeting, Daniel Sorden’s, corner ol Twelfth and Rucker streets. Inspectors—Lewis Dodge, A. B. Merrill and Lewis EtursaL Ninth Ward—Delegates. 15. Place of meeting, Washington Skating Park. Inspectors—M. Tal colt, Henbro Taylor and George C. Gardiner. Tenth Ward—Delegates. 12. Plice of meeting. Engine Douse, comer of Clinton and Washington streets. Inspectors—C. C. P. Holden. A. Wemple and P. Anticu. Eleventh Ward—Delegates, 11. Place of meet ing, corner ot Ualsted and Klazlo streets. In sj>cctor»— li. Ackboffi G. 11. bltts and M. Gray. Twelfth Ward—Delegates, 7. Place of meeting, bouse of John Doubler. Inspectors—Geo. Ball, Ang. Stctnhaus and Jacob ErbarL Ti Iru-cnih W ard -Delegates, 7. Place of meet lug, Foly's, corner North avenue and Lsrnibec s'rects. Inspectors— Lanier, G. Fisher, Albert Parch. Fouitcvntb Ward—Delegate*. 9. Place of meet ing Kelts Frelllon, comer ol Division and Wells streets. Inspectors—E. Batten, Henry Schlott liauer, Ftcdk. WTtie. Futccuth Ward—Delegates, li. Place of meet ing, Turner Ball, Oara street. Inspectors—Sam uel shackford, F. Gund, Andrew Nelson. btxti « uth W ard—Delegates, 1L Place oi meet rcg. North Market Hall. Inspectors—Joseph Briggs, AsdrewNelson, U. A. Kauffman. son* bct ncrußUcaKs Tore. It is elated as the intention of two or three Cop perhead aspirants to the office of Constables to ■an m Republican nomination, and to this end they will rally to tbolr support all their Cop perhead acqualntarces, at the primary meetings. ( Le intention can be easily defeated if tbc Inspec tors altbc primary meetings will do their duty by excluding all votes not cast for the Republican ticket at the last election. No man ought to be al lowed to In er.'ere with the nominations unless previously identified with the Kcpnotlcan cause, and no tnau wtll attempt iL Attention to this point is of double necessity this year, as the Cop perheads are pledged to aid their friends by fau lting some of them in on the .Republican ticket. We nope to see a toll vote polled at the primary mictings. The people have the opnortnnlty of nominating their own candidates and should exeicis* the right. It is nonsense to stay away from tho pri mary meetings ana then find Unit with the nomi nations. If every person who Intends to vote tbc Republican ticket on election day will vo*e also .■n the i omtnations, the patties thus Indicated nuuld be the choice of a majority of the natty, and would co Into office with the lull confidence of the public. Let every Republican in the city make it his business to attend the meetings be tween the hours of four and seven on Monday, and let tbc Inspector l see to it that cone else than those who have already voted the Republican tick et shall h-: permitted to nominate, and we need not fear cne resn't, TUX COKVXNTIOX. The Convention s lil be held on Tuesday at two o'clock, in tbc Old Board of Trade Hail, and will sreceed5 receed to the nomination of a candidate tor layer. City Treasurer, Cny Attorney. City Co'iector. Cirri; of the Police Court, and three Police Ma gistrates. THIRD WARD. &U4IW -U4f( A large and enthusiastic meetisc of the Repub lican; and workingmen uf the Tliiid Ward, oe.d on Saturday evening at No. 400 Clark street, for •be purpose of nominating a candidate for Ay if man. After speeches br Messrs. Sinclair. Bon- Hod and others, Jacob Banter. Esq., Master Sir <h nic oi ihcC., 11.1. AT. K. h., waa declared the unanimous choice of the meeting for nomlua t‘on at the forthcoming primary election of the Republican party on Monday. rtrxn w_ani>. nriu kauu. Alderman Kann has annornced bis an willing nets to be a candidate for re-nommaron to Lie office, to the meat regtet of bis numeroo? mends In the Fifth Ward. It u stated that be resigns In laAorot Ur. John Kaber. nxcnnrzs tub “noNOit. The Copperhead Convention, on ThnrsdavujU In making up Its ticket, included General H. N. Lldndgv as a candidate toe City Attorney. Gene ral Elurtdee, we a>o informed, was not aware that the Contention had anv such purpose, anJ will not accept the nomination. cixns op poucb coorr. Mr. William Vocte. the present Clerk of the Police ConH, Mil! be a candidate before the Con vention foe re-election. He has done his duty well and faithfully flaringl his past tenure of office, and w well worthy of a continuance. James Stewart, late ol the Nineteenth Illinois, Isaltu a candidate for the office, subject to the nomliation of the Conveut'on. uuwusuuu ui uie vuui cut v«. , bti w;i WABD. A meeting of Republicans of ibe Twelfth Wsrd was held on Friday cretins, at No. Mil waukee avenue, at which Ibe merits o lJ“^jl Qes * lion were discussed, and Mr. O. W. Potter declared the preferred candidate of the meeting for Alderman. nrmxrn wabo. .. A nice lire ol Kepnbllctns of the Fifteenth Ward was bold on Saturday which was unlver-ally attended, folly one hundred atd flfty voters beinc present- A'leran aratcaHe discus sion a vote was called, when a laore majority was ca»l for the present Incumbent, b. Shackford. The tartr separated to meet at the primary polls on Monday. tIXTXZXTn WABD. Tic many frlerd? of Alderman Clark ot the Six recnth Ward, woo have been arcing aim to as ccpiiner*nomlß*tl..n,winbc eofT7 to hear Out he bis peremptorily aechacd tne honor, Lu haei dcm interests reoalnnc attention, which he ha# blihwtosiTOi sofally and «alia taaoilW to the internal* ol the city. He stands Smb and sparely on the pmiaplM of the Rr yabUcsnpany and will sire a hearty sapport to anr mot toy jnanwho may be nominated to repre sent the *ard in the Conccil. MARKETS BT TELEBRAPH. New York Financial New*. [Special lieepatch to the Chicago Trtbane.] jjrw Tons. April 6. This trornlar the itock market opened firm, at a ellebt adtaice on tbe closing price* oflaU evening. After this the market waa weak, and price* were a ahada lower. On the regular call, itoek* were weaker, and with considerable pressure to sell. Xaw Tork Cen tral being the weakest. Afterwards the continued bammerine dr preyed price*, Kew Tork Centra) aeillog at ICOX, Michigan boutnern at TO*. Clereland A Pitts burgh at ;3Jf, thicaio A Northwestern (common) at nx. aid CMcaio A Northwestern (preferred) at ei\. l\ the one o'clock board itocka were steady, with the exception cf Clerelatd A Pittsburgh stock, which told at'hj. Arterwardi ttere waa more disposition to boy, notwithstanding the bank statement reported a do «rcaaectlh» million* la deposit*, 4X million* In loam, and 31* millions .In legal-lenders. At the SdOcall tbe market was again weak, although after thlsapan of the Uitwaa a abide firmer. At 3 o’clock the markat waa fairly aettre, bnt vlh little disposition to ‘ bear” the same. At So'ckckprlceawere H per cent better,and the general market waa sarong. - American gold baa been weak all day. Government* arssUU telling, t-l« being paid at the dcsefbr loaning. Honey continues easy at 1 per cent. NiwYerk Bread stuff's Market* [Epeotl Despatch to the Chlcmco Trtboce.] Hew Toes, April S. Floor—Closed very lira. Wheat—Luxe miUloc ud ffrcolailve demacd. A pmelotcholcaßOttl vpnnc told dcee 'Change at fUO, and 13.67# wu bid for good No. 3, bit vtto I til ers al the clove at 37.65. Corn—doted firm at $1.23, with farther speculative twioiry. _ ijje-ft SO bid >loce *cbsac*. Oal*—Very firm. New T«rk Grteery Market, {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] __ New You, April A Coffee-Quiet. Klol6®l9j|Clß*ol(L Boyar—kc Muter, bat le-s active. Fur to rood grocery lOfcemkc; refined beat crafted ifie. Moiame—Two ctcts lower and active. Muscovado <3gs3c, Bale* 1,300 hhos. New York lllahwtnes Market, {Special Despatch to the Chicago inoone.] __ New Ton, Aprils, Whlikey—Free sales at Ue l a bond. New York Lire Stock market. {Spcdal Da patch to the Chicago Tnbaoe.] New You, April & 6wloe~BccelpU9oo. Selling at *va6c. New Yolk Prerialun Market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New You, April A Fork—Cloaed with tellers at $33 95 cath, ffUlliuera. gPBIKQ OPEN KG. Mrs. M. E. Stoughton, 100 STATE-ST. WIU, on AptilKth. exhibit to the ladles of Chicago one ot toe Coat ufortmetiu of mLLINERY ever biongtt wtat or New Tors City. MRS. A. B. SMITH, 124 STATE-ST., WILL OPEN Spring and Summer Millinery, TI'ESDAY AND WEDNESDAY* APRIL 9 & TO. 1567. QPENING. Spring and Summer Styles of Millinery. Mies Dnnn wouldrespectmllT Invite the atten'loa ot the ladle* c f Cblmco and Tlclnlty to her new acrt (Dlcndid atodt oi iaalea*. mUaet’ and children'! D jo ctU, bat» and cap*, cf th« latent New Tort an t Pan* Importation*. WilleiMbli on Thursday, AprUlitb, at h»r room*. 130 State, jt. -No card*.” ; MIS 3 n. M. DUNN. Election Notice. •JJKiVERSAL SUFFRAGE. W. G. GOLDSMITH For Alderman of the First Ward* QIVIL AND UELIGtODS LIBERTY. For Alderman of the First Ward, W. Geo. Goldsmith. atHatcfreg ann Jetoelrg. pHICAGO BRANCH OP New York Manufacturing House FOB FINE SILVER - PLATED WARE, In all the New Style* and Patterns. f7* Salesroom, No*. 01 atd 03 Randolph-st.. car. Dearborn. (opposite Ueta'sTtmp.o of Mtnlo.Ctilc**o. IW. 11. McOERWUTT, Ascot. Principal Office and Salesroom, 63 .Nuita ti., K.Y. iSiytcgg Companieg. rp HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAP XT AX. - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and . Manufacturers. CARRIES BY EXPRESS. Money, Vnlna. bleu. Freight and Parcels, ever mare than 13.000 miles et Bapreso l.lne, at Jast and liberal rate*, oavra Jlilllona fearly to Bz* pm* Shipper*, nad can be mtade permanent only by their liberal patronage. TbU we bope to merit and receive. Office, Kos. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearborn-si, A. M. COOPBR Agent. Itiantch RANTED— To Learn the X>rutr Business, with a view to cnge-injt In the uue. Can furouh c »me cioli'.i in a h* mo-th*. Woo’d go to the coup* trj-.i.Csc« d rrfere-c .a given. AdCrc«s,lor one week, *• 11." p. o. Box 1357. Chicago. ANTED— To Learn tlie Brutr Business, with itlpr to etta-Mic m the Can furnish »•. me capital in a tew mouths. Would go to the coan tra. tlood rrf-iettva ctvsn. Address, tor one week, - 11-* P.O. Box 1357. Chicago. ANTED— TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for five years, ca flnt-clai» Wabash-av. property- Ad ones, stating term*, - W A," >o. IS Chamoerot Cota* mace. >JO LUMBER MERCHAHIS. A yotmg mac familiar with the Lumber Trade, a Crst-class boot-keeper, desires a situation. Addreu -JONES.- Tribone office. TO GROCERS. A Salesman, with first clast city references aad ac quaintance la Illinois and lowa, u open to an engage nent with acme good house. Address - P.0.80x2663. 33cutigttj). r PEETE EXTRACTED X WITHOUT PAIN. BY TUB COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Who originated the are ot the Nitrous Oxide Qas lor th* painless extraction of teeth, and have given It to SS.Ca.4 patients without accident or Injnry. office IIS Peztbora-st. (Times Building.) (General Notices. T>CSIN£SS CHANCE. tor rale an honorable business br 'which the par chuer can make flaw per year tare One who can write on a paper can work it to the be»l advantage. Good rtaaona tor selling oat. Price |l,6W,ca*h. Ad dress •' daman - ." Tribune office. SHIPPING NOTICE.—To Chicago Merchants and others. THE AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION COMFY, JL M. CALEB * CO., AGEBTS, Me. 7 Coee'ia Slip, New Torts. The above use are now recelvlre merchandise and olhir freight In New Tors, to be lorwarUed r*a Canal anastcam on Labs to Chlneo. _ . . MU. a BREWSTER. Gen I Boston Ag’t. RtcaUObD A BOND. Agents. Chicago. 'THE UNDERSIGNED ANNOUNCES JL blmiclf a Candidate tor the office ol CITY COLLECTOR, Sublet to ibeCecUloaot the B< pabllcaa Convention. I am an old dozen ofChlcago-not «ch. but honest. GEORGS IV M- A EDITOR’? OFFICE, ILLINOIS, XJL. Snsonni). April 4. 1957. Notice IsherebT rivet mat the Bans ol Bloomington. Hlio< ta. bu citd Id this office a bond, as required by U t provul-na of an set entitled “An at t to amend the general banting law so as to permit the withdrawal of matures in certain cases,” Approved February ns, 'Teerdore, unless the holders of the circulating notes ol said Bank shall present the eatsewiihiu five years from tmscstetorredempiloD at mis office, or in me dty of Chicago, or at me counter ot said baa*, mey will be barred trnmrcc<tvinx redemption tnereoL Said notes will te redeemed at me First Nallo-al CH. B . g MISER 'T’O LUMBERMEN. Xa XT AE B IE3 XL Ctn be seasoced In from ♦ to 4 day* ay BULK LEVS PATENT, at aa arc. - tge toil of #1 per f flJ ® t L e green. For circular or lutomatloo address C. u. BITELEY. 2 Case BoUdinx, Cleveland. Ohio. IV’OTICE TO &HIPPEKS—The X WESTKRN TRANSPORTATION CO. Aropov treelTtDirinachJUuUfe acd ce»ne tragbtla Sew York, to De BMpprd at or.ce » J r»Ji and »*®*“ arcicd «ht L»le, or TUCanal »’• U* opcnl&s. Ofllce. coner Kaurst. o>d btio. New Tort. J. W. iuitlE. Actnt.Chlcaeo. T OsT DIaCHAKGJSa. we Urr received Crons the Second Auditor the cfitaaltona ot application Ibr additional boantyol |in ibm so'dlcrs tore lest treir dlschargecaua c«Ui. Solditn to situated tbonld apply at otue to UIUKESWS^^KKIE^ 3Drp (KooOs, OPENING! FIELD, LEITEB «fc CO., ' Open TUESDAY, April 9th, The Latest PARIS NOVELTIES in SILK AND CLOTH SACQUES, Tor Ladies, Hisses and Children, WALKING SUITS, In Poplin* 811 k and Alpaca. ALSO, MITE AID BLACK LLAMA LACE POINTS AND CIRCULARS In Hew and BeautiM Designs, all of which will he offered at very reasonable prices. FIELD, LEITEE, & CO, 110,112,114 & 11G X,JSL.S:33-ST , . IHAWI DEPARTMENT. FIELD, LGIIER & CO, SPECIALLY INVITE THE ATTENTION OF LADIES TO TBEIIi OPENING -OF SPRING SHAWLS! —ON— TUESDAY, April 9th. Is this Stock will be found some very Elegant and entirely Hew Designs in Paisley Long Shawls, Paisley Square Shawls, Wool Square Shawls, Zephyr Sqnare Shawls, French Cashmere Square Shawls, French Cashmcxe Long Shawls, Black Thibet Sqnoro Shawls, Black Ihlbet Long Shawls. These Goods, have just been purchased at recent Auction Sales in New York, and will he sold at prices to defy competition in this market. FIELD, LEITEB&CO., 110,112,114 & 116 Lake-at. SPECIAL NOTICE. mutism 167 & 169 Lake-st. 7TE ARE KOW PREPARED TO SHOW A SUPERB ASSORTMENT OF Spring Garments, Walking Suits, Travelling Suits. INDIA CAMEL’S HAIR SHAWLS From $125 to SI,OOO. Camel’s Hair Scarfs. ALSO, A SUPERIOR ASSORTMENT MATERIALS For Trarelling and Street Suits. We particularly request as Inspection ef the abore articles. Ladies uHU find our Stock to comprise all the Latent PARIS XOrPLTTES. 3To Sent SIDE RINK. The * kiting season having dosed, this popolarptaee otaamsemenlU otlered for rent. It is easy of access, the Bandolph-SL cars p&aslog the door. It contains the largest haH la Chicago, being 300 by L 3 feet, bril liantly lighted with U 0 gas boners, and seats to ac commodate thousands of people. Alt persons wishing to rent this favorite rasort for the summer season HU Nov. 1«L and all churches, societies and other organ ization* who wish to rent the Rink for a tew days, tor tbs purpose of holding tain, festivals, concern, par ties, or other purposes, are requested to coll this week at the SINK OFFICE, and engage the immense edi fice. Office hours. 9totl s. m.. and 3to & p.m. QHEAP DOCK ON 31 AIN BRANCH TO BENT, 4t toet front by IS deep. Apply at 326 North Water-sL LUMBER YAED TO RENT. 100 leet Deck by 300 feet deep, located oo the Ncrth Pier. Poasestlcn given on the Ist of May. ISo*. Inquire ol TfIue.GOODWILi.IE, North Pier. Ctanspottalum. QOODRICE’S STEAMERS. SCA BIRD, For Racine, Milwaukee and DOrth. to Two Hirers, on Monday moraine, April Bth. at *o c|oek, UodEioelov Bosh-st, Bridge. A- B. GOODRICH, NUMBER 301. (Carpets, ©il (Clorijs, &c. CARPETS!} CARPETS!, CARPETS! CARPETS! CARPETS! CARPETS! CARPETS! ! cer The Oldest Carpet House In the , We»u | Our Stock Is .the largest ever ex* hlblted WeotofNew [York. I We guarantee our prices to be as low os any house In the United States. Carpets, Oil Cloths, Curtains, Mattresses, Hatting, Feathers, &o. BARGAINS! AT THE Great Carpet Hall HOLLISTER & PHELPS, 135 & 137 Lake-st. Do cot foil to emmlce our stock before purchasing, ILeartjct belting. LEATHER BELTING. Prices Reduced AT THE MANUFACTORY. 199 LAKE-ST Give us a can before purchasing. and arsTntns our Stock and nice*. We hare on band I superior article of Lace Leather. Also, Agent* for Weston'* Patent Dench Hooks. W. H, WHIT MARSH & CO. Chicago. Apt 11 Mac?. JLaunbrics. CLEAN AND NICE! Floe linen and valuable uodcrc'otbei are often dam* sgeo by rough u»age Ik baish,wajbteg, quick drving ana rapid Ironing, especially when Urge quantities of tine articles tb*t are .light.y soiled. and coarai good* that arc very filthy. are promtscuouily mixed togeth*r ander.bmutedto toe same bar&h processoflaundry Dearborn-st. Laundry, 145 Dearborn-st., Will glrs PROMPT AND CAREFUL ATTEN TION to this basinfts, la all lb branches, which will bo conducted on the clean and safe da fashioned system of basd.vuhlog, without the wear and tear of fabrics incident to the ord nary lahar-sblrluagsTS terns of modern laundries. Particular attention given to One articles that require cartful usage. Sttoing JHarijiues. JJX PARALLELLED SUCCESS! GENICB TRIUMPHANT I SINGER NEW NOISELESS FAMILY SEWING MACHINE. Which has been two years In preparation, and which has been brought to perlection regardless of time, labor sod expena*. u now confidently presented to thepnblle at incomparably The Pest Sewing Machine In the World. We keep on band a well assort'd stock of Bilk, Twist, Lines ana Cotton Thread*. Machine OH, Quill en, corotrs. Tuckers, Binder., Ac. Patties dealring to act os Agent* !□ localities where we are cot renrr tented, can ootain the necctaary loior* matlonby sddresalng THE SINGER M’F’O CO., No. 30 South Clark-sL, Chicago. NOTICE. Having recovered from the effects of the lire la my utablubmect. 1 will be pleased to see ail my friends ml my customers at the Old ataao, 42 & 14IJ earbom-st. AU tb# departments are in running order. Orders lot Job Filming, Blank Bocks, Ac.,will receive prompt attention. 1 have also a large quantity ol damaged goods that will be disposed of at bargains, jy Please call ana examine stock and prices. j. m. w. JOSES, 42 and 44 Dearborn-it., Oppoeltc the Fremont Home. <gtotf)uti2. JJEMOYAL. SWARTHOUT, KENT & CO. Bare opened their large nock ot READY • MADE CLOTHING A>’D GEKTS’ FUENISHENG GOODS la the ctore foraerlf occupied tor J.L. Vaouat, No. 76 Randolph-st. Onr Clotblaz la all cf oar o«n make, aad retailed at tnacntactuma* price*. ©ccan Steamers. CTEAM TO UYEKPOOL, &c, CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN. From Pier 43, North Ittver, New York, cni rytng Called States Stolls. INMAN MAIL LINE EVERY SATURDAY (mall steamer), EVERY’ WEDNESDAY (extra steamer). Cables, IV to f 110. To London, fS extra. To Paris, with prmiece ot stopping ta Liverpool and London, 110 exits—ul m gold. RETURN TICKETS, GOOD TILL USED, AT RE DUCED HATES. Handbills os application. Cabin plans on view, and berths or rooms secured on application at Western Agency, 31 Dearbomst., Chicago. JANES WARRACK. ffM. INMAN. Liverpool. Coal. COAL REDUCED I o, April 8,1587. Os Monday, April Stb I shall reduce the price ot Scranton. PUtston and Lackawanna COAL delivered, to nine dollars per ton. Mining oor ot coal, we can sopply dealer*, raannttctnrers and car earners at original cost, freight and expenses tinnS OFFICES i 38tt EAST MADISON'bT, 126 SOUTH MARKET-5T n aad 734 SOUTH CLARK-St. ROBERT LAW, Agent tor the Misers. Iscto liuUtcatUma. “ JJOME CIRCLE." SI.OO a Tear. 1C Pages. A lady wanted in each town to caarsss Liberal terms ana premiums. S. M. KEN N EDV, 194 Clatk-at., Chicago. dFot Sale. jpou sale— A ,TW O-STOBY FBAIYIB BDILDINe, opposite the Bcngb Home at the Union Stock Yard*. 1* wel adapted lor any bailee** purpose, and win be ■uld much below its rains. Apply to L. DxGHAFF, Corner Stats and Banaolph-w. O residence fob sale in the beautiful town of Waukegan, 111. Good bouse and ram, good well and cistern water, garden bolt, dowera and shade trees. Lot eight rods square. For particulars address Box 1491. Chicago, 18. pIG IKON— IS Tons Ranging Bock Pig Iron, For sale, to close a consignment. Inquire of THOMAS PABKKB, No. 8, Methodist Church Block. -r-OK SALE— WOOD-TAltl). Offlc. fete ud oitnra. Tula yard hu been la encccOilopenuon no Jem. natniactocy reaeosa as! 0 . r ...'g£&lmg j °° tte « weat CHEAP! FOtt A FEW DAYS. Cottage and Let, 203 Sooth DeiplatncMt. nocse certain* 6 rooms. bal>, closet*, buttery, and large sum mer Lltcben. tn ortt-rate erd*r. Price law. Term* easy. App.j to A. DBASE, 1»4 South Ciait4t. jfinc ©cIB Jttoelrg ant jFancg articles. HOUSE FURNISHING. BRONZES, FRENCH CLOCKS, SILVER & SILVER-PLATED GOODS. PARIAN AND ORNAMENTAL ARTICLES OF ALL KINDS, GILES, BRO. & CO., 142 L AKE-ST. GOLD IS DECLINING, AND GOODS OFFERED AT COLD AT PAR PRICES. Elegant American and Geneva Watches, The Largest Stock West of New York. DIAMONDS AND PRECIOUS STONES. Silver Ware and Solid Gold Jewelry. FULL PEARL BRIDAL SETS, Diamond, Emerald, Hyacinth, Sapphire and Mosaic, FCLL AHD HALF SETS. • BRACELETS, FENCER HD D3NDRERCHIEF RISES, be., be. Bicbly Chased lea and Tete-a-Teta Sets, Capa, Goblets, Ums, Napkin Bings, Hew Grecian and Medallion Pattern, Preserve, Jelly, lea Cream and Sngar Spoons, Knives and Porks, &c., put np in fine style for Presents and Keepsakea A variety of OPEEA GLASSES, DEESSIHG CASES, JEWEL CASES, PAHS, &c. french Clocks, Bichly Plated Ware, &c., &c. T3apcr. NOTICE. TO PAPER MANUFACTURERS. Tke Chicago Fibre and Paper Company bare purchased the exclusive right to Tend, sell and use the protest lor the manufacture and bleaching of paper palp* known as the BIFECH PROCESS, la the States of Blicbl* gta, Ohio. Indiana* Illinois, Wlieoosin, lowa and Bllnneaeta, which process la sc* cared by letters patent (ten in namber), and Is an efficient and cheap meann tor convert- Ins fibroas substances. each ns straw, {trass, wood, dkc., to palp ter the manufacture of paper. The ceatroTersy raised by the Hydrostatic Paper Company is at an end, os this Compa ny hare never proposed to bleach stock by thease ot a Rotary vessel, either by poea* matlc pressure or otherwise. Bat this Com* pony are the owners of the exclusive right to bleach by pneumatic In all closed vessels, w hetber rotary or otherwise, and no person cbb lawfully nse pneumatic pressare far the redaction or blenching of paper stock In closed vessels, within the above-named States, without onr License, and this Com* poay hereby give notice that they WILL PROSECUTE all persons who Infringe their rights. THOMAS S. DICKEESOS, President of the Chicago Fibre and Paper Co’y. NOTICE. At a meeting ol the Stockholders ol the Chicago Fibre and Paper Co'y, Held April 9.1567. the Special Charter In* corporation raid Company, with a capital stock of $300,000, with authority! to In* 'ermae (ha raaae sa 52.0450.004*. aad eaafaiv ring on said Company special and enlarged privileges, waa accepted, and the Company reorganized under the name. Titla Company la now In successful opera* tlon, and It propones to Increase Its business, and for that purpose It boa authorized Its President to receive farther subscriptions to Ita capital stock to a limited amount. Ac* cordlngiy, the books of (be Company will be held open for a few days, to receivesabacrlp* dona. Subscriptions will be received atlthe Office of (be Company, No* 170 Randolph**!. THOS. S. DICKERSON) Pres. CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Go. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPEE DEALERS DtkLDS ct Paper Makers’ Findings, Chemicals, ete„ 170 Bandolph*«t«) Chicago* We offer for sale to dealers and consumers 3.000 Bandies News and Print 3Sx4l 2.000 do do do 24x30 1.500 do do do ' *-£2x32 2.5110 do do do 23x37 2.000 do do do 27x41 1.500 do do do 25x44 2*500 do do do :iUx43X I.MIU do do do 31«44* 3.000 do do do 30x4M3> 1.500 do do do 25x39 1.000 do do do 2Ux3S> SOO do do do 20x42 Extra siip> wade to order on abort notice. For nit at the lowest market prtcea for CASH. Justness Cams JOHN F. RATHBONE & GO., J WHOLESALE SIOFES, 8S MICHIGAN-AV CILVEK PLATIXG, KE-PLATLNG Siltcr Ware Manufacturing Company, OF CHICAGO. Factory corner fldridga-coart and Statist, • In addition to the regular business of tnvaofoctnrlng all kinds ol eolld sllv*r Ware, Go d ard si yer WatiE Cases, etc- this Company has made extensive arraoge menu ler ib» repairing and re-piatlns of old and worn plated goods of every variety; ai*o. for the repaying, reOnuhing and poltsnii'gof bolld hllver Plate, making It (Qual to new Ail articles (hon’d be fent to the office of the Company, at the corner ot Eldrldge-court and SUte-st. JAS. H. HOES. Manager. gMOEED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND SMOKED MEATS, 150 SOUTH WATER-ST. piatbtoarc. OOPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. JOHN M. AYEB Das this dsy been admitted to onr Ann. The name and style cr the firm will he, hereafter. BALTHIS, AYER & CO. CALVIN* C. BALTHIS, JOHN M.AYEH. Chicago, AptU 1. TSCT. JOHN M. BALTHJS. REMOVAL. BAITEIS, AYES.& CO., IRON, NAILS, STEEL, Ecgry and Wagon Stcck. Carriages. Bolt*. Nuts and ffi.tiwi, Thimble Stein*. Iron Axle* and spring*. REMOVED TO 16 and 18 South Wells-st, rogtQgce Bor 2103- 23anfcs ana bankers. TpIBST NATIONAL BANK. . Corner ol Lue and Clark-ati. PAID IN CAPITAL 31*000,000. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Drawn In nuns to inlt entail the principal Bnropeaa LETTERS UP CREDIT Dined, arailablo in all part* of Europe. GOVERNMENT BONOS Bought ard told. 7-Soa converted at market rates. SAn'tM.Sicmsow.lTes't. P. D. Ghat.Vicepree't. C. B. FtXLP. laitiltr. Cnxs. J.&cmtrrr, AaatCaMu LANIER & CO, ISSUE LETTERS OJET CREDIT For Traveller*. available In an part* of Europe. KCB.*47 « 39 YORK. 35SC anh 33ar, |~\K. UNDERWOOD. Bn AK9 UAH. Consulting and Opwanve Surgeon foe aQ OitlWl jy*Cro« Bye* straightened in one minute. Jfurniturc, JicMing, See. Furniture ! F. Porter Thayer & Co. MANUFACTURERS OP FURNITURE, BEDDING, &C. Manufactory and Wholesale Warerooxs, SG, 88, 90 & 92 West Randolph-st* RETAIL WAREKOOM3. 110 LlE£-BT>; (op-staira*) gpj RANUOLVHtsT. PIKE & CAVANNA, DEALERS IK FURNITURE ASD BEDDING. AIM, Agents tor PRESTON & GRAVES’ New Patent Rotary Extension Table. CHAS. TOBEY, 87 & 89' STATE-ST. Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS, &C., Of Every Description* Parties was ting* each goeda will coo> cnit their own interest, by examining my immense assortment of new goodsy prices, dec* Chicago, March 23,1357. fHusical instruments. VOW OX EXHIBITION AT OUK _L> WAKECOOIIS. TWO MAGNIFICENT 111 IIIIHI (Kill ns **>w style*. Intended expressly lor Chorchea and lanes Hull*; ore with two banks ot keys. flve »eti of reeds, ud iwehe stops; ibe other wuh tour seta c! reeds and i stops. lup pnolic are c-rulaHy invited to exam ice the at-QTp tc»trunigr.;.«. as ve>l n oar as sortment of tbe HURDETT ORGANS, ranglnc mpries from TJS to fI.OOC. LTOJf & DEALT, GENERAL AGENTSFOKTDE UANCF ACTT7BEB9, Clark apd Washington—!«., cbicaev. abbertising agents. TO ADVERTISERS. AdTerlaemetta or ln?ertedla EASTERS’ S’ETTSPAPERH, WESTERS SEWTSPAPERS, SOUTHERN NEWSPAPERS, GERMAN NEWSPAPERS, RELIGIOUS NEWSPAPERS, agricultural newspapers! PICTORIAL NEWSPAPERS, rertrxitcaU, UeeazteH. Journals, Ac™ upon tae nut fivoiaMe term,, t>J (WOK, CORCBN co« Advents Leg Agents. Office S 7 DotrPorn-jt., Ho >n u. Cits Notices. Health notice— Particular attention u called to the following, a* uey will herljldiy enfjrreo; Chapter tl. SecUmt Revised Ordinances of l?«: ** ■*No twrioD ihal; unw. place or conduct, or laflec bw or her servant, child or family to throw, pUcsor conduct into any uteat. alley or lot, tar putrid or qb soued btel,J>cra, fish. hires or thins or ant n«V or any Cl h. utfaLnr other unsound and offensive matter whatever, or anything likely to become offensive. Nor thall any sersoa allow inch fllih. offal. dun*, or other offensive matter as aforesaid, to be or remain noon tbilr premise*. or In any outhouse. stable. privy,or other pUee owned or occupied by them, or In any alley orttrectlafrontofsaldpremises.loauch manner at to he otlen«lv« to the neighborhood. **«■< crerr pe> ion who shall violate any of the provisions of tnu action shall be fined in a sum sot lea* than Ml nor more than tax" -uuuss^aor Also. Chapter 27, Sections: “Any outlier. tanner, brewer, bate he", pork and beef packer, toap boiler, tallow chandler, dyer, lmry rtaale keeper, or other peiion whatso ever, who inaD cause or suffer any ottai. manure, rub bish, filth, still slops. or aty refuse animal or vegeta- Ue matter, or acr foul or cauteous liquor to be dis charged out of or Oow from asy premises ows*d or ctcodcd by hta.or to be thrown Info, dept need or left la the Chicago River. or either at its orancaes>or any of the slips or cassia counseled therewith, or into LsseSllrhicao.ortntoany slough ulthiu the Juns cicilon of the city, or lo or upon any street, alley - , route square, vacant 10'. wharf or dock, river hau or uke shore, shall be inject to a fine of not less Cun IS tor sore I lisa put." By Order of the Board. ■T.D. BRIDGES. Health Offlcw_ ~v OTICE. JL » Coxvneioxxx cr Tasss, i . Omn. is WelLnu \ Perron* cr corrorx'.'cn* ownUx real n>ruc tbs cit? ofCblcazc. whlcnhasnctheen correctly de*enbeil lathe tax vanutf, are requested tollman UuaoQlce will, a comet description of u>« nmi. Sacs win m clncematylouandparu allots, dmeed by deed ooC cot by plats of recon-*, bat is to include pieces da .exiledby mete* andbonnd*. or tireguar and tneoa- TerleotdcacrlptU&jlnlcet and inches, a* next te amX adKlnlng seme other similarly described me.e of land. Allot All persons or corporations owning parcels of land teretelbre described bj metes sad ootudf, or by ir regular and Ineontement deecrlpUoct la act «"S ini be*. and as west or eai t of and adjoining soma outer Improper!; draltcated lot or piece of land, are hereby nouaea to Lave a.I earn pa>ceis of land properly aoi»- divided by plat, and recorded, or Is all sneb cases tbe rereral will mage bobdlTliiaov* and ncord them, and Use es pease ittreXor will be td u> tbe taxes on sucb lets. C. S HOLDEU, Commis Honor of Tubs. Chicago. April. ISST. S~SjOOO OR 630,000 TO LOAN AT 8 PER CENT. In one ana for three or Sre years, ON FIRST-GLASS CITY PROPERTY. ai. D. BEN.NtSsY, as OPERA HUCS& AT ICHIQAN SOUTHERN & NORTH- X*J_ EES Ir.DUSA E. B. CO. Nc.ia WttLULa Stexzt, > _ .... Hgrw Tons, Marcn IS, JS5i. f ~Kr e J m r u £ e-’ccUon tor Directors of this lommay win be add at theCcmpani’a office In fuifco.otilo, S? wedeetday, the ztih day ot April mn at coca, The pell* will remain open tmuiip. ro. Tee stock Transfer BoiAa will becl«eea on toe3otbU«.»trp> n-ard reopened on me am proximo at 15 a. m. D- fHadjincrj. p AKO'S PATENT BBICB IHACHINC. Office and manufactory, 33 Sonth For itftorm&jlouaiuiaeseiiptlre ,“53 South J-flereon-en. Chicago. «T>RICK MACHINE." " DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office. Bccm No. 3. 47 Clarke. C&icage. JSemDbalis. TJEiIOYAL- A JOHN CLOUGH A CO- Ha?e femored their Office from 19 19 LA