Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 7, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 7, 1867 Page 3
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THE WORLD OF AMDSEMEST. Art, £usic. Fashions and Books. ?be Foncral of the Philharmonic 8«- clctr— Upliapl* for the Lamented De eeavcd-ucll In taicaga-Wnai Si. Jnnnuwin chicago-llart L. Stew art,tbe popular Verdict and JlnKling** Vl* ni-Thr Plano Qoc*il«>n again— Somebody on the It amp age—The Annxmrnu Coniine—Another Word about Cblenona—New Style of Wed dine c'&rds—.vinucat and Literary lioui. Chicago. April U, 1337, To (he Editor of the Chicago Tribune: The pathetic wbh so ofleu expressed by lender maidens that they may die In the spring time, has been granted to the PhllUar monlc Society, and by the time this roaches the eyes of your readers, it will be sweetly sleeping under embryonic daisies and the portly gentlemen of the management, who have carried it so long upon their generous shoulders, will feel as much relieved as did the Ancient Mariner when he got rid of the uncomfortable albatross. Ido not deny that it will expire in a blaze of glory. Like many actors, its greatest part is the dying scene. Like & candle. It putters and flickers along, suddenly bursts luto a brilliant flame, and as snddenly there is nothing left but a greasy candlestick and u thin column of un savory smoke. The surroundings of the con cert to-night, will he apropos to the occasion. Mrs. Mattcfon and Miss Main will take the seals from their lips and recall the early glo ries of tbe Philharmonic days. The old Seventh Symphony and *he Merry Wives of Windsor, mossy with memories, will carry us back to the old days. All these tad reflections remind me that I promised an epitaph for tbe monument of the deceased and here it is: * me Jace* TUB rniLHAUMONIC SOCIETT. Reared (nine up. f mi ll ft ind Imtluon. pet tmiiyUierlcb Mil courted by thrmuhlUwr.u vexed fat a ad kick'd: mrotdiu tack upon Us ma«t calpsrcaUpi «no fiillmd after etrasc* eodi of mammon and Ha iw*t rooih it sever tecov •mt I u ear ly tier* un der m lew! It* coistl tutloiu and utters tin* Kvriniclll ntwMtds- nartrd Dili Iu« tin I lia ftb of Apt 11, A. D. ISA 7, end was followed to Its tomb by a large concourse of mournful friends. “ Why should the spirit of mortal bo proud V nitqmEsrAT im rAcn. ' An tnlcrmlMlon of ten minutes will bo given here during which time those who do- ►ire to retire are requested to do so. The doors will then tie r!om<d. 1 weep. I hare been startled out of my proprieties during tho last week. I puna one wall and <>u it 1 read In liugn bbiek Idler* “Variety Theatre—Hi ll upon Earth.” 1 shouldn't bo surprised If that motto. Ami again I read “Satan and hi* Seven Daughters In Chica- go.” J am not only confident of that too, out ulm* that there Is a much larger delega- tion of Btidzclmb’ii interesting family hero including several ot'lils a .ms, but tho Variety Theatre may safely claim the palm in having the Uumvullonabln and seven of hi* daugh ters, and will undoubtedly d < a big thing in brimstone. It is a cheerful thing to know where hell U located, because oue can then avoid It. After being cheered by»lh« consoling fact that hell Is on Dearborn street, tho next wail invites mo to “Look out far Revela- tions,” and “go andVcc what, St. John saw,” andau uncomfortable looking woman with I don’t know how many horns, in & dress of the Lady Godlva pattern, riding a hctsl with! don’t know how many heads aud tails, invites me to view “Heaven upon earth.” We arc now In a peril ion to drive New York, Sandusky, Boston, Joliet, St. Louis, Dyer Station, Milwaukee, Paw Paw and Cln* cluuati crazy with envy. We have not only got tlx biggest stock yurd, the biggest tun nel, the biggest opera house, the fastest horses, the handsomest women, the s!ccx>cst corner lots, the tno«t wickedness to the square inch and the most virtue to the acre, with a prospected railroad to our fellow-citizens the Cossacks and Esquimaux of our new State of Russian America, but we have also got both extrem ities of the other world, and the moribund population of those cities have got to come here to be entertained throughout their ghostly existences. A lady writes me saying that I “ shall have the first and prettiest, boquel from our rut* den this summer, provided Mr. Jinktlng’s hens don’t scratch up all our seeds before they sprout,” If I; “will emphatically smash’’ Hart L. Stewart for daring to an nounce a lecture. If Mr. Hart L. Slewart was not emphatically smashed on the even ing of bis proposed lecture, then there Is no virtue in the public millstone. This severe letting alone of Mr. Stewart’s “Policy” aud 31r. Stewart's “Principle.” this sweeping public disgust wi‘h both, Is a verdict which mast satisfy my Indignant friend that it will be Mr. Stewart’s beat “ policy” to vindicate bis “ principle” In some other place than Chicago. Any man whose cuti cle was not toucher than that of a rhinoceros and whose moral bide was not thicker than a brick wall, would understand this lesson so quietly administered. When Mr. Stewart cannot even attract morbid cariosity he will probably understand that the public care no more for him than they do for his “ principle,” which has no “ policy” and his ** policy” which has less “ principle” In It. As for Mr. Jinkllug’s hens, it they inter fere with those seeds, I would suggest that cold lead is a good remedy. After the lead is administered, serve them up rn fricauee and invite Mr. Jinkliogs to dinner. One of the Indignant women of America, charges at me, horse, foot and dragoons, on tbo piano question, with no feelings either for Peregrine, Webster or Lindlcy Murray, after the following furious fashion: Chicago, Sunday, March 31,1837. “ Mr. Peregrine: “mb: It there be anything which provokes a true Indy, it Is to hare men folks meddle with what does not concern theta in the least. If they don’t like marie, let them atuiTthrir ears with cot ton. Was t a mss, I shoulauottbh kol selecting a lady lor tetfe unless she were well acquainted with piano marie, aud could nertorm its vari ous acqurr merits. A liiciy gentleman once informed the laales tn the parlor that be bad taller tee a house paid for than see 000 with a mortgage on and an internal Piano inside: he was a loot and ought not to have a wife 1 would like to be a wife of such a sharper one week only. I’dc leach him bow to pay for bis bouse. 1 don't know but what 700 are the lltenr roaa who ouc« made the remark if so 1 feel releaved, what bnrineea is it to you bow we lire we know enonrb to ac: our part If litcry men will do wbat becomes them. Adue. S.” This style of arynmenfom a<? hominan, this knocking a man down with a broom and beating him with the handle without giv ing him any show. Is not fair. To the argu ments of this gentle Joan of Are. I can make no reply. Politeness Is my forte, and I al ways make way for the women of America. I cannot ‘‘rcleave” this amiable woman, lor 1 am not the “lltcry” gentleman referred to. 1 can only thank my luckj* stars tbat I do not hare to pay her little millinery bills and provide beefsteaks for the serene family of S. In bidding good-bye to this calm woman, I would simply sngge«t to her that before she proceeds lurthcr vfith herscalcs.she bad bet ter practice a little on thegrnmmar and spell ing-book. Heavens! think of this mild woman playing the Battle of Prague! *‘Aduc” my placid friend. The amusement season Is fairly upon ns. and with tbc advent of bursting buds and balmy gales will come whole flights of sing ing birds; Maretzek and his opera troupe; tbc Mendelssohn Quintette with the spirited Camilla Urso and splendid Adelaide Phillips, best of all home artists, and last, but not least, Parepa and her husband, Carl Boss, and Bslgnoll, Fortuua and Ferranti. From the latter we may expect Trovatorc, The Barber, Don Pasqualc and other operas not requiring strong choral effects. A desperate attempt has been made to induce Rosa, who is a passable tenor, to appear lu Miurlco to Parepa's Leonora In Trovatorc. Parepa Is bounteous In person— Rues Is smalt. Pa repa likes Verzenay—Rosa likes llochbelm cr; but these little variations would be of email account. Unless Rosaohjcctsto pUylag second fiddle In. family affairs I see no hindrance to such a consummation, and the young ladles would go Into ccstacles. As Chicago will give them the beat houses on the Continent, this small favor should not be denied. I have run across the following passage In Sir Samuel Baker's “Travels In Africa”* “The women of Latooka wear false bale like horses' tails, made of fine twine, smeared with grease and refl ochre to give It the fash ionable color.” So that my friends Aurelia and Celeste who wear those delightful little short dresses and those astonishing chignons are merely adopting the coiffures of the Af rican savages—merely stealing from the fash ion plates of the Latooka Ladles' Book. Thinkofit, Anrclli, as you putontbat last touch of red, and acknowledge tbit she of Latooka Is a woman and a sister, and that this one touch of human nature makes you kin. Tbc indignant but placid woman that wrote me the piano letter is respectfully in formed tbat lam not speaking to her; lam speaking to Aurelia, who dotes on Bulwer and doesn't know a mortgage from a mince pic. Aurelia never outrages one’s feelings. It requires too much effort. She would rather fck-cp all through vespers than be suspected of turning up her pretty nose at Celeste’s strings or criticising Rev. 3lr. Skimmilk’s cambric. She will cat oyster patties, car amt Is and pickles after the Philharmonic to bight rather than outrage the feelings of the young Indies si Kinsley's by going off with out noticing them. That is the Dear Child’* style, which re* minds mo that the style of wedding cards has changed. Instead oi a siegle or pair of wedding cards, as formerly, tuc envelope cow contains me card, with the names of the mother and father of the bride, and one with those of the parents of the bridegroom; then the Mr. and Airs, card; then the maiden card of the bride, and the card of the bridegroom; then tbe Invitation on embossed note paper for the church, and finally tbe card giving Invitation to the receptions. They arc de licious and creamy, and are conducive to a long and useful life. I pass hurriedly on from wedding cards to musical gossip- Sir George Smart, the ven erable English composer, who directed the music at the coronation of King William and Queen Victoria, who engaged Weber to compose Oberon and who taught Jenny Lind and Sonlag oratorio music, died recently in Loudon; Laura Har ris, Patti’s rival, has left Brussels; Rein eckc’s new opera of Manfred wiil be brought out this month In Wiesbaden; three new operas, “La Gerla dl Papa Martin,” by Cag nonl, “Oscard’Alva,” by Vlclnl. and “La Contcssa dl Medial,” by Chcsal, will shortly be produced in Italy; the five hundredth rep resentation of Robert 1c Diable was given the other evening at tbe Paris Grand Opera ; at Vienna, “Irha,” an opera by Herr Doppler, the llutc-playcr, Is In preparation. M. vou Flotow’s latest work, “Zilda,” has just been given at Prague. Among the new books out since my last are tbese: “The Cruise of the Shenandoah,” by Cornelius E. Hunt; “Mosby end his Meu,” by J. Marshal Crawford—both rebel books; “ David Copperfleld,” Diamond Edi tion ; Mexico under Maximilian; “The Negro In the American Rebellion,” by Wm. Wells Brown, once a fugitive slave. Prof. Coning ton’s translation of the /Eccid; “ Life of St. Dominic,” by Archbishop Alcmany; “ The Rich Husband,” by Mrs. Riddell; “Progress of Doctrine In the New Testament,” by Thomas Dchauy Bennardof Exeter College, England; “Forlorn Hope,” by Edmund Yates. Baron Tnuchnllz has commenced the publication of a new series of German authors, with “On the Heights," one of the most delightful of Bcrthold Auerbach's stones. Blanche Marryatt, whom we take to be a daughter of the marine novelist, is about to publish a novel, entitled “Briars and Thorns.” Dr. Win. Smllh, the well-known maker of cyclopedias, has just succeeded to the editorial chair of the London Quarterly ifritetr. Mr. J. A. Froudc has neatly ready iwo volumes, entitled “Short Studies on Great Subjects”. Miss Sewell, tbe author of “Amy Herbert,” has in the press “The Journal of n Home Lite. Mr. J. Payne Col lier has Just issued the first part of his reprint of " England’* ParunshUs. Harper <fc Brothers hare in press Agues Strickland's “ Lives of the Queens of Eng land,” abridged. Edited by Mr#. Parker— “ Sooner or Lntcr.” By Shirley Brook*— “ Lnmnnt’s Pacific Inlanders;” “Melchior Gorlca“Nora;” Ynlea’s “Block Sheep;” "Sowingtho Wind.” By Mia. Linton,au- Hmr of “ Lizzie Norton "—“Victory Deane;” “A Wife and Not n WII'o.” By Cyril* Red ding—“ Mr. Wynyoni’s Ward." By Holme Lee, author of" Sylvan Uoll’a Daughter”— “Mttco’a Knlry Book ;” “Tho Lover’s Dic tionary;” “Brownlowa.” Tbo IndUcreet tine of u spurious phrase has brought upon Mr, Gatlmmu Hardy an at tack from All The Yi nr J/uutnl, Mr. Hardy, In Introducing bis universally approved bill for the bettor regulation of the metropolitan, referred to what ho called the ••sensational” reports in tho paixtra, Mr. Dickens replies, “Let us ask again, what docs Mr. Gathorne Hardy mean by sensational ? Is It sensational to tell the truth ? Is it sensational to call public attention to a noteworthy example of a costly board existing under false pretenses, and showlcg mankind how not to do it ? Is It sensational to be poor, abject, and dying ? Is it sensational in a public officer, when he has nothing to say for bis department, meanly to shelter himself under the miser* able slang of the boar ? Is the commonest Immunity, the narrowest charity, sensation al y What is Mr. Hardy’s opinion of the New Testament ? A sensational perform ance surely ! The good Samaritan ?—A highly sensational character. The twelve Apostles V—What a sensational dozen ! Their Divine Master? Inconveniently and notably sensational!” Peueorixe. THE PROPOSED PARK. A Citizen’* Argument in Favor of tlie Soutn bide Project To tic Editor of the Chicago Tribanc: To whatever criticisms the act tor the South Side Park may be liable, it cannot be disputed that Its provisions, in the main, are lair and just, and substantially, as far ns oar circumstances admit, !u accordance with the lawn tor creating and improving Central Park, in New York. Tho question Is not whether a better law might not have been passed upon the subject, hu r whether under this Jaw, if approved by the people, tho great desideratum of a Public Park for the health and recreation of tho people, easily uccieriblis by railroads, as well as ordinary travel, can he had. No cue acquainted with the South Division of Chicago can deny that the Park must he located within the limits prescribed by the act, us theic, and not elsewhere, can the neecstury land be obtained at reasonable price*. The land for the Park at from SIOO to SSOO per acre, cannot cost over $500,000. It ought not to exceed $350,000. It is uot pro posal or expected to spend much in improve ments at once. It will take a year or two to survey the land and lay out the Park, acd before much money will have to be expend ed, the land In the neighborhood will have Increased very considerably In value. Tho act provides for the a.w**ment of the etost of the land taken for the Park upon the pro/Afiy dcciiud baifjlltd, uud In order to make it not oppressive to the owners, ten' years are given to pay the assessment iu. Tin re is every reason to believe that the increased valuation and consequent taxes occasioned by the creation of the Park, will exceed the annual expenses occasioned thereby, including the interest on the bonds issued under the act. As illustrative of this position, the following extract Is submitted irom a late number of the New York Evening Post: “ The assessed value of the real estate m the three Wards surrounding the Central Park was, in ISSG, $20,420,505; and in ISOS it had risen to $01,020,900. This was an in crease in ten years, In these three wards alone, of $34,000,395. Now mark: The taxes paid by property owners In these three Wards tor IStV). on the increased vulu ation alone was $1,034,551.81. But tho an nual interest on the cost of the land and Im provement ol the Central Park u;> to this time, at six per cent, is only $555,933 70. From which it appears that the city has gained by the Central Park a clear annual gain in revenue, over the interest on Its oat lav, o! so large a sum os $415,718.05. NOTH ING MORE IS NEEDED TO PROVE THAT A PARK IS A PROFITABLE ENTER PRISE FOR A GREAT CITY.” Jf the city of Xne Tori* gained fn rnmw $445,715.03 in a single year , at the end of ten years, In consequence of the creation of the Central Park, It Is not to be doubted that like advantages would accrue to South Chi* cage and the towns of Hyde Park and Lake. It has been objected that it Is wrong to tax tbe whole expense of the Park upon the South Side of the river, Inasmuch as the city has paid for laud !sr Porks on the North and West Sides. However this may be, it cannot well be doubted, judging from the past, that so long as the North and West Sides of the river have a majority in the Common Council, however much may have been aud Is being expended for the purchase and improvement of Union and Lincoln Parks, the public grounds on the South Slio of the river, though lu the Immediate vlcln l:y of the iTeavist taxed property lu the city. are not likely to be Improved at the general expense of tbe city, though South Chicago la taxed upon a valuation of S42,(kV).O>J, while the West and North Divisions are taxed upon a valuation of SoTUOO.OOO in rouud numbers. 'lt is believed that before the Park shall hive been paid tor, the pecuniary benefits re sulting to South Chicago, and Hyde Park and Lake, will equal the entire cost of the Park. Jf Chicago Is to be a great city, it is India* rentable that it should have its’lanre Pars. There laootbingaltractlvc about Chicago, as a residence, but Us great Inland ocean. Its commercial advantages are very great. Money is easily made, but It will not re malu, unices the city can be made more at tractive. How many of the men who have gained wealth lu Cilcago have gone abroad or to other cities to spend It, depriving us of the wealth that justly belongs to us? what fe their reply to the question, “Why do you leave Chicago?” Is It no*, “There Is nothing attractive there; It has no parks no puMte drives; it is a good place to make money—that \ s all”? *i retain our wealthy people, Ulc r nmey contribute to our uacuvV tj, it We «. niu . 6t ® aku Chicago at wDl IthTo * do not ’ woro wealth Si s wjuu^v^ l .? :v o I nd,cd “ c f for iho mm£ “ho 0 £ the nch—the voung and tho oi.i M M walks acd drives, the fine beautiful trees and flow*4. * JJd ’flSd In them such attractions as gM leave little room for lets ennobling allure 1 nients. pc'man who retarded the Bottom schcc.l-house as too large for the city and advised its sale or conversion into no In sane Asylum, will oppose the Park. Those who believed that the canal and railroads would divert business from Chicago, while ?lank roads would benefit it, will oppose the ark. Every man whose soul is so narrow and his eye so perverted that in every public improvement he can only sec the tax gatherer, will opp6sc the Park. Let. then, all who believe it a duty to pro vide for the health, happiness and enjoyment of the million—all who believe that to render Chicago permanently prosperous, it must be rendered attractive—off ic/lo ironl to find here at home all the healthful enjoyments and pleasures which can be found In every other city, tote fob tub Pahs, and the law will be approved, and our city become as dlstin gutehi d for lie i nbllc parks, for the e*>m r orl &'><i enjoyment of its iohabli&nts, a» it Is now for Its business and commercial prosperity. Votb “Fob Park.” GOSSIP FOR THE LADIES. The Part* Fashions. {Purls Correspondence of the Nd* York Ueratd.l The new Parisian irbsdes of pouUdemie, camel’s hair and silk muslin arc called * l»a --heller*," “Cornallnes," “Grenades,” “A Thousand Stars,” ‘‘Mermaids,” and “Moon lights,” which arc thus described ; “Cornaline” is, os it name indicates, a yel lowish red. . “Grenades'* remit d oue of the sunny glow on Ca-iillan fruit. “The Thou sand Stars” ar« diminutive planets on bilk nn-lin and satin stripes. While or blue “Siooullchtb” are in-.s'rrious grays with a silvery naze over a bright surface, “Mer maids” are sea green*. All these new colors arc cut a Vempire , with frout widths very fiat and Jet passementerie half down the front and side seams, under which a rich tas sel; but tbis trimming may not folio* down tbe n hole length of the scams. AH the spring dresses will be notched, festooned and dented round tbe bottom, and have straight loose Jackets to match; but instead of two skirts being made for cos tumes, the ovetbkiit wilt only be figured on tbe under one by tbe help of trimmings. Bonnets arc being made of crape, with a profusion of glass, amber and Imitation coral beads. The shapes arc (auctions and low crowned Marie Antoinettes. The-prettiest ball dresses are streams of silver down tulle, looking exactly like run uirg water under gas-light, aud a tulle which has been much admired Is worked over with moss rosebud?, covering some bead, some stem, some leaves foremost, as if tossed together bv some sporting elf, half in fun, half in spite. Bodies will continue to be much worked over with Jet. The richest fringe is sewa on belts and falls over the upper part of skirts. Jet necklaces arc worn under lace trills, which are sewn round the neck of high bod ies Instead of collars. The spring materials arc mohairs—that Is, camel’s hair and cotton, or camel’s hair and silk. The latter is called armurc and toilo de Paris; it looks very much like taffeta, by virtue of a new process lu dyeing which was attempted and did nut succeed ot Ronlalx last year. It costs liom four francs and a half to five the me're, and Is made up Into lovely walking costumes. The favorite pattern will be chin-, and all the colors of tbe rainbow wt Ibc closely woven together, so that none will be conspicuous. Other ele gant driving and visiting dt esses will be made ot Indian foulard, and again the chine pat tern will bo preferred. These foulards arc very recommcudable, as they do not crum ¥lc and can be easily cleaned when soiled, he lighter summer material is silk mus lin and gauze, brocaded with a small empire pattern, such os a leaf, a diamond, a lozenge ; the most handsome arc brocade veivct on satin. Street ro«tum<*. (From the S;-w York Hume Journal.} Wo give tlic following description of a few pretty street toilette*, worn by some ofour most fashionable and wed'known ladles of tho upper circlet. Thu lovely petite bride, Mr*. U , weais floull of neb black cord ed Bilk, trimmed with bluck satin folds, studded Ibroticb lb- ceiilic wllb small Jet bends. Ttie suequu 11 cut In points, and trimmed lurin' Mima way ns tbu skirl, uud Is made with tin* now.bisbloßcd flowing or iibgi’l sleeves. Miss a- wests n short dim* of grey implln, striped wltb brown, with a tiuht-llllibg banpio ol tlio panic, sleeves of plnlu brown poplin, to watch the nnderr lib ta, arid bonnet ol brown velvet, A very mid, yet pretty suit. Miss II , raid to bo tbu wealthiest young Indy In Now York, wears a grey Irish poplin suit, trimmed with blus joldti of brown satin, pul round the skirt In scallops, short mcqne, trimmed like tiro rkirl.uml botnet of brown velvet, trimmed wllb brown sutln ribbon. A very beauiKUl carriage dress is woni by Mrs. C. V—— I, Jr. 'i be dress Is of violet-colored f/ro» {/rain silk, trimmed wltb wldu foldsof heavy white sutln. finished on each side by a narrow row of Mack gnlpurc edging. This trimming goes round the skirt, uud comes up in front to tbu waist, and forma u point on each aide. The iwquo is trimmed iu tbu same manner ns the skirt, and tho sides are left open, showing the waist of the dress underneath, w bleb is slashed across with bands of white satin. The sleeves arc flowing and cut rather short, are opened to the shoulder, and lost* cued there with a larec white eatin bow; rortUt bonnet of white tulle, trimmed with orange flowers, falling over the front, and forming a very becoming wreath for the in* hide. The dress was made In Paris, and the lady certainly displayed exquisite taste ; it Is the most beautiful one we have seen this spring. Miss L. T wean a short skirl of gray poplin, trimmed with rich blue velvet. A very stylish paletot , of the same material, is worn, cut with long •opium points, back and front, each point >eing terminated by a blue tassel. The sleeves arc made a la Juive, and descend be* low the bottom of the paletot , worn with a tight sleeve underneath, bonnet of dark blue velvet, trimmed with white lace, and orna* iiicntcd on one side with a small white aigrette. The beautiful Mrs. Edward S wears a heavy black corded silk dress, loop* ed up over a petticoat ol lilac silk, trimmed with four rows of bias satin, a shade darker than the petticoat. The palet'4 is of heavy black silk, cut with pcpluui points, back and front, and trimmed with guipure lace and jet ornaments; bonnet of lilac velvet. Velvet een suits are very much worn. We have seen them of all colors, blue, gray and pur* do; but those of brown ate decidedly tho landsoniest. This material, when nude up, can hardly be distinguished from real silk velvet. n Is cell an eons. The hair Is not worn as high as Itwasafew weeks ago, atd is somewhat relieved by curls or braids worn underneath the chignon. Seme ladies arc wearing very long braids down the hack, tied with a ribbon, to match the bouLCt. Th'sisodd, yet prettv, although it is u tashiou not suitcd’to everybody. La dies should have more regard to whut is be coming. rather than lor what is the fashion. Ihe prevailing fashion of wearing the hair curled or frizzed over the forehead so as to hide the parting, is very becoming to a full !i<ce. but to a delicate, thin face It gives a long Ri.k expression. At the last reception, Qnccn Victoria wore u black moire antique dress, with a train trimmed with crape and jut, and a diadem of diamonds uud opals over the Mary Queen of Scots cap, with a long veil of white crape fiw, Her Majesty also wore a necklace, brooch, and earring of dii«;r.oml» and opals, a diamond cross suspended from the neck lace. containing a uiltmture of his Royal Highness, the Prince Contort, the ribbon and star of the Order of the Cartes, and tho Vic toria and Albert Order. Sh* rt veils, cut in points, with a gilt bend or tassel on the ends, are very much worn. They are becoming, aud much prettier than tbu long outs worn last winter. Wedding cards arc undergoing various symptoms ol revolutionary* change. Artis tic design Is running Into the extravagant and Indefinite, cot nnlrcquently failing to stop short of the grotesque. Tho “egg shell” style of cards and the “crysUllzed” arc among the latest phases of development. Several new styles of type have also been In traduced, and each succeeding wedding of promimnee produces a pleasant surprise in this line. Comical Canac for Abandoning a Boa- bafft. INew York Correspondence of tho Cincinnati Ga zette.] There was a fanny case of elopement In Brooklyn last week, and one of the Sunday papers has served it an in the highly origi nal and delectable style of which I gave yon an example or two last week. The parties to It boarded In one of the fashionable board ing bouses on Brooklyn Heights—there are nothing but boarding hoaxes on the Heights now. The lady and her lover left tho house at dlflerent hours on the same day, the latter carrying of the lady’s wardrubs and jewelry In his trunks. The lady soon joined him, however, and the pair left for Europe, or rurts unknown, leaving behind. In tho lady’s handwriting, an explanation of the reasons for her flight. It was in the shape of a letter to her husband, iu which, alter declaring that she loved him (the forsaken) second only to her “beloved Montague” (the taken), she . goes on to say, of course in a postscript, os follows: l)o you remember, darling, the evening we had tboac charming chaiadcs at Mrs. Brady's (the landlady or the boarding boose), m which the fr rant was played; you know we represented the syllable fy by a marriage, in which 1 pereonitfed a bride, and my dcu; Montague, the bridegroom; and then yon did the horrid rant by tearing about the stsge and r»tlUne a stupid piece of dreadful French poetry I How could yon, when the whole void tyrant was acted, take the part of Uesslcr, while my own Montague took that of the noble William Tell? On! 1 shall never forget bow handsome be looked, with his pasts turned up to toe top of his boots, and my red opera cloaU aud loomed tiding hat on his head. Out bowglori uas was ibe bmft of tenUmeut when his manly voice declared that be would die for his country. My whole soul was filled with admiration, and then ecu (here I determined 1 should be hla and ocW &U. Why did you take such a ridiculous pittas <ock Kobln In the “Babes In the Wood*’ —yon looked so silly bopping about the a ace with two leather brushes in your tail pocket! The loraakca husband, Instead of being qnict about this affair, and consulliLg only Ms lawyer, has been running about the coun tty e-howiug every one this letter. This should be a warning to young gentlemen, who ought not to take ridiculous parts In charades if tbclr lady loves are also roman tically disposed. William Tell is certainly mote sublime than Cock Robin ! The Aulllue Dyes. A pew red baa been obtained by Coupler by a combination of two of the hydro-car* bide bases of coal tar, which he baa decided to be incapable of yielding a color in their ecpaiate condition. It is named tolucn red, and la pronounced the richest red yet known. The so-called aniline dyes are among the most beautiful results of chemistry. The sc ries already incudes and rivals the colors of the rainbow, and Coupler’s analyses prom ises indefinite varieties of beauty to come. •B(g:nr.lrg with the admired varieties of pur ple and red, such as «»omv, vmacuta , etc., additions like that above named have fol lowed, including the splendid green called veidinc, unchanged by candle light, a bine as clear as opal or the Italian sky, a good yellow, and n fair black. The Intensity of these colors is shown in the fact that one grain of magenta in a million of water gives a good red, one in ten millions a rose-pink, one in twenty millions gives a blush to the water, and one in fifty millions a reddish plow. A. Rent Story. IParls Correspondence of the New York Evening Portl Once in the Latin quarter, one may learn many useful facts. Among others, an in genious method for avoiding payment oi rent that would do honor to Dick Swindler. The explanation of the method is inseparable fion» Us Illustration: - The landlady of a certain medical student who inelfcctuallT dunned her delinquent tenant for some time, resolved at last upon §j I?,extreme measures. She entered L^ £ Sd“otS omo “ ,:mor “ lnff “ d “ ldln tblsruyday i c / llicr W me “J or be off “I prefer to be off,’* said the student, who on hla sice was prepared ftr the en counter. 4 * “V. til, then. sir. pack up directly.” “I assure you, madam, Twill go with the utmost expedition if you will assist me a little.” “ Wirii the greatest pleasure.” The student thereupon went to a ward* rche, tranquilly opened a drawer and took out a skeleton, which he handed to the dame. “ Wlll yon have the kindness to place this at tic bottom oi mv trunk, folding itnpf” “What Is that?” asked the landlady, re coiling a little. “That J” “ Yes, that.” “ Pooh, that I Oh, it Is the §k leton of my first landlord. He was inconvenient enough to claim tbe rent of three terms, that I owed bin-, and then! Be careful not to break It; it ib No. lof my collection. “ Munsieur!” exclaimed the dame, grow ing visibly paler. Tbe student, without replying, opened a second drawer, and took another skeleton. “ This—this is my landlady In the rue i’Ecolc de Mcdecin. A very worthy woman, but who also demanded the rent of two terms. Will yon place It upon the other i It is No. 2. The landlady opened her two eyes as large as portf-eothertt. “ This,” continued the student, “ this is No. 3. They are all here ! A very honest man. and whom I did not pa}* either. Let us pass on to No. 4.” But the landlady was no longer there. She had fled, almost frightened to death. From that day no more was said about tbe rent. HEART-RENDING CALAMITY. Five Children of One Family Burned to Drain in Their Beds. {From tbe Itavenna (Ohio) Democrat, April 21 Upon Tuesday night, lost week, the dwelling house of Michael Blitzer, a black smith living at Snlllcld Centre, was burned to the ground, and in it five children. The calamity is one of heart-rending detail, and bos thrown the parents Into the most de spairing grief, ns well as filled the commu nity with profound sorrow. Tho following are Ibc particulars that have reached ns: The dwelling occupied by Mr. Blltzer was a rather small two-story house. The lower apartments were occupied as sitting room, kitchen and pantry, the upper rooms being occupied by the family for bed rooms. Tbe family of Mr. Blltzer consisted of himself, wile, six children and an apprentice. The eldest of the children was a girl about twelve years old, the youngest an infant of a few months. A little boy two years old was at Mrs. Blitzcr’s parents, tbe other children bciug at home on the laletul night. Mr. and Mrs. Blltzer, with the babe, occupied one room, the four chil dren and the apprentice sleeping in another. About 11 o’clock Mrs. Blltzer arose, lit a candle, and descended to the pantry for some milk for the babe, which she gave it, and then replaced it In the cradle it occupied l by the bedridc. Later in tho night, about 12 o’clock os is supposed, the apprentice was. • wakuLcd by the eldest child, who aroused blm by shaking him. The girl did nut speak, as the room was then fii£u with smoxeto the point of suffocation, and the appren tice found himself so nearly suffocated that he couid not speak. He rushed at once to the room ot Mr. Blltzer, and aroused him by shaking him. Mr B. awakened his wife, and rushed down stairs, followed by her, neither, for the the moment, thinking of tho babe. Throwing open an outside door a draft was created, and tho whole premises apranginto a blaze The op prentice returned to the other chamber, but the smoke and heat had so increased that he at oner sought to descend, but found that lm* possible, ami Jumped from the window oftho room to the ground. APer gutting outside, Mr. Blltzer made several irsntic attempts to rc entertbo house to rc»ciio Ids children, but lolled in each effort. Tho house toon fell, burying In the debris the remains oftho five children. Ills supposed that the children were suffocated to death with tho smoko bo* lore tho Qumcs could reach them. Tho girl, who awakened tho apprentice, It Is thought, rank down upon the floor, dying at that bod hide at once, as her remains wore found In a poklttou indicating such a diet. The pre-sense of mind of the little creature, which ouablcd her t“ awaken the apprentice, without doubt saved tho life of her parents, though she was, at the time, in the very agonies of death. The act was an Instance of the most touching heroism, well worthy of proclous memory. The origin oftho fire Is a matter of theory, and the one generally accepted Is, that Mrs, Blltzer, in going into tho pantry with the candle, unconsciously set something on fire —papers upon the shelves, perhaps—from which the conflagration ensued. The charred remains of the five victims of the merciless element were hurled in one grave, on Thursday, tho solemn ceremonies being attcndi d by a large concourse, and the greatest sympathy manifested for the crashed and distracted parents. Everything belonging to the family was, of course, destroyed, including every article of clothing possessed by them—and SSO in money, which was in a garment of Mr. B. Upon the house and its contents there was un Insurance covering quite a portion of Its value. The people of the neighborhood gen erously subscribed to a fund for the suffer ers, amounting to five or six hundred dol lars. RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. The following services arc announced for to day. In all the chnrcbcs mentioned strangers will lie famished with scats, and all are cordially invited to attend: nruonrsT episcopal Prrachinr at Wesley chapel, comer of Black* hawk and Sedewlclt streets, at 104 a. xa. and “4 p. tn. Sunday School at 2p. in. Kev. Ur. Hubert M Hatfield will preach at the Soldiers' Home at 3p. m. The filctas of thN In stitution and uf the soldiers aro respectfully in vited to attend. Wabash Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. Preaching by tho pastor, Rev. R. hi. Hatfield, at 104 o’clock a. m., on he Characteristics of a Good Soldier.” Sunday School at i o'clock p. m. itapllem and Sacrament of the Lord's Supper m ibe weeing. Giace Church, corner of LaSalle street and Chi cago avenue. Rev. O. 11. Titlany, D. D.. pas'or. Rev Dr. T. M. Eddy will conduct the morning >crvlcc, administering the n ly Eucharist at 10»j o'clock. Rev. S. C tathrop, formerly pastor, w lit preach in the evening at 74 o'clock. William Sheet Mission. Preaching at the Wil liam • ueet Mission at 11 a. m. Quarterly concert at 3 o'clock. Clark Street Church, Mcthodlatßlock, comer of Washington and Clark streets. F.cachtng morn ing and evening, by the pastor. Rev. w, c. Dan dy. Sabbath Scqool and Bible class in the lectn-e n,on.. at 24 p. m. Prayer meeting, Room 17, at t. 4 p. m. West Indiana Street Methodist Episcopal Chuicb. comer of Sangamon street. Kev. Robert Bentley, pastor. S<i vices at 104 a. m. Ser mon "ill he followed by Sacrament. Evening ser vice a(T>(. Sabbath School concert at 24 p.m. Addieasts by Hun. L. I*. Bond and Kev.j. U. Layhes. General services Monday and Wednes day evenings. Young people's meeting on iuercay evening. ruESQTTxniax. Westminster Church, comer ofNorth Dearborn and Ontario street*. Preaching by Professor *wic g. morning and evening. Olivet Presbyterian Church, comer Wabash avenue and Fourteenth street. Rev. O. 11. Wells will preach morning and evening. Vertices at lit; a. m a_d 14 p. m. First Scotch I’reabyterlan Church. Rev. R. F. Burns, D. D., will preach in SI. George's Halt, 23ft Sontb Clark street, at 104 a. m.. on the grett missionary enterprise, ana at 34 p. zn., ou “ Providential Openings.'* Collection for foreign missionary purposes. Ninth Presbyterian Church. E)IU avenue, near Cottage Grove. Services moraine and evening. Pr»aching by the pastor. Rev. A. Eddy. booth Presbyterian Church, (Old bebool), cor ner of Wabash avenue and Congress street. Ser vices by the pastor. Rev. Mr. Bareha, at I°4 s. m. atd *4 p. m. Communion of the Lord's bop pvr and reception of new members Immediately after the morning service. Sunday School. 24 a. ro. Jefi'erson Park (O. S.) Presbyterian Church meet* temporarily for worship In the Free Will Baptist Church, comer of Peoria and Jackson slice s. Sabbath bebool meets at 2:15 p. m. Ser vices at 3:80 p. m.. conducted by Rev. Robert Patterson, D.D., when tbeSacramcnt of the Lord's Supper will be dispensed. BAPTIST. Second BaptUt Church, comer of Morgan and Monroe streets. Preselling at 104 a. tn. and “4 p. m. by the pastor. Rev. L. J. Goodapeed. Sab bath School and Bible clashes at 2a. m.andS p. m. Young people's meeting on Monday evening. General prayer meeting on Wednesday evening, at "4 o'clock. Preaching at 104 a.m. and 74 p. m.. by Rev. Dr. Giabam, at the Free Baptist Church, comer of West Jackson and Peoria streets. Indiana Avenue BapU-l Church, comer of Thirtieth street. Rev. J. A. Smith, D. U., pastor. Picachlng at 11 a. m. Sabbath School and Bible class at 24. Young people's meeting atS4 p. m. Prayer meeting at 74 o’clock. Union Park Baptist Church, comer West Wash ington and Paulina streets. The pastor. Rev. £. G. Taylor, will preach morning aud evening, at 104 and 74. Sabbath school—A. McLeisch, so petintcudcnl—meets at 9a. m. Young people’s Bible class meets at the same hour. Young peo ple's prayer meeting on Monday evening. General prayer meetings Wednesday and Friday ivenlncs. Fifth Baptist Chnrcb, DeKoven. near Sontb Dcsplatnes street. President Burroughs, of Chi cago University, will preach at 104 a. m. and *4 p. xn. Ordinance of Lord's supper after evening ••etvlce. Sunday School hold quarterly concert at Dp* m. L. A. Willard, J. W. Dean, William Lawrence, and others are expected to address the school. Wmm . CdSCUTOATIOKAL. First Conmratioiial Chorch. comer of Wash* legion ud Green streets. Her. W. W. PtlUm, j a?ior. Public services at 10K a. m. and ?H P- m. Illlilc class at 9 a n.and Sabbath School atSp. to. t'onfrtrnce snd prayer meeting, Wednesday crccln*. Tocos people's prayer meeting Friday erenrnr. Sonia Congregational Church, corner Calumet avenue and Twenty-sixth street- Rev. VT. B. Wiight, psetor. Public services at 10*4 a. m.ard *‘i p. n. SabbathSebooi and Bioie classes at *2 p. tu- Ccnference and prayer mcetlug on Wednes day evening. New England Congregatlotial Church, corner of North Dearborn and East While streets. Her. J. P. Gniliver, pastor. Pnollcservices at IT : J a. m.. snJTViP.xn. s&bbata School and Bible classes k'od. m. Conference aud prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Yonng people’a prayer mi cPn» on Friday evening. fcalem Congregational Church, Cieavetrillc. llcv. C. B. 'inomas, pastor. Public services at UA,i a. o and T»i p. m. babbath Scaool and Bi ble classes at - p. m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Union Park CocgrcgaDocal Church, comer of Weti Washington and Reuben streets. Rev. C. D. llsltncr. pastor. Public services at Wl* a. m. and , p. m. Sabbath School and Bible ciaa«ea at 3 : p. m. Ccnference and prayer meeting on Wednes- 1 os; evening Vonng people's prayer mteilag on ) Congregational Chaich, comer of I West Indiana and Morgan streets. Rev. J. W. ; Uesly. pa»tor. Public services at 1014 * m. and j 114 p. rt. Public baptism of children In the morning. Mothers’ meeting in the lectnre room atlJ4p. m. Sabbath Sctool aud Bible classes at Bp. m. Young people's prayer meeting on Mon day evening. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Plymouth Congregational Church, comer of Wabash avenue and Eidndge court. Rev L E. Matkon, pastor. Morning service at 10H, evening at7H- Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3p. m. Vonng people’s mee ing Monday evening at i 8. Church prayer meeting Wednesday evening * l Lweoin Park Congregational Chapel, fetch ing at this Chapel, comer of Centre and chnrch streets at 7J4 ooed. hy Rev. C. H. Wheeler. Illinois Sheet Church, Illinois street, between Wells and LaSalle. Bible Claes at 9 © clock lor ladles ato gcn’lfmen. Prayer meeting at 10 o’clock. Communion services atM to 11, the pas tor Bev. C. IL Wheeler. officiating. Sunday School and Bible clams «J P. m. bervjcm a the evening at o clock. Mr. Charles M. Mor ton will nrcach from the text, ‘Behold bow he lovedhlm.” Meetings arc held in the basement of Ible etinreh Chnrcb of the Atonement, located on the comer of West Washington and Bober street*. Rev. s. Mnsscll Jones, rec’or. Regular morning service *nu£ o'clock- Regular evening service at T* o’doa with semone to young donng Lent school and Bibie class assemble at ?uVc?wk P. m: During Lent thechnreh win also beou« for everrmorting at 9o^iock, lie open iiji Jt-ntne at 4 o’clock, except on WednnStf werJugs atJ o’clock, lirmtiSTntt -111 bercancr oncW. B. aSK Twenty-fourth street. Bcv. C. R. Chio.'v, rector. Services lOK a.m.and»t?Hp/nt. At the e»ro -Ins service seals aru free. a unhay ocaool at aft P 6LMark’a Protestant Episcopal. Church, Cot tage Grove. ELB. rnltle, rector. Divine rervitc at 10<4 a. m and 3H p. m- Sunday school a. 2ft p.m. The Bltnop will visit the parish for con firmation on Tbnraday evening. In Passion The sacrament ol baptism will b-t ad ml ms terra on Easter Sunday afternoon. Church of the Holt communion, corner Ran dolph street and Wabash avenue. Services at 10ft a- m. and 7ft p. m. CKttaniAJt. Church of (be Messiah, Her. Robert Laird Col- Uer.-nattor, comer Wabash avenue and Hubbard conn. iiornlng sendee at Idft o clock. \cspee< ftt A special meeting of Ibis Society will be held on Mosnay evening, the Bih Instant, at thi church. A full auendance of the members of the congrega tion la desired. _ . Unity Cburch, corner of Chicago avenue ana Dcaibom street Preaching at 10J£ o clock, by the p.-slor, Ui-r. Ruben Coltyer. a«BOEMDOUOiatr. New Jerusalem leinule. on Adam* street, nesr ILe Iskr. Services at 10ft a. m., Immealatetv al ter which the mes cl cooflrau’lon and reception of members anTt the sacrament ol the Uo.y onp> P Fiec Church, comer of Thirty-third street and Kankakee avenue. Services In Herman at Wft a. m.; American at 3p. m. » CKtTXMAUfIT. St- Pant's Church, (FlniUclrenalnt) Rev-''* U. Ryder, D. D m pastor. Wauash avenue, comer of Van Daren street. Services at 10 J 4a. m and TVjp.m. Subject of evening session: “In what respect Is Ibis life a state ot probation !” Cnurcb ot the Redeems', (Second Universal* Ist) West Washlngloastcci, comer of Saogsaon, Her. T. E. SL John, pastor. Services at 10*4 a. in. and »*ip. m. juscniAnocs. Washingtonian Home. A temperance meeting will be held at (he Chapel of the Home, 572 west Mac Ison street, at 7 p m. . Reformed Protestant Hatch Church, comer of Monroe and bansamon streets, Rev. James Dtp* areal, Jr., pastor, Services at 10tf a. m. and 7*4 p. m. Sabbatn school at 9v«p. m. First United Brcihrea Church, eomerof Clinton and Wilson stieets. Rev. E. A. VanSant, pastor, services at 10K a. m. and 7‘4 p. m. . . Cbnrch or God. Warren and Robey streets. Pri'Ochiuß by the pastor. Rev. A.X. Snoenacer, at lli l 4 a. r<- end .*4 p. m. Sunday school at W 54 p. m * Subject morning: “Heavenly Kecogni- SpUltoal meetings, at Crosby's Music Hall. Cbfioren’s Progressive Lyceum convenes a* 10J4 a. m.: conference at Ip. m. J. O. Barrett, junior editor of the tf/HiVuoJ Uepubhc, will lecture in Ibe evening, subject: “Economy of Forces.** Independent Society. Cbas. A. Hayden will Icctnre lu W ashington Hall, Washington street, opposite the Com t Honre, at *4 o'clock. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, MONETARY, Patutidat Bvnnxo, April 6. The following Is Manager Ives* exhibit of the tnceocUons at the Clearing House for the week ending 10-diy: Clearings. Btlsnces. ,?t,1«i',1C1.«3 fSS 1,0*1.38 . 2,31R,5H).M . 5P.?0.83 . 1,013,890.88 140.046.00 . I,EWUI3.t>O 113.731.71 . I.QU3.OTJ.BQ 319.11192 April 1. •* 4. “ R. Total 1111,0)0,317.111,30' Isialwivk 7.9-.«,7H0.63 M7.tW.IS For come time past, the affairs of the Uto Chi cago Htock Exchange havo excited conaidcrablc Attention at the bands of tboinomlicraol the de tune! institution. aud several attempt* hive boon made lo secuto a winding up of the aiwole, but without avail. It will bo remembered that the t'xrbanuo collapsed about a }o*r ago-Joal after Ho failure ofD. It. Iladgar, aud no meetings havo since bt ru held, though acvoral effort* wore made to sot the members together. At the Umooflbe eua» pension It was understood that there waa to the trcaamy aomo f aliased tbit a portion of tin* aum baa been exprudud m paying the sal ary of the Secretary, Solon McKtroy, who la now, nud haa for aomo time paat, boon reaidius (a Union. Stvenluf the wembera who could see o Jn»i reason for paying for work notperformed, called on thu President, John C. UUtuii, loa*Ahe purpo»eol ascertaining the condition of the con tcm nnd when Ita aSkira would bt woundup. Mr. Ulltos, ai we are Inionnad. considers him* self the sole amvlvlng member and refuses to Site any tntoinutiou whatever. The following leqmfet, slgmd by a number of the members, waa served ibis moraine upon J. P. Uroolu, ch&lrsan of the Kxeculive Committee: ‘•We, the member* of the Chicago Sloct Ex change, would respectfully request thn Executive Committee 10 Investigate the condition of the fucdeoi the said Exchange, and to rcqueaUbo President to call a meeting of the members to de» teimlue what ulepoeition shall he made of the same, and also of the fixtures, lease, Ac.” (Signed) J. P. Campbell, W. E. Mallory. C. L. UoTd, Preston AKcau. E. Silverman, j. 11. I'errell, It. U. Parks, Howard Priestly, A. J. Denison, A. Kichold, A- O. Tlcknor, C. A. Itogers, G. ILSocare, F. M. Mitchell, J. Whttmarah, I>. C. Scranton, J. M. t.voa&Co., M. Bloom, C. B. Pope, O. 8. Binds. J.* T. J-ester. At the close of'Change the members of the de ftmet ins'.Uatlon met in accordance with the above call, C. B. Goodyear In the ctulr. Mr. Brooks made a few remarks relative to the unwillingness ol President Uiiton to make any explanation, af ter which the following resolutions were unani mously adopted: Jinotctd, That John C. Hilton has acted without authority In the payment of Solon McEl roy his salary without the sanction ol the execu tive Committee. Resolved. That John C. Hilton, cx-Presldcnt of thcSiock Exchange, basno moral or legal right to appropriate the assets of the Chicago; Stock Exchange, amounting to $3,000, as we believe, to his own use and benefit Resolved, That John C. Hilton, ez-Presldent of the S'ock Exchange, la hereby requested to make, witblo five days from this date, a detailed finan cial statement of the affairs of said Exchange, to the former members thereof. The tollowlng la the official statement of the National Debt for April Ist la comparison with the exhibit for March Ist: DZBT BEABIXO COOT XNTKBXBT. April. March. Ten-Forties * 198,1*91.850.00 { 198,031,350.00 Mxca. '«7 and '6B. 15.482,611.81 15,679,111 83 Fixes. 'SI 288,715.600.00 283,745,400 00 Five* Twenties,... 983.662,000.03 954.833,000.00 N'avy Tension.... 12,500.000.00 12,500,000,00 Total *1,493,381,591,80 *1,461,853,191.80 DEBT CCAIUKO CCBOXNOT XHTXBXST. Pise? * 12,922,100.00 $ 12.1tt2.000.00 Cotcpmn ds 133,028,080.00 J 11.303.823 00 seveu-Thirties .. 632.830,150.00 632,798,053.00 * 764.280,730.011 $ 787.828,830.00 Matured Debt... 12,825,059.32 11,576,033.07 DEBT BXAIUHO HO INTXIIXBT. .* 375.417,213.00 * 376.236,626.00 29.217,491.96 29.511,722.32 Greenbacks. Postal Gold Certificates 12,530.600.00 18,378.181.00 * 417,225.343 98 $ 121,126,528.32 Total Debt... $2,663,713,374 18 *2,690^37,239.19 *105,166,177.22 * 107,271,031.12 31.828,326.52 52.552,303.27 Coin Corrency. *140,285,303.74 *159,823,399.89 Amount of debt, lees carh on _ Band *2,523,428,070.44 *2,530,763,839.80 2he various Items compare as follows: Ten-Forties.. unchanged Sixes, '67 and 'GAdccrcase. *!96,80u.u0 Sixes, *SI, Increase 200.00 Five-Twenties, Increase. 31,723,(W0.n0 Navy Pcm-lon unchanged Coin debt. Uirrcato 31,526,400.00 Sixes (currency) unchanged Compounds, decrease 2,281,200.00 Seven-Thirties, decrease 50.467.9iK1.00 Matured Debt, decrease 1,731,030.75 Greenbacks, dfertate 618,377.00 Postal, decrease... .I* 337.227.34 QoldCeiUflcalcs, decrease 5,735,530.00 Total outstanding debt, decrease 26,373,015.01 Gold on baud, less outstanding certificatc*,lncreaso 6.4i1.026.10 Curret-Cy, decrease.: 18,233.511.«5 Debt, less cash on hand.decrease.. 7,335,819.30 The speculative movement in the Grain mantes calls for an active demand for Money, and the market Is working closer to this class of borrow ers. In some quarters there was an increased amount of mercantile paper offering, hot else where it was light. There Is no chance In the rates of interest either at hank or In open market. Exchange was scarce and firmer, with sales from bank to hank at SS'&IO cents premium, some institutions were obliged to ship currency to meet their checks. The counter rates arc firm at par bovine ana 1-10 premium selling. There is a steady demand for Foreign Ex change. and the market closes firm at the follow ing rates for " ehert-sight." Gold. Carrency. .5.00 ftMO C.TO ©0.93 SO 2T.J£© 37 99 01.01 7-ondon. £.. I’aris, traoc. 734G.7? Berlin. thaler. Uamburjr.Marco banco. SS 50*$ Norway, rlx mynt Sweden, specie oaler... Ql.tC 1.53 C&1.55 Fiocr was stead; and fins. Wheat opened strong and advanced Sc, hot suhs.'qnentiy fell hack Sc. Cornwa«lHCsc better. Oata appre ciated I@l>4C. Rye advanced s®6c. Barley was 109 c higher. Provisions were doll. Seeds were doll. The following table shows the dally range and dosing price for American Gold daring the week ending to-day: Range. Closing. Monday. 133**©1« 135?* Tuesday MlyantH PM* Wednesday 183*@IM»* 183** Thursday iS3?*aiS3S 131?* Fnday 1343*0185?* 134** Saturday 1342*0138 184J* The Public Funds were Aimer, bat without any marked change. The following shows the New York doemg prices to-day, compared with the three previous days: Wed. Thors. Fri. Sat. .109 100 109 100 Sixes of *Bl. Fxve-rwentle*, *62 if®* 103* 109* 1»S Fire*T»(DUe9. 107* 107* ll"* 107* Fite.i vrenne?, >» 106 IW7* 107* 108 Sevei -f Urt i eV. Ane HIIIIO6 IbS* 106' ’ 1M Seven* rhtrtiet, Jane. ...105* 105* 103* 108* Seven Thirties. July ... IC5* 10?* 105»j 105* 2»ew Flve*Tweniles..,...lC7H IDT* 107* 107* Gold was without any very material change. Tbv market opened at 133*. advanced to 134, and closeo at 182*. The followtns qaotanons were received by boyd Bros , cold brokers: 10:30 a. m IS23£ 111:45 a.m 133 ir:4sa.m iKv !2:iWtn 12;tX’ a m 1 I£3o p.xs 133 11:15 «. m 133 i fcOOp.m IS34£ ll:CO a.m IC2S | 2:30 p.m 133*4 Here the marKetwas qmet At bny loq—dosing it the Inside flpnre. Over the coun ter ftrail eales were made at 1534J133H. Silver was nominal at IS4QIZS bnyiar. Here the bnslnets Is mainly confined to Seven- Ihlrtic?, a* there are very lew of the other Secu rities offering. We quote: covxurxEST itccnmrs —oncioo xibktt. Bojinff. tfclUiur. r.F.6s,oflSßl 108* 1» u. s. 5-20*. i&a . iw* U. S. 5.2C*, ISM Iglfi c.b 640*, IMS 107* *s* U. S. 5-20* 'GS and ’66, new.lffTrt t lO ‘H U.S M64®«»« —• U.S.lOie, large. £* ** U.S. 10409, small 9* .AS” U. S. 7 309,1*1 series WM* !2L U. S. 7-J»#, 24 aeries 1«H V. S. C. 5.7-00% 105 Com. IctTVotcf. Jime.Jßl.llW *• *• Jnly, ’64- *liOH. •» »• Ang*. 64..118 « “ ocur*6i..i» 5aj. , 65..u* « Sept.,'6s.Uo* - Oct- ' Lrcal Securities tie steady. We quote t-e boy log rates: Chicago City S,, Cook Twenty *af£-nl«a Yo.k City t««»^ L ;”" k ! ,“ c Vso t n .«. KSSLwUis #233,282,361 Dee.tMWSt tCwiODec. 6.M.3J4 JKurtM a!at 101 31-063,195 Inc- 113,731 SSSill imw ISS,4SvSO Dec. 5.M3.383 COMMESCXAL. Satcsoat Btxxzho, April 6. The followlcg tables ahows the receipts and shipments of Produce daring the past twenty four hour*: mchptb too tub pajtt twz*tt*toob nouns. 1807. Ja-'fi, 8.019 8,031 13,720 5,05(1 ll.fiW 114 W 3.872 4. IBS SOU 1,050 Flour, brla. Wheat, bn. com, bn... OaU. bn... Rye, bn.... BaiU-y bn. OrawSfred, Tbii.58,162 81AX4 Broom Conit lbs 80.410 0,000 Carea Men, !bt ... 5.660 fi*. 91,604 37.555 Tallow, tbs 13 170 3,155 BaUer. ft* 7,003 5,350 Dressed Hoes, Ho 121 10 IJtpUoct, Fo 4,453 1,504 Cattle, Ho 7SS 1,60) Hides, fes 29,510 Uigb*lii*a, brla 100 Wool. 7* 4,854 l,sn Lumber, m 121 43 bbiogles, a 635 430 suiPMtaTß rou ms fast twxktt-to db nouns. isa. 1866. 4.083 1.613 8,369 10,571 4,063 Flour, brie Wheai, un Corn, bn... Dale, bn Rye * eg® Barley, bn 5.858 .... Oraas need, tta 43.235 13.739 Broom Com, tts 771 MO Ccreo Meat, 3>« “13,720 SM,SB Beef, brie 65 117 Port, bile Oil 115 l-ard,2>B_ 56,776 50.218 Tallow, fee 18,819 7.199 Batter, B>s 4.4'*) Lire Hogs. J 10..... * 1,331 895 £»i;le,No J,«U Hides, ft* 77,353 10/,«30 □igbwincs, brie 573 203 WcoLtte 11.200 Lumber, m 537 741 Shingles, m .* 616 BSI Lath, m 107 M bait, brie 817 182 There wae a good attendance on ’Change to-day, and the volume ol business was large. The spec nlatlvc mama still prevails In tbe Grain markets, and higher prices were again obtained* The Provision market “dress Its slow length along.” and is entirely devoid of Interest. Mess Pork was freely ofiered at ttS.SO bnt there were no buyera ovr 422.00. Last evening a lot of 600 brls changed hands at m&o,aeUer Mar. There Is no Inquiry for Prime Hess or Extra Prime, and tbe market is entirely nominal. Balk Meats aro held with considerable firmness, bnt the move* mentis exceedingly slow. Some three car loads sold to-day at for Cumberland!, and 8c tor shoulders—both loose. Extra Meas Beef sold to the extent of 150 brls at 320.00. Lard was in de mand at ISHc for prime Steam, at which, it was understood, romo round lota changed hands, bnt the particular* were not made public. The only sale reported w« w Ircs-a favorite brand-at 14c. Utcaee was inactive end nominally unchanged. • A few Dressed Bogs sold at 48.50 all ronnd. "hlsfcey w ®e quiet hot firmer, owing (0 the up ward movement in Corn. We note sales of 200 brls at 24c la bond. There is nothing doing in tax-paid. i Dcro was a fairly active moyemont In Flour, and the market vu Ann at the Improvement noted yesterday. The sales foot np 3. too brie at *13.0i OIT.OO fur While Winters ; *».uo for Red Wldloib ; (1U.T5013.7S fbr Spring Extrast $3.73 (ft 10.WJfor Spiing Supers, and *8.1008,30 for Rye. At the opening there was a strong speculative do* maud lor No. 9 Spring Wheat, and the market was buoyant—culminating In sn advance of oc. Subse quently a riacltou set in and the market fell off 3c -closing urns. In other grades then was vert inilr done. The sales foot up 81.0uu bu at *I.OO fur No. I, delivered; for No. 3, and

11.16 for Rejected In store-closing wllh sellers of No. 8 at (9.41. There wm a continued active speculative move merit in No. t Corn, and tbr markut advanced l)i (dXc. No. Sand llejecti’d warn In moderate de mand and unchanged. Aoont s«3,«oo bu changed hand* nl f I.WliQl.Ot for No. I: MQtttc fur No. S, and sJHOSdHo for ltejected-(he Inaldo figure (br winter recctpu. The market closed ateady at fI.CSIi for No. 1 in atorc. The mom favorable advice* from New York rave no activu aUunlna to tho market for Data, and prlctM appreciated IQU4C, with kalea of 1*9,000 bo at Ml»c for freah, and for winter receipts of No. S-cioalng at MJtOßtlle for the Utter. The demand for Hye waa quite active, and the maiket advanced SQOc, with aalea at tl.tlQl.-tS tor No. 1, and fl.-UQ1.13 for No. •}—closing strong at outside figure*. There was a good speculative Inquiry for Bar lej, and the market appreciated l(B2c, with sales of No. 2 at $UbBl.lO. There was nothing doing In other grades. Sierts|«ere doll, with sales at t 1.4082.60 for Timothy, $'J.30@10.50 for Clover, and $2.75 for Flos. There Is nothing doing in Tallow, and in the absence of any transactions we omit quotations. Toe following telegrams were read on 'Change to-day: Ntw York, April (J. Common Floor lOSilSc, medinm belter: meat excited sed better at $2.005i2.6)4. Com active on speculation at $1.21. Oau baorant at Porh.low«r; offered at $23.00, Lard loxer at 124©lSc. Whiskey firm at 3tic. -Gold. 133. Flour a shade firmer at $U.!0B12.10. Wheat better at $2.6f1©2,.65. Corn higher and buoyant at *1.22. Oats firm at C8(B70c. Pork salable at $23.05. Lard drooping at IS3£©lß. LATEH. In tho afternoon Ibe Grain markets were quid. No. 1 Corn was a shade coaler, closing at $1.0). No. 2 bpring Wheat was Inactive and unchanged. Provisions were dull. The Cattle market was doll and heavy, with prices nominally unenanged. *Some 330 bead changed hands, chiefly on local account, at sub stantially the closing rates of yesterday. Received to-day, S'JShead; received this week, 8,89) bead. The market closes unsettled, with SOO head un sold. Lire Hogs were extremely dal!, atid sales drag ged heavily even at a rcdactioa of 25®33c per 100 lbs. The receipts 10-day were 1,660 bead, and the entered sales 2,551* head. These were taken up Dilndpally for New York. Buffalo and Boston, at So for common to prime lots. Received Ibis week, 23,501. Instruction. ‘VT’IGHT bCHOOL. —Tne undersigned J. v have rpescoa Nlehl School lit the b?nuflt cf lueh as aretocaced during the day. Tne coarse of tQitmottcn will embrace daa»lcs, Mathematics and F.mdl'b. F(.rp«rUcoiara apply to WM. O. UVAS, at his office, IS Foierum Kock. WM. G. DTA6. l T „.v._ OEO. K. DYA9, (Teachers. easiness Catfis. LE BON TON, FRENCH FAMINES BOOK FOB APRIL, Foreign Bookstore of EDW. BUEULEK. BELL & SMITH, Manufacturers cf Machine-Cat COR. R S ! 87C Madlson-sL (next tha bridge). Chicago. Q.EST, HATTEN & CO. ( vTioletals Commission Herohants, iNo. SO MoGoo-«t«t DENVER, COLORADO (Between F and G-sU) i£aUroa*s. arrival and departure op li TRAINS. JFijiter Arrangement* CUICi GO AXD XOBTUWXffTXBX OAILBOAD—COUNCIL sum axd omna mtx—dipot xobth wills emxrr. {.cave. Arrive. Omaha Fast line *3:15 a. m. *7:20 p. m. OmahaKigbt Express... 7:80p.m. ;G:ooa.m. Dixon Passenger 5* .4:00 p.m. 11:10 a.m. 7&XZPODT UKX, Freeport Passenger. *10:00 p. m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p. m. Rockiord, Elgin. Fox HiverandStamLice... *4:00 p. B. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin Pas senger. *5:10 p.m. *& 45 a.m. Wisconsin rmsioii—dxfot column or cahal • AND KIXZXX BTHIXT. Day Express *9:00 a. m. *&DO p.m. Night Express *4:3op.m. *s:lsa.m, Janesville Accommod'n. *s:3op.m. *2:35p.m. Woodstock Accommod'n .3:00 p. m. *B;2u a. m. XXLWAVXXX PITIBIOK—DXPOT COBHXB OF OAXAL lira KCIZZI6TBXXT. Day Express 9:00 a. m. 13:00 m. RotebiU. Calvary and Evanston 1:30p.m. 8:40p.m. Night Express 4:00 p.m. &30p.m. Kenosha Accommod'n... 4;40p.m. 9:45a.m. Waukegan Accommod'n. 5:80 p.m. a. m. Milwaukee Accommod'n. 11:45p.m. s:3Ja.m , uxo. L. Duhlaf. uen*! SnpX B. F. PATnicx. General Passenger Agcrt. ncmOAS CDilBAt iUtUOAD—PHIOH DXPOT,FOOT or LAKE OTUXXT. Momltig Express *5:00 a. ra. *8:45 p. m. l*ay Express *7:00 a. m. *ll*oo p. m. Evening Express J3;30 p, u.7*l2:Sop. m. Mght Express.- 7*9:45 p. m. a. ra. CtHCIXHATI ASS LOLTSVILLI tbitt» Morning Express *7:00 a. m. *10:33 a. m. Night Exp -’sa 75tW p. m. *119» p. m. mcmCAH SOCTHIIUt AND LASS BUOBB LEVK—DS - co&hxb tax bobzx and bosbxax amxxTS. TOLLDO LLSX. D«> Express *7:£M a. m. *11:00 p. m. New York Express 8:15 p. m. +12:30 p. m. Night Express 7*10:00 p. m. *6:00 a. m. DETBOIT USL Da v Express *7:00 a. m. +ll.OO a, m. Night Express TlttLOp.m. *&ssp.m. ■ ■ ■ W— ATtlAlnA nriBSCBOB. TOUT TT-irST A.VD CHICAGO. Mill *Wu a. m. 6:00 a. m. Eapre#* *7:00 a. m. 1&30 a. m. Ful Uce fciSp. a. TrWp.m. Express... m. 11:00 p.m, XLuaois cnmut. Da* Pisfcocer *steto*.iß. *to:Sop.m. SiKUPatKccer ;t(bOp.m. *fe«sa.m. Kaiikaiite'Accomtaod'o.. •4:18 p.m. *9£Sa.m. HjdeFirk&sdOak Wood. *C:Ma. m. •*:45 s.m. « •* *12:10 p. m. *WS a. m. •• “ “ *3:30 p.m. *1:50 p.m. “ •* “ *s:s6p.xa. *7:2op.m. cmckoo, Brnturoro* a*d qrwcr. Dir ExprefsanttMaiL.... •3 - 2Ua.m. Galeabnn? Passenger p. m. *1:50 p.m. Aurora *SK» p. m. •fcOO t. m. Night Express JliOO mid’hl 15:50 a. to. CHICABO ASD AT. LOUIS. Express tad Mali T'lWa. m. *S;4sp.m, Jficbi Express $9:13 p, m. # 3SO a. m. Oolitt «rd Wilmington Accommodation *4:U) p. m. *te4sa. m. cmcAoo m tnuT iiimx~(uTX cotcnxATi AIX LISX>—XILWAcm nmnniTl DEPOT, COB «a caxal Ass surzxs rmxrrs. Day Exnrees 7:01 a. ta. 11:40 p.m. Sight Express WX)p.m. &50p.m. rOB PtnilSiPflm, LOUISVILLE AND CiSCIHSATt. Day Express 7:00 a. m. Jilpht Ijprw fcOOp.m. &50a.n. Coltrabtn Express 7:00 a.m. 11:40 p.m. - fcu)p.m. 8:30 p. a. Lansing Accommodation. SkSSa. m- 9:00 a.m. *■ •* . 5:13 0. m. SrfOp. m. CHICAGO, BOCK tSLATO AID PACITtC ItATl.BpAn. Day Express and Ma 11.... *9:U3 a. m. *5:30 p. m. Kiett Express Ifcoop,m. •5:15a.m. JoUrt Accommodation... 4:40p.m. *9640a.m. •Stncay excepted, tMonday excepted, Satur day txwpled. 'lbs following is the new tabic for the arrival and departure of malls from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now tu force: xatx* closx. r. o. Chicago, iu» hails abbot. a.m. p.m. a.m. p.xn. &OO...Mkh. South B K. l|g . 8:15... ♦* *• “ &» .... 12:00 m Mich. CentralK-R.. ..- IMP ... &15.... “ “ “ - &00 &« .... SOO....Pitta. £Ft Wayne , .. 8:15 . « •* •* 7:10 .... itOOm “ •* * .. 8:00 11:00 12:00 4:30 ...GrcatSaetemß.B.. 8:30 ' 1W» 12:00 +7:30.... New Albany * Salem SrfO U-*UJ fc(o 7:45....Ga1ena Kaflroad £lO ££ 12:00 *oo....T)ixoc Air Line 6:00 7:20 12:00 &00....C..8.&Qa1cey8.8. 5:50 9:00 S'* frOO....Northwestern B. R.. 5:45 &30 ROC £4S....yllc.anfeee BaQrosd. IL3O tfcW JtOO 7:45....111in0is Central R.B. 73W 9:00 IfcW 7:00....81. Louis Banroad... 5:96 8:48 BOOT. A. GUiHOES, P. W. USX OF LETTERS. “BETTERS REMAINING UNCLAIMED IN TOE Post ooc** at Chicago, state ofliunou. on tbs«b day %3r “To obutn any of in esc l-*Uan the applicant mo.trail for 4 Ajjtbbtiseii Ltmo.' give the dais o. “t*l at, ann p»y me cent for adrertlsms. ior' " Letter* are not »dverttsed ont‘l t*rT have re maloti tn .he week,aed on Fnhavs aal 3*l - letters in h*anverti<ed are la thei»u-l»of the Trai wnbjaecers*. JF Free drLvcrr of letters ti anvpsrtof Iherltr can b'sernred hy bavin: tbeß*fcldreand to tee street and number LADIES LlsT, Abbott Oran alia ME nr* Acpa. Adoiemiaa Aiklna;n J W mri AO«a* Mari* UaUs AsJeraoa Richel A ltt Wmti Atdsa Jennie K mn Al.ev Mart La £ ar Bakrr Mantle min Bowman A mra Due: Net xemm Bowman Eliza mui Bakrr Mary mlaa Brown Annie mlsa BancroU Alary Y n-lti Bradley bS mi a Barret Ann rum Bradley Mary mlaa Beckman Amand ran , Brewiter Louie mn Bellamy SwAb J nn Hnzu&aU 8 mra Bcicisk Sarah EllzabeihHrnsh Battle mlaa ,nn Brock Bmra Betjatran Attic mlu Oronka Catherine Hrcans Martha ran Browne.i Mary Jane mn BtTabi Alice mlaa Brown Jemima mra Beard Atnoa an Brows Mary A mr* Ben SI J ml** BnOnmArareS Bird L £ mn Bollock Phebe miu Blodmt Mary ,T ran Bnckley Mary E Blaaemao Fanniemra BartSarab Aran Botler Carla mUe Bsrke Past mra Bontey Jane mn Baraha-ti Kellie mIM Borack Caroline mlaa BaUcr Ellxabeto E mn booth Ellen U mra Brennan Ellen McKenna Bo; er Angelina njaa Bailey Caihona Calcutta Mary mils Cline 61Uah*th miss Call RMein Clydesdale Henry mrs Callender MoPle 2 Clyde Nellie mlts Callaeban Mai y miss duff Jennie It mrs Ca&ill Jennie cum CotitaCmrs Cancaugh»ao Pndge: mrs Coliigter K»ty miss Caprcn Francis A nue Collin* Mattie mrs Carter Mary mrs cole Jnlla A mIM Carter Rbcds mrs Co'ey Dnldsbmrs Cubut rB mis Conners Mary mra Cotwell Lovenha mn Goodin Mlc«le mra Carendrr M A miss CoMirCllSbrdmrs Cr utch Cooper Mary Cbanibers Ada Wmlis Coo lan Jnlla Chacoba Vmnicamrs Coze E D mrs chauin Maude miss Cornell Bnany miss Cliorch C C mrs Coughlin Mary Ctiattertrn N it mrs Couelln James mrs Chase Jenny mn CMtbeßjsctamlsa C la!.* Robert mrs Crarytnrs Clayton AG mis CmaPrnme'Umrs 11 .rk K Ua A mrs Crctby Mary C mra Dark K l> mrs Cnrtenlns Anno F ml«» Clom miss cnnnlsibam mrs Darahr Llbble miss Dodd Jennie M mlu Davis Urns miss Dooley Mary F mrs Davis Reiman Donovan Margaret mra Davis David mrs Douglas M C mn Davit Tbon as J mn l)ouglt»s Annie miss Dean Sarah A mn Dovle Mary mts Dellarr Lizzie miss l>oyte Margaret Delong Martha miss Domain Wm mrs Dcnbany M miss Duff Ann miss Dtimatiomn Duos Marget Dickenson UN mn Eggiestcu Henrietta mn El Us Osnjsmln mn Eaton Annie A miss Blttog Maggls mlts Katin Apnc* mUi Blfcit Kato mlu i-dvaids Fannie irlss Ewing Elizabeth mn Edison M £ mrs Enderly sarsh mra Kdwud* May miss Erle.loscpnins mn Eagtnturs Evoru Li ule M mill F Parley Mary mlu 3 Ford Uattle D mill FiMif* llam-t mn Form! 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A Fres-nan Chris- FaucAtAF Fool* yl he mas tlan Faxon Wm Ly-F»rbesWm Pre-man LN rer nan Forbes C French David II Fellca Fred B Ford « L PrtttU Ell II Fcrsutcn hros Ford M A Frush*r Alfred Field Wm Pcskett Parker FryOrriad FUlo Howard Foe* S A Fryer Mike Field Ulver Foster Charlie Fuller Klal Finn John FisterCß Fuller Eocene FucberdJchn Foster Geo Fuller Reobcu Fish UK Foster John W FolerK FUherGus Foster Jt bn (I Fuller hroe FirkCJ FoMcr Jouncapt FtUlcrTW FUcb &- MarcbantFowlcr Amon Gaga Berry n (•« HP AtexanderOraat Robert Uaßick n b Gerry etas a Out ffm Gale«Ja»A GB'hsJuhn Gregiry John II ÜBliavanDarth;]. 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F HarbechThoa HlllWVf HowelobnP Harden A tln-Ttcnlllil Daniel A aeclloyt Wm (I A co Hark Walter EUletUßer Qeo Hoyt A smith narmea W F Hinckley Abner FUnia Andrew .1 Harper John lll’.dt brot Humphrey J U Harm Abram HlneChu Hunt aanford Sborland Hitchcock Cbu Hunt K U HtirnaSamlH HlttieJF Hunt K K Han E A co Hoag Darina Utm*. Clarence Hart Frank Hogan A NlchoßHard A l,nr» Hart AN IlceanfoaUH Hnribat Ch«a L Ilurtw cl' A V Holbrook L U dr llurlbat Geo Harwood U Holbrook FroJcr-Hurl&nt Wataon C HateltoaL lek U Hnasey Frank Harm Jo* LAcoPo.comb AF Hydcueiry W Kaakel C P Holden Oeo Uutchlnton John Haaeard Edward UoUuter Jobs Imende A Libby Inman Geo J lalofl Tbomaa JaiksonJßrev Johnson .loeeph Jones Wm n Jamrw-n Ttomas Johnson Cha* D Jones WWjr JayncWm Joht eon Bliley Jones Samuel L ■ jettorda Edward Johnson Henry Jonea Robert lies* Jepka Jolm Johnson Oeo U ry Jenkins Isaac R Jones A Bell Jordon Geo JtLnlngs J B Jones John l. Jordan Wm R Jewell £ Jones J Jus'ln I. II 1 Johns ja Chrlitc- Jones Edward Judd Barney ; pher Jones Tbomaa A Ray Theodore Eenney Edward Rlngßufus Kearney Thomas U Klugbamuel Keeler Wm Keary Wlll'am KingWmL • Kci .er Abraham K*a»ner Gcurce KlnneWmL 1 Kelley Johnson Kercheval Alex- Klnkead Wm Kelly Wm H 3 ander W Kirk Julius . Kendall BW Key Jaa RirklaadJF3 I Kennedy EJ King IT. Knights tilla* R Kecnecy Howard Kioi Daniel O 9 Knox Chas 11 ■ KvtnedyjM Klsglhomas Kelly Edward I Kennedy A P IlJimbert F tee Patrick Lockwood II B Landon, WalUng-L'e John L.UyJohnD ford A co Lege Wm lombard Frank Lanotlcan Mat'w uesracd Edwin Ixjug I'atrtck { Lane Joseph 6cr Lelrhtu: A c<> £ Lcnuworthy Hen -1 Langley O C Lclehtrn tieorge rvT I lADiern an AP 9 L*latd Frnvcls WloomitTbos T ! lopicrJK Leslie Jjdge loomis Ihnmss j laretlontWC Lester Geo W LooxUMUoW i LathooPA LtwinQ B LerdTbvaT i LathrcpP Lln-ASlator Liuks Albert i LathrcpJGxev Linderwocd JobnLucas Fred’k I Lathrcp l* Jr UnklalerU Luce Fred A • lAthrop Alvin B Llnsley C L Lnn*y Robert I Lauac Aar-r ThosLltcbbeld David Lvman Henry M I LaughTeln Wm TT Lyman T i Lawrence Hmry LlthrvnWm Lynch Thcs IxaryCbaal’ Livingaton OW Lyucn t Lear enwortb dr Lyon J i Frank Zip p Uvlnmton J B LyjnJohuAJ I LcavyvirhaU Llovd Robert LypordUA ] "Lobar L O 3 Lock A co E Madden John Merrill A lluot-Montgomery R B MaffittNunran ington Montague Jas Maten Jobs Merrill IT A M tore L espt Mabon toward Merritt Weather* Moore Wm u Mabcncv Wm bee Moore On Manoncy John Me»eruo John B Moore K Major .Ino A McskellJoba MorrelHnlQ Mallory Wm O Meicalt A Moran Martin E Malonmr Milo* Geo A Mordsttila Manchester DW Miller KIIA eu Morgan mr Mamfield John Miller KW A A QMorgan Wm E sen Milicr ALdiman Mormon Jas Aco MarreyWm MBlerLewlsJ Morse KI Marcb*m Datlel MBUrlaodr Mot»sWmU Marks John L Miller Leonard Morton nc Marsh IIA Millet X Y Memo Edward MarshTbosTl Mlltr.lohnD Mosel? Mathew MsrsrailPß MBier HarryC M-sesDlramP Martm Peter Miller E V Mother A AUhtr Martin Henry Miller C arecce MuesJO Martin JartttL MillrrCMt MoselsrLM Martin tnr Milligan P Marlow Francis Msthm fhas Mills DL Mnrnaite John Maioc ,1 K Mil s A J A co Morphy John MaKtn ilarvcy Mltuhsnlhos MurphrJasT MatonThomas Minor J.I Morphy Edward 3 Mather A Ketc* MMck Wm F Morphy 118 tecke Mill hello A Murphy Preston J Mathew* WlKlsmMitchell E Murray & Stew* Matuson Aston Mix CM Aco art ManrenCl Muhnu Francis Murray John MaxsonOFdrS MotoneJa* MuseelmaaA MayoUooo Molson Fphriam Woodward Maynard Drary CMonrcedr Myall JotephK Moacham B U Montgomery Wll* Myers Allen Mead Patrick 11s MyresWmP MtanyThosJ Montgomery ChasMaher Q MtrnllAU w McAfee Taylor McDonnell Elltah McKsyJas McAurthur A L McDanoucbTnos McKlritloGeo H dr McDowellßJ McKlnrln Peter Mrßrlde John McEtwatn s U AlcKer Wm McPrine E J McFartass Bash McLaughlin Jas B McCabe Utnry McGrath Edward McLean A McCarn albrrt McGraw Michael McLean DCS McCarthy Dennis McGraw Jas McL*au 1 M McClearyJohn McGrecorJas McLean Jas McConney Notrls McGuire John McLain John D j yj McGuire Bernard McLellao Chas A McCormack Jcs DSlcGulre Chat McMahon D B MrCollock J A McClure A Smith 3McMaan Spas McDonald EesrlhMcUwatsc J K A McMaiter* D R McDonald God* eo _ McMeekln Sami frey Urlcersey Tbv McNienala Steph* McDonald PatrtckMclnto»h John J en McDonald A: gus Mclntosh John McMell John McDonnell Nlcho-Mrlntyte w R McsUDbc Jaa las Mclvra R*>bt B Koavmon Piter- Northern John eon Norton Ellsher Nlcholi HW A co Norton Tberoa Nichols Ed A bro Noye W Nichols L U A co Noys Wm Ntxnnßobt Nye Charles Noble JA co Nuoaelse Arm* Noonan Thomas stead O . Kardcn A co Nash Chas W Nay R Brace NarßS Aco Nelley Jacob NellK’nSACo Newbury Decree Newton ibas W O’Connell PatrtckO'SoUlran J O'ConnrrJermtahO’Toole Chas O'Codloi Michael Odell B O'Leary Alike O'cclt James T Oleary John or Olden O P Patrick OWs Georg* O’Lerry Jeremiah Orla»lo John O’Maley M Orris A Whitman , O'Neal James OieoodGeo ■ O'Neil Patrick Osborn Dairy J O'Shea James OwenJA O'Bi lan John O’Bn.n Richard o’Brtne James O’Bryan Edward O’Callahan Jere* cilah O'CallathanU OX'ailfcanP AJ o*CUlaghsn W L O’Connell Timo thy p Parker WH Peek John F HnerPC. Padgen WmH Peek A Wingate Pipkin a J PareltobertP Pelemr PlkfeGeoS Page Aco A E PembirtoaPF Pitta Forest Paine Jo* I’eanyChasE Platter Henna Painter Fred Perrlarn JonatbanPiosb Wm Palmer Phillips APerkl* • Henry Poole Geo A co Perry dr 8E 3 Pool J-sae Paradis* James CPetms-'nPJ PopeWPlf ParkcrDMS PervlerJll Porter WUilsm Par-er M Peters Milton F John M Parks J B Peterson tdw Porter Thus O i*arsocs AcoJ E Pettit Geo D Porter William Partridge captain Phelan Peter poterfalr E A co Fred Pbeiph' E M Toil J M Parmdce A co 8 Phelps S D PotVr John D PrtnoJoboO Potter Thomas Partridge Aco J Phllurlck Geo A Potter (TO S Fbtlltpa A Potwln A Co Fatten A £ Phillips £ Powell JF Patterson BH Phillips Geo Powell Johns Peabody W B PhillipsG«o L PowellGAce Peabody Jas B PhtlliMcapt Wal-PrendergrastEne- PeanadJß ter A as Pcaifon Gcotes Pblllpacnmr Prendergrast Pearson KScnard Pl* kel Howard Thomas Pease John F Picket U R_ Pnbhl-John Pea»e Richard M Pierson WW Price J W Prase Brcoks Plte KW Price OP j'ea »ely J A Pinkerton Robert Pullum Cb arles Pcatle Asoa John Onackenbou A Quinlan Michael K KucJuA RenabswJoba RibJabn WmJ Rate Frank G KeqaaACroft boccdr Batkin GN Kcytoi ;* Praacisßoccweli Sldaeyß lUnucy J K Reynold* IV E Roddey John RsytLOcoDE RtceAM Kodrlck Joseph RaymctdJ'tm MBlcluuaa Joeeoh KocenJohn RsitDond Lprof Kiel aids Ju a Rogers Aeo Reader Stephen Richards 6 & Roper A F.r>*f nfr Andrew I&cbaros Tbos J BoasweU, Bills A BrtniraWJ Richards Ja* H co . 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ToiUjWF* Thlctets John TlnsonChas T«lr Tlmoiaey ThornD *3 T*Ma*9R TtlsrJiha TbomaaDavld U ToddTSdr TrorsnoJav Thomas Edwin Tomokm* IX.mer Tyrrell GUberlK Thtraat Samuel MTower Jams B Tnmtr Patrick ThcmasEldrey Towle SD Underwood Henry U Van Dora SI. 5 Van Wl* A Vauzhan JamaW Van Horn W BoonVaoce Edwin S VU-cr Blc* Vsnnatta Henry VondailCH VoIkWmH Van On am mr Vanaertall aimonVrcieibnrzh Cal- V«nbhke Isaac B rer via J Van Waiter Alex Vane Kob*rt Vojhef*Co Warner John Wentworth Day* williams T J * eo Wacner Samuel eo williams FB Ws-l Uorado L Wentworth* FoMVllHamsoa H D paymast* r som rev WakeieyGD We»lEdwlnß WiHhUraElwarJ WalbcrPaui WeytandChasL WtilmotT Walbficee M M Whalm Michael Wilts *co nqtlltlVKC it t« UM<U Waicnjohn Whnlln Tnoa Wilson JobnP Walter I-ncas p wteciy T Wilson John WaikerWebstcrWWno-larWm WilsonOea Walker Joseph WWhsldeaLveatderWilsja W A WslkerJA Whlppl>Jas Wilson ED Waikfi Geo tvbiuWm Wilmnw WallKnlmaa White Jobs Wilsoa H*nrr C Wallace Thomas White i’raukG Wlnon Marsh J Waller C E white P K Wilson cnas WaUJas White Charley wiisoaWm Walso J P Whttlcv L U Wilt Jacob Walsh PT Whitfield Thos W-ajWOkeo Walter lAwrcnceWhltmafshJll <rWlo< J \l Walter Stephen Whitney Edward wing John M Waul n C Whttaey John Winslow Clark A Ward Rowland WuitoeyoLUcolnWinters Frank S WarOeU n.»lor Whlttcra RiMit Wise AD Fred Wickham Wesley Withers Richard WardrnmJchti WieclosJO Wood A J Wantscy J WiltlardAeo Woodßouhendr Warner Orrln WllilardßdwantPWood B*ml F tVamerWl.o*r WiUlanlCMmaJofWood Orvll'eU Warren * Osgood Wlleox Uoarv Wood Taos W Waterhouse CbatWilcox syivc«tarW<x>i W LUeut Watkins M N WiicoxUb Wood Aco - Wats lea Maurice Wild Chas T Woodhurr lieu L WtUon Henry WUtClt R S .. w S ooJrJlll ' k ®-, Watson W n Williams DaridH Woodiworth K L Weaver U U WlUlams A:em- cant Webb Stephen W bertO Woodward Qev 1* WebbO WUllaus li.labUWord-U UorsceW Weber* March capt Worthier a* co WebSw-W wuliains Frank Wright Leroy W*b*trr 8 I WlHams Retry WitcbtQoll Weeks JF in d Williams Edgar Wrlgttl AdMbartS W*ll# Thos W wrniams Robert Wyman W F 9 Weils Geo vi Tonng.Chirlci E isrles T Young G*o W TstesJD Y*le* * Yates Henry Young C jaa John 8 Ziegler SB Smtoerat Sliwe'l Heir* of Jobs Too pm occ'd Ashlar Lodg* No. ♦« Atlantic Bas« PallCtn*) American Uchocl Ibsiiwte a n KCH Mllhra No. 410 Matter Osr IDnalr* National Park Bank Office or Hit futon ItlU Transportation Co or No. 10 West Madiam-at. PHI Box Manufacturing I’sctße Bvw Balt C’nb Bert. Chicago Lodes So. MI A r A M Biaoey Lodes No. 9H Chicago Publishing Com* pa* v Dearborn Lfdee So. 310 Dearborn street No. U3T Kntrrprisn Vaimah On kscrHor «tr. Bata Ball Clob Elmira CrysUUrMOil Co alter* Chicago Herald The Antony Watch Co Thom «*> I*o Drawer MH4 WMetldan HOMiANIIMK UiUF.P. Ptom (Hatch 3lib till March3l»t. ta-Weire Wriken* I «-J O V.n Bin W—H A bell a I vt-CinUUan-'.iemmpn 31-Hatlc© Vsn Vslirr 1 |St-Charlcs Joanutu —Offlee open from the ut of April to ihoUtol Nm vrmber, Rom TV « tn. till Tv p. ro.t from Novm.ihe? I*l to April I*l. iromKa. Tr.ev«atlhu e w»H remain op*n until* o’clock P.m. f . r . on: PM a. in. till 10 a. m. u. A. OU.WOHK. I*. M. jflnaiuial. FISK & HATCH, BANKERS. AND DKALBII3 IN Government ami other Desirable Srrnritir Xo. 5 Xassnn-st, X. Y., Becotsmend to invesiora the First Mortgage Bonds OF THE CENTRA!. Pacific R. R. Go This Company Is eorairnetlnr, under the pairoeaj of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, The Weitcrn end i f the Great National Eailway aoross the Continent. Their tine »111 extend from Sicrasento. Calllorcla, »rrm» uir Sierra Nevada* to Urn Cdifernia Mile line, ravening the rtebm and most ddpuldbk we* Mon ot California* and thtncc through the great mining region* or the Temtorc*. to the ticju- Ity cl Salt Lake City. It form* the sole Western link or ths naly panto to the Pacific which Is adapted by Congress and aided by the usee ot Uutteo Mates Boom. Thtlrroadls already competed, equipped aul ran nlngfarltt miWfrom Sscramtnto to within l? miles oi the summit of the Slcrrar, and a large amount of ibe work of Grading, Tautening, Ac., beyond tbit point has been accomplliheo. The First Mortgage Bands cf th's Company afford nnntaal inducements of Ssiety and Profit to In* Tenors, tor tbf following among other reasons. tlz: Ftrit— The rate of Interest ts nix per Cent In (told. payable seml-amiually In tie city at Sew Totk. sreond—The Principal Is payable in Mold at mt* tctlty. TiWrd—Tbe cost ot the Bands, Nlnetv*Qve per (lent and accrued Interest, is Ten per Cent less than that of the cheapest St: per Cent OjU Bear* tsg Bonds ot the Government. fourth— : The United Piatwa-Gavemraeot pro* vide* near'r half the tmoani accc**ary to build the entire Koncl* and look* mainly to a email percentage an the la* tare trade for repayment. Fifth— Owing to this literal provision, accompanied with Extensive Grant* ot Politic Land*, bywhlch theGovenment loiters this great Na tional Enterprise, it* a access Is rendered certain, and tt* financial stability I* alto* gether Independent of the contlngcnclm which attend ordinary Knllroad enter- prlies. NizXA—The Security of its Plr»t Mortgage Bond* Is therefore ample* and thetr character for saiuty and reliability is etfnalled only by that of the obll* gatlons of the Government Itself. •Srrralk—The net earnings of the completed portion are already largely la exee«* of the Inter eat obllgntf-ao which the Company will locar on twice the dtitance, ana aie stead* tly lncrea«tng, reodertne the anlnterrnpted pay meat ot the Interest absolutely cer tain* Eighth— At the present rats of Gold, they pay nearly 8X per Cent per annum on the amount lUTeaied. The Bands are Issued In denominations om.mQ.wlth semi annual Gold Cmpons attached, payable tn New York, and are o(Terra tor the present at 95 per cent md accrued Interest (in currency) Ircm January 1»L Orders m ay be forwarded to us duect. or through the principal Banks or Bankers tn all paitaol the country. Remittances may b« mac* in crafts on New York, or In Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Notes, c r other tends current In this city, and tha Bonds wld be f.r wardedto any address by Hxpre*s, tree ot charge. In* QQirleslor further particulars, by mall orothetwlss, will receive punctual attention. FISK & HATCH, Bankers i Dealers in GoTcrnm't Securities, No. 5 Nassau-st, N. 7. N. B.—All kinds of Government securities ree*lvtd at the full market price In exchange for the above Bonds. Also, XST All descriptions of Government Securities kept constantly on hand, and Bought, Sold or Exchanged* gy Geld Coin and U. S. Coupon* bought, sold and collected. X3T Deposit* received en liberal terms* subject (• check at Sight. U" Collections made throughout the country. X3T Mlfcellaaoous Stocks and Bond* bungbt and told at the Stock Exchange on commpston for cash. P r Sp«lti attention given ts tbe Excbnnge el SETEN.TntKTV NOTES of all tbe Me rles for the New FIYE-TIVENTY BONUS* of 1563, on the most favorable term*. ycto 13ul)lications. J^OTICE! The Sew Orleans Republican Solicit* thapatrsnace ct all loyal men la the Karth wbo hare bu»U»CBi laterals In the Sooth. Harlcz been iciecled by the cieik ef the Uoceoot ErpfwailatiTei under the la«r or Corsreaj P***2» March M. 1367. as the paper for priptta.; ad m« UW and Treaties, aid all the Federal In tbeStateol Louisian*. ttwlhbe the tw*t adrtrtula,. nttiam In ibe Santa wart, reaching a larca-number ol hnniri«.i m»n than aoy other paper. AaAntt , mo* g u BKOWK * co. ben Orteai*,La. nPVRT nowuaXl>- Agent. _ <Eo Slrrijttectg. XO AKCHITECT& ILLINOIS NEW STATE BOUSE, e ont!e*rlewd. Comct*9loocn tl tbe Bute at IHI - ftr the erection ot a new State Borne la Sprlnc- Ceid. iflre notice that trey will receive plans or designs and specifications for a new state dense. Uis same to be addressed to toe President of tae Board, Jacob Bear, E‘g„ of SorinctUsd, UL, on or betore tbe iceoad dsy or Joiy. A. D. 1857. three thousand do lors 7iu be paid as a nremimn for tne de»l(R.wtth specifications, selected and adopted by sold Commissioners. A sketch ofthecronnds and inch Information as may be de*l:ed a* to maximum cost, the required room, oc commcdatl'.ca etc., vlll be mrnlshed tj aQ trishiae tc compete, on application, oy Utter, to J. C. Webber, Seemin' of tbe Board, bPtlreneM. iiUaMs. JACOB BONN, President. JOHN W. SMITB. -PBILIP WAD^WURTB, JAB. C. KOBiNSOS. ■WSL T. VANDKVELH. ■ffM. L. EAMBLETON. JAMES B. BEVERIDOE. ComnUsloner*. J. C. Wnan, Secretary. Scales. Tp. AIKBANK6" -fET "*■ ‘ BTAKuABD JPe S;0 A. LBS ,/L_L, 07AXXBZZX*. PAIBQAh KA, OKKESLKAP A IVtf * 3'iS LeSe-ft., Chicago. 'ail 'Notices. .WhOMtuccam in tha tni toxmcxa, and all Private Disorder «tch great celebrity, can be cmunlted aH® BFT ** A * Bsodolph-st., from 3 a. m,to 8 p. m. I,l=l . THB MONITOR. recently Issued by Dr. JaaesTls acfcnewledgedbythe medical profeaatoo and the press to repplyawant which haa long teen kaown—s concise treatise open the various (Ureases affecting the organs of generation—bow avoided, and. If affected, prescrip tions loridKreatment. Thevarlousciscaa-epeeuiiar to *—>*»— are tally treated, and their remedies given. Bow to avoid conception, and the ceeesiity and pro* prlety, sometimes, of ao doing.mate cae chapter ct the book. The Monitor eaa be had by addreoine Dr. James, P- O. Ccx 600, Chlcsco, TO, enjoslng one collar. Dr. James can be confidentially consulted at his cilice and parlors. 93 Bandaph it, earner of Dear born, from 9a.m.t08 p. m. Sundays daring the lore noco. P.O.Box696,Chlcxso, 111. A Great Discovery at l*ast* - B. DBIARD. horn the Mfdlcal AC-tdemy of Pazlr* has in his possession a prescription which will com pletely care Epermatorzhcca, the effects of solitary hah- Its and stl-abase. In both sixes, ruinous to both tin booy and tried, prodnclng, to a greater or less exteoW theloltowißg: Blotches, skin eruptions,debility,dlxiS ness, atmness loss of memory, averstoa ta society and business, er.l fbrebodlsgs, aod finally Im ps ter cy, with many sympuims ol consnmpttoa and dyspepsia. I win send the prescription and Instructions to any one on receipt of Two Dollars. It u a sore i emoly. Tne ingredient] can he procured, at any dinettorr. Address i’ROF. D- BRIARD, 127 P, O- Box 6143,Chlcaco. ID. fST All languages spoken. Or, TDomaun, Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical lartttum, ITS ooulh GUrk-sC, has aeated itims of-venereal dis ease with unpieCf doted success lor nearly tarty yean, tjpertnotorrhira a&d impotence treated with the happi est remits. Particulars of the Irshtute and the Guide mailed tree to anyaddnai. P. o. Bax 73. Chicago, Ilimeu. Dr, Lord’s Blerbotle System. There Uin nature a carj lor all lUUIr. Call la time. Examination made of these at a distance by a lock of hair. Fee 91.00. Office 134 DcarborMt., CMcaro, 111. Ur, Bigelow, Hanaata* wuserawui-v. mnjn oaa the medimt C»ctut) at mrie, is tte stoat ruhaa'v pnjriiuau ta tna city £*chro*uc nrrvoai and soxuat diseases. Call at eis cttlce. 1 7M oontn Claik-st. corner of Monroe. lhM.cj separata. Cansn'U'to i free. P.0.80x 134, Ola ruble to health, published monthly, sent fine to any seisms. l»rtTAte natton. la all Private Matters go (or write) to Dr. CLARKX, 07 Clct r_ Bwthsoxea consult him couedenlisUy. ry seed stamp for circular on late tavenUoa for UarrtMd People. Fsmal* PiU* II per not. nr* Setd stamo for bonk tor victim* of lett-aboae. Address letters DK.CLABKH, No. 4 Larmou Block, Chicago. y°-r Dtatlur an«l Falun Pro*p««u la life clearly revcxle Iby Dr. tliphasl. lie stidM you to wealth and h«ppm m, 121.1 K*»t Utiii m*et« ut> Malta. Couaullaium Tw i imilarj. Vend P>«ir Acml stamp* for bl* UFIDC TO HKALTIt AND LONG LIFE HU ulrrtilaraUjut winning the affections ol tha oppcilteaexand a happy marriage. win be teat gram. Proßwuir Ur* Itowoberg 11 aa by hie errst, wonderful ami uctsiliag cores of nervous and private iLirascs. proven btmssli the moat eminent and succowdulol physicians. Umona la and OuMde Chicago can bo perfectly cured by Dr. R. ( If betore considered tncmabie. ortlee, Op*wfi uiowfe, ISA Deatbotn-at. box *JJ 13. Chicago. HI. aatatrlicg. lUCKUNG & co;a OMAT SAZaB or WATOXXH% ON TIIK IMICL LA It OSR DKICK ChAN. Ulvin* every patron a Oandamuo an.lreilab’a Waieß (or the low ptlen a Ten tmUara, wtthom regard to value, and nd lie paid (br nnlOM Wo.Heud laoo w«W UU Marie t'aaed Hold WalUira. *0 to M* .'Vateare, euamelint.... lUDto •• I.£S? G""! Hnaung cnruuomaier Watooea. 1W to M t.OOO Hold Hnnting ktu'lib I. J»u 10 330 a.ou)(iold llanilne DupUi Watchra tsoto NO 3.UU Gold llui.tiue AwrTiean Watcttci..,.. tuo to JBA 3.UX bllvir HmitUiK Lavcn Mto IVJ 5,m0 Silver Hiw tine imrlesee nu ltd aj3oO Go d La-Ur*’Wan h'.i Wto tu,C(OG Id Hunting L> ;1nM.... fc'to *» 10,000 Mi**«>aa bllvvr *v»iche* 30 te lus J3.WO Hunting buyer Watrhea jsu SO WXtO Aaa* rted Watcb-t. all klmla Id to T 9 Every patron obUlna a Watoo by thla arrancentmt, coating but Jio, wei;e It may be Worth |7O. N j pern aiuyalviwn. MLbMtS. J. mCRLING A CO.’S OUEAT AMES- I CAN WATCH COMPANY, N. Y. City. wl»h to tow medulelydlapoaeottt'.eatwvemagntnceotit.ieK. car* tl Scales uunl&k arllcioa are pUond tnaaaiCdeoTslopoa. Holden are enutit-d u> ths art.eie« named 00 tbetr cer» tmeate. upon payment ot T*n Dotlara. whethar tk ho • Watch worth #7W or o"e w~rta ten. The retnrn ot ac? of onr cerU&catra eutiu*w yon 15 me articles named thcroor, upon payment, UrMpectiTO of lu worth. ac<t as no article rained lets than |lO la named oa any ee* tlllcate. It will at once be seen that uu is no Lottery, but a alralcbtfcrwaid legiumata transaction, which may be participated In svuncy the most taaitdtona! _ A alncle Certificate will be seat by maU, poat-pala, upon receipt of js cts., firs for fl, eleven for *3, thlrtr tnresandclegantpmidamroraS. sixty-*! 1 mom valuable premium tor tie. one tmndr*t ami moat n perb Watch for *U. To agmU or those wlahln* ear plcyme&t thlau a rare cppcrtanltr. it la a legitimate ly c:ndnctod business, duly aamortied by the Qorem ment, and open t*tne mod cairtal scnitlny. Try its ( Aloraaa J. HICELIhO »CO. l«t» Bnsadwsr. Near P. City of New Yertu GB^^^EDTrmOH' In tbe Prices of American and European WATCHES: TclaMncatgmr fotn.r wmlestts nrlce.*, 33 to3o per cent than New Vo»k retail prices. by »ap-e!i?. i*. 0 can be a*«a end rxitmln-'d befirer*. Inr paid for. locve ol prtcei. sent frr*-. AH our Watcnea are tuit quality, and are fully guaranteed. «’. E. COLLINS & CO., gliausportatioit 1867 TI,E ISS7 WESTERN TRANSPORTATION GOKPANT. PEOPLE’S LINE OF STEAMERS AND WEsTEkX EXl'HEb?*. Running over the Ene Uaiiway. The wester: Trano portatlun Company u prrpar.d to transpire Merebsa* <itee a:d Produce betw* en Cutcazo, Sew Y-irg. Boston ana alb* r Eastern and We*t»rn points and will ran duncr running season tne fallowing a:>t*clais tropci lerson the Lasts: Empire State. Fndger State* Oneidn. Plymouth, IllobHWk. R*lla.o. PrceStaiV* Acme. pMiomae. l*'ii*hnrgb. Tennvranua. basqaenasiui. rename a Dally Line between CHICAGO ASM BUFFALO* Touching a* Milwaukee. Mackinac. Detroit «ad devo ur*! conntmngwuh tne various r>Uioads at th iss placet, aid at Soffslo with the ERUj. R.UILWaY, atdthe W,T. C ■-’» Line of B'aU on K><e CaasLfbar ot witch’.eav. HulTVoand Mew Yon:dally. F< t Coi tracts aid Bibs ot L«dli)«*pply to HUGH ALLEN corner WmcMLandOltl Mp. New t ora. A. fOI.SIIN, dn. do. do. do* A. •«. U \UI>, 5-10 Rrondwaa. Agt. Britt Itntitrnv* N. V. JOHN S. DI N' AP IS state*!.. Bastes. ». li. CIIAJ-E. 1 Hi F<cr. A>oa»y. S. G. Cl«A>K* 191 Hlrer**t.. Troy. K. JOIINMtN <w I’O.. Hero and. A. i.'iltl'.Rl). T«ied». 11. M.IMIIIHNK, fnndaeky. G. ,11. TlUltKTl •». lIIITTUOKCC. A. P* OI.TTON. Uacute. TTIK WEsTKKK TK ASSI’OItTATION C'tt.UPsN t, IJnirnlo. s. lUßVK.Ticari Agent* foot of State a*. And ns Adnata iloa»e. Sm TDTTLSj Agoat^ FOOT O f sTAT£ST n CHICAGO. orcan g>tfamers. Pacific wait, steamship com- MANY’S THROrnn LINK. TO OAXiIFORPTIAy CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL* Via Panama Railroad* Steamers leave Pier No. 4'i North River, fbot «fCa> tal-«L, at U o’clock naon. as tollows: April I—NEW YOKE, Capt. Jed. Maury, eonaaottac with CON&HTCTIOS, CapL Laptcce. April U-UtNinr CQAUNCEV, Capt. A. O. Ora* cctisectag with GOLDEN AGE, Capt. Watkins. April D—OCEAN QUEEN, Capt T. A. 11 anil.c»- nectfeg with MONT AN A. Capt. Sutton. All departares touch at Acapulco; thoeeot the first and 3lst connect at Panama with steamers tzt South Pacific ports. Flret and llth fet Ceotral Amerlcaa" porta, and tho*erf first touch a* Manziulll^ Departure of ilia each month cnnccts with new •team lint tram pant mato Australia and New Zealand. Steamer of March 11. ISO. will connect with the hub psny’ssteamer. COLORADO, to leave San Francisco lor Yokohama and Done Kojg.ou Aunia. 196 T. ICV ponnes of tageage showed each adult. Mediclara and att- c dance tree. For paaaagn ticket* and ad turtber fnfonnatian asol? at the rfllce on the wharf, foot of Canal*«u North KlT ir-New York. F. R. BABY. Agent. Or at the General Western Agency, M Chi -ago. JAMES WAItBACK. Agent._ proposals SWAMP LAND DITCHING.—Tbe nudemgned will received sea'ed prr'possls Sir thtt fuUcwmg described swampland ditctdmr In Burma County, 18., up to IS o’clock a. nu ot TBURSDAT* April Sth. Ist—A ditch 5 miles and IS rods tong, to ba S feet wide on the bottom tor the tint Sana MO miles, and the rest of the distance to be 4 leet wide on the bottom. 3d—A dllch 3 miles and 1U rods long, to be fleet wide on the bottom. td—A dllch 3 miles and-lS rods Log. to be 4 test wide on the bottom. tth—A ditch i miles and T 3 rods long, to be 6 lesc wide on the bottom: all of said ductus u have a slope of l to X on each aide. , . The party taking the contract fbr the abovedsscrtbsa dHchlrg wul be r*<jalrra to give iraortty tor thf ftuua tul perferaasce of the contract. Sail *ecurlty to be approvedbythe Drainage per cent or once that said work is contra* ted Or will be paid a* said work progresses* on thee«tlmates of the Engineer, and the balance as soon as the work Is completed. Ail cf said ditches wfll be let to one party, or separately to atterent cartle*, juit as the under»Uaed committee taiLksbe»u The committee reserv-s tne right to rejoct anr or aO bids ter the above described ditches. Tks bids will be onesed on Tboraday afternoon. April at the office o! Charles Baldwin. InPnaceton, DL. and then and tber*- disposed of by said committee. AH bids ror this wotk mould he sealed cp and sent t* ChaiPsPaldwln. at Princeton, Ills. Asvpartte-deslrtngtuither In&rmsaoa about raid wot k*. can ret the same oy corresponding with, or caO tng rn W. F. Lawton, at Sheffield. Korean County, 10. Flats. specUUratLns. and Engineer’s report now on Ota tn County Clerk's office will he nude part of the coo tract, when said work UDt. W. F. LAWTON* I r. , A. MORRAST. V B. N. STEVENS, y Committee. CQAS. BALDWIN. TO BTJILDEBS. Cma otthz Kcnrnunts Isom**, pnsog.) „ _ Mtcxndait Crrr, March 13th, t»T. t Sea<ed Prcpoaal* will b« received by the Board cd ultectoncf theNcrtbun lodlara State Prt»-.a oattl TUESDAY, the 9tb day ol April, ISfh at 13 o’elaca m« ttr the ccnstrncaoa of abclldlsglur theporpaeeeof* kltsbea. dlsltg-room. hispltal and chapel, cs tM ITwcn ground, near Michigan Cur. lag to the plana and speculation* ol in* snpcrtntma* Ing Architect, to be prepared and ready tr reftreoo* ra and alter April l-wiSo*. intjrmaaon tig the dltaenalona of said botlclas.the n» be need it «attracting the same, t teqnaiitr «t »* work, together-wi’b me ten* aanctaditiaa*of py> Ins lor the woik and ma : 'rla-’«. V L ®Irtnx'aS connected theeraim. may be obtained by »PsW*=« « the ctSce of aald Pri-on. . > «iaiaJT addreaeed PrcpoaalearaT 0. mm to ** Board ct •.ppcposalaiSr Michigan try. !'“!■?.. »nr» their conald*ra» llSi'S'S&Jf so.*k«'s °t Jtct any bio that tray 0* * cge>at ana pro*tr. cbicgrt that xaey tnta eean xMRI^K. Baatd ol Dtrcetor«._ Koticc. PLANE HOAD NOTICK-EifhtJ x snare* of tte Korthwwt r» Huk B*»d Cm ttny’s -CocE will b- told at AocOonoa AtwU RSi «i is fi'-.'fi a. m.n *ao. Traaturer. T. ®e*» maDd.atfttoofllea. *•’*»■ 33 J*>o‘h Xfi'ud