Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 7, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 7, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago Cribtmc. SUNDAY. APRIL 7, ISO 7. THE CITY. Poerpoirm.—The rehearsal for the Old Polks* Cos cert, announced for Monday evening, has been unavoidably postponed till Friday next, on sc oocst of the son-arrirsl of the reqnislle books. Vazmro otFxxxch Cmtgg.-A xneeilnr of theFmtcb speatang peopleof the city of Chicago is called for this day at French Ball, No. S 3 Hob bard street, between Jeferson and Besplaintt. Tbe boor chosen 1« t o’clock. It Is anuouTCod that molntkms of importance for the fotnre well being of the Fieoch pcopl* of the Western States sriU be proposed for dlscoadon. Fphaiycm.— Attention Is called to the adver tisement ofthe well-known form lure and bedding bouse of F. Porter, Thayer & Co., who have now y-pesed retail warerooms for the sale of goods of their own manufacture at No. 118 Lake street (up stairs). Tbe work done bytbisfirmhas always been of a reliable character, and names wishing to secure first-cla'B goods will do well to give them a call at their sew rooms on Lake street. Cmx op Police Count.—lsaac Brown Is spo ken of as a cardldatcjfor this office. Ur. Brown was identified wilh the commercial interesta of the city for many years prior to the war, and after alone ard shining military record, his numerous friends, military and cavil have nnred him to be come a candtaato. Ur. Biown has acceded to their request, subject, of course, to tbe action ot tbe Republican Convention. Tnacnox Esown x?n> Stuiv Plow.—g. Wil lard, Esq„ of New York, is now in this city, stay !ng at the Tremor.t Bouse. Be la here for the purpose ot Introducing to the notice of ocr West ern manufacturers of agricultural Implements nls new traction engine and steam plow combined, which is just the thing for use on onr Western prairies, breaking up the ground thoroughly and being tree from all tbe objections heretofore urged against the steam plow. It ia light, and rapid m la action. Death to Boacnxt-—W. K. Malatt, now stop ping *t the Fhennan Bouse, Is the inventor of a Cockroach Exterminator, which Is certain death to these vermin. We speak from ocntar demonstra tion when vre st; that U will not onl; bring them out of ever; crack and crevice, hnt la less than five ninnies l*t each individual roach upon his hack in articvlojneriti. Toe powder if aswitt aett sure death to ro*ch«s. tad utiunid he nsed hy sit those whose residences or places ol business are tronlled with these pests Wear Bids Runt.—'The skating season haring now come to a close, this popular place of amuse* zseut I' otTered for rent during the summer sea* ten. Jt is easy of access, the Randolph street cars rtmslnrpaa: the door, and (be hall, one of the largest in the dir, is seated to accommodate thousands. T&eßxnkwin t>« a most desirable Blace for bolding fairs, festivals, concerts or pub* emeetinn.* Applications may bo made at the Rink office between 9 and IS a. m. and from S to 6 p. m. Thi Stock Tab© Dtnurr.—A few days aco, a number of citizen* of the town of take sued ont as injunction on the Directors of the Chicaco Cut Baitway, cnJoiol'K them ariinst runsiac their dummy on that twelve hundred leetof State street which lies In (be town of Lake, between the southern city Ilmira and the point where the track tone o 5 west to the Union Stock Tarda. Prsdise the time when tbe Injunction will be argued tbe Directors are using horse power or»r the section in question, and ibe five hundred dally visitors to tbe Union Mccs Yards are carried to and fro vntb little or no more deity than hereto fore. Pmcoral.—Geo. B. Roberts, Eeq., Assistant President Pennsylvania Centra! Railroad; Ed ward bmlih, Secretary do.; J. Doran d, General Scpericteodent Pittsburgh* Cincinnati Railroad; R. bberwood, Jas. Meais, Directors do.: J. IX. Sargent, Chief tndneer do.; Mr. Gardner, Di rector Cleveland & Toledo Railroad; Colonel Geo, 'W. McCook, Slebenvllle, Ohio—a party ol rail road genilemen on a lonr of observation, arrived at the Tremont last evening, lion. Robert G. Ingersoll. Jndge Dickson, of Cincinnati; General C. C. Wafhbnrne, of Wl* consin, arc also stopping at the Tremont. S ctt-ttt. Watch-ILiKm c.—it e? ssra. Morse, Rod dm & Hamilton, practical Jewellers, No. IS6 Bike street, are well known as good workmen, who know bow to repair and adjust a fine walch. They have seenreu the services of a first-class watchmaker from the celebrated watch factory of Jules Jnergensen, Copenhagen, and are now bet ter prepared than ever to attend to the warts of the public. They have met with great success in adjusting watches which hare been almost spoiled by Inferior workmen. Panics having fine watches which they desire to have properly repaired, may restsssnred that this firm la able to guarantee en tire satisfaction. Removal—Crstnur Police Station.—The Cen tral Police Station on the first of next month will be removed to the second floor of the east wing of the Young Men's Chnftlsn Association Building, on Madison street, between Clark and 1-aSallo. Nine rooms on the floor are rented to the city by John V. Farwdl. the owner ol that portion of the bttild'ng, al *S,EOO per year, lh« lease being for five yean. There ate no cells In the new head quarters for the temporary occupation of prison ers as in the present location, but the rooms are very coxvenintiv arranged for tbe offices ot the Superintendent and his assistants, and pleasant apartments s»e assigned to the use of tho Board of Police Commissioners and iheFire Marshal. FjisnioXAßTX MiLUJninT.—Miss A. B. Smith, whoec style and taste to millinery are so well knorn among ihe fashionables of Chicago, will open on Tuesday, ApiiJ Pib,wiih one ofthe largest and moat rtchercht assortments ofhonnela and bats ever exhibited in the city. With shapes per fectly bewitching, and material of unrivalled beauty, suited alike to the grace. %Be cay, the spiritual or the sparkling. Ihe *• Mode,* 1 a non net ol smpaselng grace and delicacy, can oe ob tained at this establishment alone, ana from Its being the latest novelty adopted by the Empress, the hcu( ton will ted secure of iw being the wrfafb/m Of >»♦ Bcpniko or a Dwixmto.—At one o'clock this morning, the alarm for box Cl Bounded. The occasion was the breaking out of a Are m n dwelling situated In an alley, near the comer of May and West Hlnne sheet!, and owned and oc cupied by a Nonreturn named btrom. a carpen ter. There was considerable dlUJcnlty expe rienced by the steamers la reaching the spot. The Tlibworth came to a stand-still in tbc mud an Kltxie street, nt.d before water could br thrown on the Are the building was nearly destroyed. 1 be vicinity was thickly studded with small cot tages, and only the most active exi-tlions of the firemen kept the flames from spreading. Fbe boose of Mr. Strom was totally consumed, to gether wi’h all the furniture. Toe loss amounts to abot SJ.Srtl. of whicn fSOO is covered by Insur ance lo the EqmlaMe, of Cidcago. T.inrtt 1 Tnzaxnio -Goods.-—Among the leading drygoods a lore* of Late street which are doty blooming with all the glorica of of the moat inviting at present Is the establishment 01 F X HamUnA Co., Koa. 105 and 107. with which Is a*»ain associated Mr. John H floss, formerly of toefcna of Rota & Foster. A very agreeable boar may be passed surveying the newly arrived spring marvela in the vuiona departments, and we observe that the ladles are devoting special atientlon to the fashionable resort. Admiring crowds may he seen leasilntr their gancoathe wonnere of tbe millinery, which forms the centre of attract!on.and the trimming depattmem, which Is presided over by Air. Pirrc.-A superb stock of ladice* botnets of the latest style.-,rtowera, jet and pearl sets, ribbons and farcy trimmings is here exposed to view, forming 'he finest display In the city. The spang trade seems to be fairly com* mcnccd n we mar Judge from the thriving aspect ol Hamit*; & Co.’a spstdoos and well-conducted establishment. . Prr.*oiui~—Mr. William A. Giles, of the wcll kr own firm of QHea Brothers, Ko. 112 Take street, has juft returned irom New York, bringing with him an eleraot and rr'h<rch' assortment of gold, tilverand ornamental goods, ’which are now oa exhibition at the store. Mr Giles’acknowledged superior taste la the selection of these articles has Hirer Lc-ea better displayed than la the spring stock ul#cta be has Jost brought to the city. It comprise* a rery extensive, vet choice variety of Jewelry, both useful and ornamental, including some elegant brouzo and French Clocks, which at the present moving season will doubtless find c i memos putebaaere. The public have reason ty puce every confidence to JSr. Ulle?. a asman of lore experience ana thorough r-ibabilUy. wtoic enterprise has placed the Arm In the first rank !•> this department of the trade of Chicago- ilcssr *. Giles uiolhtrs are agents tor tho celebrated sll vc’ •plated goods of Roger Smith A Co., which arc much lees expensive than solid silver, wh'le conil In beauty of design and nearly as dnrablu. a visit to their store at the present time will be forad traneuailr Interesting and profitable to all who desire to Invest in snen goods. UxeouciTtD Comdmjos.—'The Albany Journal of Tuesday last stales that Captain P. U. White, of that city, bus been assigned a commission in the regular army, and says: « He entered the war as a First IJeutenant ot the famous Taylor Battery, ol Chicago, and joncht with that battery in the following battles: Fredericktown, 31o.; Helmonk the cam paign around Columbus, Ky.; Fort Deary; Fort Donnelson: ahiloh; Corinth; Oxford, Mies; Chickasaw Bayou; Arkansas Post andtbe Uusscli Hoaao. _ . Afiei this last was given the command of the Chicago Mercantile Battery, which became equally famous. As the commandant of that battery, he entered upon the Vicksburg cam paign, and, on one occasion, took bis battery, after font others bad refused, to within twenty fect of the robel breast works, doing great execu tion ; be was !u the battle of Port Gibson ; Cham pion HU), Mies.; Black River Budge; siege of Jackson, and with Backs, up the Red River, al ways lorcmoft and always efficient. Ue wav taken prisoner at the battle of Mansfield, and was caged for fourteen months, being only released when the war was ended." Tn* HcTcnnteoJts os Vocal. Cuirtnu at Tit* Orxxu Dorse.—Both of the branches of me Hatcbinron Family took lessons in vocal culture of Professor McCoy dnrlngtheir late vlaU toCW esew* and both extol their value in letters to frft nds IB this city. Tbe following u tn extract from a letter br Asa B. Hutchinson, of the "Tribe of Aaa"lbe valuable atiggeationa of the drat lecture 1 toned to account that very night tn sing ing in tbe Opera House. Susie derived more benefit to her voice from that oce lecture, than from rlx month*’lessons from a teacher of mnsic la New York city: and sha tells all our friend? that if she ha* a good contralto voice ebe owes tt to the insirncilonsoi iTofesaor McCoy. •••! bad rather here my family lake lessons of Prolc sor McCoy, tn vocal culture, than of any music teach er In the country. In the scientific cultivation of ibe voice be can teach ns all. By these instruc tions in the true philosophy of the voice, to etu"- era, clergymen, and other penile readers aud cpeal era, ns Is doing a great work. •••In -hort, c o words of mine can express my sense of the ni ne of bis truly scientific aud perfectly natural tialnlcg ofall me inactions of breaming and of T °Thc following ate two sentences from a letter by John Y». Hutchinson, of the “Tribe ot John." written at BnriingfDn. Iowa; "Never in all tbe round of twen’T-alx years' travel and experience*, have 1 bef" more edified, than 1 was on toe occa sion of Profeseor McCoy’s iejsona and Iratoresm hla hall. In Croaby a Opera House, on the ofdoention «d me colttvaiion oi the voice. I shril recommend an? »»d all, old and young, lo SSt hte. *nd get infoima'lon from a truly tclen gqc sonrea. I Ptesume 1 hare spoken to at lean fortv persons or the valoe of thew lessons «l- of whom wUI go W Chicago to enjoy ihelr benefits.” - mineral ftprlnc* l« UllnoU. The attention of Invalids Is bcin* ternedlaT**- ]. iq tb e Direction of the Versailles Mineral tfpitng*. located on the Toledo, U abash * Weoern Baaway, aboothalf way between Qaln ct and Sprlnpfleld. Toe spring* are sUnaled In *lar*ebaaln made by a aerie* of pleasant hil«s Mdvalley* baaed qpon the mapnealan limestone rnriiailon—Are hnndred feet below the coal Tbe water teanca from alxty eprfwrs, iftfwrne In a common creek, pinup to each eorini ™J££atoften to fifteen itei. Tbe water*con two dittlnct croup*. the chalybeate, or *ron eprlnp*. eonramlnc earbona’e of Iron, pro toxideof Iron, eetqnrox>dc of Iron, and anlpbav. l«d the mk«n«*lM» swap, eofltatauc car bonate of mapceala. amuhaie of mip nSu. carbonate of soda, and carbonate of notaUa. Ite aprir-ps are remarkable, too, as ex- Eibinrp bat a ellpbt Waos ofllme, which Is al most always aßtooaled wlih majntsla, and de tracts from the valuable medicinal operation of the latter. A hotel baa recently been erected, -i* people are prepanm? for an aceeiJion of visitor# dormfi the present summer. SPARRING. Greit 1 xhlbltion for 'ln TexeQt of a Ksted PosUkt. Immense Anefidtnee-Hrtrti or Oak ynbtlsnt-LUely Bet-toe* and Spirited a ncounters. A Characteristic Assemblage. For the put fortnight sporting circles have been aUvc with interest at the announcement that a well-known pugilist, accompanied by a eelect party ©I broilers, was to make thta city the scene of an exhibition of the manly an of self-defeoee. This interest culminated last evening, when tbe Coliseum, on Slate street, near Washington, waa crowded lo ita utmost extent with a miscellaneous gathering. This gathering constated mainly of sporting men—gamblers, pugilists, men about ti wn. There was, however, a liberal sprinkling of the better dressed class clerks and middle aged business men. Fililngnplheemaller spaces were swarms ol nswsboys and bootolaeks. lo one ol the groicaqnely-shtped and gaudily colored boxes sal a young woman, obe *ecmcd to realize Iht singularity of tbe contrast between her and tbe crowd that rose up ad about her, up to Urn very flies, for she hid herself in the obscurity of tbe box, almost concealed by tbe curtains with which it waa bang, it was the kingdom of the rough, and the rough was in bis glory. From ail sides the gas jets shown down upon a hard-restated, bird* favored crowd, men such as you would not care to meet alone at night. Ailing the place with the smoke of vUlanons cleats, talking slang and ejaculating horrid oaths. In ite centre lay the circus ring. Its bottom filled with tan bark, ground fine and mingling with the black, dusty loam. Its surface was tmoolbcd and evened, while all around, lean ing owr it, and peering Into It sat the crowd, momeclanly growing more and more impatient iur tho evening's diversion to begin. It was half i»as' eight when a wiry, compactly-built man witn fine black eyes, and bis lace half covered by a heavy moustache, entered tbe ring and announced the opening of the entertainment. This was John sweeton, the trainer of the beneficiary. He was followed by a ra»hev undersized person, with a lon* aquiline Lose aedbuge, sandy moustache. The shoulders of this man were broad and round, and his arms, bare to toe pita, were immensely muscular. The flesh rose up above his elbows like knotted whip-cord, ilia arms were latoocd In e strange fashion, and over each ear a lock of hair lav, elaborately soaped and curled. “Deal Charley,” laconically announced the blaster of Ceremonies, “ in his great cannon hall act.” Two large IroabalK weighing about fifty pounds each, were then rolled into the centre of toe arena. These tbe man then eeixed an 1 toss ing them up, one alter the other, with the same ease as though they had been pud-balls, to a height or nearly twenty feet, allowed them to oiop and half bury themselves lo the tan-bark, to rbow that they were solid. He then began to play with them, starting one of them from one Land, Jelling it roll down to his ahonlaer. across Lis breast, and down again Into hla other band, iic manipulated them with tbe utmoit easiness, foxing them in every direction, aaa catching them again as adroitly as a child would a marble, lie concluded by throwing each ball icto the air, allowing it to drop upon the thick muscles of bis hick, whence It rolled off to the earth. •• C, lUvcr»,” anio sboDted tbe master of cere monies, when a chair was brought out, in which a yonre man wlihfiicc and hands blackened, seated himself and played a variety of tones with a eet of hones. Tie sparring was opened by one Cox, of Bof- Itlo, and John HcGiny, ot Syracuse. These men wereneariyof the same size. tbe formerbeing, perhaps, a 'rifle larger. Both were very strongly •>talr. tnelr doie-fluing abuts kbotrlng an admira ble jiAyttiiue, wiry. muscular to a great derr.e, and tbe embodiment of lithe atdsnpple activity. 1 hey bandied tbe gloves cantionsiy and at first were disposed to keep away from each other. A few blows and tbe almost deafening uproar of tbe crowd soon excited them into quicker action, and tbe rest was give and take, pell-men bitting, with no care or thought of self-defence. They soon re ined, dripping with tcwplratlon, lolloped by dearly earned shouts ofapplause “Two friends” heralded the entrance of anoth er two, chary of giving their names. They dis played no science and like tbe former, warming to their nork amid tbe vociferations of tbe assem blage, struck mutual blows with manly vigor, but harmless trom the thick padding of tbe gloves. The gathering was now worked an to the highest pitch ol enthusiastic delight. Cries sainted tne ear from hundreds of hoarse, husky throats. ‘•Verypretty;’ 1 “Coin.Staleybildge Chicken;” “ Thai 1 * a smasher ** Stave In bis dead-lights “It ye can’t stop ’em with yer arm ye mast with yer bead:” and “Tt 'lm ’ard, ’Airy,” from one delighted Sngli-btnan, mingled end were lost In confused discord. u I don’t sec tbe fun.” exclaimed one lukewarm Indi vidual. “It'snothin’ when you’re used to It.” was tbe instantaneon* response of one ardent de votee of tbe noble science. As the Umo drew on these were fol lowed by other candidate* for fistic honors, so that the same tccne of sparring, telttinv, bard bitting, dodging, retreating, guarding, shuffling, falling, In some cases from a well directed bit, and in others frem a mis-step, was repeated. GaUaghtr, tbe beneficiary, appeared twice to receive the plaudits of tbe assembled crowd, ills first set-to was with Barley, one ot the princi pals In the late fight at Cottage Grove, which was oroken up by the police almost ere it bad oeguu. Hurley was evidently tbe inferior of bU oppo nent, uy whom be was handled very easily and without ranch effor. Gallagner, as is Known, is matched to figbt James Elliott, of Detroit, lor £ I.IXO. Ibis fight u to taka place ou the Pth of July, sea ho lb men are soon to go into training tbcivior. It is to enable him to raise funds for bis expenses and far bis stake money that Galla gher is making bis present tour through tbo nnn c pal Western cities. Qa'lagher Uvea In Cleve land. He is twenty-two years old, and is six (eel one inch and a half In height. He entered the service at tbe opening o{ the war and continued In tbe army for three years and three months, when be was metered out. During this period be wa? engaged In iblrty-sereo battles, receiving no Injury. In October. IBoi, while at Harper's Ferry, being then but seventeen years old, he fought and beat one Dick Dow, a man weighing “4S pounds. In this figbt be won SIS 3 stake money. He is an extremely powerful man, and bis lord Is tbe very type of muscular vigor. Sis sccocd set-to was with Dick Larcy, which I occurred next after a rattling and excited brash { between the redoubtable Jerry Donovan, of Ibis i c;ty, the hero of many bsUles, as h's scarred face I and nose crooked as If it bad once stooped a solid shot amply attest, atd a colored man named Umsm. Uif bl tUcoAs, Of HUl}- neanx. Larcr was not quite t o tall as Oaltghar, but be was equaby broad-sboutderec and etrojg as- an ox. As these two men Mood facing one an o'her. their great lung arms worcing like the ann* ot a huge windmill, and the rapid play of their enormous muscles plainly visible beneath their tjgbt-klct flannel shirts, eyeing one another al ertly and warily, they seemed tenthly in earnest. It needed no vivid imagination to see them to famy nude, pegged to tbe gra-s, the hungry, bloody Debt glaring from ibelr eye?, making the effort to fight down to Impotence and blindness that other the which equals their own la tenscUr. l bey were men of science ana parried, struck ont and f lcir.trd with ma’cblees ekiu. And when they r it each other In tbe face or In tbe breast, tbe dull “Umd “ that tbe cloves gave ont was enough to make the Peart sicken with dfygust at the thought of bruised and purplish marks that doi- I d tbe once healthy flesh like plague-spots. Veri ly this is an age ol progress, and civilization and enliffctcrmcnt go hand in baud! Tbe “wind up ” ot tbe evening was given In a sharply contested ootxt between Jerry Donovan and John Swceton, Gallagher's trainer. The thanks of Gallagher were expressed in return for the liberal support ho bad received, wblcb met with noisy applause. when tbe gathering broke up. SUICIDE. A Clerk in a Railroad OIDeo Poisons Himself by Drinking Laudanum. Tlio Result or Intemperate Habits and Pecuniary EmbarraatmenC. Early on Saturday morning a middle-aged mao named Myron 6. Sandfora, died at the bouse No. SOS Wabash avenue, from the effect of poison ad ministered by bis own band. A Coroner's Inquest was held on the remains in the afternoon, when the principal facta which led to (he committal of tie deed were elicited, clearing up for tho most part the mystery which till then shrouded the death oflhc deceased. The suicide was employed during the past year In the office of the Pennsyl vania Central Railioad. on the comer of Randolph and LaSalle streets. Of late years be bad been more or Ices addicted to the use of Intoxicating iiqnois, iu which be was very irregular; so much so, that when once be began to drink he would keep It up s> for two or three daya at a time. Indulging almost constantly, and rendering himself nearly frantic by las excess. Recovering from the effect of bis carou sals, be would rcsnmc his duties, applying him jell more assiduously to work than o*uaL with a seeming resolve to make reparation for bis folly. Lnt bis passion for liquor was so strong as to overcome all bis good resolutions, tod but a ►hort time would elapse ere be would fall back aud plunge into worse dissipation than before. Finaliv, becoming alarmed at bis course, after an interview wl»h bis employers, in wniebbe was v-arned against the certain result othisirrcgniari- ties if they were continued, he signed the pledge on the first ofJannary, bindingblm*elfto abstain from the ose of liqnor for the period ot one year. For a time, his employers slate, be was as steady as could be desired. He was prompt la bis de spatch of busmen* and regular In h«s habits, indeed, they noticed nothing improper in liis conduct until toe middle of the past week. HU room-mate says, however, that be bad recent )v been unfoituraie in a senes of transactions on 'Change, wbliber bis daily duties look him. He bad lost several tunes eo heavily that be was obliged to borrow money with which to meet his engagements, lie had been enable to repay these debts, and the discouragement which naturally followed, combined with ibe'inordlnam love for strong dilnk which was inherent In him, now drove him again to the cap. _ _ On Wednesday nlrbi, bis room-mate, Mr. T. P. Burke, noticed that bandford was drank. Upon his making iuaoiries be learned that be bad not been at bis office once daring the day; from which heU.feiredtbatSandford waslnlha midst of an other spree. On Monday, Saodford did not go to his place of buxines*, and bis friends were una ble to find him. That evening, however, be ;uroed up. very much In'omcatcd, at -upper time, although immediately after be went away again and returned not to bis room until a late boor. Boring the course «r the night bis companion beard him arise from (be be,d and approaching the bmeao. open oneof the drawers. Presently be heard the sound of hquorguTgllrg down hi* throat. Be must have • ben drank a large quantity, as the sound contin ued for quite a time, and the bottle, labeled •• whiskey," was found empty In one ot the draw ers alter Sandtonl’a death. The following mom lag, Friday, Nandfonl did not dress bimselt, bat remained in bed tbe greater pan of the day. About 3 o’clock he dressed himself and went out. but shortly returned, undressed and went to bed again. Mr. J. ». Barstoir, tbe keeper of the bovidlng bouse where ibe deceased was living. ■acut up to hi* room shortly after? in (ho evening. B« found him in bed acd apparently down-hearted from some cause. He remained with him about half an honr and went down stairs. Shortly alter lb o’clock he again tailed on him la btt room, and found dm cumplaluirg ol a severe headache, t>u* somewhat more cnecrfnl than ; before. Sccdford stated at first to him Uatbe had taken coming, bnt afterwards adntt’cd mat be had taken a little morphine, that be might rest eaaiur. He denied having drank anything that day or tbe oay preceding Tout when Mr. Barsfow said he had scd him drank on Thursday night, the de tested confessed that be bad drank a small quantity of whiskey. Qc soon became troubled and expressed sorrow for having taken any liquor. Mr. Barsio* soon left him. thinking that a good sight's rest wonld restore him on tbe mor row. Thai morrow was destined never to come to him. hhortly after 1* o’clock that night Mr. Baretow was aroused by his wife, who said that ebe had heard groans proceeding from Sandford's room, above. Mr. Barstow at once went op stairs and entered tbe room. The deceased was lying on the bed. crosswise, bis legs banging o\er tbe tide, ills eyes were open and fixed, and he appeand sot to be breathing. Dr. B. P. Andrews was summoned at once. Upon arriving after aFw I minutes* time, the Utter found tbe patient enllre : ly unconscious and nearly lifeless. Upon the bu reau was an empty risk labelled "laudanum." A stomach pump was sent lor and tbe most active 1 exertions made to restore the sufierer. These i \irrc entirely without avail, and tbe unhappy man • expired a tew moments part three o'clock, a. m. I Mr. L. Peiktns, a boarder in tbe name house. . says thst on Friday night, abon’ eleven o'clock, r be called to seethe deceased. At that time the empty rial was standing on the bureau Betook ■ it lo hb baud. ai.d scelug the word “ laudanum." • askeo Sand ford if he bad drank tbe contents, at firvt the tatter denied It, cat afterwards said that • be bad taken a few crops. At that time Mr. Per ■ kins noticed nothing nnmnal in the appearance r nr manner of the deceased. Acleikintbe drug store No. 233 btale street, where tbe rial of laudanum was purchased, UsUfled that Randford entered me store on Pn r day aßeraoon. shot Jy after 3 o'clock, and bought an oonoe of laudanum. Ue .recognized the rial ’ ii the one In which tbe Itudanom sold by him to Sandtod wm contained. He ah aged, farther, i™ «ifrf »i£L c V lcd ,b^ at 7 " clock la the even «m n J? .‘i? 0 * 11 of moronlae, w Hick ielx*e«Dpaper#. r „\®*deceased to bite died i.?.u 1 8 , c ®* 55 ‘ of opiates admlnlatercn bybimielt with the Intention ofcoomhuna suicide. _idc ceccaaed wai thliir-even years ot in. Ha son cf Rev. w. u, dandiford. now living in Worcester, Ma»»»cbu»cit?, and wa» respecta bly connected n« this city. Ue bad lived here for about twelve years sod dnr injj the early part of the rebellion entered the service, as « orlvate in the Board of Trade nailery. lie was afterwards promoted to a lieu tenancy tn V-e Second Massachusetts Heavy Ar tillery, ard rimoioed in service till the close of the war, when he came to IhH city. Here he re malrvd, o.icHngthc office of the Pennaylvnnb t'entral Rail-cad Company, until the rime of hi" death. the remains will he sent to the city lo which the parents low reside. Tbe Great Apocalypse, or tbe Book of Revelation* Unsealed at tbe Groaby MonaeTo*morrow Night* From a New York paper we copy the following item in regard to this entertainment: *• 1 Lis extraordinary exhibition has been got up on a scale of magnificence mod splendor never be fore attempted. at a cot t of over forty thousand dollars, and was produced from original designs by that most eminent artist, Uammatt Billings, Esq., whose brilliant conceptions of the Visions ofSamt John have fully home oufthe statement made by the Bev. Albert Barnes, author of * Barnes' Notes on the Book of Revelations.* that thc*e vt*luna would make the finest drawings In the world.' “The Archbishop of Canterbury, ’Primate of all England* after an Inspection of tho original design for this rrcatwork, thus expressed him pelf: * BULdr* da of books have been written ex planatory of the Bonk of Revelations, bat pat them all together, they do not give so clear an idea of John saw, as these fifty picture* ofthe Apocalypse.* * For eighteen hundred years tbe Book of Reve lations and the Visions which Saint John saw on the Isle of Pafmos, on the Lord’s Pay, have exci ted tbe wonder and admiration of die civilized world. But during this time no artist has ever bcin toned so bold, no artist so implied as to at tempt tbe illostiaaon of the-e Visions which Saint John describes In the plainest language But row. In tbe nineteenth century, when the electric spark Hashes Pom continent to continent. Intelligence, the greatest gift of passes oceans In an instant, this ; baa also been accomplished, and note .brlsilan and the sinner alike can heboid .‘symbols which tell of time and eternity, and vent the borne of the righteous and the doom : wicked, passiFg. as U were, two boars with Jobe on the isle Ps' and God. thing the Lt tbeeei retiree ofthe Saint John oo the Ale of Pslmos, and gaining the conviction that there are ‘more things In Heaven and Earth* than arc dreamed of In any philosophy.” The ( roebj Opera Uonse will scarcely bold the people who will endeavor to witness the exhibi tion to-morrow night. Acknowledgment* • iUTTMOJT Hocsb. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Allow me through jour eolnms to acknowledge the payment In lull for my claim aetlnst the Traveller's Insurance Company, of Chicago,for m* Juries on the.ld of January last. lam frank toac knowledge that this company is especially liberal In Ua dealings wllb its policy holders ana nil the lull In every respect. They have lot-ly increased their cash capital to J2OO.UW and hive addoja Lne department and are already doing a thriving Lite insurance business. Wm, F. fneker, Esq., proprietor of the Brices House. is tbeirPresident 'i'bolrHomc Office Is So. 128 Washington street, Chlcaeo. r. E. Stacy, F.sq, is their went at Matteson House. Chicago, Illincis. Stspsks Wunc April C, 1867. Lyons, Illinois. LOCAL MATTERS. To tfaeFditorot Uie'CUeagoTrfbaaet jour paper of this da‘e joa bare placed mj business notice under the head of ‘‘Astrology/’ X am not of 'he class who advertise In jour paper protecting to be coverned hr the planets, and who profess to tell fortunes, bat J am a Clairvoy ant ftychometrlct and general business Medium, as my advertisement shows. Mns. Minr. A. MrrcutiL, Staie-eh, Chicago—April ctb. (The advertisement referred to, was placed un di-rtbu wrong beading In oar issue of Saturday, —En. I Swarne’s Ointment cored the wont case of Tetter that has been in this city. The pa rent will verify the fact Burnhams * van Scbaack, Agents. Pa per Hangings and Window. Shades, all the latest styles. Great Inducements to wholesale dealers at P. B. Rigby’s, 83 Randolph street. Coma Extracted Without Paln.- Comt, Bunions, or enlarged Joint*, or la?rowing nails. Go to Dr. Exxisox, office 119 Clark street. Dr. E. baa operated on the feet more than sixteen years in Boston and Chicago. Booms for ladies. line Gardiner?* Kheamstlc and Neu ralgic Compound. It cores Rbeumstirm and Neuralgia. Sure cure warranted. Sold ny all Druggists Burnhams £ VanScbsack, Agents, 18 ttiko street. SlAttBlEB. In Boston, April Sd. by the Brr. Dr. Kirk, L. W. SMALL, of Chlcseo. and Uiu AUBIB U. GOOD WIN, ot Modrftrd, Maine. DIED. In Newmver,vt H April Sth. JONATHAN HOTT. fa'.ber of Mrs. T. Wheeler, ot tbi» city, a gel 91 yean. auction Sales. rrrM. a. butters &co., VV AUCTIONEERS, 44 and 46 SANOOI.PH-Sr. % . Between State-st. and Wabaab-av. SALE. A mest remarkable collection or OIL PAINTING-S By Charles Bllslog, AT AUCTION'. On TUESDAY, Arm 9b, at id o’clock, at Batters’ pa'otormj, 44 ana 46 lUndotpb-*t« between stale st and Waba*h-av. The collection embraces FIGURES. SHEEP, CATTLE, and OTHER PIECES, Aid a crest variety ol LANDSCAPE "VIEWS OP THIS COUNTRY AND EUROPE, Mostly bom estate. Tb* collertkn will be on exhibition on Monday. The pibllc are turned to view them. The whole will be dosed out wltboni rtaervr. WM. A- BUTTERS A CO., Ancttoneera. •jyj’ERCHANT TAILORS’ STOCK, * CnstonfMade Clothing* Arc., AT AUCTION. On Wednesday. April 10. at 93f o’clock, at Butters’ ssl«srcorsr,44 and -16 TUndoioh-st, WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., AQCl’s. CTAPLE DRY GOODS, PRINTS, O STRIPES, BROWN AND WHITE MUSLINS, YANKEE NOTIONS* &C., AT AUCTION, On Thursday, Ap ll mb, at 9 V o’clock, at Batters’ salesrooms, 44 and 46 Uandolpu-at. WM. A BUTTERS A CO., Anct’S. QAJ. Mlf HIQAN-aY. o\/T Elegant Fomltare. Rl«h Velvet Carpets. Large Minora, Plano Foue. Ac.. AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY. April IJih. at 10 o'clock, at dwelling* Booae Nc. 804 Michigan ar W. A. uUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers. "^7" ALU ABLE PROPEhTV, THE RICHMOND HOHSE AT AUCTION, On W cducsdaj-, April 17 th, at 10 O’Clk. ON THE PREMISES, We shall sell the valuable property known aa th( lUchturcd flouae. situate on the northwest earner oi Sooth Water*!, and Uichlgao-av.—toe bouse fronts 96 Jetton HichlircD-av. and iso feet on South Water- with marble fronts, six stories and basement. TOi 10X1*96 fret bv wo. the bou*e covering the eattn ground. The RICHMOND HOUSE U One of the Best Buildings In this City, Having been built at a cast of 5140.000. and Is now ii«i iua wcu vwi.s.a w fi.VtVUU, muu ,a uv" In the very b*«t repair. AH the gaa fixtures and steam apparatus will be sold with the house. Ti e title to the property is pertscu f 0,000 of the purchase money can remain on eight rears' tine, at 7 per crat, u desired. The saie of this desirable ant valuable property will be without reserve. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO„ Aucuoceers. ■ REMOVAL NOTICE. Messrs. Daniel Scott & Co., Auctlrprer*. beg to Inform the public thst they have removed from 104 Lake-it, to more commodious piemiscs In Smith A Nison's Block. HO CLAHK-ST., near Washington. Having now the largest Auction lluotrs tn Chicago, they are prepared to do business setoed to none, here or elsewhere. Cash advances oa merclandlra consigned tor sale. Ont door sale* promptly attended to. RUCTION tVrdoesday. 10th of April, at tbe roams of DANIEL SCOTT A CO., emilh4 Nixon's Block. 1 itl Clark-sc, near Waitlcgtou, at 10 o'clock, a. m. ELEGANT PARLOR SUITES In rcsewood and wslnnr, oil. Bedroom suites In wal nut, osk. and painted. Sotsi, lounge*. ea»y chairs, msro e top centre übie«, extension table*, spring mat u -**«*. choice oUualmlnet by European artists, plat ed ware, ctUlerv. Brmsells two and tbree-plr Ingram carpet*, ana a large assortment of household goods. Al-o. two splendid 7-octave rosewood pianos, by one n the trst New York makers. „ DANIEL SCOTT & Auctioneers. A UCTION. i>ldav, 17th of April, at 10 a. a. at tbe rooms of DANIKL SCOTT* Co . Smlib & Nixon's Block. 116 Ciars-sL, sear Washinctia. Caulocoe tale oforr goods, clothing, boots and DANIEL Aucttoneers. BY GILBERT & SAMPSON. GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, Sale*rooms, 47 aud 49 Drarborn-vL. Chicago. Our personal atteaOcn given to Bates ofall kinds of nouarbold Vunliorc, Ac-, at dwciU&cs. or at our Auction Boom*. fjr- Regular aale days at store, every Tuesday and Friday. Or Parties wishing to boy or sell will find it to Uidr interest to call on ns. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF New and Second-hand FURNITURE AT AUCTION. We shall sell cnTUESDAY. April »th, at 13o'clock, at our salearoomt. 47 atd 49 Dearboro-'t, a targe a*«ornuentofNew Fan tture, coaalsUnr cf s variety of *i> lea cf Walonl and nher Cbsmbsr s-t* with mar t ie*, richly cutwlt Parfor Suites, Ms>ble-too fa b!ea,Tfock!arand Buy Chairs. Ladle*' Dea.s, Bvor Cate*. Llorarr Tables Sldrboardt, Bztoisioa Dining Tab.ea, Dining Chairs, 4c. AUa, a large amount Cf SECOND-HAND GOODS. CcntlsUngOf every kind of aaaitlcla for honaekeep lt,SjiO. Carpets, Crockery and Glastware. Ac. ' UILUKHT * SAUHSOK. Aucaooeers. RUCTION SALE OF Fnrnitnre, Carpets, Acx, On Monday, April 8, At 10 o'clock. «t cor aale room*. 73. 77 tad 79 Welfe-tc. cornerof Bsadoiph. A urn rartety of new •nd wurnd Mud fcrnUore. BraiseU> ind woolcarpeu, oil t.lotr>. dr, tore User with Use fttrnlto'e ofteTeral oartt*« hmklne op hontekeepln*. coniUtliKOf hair cloth rcfaa, lannf e», bod*tca*», bareatu, centre ur>i«*. whatioU-hook catea. wardiohe*. *e. Three ♦how case*, crockery. clast and plated wan. (Alto. on Tnetdar. April sth, at io o’clock, the larnltan, car* pet*. *r- is house No. 667 Canol.'-tU. corner of Lin coin. BcauUr aalea Moodty* ant Tharadayt. J. g£Aysr A CO-. Anc**" RUCTION PALE j. g£Aysr * CO- Aoctloneert. OF FIBST-BATE norosnoLD hirmtcre. . I »m •*•!. OB w«ter*daj. Ap'll 10. 19«. at Ko. 1 \t«o lncu»n*-cT„ «niam«Betck at ;o o’clock a. m_ tbecanrePctcitareof a fseatlcKaa dscUotoc onk* kteplna.coo*l*lißjr ofTapeatnr, ißcrala aai Drn«a«u t arpHlnt, bofVa. Cbalr «. Marble-Cop Table*. Oinu, comm*. l*arior btocn ana one flm-ebu* Cocaine MoTeardFUhsrfa topcrlor Belrtfcrator, Crocterr. fteiUtead*. Ac.; lnt*rt,ereiftbinr oeccMarp for Dice Cooackecpici" Term* of aai*. rub. mnmMKU¥ 4. A. UAESS&XL. AacVr. amusements. CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. THE GKK.VT APOCALYPSE TO-MORROW XIGUT, CSOBB7S OPSBA SOUSB THb VISIONS OF SAINT JOHN I TO-MQRttOtV NIGHT. CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE. THE CHEAT RED DRAGON Will apycar To-Morrow Night. Crosby’s Opera House* TBE SCABEET BEAST. WITH BEVEK HEADS AND TEN HQ ESS, Will appear To-Morrow Night CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. THE - BOTTOMLESS MX I” OPENED TC-MOBROW NIGHT. CROSBVB OPERA HOUSE. THE QBE AT ‘WINE FBESS OF THE WH.ATH OP BOD, As dercribcd by Saint John, represented To-Morrow Kigat, OBOBBTB orBBA HOT7BS. THE SEA TURNED TO BLOOD I CKOSBY*S OPERA HOUSE. SATA IV CHAINED BY A MISHIT ANOFL, TO-norrow Nnmr. OBOBBT’S OPBB& BOVSB. Woman inScarletand Purple Will appear To-Mojtow N] CBOSBT’fi OPERA HOUiS. MICHAEL AND THE DRAGON Will appear To-Morrow Sight. CROSBY’S OPEEI HOUSE. The Seven Angels with the Seven last Plagues, TO-.TIORRQW NICIIT. CBOSBV’A OPERA SORBS. THE BOON TURNED TO BLOOD, TO-MORROW NIGHT. CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. THE BOOK WITH SEVEN SEAXS, OPENED TO-MORROW NIGHT. CBQBBT’S OFZ3BA HOUSE. THE FAITHFUL AND TRUE UPOS A TTHITE HORSE, TO-MORROW NIGHT. Crosby’s Opera House. THE DAY OF- JUDGMENT, As described by St. John, To-Morrow Night CBOdBT’B OPERA BOtTflS. The New Jerusalem, WITH »TREBT.i OP GOLD, To-Morrow Night. QROSBTS OPERA HOUSE. NEW VOCAL CULTURE CLASSES.-Tha Ladles' and Oantlrmen’i New Cl&ri to take tenons ot Profes sor McCOY, to strcßgtben and improve the voice Cor sirring purposes, to meet In bis Lecture Doom, Cros by's Opera House, on Tueiday and Friday atterncons, irom 4 to s o’clock, will receive tbelr first lesion at « o’clock Friday, April mb—up to vblcb time farmer applications may be made for membership. A Ladles* and Gentlemen’s Class to take lesions tor the general voice purposes of conversation, reading and speaking, to meet as above, Friday evenings, from Ito 8 o’clock, win receive tbelr first lesson at; o’clock Friday, April iJtb—op to which time further applies, tioni may be made for membership. Persons wishing to confer with Professor UoCOT about taking class or private lessons In Vocal Culture, Elocution, sbakspeare, or the Bible, will generally find him in his Ball from ten o'clock to one, and from three to six. QBOSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, For a Short Time Only, COMMENCING OK MONDAY EVENING, APEIX Bth. Open every nlmt alter, until lortber nntloc. with MATiN*Eo every afternoon on and alter Wednesday, April lOtfa. The Wonder and ZRarvol of the Ago MAGNIFICENT AND DIVINE. THE GREAT APOCALYPSE! ILLUSTRATED; TOE TOOK OF IU3VBXjA.TIONS UNSEALED The Visions of St« John OPENED TO VIEW. In Ftrrr Pmxsmi Uoviso Tableaux Sc*Jnts,»how • lag what St. .loan sag «:*a a Door in BfiATBN WAS OrSKOD, An described by him In the Bo'k o( Iterelatlnat. mm* menrlng with the Villon of the bKVKN GOLDEN CANDLESTICKS, nod ending with tbeVuiOLi of THE DAY OF JUDGMENT ANDTHE Now ST orusalom* The whole comprising the entire Vuioaa related In the Uook of Uevclatlcns, and presenting to view the most sublime and STAETUNG SPECTACLES Vouchsafed to Man, and only revealed to St. John, the ••beloved «•«c^plc, , ’ that toe world through htm might learn of tbe things that moat come to paw. and prepare “The Great Day of Bis Wrath,’ vuen note (ball be ahte to stand. Tickets to Dress Circle. Parqnette and Orchestra Chairs, SO cents. Dvcony and family Circle, 23 cents. Commence at eight o'clock. Ticte'a to Ma-icnm a ceuta to all parts ot the Opera Rosas. MATINEE every aitcruoon at hall-past two o'clock, corntrenriog Wsdnesdav. April lotb. The Stelnwav Grand Plano U‘cl at this Entertain ment Is from the wareroom* ot Smith & Nixon. A.H. MORRISON. Sole Proprietor and Manager. pIUTATE X.ECTUKES BT Sfi. TO LADIES ONLY, On the DISEASES OF WOMEN, Monday Afternoon, at sm o'clock. TO MEN ONLY, Monday Evening, April 8. at MUSIC HALL. IT" The Lecture* ot the Course splendidly Illustrated. Admission Fifty Cents. rrOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. cbL J.B.WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements., P. B, AIKEN Stage Manager. prrdnetlon oi two new plays. Great success of the present London season. Monday evening. April St a. it€ 7, will be performed, ftnt tine in Cmeago, B. T. Craven’s new domestic drama, entitled MEG'S DIVERSION. To conclude with the last new fhrc& called MY TURN NEXT. Friday evening, Benefit ot A.F. LUEiX, Master of l*Topcrtles. In active preparation—WOODLANDA M'cVICKER »S THEATRE ICKKK A MTEBB MANAGERS. Engagement of tbe AVorid-Rmowued HANLON BROTHERS, William, George sad Allred, the Champion Athletes. PROF. W. TURNER, and hi* Troupe ot D'gtasd Mockers: bENORITA HOSITA. Principal Danseose at d Tight Rooe Artiste; MONS. HENRI AUGUSTS. Jogrlrraad Psntomimlit; M'LLG AUGUSTINE. Pre ttier Danseose and Pantonlmtst; the SPHYNX. the ILLUMINATED FOUNTAIN.and tieSHADOW PAN TOMIME. Saturday afternoon. Hanlon Bros. Matinee. (MIOSBTS MUSIC HALL. J STATE-ST. GRAND CONCERT MEXDEISSOHS QUISTEXTE CLUB, OP BOSTON. MONDAY EVENING. April 15th. WEDNESDAY EVENING. April Itlh. When they will have the assistance or MW ADELAIDEpITILI lPPS.theeharmingContralto, fsvu l A VBSO.lte Renowned Vtollmst and HEBR HEINDfi. the Greatest Flaw Soloist la the coaatry. Secured Seats 9IXC. to t>e bad at tne ofilee of Um Opera noose, Monday morning. April hth. Doors open at “W. Concert at A ■yAKEETY THEATRE. THIS EVENING WILL APPEAR The Great German Magician AND WONDERFUL STONE BRELiKER, PROFESSOR METZ Alto, the Engllth boy wcuder, JOHNNY LONG. In reheartal, aad will be *>oa produced, the great piece, ue BZ*ACB CROOK. ARLINGTON’S MINSTRELS WOL OPES AT WABBIBfOTOKr SAX!., (154 Waihlcytoo-iU opportte Coart Bome.) Monday Evening, April 16, W. ARLINGTON. McAETBOR JOHNSON. ? Pro * >^> QOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. oedav Attemoon. April 8, Grand Extra Matls«e. rtrot bfptftsf Mr. John M t]ulna—THE TWO P*»LTp. TB* HORbB RAILROAD, the performance to conclude with tbe Great Jettons Scene Dom Shsk •P«an*» rawitne oarsdy cf OTHELLO—OtheIIo, the Mcorof Aetiice, Mr. John (not Charlei) DUloa. Se cure year teats. Information Siaantrtr. INFO RMATION—Wanted Concern- I Inc TIMuTHV QUINLAS, yonacmt brother o| Margaret QainUn, Consty of Tipperary. Ireland. Bs came to Cbteago last summer. Any information cun* cetnlrg him will b« kindle received by bis auter-m> law. ELIZA FLEMMING, 181 Stat«<sL, Chicago. To answer in haste. TF'FOEMATION—Wantod—ot Daniel X F. Fmentoa, who resided at 239 Uadlsoa-n., in Novi tuber. IS6B, ard ftornerly of St. Tboaaa, c. W Any iclortaaaon cbneentlnchlm wil. be thankfully re e*lved by tis parents and mends. Address J.B.HOK TBOuS, Pott Moron, Mich. Real iSstate-gritg. taraoTßD, 1708 BALE—By s. H. Kerioot & Oo„ r Era-E»ut» Rr<>-er*,7l Dearbsm-at. 170— Oneolthemoat elegant lot* tn Chlctgt, *1»- naied on prune-ar.. fronting eui, near Hcl tecotb-at. Will b-’foidatsbargala. 176—Fine Da>lor»» lot. AoISO on of LaSalle -173 a Terr drairable dwelling of 19 looms. Ac- Ac, on North Side, in a rood location, with let MrWUeet. Price 135— Dealratle residence no indlana-av., IS room*, cloaca. Ac. LotfSzissfret, handsomely or camnied with shrubbery and ahade tret*. Pi ice. *9300. 174 Secant new frstrebon«e of 10 rooms. clMels, etc, hot and cold water aert barb room, on Warrant. wish lot »xaa feet. Term* easy. Price. »WW. 161—Choice Cock property on South Branch, having orerhOieet of river frootate, centrally lo cated. Term* easy aed price low. 177—Deslrablemldence on North Side, well loca lise, mam* i* it»ini, closets. bath room. Ac. Lot 60x140 feet, east mat. Price, *7300. _ 180-C.bolce bosioes* lot.S9xlßo feet, on Washington at- near Franklin, with good brick building. *7,00. 171—Hirer lot, IWUSOfbet on North Branch. Price, *4.009. 137—An elegant rmldenoe on Lake-ar-one-haU mile south of Soldiers* Home; boas* eoatatm every modern Improvement. Lot 169 feet front, running back to lake, finely improved with *hrnhberj, fruit and ahade trees. A very complete place. 130—A very desirable business lot. centrally located, •uluh’.e&iTthoerrcUoo of a largn boMinr. coturning stores, office*, Ac. Price and terms tuaoaahle. 184—Oh Ada-sU, hons* ol 7 room«,elotet*. bathroom, Ac. Lot *UICO teet, A cheap place. Price, t^SO* 08—Splendid marble tront residence on West Wuh |ng-*t„.ne»r the Parc; all modem Improve* menu; can be bad at a bargain and o& terms to cdU. 15—On TTeat Adams-*t., a dealrabte frame residence ot Uroctnt, clC’eU.Ac., with in 5Cx137« to a? 5 |b°t a'ley. Yard fltteljr improved wltb thtabbery and shade trees. A Urc# number of desirables residences at Lake View, Erunion, and other point* m Tidnitr of Chicago. Abo, an Immense Hat rf property of all deicrlptlons In all portions of the city. F)R tiALE—Bf Rees * Avres, Real Brokets, office, Ku 10 Cro-by'i Opera noose: l>carborn-«t. near Saperlor—Two-story house, 11 toctna. rcoQ bam. lot 75 il frost; 17.5C0. Also, honseoiSrooms adjoining above, with good bars. and lot»Pv 113:11000. I>earw>m-«.—Esst front, south cf Chestaat, lot 50 by 150; *l2O per toot. 3 horth Sute-M. near Ontario—Two-»torr house, 7 looms and doaela, lot S 3 ft. front; $6,000. Comer Chicago-av.—Lot 111 by Jts ft.; »ajoo. pearDon-tb near Chestnut-at.—A fine three-story bnckbooae with good improvements: fisjuio. Clark-su sear Chlcago-ar.—Lot 50 by 150 ft, with large two«ory frame house; IIOUMO. Lake-it. e>at of Hal*led—Lot SO Of IIP. B»lated-at N. cf La*o—Two good iwivstory frame houses, with lota 30 ft. front: f 3.0». put on time. Ltke-sv near Atm—Lot 37 It front, with IwcKlor/ house; i loot. Buckcr-PtOentre-aroKo. 16—Two-atoty and base* mmt trick residence, 12 rooms, closet*. hot and rold water, balb. gas, brick bam, and other good Improvements; SS,COO. Weat Lake-st.tNos. 176 and 178)—Two two-story frame bouse*, and lot *P by llofc.; ftX^OQ. South Jen>r*oo-st near Jackson—Two-story frame botue. 11 rooms, »ot #7 by teu. Uaoison-st. near Franklin—Lot <0 by ISO, at S7OO per foot. Clatk-sCnesr Sooth Water—^Lot 20 by 06 feet. CUtk-at. near Pole—Lot 3& t,ti front. C • “ • * " - rk-a'.Dcar BwrlMn—Lot 79 feet irooc layrr-aUcor. Mldutatk-ar.—Lot js 100 feet. AJicblsa&-ar. cor.T<*«lfxb-«i —Lot so by iso ft. Tjm»7-foottli-st. D"»r Wabuh-ar.— LotSi brllS. Wabuti'kT. near Tbinr-Ori'.-fll.—Flrr sew cottage bouxt, and loti a by I7v. lor EOR &ALE-*Bv Snyder & Lee, Heal Estate Agents, 4 Metropolitan Block, a frame nonse of 8 rooms, and lot 38xU6 fu, on iudlanvsL. be tween Carpenter and Cortls. Terms of payment made easy. OR SALE—Bv J. H- Keeler & Co., A Beal Estate Agent*. 129 Sooth, CUrk-«: New two-*tory bouse and lot 30x123. Curl 4r , i t “l Tw^, T torT boose. No. 12, between Ran dolph and Lake-ita. Foltou-st—Two-story heme. near May-st. Jactstn-st—Two new booses, between Tbroop and Locmts. PwrtMt-No. 243. two-story honae and lot sum. Weal l Lake-fit—No. f>l 0. store and dwelling and lot. Spoth Canat-it—No. 688. store, dwelling and lot. North Bide—Beveral fine houses ana lots. Ilyaertrk--Two-story boose and lotsoxUO. Seven desirable lota N. £. corner of Jackson and Lin coln-* ts. Lots onJ»c>?on. between Aberdeen »nd Bncker-sta. F>R BALE—By E. Pressing, Real Es tate Ageav.No. 6 Larmon Block. TO! So. Clark st. 50*150 n. on North Clark-«t. near chlcaco-av., wlta large frame bouse. Fine cottage, with nnck pasem*nt, 00 North Wel a-ft .wtib lot 27x100 ru, near Oak-at. Hoe tvo-storyasd basement bnck residents, with all medetn Improvemet la, tod lot <5*116 fu corner Peons and jssksoo-stw. as ft. on Like-smear Carpenter, wltfi good frame resideoc* and store. 50 It. on Sberman-st, near Jscksoo, with 3 frame bouses. 41 Jtoo LaSalle n«*r Oak, 00 ea*y tenni. aO- on Randolph near Dos plain's. Klee frame residence on Indiana near wells st. 90x100ft. on Wells-st. near Division, a good bail ness lot. Fire residence lot* 100x150 ft. on Fullerton- .u.. , ,«v ,iMuu».e ,wi4 twuAihuu r mist wu* block Wfit of the Presbyterian Seminary gronoos, to parties who ate willing to pot op good im provement*, on very caay terms. 170 K SALE— By Snyder «t Lee, Real B.* Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new frame cottage boose of six room a and lot 27 by ISO lect, No. 360 Catomct av- near Twenty-tuntb-st. T?OB SALE—A two-story frame honse X? on Wabash-av., near Eldrtdge-coart. Thirteen rooms, water, gv. batb-roonu ftc. Lot 7x120 feeu Puce 119,000. Also, a romrbrtable honse and lot on Wabash-ar., near Twentr-tbtrd-et.: 15,500. Also, a marble-frott honse on wabash-ar.near Jacksoo-st.; 119.1C0. Also, a two story brick honse and tot on M*ebieaii-aT~ near Twenty-second-st.; lISACO. Al*o. fine lot on Micblcan-av- near Madtson-st.: atwriin fret; fi2AOO. WAHREN ft UOOUKICB, 133 Dear born-su. Room 2. l?OR SALE—By Alonzo Bennett, Real X Estate Armt, Room 1, fates* Boil ding, corner of Ba-dolph and Canal-*U.: _ A Brewery in complete order and ready fbr me. Terms easy. A cottage on WatnoVtt., neat Beoben-st. Price V.n\ or will exchange for property lo the vicinity of Peorla-et. A couaxeandlotcra Balsted*!., near Jackson. A desirable property, and will be sold low. and barn on Pearco-st., on leased ground. Hotel property In Darrtncton. adjoining railroad depot. The noote Is well built and commodious, in a good location for busier**. Terms easy. F)R SALE—By Snyder &Lee, Real Estate AgecU. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new twc-eiory Same home ot 11 rooms, water, gas. brick cellar, wash rooms, and lot <0 feci front, with barn. No. 19 Ada-st, between Luke and Randolph. ITOU SALE—By Whitney & Linn. 15 X Uhlich’s Block: • Cottage and lot on Jefferson-iL, near Harrison. Cottage and lot on Beymonr-tt., near Lake. Two-story b:nseand large lot on Trnstee-eL, near Klaxlr. Large lot on near city limits. Lot on corner of Marsel acd Moc ro*r-«tt. Lets near Bine Island-av. and Twellth-et. Beautiful ivo-story boose and lot, £*tng-*t., near Bine lilard-av. Large boose and lot. North Reuben near Foortb. Two ccttsgea and lot, 74 leet front, corner Huron and Market. FOR BALE.—By Cobh & Amici, Real Estate Brokers. Room 1, Yates* Dnlldlcg. corner cf Randolph and Canal-eta.: A two-story honse of eight rooms and barn on I<*-*ed ground on West UaOiaos-su between Reuben and Panllua-»ts. Price, *1,400. House and W No. 133* Halated-st. Lot 50 by 125 leeL Tents «a*y. Honse and let on Dc»nlaloes-sl. Lot 50 by 106 fe«t. Barn, shrubbery, Ac. I’rlcelow. Terms easy. T?OH bALB—By Snyder & Lee, Real J Estat* Arenta.No.4 Metropolitan Block* a new two story and ba*imert boom, will. Mansard roof, containing 14 rooms, all modem Improvements, and lou, on CsrpecteMU, near Washington. ITOK SALE—By Thomas Allen, 41 r South Clark-it., a fine first-class Milwaukee Prick home and harr, with all modern Improvement*. Comer Knsh and Bupcrlor-su. Lot 90x149 fact to alley. Also, one of the beat and moat complete twost-ry brick houseard bare, all In Brstrate order, on Wa brshaT.tustaontboi Qnbbard-cbnrt Lot 91x110 to alley. Both those places can bo purchased at a bar gain. By applying at once at Thomas Allen’s, once No. 41 Bantu Clstk-rt. FDR SALE—A first class frame dwel ling borne with brick basement and on* acre of ground, m theGracelasd read, one block from horse car terminus. Cheap at IS.oOO. Will be sold for |sj<o, or. If not sold by April 35, will be rented lor S7OO. Also, a large frame dwelling on Pralr|(.av„ with S3xmfret of groutd and bare. heme ba< 10 rooms, bath rn*m ana lake water complete, lor 11,'®. For particular* apply to E. IVERSON, Builder, rear of Chamber o( Commerce. T7OR SALE—The elegantly finished res- X Idence ot the late John B. Idesou, on Lakear., third hMi.e*ooUi of station. just south of the city limits. Tbit |* one o( the most complete bouse* in C*nr County. Water and eaß,water-elcaeU,bath r.-om, &t.. sc., tine barn. Ire house, and other outbuildings. Lm 104 b» about 400 feet. Will besoid very cheap. S. IL KERFOOT d CO„ 71 Dearbora-flt. PDR BALE—By Snyder £ Lee, Real Estate Agents, Ko 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two-story frame house of 3 rooms, water, gas and lot. cn Warrto-st n near Boyne. TT'OK SALE—First-class residence on X* Wabajh-»T„ elegantly furnished and containing all the modern improvements,and lot and barn. Alto 43 Qulnry-sU, very cheap. Also a new house on Wahtth ar., on 19 years’ lesse, for HAOO. and two bouse* and two lets on tor|9,ca}. Fiv« am* tot near the city limits at only MOOD. t. Q.AB TRUK ft CO.. *AIQ State-st. I?OR SALE—Two-story boose, and lot, } on Founb-av M near Twelfth-5t.—(3,390. Cottsges on We*i«n -av.. near Fulton-st_ with lots 37HX139 rest -ROW. Basement cottage, 102 south Sangannn-s*, with lease c« lot—)L«00. B. C. MOSEY A S Me tropo.ltan Block. .t’flOS. BARRY FDR SALE—By Snyder & Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new fratcecottacchonseof 7 roetss. water, bath, closets, aod lot miQ3 fbet No. 33 North Ada-st., between Lake and Fulton. F;ictif3.&-0. F)R SALE—Genteel Wabash-ay. resi dence, with lot 40x100, near Eldrldce court. Tbs roost thorough built tvcMtory and stone bssement trame bouse oa the avenue. Seated i<y steam through oat. In fine repair, and containing all menu. Fcr a first-class residence, the mostuestiable one that has been offered this season- Terms favor able. Inquired A. J. AVEtiELL, Beal Estate Agent, Room 7. Metropolitan Block. F3R SALE—Several first-class brick residence* m West Side, In choice localities. Easy terms. ROZET A CUMMINGS. OS LaSaU»st. T?OU SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es -17 ute Acenw, No. 4 Mitropollitn Block, a new Crst claai two story and baaemsut bnck honse, Mxa aard roofi 14 men.#, all modern Improvement*, and lot, with btlck bare. No. 88 Central-av. or lincker-st, near Jackson, F)R SALE—The “ JLasonlc Temple,'* at a price (hat will pav a large 1 Merest on the la vertmeat. REES A AYRES, IQ Opera Borne. FOR SALE —A new two-story and basement brick house, with Mansart or French not bath-ioom. hot ud cold water. fire marble man tle*. Vila atd speaking tabs. House TltU feet; lot ISB feet deep to an »i|y; No. 304 We»t Moaroe-su Ircnlre of Dr. T- n. FiTCB, 296 Wat of x H«m3. TtßVDearporn-su, between me hours of 11 a. m. and I p.m. 17 QR BALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real 1? Estate Ag*nt». No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two tew iramthcn*ea of s rooms each, aad lot. 9> leet front, Nos, 7SO aad 757 Waahlnyton-sL, sear Lear- |7OR aALE—Two story and basement j home on outage GroTt-ae., sear Twenty-third* •u 13 rooms, ma-w* mantel*. Ac.. jt,;00: tw<vttorr and baMtseut boats on Wabash-ar.. near Fourteenth- M-ttW. n.C-MnBEY A CO.. B«al Estate Broken. S Mew polltan Block. " 17 OR SALE—One ot the finest residences J 1 on Wabaoh-ar.. sonth ol Feck-coon; h'u*J ha* •U modern itatrcvemcata; lot Ty ftil front, aUp. a flrst-cla*r lbree*#iory brick hcoie on Pralrie*av mr Slt'.eewh-eu; price fam. 3. L i AMES. No. D Metro polltan Block. FOR SALE—Bmldtnw 419 State-sL. w tfa a two yean’ :ea*e. cheap'. lnqe»>eoa premhei. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Eatate Atent*. No. 4 Uetr polltan Block, a cm ciaaatbiccrlAtybrdkbcmeofllroosA modern im. piovtmtnt*. arc lot. 00 Oatarlo-tt, near Pint 170 K BAl«E —Neat irame dwelling 01 C I rcom*,wlihlctSilsO fe»t.m'Wtbuh-%v 0 *antt cl Fonrteeath-ft. Apply to THOMAS BrCKLKY * f*< ft nmarnf and FOR SALE—43O feet front, dock mod ertv. eligibly located oo main branch cK-e*£r River. UOmACFMMiNGS.gSLaSauAt, 17OR SAXE—Tbree-story and basement • brick »l«re 146 State-»t. Bear MadUoa. sisjxxl REES A AYBSS.IU Opera Botue. ,ww - 17OR SALE—Cheap—A cottage house. J[' wtihlfiaoof lot. i room*. c!o«*em«iL Ac. ore block Crrm hem car*. Bum one yw. *Fa»e tm March. IS7I. Apply at aaMSonth HauSdnU F)K SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Heal E* tare AgecU. Ko. 4 MetropolUan Block, a aea twtMtoiT Dane bouse of 8 rxwms. water, rat. barn aistbietracvU. and let, with bars, os Wahaab*av near Twenty-art st. ’ TTOU SALE—A desirable honse and lot P on between Wood and Llneoln-eta Twe!v» room*, water, gas, bath-room, ac. Lot «w» Ut Iret to 90 loot alley. Pnee IASOO. if taken tmmo ?jS i {»a^gsa~i: AB ‘‘ ,a - * 3ooniga 17 OR SAI«E—On Wirrcn-st, a two* F itoryhonseot u room*, nearly new, with i% t eos mto alley, set with trees and shrubbery. Can be his fnr <U»f7 Easy terms. J. B. ANDBEwTsTy MeUu> dm Church Block. F3R SALE— Op West Side, three slorv frame wortabop, or wonld make good dwelllsri Inquire at 171 Rsadolpb-st- ouagt. FJK SALE—A few desirable residence lota west of Union Park, on kmc time an i at in*- STHSOS to partus wishing to Improve them this seaaan . R. ANDREWS, 7 Meihodlit Church Block/ WOa * L I OR BALE—By Snyder A Lee, Real Jj Estate Agenu, No 4 Metro polltan Blocs, auw and oaecment brick hante of u robtni. aad lot,wUhbam,oa VtabashaT-,n6»rYw«tUe«i-*C Real jSstate-CUg. inpßoveu. I/OR BAL.E—By Wm D. Kerioot, 83 1 Washington-*!.; Ah elegant marble front residence on Mlchlgsa-ar., a*trTwrmh-su with all modern improvement*. Lot 80 iretiront. Largo frame tone on Plibtemth-SL, near Indian a av.. w itb all mo <ero Improvement*. Large barn, onP bontca,&c. LotElSXlafe-u Fine two-story frame boo*e on Dearbom-iU lost nrtthef fhtcaeo-ar..conuintDg it tooma, water, Ac with large bars. Lct»ilJCfo-t. Elegant bnc* on WUlsrd-placr. near Wasblrcton-it.. with all medern Improvement*. Lot -jlxinti et. now rmUqcfor J] JXO per snnim. fine brick Love at £.gln.tu.,containing l&room*. with laige lot llhxtso ffett, on which toere 1* aa abundance ct fruit, tbrubbe v, Ac. Picture ol this resldnce ran be seen at my office. Neat Uncle bouse, corralling about t room*, on Sontfa Bojce-st.. near Maolson, with hydrant, large aoftweUrrl-tern.Ac Cheap. LotSOxUlfeet.

Spiesold new residence, elegantly furbished, with lot ICO feet f.-ta .entn- southwest comer of Waubanaah and Cittagc Uiuve-av*. Larye 2 ttory frame boos* on West Adamt-iL, near H«uted. reclaming i* room* gas, water. Ac. Lot j9*xl9Sf-el. Neat cottage bouse on North Bearbom-st.. near Cblcage-av,. with shoot C rooms, water, Ac. Large barm Lot 35x170 fret. Two first-class brick booses on Foonb-ar., between Tan Berrn nod liarriiot-fta.—all modem Improve ments and full sized .ot. 9F18e2-*toiT*ndbs»ement brick home on Wabash utm taar rlrtefnihan, with all modem Improre* senta. LotSxißfifeet. and haaemott frame boose on West Uoyne aad Bobsy—all Im provements. Lot SCxU4 fcet- Two pew frame botue* on Superior-iL, near Pine— all Impfovrments. Lot IS feet tront. A large list of improved and nnimproved property ran always he found at ray office. WM. D. aEe- FOOT. TTOK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Koal _P Estate Agcrts. No. 4 Metropolitan Block. two new three-story and basement brick bouses of 13 room* each, modem improvements, ana lots, cn Banaolpb-su n-ar Elisabeth. . F)R bAIE—By Bees & Ayres, Beal Estate Brokers, office 10 Opera noose, rxss azstsxwcs p eorarrr. Wsb**h-sr M near Van Burep-st., a tint-rate two. story name bouse «itb stone 1 mndstlon. Lot 40xl~t ft, ilicblcan-av„ pear Twelflb-»t, entirely sew and one ot toe racst complete marble-front realde&eet ta cutca ro. Lot 33 ft. front. Wsbasb-ar., southeast comer of Eicbtemth-iL, a luge two-ttory frame bouse, well QuUbed with all modem improvements. Lot MilTl ft. Wabrib-ar., near Twelllb-sl., two 1-story frame bouses. Wabssh-av., near Fourteen tb-sL, a first-class two story &sme boose on leased lot. F)B SALE—House aod lot on Indiaca avM|t.(iOO. nooses cn leased ground on Wabash-ar., south ot Foorteesth-st. _ Flrst-clas* property on Wabash, Michigan sod Prai rie—vs. , Marble front dwelling on West Wasblngtoo-st, near CorUait. House on West Ada&u-st., near Aberdeen. Lot Mi mo. to slier. _ .. , vew marble front house on West Uadlson-sn, nesr Ellrabetb-it. v . Abo bouses and conies snd lots, and business pro pertv. from SIACO to *30.000, In dlflerent parts ot the Sty. W. B. BAMP6OK, Room 3. Metropolitan Block. F)R SALE —By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Aqents,No.4 Metropolitan Block, a nearly sewtwe-story ana basement boose of It room*, all modem improvements, and lot, with barn, 770 Mtchl gta-sv., near Twenty-secood-st. P)R SALE— By Clark, Layton & Co., 12ft Waablngtot-st. A new two story frame bcnsewith brick basement, U rooms, sad ail modern Improvements, No H 66 R dlana-av. rats U toe cheap <*; property la that locality, anil malt be so d before the IT. of May, No. 71, Twentr-sixth-st- s new two story frame boose, can be bought it taken at occe at a bargain. Itxjclre of the owner at 116 b Udlanasr.: or at oar office. ij*Oß &ALE—House and lot on Michi- V gansv., first-class business property. Win be applied ft at once. A. C. DUOWN A *O h Real Esure Agents. 1 38 Lake-at. 17011 SALE—Hcose and lot on Van Ba x’ ren-st- south front, near new depot, aSjWt boose and lot on the avenue, SSJOO: one on M.ftbSCO; cneoo Monroe, near LaSalle, fT.000; one on FATES SUIMP, Seal Estate Agent, 02 Monroe-tt. 77*0R BALE—On corner of Sampson X and Wood sts., Wast Side, a frame bolldinr. 36x30 feet. Apply to J. A. SMITH A CO-, 118 Lake-st. T?OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real X Estate Agents. No. 4 MettopollUn Block, a new two-story frame boose of 10 rooms, add lot, 00 War rea-tL,oear Robey. FOR SALE—Cottage—7 Rooms. Gas and water, with <0 years tea«eol lot on Washing toj-st-.tcar LlncolD'H. Lease of lot for first elxbt yean ((75) per year. lUW. H. C. MORE? ft Co., No. K Metropolitan Block. T7OK SALE—Cheap, a nice new cottage. X 584 Burnt Ide-fL, corner Twenty-second; 5 years’ Itaawol j<t: bss ]ost been papered; 4 good rooms, but tery, two closets, good basement, with water. Now renta fbr |25 a aoatti. Price (710. ECU BALE—Cheap—The marble tront ,dwcUlr.g,No.377 Wat Wishlnglon-sC D. J. F)R SALE—Two first-class blick resi dence* on Centre ar„ West Side. BOZET ft COM MINUS, 98 LaSslJMt. T7OR SALE—At a great bargain the X lots and building* No. 78 and SO Green-It. Water, gas, and rewers complete. Foesession May Ist. This la one ot the best Investments now offered lor home*. Apply to J4M. MARSHALL. 97 Clark-rt. TT'OR SALE—On Wahash-av., a first- X 1 claas marble tront boose and fbmltare. with all the modern Improvements, by A. R. WING ft Washlngton-sL. Bcom 2. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, anew two story aad harement brick honse of 11 rooms, modern Improvements, and lot, on Wsthtngton-eL, sear Lin er in. CNIItIPBOVED, 17* OR SALE—By Thos. B. Bryan & Co., £ Bryan Halt: * UNION PARK, corner Rardolph-so. 217 feet. Union PARK, south of Washington. 50x130 feet. ntsQCP cocur, sooth of Washington, 125x150 RETCEN-STy. corner Fnltou. about 200x132 feet. JKFFERaONPAKR, frontage 01 2 W feet. near Sangamon, 50xl00 feet. FCI.TON-ST., comer Morgan, 150x100 fbet. CANAL-ST., near Washtnefor, 46xt50feet. INDI correr Sixteenth. TCOxISO f-et. IN DIANA-A V„ south of Sixteenth. 33x127 feet. PRAIIUE-AV., south of Sixteenth, two Dost*, 66 feet. PRAIBIB-AV-, corner Tweoty-eecopd, 100*110 leet, south of Twe-fUi. 50X170 feet. WABASH-AV, aonlft of Thirteenth. 75x150 tetl. MONROK-bT., opposite Post Office, 2Jmxl9o feet. RUBH-ST.. near Huron.soxm feet. RIVEIVLOTrt on the North and South branches. OREKN BAY ROAD, choice propertylor a suburban wldenrc. lermeu, v. 13 tr BOUSES and LOTS for sale in all parts ol the citv. ana blocks tor sub-dmsion. T?OR SALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 8D J Wasbiseton-tL 60 fret on Madiron-vL, near FraskUa. 30fretonI1Itnoli-eL,xar St. ciatr. 30 teet on near Twenty-foorth-st. llOfelon T»n Borens:., between Aberdeen and Motgao-al*. 40 teet co krcnroe-sL. between Wells and Franklin. •lOfeetcnerrerr Harmon and Franktm-*ts. 110 tret on Waba*b«v„ near Tweoiy-etxth-sL 103 fret on WrrtLate-sL. near Desplalnes. 67 k teet on South dara-sL, near Twelfth. 124ftetotsWt»l8»te«iVh-*un«ar Halsled. HR feet on Park-av.. near Oakley-iL IRR feet on Dtvlsiot-«U near Market. 30 feet on Market-st. near Division. 30 fret on Fultcn-et, near Uovne. 21 lot* on Newberry-su, near Twelfth. S lota on near Twelfth. 23 feet on BaUteO-st, near sixteenth. F'OR SALE—By Snvder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. Ko. 4 Metroopolltau Block, eight lets, comer Adams and Qonore-sts.: three let* on Ur cnlo *t. near Mcnroe; three lots comer Jackson and Allport-ata. I7OR SALE—33O feet by about 850 deep on mad. next north snd adjoining Eiq. easy's rvaldencc. for $39 per Cost. Also, another lot the fame sire on Kankakee av„ adldnlpc the above. Ic.t |3O per toot. Address A. P. PLATT, Wheaton. 111. trOR SALE—A few desirable residence r lotafwest of Union Park, on loo? time and at low prices to rar’lfs wl-htns to Improve them this season. J. R. ANDREWS. 7 Methodist Church Block. TTOR SALE—9O tcet, corner Park ay. 17,flUW; 73feet cn t!ncoln-»t- near Monroe, MS per t< ot: 4 lou on Adama-it, near Wood, MS per foot. fI.C. MOREY d CO„ Real Estate Bro kers. b Metropolitan Block- Ir»OK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Beal ' Agent*. R.i/m K 0.4 Metropolitan Block, loi6f» bv lit tetl, corner Madison and Paulina* ta.; 3 lota on walnut-st., near Wood. F)R SALE—Br Jones, Bandy & Co., IS Metboatst Chrireh Block, fine residence prop erty in the bearntfui villages of St. Charles, Geneva ana Batavia, rattles drilling a summer residence can have the choice of a large list, by calling »ood* T?OR SALE —A valuable ten-acre block X 7 In section 7. canal sub, at a low price and on fa vorable terms. Title beyond question. WABREK A GOODRICH, 123 Room 8* FOR SALE—9O leet on Lake-st,, close to Union Park, for f3O a foot: on Washlngton-st., for f»afbol: 60fbetftom o«klcy-*u, on Park-av- for fJ7. J.F. STARR. 1*24 Ea« Raodolph-sL. Boom 1. FDR SALE—3OO feel on 'NVabash-av., nearTwcnty-second-st., Mopwfoot; two lon on Rtuben-st.. (» per foot; 87KX160 on North Dearborn »t_ (Q per foot: lot on SBIMF. Rea 1 Esute Agent. 92 Monroe-st. F)R SALE—7OxI4O feet on Prairie-ay., near Tbtrry.flrsHt., $lO per foot. Mxltf feet on Tblrtv-tlrst-st, near fenced, I2AOO. D. C. MOREY A b Metropolitan B.ock. I?OR KAJjE—2OxIO4 feet, corner Third- T av. and Pocrteenlh-su $1,500. 100x739 feet cor, 3.790. 31x100 feet on Twenty.iblrrt-it..nearlndlana.Bv«(l,ioo. H. C. MO RKT A b Metropolitan block. F)R SALE —Lot 00x125 feet on War ren-at., corner Wcstcrn-av. Also lot 90xl. c 0teet to alley on Waba*b-av., near Twentv fltth-«t., east ftoni. Apply to SETH FISH. ?1 lUndolpb-st. IXfal 3Hstate=s(G:ountrß. SALE—In a pleasantly situated 1 and hralthr vU’aee, about 70 miles from this dty. amen desirable mldoee. conUlnlng eleven rooms, holer* putrles and closets, good stable, wood and on-homes, with wcV and rrrtct clstcr-, brick cellar with ceiaent floor, all tn goo*t order and repair. House situated In centre ,19 acres ot ctcond, covered with choice fruit acd shade trees, grape#. Ac~ twenty rocs fr:m depot, vlth plank walks, will tell hrnss, to ecther with pl&co. carpels a*d all hon-choid roods, cow. wood aod coa and provisions cimplete, cr sepa rate totslu Fortnformatlon, send note to Box 1102 Usl«cf*y. with name acd addriw. & splendid m»p-o» trr a ready made home. FOR aALE—in Lvabston, a new col lage Boom, well bnllt, with • rooms, beside* clos ets. A go'd cellar nsd'F the whole honse. Also crod wellwdtutern. L t7oby2oofeet. Price<3,ooo. Ap- Vi'S to c. COMSTOCK, No. 8 Slate-st.. Chicago. P[)R SALE—At Evanston —A first-class D*w dwelling bonte. with lot 1571200 Price <B.OOO. HUGH MCLENNAN A CO. ho. 1 Oils Block. 170 R SALE—In the village ot StCharles, JLJ Kane Co.. ID., a cottage b>n*e of 10 room*, with half an acre of rroacd. : jinc opposite rattle sonars, well filed with fnm trees mod abrnbbery, good bun, well and cD’.ern. Terms ea»v. Aopiy to R, s. KLSG, fn the premises, or JONES. BUNDY A TAYLOR, Room la MrihodK Church Reck. Chicago. 170KSALE —At Hammcnd & Butler’s r OOc*. IIS D*srborn-sr„ Chloaro—Pine 1 atdi-tc.WO acres or Chippewa Klrer; 90,000 acre* on ■Witcojiiiß} ji.ftt) «cns on Well; Oconto* 10J»0 aerft on Meroaloce. Mich.: 9,000 acres on Ptah Pam; EOOt oaMllacoriai 10/OOacre* on Thunder Day Pirn; s,CCoacm»»n Grand jttw. u.o7QarmonSac* iraw River: sawmill* and flooring mills: mod im proved tvm« ard farming land* In the Northweters gt*t*e; a large amount of Improved aad unimproved city property. 17 OR SALE—Genteel cottages at Hms ' dale. 11, on C.. B. AQ. R. fL. 15 'mu'* from the on. at to tu<9.'» very tvj terms. Veryb«ai »iDnrbaa l< cation onto! rhlrajji. Fama.trms <lo l* a;re. O. <l. SIOVGQ. Boom 19. No. IIS 17 OR aALE—I.SOO acres o! heavily tim- JL; berod.cbciccwhltepinelaßdi.of ewv aceetato the Saclnaw Rivtr. A aargaln. ROZEt A CUM. MINOS, 9S JLost anh jFounh. JO6T— Between 259 West Madison and j Plihop’* Church, coral Bira*tpln. Ftndrr will liberally rewaroMi on rctarnlng t 0330 WeatMadl •on or 314 aonth Water. LOST— On Saturday evenimr, Hazeh 3, on West between Cnlib aad Saara moa, a Lady's U»adl£<-rchleL imnoed with wide lace, wilt ownrj 1 * came in cectre. The Under will oe llbe ralir rewarded or leavloi it at the jewelry store of W. M. MAYO A comer Clark aad Wasbiagton.l 1 O&T—f 25 Reward—On Monday, April L Ist. Dotn IS3 Lake-vt- a black and taa bitch, 9 months old. Has a slight *tre oo throat from wear of coll»r. Atiwerotothr&anjeofJKSNr.” Whoever wii) return the same to the above address wi t receive the above mentioned reward. 1 OST—Satnrdav, March SOth, on Madi> L/ son-st. car. near Clark, a purse containing a loct ctof vsineto the owner. Finder please return the same to 139 Sooth Claik-st. LOhT— On taturdav afternoon, a mmk mac, colcg from Tnrotr's bleaching establish ment co Lake-st. north on Clsrk-tt. io oatarKMt. Any oce returning the tame to 63 East Adams-st. will be 1 OST—Probably on North Clark-rt, Xj a geld ear-nog, round, with C«t snrfaoe, black caamai*ettiairi,wUhmaltpeatllaceßtre, Theflnd erwiUcoifira favor oy waving the same at Tnbnne r o£>T—At Ktston Jlatiaee, Saturday, Xm Apni ith. a pearl card rase. Nam* ol owner on carta. Please leave at Tribune office, where a solu ble rewart Till pe girca. ®o Rcnt=»ouseß. TO BENT—The beaaU&l residence No. 401 Wabtsh-av,, carter of flobbard-eon-l, now tccnp.i d hr A. cadger, Esq-» lulng finished •nb mi the modern iraomTeumt*, eoflttw fifteen iftomi, picture CTl'wy, tw> bstb rooms, water closet, anah*»aß*.ebrickbatn.4c..fte. P.B. Nn boarding home keeper seen apply. Also aareral bouse* and Min on the tooth and wm( «'oe*. ts rent- F' j r tofin* apply to ALEX. WHITE, at Office of DABKEB & Tulip, 137 Rand-lpu-.t. TO RENT—Two arc it and basement bonie. No. 79 Co Mace Urove-av., M 3 per month, ftr. 1441 Indlana-av., Sstorj brick, *53 pee month. No.Ua Wabtanjeh-ay., near tSoMlera* Hom«,s-«fory, 10room*.9lo per month. f»o. UOfl sooth Peorta-sn. Pnx-tna, brick basement. *SO p-r month. Store No. 187 »e*» Hcnis-inst, wTh rooms above. *73 per month. No. 277 Forane<-at_ 10 room*. bath-room, Ac- 9550 prr year. H. C. MOEBi' A cO* Bsal Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. 'T'O RENT—house ot It rooms bath, I hot ana co'd water, within a mile ot Post Office, West Hide bine cars pas* tho door. Flrst-clvs neigh borhood. Rent 9900 from May Ist. Comtortsbly, out Ootcip«,slv*|yforntsb’d.wblcawill be "pld at nur price. Stabling and coal bouse. Address Box 3929, P, 0„ for three data, possession In two weexs, or •oecir If required. HpO RENT—A. Iflnre fwo story frame 1 hotel on Slat* -st., between Twonlleth aadTwea ty-ftrst-st*.. Tbs honse ts tnmlshed complete through out and win only bo rented P> a tenant wITUn* ebaae the furniture, atabUnu &r thlrtv horses, Apply to LEON BTBADi A CO* 161 ftandoipb-st .Boomrto.3. HPO" RENT—No. 1058 Wabash ar., with J «motta.water,b*th.g*Sjaadg*sttrtnrea. No. 101 with io room*, new the car*, and a Doe location. ... . 86 :s B ss"Wl, Appiy “ Boom 8. No. 97 Clark-st. TPO KENT—A new two story boose, J. with every accommodation tnt bcntw, with ftralmte fbf sale, oa the west bias. in. quire at K 0.49 Wc«tMadUOP-«t. 'TO RENT—New cottage of ten rooms. J 114 Panllna-eL, with ba«ment,bot md cold water. Kent |3>per month. Apply o° *h- premises. -TO BENT—Two new dwelling houses. I with stone ba««aeuts and modem 7 *®*®*** situated on the comer ot Franklin st. and Cblcago-av. TO RENT—The elegant cottages tnown J as Sirs. SOS and ‘404 Crecn-sL, with T rooms each, wttb elnset*. water and sewers, near not** cars. Apply to 19*4 to J. M. MARSHALL, Bcom 8, No. ftt Clark et. _ TO RENT—A two-«toiy frame Dwelling I House, with or without famirare. 46 South Jcflerson-st., containing ten rooms, yWh Pomcmloq jriven May Ut Inquire of PDBXNQIOK A 6CEANTVN.SO9 BoctU Water-»t. rpo RENT—Desirable new home, 517 I North Cla/k-st., containing mu, water, mantel*, £cT, with shrub be it In yard. Rent q isrterly la ad vance. Inquire at 317Nortb CUrk-tL r PO RENT—Two story home. No. 693 1 Fuuon-«t~ containing 12 rooms, Ac. Apply at 694 Fniton-st. ; nno RENT—House No. 753TVabash-av. J at present occupied by Rev. Laird Collier, con taining 9 rooms. 7 cloiets, bathroom. Ac-with wood Ist ev >ard and barn. RentSi.too. Applyto**BQ, at Hyde Par* Hotel, or O.W. NEWCOMB, B*4 Dearborn* su. Boom 8. TO RENT—Ore two story frame house, with 11 rooma and 6 clot eto. alsoated on Horlhot. «t M KorUi Side. Apply to THOMPSON A LACKS Eli. No. 51 bcotbCUrMC rpo RENT—A cottage house ot 8 rooms I and closets, hydrant In 'kitchen, No. 38S Fulton ot. Also, tew cottage ot 7 rooms and closets, No. 43 Walnot-ai. App'yatNo. 43 Walnnt-sL, or at BojCS No. 1, np stair*, 168 Racdulph-st. To' RENT—7 new houses in a desirable location, in a block on Eocenle-st.. between Clark and WeiJß-fIU. Rent *35 per month. Apply to JO ON sCANLAN. 136 opposite Coarc TO RENT—House, and part of the far cltnre fbr sale. Icqmre at 20 South Desplslnea petwteo Washington and Randolph. TO RENT—From Ihe Ist ot May to the Ist of September, a famished house near Eldrldge coon, moat eligibly situated. For particulars apply to SNIDER A LEE, Beal Estate Agents, Metropolitan Blcck. rpo RENT—A famished house, with all 1 modern Improvements, desirable location. West Side, from Marin to October Ist, to a carefal UmJly. Inquire of CARPENTER, 170 Lake-st. TO RENT—A most desirable residence with all the modem appliance*, oe Mlchlgarvav., oar Sixteenth-st, HOZET ft CUMMINGS, 98 LaSalle- rpo KENT—A cottage containing eight X rooms, and bam. on the North Side. 1 37 slgel «,viu> water msldo aad oot. Inqolra at 146 South Halstedst. The honse in good repairs. rpo KENT—The convenient dwelling- I house. No. 639 State-st. Water, gas. sewer and bam. IL W. BLISS. No. 203 Eandolph-st. TO RENT—An elegant residence on Ulcblean-ar.; 10 rooms and basement, with all modern improvements. Kira on lot. BentllACO. RICE ft VAN VECHIEN, House Agents, No. 170 booth CJark-sL RENT—A first-class new boose on J. a fint-claa* street, lor per month. Apply at US Batdolpb-eU. Boom No. 3. TO RENT—A tarnished dwelltne on ptne-su, with all modern Improvements. '’Apply at llSLake-su, op stairs. TO RENT—Brick boose, No. 57 Har tone-court, 10 rooms, good cellar and bathroom. Rett, sco per montn. Auoreas Box 2304, giving ref erspccA TO RENT—Famished house on Uichl- r Fourt'enth-sC W. H. SAMPSON, Room Metropolitan Block. TO RENT—Frame honse on Michican av- south of Wasblngton-et. W. U. SAMPSON, ucom 3 Metropolitan TO RENT First c T «ss marble front betue on West W*shlngton-it..cnntalntoe all mod ern improvements. W. U. SAMPSON, Boom 3 Metro pollttn Block. HTO RENT—Hoo:e No. 27, Cottage -1 place; No. 163 Cottage Orove-av.; No. 80 Somh Sangamon-st. T. 8. FITCH ft CO., Room 2, 169 Dearborn-eU TO KENT—A rice two stf»r> house No. S 9 Cottage Grove-av.. with large, nice barn, poasenlon Immediately. Inquire of M. u. CLANCY, 731 Mlchigaa-av. TO RENT—Two fine dwelling houses on North LaSalle-st. and Wahaali-xv., on-- at too, lh« cihrr al H.QOO. Arply toSAM'LUEUIL 114 liearborn-«C. Rooms 19 and 12, ‘X‘O RENT—Cottage with 5 rooms, on 1 Fnlton-sL; eoltaxe with 7 rooms on Wert Jack rot-fl.: cottage with 7 rooms on Sooth Cllotonal, Rocm 2. No. 48 Sooth Clark-»t. TO RENT—No 77 West Adams-sf., at >45 per month. Inqalre at 131 Mtcblgan-av. 'T'O RENT—Pnrmsocd house tn best _L location North Side, near boslness, east ot C»u it. Apply to 8. tv. SEA, In store 101 Clark-sk, cor per tVaihiOEton-at. 'T'O KENT—burnished boarding house, 1 with tnrnUare for sale at a bmrealn. HI CR A )AN VELHTEK, House Agents. No. 170 Soath CIaiKJL. Rooml. T'O RENT—“Two residences near Lin coln Park. Foil view of the lake, with all mod ern improvements. $»0 for obc, *7M ihe other. Call r n WHITNEY A LINN, B :om 15 Uhllch’s BiOck. 'T'O RENT—A mst class frame boose on .-1 Wabash av n Ko. H3C. Furnace, css fixtures, barn, two parlors, sitting-room. six bedrooms, clos et*. * la P« month. Apply at Office 51. Wc»t Twelfth-st. r PO RENT—Cottage honse on Sedg- X wick-st., sontb of Asylum place. Convenient!© street car*. Apply to HENRY riIBDBT. at Western hews Company, corner Dearborn and M»dl»on-«ta. Co 3Scnt==Kooms. r T'O RENT—From May Ist, elegant on* l furnished rooms, five minutes’ walk from the Post Office. Also a small Prick stable, convenient tor seeping from one to thr*c horses, with carriage and baroes* rooms, Ac. Apply at 103 Waahlngtou-st-, Kocm 11. r PO RENT—Room 50 by 100 feet tn the a. font th story of the Reynolds' l Block, corner Dear born and Madiron-ai*. Hpnir to ouiMUY a HAW* LbT, Ko. 7 Re> holds' Block. TO RENT—Two famished Iron! rooms allies Mlchlgan-st. 'T'O RENT—Suite ot tumisbed rooms to 1 rent, and furniture for tale. Addreas ”W H B,” Box 3884. TO RENT—At 184 Erie-st, a nicely furnished room tor a gentleman or two friends. In a private fhclly, where no other boarders will be taken. References required. TO RENT—A nicely tnrziUbcd room, at TO RENT—Desirable lodgings can be obtained at 73 EastMooroe-su, wltliln one min ute’s walg of the Tost Office. 'T'O RENT—Furnished rooms tor ladies 1 with or without board, near Court Home, Room 2, No. 4b South CUrk-st. TO RENT—And furniture for sale if desired.genteel and pleasant rooms within three mtrutes* walk of the Court Rouse. Inquire at Roam •2. No. 4S South Clark-sk 'X'OKENT —With board, m a priyale I family, to two young gentlemen, or gentleman and wife—handsottely famished iront or back room in flrst-ciasi location, >ortb sine. R-feiesces required. Dimer at 6. Addre«s P. O. Box 63W fgorses, Carriages, See, TTOUSALE—A ?pau ot Mules, 3 years I; old, well broke and kind as klttrns. Are in rood nrdrr, and wrii suited for any light wagon. Inquire of COOK A McLain, ioo ciaik-et. FOR SALE—On reasonable terms, at 373 Wasblnrton su a new Clarence carriage, butllttle med; a buggy without top; a gool-sucd strUh; a pair of m&tchrd carriage hotae*. seutlf- and styhfb: ahanCsomepcnj: also, three sets of harness, boreecov(ra.fUrrobostßdpqnyssddle. All sold for want of me. TT'OK SALE—Horse, euitablc for a pro- P cer’s or • xpress wagon. Has been med lu (he etiy six months, U sound and all right, and will bo sold lor a low once. Apply at 3S Rand ilph-st, PJR SALE—Express wagon, in good order, suitab’c for a grocery or oaccig* wagon. Can be seen at MARTIK’a Carriage Shop, No, 331 East Kinzle-st. Fnce Il3»h r?OR SALE—Cheap—Horse, wagon and A harness. Apply at 734 West Lakfrst. I7OR SALE—The finest saddle bone in .P the dry, sojublefor a lady. CaUatßoom7,No. 17 La&aUe-et. J7OR SALE—Boggy—A 'Concord « _ made" Bogey, almost n-w. fertale cocao by F, STKQMBKBG. a Chi Boom Clark-st. 1701? SALE—A large, heavy horse, X welching nearly 1,500 pounds, tlx rear* old. suit •b'cfrr heavy teaming, single or .double. Inquire at SIJEm-tt. tpOK SALE—One single bugpy, one sin- X. gieharei* and one cooking stave-all second bard. Ingnlre at 7it Scoth Balited-st. 17012 SALE—One first class saddle poor; , also. an open buggy aod harness. Inquire West Adama-ai, near Loomis. T7OR SALE—fine bay pony, hind and r rcntle. rein old. aad In line condition. Inquire at 1 S 3 Kinxie-tt. 17 OR SALE—Jack—A Thoroughbred • Kentucky .Tack. Can be aeco at Field** Livery Stable, rear ot Beat A Pottage** dry good* itore. 13attncis ggaantrU. PAKTKER—Wanted—With capital of I M.OM to 110,COO, to take an Interest la a Foundry and Machine !>b"p.a( Frkln,n. Anyone de*im* toch an opportmltv will ad :rea*n* at the M*t won Home, Chlcaeo. givioe yonracore**- We expect to be triere nett Tnwday, when we iball call on yon if in the cIPT. BAWLEYACO DABT NEK—Wanted— With a capital \ of <S«»or»15.00X to encage it the mannlacture ot t**>Vdocro. blindi, Ac. The bwineM M almdr e»- tabiUhed aad taa no competition, and amp'e mach ns rj l.« la operation, at NMhvUJe, Tens. Forpartlcajara addreu Box 430. NatbvlLe. Yean. tJARTNER— Wanted—The advertiser J want* a flrttclM pntine» mu wltb SLOT carh. toJolnhlm in a c.»ncC*ctnringbuilosas th« will p&y wo«t profit CromtSK 1 to per month. The ad vmi»«r having a practical la tte will guarantee hit partier agmaK 1«* of expetite*. aodwcnrehlm fIJtO. Ko oar need apply nale** the. brains a* well a* mosey. acJf mean bmlnro*. ttJl Monday, trom 9a. m. to 4 p. m. at 44 Reynold* Block. paying boitaeas already esublKbed, or would Uke to taw w lib a rc.lable peroon with same amount of capl tsLwbo has a knowledge of %'^ c UrVi b w-rbea to start the *am». Address **r 01. Tnnnne Offl'-e. stating the nature of the business aad where Pianos. 'TO BENT—Pianos. For sale Md to I m*hnew and second band plsaosjat the aten^ of Oucltoai Bro.*t Plaans, DxffS Piano itooma. 104 Itapilolpb-n. 170 K SALE—A fine Cbickering Piano, JT richly carved cim and lcs». tTSJioTerairnnr Kd a select iaitmmeat-nn«nrpa‘fed In wn-, ana » hesodatabarrala. Apoly to A, HARTMAN, 94 Hontce-tt. iron BALE—Two new Pianos tor‘pan U cash and balance la trade. WKBUSR & WILoON, 1M Re j noids' Bwcc. &mt=g>totcs, ©Sees. &c rpo RbNT—Halfnl store 80 West Rg J delsh-al., reliable totanf the crea te rented low to a flood tenant. Applfon imp d rpo RENT—No. 125 Dearborn-rt., store CUrk-aUwlth room*. No. Ciarr-«t„ with room*. Nm, 189 anaUo9 Clirr-at., with roomi. >'os.3J3ao< 3(4 Clira-»u, wuhrooa*. No.tfßH Kelt Madlvtn-it.. store. No. ai*A staie-iU brick store. Jio. ] 18 Jack»on-et.. one state. >o. •/© 1 tfark-et~ oleg.vtl batwient. Appir’to a "*'* J. M. MARS 13 ALT* BT Oart-at. TO RENT—A pond office on the first floor. A dealrmbft location tor a I awyer of Phy sician. Prie**LWper rear. A** » room* to rjmi w the tatne ctdldtne.o toe aeccnd floor. A aoltabtaten ement tor a •maliram If. fcJSSiw anoom. Al»o ■ *»• n cottftßf h’-u-e, h*-. 103 one-half bio k tnwa the atreet cara. X*nee tSO a re ir. to a cvod i aylnt tenant. Inquire otM. JEBOUE, HA Adamr-tt. KENT—Dockage—Ltimber Yard tn rrotfor • term otrt*tt, laOreeoe*»Bjalb Rrazcti digoti. A-G.TagOQF. City Treasurer** onica. 'O RENT—Store and basement 85 Ran dolpiKt. Appiytrtor*. TO KENT—Basement o! store No. 43 Scuth Clark-st. Al»c, three *torles and basement of store No. 3» Sooth Water-st., Ibr storaro purpose Inanlre apon tbe premises. J. A BROWN A CO., 43 Sooth Clark-»U TO RENT—Offices and sleeping rooms in various block*. which wlUb* l«ttu rood to uts cheat). Apply la J. M. MARSHALL, Boom 8» Ko. 07 Clark-et. HPO RENT—Offices in budding No. 42 I laSalle-et. Inquire oiß.lt. BELL « CO n drat Coer. TO” RENT—Two stores, 80 and 88 West Bandi»lph-Bt. (brick block). Possession given immediately Inquire on premiss*. TO RENT—The second and third floors of No. 40 State-eU. sellable far a Jobbl*£ bn»J nres. Apply to INNESB, CONVERSE A CO., *4B Lake st. TO RENT—The three story and base ment Brick store. 30 Stale-su Offics on »tre-l floor. 10 South Wellf-st- Office on street floor. 160 Bootn Watcr-st. Al*", a few offices and sleepltg rooms, by P. QBODES, Boom 3. No. 17 Booth Wolls-su T> KENT—New slorc.No. «15 Stale-sL, with 4 rooms In the rear, to rent cb;ap for a re spectable hnslnrsa. Powcssinn airea May UU In qnue of B. C. DICKHAUT, 06 Waiblngtoo-sf. rpo RENT—From the Ist dar of May, 1 store 147 Dearborn-sL, at present occoplea by tbe Union rstnime Co. For termajsoplj to “b Q. at B«de Park Bote), or OEO. W. NEWCOSIU, B'4 Dost- Room S- TO KENT—Tbe second, fonrth and fifth atorlea, 201 and 203 South Water-at.. «0x:00 feet each, well lighted. Fosawsion I« p £J u A T t»- of sooner,ifdetlred. Applyat2oland2o3SoatnWv TO RENT—Second floor, No. 50 Lake sU PHELTB. DODGE A CO. TO RENT—Household Furniture—A lady who does col wish to kees house win rent nrr furniture trained at for a year or mof«.to aresponMbtepenon who will take good care or it. For i aracnlars. address. by letter. F. C. GOODWIN, Bocm 7 fetnlth 4 Nixon’s Building. rpo RENT—Store and boarding house, X Ko. -16» ClsrC-n.; More and boardTcg home, K 05.122 andlS-t oheman-sl.; store and boirrilng hou‘e, No. SB? CUik-et.; store and rooms. No. 203 V Clark-st. Apply to J. M-MAfraUALL. 9? Clarg-st. TO RENT—Or For Sale—On long Unto—A very desirable location for a brewery or packlne-honge, near Ualstod-«t. Hndge, In McCord <S O’N’esfs Subdivision. by P. STEVENS. RENT—fctere No. iTDcarbom-st, Iron May. Bent *1.300, wide iront. well lighted cellest location for a party selling groceries or other goods by sample. Apply at 101 Washlngton-sb, TO RENT—One-balf of a store and bas«mest op Scnlh Walar-st. Apply by letter to ‘ Q P." Tribute efflre. TO RENT—2OO teet on Wabash-av M im mediately sooth of Twentr-fourth-st- for a term of years. Apply to J.L. JAMES, No. 9 Metropolitan Block. TO KENT—Store No. ninety-tour (0-1) Wsshlngton-ft.. extendlce hack to aid Including the first floor snd basement ol what wa* formerly the Academy of Music, and atnol thirty (W) desirable offices over said premise*. Apply to n. G. Millar, at the < fflee of Miller, Van Arman « Lewis, or ot U B. MASON. at the office ol the Illinois Central Land De partment. npo RENT—Btore and basement on Kin- X zlc-gt-, nmler Hevexe Homo, lor two yean, at a lew rent. H.C. MQKEY A CO.. 8 Metropolitan Block. rpO RENT—Brick store 388 State st, A ftom May. Bant 9900. Good location,nice store. Apply at IQi WashiagtoD-st.. Boom 7. TO RENT—The half part of store 515 South Just right fora milliner or dress maker. Rent very cbesp. Apptyat3l3Sonth SUte-st, T) RENT—From May Ist, part of the store 231 Sooth Watcr-st, Apply on the prem ises, office op stain. TO RENT—Store 203 Hadison-st, near Wens. T) RENT—Store and basement—one ot the best locations in the city, between Ran dolph and Waablngton-sts., on Dearborn, wen aide of street. Fixtures, sate and lease for sate at a great sac rifice, as the owner t* going Into business East. For particulars address **Ld," Trtbnneoffice. TO RENT—Second floor. No. 50 Lake su PUELPti. DODGE & CO. TO RENT—Two offices in Tvler’s Block. LaSatle-st, W. H. SAMPSON, Boom 3 Metropolitan Block. rpo RENT—A very desirable brick sta- X bie. three floors, with coachman's room, hy drant, Ac„ between the avenues and rear Coozreafrst. Address •‘STABLE," Tribune Office. TO RENT—To a good dress-maker, half ot store 332 StatesL, occupied by a milliner, inquire at the premiaea lor terms. RENT—The valuable comer lot, -13 X xlMftet.corner Washington and for a term of yeais. Lots oo Lake and Can-o'l-sts-. near Elizabeth-at., for six years. H. C. MOREY i CO-, Real Eiute Brokers, 8 iletropoiltan Block. TO RENT—Store No. I*l4 Dearborn-st., X irem May Ist. QUIMBY A RAWLKT.No. 7, Hcynolda* blcex. TO RENT—Store and fixtures for sale. One of the b»at stands for line retail trade. Ira meuiat*-p<e»p»alon given. A. R. WING 4 CO- 83 Wat-hlngton-it., Room 2. loathing. BOARDING Pleasant rooms, with bosrd. at moderate prices, at 310 State-at. IJOARDINQ—A large tront parlor, 1 J bard* mely furnished. suitable for a gcntlnnui aid wile, with ooard, can tie had at the St. Claud Home, oily two trinaua walk from the Court House. 11-1 Fm.kHa.jt. VINTON dr HAYNES. TTOARDLNG—A eentlemau and wite, I J also a lev single gentlemen, can obtain board, with nicely furnished room* ga*. etc., in a private Urn- Hr. within Cve minute*’ walk ol tbe Port Office- Ap ply at it* FonrtL-ar. T>OA RDIN'G—Two gentlemen can be I 9 accomt odated with boats and pleasant room at 84 AOshihl. Aleo two day boarder*. “DOAKDIKG—Wiih tarnished rooms JJ for gentleman and wife and stogie gentlemen. Alio board u<r one respectable lady occopiud from home daring ibe day, at 152 K»at Msdlson *L TJOAKDING—A gentleman and wile J J or «wo single gentlemen can find the c.>mtotta of a home In a private family by applying at 113 South Halsted-at. with board. TJOARDINQ—A ramie mom with board JJ for two gentlemen at 241 Wabash-av. T) CARDING—Front parlor and bed- J y room, aloclo moma and day board can be obtain ed at 17 Dearborn-si, np stairs. TJOARDINQ—One double room, also JJ coo alogle room, with flf*t-cla*s board, can be bao by applying at 293 Mlchlgan-at. Also, day Puardeta acc -amodated. T) OARDIN G—ln a private family. A 13 plcatant aecond-Blory anife ot tront rooms, nn farnianed: alro, back pari* r and b*rtroom, for gentle ffrnaadwiroriwo single genUemen. Board flrat cl-.ib. giaEne-Bt. T)OARDlNG—Gentleman and wife or JJ two single gentlemen can find room, with board, at 3SO Onuno-at. T3OAKDINQ—A lady and gentleman J J and two single gentlemen can obtain excellent board and comfortable famished r omi (one a large Pont room), with closet*, at 601 West Maai*oa-*t. T3OAHDING and their JL> wtrea ran obtain boas&at 162 Mlcnlgas-ar. None bm these wishing fint-elass aceommonaUona need apply. Call at once. T)OAUDING—And rooms to rent, at _D the NatUoal Hotel, corner Wells and Washing len-su..creiqnsre west of the Coart Boose, front rooms, with fire, gw, Ac., f-r gentlemen and their wives or single rooms, from IS to tin; day boarders $i per week. Good rooms and good board. TJOARDING—A lew boarders can be U accommodated in a private boarding boose at 328 West Maciion-st. Also a few day boarders wanted. *T>OARDING—Two genilemen desirous JJ ol obtaining a comfortable borne, to a rood loca tion on tbe Sooth bide, 10 minutes’ rid? by steam cars, can do so by adarcsilng ”0 K,” Tribane office. TJOARDING—A suite of pleasant front JJ rooms, nnfomlshrd. with board, to anaalt orlrate taoiliy, at 183 Wut Wathicgtin-st. Best of reieren ces given and required. T> OARDING—To rent, on orbefore May JJ Ist. two pleasant rooms, with board, snltabt? tor two gentlrmrs and wives, or one latxUy. Location nnsnrpasiFd In the city, North Side, east of dark-sL, convenient to boslbcss. No other boardes* Terms reasonable. None need apply nnless desiring a per manent home and can fnrnf-h good Ad drear, tor one week, ’•UEYERE.” Tribune office. BOARDING —A gentleman and wile wishing to makep*rsm.ent arraegementi fur hoard.'can flnd pleasant room* on Mlchlxao-av., north 01 a small private family, with only three boarders, by tddresting MH3. LUND. Box 613. BOARDING— A pleasant front room to let. with good board, comfortable borne, at 139 nmuSlL-SV. BOAKDING«-A pleasant suite oriooms with board, at 1010 Isdlana-av., coraerTwen ty-seconflit. T>(DABDING —A pleasant iront room, A 3 suitable lor two sratlexca; aUofom for two rtbtr cenOemen. and day boarder* solicited. Apply ImmedlatilratSOO KandolpMU M*v ropolitan note;. IDOAKDING —Board and moms can be A hal at bripcs Route Ko.2.i»S 51onroe-»t. Also a t< w day boaruers. I HOARDING —A splendid room, tnr ) nisbed- mr gentleman and wire, at S 3 Bosii-Jt., career oi liltecls. BOARDING— A tew gentlemen can be accommodated at Xo. 233 ZUlsoa-iu. comer >onb SUimL BOARDING— Nicely lanmbed rooms to let. with board, at 133 East Maduoo-tt. Alio day beard. IDOAKDJNG —A gentleman and wife > desiring board is a private family, on 511cbin~- av„acrth cl Jae»«»o »üby the lit of Mar. can ad dtos “AVENUE,'’ Trloone ofilee. for farther p attic* olatt. BOARDING —A small private tamilv would rent two or three nvnss. famished. with board to getUemec. A pletiant location oa Wwt Wa-hlrchn-Jt. Wrner at 6}f. Address **WAB- UhNV’P- O Kox2'fOS. 33oam asianteti. BOARD— A centlcman recently Ircm tne Eaat deairei*board In locatfon. R-f --erence civen and required. Please addresa **F," Tri bune TjOARD—And room, br a young Ger I j tras, employed is a erhcieaaTe hon»e, II a private Americas sot too far (las haiio*w part of city. Otlectli to learn the EnaUihlaaßoace and to enjoy a comfortable Lome. PJeaje addrera “O C,” P. O. Bct g3t»6. T> CARD—Gentleman and -wile and two D cbi’dwn, Jb aprlnte family »l><re there are bat &r other w>an3 era rutor mad two sleeping rooms farnlib'd. ifaay person about going to bnaieceeplng sri aid take* coed boose and cl re me derranle rooms would furnish myself, »lU»* rie» to Mro»n*« heme. I>femcr exchanged. Address G. LEWIS, Be* 757 Poet Office. T? CARD —For a family ot three persons, Jr> cf tcold rent tor t rooms. north of Twenty-sec ond and east of Mate-st. Terms moat be moderate. Acdreta Box 427. BOARD —Between now and May Ist, for a gentleman and wile, on the West Side. Kooe not thcae haring rood ralce* of rooms, m dedrahle lo calities, need answer. Aooma M B,” 44S West Wash togtoa-st. T>OARD —In a first-class private fkmUv, i) cn Booth Side, for nro genljema permanently sitnaiMlaclty. Address Box 21b0, naang terms and place. I>OaßD—By a yctmg, educated German D g*rtlemaa. iq.oc Is a prime family, where to* ktrcciiep Is Gamas vlllbecenaidaed a partial eqtu* valent for hoard. Beforeace glreo. Plemae addreaa V DQiJ," Trlbnce office. TJOAUD —By two yonne gentlemen, in I> aprlvste family, oa the West Sid*. Addreaa, mils* terms aad location, AP D, Ttlhuat office. __azaanten~jaale »elp._ BOOKKBBPEBSt gJILESgBW Ac. WANTED— A man -to travel One thoroortlr acquainted with tol»cco *pd cigar mde, by an old-eataWUhed &<*>»«■ ra *t, ao< nascent pace anatrood idarr will beelrea. Addtew. with refereec*. P. O. Pox 1716- WANTED— 25 men to snore! dirt. Ap* ply at the Bonnytloe Hotel. WANTED— Two men to work on i fkrm and take care ol a yaiden and orchard. ... atlOasoith Jefleraon-at^Chl ct go" ■ tat an TED —Gentlemen to act as ape- W eial rity agent* lor the UmrertalUf? Inforacce Few York. Wbctal and nonenal adrav Salle at. WANTED— A competent young man to tiko c«re o! none* aid Cuw, Apply »t Room 1, no. 100 MadiiOMt. TXTAHTBD —Waiter boys at the Ya- VY mtle*Tb»ire. WANTED — A lew men with $25 to «sa cub la ft basinets that P»T A tooo tnTelllßg DaJine«i, Apply •* 90 Boom 3. _ - TBiDBS. ■\XT ANTED—First class carriage body VV tnrfeiT. Steady work guaranteed- Addreai J. N. CHANNEL. Champaign City, IU., OT N.D. HUNTER, 202 Late-su, CMcago. WJ ANTED—A competent man to take VV chargeofastave faclonrtnoneofttebestlo canoe* la Minnesota. WIU elre steady etuptovmeal and bl theft vases to a good mao. Apply to FULLER A FORD. 252 and 2*»4 Madlaoc-iU TXT ANTED—A locksmith, a good man, V V to do filing and general Jobbing. Call at 41 Franklin it. TXT ANTED—A good j iano tuner. One V v who is also qualified to teacb the piano would be prelerred. Apply at LYON A MEALY'S Miutn •ttore, ccrcer Clare and Washington-*:*.. Chicago. TXT AN TED —Barber—A good work- VV man. at tbeClty Hotel barber shop, to whom good wages via be given. CHAS. C. BAY. 'TXTANTED—A competent foreman in a VV paperbox manufactory. Non* other need ap ply.stNo. 1 Wbetier’a Building, corner Clark and Bontb Water-els. TXTANTED—A Scotch landscape gar- VV dener. to take charge of aboaseandtWacm otlasd.smtles sontb ot city, for a term of year*. Must know bow to rest trees (Tom tbe seed. CHAUUCs V. DYEB. 63 Karflolpb-sL. Chicago. TXT ANTED—A good patternmaker. VV Apply at FULLER fFOtUri. 252 and 2SI MadUon-»t. Tx/ANTED One or two carpenters f V tor Insldo work. None but good workmen need apply. Apply at 601 ffwt Lake-it. ggaanteftsjjFemale ffietp. W 7 ANTED —A lady who would like a 7 ' pUasani and permanent home, with moderate salary, to be % cou-ptnloo for an luvalia lady. Ad. dress, tor one week. ♦•H o,'*Tnbuce office. TXTANTED—MiIIiner. Applv tor rwo V V day?, at D. B. FISK * CO’S, 33 awl 35 Lake- TXT ANTED—A erst-class dressmaker, Hr one who enmn; afld fitting- None others need apply. 224 State-st. \\T ANTED—A youne lady to clerk in V» a store. Must understand pianos on the piano. Please call on Monday at 37s We»t Laxe-st. Most come welt recommended. _ HOUSE SERVANTS. TXT ANTED—A fiist-class cook, washer Vt andlrooer. Apply Immediately at 383 On* tsxlo-st. TXT ANTED—A good cook, washer and VV Ironcr, for a family of mao. wifo, two small children sod nurse girl. Most be autcc. capable and willing. Wages *3. Apply at bit rweaty-secoad-st. XKJ ANTED—A good Girl to do general W housework for a small lhm>ly, in a pleasant country town. Apply at 260 Park ar-Chicago. U> Terences required. TXTANTED —Immedlalelv, in a small V » family, a good girl to do general boosework. Apply at 22b Pitrk-av. TXTANTED—A neat Firl (not Ir sh) to Vf do general bonsework. Need not apply if co-nl merorrescannot bo given. Apply at Sj.O South Maj-su between Wsoblogton aad Wist Basdolpb. WANTED— A good girl lo dj general honsework. Ilcforences required and good wages paid. Apply at 213 Sooth Cfark-.«u op etalrs. JflSaan^cbsffHisccUancous. TXT ANTED—A few experienced travcl- V.% line agents. Apply at S 9 FIKKLE A LYON s*. M. CO. TX7'ANTED—A lew tons ofrecona-haud ..V V Strap Railway Iren, by THE PE6UTIGO CO., North Water-* t„ North Pier. TXT ANTED—Owners or real estate ftav- V? log property to sell or rent, win do well to leave It In our bands, as we have numerous applica tions which we arc unable to snpplr. A. .1. MILLS & CO- Real Estate Agents, Boom 31 R*ynolds* Block. WANTED— From |IO,COO to S2OXOO worthof drygoods orclothimr. for which part ease, and lands in Mlrncs*t« and Wlsccnstn. will he paid. Apply to U,” 241 LakemL. Chicago. TXTANTED —To borrow money onfirsl- T» clsisrealeatate.lnßamso( I*ar tles having lorplus funds can invest on abort or long Cim*. ard tor amrunU t/> suit them, by addrrsrtog ••NEGOTIATOR, ,, P.O.Box232Q. TXJ ANTED—Caipenter work lor a V* house and lot. West side. purchasers tor several houses snd lota Terms very liberal. A. C. BROWN ACO., J2SUkMt TX7ANTED—To exebaoge a very desir- VV able Improved farm 19 Ral'RiazooCoonfy, Mich., (situated near a sta'lon on Mlchlrau Central Uaprcaol for Chicago real estate. Apply to S. U KEBFOOT & CO . 71 Dearboro-T. TXTANTED —One good tambormc plav- V» er. song and dance man. to travel with a mm strel troarc. Address Dra«e? 4. Qmro. Wl;. TXTANTED—To Trade—Five acres at T v City Llwlt*. West forhouae and fot la therlty, worth 9S,(X-0 to 913,000. Will pay difference ll.Ofd to W.CCO deacnbltg property inhy. WANTED —For a icrm oi years, 53,P00. on nnercnmbered property worth ili- CcP, situated to Uving*ion Co- in_ the name being to Improve property. Adoreas Drawer 6097. TXTANTffD—To Tease—A hotel and V ? eating house, all furnished, so as to have pos session let ol May. Will nay rent la sivanoe if re qnlred. Addms Pox 879. Oshkosh. Wls. \\J ANTED—On storage, at J. B. Tay- V V lor'e.No. | Flanders* Block—a ferw thousand bane?* pork, to flUnp. Mr old Mend* will forget it tot. Al/'ANTED —A purchaser for a billiard \\ room, two Crnnswlck table* and stock of liquors, aid everything la ciwptete oner. For sale at bait it* value. Cat! upon ora<ldresaL. D. CROOKES. Allomr at Law. Meadoti, HU \\i ANTED —To exchance the finest V* buggy marc In tbe city for a“Jarrer burse to tue In express wagon. Call at 07 Koctb Jefleteoa-st.| "XXTANTED Guitar Pupils A~rare W chance lor learning to play fhe enfar la a course •'f U lessons. at meste room. 102 Baudolpli-st. Hocmlt. Price |ID. Tnoee who prefer can bare les son* in the evening. T/TTANTED —Sewing, by the day or y » _w«er. by a Crst-class dressmaker. I nature at 370 West Banlolph ct. X\7 ANTED—Tne celebrated Gypsy Ti Woman. If yon want your life told correct# by the palm ol tbe bard. visl? the Qypay palmist. Don't be humbugged by other*, who ca.l taenuflves t rttxte teller*, tat coma to tbeGypiy Palmist ana get fall latUfarllon for yiur money. Don’t target tie painter. 329 Sooth Clark-su Fee |l. TXT ANTED—A tew day boarders, at V V Wlmer’a Eating Rooms, No. S 3 R*ndolcn-»t. Flm-clssi board and teisooable rate*. Meal* at all boon. TXT ANTED—Guitar pupils, at 29fi 1-2 Vv State-it. Apply Immediately. Terms |1 per lesßcm. ot tlO in advance for H leasoaa. TXTANTED—To Printers—A medium V V band-pre«s. In coed order. J. HAMPSuN. Printer, il l Dearborn-*!. T\T ANTED—A good second-hand safe, T» of Wilder. Herring or Cincinnati msintaetare. at 247 Sooth Watef-fIU BLANCHARD A BQBLAHP. \\7 ANTED—To learn bookkeeping, TT with some competent person. Address “J 2i," P.0.80x 1320. T\T ANTED—To Kemove—A good TT two-story trame dwelling.bontnßide. WID pay a fair price. Apply to A- HAUTMAN, 9’A Mon roe-» t. TT7 ANTED—To Exchange—Merchan T» dise lor lowa w»r ftmd bonds. Address, foi two day*, *• BONDS.” P. O. Bor 414. TXTANT ED—To Buy —A moderate- T T *lwd saloon, with rooms above for a tsmilr. Call at Maasasott Boose. Boom IQ. 212EantcsJ—sic Jirnt. W7ANTED —To Rent, a medium-sized, y V alcelv lernuhea boa*e. In » flm-clais locality, during lie summer mourns, by a small bmlly (wlta* cot children), who will tags the best ot care of larsl tare, will take posteMlca any time between now »nd StbofMay. Addrcsa ” BANKER." Trtbare office. TX/'ANTED —To Rent—A room cen- V » trallT located suitable fer a SseWr or Club 1829 Allllre,! ' * l * lloc K'tM, **J W £,” P. O. Bo* TX/’ANTED—To Rent—One ortwo un- T T fnrnlsbed r.-’oms with or without board, for ser.Uetrau acd wife. on booth Side, and central. Address *-Y O U,” Tribune office. WANTED —To Rent—From May Ist, a go->l hour?, withbara. Willing to My tram 1500 to fno for a pleasant location. Good par sod reference. Address No. 274 South Watcr-st, Mills. WANTED —To Kent—A cottage house of sor 6 room*, op Weil side, nrar cars, by a gentleman and wUo-oo children. Terms mn*t be ica sonaMe. ACdreaa-U,” P. O. Box 6130. giving term?. location, ftc. V\7ANTED —To Rent—On or befrie T> Ist of May, a booae of Bor to room*, wtto mod em improvements, oa booth or Nona bide. n»*t of State-ac eoy otehavtig tach a hoo>e cm b*ar ot a goed and prompt ratine tenant by a-idiraalnn. with particnlara. **D a w," P. O. Box BgSl. TXT ANTED—To Rent —By an Amen V T caa family of four, between cow and 51 ny Ist. acotfijreorbooreoffromSto 10 room*, oa West or Kcrtb Side. Aoama. stating term* and location, •• W," 63 Korto Jeffg*cn-st. TXT ANTED—To Rent—Famished room V V on South Sloe, by two gentlemen,with or with ooi beard. Andrew Boa 2397. stating term*. TXT ANTED—To Kent—Small, untur- V* Dished boat*. Sooth Fide, north of Twelfth st.pmemd. Address, witb terms. M T, n P. O. Cos SSSO. TXT AN TED—To Kent—A dock tront > t Vs 150 cr "ft> Jcet, o^i— Brawh.nor>hof Eighteenth-*!. Andres* or apply to D. W. MITCHELL, Room 5 FuUertcn Rioct. T/£7 ANTED—To Rent —A suite of first- V* class rooms, east of State and north of Van Bur«n-‘t., without board. Address “A.” 97 Santo ctaxt-st. \AT ANTED—To Rent—A bnildinir rail- Vl’ able for a rrrtaoranb centrallylocatelL Call at Alasiaiolt Botue, Bcom 10. TX7ANTED—To Rent—A mimsted V V room, centra ly located, tollable f.» yoanc gentlemen, tor which they are willing to pay from is toiSOpermootb. Keferen*c» given, If teuuked ac. drwg “ R B S,” Xiltmnc ofilee. TXT’ANT ED—To Kent—A farnisfied \> rocm. wltoont board, within three bloct* of » D d »e*t of LabtDe-it. Piease address “G U<J, 35 lltCtt. Al^T-ED—To Rent—House In good - , order. <=Bib ot Pest OOce, Tbira-ar »re ftrr*d. Extra bona* paid br pltldrI po9>e»«loa imme dlttely. Apptyatßtorgt»79 feottlh Oaj*2> ” xmsne w \\T ANTED—To Kent—A large loom, • • itttn Jowfr, f f Uitit nwnofiictorJflC fHaclimetß. ■pOR SALE—Shingle, Stave and Baml jL‘ MseblEQT. comprising Sblagle Mill*. Heading illile. Phloeie sod Hradiac Jcitter*. stare Jointtre. Sure Conera. Heading Boarders sod Planers. Equal ising ard Cot-olf Saws, Ac. Ail new, or oar own m»i n&ctore. ana wananted. Send for Illustrated Ll-t. FULLER A FORD, tiS* »al 254 Madiaoo-st., Cnl ca<o,m. 170 R SALE—2S,IO and 15-hoisc power A portable eoglni* and boilers, with all mo-icrr im menu, ard all complete, and for sale at Terr Ire price*, bf GBIFFIK BROa!, 11 0 F'OH SALE—Si earn Engines—Two CO, one 30. one 15 and one S-borso power, with boll* era ccmplete; two l>br.rse Are box boilers; cne shieelenn'l.ardonebcadlcerotmder. JAUESWAB XEK, 253 Siate-st. FSR SALE—Siding nulls, saw mills, Wcodwailh planing and matching machines, steam er hand hoisting sacbJnet. All kind* of ma chlneremade to order. F W. KBM3SB, Fr* iron worts, T 4 and 76 West Waatdngton-siL, Chicago. F3R BALE—"Wood planer, 2A in,, Fay A Co.’a mate. In good orocr. with counter shaft* price tiro.AJio, one wood torelng lathe; price HO Apply at $2 Weat WaahingtoMt* corner JeSerson, Situations a^anteh. JBILBB. SITUATION—Wanted, aaas^> a yoong man iiuti. wi Haahad experience tn m%cto< ta»ue*fs down earpeta. ril ctoth a».a toco* jlTta. Addre— M JE P.” Tribune offleg *• Ke^f*s CD UATlON—Wanted— To ; O aahnnaii. with flrit claa city ; qnahHaece In Illinois and lowa, U open ?«? • oent with »omego*d house. Addmi -j : p Box !2665. Je Vj.ii . •toady roar a man. C*n glre g 0.4 vv, drcaa “J f. Tribuneofllee. -=i«a. j. (♦.- ITDATlON—Wanted, as tearoifTC *?' a competent man. Can are eo-vj cjt-fJII-lv ;t' Fermanentaltnattondealred. Addre** -we? 1 *! I*' honeotflee. °» 7n .J'*. Oil DATlON—Wanted, bv rS**: ' W O apedn:ao,aabookkecp<roraa«iH.ttiaT.'i<- Itaa had a tong expert* nee to maUlt a anctwubea to make hlmaelfrnieraly □•Mnt’j* ■w* rercta nn«ceptloaab.e. ACdra** “BBX.-'ll’ office. - lr -** J‘ * SITUATION— Wanted—By *h neoeed bcok-kecper. Beitof cllyrefere*. V j?V dJCM **L J L.” Tribune office. ~' ce - At- • gfa CITUATION—WanIed-In a wte: % C/or ccmmlulon bouse, by a compcwu Wt *ii‘ willing 1 1 wor« as such or to any oilier c»n»fltT k 1 * 'ft? ever want* me, cow ta roar tlmn. Caum* 3k efenee. Address OEOIUIE YOUNG. 37 Lit *.?*** SnUATION— Wanted—As saiesmijr. m assistant bookkeeper, by a young mv.wh , :& nan TWO YEARS* eipenence in the SOfrii kl}* ;E? nendalloas from former rmpiuvcr, City ttrra. Address - KENTUCKIAN.” W CITUATION—TV anted—To lakeareTl if O bones acd drive—by a y.-tmpAmrric3s. \ a .a' -51. ■ JectloDSto going tolho country. Ada:e« -a » tv' Tribute office. ' K CITUATXON—Wanted—To W O Ayotmeicanivbo tboronehly uaileritvi*if anl grain want* a situation as salesmw Cxi Vi good reference. ACdrea* "C. H," Bos-lst*. c, ‘ aT CITUATION —AVftnled—Cv'a - roars f O man who bu bad 13 years* eiprrletcj is*, *- drngbuilnees. Has no obleriion to vo m in# ’ v try. Address **T. J. K-.** 18S Ohlo-su. Chlcam; hT * CITUATION—Wanted—Bv a tTmT- 'I VT» ofiVeadr babvta and *oo<l *bn»ineM*q 31 ;i|l cations, as travcLlng tales man tor sore n*rcaam«iL ' tablisbmtßt. Good merence given. «;al £ SfS&Mi. ’ 158 fc CrrUATlON—Wanted—By a lint els*? U/ NewTork cutter, competent to entail str-scr V gtttttnl*. Would t*«e a situation tubar in tue dtj j v alXl^own* »«« ot reference AddrvssF. M. 2.. Tribune office. * CITUATION—Warned, by a >oonl WZ/ nsn who bas a practical knowledge of bu*latv u “ and la a flr»t<la« bookkeeper. Satisfactory do reference. Address -R. PCP.** Tribune offlee. 1 ; FE3IILES, CITUATION—Wanted—For a yonne IT' lady, aa copylat cr clerk In seme good store. Writes an excellent hand and tua a superior education. Address M L E. Tribune office. CiTUATION—Wanted —As house- O keener or ether light work, by a widow. Address U. “MARI," T.ibuue office. C ITU ATI ON—Wanted, by a ynungladr V lO who writes an* excellent, ►ystctnaitc aau rapid f hsuo, &» eopyUl. V-itoaWvQ taken 10 an office, or wrjt • done at home. Address, with panlcnlais. ••EXPECT •» P. O. B« x 1920. Chicago. ’ H SITUATION—Wanted—By a yctrai V- O lady, to taka can of an invalid or d-> liihi »-4 i i aurtsewlcg. Apply for one were 2 doors Sonin or IL-' Thlrty-first-st,lndlana-av. “FEU." ** T-s SITUATION—Wanted —Bv a ladv, as y- ' O ca»hleror bookkeeper >n small bualppss, nr u- C" »J;*«rt. Good references. Address, for one »<•« a, "MlSkl LrEiXA." * » ; OITDATION—Warned—Bv a lad? ot I,' O experimee. as bookkeeper, copyist, or Vera- v * spending clerk, having acted m that capacity is ta-» 1 mtjvsbe caaglvsjgood nlerencss. AdOrtss “J.L ClToATlON—Wanted—By a respects- I O blc person, as housekeeper In a br iar, ftosnftsr « boose, or private family, Address ** W.," Tnbons «• r Cce. t ■ • SITUATION —By a good girl, either In a O do general housework In a small faculr. or see ond work a-d sewing. Understand-, running :.v if- Florence and Grover 4 [taker *ewlne machine. c»:r l on cr address 3 58 Nlneteemh-sc, Ota; door west :t Siate-sc \ SITUATION —Wanted—As wet nurse, by a healiby yonng woman. ffoh*bc. Apply u t no. 23 Bowery-et.. West Sld«, between im ». Morgaa-tta. r CITOATIOKS Wanted Lsdiea m f O wsntcf good servant*, with city rrlemjrrf. r»3 i be supplied at MRS. D. PR ATI’S Eroponom.No. ue f Sooth flsTk-et. SITUATION —Wanted—Alaily ctedu t? cation and refinement who hss been ncf»rtauaie. desire* % sltosttcn as eoeerness o- houseketper ta s g»ill»msD’» family. Wools make her?*lf ceaerallr useAit. Plrase address **D w.”Tnbnne Office. agents aSElantcb. A GENTS—Wanted—s7s to s2to pet XX month, everywhere, male and female, tolnuo dne* throughout the UniKd stales the nKXIIISE IM PROVED COMMON* tEXSEFAMILVSKIVING MA CHINE. Thl* macnine will stitch, tmn foil, tock, quilt, bind, braM a*d emhr>>id«rm a isjat sopenor manner. Prh c on:y 91J>. Fully tarrrw f-ffive y*ar». WewiUpftyfl.MOf-.-raDV nrtfhli-.utbat will sew a stronger, more iwautibil. or more elastic *eae than our*, tt maxes the “Elastic LnckStltch.** Rycry Stccnd stitch can be rnL anc still the cloth can act be palled aoart without tearing It. We pay agecta fres 975 to 9300 per month and expenses, cr a cumnuwtoc from wnlch twice that amount can be made. Ad.tteas aECOWU A CO^Clereland.Ohio. CAOTION.—Do not he Impoacd npon by oth'r par ties palming on worthies* casi Iron machines, under the same tame or otherwise. Oor* Istheouiygecn lae awd reaUy practl-al cheap machine maauCxtnred. AGENTS— Wanted—Agents ore mak ing twenty dollars a day atlllng the new pl.-ture, ••Itio Tomb otUnco'n." Agents wanted everywhere. J. GEM 51 ELL. PubllaDef. 123 Randolph, cjp. CIaML A GENTS—Wanted—Agents are mak yLJL. in* Horn 95 tn 920 per day Canvassing with ••TRUMBULL’S FAMILY RECORD." For parti a lara apply to or adums TRUMBULL 4 CBPVER. Room 13. No.-10 Pcarborn-sL, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Irtca] and travel ling. thtODthout the country. We pay eras *al. anca or large comtnlwions. Addre**. tra cent (amp. with reierencc, ter particulars, p. o.Dn»- er 6103, Chicago, ill. AGENTS —Wanted—At once—loo ex p«»icvctd caowsera, to eell our new publica tion*. We are giving lamer saurle* and eomml-“t.i=a lean any other rnb.uhlog bou<« la the Uilted St«te>. Addr«» Bex 1379. or call on T. J. COLENDCIt 4 CO- 393 South Clark it.. Chicago. HI. lousiness ffiljances FOH SALS—A splendid basinets ch icce la offered. Lorre or small miutsl mar be eroplncd. but cot lees than Pioot very larre. Swii'eM?*" addresj -MEBCHANT,"!* O Hot IbMi, Chicago. lit. F>K &ALE —Lease, slock, and fixtures of a well established retail grocery rtore, one of joe oeflt locations on the Vk est Side. For parHcotar*. Inquire at -249 West Raadulph-st. P bAXE—We have choice houses ■ and bu.lness property in all part* o| the cltr. a»l Cars ■ In all part* oftbc eenotry. constantly m hand. A. J. MILLS A tO„ Boom 31, Reynolds’ !»<■«■•* Tj'Oß SALE—A flist-class drug store, * .£ l 5l 00 one of the liveliest business street* oo Notthhlde, having&btt*k trade atd a large and ex* t«-n*lve prwnpjinn business. Cheap ml and aloof tl thc Trtoone office. Calijst2J3 Sotta Clartt-it, EOH SALE—For cash, a small Drug ftr • r*>T*lcws. Apply at C'OR SALE—A stock of wines and A V * B^co - ▼l* - ' or without fixture*. So?lB wSSS. •>' « H or a (»it. IS "XT' OK SALE—3Itsl Carpenter's old cslab si. r i-7fg.* t V°" Tj'Otv SALE—f 1.500 to SI,BOO will buy X' a well-located, established tews and tnhacro Btotecombtred, with bnildlar and fixiores. Caanaalos pSßsStfaiKi. fMMiin «w« ™«- *»- F)R SALE—Mdimeiy store, stock and fixtures, good locality,ana doing a good Bare chance. Inquire at i4S Fonrtn-av. T?OH SALE—Lease and fixtures, with or X. without stock, ol a retail grocery, row doing a urge and paying r names*. Reasr-n lor sHilog oat. go- Into tt*< whoUiaie trade. Address p. O. Bo* 1019, Chlcego. |u« |7OR SALE—Brewerv and malt houses. ssn "wii'uS F)R SALE—Stock and fixtures of a re tail millinery asd notion store, dolor a good bast rejs. Besson C>r setting, pocr btalth. Addrea* Box 73. Lapcrte, Xnd. i?ALE—First-class tea and grocery i store. The psrttes, wlshlce to engage In other hoslncs*. win self cheap inr cash. Inquire as or ad dress 192 West Lake-sf.. Chicago. fj'Oß SALE—Rare chance to buy a sa- JP lorn—National 113’el talocn. wlfrj fixtures. t>p rale, coiner Weils and Waahlsgton-sts. Beasoo for eeillcg, Mclnrss. f. r terms, apply on premtSM. JJOU SALE—Splendid dniff store, sita -1 atedlnoscot the most deslrabi? towns in the country, with a population of about 13.CC0 tubabltasta. Suck and Oxtcrw invoice betwe*n f 6,000 and fTML Any one la want ot a atoreof this kind will flnd ltf>r ttclr Interest to tnveitigate this before purchasing elscwter**. For tnrlher oanlculars, address or at 29 and 31 P.tvei-»t., Chicago, IU. T7OK SALE—Steam gnst mill, 85 miles JL south of Chicago, at a ereat saertnre. Terms, TLCCO carb. Inquire of 4. T. NOTE ft CO~ Chicago, or H. A. HPNGEB/OBD. Onarga, HI. I?ORSALE —Gieat Bargain—l will sell at auction. April I6tb. 1567, tte bakery acd fix tures known a* the Nashville steam Bakery, No. 18 North consisting ot steam engine, cracker machine*, eardy machines, ovens, wagon*, ton**, ora;, acd everything lor carrying on the woobsalß bakerr business. Everything is as goud as new, and conld be mane a very prufltacle investment to a busl- Msaman. Termsmneeknowaon cay ot sale. b. G. WOOD, Mathvllle. Team T?OR SALE—Lager and Billiard Saloon X* No. SH T-*v«n*-«t, Inquire oa the premia. FDR SALE—Saloon lease and fixtures, welllccaud. Will be sold cheap. Apply on the premiacs, 339 atate-eu r I?CR SALE—Light maznifactunns husi- I? ceae. Would be guod tocouaeet with liquor* tore. JYcCis CO percent. Addresa **J H.** Tribute ofilee. TTOR SALE—A book and news depot. J laqalre at 338 Sooth Clargnt. L OK SALE—Bakery and cuiilectioncry. A- Alto, store totorea and lease of store. Cho{« ttacd. Immediate po*ie*Mou given if desired. Call at the premise*, 01 west Madlioo^t. FDR SALE—A bcot and shoe establish ment In a good locality, dolus a Qnbdasa trade. apply. •Q E,’* Tribune ofilee. T7OH SALE—Lease and license of a bil _l Hard saloon doing a good boaln***. Best low. Aiao.tD let,a»torecn hocto Clailc-u. Inquire at the InttUigraceOfflee, No. 150 wrath ciark-atr’ dFor Sale. FDR SALE)—To Harness .Makers— InTPO wottb ot sfet, including leaee. wnico cx p m May Ist. w. at uk* ter year, wrl be aold o»c IWCO cfl;b. CaH at 16tf Wejt Kaz-dolpb-at. FOR 6ALE—Kontrahn’s Patent Notch ed Hlneeatd Shutter e'aatener. Stun aad Cooa t* i'l/i ts f?r sOe. A?*>, the receipt l;r three arttcea cf dally raleand alio daily eonsanp'lor. Adtim*, with sun p, lorrlrcajw*. JOa. L. fJ'JUrYAGN, Orlr- InalPawntte. rredeneg ■ »}. Maryland, FOK SALE—Two thousand barrels ot choice Kiln-dried floe meal, part white ana mrs j eijuT. In lots to salt purchasers; also. Boor and im ci all varlfiie. cot»;anUy cc h«d, at lowest maraet lZtn^‘^VaI t 0 ta * T7OR SA r title* »■' - -/K SALU—CIay earth Sllinir, in auan- J , ..-HS2 , iV ,n| fe rt, 5 erat xuwel fr lamTto! g/lfelSg- SIE!rAi!T - fob SALE—ICO brls price buckwheat U OR SALE—We arc prepared to bond A^.c'.^Z 6 * ° ral > *'ylr« and oa eowt lot* for eaoal wS*v. , i : y ? V2 1 5?^L 0^ fl . T ®.s** t '’ «»*• WEBBBK ft la Ecynolds’ Block. F'Oh SALE— A first class Grover & Ba iter Sewfog Machine. nearly saw. tar ooe-haifltt Tame. Inqaxro at 6*44 Weat Lake-it/ bALE—Second hand sifc, in pcr- JL Itct croer. good size. Inquire at IS3 Smle-et. F)U SALE—Office Forniinre —A medi um sized safe, standing and sfttae deafes, *i? Te » let , Ur preaa, cooh- At. and all ■»jrJBJL Nearer dlamoad pin. Boom 3,>o* ls6Sootts. «■ OK Sale—A tresblot ot croceries— ■T acctnplete aftortmeat—well selected. Propwtr In the city wUI te taken in part P*J- Call ot SQ..9S Lake*!, Chicago. MB