Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 8, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 8, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Liberal Opposition to the Reform Bill FROM WASHINGTON. Serious Illness of Hon. Thad. Stevens. Prospects of the Rnssian-Ameri cau Treaty. Hopes of the South. IRON THE PACIFIC. Heavy Damages by Hoods in Arizona, Hore Indian Outrages. FROM MEXICO. TheFepoited Defeat of Escobedo ContradiGtsd. FROM L(WILLE, Union Victory al the City Elec- tion. Pleawint Pastimes of a Drunken law Student. FEOK EUROPE. BY THE ATLANTIC CABLE, ttbctat. opposmox to Tnr srrosar mix. Lonzjox, 7. A recent meeting of the Liberal members of Farliacxnt resolved to offer cefermined opposi tion to the Reform Bill introduced by tbe Govern ment. They propose to "bring the subject lo a test vote as toon as possible, and confidently ex pect to cany a majority or Parliament against the bill; in which event the members of the Darby Cabinet will resign. LrvmrooL, April 7. Tbe American bark Elizaoeth’ Is reported as having gone ashore in the Bribe during a severe .storm. Latest Foreign markets. FnaxsrocT, April?. United Stales bonds 77. FKO3I WASniHGTOH. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washikctok, April 7. XAIIDtZ BOSriTAI. AT CHICAGO. I la response to numerous Inquiries'as prospect of as catlv commencement of work on the Marine UospUal at Chicago, the Treasury Department reports that the title papers of prop erty recently purchased have not yet been re ceived. The law prohibits any expenditure of money on the premises until the ddc has been approved by the Attorney General, and though the building season has commenced, and plans bare been prepared, the Department Is powerless to act. j, JtUSSZAW TTUTiTT. 5 The Russian Treaty is very persistently pressed upon all Congressmen who call at tnesStaieDe jpanmenL Mr Seward Is exceedingly anxious to “nave it ratified. The Idea that the final action of the bccate can be postponed till next winter. Is not well founded, for the treaty contains a clause requiring that 11 must be acted upon within three months from the dale It was signed. The Com mittee on Foreign Relations meet again to-mor row for consideration. Governor Morton,' one of Its members, etronmy favors ratification. ABOUT KOKISATIOX9. It has transpired that nominations ofEirby haJtn ar-g Sol. Meredith were sent in to the tSenite without Mr. Beward'a knowledge. Tee President nominated A. K. Jorcs, of Cinclnovli, Against his positive promise to give the appoint ment to Eayes or Eggleston. Th* whole matter of appointments, confirmations and rejections bias degenerated Into a most disgraceful bargain Jj s,' to which the President, outside ring, and .several Senators are parties. iiorta or tub south. A gentleman who'e chances ol observation have been excellent has just reached this ary iromOal ■vestas, having visited nearly all the principal -towns In Ibe enti and seaboard Sta’es. He says -tnemost noticeable fact regarding the elate ol the 3>ntilic mlrd is, that the disaffected everywhere are rapidly transferring their hopes from Johnson to the Supreme Court. BIGISTXES OF BAKE ELI PTC r. .Ike Supreme Court circular, giving information relative to tbe appointment of Begistersof Bank ruptcy, has not been folly perfected* bat will probably be gu en out Monday or Tuesday. , TILE SOHB OF TIXPBBASCE of this citv tbave resolved to ask Congress next eceeion to pass a prohibitory liquor law tor this District. BEFCBUCAX TAPZn AT BICHXOKD. Advices from Richmond axe that a movement is In progress there lor the establishment ol afirri class Repubican paper. It i« probable tbit one *f the existing journals will be bought out. Bo tun men are in the movement. Tbe Preeidonl’s aunday organ says: Though tbe swoid is upraised over one-ha'f ot our country, subordinating judges, Junes, sheriffs and legisla tors to iu imperious fiat, yet law is uiUl-vindicated -north of the Potomac. The Supreme Court of the Tutted Slates is enthroned iupo.'er la the capital ol the nation, and tbe proefc-s of its Marshal is jet more potent than the mandate of an Executive or the enactment of a Congress. xixwna or irn. stevex?. Hon.Tbaodeus Stevens has been confined to his q>ed ever since Wednesday lost, from general prostration and an affection of the heart. Mr. Seward called this aftercoon, hot Mr. Stevens was too ill to eee him and other inquiring friends. EESSIA-AamtlCAS TREATY. Within a few days past there has been a large contribution of lacts from various sources con cerning the character of Ibe Russian American territory, serving to show that comparatively tit tle hereioiore been known concerning iL In consequence of these new revelations, mere is a better prospect than there was a week ago for a ratification of the pending treaty. COXFIBKATIOKS. Wafiototok, April 7.—The Senate has con firmed the nominations of E. M. Horton, as Mar shal of the District of West Virginia, and A. H. 'Winter, Marshal of the Southern District of Mississippi; Jso.J. Beatie, Postmaster of Vlrden, Illinois ; Major General Edward McCook to be First Lieutenant In the Fourth United State* tteg tuar Cavalry. E EJECTED. The Senate rejected Geo. M. Robinson as Re ceiver of Ihuillc Money at Manaska, Wisconsin ; alsoF. M. Field as Postmaster at Lexinirxon, Mis souri, and W. D. Voss as Postmaster at Blooming ton, Indiana. DISBELIEVED Gentlemen here well informed on Mexican af fairs dlsoelievta the report, ns Vera Cruz, of General Escobedo’s defeat. FBO3I THE PACIFIC. Destructive Floods In Arizona—Anoth er *n*lliin /kttni'ii — Aid t J |Ue BOUlh'-Ff Destitute, Ac, SakFuahcuco, April 6.— Late advices from Ar ixonaTcirttory elate that greai damage had been done by the Hood?. Arizona city was mandated. SJevenu booses were washed away. Ifce Apache Indians bad attacked the men la charge of the Mowery mine, and killed one and ■wounded several. Oscar Bnckatcw, nephew of ijnJted States Senator Bnckslew, ot Pcnnsylva t'i, was dangerously womded. Five Indians ■were killed and a number wounded. Tbe sav ages were well armed with grins and rifles California Steam Navigation and the Cali fornia. Oregon and Mexican steamship Compa nies. the latter known as Ben llailiuar.>llne,ha»c combined to obtain tbe withdrawal of the anchor The leading bankers and capitalists of this city &ave purchased the steamships Idaho, Montana Orgonlan, for the purpose of placing a line tn oDDOfiiuon to the steamers for Ne« York ria Pan ama. It is understood the vessels have already joafie connections on the Atlantic side. An enthusiastic meeting was Held last night, in «ld of the destitute people of the Southern State Low. President. Over was sub- Icrlbcd. Arrangements were made to make col lections flironghont the I‘a=ißc states. fee ex tras navigation, railroad, stage and telegraph c”MiliSh.T» pares tbelr fBOH SPEESGFXELD. Taut Dny-Inve«tlEM»«n of the *s**” ° f the Insane Asylum—klccilon for SMicnir Pentonai—New Corporations, itc- [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] sriu-HoriELD. April ?. The Governor has issued bis proclamation ap pointing the I3ih day of April a? a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer, in commem oration of the death of Abraham Lincoln. Aa the considera tion for this purpose one year ago seems not less .applicable: now. the language of ibc proclama tion issued then Is snbstinUtllv repeated In tbe y resent one. As to appoint a committee to invieiigate the management of the insane Asylum, tbe Trustees have determined to .discover any maltreatment of nation's or im proper mnnacmacn* or tbe Asylum, and lay the result .before the public. Tbevlnrlteall witnesses* to appear before the Board on the Stuot Junenext. Correspondence from all person* interested may he addressed to either of the Tru-teei. A writ has been Issued b> the Governor for the election of bberufol Brown Coimlv. vacated hy the dea'b of Granville S. Kirdred. Tne elec tion is to be held on the first of June. Hebert Douglas, one of tbe Trustees of the lu dustnal Ucivcrsiiy, has resigned ou account of ill. .hca'th. The bond of K- M. Bane, George W. Bores, It. B. Batch, Thomas O. Osborne, and others. lessees of the penitentiary, was filed with the Secretary of Slate yesterday. Articles of association of the Photographers Union Supply Company of Ccicsgo, capital $100,001; tne Galena Manufacturing Compaq, of Grime, .cepitxl SIOO,OOO, tad the HUn-iti Steam Force Company of Chicago,-capital *IIOM. were filed with taet i «a , ctary of state to-diy. . Thu Macon County Agricultural society will bold tbtir Annual Fair September 131. FBOS XEXICO. The Reverted Detect of Escobedo Denied- Movements of Saeta Auk. New Tons,’April 7.—The ITiraii't specials from San L’lU Potori tia Galrcatoo, tleov thure portofthe defeat of Escobedo. Oa tie contrary, ilia said Maximilian's forces made sorites from Queretaro ■ and were drives baric, alter fire hour,- S ard fighting. Both Braties are bring reinforced. £ cobedo having dra«n in bis lines, leaving open one road from Mexico city. „ - Forced Joans were levied In ail ,lae Tju-tql cities. Several Americans were arrested at Bag dad lor assaulting a Mexican guard. • Ihe Mexican Minister at Washington his rclla .o'e information that Sanra Anna Is orginlzmg a filibustering force for the Invasion of Mpxco The party Is knovn as an immigration society,’ and has many military notaries among it# msm "Tno following la an extract from a letter received m tvaablaeton to-day. dated Vera Cruz. March 22: -“lhe Imperial Commissioner at Pnebla leaves by tbe steamer Alabama, and this shows bow U tie confidence people have in the success of the Em pire. Passenger# non the interior report that i-icneralDla* was attacking the city ol Puebla, be'uc already In pojeesrion of ‘be outer wor.'? andagreaterpartof the city. The Imperialists were r.fluced to the plaza or square, sort b/tbU time they have undoubtedly been cantered, and General Diaz will be left tree to march on the city of Mexico, where lie had already a large portion of his atmy in good position. PItQJI LOUISVILLE. Antics of si Drunken Law Student— Union Victory-Fatal Accident. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Louisville, April 7. Some time since a dissipated law student named Barlow, from Tennessee, attempted the ast-ossi nation ol z fejion student, and shot General Mur ray, who attempted to disarm him, eerloualy. To-day Barlow attended Walnut Street Bap’iat Church. Ur. Smith was conducting tbe service, when Barlow d:cw a revolver and fired two shots. A scene of the wildest confusion craned. Women screamed, bunted and otherwise raised a feminine row. and mt-n rushed towards Barlow, with cries ot “kill him I” Badow whs turned over to the police and quiet restored. He is Insane from the inordinate nse ct liquor, Tbe election ot Saturday was a glorious Union victory. All the city ticket u> elected by o-er two tcoiuand majority, it cheers the hopes for a Union cause in May aud Anum-t elections. John Tmi cr, & man aged forty, formerly oT wlncinoati, fell down stairs at hi* boardinghouse eu Saturday night* and was.lktilty injured. FROM PITTSBURGH. Serious Railroad Accident ontfaoPennayl- raaia Road. Ptttsbphoh, * April 7.—About l o’clock this afternoon the Ciosrinnau Express east, which left here at if o’clock, was thrown from the track near Wall Station, on toe Pennsylvania Brilroad. Two baggage, two passenger cars, tender and ex press were i.adly wrecked. Martin Bracken, of Pittsburgh, hraketnan. bad a thigh badly crushed and lacerated. He is also injured internally.' HU recovery is doobtftil. Peter HcOra'ey of La (robe, Pa., was injnred In the fbot: Rooert H. Kerr, of Latrobe, the engineer ; was slightly scalded, and inlated in ternally; WODam Wilhelm, of Philadelphia, baggage master, contusion of shoulder. None of the passengers were injured. Ihe • accideut was reused by fire cross ties and a rail bein'* placed across tbe track for tbe purpose of throwvig the tram trom the track. A suspicions looking naan in tbe meadow mar by ta suspected of bein'* ibe guilty party. He was arrested and brought lo ibisctlT. He admitted having done ibe deed* but declined to answer any questions or give any came. FROM.HEW TORE. Committal of a Nlnrdorcr Arrest of a (tonuicrl'eiier—l’he U orMstmeu’s HthKe. Nevv ouK, April 7.—Anthony W*br, who a tew nights s lice stabbed anu killed Stephen C. Catland, has been committed on a verdict of ibc .oioner s jury. Four hnucrtd and nineteen deaths occurred is tills city lust Ui-ck. Nathaniel Oakley was arrested yesterday on a charge of engraving a plate to print fractional currency from. Captain John Rowell is building a vessel, 23 feet long, to l»e propelled by four sous, arranged likctbcsailfiorawinoinill, m which he intends to croea the ALaulic. A new counterfeit sto bill on tbe National Bank f T Cherry Yatioy, New York, is in circulation. At a meeting of the'V.»-M;.nmen’s Union last night*' it vtas s’atcd tbstT*') carpenters out of 950 ou a strike* had she advance. In Brook l>i* it was esnitd l..«; ..w had been entirely succe siul.' - - - . FROM LITCHFIELD. Destructive Fire— lo«i 630,000—Insa- ranee 812*000. I rrcHriEXD,lj3., April 7.—A Are ttila moraiDc, of State and Kirkham streets, destroyed Levi’s dry goods and crocery *[orp, f. \y. Dahl’s hardware store, Dicta iStmth’s grocery, cod three other buildings occupied as stores and saloons. Loss $80,000; insurance $12,000. Fatal Affray, Atxawt. April 7. —A shooting aSnj occurred here this evening, which It is likely will prove fatal. Two young men, named Butrie aod Mc- Laughlin, while walking together, were accosted by a third, named Ettls. who had bad some mia ut demanding with Butrie. Approaching, he said to Butne, U 1 am going to shoot'you;” whereupon Butrie ran ofl, and fell just as Ellis fired. The shot missed its aim, when BUD, turn ing, fired his second shot at McLaughlin, wbo had no; moved. The bail penetrated one of his lungs, and It is reported he cannot recover. Euis Is un der arrest. From Charleston. Ceableetor, April 6.—General Scott, Commis sioner of the Frtedmen’a Bureau, - for this state, uas issued a circular letter to the Freedmeo, de precating the violent assertion of their supposed neb s, and urging them lo have recourse to the count- lor r.ureaefur wrotura. i lib letter refers n> the itcoct street car disturbance. From Canada. Ottawa, C W., April 7.—Parliament is pro •irucc nn.)! the icth oi May. Uhe ci L couni on American invoices is twenty per cent. lUcctioD lo tvaiiTlile. loczsvtU-E, Apill 7.—Philip Tomppert, Inde pendent Democrat, was re-elected. Mayor yt-eler tlay by 2,018 majority. Total vote polled, 0,072. MJPKEJIE COUBT OP ILLINOIS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Ottawa, April 5. AD the Judges present. 23. Submitted by appellee on briefs to be filed tO. Itoli; to jolnin error by Cth- Sct, Submitted by appellant on briefs to he filed. S 3. Motion to dismiss appeal by appellee. 03. Submitted br plaintiff on brief-* to be filed. €G. Appeal dismissed by agreement of parties oD file. SO. Submitted by. both parties on bnefa to oe filed. S 2. Motion for farther time for filing abstracts. - SC. Submitted by delendaut on bricis to bo bled. ‘ • fg. Submitted by both parties on briefs to bo filed by the 15th of May. ty. uabmioed by both parties on brief* to be filed. VI. Motion to quash writ, I*2, Heath of plaintiff suggested. . Asked that Perry A, Armstrong os administrator be substi mied. 05. Time for assigning errors entended to 6th ol May. !>&.' Motion to strike bill of exceptions from file. 121. submitted by appellant on oriel to be filed. :i/7. Submitted by both parlies; on bnefe to he Sled, by agreement, by SOth of May. ill. by agreement of parties, the court la asked • to set asicc continuance. Granted. Alsu,, ab stract by agreement to be filed by 17th, and case snbmitteu on bricis to be filco afterwards. 118. Defendant submits on brief to be filed by Ist ol May ; also by plaintiff 122. hobnailed by, defendant in error on briefs u> be filed • 1-20. Submitted by plaintiff on briefs to be filed by lUth of May. IST. Submitted by plaintiff on brief s to be filed by Ist of May. ISS. Same as 121. 119. James Ciap etal. vs. Geo. W, Held ct al. Leave to withdraw Joincerand file pless not allow ed, as plaintiff is not iu court. Rule asked to bring plaintiff in court granted, on notice to said plaintiff. 13U. Samuel Hanna vs. Jonathan Rrichia. Ap- Ecal irom Cook. Snbmit-.ed by both parties on rirfs to be filed by May Ist 183. David Nichols vs. Wm. Mercer. Appeal lo bureau. Submitted by both parties on briefs to be filed by itttb of May, by agreement. . 140. Wm. Burris vs. George W. Jackson etaL Appeal from Bureau. Submitted by both parties on briefs to be Hied by 15tb of May, by agreement. 141. Thornton Cummlugs vs. Utu C. Tilton. Appesl from Bureau. Same as 140. 142. Edwin S. Humphrey vs. Thoe. Clement Appeal from Bureau. Same as 140. 156. Simeon E. Perry vs. Orrln J. Bose. Appeal trom Cook. Reversed and remanded foe' non rejoinuer In error. iC3. The Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw Railroad •.ompanyvs. Samuel Wicaery. Appeal trom Rock Island. aubnaitco by appellant uu Oriels oq hie. (34. The Toledo, reona & Warsaw Railroad Company ve. Russ»-il B. Foster, who sacs for him svlfua wrliasior thepeopla. Appeal from Liv ingston., Submitted by appellant ou briefs to t>ufljtd.' 4s. Motion to strike additional record trom files. An Extraordinary Escape, A Scotch paper—the Haddington Courier— has an extraordinary story of tbe escape of -a miner who fell down tbe shaft ofa coal-pit : ear Tranent. An old shall was made use 01 to open np a communication with a new pit recently sunk. About half way down tbe shaft, which was 27C feet deep,.a wooden staging, composed of strong two-inch planks, was built, completely Intersecting the down shaft, to afford a firm, looting to the minors entering the side shaft. At the bottom of tbe dors shaft was a considerable accumulation of water, as is usual in pits which have not been worked for some time. On the occasion in Question, a young man named ilylne, rather than wait for the com paratively tedious process of being lowered down by the windlass, said he would slide' down the rope. - Disregarding tbe j advice of bis companions, be got upon the rope, and they were in another moment horrified to tec that he had lost hold of it. The crash of bis body against the wooden staging was heard, and they were making preparations to descend for the mangled remains, when a cry for assistance was beard coming np from the very bottom of the pit. The rapidity of Tils descent of 170 feet had propelled him through the two inch boards as neatly as if his liody had been a rille bullet, and with about m little injury.- for not a bone was bro ktnand,excopt a small scratch on the chin,his jiereon did not. bear tbe slightest mark of coming In contact with anything during the descent. Falling into the water at the boi-. tom, he had, on coming to the surface, prov-. idcntlally thrown his arms oversome wooden frame-work which happened to be there and - had thus been saved. The was found here, and was conveyed home quite con scious, and under medical care was soon able to go out of doors. The 6Tory has certainly the appearance of a fable; jef If It is possible to shoot a candle through an inch board, why cannot a man be shot through a two-inch plank? Tbe narrative is at least amusing, and anybody who chooses can have the liberty of doubl ing that it is well authenticated. «A tsoa of abe People.’) A journal of Lecnago cites a curious-scene dt improvisation ol which Garibaldi ,lwa bttnlhc hero in that town-. He was called out seveial limes by an immense crowd, and. To reply to repeated cries of ,‘Loag live Garibaldi, Son of God !” he said,: “You elve me a came which tvoula serve the priests to calumniate me. : The title of Son of God does not suit me. - I am the son of the people, ready to snatch‘up a sword or a gun. No other title suits me. iI am not of the religion of the Pope. (Voices—‘Nor are we.’) The priests condemn cight-teoths of the human family to hell. lam not with tbe priests. lam with the Gospel of God, which loves all men.” is §-■■ ■ '• 1 ■ ’■ " -J'il In i'ii; ... f ,V. i '-"v Chicago (Trilnim-. TOL. XX. RECONSTRUCTION. Opinions of Generals Lee and Beauregard, Another Letter Prom Governor Patton, of Alabama. [Correspondence of the New York Herald.] Lxzzsqtok, Ya., March SI. After a tardy and disagreeable ride over tbe most miry road, ffomthe Naturalßridgi to this place, that it has ever been my mis fortune to witness, I arrived here this cveniEg, having accomplished a distance of fourteen miles in seven hours, which will give a faint idea of the horrible state of the roads In this country. Having a letter of Introduction to General Lee, I called at his residence late this even ing and was received by himself in a kind but courtly and dignified manner. I found him to be all that has been said of him as a gentleman, at-d very shortly felt completely ut ease lu I:s presence. Hu was affable and very agreesblu. and seemed to be well in- Termed upon mutters in his .immediate lo cality and tbe ctmdlilou ol the State general- Iv, in which ho takes the deepest interest, the welfare of the people' being evidently most at heart. He ; discussed without any reserve whatever all subjects on this head. ' The General said bo believed the people in this section were probably in a better con dition than those in almost any other part of the State, rone of them being tn actual want of the necessaries ot life. Some cases of ex treme destitution had recently been brought to his notice by letter, in the southern portion of the State, and he mentioned one family of distinction who were suffering. He also re nted, with some feeling, tbe cose of a lady m Alabama, who had written to her sou, then at his college, to come home immedi ately, as she.could no longer afford to pay his fees, and stating that of all the negroes they had had, every one had de -1 eerttd her save one, even those whom she before considered - most faith ful. -This was on the line of some railroad, by which the negroes in its vicinity had nearly all emigrated to other States. Speak ing of the colored population, to whom he is strongly attached, their propensity to congregate in towns and clues was to be deplored, rather than to work steadily on farmß'Where their labor was at the present time so essential, and where they would be amply remunerated. A great many healthy, able-bodied men In this town were living on tbe earnings of their wives, who washed for the students at college, while they conld ob tain plenty of wprk, in the country. The General also remarked that a letter he had received from Genera! Hampton had men tiuned that a great deal of destitution ex isted in both S"Utb Carolina and Mississippi. I remarked, “General Hampton has been giving some sensible advice to tbe negroes hi Columbia.” To which he replied, “So I have hcaid. Tbcv will soon, doubtless, be able to judge for themselves, and should be educated to such a standard.” Kaowingbls reticence with regard to matters politic, I al luded as delicately as possible to the reports that have recently been promulgated in the newspapers purporting to give tils views as to the course the Southern people should pursue under the present' circumstances, when be eaid, “You must excuse me, sir, from expressing myself upon that sub ject. My position Is a verv peculiar one. I am a parollcd prisoner, ; and have no right to speak upon political mat ters. and anything! may have said has only been amotg my immediate circle of friends, from whom it doubtless escaped nnlnten- 1 tonally* and reached the newspapers.” I then remarked, *‘The reports alluded to have been published io the cutlrc press of the country, and in this way will have a de cided effect with the Southern people,” which elicited the following: “I wish tne Southern people to take such measures as will most speedily restore them to their prosperity, with that view I was in favor ol a convention to accept the terms of the Military Bill, bnt now 1 learn that the Sup plementary BUI places that power In the hands' of the military commander.” •• I re marked such was the case, when lie said, *‘l hope that every citizen who can vote, will vote so as to secure the speedy restora tion and welfare of the country.” During our conversation the General said be disliked being paraded before the public in newspapers; but of euch importance and general interest to the publip are his opin ions at the present time, I feel it a duty to give latm so far as I succeeded in obtaining them in a fair and legitimate manner. lie coniines himself io his uwu sphere uf duties aid never even reads a newspaper, so that what he knows ot the situation is heard in conversation with others. Hercmarkedthat he beard the Legislature were to reassemble, but be thought if tbc business of the session was completed they would be more wise in staying at home —an opinion io which nn nitrons citizens of Virginia will concur. It is a mtewortby feet that while' at all previous sessions « the College and Insti late here quarrels and disturbances between the stndei ts aid cadets were of frequent oc currence, tut, such Is the Influence of Gene ral Lee’s presence, and so great is the re spect in which he Is held by all, that they will make any sacrifices rather than have a quarrel that might reach his ears, and now a spirit of emulation for good behavior Is en gendered between them. Views ot General Beauregard. New O bleaks, La.. March 28,1667. Wm. H. C.King, Editor or the Hew Orleans Timet, New Orleans, La.: - Dear Sib: ' Tou have done me the honor to call for my opinion relative to the ac tion of the South under the Military Bill. Having seldom taken any part in politics, X do not feel well qualified to advise on so momentous a question. Nevertheless, os the same desire to obtain my views has been manifested from various quarters, I shall not shrink from the responsibility of expressing them, in the hope that they may tend to quiet the public mind, so Justly alarmed’at this moment. -In my humble opinion, we have but one of two things to do—resist or sub mit. Tte first is inadmissible iu our pain lully exhausted condition. Fourjears ofa desperate war have taught us that theargu ment of the sword can no lougcrtbc resorted to by ua to redress our grievances. We must, therefore, . submit; but with that calm dignity becoming our zeonhoed and our , lost independence.. Having been overpowered In the late struggle we can submit to the harsh and ungenerous conditions of our conquerors- without dis honor, and wc must adopt the least of two evils; a futile resistance would only cause our rivets to be driven closer; wo must then acquiesce or leave the country. But wc love too dearly the land ourol birth to abandon it In itss everest hour of trial. We should avoid, also, bringing it, by Internal dissensions to the condition of poor Mexico, and tbe un fortunate South American Republics.: With regard to tbe suffrage of the Frecdmen, however objectionable it may he at present, it is an element of strength for tbe future. If properly handled and directed we shall de feat our adversaries with their own weapons. Tbe negro Is Southern bora; with a little education and some property qualifications, he can be made to take sufficient interest in tbe affairs and prosperity of tbe South to insure an vote on his part. In onr future political con tests with the North, on protective tariff, internal Improvements, &c., the frecdmen of the South will side with the whites of the South and of the West, and they will thus contribute to give us hack the influence we tonneriv uaa in tbe councils of the nation. Our people bhoold understand that the Radi cals can remain in power only so long as the public excitement is kept up; as with the • nrbid waters of , the Mississippi River, the •edimcntsry particles arc kept up at the sur face only so long os tbe waters are in motion ; tbe instout tbe current Is checked those par ticles fall to tbe bottom. Thus will it be with the Radicals when peace and quiet are restored to the coun try. The Conservatives will. then take the reins in their own hands, and the Constitutional laws of the land will once I more prevail. I remain yours respectfully, G. T. Beaubbgabd. LctterfrMii Governor Patton with ttegare to tbe Proposed Appeal to the Courts. .. Executive DEPAirnmKT, t Moktt.omkbt, Ala., MarcbS". J non. Albert Voorhles, Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana, New Orleans: A heavy press of business has prevented an cai lier reply to your favor of the 6th inst. You perhaps have seen in the public prints a letter which 1 wrote a short time since on the general political situation. I scut you a copy of the ilonlgomery Advertiser which contained the letter. •• It seems to me that it is the true feeling of the Southern people to contribute their best influence In favor of an early organiza tion oi their, respective States; in accord ance with the requirements of the recent re construction act. Congress claims the right to control this whole question. In my hum ble judgment it Is unwise to contend longer against its power, or to struggle further’ against its repeatedly expressed will. I T um clearly of the opinion that an appeal to the Courts would accomplish no good. • If a test case were bioughtbefore the judiciary, It wou’d open up a series of the most com plicated questions which perhaps ever en gaged the attention of any tribunal. Ques-, lions of such vast, magnitude could not speedily be disposed of. They would neces sarily require much time, and before a con clusion could be reached, the Southern States. In all probability, would bo roily reorganized, under the Congressional plan. Indeed the Supplemental hill provides specifically for a reorganization; and the onlv practical question is, who will partici pate in the work. . If the many donotco optiate in the movement and give It a proper, shape, the few will carry it to completion, and there is :no telling what discrimination may be mode against the non-actlonists. .. . Tory respectfully; 1 , /R. Mi Patton Base Balu—Those who take an Interest fn this inaplring game, will rejoice to ece the welcome tokensof returning summer. Baae bail has now for some time taken Its place as a natlonal out door game, and in the West it has been prosecuted with cxlTaoidlnary vigor. 'As soring advances matters are Bnnmii-g auactive form and a lively season 1b aiiUcipaleu for loliT. A uraiid loorna mcni fr to be clven in Clilc-tso. and tno National Club of WaebliiUton have sUrmficd their intention to pay us a \lf it. Malchcs aro a.readj being arranged that will fully test the ability ol the Excelsior Club to retain the championship of the Northwest. As a-sample of what, may be accomplished through steady practice In baseball wc give the following averages of the Excelsior Club, which have been famished us by one of the members: The Excelsior played in two tournaments, win ning tbe first prize In both. They also played six match games, m all of which they were victorious.’ Tbe clubs they defeated were: The Empire, of Freeport; Detroit, Bloomington. Empire, and union, of SI. Louis, and the Atlantic, ol Chicago-, scoring 137 against 01, their averages runs to a game bring2s and 3to an innings. Their highest score In a single match was 37, lowest 38; their hlgheat score In a single innings oclng 15. The fol lowing is the record of each member: B O £, £ & 3 5 g- 8 O * tS * » 6 6 1.9 S 3 5.0 a 9 i.o la 4.s 5. 11 3.9 is. 3.6 3 8 2.7 10 3.8 4 18 8.2 TO 2.5 5 10 3.2 32 2.4 5 30 3.0 31 2-2 4 IB . 4.0 7 I.S 2 ’6 3.0 3 ,1.5 3 30 3.3 4 1,8 Steams Banker Foley 01iver...... Kenedy .. Goodrich... McNally.. . Thompson. Buoc Obcrlanocr. FRENCH ASSOCIATION. Meeting of French Speaking Citizens— A Union of Effort - Xominalion for Alderman. Canadian Confederation. Ameolingof citizens of Chicago of .French de scent, was held on the TrfTefnoou of yesterday, in French Hell on Hubbard street. .The purpose of the meeting was the consideration of the question of £nch a muon as should ensure to the twenty thousand persons of French deececl Tn the city a representation in the future administration of our municipal afialrs. This was a part of a movement in progress among the French people of tbe Untied Slates at this time. The meetingwas Pre sided over by .Victor Girardic, Esq. The V>ce ITeeldem’d were,E. VPattier, French Canadian; H. lehrun, Belgian, and A. Horan, Swiss. Hr. r.H. Frechette, actco ra Secretary. There was cooeidciablepreilminary discussion. At times this partook quite of a personal char acter, hut generailyTbe speakers devoted tbeir at tention to advocating tbeir right to consideration In the conduct ol our political affairs. The result of the debate was tbe passage ot the following resolutions; Eeiolud) That wc, French Canadian®. Swiss, .Belgians, <tc._, all members of tbe French speaking population of Illinois, declare onreelves to hem. favor ol a political union of all oar elements to afihm our rights and privileges that are conceded to ns by tbcTJonstitotion of the United States. Aeioicrd. That we arc in favor of the election of Mr. Francis Pasdclonpto the position of Al dennanot the Seventh Ward, and that we, will use all oar efforts to sustain him. Be solved. That the present meeting sees with pain acd Indignation the tyranny with which Eng land seeks to impose by force on a million Frenrii people and ceecendaois ot Frenchmen, who live in Canada, a system of Government which tends x> annihilate their nationality, for the defense of nh'.ch they have fhea their blood, and for which ifcpy bore combated during a hundred years, against tbelnunence of Bnum. . il'ti /red. That tots meeting bos seen with plcaMire the resolutions adopted by the Congress of ibc United States, protesting against that in iquitous measure, eonostlle to the interest# of iho French nationality In America. IttsoUfdy 1 hat the thanks of this meeting are tendered lo General Banka for tbe great part u bich he has taken in the passage of those reso lutions and for the Interesi which'he has taken generally In the French established on (his conti nent. Hospital for Women and Children. Ihc sollowing I* the report of the Hospital for Women and Children for March, 1507. Too duoi utr ot palkms treated In the hospital dating the month was twenty. Ibe number admitted was six. The number discharged, seven. The num ber of new admissions at tho dispensary, forty one. The number.visited at their Homes. eleven. Total, stveniy-twc. The claet iCcauon is as follows : a c • o *3 eg *u3T "au. £. 5.S |1 r “ . 0 “ 3 a * • -3 Fi : Medical 2 ‘ 27 0 fe suiglca) 5 C .. 11 Diseases of women 6 3 1 io Diseases of children 3 7 10 Cntaneous diseases 1 S .. 3 Vaccinations. 3 .. .. 2 Obstetrical......... 4 .... 4 Total. The nativities of boose patients' were ; Ameri can, 4; Irish, 0; German, 3: English, S; Cana oian, 2; Norwegian, 1; Swedish, 1: Scotch, 1. BOf Dispensary patients: American, 1C; Irish, 13; tLplUb, 2; Canadian, 5; Swedish,2; German, 2. Outpatients : American. 6; English,2; Irish, 11 The donations for the month of March, IBh7, were as follows: Proceeds of Eon. Wendell Phillips* lecture for the benefit of the Hospital, $136.33:Mra. Geo. Hall, 15.00; J.Farr, Jr., $25.00; Mrs. Ryan,found tn envelope at door, (5.00: cash, $14.00; Mr. C. W. Boss, $5.00; It. DeGrafi, $5.00; Q. W. Gage, 95.00; ... jrfutui i>. a,Waioioq,sS.OO; Mr-. Puleifvr. $S CO; James Kelley, $5.10; itb lials, Shirk & Whitehead. 915.00: Gra>, Clash & Co.. $5.00; Mrs. Phillips, $1.00; Fairbanks & Co., ifi.OO; csbb, SI.OO. Medicines—G. McPherson, eS.CO: £. U. tfirvent, SS.UO; J. Parsons, $5.00; oeo.Bnck, $5.00; Gale & Blockl, $5 00; C. H. Gardner. tS.i 0. Merchandise—Henry Schoclkop ueßros. (meal), 13.00; Hathaway (coal), 15.5 U; Waidtou £ Konnce (coal), $5.50; Porter, Thayer .v Co. (chalre). $8.00: 11. meacb (tea), $1 50; Joel Fills A Co. (meal), S3.CO; E. P. Marsh (hams), -'JO.CU; Slu.l Fon «C Here (towelling). $1.67; Mrs. Dr. Ryder. chickens and dit-bcs; 11. B. Gardner, wood; spoons, $1.25; hardware, $3,75 1 hominy, Bi.tO; Chapin Brothers (potatoes). $2.20; Wm, Waldron, turnips. Tbe Ferris imposition. To the Editor of the Chicago -Tribune; in jour issue of Monday, the l&coi April, ap i eats a communication trom Joseph linras, v<hich grossly misrepresents me in tbe pa ll :ook in exposing the Ferris “ dark circle” h im oug. The following statement of facte will snfll • lently refnie bU assertions: On Frida; evening, March 15tb,1 attended a nance upon the solicitation of some friend*, and at tbe request of the Ferrises, who desired to c onvince me of my errors. At a certain stage of •bo proceedings 1 opened a dark lantern, expect ing to delect the ‘‘ controlling spirit' 1 In the act cf perpetrating a fraud. Mr etiort was a failure, tbe light not being instantaneous, and giving ibe spirit time to withdraw tbe cane,wblch was discovered near the bureau. Mr. Uocsa rep resents me as expressing mytelf satisfied that mere was no utekery, implying a conviction on my part that epiiiia were tbe operators. This is untrn". I Mated to answer to the questions put to me, that from w hat X had seen I believed the whole tiling lo be an Imposition. Having completed my investigation—tbe result' of which appeared in the TnnncKE—the following Monday, Mr. Lines?. supposing the paragraph was a n port of Friday evening’s periormance, called upon mo in reference to tbe matter. It appeared from onr conversation that he was referring to Friday eienti-g, while my communication tied reference to another night’s perfomance at which Mr. Unerawas not project, and when we detected Mrs. Forris with the gmtafem her hand. In the face of all this Mr. Llncse writes what ho Is pleased to term a refutation of tbe article in quetnion referring to the doings of. Friday and Monday, and then conanes himself entirely to an account of Friday evening’s per formance, for which I claimed nothing. To what miserable shifts arc the dark circle worshippers reduced in propping up their base impositions on tUC public. W. F. dAXIESON. Legal Metes. “ Justice Sutherland, of the Supreme Court of New York, has rendered a decision that practi cally reduces gold from a currency to a commod ity. At a time when gold wos the standard cur rency an agreement was made to pay a certain sum in gold. Alter the act declaring greenbacks to be legal tenders the amount was tendered, not in gold, according to the contract, but in national paper currency. Upon this tbe question arose, and the Justice decided the tender to be good.”— Exchange. The same question was decided a year since In the Superior Court, of Chicago, by Judge Gary. The suit was against a banker of Chicago to re cover on a certificate of deposit,of gold. The Court beld. among other matters, that as tbe judgment must be for dollars, and as it could not cxcced|lho amount oi the demand, the act of Congress having made greenbacks a legal tender, the judgment could be, therefore, satisfied b; tbe payment of the judgment in dollars of green backs. Meteorological < The following is tbe meteorological record of the week ending Saturday. April GtU. ISQ7, as kept by J. G- Lancgntd, Jr., .Optician, No. 115 liaLdolnb street. The temperature is taken to the ftafle. The direction and force of the winds aie given approximately, with tbe barometric Blnlodes—the small biters being the Initials of the words “high.” “breeze,” “gentle,” “veer log,” “rain,” “scow,” “moist atmo6phsre,”aad “ dry:” • liuuuauu. ... KlCbt . . Bain to Date, preceding.- 7a.m. SP.m. B£.m. 3 Men 31 'SS- 41 39 .... Toe* 30 83 . . 40 . , . 40 Wed.....' 40 • • 4G C 2 59 Tim. 42 : 49 ' 44 40 Ftl »••»!; •■43 41 .013 5at...... SO 35 , 53 49 ' .... BABOKETEB.' 7 s.m. ’ 2 p. m. Date. Mcr’y. Wind. Wer’y. Wind. Mer’y. Wind. Suiu.Jfl3.lß S.W.c. 29.09 S.W. e. . 29Jil S.W. g. , Moa ..29 00W.S,W.h. 29JJ2 W.S.W, b. 39.10 S.W.Ti. Tucs. .39.91 N. W. e.v. 29 43 W.BV. 29.40 S.W. g.. i* e. 29.24 a. h.V. 29.17 N.W.b.T. 11m.3.018.W.e.v JSDSW.t.v. 39.15 N.W.b. Fr1....39.13 N.W.h.*. 29.V0N.W. e. 3L27N.W.E.T. Sat.. .39.33 S.W. p.- - 29.3C4LW. b. 39.12 S.W. g. Bcuezug or a Dweluso.—At one o'clock iblr morning, Ibc alarm foe box Cl sonnded. ■ The occasion was tbe breaking oat of a fire, in a dwelling situated la an alley, near the corner ol May and WeetKinzie sheets, and owned and oc cupied by a Norwegian' named Shorn, a carpen ter. There was considerable difficulty expe rienced by tbcaicamcrs In reaching the spot. The Tltawoith came to a stand-stlil in tbe mud on EUzle ftreet and before water could be thrown on the- fire -toe building was nearly destroyed. The vicinity was thickly studded with small cot tages,and only the most active exeitions of tbe firemen kept the flames from spreading. The house of Mr. Strom was totally consnmcd. to gether wi'h all the fumttnre. The loss amounts to shot $1,200, ol wblcn SBOO is coveted by insur ance in the Equitable, of Chicago. Acknowledgincnt, The Trustees and Managers of the Chicago Hos p! al for Women and Children desire to make rratcfnl'ackoowledgmcnt to Mr. Wendell Thlllios tor las lecture In behalf of the Hospital; Mr. U. H Crofcby, lor the free use of the Opera House ; Mr. Ed»ln Lee Brown, managing the lecture, and -to other gentlemen for favors rendered, : The. lee ■tnienetted to:tbe Hospital (456.53, which will greatly aid the struggling Institution. - ! Utilizing the Dead.—lt seems a serious thing to make light of death, yet.somedjs : gnslToply practical Frcich tavan proposes to literally perpetrate that enormity. , His theory—advanced through the medium of La Gazette Medicate dc Lyons—]a that human bodies are ol present-wasted, whom they might as well be utilized by dlstilUzallon Into gas to be used for Illuminating pur poses. He remarks, In a sort of grimly hu morous vein: ‘'Goal is being exhausted, and since tbe human carcass is capable of supply a gas of good illuminating power, CHICAGO. MONDAY. APRIL 8. 1867. why should it not be employed to this end ?. In India, they say, the idea is already real ized.' By a process ot combustion !n retorts, & corpse of ordinary dimensions may be made to yield twenty-five cubic metres of Illumin ating..gas, which, at a cost of twenty-five centimes per cubic metre, would give a value of about eight francs for a deceased friend of about medium size.” -Bailroad Travel In Europe. Tbe following, statement of prices on the railroads of Europe, per one hundred miles, in first, second and third-class carriages, and on express trains, may he Interesting to Americans who are about to visit Europe,; or to those who would contrast the expense of travelling here and there : ■ Russia—First class, 14s fid; second class, 10a lOd; third class, 3s. Pioam—Flistclasp. 12sCd; second class. Ith; third class. 3a 2d. Express trains—First class, 14s: second class. 12s. Ibc Rhine—First class, lls lOd; second class, 8a; thild class, 8a lOd. • - Norway—First class, 335; second class. Os; third class, 4s 6d. Sweden—First class,' lie; second class, 7s Cd;; thhd class, 4s.Dd. Express, trams—First class, 13s; eecoiid case, It's. Bavaria—First class, 30s; second class, 7s; third class, 4s lOd. Beldam—First class, 10s 3d; second class, 7s Od_i third class, ss. i ■* Wurtemberg—First class. 10s 3d; second class,- Cs6d; third class, Ss la. 1 Denmark—Finn class,' 12s; second class, 9s; third class. 6a. • Spain—First class, 14a 7d; second class, IDs sd; third c ars, ba 3d. ' Anstria—Ffrtt class, 38s; second' class, 10tf 3u; third class, Ga Co. ■ • 1 ■ Saxony—First class, He; second class* 8a &d; third class,Cd £d. Switzerland—First class, ISs: second doss, Os; third clasf,Cr&. - Ijaly—Flretcjawj4s LAecond-daavi-dar 6d; ibiio clawJ'Tß., Express train—Firat class, 16s ; M-c6nddate,l2s. •’.Porttunil— First class, 13s 3d; second class, 10s;

thud class, 7s. Dohan't—First class, 14s; second class. 10s; third class* 7s. , • -. France—hint close, 14s 6d; second class, 14s; third class. 7s Cd. Great Britain and Ireland—First class.lS* Cd; secord clars, 18s 4d; ttlrd class, Bs. Express train—First class, 21s; second class, iGs SO. 1 From this table It will be seen that on the express trains on European roads there are no thlrd.clasß corriaccs. It will also, be seen that Russia and Prussia accommodate the working classes at the cheapest rite, while the tariff of Great Britain and Ireland is the highest of all for first, second and third-class carriages and express trains. It must, however, be home In mind that in those foreign conLtries where tbe rail ways do not belong to the State the share holders receive considerable Government ns sistance in consideration of tbeir being oblig ed to adopt a low tariff. The rates per mile on these roads, reduced to our currency, will not bring travel to as low a standard as in this country; unless we take their third class carriages. ' 1 On tbeir first-class and express trains the average is from four cents per mile to six and a half cents per mile ; on,the second and third from two and a quarter to three and llu ee-quarter vents per mile: Fatal Accident to a Citizen of Detroit* [From the Detroit Union, April 5.J At an early boar yesterday, Messrs. Wm. IT. Burk, of the Commercial Advertiser, and George Slocum, of the . firm of Slocum ,& Thompson, ticket agents and bankers, Trent to the vicinity of the River Rouse'on a duck-hunting expedition. Arriving there, tbCT took a row-boat and went out a distance of two or three miles on the river, where they put out their decoys and commenced operations. Nothing occurred to mar the pleasure of the day’s sport until about 'live o’clock Id the afternoon. Mr. Burk’s gun was deposited in the bottom of the boat, in close proximity to Mr. Slocum’s leg, and thefoiraerwas at the oars while thelatter wes engaged In pulling In one of the decoys. One ot the wires attached to the apparatus accidentally caught the hammer of the pm, and discharged it. The entire charge look effect ib Mr, Slocum’s' leg, jnst below the knee, shattering It In a frightful manner, and breaking the none. Air. Burk at this juncture saw that nothing could be done, for ibo suffering man until • bo reached, the shore, except to tightly bandage his leg above i he wound, and thus stop tho flow of bleed, which was very profuse. This he did with a handkerchief that ho had in his pos session, and with all the speed: possiolo, rowed to the shore, a distance 1 of two and a half miles, arriving there about seven o’clock. The Band BUI Hotel hclngthc nearest house, Mri Bark landed, and with assistance; the wounded man was carried there and cared for. A physician was called from :Fort Wayne, who rendered all the assistance in his power, but to no avail. From the loss of blood and prostration, Mr. Slocum died at half-poet nine o'clock. A Bloody Tragedy. [From the Bruwi.bville(xcxas)Kancnero.March 15.1 The tragedy enacted night before last, re aulting In the killing of John P. Hinds, and the drowning of the murderer W. B. Jack son, would have created an excitement; any where else but on the Rio Grande. Here such things arc taken as a matter of cbnrsc, acd they pass by as commonplace a flairs. Indeed such things arc commonplace; quite too common to be cither creditable or bene ficial to our city. John P. Hinds was a man some sixty years old ; a peaceable, well disposed old man. Jackson, the mnrdercr, was abont'thirty, and apneared the very pink of gentility and perfection. Hinds was “in hls caps/’ and Jackson was two drinks started. Hinds was not only old but weak; Jackson was not only young, but athletic. ' Hinds was:a na tive of New York ; he leaves a family who are in Washington City, a son abd a daugh ter being clerks in some of the departments.. Jackson Is from Baltimore ; beyond which wc know nothing cf him. • , On the night of the murder the pair were great bobashcclics; and as Jackson was so ber, appeared to have the old man under hls protection. At about nine o’clock they went together to the house of. a colored woman of “highrespectability.” Jackson, after they had been there gassing for a short time; In sisted upon seeing the old min ’home!; and assumed a sort of guardianship over him. The old man at once flew in a pet; declaring that he needed no protection; /was 1 not a bigger, and commenced to strike Jackson. The latter drew hls little pocket pistol and Ured, but evidently with the Intention; of frightening the old half-crazy, unarmed man This, however, only rendered the olp man mere furious. - Jackson, then Bred a second fchet which entered the old man’s heart, pf(P duebg death without a groan, struggle or quiver. ; | • ;■; After striking a light to assure himself that the old man was quite dead, of i course Jackeon fled. All murderers flee. lie took to the river, and in his attempt to swim to the land of God and Liberty, was drowned. He called for help when near the steamboat Matamoras; Captain Sam Dalzell went to his assistance just in time: to . sec him sink. Thus the murdered and murderer took their flight heavenward together. And thus ended a tragedv which would have created a sensation anywhere but on this border. Present Condition of the Slave Trade. The committee of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society have addressed Lord Stanley, the Secretary of Foreicn [Affairs, letting forth the present state of the African glare trade. The officers of the cruising equadron.rcport .au almost entire cessation of the export from the west coast of Africa and from Congo; owing, it is believed, to the vigorous efforts of General Dolce, the late Governor-General of Cuba, to break ■ up the trade on the Island. The new Governor- General is represented ’to he favorable to the slave franc, and already several cargoes have been landed on the island, numbering at least six thousand slaves. The commit tee deplore the increase of the slave traffic from the Portuguese possessions on the east' coast. The creator number of the captives would appear to bo carried off to the Como ro Islands and some narts of Madagascar, to Zanzibar and other convenient resorts, to be thence transferred, after sale, to ports In Ihe Bed Sea, whence many find their way into Nubia and Upper Egypt, and also into Arabia. 1 fHasontr isoticga. \TABOFIC--Tiicre will be a Regular iJIX CooTocaiion ol Lafayette Chapter No. 3. R. A. M.. at tbtlr Ball It, the Masonic tempi.*, this (Monday) evening. April Bih. at. 7Jf o'clock, for bh‘lne»s ana Fort on tne M M. Decree A full and prompt attend-, ancc la requested. Visitors cordially flvltcd to meet . . E. N. TUCKER, Secretary. Election Notice; For constable of the third ward. ; JAZaSS ncWIX.U4.BK9, ol the “Workingman's Advocate,** la a candidate, and respectfully solicit* iho tops of his irlendfl and fellow tUzens. imapccllveofparty. = . JFot Sale. FOR BALE—On comer of ‘Sampson and Wett aide, ; . . A FRAME BUILDING,; (34x20) thlrty-elx by ucu, icet. ■ ■ Apply to J. A. SMITH & CO. . HSLake-it. /COUNTRY TJESIDENOE FOB SALE in ibe beautiful town of Waukegan. 111. Good betzee and barn, good veil and cistern water, garden fiult. flower* ano Abode trees. Lot eight rods SQUire. For particulars odilrcrs Box 1191. Chicago. ISiurserieß. TBB! TREES I TREES! -Parties wishing Shade Trees platted, or their Gar dens Improved, can bare the same done by applying at The Hope Xnrsery, 055 North Clark*st. Trees, Shrnha, Rotes. Evergreens aodßeddlnsPlaati fuinlbhtd at the lowest living prices. WILLIAMS, •' W. GOOD. ' I-iiHurance. /OFFICE BREwbTER- * PORTER S V /Inporauce Agency, Empire Building. Nos. Ui and IhO LaSaUr-et n ’ . . • Cin£Ujao, April 6,1367. - , i Notice la hereby given that pursuant to section lour cf the act rf incorporation ot tho WESiTERN RAIL ROAD INSURANCE COMPANY, the UPdcralrtCU Coimulisionen have this day opened book# of sub scription to tho capltarstock ot tho-aald coropmy. 1 IfaeautborUedcaeltfclatoc* is not less than Slid DUO, and shall not txcecd Conditions as to pay ment of subscriptions will ba made known on tpp-lca*' Uonto •. OB*. aiirra l WB T BB ’ 1 Comtniaslpawi.’ Approved Apri16,1567.' ' ; . -• i ii- ~ fCHAS-C.P.HOLDSN, * WILLIAM P. OHEWsTER, Corpsratore, {M. J. McGKATH, j H. it. PJEBCB, ißrptegg (Cnntpahfrg. 'J’HE MEECHANTS 1 UNION Express Company. CAPITA!* .- - $30,000,000. ’ . owned and Operated by Onr Merchants and Manufacturers. , CARRIES BV EXPRESS, Money, Valua bles, Freight end Parcels* ever more tbas .13,000 miles ot Express Lice, at Just and liberal rates, saves Millions yearly to Ex press Shippers, and can be made permanent only by their liberal patronage. This we hope to merit and receive* ' Office, Nos. 103,105,107 ft 109 Dearborn-si ~ ' BiB» COOPER Affonta fiUUtiters. MBS. A. B. SMITH, 124 STATE-ST., WILL OPEN Spring and Summer Millinery, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY* \ • - - APRIL 10.15CT.' * : • (General 'Nblieeg. r ro owMJSKb of water powers, ‘’Brooks' Improved Turbin Water Wbdelj I* the best In we—all Iron, with eight adjustable ebuw. Those wanting a first-class waeel will send : or circular. E.iI.BUOORi-, Michigan City,Xnd. CHIPPING NOTICE—To Chicago O Merchants snd others, THE AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION COMFI, K. M. CALEB & CO., AGEHTS, | No. 7 Coculla Slip, New York. The shore line are nowreceivlrg merchandise and othfr freight InNew Torn, to be lorwarJed via Canal ana steam on Lakes to Chicago. WM. H. BKEWiTER, Gen’l Boston Ag'L RICHMOND & BOND. Agtfflta* Chicago. Tf»HE UNDERSIGNED ANNOUNCES _l_. blmeelf a CiLdlaate tor the office ol | ■ CITY COLLECTOR, Subject to tbe decblon oi the Hr pabllcsu Convention; I sm an old citizen of Chtcsgo—not nch. bat boocst. ■ . ULQBGE IVQS. AUDIIOR’iS OFFICE, ILLINOIS, • • BPBTSGFirLD, April 4, I&J7. Notice Is hereby given that the Bans ol Bloomington, mini ta, ha# filed In this office a bond, as required by tt-e provjkl. n* of an tclcr-llued “An act to amend) the general banking Utr so a# to permit the withdrawal ol securities in certain cues,” Approved February 2a, ifcffl. Tbe retore. nnUw tbe holders of the circulating notes oi said Bank bhalipiesent the samewiibl-, five years fmm th'* bate for redeniption at this offle*, or in’ tbe city of Chicago, op at tba counter ot raid Bank, they will be barred m>m receiving redemption tnereofii Batii notes will be redeemed at the First National Bank tn the city ot Chicago. > . Q. IT. MINER. Andltor. npO LUMBERMEN. I X# XT 3MC B E XL Can be aeaaoced In from i to 4<lay* hy BULKLBT’S PATENT, at an average coit of (1 per M H frum tie erven. rV r clrcnlar or infurmntluu address C. 11. BULKLSV, 3 Case Bonding, Cleveland. Ohio, i TV"OTICE TO &HIPPEKS—The X WESTERN TRANSPORTATION CO. Arenow receiving raetchandlie and crane (rcishttn New York, to oe anipni-d at ly rail and .team around the Lake. orvlaCanai at the opeolsc. Office, corner WaKr-tt- and Old Kbe. New York., L J. W. IUITIE, Agent* Chicago. T O&T UUnHAKUJte. HVe have received from the. Bomb* Auditor the clhelalform ot application for additional bounty ot. fIOC. whire soldier* have lest Iteir dlscharcecmtlll. cate*.- Soldiers »o situated should app*? at on. 0 to DICKENSON & WEUSIEB.I ‘ 9W YTathlogtoa-st Business Caws. gMOKED MEATS. I E. P. MARS H, WHOLESALE DEALER IB PORK, BEEF, LARD, .AND ■ ' • . SMOKED MEATS, 160 6QPTH WATEIt-ST. Albert tick. Importer of ana Dealer in China, Glass and queensware, CUTLERY, BRITANNIA AND PLATED WARS, 133 : Haadolph-at, Chicago. DEAD YET. COOK & FARLEY, Who worn reported dyeing lost season, ARE STILL ALIVE TO Dye for the Living! Ota and faded dolhlns made to look equal ton-w. BriEcln yonr old clothes and have them Dyed and Repaired at our Old Dyeing Establishment, 103* HOCTH t’LAKK'ST, y. 8.-Satlilactl&n gnarantced.' BACON, ENNIS & CO., (Successors to □. BACON & C 0.,) • COMMISSION merchants —IN— .. ’ . FLOUR, GRAIN, &c., So. 11C LaSallc-sf., Chicago. Liberal Advance# made on Connlimincntß. OT Property Bought and Sold on margins. IGHT & D UNTON, ” ’ , Storage, torwardlng and commission merchants, lor the purchase and sale of all kinds of country produce, and give especial attention to sale ol Broom Corn } U Iglavv luc«, Drcaaed Itogt and Live Slock. Alio ncentafbr sale ot SAGINAW .SALT. i-t N. B.—Our rates of commission are those established hr the Board ot Trade, noa: which we do not vary. Consignments solicited. ®o l\cnt. QHEAP DOCK ON MAIN BRANCH TO KEINT, JO fret front bp 125 deep. Apply at 336 North Waier-afc . LUMBER YARD TO BENT. 100 te«t Dock by 500 feet deep, located on the North Pier. Possession given on ihs Ist of May, 1567. Inquireol TXIO9. GOODWILLIE, . . .’ North Pier. ©tanspottatwin. : From new tore to France DIEECT. ' Steamship Great Eastern, SIR »AM£S ANDERSON, Commander, Having been thoroughly refitted, with especial reft}- recce to this »m», will leave New York . APRIL 16, MAT IkS,. JULY », Taking first-data passengers only.' Passage (ineolaor Its equlvalat) tor April trip,lSO. tIOO, |l2O, ac cording to location and tlze of room. j Return tickets at a reduction ol |A uttll August, for«. kS&%.. ■ • .. H 1 Broadway. N.Y. iEjie ani Ear. T~JK. UNDERWOOD. ' STD AHS IAB. Consulting and operauve burgeon for an diseases ana delonnules ol the Eye and Ear, . 124 BANDOI.Pe-Sr. ; gy Croat Eyes straightened in one mlnnte. affitanieb TO GROCERS. A Salesman, with lint class city references and ao Qualntanccln Illinois and lows, la open to an engage ment wlUtßomo good boose. Address 1 “J E n.*- P. O. Box 2C63- Bentistrj). rpEETH EXTRACTED * X WITHOUT PAIN. I BY TBB COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Who orisluatod the use ot the Nitrous Oildo Oat lo: me talDtesscxtractlonof teeth, and have given It t< SLO6O patients without accident cr injury. Office lIS-Dearborn-at. (Times Building.) PersonaL AiRMrSTORES,— ■ - Orrice U. B. CoMinsaxiiT op Scnstsmscr,) No. 226 JclTcrfon-ar , • > •* : Dftsott,WichioaS. Aprilßth, 1P67. ) Scaled proposals (In duplicate) will be received oy the undersigned until B’o’clock p. m. Aprtuatb, ifiu7. lor supplying (bribe use cft&e U. a. subsistence Department ' ' !ip.CGO pt.tnids prime NEW. WQITB BEANS, uniform lu sire.clean, loot d ana dry. packed in good, bright, well-coopered laireli, to be full nead-Uieu.- PrbpueaiA must stats the time when the Beanican be delivered—me prices per pound, it delivered at De tnlt, Mich.; and also the price# If delivered at CM- Thi prices named In the proposals wUI bo for tho article delivered free of expense to tho United atatos I-T U/ayage, cooperage, or package*, at such places in the citiv* named as msy be hereafter designated by the codtrsigned. :. i , _ . . Propoials p uat be it clot cd In a scaled envelope, ad arcsied tothe tmdersigted and endorsed ‘Proposals Samples cf the beans must bo delivered with the preut>#.lß*uf.refe#t.dtathciclo. All » nicies will be carefully Inspected by an Inspect or on the part ct the United States, and no article will bo received *w» paid tor until it baa passed ihieluspvc-. non.and a certificate to that sdTect' has oeen attached to the original bill. i ' - The seller’s same,. place at bus lues*, and the date of purchase as well as thaname 'of coaterw,with snip - pirgmarka to be hare*flex designsted, mtut be plainly .marked on every package. *** othsr old marks must beobllteratetr. ‘ • - AcopycftilßsdvertU'ment (a slip fromanewspa per) must be attached to each * >ro^ 6 S,* ACFEEL Y Bvt. C-l. and C. S. U. o, A. Uustncgg (Eat®*. NEW STYLES LADIES’ SATCHELS. An IMMENSE STOCK sad New Stylet fbr 16C7, *6 CHAB. A- TATXOB’a 61 SOUTH CLABK.-BT., " (Opposite Sherman House.) CHICAGO GLASS (HIDING CO. AD kinds and varieties of SIGN PAINTING, QLABB ADVERTISING TABLETS. BAILEDAD BULLETIN BOA-RES. Office and Store Shades mafieani lettered to order. rZ*AGO 9C BSLLBB, 68 MONROE-ST.* (Near theEoat Office.) CHAS. A. KERFOOT, FANCY SADDLERY, AND Horse Clotbiog, No. 87aondolph-»t-> Chicago. TRIUMPH SOAP TBE BEST IN THE WORLD. TOTIT. BBOPUr & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 382,384 ft 386 South Clark-st. STURGES, M’AUISTER & CO., COMMISSION MF.IiWiIANTS roaxnz sols of Wool and Woollen Oocds^ Nos* 2, 4 and 6 Rnah-st., (North end Bwh-st. .Bridge.) CHICAGO. BARTLETT, HOSWELL & BUSH (Successors to Rswson. Bartlett & C 0.,) BOOT AND SHOE JOBBERS, 3 O LAKE-ST., CHICAGO. SEYMOUR, GARTER A CO., - Importers and Jobbers ot ■' Hosiery, Gloves, WTiite Goods. NOTIONf*, TWIN ESS &«. No. 33 LAKE-HT. Sole Agent# for Blcelow’s “STAB” Paper Cuilara. HOW E’S STANDARD tSCAX*£3S. CblcapoDrancbOfllceandWnTehnQse, 100 SOI Bondolph-^t. JAS. T. WHIPPLE. Agent for the nows PCALK COMPANY. Chicago lead and Oil Works, • Cor.Cliclob A:, West Side* , £. W. BLATCHFORD Sc CO., Jlanutactarcn of Lead Pipe, Linseed Oil, Mu-el, Honed Linseed Oil, bar and Pis Lead.Ureund oti Cake* OT Cash paid forFIaX Seed and Old Lead. I. WILLARD FOX, i WINDOW GLASS 3 0 3 Xa ASB-ST. H. W. & S. M. WETHERELLi { . Importer and Wholesale Dealers la ; Millinery and Straw Goods, OOtSc OS CHICAGO. 43 Walker-»t.« New York. WIU.COX inIBBS’ I SEWING I. MACHINE-! | ‘•ft* scam UWitroncer and leas; UsMe to rip la nee or wear, than the locs-stuch.” —[“ JaiUea* Bo port," at the Grand Trial.; ; WSend for the*%**Ber>ort. ,, andsajn pltaof wortr.conl Ita'nlty; both kinds! o( stitches, cn| a t&e same piece on eoods. L. « onIjNELL dtUO-Gsh. Agents, il3 3**Laaest., Chicago. I |OMo Stone Ware, Eoftinsliam and Yellow Ware. SCBANTON & CO., 117 & 110NorllilYater-st. JOLIET MOUND CO. KAsrraoTtmzKa or BATH BRICK,ITRB BRICK, Bower Pipe and Brain Tile. Office and Yard, Corner of Polk and Wclls-sts. J.H. KEELER & CO., Real Estate Agents, 130 South Clark-st. Attend to Purchasing. Selling *nd Leasing' Kcal Estate, Beating Houses and Collecting: Bents. i GRAFFLIN BROS. & HALL, Bag Factory. Seamless Bags, Gunnies, Burlaps, Wool Sacks, Cotton and Paper Flour Sacks, &o. • j 12 South Wolla-sti, Chicago* M. TEBHDNE, SHOW CASE, WABEBObmS, iKTot S3S Xials.o B iat. I ' • WYLIE & ARMOUR, Oils, Faints, Glass, 121 SouthWator-et. ‘AMERICAN CLOCK COMPANY, ISole Agents lor the celebrated j Seth T homas Clocks, I AJTD SXALE&S IS _ I {CX.OOHS A asanx.&TOßa j. , OFETEBT DESCHIPTIOS, , ; [ Wo.lX6l«ali.o-»t. SMITH, BENHAM 4 AIKEN, I. . IMPORTERS OF . Crockery and China, And Wholesale Dealers in Carpet Warp, Batting,Cotton Tarn,Twine, &c. 151 LAKE-SI., CHICAGO. [ BICKELB,PRESTON*CO., 1 WHOLESALE HARDWABB, Cutlery nnd Tinners’ Stock. 332 LAKE-ST., CHICAGO. 'NOVELTY CARRIAGE WORKS, 44 Adams-st. >'ow is the time to get a Orst-c'a&e TOP BUGGY, rarged so that the top can be ta ken off la one moment. No rattie. Also, : Skeleton Wagons and Sulkies, -■ Ot ■ superior make. - HepalnQug and -Re pairing promptly and neatly done. ; THUS- H. BttOWN, Agent. NUMBER 31)2. t Carpets. QABPETIHGJ CARPETING I The finest and most extensive as* sortment of English and American Carpets, MatlisgOj Oil Cloths, Onr taia Ooodsj ftcn In new and elegant designs, at ' EXTREMELY LOW PRICES ! JOSEPH TOT’S CARPET WAREHOUSE, 70 IAKE-ST. 153 and 155 LakMt. CARPETING! Carpet*, Oil Cloth, Mattings, Curtain Materials, etc. We offer a LARGE STOCK of the above Goola at tbo recast GREAT DECLINE DT PRICES. 1 Also, an entemlve stock ot DBT GOODS. j ~W . B. W OOP 1 . iLratficr belting. LEATHER BELTING. Prices Reduced j at THE MANUFACTORY. , 19 9 LAKE-ST. Glre os a cal] before purcba«n?. and examine oar Stock and Prices. We bare ( superior articfc of Lace Leather. Also, Agents for n'eston’a Patent Dench Hooks.' w. i ‘WnmiAESH & co' Chicago, A»*L19,1667. - ; iLaunhilcs. CLEAN AND NICE! Fine linen and -ralnsble underclothes are often dam. 88*o bTTonehurog*tic harsh wacbing,-quick drying aim rapid Ironing. especially when large onaarttiee of fine articles in-t are sllitbl.y sol>eo. ud coarse goods that axe very filthy, are promiscuously mUca together ssasLbmlUedto the same banb processoflanadry machinery. The ‘ i Dearborn-st. Laundry, 145 Dearborn-st., Win give PROMPT AND CAREFUL ATEEN TION to this bostons. In all Its branches. which will b« conducted on the clean and Mfo old fashioned system of hand-washing, without the wear and tear of fabrics Incident to the ordinary labor-aMrtlßCsys terns of modem laundries.: Particular attention gtien to fine articles that require careful usage. : ffiatitoate. £JAKD WARE AND CUTLERY, I Hurd, Prescott & Co., 175 Chicago. The attention of dote boym is Invited to oar !com pleiostockof AMEUICANAND HNGLIdH H A R D WAR E , Especially adapted to theConntryTrade. We offer also a foil assortment of ' j Coopent, raachlnlsu* and Carpenters 9 Youif) | American Table-Cutlery and Builders’ Hardware. alm> ( WoeUmbolm’s Pocaet Cutlery. Spear & Jackson's Saws. Joseph Kodsvrs & Son’s h assort and Razors, BtnbbsA Rolheri’s FLej. etc. ■ . i Wc would especially call attention to oar prices and assortments j HAEVEST TOOLS Of all kind?. Including MILLARD’S, BATCHELLER’S and those macoiactared at Jackson. Mich. We also keep constattly on hand full numbers ot SCQOEN* EERQEIfS JDNLATa RAILS. We would be pleased to jrtvc prices on any of the above goods. Older* by mall carefully, and promptly Hood. . . i_ C. B. SITED. EDWaSD PSXSCOTT. 9. BMNTSALL. QOPARTNEESEIP NOTICE. | JOHN M. AYER Has this day been admitted to onr firm. The name and style of the firm will be, hereafter, BALTHIS, ATER & CO. CALVIN C. BALTHIS, ‘ " JOHN M. AYER. i Chicago, April I,IBCT. JOHN M.BALTHIS. K E MO TALI ! BALIEIS.AYEE&CO,, IRON, NAILS, STEEL, Bogey and Wagon Stock, Carriages, Bolts. Nats and Washers, Thimble Skeins, Iron Axles and Springs, REMOVED to j 16 and 18 South Wolls-at, PostCfllce Box 2105. •• I gitoineg anfr (gorflage. TJ'AVINES, CORDAGE, ETC., ETC, GIT,BERT HUBBARD & CO., DEALERS IN ' ; ’ TWINES AND COBDAGB, 205 & 207 SOUTH WATEE-ST., CHICAGO. The largest and best assortment in the West of COTTON AND FLAX DUCK, an wtdthsand weight* MANILLA AND TARRED HEMP ROBS; ; cotton beamless grain bags: GUNNIES, WOOL SACKS AND BURLAPS; TAR PITCH. OAKUM; ‘ COAL TAR ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TWINES Ot every description; Cotton, Flax, Paper land Jute Wrapping Twines; Bui and Sash Cords, Gill. Netsano Seines, with every variety of Seine and Netting Twine. Xenta, Awning*, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulin*. F I* A. G- S j Of Bilk or Banting, as per Army Regulations, cod* stantly on hand and mads to order. j O. HUBBARD, J. A TUEJTXB, 080. B. CAgFkNTgg. fßarijinetg. j p AED’S PATENT j -BBICK IWACHINC. Office sad manufactory, S 3 South Jefferson-at. Fo toforinajlooandCeictlpnve drcnlaruddreas ■ • • , . £. It. GAUD. ; ■ 33 Sooth Jefler»on-au Chicago. A MBS’ • , .' . i : £\. ■ Celebrated Portable and Stationary ' BTEAMENGINEB. all tlies. Snperlcn to an others. C. L. BICE A CO.. Chicago: SMITH A BIOGh, bLLoala, Mol: WM.P. p OTBY, MUwaatoe; JAMES J£NKS, Detroit a Kent*. Call or fiend lor circular. I “DEEKaKILL MANEFACTXTKING JL CO.'S Deatlmproved BRICK MACBINB. almpla. cheap and durable; TEMPERING SIACHIKB3-and all machinery for mating bnck. Machine to ce fiejm, and all infpnnatlen rained, bycallUut on or addieaalnr WHITING St WENTIVaBTH. P. O. Box 12705. Chicago, DL * ORIOKI MACHINE.” C DOUGLAS ; PATENT BRICK MACHINE * ' : *offlcei BcomNd. 3. 47 Clark-fit.. Chicago. ■poii bale—:.; ' • ONE SECOND-HAND 10-IOOT BED ZBON FZiANSH. PRICE |«00. ONE SECOND-HAND HILLING MACHINE PSICE 1125. On© Second-hand Pour Ppiitilo Drill. PRICE |2SO. At the Machinery Depot of ; ' HiTTTOSS & JAMES, 54 Booth Wella-at. Jabucational. LAKE FOREST ACADEMY The Btnaaer Term-o<»hl* Brtool opens on MON DAY, April 3. B. W. RAYMOND, Pree. Board Troiteoi, L, M. jobsmn, PrladpaL RSnsiness'(Baths. 1 HATREN 4 KM, LEATHEB, CAEBIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, g><7 hlait, OMemgo. HART, ARTEN At CO., hahctactobbs of FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BAGS, And Sag* of Kr«y D«*eripSoa. Paper Floor Backs ol lbs Best Qiullt,. 183 Seirth Wstswti J. BAUER* CO., M«nnf*/-Inr*r« an ft TmpCrtgTS fil Snsital Instrument! and Strings AltOtWholsale Oetlexs la PIANOS & ORGANS. HO. 83* BrOTdiraF.HEWTOBK. o.a* WMMMHa^.CHICICO DR. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, 116 Bandolpb-dt. Teeth Extracted 'Without Pain for $1.06, By thense cl Nitrons Oxide Gas. or Yl> UIUeoAL-. Te»lh Inserted on the Vul canite or Rubber Dsse tot f!3 to SJO & sec. IRVINE, JONES & GO., (Successors to Gnrrs * Irrlnej ynnr.w.T* nitTTW rg WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, Dress Trimmings, ICOTIONS, CMC,, 19 Bpemlrs. WHiTTEMORE, GARTER & BROWN, Wholesale Dealers In . f*7 KAW CaIIOUK. A Urge stock feraortug talrt. borscht at paste prcea, and "will be solo at very lorr estflanrea. it A 13Lakfr*h» Cbleago. JOSEPH L. HALL A CO., juamcrtTßtM or Hall’s Patent Concrete, fire and Burglar Proof SAFES, ’ asp Victor Combination Locks, 93 DEAHBOEK-ST. 8. M. FASSETT, ABTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY. ’ tr Pictures taken in dark as wen as In pleasant weather. Gallery, Hi Sonth Clari-st. GREENLEE BROS. & CO. inlactnren’ Agents for and Dealers In STEAK EHOUSTES, , Circular Saws, Belting, iDnfITiT.HR lEAiih a wKkTj And Supplies for "Woollen Mins, Marhin- Ista’looiaot aU kinds; also Woodwork* leg Machinery. SO. 33 DBABBOgy-ST.- WALLOON A WHEELER, VtvrfArrmka* Aoests ros LUBBER ARD LEATHER BELTING, Rubber Goods, &c. I*3 X.ak«-»t. SHIRTS Of ABB TO OBDEB. and ward anted TO give PEB FECT SATISFACTION. . .‘AT WILSON BROTHERS 184 & l2&Denxbora-flt. SPRING STILES. CEiVfS’IIIIESSIIITS, GESXB’ BTJSIHESS HATS, YOUTHS* DRESS AND SCHOOL HATS. All the latest and most fashionable styles. BISHOP * BARNES, 115 Lakixt. BARBS BROTHERS. BABSTOWS NEW Cooking. Range, IcooUlng, Laundry' and TallorV STOVUS. ; BedMcrs nnd Tentilatois, . i 8 9 MONB OE-BT^ I (Nearly opposite the Post Offlce.) GILES, 8R0.&C0., Watches, Diamonds, JSWI&BT ANO SILVER GOODS. tJT A cents fcr Borers. Smith 6 Co.’s piated'Ware and?. S. Clock* Brass Co. o i Chicago. KIMBALL, STEVENS & GOij -WHpXiESAIiE CLOTH HOUSE, 64 and 66 MICHISAM-AT. PHILIP WADSWORTH & COij MASU7ACTUSZSS ASD JOBBXES OT CLOTHING, 34 & 36 Laks-at. 95 Devonshlre-st. Chicago. 111. . Boston. Mass. i. j. mbrath; MaKCTACTCBIB AND iMfOSIXB 07 PAPER HMUINGS AND WEiDOW SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Bandolph-st, CHICAGO ILL. TURNER, BRISTOL & CO Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of French and German Calf Skin*,. 1C & 18 State-st., Chicago. 'Agent* for Taylor’s oak BUODg. HIBBABD & SPENCER, iMPOsmaor Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 BIICHICAX-AT., CniCACO._ 263,000 WHBEIEE6TIL3OS Sewing Machines dj use. - inczewißtrl.OOO per weefc. aroMHHAH, .gt.. Agt.fbr the Northwest. _ The number I ARTS IQSLakfrl M.D. WELLS & CO., BOOTS & SHOES, 38 LAKE- CHICAGO. Agricultural College Scrip and Land Warrants PURCHASED and kept constancy on lusd.&ir sale by LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, WM. W. STROMS. furniture. 2C3 Randolph-st., O. Pox 3383. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, auccxsßossTO HOXVES BBOTHEE.**. Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass ft Crockery, 16, XJ, 19 * 31 Kuuiolpli’St. "~¥apet. NOTICE. TO PAPBRMANDFiCTORM Tfce (Vast run n 4 FwmrC—pkar *««k*aed (he eaclasloe rtghr ** BBe prweeei tar the RUiß&edrß nnCH PBUGBss. Is (Vo stmia. r»». on., Indians, imam., wucaat*, lowa and BlnneMta, which proem I* **• caredby letter* patent (lenlannmber).aad loan eßcleot and cheap memos to? coaveet* lac ftbrosa gabataaeca* each ■■ straw. «***■, weed, dec., to palp lor the nutsafisetare of paper. The controversy raised by the Hydrostatic Paper Compear to at aa nd, os this t'o*pw ay hare never prapaoed tebleach itwfc try thense ol a Rotary Teasel* either by p—a made pressare or otherwise. Bat this Cows _paay are the owners of the.ezelaslyerlgkt to bleach by pneomatle In ail cloned tmwU, w hether ratary or ocherwlse. aad no persaa can lawtollyase poentaatic prssoare fsr the redaction or bleaching of paper stock ta cloned vessels, within the abore*naoßod States* wlihoat oar License* sod this Com* pair hereby give notice that they WILL PKOSECCXEaII persons who Infringe their rights. THOMAS S. DICKEBSOS, President of the Chicago Pibre and Paper Co’/. NOTICE. At a meeting ol the Stockholders of the Chicago Fibre and Paper Co’y, Held April 3,1567. the Special Charter fi> corperating said company, with a capital stociL of 8300,000, with authority* to to* crease the same to 81.000.000, and confer* ring on said Company special and enlarged privileges, wu accepted, and the Company reorganized anderthe same. This Campasy la bow In successful opens* Hon. and It proposes to Increase Its business, and for that purpose It baa authorized Ito President to receive tnrcber snbaerlpitons to its capital stocJt to a United amount. Ac cordingly. the boohs of the Company will be held opea far a few says* to'receive sobaerlp* tlons* Subscriptions will be received ot*tfae OOca of the Company, No. 170 Kandalph-st. THOS. S. DICKEBSOS, Ere*. 'J'Hi: CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COKHISSIOH PAPER DEAUSS3, MlTWfc g Paper lakers’ Findings, Chemicals, els. 170 Chicago. We Oder for sale to dealers and consumers Bandies Kewsand Print.. 3.000 do do do .. 1.300 do do do 2.000 do do do .. 3.000 do do do .. 1.300 do- do do ~ 2.300 do do da ~ 1.600 do do do **• 3.000 do do it ‘ 1.300 do do 5® 1.000 do d- 2® 600 do tfo Eztras i M m*rf*«»orderoQßhorkootice. Forays •* raelowm prices for CASH. . ©upUliSUiptfe skirts. -| ATEST FASHIONS DEMAND J. W. BRADIiET’S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC (OB DOUBLE SPRING) S K I R T S. They will not Bend or Breaks Like the single springs, but win erorpreaerre thslr perfect and besndiut ahaoe, where three or fear ordi nary Skirts are thrown aside as use,ess. They o»m --htne comfort, durability and economy w*th that eie- which has made the ** DUPLEX ET.I.FP STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. tV* Latest Styles Bradley's INTUIHLb for Street Dress, and Bradley's hSPKgsd TBAIJL* for Erenlntr Dress. I At wholesale by the exclusive mannlactvan acd sole owners of the patent. WESTS, HEADLEY- &• CAST, Warehouse and Office, 97 Champers and 79 and 91 New York. Also, at who’esaleby the Utd> Ing Jobbers. ' Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, By far the meet popular and griceim Skirt von. Fa •ale at wholesale at manuCicuireri’jirlcea,.bj . FIELD. LEIIEK.* CO. 110.U8.1U«uU16mMt,CMcag>. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For Elegance and Economy are n.,snn»aßied. Pot isle at wholesale by JOBS *7. FAKWELL A CO n Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, The lightest, most agreeable and penect Slam made. For sale at wholesale. _ BUWEN WHITMAN A WINSLOW, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For beauty, comfort and durability superior to all oQi en. For sale at wholesale by TORRENCE. MANNING * CO, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts* At at a anniactnrgra > -prices. KEITH. WOOD A CO., Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts. For tale at Manafactarm’- New York WboioaaJ* Prices, by SEYMOUR, CARTER t CO„ Hoofing, JjLAbTIC SLATE ROOFING. a TEST OF FITE YEARS has demonstrated taa superiority ot taa material oyer every ctner new 'known. A mastic—lt adapts itself to every shape as 4 elope, from Cat to perpendicular. covering the whole root without seam or Jomt. Non-combu*tlble—it la not the means of cUttropinj pour property, bnt ot protecting it.. Ncn-expaoilve—brat nor cold, no mat* ter bow Intense, can compel it to expand or •contract. Impervious—water nor even at&za*, can penetrate or dissolve It. Und»caytng—time and the elements only matnre and perlect it. to som cp the whole matter. Its Fire, Watcr and Frost Proof, andlscftmperthanany material, and better loan the moat expensive. The New Tori Tribune In speaking cf It Mya:**We consider this invention the greatest boon ot the age.** The ftmrr’i Club ol the American loitltote pro Bounce the Invention one oTthe moat Important ere* discovered. For the past jearwe have been enraged in anpplymg this material to tne people ol lumma and Wisconsin, tipi from the many nattering testlmonuLS now on die In onr office, we feel warranted in saying, to their en tire satisfaction. ROOFING FELT, and also the new SHEATHING FELT aaed lor liningboikUngi, aid COAL.TAB. con stantly on hand at lowest market rates. Circalar* *“ « EiViIO.ND. /"'tOAli REDUCED I yj CHICAGO, April«, ISS7. ' on Monday, April 3th I sha’l reduce the price at Ecrartoa,nttaton and Lactawanna COAL dellvfred, to aloe doOan per toe. Mtafngearova co»l, we esa enpply fiealen, icmafrctorers and caa* •amen at original cost, freight and expenses . OFFICES: SSil EAST iIADISO.V-ar, 126 SjOCTH MARKET-SI-, and 734 &OUIH CLAEK-ST. • ROBERT LAW. Ai Uanfes anti Cankers. JfIHST NATIONAL BANK. Comer of t-«g» and Ciark-sa. PAID Cl CAPITAL. 81.000. UM. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Draws la soma to soil on aJ the principal European Uttea. LETTERS OP CUBDIT . limed, available In all pan* of Enrope. GOVERNMENT BONOS Boogbt and sold. KOa convexteda* market ratea. Saal M. Kionosoy, iTMt F : C. U. FuX"- cattiigr. cm 3. J.hcaarTT, Asa i Cash. STJ WlNfaLO W, LaNLEK & CO., ISSUE letters of credit 9rr Travellers, available in an naita of Europe. NOS. U 7 * U 9 PINB-SX., HEW YORK. ffiitß 'Notices. Health notice- Particular attention la called to the u 'ney will berlildiyenfarcec; Ccapmt*. seeu-’n 7. lUvUextOidlaanceauf US»: , .--rfnc* or infler -No perion ihall throw, or ble or her servant, chiM or fhmtjy couteetttto any bum t, an. klml. or .oma »«. por«. nmtux anylUtb,oOaLor become offanslve. Nor ihall any to be of remain upon aay oothouae. stable, privy,or owaed or occopted by them, or la any In front of »ald premises, laaacn manner Slowd-Im to the neighborhood. And every shallvlolAtaanyi»fthe piovUloneof thl* aboil oe toed la a sum doc lea- than SS, nor more than *5Ct." ■ aLo.Chapter??. Sections: . , “Any oiniler, tanner, brewer, hatcher, pork and beet pucker, aoap bclleu Ullow chandler, djer, livery liable keeper, or other pei»oa •h»t*o erer, -who anal’ cause or mner any odal. manure, rn> bUh.HUh.»UlUiopa.oraij rtlbse “{“H” ble matter,or acv ton! or nanaeoufi Udoor *obe ma ehamdeutof or How from hn> premiaea own dor occn-led by htr ,orto bo thrown Into, dep ax (d or un In the Ctncaao River, or «uwr 1« omcnc* or any of Ihf allpe or can*.* eonn-cted iheirwUh. or in» Lake Mlrhitaa. or two any alomrtt ijgy diction of the cm. or; I;* ®\^?dt£k.river b*E«or * - ■ - OiUter. CHICAGO. .38x49 .....36x49 LaSaL&kL. Chicago. lIL (Coal. ;cct tot the Miners.