Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 8, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 8, 1867 Page 3
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OUEESGLISH KELATIOSS. An Import nut Statement From London—The Alabama <iatms—A sew ProposlHea bv BecretsiT betrard-Wbat 4s Bald of ihe Fenian interview With the President. (From tbe London Owl, March 23.] The American Government have not received with anytimelikecordiaiiiylho proposals oi Lord Manley for an arbitration on tne Alabama claims. They even object to onr diet proposluoiu Uial me please points to be enh milled for decision to an arbitrator should be Hn-t defloliely arri-ed .to by tbe Americana and oorselves. i*o - only this, Mr. Reward actually mates a connter-propoitioo, that the fitHi question to be referred should be ‘•Whetherthe English Government werojnstmetl in lecognlrinff the nsoel Mates as f>ellts«rcnts r - This, of conwe.U a proposition bo monstrous thatitis impossible to CLle:tain v. Athoiffii, however, on tie tnrfecc. tbe relations oetween the two Governments arc not apparently sac t ai ■we could wish; nevertheless, Uis certain that the Cabinet at Washlneion ncUhcr desires nor l§ In n position to assume an attitude of hostility. By learicc ibe peudii-e Questions to the wearing in* flnence of time and the urine away of diploma tists, we may be certain that nlrfu-a-ciy the mat terfiin cheutsiob will be satis lac iorijysettied. IFromthe Saturday preview, MarchS3.J I In the mldetof domestic dtoeuslony, daring the •transition from a superstitious laith in *he Coush toilon to acquiescence in the parliamentary om nipotence oi Covgres*. American diplomacy re* anaiup true to I a own courteous traditions. There it reason to believe tout Mr. seword has rejected or due. unlenanced the English proposal lor an adjustment of pending dlSerci'Ccs; and It is even said Ihau wua a (acelions vulgarity, he has proposed as a subject for arbiirvilin the question whether the English Government was justified in recognizing the Southern confed erates es belligerents, lord Stanley's ofiets ex press* d the earnest desire of all classes in EnrHQd to cnluvaic the good trill of the American people, even at tbe cost of a coceidcranie sa entire ut national vanity. Lord Rowell baa demonslated i the lawlessness of the English proceedings | in ibe case of tbc Alabama, bat bis ?nc- I ceseur thought that, as tbe Americans still J believed ''hemwires to have liven wronged. I it was expedient and eeneroa? to abanaon I A strictly technical jn lificaiioa. Time, how* | ever, which ordinarily da is the edge of pnolic i and private resentment, ln« not raneht Mr. Sew- . ard good feeling or good breeding. Although be ' .«ome time dec-areu that no cin;c ofdtspate 'emalncd between the (JulP.*d Slates and France. •• he still tnii.ks it aeslrabla to tbc case of England, a proceeding wbica was simnlta* neoneiv adopted by the English and French Gov ernments. Jtis useless to attempt conciliation in the lace oi ostentatious rudeness. Vet Lord blarney's overture will not have been wasted If it sati-fics any scrupulous conscience in England that the responsibility lor nufri-udiy relations resie ticlmively on the American Government. , nbat the Secretary ol butc acisjm hanuosy with the I’iesldent. maj be infcrre i from the report ofelate intemew betwe-n Mr. Jonn*on and a Fenian Oepn ation. Tbe representatives of the freebooters showed. Id thetr dedand ior a recogni tion of the belligerent rights ol the Insh Repub lic. a conhdcnce in me Prendeot’s sympathy which, if il had not been justified by the result, anight have been called impudent. Instead of contemptuous reproof, they obtained an as* scrascc that the object deserves and receives tbc aradons attention of Government. Neither party thought it necessary to remember that tbe war which was to be recognized bad not evoc ostensibly commenced. Tbe attacks on police narracks, and the-riotous aßsemulagc in tbe neighborhood ot Dublin, hid not been reported at Washington when tae President undertook to coneiuer the grant of belligerent rights to prospective pirates. It is said that an clier abandonment or human sympathy is too painful a taentee for the most resolute of misan thropes or ol criminals. Tbe President and hia principal minister have became, not wholly by their own fault, universally unpopular; hnt though their domestic policy is con demned by the great majority of their countrymen, one unfailing: appeal still remains to the national dlslibc of i.ngland. The Fenians are tbe favorites in Oongrese. and an uncivil de spatch bas never tailed to excite popular approval in America. lie President and Mr. Seward him self can, except by oven acts of hostility, scarce ly outbid the ac. for abolishing centml duties which was weanin'ously passed by the late Bouse of Representatives. Mr. Seward tailed to attract attention when be addressed to tne Eug lUh Government bis wondertul demand for an opportunity ol revising tbe sentences of the Fe nian prisoners in Canada; and Mr. Johnson's for mal advice to tbe English Government to grant an amnesty to the Fcman prisoners was over looked among the more unpalatable portions of -his message It is not c- riain whether Mr. Seward will new succeed in atlmnlatmj: the jaded appetite ofhiß countrymen. .A Colored Barber Nearly Elected .71 ayor. (Concord, JJ. 11., Dcenatrb. April 2, to the Boston Journal.] A special election for Mayor took place this afternoon. The candidates were the present incumbent, Hon. John Abbott, Re publican, Charles 11. Proctor, a respectable colored barber, for a citizens’ reform ticket, and Dr. Goodwin, the temperance nominee. Returns have been received from all the wards but Fisberville, which {rave Abbott 554, Proctor 345. Goodwin C 7, and scattering 4S. At three o’clock it was reported that Proctor hud the lead, which caused consid erable excitement. The Abbott men imme diately rallied, and the election of their can didate was made sure. Proctor’s yote came mainly from the Democrats. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, EOHETAET. Satcepat Evatnto. April 6. The following is Manager Ives’ exhibit of the Irantnctlons at the Clearing House for the week ending to-day: Clearings Balances. SV-»S"vCI.23 £231,022.23 2,216.510.20 313,933.11 1,662,783.44 -213.311.83 1,013,830.23 140,910.60 1,590.213.59 143.751.71 L6U3.839.2G 213,44122 .April 1. “ 4--- “ g'V.T.'. sic,csa,3t7.u t,aia.4fd. Total. 7.935,790.83 927.278.43 Lust week.. For some time past, tho t-fiairs of the Inc Chi cago Stock Exchange have excited considerable attention at the bands of the members of the de funct institution, and several attempts have been .made to secure a winding n.> o; the assets, but without avail. Itwi.l be remembered that the Exchange-collapsed about a ieir ago—Just after the failure ofß. H. Badger, and no meetings have since been held, though several cQ'jrts were made to get the members together. At the time of the sus pension it was understood that thers was in the treasury some $5,900. It is alleged .h *t a .*orlioa of this sum has been exploded in paying the sal ary of the Secretary, Solon AlcElroy, who Is now, and has for some time past, been residing in Detroit. Several of tbe members wboeonld pee o just reason for paying for worknotpertormed, called on the President, John C. Hilton, ior the purpose ol ascertaining the condition of the con cern ard when Us affairs woa.dbe woundup. Mr. Hilton, as we are ltuormed, cossldc s hun self the cole surviving member and re.usea to give any information whatever. The following request, signed by a number of the members, was served this morning upon J. P. Brooks, chairman of the Executive Committee ; “We, the members of the Chicago Slock Ex change, would respectfully request th" Exesottve Committee to investigate the condition ol the toude ol the said Exchange, and to request the President to call a meeting of the member" to de termine what disposition shall be made of the same, and also of the fixtures, lease, («igr>ed) J. P. CaroobelL, W. H. Mallory, A. J. Denison, A, Eichold, A. O. Ticknor, C. A. Boners, E R.Speare. F. 5L Mitchell. 4. VVhitmareh, U. C Scranton, j. M. Lvoq & Co. O. S. Hinds. C. L. Boyd, Scnppe, Preston &Kefltu L. Silverman, J.* 11. Ferrell, 1L H. Parks. Howard PileiJy, 31. Bloom, C .'iS. Pope, J. T. Lester, At the close of'Change the members of Ihe dc font* Inß'ilndon met m accordance with tte above call, C. B. Goodyear in the ctulr. Mr. Brooks made a few remarks relative to the unwillingness ot President Hilton to make any exp'anarion, af ter which the followin': resolutions were nnaol gnonely adopted: J2esoUed, That John C. Hilton ha* acted without authority In the payment of bolon SlcEl loj his salary without the sanction ol the Execu tive Committee. _ Itesolud, That John C. Hilton, ex-President of .the Siock Exchange, has no moral or legal tight: to appropriate the assets of ihe Chicago Stock Exchange, amounting to $5,009, aa we oelieve, to ins own uec and benefit Eftolttd. that John C. Hilton, cx-Prcaident of the Slock Exchange, is hereby requested to make, within five days from ibis da'e, * detailed finan cial ftatemcnl of the aflkire of said Exchange, to the former members thereof. , , ~ The following is the official statement of the National Debt for Apnl Ist In comparison with the exhibit for March Ist: PEBT BEARING COtN INTEHEST. April. March. Ten-Forties $ 195,i<61,m00 $ 1t13,ii31,m00 iS<£ and 'CS. 35,482,641.81 1 Vrw.4ll 8) Navy Pension..., 12.50X0u9.00 32,500,090.1)0 TEBTBCUItSC CDBBESCTINTEBtST. DEBTBCAii { 139.028,0%) W HL.3115.8CJ 00 58233U.150.00 032,703.053.00 Total. sires Cott poinds.— Seven-Thirties $ 73b23U.730.00 $ 737.5i3.660.00 Watered Debt... 12,815,353X52 U,57C,G3J.07 DEBT EEAJHNO SO IXTECZST. Greenbacks... -t 375.417,510.00 f 37Q.2'3,G2C.UQ Gold Cen ill ca lee 18,590.000.00 16.-17u.183.00 * 417,223.313.95 f 421,120,523.32 Total Deltt... 52.603,713,11118 52,C‘.10,3S 1,283.19 CASH OX HAND. 8105.936,177.22 9 107,271,031.12 C0in...... Cuneccy. *140,433,303.74 * ,59,623,399.39 Amount of debt, & ..°°ia.523,425,(170.44 *2,530.703,833.80 me various items compare as follows: Ten-Forties “jl&i fcixea,’67 and fi^O.SJO.OO Sixes,'Bl, The-twemles, Increase. 31,.23.0«^ Savy Pension • Coin debt, intrcaie 3W°J.M Sixes (cniTcncv) Compounds, decrease ,7^'r^m Scvm-rhirtiea, decrease 5Q.4C7.300.00 Matured Drbl, decrease 3l 4?o 5-7 ivi •Greenbacks, decrease «n* S-5* Postal, decrease GoldCeibficates, decrease Toial outstanding debt, decrease 2<i,578,J15-bi Gold on hand, leas outstanding certificatcs,in crease 4.1‘1.0.j.t0 Currency, decrease....... ........ 1R.23:i.jU.7a leas cash on hand.decrea?c.. The speculative movement in the Grain market calls for an active demand for. Money, and tbe market Is working closer to this class of borrow ers. In some quarters there was an Increased .amount of mercantile paper ottering, but else where it was light There Isnochanrc In the .rates of Interest either at bank or in open markel. Exchange was scarce and turner, wild sales from bank to bank at 253.40 cents premium. s oD ie institutions were obliged to ship currency to meet their checks. The courier rales are firm at par buying and 1-10 premium selling. There is a steady demand lor Foreign Ex change, and the market closes Arm at me follow ing rates for ** short -eight.'" Gold- Currency. 3-ocdon. £ 5.00 fiMOC.S gß.aj Berlin,thaler Joua SM ilamburg.Marco b&nco. So @SoH jg*® gH Norway, rlx mynt , , w'^irs Ssw«Jcn,Epeclecialer... 1.15 @I.»C US @Uao Floor vas eleady and Ann. Wheat opened b Irene and advanced sc, bat Bobs.qnenlly fell back oc. Corn was better. Oats appre ciated Bye advanced s@6c. Barley was 3(i2c hlphcr. Provisions were dull. Seeds were cull. The following table stows the dally range and closing price for American Gold daring the week ending to-day: Range. Woodsy. ToeMiny I3t>{atl*4£ IHI4 ■Wednesday 18dJi@181'4 1833* *Thur«daT. 133«CH33S 13*34 Tudar. m2ii^!3r s i 1323 Saturday.--- - --•••• 13i»£@i33 15*5£ Tbc Public Funds were thmer, bat without any marked change. The fosiowing shows the New York doping prices to-day, compared with the three previous days: _ Wed. Thnta. Pri, Set. .109 109 103 109 Sixes ol *Bl. Vivc-IwuiUefeV’Ca VOH 3W6 W9*j 109« Flve.TvmUes. ’M 107 S JWS ICTS FIvE-TlvcltlM, '65 1« lO7J VSl\ 103 TM»Fortl6B ••••#• «.•••• 98 98 sJ?cn-Th“jeV, Atur 106 105* 106 106 Sevcn-rhirUcs, June.... 1054 105jj 10>4 1054 Seven Thirties. Jnly... 1054 105?# 1054 1054 Goldw&s without any very material change. The msrtet opened at IK=£, advanced to IM, and closed al IS2J£. The following quotations were received by Boydßros., cold brokers:* ~ 10:30 a. tn -132*£ 111:45 a.m VO 1(1:45 a. in 122 12:14) in 121 11:00 a m 132£ 112:31 p.m 133 11:15a.m 132 I 2rf»o.m I«*£ 11:50 a. m IS2S 1 2:30 p. 132J£ Here the market was qmet at 132?i@1821i hny inq—closing at the Inside figure. Over the coun ter err all sales -were made at 133@133H- Silver was nominal at 1230125 bnyin?. Here the business ts mainly confined to Seven- Ihirtice, as there arc very lew of the other Secu rities offering. Wo qnote: . GOTEBKlinsr SECtnUTIES—CHICAGO JUBKWT- Baying. Scmnjr.. ICSK D. S. 6-208. 1602 IWK tr. 8. s-aif. isci U. S 5-20., IKS lOJK ™ D. S, 5-20?, ’OS Hi 'CO, I 0 7!! U. S. 5-20 E, small HWJOIOBS. .... D. S. 10 * E, large 3*K " U. S. UMOa. small J? U. S. I S Of, Tat senes 10a|X IM TJ S. 7-Sifs, 2d senes ItoH VkJi D. S. T-80«. 3d series 105 K U. S. “-Jills, smalt ...100 Q.VSSH Com. Itt. Note-, Jnne. ’Cl.ll**i ** ** Jnly, 1 &*..ll0H .... « *• Ang.,’64..116 “ “ Oct., '64..11S “ “ . Dec.. ’64..114 “ “ May. ’65. .112 “ “ Aug., 'CS.IIIU “ “ Sept.,'Gs.UoH “ *» Oct., ’63..110 Local Securities are steady. We quote t-e hoy- Ire rates: Chicago City Ts Cook County 7 s Chamber of Commerce. 1 lie follow hurebowß the coniJUion oftbe Xsew York City 'basis this week and la-.t: March 23. March 30. Loans *259,41111,813 ?253,282,501 Dec.*4,117,951 fcpeclc 0,143.9:3 8.522,&/9 Dec. ti21,U04 Circulation 85.51D.10l 83.069,105 Inc.. 143,791 Deposits... 1U2.875.G15 183,480,250 Dec. 8.895,365 Legal Ten.. 00,961,953 03,459,011 Inc.. 1,551,553 ind Money Market, , April 6,1567, received by okers: New York Stock a Closing prices for caan. Joseph M. Lyons & Co., Bro let lid, 2d Bd Coa. Grarory.. v 25 .... U. b. 6D cent Irt Bd.Sd Bd N. Contral,.louw lOOX Erie (com) 56S { MX U. S. (com) 70X 70* C. ft PUIS 71* 73 Eocelsland .... fisj* EStf C. ft N. W 83* S3* Do. pfd Ci 62 P„ PU W. ft C... 92* 92* Oxdcksllrer Six .... i W.U. T 41* 41 | C.&A. (com)...IOCX IC6* «.& Q-. 133* 123S* M.C. lU7* 1«* Hudson Wvcr.,l37 IS7 111. Cent. Ill* 114 Phil. ft 8ead....101* 101 O. ft Tol«lf> 119 119 Tol. ft Wabseb.. S 3 S3* M. ft Bt. P. (comm .... co do (rld}&3 bonds. 1E51....169 C.S.6Pct 5-20 eonp. 156 L.... US* U. S. 6f» ct 5-20 • conn. J554....107* 0.6. SB ct W» I ooap IS6S 108 U. S. 6 v ct 5-30 coup. new,’63.107* U. s. 5 B cent 10-40 98 TreaA, 7 3-10,1 st series .AO6 0. 5.7 310, 3d series .’....1KK • Americas G01d.133 ISSV ; 2d Board Arm. Martet—lst Board steady COMMERCIAL. Satuudat Bvzsiso. April C. Tbefollowirg tables" shows the receipts and sbipmenU ol Produce dorine the past twenty four hours: RECEIPTS roil THE PAST TWESTT-POCB HOUZI9. 16G7. IS'Mj -3.613 8,631 18.720 2,050 11,693 12.150 3,372 4.16 S 500 1,030 Fionr. brls Wheat, bn i,oid, bn....... OsU. bn Itye,bn Barley bn Grass Seed, Ihs. Broom Coro, Cored Meat, Sie. Lard, lbs Tallow, Tbs. Butter. B>.». Orcesed Borrs, I>o. HtcUocb, F 0.... Can}c,2fo Hides,lbg ttighwlLfts, brls Wool, lbs Lumber, m. Shinnies, zu. SHIPMENTS FOU TUE FAST TWEHTT-FOCB IlOtmS. isa. isoo. 4.989 1.643 Flour, brls. Wheat, bn .... Com, on Oats, bn....... Bye Barley, bu..... Gras# Seed, I‘jb Btoom Com, E> a . Corea Meat, lbs. Bee'. Lrla Pork, brls. tt»s ... tallow. Tbs. Butler, Tbs Live Hogs, No, CutMe, Hides, lbs.. Highwmes. brls. Wiol, lbs Lumber, m.... Shingles, m. Lath, m .... Salt. brls.... There was a good attendance on'Change to-day, and the volume ox business was large. The spec ulative mania still prevails in the Grain markets, an'* higher prices were again obtained. The Provision market “drags its slow length along," and Is entirely devoid of interest. Mess Pork was freelyofiered at 122.50 cash, but there were no buyers ovr $22.00. Last evening a lot of 500 brls changed bauds at f 22^0,seller ilay. There is no inquiry for Prime Mess or Extra Prime, and the market is entirely nominal. Bulk Meats are held with considerable firmness, but the move ment is exceedingly slow. Some three car loads sold trvday at for Cumberland?, and 6c for shoulders—both loose. Extra Mess Beef sold to the extent of 150 brls at $20.00. Lard was in de mand at lS<sc for pnme Steam, at which, it was understood, come round lots'changed hands, but the particulars were not made public. The only sale reported was SOtrcs—a favorite brand—at 15c. Giessc was inactive and nominally unchanged. A few Dressed Hogs sold at $3.50 all round. \thlsVey was quiet but firmer, owing to the up ward movement in Corn. We note sales of 260 brls el Sic in bond. There is nothing doing in tax paid. There was a fairly active movement in Flour, and the market was firm at the improvement noted yesterday. The sales foot up 3,400 brls at SIB.(X @17.00 for While Winters; $13.00 for Red .Winleie; flo-75@13.75 for Spring Extras; $3.75 @lo.sofor Spring Supers, lor Rye. At the opening there was a strong speculative de mand tor No. 2 Spring Wheat, and the market was buoyant—culminating in an advance of sc. Subse quently a reaction set in and Ibe market fell o£T3c closing tame. In other grades there was verv little done. The sales foot up SI.OUO ba at $2.30 for No. 1, delivered ; £2.40@2.44 for No. 2, end $2lB for Rejected in store—closing with sellers of No. 2 at $2.41. There was a continued active speculative move ment id No. 1 Com, and the market advanced I*s @Se. No. 2 and Rejected were in moderate de mand and unchanged. About 263,000 bu changed hands at $1.02H@1.01 for No. 1; 93@95cfor No. 2, and BSH@B6Hc for Rejected—the inside figure for winter receipts. The market closed steady at SI.ICI* for No. 1 in store. The more favorable advices from New York cave an active somulua to the market for Oats, and prices appreciated l@l£ic. with eales of 125.000bn at 55J4 C for fresh, and 53Uj@5I4c for winter receipts of No. 2—closing at 5455©511*cf0r the latter. The demand for Eye was qni*e active, and the market aovanced S&Gc, with sales at £t.4i©l.4S for No. 1, and ?1.41©1.43 for No. 2—closing a trons; at om»ide Azores. .. There was a good speculative inquiry for Bar ley. and the market appreciated l&Sc, with fifties ofNo.2at?U6@l.lo. Thcrewas nothing doing In other grades. Sceds|were doll, with sales at ?3. foi Timothy, $9.50@10.50 for Clover, and $2.75 foi Flax. There is nothing doing in Tallow, and in the absence of any transactions we omit quotations. The following telegrams were read on 'Change to-day; New Tons, Anri! 6. Common Flour 10&15C, medium 15®20c better; Wheat excited and belter at S3,GO(&2.G2}£. Corn active on speculation at $1.21. Oats buorantat CSCcGOKc- Pork low»r; olfcred at $23.00, Lard lower nll2Hol3c. Whlsaey Ann at IKJc. k Go!d, 135. Floor a shade firmer at Wheat better at <2.0r®2..C5. Corn higher and buoyant at $1.22. Oats firm at 63@70c. Pork salable at $22.05. Lard drooping at ldj£@l3. iITEB. In the afternoon Ihe Grain markets were quiet. No. 1 Corn was a caadc caaier, closing atSI.OJ. No. S Spring Wheat was inactive and unchanged. Provisions were dull. TheCatUe market was doll and heavy, with prices nominally nncaanecd. Some 350 head changed hands, chiefly on local account, at sub stantially the closing rates ot yesterday. Received to-day, S3Bhead; received this week, 8,60-ihead. Ibe market closes unsettled, with 800 head on sold. Live Hoga were extremely doll, and Bales drag ged beauty eyen at a rednenon of 235^33c per 100 lbs. The receipts to-day were 1,560 head, and the entered sales head. These were taken up principally for Mew York. Buffalo and Boston, at SC.U)®7 50 tor common to prime lots. Received Ibis week, 23,501. CHICAGO I)SY GOODS MARKET. )XT KTTXDtO. April 6,1867. 1 business transacted in the ;thewceS Jarlclosed. QiUe a Minnesota, lowa and Wis city, and although their par* mall assortments of season* ■he aggregate foot np quite ad-without essential change. , the rating quotations: rtlHTa. Batuhdj There has been a good Dry Goods market daring > a camber ol tujera from consic, tare been in the c chaies -were confined to tn able goods. the hills in U large, Prices are Prm act tYc give the following as tl m UemmacP. I pacific }• Garners 4iK 1 Spragntfa. JiK iionnelTs...... }’* Manchester }* }}M Arnold's Lancaster. •••iSJ? Richmond 1»H GISOI Clinton -24 I Lancaster. ' nnowyra Banner..., 31 St.ii; *—l *2 X Appleton 4—l •••♦•SL, MefilOra 4—4 JgK Nashua. 20. I Ipnifta Dead 4—4......21)f Cabott A 4-4 .20 ii Lactic 4—l 2jJ< Amuskeac 4—t~. -a, l Satmox Alls 4—S JOif Agawam F 4—4 J] Appleton D 4—l .W rimolt A4—l 13 Swift KlTer 4—4 Kii Feppercll L. 20 - K —l6: American I6>f Amo'teatr. U Docbcu B H UcamlnK Alien’* JCJf Providence..;.... « James Saunders ••••••is Gloucester ...Jf W. W. Freeman & G3.l3>f Union. J? Wamsntt* Colombia —»♦ )11AM3. 151“*?.*! *ia issnsoß. Atlantic Mills.. ........I‘K Fepperrti O •« Indian orchard *» *• BB.V-igj; « - W.....15K •• •• L-....U* Boot Mills B .«* •• “ 0 16K •* “ S ...19 Western World 15 Artwnefct. 19 FommoaUi F UK Napoleon 16 Qokfcn 11 standard so Jo&Uta J 7 BOIETUfQS. Uedßans 7-8 UJf « “ 4—l 16l< Lonsdale 76 ArkwncbU .31 Wambecs 37 J.AW. Slater4-4....MX Canc«3— UK Slatemne“-8. lj Madaions River) ....SO BlackatomAA*.’ 71 Dali on A Boa 4 -I—.. .73>f “ - 7-9......50 *• N. American A. R.T.MIUJ4—* 40 WaiEFUU*4—l SiX Bates 4 —l 2S tVUte Koct 4—l *7* mils 4-1 —»V - 7— s MuionvUle*—4 .ax Bay Mills 4—!••”• S'** And:o«»gctn4-4 37 “ 7—6 «* London Closing. VWL Cismraca. English PAP*B Tone 55?J»J £ I •Sj.i Haymaker's ..MH I HTEIPXD el AIDCKkU?. Ter* L®s Amen can.. HOs Boanoke^. ticks. __ Amoekeu AC& 50 Hudlton. regular 95 »• A. „...40 •• D M “ B 85 Pemberton H •» ** o A 0 “ X. 27K *• d » Swirl Ulver. te* TorfcaMnch 37* BUrMliliSl-Jflcb .«* Albany IS* “ ** 36-inca .37* rorKSMach ...<7* JIiSS. Atnruike&e .a* I Indian Orchard. is 22* 1 Androscoggin. 15* Sot* ; 15 | PepperelL ...... Nsnnicae Battses... A 5 I Qiobo.. .15 CASTTOK /LASXEL6. Hamilton stent ....SO | Tbondue..... ..35 EUertoaT. -2* I Nanmkeagbieacbed.,.3o BBOWST PHTT.IA. Bolt 33 I Bennington. 2 PKLAPftS. Manchester, xetr .2 I Hamilton. 2 Pacific, new .2 | All Wool 40950 BAUIOSAI. asms. GObcrt’s Star* 1 Manjau&MtUleken.fiLia* Wilcox „tCo®t7s Raleigh's 300 Pontooanc-.....LSOsUS I ttrnner 2.00 WashingtonMi:ia...Ao3 I Belle oftbeseason.. SAS TBFXADS. J.&P.Coate ...|IJO 1 Green* Daniels 2* Clark's IJO White Skein 90 Hadley* Co'B 90 I Col’d LOO Worsted Bralce 83 Wlllimaatlc 82* eiafford...... 70 1 COWOK TASKS. BTC. Essie. 57* I nope 57* I Carpet Warp AftSSO Fraiklin 57* 1 Candlewlck WaTO Park. 57* | Chicago Batts ?ILM arms. LrwelL 8 ply *!AO Saocrflie......nXo@lJo « super 155 Ctossey's Fat Tapes *• medium.... 1.40 Brussels L9O Harttord.cxtra S-ply 2.10 Roxbury... 7 67* M lmp'l3-ply. 1.93 Empire 'tills 140 M super. IAS Belgrade.... UA u medium.... 1.40 CASBHKCES. Fanners & Merck's....l3 I Everett 1 47* Wabash «* I Everett 0 43 CQIC&UO CATTLE ai.4KK.ET. For the Week Ending April 0, .07H<p3 The following table snow* the dally receipts and shipments ct Beet Cattle dnrtng the week endinc to* day, compared with the receipts and shipments of the corresponding week last year: Kecelpta. 1567. 1866- 1367. 1866. Sunday and Monday... IS 753 2C3 .... Tuesday 2.C31 316 L&<6 Wednesday 3,696 333 3.233 .... Tnorsday 2.131 1.450 1,699 .... Friday TBS 1.373 CS7 Saturday 293 i,«O Total F. 962 5374 6.610 Last week. fi,OTT .... 4.781 Week beiore list. 8.101 .... 6.571 Week ending Mercb 10. 6.901 .... 6,110 WeckencUnc March 9.. 4,0(3 .... 5,159 WeckcnditsSlnrcb 8,0(3 .... 6,610 By comparing ttie receipts Ibr ibis week and last we find ibefollowmr: Receipts more than last week... 1,555 Shipments more than last week. .....1.536 ■ They compare with tho receipts forlho corr&apondmc week of 1806. as follows: Receipts this week 8J562 Receipts lor corresponding -week of ISC6 5,871 Receipts more this week 2,933 for the seme period la the year 19G5, we find: Receipt-'this week .....B.S6J Receipts xor the corresponding week of 1563 7.487 Receipts more this week 1,375 The following are the receipts and shipments of litre Stock for the month of March, compared with the re ceipts s&d ElJpmcbU for the same period last year: Cattle. Eon. Sheep. Received is March, 7667 27,938 76.V27 22.1*3 Received in March, 1666 81.445 30,773 13.770 Shipped in Man b, 1567 23.505 61221 9.039 Shipped in March, 1866 .2,995 17.783 11,295 The fbllowlnc were the shipments *f Lire Slock lor the week np to last night. and the points .to which the same were consigned: Cattle. Hoes, sheep. ..1,(33 5,503 90 ..419 .334 .80 567 ITS .0.678 318 475 To New Tort To Buffalo To KGLtUS To bufpfn'ioo Crldee. To KaUimorr. To Commtmipaw Sale* to-day and lor Use wees up to UU« crcninz were: Cat Me. llo7a* Sb:ep. 2*S 1,021 S 3 7.167 1,0(0 SOI 2.065 5.129 9SI I.UB 2431 Mi 771 2,001 aw 339 88,168 ’ 31.914 Monday..... Tuesday.... ■Weeßeiday. Thursday... Friday.:.... Saturday.. Total.. 30,910 5.060 91,604 37.655 13 170 7,092 ... 121 M .. 4,431 l.S'tt .. 733 1,030 .. 91,431 *23.319 The market Mr theweekjnstdoscd has been onset* tied and fluctuating. Daring the opening days, owing to the redaction In the rates or freight, on the different railroads running East from this point, and under the inSnencc oi encouraging advices from the East, values rapidly appreciat'd. The receipts were large and of a quality considerably below tho average: .but the anxie ty of thlppers to take the advantage offered bv thelow rates of freight, was such, that, all off< rings, of what* ever quality, were eaeerly swallowed up at an llap provement of fully 25@5Cc V 100 Bs, on the closing rates of the week before, the market on Wednesday 100 4,631 1,510 5,3b9 10,571 4.0C2 2,260 5.283 4&253 13.739 morning ruling firm at & range of fs.oo@ 873 ior good to choice shipping Bollocks. Later in the day. however, a reaction set In. A ru mor was industriously circulated, in the interests of borers, to the effect that the raffia ol freight were at 839,930 .*242,720 56,778 56.248 18.319 7,160 once to be advanced to the old figures. This, it might be supposed, had a very depressing effect upon the mar* ket. and trade during the alteration was sluggish, In deed almost at a stand still, and prices at the close were sensibly lower. Thursday ana Friday bronchi so Improvement. The receipts continued heavy and under large accumulation, and with thoratwoflreight advancing, prices steadily receded until the improve ment of Monday and Tuesday, was more than lost. Shippers have been the almost exclusive operators. About 7,M0 head being taken In their interest; chiefly tor the markets of New York, Buffalo, Cleveland. Pitts burgh, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, though buyers from numerous other Eastern points have bees la attendance, and boueht liberally. A good deal of fanlt may very properly bo found with the quality of the receipts tor the past week, medium and common grades being largely In the ascendant, with 77,323 107,336 578 203 14.200 618 837 107 56 817 132 not a few droves that were positively Inferior. Drov ers, with few exceptions, show their judgment to be greatly at fault, as to the class of stock best suited to the wan*s of the O ade here. If Instead of glutting the market with this half-iatiened stock, they would con fine (heir purchases to good nrst and second-class Steers, and good to prime Ccwa and Ist Oxen, they wonlo less frequently have occasion to grumble at the umatUfactory resulta ol their speculations. Farmers will subserve their our interest .best by withholding their “icallawag” stock until fed to a marketable condition. The weather has ruled favorable, and tbe general attendance naa been good. The market dotes doll and heavy at quotations, with 800 bead In the -pecs unsold. CATTLE QCOTAIIOSS. Brtrn Floe. well formed. 4 to 0 year oil Steers, and averaging 1,303 lbs and upwards 17.7533.00 Prime well fatted, finely form on Supers, averaging from 1,130 to L4M B g, at. 7.2507.53 Fair Grades—Fair Steer*, la fair dash, av eraging BV at. 6.7537.00 if dlum Clast— Medium eleers and good Cows, fit for ettv slaughter and averaging 80CA1.000 86, at. 6.0006,50 Sicat CattU— Common Cattle in decent Heap, averaging 800®1,000 E> s , at 5,‘£506 50 Inftrtvr— Light'and thin Cewa and Steers 3X001.00 HUGS. The following are the receipts and shipments for the current uroet and tor the correaponding period last year Stiaday and Monday..- Tuesday.... Wednesday, rtannday... Friday Saturday... List wees. Week before last. Week ending March Weekending March 9..11.71: .... 11.4 U .... TVtckcnoihgMarch2....3U,4Q9 .... 16£17 .... The receipts this week and last compare as follows: Received this week 33^)1 Received last wees 31,0'S Received more this week. 2.435 The receipts this week compare with the receipts tor the same period in 1366, as follows; Receipts this wees. Recel pis fur corresponding week in'isls! Bee dots more this week- The mar lot was fair 7 active op to Wednesday night, and though tbc receipts were larse. prices were ire sustained. Later, however, with continued large ar rival", and In view or the advance In the rates of freight, the leellng became weak and depressed, and prices coffered In consequence. Since Thursday morn ing values have depreciated frilly 35350 c per 100 as, acd attbeeloeoto-day the marfest was utterly pros trate, bead were lelt over unsold. We give below the cloning prices of this weefe, com pared with those ol last Good to Choice. Medium to Fair! Seeep— Received to-day, 30; received this week, 3.024. Stripped to-day. none: shipped this week, 1,709. The market has ruled isirly active and under a mode rate supply, prices bare kept well up. We quote the market firm at for common to prime grades. The shipments to-day were sot returned In time for publication. The several Eastern roads were charging the following rates to-day: To Bntlalo, So@lsc, and to dTttstmreh, isc V 100 ns, with barely enough cars tg meet the drxnad. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Alt tales of Grain reported In this market report are made, on the basts of ttluler (4c) storage, unless other-' tcih< expressed. Satutidat Etestso, April 6.1367. FUE IG I) TS— ad fEEtonrs— Arc 10c lower. The lollowlnp is the tarilf of the eastern Roans: Rater trom Chlcaso to— 5d class. 4th clans. Flour. BaflVo&feuep. Bridge *55 Siu a Slontreal. C. B I.K 70 1.40 Albany, N. T. Xew Tor* Boston. 1 “oi 11 and. Flttebnreh CO ffl 70 Kaltlmore 91 55 1.10 PbUaflcJ?tita 91 5* 1-tO CmatiiaD. Ohio 45 39 60 I.cebze K amours—Are quiet, and Teasel owners are holding off for higher prices. The lollowlne charter was made to-day: Fsox Gbaxp Thayerse—Schr 6. G. Andrew attain. . . nifi . , Pl.llDß—Received, 3,618 torts: shipped, 4.939t0rt5. The Flour market to-day was moderately active, and price* were firmly maintained at the advance noticed yesterday. Sa:ea include the lollowlne: White Wis tees—loo torts “Nashville City” at 117^0,26 torts not namtd at f16.z5: 100 torts do at f 11.50 30 torts do at $13.00; Red Wumms—6o tons not named at $1100: Bratso Ermas—loo torls 'Becker’s; XX” (jetle-d-iy evening) at $13.75; 3X torts ”Ecarfiaee"atflS.CO;loo Drla nut named at $i2.75;800 torts do at sl2 50; SCO “Dixon Mills” at #12.50; 400 tori* •’Aetna" at $12.00: 400 brls not namea at $12.00; 200 torisdoattU.7s; lOObns aontfU.oo: 200 oris do at $lO 75; bratso scfeew—loo mis “Winnebago” at $I0~C; 16 brl; not named at #9.<j; 100 hns do at $3.00: 100 tons do at $8.73; rtf. Ftorm-lOt nrlt at saAO-.mObrla at $9.40. -4 WHEAT—Received, 13,720 bu; shinned. 8,309 bn. Market advanced S£sc— closing at the inside Im provement. Sales were: 400 ton No. lat $3.90 orilvcred; ICOton by Sample at SIXS on track; 5.00 C ton \o. 2at $2.11; 20.010 ton do at $‘.M3; 15.000 bn do at $3.42; 5.4C0 ton do at $b«K ; 20,400 bn do at $2.41: lO.COoW do at #3.40K; 5.000 bn do at $3.10; bOO bu Bo lected stfS.U—cloilnkwltto eellera ofNo. 2 at $2.41. ■ OKS—Re«lvea,H > 63sbu; shipped,4.o62ba. Mar ket aovatced IVASc. Sales were: 10,000 ton No. lat 51.04; 15.1X0baaoal$l.D3k; EO.OOObndoattl.o3K; 20.C40bDdoatil.03K: 10X00 bn do at SIXJ3H ; 75.wn budoat#l.C3: 5,000 bado at #1X»; *.OOO budoat *1 t2K; S.lCObn do at SI.OJK: kiooba No. 2 fresh at 85; WOO bu 00. Winter, at Wc; 25,00 i bn Rejected at 6,-vc; 400 bn do at 6CKc; 7,000 ba do at 83Kc: 1.100 bn wlnt* rat Me; 2.800 bndoal 83 sc; closing steady at frOSKfor No. 1 andSficfbr Rejected. OATS*—Received, SJT2 bn; shipped, .11 bo. Mar ket advanced Kaijfc. •‘ales were: eOU bu No. z, fresh, alto#©: 20-MO bn ao (Winter) a*.slKc: 35,000 bn dost Sin c ; 20,000 bn dr* at 54c; 22.000 bn da at 535fc; 37. W 0 mi do atilKc: fDObu Rejected at i2c—closing at 54K® E—RecelTMLiio bu; shipped.2,26o bn. Market s©Ccbrtt.n SalVswere: 2,oOObaKo. 1 atfLWs2,ooo bn do at f I.47,freshs 1.000 bu dial $1.46: 15,000ba do 5,-jCO bn doat sWls j s,ttoba do at $1.41 i«inter): UObuNo. 9 at $143; 400; 400 Cloilag firm at outside orlccs. HAKliEV—Received, 7W bn; shipped, 5.259 bn. Market i6*Jc higher. Ea cs were: 5,000 bn No. 2 at * BhIIOH cohX—Market quiet, at prices ranging fr im A demand, and price»role firm. Sales cf 2J tons at s*B OC dclivertd; i car at $17.(0 on track. BEAN H-Are flnnly held at per bushel. KTTTBit Ved, 7,092 B 8; shipped, 4,100 BS. Tfetotreedenjand lor prime table oua itte»,tbereU icaicely any movement in this branch oftrade, and forcommon descriptlois.qb; utlona are llWe more sh«nriftn Inal The supply of common Tub and com -1 u lartrr'v in excess ofthedemand. and Itu the case that deaieniare enabled to effect aales It cntimc ncTues- For Inferior erodes buyers aencrally offeiibir 9®Uc, and la Miner. C Ud to rt l a l ire l at Choice Roll Balter la g M«dy mlr e ninestTor home «>naamgPou. and nn nra'atTsKsclV|b*^*“^oo^5In nSsM Bairs to-day Inclnde the fonowlce : I.MO ftsln tub! at & So 25c; KBa Roll atSX; 10 kegs at 13C, 1,040 Bs (poor) at lit; t. 500 Bt (poor) at 9c. %9**4/> Choice Dairy Good Tub.... Common Fit kin W role In the demand, and with a full •OPP*/. ket the teellt cis easier atd on several Brands pnoo» are tower. We note a decline ollc on atarkA, uewis ton A. AndroocoEßin and American, and revise our list accordingly: on National A, 2 bu, seamless linen •♦S’/i; Union A, 2 bo, do S-JS Illinois A. 2 bn, do •»•$ Cora ■ IKS. iCmmeetlcot...... 2D Wasiangtoa. ZtX iUlliordimproTCd.....^! Biae Hill -a Corn City 16 Pawnee 20 mtBTDfQS. WbittendCQ C.......■ Uacssnlle.— * 3l '®2,; ■manidlfce Com Exchange SJ'JSS Bta-k A, cotton seamless *"•*£ Lewiston A, do £*.oo Androscoggin. do “i'JJ American. do »•■?? Bearer Mills. do wJ» LIUMitU .......... CHEESE—The market presents no new restore to day. 7 here continues to he a good demand both no locsl account and from Interior deairrs, and as the stocks ore tanning very low. orlces are finely held, and draien are nrt psrticularly anxious to efleet saps of large quantities, even at outside figures. Toe lot* lowing are the p-recs current: Kew York Factory (jp nulne) 21 92 c Factory (llhrols) - 19 @?>> c Hamburg.- ..*0 <•♦2l c WesteinSlatrti 17 '*l9 c Western reserve .....13 @l9 c “Tocpg Atnc’lca” «»' C i*o<ti.—The demand, though by no meins active, Is lair lor tbe eeason. and orices are well sustained all around. Bitnmlnoos Coat, la view of toe light rap ply la themarbet, are firmly held at quotations, ana on nurd lots dealers are not unwilling to shade prices a lltt Ic. We repeat onr Us t, at lollowa: Ebi*—Brookfield. HLM co Ormsby RAJ Clztelasp— liar HU! JLM do Mineral Ridge 10-00 co Willow Bank 10-OJ do 1nnce1..... il-W Chlnpewa 10.00 Bloeehnre i?-00 LnmpLtfalßh 14.00 Lackawana, prepared I|JO -52 Illinois.... 6.00@ 8.00 co on track Tonehlcgheny H-00 L’llFbEE—Tbtre was aftlr order business traus acted in this department of tra'c to-day, and prices were invariably well enstatned.|We repeat quotations: Java 39 @33*c Bio, common to fair 24*e,86*c Rio. good to prime S7*@27*c Bln. prime to choice 3T*@2*c COOPERAGE—Is la light demand, and dealers are tatbericore arm In their demands. No sales re ported. l>i:i;«u.Were In gned demand to-day, and selling readily at 58@21c for fresh lots in boxes or tabs, and ?(&22r for round lots, salesmcladcSOdozfrcsaat 34cJ 1,139 doz at 84c; 7 Dkgs at 24c; 3do at 23c; Bdo at 33c; SOCdnzircshatgSc. _ FRUITS ND >"DTJ*—Tbe market exhibit! no chang* to-'isy In any essential particular. There la a etcady and fhlrly active demand lor general assort ment', and for nearly all varieties prices are fatly sus tained and firm as previously quoted. Dried Apples, however, owing to the large supply in tbe market.uid with only a moderate Inquiry, are rather ctsier, though price* are potqootably lower. Green apples are in demand and flrmlv held at $4A0@6.50, with sales of very choice lots at *7.00. We quote; • niiwe vniiiTu omen or the Daily tsiepsu. » Satcsdat EvmnKQ, April 6. ) BEEF CATTLE. Shipments. ue £ne 7.553 17.807 2,636 bblpoenta. Receipts. 1367. 1568. 1867. 1568. SC3 1,313 1.033 1.699 1.101 690 SWSi 1,N3 €.345 . Rl7 3,909 20 8,779 2.17 J 2.025 331 2.45.1 2.7.9 1.631 1,161 1,560 L 514 .... 890 .23.501 5.&3 12,130 5,820 This 'weet. Last week. 7.»»7J9 6.’T5»:.00 6^75^7X0 a’.7V/<c’.so .l.ou GO 1,10 .1.00 GO 1.20 .1.19 66 I.SO .1.10 GJ 1.30 Pittsfield B, do SO-W Peso Mills, do 64.00 Fort Put do 61.00 bll» 0, do ®A* Connie*. 3o 00 Banape.4bn, bo. 1 •'6-00 Craplro City Aprlee, P brl Oranges, f> b0x.... Lemons,* Messina... Ciantemes, V brl. Tarter Pmtes, new Ficncb Prone*, new.. Flee,drams FictJ cartoon*. Dates Canned Peaches, ?»do*,2 B cana 4.65 C 4 4.75 Apples, new 9 & 12 V Peaches, halves ami quarters. IB a is I’eacHcf, pared 43 ® 43 Blaclcbcrrits, near, »tt 81 © 3? Kaspherrltfi. new, V & 66 (4 68 Cherries, pitted 65 0 66 hlcerbcrrtee. Vtt a 16 Kalilns, seedless &0 B> kep 9-0 010.15 Sardines, a boxes 22 © 31 2,'tJTB. Almonds, bard shelled 21 0 21 Almor Uhcl cd. ' " AiIUUI%B*OU beuu '•••• w (jy »- Almond?jisper ebe'lrd 55 @ C 3 PciDQtK wumiOKton, fi buz6 tts 4.M @ 4.<5 niazllKnis ...» 23 @ 31 FUbert*. French Walnuts. Naples Walnuts VJ & 24 Hickory Urns SCO (3 3JU FlSll—Dealers report a cool healthy busines* do ing, and with no surplus stock on hand, the market rules firm at full rates, with an Improved tendency oa some varieties Trices are unchanged, and we con tinue to quote: _ ; _ Wblteflth. No. i. Vbrl *6.75® 7.00 WhUeSs&,No. 2, X brl 6.75 Treat, No. 1, K brL 4>sr«d 4 .ia Trout, No. S, £ orL 4.25® LSO Mackerel, No. 1. H bn. now 10.50310.75 hlackerci.No. 2. j.'bri 10.aei0.25 Mackerel, family, ¥ hi brl o.oo® 0.75 Mackerel, extra mesa, V hi brl 1i.5ue15.0u Markerrl, extra mess, <P kit 0.50@ U 75 Mackerel. No. l. kits, new 2Jsc< 2.65 Mackerel, family, ktta 3.103 2.20 CfCnsh, Bank. ¥ K 0 as 7.003:7.50 Cotlflsb, George’s Came 7.50® 8.00 Dakelt. Wfl® 5.25 Herrings, orlcd. No. L V box 503 55 Herrings, scaled 70@ 75 Labiador Herrings, ¥ brl lOjKVall M Norwegian Herrings 15.0031G.00 Lake Heirlncs 4 -*s'*.3S2 Halibut (rooted) ITCOaU.OO sittHAstK—Market inactive ana nomuuu at the following figures: White........ 10*311 c Yellow » & 9tfc Crown. HliillW-IXE*—ltecelrcd, 100 tori*; shipped. 573 torls. Market quiet, but nmer. Sales were; 200 toils bonded at 21c. IlOPM—Are salable at 05&7CCfor Eastern and CO® Co for Western. - u a Y—lht stocks ate barely sufficient to meet the legitimate want* of the trade, andataer an In created Cemaaa a much Armor feelloeloOtalns, and prices to* dayTereadTnDcedso«®|l-00 per ton. at whici Im provement the market was firm. There was consid erable Inquiry for shipment. tVe quote: WHOLESALE PBICK3 (OK TEACH.) Timothy, ana beater pressed *15.0&)15.50 Timcthv, loos* pressed isw.iie.oa Prairie, Dealer pressed 12.01313.00 Timothy, roller and beater preseed f18.Mai9.50 Timothy, loote pressed Prairie, ro Jer ft> d prater pressed 16.00017.00 Prairie, loose on wasrou. delivered 14.0ai16.1h llll)ES—Received, 94.451 C>b; shipped. 77.35 W Be. There continues to be ft good Inquiry both tor ship* meat and to meet the current wants cf local tatsn- re. and all llebtamt mitUnm offerings arereaolly absorbed at mil price*. The demand for hesvy Hides Is not par ticularly active at present, though the stocks are not accumulating to on) considerable extent, and prices keepwell op. Grubby lots are taxes at ono-ltlrdoC. The lollowlug arc the current rates: Green Butchers’ <£®B c Green salted, trimmed 11 sWUVc .Green Calf 17 <R« e Kip Green, tailed 14 f»ls c Dry Flint, trimmed 18 Wis>sc Dry baited, trimmed...... Utf«ls*c Green Baited .partcured lOfctf ll^c IRON AM) t*TEEIr—In this department, bust* ness is i rut, nnd dealers are realising fall prtcci. Wc continue to quote: Common Bar. s aSfc Boise Shoe Iron o>i(4 ~MC Heavy Band Hoop and Light Band Round and Square Half Oval and Half Hound 6^c sheet Iron, common 7£<a c Extra rands c Sheet Iron, galvanized IS <s33 c Fl eet iron, charcoal, 26 9 3£6t c Sheet Iron, Jot lata, 26 11 i@l3 c OllCVi MM «vv— . Norway Nall Rods llX«l*Xc now steel, German. 13 ftit c Plow steel, cast. 17 @l3 c Bprmg ana Tire Steel, English 135«15 c Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sues 28 @3O e Tool Cast Meek Ameiican 22 <a& c Blistered Steel 30 @3O c muicroi - LUMBER—There la but little improvement to no tice in lbs demand, and the market rules sleartv. Car j-o aalcs to-day were sbooner Napoleon, from Manistee with 90 mtcet strips, boards, scantling and Joists, at 919.P0, and sclir Norway, from Wolf River, with 8,100 e-darpostsatllKc. Yard prices rule firm as follows: LtWßkC—Firct Clear, 1, IX, IX and 2 Inch a J60.00(368.00 Second Hear. MX, IXand 3 Inch 53.00 iM.OO Third Clear, Inch 50.00^53.00 Hrttacd Second dear Flooring, togeth er, rough, the same as Second Clear wide 50.MQS.V00 Common Flooring, rough 55.00^*37.00 Matched and Drettec Common Flooring.. 40.00@12 00 Matched and Dressed B-mch Common Flooring 36J0@33.0Q First and Second Clear Siding, together- jn.W«3IJO First Common Dressed Siding Z3J0@35.00 Wagon Bex Boards, select 15-lncb and up wards 3S-W@15.00 A Stock Beard*, 12 Inches Sojroas.’Jo A OUAA IVIBIU", l« U block Boards, 12 iDdiee 36.03&27.00 Common Boards, Joists. ocantilDg. Fenc ine. and Small Timber. 22 to 10 fret lone. 22/o®a.M Joists eld fcaatllsg, 13,30.22 and 34 feet. 2d.Oa£TO.Ot Jo sts and ScanUlne 25 JO SnisoLEe—A or Star t-hsved hbmglcs 4 .30 A or star bowed bhlnelcs B.COasJO No. 1 Saved Shingles 3A0&5.00 L*tu—Per m In yard 5.00 By car load by Northwestern Railroad, delivered In any yard where car* caa bencltcbed or any depot— A or Star Stvid Shltclesbycardoad. on trace 6.00 A or Star Shaved Shingle*. byc*i-load.on trade 3.73® 1.00 No. 1 Sawed shingle*. by car-load, on track . 4.30 Three dollar* a car-load added when transferred, which charge follows the Shingles tn trelzht but. Snn>’OLE BTAXDAED. Thickness—Fire nhlncles to be two laches la thick* nets. Lenstb—Sixteen inches. Lands—Twenty meber. Courses-Twmtr-flve. I.BATIIIiK—Ihe market exhibits considerable Improvement In p.lnt ot activity, and as the stocks on band aieln no wav ricetulve, prices are flrmlv held, dealers inmost Instances realizing at oataldc As ores. We quote the market ttrm ana steady at Uio lot* lowing range: A>CS. ) blanghter, Buffa lo Bole 10® 41 Slaughter, Sole, Chicago, No. 1, 39® 10 Slaughter, Sole, Chicago, No. V, 31® 31 Buenos Ayres..., S'Va 38 Orinoco 801 e..... St® S 3 Orinoco, good, damaged 31® 32 ,K. French Call. 51 _ Ba .2.1032.25 American Cali, 31 I Ba. .2.0032.10 French Calf, L* I molnes.t><ioz.9a.ou®9oX)o i In demand, and salable prime lou, with a fair sap- City Harness P ft S3® 40 Country Horne'S, Sfi® 38 Line,* ft 43® 44 Kip, medium, f> ft 9001.20 Calf, f ft t.30@l 50 Upo*r, ¥ f00t..,. 80® 31 Country Upper.. iW® 23 Collar, p t00t.... 23® 31 Slaughter. Sole, SSA &t Harnesa, 9 4 r « 46 1 Upper. 4<& 41 1 Kip, Mo. 1, me- i dium 40541.201 Kld,>o. l, heavy B&Jt*.lD| k-IIIAPLE SUISAIt-19 at lsot2oc tor common to i ply In the market. METALS AND Til market was active and wl mint In the demand. Tin i declined SCc. and on Coppa \Ve now quote: TDf. Bex Tin Plate, I. C. 11X11 *14.00 Roofing Tin, 1 U 11.00 Large Pies 37 Small Pigs S 3 Bar Tin 89 COPPtB. Metallic Al’Botta.... SI Copper Bottom 50 Braziers, over 10 &b. 41 Sheet. 14 to 16 or 42 Turnings 10 BABBIT VZTAI, Igt quality 30 Artlmony 20 Fine Soloer SO zinc. Ist quality, cask 13X it* quality, sheet..... it 51ab......... 13 NAILS—The demand stock* are exceedingly livbi 25c. 'WerrrUeqaotaaooß: KM to 6d 9 keg *6.75 j 8d 7.00 ( fid 7.2 J 4d INKERS’ STOCK—The rich c-jpsideratole imoruve- Plate and Routine Tu have 2r prices are a shad} easier. Bkioirr wins. ItoG U 7,Batd 9 12 10 and 11 13 12 14 13 and H 15 15 and 16 16 17 17 19. 18 19 21 20 22 Fence Wire 9K BCBSIA3. Nos. 9 and 16 2S&K American, Ist quail i ty, V fhcct 19 1 American. Ist qua J ty, V bdl IS Amcnrnn, 2d quali ty, V (heet 16 a only moderate, and tbe it, and prices have declined 2d 19.00 Sd, line blued 9.00 2d, dne Dined 10.59 Sd..'. 8.001 CUrobed. net 9.v5 OlL?*—The general market remains quiet with Inces steady and unchanged. 17c continue to quote: tiered Oil J*2S Linseed OU. boiled 1.5031.55 Olive Oil Whale oil. W. B /. Lard Oil, extia MSSfl*?2 Lard Oil, No. l ‘Winter H5®H5 Lard on. N 0.3 Winter ?-95®H.S Back OU, round lots LJJfjM-S Back Oil. Strait* 1 *225 ,, 2i Machine Oil 21131.00 Sperm OIL W. , A«g Lubricating OU M^LOO CARBON OIL—I 9 not tn excessive supply, but the demand Is somewhat limited ana tnoueo In a •mall way, the following quotations are generally re alized, round lota may be obtained at a liberal con cession. We repeat our list;; Carbon, V car load, 4*jc Carbon, small lata %«-T2 c Benzole SOftiic PROVlSlON*—Recelved,9l,6Mfia; Lard shipped, 2kV>>otta enr-d Meats; 63 brla Beet; G3l oils Pork ana 56,776 it# Lard. ftl can Pork—Doll and Ireely offered at f 22 JO, cub, with no Savers over s2L(tl. A lot ol 500 Drls changed bands last evening at *72.50. seller May. ■ ■ Extra IMpaa Beet—Sales were: 150 brla at S2O.M. Salk Alcata— were: 50.000 ns Cumborlands at Site: <O.CIX) 0.8 Shoulders atßc-both loose, i.nrd-ln demand at 12*c. Soles were; SOtrcs at Drwed Dobs—Sales were: allround 1* ntISJKL POOLTKY ANU IJAME-The supply is light and prices rule Ann. Sales Uway Incline the follow- Inr: 2 rtoz Dressed Chickens at fC.OO; 1 flor oo at '•jso - 2dozLiveeoat $5.50; Scoops at $5.50:4d0 at £5 00: GOO ns Dressed Turkeys at 20c; 100 as do at 19c s 1 coop at 2(c; 1 do at 16c; 5 doz Mallard Ducks at |3.25; 7 doz do al f 3.00. POTATO ES—Tbe market Is active, and nrices are without quotable charge. sales wn« e: 400 bn (choice) Peach Blows at 83c; aW bn do (mixed) at 8t)c; I car do at&fcdcl; lOObudoatKJcon track; ICO bu do at 79c; * wms°A The market lor this period of the week was tolerably active. In refined grides prices have advanced He- We revise quotations: ■ < 'nh* .....IcKllillC Porto RICO 13tf®t4«c K. Y, Refined,Powdered aad Granulated....l6H3l6xc White a Circle A White ™ Extra Yellew 14 A 13c omtd c. Oxnard C, extra New Orleans prime New Orleans &»r ISkaUkc HYBPPSt—'There is but little change to notice In the seneiai lealurea ot tbe market. Trade Is fairly active, ana prices favor buyers. We continue to quote s Boston amber * l ’iS&! < 3| New York Syrups •« Ycl ow Drips Cuba Molasses *j£ » rono Rico soa ra New Orleans Philadelphia Bee Rive , ™ Chicago Refinery. Amber 1, 525 1, 1 S Chicago B*nnery, Golden. gO« 90 Cnitago Eettrery. Sugar House 73® 80 SODA AND S*A LERATUS—Trade emtmna stead*. and without any visible Improvement In the dsnariL On Babbit's Medlclral and DcUud’s Chem ical. we note a de'-Uno of Jfc. Wc now quotet: ,„ A .. pureTHV. U o«KC a.i/r—Becelved. none; shipped. 817 brls. There Is no change to notice in the cencial character ol the market, and prlcts are firm. We quote s „ New Fine g Ground‘atum Ground Solar. - Turk’s Island. bags rS Dairy. wl»bsacts ?■= Dairy, without sacks *•** WEEDS—Received. 58,183 its; shipped, &A Themarkot contlnnes to rule dulMnd prices are nom . jnlJlvunchsnkPd. Sales wcreslmoTHT-a banat SS• is do at $3.75; 185 do at $2.60; sdo at s3is ;4J do Boatß:ntSde Ftax-16 bas« »ts2-75*, HoßQAktaa—W bags at 60c. TEAK—Are In rattier better demand, and a* Ifce Slock! both bere ana la the But are la«% •hading prices in order to effect tales. 1 onre Bison, superior to flee, » ft *t’3&ibs Tonne Dy«oa. extra to choice..» » I'lftSHs Imperial, snperlortoflre, F ft HSJiS Imperta', extra to choice, HffirrSa Gnnpowccr, superior to fine. V a. V««toa Gunpowder, extra to choice, V O'.—** J*2r2,?2 J*pwi,Datui3llcaJ.flietoe»lr»flne,? a... Jarsn! natural Iwtflßetoch’lce. V a H&HS Japan, natural icafi colored. V a............ I^9*l^ 'T A I*l-0 iv—The market rulca dull. Sales of lb 1 and firm, witli a air demand and allsht sapp!?.- Wc quote: r im* cut cnrwnio. .*<.15(31.501 Medium , 1.009,1.15 I Common . 6iKjKl>a tobacco. , • Vireinta’i Favor- I Ucdlsts.. ••■ltijllc 'it* n** ..ScSfl-00 Gomtnon btenu....i9a33c Chuce.*. 23<3 30c 1^ rtco TOBACCO. . Loyal Citizen.. 70® 75c | Medium... Far men’s D-llptit 67® ,jc] Comtopn.. Natural L*af...»Ut@l.» Halt BrtsU 75C0M0 Flounders. c woo“i.>§y' i S»™ - SiEiS: I; Hcecb, *• cord, ri«UTcred The remains condition as previously Lo .^*, an !L hft lr?2.*i£,. n 2» over anxious to force tnelr Wool upon the market at the present mime prices. ■ Extra... Choice.. WAU.nrB IHTELIIGENCE. POUT OP CHICAGO* ARRIVED April 6. Schr Z. 0. Simmons. Dahll, Manistee. ISO m lumber, be hr Napoleon. Morrow. Manistee, 80 m lumber. Schr Garibaldi. Smith. South Haven, sundries. Sclit Manr, Nelson, Lyntc Pier. Bchr Corah Qcffi Lldcoib, aoaortw. A , t . Bchr E. SI. Peck. Anderson, Hsm.ln, 500 bushel oats. Brhr Hamilton, Crane, Per twatcr. Schr Y&Unda, BU'-d, Gratd Haven. Schr Elva, Beel. Davis Pier, sundries. Scow Sultan, Klacswell. Bt. Joseph. Scow Tempest, Jacobion, White Lake, aundrlcL^^ Instruction. ATIGHT bCHOOL.—Tne undersigned 1> have opened a Nltbt School lor the benefit of incli as arc engaged during the day. ine coarse or Jtiftniclicn will embrace Classics, Mathematics and EneliFh. F. r particulars apply to WM. G. DTAS, at tils office, 18 Fuilerton Block. , P n r A 6 a 1^"- .*4.50 ft C3O . 3.33 » 6.C0 . 0.00 @ 850 .13.00 @73.00 34 & 23 20 » n 27 C* 23 jgait 3Sgs. SO & 33 18 @ 20 ITILL'a HAIK DIE—SO Cents—Black IJ- or Biowa—instantaneous, natarai. durable, beautiful. The beet and cheapest In ose. Contains m much as as aty do.lar size. HILL’S ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable torgcuiral otntmail par ooses. Depot 60 John-st, Now York. Sola by an druggists. - OATCHBLOR’S HAIR Ditß. Mu splendid Hatt Dye ta the beat in the world. Harmless, reliable. Instantaneous; the only Perfect Dye. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints, lint true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH BLOK. Sold by Druggists and Perfumer*. Factory. 81 Otrclav-gt.. NewTork. S 3 @ 45 16 & 17 21 @ 23 •Scales. rpAi KBANKb' STANDARD JT**. SGALEB./IJ.. or ALL 612*9, FAIRBANKS, GREEN LEAF ft ttgtf ft 33W Lake-st., Chicago. Datenta. rpo IKYENTOU3 AND OTHERS. X. Notice la hereby given Uiat the members of a Comnlßilon, acttngnnderthe authority of the Secre tary oi the Treasury, will meet it the Ctly ofNew York at the olhce ot the Supervising In»pector of Steam boats. No. 2lt ITnc-su, on the SECOND MONDAY In April proximo, lor the pnrposo of examining and testing the merits ot aueb Icventlonaor a life-saving character as as may be brought before them, v ald iLVcotlcia will (mbrace boilers ot Steam engines. AnlMncmstatore. Balety-valvea, Bleam gauaea, Water-gauaes, Steering Apparatus, Life boat#, with detaching apparatus, &c.. ftc.. Ac. Inventors mar appear In person before the Commis* BloD.lcrthe purptwr ot explaining their Inventions; but no expense* will be allowed under ant'circum stances. H- MCCULLOCH, Secretary of the Treasury. Washington, D. C„ March 13. IBC7. S @BXC fHarijinwg. TiIPROVED PKE&S --9 X URE TURBINE WATER OiX WHEEL NOW READY—Tac beat Wheel in m*rket. using jr-JL \ - ii-s* water und selling lor l*-es ■—-rw than any other Or<t-class JJBJiiSaghw'J. Every Wheel war- II IT rr*l ranted. Send lor adcscrlptlve III?. circular. Also, our Improved Hsw j r IC SB Brick MAThlne ana Brick Mi- ISPIVd w**•■■■ Engines and Hollers, *7f iCaue Mills. Portable Forifes, and all other machinery. PEEKSKILL MFG. " Peckskill, N. V. D.L. SEYMOUR will be at the office of Backard ft nui.N0.195 Water-st.,N.Y., Tuesdays, Ihursdtya and Fridays, from 11 to X o’clock, to receive sp-clOca tlons and make contracts lor Machinery and Cartings ot all kinds. ®o architects. rpo ARCHITECTS. _ __ I ILLINOIS NEW STATE HOUSE. Tbe undersigned, commlaslooen ol the State Of Ini- Hols for the erection ot a new State Uouae In Spring- Held, give notice that they will receive plan* or design* and specification* for a new State House, tbs same to be addressed to the President of the Board, Jacob Buna. Eaq- of Springfield, ILL, on or belore the second day of July. A. D. 1667. ... Three thousand dollars will be pud as a premium for tuo ue(igo.M i.u HiKuincauuns, adeciod anu adopted by aaidCommlMlonen. . . . . A sketch of thecrounfl* and tuck Information a* may be desired as to maximum cost, the required room, ac commodations etc , will be tarnished to ail wishing to compete, on application, oy letter, to J. C. Webber, Ifccmur or the Board, fife rriUent JOUN W. SMITH. PHILIP WADSWORTH, JAS. C. ROBINSON, WM. T. VANDEVEEB, WM. L. HAMHLETON, JAMES U. BEVERIDGE, Comulstloacit. J. C. Wknanr, Secretary. ■ S « BMC BHNII C s<*B 9MC 6MC 5 m v Dtoposals CWASIP LAND DITCHINR.—The O uudenigted will received sealed proposals for the fotlcwlng ceecrlbed swampland ditching in Bureau County, 111., up to 13 o'clock n, m., ol THURSDAY, April »th. *.Ro7. Ist—A ditch 6 miles and 135 rods long, to he 6 feet wide on the bottom for the first 4 ana I*lo miles, and the rest of the distance to be 4 feet wide on the bottom. 2d—A ditch 3 miles and U 3 rods long, to bs 41eet wide on the bottom. 3d—A ditch 2 miles and 133 rods Isng. to be 1 feet wide on the bottom. .__ . . . . , . . 4 th—A ditch i mile* and 70 rods lone, to be 6 leet wide on tbebo'tom: all of saidditeaet to bare a slope of Itol on each side. , , . . 17m party tnong the contract for theabovedescrlbcd ditching will be r-qnlred to give security tor the foith lul performance ot tnc contract. Slid security to be approved by the Drainage Committee, so per cent oi price that said work Is contra* ted for will be paid as said work progresses, on the estimates of the Engineer, ano the baiance a* soon as the work is completed. All of said ditches will be lot to one party, or separately to otllerent parties. Just os the undersigned committee thinks best. lh« committee reserves the rich t to reject any or all bids Icr the above described ditches. The bids will be onoted on Thursday afternoon. April 23th, lbC7. at the office oi Charles Baldwin. In Princeton, 111. and then and there disposed of by said committee. AU bids lor this woik should be scaled np and sent to Chaibs Baldwin, at Princeton, Ills. . , Any parties desiring !n Uior Information abont said woik can get the same py corresponding with, or call ing on W. K. Lawton. at Sheffield, Rnreau connty, IJ. plats, speclflcatPps. and Engineer's report now on fl.o m Connty Clctk’t office will be made part of the con

tract, when said wwkU Ijt. . A.* MOUBASY.* ’ | Commltfoe D. N. SIEVENS. S wmmlttee. CUA9. BALDWIN. Drainage Commissi jncr. Princeton, March 12,1567. ■NOTICE TO BUILDERS. Omc* OF TU* Kobtbkbk INDIANA. FCDtOk, ) Michigan CITT, Uarob 13th, 1867. J Scaled Proposals will be received by the Board ot Directors of the Northern Indiana state Pris m until TUESDAY, the 9tt day of April, IBC7. at 12 o'clock m., tor the construction of a building tor the purposes of a kitchen, dining-room, hospital and chapel, on the Prison croDDOs, near Michigan City. Indiana, accord ing to the plans and speeßhaiions oi the Superintend ing Architect, to be prepared and ready for refererce on and alter April Ist, 1667. AU Information concern- Irg the dimensions of said holloing, the materials to be used in constructing the same, the quality ot the work, together with the terms and conditions of pay ing lor the work and materials, ana all other matters connected therewith, may be obtained by-applying at the office of said Prison. . . , . , , Proposals snail bt enveloped and plainly addressed V> “Board cl Directors Northern Indiana slate Prison, Michigan fry, Ind," and endorsed “Proposals for Kitchen and Hospital." and to Insure their considers* Uon, must be delivered by the day and hour specified. Said proposals most be made in strict conformity with the terms and conditions for the construction of taldballoltp. as Indicated by the plans and specifica tions and orders of tbe Beard of Directors, on file m the office of told Prison. ,r. ~ The Board cf Directors will reserve the right to re ject any bid that may oo offered, and tomakelany changes that may then seem ' W. D. CUOI HERS, Board ol Directors. laailroana. Akkival and depaiuttkb op TKAIKH. Winter Arrangement, CHICAGO AKD HOBTUWMTIIIM HAILHOAD—COU.SCLL BLfcTTS ASD tvMATIA LINK—DEPOT SOUTH 1721X8 STDZBT. Omaha Fast Lice...... Omaha Nurbl Expiess. Dixon Passenger TOESFODT UKB. Freeport Passenger *20:00 p.m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. m. •-1:40 p. m. Rocklord, Elgin, Fox River and Flaw Line... *l:oop.m. *ll:10a.m« Geneva and Elgin Foe* senger....... *3:3op.m. *B:4sa.m. Wisconsin division— depot commit or oanax> AND KIN EXE STB BET, Day Express *9:00 a. m, *8:30 n. m. NlghtErptess *4:3op.m. *3;l3a.m. Janesville Accommod'n. *6:30 p.m. *2:35 p. to. WoodstockAccommod’n .3:00p.m. *9:3oa.m. MLWAUKBI DIVISION—DEPOT COBNXK Of OIHIL tso ktnzis BTUsrr. n tt n.nn. m ifhfin m Abbott Walter Alklre Jsetoon AnnlerFL Adams Chester Aden Frank S Antcllff Arthur AdamiHFdr Alien Henry K Anthony Daniel Adams Wm II Alien Milcm capt App.ooy II B Adams W UAco4ALen Joseph Armiby u _ Adams A co Ambler J Amet AlbertVlt Airsworthß Ambrose JDL Austin .lames C Ackerli A O Ammon A Scott Austin Geo Akers&Catey Anderson CbarieaAvery Wvy AiceeJF Anderson David AveryJSdr AldcnChasP capt , Ayer Herbert Alexander A J An-rewa James Copeland yT 7n7n\VcENmAL RAtmoAP—pnioh 1 Alexander Brad* Angeliidward Or T.AKB 6TUEET. | J B Day Express 0:00 a.*m. 12:00 m. Boaebih, Calvary and Evanston 1:30 p.m. B:4Up.m. Eight Express 4:00p.m. B:3Up.m. Kenosha Accommod’n... 4:40p.m. 0:45a.m. Waukegan Accommod’n. 6:30 p.m. 8:56 a.m. Milwaukee Accomtnod’n. 11:45 p.m. 5:30 a. m Geo. i*. Duklap, Gen*! Snp’t. B. P. Patiuck. General Passenger AtrcnU Moraine Express *5:00 a. m. *&45 p. m. Day Express *7:00 a. m. *I1;00 p. »n. Evening Express |s:3op. m.?* 12:30 p.m. Night Express 7*3:45 p. m. J&25 a. m. CD* CINNATX AND LOUISVILLE TRAINS. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. *10:35 a. m. Kichl Express 75:00 p. m. *11:00 p. m. Michigan southern ass t-»gr shore like—de ufot corservak Eur.zi; akd shebman streets. " Tnt rnn tiv» Day Express New York Expresr. Night Exptces DETROIT LIKE. Day Express *7:00 a. m. +ILOO n. m. Night Express JKhiOp. m. *&sop. m. rirrencKan, tout watnb and Chicago. Mail *1:20 a. m. 6:00 a.m. Express *7:00 a. m. a. m. Fast unc 3:16p.m. 7:Wp.m. Express *fli':oop.m. 11:00 p.m. ELUHOIS CERTttAI* Day Passenger *9:20 a. m. *lo:3op.m. NightPaisencer +10:-0p.m. *£L» a. m. Knnkakte Accommod’u.. *4:osp. m. 0:-oa,m. Uyue Park and Oak Wood. *0:20 a. m. *7:43 a. m. .i « ** # ~*J2:lop.m. *o:s2a.m. *» tt t» *3:3op.m. *l:sop.m. “ “ “ !*’*, *”*. *5;55p.m. *7:2op.m. cmcAGoißuii^oTOKANDqnisar. Day Express and Mail *3*2o a. m. *3:00 p. m. Galesburg Passenger *9:oop.m. Anrora..?. *S:OOD.m. '9:ooa.m. Night Express 712:00 mid’bl +5:50 a. m. CHICAGO AND ST. LOUIS. .. Express and Mail 73:35 ®-.“sP* m « Klebt Express 79:15 p. m. *a:so a. m. Joliet and Wilmington . _ Accommodation *4:00 p. m. 3:15 a. m. emOAOO AND GREAT EASTERN— (IATE OISCQINATI AIR LINE)—MILWAUKEE jtAILBOAD DEPOT, COR KER CANAL AND EINXIB STREETS. _ Day Express 7:00 a.m. Night Ecpress 9:00p. m. &50p. m. FOB INDIANATOUF, LOCIBHIXE AND CINCINNATI. Day Express 7:Wa.m. Night Express 9:00 p.m. B.Ma. m. coi r b M Lra.riDßAccommod.tion. »*|* £■ &MB.S; CmCACO, ROCK ISLAND AND PACIFIC BAn.BOAD. Day Express and Ma 11.... *ih(>oa. m. *o:3op.m. NlpbtExpress liOOp.m. Jolic-t Accommodation... 4;40p. m. •w-tOa.m. •Sunday excepted, tMonday excepted, 7*slur day excepted, LIST OF LETTERS. “LETTERS REMAINING UNCLAIMED IX THE PeetOfllceat Chicago. 5t»teofIlllools.oa lhs«lhday of April. ISC7. Or~ •• To obtain any of those letters the applicant muttcall for * Azjtzbtiszo Lkttkss,' give the date of UjtfUar. ani pay cne cent for advertising. DT ** Letters are cot advertised unM they bare re mainfd In :be office one week, and on Fridays aal Sat nrc*y* letters to be aorerased are In the sands cf the Traascnbiae Clerks. 12f" Free delivery of Letters to any part ot the city can be secured by baling tbcm addressed tn tne street aid number .90393 c .SWBC Abbott Grace miss Allen ME mra Adgat Addle mlti, Atkins in j W mn Adaua Marti Dmlsa Atdersou Rachel Allen Geo W mrs Atkins Jennie B mis Marliia Emr ev?:oc ,„...ASkT5c .7Ca*3; Baker Magele xnln Bowman A mrs Ualet Neltemisa Bowman Eliza miss Baker Mary miss Brawn Annie miss Batcrort Alary Y miss Bradley S 8 mis Bartrt add miss Bradley .'lary ml»s Beckmai Amanl mrs Brewster Lottie mrs Bellamy Sarah J mr* Bnn'nall s mrs Ueiding Sarah EUzabeibl'rusb Uatilcmlss . tnrs Brace E tors DetJsTSQ Addle miss Broom Catherine be vans Martha mn Browned Mary Jane mrs Ikvans Alice miss Brown Jemima mrs Beard Amos mrs Brown Mary A mrs D( si U J ales Badam A mrs 2 Bird L E mrs Bollock Fhebe miss Blodgett Mary J mrs Booklet Mary £ Blaseman Fannie mrs Bart Sarah A mrs Botler Carla miss Burke Paul mre Pontey Jane mrs Hnriha»li Kellie miss ' Bosack Caroline miss Butler Sllzabetn E mrs uooth Ellen M mrs Brennan Ellen McKernan Beyer Angtllne mles Bailey Catboren Calnanao Mary mbs Cline Elizabeth miss CaUßUnn Clydesdale Henry mra Callender Molle 2 Clyde Nellie mbs Callaghan Ua*y miss Cluff Jennie B mrs Camil Jennie miss Coates C mrs Cannaogb'an Budget mrs Coll liter Knty miss Capron Francis Am*s Collin* Mattie mrs Carter Mary mrs Cole Julia A miss Carter Bbcda mrs Co ey Huldahmrs CaibartCßmis Conne's Mary mrs Caswell Lovcrsha mrs Condm Mlc*le mrs CsvcnderM Anuas Comly Clifford mrs Cnlltcsh Cooper Mary Chamber* Ada W mlw Cooldn Julia Cbudoba Veronica mis Coxo E D mra Chaum Maude iw« Cornell Ruony miss Church C C mrs Coonhlln Mary Chattertcn N It mrs Couglln James mrs Chase Jenny tors Crelsbe ILseta miss Clair Robert mrs Crarymrs Clayton AO mis cratePramellamrs 11 .rk E tza A mra Crosby Mot C mra Clark E u mra Cortcnlna Anne F miss Uotemlaa Cnnnlngbam Ann mrs Dacaby Llbblo miss Dodd Jennie U miss Davis Lizzie mlsa Dcolcy Mary F mrs Davis Helen mrs Donovan Margaret mrs Davis David mrs Douglas M C mra Davl# Thon asj mra Douglus Ann'cmlss Dean Sarah A mrs Doyle Mary mrs DeDarr Lizzie mlsa DoyloMargaret Delong Manna miss Domain vVm mrs Donharty M miss Duff Ames mlsa Delmar.omrs Dona Margct Dickenson IIN mrs Egclcatcn Henrietta mra Ellis Benjsmtn mrs Kati n Annie A mlsa Elttnc Maggie miss Eakln Agneimlss hlfeit Kate miss (■dwards Fannie mlsa Bwing Gilzabetb mra Edisun M O mrs Endcrly earah mrs Edwaids May miss Erie Josephine mra Eaeeumra EraruLtzzleM mlsa Farter Mary miss 2 Font Uaitleß miss Ft-rrlb Harriet mrs Forreit n mrs Fclkcr Annie mire Foreman U mra Flnrcgan Ann miss Foster Lea Emirs Flynns M rare Frencha tlat'le D Flood Mary J m!sa Foacell Marla O mre Flynn Hanoro miss Falter Martha D tors G Gallagher Margaret mra Grattcr Mary mra O.lhean mra Graves Fannie mlsa GoceEFtur* Graves Nellie M miss . Ganano Viola mra Greeu Jorle miss Gammon Abble mlsa Griswold E mra Gardiner Marla mrs Guray Annie P mrs Gilbert Frank C mrs Green Elva mils Godfrey Emily Jane Green Sarah mlsa GorSAdella mlsa GuttenbergNancrmlss. Gonld Jatemisa OroymiareMamie mlsa Grave) Julia A mra UolneaJDmrs Graves w s mra Oothrle Phene A mrs Graham Martha mra Hickey Mary miss Hiilfman Aina A mrs Ha leub-ck Sarah J mUs Iloiket Lizzie miss Hailstone Jane miss UalWHmia Hann Mary Bits Hardy Caroline mr* Haley Abble miss Hayrieunemrs Haven Annie E mrs Hastings Almira C mrs Hawkins B»rab miss ildlrtgle B C mr* ucufc Kats miss Henderson Pneoe M mrs Harvcj Kale? mlsa Helton Lanra m'sa Hinckley Eugenen* mn Hill Annie wire Hedges Charlotte Stella Hitchcock Lizzie mrs Inghram Sarah Jones Mary E mrs 2 Jennings Nellie Edsa Jennings it 5 mrs Keating Julia mrs Kelser Maggie mlas Kane Annie mla* Kenon Ellen mrs Kt-rope Anna mr* Kelly Mary mn Kelly mts Larccllta Emily obu Lane Lucy 1< ml»i Laa renct Gcoette mrs Lawrence J»ntle mrs Lawson Llbble mn 2 Leach L A mra LetUngweii J S dr mn L-arh CaciD’a m ei Lect Mareie mlsa I.cfs David mrs j.cra I'd-iti u.tß MatcieEmra Levy Hannah mra JlahoryKate miss Mace Aggie miss Magan JsnemDs Sltlßhy Anna miss Msttoon Bell n Iss Mala Anna E miss Main A miss Malon Nsoml miss Mansfield Harriet mn Mntce Rose miss Msrley M mrs Mvkey Bridget miss Marrh Jennie f mrs Martin Susan Martin Jennie E rare Martin Alll- miss Martin Alvlra mn Manure Hattie M mrs M-son miss iU-WU UIIBB Matlcs Ll£2l*als< Mavhn EUzabetn miss file McClelland Maggie A mra Mcsrau miss McCVmilck John mra McKenzie Agnes mini .McClure Alvina b miss Mcknight Hattie miss Mcßlver Rate v mlu McKenna Margaret mlsi McCoy Mary mils McLaughlin Llbble miss McLaren Malcolm mrs McDonald Mary mrs McNeil Catherine miss McGinnis John Jr mrs Mc?eraan Catherine miss McGulrry Julia. Mc(jaado Mary mrs McGuire Annie miss Netabergcr Anna miss Noyes Mary L mrs Nelson Julia mire Norton Annie mrs Newell Anna £ mlu Nolan Anna Newsome Jesile F mrs Kyo Henry mrs Nenaon Wm b mis O’CoLnell Ellen miss Od*ll Albert mrs O'Brien Catherine tnrs OirJaneiurs Osoorn Lockwood K mrs P Paroraore Mellrda E miss Pickles Uzzlc miss Peats Wm H mrs Pool* Amelia miss Peck Fbebe E mrs Powcil E mrs Peck C M mrs Porter Ira mrs Pern- Sardinle mrs Porter Margie miss Phillips E mrs Poweli K miss Phelps Hattie mrs Purilt Jennie miss Q QoackttbUßh Elizabeth mrs B. Earn ora Jennie miss niches Ettle miss Rankin Jane mis Richard Esther D mrs Raynor U A miss Richmond Mattie miss KappThosmra Ifobertaon It mrs Rnpp Jennie Roberts Lizzie mrs Raymond Lacretla tnrs Rosen Marla mrs Raymond May miss KolllnJCmrs Rerfe Annie mrs Roney Catharine mrs Reese ca miss B .so Sarah 51 mrs Reynolds ktloole I. miss Rowley Leonard B mrs Raynolds Cathartncmis UosaJmnle nlss Ravnolds Wm L mrs Rossoll Sarah U Rc<a Mary F miss Ruby Jacob mrs Reed Mary B miss Ryan Nellie miss Rlcc Arabella mrs Rntherford Erastos mrs a Scott Joscphlre A mrs Smith Fannie miss fcanoflor* Fannie miss Blacks 51 at la or Bridget Scott Eliza min mis* Sedgwick Theodore mrs Smith mrs • , Sears B A mrs Smith Carrie mUj SeccorEmms.lamlss Bovey MaryJanemrs Seaton Ellen Adams mrs Bower Mary mrs Shields Anile truss Somers 1 K mrs Eblel Elizabeth BoperCatrlo mrs Shanahan Ellen mrs Srevan Wil'lsm mrs bhumway Clarlna H miss Spaulding J mrs Shanahan Bridget Btailcap tleorgearnamn Shoiwcll Sarah L btanlcy Mattie E mist Simpson Helm E tare Stevens Sylvia U miss Stars EM mrs Stevenson Minnie cm Siler I) L mrs Stetson Asl mrs ' Smalley Bridget miss • Stines Daniel mrs Sooad Annie M miss Slone E 51 mrs ' Smith Laura L mrs Stowe Eleauora v miss Smith Virginia I miss S'over Maria mrs Smith J Slllton mrs swop Marr miss . Smith Eliza mrs summers M F mrs Smith Kittle miss Bhanebon Ellen mrs Smith Harriet Talbot Eliza mrs Turner AW mrs Tallmon sarah mrs Turner Vl'entlne mrs Tnenbos Mary E miss Turner 5! M mrs IhoroUarmtmia Turner Maggie miss Tbon-psou Mary miss Troy Bridget miss Thomas UP mrs Vcrnon*Sarah W mrs Van Arman RII mrs 3 Vredcbbnrgh Mary miss Van Horn Amelia mrs Van Aman Fanny miss Wadsworth Nellie miss „ UUU4UI UIIO ■' 1 Walker Hat miss White Frank rails Walker Slary miss White K ll mrs Ward E P mrs Wiley Addle A mrs Warner sarah E mrs wieht Bilzs Jmrs Warten Jolm E mrs Wllllmott Mary mrs Warner Julia mias Wicker J mrs WaterbaryJonn Utnrg Witdcrmlss WalaonPnebc L mrs Winter Frederlokmrs Wotters Jennie mtas Williams Corn-lla mrs WebsterLonieaFmrs Wilson Julia miss Webber Dehhle miss Woodsbaw Ella miss Wentworth s!ary B mrs Wolcott Nell miss Wells Henrietta mrs Woods Anetta miss Wei j 'lTicrtea s mrs Woods A C rars Wentworib Leri mrs Wright Marla miss Whittaker Slary A mrs Wright Jennie mhs White Elizabeth miss Wllla Mary miss Whitney George N mrs Whelan Anne leave. Arrive. •&lo a. m. •7:20 p.m. 7:30 p. m. J(3:UO a. m. 4:o0p. m. 12:10 a.m. TotmchlnoVttmle . Tatnm S Kan Young Mary P mra Young Carrie E miss Yates Irene mrs Zone Sophia miss Zeller Charles mrs ASBmrs nailer FrederfckDcrryFlflrtdH BrodheadMartlnA U * Blcknult AE a Bronson Kuhia Bails&«on Bingham ChasM Brocket ThomaaH Baker 8W dr Birch JU „dr Baker Benj Fdr BlsnopE Brooss Joseph Bancroft elms W Bishop ES Brooks *«eo A llanneraan W O Bishop H H BrooksD-mtel Barber Hiram Jr Bishop D m Bfutt Joseph L 3 Barber bolomonPDHseil J T Brower Qm P BartonrCA Bixny Hiram Brower ajlTMter Barker & Peek Black John C Drown 133 Lafie-st Barker J t fclackurom CtasQrown A A capt BatherßF capt BrownOeo Barnett Thomas BialnNß BrownC B Harnett Abrahamßlatr Cris Brown JL Barney W A Blake Pater Drown Thomas Barmy Bari Blake John C Brown Willie Bams Thomas J K.aktlyCP Brown WmJ Hainnm James Blanks Wm Brown Milton B BamttEOt Blltn Joon H BrownWallerQ BarrellPW BloodJU UrownPU&co Barrett J O Boe Israel Hrown *co3 Barry J K col Do dame r OodTreyßrucc Alex Harry James Boles Jacob Bruce WmO Barry JR BollgJcnn N Bryan A F 1 Bartrll Cba* 8 Boltun Goo Bryant Reuben Barnett A C Bo roan Barney Bryant Wm C DarUeltDC BoomauA co Bryantßuoen Barton Geo H bourdmaa Heuryßjurtousts Jo- Danonßl:*M Bowden & Cam- seph H Bat com Wm F miags Buckley .John BarbDNAcoS Bowtn stewart AUuckiey,Win iiktchelderJQA co Buster Jopq Bates ** BowenEJ Bundy JM Bata Morgan Bower BF Aco Banner* oo lianland A Bowers & co Burchett Wm Baxter A Gordon Bowies a B Burchillmr BaxierTM BowronCbasW Burccs Henry Brach B H Boxley Wm Burke Jama Beal Charles Boyer Alien Burke ft J capt Bean H Boynton George Burk John Beatty Dempster Boynton G W Bomapp John Bcawls J Bradley 6L Burns Robert Hecmnetonßobertbialnard bros DnmsWm Bccklcr J - flrant Darla Barns James B Hraeell James Burr Henry F n-iijh Breed L N Burr LnimrN BemtsGebJr ' l>rennan Wm Barr Henry TU-nn.ttJ F& CO BMUIkS JIUHCS DQItWm SlSltt Robert Rrett E P iJS “^™ 0B Beom lt Alonzo Brewer Lewis Butler Wm K l „^?nO r 7 ffill' 8 Sutler Frank S kStoaM R & co Brigham Chtsß BoilerFraukA uejjTncepioemrtjiengA gSoSl&inmd BeranJclm Bilatql Richard J sbubsstb as|y ISats - ” JSS" T fcf- gSSftJfpi. «p EIEiT SKfo” 1 SSK.V Carmtoa M H prolClark Eobt 8 Cornell Geo .. *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p.m. ~ 8:15 p. m. +12:30 p. m. .}*10;00 p. m. *6:00 a. m. LADIES’ LIST. Huffman Kata Hoardo M L miss Hclvcrsan .\naoi mlsa II- Hon A Brars inidsworth Louisa a mm Holllsb* Oliver mrs Ilustm*r Louis Hope Mary M C Hoards M J mi** Hover mrs Houghton Lety mrs Howe M A mrs Horton John mrs Howard S M mrs Hubbell Albert mrs Haaglne Fannie miss lluclns Foacy miss HugQca Annie mlsa HolanaktM Finney mrs Qunn W S mra Humphrey L A mra I Indgevillc Susy mn Jackson Mary miss Juda* Susan 5 mr* Jonson Fanny mlsa Kerr Sarah ml** Kenedy Mary Jane miss Kelly Margaret Kimball Susan L mlsa : Kinnall Lizzie mra Kendall Kate Kirk Kittle miss Leonard Mary Ltndley Uollle miss Link LyOla mrs Llrchcv B mrs Llttrell Annie mrs Loogbunt William mrs Long James mrs Lord Fannie Amiss Loomis Caroline E mis Lorcen Mary.t Lum bard Antoinette mrs fir Mattersoa Rachel mrs Mead K mrs M»rnttM%ctrle Fmlsa Miller Emily miss Miller Miranda mrs Mincer L mrs Mltcbel Kate Anne mra Munroemrs Munroe Henrietta miss Morteueen C mra Morrill Mary mra Murrell James A dr mrs Morrlsov Mary mrs Moore Elizabeth Mulls Kittle M mrs Murphy Ju’iamlM Murphy Alice miss Mvf rsmiss Myers Uarr miss Mackey Albert mrs MTbltebead Rebecca mrs Whirl Ann miss Initial*. KMD2 GENTLEIIEN’d LIST. CullileT Cleat Q*o Corwin ChasL c«riiteJu CieseeUJaaH Cossraje John CarU Charlie C Cleiton JohnU Cottrell G J Cunenter h N BClifford Patrick Coran B tt Carroll Anciew Cline Folio ConlsonUO caiec D 3 Cochran GeoCrerCoi John cSroVrlaln Hen-Coal J B Craii Benjamin t\' co&rs J ctm Crarens Ju CbaraTcra JerOfieCoats B P CfrplaE * JO»M H/nry H Christopher W B .A Cobb t. U rex r.vTPFr-nl roboWrrL Chrisap Jthn Cbaminon P C ObbWatt Croter Jonnson eSSnuDM* co CaUbarc IMer Crony Darld CtiSiDb-oi Colgate John Crone Iff chimo uilea A coCoUert John CroTlae Tu Sf jMfn Co 1 Una Patricks Croaby Clay . rKitCT Co.em*n JtoephCroaiiaad, Ala- ThaseOeoS Colwell, Cluic 4 galre * ca ebaae MeiTln Stebblna CraasveU M B rhuaAnold Comatock Wn P apt Cbatterton oscarConda Cpu L CronebWalter Corear Joseph Crouse ChasJ rhesa F Conley J«s Crowley Manrlee CbiioaJaaA Conner Tier* Colbsan Michael CTMlfli T T Cosroyjas CammlnsaD rhri»rr Q B dr SComoyd Jas Cunningham WU* Church Geo Cook H H llata Chnren A J Cook Owen CannmgbamTbos Clapp Geo W CcokC Buell dr 2 v %Ml _ , Clarke A Toars Cook J Corby Michael Clark A Smith CookWm CorttsßM Clark Lincoln E cooper A Shcr-Curha Orritle Clark H D man Cnyler John U DakeEWD Berlin JosephH DorsettJames L Bale CL Dertckson RP Doray Lu»o _ BazcbiyJobnA capt Bouaaer Anthony DoncetColdF Deter AM ■ Douglass L Daniels John Deyo Abraham Downing Q»w DaiUR bamoel OincUDorrance Downs Joan V Darwin Beery Dlckcunan Amos Downs JA4 co Davenport Geo WDlcklnson A s Do»le Simon Davis A 5 Dickinson C H Drake O Davis CM 3 Dicks, Wooley AOraaeJF Davli David Am- Co Drew Geo B biose Dices * DaiCbvDriues B H Davis Stephen oay Daffy Eddie Davis Barry W DUoaWH3 , Daffy Edward Davison BL Diozcr Emanuel Dnkejas Day FO Daman JJ DonbarWM Day Cbas A A Dunham T Daytcn O S Dcddrlae Thoa Dunk C 3 DawleyF A DrdgeLewudr DunkloeJohaO Dean Bradley captDoiau Jamra Doan John J Delew Egmon Dolan rnoa H Dunn James DefostJ Donaldson Kobt Dnnton KS Dc Land O B Donneily Wm Darlnn.James Deloia John D Donovan James Dwyer Joseph DeWThomas DoomueNJ Dyer Wm De Mm nH AprofDoollttle Albert Dyer WII _ Denison Andrew Dorman 4 QngsaDykeChasF Denvan Wm DoreH Dawes EJI Doran John Eagan James Edgeworth A D Ellis J _ Earley John Edson Robert 3 Ed aB W Chas Edwards Francis Emery E Kastman Henry CEdwards John Enellsh TbOfl capt EastorJL EfltnayJ P_ _ Baton 8 U maj Elbert Thomas Ester Merritt A EbbES KiderThos H BverettLeonard Ecktord John Elder UohtS Everetts W a Edbrook George Elmer Nathan Ewing Henry Eden Thoa Elliot Geo b F Falrbaiks Chaa AFltzgerald Jaa Foi * br ?, 3 r, _ Katobam Henry Fiupatnck John .FranksD D rev Farrrr John L Fleming Wm Francis 4 Web- Fiw n A Flower HDdr 3 her 2 FaitDF F.ynn Jaa FrannJWß Faulkner Paihal Folsom LA Freeman Chris- Fancett A F Foolry Thcmaa _tlan Faxon Wm Ly-Ftrbes Wm Freeman L W rev man Forbes C French David H Felton Fred B Ford h L Frlctta Hi B Fermuon bros Ford M A Frostier Alfred Field Wm Foskett Parker Fry Orrla S Flelo Howard FcsaNA Fryer Mike Field c liver Foater Charlie Fuller Rial Finn John Foater CB Fuller Euecoe Fitcherd John Foster Geo Fuller Reuben FlsbGU Foster John W Ful'er II FitherGus - Foster Jehu U Fuller brra Fisk C J • Foster John capt Fuller T W fitch & MarcbantFowlei A’mon Gaea Henry H George Alexander Grant Robert Galllck D b Gerry CDaaA GrarWm Galea das A OP-baJohn Gregory .TobnH Gallavaaßarthol- Glffin Gyms n Gregory Silas omew Otcgeyftco Green Gtf Gunmens Geo W Gila Herbert & coOreen E G UVUIUII UD VlrV If uu, iiti m.l, w tiaaey capt of Gilbert Harry Green- Edwin schocDtrJlirtle Gilbert Batnft eo Green Wm Lrev Gannon RlchardCGtlderslee ve L J Grier John C GardEL GllleUWm Griggs-heldon Garneld Free H Gillette Chaa A Grimes Randolph Garland Ira J GlllovleyMichael Griswold (J B Gates Frank Gilson L J Griswold Isaac N Gattcban Owen Glynn C F Grover s Gavan Andrew Goldman M Giust chaanceyM OavtnJtmea Gom+rsailß QalilverWmH GawnJohn Gooding DWC GuyottLuko Gaylard Harvey Gonab JohnS Gwlon Wil 3 Gaylard Wilbur QGonld Frank Gartcer Denning Oranene Lewis Gonld Wm ftco OelrCL GraftonWß Green RL Qemmell J H HackteyP " 'Hasting* C - Hollister ft Hall Hackman John HtwtesJaaM Holmes Jdr Haight B G Hawkins Chaa Holmes Wallace U»lrc» Hbrldee SHawley Edmund W ualnsworth John Hawley Mliton PHobtrldee Jaa Halnswerth F Hayden Thoa • Hooper John fl Ha’terton John Hayes John H 2 Hoover Louts Hale U Hays Joel P Hopkins Wm ft eo Uril Alfred Healey Albert 8 Hopkins Benjamin Hall Barry HeaaleT Harry Hookln* Wm H Hall Bank HeegaardUA Hopkins MW Hall Jone*4lllc*Heofitau JP llopklnson ft co roan J Hemmlck Wm HHopolog Sidney u H all A T Henderson A 2 Horn Ed gar F HaUcyCcoE Henderson GC HonghtonßO Hamlm CHft co Hennessey Danl House Geo Hanchettc Jas Herndon KN ft coßonse mr Hancock Chaa L Hendry ER Howard Everett HanklnaonFM Hey wood EC Howard Clateaee Hacks LF Hickey JohnM L „ Harley Henry H UicksTAcapt Howatt Porter- HanlinHU Higginbotham field HamalordJD Jb Howe Samuel lianneban Joun Higgins ft co Howe Chaa M Hanson Wm P Hill Joseph Howe DIF HarbachTho* HlllWVr. IloweJohnP Harden ft BreTtcnHlil Daniel ft sonUoyt Wm H ft CO Hark Walter EhlsHUlcr Geo Hoflft smith Hanses W F Hinckley Abner FHnls Andrew J Harper Jchn HlwU broa Humphrey J D Uairls Abram HlneClms Uontsanrord Shetland Hitchcock Uh&s HuntßM HarrtaßatnlD HtttieJF Hunt B(5 Hart Eft co Hoag Darius Hunt Clarence Hart Frank Hogan ft Nlcholsllnrd A Leo Hart A N - Hoeanson H a Htulbnt ebas L Hsrtwell A V Holbrook L H dr Hurlbut Geo Harwood O Holbrook Freder-Uurlbut Watson C HaiellonL ick H■ . „ Hussey Frank Hateo Ja« Lft coßolcomb A P Hyde Ha ry W Haskcl C P Holden Geo Hutchinson John Has-ard Edward Hollister John Imersole ft Libby Inman Geo J ■ Inlofl Thomas J Jackson J D rev Johnson Joseph Jones Wm H jam* son Ttomas Johnson Chat D Jonea WW Jr JayieWm Johnson BUlcy JonesSimnelL JeUords Fdward Johnson Henry Jones UobertUet- JenksJohn Johnson Geo U ry Jenkins Isaac B Jones ft Bell Jordon Geo Jttnlngs J D Jones JohaL Jordan Wm R jewed E Jones J JosiinL-U Johnann ChnstC- .loncs Edward Jodd Barney pher Jones Thomas A K Kay Theodore Kenney Edward King Rufus, Kearney Thomas U King Samuel Ktclcrwm KcaryWlU'am KingttmL Abraham K«s»ner George Klone Wm L Kelley Johnson Kercheval Alex-Kinkead Wm Kelly Wm H 2 anderW KlrkJnllns Kendall B W Kcyjas KirklandJ F - KennedyEJ King PR Knights Silas K Kennedy Edward King Daniel 02 Knox Chaa H Kennedy JM Blnslhoma* Kelly Edward Eenntcy A P Lambert F Lea Patrick Lockwood H D London, WolUng-Lee John L.lly John D ford ft co Legs Wm Lombard Frank»lean Mat'w Lecrand Edwin Ixwg Patrick Lan- Joseph Sdr Leighton ft co JS Loazworthy Hen- Langley G G Leighton George ry T 1 anteroian A P 2 Leland Fratcls WLootms Then T lain er J B Leslie Loomis laomti 1 W E Lester Geo W Loomis Milo W LaltiuoFA LewisG U LordThusT Latliron P Lind ft Slator Louts Albert Lkthrop J O rev Underwood JohoLucaa Fred’k LathropPJr LlnVlaterß Luca Fred A Lathrop Alvin B LlnsleyCL Lundyßobert Lattan ft sot ThosLUchneld David Lym»n Henry M Laughleln Wm TT LymanT Law rente Henry LUheonWin Lynch Tbcs LcarrCbsaP Livingston QW LyncnJeremiah Leavenworth, dr LyouJ Frank Zlpp LivlngrtonJß Lvm John A 2 Leavy vlrhatl Lloyd Robert . LypordHA LebarLQZ Lock&coE Madden John Merrill 4 Bunt- Montgomery R R MaffittNonsan ingfon Montague Jos MatenJohn Merrill II A Moore L opt Mahon Howard Merritt Weather- Moore Wm U Slaloncr Wm bee Moore Oes Matoncy John MesemcJohnß Moore K ktalor Joo A MeskellJohn Moore DanlO Mallory Wm H MetcaUA Moran Martin E Malonror Miles Geo A Mordod H S ManchesterD W MtUerKB4C9 Morganmr Mamfleld Jcbn Miller BW & A OMorgan Wm E Ben Miller & Rahman Morrison Jas 4 co Marcey Wm Miller Lewis J Morse RI Marciwm Daniel WiderLto dr Morse Wm M Marks John L Miller Leonard Morton IIU Marsh H A Millet X Y Morton Edward Manh ThosH Milcr JohnD ilosely Mathew M»rsra)lPK Miller Harry C MrsesHiram P Martin Peter Miller EV Mosher 4 Allhir Martin Henry Miller C arcnce Moss J C MatllnJartttL MlUerChas Mossier Lsl Martin mr Milligan P Marlow Francis MsbhurChas Mills DL MnrnaneJona Mason JE MilsAJtco MnrohyJohn Mason Harvey Mlaahanlbos Murphy Jas T Mason Tnomaa Minor JJ Morphy Edward 2 51aiber 4 Kerc-Mlrick Wm F MnrphyßQ lecke Mitchell O A Morphy Preston J Mathews WiriamMttchcil E Murray 4 Stew- Matti son Aaron muc R 514 co art ManveaCl Urban Frauds Murray John MaxsonOFdrS MoioneJas Unsselman4 Mayo Geo G Moison Ephriam Woodward JUjnard Henry GMoorcc dr K Meacbam H U Montgomery WH- Myers Allen sftad Patrick 111 MvresWmF Utany Tbos J Montgomery Ch as Maher H Merrill A U W McAfee Taylor McDonnell KlJah McKay Jm McAnrlhur A L McDonough Thos McKtnz e Geo H ar McDowell KJ McKlnzlo Peter Mcßride John Mcßlwain 8 H MeKey Wm McFriOe E J McFariace Hath McLaughlin Jas R McCabe Henry McGrath Edward McLean A. 51cCarn Albert McGraw Michael McLean DC 3 McCarthy Dennis McGraw Jas McLean 1 M - McUleary John McGregor Jos McLean Jas slrConney Notrls McGuire John McLean John D j M McGuire Bernard McLollan Cbas A McCormack Jcs HMcGulre Chat McMahon D B McCollock J A McGnre & Smith SMcMann bl’as McDonald FenethMcllwalne JK & McMasterap B McDonald God- co McMeekln naral trey Mclnerney Tbos McNicnols Steph- McDonald Patrickslclntosh John J on McDonald A pus Mclntosh John s!cNlell John McDotnell NlchoMclntyie W K UcbtiDbo Jas las Mclven Bobt B N Kardon 4 co Ncaytrson Pater- N rthern John NsshChasW .son, . NorioaElUner Vav RBruce NicholsHW&co VortonThcron Nar E 8 4 co Nichols Ed 4 bro Noye w Kelley Jacob Nlchois LM4ca NoysWm Kellsonß4co Nix«n Robt Nye Charles NewburyQforgo NobleJ4co Nanneloa Arm- Newton chas W Noonan Thomas stead O . O’ltrlan John O’Connell Patrtckp’SnlUyan J O'uniD Richard Chaa O’Brlne James O’Connoi Michael Odell B O’Bryan Edward O’Leary MUc O cctt JarnaT O’Callanan Jere- O’larr John or plrttn Of* tnlab Patrick • Bids Oeorce O’Collacban 31 O’Lcrry Jeremiah Orlando John O'Ua'llcsn PA J O’Mslcy M OrvU A O’Callachsn'Wli O'Neal James Of cool Geo O’Connell Tlmo* O’Nell Patrick Osborn Henry J thy O’Shea James Owen J A P Parker W H Peck John F Plney F C Padgett Wm!l Feck & Wlncate \ J Pace Robert P Pelerar Pl'kinOeoS PaceAcoA I Pemberton P F Pitta Forest Paine Jos Penny CbaaE Platter Henna Painter Fred Pcrtlam JonathonPmmb Win Palmer Phillips APerklt e Henry Poole Geo A co Pcrrydrßß2 Pool J-ase Paradise James C Petertson P J P ly ParkerDUS PeivlerJH _ Porter William Parser M peters Milton F Porter John M parks JB Peterson fcdw Porter Thai G parsons &co JE PcttUQeoD Porter William Partridge captattPhelan Peter Potcrfalr £A co Fred Pbeiph* E il Post J St PartridceAco SPhelpsSD Potter John n • PetneJohnO Potter Thomas PartrldgeAco J PhUhricfcOcoA PotterH U s Phillips A Potwln A Co Patten AS Phillips E Powell J F Patterson EH Phillip* Geo Powell JohnS Peabody W B Phillips Geo L Powell OA qo Peabody Jaa B phlilioa capt Wal* prendergraat Ene- Pearsall J B ter A as • PeattonGeoree Phlllpionmr Frendergrast Pearson Klcnard PPkel Howard Tmmas PcaaoJohnF Picket UR PribblnJohn Pease Richard M Pierson WW Price J W Pease Brcou PlkeEW PrlceOP PcasclyJA Pinkerton RobertPollum Cbarlea Peade AaanJohn Qnackenbosß A Qnlnlan Michael K KaceJasA BenshawJohn RoyohuWmJ Rone Frank O Reona A Croft Rock dr Rankin G N Keynol-is PnncUßoccwelt Sldneyß Banner JE BeyLOldsWE Roddeyjohn RaymoLdDE RlccAM Hodrlck Joseph Raymctd John MBlcbards Joseph Roger* John Raymond L prof RlclaidsJaaA Rogers ACO Reader Stephen Richards Q a Roper A Reascner Anflrcwßicharos Thos J Rosswell, Bills A RedncrAWli Richards Jas H co Reed Chas Richards G 6 Rouse A L Reed Royal 3 Richardson UJ Rowen Daniel Rwd Sami B Ricselson O W Rowley Leonard Itcedfw RlkerßD Rnbbel Orlando Reed Joel L Riley winiam RumageSb cipt ReedW IB Kiniro JM3 Rucnloa Jasß Reed Incien W Robb B H Roasell J A rev ReedJM&co Robb John Rowell John Hit Reeder 8 A Robbins J B Russ John Wm Reeves Obldlah Robinson Geo KyanJai Reilly Philip BoMnson Hush RyoneJ»s , KeiHy bros Robinson bull- Ryder Reuben Relils w M man W . • caot RmaidWmß Robson EJ EyersonJH 8 Sabin LM Am Ebcrwcod Lem’lS Speet L Aco Sabin PRAco Sherwood Geo g“gSS? f! „ baffordßF Shipman B Stacy Wilder SatfordHS BhrlnerTdr Si»nordD»TldH 9- mnels Spencer Bhurr Wm Stafford C Samuels John BlddallJJ Stark Peter sanborn WH Silver Edward Start John Sandbury A fclmonds b H stcoe undrew Sarder M Simons Geo R Slwle Fraok Bands Arthur Simpson Jas E BjerensEC Samord Wallace Buna Edwin G • Elevens HP SaDfoid E Singtr Henry W Sievins too _ BaraeeGeortteH i*■ Sarace 6W 8 SleeoerAWheatenStcwart Alex Banter Chaa . BlinneSJ Stewart W L BawucyHJ BlomerßAS Slier WA Scat lon John Smead trank H btUIPH UchtODorer DarldSmlth AD j Scott wm saith* Bonner smkei wu t«d J ScottLarmonE SmithM • ISHSrp” B Sc-tt,Monran AcoSmilh W H Stone CE Scott Boswell Smith Joseph H VT? 1 SCwtten A Lovett Bm th Jaa tt Btooe AC ISmaK?" iSSSu-UM IgraJV-fttih ss"joSl SioioMK SisiS.. ||{4" IS* JBWt smllbObu cpt Flaw Theodore Smith Thornes Chaw'Prwl JffiMni StOiTt JSS F lh»w llmnel Smith John Stoll ft Cooeeh ISIJISSS lilihßW SDlllnn Jo or ihSTjohnC Snow Johnner Sa'Uran John sheidcn Henry A SaTdtfmrrer Sntteracd Trank* Phcparti Henry H Salve.y Janvlah 110 Sheman* Coo leScnthwed John SattoaT bhcHnaa. Word SpaUmaaiN W 2 saltonJowph Acs SpenccrJ&co BaydamJS Sherman Geo L Spaflord J Will Switzer LewL* Shtrwccd G-.0&C0 T»bor yier rln Thomas G» Jowtsp J H Talnter Dan Thomas J H Tracy WB . _ FaitcciTtf m»s TbotaaaW H ' Trash Ahraham. a Tallmadte John Thomas M 2 prof cant _ Tamm 8 K • Xtonuia&TalM-Trcraa WIDUm TaaltsTheo D ale u - Trerelfick Richard Taylor'Win B TaompklnsGeo TilnaJohn Taylor John Thompson PeUr Tripp L C Taylor TiJ Thompesn James Trotter FrUai Taylor Daniel Thompson John- Trndsl Pranr Taytor C Edward eon &co Tncaer Jsaeph-H Taylor JC Throff Samuel W cot Ttahao Daniel ThrocpJE TursSFrrr Temple JA 8 Thurlow A& co JTorner Ml! Tenfcyck Low P Thwlng w W Turner John TtriTTlmciiy "WTlcniey il J Turner Mil ThamDailel TllteonJ W Tattle WF 2 Thickens John TtnsoaChas T*l< Tlmotttcy TtomD'lS TotwSß'" TvlerJoha Thomas David H TodaT Sdr Tme*-'n Jay Thomas Edwin Tompkins Horner Tyrrell Gilbert B The mas SamcelMTower Jamas D Turner Patrick ThomasSldtey Towle B^D rnderwoed Henry M Vac Dora SI- 2 Vgnjhan JamesW Van Horn W Boon Vance Edwin S Vla.»cr Rice VacDhtta Henry YandallCH . Van Ortam mr Yanaersall lv*nyjkelia»cß„rer J . _ Van TVagaer Alex Vane BoVrt VnjherftCo Waaner John Wentworth Day* wi 4 co W;™UoStlo“ e L wSwoittit Fol-Wllllunxm H D SSffiSlU wK Walen John Wbealln Thus SS(B Walter J A WhlppWaS IKiSS* ssrags, wSfgsai. „ mSfe 0 irl? Waiia Jm White Charley JUMaWm Walsh J P Whitley I*H WalihPT WhltteldThos WOftCO Walter Lawrence Whltmarth. J H dr Wing J « Walter Stephen Whitney Edwara Wins John M Ward! C Whitney John Winslow Cart A Ward Rowland WhimeyftLlncolnW nters Fraik s Wardell ttator Whitters Ribert «}»« A. H Wardrobe Frad Wickham Wealey Wilbers Richard WardrnmJohn Wiggins JB Wood A J Wanu<ey J Wlhiardftco _ Woodßeuhcn dr Warner omn wuilawKdwardPWood Sami F Warner WJiber WHilardCM major Wood Warren ft Osgood Wilcox Henry W Waterbonse thasWilcox byiresterWood W L Heat WatkmaliN WiicoxßS Wood ft co Wattles Maurice Wild ebaa T Woodonry be° L Watson Henry Willett US Woodrufl C D Watson W n WilliamsDarldlTWoodiwonh BL Wearer H H Williams Aem* capt Webb Stephen W bertG Woodward Geo P WebbO WUllttti IsilahHW ord-ll HonvceVT Weber ft March cant Worthier Sft co Web*t»W williams Frank Wright Leroy WebsterSl WtUsmißenry WfirttQeoH ; weetsJF m d - Williams Edgar fright Adalberts : welWThos W Williams Robert Wyman WF 3 | wells Geo neiuucw Y Tates JD Tates Aco TonuglChatlei E Talcs Henry Young Charles T Young Geo W Ziegler S B Zimmerman John S Mlsce’lnnooQS. Hein of John Toops. doc’d KCB w Ashlar Lodge No. <*oß MUhrs Lodge No. 410 Atlantic Das* Ball Club Master Car H-paln American School Institute National Park Bant aB Office of the Union R Office of the Union R R d: Transportation Co Occupants of No. 60 West Maaiscra-st. Pin Box Manofactcrlng Co Blaney Lodge No. 271 Chicago Publlahing Com* paty Dearborn Lodge No. 310 Dearborn street No. 1657 D Enterprise Tarnish Co Excelsior Jr. Base Ball Psclflc Base Ball Ctob Beet. Chicago Lodge No. 437 A F A M The Antony Watch Co - Thomar, PO Drawer 5034 64 ilcrldan attest Kimir* Crystalized Osl Co Editors Chicago Herald BOLLANDtfE BRIEF. Ftom March Sdtfa till March 31st. 49 Welhe WeTkens 52—J G Vt.o Bln 50— H A Bell 3 S3—Chilsttan Demmen 51— flartoe Van Teller 2 |M—Charles Joannas —Office open from the Ist of April to the Ist ot No vember, from 7V a*™, till "X p. m.; from Nuvemberlst to April Ist, from Ba. m.tUl7p.ra. TnevesUbuic will remain open until 9 o’clock o.m. _Op StsndAM from S)4 a. m. ml 10 a. m. U. A. GILMORE, P. M. ©tean Steamers. Pacific mail steamship com- PANT’S THROUGH LINE* TO OAIiIFORNXA, CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL, ■Via Panama Railroad. Steamers leave Pier No. 42 Norm Blver, foot of Ca sal-?!., at 12 o'clock noon, as follows: APrill—NEW TORE, Capt. Jeff. Maury, connecting wim CONSTITUTION, uapt. Lapiege. AprU 11—HENRY CHAUNCEY. Capt. A. G. Gray connecting w ith GOLDEN ACE, Capt. Watkins. April 21—OCEAN QUEEN, Capt. T. A. Harris, con necting with MONTANA, Capt. Sntton. All departurea touch at Acapnlco; mose ol the Orst and 71st connect at Panama wim steamers far South pacifle porta. First and llth for Central American ports, and those of first touch ar Mamrenllla. Departure of llth each month connects with new steam line from panama u> Australia and New Zealand. Steamer of March 11, 1367. will connect with tbe com pany's steamer. COLORADO, to leave San Francisco torYoknbams and Hong Kong, on Ami 3,1567. IM ponnos of taggage aLowed each sdolt. Medicines and atundance tree. For passage tickets and ad turtber lolormatlon apply at the office on the w hart, toot of Canat-sc. North Bit* er. New York. P. B. BAhY, Agent. Or at me General Western Agency, 51 Dearborn-st* Chicago. JAMES WARRaCK. Agent. QOEAN STEAHERS. GRAJfi> EXCURSION TO THE PABIS EXPOSITION. Tbe new and nrst-class ocean-going iron steamship XT^.Nj£X., 2,000 tons burthen, Srgpnxw Wurman, Commander, will make an excursion from New York to Havre an l back, from Pier 46, Norm River, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o’clock M., taking passengers for Parti, London and Bremen. Re torting, will sail from Havre on June 5. giving pas sengers holding Excursion Tickets, about six weeks to Steamship Is intowafrr tight compartments, and has own new*, furnished and elf candy ntted op expressly tor ml* voyage. Tbe Havana will ooly carry flnt-etaia passengers. An rzpeilenced Sorreon on board. CT"A toll Band cf Music will be attached to the ship. ' Price of passage, in currency, •to Havre yiso and •V 75, according to elxc ot state-room. To Havre and return £6C aid <3OO. according to size of siate room. For rnriher particulars and passage, apply to me Agents, MURRAY, FERriIS & CO.. 92 Houtb-at., New York* Or to tbe Agent of Merchant*’ Union Express Chicago. transportation 1867 T,,E 1867 WESTERN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. PEOPLE’S LINE OF STEAMERS AND WESTERN EXPRESS. Running over the Erie Railway. The Western Trans portation Company is prepared to transp-irt Merchan dise and Produce between Chicago, New Vote, boston and otb-.r Eastern and Western points, and will ran during running season the following nrit-class propel lers on the Lakes: Empire Stale* Fndger State* Oneida. Plymouth, Mohawk, Buffalo* Prce Stale, Acme, Potomac. Pittsburgh, Tonnwanda* ttnaqucliaana. Forming a Dally Lina between CHICAGO AND BUFFALO* Touching a* Milwaukee, Mackinac. Detroit and Cleve land, connecting with tne various railroads at those places, and at Buffalo with the EBlli RAILWAY, and the W.T.CA'sLlceof Boats on Erie Canal, four ol which leav» Buffalo and New Tors dally. For Contracts and Bills of Lading apply to HUGH ALLEN, corner Water*st- and Old S'lp, New Yont. .... A. CtILSON, do, do. do. . do. . A. U. WARD. 240 Broadway. Agl- Erie a. (I. CHASE, lia pier, Albany, a. G. CHASE, 191 Klver-M., Troy* K. JOHNHIN ae CO., Cleveland. A. tiOOARO. Toledo. . H. ill- UPBORNE, Sandusky, ij. [>i. TIBHETI'H. Milwaukee. 4b p k H^’^^ansportatios Company, Buffalo. __ a. KOWB-Tlcaet Agent* foot of Stalest. And at Adams House. J. W. THTTI*H, Agent, FOOT OF STATE-ST- CHICAGO. aggatcjieg. J HICKLING & CO.'S CHEAT BALE OF WATCHES, ON THEFOFDLAIt ONE PLtICE PLAN, Giving every patron a'handsome and reliable Watch for tbe low price of Ten Dollar*, without regard to value, and nor be paid for unless GoiSa^^gWAl^*!?. 1 . IMO 10 600 Magic Cased Gold Watches. 2® to |OC 500 Ladies’Watches, WOW 25 1.000 Gold Hunting chronometer Watches. 2ao to wc 1.000 Gold Hunting English Levers 300 to Ot 3.000 Gold Hunting Duplex Watches 150 to 200 5,003 Gold Hu-tlng American Watches IW to 250 5.000 Sliver Hunting Levers 50 to MO 5.C09 silver Hooting Duplexes ato 85t 5,009 Gold Laoles’Watches 50 to 350 lu,«0 Gold Hunting Lcpines 50 to *a loico Miscellaneous Silver Watches 50 to ICO 25.000 HnnUng.Bnver Watches 25 to 60 30,0C0 kinds 10 to Jg Every patron obtains a Watch oy this anangeara eoetfogbuCfio, while It may be worth |730. Noparo- SK*UKO * CO.'S GREAT AMER ICAN TTATCR COMPANY. H.T. Off, to in- tiispoge of the above magulflceutatock. Lct- UflcaiM -ATning articles are placed in sealed envelopes. Holders are entitled to the art'Cles named ou their cer tificate, upon payment ol Ten Dollars, whether it be a watch worth 1750 or one worth lass. The return ot any of our certificates entitles you to the articles named therean. upon payment, Irrespective of Us worth, acd as no article valued le-s than 110 is named on any cer tiorate, It will at ouro be seen that this Is no Lottery, bnt a straightforward legitimate transaction; which may be participated In even by the most lasUdions! A single Certificate will be sent by mall, post-paid, upon receipt of A cts* five for IL eleven for fe ttlw three and aegant premium for $9, slxty-elxaud more valuable premium for |lO, one huodred and most su perb Watch for *ls. To agents or those wlsWng em ployment this Is a rare opportunity. ItlßaleglUmaWj- Iv ccndncted business, duly authorized by the Govern, ment, and open toe most caretul scrutiny. Try us! Addms J. EXCELLING St CO-149 Broadway, Near P. O- City of New York. GREAT REDUCTION In the Prices of American and European WATCHES; retailing at our former wholesale prices, 2S to so per cent less than New York retailprices. Watches sect by express. C. o. D-,and can be seen and examlufd before being paid for. Descriptive cata logue ol prices sent free. All our Watcnes are nrst quality, and are fully guaranteed. C. E. COLLINS & Ag'ts for Manufacturers. 42&•> > yajiaa-at^jjl^L. gHjteah. . 'J'HKEAD. J. & P. COATS’ Best .Six-Cord Cabled THREAD. JOHN & HUGH 4UCHINCLOSS, Sole Agents in Hew York. Special Notices. A Koreans PerfectCarelaCSaaraoteed Toil: who are aShcted. Dr. Raphael describes the dlseate wlthont an} nsformiaon from the patient, tbm NiTlncyoai health and life from wrong treatment, send tour S-cent for his GUIDE TO HEALTH AND LoNO lilFzJ, 3111 EiKlbduoo*lt.iDMUlra ConsnliallOLlee. two gciiars. Private Consultations, Pr. Louis Saucer, 89 Raadoipb nmt. c\a bs dally cccsa.ted on tbctre»lnieni of Private DUeassi of boicsex'#. rentals remdlrawa cvtUala *ll ca»e». Pnze .ectnrt on ib»- piereaUoa of oCiprioz «3att> aer acd:e»s firso cents. S»nn stamp for circular of rubber gccds to prevent conception. Andrus *u let ter* tu box 51371*- - lir Junes, Whose inccwa tn the tuatmei t ofSinm-n. Spxmu,. TOEEBcna, at d all Private Disorders. bu Uvea hita sx.cb great celebrity, can be consulted at bis rooms, 93 Rarrfi.iph.6t-, from 9 a. a. to 3p, m. TUB MONITOR, recently issued by Dr James, Is acknowledged by tbe medical profession and tbe press to supply awaet which has lonjf been tanva—» concise treatise upon tbe various di>cases affecting tbs organa of generation—bow avoided, and. If affected, prescrip tion lor lelMreatment. Tbe various dlseavs peculiar to females are fully treated, and their remedies given. How to avoid conception, and ibe necessity ted pro priety, sometimes, of so dolig, make one chapter ol tbe b: ok. The Monitor can be had by addressing Dr. Jam*?, P. O. Box 006. Chic*vo, 111-, enclosing one collar. Dr. Jaicca can bo confidentially consulted at hU office and parlors, 93, coiner of Dear born, from 9p. in. Sundays daring the ion nocn. P. o. Box 690, Chicago, 111. A Great Discovery at last. B. BBXARD. from the Medical Actdemy of Parts, bis In his possession a prescription which will com pletely cure Spermatorrhea, the effects of lOlltary hab its and stl-abuse, In both s xe?, ruinous to both the booy and wind, producing, to a greater or less extent, the following: Biccoes, hid eruptions,debility, dizzi ness, ainmeta ot debt, loss of memory, aversion to society ar.J business. evil forebodings,and finally Im potcccy. with many symptoms ot consumption and dyspepsia. 1 will send the prescription and Instructions to any one on receipt of Two Dollars. It Is a sure remedy. The ingredients can be procured at any drnzttore. Address PROF. B. BBIARD, IS? Monrce-st, P. O. Box 6145. Chicago, El. pr Ait languages spoken. Dr, rnoiiuon. Proprietor of the Medical and Samoa! Institute, U!s south Ciart-st- has nested all forms cf venereal dis ease with onpreesdested success for nearly tirty years. apermsiorrDcra and impotence treated.withthe happi est resmtr. particulate of the Institute and theOalde mailed free to any address. P.0.80x 73. Chicago, Illinois. _____ Ur. Bigelow, Having the confidence of the pubJc anitte medical facility at large, is the most reliable phyrtdan in the c*ty for chronic nervous and sexual diseases. Call at his office, 170 Booth ClartMfo corner cf Monroe. Kooms separate. Consultation free. P.0.80x 134. His guide to health, published monthly, sent free to Any address. Tbeßealuz Pool and H ou*e ofJlerey. Howard Association reports, lor young men, on the crime of solitude. and the errors, abuses and diseases which destroy the manly powers, atd create Impedi menta to marriage, with sore mesas of relief, seat in sealed letter envelopes free of charge. Address Or. J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, HowsnKAswclatloa Phladel phla.Pa. Private natters. In all Private M ttters eo (or write) to Dr. CLAUSE, 07 Clark st. Both sexes consult him coaodcetmlly. OT Send stamp for circular on late Invention for Married people, female PUUtI per nor. rw~ send Btamo for book lor nctlms of sell-abuse. Address letters DB. CLASS k. No. 4 Larmoi Blocs, Chicago. (Eitg Notices T?LECTION NOTICE. tli Crrr Cikes** Orrtcx, March 19,1567. “imbJlc notice Is hereby glvee that an eleetno will be held on Tuesday, April l£i9ff7, for Mayor, City Attor ney, City Coll* nor, City Treasurer, Clera of the Police Court, torec police Magistrates, and one Alderman •“* Co ““ Ue lor Th/todmas.cwcm. ■OKOPOSALS FOR THE CONfeTRUO I TICN OF TOE SUMMIT DIVISION OF THE ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. „ Oxncx or tux Board or Public woks, » Chicago, Much iStb. 1567. j Sealed Propoea's will be received by me Board ol Public Works, at mar office, until 11 a* m. Wednesday, May Ist, 1667, lor the excavation necessary to deepen the Illinois and Michigan Canal, according to Che plan adopted, from Chicago River to Summit Lock, No. two CD a distance of twenty-aix t 26) miles. , Maps, promts, specllleatioas. be exhibited at the office of the Board of Public Works In Chicago on and after April 15th until the day of letting. There will be some rwomiUlons{s,ooo,ooo* cubic yards ol earth excavation—some of It quite hard and em bracing considerable detached rock—and about tour hundred seventy thousand (470,000) enbic yards of stra tified limestone- . . . . The work tenst be prosecuted so as not to interfere with the use of the Canal during the season ol naviga tion, it is believed, however, that the most of me excava tion, except me stratified rock, can bo dons with steam dredges w about interfering with me navigation of the Canal, bat the rock excavation will allbave to be done between me close of navigation In the Can and the opening In me spring. „ , .. U a new line te adopted lor any portion of the dis tance. operations thereon may be continued the whole year: asdtneaavlgattoncfme Canal will be tospend ed at Ifastflve mourns In each year unless otherwise mntnally agreed by the Board and Contractors. The whole of the work must be done on or bmore the end of me third season ol the suspension of navi gallon. Alsrge aihocnl of machinery will be required to excavate me work within the time required, consisting piainiy of steam dredges, scows and cranes tor me earth work, and drilling machines, pumping machine ry and erases tor me rock. _ * __ Contractors will be required to commence work on the earth excavation wluun thirty days cl me Umeot letting, and upon rock excavation oymeflrstof Novezn- cranes and scowsnow la me Canal can be bad at an appraised value which will be made known to bidders prior to me letting. Parties contracting fbr me work will be required to provide aU machinery, and to pat op and remove all rtnma ana all works ol protection, ana at their own ex pense to do all pumping, or whatever may be necessa ry to secure their work from water. Proposals mutt oe addressed to the Board of Public Wore s, endorsed ’•f’ropcsal for Deepening Hllooiaand Michigan CanaL" and be accompiiied with the usual two hunoreo dollar (1200) bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. . , . ~ . Contractors will bid. stating the price Ibr which me wore will be done on each of me different sections, ind tbe worg will be let as a whole or in part, and in sneb onartm s as me Board shall determine. Ine Board reserve me riant to retect any and all bids, and so proposal will be accepted unless me party oiferliig It shall give evidence satisfactory to the Board that he has then-pessary skl’L experi-tce, enersy and abliltv for dome tbe work, ts trustworthy, and hassuf fldml p-cuuiary resources. Toeßoaio will require such security as, according to their Judgment, will secure me doing of the work •axral.gtolte contract j G ctsdele, FRED. LBTZ, • O. J. BOSE, WILLIAM GOODING, Heard of Public Works. ■vroTiCE. ' • I X COSUCIBStOXKB 07 TjOEJ. 7 OFFlc*. 15 WcIU-st. { Persons cr corporations owning real estate la the citj ofChlcaco. which has crt been correctly dercrtbed In the tax warrant*. are recanted to furnish this office wltii a correct description of the same. Soct> will in duce maty lota aid parts ol lots, divided by deed out not bv plats of record, bnt u sot to Include pieces de rented by metes and bounds, or liregmar and incon vetlent desert ptlczu In leet and lnrn*a, as next to and adjoining atme other similarly described ple.-c of land. Also, . All perrons or corporations owning parcels of land hcreiclbre described by metes and bounds, or by Ir regular and Inconvenient dercriptioos la feet and inches, and as west or eat t of ana adjoining some oth*r Improperly designated lot cr piece of land, are hereby notified to have a:i snen pareeia of land properly sab* divided by plat, and recorded, or In all such cav-s the leveral assessors will make "Assessors’ Subdivisions" and rtcord them, and the expense therefor willte add* ed »0 tEe talc, on BQcb low. C . 2T HOLDEN, Commissioner of Taxes Chicago, April, 1867. . 30t AM ORDINANCE allowiLg Ihe Pitts* burgh, Fort Wayne AColcago Kali way Company to maintain the Petroleum Warehouse erected by them at the corner ot Stewart avenue and Twelfth Hreet, m the City cl CMcsgr. lit it > rdainel by the Common Council of the City of Chicago: Sectioa l. That permission Is hereby given to the PltKburgb, Fort Wayne * Chicago Railway Company to keep and maintain for the exclusive storage of ne trUeum, gasoline, nnprha, benzine, camphene. spirit gas, burning fluid and spirits of turpentine, tne new warehouse erected by said Company at the southeast comer of Stewart avenue and Twelfth street, la the cny cf Chicago, the location and construction of the same having b*-en approved by the Fire Marshal of laldclty: Prodded, however, such permission shall be subject to amendment, modification or revocation by said common Council. Passed March 39th. 1367. A,proTMUnaSK»,tt(7. J B MCE> M,jo r . Attest: A. H. BOPStay, City Clerk. 6t_ A N ORDINANCE Cor the better retro f\ latlou ol night scavengers within the limits cf tn* city of Chicago. _ _ Belt ordained by the Common Council of the CUy of Chicago : Szcnosl. That It shall be the duty cf the owner, dilver or manager, and each of them, ot any night scavenger wagon, always to keep upon each side of such night scavenger wagon.ln the night time, a light ed lamp with plain glass front ana sides, with the somber ot the license of such wagon painted with black paint on the sides and front of each of said Unips. in distinct and legible flgnres at least two met es In size, and so placed that said tamps may be distinctly sets and said numbers easily read. bee. 2. Any owner, driver or manager of any snch night scavenger wagon who shall violate any provis ion of this ordinance, shall be fined not lets tnaa twen ty-five nor more than one honored dollars tor each and eT ordinance shall be la force from and after Us passage and one publication. Passed SlarclUStti, 1567. Approved J. n. mcE, Suyar. Attest: A. H. Bodjias. City Clerk. PHOi-OsALN FOR GRADING AND MACADAMIZING DAI ATED STREET, FBOM IHIRTT-FIBST STREET TO EGAN AVENUE. Oma or run Board or penuo works, 7 Chicago. Apni ath, 1367. f Sealed Proposals will oe received by the Board ot Public Works, at their office, until 11 a. m. Wednes day, April i7tb, for tbe grading and macadamizing Halsled street, from the centre ot Thirty-first meet to tbe centre of t gon avenue, according to plana and spe clfitauoss on hie at raid office. Bala Improvement will be paid for trom the special a<s<tsm*nc levied to defray Its cost, when the same shall be collected. . . „ Proposals most be addressed to the Board ofPnbUe Works, endorsed “Proposal for Grading and Macad amizing Belated street, from Thlrty-flnt street to Egan avczne,"ano be accompanied with tha usual gaoo bond, with sureties, to be approved by the .Board. Tbe Board reserve the right to reject any bid not in accordant e wllb the conditions of this advertisement, or to reject all Was, and no proposal will be accepted unless tne party offering it sbaL give evidence sans factory to tne Board that be has the necessary skill, experience, energy and ability for doing tne wore. Is trustworthy, " nil baa resources- A.*H. J. MCARTHUR, ■ _ * BoardofPnbilc Works. ■DKOPOSALSFOR GUARDING AND r MeC AD A MIZIKG DIVISION AND NORTH State stree i s. „ Omet or tus Boaxd ot Ptrento Wozrs,» Cmcsso. April sdi. is«. f Sealed proposals will be received by the Board ol Public Worts, at their office, until 11 a. m.. Wednes day. April nth. for the grading and macadamizing of nlvision street, ircm the roadway of North Clare street to North Stale street, and North State attest, from 1U intersection with the macadam or Division street to the south sid» of Schiller sneer, .according to plans anti specifications on file at said office. baid Improvement wilt be paid fbr from the special assessment levied to defray Its cost, when tae same addressed to the Board ol Public Works, endorsed “Proposal lor Grading and Macad amizing Division and North State Street-, and be ac companied with the usual €30(1 bond, with sureties, to fJ. “.uVS** 8.-jaraW not ti, accordance wlta the cobdldciu ol this advertisement, or to rel-ct aU bide, and no proposal will be acceded nrißM me party ©Bering It shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Hoard that He hat the necessary skill, ex perience, energy and ability for doing the work, U trustworthy, auu baa resources. A. a. BUKI.K^ J. MCARTHUR. Board of Poblle Works. TJROPOSALSFOU GRADING AND XT MACADAMIZING HALSTED STREET. FROM aBCMES AVENUE TO TSIBtr-FIRST STREET. Omcz or nw Boaxd or Pubuo Wobxs, ( Chicago, April sth. 1387. f Scaled Proposals will be received Public Works, at their Office, until U a. m. Wednzs daj, April lltn, for the grading and macadamizing of Hauled street, trom the center ot Archer avenue to the centre ot Thirty-flm street, according to plans and specifications oo flic at said office. . , bald Improvement will be paid lor from the special assessment levied to defray its cost, wnen the same shall be collected. „ . Proposals must be addressed to the Board ol Pnbuc Wor*s-endorsed “Propcsallor Grading aad Uarad«m izlng Half ted fctrett, tiom Archer Avenue to Tnirre flret Street,” and be ac--ompamedwtth me usoM »300 bond, with sureties, to be approved oy w !»*»• The Board reserve the mb. to accoroance with the conditions cfjhttj^«ru«awst worth,, uOx raonroi. A. n. HURLEY, j. McARTOUR. Board of Public Works. Notice. Plane road notice.— Etewy Shares of the Northwest-re Plank Road Com p*ny*e stock win be told at Auction on SS. at 19 o’clock a. m- by the Tre»»u«r. T-locn^ Soml. at his office. No. 33 boaih Curk «t --qnent payment of an ins* aliment pi { J cost* cl io be paid oh the 20« h of March last. ths cmm ot SdroiWgaaa telling the same.*fi.°£SfKf &. . jHcßiral. J>HYsI(JAL YIGOR. PHYSICAL VIGOR Ii tbe main safeguard of health, A rrp»u and. off 14s morbid elemmtt teAieX ruptrinmiee iiteatt. Tbe grand question,' therefore, is. Bov than this reptUani povrr bs Increased whew U u bat foebta, and acquired where it scarcely exist* at aU ? There «u a time when this question, could not bf Ji’Ulse tor Uy answered. But the problem is now solve!. It has txea proved by tne experience of mors than fourteen years that HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS So thoroughly reinforce botn the toajuttmoa tad the secretive and the nervous systems u to render the body comparatively Invulnerable to the nawhiiesoaa* Influence# which prostrate so many thousands on nets of sickness, la ration* parts ot the world, at all stat ions ot the year. Asia Invigorating, regulating and restorative preparation, sotted to an dim tea and tc all contingencies, It stands aron among modem medicines. It Is the only tonic of which the Stimulat ing principle is perfectly pure. Its basts U the etsentiai principle of found I2ye, admitted by analyti cal chemists and medical practitioners to be the most genial and harmless ot stimuli: and this Hold is purged of all the enmities which belong to It as It comes from the manufacturer, before belngused la 'he composition d the Bitten. The alterative, corrective and restorative properties ct the preparation are de rived exclusively from roots and plants the virtues cC which are acknowledged by pharmaceutists and phy sicians, and which are often prescribed separately by the profession. Never, however, were these invalu able vegetable agents combined tot preventive sad remedialpurpetev nattl the hygetan compound. Hosteller's Stomach . Hitters, as given to the world. The stomachic and antt-blUous operation ot thg great restorative has long since rendered tl a standard medicine for complaints of the digestive orgsns and the liver, In all parts of the Western hemisphere: bat It Is no less deservedly celebrated as a preventive of epidemics, and of the various disorders generatal by malaria and Impure water. INDIGESTION—DYSPEPSIA. Pxoqbxss baa Its penalties. As the world advance* In civilization, It becomes more Inrunou* a-J the pampering ol the body seems to be an inseparable *y companlmenc ol the colttvation cl the mind. This ought netio be; CmtUlr, and no argument can alter the lact, though wholesome advice and Judicious, pre cautionary and remedial treatment may mitigate the erll. bavsges, we are told, an not troubled with dys pepsia; tmt this dlctnm Is open todontt. Prtvatloe and hardship, as wen ashlrh 11 ring and dlnipaaoa, engender the disease: and it would theretore seem that the man ol the wilderness, as wen as the dwe ler U cities, must be more or less subject to It. One tome, however, Is certain; in so country under heaven Is It so prevalent as In the United State*. Bare the dis ease has become domesticated: It Is to be found le almost every household; and, consequently, a Household Remedy for Dyspepsia Is of Inestimable value to tbe American people. Few disorders involve greater suffering; and, U not Is Itself Immediately dangerous, it Is the forerunner and source of many deadly maladies, tmt even if h did rot tend to shorten lift—which u undoubtedly does—the mental and physical misery which It pro daces, and which render* life comparatively aaenjoy able, is a sufficient reason why no pains should be spared in me effort to prevent and cure it. Physicians, as a general rule, admit that nodiseasa gives them so mneb trouble as dyspepsia; but they attribute the difficulty of coring It to the unwilling sesa of their patients to abandon the habits which occasion It,—such as excessive application t» bad ness, business la eating, &&, Ac. It ts no doubt true that the beat treatment ol a complaint nay fall to core It, If me patient refuses to exercise common pro. dcnce. Bat It Is also true that what are called th* official remedit* for dyspepsia do not under any (nr cnmstances produce permanent rellsL On. the othes hand. It Is a lact established by thousands of creditable witnesses, whose testimony is simply a statement of their own experiences, that llostetter’s Stomach Bitters trill curs tSe malady, and that an occasional' use at me preparation after me cure has beea effected ts a perpetual safeguard against me recurrence of the symptoms. On this account many, intelligent mem bers ol the faculty have abandoned all the stereotyped prescriptions of me pharmacopmta. sad nyw lava rlably.and, with great success, administer mis popu lar tonic. FEVER AND AGUE—INTERMIT TENTS GENERALLY. Firm asd Aotnt, unfortunately, is too widely known by experience to render a lengthened desert?* Uon of Us symptoms necessary. la order to escape lever and ague tn any region. It la only necessary to fortify the system against atmus pherlc poison by the regular use of Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters. By this means an danger Is avoided. Some rales have exceptions: (A u has none. So surely as tne BITTERS are taken as a preventive, so sorely will the individual who adopts precaution be exempted tram the pama and pen aides of one ol the most harassing complaints to which ihe dwellers in unhealthy cUstncta are sub jected. Asa remedy, the preparation has no equal* Without entailing any el the unpleasant and danger ous consequences which accompany and follow the use of quinine. It breaks np the paroxysms and rapid* ly restores the strength of the convalescent. If the preparation had no other merit than Us wonderful efficacy as a preventive of, and enre tor. Intermittent fever. It would be an article of the first necessity Is aB new set Cements, and low, maraay districts. Add to thla Its valne as a stomachic and an acU*bllloas agent, and who will venture to gainsay Its claims to tAs t erg Jtrtt place among Family Medicines f BILIOUS REMITTENT FEVER. Tina Is a disease ot a more malignant type than ordinary "chills and fever," but U springs from the same cause, malaria, and may be [orestailed by the same means, ylr— a precautionary coarse of Hostetler’s Stomach Hitters. In order to render the system malaria-proof. It mas* be endowed with extra vigor, and put tn all respects in perfect order. To effect these objects, the BITTBES must be resorted to. Remittent is flnnlybw- Ueved, may be certainly prevented by the daily use of ihi« unapproachable protective preparation . It tha iimnrrtßr is already in progress, it should be taken b* tween the bot stages. As the pulse Is up to one hun dred and twenty or one hundred and thirty during hot fits. It would not, of course, be prudent to admin ister the tonic then ; but when prostration comes os, and the pulse Is th|n and feeble. It may be given with great advantage, and also wueu the patient is recover ing, as a means of recrultlns the strength. Indeed In all cases of convalescence this powerful but harm lea tonic should be administered. It Is the latest sc well as tbe best ot restoratives. BILIOUSNESS. Tnz liver is the largest g land la the body, And the mcst Important of tbs secretive organs, except 0m membrane which secrete* the gastric Juloi, the fluid ■which diaiolves the lood, When It tails to petfona 1M functions, the vbole system suffers. It* peculiar office Is to the superabundant carbon of the blood. This carbon it ""<*»■ with other elements, and thereby forms the,hitter fluid called bite, which la poured into the upper bowel, and greatly lad mates the pro cesses oi digestion and excretion. When the liter docs cot work, the bile has to be taken out ot the blood by the kidneys; and hence in bilious disorder* the urine is ot a deep yellow color. The kidneys, however, cannot dispose ot all the bile, and, conse quently, much of It oozee through the surface ot the body, piling the tun and the whites ol the eyes that saffron tinge which la cne of the most noted symptoms of a disordered liver. It Is absolutely fuenitai to health that tAis powerful aland should do its dutr thoroughly ond tnf A dock-like rtjularUy- Probably one-fbuxth of the people of this country know what it Is to be billons; and la tropical climate* the proportion of sufferers Is much greater. If what are called “antl-billons medicines'* were really what they purport to be, the disease would soon become obsolete; lor their name Is legion. But neither mer cury, the official remedy, nor the drastic pills adver- Used under so many titles, seem to produce the do sired effect. la ffiet, calomel and bloopUl have pro bably beta more fatal to the human race thaathew rtens forms of liver complaint combined. Hostetter** Bitten alcne, ol all the medlclcea at present in exigence, fully meets the exigencies of v tist Is termed "abdlous habit of body." This pre paration, like the bile Itselt, has atmlll a?mmi pro perty, and therefore {when the secretion of that naca ral cathartic Is Interrupted or Impeded! » is exceed tngly useful as a means ol preventing hard accretions In the Intestinal canal and consequent costrrcnesa. It f i«/s directly and most beneficially upon the biliary organ, as an invlgurant and corrective ran totor. Pmoa. .Ith . coMtnntUMl u, U,» «U«K mv ““ 1U w “- Q.WBWXU BITTEIU oaceor twlc. . iv. HOSTETTEB’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTE3S stold b, ail Keap«tttble Dntcsl.t. I, oil parts *1 the World. HOSTETXEE & SMITH. Proprietor*, Pitulmrsh, P«-