Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 9, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 9, 1867 Page 3
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REGISTRATION OF VOTERS* The lists Opea To-Tay—The Duty of Republican Voters. Boundaries of the Toting I’rcducts aud Places of Bcyistry. ThfcTMCrds of Registration of the different elec ‘tion districts in the city will bo In session to-day. for the purpose ofrec^l 6 * 10 - 106 names of voters which anay not taro been entered during their first session—two weeks ago. Citizens should "bear in mind that the? will loose Ihetr .right of franchise at this election un less their, names are duly and corrccJy re iorfedin the disutet In wnlcn theynow r-atde. It is not sufficient that they have been previously entered ii there has been a chance o r residence -to another district, and w order «o make the mat ter sure it would be well torercrj one to v*«U the proper officers and see tbsl his name appears. If the matter is perfected aficr the prevent session it willbedifficnl', and perhaps impossible, to at tend to it at the time of election which will be held next Tuesday. It Is of the highest Importance that every Re publican voter should Inin out to the polls at the coming election. The Democrats, encouraged by the Connecticut default, are rallying (heir entire forces, determined not to let a single vote go nn polled on their aide. This important election must not be suffered to go by default. We can not afford to let the city be • again given nn to Copperhead domination for two years. Tbc Issues at stake are too weighty, they involve everything that is of value in our municipal sys tem of government. With a Democratic Mavor and Council the city would be given over to that system of Connect cad misrule under which the people groaned so heavily—a system whose re sults wonld be little better than a second edition of Indian baibarianism. _ The only way to prevent this is for cyery Re - publican to deposit bis ball»t on election day, ana in order to do this U le necessary io be registered to-day. It Is the first duty of every ouc to attend to this in person, and afterwards to see that his neighbors arc also n gtstcred. (here most be no mistake about this, sot a single vote can be spared, bee to it. We give below a list of the election preancle in theaty, with their boundaries, the names of the inspectors a-id the places of holding the elections, which are also the i laces of registration. The centres oi the streets named are the boundaries. nusT wakp. . iMC, * * A*, v. First JHsfrict— Inspeilors—Simeon W. Klnr. George E. Kimberly, W. Kelsey Reed. Bounded by the aver, Jionroe street, Clark std the la*e. Place of ho!d.njr elecaoo—No. 4a abash av- Stcond Zhs/rlcf'-lnspectors—Charles P. Chll* son, P« ter Rppttx. A. Banvan. Bounded by Clark street, the South Branch, the river, and Monroe street. Place of holding election No. OS Wells street. BECOKD WAUD- I\r*t Elgfrici lnsuectors lsaac Howland, George H. Latlin, W. T. Hancock. Bonaded by Clark street, the lake, Monroe and uariiaon etreeta. , „ Place of bolding election—Comer of Sta.c and Tan Buren streets. V All AJUICii BIt.LM. Sfcotid District lnepfctore—Arthur Dixon, Michael Doyle, A. V. Becker. Bounded by Clark street, the South Branch, Monroe and Har rison streets. Place of holding election—Northwest corner of Sherman and Van Bnrrn streets. ntnu> vvaud. First District— lnspectors—F. D. Gray. Peter ltd®, J. D. Jrnct*-g». Bounded by Twelfth street, Harrison street, tbe South Branch and the Jake. Place of holding election—Morris’coal office. Second District —ln-peelers—W. W. Smith, James Dalton, N. S. Bouton. Bounded bv Har risen and Sixteenth streets, tbe South Branch and the Jake. Place of bolding election—No. 721 State etreeL rODSTU WABD. First DfsrHcf —lnspector?—William Wheeler, 3’. D. CJaoccy, John Forsythe. Bounded by Six teenth, Twen.y-third and Clark streets, and tbe la*,?. Place of bolding election comer of State and foenty-seco'-d streets. Second District— inspectora-il. Van Alien. W. P. Comstock. Hark Ktnball. Bounded by Twcn ty-tblrd street, the city limits .Clark street and ate lake. Place of bolding election—Newpolice station on Twenty-second street. nmx wash. Flraf JHa'rict —inspecb-ra—Bcnry Morris. James Brennan, -Michael Schmitz. Bounded by Balstcd and Clark streets, tbe South B:accb, and the dty limits. Place of bolding elec Jon—No. 129 Archer road. .Second lnspectors— James Chvey. Christian Hun, Thomas JtrcMahoii. Bounded by Daisied street. Western avenue, the canal and the city limits. Place ot holding diction—Comer Archer road and Deexicg street. SIXTH WAUD. .First District- inspectors—Jeremiah Ciowry, W. Janocev, Nicholas IJoden Bounded by Twelfth street, tbe South Braved, and Jefferson 6l pJace of bolding election—Engme bouse. Max well street- _ _ Second District —lnspectors—Jacob Yeager, W, Washhnmc, Anton Pcha-ger. Bounded by Twelfth, Jcflereon and Tan Boren streets, and tbe South Branch. Place of bolding election—Comer Canal and Polk streets. _ _ t-WESTS WAT.D. First District— lnspectors—George Lc.«lle,Gott hard Schaal, Christian Tctgmeycr. Bounded by Twelfth street, the South B ranch, Jefferson and Morgan streets. „ Place of holding election—Comer union and 31itchell streets. Second Distjict —lnspectors—l. J. Gillespie, Angusi Bruiting, Patrick Carraher. Pounded by Twelfth, jetterson, Morgan and Van Boren streets. Place of holding election—Engine bouse, on Bine Island avenne. rrenrs waud. First Disfricf—lnspectors—M. L. Frisbee, William Kaiser, John ComUkcy. Bounded by •Twelfth street, the canal, Western avenue and Morgan street. Place ot holding election—Comer of Sampson and Bine Island avenne. Second District —lnspector—U. M. GuLford, Fred. J*orgr, Patilck Cndmore. Bonn-led by Twelfth. Vau Buren, Western avenne avd Morgan street. Place of holding election —House of Bridgman. West Polk >ttvet. surra wans. First District— lnspector?—U. A. Wynkoop. S. McCotter. U. Worthington. Bounded by Twelfth- VanXurcn, Curtis and Aberdeen streets, and Western avenne Place of boidii g election—Comer Southwestern plank rnsd ami umcUod sireeL Scot id District —lnspectors—G.W. French, IL Taylor, Thomas Marks. Bann-icrt by Baud-jlph, Cntll? and Fourth streets, and W-stem avenue. Place ot holding elcciion -Police Sutton on WesiLaiestrect, TX.STII WABI>. Firrf Jheirict —lnspecto.-s—E. H-Aiken, A. G. Loll, Mlcha-l McAuley. Bound’d by Monroe. Aberdeen end Van Daren siree««, and the river. Place of bolding election—Engine Bouse on • Jackson street. . . Second District— Inspectors—Alvin Salisbury, G. W. Eorbacnon. A. L- Amtierg. Bounded by Monroe, Randolph and Curtis streets, and the river. I’lace 01 bolding eb-ciion—Engine Bouse, corner CUnion and streets. euexxstb warm. first District— lnrpecfore—William Wyman. George Mcrey, Henry Gt>de Bounded by Single. Randolph end Curti? streets sed tco river. Place of bolding election —Comer of Despalnea .and Carroll sheets. _ . Second District— lnspectors—J. E. Sttts, Oliver Johnson. Patrick Maclnuss. Bounded by Kinzle and Fourth streets, ana the river. Place of holding election—Comer of Halsted street and Mil n-aukce avenue. TWTLFTU WA.BP. . First 2Jistiic- —lnspectors—L. A. Hamblen, C. Dnenß, £. O’Brien. Bounded by Division ana Fourth streets, the North Branch and Western avenue. _ . „ .. , Place of bolding election—John Buhler e. corner •oi Chicago ana avenues. Second District— inspectors—0. W Potter.— Chapman. H. Thcis. Bounded by Division street, the North Branch, Fullerton and Western ave- E 'place of holding election—Bouse of Louis Kren ter, Elston rood. TtItCTEESTII WAITD. First District— lnspectors—C. L&ofer, Charles Flbbe. German Kissgen. Bounded by Burlbut eireet, Fullerton ana -North nvcnucs and the Place of holding election—Engine house, on Larrabee street. „ ,„ . „ _ ftcond District —Inspectors—Conrad Schncll. G. TT. Cantlne. B. C. Kelly Bounded by ilurllmt street, North and Fullerton avenues and the lake. Place of bolding election—No. 620 North Wells sueet rontTEEsm wabd. First District— inspectors—L. H. Berger, John McHugh, F. E. Gerblng. Boarded by Sedg wick and Division streets, North avenue and the Place of bolding election—Comer of Larrabee street and Clybonrne avenue. Stcoud District —Inspectors Philip Stein' mailer, J. E. Wiiitaimann, Isaac Ruitshanser, Bounded by Sedgwick and Division streets. North av*xn'- and the lake. , - , Place of bolding election—Bouse of Fritz Fnel man, comer of Welle and Division streets. nrXEEKTS TVAUD. first District— Inspectors: J. A. kelson, Henry Wendt, Owen McCarthy. Bounded by Wells. Division and Huron streets, and the river. place of holding- election—Northwest comer of Wells street and Chicago avenue. Second District— lnspectors ; Andrew Nelson, C W -berwood. John McMahon. Bounded by North’Wells, Division and Huron etreets, and the lake. Place of holding election—Northwest coroer of Green Bay street aim Chicago avenue. EixTEnrra wabd. First District— Inspectors: Andrew Nelson, Charles Drausdorf. Thomas Camey. Bounaed by Clark street, the North Branch, Huron street and the main river. , „ r _ .. Place ot bolding election—Corner of Indiana and Wells streets. _ ~ s-cond District— Inspectors; A. B Reynolds. A. G. Bosses, Patrick Smith. Bounded by Clark and Huron streets, the lake and itiewuriu river. Place of holding election—North Marat Hall. XBEFI FltOa A BCBGLAR. Lack of Honor Among Thieve*. Eocene alias “Tauty” Dorns and John Foley were brought before Justice Sturtevant yesterday morning, charged with larceny. From all the facts that have been developed. It would appear that these two men, on*' of whom, Dorns, Is a no -torions meat, “went thtougn’ a the thlcrinc fraternity and robbed him of a vain •able gold watch and chain. The to, accompanied by Dorns, visited £U* r £ of J. M. Dell, at >o. 85l Canal street, cm. Sunday afternoon, where tbo . for “ .offered lor sale a fine gold watch jmd •ebuin, saying that he was in somewhat stralmrtcnea circumstances and would take «1 jO <or »L Mr. Dell looked at the watco pot declined to purchase iU Dorns said he would buy It of lum and taking the lime piece in his hande ran off •mibit. The etrancer was much intoxicated out tried to pursue the thief. It seemed that Dorus had relomed Foley upon reaching tne street and •tiiev went together. Officer 0 Malia gave cba.e andoverhauftdthem. Thewa’chwas bnt the stranger bad disappeared and JP®* since been teen. At the Police CoUU yesterday rooming the two thieves were held for ex cmiDallon on Wednesday afternoon in bail of $330 each. The impression that the stranger was also ofthcUghtfiogered gentry is baaed upon thefol "(MniSiny licit a tutelary '■'as corarailted it .iMiocnce on Michigan aveaae, and neiidef a of silver plate, the Urlevca not off the *o e «?“. C U Vsle MSS dreged £r.aaer the light was lore of drink, and • letched drugged Ilqaor. m - A Wamluc from xbc Fenian*. A card has been Issued and signed by all tne officers of the Fenian Brotherhood of the Dis trict of Chicago, tn which they call the attention of ihclr in ends and supporters to a placard which has recently been posted in different pwlt o! the city, calling upon the friend* of Ireland to aid the men in the gap." at* grand meeting to be hdd this evening at EbUch’s Hell. This cab- the lead are of the Brotherhood say, is unauthorized by them. Ills tlgncdby noose, and >ho meet ing is called in direct violation of the interests of the organization. They warn the Irish people of Chicago not to be led away by the cry of “ aid for the men In the gap.” They say that they are in a position to state that a oertect under standing cxiets between the head of their orgam -9-ailon aod the representatives ot the Irish Hero-*- inrionarv Brotherhood, and that a treaty ha? been •irpsdv slimed by the two branches, which will “ Se ramurjta . fc. ffjss. B, ÜBs Uie ommtolion U placed in direct cumnumlc- UoVvSi? tS men la Ireland, tma no older cb«n. ““ijEtSawbeleftfor ittoUted partle, touiUt SS£, Slew the, are aettteffnp pnvalo parUes r °nc e ,’S« 6 0 JtiTSlutc7 I.CC called'apon several of the gentlemen who have bee ■ announced to address the meeting this evening, and that these persona were surprised to leam that tbc meerteg was aol called by the Fcmao Bro-b --erhood. as their castes were Used with (he ua daetandlng that tho meeting was called hr the Brotherhood. One or the gentlemen. am. H. M, Miepard, it is said, stated that he had given no anlhorily lor the nee o' his name, an i thit he had not hern requested even to attend the meeting. All of these gentlemen repxsemed tbattbej hid l*tcn called upon by one Dense, asiss'atsdiu the caid, who requested them to addre** a F, man meeting. Tbcv stale that Ur. Js n . Fenian bat is obnoxious to the orgaaiza’lon as far a- be is knewn- lu the call for the meeting, which his for Its object the raising of men and money, a request fa made lor ants, ibe leadeis or the Fenian Broth eihood in this city say In their card that mere is no way to cet arms to Ireland save through them-* selves. They denounce the movement as not be ing in the interest ol the Fenians, but of individ uals, and warn fneuds to pay no at’cLtion to this or similar calls, hot to wait unal the Brother hood feel themselves ab’o to move with a show tot succ'.ts. The card closes with the following: 4 * A gal l assurirg oarpcople that onrorga*>is«tion, of which W. K. Roberta I* President, and the represcniaUTcs oftheJ.B.B. now in No y York ha e signed a trealv and nnderatar.d each other fully, and warning them to give no money to par ties who, without organization oraathonly. call meetings to “assist Uie nun in me gap. 1 * we re maln.«£c." The card is signed by Ibe leaders of the various circles of the Brotherhood in this city. LMW INTELLIGENCE. Eeform School Cases Seduction Suit —Breach of Promise—A Forced Marriage and its Eesult Divorces Asked and Granted—Judg ments and scw Suits. The case of Gcoree Herbert vs. Waller B.Scales, which has occupied Just a week In Its trial in the Circuit Conn, came to an end yesterday. The jory ha® not, however- yet concluded its labor In ihc case. A verdict may be expected this moru 'uaUiam Mary Graves. By stitmla* tlofrtd the parties »he answer of the defendant was withdrawn The bill heing then taken as hy con* feestun and the cause was referred *o the master. hen C. Cordell ct al. vs. Catharine fi. Wricht ct al. Bid dismissed. Western Marine and Fire Insurance Company ve. ii. N. lieald et al. Detaall and Jademeni for $817.63. Lewi? Qradns ct al. vs. schooner “Helen Kent-’* Dismissed. Samuel C. Roberts vs Samne] J. Bassett. Con* fetelou of jadement for $251.00. PcicrKoix vs. William lierbst. Confession of judinncntfur $1,821.80. There were no new salts commenced in this ■ Court jcstexday. buterios counr. The Superior Court eat In each of Its branches yeftorday. Chief Justice Wilson decided the eighth ana ninth esses under the new Reform biiool Act, dismissing one boy (o the care of his parents, and a citU Louisa Thompson, to the Home or the Friendless. The boy's name by a mistake was not kept In court, the warrant being ictomedto the Ponce Jostles disapproved. In this cose it appeared, the original commitment notwithstanding, that the boy. who 1* a bootblack, was employed to roll a lard barrel to a riven place—that be rolled It until he was arrested by a policeman, bis employer making cfL The question as to the propriety of confining him in the Reform "School was oxamlu* odiiilo. It appeared toat the parents of the boy are roor but honest, and that they have struggled to give, and haw secured to him so much of an • dccatlon that he read, with proper emphasis, a law t'cmthe Eighteenth Illinois Reports, to use the language of the Court, ** better than many attorneys can.” in the Common Law branch of the Court the case of Rnbel et a*. vs. Koenig ct aL, tailymenilonod yesterday, is still on trial. The other orders were as follows: Daniel R Brant cl a!, vs. William Young. As sumpsit brought March SlstlaaL Default and >oduncut lor $110.49. Ehohs’t Ehocnbcrg vs. Andras Banmann and Jreeph Amos Belli.' Assumpsit. Default and judgment for $511.10, entered on the 3d Instant, ser aside. F. Ang’-ft George et at. vs. Gnstus Kiebcliog. Aifvjnp&it: dismissed Theodore Mmirtetal. vs. Cliarles R. Vandcr cook. Assumpsit brought November 9th last. Deianll and Judgment for $lO2. Tbe basinvcs concluded before Judge Jameson var as follows: Johnston. Ricbmau & Co. vs, Chamolaln & Taylor of Syracuse. Assumpsit, wi r n capias in aid, issued July SStti, ISCS. Tbe salt out of an agency for the sale of horse rases estab lished with defendants. It was alleged that the defendants convened to tholr ownnsess'»9, pro ceeds of sales. Tiled by tbe CoarL Vctdlct for plaintiff S3M. Daniel Nelebervs. Eliza Nulehcr. BUI for di vorce filed March Hit, IS-7, tbe legal separation helvgasked ou i'-.c <* .! -.'desertion. The evidence before the alasier in Chancery showed that the respondent left her husband, who bad selected the West as a business point, to return to Lawrence, Massachusetts. where her Dither's family redded, in preference to remainlug with him- A decree was rendered. LJU, Albee & Lowe vs. James Nolan ct al. In junction lo restrain the collection or payment of ?1,5C0 doe upon a policy in tbe Globe Insurance Company, on a frame building ou Halstcd street, wbteb was destroyed by fife onihe 20th day of November last. Dismissed. The new suits In this Court were aa follows: DecryPoedikevs.Charles Fricke. Capiat Is sued. 'Plaintiff Is about lo sue in assumpsit on a dimard for *11X). He alleges that that sum of xuoicy was borrowed of him by tbe defendant nit on tbe statement that be had been authorized to collect mo»**v lor tbe Concordia Grove Lodge No. 15 of the Order of Druids. This st-itemeot is charged to have been fraudulently made. John J.Lynes et al. vs. Dennis Beach ct ale. BUI. _ , r „ Henry Brosold et al. vs. Elizabeth M. Happ. Assumpsit. Damages. f£CW. Attachment lo aid on the allegation that defendant is about to de part from this Stale with the Intention of remov ing her CfllC'S. William Henry Warren vs. Samuel Wayman. Bill lor specific performance of an alleged contract to convey the wew half of lot seven, block 81, school section addition. John B Cook vs. James Kerry Brigham. Con fession of Judgment for #40.09, Sophia brown vs. William Brown. BUI for di vorce. complalran: sets forth in her petition (tat she being named lioness, intermarried with defendant, ou the UJhday of Match, IrtS. the mar riage being •‘whatiscdledalorcemarmgeonbis van, to avoid the penalties of tbe law growing out of a prosecution for bosiarday.” That she was ot tml lender years and enciente by him, and thus compelled to accept the marriage. Shortly after a fnuoie child was l*om to him. Sbe charges thaton tbe duy ot the marriage Brown abandoned her and ha? never since lived with or assisted io t-upponitg hciavlf or toe child. She states her husband to be worth aboot $1,500. and lo the re ceipt ot a good annua) salary. She asks a abso lution of the marriage, tbe custody of her child, and alimony for its support. Odelia i-erduns vs. Ihe Setae. Assumpsit. Damages hid a! 7500. Frederl r a Beitz. a minor, etc- v?.. F. william Winkeloan. Assumpsit, Msec uoou an alleged htcach of contract to marry. The plamutf al leg 8 tbe contract and Us breach on tbe oarl of dfimdan* by hi? espousal of Louisa S. D. Degnet. Bv an additional count she charges tha* she was irdneed to allow detenaant. under his promise of marriage, *o take improper liberties with fair, and that she is abontto become a mother. She lays her damages at. 45.UW. _ Nathan Corwlth va. William Berbrt. Assump sit.. Damages First National Bank of BlniTton. Indiana, vs. Albert F. Dickenson. Assnmpsi- Damages 51,503- Eela’e of Lewis Gastfielo. Claim of William Gai-tfield allowed lor Estate of Georpc Spnns. Ellen So,lac. widow, appointed j'dniinirtratril under bond of ?*,OOO. Relate oi t. Hollon. Claim of D. Yarwood al lowed for ?20G.20. hecoedeu's cocirr. The ventre for a special Jnry Issued, returnable yesterday, having been withdrawn, the call of the calendar was not preceded with. The Recorder ib in disposed, and the amount of hie business is, therefore, for the present, email. Illram M. Chase vb. Charles W. Pal'en. As- Eumpslr. Venue chapped to Superior Court. Agnes Beltane vs. George Betbane. Rill for divorce, interred on April 3d, on the default of deiendant. The bill was filed on march 16th last, alleging a marriage at Hamilton, Canada Wert, on the second day of April, 1559, and charging de tection, when the parties had taken up their anode In this city, during Jnly of IB&t. The defendant was personally served with process on the 22d day dav ol march last, at No. 17b North Green street. The witness before the Master was Eliza iiatthew son. A decree was rendered. Caroline Brandcth ve. John J, Brandelh. Bill ior divorce, fiied January 28th, 16C7, charging adultery on the 14tb day of July, ISG6, with one Sarah Bose, ae also imoroper intimacy with the same woman atotfacr times, as also other cruel treatment. Default taken on the third instant, and reference made. There were two witnesses sworn. One, Mary Ann McMurray, testified to the fact of cruelty, with the accompaniment of foul epithets, as al*o to her hellet that “he is on© of the meanest, most quick-tempered, passionate men” she ever saw. The other. Jennie Hodges, swore to bio cruel treatment. Neither referred to the charge of adultery. A decree was rendered on the ground of cruelty. Mary Ann Brennan, indicted for larceny of a dress, a watch, a ebaw. and a bonnet, valued in the aggregate at 530, the bonnet being by a dollar worth more than either of the other articles, the property of Thomas De CarU Jackson, bavin? pleaded guilty on the 17th day ofJannary was sen tenced to tue County Jail lor thirty day*. 7 he only suit commenced yesterday was of: Henry E. Myers vb. Kale Myers. Bill for divorce. The bill alleges a marriage at Chicago on the iwellihdayof Angnet,iß6o. flechargca that his wile Is a woman of strong and high passions, and of a very bad and ungovernable rmper, and in point here be sattes that while confined to ms bed ifie has struck him Jn her anger. He stales that at last she commuted adultery and eloped, the whole following on a series of obscene and vulgar acts, disgracelul to herself and him. Toe particular facts of this case were published in the TnracsE of the 4th instant. They are substantially as follows? ‘The defendant, residing on Washington street, be tween Madison and Washington, in the absence o! her husband. Invited a dealer in second-hand furniture to her house, sold the household goods of the husband, and decamped to parts unknown. It la supposed that she has gone to New York. Hit husband, Harry Myers, an auctioneer, eo nloyed in an auction store on Clark:street, re lumed from Calltorola a little over a year ago. it is stated, and making the acquaintance of the fas cinating Kale, became in a short Omean ardent wooer. Less than twelve months ago they were married, eloping together to effect the happy consummation. . BOARD OF EDUCATION. [OFFICAL BEPOm.'i Regular Mcetins—Chicago, April 2, ISC7. Fregitit—Keeen. Ballantyne, Blackman. Band, Bcnfienußrcttano.Bnggs, CiatAC.Dtcier, Foster, noloenTllunyan, Cyder and Tmkbam. Abe<nt— Messrs. Guilford, LeaNltt and WaUh. i&SSSSfff&'SJ'SSi. meet ins, were rC j^.*B?actoanj C CbalnEan of CommUUe on Bnildings and Grounds, repotted that the comp troller nad purchased a el e tor a school building trn Harrison street, cast of Halslcd, 200 feel front by ill feet lu depth to a 16-foot alley, for 810,0-0 lu aty oonds: also, that the contract for erecting a school building thereon bad been given to Chris tian Pouscb for the sum ot $49,620. to be com pleted by October 31,1567. Report of the committee accepted and adopted. Mr. Blackman also reported the following prop ositions for a site for a school budding on Rucker street, between the Washlsgum ani Wells-Schools: Ist. On the northeast corner of Rocker and Second streets. 130 feet on Rucker by 230 feel on Second street, for 810.000 in city bonds; 2d. Ol die southeast comer of Rocker and h irst streets, 128 feet on Rucker by 280 feet on First street, for to.OOo m city bonds, or the two pieces together for *IB.OOO la city bonds; 3d. On north east corner of Kuckcr and First streets, 180 feet on Hacker by 230 feet on First street, for $4,000 In city triads s 4th. On the southwest comer of Rucker «nri Second streets, 205 leet on Rucker street oy3iß Set on Second street, for SIO,OOO in city bonds, •ihe committee recommended that the Board rc «n«t iba Common Council to purchase the last . a t on the southwest comer of streets, immediately, "fhrmntino of Mr. Clarke, the report of ihe com mlUee 1 vas accepted, and their recommeudaUon SKIaSSSirSI a V&llace street. Including sixth street " be neceßßarj | o al6 foot alley f ce t ooKossutn and have vacated, mid _ U “- 18 W per f oot Twenty-sixth streets, for « « |> W eaty-sl*th i « ei l° *Asubdiv-isiou of north halt of Ikoooitbbalfof the west half of the southwest qaaner of section 29, (said subdivision lylc? be tween Twenty-sixth and rweniy-aerenth streets, ai d bet* ten iialsted and Wallace streets,) lor CH.SSO: for north sixteen lots of earns block, £8.21X1; for all of Block C, <15.003, or for south bailor Block C, Gtb. On the noribeasi corner of Thirty-first and Peering streets, 230 feet on thirty-first street and 2CO lect on Docnng street and death ot 262 feet st right from Demng street to a it foot alley, for s6,ooycasb. Ibe committee recommend «uat the Council be r« quested lopaichaae tne lot on the corner of Dceilng and Toirty-firrt-treets Imaeuittely. On motion of Ur. Banyan, ibe icooriof the committee was accepted, aud tneir recommends tion adopted. Ajso, a, proposition for SSj feet or thereabouts on west side licavht street, rannfngfrom Adams to Jackson street, by IS feet in depth, for SIO,OOO in city bonds. On motion of Mr. Ryder, this report was refer led back to tbc committee for fuitocr considers ticn. Also, the following propositions for sites in the western part of tie Faster School District: Ist. On ton'bca!-t comer of l.aflin and Hastings streets, £62 ltd on Bastings street by 134 feet In oepib to a .Moolaliey.for s4,sUocash, ifacceptedwlmluSU days from Ap»il 1,I8G7; 2d. Oa the rotibca-tcor ner of Dafltc and Sampson streets, 262*e<*ton Sampson Plrcei by 121 teet In depth to a 16-foot alley, for $1,500, either all cash, or $2,500 cash and balance in one and two years at seven per cent per eonum, if accepted vrithlu ft} days irom March 29, lSt>7 The committee rccommcaued taat the Common Connell be requested to purchase the site corner of Lafllo aud Sampson streets imme diately. On motion of Mr. Bonficld, the report of the committee was accepted and their recommenda tion aoopted. Also the following report: The Committee cn Buildings and Grounds have received nonce that upon the 7th instant, insur ance on school bmldiugs to the amount of SIIO,OuO, will expire. The rates to be hereafter charged, as fixed by tbc lioatd ot Underwriters, is so very much more tnan heretofore paid,that your commit tee do not leel at liberty to auiborizo a renewal of these policies unless specially instructed to do so by this Boara. Mr. Tiikbam presented the following resolu tion, which was adopted: Besotted, That the Committee on Buildings aud Grounds be Instructed bv >bis Board not to re new the policies of insurance on any of the school buildings when they expire. Mr. Blackman also asked that the Committee on Furniture aud Apparatus be authorized to seat two additional rooms in the Newberry School building. Authority granted. „ Teat— Messrs. Ballantyne, Blackman, Bond, Botficld, Brentano, Brtega, Clarke, Oroict, Fos ter, Bolden, Runyan, Ryder and Tlakham—l3. h'aVi —Hone. Mr. BlacLmon presetted a communication from the pastor of tnc Mtzv ett Street German Metho dist. Cbmch, In lie ttaxe of the Trustees of said church, informing the Board that the rooms oc cupied hr them as a brunch of tho Foster School, could not be used for school purposes after the dial of MaVnext . Rc ferred to tae Committee on Buildings and Grounds. Mr. Ballamyoe, Chairman of the Auditing and Finance Committee, presented the following re port of (he School Agent lor February and Cash on hand February 1, 1867, ELCEIPTS. laLVbififf. From Rents $3,951.20 From li-tcrest 132.31 From City School Tax Fund... 21,000.00 From School Commissioners on account of State Dividend for ISCC 22,000.00 For Teachers'Pay Rolls $52,579.93 For Moseley Book Fund 60.09 For Newberry Fund 4T.87 For Jones Fund - 27.13 For Expense-—sa’ary of School Agent 50 00 For Ca-par 1 ancr Fond, interest CO.OO Cash on hand April 1, 1807, Of the cash on hood. $299 57 15 for the payment ol teachers; J 125.30 for investment; $390.71 lor payment of balance of sundry accounts. Report accepted and ordered to he placed on die. Tne resignations of lizzie Goodwin, assistant in tne Franklin School; Lucy C. rrucsdale, as stPtantm the Emzic School, ana Uclen D. Ken dall. assistant in (be Washington School, were re ceived and accepted. On motion of Mr. Blackman, of the Committee on the Examination of 'leathers, certificates of qualifications to >each were granted to Sarah A. Limber and Lizzie A. Locke. On motion of Mr. Blackman, the appointments of the loliowing teachers, reported at the last reg ular meedns of the Board, were confirmed: Al mira A. Miller and Abba F. Gilbert, of the Klnxlc School; Mary U Bockins, of the Washington School; Elverctta F- DeLuce and Alary B. O'Neil, of the Foster School; Elsie H. Gould, of the New berry School; Maria A. Parreyand .Marion W. Crosby, of the J-kicner School; Mary A. Moran, ot the Bridgeport School, and Amelia A. Mural eer. 01 the Rolling Mill Primary School. Mr. Btackman also reported (he following ap pointments since ibe last regular meeting ot the Board; Jnliaei Wicker, assistant in the Wash ington School; Charlotte P. Pinmer, assistant In tbe Klnzic School; SaeL. Hillock, assistant in the Franklin School; and Sarah A. Mather, assist ant in the Newberry School. Messrs. Brentano and Prcier, of the Committee on German, presented verbal report* on the con dition or this branch of instruction In the various seboo's in'O which it has been introduced. Mr. Tinkbam presented the following resolution, which was adopted: Hatched, That the Committee on Apparatus and Furniture be instructed to inquire into and report on the condition ol tbe apparatus in the various district schools. Mr. Clarke. Chairman of the Committee on the High School, recommended the purchase of a galvanic battery for the use of the High School at a cost of eighty dollars. Recommendation adopted. Eras—Messrs. Ballantync, Blackman. Bond, Bonfield, Brentano, Briggs. CLarke,Drcler,Fosler, Bolden, Runyan, Ryder and Tlnkham—lß. A'cyr—None. Mr, Blackman presented tbe following recom mendation 0! the Committee on Buildings and Grounds: Tne Committee on Buildings and Ground* would respectfully recommend the erection of a full sized building of the capacity of thu Wells School on the lot corner of saupßoa and Laflln streets, instead of a smaller building as heretofore re commended. Recommendation adopted. Ttae— Messrs. Bailantyne. Blackman, Bond, Bonfield. Brentano, BrWg*, * latke, Dceier. Foster, Holden. Runyan, Ryder and Tiuaham—l3. JVbys—None. The committee also recommended a similar change lu the sue or the building for the Bridge port School lot, corner of iblny-llrst and Deeribg streets. ' KecojnmcndaUon adopted. Teat— Messrs. Ballamyne, Blackman. Bond. Bonfield, JJrCLiano. Briggs, Clarke, Dreier, Hol den. Runyan and Ryder—ll. Fays— Mr. Tmkbam— 1. On motion of 51 r. Bslianlyne. tbe Board pro ceeded to tbs election of a Clerk of tee Board of Education. S. Johnston was nominated for tne position. Mr. Johnston received twelve votes, the entire number cast, and was declared elected. On motion of Mr. Runyan, the salary was con* tinned at *2,000 per annum. Teas— Messrs. BalJantyne. Blackman, Bond, Bonfle'd, Brentano. Briggs, Clarsc, Drelcr, Holden, Runyan. Ryder and Tinkham—l2. JV'at/*—None. Mr. Blackman moved that the school houses to be erected on the lots recommended for purchase by the Committee on Buildings and Grounds this evening, he built in the (allowing order, via.: Ibl, corner of Thirty-Hist and Dserln-r streets; 2d, corner of Sampson a>d I-a dm streets, and 3d, comer of Racier and Second streets. Air. Brices moved to amend oy making them to read in the following order, viz.: Ist, corner of Thirty-ffrst and Dcer'ntr streets; 2d, corner of Rnckcr and Second streets, and 3d, comer of Sampson and lallln streets. .' . , Tniß amendment was accepted by Mr. Black* mao, and Mr. Blackman’s motion as amended, was adopted 1 Sir. linkham offered the following resolution, which was adopted: lietolved, 3 bat the Committee on Apparatus and Furniture be instructed to provide the Super intendent with stfesk and scat similar to that pro vided lor the members ol tho Board. JVts—Messrs, Ballantyne, Blackman, Bond, RonCeld. Brentano, Br’cc?, Clarke, Drcier, Hol den. Runyan. Ryder ana Tinkhsm—l2. Abys—None. , „ On motion of Mr. Bond, Committee on the Wells School, foil teachers* certificates were awarded to Julia A. Leavitt, Georgia W. Grilling, Sylvia Brown and Annie E. Rockwell. rnc Superintendent presented the summary of attendance for March, showing a total enrolment ofIEU'X. Average number belonging, 16,702; average daily attendance, 15,502; per cent of at tendance, 9L3: number of tardinesses. 5,725. The superintendent also presented the follow ing estimate of expenditures for the lbs cal year commencing April 1,15C7: For salaries of Teachers and , Superintendent. 1232,000.00 Janitors, supplies and re pairs Fuel Rent and Improvements not permanent 20,000 00 OUlcc expenses,salaries and Incidentals... Interest on bonds, on first Issue Of«7S,(M). ....$5,687.50 Interest on bonds, on second „ Issue of fScO.OOO 14,000.00—19,087.50 • Permanent Improvements— steam apparatus, farni uie, &c Total ....*113,15750 On motion of Mr. Ryder, the whole subject was referred, to the Auditing and Finance Committee, together with the President and Superintendent, with power to act If necessary. , „ , Mr. Brlgcs. Chairman of the Committee on Pub lication, asked that the committee be authorized to procure a cat of the Wells School building for use in the forthcoming report ot the Board. Authority granted. , _ , Feus—Messrs. Ballantyne, Blatkmau, Bond, Bonfleld, Brentano, Bnggs. Clarke, Dreior, Holden, Runyan, Ryder, and Tmkbam—l2. Says— None. . _ . . ' The Superintendent announced that the lime for bolding the atnual Spring Examination of the Grammar Divisions had been fixed for the fore noon ofFriday, April 12th. . Adjourned. S.JonssTOir, Clerk. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAI MONET AET. Mosdax Evcteto, AnrilS. Thctollowinglstbe official exhibit of the busi ness ot the Sub-Treasury in this citv, for the week ending Apr!) 0: Customs Internal Revenue. Miscellaneous .... Tolal. DienUBSEMEHTfI. Special warrants Dishnn ing officers Com intere5t.......... Miscellaneous CASH OS HAMD. ‘.V.V.'.V. 312,063.25 C 010.... Currency. Total., last week , We have received a lengthy communication ' from Mr. John C. Hilton, President of the late Stock Exchange, in which he states lhflt,according to the constitution and by-laws of the Stock Ex- he was justified In continuing the pay ment of the secretary’s cal ary, and acknowledges bis responsibility tuthe Stock Exchange for all bts ac'e, se President of that institution, remark ing that-Hta constitution, by-laws and resolu tions will determine to whom snch assets belong, and to whose nee and benefit they should be ap preprinted" ’Mr. accuses “of having passed Judgment on the difflcultms be tween him and the block Exchange. The Tmnujre has not done so. We bare expressed no opinion whatever on the matter, bnt on the contrary con fined ourselves exclusively to publishing the alle gations and resolutions. _ . , . There was considerable talk In financial and mercantile circles to-day concerning the tdilnre of Williams, Young & Kaas, wholesale grocers. For some time past it was known that the firm was in difficulties, but It was generally believed that they would weather the storm and come out all right. Mr. Young informs ns that the liabilities of the firm are about $.00,000, and the assets foot op In the neighborhood of $55,000. They have made an assignment to Q. F. Barnes, H. W. Hinsdale and Wm. blew art, and the Chicago creditors have granted the firm, collectively and individually, an unconditional release. Daring the war the house made comparatively little money, and the losses entailed during the past two years by the steady depreciation in the value ol goods, and the dullness ol trade, completely swept away all the capital of the firm. ; financial circles, the warlike tenor of Ibe news received to-day by the Atlantic Cable was the all absorbing theme of conversation; and ra all bank parlors It was admitted that tho most prudent thing to be done la to take in sail, as there is 'no knowing what financial disturbances mar take place, 'the cable oc»pa»chea of yesterday report ed “a general distrust in financial matters all over Europe." This country is no longer inde-. pendent ol Europe. The five hundred millions of oar bonds held there bind us fast, and co financial depresf ion can tvkc place there without our feri kg it here. Suould war actually break, oat there la no donol but considerable numbers of oar bonds would be scotback for conversion in specie, wlf h would, in all probability, create a financial dt toTbance equally as great as was witnessed last Way and Jane, wb«n some thirty millions of gold were shipped ro Eurooe. In view of the happen ing of such contingency, we would advise traders aud speculators of all kinds (o contract their op e ations. Give no credit, aud buy co goods for which yon cannot pay cash down. By so doing bus cess will be kept in a healthy condition, fewer losses will he entailed and a much less number of failures will take place. The Money market Ib working closer, and In some quarters it Is pronounced slightly stringent. The demand for dUconnts.on spccoladreaccoont, continues quite art! re, hat this class or paper meets with lees favor each succeeding day. Tho warlike tenor of the sews from Europe, and the great expansion in (he values of breadstuff, tend to make Dank managers more conservative, and in some qaatters loans are being called in. For first mercantile and manufacturing paper the market Is comfortably easy. The rates of Interest a: c unchanged. There was a scarcity of Exchange today, and some of the leading drawers were obliged to ship currency. A few bills were sold between hanks at SOO4O centspremlnm,hat at the close there was very Ultle to be had at the upper figure. The counter rates were steady and firm at par buying and I*lo premium selling. Float was quiet—held at an advance. Wheat was 2©Sc hiaher. Com was rather Irregular, bnt closed a shade firmer. Oats were folly 1c higher. Bye advanced 304 c. Barley was quiet, bnt Aim. Mess Fork opened 12}*®25c lower, bat rallied and closed firm. Lard was inactive-buy ers ard sellers being apart. Gold was excited and 203 higher, owing to the cable news. The market opened at 183}$, ad vanced to 136, and closed at 185&. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., slock and gold brokers' 10:30 a-m 10:43 a. in 11:00 a m 11: 15 a.m Il:Coa.m 11:45 a.m .133** 12:16 p.m., .IS3JI 12:30 p. m. .131 1:00 p. m. .13JU 2:00 p. m. .IC5?i 2:16 p. m. ,l:-6 3:00 p. m. •K6s£ Here the market was excited and higher. The brokers bought early at 132J£, but subsequently advanced their views to 135%. At the clo*e there was a reaction, with no buyers over 151%. silver .$2,077.20 nu nominal at IS-IS-ISO. Five-Twenties of’62 and ’O3 were a trifle lower, bot the other Public Funds were steady and firm. The following shows the New York closing prices to-dsy, compared with the three pre vious days: *52,033.51 Thors. Fri. Sat. Mon. Sixes of’Bl ...109 103 109 JU9 Five-Twenties.’62 30914 109»; 10!)<4 109* FivC-Twintics ’ftl 107?4 107? g 107*4 Five->wentie?, '63.......107S 101 J» 109 107* Ten-Forties 07J4 OTJK 03 98 Seven-Thirties, Aug li>s?4 106 106 106 Seven-thirties, Junc....105?4 103*4 105* 105*4 Seven Thirties. July... 105* 103?4 105* 105* New Five-Twenties 107*4 107* 107*4 107*4 Here there was a good demand for Eeven-lhir tics, at d the market was shady and firm. There was some inquiry for hat there are none offering. Wc qnotc: $54,103.11 $52,815.07 .41,313.01 covzuaxEsr sxcuomga—ciuoaoo hassrt. Buying. Selling. .6s, oflSSl 103* 109 5-20 d. 1862 3UBR 109 U . 5-20 s, 18ft 107* 107* 5-20*, I£G5 107* 103 . 5-20 e, *tis and ’CC, n0w.107 107J4 5-20 s, small lofl*4@loß* u.s. D. S. U.S. o.s u. s. u.s , IM's, large.. 10-l Os. email. U. S. rate. Ist aenea U. S. 7-Coe, 2d aeries lUSU 105J4 U. S. 7-80 a, 3d senes 105* IWfc U. S. 7-SMte, small 105 <&105»5 Com. let. Note?. Jnce. *61.11714 .... “ “ Jnly, ’M..116U *» . “ Ang..'M..llDK “ “ Oct., ’«..115?4 “ “ Dec..’(ll..niU “ “ i1ay.‘C5..112 “ “ Aue n ’CS.IIIH “ “ sept.,'C3.UoU »• “ OCL, *65..110 Local Securities are unchanged. The brokers are buying at the following rates Chicago City Ta Cook conniy 7'a Chamber of Commerce —Harper's Wee&ly of April 7th has the follow ing doleful description of bosincss id New York: feThe tronblcrs of the Eric “pool” have stumbled uuo the Slouch of Despond. Their dtscomfltnro was predicted weeks ago in the financial articles ot this paper. We hinted—by no means obscurely —ofcertaln stock manipulations among the bro kers which were destined to brine disaster upon those who soffered themselves to he caught in their meshes: and It will soon ne discovered that other fabrics besides Erie will fall with a cra*h; other parties besides Hnyck & Co. will be trou bled with the ague. Indeed, tbo amount of money already lost by brokers aud others tinse the first ot January in consequence of tbe tumble m stocks would pay for all the improvements which New York will require for twenty years. Nc r are these monetary embarrassments by any means confined to Wall street. Tbe condition of general business is not healthy, whatever may bo claimed to the contrary. In tnc single item of cotton the losses of the Past three months hive b«en (remenciona; sfi,oou,ooo would not cover them. Tbe decline in price bos been from 37 to SSHc for low middling, rallying for a day or two to Bsc, and then dropping away down to 264 c. In dry goods, a few leading houses have done alarge credit business it is true, and there has been talk of aznaked Improvement; but those who have done nothing will Ann themselves beat off In the end. Five months ago rumors of tbe failure of two of nur wealthiest houses filled the street. They fortunately proved m.truc: hot this docs not n'tcr the fact that the trade Is puttering. Who will tell bow many small firms have obtained extensions thf* year! Iv tbe grain and provision cashless, too, then wasadcciJc improvement a te.v days ago, bat it wa? only spasmodic, and the pain bears Hiding proportion to p'cvioas losses. It ia for the Interest of leading merchants to grant extensions to tbetr debtors when they be* come embarrassed, and equally eoj o conceal their debtor's position from the public, because bis own credit-unerr if it becomes known. By thus keep* U>s ihc pnbllc in Ignorance a crisis ia postponed. We arc inclined, however, to believe that commer cial affairs aie to a tolerably sound condition, and hope for the licet. No one will deny the prevailing stagnation In business. All ibe smaller Indnslrlcs are suffering. Laborers arc demanding higher wages; bouse .beepers are clubbing to reduce the exorbitant rente. Owners of real estate are throwing their prupeny upon the market, hoping to fell at Cgures which they cannot realize a few months hence People have ceased spending money. One class has nothing Icit to spend, and ibe other is boarding. Comparatively little capital is seek ing Investment. wnat do these signs portend? Is the panic of April, lEh-t, to be repeated? Is Uere to be any serious distress atail? If not, why the present weight ol anxiety that presses upon Ihc public like an mcnbtts? The Philadelphia Ledger remarks: The anticipated relief in the money market has not yet appeared. There is an active demand from the brokers, which Is not very readily nut. The banks arc. for the moment, doing Jmle tn the way of discounts. On call loans the rate is gen erally T(&8 per cent ou stock collaterals, and 6@7 per cent on Governments. Prime paper Is In steady supply, at 70!* per cent. Of Ibo lower graces there is an ample supply, which is nego tiated with much dldlcuity, and only at high rates. Statement of deposits and coinage at the Mint of the Dulled States, Philadelphia, daring the month of March, ISO 7 DEPOSITS. Gold deposits from all sources Silver deposits. Including purchases. Total Deposits. Gold coinage... Stiver tolnjge.. Copper coinage. —j he New York Evening Post says: The Hudson River Railroad Company on the Ist instant passed a resolution for (be doubling of the capital slock, by which the amount will be In* creased to *13.93*,4C0. it Is elated thatCl.soo of the 7d,you shares outstanding were represented at the meeting. The transfer books will be closed on the 10th instant, ani those in whose names the stocks stands at that time wit] be entitled to sub scribe for the now stock to an amount equal to mat ot the old stock held by them, by oaring fifty dollars per share, payable in seven Instal meats, the last of which will fall due on the 15th of October nest, when, ell instalmentsbelogpald, full stock will be leaned. Those, however, who desire to receive foil paid stock on the 15th lust, may do so by paying fifty-fonr dollars per share at the tunc of making (heir subscriptions, the ad ditional tour dollars persbare being equal to the expected semi-annual dividend on the whole stock. 53,003.00 20,000.00 6,500.00 40,000 00 —iho New York Commercial Advertiser ob- JUnppcars from the debt statement, f&r April Ist,'that the Trcasnry has reduced Its currency balm ccs during the month over tIS.OOD.OOO. Yet after this large addition to the active circulation, we havebad an extreme stringency, amounting almost to panic. . . The explanation of this singular result Is par tially in the fact ot Ibe banks having suddenly curtailed their operations. In preparation for their quarterly statements. The Interior banka have drawn from ibis point about ten millions within three weeks, in order to make a favorable show in print; and the extreme stringency which baa malted naturally, causes the country banks to delay returning the amounts temporarily with drawn. At (be same time, there Is annually a large de mand for circulation, arising from the fact that m many of flic States sales of land are nsnally made from April 1, and raortages arc very generally oaicd at that time, and as farmers usually make these negotiations Uixoueh money rather than checks, and the sales of real estate are mmsnally large this year. It Is quite snpposaole that the de mand for corrercy from this canso may bare con tributed in no small degree to produce the pics ent condition of affairs. .$ 9,05!.1! —The return from the Bank of England for the week ending March SO, gives the following results compared with the previous week: The rest £ 8,878,779 Increase.. £33,912 Public depoeiis... 8.780,499 Increase.. 542,558 Other deposits ... 10,9-25,505 Increase.. 180,4>4 On the other hard— Gov’tmantles.. .£13.111.068 Nochaugo. Otter secnritlcs.. 18,876,733 1ncrea5e..£272,331 Notes nnempl’y’d 11,577,815 Increase.. 890,810 The amount of notes In clrculation ia £21.819,895, being a decrease of £100,620; and the stock of bul lion in both departments is £10,461,410, showing an increase of £205,211 when compared with the preceding xotnm. ' The Melbourne correspondent of the London Ttrtits gives the following table, officially com piled, of the produce of the gold fields of Ans ’ trails since 1651: 450.00 ISQ.O6I.iM .8t30.W3.08 $ 200.69 £3,577.07 43,432.59 6,161.53 .$553,635 95 .<661,455.25 Year Oz. Value at£4per oz. 1851 (three months).... 145,146 £ 589,531 1552 - 2,918,781 8,375.123 1553 2,67 Vi 15 10.7U5,359 ISM 2,159,730 8,G02,0W 1555 2,751.535 JI.OOCIUO 1856 .2.985.991 U. 915.081 lf-57 2,762,460 11,019.310 1859 2,280.050 0.123,8UU IBCQ 2,156,630 5.Ci0,610 ion 1,967.420 7,869,689 JBC2 1,659.207 G. 622,833 .. 1.513.801 6.175 204 Now York Stock ai Closinc prices for casn, Joseph M. Lyons & Co., Bro let Bd 2d Bd let Ud.Wßd K.T. cmtr«l..lOi)K 97X con.Grec3 r r ! «) .... Kit." ite'.V. £a| Walras ns P #.v « 331? • SJV U. S. 6r Ct 5-20 n««'d . «* conn. 15M....107* 107* p ‘ijP w' i r y-w Q.S.B VCt W o3i>k*l&er 31 29* ■ cono 1565 107* 107* Ji * g. s;& * cl 5-20 £*& aJ(»b»),.JD6* ™ ewip^nwr 107« £,•£*** * in« i«" iwo M «* reL“ v ”::“ 12* T Ste!.“.":“i« ,» S^TtoSSS 1 —iSjf lISV °seriM..”° , .. 2 .a05X ItBK “S? Jo (SSIS .... AmetlanGola 135 X l»» 1 Market—lit Board steady; 2d Board weak. COMMERCIAL Mokdat firnroio, April 3. The following tables show lie receipt* and shipment* of Produce dorms tho put forty eight hours; nronpTß pon tb* past rodT-sionr 6,019 8.903 ' 13.M5 11,*63 14.000 1,671 3.636 8-7U9 350 681 400 9.080 S 3, (M 0 ’ 20,540 63,970 3 Floor, brls Wheat, bo Co:d, bn Oats. bn Rye, bn..... Barlcj bo Grass Seed, It'S.. Broom Corn, ■ Cored Meat, 06.. Drtßsed Doe?, I«o 29 s.jj »tdHom,Fo ’a §!* Cattle, **9 m w Hides, lb? G - 3 S b:li , D ||9 ** Wool. lbs *‘4t T.uinbtr, li I::::::::::""""-" amparoraß rou mz past ponxf-Eiatrr noma. 18G7. ISC6. . 7.&U 8,327 , 14,276 10,313 . 6,031 . 2.953 1,133 . 6,996 . 2,250 45 , 4a.c61 15,103 . 40,886 1,152 .115,610 413,570 . 1,025 476 . 5,107 140 SS.6OG 133.441 , 44,370 43.576 . 1,340 9,477 . 1,9:5 1.112 734 700 . 73,149 63,509 . 440 10 . 80.590 873 738 , 1,016 013 30 42 193 430 Flour, brls Wheat, bo Corn, do Dale, ho Bye Barley, ho Gross seed, 9>s .. Broom Corn, lbs, Corea Meat, lbs.. BeeL hrls Pork, brig Lard, lbs Tallow, lbs Boiler, lbs lire 80g5.N0... CatMc, No Hides, D>s Highwmea, brls,. Wcol, lbs Lumber, m Shingles, m...;., Lath, m Sail, brls The market for Mesa Potk opened dull, and in order to unload some holders submitted to a coo cession of 12«4025c, and transactions to the ex tent of TOO brls were made at J5.250T2.37J4 cash. Subsequently there was a firmer feeiing la view of the more favorable advices from New York, it being understood that the fight between athe “bulls’' and ‘•bears" has terminated in favor of the former. At the close, there were free buyers ’ at $22.87*4, but holders bad generally withdrawn their stocks, and no sellers could be found below $-.2 50. Bulk Meats were inactive and entirely nominal at 6c for shonldsru and OJic for Cumber land*—both loose. Grease sold to a small extent at B*£c for ordinary Yellow. Dressed Hogs were dull, with small sales at IF.CO per 100 S>s all roand. Whiskey was quiet, but dem, with sales of 220 brls at Sic in bond. ..135% ~135% ..135% ..135% ..135% ..133% Float wa» quiet. Holders endeavored to obtain an advance 0f15@35e, but bay ore were unwilling to respond. The sales foot up some 1,300 brlsat {16.50 lor White Winters and f 11.00013.50 tnr Spring Extras. Com Meal sold at $35.00031,00 pet ton. Wheat was quiet, hut values appreciated 203 c In consequence of the warlike news from Europe asd the advance In gold. A car-load of No. 1 Spring in a favorite bonso sold at $3.00, butregu iar receipts were freely offered at 62.00 wltbont attracting pn'Chasers. We note soles of 72,000 bo at 42.42@2.*J4 for No. 3 and £2.14 for Rejected— closing with sellers of No. S at {3.4%. Corn opcied tame and fall; 1c lower, bat on the receipt ol the Uvcrpool deapatchia announc- In# Imminent hostilities between France and Prussia, an salve demand sprang np and the marhetiallicd 20344 c. At the close the feeling was leas stri-ng, end prices receded about Ic. We report sales ol Sit,6oo bn at $1.(Ri401.05 for No. 1; 96c for No. 2, and 833SCtfc for Rejected—clos ing steady at f1.03501.C4 ior No. 3, and SOc for Rfjeclcd. There was a large speculative movement In Oats at an advance of folly 1c per ba, with s ties of ISO.KfOjbu at 6705714 c for fresh, and 54?£055Jfc tor winter i ecelpts of No- 2—closing Arm at 50!4c for the latter. Rye was in good speculative demand, and a farther improvement of UsMc was obtained. We note liberal sales at {7.4701.63 for No. I—closing Ann at extreme figures for fresh receipts, Bailey was quiet, bet firm, with sales at 11.35 for No. 9 In R. 1., and {I.ODSI.IU for do regular. Timothy Peed was quiet and without any ma terial change. Sales were made at 1t.5'103.80. Clover was fairly active with sales at {9.00011.00. Millet sold at 70c, and Hungarian at soc. Tallow waa quiet, with light sales of Country at 9&c. A lot of 60 brls re-reuderd sold at 10:. The following telegrams were read oa ’Change 10-day i New Tons, April S. Common Flour 10c better and quiet; choice do 30c higher, at {'22o. Wheat higher and unset tled, at {2.G1&3.7D. Cora active at 51.25 la store. Oats salable at 710730. Pork quiet and drra at {2-t.i 0. Lard quiet. Whiskey firm at 31c. Gold mu- Flour 5c better. Wheat quiet. Corn and Oats thru. Pork firm. Lard nominal- Loerpour, April S. Navigation on the Illinois and Micbtgm Canal win be open from Cuicago to LaSalle ou Wednes day. the 10lb instant. Boits will he allowed to clear drawing fonr feet six laches till otherwise dered. By order of the Superintendent The Cable despatches were: Lirzoroot, April B—Noon. Wheat 13sGd per 100 lbs; Corn. 41« 3d per 490 Ibe; Pive-Vwceiles,74»4; Consols, 90V4- Humor ed hostilities imminent between France end Prussia. TjvEnrooL, April B—2 p. m. Fivo-Twentles, 74£. War panic. LivxUpooL, April B—Evening. Brlilfb Government has sent emps ol war to Cadiz to enforce claims. LITER. Tbc Grain market in the afternoon was fairly active. No. 1 Corn was active, and 20314 c higher —closing firm at tl.i 6. Spring Wheat was steady and prices were nominally unchanged. There waa no movement la provisions. The Cattle market was inactive and wholly nominal, with some 600 bead in the sale pens. Prices may be quoted at £1.50013.00 for common to prime grades. The market for live Hogs was dull, and under the large supply the feeling was rather easier, though from the reported transactions it does not appear that prices experienced any material decline. Sales were made at 56.00057.60 lor common to prime. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Onict or mi Daily TKtntnrr, > MOSDAT ETKSUO. April 8. > PEEF CATTLE—There were some &*0 head la the sale pens this morning, hot there were scarcely a dozen buyers In attendance, and comparatively little was ac complished ir the way of s»lea. The rates ot freight are still nLselilrd, though the various reads are charg ing 3)@lsc to Pittsburgh and Buffalo to-day. Not rcongbwMdotog to establish anything like reltsble Quotations, and the market is little b .tter than nomi na*. The iresh tccelnta to-day were 106 bead. HOGS—The receipts since Saturday number COOhetd, maidt-c, with thoss i«t over Horn l&u week, some <voo head. The demand was limited, but few buyers maktetr an appearance this morning. Only about 1,800 head changed hands, and, from the reported transac tions, It does cot appear that prices experienced say mattrlal change, sales rsrglogat {&0036.50 for com mon to prime Hogs. Xcw Orleans Prorlutao Market, Nxw Obuumb, April 9,18fi7. The antl'lpatcd Improvement la trade usually loa. dent to the opening of th- month has not Deco roily re* allied la the present Instance. After a spasmodic symptom ol Improvement and an advance of M£tSXc on mess porn, with sales ofabout 1,000 hrl*, the market baaoSMuned ncton.y its farmer Inactivity, baton pa* an qm experienced a decline. This state of the market may be attributed to tbo overflows nod late jncca*ant rains prevalent in a grtat portion of cooetry dependent upon this mar

ket for their snppilex, making It impossible lor boats to land at some lan tinea, and difficult for residents on high lauds to reach river points not overflowed. The river hns now commenced to subside and an im provement u anticipated before many days. At prevent mess ooik Is ottered freely at without den and, yet agovd article cantot he bought under tbatfleure. Alotoli4,oCo tbs coootry dry silt meat, per flat boat, add at private terms, supposed to bo Stfc sound. Dacon is mill ant drooping; shoulders. 10c; rib aides, l2Xc; ent rib sides, 13s; clear at 13*'* 13 vc. Government took JMiOOfts to-day at {13,33. The de mand lor sugar cared hams Is Improving; sal-ts at Tierce lard In demand at t3«l3J<c; ken at 13Jfc. The receipts for the week past hive been 3,3TG brls pork. 4G31C8 and brls and 821 kegs lard: laCS casks, lev, 99 boxes bacon, etc. New York Ex change Arm at XQfi premium. Weather now clear; thermometer C 6. D. W- C. Sasroao & Co. Value. .*365.770.i4 . 18,111.15 .*323,911,29 .*310,519.76 .. 22,017.97 . 151,670.00 *490,797.73 Philadelphia Dry Hoods Market* (From the Ledger. | The dry goods market, howrer, It attracting most attention just now, and all new, “nobby” styles of gotds ore quickly taken. The country trade, we are clad to learn. Is improving, and what is even more sat isfactory, collections are more easily made. While tills improvement is ms* itost It may be mentioned, »s a sign of the Lealthtnl character of tbe trade, that the transactions arc chiefly la smaller quantities than formerly, and make less show or a great volume of business, the aggregate amount. It Is believed, will foot up at the end of tbe season more nearly to that of I&st season than was generally estimated a month ago. Prices of desirable staple productions ore generally maintained, while old goods, or low grades, are dull and difficult of sa'e. Cotton goods arc la fair request, at tittle variation In prices. Woollens are heavy, ex cept for new styles or casumcre*. which are la good demand for immediate consumption. The market for foreign goods l» depressed the supply being largely in excess of the current demano,aed poss>ble tbat those engaged In that branch of tbe dry goods trade can escape severe loss. This Is a point worth considering in connection with tbe customs revenue, whlchls likely to IsUolT lu the .Immediate , future la consequence. Seeds to Philadelphia—April 5. Clover seed isicarce&od m tnlr demand: SOO bushel good to prime sold at irom tlO.SQftl [.OO. Timothy sell at 93.50, sad flaxseed at |3.03®3,05 + bathel. CHICAGO DAILY 3IA&KET. Alt sat** of Grain reported in thin market report are made on tne basis of winter (1c) storage, unltts other wise expressed. Mokhxt Etskiso, April 8,156 T. FRElGHTS—RAiirooAJ>Fmnon»—Are 10c lower. Tbeiollowingisthc tartir of the Eastern Roans: Rates from Chicago to— ad class. 4th class. Floor. Buffalo&sso«o. $55 six 65 Montreal.C.B AM TO 1.47 Albany,li. V 1.00 60 1.3 New yort 1.00 60 1J) Boston. A.}® *5 IJJ Portland. 1.10 61 IJ3 Pittsburgh 60 33 TO Baltimore 91 65 110 Philadelphia. 91 55 110 Cmcmiatl. Ohio ... 45 30 60 Fi.ClDß—Racelrad. 4.422 brl« shipped, 7,911 bria. There was but liule doing in the Flour market to dsy, and dealers were very Dm In their views attaint, nay's prices. Bales embrace the following; Warn worries—iCObrl* tot named at *16.50; spsiwo £s> TUAt—hrla “Best Baker” at tixtO; 1M btUnot named at 113.25; 100 br!« "BlpLoal” at t13.r0; fplbtls ••Vermillion H lvci” at 14 00; 200 brls ‘•WUte&Goii* Br»t” at (13.10; lot brls nornamed at •la.l'f.lOObfbdo at?I2JO; HO br»s 00 at *13.15; ICO brls Jo at flUO; U*tsouVl>—l<o brls not Darned at $11.75; Cons MEAL— -10 tons coarse at $.">6.00; 10 tm>s Un at *3S«M. _ w WHEAT—Received, 8.991 bo; shipped. 14,276 ba. Market 1 s» active out 2r<tsc higher. Files wore: 4CO hn No, 1 Spring (A. D.&CM at W.OO, 13.W*mN0.2 at*Mi;ls.o.-onndoat *i.43)4: nrywon do at $3.43; 10,010 bU do at 12.43: 16.100 bn Rejected at Inc with sellers o’ No. 3 at it 43J<- . CORN l>cMvmJ, 11,563 ba; shipped. 6.931 bn. Market opened about 1c lower, bat rallied Ib'G&iYc, closing steady. Bales were: &» bn No. l at $Uu; 50.000 bo do at $1.(414: bn no at $1.0114: 50,000 ba do at tUM: 5,000 on do at $1.03 Y: 40.00 u ba d-i at $1.03)4: 15.000 on dr at sl-03)4 • Ss,ouobast $1.03; a.OOO bn do at $1.02 V; s,COO ha do St $1.02)4$ 6.000 pa No. 3at 95ct 9JOO ba Rejectee atßsX<v. 17.0(0 ba do at 86c; 6,5p3 ba no at 85)4e; 10.000 bu do (flCy)at £Jc—closing steady at llX3Y®i-M tor No. l In store, OAT?*—Received, 1,6 <1 ba: shipped, 3,955 ba. Mar* ketfniiylch’Chcr. Sales were:49.030 bo No. 3 at 6a YC; &000 pa do St MXc; 5.0 C obado at 55« c ;23 W 0 bt?do at Me; UWO bo do at 54*c. all Winter; 600 ba ao at 57)»c; 1803 &u ao at 57c—both ireih—closing arm at 65kc tjr Winter receipts. H YE—Received, 3.7 ft) ba; shinned, C. 996 ba. Mw* ketß«4c better. Sales were: 30,000 ha No. 1 at SIJ2; focoba do at SUI: 13,003 ba do at SUO: 5.00 Qbado at $1,53 •, s,uco nado at ti.47—doting steady at the ad* T “|Ain»EV-Rccclved, 68! bn; shipped, 5.W5 bu. Market firm. Sa esweres 400 ha No. 3(B.l*)at 6Mb ba do.Regalar at |ldO; 2.UW oa do at $1.09; ISO b HK«*(VS- CORN—Market qnlet at $53.000227,M acccrdiDS to quality. _ 14»* AN—There b a lair Inquiry and prices rule arm at prices ranging irom SU.(A&;S.n>. ' , „ IJE4 N?6—?n Rood demand, and steady at $1.00*43 00 acr boaocl. fales were: 9b»g« mixed atsk2s: 40 arts at $2.2' j 6 do at $2.50; 5.3 do at $1.73 ; 40 do at $1 JO. HOTTER—Received, 4,615 as; snipped, 1,140 as. The general marset remains sabat .ntlslly the asms as previously noted. Bales include 490 lbs choice 801 l at %c; ISV n,a prime freaa Dairy at 30c; 3XI 6a choice at 37@2Se; 100 os at 26c: 2 lam at23c; 4 pegs choice Roll at 25c; 100 ft* at 26)fc; S kegs common at Choice Dairy Good Tub Coro toon Fir *ln vnme Firkin BAUUINtr-'R demand b moderate, and with a md Rlaoey iManei. , April 6,15C7, received by okers: tall iotolj lnth<ißi«rketv prloet are no more thin •n»> taiaed. w» no rh«,B(p» in our quotations, u IJI liwas ,_ M National A.I bn, aeaaloiß linen Union A.? bo, .do S-00 Ullncla A, i bn, do v Cam ExtbavßO.... SB-00 8u kA«coU7s icunieaa &J.UO LewlsUuf A, do WLM Andrcscorsls- do »WW Amen can. do —. . MU 574 a. Barer Mill*, do 60.00 PitltflMd S, do 60.C0 Peon Mills, Co «J» Fort Put, do 64J30 sit»o, do ®e.ot Gasslcs .26 00 Bnrtaos. < fr>, M». 1 'tot Empire CIW 40.00 inUEK**F/—litn itcadr air rtmnand a&d Ann at fait raiea. with a short supply tt> thgmurtaL Weeoa* tiioetoaooie: New Tort Factory (genuine). Factory (Illinois).. Run burr WesWrnßtatrt Western f atrtt. M Young America" aso c i:o4l,—'The market premia so new featare to-day. The d*man& ta Ucbt and the tcpplv lair, but nricea keep well up, dealera, la most Instances realizing at tre follcwii c quotations: Eett—BroukfleW. tU.OO eo Oimcby UJX) CurrrxxND— ’rlar Bill tt-00 do Mireta) Rldce IW# do Willow Bank. JO'S Co ions cl io.oo rblpbcwa 10.00 Biotsburs. ILM LumpLthlah H-W Lackawana, prepared 1*45 Scranton ILOO PlUstou 12.00 Illinois C. 003 a.oo do oc track SJflft 6.00 Youghlostieny. 11*00 COFfEß—Waste light Inquiry,and, aa yet, busi ness Is restricted to the riling cl oracrs. prices are nrm and unchanged. We quote: _ Java SO &S9XC Klo, common to lair 843fft26}fc Rio, good to prime 27Ka2«*c Bio. prime to choice. .2T3f®33J<c COOPERAGE—'The market rules steady, and pricesarequotanjytmchancee. .. . EGGS—Tbc demand was somewhat limited to-dar, ana wltb a lull supply In the market prices ruled l&3c lover, racclnc at 2U3£3c. Sales Includo 40 dor from at 22c; 1.400 doz atr«t4pkrsal 22c:TOOdozand5pkgs atulc; 20brlsat2Pft2Ic5 «od«andspkesat2oc. FltL’lT* AND MJTS-Trada la good, and the general feeling firm. Prices axe without change, and wo continue to quote: Miwvtf iipiii m Apples, fi-5® ft £AO Orange#, V box *-73 ft S.M Lemons, Mesrioa jAO ft 850 Cranberries, V brl .....13 JO ®?5.00 DBIED rEUTTS. Turkey Prunes, new 21 ft 25 French Prunes, new SSL ® SI Flro.drnms..... 27 ft SS Fin, cartoons. SO a 85 Dates IS ft 30 Conned Peaches, P doz, 3 lb cans 4.65 ft 4.25 Apples, new 9 ft 12Jtf Peaches,halves and quarters 16 a 13 Peacho, pared *5 ft *| Ulackberrltß,ncw, Vft 31 ft 32 Raspberries, new, P & 66 ft 63 Cherries, pitied 66 ft 66 Elderberries. Vft 13 ft 16 ItaMcs, seedier. 50 ft keg 9~0 ftl£U3. Sardines, J*’boxes 22 ft 21 Almondf.bardsbclled..... 23 ft 24 Atmoi:(lß.so'tEbel ed 88 ft 45 Almonds-pspcrtheled .55 ft 60 Peanuts. Wilmington, Vba 26 fts 4.00 ft 4.25 BlszllNuts 23 ft 21 Filberts 16 ft 17 French Walnuts...... 21 ft 23 Naples Walnuts _23 ft „21 Hickory Nms 300 ft 3JO FI?»Q—Tho demand Is aoad, and with the excep tion of a lUct decline in CcdfisP and Family Mackerel, prices were firm. Trout wens in moderate slocks and 35c higher. WeievlseoarUsvasloHowsi WhlteC»h, No. 1, V brl 7.M •WhueC*h,No. It S brl &.15 Tr« nt. No. 1, H brl! 4.T0« 3.00 Trout. No. 2, \ orl 4J»ft 450 Slackcre), No. 1, H bit, new -lO.WftID.TS Mackerel, No. 2, X brl yisckcreiliamlly. V Itfbri B.ix* 9.00 Mackerel, extra mesa, 1» « brl UAOftISAJ Mackerel, extra mess. P nt...., 3.5X4 3 <5 ?A>ft 2.6 j Mackerel, family, kits i .fOft 2J6 Cccneb. Bank, V ICO ft 7.00 Codflsh, Gcoree's Bank 7AO Hoke 5-tbft 5^5 llcrriags, dried.No.l, V box... .Aft -A neirlDtrs. scaled '“ft -S Labrador llerrlnes, P brl lOAiftll.OO Norwctnan Herrings.. to».oo@iG.oo Lake Berrings 5 00 Halibot fsmoted) r» t0»4U.00 GBKApK-Sales were: 57 tes ordinary Icllowat Bke; 13 brlsT.llnwCreateßt3c. . „ : HlGllvt quiet but firm. Sales were r 220br1- bcnd»d at 21c. HOl'?*—Aveqaoted at 65ftTOctor Eastern and 053 Csc for Wr^rcrr. I)RESTED HOGS—Sales were: 15 all round at tS.M V ItO Its. II \ Y—Tho rr arkft exhibits increased activity, and th- Lellrg Is dfddedly flrrorr. Weqno’e: WnoLE-SALE I'EICKS (OS TEiCX.) Timothy, roi.erano beater pressed 515.00ft15.50 Timc-ttoy. loos* pressed...., R> W^IG^O Prairie, beater presred 12JfiftX3J)0 H— (Alb riULM. Timothy, roller and bcattr pressed 119.55(919.50 Tln.othy, looto prested I«Ait3OAO Prairie, roder a- d Dealer preasod. 16^jt17.00 Prairie, loore on wagon, delivered U.OO'#I6.CO HlDES—H*ceJvcd, SS.6S6 as; shipped, 79,149 as. There continues to be a good dtmanu, and previous rates were well sosUlucd to-day. and the general feel ißgwss Ann. Grubby Hides were buying at one third ofi, and prime ctiering at the following oricea: Green Batchers* .1 3 !?,?.,® Orera railed, trimmed .llH«jlxc Green Calf 17 «J| c KlpGrecn.ialwd....... 14 Dry Flint. Dimmed 18, ttjfMe Dry baited, trimmed.. HVais^c Green Salted .part cared .......IWttllHc IRON AND ■‘TEE!,.—Business In thisbreach ot trade is lairly active. The orders by mall were mod erately large. We Rive the following as the current common Bar SJ<(A ajfc Hoise shoe iron *.‘<c Heavy Band « M . 6 K C Hoop and Light Band..,. CH«11 c Round and fcquarc 3’,® 9J4C 0va1..,...,..-. GW 5 * ®KC HaifOraland Half Round 6j,C Sheet Irrr. common *lf« c Extra .Ik**,-. c Sheet Iron, galvanized IB (323 C BifctXroa,charci<ai,26 JW*.* c Sheet Iron. Juolata, 26 ... lt¥sU c Norway Nall Rods Plow Steel, German 13 tfeJ4 c Plow Steel, cast 17 (313 e Spring and Tire Steel, English e Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sues -2a »30 a Tool Cast Keel. 22 mo c Blistered Steel Jib (330 C LUMBER—There Is not the slightest change uj notice either ittbe tone of thonarxct or price*, and the demand from the Interior continues light. We not* the fo-lowlng cargo sales to-day: Schooner Ar row, tfom Kalamazoo, with 60 m feet Hemlock Jol -is and Scantling at fllOO; scb;os«r c. Bolts, trun Man* luce, with 9dm feet JobU and Scantling, at fISJM; schooner Simmons, from—*, with joist, scantling, btritaaodTimber at *lB 00. We repeat quotations; Ltntßkc—Fitii Clear, 1, IK, iH »«* 8 IDC3 «,^« M a.m 460.006M5.M Second rirar. J,IK» Uf and 2 Inch...-..,. .VJ.UIACg.W Third Clear, Inch 20.0ft|sa.i 1 0 First aod Second dear Flooring, togeth er, rough, the same as Secuna Cltar wfec..... MBO^SAOO Common Flooring, rough. 3i.00«337.M Matched and Drersod Common Flooring.. Matrhed and e-tocn Common _ . Flcortne 35.00tft39.00 FinlandsecocrtClear Siding, together.. 3->.00.£31A0 First Common Drcaaea Siaiog... 23,0092540 Waron Be* Boaros, seuct 15-lnch and up wards.. ............... ............... .K'.OVit 12.(4 A Stock Boards 12 Inches aa4a.AU4.O3 H stock B'-ards, 12 lechta 25 (0^35.00 Common Board*. Joist*. ocantllDg.Feac tpg. and Small Timber, £2 ts 16 fret long. 22 (OaSt.OO Joists aid rcautlltg, 19,20.22acd 21 'cet. 29.00(9f1-0: Jcrsts and Scantling 23-03 SnrsnLW*—A or Star •'bvred bhingles...... 4-4 A or Star sawed ihlnelcs 5.C02540 No. I Sawed Shlogies 240*3.C0 I-arn— Per m in yard 540 By ear <o*d ny Northwestern R-linao, delivered In any yard wbrnecaracaii Itcsnltehcd or anydep^l—h or Star Ssw< d Shit cles, by cai -.oad, on trace 3.00 A or Star bhay*o Shingles, by c*i >lo*d.on track 3.73(91.00 No. I Sawed shlngio*. by car-load, on track , 4.50 Three do>j*r» a c»r-lo*d added when fsnsiorrej. which cliarge follows the Shingles in Height biU. ainaotrsrAXDAKO. . . TMckne*s—Fire shingles to be two Inches In thick. IATCQ. m»a. , . Lenath—Sixteen Inches. 1 suds—Twenty incbei. Cotirs'S—Tw« I.hATU KK—ls In Icct fnilraiw. 'ilicfclloaicffi reased demand and Arm at ire the prices current: unLoa CUy Harhew V „ b iuihUr, BaQ&- S9® -JO lo bole 403 44 Country Harness, SG® 28 Slaughter, Bole, Lite,* ft 42® 41 Chic iro, >■*. 1, 233 10 Klp7 medium, I» BTanehtcr, bole, a 90®!.20 Chicago, No. 4, 313 3» Calf. Vft W Buenos Antes.... 3->3 33 Upp'r. »fcot.... 3ft* 31 Orinoco 801 e..... 31® 85 Country Upper.. Wi 35 Ortnoco. .ood. Cellar, Vtoou... OAK. Slaughter. Sole, 5(1 French Call 31 Upper -UP «I American CM. 31 Kip. No. l, me- i diutu...'. 4»l .20 French CUL !**•_„ Klibo. l-hcavy Sttl.P I oolnes.»loz. SIAPI.t wIJCSAK—U’m in good request and sill lug rcndily at a ranp; ol J3®3lc Tor common tj prime % C IETALH AND TINNERS’ STOrit-Thfre la ro chance to uoilie in the general character of the market, and pmea mlo steady as folsws: . ’ liK. natOQi WlftE. no* Tin Plate. I. C. itoC *1 ojU ¥14*03 7.3a r .d9 12 RooQdp Tip, 1 c «.» llamlll }5 S piS'.V.'V.V.T. i mll is bSxrK:; :• » « COPPKR. 17 }.{ Metallic AVUf.tts... SI 18 W Copper Bottom-. 50 13, 2* Braziers,over 1058, 41 «) 22 Sheet, mo 16 oz—. 42 Fence Wire... PX T<nnlDFS 19 HLAtIA-H. Nos. 9and 16 iV 25®7« Ist finality ® American. Ist quail- Antimony 20 tf, P 5heet........ 1® * 18 lS3SSll£.fc; “If i« Slab 11 » . . , NAll.S—Tie demand la llcht, and confined to supplying mrncdlate wants. Wo Quote the market ♦asy, at the mowing prices: lOdtoGd« ka;..«„..¥9-73 2d....... ¥9.90 M . 7,00 3d, line blued 9.00 6d 2d,flne blued ....IMS 4d... . 7AO Col Spikes -CO 3d BXO two OILS—Tie general market was Quiet, with prices meady and mchangad, as lollowa; Utseed OUi I.IESCGd Oil boiled I* so ®*™ Olive 0i1...-...,. ,2-® Whale OII.W. HJ®'*® Lard Oil, ettia... H£J}*?2 Lard OH. >o.l Winter Hg®i-t5 Lard Oil. Jo. 3 Winter }*iKJ - Jn Bank Oil, round lota I'iS^toi Bank on.Straiu Machine w®i*22 Sperm 01, W. B >iv»?nn Lnbrlcatng OH 53®1.00 i*AlttON OlL—The market continues quiet, and atder a/air supply the ftellrgls easier, wenotea decline if ic. and quote as tollows: Carbon, P car load. Carbon small lots Benzol* .s>*4 f »c l»lu)VI ••lON?*—Received. 27.6 U fts Lard : shlb ned.js.Clo a* Cured Meats; I,ossbris 8te1;24« brls Fork.and 2i.€C6 as Lard. . . ... , IrtS* Popu-DtcUned UX@SSC, but railed and closed nrm- Sales were: 600 I rls at 12..37 H , W 0 brls at 12.25— closing with buyers at the upper figure, and noieliera below ¥53 50. . . , . Balk Olcnta—lnactive and nominal, at 8c fbr Shsulders. and 9«c for Cumberland* loose. /.nrd—ln demand at MX* for prime Steam, hut tcsel m below M,Vc. 8ale» were: 20 cegs at 13c. POULTRY and OA ME-The supply coutnuea acceding)? light, and prices are well maintained, mlw w»o: VrfozDreUed Chickens at *3apt tv JozLlvooo at ¥SAO; scoops at |SJ)Oi cdoz Mallard pucks at f 3 00a3AO; 10 coz oo at tiSftaSJXI; 3 doz do (small) - ' POTATO E?*—are In lair demand, and with a lib eral supply the maiket rules co*y. baleslnclude the tollo vlmt: 23 bu Illinois reach Blows at 80c: 1 car do at 80c; l car do at 80c del; 19 bageaoaifiOc; i car do at 73c; 1 car Ncshannocks(luferlor) attbe. 30)hn Jtlch'c&a at 85c; 800 bu Bassets at BOCiKWbu do at 75c. SlltJ Alt f*i—For this early m tho week there was a lair business trarsacted. and In cocaequonce of the licht conuitlon of the stocks dealers are demanding and obtaining me following prices: .13^3135^0 S? T? IteflMd,* Powdered aVd Grenulat«i...-l6Haic,^c White A Circle A li wywo c ’.V.V.V...V.V. c Oxnard C.'enra t ifcv»i«?££ New Orleans prime U&ii }«S Kew Orleans Cur -iYurpS-CoDfimc in rcry luht demand, ana pilces ere without the slightest chance. We continue New York Syrapa Yelow Drips Cuba sfolasses £** S porto Rico 53.1.. Sew Orleans 9 J®l*S Philadelphia Bee Hire . JO Chlcaeo Refinery* Amber 1.W31«W Chicago Golden W Chicago Refinery. Sueurnoose. 73® 80 SODA AND SAI.TJUATIIS-The market was ooiet and as the stocks are ranch reduced prices are firmly maintained. We repeal quotations: Babbitt's Medicinal «• pure 11 «ia*c Delacd's >• ®nvc Pnre“; 11 «ll*c SADT-Bcccircd. nonet shipped. 193 brls. There was a moderate movement in tbe market KKi»y, nod dealers were firm In their demands at tne following nrlcta: * ~,, New Fine *2 55 Coarse ; . 2.0 Ground Alum Gronpd Solar. v . Tori’* IsUtd, bars... Dairy. ■* ii h Batts...., Dairy, without backs. SEED?*—Received,* 9,530 ft«, Shipped, 43.651 as. The market continues dell and prlcti remain on chanced. gales were as follows: TiaoTirr—» baes at S2JO; 175 do at $2.75; 43 do at $2.70: 47 do at K-d *. Clovee — 1 bass atslU)o; sdo at *:(W7*: 80 do »t 113.73; CO do at SICJO; 9do at 110J5; Ido »t|IOA3M J § bn* at fIO.VIV ; 7 bar? at $1C(\1; io do at 13.73; la do at S9J O. MiuxTo—6o bushels at 79c; Dcsoaßiaif —CObvgi atsoe. TEAH—There is but Rule Improvement to note in the demand, and on round lots dealers would make coneeiilccs of 5010 c. We makeoo change ta qaota- YoorgHTßon, superior to floe,® »........*-sl.W^l-4j Younc Hy-om,extra to choice, fi , *‘s*;t?. Imperial, loperlor to flee. $»».. 242®J5? Imperial, extra to choice. 1A901.93 Gunpowder, superior to fine. V l *iS®lS Gunpowder, extra to choice, V 1.8503.09 japiu,Patara] le&l.fine 'o extra One, 14 D... L 0501.13 Japan,naturallesb&ne tochatce, V 9...... 1-33&V& japan,natnrailea£colored, Fa..,. IJBOU S TAI.LOW—doII; i»'e of I Orl At 7*c U bo chance to Hst* tatha ctXS3e?oftM isStoC TfierciTalMr tnqalrrror srti£ «oods.aodwiiha lUftiwppij lathe mark* nriceaareCrmlJ > 6 1| i» Weqnoto: pncesare »nncTTcH*wnro. ,4 mmuo i Meal tnn.. . l.COtfu-15 I Common. BHOKISQ TOBACCO. <- nmcia'f Favor- I M«Unm — ...Wn-00 Common btem3...a9*3Jc Choice* I PLVG TO34CCO. _ Loyal CJiton. TO® 75c [ Mjdmm Fartam’aD'Uenf 67a 73c Common KatoraJ L*af...ft-lt'-al->6 I ..anal nil; RrigM..... 'fiegi.rtJ I Ficonders .7C373C WOOD Trade u aitct and drices are no more than sniu&ed. "We repeat oar list of quotations as follow*: Maple* v com, Delivered .♦vuaaw.wj Maple 9 corn, inland... - U*SO3IWO Beech, * cord, dtnvered Mg : mwl-S WOOL#—Hecelred. Z8.2a5 lbs; shipper. 3M» »*• Market quiet and sales limited to ?.0M a* Dingy at 43c. Extr*.. Choice. .n ass e .19 aid c .n 931 c ,n («ii c .13 c MABEJE UTTELLIGEKCE. POST OP CHICAGO. ARRIVED April 3. vtmr Sea Bird, McHenry, Manitowoc, sundries. Tug J. 1 • Hawaii a. Carnes, B- Joseph, actor Gclde. Chare. St. Joseph, 42 to lumber, actor R. B. King, paxton. at. Joseph. 73 m I amber, fcchr Witt.Teli. Kenan, Su Joseph.Bocd* wood. Schr Vermont, McVea, Kalamazoo. 60 m ontw. Bchr O. R. Johnson, Coats, Kalamazoo, W m bebr W. I|. ParterTAmei, Kalamazoo. 60 m lumber, Schr Island City, Ames. KatamMOO. sundries. Schr Helen Sent, Paucuoa, Browns Pier, TO cos Schr S«Gem, Albrecht. Manitowoc, In OMta. Bchr Gertrude, Salon, CtoarlottwuUc, Scow Sea star, Dorian, Grand Btver, 1,600 railroad CLEARED Aprils. Stair Sea Bird, McHenry. Manitowoc, sundries. Bchr Gertrude, Baton, Charlottesville. Schr Helen Kent. patter*oa, Brown's Pier. • Schr sea Gem. Airrecht, Manitowoc, 130 bags meal, fcchr Vermont. McVea, Kalamazoo, bchr Wm. A. Parker. Amrs. Kalamazoo. Schr Denmark. Davis, Grand Hayen. Schr Grace Murray. Hltkr. Milwaukee. Fno* Saoekaw.— Saginaw Bar, we are inform ed by a gentleman direct trom that ffolnt. Is clear of ice lor a dia’anco of some four miles from the shote. Beyond that It presents a bold and defiant front, and could by no means be penetrated.— The Detroit Adnertistr says this wrecking craft la preparing to leave on her first wrecking tour, and as soon as in readiness, will proceed directly to Toledo, for the pur pose of raletng ihe propeller Comet. Bt. Clair River la now clear of lc.\ and boats are running regularly between Port Huron and Algo mac. ■Notice. ATOTICBI6 HBREB\* GIVEN, THAT XX oneHIRAM ROBBlNS,atthoMattson Iteuse, claiming to be tae dUcoverer rftos Eureka Oil, and selling neLts to maiiutactore the same, lilnirtualorou my “Patent Anroia Oil,*’ and all persons are hereby warned trom zn&Klog or sel lmt said oil. a* it Is a base iDftlnrementr&my patent, and 1 will prosecute alt parties so dolor, according to Che statute made and provided lor snch cases, notice having peen served on him this oar. to the same effect. H. C. DEWITT, Pauntce of the Aurora <>lT. Office and Manufactory, h 0.4 rextoa'sß'ock, Cleve land. Ohio: 314 St. Louts, Mo.; 34 Jef* lertondt.,Memohlfl.Tcnn. . A. C. BROWN <t CO., 138 LiioaL, Chicago, IIL, are my Agents max. Plank road notice.— Eiphty Shares of the Northwest ra Plsck Bead Com pany's stock wtU be told at Auction ou Monday, Aorit 15tb, at 10 o'clock a. tn.. by too Treararer. T. Rich mond, at bis offlea No. S 3 booth Ciark-su for deiin oaent payment of aa Imial-mcut of forty dollars, called lube paid oa theSO'hof March last, and tbs costs of adveruslcg ana selling the same, by o*der of tae Dl rectors, - M. LULL. oec ®cean Steamcis. PACIFIC HAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANY'S THBornn line. TO O ATiXFORUIA, CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL, Vlu Panama Railroad. Steamers leave Pier No, 44 North Hirer, loot of Ca nal-xt- at 12 o’clock noon, as follows: April I—NEW YORK, Capt. Jeff, Maury, connecting with CONSTITUTION, Capt. Lapisge. April It—HENRY CHADNCEY. Capt. A. G. Ofay cobcecunc »lm GOLDEN AGE. Capt. WaUln*. April 21-OCEAN QUEEN, Capt T. A. Harris, con uectlcgwUh MONTANA. CaoU gotten. . « . All departures touch at Acapulco; those of the tint amjjlst connect at panama with steamers for Sooth Parade porta. First and UtU frr Central American ports, and those of first tench a* ManzrelUa. Departure of lltb each month connects with new fleam line Horn Panama w Australia and New Zealand. Steamer of Man-h 11.1567, will connect with the com pany's steamer. COLORADO, to leave San Francisco tor Yokohama and Rons Rone, on Apr 113.1567. ion pounds of taggaKo showed each adult. Medicine* and attendance Irec. .. . For paaawse tickets and all further Intormaticaapoty at the otUeeon the wharf, foot of Canal-* L. North Riv er. New York. F. B. BABY, Agent. Or at the General Western Agency. 51 Dearborn-sC, Chicago. JAMES WAItRACtC. Agent. QCEAK STBAMBIis. GRAND EXCURSION TO THE PARIS EXPOSITION. The new and tmt-clsaa ocean-going Iron steamship H.A.'Vja.r'ff-al. 2,000 tons burthen, STXpnzs WnrrsfAK, Commander, will make an excursion from New York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 16, North River, oa ■Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o’clock 3f., taking passengers for Paris, London and Bremen. Be tuning, will sail ftom Havre on June 5. giving pas sengersholding Excursion Tickets, about su weeks in Furore. This magnificent Steamship Is dinaed into water right compartments, ana has oeen newu furnished aad elrgaoily fitted up expressly for this voyage. The Havana will only carry first-class passengers. An Pxpeileoc>.d Kcrecon oa board. t2TA full Band of Music will be attained to me ship. Price of passage, in currency, to Havre |iso asd f 173, acrorolcg to size state-room. To Havre and return at d {3no. according to r.ze of state room. For Further particulars and passtsc. apply to the Agents, MURrf&Y, PKBnIS & CO^ O'i rioatb-st-. New York, Or to the Agent of Merchanu* Ouon Express Chicago. ___ Ciansportation. 1867 T,,8 1867 WESTESfJ TRAMSPORTATIOM COMPAB7. PEOPLE’S LIRE OF STEAMERS ASD WEr-TBKN EXPRESS. Running over the Brio Kaliway. The Western Trans portation Company is prepared to transport Merchan dise and Produce between Cnlcaco. New Iforc. Boston und oth-r Eastern and W«Mern points and will run (larme roLnlnr reason the following nr sl-claas propel lers on ibe Lakes: Empire rotate, Ph«lc«t State* Onvum. PiymcmUi, ItiobawU. Ball'aio, l<rcc State, Acme. Potomac, I*** laburgb. Toonwaodn, Suaqucnaoan. Fencing a Dally Line between CnilMlill AM) BUFFALO, Tonchloc a« Milwaukee, Mackinac, Detroit amt Cleve land. counocmurwUh Wio various lalhoads at those piacis, and at Buffalo with (be ERIII BiUX.TV A.Y, aedtheW.T. C-V* Line of Boats oa E-ie Canal, tour ol which lcav< BnflVo and New Vorx dally. For contracts acd BlUs of Lading apply to nucsn ALLEN corner Waicr-st. and Old S-ip. Nc»v VorK- . , , , A- Clll-SjOlv. do. do. do. . do- A- tl- WAUP. S-10 Btondwai, Ast. Erie H. IJ. rrtASiß. 1 t;» P«it. AiDttnT. M. C’liAhE. 101 Ulver-fd., Troy. K. JOHNSON <v CO., Clcto and. A- li(ll)AlM). Toledo. . 11. 9l.(l<*liOKNKt Mndunky. 11. ni. TIBMETT*. iUiisvunuec. TIIK CUIIF'AN », llonhlo- „ s. ICO iv F. Ticart Agent, foot of stale st. And at Adam* House. J. W. TUTTIsU, Agent, FOOT OF STATE-ST., CHICAGO. iftair 335?. HILL’S HAIK DYE—SO Cents—Black or Brown— lnstantaneous, natural, durublu, t*«otnal. The bet and cOcMi-ft u mw..Contains m much as os any dollar size. BILL 3 A UCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable lor olatmtmt purposes. Depot 06 John-st, New York. Bold by all druggist*. DATOHELOR’S HAIR DVB. Tbia splendid Bair Dye is the best in the world. Harmless, reliable. Instantaneous; the only Perfect Drc. No disappointment. No ridiculous tint*, but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH ELOK. Sold by Druggists and perfumers. Factory, gi Barclay-st- New York. iSailroans. Arrival and departure op THAIKS. ITinier Arrangement. CHICAGO AJTO NOirIUWESTZUN DAILROAD —COJJUCTL BLUFFS AND OMAHA LUTE—DEPOT 50BTB WELLS STUZEt. Omaha Fast Une Omaha Night Express. Dixon Passenger f ÜbfcffVi*i Freeport Passenger. *10:00 p.m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. a. *3:40 p. m. Rocklord, Elgin. Fox I. UiTerandsiausLine... *UOO p. m. *11:10 a. m. [ Geneva and Elgin Pos- ...... m ' WIBCON6IB DIVISION —DEPOT CORNER OF CABAL ABO ESZIX STREET. Day Express. *0:00 a. m. *6:30 D.m. ' NightExpresfl *-i:3op. m. *3:15 a. m. Janesville Acconmod'n. *5:30 p.m. *2:35 p. m. Woodstock Accommod’n -3:00 p. m. *0:20 a. m. MILWAUKEE DIVISION—DEPOT COMIB OB CABAL ; AHD KZBZIX 6IUEXT. j Day Express. 9:00 a. m. 12:00 m. RoscMli, Calvary and _ ! Evanston... ...•••• i*jup. m. s.4Up.m« . Sight Express— 4:oUp.m. &3«p,m. Kenosha Accommo<J*n—. 4:40p.m. 9:45a.m. Waukegan Accommod’n. 5:30 p.m. 8:56 a.m. ' Milwankce Accotomod’n. 11:45 p.m. &30a.m Geo. L. Dunlap, Gen’l Sup’t. ( B F. Patrick. General Passenger Ager.u mciuOAß CENTRAL RAILROAD—UNIOS DEPOT,FOOT OF LASS STREET. ’MorningExpress- *B;Uoa.m. *B:4sp.m. ; Lay Express *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p. m. Evening Elpress *5:30 p. m.f*12:30 p. m. J Night Express **9:45 p.m. *8:25 a. a. : CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE TRAINS. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. *10:35 a. m. 'Night Express *5:00 p. m. *11:00 p. m. •memo an sotrrnzßN and lake shore line—de- . ' DOT CORNERTANSURZ3T ANDSQEBBANSTREETS. I TOLEDO LINS. ) Day Express *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p. m. , New York Express 0:15 p. m.+12:30 p. m. ' Night Express **10:00 p.m. *6:00 a. m. DETROIT LINE. i Day Express *7:00 a. m. +ll.OO a. m, ! NigbtExpress *lo:iop.m. *B:ssp.m. j ' rrmßUßaa, fort wathe and crioaoo. I -Hail *4£oa.m. C;ooa.m. Express *7:00 a. m. 12:30 a. m. Fast Line 8:15p.m. 7:Wp.m. Express **10:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL. i)nvPaa«cn”«r—..* *9:30 s. m. *10:30 p. m. Night Paisrager—---*10:;0 p.m. J&45 a. m. 3StS: .* »» « ..,........*l2:lop,m. *9ts2a.m. « •• *3:3op.m. *l:sop.m. it w vt *siKp.m. *7:90 p.m. CHICAGO, BORLIBOTON AND QUINCY. Day Express ana Mail *S-C0 a. m. *9:00 p. m. Gafesbote Passenger *3:00 p. ra. *1:80 p. m. Aurora *s:oop.m. *9:ooa.m. NtgUt Express *12:00 mid Tit +3:50 a. m emOAOO AND BT. LOUIS. Express and Mall *3:05 a. m. *3:15 p. m, Niebt Express *9:15 p. m. *3£o a. m. Joliet and Wilmington Accommodation * LOO p. m. *9: 13 a. m. emCAOO AND GREAT EASTERN—(LATE CINCINNATI AIR LINE)—JOLWAUKEE RAILROAD DEPOT, COR ner canal and kin ax streets. „ DayExorees 7:00 a.m. 11:10 p.m. Night Express 9:00p.m. S^Op.m. FOB INDIANAPOLIS, LOUISVILLE AND CINCINNATI. Day Express 7:00 a.m. 11:40 p.m. Nicbt Ernies* 9:00 p.m. &50 a. m. Columbus Express 7:00a.m. 11:40p.m. *• *t 9:00 p.m. 8:50 p.m. Easeisc Accommodation. 9:55 a. m. 9:00 a. m. t* « . SslSD.m. 5:00p.m. CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND AND PACIFIC RAILROAD. DajExpressandMail.... *JkM)»-m. «30p.n. Night Express— . 12:00 p.m. *setfa,m. Joliet Accommodation... 4:-Wp. m. *9;4pa.m. •Sunday excepted, +Monday excepted, *Salot* day excepted. Special Notices. A Great Diseorery at I*a»t* B. BAIAHD. trom the Medical Academy of P»rti, butt mi possession a prescription which will com pletely care Spermatorrhea, the effect! ofiolltovy b»b its sod sel-soure. la both sixes, nmwui to both the booy mad prodactoje, to a treater or low tbe jollowmg: Bio'caes, » k3o eruption!, debility, dizrt sers, aim pen ot aUht, loaa of memory, aversion ta loclety icil hosisesi.ev 1 forebodings, aod Anally Im poteccy, with many symptoms ot consumption and dyspepsia. I will seed the prescription and tastrnctlana to any ooe on receipt or Two DoQara. It la a sore t emedy. Tne Ingredients can he procurad atsny dmetlore. Address FROF. B. BHIABD, 127 Monroe-sL, P. 0. Pox 6145. Chicane, 111. tar All languages spoken. Bnfiebled and Delicate J miututioni Otboto sexes, use delmbaM’a Sttract 3 jehu. it will plveomkasd eserretlr feeilnzs and enable 70s to a.ecp weL. It is raid by these requlttoe such services a* Dr. James renders, that he has no superior, if an equal, in the treatment of Stphiu?, that most terrible and such to be dreaded polrou. the destroyer of thousands. Dr. James established, and for thirteen years con ducted the celebrated Janus’ Lock Hospital, ol eas tern Houie-tL, Sew Orleans, and tot the last six years has been located to Chicago. Dr. James Is endorsed by the highest medical talent of the country, heads of medical colleges, tosplto’a, Ac. Tnose afflicted should apply at once to him, and he relieved ol Ihefcarfhl consequences ol these diseases. Dr. James can be eoxndeuUally consulted at hla of fice and parlors. 03 Bacdoiph-st., corset of Dear born, Chicago,fhom9a.m.toßp.m. P.O.BoxfiOß, Chicago, lit . _ Hetmbold’fl Extract Bncbn Gives health and vigor to the Dame and bloom to the EftlHd cheek. Debility Is accompanied by many alarm jg symptoms, and ir no treatment is submitted to, consumption. Inanity. or epileptic ills ensue. _ ProleMor Or. Bombers Has by bis great, wonderful and unlsilto: cure# ol nervous *p<t private dUea&es, proven himself the most eminent and snccetalul of pbyndaas. Persons In and outride Chicago can be perfectly cured by Dr. R.. U before considered Incurable. Office, Speed’s Block, 125 Dearborn-eC Box 2312, Chicago. lIL Helmbold's Fluid Extract Bncbn Is pleasant In taste and odor, free from all injurious properties, and immediate to lu action. Private Consultations. Dr. Lonls Saneer, 80 Randolph afreet, can be dally consulted on the treatment of Private Diseases of both sexes. Female remedies are certain In all cases. Prize lecture on the prevention ot offspring sent to any addiess for SO cents. S*nd stamp for circulator robber goods to prevent conception. Address all Ict tersto 80x*«?573» Tbe Glory of man U Strength. Therefore, the nervous aod debilitated should Imme diately use Helm gold’s Extract Bachu. Proprietor of the Medical end sui(Qca» institute, 176 South Claik-atL, has treated all farms of venereal dis ease with unprecedented success lor nearly tarty years. Spermatorrhea aod impotence treated wub the happi est result!. Particulars of the InsUtuleaadtheOuiae mailed free to any address. P. o. box 79. Chicago, miaou- A Beady and Conclusive Test Otthepropertlfs ot HslmtKUd's Plaid Bxtract Bachu will be a comparison with those set forth in the united States Dispensatory. Bsvregtbe confidenceofttc ouodc anc toe tbediea: faculty at large, l» the most reliable physician in Uu dn for chronic n<rvous and sexual autaacs. call at bu office, 17M South Cl&rk-iL. corner of Monroe. w.iirm« separate. ConsultiUoa flree. F. O. Box 134- ni* guide to health, published monthly, seat Ores ir ant address. Manhood andToaiblblTlgor tet fpptned by Helmbold’a Extra Bachn. Your Destiny and Fntnre Prospects In life clearly revealed by Dr. Raphael. „ He galdes yoo to wealthandhsppm-roi. 2i:t East Midlson-at., op •lairs. Consultation Two Dollars. Send war 3-cent stamps for bit GUIDE TO HEALTH AND LONG LIFE. Uls circular about winning toe affections ot toe opposite *ex and a happy marriage, will be seat gratis. Shattered Constitution* Restored by Helmuold’s Extract 3ncba» * CHEVALIER’S LIFE FOB THE HAIR positively restores gray hair to Its original color and yoatolal beauty: Imparts life and strength to the wethert oatr; atooa He falling out at once: keeps toe h-ad clean ; is tmparalleled as a hair dressing. Sold by an druggists one fashionable hairdressers, and at ray office, 112 J Broadway, N. Y. SARAH A. CHEVALIER, M. D. Take no more (Jnpieaisni and Unsafe Re rubles for unpleasant and dangerous diseases- Use Helfflbold's Extract Bachn and Improved Bote wash. In all Private Metiers go (or write) to Dr. CLARKE. 07 Clark st. Both sexes consult him conadentially. ry send stamp for circular on late Invention fox Married People. Female FUUII p?r oox. OT Send stamp for boot lor victims ot selLabnse. Address letters DB. CLABKB, No. 4 Larmo * Blocs, Chicago. JOHN MONROE & CO., AMERICAS BANKERS, HO. 7 ERE SCRIBE, BARIS, and HO. 8! WAIi-ST., HEW YORK, Istne Circular Letter, of Credit lor Traveller, la all farts of Eaiepe, 4c.. 4e. Also, Commercial Credits. J HIGGLING & CO.'S OBZ3AT SAM OF WATCHES, ON TUB POPULAR. ONE PRICE PLAN* Giving every patron a handsome and reliable Witch • tor the low priced Ten Dollars, without regard to value, and not be paid for nnless perfectly eauafiictoryl —- HuflUigWAtche* *s?i° v2l 503 italic Cased Gold Watcbea. AO to 900 500Ladies' Wnlcaei, enamelled..,. MJto 25 I.CMJ Gold HabUcg Chronometer Watches. 2ao to SC£ l,wjo Gold Hunting Knglish L-vers W} to go 3.000 Gold Hunting Dapl*x Watches 15? *° 5,00) Gold Hoi.tins American Watches lOt to- 250 5.000 Silver Banting Levers »lo M 5.000 silver Hooting Duplexes 55 *° S 2 s#o Go.d Ladles’Watches s?*° *S? lu.’.tO Geld Busang Lepinea SQW JS 10,000 Miscellaneous sliver Watches 5® to lie SS,UGO Hunting Si trer Watches 25 to ~0, 00,0(0 Asserted Watches. all kinds 10 to « may patron obtains a Water* sy costing but tia, wtn.e It nay be worth |.ao. No parp- HICKLIN'G <fc CO.’S GiiSAT AilEß lCa> WATCH COM PAST. N. Y. City, wish to tin mediately dispel eortbe above raagnUlcenlitock- Cer*. tlflcat-9 taming articles are placed lascaledenvelopes.; Holders are entitled to tha art files named on their cat*, tltieate, epos payment ot T»n Dollars. whether it be a Watch worth r»> or one worth leu. The return ot any of our certificates entitles yon to the articles named, thereoupon payment, irrespective or Its worth, acd, as no article valued lets than |lO is named on any eer- : tlflcate.UwiHatoncebeseen that cals is no Lottery, bat a stralghtOrward legitimate transaction, which may be participated In eves oy the moat UsUdions! A single Certl&eate will be sent try matt, post-paid, upon receipt of A eta., five hr fl, eleven for #2, thirty tbresaod elegant premia o 19, sixty-six aid more valuable nrcmlO'n fijr fto, cse bnsdred and most so perb Watch for f 13. To ag-üßortucse wishing cn olcymeat Hu* u a rare op?;, t tonUy. It is a legUlmab - fy conducted business, duly authorized by t&e Govern* ment. and open ti tue mod carrtal scrutiny. Try as Aldrcsi J. HTCKLING 4 CO« 149 Broadwav, Kcar P. 0.. City of Aew York. GKEAT EEDUCTION In the Price* of American and European WATCHES; tetal-mg at oar fomer wholesale prices, 25 to M per cent less than New York retail prices. Watches sett by express. C. O; l>„and can be seen and taanilDtd before peine paid for. Descriptive cata logue ot prices sent free. All oar Watches are nisi quality, and ate toll? guaranteed. c. E. CIILLINS <Sc CO„ Ag't* forManciactarera. 13&44 ya?san-sL,N.Y. \ KMT STORES.— Office U. S. Coioussabt of Subsistence, i No. S2S JtJTerson av, V Detroit, Michigan, April 81b, ISC7. j Sealed proposals (in duplicate) will be received ny the nndentsoea until a o'clock p. m. on Saturday, April L>tb, IS6T, lor supplying for tbe use of the C. £. SubsiswnceDcpartmcnt, ... w.lWl pounds prImeNEVY WHITE BEANS,onllbrm In fire,dean,roaidana dry, paikedm good,bright, well-coopered barrels, to be fall nead-Uaed. Prcpovais mast state the time when tbe Beans can be delivi red—the prices per pound, it delivered at Do in it, Mich., and also the price* If delivered at Chl- CJ The prices named In the proposals will be for tbe article delivered (tee of expense to the united States f.r drayage. cooperate, or package*, at such place* In the cities named os may be hereafter designated by Uie undersigned. ... ProposaUnnstbelrdoredlna sealed envelope,ad* dreated to the undersigned and endorsed ‘Proposals for Beans,” Samples of tbe beans most be delivered with the proposals and referred to therein. All articles will be carelnlly Inspected by an inspect or on the part ol tbe United Stales, and no article will bo received and paid lor until U baa puisetHhis Inspec tion, and a certificate to that atTect.haa been attached to ihe original bill. , .. . , The seller's name, place ol business, and the date or purchase as well as me name ol contents, witb amp- Plee marks to t>e hereafter designated, most be plainly marked on every package. Ailotbsr old marks most be obliterated. 4 , „ . Acopyofthlsadvenls-ment (nslip from anewspa per) most be attached to each pro^y\ c Brt. Col, and C. 8. P. r*. h. I«ave. Arrive. . *B;laa. m. •7:20 p.m. .. 7:80 p. a. *6:00 a. m, .. 4:oo p.m. 11:10 a.m. )ET LINE. C'WANP LAND DITCHING.—Tue CD undersigned will received sealed proposals tor the following described swamp land duchlne In Bureau Ccnnty. 111., np to 19 o’clock a. tm, ot THURSDAY. - Aprtl 25tb*t867. ■ ut—A ditch 6 miles and 133 rods long, to be 6 toet - -wide on tbe bottom for tbe first 1 and I*lo miles, and the rest of the distance to be 4 leet wide on tbe bottom. 2d—A dllcb 3 miles and 113 rods long, fobs fleet wide on tbe bottom. , m—a dllcb 3 miles and ISS rods bog, to be S feet ‘wide on tbe bottom- , . . . . 4th— A ditch i i miles and 70 rods long, to be # teet wide on tbe bottom: ail of said dnones to bare a slope o *Th« party taking the contract tor tbe above described 'ditching will be required to give security tor the toiui tul performance ol the contract. Ssla security to be approved by the Drainage Committee, M per cent ot ; pnee that said work is contra, ted tor will be paid as sold work progresses, cn theesttmatea of thei Eaginecr. and the bounce as soon as the work Is completed. All ol said ditches will be let to one party, or separately to : dltlerent parties. Just as the undersigned committee thinks best. Ihe oommlttee reserve toe right to anv or all bids ler the above described ditches. The bidswiHbeoDctedon Thursday afternoon. ApiU•»ih, TS£7. at the office of Charles Baldwin, in Princeton, DU end theaand tbers disposed of by said committee. All bids lor this work should be sealed np and sent to Chai I*B Baldwin, at Princeton, Ills. Any parties desiring imther information about said woik can get tbe same ny corresponding with, or call leg" tiff.KI-iwtou. at Sheffield, Bureau county,ld, plats. speclficatlcns, and Engineer's report now on me in County Clcik’s office will be made part of tbe con tiu&amuuvontuin. . iinuu»«iT ’ t Drainage I S committee, B.N. \jALDWIN. Dralnase Commissioner. ! Princeton, March 13,1357. I TOOTIOB to builders. 1 mktiwk crrr. March 13th, 1967. J I : sealed Proposals will be received by me Board ot Directors of the Ncrtbera Indlata State Prison until TUESDAY, the 9tt day of April, 1557. at 12 o'clock m-, ter the oo ns traction or a bonding lor the pnrpsses ora kitoben. dlclsg-room, hrspltal and chapel, on the Prison grounds, near Michigan City, Indiana, accord ing to the plans and specifications ol the superintend ing Architect, to be prepared and ready thr rcieretce on and aner April leu 1957. -Alt information eonrwn- Irg the dimensions of said bniloinz, the nAtenusto be oaed in constructing the same, the qoailty ot toe work, together with the terms and conditions of pay ing tor tnew tnk and materials, ana all °lb«f matters connected therewith, may be obtained by applying at the office of said Prison, , . . proposals snad t* enveloped *od plMnly adwessed to •* Board ot Director* Northern Indiana slate prison, Michigan fl’y, Ind-,’’ and endorsed Prcoosals Ibr Kitchenand uospim.** and to maw their consider* Son, must be delivered by the day and hour specified. Satdptopoeats must be made in strict conformity with the terms and conditions Ibr the c * ‘fraction of said buUolig. as Indented by the dlt • . speclfics ttots and orders of the Bsard of Di; . on file in the office of *ald Prtßcn. , . . , The Boarnof-Dirtctorswlß reserve Ui:. light to re ject any bid that may oo offered, acd tomattelaoy change* that may tbra and^^r. J. N. Ti'SEK. 1 W. D. CBOISEBS, Board nl Directors, PAIKB ANKS’ fi?T ■*“ BTAHDABD Jt^C SRALES./IA OTAIXniKS TAZBBANSB, ORKKHLKAP * 936 ft 251 S LakMtn Chicago. Dr. JaracA. Hr, Tfiomsoni Dr. Oigeiow< Beautiful Hair. Private Matters. bankers. gjgaatc^ts. yropusais •Scales. iaemcat THIS IS THE SEAS 0.1 When change* of weather, climate and fi»l are most likely to produce sickness. AgreatFreachPhyilclaassys: “Mora than halt 01 the dtaouwla theworld comer Iron'll tzlectjTo jfatttfy the ay sum atalnst changes of climie, weather and tod. The great secret ol hmlUt Is to fcaep the coodi tics of the Stomach and Blood regular aud'pxnlform, so that chances trom Heat to Cold, tram Dry to Damp, cannot upset the machinery of and breed disease. # How.U Is a fact, positive and well knows, thatthere Uno «"r h bulwark and assistant for the Stomach as PLANTATION BITTEBS. This splendid Tonic is now nstd by all classes of pea plefor every symptom of a’-Stamatt out ol ordsr.* ’ And particularly do these Bitters serve tbe purpose at thcsewho**«Vß out of door*,” and are ’exposed lo Chances cf Weather, Raw Spring Winds and Weaken ing Summer Beats. IheaecretolltljthU: Plantation Bitters are cer tain to correct the Jolcea of the Siomaeh, (set all Its machtoerylatwork, and enable tt to resist and throw oQ the approachluz danger. The tendacy ofj the ope rations of Katuro is always towards; alliishe needs la a lltue assistance at the proper time. «J How mneb mere reasonable and sensible It Is*.to help ’her along wltt a gentle, yet powerful Tonic, than to dclnse and weaken azd defeat bar curative processes with polsoront drugs and Aery mixtures, which only stupe fy atd plant the seeds of disease and death. S-T-1860-X. Tney partly, strengthen and Invigorate. They create a healthy appetite. They are an antidote to change ol water and diet. They overcome effects of dissipation and late'Jioars. They strengthen tbe system and enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic and Intermittent fevers. They partly tbebreatb and addltyfof the stomach. They cure Dyspf pels and Coistlpatlon. They core Diarrhoea, Cholera and Cholera Morbus. They cure Liver Complaint and Herrons Headache. They are the bat Bitters to the world. They make the weak strong, and are exhausted nature’s great re storer. They are made of purest. Croix Bom, tbs cel ebrated Callsaya Bark, Boots and Herbs, and are taken with tbe pleasure ofabenrage, with out regard to age ot time of day. Particularly recommended to delicate persons requiring a gentle stimulant. Bold by all Gro cers, Druggists, Hotels and Saloons. Only genuine when cork is covered by cor private D. S. Stamp. Beware of Counterfeits and refilled P. H. DRAKE & CO., tmw vona. mf)ite iLesa. /'NID.hST WHITE LEAD Xnd OU Establishment In tlie MLls&ls sippi Talley* f/c$ gimiMiElil) (/£? 183 r. g| Iq j» axwaiß jp| issi rnaHt.RA B. TICKERS, Secretary. THOMAS BICHESON, President. COLLIER CO.’S MANUFACTURES FOB BAX.B BT FULLER, FDfCrf 4 FULLER. BURNHAMS 4 VAN SCHAACK, J. H. REED 4 CO., . And all Wholesale Druggist*. (Eitg Kottces •DROPOSALb FOR THE CONSTRUC i TION OF THE SUMMIT DIVISION OP THE ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. _ OX7ICE OF TUB BOABD OF PUBLIC WOEKS, > CmciOO.MircblSUi.iS67. I Sealed Proposa s will be received by the Board or Public Works, at tbur cfflce, until 11 a. m. Wednesday, Hay l»t, 1i67, for the excavation t-eowtary to dee oca the Idlxou and Michigan Caul, according to the plan adopted, from Chicago Elver to aomOtLocE.No.two CO » distance of iweatT-srxtW) miles- , Maps, prunles. specifications. ic.wllt he exhibited at the once of the Board of Pnouc Works la Chicago on and after April 15th antu the day of letting. There will be some two oiUUonaCS.OOO.oCtt) cubic yards ot earth excavation—some of it quite hard and em bracing considerable detached roc«—and about tout hundred tevrn’y thousand (170,000) cubic yards ofstra* lifted limestone. The work must oe prosecuted so. aa not to intiwfora with thenseof the Canal curing the season ox cavlga it is believed, however, that the most ot the cieava- Hen, except the stranded iocs, can be done with »Mam dredcas w ithoat interfering with the navigation of the Caaai, but the root excavation wilt allhave to bs done between tne dost, of uvlsaiicn In the fall and the opening In the spring. . , U a new lire to adapted lor any pertten of the ills' Lance, operations tncreoa nay oe continued the whole year; and the aavlgatloncfthe Canal w.U se napead ed at l*»stfive mocthslo each year unless otherwise mutually agreed by the Board ana Contractors. The wnole d ibe wore most be doto on or bniora the end ofthethlro season o( tne suspension of navigation. A large amount of machinery wlll be required to excavate the work within the time required, consisting mainly of siesta dredges, scows and erases ror the earth worx. and drilling machines, pompinz machine* ry and crane* for the rodc- Contractors will he required to commence wont os tap earth excavation wlttan thirty days cl the timeot letting, aodnpon rock excavation oy the first of Novem* Per next. The Hedges. cranes and scows now is the Canal can b; had at an appraised valnn which will be made known to bidders prlcr to the lettlss. Parties contractmir ftr the work will bo required to provide »U machinery, and to pot cp and remove all rinms and ail works ot protection, and at their own ex pense to do all pumping, or whatever may be necessr ry to secure their worx trom water. Prr- * i*roposal3 mtut Q9sdares&ed to the Dowd of Public Wons,endorsed ’’PropcsalDrDeeociuiurllJlcoisaad Michigan Canal.’' and M accompanied with the usual two hundred dollar (FXC) pond, with enredes, to be approved by me Board. Contractor* will bid. statins the price Ibr which the wort will be done on each of the duferent sections, and the wot* Jet as a whole or in part, and m snub s os the Bpard shall determine. The Board reserve the rimt to relect anr and all bid*, and no prcpcsal will be accented nale»* the party offertnelt shall giveevidence satisfactory to the Board that he has tie necessary aU'l. apart-nee. energy and atUUvfor doing the work, is trustworthy, and has snf flclent j>-cnn>ary resources. _ 44 _ The Board will require such security ae, according to their jadgment, will secure the doing of the work according to the contract, G _ GLVDEL& FBED. LETTZ, O. J. BOSE. WILLIAM GOODING, 13t Board of Pnblle Works. ■PROPOSALS FOR GRADING AND i macadamizing halstep street, fbom THIRTY-FIBsT STREET TO EQ AN AVENUE. OFFICBOFTBIBOABOOFrCBUO WOBIS,I CHICAGO. April sth, 1967. J Sealed proposals win oe received py the Board ot Pnoilc Works, at their office, until 11 a. m. Wednes day. April *7tb, for the grading and macadamizing Hakted street, from the centre ot Thirty-first street to the centre of J> gan avenue, according to plans and spo cilicatlocr on ale at said office. Said improvement will be paid tor tram tbe special a*s«sin»nt levied to defray its cost, when tbe same abaft be collected. . _ _ Proposals must be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed “Proposal for Grading and Macad amizing Hoisted street, frt-m Thirty-first street to Cgtu averne," and be accompanied with tbe usual S3OO bond, ■ with sureties, to be approved by tbe Board. Tbe Board reserve the right to reject any bid not In accordantewlttaUufcondiuonsof tms advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepted nnleas the party oiferlng it stsaL give evidence satis factory to tbe Board that be baa tbe necessary skill, experience, cnergv and ability for d:lng tbe wore. Is trustworthy, and has sufflci^t^econlaryresources, a/h. BOKL*Y? J. MCARTHUR, Board of Public Works. X>KOPOSALS FOR GRADING AND Jr macadamizing division and north State sthee is. _ Omes or thx Boua> or Public woess, i Chicago, April s.b,ian. f Bested proposals win Dr- received by the Beard ot Public Works, at their office, until 11 a. nu, Wednes day, April 17U, for tbe grading and macadamizing of I {vision street, from tne ruadwav vf North Clare street to North State street, and North State street, from it* Intersection with ihe macadam or Division street lotbe south «id« of BthlUer sneer, according to plans aim specifications on file at said office. baid impruvemcxtwUl be pain tor from the special assessment levied to defray its cost. When toe same **Fropo*als taa«t*he addressed to the Board ol mobile Works, endorsed ** Proposal lor Grading and Macad amizing Division and North State Street*, end be ac companied with tbe usual |3OO bond, witb sureties, to be approved by the Bo am. . The Board reserve t&e right to reject any bid not In accordance with tbe conditions ol this advertisement or to reject all bids, and no piuposM'WlU be accented unless the party oßertng it shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that he bos tbs necessary skin, ex perience, energy and ability for doing the work. If trustworthy, and has sufficient A. H. BURLEY? J. McARTUDK. _ Board of Public Works. TJROPOSALb FOU GRADING AND Jr STKEfcT.PROM aUCHEB AVENUE TO THIKrr-nRSI STUEET. orrtcz of in* Boas© or Ppblio Wobu, ( u Chicago, April sth. I&>7. I Sealed Proposals will be received by the E-iard of Public Works, at their Office, nntll 11 a, m. Wednes day, April Ibr tbo grading and macadamizing of Busted street, irom me center ot Archer arcane to tbe centre ot Thirty*®™* street, according to plans andspecillcfttlonsoaflieatwad office, . , aald Improvement will be pud lor from toe special assessment levied to defray its ecst. wten the same .Mnwedto ineßoara ol PUMIc Wor.i, endorsed "rrc.'pcsaltjr Grading sod Macadsm triria tiiiiitd street, fcom Archer AVeone to Tpirtv erst Street,** and be accompanied with me usual S3OO bona? rnt? laietJes. to oe aopro red oy tae Board, The Board reaerre the neb: Dm not tt accordance wita the conditions of this advertisement nr to relect *ll bids, and no proposal will be accepted unless tie party oHerine It shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that be has the necessary sldll, expe riencA energy and ability lor doing the work. Is trust worthy, and nas jnffldmt peemtarr resources. J. G. GINDELE, A. H. BUKLBT, J. UcABTHUB. Board of Public Works., gEo architects. TO ARCHITECTS. ILLINOIS NEW STATE BOUSE. *siß undersigned, Commissioners ol the State of rui nols ibr the erecOon ot a new State Borne In Spring lie id. give nonce (bat they will receive plans or design* •rd specifications fur » new State Boose, the same to he addressed to the Prej>nent of me Board, Jacob Bonn, E>q„ of BortnefiEid, Ilh, on or b«ore ms second day of Jmy, A, D-1557. Three thousand do lar* will be paidlas a pe®inm Ibr tbe c«lgn.wnh specifications, selected and adopted grotmts and steb be desired as to maximume«t, the commcdallcns etc., will be mrriJsbsd tj all compete, on application, oy vn?n WeDt>ef ’ Secretary of the Board, President. s veV wm. shamble ION, JAMES H- BEVKHIPQiv, Comalaslduers. J. C, WiBPTk. Secretary. _ _ . Instruction. "VTIGHT bCHOOL.—Tne nnderagped jN bare opened a Nlvbt School lar mo benefit loen as are engaged during me day.. Tn« e™*”® ®, [attraction will embrace Oas,la. Eneli*b. rnroirUcaJax* apply to «hl. O-DrAn, at bis office, 18 Pflilertuh ttoc*. _ . ' ■ Wit, G. eyas, {jeachers. QEO. K. DYAS, S jaemcat. j^TTHE Wi OF GOOD DOPE The Hottentots Hare long used BUC H U For a variety «f disease*. It was borrowed from those rude praettaoners by at KngUih and Dutch physicians, on wboe* reoomaet** non It was employed IB Europe, and has NOW COME INTO GENERAL USE It is given chiefly la Braycl, Chronic Catarrh of the Bladder, Morbid Irritation of the Bladder and Urethra, for Female TVeal ness and Debility, for Pro lapsus and Bearing Down, or Prolap. sns Uteri, DISEASES OF THE Prostate Gland, Eetcntkm or Ineontis- ence of Urine, And all diseases requiring the aU ot a dicrette srlM* Dom a loss ot tone in the parts concerned in us erect* soon. It is also recommended In case* of DYSPEPSIA Chronic Rheumatism, Cutaneous Affections and Dropsy. To cure these diseases we must bring into aettos ttC mnsclea which are engaged la toelr varices fttaettone. TO NEGLECT THEM, How ever slight may be tie attack. Is sure to affect the bodily health and mental powers. Onr FLESH and BLOOD are supported from too* sources. Persona at every period of life, ffoai Infancy to Old Age, And In every state ol health, are liable to be tshflGM ot these diseases. The causes In many Quuaeee an unknown. The patient baa, however, an admiraM remedy la BE EL MB OLD’S fluid Extract of fiucfiu, And when taken is carly.Bt»gcs ot the clseM* KONESUFFERTO AST EXTEHT. It allays pals and inflammation, is free from snßiJ* l rtons properties, pleasant mito taste and odor, immediate In Its action. It is the anchor of hope W the physician, and was always so ertesaed by theisda eminent Dr. Physic. The proprietor, With apwanhl M THIBTV THOUSAND UNSOLICITED CERTIFICATES And hundreds erf thoosands of lirlag witness'* of its CTmtlff prOPertlea. aCCgmrL’atgd wlthtn fllxeeaicor* Das not been in tbe Habit of So sorting to their Publication. He docs not do this Horn the tact that his remedUt THEY DO SOT NEED TO BC PROPPED DP BYCERTffICiTHL TEE SCIENCE OF MEDICINE, LIKE THE DORIC COLDMH, Simple, Pure and Majestic, Having fact tor Its basis. Induction tor Its puhtr. aad Truth alone tor Its capital. His SOLID&EIBIDEITUCTS Embody the toll strength of the ingredient! of trM® they are named. THEY ABE LETT To the Inspection of AH A READY AND CONCLUSIYS Test of their Properties. Will be a comparison wUbtboM set forth In the United States Dispensatory. These remedies ore prepared by H. T. HELMBOLD, Druggist of Sixteen TeirVExperiimcfl. And we believe them to be reliable: la ftet we hay* neT lading merit to meet with a , Permanent Success Sr. Hetmbold’s Saeceas B eerf«My Prims Fula Eridence. Prog and Chemical "Warehouse la (fee City of Kiw Todh r« not eToanß any wo would ad visa ear readaro wboa Tlsty** glTfi hl» • COtt Mdjadg* W