Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 9, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 9, 1867 Page 4
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<BJjicasa STribrnu. TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 1867. THE CITY. Acipm or Science*.— Tbi regular monthly meeting ol the A r * | i pm T of Sciences will be held this (Taesday) evening at eight o'clock, at the rooms, No. ST Metropolian Block. DAHOEnom.r III.—It Is reported that Rev. T. M. Eddy. D. D- the veteran editor of the North wettem Chrittiaa is dangerously in. The character of hft disease la not reported. Board or Health.—A meeting of the Board of Health was called for yesterday morning at 11 o'clock. Owing to the want of a fall Board, how ever, no business was transacted and >be Board adjourned to meet at UK o'clock this morning. lon with •m Past.—A gentleman oat sbool ing yesterday morning is the brush Jost north ot the old cemetery, came acrossa full-grown lynx, which showed fight after the first shot, and sne enmbed onlv at the second. The brute measured about five feel is length from the snout to the ttpoftbetaiL Literal Augmentation.—The gentleman in the Chicago Post Office, who are emphatically men of letters, tbongb not confined to the alphabet, biro bean made the deserved recipients of a promised increase of pay, to date from yesterday. VTe be lieve that the ealarics of tbc employee In the Cus toms Department were raised some time since. Declines the Honor.—John C. Hilton, the nominee of the Copperheads of the Second Ward fer Alderman, desires ne to say that he did not wish the honor (!) and will not run. It Is thus that the Democfatic sinking bulk is descried. General EJdrtdge has already signifiedJHa men tion not to run under their flag for the office of City Attorney. Surra Platep Ware.— Messrs. Jones & Bret bancr. No. 79 Lake street, up etilrs. have recently refitted their rooms, and announce that they will now inrn their attention to retailing. In connection with their wtolsale trade. Tbc attention of the ladies is callrd to their selected ttoci of plated ware, corgis ling of richly chased tea sots, urns, castors, and* every variety of table t irmture. Their goods arc all “axrsn'ed to be as good *s the best in tbe market, and at the lowest prices known. Nominations.—Captain O. C. Feeney, by re quest ofnnmerone fucndr, will be a candidate for Police Magistrate of the West Division, subject to (be Contention to-day. Captain Feeoey served three years in the Ninetieth Illinois, with a bril liant record. John Snmmerfleld, Esq, will be a candldst&be fore tbe <'onventlou *o-day for re-nomination as Police Macistrate. Be has in the post acceptably performed the duties of bis office. A Pnnx Fight.—a “ one-horse” prize fight 1* reported to have occurred on Snndsy afternoon ‘ ou the sands” of the late shore, at tbe fool of Thirty-?econd street it was attended by a score or two nt tbe shoulder-hitting sympathizers. The rencontre is tbe first fruit, somewhat bruised, of *be exhibition riven on Saturday night of the “manly art.” The police wrre sent to lookup Xbcfighi,but arrived toolat®. Two of the party only were “ bagged.” ana they were fined at the Police Court yesterday morning. Blaeeslex's Opening.—Mr. Biakcslce, the well known caterer to feminine tastes, has just re turned from Now York, where be has. daring the past month, secured one of the largest and most rechfrclie stocks ever opened East or West, for hft grand Spncg Opening, which will be in order on Thursday and Friday next. We need say no more, the ladies being well aware that Blakestee always succeeds in gathering novelties for which other* seek m vam. We anticipate one of the most brilliant gatherings ot the season at No. 101 Lake street, Thursday and Friday. Law School or the Univeesitt op Chicago.— The spring term of Ibis institution will commence on Wednesday, the 30th Instant. Students will meet In the school room at tbenortbeast corner of Clark and Washington streets, at leu o'clock a. m- for tbe purpose of organizing tbo classes. The daily exc:cUcs, lectures and examination*, will be from nine to eleven o'clock a. m„ and from four to five o'clock p. m. Members of ibe bar, ana all others interested In legal education, are invited to visit the school at all times when in festion. ArronmEEST.—Mr. William S. Golseu has re ceived the appointment of General Inspector of distilled spirits lor the collection district embrac ing Cook County, the appointment dating March Stub. His office will be at tbe same place as here tofore—Bourn 5, Wheeler’s Building. Tbe ap pointment Is an eminently proper one. and speaks well Tor the discrimination of Generals Mann and Wallace, through whose recommendations tbe ap pointment Is understood to have been made. Mr. Go!sen understands tbe dn'ies of the office tbor ongbly, and is ever attentive in tbelr discharge. Akotueb Billiard TormraxESr.—Sometime during the month of June a billiard tournament will be held In this city, when the championship ot this State will be contended lor. Thomas Foley, wbo acquired the cue daring the former tournament, retains tbe emblem ol championship, with tbe title of ex-champion, be having defeated all who hare entered tbe lists against him. Among those who will strive for the champion ship are Rhinea. Coan. Donohue, of this city, and Curtis, of Springfield, be ldes other experts. Ibe cne is to con jfioQ. and there -will be in addition three prises, the value of which is to aggregate SI,OOO. False PnrmtcXß.—Charles Breilllrg, wbollvcs at No. 442 Halsted street, a few days since lent to J.T. Markcy twenty dollars. Breitling is a crippled soldier. Marker succeeded tn obtaining the money by representing to Breitling thu he bud plenty of money in the bank, as is alleged. Since then Brietling was unsb.e to ontam bis money, and yesterday pjocured a warrant for the arrest of Markey on the charge of obtaining money under false pretences. Tbe case was brought np before Justice Bovatf, wbo. havtoc beard the evidence, ordered tbe accused to give bonds for bis appear ance for trial at the Becorder’s Court in the sum «jt «sno. Alleged Libel.—Charles Uanssner, residing on Elm street, was brought before tbe Police Coart yesterday afternoon, and held (or briber exami nation on Wednesday afternoon, in ball of $2,030. Be was charged with writing a libellous letter to a morning paper of this aty. regarding Mr. Wil liam Voder, Clerk of the Police Court Tbe same enterprising mischief-maker U reported to have addre sed a letter of scandalous character to tbe J>aUvJl\met t about three mouths since, also about Mr. vocke, which was not published, ss npon making a few inquiries it was ascertained to be a barc-feced falsehood. Aar7.Tj.nv,—Richard and Kate Costello are two names notorious la onr police annals. He of this name is a colored mao, while the woman is white, gho, it appears, is the lawful wife of John Thomp son, a white man. whose roof she torsook for tbe arms of Costello, a number of months ago. Some tnne since they were arraigned before Justice DeWolf on the charge ot adultery. Tbe case at that time tell through. For months past this Ill matched couple - have lived in an alley couth of Harrison street, near State street. The sense of wounded honor ba* of late been growing stronger in the bosom ol Thompson. He yesterday re vived the charge of adultery, and a Sta'e warrant was issueo for tbe arrest 01 the offenders. They were taken at a late hour last night, locked up in the Armory, and will be examined to-day. Insurance Change.—We notice that the well known insurance firm of S. M. Moore & Co., No. 49 l*Salle street, has wiihia the past few days re ceived an accession which will he a tower of strength to the already giant Influence of the firm in all matters pertaining to the insurance interests. We allude to A. H. Van Boren, Esq., a gentleman long and well known among os. especially as the Secretary of the Chicago Board of Fire Under writers. His long experience and wide acquaint ance will be of great value in the fire department of insurance, to which he will especially devote his energies. The house is now one of the most extensive in the United States, and iu Its varied branches of business is probably the largest in the West,com prising fire great branches of life. Fire, Marine. Accident and Lire Stock Insurance, each one of great magnitude, and attended to bv its own set of accountants. The Life Department Is conducted by the old firm of Moore £ Stearns, representing some of the largest and most reliable companies in the United States. The Fire Insurance has a list of seven or eight of the best, led by the Hart ford Fire Insurance Company; tue Traveller's In surance Company ol Hanford, the pioneer of acci dent companies, and Ine Hartford live stock Com panv, also the pioneer in that branch of in-urance, are the companies represented by them in those divisions of the business. We refer our readers to their card on the first page ol this lesne. TheTbioni ofSt John—At the Opera Hook To-Night, The tableaux pictures of the vision of Saint John, which opened at the Opera Boose last night are probably the finest ever opened in this city. Of the mastership of the artist who painted the tableaux, we may say he is certainly at home in his profession, if snch we may call It. Every scene is a living picture of what Saint John eaw, from the bearing 01 the first angel's voice to the day ofjudrment, when the Great I AM eat upon the great while throne and eaw the multitude be fore Him. that He might choose from among them those that served Him, to 44 dwell with Him for ever,” who had their names recorded by the an gels in the “Book of Life ” It la in very particular diCerent from any exhibi tion ever placed beicrc onr community. It ap peals to none but the most sacred and noble sen timents ; it represents, m a connected series, the most woudertul visions ever recorded i and, fur ther, its inflnencenpon eilclas-cs is ennobling and pure. We have never seen a greater interest taken as during the presentation of these tableaux last evening. They a> e not only interesting to men and women, bnt both iu'truc’lve and Inter esting to everybody, old and young. They pre sent a picture of what St. John the Apoaile saw, and show that “the way 01 the transgressor Is bard.” and that there are hut two gates, two pathways leading from life—tne one to heaven, where fife is evcrlasliug, and the other to belt, where there is 44 n0 rest tonbe nicked.” The tost scene, where an vturcl shows St. John the New Jerusalem, le superb beyond degree. It represents a street in the New Jerusalem, show ing the river of life, and the tree of life, golden pavement, magnificent palaces with jeweled col umns and gilded uomes. the whole forming a scene of unparalleled seeming to the beholder one perlcct blaze of glory and represent ip? the future home 01 the Christian. To avo<d the crowd to-night go to the Opera House early. mUDLUOIS ASSAULT. A Colored IT3 an Beaten to Beath in iTaukegan, Wcrden Barber, a colored man, died In Wauke gan on Friday niebt last, from the effect of wounds received two or three days previously at tbe hands ofa set of roughs on bmrd the cars. Tbe deceased arrived In Waukegan, from Chi cago, a week ago last Saturday, and went into a saloon to get someting to cat. He was assaulted by two roughs, one of whom named Flannlgsn, hailed from Chicago. The assailants wore arrest ed and fined. After giving bis testimony before the Justice, the accessed went quietly to the de pot to take the train lor Chicago. While on the care, be was again assaulted and Injured so daily that be died, as above stated. The two men were arrested, and will doubles coffer the reward of their crime. DESPATCH FHU.V FIrOOLE, Another OH Strike by tbe Empire mi ning and UJJ Company* of Chicago. „ _ Pitdolz, April 81b. 1807. Secretary Empire Oil and Mining ***** bnUirC ' i Thu ii tbe second •hirtyd.T«. tmrcl well etmet ila-rn Si™, a K d '•■cto H.J theuCgg I ®*: wbll|lbU - Vcna»ro Conn,r 1 ;. . t “ ,d ' :red ■ too? -lo .hlnk, JuTSt ’« stock would pay. BOARD OF TRADE, Adjourned Meeting-Induction of Newly Elected Officers. Address by the Retiring President— Commercial Heeds of the north west—Our Canal and Elver Improvements. Speech by the President Elect. Anxiopncement of Committees, Etc. The annual meeting or the Board of Trade for the inauguration of the officer* recently elected to preside over Its destinies during the coming year, was held last evening. There was bat a sparse afendance. At a quarter lo eight o'clock the xncetfng was called to order by J. C. Here. Esq., who delivered hla valemctory In the following womb: VAUEDICTOnT. At the commencement of onr commercial year, which closed with the month of March there was mneb apprehension for the future’ Month after month passed; no wide-spread dial aster came. The green fields of the West gave protube of an abundant harvest. Oar Fears were dissipated. Now, we arc enabled to review the cutrctit events of the year and say it hu been well with ibe agriculturist; it has been wSwnh the manufacturer, and lor the most part, it baa been well the merchants—certainly with the courntteion merchants of the Northwest ODr CU9W ? daily to assemble In this ball for the purposes of purchase and sale. Apparently onr interests centre here, bnt they are by no means limited by these walls. There was a time when we had a dormant Interact cf which we scarcely knew, bnt the first con fired npooFort Mimter aroused ne to a realizing sense of that Interest and its magnitude. The longer and fiercer the contest grew, the more lively oar appreciation of it became, until hundred" of thousands of onr fellow men were eacrifleedin its defence. The whole country became mortgaged in defence of the cause. That Interest was the unity and integrity of the country. That having been maintained at so icartal a cost, we may reasonably hope it will never be allowed to slnmber again. [Applause.! Gentlemen, we have other interests which shon d receive our special care. If rhey are less urgent in their nature than that or quelling a re bellion, they are of greater importance to us. at this time, than any other measure of a public character, and they have this to commend them: they do not involve the expenditure ol a dollar of money, without a reasonable hope of adequate return. 1 tefer to internal Improvements in this State and to manufactures in this city. 1 regret, gentlemen, my inability to do Jn&tlce to either of the?c great subjects. So great are tney, that I apprehend that the time is not far dis tant when IbcJwonderwiUbe thacthelrlmportance was not more clearly foreseen ana only consider ed. Ycl there are reasons for this apparent apa thy. The capitalist has been afraid to invest his noreyin a place comparatively pew. He dis trusts the market. The politician is atraid mat bis constituents - will not approve his tote, unless it In effect votes money, directly or indirectly, into thetr pockets, so that they can fe-J it. Gentlemen, we ; arc all very much inclined to labor under the de lusive idea ol an Isolated interest. There is no such thing. The prosperity and adversity of oth ers are in a mesnre onr own. The divers Inter ests of the public are outs individually. Are we not ail interested In agriculture, in manufactures and in commerce? Are we not all interested in excavating haroers. In making rivers navigable, to the construction of cmaU and of railways, In improvements of the means of transporta tion and travel ? Every branch of banian in dustry is leased to some other, and they are all in sympathy. II fin early frost nips the growing crons, manufactures and trade in all their branches feil the chill. You arc, gentlemen, a-are that at the last session of onr Legislature a bill was passed with avn.w to commencing a system of internal im provements. This bill provides for the improve ment ol the Illinois River, by using the revenue hereafter to be received from the Illinois and Michigan Canal, from tbc balance due on canal lands sold and from tbo proceeds of canal lands to be sold, after reloading the Canal debt ana in addition to this scarce oi revenue there is another, to wit; Any moneys that remain iu the Treasury of :he State not otherwise appropriated. 1 tls is the most important part of the bill, as it virtually commits the state to detray the expenses o: ibe Mirvey* and tbc commencement of the work, by the construction ot a large dam and lock at or near Teona. This dam, it is believed, will occasion a depth of water snfSdeut for the navigation of canal boat* lor,seventy-five miles, it ft also believed that this nil! maierily increase the revenues of ibe Illinois and Michigan Canal. The cost of this dam and lock is estimated at *350,000. A very small expenditure for a public improvement which promises so much, fhat portion of the bill which contemplates toe farther improvement of the : Illinois Biver and the construction of new canals irom (be Illinois canal, Ac. The oily obstacle to the lav seems to bo offered , by a law passed by our Legislature in 1655, en titled “an act for the completion of the Illinois and Michigan canal, according to the plan adopt ed by the State m 1636. n Sections lour and five of the fctalne read as follows : “ The amoout ex pended by the city of Chicago in deepening the Summit Division of the canal, according to the plan adopted by the Canal Commissioners in ISS6, shall be a rested lien upon the Illinois and Michigan Canal and its revenues. after the payment of the present canal debt, and the next reveone of the caral shall all thereafter be applied to Ibe payment of tbe principal and In terest of tbe earn expended in accomplishing the ohlect of this act, until tbe whole amount is re imbursed to tbe city: J*rovlded, The cost shall sot exceed two and a half million of dollars. Toe Slate of Illinois may at any tune relieve this lien npon tbe canal and revenue, by retunding to the city of Chicago the amount expended In making tbe contemplated improvement and tbe Interest thereon.” Tbe speaker continued by saying that tbe city has already expended money tn tbe process of the work contemplated by the law and therefore has a vested Join, after the payment of the canal ccbt npon the revenues of the canal unless re lieved oy the State. Toward this the State has taken no step. Anything farther contemplated in the bill is too remote to be considered. The bill makes provision for a tax to be levied to reimburse the United States for a like expenditure, but it is safe to say that no new canal will be built under that law. The Illinois and Michigan Canal was bunt npon the credit o' the State. It has been naviga ble for boats only dnringa few months of tbe year, and yet its revenues have been coosiautly Increas ing trom SST.S9O in 1843, to $302,953 in 1866. The improvement ol tbe Illinois lliver, it la believed, would couble that revenve. and tae construction of a canal from Heunepin to Bock Island would quadruple it, with but a small au dition to the currcn*. expenses of the present canal. No prophet, therefore. Is required to ioro»oo tbe increased revenue onne Illinois jnd Michigan Canal, and that it would jnstity tbe SU e, If It were able, in its improvement. Tbe morejihls subject is investigated, the more the propriety of the investment is made apparent. Fen-men will feel disposed to oppose a meas ure of great public benefit when it u made to ap pear noloss can follow, bat it vas with great dif ficulty that any bill was lately passed, and none could have been adopted which levied a direct tax unless it was contingent npon an ap probation by Congress. The olmcnllies now in the way may, bowever, be removed by a new Con* stitntion, if the people choose it. If they shell, it ehunld be seen to, that this demand fur internal Improvement be acceded to. Increased facilities for transportation ere need ed. The Slate of New York has opposed success fully ibe sanctioning of tbe work of the Niagara Cana*, but powerful as Is that State she should remember that there la a power in the Nortnwcst, and that ebe is not so large but that she can be passed round, 'ibe Georgian Bay Canal would be more expen sive; it would perhaps excite our prejudices in going on to Canadian soil, but it would shorten ibo distance to tbe seaboard three hundred miles, and reduce tbe cost of freights proportionately. But another interest is in Chicago. It has yet to b-.come a manufacturing city. With cheap coal ard food, her steam can compete tatay against ber want of power. Be predicted that within thirty years. In all branches of mannlactorc*, this aty would vie with 'he older States, lie desired that this should be thought of, and he trusted to sec much headway made to tbe advancement ot increased faci'itles of communication and pro cesses of trade dating even another year. In conclusion, bef thanked the Board for their courtesy daring the p**t year, and introduced, amid applauscThis successor. W. 3C EGAN, ESQ., who spoke as follows: Gentlemen or the Board of Trade: In as suming tnc position of President of this Board, which honor yon have been pleased to bestow upon me, 1 beg to thank you, and to tender to my friends my warmest ibanks for their support, the result of whose labors were so fully mauiiest ed at enr last election. I also desire to congratulate those who were my opponents upon their selection of a candidate lor whom I entertain the highest rxspcct. and whom I would have been glad to have by the baud and greeted as the highest officer of toe Board, had the choice fallen upon him instead of me, and for their strenuous efforts towards success, as well as for ibe gentlemanly manner In which the cam paign was connected by them. Believe me, gentlemen, 1 deeply appreciate the honor conferred upon me in being placed at the head of the Board. 1 o be the known representative, even for one year, of the enterprise, intellect and wealth that dally assemble in ibis hall, might well excite the just ambition of any of ns. It Is no mean pan, gentlemen, that the Board occupies in the material advancement of me inter ests ol Chicago and of the whole Northwest, for I believe that to its enlightened efiorts and spared si)on ol the real wants ana necessities of Chicago, as well os the Northwest, mnch of the prosperity we now enjoy is due. [Applause.] tinea I have had the honor of oeing a member of the Board, 1 have watched Us progress with profound anxiety, and have slcadOy labored with yon all to advance ns interests. Mnch has already been accomplished and more remains yet to be done, and 1 pledge yon that my aid shall never he wanting ro the furtherance of 1 Its best interests, and that it-hall be my highest aim in the future, as it has been in the past, 10 ex ert my best etkrts, in the capacity of President (or when a private member) to extend the sph:re of usefulness of the Board, to preserve ao»* continue tie spirit of harmony and good will which have always cbaiadciixed Hs operations, and which is so necessary to its permanent and continued suc cess. (Applause) in doing this I shall but continue in the foot steps of my predeces sore, and when retiring from tbiaposition—lfUiswitn the same acknoweldg ment from you of duties well performed which they have r< ceived, then indeed shall feel that my efiorts have notheca in vain. Gentlemen, 1 shall rely upon your assistance and generous forbearance, the coming year, in the performance of the duties of the office with which yon have honored me. and will, to the best of my anility, perform the same in a just and Im partial manner, receiving your approval as the best xeward for any efforts which I may make for our common welfare. Apwtn, gentlemen, permit me to thank yon most sincerely for the great honor yon have bestowed upon me. The incoming President retired amid much ap plause. On motion of Mr. Beaseiy. the (banks of (be Board were voted to the retiring President. OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES. The President then announced the officers of the Board, selected Dj the Board of Managers as follows: _ Secretary.—J. F. Beaty. Treasurer. —George t'. Ramsey. Chief Grain Inspector.—O. L. Parker. The announcement of these names, eeparately met with the recognition of applause. The Secretary then read the committees ap pointed by ?he President as follows * On Finance—H. C. Ranney, H. A. Towner, Geo. M.How. On Grain Inspection—J. Q. Dole, Henry Sots* ford, S. H. WcCrea. On Flour Inspection—George Held, H. A. Towner. H. C. Ranney. On Other Inspection—George M. How, M. E. Richardson, Lyman Blair. On Membership—H. A. Towner, C. B. Good* year, W. H. Lunt. On Telegraphing—JLßolalorfl, W, IL Lunt, C. B. Goodyear. On Cemetery—T. 11. Seymour, Lyman Blair, S. H. McUrea. Commercial Committee, J. C. Bow, Charles Randolph, R. McCheeney, W. D. Honghtelilnc, William T. Cooloaoeb, John L. Hancock, John il. Douglass, Nathan Meara, J. Y. Fanvell, W. R. Gocld, R. PnndivUle, Ira Y. Mnnn, William Blair, b. Clary, P. W. Gates, S. Clement, W. E. Boggett, L. B. Mdway, N. K. Falrbauk, Phillip Wadsworth and Samuel M. Nickerson. There were also appointed Flour Inspectors, Crichton and Rathbonc; Fish Inspector, J.H. Latbrop: Provision Ictpector, Ezra L. Tavlor; Inspector ofHlgbwines, Otto Dartunjj ; Inspector o> Cooperage, C. B. RonnsavllJe; Weigher, J, B. Barling. Tbe meeting then adjourned. Lieutenant General Sherman. Tbe gallant Lieutenant General W. T. Sher man, accompanied by bis stall aud by|Colonel James S. McCoy, U. S. A., arrived in this city yesterday morning hy the Chicago & SL Louis Railroad. Tbe party proceeded at once to tbe TicroontHcwe, where tbe General remained al most all day, seeing such of his friends as called. He took dinner with Be. Rev. BUhop Duggan, at tbe residence of tbe latter. Ai eleven o’clock the General was serenaded by Dean’s Great Onion Band, accompanied by a number of onr dtirens. He had stated to each of them as waited upon him in bus room that be was disinclined to speak. Being pressed, however, to see his visitor* on the outer side of the Tretnont House nulls, he passed on to the balcony frosting tno window of bis apartment. As be advanced he waagreetedwith a round of applause, upon the snbfidcpce of which he said : “I thank you, yoone gentlemen, for coming oat to serenade me to-nlshtl 1 mart tell you,Tiow ever, that I am not going; to mhke a speech, and noihlng like U. 1 thank yon, and that la all.” The band then played ” Sherman's March to the Ses.” and the crowd dispersed. General Sherman will leave at &15 this mcrn ing by the Chicago &Konhwesiern Ballway, for lor Omaha, whether he goes to confer with Ge&- oral Anger on the disposition of the troops on tee Wesiern ftonMer. helarnine, the General will go back to St Lonft by way ol St. Joseph. THE EIGHI-BOEtt nSOVeHENT. Sleeting* or Workloernsn-Plscanloii Kesolmious. A meeting of German carpenters was held In the German nail, at the comer ot Indiana and North Wells sheets, on Sunday afternoon, to dis cuss the clghl-honr movement and express the aense ol the meeting. Several speeches were made bv gentlemen present, advising the adoption of eight boors for labor by all mechanics, even In cluding those who would at first suffer *£°P. a /eduction of wages, as It was argned that in the course of a year there would be snch an Increased demand for labor that wages would be higher, and iboe compensate for what. In the beginning, might be a loss. Mechanics, U was elated, wore producing three times as mneb as they consumed, and, therefore, must be the gam er?, even 1! what they were obliged to bay rose in proportion to their wage*. Attention was called to the fact that employers were makim better profits now than when mechan ics bad to work fourteen boars a day. A committee offive were appointed to draft some resolutions, which were nnanlmonslv adopted. The resolutions express a determination to work but eight hours a day alter the first of May and lo nee their Influence with others to join them. Hearty thanks were extended to those members ol the Legislature who voted for the Eleht-Honr I-aw, &no to Governor Og.esbr for signing the bill. The meeting then adjourned. german wonuiso men's association A larye meeting of the German Workingmen's Association was held last night In their hail No. 23 West Madison street, to discuss the labor question. Albrecht Kuper was elected President and W /achen Secretary. Speeches were made In German by Messrs. Ed. Schlager, Albert Pick and others, urging the Germans lo maintain the law and their rights, refnsmg to work more than eight boars a day. One of them said that The Eight-Hour Law was only a bait to keep tbc worklnsmcn from organ izing into a working men's party. They must submit to a reduction of wages, but must maintain the principles of the Independence of labor. Mr. Evans, of the WorUingman'e Advocate, made a stirring speech. He said that the Eight neni Law rests onthepbysibal necessities of man. It has been proved that eight hoars of physical labor are as much as a man can safely perform. Our fathers in forming this Government left in force the essential principles of a mon archy in respect to labor. The people do not rote the country. A class legislation controls n. One fif-h ofihc people of the United Sta.ea possess sixty per cent of tbc wealth. Tbe great propor tion of onr people, those who produce our wealth, do not possets it. Tbc great defect ft the law of interest. Three hundred and fifty thou sand ot tbc thirty millions of oar people own twelve of the twenty billions of national wealth. U is claimed that those who produce this wealth are not fit to retain lu If that Is so it strikes at tbo lonrdation of democratic government. But It ft a libel upon you. The homely virtues floor i>U mostly among tbe working classes. Between 1850 and 1600 tbe Increase of tbc national wealth was 675 millions of mcney, or3H per cent. Sixty per cent ot the wealth or tho country be longs lo five millions of people. Tbc interest upon the twelve billions of national wealth 1a more than eight per cent, or ¥900.000, and tbc entire industry ol tbe nation' docs not nearly pay this interest. If tbe laborer should work twenty four hours a day tbeycouidnot pay this enormous interest. Eight and a half billions of dol lars at {eight per cent will just equal tbc eutirc 'national wealth. Tee value of each man in the country will average only about eleven bttudred dol'ars—less than a shambling slave would bring in the market. The Eight-Hour Taw wrl not h“lp tbe matter, because the trouble lies tn tbe interest law. Capital must be placed in the right basis. By what principles of right coea the entire national wealth go into the hands of one-filth of the people? Capital ft ceutMllzed In this country to a greater extent and more rapidly than in any other country. There is a larger pro portion of paupers in New York than in Ireland. One man in fourteen there is a pauper, and only one In twei.iy eftbt In England. Tuft ft because cauitai Is placed iu the bauds of a few, who are practically a nobility. The {remedy is this: Abolish the interest on money, or pnt it at snch a rate that tbe labor can pay it. It out to come down to three per cent, and even to one per cent. As long as middle men absorb the prodneta of the laboring man's indnstry, be cannot be free. Mr. A. i?. ‘ ammeron, of the WortiniTman'e Ad • vccctte, said that be came to endeavor to secure the co-operation of our German fellow-citizens In the enforcement of the Eight-Hour Law. They In tended on tbe Ist of May to hare the grandest dem onstration of workingmen that has ever been seen Among the speakers will be Governor Fletcher, of Missouri; Gov. Morton, of Indiana; Governor Stone ot lows; Governor Fairchild, of Wisconsin; and Governor Oglesby, of Illinois. They propose to make snch a display that on tbe 2d of May not one capitalist will dare to vote against tbe en forcement ol the law. William Parker.Presldent of the Trades’ Assem bly, said that be hoped that no workingman would violate the law of the State by working over eight noors a day. Let the employers do what they can they cannot control the workmen. The scarcity ol men will raise the price of labor, and employers most come to their terms. They intended to make their demonstration on the first of May a grand affair. Stands would be erected on Michigan avenue, every band in the city would be engaged, and pronunent speakers would be present. The following resolutions were presented and unanimously adopted: Seaolzfd. That we do not ask the enforcement of the Light-Hoar Law in tbe expectation of receiv ing for eight hoars' work the wages of ten hours, but the wages of a full day’s work. That we consider the undertaking of tbe employers to hire the workingmen by the hour instead of by tbe dav an evasion of the law. acd a serious danger for all Trades' Unions, and that in order to realize tbe benefits of the law tbe workingmen mnst find means to become (heir own employers, and that in every trade at least one co-operative association of workingmen should be started. J?e»olved, That we think (he eight-hoar system thu first step toward tbe abolishment of the sys tem of hired labor, tbe entire abolition of which is on y a question of time, as It formerly was with slavery. A committee was appointed to confer with tbe various Trades’Unions and secure oa-foroiity ot action, and tbe meeting edjonrned. LOCAL MATTERS. B7r. Wro. P. Duvall—Seventh Son of Tnt> Seventh 80s. —This wonderfully gifted heft'er is having great success in our Garden City. Upward or Two Hundred patients arc treated daily at Dr. Duvall's Dealing Institute. A nnmbsrof mieresttng sour? people, afflicted for years, are raploly recovering under the Doc* tor's tiealmeut f 3/ without medicines or any preparation whatever. Besides those already published, we icier yon to the following impor tant cases, all improving finely: Consumption— Mr. J. Holme*, of Wood’s Museum ; residence 131 superior street. Rreumatisb—Mr. Joseph Brl sach, very bad for three years, doing finely; No. 31 Oakwoi d street. Blindness—Mr. Uenry Hoof man, 220 Fourth avenue—his daughter so near blind whh cataracts that she haa to bo led for three years—now runs about alone and is improv ing daily. “ Pining Awat”— Catarrh —Mr. R. McCnd dins'son, 7 yean old (253 Burnside street.) In the language of bis mother be 44 commenced pining away last September, lost his appetite,— restless nights, cold night sweats on his bead, then on hlsoody, then on his limbs and he failed rapidly. Ills spine became weak,—got quite bent over and badly sunken in bis chest. Now with a lew treatments these alarming symptoms are remedied, bis spine Is stronger, his chest la filling out, and be is as lively and as full of mis chiefas he can be." Troublesome Conan—for 3U years—Mr. J. R. Wilcox 130 Franklin street. 44 A great deal better.” Blind tor Tnrorr Tears In one eye. Mr. A. A. Bigelow, Id Third avenue, was treated for another complaint, and surprised after a few treatments on finding that sight had returned. Dr. Duvall treats all manner of diseases at bis Healing Institute, 74 Adams street few doors west of State street, South bide, a tew minutes walk trom Post Office. Treats during present month. Eanman College.—Under its present management this Institution Is daily becoming more practical lulls instruction, and lathe only one conducted on business principles. For circu lars. specimens of penman ship. &c., address A. R. Eastman, Principal, Chicago, 111. Children often look pale and nick from no otter cause than having worms in the stomach. Brown’s “Vermifuge comfits” will destroy worms without Injury to the child. Children having worms require immediate at tention, as neglect of the trouble often causes pro lorged sickness. Straynei* Ointment.—A gentleman writes from Peoria thai hla servant girl was cured of the llch In one night by Swayne’s Ointment. Burnhams & VanSchaack. Agents. Paper Hanging* and Window Shades* all the-latest styles. Great Inducements to wholesale dealers at F. £, Rigby’s, 89 Randolph street. _ “Astna” Noiseless Shuttle Sewing Machines, for family and manufacturing purpo ses, Western office, 97 Washington street. J. H. Lerow,‘agent Local agents wasted. moth and Freckle*.—The only relia ble remedy for brown discolorations called Moth aim Freckles, is Perry’s Moth and Freckle Lotion. .Prepared by Dr. B. C. Perry. Dermatologist, 49 Bond street, New York. Boid by all Druggists. Jtmlpcr Tar Snap care* chapped hands, salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswell. Hack & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. Use Gardiner** Itheamatlc and Neu ralgic Compound. It cures Rheumatism and Neuralgia. Sure cure warranted. Sold oy .all Druggists. Burnhams & VanSchaack, Agents, 1C take street. MARKETS BY TELE6RAPH. New York Financial News, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tone, April 8. The f tuck market this morning opened weak, and ptices were lower. On call tbc market was steady aid strong. Afterwards It was doll and heavy. At 12:30, there was considerable pressure to sell, and New York Central stock advanced 1 per cent. At 1 o’clock th»-bears" were la the ascendant, and prices were # lower, and Erie (common), Ulcblsan Sontbern. New York Central. Bock Island. Cleveland & Pittsburgh, and Chicago & Northwestern (preicrted) stocks were Ibfi weakest. American Gold opened at 133#, and af terwards advanced to 158, bat soon after declined to 135, in consequence of a large decline of orders In . Fi auklort and London, and tbe rumored hostilities be* tween Prance and Germany, closing at 133#. At tbe 3:30 call tbe market was strong, although a portion ot the list was weak. Shortly afterwards tbe whole list was strong, and #©# per cent better. At 5 o’clock, the market was steady, and some out side rpsratoi s turned "bears." A lew Inside operators were buying rather largely. Themonty market is easy at 7 per cent, and it is thought that prices will be higher In a lew days. Should American Gold advance much, cotton would be lower In Europe. Quite a number of foreign bulk ers are shipping coin on account oi tbe financial panic in London. [Associated Press Report] Nrw Yobs, April 8. SIOSKT. Mosey active at 7 per cent for call bans. roßxics sxcnanoE. Sterlltg firmer at 1090109# gold for first-class hills. GOLD. Gold excited and decidedly higher, opening at 133 V, advancing to 136 and closing at is#. Government Stocks less active and a shade lower. New Toes, Aprils. MPKKT. The money market was easier to-day and 7 per cent cn call. The Assistant Treasurer bought 1.000,000 7-30 notes, ana paid ont nearly $3,000,160 more than be re ceived. TheßanksUirmentwasunlavorthlc. gold. Gold opened firm at 133# and rose to 134, when pri vate cable telegrams announced the Imminence of a war between France and Prussia, causing great ex citement ana arise to 136. The piesi quotations from London subsequently caused a release to 13I#®13J, hat tbe market afterwards became firmer, closW at 135#®136. Loansrangedto-aarat tram t-ifc per cent to Cat. Government was selling quite freely. nnnwv Him, uv , .m .M . □> Government seenrides generally steely in tbe fore noon, but lower in me afternoon. I>g.M’Bl......tCßK(aio9# 5-20 COUP’6S Jan Coupons, to....UJB#OUB# and July 107#ai07# 5-MxeglSl’O’OJCQh»lo3# August7-w5..„156 0106# 5-20coupon’64.107#®l(7# June7-30* 1O5#01OjI« 5-70 coupon ’63.107*0108 July 7-S9s ICO#®los# 10-40 rpgufd... 97*0 98 . eailwat arum ■ . Tbe railway mane* vu firm at the open board, and generally better at the Stock Exchange, with a lair ot-tnandforferdlEe/bara. Jbcmarket wa*hearr*ad lower at the one o'clock board, ana still lower at the accc&d regular board, but at the ooen board, firm n«s prevailed, and alter call there wa« a general ad- Tjtcr.wub an active business. »m. Heath * Co. x eport the following: „ .. PBICZb AT 5501“. w. Gold 13Sk013S M. C JOT 0108 Gbioceris Uxca 25 M.B Canton o*o 41 11c. Central-...111X0112 Quicksilver.... 23*0 39X Pittsburgh. Mariposaso @ aiw Toled" lM3*aligar Western U. Tel 40 9 rDv Bock Island.... 81X9 97H h.T.ces.... ioox@ioqu n.w. s’**?# Erie 66 & 55K K. W.ptd EIKO Hudson 180 «137 i Fori Wayne.... 91X® W Bracing, BOX@IOI I _ STATE BONDS. . , Border State bond* w»ro aniet without say material clwcce. Missouri fellto 95. Nf w Tean C 3 @63* , Hannibal A St. _ OidYa (3 ass Joseph bonds 80 9 83 N- C‘ 46 »47 Pacific bonds.. ... „ »w.-«r.TiAyiOP6. Miscellaneous shares doll and lower. Stsaraiblp i:wi A ““ uc - m * a ** exuLEn. Mining shares firm, except Qregnrr Proton.. .lift j People’s. 190 Columbia 310 1 Quartz am ~273 Gregory...- ..895 I AlameCa 550 Ccrydoo AOO | OOTEENUENT 00LP8ALXS. The Governmert It repartee to have »old *700,000 in goldtc-day all ss&ifSff* andafurlherlot at 135#. WAS EXT BANK STATEMENT. , .... ,-r,— N*w Toss, April 8. Loans .....*£51.470.0)7 Decrease * 611537 Specie. 8,133513 Decrease 553.796 Circulation 33,7705*3 Iccrewe 185573 Legal-Tenders., 59JW1.775 Decrease 3,438,036 Deposits Decrease 4,613581 The Produce market* MILWAUKEE. ISpcclsl Dec patch to the Chicago Tribune.} Milwaukee, Annie. Flour—Quiet srd very firm. Sales ofSSObrlsat *13.00 for Silver Creek and (liver Bide XX; *13.75 for Arcade do; *13.00 for choice X. Wheat—Unchanged. Doming Board—Sales of 19,500 bn. Noon Board—Sales of 47.080 bn at *L4B.X®2.Wf No. 3iu store: fJATQLSI buyer's option this week: *?.:oteller’s option April 25th to 30th; *3.43X03.49 f cliff’s option all the week; *3.49.x seller’s option 10(h to SOth; *3.33 for No. 3 m store; *3.06 lor rejected do. Nothing done In No. 1. Oatf-yirw. Bales of 6,660 bu at 61Xc lor No. 1 old receipts; GoXcforKo.2,aid63cfoi do fresh. Com—Scarce. No. 1 old receipts were held at *l.lO, and buyers at *1.07 for fresh receipts. Bye—Nominal at *l3O. Barley—steady. Bales of 1,000 bu at *1.27 for good by f ample, delivered; 95c for Inferior do. ProTlslocs—Weak. Bales of 200 brie mess pork, buyer 45 days, at *23.50. Boxed shoulders BXc. Becclota—3oo brls flour; 4,100 bn wheat: COO bn oata. Shipments— brls floor; 4,300 bn wheat; 15 brls and 50 ire* pork. NEW YORK. _ . new Toes, April 8. Cotton—A shade lower. Sales,L2oo balea at six® 25e lar middling uplands. Flour—Jftcelpts. 5.T0 brls. Market 10035 c better. &*lcs,l.oCobtlf at Cor superfine State and W«wn; *11.55012.93 for extra 'Western: IU-H@io.9s for extra Western; |l3Xf@l4 50 lor cboice do: *IL?S@I3.3O for sbtoplng brands extra round hoop Oh’o; *1X40014.50 for wade brands; mar ket drain? firm. California Flour—Firmer; sales, 900 brls and sacks St *1525016.00. Whiskey—Quiet; sates. 100 brls old Western In bond at 40c. Wrcat—Fccdpts,4.l9obu. Market 6c betterandde cldedly less active. Sties. 55.000 bu extra at 82N8 tor No.2Milwaukee; *2.6003.70 for No. 2 do; *3.30 for white Canada, and *x&@3.4o for white California. Bye—Active, excited and 508 c higher. Sales, 55J00 Du at*t.sC3l.sßftr Western, and *1.40 lor Canada lo bond. Barley—Steady; ea1c5,9,400 bu Canada West freest *1.19. parley—Market dull. Corn—Receipts, 3,650h0. Market active, excited and 30% hlcher. Sa.ei of 18,600 bu at *lJt@lA2X for mixed Western in store, and *1.25X01-37 afloat; 51.35)4 lor new Southern yellow; for new yellow eniy, and *1.20 for now mixed Western at railroad oerot. oats—Receipts, 811 be. Market active, excited and 3@Sc belter. Sties ol 134,000 ha at 69072 c for old Western; 70@73c lor new do. and 73077 c for State. Wheat, bu. Com, bu... OaG, bu..., Rye, bu Raney, bu..... Malt, bu. bo Ric-‘—Nominal, Cc-fiee—Finn. Sales of 100 bags Rio on private terns. Sosar— SUady. Bales cf 375 tabdsat inx&HXc lor Cuba; tSXctor Potto Klco.and 550 boxes Havana at and in good demand. Sales ot 800 hlid- Cuba atS2@6o. Petroleum—Buady. Bales 0f13.500 brls at 16c for crude, acd 27078 c for refined in bond. Hope—Quiet, at So@6oc for uev. Pork—Opened heavy and lower and closed firmer. Bairs nfsooo brls at *2IJXOIL2S for new mess, sioslne at *23£5 cosh; lor old do: *19.00019.35 for prltto. and *71.75032.13 for prime mens; atio, LOCO brls new mess at *33.50. seller and buyer May. Beef—Steady. Sales 0f430 brls at previous prices. Beef Hams—Sales oi 36 brls. Bacon—steady. Bales of 172 boxes atiOVolOxctor Cumberland cut. Cot Meats—Firm. Bales ol 75 pkgs at 9Xc tor shoul ders. and 13‘4c for bams. Lara—Active. Sales 1.250 brls at 12@tSXc. Batter—Dull, at 10015 c for Ohio. Cheese—steady, at u@i9e. Flour—Very quiet, the rapid advance materially changing operations. Wheat—Dull and drooping. Bales at *2.6002.E5; spring at *LBO@2.&. Rye—Dull. Balcsat*lASoi.37forWesteni. Barley—Nominal. Corn—Finn, sales at *1.75 in atort and *1.37 afloat, Oats—Upward. Sales at 7t@72cfor old acd 72£74c for new IV extern. Port—Actlr* anrt decidedly firmer. Sales of 750 brls new mess at (23.11*. reclar, dosing with buyers at J 23.51, acdseilets at (23.50. Beet-Quiet and steady. (nt Meats—Doll and nominally to borers favor. Bacon-Quiet. Bales at lOXclor Cumberland mid dles. Lard—Quiet. Salcsat 13K£13Kcfor good to prime steam, and iStfiSKc for kettle rendered. ST. LOUIS. St. Lons. April 8. Tobacco—Steady and prices maintained. Cotton—KorolDol at 9t@Sl}{e. Nothing dolor. Flour—Business small on account of holders asking hlch price*. super. J9.SOeiU.CO: spring and Call extra, tll.sfai2.So : double extra. (13.00416.50. Wheat—Sufi and hlcber. atjsxo tor choice spring: J 3 35 for prime fall, and J 350 for choice. Com—Opened slow, but closed firm at (1J831.07. Oats—77(4Blc. _ Parley—Firm at J1.15£1-S5 lor spring. _ Bye-2Ugherat JIAO, without sacks; Jl.63V,wltb ProVlilous-Dull. Mess pork declined to $32.25. Bacon—clear rides 12®WXC: lard I3j<c ior prims. Wldskty—Easier, at for free, &nd2Scm bot<t LOUISVILLE. Loczsvillx, Aprils. Tobacco—Active and advanced on Inst. Bale* 101 bhds low grades at J3.CO; selections. JISAO. Floor—Superfine firmer at J 10.00; fancy brands, (15.00. Wheat—Nominal. _ w „ _ Cors—Qleber; ear In balk. 73c: shelled, 83X@S3c, Oats—Advanced to 75c in balk. Mesa Pork-Dull at (2250; bulk shoulders, BKc packed: shoulders, 9Mc; clear aides, 12HC packed. Laid tn tlcicee, 12HC for prime. Ciwcikxati, April 8. Cotton—Doll and prices unsettled and nominal at SSaafe lor middling floor—Excited and buoyant and prices 50373: higher. bnt little oflcrltg. It Is difficult to give a quotation. Soper van held at (11.10*11.50: tor eooa trade braids *1?.75015.5r, and tancy *16.00017.50, and In some ckiea the best grade of the latter Is belnat 118 PC. Bve Fionr—Advanced to 19.00. Wheat—ir®isc bleber. No spring In the market. No. S witter io’dattf.3o, and No. Sat t3.05QA.10; No, 1 wca held at *3.23. Corn—Higher. No. 1 mixed 90c In bni, andslAo tarkco. Oats—Advanced to 73071 c. Bye—Firm at *1.75. Harley—Uncnansed and steady. TVbifckey—Dull at 26c. provlMora—Qnbt and nnebaneed. Mew I'crk*— Held at *32.75633.00. Bulk Ments-ICKIIc. Bacon— 1 9><. UX and Uol2>4c for shoulder*. (Idea and clear sides. Laid—l2ol3c. , . Th»re ban not been demand eroneh for any article to tstabllrb quotations, so that the quotations given •re tne rates aske_ bat owing to the advance in gold there is a firmer f-elinccn the part of holders. Bott»r— Scare** and firm atjOftSSe. Cheese—l7@:7tfc lor common, and 15319 C for fac* Collet—2S«2Sc. Supar—HK«l4cforraw. „ . , Gtrrn ApoVs—Firm, at *7.00 per brl. Linseed Oil-t1.40fe1.42. and tne supply llgbt. Cold—Higher,doting *UM>4buying, and 135 K sell- Inc. Exchange—Firm at par buying, and 1-10 premium Money—Market continues close. No catels looked for tin the c n.-c 0 1 the week. This Is the day balances are to be adjusted for State and county morns. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, April 8. Flour—Firm, with a large borne oemand. North western extra at $U.73; extra State atfUAp. Wheat—Scarce. Sales of 2.0 M ba at *L2S for Penn sylvania red, and *3XO for Calliomla red. Bye—Advanctne. Sales at *IX3. Corn—Has an advancing tendency. Bales of 4,000 bn yellow at *1.17. and mixed Western at »1.i7. data—Finn. Sales ot 3,000 bu state at 75c. Sugar—Finn at 10Vc. . I lover Seed—ln loir demand at *12.00. Whiskey-Sales ol contraband at *135. New York Live Stock marker. SALES AT THE NATIONAL TABDS. [Reportedby Telegraph Exclusively lor the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobk, Monday Evening, April 8. Beef Cattle— There was yarded and mostly sold to butchers to-day. at the National Yards. Torkvllle, (op posite New York on the Jersey aide.) 1.730 head. These were from the several States as lollows: New York. 329 • Indiana, 14; Michigan, 40; Illinois, SOO. The weather was clear and warm, and favorable lor opera tors, and trade opened lively, all the offerings finding ready sale at a range ofl6*@l7c for good fair grades, tnchas rmootb Illinois steers; and 130t4c fortbc poorer grades, such as thla steers and heifers, rough oxen, dry cows, Ac. A few extra Ohio sold at 17)(0l3c. The average price paid was 16&C. The offerings embraced no very poor stock, being ol a good average quality. Prices are substantially the satneasUst week. SHEEP—The arrivals are light and generally of a poor quality, put on the market while their wool cov ersllbelr leanness. Such descriptions are slow at 70 Sc, while good grades command 9®9J(c, Same extra State, averaging 150 ha. sold at lie. BOGS— Received to-day, six cars, all of which were soldstaraneoof7oßcforpoorto good grades. The ofleings are generally ol a low order, and there Is an unusual shrinkage, when killed. Total receipts of stock for the week ending to-day at nil the New York markets; betr Cattle. Sheep Swine Solos Rooinbon. BALES OF BEEVES TO-DAT. Woods & Gillespie sell ICO bead nteven Illinois, at the Doyen Market, averaging 900 b», atwai7#c. Geo. D. Alexander sells 193 bead, at Bergen, arerag- Ire 675 15®18c. F. Kalno wholesaled, at Hundredth street, 61 bead Illinois. averaging 750 ns, at 8123A0 per bead. H. R. Smith eclie 317 bead fair UUdolb, averaging 710 15#®i7c. J. Moss sells 70 head fat Ohio, averaging 850 ns, at 1153.00 per bead. It. V. S. Kamscy sells 100 bead Illinois, averaging 675 ns, at 16317*0. The best sale effected was 36 Ohio etetrs. These were sold In January to 27. Day, of Massachusetts, by D. ScUon, and retalled,'to*day at iSc. Philadelphia Live Stock Market, PnrLApzLpnra. April 8. Beeves—ln good demand. Sales of LSOO bead at 13® IPc. Blicep—Pair demand at tbe advance. Sales of 800 at 9s9&c. Hog?—Lower. Sales of 2,600 bead at ll@l7c. New York Breadstnffii Jlarket, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New York. April 8. Flour—Tbe early advance was not lully supported. Many receivers sell at Saturday’s prices, unleis order ed to advance. Wheat—With a large show of samples closed unset* tied, with free sellers ol good No. 2at $2.76, and some speculative demand at $2.C5®2 A 3. Com—Very firm, alt 1.33 in store. Oats—Very firm. Bye—Some reaction, closing with sellers at $1.55 and buyers at |IAU. Tbe last sale was at tlAl. New York Provision Market. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Kkw Youa, AorllS. Pork—Large sales siccc ’Change, closing at $23J3 regular. Other bog products more salable at late quo tations. Lard—Prime steam and kettle, 13®l3#c. New York Grocery market. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tnbune.l . New Yobs, April 6. Coffee—Rio. I6@l9#c in gold, and active. Molasses—Muscovado active at 3S#c. boat—Very firm. Fait to good grocery, aOYotl#c. Ocean Freight*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! New Yobk, April 8. Freights—No shipments of grain In three days. New York Dry Goods market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobk, Aprils. ColtonQcods—The market opens very dull and Ir regular. Only the hut known marks maintain prices, and are not saleable. Fancy marks were pushed for sale almost regardless of prlco. Jobbers complain that they have no trade. Shot tings—Standards sell at 20*®2lc, and 3 yard goods t9ol9#e, but extra discounts are necessary to stimulate business. Lower goods sell at 12018 c, Dleaobel Good*—Agents are disposed to make con cessions, and quote less known marks almost unsala ble, while the pressure to realize on them is lacreaa- luff, very Ulr eoofii axe offered m low u ue; me dlua.JWJJcj extra, »Woc-the latter price Cor Ne w York Mill. Ptlota—Firtt Macs goods ue scarce a&d-wanted. Cocheco, ISc JMerrlmac, 17019 c; Sprague. Ar nold*, He All other cotton good! have become oolta dull, and price# unsettled. Wooden# are held Tatherflrmer.batwilhQnt activity, ■ad good staple caaslmeres are still sold at |ij» per yard. Other woollens dull. . Foreign Goods— There li more disposition tj press ta w, andptlees are lover and drooping. Wtutnrgh Oil Utarkel. *>±ra(nta . . PTfranraon, April 8, J*** l tJT »3me time cast, heavy, ranging from 6k£kßkc. Total re- JflfnPSlTiKjl'lSf.r l ""- non eSo» »-X io * eflect oa ' be market, and dealers am not ai Zion, to i cerate. Stint m tiirrt«ni tSMS held; 600 brls puma light itrtvto*int> Anni it Philadelphia, buyer's optionat Frw oil U MlLU*at2f«»C:brnotaa»to»4oi<(? U Nap*ha atd tesiaxtam dan acd neglected. niBUIBD 1 . Id this city, on the Ist Inst, bv the Her. ,1. W. Larl xnore. Mr. A. MABSToN and Miss pt.Vv a JACKSON, all of Chicago. In this city, on the 7tb InaL, br the Rev. J. W. Lari more. Mr. SAMUEL F. HUNT and mim ANNIB SUITE, a 1 of Chicago. In this city, on the 7lb insL. by the Bev J W Lari more.Mr. EDWARD O'BBIEN.oI OalabOT. DUand Miss JANE CHAMBERS, ot Chicago. Op Saturday, April 6, at the residence of N. P Lo beig. Esq., by the Bev, E. 11. rector of Mark's. Cottage Grove, Mr. ANTON M. BOLTER, of Colorado, ana Miss MABEK PAULINE LOBEIQ of Chicago. * DIED. Monday morning, April Bth. at the residence of Ms mother. No. l)S Cass-a t., GEORGE, eon of the late Isaac and Louisa C. McCagp. Funeral Thursday, April Uth, at three o'clock in the afternoon. On Funday, April "lb, at Ann Arbor, Mich- MARY wife of Bev. David Torrey, D. D., and slstei of itev. z. M. Bumpbrey. of this city. aurdsy evenlug, April 7tb. MART BERTHA, Infant daughter of J. Shuman and Frank E. Bali, aged three months and ten days. Funeral services at their residence. 625 Weit Wash- on Tuesday. April 9th, at twelve o'clock. Monday. April Bth, PALMER A., Infant son of F. c. ondK. u. Goble. The fuceral service will be held at their home. No. 920 West Lakc-st,, at eleven o'clock this morning. amusements. WOOD’S MUSEUM. COL. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of AmofletLenW- AIEEK Stage Manager. Production ol two new clays. Great success of the present Lodood season. Tuesday ermine. April 9th. 1b67, will be performed, tint ame la Chicago, S. T. Craven’s new domsattc drama, entitled MEG’S DIVERSION, To conclude with the last new force, called UT TURN NEXT. Friday evening Benefit of A. F. BNCLL Master of Properties. McYI PEER'S THEATRE CKEH ft MTBBS MANAGERS. Engagement of the World-Renowned HAINLON BROTHERS, William, George and Allred, the Champion Athletes. PROF. W. TURNER, and his Troupe ol D gs and Monkeys; bBNORITA ItOSITA, Principal Daoseose aid Tight Rope Arttste; HONS. HENRI AUOCSTB, JogcJsr and pantomtmlat; M’LLS AUGUSTINE, Fre* mler Dansctue and PantorclmUt; the SPHTNX. the ILLUMINATED FOUNTAIN, and the SHADOW PAN* TOMJMR. Saturday afternoon, Hanlon Bros. Matinee. "yAWBTY THEATRE. THIS EVENING WILL APPEAR The Great German Magician AND WONDERFUL STONE BREAKER, PROFESSOR METZ ! . 147,913 1,:57,5« 372,467 515 805 23.091 26,890 Also, the English boy wonder, JOHNNY LONG. In rehearsal, and will be a ion produced, the great piece, the SLAGS OROOS. QKOSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. For a Short Time Only. COMMENCING ON MONDAY EVENING, APEII, Bth. Open every nlcht alter, antll larther notice, with MAxiNßEScvcry alternoon on and alter Wednesday, April 10th. The Wonder and Marvel of tho Age! MAGNIFICENT AND DIVINE. THE CHEAT APOCALYPSE I ILLUSTRATED; TUB BOOK OF HEVEL ATI OTfS UNSEALED The Visions of OPENED TO VIEW, In Fifty pplectid Movnro Tableaux lug what fit. John aa tr when a Door In SB AY BN WAS OPSMSD, As described by him In tha Book of Revelations, com mencing with the Vision of the SEVEN GOLDEN CANDLESTICKS, and ending with the Visions of THE DAY OF JUDGMENT AND THE Now «Torusaloni< The whole comprising the entire Visions related to the Book of Revelations, and presenting to view the most sublime and STARTLING SPECTACLES Vouchsafed to Man, and only revealed to St. John, tbe “beloved disciple,” that toe world tbroogb him might learn of the things that must come to pass, and prepare for “She Great Bay of Bis Wrath,” when none shall be able to stand. Tickets to Dress Circle. Parqnette and Orchestra Chairs, 90 cents. Balcony and family Circle, 33 cents. Commence at eight o’clock. Tickets to Maiutsxs 33 cents to all parts ol the Opera Douse. MATINEE every uttemoon at hall-past two o'clock, commencing Wednesday, April 10th. The Stelnway Grand Plano used at this Entertain ment Is from the warerooms ot Smite A Nixon. A.D. MORRISON. Sole Proprietor and Manager. r'JtOSBY S MUSIC HAUL. \_/ STATE-ST. GRAND CONCERT MENDELSSOHN QUINTETTE CLUB, OP BOSTON. MOKDAY EVENING. April 13th. WEDNESDAY EVENING. April 17th. When they will hive the asststanre ol Ml at ADELAIDE PIITLI LPPS, the charming Contralto, CAMILLA URSO. the Renowned Violinist and UERR UEINDfi, the Greatest Flote soloist In the code try. Secured Seats f 1.00. to be bad at the office of the Opera House, Monday morning, April bth. Dooiaopenat "W. Concert at 8. 01*1?N~ P OR~ rWO“WEEKS MORE ONLY. The New York Museum of Anatomy, 96 Bandolpta-st* corn? of Dearborn. Wonder of Wonders—Nature Unveiled, and The Mysteries of Kan Created. Lectured Dally, Those unableto attend may receive them by enclosing 10 cent* to Seaetacy. ARLINGTON’S MINSTRELS WILL OPEN AT AHIiINOTOTTB HAltZi, (] 24 Washington-fit* opposle Coart House,) Monday Evening, April 15. W. ARLINGTON MCARTHUR JOHNSON. | Prop fl ' auction Sato. ■ytt’JL A. RUTTERS* CO, AUCTION33BR9, 44 and 46 HANDOIPH-ST. Between State-st. and Wabasb-av. SALE. A meet remarkable collectlonof OIL FA.INTITSIGS By Charles Bilelug, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, April 9th, at 10 o'clock, u Balters’ Salerooms. 44 ana 46 Randolph-fit., between Stale st. and Waba«h-av. The collection embraces FIGURES, SHEEP, CATTLE, and OTHER PIECES, And a great variety ol LANDSCAPE VIEWS OF THIS COUNTiT AND EUROPE, Mostly trom nature. . The collection will be on exhibition on MonUy. Tbe public arc Invited to view them. The wbohwlll be closed out without reserve. >_ WM. A. BUTTERS A >o* Auctioneers. jyrincHANT tailors’ stock, Cnstom-Mado Clothing, Ac., AT AUCTION, On Wednesday. April 10. at 9jf o'clock, at Eaters' salesrooms, 44 and 46 Randotob-st. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Ancffl. CTAPLE DRY GOODS, PRINIS, O STRIPES, BROWN AND WHITE MUSLINS. VANH.EE notions, «tc., AT AUCTION, Od Thursday. AP’U llth, At 9jf o’clock, at Butters salesrooms, 44 and 46 Randolph-at. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Aucl’fl. PKOPEhTY, THE RICHMOND HOUSE AT AUCTION, On Wednesday, April 17th, at 10 O’Clk. ON THE PREMISES, We shall sell tbc valuable property known as the Richmond House, situate on the northwm corner ol South Water-st. and Ulchican-av.—tne home fronts 96 feet on Mlchleon-ar. and 130 feet on South Water *L.wlthmarble fronts, sir stories and basement. Tne lot la 96 feet bv 190, the bon<e covering the entire Round. TbeBIoriMONUHODSEt, One of the Best Buildings in this City, Hurtle mmi bnllt «t» edit of ,140,000. and u now In the very b*st repair. All the gu fixtures and steam apparatus will be sold wlta the house. The title to the property is perfect. 165,000 of the purchase money can remain on eight years’ time, at 7 per c-nl, M desired. * The sate of this desirable am valuable pron*rtv will be without reserve. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO- Auctioneers. JJEMOVAL NOTICE, Messrs. Daniel Scott A Co., Auctioneers, beg to Inform the public thit they have removed from 164 Lake-su to more commodious premises In Smith A Nixon’s Block. 110 CLARK-SX., near Washington. Haring now the largest Auction Rcosslo Chicago, they are prepared to do business second to none, here or elsewhere. Cash advances on metctandlra consigned lor sale. Out door sales promptly attended to. RUCTION. Wednesday. 10th of April, at the rooms of DANIEL SCOTT A CO., onutb A Nixon’s B.ock, 110 Clark-st near Washington, at 10 o’clock, a. m. ELEGANT PAR LOB SUITES In rcaewood and walnnt, oil. Bedroom suites In wal nut, oak, and painted. Solas, lounges, eavy chain, marine top centre table*, extension tables, spring mat tresses. choice oil Deletings by European artists, plat ed ware, cutlery, Brnsselis two and three-oly ingrain carpets, ana a large assortment of household goods. AMo. two splendid 7-octave rosewood pianos, bv one ottbe tirst New York makers.

DANIEL SCOTT A CO- Auctioneers. A UCTION. “Friday, rah of April, at 10 a. m- at the rooms of DANIEL SCOTT A Co- Smith A Nixon's Block. Xl6 Clarx-et- pear Waahlcgtoo. Catalogue sale of dry goods, clothing, boots and •hoes, Ac- Ac. DANIEL SCOTT A CO- Auctioneers. business (Stances. TTOU bALE—For cash, a small Drue X* Flora, jnst the thitg for a Pbytlcun. Apply at nfiAdunwt. LTOR BaXJs—a stock of wines and X? liquors, valued at IWtfi. with or without fixture*, or wl I trade for real estate aU or It or a part. 46 North Wells-tt. |7oh bALE—II,SOO to $1,80(1 will buy X 1 a well-located, e-tsblhbed tews and tobacco store combit ed, wlthbolldlu* and flx-urej. Cass sales average &4 p*r day. present owner going west. Ap ply at No. 3 Bnah-tt. FOR SALE —Brewery and malt houses, Tippecanoe City* Mlsml Co„ Ohio. New. atone and brick, cost *J4,CM). Will be sold at a great ascri nce. to close op an estate. Address JOHN CLARK ot WIUIAM wf CRANE. F>R SALE-wSplendid drus store, situ ated In ooeol the most desirable towns in the country, with a population of abont I2XCO Inhabitants. Btcck and fixtures Invoice between W.OOO and *7.000. Anr one in want ot a sure of this kind will Hod It tjt tbelr interest to Investigate this before purchasing elsewhere. For farther particulars, address or call at 29 and 31 Blver-st., Chicago, 111. TTOK SALE—Steam gnst mill, Bfl miles X sooth of Chicago, at a great sacrlhce. Terms H,COO cash. Inquire of .7. T. NOTE i CO, Chicago, or K. a. BUNOEbfORD. ooarga, 111. T?OR SALE—Great Bargain—l will sell X At auction. April 16tb. 1667, The bakery acd fix tures known as the Nashville Steam Bakery, No. 10 North consisting ol steam engine, cracker machines, eardy machines, ovens, wagons, Lors-s, dray, and everything for carrying on the wholesale bakery business. Everything is as good as new, and could be made a very profitable Investment to a busi ness man. Terms mace known os day ol sale. s. Q. WOOP, Nashville, Term. F)R SALE—Saloon lease and fixtures, weUlocated. Will be sold cheap. Apply on the premises, 329 fitata-st. FOR SALE—Drue store, doing a good bnsltess. Lease, stock and fixtures cheap lor cam. Capital reqnireo,about ?6,0f0. Batlsfictory rea sons given jor idling. Address "R," careP. O. Draw er 163, Bloomington. PI. TTOK SALE—The lease, furniture and X good will clone of the best paying hotel stands fiTthe city, it is a large bouse, situated opposite a depot, bears a good reputation, and has a large acd constant run ofeustom. The hooss contains several parlors, reading rooms, and bed rooms, all welt fur nished and capable of accommodating 75 to 100 cunts. Bent low. To any party having a moderate capital this Is a splendid opportunity for making money. Ap- Kf to, or address, ISAAC CLAFLIN, 93 Washing- DSL TT'OR SALE—The lease and fixtures of r the splendid store known as the Garden Cltj Fork, Beef and sausage store, No. JIO Stalest. FOU SALE —Saloon and boarding house No. 427 canal-st. Will be sold cheap—lor three days. .t'hosT uaebt T?OR SALE—Lease and lonuture ol the _T D-lavan House. Good location. Everything ready for business. Inquire fur two weeks at 38 bbertran-st. FOR BALE—Grocery store, stoefc and fixtures at a bargain. Apply on the premises, 133 south Greenst. TpOR SALE—A tresh lot ot groceries— X* a complete assortment—well selected. Property fn the city will be taken in part pay. Cal! at No. 203 Lake-ac« Chicago. F>R SALE—Family grocery store, rpt class, on West Side, doing large business. Value of stick, fixtures, torse a*.d wagons. lease, ftc., about $5,000. Apply to J. W. HEDENBEBG, 11 Lom bard Block, nearP.O. FIR SALE—A fine meat market, with Ice bonae, smoke house, lard tanks, fixtures, good horse and wagon and sul te(ot family rooms. N > bonus for lease. Meat at Invoice. Room 2, No. -IS South Clark-st. FOR SALK—Fine grocery and provis lon store. Invoiced at irom $3.0(0 to t',ooo. No bonus for lease. Room 2. So. 48 South Claik-sc. 17 OR SALE—A Hoarding House, Form- E sltnre acd Fixture*, will be sold cheap to a cash customer. Inquire at 183 State-st. FOR SaLE—A Grocery—Cheap—Also, a liquor store and several other business places at a bargain. TRUESDELL A CO., Real Kstate Brokers, Boom 13, Lombard Block, 109 Monroe-st. FOR bALB—An extensive planing mill with rash, door, Ac.,tact.>ry, all in uerfßct run ning order and having a targe custom. This Is a rare onpoi toUty fur a good business. Inquire ot or address OkEEKLFE BRuS. A CO., Machinery Depot 52 Dearborn-st., Chicago. TT'OR SALE—Honse, lots, tarms, sa r loose, wild landi. boarding house*. Ac„ by CHRISTIAN A CO , Boom 3. Lind a Block. T?OR SALl£—Lease, slock and fixtures P ol a grocery In the best location on West Lake-st. His been established ten years. Wi I sell at Invoice or otherwise. Amount ol stork about (1,100 to 11200. In quire cf IRA BROWN, at his book and Jewelry store, 28 Mllwankee-av. jHartners agaantea. PARTNER— "Wanted—In a meat mar ket. with trotn one to three hundred dollars capi tal. Gcod location—good cash trade. Address “W L C.” Tribune office. PARTNER —Wanted—With a capital of £9,C00 or 910.000, to engage in the manulacture ot sash, doors, blinds, Ac. The holiness is already es tablished and tas no competition, and ample machine ry is in operation, at Nashville. Torn. For particulars address Box 420, MashvlLe. xeao. PARTNER —Wanted—In the best pay ing builness in Chicago. No humbug, or pat-nt nett. Cash capital oftrom 93,000 to required. Adored “REN it," TrtonneOffice. St. John "PARTNER —Wanted—In one of the X best wboletale homes on Ulcblgan-av. Unit come well recommended, and with a cash capital of 95,0(0. Address **W. B„*' Tribune ogee. PARTNER —Wanted—With trom S6OO X to itOO, In a meat market. Must be temperate, and willing to wotk. Call at Boom 2, No. 4S South C.ark-st. PARTNER— Wanted—With S6OO, in a family tnppiy store and a manuiacturinz busi ness. Manufactoiy will clear net |SC per week. Ad dress “LINUS,” Tribune Office. PARTNER —Wanted—s3oo will secure X one-tbtrd Interest. 9150 ons-balf interest, in a very profitable cash business. Call today at 170 boom Clark-st., fourth Poor. PARTNER —Wanted—To lake a half X lniere‘t In a well-establlsbed Hardware. Tin, Stove ana Rouie-Fuiuihlngßtore, in one ol the best locations In the city aoc dome a good paying business. Open only for a man wbo undeislauds the business and who can take charge ol tne store. Capital required *3.500 or $3,0(0. Address “ HARDWARE,” Tilbuoe office. PARTNER— Wanted—A young man wishes to invest trom 93.0CQ to *3 (10 in a good paying basic ess already established, or wonid like to meet with a reliable pers-in with same amount of capi tal. who ins a knowledge ot some good business and wishes to start the same. Address **T. 0.p." Trtoune Office. Mating the nature ot the bailneaa and where an Interview can be had. Jgotscß. Carnages, Sc. 170 R SALE—One single buggy, one sin f giebarn-es and one cooking store—all second hand. Inquire at 7:1 Sonth Holsted-st. TTOR SALE—One first class saddle pony; .T* also, an open baggy and harness. Inquire at 450 West Adamo-si* near Loomis. FOR SALE—A large, liea vy hoise, six years old, sol table for heavy teaming, single or amble. Alsoa light two-bono Inmoer wagon. In quire at SlßElm-st. FOR SALE—A light express wagon ot best finish at UAETI'N'S Carnage factory, 231 East Ktczlo-st. FOR SALE—The finest saddle horse in tbe city, amiable tor a lady. Call at Boom 7, No. 17 Lasalle-st. FOR SALE—Cheap—A shifting top Buggy. Also, a (Is* five year old mare, harness &c. Apply to WEIGHT DRUB., corner Ktnzie and North btate-st. F)R SALE—The finest buppy marc In ibeclty: or wIT exchange for a heavy horse. In quire at 97 North Jefierioo-st. FOR SALE—Carriages—At Eastern Re pository. 82 and 84 Market-fit. One good sec ond-hand topbucey. Also a good assortment of new top and open baggies. H. B. HILL. FOR SALE—Jack —A Thoroughbred Kentucky Jack. Can be seen at Fields 4 Livery btftble, rear of Boss «fe Got sage's ary gooas store, FOR SALE—Horses —Horses—A lot of good horses, at 34 and 36 West Washington-fit., up stairs. Will exchange part of them for lumber. Apply early. 1?OR SALE—A good carriage hoiso, sound and kind 6K years old. is first rate nnder the saddle, pcrtectiylsale fora lady to ride or drive. Also a good two seated top baggy, single harness, soa die andDrtdle. all In good order, so'd ior want of use. Can be Been at livery etablo No. 73 and 77 Randolph fit. Inquire for Ur. Trumbull's horse. auction Sales. BY GILBERT & SAMPSON, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, Salesrooms, 47 and 49 Dearborn-st* Chicago. Our personal attention given to sales of all kinds of Household Furniture, &c„ at dwellings, ot at our Auction Rooms. _ Ur Regular sale days at etore, every Tuesday and F f3T* Parties wishing to buy or sell will And It to their Interest to call on ns. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF New and Second-hand F UENITURE at auction. We shall sell on TUESDAY, April 9tb. at 10 o’clock, atonr salesrooms. 47 and 49 Dearborn-st., a large assortment of New Furniture, consisting of a variety of styles of Walonl and other Chamber Sets with mar ble tops, richly carved; Parlor Suites, Ma'blo-top Ta ble*. Rocking and Easy Chairs, Ladles’ Dcaer, Book Case*. Horary Tables, Sideboards, Extension Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Ac* Ac. Also, a large amount ° f SECOND-HAND GOODS, Consisting of every kind of anattlclo for bousekeep ,Ciuo. Carpets, Crockery and Glassware. Ac* Ac. ' 3 GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. Gilbert & sampson, General Auctioneers, 47 and 49 Dearborn-st. 28 Crates Crockery, 220 Bxs Assarted Glassware, AT AUCTION, •n WEDNESDAY. April 10th-, at 10 o’clock a. ra- Bt mr salesrooms, 47 and 49 Dearborn-at., 28 Crates tVhlte Oronlto ana C. c. Waie. to clove consignment, cmilMlng ota complete assortment ol Toilet. Dinner atn Tea Ware: alio, 2SO boxes assorted Glassware. Tin above Crock* ry to be sold in open lots to suit deders. Goods packed and shipped to the country, bile positive and without reserve. GILBERT & SAMPSON, Auctioneers. OA4 WKHIGAN-AV. 01/*I Elegant Furniture. Rich Velvet Carpets, Large Minors,Plano Forte. AC., AT AUCTION, On FRIDA7. April 12tb, atlO o’clock, at dwelling house No. 8114 Michigan av. __ W. A. BUTTERS A CO- Auctioneers. /GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FDKNX VJTture AT AUC T I ON, On Turaday, 9th. at 10 o’clock a. m, at 667 Car roil-»t., corner lincoln, consisting of parlor, chamber and dining-room mrnltare, Brassels and wool carpets, Cock sod parlor stove*, crockery, clsrs-ware. Ac. J. fIEANEV A CO- Auctioneers. A UCTION SALE Of FIRST-RATE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. IwllleelU on Wedceeday. April 19, 1367. at No. 11S0 Indlana-av.. commencing at 10 o’clock a. ra the entire Furniture of a gentleman declining book keeping. consisting of Tapestry, lograla anl Brussels Carpeting, sofas. Chairs, Marole-tbp Tables, Divans, Curtains, Parlor stove* and one drst-class Cooking StoveandFlxtarea. superiorßelrigerator, Crockery, Bedsteads, Ac- In fact, evetythluz necessary for nice housekeeping- Terms of asf», cash- ... .. _ J. A. MARSHALL. Anct’f. JM. REYNOLDS. Auctioneer, • 127 Dearborn-st. wm sell by Auction, FRIDAY, at a o’clock p. m., tbebulldlnga lately damaged by flre.Nos.lßs and 183* Souib Ciark-at. gif* Bale on the premises. Sato fHills, Engines, &c. IJIHE LANE & BODLET Portable Cirenlar Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAK EHGIffES. Shingle Machines, (fcm Mini and Short:nr, Wood wuXKtg Machinery. Comer o t John and Water-sts- Cincinnati, Applicants for dwfarpQve circulars will specify tne machinery they need. |gsvel*4pxsu So 3£enfe=loouseß. TpO RENT—A larce two story frame X botet ca SUt--aL, between Twentieth aadTwen ty-fint-stA. Th» house It furnished complete throogh oat and win osly be rested t> a tenant willing to p ot* chaae the furniture, stabllugfor about thirty bone*. wphlhfdf.Ac. ipplrtoiSOßßTßAol d 104 t(asdoiph-et. Boots No. 3. rpo RENT—No. 1058 'Wabash av., with e 9 mom, water, bath. ras. and cm irture*. No. 191 with 10 room*, new the cart, and a flee location. Nos. 84 and S 6 Qitacy-rt., Annie to J. M-mAHShALIj. Appiy Boom 8. No. 97 Clark-St. rpo RENT—House No. 753 Wahash-av. 1 at present occupied by Her. Laird Collier, con taining 9 rooms.? closets, bathroom, food lai ge } ard and bam. BealfiUOO. 4p3lyto“BG," at KydePars Hotel, or G.W. NEWCOMB, B*4 Dearborn au. Boom 8. TO RENT—House, and part of the fur- Bltnre for sale. Inquire at 28 South Deiplilnea st. Between Washington and Randolph. npo RENT—A most desirable residence X with all the modern appliance*, oc Mlchlc*o-av„ near sixteen th-st. BOZET « CUMMINGS, 98 LaSalie- rpo BENT—Two fine dwelling houses X on North LaSalle-st. and Wabaah-av.. one at 1800. the other at *I.OOO. Apply loSAM'LGEHB, 114 Dearborn-st., Rooms 10 and 18. rpo RENT—Desirable new house, 517 X. North Clark-st., containing gas. water, mantels, Ac., with shrubbery In yard. Rent quarterly In ad vance, Inquire at 517 North Clark-st. TO RENT—A new house, containing X 13 rooms and furnace room, known as 478 North Dear Dorn-si; lot SQrIM feet, inquire at 188 Ohio-n_ or on? the premises between the boon cl *1 and 9. TO RENT—Two-story frame dwelling, No. 132 Fuiton-jt.. 8 rooms—*loo for the year. Alto, two-story frame dwelling, No. 7 Archer-road, nearSUte-st.—ftsPerm'-nth. Ano. two-etoryframe bouse, No. 933 near Twentieth—l3so. a, O.SIONE. 107 State-,t. XO RENT—House on Ontario-st, near Dearborn, containing 6 rooms a»d a bath room, particulars apply to Boom 13 Mercantile Bolld lug. 116 LaSalle-st. TO RENT—House No. 103 Huron st. A new two-story and brick basement, with all mod ern improvements. Good neighborhood, two blocks from street cars, inquire at Mo. 93 Boron st. TO RENT—A first-class frame house on Wabash-av., between Jackson and Van with modern Improvements, and barn In rear. Apply atNo.4l South Clark-sU, room No. 6. TO KENT—Cottage No. G9O Fultou-sU _ißent t3O per month, inquire at 116 LaSaUe-sl. 01 WILLIAM C. DOW. KENT—A beautiful cottage in a JL v trr deslr-ole locality on West Madlson*«t.. with about S3OO wortn of furniture tor sale at a bargain. None need apply unless wishing to purchase the fund* lure. Kent per month. Inquire at 162 South Water-st. TO KENT—Neat 6 room collate on North Side, No 109 Wblte-st., near Franklin, bevera] other uoaaei on West and Sooth Sides. GEORGE * WILLIAMS, 7 Eonth Uiark-st. JO BENT—House No. 10 North Cur- Ua-tL. near Randolph. Also No. 17 South Cur* near Washingtons!. TIIOS. FREEMAN, 144 Itandolph-sL, No. 6. TO KENT—Ncs. 125,143 and 144 West Jackson-aL, 7 rooms each. Price 130 per month. Also, No. 46 Warren-st., 10 rooms, |650. E. H. CUM* MINOS. Boom 19. no. 132 Sontn Clark-st. 'T’O RENT—Iwo-story house, 8 rooms, J pantries, closets, hydrant and cistern. Lot S?xRS. Genteel neighborhood, on Jacksoo-at., near Jetferson Park—j6oo. xaqnlre at Room a, 101 Dear born-St. TO RENT—Brick house, No. 57 Har mon-court, 10 rooms, good cellar and bathroom. Rett, {CO per montn. Adoreas 80x2334, giving ref erences, TO RENT—Two new dwelling houses with stone baiemenU and modern Improvements, equated on the corner of Franklln-st. end Chlcago-av. TO RENT—A Cottace House, nearly new, with Trooms, gas and waw. No. 561 Hcb- Dard-e%, between Wocd and panllna, at $33 a month. Alto, Cottage No. 506 West Adams-st, opposite Mr. Schuller's, at fto. Also, Cottage No. 343 Carrollst at S3O pern oath. OEO.BCOVILLE, 70 LaSalle-st. TO RENT—A reliable person who is in want ota nice small boose, with fSrnlture, may apply at 73 Fme-at. No better location In the city. TO RENT—Foe the beard ol a small family, a handsome two-story residence, 69-1 Madison st. near Wood. Reference required. Apply at !)S W&stungton-st., Boom 11, during the day, or at residence In evening. TO RENT—A large building now being dilated, for store and dwelling. No, 793 West iladlsoo-st.ncar Itooey; pi Iwiu»ell lot ana Improve meats oa favorable terms. o£o. BCUVILLE, 70 La balle-et. npo BENT—Home 243 M»chigan-av., X containing!* rooms, two bathrooms, &c. In quire otJORNFOBartRE, 153 Raodolph-st. ®o 3Xent==Hooms. TO RENT—A well furnished room, without hoard, to two gentlemen of steady habits, 204 Stalest. r PO RENT—Rooms, tarnished and kept X In order, can be obtained at 73 East Monroe-au, within one minute’s walk of the Post office. TO RENT—Room 32, Post Office Block, uofo/nishtd. T. 8. Fitch, room 2, 169 Dear- Dornst. KENT—Sleeping rooms to single X gentlemen. fumUhed It desired In the prick building. No. 13.7 North Fulton-st.. between Hatsted and Lake-st Apply to B. PIPPEL, within second floor. TO RENT—Two famished rooms, to single gentlemen only, 852 btate-sr, TO HaNT—O pleasant Rooms, with gas and water, three blocks from Clark-st bridge, on North Side: kitchen, dlnlngaud bedroom furniture tall pew) for sale, will be rented cheap to s small family. Adorers “W B B." p. o. Pox 5909 TO RENT—With or without board, 2 or S well Corn I ,shed Booms at SI East Adams-st TO RENT—Furnished lodging rooms, without board, to gentlemen only; single and doable rooms, with closets and gas, and kept la order Apply st No. 25 Mlehlgan-av. . r PO RENT—From May Ist, elegant un- A furnished rooms, five minute*' walk from the Post Office. Also a small brick stable. Apply at 102 Wssmcctin-tL. Room 11. Eo iSentsStoteg, ©ffices. &c 'T'O RENT—No. 125 Dearborn-st, store J and basement. Nos. 190 and 201 Clark-st, with rooms. No. *»7 jv Clark-st- with rooms. Nos. IST ana 209 Clark-st., with rooms. Not. 313 an* - 314 Clark-st. with rooms. No. 26H East Madlsun-it, store. No. 312 stalest, bnck store. No. llSJacksou-st, fine store. No. 'JSI Clark-st. elegant basement No. 310 Clark-st. Apply to J.M.MAUSQALU 97 Clark-st TO RENT—A good office on the first floor, A desirable location lor a 1 awyer or phy sician. Prlc*(LV) per year. Also 5 rooms to rent m the same bonding, on tne second floor. A suitable ten ement fora email facvly. Price per annum. Also n goi.d cottage hnn*e. No. 103 DeKoveo-st.. one-half block from the street can. Price (250 a rear, to a good paying tenant. Inquire ot M. JEROME, 114 Adams-u. XO RENT—Dockace—Lumber Yard to rent for a term of years. In Greene's Sjntta Branch Ucn. A. O.THBQOP, City Treasnrer'a Office. 'X’O RENT—Basement of store No. 43 A Be nth Clark-it, Alsc, tbrec stories and basement of store No. 3D South storage purposes. Inquire upon tbe premises. J. H. BROWN A CO- 43 Booth Clark-st r T , O RENT—Offices and sleeping rooms I In various b’oeks, which will be Wta good ten- N >tS f>7 < cT‘ t J- MARSHALL, Boom 8. TO RENT—Offices in building No. 43 laSalle-st. Inquire ol 1L B. BELLA CO., first uoor. TO RENT—The three story and base ment Brick store, 36 State-st, Office on street floor. 19 South Wcll*-st. Office on street floor. 160 Souto Water-Bt. Also, a fewoffleca and sleeping rooms, by P. QEDDES, Room 5. No. 17 Sootn Wella-st, TO KENT—The second, fourth and fifth stories. 201 and 203 Booth Watcr-st.. 40x100 feet each, well lighted. Possession Ist of May. or sooner. If desired. Applyat 201 and 203 South Wa ter-st. TO RENT—Store and boarding house, No. 469 Clark-fU store and boardteg house, nos. 122 and 124 Gherman-fit.: store and boarding house, No. 297 Clark-fit.: store and rooms. No. 293){ Clark-fit. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, 97 Clark-it. TO RENT—Store No. ninety-four (04) back to and Including tbe first floor and basement ot what war formerly the Academy of Miwlr. and about thirty (50) desirable offices over fiakl wfcxisefw Apply to H. G. Miller, at the effice ol Milter. VbivAnnaD A Lewis, or ot B B. the oflke o me UJinols Central Lana De partment. TO RENT—Prom May Ist, part of the store 231 South Water-et. Apply on the prem ises. office up stairs. TO RENT—Store and fixtures for sale. One of the beet stands for tine retail trade. Im mediate possession given. A. B. WING & CO* 83 Washington-fit.. Room 2. TO RENT—One-half of store at 174 East Madlsoa-gt. XO RENT—Desk room in a well for- Dished front office (No. 11) Tyler's Block, 17 a)le-st*at (13 per month. None bnt a first rate tartyneedftpply. C.E.DROWNE. TO RENT—Store No. 131 Dearborn 61. Inquire of E. MANIERBE, at tbe office oflhomp son A Bishop, 78 Dearborn-st. nro RENT.—From the Ist day of May, 1 store 147 Dearborn-st.. at present occupied by the Union I'alnung Co. For terms, aoph to - s Q," at Hyde Park Hotel, or GEO. W. NEWCOMB, 82 Dear born-fit* Room 8. sUal iSstatessffiountcg, FOR SALE—Or Exchange—The finest farm In win County, Illinois. The larm contains 580 acres, ol which 120 acres Is woodland ; the whole under a high state of cultivation; good orchard, fine springs, acd Hickory Creek raining through psrt of tarm. Tbe fat m Is situated omy two m>les trom town of Frankfort, on the Joilet R. B* five miles from Mad ison. on the mizols Central R, B* and five from na.on the Bock Island R E.. that bat*** {(ll main stations. The tarm Is all board flaw, nas one largo bon*:, « Q don« Tiinable tarm Is oflered^tthe & p e r M£2 , c& o a7i.r , i& or, sSpi; , £ OLIHGER A WALLER, Beal Estate Brok S-a Vfi WasMngton-fit* Booms lands. W Brokers, 80 T?OR SALE—Bv L.-H. Arthur & Co„ £? 210 State-st., Improved toms—l 69 acres, all Im proved, near Cblnoa; good buildings; .100 bearing ap* di* trees: 4co crape Tinea. 40 acres within 7 miles ol Ksnkskee, all Improved, with house, lor SI,OOO. 60 acres, all improved, adjoining Marengo. 75 aero, all Improved, within 3 mites or Ontrco, Q»od house and otebord. 160 actes In Cock County, 16 miles of Chica go. Good house and orchard. 80 acres within X mile of Thornton—€o acres Improved, amail boose, bora, and orchard. 10 acres 1 mile of St. Joseph. Michigan 800 be«rtng peach trees. 69-acre irolt farm, near Otta wa, Michigan—3,ooo grape Tines, tbrfl,ooo. 150-acre inlt larm—6oo bearing apple trees, I.Oto p»sr tree*. 3U cherry trees, and splendid buildings, in DuPage Coun ty. linlt farm, 400 acres under cultivation, large orchard and good builolnpe, In Southern Illinois, at IIS per acre. 160-acre fruit lurm, near DoQaoln. 1 mile from depot. An abundance of fruit. A new cot tage acdloton Oak-st.,price 12,600. CTOR SALE—In Evanston, a new cot -17 lags nous-, wen built, with 7 rooms, besides clos ets. A goed cellar uod-r the whole honse. Alsogcod well acd cittern. L'-tTObyZOOfeet. Price 13,000. Ap ply to C. COMSTOCK. No. 8 State-st- Chicago. . T? O R SALE—In the village ol SuCbarJes, I* Rone CO-HI-a cottage bouse of 10 rooms, with half an acre of ground, lying opposite public square, well filled with fruit trees and shrubbery, good bvra, well and clstem. Terms easr. Aopiytoß. s. RING, cn the premises, or JONES. BUNDY A TAYLOR, Room 12 Methodist Church Block, Chicago. XT'OR SALE—I,3OO acres o! heavily tun- JD bered, choice white pine lands, of ewy accets to the Saginaw River. A Bargain. EOZET A CUM MINGS, 98 Lasalle-st. FOR SALE—4OO acres of laud In sec. IS. T. 39. R. 13, aboct ten miles S. W. from the city Hue, at the very low price of $3 per acre. Title perfect. A fine piece if property for Investment, and very cneap. WARREN A GOODRICB, 135 Dearborn st— Boom a. F)R SALE—In Evanston Bor 10 houses at the lowest rates and upon the best terms oQered. Pilees ranelugfnro $1,500 to 615.000, byC.E. BROWNE, real estate age-t, Evanston. Office. 17 f'hicago. Will be fmnd at Eraosion in the forenoon and m his office in the afternoon lor this week. IT’OR SALE—Or to Rent—At Harlem, ■ ' a large dwelling snl’able lor a boarding house, pleasantly located, n-ar the station- Apply to JOHN H 8. QUICK. 43 Clark-at. Information ffiHanteo. TNEOKMATION—Wanted—OI Daniel X F- Ferguson, who redded at 218 Madlson-st., in November, tfifiS, Kd i> nearly of Bt. Thomas, C. W- Any Inlonnatloo coßussnlug him will be thankfully re ceived by bis parents anc Wends, Addxcaa J.B.MON TROiS, Port Huron. M'cb. T>ERoONAL—Wanied—To know Ike IT wbeteaboutsof Alfred C. f mlth. a sick aoldier. Any Intbnaation concerning him would be gladly re ceived by his lather, JOHN BIOTA, at the City Hotel. LAMt & BODLKT, pOK SALE—By Tbos. B. Bryan A Ca, Ml CHICAN-A V* sooth of Twelfth-st* an de*«a* mar bio front rrsldecce, taree «wn<* ud basemgat. a rcca>, ud all modern improvements. Lot s xect UICBIGAN-AV* near J«ck*oo*iL, wo of the flaa* xDvblo trout booses In the city. . „ MICHIGAN-AV- sooih of blxle*uUi-*L. two 3-ttory frame booses wiUt basement*, gas, water, bathrooms, ic WA an elegant residenrc. with a lit 40x130 t«U It Is one of the most elaborate 1 / flatbed and conrcrJ*nUy arranged on the avenue. Hot. eld and tain water merer/room; two furnace*; largo bnck bars. atumvdT.. near Mlchlzsn-ar, a S-etory and base mett trick honae. wtlb loiSTxiJ feet. w*B4SH-AV- sooth of Thirtecnth-st* 73x170 feel er olee residence property. PBAIBIB-AV., near sixteeoth-it- a 3-story brick bon*e wit* marble banment. Will be ready force* br tae lit of Hay. Commands a lake view. TWENTT-BKCO v D-sT.- near Calomot-av., a 2-story and basemeat brick boose, recently built. Good barn. Water, ga% gas fixture*, Ac. Lot 37x144 feet. Tbit location it rend red very eemrsblsbr thaita tlonrtceoUy treated by the Illinois Central Ballroda Companr. on Twenty sfcond-st. Also an extensive list of other rest ’eace property. T. O. BRYAN A CO. T7OR SALE—By Delamatei A Kandall, XL 121 Clark-st.. Boom I: west WiuhiDgtoa-al.—S booses and lots, from 93£00 to 15,000. Park-ar.—Large 3-etory boose, with lot 60x125, Cottaire with SO feet of ground, cheap. Bobey-st.—New 2-story boose, 11 rooms, brick ba’e ment, with lot—only foCO down, balance on rery easy terms. Lake and lladlson-sts.—lmproved and unimproved business property. Wabasb-av.—3-siory and basemeat marble front.with lot laxlES, north of Ywenty-second-st., $15,000. Two story and basement brick, caar Tweniletb-bt* SILOCO.‘ Two-itoryframe, wjtbSOleet orgroands. nearTwen ty-flitb-«t.,Hoco, Mlcblean, Indiana and Pralrie-ara.—Houses and lots ranging from $3,150 115^X0. Fuorth-sT^—iwo-story bouse of ia roams, near van Unren-su, wtlh 10t23x110, S4SDO. Fire acres on Wabpauseb-ar, SIOXOO. 100 acres on tbeWblskST Polnvtoad. three miles from limit*. *55 per acre. One acieonJackson-st, Jostweslof limits, and onlnprovcd property la all parts of the aty. FOK SALE—By J. H. KeeJer A Co., Beal Estate Agents. 129 Sooth Clark-st: 'Warren-sl—Sew two-story noose and 1d151x123. CurUs-st—Two-story boose, >’o. 12, between Ran dolph and Lake-sts. FuUon-si—Two-story bouse, May-sL Jacksco-st—Two ntw booses, between Tbroop and Loomis. Pcorla-st—No. 243. two-story boose and lot 25x123. West Lake-st—No. 610. store and dwelling aodlot. Sooth Canal-st—No. 688, store, dwelling and. lot. North Side—Several line booses aua 100. Uyde Park—Two-«tory boose and lot 50x150. Seven lots 17. £. corner of Jackson and Lln- coln-fta. . _ Lota on Jackson, between Aberdeen and Rucker-sts. Two lots on Mouroc-st., batwoen T-aflm and Bcu ber-srs. LTUIt BALE—By B. Pressing, Real Es- X tare Agenta.No. 6 lamon Block. 10l So. mark et. 50x150 ft. on North Clark-st. near with large tram* bouse. Fine cottage, with brick oasemmt, on North Welis-tL. with lot 37x100 ft* near Oak-st. Fine two-story and basement prick residence, with all mrdeiD lmprovcmerts,snd lot 15x116 ft. corner Peoria and Jackson-ets. 25 ft on Lske-st. near Carpenter, with good frame residence and store. 50 ft. on Sberman-st. Dear Jackson, with 3 frame booses. 41 it. on LaSalle snr Oak. on ea»y terms. 22 ft. on Randolph near Oea plaints. Nice frame residence on Indiana near Wei's at. SOxlOOfr.on We)ts-st.near Dlvlstoo.a cood busi ness lot. Five residence lots 100x150 ft. on Follertoo av.. one block west of the Presbyterian Seminary grounds, to parties who are willing to pot op goodlm provements. on very easy terms. FOR SALE—Two lots 25x130 each. On one tot handsome sew two-story frame boose bollt Is Crst-claii style 22x51, pine rooms, bath room, large closets and pastry, water and gas throughout. Sewer whole length of lets. Two-story building across rearSOxSC. 23 feet high, built very strong. Half an acre ol ground back of lots, with three alley entrances from different street*. An excellent property lor mao* nfactmlng purposes, and unequalled m ilia city for use by partita controlling a dozen or more teams, The above It well located and can t>e purchased at a row figure for cash If applied for scon. L. W. JOHNSTON, at Murray A WUma's, 114 Dearboru-st - -a FOR SALE—Cottige—7 Rooms. Gas and water, with 40 years lea«e ot lot on Washing ton-st.. rear Lincoln-*!. Lease of lot for first eight years (»»> per year. YLIOO. H. C. MOREY & Go.. No. 8. Metropolitan Block- FOR SALE—Cheap—The marble iront dwelling. No. 377 Weat Washlngtou-tt, D. J. LAKE. T7OK BALE—By Thomas Alien, 41 Sooth Clark-st., a fine first-class Milwaukee brick house and barn, with all modem Improvements. Corner Bush and Superiorsta. Lot 50x149 feet to alley. Also, one of tbe best and most comolete twostnry brick house and barn, all in first rate order, on Wv bssh ay„ Just south ol Hnbbard-csnrt Lot 54x170 to alley. Ltotb those places can be purchased at a bar gain. By applying at once at Thomas Allen*?, office No. 41 Sooth Clark-st. r'R SALE—That three story hrick bnlldlogNo. 131 Fonrtb-av M at *§OCO. One baircasb, balance oa time at 7per cent. Will rentier {9OO per annum. WARREN A GOODRICH, 123 Dear boro-aL. Room 2- XT’OR SALE—A first class marble front F realdenceon Wabash-av., between Thirteenth and Fourteenth-sts.—an elegant and desirable bouse In every respect. East front. Can be had on liberal t*rms. A large part ot the purchase money can re main fbr fire years If desired. Title perfect. WAR BEN A GOODRICH. 123 Dearborn-at.. room 3. FOR SALE —By Whitney & Linn, 15 Übllch’s Block, a beautiful two-stoiy gothic honse, brick basement. Lot 24x131 on Sedgwick-sL. near Llocoln Pork. Small cottage and lot oa CbarchHtn, near Center-st new, cheap. Two-story bouse, 9 room*, lot 50 by 123,0 s Burlburt-st, near Asylum Place. Cottage and lot, corner Blsckhawk and Hurlbart-ata. FOR SALE—An elenant marble front hense on Michlgan-av_ near Congress-st Flrat clast in every respect. A. J. AVERELL, Real Estate Office No. 7 Metropolitan Block- ffersonal. gUal jsatate-g»tg. DiPßorsn. F)R SALES—Genteel Wabash-av. resi dence, with lot 40x160, near Eldrldge court. The most thorough built two-story sod stone basement tramo bouse on the avenue. Heated ny steam through out, In fine repair, and containing all modern Improve ments. Fur a first-claas residence, the most desirable one that has been offered this season. Term* favor able. Inquire ol A. J. AVEHELL, Beal Estate Agent, Boom 7, Metropolitan Block. 17 OR SALE—By Snyder & LAe, Real I? Estate Agent*. No. 4 Metropolitanßlock,twonew first-class two story and basement houses, with Man sard roof, containing 14 rcoins each—all modern im provements—and lots with barn, on Carpenter-aL, near Washington. T?OR SALE—Several first-class hrick Ij residences m West Side. In choice localities. Easy terms. BOZET A CUMMINGS, 9S La3slla-st, FOR SALE—Building 41b Btale-sL. a two years* lease, cheap. InqnLe on premises. XT'OR SALE—43O feet front, dock prop* r ertv. eligibly located on main branch Chicago Rivet. ROZET « CUMMINGS, 98 LaSaUe-at. FOR SALE—On Wabash-av.—A Iwo •torr and basement brick house between Tweo tißtn and Twenty-flrst-ats.—9loXoo. A. J. AVERELL. Real Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. I7OR KALE—A first-class marble iront (? hrnse on Wabash-av* near Twelftb-st, sl*ooo. A. J. aVERELL, Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metropoli tan Block. FOR SALE—Cheap—One and a ball story cottage ot 8 rooms, beeldes pantrys and closets. new and In nice order, with a good bam, at 255 Wamo-st. Gas flxturea acd water. All things i and;, acd in a very pleasant pan ot the city, small payment down, the balance in one and twoyta-a, at mere rental payments, then yon will bare a boose ot your own. Call and examine for yonrselL T7OK BALE—An Improved corner lot, ■ * 60x120 feet, within two sonarea of the Cbi.4N. W. R.R* Chi. 4 MU- B. H- Cbl. 4 O. E. R. B* and the CM. 4 Galena K. B. depots. Will be sold cheap on easy terms. Address •• H. J. B*” 98 North Jefferson st. FOK BALE—Or exchange for good Chi cago property, elegant suburban residences at Karine, wla., fronting lake, near college; boose of IX rooms knd cottage of six rooms, stable, barn. aU gothic brick; 2 large graperies ol choicest foreign grapes In lull bearing: 10 seres land: fine fruit* ana shrabo-ry— cheap. CARTER H. HARRISON, 85 Dear bora-at. FOR SALE—Cheap—The store and dwelling 324 Wen Randolphs!* sear Peoria. The building rents for |7JO. Apply on premises. Will be sold cheap. ITOR SALE—A new cottage house and I 1 lot. No. 231 North Bucker-st. Tloatalns I rooms. Inquire on the premises. ■ TTOR SALE—A two-atory frame build |J tog, opposite tbe Bough Hoars at the TJnlou Btock Yards. Is well adapted for any business pur pose. ana will be sold much below Us value. Apply to 1* DzGRAFF, Corner State and Baadolph-sta. IT OR SALE—A new, beautiful and sub* r staobal built cottage of seven finished rooms, with large closets, dry cellar, large shade trees, situa ted In D uelas Grove, corner Cottage Grove-av. and Thlrty-thlrd-st* within a few rods of the University, lake acd steam cars. Horse cars pass the door, it is really one cf the most convenient, ueslrable and healthy locations In the cut. Price SJJ)OO. Apply at the bouse. T?OR sale—House and large lot on the r West side, west of Union Park, at a bargain—for cash. Apply to J. W. HEDENBEKG, 14 Lombard Block, near P. O. FOR SALE—A new two-story house, with lot 25x125 teet,on Warret-st* near the city limits. Price S?,S«J. A small amount down, fl- OS BORN, 61 Clark-st* Real Estate Agenu. T?OR SALE—A very desirable residence J 2 onO&k-st* North Side, 8 rooms. Bath rooms, closets, cai, water, cistern and good bam. Price M,m half down. A. J. MILLS 4 CO., Boom 31. Reynolds Block. FOR SALE.—By Clarke, Layton & Co., lliSWashiogton-st.: A new two-story frame house with brick basement, it rooms, and all modern Improvements, No. 1168 Indtana-av. This is the cheap est property in that locality, and must be sold bjfore the Ist ol May. No. TV. Twcnty-sixih-st* a new two story frame house, can be benefit if taken at once at a bargain. Inquire of the owner at 1168 Isdlana-ar* or at our office. FDR SALE—On North Side—Conve nient to business, la a good neighborhood, a good thres-story and basement brick house, 11 rooms, all modern Improvements. Price sl2 000. Apply, Dorn 9 to 10 a- m* to WM. ALDRICH, 37 Kiver-sL FOIt SALE—One good house and lot on Greep-st* pear Adamaet* and 35-fi>ot lot and one bouse and lot on West jacksoo-st. Call onT.F. BALDWIN. 104 Randolph st. FOR SA.IiE—By Sn*. dcr & Lee, Real Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a first* ci’jgsthiee-storybnckhoafeoflOrooms, modem im* ptovementa, atu lot, on Ontario-st* near Pine. TTOR SALE —At a great bargain, a new * two story bouse. tLMO. to be removed this sum mcr. Call at 369 West Jackson-sl* at 6p, m. FOR SALE—Cottage of five rooms with Barn 4c* for SSOO. CaS at 130 North Qreen-st. FOR SALE—Store and lot No. I*sl &ontbCiatk-st*3sfeetfronC. Inquire of J. FOB SYTBE. 153 Ranoolph-st. rsmpßovED, FOR SALE—A splendid lot on Micbi gan-av., pear Madlson-at* adjoining the real* aence of James Bowes. Only f 12.000, Terms, *3,000 cash, bilance one. two and three yean at 8 oer cent. The cheapest lot on the avenue. WABBEN A GOOD* RICH. 125 Dearborn-st* Boom 3. FOR SALE—On the Avenues—34 feet on Wabash-av* near Fcurteenth-it. 200feetonlDd!ata-ar.,cornerof -iztoenth-st. ZCOfeeton Indiana-av., between Twentieth andTwen ty-flnt-sta. 100 feet on Pialiie-av., between Twentieth andTwen ty-flrst-sta. A. J. AVEBELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOH SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate AefDts. N 0.4 Metropolitan Block, lot 115 by iZI feet on Fark-ar., near Llncoln-st. Will divide to suit purchasers. FOR SALE—By A. J. Mills & Co., 31 ■Reyrclds* Block. 1 lot on Twenty-second-st., between Fralne and In dlana-ar. Size 53x125 feet, Price tiou per foot. 6 lets on Dilier-st*between West Inolaaaand Fourth su near city limits. Price 1273. slots on Lextneton-at. between Boyne and Leavitt st. Frtce|273. C*OR SALE—To Capitalists—A valuable r wbarfing lot. with a frontage of 3CO feet on the river and 276 ft on Empire slip, l« ottered for sale (or a lew days at a bargain. J. D. aABYET, 78 LaaaOe-at. ‘XT'OR SALE—Michigan-av. lot, near D Thlrteenth-st., very desirable and cheap. Pialrle av. lots near Tweoty-slxth-et. J. D. HAKVET, 78 LaSaTe-st. Sot Sale. TT'OR SALE—Boutjahn’a Patent Notch r ed Hinge and Shatter Fastener. State and Coun ty Rletts for sale. Also, the receipt tar three cf dally sale and also daily consomplor. Adireaa. with slairp, tor circular*. JOS. L. BOnTYAHN, Orig inal Fatmtee. Frederick ♦ ity.Marylapg. fT'OR SALE—CIay earth tilling, in quan titles to suit, either at Washlngtor-st. Tunnel or delivered, 11 applied for at rnce. bTEWABT. LUD t.»m ACO^No.4 Lind’s Block. FOR SALE—ICO brls prime buckwheat flour. Inquire of P. 8. HANSON, New England Min*. 143 ana 147 West Lake-st. I?OR SALE—Or Trade—Twenty to r twenty-ttve tboussnd choice Apple Trees, ready (or market. Will exebargefer house and lot In the GDlcago. Addresa immediate ly.-TnKLb, P.0.80X 1,374. EOR SALE.-A medium-size 4 sate, sit ting desk, lounge, stove and c*-alrv, an for SIB. w^cfoa l er diamond pin. Boom S, .So. 188 South FOR SALE— I The largest St. Bernard Dog In Chicago. Can be 189 Lak»-*L, np-ilalts. ZManm—iSLale &elp. BOOtKBBPEBi, gjlBiMW to. TXTAIt TED—Gentlemen to actasspe ▼ r aal city ifrats lor tbeUmreraalUfrlnanrance Company of hew York. Literal and onniaal *4m ***ta_*rr oCerea to those poeMsalnx the Beeeesary Sn*£2. c ?2 o 2f- A P?I7- personalty or by letter, to SaSlea^ 3 W * Cental Agent, 81 La- WANTEu—a lew men wrtli $35 to *Vnfl*S.«ui ,B * bnjtarti that win par #lO per dty. Baslnest. App*ya: 90Monroe-*/, W 4E E ?~ Two salesmen of good Vt who can encage toerraeaentlT labnsl ncs*, Addlt from 9tolfa.m« or *2 ts S o m nti. <i,« B. H. CURRAN. orer 180 f \\f ANTBD—A man that undcrpiands V V taking np. cleaning and potting down cmrneta. varnfrhlngandrepair^kftpltnre.ana geoerafwon a boot a boose, at 80. 80 Mtcblgau-av. TXT ANTED —Early this day 3o men to V V work on gravel tram. 15 men to work at track raising, steady work and free transportation. Ao ply at 100 Madison at-, room 4. TXT ANTED—A middle aged man of VV steady hablisM porter at tboSf. Cloud House. 114Fr«"fcHp-«t. TX/ANTED —A few good local agents VV yet la the best paying business* yet known, where bnt S2OO la required fbr a suia agency, glrtng the monopoly of a general staple, that will pay from SI,OOO tojr.Oi’O per montb. Call immediately on H. B. Morth Western HotaL TXTANTED— By a wholesale bat bouse, W a salesman who can command a large trad*. Salary. Address box 1393. \\f ANTED—We want & tew good men, V V who can come well recommended, to canvass the country for the sale of our goods. EMERY OIL STOHECO-, 144 Foltoo-st. WANTED —5 or 10 young men, wilb a capital oi from $5 to $lO, to make $3 to $3 per day. inquire at S 4 between Wells and Franklin. WANTED— A Vegetable Gardener to po m the country. Must be well recommended ana small nrnilly. Apply to EMORY COBU, Union Telegraph Office, to-day. TXTANTED Boy —To run enands W around a large boarding boose, at 17 Dear bom-sU op stairs. TRADES. lit/ ANTED—First class carnage body W maker. Steady work guaranteed. Address J. K. CHANNEL, Champaign City, DL, or N. D. HUNTER, 208 Lake-sU. Cbleago. V\f ANTED—A competent man to take y V charge ofa stave factory In one of tie best lo calities to Minnesota. Will give steady employment and highest wages to a good mao. Apply to FULL&B A FORD. 283 and 284 Madlscn-st. TXTANTED—A good {.iano tuner. One \ V who Is also quaiifled to teach the piano would be preferred. Apply at LYON A HEaLY'S Moslc Store, corner Clarx and Waahingtan-sca* Chicago. TXT ANTED—A competent toremanina yV manufactory. None otter need su rly. at No. j Whetler’s Bolldisg. corner Clark and Sooth Water-sts. TXT ANTED—A Scotch landscape gar- W den cr, to takechargeof a house and COO acres ol land, 3 miles sooth ot aty. for a term of yeara. Most now bow to rear frees from the seed. CHARLES V. DYEH. 63 Bandolpb-st* Chicago. TX 7ANTED—Two good carpenters. VV at bat Wins No. 620 North Clarfcßt. ELIA'S REITNOUEB- \A/ANTED —Agood Engineer to go to V V Michigan to rna a tugboat. Aoply ibis morn ing to CUTLER, WIIBECK & COm 260 South Water- \*/ANTED Paper Hangers —By VV GROUT BROS., Sign and Ornamental Painters. Rocm 2, Wheelei’s Building, southeast comer South Claikand Water-sts. Apply »arly this morning. MlmtefczJFmais ffielp. \\f ANTED—A Seamstress, at 363 West VV Madlson-sL, who will be willing to assist In the care ot children. Apply at 114 Third-ay. HOUSE SERVANTS* TTfrANTED—A good girl wanted by a VV family of five, to do general housework. A girl that can do all kinds of work and la willing to do It, Clean sod neat. Ncoebuta first-rate girl wanted. No Irish need apply. To a good girl rood wagra will be paid. Apply at SI Scnool-sL, westof Desplalnes st. TX7ANTED—Two girls,cook and Cham- W bermald. In a small family. Apply.with refer ences, to No. 33-1 West Adams-at. Good wages. TX7ANTED—A good girl lor general VV housework. Eoeusb.Gemma or Swede pre ferred. Apply Immediately at 38S Weat Madison-st. TX7ANTJSD —Two first-class dining VV room girls. Also a kitchen girl. Apply im mediately at No. 11l Wabash-av- WANTED— A girl to do the work in a lamliy of three persons, a good home and good pay. Apply to 46 North Ann-at. A A/ ANTED—A good cook, dining room VV girl and chamber maid. Apply Immediately at No. 63 Mlchlgan-av. TX7ANTED—For a small hotel in a VV pleasant country town, a woman as house keeper. Most understand dining-room work and bring good reference. Totno right ktud ot a person all the comforla of a first-class borne are offered wlthj|ja per mooia. Apply to Mrs. D. pBAXT, 130 south Clark- st. AA J ANTED —A chambermaid in a Vv boarding house. Call, between 9 and 11a.m., at 364 Ohlo-st, . WANTED— A giri to do general housework la s small family. Must come well recommended. Appiy at 733 West Lake-st. IStnptflgmgwt agents. TITANTED—AII those who require VV mal* help of any kind to can at Employment Agency. Boom 3 Llnd’a Block. Raodolph-st. bridge. \,\TANTED—Farmers wishing hands VV lor their form*, and their wives for Indoor work, can have tb-.m by addressing Dax 3043, or MRS. BALSAM'S Office, 136 State-et., Chicago. TTrANTED—Ttoung men mmeconn- VV try wishing to obtain situation*, such a* book keepers, aerks. coliecto’S. salesmen, coadttetots, ex eiesirntn, Ac, &c., to apply at Boom 13 Pnllerton 'ock, 92 Desrborn-et- or address J. 1L MOORE A CO.. Ikx 1707. enclosing IQ cent* for foil paroemars. TXT ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers 3 VV sa eczen.l conductor, 2 brakesmen. 1 fireman, 1 porter. Sdrivers. 2 expressmen. Aptly at Boom 13, Fullerton Block, (W Dearborc-st. Applicant* by mau addrcf* J. M. MOORE A CO- Box 1707, eocloetng 10 cents for reply. ®§Jan*cb==fElisceUaneous. TXTANTBD—To exchange a very desir- W able Improved tarm la Kalamazoo County. Mich* (situated near s station on Michigan Central Kai-road) for Chicago real estate. Apply to S. H KEBFOOT A CO.. 71 Dearbom-st. TXT ANTED—An open business buggy, VV tew or eecond-band, and poy in hard-wood lumber. C. A. HAWLEY. P.O. Box 1663. Office, Room 8. No. 84 LaSade-at. TXT ANTED—South Side Property— V V A good residence, or some good notmprov-d lots, or a tract of a Tew acres ler subdivision. Par. ties having such for sale may apply to J.W. HEDEN BERO, 14 Lomoard Block, near P. O. WANTED— A man with SCOO to act as cashier In a bearding boose and partner In a small stern that is clearing f£(l per week. An extra chance will be given. Address ”8 Al.VTrlOPne Office. \XTANTED — The inventors of the V v West to meet at Boom 14. No. 135 South Clark-st. on Friday the 12th Inst* at 350 p. m. Motto: Improvement. Signed. ♦♦INVENTOR” \A7ANTED —Girls to operate on Slng- V v er’s Sewing Machine*. Also, dnlahers and but ton-bole makers on coats. Also, three men to press coats and to finish. Call at No. 156 South Watei-st* Room 16. J. HARRIS. TXTANTED—A lady having at least VV >I,OOO capital to carry on the "mUUnery depart ment" rf an established basinets, well located. A highly lucrative amazement can be mads. Address “Sin. E. L* M box 186 EO. fXTANTED—Persons having houses to V V rent to come and see us, as we have a great many customers wanting such. CHRISTIAN & CO* Room 3 Lind’s Block. TXT ANTED—lmmediately, five hun* VV dred dollars at ten per cent for two or three years, security unincumbered real estate. Address u MONEY," Tribune Office. TXTANTED—Young men to sell our V V new Prize EtaQonerjPackagea throughout the country. Sample package & cents. Call at, or ad dress with stamp. Boom 37, Reynolds* Block, Cnlcago. TXT ANTED—A good large Piano in cx- V V change for some valuable stock. Boom 3, No. 48 South Clark-st. WANTED— Boarders at 3d East Wash ington-st. Day hoarders, $5, weekly boarders from >7 to |io. TXTANTED Money—To borrow V V money in sums of irom S3OO to f 10. WW. on first class real estat?. Parties having money to loan can invest on short or long time and for amounts to salt them. Address ’* BROKER," Box 1975. TXTANTBD—The lovers ol style and VV fashion to call on HAMILTON 4C8A78.143 Btate-st* to have their garments mads by the best workmen, at lowsr prices than any home In the city. fflSaanteh-Uo taent TXT ANTED—To Rent, a medium-sized, V V nicely furnished bouse, la a first-class locality, during the summer months, by a small family (wltu out children), who will take the best of care of furni ture. will take possession any time between now and sth of May. Adareia “BANKER,"Tritmneoffice. TXTANTBD—To Rent—By an Amen- VV can family of four, between now and May Ist, acotraceorhooseof fromSto xo rooms, on West or North Side. Address, stating terms and location, " W," 63 North Jeffersoo-st. TXTANTED-To Rent—Small, uufur- VV nlshedhouap. Sooth Side, north of Twelfth- Address, with Wnns, "T } " P. O. Box \\f Ai^TED—To Rent—Three or four V V rooms wanted for housekeeping by a eont'e numtmdwtfeioareapgctablanelgbboihooo. ** B. B**’ Tribune Office. TXT ANTED—Engagement as pianist for VV theevenlcgs^Plea:eaddre , B‘‘JEEVl3 HOUiE,” Boom 84, cor. Sherman and Vaaßoren-ro. TTTANTED—To Rent—A good bouse » * of 10 or 12 room*, on Michigan or Wabasb-ar-.. northofVanßurea-st. Kent not toexceed *2,oooper year. Address M CDT, ,, Tnt>nne office. v WJ ANTED—To Rent—A boose with f" lrom6tO 9 room*, on the Sonth side, east of State and nonh of Tw«oty-second-«t. Wabash-av. preferred. Bent not to exceed |SOO. Adoreas P. O. Box 3470. XTTANTED—To Rent—By a small fam* ww ily without children, a comfortable cottage of 6or7rooms,pieasanily located in some village not more than 13 inl'ea from the city. AAiywi -ohm." F. Q. Drawer C3SB, pi vine rent, Ac. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A suite of lur- V V nlshed rooms (or gentlemen, to a pleasant loca- Con on the Sooth Side. AddreiaP.O.Do»s99B.*» T7tTANTED—To Bent—A small dwell- V V Ids house on Sooth Side, east ot State and north of Taenty-eecond-ft- Mu« contain modern Im provements. Address“JlAC,"Tribune office,stating location and price. TTT ANTED —To Rent—From Ist May, VY adwelllngbonse on the West Side, between Jackson and Late-sts* not less than nine rooms and not over teto rent. Address “AM," Tritmneofflee. jHatjnnerg. I7OR SALE—Three 8-horse power up- J? right engines; also fix horizontal engine*, 8, IT and 12-horse power. Larger or smaller agines for nlshed with or without boilers. 12, is. 1« and Zd-horse mbniar and locomotive boilers for tale, best Also one t-roller Union Matcher and Planing sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron B lasers, belong, saws, files, Ac. Machinery DtpoL a« earbom-su, Chicago. 6HKENLEB BBQB. a col TT’OR SALE—Shingle, Stave and Barrel I* Machinery, coraprldng Shingle Mills. Heading Mint, Shingle and Heading Jointers, stave Jointer*. SUve Carters. Heading Bounders sod Planers, Equal izing and Cut-off Saws, Ac. All new, of oar own man nlhctare. and wan anted. Send for Illustrated Ll't. FULLER A FOBD, 383 and 384 Madison-SU Chl cago.llL T?OR SALE—2S,IO and 15-horse power I 1 portable engines and boilers, with all modern la ments, and all complete, and for sale at very low prices, by OBIFFIN BBOal, 116 LaSaUe-st. XT'OR HATVB—Siding mills, saw mills, 1’ Woodworth planing and matching machines, steam or band holsttng machine*. cblnery made to order. F W. KBADaB, Iron Works, 74 and 76 West Washlngtoa-aL, Chicago. I?OR SALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and J? «»«oa»ry engines, fhim 4 to muS.’ tiro Woodworth plan- S3g®wE , ffl»« , ftsaa Deartcrn-st. . i.oßt awn act a mink collar on Indiana, Rush or Kiver st. A liberal reward win be paid If to tamed t 034 Laks-st. Situations ZSantrh. JB&USB. CITUATION-Wanted, br a middle him 4,-5 - iSf2*JS? r or aarirtc t in an office. Sdw?fh!J m malting ahddlimUrt-08. and wishes to make himself emeta ly tpetdl. Be*- mces noexeepUoaab.A Addws-B B^TrlSSe Oli UATION Wamed—ln a wholesale LJ or commission bouse, by a eomaeteat book-fceep-r. willing t) won as neb or In any otner e«B*cttr. WbaT ever want i me, now is roar time. Caagire roodlrrl ettcce. Additas OEOBGB YOUNG, jfr ISAI CIT tJATI ON—W an ted—By a brst-class OFewTort cotter, competent to en an styira oC garment*. Would me a situation either ia tie city or some lane country town, beat ol reference ziren. AdareasF. 1L 2* Tribune office. SITUATION—Warned —As coacLman O or sardanrr. Beat of reference, and will give ss« security fbrsobrletyaadbonesty. Addrtas GARDEN ER. Tnbnna offlee. SITUATION—Warned—An aged man tO totendaboneorwcrkli garden. Good refer escea siren, Calf at 834 Carpenter-st, between Erie and Fonrtb-sts. SITUATION—Wanted—As salesman or kj llgbtpcrlerlbya/oaagtnaaoi rood habits and aadress. Goed references etren. Has bid tour yean* experience to ary goods and throe In groceries. Ad dms O. CABSoy. Tnbane odea. SITUATION—Wanted —By a young jy. o*B from the Bart, as entry e’ert oratslatact bookkeeper. Has bad experience wa anch In tbs ary ClTDATiON—Wanted—As bookkeeper ItlnrSF n l^??y e jyT! r ?? 0 - FlrsLclssi city tef ereccea. Aagre4» “SRj, l ’ Trlbane offlee. SITUATION—Wanted—A young man, who talSathe DanUb. Bogush aaaQermtn lau rpsges, flesirca employment. ji 0t part lcnl*r win: kina. Good references given. Adana* ‘•AMPi.OY.'* Tribune office. * SITUATION—Wanted—To take careot O or drive horses, and to do general work about nrf ▼ate or noblie premises—aaythlDg, in fact. Box 13 Sis Chicago P. O. SITUATION —Wanted—By a practical druggist and apothecary el years* expe rience. in a drug store. Adores* “DRUGGIST," Trib une Office. CITUATION—Wanted—By an cner- O gette young man, as assistant book-keeper, ship ping clerk, or clerk in some office. Salary no obleec. Addrcsa Lo. Box 99 O- SITUATION—Wanted—To work on a O farm, by a man of 10 years* expezleuce, capable ot taklogtbe entire charge. Has good reference*. Ad dress ■* FARMER, M Tnouno OQou SITUATION —Wanted—By an English man of SO. with lanre experience la the beat New tork and Loudon bouses, as salesman in dry roods. No objeeden to the coot fry. Address M W. T." 70 West Monrce-st. FEMALES. SlTUATlON—^Wanted—For a young O lady, as copyist cr clerk ia some rood store? w rites an excellent hand and has a superior education. Address “L E." Tnbnae office. CITUATXON—Warned—By an Ameri- O can gtrl, desirous of a good home In an Americas fimlty. to sew and do secona wort- Can operate Sing er. Florence and otoer family machines. Address m m M,** Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted—-As cook, by s kD respectable woman, who understands her basi nets. Tne beat of reference given. No objection to a boarding home. Inmarsat 471 etate-st. OTTUaTlON—Wanted—By a first-class O cook. In a private family, or is a first-cla** board- Ing bouse. CaU at 354 South-WeUa-st. Cli UATlON—Wanted, as cook, or to O do general housework lor a small family. Retts re nee can be given If required, apply at HD Kne-st. C ITU ATI ON—Wanted—By a yoong lT»l*dr. to do sewing. Has a Slatrar aewlrc machine! Will work with or without Cbe machine. Address F.” Tribune office. agents iSSantea. A GENTS—Wanted—s7s to S2CO per ~C\. month, everywhere, male and female, to intro duce throughout the United state* tbe GENUINE IM PROVED COMMON SENSE FAMILT SEWING ***,- CHINE. This machine will stitch, hem, fell. tuck, quilt, bind, braid aid embroider in a most superior manner. Price only fia. Fully warranted for five years. We will pay SI,OOO for any machine that win sew » stronger, more beauntuJ. or more elastic seam than ours. It makes the “Elastic Lock Stitch.” Ever? second stitch can be cut, anu stm the cloth cannot be pup ed apart without tearing It. We pay agent* from Its to CUO per month and expenses, or a commission fromwhlcb twice that amount can be made. Ad drees bBCOMB A CO.,Cleveland,Ohio. ** CAUTION.—Do not be Imposed upon by other par* ties palming off worthless cast Iron machines, under the same same or otherwise. Ours is the only genu ine andreaDy practical cheap machine manufactured. A GENTS—Wanted—Agents are mak :t\. ing twenty dollars a da? selling the new oleture. TbeTpmbotLlnco'n.” Agents wanted everywhere J. GO! u ELL, Publisher, 123 Randolph, cor. Clark. A GENTS—Wanted—Agents are mak ixlot from (6 tn *3O per day canvassing with •TKUMBCIi’S FAMILY RECORD™ »rU u -lar» apply to or address TRUMBULL A CBUVEK. Room IJ.No. -10 Deorborn-su, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—soo Agents want* il ed in a sew business. H. B, SHAW, Alfred. Maine. A GENTS—Wanted—s2s a day. Fu- SISK,. artlc,e> lOT O. T. GAHHY, Biddemrd, Mains. AGENTS— Wanted—$75per month to one good Agent for each County lo the United states, to introduce our PATENT CLOTHES LINE. SS?!5i55Vi4 o, S uwtion ** Ba address the AMERICAS WIRE COMPANY* 149 Broadway. N. 7. A GENTS Wanted The Emoty xl Sleeve” and “The Better Land.” two finest, choicest and beet selling s*eel engravings aver publish ed In America. Best Judge* pronounce them “the finest creation* of modern art.” Commissions unusually large. Sales ditto. Addrea* STODDARD A CO-109 Waihlngtoc-tL, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted “ The Pictorial t\ BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND INCIDENTS 06 THE WAB.” W&rrasud the most Mtractve, faat-aaU ingbpokofiheage. Pays largest profits aodgfvee beet saauacnan when deTvered. Agent* mace KM to *IOO P€rw«k. as we wil prove. Addrea* SIODDABD et CO n 102 Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For Folsom's new Uoder/eed. LETTER A SEWING MACHINE. Price |l9 to *4O. Machtnfß sent 00 trial, p. ATKIN aON, 164 Baodolph-aL. Boom No. 6. Chicago. lIL A GENT&—Wanted—Hale and female— xx Builnessalhome No capital required. Acttva agents can make *5 dally. Adores*, wtta stamp. S. DEVEKEAUX, Drawer 6044. Chicago. XU. y A GENTS—Wanted—Male and female, ,fx evrr>wbere.loranewthlng.snreto*ellaodp«y larg* profit*. An agent made fis Id mi* ettv the nm day. Bend two stamoa for circulars, or cVI and Me. B. W. CHAkPELL. 47 Lombard Block, Chicago. A GENTS—'Wanted—Ladies and gen xi. tie men throughout th" West Ibr oar popular books and engraving*. Address or apply to W. J. HOLLAND A CO-. 38 Lomhata Chicago. A GENTa—Wanted—For the American XjL Farmer*’ BOKSE Robert Stewart, M.D*V.s. The first copy was issued January 25th and orders have already (March Ath) been received tor over TEN THOUSAND COPIES. It la noqueatlox ably’behest book on the bme (especially the Ameri can horae) extant, it pres nnlveraal satlsfacllon, and agents find in its sale a remunerative Dualnc*. where other book) cannot be sold at an. QT* Sold only by subscription. Clrcnlars showing a part of the Ulus'radons of the work, and giving full particulars, terms, 4c* sent tree on Application. J. 8. GOODMAN & CO* publishers, 3 custom House Place, Chicago, Illinois. AGENTa —Wanted—Lccal and travel ling. ihrocrhout the country. We pay good sal aries or large commissions. Address, enclosing tea cent stamp, with reference, ter particulars. P. 0. Draw er 6103. Chicago, 111. AGENTS— Wanted—For “WOMAN'S WORK IN THE CIVIL WAR" Prepared un der tbeaoprorsl ot toe sanitary and Christian Commls - slrns. T. 8. Arthur’s Magazine says: “We welcome this book most heartily saiheonlj record of Woman’s work in tbe War white makes any approach to com pleteness." Acdress ZFIGLFR. McCUHjY 4 CO* Lombard Block. Chicago. Ul. A GENTt—Wanted—To canvass for and il sell "THE HISTORY 07 ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND THE OVERTHROW OF SLAVERY," by Hon. I. N. Arnold. Tols valuable and reliable work was coamencedoverthreeyean since, with the approval of Ur. Lincoln, and was feaued in Jan’y last. Already three editions have been called for. It outsells any other work, and tbe hook being manufactured by us. we are offering agonts tbe tnott liberal ngure*. Scad toe our circular, giving optnlons of the press and lead ing men In the country. CLARE 4 CO* 80 and Washington-st* Chicago. iSoarbing. BOARDING Pleasant rooms, with board, at moderate prices, at 310 State-et. T>OAKDING—Two gentlemen and their JD wives can obtain board at 163 Mlcnfgan-av. None but those wishing flrst-claas accommodations need apply. Call at once. T>OAKDING—A gentleman and wile 1 J wishing to make p-rmtnent arrangements for board, can find pleasant rooms on illchlxaa-av* north ot Twelltb-st* in a small private family, with only three boarders, by addressing MRS. LUND. Box 613. T>OARDING —A young Frencti lady, U who has recently been bereft ol her husband, can accommodate four gentlemen of respectability with board. German or Freoch preferred. References re quired. For further particulars addresi “Mrs. A E," or call at 355 Chmch-st* North Bide. Chicago. TVOARDING—Two pleasant rooms to II let with board, neb suitable for gentleman and wife, in a private family, In good brick lease, at 363 West Madlson-st. T> CARDING—G#od board, with fur |> nlsbed rooms, within five minutes walk of Post office, can be had at No. 18 Fouith-ar. TVOARDINQ—A Jady music teacher J_> having a piano can be room board, ana one or two pupils, at 1 1 5 statost. Alsou few day boarders at moderate prices ***** —a gentleman and wife Eminent board with private family in on Michlgan-av* north of Jackson st* car address ♦’JACKSON," Tribune office. f HOARDING —First-class private board ) Ink house. 137 Fourth-ay. By the day or week. J. HUNGATE. TJOAHPING—Two gentlemen can be AJ accommodated with board and pleasontroomat 84 Adame-rt. Atoo two day boarders. T>OARDING—NiceIy tnrmshcd rooms Jjvo real with orwlthoatpoardatgl Foafth-av. T> OARDING—With furnished rooms at II 153 Eat Madlson-at. BOARDING —Good board and pleasant room* can be obtained af Brier* Hon*e No. J» 88 Monroe-* t, Also day boarders accommodated, O. B BIGGS, prop’f. BOARDING —A small private family would rest two or three rooilu, furnished* with board, to gentlemen. A pleasant location on Wees Washington-it. References required. Dinner at 5V- Address ** WABSaX." F. O. Box 3498. BOARDING —A few respectable bcaid ert wanted at 81 East Adatns-at. TJOARDING—Two nice parlors, nnfor -13 nlshed. to rent with board, at 366 Weit Kan* dolph-st. References repaired. ‘DOAHDINQ—Two or three wntlemen X 3 can find flm-c!aw day board at 113 Mlchlgan- 33oata ©Elanteb. T>OARD —With a furnished room, for a ■3 gentleman and wife, near Washington Park. Modem Improvements required. Address **B 11 8,~ Trlbnne Office, stating ter ms and fall particular*. T>OARD—Between now and May Ist, J 3 for a gentleman and wile, on the West Side. None bot those bavlrg good suites of room*, m doitraole lo calities, need answer. Adores* “8,"44S Wet Wash Ington-sV. TJO'ARD—a young lady wishes to O procure board In a private fkmlly, wherg there are no other hoanlert- T^^**® 1 glvai. Addrwt -M. C.” F. O- P° x 6031. Chicago. T3OARD—A gentleman and wile de _l3 sire board, with well furnished oarlor and rtSmlS Sonth SWe. north of Van Bunn audeaatof StaSSt Address, stating location, price and foil par- Tribune Office. B"oaRD-A gentleman and wife want board In a doletlaml'T. Best reierenee dvra. Address, stating terms, “J fl B, 79 South Water-st, Boom 2. BOARD— Prom May Ito Oct. 1, for sell, wlie, and boy 11 years old. 1 being sberat one quarter of the time. Must be in private family, or wbere there are not more than two or three coatees boarding, and la a d-sirable part ol Michigan or Wa bash-av. Would require two famished room,, will give all the refotenee desired. Address 80x3936; giving came and pianoo. nro RENT—Pianos. For sale and to J rent, new and second-hand pianos, at the sgeDcy ofHaztltenA Bro.’s Pianos, DxE’S Plano Booms. 104 L'aadolph-st. T?OR SALE—And to Kent—New and JC second-band Pianos and Melodeons; repairing azd tuning promptly att«mded to by competent wora man who ihovoughly understand the theory and prac tlrmbUltyrfPiano Porte making—at the Chicago Plaa* Factory Ko. 73 Market*!* corner of WaahiagtoMC T7OH SALE—One second-band piano, in M! ko«d order, for flOO; one melodeos for SIS. phuum aa* aetodeoas to rent, at 17# Madison, corner La- SaUost. WM. CAhPBB.