Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 10, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 10, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Napoleon’s Position on the Luxemburg Question. Prospects of the English Re form BilL As Unfortunate Split in the Liberal Party. The Fenian Trials Com menced. One of the Prisoners Tunis Queen's Evidence. FROM WASHINGTON. Pardon of Ex-Governor Vance of North Carolina. Secretary Seward’s Action in Be- half of Maximilian. Work of Ike Senate in Executive Session. The Bosnian Treaty Hati- lied. General Capron, of Illinois, Nomi nated for Commissioner of Agriculture. RECONSTRUCTION. Encouraging despatches from Generals Pope and Ord. Besult of General Sickles’ Con ference with the Governors of North and South Carolina. Parish Election Nullified by General Sheridan. FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH • Groat Britain. tee Luraatnuco question. London, April 9—Evening. It Is now known that Napoleon, deeming the possession of Luxemburg indispensable for the unitary security ofthc French frontier, not long since commenced negotiations with the King of Holland tor the purchase of the Grand Duchy and Its incorporation with the French Empire; but as the Fortress of Luxemburg, which is one of the strongest fortifications in Europe, is held by a IVoßEtnn garrison, the Prussian Government, lucked by the whole of tTennany, firmly object to tin transfer of the Dnchy to France, the King of Ealand has withdrawn from any for the negotiations on the subject. Tne Frmcb Emperor insists that his propositions __ rhal be carried ont and the treaty completed. 'The national pride of France has been deeply wcooded, a wild anti-Prussian feelllug has Bitten in the country. Meanwhile both Prussia and France arc making military preparations. Thielhreatenmir state of affairs is the cause of the finaidal panic v hlcb now exists la London, Pans ■and ill the priijclpal centres of Europe. mi. sxrocai question. London. April 9—s. m, _ T he Liberal narty in the Ho*>»e oi Commons have sp.’il on the B-form question. 11 is now inrngbt that tic .'Derby Government is safe. FKNXAS TRIALS. Dublik, April 9. The trials or the Fenian prisoners on the charge •of high treason commenced here yesterday, hat were to-dsy postponed until the 22d instant. Xbe prisoner Massey baa (arsed Queen's evidence. Prance. •COKCZLIATOnr SPEECH FHOK THE XAKQUIS JOE The Marquis de Monstier has made a very con ciliatory speech, which has greatly lessened tbe panic of yesterday. Turkey* tciikise jumsixn to the csited states. CorsTAsnxomE, April 9. X. D.Dlacqne, fenneriy Turkish Consul Gen eral at Naples, lias been appointed Euvoy o r the Buhlimc Foite to tbe United States of America. Latest Foreign nukets. FCtAECIAti. T 4nrll f I.osnox, April 9—Noau. ■COEPcIf, MR ; 5-tOe. 74R; IMnoU Central shares, 76*; Erie,Sfß. Lnxnojf, April 9—2 p. m. Conscls declines to 99; bonds, 7*i ; ilhasls Central sham, 77. Losnox. Aortl 9—Evening. Consols, 90. Q, 5-39*. 74R; li.lnols Centra] ebarej. 77: Erl-, 57. mWTTI-TIT.. Xjteepool, April 9—Noon. Flour, SSs 9d; California wheat 13s 9d; barley, 4s fid: caf, Sd 4<L Provltlooß are generally unchanged. Refined petro leum, It 5-. 1 . LrreEPOon, April 9—2 p. m. Breadstuff* firmer; tending upwards. Wheat ad vanced Sd; No. 1 red Milwaukee at Us 91 Com ad vanced fid; mixed Western at 425. Littemol, April 9—Evening. 1 Cotton closed quiet with no appearance ot improve ment. Solesof'he flay 5.090 bales. Middling upland* it isJ*d; Orleansat 12V.'d- Tbe Manchester market for goods and yams is dull, rlth a declirmc tendency. Breadstuff? active and buoyant. Corn at 4M Sfl per piarter for mixed Western. B.rley 4*64 per 62 as. >ats—Canadian aid American at 3s 5d per 43 its. ?ca? at 43< for Canadian. Provisions arebasred. i Produce—Fine rosin at 17s V cwt. Other articles un thonged. FEOM ASHIKGTOS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Washikotos, April 9. SESATE—EXECUTIVE BUSINESS. Host of the Executive Session to-day was given to the consideration of the Bnssian •jeaty. Ex-Senator John P. Stockton, of Sew Jersey, nominated for the Aus trian mission, was reported against almo»t ananimously by tbe Committee on Foreign Rela tions, and will be rejected to-morrow. General Horace Capron, of Illinois, was nominated as Commissioner of Agriculture. Be entered the Army in 18CS as Colonel of the Fourteenth Illinois tnandca Brigadier General, and com- Georgia for nearly two years. His case will h 6 considered te-morrow. It Is thought be will be confirmed, though there is much opposi tion on the part of many Senators, not to 'General Capron personally, but be cause his nomination interferes with their own arrangements. tioL Meredith’s case came np again, and after debate was confirmed by nine majontj. The reconsideration of the Rousseau case was taken np and carried, Urns leaving the whole question open, and hie rejection 10-morro w sot improbable. There was no further action in Kilby Smith’s case. THE ItCSStASf TBEATT. The Russian treaty was ratified after a protract ed debate. Thirty-eight or thirty-nine Senators were present. It is understood that only four or five voted against it. Among them the names of Fessenden and Ferry arc mentioned. One Sena tor wanted to amend, bnt tale was resisted on the ground that it could not be done. The State De partment np to a late hour, declines' to allow the publication of tbe treaty, saying that It mast he first ratified by Russia. SECRETABT BEWAILS A3TD XAZDOLIAX. A few days since the Austrian Emperor sent a telegram direct to Count Wydenbruck. his Min ieter here, -directing him to say to Mr. Seward thatlhc Emperor's brother was sniroimdtd by the Liberals m Mexico and his life imperilled, and to ask the Secretary, in the Emperor’s name, to in terfere to save him; that he asked this ot ns as it was the only Government in a position to accom plish anything. Mr. Seward at once despatched a message to Juarez, requesting him to let Maxi milian get away as quietly and easily as possible. It is significant (bat the Austrian Emperor did nut speak of v«TtmiHan by any title, bnt simply as •“my brother-” CEREHAL ntTTLEn. There is a report this evening, which seems to have some foundation, that the friends of John ILbuiratt are trying to make arrangements for General Butler’s services In the coming trial. Aim iron’s Brronx. The March report of tbe Second Auditor shows that there are in hla office 507,510 unsettled claims, ot which 514.433 arc for arrears of pay, bounty and additional bounty. mm sales. Report? show (hat the disposal of public lands in the extreme Western and Southwestern Slates Lave been unusually large this spring. While some sales have been for cash a greater part have been for actual settlement. roon ron the south. Governor On- has written a letter saving that it x' 111 require the importation of a hundred thou sand bushels ot corn to subsist the people of South Carolina till the next harvest, of which one fourth mmt he distributed gratuitously. ASoxnzn chicle. It is given out that soon after the adjournment «r the Senate—?ay week after next—the President will swing over to New York lor about a week, lie will be the guest ot a private citizen, and in tends to have nothing to do with politics, and will LOtmake a speech under any consideration. ADJOUHKKEKTOF THE SENATE. Anumher of Senators have left,and more goto- morrow. All ire anxious to adjourn, sod the sea cion Hill probably close this week. aobiopltoual agent. Washington. Apili 9.-l3iac Newtxm, comnus. slonner pf ArricnUnre, has appointed Theodora C. Peters, of Maryland. an arentto al&lii the 41 »• tnbmion of seeds in the South; to prtiect lls's of Southern statistical correspondents, and to co operate In the bfpaultation and Improvement .of Southern agriculture. SCBTETOB GENERAL OF MONTANA. Ibo Senate baa confirmed the nomination of General So!. Meredith as Surveyor General of jjoMa'ia and Idaho, oy a large rots. rannos or rx-oovEßNott vance, op south oauo- lik a. Tbe President this morning tsiued a warrant of psrdcn to Z. B. Vance, late Governor of North Carolina. The pardon was issue X upon the recommendation of Senatois Henderson, Davis Sanlobarr. Patterson, Pooler, Johnmn, Wilson, Perry, Boss, Ramsey. Yai*s, Sherman, cragin and Norton: Itenresentatives Phelps, Van Acuen, Marshall, McUmlogb, Archer, Niblactc, Wood, Kerr, Brooks, Van Pinmp. Holman, Cnau l«r« hluDgeu. Seeiy, Stevens. Noel!. DennDoo, Nicholson. Eldridgo, Burr, Glossbrcuner. Mor rissey, Roes, Robinson. Claik and Icgersotl; Governors Bramlctte, Sharker, Parsons; Mayor Hofiman, 11. Webster, A. Hi Garland, Horace Greeley, and Her. Pam Baglcy. UNITED STATES POTIIEJCS COtmT. In the Supicme Court, the argument in the De Hovo,, 1 and Case was continued to-day, and will probably occupy several more days. MtUTAHT TRANSFERS. Brevet Major «v. J. Tare log,Corps of Engineers, has been transferred horn the Department of the East to tl.e i>(.-partmcnt ol Dacotah. First Lieu tenant R. E. Petrlteeu. of the Corps of Engineers, luiß he n o-dered to the Department of the Platte. Snrcvon DcWJtt C. Peters is relived trom duty In (be Dei artmentol Washington and ordered to SL Louis to report by letter to toe Medical Director's Department, Missouri, to accompany a detach ment of reernits to New Mexico- At New Mexico he will report to the Commanding General and Chief .Medical Officer ol that District for assign went CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS* Washington. April 9. SENATE. Mr. TRUMBULL introduced a resolution, which was adopted, directing the Secretary of War to furnish the Senate a list of the names of volunteer officers now in the service of tbe Government, their rank and particular duties assigned to them, and that be may inform the Senate under what law they are retained, and whether some of them may not he dispensed with without detriment to tt>u public service. Mr. ANTHONY ofieied a resolution proposing new ruler .that nil resolutions callingon the Execu tive or acy department for information shall be referred to one standing committee to inquire into the probable cost of furnishing the required information. Mr. ANTHONY eald each calls were frequently made without knowing the cost Involved, cierks Laving to be tmoloyed for weeks to prepare transcripts, sometimes ot little value. It would he well to ascertain the amount of labor required on Mich, and whether the result would justify the outlay. " Mr. TRUMBULL suggested that the resolution be referred to the Committee on Priming, and It took that direction. Mr. THAYER said it would be recollected that during the last sess'on of tho Thlny-nluth Con mess, the Senator from Ohio, (Wade) offered a insolation making an inquiry of the President of the United States, In regard to the absence of Alexander Cummings. Governor of Colorado, from Ibat Territory, and how long be bad been abseil. That resolution was modified before it passed to call for information regarding the absence of other Territorial officers from their posts. Mr. THAYER would now inquire whether any response has yet been received to that resolution. Tbe Chair replied: “No reply has been re ceived.’’ Mr. THAYER offered a resolution that the Free* Idem be requested to inform ibe Senate when Al exander Cunim ings was appointed Governor of Colorado Territory; how moch of the time said nmmlngs nas been absent from the Territory since his appointment, and whether by permission or not. ana how much of said time he was absent * ith permission, and whether on pnblie basinets or not; and whether his salary has been paid to him dunes his absence or not, and bow much has been paid nim as eaiary for the time he has been absent. Mr. THAYER said he bad been informed by a gentleman who had an opportunity of knowing ibe facts, that Governor Cummings, who was appointee Governor less than two years ago, has been absent from the Territory during that time, tic was cow absent, having been here aomefoor month*. He therefore regarded it bis only to bring this case to the notice of the Senate, lie Lnew Judges of the Territory to he absent Tear after year, and to go ont to them now and then, as ft were, on pleasure trips. Such absences have become so habitual as to require the inter position of Congress. Ur. BUCKALEW desired the resolution to go over till to-morrow. Uc should regret to have the resolution passed and the Senate adjourn without a response from the President, and with the ex parte statement of the Senate before the country. > here were explanations to be riven as far as Governor Cummings* present absence was con cerned. The CHAIR said as objection was made to the consideration of the resolution. It would go over | Air. ANIHONY submitted an order that 2,001) copies of the Army Register be printed for tbeoae of the Senate. The order was referred to the Com mittee on Printing. On motion of Mr. RAMSEY, the Senate went Into Executive Session. RtCOSSIROCTIOX. Result of General Sickle*’ Conference • wuh the Governors of North aud South Carolina A Galon Meeting Broktn Up la Virginia—Eucoaraglng Despatches from Generals Pope and Ora—General Schofield’s Registration Order. New Yens. April 9.—The Herald's Charleston t-pedal says the conference between General Sickles ana the Governors of his district. North and Soulh Carolina, ha* resulted In an amicable agreement.- Ibe Governors will continue to ap point officers to fill vacancies which have bereto tore been filled by Executive appointments. No elections will be held at present, aud the registra tion of voters will proceed. Ibe IT-raids Marlon, Smytbc County. Va., cor i cspondence says: *• a Union meeting held here on the 19;b ultimo, was broken up and dispersed by armed men, who organised a mee'ing and passed resolutions denouncing Congress and urging as- the sense of the meeting ttm the Presi dent t-bonid nse bis military power to protect the people ot the Sonth against Congressional usur pation. These resolutions were presented to the pnbtithcrof a Union paper in the town. Uere i used to pnb'isb them, and was informed tbit it “OuldLot he sale for him to publish any other •eport of the meeting. General Schofield was in :ormcd of the aiialr. arda Lieu:enaut, without tioops, arrived on Saturday to investigate toe mailer.” Washikotok, April 9.—Despatches just received from Cenetule tickles. Pope and Ord state tbit g-eat enthusiasm prevails among the people, and nae is apparently a strorg determination to carry unuincood faith. the Rccoug’rncfion act. The better portion of the people deprecate Sharkey’s action in attempting to interpose before the tin '.rente Coon. A cue sr a, Ga.. April 9.—The following des patches have oeen received from Washington: To toe Editors of tbe Ct-ron>cleand Sentinel: 1 file a bill in the Supreme Court to-morrow for the :cliel oi Geoigia. (Signed) Chas. J. JEsrcnrs. Tbe mass meeting of the Freedmen called for •c-morrow has been postponed until Saturday. Raising here at) day. New Onxxiss, April 9.—Special Order No. 7, in reference to tbe election ot public officers, in not having been received in tbePanshof Living ston to prevent an election previously ordered here, and the same having been held contrary to cirectiors roolaiD*-d in that oidcr, the election is .hmuore declared nail ana void. Tbciollowirg order of General Schofield’s is pL-bliebed in tbe Richmond papers of April G: UEADqUAnfECS FlttSl DISTRICT, ) STATE OP VnusnriA, >• Ricnaiosp, Va., April ± 1607.1 [Extract] Special Orders No. i.J 1. A board cl officers is hereby appointed to se lf ct and recommend to the Commanding General tor appointment, peisona to f.'rm Board* of Reg istration throughout this District, as required by tbe act of March 22,18G7. Tbe persons required will he one Registering Officer for each Magisteri al District of a county or ward of a city, and two, fonr or six for the county or city at large, accord ing to the size of the county or city, so as to form, with tbe Registering Officers of the several Dis tricts or wards, one. two, or three boards of regis tration for the county or city. An officer of the army or Freedmen’a Bureau will. If possible, he seketed as a member of each board, and the other two » ill he selected from the following classes of persons, viz.: let. Officers ot the Uni : cd States army or of volunteers, who have been honorably discharged after meritorious services during the late war. 2d. Loyal citizens of the county or city for which they are selected. 3d. Any other loyal citizens having the proper qualifications. These boards must he composed of men who not only arc now, but always have been, loyal to the Government of the United States; men of nigh character and sound impartial judgment, acd, as far as possible, men who bare the confidence of all classes of dozens. No rrgt-iering officer shall be a candidate for any elective office while holding the office of register ing officer. With their recommendations for ap pointment, the Board will report to the Com manding General a brief of tbe testimonials and other evidence upon which their selections are based. The Board will report from time to time their selections for particular counties or cities, without waiting to complete the list. WISCONSIN LEGISLATURE. [Special Deep atch to the Chicago Tribune.] Masisos, VTls., April 9. SENATE. few unimportant measures remaining'ohcnacted, and there is every prospect that everything will be finished np eo that the Legislature will adjourn on Thursday. A large number of unimportant bills were gone through wiihlast night and to-day. The follow ing is (be action of general interest: Tbe Senate last evening adopted a resolution in favor of the Blaine bill for reimbursing the expensed oi loyal Stales In raising volunteers. A presentation was made In an appropriate speech by Senator Webb of a silver tobacco-box :o Senator Wheeler, the oopolar President pro >an. of the Senate. This- forenoon tb6 Committee on Education re ported against the passage o. the bill to establish on institute for the education of idiots. The Select Committee on the indebtedness of Rock County to the State made a report censuring tbe action of the Supervisors in refusing to levy a portion of the Stole tax assessed by the Suite Board of Eqoallzation for 18C5, illegally assessed. The report maintains thatslC,&S2 remain due, and recommends that ono-half ho assessed and col lected with the State tax of 28G7, and one-half with the State tax of 16(18. The Assembly resolution asking Congressional cid for tbe improvement of Portage Lake and Hirer was concurred in. Senate Dill? were passed appropriating $5,003 for the Milwaukee Hospital; $5,000 each to the tit Rose, Si. Amelkins, tit. Joseph and Milwaukee Orphan asylums in Mniwankee; tit. Mary Orphan Asvium for girls in Wankesba County, and St. Mary Hospital in Milwaukee; topumsn the driv ing oi iron into logs to be sawed for lumber, and :o regulate insurance companies organized under the laws of tsis State A large lumber of A«sembly hills were con* rGrnd is; among them one in relation to Count; Superintendents of the Poor; to facilitate tbs sc* nunc of judgments in certain cases; to redoes the price of swamp lands in certain cases; toes* taollsh a Stale Board ot Immigration, consisting ot ibe Governor, Secretary of Stale, and three others, and to prohibit the picking and sate of an* ripe cranberries: to appropriate to the Hosnltal for the Insane (40,000 for current expenses, and (55.0C0 for the completion of the west wing; to provide fur taxing telegraph comptumies. Bills were defeated to incorporate the Eight- Hour League; to provide for (be publication ot the list ot Agncnltoral College lands ; to increase the pay of jurors to two dollars per day. Senator dholes, from the Committee on Fl* nance, made a report, stating the amount necessa ry to meet the State expenses at (916.210. Tnc probable revenue tax would be ($41,214; if which (169.304 is already required to be levied. The committee reported a bill to levy a State tax of (475,000. Ihe Senate this afternoon killed the idiotic Asylum Bill—ls to 12—and) also passed a (large number of unimportant bt also concurred in the Assembly Ml' to prohibit the opening ot daccc bouses and ten pin alleys on Sundays; to proude for the education of State Prison convicts. ASSEMB !«V. Tbe Assembly last evening concurred, by 72 to 19. in the bill appropriating (S 3 OOJ ior tbe completion of the work on the rotunda or too Capitol, and xetused to order to a tulrd reading the bill appropriating (25,000 to bay wood land for a hospital for the insane. ... The Committee on Banks reported against the bill for theTellef of curtain banks whoso circula tion notes the State had redeemed. The Assembly adopted a joint resolution in favor of exempting bookß,|ncwspaperß, and ma terials used ta their construction, from tax and Senate bill was concurred in appropriating (30,(H0 to the Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home; niiowing the Milwaukee &SU Pam Railroad Company to- €lj im (\o vo~||:x. own ah c\ in the rxa„ie du Chi -.a Railroad Cum pftny. Hie Senate amendment to the Assembly till prohibiting railroad consolidations was concurred in, thus limiting prohibition to the Northwestern Railroad. , The bill relating to the charter of the Black River Falls Improvement Company wasmdeu. nitely postponed. . ' Assembly Villa, after a ebarp contest, passed, amending section 4. chapter 12. R. S., concerning regie trillion and removals from office; amend ing! be AfsessmentLaw; to authorize Iterating ol a tar at annual town meeting: for the rcllel of destitute soldiers and their families; lor a more efficient collecting of license fees. A resolution passed both Houses asking Con- Seas to aid in opening a canal from Pottage to .fee Superior. The Trustees of the Hospital for thelcsauehada mcclirg to-day. but did co important business, and adjourned to the first Tuesday in May. This county (official) gives Judge Cole 3,0 J 7 votes, and Welherbee 859 for Supreme Judge. THE ELECTIOHS. municipal. StENDOTA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l Menpota, 'April 9. The first election under our municipal charter grantedbythe last Legislature was held in this place to-day. The contest for Mayor and Aider men was oc the Temperance ls«ne.a*id the Mayor and nine of tbe twelve Aldermen elected are In favor of prohibiting the liquor traffic. Boyd Lowe, the *1 etnpcrancc candidate for Mayor, was elected by twenty-seven majority. the farmers have commenced sowing wheat in some places. srnnfuriELD. ' [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Springfield. 'April 9. Tbe Democrats elected their ticket to-day, with tie exception of City Clerk, 0. McKinstrey. who was elected by I*o majority. N. M. Broad well, the Democratic candidate for Mayor, received 259 majority over General John Cook, the Republican candidate. The Democratic majorities ranged Irom 4 to 239. i be City Council stacds C to 0, the same as last year. KALAICAZOO, MICS. Ealahazoo, Ann! 9.—The Republicans carried tbe charter election at Kalamazoo, yesterday, by a large majority. NEW JERSEY ELECTIONS. The Republicans carried the charter election in Newark, N. J.. yesterday, and tbe Democrats carried Trenton and Morristown. New Brunswick, N, J., April 9.— Miles Rosa, Democrat, was cboscu Mayor. The Democrats carry a majuii'y of tbe chy council. ALBANY, N. Y. Albany. Aprils.—TneChu ter election resulted in the election of the Democratic City ticket by 1,000 to 1,700 majority. The Democrats elected 0 of the 10 aldermen and 7 of the 10 supervisors. The Board of Aldermen cow stands a tie. I.OCKPORT, N. Y., April 9 —Jae. Jackson, Jr., was elected Mayor, and the whole Democratic Ctty ticket. OFFICIAL TOTE OP CALHOUN COUHTT, 3£ICH. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Matibitall, Mich., April 9—8:50 p. m. The official canvass of Calhotm County gives the followfagßepnbllcan majorities: Graves,Justice of the Supreme Court, 1,654; Gilbert and Burt Re gents of the University, 1,251; Marble, Superin tendent of Common Schools. 1,109; Holmes. Hen derson and Willard, Constitutional Convention delegates, a large majority—l,lo9. Tee Board of Supervisors stands 17 Rconbli cans and 7 Democrats, a Democratic gain of l. SUPREME COURT OF ItLISOIS. [Special Despatch tolhc Chicago Tribune.] Ottawa, Hi., April 9. SS. This case was argued lor deicndan'a in error by Goodwin & Lamed, and taken under ad visement by the Court, 29. Submission set aside. 52. Submitted by appellee on briefs to be filed. 44. Submitted by defendant and taken on call, 61. Submitted by appellee on briefs to be filed. 83. Taken on call. 86. Taken on calL 69. Token on call. 91. Submitted by appellee on briefe to he filed. 93. Takeuon call. 9L Taken on call. 95. Submitted by defendant in error on briefs to be filed. 97. Appeal dismissed. HI. Sni mitted by appellee on briefs to be filed. 129. Submitted by appellant on briefs to be filed. 354—Submitted by appellant on briefs to be filed. 191—Rule fer abstract time extended till the 32 th. 225—Submitted by appellant on briefs to be filed. 223—Appeal dismissed, and leave to withdraw record. 232—Submitted by appellee on briefs to be filed. SSl—Submitted by appellee on briefs on file. 239—Submitted by appellant on briefs to be filed. n>o—Joslah L. James vs. Mony. Submitted by both parties on briefs on fl’e. Iherc are only six more cases to be submitted to make the required number of 135. Upon the second call on the docket there will he fifteen called. Probably the first call of the dock et will dose to-morrow. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Fatal Shooting Affray—Commissioner* for ibe Southern Penitentiary not to be Appointed —Railroad Blatters— Coal Vein Discovered. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! SrnrsQriEi.p, 111., April 9. A shooting affray occurred here last night. The facts are as follows: Mr. Hi*nry Bonn was walking on Fiflh street with a lady, near the comer of Jefferson street. He was assaulted by Frank Clsywell. Mr. Bnnn retreated some die* unce, ana on being followed tip by Claywelt, drew a pistol and shot him In the abdomen. CJ»y well died this morning about ten o’clock. Bonn immediately pare htmselt op and is now In jail to await examination. The Governor refuses to appoint the Commis sioners to locate and hnild a Penitentiary in Southern Illinois, on the ground that the law re quires that they shall he confirmed by tbe Senate, ai das tbe Legislature adjourned oofore their names could be sent in, be decides that he has no power to appoint. The new Canal Commission ers and Warden of tbe Penitentiary will probably :ay over under (ho same ruling. The freight tram hound east on the Toledo, Wa bash J; Great Western Railroad was thrown from the track last evening on tbe bridge at Jamestown. The passengers were transferred at the bndee to day. with eiicht delay. Tbe tracklsnovraliclear. The stocbboldei s of tbe Pekin, Lincoln & Deca tur Railroad Company will meet at Lincoln on the 22d instant, to organize and open the books for subscription to the capital stock. An immense vein of coal has been discovered near Lincoln, 111., at a depth of lUS leet (bom the surface. FROM ST. PAUL. Near City Connell Inaugurated—Over land ITlail Contract—Body Found, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sr. Paul, Minn., April 9. Tne new’ City Council for tbe ensuing year or ganized to-day, and Mayor Otis was inaugurated. W. P. Murray was re-elected President; B. W. Lott, Clerk : John Roche, Comptroller; Michael Nash. Ward Inspector; O. F. Ford, Sanitary In spector. Politically, the Council stands three Republicans to twelve Democrats. Bids for carrying 'he overland mail to Montana disappoint our citizens. Doblc & Ruffee hid l&LOuO, and they intend to pack it through on mules without opening a stage route for passen gers. Tbe next hid was hr Burbank & Co., the well-known stage proprietors of this city. Their proposal was ?IGJ,UOO, It is hoped that Ruffee & < o. will retire and allow it to ee transported by stage, (has opening our long talked of overland route. Tne body of a Swede named Rlchson, drowned m the upper part of the city last fall, was found to-day. FROM ST. LOUIS. Rcdnctlon In Sonntaln Freights—.Tls sonrf Navigation, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) St. Louis, April 9. The rush of the Mountain trade is over, and fr6ifl h, Afirc very week. Rale- have been reduced machinery Is cn route from New York fortttofi •ana. which will go forward daring (he coming wiek. The railroad facilities west from Cnicago have also diverted much of the Montana trade Jormerlv enjoyed by St. Lonls. It is reported that a military trial of Captain Meinell, for killing tbe private by kicking recent ly at Jefferson Barracks, will shortly be held. The Minsonri River l.« open from St. Joseph to •’ouncil Bluffs and Omaha. The Hannibal & St. Joseph packets are now running regularly. FROM MILWAUKEE. Arrest of Would-be Insurance Swln* dlers. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Milwaukee, April 9. Herman Grotlc and Francis Cohn, two clothing merchants, were arrested (bis evening for a? tempting to fire their store, containing good.-; *hich were Insured largely above their value. THE LOWER MISSISSIPPI. nc*trnt-tlve Crevasses-Sugar an d Cotton Plantations Rnlncd for tHo Season— Great JL<>an of Life. New oiileaks. April B.—Tho crevasses in the river atßaton Rouge are beyond control, and all attempts to close them have occn abandoned. The richest sugar regions in the titatc are ruined tor the season. Tbe Marclgo Crevasse has completely inun dated the Clack River country, the mostp'Odnc live cotton region iu tbe South. The freeamen’s rettUm-ct, known as De Soto, has been overflown by it and eighty frevdtnen are known to have perished in the water, despite all the attempts to save them from Lhclr hapless fate. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Honors to Captain Worden, of fllonltor Fame. s*w FnANCisco, April 9.—The Board of Super visors last nig’it extended a welcome to Captain Worden, ot Monitor Merrimac fame, now in command of tbe Pensacola. They tendered tbc ‘.‘nambers of the Board on any day be may ap point to receive the citizens of ,San Francisco. State Conventlonß, Albast, April 9—The majority of the dele gates to the Democratic Convention of to-morrow have arrived. Ex-Gorcrnor Seymour declines to he a candidate lor election to the Constitutional Convention. • llaeju?nunc. April 9.—The Union State Central Committee met this afternoon and fixed Wed nesday, June 2Cth, at Williamsport, for the Stale Convention. The Labor Trouble*. FfULADELTHiA, April 9.—ibe journeymen house carpenters ceased work on Monday, being on a strike for three dollars per day. The plasterers and stone-cutters struck some time since for higher wages, but after holding oat sis weeks, have recommenced work at the old rates. The Prize Bins. New London. Cold., April 9.—At a prize fight mar her© to-day, between Rourke and Collins, the "Castlron Mao,” tbe latter was badly pun ished, hnt declared the victor in consequence of a foul blow. Sixteen rounds were fought. Eonrkc was little hurt. FROM HEW TUBE. Another Fenian Appeal—Arrival of the Great Eastern—Action of the Life Savins Apparatus Commission—hand for a Post Office Site. New Yoek, April 9.—The Stephens wing of the Fenians in this city, through their C. E. P. B has Issued another appeal in behalf of (heir enf frnng country. Uoro money and more men are wanted—particularly the former. The steamer Great Eastern has strived outside the bar, and is waiting for the huh tide. Mr. August Belmont has consented to allow his private gallery of paintings to be thrown open to the public for the benefit of the Ladies' Southern Relief Association. Orders have been received from Washington to fit out the United States store ship Relief immediately. She Is to carry a cargo of corn and other provisions to the safer ing poor of tue South. The Government Life-Saving Apparatus Com* mission met again to day. Auer a report from Cnp'ain Weeks that be had obtained a holler for testing purposes, they listened to some remarks trom Noiman Wlard on the subject of steam boil ers, in the course of which be spoke of the new boilers at the IribwM office as dangerous. ' The Commission meet to-morrow at the Dela mater Works to teat steam valves, water-gauges, &c. ’ Among Ibc passengers per Great Eastern were Cyrus w. Field, M. do Chaillu, the celebrated Anicao traveller, and BUhop Jackson, of lows. The steamers City of Antwerp. Baltic, Ottawa, and Brlltannia arrived to-day. The deed Don the corporation to the United States for land In the City Hall Parte, for a Post Office site, was executed by the city authorities tu-dsy. Two alleged broken, named Robert K. Sterling' and Robert Wlebort, were brought before the Conit todsy, charged with having in their possession s'olen bonds to the amount of *200,000, on the tenth of December last, the property or the Boyal Insurance Company, ol Liverpool. Neither of them are supposed-to be tbs thieves. After examination, Wlsnartwaa discharged and Sterling admitted to hail in|lo,ooo lor a further examination. Fire.. Cairo, HL, April o.—An old two-story frame house on the comer of Washington avenue and Third street, the property of P. Mocklcr, occu pied by colored families, was. with tho household i fleets entirely destroyed by fire at 6 o’clock yesterday evening. No Insurance, Easton. Pa., April 9.—A very large fire oc curred at Wiltresbsrre this morning. It la report ed that tbe whulcof Market street, trom the Court House to tbe bridge, is in ruins. Wilkes barke, April 9.— The fire to-day de stroyed twenty buildings. Loss, $100,000; insu rance, *50,000. Tbe Itfcord and tbe Times offices were among (he buildings burned. The Wyoming Bank was saved. Easton, Pa.. April 9.—The St Bernard Catho- Jc Church cook fire this afternoon and was totally destroyed. Loee, 130,000. Anniversary or JLoc’s Surrender* Schzxzotady. N, Y., Apitl D. — The anniversary of Lee's Bimcndcr was celebrated to-day with wreat eclat. Titusville, Pa.. April 9.—The event of the day here Is the celebration of Lee's surrender to Grant, in which all Ibe honorably discharged sol diers and sailors of this city- and yicinity partici paled. There were bonfires and illuminations, and srest5 rest enthusiasm was manifested. Over two hnn red veterans of the war partook of a splendid banquet at the Bnsh House, where louts and speeches were the concluding exercises of the evening. Buffalo, April 9.—The second anniversary of the surrender of Lee was celebrated here to-day. Delaware Senator. Wxuungton, Del., April 9.—Governor Sanls bnryhas appointed James A. Bayard, of Wil mington, United States Senator, to fill the vacan cy caused by ths death of Mr. Riddle. He will take bis seat at once. Senator Sauleburv passed through this city last night on hie way nome. If be resigns be will probably be succeeded by bis brother, now Gov ernor. The Icc In filad&lnac Strait*. Drrnorr, April 9.—A private letter from Little Travert-e Bay, dated March 37th, states that the ice In tbatreglon remained good, and teams were evety day departing for Mackinac. The weather was very cola. BOARD OF HEALTH. Appointment of |Health Officer, Sani tary Inspector ami Police* (be City and Vicinity to he Topo graphically mapped. An adjourned meeting of the Board of Health was held yesterday morning at the Mayor's office. Present—ills Honor Mayor Klee, in the chair, and the nembeia of the Board. EXALTS POLICE. The Committee on Sanitary Police, appointed <o select suitable persons to serve as a police or vanltary Squad, submitted the following names recommended for appointment: South DMston— H. N. Alexander, Samuel Wil son, Michael White. W. O. Lndlow, Captain James Fmnncan. E. L. O'Hara. West ZHvition—H. Oefcrman, L. S. House, Mo tea Cobb. George Sterling. Charles Enswonh. Utrth JHvuion— James Keefe, Alex. White, John Hctlisger, George Vocke, 8. Cronae. On motion, the report was adopted, and the above named gentlemen were appointed, the term of office being fixed afone year. BarnrAßT manners. Dr. Ranch, the Chairman of the Sanitary Com* mince, reported that after carefully Investigating *bc subject of dividing the city into Sanitary Dis* .tide, they found that the only practical way of rcccmi.liehlng the desired object waj tS divide be large !uiu iwb districts'. Tho commit tee, therefore, recommended the formation of twenty-two Sanitary Districts, and the increase of -unitary Inspectors to the same nnmhtsr, >he expense nut to exceed the maxi mum contemplated In the resolution passed by the Board several days ago. The com mittee also recomiuccdcd the purchase of maps of the city for the use of the Inspectors, and Baila ble bauges. The report stated that arrangements are being made for the preparation or a geological md topographical map of the city, the towns of I akc View, Jefferson, Cicero, like and Hyde Park, without cost, which will assist materially in •olvmg many ot the problems connected with the drainage of the city, and In determining the Influ ence ol soil on disease. The committee asked for further time to report in regard to (ho proper disposal of the night soil; also. npen the best mode lor the disposition of the manure and other offal. Tbe report was ac cepted. &AH7TA&T DTSFECTOns. On motion, tbe following were appointed Sanl lary inspectors, making the fall camber of In rpecors twenty-two: Dr. B. McVickar, Dr. J. J*. Woodworth, Dr. E. A. F. Rolen, Dr. Mann* henner. Ur. F. W. Reilly, Dr. John McAllister, Dr. Philip Adolphus, Dr. ueorue Kellogg, Dr. T. W. Miller, Dr. John Reid. HEALTH OrriCES. On motion, the Board proceeded to ballot for the election of a Health Officer, six candidates be ing named tor the position. The vote resulted In the election of Ambrose Burnham, who was ap pointed to the position ot Health Officer for one rear. Sergeant Charles Jennings was detailed to act as Sergeant of the Health Department Tbe Board then adjourned till this afternoon at four o’clock, ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. monthly meeting—Donations—meteor ology—Source of Water in the hakes* The regular monthly meeting of the Chicago Academy of Sciences was held in their rooms in Metropolitan Block, on Tnesday evening, tbe President, Geo. C. Walker, Esq., la the chair. MEMBER ELECTED. Prof. K. Bell, of Canada, was elected a corre sponding member of the Institute. VETEOnOLOOIOAL OBSEnVATIONS. A letter was read from Prof. Henry, of the Smithsonian Institute, proffering hie assistance in making meteorological observations, suggesting, however, that ihey be made In connccDon with the astionomical observatory at the University, those conducting It to be made members of the Institute. Dr. Roncb stated that tbe Superintendent of tbe Chicago & Northwestern Railroad had oifered to tarnish the Institute fail mcfeorological notes * Slfl-onlVl! dirViuf wMltt C “ C1 B 0 i r * Eouch moved that the necessary meteoro logical blanks he procured and furnished to sue’’ roads as wonld make observations «n/> ••—•uiner roads be requested to fuuiiu toe Society with similar information. The motion prevailed. 1 be letter from Professor Henry was referred to ibe Committee on Meteorology, to report at the next meeting. The Secretary read the following listoi dona tions to the Museum and Library since the last meeting: From the Smithsonian Institution: Specimens of mfncials. and a senes oi the kinds of building o one need in the United States; a large collection nf a:tides illustrative of the ethnology of the inhes inhabiting the South Sea Islands, the wert coast of America, and the shores of tbe Arctic Sea: acd a lot of corn’s from Ibe Pacific Ocean. Prom the Scientific Corps of tbe Rasso-Amerl can Telegraph Expedition, late commanded by .Vsjor Kennicoti, sue boxes of Crustacea and ech inodermato, and 117 specimens of 61 species of coleoptcra. From the Audubon Club, of Chicago, several ikies of North American mammals. Ftom E. W. Blatchford, a par-pike three and a half feel long from Gelit-va Like. From U*-nry Dike, 3,250 specimens of 481 spe cies cfrolootitera. From Dr. Benjamin Norne, specimens of Clytus Plctns, Pupa, and Perfect Insect; Irani Pittsfield, 111. From Flint Kennicott. 10 mammals, 132 birds, and 7 fknlln; from near Chicago. Also, 415 birds, irom, F. J. Husc, Sidney A. Eent and Daniel Thompson. The Secretary amo announced the donation of a pass over the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad, to Mr. Bannister, employed by the Academy to go to Washington io assist in the arrangement ot the collection of the Rosso-Amcr- Ican *i clcgrsph Exr edition. From Charles S. Stobic, Sioux moccasins, esptored ata battle on the \cllow Stone River; Ute bow and arrows, from Middle Park,Colorado Territory; Ute tobacco ponche and Arraphcc scalp locks; and arrow beads, from old Ute bat* tie ground, Middle Park. Ihe donations to the Library since the last meeting consist of one quarto.and twcnty.two octavo volumes and seventeen pamphlets pre* serted by the Royal Bavarian Academy of Mu* nlch. Danish Scientific Association, tbe German Ornithological Society, tbc Natural History Asso ciation of Riga and Altenbnrg, the Dorris So ciety of Dresden, the Smithsonian Institution, the Essex Institute, the Agricultural Societies of Wisconsin and Illinois, tbe United States Agri cultural Department, the Young Men's Associa tion of Chicago, Uon. J. Wentworth, H. G. Loomis, Thomas Bland, R. E. C. Sterns, S. B. Buckley, J. Csssin, Dr. lapbam, and the Board of Trustees. COHHRTEE ELECTED. A committee on membership was elected, con sisting of Mr. Biatcbford, Dr. Andrews and Dr. Wooowoith. Eocrr.cES or hie cheat lakes. An iniercsting paper was read from I. A. Lapbam, 7.L. D., of Milwaukee, on “ The scour ers of tbe Water In tbe Ureal Lakes.” It took the ground that the lakes are not supplied by underground streams, as was maintained by a writer in a Chicago paper in November. 1556. Dr. Lapbam s<atea th<£grealest depth ot Lake Superior to be 795 feet, and that the writer of the article named stales Its mean depth at 1,000 feet, and the mean depth of lake Michigan at 900 feet, while ttis probably only onr-ihlrd of that. He b»>B that the wh< le quantity ol rain water failing upon the Cheat Lakes, ana the country CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 10, 1867. drained into them, will I>e found to be two or three times as much as is discharged at Niagara, and hence the wonder Is what becomes or the excess, rather than to account for a deficient supply. The thanks of the Academy were voted to Hr. Lophamforhls paper, and it was ordered to be published. _ TraoniKiAiis. Dr. Hot exhibted a number of specimens of trichina! contained In pork which was received from Janesville, Wls., where a number of petrous have suffered from disease which was supposed to be trichlEiasia. The examination of the pork showed that this was probably the cause. Tbe number or trichina was at the rate of 23,000 to the cubic inch. Alter some Interesting discussions the meeting adjourned Fine .and Police Comnssioysns.—The regular semi-weekly meeting of the Fire and Police Com missioners was held yesterday afternoon at the Central Station. Present, all the members of the Board. f Tbe resignation of J. M. Daley, as watchman at tbe house ol the steamer '’A. C. Coventry,” was accepted. Thomas Melvin was appointed and sworn in to fill the vacancy thus created. An appropriation of $575 was ordered for tbo purchase or two horses from Monger & Armour

for ibe Fire Department- An application was received from the Board of Health, requesting rhat Sergeant Charles H. Jen nings bo detailed for duty in tbe Health Depart ment. Laid over. Aaron Brott was appointed Special Policeman at the freight depot of the Chicago and Croat Eastern Railway. An appropriation of $75 was ordered for inci dental expenses incurred by the Secretary. Tbe Pteeidentwaa authorized to request of tbe Common Council, in the name of the Board, power to appoint fifty men with whom to man tae euh-siatioaat Cottage Grove. Tns Moving or Buildings.—The following regulations were adopted by the Board of Public Works at the meeting yesterday: House-movers shall give a bond satisfactory to the Board, in tbe sum of SIO,OOO. No moving shall be along streets improved with tbe wooden block pavement, except only when buildings may be located on a street so paved, and (hen only so faros maybe necessary to gel 11 to the first cross street, and further with such appliances as In the Judgment of the Board may be necessary so that tbe pavement shall not be disturbed or injured. At least one day prior to the time when it is proposed to commence moving a building, appli cation must be made to the office of the Board for tbo use of such permit, when an examination shall be made as to the character and condition of the building to be moved, and tbe route of removal, and a report filed as to whether tbe permit should or should not be issued. For a permit for the removal of any one build* log tbe EUm of fire dollars shall be charged. A Cokitdsnck Mas.—George Sanders, a yonth of nineteen, assuming to have arrived recently from 80.-lon, bat who is a well-known confidence swindler, was fined fIOO for vagrancy yesterday altemoon by Justice Miliiken. When arrested be bad a stamped check upon the Firth National Hank of this city for fI,OOO. which ho attempted t 1) destroy by swallowing, oat tbe note was too large and would not go down. He was found at tbe Hock Island depot, where he was probably walling lor a victim. Alleged Addltebt.—Tbe arrest of Richard Castello, colored, and Rate Caalello, white, apon tbe charge of adultery, was mentioned in these columns yesterday. At tbe Police Court they were held for farther examination to-day—the man in bail of |SOO, and the woman !2W. it is staled that Isaac Thompson, the complainant, who is also a colored mao, married Kate at Ra cine, Wisconsin, lint aberan away to St. Louis, after a abort time, ami some time later appeared in Chicago, where she soon began to live with Castello. Both men claim to bo married to her. tr WAIT DRUTHERS Advertising Ag’U 12G Dearborn-sl.. receive advertisements for all the leading papers tbronghont tbe United States and Canadas. insurance. Income, 1866, Over Six Million Dollars! Forty-five Thousand. Folicy Holders. Statement In tnll of Business. Losses, Dividends, Ac. paid by THE CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO M of Hartiord, during year 1566, may be bad at Office of MOORE & STEARNS, GENERAL AGENTS, 1 5) LA SALLE-ST. (General Notices. Logan guards, attention.'— A meeting of the Circle will nc held ON WEDNESDAY EVENING. l!lh Instant, At their HbII corner of Wells and Bandolph-sta., AT EIGHT O’CLOCK, SHARP, for the eleetkn of officers. Members arc requested to attend. _ UY ORDER CENTRE. DEAD LET. COOK & FARLEY, Who were reported dyeing last season, arr STILL ALIVE TO Dye for the Living! Old and faded clothing made to look equal ton-w. Brice In yoorold clothes and have them Dyed and Repaired at our old Dyeing Establishment, 105* ftUUTn CLAKK-sT. N. B.—Satlsiacilcn guaranteed. SECOND-HAND DEALERS, ATTEN- O TIONI—A meeting of Second-Hand Dealers will he helo at the store or J. & 8. McNickols, 78 South Wclls-st.. THIS EVENING, t» protect tnemaelves Irom the operation of the existing City Ordinances which apply to Second-Hand Dealers and Pawn ' rokers. All Dealers are requested to attend at 8 o’clock p. m. sharp. J. A B. McNICKOLS. JJOtES! ROSES! ROSES! IN PULL BLOOM, At Hope Nursery, 055 Nortb Clark-flt. BOCQUETH, CKUSBE* AND WUEATHH. City limits snd Fulierton-av. earn pas« the Nursery. O ,1' I I TT . THE INSURANCE QUESTION. MEETING OF ISRAELITES. A Meeting of Israelites of this city, will be held on Thursday evening next, at half-past seven («*) o'clock, at Concordia Rail, Lombard Block, to take action in leferencc to circulars lately Iteued by ceruln Eastern Insurance Companies. Speakers have b«n Invited to adoress the met ting. L. RosENFELD. HY. GRRKNEBAUM, A. KUHN, A. EICOIIOLD, M. A. METER, Cblcagc, April g. 1567. Committee. A RARE CHANCE. Fertots wishing to Inven capital la a valuable In vention, will do well to call and examine It, a* No. 1114 State-st. GREAT INDUCEMENTS OFEBED. HO: FOR CALUMET The Bunting and Fishing Season has come again 1 Come and see me, at the old Chittenden Place. L7MAN AXiIsSW. T OaT DIfcCHARGES. We have received from the Second Auditor the official form ot application for additional bounty ot HOC. where soldiers have lest ttdr discharge certifi cates. Soldiers so situated should apply at once to DICKENSON & WEBSTER, AM Wasblngton-st SEiaanteb, SITUATION WANTED. I am a young man of ccod addreae, good edaentloo, and have baa nine years’ experience in dry goods; am an excellent penman and understand bookkeeping, and ran tarnish cood reletences. I want a situation as bookkeeper or salesman. Gentlemen, where shall 1 call? 0.0. OLIVER, Tribune office. -wtv y T rraa—- V ’ TO BORROW 53,000, for three years or I ear. Cowl Chicago real estate os security. GEORGE W. CLARK. Care Tribune office. istent qpo RENT— Offices In the Cliamber of Commerce* Office* Noe. 10 and 12, on main floor. Apply at Office No. IS. EGAS. L. RAYMOND. Sec’y. TO RENT—The second story and cel lar of 217 South Water-st* With approach to both In front. Office in second stoir. In front. Possession given May Ist. Apply at 217 South Water au GEORGE F. FOSTER- JHasontc Notices. TITASONIC—BIaney Lodge, No. 271, F. ItJ and A. M.—A Regular Communication ol this Lodge win he h*ld in Masonic Temple, THIS CWedne*. davl EVENING, at 1H o’clock. l l,w , Work. J. D. C. WHITNEY, Secretary. Jfov Sale. SALE— A DESIRABLE STOCK Of well-kept Good*,and the movable fixtures, together with lease cf More, at Council Hinds, lowa. Will be sold low to a cash buyer. Satisfactory reasons lor selling out. block con»lats ol Dry Goods, Notions and Saeensware. Store, comprising mala floor and cellar, xgo led, is the corner building m a three-story brick Week. Immediately opposite the principal hotel, la la One order, and one of the i eat in the city. Gash re quired, about ten thousand dollars J. U. HOFFMAN, Council Blaus, lowa. 'J'HB STOCK OF MILLIirEEY GOODS AHD viKTiravg At No. 14 Rnsb-f t., for sale. This is a pood opportunity for any one wishing to commence business. HAY FOR SALE. FIFTY TONS BEST QUALITY Prairio Bay, in Bales, oa Sock, And ready for delivery. Warranted sound all through the bides. , J- M. TUTTLE. 80 South Water-st. JDcntistrg. 'TEETH EXTRACTED i W ITUOUT PAIN, BY THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Who originated the use ot the Nitrous Oxide Gas lor the painless extraction of teeth, and have given It to 38,000 patients without accident cr lolnry. office 118 Peazboru-tt. (Times Building,) Iffeto Uujdttations. gTILL ANOTHER EDITION OF THIS t3BEAT WORKI Eren better than the last, is now ready, THIS DAT, April Ist, 1807. Best Book of tie Kind in tie World. MACKENZIE MACKENZIE’S 10.000 RECEIPTS! GOLD DT AGENTS ONLY. 1.000 AGENTS WANTED AT ONCE. APPLY TO T. EM.WOOD ZELL it CO. Nos, ly and 1 ~i Sooth Sixth et.. Philadelphia. glgticttltiual Implements. RUSSELL & CO., il/u mi fact livers. MASSILLON [Eltolllshed A. D. ISIS.] Special Notice to den tern in Farm Machinery. sowar ooss tub pbzobs Foronr “ Premium" Threshing machines; Hooper* and IBowers Combined) Single SXowe?s and ? Bepair Castings) To NET SHOP PRICE. Customers throughout the Wes* can secure Machines at tbe same price ana terms of oar General Western Agent at Chicago u If ordered from tte manufactory. For further particulars, Paicx Lists, Ac., address ' ALFRED A. WISE, General Western Agent, No. O Sooth Csnal-st., Chicago. 33anks sub bankers. LAZASCS 6ILVT3IMAN nggRT OOEICIE. LAZARUS SILVERMAN & CD. Hare rumored their Hanking Office to the northeast corner ot LaSalle ami Randolpb-et., where they con tlane to transact a General Banking and Foreign Exchange Business. They have connected with their business tbe Ware house Nos. 227 and 220 Sooth Water-et., under the firmof HORNER & SZXiVERBIAN, And arc prepared to make advances on Prcdnce stored In their warehouse. ’ LAZARUS SILVERMAN * CO. JAS. W, TUCKER & GO.. AMERICAN BANKERS, 3 AND 3 BUE SCRIBE, PARIS, FRANCE, Buy and sell United States Securities, negotiate loani on same, boy and sell Drafts on America, Dane Cash Letters of Credit, and transact a General Commission business. Also, have connected with their Banking House an American Beading Boom, Steamer Office, American Ccglstry. and a Post Office, where all letters to then care are delivered or torwarded as may be directed. AMERICAN CORRESPONDENTS. L. P. Morton & Co„ 33 Wall-st., New York. F. W. Andrews. 61 state-*n, Boston. Townsend, Wtaeicn & Co., Walnnt-eu Philadelphia. State Savings Institution. Chicago, 111. piRST NATIONAL BANK. Corner of Lake and Clark-sts. PAH) IN CAPITAL 81,006,000. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Drawn in sums to suit bn all the principal Baropeai Cities. LETTERS UP CREDIT leaned, available In alt parts of Europe. GOVERNMENT UONDS Bought ecd sold. 7-SOj converted at market ratea Sam’l M. Nickkbsox, Prea't. F. D. Guar, Vice Pree’t. C. R. Fuld, Cashier. Gaia. J. Schmitt, Asa*tCasb. A EDITOR'S OFFICE, ILLINOIS, XI. . , Bnnjron*u>, April 4. 1967. Notice is hereby given that theßankol Bloomington, Hunt is, baa tiled in tbls office abend, as required by the provui. ns of an act entitled “An act to amend tbe general banking law ao as to permit tbe withdrawal ot securities In certain cases," Approved February 23, Therefore, entrss tbe holders of the circulating notes ot said Bank shall present the same within five years from this date for redemption at this offle*, or In the city of Chicago, or at tbe counter ol said Bank, they will be barred from receiving redemption tnereoC. Bald notes will be redeemed at the first National Bank in the city ol Chlcsgo. O. n. MINER. Auditor. INSLOAV, LANIER & CO., ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Traveller*, available la all parts of Europe. NOS. 27 A 29 PINB-ST., NSW YORK. fgaebiwerg. SALE— ONE SECOND-HAND 10-FOOT BED IRON FIiAIXTBR. PRICE »COO. One Second-hand HILLING MACHINE, PRICE 94W. One Second-hand Four Spindle Drill* PRICE |250. At the Machinery IX pot of HAWKINS & JAMES, 51 SOUTH WBLLS-ST. A MES’ ZjL Celebrated Po ruble and Stationary all size*. Superior to all olhera. C. L. RICE A CO., Chicago; SMnUABIOO.% bCLonis, Mo.; WJ|. p. BOVKY, Milwaukee; JAMES JENKS, Detroit, agents. Call or send tor clrcalar. pARD’S PATENT BBICH IVZACHUSJC. Office and matmfactory, 55 Booth JefTerson-st. For Icformailon and descriptive clrcalar, address E. It. GARD. 53 South Jeflerson-st.. Clilcago. “■RRICK MACHINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office Room So. 3, 47 Clarlt-.:,, Chicago. jsge ana gat. J~JK. UNDERWOOD. STB ABB BAB. ConenlUrp and Operative Soreeoa for all diseases ana aaonrftt tyCross Eyas strslcMened In one minute. <Ei ts Notices. Health notice— Particular attention la called to the following aa they will berlpldlyenforced; Chapter 11* bcctlon 7, Revised Oidlnancca of 1F65: “No person thall throw, place or conduct, or soQer hla or her servant, child or family to throw, place or conduct into any street, alley or lot, any putrid or un sound beef, porr, flah. hides or skins or an » kind. or any filth, offal, or other unsound and offensive matter whatever, or any thine ilhely to become offanslve. Nor shall anyaerson allow aucb tilth, otfal. dnnz. or other offensive matter aa aforesaid, to be or remain upon their premises, or In any outhouse, stable, privy, or otber place owned or occupied by them, or In any alley or street In front of said premises. In such manner as to be offensive to the neighborhood. And every person who shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall t>e lined In a sum not los'tnanla, nor more than f 300.” Also.Chapter27, Sections: . . . “Any distiller, tanner, brewer, butcher, pork and beef packer, soap boiler, tallow chandler, dyer, livery stable keeper, or other person whatso ever. who anal* cause or Buffer any offal, manure, nib* blsh. filth, aim slops, or aty refuse animal or vegeta ble matter, or an? loo! or nauseous liquor tobcdls* charted out of or flow from any premises owned or occupied by hta,or to be thrown into,depceltcdor Irfi In the Cnicato River, or either ol Us cratches, or any of the slips or canals connected therewith, or into i ,v* uiAiaan or uio ujr eioneh within the Juris diction of the dtp, or In or upon any street, alley, public square. vacant lot. wharf or dock, river bank or lake shore, shall be subject to a flue of not less than |3 nor more than fJofl.” By Order of the Board, T. B. BRIDGES, Health Officer. Proposals forke-grayel. TNG STTCHIG AN-AVENUE, from Para-place to Twelfth-! treet. Office or the Bo aid or Public Waits,) CHICAGO, April 10th, IB 67. t Sealed Proposal* will be received hr the Board ot Public Works, at thUr Office, until 11 a. m., Monday. April 2£<l,lSC«, lor the ro-{Traveller and curbing of Mlchlgan-aveouc, from the north eldoot Parx-place to ttc south curb line of TweUlh-elrcet, aceoiOuur to plans and si educations an me at laid office. Boldlmprovcmeat will be paid for from the special assessment levied to defray Its cost, when the same (ball oe collected. Proposals most he addressed to tbe -Board of Public Works, endorsed “Proposal for Re-Oravcllnp Mlchl gan-avenue.” and bo accompanied with the usual r.OO bond, with sureties, to ha approved by the Board. The Board reserve the right to reject any btd not in accordance with the conditions cf this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepted unless the party offering It snail give evidence satis, factory l-> the Boaid that be baa the necessary stall, experience, energy aul ability for doing the work, Is trustworthy, ana has sufficient pecumary t rMources. J. Q. GINDELK, A. H. BUKLBY, J. McARTQDit. lOt Board of Public Works. proposals. Proposals for ikon wore. Treasury Detadtiievt. i Office Lleht-hom»e Heard. > Waihlcgton, D. C . April e. ISC7.) Seeled proposals will be received at this office until 1 o’clock on Frldav, the 3d day of M»y. 1857. for iho ne cessary iron work for an Iron concr-dam for Waugo sbance Light-home, Straits ot Mackinaw. Michigan. Plana and specifications for this work can be obtained on application to this office, or to Gen. W. 8. Smith, Engineer, at Oak Park, Cook County, This iron work will boreqaired to be delivered on or before the loth of Jane, 1867, on board of a veseei either at, N.T., Cleveland, O- Detroit, Mich-or Chi cago. 111., at the option of the bidder, but the place of delivery must be stated In the bid. Tbetrcn workwlll amonpt to about 130,000 pounds, of which about 100.000 will be boiler wo«k, and the reel doe wIU be cast-iron and temlon rods, bolts. Ac. The Board reserves the right to reject any proposal, or to refuse to rectlve any port of tne work wnicn may not be in strict conformity wuh tt>e contract and speci fications; and no contract wilt be considered binding until approved tj the Bon. Secretary ot the Treasury. No bid win be received or considered except from bona tide manufacturers, and each oiler must be ac companied by a written guarantee, signed by the bid der and competent surety, that in >he event ol the ac ceptance of such bid the necessary costroct wld bo en tered Into. Bond and security for the faithful (aUUUmeat of the contract will be required The turn lor wblco the bidder propores to furnish the Iren work, according to the drawings and sueciilca lira*, mnstbcdutl ctly stated, and a cjprcf the print ed specification* must be enclosed with the hid a*-Vi dor ce that there is no mlolake os to the object ot his proposal. AH proposals must be scaled and endorsed “Propo sals tor Ires Wcrk tor Light-House.” and then enclosed in another envelope ana addressed to the Chairman of the Ligbt-lloasa Board, Washing toe, D. C. No hid will be considered that does not contonn to the requirements ci ihls advertisement. Any person submitting a pro.'oaal may bo present and witieai Ui<- opening ol the bids at tho time and place hez<inbe(cre specified. By orde*c( toe Light bouse Based: w, u. SHCBHICK, Chairman. ijusinfss ffiarba. NOVELTY CARRIAGEWORKS, 44 Adamg-st. Now is the time to (tot a arsr-ciass TOP PUGGY, rarged so that tbe top can beta ken off In one moment. No rattle. Also, Skeleton Wagons and Sulkies, Of superior make. Repainting and Re pairing promptly and neatly done. TUOS. H. BROWN, Agent. NEW STYLES LADIES’ SATCHELS. An IMMENSE STOCK and New Styles for ISCT, at CBAB. A. TATLOR’B Ol SOOTH CLAIIK-ST., (Opposite Sherman Home.) CHICAGO GLASS GILDING CD. An kinds and varieties of SIGN PAINTING, GLASS ADVERTISING TABLETS, RAILROAD BULLETIN BOARDS, Office and Store Shades mode sal lettered to order. •OHIO. rz.AGG at BEZ.U3H, 68IUONBOE-ST., (Near thePostOfflco.) CHAS. A. KERFODT, FANCY SADDLERY, . AND Horse Clothing, No. 87 Bandolph*st«, Chicago. TRIUMPH SOAP THE BEST IN THE WORLD. TRY IT. BBOFIIY & CO.,Sole Manufacturers, 382,384 & 386 South Clark-at. STURGES, M’ALLISTER & CO., coaimssioN merchants* 70S TUX BA£S OF Wool and Woollen Goods, Nos. 2, 4 and 6 Rnsh-nt., (North end Bosh-st. Bridge.) CHICAGO. BARTLETT, HOSWELL 4 BUSH (Successors to Dawson, Bartlett & C 0.,) BOOT AND SHOE JOBBERS, 3 O LAKE-9T., SEYMOUR, CARTER 4 CO., Importers and Jobbers ot Hosiery, Gloves, AVhite Goods,’ NOTION.*, TWINES#. &c. I No. 33 LAKE-ST. j Sole A gents for Bigelow's ••STAR" Paper Collars. | HOWE’S STANDARD SCALES. Chicago Branch Office and Warehouse, 109 & 301 Bandolph*st< JAS. T. WHIPPLE, Agent for the HOWE SCALE COMPANY. Chicago Lead and Oil Works, Cor.Clinton & Fd)iob««ii, West Side- E. W. BLATCHFORD Jt CO.. Manniacturers of 1/cadPipc, Linseed Oil, Mtcct, Dolled Linseed OH. ijnr and Pfg Lead,Ground Oil Cage. tV Cash paid fbrFlax Seed and Old Lead. L WILLAED POX, WINDOW GLASS 2 0 3 Xj A.SR-ST. H. W. & J. M. WETHERELL, Importers and Wholesale Dealers In Millinery and Straw Goods, OO &C 08 LAKE-BT., CHICAGO. 42 Walker-st., New York. WILICOX ftnißßS’ SEWING la MACHINE. j “Its 'seam Is U stronger 'and less liable to rip la use or wear, than the lock-stitch.* 1 {“Judges’ Re port," at the Grand Trial.; WSend for the a%"Ber'ort. , ’and sam ples ofworg,con||ta:nlng both kinds ot stitches, on| — the same piece of goods. L. COBIINELL ACO-Gen. Agents, 11 3 3 --Lake st., Chicago. Ohio Stone Ware, Buckingham and Yellow Ware. SCBANTON Sc CO. 117 & 110 North Water-st. JOLIET MOUND CO. masttactubees 07 BATS BRICK,PISE BRICK, Bower Pipe and Drain Tile* Office and Yard, Comer of Wells and Folk-ats. J. H. KEELER & CO., Real Estate Agents, 129 South Clark-st. Attend to Pnrchaalce, Selling «nd Leasing Real Estate, Renting Houses and Collecting Rests. JA3HCS H. KZSLZB. CUES Jf. GITD. GRAFFLIN BROS. & HALL, Bag Factory. Seamless Sags, Gunnies, Burlaps, "Wool Sacks, Cotton and Paper Flour Sacks, &o. 12 South W©U*-st«, Chicago* 31. TERHUNE, SHOW CASE, WABEBOOMS, Ffo. 235 Xials.o a at. WYLIE & ARMOUR, Oils, Faints, Glass, 121 South Water-st. 'AMERICAN CLOCK COMPANY, Sole Agents lor the celebrated Seth Thomas Clocks, JJCD DRAT.EBS IS CLOCKS & BSOUL&TO&B OF IVllir DESCRIPTION, Wo. US Xialc.o«st. SMITH, BENHAM A AIKEN, IMPORTERS OP Crockery and China,' And Wholesale Dealers in Carpet Warp, Batting,Cotton Yajn.TwlneT&cJ 151 LAKE-ST., CHICAGO. I SICKELS, PRESTON A CO., WHOLESALE HARDWARE, CnUery anS Tinners’ Stock. S 3!? LARK-HT,, NUMBER 304. Boots jig jpfroes. NEW Boots and Shoes. THE LARGEST STOCK The Choicest Goods, THE LATEST STYLES East or West. BULLOCK W HY QO EAST! Buy Chicago Work. KIP BOOTS, $43 per doz. CALF “ 51 “ “ High-cut Bal. Brogans, $27 per doz. Boots warranted best Chicago custom made. Send tor complete Price List In Journal of Commerce. E. CHAPIN. 141 Klnrte-at. UeUhing, &c. PIKE & CAVANNA, FURNITURE, BEDDING AND UPHOLSTERY. Also. Agents lor PBESTON * GH AYES' Patent Rotary Extension Table. 86 RANDOLPH-ST. CHAS. TOBEY, 87 & 89 STATE-ST. Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS, &C, Of Every Description* Forties wanting each goods will cos* suit their own interests by examining my immense assortment of new goods; flke* Chicago, March 26,1567. CHICAGO. lousiness Cams. SMITH &. JSNNISON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS IN SEEDS AND FLOUR, 3.83 WasliLncrton-st. FLOUH-St. Louis, g Michigan. Sc Minnesota, || Wisconsin. ;= Sonth’n Illinois Brands. I B CIOTER. ”S TIMOTHY, B l BED TOP. MILLET, 3| HUNGARIAN, S OSAGE ORANGE. Beftr to A. C. & O. F. BADGES, Bankers; WM. BLAIR & CO n Hardware. Haviland, churchman and ENGLAND, 47 John-sL, New York FRENCH CHINA. We are receiving from our lactory in France richly decorated dinner, tea and toilet seu, vases, and a toll ■apply or white China. Albert pick, Importer or and Dealer in China, Glass and Qneensware, CUTLERY, BRITANNIA AND PLATED WARE. 122 Randolph-*!. Chicago* ©tomes ana (gorhage. WINES, CORDAGE, ETC., ETC, GUBEET HUBBAED & CO., TWINES AND COBDAOB, 2051 SOT SOUTH WATES-3T., CHICAGO. The largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAX DUCK, all widths and welghtl MANILLA AND TABUED HEMP ROPE; COTTON BEAMLESS GRAIN BAGS: GUNNIES, WOOL SACHS AND BURLAPS; TAK, PITCH, OAKUM; COAL TAB ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TWINES Oi every description; Cotton, Flax. Paper and date Wrapping Twines; Bell and Saab Cordsjllll Nets and Seines, with every variety of Seine and NettlngTwlne. Tents, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins. F Ii A G S Of Silk or Banting, ss per Army Regulations, con stantly on hand and mads to order. O.nCBBJUtD, J. 8. TILVCI, GCO. B. CXSPSSTSB. (Carpets, ©il <Elotj)g, &c. 153 and 155 Labe-st. CARPETING! Carpets, Oil Cloth, Mattings, Curtain Materials, etc. We offer a LARGE STOCK of the above Goods at tbe recent GREAT DECLINE IN PRICES. Also, an cntenslve stock ot DRY GOODS. V. R. W OOP. abbertishis agents. TO ADVEBTISEBS. Advertisements orNotlccs inserted la EASTERN NEWSPAPERS, WESTERN NEWSPAPERS, SOUTHERN NEWSPAPERS, GERMAN NEWSPAPERS, RELIGIOUS NEWSPAPERS, AGRICULTURAL NEWSPAPERS, PICTORIAL NEWSPAPERS, Periodicals, Magazine*. Journals, the most favorable terns, by COOK, COBURN As OOn Advertising Agents, Otnse 87 Dearborn-tt., Boom 11. Dyspepsia, and pits— S—A sure cure lor these distressing complaint* —ls now made known la a Treatise on Foreign FITS - and Native Herbal Preparations, published oy _ —Dr. O. PHELPS BROWN. The prescription FlTiJ—was discovered by him In such a providential —manner that he cannot conscientiously retnae FITS—to make It known, aalt baa cured everybody —who haa used It, never having Called in a sin* FlTS—gle case. It la equally sure tn cases of Fit* as —of Dyspepsia, and the Ingredients may be ob- FITS— talnedlrom anydrnggpfc Sett Fbzz to all —on receipt of five cents to prepay postage, etc. FITS-Address Dr. O. PHELPS BROWN, No! 19 —Gtand-sL, Jersey City, N. J. T?FFERY£SCING CITRATE OP I'v Uaenesla, ln 6-os bottles, la powder. This mag* ne*ln is a mild purgative and aperient, very accepta ble to the stomach, for sick headache, sour or sick stomach, and all febrile casae. For sale by moetDmg gists. Prepared by AUTHOR. RIIGESD. 19a Spnne-st., New York. riOAJL REDUCED! V J CmCACO, April 6,1357. On Monday, April Bth I shall reduce the price oi Scranton, PUtston and Lackawanna COAL delivered, to nine dollars per ton. Mining our own coal, we can enpply dealers, oanntoctnrers and con- Burners at original cost, freight and expenses added. OFFICES t 2S‘A EAST MADISON-ST, 126 SOUTH MAJIEET-St.,and 764 SOUTH CLABE-ST. ROBERT LAW, Agent tor the Miner*. gPEJNG AND SUMMER OPENING. MRS. M. E. STOUGHTON, 100 Btate-st., will, on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, April mh and Kth, exhibit to the Lidleaof Chicago cnecf the finest assortment* of MILLINERY Ever brought WMt or Few York. “No Cerda," CHICAGO. GOODS. BROS., 146 Lake-st, DEALERS IN iReSUaI. ffinal. jHillinerg. ISttsineßa ffiathß. BOWEN. WHITMAN WINSLOW, lULUUmMTO BOWER BBOTHERS, Wholesale Dry Goods, And Chin*, 61ms ft Crockery, IS, 17,19 &31 HATSEN & HAT, LEATHER, CARRIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, 45 A 47 Chicago. HART. ASTEH & GO., XAST7ACTUKBB 07 FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BAGS, And Bags of Every Description. Paper Floor R*i»w ot the Best Quality. 183 South Watosi. J. BAUER AGO., Manufacturers and Importers ct Musical Instruments and Strings Also, Wholesale Dealers ta PIANOS & ORGANS. No. 630 Broadway,NEWTOHK. e. 69 Waahlngton«At,CHlCAGO DR. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, IX3 Bandolpli-dt. Teeth Extracted Without Paiu for SI,OO, By the use of Nitrous Oxide Gas. or Vi talized Air. Teeth Inserted oathe Vul canite or Rubber Base for <IJ to <9 a set. IRVINE, JONES & CO., (Stccessors to Graves ft Irvinej wnotzsiiz Mitm nr WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, Dress Trimmings, NOTIONS. cfeO., 19 LAKE-aT. apmalri. WHITTEMORE, GARTER & BROWN, Wholesale Dealers tn a ATes c A PS, QIIMiINEUV AND SI UAW UUODS. A large stock fcr sorlsg salsa, boagbt at! paste pncea, and ulll be wM at Terr low-j eat figures. 11A 13 Latent, Chicago. I JOSEPH I. HALL A CO., XANUTACTCBEXS OT Hall's Patent Concrete, Fire and Burglar Proof SAFES, AND Victor Combination Loots, 93 DEAKBOBN-ST. S. M. FASSETT, ABTIBTIG PHOTOGRAPHY. %3T Pictures taken la dark as well as la pieasaot weather. Gallery, 114 South Clorh-st* GREENLEE BROS. A CO. Manolectarers’ Agents for and Dealers la STEAM ENGINES, Circular Saws, Belting, WOOLLEN WAuHXNJSItY, And Supplies for Woollen Hilts, MvMn- Ists'Tooisot all kinds; also Wood Work ing Machinery. SO. M DKABBOBN-ST. HALLOCK A WHEELER, MANC7ACTIJEZES' AGENTS 70S RUBBER AMD LEATHER BELTING, Rubber Goods, &c. 143 l»ake-Bt. SHIRTS MADE TO OBOEEL* akd warranted to give peb* FELT SATISFACTION, WILSON BROTHERS 124 ft 12SDearbom-st. SPRING STYLES. GBNTS’DRESSMTS, GEHTB* Busnraas HATS, YOUTHS’ DRESS AND SCHOOL BATS. All the latest and most lashlonahle style*. BISHOP & BARNES, 115 Lnhe«st. BANfIS BROTHERS. BABSTOW’S NEW Cooking Range, Cooking, Lnondry and Tailors’ STOVES. Registers and Teottlntots, 89 MONROB-BT^ (Nearly opposite the PoatOfflce.) GILES, BRO. A CO., Watches, Diamonds, JSWSIB7 A KD SILVER GOODS. jy Agents for Rogers, Smith A Co.’s Plated Ware and U. S. dock A Brass Co. of Chicago. KIMBALL, STEVENS 9h CO., W iIOTiEH ATjE CLOTH HOUSE, 64 and 66 MICHIGAJT-AV. PHILIP WABSWORTH a co., MIVTTTAI.-l LHIM XSD JOBBEBS OT CLOTHING, 34 ft 36 Lake-tt. 95 Devonshire-stj Chicago, ill. Boston, Mass. I I. J. M'BRtTH, HaJTCTACTtTEIB AND iMTOBTBS OP PAP£R HANGINGS AHD WISDOV SHADES. Warehouse, 780andolph-st., CHICAGO ILL. TURNER, BRISTOL A GO DIALXE3IN Leather & Shoe Finite, Importers of Frouch stiil German fi*iiHMns 16 & 18 State-st., Chicago. Agents for Taylor’s Oak Bdtlng. HIBBARD A SPENCER. Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 2 03, O O O wfißttT.Fßt w if.SOW Sewing Machine! in use. The number Increasing 1.000 per week. ABIBHB PABUABj Ag^fortbeyonnweat. M. D. WELLS & CO., MaSCPXCTCKZES 07 BOOTS & SHOES, 38 LAKT>ST,| CHICAGO. Agricultural College Scrip and Land Warrants PURCHASED and kept constantly on hand, tor sale by LUNT, PRESTON A KEAN, WM. W. STROM. furniture. 203 Randolph-st., P.0.80x 3383. CHICAGO. ©cran Steamers. rpo VISITORS TO THE PARIS EXHIBITION. Forties intending to visit JCurope this rear, can hart state- rooms seemed ft r the Benin* ot Apm,aiay, Jmim Ha Jolr. hT Tw«irir»y Himlf applleatloa to the *~lit s<a«L ttecMJliettto BBQX7LAB KAO. also cf the BMBiaent gosat bast kun, cu ba viewed. mad bertScboem. at 07 offle*. S?f J .nfeaS I l‘t‘Tuo ,1 "&* Apply, personally or by mail, at General r™»—— ± American bteamahlp Agency. 31 C*gp. JA3. Warbut From new tore to francs DIRECT. lv/ “ Steamship Great Eastern. SIR JAMBS ANDERSON, Commander, * Having been thoroughly. refitted, with eased*! retb> reace to this wmcf, will leave New York APRIL 16. MAT *JH JULY 9, Tails jr flrsvda#s passengers only. Passage (ia eeld or iweoulTalett) tor April tnp»<Bo. 1100, <l3O. ac cording to location and size of room. Return tickets at a reduction ot <4O. until August. For foil Uiormatioo and passage. apply to WELLS. FARGO A CO„ 84 Broadway, N.T._ NOTICE. At a meeting of the Stockholders o( tho Chicago Fibre and Paper Co'y, Held April 3. ISU7, tbe Special Charter la carporating said Cotnpany» with a cayUil stock of 6300(000, with authority! to crease the same to 51.000,000, and conform ring on said Company special and enlarge# privileges, was accepted, and the Company reonnnlzed under the same. Tbla Company Is now in successful opera tion. and It propose* to increase Its baslneeo, and for mat purpose It has authorized toa President to receive farther eabscrlptlema to Its eapltal stock to a limited amount. Ac cordingly, the books of the Company will h* held open for a few « ays, 10 receive sabserl*- tIOCB. feinbitriptlotnilllbe received atfthe 0®o» of (he Company* No. 170 ftCandolplcaS. THOS. S. DICKERSON, Pres. 'J' HE CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON A SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPES DEALERS, DSALXXS a Paper Makers’ Pindinej, Cbcmirals, etr,, 170 Haatfolpli"gt»f Chicago* Seal Estate. Central and Growing Properly. We have for sale, oa the comer of Washington and Pranklin-sts., VEST NEAR THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, AND AT THE Entrance to the Elver Tunnel, ONE HUNDRED FEET FRONT, Admirably adapted lor a One BUSINESS BLOCK, For Sale Cheap, and on Easy Temur. S. H. RERFOOT A CO- Seal Estate Brckeia. 71 Dearbora-sC. Chicago. RESIDENCE ON Michlgan-aT, Marble-front, Ihne-etory and hasemeat house, ccw> talniag 13 rooms, anmeroua closets, a large bathroom* alnroace,speatlngtote?,gas,water, Ao, Ac. WX be reaay for occupancy by tbs FIBBT OF MAY. Apply to THOB, B. BBYAK & CO. BRYAN BALL. _ COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOB SALE :n the beaatlfal tows of Waakecao, Til. QooA house and bam, jfcod veil ana cistern water, garden, bolt, flowers asa shade trees. Lot debt rods square. For particulars address Pox 11Q1. Chicago, lIL ®arHuate. QOPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. JOHN M. AYER Heaths osybeen admitted to oar firm. The same and stfle or the fins trill be. he/cafOr* BALTHIS, ATER & GO. CALVIN C. BALTHIS, JOHN M. AYER. CUcago, April LIS67. JOHN M. BALTHIS. REMOVAL. MLTIIIS, AYER & GO., DEALERS IN IRON, Nias, STEEL, Bogey and Wagon Stock, Carriages, Bolts. Nats sad Washers, Thimble Skeins, Iron Axles and Springs. REMOVED TO and 18 South Wells-st. Postcmce Box 2105. ffartnersfrtps. TpklSfcOLUnON —The copartnership m JLS commission boslness heretofore existing be iWben W.N.Bralnard and U.S.Yarwcod * Co.latere— consent. W. wIH dose ap the bnslneas-ofthe old firm. _ WI . _ W. N. BBADTARD, Chicago, April9,-1867. M.S.TAUWOODA^CO , , QOPARTNERSHIP- The undersigned have formed a copartnership, under the Urn name of 9. 27. SASB & CO., For a General Commission Business, Inthlsclty.atSSLaSaHe-sL. dating from the ttrst of April, DAN'LN. BASH. Chicago. CHARLES B ALLAN CE, Feorls. Chicago, April 8.1567. /COPARTNERSHIP:—The undersigned V i hare this day formed a copartnership aeder the name and style of WILLITS a ESMAY. at southeast corner Clark and ilonr®o-*ts., for the porpoieof man— nlactnrlngMattresses, Sofas, and repairing sad upholstering Lounges. Chain, and ever? rarle'r ot Fnroltare. JOB E WILLITS. Chleago.APrilß.ia67. A. S. ESMAY. Express Companies. rj^HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company.- CAP XT AX. - - $30,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Mannfactnren* CABBIES BY EXPRESS, Money* Valia blcs. Freight and Parcel** aver more (An 13*000 miles of Express Line* at jin tad liberal rates* saves Million* yearly to Ex* press Shippers* and can be made perssaaeak only by their liberal patronage. Thls.wv hope to merit and receive* Office, Ho*. 103,106,107 * 109 Seerbcni-et. B.H.COOWIH Agent. ffiats anb ©ops. 1867. sprihbjr*be. 1867* GREAT DECLINE IN FRIGES —OF— HATS, CAPS AND STRAW GOODS. Don't fall to examlnaonr stock before parchadng. KING, CABHABT & GO. gransportatum. CHIPPING NOTICE.— To Chicago- O Merchants and others. THE AMERICAS TRANSPORTATION GOSPT, JL 31. CALEB & CO., AGEBTS, . So. 7 Cocntls Slip, New York. tl* ahave line are now receiving mercnaidlse and othtr irelght in New Tor*, to be forwarded via Canal ana steam co Lake* to Chicago. WM. 3 fUIEWsTER, Gen’l Boston Ar*t. RICHMOND <fc BOND. Agents, Chicago. Rubber (Goohs REMOVAL Haliock & Wheeler, (Successors to John B- Ideson & C®h) HAVE REMOVED TO No. 143 I. ate-street. Between Clark and LaSalle. Best quality Tolcanlted Packing and loie. K libber Belting’, Superior Oak-Tanned LBATHEU JBEI.TING, And every variety of rubber goods, Wholesale and Retail, at the lowest Sisters Price*,