Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 10, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 10, 1867 Page 3
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8 REPUBLICAN CITY CONTE Jf- TION. Momin&tioiii for City Offi- cers. Hon. John It, Rice Renominated for Mayor, by Acclamation. His Address to Ike ConTcntion— Skorl Work \ritb Copperhead Clap-Trap— a look at the Situation. Chicago the least Taxed City in the United States, City Central Committee—Thc Resolu- tions—Liberty to all. The delegates to the City Republican Conven tion-elected on Monday—assembled yesterday afternoon in the Old Boaid of Trade Dali, lor the purpose of nominating candidates to be voted for on Tuesday next for the offices or Mayor, City Treasurer. City Collector, Uty Attorney, Clerk of the Police Court, and three Police Magistrates. Tncre was a large attendance, and much interest was taken iu the proceedings. The Convention was called to order at two © clock by John Lyle King. Esq_ the Chairman i of the City Central Committee. On the nomina on S. Salomon, Ira W. Boell was ap pointed to act as temporary Chairman of the Convention; he briefly thanked them for the I honor conferred, and asked «bom to proceed to ■ business. A. B. Reynolds, of the Sixteenth >r ard, was chosen Secretary. On moiion of General Salomon, a committee of three was appointed on Permanent Organisation. The Chair appointed E. S. Salomon. A. C. Coventry and C. B. Farwell os snen committee. on motion of A. C. Coventry, the Chairman-ras empowered to appoint a committee of three on n,s E. J. Whitehead, of tne South Division; John S. golnu, ot iho North Ul vision, and George W. Newcomb, of the West division, as such committee. The list of delegates as published in the Tnm of yesterday was read by Mr. WnUchcad, of the committee, and by him reported as the official list. The following substitutions were made, the delegates originally elected not being present: Fourth Ward—ll. M. Wiimarlhin place of A.K. Barker, and W. S. Tnckor |u place of Conrad Mepe, Seventh Ward—Max ScbnJcr In place of Tegt neier, and Kennedy In place ox Knbect. Eighth Want—N. Verdler in place of Snyder. I'inUi Waid—G. P. Banda!], omitted from the irinred list Tenth Ward—W. Millikan in place of C, N iolden. Eleventh Ward—T. Brobson In place of H sweet ler e^*, k an Wood In place of Schro- Thirteenth Ward—Albert Patch in place of Gus tav tlrcier; Thomas Porter in place of£. a. iinck. pjiteenih Ward—A. C. Hosing iu place n! WQ. k\ cite; b. SLacklord in place of Charles Cashing. On motion of A. C. Coventry, the report was xccepicd and adopted. * On motion of Av. rj Moore, the delegations vo*e iulhonzca to fi]] vacancW. The Committee on Permanent Organisation re potted ■•heirrtcoiamendation as follows: For President—lra W. Bacri. For Secretaries— Charles Lodlng, Charles H. Dam and A. B. Ifeynuld*. The nomination-' were confirmed. Mr. C. 11. Ham moved that all voting In the Convention be done bv til'd eoce. A motion to amend bv makiug the vote by bal -1 ot wa* offered, and voted on, but the vote was so nearly equal that a cel! o the roll was demanded, pt tiding which the Chairman ordered that tfco*e not delegates should retire to the further end of the hall. Mr. Ham declined to act as Secretary, and W. D. Eddy was appointed to fill the vacancy. C. B. Farewell rose and said that he took great I>Uasn:cin nominating Jor Mayor, lion. John D. lice, and moved tnal he be nominated by a-cla motion. fGtca - applaose.J The Chair deddd that the motion was oat of order ns another motion was pending. Mr. Farwtll ask>*d that the gentleman withdraw hi." motion, as (here could be no opposition to the nomination. Jhe Chairman said it would l»e in order to sus pend action on the previous morion If there were tn objection. An objection wa* however made, at.d the voter was ordired on the motion to amend the motion to voicrira race. voxiro VIVA VOCE. The c;ll of th" roll resulted as follows V\ hole tittujuer of votes cast Pur vote by ballot. Against :t. ron xavoe—nos. joujf. n. nice. r«!r. Far v'Cll lien renewed hi** motion to noml* nalc Hm. Join U. Klee lor Mayor by accUraa ti'»n. The motion prevailed without a nlagle negative, ana Mi. liice was the unanimous nominee«f the Couv nUon. W. T. Hancock was appointed Assistant Secre tary. The names or W. F. Wool worth and A. G. Unoon •'ere put La nomination lor thsofliccof City Trea-crer. An miotaial bauot was taken, vith tte fi»;lou-5reresult: Whole i.ember ol votes cast For >V. F. Wcclwor'li, i-or A G. Throoy GJ Mr. W. H, Eddy moved that tne nomination of iir Wentworth mnniniotis. The Chair man thetnoion out of order and decided that Hi- Convention rutin D’occcl to u formal vote on the nomination for city Treasurer. Mr. Hedy in-isied that ilr. Wentworth was Cetrly the choice of the Convention, awl that another call of the roll -would he bntansele-=« waste oJ ilme. Jluitdoul of order. The roll was pai tially called, when A. C. Ilcs ii'?, lisu.. rose and announced that he was an thumed to ietmnr. 0 i Wr.Throop. and to tar 'Lot Mr. ThroOD would euenort Hr. Wcnt tro ui with all his miaht. <-fcariw 11. Ham, Esq., moved the appointment of a committee of three to wail on the .davor and inform him of his nomination. Carried, and the Chair appointed ns such commnieeC. H. Ham. C. 1). haiv.tll and E. G. Uook. foe cmr ATToujrer. £. S. £»ij„ moved Uial the Coavcu* lion proceed to tiie nominatinn ora candidate tor < ity .Miomcr. lie would nominate General J'avia. Alocrcau 1)• Wolf seconded the nomination and moved to Etn-pend the roles that tbe Convention miatil nominate him by acclamation. The motion ptovailco, aud Gcaenl Davis was declared :bc unanimous nominee of the Conven tion witoooi a dissenting vote. Knmcruus calls were tnaoe on General Darla for a spetcc, but be dtcilncu on lie grotto a mat there was too much business before the Conven tion. Ton dTX COLLECTOB. The Convention then proceeded to an Informal* ballot for a candidate lor tbe office of City Col lector The following shows the diflercni noml< tees with the coles cast for each Whole number of votes cast.... George Ives.... George Von iioUcn.. A. H. beald George W. Guy.... .. ■William I’iu Pollan-bee ScaUerirg ~ + Previous to the declaration oftbe result, the names of George Ives and Georg, w. Gray were withdrawn. ana a few cftUe votes wete trans ferred. ioliansbee also withdrew in favor of Ton Xioilen. annnese nr katou sice. During the call of the above vote Mayor Rice entered the hall and was most entbn iasticaUv cheered. The ca<i was thenproceeced «i*h, and the result having been announced as above, the nominee lor Mayor was called ou and spoke as follows: Fellow-citizens of Chicago: It-is hntafew minutes since that four gentlemen came to my office and announced to me thatyoahad, this dav. given me a second expression of yonr par tiality-, by nominating me to the Mayoralty of this city, tor the next two years. I know i need not tell you I thank you, from the bottom of my bean, for -bis honor. lam overcome by yonr kindness. This la a proud day for me. Iwo years ago when yon had selected me from among those that von scarcely knew, and nomin ated me for this office of honor and trust, 1 told yon. what 1 meant and what was true, that n* . greatest anxiety was that yott should think as well of me at the expiration ol two years as you did at tho commencement. Your endorsement to-day ha* brongat that satisfactory thing to my mind that voud j. [Applause.] 1 should he very sorrj to interrupt this meeting. 1 in Ur proceedings, by any remark- that 1 should ; make. 1 have prepared no speech, hot J have I thought ot a few words that 1 desire to eay. at sometime. If this he the time, it may mtfp ten minutes. [Cries ot “Go on.” applause, &c.j Then, now that I am nominated, gen tlemen, 1 have the strongest desire to win [Tores, “Yon will,” and ap plause. I 3he Republican parly that have named me for Major ot this dfy is. in a majority, and if I am not elected it will bang over me for I fear that 1 have dragged it down. In reading the proceedings of a Convention, held afew cajs since In the Court House, in which gentlemen of this city wt-re nominated tor dider ■ eut office's and one for Mayor ol this city, by an ! opposite party, 1 fled In the statement tnma* «£«mi —and i beg icavc dott iu say that i caa easily h<rw a man in getting up, and making an impromptn speech, would say words tha> he had not weighed, and that are to be taken In a moat generous marn.-r. The gentle men informed yon that when be was in office, that . he had never stopped to examine whether a man wore a ensrae or a flue coat before he gave his judgment, or before ho had given a reply to the question asked. What docs tnat mean? Docs it mean that the M-yor that preceded him. or tho Mayor 1 that succeeded him, did do so J I don't believe iu . 1 hope net. Is thai one of those phrases or sets j V* jhrasee that is to be published in the papers the general ear, and thereby gain votes wntn they have no substance or mean tag at all? He was enppo-ed to be an honest man, and when be was elected, he took a solemn oath to do his duty. •r.2.lff? I “WTorhlm to come before his friends and say that he had done his duty ? - rrf-r*’ pld he lake any railroad stock from the North Side* ILanghter.l Hun. J. B. Rice. it»»»eim.u vfficotno touo and tt is impossible to make a speech on such an occasion as this without some little room for tho charge ol egotism, because I esmt't separate my suf from the snbjecu 1 have Held office for two years and I refer yon to all peisons who have come to the Mayor’s office. I don’t tell von the tiory They are ab<*nt the dly. Let them'speak, whether they have fine coats or coarse coats. T-et them say how they have been treated by the May or of Chicago fortwoyearapasL [Cries of “Good,” Ac., and applause j 'Then, another catch phrase that is to be need perhaps. In their desperation [applause and laughter}—lt is that he has always been a work ingman and tbat be is a friend of toe working men. X believe him. I have no reason to doubt him. Be Is a worthy citizen and where is the , worthy citizen tnat is not a friend of tbc work ingman. [Applause ] Our whole country is : mauo np of workingmen, but is that great ques ■' tion, second to none in magnitude or importance, the great question of labor and capital, to be de cided or settled or changed ><y a lew such phrases c* tnat on an election m this city* 1 hope not. {Applansc.l 2 hope never to sec that question ; that underlies the good of oil our country so pros -1 tituteo and pm to so oase a ute. [Applause 1 1 j have Jived in Chicago twenty years. During all ! that time J have worced for and been worked for. i 1 bare employed Democals and Republicans and ; all others. They are in this city 10-dav rhose i are the men I refer yon to. What his the dealing , ct Jobuß Riee been with the workingmen ot Chicago) Let them all answer. Let i-vciyman . answer. Find oul If John B. Rice ever csacted from one man a cent, or if be ever refused wLiirrcr price waa cbarguct for whatever work was done, lAppltnse 1 I bis great ques tion thu Is row in agitation is to he settled. If 1 mow myrelf there la nut an insti'ict In my whole »? T? 1 2°®* 001 sympathize with every tree l le flcbUc 5 line hard battle of Ihe In or ****** ■'lylhln* that will -ifb .Vi w * tl . b f Uer ofl - «*»d <uake bis home, his it n?.Vi ~.*l . ( ,oren more comfortable, whatever r*in %}>, V n V* e wisdom of th* people they u . i iOD * u “ wcd °a that occasion—a il-.m ov«-r on«u Uac ‘ ,r^'*udln g In reading ~; a ” o l Another » otd: r . „ U^ U t f x * Uoa : 1 j,,,. HMD .it r V*" l| J >» is sookea ard i *..nnd Ion! lIZ L «", peo; ‘ le Co ,be 1 t i«Uoii.” Hew read, uhT i,?r cX 2 # *7 T ? 1 tM-mn-lve. ovpTbcntrnwd to l UI etff*? 1 proiM'*** lo go Kilo iiu» niii>7-r •« » ’V n ' I I «. Uia. 1 mow of uo m.. ''Othiug but \ fi»'ng up of tilings for cC.c? I hrViAi'*!?'*’. 0 / 00 1 sabst whrp 1 runic b<r,j r y-.n muT - ? 1 1 v liirj. ivt ry ore ran ruinprehiari. 'betroth, • Wh*l is ihv taxation ol tl.lctj..? i u,* „ , | fi««y Sftl.- v S»r lo von that the ia«-. r,f ««.?'• 1 i air lese I »’hi II any city of Ms «l*e i n ,b,! {*,’TiS M-les. I n.l a:.p)«o r ) II lam w,on K |»i!S p<.me not; «<n riirisrt m*. I turaa to .-..w «k. V"'•• «■'■■■"< 'T-u. .t ‘.'...J.r,*:,;r T " '■ bio*, i.uw «,« torse f ties aspen did 1 Toa lisvc a city bore that Is larger tLan New York- 11 cov ■ «remoie ground than New York city. You bare Iwcnty-erven miles of superficial area. Yen most have some piorecUon for your homes and yonr property acd joor 1U e« • aod the dty of Chicago, by a separate department of their dry’s covertmeu,’electee by the peoula says to the officers of the Common-Council. there “ we require so many nemo do this. Teat la the police force. How many men hay- they cot? They have got two hundred men for all this city Ihev re quire the men to he In good health, of. good char acter, of fair ability, orimtbftilneas and faubinl- I "f*t; J^ ey r W tre ti*«n to work every d<y iod 1 night, not excluding bandar Thor f»K« °/t. iSI? 2, yon know that—:cey give i?Mi*?nn!fS£. aycar ** They require th-m each to J^v?S. 80 f£ at can oe all rcccrenlzed, ?« <h7.£lS b,m rH 3e u .“ e of thatunlform while he }* ™ ft*is wbat the poll ceinei—iho J l ? ndred of them, in a city covering E ? Dar O miles, with a population of rZ?I COpJe ' “ 1 beilcre, but say 2JO,(XW y C f. One policeman to 1,000 people, scattered all over tint piairlc, ana these men get SSOd a year. Is that too much? [Cries of **No, nor 1 “not eiongh, Ac.] Can they Jive lor lest? [Cries of no. ’J These salaries of the Police Depart ment mo raid by yoo onl of ihls taxation. So ntucb for that part of taxation. The fire Departmentolonrcilylsthesame. The Eame severe duty is required night ana day, Sun day and all. These mrn are risking their tires whenever It may be needed, and their health al ways. They g( 1 4750 a year each. A voice—“ Seven hundred and twenty. 11 Tho Speaker: Seven hundred and twenty. I am not exaggerating. The Police Commissioners who have charge of the Fire Department can’t do with less. The city requires more. Everything is resorted to to make It answer, because of our heavy huidens. Do you want to give firemen less than $720 a rear? [Voices, “No. 11 ! They can 1 ! live on It What can you do? You most tax the property of the city of Chicago to pay it. So much for those taxes. The ritcr here is used by ress-ls more and more every hour that wc live, because of ihe in create of business. A great number of bridges or the best conttruction that wc are able to pet are thrown across that river lor tbs accommoda tion cfcUlzms. t hey are opened continuously, aid bridge-tenders, with such lorcc as may be necessary at the different bridges, are required to oe there. Those men are paid ihc smallest amount that they can live on. i don 1 ! know the salaries ol the bridge-tenders. It occcnds on where he is and how many men be has to employ. The bridges are constantly wearing out. They must be replaced or business must stop. This is another source of heavy expenditure. You can’t ao without the bridges and the bridge tenders, - and they arc cot tor toe hast possible figure. So you arc taxed for that. That can’t be changed. You don't want it changed. You would not change it if you could doll. [Applause.! In improving this city a great many street* have teen ordered to ue paved at the cx pense of the owners of the proper ty. The iit'ersecHons only are paid by general lax; the paving of the intersections of streets, and the cleaning of the streets, watch are con stantly getting dirty, notwithstanding they may be ever so industrious in cleaning them. This and ths repairing ol them, as well as they can be,ns put down to the lowest possible cent, fne'e works are all Jet to the lowest bidder, and wheu it Is ascertained how much the work will cost, tho | finance committee of the Common Council recommends the appropriation of so much money, and Ihe work Is paid for. There It no man who has worked on paving the streets ol our city tha* caa show he ever got one dollar more than ; he ought to have had. [Applause and laughter.! That is where the taxes go' If that be true, then, find out whether any of the money has been squandered or dishonestly used. If that can be shown, then they nave a good pica to come to and ask the people to change te officers of this aty. Hut *f those officers have dealt fairly and honestly with you, as Ido believe they have, (1 was going to say I know they have,) tbtnaUihe money that has been expended ha* oetn expended because n was necessary; and whatever that amount was, it was levied in the tax bill, ana yoa baa to pay it. Does the party that opposes you propose to chan-cit? Of course not! Of course not: but they think if they can eppeal to men's pockets they will take their statements without examina tion ; they will merely eav the taxes are high, and they are tifty per cent higher than they were when go.d: was at two hundred- Wc all kno* living is ns high to-day as It was when gold was at two hundred. T hey say if they caa put Hm Demo esatiej arty into office in obicago, they will re deem ihe whole city trom almost irretrievable distraction. Of course yoa don’t believe tin:. Of coni>ctisey don’t believe It [Applause,! I don't believe this d'y would be sank into irretrievable ram if Democrats were elected to office. I don't believe if the ite pnhlicans are continued in office Ihc dty will be eo badly mined. [Applause.] Tbuc is one word about taxes that I desire. fu:tber, lossy. Ido not wishdrring title day. or any day enhsequeariy, to bring in any tning Na tional or State into the matter of this municipal election, Imr, as it was said by a gen tleman at lhat meeting that wbat the Dtmocrals desire, (I don’t repeat him tvrwz'iwj—l don’t remember the words but 1 try to £Ujp iho .substance) the Democrats ul-h to bccwhconceinoreapowcrin the land, to unite themselves with the people of tho South and to have one loyal, soda! Government of the states Who is the man in the North that does no: seek to save that same thing—loval and social and true men in one family? God knows I-do for one. But wiih regard to tins tui tion Itl ns say that the heavy tax that we find so burdensome is Ihe paying or the Immense income tax which fslls upon every thing *..c do or have, in order to keep up onr faiih and credit in paying the loU:ca* ou the encrmoiis debt ol three thousand minions of dol lars that we have bad thrown upon us by the disloyalty of those people. [Great applause.] That is the tax that bmceua U* all. That Is the tax that ma«t he met and paid, and if It was wiped oat to-day we weald tear no more talk about high Lues in the dty ot Chicago. Gentitmeu. 1 have detained yon longer than 1 intended. 1 cave said wbat I live fata'becius-* I believed I ought to, tor I propose* to deal in noth lug but truth. [Applause] 1 hope no man h-re will uuempt anything else. If this city is properly governed by the pat ty no * In power, it is not only your duty, bat it is au Imperative duty upon you all to continue i*. so. Ido net epeak for myself. 1 atuill be tor cotlen üben the good tint, maybe done by mi* party shall be felt still in Chicago. Bat Ido wi«h to tay thi«. that 1 believe this nay that the official power of the dty of Chicago is recognized as somuhiDg respectable, and to be looked at and reterred to as much so, and 1 will gay more go, than it has ever been since 1 have been in Chicago. (Greatapplaiue.j I take none of lhat to myscif, and 1 mean Jngt wont i say. Orc<> more, for what yoa have done forme I thank you, and 1 propose, as I told you two years i*Ro, to try and deserve the confidence and favor w Ichiou have shown m*. wiuca J know is far beyond what I ever cxpeclt d, and to prove to von that yon have not cast the harden ol this dry in vain. (Applause.] the convention gave three hearty cheers “foi Mayor lifce” os he retired. cirr collector. Tie rcll tras then called on the nomination of s candidate for City Collector, vriti tie fallowing result: U note number of rotes cast. George Von Hoi lan . A. £L Uealo... And A. H. Heald was declaicd to be the unaai tnons choice oi the convention. clehk or Tun police coubt. On motion of several delegates, William Yoc’ie, ibe present Clerk of me Police t’oart, was nated iotbe position by acclamation. police nacismiTEs. The Convention then divided into three portions tor the purpose oi comioating a candidate for the office of Police Magistrate for each of the three Divisions of the city. Ihe following weie the nomim cs: South Division—John SmntnerfleJd, .153 . 10 . 58 . 73 . & . G West Division—Alvin Salisbury. Forth Division—Charles Diandorff. CITY CENTUM, COXJUZTBE C. B. Fsrwel! moved that theCnalr appoint a City L'cntisl Committee tor the ensuing year. Carried, and the Chair appointed the following: Fire; Ward—General Hasbionck Davis. Second Ward—C. B.Fanvell. Ihird Ward-F. D. Gray. Fomth Ward—b. A. Irwin. Fifth Ward—Constantine Kano. Sixth Ward—W. W. Washburn. Seventh Ward—Charles Lodaing. Eighth Ward—Louie Ebersold, Finth Ward—G. W. Fewcomb. Temh Ward—Pleasant Amlek. Eleventh Ward—Clark Llpe. Twelfth Ward.. Aid. Gastueld, Thirteenth Ward—Gustav Fischer. Fourteenth Ward—Frank Gerbing. Flfirotlh Ward—Dr. C. G. Paoli. Sixteenth Work—D. U. Lincoln. On motion of Mr. Shepard, the Chair appointed & committee of five on resolutions. The com mittee was composed of H. M. Shepard, £. S. Salomon, A. C. Coventry, A. C. Bering, and C. B. Parwell. They reported the following.which were adopted unanimously: Jtetolcfd,Thhi it is tho unalterable determination of the Republican party of the city oi Chicago, in the future as in the past, to adhere to the great and universal principles of liberty as declared in the Declaration of Independence and set forth in tbc platforms of the Republican party, from iU organization to the pretest time. Jie talced, That wc heartily endorse the action of the Congress of the United States in its struggle to seeme a return to loyalty of all the people of oor Union. JZetolred, That the Kepnhlicanß of Chicago ex tend to the people of Ireland, Candla, and of all other countries who are strncgline to establish the principle of self-government, a heartfelt sym pathy, aca earnest wish tor success. JletolcuU Ibatit is the dnty of (be United States, he a people enjoying the blessmes of lib erty, to foster and encouraee the adoption of the principles of free government *»•«•«•* utner na tions 1)7 all Wiv< •«l mcaos trblcb Bl£ DOt In Oi* wuiauon of international law. lifsclt'd. That we heartily endorse the more* mentis Congress looking to an amendment of tbe “Neutrality Laws.” and approve the bill Intro duced by General Hanks for that pitrpose. •j he meeting then adjonrned. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOHETAEY. TcnaDAT EvESfUfo, April fl. Tbe money market was quite stringent to-day for speculative paper, and many borrowers on this kind of collateral were forced to seek tbe street. All first class legitimate paper experi ences no difficulty in obtaining recognition at tbe usual bank rale—lo per cent. In the open market outside business paper sells at 1©1& per cent ]Mriaonth. Exchange was again very scarce, and some of the leaning drmere were compelled to ship cur rency. Between banks a few ronnd lots were placed at3o©4o cents premium—closing with no seders below the upper figure. The counter rates were steady at par buying end 1-10 premium selling. Flour was firm and more active. Wheat de- dined 2J4@BHc. Com opened 5@SHc higher, but fell bach 3He at the close. Oats closedim® £c higher. Rje closed a shade higher, hat unset' tied. Burley was £c better. Seed! were steady. Provisions were more active. Hess Pork ad vanced 25&50C. Lard was active and He higher. Gold was a trifle lower. The market opened at 185?;. advanced to 185jf, and closed at 18I2£. The following quotations were received by Boyd Brothers, Gold brokers; 10:43 a. in 21:00 a m. 11:15 a. in. 11:C0 a.m, 11:45 a. in. .135»i 12:30 p.m. | £(<o p. nil •J3I.V j 2:00 p. m. .»*2£ 8:15 p.m.. .135 J llcrc Ibe market was quiet at 134(2,1554 buying —closing at 184*4 bid. . Silver was neglected and nominal at 1255fc125-“lhe upper figure for large. The Public Funds were without material change. The following shows the 2C«w York closing prices to*d«y, compared with ibe three previous days: _ Pri. Sat. Mon, Tncs. Sixes of 'SI 109 103 109 1 OSX Five-Twenties. 'C2 109? i 105*« 103« I09?i Flve-Twtniics. ’O4 JLljc 1074 1074 1074 Five-Twenties, '65 107*- |O3 107*! JO7? Ten-Forties Seven-Thirties. Aug.....10C 106 10Q inG Seven-Thirties, Juxje....lOjaj 1054 1034 3054 Seven Thirties, July... 1034 1054 1054 10*4 Kew Five-Twenties 19*4 10:4 1074 1074 Hue the market was steady and firm. Wo quote: coynenttn sxci »—CHICAGO JtARKKT. Buying. belilne. T 7. K. 6m. of 183 lOSfi 109 U. S. MOc. IH3 ll»a{ , 109 V. 8. 5-»V, 1901 HIT* C. S 8-SO-, IHSR. lo7*i IC3 17. 8. MOp, 'OS Ud ‘OC, setr.lU? lU7H U 8 &-Sfe. small «K4awsa V. 8. 10 4 i>, Urge src*i w n.H IP-lOp. rnujtl 57 U. (*. ? acp, Ist eeiw* H»* 105« j TT. 8. 7-3'»,M aerie*. ... ICto* lUS‘S V. H. 7-®U*. 9d periM I0&* HOJJ t T . h. ‘■•m*. lan O 105!( .... rots. lIL Noicp. .... “ “ {Jnly,'r>l..l)C* •* *• AOC^’M.IIGU “ •• OcU *• “ !)•«.. *81..H114 *• •* May. ’ra..m Au/.« *Oi 111*4 •• “ppl . ‘fit. ilOVi .... OcL, 03..U0 Local Securities were The brokers are baying at the following rates: Chicago City 7% Cook Conniy 7’-< ".'.*****.*.'*97 Chamber of C0mmerce,........ The earnings of the Chicago & Norlbw-retera Railroad, for the week ending April 7, compare as follows: Pasfcnger. Freight... Express... Mall T”'* l --- H0.T83.8i 187.855 65 *8,569.80 —lie Boston Adverllttr or Saturday remirk. • i° r , muc 'y ot the bonk: to-aay was moderate, andralea a shade easier than vre quoted. The money in shape of olvi psld ont by-ihe banka ot tms streeL ana a a ? Ita tack In, ° St alo » «Sf BB wi *o have some both small and fKfow w V ,ce f“ s how they shall reinvest-for c«i«dvantage ' *’ ne low orices at which n ® w range give an tmosoal ooportnnlty VC w enl V ,sfl those who purchase Jmf _ before the market appreciates materially, will be congratulated for their sagacity.” ga ~The Philadelphia Ledger of the same date me money market was more qplol yesterday. - thoogb i litre was no appreciable change from the stringency ofthe previous day. The rate for call loons on stock collateral la 7 per cent, with an oc casional transaction in lame earns on Govern ments at something else. - Commercial bills prime,rnleal7ioUpercem discount. Thebanka’ are not doing much in the way ol disco anting —The Louisville Courier of yesterday observes: “Currcnry has been nearer to stringency than to abundance, yet all have had sufficient ou hand to me et the wants of all legitimate purposes, but the Indications at present arc that there will soon be '? en i. , R y \ n ‘, hc calls for discount for which tbclr ability has been Inidcqnste. Money is coming In more Ireelv at present than It has been for a month past. Exchange bus for the past week kept Its prices very well: the counter rates are without any variation, buying at par, aud sell ii g at 1-10 premium.’* The eurcing* of the MUwauke & Prairie du Chien Railroad for the month of March were: I Decrease SI3S S 3 lho earnings of the McGregor & Western Railroad for the month of March were: Decrease *3.100 comparative cannons ol me Western Union EaUroad for the week elidin'? iiarch 81 ISC7 2SOG Decrease From January 1 to March 31; ISC7 I$G6 Decrease 17,270 Comparative eainines of the Michigan Central Railroad for the month or March: Increase « gs 03-2 QTie March earnings of the Milwaukee St Panl Hallway Company were* From their own road.. Prairie do Chico lease. McGregor Wee tern.... Total Same In March, JSC6. >ew York block and Money Market. Closing prices for cash. April 5,1EC7, received by Joseph M. Lyons a Broker*: . _ lftßd.2dßd| lMßd.2dßd N. T. Coitral..lou* ioc>* I coa. Gregory., 000 Ert| (com) a 55* U. B. 6 % cent • SS* tS\-1 bonus. 1851....103* 108* C.&Pitu T2* 71*,U. b. 6 Vet 5-20 * W£lfc::lsß SSIufWZfS-zii'*’ m K^ffc-icv;. Sg 881 v?n,'‘S-isf’ 7 * 10:x Quicksilver ;«* 28 1 coup 1865 103 107* W.U.T SC* U.8.6V ct 5-30 * C.AA-CC0 , d)..J06 106 coup, new,'65.107* 107* !>• “■ y... .ISI .... U. 8. 5 V cent M.C. ....107* 107* 10-10 Oik 97k Hudson lUver..K« isu Trta£ 7 &d.Tsl * * Ih Cent. ...Jl3 lis* series .106 106 Phil. A Head....lCO* 100* O. 5.7 8-10. 2d n A Toledo 119*« 118 senes iosk iK»k Tot. & Wabash.. 87* 36* U. S. 7 8-lo,Bd * * 51. & bt. k (comjsi .... do do (pld}so .... American Gold.lSs tai* Market—First Board steady. Second Board steady. COMMERCIAL. The following tables show the receipts and shipments of Produce during the past twenty-four hoars: nscEirif ron the -PASTlrwEimr-poun nouns. , ISG7. 18^0. Fionr.brJs 2,;00 2.512 Wheat, bn 4,010 1-2,763 ‘-oin, bn 11,025 15,«35 Oats, bo 030 3.C3U Rye, bn 750 100 Barley bn 750 S raa li^5 ed * 51,500 -11.510 Cored ileal, lbs s? dus Beefbrls *O7l lbs. 71,(155 77 0 Tallow, Tbs 5,190 4 o <-.j Butter, lbs 3,933 .r^jo Dicsscfi Hogs, No 65 33 l ive Hogs, No 452 2-25 Caltic,No lyi Hides. £>? Uighwluee, brla Woo*. Its Lumber, m Sbincles. m snipaatsrs pou run past tiventt-poub nouns. _ InTJ. 1860. Flour,'brl* 4,220 4,856 Wheai, Utt 8,875 2MSS Corn, bu Lot 3 3.209 Oats, bu 625 10.710 Kye 2.760 Burley, bn 400 444 Crass beed, D>s 45,113 23.8--7 Broom Com, Iba 0,000 2,370 Corea Steal, 2)8 305,680 483 3Utf Bee*, brts 1M Pork. bile.. SCO 255 I arrt, P-8 D.'JOO 5,500 Tallow, lbs 5,694 IST,4G3 Butter. Bs 31,785 LUO Lire Hoes, No . 1,342 2,07? 'afle,No. 5i 1,203 Hides, Be 43,100 C3.STU □i?hwinee, liris 2D7 344 Wcol,Bs 47.863 3.539 Lumber, m 543 3,153 Shinrles. m CS2 8«3 L*Jh. m 09 - 80 hall, brts 972 719 FLOUR ASH OBAIK IS STORE. TLc following table, compiled from the official ntarns of the warehousemen, exhibtrs tie amount of Flour and Gram in store in Ibis city on Satur day emuffir, compared with the amount In store at the corresponding date last year: ~ . ISffl. 1606. Flour, brla. ... 21.1td Wheat, hn 4W.8&9 939,497 Com, bn 674,519 558.135 Oats, bn 705,841 990.709 Bye, bn U8.C32 113,906 Barley, bn.. 123.250 261.121 There "'as a good attendance on ’Chance to-day, and the leading grain markets, Wheat excepted opened excited and higher, bat subsequently be come unsettled and closed lame. Ihe more favorable advices from Few York caused an increased demand for Mess Fork, and the market advanced 25050 c, bat at the close the reeling was tame, owing to the reaction reported by the second despatch. Wc note sales of i.sno brie, at $22.75 cash a n d £23.00 buyer April—clos* lng wuh sellers at £23.00 cash, and no bids made. Balk Meats were neglected and entirely nominal, at quotations to be found elsewhere. There was an active speculative movement in Lard, and the market advanced He, with sales of 1,800 trea at 12S<g;lSc for City Steam and 12*[c for Country Kettle - closing firm at 13c for the former. Grease was Inactive and nominally unchanged. A email lot of Dressed Hogs sold at $3.50 all tonnd. Whiskey was dull and nominal at 21c for Bonded. In Free there la nothing doing, and in the absence of any inqmry it la Impossible to give any quotations. The Flour market was firm and rather more active, with sales of 3,400 brls at $16.00 for White Winter; liajiO for Red Winter; $11.00014.00 for Spring Extras; £9,00 for Spring Supers and sß.B7tf for Rye. There was a marked rcaclion in Wheat, and the market was dull and dragging, resulting in a de cline of 2;;@3J4c on F 0.3 Spring. Fo. 1 was an* sctUi.d and s©ioc lower, but Rejected was un charged. Tbc sales aggregate 53,000 bn at $2.80 @2.83 for Fo. 1; £2.4002,16 for Fo. 2 and £2.14© 2.15*4 for Rejected—closing almost nominal at g 2.4002.41 for Winter receipts of Fo. 2 Spring. Coin opened excited, and with an active specu lative demand the market advanced Eos‘4c. subsequently the feeling became somewhat un settled, and tho market closed tame at a conces sion of l*jc on the highest figore touched daring tbc day. About 443,000 bu changed hands at $1.06 01. OOH for Fo. 1; OCclfor No. 9ond BooßVcfor licjecicii—closing with more pctlora than buyers at £I.OH forFo. 1. At the opening there was a strong speculative movement in OaL G . and tbc market advanced 2Hc, but towards the close fell off Holc. We note sales of 147,0C0bn at sa*4@CoHc for fresh and 57 058 c for winter receipts of Fo. 3—closing at 5T@ 57&c for the latter. Kye opened tolerably active, and advanced 3c, bnt later fell off 2c, and closed unsettled. Sales were made at f 1.5251.55 for No. 1 and f 1.49 for No. 2—closing at about fLDB for the former. Barley was qulel, but firm at an advance of 2c, with sales at f 1.85 lor No. 1; f 1.12 for No. 2, and sl.oo© 1 25 for sample lots. Tbe following despatches were read on ’Chang© to-day; » _ ... Nbw Tons, April 9. Common Flour firm and unchanged: Family strong, at f11.254t12.25. Wheat easier, at 12.63© iGd. Corn active, at fl.27tf. Oata bettor, at 73© me. Pork better, at f 23.43. Lard nominal. Whis key steady. Gold, 104%. _ LATCH. Flonr tame. Wheat easier, at f2.C8f12.C7w. Corn active, at $1 27. Oats firmer, at 73©t3. Poik t osier, at f 25.10. Gold, 135tf. w . . .. . .„ LaSalle,Amil9. Ninety boat load? of Corn here, to go north to night. LATER. In thcaflernoon the Wheat market wasquletand prices were the same as after the close of’Change. No: 1 Corn was fairly active, and sold down to sl.o6—closing steady at f 1.07. Provisions were doll. Beef Cattle were dull and slow of sale, with rnccs nominally unchanged. The receipts wore 1,132 bead, and the reported sates 715 hsad, at S-1XC©7.73 for inferior to good smooth lots. The market closes steady at $4.00@3.00, with 1,200 head unsold. The Dog market was dnll, and on common and medium grades prices ruled a shade lower. 3,10) bead changed hands at a range 0ff6.00@7.40 for common to good graces. Iteceivcd to-day, 2,273 bead. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK. DIAHKET. Omcz or ure Daily Tnmrrre, > , * Tuesday Kteyisu, April 9. j The lollowtee table ebon the daily receipts sod 'Upmetle of Lire Stoct daring tbe weet. np to this rrentnp. as reported by tbe Secretary of the Union lock Yard Company Sunday and Monday. TncAUy ... Total MW 5.677 The receipts to-day were by the following route* , Cattle. Hoct. Sbeeo. By Illinois Central Hoad 163 656 133 By Bonington & Quincy Road... 601 918 2>3 By fcL Lonis* Ali.n Road M 227 Hy Northwcttcn- Bo«d. Byilcct Itlaua Bead... Tola! 1,133 5.125 461 Tb*tiblpacnts to-day, asalor the week up to this vcnlcg, were: „ .. . . Cattle. Hoes. Shfep. Sunday and Monday. 54 s2i ... Tuo-day iw j,oa gj Total 319 S£S6 91 The following were the shipments to-dav; Vy Mlfblcan Central 1",?,' *>"*■ Hr HtWmrch 4 Fort Wayne. 179 Vai ”oj Uy O’rcat hastm 15 ... .... ToUl I9t HQ M Sales to-day. as entered at tbe diflerm bcale-honae*. were as follows: At Illinois Central Scale 97 i.”i ebe jßj At IlarUntkm Scale 3M to m At Altos rcale S 309 Al.NorUwpetero biale at Me .... Toul eis 9 m j litur aiitel optoed doll Md heiyy, with I,6oo.head in the sale dru. Tbe weatherwas. Arm and favorable fot operators, bat there was Ilnle Ittereftmsnllestedonthe part of the for anyere in attcsdacce, sties dragging heavily throughout. Doyen Insisted upon a reduction ot ssossc, hut bold* era were tolnahiy firm in their views, and frjmthe reported trantactlnna It coca n:t appear that Calv** aufltred any depreciation. The offerings weiegentrully of a j.-.w rrocr, consi-.tlng m*l;lyol ! common rough Cjvr. halMatteoed Ste-rs, and to this fact as ranch, as loauj oiler, may be attributed the alogaUb movement in the cartel to-day. Ttwrc is at pie»ent Tory little Inquiry for the descriptions tz rationed above, and if drovc.B would study more cMely the wants of the market here, we , are ,• Inclined to the • opinion that they wonld handle less of • the “ scallywag" stock. Ocod to prime shipping Steers and good to choice botchers* Cows are the only grades sought alter, and order the preetnt feeling a limited supply of such, will satiny the legitimate warns of the trade. The rates ol Weight to-day over the several Eastern roads, were SOflSJc to Bullaio. Transactions foot op only 015 head. These were dlvld«d chiefly between shipper*, •*. t J^ * Ld Janl “Pecolatcrs, at pnccirangiag at *4-0035.75 for Inferior to common mixed lots, embrac ing poor Cows, light Boilers, sciubby Steers, Stags, Boils, and Oxen; I6,'rf<j7.ooior medium to islrgnde ~^ etrs - sod 27.2537.75 lor gcod first and second-class Steeia. The market closes doll with some 2,200 head left over unsold. The following were the 1860. 1357. inc. 59.25C.79 78,312.35 19,035.66 • *,091.70 97,*06 49 20.774.79 ZBBOM 7/27.56 4s£m 1,537.83 8.51 US 3 1,931.39 OLOSUO rsicss. Eslra Itferes—TLie, Jot, well formed, 4 to 6 year 010 Steen, and ana upwards fs 2333.50 /'rune Stem —G.od, -well tatted, n’nely toinna Steen, averadne irom 1,100 to MOO Os, at ... 7.7338.00 x>«r Gradtk— Fair St* era, la lair flesh. ar traptnir 1,<W0@1,200 Os, at . .. 7.0037.30 Juratum Clti»ti~ Medium steers and good cow*, lit tor city siauthter and amagine BOO3IJXC os, at 6.003C73 Slock Outlie— common‘.attie In decent Uceb. »Ter»elDSrßoogl,ouOßß. at 5.5C3C.75 Injirior— Llcbt and thin Cow* and Steers. 4.u*33.<j0 CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. h'o, 16 choice lat Cows, cIT car* 933 6.45* ill mixed lot, t ana w 810 4.63 16 good Batchers’Cows and Sce*rs LW3 6.13 50 gocd shipping fetters, f. and w 1,183 7.*js 19 rough thin Steers, t. ana w 1.930 ms 8 Oxct, f. atd w r jiq 5.-3 17 medium iltrhy Stcere, off cars 973 ti) 11 common mixed lot. off cars 1,110 5.73 19 good fat CoWf, off cats kTO 6uO 10 common batchers’ stock, C and w 996 s'jo S 3 cnod smooth steers, off cars LIOO 725 13Interior Cows,!, ana w 786 4.00 HOGS—The market opened quiet la the morning, with acme 6,000 bead on sale. Tills large supply, with the reported decline of He in the New York market, bad a very depressing effect upon tra-10, and holders found slow sale lorlbelr offerings, and Ibr common and medium grades-ol which the supply was largely cctntosoc—prices favored bniers. prime lots were firmly held at pterions rates. The Entered rales nnmoer 3,100 head. These were taken np almctt exclusively by shippers for the markets ol New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, at ana within the range of 16.W\55.50 for common to medium, and fG.75ftT.lO for lair to good Bogs. The market closes steady at tC.CCftT.3O Cur common to choice grades. JWenote the following: <IS,SCO . 9,400 • 510.541 . 18,550 5-3.009 .$103,137 . 120,407 47 common lot, f& w 225 600 SScomiSCQ lot B*9o 48 mixed lot, f& w 177 g’-* «4 mixed lot f & w 6.73 52 good suoocn loi. 21s 7J» 62 nixed lot, 1 & aao IBmlxedlnt 6A3 271al lot, w... aifl 7J3 sscon-non lot .. g-a 56 choice lot off can c’lo 73 good, awooth lot, off cars Ist 70J 5. fair lot, r. ood auo 700 82mixed rot. f. and w jet gts •3 coarse tat lot oil cars. 715 50 mixed.ot.... 675 114 mixed Jot £, and w 6*70 SS even lot, f. and w 173 res 43 mixed lot f. and w. ics 6.75 SHEEP—The market was qnlet hut lor good to prime grade at 101 l prices. Crmmon deecrlp* Hons were somewhat Defected. Prices range at *3JO @6 JO for common to mealom, and for good 10 choice grades. Sales include the following: Ko. Ay, Price. 7'j choice lot off cars «; uj 73r»thergoodlototfca« 93 625 ©prime lot, ofl cars too 7.10 33 prime lot 7.55 .5375,210 . 337,158 {134.900 .. 72,(100 .. 0,400 .t5'6,300 . 808,672 Tuesday ErmrurG, April 9,1867. The Dry Goods market presents but ffcw new feature*. Trade continues brisk and Joobers are realizing full prices. Desirable brands of Prints are ta active de mand aud firmly held. ißrown Sheetings are tn good request, and favorite makes are readily taken an. Bleached Shirtings arq steady and unchanged. Car pets continue In good Inquiry and firm at quotations, tve give today’s closing range of prices as follows: Tuesday Emnxo. April 9. Mcrrtmac D. Mcrrirasc W, C0chec0...... I’scltc Garner's Sprague's.... Bunnell's..... Mancheittr.. Lowell Arnold's Lancaster.... IhchmoLd. . Lancaster 2:* mows si Banner..., 21 Lawtv*"* 31 Ft.ti:.— 1 VO* Applctot. I—l 21 M-rtfOrn l—l is** Nashua 3b Inalan Hckl 4—l 31* Cahott A 4—l 30 atJiLtlc 4—4 3i* Ainubkcm: 4—l 31 talruot Fulls 4—l .vu* Agawam F 4—l ICu Arpieum D 4—l .19 8!.*500 15,292 100 152 0,800 5.310 14 705 l lmoli* &4—4 ..17V Swift Klvtr 4—l .lt»~ Peppered E 20 “ K 13 “ u uv American A 21 OUtiCitU) S.T. Mills 4—l 10 W mnsutta I—l S2V Btlts4—l a Mute Bock 4—l .27* mils 4—4 25V - 7-8 33 V MascnvUle 4—l 37 v Uav Mills 4—4 27'; An'lxo“coqcln 4—l 37 “ 7-8 24 London 7—6. ** 4-4. . PATEE Cl Lonsdale t'u • Cambrics 12jf314* 1 . 1 DEM Ametkcag a* . 1 Tort.. w* Manchester 25 I {•word 25 Union CTX \ Uaynunwa 21* I AttWECac. >....30 Yi TK » Aroenc&o 1S&19 JMJ»... 25 Roanoke 30 TH Amotkeag ACA IC *• A >...«> *‘ B .85 C AO M D 25 TcrkaMnca .37K Albany - U* rorcSMarb.... 41k cossxr Arao'tea* >** I Lbconia 22* 1 Hates 15 j Naumkcaa fi»Ueea....a I Hamilton strut. EUcrtos T *tott Laconia. Mmchest-r, sew. Pacific. new bauiobm Gilbert's tiJTui Wilcox J.CC&2.75 1 Pcntoo»nc~ Wasnlogton MHis....3.U}*[ .LAP. Coats sl.lO Clark!* 1.10 flsdley ft Co'a 90 Worsted Brails 85 Stafford 70 OOTCOSTj Etais. 57* Hope. 57* Fracklin 57* Park 57* CiCI Lowell. 3 plv £3XO ** super 1.55 “ medium.... 1.40 Uartlord.cxtr& 3-ply 2.10 •*. lznp'lß-piy. 1.93 ** super LS* “ medium.... 1.40 _ I.AUIICIU. Farmers A Merch' I Everett 1 17* Wabash 42* I Everett 0 45 WEEKLY REVIEW OF THE CHICAGO Ali tale* of Grain reported in Ihlt market report an made on the batit oftcinter (Jc) ttorage , unleei other t cite expressed. I Tcesdat Etentto, April o. ISCT. FREIfiUTS—II AiLEOADFßßioirre—Are IPc lower. Tbe tollowinjr is the tarUTofthe eastern Uoaas: Rates trom Chicaco to— 3d class. 41b class. Flour. BuffaloA fcnso. Brtdzc f 55 szx 65 Montreal, C. B 1.25 to ho Albany, N. Y 1.00 GO 130 New Tor* i.oo 60 1.20 Boston a Pottland <3 U!0 Plttsbnrch CO 35 70 Baltimore 91 gs rhllidclphlt 91 55 1.10 Cincinnati. Ohio ts sa *«« Lumber tnzioDTS—There is hut little Inquiry for cither Lumber or Grain Freights, and prices are nom inally ncchaneed. The following charter was mad<* to-aay: Feom Bay Cut— Bark Advance, with lum ber at *I.OO. •BFLOtlK—Received 2,400 hrla; shipped 4.250 br>. The market during the pMt week bos been active, and prices have advanced tally 75c@t1.00. To-day the mar ket was fairly active, and holders were Qnn in tbelr demaDdi>at yesterday’# figures. Bale* Include the fol lowing: Worr* Wnmitfi— 1 75 brls ‘I.X.L.” at<l6.oo; Rad Wistees—6o brls ••Interchange” at (13A0; Speoto Emus—soo brls “Rater, Whaling &Co*B St »te Mills” at *l4 0"; ICO Brls** Cole’s Alternate” at |u 00s 200Arls “Rater’aAdvance”at *I3SO: ICO brls “Big Loan at *l3 J2X ; IMbris not earned at tUjjiK; 300 bits do at *J2.OCtSSO brls do (yesterday alter at flt.Sf; 700 brls do at 111 23; 100 brls do at Sll.00; bPßtva be- PEKrntES—IOO brls not named at |lM)0: Dksockd— 2o brls not named at |7.03; Ute Flock— loo brls *♦ Broad Head” at *8 87 Jf, on track ; Cock Meal—lo tons coarse att.-tf.CJ3; SI brls Kiln Dried at *3.25. We quote to day's ranm of prices as tolowa: Wisteb Wheat—Choice southern Il linois *16,00 (817.00 Choice St. Louis 12.00 @13.00 Wisconsin 12.00 @14.00 A or Star Shaved Shingles, by car-load,on track 3.75@1.0C lio. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on track. Three dollars a car-load added when transferred, which charge follows the Shingles in irelght bid. _ BUIJ.OLE SfAKDABD. Thickness—Five bblngles to be two Inches In thick ness. Length—Sixteen inches. Lands—Twenty Inches. Conrsre—Tw* nrt -live. I.EATIIER—There Is a eool bwiness dolae In this department, tbedematd oelog active beta Crrm city manufacturers, and Interior dealers; hence under moderate stocks, the fecllnc Is decidedly Arm. With (he exception of an advance ot ic In City Harntaa and City Upper prices are unchanged. We quote: HEMLOCK. City Harness $ siancbter, Bofla & 40® 41 lo bole 10a 41 Country Haraejs, 36® S 8 Slanebtcr, Bole, Lire, V & 42® 4| Chicago, No. 1, 39® 40 Klp» medium, blaoebtcr, Sole, ,»••••• 80®1.20 Chicago, No. ‘4, 51® 31 Calf. V ft UO-3150 Buenos Ayres.... 30® rs I UpCH'r, p fcot.... 31® S 3 Orinoco b01e..... 31® 36 Country Upper.. 23® 25 Orinoco, fc ood. Cellar, V 100 t.... 23® 24 damaged 310 S 3 Srnrso Ettbas—Fancy brands 13J« aiiJJO Choice Minnesota.... 12A0 sijjß Choice Illinois, Wis consin and 10wa.... 12X0 013.75 Fair Grades n.W ®ia i 3 Low Grades 10.00 fcil.oo -00 310.00 Kye ticor. ... w'77 r* <j_jn Buckwheat Floor. c. 73 a 7no WHEAT-Kecdvcd, 4.010 bo; shipped, 3,973 bo. Market otui and orasßloe—closing 3Uc lower on £°* 2 b ?Q ' w , er ° : 4001111 *»■ 1 at>2.S3; 4M)bo 2.? ?i * ? .Si 4o 2 ba *L4® 5 4(0 ba *l9 Bt t2-15J4 (ftcib); 400 bu do at 83.41; On do af fe.l3: s,csobudo at|3.4J V; 10,000bo do atK.4l; 10.000 Jjn&M 82.40 W; T.COt fin do at rMO ; SBaObaKyectedatta.lSW; tfxjObndoat SI.U-cloil Ins little better than nominal at 83.4092.41 for regular Cattle. Hozi. Sheep. .. 1,133 2.235 451 . COHN—Uecelved, 11,025 bn; shipped, low bo. Market opened excited, aid advanced OjWWc, bat cat>> Bcqcentirleil bock l»»c—clotlng tame. bales were: 2u,u(obnNo.l at|l.(9kc; 00,000 ba do at tl.09:10 UOO bu do atSl.ffiy; d\ao ba do «t fI.OSV; 85,C00 ba do at SI.OSV; (MOO Da do at *1.08: 15,000 ba do at slo7X> 25.00(1 no da at SI 07tf: 10,000 bn do at *LOJ}<; 20.003 on do at tIU/7; 5,01.0 ba do at 51.06 V ; 5,000 ba do at Si.CO: 4,2M1 In No. 2at 96c: 36,000 bo Kqccted st &>c: 15 000 bo do atSGfcc: 1,800 bn do at 86H : 1,000 ba do at 85c— doting with sellers <■! No. l at |LOS. SM 511 17 511 91 HATS— Received. 630 bn; shipped, CIS ba. Market opened active and advanced 3*c. bat fell off KAlc at tbeclose. ?alc« were: 1.220 ba No. 3at6oVc; LwObn doatCoo:6Co bade at 53.5 e (tretb); 80,010 bu do at 6£c; 49JD00 ba do at s~Sfc; 5,000 ba doats7*c; 5,000 ba do ats«Kc; 5,000 bn do at 57c (winter); COO bn Rejected at 55c—citstci: at 9'(i27He lor winter receipts ol >o. ?. It\ E—Receive*). TSQna; ihlpp<*d. 3,760 ba- Market unit tiled, openlna Sc better, bat (ailma baea 3c at the doae. s»lea were: 1,1(0 ba No. 1 atf1.55 1 &-0 bn do at $1.54V: KDbn do at $1.54: 4 700bn do attlJS; /.000 ba co at |L3: £OO bo No. 2 at sl.49—closing nominal atll-Ufa-frac N». 1. BA It LEV—Received. 750 bn; shipped, 403 bn. Uaraet qoi't Bias advance of 3c. sale* were: 40C bn No. lat (I X>: 2,000 DU No. 3at $1.12: 430 bu hr sample at |t.<s; 410 ho do at $119: no ba do at $U10; 4M ba do at SI.W; 400 tu do at $1.(0. BKANS—are In *o«l demand at 75a.43.23 tor cun. biud and » *.S3t*JA' tor cboice. __ OIUN-H In fair Irnnlry. Bt $2j.00/taJO. Sties wore: 20 lona at $33-00 delivered; 1C tom at (36.(0 on UarK. 911 DI) l«1 NCSK—Aft* held Arm atS3«3OAU.OO. Sale Of lu l >l.* at $36.03 at the mill. _ _ FKLll—tfaleswete K ton* Ureal $53J»i tOtona Oat* and ('mo at (.T7.CO. _ IllJTTKlt—llrctlved. S.IBJ »i; ahlm-ed, 11,TO at, Tbtro la uu change to note la the .character oi the DOG SALES TO-DAY. CmCAKO DBF GOODS MARKET. Ml. American 16* Amoikcac. is Duchess U u ituumlag )6 Allen's ic* Providence 15 James Saunders’ ic Gloucester ic JV. \V. Freeman A C‘c.l3* Union 13 Wamsutta 12* Colombia uams, I Glasgow 72 Roauoice 19 tECIUfOS. Atlantic SI His heppcrt‘slo ID Great Fttllf M 19 | *• “ S JCK ; Indian Orchard A law M C Us “ “ uu..„io3 “ ;; w is 2 ■ “ Z V ,b * western tVorld is Artwnsht. 19 hort-«mjuUi i* nv Napoleon X 6 Qaalc«r..: 11 AX Standard 20 Jdutata buurru.od. lllctlDia* 7-3 tiu “ " I—l IbW I Lonsdale w Arkwright .31 Wambcck 32 | J. & W. Slater 1—1....73K 1 Canoe 3—l 11 u 1 Sla'crrllle 7—B .15 j HlacksionaßlTrr|....3o 1 «UuitStOD4 aa 21 ; Ballon A Son 4 —I UU ** T—S 20 Muncies. I English I Connecticut. .33 | Waa'ologtoa nu Miliuro improved si lime Hi 11... Z 3 Corn Cttj 16 STJQPCD sUICTUOS, ' Wblttendca C. 30 A Uccasnilc. 21322 Thumdlke... 22 jf I Sbetncfcet .19 Hamilton. ** X 27V fiwlCl Klvcr tou Star 3UU*3Mnch 35 •* ** SfrUtch 25 I Indian Orchard is I Androfcoccln., 15u Pepperell I Globe 13 [Thorndike. 25 I Naomkeag bleached.. .35 BROWS ....a I ....a I Vcqdissioq. iPeppereU. Hamilton. AU Wool. UaovatjftManeKen.fJ.l2W Raleigh’* 2.00 ; Bruner 2.00 Italic of the season.. 2.23 Green ft Daniels T 3« White Skein 90 Cora i.oo W 1 111 mantle, 82)4 rasxs. etc. Eastern 55 Carpet Warp .50<».CS Candlewick CM7O Chicago Batts tu.oo Superfine f 1.0031.50 Crossey's Fat, Tapes Brussel Roxbury I.CTK Empire Mills IJO Belgrade 1.03 fIIAUKET. mstkct, In nor cnemial particular. Thera crmUcnej to oe a r ready Mr inquiry lor choice Table Bnttervor Borne consumption. and wits oarcly enou«n or sac* “Jiving to meet this demand; prices are tolcraoiy sustained at 25323 c. w ill occasionally a tale of a Email ftney packs* e. at 29930 c, taoagh it is rarely tbs - ®a*e that tee outside Deure Is realized. la common aod tiferlor dicrlpilons there li scarcely anymore* meat, un sales are slow and generally a; tntlee ueorea. The sntpiy ot common Tub and common firkin is large, and with ro outlet prices are weak aiainezuar. Sacs to-day mclndcSOJ &i choice Bod at 2Sc{ 3 pkz» oj at 38c. Choice Dauy i632SC Gooc Tab jtajjc (toumnnFirKlD ftslSc Pnjne Firldn Wy»?r BACltiNti—There U no maunsl impravmi-cal to sou: in the. ccsat d, and wits a toll supply In tlie mar* » ec, ce«le:i are oy no means urm in uioir demands, ronto icu Delng cflerea at con .essions. tve note a de cuneof (-I,ooinLcwuion a’saadslJK)la Gunnies,and quote asio iovs: A.i bo, seamless linen 438,00 do Ijwloo Illinois*.* bn, -. do • SBXO Corn Exchange S.OO Bia s A,cou.r teanjpsj hm Lcwlrtnu a.. do , axO Andtcacoceib. do 57 co American. do 97A0 Bearer Mills, do CO 00 P;Hrflflda, do 63 to Penn Mills, do 61.0# tortpat, • do 6U30 hii»o, * do GOOD Qtmnifß a oo Bnnaos. 4 bu, wo. l V6j» Empire City. 4111K£>B*-lbelciiuiry is good, both on local ac count and frem litenor dealers, and as the stocks are ?££? mi DEpreUy well reduced, Uieleenne Is decidedly urn, and full rates are In all instances being demanded, ine stocks caxLOtbr replac'd w sell at present rates, hence dealers are not disposed to nrge talcs even at outride flsires. Ihe fallowing are the prices current: £rw } ork Factory (genuine) 71 Ml c Factory (Illinois) ......19 Sal c Hamburg..« ?o S2l r Western States IIIIIIIIIIIIJIII 11111 111117 2i9 e Western fcmerve 919 c “Young America" Sou c **>e large supply oi Anthracite •J i. i th® market, and with the demand somewhat limited, the reeling Is«aster, and dealers generally, to* aaj - . were offering freely at a reduction ol $3.10 per tia «<n BJ<«*sl»arg. mu ton, Scranton, and Lackawana. Lump Lehicn was being neld at $13.00. Of Bitnmluous Coalt the stocks are not likciy to prove excessive.and fts/af follow s• W6lO veU BQaUlned * Wo revise our EBig-Brooktield. gIUMJ do O mushy njo Cl£telahd— :«»iar um n.oo do Mineral Bldgs 10 oo co Willow Bang 10 oo co Tunnel W.oo Chippewa ' toon Blostlnrc Lump)., high n'ni Lackawana, prepared ** o Jo Scranton o'no Pltlsion ,SaS a7SIn t ?‘u ! SliS M e f C “' ,1, ‘ slr «“• w « Jsva go ami). Klo,commontofalr..;. *a Kio, good to prime 1*27V9*15e Rio. prime to cnolre 27w«is?c COOPERAi JE-Tho market Is pflaa are nominal. Wo now quote: PprK Barrels • Idßa t is Lard Tierces 11l II 111 111 II ’i^jm Whisker Barrels ..................I via Butter Kegs, ?i dozen. 12.M915M Lard Kegs, each 73a ffi fjonr Carrels, round hoop gaa 63 Clone Barrels, flat hoop 50« u Hoop Poles, Hickory., 20^0^30.00 Hoop Poles, Oak 15.0Q320.U0 B(>opß.flat Ash 5.00-5*7.30 Shaved Hickory Hoops 19.00930,00 CANDLES—Theidcmand Isfairly aenye and prices are,aeltadeeasier. Wenownnoto: ¥ Fatrbank. Peck A Co.'s stearle Lights 131(916 c Kxtra Tallow, Stcarlne «14‘ic Taß?w, pjb. Vaxlme. 9 a bUr. 7» a (Schneider A Co.s) 17 «21 0 UitlKS AND CHBTIICALS-Tliere tu a good buflursa Ir ansa tied in uub department during the week, ard prices bare been well maintained. We continue to Quote: Aloe*, Socotrine, GnmTraff sorts. MftCJc V ft. 90c Gum •‘bellac.... sy*6oc Alum 5 ®C c Gum Trag. flake 1A0ft1.75 Annalto ILO&ail.rS Gam Myrrh,Xtry goc Arsenic, p0w.... t&lOc Gum Opium 5.733410,00 Arrowroot, Jam. Sic Ipecac soo Arrowroot. IJer. 90c Indigo L43®a.«J ]!al. Coparls.... I.IC iodine I Hal. Toni . -. 2.00 lodlae Potas 5.7525X0 Kog.Ul-carb.Boda 10010 Vc Jalap 3X0&3.U0 01-carb.i*uUeh. Me Juniper Berry... a|ioc Borax, refined.. 402-12 C 510r0h1ne........ 7‘.5 'ampbor, d 0.,.. 1.1501.20 Oil Castor. 12002,75 Copperas, Am... &t4c OatcesllTcr...... Ixo Cream Tar-,puro Co@oic Outmno, 2X302X5 Cnbebs... 65c itauc G uc, white...... 602®c Soda Ash skoß c Glue, com lX<c3Sc Glauber Salts... BlfwlXc Aqua Ammonia. 120« c Cansuc boda....9*otOHC Chrystal Silicate 9#c«iuc Garb Ammonia. xi&Se 4)%(a r* c sp. Turpentine.. 93cai.u» Tncrewaibuta moderate inquiry to-day. and with a liberal supply la tbe market prices were sensibly lower. Intbe morning msoc was demand tr, bnt In the afternoon dealers were offering freelv at Ibol9c. with tales chletly at the lsslda neuro. The in. qnlrr u alu.o‘t exclusively on local account. Trans actions to-day Induce 73 noz at 19c. . FItMTS AND NUTS—Trade la fairly anlma ted, and the general market raid steady atd lirmat The mqulry for Domestic Dried fruits exhibits Increased activity, and ror thr smaller varie ties. rf which theitcrks are moderate, price* have rather an-upward teuaency. Dried Apple* are abun dant anti it-ady at a range of 9012J»c, Green Apples are In active request on local account, and as the stocks becoming considerably reduced, an advance of 60e ?' Ist lis generally being demanded. For a very prime article. In lou of from oooto five brK ns hlcn as 17X0$ 8.00 is realUsd. Nuts are steady. We quote: OEEES FKCITS. * AptleF, 9brl Jlio a 7.0) nransc*, box *,75 « 8.(0 Unionf. J'cfMoa 8.00 a 850 uranl>«r:u‘J, V brl ia.oo a<5.00 _ deied rncm. Turtpy IVuteu, new Kfcnrh iTtmen, new. FlCT.cmn.s... Fic», car loom, iMti-g Canned Peaches, V doz.V ft caus' Apples, new actio, halve* ami quarters! Practic-, pared IllucSberrbt*. new, *> B. Kasphern-i-, new, V B. Cherries. pitted Hrerbcme«. V Q> I- its, seodVv. s(i Bkcg! relate, \i boxes Almond*. hard .helled. 22 ® 21 t.hrl ed 38 S 43 AllUOlld., JUpiT f lm Jrtl J 3 W CJ Pc»nui>. \\ ilmlogton, \> bu 26 as im ft 4J5 Brazil Nuts 73 (> 3j Flibem;... is « 17 French Walnuts 21 6* 23 Naples Walnuts 31 ® vi Hickory Nuts 300 (3 3JO Clustnnis @6.00 FISH— Dealer* report a gcod hcaithr’trade, and are generally hj.dlag their goods firmly atquiUtlons. 1 ne following are Hie current rates: 'MilteCsh, No. 1. a brl 16.75® 7.00 WhltePPn.NO. 2. « brl tfjy* 6.75 Trent, N •. I, H brl. 4.75* 5.00 irotu, No. 2, J, orl 4.25 ft 4JJ Mackerel, No. l. \ bn. new .lOJdftlo.7s .Mackerel, No. 2, H brl 10.aai0.23 •Mackerel, taiclly, P jfbrl 8.7 X« 9.00 Mackerel. extra m<*s, 9 U brl UJUfttLOJ Mackerel, extra mew. v ut., run® an 2J5® j.cs, kits 2XO* no CcCCsh, Bank, t* ICO bb BJoft 7,0,7 Codfish, George's Dank 7.iOi* 7JJ Hake. 5.UJ3 5,7 j Herrings, dried. No. I, F box. 50? 55 Herrings, scaled 70® 75 1-abtadi.r Herrings, f) brl lOJuftn m Norwegian herrings lake Herring* 4J0(*500 ilallbnt diLUiMI I'.COiSUm F|l M S—Sale c f2O Coot and 3 Slick at $3.00. (■llCA**E—Market Inactive and nominally an* (humreii. HUSH WlNE*—HccdTed, 100 brls; shipped, 237 brl*. Market dull and nominal at 2lc tor bonded. MUil IkUtl IMflUllini A.4IUIUI IVUUDU* quoted at Gs®7Cc for Eastern, and GOA rsc for Western. IIA V— I There" Is a little more life exhibited In this Maud) of trade, and aa the supply in the market is lu iio »*y <xccß«lvc. th» recent advance is fully sustained. There aaa considerable inquiry UMtsy tor the Lake superior country, and also for the lumber regions, we repeat our lut: WUOLE.OALK races (OS TCACK.) Timothy rol;eran*> beater pressed $13.00915.50 Timothy, loo*-* preyed li tW^tC.W I'ralrle, btatur pressed 13.0ik13.00 RETAIL PRICKS. 1 imottiy, roller and beater preMed f I ln:oihy, looie pressed. liSO<7OJO ITalne, ro.lerard orator presied 16.0Jk17.0Q I’mlrle, loose on wuon, delivered 11.0fta16.10 HlDE?*—Received, 81.C06 as; shipped, 4SJOO a*. The market presents oo new feature. The shipping ' cmandcoitlnn-s gjod. sad there Is alio a fair In quiry to meet the current wants of lorn! Tanners. ■ eicc. under continued moderate arrival! prlcw keep well up, and all desirable ottering* aro readily atk sorbed ct fall rates. Usht and medium UMi-Sore I'ldi'flT Inqultid fur. Oruobv lots arc buying at one third oil. We make do change In oor quotations, os follows; r.recoratrhcra’ “V® 8 c Green railed, trimmed llfe(«ll¥e Green (;air ....... «I 8 c Kip Urter, salted u ais c Dry Flint trimmed jg ftlSKc Dry halted, trimmed lt)tf*lsrfc Greco halted .part cured lOkSUHc IKON AND ►TEEIi— Business If moderately ac tive. and la comeqncnco of tho reduced cjndtllon of the stocks, dealers are obtalolag lull prices. Wc now quote: Common Bar Horse Mjoc Iron Heavy Baud Hoop and Light Band.... Hound and buoare 0va1.... Half Oval and Half Bound.

Sheet Ir. c. common. Extra J*anu£. Sheet Iron, galvanized 18 @3j c c t<el Iron, charcoal, 56 ...Ovc# c Sheet Iroti, Jutlata, 26. livai3 c Norway Noll Bods llu@l3 Vc Kow Steel, German I!I....”!"".13 wl4 o Plow Steel, cast. @is c Spree nnd lire Steel, English 13k@u c rool Cost Steel, ordinary <tzce a etso e Tool Cast steel, Ametlcan -a r*a e Blistered Steel @3O c I,IF»111 lit ll—ln cogsequence ol the Iropoasablecou cltloD cf the wagon roads throughout the country during the pa*t weefe, the demand from the Interior has neer rather light, and business was conhaedto snp plylPe the wants of local customers, prices have ruled firm and have undergone no special change. “A” irßur Sawed Shloklea are in light Inquiry, and t> dsy prices were a shade caster. Lath continue In good demand and ttrm at quotations. We giro the follow, me as the current prices: i.nmFß—First Clear. 1,1 Jf, IV and 9 inch 1 460.00QG5 00 ££‘'on>l Clear. >. IK, Vt and 3 Inch 53.C0@60.00 Third Clear, Inch sO.tXtoas to First at d Second Clear Flooring, toeeth er, rough, the seme as Second Clear wide.... 50.00a52.00 Common Flooring, roach 85.00(437 00 Matched and Dressed Common Flooring.. 40-00r,ni2 m Matched and Dre&ssd b-inch Common _ Floorlne 36,0023100 Flrrtnnd Second Clear Siding, together.. suxteSlDO First Common Dressed Siding ZUttasJfl Wagon Box Boards, select 15-mch and up* wards BUftaia DO • A Stock Boards, 13 Inches SO.ooaj’M B Stock Boards, JJ Inchea 35 OO&JK 00 Common Boards Joists, ncantllng. Fenc ing. and Small Timber. S 3 to 16 fret long. iC.CO@gI.OO Joists and oeantllng, 13,20.23 aod34 feet. 3d,<V3:q,o Jotsts and Scantling 294)0 SniKOLFs—A or Star shared shingles Iv> A or Star oawed fahlnglca 5.C0@3A0 No. 1 Sawed Shingles 3.5023 00 Lath—l*er min yard 3.00 By car load by Northwestern Railroad, delivered In any yard where cars can he switched or any depot—A or Star Sawed Shingle3,T)y cai-load, on trace 5.00 OAX. Slaughter. Sole, 5S@ si | French Cali, SI IlarDeu, V fi.... 451 tbs. 2.10@3.t5 Upper 40@ 411 American Call, SI K:r>. No. 1, me- » bs. 3.00®3.:0 (Tidm..i-.. -40(31.201 French Calf, L"- Kip. No. I.hefty/ -1° I undoes, Vdoz.BoJo@oo.oo itiET* I.S AMD TlNNEng’ was a lair inqnny during the Week ftnd wuS cx cepUon ol n decline ol 50c on TlaPlatcand 1 tooting lm. prices b»y« ruled Arm. We repeat quotations* „ TIX. J ÜBIOOTWIBB. Box Tin Plate, I. C, 1 it Kill $14.00 ’ .... to RooOncTlD, 1 C 11.00 . 13 Large Pigs ST . ,1 .small Pigs 38 15 DarTlu SO is COPPTB. Metallic_Al’ 801t5.... 31 1 to#. 7.6a-.d9. 10 and 11.. 13 13 and 11. 15and ]«.. n 18 copper Bottom SO nrazlere, over 10 168. 41 Sheet, U to 10 oz 12 TlnoiDgs 10 HARD IT SIXTH. irt quality no ArUorr*} 20 19.. at 20.. 23 Fence mrc HCBcLAS. >■08.9 and 16 iS<a36 Amen can, Ist Quali ty, »beet 19 mencau • - • Fine Joiner SO rise. Ist quality, cast 13K ls*qQailty,6bcet..... 11 Slab 13 American, lit onaii. *r.* M 1.......... 18 Amen an, 2J quail. ty t 9 tlicel is NAlL**—Tbe mu feet bos been oilot dnrlnt the «>«k and prices litre declined 25c. Tb e Btocßa nre macbrednced. We Rlre the following as thernUng lOd to'cd V fees *6.75 2d to oo .« 7.00 3d, ilce b1ued....,..'" s!oo W ‘-jO olaecl 10^0 ! id 7-501 Cut SplkesTr^lllirill‘7s6 3d... 9.25 SAVA I. HTOltES—'There Ik a lair movement la the market and prices are without essential chance, "c continue to quote: • Tar. *3.(0 Lath Tam Mao. i’onkff Pitch WO Ilia 23via3te N. C. Pitch 8.00 Manilla Hayßopc3l^«ac Italian Fax Packing see Manilla ltope...„23va2ic Italian Hemp Packing 4Cc Marline FlncHemn, 6np SJc Sash Cord I SOc Am. Hemp, No. 1 20c Oakum S 7 0037.50 Am. Hemp, No. 2 lie Hf-mp Twine 30 <*4oc Oil.**—The demand thoocti theicaeoM,ano the gcneraTfecllaK la tolerably Orm. Lmiewl Oil Is In lair supply, and quiet, and lira. Lard SifcJo'&SSotS?"- Kl “* “a.^ EM ,.Ldwe oiircon ;; IJIB m Whale Oil. W. B i9,vai« Lam on. extia Lard oil. No. 1 Winter. 1 ISSI is Lard 0U.N0.3 Winter II.M";.*:”* i®ai 10 Back Oil, rrnnd lots 1 isaijo Bank Oil. Straits rival Jt Machine Oil * * maij» Sperm Oil. W. U .'. “^ita Lubrication 0i1............... StVaino (lAKBON Olli—KcTrains qnlet- as nrerionelx * tolr Bni>pl *’ lo toe market. Prices raoRO Carbon, ff’ear load. «- Carbon, small loti I!!!!!!!!) Jfe Benzole ***************t(wa P»- OTISIIINH—Ror«r»i 571 hrli* "licet." and TUBS bi SsitL'^ WSaa * Cttfed Mc *“ SO briJ I’ort. — Mnrsnrtjve R«]m »nt: SCO ftrli »t|tJ3,CMh;utO drl» attain, borer Apttl—clcilnc with no eeiler* below |ao£c*ab. 1 Uird—AeU*eMulMo b'gner. MimwereMOtnaCttr «.. ?1 »t 13c 5 350 to* 00 at I2«c; Ka to Country Kev- I'OUI/TBV—Uin Ucht inpnjy. and the mare*t Bake were u follow*; 3 do* urfiied it tee* yOTAToKS-The Bwbi u acute and .arm. »I I? 1 * 9 lr^i2? e . the ftilowtae: SOD bu.riHou Paj« . Blows at »c; Us tm a,at BDe: i ear do atti;;»bo i so(ml*t6)»i7toiickt»t 77c; i car da at sJj.ael.t ’ U ?.£ u .i?!F hl,f * n Bowettaat Dr, dsl. ““ FA INI !■*—ito demand U mcreatlsr. and a b'tter •B. I»Pearlßto»...*|iti) Superior..,.. '[ niM . Bed Lead... IUW Premium ; ■ uS O’Fatlon Standard J-aclede uoo Lead. 13A0 Missouri. *!. flifc Lo'U* Star.. UJX French Zlac,pcVe " ItlcJ D-H.Shmtnai-swar. Amer. Snow {filter UH rpnt«! pare In oil. 13AO American Stir.... iojxi SaSW¥r- if SSi r S St. LonH. pore. I6ou Parlor S»w‘wwtel &iM£“ B* if Pl«’ikON~iiie quotations- market ra *« fim at the iJllowin* Massillon. H0.a............... ffS 1r00t0D.N0.1.... .. ••••••»..., sojm Tuscarawnt. .No.l gjflj “ £. - 1 8i:« •lO* #... ......... RilAn < Lake Eopcrl.r. Ko.l Moritan..ll." sij& p.p p „ t-i- 1 - 6&u ■nil? fSci, wSo'i'f "»««• “ I r' le “ nook Paper,* ft ca j c News Paper. * c, « nto £ ■WrapplDß.comtnOD c ■tMrtvkfbTOCK-TJic market was quiet and Cocu.oßags, mlied SVASYc Rope and I c*we *b live ■* ll la out llttloim .,na V“ ""“‘"■lm e«j Mf±;r. •; sgg-g _? ht- a^mand is light, stocks are large, and price* »io iteady. Wo quote: Anacan .T 10*®ll e Baofocp ~n fiiivc carr-iiD* ;.ii\§{i c “ICEsj—ihc market is quiet. Tfc continue to SPP® r * a** 38 Pimento SSa 86 Nutmegs, No. 1 1A0f1.60 nSJSf*'* 1 '* 0,2 LtaliJo •tS?j A .? £P„;f ta i“ lr i- “ d p fta » ™« Kingston!, Cora 13 <ai3Vc Kingston!. J»ure... lOVwll c KlnptfMd, Keflned 12 ®lBVc Kingston!,.silverUlosr. ;...ia octave Pure Laundry g e otttw. corii,gg % «> atta BVSIO c &OA Pst—Continue lo lair demand, aid prices are 5? I L er ? lly . we U sustained. We repeat qootatioia: K. Schneider A Co.’s Paim /. t a 7vc i roclor & Gamble’s Herman Mottled. lOvoil e uastlie ooap. Am wig c Porcltm Casuic S a3\ 0 Dwight’s full weight jo aiOVc S!5 weight. jo wiOVe Old English, short weight. gvS »vc Kirk’s German ilottled 9VWIO* Kirk’s Austrian........ , ... avS a KUk’s No. 1 Palm ....V. ... «*» 7 c Kirk’s Pale Family nSS gv. Yankee Chemical g?S nil Emery’a Improved Entire a. a Bwc Folrback, Peck & Co.’e German Mottled...,. 9 S 9uc a 'a * £r,“ l7e 8 99 c Hook's Erailre '* S**? 2£? tiS°J?£jfttf.V S A IjEllATUS—TradVislaWy tlvf, ana with light stocks prices role firm. Wecoa tltnr to quote t Babbitt's Medicinal njfsl2tfc “ Pure^ 7 ■’ w al2!<c . LT—Kecclved","’none;"’»hipp'edl’ S 73’brls. < n«e U,cmar * et arm at the an- KewFme..... ,n.. Coarse *|ffl Ground Alum .1 **’.* tioraijs U re and Solar... Turk's Island, bags * 5S Dairy, wlih sacks *” ?SJ Dairy. without sacks ... 5 75 SEED*—Kecclred, WJOO as. Bhlpped*,*4s,U3 aa. The general market-rules dnll and prices are without change, tmlcjJo-day- were aa I'Oljwb: Tuferrnr—lo b .a« ?2, a ?. al * 2 - 73 ; » at ».65; na do at 1 d « p i 5 ‘ "o at 92.5 C; Chores—3 basis d 0 at »13Z0; 60 do at at f 10.00} Flax—lo bags at 13.00. .»,«J J K , Ak £! *r.^? ve . bc ? n J a moderate demand, al thocch the bolt ot t*e business was earned mi throuah orders. The stocks are rather light, especially fowß* 0100 firadefl . continue to role firm, aa fob Kilned, Powdered BcdOraniUated....l6jpßl6jfc f SKiSf* iv*«is*c IdiUW C Vi'*') "iS Oxraid C lOVfflltr Ostarrt C, extra .... ..... uwatlVc New Orleuos prune .-. . ffl Now Orlnuiß dir ; .I!!I!!!l3vauun Tho market remain* tubxtanUalyla tlie same conduce as aitncdate of our last review TSe stocks both aero at d East arc large, and diraleti'.la oroer lo circci s»le#, would eitade prices lQ&lsc on round lota. We quote: Boston Mnlicr f1.Mf11.30 New York Syrups cJy e i 15 Yellow luips.... ... 1.15f11.W Caha sfolftbaes •%£ hi lortoßUo »>* R 5 New Orleans ; aVil.os Philadelphia Bee Hive 6l>, *7O Clilcatro Keflncry, Amber 1.0H11.15 U-imery. Oolrten...; go CiilCHuolfcfluTv,Suirirfloaso 73® go TEAS—Iu UiU drparttuent of .ir<dc, during the pa« wtclr, uusints* nua own quiet, ilimlcoubi! oclne jinncipally on local account, Prices aro steady as fol* 21 & 23 20 Ml 21 27 (5k 29 , SO (•«» 35 15 f* 20 4.6» r« 4.25 *J « 13V 16 C 4 19 43 (« W 31 & 31 • C 6 U 6d 65 00 IS A 16 WO ftW.43 23 (* 31 \ounr ll«on,»npCTlortotlno, » a st.tatoUO Tonne Ilyon. extra to choice.* a moil S 3 to me. Va 110.4100 Itripcrla', extra lo choice. V a.... uiuj «jj Cimprwcrr, superior to line, p a l.lOrtt 60 Gncpowth r, extra to choice, p a lJr>3'»oo Jjpafl.D.ilnral leaf, nie toeitrafine, p a... i.ovaLia .T«t>dn,Laturulleßt.flcQtacti?lcc, V a l.2iai to natural I cat colored.'V a..; 1,3721 -a exhibits mkto llUlelm praveim-ut id point otattmiy, ami with harelvmffl. cleat stock? on hacu to meet the l--L'Ulmaie waoin of he trade, the feellos is Brm and fun rates n» e in •>6t InsLiticcs nnli/od. tVe quote: FIS* CUT CQKWISO. ' -*..tUSQI.SOI Medium..... . r. SMOIUi-a TOBACCO. Mrciula’e Favor* 1 M«U0m.......;...;.2t£t25c Choice"’ I bleats....W^ilc Extra.. Choice. » , „.l. W-CO TOBACCO. Loyal Citizen.. 70» 75c i Mcdmrn. FormmVlMljrtit C 7« 73c I Common. Natural L' af.. .J l.lfft J. 50 I Navies ... Halt Uncut..... FiouEders. luM 75c I UUUm-lN AM) « ILIiOW WARE-Thfro u no choice to note to the general character o( the market. . The following ore tno prevailing nrlcee: Tubs, extra sue * i6-50<*17.00 Tubs. No I. per .102 illli/iJaSaiaS Tnltf.No.2.perdoz.. ; ISIgSISAO Tnt*,:No. 3, p-rdoz. Pala,tuo-h op, painted.., Palls, threr-coop. painted. Waßlicoardr, ztac Willow market baskets,.., Com boskets, l bushel Com bosket, 1V bushels.. chums, Vo l. Si licb Chorea, Ko. 2.20 inch Churns, Ko. S, 13 inch Chums’.No! A. 161och.‘I.*I” WOOD—Is quiet will quote: • Maple. f> cord, delivered. Marla. |* cord, tn yard.... Recch, *» cord, delivered., Pceon, p ooiq| in Tara. Hickory tv i \i>" ’a S' iV' li <Vii tn note la the grneral rhan uv»v .u .11. HI .1* .Ml IUAI » Is steady ami prices are fir: MJimc oonDt,. Kec tineaWhiskey *a ?&■« U.P. fLBS Do. 20 f cenlD. 1* B,in Mouonrdida. V. l.B* 2*15 Itye Whl-k*y O htr).. 2 M Bourbon do (Chic)., 255 Pure Spirits (proof).. • 2 40 Colome fcpinw, 9s ft cent,;..- 4.50 Chicago Gina SJPfjr.Tj do ' Branfllcs.2Jo®S.oa do Ruini....2.snM2.7S do do {Bh'Tdo.. 2.00 do Malaga. ,175f02.00 Ginger Wu e i.zc- 2.(0 Cherry Wine 1.7552 00 Blackberry Wlne.2 50®3.00 Raspberry Wine.. 3 Mw3 00 N. Engwnd Unm.3OQS3JO Peon. Bye Whis key* Kentucky Boar- bon Wbtsk«;ya..3Jo( Ohio: Catawba .sjoeioo WII«l.-K»wlTed. 6J?» Bs; ahlpped, 4788'88 Thrrewasbut little doing in this statue, and he-en erai market ruled steady. We clip the following .-.'in Btnrga. McAllister ft Co.’* Woo] Circular oi today M 1 he tot*’ receipt* of Wool In this city driia m pastweek are 38,891 bs, and sbioments 93,073 na. Last w>ek the receipts were 44,507 Bs, and *Up -seats (3,SW Bs. We report the following sales: 10,'37 bs Fine Wool. In good condincn. at 50c « n ; io, no pg Fine and Medium Worn, ic had condition, at 49; p a. As compared with lost week there has been air* ac tivity lu the market. Still we cannot but.'oo , from the limited amount ol business doing, thalwt a.*.-now passing through the dalles: period of the ytar. At present our trade Is almost exclusively conhnel to western manufacturer!, most of whom hare a large proportion of their spring stock of Wool en* still on band, and are. ihcxeiorc, confining their purchases very much to fill pawing ordsrs. At the present rate ol redaction of the stock of Wool held lu the market, but a very lew weeks will be needed to horonsbly ex haust it. Wc therefore stmnrly odvl-e holders of Woo) in the country to send fbrward all they can at once, there being no prospective advantage to be de rived by holding back Wool for a later period of the seaion. t>K® aye 7yc 6 ® eye c s*i« aye cy® eye sy® eye JK® C iya e After & long and protracted winter the spring season seems to bare stt la. We have been favored for eev- I oral «tars past with clear and pleuaat weather, wblcti I has Induced a very marked improvement in the tie- I xssnd for manutactnrcd Worilcn*. Country borers are i coming In in goodly numbers and buying Ireely their I soring stoats. As a result, we anticipate tbatmann : factorers will very snortiyscc their way clear to pro vide more liberally tor tbolurtber wants ofthemarfent. ihasglvlnga very desirable stimulus to tbo demand for wool Owing to the very limited quantity of wood now held, prices continue tolerably Arm and sta-tdy at our previous quotations. W« call the especial attention of western wool-growers and dealers to me fact, mat at the present time we arc realizing in this market far better prices for wool than can be obtained at Boston and other Eastern points, after the additional cost of freight alone has been deducted. Nor is this by any means a peculiarity of the present. Daring tbe past year wooi-dealera have realized better profits In this market than in any < ther In the United States. W« have managed to seenre competsatmg P'lces and quick returns, and to avoid the fluctuations and depressions width have prevailed In Eastern markets, where stocks have been heavy and altogether in excess of the de mand. Whilst we fnlly reesgntze too Increasing Im portance in which this market la held by Weato'uwool dealers. ULI we cannot but note the fact that In the weekly receipts and shipments of wool In this city a large proportion Is slmp'y carried through to Eastern mar kets, upon which we feci convinced that better margins ccold be realized here than at the points to which it is consigned. We Invite the special attention of Western men to this matter, feeling satisfied that thelr.lnveftlgations will folly confirm the statements wc have advanced. Wo give the lollowlng quotation* for wool In good condition: extra tub-waihed soaKc per »; common doSOc per a ; One wcoi ttysacc per a ; medium per a; coarse iTftl'ic per a. 'MAEHTE INTELLIGENCE. PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED. Prop Ottawa, Bartlett, Orard HatCD. anndrlea! Sclir Eme'iLe, MalbiU. Qranu niVeT, “ondnee. Sclir Lumberman, Williams, Grand Daren, liu 51 Iss per Schr Garibaldi. Smttb, South Haven. 14 crds wood. Scow ilanon Dixon, lionu, Grand Haven, 635 tn shingles. Bcow Flora, Scbapftln, Kalamazoo, TO m Imnbcr.J CLEARED. Prop G J Trucsdcll. Crenel narco, snadrles. I’rcp Ottawa, Bartlett, Manitowoc, sundries. Toe Edwards, Banter, St. Joseph, sundries. Sc nr Guide, Chase, St. Jcne-h schr Nor vay, Swensen, Wolf Hirer. Schr Lumberman. Wllliamr, Grand Haven. EchrK. B- Klntr, Paxton, bt. Joseph, soi dries. Scbr Uuribaidl, Smith. South Haven, sundries. SshrM McKnlr, Williams, Grind Haves. Scbr Arrow, James, Grand Haven. bchrO. R.liob«iU Jacobson. Wall River. Schr Z. G. SimmoDß, uatili, Grand Haveu. Schr G. Barber, Lawrence, Kewaunee. SctrGlieey. Lovltt, Free Soli. Bchr Dawn, Olraon, St. Joseph, grow Harriet Atm, Word, whits Late. Scow Marlon Dlxcn, Burnt, Grand Haven. Scow Mermaid, Aadeiaon, South Haven. Steamed Ironsides.—This steamer was sold a few days since i>y Messrs. S. P. Brady and Simon Mandlcbaura, of Milwaukee, to Captain Dwight Scott, of Cleveland, on private terms.. Launched.—The Milwaukee Sentinel says one of the two new schooners built by Messrs. Ella worth & Davidson during the past winter, was launched from their yard on Monday afternoon. Her dimensions arc as follows: Length, 61 feet: breadth of beam,23 feet; and depth of hold, OH feet, with a carryltg capacity of 90,000 feet of lumber. Her owners are J. H. bilkmsn and Henry Schwedicr. She hoe been christened the “Home. 11 Beales. FAIRBANKS’ »TA«DAUD JT I*, 1 *, SCALES./B. OF ALL SIZES. /jgßw e AIHUAfrKB, GUKBNLEAF A 828 * B‘JB Lake-st., farrago, ilcgal. I? STATE OP FRANKLIN TANNER. KiftftttS! 1 . ¥A’f 11l V ,M *•»•»*< ««Imt IM «► to preaent too Mina at ■ renter term of U* V? Gountx, to be holden at the JP on Um Brtt Moo ?i7*VM l Wii^xi« I KivteS ,r i b# *i«h day thsraol. c cuclw mKS: Sw?* 0 *" *«"»"• What the Illustrious Abemeibj tsld. **'Weil, sir, vbt'a the matter?” said Abemcthy, the great'Ecjilnh surgeon, to a cadaverous-loosing patpat w ho had called to consult him. ** Oh, nothing ferlouj.” was the reply, “m? stomach and are out of order, thats all.” “ oo jon call :kal nothlrg serious T' said Abeinethy; “It*H yon. Mr,that when thse twoor cana are oat d crder, as you call it, there is not a eQtnrc loch cf the rxxly that Is not more or less dia rased, nor a drop ofb'ood la It tnat IslaahsaUhfat condition." Nothing can be more trse, therefore it is ■of the very highest .Importance to keep the sumach , and llrertn a vigorous condition. Iftheonels weak and the other irregular Id its action, tone and control them with HOST BITE ITS CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS—the moat genial vegetable Bestorattre and Alterative that has ever b sen administered as a care for Dyspepsia and Liver Diseise. It U recommended by dlstlngulsbedsargeonsand physicians of the United States Army, by officers cl the Army and Nary, by oar Orst author*, by emir ent clergymen—ln tact, by thorn ands of the most Intelligent of every class, os an one*- Quailed protective against epidemic and ma'arlons dls cases .and as a peitecUylnnocnoixs,bnt at the same time powerful,' Inrigoraat and alerahve. > A Great Discovery at Last. B. DATA HO, Rom the Mid! cal Ac idem? of Paris, has In his possession a prescription which wilt com pletely core Spermatorrhea, the effects of solitary hab its and seil-atrase, In both sexes, ruinous to both the booy and mind, producing, to a greater or less extent, the lollowmg: Blotches, skin eruptions,debility, dizzi ness, dimness ot eight, loss of memory, aversion to society and business, evil forebodings, aod Anally Im potency,with many symptoms ol consumption and dyspepsia. 1 will send the prescription and Instructions to any one on rtcctpt of Two Dollars. It Is a sure remedy. The ingredients can be procured at any dineitorc. Address PROF. B. URIARO, 127 Moaroe-st., P. O. Box 6143, Chicago, 111. Z3T All languages spoken. Whose success In the treatment of an diseases of a private nature has given him o world-wide reputation, canbecocfldentlally consulted at his office and par lors, 03 Bacdolph-et., comer of Dearborn, up stairs, (tom 9 a. m. to 8 p. tn. Epetuiatocbiicea. (temlnal weakness), Dr. James treats with an infallible method, restoring foil power and vigor to the debilitated organs. P.O.Box696,Chicago, 111. Dr. Lonls Sanger. 89 Randolph street, can bo dally consulted on the treatment of Private Diseases of bom sexes. Female remedies are certain In all cases. Prize lecture on the prevention ot offspring sent to any addi ess for 50 cents. Srnd stamp for areolar of to jreveot conception. Address all Ici- TOe Uoly ffle<Uctne lo.tbe World That'ls warranted a Bare and perfect Cure for all kinds ol PILES. LEPROSY, SCROFULA, BALT RhIuSI and all Disorders of the Ski-, la FOwLITS PARK AND UDMOK CUBE. Buy of none wuodo not refund the money In every case of Call ore. For Internal and ex ternal use. No failure for eight years In Pllss or Hu. mors. 11.00 a Bottle. Bold everywhere. R A Hare and Perfect Uaro Is Rnoraoteed To all who are afflicted. Dr. Raphael describe* the disease without an} information from the patl-nt. thns latlngyoar health and hto from wrong treatment, send lonr 8-cent stamps for his GUIDE TO HEALTH AND LONG LIFE, am £UstMadlson*st., up-etatrs. Consol tatlon lee, two dollars. Tbeßcoliujc Foci and Bouse offllercy. • Howard Association reports, tor young men, on the crime of eolltude. and the errora, abases and disease* which destroy the manly powers, atd create impedi ments to marriage, with sate means of reiloC. Sent In scaled letter envelopes. free of charge. Address Dr. J. SEILLIN noCQHTON, nowardiAisoclatlon Phladel- Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute. 17M booth Cliirg-aL, has treated all ic,rtns of venereal dis ease with unprecedented success lor nearly t-rty years, bpennatorrhma and impotence treated with the happi est results, Particulars of the Institute and the Qolde mailed Dee to any address. P. o. Box 73, Chicago, Hannsthe confidence of the paoilc ana tne medical faculty at large, is tbeccat reliable physician In the cuy for coromc nervous and sexu&l diseases. Call at ms cilice, 179 South Cark-at- corner of ilooroe. K.-cmsscparstc. C.icßa'uno-j free. I*. O. Box 15-t. Ills guide Co health, published monthly,sent tree tc to* aflCfaa. In all Private Matter* go (or write) to Dr. CLA.KKB, !I7 Clark at. Both sexes console Mm coiodebtially „ s ?7 s . e . ut,B ? top h rur circular ou Ute invention for hi a mod people. FemaU nils ll per oox. D r Send alamo for book lor victims of self-abuse. Address letters Dti. CLARICK, No. 4 Blocx Chicago. * THE BEST PJIIS IS THE WORLD, Dr. Rad way’s PILLS. Coatcfl with Sweet Gum, rorpe, Kfculate, Pnrlfy, Cleanse and Strengthen, warranted to ertect a Pusitl-c Cure. Purely Vcgctat-lc. Containing co Mercury, Min. * crab, or Deleterious Drugs. .8*2900 .65A75c Observe the following symptoms rc'altlnrlnm DlßOideraoftrieDlirvstlveoruaus: Constipation. In ward Plies, *uiine»u ollho Wood u> Uidl-Md, AclUty rrtbebtonux h. Nausea. Heartburn, DHgu«t for Food, hu.lrwe or Weight Is the Stomach, Emulations, sinking or fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach. Swim nlrs of the Head, Hurried and DliQcult Breathing. Fluttering at the ilvart. Choking or Saifocatlnz Sen s»tionswicn la a Lying Posture, Dlmao* of Vision, Dot. or v*eb* before the Slgnt, Fever and Dap pain m the Head, Deficiency 01 Perspiration, Yellowness of tnc fckin andEyta.i'am in the Side. Chest Limbs and Sud den Flushes of Heat, Doming In the Flch. ..avtfOe • -Uu;»jC .7C/973'; A lew do»ea of RADWAT’S PILLS win tras the sys tem from alt of the above named disorders. S3T Price 25 cents per box, t=o!c by all Urngglat*. 11.00.411.3) S.&CA 3.30 3 009 3.73 3.£*4 4.00 5.50,4 W 0 61XV.4 7.50 7.W.4 9.00 U.0CK414.50 1A00ai3.50 13.?05t3A0 'J'HKE AD. J. & P, COATS’ priced unchanged. We ..tlWO»13.00 ... ujitouju 9XO .. noo JOKth—Tocre U nocbanjc actcr of the market. Trade rai. wo reteat quotations: Best Six-Cord Cabled rOEZIOX,GOODS. •JBajrDT— Co (mac. One— .47.50ai5.03 iiolland SJO© 6,71 ItTTV— THREAD. Jamaica 8.00310.00 bt. Croix 7.75® 840 WUikS— Port 1.503 9.00 Sherry 44*5® 8.00 Uadcrla 4JO® 8.00 JOHN & HUGH lUCHINCLOSS, Brims— Red Jacket Stomach 9JO Drake'* Boflettcr**Stomacb.UJo ffBB- Foie Agents in New York. Strawberry 9.50 Cberr» 7.50 Raspberry H.OO Blackberry 9JO USB— ois Ton Gin 10.00 Holland Gin 10.00 AJCmCE IS HEKEB\ GIVEN, THAT one IHRAM ROBBINS, at the Matteaon Rouse, claiming to betne dhcoverer of ms Eureka OIL and eel,l SK™ h J ß . to “ aL tincture the same. Islnfringlagon my Patent Aurora Oil,” and all persons are hereby warntd irom making or sel lng said oil. as it Is a base Inftlnicmeat ch my patent, and I will prosecute all parties so doing, according to the statute made and £f2. v . I 2f d i°l 6 . nc * cases *do^cc haymg beenserred on him this day, to the same effect P-C. DEWITT, I'ac.nteo of the Aurora oil. Office and Matulactory, No. 4 f-extoa’a Biecs. Cleve st•Lo',l■■ MO - ; M Jcr Ltiest,, m„ PLANK ROAD NOTICE. Eighty Shares of the North’s - eat-rn Plank Hoad Com* pany’s stock will be sold at Auction on Monday, April Uth. at 10 o'clock a. m-by me Treasurer, T. Rich mood, at hla office. No. S 3 bomb Clarfc-sL, tot delin quent pauncci of ao liuialiment of forty dollar?, called jo be paid on theSO'b of March last, and the costs of advertising ana seUlnc the same, by o*der of the Dl rectors. M. LULL. SecT. ■ LI ILL'S HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Black i..l .or Brown—ln* tan tan eons, natural, durable, beantlfnL The best and cheapest in use. Contalns-as much is as any dollar size. HILL’S ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable lorgeneral ointment purposes. Depot 66 John-st, New Tork. sold by an druggists. lATCHELOIi'S HAIR DYE. This splendid Bair Dye is the best in me world. Harmless, reliable. Instantaneous; tbe only Perfect Dye. No disappointment. Mo ridiculous tints, but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH ELOR. Bold by Druggists and Perfumers. Factory, Si Ttarciav-st.. New York. AND DEPARTURE OP ff'inier Arrangement* tnnCAOO AMD MOItTirWESIXBM RAILROAD—COUNCIL siurre and omaha link—depot mouth wells STREET. Omaha Fast Line Omaha Night Express. Dixon Passenger ; Freeport Passenger. Freeport Passenger. Roctlord, Elgin, Fox ItiverondSiatoLine... *l:oop.m. *11:1(1 Geneva and Elgin Poa eenger *5:30 p. m, *8:43 a.m. WISCOH-C? DITIfIIOS—DEPOT CORKSB OP CANAL ASO) KTOETB STREET.' Day Express *ftOO a. m. *8:30 d. m. NlctitExpress. *4:3op.m. *s:l3s.m. Janesville Accommod-n. *5:30 p.m. *2:35 p. m. WoodstockAccommod’n .3:00p.m. »3500. m. MILWAUKEE DIVISION—DEPOT OOKHEB OF OAMAL AJCD KOtZIE STREET, !!«y Kxp r e(i.. fttoa.m. 12:00 m. Bosehlh, Calvary and EvaCrtes 1:30p.m. 3:40p.m. Nleht Express 4:00 p.m. 8:30 p.m. Kenoeta Accommod’D... 9:43 a.m. Waukegan Accommod’n. 5:30 p. m. 8:53 3. s*. Alilwaokce Accommod’n. 5:30 a. m Gxo. E. Ddklap, Uen’l Bqd’l B. F. Patrick. General Pasecneer Agent. .April 9. .April 9. MICBIdAK CENTRAL RACLHOAI>—U3TION DEPOT.TOOT or LAKE STREET. Morning Express *5:00 a. m. *5:13 p. m. • •ay Express *7:00 a. m. *ll*oo p.m. Ereninc Express $5:30p. m .5*12:30p.m. Night Express s*l»;43 p. m. a. m CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE TRAINS Mortlns Express *7:00 a. m. *10:35 a. m Night Express $5:00 p. m, *11:00 p. m. wcsjoan soctiiern and lact srore line—de- POT CORNEBTANBCr.EN AND SUEUR IN STREETS Day Express *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p.m. New Tork Express 0;15 p. m. tl-30 p. m Night Express t*lo:oop.m. *&ooa.m. DETBOIT LIKE. Day Express *7:oo* a. m. fll.oo a. m. fright Express ilCfct.o p. m. *8:55 p. m. pnrsßDßon, foot watnb and oqicaoo. Mail *4:20 8. m. 6:00 a.m. Espreas *7:00 a. m. 12:30 a.m. Fast Line 3:15 p.m. 7:40 p.m. Express *110:00 p. m. ILOOp. m. ILLINOIS UENTKAT- Day Passenger *0:20 a. m. *10:30 p. m. fright Paisencer {Kb 0 p.m. *6:43 a. m. Kankakee aecommod’n.. *4:oSp.m.- *o:23a.m. UjtieParkandOak Wood. *&2oa.m. *7:45 a. m. u ,k *12:10 p.m. *0:52 a. m. “ “ “ *3:3flp.m. *l:sop.m. “ “ “ *3:55 p.m. *7:Bop.m. CinQAOO, BUHLISOTOH AND QCISCT, Day Express ana Mail *3-20 a. m. *9:00 p. m. Galesburg Passenger *3:00 p. m. *4:80 p, m. Aurora *s:oop.m. *9:ooa. m. NlgUt Express {12:00 mid’ht 15:30 a. m. CHICAGO ASD BT. LOUIS. Express sud Mail {>:os a. m. *3:45 p. m, Nisnt Expreas„...... ... {9:15 p.m. *s*oa.m! Joliet and Wilmington Accommodation *4:oop.m. *9:45a.m. CHICAGO AND ODEATEABTEIUr—(LATB CINCINNATI AIR LINE) —MILWAUKEE KAILHOAD DIPOT, COO NTH CANAL AND KINZIE fcTBEETS. Day Fiores* 7:ooa.*n. 11:40p.m. Night Express 0:00p.m. -6:50p.m. mn DJDLAJiAroiis, lodistiili ajtd cincimkati. Day Express 7:00 a. m. 11:40 p.m. * -ht I-JCP'" ~ n - rn - - Meht liprcs* JfcOOp.m. &50a.m. ColnmbuaKrprcM 7:Wa,m. 11:40 p.m. ** 4 .... ... 9:oUp.m. 8:50 p.m. Uadog Accommodation. 0:55 a.m. 0:00 a.m. 4 * *• . &15d. m. 6:00 p. m. cmcAoo, hock ctlaks xkd rxctna>. Day Ezprm and Ma 11.... •ShMJa.m. •fc'Hlp.m. KlffhiExpresa itcop.m. *3:15 a.m. Joliet Accommodation..*. 4:40p.m. *o;loa.m. *Mtn<*ay excepted, tUonday excepted, tSator* day excepted, Special Notices. Dr. James* Private Consol tattoos. Dr. Tnomsoiif Dr, Bigelow, Private in alter*. JCitfriral. fllljrcalr. Knticr. 58ait M&t. sKailroaos. Leave. Arrive. . *BtLia. m. *7:20 p. m. .. 7:80 p.m. }C;iX) a. m. - 4:00 p.m. u:ioa.m. )HT LOTS. •JftOOp.m. *3:10 a. m. *9:00 a. m. *3:40 p. m. TOLEDO LINE. (Eiip Nottog. J^OTICE. Omcz. is WtllHt. > Persqnsrr corporations ownlig real estate in the at? ofCtucaso. which haanctbeen correctly described lathe tax wart a: tr.are requested to furtuah this o (De witt. a c«rre« description of the same. Such will in duce mat Tjlots at d pans ot lota, turlaed by deed oat not by pla # cf rcctfd, but. ta sot to Include pieces do icnteriby metes acdbcuDda. or Irregular and liccn vextent tfoerlptUn. In tret an i tn'b-*, M atlt to and u ctjc mite flume oiba elmharlj described pie « of land. All persons, or colorations owning parcels of land bereicfbre described by melee and boonds or hr ir. regulat and Inconvenient descrtpUora in Inches, and as west or eaitofano adjoining some nth*r UrprcpcrlT desiccated tot cr piece of land, arc hertbr uoufleatohaveadsocnpa-ceja of land properlraatv divided by plat, and recorded, or ts all such cai-a the several assessors will make M As9Cfsors* Subdivisions.’' and rtcord them, and the expense therefor mu te mo ed to the tsxca on such lots. C. N HOLDEN, Commissioner of Taxes. Chicago. April. l£s7. TT'LEOTICXN NOTICE. _I,J . Cm - Clerk's Opfice, March 13,1967. . mbllccotlc* is hereby giver that an eloctt m vrlil i held on Tuesday, April 1C 1867. for Mayor, city Alto ney. City follrctnr, City Treasurer, Clefs of »he polls Court, three Police Magistrates, and 000 Aldermi and one Coos table for each ware. A. H. BODMAN, City Cleric. PROPOSALS FOR THE CONbTRUU -L . OF THE SUMMIT DIVISION OF THE Illinois and Michigan canal. Cenex or tub Boakd or Public Wonts, \ CniCAOCs iltrch 19th, 1557. f leCfjTed 6y Board ol w . c 7^ or “* nl tn ar L-dce, oniil 11 a. m. Wednesday, S a J.,,? t ’* s6 *» fort L® excavation Lecesairy to deepen . tDtl Michigan Canal, according to the plan adopted, from Chicago River to summit Lock, No. two (21 a distance of Ponies. specifications, Ac., win be exhibited at the office of the Board of mimic Worn in Chicago after April Uih until the day of letting. T®ora will he some two mlIllocc(3,00Q,0lX)j cubic yards gt earth excavaaon—some of It quite hard and em- HSSrS?. 0011 ** 1 *®™ 61 ® detached rocs—and about tour tSedUmMionif thoaaand WWW) cubic yards ofstra- Tbe wort must he prosecuted go as not to Interfere the use of the Canal oaring the season ot navlga it is believed, however, that the most of the excaw JfJw ,ie A lrat i3 can bo done with steam £an.^rt. t £^li^ terferll3 s.''^ Uj lt, e navi canon of the 9?° a, » hot the roclt excavation wlUallhaveto be done SSS?|“S I "' I '‘ U “ 1= me tui m me ' t-u Moptedlor any pardon of Che dls tancc, operations thereon mar w continued the whole the navigation of me Canal will be impend ed ® 7 ® mocthsln each year unless otherwise mutually agreea by the Board and Contractors: nrufl _Jv ie r7J 10 . w worK “Mi he done on or before the end of the third season ol tne suspension of navigation. A large amonnt of machinery mil be required to excavate tne work within the time required, MmStlng 9< ? >WB “d cranes ror the earth wore, and drtlUng machines, pumping machine, ry and cranes for the rock. Contractors will oe required to commence wore on tne earth excavation within thirty days ot the time or letting, fmd upon rock excavation by tat ant of Novem ber next. , The dredges, cranes and scows now in in* ran>i can be had at an appraised value which mil be ™«'i« known to bidders prior to the letting. Parties contracting fbr the work will be required to provide all machinery, and to put up and remove all dams and all works ot protection, and at their own ex* pense to do all pumping, or whatever may be ry to secure their wore from water. Proposals mutt oe addressed to the Board of Public wow a, endorsed. *-Propcsal for Deepening micois and Michigan. Canal” and be accompanied with the nsaal two hundred dollar (|XB) bench with sure ties, to be approved by the Board. ’ Contractors will bid. stating the price for which the wore will be done oa each of the different sections, snd the wore will be !et as a whole or ih part, and in such quacdUr s as the Board shall determine. . The Board reserve the rdrnt to reject any and all bid*, and no prcpcsal mil be accepted unless the party offering It shall give evidence satisfactory to the Board Ihsi he has the necessary sktH., energy and sbUltvfor doing the work, ts trustworthy, and has suf ficient pecuniary resources. The Board will require such security as, according to their judgment, will secure the doing of the work according to the contract. - J. G. GINDKLE, FKED. LETZT^ O. J. ROSE. ■WILLIAM GOODING. R. B. MASON, 131 Board of Public Works. TDROFOfaALS FOR GRADING AND 1 MACADAMIZING DALSTED STREET, FROM THIRTY-FIRST STREET TO EGAN AVENUE. Office or tbs Board op rustic Wokxs, » ♦i * tre ?t rrom4l,o centre ot Tblrty-nmitreetto 'StiSBSi * piaai “ d Sala Improvement will be paid for troa the special ?iiu ! Sc“o‘„lSS “ dJ, * r 1U “«• Proposals must be addressed to tb« Board ofPubUc Works, endorsed *‘Prot>o«al f.r Grading and M vml nmlanjr Ilab-ted sire?t,frtm Thlrty-firet street to Eeaa avezne,’ and he iccsmpanied with the usual 8300 bond with sureties, to be approved by the Board. * The Board reserve me right w reject any bid not In accordance with the conditions of this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal win be accepted unless me party otfcrlog it shah give evidence satis factory to the Beard tbit he baa the necejsirr skill, experience, cnercv and ability for cfrlng cue wore. Is trustworthy, and bas sufficient pecuniary resources. J. O. GINDELE, A. U. UOULiT, J. McARTHCB, Board ofPubUc Worts. ■PROPOSALS FOR GRADING AND D ? VISIOS A ™ S0EI “ Omen or the Board of public wnw. » , . Chicago. April sih, 18«. I Sealed proposals will t>c received by the Ifoaiaci Public Works, at their office, until 11 a. Wedats ciaclßff mscsdamlzlna of i-maion street, from too roadway of North Clare fH^ t i, to . 1 ', orUI J 1 tatc aud K"rth Slate street, from it-Intersection with iho macadam ot Division IK lo^ UiefIOBU * »W*Schiller Btied,accoYdtag to plans and speclfcatiorjonfle ot Raid nnyr. * bam Improvement will be pain for from the special SSBSuSm." d ' & ‘ s ' iu tM “ m Proposals must ho addressed to the Board ot Public Works, endorsed “Proposal ioi Grading and Macad amizing Division and North State Street'.” and beac compacted with the u«na! {SOU bot-d,wi*-h sureties, to be approved by tie Bear a- The Hoard re*crve the rtiht to reject any bid not in accordance wltn the condition* at this or to reject oil bids, and no proposal win ba accepted nulesA tne party ollerlne It shall glv- evidence satisfac tory to the Board tnat he has the necessary skllL ex perience, energy and ability for doing the work, la trustworthy,andbasetuaclratgecuntary resources, A*. U. BUKLE^ 1 J. McARTHUK. Board of Public Works. "PROPOSALS FOR GRADING AND JL MACADAMIZING UALSTGD STREhT. FROM AhCUER AVENUE TO I'lHßl Y-FIRST STREET; Omen op tub Boaed of Public Works, f Chicago, Aornslh,lS«7. t Sealed Proposals will be received bytheß'araof Public Works, at their Office, txnill u L m. WedaS day. ADrtlltlh.for th** grsdu g and macadamizing of liaisua street, from the center ot Archer avenue to the centre ol Thlrty-Qrat sueet, according to Plans and specification* on file at said office. b*ld improvement will be paid for from the special asKssment levied to defray its cost, ween the same shnil t>< collected. 0M8.4 WUIICVk.U. Proposals most be addressed to toe Board oi Public Wor-s,endorsed“PropcsaltirGrading j MacaJim- Izlng Ualfted street, from Archer Avenue to Toirtv first Street," and be ac:ompanied with the nsaal ru» bond, wilt oe aoproved oy the Board. The Board reserve the nchi to reject any uid not u accordance wltn the conditions cf this advertisement or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepW unices the party ottering it shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that he baa the necessary skill, expe rience, energy and ability tor doing the work. Is trust worthy, and has sufficient pecuniary resources. J. Q. OINDELK, A. H. BUttLKY, J. McARTUUBL - Board of Pnhllc Works. Ocean Steamers. AND NEW YORK Steamship Line. reacy** 5 * 10 105(100 or Brest * * uo » 1 75 , and 130, enr- KontS£ ,ICQ Uckelfl at Icdnce<l rates, available tor sir Bellona. Capt. Dixon, from N«w York, April 13th. wj£S».«n £ a sj* n, l 5? deU « H o:rx K S. W rorK * Anrll27th. Wm. Penn, Capr. Bjllinge, from New York, May nth. Alai ante, Capt. Pink ham, from Hew York, May 35th. P.T?v« e 5 a £ tl i. I i t is? lfon^ teamßh,p ßeUona will leave Pltr No. S. North River. New Tort, tor London, call ing at Brest, on Saturday, April iSlh. at 13 m. until further notice, all theuteamersot this line will call at Brest to land passengers. Tickets sold through toyrall M> Partial 25 per cent less than regular rates. Freight will be taken and through bills ol lading gTtn to Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam ana For passage apply to ROBERT X. CLARE. 126 Broadway, New York, or to JAB. WARRACE, St Chicago. For Freight apply at .14 8 inih-st. Now York. ROWLAND ft AbPXN WALL, Agents. QCEAN STEA3IERS, EXCURSION TO THE PAEIS EXPOSITION. Tbe new and first-class ocean-going Iron steamship HAVi 2,000 tons burthen, SrEPms Wnmujf, Commander, will make an ezeonion from New York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 46, North River, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o'clock 31., turning, will soil from Havre on June s, giving dm snigers bolding Ezcnrson Tickets, about six weeks in This magnificent Steamship Is divided intowaw tight compartments, and has necn newly famished and ehgantly fitted un expressly for this voyage. The Havana will only carry first-class passengers An experienced Surgeon on board. Ota foil Band of Music will be attached to the shl o. Price cf passage, in currency, to Havre tUO and 1175. according to size ot state-room. To Havre and retnm |«0 and tSOQ. according to size or state room. For Farther particulars sod passage, apoiv to tha Agents, MURRAY, FERRIS ft CO„ 612 Soathxt., New York* Or to the Agent of Merchants’ Union Express Chicago. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PACT’S THROUGH LINE, TO CAIsIFOHNIA, CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL, Via Panama Railroad. •April U—HEART CHADWCET, Capt. A. G. Gray conceding ttiui GOLDEN AGE 1 , Capt-Watcine. April 21—OCEAN QUEEN. Capi T.A. Harris, con ■ectlnjr with MONTANA, Capt. Bolton. All departures loach at Acapulco; those of the am and 71st connect at Panama with 6leaders for Sooth Pan He ports. First and 11th for Central American porta, and those or first touch at Mansinllla. Departure of lltn each month connects with new steam line Irpm Panama to Australia and New Zealand. Steiger of March it, 1567. will connect with the Com pany’s steamer. COLORADO, to leave Sao Francisco lor Yokohama and Hose Koig, os April 3,1567. 1W pounce of baggage aLoweo each adult. Medicines and att< ndauce tree. For passage tickets and an tnrther InlormattonapDly at the office on the «bar£ foot of Catmint., North tUr er. Hew York. F. B. BABY, Agent. brattbe'ccneral ‘Western Chicago.- • JAMEd WARBACK. Agent, transportation. 1867 T,IE 1867 WESTERN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. PEOPLE’S LINE OF STEAMERS AND WESTERN EXPRESS, Running over the Erie Ballway. The Western Trans* portatlou Company is prepared to transport Merchan* dlee and Produce between Chicago, New York. Boston and othtr Eastern and Western points, and will ran daring running season the following nrst-class propel lers on the Lakes: Empire State* Badger State, Oneida. Plymouth, Rlobawk, Buffalo, Free Htntc, Acme. Potomac, P* ■ uhargfa, Tooawanda, Sjasooetianna. Perming a Dally Line between CHICAGO AM) BUFFALO, Touching at Milwaukee, Mackinac, Detroit and Cleve land,coonectingwith toe various railroads at those places, and at Buffalo with the ERIE RAILWAY, andlheW.T. Co.’s Une cf Boats on Erie Canal, four oi wllch Icavfe Ouffa'o and New York dally. Fur Contracts and Bills oi Lading apply to BUBO ALLEN, corner \Vaier««t. and Old Sip. New Vara. . A. COLSON, do, do. do. do. A. *l. WAItD, «-10 Broadway, Agt. Erie BiiHwav, Is. v. JOHN ?J- DUNLAP. 13 Statc«ai., Baaton. s*. «. CHASE. Hit Pier. Albany. * s. G. CHASE, 101 KivesM., Troy. It. JOIIN-OV or CO., Clevo’and. A. laillARII. Toledo. 11. M. O'HOKNE, SandoNUT. A. P. IUTTCIV. Racine. K WtoTEKN TRANSPORTATION C’oniPANt, llnlfalo. s. ROWE, Ticoet Agent, feet of State at. Atd at Adams lleoae. 1. W. TUTUS, Affent, FOOT 0/, CHICAGO. FISK & HATCH, BANKERS, AND DEALERS IN Government and other Desirable Securities, So. 5 Xassan-st, X. Y., Recommend to invorors the First Mortgage Bonds OF THE. CENTRAL Pacific R. R. Go This Company Is constructing, under the patronage of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, TheWeitcra end if the Great National Eailway across the Continent. Their line will extend from Sacramento, California, across Ihs Sierra Nevadas to the California state line, ravening the richest and most populous sec tion at California, and thrncc through the great mining regions of the Territories, to the vicin ity ol Salt Lake City. It forms the sole Western link of the only mute to the Pacific which la adopted by Congress and aided by the Mine ol Cmtea states Bonds. Thilr loadls already completed, equipped aul run nlrgf.rW miles from Sacramento to within 12 miles ot thesummltof the Sierras, and a Urge amount of the work of Grading. Tunnelling, beyond that point hat been accomplished. The First Ulottguge Bonds of this Company afford unusual inducements of Safety and Profit to In vestors, lor the following among other reasons, viz: First— I The rateoflnlerestlsslx pep Coot In Gold, payable semi-annually InUe city ol New York. Second—'The Principal Is payable In Gold at m turlty. Third— lhe cost ot the Bonds. Ninety-five Per Cent and accrued Interest, is Ten per Cent less than that of (be cheapest Six per Cent Gold Bear ing Bonds ot the Government. •Fourth—'The United Mates Government pro vides nearly half the amonnt necessary to hnlld the entire Koad, and loons mainly to a small percentage oa the ta lore traffic for repayment. Fifth —Owing to this literal provision, accompanied with KaieDslve Gram* ox Public fonnds. by which the Government fosters this great Na tlcnal Enterprise, tm success la rendered certain, uud Us financial stability is alto gether independent or the contingencies which attend ordinary Railroad enter prises. Sixth— The Security of Us First Mortgage Honda Is therefore ample, and their character for satety and reliability la equalled only by that of the obli gations of the Government Itseiß Sevtnih— The ret earnings of the completed portion are nlrcndy largely In excess of the inter est obligatlcDß which the Company will Incnr on twice the dittance, ana are stead ily Increasing, rendering the nnlaierruptcd paameat of the Interest absolutely cer tain. Eighth— At the present rate of Gold, they pay nearly per Cent per annum on the amount invested. The Bonds are Issued In deaomlnatloos cf ?UMo,wlth sets! annual Gold Coupons attached, payable in New Ycrk.aLd arootTereo tor the present at 9S percent and accrued It forest on currency) from January Ist. Orders may he forwarded to as direct, or through the principal B-nks or Bonkers in all parts ct the country. Remittances may be made In crofts cn New Torn,or In Legal Tender Notes, National bank Notes, ct other lundscunent In this city, and the Bonds will be for warded io any address by Expre-s, free ol chares. In qnirlesior farther particulars, by mail or otheiwlie, will receive punctual attention. FISK & HATCH, Bankers & Dealers in Goicrnm’t Scenritics, Wo, 5 Wassau-st, BT. Y. N. kinds of Government Securities received tt the toll market price la exchange for the shave All dofcxiplions of" Oovornmeat Becnritics kept constantly on hand, and Bought, Sold or Z2xehan?od> C2r Geld Coin and D. S. Conpocs bought, sold, and ollctited. C2T" Deposits received cn liberal terms, object to check at Sight. ixr Collections made throughout the country. Z3T Mltccllaneons Stocks and Bonds bought and sold at the Stock Exchange on commission for cash. CTsJpeclnl attention given to the Exchange ol SEVBM-TUIRTV NOTE** of all the Se ries for ibe New FiVE-TIVEVP BONUS of 1884, on the most favorable icrme. liliOP’JSftlg :ores— Office U. S. Csuuissart of Sobsistesce. ) No. ,l«ffereoa-av, t _ Dmtorr, Michigan, April Bth, IFST. S beofrd proposals (In duplicate) will be received nr the nndereignta anti) it o’clock p. m. on »itnnlay. April lath, u*T7, tor supplying for the nse cf the U. a. auDStsuece Department. ro.cco pounds prime NEW WHITE BEANS, uniform ID rue,titan, toaidana dry, pmked m good,bright, web-coo perea barrels, to be foil head-lteed. Prcpcealf* must slaw the tlmowhen tbe Beans can *>® ?, el iT? wd—tbe prices per pound, it delivered at De ?Jlcb-» wd also tbe prices II delivered at Cbl caeo.llJ. TTd'J prices named In the proposals will bo for tbe ptlcle delivered free of expense to tbe (Jolted states lor drayage, cooperage. or package*,at snch maces in the cities named as may tie hereafter designated by tbe onduslßced. 1 Proposals must be Inclosed la a sealed envelope, ad arched to the undersigned and endorsed Proposals for Beans.” J^ p, f?-°£ tb !L b ® ans must l)6 delivered with the proposals and referred to therein, .AN WJ®JfL wl # Hs« carefUif inspected by an taspect -51 on the part cl the United Stales, and do artlclewlll received and paid lor notll It has passed this Inspeo- STsSJiJiSdS" '*“ »“•««*« The seller’s name, place of business, and the date ol purchase as well as the name of contents, with snip* Pine marks to be hetet fter designated, most bo plainly merited on every package. AJloihar old marks most oe obliterated. Acopyofuusadvertis-ment (a slip from anewsua per) must be attached to each proposal. y „ B. MACFEELY, Bvt. Col, and C. S. XJ. B. A. QWA3IP LAND DITCHING.—TIie O undersigned will received scaled proposals for the following described swamp land ditching la Bateau County, HI., up to 12 o’clock a, ot THURSDAY. April 25 th, 1867. Ist—A ditch 6 miles and ISS rods long; to be S feet wide on the bottom for the first 4 and MO miles, and the rest of the distance to be 4 feet wide on the bottom. 2d—A ditch s miles and 143 rods long, to be 4 feet wide on tbe bottom. Sd—a ditch 3 miles and 135 rods long, to be 4 feet wide on the bottom. 4th—A ditch i miles and 70 rods long, to be 6 leet wide on the bottom; all of said ditches to have a slope of l to 1 on each side. The party tokingthe contract tor thaabovedesertbed dice hire will be required to give security lor the umb ra! performance ot the contract. Said security to bo approved by the Drainage Committee, 50 per cent ol price that said work Is contra* ted tor will be paid as said work progresses, on ana the balance as soon as the work Is completed. All ol said ditches will be let to onep&rty. or senarstelr to OUlerent parties. Just as the undersigned committee thinks best. The committee reserr-s iho right to reject any or all bids fer the above described dltche*. The bids will bo opened on Thursday afternoon. ApiUstb. 1867, at the odee of Charles Baldwin, in Princeton, in. and then and there disposed of by sold committee. All bids tor this work should be sealed up and sent to CbaiPs Baldwin, a t Princeton, ills. Any parties desiring lu:lhcr Information about said wot k, con get the same oy corresponding with, or call ing cn W. F. Lawton, at Sheffield, Bureau county. Id. Plats, specifications, and Engineer’s report now on file in County Clerk’s office will be made part of the con. tract, when said work U let. W. F. LAWTON, > A. UOUBASY, ( ya ,a *!re B. N. STEVENS, ) CounnlUee. CHAS. BALDWIN. Prt C cio.. M.n-h 12.1557. Pfato »g= Commlsatang. glo attljitects. rpo ARCHITECTS. JL ILLINOIS NEW STATE HOUSE. The undersigned. Commissioners ol the State of HU note tor the erection ot a new State Home in Spring field, give notice that tcey will receive plans or designs »nd specifications for a new State House, the same to he addressed to the President of the Hoard, Jacob Bunn, Esq., of Sorimnleid, 111., on or before tbe second day of Ju.y, a. D. 1667. Three thousand dorian will be nald as a premium for the oeslgn.wtib specifications, selected and adopted by said Commissioners. A sketebef the grounds and such Information as may be desired as to maximum cost, the required room, ac commodations etc., will be tarnished to all wishing to compete, on application, oy letter, to J. C. Webber. *a.u* of lieWrd. JOHN W. SMITH, PHILIP WADSWORTH, JAS. C. ROBINSON, WM. T. VANDEVE-EB, WM. L. HAMBLETON. JAMES H. BEVERIDGE, , _ „ Commissioners. J. C. Wkbctßi Secretary. aaaatcstg. HICKLING & CO.'S GBSAT SAXtS . OF WATCHES, ON THE POPULAR ONE PttlCE et,.\N, Giving every patron a baodsoma and reliable Watch tor the low price ct Ten Dollars, without regard to value, and net be paid tor ninety SOOJSoUd boo Magic Cased Gold Watches. &0 to MO 500Ladies* Watches, enamelled. Kioto ao I.CC9 Gold Hunting Chronometer Watches. 230 to BCC 1.000 Gold Ban tine jrngllsh Lever 5.......... SCO to 250 3.000 Gold Hunting Duplex Watches ..150 CO 900 5.000 Gold Hunting American Watches lOu to 230 5.000 Silver Hunting Lever* 90 to 150 s,ct)o surer Booting Duplexes 75 to 2M SjOOO Gold Laoie*’Watches 50 to SO 10,0(0 Geld UaoQng Leplses 50 to 75 10*000 Miscellaneous Silver Watches 59 to ICO 25,000 Hunting Silver Watches 2510 60 30JX0 Assorted Watches, all fcimta io to 73 every patmn obtains a Watcn by this arrangement, costing bat <lO, while It may he worth <750. Mo Dam* aUtyshown. MESSRS. J. HICKLIKO * CO.’S GREAT AMER ICAS WATCH COMPANY, N. Y, City, wish to tin mediatelydlsposeof theabovomagnlficentstoch. Cer tificate* nmmise articles are placed In scaled envelope*. Holders are end Led to the articles named on their orr tlflcate, upon payment ol Ten Dollars, whether 11 be a Watch worth <759 or oce worm lets, tfhe retora ot any of onr certificates entitles you to the articles named thereon, upon payment, irrespective of its worth, and leu than *l9 ts named on any c-r • hsf^t l lT I fc.^ ODCe J >^ B ®f n “» twl * 13 bo Lottery, &a . t A. Btri^ h P )ripil . rd Iselmnatfl transaction, which may be participated in even by the most las unions! be sent by malt, post-paid, p «JIPt of * ctA, five for *L eleven Ibr <2, thirty three and elegant premium tor <3, stxty-elxand more valuable premium tor <lO, onehondrMatd most su- H 5. Io agent* or those wlsalng em ployment this is a rare opportunity. It Is a legitimate ly conducted business, dn)y authorized by the Govern ment. and open the most cartinl scrutiny. Trrual Address J. HICKLING A CO„ 140 Broadway, Near P.O, City of New York., JHarijinctß. *ar TMPROVED PKEaS JT J. ÜBE TURBINE WATER Ha WHEEL NOW BEADY—Tne best Wheel In uiing jK—L\ it** water and selling tor 1-as fEyb than aarother er.t-clara Wheel. Every Wheel war ■V~S Sendtif adesenpUro circular. Also, our Impiore-d 1 Brick Harbins ana Brick Mt- PgTM Bngtces aad Mills, Portable Forges, a* «Aher machinery. -’J PEBESJULL UFO, CO. Peeksnn, n. T. D. L. SETMOD[twin be at the office of Baesard A BiiLNo. 193 Watsr-st.,N. Y„ Tuesdays, /borwuys and Friday*. Demit 101 o’clock, in receive su'cldra lions and make contracts l«r Machinery aad Castings ot all tuffs. Wehwau Qpnaoas op the people CONCERNING hostetter’s STOMACH BITTERS. PEOTECTION FOR THE HEALTHY, AND RELIEF FOB TIE SICK. INTELLIGENT TESTIMONY IS ASIMPORTAJFT Dt MEDICINE as In law. The great Patrick said that the lamp by which bis ftrt were guided wm the “lamp of experience.”, The statement* of mot* character and standing In relation to the propertto aod eflecta ol a medicinal preparation which they th eras elves have tried, and the operation of whica they have had abundant opportunity cf witnessing tB a great variety ot cases, are absolutely coaclnslT*- They are so considered by the public, who very rally prefer this species of testimony to any other that can be offered in behalf ol a proprietary remedy* Volumes of snch evidence have been pobilshed la favor ol HOSXKTTES'S STOMACH Dim ESS dartn* twenty years that the nneqnsliedTonlc and Alterative has been before the world; and altbongn to repntatfoo as u STANDARD SPECIFIC has long been csiaUUaaed. throughout the Western hemisphere. It u stui deemed, adviiab.o to.cxhfhlt, thronga the press,from tine to time, new proofr cf Its success. Recent facts add p®. tlsvoce and force to tacts more remote, and serve w show that the great remedy Is prepared with uniform exactitude and care, anff that it issttD, what Iter® has been, the PUREST AND BEST OP ALL Vnnwy BLEINVIGORANTS, an Inevitable cure for DYSPEF bIA and all derangements of the Stomach and Llv®, and a perfect antidote to the m.wbole*otaa Inflaencew which produce and agTtavatc vpldsmlc lever*. Tne subjointd letters are all troa citizens well knows and generally respected m the localities from wblcb their ccmmtmieaiJcna are dated, and are pnbil-hed a* specimens cf an immense muss of of s similar tenor. Seme Idea cf the quantity of this v*™* ol testimony in thehanda of tha proprietors of nos- TETTER'S BITTERS may be formed by the reader* when It is stated that the communications on the sulk Joctof FEVER AND AGUE by the Him doling the last three years, number upwards od TWOTROCSAND. They are all to the same edect s* that ot Mr. Bonnie, given below, ana 11 ever anythin* was established on uncontrovertible evidence. It Is fhs Important loct that CHILLS AND FEVER esa be broken up and radically cured in a very short space ot time by the use «f this Incomparable tonic. Norlsthir ail. Entire exemption from the dl-Ucaring malady, and all forms nl Intermittent Fever, is guaranteed to sock residents ol Fever and Ague Districts as may oe wise csongn to take the BUYERS os a preventive. ThoogN malaria may be prcstallng their nd<LDdrs cn the right hand and on the left, these who cave taken the precau tion to fortify th*Tr systems and rruslUtnlors, In ad vance, with th'a COUNTERBLAST TO A LI, ATMOS PUERIC POISON, will sorely escape the scourge. lae physicists and ethers whew names asoeat In tae annexed correep-ndence, are reaty at all times to cna- Orm verbally the statements over t&clr aim*, lures. Perhaps one of the most sinking proofr that caa !e cited id the Intrinsic excellence cf the BIITER3 Is tbw generalacoptlcnoi the preparaaen by menlcM mm. The ptetession as a rale set their laces against saw *nt tblsancqusbed has vacqulfhed thmr prejudices, and they recommend and administer it to tbeli patients as the purest aOmniana and best stomachic that money caa preare. The pt esen t season of the year Is a tryfog one to the e «nv‘ r «l-lpderltoall. InJuly.toAugnrt and Sept-mbci heavy dranebu are made upon the sy*- *• reserve ot strength. a_d vitality ts order to meet them wuhent breaking down. HOSTLTTER’S BITTERS AKR A STAMINALMEDICINE,sustain* the vital aad'mao- energy ol the frame with this powerful and go* era! vegetable restorative, ami any temperature, in climate, any condition cl the atznoiphere may bo & countered with comparative Impunity, Bead the lollcwlog letter flrem E. Ecxnts*. a wan. known citizen 01 Pittflbnr>th.Pmr Messrs. Hostetler ft Smith * msBUTOB ’ *» 7 «►.» CeOTLEjm ; Daring a visit to tbe West, but ton. I eoctractert cbilia amtfever. which brought me to or . aa£l F“ Uy tefniuiated Is typhoid fever **<i cos fineo L.e to my room for sereral months, daring whlcft physically, so prostrated tnat X MmoTtde spotted ot ever recovering my bairn; having entirety lost my appetite C.r cays, not belng-abm to eat* mot* eel, added to which i was much distressed with a reel* teg sensation in my head, and passed maty sieepieK nicbte. all tron deciJlty caused oy mr prostrate coafr tlon, brougutabout by the fever. At this ttaee ot mw condition, a ttlenii recommended me to use ronr brateoiSrOMACH BITTEISTtn r cf ,a J aßj «}» ,n any form, I atforst *£ cllned, bat aitcwords yielded my preftdlca. H&Lif* I®* 1 ®* ** fer MTtiS wS, « ®Pfetila retained, atd wild;l i 5Sn/* I a?i 7 ~r eK »u y n K »T ftnaer strength am. (lfom 100 toss ct which* I haft ooch) has never own better than it Is naar (before all wed toyLlswttlrS which were mnch coaauSaS and Irregular, are now quite natural. sadtnbftiKm that I feel myseif a this testimonial of my appreciation of vourvstiT*hS preparation in order'£3 otheia may avail then.selves of Us virtues, whui S* irtlS prevented me from enjoying lor so longa i£r?c*h*i “y phynciau. after fldM effect your Bitters had on me, reeouaneadeduSl 1 use them regularly. “ HUW *“• . Yours, very rcspecttuiiy, E, BOURNS. IS Messrs, flestetter ftSmitLPittsburgh. p*_- Ithln« 1 am only noise the part of a when I testify (to tbe great b«ceaw i have 7oar stomach Bitten dnrta* rae Im> Bela 't»tha Oil regions ra’fit. I nad awm billions attack, and being dlspeotie. wbirn left mm «m wear. I was advised te t^yow-uuteS t D ®°® Settle, and they worked os a charm on at mtvf IX3 03418 b <»Tier, and I seemedto rKJl!ss lnewllllßlam ®* Bo nioen so that l have usee them every summer mnr,e as ■ tonic. I thins raev an Invaluable. This summer, nanng anotcer niluou Vvi? 1 ? c 01° wa « b L hetfg under Ueen* Physician, I again had to have recoana 1 ?rfr\ 106 88I ? e k OO4I results,s-aintTMT *jj c J [B ?.??. natlßlll * Pays. 1 hare bought atmlfdS eo bottles a tew ween since, ana intend to seen um regn: arty as a tonic and oevWoge. WterdS you inccets, i remain yours gratetaiiv. * WILLIAM MILLER, M, Mra .no.t e t^ , S: &roasiJ,CoraTT -“»- * With pleasure I can say that your BIT* I S? ni !? rtor . toa ?J rollLer *- I Nave used thaa. flma&SSit/ 105 a Icos “=£: 111(1 aiways with beS" ooai results. Yours, very truly. ROBT. GILBERT, BCCKLAWD, PEI3CK WILLLUS COCSTT, Va_ » Messrs. Hostetler ft Smith j J 155117 29, “**• * Mtfiura that old It, tor I tad no Sa» Iltledthemu please a friend. I had been uroe trine £vL* e T eralweekß,rllll dyspepsia and rWfp.nio -i— --rhea. I expected to die; but less than one ootue so tnr restored me that I could attend to my business. Las October I overworked mystic which resulted ta raw >B ffini of the same disease, accompanied with bron chial affection, when I again used your BITTERS, was soon restored to health. 1 have recommeodoft them to hundred* of my acquaintances, and haws never Known tnem to frllTn a ipecdv cure. Truly yours. MIRANDA CHAPPEL, Poattnsete at Bucklaad. Ve. .. _ EhDXBTQk. Pa- November A iSSk Messrs.Hostetler fthmlth: < GzMTLusEStWe have been effing your STORAGE BITTERS for eighteen months, andtuut them an excel lent medicine. All that Is necessary is to let pie know their vtrtne, and they will nse them, i hav* tried them myselfr and now recommend them to sQ who have weak stomachs. Respectfully yonrs. waxeeson it McFarland, Dmgguts^ Ogdxssdcsoij, Smsx Cocstt. N. j„ r Sep Umber 13, ISO. f Hears. Hostetler & Smith. wSk* 1 !?**? 1 * or a on* time I hare been afflict* with a disordered stomach, ana was unable to «ihm J®W i was advised to use yoar BITTKKS. which I did, and ftmod them a meat benefit to me. i believe had tt not beat for them l should have been lx my (crave era tala. I write not only to testify to tha virtue of your BCTEKi, but also to have yooshlo two dozen a« soon as possible, as I an now keeotnrS store. Years, respectfully, JOHN M. GREACKH. Mtwrs. ficatetter ft Smith: o**ts; It la -with the greatest pleasure thatl » M C> l m P l e l y ? ttf 1 8 l r P MAC a WTTBttS lo the wile- I ** V 1 * BITIEBs of the day. is la at’edaUy JS^^r^P 1 ?. 600111 Weat - where dcraaiJJ ft.?™’'’? *™ urcrfat. Ito jean- iSpSv epee 1& the use of compcnodr, u curatives. compel* BIfTEEJS the preference that its pop* marity merits. - b. AKGLE, it- D. uwn. S * BM Gxstlkuxs: i have practiced nedldnefl>r many years, and have used your BITTEKS in a numbero* cases with gnat soceeu, «mt take pleasure in rmrfim* mending them to the pnollcm general. . Very respectfully, j. SMITH, M. D.' _ Matioos.HL, January 21, IS**- Messrs. Hoa tetter A Smith; __ ___ ,Gon.ran: 1 sell more of your STOILI.H BIT TERS than of any other medicine. Carries who btia tried them speak In very blah praise of their excelletC virtues. I have used them myseiC and proscribe Ums vnUumparateleJ snores*. VetT “bemru. Clay County, BL Messrs. Ho>tetter A Smith: ' Gumm : I cars used, and ottes nwarftiin. yonr STOMACH BITTEBS*. and take pleasure lot? commending it to ail whose stomachs are debilitated. It is an excellent appetizer and tonic; sod 1 pram R “ 0.. ettu w< wllcUm* D- Fnanjs, Clinton County. IrA, 1 December 9l iflf 1. f Mesirs.Hoetetter* Smith; * tiaxrs: Some eighteen months race I was troubled with weakness cf the stomach, and had lost my appe tite, ana on the reeommesdadonof Dr. cex, onrtamuw physician, I purchased sereral bottlse cf yonr BIS TERS, whichhadthe desired eCector rostorlDgms w health, but ofistel have not been able wobtdn thw BiTTfcBS Incur place; please T*"*® purchase them, or If yon will send mo sonst oa sate I ■will ho pleased to hare the agency, as 1 can recemroead utauMMiturw , X3s prepared and sold bt IIOSTETTER & SIIITB, PITISBTI6EH, PA. For sals by all druggists, grocers aad rtwdWF«s throughout the world.