Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, April 10, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated April 10, 1867 Page 4
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republican cmr conten- TION. Nominations fbr City Offi- cers. Hon. John B. Rice Renominated for Mayor, by Acclamation. Bis Address lo Ibe Convention— Sliorl Work with Copperhead Clap-Trap— a look at the Situation. Chicago the Least Taxed City in the United States. City Central Committee—The Resola- tions—Liberty to &1L The delegate* to the City Republican Conven tion—elected on Monday—assembled yesterday * afternoon In tbe Old Boaid of Trade Hall, lor the purpose of nominating candidates to be voted for on Tuesday next lor the offices of Mayor, City Treasurer. City Collector, U«y Attorney, Clerk of the Police Conn, and three Police Magistrates. There was a large attendance, and much interest was taken In the proceedings. The Convention was called to order at two o clock by John I.yJe King. Esq., the Chairman of the City Central Committee. On the nomiaa °C H. Salomon, ira W. Buell was ap pointed to act as temporary Chairman of the convention; be briefly thanked them for tbo honor conferred, and asked iliom lo proceed to business. A. B. Reynolds, of the Sixteenth i Ward, was chosen Secretary. On moiion of General Salomon, a committee of I three was appointed on Permanent Organization. The Chair appointed E. S. Salomon, A. C. Coventry and C. B. Farwell as suen committee. On motion of A. C. Coventry, the Chairmtm-s-as 55B°^? r ? a I? appoint a committee of three on He selected E. J. Whitehead, of tne tomb Division; John b. Quinn, ot tbo North Ui vihlon. and George W, Newcomb. of the West 1 Division, as such committee. ' j The list of delegates as published in the Turn- 1 m of yesterday was read by Mr. Whitehead, of the committee, and by him reported as the official | list. The following subsiltmlouF were made, tho I dl pSiv riste n y M le S l ? wot being present; 1 «T : «* "Hmarthln place of A. 17. Mege** and ckcr *“ place of Conrad I Seventh Wa»d—Max Schuler in place of Text- I Konnedy in pmee of Kubecic. ** Sshlh Want—N. \tTdierin place of Snyder. I prin , ed l ilst ~d ~ G * P * Baodall » oomted from the I HolS arMr - Mlllitcn In place of C. N. Sweet. 011111 ' Var^—T * Brokson In place of H. 1 del* 7611111 "^ an Wood In place of Scbro- I i« JWSKI* 1 . W »S d “ Alb S t pAtch »» Place of Gns- Dnck 1 * lllomae Sorter In place of E. G. Ward—A. c. Hosing in place nf Wg. w cite, b. Shacklord in place of Charles Cashing «.9?,., in ? uo s °I F* the report was accepted and adopted. On motion of At* tj Moore, the delegations ne*e authorized to fill vacancies. The Committee on Permanent Organization re posted ■ LcL-rLcommcndfltionas follows* For Pre-idem—lra W. Baeil. For Secretaries—Charles Lodlng, Charles H Ham and A- D. lteynuld=. The nomination- 1 * were conllnned. Mr. c. H. Ham moved that all voting In the Convention be done- bv til'd voce. A motion to amend bv making the rote br bal -1 ol was offered, and voted on, bn: the vote was eo nearly equal that a call o the roll was demanaed P- uding which the Chairman ordered that more not delegates should retire to the farther end of thv hall. Mr. Uam declined to act as Secretary, and W 11. Eddy was appointed to dll the vacancy. FOB MATOU. C. B. Farewell rose end said that ho took great El* same in nominating Jor Mayor, lion. John B. ice. and moved that he be nominated by accla mation. fGica applause.] The Chair dedd d that the motion was oat of order ns arothvr motion was pendni". Mr. Fanvcll asked that the gentleman withdraw bis motion, as there conld he no opposition to the semination. Jhe Chalnnau said it would l»e in order to sus pend action on the previous mo-ioc if there were ic objection. An objection wa< however made, at d tbt vot« was ordered or the motion to amend ILe motion to vole ctro ra«. vonne viva voce. Ihe ctil ofth r> roll resulted as fallows: Whole miuiLlt of votes cast PU J'or vote by ba110t....... 05 Against:: 7(5 ron jiAVon—nos. jous. n. mcE. Mr. Fat J-ell then renewed hi- motion to nomi r.-itc llin. John B. Wee lor Mayor by acclama t*"n. The motion prevailed without a higgle nr-.-ativc, ana Mi. liicc was the nnamiaoos :;omu;ce * f the Couv nuon. '.V. T. Hancock was appointed Assistant Secre tary. rou ciTT The nntrva ot VV. P. Wentworth ami A. G. 'lbioop k'erppuiLi nomination lor the cilice of city Tn.a-crer. An mioimal bauot was taken, v ith foiloultg result: hole number ol votes cast loS For W. F. Wcctworh 33 ;-or A G. Throoy Mr. W. H. Eddy moved teal tire aotniuaMnu of Mr Wentworth bejmadt; umnlmous. Th.-. Chair m>:a the melon oHlof order nn-l d-citb-d that thv Convention rau-t proceed :o a formal vote on thcnomiration furCitv Treasurer. Mr. Eudy itt-isied mat Air. Wentworth was Cearly the choice of the Convention, ami that another call of the roll would be but a n«elc-'« va>te ct lime. Beltd out of order. The roll was partially called, \rten A. C. Uca mg, Esq.. rwe and ant.ouuced rha: hewasau- Jjorizeu to wi'l : -*«'--.trßam2 0i Mr.Throon. and to tav iLar Mr. ihroon would eupnort *U. Went wo tu with all hie might. 1 <.hariw U. Ham, Esq., moved the appointment ol a Committee of three to wait on the Ma*or and inform him of his nozmnanon. carried, and th° Chair appointed as such committee C. H. liam. C. E. Faiwt-li end E. G. Hook. yon crrr attouset. E. S. b'alatnou, E»q., moved that the Conven tion proceed to the nomination of a candidate lor < lly Attorney. lie womd nominate General iia*brouck i»uvt?. Alocnaan UWolf seconded the nomination and moved to Fa?pend the rules that the Convention atteM nominate him by acclamation. 2be motion pievallca, and General Dana was ;he unanimous nominee of the Conven tion wttnoctatufßennmrvoie. Numerous calls were maoe on General DavU for a spc-c-c,-, but be declined on the ground taat there •was 100 much business before the Conven tion. you crrr collectoe. The Convention then proceeded to an Informal* ballot for a candidate tor the office of City Col lector The loliowing shows the inherent nomi nees with the votes cast for each: Whole number of votes cast 153 George Ives.... . jg George Von liollen A. H. itcald 73 George W'. Groy.... ’** 5 William TiltFollan-bee "*** r Scitierirg 2 Fictions to the declaration of the re«nl£*the names of George Ives and Georg.- tv. Gray were withdrawn, and a few of the votes weietrana r*l r {ed. J. olian=beealso withdrewin favor of Von oiollen. ADDEEffI BT XATOE BICE. During the call of the above vote Mayor Eic tr.u-red the ball and was most entha lasOcillv cheered. The ca.i was tbenproceeced nrh, and the result bavins been announced as above, the nominee lor Mayor waa called ou and spoke os full owe: ■ Fellow-citizens of Chicago: It-la but a few minutes since that four gentlemen came 10 my oflicc and announced to me that yon had, this day. given me a second expression of your par* tinliry, by nominating me lo the Mayoralty of this city, lor Ihe next two year®. I know 1 need not tell you I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for'his honor. lam overcome by your Kindness. This is u proud day for me. 1 wo years aco when you had selected me from among those that yon scarcely knew, and norma* ; aicd me for this oflicc of honor and trust, 1 told juo. what 1 meant and what was true, that my greatest anxiety was that yon should think as well of me at the expiration ol two years as you did at the commencement. Your endorsement to-day f hasbrougnt that satisfactory thing to my mind 4 that)on do. [Applause.J I should be very sorry to interrupt this meeting, t in its proceedings, by any remarks that 1 should r juuke. 1 have prepared no speech, but J bare *. thought ol a few words that 1 desire to eay. at e< me time. If this be the time. It may take ten , minutes. [Cries ot *' Go on.” applause, &c.J ‘ Then, now that I am nominated, gen : tlemcn, 1 have the strongest desire to '• win [Yores, “Yon will,” and ap planse.i 'Jbe Ecpubiican party that hare ; namca me for Mayor of this city zs. in a majority, and if 1 am not elected it will hang over me for fear that 1 have dragged it down. ju reading the proceedings of a Convention, held a few days since in the Court House, in which gentlemen ol this city were nominated lor diSer eut offices and one for Mayor ol this city, by an opposite party. 1 find In the statement tnado there —und 1 beg leave now co say that 1 cau cosily nnd<Tfci«ui<i bow a man In gePing ■ up, and matin* an Impromptu speech, would say words that he bad not weighed, and that are to be * taken In a most generous mann.-r. The gentle* , man informed you that when he was in oflicc, that he had never stopped to examine whether a man , wore a course or a fine coat before he gave bis judgment, or before ho had • reply to the question asked. ‘ that mean? Docs it mean I that the M“yor that preceded him. or the Mayor ; that succeeded him, did do so* 1 don’t believe it. i 1 hope net. Is that one of those ptirasee or seta to , be PnWhlaa inthepapara 1 SeiuS,l he *““1«». «oa tPereby ml., : n ° entataoce or meaolap at all! He S® r Saa“lsSaS C / or,!blS fri ' j! from ,& Sfjr r *’ lro ” d Et ° ck B- ® Ce *, * W*m«iirewg ,e impossible to nuke a speech on such an occasion as this without some little room lor tho , charge of egotism, because l cannot separate nr* ? fivif from the subject. I have Held office fortwo - year*, and I refer you to all peisons who hare . come to the Mayor’s office, I don't tell von the ( 3hcypeab<.nt the city. Let them’apcak, . whether they have flue coats or coarse coals. Let , them say how they have been treated by the May* i or of Cnicago for two years past. rCriesof“Good.” i £tp. and applause j another catch phrase that is to be used * P cr "f? e '. *P. f tiel r desperation [aoplanse and [ langnlerj—lt is that he has always berm a work ‘ Ingmar and that he is a friend of the working* ’ ?, ,en ‘ ,i >e^cve him. 1 have no reason to doubt biro. He Is a worthy citizen cud where is the wo:lhy citizen mat is not a friend of the work* jngman. [Applause ] Our whole country is . anaoo np of workingmen, but Is that great ques tion, second to nose in magnitude or importance the great question of labor and capital, to be de cided or seitied or changed by a lew such phrases as that on an election in this city? I bone noL [Applause.] I hope never to sec that question that underlies the good of all our country so nros tiimcoand pm to so case a use. [Applause I I have lived in Chicago twenty stars. Haring all that time I have worccd for and been worked for 1 have employed Democ ale and Rcpnblicaaa and all others. They are in this city to-day rhose are the men I refer yon to. whathas the dealing of John B. Eice been with, the workingmen ol Chicago? Let them all answer. Let every man Find out If John B. Rice ever cs ir *™ m one a cent, or if be ever refused whatever price was charged for whatever r .iT? 9 . d<me - lApplause j Ibis great ques “o= “ al 1(1 rowm agitation Is to be settled. If I there Ia “ yt aD * n sti’ict In my whole Sf. l S thiH 1 «°? 9 aol sympathize with every true itwrAShl^ chUt!C lhlß aard hattieof]i.cidor mateihJtSftsucceed; ana anythin* thatwiU 5iS iW,' 11 " ofl * *** make his home, his sassss-iss! p('^e^nr e UiLE OI,K on that occasion—a Another v ord • it™? °P oh taxadon. open all ’■ »«=>oten ,r.d sound taxation! H .w°caj^ e tS e e l, i e .? re 10 ,htf taxation.” Uow rcadv iti l u! r *,‘J n tlicnjEdvcp overburdened to VcllJre propose to go ruto this matter »i w Btt J t unto. 1 lino, or no I ° tkl ‘ w , lrat fixing up of things fur eg. ct. i beHev^hf. 0 / 00 i safest when 1 come befo c you with lp~ 1 » 1 which every one can comprehend. U 11x0 What is the taxation ol Chicago? i t may safely say to you that the tax— of are less than n. any city of lie size in the Bn?»5S State*. Ccrt-at applan-r.j II lam wrong some man will correct me. I mean to «Je«k to* \ mce -‘*’ llial w tnc.”j The t« or this city last year was iwo pur cent on a one-thud valuation of the property. iJow, how are three taxes expended? Youhavc & city here that Is larger than New York. II cov *n* more ground iban New York city. Ton Have Iwenty-srven miles of superficial area. Too most have some ptO’ccUoo for vonr bornt-a and yonr property and your U»e« • and the dty of Chicago, by a separate department of«belrdtyVcoven.nn-i-i,electea bribe people, says to the officers of ihe Common-Council, tbere we require eo many men to do this. Toat is tbe fclice force. How maoy men hare tber cotf Th»v svegot two hundred men forall this city. Ihev re quire the men to be lo good bealin. of. rood c-ar i actcr, of fair ability, of” truthfulness ami fauhml *»«»;. ei r ®T’i lre them to work every d«y and ntpht, not excluding Sunday. They £ivc 7 aach f(70,1 wlll the price of Jlrlpjr. yon all know that—tuey dve each man *SCO a year. They require tb*<m each to wear a uniform eo teat they can oe all rccb'mlzed. * a n ,^ , A c / E»ye him the n=e of that uniform while he run* * •£ ba l id what the policemen—the i.^ nnt^ in a city coredr." E 9 l >are miles, with a popnladon of 00 people, as I bcilcre, bat say 2JO.IXW ycr One policeman to 1,000 people, scattered all over tins prairie, ana these men get fSOa a year, la that tpo ranch? [Cries of “No, ao."” •*n Q r H£ < i n?b \, Can they live tor lest? ICrles of *uo. ’J .These salaries of tbe Police Depart ment me raid by yon out of this taxation. Su ranch for that part of taxation. The Pire Department olonr city is the same. The E3ine severe doty is required night ana day, Sun day and all. These men are risking their Uvea whenever!! may be needed, and their al ways. They cfttTSO a year each. A voice—“ Seven honored and twenty” The Speaker: Seven hundred and twenty 1 am not exaggerating. The Police Commissioners who have charge of the Fire Department SmUdo with less, ineaty requires more. Everything is resorted to to make it answer, because of out Ins than c 720 a vear ? *. v n ... -. can-tllve cl 1L \VhJ .S }o%ol T<, J a m«l ux<hc property or lie aty of Chicago iS pay ih so much for tnofic taxes. b w u The river here Is used by vess-ls more and Scaseof I hnJln» thlU »’' C Uvi! - bec * u6e ° r 1118 111 k , bn6lneße * great number of bridges aw» thmrrw C{mttrnc «on that we are able IO pet SforS acroes that river tor tbe accommoda «Tort lte y *re opened continuously, “dj* l TJflgf tendcrs, with such lorco as may bo ?^ c f£ far 7 at titc dlflercnt bridges, are required to men are paid rhe smallest amount that they can live on. i don't know the ealailes ot the bridge-tenders. It nencadi on wueie be Is and bow many men he has to employ, ihe bridges are constantly wearing oat. They 2?“?* 1»* replaced or business most stop. This is another scarce of dmvt expenditure. You can’t no without tbe bridges and tbe bridge tenders, - and they arc rot lhlr tlic .-l,“. possible figure. So_you are taxed for v^ 11 L 'ion don’t want it ?oTTw.™‘ ldl, ° l E ° yt>nconld he! fc^,°&n a V^TZ a^h^. P* 33812 — Of the owners of the proper ty Tie in'ersectiong only are paid by general P aTlnc the Intersections of streets, and the cleaning of tbe streets, which are con stantly getting dirty, notwuhaianatng they may be ever to industrious in cleaning them. 'This and ins repairing ot them, as well as they can be. is pnt aown to the lowest possible cent, fnc o wor-m are all let to the lowest bidder, and when ! * 8 ascertained how much the woik will cost, the Finance committee of the Common Council recommends the appropriation of eo much money, and the woik is paid for. There Is no man who has worked on paving the streets ol our dry 5® ft * ca ?® bo s he ever got one dollar more than Tw£ h il° bß . r if h . flll ' I A and langhtcr.J That is where the taxes go. * 1 If tnat be true, then, find out whether any of the money has been sqnandered or dishonestly used. If that can be shown, then they nave a Sood pica to come u and ask the people to chance le officers of this aty. But rf those offleers have dealt fairly and honestly with you, as I do believe they have, (1 was going to say 1 know they have.) tbtnaiithc money that has been expended ba« oetn expended because a was necessary: and whatever that amount was, It was levied in the tax blit, ano yon had to pay It. Does the party that opposes you propose to change It? or course noli Of course not: but they think If they can eppeal to men’s pockets they will lake their statements without examina tion ; they will merely say the taxes are high, and they arc hfiy per cent higher than they were when gold was attwo hundred. Wc all know tiring is as high to-day as it was when gold was at two hundred. Ibey say if they can pal Iha Demo cratic | arty into office In Chicago, they wilt re deem the whole city trom almost Irretrievable detraction. Of coarse yon don’t believe tin* Of conn-cthcy don't believe it. |Applause.] I don’t believe this cl-y would be sunk into Irretrievable rum if Democrats were elected to office. I don't believe if the ttc pnb’icans are continneo m office the city will be eo badly ruiued. [Applause.] Thuc U one word about taxe? that I desire, fa: tber, to say. Ido not wish during this day. or ai.y day emjtcqucn'ly, to bring in anything Na tional or State into the matter of this mancipal election, but, as It was said by a geu ilcman at that meeting that what the Dimocrals desire, (1 don’t repeat him ttroc'tm—i conk remember the words but 1 try to puje the the Democrats vvis-h to bccflfte once more a power in the land, to unite themselves with ibeoeopJe of the South and to have pi c loyal, social Government of the states \> bo is the man in the North that does not ce c u lo save that same thine—leva! and social and true men in use family? God knows I. do for olc. But with regard to this Peti tion lot ns say that the heavy rax that wc find so burdensome is the payw" or the immense Income tax which fills upon every thing v.c do or have, la order to keep up our fcuh and credit in paying the iuteres* on the enormous debt ot three thousand millions of dol lars that we have bud llnowu upon us by the disloyalty of those people. [Great applause.] That is the Ui that butceu* no all. That is the tax that ma«i be met and paid, and if it was wiped out to-day we weald near no more talk about high <-•■*.»* • the city ot Chicago. GeniKmen. I have detained yon longer than I ictendeo. 1 cave said what I nave 1 Relieved I ought to, jor 1 propose to deal in noth ing uni truth. [Applause] Ihopc no man h“re will uticmpt anything else. IT ibis city is properly governed 1< r the pat ty no v In power. It is not only your duty, bat it is au imperative doty npon yon all to con-mne it so. Ido not epeak tor myself. I stmll helor rotten when the good Uia.zniyhe done by tui* party shall be felt still in Chicago. Bat Ido \T]«h to tay lid?, that I believe this way that the official power of the city of Chicago la recognized as tomttbing respectable, and to he looked at and relcnvd to as much so. and I will say more so, than it tas ever been since 1 have been in Chicago. I Great epplaiiie.; I take none uf that to my seif, and i mean Just woat 1 say. Ore* more, for what yon have done forme I thank yon, and 1 propose, as I told you two years ago, to try and deserve ihe confidence and favor tv ichrou have shown m». which Jki.ow talar beyond what I ever expeeltd, ar*d to prove to von »bat yon have not cast the harden o: this city in tain. (Applause.] iho convention gave three hearty cheers “for Major Rice” as he retired. CUT COLLECTOR. The rcll was then called on the nomination of ; candidate for City Collector, with the followin' result: Wlolc number of voles cast 159 George Ton Hollnn A. H. Heald.. go And A. E. Heald was declatcd to be the unani mous choice ol the Convention. CUBS OF TBS. POLICE CODBT. On motion of several delegates, William Voc\e, the present Ctcrk of tne Police Court, was nomi nated >0 the position by acclamation. POLICE MAGISTRATES. The Convention then divided into three portions lor th<. purpose ol Dominating a candidate for the office or Police Magistrate for each of tbs three Divisions of the city. Ihe following weie ihe noxmnt us: Bonin Division—John Stuntnerfleid. West Division—Alvin Salisborv. Forth Division—Charles Dinndorff. C2TT CENTRAL COXJUTZSE. C. B. Farwcll moved that ibeCnair appoint a City c'ential Committee tor ihe ensuing year. Carried, and (he Chair appointed the following: Fire; Ward—General Hasb>ouck Davis. Second Ward—C. B.Fonvell. Third Ward—F. D. Grar. Fooitb Waid—S. A. irwln. Fifth Waid—Cons>antinc Kann. Sixth Ward—W. W. Washburn. Seventh Ward—Charles Lodaing. Eighth Ward—Louis Ebereold. Finth Ward—G. W. Newcomb. Tcnh Ward—Pleasant Amick. Eleventh \\ ard—Clark Lipe. Twelfth Ward.. Aid. Gastneld, Thirteenth Ward—Gustav Fischer. Fouiteemh Ward—Frank Gerblng. FiftccLlh Ward—Dr. C. G. Paoll. Sixteenth Work—D. H. Lincoln. UESOLUrnKS. On motion of Mr. Shepard, the Chair appointed a committee of five on resolutions. The com mltieewas composed of H. 11. Shepard, E. 8. Salomon, A. C. Coventry. A. C. Desing, and C. B. Farwell. Tney reported the following,which were adopted nnaniraotulv: Jfesolced, That It is the nnalterablo determination of the Rcpnblican party of the city ot Chicago, In the furore as in the past, to adhere to the great and universal principles of liberty as declared In the Declaration of Independence and set forth in the platforms of the Republican party, from its organization to the present time. Jtetolved, That wc heartily endorse the action of the Congress of the United States in Us struggle to secure a return to loyalty of all the people of our Union. Jletolrei, That the Republicans of Chicago ex tend to the people of Ireland, Candla, and of all other countries who arc struggling to establish the principle of self-government, a heartfelt sym pathy, ard earnest wish lor success. Jiesolted, Thatll is the dnty of the United States, as a people enjoying the btcssmgs of lib erty, to foster and encourage the adoption of the principles of free government among other na tions by all wav* and means which me not in di rect violation of international law. liesoltnl. That we bcaruly endorse the move ment in Congress looking to an amendmentof the “Neutrality Laws,” and approve the bill intro duced by General Banks for that purpose. ‘J he meeting then adjourned. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, MOKETABY. Tuesday Eveslnc. April 9. The money market was quite stringent to-day for speculative paper, and many borrowers on tbla kind of collateral were forced to seek the street. All first class legitimate paper expert- enses no difficulty in obtaining recognition at the nsofll bat>k rate —30 per cenC In the open market outside business paper sells at l@l4 per cent jwtaonlh. Exchange was again very scarce, and some of the Icaolng drawers were compelled to ship cur rency. Between banks a few round lots were placed at 30®40 cents premium—closing with no sutlers below the upper figure. The counter rates were steady at par baying and 1-10 premium selling. Flour was firm and more active. Wheat de clined 2HO3HC. Cora opened s@sV4c higher, bnr fell back IJ4C at the close. Oats closed 114® £c higher. Rj e closed a shade higher, but unset* tk-d. Barley was 2c better. Seedl were steady. Provisions were more active. Hess Pork ad vanced 25®50c. Lard was active and higher. Gold wa? a trifle lower. The market opened at 385»i. advanced to 385-tf, and closed at ISljf. The following quotations were received by Boyd Brothers, Gold brokers: lU-.COa-m KC4S B-IU ll:0ua m. 31:15 e. m. I1:Q) a.m. 31:45 a. n, •15*X 112:00 m.... -J3s* 12:30 p.m. •Idl* I 2:110 p. m. .ISljj j 5:00 p. m. .104* I 8:13p.nt.. .135 J * licru the market waa quiet at 134®155* buying —closing nt IS4J4 bid. Silver waa neglected and nominal at 125@12S— the upper figure for large. The PoblicFunds were without material change The following shows the New York closing prices to-day, compared with the ihree previous days* c . ,Fri. Sat. Mon, Tncs. 81.,... 109 109 JO9 103^ Rve-lVentles, C 2 109=* 109« Fiv6>iViatJCs« in?£f Ten-Forties..! <*£ J y| Seven-Thirties, An s IDC 100 100 n<j* Seven-Thirties, June....loja* lOjai iinv jrjssj Seven TWrtes, July... 105?* m?* iSa* }o*S New Five-Twcniics 1071* jq-2 jq-jt Cue the market was steady pnd firm. Wo quote: COVEIUIIUT EZOUZLITICB—CUIOAOO MARKET. jiajmg. Sentnjr. IT. s. 6s, of 16S1 10o5« ioa U. S. 5-20 e, 1«B 10S5£ 103 U. S. 5-2dt>, 1901 107« H»73f D.h 6-20?, 1865 107« i ICS D. ts. 5-20?. ’CS and ’GC, neiv.lo7 10714 U S 5-2fl<i, siuall 100»<@10i5f ..7. D. S. 10 4 e, large. 97ft 93 U. Final 1 97 .... V. S. 7 30e, Ibi senea 106*£ 105J4 U. 5.7-»»s, 2d scries IUoU 1054 U.S. 7*809, Sd series 105fc 103J4 D. S. 7-306, ®105>4 Com. InL .Nous, June. ’61,1374 _ .... 44 44 fJnly,'Cl..llC*£ 44 *♦ Aug., 'C4..IICU .... 44 44 OcU, 'O4..HSU 41 ** Dcc,'Bt..ll4J4 • 44 14 May.’G5..112 * 4 44 AUS./C3.111U ... * 44 Sept., 'CS.UOH .... Ocb| ’05,, 110 Local Securities were unchanged.” The brokers arc buying at the following rates: Chicago City TV.. ra Cook Cotmiy 7'-> w Chamber of Commerce .V.V.V.’*97j£@9B The earnings of tbe Cnleasi & Northwestern Railroad, for the week ending April 7, compare as follows; 166 C. 1367. Irc. 59,250.79 78,312.35 IU.OSsIsg 77,091.70 2,853.00 7fi27.56 dlntS L 587.88 8il»a 1,981 S Passenger. Freight... Ezpicsa... Wail T ?“-" H 0,183.83 187.835 63 43.563 80 TT<if? e ®° Bton -Advertiser of Saturday ramurt-.. wM§W^M for C JnTcetment‘*»n?? T rt. aa m l. QBaal opportunity vS ent \.those who purchase faol- Sm hh^ forc^ fi market appreciates materially will be congiatulated for their says: Ledger of the same date SSSM raamal tnnuacllon I-, lar«i emna ’o" Go?.S menu at something else. Commercial bills f°to 81 <l°»perceni discount. The banks are not doing much In the way ol discounting MASS'S? 1 * Cmrl ’ r 01 TMtcrfloT observes: Cumnry has been nrarijr to striocenev thnn m al>nndHDCC, yet all have had auQlcienc ou band to oflUl pSviS, b“ tS *«“«»?• at present are that there will aoon be enough to supply all the calls for discount for a “ Uty ba9 been inadequate. Money tf..?”? 10 * ° ™ore ireelvat present than It had u»Pt f £L?» »onth past. Exchance has for the past *w- e »ffhrmt te P rfc ®f T . e iy well; the counter rates It I '£fo“SJ w! lODI lrallnc at w .-a „u- Tb e earcines of the MUwauko & Prairie du Chien Kallroad for the month of March were: ?ai? S 3 Decrease $135.23 —-Ibc earnings of the McGregor & Western Railroad for the month of March were ISC7. Decrease ; 83,100 Comparative camluffsol me Western Union Railroad lor the week euline match SI ISC7 ISOC Decrease Prom January 1 lo 3larch 51: 19C7 ISO 6 Decrease g 17,270 Comparative earrings of the Michigan Central Railroad for the month of March: Increase « .tqfKQ The March earning of tbe Milwaukee jTst. Paul Railway Company were • Prom (heir own road.. ■Prairie do ChJon lease. McGregor Western. Total.. Same In March, 1806. New Yon stock Lad Blooey Market. April 9, 1567, received by akers; Cicstnp price* for cash, Joseph M. Lyons & Co~ Uro „ „ Ist Rd.Vd Bd 1 T. CmtraL.lOu* 100* Erie (com) 55 551.1 M. S. (com)... . 69V U)v I C.APltu.. 7>v 71V Kocit Island fc7v £7w C.4N. W S3* 33* Do. pfa COV 60* P., AC... 91V 91V OnlcksHTer..... a-jg 28 \V. u. T 19* SC* C. 4 «-*Q. 1W .... ii.e. io7* m* Hudson KlTcr..l3C iso Hi Cent. ...Jis 113* Phil. 3: Hcnd....lCo* 1004 ‘l A Toledo n»* ns 101. A U'abSPh,. 37* 36V M. & St. p. (com)3l .... do do (pld)so .... Market—First Board stese _ „ Ist Ud,2dßd Cos. Gregory.. yoo U. S. 6 cent u niFS-zar m conn. 15M....107# 107 V 0. 6.5? ct 0-30 conn 1865.....109 107* U.S.6* cIMO conp. ncw.’M.JOJ* 107* U* *»• 5 ?» cent 10-40 SJJt mu series .106 106 O. S. 7 S-10, 2d . senes 105* 105* U. S. 7 S-10, ad series. '...JOS* 105 K American C01a.133 iwy »dr. Second Board steady. COMMERCIAL. Tuesday ETEimra, April 9. Tbo following tables show the receipts and shipments of Produce during the past twenty-four hours: KSCEITTS FOB TBS TAfIT|TW'EiTT»FOCH DOLUS. r , ' . 1867. 38«6. Fipnr.brls ~ 2,400 3.512 tthcat, bn 4,010 12,753 tf”®.. 1 ”* 11,025 15.H25 Oats, bn (So 3.050 Rye, bn. ~ 730 700 Baxlty bn 750 £*■* fc « ed : 5? 51,500 31*316 Cnred Mc&t t BeefbrJs an jm Tjird. a? 71055 i=i WSZ'lp : alira i.m *■“% cln.S!a” 0 ::::;:-::;;::;:;;;; .T f;l Hides,!*... 81,606 1?,292 liigtjwliifts. Iris *'loo ’l3-1 Woo*. C.S3O 5.310 Lumber, m 24 705 bbioclce, m gj* smpacßMs pou the past twestt-pocr uouns. . . IN". 1800. Flonr, brls 4 520 4 kso Uht-in, tm 8,5.75 2 1 ISS Coni, bn 1,012 3,203 £ato, bi 3 10 710 Barley, bn... 400 444 Gras- bred, Be 43,113 83,887 Uroom Com, 05... 0,000 2,370 Cnrtc ileat, Be 305,080 433 BUO Cue*, urlfl iw Pork, bile 200 253 Varci, Bs . O,'JOO 5,500 J" w * ttl 5,034 107.435 Bnuer, Be. 11,785 1,140 Lire Hope. J«o . 1.812 »(J77 mV ,C *n , ’° 51 1 - 2U3 mUcs, H e.. 48,100 C3.S7U nighwme*. liris 207 311 WcoLfts 47.803 3.533 Lumber, m w 3 3 ,155 Shmples. m esa Btt bait, brie 072 fig _ , „ TLOVIt ASD GRAIN IS STOQE. TLo following table, compiled irom the official n tnrns of the warehousemen, exhibits theaaonnt ofFJour and Gram in store in this city on Satur day evening, compartd with the amount In store at the corresponding date lost year: _ . , 1»7. 1006. Flour, hrls 81,081 Wheat, hn 416.909 999.437 Corn, bn 674,519 523,133 “re* bn * 88.C32 115,906 Barley, bn..,, 123.250 2C1.124 There was a good attendance on ’Chance to-day, and the leading grain markets, Wheat excepted opened excited and higher, but subsequently be came nnsettlcd and closed tame. Ibo more favorable advices from Ifcw York caused an increased demand for Mess Pork, and the market advanced 25@50c, bat at the close the leellngwastame, owing to the reaction reported by the second despatch. We note sales of 1,300 brl-, at $22.75 cash a*d $23 00 buyer April—clos ing with sellers at $23.00 cash, and no bids made. Bnlk Jleais were neglec'ed and entirely nominal, at quotations to be found elsewhere. 3 here was on active speculative movement In Lard, and the market advanced Hc t with Bales of 1,609 Ires at I-/,(5.13c for City Steam and 12yc for Country Rettie- closing firm at 13c for the former. Grease was inactive and nominally unchanged, A small lot of Dressed Hogs sold at $3.50 all ronnd. WMpkey was dull and nominal at 21c for Bonded. In Free there Is nothing doing, and in the absence of any Inquiry It Is Impossible to give any quotations. Ihe Flour market was firm and rather more active, with sales of 3,400 brla at $16.00 for White Winter; 113/30 for Red Winter; sll.oo® 14.00 for Spring Extras; $3.00 for Spring Supers and $8.8754 for Bye. There was a marked reaction in Wheat, and the market was dull and dragging, resulting in ado* dine of 2>s®3J{c on No. 3 Spring. No. 1 was un settled and s®ioc lower, bat Rejected was on diacgfd. The sales aggregate 53,000 bu at $2.80 @2.85 for No. 1; 82.40@2.15 lor No. 2 and *2.14® 2.15J4 for Rejected—closing almost nominal at g5.'1t)®2.41 for Winter receipts of No. 2 Spring. Com opened excited, and with nn active specu lative demand the market advanced 5®5!4c, Subsequently the feeling became somewhat un settled, and the market closed tame at a conces- aton of ijjc on the highest figure touched during the day. About 443,-000 bu changed hands al $1.06 @1.00*4 for No. 1; OOclfor No. 9 and 83®87cfor Rejected—closing with more sellers than buyers at SI.OB for No. 3. At the opening there was a strong speculative movement in Oat?, and the market advanced 2J4c, bnt towards the close fell off H@lc. Wo note sales of 147,0C0 bn at 59ic@C0J4c for fresh and 57 ®C6c for winter receipts of No. 2—closing at 57® L7J4c for the latter. Rye opened tolerably active, and advanced Bc, but later fell off 2c, nnd closed unsettled. Sales were made at $1.52®2.53 for No. I and $1.49 for No. 2—closing at about $1.58 for the former. Barley was quiet, but firm at sn advance of 2c, with sales at $1.85 lor No. 1; $1.12 for No. 2, and $1.00®125 for cample lots. The lollowmg despatches were read on ’Change to-day; * _ New Took, April 9. Common Flour firm and unchanged: Family strong, at $11.25tt12.55. Wheat easier, at $2.03® 2XA Lora active, at *1.27H. Oats belter, at 73® ♦*>c. Pork better, at $23.43. Lard nominal. Whis key steady. Gold, I&4X. LATCH. Flour lame. Wheat easier at $2.C6®2.C7«. Corn active, at $1 2i. Oats firmer, at 73®7Sc. Poik easier, at $22.10. Gold, 15514. ** ... , , ~ , LaSalle, Awll 9. ninety boat load* of Com here, to go north to night. LATER. In the afternoon the Wheat market was qniet.and prices were the same as afier the close of’Change. No. 1 Corn was fairly active, and sold down to sl.o6—closing steady at $1.07. Provisions were dull. Beef CatUe were dull and slow of sale, with rrxcvs nominally unchanged. The receipts were 1,182 head, and the reported sates 715 head, at $-I.CC® «,75 for inferior to good smooth lots. The market closes steady at $4.00®8.00, with 3,200 head unsold. The Dog market was dull, and on common and medium grades prices ruled a shade lower. 3,103 head changed bauds at a range 0f56.00@7.40 for common to good graces. Received to-day, 2,275 bead. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK. MARKET. I Ojtics of Tire Dailt Tunitrjre, ) Tcesoat Ermrtxu, Apn! 9. { Tlic Isllowtes table eboire tbe daily receipts and eUpmerts of Lire Stock dar)n?the west, up to tbls crenintr. ss reported by tbe Secretary of tbe Union Mock Yard Company Cattle. Boss. Sheep. .. 1,132 2,225 451 Sunday and Monday. Tcewl»y Total 1,133 2.67? 4CI The receipts to-day were by the following rontet: „ t..a . Cattle. Hops. Sheep. By Rllnola Central Road 165 06 i3l 3yßurllnstco&Quincy Road... 602 318 223 Hy fct. Louis & All-.D Road M 227 By Nonbwcftcrx- Eo.d 2W fill B> Beet Isloao Road 17 fill 91 _ To, “} 1,133 2,125 461 Th*bhlpacnu to-day, analor the week op to this tYemnc, wcie: Sondoy and Mooday Catt & “sS* Sh " P ' Total 2 |g «jgg The following were the shipment* to-day: By Mlthlcan Centrals ? atUe * Bheep ' I‘ ; y nthJjorch&Fort Wayne, its **oi By Creat hasten 15 Total 1W jm At UllnoU Central scale ? 1 s? n v£V fcbe SE; Atlittrllncton 8aae.......::!: tJ « At Alton tale ... s mo 150 AJ NortLwatern Sale 317 KC *•’* XOUI 613 3 091 ~47s P«ef Caiixs— Xbj m&TkCt opcaed dull wuUKiyy, wtta. I^oo' head in tbe sale own. Tbe weather wu fwl^ V M^ Tefot °f' er » , ® r ».hnt there wai llnle JJtoWNliilleatedoiitte of ,ha auyera in df * KEl “ beanly throughout. S?™** v I ”V wdnctloa ot aaasc, bat bold nb>r flnn *» toelr new*, and from the ISSf 11 Ooanjt.piwthat Calm flf P rfClaUon * Tbe offsrluaa weiegentrally «if» law rracr, ccnahtlnr m«l:Iyo! 1 jS?S, C 0 ,f-^ h CiW '* balf-Jatteoed Ste- ra, and >o lhl« ftß *°»W otter, maybe attilbutedtbe aingaub movement id tne carset to-day. There l» at C^. m,le toQBUy for the descriptions rationed abore, and if dxovc.B would study w« .« t *« 7 „ t w “ tß of tt,e nMtoet here, 3!„;„ n L‘ ,D f ~ccd 10 tb e opinion that th-y womd hacojo less of. the “icallawae" stack hn^,!^ Pr,me toJPPiCR «teera and good to cbolce ,°^“ 8 C^9 WB ar « the cnly grades sought alter, *.n «f.« -.1 ft»lto«f»limited soppty of such, will satiety the legitimate wants of tbo trade. Tbe 5m «nSS bS?* 7 T“• EuKn> "«<!«. Transactions fo«»tnp only 015 rW T heie we - e dlTld.d chiefly between shipper*, 'ST** ®t»d yard speculators, at prices ranging at SJ JC®5.75 for Inferior to common mixed lota, embrac „i r „P^ )r 5° WB ' u *tot Hellera, sciubby blears, Stags, Bnlls. and Oxen; tor medium to lair gride fatetrs. and *7.2Jg7.0 lor gcod first and second-class The following were tbe , CLOSLSO miCES. Estra JJrtves— Fine, lot, well termed. 4 to 6 year oio Stcfra. ami awracicc 1.3)0 &> ana upwards m Pntnr. AVery *—Q.od, well tutted, nnfily- * wintja Steers ayeraelna irom 1,100 to l,wO ftß, 7 73*a9 Oft I>nr Graite*— Fair 8t» en. In lau flesh, ay- '®ljoo tts. at *. 7.0537.50 JTjftfifm c««h-Medium meets ana rood ,or city slaughter and averairtnir at *’7'.. bc&aca Slock Vault— common l .attie In decent flesh. at 5.5C®C.75 rn./<rior—Llcht and thin Cows and Steers. CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. ho. ?? ch . o, £S tot Cows, off cars 933 .14 mixed lot, £ ana w gio 4.03 ;£ K °°? Butchers’ Cows and Bte»n Lun 6.13 oQ KOcd tUipplog tstrtru, f. and w US3 7.3 • 19 rough thin steers, t. ana w v»o 6J3 o uzci, f, and w 1.110 Kn 17 medium fleshy Steers, off car# 975 K*ao 1! common mixed lot. off cars 1,110 575 WCOOdftitrowr, off cars ..... KD 6M 10 common batchers' stock, f. and w 990 S» SJ good smooth steers, off cats LIOO 7 m 13 interior cows, L ana w, 735 4JOO HUGS—The market opened qolet In the morning, wllh acme 6,000 hcao on sale. This large supply, with the reported decline of Kc m tho New York market, had a very depressing effect upon trade, and holders found slew sole lor their offerings, and fbr common and medium grades-cl which the supply was largely ccmtosoc—prices favored bnjers, prime lots were firmly held at previous rates. The Entered sales nnmoer 3,100 head. These were taken up almcit exclusively by shippers tor the markets cl New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, at and within the range of «C.0P@6.50 for common to medlun, and (6.7337.10 for lair to good Bogs. The market closes steady at (C.CC37.60 for common to choice grades. _We_note the followings SIS,SCO . a,-ioo .$10,641 . 18,550 $3,009 .$103,137 . 120,407 HOG SALES XO-DAT. 47 common Jot, f& w 35* « 00®' 58 lot m yIK 18 mixed lot, lAw ’in KS 74 mixeaJot, f& w I!’! 173 b« rSfurt/wn '"af? 7^ ssconmon lot : 13? rTS 56 choice lot, off cars * an 7 ’IS 73 coofl, swooth lot, off cars 7 qj s.fatrioi.f.aod w auo rwi to mixed iot. f. and w is* 67? 73 coarse fat lot, ofi cars. 7 j 5 69 mixed >ot is? 114 mixed lot. L and w ........1..1::.* i*a 67J IStvenlot,r.and w .Il l 1.. I. l? 3 era 4Smixed Jot. f. and w. ..milllll 1© eIS SHEEP—The market was quiet, but *lor good to prime cradts'Crm at foil prices. Common deicrlp- Cons were somewhat neglected. l*rlcei ranee at $3.50 @630 for common to meatnm. and |7.0Q@7.50 for good to choice grades. Sales include the following: hD. Av p.j.. 79 choice Int, off car 92 ijul .3 rather good let, off cats .. m *6S WpntLc fot,off cars ....too “to 53 prime lot 1......113 Via .5375,210 . 337,168 $134,900 .. 72,1100 .. 9,400 .93*0.300 . 308,0)3 CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. Tcesdj The Dry Good? market pr Traoc contlnnfi brisk at( prices. Desirable brands man'* and firmly held. ißi request, and favorite ma Bleached. blunlnjrs nrtj etc pers contlnnc la good Inqn ive give today's closing in 'AT KTZSISO. Apm 9,1357. presents but fewncw feature*, id Joobers are realizing full * of PrIDU are la active de- Irown Sheetings are In good olcea are readily taiccn up. cady and unchanged. Car uiry and firm at quotations, ange of prices as follows: Memmac D. Mem mac TV. Cocheco American.. Amo»soac. Duchess B. I‘aclhc Garner's.... Sprague's... inmucU's... Manchester. Lowell Arnoid's.... Lancaster... IhctmmuO. vuwtiww. Mourning jg Allen's Providence 15 James Saunders’ is Gloucester 10 *v. w. Freeman <t L'o.iStf Union TVamsmta i«w Columbia 12 JAMS. Clinton.. l-ttcasier. Glaacow. RoncoKe. i Banner. at Lawi**** 5i Ft»tir; tok Appktoo 4—t tn M-dfora 4—4 litu b’nshua a Indian Oe.*rt 4—4 51V Calwtt A 4—t 50 at Antic 4—l AimxJ.aic 4—4 51 tallDOI Falls A —l wuk Aeawam F 4—4 .1G« At-pieton D 4—4 .19 Minot:* A 4—l liv sunn Kivtr 4—l JG a i’cppcftll E 30 * ** it ts “ b itv American A si Atlantic Milts 17 ■< l-eppcreli O 10 Great Falls M IS “ " 8 JCK Indian Orchard A u*« “ “ c r.u “ ** uu....i03 s :: w 153 Hoot Mills II Ilk “ r « ** “ b iu” Western World 15 Artwnsht Portsmouth l* Hu Napoleon 18* Quaker..; II iX Standard jo Jaaiata 17 suiirrixcd. BLEACHED N. T. Mill? 4—4 40 *VHinsuita4—'4 Bins 4—} as White KocS 4—4 mils 4—j ax " 7—3 23* MfjCDvtiie4—4 ?; x I lav Mills 4—4 w • Andro>eogciD4—l w? * , . “ 7—S 24 Luidon 7—B 20 " 4-4 23 Rcdßsnz 7—S 11V ** ** -I—* lt»l( Lonsdale 26 Arkwncht 31 Waxnbcck 32 J. &W. Slater 4—1..../J* Canoe S—l 11* Sla*crrllle7—« ir. Hlackstona River | ....20 Hloukston* AA.!..!” jl Ballou & Bon 4^4-1 , . . PAT EE CAMBRICS. Lonsdale 17* i English 13 cambrics 12*S14* | h . . den res. Aaoptra? Sn ■ I Onnecticut. ,30 Jorß. -t>6X I Washington -...22* Ahmche&ler 26 | Uftmrd improved. ar <;*»«. 25 1 Diae Utl!,., 23 Union 27* I Corn C4ty is Haymakera ...31* [pawnse... 20 unarm tiinrruas. Amoskcag so WhUtaden C 20 T<« - » •• A XIX Amen can ..ISaw racasTllle,.. niia iMls.. 25 Thorndike av Boanokc 20 Shetucket 13 ■ TICKS. AmoskeaE ACA 50 ilaadfton, regular....Js , A -...40 “ D jo * B .85 Pemberton E cb M C JO “ X 27W _ . . D J 3 Swia Hirer xtx Trrkao-lncn 37* Star iiuU Si-inch 35 Albany - 18* •» •* «tfc]m-n 35 forg 32-iarh. 47* ** . COESZT SEjUVB. Arao‘keag 23* I Indian Orchard is lacome 22* I Androrcogeln., 15* Untes.. 15 j Peoperell ...jy* haumkea.: 5»uee&....25 [Globe ....15 CANTON FLANNELS. (lamiltoo strut. So (Thorndike 25 □lertonT 23* INaamkeagbleached...9o , BROWN DRILLS. d01t... 22 I Pennington 22 Laconia 22 [Peppered a DELAINES, Manchester, sew 23 1 Uamutoa a I* 23 [All Wool 40^50 Balmoral busts. Gilbert a .....|2J7* | MauvanAMuneiten.l2.l3* Wilcox JJ»Ct3.7S | Raleigh's 3.00 Pcntoo»uc- LSO&3.2S 1 Unmer 200 WaenUigtoaMUU.,.J.U}‘ I Bdlc of the season.. 2JS THREADS. •LAP* Coats 91.10 I Grem & Daniels 72* Clark-’* 1.10 White Bkeln 90 nsdiey & Co's 90 I cord 1.00 Worsted Braids 85 I WllUmaatlc, 82 W gtalTord....- 70 | „ COTTON TACKS. ETC. Ewtic. 57* | Eastern 55 §£?«>• 57* I Carpet Warp Jo®« Fracklla 57* J Candlewtck GO^TO Bark 57* (Chicago Batts 913.00 CARPETS, Lowell. 8 ply 92,00 Superfine t1.00®1.30 “ anper 1.55 Crossey's Fat, Tapes «• medium.... MO Brussels..... IJO ilartlord.eitra 3-ply 2.10 Roxbury 1.67* •*. Itnp’lS-piy. 1.93 Empire Slllli IJO “ super 1J» Belgrade 1.C3 “ medium.... 140 - ... CASSIMEBES. Fannerß&ilcrch’s....4s 1 Everett 1 4:* Wabash 12* I Everett 0 45 WEEKLY REVIEW OF THE CHICAGO MARKET. Ali tale* of (Train reported In this market report are madron the basis ofxcinter (Jc) storage, unless other wise expressed. ! Tuesday Emsisa, April e. iSCT. FREIGHTS—BAiLEOADfaHioirre—Are 10c tower. TheUdlowlncis the tariff of the Eastern ICoaos: Kates trom Chicago to— Cd class. 4th class. Flour. Butfato&bosp. Bridge fU C 5 Montreal, C. B i.js TO* 1 « Albany, N. Y 1.00 CO i!to New Tort 1.00 60 j jo Boston... .1.10 65 lso Poitland. .10 G 3 i Pltlßbnrcb CO S tn Baltimore ....1,..., mm i iS Philadelphia gi 53 , , n Cincinnati. Ohio 45 30 co Lcvnn Fnatonrs—There is bnt little Inquiry for cither Lumber or Grain Freights, and prices are nom inally oecnaneed. The following charter was made Bay Cut—Bark Advance, with inm- gFLODH—Received 2,400 hrls; shipped 4.230 hrU The market during the past week has been active, and prices have advanced inlly 75c@81.b0. To-day the mar iei vu fairly active, and holders were Qrm in their demandest yesterday's figures. Sales Include the loj. Jowtoa; Whit* Wnmxs-75 hrls ’I.X.L.” atilS.w; Kld wl’ities-M hrls “Interchange” at 813.50: Spkiko E ?J7s A srHfißi brt ? ** at *ll tP; ICO hrls** Cole’s Alternate” at *l4 00; 300hrls “Dater'sAdvance”at *1850; 100 hrls ‘‘Big *l3 )2X*. 106 brts not earned at 300 brla do at *l2.oo:£33brlsuqfyeaterday after Change)at IlLs*; TOO brls do at (U S 3; 100 brls do at 811.00; bFBiKO bc pebtixes—iOO brls not named stflhOOt Dksodmd—2o tirls not named at *7.03; lira Flo up—loo brls - Broad Head” at *8 81V, on track; Cosh Meal—lo tons coarse at *36.00; 20 brls Kiln Dried at (3.25. We quote to day's range of prices as to lows: Wistkb Wheat—Choice Southern D- Unois $16.00 (417/0 Choice SC Louis 12J0 @19.00 Wisconsin 12.00 @14.00 A or Star Shaved Shingles, by car-load.on track, ....... 3.7s<aiJß No. 1 Sawed Shingles, by*car-ioad,*'on Rack Three dollars a car-load added when transferred, which charge follows the Shingles in freight bIU. ' SIIINOLB STANDARD. Thickness—Five shingles to be two Inches la thick- Length—Sixteen inches, lands—Twenty Inches. Courses—Twrot: -five. LEATHER—'There Is a good business doing In this department, the demaid being active betn tram city manufacturers, and interior dealers; hence under moderate stocks, the feeling Is decidedly firm. With ice exception of an advance ol tc In City Harness and City Upper prices are unchanged. We quote: ngyriv-ir- City Harness p Slaughter, Bulla & 40@ 41 lo Sole laa 4i Counuyflarness, S6@ S 8 Slaughter, Sole, Lire, PS 42@ 41 Chicago, No. 1. 89@ 40 Elp, mcdlnm, P Sianghter, Bole, -&!•••• 80@1.20 Chicago, No. 3, St@ 37 Calf, ?'s 1JC31.50 Buenos Ayres.... 35* W UptHT. Ffcot.... sua S 3 Orinoco 501 e..... 3ta so country Upper.. 2S@ 25 Orlucco, aood. Cellar, V t 001.... 23@ 24 damaged 3ia 8? Srniso Ettbas—Fancy brands 13A0 gn.oo Choice Minnesota.... 12A0 Choice Illinois, Wls cunsin and 10wa.... 12.00 @12.73 Fair Grades u. 03 @l2 i 5 Low Grades 10.00 @ll.OO o^-^ri 1 ? 611111 ®* 9-IW @IO.OO *ve gtenr.... tj « <i vi Buckwheat Flour gn )S 4m WHEAT—Received, 4.010 ba; shipped, bu. an S ? Tft eglng—clohtne 2V@3Vc lower on b 0.2 spritg. Sales were: 400 bn Vnii at w us• iuinn «•? jr.* jre ll 0 2i* Q , d 2^ c , 1 . lvu 'F tl ht fiM; 400 Du at s 410 bn do at *2.10V (Dc-b); 400 bu do at *2.41 • 20,000bU do al*<.l3: s,CCobudo at*2 43V* 10OOflhn rin at{2.4l; 10,000 huit 3 Sou on Rejected at |2.15w ; ffnoo d>?at *2 lifiloJ leg Utile better than nominal it $2 M@24i ta tSoSZ C(»'kN—Received, 11,025 bu; shipped, 1013 bu. Market; opened cndted, a:d auvanced ijtivc, but sub sequently fell back tame, soles were -20,1X0 bu >O.l at fljiOVc; 90,000 bu do at 81.09; lO.WO bu do at 81-OSy; b\OCO bu do at 81.0SV: 85.C0Q bu d't at f I.OBM : £.OOO bn do at $1.08: loSoTKi S ,t iS.OOOnu da at SIO7V; 10,0C0budo at ILOlk ; 20U03 nn dont tl/>7; s.OCobu do at*l MV ; 5,000 bu So atsi w" 4,210 in No. 2at 96c -. 36,000 bu llgjected st Kc; liOOO bu do at 88*c -.WUjWao at SOVrI.CTO ba do at 65c cIo»1ek »iib sellers a No.l at ftie. 000 «ATl>— Deceived. 650 bu; ehlpptd, 6?5 ba. Market opened active and advanced 2 n c.bu< fell off kaicac tneclose. Sales were: LTOOhu budo at save (freih); 80.0 M bu do at 51c; 49JD0U bu do at s<Sfc; 5,000 budoai27hc: 5,000 bu do alSfV'c; 5/00 bn do at 57c(wlatar) ; COO bn Ejected at Ssc—ctcstng at S*@s7Vc tor winter receipts ol so i RVE—Bec«teo,7soDa; fhlpp»d.3,76obo. Market unsettled, opening Ac better, bnt failing back 2o at the close. Sales were: I.ICO bu No. 1 at*lAs; 8.0 ba do at 81A4V: £OO bn do at *1.54; 47Wbndoat|lA3:Yojo at I 2at * l * 49-c,oti °S nominal BARLEY—Received, TOO bu; shipped, (00 ba Market quiet at an advance of 3c. Ea’ei were; 4Xbn No. lat *135: 2,000 bu No. 3at *1.12; 450 bu by sample at*t.Js; 400 bn do at 8119: UObudo at 8L1U; 40i bu do at *1.07; 400 bn do at BLOO. .»^ou BEANS—Are In good demand at TOc@3.2J lor cam mun and tor choice. Ults*N—la m fair Sales were: 20tonsat$23-Codelivered; 10 tons at (26.00 on track. MIDDLINGS—Are held firm attS6.ro33e.oo. Sale of m im uif&.OO at tbe mill. FEEft—Sales weic It tons Brest |33JM; lotoos Oat* and Com at£T7.OQ. ULTTEK.— Uectlvpd. 3,833 ttl; fhlDfCd, U. 733 as There is no change to nois in me .character 01 the xa«kct,ln»nycßaentl«l particular. There crmUcnoj to oe ft steady fair Inquiry lor choice Table Buitcr.tor uome consumption, and win oardr enooch or tact wxivlce to meet this acmand; prices are tolerably wtli BBauiora at 29828 c. wtb occatlouallf a tale of a *®«lOncy package, at 29930 c, though It Is rarely tbs Bft«e tt,at uo outside Qxnre la realized. • In comnon “O uferlor dicrtpilons there 1» scarcely anymore “l.* 8163 »« alow *ud generally at lodce biS*? 3 * .The surpiy oi conmo: Tnb and tv-. l9l *ixe, and with to entiet prices are weak St§i r, I 2U . Sa cs to-day mclndt 50J at choice EoU i*® 6 :-Pkeidj at 38c. _®A(.ltlNCJ—ThereUnomatsnsl improveuTeat to l ,n ! ht; c wcaul, and wan a lull supply la the mar er,ar*oyno means urm u uioir demands, In2 t 0 r- u peln« cflerca at concessions. u - e ncte a de- OO lotaruton A’s aad *I.OO la G anal eg, aad quote ss ji> lows: **“» dO 1 36.00 R?. n l? XCh V lgo 55.00 A.°» W -'C teaajess Lewiston a. do .... „ ...,,,(3XO Andicscocxlb. do 57C0 American. do ..................... stxo Bearer Mills, do ’**'** coofl Piiirflfid a, ao coto Penn Mills, do Gl'oe £ art * Kt * . 5° si.go otSl. ““ •; §•“ I he Inquiry u good.' both on local ac* Ittenor dealers, and as the stock* are wcll wanted, the leadng It decidedly rrS’ rates oreinauinstances beingdemanded. cuunot bt- replac'd to sell at present rates, hence dealers are not disposed to urge sales even at K«r n rt-p"‘. Ihe fallowing are the paces current: rjew York Factory (genuine) gi tr*n r Hamburg. 5o SS r Western Slates ?? 2i5 £ Western hcscrre *. ‘To Sia c - Tonne America".::::::::::::::::::::::;:::: 18 gjj % r«iftn«;rS,!r , 2 ,r . 10 i ll * lMee supply ol Anthracite mSV,! 0 ! t . h . e t ? ar ,f et \ aDtl with the demand somewhat yudlcd, tha Iceline is raster, and dealers ccneraliy, to ?S y at a "Auction or *3.(0 per tjn I 1 ? "[ n . fberanton, and Lackawaoa. rnStf*h?»»M“ belD s *l cM at * ,3 - w - Of Bituminous nri^ l t£ii^s^ aren . Ike,y to prove ejcesaire.aad KSfo'nffi:’'"’ w » '"•»« °" Ebie—Brookfleld . jnijtfi „Co Or msby V* ‘ Clbtelasd—Hilar mil {\ on do Mineral Bldgs .. in on co wuiow Bang..:::::::::::.:::;::: iSiS co Itmnel 10 00 Chippewa |Xf5 Blossbnrc 2 2-S Lump L»hlßh..: Lachawana, prepared oTn Scranton « no PltUtOß jSfIX Illinois T- M J|-S2 do on tract a in® Ins Tonghlophcny 5 ’ 5 1k00 “pn D »«f m 5?“ de P*rtmeat tbronenont fia * v®? tolerably active, and the eeoeral lUo,Vommdn to fiIrV.V.V V.V.V.V.V *3 vc Kio, Kood to prime iS Rio. prime to choice COOPKUAUE-Tho market la are nominal. Wo now qnoto; a prljes Park 8arre15....,• i ov> « « L^ r K Floor Barrels, round hoop !!.’ fisa a ESREXSSRz soILi Mfc—;; r :: !w Shaved Hickory Hoops IS.OO-la/m HA N DLES—The demand Isfalrly active and prices shade easier. Wenowqnote: ** FairbMjk. Peck A Co.’s Stearic Lights J3Vai6 c Hxtra Tallow, Slearlne. (414‘1c Tallow. V lb wwantfr Vaxlme. « b .. ... .... ..... //‘ isva rc Star. VafSclmelder A Cox).;.::.:::.: . AT c UKCHH-AND OQEniCAhH—There was a coodbufin-sa tranaacied in this department during Aloes, Soomnce, sorts, SQftSte » 90c Gum Shellac.... sy^fiOc Aium 5 ®C c Qnm Tree, flake lAoe#i.73 Annatto tl.OCfall.l3 Gam Alyrrh,Tky »c Arsenic, p0w.,.. 8810 c Gum Opium 9 < !3A10 00 Arrowroot, Jam. 35c 1prcac......::!: aoo Arrowroot. Her. _9oc Indigo USa&MI al.CopaTla.... I.IC lodine 7.00 Bai. Tolu. - . 3.00 lodlao Potas 5,73^2gju 1-t'C-81-carb.boda 10@10Vc Jalap IW ni-carb, ihiiaeb. Me Juniper Berry... SAlOc Borax, refined.. 4h%12e Morohlne. 755 ' umphor.oo.... 1.15®1.20 Oil Castor 3^032.75 Copperas, Am... Sii4c Qntccbllver...... ijjo Cream Tar n puro Go®6ac OuhUno 2JOS3JS Glue, white...... Co<aEc Soda Ash c Clue, c0m....... 35833 c Glauber baits... s^wlVc Aqua Ammonia. 12®llc Causuc Soda .. 93fJaio2c c.TOi SUlcate A^} 0 ® Ca^Ammoma. bp. Tnrpcntlne.. 9381.03 -There wa» hut a moderate inquiry to-day, ft Ilbeinl supply m the ro-uket prices were sensibly lower. In the morning ISraroe was demand- Jo’ to ’beafternoondcah-rs were cilerlaefreclvat ISBI9C. with tales chiefly at the Inside Uccrof ihe In quiry ts aliio-t exclusively on local account. Trans* notions today inc’uae73nozal]9c. ~b ,C LI'I’S AM) NUTS—Trade Is fairly anlma* m^i«M d . t i‘ o^,^ alm . ar!t S t fulei Steady otd tirmat The inquiry for Domestic Drlwl fruits b . c,i l* ty » anrt tor the smaller varie ties. rf which cheircrts are moderate, prices have rather an upward tenUeucf. Dried Apples are abtm* dani audst-adyata range of 93UJ,'c. Green Apples are Inactive request ou local account, and as the :to£- kB 5 T . e pecomlng considerably reduced, an advance of ooc P bri is ifcneially being domanded. For a very pnirehitlr'e. In lots offrom onoto flvebrl* ashKrh as tiAof«B.oo U realized. N’uM are steady. Wc nuote onEEsrncm. 1 tilO ft 7.03 ft B.CO ft 8 M _ . „ DCiEt» rncm. Turkey ITotea, new French ITune?, new. Flcs.cnms... Fu-s.ctrlwms. I'nU-s Aptles, 9hrl Orange-, ?< b0x.... Lemon*. VttMaa... Cianbemw, ¥ brl. Canted I’ea-hoa, ¥ doV,* j*K canib Apple?, new I ‘caches halve* and quarter?. IVactios pared ntHcSberrifO. new, » B Kaspliprn-.*-, new. V B Cherries pitted B> Knl lcp, seedliNsSO E> keg.... barclti?, a boxes Alnioud*. hard shelled. 21 a 21 Alma. c?.?n t?hrl,ert an S 43 AJUiOiiC?, tup. r tUu W..,. 35 (j CO le »r.uts v> ilniluirtou. \t bu 36 as 4.00 a 4.15 Brazil Mils 23 S a. Filberts. ....... ........ . 16 C* 17 French Walnuts 21 a 23 Naples Walnuts a a 21 Hickory Nuts 300 & sio Lhistnui? 8 6.08 KlSH—Hearer* report a ccod Leailhv trade. and ” e KVV. efaJly thtlr coo da flrmly alquointloni. The following are the current rates; ''l'Hcct-h, No. 1. U brl f6.7Va 7 00 ¥ brl wUmi Tr.nt, N-*. i, k bti, 4.75 a 500 irout, Vi. 2. j, orl 4 2iS Oj Mackerel, No. I, h bti, new Mackerel, No. 2, a brl lOloaio 25 Mackerel, Uielly, P Jfbrl 8.75,] 9® Marjtere, extra m-fa, P u brl UJoiuS) Mackerel, extra mess. p flt ajso® a 73 Micktrei.No. 1. kit*.new 2J35# ata Mncwerel. family, kliß jjoi ;<n CcCflsh, Bank, p t(0 B* 6Jo<a 7*lll trculfltb, GeorceV Bank !. Hake. 3 l Oft a 9, Hcrrtnea, dried. No. 1, p box 30® as Herrings. scaled 70ft -« Labrador Herrings, p brl lOauu.m Norwegian Herrings 15.00® jc 00 l ake Herrins* 4-V)m son Halibut («mo*cd) Fl)K«* Sole cf2o Coor «ad 3 Mluk at $3.00. W <• REA »•£—Market Icactlvo and nominally an* • baneeii. 111(311 WlNK*—Received, lOObrla; shipped, 237 brl-. Market dull and nominal at 3>c tor bonded. UOl*'—Are quoted ai6s®7Cc tor Eastern, and GOA 05c for Western. IIA V—There la a HttJo more life exhibited In this branch of trade, and as the supply In the market Is la no w*y •■xccs-dve, th* meet advance Is fully attained. There wad considerable inquiry to-day lor the Lake biiperlor country, ana also tor tno lumber regions. We repeat our lut: WHOLESALE mCSS (05 TCACS.) Timothy rol ernno beater pressed *15.0C'ai5.50 rimolhy, loo*-* pressed 15 CVD4IC.W ,‘rairle, beater pressed IS.QTui 13.00 KETAfL PRICES, limotby, roller and beater pressed 118.50® 19.50 iltnotby. loote pressed 1150<70AQ Fralne, roJer ord crater presied 1C.0iu17.00 I'rnlrte, loose on waeou, delivered lUWuIS.IO II Received, 81,006 as; shipped. -18,100 as. The market presents no new f-ature. The shipping • cmandcoillnn-s good. and Uicre is alio a fair In quiry to meet the current wants of Joeil Tanners, net ce. under continued moderate arrivals prices keen well up, and all desirable oflerlngs are readily ab sorbed at full rates. Llkhl and medium Hides are I'McflTloqulttdfor. Oruobv lots are buyluu at one third olf. Wo make no change in oar quotations, as follows: 1 Ortco Butchers’ g c fi««i ralti-d. inmacd llH<in*c Creen calf » 8 c Kip Orter. calm! ......ll au 5 i)ry FliLcmEjiiwi is kisjic Dry baited, immucl iJUfelSrfc

Green Hailed .part cared 10k»ll'fe IKON AND *TEbi<—Business if moderatelyic tive.and In confluence of tho reduced condition of Die Block*, dealers arc obtaining tall prices. We now auotc: Common Bar bWia ave Horse shoe Iron g&a 7vc Heavy Band gve Hoop and Light Band OKiau e Round and Square 0va1... eife Half Oval and Half Round sy® ckc Sheet Ir.n, common. c Extra I’auuS., j via r Sheet Iron, galrsztlzcd IB au r B teet Iron, charcoal, 56 sy® c Sheet Iron, Jntuta, 26, liy<ai3 c .Norway Nall Koda n«®l3Vc l*:ow Steel, German 18 «14 c Plow Steel, cast. ats c Spring and lire Steel, English 12Sai5 o fool Cant Steel, ordinary cues as ®so e Toot Cast steel, American -a r&25 e Blistered Steel q&I c I.U 31 B P K—ln consequence ol the Impassable con dition cf the wagon roads throughout the coonlry nnrinc tie I***l week, tbs demand from the interior has oeer rather light, and basinets was confined to sup plvlcg the wants of local cnitotnara. Prices have nurd firm and have undergone no special chance. “A" or Star Sawed Shlnelts are In light Inquiry, and to- 1 city prices were a shade easier. Lath continue In good demand and firm at quotations. We give the follow ing as iho current prices: l.mtnKß—First Clear. I. IJf, iy and a Inch „ * m 466.00065.00 p£ l 'on , l Clpnr. i, n<, \x and 3 inch 55.C0360.00 Third Clear, Inch fIO.OOi2a.CO First acd Second Clear Flooring, togeth er, rough, the same as Second Clear Wide.... 50.00(25540 Common Flooring, ranch 55.00c237.00 Matched ami Dressed Common Fl->orlog.. 40406442 oo Matched and Dressed s-mch Common _ Flooring 3543a3840 First and Second dear Siding, together.. 304tta31D0 FlrstCommon Dressed Siding 23.00a3540 Wagon Box Boards, select ts-Inch and op . wards Sfijrvaij rn ‘ A Stock Boards, 12 Inches 80.00331 w U Stock Boards, 12 laches..... 26.00327.00 Common Boards. Joists, bcantllng, Fenc ing. and Small Timber, a to 16 feet long. 22/03040 Joists and scantling, 19,20, Zi and 24 feet. 28.0&J0.0 Jests and Scantling 25.00 or Star shaved Shingles 440 A or Star bawed Shingles 5.f0af140 No. 1 Sawed Shingles 24033.00 Lath—Per m In yard no Dj car load by Northwestern BtUroao. delivercd In any yard where can can be switched or any depot—A or Star Sawed Bhlngles.'by coi-load, on trace 5.00 Slaughter. Sole, 533 5> I French Cali. SI nirnets, V ».... 4f® 461 lbs.. 2.1032.15 Upper 40® 411 American Cali, 31 Kri> ; No. 1, me- i tbs 2.00®2.:0 Kip. No. 1. heavy £6®l .1C I molnes.Vdoz. 804023040 itiETAl.s and TiNNErtS’ sTJCK-Thcre was a fair Inquiry during the week, and Wn» ception ol a decline ol Wc on TlaPlaleand Booting lin. prices have ruled firm. Ws repeat quotations' „ TDf. PEiaaT wing, BoxTln Plate, I. C. lto«. tt 11x14....... 114.00 7,6aid9 .....V. « Roofing Tin, 1 C...,. il.w lOandU « Large Pigs 37 13 t? Small Pigs 38 13and 11 15 Bar Tin 30 Issadl6 : . i« copi*n. 17 i, Metallic AT 801t5.... si is U ropper Bottom 50 Braziers, over 10 tts. 41 Sheet, 14 to 16 02 42 Tlcdide? 10 UARBIT XETAL Ift quality .TO ArUncpj. 20 Fine bolder. SO . zinc. Ist quality, caatc 13* I.V qnamy.sheet..... ll 1 blab 13 \ NAILS—The market baa beea <nfct du'ln* the Week O'O prices hare declined lie. The stocks nrl Wc Rive the followingm ttaiilK 19... a «#... 23 JFeoce Wire ju „ BCBBIH, '* I* 08. 9 and 1C jva« American, Ist onall. tr, v tbeet w Amen can. I«t aua.i. ty.y M 1....",.... is Amenta, 2d qa,n. ty, f> tbcet ic 10(1 to Cd V keg. .(6.75 . 7.00 I 7-0 : 'JO 0 '2(1...,.,..,,,, <0 00 Sd, >lce blued **.*.9*oo fljioblaed tO3O id.!.' I.!!!!!!!!!! 7.50 I tiut'spikeaTT!! *ts6 m... .......... .8j» i ciuchkt cet.::: ::: piS SAVA I, B*TOXtES—TOere 1# a lair movement tn toe market and prices are without essratlal change. e continue to quote: Tar. S4OO Lath Tara Man- Vankrr Pitch WO ilia 7.7 23v<a3lc K. C. Pitch 8.00 Manilla nayl&ce2l*^ac Itallac Fox PackJoir »c Manilla itope.V.. Mvtlm Italian Hemp Packing 40c Marline.^....... FlneHemo.snr 85c Sub Cord ! 80c Am. Hemp, No. 1 SOc Oakum *7 0037.50 Am. Hemp, No. 2 15c Hemp Twine SO "(340c Ol I,h—The demand though atiil'ugS £is ratoorou the increase, soo the general fccllac ii tolerably firm. Lmicea oil Is In fclrsupply, and quiet, ami firm/ Lard Oil Is a chade easier. Prices are unchan ccdTacd we cottlnnc to quotes wuui>,i,u,auiii.B LlLEecdOtl.... fu.4St2l.SO • mseed OH. boiled LSOSIAS oil. W. B, Jim ou, ’** i.uaijto jard oil. No. l Winter .arc OU. No. 2 Winter i.toal.lo OazkOU, rrnndlots i.lsaLtfO Bask Oil. Straits lioaui MacUne OIL-. SOSI.OO Sperm Oil W II ica Lubricating Oil SOiaLOO CAKBON Ollr-Rcuialns qnlet, as previoasly quoted, with alalr supply to the market, Prices range as follows: Carbon, * car load. 45c Carbon, small l3ts 47e Benzole 3Q£4Ac Becfitv*d,s7l brls Beet.and7Loss lb* Lard; snipped, S6WSOIDB Cored Meats 860 brls Fork, and 9.900 tts Lard. - nice* I'oru—Moreactive and 2j®soc better. Sales were: SCO brls at »W 75, cash ; 14)00 brU at 52340, bnyer April—closing wnh no sellers below 12340, casta. fmrd—Active aud He h'gtaer. Sales were M 0 tea City Steam at 13c; 350 lea do aliSKc; SSa tes Country Kev* tied at l2Jfe. FOULTB’V—IsIn light snoply. and the oartet rnltesttadv. Sales were os follows: S dor Dressed chickens fit (54X>; 2 doz Live at SLSO; 1 coop Live Turtles at 18c. POTATOES—The market is aettre and .Arm. j Sales Include the following: 200 traAlllaoit reach r Blows at 85c: 115 bo d rat 80c: 1 car do at&ntSOba a do (mixed) at Ac: l car at 71c; t car do at dir. del.: r 150 bn Michigan Rossetta atSV*. dsl. i PAlNls*—fhedemand Is locreastor. and a batter i • -Deling obtains. Prices are firm without material ■ chans*. Wccuate: * - .-•< •LL-Pearlßcow... fttXO Superior Hue . Bed Lead..; niw Premium • iono [ O’Fajlan Standard J-aclrde *** gM • Lead 13d» Ulswnn££ i II M French Zlac,pare.7 lIS D.K.Sbiptnao'awar- Amer. Snow white, n n ranted pure In oil. 15,50 Amerlcin Star * iojyi Chicago Paint Worts . Garden Citv * * \tv in mi ...;14A0 Diamond... JHs Dearborn In Oil .... i!5( D.B. hhlDman’azint New Jersey., 10A0 pure ... is_v ■St.Loßla.pnre WOu Parlor SMw’widtel EiWt'S " *™;= loif. SounSSf; “ art ' t nu-J > Ir “ ««» Ullowlaj Scotch Plg.No. L V ton m»s naass rn Si af slllo;), bu. 1 ... Ws '‘ X **SHs Massillon. ae.a... M K-ffi Ironton, Bo; 1.... mpo Tuscarawas, No. l ••••;• ggjgg .. Jfo. 51.00 Lake snpcrt%r.Vo!yilcrcmi!*!.’ PA PPif_t« l »2* \ G i waw ood....'*.'.'.'.'‘.* fißjuo ««ut.t,aadprtra r. Hoot Paper, V B /><« ”* Qmamu Cottu Bili, cjiei svasvr Rope and Lagging... ewtuopc." •, ; Movement h 1 h Vs’butlittlelin- Stti»7syy i q lstsfSt.*“' - q-ggi jj Bar Lead, ?> n .. U® 3 15 c 73} Jil^ anofb I j t,E! *'" lho marJiet 16 We continue to Nutmegs, No. 1 .'.V.V.’.V 1 Jofi M ciovea S 0 viv'co,. . 51X3 53 » li4VS,"iiairtcc raw Klniwltonl, Core..*. al3Uc ;;;;; - , l |P| | iilr demand.’ ajd’prlcls'are 1 SSa^SSSf!! 0 """ “ om “ 1 wreimoaBiiS;:::;;:;:::;;;::;;:;; S gs? c Dwlehl’e ftm weight !! to * O d fiDßUsb.ftill weight atOkc : Old English, short weight flke Kirk s German MotUed ” guaiu* 0 Kirk’s Austrian s 3« # Kirk’s No. 1 Haim.....,.;;.;;; „ Kirk's Pale Family. * Vffk l v * Yankee chemical:..:;;:::; as Lmeiy’slsaprovsd Enwlrc la 15c Falrbank,pcck&Co.’sOennanMotUed:;;;;» <2 Sue “ - « S» ,T ® 8 at* c Book’s ll^ W^wft^,V o ?» A SfSr““"Si l, “ •'«■“»»*« nue n™. Woo. U.MWiMMWnaI «• pgiz.™ ••••••J 3 «12kc Rcccivod, none;'*«hippedl' 97J'hrii. ‘xhwfl market rules firmStlh^S Ground Alum, '/.l'.”.'' <»ifvJ>iK UrcundSolar. 2 * lo ®i*Js Turk’s Island.bags ilo — ««o Dairy, wi thoat sacks .7. 515 Tht^£K77 Kec^TKl ‘ M * MO B€ *' Bhipped‘,’4s.m ai. Prices are without clunge. bales Uvd»y were as pillows: Tivonrr m mo dp at 12.70; fri 1 ,12-55; 2J do atf?.9o; CLovut—2 bavs fti fll^):* 65 do a* fn.OOri do at aibAO- 50,1.,. v fLAI ~ 10 b V fl IC (3>oo’> thoJi.K J ve . b 5F° l a ®o«lemto demand, al thongb the bulk ot t»-e business wa* carried on thruush orders. The stocks are rather lisht (soeciallv levs: 0 S l Prlcea «^»tonetonUeSK mr* j'orto ui*cd;!"77";”'.‘."; lavraiiwr 3^^u«Ll^waered«BdGr«n^ia : ;;.i6S§lWc circle a;;;;.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ifw2isv£ wane u ;;;; S 4 Si?i5S Extra c *mv®«SS Tclluw C ®*sc Oxr.ard C * inv£tt£ •Oxnard C, extra jjJaiivr New UrCana prime 7 . . Il K Ncw orl.-ana fair .77;;!l3*«llCr ~bV III 1 PS—‘The market remains (übatantial vln the same condition as at tnc date of our last rerleu- Tbe stocks both here aid East arc large,and dcslerf.ln re r Ssjl?«. l '“iv; Q B uM-: Wouia *>^«P'lc-ll«lScon Yellow Drips.... ;; ; 115&1M cuim Moiuiet tgu I’ortoßlco ; eS? Now Orleans « Philadelphia Bee nive ...7;;;.;.;:;;.; *» Chicago Kefinery, Amber \ (yv»i 13 Chicago Ib'imery. o‘ilrten 00 Cl-caKO Sugjr House 73a lo u this otpsrtnjcui of trade, during tho i pait weelr, uiteimra uaa ueeu quiet medciumd uelnc Wlucinaliy ©a local account. I’r.cis aro n« r.,f! 21 35 • ao « 2i ■ 37 ft. 33 . SO ft SI is ft n ■I .01 ft 1.75 y ft nv 16 ft w 45 ft IS 31 ft 31 ' C 6 ft ftj C 5 ft M 15 ft 16 9.50 ftlO.lj 22 ft 21 i"«rg Hvson, superior to floe, « b si.Mftl to Tonne Ily-on. extra to choice, V b l.'iOil S 5 Imperial,-superior to n:e, Vo Impcria’. extra to choice. V O IWI ma (..iini'cwccr.Mirvcriortoflnc. V o i ittfVso Gncoewihr, extra to choice, v o utvk*i« Japan, n.itntnl leal, (lie to extra One, p is... i.gvtuis Js;>an,CHtnr.i|]cat.flcntoch3icc, )* b'il 11} Japan, natural lent crlnrert/V t ;«-»• *a T(UlAC’<;o— exhibit# ron o little lirn. pravemi-nt lo point ot activity, and with barclv sum clcnigtccija on liatd to meet iho legitimate want* of the trade, the ferliog is Arm and full rates are In '’St lastmccs nali/cd. We quote: rixE cur rnigwixa. ~f 1.15(81.50 t Medium l/05,1,15 | Common... ... . . , _ SSIOKISQ TOBACCO. \ rctnU’e Favor- I Medium.......;,..;.“ift25e | Lommoa *uaM....i9!*3jc v . „.l. ixin tobacco. Mjal Citizen.. 73c I Medium. iarmeiVidMlgnt 67« 73e I Common. Natural L'«f...*1.1f«1.5h I Navies ... Halt Bright..... Flounders Choice h koounil Gif* TV I UOIIXIEN AND WILLOW WARE—Thfri l ? r. 0I «. lQ 0,8 peocral caaractcr ot the market., Ihcfollowingare theprevailing price#: Tubs, extra size..... i? m Tubs, No. 1. ocr d0*........:. ....ifioais oo Tube.No.2.perlSDoSjiiv TQ>«,NO. 3,ie;r(loz 11.5vi11.50 Fol 8, two-h op. «a im i‘»h : Jgg tVasUcoardr.ziac *!.•»■£ j an Wl’iow market baskets * 5m!7 v! rorn baskets, lbusnei ;* |ou# rso torn basket I V bushels , " , cbnms,Nai ?fuch. llOnaltJO Chums. Nn.i Minch iawS isa CUurns.No.3, iSioch : ijjySwS cbunif. N 0.4. ic inch iuSsiijo Is quiet with price# unchanged. We Maple.* v cord, delivered an wavi m Marie, v cora^nTard.V....... Tteedi, *- coni, dsiivered. Recta, v cord, in yard fi-S nitlc.rv .V iJjMaivSn WIXE> tMI ElQUOKr*—T&eVc If uocbaD^e to note tu the general cbaiacter of the market. Trade Is steady and ,-rices are Arm. We rercat quotations* UOHESne GOOD*. FOEEIOX MOM BecUhcdWhlskeyja nnospr— X, °° oD9 * nSS* -s ■J , ° , “ aa “» « Bourbon do (Chic)., jja I*urc Spirits (proof)... 240 Colon.' fcpints, as * cent.; 4JO Chicago Gins aACer.TS do itrandles^SD^SJX; do Hum do i*t. Wmo.i.TSaooo do Itih’ydo.. 2.00 do • Malaga..! 7V82.00 Ginger Wit e i.73i>3.t0 Cherry Wine 1.75R3 001 Itlacubfiry tTloe.2 9443.00; Ka«pberry Wlne..2 5i«t300 N. Eusisnd 11um.3 00&&SO. Fean. Bye Whis keys Kentucky Bonr- 1 bon Whiskeys..3Jo®6.sol Ohio Catawba I win a. 2J0a3.wl WOO!,—K*celved. 0/90 Bs; shipped, 47 86>Bi Tbrrewasbnt little doing in this stapie. and he "cn erai market ruled stesdr. We clip the followrar •••’m titurxEß. McAllister & Co.’s Wool Circular 01 today M Ihetotv receipts of Wool lu thlscltydnlo Ur pastwe»kare3B.99i ns.andshlomentaKW?as. List w-rk the receipts were 44,507 Ba, and »Ltp -.euls C3.9M bs. We report the following sales: lflC’oo bs Fine Wool. In good coudlncu, at Me V b s 10, 00 bs Flue and Medium Worn, 1c had condition, ai 49: v b. As compared with last week there ho* bees a in ac tivity lu the market. 61111 we cannot bnt.'oe', tram the limited amount ol business ddnp. thatwt a.*mow passing through the ouUta; period of the year. At present our trade is almost exclusively conhnel to Western manufacturers, most of whom have a large properties of their spring stock of Wool ens still on hand, and are. iherstorc, confining their purchues verymurbto fill passing orders. At the present rate ot reduction of the stock of Wool held latho market, but a very lew weeks will be needed to horonclilr ex haust it. Wc thcrelore stronrly advl»e holder# of I Wooltnthe country to send forward all thercanat 1 once, there being no respective advaougetobe do- I rived by holding back Wool for a later period of the araron. I After a long and nrotracted winter the spring season < seem# to have set In. We have been favored for sev eral davs past with clear and pleasant weather, which baa induced a very marked improvement in the de mand for manutactured Woollens. Country buyers are coming lu in goodly number# and buying ireelyth s ir soring stocM. A# a result, we anticipate that manu facturers will very enorlly see their way clear to pro vide more liberally tor tbo further wants of the market. thnsclviDg a very desirable stimulus to the demand for Wool. Owing to the very limited quantity of wood now held, prices continue tolerably firm and eu-idy at our rrcvlonsduotatlots. Wecallthe especial attention of western wool-growers ana dealer# to tue tact, ttui at the present time wc are realizing In this market tar better price# for wool than can be obtained at Boston ned other Eastern points, after the additional cost of freight alone has been deducted. Nor 1# this by any means a peculiarity of tbo present. During tho past yeorwoot-dealers nave realized better profits In this market than id any < ther In the United States. Wo have managed to secure cotnpetsstmc p> Ices and quick returns, and to avoid tho fluctuations ana depressions whUh have prevailed in Eastern markets, where stocks have been heavy and altoeether in excess of the de mand. Whim we folly recigntze the increasing Im portance in which this market Is held by Western wool dealers, itl.l we cannot but note tho fact that In the weekly receipts and shipments of wool In this city a large proportion la slmp’y carried through to Eastern mar kets, upon which we feci convinced that better margins ccnld be realized here than at the points to whlcn it is consigned. We invite the special attention of Western men to this matter, ieellnz satlsned that iheiriovestlgatinnswill fully confirm the statements we have advanced. We clvo tha following quotations for wool la good condition: extra tub-wtuhed ssassc per B; common do 30c per B ; fine wcoi SCV46V per B; medium 4SASOc per B; coarse 47a4ic per a. Extra.. Choice. HAMNE IHTELIIGEHCE. POBT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED. Prop Ottawa. lUrUett. Gratd Daren, anndrlea! Bciir Eme iLe, Ualtiall. Gram uiVe?. «unOn». Be hr Lumberman, Williams, Grand Daren, llu Si rer _ _ Schr Garibaldi, Smith, Sooth Haven, 14 crd« wood. Scow ilanon Dixon, Bunts, Grand Haven, C 35 m BhlDEies. Scow Flora, Schapflln, Kalamazoo, 70 m lumber.! CLEARED. Prop O J Trocsdcll. Orend narco, sundries. Prep Ottawn. BartleJt, Manitowoc, sundries. Toe Edwards, Barnes, St. Joseph, son dries. Scar Guide, Chase, St. Jo*e-h Schr Nor ray, Swenscn, Wolf River. Schr Lumberman. William?, Grand Haven. Schr K. 0. Rlnz. Paxton. St. Joseph, am dries. Scbr Garibaldi, Smith. South Uaren, sundries. SohrM McKfllr, Williams, Grind Haven. Schr Arrow, James, Grand Uaren. schr G. R. Kobe it* Jacobson, Wall Blrar. Schr 2. G. Simmucs, Uann, Grand Uaren. SchrG. Barber, Lawrence, Kcwaanee. Schr Glfiey. Lorltt, Free Soil. Schr Dawn, Ole son, St, Joseph. S- ow Uornct Ann, Word, White Lake. Scow Marlon Dixon. Barnr, Grand Uaren. Scow Mermaid, Andoison, Sooth Haven. Steamed Ironsides.—TMa steamer was sold a few days since by Messrs. S. P. Brady and Simon Mandlcbauio, of Milwaukee, to Captain Dwight Scott, of Cleveland, on private terms. Launched.— The Milwaukee Sentinel says one of the two new schooners hnllt by Messrs. Ells* worth A Davidson daring the past winter, was launched from their yard on Monday afternoon. Her dimensions arc as follows: Length, 81 feel: breadth of beam, S 3 feet; and depth of hold, CK feet, with a cartyug capacity of 90,000 feet of lumber. Her owners are J. 11. Stlkmsn and Henry Schwedlcr. She has been christened the “Dome.” 24» L3*@L2s Beales. FAIRBANKS’ jbp BTAKOARD M S'C ALES ,/ILiL OX ALL SIZES. FAIRBANKS, Chrrwi.ita if ft flgtf A atiß Lake-at., Chicago. iLcgal. T? STATE OF FRANKLIN TANNER" JCi DECEASED .—Public notice Is herein avenfc ail persons having claims and demands against the t£ tile ot Franklin 1 aimer, deceased, to nroaent thA i,m<i t?r adjudication and setCcaSrntai a regular termof the County Coart of Cook County, to betaoldenai «h« w li« The tllnmrlou* Abemethy said* “Weil, sir, wtat’s the matter?"saidAbemethy, da src*t’Ecf;lub surgeon, to a cadaverous-100 ring p%u<at » bo bud culled to consult him. ** Ob,nothing serf am," w *» the reply, “m;- stomach and llr*r are oat of order, that's a'.l." “ uojoi call that nothing serious ?*• said Abemethy; “Itrll yon. fir. that wber tbrae two or gana are oat rl erder, asyon call It, there is not a tqu'.rc inch cf the txxly that Is not more or lei* dis eased, Dor a drop of b'ood la it taat la la a Juallhrnl condition." can be more true, therefore U is -of tbe very highest .Importance to keep tbe stomach and llvcrm a vigorous condition. If tboooels weak and the other Irregular lu its action, tone and control them with BOSTETTEB’B CELEBRATED StOMaCH BITTERS—the most genial vegetable Restorative and Alterative that has ever been administered as a core for Dyipepala and Liver Diseise. It I* recommended by distinguished targeonaaad physicians of the United States Army, by officers ot the Army and Navy, by our first eminent clergymen—lntact, by tbom ands of the most Intelligent of every class, os an one' quailed protective against epidemic and ma'artons dis eases,and as a pertectly lonocnona,tmt at the same time powerful, lavlgoraat and alerstive. - A Great Discovery at Last, B. BAIARD, hom the Htdlcal Actdemy of Parts, basin bis possession aptetcrlptlon which will com pletely cure Spermatorrhea, the effects of solitary hab its and seil-aoase. In both sties, runona to both the booy and mind, producing, to » greater or leas extent, theiollowiig: Blotches, fkln eruptions,debility,dizzi ness, olmneas ol sUbt, loss of memory, aversion to society and bosmni, evil forebodings, and finally lm poteccy, with many symptoms ol consumption and dyspepsia. I will send tbe prescription and Instructions to any one on receipt of Two Dollars. It Is a sure remedy. The Ingredients can be procured at anydinettore. Address PROF. B. URIARD, 127 Moaroe-st- P. O. Box 614,1, Chicago, 111. \3T All languages spoken. Whose success In the treatment of all disease of a private nature has given him a world-wide reputation, can be confidentially consulted at his office and par lors, 03 Randolphs!., comer of Dearborn, np stairs, Item 9 a. to. to 8 p. m. BpxßUATosnnma, (seminal weakness). Or. James treats with an inlalllble method, restoring fall power and vigor to the debilitated organs. P. O.BOX 696. Chicago, 111. Dr. Louis Sancer. H 9 Randolph street, can be dally consulted on the treatment of Private Diseases of bom spree. Female remedies are certain in all cases. Prize lecture on the prevention ot offspring sent to any nddiess fiirSO cents. Bend stamp for circular of rohber^oodatoprevent conception. Address all kt- Tbe Only medicine In.tbe World minted a Sara and I'erfect Care for all Mods °1 Wilts. LEMiOdi’, SUUOKULA, SALT KHEtTM 8n«o£ rnnr* "bS? S r“ l% “ ™« re PII.K JUni UUMUK CURE. Boy of noao WHO do not refund the moncT in every ewe of lallare. ror Internal and ex u % ,are c *?£ 612111 ye* l * In PUta or Ho* more. SI.OO a Bottle. Bold everywhere. R A Sure and Perfect Care Is Raanuiteed To all whoi ate afflicted. Dr. Raphael describes the dlseate without anj information from the patl-nt. thns laTlntryoox health amt Ute from wrong treatment! Ivm '0H r v,^ n .V t . amt ' 8 fu C. Ws GUIDE TO HEALTH LIFt. Sl«lEastMadlsoa-at.,up-stalrs. Consultation ice. two dollars. . Xbefiealln{ Poclandßoiue ofiTiercr. Howard .Association reports, tor yonog men, on the Cfl™® of solitude, and the errors, abases anddlseascs which dwiroythe manly powers, atd create Impedi ments to marriage, with sure meansof reiloC Bent In s«?Jfd letter envelope*, free of chtree. Address Dr. J J'EILLIN nuCQIITOS, UowanUAssocl&tlon Phladel- Dr* Taonuont Proprietor of the Medical and Scrcnca! Institute. i ?n South Clars-aL, baa treated ail lurms of venereal am case with unprecedented sncccs* Inr nearly lorry years, tipermatorrbrea and impotence treated ■Vito the haoot wl result*. Particulars of the institute and the Ontde mailed lien to any address, p. o. Box 7a, Chicago, Dr, Bigtion, Baying the confidence of the puujc ana the medical faculty a: large, l* the cost reliable physician In the city for citroote Qi-rvoni and sexual disease*. Call at si* cthcc, 17'J South Clark-ct.- corner oi Monroe. K'«b* separate. Consn'taiiou free. P. O. Box 13-1. la* adciraa s3 btall * ; * Do&l khed tnaathJy,sent Deo tc «L n *?. n PrtvatoMsttera go (or write) to Dr. CLAUSE, UTClsrk st. Both sexes consult him coirdeatiallv. ~&C heod stamp for circular ou late invention for Married People. FsmaK. Pills }1 per oox Send stamp for book lor victims of scll-abosc. Address letters DU. CLARKK, >'o. <1 Larmo Bloc? Clilcago. * THE BEST PILLS IN THE WORLD, Dr. Radway’s PILLS. Coaled with Sweet Gnm, Torce, llfenlafa. Partly. Cleanse and strensMisn, Ivarrsntcd to ciicct a Positive Care. I'nrcly li'Sctatlc. ronroiclnsto Mercury, Min* crab, or Deleterious Drags. the fcKowintrsymptoms rcraUlaz Jnm Dlboicli-ra of me Dlyoatlrc organs: Canmpatlou. in* V.w £'l“. taunts otthH Wood to the H.-aiJ, AclUty the btomo<;b. >duseo. Ucartbarn, Mjgo.t for Food. ra.lce»s or Well:lit la the stomach. S .nr Eructations, femkinz or flutterlnc nt the Pit of the Stomach. Swlra " °J ttio . Hurned and DtiDeult Urealhlae, Flattering at the ilcart, Choking or SmTocdtlD-* Sen* ;-*UonB winn fa a Lylnc Posture. Dlrane.s of Vision, fi O, VT 0r J w K b A ,>erore tbe Client, Fever and DaD putn m the Bead, IJeflrtescj oi Persolrstlon.Yellowness of too bklc and'hyes, ram m the Side. Chest. Limbs and Sad* aen Flushes of Beat, Darning fa the Fle»h. A tew dc»c» of RADWAY’B PILLS win tree the sys tem from all of the above named disorders. Hr Price 25 cents per box, ho'.c by all Druggist*. .81(2 90c •5S* 73c ..fJVVJOc .AO«76e .-Sin 75c .7C8735 'pHKE AD. J. & P. COATS’ Best Six-Cord Cabled THREAD. Kra— Jamaica 8.00310.00 bt. CroU 7.75® BAO Win ei— Port 4-!<>a 0.00 Sherry® 8.00 Madcrla Cso® 8^)0 _ CASJt OOODfI. UrmtE.v- lOHN & lIIKII AUCHINCLOSS. Eed Jacket Stomach 9AO Drake’s PmtaUon..loJo Hotletter*sStomacb.UM9 Wlvzs— strawberry 9AO Cherrr 7^o Itaspberry 8.00 Blackberry 9JO Gets— Sole Agents in Ifew York. OlsTom Oln. lOMO Holland Qln ...10.00 TVTOTICE IS HEKEB\ GIVEN, THAT -L 7 one HIRAM ROBBINS, at the UatWtm itaui . dDcuverer cf toa Eureka oil, ancf «':l , “{L , 3 sl) . t 8 the same. lilnfrlnirinEon Fjtent Aurora OH," and ail persons are nercb? ?T5 r 1 , 1,V* ,rc,tl i niaKlnjc or ael’lQir earn oil. as it is a base l£. l £ e,n^ n£ . clitD *’ and I wUI prosecute all (Jo * D^V arcorc H D i 7 to the statute made and Ef OT J»!f <, J or such cases, notice haying been served on him this day, to the same effect, uvvuß.rrea on oto M a D ii«SKfo^.WssSssl^S^ft fr . iSfcSffiffllffSS: WkS 1 ® MinrAcmug^ 0 -’ 128 L ’ 6 " t - ni.. PLANE ROAD NOTICE— Eichty .Scares of the Northwesfrn Rank Road Com -8 will be sold at Auction on Monday, April “- b 7 tae Treasurer. T. Rich mond. at bis ofllce. No. 3 J booth Clark-sc, tor delin quent payment of an Installment of forty dollar?, called jo be paid on theSO'b of March last, and the costs of advertlslcg ana fiolUng the same, by o’der of the Dt- Sec*y. • XJILL'S HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Black or Brown—lmtaatoneons. natural, durable, beautiful. Tbebest and cheapest innso. Contatna-aa ?9& c » b T%-? 1 a ?St42lsH*i ,8 ‘ HILL’S ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable lor general ointment purpose*. Depot 66 Jobn-et, New York. Sold by all druggists. •ATOHELOR’S HAIR DYE, T*hls splendid Hair Dye is the best in me world. Harmless, reliable. Instantaneous; the only Perfect Dye. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints, but true to nature. Genome signed WILLIAM A. HATCH «lSijgcu«rl£fK«ffi2ort. A «RIVAN and departure op Winter Arrangement* CHICAGO AND NORTirWESTTBN BAILUOAD—COUNCIL 2SLU3TS AMD OMAHA LINS—DEPOT NORTH WELLS STREET. _ , _ ._ _ Leave. Arrive. Omaha Fast Line *8;L» a. m. *7*2o o m. OmahaNiehl Express... 7;80p.m. I6:uoa.m. Dixon Paßscnger........ 4:00p.m. 11:10a.m. vnn*ATMi .Mn. Freeport Passenger. Freepori Passenger. Rocklord, Elgin, Fox lUverandStatoLine... *4:00 d. m. *11:11) a ra Geneva and Elgin Pas senger. Wisconsin omflion —depot corked or oakai AND KDtZII BTHEET." Day Express •ifcOO a. m. *6:30 o. m. MpUt Express. *4:3op.m. *5:13 a. m. Janesville Accommodn. *5:30 p.m. *2:85 p. m. Woodstock Accommod’n .3:00 p.ra. a. m. MILWAPEXE DIVISION—DEPOT COONSB OF CANAL Aim KOZQ BTUZBT, g»y Express.. 0:00a. to. UhOO m . Eoecbih, Calvary and KyaGrten. ,8:-i0p.m« .Aprils. Nicht Express... 4:00p.m. 8:30p.m. Kenosta Accommtxl’n... £4Up : m. 9:45a. m. Waukegan Accommod’n. &30_p. m. 8:353 s. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:45p.m. 6:30a.m Gso. L. DtnrLAp, GenT Sno’t. B. P. Patrick. General Pasecmrer Agert. •April 9. MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD—UNION DEPOT POOT OF LAKE STREET. Worn log Express *& *BHsp.m. Pay Express *7;00 a. m. •IlrOO p. m. Evenlnc Express $5:30 p. m.s*i2:3op. m. MRbt Express $*3:45 p.m. SS:2S a. m. CDiCDISin AND LOUISVILLE TRAINS MoixLds Express *7:00 a. m. *10:35 a. m. Uigbt Express.... ss:oop. m. *11:00p.m Michigan southern and lake shore line—d*. I*OT CORNER VAN BOREN AND SHERMAN STREETS ** TOLEDO LINE. pay Express *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p.m. New York Express 8:13 p. m, t12;30 p m. Night Express $*10:00 p.m. *6;ooa.m DETROIT LINE. VA.llvii iOAfi. Day Express *7:00 a. m. +ll.OO a. m. Night Express JKktOp.m. *B:ssp.m. prnaßimon, roar watnb and Chicago. Mall *4:20 a. m. 6:00 a. m. tspress *7:00 a. m. I2r:«]a.m. Fast Line 3:15 p.m. 7:40 p.m. Express *110:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL. wfcjiimii. Day Passenger *9:2oa. m. *lo:3op.m. KlgLtPaisencer JifttOp.m. *6:43a. m. Kankakee Accommod’n.. *4iosp.m. *9:25a m. UjiieFarkandOak Wood. *0:20 a. m. *7:45 a" m. “ *l2:lop.m. *o:s2a.*m. ‘ * *3;3op.m. *l:sop.m. p .m. *7:2op.m. CHICAGO, BtmUNOTON AND QDtSCT Day Express ana Mail *3-20 a. m. *0:00 p m. Galesburg Passenger *9:oop.m. *4-80p m Apiwa. *s:oop.m. *9:ooa.m. htigiit Express $12:00 mid’ht 75:50 a.m. CinCAOO AND ST. LOUIS. Express and Mai) **os a. m. *3:45 p. m. h.icbt gims p . m . # 3;6O S. m ’ Joliet and Wilmington v Accommodation *4;CO p. m. *9:45 a. m. CUICAOO AND OBSAZ EABTEIIN—(LATE CINCISNATX Ain LINE) —MILWAUKEE BAILBOAD DEPOT, COB NET. CANAL AND KINZIB bTCEETS. v ?y wF?P Te * H 7:00a.m. 11:40p.m. >»ght Express 9:00p.m. '8:50 p.m. pnn DTD LAN ATO LIS, 10UU TILLS AND CINCINNATI. Day. Express 7:00 a.m. 11:40 p.m. flight Express 9:00p.m. 8:50a.m. tolnmhuaiSspress 7:00a.m. 11:40p.m. . * . ‘ 9:00p.m. 8:50 p.m. Lansing Accommodation. 9:55 a.m. 9:00 a.m. * *• . 5:15d. m. 5:00 p.m. CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND AND PACITIO BAILBOAD. DayExpressandMail.... •DtfOa.m. *S:3op.m. KiehtExpress 12:00p.m. *s;isa.m. Joliet Accommodation..*. 4:40 p.m. *9:40 a. m. •Suncay excepted, tUonday excepted, s3atnr day excepted. Special Notices. l>r. James* Prlvale Consultations, l*nvate ITlaucni, iHebiral. CEftrcab. Notice* 55air IDjje. ISailroaos. •10:00 p. m. *3:10 a. m. •0:00 a.m. ♦3:40 p.m. •5:30 p.m. *3:45 a. m. 1867 ™ E 1867 WESTERN TRANSPORTATION COMPANT. PEOPLE’S LINE OF STEAMERS AND WESTERN EXPRESS. Running over the Erie Bsllwsy. The Western Trans portatlooCompany is prepared to transport Mercban* dlee and Ptodnca between Calcago, New Yore Boston and other Eastern and Western points, and will run during running season the following nrst-class propel lers on the Lakes: Empire State. Rodger Stato* Oneida. Plymouth, Ulobawk* Buffalo, Free State, Acme. Potomac, Pmaharsh. Tonawaada, Sakoaeoauna. Penning a Dally Line between CHICAGO AND BUFFALO, Touching at Milwaukee, Mackinac. Detroit and Cleve land, connecting with tne various railroads at those places, and at Buffalo with the and the W. T. Co.’s Line cf Boats oa Erie Canal, four ol wtlch leave Boffa'o and New York dally. Fur Contracts and Bills of Lading apply to HUGH ALLEN*, corner Wateivflt.andOld S ip. New Von. . , A. CoLfcON. do. do. do. A. U> WAKD.S4O Broadway, Ag|. Erie B JOMN%\rSTiAP. 15 State-si., Boston, a*. G. CHASE. It.i Pier, Albany. M. (>. CHASE, 191 KlvoMg., Troy, it. JOHSMW ft CO., Cleveland. A. laiDARII. Toledo. It. n. O-BOKNE, sandnsky. I*, ftl. TIBIIETIs. llitwaaKee* A. P. DUTTON, Racine. THE WESTERN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY, Buffalo- S. ROWE. Tlcnet Agent, foot of Stale st. Acdat Adams House. gtfg Notices. TVTOTICE. -L» ’ CoKxanojCToy Taxts. ? Person# or corporation! own leg real estate la ttie aty ofChlcaeo. wcicn baa not been c-vrectir de-'crlbeJ It* the tax warrar tr,are remora ted to fumaa this offle* will, a correct description of the »ame?S=cbwil! id clcce oai Tileis aid parts ol lots, diviacd by deed pat not by plai cf tea to, batjj sox to Include pieces de icnlertby metes and bounds, or l»remar and lacetT veclent ce*triptltn« Inlret an t te-K.a I t«BeSS»S adjcmltgeaneolhei elml.ariy describedpie«ofiand. All pmoca or corporations owning parcel* of land bereictore dw.-rlbed by mete* and boonds or hr ir. regular and iLCcnvenient descriptions in Inches, and as west or east of ana adjoining some other lcproperly dealer;Med lot cr piece cf land, are herehr nouflefl to hare ail §ucn pa-cos of land propetlraniw divided by plat, and recorded, or Is all such cai-s th« several assessors will ma&e ’'Assessors' tiabaiTinun<»* and it cord Ibem. atd the espense therefor win te add ed to the taxes on aneb lots. C. If BOLDEN, Commissioner of Taxes. Chicago. April, l£S7. XT'LECTION NOTICE. JJJ „ _ Cnr Cuoix's Gmcx, March 13, IS6J. hereby giver thataaeloca >n will hr held on Tmsday. April 1C 1867. for Mayor. City Attof. ney, City collrctor, City Treasurer, Olers of *he police Court, triree Police Macistratee, sad one Alderman and one Cons table for c*<*b ward. A. g. DODMAN.CIty Cleric. T>KOrObAJ.S FOR THJS CONbTRUU* X TION OF THE SUMMIT DIVISION OF THE ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. Csncx or to* Board or Frame Wocks, i c „ , „__ Chicago, Mtrch isth. 1887. ) i>J?^ le Sr Pr 2J >o# » :,w ‘n itcelved by tne Board cl *X- k . c . w .2£Pv as tßar ofllce. until 11 a. m. Wednesday, i. excavation necessary to deepen tne Inlcols ami Mlctugan Canal, according to the plan »dcpt«j, from Chicago Btv»-r to snmitt Loot, No. two (s) a distance of twenty-aix (26) miles. Maps. pren:«. Ac., will be exhibited s*“' e otnceof the Board of Public Works In Chicago cn and after April 15 th until the day of letting. «♦. 52* 1 ' 1 1x5 *°®o two mUUone(u,ooo,oooi cubic yards exeawatloo —some of it Quite hard and em* nraclnzconsldersble detected roc*—and about lour tUcdUmetoneT tilouaaM HWHO) cubic yards of stra- E u*t be prosecuted so as uot to Interfere , tine ®* of the Canal oaring the season ol navlga it is believed, however, that the most of tns exeaw I Ucn. except the stratiUeti rocc.can bo done with steam I interfering xcoyatlpn wlil allhaveto be done SpSSffdg'wrSf B ? Tl ‘ rat '°° o« ■.ll a new lire he adopted lor any portion of the dls t*lloß, operations thereon mar be continued the whole ? e of the Canal will be taspeod *S year unless otherwise lh ® Board ana Contractors. wor K™asi be done on or before the end of the third season ol the suspension ofnavieaUon. • A Urge amount of machinery will be reouired to ?i^5 te > n s. work^ lt . lun th * dme najuiredVraMlwiM BCOWS “d cranes tor the canh wont, and drilling machines, pumping machine* ry and cranes tor the rode. r Contractors will be required to cbmmcnee ware r>n me earth excavation within thirty days ol the tlmeoi rode excavation OyihtftrstofNoveni* The aredges, cranes and scows now in the r*n*i can be had at an appraised value which will be known to bidders prior to the letting. ****» Parties contracting tor the work will be required to provide all machinery, and to put np and remove all dams and all worts ol protection, and at their own ex pense to do all pumping, or whatever may be ry to secure their worn from water. Proposals mtut oe addressed to the Board of Public IT. 0 ?. 8 ’ en s orß ?l. Btopcial for Deepening IWtois and Michigan pe. aecompsmed with the usual bcn<fw,Ul “ * Connectors will bid. stating the price tor which the wora will be done on each of the dlflcrcat sections, and the work will be ?et at a wbole or to part, ana iS sneb qua: till' 6 as the Board shall determine. The Board reserve the rlgnt to reject any and all bid?, and so proposal nil be accepted unless tne party offering it shell glveevidm&>»aUsfactory to the Board that he has the necessary sUil,, energy and Bblutvfor dclng the work, U trustworthy, and has suf ficient pecuniary resources. The Board will require such security as. according to their judgment, will secure the doing of the work according to the contract. J. 0. GINDKLE, FKED. LETZT^ O. J. ROSE. ■WILLIAM GOODINS. R. B. MASON, 131 Board of Public Works. "PROPOSALS FOR GRADING AND T dalsteo street, from IHIRTT-FiltbT STREET TO EOAi'AYfiSlt “ Offxjzof tbs Board or public Works, » of i ran avenue. according to plaos and bm clCtaaor* on rueat raid rffice. t-wuuuuip#- „ bo paid fbr trom the special SaSßSSliJttd? “ ! *“ “*'• ’"■ Proposals must be addressed to the Board ofPnbllc Works, endoncd “Proposal f.r Grading and Macad* atclzmg IlaLted street, fn-m Thirty-first street to Esan averne,' and be uccnmpanled with the usual S3UO bond with Burettes, to be approved by the Board. ’ The Board reserve the right to reject any bid not In accordant e with the conditions of this advertisement, or to reject all bias, and no proposal will be accepted unless the party olferlcg U shah give evidence sous, factory to the Board tbit he has thencceraary skill experience, energy and ability fbr trustworthy, and has snfficlent pecuniary resources. J. O. GLSnET.fe, A. U. UUULiY, j. iicAirrotm, Board of Pnbllc Works. "PROPOSALS FOB GRADING AND £ATT*i™'i\'i ZISa mvlslos asd soon Or/ics of ra* boabd of Public wore*. » _ . - Chicago, April 6th, 16«, f &»lcd proposals, will b« received by the Booiacl tlifir office, until 11 im„ Wedat£ M?I.^L, l i lfc ; t0 f T P aCl °c macadamizing of Division street, from lac roadway of North Clark J. tute and Nnrth state street, fromlt» Intersection with the macadam ot Division ®onth sldt of Schiller so ecu according to plans and speclfcatioi son file at Raid office. * nJt23j2 p , r f v lS, atw , n J he paid for from tho special hiStoroll"iM * * tLe Proposais must be addrejied to »he Board ol Public Works, endorsed “ Proposal ici Grading and Macad amizing Division and North Stale Strevt-.” and teac- * The Hoard ro*crvo the right to reject any bid not it accoidance with tht condition* ol this adferu*em*~t! or to reject all bids, and no proposal wm ba accented unless toe party ollerlng It snail give evidence satUfeo tory to the Board tnat he bos the necessary skin. «i. perieace, energy and ability for doing the wori. la trustworthy, and has A*. U. BUI.-LK^ 1 J. MCARTHUR. Board of Pnbllc Works. PROPOSALS FOU GRADING AND JL MACADAMIZING UALSTEn bTIiEKT. FROM ARCHER A VEN UE TO IHIRI Officb of the Booed of Pcntto Works, ) W« P«P0«1..««' Public Works, at their Office, until 11 n. m Wninnu UatßuS^-TM^’J 01 ’tiT Brad l r c *od macadamiangof liaißKd s.reet, trum tbe center ot Archer avenue to I&S2SE « Tblrtv-flrst street, acccwubis to StonS and specifications on file at aald office. piaua SSfiSS/SZS" r *“ w,,en ffl ' Propoauls must be addressed to tue Board oi Public Worns. endorsed ■•Prt'pcsai Ur Grading <tcd Macadam. Izlntllalited e'treet, itoin Archer Avenue to Tnlrtv um Street, and be ac :omp*nied with the usual rm «®S?« •nietlw, to oe at-proved oy the Board. * The Beard reserve the nghi to reject any ym not u accordance with the conditions cf this advertlaeEe&t or to reject all bids, and no milcM tie party offering it shall give evidence aaUs£w> tprj to the Board that he bos the necessary skllL exre. 2SSFP' en “ r F? lor doing the work, U fruit worthy, aoonas sufficient pecoularr resources. J. O. GI NT) ELK, A. 11. HUttLKr, J. McARTHDIL _— Board of Pnbllc Works. ©«an Steamers. J ON DON AND NEW YORK Steamship Line. re,?"*' 5 10 o=l ’ on or Brest, iUO, tn, «nl ,30, cur- EonuSJ Sl2n uc^ew at Icd Qced rates, asallablelbr sli CeiL^. aa * ftlsl , S£ 0 ;?*l ro . m Nrw Torlr, April 13th civftß , S?nTiJL l> S token and through bills ot iV<iin g Sanferk aaTre ’ Aatwerp » Rctteidam, Amsterdam ana B£.dw P .T£w“fS'i, “ 5° BECT CIABK. UB JAB. WARRACE. _ ~. , 31 Dearborn-su, Chicago. For Freight annly at At S mth-st.. Now York. BOWL AND A ASPLnVaLL. Agents. OCEAN STEAMERS, GRAJVJ) EXCURSION TO THE PAEIS EXPOSITION, The new and first-class ocean-going iron steamship HAVANA, burthen, Sra-nes Wurman, Commander, will make an excursion from New York to Havre and back, salting from Pier 46, North River, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o’clock 31., ^ £n, n £ , lor Farts, London and Bremen- Re ntmlns, will sail from Havre on June 5. givimr oos. ISwl liol(Udk Excaraon Tickets, about si* waeks^a «Sl I !J n#,nl,flceilt bicaratklp IS divided Into w*t*r. w^ c ?. m SH t s ientß * an<lls ?* ,)eca newly famished and dtconlly fitted op expressly for this voyage. The Havana will oaly carry fint-class passengers. An experienced Surgeon on board. y 8 CF" A full Sand ofMoalc will be attached to the shin, irice of passage, in currency, to Havre *LSO and £2^. Ue state-room. To Havre and return fttd and JSOO. according to sire of state room. for Further particulars and passage, apply to the Agents, Hint KAY, FERKI3 & CO ” . . 614 Soatfaist., Kew York, c w“ Q the Agent of Merchants’ Onion Express JSAMFIC HAIL STEAMSHIP COM- THROUGH UNE, TO O-aiIFOHiaXA, CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL, Via Panama Railroad. April U-BESKT CHACjTcEt'ffil A. G. Gray connecting Wltn GOLDEN AGE, CapL Watklne. April 21—OCEAN QUEEN, Capi T.A. Harris, con- Becang with Montana, bapt. Button. All departures touch at Acapulco; ingseot Use first and nat connect at Panama with bleaden for South Paciflu ports. First and nth tor Central American porta, and those or first touch at Mammilla. Departure of llih each mouth connect* with nets steam line Irom Panama to Australia and N ew Zealand. SU«uffbf of March,ll,lßß7. will connect with the Com* pany’a steamer. COLORADO. to leave San Francisco lor Yokohama and Hone Roue, on April 3,1367. 10U pounoß of baggage showed each adult. Medicine* and attendance tree. For passage tickets and an lurtber Inlormatlon apply at the office on the wharf; fool of Canal-st, North Rly. er. New Tort. F. R. BABY, Agent. transportation. ERIE BAXLWAT, Jm W- TUTTZiB, A^antj FOOT 0/ STATE-ST, CHICAGO. financial. FISK & HATCH, BANS.SH.S, AND DEALS KS Cf Government and other Desirable Securities, So. 5 Sassan-sf , X. Y,, Becotaxeod to laves* ora De First Mortgage Bonds OF THE CENTRAL Pacific R. R. Go ThU Company is constructing, nader the patronage of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. The Wc:tcrn end tf the Great National Eailway across the Continent. Their line will extend from Sacramento. California, across the Sierra Nevada* to the California State line, rayerslng the richest and most populous nee* lion of California, and Ibißce through the areas mining region* of the Territories, to the non. Ity ol Salt Lake City. It forma the sole Western link of the only rente to the Pacific a hlch Is adopted by Congress and aided by the itne 01 Calico states Bonds* Thtlr road la already completed, equipped and ran Ding L r fit miles from Sacramento to within U miles ol foe summit of the Sierras, and a large amount of the Work of Grading, Tunnelling, ftc-, beyond that point hat been accomplished. The First mortgage Bonds of this Company afford unusual Inducements of Safety and Profit to la* Testers, lor the following among other reasons. Tie: first—The rate of Interest is six per Cent In Gold, payable eeml-annaaliy In u.e city ol New York. Second— The Principal Is payable tn Gold at ma turity. Third— The cost ot the Bonds, NlnetY-Dve per Cent and accrued interest, is Ten per Cent, less than that of the cheapest Six per Cent Gold Bear ing Bonds ol the Government. fourth—The United Mates Government pro* video nearly half tbe amonnt necessary to bnlld the entire Koad, and looks mainly to a small percentage on the la tnre traffic for repayment. Fifth— Owing to this literal provision, accompanied with Extensive Grants ot Public triads, b> which ttie Government loiters this great Na tional Enterprise, its success la rendered certain, and its Unsocial stability Is alto gether independent of ibe contingencies which attend ordinary Itallroad enter* prises. Sixth- The Security of Its First Mot- gage Bonds Is therefore ample, and their character for lately and reliability is equalled only by that of the obli gations of the Government Itseifl iSftenilr—Tho net earnings of the completed porll are nircndy largely In excess oftho Inter est obligotlcns which the Company wtit Incur on twice the dutance, ana are stead* lly lucres leg, tendering the nolaicrruptcd payment ol the Interest absolutely cer tain. Eighth-At the present rate of Gold, they pay nearly Bjf per Cent per acnam on the amount invested. The Bonds are Issued In denominations cf flJKO,wlih semiannual Gold Cinpons attached, payable m New Tcrk. atd are offeree lor the present at 95 per cent accrued Interest On currency) from January Ist. Orders may be forwarded to us direct, or through the principal B-aksorßanktrsio all paitsol the country. Remittances may be made In crafts cn New Tort, or In Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Notes, or other lands current In this city, and the Bonds will be for* warded to any address by Expre : 9, free ol charge. In. quirles lor further particulars, by mall orothetwl-e, will rtcclve punctual attention. FISK & HATCH, Bankers & Dealers in Governin'! Seenritics, Wo. 5 Waasau-st, W. Y, ’N. B-—A'l kinds of Government Securities rccelve-i at the fall market price la exchange far the above BoLds. Also, 53"* All doFcriptiomi cf Government Securities kept constantly on hand, and Bought, Sold or Unchanged. *£~ <*cld Colo and U. S. Coupons bought, sold, and ollevted. C2T Deposits received on liberal terms, object to check at Sight. Uf Coilccfrons made throughout the couuttr. 73T AHiccllaneous Stocks and Bonds bought aad sold at the Stock Exchange on commission for cash. BTjipeclai attention given to the Exchange ol SsBVBN-TUIKTV NOTE?* of all the Sse rles for the New FIVE-TIVEXTF BONUS «»f on Ibe moat favorable terms. ILtiP’JSs'.lS STORES— Office U. S. of Stosictescz. > Ha svtf .ittfer-on-av, t C« 1.- _ Denton-, ilicmoas. April Bih,ig67. i ■/ s - o^.ssLg: iuC}fnce^»S£ l> B forihe,ue cft * e U- a. ja.CU I pounds prime NEW WHITE BEANS, uniform tn t'ize,clean, coord ana dry, puked ib cooAbrlght. wcU-cooperea tai rels. to be full hcad-Uaed. state the time when toe Bean?can m P, ncft lPer pound. it delivered at De- Seo.«l. ChM “ d 81,0 1119 p:lcea “ delivered at Chl ln,the Proposals trill be for the JS 1 rtIS«lJ e / edft,eeor expn,se “ (Jolted States ;?r drayec?. cooperage, or package*, at snch maces In IK on* “££}. “ m#r 00 boreafter designated by torßani.® “** tad ecdor«ed ’Proposal Sample* of the beans most be delivered with th* proposals and referred to therein. " un “ e .AD articles will be careftilly Inspected bT an insneet. be r«»?riS 4 Mrt tales, and no artldewdU , received and pals lor nntll It *>*« tmmmi thin in«nM*_ Sfi.*SiS2ffl“ “ “»«•«« STSS «S3S to he hereafter designated, most Denials lr ?e a oa??tS“ ypactaßc - Acopy orthiaadvertls-inent (aslip fromanewsna per) must be attached to proposal. " „ rTmacpeely, Bvt. Col, and C. 8. U. 8. A. CTVAiIP LAND DITCHING.—TBe k_? undersigned will received sealed proposals for the allowing described swampland ditching In Bureau County, 111., up to IS o’clock a. m_ ol TQHBSDA7. April Slh, 1567. Ist—A ditch 6 miles and ISS rods long, to bo 8 feet wide on the bottom for the first 4 and MO miles, and “•rest of the distance to be 4 leet wide on the bottom. 2d—A ditch 3 miles and id rods long, to bs 4 leet wide on the bottom. Sd—a ditch 2 miles and 135 rods long, to be 4 feet wide on the bottom. 4th—A dJtch 2 miles and 70 rods long, to be 8 leet S i to™ rn'eSSsSSi* 11 ct d >“>“ X- lam a dopa 10l performance ot the coouact. Sstd secnrltr to bo approved by the Drainage Committee. 50 per wnt ot price that said work Is contra, ted tor will be paid as ssid work progresses, on thee»amates oftbe Bxcmeer. ana the balance as soon as the work ts completed. All ol said ditches will be let to one party, or separately to different tame?, Just as the undersigned committee thlnksbest. The committee reserve iherljtht to refect any or all bids for the above described Cliches. The bias will be opeced on Thursday afternoon. April 25th. 1567, at the office of Charles Baldwin, In Princeton, fli_ and then and there disposed of by sold committee. All bids lor this work should be sealed np and sent to Chaibs Baldwin, at Princeton, Ills. Any parties desiring tmiher Information about eald wot k, con get the same oy corresponding with, or call ing cn W. F. at tibefflcia. Bureau Conntr. Id. Plats, speclScatlons, and Engineer’s report now on file in County Clerk’s olffce will be made part of the con. tract, when eald work Is Ist. W. F. LAWTON, ) tw, __ a. uourasy. i s r3 *s?,ra B. N. SIEVEXS, \ Connnlttee. CUAS. BALDWIN, pmm Marc*, 12. isn. Pral ConnlMlMg. gTo atcfritetts. T lO architects. JL ILLINOIS NEW STATE BOUSE. Iheunderßlenco, Commissioners ol the Slate of Illi nois Ifir the erection oi a new state Home In Spring- Qeid. Rive notice that tcey will r**ceiTe plan* ordesltma »td BpcctCcatloos for a new State Boose, the same to he addreiaed to the President of the Board, Jacob Bunn, Esq.. of Sorlmrnerd, ill., on or beiore the second d*T of Jn;y, A. D. 16CT. Three thoosand da’larswlll be paid as a premium fer the design,with speclflcatloaJ, selected ana adopted by said Commissioners. r A sketch of the grounds and such into rotation «« mi, be desired a* to maxlmnm cost, the required room. »£. commedatlcns etc., will be ramlshed to all wishing to compete, on application, by letter, to J. c. Webber bemury of the Board, bprlcjrtcid, Illinois. * JACOB BUNN, President. JOHN W. SUITS, PHILIP WADSWORTH, JAS. C. ROBINSON, W4I. T. VANDEVeEB. WM. L HAMBLBTON, JAMES B. BEVERIDGE. J. c. Worn. Sccrour,. ComaU.lonem. ggaatcSrs. HICKLING & CO.'S GBBAT SALS . OF WATCHES, ON THE POPULAR ONE PRICE PLAN, Giving every patron a handsome and reliable Watch for the low priced Ten Dollars, without regard to value, and net be paid tor uales perfectly sstlsfsclory! SOtoSvlld Gold HuntingWatchea |290 M |7M 500 Magic Cased Gold Watches. *0 to 500 500 Ladies’ Watch«, enamelled WO to »0 LCOO Gold Hunting Chronometer Watcata. 25J to BCC 1.000 Gold Hunting English Lever* 2CO to 250 8.000 Gold Hunting Duple* Watctos ISO to 200 5.000 Gold £1 anting American Watches lOu to SO 5.C00 Silver Hunting Lever* 90 to 150 5.000 Silver Hunting Duplexes 75 to 220 SjMO Oo:d Lutes* Watches 50 to ;50 lU.OCOGcId Hunting Leplnes so to 75 10.000 Miscellaneous silver Watches 50 to ICO 35.000 Hunting Silver Watches 25 to m 30,010 Assorted Watches, all kinds 10 to 73 Every paimn obtains a Watcn by this arrangement, costing but *lO, while It may be worth *750. No parti* alltrihown. Messrs, j. ihckliso ft co.’s great ameb* ICAN WATCH COMPANY, N.Y. City, wish mediately dispose of the aba vo magnificent* toek. cer. Uflcales naming articles are placedmaealedenveloDee Holders are entitled to ths articles named on their ctt‘ tlbratt. npon pirenl ol Tra DMfii, S?£Sit S . UlSSSffijS or .??,' »«b Inifbo.-tSVoISj of our certificates entitles you to the articles named l.^?St»K» p ? s S? lt,lfre9t)ectlv « ofKjwonmacd leu 111411 f lO w Mntd on any csr ft? onc ®j* seen that BU is no Lottery, fealUmaw transaction, which « S* l isH ated la the moat Ustldlous! 9®3 Uscatewinb * sat by mall, post-paid, PJf 4 of to ctA, five for *l, eleven tor *2. thirty* elegant premium tor *5, sixty-six and mere o.Plojolixni tor *lO, one and most su- PPP " fO T 1° agenta or tboae wishing «n* a rift opportunity, it is a legitimate lyccnduetal business, duly authorized by the Govern* ment, and open to the most carnal KruUsy. Try as I Alums J. HICKLING ftCO, 149 Broadway, Near P. 0.. City of New York. _ JHacf)inrrs. TiIPROVED PKEaS- Jf J. ÜBB TURBINE WATER W 2 WHEEL NOW READY—Tne best IVheel in mt'Ket, using aJLa irss water and selling l?r l-ss a— —*WffT | ,^b> i*i | •’-T any other rr>t-claea Every Wheel war irglH ranted. Send tor a dear np tire Elcircular. Also,our EHBQ SK’Jc.H Brick Muhins ana Brick Ui- Engines and Hollers, If iiiA Tf JCano Mills. Portable Forges, and all other machinery. ■ PEEKSKILL MFG. CO, Peess«U, N. Y. D.L, SEYMOUR will be at the office of Backard ft HilLNo. 193 Tuesdays, ibarwtoys and Fridays, ffom 11 to I o’clocg, to receive sjHciaca* Uona and make contracts lor Machinery and Castings of all usds. £&eatm. QPINIO3TS OF THE PEOPLE COSCERSWft hostetter’s STOMACH BITTERS. PEOTECTION FOR THE HEALTHY, AND RELIEF FOB THE SICK. INTELLIGENT TESTIMONY IS AS IMPORTANT GT MEDICINE os In law. The great Patrick nw,fj said that the lamp by which his ftet were guided war the “ lamp of experience.”, -The statements of men off character and standing In relation to the propertteo. and effects ol a medicinal preparation which thcmtelvea have tried, and the operation of which they have bad abundant opportunity cf witnessing la a great variety ot eases, are awolutaly cocci astro. They are so considered by the pubic, who very natu rally prefer this species of testimony to any other that canbe offer'd la behalf ol a proprietary remedy, volumes of such evidence have been published la&n»- 01 BOSXBITER’S STOMACH BOTTERS durlay twenty years that the nnequaltedTonlc and Alterative has been before the world; and alihonga ta reoouacm as u STANDARD SPECIFIC has long been eatabllsnsA thronghon: the Western hemisphere, Uu sun deem* advliab.etc.cxh!blt, through the press, from time te. tune, new preoftef lUencceM. Recent facts add per tinence and force to lacta more remote, and serve to show that thegreat remedy la prepared with onlfanp exactitude ana care, anj that it is still, what Items has been, the PUREST AND BEST OP ALL Vh-GETA BLEINVIGOBANTS,aa loerltnfclecorefbr DTSPEF* bIA and all derangements of the Stomach and Uver and a perfect antidete to the unwholesome Inflnecoei which produce snd aggravate epidemic leven. . “1 ne subjoined letters aie all bom citizens well snawit and generally respected la the localities from which their ccmmtmicatlcns are dated, am are published as specimens cf an immense mass of crrrwprnicace cf g similar tenor. Scmeldeacf the quantity of this koal ol testimony in thehands of tha proprietors of nos- TET TEL'S BITTERS may be lortned bj the reader, when it is stated that the communications on the sntK Jcctof FEVER AND AGUE ALONIL-received bvtho flrffi daring the last three years, number upwards ot T\vO THOUSAND. They,are nil to the same effect ax that ol Mr. Bourne, given below, and U ever anything * M established on uncontrovertible evidence. It lathi Important tact that CHILLS AND FEVER can ha broken up and radically cured In a very short space « time by the me cf this Incomparable tonic. Norlsuu* nil. Enure exemption from the distressing malady, and a« forms cl Intermittent Fever, u guaranteed to each residents of Fever and Ague Districts as aav oe wise enough to lake me BITTERS as a preventive.* Though malaria may be prcstatlng their mditriors cn the rtett hud and on the left, these wh'o have taken the precan. tlon to lortily their systems and ccnslUutlors, In ad, vance, with this COUNTERBLAST TO All. ATMOfc PHERIC POISON, wm surely eocape the Inephystclits and ethers wheos nameaa&oear In the annexed correspondence, ate reaty at all times to ® na verbally the statements made over tneir alga*- Perhaps one of the meat sinking preolk tnat caaM dtea ol the Intrinsic excelleoce ef the BITTERS- Is tha graeralaaopUcuot the preparation by Aealcaimea. Theprcletsiouasanleieithefr laces against aovo- veurtiolo »on!c hag vanquished lhar prejudices, and they recooucezul aau ,tto * beil ** Mena « the purest stnanlast and best stomachic that money oap preure. The ptreestscasonol the year is a tryfrg one to tat sh^ ?eU “!. n ' leW v t 3 aU - ln Jaly, is AngSt Jf" heavy draughts are made upon thesv*- tem, and It Is aeceisary t>> have a reserve ot utrpnjo. breaking down. HOSTETTER’S BITT3na ato a STAiUh'AL WEDTCINE, suatolns CMjteuetCT omotone with Uila ».cM £ro . eral TesetaUß restoratlre, and w tentmimre.S cilsute. any cocculcn ct tSo atmoiptoo maj tea. countered with comparative impunity. Bead the tollcwlcg letter from E. Eccssatvin. known citizen oi Pittsburgh. Pag «=•-«**,»■»«* Messrs. Hostetler * Smith f maBCMn ’ »«- D “rlcaa visit to the West. last &U. X aodC!T S’i r,u cli b;oosh: me to ny aTja . c “Uy terminated In tyohold fever and eot£ h®* 0 ar *« TC "d months, during wblefe tt®* 1**»» ohysicaLy, so prostrated tost f almost de spaired ot ever recovering my health; having entimw i??t “f •PPetUafer cays, not belie- able to eat* moX f£l’- de r. lo *Mch 1 was mnch dis trussed with a reel (tt.mrbead,and passed maty sleepless Stfkto, trom decillty caused by mr prostrate coaiC tloo. brongat about by the fever/ At this stage ot mw Condition, a friend recommended mr Tn rvir rimr mn BirrEasTbn Kjcd to the nseef sQmnlants in any torn, 1 cllned, bat afterwards yielded my prejudices, as 4 taking the medfclca ftr several weeks m my appetite returned, and witn it I rapidly regaining my termer strength aci vliror. a My sleep urom tna loss ct which I bad ®“h) has nevar oera better thaait is now; S{*«“ rtcltacsensauon (before alluded to) n« «a£s Ksissr ss» .saraffasTS ft.- iSuMii s yjifsssj ShSSgSJFSXH, ifflis prevented mo Irom enjoying lor so looga &erios“i ®»y add that my phymian, after fldal effect yonr Bitten had on me, recommended f >*« 1 nae them regularly. “** • You:*, very respectlnliy, fi. UUCHNE. IS Market-sfc. i.ii n ß tt . e^, S*l ar * ,ro,n * weU known dozen ioPm»> bnrch,c!atedSeptember4.ISC6: w Messrs. Hcstetter ± Smith. Pito-bnrgn. Pa. ♦ G*arjjQas: Ithlsclam only aolsg the part of ■ 52? 45455 wtten I Ito the great Mneflii I how received hop yonr stomach BiUers daring the jmK Being “the OH regions m’6i. 1 nsd a aevm wm»®i diapepuc. which left merer* "*e*t I was advised to cv vonrilitters. i nnvn-M one bottle, acd they worked as a charm on me. la rmt ! Week 1 got eight (S) pounds heavier, and I seeinedto havs got new Ufe ta me. so mnch so that 1 have need them every sommer slate as »tonic. lUungtbeFars lavainahle. This summer, having anotcer oUuoos a* tacr, and mnch reduced In weight, being andcr theearw of an A No. i physicUo. 1 agais had to have moons tpineoldßltun,wunihesame good resmta,calm* 8 1j: J 6) .P 011:5,13 In a few days. I have bench: en bottles a taw weeks staee, ana intend to ieep regularly as a tonic and ccverage. Wishing yon era* mccess, I remain yours gratemtiv. every WTI.T.TAM MTT.T.R^; Mwn. no,t t <??£'SS£-. ErraaEJJ ‘ CoraTr - ’ pJeasor® I can say that year BTT- HrTTr?r^w I ? rior i to “7 oUiei »- 1 hare used th*rn Cjr a Icds tfcae, and dwsys with bee** ncial results. Tours, verv truly. HOST. GtLBEST. Bcoclasd, Pence William Cousti v» t January a, f Musn. Hostetter ft Smith; lSK B ilJ^ r V OßrlurT£BS »*«tt® best in i wea item Ibr ay»D«D»ia in tses. and 1 tnS RISP cua I** l*>t IDM \o SlhffthS; Lv le i.themu. pieM«*Ul«xMl. I hid been oroairSS £*. r «f e ? cnU 2!5 e ? ) ! w i Ul <U»P«P»U cttroalca2£ i° e i tootles • than one Dottle Mte rw 0 vf d T neUiat^SOoia»ttena to my business. ? o m^f«J^ Terwofk S d “7»elt. which resulted In Che Ban l e *U»eMe. accompanied with brtm chlal affection, when I azaio used tout BITTEB3. WMwoapwitoredto health. 1 hare recommeoSS them to hundreds of my acqoalntaac&. «*■«* hna neier tacwn them totauln Acting a wlycaiS Truly Toon. MIEANDA cbappkl. Postmaster at BodUand. Va. Meflsrs. Hoitetttr bare been dUnxyour STOMACH. mootha, andfind them an excel iSb?i2.,i? e * t * lat la necessary is to let tbepeo- 5 Dd use them. IhMS Mespecttoilvyotus, WAIESSON ft MCFAHLANP. PraWMu. OttDKwntnton, firssxx Cocsrr. n. r Roan. Hostetler & Smith: ******** f wSK^SS ,: or # ong time I hare been afflicts StK*Sr^’Sfei£S!? o fs^s T bJ? e »!; s: ssffßKSßssr ttsu%3sMr Messrs. Hcstetter ft Smith* SSSSS the use of compcnudr, as curatives, eomnela Slru I Kl mlr”b,° rnITTLR3 ““ K 1" ilewrs. Bntoter i Sm£f iTLL ' S,ll °' Ccm,r - m - CxsxLzincsj 1 nave practiced medicine tor many ESIT’Jfoi nßed youT BITTERS ins dm»« £ aa * a „ wlt 5 -greatsuccess,and take pleasnrem mending them to the pu&llem zeneraL verypespeciriilly, * J. SMITH, M. D. Mesars.Hostetterftl^S? 05 ’ 111 - _ I sell more of your STOMA"H BlT tebs than of any other medicine. Panics who tav* tried them speak In very high praise of their exceltm* I have used them my self; and pr&crlbe them with unparal.eleJ success. bl«r, « Emllb: comoendtegutoaiiwhose stomaens are debtiltateL It is an exccllenl appetizer and tonic; and l praise It as one of the best medicines of tse day. B.G.MOORE. M. D. FSAykLEr, dir ton Critmty, IsA, > Messrs. Hostetler ft Smith: T>«otmber 9, IBW. f Utm: Some eighteen months since I was troubled with weaksrsief the stomach, and had lost myappw* tlte, ana on the recommendation of Dr. Cox, our family E l ’Z** c5 * n ’ 1 PurehasU several bottles eS yonr BIT TERS, which had the desired effect of restoring me tft hralth, but of late 1 hare not been able to obtain tha DiTTtES In ourplace; please Inform me wberelcaa purchase them, or If you win send me some oa salsX will be pleased to hare the agency, as I can recommend them to be what they are reyre**nted. Totm^nig^ PREPARED AND SOLD BT WETTER & SMITE, PITTSBTJGRH, PA. «j ocsi«M!,artu'trocet’ 0 c si«M ! ,a rtu ' trocet ’ “»