Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, 8 Kasım 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated 8 Kasım 1866 Page 1
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"iriT tt it r\ ■ r/ \ A mT id k TA \T P\ 4 m "1\ pJ3rt2fflJ II IP i/S 11l * Ll'/l 'I I II ’ \ lllili l lld \ - i V ?J -lrf il rl i • -I ill V l.l 9v /1 ft ri .:.;i ii i /I n l t M Ji\ i I I 111 A J XIJ \y Vy Wx JL JL _b_ X MS w V/ x J 4. -■—A f fffllME 1.-WMBISB TO. tiljijil 1.1 1 " Tm DE(K R VTT(' ADVOCATE. ,f %l Jl. Pvokk, Editor and I'to/trirlor, No. 3 C.vßKin.l. Hai.i,. • ; | i —-* Tk* JUto.-Atb is published men tUUIMDAY MORNING,„ ami liymlihod transcribers at iII.AO per Ininim. •" Mvnnce. H f rtol paid In Ml ranee Two Hollar* "ill be charged- No paper will bo discontinued until R# *rreni.,j|es are paid, except rtl Oitf own | •pWon. BVtSrt OK AD VI’.RTIHiSO. I ■qn*r, I insert imtsj slj each 'ulue.pimt ' fa.ertion 2ft cent*; 1 square three months | 1 IlSfl, lit irtontlts s•’>. Bodno * Card* ol j too Unlit r Iff**# l lrr nurtitirt, SB. Mer- , sbants and other homes* ir, including , lh j*per: ! j One-fourth of a column, per year, i Half 0 column, ” pill''!; Oiil Column, " ' | HAND BILL* A ninth of a Sheet, for 23, SL6O, for 100 , Oinlrier Sheet, for ‘Jo, 2-. for 1““- H'fT-j 1 Half Sheet. “. 0.r.0, “ ■■■““ CHOLERA PREVEYFIVE! I x. i, t#- fit/.; anE.if XtfcMit iuttkhs This wonderfel remedy ■ <neov eretVand talro.l.-<l nl.:>l Iw.-mv year. i, v |ir. s. (!hropM, n omnium Egyptian "W long neen and fell the win! of *{"" re.nedr wonM Mriku al rate, and to prevent n.nrl, of 111 " 1 which the human family to- then . ..mpell d '"thereat nneation ' in nl dlo In- mind, day in vivid...l.u.e he m ; .ved the lick and dvlqf, and .d.a rved th" mefflei. u rr uf nearly all the reinedm- then In n- fj 1 "* he . laid tn think Ind e,,. o nl and after tin tea re of study and GW. I"; Pr'* - ''!"" hit fellow man the wonderful Wnjrari ill e. Tli* effect of Ihh preiiaralo.n in the prev nIMII and enre ofdiaeaae, wet an marvel.. mil a li.nithlait. that Iho moat nailer m; uinik...l roval favor were h-alowwl upon hPn who 1 ” revered it. 111- name vv.i- ida. mlI tip h. Unit ,#f Neill --, and a jpdd medal with llj- f'd lowing Inert|.ll*Ol llr■ s. I'lumJHIM. the I •'‘ llenefaetor -aWB preeenl dto him hy lh Vie Tile preparation ha. h.’en nod In - vend ■ apl.femleaofhilr. hollt aea preventive and enratlv, ire. and wiU. H ltr V •<< ■ that It ha. been Inlrodneaj lulu tiearl.v all lh ifeneral hoapltahof the oW ivorld. The old Mvlntr that an mine#' of pri i niion la Worth a Ire. npplie. "11l “‘' lom force to eholera, and therefore ant that will propirt o. ayaliol ih|. . rilid • dle. a should he freely and per-iei nUv no d. All paUinlnflat* now ajfr.-e that the . , d.m hcry.lem th-on-fh th- hlood and that any eomlilnaliiai who h arte on I . erlorr oiyap*, and k.-rf* them in 1 .. . order. Iliil.l prevent ll elllh. 1.0. l on of the poinon to ever IH-I.r. dd •;il-' 11 orvanunn. , The >• true nr I only ol •• lode a. hnl of rthtntv (HI ..tlmr inaladl..*, evjWeljMi Hi f*r*nl form* *'f The X)ngari Hitter, la P-t . a fftil. dy - the above condition, require. II an. "n in. nrCMt* of excretion and ••iTriion. V 1 a perfert lietweej the n. Tin- I ■ ia coinpo*rd entirely of i" -im . ■ nicelr concocted that every orjtan ~ r d npon and put in ton.. Ita i..-r I- 1 1 eff-att prompt and lartinf. Vmaeron* .a-- of 11. ■ following d. . have loon cured hv ll: (lioh-ia. Dnnlrei. Typhoid and T.vph"' K -v.-i. i- ■v n. vmir Itehilllv. Anaemia. 1 lm,pej.-ia. flatulency, ih'lie. • •<*' • •Wd;: l v.;i!:.r..rih^m,:.di , .i .i^haif, M u:r^.....ii.d‘-.v rr v s Vor In Mm. >v it "• ■" •' "-“•“rocerr.and A. iP 11. arr. lirnKyi.,. June M,—lyr. Sol Proprietor. Or. % 11. Witmor. Ha. hern In rncc ..fol practice for a immle r ..I year*, with the eaporinm e of tlr- ddl rent horpiul. ill Europe, aim a of the in alvtlcal Al.-dieal luaiitnl- “I New i ork, eo.iiin neat* attend to all prof. ■ioiil m. 1 ” at hi- .. Ana So. 92“ Fllh.o i Su eei Philadclithia. ffo patent Mmli. li.ea are n- d or """" tnondi‘(l : llu* rfin' dir ■ M‘lnnnfl M l mm* Hi"*** which will not l.reak down the roii.llliitloi. I"d renovate the cv.tem from all llipi. i". ll Ita. .n --laim-d from mineral medicine* nnd lenve Inc • v.tein in a healthy ami perfectly cured colt ditlon. ~ . ,i uraripaiv Hint ditre.*ln([ di.eave ni.ri f li 4a*wrcr of health and hapidne... nnder nui. inn the conaliliilion and yearly- carrying Ihon ■and* to untimely *race*. can ino.l emphalind Melancli.ilv, AbberrAlnm that etale of Ali.-na tlon and weak mind whirl, render* permn* incapable id enjoying the plca*iire* or performing the dntiea of life. ptItEUM *TI*M, in any form or condition, • hr on nic or acute warranted curable. • (tnijUKV, or falling alekne**, all chronic nr atubborn ra*c of KKMAI.F, DISEASES, radically removed ; Hall Übcnn. an! every dcacHpt.on of ulceration*; Vile* and .rrolulon* diaeaac* which have l.alfled all prev ion* medieal akin, can be cured by my treat nl; and Ido any all dlaeaae*, fve* ooenerio“ > can be enre,l hy wearing mv Medicated .laeVel. which t nrotoction In the long* again*! all change* nf weather in all climate*. Having invert,gated for year* the ciinne and character of intern:;!*—o* ; (fever and ague) in all part. o( live i nl ten State* will cure permanently all crnnic nr neat.- case* of ague * ncryoO* dl*ea*e* in a few day*, ferweer Cxrcd <rilhn„l ll.f Ir.njt or llrn*i>i ; i W Tape Worm that dread to lh Human Vamilv for Tomru, ran removed irith two or ilifo dloirK of my nowlv discovered remedy, *• , t ,,n ted in ail cafe*. Consulmiion in tin KncliMi Unjruaffoj. free of fliH rpff. >' m make visits any dlrttnoo if desired. Mnv H* addressed by letter (ooiifidenHali v ) and Medl_ cine sent with proper dircclious to any pai l ol the country. ... tll okKK’iw.N'o, 02 Gilbert St. I iula. June 7,—ly. UNITED STATES Steel Pen Works, Factory, CAMIiEV, A. J. RESTKKBROOK A CO. Sled Pen , Manufacturers, Wai'clinnsc, JOU Arch Struot., Philadelphia, 42 .lohn Street, New York. These Celebrated Pens are of Genuine American Manufacture, and comprise every loading style in the Market, and are equal in fihiah, elasticity and fineness of i mint to the beat imported. They are, therefore, sure to gain the confidence of tbe American public. Sam/Ur* and price* on Apfdu-ahon. Lots Made to Order, of any pattern or stamp required, ®y„For Sale to the Trade at the Manu facturer’* Warehouse, ns above; and at retail by all Stationers, Booksellers nnd Nows Dealers in the United States. J{, ESTERBBOOK & CO. myW ljr .f r ; * || , / ■h * WESTMINSTER MD. THURSDAY NOVEMBER, 8 1800. wwmuy. . . ■■■ . ■ FEMALE OOLLECSIAW ASP iani:>U€n‘KTiTirc TM4CI K ll S . /, / tbba n Y nup a n tmh. y t. Hov. doirtf A* .Mimiok. A. M. Mims >i. I .on runout, M- K. L. Mins Mary V. Manning. Mr. m S. (VociiWa MUSICAL HF.VAUrMHSr Fomiie li. Munvocb •’< Miss Kate X. tythr. rpms INSTITITION will rommniff I lln* rili.ST SKsSIOaX nf Its SIXTH : Hiolu.stic vrju* on W 1 . Sl-.P* TKMBKU’Vh, 1V.6. Pupils will Ik? n coived nl any Hrft*, nnd ohnrjfi*d from lime of outranro. AS A DoAltnJXfl WifOOL. Its dmm)tor of Hojirdinjf PiipiU.iluriftjrAi? n/vsl year ww *Ji fouisilo.s. and 1 nmloji.— The Principal rcroivos f'ufy **ffn fouudef into his family : h nxiitttai 1 of oibers may lioard wiili anurtpttd liuniliaH hi lio* town. iIIOM wishlnjc 1i inrupy tin* TJMWiohvs not yjL tilled, will pWmsi* nmko rnrly ajppU ration. The for lio.lMerft ar- i itfu irp/ji ilti built of brh'k. Tlml j for Um> Male i)c|HMrimcni U the of ( tj)(i Ucv. Jon urn o Mt %non (Pttihrf of th*- Principal. trh<H) pulcraal ran’ will beo\ tr his Imanl* , r; ilmt for lh** Kainalo |)<jvrtrt * tnatit is occiipi***! by th* 1 Prin* lpnl. T Jicri* j will not tw* any ct*mmanf-ation , these di’partni'Mif. Kuch willliOCMii.iMlvml i oh is family t*i iawfdura. : as i pa y srnooL. Nunilior of Day I‘npiU, duiiiijr th<t jwst I year, lift, ninkinc a total of 107 Piiidhi. . A ccomnif dat ions nr* liva rotninouioiia riHuns, vit.j Tho y#mnjr-w*irs -Hjdv room — \ thf?hfty # sfUdv piMHrt— thcy<tt|ti7 India** ►holy room—(be Ivimary rooiu, find the I.cClnrr ‘ room. /Ar/xirfnirn/*.-*- Primary, Pn|nrn4ti # t nnd Collivialr; three tfmdt s*f in- • in mrh \ lipymfliwcnt—ln Ma-lc, Frcnrli nnd Mor* man. hup<*rior advaiitiigf;s. Latin lnu];iif irrnlillloiHly. mUiil tiltqiii itMi gi’U t** hU iJvrtrnfary prioriplon; ftktO ui petmiftn hip nfobt nod I’anm: H lhik ! ecpmj f SlpidluiJ*, ftf.k'l lie' nod Kheii}i*fi. Six gni'h** of Tnilmn. from si nj* Ui I*l2 jar qimiier. X*w (Ir< ulars jn <1 I'oi' M*i*lres<. UKV. JOHN. A. Ml ’NIfoK* i .Inly I*il NtfWPIIVSIOONoMV, or U *ui%* or j (*II lli irtl’.w." n> lurtMifecled through IVin ■ peniinewt nnd Kvlonml Fnmix, nod | idly in the “||< UAV IA k IMVIXI..” Oim elajpiint volume, with nmtrly Jmnpnjp* . nnd * l.iKHi iliitsltnli*>ti •. M, Ui Pasß.voiiMiff*.\i Jni uvUv. Prior*, p*i't ■jkj Addies* i.u A. Wei t>. So, .'Jhm llrondwiiv, Nerr A ork. i, S*a I’hyseigii'itn) ’ U *Mpirnil%* prn i ‘ Old, fully ilhislialnlf and well t< thr wants tifnlf. In the stud,' of “tjo th* leiCder learn** I** read >Tl(‘ll mol P'TJ frill I|lV# S '"es nT‘ -I It the UollKtOf trl’eek, .lewid,. Snub Riel ( . sU*. The i*yc# sjH’fik all Inng'iiig***. uhether black,him*, | brown or lmr*l In n like manner. h*-**k*, j nerk. ear*, bntidi*. f< et, walk. vote*, etc., are Mlown t<* !<• of rMlrarlii In no other work 1* m* mneh litlit thrown upon tin,* chainclrr and ili'itiny of inaokind a* in thi, *r (he *li*iiiicl|v liwi **t nniiniu ! and trill* K deafly pint*nl out. Fori mi U of disiing;k|<*tu>i persons *l ain-ietil and io*h| ern time-., w ith biographical *ket< le and . delineation •! churn* 0 r, in •• u*' *'• I It' *tn**, | Oral on*. StnUfiuiien, Wnrriors. Arll*l . I’ihAf Piiiliwoiihei'it, Inventors, Singnoti*. biMia erei'i, Actors. Mmom ians He., r iiurltsliHl. It i- Hu •Muc)cl*pn ‘lia *f biography, e -ipiuiuting th<* reader will* the eurecr and ■ character of many gr at men and women of the past I.tK*l yearn, and of the pr- ent nrh. foriiwdniieo.ft'* Arintolle, Julius Faisivr, Shak*poHrc, M’asliiiifrton. N|mlimh, I-rank lilt, Ibmerort. Ilrvanf. I <*njrf*dlor. Irving. Uomv Ilonlmur. lh*od ia Ibirr. ( , <*lal , n, Height. Idiw'n'ltre, Ibdivm. W halely, •nay, l>ow, Kiion. Miehelien, Hopper. Hue* kle. hiekenn, Victoria. Wesley, Tuilvle, Motley. Mill. ,Spmi *r. Tlomip on, (nilhiie. Alexandct, and hundred** f others. A*knts t w anti:i* P'Ktk* neat hy ffhtrn j**l or tx ///v*of, on • t'ripf oj IVu e. mtg •bn HKXTIIMIf r u-.-o-J-f II Ait VI. 4V ■ -Jk-'-n-vu RAILROAD. Change of Time. Sl’MMKit AKKAMSERXTR. On and after MONH VV, May 21st, IWUI, thc'l’min* w ill run s rollow s; Katiirard. I.ev r t'nion Bridge at 4.l'* A. M.a II A. M and 2.10 V. M Leave WeMininsler (it 5:10 A. M. and lU'. A. M.. and 2.57 V. M. M VnUrnnl. Baltimore at D. 15 A. M . :;. J 0 I*. M , nnd 5. do P. M. Arrive nl Wesiniinsler at 11. Id A. M. f fi.oo P. M. nnd h.imi I*. M. 1 Arrive nl ITion Bridge at 12.27 I*. M., 1 b.AA IV M. mid M 2 P M. BFHUFreight 'frains daily cw* b way, (ex 1 uept Sunday. } % ! Au KxpresH Freight Far leaves Cnl vert Station daily, (except finfnrdays nnd i Sundays,) at d.dO P. M Imt nil goods for tlmt cur must ta delivered hnfon; d on IV M. For liny information in regard to Freights i or Cars, apply to the undersigned at Meet* minster. 1\ 11. IIIWIN, may 2Hf Sup't. IRON, STEEL AND Leather Store! /mjiiiiinnl to lU ii /nnilliii , Mm In nistt Farmer*, Sinn innl, im, Soihllrrn ami Coiiuiiukm nf Iran anti fjrnlhrr. riTHE Subscribers iufdriii tbo citizens uf I Carroll atul adjoining Counties, Unit they likcc just opened at ineir new Ware j house, near lit*. Depot, nl Wiiuin>(-.-r, Md., ■ a full and complete stock of | Iron, Steel, Leather, Huh*, Spokes, Fellows, and everything belonging (o (ho Carriage liusincsis.s, \ unci all kinds of Blacksmith “ loots ami heavy Hardware generally; also a com plete stock of Ml O 11 I'UMMiVCIS, all of which are offered at fair prices, t The attention of comaumertt anil dealer* 1 are invib-d to call and examine our stock, in quality and price*. J/EirSXIDEII <t CO. sejit D>. Iftlifi tf 11l I’i'rnrl‘VinK our I'nloiG I'd t® < lu t’liil I# HI so Our Civil Ultritlu. LATEST FASIIID.VH DEMAND J.W. BRADLEY’S CELEBRATED I LATENT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC j (Oil DOUUI.E Sl’niXO) SKIRT. THK Wondcjful Flexibility *xul grant cnui* ( fort and ph*aitreto anv badv wearing the DF- i PLKX Ri.l.ll^rif 1 HKIhT will he exiKUdenctd parlieaUi ly in nil crowded asiafinhUeii. ojk** mi, CMmagurt, ruilrnn*! car#i. church pcw, arm ( lihlm*. for ptinacnade and house dn.**, as the* ( Skiff ‘Jan he (bided when in n*r to orenpv n -mall place a<• cavily nnd coftrenivulljf a** a *ilk or omsiin dre. an !n%Muabb* <pi,lil v in erino* j line, wl (imnd in any Single Spring Skirt, A Jkdr having nijnrttil lh* l pli'UHrt*. p*nn' .for 4 grelt cuaygdyttra of vveaiiug tliu JUu* ‘ pb t Kljpnc Sl vf Hjirlrig Skirt foraniugl •*bu . will n* iur aflrwirdit willinfly o*e with lheir (He, Frtf fhlhlren, and Yonflf laidiea th- v are superior f*> ll other*. They will nut bend or brekk like the .single Spring, but will pic' iia th* ir |***rf< *•< bud gi'Acenil ithap# when three or four ordinary Sklt *M\ have betfn ihniwti a-tide The ib*|> .ire with (loMe ami twM* *1 (hregd. nnd the hotlfin rd" are not onlr double I -j*rfng>, but twice m dwbhle l rorered: praven- j ting them from veiling f*t when dragging down t*iOM, alaira, 4*’. tiic Buptcg Klllpde t a great fur mile with all ladie* an*l H frrmnWend**d hv j 1 the Fashion Mbgaaiae aa the Standard Skirl of j ; the FMhioiulle Wctld. Toenjnx thefhlhiUlng ad antag •# jin (biiudtae. \n, i ilpwiaf <|unliiy. perirH j j manufacture, aDIUh dwpc and fiobh, Afillml- , | It, dwrahillly. eoultbrl njid wonomy, enquire j I (hr J. W. Bn ioiagr’i D* rf.x* Kf iFtk. er Double j ' Spring Skirl, and he nre to u get the gmnlnc ’ article. FAUTfON T*i gniid gin*l Impodlhm br i pariieitlar tn nofii ethat •klet* o|fer**d *“|U • ( i n.i n" have h< rrd Ink amy, via., **J. W. I llrrtdler’f Duoh t Ktllpfie Ste<l Spring*/’ ■(■<** j 1 the Wnbthan*! -none other* art* genuine. Alw* ! Xolire tliMt crery will admit a pin bring . pn**ed through the centre, linn revealing the two ior d'ubb- •prlng** l. 3ih d i*geth i there -1 in, whir-b la Hi - averet of •!• Ir deihlllty nnd l j ail a eomblfvutton not t* hv (band in 1 anv othei hkii I. I FUJI HALKIu all Slotte where fir• ela kirl* nrc itidd throngliout (he Fnlted Stale*an*l j H*< * h'-re. Mann far to red hy the Side Owner* of the I'atenl, j IVKSts. fill ADf.KY .* F Ml V. I*7 Chamhtun A >*| Reade Sta., V V. art It*-Jm ,r t: * a®o,DS. \(‘m Hoods!! 1 MASSIE & CO., , FOR KIRN AND DOMKSTtf L<Pa*tf hinmtis M’K arc now receiving Our largo an-l varied assort,ncnt of FALL AND WINTER GOODSI A't> auk SiHritn Them CHEAP. u a * U *1 f*rr jtirrh* - nlacwbvn*. aa wc fuel rtHifidculit vili !**• t< your inl* i* t i II tft to i , O- /. II tB IMHiiit (ialim. n,\ VINH taken lloom* over .lielnii Viiißlitic a Storo, formrrally *ux*u pied hv il B. (irummer. Photographer, \Wt Lml. I would to flu- t’diren* of We>lniin**ter nm| vbihliy, that they tun get n F|t*’l nKrtf liny ai?.* **r rtyf** lin tnak * P’u'lurea from th** in ailed tom. to the Cum; **l life, find il‘*l Hlil*h*l with India ink, U'nier Color* or Oil, b> ih 'e-M ■' Artivl in the rrnmtrv. I -hull ul nil 1 lin*w k*ep auppli**! willi Cases, Frames, ike., ike., sittablk for AMBROTYPEB, and mil be riudy I** JKtvc ny ctfjlnmera a* 1 th**y may detire. I rdiiill mdeavor t< . Uddi*h my repuUi lion by my work, and *k th-citi/etis to * idl and rvumin© fr thmuHve*, They will olwnvfi Imd in*- nt home nnd , glad Ui torvc them. ti. \V. C. lIFMMITT. We.Tliuinvh r nuglb tf •• Great Bargains VVliolesiil(-& ID lail. JOHN L. REIFSNIDER, OFFKKS for gale at gn at Bargain*, n large .Slock of Dry Goods, Nolionx, Boota, .Shock, llulk. Carp* r ting. I' loor, Stair and l abli* Oil Cloth •, Window Sha*l<‘a, Paints, Oila, (tla.v . t.lroci/iies. Building and I'nbiuel Hardware, Nude, Queens nni f’ednrware. I have couneeled willi my lm-ine>r M*TChnt Tailoring. 1 have H*c:ured the eervieuH of a lirsl ela-a Curler. MV are prepared to • make tni work in the mont frtnliionabb iv!- , also will make nnd eat goods bong hi id-,* j vi here. i Cull lefore pure haring nnd examine my k I largo and varied Moek. I have .cpnuxl no puin.H t< moke as alhaetive am pofiMible, in Mtylcand tiricu. JOHN L. BKIFSNIDLIL UNIONTOWN ’ 1 LITERARY IVSTITITE. ' X Httaidliitt >inl U:iy School for Young Ladlei, Lorn ted in [nion foicn, Carroll Co., Md. rpilE FALL SESSION of thin Institution s I will open on MONDAY, tiik 3hi or . SEITBMBKIL 180(1, iuj*l clom- THE EAST FRIDAY IN ./ANFA BY, 1807. The cottrac of InMniclion lbnrou>;h ; tin; School Boom* comfortable: the Boarding sccnmmoaationacomnlcle. Tcnns moderate. Staff" For further informnlioii, or Circular*, , A<Wrus* Rev. li. SCOTT NORRIS, i’rc*. Board of Control. >ity 2d,—tf. LADIES’ NEW SHOE STORE .H-.s/ OPP..VKD IN W cstminstcr, ( Botwcdn tlio K iilrond ami IluifMQidcrV Store, two doors went of Mr.*. Slimier** Millinery Store. flUII'l nmler-i .tned has just nHurned from I the eilv >f Phil.ebdphia with the largest t and beFl *<tleele<l *(**<!k of Lillies' Mi/Mfii 1 j ChihlrCn’a and Oi-utlemr n*fi Boot* A Shoe* eD-rbrought (o this mft?ket. My sleek ctne , i-*t in pari n f Lull* and * t'u d“tn injpl * (Bme Kid IhiiiimruU, #ll ! ' l<Antig fiidl* r . Moroet o Baluionil**, ’ I Polisli Boots, Od Coat BnbnoiaL. unl Chil { dn ri'a Hhoe v: nbf> (ienffemtn*- B*>*(s and Slumm, neh as Mm's Calf Cuatom tnnde Boot■<. Cengr*M (inilern. La o IkuiUi. I*m guns, Kip and friHL-c lb*o(*v V Shoe-* of *ll : Linds. Being n , 6Ap< rleiie 1 Mtuiiif*< tun t j ■ my Keif, I have the ulkhve stock made j j to order, and exprexx ntiqiogc to i , Mill I his uwdwiiij' n eeb-beate*l uml well , ! known Boot nnd KitiM MumifueJurtT of ! I’hihulelphin. whieh fsr at vie*, liulsh, dura hlmy, cortifort and elgolteiiy !• the feet, an* I Miperinr to nil othi • ami are the le -t lltiiuj; 1 [iiUeng ikflt tint l*J I'Miml. j I have taken gregt fere in the gelling up j of my slock, and mu w#mint every wruele | to Im- what il is reiire.N* nlcd or the lo**# will be upon me. I UierrTure invite tie attention of the Lndie* nnd (ieutleinni *if j 1 Went minster and Carndleoanly to iny *t<M’k * nf Com I* whieh wdi Im? Hidd nt much lower , . lieu re* Jmn tlic uuo |uu<h tun he lia*l j * eU< where. i Coras one. eine alt, nnd exmitttic f* ! i v'*nr*mlves. N> fhWgoi luiuk for showiag { Oordf. j on 4,—* T. S. KCKLBT. Snihiii ilnchinrs! Till. Cn.Wigwd wtrrs fui uh the ©rb rhretr*! Homier Semin* Hiiehiue. f T?.i* M .•■ 11. lU>*rAM F-ed. width mat>• the In ffilkrt I

|J,. #- triug )|% t*'ih *iH* of lh' b'lplWeil lh* *•!• "I •* •• kr four ) . l ilt nil! Il< *. dim) li*-’ l*P r- If •'tpi*loig j ; the 4 \Vr Koijla mi Sam ify IJO ,1 fa* wliieh (• r>v simple. •• f*"™ *rt w-m 1 !- j mV.* IHe sing!, bwk sli: k, will *b* l| kind* ..f work. nd i* **!< * lb *rh*ld Tr* wse." I Th FwMir arw Iwslu'd -> *H and ser th* ■ ! kUthilM* (w i ♦ utid hand -d MicHlftfS for *wU cheap. , Mwk tffiirnl wad tttrrAU | * led l *i k. Old Ms* lour. Ukf B its rvebwugr Uf fnedern | Mn*hb. r. hsml In M f. w li, | l I TOV. Ar-m. £*•l *tf tUilrrasd Wflsllnfer. n'-silj ; npp ..Ir flh* Ur ( Lurch. , •eft 27, 2rw. i Town Property at PRIVATE SALE. 'l-lli I o U-ui- mol Lit olGrouml, roiiluumiy Mb. I re of Uo.I. hi.oc or !■. -iiita,' •) at the IVt t Knit X -nL. ' , ucw,.. ....... I/ouiaa rvmewen. win <>t Wt.y •-..jg-N 1 zr Smh Soieui l. I here \ mi this lot tt pool •izwl fratn* o-ir Ib.c.-c. .iori.o mol l.*.|l,CUt, Alwi Well of Water ill tbr i janl. TM. ptn|o-rtv will I.r .obi low For term- atol other ,irticulr. apply to j Ktntta. a,- nl of tin. carter, at 11 r.(mliutrr, Mil. I .MI HV SMK\< H, N't.VII >MKA* 11. 1 on I. if NEW BOOK AND STATIAVEKV STAKE. rpilK MB.I.- ■ •! bniiu; just <•;ud I ha-ia#*.", take pin uro m callint, the J atu-uSon of the I’ahlic t*. lhw well --Icr I tni .lock ot Books, Stationery, Cards, See., which lliry Haller them l ive ran be tall ! on aa fair term, u- .an be olAaiue-l el.*- i where. All orib-1 f,.r Ibmkf, Mnaic. *e., prompll) fill,**!. We are aim, Aeenl* fi.r ‘ the **ale of (be * l l .if,- of St,no-wall Jaek-on. and ** I lerwlly*. I Raton oflhe Bebellion.'’ 11. il ,’iR VMMI.It. WKsI.I.V C. DANNER. I ft,, n REMINGTON’S CiV 1 Fire Arms. /(${ SikDl In Lull Ikalers ind (1,,* Trade cicnerallr. 1 I'MtPock I ITatol. Vo. -’7 Carl ridge. 11, . .-atlnc Fi-tot. - mint ft. V". St ( arti Mpe, Kepaaling Piaiol. I.lll", ft- ' No. 32 ( artriil^#-, I Pork' , Her iilrar. , Self C#o king,) Sew Porkel Bevel ver. iwilh l.onillaß I.ever. j ' roller Revolver. Now Bire Calibre, ' licit Revolver, Now JIIM C.ilibrr. 1 , Belt Uemlvor, (Self Cockloß., Navy ( abbre, Navy Revolver, .HA I (HI in. t'alfhre, j Army Urvelver, ~ lAA In. ( .11 1 1*1, ((nn’Cane, mine No, 32 Cai Irblffe, i Hide, 3 I ff-109 In, fnllbte, ■ Hreerh Loailin), Biflr, So. 32 ( ai triilr e, 1 Breech l^oiadl("arbiiie. No. ,#• ( litrilye, I’, S. Ilifl" i Steel Barrel. ) with Sabre Bayonet, l ! S. Mined Market, Sprln”field I’nttern, ; Single Barrel Shot dan, * E. REMIKOTON A SONS, luos, New York. A CENTS. Moore A Kiehnle, New York. rlm*r<i A Rarliddmif Boston, John P. liOvtdl, i Jna. 0. Oruhb A Fo., PhllndidphU. K | pouhnev A Trlmhlo, BtlHmor©, r , Henry Folsom A Co., S. Oi lcan* Memphis I Maynard Bros., Chicago. .. L. M. Kninner A Fo., St Foul*. Albert R. Crane. Han Franrlaoa* * wyl7-ly,*Jy li. ’ Attention Hutch'rs and Fanner*! HIGHEST ea*h price uai<l for Hide*, by lleilhni.b r A Co., ; eeptJJ pear Depot. foil THE UTKOKTCNATK. ' BELL S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Are warrant >d in all m • . for iho ftpooJ/ and Pri m.uieni Coro of all dll' *!** * orlting from m-xtitl nxrc*o< or VOrrrtFlTL IKDIdCUKTION*. Scmlo-tl hoi*, Xlyhtlr Emluioaiti and Scnanal Dream*: (4e duib Pfy*i* al and Norfoua De htilty. Ilnp**l<*eo, (jlcet. Sexual I)i?a*c, Ac. ’VoClmiiflW of l>lr( h \ffMWtry. I They ran be naed without detection. onl n’yrr fall In eflert a run, If uacd according to in sli MtiJonx 1 Bell's Specific Pills. PHrr One DdUr per Box : or Hi* Bo*w f* Fire IMbirs; aUO Large llnxe*. rr.nfaining Four Small. Pi leu Three Hollar#. From four ,t #lx hose# are g*werallr retjnir j ed to cure ordinary ri*m of Hrmlnal Wrikwn* ‘ snd KmC-hm**. th<'Ugh benefit I# derived from 1 Using fl single box. . In FHronie <*• *. nnd parlieulariy wlienlm j I potnire or Oenlta* Debility w ith N* i rn# Pro#* J nation ha* aff: tied flip yrdow, Bell’s Tonic Pills Are rrommcnilrd a* the aiott Kflieneiott*. It**• jnrtnaling ls 4 Im Igorotiog Keniedy In the world. A Pirkage. PH*' tiro IWUr*. will la<t a HKrutli, and i ft ucrallr Nftrkfli j In rtheme m*e* f D*hillty and ImpOfcnre ! nFAA/S KXTKKNAL TUIMKDV, I Prkt Two Dollaif, •uffi/'i, nt for a month, ran t j Ih- ••! |n |r*wi advantage. I It edrra .Hti'-ngfll to the Organ* and, whl* ♦ lh# Pill*, will r#fore thorn to I Heir normal J ; rnndilton. A Pampfth‘l of Inf nagfli. on the FUBOfIF i OF YOFTIf drdfnid i i L#rtarr in<) Ciiiion to Young Men. ?nt free, Ten Cmi* j pay postage. CAUTION! I The above !b-medl * Harr n<w barn Wfwr I 1 ih" I'uMlc many yearn, and lh. fr great *acrr* I In the albitotlon of human tnk#rrr. h etetlrd ; the cupidity of eufi] |,*rU( <i who nl* the | . Mmi "Sp* elfie PHD,* rj*y -f lahvl#- firm- | f Ur# and lthH* a*m. *fn* time* wrvrtl for j word, and pul up vahkin* rmnpnaaJa th.*f j • diMp) **ut the j*f r*p.-rUli>n* <f lh*’purcha** r i If you rann**t ;-urfTiar Hrwirtf Hue ! i ii.* of u>iir Diaggit, t*k- Bo olhT, Hut rad • the Hmnt ♦ dirml to D*. JAMF.H fiIIYAT. I j Fix Melting Phyvletnn, *f|! Broadway, knr York. | inflfon nill rrn fh (kiln Li return of m.ait, I port paid, and free f••* oWrMlleih aimwa* More taluaoie Hum nuld! Bryan’s Life Fills rrniFr run /u.oou, U ifftir lb adarh**. Di*tineas, OlddllHS*, Dfow. | I Cnplra*nt Dr,m. I'imiK.M of | j Higkt, I*dige*un, FUthe Mom •*-H •wd KoatH. ! i.uf mfk in iu AeUiuaM. #n*i j ft#'** Ik4 M P*f/4*4 n an. Purely VrgH*Me. Tn them ? they only ro#l ?' rrl. and if you • • canntil g't iHetß of four DrnggDt. •end the ! j mom rto D . J \M> MilV AT. (‘xoanttlßg PHy#Ma*. llrifadway. Sr* Vrk. j Add they will he Rent by rrtmn mail, p ,l pahl. TO LADIES. If yrtfl rrqalre a reltuHle r**medr l retlorr you, • | ar.H <„>.'<# In gnlavlllea Otwl,*'ltM(, WHY NOT USE THE REST ’ ! Fiery leadr knnurplbr ligblrl irngnlaiitr | • of nalur- U linMr I * *U-g .*n IDadarhe. tiid dir.#** I - • I*|lrtla, 1 aiming Hyotarlr#. 4' then lli" hlfMtm *f h-ahh lad**, the app. ltb fall*. wd other ft mptnm# more ditr* •ng WB* ; wehce, •• Weak *••, Fpinal t'otuplainL th>- | :*, t'rla|>#ii. *# . A- . I A N I.VEII-F Ml.lN(# REMEDY w.llhe f. and In | th Itarirf. / . fill,. j ' Th- eff.erl* ne *,f thirlf year# ban protwl the* ! huie no M|ual for B-moving Ohalt ucliona and Irregularly* , n* matter front nhalcanre they ■ anr* Th*i *r* >afe and Hurg In *'im ra* I pward# of |(oe are void annually, and j I ho complaint of their Hfieac} I# ever heard. ; I for (lit** arcompltftb what lliei are repreaeUlcd I In do. ' | Hidd in Ml p, " <fia*i*y S*x*y Pilti. Pflfc | j One Dollar. Pr. Ifarvcy’t (iMm /V//a I* a rrmcdr four degree# idrnnger th.m ihe 1 above, and iot* tided lor #peris! nm n( long • landing. Pi Ice Five Dofbiiv p. r Box. | A PIUV \TE fIUFI bAK in Udie#, with fine J Anatmniral I‘ngrßf ing*. in nl free ou recs ipl of . directed enfelnpr and utanip. Henri fo. DU. II VllV F\ H PHI V \TK MKTM ; F.\L aDVIHKB. B<i4ie*r*d to F*maU**tM i i.agr * gli lug full intruclioti# and in fur mu tlon, I 10 rent# i('qulred for i*o„Ug*. If you cannot purehOM the IMi# of your DfttggUt, they will he sent hv n ail. pnsl yoV/, (o-rurr from obscrration, on receipt of the n.on .i. hy Dr JVM KS lIKVAX, t'oioiiihiDg Physician, Jnlv 1? ly. I*Pi Broadway, Vrw York. m NOTICE. IVatclics, Clocks, Ck.Cii JEWELY, | SILVER PUTED WARE. ’ i SPECTACLES, SILVER HOLD, PLATED* STEEL WATCH CHAINS, AT M O OJEI E ’ S Jewelry Store, \i-ar Rail Road, WestminMer. r(',..Wnlch<>?, Cluck*, nivl .lowalry, care fullv Rcpairv'l ami warrantt-H. WILLIAM MOOUR; June 14. TO PRESERVE FRUIT. , THE EXCELSIOR KItCIT JAR. war rauu-vl perfoelly air tight, the groati#*! im proruniunt out, it *urpasKo all tliat luui yet 1 been on exhibition, its construction in sim ple, strong nnd durable unci Ibe best of all cheap. Which is now on exhibition and for sale at Maside A Co’s. jrlpaci’as, Delalmu. MMaiabiqaai,and a i ““ variuly )>f olhuf suitable dress good, fcr the LsfllmTdicaff at A. M. Warner'*; Amrrlcaii ArchclW. Tlie lioitdsomo endowment by Mr. Peabody of Harvard College with 8130, ; 1 000 for a museum uud professorship ol ( 'American archeology and ethnology is. ] perhaps, one of the most enlightened ( and wise beslowmcnl* of this truly w ise, 1 wealthy and benevolent gentleman.— I American archeology is a study which ha* hut few votaries, yet it is interest- ] ing and may he Hindu valuable, and af- 1 fun) mankind much ipstrnetirc infor- ’ mation in relation to the just history of 1 our land. The money for these purpo- i sc*# is left by Mr, Peabody to seven trustees named, and their successors are i to Im.) the president of (he Massachusetts 1 Historical .Society, of the Essex Insti tute, oflhe Amsrican Antiquarian So ciety, the American Academy of Art* ind Sciences, and of the Roslou Natu ral History Society, fur the time being, rr "Jjirio. In the letter tendering this smu, Mr. ! Peabody says bo wishes only to make Iwo suggestions ; Ist. That ns Ihe an cient monuments are fast disappearing, lie hope* they will lose no time in get ting to work ; ;ind also, that in the event of the distovery in America of human remains or implements of nn earlier geological period (ban (he pres et: I. , .... T i i'll nil, nth,n in' ijil .lt tn tluhr •tvdy, ntnl thotr comparison with those fonnd in other countries. It is well known that Processor Agassiz hss pronounced this cmjdtaticslly the . i old continent, ami from the fishes in its interior l ikes, he considers that it has | ■ been h ss <litiirbc#l by geologic changes i : i than that of Europe lor a longer period j Thu prole-nor has long proclaimed that ; I lie ha* found jtroofsol the existence of a - race much more ancient than has been j : commonly supposed. The indications ■ ' are that the country was the dwelling. ! i phi#*- of n pi-oplc different in many par j tieulur* from the liidiao* who were ; found in possess low at the time of the European discovery and sctllpmenL— I These men were apparently more civiliz ed than the Indians—there are remains i j whieh indicate scieto-e and judgment, ; „d i h ho led uwoy to snsjKtel that they | i rlgiiially emigrated from Asia or Ku- i j top- There sre suppoKod evidences,! . j.lso, of lh#- existence lormerly of mon 1 I strons sinmala, not now known on ihe cunt meat. In addition, the work on! Ihe Antiquity of Mon, recently J/ub- | , iislied hy Sir Charlev Lycll, lias caused ! many neglected facts to be brought to j I‘ light, but there h i*, thus far, been no i lunil in this country to pay tho expen- j *es of explorations at proper localities. Through Mr. Peabody * wise mnuifi j . m ure, it is probable that early stops ! will be taken for the investigation and ; authentication of all facta bearing On I this great scientific quest ion -Huh. Sun ‘ Itrliii*lor ul Church. Nothing furnishes a surer ind'-x of a ! j young geutleman's or lady's character ' ' than Ins or her behavior at church 11 ' you me a young man walk quietly into church and l.ik<- his s -ul and pi) |>r#q' er attention to ihe religions exercises, v#u may h# assured that young man has self fi'|'e. t and a good moral character, j ) The same may be usiilof the young lady ! who act* in like manner. Rut, on the# ; contrary, if you see I lie snub; of scorn • rising to (lie Ilj.s of the young man ns b#' witness,#* some portion of the servi- j ecs, ■<m may set that chap #lown a* a brainless chap, having neither sense, manners, nor morals. If a young lady, I t sd her down ■* frivolous nnd he sure . j never to select her for a wife Him will 1 e.Hi.c v<iu sorrow if yon do. If) on are a Protmlant and allcnd I nlholic wor- 1 ship conform as far as your conscience | will permit you to the mode of worship praetic-d hy that church, .and let your 1 , denies nor he sober ami dignified, and l ie: rrrmi if yon are a Catholic. Mark Them Oik Fei.i.o" Citi 1 r.Kna.” Nnjadeon. wlio was the great i model of a conqueror, declared the mo- J 1 menl that a victory was won. there were 1 no more enemies. Enemies cease when j ueioriu* are won. They arc then to ho 1 1 rate I as our friend* and fellow citi zens In conclusion, I will bring lo ! you the illustration which I used once 1 on a former occasion: When Latium rebelled against Rome, ami was subdued by her enemies, (he question came, • What shall he done with Latium and the people of Latium I" ‘‘Make them ■ our fellow citizens,” said the great Ca millas, ‘and thus add lo the glory and ) power of Rome I” Oi il (iEotiHAi’iiv—"George, give > 1 us a description of the uirth " ‘‘Yes. sir. The airth is a war globe, , filled willi mud, filth and Shanghairs.” I “What arc its products I" | “Whiskey, giu, greenbacks nnd bus ! ted bank bills." >( "How many races of men arc there/ “Three—races of Unioncoursc, races | fur election, and races for money. ’ “Where is America?" “All over ereulion—it is the paradise ‘j that Adam, the first lillibuslcr, was ; turned out on." j “Smart boy—go up head.” rex."Rob, that’s a fine horse you 1 i have there ; how much is he worth ?’’ ! “Three hundred and fifty dollars.” I “No, not so much us that ?" I “Yes, every cent of it, and another fifty on the top of it.” “Are yon sure ?” “Yes, I’ll swear to it.” “All right.” ■ “Why are you so d—d inquisitive ?” “Merely for assessing purposes. 1 1 am the assessor in this ward and only 1 wanted to know what you rated your r nag at.” A Mrs. French, one hundred and J thirteen years old, lives in Ohio county, Ky- T£R.IU-|1.3fl IKionnCE g&T A correspondent of the Boston Fuel writes from Switzerland: ‘ Not on ly the men. but flic woman, are yiel ding to the fatal fascinations of Alpine peaks, and several English ladies hate distinguished themselves in this Way. One has already been where few men have dared to go, and a 31 iss ,frol# London, with her brothers, attacks pretty much every summit that cornea in her way. They often take a tent with them, and sleep over night, when necessary, on the snow or rocks, thou sands of feet above any human habita tion. bast fall (Wo German ladies actu ally sealed the Kinoferaanhorn. a slen der peak nearly 15,000 feet high, and came down in safety. Tt was about as ninch as any woman could do and live. Day before yesterday an English lady, sixty-five years of age, was desirous of ascending the Cima di Jazi, which is 12,500 feet a hove the sea and commands a grand view over the plains of Lom bardy Hardly daring to trust her strength to walk so (hr, she was carried from the hotel in a ( hair by six men, and survived the trip The heat of the sun radiated from the snow was intense, and the veils and blue glasses could not save her from a blistered face and eyes pretty nearly ruined hy inflammation. She was greatly exhausted, but her pluck carried her through and actually brought her down to dinner an hour after her arrival. The next day I went on the same ground myself and was as tounded to sec what she had done.— The way runs over precipitous slopes by a narrow foot-path, through a long gU rier, after that over a broad plate*(l covered with soft and deep snow, and finally up a slippery dome of ice where a misstep would he very likely to bring one to grief. This trip occupies nin.> hours, and it is necessary on account of the snow to start aid A M. ’ It list, in on .liKliis. In the "Crown of Wild Olivos" John Buskin thus eharaeterizns, in his trench ant style, those who livtfonly to make money as imitators of Judas; Wc do great injustice to Iscariot, in thinking him wicked above all common wicked ness. lb l was only a common money lover, and like all money lovers, did’nt understand Christ; couldn’t make out the worth of him, or meaning of Him. He didn’t want him to be killed. Ho was horror slrurk when he found that Christ would be killed; threw ids motl ey away inslanly, ami hanged himself. How many nl our present money see kers, think you, would hare the grace to hang themselves, whoever was killed’/ But Jml >- was a common,selfish, mud dieheaded, pilfering fellow; his hand ' was always in the hag of the poor, not ' caring for them. He didn’t understand | Christ, yet believed in Him, much moro ! than must of us do! had seen Him do 1 miracles, thought He was i|iiilc strong 1 enough to shiu for Himself, and he, Judas might as welt make his little by (Mirouisites out of the affair. Christ would come out of it well enough, nml lie have the thirty pieces. Now, that is the money mm kcr’s Idea all over the i World, Di umi.ii ai. Ivikm ITV. —One Pet rol. a Frenchman, has invented three i terribly destructive engines—the first, j a three-barrel,-d air-gun, firing one thousand bullets a miuilte, the bullets ; dropping from a hopper without inter mission into the gun; the second is Hint i ilar hut nnmnled on wheels, and the | third is a steam locomotive, discharging two pounds weight of projectiles per second and capable of killing one hun dred and seventy two thousand eight t hundred men in twenty-four hours, if ’ but one man was killed to every Ituu , dred shots discharged. At a meeting of Fenians, which was held at Rochester, New Vork, on Tlutr i sday last, a resolution was adopted I threatening tho Canadians with severe retaliation if they inflict punishment on j tho Fenian prisoners now in their hands. The Fair at St- Louis for the relief of ; destitute persons at tho South is pro nounced a decided success. Four libel suit* haver been commenced against tbo St. Louis l)riru>rrnl, a Radical journal, and five against the proprietors respec tively, The damages are put at throe . hundred and twenty thousand dollars. i (o~Two Irishmen were traveling to Portland, Me., when they slopped to examine a guideboard. “Twelve miles to Portland,’’ exclaimed one. "Six miles apace, jist," said the other. And they trudged on, apparently well gratified of their sudden proximity to the forest city. The Hon. Heverdy Johnson hag given an opinion that the tax of three ' cents a pound on raw cotton is uncoo i stitutional, and believes that tho courts j will so decide. ! An expert printer will set about 26,- , 000 letters daily, his hand traveling | more than nine miles, and in the work ! ing days of a year about 3,000. There is a gentleman in Glasgow, so polite, that hi begs bis own pardon ev ery time ho tumbles down. Beinggood nafured, he always grants it. } - Wc suppose there can ho no disputing the fact that the first Ar/eh'c expedition was got up hy Noah. tSf'X man in battle is not allowed to 1 whistle to keep his courage up, and tho , whistling of tho bullets doesn’t havo that tendency.