Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, November 29, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated November 29, 1866 Page 2
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE* THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29,1866. Tlio Radicals and llic South. B#*Whmi we protest against the majority of the people in the Northern States enforcing their unpalatable schemes upon the Southern people, doubtless every Radical is ready to re ply —that the South has been conquered in war; and that it is the right of the conquerors to impose what terms they please upon the vanquished. No mag nanimous nation would undertake to treat a foreign foe in such a manner whom the fortunes of war had placed at their mercy. Hero, however, the case is entirely different. The people of the South are our fellow-citir.ens; and they were only impelled to the rash act of rebellion by the well grounded belief that the people of the North were con spiring to seise on the machinery of the General Government to compel the Southern people to accept the political views of the Northern majority. Dis guise it as we may, there is no wiping out the fact that thoyfrst attempt at sectionalism in politics came from the North in the shape of an anti -slavery party, and that the same thing was'only done in the South afterwards byway of retaliation. We know that Church or ganizations had previously been divide,] into North and South, and that had feeling on that question had been in creasing in intensity ; but that, so far from justifying the mixing of that dan gerous question in politics, was a suf ficient warning against it. We are not going into a discussion now, as to which section was most to blame in their ultraism in regard to sla very. We are satisfied at all events, that the overthrow of slavery did not re quire of the people of the North to dis regard the Constitutional compromises made hy our forefathers on the subject, and to array against the South the com pact sectional majority of the N’arlh in the shape of a political party. The South had reason to complain of the moral assault; hut was it wonderful that she look fire at the idea of mortal men like themselves, undertaking to yoke slavery to politics, and to hurl the bolt* of the Almighty. This was the first great error that destroyed completely the political balance of the country, and made the North and South two distinct people*, and made war possible from the least indiscretion on either side. We have stated thus much to show that the North was not blameless in provoking this state of things. The South was indiscreet enough to be caught in the trap, and the total over throw of slavery, and the sudden eman cipation of her millions of unprepared slaves, has precipitated upon no new ami still dangerous questions. The Repub lican party which helped to provoke this war may thunk their stars for the j imprudence of the South in striking for j disunion, and thus arraying against ! themselves the whole people of the North. That alone ensured the final ' defeat of the Houth, and overthrow of slavery. This very Republican parly, i all through the war, jeopardi* ! the cause by their fanatical fury, which Mr. I Lincoln could not always restrain to the suitable moment. And since the cause ; of the Union has triumphed, despite their agency in bringing it into danger at first, and keeping it trembling in the balance all the time, they with unblush ing impudence claim all the honors, and hy new and unheard of demands, over riding the noble efforts of the I‘residcnt of (heir owo choosing, they continue to | bar the door against all conciliation, These Northern Radicals, with Butler | at their head, now threaten to re-invadc | the South with fire and sw(rd, and to j parcel out their lands among themselves and the negroes, if the people there do j not accept their offensive terms. The Mouth has gladly accepted the honorable 1 ■ terms of Gen. Grant and President Johnson—all she can yield with honor —and yet these men talk of trying over again a combat of arms with a jicoplc who, before they agreed to surrender ! those arms, often made the combined people of the North to tremble for the issue. They talk of renewing the war to force their mischicvoui terms, with an almost equal host of Northern Con- ■ sefvatives to oppose them ! What ah- , surdity I Should they try it their lead- i < t might soon find himself corked up as’' tightly as Gen. Butler at Bermuda Hun j dred. Seriously, to cut short the matter, I will the sensible people of the North j consent to be longer led by men who fir.-t embroiled our countrymen in war, for a purpose that would have come in due time in. peace, and who now cannot forego their unnatural, impracticable sohemos, to give their miserable country a chance to reap the blessings of peace ? Atlrnliaii. Johnson Club! The Johnson Club of Westminster, will bold a special meeting at Zachari es’* Hotel on Thursday evening, Nov. to arrange aboutatteuding the Torch Bight i. recession at Pinksburg on Sat urday night next. Bet all come, By order G. W. BIIRIVKR, Seo’y. Most of (he clergymen of Norwich, Connecticut, have signed a circular ; protesting against funerals on Sunday. ! qualified suffVage as something bound to succeed, the Radfical press seise on ft with great joy, thinking ft will relieve them of much of the odium of supporting that doctrine. They will have to bear the honor oy tjic slumie of that measure alone, for the Democratic and Conservative press generally meet the proposition with indignant denun i ciation. The Radicals seem anxious to drive or coax the youth into Negro Suffrage as soon as possible, suspecting that the people down there may find out soon that all they have got to do is to do nothing, whilst the p.tiehce of (be North may ' c tired out by their contin ued exactions. Accordingly they grasp at every pretext which promises to let them down easily. They have filled the country with silly rumors that the President has concluded to cave in, and will no longer oppose their Congression al policy, and will recommend qualified ; Negro Suffrage the South. Such I stories they circulate one day, and deny | them the next. 711* President is not of such unstable character. He believes the decision of the people of the North st the date elections to hare been foun ded on passion and prejudice, which will yet pass away ; and is sa confident that his policy is the only proper one to restore tho country as ho was lie fore the late elections, lie most wail, like the whole country, until the folly of Radi caHoiu bums itself out, as it will do in less than two years wo hope. | Their solicitude on the question of Negro Suffrage shows that they fear it They showed this at their Philadelphia Convention, when the North refused to | participate, and tho Border Stales ran away Irom the Convention he loro tin Hsdicals from (he Onlf States could commit them to It- Since the election, they arc in a delightful state of cortfu ' sion in Maryland, most of them being disposed to follow the AwrfiVvra, and to talk lovingly of the beauties of lm ‘ partial Suffrage.” Some of (heir impers squirm at it a little, but they bare, boon progrm,mg for some years very fast.and j doubtless they will soon be ready to. obey the managers They rather 1 1 L it as a punishment on tlio South, but arc much afraid of its effects on many of their voters. They ran that question no longer. When (he nett ' Presidential platform come* to be made j up wc will sue a big bolt made from that party. Thank fortune our friends bare not fooled much with that question snd have nothing to fesr from it A I or feel tun, Shortly after the nomination of (fob Moulsby for Congress, w e took ocr.avion to say (hat, if elected, he would prove more acceptable to our Comity than snv representative wo ever had. The idea on our mind was this that Coir oil county had never had one of her elti*. ns ns S repreSematire ill Con-re-* and that Col Mau'sby. who had resided here so long, came nearest to being sm-h n representative In this, ft<• tn want of reflection, wc made an awkward mis take; for wo forgot at the moment (hat our friend, Dr Shower, of Can oil coun ty, formerly repr settled our county in Congress and most acceptably to our people. 01'course all who ohsi rvud it' must h\o believed that it was don* in advertently ; yet wc think it our duly to make this public correction, <>u our attention being called to il by a friend. < untested election luse in Allcruh) onnt v, ,11(1. Col. Alfred Spates the conservative candidate for the Stale Senate, in Al legany county, SJd., at the Lite election, has notified Dr. Charles II Obr, radi cal, who was (Iceland to bu fleeted, that ho will contest his seat. Col Spates in announcing to 1 >r. Ohr hit intention to contest the result, say a ; "I will do so on the evidence I have collected which satisfies me that you were not fairly or legally elected .Sena tor at thu election held in Allegany county on tho (ilh day of November, ! inst.. upon the ground that the Judges of the election, in many of I lie election j districts, refused to receive the ballots of a large number of registered and 1c- | gal voters who tendered their ballots to the said judges, upon which ballots, so j tendered and rejected, my name was printed ‘for Senatorand upon (ho ground that armed men were at the polls, conspiring with the judges and acting ( under the counsel of yourself, threaten ing force and violence, with intent to overawe mid binder the eUetimi. there by preventing a large number of legal ly registered and qualified voters front > easting their ballots for myself for yen- i ator; and upon the g)-i)qnd that the. j judges oi the election, through iuadvur- i fence or otherwise, miscounted the bal- j lots and made erroneous returns* of thu | numbers of the votes cast for you ami myself, respectively.” The AlLuganisn says the re.--alt. os given by the return judges, cihiiWt* n majority of twelve votes for Dr. OhV, but a subsequent recount, yj the pres ence of gentlemen of both parlies, sleets (V, Spates by a majority of thirty-five. — Sun, v.-• (Sluio ladies sprinkle their Imsbsnds with (oars in order that they may sweep the cash out of their pockets—just as people usually sprinkle the floor before sweeping. || From the Baltimore Gazette. | the Southern people IdbE beyond tbo immediate present. They expect their children utaci their children's children; to lissess their land long after the jircs outgone ration shall have passed away. They know lh result of political equality between the two races will be. Anarchy and war will he the lot of the people,.and desolation the fate of that section of the country. They are will ingtfa ftcttWd tho black* hut we cly the fallen protection lor their rights, their persona and their paopcity, but will aid thciinh Uicir strugjjW to better and to elevate themselves lint the right of suffrage they are unalterably, mid we think rightly opposed to conceding to the uogru. It has pleased that same I’roviuknck which created such diver sities of soil, climate and race, to im plant certain cardinal instincts in the human heart which hare been constant in their operation* from the beginning, and which will continue to control men as long as earth shall endure. Among the feelings or emotions which influence men most strongly most be classed those which link together people of the same country and of Ihe same race. So nat urally are men drawn towards those who are ns it were of their own household, that, he must be a fanatic or an imbecile who would reject this clement of human nature in considering a plan of govern ment for diverse nice* inhabiting the same*oonntry. History teaches that in all times uud in all ages, whenever two or more race* hare lived together, un less they amalgamated, the one or the other always monopolised the political power of the State. It is even difficult to blend into a harmonious whole peo ple oflhc same or kindred race* who have been lung divided iulo different nation*. The Irishman naturally pi id urn a br- tlt er irishman to the •'Sa.voi, the Venetian rejoieoa that Italy is no longer united with Austria, and the I'olc still dream* of the possibility of living to see his people exalted, and (he tower of Bussi ■ oforlhrcwn. So whm thedKrii'U IVan chine, qualified or unqualified, is euu farred upon the black* nod whites in the South then will begin (he struggle fur supremacy, li may not assume in day or to morrow sin li propor. ions a* to exclie the fears of the |>cople, but it will, nevertheless, begin Negro* • who might no* vote lor their former master will, in the course nt time, role for non but black in* n. Hrtn.iu igoftr will not be wanting to nlimtihrle a in I lug into su Internal priM-Inn. rind if >h< negro is ijiio-k and iudnilrioo* ns w< arc told he is, the number who would vote under a qualified right of aoffragr would rapidly multiply, 'lliea in many 1 awiUons of ih South, ns in JstHsiea ) m-gro judge* and rvpfe*i nl*liiKniild rule over tho whites, nml hut r nim- ity would gradually apron; up l**t -a ' ill# I.IOSS which Would rutsirf or later cud iu anarchy wod war We cannot pretend, in (he compass of an editorial article, tv even Ve)*-r to the fact# and* by which an think ti c iti supfsu't these cofirlunnn* \V r merely wwh (o say that it is lo these results the Southern p ph are looking when they r* slat the n ,w making In place Ih* (dock* on ih- sumo ('anting wti the a liit* • |i is in fin hope of nvei ling tile i) we bv sMurtvl i*. Ihal *■ have urged the Nath to pur *uc (he course she ha* \\ ■ are h r from listing any antipathy tmard ih# uagiu. or di-posilo>u to *. inj* lice done him in my shape. On the contrary, <> have It.- knalio-l fieUiq; UiNsrds bun ami # •n-lv n,.|i that his ful nrc may b<- a iiuppiot mie I hair we can -ay w c-xpeet itio be Hot we are ■iio'UKS'd that one no*- or (lo> nth* i must rule in I It-: .South and tli.i il . ’IrU-glois lobe ittnugo sl id m *l, h 110 claim to >iij. * ■ .il.*-, i - ini. i.-st.-d it ■ w til end 111 blood. We waul 110 nidi i i|! nt, *1 in i* Inii i* it that w,- stand bj Iho while race today nod if the North the i lie we will still e*,n. tillUf to Uphold the e .il e I llne-e wh arc of our own blond. 'I lit; Oitl Guard f< IM.f. U'c hale r< reived The (lid Onard for December, thcwdo-iog numb of ll present volume which contain- 1 v 110 w,iy a at a-1 plate portrait of liem-rui A I*. Hill, and the concluding chnpti i of “He ilia iSeuly." The eoudui'lom have mad* n popular hit li the annonhee ment of a new llevolutionary Koiunnee Iroui the pen of the most (fi*litiL"iii*h<d American novelist now living. \V (jib more Biinms. Ksq . ofF (’. The title of tiiis now story is ‘-Joseelvn ; \ Tale of the Jlevulmion,” (he seine of which will ho laid mninfy in Oeor i i nml tho Carolina* It will depict in Air. Simula's graphic and iniOiitahlc stylo, event* nt (he birth of the Amcri eao principle of povertum nt. nml inirti duoc ua (n Hm rebels of IT7l* A Mon from the cotenrporsiy *ndp“er of f'nnp er mid Irving might in giv*- any Mag.t xino bO.UUtI circulation Iteshj. * (hi . Novel, The Old (luanl for 1.d07 will emtain series of Sketches li nn the liu'ih- and elegant pen of John K - ten (.lookc, Ksq., of V irglnia, author of “Sur ry of Hug hi'a Neat,” entitled The Hat ties of Virginia," These literary at tractions, together with many olhvi-. will render The Old (Jninl for IMI7 unusually vltr active, and micht In I .t-ge- ' ly extend its elreiilaliim mining all hv era uf first-class literalnro Politically there will ho no change in (he rour of the. Mages!no. Mr Harr, its editor, wielding his vigorous pen without fear . vi favor Wc had almost forgotten to mention that it will also be eiilarynl, by (he addition of sixteen pages of mi ding lautter, without any increase in i price, except a tiifiing~ advance on Huh ’ rates. Tho Old f rimed (hr JHB7 will! evidently lake rank as h first win** Mag a/.ine insiso’ and In ovary respect. It* terms nrc only f*H per jrtwr; four copies ?H> ; ten copies, and one extra, #:>s t twonty copies, find oili' extra, 845. At premium ol’n blowing Machine is offer- ; ed to nlheldhs of thirty, tit #:'! (Kl each i iSpccimon copies, eontainin!? full terms i ha clubbing, riretnittms, Ao ,Ac , soot post [iatd for (icmity casta, fjtiirf/l B n ">m. Address Van JOvric, Horitfii k <’o., Publishers, No. Did Nassau street. New York. A little girl attending Hubbsth school , fur tho lirst time, being asked if she loved tho i.ord, rc[ilied, ‘ Don’t know tliir; 1 hain’t got nothing noin him.” CWUKOD INDICATION.—St. John's Church, t Westminster, Md.. was dedi cated on Inst Thursday, the 2!iud iost., accord in J; to ind improsniro rite* of the Catholic Church. Tbt#o were fifteen Priests in altendanoc-atnong thv'm Ilev. John McCaffrey, I). 1.)., President of Mt. St. Mary’s College, .Rev. John McCliky.,l>. I)-, Vice Pres ident of same, jind Rev. Thomas Foley, I). I)., Secretary to the Arch Rislmp. The dedicatory Sermon, which was able and interesting, was delivered by tW latter in a very cinistc style. Solemn High Mans was offered, —Rev, John Poughcrly, Celt brant, llev. Henry ||c- Murdm. Weapon, Rev. Father KnJfffn berg, dub I<aeon. The Mu-ic was j dyttinf, there being presenf thirteen members of the Cathedral Choir of liul timoru timler Prof, Leinhard% who pre sided at the organ. It Is estimated that there were eleven hundred persons pres ent in (he Church. Jlev John Uloyd, Pastor in charge,desires us to ref urn his grateful thanks to the people in atten dance; also to the many persons not members who have contributed very liberally in aid of the building. We congratulate the nr tubers of the Church in tneir having thus completed, and dedicated to the service of God, so cred itable a building; and hare no doubt they will feel thonffftl - cs amply reward ed fnr all it has Or will cost. (loon .Ss'.jf,—Tjio valuable farm of the late lasyi f>Wik ton with about acres adjoiningof Mrs. Rachel Cookson. 1 making together one hundred and fifty | sixacres, situated in Cniuntown district Carroll county, was sold on the 2lt j hist., by Mr John Pmllh.f of Wakefield as Trustee and Agent, at m'mly hr<> dollars per acre, toller. Augustin Web ster, |.(, !>., of i.uthcrviUe, ihdtivunrc County. * Tuavksoiv imo —To-day will he ot serred as a day of Thanksgiving gen erally. Thera will he service* in at least three of the Chorche* of this place. • Kju*tjv al- The Indies ot th< M K <’Huirh design gi> mg sn ();.ler per and Festival at the School Boom* in the Odd Fellows' Hall, WTi •limn Mer, ] on Thursday rrruing. (1 dunk innj, day, i for Iha In nefit of M. K I’mmi. AH the dslieaeiea r>> the season wiH bi served up. The p itron.ige of a libera): • public is respectfully tolieilcd Vnmmi. itten/s/ T li' tmrprlae I’nrUes. Me b iixio* —Some of lire friends of Rev. J. T .ir .1 au-l lie. 11. Holloway it, ’ < and aronml Wcstminilcr, have v# rv projrer ■ I Ij given tbfUi Uinnttn and lin o latiii o r. | lulls if their hpprwiAl -n of their pre ■ ic nod of their -II: jn '‘ ! Jr midst j hr a sarpstwal iii! to Mft’b, vfiiliojl tiretr : *■ I'S’C .-is to therf uUiv, I ' i. ipfcod I'tJttAuiai.ut t*blt M.sufMSSr | i i- ■ •* rhi'tu a small ilegren <4 •ah*!.. >! rtt t right that nth eipri ssloa sbqß! made 10 every faithful imn.Vtsw of lb Wb It rertalolr ger-ariy ooeoaMg'' “"1 I fre Wto-ns rtwin in win t—'*.nwi*ne Tit their (akn*, e.i >aing lb# at tv nd that lh< ir i.iiiiis i t, rml lit,' m not only owned W (rod, but ftp- J ; If. . tied hf tncW.ei , and that tbet'hm I, lerntw , *i. hoW ep theij hand* no lon,- us - j they sis faithful .n tun dm ilargn of their j duties, tiiid “M their hght sn shine that nth | - mar •- ■ tie ir ■ I •■•iC Ac The little c>.nilihuti.irtv fVorit each* V Ire„ pai to ' Ihi r, --rti*titVw* mi sine is; n|.„h nill j pte’ * a tii-wiAt; to them, Isim. the hspiw gmetine foim each, a ait (he hn-tprpinUMe rae!‘ut.. W m‘ismWly’ U. - prs re H pr-iicilioo Ul -very Jo il,. Iremh’a, ale m Huai. Ilia people in Ihv.r * (forts to susn.ii, the tstgiilrr, ,m 4 Untrehy hold os tlm fi'/ioel for the saltation of ih, world, tire, nod sf.ll wifi Ire. Id, i n their fired., mid find that they love (for mim-ler m> rhetso,,.- .. (Jhuraji. and et, icr ham. lay big mW ell pf laiiu •, st-.t v sMi idef and cordis* together from dilfenni church us one < oniti-m family i-r ms Murrain pirrju e. tit h-.w ~r hearts laamd with happy 1-ir.f a!‘>n* when rr (a pm to draw i. pcic,., , otnmnn froth 11hood in (h lemss end stifiport t f ti.e l to-p-1 ’ MvG,.d l.:. ..o.i r mi.,MU-rv*n ! Ihi-p. iple ana visit Wi-4tmln*ter andthe entmlVy around u wnh h graeiomi remal of udigitm. Oak rm.-ivr. ' Mi. M. ; ,t In our Court Hon ,mi the right !:nd of the Judge o the Item it. we have the Figure ol Justice, the in one hand and the sword in tin- other, ad j mnniahing o* that crime should be pun ished, innocence protected, and the law* honored, on the other hand id the • cat of Justice, are Figures of a littlu orphan girl U-mg led by the hmd of tn-r nmtlo i . represeuting a l.unily do priced of its head and bereaved, and appealing to the ruiiunuinty lor prutee lion, and syinpalhy and love These things front our earliest history, up ton recent period, had n meaning They embodied the hnttnr, good faith, justice and charity of our jn-tiji.'u. How has this county fallen from its high estate ? How glial is the dagger in which stand of the fs( of oilier people, who neglceteil justice nml ipercy 7 let the feeble ndininislraliou ofju-i. n miswer. , Let the partisan charaetur ol our jniie itiswi r. l-f’t the shameful conduct ol the jvoii cit of election, uud the souives of the appoinlinvnis oftlo *o juries, and j judges, mid other instruments ol the ; idmt ilsiialimi ol jti ltd about t he Court H.iißc answer J and let (ho vindictive and oppre-ssivu and unripbitnous apiiit in which a large part of our community com* to liio support mid justification ul

thc-e outrage* on justice, law and char ity answer, Tlicic inti-1 h<* u jituudy : toiiinbfor the ■ things, or, (th- < barae ter, ami prosperity, and happiness ol | the c mnnunity will b> lost and disgrace 1 and ruin swallow us up. We look to the la'gislaluro *oou to a seinhle. We must have a new mode of selecting our | juries to answer impablially the diitonn j u o liet.wcn chir- Hi, and to bring tin guilty to putiisluneut, and give pint o lign lo tins lumicciit, \ml a new model of relucting competent men to sot us: juduea of elections, without regard to political sentiment. The people de. mancl, mi lju dice PUtl honor require, an opportunity to reninve from oflieg, in couiputout and malicious partisans, pig cod there by the force of bayonets, to accomplish tho purppscs of tbrdguera to our iuturusts, and euomina to out , rifshtii and honor. The honor, the in ternet*,’ the character, (h welfare, mor ally and materially, ot the people, de mand a nuvv Constitution, framed indite spirit of wisdom and justice, under which all our people may find protection, and have a fair chance, in the race of life tor prosperity, honor,' and happi ness. Valuable Town Property at PRIVATE R4LI!. THB underaignofi wIU sell at Private Side, the property on which lie now rddes. iMuated on jn street, about 100 yard. Wed of tho Railroad Depot, fronting 80 feet on Mntnatreut and fanning back 00 feet to an allev, Improved with a large ami convenient .at nWKLtrffj A*D STORK ROOM. *<*■% Store room i about 15 feet wid" ami J' ' W M (Vet deep, and la one of the Banal !* *1 Wi •tore nmrai in Wealmlnaler. The dwelling part conlaina H rooma, Batement and fellar, Baacnent floored and plastered, large STAIiI.K 'and rarrlage Route, Hug Home, t'lirlum House, Hake ,f)*n( a Wert of cicHleitl aofl water in tie* yard. The bnildinga are all new, having all Wen bnllt wtthln the lad four veara. The garden eaanot ho .iiiiuMia-d. Fruit treea of nearly all kinds. Apples, IVarliea, )’**;ir*, C’her rlea, IHnii.tis, Grigi-a and draper, with nice grane Arbors. The Store roiundit will known as Mra. Shrl ner's Fancy Store, and the HTOfK of GOODS is also ofli red at lh train Sale. Term* eaag—caU on, w', j:. slim\Kit, nerSP If „n the preiuiaea. PUBLIC SALE OT VAM'ARI.K PARCEL OF LA.YD. fJTIfK Snhacrilsar will offer at Public Sale, | on the premians, on Hattnday, thr 15f/ nf Dremlcr, 18(iU, at 1 o’clock, P. M., njiarccl of Lund, adjoining the Alma House Knrm, on the.South, nod lying between tile Washington and <list Hoad*, within In,lf a mile of Weatminater, Md, containing 38 Acres of Land, more of leva. There arc aboutQ Acroa of first rate TIMHKK LA \ H—the balane-- lining Clonrad, well feneed and in a good alatc of oallivallon. A lltic (Trance fur a (pawl speculation is offered in Ibia Land, aa (hernia abundant II aiding Material* thereon, attcli a* good Timber, Storm, Snod ad Shingle Wood. Tor on mad*- known on datr of Sale. I.KWLS TlttJMßf*. 1 no* 29,-81 PUBLIC SALE. I mill off r m I‘i.UIAC HAIJv, on Srtt a nitty t thf \ 'th fj J*errm(>cr % *1 I o'vlerfc, I*. M. f M) Houw ami Lot, in lh<* C’ltr of Wpvtroiiwipr. z Th<* IIWHE id ft ft w frw>* iVffjA ii£, ft.. rtd U wrll ft *h' d 1 1 if vffl| . from cellar to Tk*i Lot .6U fp|t| IWwl lit JUft (c* t dt’s'p, w i'll fnytr.’d. A | wHI of R#f* f and f iirrp ll* • dost?, I Tbi# propartft in )'i- a**i>ilv itliiiairfi on Mlki .if fHrfci. n**r Uif H. H. Hu ition. jftit known or d*r of Hah-. (JKOHtif. W. YVIMKHT. j k>%. 13, 3t, Dr.Bryan'eMcdlcincs I Hate on lur id f r 7 I folk .mg val I I aaie M*u*.n* nbntlt ate deturdwA i ! Mr .1. nd cr'-xe? .mt ia tin. 'f. m Advocate * r ' Mr. Ik ;r* Specific I'ilL, Mr. lliOtey’. IT • PiiL, Mr. I! !,if- p.lis, i Mr % ollmr m.-dleiac, . aS .i1...,.,,. ! cured through (he undersigned when r- uir lei. A. M If* HLIt, Mmpg •. W> .i,„ Md. i nor 2‘, U\ K‘tm n/ C, , , /’ A' if Ur ! NOTli't, I, h , rh, g)e.n that tl, aad <r.ign rd Intend. w Alsf • further and fi.*l d.. 1 irihallaa of tb- A-ol* of tin of Mmirg F H.mß-f Ist. ..r r, :t c si,, j,.. ,„.i Jcm.iiileg in h(. b*nde. t-e creditor lof .*l.l d d. . r... th ,|l ■ 1,1 Ik- Or pban.' Court for .i'arroff eoBM. on Monday, if.. Jiih day of IWret.., I*4. .he, wbirh day h* will pay to >*. U ’tl (he c r i,t,,r. ..f atd (hi d thetr t- r, u tl * J, ■ siml,. .oardisi, i t(. •M du (hull m, upon lfc.Tr . .King n hta, • I hi. im.A-.t- t Match -Icr, r .m il e.-mlr, Md. Ml r. do • -i. ,|. > . ~..t ,h,.d, | t I h .-it -1 Amt nnblh ;Ik gi.i-r of nil It, pf up. r I, I - ir- win ■ f(W . h <({• (hell I -l.v ~r i)..i. • r<- J % rails : UOW bit. net, ?*> M. f.lmliil.t-t' i ;ih. /;'n ■■re... Volifi .. i. ■ .. Ant th : h ,1 ■ in hit'! lutai.-ied Imm In.- tir .1- .. Me of Cat dt ( >bdv lie •. > d All ( V-r, .atiHring rtkott* ng-.m,.’t .unf K lot** ere berchy v j,rmi to ohihit the (tone <\ moistiw ban liut date, oih. r u* lb 1 may be * vslu lcd ft >*u ail Ur* til t ifilL-V-T. VX' i ;; l :.c'v 11 UKI.fNMA J.VCOUs, JOHN I. UM,L. /•*'*,'* „rm , //.. 1,, ,w,/. N’oTICK i. beet v g„,.„ t*;„. Sub -88 < nbur h uiduiiu d fmm t hi-Orphan * •r. -,,i f ~j i*, j,it, ,*. .y ( ti**n rn the |hsr ■ d K*tuto of Ma* r lltvi, it. lain of Carroll th only d iru- 1, All ;<w.-oue hwiig: on.- nguiut . 1 1.- I:i'*l uro il diy erputd to o* fh<i Mm ; wiinin *it livmlb* from (hie dale otbcr O-.* liter nun !•<■ eyclnd* I front all benefit of aitid Kdntr ibo - luddite*! arc re*| wyted to itiake iwmrdiul*- jinvaien'. Wn.IAAM 111 vflv, i*"W * U Aflmsiii iraNir, /.*ftift- (// Jii'honJ ,/ trtth*. tfvt'rtifr / .VftTf f*V. I* luTi lv u*un that |)u< #ulu p( h>r lifti oblaiopil ftow ihc ftrjhtn*' Amn of ftu*- , io\ f i (<.unt\ jftf *of ration iu A>* •, Hii fh Wilt A*f|iw' d v fh I*, j kI I o‘it ftln lld) Ac|ft)Tn}ftt<*t < il. of Itl HAUM !'• of ( arroll drMftftaptl. All iMf dftiiftA HL'i:,st nahl r tyirmi l' i.ixliil4( the ftunio uiUili #l* fhi* tlar**. fltwf i*s ilu * mat hr. r\c|iiilt'il from alt bomrlil of Tlhmi L|wl Mi*v • to make t uiapihjite ) •s up m JACAIM, ni\29-if AdnilninUiktor an ftforefftid. I (SO 01} St ' UltY O' OOhS 11 j n-ihi, l a imi’i f. Uiiicr#, T wppdft, Jcntci. kc., &<-. A Urjri* FupjJ> and verjr low ia juht. f all hvfoip voo j ui • at nof. W. I*. K. OERXANDhS. Nahin*. fun ant*, Fp4r *, all kind<. nt mv. W. A‘. A'. | Meat Stufli rs. tkv. The unrivalled douhh* f'nfiir rtd NtuDVr, fin ale iy jov. 311 A. A'. (!< run ml <ifti,l> U advancing. io i* and wt-n- j tiling clac, but A. M. Warner u railing nl the •Id in ici d. tuny 31. it iKaTiiyocii: h vitKirrs. f Tri i.vv Aov. 27, IhCd. n.OLU Si Sdjifr ftnd Cut E\tia flu, biuh ATiudc* JU.50i15.23| do. | J /linilv IfUVMallfl; Ohio Suj. p And L*ut Kyi n 1 l.. r onsl I.4i* |Hr hhL Hyr Kioni —nw 7.7.'a f Corn Meal —Citf Miila $r.,60 hid. Duekv heal *We qnotn At 3.7&u!SU.Wi prr HMJ Ib. as to <|Uliiy, in hulk. URAIiNVr-W^miJcv of ckpioc while Wlh*ai fbrlhlprtiftut, ai $3.40, fair do. At, 3as:k Ou, and ml nt 2.&ff0|3.25, as to quality. Ib6 lah h r for rliolrto. CMru—now whiio nt aft mu* to f I for damp, n to condition, ami for dry v.ellow U#l*lo por hushol. Oatu 17*60 cunt*, five por hushul. Kao visions. WpiiuoL- Bhouldcn cat lOhi* JHhj cts. for do ir rib; Hams 24a26 ct*. fm suirnr cured. Itni d quiet and nomlnnl at els. m- - J*- i-m mmm *—.njaiwjren *. t mi i iit— iimhh m a-wwt; Ymmnn). Ou the 20th iiuit. by the Rov. Jacob Soclilor, Mr. Jacob F. Hull, to Miss SusanuaSi C. Frock, both of c'anoU county, Md. TRUSTEE’S SALE ' of Ileal Estate. BV Virtfto u decree of tlio Circuit (.Vrurt Ibr Carrofl|'i)unt¥, silling as a Court r <rt Kqutty, the Ofldarsigned, as Trustee, will acll ut i’ulilic jaule, on the i.icuiiaoa, on Saturday, O.rrmhrr the 'i'iml ]B6(j ) o' 10 o’dock, A. M., A VALV,A 11 hV. FARM, fihi%(ij.| i Manchester District, on tho (’"iiit> rum!. leading from Snyik-rabnrg to Manchester, about 2 miles from the Hano ver 1 unapiku, and alamt A miles from Man ehcaUir, and unjoins the land of John Heed, Jacob Tingling. David Witter, and others. Said F arm contain* 110 Acres of (and, more or leas. The improvements consist of u enmforlabhJ tdimory DWKI.LINyO HOUK, Ham, Carriage House. Spring House, and other necessary buildings; also a good Hlaeksniith Shoo recently built, mid now in the use dfa mßcitsniltli. T],e buildings are all in good repnlr There is also two Orchards of choice fnilt on the premises, and water convenient to House sail Jlorni The fields are laid off in eonveuient sign, inclosed by good fences, and well watered. About AO Acres in TIMBER LA XI). The above described Farm is the same of which William Albnufb, died seized and possessed, and is now in occupancy of Kd raund Albangh, Ksq., who will show the same to those desiring to oarclmse. Taa* OF Saws.—One-third cash on the day of sale, or the ratification thereof, one third in twelve months, and the other nor th! rtf io two years front the day of sale, the ; the purchaser or purr-ba.-rs giving his or I •heir notes, with approved security bearing j intefeU from day of sale. t il AS. T KF.IFSN'IDKH, Tt usiee. j CaorrA ff rfr riitga, Solicitors. I ALSO, on llir mime day at the Mime place. \ a .1 alder the sale of the Farm deoribesl. I t will sell at Public Sale, the following Per j smial Properly, to wit; oNB SoUHBI. M.VKB. .-fS, IH- - • av I! t a- 1 1f.,.-. -".fsTiiV i mihksUbii an d si) u.t- ir tS!~vC jawfjs ) IHtOotl smv with MIX PICS. He .Id c ... •■Sad* •..• r.l 2 He aid Ibvldi-Ig. Chairs. Table,. I ( i.,eh. I upturned Hnrptiu. tine rnnhln-i ti(o> e wtiT .. Fillin', s i • j CJL'K Store. and a variety ~f artiei -s ■— l ft **V jl '< in in i, f,- s„, -All tinder live dollar eish; alwive itw-t.; ~. 9 |,t of fifing not. With appro-. I o enrilr Kmneg .(At VtH AI HA CO H. i no, ‘.’‘ IS Hr. .1 Mowrr.u, Am-t'r. | A Sewing Machine PREMIUM. W|i,r*n\ a CHIOS' r I braird <■• 9 red a. j ,io- - J... .at,. 1 Arthur Mome M .-is. n f„r IKT.T The Hum. now so well known t the reading paldic. thsi y n—d srarv, tv re peat —1 1 . 1 1... t— i.ion hern, lint iu editors ' regard liters.i,re a., something higher than a i •Tilde '<- That to rrawnleg • airlU-crr lie y i el. Aad . liter wifi I ever - - oi mtk lb Home Msgssimj llm min is. -t all things lur and neb). ; the t sclmr. , whether hr a lory, me.n, ... ibalmdr „ ' m u lire h (he ‘(i d.!, a Hols" nwtll-r he ; iu nr happy. that ear le i . restart ihroagboiti lie country may navy hua styles sfdtrrr, v. ' ban- pU'-d „at fashion DrparMfeet l the ' !> t. ,/%■ w k.. k. t.... i /.■ t*>- r.’ . r vv/.vt,- j Sf.iC:.' .1 r ... j_.e'i,„ ’’ irV 1> .I isna'ie lO* ret , II I. nf A Cl ores Kill u< each ~e...a fr,.* Wham .lab of I .ah.,., .he,, a. shore 0, oil! I*. se„| (n | •set, •la-h ...he -I r He, ~ - . 5f..... f„ r - th. H-vroe blagmar. ~ to, t i .ml It, ■ Hum . Magana •" . 11l • t',. i od-l !V. I f„r •-. • ud ii* th-e • magar-hn-s J*l named. Our Pi sill. ■ '! u llll.e I’r lie l II The i.iUiv (■ -g r, Vfif.-t Ali.Sts'i Mi the A... ~ a.d . .1 1.1 It. a:ai ~r.,.8 r 0,f' list. --sell I M - s:,n, I'atabhxl ~, I. 1,. mue-r, | a hmi- hold i\, O-H > ei, an oanl of its red mW- I it-. ■ n. I ts, a.,.1 . met. A child • an wm k ii. lor lbs. .IF -a h, Ho,a.; Migarioe and JlhO - i Ii- at th'ie mathiii-e. ll.ii in urd-r i- enal-t- Ih -e who i-aap-st procure.,, many I „it, ,il.. ~e g.-t a ; a, have ar if an l. ~ lnl, ,1V IxasyHgadf.wguhsrriiUhnia.or hue.. v> to $ 1.1, a t ding |,J „ae. of list. Ml ,0,0 t*.av n a v-.sehi- . *fr Send -lb ecnis j tut epcciia 'I aukll ts itju ■ad gv-t j Address 7 S AllTlint A CO j.i phiiadfipiita. 7, HI TENT MTen ROOFINIi. ‘ Till N -V Ywrk Hire lU>.rii>onis\ST, fit*, eddi-i. -i 1 .I arc manufaetaring tinder I-. s Pah at th- ii ar.irlii of cowpositton roof- | i.-.g v r off . udniti- public. It is adapted | on . , - ..f li. ..f, t -p c,j flit, and can b i- |-idi- d to any one. it- - t A- i.ov.. aft-r a Devroagh test 1 ..til otili.v. |,av vivi.e-d io a... la the Vary | k i d. sod upon Public, Tl. II lie. i pa. up in r.dls, and has onlv 1.. I na.b dto th< lie .1 to nisli.-a flnrsble ' I jii.;: wo \ avkh.puoof covbui.vo. 1 V. | , tie„la,|y te.-moHvad It. ih upon I tt. .... • . f.’hurelies, Kactorh-s, M.v I ■ hi, -b0,.., steaoiho.,l Deikj. Ac, ■tj Id A HOdl'l.lfi I* 41 vr, for i-o.ii ,. K Tin. I.on, or .shingle Kurds. It, forma a body jal to V.. K.e.f eau run under it, and Old 1.-akr Rrmfa r.i-. ■l. eiad.- .i. v, u.-i prm.l and du raid- by its ayy. , Th® Fain r.-qnlr. , n-.iir.g, hut ia ready to ! h. npplbd with tie- i.idmaiy- paint brush. - I Pile , |l,oo |.| gdllon, which ill livv-rtll., hundred sjimi. J et. Al o m.iiinluefar..f 3 „f ltl:u Is IdiaTc Vmrnlull. T\UK ID Hil.T AM) KoofTNU PITCH. ),i i ant to th. T. .eh . t'o-v uhirs and Peiv.e l.i-t tie ni.le-d. Hlghta fur counties sold at low inl-s. Address Tin: MICA HOOKI.MI CO., HO Broadway, .V. V. Fr.-iak Humphrey!., til Ki.ysl St., V. O. Sen- f field, Williams A f'., Augn'.i.t, lia. lliihlivia 11, Wood Montgomery. Ala . Thomas S. Conte*, , Uab igh, \. C., I . A. Tmker. Kiehuvond. Ta t , 1 Ib in-y Wilson, F. U'i, bu.g, Va., Agcub*. j 111, V J'P Iy SIOO SIOO SIOO .sm.mnus! fxtha itouxties c tiebugruu uv A. JL gCIIAEFFERi \ ristniilister, Mtt, SIOO SIOO SIOO Lud i(loodft. Mcrinn'm (\thnifc*,, Dc* |d&ino f Ac., lor rale low, at iu>v. 2D. JJ. K. Oernand's. Coal Oil (ir6iS’3. Another lolofth' Toul Oil Oreaso at A*. GernaruVi, LOOK HERS! LOOK HEiEir HTi UK nndomifned, having compand their * NKWFOUNDRY A MACHINES HOPS, aaar thß. It. Station, ia Wnitrainov, would respectfully inform the public that they are now prepared to furnish, Moral, Warhamlth Tue Irons, Tire Bonder*, Hollow Anvil*, Ac., ilukooroß door* and Hearth l'ial*w(,’ll*r Win dow Orates, Porch Post Iront, aod Caatinr la foneral, Corn and Cob Ortinhors. Corn Shalier $, 'ircle Saws with bcncheg complete for tawing tire wood, Ac, lltime rowri’M and TbrcvMnf Jflac* hi lieu, Cntting tioxea and Pfongfis of different kind*; biit woaM fill nafflcjtlar attention to tM*r ihidly rcli hrati'd lliree Iforte I*?ongb ermnadn ly called the “Price Plough. ” AUo their well known and iMinurpauMcd GRAIN PRILL for rowing all mtnffcr ffrafn, including Gate. Repair* of all kind* attended Ur prompt- - I v au<l at libel a) rate*. Having first flat* Mochanick* employed, will gnaranlce satisfaction, WAGONER A MATT II KWH., not. in,—dm. Notice to Tax Payer*. In Compliance with Section 23 of Asaraananal Act, the County Comiaiavinnera for Carrot! county, will meet at their office for the purpose rtf hearing nncl determining the com plaint, and Appeals of persons who may consider them *elvc, aggrieved In the valuation of list Asa#*, rors, M lollttwt, for the n m otive District/, to wit: “ Taney town district, Dec. <l and llh. Union Wiwn " sth, th and 7th. jlyor*’ *• Btb and IlHh. > Manchester “ lltli 12lh and 13th. .. We*lmin,tef “ Uth 15th and I7th. . i franklin •• 18th and lth, MiddMmrg “ HHh and it let. ’ .New Windsor •• Kd and Mth. Finkuteirjf " IBih and J7th. Fr#dom *• Will and Ikth. “ 51 l and 3nd J an. 17. All Pemmia will plea** observe ibe a htr& time* in making application. P.) outer, LEVI VALENTINE. . not. 7s, Ifidfi. CleiJ. DRY GOODS CTo ming Down! Vl.r, kir.'lw of DRY floods offered at reduced prices, at J. I, REIFSSTDER’S. nor 2 ' ,? ,■ j k|H , (*fal Notices. r yi. swavxk* ItOiVEf. CORDIAf,, A *ure ma.-dy for Asiatic Cholera Choi r* Moris., llra rn'eiy, DUri ham. Ciioh-ra ft,* rntnm, or i-wtrimm.r Com plaint. |oi to the Str/mark mid HoweU. Rich S', Vmmttag. and all r-!ti.d rtittslnittos of th Bowels. Let lie family he wilhottt this meth letne, U RI give ini* mediate relief. < M hr WM RRtoOr, orlll ly Westminster, Itch I Iteli!! Scratch ! Mnr.itrh I! SW.W.Vh-s OINTMENT rar*t Itrh in fr.a* IS to .’I hours. m il- />. - Di,, TETTEI.* ITtTP /'. ).('■ ir.,(, 'TKTTEK' ITCH TETTKh* ITCH 'TtTTF.Ii' •IK II NEVER KMOWN TETTK*’ ■ITCH- ’TfftTM' ITI !l TO FAll. ‘TKTTEh* .ITCH' TKTTEh' neir IN CUKINCi THIS TETTKh' •ni’lP •TKTTKh’ ■ITCH' TORMENTING •TKTTIOi' ITtriP •TKTTEK’ rreir comim.aint. TKTTEh* Curt s Ilrbin r Piles. Sail Hl,mm, Keald Head, Hush, all Shin Diseases, Pit pared onlr hv DU. SWATXE A hOW, Pbilad-lphia. Bold lyy WM. REEHR, orlll fy Westminster. HEALTH A VD MTUEKOTII TO THK MICK. •c.i -n tpllon’ Tan be eared.' ( lit hWAY.VU’S 'Can lie eared/ ' 'C f, o ptiou’ 'Can he cared, * • ii'tiplioo* COMPOrSD ‘Can he eared.* C ot neipuoti’ ‘Can tie eared.* •■•ft ' SYRI’P Of Tsn be eared.* •I ■> .11. ; If' 'Can lie eared.’ ■C, n nmpllol/ Wil.ft CiiUt T fu he fared.’ 'Coiisuntjiti.iii' ’Caa lie eared,* •c tosninj lion’ IS TBE 'Caa It# eared.* I iMiimpllon' ‘fan lie eared,* j'l plieit* lIKMEDT. 'Can he eared,’ Tbit it ' in' t-tperienee, and the great a ■;onmt of ti ilin.uit from all parts td'lhe world hat proven H a standanl awl rrtlahlr remedy for Cold. idkisA liruiicliilla, Nervoar liehif. in , Blood Spilling, l iver Complaint, I’alba ia the - 1 and Urea.l all tfititasc* of the Air Pa • and I,nogs. I' .1.1 by Dll. SW VVNE A So., N-.flh Ml&th Street, Philadelphia. S .1.1 by W M UKKSE, orlll tv Wi-tmiorter. to vosuniPTim. The n lvorttawr, Itnting lown reatnrrsl to lienltli in it few week, by n lory rem tit. after haring suffered for several rcora tv till n ai vui o lung alo-eiion, and lliat drmad | tl. -.-aias CaniaußUitinn— M anvioti* to make known to Ida feiuiw sufSarrra the mewna of ; cure. ■ To all who dosin' it, he will send a ropy of the prose riplloft used (free of rharn), with the directions for preparing and using i ihc enme. which they mil find a sure Care j for <’ iiioinitiiJon, Asthma, ItruaiWß t’lmjfhs. t’lihU and all and lesng \ffeet 1-ms The only oljcrt of the adter llser in sending (he Ihfwcriplion is to henoftt the afflicted, (ind sjirend information whick ho euiMjetvc# to he invuluahle, and h hopes every sufferer will try his remedy, as it *ili no : them nothing, nnd may prov ahleoaiag. Parties wishing (he prescription, rara, lf return mail, will pinnae address Ui;v, KDWAIID A. WILSON, Vjlleimahurg, Kingp Sif Voijt deadly * a 3 if. WU.NWittlTIa HIT TKLKt MkDAME TirMINUTUN, lha t v M ra now iisd Astrologwt and Bemnaaibutiinr Clair voyant, while in a clairvoyant state, delienalra the very features of the person yon ara to ry, and hy the aid of an imtrnment of inlenaa j | .liver, known a* the Psycbomotropa, gaaran t sln produce a perfect and life-like picture of . tile fulnre hueband or wife of Ihc applirant, n llh list., of marriage, occupation, leadinr traits of character, Ac. This is no imposition, f tislimoolal* without number ran wsiwrt.— By staling place of birth, age, dispoaitioa, csdor of eyes nnd hair, and ctiehmfwg fifty cent*, *ml .lamped envelope addressed to your*elf, y*>n will receive the picture by return mail, togeth er with desired information, kddress in confitlence, iltmi Qraraean Itsai\..r..,v, 11,I 1 , tl. Box J7, WeatTror, N. V. sept. 13, —Om. ladies* Fail) loods, AT MKS. SIIIUNKft’H Ihinnet nnd Fancy Store. (11,0 V ES, all kinds. Veil*, of every descrip tion, pedlar* ami Cuffs, latest style*, Raodkup ciiicfs, all kipda, Hosiery, all kind*, Fafnadk aod Snn Hhadea, Coraol* and Hoop Bklrta, La dies’ Satchel* and Traruliag Bag*, Sewing and Fancy Baskets, I’orlmuuia’* and I’ockot Itwoktk Hair nnd Tooth Ui lubea, Comba, all fciaidw Doll.i and Doll Head*, Oum Diapers, Fancy Soap* and Fcrfumery, Albums, Children* Cor l iagrt aod an nndlcas variety of goods tor L dien and Children at the aplh LADIH* STOM. STB-iAHUE, fiOt TBVB. V F.vory yemng lady and gantlomoa in ft I nit.-.i Kiwtescan hear mmaihing wary mnefc to their itilVantagh hy return mail (free of charge.) Uy addreasmg the undersigned,— Thom having fours of hiving humbugged will fthligo hy not noticing this card • All oihera will please address their obedient servant. THOR. 10. CHAI’MAN, f J dee?H- ly 831 Broadway, ifew York.' BOOTS, SHOES, HATS. AC. | A largo assortment fur Men, Wanna and Child leu, of latest styles. Call before yoajMr idiase, at E. K. •anftßdX