Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, November 29, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated November 29, 1866 Page 3
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\ fKOCUMATIO^ I>iJn6# PUBLIC TH ANKSGIVIVO ,7. AND PRAISB. STATE OS' MARYLAND. Axxapous, November 9lh f IBflfi. £¥ the Providence of Almighty Ood, the People of the State of Maryland have i vouchsafed another year of prosperity, e civil war which desolated so large a por • Of oar common country, has been suc ceeded by the blessings of Pence. Our liar thU have been abundant; labor everywhere actively employed, and profitably rewarded; commerce resuming Its accustomed channels and opening an new avenues of productive wealth; and toe incentives to enlarged and vigorous enterprise—with in out liorders— new r >0 encouraging as at the present mo ment. Added to all tbia the Pestilence, which hong like a cloud over this land, has been stayed in its work of death and desola tion. It becomes us to hnroble ourselves as a People, for the bounties thus so liberally lie stowed wpon m,, and to offer bur heartfelt acknowledgement to the (ireat Author of o being, for the protecting arm which has bean extended over us. And let us further beseech Him, that by the cultivation of virtue, by brotherly love, by Chris lion charity and moderation, by honest dealing and submission to the laws, we may continue to prove ourselves worthy of Uis Divine Mercy. For the furtherance of this object, I here by recommend to the good people of this Commonwealth, the observance of Turns bar, mi Twxktv-Ninth Dat or Nuvwma instant, as a day of Thanksgiving aud Prayer, and that they assemble in their re spective pieces of worship to bumble (hem selves before Ood. Gives under my hand nnd the , L.S. ■ Great Heal of ifio.Stotcof Maryland, j -v-w ’ at Annapolis, this 9th dav of No Tember, one thousand eight hundred ami sixtjirx. and of the Independence of the UnitctUkates, the ninutv first. M THOMAS SWANS. r Governor; 4 no. M. CisTta, Secretary of Slate. novlUft /a thr OrphaHt Court fur Carroß Co ; ? OrrOBKU TTIIH, IsGO. F.iUU / |Os A itlinn it in ordorrH Jmhv Hot**, > UU* /Ut Uy of sSfriAbor, drcc-'l. I that the Haiti of llu* balmrp of thr unaTiv<i Heal K*Ut*> of Jkhu Korat, late of Carroll County, dec, **. <l, made Royer, fliirWrintf Kiiedt I* of Ih- Will and TtMiam* ut of aaid dnctmcd, and tbii dar reported to lliia Court by tl<* Rare ontrix be ratified and confirmed, iiTil*nu raan ke thown to the contrary, on or b fore the 3rd WKr. |7U< dav of Kucnnbcr ocn J’rivul'l gfeepy ..I Ihii orAr h" iu,M<l fur ihrea m MaraVenl is soled ntwirpipii printed and ruhi.h -d in Carroll County, before the Mid Si d Monday, 17tli day of Dccumber ii*L The Kx •matrix report# the title of tiir balance of tin undeTiaed Real Rafale of taid coaxed, cuntltl Farm, with llie frowinf crop thereon containing one hundred aeyrnty wren nnt-i , taro rdotU And twenty one perch*'* more or Icm, •INiH i* Cirrull Cowty, Maryland, fold at private #ale for the groa* asm of elem-fi f|of •and nine hundred ninety dollar* and leu •■ant* (•11,M0.1t.) . sr'X ff* wipy.—Twef; IIV. A. IIBBIHIHUL •oe, 21,—.1*. Register of Will*. ESTRAY. CurmU I'omily, to n il: IHKREIIV certify that Nicholas Jenson, of fjurrtdl County, bronglil Wore me. the Subscriber, one of the Ju-lii e* of tip- Peace in and for said Cottnty, this 15th dny wf November, in the year eighteen hundred , and sixty six, as n stray Irespassigg on hi enrlaauqiv. jv while and black spotted male lltiwr wwh h envy car#, sp|w,ed weigh in and niiout 150 pounds.— fliven under my hand. IknutSv* • THOMAS I>KMOSS, .1 I*. The owner is requested to conn- forward, pr r*e properly, tmv *-hurges, nnd Ink' Inin pway. ' Mt'lloi.AS liKNSUN. Mv. a*.-at* Ht In It of Tobin* Jluih* I. thcrase’if. ■\TOTICK Is hereby given that the sub- J.l| scrilver hns obtained JVom the t fmban- Ikmrt of Carroll eonnlv letter* of Admini*- ttmm nt M* C-t TVs/- 1 writ to .(a mSriltnTni" fKiohal Tl-fnte not already ad ministered, of Tom vs Kipi-m., InU: of Car r i1 ! £ -ir*?* ; claims against said Estate nr" Itervl.y warned to exhibit within ri* monllis from this date, ulhurwise tjvey inti) be I'viJitde I from aIT Msheflt uf*saM Pslate. Ihov* in ■Mvfed are reipterled to make immediate pavment. THOMAS RirDISKIo \ ■aeVHlt Administrator as aforesaid. g Ainir of Aim ii. Brmn TtTOTICK is hereby giv en that the Sub Ix| serilatr lias obtained from the Orphan tjonrt oft larroll count v. letters of.\d mini Ora tion on the Personal Estate of Ann K lirue. . late of Carroll countv. deceased. All i iwrsons having claims against smd estnfnnre hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otberwi-e they mar by law be excluded from nil benefit of said estate. Those indebted are requevfed fo' make Immediate payment. , CHARLES T. UT.IKSNIDKR. hov22 4t Adminiatrator. Erfintf of IfiViam Ilmlin! , rtoeeaserf. TyrOTU’E is hereby given tluil the Xul.r ;t| scribe* has oftlnined from the Or phegm' Court tor Carroll county , letters of Administration on tho Perr.mal Estate of Wm. Uudiscl, late of f’arroll eount;, , ilcc'd. All persons having claims against said E- ■ are. horebf warned -to exhibit (be same 4HU six jitmtfar f ropi tils dot, utfaawiai they max bo cxcltstfe'l JVotp.slJ bench* of The .w.ndebted are r,n3ked | to mate immediate payment. THOMAS KI DIRKL, novk'J tt Administrator. "Kilal of If'nry MUtrni’fty ilrciarri/. "VTOTIOE is hereby riven that the subscri has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of tun roll county lutters Tuetoineiilary on the Personni Rstnte of Hcxnv Minbsku., late tfjd'errofl County, deceased. All {verspay having claims against said Estate arc hcroby warned to exhibit the sumo with in *ix months from tbip date, otherwise they | may he uxctndcd from all benefit of said Estate. Those indebted are requested U> make immediate pavinont. EDWIN I). MIKESELIo BovS-It* Executor. , C* 'Till! We want j evllj-WlteW to sell our lueaovKi's2o Sewing Machines. Inree new hinds- Under and n|>pcr feed. War ranted fivsi years. Above wdary nr larc commissions paid. The ox’i.v machines sold in United States for less than S4O, vfluehure by Home, Wheeler & Wilton, Buber, tilnger ,6 Co., nnd lh.nk etdef. ’dfß Other cheap machines arc in APW >nf knd the serter or user are liable Marten, fine, arid imprlmnmtkt. Circulars Aw. Anitress, or call upon ?hw SHAW A CLARK, Hiddeford, Maine, or Chicago, 111. KKKOKS OF VOI'XZI. A Gentleman who suflerod far years from Nervous Debility,'Premature Decay, and 411 the eMkla.f. youthful iadiscretion, will, for the HjtJtQ of suffering humanity, send free to ■lWlto AM ft-the recipe and dircciions for making tho simple remedy hy which ho was curcvi-HOiflllwaßriahlhg to prolt by flic adverliset’s experience, can do so by art dressinyc .•, • JOHN B, OtlilJJN, Cltambefs St, Now'Tork. Z4SKLL : ■ Q *l-M BILLS printed at the shortest ontieo at this Office. ■ — —-" • • • 1 Trustee's Sale OF V ALU ABUS REAL ESTATE^ And Administrator’s Sail** OF PERSONALPROPERTY. BY virtue of n decree of the Hon- Jno. K. Smith, Judge of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, sitting tis n Court of Ripiity, the undersigned, us Trustee, will soil nt Pub lie Sale, on the premise*. on VfcdMtJaj) December 1 2th , 18CG, the following described Real Estate, situated in Bachman h Valley, on the county road, leading from Westminster to George liix tor's mill, about two miles from llaenmnn'it milt, adjoining the lands of Henry Warchiine and others, being the same land of which John T. Haines died seized, consisting of 120 Acres OP LAND, more or Inns, with the Improve inents thereon, which consist of a comfor table nod convenient two story Wealhorbonrded Dwelling fwJ HOUSE, MM Tenant House, a largo HANK HA UN (erected within the last seven years, ) Spring House, Carriage House, and nil other neces sary out buildings, and all in cxcidleul te pair. The fields are of convenient size, under good fencing, and ton venienliy watered.— About JIJ acres is heavily covereii with GOOD TIMBER. This Farm ha* been recently well limed. and is one of ilie best producing farms in Bachman's Valley. Any information in regard to the above ! Farm will be given on application to the un dersigned. nt Westminster Aid., or tbs* same w ill lie shown those desiring to purchase by Jacob Geiiiian residing (hereon. Terms ofSsle.ns proscribed by fbe decree, are ; one third cash on the day of "Kb-, of on ‘ the ratification thereof, in- third in on year, and the oilier one thirl in two wars from the day of sale ; the en-dttpslrnwjMtHo ‘ Ik- senirwl bv the notes of the purchaser sir } purchasers, louring infer,-s| (Vein (be day i if sale, with security 10 be approved u£ ly U" Trustee. HASHAIMAH 11AINKS, *X T i l'nistoe. ALSO, '•u tftr amta- Ui aadi-t lh< asms p-nr-i. bf virtue of mi Upli’r of thn Orphan** I for ilf u* li; ~£* i Atlmitu-tlr.iUir, <*i .foro T 11 a i r.> • *MI ac Publii *!. tire fuiioirliig l^fi N’bnul IVrtpcrty, lo * i: , ft % illir.ihlr M oi U lloi svn two of are Mur. aid uno them a thorough bn 1 Marc now with foal by a thorough In •-<! 1 1 ■. i 1 Cult, 3 yoartt/iJ 4 Koim milch cows. cVT in I* oof inch will hate f*al>i-s by —yjj-lhedav of sale, t lle.fyr., A linlU, flicad of Sheaii. SSoa I legs A JlSfcwl- XU O WAGO NS . 1 itrcifi*trend, with Hi- Bed. 1 dors. '‘wri-ige and ikrness, HJiigli, I 110 '.faeltineand 1b i Pt>wi*. wheat Fun. t 11 inn lift. Fgriow 1 l.iitghs. jshowl lltHiJtlis, I I lorn I'Wkk, Ib, fun ieg" Log Chains, Drain Holler, !(Bper. with sell inh- r wi inched (train Drill Ufilter A Cow ain , 2 sett lire.. hbniid., ’ ■■ u - Front G.-s: I’ollars. Bridles aid Housing*. Wag t auj Uidiu--Saddles, 2 Fly N s, 2 strings , Sleigh licitt, l-'iflh Chain, .lack rtw, I emss-eut Haw, VI iyuin A-nwllat, 4 flivew of Qtais. I burn-1 of Cider \ oieyur. Also, J n •Weeef Omin -. rowing, a lot of IV! i life .and nt* . Timotfiv au*l Ulajimvl. a lot uf I’. UI.M-S, I imotby, i>>., I M sd.-w Hnvi toil barrel- i.f Fi|rn, I'llf' ('b n i! Kell- A Ports. 00.-of-Is of Oak Wood, ami a wire t> of utbur article* too numerous to mention. Also, ■ Ibilltrhnbi amt Kihbrn /-'nrn.for. eon aging in purl of Bedsteads and lb-J ding, falties. Chairs, t upl -u ds, 1 Maulel I '.iih, Ilurroua, Chert. Co. in- Stove. T.-h ;4rte Kitiroa, with Pipe , , -iidcie, a lot ofßhWs. JPrtnf. Is.t'.-.. .1.!-. levels. All . 2 .Shot tsana, 1 Hiller Wat<-h. and nany ulbcr flr'tefr-Jt. fsy>" The sab of tue I’ I - ..,! I'.operl* |U eoinuiemro nt U u < mi., A M , lid farm "HI be ollcrod t U o 1 ■ 'e. ihe MdtscellHmwd ftsniuduF tdr omJ U i s.dd. Want nf Sale Alt slim* of fite dolt utdlidrtmdh, oli nios idiovc (is d .Irrft a crclil nf etv tnomb* will 1.. ( iven, tin . n dit payments to be secured by the note oi the purchaser or join baser, " ill. ni-pno . 1 M-enritv. Iwaring interest fn on lie d..> ofsub-. IIASHAKIAII HA IN’US, Adan r, (ii.e r A litiirsvinr't. Attomeyl I lIOVbVIS A'f>. B!MJ, /.'/I /TV In the ('in nil (.mhil/• o ('irroll <on ily, ; Slllimj n> u Cnttrl "f I 'if n ty. Win, Sharrclta, , / \IIDKHFD tbi. next fri. nd of w IwiTllh day of | Clara B. Hano i and ' Nocemb, r, , AngnsliiaJ. Hurner, hnndrud and *ijJv I r , I six. by Ihe Honora-j Clara K. JUriu-r, j !*!■ John K, Sudlh, ■ Augustus J. Ilarmir, 1 Judge of the tireu.f Court for Can-oil county ns a Court of I'bp.i lv, that the sain made and reported by Jacob Sharretls. Tmslf-e for the sale of the Rhnl KstliO- of Angtisliis Burner dec.usi-tl, la rat | ified and eonnriAW mile' s cause to tits* con trary Ihereofbe shown on or before tb< -ev- , 1 filth day of DeCinnU-f. clgliU-n bundl' d j nod sixtysix, jnnri<ln( a copy oflhi ord. r j he inscri'-d in some new|.apoi j in I Carroll connly, in each of three mici.-i .i'- I weeks, before”lbc said .. ' enili day of !><•> ! comber I M *VV Tin l Rcporl ,t(;tl.--i lln* amount ; ot sab- to In- live thoilsand f tin- buonrod hd | two dollars innl tin: tv four cents, (; -i-in2.;yi,) Wm. A. Md<u.ur, Clerk. , True Oupy—Test: novl'.-n Witi. A. McKclllp, Cl’k. Unfair of (Srorjr 11. H I i'< ■'n.!. 'VTOTICK i hereby given Unit the Hub i i.v xcritn'r hns obtainwl from the Uiplmnn 1 : Coui-t of tin-roll county, letters of lion on the Personal K.-lale ol (ieorge M. Meek, Into of Carroll County, dec'-iist-J. All | jier.-ons having elninisagaintl said Kstale,are j j hereby warned In cxliibit the same within six months from this dal'., otherwise lin y 1 may be excluded from nil benefit* of said ; Fatale. Tliose imlcbtcd are lequeUed to make immediate paymenl. (TIULSTIAN' HUNT, novlo-lt AdminUtrutor. Knlafe nf Uriah ICrb, i/evrannl. N’OTK’B i horolty given (but (he .Sub scribers have obtained from the Dr pilaus' court ofrarrnll county letter* of Ad niinlstmtlon on lbs Personal Bstale of Uriah Krb. late of rarrnll county All persons having claims ngidn.-l mid Us tiilenre hereby warned to exhibit Ibc (June within nix ruontha from tbi* club-, otherwise they may he excluded from all benefit 'd liaid Mstnlo. Those irnlcbteil me to make immediate payment. CATHAKINK A- ÜBB, JACOB r.nn, novlo-dt A dininkslrulors. County ConiniiNxittnorN' niolicc. f | AKK County Commissioners for Carroll Connly will meet nt their Office, in W estmihster, on the Umar MyKnav of Dkl xmusu, 1806, for the (ransuction ol Imsines*. By order, LEVI VALENTINE, novß-4t Clerk. A FORTUNE FOR SOME DUE! Crosby Opera House ART ASSOCIATION. TUtt Art Project Of THE fJIKSEST UIiNTUHY, ITS BUCCIJSB DECIDED. Sahaerlption* Pouring in from every ipmrtnr of tha United Staten und the Canada* 1 TUB KM> KAIMMhY APPROACHING I Subscribe at Once, to bo in Time. The Drawing will positively ho made., Or tho Money Uefundvtd to Much Subscriber, Ah Guaranteed. Ft list grand I’bKmli'Jl, ntK r nos nr or eh a rroirsm, Value *oo,oooi Tilt remaining Premium* consist of over TURKIC IIUKDBKD Splentlld OH rali)(liiK, constituting S anperh collection of Genuinely American Works of Art. slitire* only *•> each. For $S one Share or eerlitienle, with one of the following Uminifoi Steel Engraving*: "Tha l.itlle Wanderer, by Thomas Pawl, ‘■(lathering Apple*," hr .Jerome Thompon, oft "Westward IIo!" hj Head. For *lO taro Shura*, with the *n|torl) Steel, ! > j " Washington lr> njr ami M* 1-riend*. I For fHllhrjc Share*, with the fincFnigruving "Mercy’a Dream," by I). Huntington, For jfM four Share* ot (IrtitWhlc. with tha .plondcl Chronto Engraving (an i xvlu aivr uaua), "An American Autumn," by J. F. Cropaor. While for %fit> ten Slnre or ( erliflcnlm are ■ its .mb '>'> . ' A choice A riot Proof of either " Ali Twcnds,', "Mercy’a Itmnn,* r %h "As*nM AuUunii," r take S,acini Xotb e! f! I Take Sj ■■ml Notice ! ! ! That all S*|..m .Ur ns uive thir < dude* of , one ortne c|l' :oJtd Steel E'n (pacings At the lino, th-y Sul .crilie! At the time they Snt.o rilm ! The* receivin' the value ot their atomy nl once!! 1 111 TAILS "1 TIIK I.HAWING. The Hook*. on Mtf cinamt. , will lu* placed 111 ' e hau l* of the follohin* Cditletoen, who kindle con .cot to net a (be l Tiicago member* of the committee : Win )' Coollucich. Pn 't Union Nat Hank. ! Amo. T Hell. C. II A It. It. K " Hall, 11*11. Kimbark A Co Clinton 11. ,-,v IHr•*/• K Co J I . |i.,rc (V-, hilt of tbelWdof Trade, .lame, H llowren, IVn’t Third Nat Hank .lump-ti* I*nvp>, })|**( AniWKftti I.'• Franca A Hotlu.uU* Ueul- Governor. | I. I M mil, Mue ,i s. ..a levator. .1 A Kill*, Prcaelenl Second Nat. Uar.k. T here gfntlrioca, together with soch nth ,r, (run different . iota ot the aomitry n the* may mdc t|.. iu : rlj raprewrol IheSha*, holder*, will have the soM- MaSABKMF.AT OF Till: aWamiilS U.t ITS liETAfI-S. The I*l.lo of ()> Avar ! a iuj tod r the loiud, .! and tee thousand nantber.. plsawd in onewhwl, thier hoodn J and i 1* 0 uckrt*. tfif. r>l 1 with lb- faun* 'd We- IVemiu!l.. Il.lh-"rp..ra tW | linodn-H Palming*. and tie Bout o| I mcoln/, Will I*. 1 liar—l in auntiici From t) M .e whe-:. a numlH ; nod a premium will U drawn eitnulianee o y th number drawn in 1. instance Inking the premium drawn • a ith it. s V;,T,::~'U' IMr. The Crovl.y "f * lloiae Art Amoc’alioh m 1 >• - * founded with llohnr t* '. I tinreil* which have Im*ci, In lake place at the "|wra II HIM-. thoitl the antic ii(y in con Allordert for • i -.uC.iuU or Share*, nod nil penal woiiii.iilucanoni, should lm ad .lrr*nl to I M ritOSIIV. AHn*rf ,1. .1 , and do cued to Tn T, A H T I>ST I T I T t:, No. 82. T ll .H’*v, N. V. i .pi • <kt(alo*uc*. roll.* lul, particular*., rent lice. u.o A. J . irrlli Kxlractrd Wllliout INiln, MY Tine CSK • F ms A ITH trs OVIlki: Gill, IIV lr. MABicMS liIi.MK4II.IH. • ' /; /■: vri ,s f . AT II I S O I V I rK. Adiotwiug hi* Father’s Itcaidcnc#, Wiv luiinalcr, Mil. \|l lIUHK he mnyh* fpimd at all timer \S wlwm pkt pioleui.inully engaged a' / /Hint Jin-ljf,— )■ I Wednesday nf Cvcrt j rnotlfh. remaittin* until SafnfiUv. ,Vfir II in /.•of. -’nd Med or-day of every j month, r muiipbiß until Saturday. /'/ii(ia/.e,(,~ard Wednesday every month, j rhr.ialninjr umil I ri.lay cveniug. 1 Tanfytmtn d Friday eery month,-re i mninin* until Iha Wednesday following. I 1 deej-Jy. a;.J t j PUBLIC SALE. ! f ITJIB snl.fcilher will offer nt Public Sale 1 I at Ni w Wit,.! „r, Md. t on Til CHS j 1 HAV Novcniher '-".‘th ISfiC.iU CJ M. ft ton j i |ifyitht*hle IlmisplioUi \ kilclini 1 I KMTI UK, enumerated in the handbills, hein* ot all : sorls now in use, and worthy the attention ; of those in w ant of :■ Huh artich s. I Wr’TcAw as rtfaidPrtl. novly-ft J'UII.IP WKAVKIi. Winter Kitiplujmeiil. pel* llonlli itnfl Eitpffnkennoftii Mhlc or I'Vnmlc* AgwiU*. to introuurr n AVi#* and Utqfui Invention , of absolute utility in ■ every Uuuttbol<l. Aif *wt pn.’t'frnnjc Ui Work | •n < rtm ln>A Ut s.”>o per cloy. For in U!fcartitmlly. niffyne tUamj), mid ad* J real “ r W. (i. WILSON A CO., bov fey—iim Clevelmul Ohio. m;w faLl sisoDß ; fireat iiiiiucimeat* offered in Styles A Price*. My Slock i, hvtl A r n-.)ft,d than herelofsrc. five uh a call before pm chuelng. aug, .10. J, Ij. Ittifaaidcr. SUGAR 1 SCO Ail 11 AUUSJi lul JJrotrn und \\ hit* .Sugar*, Jut ntcoired ut - A. >l. Warner *. (IltllA A fIiOHtHI-AGENTS wanted ep.JV/ fur *U uitiniy new artielm , jnt Mot. Addrcsfc o,'J'. GAKEY. (Aly Unihbug. HiO'.leford, Mame. tool Try Balmoral and nop skirt*, * now,riri for tale at 3. L. Kcifkulddr'*. < VALUABLE HEAL ESTATE AT Trustees Sale. I‘kUWSUANT to a Decree of the Circuit I Court for Carroll county, sitting m * (“art of Equity, the nuderiignad, u True lec theroh* Appointed, will offer at Public Solo, oil 4 nreraiae*, on Tharnhiy the 13th day of December, IStW, at 1 o’clock P. M., the Real Estate whereof the lte Thome* C. N'elaon, died Hited* coiuislmp of A FARM, situated in Carroll county Maryland, one a,,il n half miles from New Windsor, on the mail lending to MeKinalry'* Mill, end mid way between the two place*, oouluiuiug 90 Acres ami 80 Square Perrhwof lend, more or lea*. The Improvements conaial , of a comfortable Farm House,|^ > 0^ Frame and Weather-hoarded, two stories nml basement; an aieellunl HANK HAHN; large (train Shed; Spring House over a never failing Sprint of good water; Stone Meat Home; Wood Shed, awl other out building*. There I* a due proportion of TIMBER LAH D, consisting <>i Chestnut, OSk and Hickory.— Thu arable land is conveniently laid off into eight lields, with running water in ell but two. Them it an OM<'II *ll Ih of differ ent kimla of Freit. The load hnt lieen well lim'd and improved, and in a feilile region. *. , Phi* farm it molt eligibly aituated, IB a fine aeigliburhood.surrounded by Churches, Sr hoot Hon a. Mill* Jko. of WtlTrnicM ec com; end being ao near to the Md. Kailmad. at New Windsor, offers uncom mon inducements, parti ularly to any one dr sirona to engage WI lbs; I laity hnetnnsa. Term* of cnle, as prescribed hr the de cree, are ua foUwwa: Urn-third of the pur chine mnaey In hand on the day of sale. or on the rawfccatiou thereof In the Court; and the ImlaneW in two equal annual payment*, die credit payment* to kg setered by the s.ngl" bill* of the purchaser, with miffirient aunties, to Is- approved hr the 1 ruslce, and to bear interest from the day of *alc. HANSON T. CLEM SON. nnvl.Vu * Trustee. FAUM AT PUBLIC SALE. THE uedertigned. wishing to more Wi st, will ofli-r at I’ubli'- .'isle, on the 1 premise*, one mile front \V oner's Mill. ■ Carrol) cuiily, ou tbo r-jd loading Jo the I’a. Line, on Saturday thr Is/ o/ J)rrrmhrt, ISCfI J ,t 1 <.',l,wk I* M tier • 'uiblc Farm wherwmi he resides, coljteiniajr 19.) Acres of Land. iimrc pf Ic**. This End 1* atl in food condition; eM the rlearrd lend baring! l-cu w, II limed, god in good producing order, c-mvcuteirtly hi ; d off, uutlsir good and Will agtered. Tbcrw *• ■de. ,t ii Acre* <tf ft 4$ O UUtff.

md * d'tc prop-tfliwo of MK VD'IW The 1 iii jueruatenfa are * large two alstry i.n : dwelling nor ■‘E *49BL I-op Ham me tfegou Fi.nd |}|^ Carriage Ifoaar. Samir lb use Spring Houn over a good Npiiogof aratcr Beat . ibe I Jotter Tb.gre w tun'- >vg ler ii> thr llurn card \bw* a young Orchard of choicit fruit, au 1 all Mod* of fruit tree*. Tr.UMs - One third in hand and the l.ilstir, in two equal rnuoal peyin- nla bearin'' iniere*! a.crtjrcd Ac PETER MANKNIIEIMKIL n„v 1(a IVu r.gott n, Auet'r. | Di on mu; liuTKI. I’lUtl'KltTy AT FHIVATK NAFF. Tea *<ili-erih-r o(t-r *1 I'rner Sale th..' desirable property in Middletown, Frederick i unit, Md . fnvorald; known to the tear i ling foibin as the “CITY HOTEL,” at in tin ijumry f*f Mr, Aiidttr* IVdlinWgcr. Tht How* •lory, Uidf* ilmmiHit. nitd h* MIM r Ur r M lUieV MorkUildm*. nil JillEL Uil o(T into Urjji* nnd convenient roin.— Tbcr iM on thin |rgjH'rly n lnrg Urirk Sin hie. willi • <iflh / n*nt frt* Ilouw, nti4 fin’ wmt rtMiffhi* door. ia tho only i (ho |ler. nnd is itlualfd in th*? r**ntrr of tin* town. |Vron* wrivhttitf ! |>r*|*d*fty ill I plr iso oftli Inc ntbifl'ilwr, in Middlo town, who mil talc pleaiirt? in "howing (ho Mltnr rwiTmi-nl %***nr JOHN lIEUIU.NO, of C. I ort 2‘*. -2in PUBLIC SALE. f IMIE undersigaed invite j.ublir attention ] to ibejr ule of valiutUvPersonal Prop erly of Uriah l-irh dec'd, to come off at the Up- residence of the deceased, near WicsU' Mill (lute Mnua'a) in Carroll county, on Tuesday, Ihruidurr 4/A., I Htitv, nnd to continue till nil is rold. dome valuable Stock and Farming utco- j sila will bu sold, ni.o HOUSEHOLD FORNITUUK ; nnd the attention of medianu- i* also cnll<l to the sale of a Urge quantity of the bust ; Scaaoncd tliilenuU for wagon wa king, much of it jiarlly mailu up in wagons, nbo a Turning luitbe, Circular Saw. nnd all the ncees ary Tools of & W*gun Maker, nnd llluekttnilh. TWO MCI,EH and WAGON no 1 a valuable Huckster'* Itoule nnd Fixture* will then bo sold, if not previously sold at private Hale. US(jt.For particulars see Handbills. CATHAKINE A. ERB, JACOB ERB, aovUeta Administrators. Valuaiile Lot of land at V UliMO H A L E. UV virtue of a puwvr aml author it v (Aiitiinrd in a mortgage executed hy *Al>raha'm Fnrnty, to tin* uitdi t-aigiivd, Umuihl' data on the 2bt ! day of June IHMS, among iho Laud 1 Kccocda of Carroll county, in Liber 0. K. W No. 2, folioH 348 Ac., the underhigm d .in Mortgagee, will M.U at i'uLIU BaU, at liolol of John llitcßtme, in Taney to wn, o tilt Mli. of December 18G(i, at 2 •’clock P. M., a Lei of Lend, containing XI 3-4 Acres, more or less. Tills la a (tolrable lot of lend, and very thickly set with fruit trees of all kinds, situated in tb<- vicinity ot Taaevtown, ailjoiaining lauds of Dr. Samuel Swope, Weorg- Miller Kao., and others. TEKWS of Sale OUah. SAMUEL SMITH, aovtt-u Mortgagee, Ladicti’ Drens Goods. Marinoes, Tor-lins, Alpaeeas, Delaines, and Cohergs, for rata at Jobe L. ReifkwMer'a. Trustee's Site of ■ Desirable FARM & LOTS. TUB undersigned, hy virtue of the decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll a Court of Equity, putted In (beets* of The Uunk of Westminster, tguhist Ainands Shuffle- and others, will offer the lend I a Mid. cause decreed to be sold, ut Public Sate, to the highest bidder, On*SATL’ROAT, the lh day of DECEMBER, IW6, ut 10 o'clock. A. M,. an tho .premises.— Said land u situate Vs CA-foll Cftuty. Msry lund, about one wile South Westfrum the town of Muncbtsttr, unjoining lauds of dess- Werner und other*, and will be offered for Bale In nine ope ruts Lots, rlai Lot No. I containing :i A ecus !i 1 Rood of (sand, more nr lota. Lai No. I vnUini.ig i Acre* k 2 ll'xxi* of Land more or ls Lot No. I containing 4 Ar*v and 20 Perches of Land, more or loss. lot Xo, t ounuinlng (J Acres A 3 Roods of I ..and moro or lea*. Lot No. 1 containing 8 Acre* ot loind, mora or lest. lot Xo, A containing 1 Acre. 1 Rood & 20 Perches of Land more or leu*. Lot Xo. 7 containing 3 Acres A 3 Roods of Lund more or less Lot Xo. (I containing 2 Acres, 1 Rood mid 2U Perche* of I.and more r lea* Init X*. V containing 01 Acres u> ldiini more or Ic’se, and la Improved with a LOO HWKLI.IXO HOI SE. log Burn, Ont llonacs, Hprlag House. Corn Hons.-, ilog I louse. Balm *m. and Apple Orcburd. 4c, A dwa proportion of this parcel of land is natara) Meadow ground, and about JO Aercaof It Isonrcred with thrlrlng TIMBEII. All the aforesaid parCclaof land arc under good fencing and are in an caosdlcal state ofcnllira lion, hating rcCenllr been heavily limed. Tile abort Lot of t arraa is splrndidlr ira lered by a small never fading stream of water, aliirh tuns neartv through (he centre of It. rs< Tmrmt s/ .dote or. ns /olhirt: Oao-lhlrd part of the purchase memo shall be paid by th. pureliaser or part haters to the Trust.*" on the day of sale, or upon the ralifleallnn thereof hy the Court uforesaid, and the residue shall be paid in tw o equal pay mania, the one in one rear and the other In two years from the day of sal. and P. be secured bv the pureliaser or pun-ha- j •ers flung their notes with security to be ap proredol by Mate*- heating Intercut from the day of sale. J. J. BACMOABTXER, Tte.tee, Htaat Morran, Auctioneer. X. ft- Persons wtabang In riew the ahrve lots of laod as ill please call on Mr, Heart nhs for. who resides iher -on. and a plat th-rOof j a.M be sLoua oa the day of sale. 110- Saras has Ing lr-e recently surrrfed by Janies Belly, I fcoi, J. J. Iltene laraaa, noth te Trustee, PUBLIC SALE. BV titt oe of a iltwroe of the Circuit • ’.tort for Carroll eounlv, sitting an a <Mind of Equity, lb"" sal* rllier, aa Trurtsw, wilt I offer at Cnldic Hale on Satmmfmf, Ikt 21/A rfrjr of .VorrtgluT, IMA, j at one o'clock, r. * . at Janies A, Roallona Mill, Oil Rig Pip* Crock, on th* public road leading from I ssir*st Bridge, llmt Farm, cuntalning 104 Acres of Land, more f>r le*, situated on the said White j roswl. and adjoining th> lands of sgtil .ln-n> i A. ISostion. William Miner, Ahi-ulmm >h r i mi KirJ t hors, it I rang part of tlr< taud • ultii h t...,ege f’rsMa. Into sl Unri Olhtlitf, | died SCI rod and p ,**-d. The mqtn'TO j menu are * new kjCtL - 'V ! BHICK DWELLING, a large bow Barth (Urn, 11' nil of the building* ar* new, ami in food ; order, n large proportion of said land it ’ E.mI nail tinilior th* balance is a g**n,l essl y nf md tisn-l, well improved. S*id Urn. is well watered wdh good spring*, and is i situated in a very healthy part of the yon tv i try. near to Sc turds, Cliurohys and Mills ' TBKMH of Sole n prr-. Hbml hy lira . said decree, are- (Itie third nf the puiolwi-i’ ( money to lie paid on tW day of saio. rirnpon ! the ratibi-uti in of amd sole by the mi l Court, and the hnlunee in l*o e.jnnl yearly jei) tennis luutrln • interest ftnm the liny of snle the or purchasers to gti* Ids her or titerr inic with security lo be approved hv the Trustee, uml upon the payment ot nil of the pit rebar.* money, the *1 tuslss udl ;* In the pnrrhuaer or purchasers n ’ good nnil Mifllr n-iil lies!, JOSEPH MAVIS, net 2'vU Ttuslee. j Trustees Sale f RK.4L KSTATK. HV irtn* of a dacrue of ‘lie Circuit Court 1 for Carroll I'onnly, sitting mm Cmjrl of; Iv.uily, the null . rdrae, mil silt at t’ubo-i Sale, on lh.- pfi-iidses, on , AV.i/.iy, i‘Ar dhfA of Am sWer, 1 Kfsts nt 1 o’clock, r. U, the fid lowing Urn) Ivd V > A FARM, COXTAi.VLW 156 1-2 Acres of Land more or leas, sill.ell- in Cnm-ll county, ,lfd., j nlmut IJ miles W.-sl from Hempstead, direct hr on the rnnd leading from flump-lead to Westminster, mid adjoining Smith's .Mill, (fntuwriy Isha'igh and Uio InmUnf JJns id ilicl.nrls nttd id#i tw, it hJng -itt wdnls-'sif the lair Chaflca Hit hards, dccewied, 'fut improvoments contirt of a "WBIsUJIO, jJlljJk try, and oilier budding'. up Arr/. A' OHVIfA It I) of choice fruit, and other fruit trees, and a , spring of cucrllont water near the Ilu-olling, j aumit Khi Acres cleared land, and the ru- j ominder covered with Timber. . 1 Alto a I .ot or Tract of (.and containing i 28 dens, 2 /t'ooi/s timt 2‘J I‘irrheM i adjoining lh> above and directly ou the Mine mail, about tl Acra* in Timlier, flit- rr*t un der fencing, with a spring of excellent water : thereon- Trims of Safe.—Cue-third eash on tin day of anlv, or on th* ratilicalion thereof, and the remainder in two eqnul pnymenta, the one, in one year, and the other in two yean from the day of sale; the credit pay mints to be secured hy the note or Hides of the purchasers, hearing inlurett, with up pCoveti security. N. K—Any person wishing to view th* nliove deserihed property, will please call on Mr. David Richards adjoin inf tho same, pi the Trualoe, near iVeslinifrater. ANDREW GRAMMER, Trustee. tV, JogKS, Auctioneer. Croul J- RtiftnUtr, Solicitors. nov 8, —1 Valuable Farm al PRIVATE SALE. WILL b* sold at Private Sale, a valua ble Farm on the line of the Western Maryland Railroasl. osio mil* from New Windsor —it contains 138 1-2 ACRES of very excellent Lime Htone I .and, and is utlmirahly adapted for dairy purposes, being well watered and possessing line jm.ilurage. USf The iinprovctuents arc good. Terms liberal. CIIAS. B. liOBEUTb. ang 30,-tf ALL kinds of Job Work neatly cxecnterl at’tha ‘Tlexiocaanc AavoeAtt" Office, LADIES’. NBW SHOE STORE j<jht orENT.n, in Westminster, Between the Railroad and Rdfrtifdir'l Store, two doors welft of Mrs. Shriuer’a MillJt/cry Store, riIHK undersigned has just returned from _| the citv of Philadelphia with the largest and hot selected stock of I-adies’ Mishm’ Children's mid Gentlemen's Boots A Shoos ever brought to I his umhet. My atoskoon ■isU in part of l.oUicT and Missus Custom marie Glove Kid Balmorals, rlf , Istaling (Jailerv. Morocco Balmoral*. ’ I’olish Boots, Oil Goat Balmorals, and Cltil dren's Shoes ) also Gentlemen's Roots and Shoes, such as Men's Calf Custom-made Boots. Congress Gaiters. lane Hoots, Bro gans, Kin and coarse Hoots A. Shoes of all kinds. Being an experienced Manufacturer myself, 1 have had all the above stock made to* order, ami for the express purpose to suit this market by a celebrated and wpl! known Boot and Shoo Manufacturer pf Philadelphia, which fur style, finish, 'lure biUty, comfort and ohilitila- to the feel. arc superior to all others and are the Ixcst lilting patterns that mn Im found. 1 have taken great core in the getting up of my stock, ann can warrant every article to ho what it is rmiimmirsd mf Hie loss srtll be upon WIC. I therefore Ini itc the espeeial attention of the Ladies and Gentlemen of Westminster and Cnrrolleoonty to my stock of Goods which will tie sold at moeh lower ligures ihah the .tame (noils con ho bad elsewhere. Come ono, rmnn all, and examine for yonrselres. No charges wwlo for showing Goods. ociv-if T. & ECKERT. Spviiu: dacfclnes! Tm nr.r offer* for tile HM- I firruM ' Florence Sov*ln* Machine. Thi Mklilqp bin 1110 Bffcmbl* FcM, trbfeh ! inovi* mNidi in fiU>(tr dkjrWWM • J thr r.wlnir ft))* ft bErtfc i-W •' b tthrir. j hnlotii Mnm ***<! rtf mhk™ fom ttiflWrnl mtiriwi. Mid h Ui’ If A'tyurlfftp tcßiian. .Mi*o, lhi AViP fioj/anfl Fiin> Up SJO 1 ib(cb U m*rt *i IV'* #no ! rock •• l|* *th(l lock rtU* b. U til fat lU btE'l* ol win-lis ad 4 i* fcr*lv * "IVntm lioM Tnimifc." Th'' Public r*‘ Intflt'd |4 <il mm I ■*< lbo*o Mkt hino* h ojrt>r{*on. Hffimil hnd‘ r <i Wlfhlutftlf irfo < h *|. MackinN nf til klttiU mid irUffiMI INI tn (irb. 014 Uiebincf uk in *•)**>£• 6* wmdr'ro 1 MifibidM nn hand to blrc. IV. 0 IXTTOX. A*l RM antiltnni W,illlWi , r. ?■* Iv j fiitholfc ( Hum.Us 17,—Jin. Town Property at PRIVATE SALE. ‘ 1 1 ’ I a lion** and lad of Ground containing j Out Acre of Ut4. inure or i i(V* St lbs v, Kud 1 A i mi. ie ... . i l.c ' S-n-adt. Wifc> id ".v*'.4iir£c : Vjnea, I'io-fO l* on this lot a good *Tfmi 1, gjloti- -. two stories and a Istawmcut, Alcoa Melt of Watur in die yard. Tills properly will L sold low. lor tcross and other particulars apply to l-n I Kians. ngml of the owner, at Westmtnster, i Ml I '!•< \ IMKU tf, | N'Mli .i'll V II- I net If REMINGTONS T J Fire Arms. Sold h) Uaii Dealers tint Hif Trntlr Crnorally. Vest P -kit Pt.l.d. Vo. -2 fartlidg- '. . j It. |,...img I’isO.l fltlel 'e 72 Cartridge, H< Mating I. tel, < 'ib'tU’ti *• p..ok*| W|vrr -I .1 New I'.ckcl Uevoln-r; iif, ri .uling I.cvcr.) Colic- 11.-v.drer, V HUr f slthtc, Hell lli-iultvr. No, Six - I slihr.. 11. It It, >.dv. r. -i'-lf Hooking, i hurt (..tlihrr. N 4vi Herolo-r, M-HHI In. I dibr.’, Arntv Itevelver, ttdue in. Calibre, Una t est, loirg N JJ fsrtn-lge. Ile.olrlng It'll,-. .IB A II lw> be I'slibre, llrecch l.nsdteg itlrte, Xu 3S f'snrblge. Itroerli G suing < C. 1 pW’ ,; ' ■ A It, H. itlfl-. fNterl HarrA \swf*l. xslwll>io#A t'. S. 101 l d llu.ket, Spriugledd I'slleio, Hingis llsrrid Mini linn, K. KKHISUTON A .SON'S, lid fix, Ne VefV. AUK.NTH. Mom •• A Vifdi ,la, V' Vfttl. Piltiu-l s A It*i hetiliTf, lleibui, Jill,. P. biv 11, *’ ,I„. C. (Ii abb A *’<>., Phllsdelphis. I’oultncy A I Me, Baltimore. Henry tfelrum A Co,, S. 1/1 leans Memphis. Msvhsrd Hie... Chicago. I Si. Kam-ei A St, lends. Alb. rt f, ilea . pan FShif". MANHOOD : How Lost, liow Hrsloml. 3GfT ruWWhcd. a nr" , edition of Da. Ccivaa-1 'KiAf-.Ve km.*b *'rsJTwa K.<v rr-ftfe, I *." i. A .mi medirlao) ut Hrrttws | iHf aAS <2*l>-->. nr Hem In si SVcskness, Inrolunlarj Seminal bosses, Inj rssrr, Mental itnd Phrsb-sl Incspslaity,limped lin (ills to Marriage, cte.; a|se- 1 '"• i ' "d"'" ij rrtrsr, and Im, ladnc.-dlij si-lMndulgi nec , , J: rprlec, in n scaled envelope, only ccnl-. ihi celebrated snlhor, in this admirable is- | ssv clearly dcmonstniu , a thn Ijf y uio y, , .me isfal practice, that rhu slarndng c>sic nupiirr/of jtf'lf-abuw h • lauumJl.' ' without Hi dag'mn, •at inb mal or the amdicatkm "f the knl!>~polslu> a• * mode of cure at once simple, cel lain, ml dice luit, l>y yn<*aTtof vblrh ttiH* *' r * i ter u hat Mi condillf.n ihe, nfay dhro him self lio ardy. privsu I.v, and , oiU v r. Lertnre rhould he in th<*ninua every ronlh and every man In the bind. Heat, under seal, in a plain envelope, to anV , address, p+tlpaid, on receipt of sis cents, in' two post stamps, Alsp I >r. CulvetwcU - ‘Msrj riape rjtilde,” priee Address trie pub Ushers, CIIAH. J. KLIJI£ * Lj. 127 |towery, New Votk, I’nSt Uffct boi I.WB. net UP ly 1 HOTEL, I’K.i’JCIl ij. PKO|'ltlli|)f!. IS now open for tk utuunmcnlntion-rif fht travelling Public, ami every possible at ten i ion given to the rohifort si gbc.rt. j nov H.—Am Meat Cutter* and HiwlFct*. UAI.K’S Fatcal Meat Cutter and Filler, best lit use. For sale low, at m , v ]s Jnhn 1,. Ueifsnidcr’e. — * -ft f-d MNENS.—A large assot intent of superior Linen Ducks, Drills, Ac., sab; at "I June 7. K. K. demand's. ‘rfiVGJU&.&MJSH ir aluauiC X at IklaX PRIVATE SALE. Subscriber, haring retnov..■t.iiujti 8 s ’#t t® mi'iPiirtiJßnijßßd farm, whereonbe lately resided, now occu pied liy F. Hnrgoon, situated in Carrdllcoun ty, 5 miles North of Westminster Aid., and half a mile from the Gettysburg turnpike at Huff o Hotel, containing 100 ACRES, 0 of/.nnd. morg 0. less. The imp Tot ciuems c>THisr if k v'ntmc }\ mm house, (wo Slojii,- and aii 4 tlx high,jM£Lm|A cdrefimy built mid splendidly finished intho I act four years, witlrlprgu Porches and every eortvenlomfh, mid surrounded with fine large shade trees. A,jo a Urge Haw, Carriage House. Mrnoke flu Use, Rhine TJ airjr with li npver failing Spring of good walgf Hear Um Dwelling, mid nil other ueresSnry outbuild ings—l he whole being new ayd la complete order. The bind is note rally of good quality, has been well limed, mid is Sn a high state of cultivation at Hie present time. It is Inid off into convenient fields, atffler excellent, fencing. There is a due proportion ofgood WOODLAND, and the furm’ls WtW *S< nr ilraoch running through it.' There is about luocri a of natural mrndow. There Is a fine Apple Or. li.ird i.l leu Inwf Ijuiy, and an idaiudhtiee of otfiei fluiVtreris. suhii Ja Feaeftts, Pears, Cherries, Apricots At —alb awfully selected and in bearing condition. The attention of piirthascis is specially directed to this property as it is seldom that nny so splendidly improved, and in such good condition is oWMeJI f W Those wishing to view the furtn will pleats rail oil the tenant Mr. Huigaoii ; or on Mr. Lari Hvnns. Th* above property wtlTbar sold le w. For terms and other particulars apply to IVizell A Manning, or Mr. Kraus, My agents, at W estminsrer Md. sir address tltu unui rugaud at i)irU-i sbtirg West Virginia. * , I ’os, Cv ion given April!. ISfli. Oct Ilf HEN it Y ff.fl RTITD. For Sato or Rent. fllllK Subscriber ui ft sell'his FARM, | (bite Dr. Kiehelherger’r,) eonlnining m H ACKBR OF HMD, lying in lie South East corner ofthc Em null.long I>l Uriel, arid luoimied on (Im east by the Monocoev Riser. uL’uu/,fqtt,r fljilcs from Mt. St. Mary's r dmA county road Wn eu-r mid west, dtvMhig*tt : itlmnt . quaily. It i- no nnrneiite pfaiedwennod a id Uoenuuil le UirborhiXHl, vi.rr.mufcni OF ehlin lai., svlwf)|s,|nilll( "" J ftfitflUi ll ‘" one o ‘ I i" !■ i.P (1 “ bV i fi l e oTTryiain] ItmT tad -wllbiif tiro rdflet. 'Ws# fff ffff this tract foot 1 isi t„ PA* am t of •ap’ /’A*/.7/; r / .1/ nf i 'Tf*“ '* The r i ider i< arable, its natural quality .i ...i) iof.-rioßty nttu ijprthapifighborhooa, mid wnlered by i.i-rer fading springs rnuninff through every field, except one. The I .nt will readily mi ant of ion, there I,eh, -two set Of bniWings thereon— i.eb 'I, abiindnne. h bub. and will bo old et :ire or divided, le d on terms almost tvlioib at (be opt si . Flbe buyer. A firs* chtr* linie kiln of 1000 IIunlit!I 4 ii)iiif If y. was !.uiV In--! t ear, ami n system of liming' Com men red it *•<* Ist! dulls |ior dunum. with a ; oliealien of bone dust, and other imjii*t*ii If tiut volt) Jniurr. lyin'r ll it will b fosf riuit. 1’ fiother potu-alani, ,t{t|>li<Misti), fltrpi re' , . ,i,e ref rr.f frt Dofns llrolf. Kq,. ItoitMc l*i pe fr.w-k Ho 11 Ifltee fhitrolt sa.e.ty, m to do . tit i>ietrt*. men hunt ad* Ai. ■ {ana on the west tjrue Lout Vrem ’■ (■ ■rif's )*o I I IT, e. or to the tin der issM, Tffotc FO’iiHitbig wilt apply dit • 1\ to Ih ! liber. IV ession givrti rttf the I■! i.d At .i! nf’l pel haps sooner ifdc -4’ ■ 11VUOHER, epi. If Frederick, Mrf. Valuable farm at Prlvsilft Siflo. r |fMF. m trt;i( . kntlmr il ii. irrnnie4 I 1.. luauut,. bo tan laruis. idli rs at I’ii ,at. Sid. Jd.T.VIfM. mle.tiling the oq) wik > b *■.. i i.b s. |„ 'l’aiievtotrii IMstrict, I rrod ■ . .tin . Mil .. b, , „.iUeS. W. rtf in .yltttrn on (Jn rot' tending from said 'I nn, I'm ita.ek Iqy 1 Pipe CTecky 130 ACRES OF LAND- lnn*l in of "'-*#l qHHiify. 'l |tn4iirr.L ■* t ii Hiiy tlir ifinliUtriMXU' — w ‘1 In;;* •! over, uao.Hlof il twin tviihinuf w vrur.4‘ Tlh-'Viu’C nlxmlf 10 <>F of pomf thri'in ii i.ler, n -ilv Onk ni4 Al*M u .)t";i• ,I‘Ht tjuai.tilv ol* Mnulov. I Ui' riiurfuC f>fn Aib-* HOUSE, ' M.v - '. fi'. '. with larLuj line rtM'ins, and twit m-ut r.-iiaf. a ; i RAS’K n.\nv offlsv ft bet i Kiiwd e House. Stony Dafry m i .. i i- fmiiiig Spring ot good water t* House: Vt .. B .;i >l(eJ ; Corn Crib; (Tianeu Ai This firin I- under gixal fiiiv cibgf lias a o. d brnfllig * ‘ Ordiard cf Ilio K Fruit j hie tb ■ n>t vit", e of wafer in everr Sold a. 1 I'inev I trek flows through Md jJarti. II is ' tiled i.i a good neighborhood, ... in Mills. School: and Churches ; and about : mles from On- iiun gil UtO " eipani Min . land Railroad as proposed to be ex tended. i.rp,apf* yyebn* Adtb , i tin snltset iber, at Taney tow n I’, f). Carroll county MU. .e,.n if Wfl.rf.VM MIAM* IMPORTANT TQ OIL BURNERS! THE subscriber le.rni ■ pnreliosod the ex elusive right to make nml sell in Westmiir-’ stcr District, Catyqll v^tU>yv#\lU,, Jann’s Patent Ahum lean Hurniia hereby informs thepnhllc that he is prejiareU ■ ■ ell, rt lenoo in I ‘lea ant \ alley, near Her. 0 t VStdiV, any <|amlfv Wf raid Kimiing 1 Inid, nl .fit* cent* per gallon, and also Fa Mil y liioins.nn misonama terms, tot any | ersim in raid Di.-rtrsct t*Make and use Uio same, by which means they can he aup plied still cheaper with this best and cheap cst of all I i.'bts. A. .1/ KQONIZ, novlo'Jm SHOESANDHATS Cheaper then Evere. w. At John U. Husbv's, Opposite neW'WiUiMio Church. "IT rHERE you will find the largest and >V b4rfM | v>y‘*pfii ff, '*♦ vy V'cst st yld f.aaies ahtl .Hlssits Shoes mid Boots ever offered for sole in this Afarkot. Also of the very latest s-tylc always on hand. All goodsyotd at the very lowest price*, oct 25