Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, November 29, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated November 29, 1866 Page 4
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VItILWBOLD’S / FLUID EXTRACT IUCHU, FOB HON-RRTKNTION OF ÜBINK, IRRITATION, INFLAM MATION OR ULCERATION OF THE BLADDER OR KIDNEYS. DISEASES OF TUB PROSTRATE GLAND, STONE IN THE BLADDER, CAL ULUS, ORATEL OR BRICK DUST DEPOSIT, AND ALL DISEASES OF THE BLADDER, KIDNEYS AND DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. HELMBOLD'S Fluid Extract Bucliii, roK WEAKNESSES aaiaivo moit iintin om ixniaramo*. Tha conatilution, once affected by Organic Weakness, requires the aid of medicine to strengthen and inrigorate the system, which Hclmhold t Extract Buchn invariably doea If no treatment he submitted to, Coniuiup fioa or Inaanity may enaue. HELM BOLDS FLUID EXTRACT DITHC, In affection* pecular to female*, ia iinequaled by any other preparation, aa in Chloroaia or Rctcntioa, Irregnlaritiea, I’ainfulncaa nr j Suppraaeion of Cuatomary Kracuationa. Ulceration or Scirrliua Stale of the Cterua. leueorrimaa, and all complainta incident to the MX, whether ariaing from habits of dia aipation, imprudencim, or in Ui Decline or Chang* of Life. HELMBOLD'S FLUID EXTRACT BL'CJIU, an IMPROVED ROSE WAS II Will radically exterminate from the ayatein Diaeaaea of the Urinary Organa ariaing from habit* of diaaipation, at little ex|>enat, little or no change indict, and no ex | man re, rom pletely *il|h, reeling tboae un|4ea*anl and , dangerous remedies, C|eulnt and Mercery, In curing thnae unpleasant and dangerous diaeaaea. L'HK HELMBOLD'S FLUID EXTRACT BI'CUU In all caeca of the Urinary Organ*, whether in male or female, front whatever oa*c uriginuting, an<l no muHcr of how long Blending. It it pleanant in loatc and odor, immediate in it* action, and more strengthen ing than any of the prejmmtions of Hark or I ron. Tboae Buffering from Broken down or Delicate Conatitutiona, procure the remedy at once. The reader muat he aware that, however alight may he llio attack ofthealaivediacaae it ia aura to affect hi* bodily health, mental power*, happiness, and that of hia posterity. Our Hcah and blood are tup|iorlcd from these source*. PHYSICIANS, PLEASE NOTICE! I We make no aeercl of the ingredients. | II ELM II I. D'H FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU is composed of Ituchu, Culielw, and Jani|n>r llcrricn, selected with great ware, and prepared in vacuo by 11. T. lIEJ.M- '■ HOLD, Druggist and Chemist of sixteen ! years' experience in llie city of Philadelphia, and which ia now prescribed by tlie moat \ eminent physicians, has been admitted to use in the United State* army, and ia also in | very general nap in Stale hospital* ami public j Sanitary Institutions throughout the land. | ftstT Direct leltcrs to DRUG axn CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE, GUI BUG AD WAY, XU 1U YORK OH, HKLMBoLD’b Medical Depot, I HM SOUTH TENTH STREET, (Bxi-ow Cukhnit), 1 PHILADELPHIA. holdn y druggihth k i un i where. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. 4 ARK FOR riELIHBOLB’S l**7-ly Peter B. llkesell, WIIOI,KAI.K ft Rmn. Dkai.kk in BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS, Grocerut, Liquor* anil Leather. SAVING just returned from 111* Citirai of Philadelphia and Baltimore, with irgest and beat quality of articles in his line over before offered for sale In Carrol County, respectfully informs his friends and the oilmen* of the County generally, that he is still at the old stand, a few door* above , the Railroad, and will keen constantly on 1 hand, at Wholesale and Retail, a well aa sorted stock of Mens', Boys' and Children s HOOTS AXD SHOTS. '• Men's, Boysand Children's Hats and Caps, of all sizes and qualities; also a select variety of Indies’and Misses’ Bools and Shoes, ail of which will be sold at the lowest cash prices. (1 ROCRRI K S . A large Stock always kepi on hand, such ss Rio and Java Coffees, Extract of Coffee, Tens of nil kinds, Cmahcdmd Brown Sugar*, Syrups and Sugar House Molasses, Baking do,, Baking Soda, Sal Soda. Rice. Pepper, Allspice,Cinnamon,Cloves,Mustard, (ii nger. Mace, Indigo, Starch, Madder, Alum, Soap, Cream ofTarler, Fish, Baron, laird, O. A. Salt, Fine Salt, by the Bushel or Sack. Coal Oil and Lamps, Dried Fruit,Tobacco, Sugars. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS, ConsislingofPoriand Malaga Mines, French Brandies. Hidland and Country Gin. S’. K. Rmn. Old Rye, Monongaheln and good Cop per-distilled lieetified Whiskers, (linger Brandy, fte.t also a large lot of llotllcd Liq uors, consisting of French Brandy, Bottled in lUI, Ginger Brandy, Blackberry, Wild Cherry and Raspberry Brandies, Port Wine, Pcaa, intended foa Medical pttrposoa. LEATHER, SHOE nSDIXUS, AC. A large stock of l.ollier always kept on hand, embracing Sole and Upper leather, Calf Skins, Tampico and Madras, Grained Morocco, Indies' F'rench Finest Morocco, Pink Linings, Bindings, Ac.; abm a well se lected stock of Shoe Findings, via: nil the differ numliers of Shoe Pegs, Shoe Thread, Slim-String*, Shoe Knives, B>ps, Patent Pegging Awls, Sewing Awls, Patent Peg ging Awl Haadles, lading, Locks, Nails, Bristles, Sand Paper, Gums, l.usfa. Hooks, Hammers, Pmrhers, Knip|sTs, Peg Cullers, Hu libers, Tvelets, ftc. CK D A U W ARE, Consisting of Baskets, Tubs, Brooms, Shoe Blacking and Brushes, Wash Boards, Ac. Mr N. B.—All Goods lobe Who), salad or retaih-d to suit purchasers. •kUTIIe returns hia llmuk- for the liberal patronage extended to him, and will do ei entitling iu his power lo ineiil ila ronlin nance. PETER B. MUCKS ELL. deci-ly. ATTENTION I ! Rfledion <f ■ i Kii x I k v: in Wpßtmiiißlrr, in now king oflVnMl tn fhe public, by IRA K. CHOUSE, at his NEW AND COMMODIOUS WARE ROOMS, loi-ntiil mlmmil uopimiiM yard* Kant of |{niiroH<l DfjKit, and newly the { Catholic Churrh. i Ifib Stork ha* jmrvhaiwd in I*hila i I dolphin for ih* rojh, and conita *( tl* i latest and mo*t improved Mvh. vts: r.\num srfrs. ! FHmi IHm, Sofiu, Marlilr top and IH<‘nii<jiu:t Table*, Spring m| Chau* , alo, i OiamiMT Sail*, con* inline of uplradidk I fiimhml Hound (VirtMVrd Brdatuad*. MaHlr | top |>n -ing |of I du lotted W a*li SUmkliu (' H A ! U S . Ili of Cttßc and Wood n nl Chair* ji Inrpr* and of (hi? moat *tih*liu-tial make*. j | He will knqp eonatimlly on band a lorjrr j and %ery wiper ior Stock of Cutriilur** of hit j own mailn(nettire. i rnrrrxs. Tititiig in notiiOMklA of n nrw mid v-ry eh* * 1 nnt IIKAIWK, hr ia jfn*|*iirrd to furni-h OOKKINH and attend FiinrmUi th< l ot! Ml notMP. al prices that will ninny* py© at in fact ion. M'i ke<*p nlfti) a la ret* nnl ’! ' •!<* U d lot of n T o f : *, i I which hr can rrconinn i d to hr nfP fhr latent and uioal iiupfotrd pul '4 a 1 Uma, coßiidinK of Cooking, Carlor nnd ; OfKcr Slot ri. He invii**n ail iaeaamiiir h- Stuck Indore , )'iirrhu*inj( rlurw horr. By n ttlnci and faithful attention to h i-i nenH, hr hojXM to wrivif a nhurc of public ( pHlrOllllJ’C. iha i:. cHorsi:. N*. B.—Old Kumiturr and Chair*, ft-pnir rd and painted on mutoiinhlc ttnu*. drr7 ly. Save Vonr Hoiicv. ItV GETTING YOUII GOODS AT A. M. WARNER’S NEW STOUK, WEST END. WESTMINISTER, Who has always on band a fine m lection of | FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC | DRY GOODS, Xo/iunt, Grorrfii*, it v, Jaa)" Thankful for the increasing |iutrim | age, ami hopeful pi merit a continuance of the same. THE OLD MOTTO, Quick Sale and Short Profits. A. M. WARNER. apo LUMBER & COAL. ii. W. Doll & Co. Westminster, Md. WE would inform the citizens of West minster mid sum,muling country, 1 that we am prepared l furaish them at our I yard*l Ibis place and U toon Bridge, with I.Uilt Mlilt of all kinds, including Whllr Pine, Hemlock, iliiildliig Timber, Shingles, Laths, Plfkets &r. &c., All telccted by an cxpcriencctl Lumberman, which e are prepared to sell very low for cash. Also Stove and Blacksmith’s Coal by the ton, and Limehurnor’s Coal by the car. WuCnll aim examine for yourmtlvM. H. W,, A 00. feblfi-tf t arroll Nursery. near w/:.<:rmxsn:K, nfn. J 0 S E P iTs T 0 U T PROPRIETOR. fIiHE srnSCnrnßll hi* for Snlr I about 40,000 Apple Trm Of the moot approved vnrieti ”* ni han 1 for next ftpring |ilnnting. *i.nn, A large supply of Dwarf am) Ktanturd PEARS. A few PEACH TREKS, PLUM and APRICOT. A of CHERRY and QI'tNCK TREES. a ijo atm.r or 0 u a p : vines of all tlie loading varieties. CTRRANTS, GOOSEBERRIES, I.AWTON hi.ackbf.rry, STRAWBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, E V E U (! It E HNS, of largo mm i AUMt, A large lot „f DECIDUOUS TREES. These who lie.ire TREES we think would do well to examine my atoelc liefore pnr chasing elaow here, ne in> iitqvk are all from tested variclie*. JOSEPH STOUT. docT-lf REAL ESTATE and (iillntlm: \j?rncy. LRfl WiMmmw, Mu. Ojfkut ai MUi* " ITm fort, jt' Ui *A . V (n Kf\ V V ¥ AVISO mad* •mifijrmtt'MM* Tor |!>t j I i>rtp illion nflko Uuiipm of bmbtf and M'lling Boi oflfern bw <fiicf i< lb- cilucn# of ('amMl conntv who m*y j trull any busmo** in h Hue. A hirfr tmoatii of IL nl ulturii on hand fVr*r*fi having pr* Minify to of will find bin tb* 1* < iru dnim for H ’ <oif. Also, nil colbftinfif jrtnjit!y attend'd Uk i<*7if LAW COPARTNERSHIP. i.. r. rafttt. <m<. r. meiryii>r. (BOLT iV KEIKSMDtR. ' ATTOttSKYS XTHM .( VO sou urn ns i,\ (//iwA./f r, . tt,, Ml. 11T K have h . n ii.partn'' -h ;in 1 m.ltc i.f I.* in tin < it* id j Carroll and II w • t c.,untie*. ... .I .ill |ir>nn|itly attend to all lm*m> eolr i.t-d u i imr i-are Particular attention pat-1 to Col j tertian* and procuring Decree for the *nh- I of Real K I*l. I Alto. A|ml i eat ion a file! f.e It*. VPm and 1 Bounty due heir. ofd. ■ ..—I •ddi* r. Ulll. i adj.iiniiig the of Cn> T i Km - xnn a, n- "'I ALEXANDER FRAZER. Clock and Wateb Maker. I kESI'ECTH I 1.1 ... gms -1 I k lorm* the Puli!, ino *r t’r- ‘ j 111 hoe opened n shop h r M-jc jtoUl the Iranoac-tion of littetocMat Mr. fn.eilei •, Inner end of Westminster, in the r..rn Inf uteriv occupied In Dr. Il.rtuga* an .-fli. <■ Being an old < tpem-misl Clock and Watch ' Maker, i.ntn n-|ir>v he (Inn ™ hiniMilf tliat kr ciin gim tnjjt *,iWUetirtn in hi* rinplM rn. Clock*. VValrhe*. Jewelry, At . repaired at short noth#. in (he lot ' ntu ne r, 1- ml on w<m art".iiK"liiing terms. June It If J. J. BAUMGARTNER, tllorni t at l.axx ami NolU lloi la (bnncrrj. INTIM, practice law in the I'iwiH in Cat y, rtdl county, will aid nod etinnol Uioae who are x. tiling estate* in the Or phaiii.' Court, and draft Will*. Deeds A■ C*B la* neon at the I'iiim Saimitnl Bank nf Westminster, from '• n'ehiek V, M , un til 4 o'clock P. .M..aod in the evening* at I hi* residence opnoaiU: the I'turner* A Me I - Inline* National Bank of Wmliumater. mat lit I>. JOS. M. PARKE, itlornc) sit loUM and Soils lloi In € liaiin r). H’AVINU mum? time, not ocni|i*- \ ly hit Editorial dun***, will dev# 1 llu j hamt* to the Pnutuv of fdim in fh<’ vafioti j Cuurth ofCiirroU county. Mill roiinfDliuul : mub hr hnvo )iu>iu i>a befr tin* Or j I'luuin* Court, ami to lh* pn‘j'w lion off bud., AVUIi Ac. Other in lb* mar of the Amo vti IVmt Otfirft. marH John v. rwfxrtu *vua. , FRIZELL & MANNING. BROKERS, WILL buy nnd fell ( filled SMlc*’ d olliar , I'ublie SdH'nrliiea; alrt I••! Wniiwti'. Will buy NetfOlinbl l # |*cr, ltood and Judg- , im nt>. mul uduuu t money on ('ollcclionr. Will imj thrre per rt-fit. for UepOite. to be NCcured by Governinvnl Honda, ind rtdceinablp i on demand. Oflic* throe doon Id low Ilai lholow'* llon l. WcfitMunclv r, Vld. oai‘LVl/, Building Materials. Lock*. 11 in"e*. Rerctra. NniU, Jte., Ac., PuintN, Oliise, I’utly, Ac., C'lirpantura and Ciiliiuctt Tool*. Cabinot Hntdwttro of all kimln. MV fnyilitli* in thla spfliiil line hit* been very much, Increayed. 1 tin ulttay* p/f --pai. tl to ftirnUfacal any l|iandl) at the abate guod*. o purchaser* eau alttat* tienenTiui lie itig accoiiiniotlaWd at the lowc*l it*lpi. priaeg. j i,'sMin.H. Whites BMdl. A nett- and varied aunrtinent nf lu st impnrli d white twlMedlndia hiM <’l<ilh jL j.tiii, plaidnud cheeked Kainsiuik*. kVeiicb rttvlae, plirtn and dutted, and uu uudloH variety of Cambric Bril liant* and dimity. We bare no hesitancy in *aying tve have the best line of while good* now kept in town. Call and ce fur ymtraclvc*. may 24 MAHSIK A CO, Athntion llulrh ’rn anil Farmer a / nIfIHKST cnhli price paid for Hides, hy Heii'atiidcr A Co-, sept 18 near DcpirU if. n. fiMwmnr *>.**: GRIMMER t PERKINS, ITIOTOUUAI’H.S, AMHnOtVPKS, ... ** MBI.AINuTWES. ‘ritmirs iv rxma ink, \fATKK fI.MJRH, AXK Oil, COI.ORft, AC. ri B- OSAMMhiH, W’inj >saocm4eil 11 with him tn Ills business Mr. *l. W. rKKimrx, Inte of Itnllonore. trim lins linil *oni# years experience In Photo , (rrnpbtr, mid loom* removed In hi NK'V UooilS, ntmtfy opposite Odd Fellows’ Hall, whirl) have bri>n lifted up nt eottfider able expense expressly fur tin- bnsinrs-, would rnajieetfally an non nee V< his friends of WAwflnStw, ami <>f Carroll Connie gen eenjly, llmi till r nAw hnre the fW-ifor inking ns good picture*, (in every style of thr art. i ns ran hr procured elsewhere. Jam; ‘JI-tf Mitt STORK! JOHN R. BUSBY RKjfrrrrrrixr infnnnt thr rn iiir)# I ha* jut njvfiipd a KW HTOKK, in Wi-#f • mtn*lrr. Md.. Mar (h* (Uiimii, and | (hr CaUiollr riinrrh. wh<*r# hr ha# uo hand, a largr and #jd ndUl a#*<>rt merit of New Goods, ( nni(ißK of In part as fullovi s lalit>‘ tibia*, of d**?ri|ihn, I*oll#h and Ualmoral IMi, of (hr f#r r lal***(J|| Mile. aft kind*. W Ml i kliu. a (nil aNOrUMUI of (hildrr* I >h-> • * 11 \ T •dI \ "f till >ll ■ ■j ’ Usn a [k|| of THINK* all of 1 which hr it prUiKf at a >fd#rfnl|j rrdnrrd I’ uilrr* WAU PAPKR. A *y4#r>dvl o*ot§ivrpi of i*tdd, : lln-t# 4 <.th(#4 I Wai l tnfr-r. I Oak an*IAA alnnt I’anm ling for Hall# and Pin j ‘ iiig Alan K.rr lioard l*M and * 1 l.lh'-n Window .*ha<L. all f which an* of (hr . lalr#( (tl *. a| (ho !*■l ri(r arkr*. MuPilmt Hanging d*mr by U II.LI All COO.X, j h<> ha* had ai (**#! ynw kpnr* ha (hr IfHdOot (n llallt^"f" and llk#*r Work don# In pari f lint* cMntr*. all j gaaraol-crd or no {my. mat li-lf t 4 U T AftTMORT 4 CO , ■aaaUctamr *f Fkoiof Malarial^ Ml SIOADWAI. a r M WNMaa *an —* Mow * Mt ft* *T a #• w m wk*| •** lurMMpn and ttaraaaaapic Vi#ti. W War* n *•• •• >•.— wm* i •* (hm#| TIEVt OF I HI WA#. ISiS • r fcnsfc* • '■■■ nmunsi smi . mu urns mt Mil Baa. Baiak T.rktawn. Fa. loan Trot*. Oatty.k.rfK, lumi ins tl am Fair Oaks, Laahatt Maa.lala, lutiM, ItUkakMltJi ktxl.ri.kib.ifh. City Fatal. Fairfax. Waakatlla, ■iikwesA. Paiar.karfX, DSp Boitoia, Balia flora, NaalUrr. Ckall.noafO, Fart Marfas, A llama. Ohartealaa, MaWK Florida. (tr.wk.rry Flaloa, • k. e#vW* m 4 n.*f* CWW •*# •**#* •***-• •, A*, k* a.*-J*v - ■*- ■ M‘*kM On <a . •iiU m< M#M *•••• ••#* Photographic Albnmi V* *#H tSM V< laiNfaM Wn> '• IW l a’M PtalN v * XT*r^*wrj^r*TL. " arjT >Zr* rvT* ■ aV,N*J’.'.r* ** jrci.|r.t M .f.. C" Tha Trad* wiU And oar Alhnmt u mail Baiaakla itay caa hug. r;aii rNOKNnrm aq 'W^aT''^Ash - --••-*** , ■-* a4 arf Esl*! SS% *•** 'w# '•£ t*. ■*. r:r -fl> * aOkxK tl In ■ l*NN*. m latO-Xk, * AIM* tk (Mf, M n*..*Nll • ON* u# •* <# av hMlaf ryailWA. a 0# U •>*• ••■•6sa< a4 lUpir'fl mk‘| *ta's *4 *af saa MOt a* N>at J BaxiM a* ••#* n l*-*w* r- a , - *-a •.1 fa atkoi ta fll B# hx< M a0..l •*• ■T rWrO-XN o WloaNMMat >u I* N>g I mi Ily H.,HUg|R I hUK.s, 1 ' PJrA \ / V/ 7//r i.YA'S, /'. 1 a<■ J i.r.s. fKIUTMKIiy. ,r. piivsk'laxs - i* , noN.s ueniiy nml m'luralr l) tnlnpuitlnK'ii, Pi po! f>r the manufarlum of i IIKRISh" ii (omfMmtul Suruji uf JUarl , forty J/001, ' liW- if | M> |i| : |. SUi j ijlua.'JJ , ||{ s T ,{it' K ■ l| rime [fUiNU. s TnMc... lg V _ I IrwWVUfMorf pfWt arrt _ , u __ fin -1 ,r ( ni Hnrda mid ; HpHh*. will* nuttHe ids un<l uinuiiiulivi* u j pdn*nfltf4ti tin* alctinm h And nnrvcma 1 j It in a c*tiiln r*mnd) for nr In 1 ' dlgr-Mf|o9. \rrvoiltH v *s, ls#*a CI A |J*(if, At iddr of (hr Stoitim lif Fliunifney litd Ih; j I* I'iliiv. It i“ not airrditdir, thrmfon* imrtio- ■ ulnrlv auilml for Wenk, Nmotw ami Dv j (•cjdic iM*r*Mna. I’m a!** ly nil U j t*viT} tvin n* tti f'l j*.t bnUlf*. janlfhljt ! TT^rjn.f. lll ’- Strickland s ii \o II MF.u.tPi.rors JJf oiikli llalatiiti lx anrmnlfdln Im (li only pirjmrnlioii ! Iflioirn fo (■llo' r.inftlix, folds, llonlst'lioss, ; \sthma, nlionjiiiig rhronicoonp'lis, I ertnimmj lm bronchitU, nd tronn. Hctu nrepnrod lioin Inmvv mid herbs, it i honl I | iny, .nlirniiKj, and ••*| r , ctsrniiiitf, mid por j | Inmlariy snilnbln for nil alluctruim of tln> | j Throhl nmi Un|s*i For nail; by ! evorjwhere. jnnlmly : —■ 1 111: si l::< 1.1 AMi H ,a | f Mil | ]i J-fill I rile Himrdj || ri. I ins| thou annas of lliu woml fiua s uf Uliml nml Jfleodlnj! files, it give immeilinle relief, nml etfeels n permn

aunt cure. Try rl directly. It is wnrraaUxl 4o *enrn. Por mla by nil ItrnjrslaU nt 00 Cents per bottle. *• j*nll<ly Daily Passenger and MAIL LINE, From Unttysburtt ami LilUesUiWn. t un neets with tin*Coir*pi JOHN 11. SPA I.PINO. eleeM tf C. W, M lb ST UH , Kltilr’H AUoiney. ATTORNKY-ATLAW, a av> Solicitor in cnAWitTtr, Otliec over K.izell A Mnniiing’a Broker’s Dlficer, it doors Irelow Uurtliolirw's H'Ralf 1 M>stmn;ttf, MJ. deci lf* IMOA WORKS. Westminster Hid. WM, H. HA KM AKi CO. , /“CONTINUE the manufacture of IRON GEA RED THRESHERS with Peltons Improved HORSE POWERS, PLOUGHS, with Wronaht mnl Iron Shan** hiul Point*, Kprnijf-Torttfr H(MISK HAKKS, for UnT ami liraiu, ('OUti SHMULKUS, FEKD CUTTKHS, nnd Ayri* ti/fnrnl Machinery fjrnrrflfh/. Ahn CASTING "full kind* fcm* to order. All kituf* or iiKPAiuiaVr; done with propitious mid on imwlernfe term*. They nr** also sole Agent* for the *nl of MrCOKMICK'jj Improved Self-Unking comhlnofl REAPER AM) MOWER, for Curndl county, and in that part of Fred crick coimtjf North of Frederick City, and also in tlwt part of Midlhnore county North of Texas, With this Machine the Farmer saves money, time and Inlior, nnd in, without controversy, superior to any other now in llie market. nnn fully wnrranled to reap and rake heavy, light. tangled or ’twltfrvl (irain, where hand rake, or dropp* r, will fail. We offer it on trial with any other, the purchaser to keep and fty for tin: one preferred. Alan are Afenta for (inter'i Patent S’lf.Reiftihili>i;f (/ruin S<-jKirntnr, f'tenner ,/ Unffyer, At a liiial Mw the frown I. when tabor la very acercr, ll in fmiwirtnni that Karmen, who are interealed, kfionld give alletilhm to tilia iinpro,enient, which will coMaidrraldy | reduce the expense of Hirrahiai Grain in , the common way, I’ki* ia now rnfrnikml [ the best SejainiUir liefore the piddle. It ia , particular),, adapted to Karmera- for their ■Kin uae, and will apply In l.ever or Railway |iower. and will and Clean from 100 to 130 Bushel* per dny. using four to aiv hontea ancTa. many Imnda. Alan, for sale MorromraT'a ‘Mini acr Hi arKKtn Ilian wr Wuiut Fax,' 1 ' deeT-Iy. Spring Fashions FOR 1866, OF MILLINERY GOODS. MRS. SHRINER ■ S now receiving from New A ork nnd ISn!- | limore. her Spring Stock of Straw nnd .Milliner, llwah. embracing nil the imveUic, of the aea.on, her stock i very large and will tie .old at the tow -I price., latdiea rail and examine her Straw Bonnet., Iwdlea Mat. Mvk< r lliHwla, Ribbons, Flower., Kenlirr,, Silk. A Satina, Cr„,w. IsM-ea, Maline, in, Ornament., Ruche, Frame. 4 c. I Silk and Crap. Ronneta alwaya on hand | and made to Older. MRS SIIRINKICR Bonnet and Fancy Store, hot of ( iA If the It. It. ftetwil. Wctniin-ier. DENTAL IMPROVEMENTS. DR. II I. M 1 S llll|i,o\iil Mliona Oxl,lr t|*p>irn<WH. Dr. (>KD S. KOI KS, Dnilisl. Iliiliif fuibWhi 'l Ll< >jfl r >'. in tt'mniMrr, Vli, nh rw *f lr. U* nr i'aisni tnii*r>n4 A|*fHirUt %m ilf Mmni(if iurr -if | , r(H ill |*r* i NITK n r S UaXIDK AS, f ..uM annul nr r |ht h. w ill nil! I* l all lim' pri |inr> 4 U* KimiliUl f ihi# |*|,Ur Aiu *Uii lif f..r |H# , Ksirntt - m tf T- 'fl* /Ww. fit, fOI K K *ml4 mil< Ihr (lie lx. Km Ik h |mtr**r4 Atorwu 1*.*.., .r f.. ihi.MtM. lit wtcaii# .if an Imptoini Air flun inf. Ihr pr* - aura of ih Ih<‘ ttiKnrr for lt4'li*g I* • l!i Ac uilt tnl irtati I* in tin- mkmmK, i rr-rlainU • n.| rff.rtiMlN tlitflwrd linn hr an* .hi - or f .n,t r.r ; laKiihrr!<• hr ihr |? -.f..i'*, Thr ralu arol r i P<||rvrr „f ,-t of \M.UrUI T.ih trr h *h*c 4hi a *4 Huh ih.l.cMoKlral hr V i iMilinur. (h I'larlln t>f hrnlwln in a|) tU llrar-t Im*. anl In mif a /W.-r n\,tk*r •a fhi hr..tal |.rpoo • hr la 11... roM'fh|r rtiH'flpftft 4 in iKt Niannfarturr “f l.ttk u|*m* flic I line, an 4 m |r#i*ttr4 I/* Mit't ir tfcia *v|p iff at tvrr woih ialr r a> *. ' Janr7. If. NEW STORE INI‘W STOCK. our nMcnfioti • n**if*ctfully | ..ih ii*d to my new slrn'k Of w ll **4m i-| (M)OllS ih.w oiM iiing. ' ImiHfilfitfJy tipiftilr *‘A It ItOLh MALL K idinwinj* n vnriHy of (lOOpS, HHcJI Ha Clotiis (’asslmers, (ussliiplts, TWEEDS, Plain and I'antty MOI’SI.INES, rOHOCRGS, AI.I’ACAS. FI.ANNKI.H, GINGHAMS, I CALICOES, ■*-. CAMRKICS. “■ I>i: 11 ,l,s, Blencbrd nnd llrown MorSLIXKS, llssls, Mtnea. Mntn nnd < |. j j GI.GVKS, HOSE, Wot,l and Colton, With a general nnd well .elected STOCK of IJIUMERIES and HARDWARE. And other article n.nally kept, which are offered Hi a Mnall mlvntiee nlmve I‘itnl. JOSEPH WELLER, j niffWt-lf NEW BOOK AND st\tiom:kv stoiik. rpilK tiißUrsiiriMHl hnviiig jimt o|x*ncd j 1 hiiMiuu**, tnkr nlcajsur*' in culling llio J uitmiUon of I Ik* I’ulmc to Iheir well svlec-j lil hUK*k ot Books, Stationery, j Cards, &c., which they flutter themaelvoii can lie aold ' on aa ftiir terms a* ran lie obtained else where. All orders for Hooka, Muaic, Ac., | promptly filled. We nre alao Acenta for the mile of tho “life of Stonewall Jackson," i and “HemMy'a History of the Rebellion.'' 11. . ORAMMEU. WES LEV C. DANKER. ; nng n. tf wm. ,i. risnica. a. ii. antABFKKR. | FISHER £ SCHAEFFER. *ITO II IK E ¥ S-AT-UW, Ojjiof-, npjxmle < 'lift Hotel, H'etlmin/li r. HAVING formed a copartnership in the practice of l.w, we will promptly attend to all business entrusted to onr care. Cap bo consulted in the German language, f noi!0-ly , * CHOLERA PREVENTIVE! i X. li. TIIK CURAT AI NO Alii UiTTKRS. *l* His WoXpSRFULREMEDT a, rliiCOT ■ ercd snd introduced anoht twenty year* *o by Dr. 8. Chepu, mu omuumt EgyptiK* pliVHcian. He had long *een and felt life want of some’ remedy which would eirik<* gt the root of dis ease-. And so prevent tnucfl of the suffering which the human family was iHcn compelled to endure. The great question was preeehted to hit mind every day in vivid colon* a* he moved among the tick abd riving, and observed the Ineflidjen ry of neatly all file remedies then in use. Tmi* he was lead fo think and rxperijuent : rfhd after ten veara of study and labor, he pre*enb*d to Ms fellow man the wonderful Zingiwi Hitktrt. The rffi'dl ef tin* preparation in the prevention and crf of disease, wu eo mur v.-IVi/i* and as ton Lb log', that the moot flaithring inarka of royal favor were bestowed upon him who di * Covered It. Hla name wm placed upon the lioll of Nobles. and a gold r*lal with the fol low Ing incriptlon—hr. H. CTieopaue. the Public ror. The preparation hat been need in several epMemlca of cholera, both afc a preventive and cnffflve measure. and with such great surce** that It haa be<n introduced into nearly all the general botpilaltof the old v*bfld. The old paying that an ounce of prevention (a worth a pound of cure, applies with marvel loua force to cholera, and therefore anv remedy that will pnrtect ns against thin terrible disease should befreelv and persistent! V ns*d All pathologist* now agr.-e that the cholera poison acta on the system through the Mood, aad that any combination which acts on (he eteretory organs, and keeps (help in working order, must prevent a sutnemnl arcumnlalion rtf tne poison to e*ert its terrible effect* on the organism. This la true not only • f cholera, but of nearly all other maladies, especially the dif ferent frrms of fevers. The Zingart Hitter* Is |n( sn<7 a remedy as Ilia above condition* require. It acts on the organ* of excretion ami accretion, keeping up ft perfect balance between them. This Hitters (i roHtj'Oiwi enllselv of root* and herlie. *o nicely eoneoeled (fill every erjfln is acted oprt and pnt in tone. It* t-t- | pleasant and its effect* prompt and la*tin|f. NffUfrrnws ca*fHi iff the following disease* hate if 'cn mred Hy it; ('kolrri, IMarrbwa, Typhoid and TyphsM f. t*r, Fever, Ague. Ner vous Debility, Anaemia. Female Irregularities, Dyspepsia. Flatulency, Colic. Scrofula, l*rirr. one dollar per quart bottle. I'rifHhpal Depot *( the Walnut street Wharf, HarvMurjf, f*. Hold by Druggist*. keener* A Droeer*. For Sale in Westminster Mu. by Howrr* A tKHR, Drorera. and A. If. Il W. ftrggM- V. H.iHTKK, Jane •*,— |yr. Mole Proprietor. F O U T X* CILfBBAVBB Horse and Cattle Powders. preparation, tong ami f*or*Wjr hnava, will Ur oughtr rvinvlforata broken down and tow splH ltd Norses, hy strengthening and cleansing Ua ikonsrh end lain* line# ll Is a sure pm venllrc nf all dir r*ers InrUWnl to IM* andaal. swrh a* U*o FEVItR, •• LA> ULUM, VKI.I.OW Wt TKR tl VAV EP. JgR nirwHt, in* wBA T k tl r r r v% rn VDI'-Jt toe* n i>- # m wlad. laerw* M W VV ” the Ifpmw ies | / | am tm• aI h and wL Tj* | kunhra* It* aPMfafed* sfcelstoa lata a tne ton blag and spUtßnd To keepers of Cow* (hi* preparation U Irn siuahl*. It inrreunrs U* qaaaUty nod Improves the ~yaUty Lm hern proven hy nsr c ——TT , *J #pnrtrat la r* barrens# the gnan- I I OIMB l-RMir (*t jyni end atagr the ••• rt ,n tatlanlng them M'Wti faster ... In all dUrasrs of Swine, tach m i ssgiM, Hsai la the (.rttHT* _ *• w -Jf -J*‘VKidfe^WvH>sjM^Bw. £ C. a " Urvl*f •* i) f ■ W W •*-* > < will he eradk-jied ar rnttretr pr.. ntr ,j If given la time a certain prrv/mtt* * end rare i * the flog Cholera Prlcß tl CcaU par ftpar, or R Paper* for $L rncr a red it N. A. rOITT/ A llllO.n AT TffBIR vffffULßiLK hiub on wrncrivf nim. Vo. 116 Franklin Bt. Baltimore, Hd. lor U*p. (Ir.iggiais and fiorekatpcrs through mil the ( atPvl Https. di>rl4* ly 11 (i\v to savi*: money. rt rm; nuu or uim tui.i. Tli. timm an* banl; ywiM lik** to know I low yon mnv *nv* vcir doilur*; The wuy to do it I will show, If you will rend w hat follows: A man who lived not fur from Iwrr, Who worked banl ut hi* trade, But had u household to nupport That Mjuioidertvl nil In* made. I met him onee. havi he, “Mv fiieiid, 1 look threuillmre and rough; I’ve tried to get. myself n suit; Hut mil*! \o up eierngh,' i Hurt I, “My friend, how much huvoyau? I ll tell you where logo ITo get anil Ilml' pound mid elioojv— At SMITH HKOTTIKUS V CO/* , He took w hat little be bnd Mived | And went to Smith A Hroth**r*, And there be got h handsome unit i For half he paid to other*. Now he i home; he looks *o well, ! An I their respect i* pich, i Thai when thtv iak<* their daily menU | They don't ent half so much. i And now he find* on Saturday night, With nil (heir want* Piipjdied. That lie ha* money left to spend And pome to Inv twddu. ! • I Yin good mieee**. w iih elieerfnl Ntnlle, Hr gladly tell* to nil: “If von d nave money, go mid Imy Your clot hep at ill’lirlll© lltlll.* 9 . Where the cheapest, finest, and best cloth ing and gent*’ turn idling good* can he Iliad to suit every tm*te and in even* style, nt an and 40 WKST HAI/riMOKE HTIfKKT. noilO-ly .STUNK WAKK. TX large cpiantilies, and compriiting evert I tiling made and wold in that Ware, with •Ttirn, Piteherp, JugH Pan*. Ve. We have the improved SiONK TOMATO JAU. For sale by K. K. (Jenumd. july o Sir 11 AM NO MAT E KIALS.- Lock* , Hinges, Holts, Screws, Naila, Ac., its, Oils, Ac., in large lot* and will be Hold low in any quantity, by nug *2 ft. K. Demand. Lad tea Furs. I have made arrangements w ith :i Manufac turer to supply me with a stock of Mutt*. Tapes and Collar*, offered for sale at w holusale or re tail, at the lowevt Baltimore prices. Call and xamlne my stork and price*, novlfi John L. Ueifsnldcr. COLD ia advancing, so is Cotton and every thing elm* but A. M. Warner is selling it tne •Id price*. may St. Grefct Im prov <-mtl# lewlaf Machine*,' Empire Shuttle; MarUnfei Salesroom, 836 Broaihraif, N. Y. 250 Wanhingtun St., Button. 921 Chntimi St., I*h{fottelj)/na. Patented February 14, Isoo. . _ THIS MACHINE U constructed tf\ kf tirely new principles ofmechanism, pH* sessing many rare k valuable improvements# having been examined by the most prolbuoil experts, and pronounced to be Sim/tlin'ly ami J’er/n-tam OumhimadJ It has .t straight needle, perpendicular notion inahes the “Hock or Shnttlc Stftefc/* which will NKITHEIt TUP nw RAVEt,, and is alike on both sides; performs perfrrt sewiwf on every description of material, from I /collier to the finest Mansook Muslin, wfffr cotton,linen or silk thread,from the coarsest to the finest murder. ' ' 1 Having neither CAM nUr OOfi WHEEL, and the feast possible friction, it rntu ait smooth ns glHsr, *tl is emphatically a KOHCteM M Itimhl , It retpnres fiftf per rent. less poWet Uf drive it than any othermncliinc mtb*l|H6Mf. ’ A girl twelve years of age can work if stead ly. without fatigue or injury to health. Its strength and wonderful simplicity at construction, rwndors it almost impossible ftj get out of order, and is guaranteed by the company to give entire satisfaction. We respectfully invito all those who may desire to supply themselves with a superior article to come and examine this nnrivalletl Machine. Our. half hoar'll inttrartinn it ntfftrirnf to enable <.y /leraon to wort Ikit Machine t€t thrir entire ealiefartlon. Religious and ('lmriuUilv luslitutions sift lie liberally dealt with. '• Anex-rs Warrro for all towns in thw L'niled Hiatus where Agents are not already established. Also, for Cuba. Mexico, Cen tral and South America, to whom a liberal diseoiiiit will lie given. No consign men) s imntwat all . Hmpirr SrKlHl/ Mm him- M/tftm’. A. A ft!ti‘. Rnosnwsr, IS. V. principal A gem-re* Established:—Port land, Milliki-nA Cat Providence, U. L. J, M Wheeler: Norwich, Conn., K W Yarring lon, Kvraease, N V, .Iclin H Fowler.— • PWaftehl, SJ.JS I imihain. Paiefann, X 1, Peter Seilwd. |*Wft4nrgb. Ernest AM helm; Ib hi more, Tims’. .Shanks. Washing . ton. It C. J Karr, \T beefing, If, Va. W It Hawkell A Jim., Mieb.. Vum haim A Co. I'uirliault, Minn., C W boll. ( Cincinnati, ()., Matbev W Wilson, derltb-ly NEW COAL ANO LrMH ft U YAH i> GUKKV KlH it mjSTVIXttW. MIK . ‘ HAVIVfi p#rfi*Hnl nrmugtmrntii fuf nrr) inp on the Liimlirr find € mil lliitlnr**, i rn Own tnct, at flu* I, Wf*tiniiiM4wr. ML, ill*’ fuk**M tlii.4 mi'thikd of j nolicilitiff flu* p*ifr*)!*#■ of jpuhhr. Ilw will hnv*oit liiMid.‘ ntaf I f f•r**jVf%>**r| to •ril Ht nil linn** at flu* luwt*M n**h priefrtf a full t of 4*4* ***4, anil H. 4 Hoards and Plunk, 1 MoonniTs WtailnrUmnlinge HiiltufC nal Sranthriff, Shiuglr*, liuol l*K’k<*fi* nil niiirr mulurial k pi in a Lumber Yard. If** will aIM for *nlo Urr>kt*fl t Egg, Sat and Pen t’KAI.. from the well known Hb/tiimhiu Mile nt the lowest Market , Hates. l!v prompt attention to hmineM, famish* mg tin- In-I mil I - in tlm Market, ami doing all in his (tower to uecomiuiHlate matomer*, he ho|>e< to iniuniand a share of public patronage. KItWAHU I.VNCM.r fol.My f. THE FERTILIZER F > It Maryland Land*. II i I G 11 * * Ran-Homo l*lio*phHl! f oofsi/ai/o/ -*M fHT rrtif, of* Utttf. lint 11. Ms* per rrnt. of Awmtmin. IT hUuuUI Ih? Uiru in minU that thr |ilimlo of l.ino* in ihi.t nrtirlf*. Im*ihk oK* rxdtiHivtdy from Kaw Hon.** ami % i tm<* Hinl < • nano, lliCTi* m* no part *l it imrjr I crahv#*, it-* ia thu ihjm* of Su|M?r l*ho*|th|ff* j ifm'h- from Mineral GnAtlOfl; hut Imiiig ef|* tirt-Iv Solnlilr in llio Soil, con tin wry to I iib to tin? rroim ftpf The miiik,illc pm-retn whiidi lin* at leu* ! (N iuuH’in Mar) liml ami |arU of Virginia , h a autfo ii iit guaranty to indue** (liuafl who | have not Irieil it to <lo ho. The (Jniin cro| in this Stale, where ihU ' Fertilizer him licrn applico, 14 lo ■ havo Im***i incmiml from to $0 jmr rf*t. hyitauwe; whilr for Tolmrro ami (irwen I jin tit* it* <nieoe** han been ilHriileH. riit* lloltimorr ariw' i.s nnform with the Man ii facta ref’* I wlorr Price. HKoHfiK lrcjn.\LK f / M ainifacturcr '* Agent, f * Vo. (OS Smith’s Wharf, Ihiftiniote, Md. For sail- by BUWKKS A ISF.HH, ang 1,-.lni Westminster, SASH, BLIND, DOOR AND I Furniture Factory. j SIIORB, I.KISTEU A SHAEFFEK, MAIN Street, West of the Itailroad. have on hand and Mauulaetiire to order I SAS UK’S, I nusns, / DOOMS, and every article necessary to a IluihUbj. me- --a -rXfc_. ALSO, ‘fll nff li RTAITI HR, Adi in every style and vnrtefy. Having had great experience in nnr hnsl* ness, we feel satisfied in saying we can Ml \ our goods to n greater advantage then can 1 Is* had elsewhere, i rs,r(ii'e us a call. Nim tf. WM. r. NAC 1 JIBY. (’HAS. H. RoNKgTS. NIMJLSBT i ROBERTS, AT TO US' K I >’• A T-LA W A\D SOLtC imUS IX (lIASCKHT. Having ussocudod ibumaclves in tb* JJfBC* ticc of Law in Carroll county, they will at tend promptly and carefully to all Wimn entrusted to their charge. Mr. Maotaby will visit Wcslnunslvx whenever kuainesa requires it. OlVieu directly opposite Court lloutr. jan4 ly IMPORTAMTf f|AHE subscriber hereby rirei notice that X he has resumed the sale of FUmr, Fred, Bueon, Fidt, stilt, vd! at his Store House near the Rail Read, Westminster, Md. Also, Zell’s Nu|er Phaiphalt, ago RAW BONE PHOSPHATE, in Store, end for sale by the unitentgaed, the only Agent for Carroll county, Md7 . PETEK JJ. MIKKSBLi. a I mylO. ■Y4