Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, December 6, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated December 6, 1866 Page 3
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|i Miri established in N. Y. City.'* “Oalf infallible remedies known. 0 “free from Poisons.” •‘Not dangerous to the Human Family.’ ’ “Bata come oat of their holes to die.” Cos*r’” Rat, Roach, Ac., Exterm’s Ii a paate—used for Rats, Mice , Roaches, Bkitkand Red Ants, Ac. ♦ GostarV' Bed-Bag Exterminator Is a liquid or wash—used to destroy, and also m a preventive for Bed-Bugs, dr, "Costar’s” Electric Powder for Insects I* fot Moths, Mosquitoes, fUas, Bed Bugs, Insects on Plants, Fowls, Animals, Ac. Beware!! 1 of all worthless imitations. See that “Costae’s” name is on each Box, Bottle, and Flask, before you buy. Address HENRY R. COSTAR, 484 Broadway, N. Y. (Off Sold in Westminster, Md., RT By A. H. HUBER. Druggist and Retailers every where. s ; ♦. • ' < .. CELEBRATED Buckthorn Salve, For Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Wounds, Boils, Cancers,. Broken Breasts, Sore Nipples, Bleeding, Blind and Painful Piles ; Scrofu lous, Putrid and 111-conditioned Sores; Ul cers, Glaadular Swellings, Eruptions, Cuta neous Affections, Ringworm, Itch. Corns, Bunions, Chilblains, Ac. ; Chapped Hands, Lips, Ac.; Bites of Spiders, Insects, Ani mal*, Ac., Ac. HR- Boxes, 25 cts., 50 cts., and $1 sizes. SfluSold by •‘all Druggists everywhere. HR. And by'HENRY R. COSTAR, De pot 484 Broadway, New York. And by A. 11. HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. “OO STAR’ S” UNIVERSAL Corn Solvent, • * .Pur Com-v Bunions. Warts, Aq. luxes, 25 cts., 50 cts., and $ I sizes, j fitr Sold by all Druggists everywhere. Mr And by HENRY U. COSTAR, De pot 481 Broadway, New York. ffir And by A. 11. HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. f * • *■ml ’ Jy “C O S TA R ’ S” PREPARATION OP Bitter- SiCrrt and Orange Blossoms VO* BBiCttFTINU Tttll COMPLEXION. Used to Soften and Bcnutify the Skin. f*move Freckles, Pimples, Eruptions, Ac. Indies are now using it in preference to .all others. Jiff* Bottles, sl. HA. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. Hi- And by HENRY R. COSTAR, De tjot 484 Broadway, New York. ’ M. And by A. Hi HUBER, Westnun •ter, Md. *fa \ • I V) 71:?..■> )i “CO ST AR’S” ‘ PECTORAL VOUOH REMEDY , For Cough*, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, r -Oroup, Whooping Cough, Influenza, Asth ma, Consumption, Bronchial Affections, and all Diseases of the Throat and Lungs, v J|ff* Bottles, 25 cts., 60 eU.,*4sl sizes. Mff* Sold by all Druggists everywhere. - VRu Aad by HENRY R. COSTAR, Dc ■ pot 484 Broadway, New York. SQL. And by A. H- HUBER, Weatmin* ffer, Md. n ; - * "1* . ■ \ B TAHQkI “C 0 S TAR’ S” ' ' C BLEB RAT ED r BISHOP PILLS, \V.V- A UNIVERSAL DINNER PILL. Por Nervous and Sick Cottive- Wps, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Constipation, Diarrhea, Colics, Chills, Fe — vsn, and general derangement of the Diges n**.hve Organs. Boxes, 26 cts., 60 cts., aad $1 sizes. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. And by HENRY R. COSTAR, Depot ‘ Bt Broadway, New York. . And by A. H. HUBER, Westminster, ' decVSn 0 ■ t - The only Democratic Magazine Pnbiiahed In the U, States! TOL. ▼. AGAIN ENLARGED I 1867. THE OLD GUARD, A Monthly Maoazini, Devoted to Literature, Science and Art, and the Political Principles of 1776 and 1787. C. CHAUNCEY BURR, Editor. The lucces* of The Old Guard has been as remarkable a* It oagfat to be gratifying to the friends of a true American literature. It has steadily doubled its circulation each year of its publication, and its publishers have fonnd it necessary to annually enlarge it, to meet the full expectations of its patrons, a* well as to realize their own ideal of a First-class Pamilt I and Literary Magazine, combined with sound political principles. To still farther carry oat this design, The Old Guard for 1867 will be Sited on new type, and enlarged Sixteen ad onal Pages, making in all nearly One Thou sand Pages of reading matter yearly for the low Cce oftbree dollars I Arrangements have also m made to aecure the very best literary talent of the country. We will commence in the Jan uary number a thrilling Romance, written ex pressly for Tan Old Guard, entitled, Joscelyn: A Tale of the Revolution. BtWm. Gilmore Simms, Esq., of S. C., the peer of Cooper and Irving, taking the rea der back to the birth of the Am e r-i --can principle of government, and introducing him to the rebels of 1776. John Eaten Cooke, Esq., of Virginia, author of “Surry of Eagle’s Nest,” Ac., Ac., will furnish a series of graphic sketches, entitled “The Battles of Virginia,” while our present corps of contributors, with tome new ones will continue to furnish articles, making the Magazine second to none in point of literary attraction and ability. Politically, The Old Guard will stand in the future as in the past, faithfully guarding the Constitution as it came from the hands of Washington, with out acquiescing in any of the uhverinoHs, under the title of “amendments.” It will be contin ued upon the grand idea that “all is not lost,” while virtue and intelligence remain with any portion of the people. TERMS— CASH IX ADVANCE. One copy, one year, • * $ 3 00 Two copies SH>O Four copies 10 00 Five copies, and one to the getter up of the club, X 4 00 Ten copies, and one to the getter up of the club, 25 00 Twenty copies, and one to the getter up of the club, 45 00 A Nlagnifllceiit Premium. - We will send per express, carefully boxed, a Grover Baker Sc icing Machine to any one who will send ns, at any one time, Thirty Sub scribers to The Old Guard, at $3.00 each. The rugular manufacturers’ price is $55. No such opportunity to circulate a superior Family Magazine, and secure a first-class Family Sew ing Machine, was over offered. The subscri bers may be sent to different post-offices. Single copies, Twenty-five cents. Specimen copies sent for Twenty cents, to all desiring to subscribe or get up clubs. All letters should bo addressed as follows: VAN EVRIE HORTON <tCO„ Publishers, No. 162 Nassau street, N. Y. dec. 6. AGENTS WANTED For the Most Popular and Best selling Subscription Books published! We are the most extensive publishers in■ the United States, (having six nouses,) and therefore ran afford to sell books cheaper and pay agents'a more liberal commission than any other company. Our books do not pass through the hands of General Agents, (as nearly all other sub scription works do,) therefore we are ena bled to give our canvassers the extra per cent, which is usually allowed to General Agents. Experienced canvassers will see the advantages of dealing directly with the publishers. Our series embraces the most popular works on all subjects of importance, and is selling rapidly both North and South. Old a.-ents, and all others, who want the best paying agencies, will please send foil circulars and sec our terms, and compare them and the character of our works with those of other publishers. Address, NATIONAL PUBLISHING 00. Philadelphia, Pa., Boston, Mass.; Cincin nati, Ohio; Chicago, Ills.; St. Louis, Mo., or Richmond, Va. dec<i-4t UNION. .1 GENTSWANTED. RELI ABLE and energetic persons, male or female, are wanted to solicit sub scriptions for inir Engravings, and to such wc offer eery liberal cash inducements ; also Splendid premiums to subscribers. Circu lars suitable to bh used in canvassing, to gether wfth all necessary papers, will be furnished on application. Address, with reference. AMERICAN ARTISTS’ UNION, dec6-2nl 25 Pine Street, New York. County Commissioners’ Notice. fpHE County Commissioners for Carroll County will meet at their Office, in Westminster, on the First Monday of .Tan oaky, 1806, for the transaction of business. ■’ By order, LEVI VALENTINE, dec6-4t Clerk. Ladies’ Fany Goods, AT MRS. SIIRINER’S Bonnet and Fancy Store. GLOVES, all kinds, Veils, of every descrip tion, Collars and Caffs, latest styles,* Handker chiefs, all kinds, Hosiery, all kinds, Parasols and Sun Shades, Corsets and Hoop Skirts, La dies’ Satchels and Traveling Bags, Sewing and Fancy Baskets, Portmonle’s and Pocket Books, Hair and Tooth Brushes, Combs, nil kinds, Doll* and Doll Heads, Gum Diapers, Fancy fiaaps aad Perfumery, Albums, Childrens Car riages and an endless variety of goods for La dies and Children at the *plS LADIES’ STORE. Estate of Richard Jacobs , deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the Subscriber has obtained from the Orphans* Court of Car rot! county letters of Administration De Bo nix Non with the Will Annexed on the Personal Estate not already administered, of Richard Jacobs, late of Carroll county deceased. All nersons having claims against said Estate are hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they may bo excluded from all benefit of said Estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate pay ment DORSEY JACOB. nov29-4t Administrator as aforesaid. DRY GOODS! ’ DRY GOODS!! Oolbe, Caatmerca, Ossinets, Linseys, Tweeds, Jeans, Ac., Ac. A large supply and very low la price. Call before you purchase, at nov. 29. E. K. GERNAND’S. SIOO SIOO . $lO 6~ SOLDIERS EXTRA BOUNTIES COLLECTED BY A. D. SCHAEFFER, Westminster, Md. SIOO SIOO SIOO DB7 GOODS Coming Dovnl A LL kind, of DRY GOODS offered t 11 reduced prices, at J. L- HEIFSNIDER’S. nov 2ft t BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, AC. A large assortment for Men, Women and ’ Children, of latest sty lei. Call before von nr **#, Rt B. K. Otrnand’W PUBLIC S ALE 0P VALUABLE PARCEL _OF LARD. THE Subscriber will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, on Saturday, the 15th of December, 1866, at 1 o’clock, P. M., a parcel of Land, adjoining the Alms House barm, on the South, and lying between the Washington and Gist Roads, within half a mile of Westminster, Md., containing 38 Acres of Land, more of less. There are about 6 Acres of first-rate TIMBER LAND—the balance being cleared, well fenced and in a good state of cultivation. A fine chance for a good speculation is offered in this Land, as there is abundant Building Materials thereon, such as good Timber, Stone, Sand and Shingle Wood. Terms made known on day of Sale. LEWIS TRUMBO. nov 29,-3t Valuable Town Properly at PRIVATE SALE. THE undersigned will sell at Private Sale, the property on which he now resides, situated on Main street, about 100 yards West of the Railroad Depot, fronting 60 feet on Main street and running back 198 feet to an alley, improved with a large and convenient ’ DWELLING AND STORE ROOM. Store room is about 15 feet wide and j|| -Bfl 52 feet deep, and is one of the finest iMIWJ store rooms in Westminster. The dwelling part contains 8 rooms, Basement and 6Vllar. Basement floored and plastered, large STABLE and Carriage House, Hog House, Chicken House, Bake Oven, a* Well of excellent soft water in the yard. The buildings are all new, having ell been built within the last four years. The garden cannot be surpassed. Fruit trees of nearly all kinds, Apples, Peaches, Pears, Cher ries, Plumbs, Gages and Grapes, with nice grape Arbors. The Store room is well known as Mrs. Shri ner’s Fancy Store, and the STOCK of GOODS is also offered at Private Sale. Terms easy—call on W. E. SHRINER. 1 nov29-tf on the premises. publicsale7 I will offer at PUBLIC SALE, on Saturday, the loth of December, 1860, at 1 o’clock, P. M., My House and Lot, situated in the City of Westminster. 3jrrJs. The HOUSE is a now frame build- 1• ; • jpa ing, 26x16 ft., and is well finished jjQlga from cellar to garret. The Lot is zsAaagaSL 60 feet front by 198 feet deep, well fenced. A well of good water and pump near the door. This property is pleasantly situated on Liber ty Street, near the R. R. Station. made known on day of Sale. i, GEORGE W. WIMERT. nor. 29,—8t. LOOK HERE! LOOK HERE!! THE undersigned, having completed their NEW FOUNDRY A MACHINE SHOPS, near the R. 11, Station, in Westminster, would respectfully inform the public that they arc now prepared to furnish, Stoves, Blacksmith Tue Irons, Tire Benders, Hollow Anvils, ic., Bakcoven doors and Hearth Plates, Cellar Win dow Grates, Porch Post Irons, and Casting in general, Corn and Cob Crushers, Corn Shelters, Circle Saws with benches complete for sawing fire wood, Ac. Horse Powers and Threshing machines, Cutting Boxes and Ploughs of different kinds; but would call particular attention to their justly celebrated Three Horse Plough common ly called the “Price Plough.” Also their well known and unsurpassed GRAIN DRILL for sowing all manner of Grain, including Oats. Repairs of all kinds attended to prompt ly and at liberal rates. ’ Having first dass Mechanicks employed, will guarantee satisfaction. WAGONER A MATTHEWS, nov. 29, —6m. Notice to T&x Payers. lx Compliance with Section 23 of Ass?ssmcnt Act, the County Commissioners for Carroll county, will meet at their office for the purpose of hearing and determining the complaints and Appeals of persons who may consider them selves aggrieved by the valuation of the Asses sors, as follows, for the respective Districts, to wit; Taneytown district, Dec. 3d and 4th. Uniontown “ sth, 6th and 7th. Myers’ “ Bth and 10th. Manchester “ 11th Pith and 13lh. Westminster “ 14th 15th and 17th. Franklin “ 18th and 19tb. Middleburg “ 20th and 21st. New Windsor “ 22d and 24th. Finksburg “ 26th and 27th. Freedom “ 28th and 29th- Hampstead “ 3lst and 2nd Jan. 67. All Persons will please obaervfc the above times in making application. By order. LEV I VALENTINE, A or, 29, 18G6. Clerk. Dr. Bryan’s Medicines JHave on hand for sale the following val. able Medicines which are described in i . J. Bryan’s advertisement in the “Dem. Advocate,” Dr. Bell’s Specific Pills, Dr. Harvey’s Female Pills, Dr. Bryan’s Life Pills, Dr. B’s. other medicines can also be pro cured through the undersigned when requir ed, A. 11. HUBER, Druggist, Westminster, Md. nov 20,-tf. Estate of George F. K/idler, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the undersign ed intends making a further and final dis tribution of the Assets of the Estate of George P. Knellcr, late of Carroll county, deceased, remaining in his hands, amongst trie creditors of said deceased, under the direction of the Or phans’ Court for Carroll county, on Monday, the 24tb day of December, 1866, after which day he will pay to each of the creditors of said deceased their respective dividends, according to said distribution, upon their calling on him, at his residence in Manchester, Carroll county, Md. All creditors who have not already left their claims with the Register of Wills, proper ly proven, will please do so, before the 21st day of December, 1866. JACOB SHOWER, nov. 29,-4t Administrator of the dec’d. Estate of George Jacobs, deed. NOTICE is hereby given that the Sub scribers have obtained from the Or phans’ Court of Carroll county letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of Geo. Jacobs, late of Carroll county deceased All persons having claims against said Es tate are hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they may be excluded from all benefit of said Estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment, BELINDA JACOBS, JOHN T. HILL, nov29-4t Executors. Estate of Mary Hivdy , dec’d. lyr OTICE is hereby given that the Sub -1 Y scriber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county letters of Adminis tion on the Personal Estate of Mary Hive ly, late of Carroll County deceased.— All persons having claims against said Es tate are hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date otherwise they may be excluded from all benefit 01 said Estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. WILLIAM HIVELY, nov29-4t Administrator. Meat Gutters, Staffers, &c. The unrivalled double cylinder Cutter and Bologna Staffer, for sale by nov. 29. F- AT. Gernand Raisins, Currants, Spices, all kinds, at nov," 29. E. K. GtrnantTr. * TRUSTEE’S SALE of Beal Estate. BY yirtue a decree of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, sitting as a Court of Equity, the undersigned, as Trustee, will i sell at Public Sale, on the premises, on Saturday , December the 22nd 1860 > at 10 o'clock , A. M., [ A VALUABLE FARM, situated in Manchester District, on the County road leading from Snvdersburg to Manchester, about 2 miies from the Hano f ver Turnpike, and about 3 miles from Man , Chester, and adjoins the land of John Reed [ Jacob Tingling. David Witter, and others! Said Farm contains ; 110 Acres of Land, [ more or less. The improvements consist of a comfortable two story DWELLING HOUSE, Barn, Carriage House, Spring House, and - other necessary buildings; also a good Blacksmith Shop recently built, and now in the use of a Blacksmith. The buildings , arc all in good repair There is also two j Orchards of choice fruit on the premises ‘ and water convenient to House and Barn! j The fields are laid off in convenient size, inclosed by good fences, and well watered! About 30 Acres in TIMBER LAND. The above described Farm is the same of which William Albaugh, died seized and 1 possessed, and is now in occupancy of Ed ; mund Albaugh, Esq., who will show the same to those desiring to purchase. 1 bums of Sale. —One-third cash on the day of sale, or the ratification thereof, one third in twelve months, and the other one third in two years from the day of sale, the the purchaser or purchasers giving his or their notes, with approved security bearing interest from day of sale. CIIAS. T. REIFSNTDER, Trustee. Clout & Reifsxioeu, Solicitors. ALSO, on thosarae day at the same place, and after the sale of the Farm described, I will sell at Public Sale, the following Per sonal Property, to wit; ONE SORREL MARE, 1 Rockawav Buggv and Harness, 1 THRESHER AND SHAKE BROOD SOW with SIX PIGS. Household Furniture, con- of 2 Beds and Bedding, Chairs, Tables, 1 Clock, Cupboard, Bureau, One Cooking Stove with Fixtures complete, one Ton-plate Stove, and a variety of articles herein mentioned. Terms of Sale.—All sums under five dollars cash ; above five dollars a credit of six months Vrill be given, the purchasers giving note with approved security bearing interest from day of sale. JACOB ALBAUGH. nov 29-ts llexby Motter, Auct’r. A Sewing Machine PR3MIUM. ■ M ILt'OX & GIBBS’ celebrated noiseless Sewing Machines offered as premiums for sub scribers to Arthur’s Home Magazine for 18G7. The Home Magazine is now so well known to the reading public, that we need sea red v re peat what has so often been said, that its ofitors regard literature as something higher than a ! simple art. That its crowning excellence tliev consider its poVer for good. And so they will ever seek to make the Home Magazine the min ister of all things pnre and noble; the teacher, whether by story, poem or essay, that only as mpn live by the ‘‘Golden Buie” can they be wise or happy. In order that our lady readers throughout the country may have true styles of dress, wc have placed our Fashioni Department in the hands of M’me Demorest, of New York. This lady has become the arbiter of fashion in the United States, and it is gratifying to know that her taste is pure and womanly. Teums Ykahly in Advance.—l copy $2.50. — 3 copies for S 6. 5 copies, and one extra to get ter up.of club, $lO. 0 copies, and one extra. Sls. 14 copies, and one extra, s2l. Sample Nog. 20 cents. premiums we have selected a pair of charming pictures—‘‘Thk Dbpautukb of the Swallows,” and “The Return- of the Swal lows.” One of these pictures will be sent to each person from whom we receive a clnb of subscribers as above. One will also be sent to each single subscriber who sends us $2,50 for the Home Magazine. ;JSEL.For S 3 we send the “Home Magazine” and the ‘‘Children’s Hour,” Mr. Arthur’s now magazine for the “Little Ones.” For $4.50 we send Homo Magazine and “Lady’s Cook.” For $5.50 wc send the three magazines just named. Our Sewing Mach "me Premium. The machine wc offer (Wilcox & Gibbs’) is the No. 2, as described in the manufacturers’ list, cash price $56, furnished with hemmer, feller and braider. This machine has become a household favorite on account of its noiselcss ncss, rapidity, and easy management. A child can work iL For 50 subscribers to Home Magazine and SIOO we send one of these machines. But in order to enable those who cannot procure so many subscribers to get a machine, we have so ar ranged the offer that, by the addition of a sum

above what may be secured for subscriptions, of from $5 to S3O, according to size, of list, any one may obtain a machine. j23J~Scnd 20 cents for specimen number of Home Magazine and get full particulars. Address T. S. ABTHUB &. CO. 323 Walnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. nor 29 PATENT MICA ROOFING. THE New Turk Mica Roofing Company, (Es tablished 1854,) are manufacturing under Let ters Patent the best article of composition roof ing ever offered to the public. It is adapted to every style of Roof, steep or fiat, and can be readily applied by any one. The U. . Government, after a thorough test of its utility, have adapted its use in the Navy Yards, and upon Public Buildings. The Roofing is put up in rolls, and has only to be nailed to the Roof to make a Durable FIRE AND WATER-PROOF COVERING. We particularly recommend its use upon Buildings, Stores, Churches, Factories, Ma chine-Shops, Steamboat Decks, Ac. MICA ROOFING PAINT, For coating Tin, Iron, or Shingle Roofs. It forms a body equal to thbeg coats of ordinary Paint. No Roof can rust under it, and Old Leaky Roofs may be made permanently water-proof and du rable by its use. The Paint requires no mixing, but is ready to be applied with the ordinary paint brush.— Price, SI,OO per gallon, which will cover two hundred square feet. Also manufacturers of Black I.uslre Varnish, TARRED FELT AND ROOFING PITCH. Discount to the Trade. Circulars and Price List furnished. Rights for counties sold at low rates. Address THE MICA ROOFING CO., 194 Broadway, N. Y. Frank Humphreys, 61 Royal St, V. O. Sco field, Williams & Co., Augusta, Ga. Baldwin H. Woods, Montgomery, Ala., Thomas S. Coates. Raleigh, N. C., F. A. Tucker, Richmond, Va., Henry Wilson, Petersburg, Va., Agents. Agents Wanted. nov29-ly Estate of William Rudisel, deceased. 'VT OTICE is hereby given that the £ub -1 1 scriber has obtained from the Or phans’ Court for Carroll'county, letters of Administration on the Personal Estate of Wm. Rudisel, late of Carroll county, dec’d. All persons having claims against said Es tate, are hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they may be excluded from all benefit of said Estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. THOMAS RUDISEL, nov22-4t Administrator. GOLD is advancing, bo is Cotton and every thing else, but A. M. Warner is selling at tne •Id prices. may 11. Trustee’* Sale OP VALUABLE REAL ESTATE, And Administrator’s Sale OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. BY virtue of a decree of the Hon- Jno. E. Smith, Judge of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, sitting as a Court of Equity, the undersigned, as Trustee, will sell at Pub lic Sale, on the premises, on Wednesday December 12th., 1866, the following described Real Estate, situated in Bachman’s Valley, on the county road, leading from Westminster to George Bix ler’s mill, about two miles from Bachman’s mill, adjoining the lands of Henry Warehime and others, being the same land of which John T. Haines died seized, consisting of 120 Acres OF LAND, more or less, with the Improve ments thereon, which consist of a comfor table and convenient two-story Weatherboarded Dwelling jgla i Tl| house, Mm Tenant House, a large BANK BARN (erected within the last seven years,) Spring House, Carriage House, and all other neces sary out-buildings, and all in excellent re pair. The fields are of convenient size, under good fencing, and conveniently watered.— About 20 acres is heavily covered with GOOD TIMBER. This Farm has been recently well limed, and is one of the best producing farms in Bachman’s Valley. Any information in regard to the above Farm will be given on application to the un dersigned, at Westminster Md., or the same will be shown those desiring to purchase by Jacob Geiinan residing thereon. Terras of Sale, as prescribed by the decree, are : one-third cash on the day of sale, or on the ratification thereof; one third in one year, and the other one third in two years from the day of sale ; the credit payments to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers, bearing interest from the day of sale, with security to be approved of by the HASHABIAH HAINES. Trustee. ALSO, On the same day and at the same place, by virtue of an Order of the Orphans’ Court for Carroll County, the undersigned, ns Administrator, of John T. Haines, dec’d., will sell at Public Sale, the following Per.- . sonal Property, to wit: 4 Valuable Work Horses two of which are Mares, and one of them a thorough bred Mare now with foal by a thorough bred horse; 1 Colt, 2 years old; ttrr* FOUR MILCH COWS, two of which will have Calves by day of sale, 4 Heifers, 3 Bulls, 4 head of Sheep, 2 Sows, 9 Hogs & 11 Shoats; TW O WAGONS, 1 Broad-tread, with Stone Bed, 1 Jersey Carriage and Harness, Sleigh, 1 Threshing Machine and Horse Power, wheat Fan, 2 Harrows, Furrow Ploughs, Shovel Ploughs, Corn Forks, Hay Carnages, Log Chains. I Grain Roller, Reaper, with self-raker at tached, Grain Drill, Halter A Cow Chains, 2 setts Breechbands, 3 setts Front Gears, Collars, Bridles and Housings, Wagon and Riding Saddles, 2 Fly Nets, 2 strings of Sleigh Bells, Fifth Chain, Jackscrew, 1 cross-cut Saw, 2 Grain Cradles, 4 Hives of Bees, 1 barrel of Cider Vinegar. Also, 30 Acres of Grain growing, a lot of Wheat, Rye and Oats, Timothy, and Flaxseed, a lot of Potatoes, Timothy, Clover A Meadow Hay, 100 barrels of Corn, 1000 Chestnut Rails A Posts, 50 cords of Oak Wood, and a variety ot other articles too numerous to mention. Also, Household and Kitchen Furniture. consisting in part of Bedsteads and Bed ding, Tables, Chairs, Cupboards, 1 Mantel Clock, Bureaus, Chest, Cooking Stove, 2 Ten-plate Stoves, with Pipe complete, a lot of Sheets, Blankets, Coverlets, Towels, Ac., 2 Shot Guns, 1 Silver Mutch, and many other articles, BST'The sale of the Personal Property will commence at 9 o’clock, A. M., the Farm will be offered at 11 o’clock, and the sale continued from day to day until all is sold. Terms of Sale. —All sums of five dollars and under cash, all suras above five dollars a credit of six months will lie given, the credit payments to be secured by the note of the purchaser or purchasers with approved security, bearinginterest from the day of sale, ill ASHA BI AH HAINES, Adm’r. Grout A Reiks.mder, Attorneys. novls-ts Estate of Gcorye IF. Heck, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the Sub scriber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county, letters of Admistra tion on the Personal Estate of George W. Heck, late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons having claims against said Estate, are hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they may be excluded from all benefits of said Estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. CHRISTIAN HUNT, novls-4t Administrator. Estate of L nah Erh , deceased. lyf OTICE is hereby given that the Sub il scribers have obtained from the Or phans’ court of carroll county letters of Ad ministration on the Personal Estate of Uriah Erb, late of carroll county dec’d.— All persons having claims against said Es tate are hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they may be excluded from all benefit of said Estate. Those indebted aro requested to make immediate payment. CATHARINE A. ERB, JACOB ERB, novlo-lt Administrators. Estate of Tobias Rudisel, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the sub scriber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county letters of Adminis tration De Bonis Non Cam Testamento An nrxo on the Personal Estate not already ad ministered, of Tobias Rudisel, late of Car roll county deceased. All persons having claims against said Estate are hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they may be excluded from all benefit of said Estate. Those in debted are requested to "make immediate payment. THOMAS RUDISEL, nov22-4t Administrator as aforesaid. Estate of Ann E. Brace, deceased. 'VTOTICE is hereby given that the Sub -1 1 scriber has obtained from the Oiphuns’ Court of Carroll county, letters of Administra tion on the Personal Estate of Ann E. Bruce, late Carroll county, deceased. All persons having claims against said estate are hereby warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they may by law be excluded from all benefit ot said estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. CHARLES T. REIFSNIDER, nov22-4t Administrator. Ladies’ Dress Goods. Merino’s, 06 barge. Alpacas, Poplins, Dc- Laiaes, Ac., for sale low, at ■ OT - 29- E. K. OemantTi. Coal Oil Grease. Another lot of the celebrated Goal Oil Grease •t E. K. OtmancTt. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT Trustee’s Sale. XytJRSUANT to a Decree of the Circuit XT Court for Carroll county, sitting as a Court of Equity, the undersigned, as Trus tee thereby appointed, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, on Thursday the 13<A day of December, 1860, at 1 o’clock P. M., the Real Estate whereof the late Thotnas C. Nelson, died seized, consisting of A FARM, situated in Carroll county Maryland, one and a half miles from New Windsor, on the road leading to McKinstry’s Mill, and mid way between the two places, containing OO Acres and 80 Square Perches of land, more or less. The improvements consist of a comfortable Farm House,^^^- Frame and Weatherboarded, two stories and basementan excellent BANK BARN; large Grain Shed; Spring House over a never failing Spring of good water; Stone Meat House; Wood Shed, and other out buildings. There is a due proportion of TIM BEE LAND, consisting of Chestnut, Oak and Hickory.— The arable land is conveniently laid off into eight fields, with running water in all but two. There is an ORCHARD of differ ent kinds of Fruit The land has been well limed and improved, and is in a fertile region. This farm is most eligibly situated, in a fine neighborhood, surrounded by Churches, School Houses, Mills ic. of convenient ac cess; and being so near to the Western Md. Railroad, at New Windsor, offers uncom mon inducements, particularly to any oao desirous to engage in the Dairy business. Terms of Sale, as proscribed by the de cree, are as follows : One-third of the pur chase money in hand on the day of sale, or on the ratification thereof by the Court; and the balance in two equal annual payments, the credit payments to be secured by the single bills of the purchaser, with sufficient sunties. to be approved by the Trustee, and to bear interest from the dav of sale. HANSON T. CLEMSON, novls-ts Trustee. * DESIRABLE HOTEL PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE. The subscriber offers at Private Sale that desirable property in Middletown, Frederick county, Md., favorably known to the trav eling public as the “CITY HOTEL,” at present in the occupancy of Mr. Andrew Poffinbcrgcr. The House is two- JfesegL story, besides Basement, and has a large Brick Back-building, all laid off into large and convenient rooms. — There is on this property a largo Brick Sta ble, with sufficient Shedding, Ice House, and fine water near the door. ttS-Uiis is the only Hotel in the place, and is situated in the centre of the town. Persons wishing to view the property will please call upon the subscriber, in Middle town, who will take pleasure in showing the same. TERMS of payment very reasonable. JOHN HERRING, of C. oct 2-1.-2 m Valuable Lot of Land at PUB L I 0 SAL E. BY virtue of a power and authority contained in a mortgage executed by Abraham Forney, to the undersigned, bearing date on the 21st day of June 1860, and recorded among the Land Records of Carroll county, in Liber G. E. W No. 2, folios 346 Ac., the undersigned as Mortgagee, will sell at Public Sale, at the Hotel of John liitcshuc, in Tancytown, on Saturday the Bth. of December 18GG. at 2 o’clock P. M., a Lot of Land, containing II 3-4 Acres, more or This is a desirable lot of land, and very thickly set with fruit trees of all kinds, situated in the vicinity of Tancytown, adjoinining lands of Dr. Samuel Swope, George Miller Esq., and others. TERMS of Sale Cash. SAMUEL SMITH, novls-ts Mortgagee. Teeth Extracted Without Pain, BY THE USE OF THE NITROUS OXIDE GAS, BY Dr. CHARLES BILLIIGSLEA, D ENT 1 S T, AT HIS OFFICE, Adjoining his Father’s Residence, "Westminster, Md. WHERE he may be found at all times when not professionally engaged at the following points; Union Bridge. —Ist Wednesday of every month, —remaining until Saturday. Seto Windsor. —2nd Wednesday of even month, —remaining until Saturday. Uniontoxcn. —3rd Wednesday every month, remaining until Friday evening. Tane.ylovm —3d Friday every month, —re- maining until the Wednesday following. dcc7-ly. apl9 In the Orphans Court for Carroll Co : OCTOBER TERM, 1866. Estate of NOn Application it is ordered Jkiio Rover, > this 21st day of November, deceased. ) 1866, that the sale of the balance of the nndevised Real Estate of Jbhu Royer, late of Carroll County, deceased, made by Margaret Royer, Surviving Executrix of the last Will and Testament of said d. ceased, and this day reported to this Court by the said Exe cutrix be ratified and confirmed, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before the 3rd Monday, 17th day of December next: Provided a copy of tiiis order be inserted for three suc cessive weeks in some newspape printed and published in Carroll County, before the said 3rd Monday, 17th day of December next. The Ex ecutrix reports the sale of the balance of the andevised Heal Estate of said deceased, consist ing of a Farm, with the growing crop thereon, containing one hundred seventy seven acres two roods and twenty one perches more or less, sHnated in Carroll County, Maryland, sold at private sale for the gross sum or eleven thou sand nine hundred ninety dollars and ten cents. ($11,990.10.) True copy,—Tests HY. A. HERBAUGH, nor. 22, —3t Register of Wills. ESTRAY. Carroll County, to irit: I HEREBY certify that Nicholas Benson, of Carroll County, brought before me, the Subscriber, one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said County, this 15th day of November, in the year eighteen hundred i and sixty six, as a stray trespassing on his enclosures, a white and black spotted male HOG. with heavy ears, supposed to .’a. tjau, weigh in and about 150 pounds.— Given under my hand. CBwl THOMAS DEMOSS, J. P. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him away. NICHOLAS BENSON, nov. 22.-St* dUA A A MONTH I-AGENTS wanted QPt/v/ for six entirely new articles, just aot, Address 0. T. GAREY. City Building. Bhldeford, Maine. janll-Iy SALE BILLS minted at the shortest notice at this Qffifce. Trustee’s Sale of a Desirable FARM A LOTS. THE undersigned, by virtue of the decree at tb® Circuit Court for Carroll County, as a Court of Equity, pasaed in the case of The Bank of Westminster, against Amanda Shaffer a?A others, will offer the land'in said cadge decreed to be sold, at Public Sale, to the highest bidder, On SATURDAY, the Bth day of DECEMBER,. 1866, at 10 o’clock, A. M., on the premisen-y*- Said land ia situate in Carroll Connty. Mary land, about one mile South Wostfrom toe town of Manchester, adjoining lands of Jesse Werndr and others, and will be offered for Sale in nine separate Lots, vis: Lot No. I containing 3 Acres & 1 Rood of Laud, more or less. Lot No. 2 containing 2 Acres Sc 2 Roods of Land more or less. Lot No. 3 containing 4 Acres and 20 Perches of Land, more or less. Lot No. 4 containing , G Acres Sc 3 Roods of Land more or less: Lot No. 5 containing / 8 Acres of Land, more or less. v. Lot No. 6 containing 1 Acre, 1 Rood & 20 Perches of Land more or less. /- Lot No. 7 containing 3 Acres & 3 Roods of Land more or lesaf. Lot No. 8 containing 2 Acres, 1 Rood and 20 Perches of Land more or less. Lot No. 9 containing . ■ ' > 64 Acres of Land more or less, and is improved with a LOG DWELLING HOUSE, Log Barn, Out Houses, Spring House. Corn House, Hog House, Bake Oven, and Apple Orchard, Ac. A due proportion of this parcel of land is natural Meadow ground, and about 20 Acres of it is covered with thriving TIMBER. All the aforesaid parcels of land are under good fencing and are in an excellent state ofcultiva tion, having recently been heavily limed. The above Lot of 64 acres is splendidly wa tered by a small never-failing stream of water * which runs nearly through the centre of it... The Terms of Sale are ae followt: Oue-ihWd‘ part of the purchase meney shall be paid'by the purchaser or purchasers to the Trustee on the day of sale, or upon the ratification thereof by the Court aforesaid, and the residue shall be i P*jd >n two equal payments, the one In one year and the other in two years from the day of sale and to be secured by the purchaser or purcha sers giving their notes with security to he ap proved of by the Trnstee.bearing interest from the day of sale. J. J. BAUMGARTNER, Trustee. Henuy Hotter, Auctioneer. N. B. Persons wighsng to view the above lots of land will please call on Mr. Henrv.Shh •il u ° *’ eßi 4® > thereon, and a plat thereof will be shown on the day of sale, the same bar-" ing been recently surveyed by James Kelly - E*!- „ J. J. Baumgartner, uoyß - te Trustee.- LADIES’ NEW SHOE STORE JVST OPENED IN W cstminste tf* Between the Railroad and EcifstmtefV Store, two doors west of Mrs. Shrincr’s Millinery Store. . —o . ,r/.A THE undersigned has just returned from' the city of Philadelphia with thelawrtst' and best selected stock of Ladies’ Misses’ Children’s and Gentlemen’s Boots k Shoes" ever brought to this mat kct. My stock con-' rists in part of Ladies’ and Custom made Glove Kid Balmorals,#gf| Lasting Gaiters, Morocco Balmorals,' Polish Boots, Oil Goat Balmorals, and Cfiil-. dmi s Shoos ; also Gentlemen’s Boots tind' Shoes, such as Men’s Calf Custom-made Boots. Congress Gaiters. Lace Boots, Bro gans, Kin and coarse Boots & Shoe. 4 of all kinds. Being an experienced Manufacturer myself, 1 have had all the above stock made to order, and for the express purpose to' suit this market by a celebrated and well , known Boot and Shoe Manufacturer of Philadelphia, which for style, finish, dura bility. comfort and elasticity to the feet, are superior to all others and are the best fitting patterns that can be found. I have taken great care in the getting np' of my stock, and can warrant every article to be what it is represented or the loss will be upon me. I therefore invite the especial attention ot the Ladies and Gentlemen of W estminster and Carroll county to my stock of Goods which will be sold at much lowep figures than the same goods can be had elsewhere. Come one, come all, and examine for yourselves. No charges made for showing Goods. b oct 4,—tf T. S. ECKERT, REMINGTONS ms. jBBi Sold by Hun Dealers And Hie Trade Generally. Vest Pocket Pistol, No. 22 Cartridge, Repeating Pistol, (Elliot pt.) No. 22Cartridge, Repeating Pistol, (Elliot pt.) No. 32 Cartridge/ Pocket Revolver, (Self Cocking,) New Pocket Revolver, (with Loading Lever,) Police Revolver, Navy Size Calibre, Belt Revolver, N avy Size Calibre, Belt Revolver, (Self Cocking.) Navy Calibre, Navy Revolver, 36-100 in. Calibre, Army Revolver, 44-100 in. Calibre, - Gun Cane, using No. 32 Cartridge. Revolving Rifle", 36 A 44-100 in. Calibre, Breech Loading Rifle, No. 32 Cartridge,, Breech Loading Carbine, No. 46 Cartridge, U. S. Rifle, (Steel Barrel,) with Sabre Bayonet, U. S. Rifled Musket, Springfield Pattern, Single Barrel Shot Gun, E. REMINGTON A SONS, luos, New Tort-, AGENTS. Moor j & Nichols, New York.- Palmers k Bachelders, Boston, f l John P. Lovell, v > Jos. C, Grubb & Co., Philadelphia. Ponltney A Trimble, Baltimore. Henry Folsom & Co., N. Orleans Memphis, Mavnard Bros., Chicago. L. M. Rumscy A Co., St. Louis. Albert E, Crane, Sam Frirtiefccff.- rny 17-ly,-jy 12. manhoodT“ How Lost, how Restored. JUST published, a nc# edidon of Dr. Cclvkm well’s Celebrated Essat on the radical cure (witb out medicine) of Sprhra wSSSSfe.,.ill.*** rfSTOBRuesA, or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Seminal Losses, In po tency. Mental and Physical Incapacity*lmped iments to Marriage, etc.; also. Conge mpthin, Elipepsv, and Fits, Induced by self-indnlgcnce or sexual extravagance, £ty~Prico, in a scaled envelope, only 6 cents, e celebrated author, in this admirable ee say, cleat ly demonstrates, from a thirty years’ successful practice, that the alarming conse quences of self-abuse may be radically cured without the dangerous use of internal medicine or toe application of the knife—pointing ont a mode of cure at once simple, certain, and effec tual, by means of which every sufferer, no mat ter what his condition may be, may cure him self cheaply, privately, and radically. /SSt"Tnis Lecture should bo in the hands of every youth and every man in the land. Sent, under seat, in a plain envelope, to any address, pottpaid, on receipt of six cents, or two post stamps. Also Dr. C.tdverwcll’s “Mar riage Guide,” price 26 cents: Address the pub lishers, CfIAS. J. C, KLINE k CO. 127 Bowery, New York, Post Office box 4,586, octlß-ly NEW FALL GOODS ! ! Great inducements offered in -Styles k Prices, My Stock ia better assorted than heretofore. Give me a call before purehascing. *°g- 80. J. L. Reifsnider. BALMORAL and Hoop Skirts, a new antral for sale at f L. RdtoMPi \