Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, December 13, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated December 13, 1866 Page 1
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fO ,.FMX 11. -Sl tlllrlt S. liiDEJLOCRATIC ABYOCITE; fj'is*W POOlw ,£KKij| ®w j #l if. PARtK, Editor and Ps' 'nieicT, No. 3 Carroll IT Tke Advocate is published every THURSDAY MORNING, and furnished te Subscribers at |f,M per Annum, In Advance. Ilf not paid in advance Two Dollars will be ebargsd. No paper will be discontinued until aJ} armarages are paid, except at our on u option. RATES OF ADVERTISINGS 1 square, 3 insertions, SI; each subsequent iasertion 25 cents; 1 square three months s*.so, six months SO. Business Cards of tea or less, per annum, SB. Mer ehaats kfnl other business meir, including tke paper: One-fourth of a column, per year, Si 5.00 Half a column,, ** 25.00 One column, “ 40.00 HAND BILLS. A sixth of a Sheet, for 25, $1.50, for 100 $2.00. >. ! Oiißi ter Sheet, for 25, $2.2.5, for 100, $2.75 lull' Sheet. “ A 50, “ A.nn Valuable Farm at PRIVATE SALE. THE Subscriber, having determined to rciiioyc Kptri the State; offers at Private I Sail', the vjdhirtile nqfl highly improved farm, wlmrooti hq lately resided, now occu pied hr F. 1’urgooO; situated in Carrrdl coiih- It. 5 miles North nf iVestminster Aid., end half a oitle from the HettysWirg turnpike at Huffs Hotel, eon taming • J.OO ACRES, i f Land, more or less. . The improvements consist of a large j'rauip ■ MAXSiOM HOUSE, fPjTLj two Stories and an Attic high, carefully built ;ilvd splotidldly finished in the Inst tour years, with large porches and every rrirtveuieiice. and smimimdetl with fine large shade trees. Also a large Barn, Carriage House. Smoke House, Stone Dairy with a Spring of &U) d s water wear die I *•,veiling, and all other accessary ontlmihi inSs—trrt* tfhold he’irtgmmv hnd ; iirdothpftte order. The land Is naturally of good quality, has lccn wtdl limed, ttud is-jn; 3 high state of I cultivation at the time. It is laid off Into convenient fields, under excellent U'licing. There is a due prooovtion ofgood WOODLAND, and the farm is well watered, Befir Branch tuanihg through it. ’1 here is about 15 acres of natural meadow. is n fine Apfde Orchard of the best fruit, and an abundance ofothe^fritit Trees, sneh as Peaches, Pears, and in be mug condition. Ihe attention of purchasers is specially greeted to this properly ns if if; .seldom that any so splendidly improved,, and in such good condition is offered. Those wishing to view the farm will call on the tenant Mr. Burgeon; or on Mr. Leri,Javans,; The .above property will be sold low. For terms and other particulars “Jgdi’ ta T'riaell A Mamiiu*^. f qr Mr. Levi wWnS ,niy at Wes tail .XJffi lor address the undersigned at Parkerslmrg West UpMpl 13 I Hit vtfnt i given April 1, 1807, ih’ti-tf Henry w. hf.hul j For SdS<‘ nMm fpHE Subscriber m s< dl his FARM, _| (late Dr. Eichellierger’s.) cenfaiuing •' M 14 ACRES OP lying in the Routh East, corner off the Em mitfshurg District, ami bounded on the onAt by the Monococy River, about four miles from Mi. St. Mary's College. ■ A comity j ro:d runs eu<t, and Avc-f. dividing it about : e/pudly. Jt is nn attractive place in a good i arul heaqtilnl ueighborhood. surrounded by ! churches, schpols, mills and stores, and the, I Imposed route, of the Western Maryland ' I will mad within two miles. There are on this tract from KM) to 120 acres of I pp i if /■: rjm ne M Dio remainder is arubh', its natural qualify ot sod inferior to none m the,neighborhood, “-*•<l Watered by never failing springs running through every field, except one. The farm wifi Voadilv admit of division, ' then- being two sets of buildings thereon— ! caeli with abundance of fruit, and will be 1 sold entice or divided,, and on term* almost 1 wholly at thei option of the buyer. A first class lime kiln of , , * ! it,. 1000 nnshel Capacity, wa? huU>last rear, and a system of liming commonedd of 2tMXI bushels per annum, with a lilwralmmlicathm of boire dust, and other •iSmllKjLj*. iar^D:, PP'kTjgr g* T IW Wlwse wHwtWMo JWrus ■WiWe Esq., county, 0,4 ml iftimipg the ,%m pn the.west—Gnaoelpw J county post- pyto.tte |nf •lersignea. Tliosc for renting will.-qipiy on yto the suhscriher. l*osseshyn given on 'lie Ist of April next, perhftps. sooner if de- J(K lUrGHER, Hcph-tf Frederick, Md. _ IMPORTANT TO O|L BURNERS! >er haxdng lh/ NThAmin- B ,Uu; I>istrict,A'armUTC<)U.nty Md., Rl -jin!; * PiUtctit Ainsilcau ■* Burning Fluid,' hereby infornig tlmpubTic ifiat ho is prepared 1 nt hi* residence iq Pleqsant Valley. V. ttlr .llossqn's Store, auv. quantify of said SPU‘H V and % hAMiLY.^lltopi't l . ph reasonable, t?ris, tp_ ' Jj} I‘or.son in said District to make and use ari tights. A. J. XDONIX .MKttdy-2m v n \,y\ y, A' fHU*sf:r{ ,i harllj // II AoJaWeiaratM. , GLAD NEWS I F6b THE UNFORTUNATE. * BELL S SPECIFIC REMEDIES I Are wiirrnnted in all asc?, Tor the Speedy nd | Permanent Core of all disease! arising from sexual excesses or YOUTHFUL INDISCRETION, ; Swninal Loss, Nightly Emissions, and Sensual Dreams; Geuital, Physical and Nervous De bility. Impotence, Sexual Distojwes, Ac, l\ T o Change of Diet Is IVccessary. They can be used Without detection, and never ' fad to effect a core, if used according to in structions. . Bell’s Specific Fills, Price One Dollar per Box ; or Six Boxes for Five Dollars; also Largo Bpxes,containing Four Small, Price Three Dollars. 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Warner 4 ( y-t (2* A A A W!¥TI!-AGENTS wonted ; wttwis tn Mm.di W a ■>< ■ ter mi Ito jf J v .ijofa 'Kiel's m - bwjiijjgv SWiflfi Uiv ner.Tnr, ;He muo ,mih ‘Hta-'i i bf ■'!# ihu ot s > s.' ” - p 3; ' ■ ** pg sen , alM> wESTMiNSTUiK'Ii). December, M ’^*" m 1 i t i. -i. _j, . I i. j •_ ... J I PRESIDEKTNMESSAGE. Pdtow-eilizeiig nf Mo Lo'jtr.oni and Home of Rrprescntattves f l After a brief interval rtfe Lnitoti Bfdies resumes its YiuntiaT legislative la ors. Ad' mercifnl Erovidenee has 4he pestilence which' visaed our shores, leavihg' ifij portiouH of cur country. 'Teqc<v.pr4er, tranquility, and civil authority have been luuually declared to exist through out tlie whole of the United States. In all of the States civil authority has superseded the coercion of anus, and the people, by tlicir voluntary action,, aic maintaining their govern incuts in lull activity and complete operation.— The enforcement of the laws is no lon ger "obstructed in tiny State by combi nations too powerful to bo suppressed by the ordinary course of judicial •pro-, cecdimgs •” and the animosities efigeii derecUby the war are rapidly yielding to the beneficent influences of our free institutions, and.t6 ; thc kindly effects of unrestricted social and commercial in tercourse. An on tire restoration of fra ternal feeling must he the earnest wish of every parotic heart; and we wilfe have accomplished dur grandest nutiqqal achievement when, forgetting the sad events of the past, and romembea-iug Only thou- instructive lessons,<we resume our .ouSvard eareer-as a free, ./prosperous and united people. In iny message of the'dth of Beoem- 1 her, tftcasnres which htul beeii iiiitiUited by the Executive with a view to chc.gracf ual restoration of the States in which the insurrection occurred to their rela/ lations with the General Government. Provisional Governors had been appoin ted, Conventions called, Governors elec ted, Legislator -s kW.nWecP. aridSfiftatofs and Representatives chosen to the Con gress of the United'States. Uourte had been opened fbr ’tne enforcement of the laws long in abeyance. Tlld blockade had been remon’ed, custom-houses rfe r established, and the internal reveuue laws put in force, ih order that the peo ple might contribute to the national iu come. Postal operations had been re sumed, and efforts were being made to restore-them to their former condition of efficiency The 'States themselves had been asked to take part in thehigh function of amending the Codstkutinn; ;tnd of thus sanctidning -ithe nekeinctioh of African slavery as one of the legiti mate results of our internecine struggle; Having progressed thus lar the Exe cutive Department found that it - Und accomplished nearly'alt that was within the scope of its eoirfetJtxrtibnyUaufliorHy. One thing, however; refealnqd. to'hc doaehefore the work of fcstorlftlon cdhl'd be COiupleted. and that was Hl'ic adhiis- j sion bo CongrdS.s df loyal SenatorS’ahd i fiepresonfatives from the 7 StHtes Whose people had rebelled against the lawful authority of the General Government. The'question devolved- upon the respec tive Houses, which, by the Constitution. ai4 made the judges of election!*, returns and quaiificatioiii? Of their own members;- and its conMderiition at once engaged the attention of Congress. ’'*■ * ' In the moantime, Die Executive De partmeht—no other plan having been proposed by Congress—continued its efforts to perfect, as far as was practi cable, the restoration of the proper re lations between the citizens of the res pective States,.the States, aqd the EedC oral Government, extending from time to time, as the public interests seemed to require, the judicial, revenue, and postal systems of (he country. With the advice and consent of the Senate, the necessary officers were appointed, and appropriations made by Congress for the payment of their salaries. ".The proposition to amend the Federal Con stitution, so as to prevent the existence of slavery within the United States or an y place subject to tbeir juris diction. was ratified by the requisite ini'rfTCcf drstsraCTgffi: ihfi m cEy of December, TSCoFit wa¥ officially de clared to have become valid as a'part of the Constitution of the United States. All of the States in which the insur rection had existed promptly amended their constitutions, so as to make thetii oOnform to the great chnngO'tlfrrs effec ted in (ho organic law' of the. land; de clared hull and void all ordinances and laws of secession; repudiated aii pjieticp ded,- debts ad obligations ©Vested far. the revolutionary plifpioscs <?F-tbe rectiou; and proceeded, in good ffiitlt, to the enactment of .measure - i tectmu aiid,tunalimatiu>qi'.th.-HikiKUtion of the colored im Congraßet.' hdwever yet admit afiypf.ti4gff#ates to represcßtation; and it was ■ not until towards the close of the eighth month of the sesaion At hakt n r ejuepti4 /, r was - mad© in feivor of 'lVooesdeffi by>4lie ad mission of her Senators Rkprescn tatiyqg; . p n * -'‘ jn nm.Trtff--. -I dwy it m mskju9k"tf pnftjwi m> &*K*b*i9ipmw bfMFw?i#^cd ( to ,V\y4 Senators and Representaiives feopi,*he other ihlmfekaots. with these had engaged in, t.kc thtn aa^feuxihi-of rßootat4,ou; rthg scats of ,i4lte House of iiopresctKative* and' . f wcuty IttcisPc-tp xmmtr—mt hy uiwr-ow* ooei>t,., uof fusal of Cougtess to aocopt chaircredi'U tials. Thcividtaidi. mi*ist heHorod. relittkm* s jLi*%fciW#l sefiqus caflsq foWiiM of the inlmlnfaute li mefiW Aatt aqftbrded with thq,gr<#t priueipie emmerated in the Bedaratiou of American that no pco- TIo sfilUhs* JIHB K fc-vtabsi 710 T ic To *ao>?. osi/si i ‘jldl-yd. tojl oarpiaxo Bos Ifel) 1 Sfeoß - : -a; .-*i‘>dw->do ael'RiGioo **r - 3 4 wkfti fieri, khd-yfahe dferiifeff fo©"*ftat&n# I s tho ; -tfiptess i4 eath 'Sttffo* *b ; *w “wk'ud4i*mim<ffom siirtH kb dcpriVed dßAfs Wjurf s ; *& wtaa* fmmkbrtilm iufbluJM toPiecrtrC txf cfety Sfatfe, at?d t 6 the peopte W-yty'akt&? the ri*W ofin-babh Cbfid. |MH&*4t' I 9ldtfi& t by theframfefs of (hat the equality of the States in the-’ Senate shchild be preserved, tlrit not” avert -by ifrt rtfrtemdmeht of The Gbnfffitufioff&rni any State. .\vitlioat‘its wifiseht; be dewfed a voice in that branch of the National Legislature.' 5 daio-m'? ?• md%h lith ' It is trite, it lihs ‘been assumed that the existence of the ! States has tbrinfmi ted by the rebellious acts of v thcf?‘ in- : habitants, and that the_ insunectitm ltavin£ ! suppressed, they re thenceforward to be considered merely as conquered/territories, tive, G'lxebntive aWil . Judi'dwl Depart-- ments of the Government have, however, with great 'distinctness and uniform con sist ewy, refused to sanction an:asfsdtip tion so incompatible with the nature of ortr republican system, and' with' the professed 1 objects "of the out the reCerf t tegi sla*tiou of Congress, the undeniable fact makes itself appa rent; that these feh political communi ties arc notliirt*' than Stated ! of tit is Utfftffl;’* otul9d_ Jsul- x*bwt& no bytoaq At the very jfhb i'e^Rdft^ i tehyl^ , ho(i!*& ) dNiafoKp Wflliu *j nifibant- fhnt the Nvat* Was not) upon our part, in any spirit of ojipiW f*fOn,‘nur purpeseof eonquestor SUbJugAtion. nor. purpose of. <>*c owki inp- or interfering with the rights onequ tablishcd institutions of those but to defend' ahd maintain th* iSupre macyofthc Constitution and all laws made in pursuance thereof, awl to fere* servo thevUhion’ with all the dignity, equality, andrights of the several States unimpaired and that ns soon ns these objects” were “accomplished the war* ought to ecasc.’' • In some instances, Senators were'por m i tied jfoxcotrtUi B 0 i h#inrtegirlfj jiflgun c tion.s v whily Repre sentatives wqre. olcctqd and ydiuittedfto seats after the States had formally de-, clarnd their right to withdraw the’ Union, and' were endeavoring to main tain that right by force of arms _ All ox the States whose people were, in m- as States, were included in the apportionment of the direct tax of twenty minions of dollars annually laid upon the United States by the act ap proved oth August 18(il. Congress, by the act of March 4,, ISG2. and by of rep resentation thereunder, also .recognized their presence as States in .the Union } and they . haye. for-. Judicial purposes, been divided , intodistricts. as States ajipic caiVbu tiition appears in the recent legislation

.which iden t ly the fact, that the functions Ojf lfec jpj-pke .WQj-fi tile mwMa :aid of course applic||bleAQ, those States 4^* o tempted t.u renounce their places in the tfoflfl- TbC(rtctiQ,n of the 'Dopart menf ofrthc Qov'ovnmfit upou this, subr ject, has been equally duh Hit; And upj torm,. unJ the purptao: of thu wa* .was specifically stated,iu jhiQ isisued by uiy predecoifKHriloi#,. tlie .22d d*y, ofdS'eptember, JBU3j !>• wau,uthei>; solemoly proclaimed dovluFgd; that “hereafteig as the war; will be prosecuted for- the object of practi cally restoring the constitutional rcla tipu betw.ogn. the -Uoited Qtjatesand ißweh of the .States ud the people thereof, in whi^hiWhites that relation is be suspended OR disturbed.” The recognition of the States by the Judicial Department of’tlie Government fiaa been and conclusive i# ajlj Stot^, had in the Svtpreme, f jUi|:cuifc, andhJlifr;; trict Cpurts. , v . iS u M sdr t Wiuev, : In the admission of Sonaters .wrt'd Repnrc?onCatics:firdj any and all of the States, tltgno <sandj bo Just ground o#' ! approhahsiojnfidia'tJ persons; are disc loyal wdiioba-clothed vritfc kind pewers of legislation.; fair tbin could mot happen when the Ounstitatios] add tlio laws are enforced-by tv viasbwiC artdfiitUfdl gross-. Each Ilousb is uide the of tlxercleoliemißpfivetoilos ando Iptalifiea* tioiis of its ora imicniborsl” ‘.tnid may. “withnthc conetsrrence tsx*- pel a metnhcr.Vu When a 'Soßatorqor* ■JCoproscntotive pipskintio ofelection he may at once be adsofood or rejeotetk}! ©rv thnuiiirNbaro; bl atoy questio as to i tk . tcllgifciii^')lftik > arth t dent iabn rnnylbot: itki feenejif fojc irtaestigs^. ticri fostWe > t Jf. a&ki t ted> to ai fot: ft -m st ,b*i u|)oni eitidonee satisfuqtowi which• he thus becomes'h metnber, that! be-possesses Uieceqnisift cojlstitqbional and legal qualifications?.* Tf refused ad mission as a memhetMor want-of due al Icgiancc taHto*o*feriltfle6t/ and re turdifot-hw tireild monished (that . bbc im* peasonl io)l I fothe, Uaibed iite.a- ■ -wUiibO: aikwati 'a vofoednetlM eoiifcl.‘i.uf?Uhe: Ilatioii, and!the.|pdiUeulphTfor-<fod'wear-i ai tmefyojertodie) thoi i&lty dtyr toi thd dhpohthi* !q IfotUcip :jfhcgnistc(afob RjtheilJJi*ihh, .and the pert*^onsL>°lrteupo*aa4|cß3|xv |)f trovcrpmcnt, hereto i’n* oomarift udi to with jtfiltxl'.tih|ia a rjiup s *oi to inoia -b-ujod m *eon*q 1o rsdftwm I IIITII 'i '■•'* II Ititth 1 aifd’Ctrt^/ 1! cd aoUq i-ji i lif the’tid-Hiissiott of loyal members, to’ 1 I jit is no less, wise and expedient hoW.— I I If ?tils tt i?6lma!oils' tohdftibb * |-b4fj fn iW ekact oortdklorticof. these 1 Stateiii*: th©.present timef H U iawful do not sec tluit the question will be, ' dv roe effiux of Ten . yeaVfThence,' if thtSc* States remain as they ore, the right of representation no stiOfigqr—the fight of exciu- Tlie Constitution of tliq .United States (makes it the duty of the : President W recommend to the consideration of Con gecss “such amsisurcs as ho shall judge nccessayy, of expedient.” X jknow ofuo more imperatively demanded bv every considpratlon of national inter est, sound policy, and equal justice, than the admission of loyal members from the -now unrepresented States. This would consummate the work of restora tion. and exert a most salutary influence in tlie rc-e.stablisbmcnt of peace, harmo ny arid fraternal feeling. Jtwould tend greatly to renew the confidence .of the people in the vigor and sta bility of their institutions. It would bind us more closely together as a na tion;'tin djertable hs to show to the world the i Tgcupcr;if ive power of a Governoipnt fouiulccl upon the will of the people, and established upon the. principle 6f liberty, justice, and .iutelli-' • •“-tiiihoi7/ .■ h -ui.] • ■ Our increased strength-nnd enhanced prosperity woq)d demon strate tlie fallacy of the arguments against free institutions drawn from our rhient ftfitional disorders'by the enemies of-isepublican government. -The admis-t sion of'loyal members from: the States nqw excluded from Congress, allay ing doubt and apprehension, would turn Capital, now awaiting an opportunity Tor investment, into the channels of trade and industry. It would alleviate the present tropbjed condition of those States, and, by inducing emigration, aid in the settlement of fertile, regions now uneilltivnted, and lead to an inefehied production of those staples which have added so greatly -t<rthe wealth of the nation and the commerce of the. world. New fields of enterprise would be opened td-OUT' progressive people; and soon the 1 devastations of war would be repaired, artdall traces of our domestic differences effaced from the minds of our country men; In our efforts to preserve “tlie unity of Government which constitutes us one people,- by rcstof-ing tlie States to the xfotiditiort which they held prior to the rebellion, we should be cautious, lest, having rescued our nation from perils of threatened disintegration, we resort to consolidation, and in the end absolute despotism, as a remedy-for the recurrence of similar troubles. The WaT having terminated, and with it aR occasion for the exercise of powers of doubtful constitutionality, we shdnld : hasten to bring legTslrtioii within the prescribed by the Constitu tion, and to return to the ancient land marks established by our fathers,for the guidance of succeeding genera tions. “The Constitution which at any time exists, until changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole people, is, sacredly obligatory upon all.” “if in the opinion qftjie people, thp distribu tion or modification of the al powers be, in any particular, wrong, Iqt,it be corrected by an the way in which the Constitution designates. But let there bo no change by usurpation; for” “it is the customa ry weapon by which free Governments aro. .destroyed.” Washington .sppfyi thesa; words to.his countrymen, when, followed; by their love and gratitude, he voluntarily retired from the cares of public life. “To keep in all tilings withirt the pale of our constitutional powers, and cherish the Federal Union as ihcTorily rock'of safety/’ were pre scribed by Jefferson ai rules of action td endear to his “countrymen the true principles of their Constitution, and promote a.uuion of sontiment and ao tioDiefpJxtly auspicious to their happU new mod safety.” - JaMfeson held that the action 6f the General GcfTelnmcot should always be strictly.confined tC of its ptbWfaie htid forci-, that our Government is fiottp IfcTilliifiUinea nor oor Uh?on preserved IhVimious of the “rights audpOiyert oftlic sCVera,! States. In thus attemp tro^”ft)f GOheTkl make, it" weak. Its tyne’ strength consists in leaving individuals ah'd 1 as touch as possible to them in migXing itself. felf, 11 jfcot .in its power, but in its beneficence; not in its jfdhtrol, Init 5 1ri ‘ Ity proteCtiop; not in binding the States mere l closbly to the' centre, JjjpiJcij.yujg to structed in"its proper constitutional qr dm. 1 *‘ arc the teachings bf men whose deeds and sefricos have made them illustrious, and who; long since .withdrawn, from, the scenes, of .life, hayc. tq country the rich legacy of ( fjieir example, their wisdom and their: pWMofism. ' ffbsh fiwpirafion ; ffomThcttr lessons,lotus emulate them in love of co<rttry aad respect for the.; Constitution and th4aws. | i ®be; rbpott of klie>' iHocrotwry ,uf the Tireasury offbrds much infornmtioa..res*,; pohikig-ihe revenue and cooHucrto of' thfi couottyvd Hi* views upon the cuts-, reuey. atidi arith roleronce tb a; pdjlwtMebt our revcnuo ili ter rrnl #fe w*lfdiniptt, are ©ummended fotlu# chrdf®J co lifodeTation- of 4J ob gKa> |[n my last annual message I expresqcpii | ai nmiomTq nuiw/i mf/muj i j 97*rf rfjtif •!5 uo gnod sd ot huofluiaos hMiq-trti flm>d :: ■' ■ necessity of carrying inter every depart ment of I the GAverniflcnt a system of a, rigid l ftbeomftibillty, thorough retrench incut and wise economy. With no nor unusual expenditures, ;the oppressive burdens of taxation can be lessened by such a modification of otof revenue lAfrs as frill be consistent with public faith, -and the legitimate , and’ necessary wants of the Govern ment. The report presents a much more satisfactory condition of out finances i thfch one 1 year ago the most sanguine , could, have anticipated. Daring the - fiscal year ending, the 30th of June, 1 1865, thp last year of the war, the pub lic debt was increased $941,902,537, and’ on the 31st of October, 1865, it amoun ted to 82,740,854.750. On the 3lst day of October, IB6o* it had been redu ced Jo $2,551,310,006, the diminution, during a period- of fourteen months, commenting September 1, 1865, end ending October 31, iB6O, having been 8206:379.565. In tho last annual re port on the state of the finances, it was estimated that during the three quay-, ters to the fiscal year ending the 30th of June last, the-debt would be increas ed 8112,194,947. During that period, ]iowevcr ; , it was reduced $31,190,387, the receipts of the year having been 880.905,905 more, and the expenditures $200,529,235 less than tho estimates. >Nothing could . more clearly indicate than these state ments the extent and availability of the national resources, and the rapidity and safety with which, under our form of government, gteutS military and naval establishinehtß can be disbanded, and expenses reduced from a war to a peace footing. During the fiscal ypar ending the 30th of June, 1866, the receipts were $558,- 032;620, and the expenditures 8520,- 760,940, leaving an available surplus of 837,281,080. It is estimated that the receipts for the fiscal year ending the 30th June. 1867 will be $485,061,386, and that the expenditures will reach the sum of $316,428,078, leaving in the Treasury a surplus of §158,033,308. — For the fiscal year ending June .30, 1868, it is estimated that the receipts will amount to 8430,000,000, and that tho expenditures will be $350,247,641 — excess of $85,752,359 in 1 favor of the government. These estimated receipts may be di minished by a reduction' of excise and import duties ; but.after all necessary reductions shall have been made, the revenue of the present and of following, years will doubtless be sufficient to cov er all legitimate charges upon the Trea sury, find lUaye A larg'd annual surplus to be applied to the payment of the prin cipal of the debt. There seems now to be no good reason why taxes may not le reduced as the country advances in prp ulation ayid wealth, and yet the debt be extinguished within the next quarter of a century. ' The report of the Secretary of War : furnishes valuable and important infor mation in reference to, the operations of Ills Department during the past year.— Pew Volunteers now remain in the ser vice, and they are being discharged as rapidly as they can be replaced by reg ular troops.,. The army has been prompt ly paid, carefully provided with medical treatment, 1 well sheltered and subsisted, arid is to be furnished with breech-load ing small arms. The military strength of the patioq has been unimpaired by , the discharge of volunteers, the disposi tion’ of unserviceable or perishable stores, and the retrenchment of expen diture. Sufficient War material to meet any; emergency has been retained, and, from tho disbanded, volunteers standing ready tq respond to ..tße national call, large arthies Can be rapidly drganized, equip ped, and concentrated. Fortifications on the coast and frontier have received, or are being prepared for .more powerful armaments; lake surveys and harbor and fiver improvements are in course of en ■ ergetic prosecution. Preparations have been made for: the payment of the addi tjpmj. bounties,; jauMwized during the recent session of Congress, under such i regulations as will protect the Govern - • nient from fraud, and tScnretothe hon orably-discharged soldier the well-earned reward of his faithfulness and gallantry, More than six. thousand maimed sol diers. hare "TCceiTed; artificial limbs or other qprgioqd apparatus; and forty-one national camctcrien, containing the re mains of 194,.d2C Union soldiers, have ■ ■afri&tfjr Wferi established; TIU total es timate of military appropriations is ; $25*290,669.- ■ A It is stated in the report of the Sec retary of the Navy that the naval fprcc at ( ths time consists pf two hundred & sevenivyCight vessels, armed with two tHbushrid thfCe fiundtcd atid fifty-one guns. ! (W hfee,lone Mmdffcd and fifteen vessels, carry ingoue thousand & twend fy-nine guns are in commission, distrib uted chiefly squadrons.— The Dumber of men in the, service is Grtat activity and vigilaueh have been displayed by all tho squadron, and their movements havo been juui | ciously and efficiently arranged in such manner as wophl host, promote Arnei-jcan ; commerce, and protect the rights and interests of our countrymen abroad. Dunng fhe last fiscal year the amount ! paid to pensioners; including the ex peniosof disbursement, was thirteen .-four hundred and fifty-nine thpusaad nine hundred and, mnoty ; Bix dollars: and fifty thousand one hundred aAd Panics were added to the'peiwion roiy. The entire number of-pensioners Jdoe,3o, IB6o,wa* one, thousand seven hundred and twenty-two. , . ‘ J jhjis , 'facl. furnishes melancholy and’ of the sacrifice* made tO'-| ' I Tjßß3is;il.SO is ADTAKCE r "Li •. >■ w i■, i j ■■■ i ' vindicate tin) Constitutional authority of the Fedeibh Gnvorenment, and t6' maintain'the integrity of the Union. impobe'upoil u& corres ponding i iobliesitlons.. It .is estimated thht thirty-three hiillton of dollars will, be rcqmr&l Unmeet the exigencies of this -branch toft the seorvico during next fiscal .year. vflutiiihJ . ■ hoi *. ■* > ; .V, ‘ The J6etacfei©f iColumbia, under ei* isting jaws’'is'not entitled to thatpepre sentation in ■ - from oar earliest history* has been uni formly accorded) td-i each Territory es tablished; from! tithe td time within our limits.. It maintains peculiar relations Congress, toavhorn the Constitution has granted the power. of exereialog exclu sive legislation ®rer the,|feafei>f Govern ment. Oor fellofr-oitizeus residing in the Diatricfc,* whose interop} are thus confided to the apeoial guardianship of CoDgressf.dxoeedan uitHihor the popu lation of sciyei^l and no j,u*t rea808; why a dele gate of their ohoice should not be -ad’*' . mitted to a seat in thq House of Rcpre* sdnJafcivcs. , t No mode seems so appropriate and cfieetudl of.Enabling known - Jhcir. peouUWQ wants, and of scouring the, itoqaUegi,slat ion adapted, to them, I. thqrcfqvq .rqcommeud thc passage *f a law authorising the electors [ of the choose a delegate, to bo allotted,fhc:;samo rights . alJ d privilege* pe represen ting [' a Teiftitpitjfp..;Thef jpifßiyJsiPg enterprise ' and rapid ptegness of . improvement in 1 the District am highly gratifying, and. I I trust that of the municipal i authorities to projnote the prosperity of the national wjil receive tjie. i efficient and generous co-oporatiou of! • Congress. | :i: Is the month of April last, as Con ‘ gross is, jfwa#e, a, friend!y , arrangement was made hetw,pen. ; tl\e limperor of t France and the I’rosident of the United States, for ft-pm Mexico’ of tlu?,. JAouch aspeditjouary military forces. This was to be effee-. ted in.thfep the first of, which, it was would leave Mexico in November, now past, the second in "Match next, aud the third and) last in November, ‘1867. Immediately’ upon the completion of the evacuation, the French Government was to assume the same attitude of uou-intcrventiotl r in regard to Mexico, iis is, held by the Government of United States. Ke peated assurances have been given by the Flcpppror, sitjee that pgreemeut, tHat he would complete the promised evac uation within the period mentioned, of sooner, It was reasonably expected that the proceedings tlins contemplated would produce a crisis *f great political inter est in tho Republic of .Mexico. The newly appointed Minister of the United States. M ivCaknpbell i was thcrefofe seut forward, on the 9th day of Novcmbef last, to assume his proper functions as ; Minister Plenipotentiary ©f the United Statestothatllepiiblie?' o It -vraa also theught .es pcufejit that he, should he attended in tire vicinity of ! Mexico by the. Lieutenant General of ■ the Army 6rf the‘ United States, with • tire view of obtaining sueh information I as might b& important Jo determine the , comae to be pursued by tho United - States in re-establishing and maintain i ing nccessttdh' and-.proper intercourse r with tbe Ibcpublio/df Mpxiep. Deeply ■ iterdstctb-jg l fcheeudse of liberty ami humanity, it seemed im obvious duty ou. • our .part to exenoise influence we; possessed, for the rpstpratien and pcraiaiseat ! establislpncut m that cotftf i try -ofradf)mcsfcie,a(ud repgblieau form 1 r td‘ r j orfi j Such was pht; coitdkioa of affairs in’ regard 4o Mexico, frlic-n, on the 22d of i* Novcmbef last, official infafroation was' i ■ received'from Paris thiut the Emperor of ! FrfmOe hud somu time befdtc decided uot to withdhtw gidortachmeffifcdf kts for ces in the month of November past, ue i cording to but that this dW • orsioq wire ixftdeb’WfthutheiipuTpoise of ! w'ithdrawiog the whole of those forces i in the ettsifrngßpridg" Of this : detcr m'ination. howev-eti/- thc United States - hod not received jatiy notice or iuttnia motion;; ; na--soonas the iutormatiow was the GAvfimluent, care wafe takedfrp- nmkei Uauwa its dissent to thfe KffipeVor of'Pmic*fc 1 1 eannot.fovogo-tlwyhope ykat, France. will rdeonSider theq^dbj eet; and adopt) sonie itsolAtmti lb regard to *he oracua tk>rr y of'Mo!ipo' wlljioh i>will cooibnn as nearly lis practiewblu- with thc existing; engOgdinfeWV, fd thus meet the jurat imelati©n?)'#f States. This papers relating to the stdijuct will be: r laid that, with the e-theuntSen' r df Mexioo by the expeditiamuy foraes*JU subject for sc ri^q^4’;fn?SDcesfw. M ranee and i thftJlnited States., would remain. The. offiie fcnipfefbr and people’ of Ftabf c frirfaVi*F a'hope that the tra ditiouapy flicvrtlMhip -between the two countries in t hat cane be rent wed . ff* .©#,<>(;.%—lnf, y i; ,ni It Is q.Juatter,^f regret, (hat no con slderablfl Jiecuuiade tmda aa-adjififtoqht Mffteveucesbet wpeur thgJJfrfitiJd 3tate§, apd. Great Dritiu^ : smisiug out Of- Uv*. 4ej?r c 4 ions u PO our HMioual .com merqe other tres-, pastas-ptumined; duriug our civil war