Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, December 20, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated December 20, 1866 Page 4
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CHOLERA PREVENTIVE'! J I .4; i f Y. 1866. L. THE GREAT ZINGARI RITTERS. THIS WONDERFUL REMEDY was discov* ered and Introduced about twenty years aco by Dr. S. Cheopaus, an eminent Egyptian plivseian. refin had long seen and felt the want of soma medy which would strike at the root of dis ease, and o prevent much of the suffering which the human family was theh compelled to' endure, i The great question was presented to his 'mind every day in vivid colors as he moved among the sick and dying, and observed the inefficien cy of nearly all the remedies then in use. Thus he Was lead to think and experiment; and after ton years of study and labor, he presented to his fellow man the wonderful Zingari Bitters. The effect of this preparation in the prevention and cure of disease, was so marvellous and as tonishing, that the most flattering marks of royal favor were bestowed upon him who dis covered it. 11b name was placed upon the Roll of Nobles, and a gold medal with the fol lowing incription—Dr. 8. Cbeopsns. the Public Benefactor—-was presented to him by the Vice roy. The preparation has been used in several epidemics of cholera, both as a preventive and curative measure, and with such great success that it has been introduced into nearly all the general hospitals of the old world. The old saving that an mine* of prevention is worth a pound of cure, applies with marvel-. lons force to cholera, and therefore any remedy that will protect us against this terrible'disease should be free!v and persistently used. All pathologists now agree that the cholera poison acts on the system through the blond, and that any combination which acts on the excretory organs, and keeps them in working order, must prevent a sufficient accumulation of the poison to exert its terrible effects on the organism. This is true not only of cholera, hut of nearly all other maladies, especially the dif ferent forms of fevers. The Zingari Ditters is just such a remedy as the above conditions require. It acts on the organs of excretion and secretion, keeping up a perfect balance between them. This Bitters is composed entirely of root* and herbs, so nicely concocted that every organ is acted upon and put in tone. Its taste is pleasant and it* effects prompt and lasting. Numerous cases of the following disease? have been enred bv it: Cholera. Diarrhoea, Typhoid and Typhus Fever, Fever, Ague, Ner vous Debility, Anaemia, Female Irregularities, Dyspepsia, Flatulency, Colic, Scrofula, Ac. Price, one dollar per quart bottle. Principal Depot at the Walnut street Wlmrf, Harrisburg, Pa. Sold by Druggists, Hotel-keepers A Grocers. For Sale in Westminster Md. by Bowers & (>£jir, Grocers, and A. H. Hither, Druggist. F. UAIITER, • 7 unc 28, —lyr. Sole Proprietor. FALL AND WINTER “ OF 1866 AND 1867. E. K. OEMAIND, WESTMINSTER, MB., WILL always be found a large and care fully selected stock of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRYGOODS, Notions, Cabinet and Building Hardware, Quectisware, Groceries. BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, &c., Floor and Table Oil Cloths, Drug?, ’ ; Glass, Paints, Oils, Ac., Ac., Ac. The largest assortment of LAMPS, Shades, tic., in the County. , The above stock has been .carefully selec ted and is replete, in Domestic Goods es pecially, with all the standard makes of the Country, and will he sold at as low- rates as can be purchased for in the City. Call and examine before purchasing. E. K. GEKNAND. oct 18 corner Main and Court streets. Sir W !f Witmor lias been in successful practice for a number of years, with the experience of the different hospitals in Europe, also a member of the/An alytical Medical Institute of New York, contin ues to attend to all professional case? at bis of fice No. 928 Filbert Street Philadelphia. No patent Medicines are used or recom mended : the remedies administered are those which will not break down the constitution but, renovate the system from all injuries it has sus tained from mineral medicines and leave the system in a healthy and perfectly cured con dition. dyspepsia that distressing disease and fell destroyer of health and happiness, undermin ing the constitution and yearly carrying thou sands to untimely graves, can most emphatical ly be cured. Melancholy, Abbcrration that state of Aliena tion and weakness of the mind which renders persons incapable of enjoying the pleasures or performing the duties of life. miECMATisM, in any form or condition, ehron nic or acute warranted curable. kpileCsy, or falling sickness, all chronic or stubborn cases of FEMALE DISEASES, radically removed; Salt Rheum ami every description of ulcerations ; Piles and scrofulous diseases which have baffled all previous medical skill, can be cured by my treatment; and 1 do say all diseases, (yes Consumption) can be cured by wearing my Medicated Jacket, which is a protection to the lungs against all changes of , weather in all climates. Having investigated for years the cause and character of intermittent? (fever and ague) in all parts of the United States will cure permanently all cronic or acute' cases of ague & nervous diseases in a few da vs. Cancer Cured irilhout the knife or Drawing Blood. Tape Worm that dread to the Human Family for years, can be removed with two or three doses of my newly discovered remedy, warran ted in all cases. ‘Consultation in the English and German Languages free of charge. Will make visits any distance if desired. May be addressed by letter (confidentially) and Medi cine sent with proper directions to any part of the country. OFFICE—No, 928 Filbert St. Phila. June 7, —ly. UNITED Steel Pen Works, Factory, CAMDEN, I. J. T> ESTERBROOK 5: CO. Steel Pen . Manufacturers, Warehouse, 408 Arch Street., Philadelphia, 42 John Street, New Y ork. These Celebrated Pens are of Genuine American Manufacture, and comprise every leading style in the Market, and are equal in finish, elasticity and fineness of point to the best imported. They are, theretore, sure to gain the confidence of the American pdblic. Samples and prices on Application. Lots Made to Order, of any pattern or stamp reouired. Bs*k-For Sale to the Trade at the Manu facturer’s Warehouse, as above; and at retail by all Stationers, Booksellers and News Dealers in the United States. 11. ESTERBROOK A CO. mylOTy Notice to Soldiers. T am now prepared to make out the papers* I and collect the bounty for Soldiers, under' the late decision of the War Department,' and the Act of Congress approved July 28th 1806. No pay, or charge made, until I collect the money from the Government, and pay it over to the Soldier. I have re ceived a number of blank forms from the War Department, and am now ready to " make out the claims and collect the money. RICHARD MANNING, OfiicQ Prized A Manning, Brokers, Westminster, Mil. | W ll f -tp * Peter B. Mikeseli, > - ■ WBm.wui.v. & Retail Dealer is BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS, Groceries , Liquors and Heather. TT AVlNGcjuat returned from the Cities JIX. M Philadelphia and Baltimore, with the largest and best quality of articles iq. his lineever before offered for sale in Carroll County, respectfully informs his friends and the citizens of the County generally* that he is still at the old stand, a few doors above the Railroad, and will keep constantly on . hand, at Wholesale and Retail, a well as sorted stock of Mens’, Boys’ and Children's BOOTS AND SHOES, Men's, Boys and Children’s Hats and Caps, of all sizes and qualities ; also a select variety 'of Ladies' and Misses 7 Boots and Shoes, all of which will he sold at the lowest cash prices. GROCERIES. A large Stock always kept on hand, such ns Rio and Java Coffees, Extract of Coffee,' Teas of all kinds, Crushed and Brown Sugars, Syrups and Sugar House Molasses, Baking do., Baking Soda, Sal Soda. Rice, Pepper, Allspice,Ginnamon,Cloves,Mustard, Ginger,. Mace, Indigo, Starch, Madder, Alum. Soan, Cream of Tarter, Fish, Bacon, I .aid. G, A. Salt, Fine SaU, by the Bushel or Sack, Coal Oil and Lamps. Dried Fruit,Tobacco, Sugars. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS, ConsistingofPortand Malaga M ines," French Brandies. Holland and Country Gin, N. E*. ’ Rum. Old Rye, Monongahela and good Cop ?ier-distillcd* Rectified Whiskeys, Ginger 1 randy, Ac.; also a large lot of Bottled Liq t hors, consisting of French Brand}', Bottled • in 1851, Ginger Brandv, Blackberry, M ild ; Cherry and Raspberry Brandies, Port M’ine, ' I’vre, intended for Medical purposes, i LEATHER, SHOE FINDINGS, AC. ! A large stock of leather always kept on [ hand, embracing Sole and Upper Leather, ■ Calf Skins, Tampico and Madras, Grained Morocco, Ladles’ French Finest Morocco, i Pink Linings, Bindings, Ac.; also a well se i lected stock of Shoe Findings, viz: all the differ numbers of Shoe Pegs, Shoe Thread, ’ Shoe Strings?-Shoe Knives, Rasps, Patent Pegging Awls, Sewing Awls, Patent Peg ging Awl Handles, Lasting, Ixicks, Nails, Bristles, Sand Paper, Gums, Lasts, Hooks, Hammers, Pinchers, Knippers, Peg Cutters, Rubbers, Tjglets, Ac. CEDAR WARE, ' . Consisting of baskets, Tubs, Brooms, Shoe Blacking and Brushes, M'ash Boards. Ac. Jjgy-N.B,—All Goody to be M'holesaled or retailed to suit purchasers. returns his thanks for R?e Ijl eral patronage extended to him, and will do everything in his power to merit its on tin* uance. PETER B. MIKESELI . dec7-Iy. ATTENTION ! Largest and most complete "ZFSstz selection of F II R !V I T II R E in M’estminstcr, is now being offered to the public, by IRA E. CHOUSE, al ius NEW AND COMMODIOUS WARE ROOMS. located about onchuifllVcct yards East of the Railroad Depot, and nearly opposite the Catholic Church. His Stock has been purchased in Phila delphia for the cash, and consists of the latest and most improved stvlcs, viz: PARLOR SUITS, Tete-a-tetes, Sofas. Marble top Cluster and Beanquet Tables, Spring-seat Chairs ; also. Chanibor Suits, consisting of splendidly finished Round Cornered Bedsteads, Marble top Dressing Bureaus, Marble top Enclosed M ash Stands. CHATRS. His selection of Cane and M'ood scat Chairs" is large and of the most substantial make. He will keep constantly on hand a large qnd very superior Stock of Furniture qf his own manufacture. COFFINS. Being in possession of a new and very ele gant H EARSK, he is prepared to furnish COFFINS and attend Funerals at the short est notice, at prices that will always give satisfaction. 'Ho keeps'alsp a large and well selected lot of wi STOVES,* which he can recommend to lie ofS.'.i-.yA thp latest and most improved pat- H^ terns, consisting of Cooking, Parlor and Office Stove?. He invites all to examine his Stock before purchasing elsewhere. By a strict and faithful attention to busi ness, ho hopes to receive a share of .public patronage. IRA E. CROUSE. N^B, —OH Furniture and Chairs, repair cd mad painted on reasonable terms. . dec7-ly. Save lour loaev, • * BY GETTING YOUR GOODS AT A. M. WARNER’S NEW STORE,! |M"EST END, M"ESTMINSTER, Who has always on hand a fine selection of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, Bottom, Groceries , Abe. JBQT’Thankful for the increasing patron age, and hopeful to merit a continuance of the same. . THE OLD MOTTO, Quick Sale and Short Profits." A. M. WARNER. apo LUMBER & GOAL. 11. Mi Dell & Co. Westminster, Aid. WE would inform the citizens of minstcr and surrounding country, that we are prepared to furnish them at our Vards at this place and Union Bridge, with LUMHEH ofall kinds, including White Pine, Hemlock, Building Timber, *d Shingles, Laths, Pickets &c. &c., All selected by an experienced Lumberman, which we are prepared to sell very low for cash. Also 6 fir- -21. Stove and I Blacksmith’s Coal I‘t .:'; by the ton, and [ Limeburner’s Coal bv the car. 8S&Call and examine for yourselves*. • H. W. DELL, A CO. I fcbio-tf ‘ v i* 1 Great Improvement In Sewing Machines, . !I 3 \ Empire Shuttle; Maelmu. Salesroom, 53<J Broadway, A. 1- 250 Washington St.. B'tston. 921 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Patented February 14, 1860. rriHTS MACHINE is constructed on cn- J P* lirely new principles - oYmechanism, pos-, sessipg many rare.A valuable improvements, having been examined hv’fhcnjoat pro&ipid-, experts, and pronounced to be Simplicity and Perfection ('omhined 1 It has a straight needle, perpendicular action makes the “Lock or Shuttle Stitch,” which will NEITHER RIP nor RAVEL, and is alike on both sides; performs perfect sewing on every description of material, from Leather to the finest Nansook Muslin* .with cotton,Knen or silk thread,from the coarsest to the finest number. Having neither CAM nor COG WHEEL, and the least possible friction, it runs as smooth as glass, and is emphatically a ■ HOUSELESS MACHINE! ; It requires fifty per cent, less power to drive it than any othermachhie inthemarket.' ‘ A girTtwelvc years of age can work it stead jy, without fatigue or injury to health. Its strength and wonderful simplicity or construction, renders it almost impossible to get out of order, and is guaranteed by the company to give entiresatisfaction. We respectfully invite all those who may desire to supply themselves with a superior article’to come apd examine, this unrivalled Machine. One half hour’s instrnrfinn is srafficient to enable any person in work this Mach ine tv their entire satisfaction. Religious and Charitable Institutions will be liberally dealt with. Aokkts M’a.vtkd for all £owns in the United States where Agents are not already established. Also, for Cuba. Mexico, Cen tral and South America, to whom a liberal discount will be given. No consignments made at all .Address, Empire Sctcimj Machine Mf'tj Co., A. A C, 530 BiKumvAY, X. Y. Principal Agencies Established :—Port land, Millikon A Co.: Providence, R. 1., .TT M M heeler; NoFwicnj Conn.,E M’ Yarring ton. .Syracuse, N Y. - J6hn H ’Fowler.— T’Vninfiera, NJ. J S'Dnilbam. Paterson, N J, Peter 'Seibel. Pittsburgh, Ernest Ast helm; llaltiraore, Thos..Shanks. M'asldng ton, DC, J j\arr. M heeling, M'. Va., M r D Sawkell A Bro. Detroit, Mich., A Burn haim A Co. Fairbauit, Minn., C W Scott. Cincinnati, 0., Mather M’ M’ilsou. dec-28-ly POUT Z’S XKLXBKATID Horse and Cattle Powders. Th!* preparation,, long ai;J favorably known, will thor ' ffy ouglily reinvigorate Ijf T broken-down and W SPa ' low-spirited horse*, v£f M H|| by strengthening W [ Wig and cleansing tho n % II stomach and intes lT i* a sure pre ventive of all dis eases incident to this animal, such as LUNG FEVEK, GLANDERS, YELLOW WA TER. HEAVES, COUGHS, DIS- fsSilmSlSb. TESXP ER, FE VERS, FOUNDER loss of appe- TITEAND VITAL B energy, &c. its use improves the W 9 wind, increases K nr WjljQr fp* the appetite-gives im Jf . a smooth and y glossy skin—and transforms the miserable skeleton Into a fine-looking and spirited horse. To kfeepers of Cows this preparation is invaluable. It increases the quantity and improves the quality V V of the milk. It has teen proven by ac — i 11 tna l experiment to increase the quan tity of milk and I cream twenty per ' I ceilt - and make the q butter firm and sweet. In fattening SKgF'jF, n y cattle, it gives them an apjietlte, loosens , their hid e, and ---■ .fr" A makes them thrive much faster. In all diseases of Swine, such as Coughs, Ulcers in the Lung?, Liver, &c., this article acts as a specific. _ Dy putting f-.0.-i S. 'A one-h.-i’f a ; : r to a paper in a ~~* barrel of swill the wr above diseases will be eradicated or entirely prevented. If given in time, a certain preventive and cure for the Hog Cholera. Prise 25 Cents per Paper, or 6 Papers for (I. PREPARED BY S. A.. FOUTZ & BRO., ! AT THEIR WHOLESALE DRUG AND MEDICINE DEPOT, No. 116 Franklin St.’, Baltimore, Md. For Sale by Druggists and Storekeepers through* out the United States. decl4-ly NEW CO ALT AND LCMB E R YARD. grei-:n ! vStkeet, at the depot WESTMINSTER , MD. HAVING perfected arrangements for carrying on the Lumber and Coal Business, on Green street, at the Depot, M’estminster, Md., the undersigned takes this method of soliciting the patronage of the public. He will have on hand, and be prepared to sell at all times at the lowest cash prices, a full 8 ipply of seasoned 4-4, 6-4, and 8-4 Boards and Plank, Flooring, M’eutherhoarding, Siding and Scantling, Shingles, Laths and Rickets, and a|l other material kept in a Lumber Yard. He will also keep for sale Broken, Egg, Nut and Pea COAL, from the well known Shamokin Mines, at the lowest Market Rates. By prompt attention to business, furnish ing feji best articles in the Market, ancf doing all in his power to accommodate customers, he hopes to command a share of public patronage. EDM’ARD LYNCH. febl-ly SASH, BUSDOOR AND Furniture Factory. SHORE, LEISTER A SHAEFFER, MAIN Street, M'est of the Railroad, have off hand and Manufacture to order SASHES, BLINDS , . . DOORS, and every article necessary to a Building. FlßpiTifiE, ~m every style and variety. Hllving had great experience in our busi ness, we feel satisfied in saying we can sell our .goods to ; a greater advantage then can be had elsewhere. ; us a calk Nov, 30;— 1£ Meat Cutters and Staffers. HALE’S Patent Meat Cutter and Filler, boat in use. For sale low, at notrlS John L. Reifsnider’s. LINENS—A large assortment of superior Linen Ducks, Drills, 4c., for sale at Jn, ‘ 77 E. K. Demand's, f€arEll 1 NEAR WESTMINSTER. MD. J 0 S E P H~S TOUT PROPRIETOR. flag SmßsftStPm r<9&\ -■ _ t: i/JcLa <zß r |'HE SUBSCRIBER hits for Sale B- about , 40,000 Apple Trees Of the most approved varieties on hand for next Spring planting. A..SO, A large supply of Dwarf and Standard PEARS. A few PEACH TREES, PLUM anfl apricot. A supply of CHERRY and QUINCE TREES. * A I.AKGB SUPPLY OF GRAPE VINE S’ | . of all the leading varieties. CURRANTS, GOOSEBERRIES, LAWTON BLACKBERRY, STRAWBERRIES, raspberries, EVERGREENS, of large size; also, ‘ A large lot of DECIDUOUS TREES. I hose who desire TREES we think would do well to ■ examine my stock before pur chasing elsewhere, as my stock arc all from tested varieties. JOSEPH STOUT. decT-tf REA L ESTATE and Collecting Agency. Lm EVAKS, Westminster, Mu., Office at MilcesclTs tore , from 0 A. M. to 3 P. A!., HAVING made arrangements for the prosecution of the business of buying | aiP l soiling Real Estate, offers his services i to the C’tizehs of Carroll county who may

! wish any business transacted in his line.— A large amount pf Real Estate always on hand. Persons having 1 property to dispose of will find him tire best me-.'um for its sale. Also, all collections promptly aß?ndcd to. dcc7-tf. . ifiw Copartnership. E. F. CI’.OFT. CKAS. T. REIFSXIDER. CROAT &~REiFSAI!)ER, A TTORNRYS-A T-LA W AND SOLI CITORS IX CHANCERY , IVESTMI N'STER, Md. WE have formed a copartnership in the practice of Law in the Courts of Carroll and Howard Counties, and will promptly attend to all business entrusted to our care. Particular attention paid to- Col lections and procuring Decrees for the sale of Reaf Estate. . ■; n Also, Applications filed for Back Pay and Bounty due heirs of deceased soldiers. Office adjoining the residence of Chas. T. SeiEsnider. no3o-tf SLEXARDEB FPifiZER, Clock ami Watch Maker. R' ESPECTFULLY in forms the Public that he has opened a Shop for SSfcaty&ittaSst*. the transaction of bnsmess at Mr. Trurhbo’s, lower end'of Westminster, in the room for merly occupied hr Dr. Hefing as an office. Being an old experienced Clock and •'Watch Maker, not a repairer merely, be flatters himself that he can give every satisfaction to his employers. Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., repaired at short notice, in the best manner, and on most accommodating terms. June 14-tf TjTBAUMGfiRTNEfh Attorney sat Law and Solicitor In Chancery. WILL practice law in the Courts in Car roll county, will aid and counsel those who are settling estates in the Or phans’ Court, and draft Wills, Deeds Ac. Can be seen at the Union National Bank of Westminster, from 9 o’clock A. M., un til 4 o’clock P. M.,and in the evenings at his residence opposite the ’Farmers & Me chanics’ National Bank of Westminster. may24-ly. JOS. M. PARKE, Attorney at Law and Solicitor In Chancery. HAVING some spare time, not occupied by his Editorial duties, will devote the same to the Practice of Law in the various Courts of Carroll county. Will counsel and assist such as have business before the Or*, phans’ Court, and attend to the prepara tion of Deeds, Wills Ac. Office in the rear of the Advocate Print ing Office. marß JOHN C. FRIZELL. • K. MANNING. FRIZELL & MANNING, BROKERS, M ILL buy and sell United States’ and other public Securities; also Land Warrants. Will buy Negotiable Paper, Bonds and Judg ments, and advance money on Collections. Will pay three per cent, for Deposites, to be secured by Government Bonds, and redeemable on demand. •, -™ j Office three doors below Bartholow’s Hotel Westminster, Md. marls-tf. Daily Passenger and MAIL LINE, From Gettysburg and Littleatown. Con nects with the Cars at Westminster. JOHN H. SPALDING. dec!4-tf C. W. WEBSTER, State’s Attorney, .-u-ufffini ‘ ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, - T ® AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, Office over Frizcll & Manning’s Broker’s Officer, 3 doors below Bartholow’s Hotel, Westminster, Md. dec7-ly. White Goods. : ' ■> | A new and varied assortment of best imported white twilled India long Cloth, plain, plaid and checked Nainsooks, French Swiss, v plain and dotted, and an endless variety of Cambric Bril giants and dimity. We have no hesitancy in saying we have the best line of white goods now kept in town. Call and see fbr yourselves. ayS4 MASSIE A CO. l \l> W#RhS, WM. H. HARMAN CO. CONTINUE the manufacture, of IRON GEARED THRRSHHRS with Pewit’s HoftSE PO'WESSr ‘ L '/I -„P "with* Wrongfit 'Amf Iron Shares and fPoirits, Spriiig-iTdoth HORSE RAKES, for Hav and Grain, CORN SHELLERS, FEED CUTTERS^arfiE J/.LWd j Agricultural Machinery generally. 1 : Also CASTINGS 6f all kinds done to order. All kinds of ' done with proptness and on-mod crate terms. They are also sole Agents for the sale. •of MoCORMICK 7 S lipprqved Self-Raking combined REAPER A\o MOWER, , , fv’ 5 4 r 1 * 1 for Carroll county, and in that part of BVbd erick county North of: Frederick City y and also in that -part of Baltimore county North of Texas. With this Machine the Fanner saves money, time and labor, and is, without controversy, superior to any other now in the market, ana fully warranted to reap and rake heavy, light, tangled or ’edged Grain; where hand rakes or droppers will fail. We on trial with any other, the purchaser to keep and pay for the one preferred. Also are Agents for - - i 5 Grurr’s Patent f Sjjf-UoQttlati*y Grain f ' : &*paratsr\ GSeaneP dkid Bagger. At a time like%be present, when labor is very scarce,, it is important that Farmers, who are interested, should give attention to this iiapjsoveruent, which will considerably reduce the expense of Threshing Grain in tba common way. This is now considered the best .Separator before the public. It is particularly adapted to Farmers for their own use, and will apply to Lever or Railway power, and will Thresh and Clean from 100 to 150 Bushels per day, using four to six horses and many hamls. Also, for sale Montoomery’s “I)oyhi.K-ScREEXED Rocka way Wheat Fax.” dec7-ly. Spring Fashions FOR 1866, OF MILLINERY GOODS. MRS. SHRiNER IS now receiving from New York and Bal timore, her Spring Stock of Straw and Millinery Goods, embracing all the novelties of the season, her stock is very large and will be sold at the lowest cash prices. Ladies call and examine; her Straw Bbnncts, Ladies Hats, , " Shaker Hoods,' Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Silks & Satins, \ Crapes, Laces, Malines, , Illusions, Ornaments, Ruches, Frames See. Silk and Crape Bonnets always unhand and a.'ado to order. MRS. SHRINER’S Bonnet £pd Fancy* Store, West of ap-5-tf the It. R- Depot, Westminster. DENTAL IMPROVEMESTS. UR. BbAKLS Improved Citrous Oxide Apparatus. Up. GEOS. FOIKE, Dentist, Having furnished his office, in Westminster, Md., with one of Hr. Bean’s .Patent Improved Apparatus for the manufacture of perfectly pure NITROUS OXIDE GAS, would announce that he will will be at all times prepared to administer this popular Ansesthetic for the Extraction of Teeth icitfwut Pain. Dr. FOUKE would invite the attention of the public to his lately Improved Atmospheric Pressure Plates for Artificial Teeth. By means of an improved Air-Chamber, the pres sure of the atmosphere for holding teeth firmly and securely in the mouth, is more certainly and effectually attained than by any style or | form of plate hitherto used by the profession. The value and excellence of a set of Artificial Teeth are much enhanced by this new arid truly philosophical arrangement.’ Dr. F. continues the Practice of Dentistry in all its Branches, and being a Pioneer lFor/.-er iu Hurd Rubber for Dental purposes, he is tho roughly experienced in the manufacture of teeth upon the Vulcanite Base, and is prepared to supply this style of work at very moderate rates. June 7, —tf. NEW STORE AXD NEW STOCK. Your attention is politely and respectfully i solicited to my new stock Of well selected GOODS now opening. Immediately opposite CARROLL HALL Embracing a great variety of GOODS, such as Cloths, Cassimers, Cassinetts, TWEIDS, Plain and Fancy MOUSLINES. COBOURGS, ALPACAS, FLANNELS, seat * GINGHAMS, CALICOES, CAMBRICS. DRILLS. ’ Bleached and Brown MOUSLINES, Boots, Slioes, Hats and Caps, GLOVES, HOSE, Wool and Cotton, With a general and well selected STOCK of GROCERIES and HARDWARE. And other articles usually kept, which are offered at a small advance above Cost. JOSEPH WELLER. no3o-tf NEW BOOK AND STATIONERY STORE. THE undersigned hiaving jnst opened business, take pleasure in calling the attention of the Public to their veil selec ted stock of 0 Al O 001 Books, Stationery, Cards, | i which they flatter themselves can be sold on as fair terms as can be obtained else where. All orders for Boohs, Music, tc., promptly filled. - We are also Agentk for the sale of the “Life of JAckson,” and “Headly’s History of the Rebellion.” H. B. grammer; WESLEY C. DANNER. aug 9,-tf y - ' - ; - "• *rkf —;—w —.-g—. WM. A. FISHER. > A. D. SCHAEFFER. FISHER iSCHAEFFER, ATTORKEV S-iX-lIW. Office, opposite City Hotel, Westminster. HAVING formed a copartnership in the practice of Law, we will promptly attend to all business entrusted to out care. Can be consulted; in the German language. noßo-ly . X FEMALE COLLEGIATE AND MALE ACADEMIC INSTITUTE. TEACHERS. LITER AR Y DEPAR TMEXT. Rev. Jobs A,. Munroe, A. M. Miss M. Lou Furlong, M- E. L. Miss Mary V. Maiming. Mr. Win. S. Crouse. MUSICAL DSPARTMEXT. Mrs. Fannie 11. Munroe. Miss Kate N. Gelir. THIS INSTITUTION will commence the FIRST SESSION of its SIXTH scholastic year on WEDNESDAY, SEP TEMBER'nth, 1866. Pnpils will be re ceived at nay time, and chiirged from time of entrance. . AS A BOAItDING S CHOOL. Its number of; Boarding Pnpils during the past vour was 2(1 females, and 15 males. — The Principal receives only seven females into his < family: a number of others may board with approved families in the town. /Those wishing to occupy the vacancies not yet filled, will please make early appli cation. The accommodations for Boarders arc iwo separate buildings, built of brick. That for the Male Department is the residence of the Rev. Joxatrax Munroe (Father of the Principal), whose paternal care will be over his boarders; that for the Female Depart ment is occupied by the Principal, There will not be any communication between these departments. Each will becousidered as a family, affording a home to its hoarders. AS A DAY SCHOOL. Number of Day Pnpils, during the past year, 66, making a total of 107 Pupils. Accommodations are five commodious rooms, viz: The young men’s study room — the boys study room—tneyoung ladies’ study room —the Primary- room, and the Lecture room. Departments. —Primary, Preparatory and Collegiate; three grades of classes in each Department—ln Music, French and Ger man, superior advantages. Latin taught gratuitously. given to all elementary principles: also to Penmanship (plain and fancy); to Book-keeping; to Spelling, Read ing and Elocution. Six grades of Tuition, from $4 up to sl2per quarter. New Circulars just issued. For these address REV. JOHN A. MUNROE, July 5. Principal. w New Goods I! MASSIE~&. CO., FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Vi E are now receiving our large and varied assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOODS! •And are Spelling Them CHEAP. us a cal! defore purchasing elsewhere, as we feel confident it will be to your interest, Westminster, Oct. 11, ’GO WESTERN i MARYLAND i RAILROAD. Change of Time. SUMMER ARRANGEENTS. On and after MONDAY, May 21st, 1866, the Trains will run as follows: Eastward. —Leave Union Bridge at 4.45 A. M., aA. M. ahd 2.10 P. M Leave Westminster at 5:40 A. M. and .9.46 A. M., and 2.67 P. M. Westward}— Leave Baltimore at 9.15 A. M., 3.80 P. M-, and 5.30 P. M. Arrive at Westminster at 11.43 A. M., 6.06 P. M. and 8.00 P. M. Arrive at Union Bridge at 12.27 P. M , 6.56 P. M. and 8.42 P. M. Trains daily each way, (ex cept Sunday.) Express Freight Car leaves Cal vert Station daily, (except Saturdays and Sundays,) at 3.30 P. M—but all goods for that car must be delivered before 3.00 P. M. For any information in regard to Freights •or Cars, apply to the undersigned at 'West minster. P. H. IRWIN, may 24-tf Sup’t. IRON, STEELTAND Leather Store Z Important to Blacksmiths, Machinists Fanners, Shoemakers , Saddlers pud Comsumersof Iron and Bsather. Subscribers inform the citizens of I Carroll and adjoining Counties, that they have just opened at their new Ware house, near the Depot, at Westminster, Md., a full and complete stock of Iron, Steel, Leather, Hubs, Spokes, Fellows, and everything belonging to the Carriage Businesss, and all kinds of Blacksmith’s Tools and heavy Hardware generally; also a com plete stock of SHOE FINDINGS, all of which are offered at fair prices. The attention of cornsumers and dealers are invited to call and examine our stock, in quality and prices. A, REIFSNIDER & CO. sept 18, 1866 —tf SHOESANDHATS Cheaper then Ever, At John R. Busby’s, Opposite new Catholic Church. WHERE you will find the largest and best assortment of the very latest style Ladies and Jfiases Shoes and Boots ever offered for sale in this Afarket. Also ileus Boots and Shoes of every distription Hats! Hats!! Hats!!! Hats!!!! Of the very latest style always on hand. All goods sold at the very lowest prices., oct2s . ■ ■ ■ if i ■ Wll. P. MAULSBT. CHAS. B. ROBERTS. MAULSBY ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW AND SOLIC ITORS IN CHANCERY. Having associated themselves in the prac tice of Law in Carroll county, they will at tend promptly and carefully to all business entrusted to their charge. Mr. Maulsby will visit Westminster whenever business requires H. Office directly opposite Court House. jau4-ly . J.. W- BhADLfiV’l CELBwi 4 j e 1-ATENX DUPLEX EtLljt*Tlr (or Boniut spmsffij;;: S K I R T. THE Wonderfnl Flexibility > a particularly in all crowded ras, carriages, railroad carV op. chairs, for promenade and housed?***' ** Skirt can be folded when in use to*’ ** small place as easily and or muiiin dress, an invaluable ‘ U **‘U line, not found in any Single A lady having enjoyed the sSSS** fort, and great convenience of weaSuKl '**■ ptex Ehptic Steel Snrmg SJyrtf o ?^*^ e t>y w ill never,aflafwards willingly duSlr* 4 # their use. For Children, MesTn Ladles’they are superior to all others They will not bend or broak like *L . Spring, but will preserve their graceful shape when i three or ‘A. N Skirts will have been thrown aside The Hoops are'covered thread, and the bottom rods arc not Ash a springs, but twice (or double) cofa'tW ” ting them from wearing out whtri^r r ” (u down stoops, stairs, The Duplex Elliptic, is a groat fafiiit, all ladies ami is universally rcconunbLj's'A the Fashion Magazine as the StandaMTt? h the Fashidhable World. if To enjoy the following inestimably in Crinoline, vh. : superior manufacture, stylish shape and finish'frC 1 ty, durability, comfort'and economy >7™' foi* J. W. HuAnt.ET’s Dopi.kxGy/ihrM 1 ] Ar’D***? Spring -Skirt, and bo sure you get the e ! • article. ’ >■'- '(lit" ’• * *** CAUTION".—To guard again*dlhn*4 ML particular to notice that skirts-offered .j) i-i.kx” Imre the red ink stamp, viz. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Steer.Sprjjh’ol"' W ' the waistband—none others are genii*’ n Notice that every Hoop wHf admit a pm Li* passed through the centre, thus reveal;,,,? two (or double) springs braided togethertbiT in, which is the secret of their llexibili, T 7j strength,, and a combination not to be fmnj** anv other Skirt. FOU SALE in all Stores where first skirts are sold thinjighout the United Stated elsewhere. „ Manufactured by the Sole Owners of il Patent, * ue WESTS, BRADLEY & CARY 97 Chambers 4 gl Readc Sts. \ V octlß-3m ,j j /’“ ' H. B. CRAMMER. J.lPSajig PHOTOGRAPHS^ AMUnOTTPES)- -r - i-’l melaixoTOeS;*. 1,1 PICTURES IN' rxniA IW, WATER COLOlis, AM OIL CONORS,iL HB. GRAMMKU, having with him in his business Mr. i, W, Pkukixs, lute of Baltimore, who has had some eigliteen years experience in A olo graph y, anti .Inn ing removed to ‘his ’WEff ROOMS, nearly opposite OiW''PAloss' Hall, which have been fitted up afyoLMer aide expense expressly for tbo would respectfully announce to his iWnds of M estminster, and of Carroll erally, that they now have the fudlitkii for taking as good pictures, (in every" style of I the art,) as can be procured elsewhere. June 21-tf JOHN rTbUSBY Respectfully informs the public tMiw has just opened a NEW STOKE, iii Wet minster, .Md.. near the Railroad, and the Catholic Church, where lie has on hanl, large and splendid assortment of i Mew Goods, Consisting in part as foMowst''h Ladies’ Shoes, of every description, ..Polifk and Balmoral Boots, of the vary latest Ml style, Mens’ Boots and Shops of all kinds, all Also a full assortment of R Shoos. HATS and CAPS of the latesttkshka Also a large assortment of TRUCKS. <which he is selling at wonderfully refuted prices. * WALL PAPER. I. A A splendid assortment of Stamp'd, (!tW' Bronzed. Glazed and Unglazed Wall Oak and AValnut Panneling for Halls and Di ing Rooms. Also Fire-Board Prints, (tilt Linen Window Shades, all of which are ef tk ( latest styles, at the lowest citv prices. Hanging donebyWILLIAMCOOx who has had sixteen years experience in tic business, in Baltimore and other ckiea ,b Work done in any part of the country. ( guaranteed or no pay. . jnarlWf m A. H. HUBEf (Successor to Huber & No. ’2 Carroll Hall, WestiinsF r i DEAUKU IX j DR UGS, CUE MIC. I LS, PATENT MEDICINES, > FANCY ARTICLES. •. * PERFUMERY PHYSICIANS’ PRESCRIPTIONS n* 1 !! and accurately compounded., jj Depot for the manufacture of HEBING r S Compound Syrup of berry Root. . ,i: no3o-tf i l ' 111 YSPEIPS‘ DR- RTRIfS' LAND’S concentrated pre^ \ R°^*? Herbs, with antiacids and carminative? strenghten the stomach and nervoui it is a certain remedy for Dyspepsia digestion, Nervousness, Loss of Acidity of the Stomach, Flatulency andy? bilitv. It is not alcoholic, therefore p*y ularly suited for Weak, Nervous RD “ peptic persons. For sale by all everywhere at $1 per bottle. janlo-Jy Stricfc^ 8 Non MELLIFLUOUi I j MO RE. i klougH 11 Bal^T is warranted to be the only known to cure Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Whooping cough, chronw consumption, bronchitis, and croup- prepared from honey and herbs, it irig, softening, and ticularly suitable for all affections Throat ahd Lungs. . For. sale -by everywhere.- . '-iI ; 1 I FOR |me 1 "T 8 , the worst cases of Bund and It give immediate relief, and neut care. Try it directly. It Mi to curet >i,< ,A A . n iwi p* For sale by all Druggists at japttJf Attention Butchers and wv^tsssssff septiß