Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, December 27, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated December 27, 1866 Page 3
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Special Notices. ttiXin AND StBENGTH TO THE SICK. “ .-motion’ ‘Can be cured.’ Sggs **** ;C.n be oird.| l"sa ; COMPOraD safes# STREP OP ;Can be cured.’ <ronittmutlon’ ‘ Can be cored.’ -roßJompUoß’ Wiid Chkbry ‘Cm be cured.’ *ftißsompdon’ ’Can be cured. THE care J-’ 'Consoraptioa • cure^‘, ‘('oDfoiopttoD'V. REMEDY. ‘Cau be cured.’ Thirty rears’ experience, and the great a .wf testimony from ail parts of tile world bu iWJwn it a standard and reliable remedy lor C<45U Asthma, Bronchitis, Nervous Debit itv, Bided Spitting, Liver Complaint, Pains in ih.Side and Breast all diseases of the Air Pas “ and Lungs. 'Prepared only by DR. SWAY-NE A Son., .forth Sixth Street, Philadelphia. Sold hr Wit REESE, oy,i4j • Westminster. "Itch I Itch!! Scratch ! Scratch 1! gWAYNE’S OINTMENT cures Itch in from IS to 24 hoars. ‘ITCH’ Ur, SrayHe’ Ointment, ‘TETTER’ “ITCH’ Ur. .Visotfjie’j Ointment. ‘TETTER’ •ITCH’ ‘TETTER’ •ITCH’ 'TETTER’ -ITCIP NEYER KM OWN ‘TETTER’ •ITCIP ' ‘TETTER’- •ITCH’ TO FAIL ‘TETTER’ ’ITCH’ ‘TETTER’ ‘ITCH’ IN CURING THIS ‘TETTER’ •ITCH’ ‘TETTER’ •ITCH’ TORMENTING ‘TETTER’ •UCH’ • ‘TETTER’ MTCir COMPLAINT. ‘TETTER’ Cures Itching Piles, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Rash, all Skin Diseases. Prepared only br DR. SWAVNB A SON, f’liilatielphia. Sold by WM. REESE, ■ortll-lr Westminster. JAR. S WAYNE’S BOWEL CORDIAL, A sure remedy for Asiatic Cholera Cholera Morbus Dys entery, Diarrhoea, Cholera Infantum, or Summer Com plaint, pain in the Stomach and . Bowels, Sick Stomach. Vomiting, and all relaxed conditions of the Bowels. Let ao family be without this med icine, it wiK give im mediate relief. S„W by \VM, REESE, oetll-iy ' Westminster. to co.\s ni pit r sis. The advertiser, havrug locn restored to health in a few weeks by a very simple feme dr, after having suffered for several years .with a severe lung affection, and that dread disease, Consumption—is anxious to Trtak'C to his foliow-salfcrcfS the means sjf • fwtSIT ' ftTBI ttlib desireTt, he WtU r~nd a copy •eftht used (free cf charge), with the Aiffrtiens for preparing and using th* same, which they will find a sure Cure far Consumption. Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds', and all Throat and Lung Affections. The only object of the adver tiser in sending the Prescription is to benefit the afflicted. And spread information which he Qoneeivcs to he invaluable, and he hopes every suffnrer will try his remedy, as it will cost them nothing, and may prove a blessing. Parties wishing tin; prescription, rar.E, by return 1 mail, will please address Rev. EDWARD A. WILSON. Williamsburg, Kings Co., New York. ' ■ dt‘c2B-1 y L IIUT TUUK! i MADAME REMINGTON, the world re nowned Axtrologiit and Somnambulistic Clair nrnyaat, while in a clairvoyant state, delienates lh rerv feitilrcs of the person you are to mar vr, and by the aid of an Instrument of intense ■jioiver, known as the I’svchomotropC, guaran tiee* to produce a perfect and life-like picture of rlie future husband or wife of the applicant, with date of marriage, occupation, leading traits of character, Ac. This is no imposition, ss tMlimoainU without number can assert.— Ur staling place of birth, age, disposition, color . •of eyes and hair, and enclosing fifty cents, and #tped envelope addressed to yourself, yon will receive th“ picture by return mail, togeth er with d'vir-d I ..formation. A44rss. ia eOnOb. uce. Mvuvhk Gruntm;; tj O. It ox 207, West Troy, N. Y. 13,—Cm. Q I r.AA PISH. TEkff! We want *D i•) \ ft/ agents every whet* to sell our ntr,soiei $23 Sewing Machines. Three tiew kinds. Under and upper feed. >', ‘<r- i ranted fire rears. Above salary or large 1 commissions paid. The oni.y machines sold f tn United Stales for less ?W. which arc | t ally HeeuseA I, >f Home, Wheeler it Wilson, ; L'rwe&Js Maker, Finger d? Co., n/ul Much - i eiAer. AH other cheap machines are in- ! fringe meats and the seller or veer arc liable to orrest.Jine, ami imprisonmejd. Cfocular.s /re. Address, or call upon SHAW A CLARK, Uiddeford, Maine, or Chicago- JIL Whiter Employment. S2OO per Mo til It and Expenses paid ! Male or Female Agents, to introduce a Ncac and Useful Invention, of absolute utility in erery household. Agent preferring to work on.Coiamission can earn from S2O to SSO per ixy. For full particulars, enclose stamp, i nnd address IV. G. WILSON A CO., . nor 8, —3m Cleveland Ohio. ’ ERRORS OF YOUTH. _ A Gentleman who suffered for years from Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all the effects rtf youthful indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffering humanity, send free to H who need it, the recipe and directions for making the simple remedy by which he was cured. Sufferers wishing to profit hy the sxj>qri<yvyc. can do so by ad dr('¥/T>fV. JOHN B. OGDEN, Chambers St., New York. gg Estate of Joseph Weaver, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll county letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of Joseph Weaver, late of Carroll County, deceased- All persons having claims against said Estate arc herphy warned to exhibit the same with in, *'x months from this date, otherwise they •nay Re excluded from all benefit of said Estate, . Those indebted are requested to weaver, deeS-4tg Acting Executor. TlTEfliave quite a Targe stock of little VV NOTIONS," very suitable for Christ mas Present*, which we would invite you to cAU mlsce. . We will sell them off low. — * hey are tort numerous to mention ; but all nmstßg sold without regard to coat, to close Bt °ck. Mrs. E. J. Shriner. lUeia A LARGE Stock of fash ; onab!e Bonnets XTfeUnhand of every description, and more Arebcfng* constantly manufactured, which must and w9| sold'at very reduced prices. deCjl? j "Mrs. E. J. Shriner. Ladies furs, 0/ UaitiPRBNS FURS, Muffs, Capes, and Rolls, direct from the manufacturer. Great in ducgmetUp 19 stocked pnees. at , > dec 13 John L. lleifanider’s. ‘4su£-i< :—_ MENS WARE, at prices before the war. Ulothsi Cass j meres, Cassinetts, I Linseys and Jeans. Now 1 is the time to buy of _decl3 JOHN L. REIFBNIDER. grv A UfOWTH f-AGBNTS wanted for six entirely new articles, fust Pdrcsa 0. T. GARBY. City Building, ford, Maine. lanll-Ty ' For Meu. cheap -JC%'3decft' yJ.% John L. Rcifsnider’s. BUILDING LOTS AT PUBUC SALE IN WESTMINSTER, MD. THE Subscriber having laid off in 20 Buildiu? Lots, all that parcel of | ground m Westminster) Md., running from the Plank or Taneytowft Road Bastwardly, in ftont of and adjoining the ground on which the Western Maryland College has been erected, will offer the same at Public Sale, on the premises, on The Isf day of Janitdry , 186.7, commencing at 10 o’clock) A. M. A plat of said ground will be exhibited, showing that it has been laid off as follows ; A Street 30 feet wide along the upper part from the Taneytown Road adjoining the College ground, and an Alley of about 20 feet along the lower part, parallel with said Street, and with Union Street, and adjoin ; ing the upper part of the lots < running up from Uniou Street. The lots for sale run 1 from said 30 feet Street down to said Alley, and are 40. feet wide by 240 feet long, with an Alley of 16 feet wide between every block of five lots. They will be sold in separate lots, or in blocks of 5 lots each, to suit purchasers.— • These lots offer eligible building sites along said Street, commanding a magnificent view, and the ground is of good quality and has a line Southern exposure. The block next to the Taneytown road will also have the ad vantage of fronting on the Main Street of Westminster. The attention of persons wanting cheap Building Lots, or desiring to make aspect! lation. is invited to tins sale. TERMS. —One-third in hand, and the balance in one and two years, on note with approved security, bearing interest. * ALSO, At the same time will be offered for sale, or lease the Valuable LIMESTONE QUARRY of the Subscriber, on the Western Maryland Railroad, within a few hundred yards West of the Westminster Depot, with enough ground attached to work it conveniently. same as for the above Lots. ALSO, The Subscriber gives notice that he has for sale, on reasonable terms 2000 or 3000 new Chestnut Mails, and several hundred Chest nut Fence Fusts, which will be sold on the ground, near Mexico, or Win ter’* Switch on the Railroad, if desired. FRANCIS BUTLER. $ dec 20,-ts , ■ WfW Holiday Presents, Just Opened for (he H O L IDA Y S. FINK Gold Watches amlChuuis for ladies, i New styles Breast Pins, New styles Ear Rings, / New styles Sleeve Buttons, New styles Finger Rings, Heavy Plain Gold Rings, Gold Pens and Cases, SILVER PLATED WARE, Fine Silver: Plated Castors, Fine Silver Plated Butter Dishes. Fine Silver Plated Sugar Dishes, Fine Silver Plated Syrup Pitchers, Albata Ware, Fine Table Outlery, Spectacles I Ac., all of which have been selected express ly for the Holidays, and will be sold nt low prices. ‘ WM. MOORE, dec2o Few doors East of Railroad. Christinas Coming. A S the Holidays arc at hand, I would i. JL call the attention of all to my largo assortment of Confectionary, C’amlics, Toys lor Children, &c., &c. I have also a good variety of Figs, Cur rants, Almonds, Raisins, Citron, Nuts and Fruits. | Parties supplied at shortest notice with j Cakes of every kind, at the old Stand, where j I will be happy to serve all who please to , call. JAMES BIGGS, j dec2o3t I HAVE for sale 200 head of large Cab bages pftlie best kind, at my Bakery j • A Confectionary Store Westminster. dee2o-3t JAMES BIGGS. XO. 8-16, EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for (jX'roll county. Francis T, Birely ] VVRDERED this I7tb and others, * | day of December, f*- c 1806, that the audit filed Mary C. Birely liu the above cause he and others. J finally ratified and con firmed unless cause to the contrary 1 be shown on or before the sth day of January 1867, Provided a copy of this order lie inserted iu | some newspaper printed in Carroll county, for two succeesivc weeks previous to the last named day. WM. A. McKELLIP, Cl’k. True copy—Test: dec2o-2t Wii. A. McKellic, Cl"k. BOOTS i SHOES JU SI received and for sale a fresh and large lot of Philadelphia m best Custom Made ffi ROOTS AND SHOES, consisting in part of Ladies’ Polish Kid. Morocco, Lasting, Oil Goat. Ac., Ac., all of which will be sold at greatlv reduced prices, by - T. S. ECKERT. Remember the place, two doors West of Mrs. Shritier's Millenery Store, Westmin ter, Md. dec 20 For Rent. 4 FINE FARM, CONTAINING 400 AjL ACRES of best farming land on the Western Run, Worthington Valley, near St. John’s Church, Baltimore county Md., six teen miles from Baltimore. Apply to MRS. MARY G. WORTHINGTON, Near Reiaterstown, Balt, county, Md. dec2o-3t DIRECTORS. | Uniox Nat. Bank ok Westminster, \ December 8, 1866. / \ N Election for TEN DIRECTORS for XJI this Bank will be held on TcerpaY) the Bth dat of Jancahy, next, between the ; hours of 11 o’clock A. M. and 12 o’clockM. ' of said day. at this Bank. ‘ J. J. BAUMGARTNER. te Cashier. NOTTCR Farmers’ A Mechanics’ Nat. Bank, \ Westminster. December 17, 1866. i A N Election for eight Directors wilt be J\_ held at this Bank, on SATURDAY, * the 19th JANUARY next, between the . hours of ten and three o’clock, on said day. JACOB REESE, dec2o-tc Cashier. O LEIGH BELLS—Strapped and Loose, for O “le at John L. Reifanider’s. ' O LEIGH BLANKETS—for sale at .■"('>•-• 1 O doc2o John L. Beifsnider’s. t ; : Attention Butchers and Farmers! HIGHEST cash price paid for Hides, .by Reifsnider ACo., sept l* , near Depot Xo. 91?. u■m C!r m u omn for Carroll county, as a Court of Equity. •■' 4 ri ■ Despshbbb, 11th 1866; Henry Gernand, TfTIHE object of this Nicholas* Leipok. J dfcree certain land and mortgaged premises, situa ted in Carroll county, and wLich were on the fi? 1 a a J A i D ' 1864 >. mortgaged by the defendant to the complainant, to secure the payment of the residue of the purchase money theVefur to the Complainant of whoiil the defendant purchased the said lands and premises. The bill states that in-the year, eighteen hundred and sixty four the complainant sold certain lands and premises, situated iu Car roll county,' and which is particularly dc.v cnbed in the bill and its accompanying ex hibits, to the defendant, and that the defeii dant paid a part of the purchase money, and on the sth day of May, A. I>. 18G4‘ cou vejed the said laud and premises unto the complainant byway of mortgage, to secure the payment ot the residue ot the said pur chase money, in four several instalments, to wit, ssoo, on the Ist day of April, A. D. 1865 y. S3OO, on the Ist day of April, A. I). 1866; S3OO, on the Ist day of April, A, D. 18G7; and S4OO, on the Ist day of April, A. D. 1868, with interest on the said several payments at the rate of three per cent.— That the defendant entered into the posses sion and occupation of the said lauds and premises, and has paid the said sum of S3OO and the interest thereon due on the Ist day ot April, A. D. 1865, and the further snm of fifty dollars, on the S3OO, duo April Ist A. I). 1866, but that all the residue of said money with the interest thereon remains un paid, and that the defendant has abandoned the said lands and promises and removed to the State of Pennsylvania, or elsewhere be yond the jurisdiction of this Court, and that he is now a non resident of this State. it is thereupon adjudged and ordered that the complainant by causing a copy of this order to lie inserted in some newspaper, printed and published iu Carroll county, once n week for four successive weeks before the 12th day of January next, give notice to said absent defendant of the substance and object of this bill of complaint; and warn him to appear in this Court in person or by solicitor, on or before the 15th day of April, next, to answer the premises and show cause, if any he has. why a decree ought pot to pass as prayed. JNO. E. SMITH, Circuit Judge. True copv —Test; ’ WM. A. McKELLIP, decl3-4t Clerk Circuit Court. A. IT. ILI P.KR No. 2 Carroll Hall, Westminster, Md., HAS just received a fine variety of Hand kerchief Extracts. among which are Fran gi pan ni, Patchouly, Jockey Club, Geranium, Jasmine, Musk, Vio|et and Honey Suckle.. His stock of Soaps consists of Colgate's, . Honey and Brown Windsor, Bazin’s Poucine and Worsley’s Honey, etc., also Military A Yankee Shaving Soaps, Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, Nail Brushes, Mecn Fun, Magnolia Tablet, Pbudre aia ; Violette. Entail De Paris and. Magnolia Balm. FLA rOI’TXC EXTRA CTS. Burnett's Vanilla, Lemon, Strawberry, Burnett’s Almond, Cinnamon and Orange. He also keeps constantly on hand a large assortment of the most popular PATENT MEDICINE’S of the day. The public arc respectfully invited to call and examine for themselves. decl3-3t o Mo tic e to Tax Payer s Compliance with Section 23 of Assessment Act, the County Commissioners for Carroll county, will meet nt their office for the purpose of hearing and determining the complaints and Appeals of persons who may consider them selves aggrieved by the valuation of the Asses sors, as lollows, for the respective Districts, to wit: Taneytown district, Dec. 3d and 4th. Uniontown sth, Gth and 7th. Myers’ “ Bth and lOfh. I Manchester “ 11th 12th and 13th. j Westminster “ 14th 15lh and 17th. I Franklin “ 18th and 19th. i Middlehurg “ 20th and 21st. ! New Windsor “ 22d and 24th. Finksburg “ 2Cth and 27th. Freedom “ 28th and 29th Hampstead “ 31st and 2nd Jan. C7. All Persons will please observe the above times in making application. By order, LEVI VALENTINE, no.v 29, 18C6. Clerk. XO. 89S ~EQUJTY. fti i. r >e Circuit Court for Carroll county. Fra ucis Cookson, j Audeued Brother Is "’ext Friend to | V/ this sev- Joseph CooksoH and others, } enth day of ts. \ Dec Cmber Joseph Cobkson and others. J 1866, that the sale made and reparteu * n Lids cause, by John Smith, Trustee, for the sa j c the Real Estate, decreed to be sold, be ,;ually ratified and confirmed unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the Bth day ot Janua ry, 1867, Provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed in Car * roll county, once a week for three successive weeks previous to the Bth day of January, 1867- The Report states the amount of sales to be twelve thousand, two hundred and eighty dollars and eighty-five cents {12.280 85.) WM. A. McKELLIP, cl'k. True copy —Test: dccl3-3t Wm, A. McKklup, elk. GREAT CHANGE IN PRICES! call and examine my stock of DRESS GOODS, much lower, than a few weeks ago, from 3 to 15 cents a yard less, Delaines, English and French [ MerinoeSj Poplins Ac. Call and get some of the great bargains at JOHN L. REIFSNIDER’S. decl3 HEAD.QUARTERS FOB HARDWARE. BUILDER and Cabinet* Tools. Carpen ters and Coopers Tools, Nails, Cross Cat and Mill Saw?, Forks, Shovels, Traces, Halter, Cow and Db" Chains. In fact eve rything kept in a well regulated Hardware Store. My long experience gives me advan tages in this line. JOHN L. REIFSNIDER. decl3 • West End, near the Forki Dr. F. Butler and L. Evans, OFFER to their friends and the public in general, one of the best Liniments 1 that has lately been presented for the cure of Hcemrrohoids or Piles. We offer this reme dy with the hope that those persons who are afflicted with this disease may give it a trial, and feel satisfied they will receive full remu neration for their money expended. For Sale by A. H. Huber, No. 2, Carroll Hall, Westminster, and at the Subscribers Residence, at the West End. - r dec 18,-tf Meat Cutlers and Staffers. -- - HALE’S Patent Meat Cutter find Filler, best In use. For sale low, at ; ebtlA . John L. Reifsnider’?; Trustees Sale. fIIHE subscribers, Trustees under deed of 1 I trustJforthe benefit'of the creditors of ■ Adam S. Barues, will sell at Public Sale on Monday 31s* day of December, 1806, r a the Court Hdnsc Westminster. Md., the following Real and Personal property. A t Small Farm containing 45 ACRES OF LAND, marts or less, with a TWO-STORY LOG DWELLING HOUSE, thereon. This property is well KSBiißlflv watered, under good fencing, and has about one half in first-rate WOODLAND, mid a good portion in Meadow ; is located on the Nicodemus road, three fourths of a mile East of the Washington road, o miles South of Westminster, adjoining lauds of Samuel Eichelberger, Win, Frizzle; and others. A LSO OXE COW. JO. Persons wishing to see said property will call on Adam 8. Barnes residing thereon. Terms op Ural Estate ; One-third cash; balance in 1 and 2 years with approved se curity, with interest from day of sale. Sale to commence at 1 o’clock P. M. JOHN C. FUIZELL, B. MANNING, Trustees. David OBExnoßrr, Auctioneer. octll-ts PRIVATE SALE~

I OFFER at private sale, n FARM of 115 ACRES OF LAND, more or less, situated in Carroll county, ad joining d. W. Lucabaugh’s Mill property and the lands of Jacob Bankerd aud Andrew Reese, and “within half a mile of Cranberry Station, Western Md. Railroad. A large proportion of it is first-rate TIMBER LAND, and is well watered and under good fencing. It is improved with • Dwelling House . and Back Building, Stabling Ac. It will be sold in parcels to suit purchasers, if desired; the parcel including the buildings to have 5U or GO acres. B®JFerriis moderate. RICHARD MANNING, declo-tf Westminster Md. Owners of Water Power Should use the celebrated LEFFEL TURBINE WATER WHEEL, Manufactured by POOLE & HUNT, Baltimore, Md. Send for a circular. dcc6-Gm. ANI. ARTISTS’ WHOM. AGEXTS RELIABLE and energetic persons, male or female, are wanted to solicit sub scriptions for our Engravings, and to such we offer tery liberal cash inducements ; also splendid premiums to subscribers. Circu lars suitable to be used in canvassing, to gether with all necessary papers, will be furnished on application. Address, with reference. AMERICAN ARTISTS’ UNION, decG-2m 25 Pine Street, New York. SPEC! ALCOURT, In the Circuit Court for Carroll Co. : IN pursuance of an order received from Hon. Peter W. Crake, Special Judge, notice is hereby given that the Special Ses sion of the Circuit Court for Carroll county, will be held on the Jrd TUESDAY, 15th day of JANUARY next. Witnesses here tofore summoned.and discharged will take nctioe thereof mid attend accordingly. By order, WM. A. McKELLIP, Clk. dec 6,-td Estate of Belinda C. I Mcst, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the Sub scriber lias obtained from the Orphans’ Court of Carroll couuty, letters of Admistra tion on the Personal Estate of Belinda C. Wiest, late of Carroll county, deceased. All persons bavin" claim s against said Estate, are hereby warned to exhibit the same withiu , six months from this date, otherwise they may be excluded from all benefit of said f Estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. WILLIAM J. FEESER, dcc!3-4t* Administrator. Estate of Joseph Rinehart, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the Sub scriber has obtained from the Or i phans’ court of carroll county letters of Ad ministration on the Personal Estate of Joseph Rinehart, late of carroll county dec’d. Ah persons having claims against said Es ’ tate ntT hereby warned to exhibit the same within sL.' months from this date, otherwise they may bo excluded from all benefit of said Estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate payment. • HENRY RINEHART, dec 10-Jt Administrator. Dr. Bryan’s Medicines T Have on hand for sale the following val. JL able Medicines which arc described in Dr. J. Bryan’s advertisement in the “ Advocate,” Dr. Bell’s Specific Pills, Dr. Harvey’s Female Pills. Dr. Bryan’s Life Pills. Dr. B’s. other medicines can also be pro cured through the undersigned when requir ed. A. 11. HUBER, Druggist, Westminster, Md. nav 2h,-tf. SIOO SIOO SIOO SOLDIERS EXTRA BOUNTIES >. COLLECTED BY A. D. SCHAEFFER, Westminster; lid. SIOO SIOO SIOO daunt jr Commissi oners 1 Notice. T fIHE County Commissioners for Carroll | County will meet at their Office, m Westminster, on the First Monday or i January, 1866, for the transaction of . business. '.'*+■ By order, h J c LEVI VALENTINE, dec6-4t Clerk. ! Raisins, Currants, Bpioes, all kinds, at nov. 29. E, AT. Gsrnand’t, DRY GOODS ! I DRY GOODS!! * Cloths, Casino ores, -f, Cksinets, Linseys, ’■ ■ x Tweeds, Jteans, *e.,4c. 1 A large supply and very low la price. (Ml before you purchase, at .r-T POV.2JH E. Z. (FERNANDAS. “18 years established in N. Y. City.” “Only infallible remedies kooVm.” “Free from Poisons.” “Not dangerous to the Human Family.” “Rats come out of their holes to die.” “Costar's” Rut, Roach, Ac., Exterm’s Is a paste —used for Rais, Mice, Roaches, Black and Red Ants, Ac. , tc. - * ’ “ Jofltar’a” Bed-Bug Exterminator Is a liquid or wash —used to destroy, and also as a preventive for Bed-Bugs, Ac. . ‘•CosturV’ Electric Powder for Insects Is for Moths, Mosquitoes, i'leas , Bed Bugs, Insects on Blunts, hotels, Animals, Ac. B®-!!! Bkwark!!! of all worthless imitations. See that “Costar’s” name is on each Box, Bottle, and Mask, before you buy. Address UE\R\ R. COSTAR, Broadway, N. Y. Sold In Westminster, Mu., - KaT By A. 11. HUBER. And Druggist and Retailers every where. “COSTAR’S” CELEBRATED Buckthorn Salve, For Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Wounds, Boils, Cancers, Broken Breasts, Sore Nipples, Bleeding, Blind and Painful Piles ; Scrofu lous, Putrid and 111-conditioned Sores; Ul cers, Glandular Swellings, Eruptions, -Cuta neous Affections, Ringworm, Itch, Corns, Bunions, Chilblains, Ao. ; Chapped Hands, Lips, Ac.; Bites of Spiders, Insects, Ani mals, Ac., Ac. B® Boxes, 25 cts., 50 cts., and $1 sizes. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. And by HENRY R. COST Alt, De pot 484 Broadway, Now York. And by A. 11. HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. “CO STAR’S” UNIVERSAL Corn Solvent, For Corns, Bunions, Warts, Ac. Boxes, 25 cts., 50 cts., and $1 sizes. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. tejJT And by HENRY R. COSTAR, De pot 481 Broadway, New York. And by A. H. HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. “OOSTAR’ S” PREPARATION OF Bitter-Sweet and Orange Blossoms FOE BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. Used to Soften and Beautify the Skin, remove Freckles, Pimples, Eruptions, Ac. Ijadies are now using it in preference to all others. Bottles, - sl. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. B®. And by HENRY R. COSTAR, De pot 484 Broadway, New York. And by A. H. HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. “CO STAR’S” PECTORAL COUGH REMEDY , ForCou"hs, Colds, Hoarseness. Sore Throat, Croup. Whooping Cough, Influenza, Asth ma, Consumption; Bronchial Affections, and all Diseases of the Throat and Lnngs. Bottles, 25 cts., 50 cts., andsl sizes. SfsT Sold by all Druggists everywhere. B®, And bv HENRY R. COSTAR, De pot 484 Broadway, New York. B®* And by A. H- HUBER, Westmin ster, 314. “CO STARTS" CELEBRATED J BISHOP PILLS, A UNIVERSAL DIKKiR PILL. | Far Nervous and Sick Headache. Costive ness, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Constipation, Diarrhea, Colics, Chills. Fe vers, and general derangement of the Diges tive Organs. ~ Boxes, 26 cts., 50 cts., and $1 vi >■ Sold by all Druggists everywhere. '' - ' And by HENRY R. COSTAR, Depot 484 Broadway, New York. •‘And by A. H. HUBER, Westminster, Md, dee 8,-3m PATENT MICA ROOFING. THE New Tork Mica Rootixb Compart, (Es tablished 1854,) Are manufacturing under Let ter* Patent the best article of composition roof ing ever offered to the public; It is adapted to every style of Uoof, steep or flat, and can be readily- applied by any one. The U. S. Government, after a thorough test of its utility, have adapted its use in the Navy Yards, and upon Public Buildings. The Roofing is put up in rolls, and has, only to be nailed to the Roof to make a Durable FIRE AND WATER-PROOF COVERINO. We particularly recommend its use upon Buildings, Stores, Churches, Factories, Ma chine-Shops, Steamboat Decks, Ac. MICA Roomc P.4IIST, For coating Tin, Iron, or Shingle Roofs. It forms a body equal to THttKE COATS OF ORDIXAUT PaIXT. No Roof can rust under it, and Old Leaky Roofs may bo made permanently water-proof and du rable bv its use. The Paint requires no mixing, but is ready to be applied with the ordinary paint brush.— Price, SI,OO per gallon, which will cover two hundred square feet. Also manufacturers of Black I.ustrc Tarnish, TARRED FELT AND ROOFING PITCH. Discount to the Trade. Circulars and Price List furnished. Rights for counties sold at low rates. Address THE MICA ROOFING CO.. 194 Broadway, N. Y. _ fr a S£ Humphreys, Cl Koval St, N. O. Sco "eld, V\ ilhama A Co., Augusta, Ga. Baldwin 11. Woods, Montgomery, Ala., Thomas S. Coates, Raleigh, N, C., F. A. Tucker, Richmond, Va., Henry Wilson, Petersburg, Va., Agents. Agents Wanted. nov29-ly Manhood': How Lost, how Restored. JUST published, a new edition of Dk. Cclvbr wei.l’s Celebratkd Essay on the radical care (with ou* nie< He> n e) of Sferma roitunocA, or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary- Seminal Losses, I a po tency, Mental and Physical Incapacity, Imped iments to Marriage, etc.; also, Conscupiiox, Elipepst, and Fits, induced by self-indulgence or sexual extravagance. ’ i&sF'V rice, in a scaled envelope, only 6 cents. The celebrated author, in tiiis admirable es say, clearly demonstrates, from a thirty years’ successful practice, that the alarming conse quences of self-abuse may- be radically cured without the dangerous use of internal medicine or the application of the knife—pointing out a mode of cure at once simple, certain, and effec tual, by means of which every sufferer, no mat ter what his condition may- fee, may cure him self cheaply, privately, and radically. vfSSfThis Lecture should be in the hands of every youth and every man in the land. Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any address, postpaid, on receipt of six cents, or two post stamps. Also Dr. Culver well’s “Mar riage Guide/’ price 25 cents. Address the pnb li hers, CUAS. J. C. KLINE A CO. 127 B nvarv. New York. Post Office box 4,586. octl&lv _—— __ AGEN. T S WAN TE D For tlao Most Popular and selling Fubscripfion Books published I M c are the most extensive publishers in the United States, (having six houses,) and therefore can afford to sell books cheaper and pay agents a more liberal commission than any other company. A)ur books do not pass through the hands of General -Agents, fas nearly all other sub scription works do,) therefore we are ena bled to give our canvassers Hie extra per cent, which is usually allowed to General Agents. Experienced canvassers will see the advantages of dealing directly with the publishers. Our series embraces the most popular works on all subjects of importance, and is selling rapidly both North and South. Old a .cuts, and all others, who want the host paying agencies, will please send for circulars and sec our terms, and compare thjjm and the character of our works with those of ot her publishers. Address. v : -NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO. Philadelphia, Pa., Boston, Mass.; Cincin nati, Ohio; Chicago, Ills.; St. Louis, Mo., or Richmond, Va. dcc6-4t Valuable Town Property at PRIVATE SALE. THE Undersigned will sell at Private Sate, the property on which he now resides, situated on Main street, about 100 yards West of the Railroad Depot, fronting (50 feet on Main street and running back 193 feet to an alley, improved with a large and convenient ' Jywia DWELLING AND STORE ROOM. Store room is about 15 feet wide and If I, Hta 52 feet deep, and is one of the finest * E Hfij store rooms in Westminster. The dwelling part contains 8 rooms, Basement and Cellar, Basement floored and plastered, large STABLE and Carriage House, Hog House, Chicken House. Bake Oven, a Well of excellent soft water in the yard. The buildings arc all new, haring all been-built within the last four year*. The garden cannot be surpassed. Fruit trees of nearly all kinds. Apples, Peaches, Pears. Cher ries, Plumbs, Gages and Grapes, with nice grape Arbors. The Store room is well known as Mrs. ShrD ncr’s Fancy Store, and the STOCK of GOODS is also offered at Private Sale. Terms easy—call on W. E. SHRINER, nor29-tf on the premises; LOOK HERE! LOOK HERE!! THE undersigned, having Completed their NEW FOUNDRY & MACHINE SHOPS, near the R. K. Station, in Westminster, would respectfully inform the public thdt they arc how prepared to furnish, Stoves, Blacksmith Ttte Irons, Tire Benders, Hollow Anvils, Ac.; Bakcoven doors and Hearth Plates, Cellar Win dow Grates, Porch Post Irons, and Casting in general, Corn find Cob Crushers, Corn Shelters, Circle Saws with benches complete for sawing fire Wood, Ac; Horse Powers and Threshing Machines, Cutting Boxes and Ploughs of different kinds; but would call particular attention to their Justly celebrated Three Horse Plough common ly called the “Price Plough.” Also their well known and unsurpassed GRAIN DRILL for sowing all manner of Grain, including Oats. j£3J~Repairs of ail kinds attended to prompt ly and at liberal rates. * Having first class Mccbanicks employed, will guarantee satisfaction. WAGONER A MATTHEWS, nov. 29, —6m. PRIVATE SAIiZjI A Bargain Offered. 4 HOUSE AND LOT, fronting on Main Street, and Union Street, at the West of Westminster. The most eligible situation for a Blacksmith Shop in the coun ty. A good Two Story LOG BUILDING upon the premises, with a back building at tached, a first-rate Well of water and a new Pump in said Well at a cost of S6O, Terms will be made to suit the purchaser, as the money is not desired. ALSO A HOUSE and One ACHE of Land lying upon the Gorsnch Road, 1 mile from Westminster, suitable for two tenants—one at this time renting for $26, the other for $36 per annum. Terms to suit the purchaser. JOSHUA SMITH. dec6-tf • GREAT BARGAINS’ \ T MRS. SHRINER’S, who is selling xjL off her fine stock of goods, at greatly reduced prices to dose stock. Gome one, come all, and you will be sure to get suited. ’ ~ dfecl3 SALE BILLS ranted at the shortest notice at Uds Oficwr Valuable Farm at Sale. THE subscriber, finding it inconvenient to manage his two forms, offers at Pri vate Sale his X ARM, adjoining the one on which he resides, in Taneytown District Carroll county, Md., aßout 8 n>Ueaß. Vf.lf Taneytown on the road leading from AM Town to Frederick by Double Pipe Gfatk, containing about 196 ACRES OF LAND -1 Ins Iniia is of good qlialfty, and producer - well—equal to any in tlie neighborhood—* and has been well limed over, most of t* twice within a few years- There aro about 40 ACHES OF tVOODLAND, of goe* thriving timber, mostly Oak ftbd Walteft.A- • Also a sufficient quantity of Meudow. The Improvements consist of a good sab-, stantial Stone Dwelling HOUSE, •j 2 by 33 feet, with large fine rooms, and lw> excellent Cellars; a good BANK BA LA 68 by 41 feet; Smoke House, Stone Dairy over a never failing Spring of good water ;• Carriage House ; Wagon Shed ; Corn Cr:b, (1 ninety 4c. Ibis farm is umler good cing; has a good bearing Orchard of the Finest Fruit; has the advantage of water in every ( • and Piney Creek flows through the place. * It is situated In a good neighborhood, near to Mills, Schools aud Churches i an* about 3 miles from the line of the Western . Maryland Railroad as proposed to be ex tended. Terms liberal, and made to a*U g a retry sers. Address the subscriber, at- Taneytown. ? 0. Carroll county Md. scpO-tf WILLIAM SHA\f. LADIES’ NEW SHOE STOBfi jt:st opened in Westminster* Between the Railroad 1 and ReifenitWs Store, two doors west of Mrs. Shriucr’s Millinery Store. IE undersigned lias just returned fVora the city of Philadelphia with the and best selected stock of Ladies’ Missf*' f Children's and Gentlemen’s Boots & Shoe* ever brought to th is nia; koL My stock cori sists in part of Ladies and Misug . ■ Custom made Glove Kid Balmorals,#■? - Gaiters, Morocco Balmorals, V ILL 1 olish Boots, Oil Goat Balmorals, and Chil dren’s Shoes ; also Gentlemen’s Boots and Shoos, such as Men’s Calf Custom-ma i-- Loots. Congress Gaiters, Lace Boots, Br gans, Kin and coarse Boots & Shoos of nil kinds. Being an experienced Mamrfiictnr.-p myself, I have had all the above stock mm;-, ■ to order, and for the express purpose to suit this market by a celebrated and wcil i known Boot and Shoe Manufacturer I Philadelphia, which for style, finish, dura • bihty, comfort and elasticity to the feet. ro ‘ superior to nil others and are the best fitting patterns that can be found. 1 have taken great care in the getting up of my stock, and can warrant every article to bo what it is represented or the loss will be upon me. I therefore invite the csnechv attention of the Ladies and GentfemAn cl Westminster and Carroll county to my stock of Goods which will be sold at much lower figures than the same good* eatr b had elsewhere. Come one, come all, and examine for yourselves. No charges made for showing Goods*. oct 4,—tf T. S. ECKERT. REMINGTON^ J|HD Fire Arms'. I J|S| Sold hy Gun Dealers And the Trade Generally'. Vest Pocket Pistol, No. 22 Cartridge, Repeating Pistol, (Elliot pt.) No. 32 Cartridge, 1 Repeating Pistol, (Elliot pt.) No. 32 Cartridge, Pocket Revolver, (Self Cocking,) New Pocket Revolver, (with Loading LHfar,' Police Revolver, Navy Size Calibre/ Belt Revolver, Navy Size Calibre, Belt Revolver, (Self Cdekiftg/t Nfify Calibre. Navy Revolver, 3G-100 in.- Calibre, 1 Army Revolver, 4DIOO in; Calibre, i Gun Cane, using No; 83 Cartridge, t Revolving Rifle, i>6 A H-'IOO fn. Calibre, , Breech Loading Rifle, No; S 2 Cartridge, Breech Loading Carbine,. No; 46 Cartridge, f U. S. Rifle, (Steel Barrel;) with Sabre Bayontf. - U. S. Rifled Musket, Springfield Pattern, s Single Barrel Shot Gun, E. REMINGTON A SONS, Ino s, New TVL ! A (t E X 181 Moore A Nichols, Now York; Palmers & Bachcldcrs, Boston; John P. Lovell, " . Jos. C. Grubb A Co., Philadeipliiad Poultncy A Trimble, Baltimore; Henry Folsom A Co., N. Orleans MowpMs, Maynard Bros., ' Chicago; r L. M. Rumsey A Co., St Louis: Albert E. Crane, San Franeisdlk myl7-l*,-jy 12i DGSlitAdii HOTEL PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE. The subscriber offers at Private Sale desirable property in Middletown, Frederick comffy, MS., favorably known to the trav eling public as thb “CITY HOTEL,” at present in the occupancy of Mr: Andrew Poffinbergcr. The House is two- AegA story, besides Basement, and has a large Brick Dack-bttlldbg, all ILIIW'L laid off into large and contfenient rooms 1 here is on this property A large Brick Sta ble, with sufficient Shedding, Ice House, and fine water Hear the door. ®a.This is the only Hbttfl in the nla-o, and is situated in the centre of the town. Persons wishing to view the property will please call upon the subscriber, in Mitltt> town, who will take pleasure in showing ‘he - same. TERMS of payment very reasonable. JOHN HERRING, of C. oct 2-5.-2 m Teeth Extracted Withont Pahs, BY THE USE OP THE NITROUS OjLIDE GAS, BY * Dl*. CHARLES BILLIIGSLE.A, D E NT J S T t AT HIS OFFICE, Adjoining his Father’s Residence, Westminster, Md. WHERE he may be found at all times when not professionally engaged ai the following points: Union Bridge. —Ist WTednesday of every month,— remaining o&tfl Saturday; New Windsor. —2nd Wednesday of every month, —remaining until Saturday. Univnioxcn. —Brd Wednesday every month,* remaining until Friday "evening. ‘ MRS. SHRINER is now teTßng off her prices. Call and examine her slock, tiajrre purchasing elsewhere. * ■>: •