Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, January 3, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated January 3, 1867 Page 3
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t* l **■ '" ,i ffprmi iiWivim SdUSfk's Stored Toulc. thl* medicine, InrcAbd by Dr. J. H. Drauca, nf Philadelphia, 1 Intended to dissolve the fotfi '! / M d wake It into tbo Ini prom o f lir* '- By cUtnuinf Km stomach with Srhaack’s Mandrake Plllt, the Tonic won re** teres ihcappctitn, and food that r*uH not be M(n before a ting It will Wo Mailt Ilf rat'd. Conan cannot be cored by Bch nck'i Paluoak Syrup nnleaa the ilnwrl nod liver la made healthy nnd ilir appetite r stored, honor the Yunir and Pill* arc required la near ly entry cm* of euoaumptiiui. A half doxen botllra nf the HRA WEED TONIC and three or fonr boxes of tb MANDRAKE PILLS will care nay ordiaarr case of dyspepsia. I>r. Hchenck make* professions) visits in Now York, Boston, and nl hi* principal Office in Philadelphia avery week, Hoe daily papers of esrh place, nr bl* pamphlet on consumption for Ida days for visitation. Please observe, when purchasing. that the kwn Ukenraaa* of tkc Doctor, one when in the ladld’Afts of Consumption. and the other a* he tmt W, l> perfect Wealth, are oa the Clovera •Mafttikmp. trf) Tbrtiirprlete and Dealer*, price* $1.50 YOrWOffte, or |7.*o the half doxm. All letter* tor ndtlcc jJionfd'be addressed to Hr. KcMcaca’a Principal OAre, Na IS North Oth HOrcct, Phil adelphia. Pa. Oeneral Wholesale Agent*: Oema* Barnes A CV. S. Y.f 8. 8. Ranee. Hal e are, 11*1.; ■John 0. Parke, f'iacti.iiAli, Ohio; Walker A T ayW> Chicago, MU CoUia* Br*.*., B*. Imais, IK deo. I; I yr. UKAI.TH AND STRENGTH Tot*K*toK. ‘Cwwsnmption’ Cai he 'faired.* 'Coasampiion' HWAYXE'ri 'Pan he cured.' ‘Consumption’ 'Can be enp d.’ •Ceaiamptlon' COMPOUND 'Can h cured.' 'Consumption' <€aa W cured.’ ‘Cunaastpiion’ HYIU I' OF ‘('an be rured.' 'C'oasamption' Pan be oared.’ 'Coaaamption' Wiu Cannnr 'Pan bo cared.* 'Consumption* 'Can be eared.’ *Canamptlon' |8 TDK 'Can he oared.' ’Cnmaamptioa’ Tan be gared.* •Ctutaamptlou* REMEDY. 'Can be enredi 1 Thirty year*’ atparience, and the great a mnanl of testimony from all part* of thr world baa pi oven it a standard aad reliable reined v for Cold*, Asthma, Bronchitis, Nervc-u* Deblf* Ity, Blaod Spilling. Liver Complaint, Pain* in tko Hid# and Brcaat ail difM>< of the Air Pas sages and Loag*. Prepared only be HR. HWAYNK A Son., A North HlitL Hire, t, Philadelphia. foM by WM. BKRBR, •otll-ly Westminster. Itch! Ilchl! Hmlek! Seralrh!! gWAYNK’H OIVTMKNT riire* Itch la from $-'*• U hoar,. 'lieu* it/. s*mj*s*oui*'**, •ITCM* Ut. Amp*’* Uimlme-I, ♦TETTER’ •ITCH' 'TKTTKIC •ITCH* 'TETTER' 'ITMT NEVER KNOWN ‘TETTER! i 35S to rot ‘ITCH’ ‘TKTTKIt* ‘ltt'lf IX ITHIXO THIS •TKTTKir i •I mi - •TKTTIMr •linr TOUUKXTINO *Ti:TTf!!' ■ircu* •nrrTEir I'Ulll'i.AlXT. •TITTSIi , I'im licking Plte.. Sail 111,..... S. nl.l 11...1, all Kkin rr.p.rrj ml. 1., UK. MU* A TOR A MOV. M..M hr WM. UK KM K. -.ill-1,. Wti.lMlittl.-r. | yi. HWAVXK'S BO'iVKI. COBDLIL, A ■a sure retrisde •*- ! Y.M- A.iart* Cholera Viudvia Mo.W< lit*. M r ‘i enITT, Diarrhir*. t'liol'-r* Infantnin, ,$r &n nnu-r t'* u- . ' plaint, pain la the Htmnarh and I fonordc. Hlek Stomarh. Tomllin;. .n 141 1 related ee N dition* of the IlnwM*. Let 'ho family bo without thi* me,)- 7 f% m will givelia- ' I mediate relief. B*W by WM. USESK. U - ••(tl-ly I TacaararmrA 1 TWttowaaw, It.vt.( w> nutim J u.'i •tMfck in *.. It. W A xfrs .Ml|.l. i'i.m- . *jr, UW kMria, ..fcrrj f,.r'voar.j ' 'TP"' 'l lW OkmJ i Wtanaan, Cwnaumiiiina —t* unxiou- Ui ndlko • Jtattva la In* i*Uww <iußhrer the* gf' tra. jewTa all who doaira it, lio will M-nd a ropy I PWwHptldn a tad nf *har^j t ■lk the fWeedon* f.r prepnrniir nnd *ing Jh aAnae. which Utey mill And a mir- ibtf Anthma, Uronehitiur •**'* ThrmU and l.unf Aflhetlona. The only ol.jnl of tl,o tinr ia sending the JW-riptioM is I*, io-nnfil tie afflicted, and spread information which Ue cnacdlves to he invaluahle, niol he loipc* rcery aullarer will try his remedy. n<* it w ill 1 co*t (ham nothing, and may prove a<ae. l nv*. vnkmg tV. prf'.rri],li.,n l i ui:v, l. T i nKn m.n. BI .W.m. aMilrm • O UT. KriWAHII A. WII.SON - , Wilfi.m.W]*, Knj|ifa,Xn, * irfST’ -. afl WOXOKXH’L, HUT TIIUK! ■ **■ MSIXOTUN, w.irl.l ... •amnad Aatmlogiat and Soamaiuhalistlr C’lair y**i while iu a clairvoyant stale, delianatr* y**a arc to mar- T* mfly the aid af an intruairiit of iatenac pawer, known a* the Paychorantrope, gnaran Witfc date of marriage, occapathm, leailing tralto of character. Ae. This ia mi iupodlion, as lo*timoniaU without number can assert.— ■ tinting place of birth. age,dUpo*ition, color I MBM-* hair, and enclosing dfly cents, and I ad navel op# addrcaaed to yourself, you will resitre the picture by rrtarn mail, togeth •r dpdred ioformaUon. _ AAarcm in confidence. Miiu*r Qicararnn Raaiaeroa, p. 0. Box W, M'eatTroy, N. V. wpi. m. , Wlatrr Employment. iafeMkar n*nth .....I K.„ T oaid I Main or rcmale Amenta, to iulrodsicc a InrtntfoH, of absolute utility in awanr luHuohold. Afeoi preferring to work ** dArn from S2O to s.*o Ami aS&ttf Wf rndos< Stamp, W. Oj WlisSON k m.. mow B t ~-Bro CkrcUad Ohio.* MRORS Or loi l ii. \ Gcatlenwn who paSeretl for years from NarroM Dability, rreroafure Demy, moduli ■fafTact* of youthful indiscretion, will, for tha sake of Buffering kumnnitv, send free to All who need it the roeajte and (fimciioua for *mk\mg Ike simple remedy by which lo was MiaiirmT-TRrn. ~ -.KfMT jto*| lady an* in thb LIMBMMMO*a baar aMatbing tfry much •tOWWaBIiM hr return mail (fire, of 3***ij T aoilraaaiß* tba nodwaigiiwl.— CwAib&ialSsienehi’ ISottcat. 'ids y4"4Cmi*iorier for Canvlt Xiewee *l *eel at thir nmc, in er, on th* Kimt Moku.t or JWJW, list, for Iba Irnnsaction o( |tj Qfder ’ LEVI VALENTINE, _ Clerk. gtfbrb A UeiSTII I-AGENTS wanted TOTJf briia toting „.> nrtirlet. jual T.OAURY, OHrUnilding, Mama, tuoUfj mi. pitftmm mi. Tbe attention of th public If Invited to k, tUe claim* of 3 THEWORLD b a* one of the leading public journal* of the country. It If the chief organ of the Demo cratic parte of the United Staten, and the 10 foremost advocate of Uie immediate restore lion of the Union, lu lug heat merit con ■ UU Id iU character as (r Au KiKrrprlie find Trmlnor h Iliy Ncwpnupcr. r ’ The nek I year bids fair to be a moracHti n cai one iu the history of our free Institutions •r than even any of the eventful onea that have t ptejtednd it. The first requisite for an in* tvlligrnt judgment of public affairs is a full ni| authentic Arboiiiit of facts as they trans .pile. Those Tita Woau) always aims to ■ give with cnnaciciUmi* accuracy, and with equal fulness and fidelity whether they make r for or against its owtl views of public policy. Prompt activity in spreading before its rca r tfcm ever? kind of news It* which any part r of (he public takes an interest, is the first e jjuty of a newspaper; and the facilities of Thw VVUisi.n for discharging this obligation arc unsurpassed by those of any journal in the United States. Whatever else it may 0 fail in, it certainly will not fail to furnish • the news, nor to supply it with such promp s titiidc, spirit, freshness, abundance, va iely, . accuracy. and Ofljdor. *hal no class of rea dertcan miss any anything of interest which . they wish to find. EDITIONS. ' The Weekly World, a largo qn.rto sheet, "•ms awe us Daily, is now printed through • out in targe type, and has the largest circu lation of any weekly journal published, save one. 1, Its Market Reports embrace the New > Albany, Brighton, and Cambridge , I .ire Stock Markets ; the Now York Country ’ j * nulucn and (Junerul Product! Markets; ' *|wh*irl und valuable Hop Intelligence; a do ’ j pnrlnient of Agitculturul Reading: all togclh i rr composing an unrivalled hand book of j current information for Uie Farmer. Live I Block or Produce Dealer, the Country Mor j chant, Ac. <!■ -A page or more will In* reserved for Entertaining Fireside Healing for the Fam ily Circle. embracing the freshest and best "lories, Poetry. Religious Reading, etc., and a jmgc for the Discussion of all Promi nent'l opics of general interest, political, agricultural, financial, literary, etc. The SKMt-Wkkci.y Woki.ims a large nuar* ip nbcci, same slew as Dally, which, by omit Ung a grrm muss of city adverii cements from Uu* Daily, contains ail its news, eorrmipon omit', editorials, commercial and market news, cattle market and provision reports, and afresh mid entertaining miscellany of literatim*. PuMi-hcd Tuesday end Friday. f xam a . 1. ] Wnigiv Wouii). One copy, otic year..* ...52.00 Four c.ij.i.w one year 7.00 Tvn fpr .one year ...14,00 Twenty o|*e>. to one address .... ..26,00 Fifty . •• “ 60.00 Si;\ii -Wroki.y Wohi n. ! ttn** copy, one yar *4.00 i our topics, mil year 10.00 I’esi copies, one year.., Dui v Wokiji. I Won copy, our year ...SIO.OO Uu a Prism. I’r clubs of 10, wnc Weekly, one year. I II i-jr Dnc Bemi-Weekly, one rear J 41 44 - Pht. One Daily, ono your. * • Additions to Hubs may Iw made any time tit “I tin- .n>iVc club mu*s. r#ni.. n-hln advance. Send, if possi Lttg Fori 6.*W Monev Order or Hank Draft. I IlilJe sent Ijr u >l wilt be at the risk of sen ; llir. have no travelling refills. Address ■ nil urdvrs and h-iUm- io THE WOu’.n. d*i 27 36 P*iik Row Xkw York NOTICE* I To TaxJPayers. Common Cwuni-il for the City of J. Wi stnuusier, will meet at their office •" fhe Is/ WA wf January, 1807, nl 7 o'clock, I*. M,. u Utr any appeal - from the n.'tuvM of the iknni of AitoMur> for the City of Welmin*icr, ns appoints*! I>ec. 4th, D**h, to make a tfSh; nod taiihful valuation of the taxable projany of the City of West minster. %- Tlte record Is open for examination at the hind National Rank f Westminster. Hv eudnr f the Ihwrd. -V. <JJ.I.IXIiSJ.KA. dec 57.-21 Clerk. t.EOUt.K W. SI 1,1.1 VAt, oasluble, General ulterior, nudity Bailiff, \\r 11.1. attend prom idly to all his official I T duties as Constable and Bailiff, and to the Collrction Wall claim* placed in hi* bands. Ifc may Ihi found at all times, except when absent on WinosH,t Uook's National Ho tel. at the Railroad, Wcatmui*tcr Md. dee27-3m Ci 1 “\A< \ PER IG4RI We want K* agents everywhere to tell nur iMCßorwi S2O Hewing Machine-. ITirec new kind*. Under and upper feed. War ranted five years. Above *akry or Urge com missions paid. Tke njft.Y macbiiif** nold in United State* for les* than S4O. which are fully limit'd by //•*>, Wheeler Jb 81/aon. Ororfy A Haler, ,Singer Jb Ch. and Hnrh rhlrr. AU other cheap machine* arc in fringement* and the teller or user arc liable to arrttl,fnr, and imaritonmeni. Circulars fret . Address, or tall upon fill AW k CLARK. Biddcford, Maine, or Chicago, IU. DIVIDEND. rpilE I’luniN'innui.llMl nr Wkmt- X Mix Tit, hjn declared n Dividend of POE PE* CEMT. for Ue t .ix month.. [utr.Ule on or after the lit ix Jtnrt.r, mm. J. J. BAUMGARTNER, dee 27, .It Ciwbier. WE have nnite n lnr* Mock of little NOTIONS, very niitalde for tlin.l mite l'i fM'iit., trhieli we would invito too to **l> nnd w. Wo will wll them offlow.— The, .retoo nnmemiu to mention ; but nil raii.t lie .old without nnnl loeo.t, to cloc "fk- Mr E. i. Shriner. doom ft* i.AROR fttoHc of’on.hh? BonuoU /ft on bund of ever, deiwription, nod more •re hem* ronnuntW m.nnixctnred. which iniMt and will bo aold at varvreduced price.. docU Xn. £. J. Shriaer. Ladies kubs, CHILDRENS FURS, Muff., CniM',, and Roll., direct from tbn mnnntucturer. Greet in ducement, in Mock and price,, at dec IS John L Keiftnider'a. MENS WARE, at prieeabefore the war. Cloth,, Cawimerea, Cauinotta, . , lunwtjt. and Jean., now I, the time to bn, of declS JOHN L REIFBNIDER. Holiday Proaout*. CtOMEverjr fine good, .uilalile for Pre- O entacon be hod at Hn. Shriner',, al great), induced pricea. dee?7 '* Holiday Presents, * Just Opened for the HOL IDA Y 8. * Gold Waichea andChaini for Indie., _ X; New styles Breast Pina, New style* Kir Ring*, New styles Sleeve Hutton*, Now sty leu Finger Ring*, n Heavy Plain Gold King-*, Gold Pen* end e Coiiw, i SILVER PLATED WARE, Pine Silver Plated Cantor*, i Pine Silver Plated Hotter Dishes* to Pine siltet PIbUmI Sugar Dishes, e Fine Silver Plated Syrup Pitcher*) * Allmta Warn. Hue tSildij Cutlery. Spectacle* ’ Ac., all of which have been •elected expraoa* ly for the Holiday*, gild will lw sold st low * prices. WSt. MOORE, ‘ tlec'2o I*WW dtJOPi Kant (S' Railroad; | Ckrfstmas Coming. AS the HoHdnjr Hfe at Imml, I would call the attention of all t my Ittfgt* j as*ortmetlt rtf foilf*€'floiiiir.v, Caiidlpi. Toy* for ClalliliOii, kt-., Ac. , I have ill no n good Variety of Pigs, Cur rants, Almond*. Raisins, Citron, Nuts and • Fruits. • Parlies supplied nt shortest notice with Cakes of every kind, at the old Stand, where I will be happy to serve all who please to > call. JAMES liKICS. dec2teU XO. BV. EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Carroll County ! Soj.hU KhoO, 1 /"'VItDEBEf) 0.1. j r*. ( V_/ 2mli day of j K. Woolery, Adm'r. k | Itccemlier, 1800, J A. Oursler, Adm'r. of tliat the second anti- Klijali Woolery deed, it tiled in the above j and others. j cause be family rat- i ified and confirmed unless cause to the con Iniry be shown on or before the 11th day of j January, 1807—PaoviDBO a copy of this or derl*c inf*urtil in some newspaper printed 1 in Carroll conutr, for two successive weeks ( previous to the last named dnv. W. A. Mi KELLfI*, Clerk. True copy—Test: doe27*2t W. A. McKflUir, Clerk. Kitntr ~f Hr (in'ln C, Vim, d&qtmd, NOTICE i hereby given that the Sub* sorilier ha* obtained from the • irplinns’ i Court of Carroll county, letters of Admistm- 1 lion on the personal Estate of Belinda C. ! Wlaal, late of Carroll county, deceased. All itersons having ckllnvipdastsaid Kitnti . ere hereby warned to exhibit the same within I six mouths fwis this date, otherwise they { i may bo ewinded from all U>n.*fn of said , IE Si ale. Those indebted are requested to j make immediate payment. WMjUAM J. FKESKH, j JerU-lt* Administrator. 1 E*taf* of Jotr/Jt UinrkaH, dtreuuu'd. N OTICE U hereby given that the Sub scriber has obtained fnitn the Or j phans’court ofi-urr.dl couittj letlee* of Ad- j minis)rari-hi on the Pefvlnnl K t it- of 1 .10-ch Itinchhrl. lali ofenrroll eoniitv dt*e‘il. ’ j All ;ht,ssvis having tdllinis ngidnst E.,- j tale on* hereby warned It! exhibit the sume | within six ntuiilli* from this date, otherwise i 1 1 her may he excluded from all Iwnefit off I said Estate. Those indebted are requested i 1 to make iinined'nite pavment. 1 HE NICY RINEHART, I dec 13-lt Adininistnitor* j E*tnfr uf Cullmrinr Stour!/,r t drrd. NOTICE i* hereby given, that the Sul- . serilier bn* obtained from the Orphans' of Car roll county, h-tt r* of Admin istn.* Uon on the Personal Estate of Catharine j Stones i for. late of Carroll county, dec’d. All ( k n rtnt having claim* against said estate are Keek* warned to exhibit the same within six months from this date, otherwise they i mndliy taw from nil benefit oi fain estate. '] j, ''se indebted arc requested to make immediate nuynient. J USUI'A STUN ESI PE 11, nov27-4t Administrator. SIOO SIOO SZ9O StX.DIEBS KXTIIA HOt’NTlfcJ j COLI.BL'TKH |V A. I>. SCHAEFFER, V eat minster, Md. SIOO SIOO SIOO For Kent. 4 FINE FARM, CONTAINING 1G AC’RKH of best farming l.nd on the tern Ran, Worthiagbm Valley, near St. Joka** Church, Bahian n county Md., six loeu miles from Haiti more. Aridr to MRS. MARY O. WORTHINGTON, Near Reistmtowa, Halt, county, Md. <icc^)'3t ELECTION OF DIRECTORS. Ckio* Nit. Babe or We.stmis.tkb, ) December R, 186(1, ) AN Election for TKN UIKECTORB for tkii Bank wftl be hold on, TTt 8n DAT or Jasi'ATT, nest. lH>tarron*Sc boura of 1) o'cl.wk A. M. and Vi o'cl- i. if. of *ud dar. at tbit Ibmk. J. J. HAVIK.A ETNF.It. ** Ceabior. NOTICE. FaRMBRa' A MarMdim’ Nat. Babb, \ WcAtmiliAtcr. Deroinber 17, 1866. ( A N Klociio.i for ciEbt hina.tora will In* /X Md at Sin lb.nk, on SATIMtDAY, tnc IfHb JANIfABY next, between the honra oT ten ud throe o'clock, on snid day. JACOB lIKE.SE, dee3o-te Cashier. Dlty GOODS ! DRY GOODS!! Cloths. Caslmarrt, (MsiW, Li me vs, Tweeds, Jeans, At., At. A large supply aad very low la price. Osll ImfoPT you parcliOM, at WOT. W. *. K. fIFKN a \ D S. LADIKSraII at MRS. SIIUINKB S, for Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Silks and Satins. Crapes and laces, Ruches, Ornaments Ac,, Silk and Crajie Honnata on hand. dec27 Aiimtttm Butrh i i aud Farmer* ! HIGHEST cash price paid for Hideti, by Rei&nider A Coe, ALBUMS. —f rtiefrf her larwe moc of Albums at wary reduced price*. Call and wxamioa bar stock h*i)r pureteamg elaevbera. dee 18 RaMoi, rurraau, Spteca, all kind., at *• *• S. A*. OamaaW.. SBKIOB BBLliS—Strapped and lamt, for •ah' at John L, Hellkabkr’i. Fit CAPS, For Men. cheap at droll John l_ Hetfonider’s. av ia. u w C'w> tw >wj Curroli cuostjr, V a C'wf 1/ Eqxn g. \ Dhmki, mil IMG. I Usury OerusnJ, I ritllE object of this j Mi >1 huK h lit jirocun* n ■ Nicllrtliu Ij decree for the Mk f I certain Urtd find mortgaged prem'iM**, *itim- : ted ill flWrdll county. uni wlueh perron Ih* "th duv <f Mnv, A. TV 1804, mortgaged by j INI' dcfdntbutt to the complainant, to secure ‘ tho puyyient of the reindue ,f the purchase J money Un-ndor In tin* coinpluiiiHUl of whom ! tho drfMnnnt pdrehttM < I llii; mud hind* and ! |iratniMit Tho hill /dole? (ImU id tho year, eighteen hundred uud nixty four ibe complainant wild ■ -certain Undo and premise*. Miuuual in Car- j roll cmmljr, and which " particularly Jos- . edited in the Mil and its accompany iuj: ox- j hihit., to the defendant, and that tic defen- ( dan! | mid a part of the parch*** motc-v, and j on the 6lh day of May, A. li. 1664. coti voyed the (mid land and promt** into the complainant hj #tty or irtortgngo, to aucure tho payment ol the residue of the Auid pur- j chase money, in fourtevefnl lualaiaiutll.i, U* ( wit, SBOO. on the Ist any of April, A. I>. ♦ 1880 ; SOOO. on the Ist day of April, A. I>. 18081 cm the Ist day of April. X. I). 1807; mid S4O J) cm the Ist day of April, A. L>. 1808. with interest on the said several payment* at tho fate of three jh.t cent.— Tina the defendant entered into the noises stun end occupation of the said lands and premises, and low paid the said mini of SBOO j and the interest thereon due on the Ist day! of April, A. I>. 180a, and the further sum of fifty dollars, on the SBOO, due April Ist A. It. 1800, luit that all th** residue of said • money with the info rex.* tlicreon remains un- I paid, and that Ihe defendant has abandoned ’ the said lands and premises and removed to j the Stale id fV-un?ytvui:iu, or elsqwhare he vond the juri-lldllon at this Court, and that I i he is now a non resident of this State. | It is thereupon adjudged and ordered that I tlirfoinplfilnaiit hy causing a copy of this order to Ik* inserted in some newspaper,

printed and published in Carroll county, I once a week for four succossire weeks before ( the I2lh day of January next. give notice to said absent defendant of the imbalance llnd j ‘ object of this bill of complaint; ami warn | him to appear in this Court in |>erson or bv I j sulieitor. on or Indore the loth day of April. I next, to answer the premise* and show | ■ cause, if any helms, why a decree ought not j I to puss as prayed. JNO. R. SMITH, Circuit Judge. , True conv- Ttst; ’ WM. A. Mr KKMJP, I Jet* 18- It Clerk Circuit Court. A. IL HUBEE No. 2 Carroll Hall, Westminster, Mil., HASjilst received a fine variety of Hand kerchief Extracts, among which r* I'Vniigipaiini, | Pstnumlr, J in’key Ctfh| (iemnium, Jasmine. Muk, Violet and Honey Suckle. His stock ofS<urns consists of Colgate's, J j Honey and iiruwn Windsor, Bu/.in's l*onc>Be j | ami Wondey'a Honey, etc., also Military A I Vanhrc Mliavliipr Soap*. i ; Hair Brushes. Tooth Brushes, Nail Brushes. Mo*** Ran, Magnolia Tablet. I’midre N iolclle. Email Hel’urisand Magnolia Bmlii*. FLA VORISu EXTRACTS, j Burnett’s Vanilla, Lent mi, Ml rate I terry, Hurneti’s Almond, Cinnamon and Orange. j He hep? ennntantly on hand u large ! j assortmeiit of the must |Mipnlar FATENT i l MEDICINE’S of Ihe day. The public arc resjwctfully invited to cull and examine for I tliamsolvcN. dccjVdt J Notice to Tax Payers.! i lx Compliance with Section 23 of A**v*mrnt ! 1 Art, the t'ouuly (’umniissioncra for Carroll | county, will meet at their office for the purpose j i of hearing and determining the complaints and I ' Appeal* of person* who may consider (beta* | j set re* aggri.vcd bv the valuation of the Aoen J 1 sors, as follow*, lor the respective District*. 1 | to wit: j Taney town district, Dec. 3d and 4ih. I I'ninntmvn " Mb, 6th and Till. , | Myera’ “ Hilt and 10th. I Manchester “ Illh 11th and 13th. j Westminster " 1 ith loth and 17th. ' | Franklin " iMh and 13th. , I Middh burg ** 70th and 2UL | New Windsor •* 23d ami 21th. slnkdmrg ** 2:ih and 27th. i All I’otwill please observe the abort* . time. 11l maku*6 ■lMdlcallon. Hr order. I.kll I AhK.MING, j no.v 2:. 1*66. (Irk. ; GREAT CHANGE Hi PRICES!' J A DIRS call and tcvamim- my rtH:k v>f | DRESS GOODS, | much low**r than a fi-w weeku ago, from 8 J to I■’ centu a vwrd lens, I Ichiino*, Kngiiuh mid French Metinoen, I’oplina Ac. Call and grt §Onw of the great ImrguiuH ut JOHN L KKIFSNIDKH’S. dec 10 HKAD QUARV.KIIB FOR HABDWABZ!. T>£*h WaJUa*Cohtnctt Tool*. Carton- I A nml Coo|utrH Toola, Kaila, Cron I ut and Min Saw?, Fork*. Skovtda, Trace?, tlnlter. Cow and TfogCtMiaa. In fcmiwt rything kept in a wdl rcgulatod Hardware Store. My long experience give* me ad van lge* in thin line. JOHN L BKIh*SNIDKR. decM VTeat End, near the Korku. Ur. F. Bailer and L Brans, OFFKU to their friend? nnd tin* public in general, one of the beat Liniment? that ha. lately been pnucntod Tor the cure of Hamrrhiias or File*. Wa offer thin rente dy with the hope Hint lho?c person? who are afllicUHl with thin diamute may give it a trial, and feet r.nti-dicd they will receive full remu neration fvtr their money expended. For Sale by A. H. Huber, No. 2, Carroll Hall, Weatntinntor, and at the Subscriber? Hexidenoe, at the West End. dee 18,-tf BOOTS A SHOE& T CRT rfrcir./i snd for nil- a fmh anj M largo k* of fkihidrlphia mgm hnt C ustom Made VI BOOTS AMI SHOE?, 1 cnn.i.llnp:in part of Ladiu' I*oHh Kid. Morocco, lutlnr. Oil Ooat, Ac.. Ac., aB of whicli will be sold at great), rwluced pric-ea, by T. 8. ECKERT. _ Utmenitier th. pkc. two dome Wett of Mr., Shriiier'a Mlllenery Store, WeMmiit’ '•r. Md. dee ID | Moat Carton and Slnflera. IIALK'H Patent Meat C.tter and TOer, bnt law. For m). low. at ’IS Jnltn L. fUlftnldor'.. JHATK for -ate IVI bead of large Cab kaires of the hart hind. atm. I taken Confeclionnrr Stme tt'e-Hnin.ter. doc2o*t JAMES ntQUS. SbRIOII BI.A VKETB—far mle at da.?G Jeha 1,. K.ifraldrr'g j 1 ‘’iKyijar* ortubUnhed in N. Y. Cifr.” { ‘‘Only infallible re medic* known/' ( “Fr# from Poimjh*/' i "Not dangerous t* tin- Human Kamilv.” "lUlx route out of their bidet to die.” j “CwUr’i" Rut Hunch. Ac., KxfeniT* 1 (• pMt -U—d lor Umi* % Mi™, Mottchei, j HkMt amt Nrtt A hit, d r., drr. '■ -oHlurV' Bedßug Extenuin Uor I* a or wueb —lined In destroy, and hUo as a preventive for ISe<J-Huy*, drc. : “Confer V’ Electric Powder fur limccte 1 fur Volin. V'ti'jiitl***, Heat, /fed Iltujt. IhmccU oh rlunU, Evict*, Animal*, drc. **, !!! Bcwaiu!!!! of bM worthies* imitations. WfAm Sen that ‘'CostakV* iinmo is on each U.*. Untile, ami Flask, bafoi a you buy, j iMju. Address iii:\ri ii. cost4ii, 484 Broadway, N. V. j £./“ Sold in Wat rmxrrmt, Mu., * *oT By A. H. HCUEIi. I And all Druggist and Retailer* every where. • “COSTAR’S” CKI.KBU.VTKI> Buckthorn Salve, For Cuts, Burnt, Bruise** Wounds. Boils, r*nem, Broken Hromcf*. Sum Nipple*. Bleeding. Blind am) Bitlnful l*iU-s I Scrofu lous. Putrid and 111-conditioned Sores ; Fl eer* Olaudular Swelling*) Ernnbou*. Cuta neous Affections. Ringworm. Itch. Com*. Buptons, Chilblain*, at}. ; Chopped Hand*, j Up*. 4c.; Hite* of SjridoM, huMtis Ani mala. Ac., Acl VQt Boxen. 2' cU., 0 rt*..and $1 sixes. W9u Sold by nil Druggists every when*. 1 VftL. And by HENRY K. COSTAR. IM- I pot 484 Broad way, N**w York. ! Car And by A. H. lIfTfRU. Westmin- ' j mi, ua. F ~ I „ ' < ‘ “COSTAR’S” UJUVKU3AI. Corn Solvent, For Corn*, Bunion*, Warts, Ac. £*x>” Bodes, Met*., 60 els., an 3 $1 sixes. ! IT Sold by All Druggist* everywhere. fkaT And by HENRY It. COSTAl(,''De pot 484 Brounwny, New York. *aT And by A. H. HIRER. Weatmia* sfrr. Md. . J “COSTAR'S” PREPARATION OP ItUfrr-Strut nhd Oramjr Jilmtom* roa axsoTicTtsa rna coapucxtos. Feed to Soften and Beautify the Skin, j remove Freckles, Pimples, Eruption*. Ac. j I *<lir* are now using it in preference to j nil others. Bottles. sl. asu Sold by all DraggUla cverjr arbor. WH- And I* HKN'RY It. COSTA U, l>c pn, 4*l Broadway, N r* York. • UI'OKK, T/ealmin “CO 8 TAR’S” PECTORAL co ran REVET) r, ForCoUehs, Colds, Hoar<en(**. Sore Croup, Whooping Cough,, luftm-uxu, Anth nn. Consumption. Bronclual AflbHson*, and all Dimakc' of the Throat and iuug*. BoT Bolt!as, *25 eta., 50 eta., andsl sixes, MT Sold hr all DraggnO* everywhere. V*u And by HENRY It, COSTAH, De )>ot 184 Broadway, New York. BTQu And by A. U. HCBEII, Weatmio atcr, Md. U CO S FA R' S" < ci.Kmjttt BISHOP PILLS, A ciirtMAi. mx*t rn,i . For Xwrolta ana Sick H.adaoho, Oaairr oaaa. Indication, !>ys|-jo,U, IWlmmmm, Constipation, Puimni, Ivdtca, (’bills. Fa wa. and gMiand deTirngninmt of tha I>i g o, tita Organ., Roana. t da., SO rta., and ?1 sixes. Sold b, all Praggilta cwywlwr. And l,y HENIIY R. COStAII, IWI 481 Broad ray, Vnrk, A*d bjf A. U. IK7DKR, Wratminaier, * dc. PATENT MICA ROOFING. nr. • York fee. (K.- übli*hd 1*54,) arr manufacturing under Let ter* I’aUiU the bust artirli* of romp’wiiioti roof oigmrcr offered to ilm public. hie adapted to ever? myl* of Hour, (k*|> or Not, mid cm* hr readily applied by muy ®c. , Th* V. m. Government, aftor a Uiaroogb trot . i*ru# lilillu. h' v adapted iu ill the h’avy j Yard., mu! upon Publk HaHdlngs. Tin- Rmillpjj U pat up in rolls, and has only / fu Ik; nailed to the Hoof to make a Datable i HJIK AND WATER-I*BOOK COVERING. ’’•To particularly rrtWHii it* as** apou ■ Kltw|fugs, Stores, rtturrli.t. Factories, Ms fuinc Bm|m, HtcaailHMl Darks, Ac. MICA PAINT, Fur roiling Tin,. Iron, or Shingle Roofs. It loruis a bu9ft equal to tmlist ti'tva or oaiuxsov Paiar. Roof caa rfint drr It. and Old Leaky Kinds •ay b** made permanently water-ptnwf and da ruble br its use. The Paint require* ffn mixing, hut is ready to he applied with the HrlMnlrv paint bru-li.- : Price, f I,tat per gallotf, •h fH alii ' wtn Iso I Landrcd s<|uure l-ct. Also cm until nil rets of liliafK I.UMtrr Itirnhli. ITAHUEU FELT AND HOOFING McU. I Discount to the Trade. Circular* gad Trine | l.lsl farnlsln-d. Bights for r>ulies told at lot f rates. Address THE Mir A ROOKING CO,. 104 Broadwav, N, t. Frank Humphrer*. Cl Moral Hi., S’. O. i Weld. Williams A (V, Augusts. On. KalUu in It: 1 W.nhls. Montgomery, Ala., Thnwas H. Coates, llaleljfh, N. C., F. A. Tucker. Kirhmnwd, Va., Henry Wilson. Petersbarg, Va., Agents. Urnh ff unit'd. j but fO-ly . MANHOOD: How Lost, how Restored. medic • | Weakness, Involuntary Seminal Locoes. laro tkk< t. Menial and Physical Incspariiy. Imped ' intents to Marriage, etc.; alum, Cuirai*lm, 1 Etirarar, and Fit*. induced by mdMadulgencv j [ or sexual extravagance. ( Price, iu a sealed envelope, onlv 6 cents. ' The celebrated author. In this admirable es say. dearly demonstrates, from a thirty years’ i 1 snecessfal practice, that the aiartnWin’ rouse* ! quences of self-abuse may he radically chrcd [ a itiiont the dangerous use of internal medicine I r the application of the knife-' -pointing out a j mode of cum at once simple, Certain, and olTcc- ' Inal, bjr means of which cvcrv sufferer, no mßt- 1 I ter what his condition may he. may cure him* , ■ adf cheaply, privately. and raJital/g. t W*Tbis Lecture should he In the hands nf every youth and every man in the land. Sent, under scat, in a plain envelope, to any | address. pM(ynM, un receipt of sis cents, Or I two post itamps. Also Dr. Culm arellVMar- 1 riaffi Guide, *'price 25 cents. Address the pub* j ll hers. Cm AH. J. C. KUNE A CO. I If7 B•* cry, Nf Turk. I*tat Oilior box 4,.'><• j octlH-ly A GKN T S WANTED ft'4r I lie Mud Popular and Ilf ft ir Plug Sufufriptiun 7fou6 puUuhfl! We nrc Hip most extensive ntihluhcrx in I j iltc I’nltud Staten, .haxifijrid* pMßaea,) and j therefore can afford to sell hooka cheaper * f and |iy ugenfs a mure liberal cutntiii.-eioti ; ihmi any other coinjuuty. i Otlf Hook* do not |ioss through the bond* ’ , of (lenerfd Agcula. IRK tlrnrty nil otln* rub- I acriidion worh.s do.) therefore we are end* j j Met| to trivi* our eanv&sners the extra per 1 rent, which is iHimllv allowed to t Sen era! , Agents. Kx|u>n<>need convaaenru will sec j tlteadvantage* of dealing directly with the i j pnMUhera. Our ■cries emhmccs llu? most pojmiur . I work* on nil siihjects tf importance, and is • selling rapidly both North and South, j Old n onts, and nil olhcrs, who want the I*cat tuty iug agencies, w ill phase send for I eirewer* and see oar li-nna, and compare ; | them and the chafhctor of tint w<*rkt with t j (hone of other iHildiabarC* Addn-^s, NATIONAL IM IIUSIIINO CO. Philadelphia, Pa., Boston. Mass.; Cinein* i nali, Ohio; CkUwgu, HU.; St- lamis. Mu., ! or Richmond. Va. deeti-4t ( ; Valuable Town Troperfy at 1 I* HIVATL KALE. ' THE undersigned wfll sell at Private Ssle. | the properly ou which hr now resides, situated , ub 4|sin street, shunt 1IK) yards West of the Kaifroad Depot, fixintiog M feet on Mala street and running back ISM fe t U> aa alley, improved j I with a large and convenient i>gj DWELLING AND STORK ROOM. dWk I l Hlojre room u about If > feet wide and |**J fit feet dek-p. and Is unc of the fiucst P* store riMWi iu Wcstmiuster. The dwelling j wart contains rooms. Hasciucnl and f Vllsr. , llasriaint fl<*orcd and pbiurcd, large ST ABLE j and ferriage lluun*. Hog House, rhickcn j House, flake Oveu, a Wi-fiof < icellent Mifl , water in the yard. Thu buildings arc all new, ‘ 4 all hina built within tin Tost four years- Tnc garden cannot be surpassed. Frail trees tff j nearly all kinds. Apples, reaches, feara, (Tier- ! rles, Plumlts, Qdgm Und Grn)*-*, with nice grape Arbors. ! The Store room • well hitott-n Jls Mm. SbH ! ncr’s Fancy Store, and the STOCK of GOODE . Is also offered at Private Sale. 1 Terms easy—call on \r. E. SHRINF.R. I aorW tf un the premiers. LOOK HERE I LOOK HERE II . IVI UE undersigned, having eimyicted their J * XEWFuUSDUY A MACIUNK pfloPS, . i near the R. R. Station, in WesttuinsUr, wmtld ) I respectfully inform Ike public that they dee j now prepared In famish* Stoves. Blacksmith , Tuc Irons. Tire Benders, Holloa Anvils, Ac., I llakeoven doom and Hearth Plates. Pel tar Wlq ! duw Grate". Parch Post Irons, and Caatiag in • general. Com and Cob Crashers, Corn Sludlera. Circle Saws with beaches comnlcte for sawing I fire wood, Ac. Iltne Powers- and Tbreathlnir Mac-lilncat, Cutting Boxes and Plough* of different kinds: 1 bwt would caß wartM-uiar atteauoo to their i hillr odebrated Throe Horae Plough eorainan- , U called too -Price J’Wapb Also their weU knnnnand nmawpamed Oft All DRILL fur sowing all manner of Grabs, indnding Oats. 1 Jt-ir- Repairs of all kind* atu-aded tapnompl . ly nd at Üboral ralew. Itsvlng first da*s Mvohaitleks ewpluy cd, wiR guarantee satisfaction, _ „ ' WAUDNF.It A MATVHEWsk nor. PRIVATE SALE I A Bargain Offered. 4 HOiCSE AND U)T. fronlm, nu Mum r\ Siwi. run! Cuo, Str.t‘l, at 'll,- En 4 <r Th. noil etigililc HUMtaa. f,if a Uhi.kiimith Shop in the coun ty. A two Story J&yA LOG BUILDING Milifi : upon the prcwiies, with loc k Intil.H., nt I Inched, , find-rate Well of water anil a uow IPußip in nid Well at a coct of St*. Tortßi will he made to ,'iit the purchaaer, a* the money i, not dealred. ALSO ( A HOUSE and One ACRE of Urn) t Ivin, upon the Goraac-h Road, 1 Stile from J WKimnaltr, rnitable tm two tnMM.—one isthn thee renting fir F‘i>, the Mh for dt. per annum Term, to .ah the pnrcbsmr. JOSHUA SIOTH. deefltf GKKAT BARGAINS^ 4 T MILS. SHUIXBU'S, who I. mllinr .■(Tiler fine stock of good., at greatly erd price. t cluae (fork. Com, one, qpme all, and you will he mire i dcclu ,! CALK RILUS ormled at the ahortcat ‘V7 no"** thin iVAoc. Valuable Farm at Private Sale. Fi^lrßKwi)a<rtW f finding k cviioot 1 I Ui manage his two farm*, idlers at Pn vntc Kale hie If ANN, ndjoiuiug iho on un ' arhlffh he resides, in Taneytown District, ■ Carroll county, Md.. |hbout mil** H. Vf, of i Tmu-ykown ojn the road Ituuiiita from Ntififi ! Town la Knnhriuk fry Double ripe <'eoh, | contwmiHg about ; . 190 ACRES OF UNO -1 his laud m of good quality, and pi <>duee* ; wcll—wjiinl to nnv iu thu mriyhiairbuod - j and has Imeu well limwl over, moat of it 1 ! twice within a few vears T heru *ri übnnv • 40 ACRES OF WOODLAND, *>f goud , thriving timber, rmwilv Oak and Walaat.- ’ i Also r snllirieMt ipnmihy of MbuHod. ' Th'- linpnrvemrntn cnnxlß Jfi suV , i liant ini Stoss Dw ui.uko HOUSE,^. ' •''* by pm, w ith large fine room*, and iww ; excelle*!' Collars; a good RANK BARN ] OB liy dl Not; - fcniokc Sumt Dai re • | ovc-rA uyvor faiUag Spring of .good wutor ; 1 j Camay- flu urn*; Wagon Hhtofj Corn Crib; 1 (jram-ry Ac. Th* farm i* uudvr good fau | Ctng; lue a good befintig OfpHanl rf Ihe Finest fruit ; , 1 ddviShfa'gti.i.t w lu tterf , i und Pimy Crtct k fiowsflirough the pia< | Jl is iituntisl in a good lieighljorhouti. I near to Mill*, Schools and Churches : and I •buut U miles from Urn line ©f i!iu Wustorn I Man land Uuilroud us propoaed Rb a | Toraifl liberal, and matin to sail purcW Addreas the subaerilwr, at Tuner to wa P. . ! O. Carroll eoqnty Md. j y-tf WILLIAM SHAW DENIRABLR I *lO TE L P ROPE RTI AT rntVATE SALK. j Til aan WriU-r offers at Private Sale that j desirable iiropcrty in Middletown, Frederick , county, Md * favorably known to the trav i cling public a* the “OlTff HOTEL,” I at present In the ncenprucr nf Mr, Altilrcw UofitnlterpT. The llnure’ i. (• Am ; atory. Iw-i-lr- Ikucun-nl, and Brick Cucli ImilJin*, .11 !>• i )j£l in,u !— UTWra Uon thi. pr.-i-.-rty a hi.j;. Brick Sta rnhM MiwMinf,- lot- Hon.., 4M nne wider near the door. • nn, J r Jlt*lel io. Ihe plact-t | unilt. ahnntta In Un- centre olAketk.n. i FVrMrtt- whkiaf tit v *icw the ptyfjn v .ill pl.-wt- .-rill iijwvM Ihe •nßaerilH-r, ftT ifhlille luwu, who willukc plneaum in .bourne ilt , Hum**. I TERM** of pnym- iit tm rmsotmlds. JOHN HERRING. ofC. net 2*. -2m i ffelh Evlrartcd Without rain. V Tilt WE ur TUB I KITBor.B OMIBG UU. av Dr. lUAUUb BILLIXUIiUA, /> t: x T/sr, AT II US OFFI cE, -VJjoiuiiiJi Ilia Filter’* RcaiUcnee, Vcrtoituler Md. WIIKBK hentaw li. found .1 alt limaa “hwi not pi of.-v.Kiti.liy fin- fiiDimiu, pohn. t Um HriiUjr.~\A Wwlteaday of .rery month.—remnininr tmlil Sofwrtiar. ; Anc B indnn\ —ontl V\>dnfiUy of #r.ry i _ month, -rwninining until Soturday. rniun/ou-H.—3rd Wwlnnday om month, remainint; until Friday evoninjr. Tanryimfm— 3d Friday emalnlßt until the Wc.lncaday following decT ly, apl'J PRIVATE SALK. 1 OKPKU l prliut. le. a FARM uf 1(5 ACRES OF LAND, more or lest, niluatod in Carrwll ommty, ad joining J. W'. Loralmiigh's Mill |ton|Mftff ami the lundwof Jaenh Hunk erd and Andrew ; Recwo, and Vitkin half a mile of CntolMrrf Station. Wetoni Md. Rail road. A largo ; i.n.iH.rtion of it I* firu-nUc TIMBER j LAND, and in trsß w aterml and under food • fencing. It is improved with it large l/KV DwrUinx Home and Back Building, StnMingAr. It krill be so Ml in parcels to amt pnrebnsera, if dcsiredr the parcel indu< ing the huildlggs to Rhva bf or DO acre*. HiuTcrms mntiemtr. KIOHAKI) MANNING, JeclS-tf Westminster Md. Owners of Water Power Should Use the cclchrulctl LErPEL ftTRBTXT! WATER WHKKI., Mauufnetured Ljr tfOOLK k HUNT, llnlrituore, Jld. I* Send for & circular. dccTiCm. A¥ ARTISTS' UNION, Adorn r vaxtko. I RELIABLE and energotic pot>onv tnaU or female, arc watilnd to nolirtt anh scnpnaaw ft>r our Engraving*, and to such wr offer eery Übemi n©ih imlootmato; alr Kplfmiitl tnrntiuma to mdaioribcrs. Circa 4 lan* •ttfcdfdo to be used in canvassing. U | gnlbcr with all iieco-sary papm, will be furninhed on application. Addreas. WTth refvmnee. i AMERICAN ARTISTS’ TTNiGK. I docCbSm Bfi Pm© Siwot New York SPECIAL COURT. Jtrfkr Circuit Conn ftw (Umvß Cfe. ; * TN ptlntwfoTl of no older reecired fttnw ■ 1 Hem. Pi-rm IV. C.xxt, Sj-cci.i -Indy., ’ notice lj her*4ty ylrrn thut fhp Sp-i.l Sev .ten of the Clfceit Oart (hr Carroll ronntr, . will bo held <m the 3rd TUBS DAY, tath thy of JANUARY Mtt. Wiinom. h.-rc totore eumroenad and diwharged will lake I notice thereof and attend aoccinliuyiy- Bi order. • M’M. A. McXULLir, Clk. r dpe 0,-td Dr.BryajDi’sMedlcines T fur naie the following rat. 4 •s’*® ■**'>■ which tire dfeierilwd id ITr. J. Bar.* * advertiaemenl iu tk, “Bern. Adcoeele." r IG, Bril'. Specific PilU, y Vt. flarrey’. Female PtIG. , t Dr. TT'v. other be pm ettrud through the tindcnigncd trhen requir l Dntyyirt, WratudirtS^ildi