Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, January 3, 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated January 3, 1867 Page 5
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axi> m 4U: U IttKMU Min^VlTC TK ICNKRS. :• ciTBk.M r *HrA*r*HUrr. UgV. JoU.V A, A. M. j ; Mfs* M. Urn Furlong. M E. 1.. II Miss Mary V. Manning. Mr. Win. S. < . |l Mr. * Kate K* fWUr. XU IS IXSTiTI TlO-V will wm*n<* 11 the rittUT SRSSION’ jC u SIXTH ilnsiio year on WEI)NKSI)A\. SKI ■ j , TKMHKKMIi. litML will ha w* i re-tvcd at any and charge! from Imw I of jEmuicfe ■,yAH .1 noMIOIXC trim,,!.. "'■'toad tear 1J Sli females, and 1* mail's.— The Principal nwiw only not female* ■ into his family : a tinnitus el others may hoard with rtiiprneerf families hi the town. TViM wi-dting to ocegwth# caiimcie* not yrt filled, wilt .dewm makeewW)i uppii ralinn. , The accommodation* fur Hoarders ate | ' j *-> That ) lor Mm Male Department Is nw of j (hr Rct. JtMt.vrnx* MnuttK I Father of lli. • Principal!. whose paternal ewe wilt Is- over 1 tibi hoarders: that (or the Female Wjlmrt , went is occupied hy tlie nino|W. lucre j wiH nnt hr out communication between ; these department* F.iwlt will lire.insi.ler.el | as a /uiaify-aironliiigahinni’ to it. hoarders. .t.v .1 n.\ r srrtnoi, j NioalMjr of liny Pupils. diiriag the inist , Cr. lib. making a total of 107 Pupils. t ■oohaaMUti.w.. are live f.minuMiimis. rooms, viis The young men's slodv room— ! thchoynlMv rat on--thoyoun-i ladies .Italy I room—the primary room, and the I -..tin. i rssom. ; Uh/ww('la.— Primary, Prepamtotj ami! ('oltejlUle; three ironies of classes in each j Department—ln Music. French and tier- 1 man. snpcrinr advantages, letiu taught *' fw K*pfrhtl attention given to all rbmrnlar# , prinnples; also t*. TVidngnshlp t |dain and | ,t fcwrti •• t*onh4.isni(tt *e tsjmSW. Ilond- ; mg nod-ei'ce-Wnsi i * - * - Six grades of Tudsi -n, front Sf np la j s\l per quarter. New Circulars je. it 1 lolled- J '* 4 ‘ fur Ui ee naureas REV. JOHN A MI NHOI-:, JK X | ■ "jr e • j GOODS. Hew Goods!! MASSIE & CO., Ilel tLUfIUW'H JVXIf WxmWTiO | i)i*y Goods \ 1 IV'li are now reee'vriig'oiir lar'oc slid | xaried hssorluient of F Al.r, A Nil WIXTKR GOODS! As amk Sir.UNO Tnkm ! CHEAP. gig-Givc us a call dcforc purctiDidoc j cUewborc. as vte fed confident U win be 4 ■ yonr intercut. WrUutHUT, Oat. 11, 'il!> _ HKSTKBS _.™_ wiipgggH ninvusn MPttlllM Change of Time. vm MBKIt >nRANr.BNTS. ■ j On And aflh-r MONDAY, My ilni, 1 K, %. 1 •*- tftie Triin a wUI nm m follilfr&i KtmUnnrd, —l<|M a! 4.Jn, A. M.. u A. At. nd I.hi P. M Leave Wa*tiuia(>!cr at 9t HI A. M. wl ! Oi4T. A. M.. nnd ±*l \\ M. HW<mrrL—Hnliiuiore al 'J. !'• A. M., a.HOi*. M. r 3uU .• I*. M. / at Wr*A’upU;r .U 11.4*1 A. AT., r* Mi&M. and H.UQ I*. M..,. „ Arrive V. faivn, Fr ilgr Mb mit V. M,. eH f. M. and h. Id i'. M. W3h.?jaight Train, ibaly each any, (is*- ' •^ii*pres,K,,.i s UCarWsC.,' 1 rert Stoiion daily, iwidj Sunday*,}at il.rt I*.Ai—'nit aft good* fort tUut car muni l>c uolivcrcd lnli>r 4.00 I*. M. For artt informatioii in rcganl to Freights | iitfßW'MrtlMMr* M r. ii. inwiy, * * may 24-tf Snp'L ' IRON, STEEL AND Leather Store I Iwnvtffnni h Bfmclcmuiik, Morhiaftts | farmer*, Sfuymnkrr*, SmhUvr* t and Cnnmhner* rf frm and f| |l T?hn \ufw/ her rjMll'J SukscrilMns inform ike ntijOM of I ComdS ilhd mlJmninW that they have just ononnd at Ui*ni' l*w Wo** | Jiaiibt!, ucuv Utr I‘t'pof t <it Wqrtminslrr. Mi, pM\ ad oqn.flrt* rU** of£• ‘ Iron, LeatKer, ijuus. Spokcu; i'cllowyt, cvoTytliD{j; bolougtug to rtc uud U kinds of UlackiMßMlUV Tmda and heavy Uanlw.m? lino a com jdete stuck rt t; HUOE iW all of whtet arc offctvfl nt fair |tßgna. The attention of coHUmner* ead dealers ore invited to cal) and oaonriiw our stock) , ia niuUiiy anti prices. 4 liKIFSytVKTi ,t CO. 1 io®l£&i(wfs Cheaper then Everi ' At do.y u. vcißTy, r ‘t OppOaitM new Catliulic Cliurcb. , style Ijnlie. end jWmh SUw and Roots Wer ofietssj fee nle ta ehia .Vaekru Also JfensHeota and Shorn of otney Ihf ! • Ua/0 '/! ftxt>!'l! Unit! ot'lhe very lnle.l style band. at tW >eiyGowa<^ wn. r. nii rawr. cma. . nnnntTU. MAULSBT I ROKRTS, ATTO/tXey.S tTLA IF A S *OLIO ITOUXIX CttJftVKliY. 3 ss&sm*Si enfiarted to Ibotr charge. Mr. Mauliby will visit WeatmhnUsr wjieuevr i reOHtrc it. CKlce dirtdly I'rmrt WL. ixotiy CHOLERA PREVENTIVE! \. IHUH. L. mr cheat eixcabi Birr ess. THIS vroyOKUrnrRKMEtJT tr W dl-cm cred and Introduced about twenty rears uw by Dr.'S, iTteoidui, an eminent Egyptian u rvftc had ton* seen and Ml the want of *omc inedv trntwf WoiinA lrlk* at Iho runt of dis *.•. a tod mj prvvvnt much of the nulfc ring which ihi* human family *• then CHOpelled to rudura. Th groat quo-atiuu was presented to hi* mind ■ •• *''*' >.kM ha .man, the atck and dving, and tuxcrvud the loetheien cv oficarlv all the remedies then iu use, Thu.-* be lead o think and experiment rand after ten years id stady and labor, ho presented to hi, fc llon man the wonderful Kingai I Hitter*. . The effort of (bis preparation la the prevention and cure of disease, waa au mat vellwu* and a*> Inn idling, that the woei flattering tuarkc of royal favor were beetowed u;*n him who <Me c H. HU mum aa Idaoed npon the Hull of Noble*, and a g-dd Medal ailh the fol lowing incripliaa—J>r. S. A’Ueteui. the I’unlic 11. nefaeum- . a* blip by the Vice *ne pWfwtrwMHa has Kwa aaed hi several epid-'Wtes l cl.dera both a* a preventive and curative Mvamarr. and w itb anb great sneers* that it ha* been introduced mtu nearly all the g.noral ItaitinuU of the o|d world. The old saying that au ounce of prevention ia a orlh a |wand of enro. apples with marvel U.o* fore * tocholera, ami therefore fUM*ro r tedy that uill ft”taut os against UiU tenihW di*ea*c hm*M be fregly fu*| pertfsleiitlr used. All pUii*h*||Ulr now pgree that iho cholera t excretory organ*, and keep* them ib working ••I gani.n, Tliio is ©**c not onlv of cholera, but *■.>*>■ .11 Mk.f ■ .MVi. The JWhgari fllftiTi U jnt such a remedy a* the above conditions require. Il acts on the organ* of eterelion tod secretion, keeping np a perfect balance h tween them. TbU Hitter* U composed e*ir<4y uf root* and kerb*, wi nicely con con d that sawf negate la adled upon and pul in tone. Ita taste is pleasant and it* , j effects prompt and lasting-. Numerous cases of the following disease* | have been cured by ill Cholera, IHarrhiea. 1 Typhoid and Typhus Fever, Fever, Agne. Net- J VMM Uebtlilv. Anaemia. Female Irregularities, i Dyspepsia, Flatulency, Colin, Scrofula. Ac. . I'riec. one dollar per quart bottle. | Principal Depot at thu W slant street Wharf. • Harrisburg. I*a, ISdd by Druggist*. Iloudkeciu-r* A Grocer* For Sale i W f*Aniielnr Mo. bj Uowr.aa A (, Croeers, and U. lie ana. Druggist. F, RAUTHII. Juno 2v- lyr. SoU Fmpeictnr. FALL AKO WINTER OF ms iv i. mi. E. K. GEMUM, h r AV.KBT MIN 8T Kll, MO.. i. T TT Il.l* flhuadh In* found a htefttnnd eft re j \\ tolly solortml stock of I FOREIGN AM) DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, I Notions, ■ Cabinetnud fluihlln* Hardwnn’. ] QuueiMWAro, j OroccrWf ; BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, Ac., I FliKir and Talilo Oil ('iotlii, j OHrg, J (<lnys, > IVuitu, Oila, ic., kt.y Ac. I The Inrgt' t nvv<n*f\nent of I.AMPtf, SWlcta j Ac , In the Counlv. | Trie nbhvc dt.vekJms Seen cnrcfnllt- wW* ffd ftnd I* rcplctp. In Ibmicstic flrtiwl* es- I pccutUjr, wilh nH tht* standard .mattr* of the | Country, nd wdll lo i|M nt b* low r;de n* I cun he tuirelmw*d lor in the City, j t&T Call hd exaptiue !<*fnre nnVrhkainc. K, K. CVniNANP. POL LS { eoryeif .Mnii. :mllaiar|^tfr<?ta. Dr. W. (L Wltmor, 1 H*p been In jrtCcr-<*(b! pracilen for a namber • nf y/ar*. With fit. cxpeilence of (lit different [ b.Vjinital* In Bhrbpe, alvy a jnetuWf nf tin* An -1 aTrtfMr Mrdiea! pirtltufe of Wrw Tofk. mnlln { net to attend to all p* nfcvlnsal ease* at.his of : ft- >-o. !VJR n/b’cil srrcei lliHarM-hT... ►a, h<t p.itc'nt Medicine* are n, d nr rerom "rgmiXad the Vrmrdlv■* adintiiiteifd are lh.*- J which wilf not break rlur%t (he e.n.*HtnTl'n hat rehMalp die system frdpi at! Injti* !•* If has rui mineral medlrinta artd leave the J, •r*i v, in in a bcajihy and perfectly cnrt d .coo !' that dUlreifflnp And fell ' in health and Hapnine**. nndermin- J Ijj/rth'e copiHttHm and Vcath cMrArlny thon ] and* to ostlm ly g*ar*,**. rati most empnatical rwi'rVwd; * ‘ ’ ' Melam holy, Abb rration that tnt bf-Aliena (ua apd vAKitfM oflnb mind wbleh render* ‘Vp -niofM incapable of life yli-asHrea or I porlnrming the dutin' ofiit\ | in any form dr condition, chror. nic or acute warrant.d rnrablu,. j iVti apat, or falling aickne**. at! rhrotlc or L "”T3KJu*„A*iOJ , HMatraiSiSas'isua i thjgMM which have batflod all prcrioihUl'rdical ; ikm. can be em-ed by my trculment; fid I do I ay all disease*. f\e*t;oxs , s) , pVi6'V can be eurt-d by wearing nv Medicated Jaeflef. #KM i a protcetlnn to the lung* arajtist all rfiange* nf * weather iu allcffmaXU*. Haring Investigated fi.r rcapf the call*} and character of intenhittmt* (fever and agnoi Tn all narf* nf the United ’ State* will enre permanently all Crnhie nr arute ! cae# of ague A uerron* di*ea*eti in a fbw day*. 1 l%mter i'lfrrtt h irhont the tni/e or thawing j Dlnrul. t Taf IT-.fw that dread to lh<‘ Humaa Family , for year*, cup he rcuiOffud with two or three done* of nff rtfftlr H*c<TTCrel remedy, warran -1 ted in all cum. CaWMiHatbin in ike Knpli-b •ad (Mfnwia Ijaarwapcue free of charge. Will malm visit* a**y 4iOMra if daairxd. Mar be addroased hy lettmr (eowfl<enlally) and Medi - eine *ent with proper dipuctaoua io any part of <*! sin biiiAi ?u rwk. i j Jane UNITED STATES Steel Pen Works, jfftlarj, lAMJIES, S, J. , Street., l*bilftlo!pluu, -12 Jqlu Street, New ! York. "'■ f IlhMic CcMnnfod Pend ere cf/ Genuiuc AmeriwnV Rita cnnifwiM* every lepding xtVh* in the Market, tiftd am f*janl in, eUstii'lty wd fttioneem of to the itaaportk-fi. THej p*. Uiertgioro. hereto cnNtimid* <Tf Ac Ahforioau public. and nrin* on Application. 4 Lo|a M.ulvb. OrJcr, of Any pattern or Afitipp rv.iuire<f, SrSwFo- l the fajc at Ike Mann fncturer - Vr W iohaufe, M aU>vui and at retail h> Vt Slatjonera, Ijookstdlot-a and j Ncwa .’JualiV* >n the United States. i K.*sKiummaom*oo. Mice is Soldiers. t T au, now |Kt|rl tn mU‘ oolllw poprr., : I nod collect thebonnty furt4oWr. under t liT* Uto duciaiun of the War DepartmAtH, '*■*ii Act Ju| . r '; W... Xo poy, ur chwao ouido. unril I foollwwllie UWV froiu il, • mi* iwV itoTorin anSoltrar. n . out! :.3 1. r?u tu.'i'j nf Mink firm, ffftfti I Hi: ■ >fnf■’ftopartiAnrf, u flow rend, to ‘ make out the niton, awl CTtlleot thf > KICKAUniIA.VNINO, f Offie, Frir.rU k Mwnflhu. 00111. V SKIRT.’ , THMWtmdrrfW r\**\h*\u sod gnat eon.' I.wl wd nteaaura U> any id4y treat mg the DU PLEX KLLIPTK'SKIRT will be expaiWvd parilcalariy In all crowded at*aakbli*, ope ras, carnage*. railroad cam. church pews, arm ehalrt. for promenade and no*c die**. the Shirt van be folded abe a in' net* to ureapv •mall plan* at easily and conveniently a* a ailk nr dreaa. an'iyvaluable quality in rrinq- I.nt*. not found la any Single Spring Skirt. A lady having vnjuvoo the pleasure. com fort. and great convenience of weailng the Ihi ptox KUplic hUsel Soring Skirt for a itogle day. will nevor aIW wards willingly UiajwnM* with their uao. I'ur Children. Miatea and Young Ladies they arc taperfor to all others. will nut bead or break like *c Single Spiiug, but uill preserve tbvir perfect and uhon three or four ordinary kirl will have boon thrown aside as u.ele. TUv Hoops are covered w itb doable and tu h*t d thread, and the bottom rod. 4 are not only double spring*. but twin* tor double i covered; preven ting them from wearing dragging claim. Ac, flr* Itaplex Elliptic it a groat favorite krltb all ladies and I.* nnimwUly rccommended by the Fashion Mngaxlne a. the Standard Skirt of the KatbionaMo Wofid. To enjoy the follow ing iue(imab|c advantage in evitumoc, Tix. r aiuve/iiur qualify, perlvcl manufacture. atv Ihdt thuja* and linlsli. flexlblli lv. do. ability, t*qmioi t and economy, enquire for J. W. Ukaoli v’l)ii LRxKLirnr,or Double Spring Skirl, and bf aurc yon get the genuine article. CAUTION.—To guard against liapotiiioa be |Mli ticnlar to notice that skirt* offered at **lVc- MJtt" have the red ink clamp, vi*., "J. W. Hradlev’s Duplex Elliptic Steel Rprinys," upon the walilbaod —-none othera are genuine. Alto Notice that every Moop will admit a pin being patted through the centre, thus revealing the two (or double) springs braided together there in. which it the sec el* of their flexibility and strength, and a combination not to be found in auv other Skirt. full SALE in all Stores where find clact skirt* are told throughnat (be United Status and daew here. Manufactured hv the Sole Owners of the Patent, WESTS. BKA&>LKV A OAKY, * #7 C*bauA>cta-4 ml Ml.- Su., N. V. .Jm a. a. uKAiuuaL j. w.pi-aiKiNs. CRAMMER & PERKINS, photographs, A.MUUOTYPEB, MELAINOTVFES, PICTURES IN INDIA WATER COLORS, AND OIL COLORS, AC. HU. aiIAMMRK, Inning nmiiialvd with him in his husinoiw Mr. J. W. Pkhiuxm, lute of Baltimore, who hue had otye mgftnen jcars expcritju-c;, hi Photo . jr.-iphy, :u*l having bis NKW nOOjJs, hearty opposite Odd Fellows' Hull, which have been fitted up at consider* •Ida ex pop so ejutresstv for MNW amifcTi .fife lii tus frinnjls O* NVes’iuniftcr, ami ofCarndl County gun entity, that fher now hare the facilities ftr ’ taking as good pictures, tHi every style of the art.) twt out lie procured elsewhero. .1 MIK’ ill 11 , 8 -J NEW STOKE! JOHN R. BUSBY Respectfully informs the public that he __m has ju-t opened n NEW STORE, it. West 1 j minder, Md.. near the Railroad, and oppo>iu> ' J Ih. Catholic Church, where he hat on hand, a I large and .piendid ataoi tment of New Goods, Consisting of In part a* follows: i Ladies' Shoe*, of every description, puiiih and Rahnoral Root*, of the rorv Ut. 't xAj ' style, Men.’Roots and Shoe, of all kind*, fSI 1 Also a full assortment of Childrens' 1 . phnfor II ATS and GAP* of iMrtAt r,hin. ‘ MUo a laige awm inctu w' TIUrNKS. All of whtvb. hw k Uing wvndvrfully reduced WALL PAPER. , i A aplendid asaortntenl of Stamped, tb.ltV, , Rrqnxfd, (ilaed and Uqglas<*d Wall Paper, f*xk and Walnut PanitrUng for Mails and l>i ijig Room*. Abo Klre-lbmrd I’rlnta, (Rit and Linen Window shades, all of which are of ihe latest style*, at the lowest Htv pritws. Baling done by W|LLUM 00 ON, who has bad .frloqn ,jearc vxnerlence in the budneas. hi Bald rttre*aud other elfiea. Workd .ac In aby part of the rawntry. all • guaranteed or no par, war 15 if A. H. HUBER IBrjy ' Suececxor to .V KorEH.) wM No. *A Carroll Hail, Wtfttmiasfrr, DBAI.KU IX I oitros, niEMfvALS. J’A TEXT MKIUPI.VKS, f’AS'cy AHTirUSS, , PKUFVMKII J, dr. PHYSICIANS* ruuscuimuxs neatly •ml accurately compounded. Depot for the manufacture of = n I nm’KPsii. Jtlß. RTHirwjxi. xJf ~j, BTRICK II toivxc. ffr.<KWs'tosjiratt t rofod projuiru- Tj- nr i .iimm .n , <!fl " of lt)OlH and ilcrhs. with hntimids and carminative** ih i atrengliten the rtMUth and nervous syelom. It w a certain remedy ft>r or In , dgrystion. Nmoueno i, Lop* of AppetitOf , Acidify of the Stomach, Flatulency and Dc r hiUtv. It i* not alcoholic, therefore jwrtJc dlwv * idled Ihr Weak,' N’erropa and Dya L |>eplic persona. For sale by all Pruggorta r everywhere at SI jer Ijottlo. janlMy : |Ty art'll ll t Pr -Sblcklnnds ’ I NO I MELLIFLUOUS 1 Jioagli Balaam r' t wnrrnnttd in bo thu only prejuiration known to cure Coughs, Colds, Honrß<3ua||. Asthma. Whooping cough, chronic 1 ooiMumplion, lrotichilii,mid croup. Ik-ing I prepared frotu honey and herbs, it is heal ing, softening, and expectorating, and par lirulafely Aaitabla for all affections of the Thnmt and Langs. For note by l)rnpgl>la every wrluji%. jauUHyf [PIFTI ...,c Remedy f II MIES, n ■ TT t’twd IhonsiindM of [ thy voui caiKs of Blind and riU*a. 1 It give immediate relief, and ajH-rma • neat cure. Try it directly. It is to bfre. 1 Fov sola hv alt Hmtrjr sb oi W Cents per ' I UdUe. ;n ; junPMy j Lodica’ flpfitf*. 1 ,nrfo'., eVbWi'r./'AMVca . faindf. 4e. ; fw Mis low, at ‘ • 4 ut. W. £. a- Carroll INnrsory. KI:AP kqsrMJ.WTMt, .VO., JOSEPH STOUT PUOPRIETOR. 'I HE SUBSCRIBER hag for Stile I about 40,000 Apple Trees •' *lf ill** must uppni' rj vtunnie*'m bani for uruct Spring planting. A largo supply of 1 tamtf and PEARS. A fi.w PEACH TREES, PLUM and APRICOT. A noppljr of riIKRRV and QUINCE TREES. a L-AHna Kmr or fi RA P E V INKS of alt tbu loading varictioa. CURRANTS, UUOSKBKHKIKS, LAWTON BLACKBERRY, STRAWBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, EVERCR EEN 8 , of Urge sire; At ao, A, large Uof DECIDUOUS TREE'S. TboIP alio dp.iii* TREES we think would do well to examine my stoek before pur chasing elsewhere, ns my stock are all from tested varieties. ■ , JtOgEPII STOUT. aer*if REAL ESTATE Mid CoUeetinif Agency. | Ltll i:VAVS, WimtuiksTCß, Mb., Ojflr? nf sVi'Avjk*//’# fnre, * A "tn 9 .1. M. to 3 I\ W, ! H AVING mtdo nrnmyemeuts for the prosecution of the business of Imying mul si *l ling Katate. offers his wrtiee* I to the citizens of Carroll county who may 1 wish any business transacted in his line.— I A largo amount of Heal Km late always *n i hand. IVrsona having prmerty to dtapone 1 of will lint! him the best medium for its sale. | Also, nil collections promptly Attended to. ■ . LAW COPARTNERSHIP. w. r. t jtoiT. ciias. t, ncirsMULR. CROIT 4 REIFSMDER, A TTOIIXJC 1 X.l 7- f.;( IE A XI) SOU munis ix i iiAxrKuy, W'mnmwsfw* Mb. have formed a copartnership in the M practice of Ijw in the Court? of Curroll and Howard f'minties. and will promptly attend to all business enfru.-lcd to

our care, I’articu'.nr aflontiiui paid to Col ' t bvt iirns uml Jtf'tfpriog Dowt h for ibc.Halc 1 orKcol Ivstatu. | Also. Applied!ions filed for Knell l\v and CltaUbty Hue heir* of derrteu'd aoldler*. I Office adjoining the residence of Cm t. T. ; no-iO if ALEXANDER FRAZER, Clock and Watch Maker. ESP EXT IT ELY in— _ tptu? antler, hi I . ll ■ in.'" at Mr. Trttiuh ?.. lo*l euJ of W< stiniueter, in the room for meriy occupied by Dr. liming a* au office. Jkdug air old experienced Clock and Watch Mukor. not n reprirrr merely, he flatters himself that he ran give story MtUafnctioii to his employer^. Clocks, Watches, .Jewelry, An., . at abort notice, in the best manner, and on - - -'5 f j. j.Taumgartner. Ul4fliey HI IrKW gitkilrllor In (banter). WILL practice law iu the Courts in Car-'' roll county will aid und couuaol thoso who are Holding estate* in tbo Or phans’ Court, and dral\WiiU. DtdU* Ae. Cun Ifo mh* ni the Union National invik of WoHtmtnsUir, from U o’(dock A. M..W til 4 o’clock P. M..and in tho evenings at his residence opnopite the Fanner* A Mo* Hinnies’ Natiorul Hank of Westminster. mnJl Iv. H.-/ M : l dos. M. #ARKE, Attorney ut Luu and Solicitor In Chancery. HAVING Home Share (tin*, not occupied ‘by his Kdhonoi duties, will devote the suiue to the Practice of Law in the various Court* of Carroll county. Will counsel and assist such M have DttiincM hetoru the Or* jwinr court, and attend to the propurar Print ing Office. )■ ,i, : n jnarS 1 JOHN c. PSIZU.L. ...l a. UZINIJiUv FRIZELL & MANNING. BROKERS, WILL bay and soil United Ftatea* and other public SicaviUos; also I.and Warrants. Will buy Negotiable Taper, Honda and Judg menta, and advance money on Collection*. Will pay tkree per cent, for Drpoaltes, to he 1 secured by Government bond*, and redeemable on demand. f s Ttr ft* '*t ——' Kaily Passenger and -MAIL LINE, >m Ia ll V-burg un<l Littlantovii. Con* na ill. Ui, Cam si V*'■■aralnrt-T. - JOHN H. SPALKIXd. 1 d^ C ! 4 lf :*i ! 1. W . HCHmil, 11-/I 1 -/ •** KIAN-’k Afloihcj. ATTORNEY- AT-LA W, >A7) muciroM y.v tw.i.vcßfpj* OflWs over KH*olt k Mftm\iuK’.4 BtjUgl Ofiicrr, H dooAt ludow idwtiiultcf. Md. dt , c7*ly. While / A new and varied bsi'lj^nported wUteiwMM India long Cloth, plain, plaid jid ( checked Nainsook*, Frcovh llvUs, *od dotted, and an crdle<* variety of Cambric Bril lianbi ad diinUy. Wa bare jio hcvllaacy In • ravins we have, the beet line of white asbd* now kept ib town. Call and see fA* rtmnWkee. .r!4 MAS.“IK A CO. B Y * WTO **• wm. n. C(V^> A VI Vf*£ th- owmpactart' *■ IKON OKARKD XHIiPfiERS w ithToltmi’# ! Improved MORSK POW^Hii. PLOUGHS, with Wrought and t'a-d Iron Shnr.*“(*iilii iViints, Spring TOOU* UOUSK RAKHS, for lt. mKirii., ( OHS'SIIKI.I.KUS, KHKU Cl k'J'KUS. auJ , 11 AgriculhmU Mar/iinny i/fnrniify. ..C t.,t'rdcr. me r.umsa Juno *Uk ir*>i>tunsaiti <m Moderate terms. TkJ am *!♦* sflk* AjpniU for the spin uf ■ ombined HEARER A\D MOWER, Sw C’nfruU fonntyL nod in thm part of Fred erick emmlv North of Frederick Ci<y f and tAves inuney, lime nnd labor. and It*, without mmlruvrrsy. huiH iiur lo any Sh(tf now in tut* market, nml fully warranted \f my wild rnk<* heavy, light, tangled or 'udged (Imlfi, where hand rakes or HroDucnt will lid I. We cdfrr U <Sh triti 1 with idVrl the fimlmiM ffflieejt thid (nf ffit* on<*fM*fcrred. Alw) aiv Agents for Critrr't S*Tf- R^jithi(ill)}. GVtlAt ('(ratter ami Jia>/;/r.r. At a time like the ireenl, when labor is very scarce. it in imi.ortMnt that I'armerN, who are intoroti d, p I ion Id give attention la thin improvement, which will con*sdi>rably reduce the expenao ofThmwhing Grain u th* common way. Tins Is now eunsidoted tbuU>t Separator before tiie public. It i particularly minuted to Frtnncrs for their own w ill apply (■► I .ever or llailwu) power, atdlrtll Thresh and Clean from 100 to I*o Bushels per day, qsing four to six horses and as Ninny hands. Alho, for sale Mojrr.iowEAV H “Ik* si.k-Sctu;:m;p ItocKA* way Fax.” dec7-ly. LADIES’ NEW SHOE STOKE JfHT OPKN*kI) IS Westminster, Iktwccii the aud UcifaniderV Store, two doors west of Mrs. Shriuit's Millinery ijpfora. FIMIK nndmiijned has jut returned from J the city of Philadelphia with the largest and Wt NcmeUrd iiork of Ladies' Mines' Children's aim) CeiiUoroena Root* A; Shoes over brought to this turn ki t. My slock con* j i i*f in purl of irfidio' mid Mi-se*— I CurUhu mo le tiiovu Kid Ihilnumdh.Kffl Ijvsting (iuiUtr*. Muiocco liuimorNbi, * PL IV>ii,l. I) .11..0il U.Utßnlaoml,. xml riiil drcli'a Blioes ; also u'j Boots and Shoes, Mich us Men's Calf Cn-tom made Boots. t'ongreift (loiter*. Imre Ihmt.s. Bro gans, Kii and coarse Boot#* V Slwup of all kindii. th ing an experienced Muipifnctim r mynclf. 1 have had nit the above Mock made to order, and fur thy express nurposo to suil this market by n celehruled and well known Hoot and Slum Manufacturer vS IMiilmJelphiu, which for style, finish, dura* bility, comfort and elastiotv to the feel, are to all Olliers and dVe the but fitting pillit ins that can U found. I have taken great cure in the pelting up uf my stock, uud *tn wnrrant e>ery article to ho whul uis nriiri'scnled or the lose will be upon me. 1 therefore itmto the especial al tuntiou of the Ladies mi l (.luitlemcn of Westminster and Carroll emnty to myatocl of (Joods which will U* mM at tnufli lower HSniret Utah the same goods r.ifi be had elsewhere. CcHne one, come all. and examine for yonrelve. No ehurye! nutdc* fr*f showing tlooda. .... j.-tf T. s. KGRtfllf. DENTAL IMPROVEMEHTS. I> R . Hblil't liii|>ioveA lllroui 1 Having fnrnlidiod hi office, in WMtminMer, Mil., wiw <>no *Mb. IhM'l I’ati-nl luiprovwU Apiisrstua for tbu luanufaclurc of perfectly pure xmiiirs tIXIDK GAS, would aimnnnr.- that b>-ill will l>o at oil timra or d "flWfr ""tretp*' 1 -""'" 1 ' of Teefhfm,'Pfu/iif ( l>r. VW’ltß Would m e attention of the ?üblic to hia 'atoly Improved A rvoMnirm. 'cuii'ii Hi.atu ni AaririciAt Taarn. Ry I and aeeim-lv la the month, it* ttmi* certainly | and effeclHullt attained than 'by any style or Ibrin of plate‘bithelto uied by ibo piYfoLi*n. The rut# aad eirrllcoce g a •et'Nf ArtilHSiil Tcwlh are laprU wihaucvd by this bow and truly pntlonmihien] arranffement. . Dr. F. continue* the Trsctlcc of Dentistry Id U'rlL upon tha I slfaui/e D**c, and is to up ply this stylo of wirk jit >fry mod*wne rales. ’ Juno 7,-—<fe NEW STOfTe . : r / and NEW STOCK. Your attention is politely and respijctfully r * / new stoeic Of w ell M ooted (l(j)lUf8 now opening. Immr(tUuely opposite CARROLL //.I Ll* IvnlirtK-hign great variety of GOOI>S, *:ldi suds os y|f • Cloths. Ciissimcrs, fasslnetts, TWKKDS/ .’lain nml MOI T SI.IKKS, CoboubGs, ALI’ACAS. FLANNELS, ' V'O-'GINUHaMS, CAUCOES, r . eAMimiCA. i-.> IIIIIUA. . Wx*ch.-il anil llrown MorsUKES, ■lout., thoo. Ilat and u|>. OUOVFrt, IKrsK, Wool tn With i. giTtiTlrt A 1 *■' STOCK of NROCEKIEH and HARDWARE. And other#ttrticl#* usually Vnidi ore oflcroJ at a small ujviuun.* W Cost. • 1 losicrn wEixKK. f no’WiiS \ Ai , ' j i, u • ■ "" 1 NEW BOOK AND STATIOXEttY STORE. fttirK nhdersigned httvlnß tnke tdeasurc In railing the ottctit loti of the Pulgic lo their well scle^- 1 tod stock of , Books, Stationary, Cards, Sc c., , Hatter civ Id sold on a** mr terniM ns can he uhtaim d else where. All orders fur Books. Music, Ac , promptly idled. V.i- (M tho A gm\* for ih Mile ot (Ho ‘‘lnfe of St<iww*B,|(fikaon, ’’ and “Headly's Jlislorv of the Ucbefliort'* H. B; OftA MMICILI •♦1 WKSLEVf. DANtvKH. MR 0| tf Circut ■■■iprnx iiM'iil In Kcwlnif St.! oi MK-lliil**, ’’ dMMMm 2f>o 11 (mfimytoq fit.. JjoMqu. , D2l Chart uni fit*, CkttmiUphin. VmmMJ fitumt H, W r F , MACHJ XK Tj constructed pi> gn- JL tircly new fn-mciplci of me(;hahlmo, non foil** A* having hi** *HNiifided A# the must profutrtid mid pronounced to be < ’ i '• ' •SiwjJtcity mot Cornhi’ArW* tt liaa tt straight fiei‘4Je* purpcudiciilur actum makes th "Lock cr Shuttle Stitch,* r ,wfcuh WO&LTUEIf Kit u..r HAVE 1., uTk?,uu I*uh,sides; port*wmis sewing uji every description of material, from Uuthcilo the fi)ii:*t Nuusuok Muslin, with or .ilk tl) read, from the fouraetit t, till* fluent number. Ilftviijr uoiihet’ CAM not COG WHEEL, and thu taint |HU;Ible friction, it run* a smooth u* gla>-, uml u emphatically n It pefpirre* fifty nrr edit. lon* jviwcr to <TrMH limn any other machine in the market. V girl twelve years of Ago on work it stead ly, witJiotlt fatigue or injury to Health. Its rtn-ngth and wonderful simplicity ot render* it utmost impossible to get nut iW order, and is guarantee! |*y the company lu give entire mtisflirtion. We ifSpeeifnHy invite ull those alio may dcrirt to supply them salve* with a Mipenor article to rattle and examine Uda unrivallvd Mag hi tie; One fkdf hovrt tiWrwHon ia mjficient h enable a #iy person to work thin Machine lu fhrir entire mHtffitetiirri. Heligions nnd Charitable Institution* will lie l libenill/ dealt with. Aomrr*' Wxyrm for nil towns in Ike Halted Slate* where Agent* are not already ••stabliehe*). Also, for Cuba. Mexico, Cen tral nnd South America, to whom a liberal discount will Ik* given. No eonnignmenis made at all .Add re**, h'injure i&iriny Machine MCtj Co.. A. H C. Mr, Baourwxr, N. Y. Principal Agencies EsUd'Hslurd: —Port laud. Millik. nA r...} providence. K. U. M Wheeler; Norwich, Conn., K W Vanin* ton. Svranule, N V, dulm II Fowler.— Plainfield, N .1, J S Dunham. Paterson, N •I, Peter SeiWl. Pittsburgh. Ernest Ant helm: Baltimore, Thoa. Shanks. Washing ion, DC,.! Karr. Wheeling, W. Va., W 1) Sttwkell A Hm. Detroit, Mich.. A Burn liniin St Co. Fuirbuult, Mien., C u Seotl. Cincinnati, t)., Mathor W Wilson. dcc-2d-ly FOOT *’S ouuurn Hoist art Cali Powders. —■TfcU prwaraUea, jßi and 4vmwM^ kV^BailuKiLf T V oiKhtr'mn*Ui*r*U IT bfokn-d*wn >od tWm ■■ >' low-spin I*4 be mm, fW 9 |B by lUro* tbrolog W V Wa sod clcoDoing Um W \ II otoaaKh tod intoo n r Mn< t*oM* of oil dtT _ tnridont to Hi it animal ourh U IXSQ FKV JtR, GLAUDUB, TKLI.OW WA TKK. H F.A V H*. couohh, ms TKMHKR. R VkRS.riU’NUUI nKttsjy.M kr.T .ku.-ttld ifttif.i Bit th • mivralile iktton lot* • flor loolHln* sod tplritaS hwroo. - - - To kr*|*r* nf Crt lkl prrimraltnn U InvslusbU. U uicrimi Ike Husuill/ sud in>|iroTca the V t of iht oillk It boa Lad !**• |W* by ac a .. , Inst eipertmont to fuawgHL Inert sac thr smn tity or milk I CWtl anil msk me bolter firm and ~* ( l in utuntog oartU.U yt^Uvns * fcskao |ha tbrlfo mock - ... -- —_ la oil 4bcoM f tvtho, OWcb so Coagha, Ptoow ta lb* Loii. ‘J"**.”. will be rradiostrd C WVW of oatierly prevented. It ivi to >l*. • *ty* K'totlvc and cart for the Hog Cholera CO 8} Coat, par Fapar, or < Popr tor S ! ki a. potto * hao., muMi tn< freftamn aim. Ho. UR TnnkUa tt.. Baltimore, Hi Fop Bsio by Hniy* i-dt sod Btorekoopen througb oui tbe lulled SIMM. I NEW COAL AND I. CMD U li Y AUD. fiEIiSK!?EB3BP9S8 1 • *j WMSTJtmrjiiK tun. nAVnrCI perfeetc*! urrangeincnt* for currying on the Lumber and Coal Uusluert, bn Green direct, nt the Depot. Westminster. Md., tht take* Ini* method 6f soliciting the pntrouatfe of tho publU*. He Will hnvo hh hand. Mnd be prepared lo sell at'a! l times at the lowest earh price.-, u full •limply l-l. 4, nd H-4 Boards and Plank, Flooring. . Weatiicyl><*nrdiug. Hiding and SiAiilinfi. .Sldnibk. Jjiljs Picket*, uflo ml other uiafcrtal lepmi Lumber 7atd. Hi iridoiWo kirp for rain Broken. Egg, j Nut mid Pen COAlu from the well .known Hhumukin Mine*, ut ilm lowust Market !♦•*. % prompt attention to busines*, furninh ing the best articles in the Market, nnd doing ull in his power to uccomiuudate customers, |io hupe-s to com maud a sluire of public natron ;igc. KDWAIip LVXCII, ; fob My SASH, BLIND, DOOR* AND Furniture Factory. {moan, jujisrbu i rjUhweii, " %f AIN Sl.rr.!. bfth* Hailroad, ImbM 1?| on hand and Manufacture to order Kd 4 SUES, r ■ v i, : n HUM*, J , ond ••vyty’ i uevrjiouij) a Building. {ii ovary alylc f Having had gma ggMnouca ill Qr httai* our goods to a greater advuningtf mo can be hud elsewhere, Mr' Give us n ej&RL u Mr. sft;—<r. Meat CutUirs, Stufferd, 4c. The fnrivillfd ddubiu u-ylindor Culler, sad J Uojoguo Ibr pU* hr * tol m. ~ : g- Al'^rttoMi 1 A |f. kind* fd’iloK, Work netHy eyeei!Hl 1 Uic ,# Di.'Ofnfii AovooT T ( J ttcr, { Veter Bc .lUwsell, i Unu* ix BOOTH, SHOES, 11 ATS, t A Pg, < (jrraetri ca, Li*f*or*.tmd Ltytktr T r AVlNGjrnrt returned from lha Citi,-, If 't FhiibJph and Bikbimr. witu the l v*t and hot ymUity uf artiabs l>i lino ever Iwfore offer*'<l fyf isale ju Carroll County, respectfully inform* tu* mends anj t\>e am > JFthc c"o..hly &.&&,>* h util! at tlu’ oM t*mnd. a n*tr doors abort the Hnilmml. an*! will keep constantly * hand, m Whoh**h* and Retail, a well m . miTWladul of Mens', Boys* mid Children , HOOT* AM) .V//OAM Men's, Boys and ChildrHPs Hatsttml Capa, nf irtl siniVnad onallHcM also A d 4 variety of I .mho*Mm*l Mis'-f*' Boots mid t (| ol’which will be sold at ihr Went itudi pricey. (ill OCKIIIKH. • A tar#* Stock always kept on hand. sink M Kio nntl Java Coffow, Extract of I'offee, Teas of all kinds, (rushed and BrownS-igar,. S>Mips ami Sugar I|*mo> Mvdassea. Bakin* do., Baking Sinla. Am S**!a.. wia ftiupi, AI Upicr, Ciiu uunon, Clovca, Mu# tardi H i nfrr. Mart-, Indigo, Starch, Madder, Alton, Soap, Cream of'l artcr, Finn, Bacon, Lard. Cl. A Salt, Hnc Knit, by the Bushel or Karl. Coal Oil and 14int|*K, |ti ird Fruit,Tobacco. Segar*, FOREIGN AND JHJ.MRSW MOTORS. ('onMl*ting*>rPartnud Malaga ’pint**, Franck Brandies, Iloltantt ami CoanirY Din, N. A’ Hum. Old Rye, Monongtihcla Atxf gofld Cop pcrnHstfllcd Rectified Whiskeys,* 'Dinner Brandy, Ac.; abo a large lot of llottltd i.iif uont, consisting of I'rmtch Brandy, Bottle] in ItVil, (Racer Brandv. Blnekbcrfy, U’iM Chorry nnl Raspberry Brandies, tWf Wii r. Pear, intended fir Medical pavprweS. LKMUHUy SUOiC Ac. A large Mock of (.oathor always kept hand, embracing Kdb and Leather Calf Skins. Tampion and Mndrar. Grain*] Morocco, iJidic-i' French Unfit Mnriton., Pink Linings, Kimkngx, Ac.; aUo o fll lected ntock of Shoe Findings, ■*- all tit* differ numbers nf Shoe Page. Kkoe Thread. Shoe String*. Shoe Knives, Hasps, I‘atew Pegging A win, Sewing Affix, PUfefU Pig eiwg Ajr! Ifandles, fluting. LlBKaiK Brutitv, Sapd Paper, Ciniua, M*!** ilaanucrx. PirwhcrXi Kniiaiera. Jrrg vutt*p, Uultlierx, lyelela, Ac. it * CKDAU Conaialing of tUakeia, TuUm Inarnni, sit** Blacking and Bnidie*, Wauk HeaeJ*. Ar. IkTN. B.—All Goods to lie wind* <ai* or mailed to unit pnrekasara. i MTHp reinmx hiaihanln* faHflir liUrti patronage extended to hint, 1 gnd, will i everything in hi* power to w* rit ft| conth PKTKR MIKKMJu. docT-ly. ATTENTION ! Largest npd nfft ysonpbi 3MT r seltHiutw nf Fl7 R N I T I R R in U now' being .#>Aal tn i J nnhllc, tr fit A K T B.M’KR. KVN(#NK! i AND CDMMOfimrs M* Afl fl S on J j located alnnit one imndrrn \or*U ta-f of ti 1 IlailnHid I)e|Mt, and m*arl> op|Msile d J Catholic Church. ■ a k I Bin Stock Inu been pur* hasedi il I*lnn j delphhf ti tke *nh, anti ronxids of ll I latest and ntoslimpriivetl ■tvlos, via: 4 pa h i.ok sc Its, Tctc-n tetes. Sofna. Marble top duster >i [ BeauotiH Trthlea. Knvhvg'Veat Ckasva:akf j ClmiuiMT Suits. efnixit|ijyk .of xplcndd ImMicd Hound Comtsmi Ile*|*ti*.wN. MarV t*p Dri'Ming lhircau. MatLlv twp A'ndw I Mash Stands, ril A ! HAS I His xehvtionofranf and W.Hd neat CW i\ Inrgc and of the mod xulnslaiittgi make ; lie will keep constantly on katvl aln mid very ftnperhnr SliK*k of runuturr wfl own ivanutHtiuni.y.. rfiflkrW. Ik?irg hi of a new an>T V-y ri jßMrt HKAHsK. *n* Is prenhr i hl'M*‘^ni COFKI NS nnd uttehd ext notice, at price* that lr!1t AHnttj* p tisfhetii>n. If'- keeps also a large and “'il ’" , i "' ITOT BH. *'* jdSjj ! whicli lie can rec*Hmncitd Iq hr I the Uty.f and tno*! improved uat;P j (crt, f Cookityr. j'arunf Olßce Stove**. , j. t . He invite.-* all to exand'ic hi* SlmuM’** pith;nasineclsewWre. < By a strict mid iui(Ufb| wtlcuUoiij* U nouH, he lio|k* to rctyivc aggrp of pui patronage. lUA K /HOIm;. y. B. —Old FiimUnre ami reja e<! and jaunted on rcA**pal4e tcrr.u. # i decTly. Save Your IIOBfI BY GKTTT.VO IW.It.VSIT -oWf> A. M. WARNED' NKVV KTOHM, [WEST END, ttU&W&n M’bo has always ou hand a ***)■ I FOURIOX AND InySRHTir DRYf-m^s 1,1.. ■ W,l w AVf* *j < fur the i, C-| age, and hojwfal to iuf*nt a coutinuaiw* s ’ the tinroo. •r™ *rm**M*mn*, Quick •ft* I;V-<> .n !>'>• n*r (' LUMBER ft CCUM *wSK which we are wii cai*h. Abo -cvhMi fR r/ feblitf