Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, January 10, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated January 10, 1867 Page 3
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THE lvflf AT& THI'HSDA litlnillnl ( Mil. an flk* i Una b|Wn received from Judge Crane, a]gia post poning' 1W Fpe iTrirTollffwTucT waalii ba H*dl IkMt rogukur May Term of the Ooort Alt persons interested will please take no tice of this change. *fmff January i! : T. tailed w&,scnale 6 OnTcr :t’l S]\ witti u ncaf —afFtfic ;v(o; - jjclng pWHcllffutf,§u?fm/ rtriaii'of lU> SO |>rc!oVii. •tierMeeting"TV.*rh*f]w of JXu clmstci. temporary aJjouruVvf over to id UaU. Oil lvac.ioiul/liilg Olivas dWkr Ktip. ufAnno Arund.l, was floated (rponkor. by a vote of M to I~—the miaority rutin™ f,f JTpthn Butlitiiitui of jfrvd. livV county, The .Speaker, liking hi* seal Jiiiixosed an appropriate nddavta, The fiillnwbig is a Use oMWidfeors ehostin h,‘ Ml lloustiem li ; r aX ’&> 1 -7 w ■ •V-CtWiiH/—Attgustust ‘Gas* vwuy. f AnnWArainls) fuitntv AMrtfa/y' rAnd—Ate.v. ; (M>in of (Jdoetl'AhM's so Stitt. .SsiytnW nt Jr***—Jnehha M Bos ley, of Bbltiitore reiiniv. ' Out unties thorns- P.Towti scnd.fWWeeslWOnoiy ; Isaac Antes, of Haribrd eount v ; Benj Knwcttt. of Montgomery <woty ; . H. Our. of St. Maifs county’ .VumW/sr—Jtweph K. ?rrn<fh. ofl-srm crect eouotv m /bMMt-HlchaM Martin. f Talbot cunnly. /'opes—Olomeut Marry, of Pfimnr - < /AiMHsp.s* 1 Bernard M ilh uf (Jnl vert (dhm ;• 7; 1 '"HWthfiW 1 Wrr-UTKs. .S)#MV*-*(hrer MiHer. of Anne i AruaMMity. •1> , f ■*/.■*—W.'R (We of Mnlltamrr ; city. (tl Us , Jl -o I of Baltimore county .SnythWat rfsXM-rKatmicM' But ■ lor, of Maltitiiore ennufy. -Ixnt'A',./ Mrr'r'ltf **/ Jems—Joseph C. MtWhell.ef Baltimore city I 1 foethtdilP fftoP.—lhriiicl Kent of Calvert county: .fohn 11 Woodward ' of BaUtafcru-eilyt M. 11 Knok- of- Word Mer county ; .tattics W .fHfemen I of Qittef'.VtMCa rouutv ; Wore. ofHakhiortyMy; Phithp Meddera.'-hfl KentninnK; (.cHn llsndv, of Homcrol set courts ‘ * I Hatclife, of Baltimore city. i• % i j-; t Js*ftr*if*Wi/—JManlcl K;" Diggs, uf li.rttiotnrc iiSj, sod Ksmn Lore, of Caroline county. is Think, of How ard eoftnty.. ’* '• .Irtktrhii I^ W-hcPai,?(•( Kfrby. ofßalHmin-e efly. ■’ ,n j /ASHWietO—t'hartM AViMtlnngton.s of ntflfd cmuity ■ • f F. Co per, j of BAWftWc'ftmnfv.nntT Albert Tolson. of l>re fiforgekt T CfaiioV.* : ' ‘ ? ■ f y ) . flAplcf. er iiaftft,,hrc couDfyM iSaliall! Aif Rorrhes 1 \ *or county* B nf Mo.tto.wn. cry eoanty v r'Mf-TtickJjo, bf Clfafivs 1 couutf r .V Fjl ti. .’tdiics. hf Crc-1 contity. and J. 0. McCabe, of Antic Arutid™! county. '*"■ 1 ' tlW%#tA-- ! lJiUDcf ! Hi Biclgaoy, 1 ofTaUßj’tulijtjty.' ’ TippoltjOfrinMury nut. Mcasarcs Have already been intro-' to of a Convey- 1 tion Uw St.Uu Countitutiou ; j 5° ll ‘t#FPl M •Wifieatiun qf tho Maa-.J “ tr y AMkifbFSMi'rHVltiiiaemout uf citi- ; “ s fw# Mff bapn. doprivcJL of the , ri Kl>t,tT aufra|jja, and utbdr important: .■' | „. i ~ oFtttdllurs. Oniric/T, TtpjrSu'idyr .yi.'j , , tnc ac live and ofieieul our Court, has boewyim>*e4y lately, nod A. I> ?(iaeocr K.-j fppointod hi 1 the aptea la wa aatisiotl that it must havc hetla tl#bi**uMbf intenae (tarty the asuaf plea of disloyalty. fur no goh ebarge couM bo euasiatantly urged : j aWyrJtjntt’otrservatirosnd J a foltesfca u7Ahdii-o Johnson umLci a | , *(• sooept it ,p*, a token j of a desperate polltitosb oobßifa ill.* , Radicals mean neither twelve norreecirc i politiil bpabariytn, but it wkiiis to be the aPtaaPf she day and it ia uaelosa to cooipbriats Kjaq.,wull a !<nl ai-nir- •** TCkv! i. Oflirtal Ipfaluiwsals. A<it-il'*; appointed by the eoWlrtned W the i Saaie, BM yvittio, fi’flj 1 days front .tbe JCeei.umsSlSfnt of the i S.'sdoul Vb fHKpnoutbo Ciorernur will-dMrMR MvtP'atr Mpti^ttioos'ifnJ “MW^ygSlef! b*P* ®y*ftc middle Tfc.j nr tlwr vaiioas dir 'MM*.' atbp ' very>%Bftnwban■i|/v haamaini as. powible, and have the nuro’dKftN^Ttkil Vsut9 * M**i President Johtjadtf J.* the Co lk. smt& Mi tw l>t.iat iSSCtfgSgtyyt M btA rrMlst .sS WwiwMcfpSffrf Wfß*™vrettt. mtt-a people, we doebt 'Vbother wffl ®'s|Hp , any effect on the two thirds mnjnri- of the Kadiaal Congress. ■BSf* .' tib, !%rii e ioilut t/n g|i i:ts tug. B \ \Vo fegret Bat .uic I,lT\1,IT\ ■ this week Ui M.IM the h"lc of Ufcv f j eraur pwaunKcniltcot 'McrsognSaVc [1 ’ tnkt such cl flu r &ulc.c us 'lt sue to f ■ p'ln-c tnjryftuie tiffin* tl tcunut 111* ut.iy as puhlhhed i a the city papers, or u the numerous cop. j j ius ocilcreJ to be priuteil. The Fiiianoca | of tho State are represented to be in a | favorable condition. The amount re i hi to the treuanry tbe t!'- ,|i!ip H*r %Ho year, was I ' |,*^ro rt M.ineo Thc'tl??- j of lo fur the .fM*j>ort 'wi' tbeifarlia\c aui\u. 47>.Un, ‘ I ’l'Hbef s6Hrrr< jriniyp;itly by s,;?c u j Stocba bold by ihu 7hj w hole | 4 j littbilUy U* '**.l ol ejiceci >;>.tK.Mh^-XuiwisiiFt.’tnJin^ 0 | war l atis Vfern* to bo ml I 1 j the lb ’ cxloal uf $lt ,5.)O,OD!<, bdi • I ni’ it j docs uot now seem to be in debt beyond : it* availaMo Uicms more thin $ 1,037.-1 I rj t ' ' HP)}.; .• ■ '’ : 11 7,01 Alt -t!i | large* fCmoU üb. whivh is in Uic Chcapt* { ’ j>oakc R Ohio t’.iftftl. which it is said’ I fcxu be djn|h."i‘od of fbr five or six mil- i _ | lions of dollurs. t The refers puintoJly to the , • ottso of tho I’cniijvnl of tho lfollcc t’oiu 1 • . tn is-si oners of llaltimoro, and the jrresl p opt there cohguittod by which tho ! , City Council were elected , . by scarcely one tbu ih of the vhoh) rej*. * isfcrcd tdto. Ho thinks the Lcgisla* j 6 j trtre hnTc power to order n g new cV*t]on fur the Muyr and City Couacil uf HalUiaurr. and llut it ought i •j to I*.* oxcrciptfil There are now in the RtJJeonvictli, and ho thinks Jan u::tfcnsiuh 6f rhd biiiMing necessary I . To sec 're the jiui catubfiaUinejit 1 ofth* Ci S. Nuvul Academy ui Ann ip * oils, the HovowinrV llou>o and uraumU attached IwVwbccti srdd to the Heocral ut. for hut they are to I be still occupied by the lioveruor until, otheruceoinoiodat.oti s cau bo lad. It [ | appear* thvt (Jen Howahl, of Uiv Treed. , jmeu's Hyr.-au; a6ttiallv tiifcrtalncd the rl blca of ck ta'iliiig u force to su- I:pH#dc of iMaryhbud.hK-niwe ‘ of *the ti jintsviitutKiils of n aufior | 'litt;,tn eflk-. rof tli .f Bureau shout n j filing csA at Aniiaj.olis The (lover- 1 nor expoacs tho truth ufthe I prapexly yimljeatf S tho f>la.i. Mhe lolhinmg is the concluding part. | of 1 liA The ylTorl yy.lhc of a class of ,t;are;uc ill, .1 i.. torn I . piny iieeuunt' . oouitnuin-es so .in.-iguifitaut in llium , solves, iuet eip.oyptihlc of Mich eonclti-, I W is duly to bn aeeqynlej I with i!.,' al- I ready fhfvsbaffowcJ, p> hjeludo -'Ury . 'd file lisf-o. rtAuliqif States, awtu (-Uug the JjsrrdotJjH MtT,ju„ati u n. . Alaryliilid was niicofthuorigfnaTlliirtoon ' limit J. *| is It) t'apilal. a'l'iJ al ■ <;£s,ie.rr gpnt ; you' .. uv j i a1UJa1,,1,r.,.t, tliu Viia*.. iv..a conceived.— “'/J ■ on hea.l ill ' . I pfida_aiiill*v;.r! yf he.' j.s t hiainry, from ! tj fhe f the prpf':it tt-qateif!. ’ tfhe recogi.lscs ino toat.of cillsedo-vj,but hef.j ■ ttud dtuics utuli!. tho Cojsttiu-1 * lion. Xliate qha will Jefetj(J ipy every , I meMifut her power. In eoß.iiiilling tlic tiirpardoaahle sin of .h:uying to the | I iicgrulhu privilege of suffrage sh stanils , . by (he sidey&others of Uefaistor thate* 1 ofthe Au.'th, not less .criminal that.! | if audiycrwiulysts uneon.promising 1 1 . ami obstinate in their settled convictions ; I upon this subjoci. IV <U le threatened, a Stste ivHink baa scat o.w-AcuiU of fa.-r p'vpulstiae tutu tho f.ohl to defend , ijafcn; cm bo degraded and blotted firms iiistcncc ugon no atlier pretext,, ■ Abo her fixed pbfj e, it.fct- Lference. to regujatu and jmntrnl her , douicstfe we haVe only to regret “ . that hw p.lrtntlc sierffiors it. Che past T(tavcibocn in vuiu, and that the Union has fade a igto hands more formidable, j th.p those against whom she has bgcu 1 : in this war. Merylaud will cvMtiip.cjto sjai.d hv lity Constitution', :a* idiejMtl fearlessly rata a wanting! j voi.|oVfl}iis hg 4ws now, | ♦lomc from what quarter it uny‘ I Sslo) will net prermno to identify Cua- i * gross, with a purpose to insist upon any 1 | ftjgh measure, j jM> far Jl* Jtjtrself. tho nrrugancc , iof putearguajj pfesAtl for a season, Iml ‘ , ia.-aaoet fait lu occur to all iiitclligenli ~ wbother In Cgiigrcas or e'.sowhpro.l that (lower, autuf ill ways follow llio Hue | buntings pf party, nod t'lytps or iutllvid- j ual lpi„|t'V'y, > y cmubiifc to set | aside eu.uitituU(ial gnarautees, tatty Ond j. ■* h< *HM#v<f oro dpng, when left j ( *guid, the rlcludai rietima of their. | o* polity . 1/ tlie tiiuej i fhouhV cv ci eme t whirl., my icppcu: fur f i tho teprcscijativef ,p.'uplu wunlj ’ in.ikc nls :To'r anticipate, when Ml .(th face f UieCouAtitetiuii and of even ppfineipks fSKfnW™ tboqrast i the. tslftns. tp tile federal, power,, u rgn : Wty in ( '.Higres# fhaUtniceodjin gawp. ' J plug-dirts ,*upetipo-s,, ttl.ioh the, S'tiips n ht horvtalkf* rightfully oxerctaod, pc . . fnivy-ewmli gh*. id urptii.B *f thm great I Mvejmh'ieifis/rojp of egirtofie* i J aulmd lU certain downfall/ yn the | |THjOt<>ry of naliuua ontius-prosperous ns IfUltr uw ..lUan.our rfeutsunbered only i .1 thrdofond-sf liotr WrtKtr galua.s and bgytmefwe ~w>„ ,-< f..„, J. 3' r■“ * HfrtMuvt nei-anuNH. I transmit, bcruwitffi a con.miuiieati.m r' fr.iai the llosw Wus—UtiewarU. b'cera t mfythftJtat*. reerorexi at eim li*. 'native f J.’ e'Sroliaot <m tic Istla nl .iunc last, t cmlfUbtfe Vi/miotWuiun..Ml mend. 1 . wWch wiu your early I f ,'.VI (he extra teaman of th < i.ncinl c ( Axsoiubly in January, 1506,1 presented | hty flews *x Jarg<) in refereneo to the ■ hich had beam i idoptcl add nctcdyUpon by Prcaide# . faieoln, qbd was Jtrojlpscd to be contlo ue# without varifUou .in any material Mart by his MidHksur hi office. I w.t *' siNhprcl(fu>prM(d witilbe c.i*iivicLion>, that to brill™ about barthuny and good I j feeling sad restore our tiuaueial uibuM to the eltanuels from wbieh they bad boon diverted bf the war, this was the 4 ; beat practicable mode in which it could 1 be successfully accomplished, This ■ ‘ plan proceeded up#., the reptfp.hed , priueiple, that This Puf'iU cb.fd lutl be • dissolved by any effort M tbe iftategov-1 I erntucuts —cither by piuceablu or vie- j ' lent soee sion or uf any uthcr j . Tho Geueral iiovuruiucnl was as power- j , i lass a* tliu ii smlk rojult,, Xu Uavc voucL'dod I rcvulutiofui> jtower, would Imvu Uchjh a | 1 i TAlu.d abikuduumcul ul the whole ihoury ( iHinii which uqr cosupiot hamd.— , Tho if broken by tho - detect lull pt‘. a snj;lo lucuiber, v .would ; have csUtbUahed tho .V the • FfdcjarfxpWrr to iiwi jUiii it* national , 1 auproiuuey, Jiud di**olu(iou would have j resulted e* hu iueviuhle van.scijnonce, i Tho revolt of the .Southern State* wa ( tre ife4, and property su, as an iuHrirc- ! ;xaiu>t tho power of the Union.; laud when subdued, left tho Status uu- , eh mixed in all their former relation*.— i ’ This view was not Controvurtud by the Honors! Aaaewbly at dint lime, nor haw. I iinoe heard that any other plan of re construct iun, based upon tho true thco t rv of our j'ovcrumeut. ha* been presen t’d- Thu p is*age of tiie Constitutional j I Atpienduieul as a condition precedent to the read mission of the {'Utos 10 the I • right of ruprcaeutniioii presents to ny , mind objections of the gravest charao -1 tor, so long ns the Constitution ountiu- * oc. to be recognised as the supremo law under which wc arc acting. I may also express the opinion hero, that whether with or without the author ity of the Constitution, Congross should | hesitate to make any radical ckaugu hi the organic law without the concurrence •►f the requisite vote of nil the Pintos, Sonth us well ns North. It cannot have escaped notice, that the proposed amendment, com prising live distinct propositions, tmlxxlios more j i than iu, Uuguiigu would scorn to convey, | and that the clause to enforce these pro- j visions “by appropriate legislation" may j leave tliu Southern and itmdor State* j at t he mercy of tho majority in Cungroa* iu nil future time—subversive, I W . Move, of every principle of justice undj ecjnality among the States, and in times t -of high party cxcitumenl and sectional, alienation, danguroua to die hbci ties of j tho jieoph*. 1 iMwujuc. without the four of cuulra diction, that the Cfleet of this Amend- , i incut ol <hu ('oustilulion us a condition i pre Vikul to the re-ndmissiao uf the rc- | ; vohed States, will be da ultimate eo- i rorcemCnt of ikcgru suffmgu and negro j 1 cqnality, by indirect iegislation. depriv- | ing the Southern and ilordcr ikates uf ! j their Constitutional representation in the j ■ National Councils, unless purchased by j | the elevation of the negro to the ua- i trammeled right of sulTrugc. | AdmitlUkg (he proposed Amendment j 1 to be so just and liUoral, might, it j in commou justice to be thrust uj*>ii die j pcuple of the sSuudkcrn Stale* to be HBwd j as n lever to secure to the negro in that j sefAion what has not been uUmnptnd • vvith dm people of die North by direct i legislaliou ? There .ire ten St.atos now held iu i • abeyance by tliu dominant party in Cuu- | grosM, without sullicient cause, as 1 Ik*- ■ lievo. The war, Jiaa ceusod. and the war [ 1 power of which Wo hear ho much lots j eeased with it. The submission of tho I f'otislitutikuiial Amendment to these ex cluded .States hf Congress is a virtual recognition that they ur# still in the ; Union, ond have i sdght to entertain or i rejitet it;,as may seem most conducive 1 |to their political safety Suppose they j ! reject it, as they certainly will d. what ; then/ Fs the North to re-wpott the war I npoo th!?m /—l<> dissolve theluiion—for j ■ it will amount to that—by reducing 1 them "to Territories. *r Wliat is worse, ns I some havo thrciiton. d. to degrade ilieia , by ooo&maliug their land* and allowing ; the uegrocn to come in and occupy thou). > The Smith makes no nwistanco to tho j exclusion—uhe can make none, i ■ hUio adniits her utter proatration. Par alyxcd hi all rchtion*. BOciul, cummer- I ciul and political, she etdmly rcuigua i 1 hevwlf I© Her fate. This is the univer- i fueling ofthe people of the ttMttt ut the present moment. In his Mcsaagn I ito the tiworgia Legislature, November f 'I; (lover nor Jenkins holds I hi* ) 1 I.mgoaco !* To submit to hijuriou> I changes in the Uonstit niion. when fhrcod * upon w Btte according to tho for US pro- i I scribed for its amendment, would'be one 1 i thing; to pajrticip.ito in making them ‘ by duross againnt her sense of right and justice would bu a very different thing. \ I The dirtbreucc in principle -ia as broad i j * that which distinguishes martyrdom j 1 from suicide. We had butter calmly | nWXit a roturiiing sense of justice and a j eooaequant rellnx of the tide now run mti)r Stroup ag.'inst os." i Jleanwtiilc. her staples arc ae I | -lectod—wimiftrntion socks vrtlicr cliasi- | • nda,- trade Isnuoishes, uml her coolrs-1 j bationa an tho tialiunsl burthens, so iiaportasM to the general tni-psyer,' are 1 represented by nearly nominal rallies.— 1 There ia no sweetness in ravonge wbieh i can justiiy a ooatiniuiiM of such a oKi ll it low'Of tilings. Tbe cuusurvative masses of the Coun try, sooner or later, wtH protest against it Tho dominant party cannot expect, to dwi with whole communities aa with individuals. They can not aooree a whole peuplOiiito relations of muilyand friend 'sflijpdv They may wake, them friends by I kindness and fair dealing, but aot by jinjaatiee and oppression They may . annihilate them by their power; hut hu ■ manity would hardly uphold soy. party in a actum t. she borbarie ages, in a policy of extermination. President Joboson Las brought this, work of rpron*.traction to the last point of comaumniatioo. Step by u-p Iw has steadily persevered in bis plm gl pyaco and rcounslraetfbo, single sio kti* of tbe Cooslitatisu/se fr up 1 nm ettpshle oiTunaing sn opinion In tlu, act o' compkliug bis greet wink—of riveting the last link in the circle—he it met ny the conflicting tod indefinite plans of Congress. I do not propose to pursue this argu- I Coipesf||ho, may * any iim-adjust - rel ilie ! ' wwjcn thf States, aod tiring I ImrHnyS llie tuqurj by lUs aJa. ■ i aimjSot The , podvr is wit li her, am 1 T trnapthc m|y 1 not forgcrnio momentous eoMequuiit'n > involved it. her action. I Congress is the recognised arbiter of i Hit i|tia!iflftitit(ns of h.< Awti memßers 1 If the apprehension of renewed dialoy ! ally js still oxupelcd to. the f JlrostrjSe of the Soft If, Ifhj may "'tic ffotVty in tile Southern Slates Iwh-i-r Hepit- mtatiwe* ore wilhimt the rejjjii'ilequaUlieutioivi upon jur at uid* ard; send us loyal m ‘I and wo will ad a mil them, 'l itis tffOiM srtilo the qnes -1 tea:l it once; thu power is in her own I hands, and so It >s roaitlcd from rho ,| origin of this t ontrotremv. Tbo .‘Smith , oan realty giro tin substantial ipiarantovs I (hat ho has not already given Wo I ashed for the abolishment of tdavory site conceded it. We ashed for a rerun diiitioii of the debt contracted during I the rebellion—this site conceded also Now wc are told tint fnrthergn trantees ' ore to bo secured; while she is weak ■ and powerless turd at oW mercy. ' Jlttt where is this contest to end, nod , j wh it tiro the'pcoplo to gain by it f | Wo have just terminated otto of the I most slnpcudottg conflicts that has ever j marked the progress of a people, cither | in ancient or modern times. 1 his nation I wants repose, and still more docs she i want the co-operation of her whole poo j pin, in her return to the arts of peace, j Tho Southern Stales—so important in i i the geographical position which they | occupy, and their productive power and j I resources, arc now awaiting tho action ;of Congress. Their great staples in I tiroes past hsre poured a golden tribute ‘ into the National Treaattrw Shall all 1 i this continue to be lost to ws * Shall I ; wo madly attempt to bold these States I by standing armies—by despot ic res-i ! straioti.or by the good will aud co op. ( j potation of the people themselves 7 That | in the simple question which prosonh 1 | itself for our solution. The Smthern j j .States will hang like a sickly and with- \ I oriog incubus upon the body politic ' \ until their relations to the Union are j restored. The issue involves no sneri. i \ See of honor on tho part of this Govern-! j mant. It is nn issue of prosporly —of; 1 finance—of destiny. 1 should look upon j i the subjugation of these States and their ] reduction to territorial dependencies ns 1 tho greatest calamity that could j this country; aud we must trust to (he t wisdom mid magnanimity of Congress 1 <U inert (he confusion which is certain 1 i to llow Irom the adoption of so suietd d . jn policy, ■■History affords no instance where a ! i |wpl SO powerful in nmabdrs, in re- 1 i sources and in public spirit, after a wari i so long in its duration, so destructive ! I in its progres', and so adverse in its ■ j issue, have aceepte delfcjt and its eon | sequence with so much of good faith ai has marked the conduct of the people ! I lately In insurrection against the railed I | States, lloyoirtd all quoatidu this has; i lciva largely duo' to the wise gejtcroslly 1 I Wit It which tlioir eaforeeJsurrcud.’r was I

I ocoeptcd by thu President Of tho tVrtcd 1 J States and the G encrala in the inline. I i dialr command of our armies, and to i the liberal mo tstjies which were after , wards taken to restore order, (mnquilitv ) aud law to tho Stales where all hail , been for the time overthrown. No steps I could have been better calculated to I command the respect, win the confidence, i revive the patriotism, and ace tiro the: j penmanent and affectionate allegiance) ] of the people of the South lo this Con. 1 ; slatiillon and laws of the Union than | those which have been so firmly j . taken and so steadfastI,* 1 ,* pursued by the 1 President ofthe United Mates.” 1 The Kxcimtivc, ami Ju- ! dicisl Departments of this Government I I arc clearly defined in the Chnstitutinn. ! j Congress makes laws iu accordance with the Constitution, and the President cx- I oentea them. Hut tho Constitution i never intended that the President I should stand by and witness the passage : t of unwise laws without the interposition j of his vato power. lam yet to leant , that in the exercise of his own the f President has ever encroached upon Hie 1 functions ofthe co-ordiaato branches i with which ho is associated in his plan !of reconstruction. There can he no I conflict of authority if each keeps wUlT tin 1 prescribed sphere, and wc may I safely assume that an attempt at usur potioii will never tarnish the lapio of the present Kxccutivo. the great obstacle in determining 1 Hus Vexed question of reconstruction is I the future slat us of the uegro race. I i hcConstitulioiul .Vntepdiucnt melius I this and nothing else. Tim fear of dis i loyally is not to bo thought of for a mo ment; aba the proposed change in the busts of representation pyinta to negro i aulfraoe and the equalisation of lhc r ra. I cos. There arc four millions of negroes |to be dealt with. If this clement wore insignificant or out of tho rr,y there | would ho no talk of Constitutional A i tfiriiiiiiiont-i. Put the power ot the | iaouth is to bo hold in cheok at least, if I not appropriated by the catr mu molt of j the duiiiitmit party, I .My opposition to any further tnmpor ihg With the ( unstituuon proceeds up on llio honest belief that Congress eou trols all the power needed to pioteot the Country agniuit disloyalty, whatever lorni it may assume, If any aueh exists, iusd that f otHtitulional Au|ci)dmcuts fa lurec equality between tfig races, i'ia ontyretultin the ultimate annihilation of the weaker race. Some time ago tho absorbing topic among political Ogiu-' “* U.fc ‘‘mtSa ’ nl . Ci "' ! awalgauia uon.ifitd the power to hold ofiice with tmt regard to race "or cblpr, anil every oilier uuribgtii pf perfect equality be vweclt the races. This will, all Jo wry -well tot the Stitt* iif the Nortb, where the colored race have never lugd. and, tmanpt bo Induced to emigrate." \Vith' the Southern anil Ifetder,ls question ol social audpolitical,oxietouee holdflta baiunco ol i-.twer j ffc 4 luW years, irom tho swelling eurreut ofitti mtgdgtiinu eldtre. he eomman't) live OutTfOritiai aieSudai.vv The regulation of strffinge oolongs to the State*. 1 never can ootuont, by any aA of mine, to interf Bra with thu vital reservation. It is e recognised constitutional right, t Iw'f ufthc'States think proper to ! sofTnisdistSisifM of cP I (sting relnlieae, Uut in emnnianitne r ncarij : alaooed bjr t hi* INMupi of (hi f tM) fHe'iutWiifti rtf the - | iiogn* no an to count it uto an ele ’! mold, qf uower. will tenju f If 4 oiw|piUnuiirfif'of j ftnc f./er the otnoN—it UeeJrt no s (erpj-Trht tirpreHtct to whom the nwHtrt • | ry awardWh l Hi r> ..v.rr. 1 r^uwvow - all Uusjmji; loiJvn yii!' vrliinbi i boo liriwtvfi ami the K.xuoiuWe. M try laud hiiaMtood ‘ honr ihi dirkunt , perils I fn thls'MnH oTCfrtc th.nijjlitand j |free •lim-WHion. we tuny uurely l>c per uiictOil without v iolujife ur insult, to ci- I prujs cttoviclivns ol' patriotk* t}u : tv, and countiuitioual int4njM*u|oUoq, it ‘this Uowmmuirl of our I'ntKorM, u?i --i JchaiigtKl by the events ofthe past, is | r6(ttgntits the horitiijje'of theie I diildrou. Tho biuor iiutrud and vm 1, (JVtive mdiee with whiuh the PrtMhient has been assailed fbr his In must differ ci-e uutbvtjrwWr f<W the ofohrfrert institutions, if' unh is lo bo perutirr*'] to piss without rebuke, tj farge i tibwri oi* tho pooplu of tUis chantry.- dtdi o epirtt, when carried to the e cess that wo have witnessed, cauuot I tail, sooner or later, to tiud ild own von domuMton. Promddnt Johnson, fortu j uuloiy for [n not juithytil' his j record in lkt ptsU Tuuntv-1 wiUi hij liumblo Qfll jl), in which bo only share.i the lot ot the meohauien) and working classes tlio country, charged I with oomjdicity iu tho assassination of Abraham hiucoln, whosirfriend he was, j mid whoso policy be is steadily and | faithfully pursuing—denounced ns n Kobui and a traitor, after having eaeri j flebd everything for Inn country, he may ■ find hiiusclf ers from the very in tensity of a studied persecution, tho j rallying polbt of a more healthy public j sentiment, among reflecting men of ail j parties, which, i/ it would savo this : country from .anaroby aud ruin, must | . curb the inlempcruie whielt rules i *lc hour, aud inaugurate n new er.i of ( toleration and foibo;iraucC hi our nation • a I difTurenocH, in tho midst of the whirl wind which has been so unjiutly mid wantonly provoked, by excited and ini- i , men. in it not time tbst this > warfaie disparaging to our national j I char actor, should uoiisc ? j CoxsTtTVttcOiAl* c>x vy.VTioji. 1 aV Coutentfon of the people of the \ i>b*tc to revise the present. Constitution . ' wiU.bc advisable sr. tin early day. Some <DU fused r our j . naii.illfr : Happily, the softly l • inent of :W those diflcrowcos render. llicir retention as part of our organic i law ho longer a mattui of policy or 1 necessary nrocant uni. A part Irom' this j however, iliero arc me mures ofpractical 1 , reform which should n.>t o lost sight i 01. in the new careor npnn which we have out red. In any action upon this . subject, you will he prepared to reflect tho public sentiment in determining whether you will ho content lo rosoit to the power conferred hy the ('onstitu- . lion up,>u the Legislature in making j such changes as you may deem most i ; urgent, or refer tin* whole subject to the j people, to be decided by them, i in discharging the duties incumbent u P° n *U l4a> trying crisis of ur j naiioiPffntfaiis. g,*oUeineii of tho Sen>j - ate uuTtlousc of T>olegites, I (rust that ! paht |lifforenc will bo burial, and that thu piramounf object of reuniting jDitr j distracted and blooding country may be i upponuwi in your dolibvrafious. The obligations of party must be aubordiouted to the more sacred claims growing out of h eammon origin and u | common nationality; and those who I have bcoo brothers iu the past should | strive to extinguish, rather than rekin- I j die anew, the smouldering fires of alien- I I ntion and atrife. llclioving, as I dtK that my fellow- 1 cituons of Miiryland, and of (ho whole , * >olit b, with f.w exceptions, whatever j their former aufeepdeuts, desire now to j coppcmlo cerdiidly in the work of rosto- j ratios, by a rrtcogniflon of the old flag. ! 1 ns a renewed pledge of restored brother*! hood, wo should be ready to receive the Hpjwoacliua of all such in n spirit 6i kimloess. ( !• the part ailnlied to me ns your Kxecutivc, I shall goon as I done •Ittco this lamcut.ible war ended, despite j detraction and abuse, bontti from what } sour to it may. Denounced as. a traitor to principles which 1 have never recog nised—to extreme men wlm already brought shame aud 'xludidner opou their State—to vindictiveness and intolcranto whlcji J despbtc— to that glorious Colon which I have lovud bet ter than my life 1 Hubmit myself u, the impartial judgment of the people, ol Maryland, througli their chosen repre .-I thlt'/-8.-ii.u I. ippio threatened invasion by men who, •were ready to plungo it into the horrors d eMt rr, ahd the net loss liarojwtol, 1 * qiaohiaat ions of torolut iott- W> agitators n your midst—lf I have turned back the currorft # of a bitter and teitoa the very of vour politi 1 qn*ait ÜbA—lfrWe^cWAoa to the paojOo ok' mj ftoto >hotr just fiKhts umlor Coiutitatum and daws, I tniy ftongfSttllate IlijiclTlli;,t icy administration thus fur baa riot bee,, qrithuwllM ffwiS,-’ to tibiintnininc , the topremacy of tbe laws—the froedoAi of republican ipeUlutiuqs, and tfiu yredit eoiistitutiimiil upon wh .<+. tun-■ our pm iMov't)fy as a pei. flla must always rest ■ ’ov... i . ~A . G iIOMAS SWANN. • i There igbt''mfiottfliMor. ws ofeiHtoii, oalitd" nod woolen gtHflli m •VSuboeribo for the Advocate. I \ fe iftfrnca "" •* • {*iMD, jn6 oroilunfg an&ot AeraWy H uwfc of tin gk*t|cVi,iii J| that |i;m ro- H eoßy "V bdHrphic thfotign ATcatnnrister. Tho origi •) mrt 4tompniy had a tingle wire extend 0 I >p: from Baltimore fo Union Bridge.— l* Recently, this UompanyhMg boon bought out by the & Atlantic Tele *. tfmph Cpuißttiiy of the United Stales,” I’ who lia\ar ( nuw two line* of wires in > operation running from Baltimore thru’ - Wtia'IWMIAFI to I’ittsbiirg IV A bv.niclili.oi also bqn; c’luphU'd k ' ♦big line at Fountain J>ale, above Fm • miiuburg Md ,to Harrisburg l*a This • Company worka in connection with the 1 | insulated Urn**,Telegraph Fumiutuy in ' the Fast. Tlmiv ngenfs arc Mill rapid i ' ly extending Choir tinea in the Went.— • | It is designed to hare an independent • ' lino from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, at San Frunomru California, with I i brunches n<#m to bo made to Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago; St. l*uis *o. Thus ; ha our dcciioA of country become inti r iMately cmiuectcd with tho great net ( work of Telegraph covering the entire t | land. President of the Company, (Ico. •111. Thu rat on, Piti.-burg Pa. Vice Preai >|dcnt J. li. Shaw. Pittsburg Pa., Secre tary and Treasurer Kdwar l Jay Allen I I ' PittsbuTg . n . A. J. Baldwin. tiencral 1 ! ‘ Superintendent. Philadelphia. Pa, ftp- ■ ■ ; fralor at Westminster Md., Mr. Alfred 1 ■ | W. Dell j limisK.—We invito atten- . 1 liq i in the Advertisement of Mr. .1. H I i : Spalding, of bittlestowu Pa., carrier of 1 i the Westminster und Uetlysburg Mail ; i j llis advertise incut vai sent to tbi* office j •, some weeks ago, but was accidentally j mi-laid. Wc hope it wny still lc of 1 ’j service. an I that any pen*#!# hiving in- j formation in regard to the Horse, or ' the Thief, will please (oiumiiiiimUj with | IMr Sptiding. Tho papers at Frederick • , would do a worthy net by a brief men- j tiou of tho matter. Mr. H. has faith-] j fully carried tho Westminster paper* j • fur years along His mute to many M|b- j j seriLers not living noar the Post Ullee*. j , j and is deserving the encatiregetDciit of I I the Press. I Ki.kti,v or Di.ijcrrmv —I. K. , • Longwv.ll, Jacob Powder Dmiel J. i tfoim m. Ahratnin S!i ifer. \Vm KrfeAo.t John Il ib.'Vt-*. L:Wivnsp Z ']i. ( lien ! ry Hoppe, David R; Sen ind DiviJ 1 J Ocim m w ,ru eicel l Dire do.-* in thu . i Union Nitioml li ink of ‘iVViMiiiinltf. . on Monday list:. | tnjrThe philosopher and ]**> Mates- I man. Add Non, in his Sy the first ’ and most amusing of periodicaV in his j J papers on Country and Pity Idle, alfotds , the lumi genial remimocioUtion* loj preserve the health and purity of the J body; his jnst and benevolent teachings 1 j w <i res)Met to health may Is* sought read with I he best efleet, by persons of all habits and age : the g *uer:d good [ effect of gentle medicine*. artistically ‘ cbm pounded, Addl>oii’s vX(M*rieneo and i intelligence nvouches the neee-sify for He lived fo a good old age, and went ho I j living, would up doubt, resort to’a Life Pills, a truly hfr - ving and bene* i Heial remedy for purifying the blood.— ! (See advertisement ) J.m. H. | A'tt'ii.’vs Fa.:Ua-i r *t Jantabt. I* —Aiming tho le. ding article in the j h'tirnitr, fur January. are: Former*' j Vhuh, their value, and how they should 1 he eon-tifnlcd; fsilamr. its motives: (i.‘l I ir/hnti ; [,i> \>lj t // j, r.‘;w nft nn 1 htfofurt examined ; Sla ty of Jjrt< a/, hint/ /orb, illustrated bv lUr pructice ' leorgia planter, who I* ivs. yearly, i Npt thousand dollars' worth "t cummer-1 ; ciiit rwtilr*or, with a "nvit ufori ' tl 1)11(1 well rul.-ctci) 111 liter [ir ictieut 1 •mil ciutißf. I’rivo pci year. i I'liltlislictl t>y Wurtliincton Sc Icvtcin, So. 5J S..ulli Gjj Hivoi Uni: ituoro- Mil. ns (iniKu. | On tlie -J nh wit,. nStlm rciJruiv of tUc trtilc', futlicr, by (lev. Jnnu-* 11 Kll- . l M. tu 1,U7.1S . .-(- .ii.l .Innjjli- Icrnf IVrry Bmnott, E|.,nllnf Ciurull Co. | On iii-iliiusiUy morning, the ‘imti nit., in ' the Mnlli. IVitentnnt rhun-li, I 'iimmiu.ii n, hr Khler O, I*. Snybir, Mr. Tunn.u. W. i Ur-nKij. t Mrt. M i Sr*, nil of i’nj.m liri-i,',. t'nrrull onnntr. Mil. i On ThurOnv Norembcr Hlli IMM, it ) “Htnrr't- Melliiuli.t I’n.leitint ( hurrh. Uni I limorc, Rev. K. Mimox llini';>, of the i Mnrylnnil t’onferenee M. I*. C. to .Mira At.- i mihj l.trzm Co*, ilnnirhlor of the Into Kiib- : mini Cox. Kw],, of llerefnnl. UnlWmon- ! ivnintr. Mil. t'l-r.mnuio. tn-rfin-ttied hr i ■ Uev. C. Corlmt, tuwl.lnl by lUv. I John It. Xicliol.. At the riHiUoorc of the lirWh-'. rrarenla, Pee. At. 1 null, hr He., J. Kelwin Anion, j .<lr. .loiin D. tin iTzn. of CnmiU rimntv. to i Min. Kijxa J. rhoizhter of Mr. 1 humnn Iterilhim. of I'mleriel. eomilr. l-rwieriek Ouinily pnpon pleura cn[>r. utarH*. * At hie rcnMenec In XVMtmlnetcr. on FM I Jy the till to*?., WiLUiit K. SiTtnxMt Km,. I ngeil ft rtont'4 month, oiij 7 dam. The ' .Ici-enneo bin I R,r yenrn been nlllictej with ' thut Mlilineone Consumption ; but neomHt I to lUy its roragen hr the i-smw of bn in .lomrtoMc ni. A few weeks .ioce he re* ' iignetl ilioolfteeof Magtfrle,nj ronflmieil' to ■rraiige bin bnninets tip to the (nut tlnr ofi hin hfr. Mo won bnried nt Wrlmihrtof ('enirt irty on SntiHur, n ftineinl rerinon be ing ftnuMtA hi- Rev. Mr. Amos tormHM s nu-lierti-e. - XcnrVfnlMWd, Csrroll ronnfr. on the i|i nit. Mfn. Jlxnt I’lmni, In the (M ytwr (irbdf'nipt. - - !;■ On the ftJib.of ffrCcmher, I fry'., Obi*,-." ? of** (Vimiit*io;HtfttM'. ) inr of Ws „rr. i on* ofthe di-fi-ndrrs nf Uohimow. f * ■ n l ltihori; iHKrn. ~ TvMoir, JniADi g, 1807. H Kino .n-HoWord Snoot Sopor mi Cob hxlr* llosU 0, do. Kilm shipping I* j! I **. l * "Jr ** high gno*w fnnoty 14 .StoSln: Ohio Sopor Cut I'.xtro 10 7.511 as porbomf. Urr Hour . -rui-w i) 75. Com Menl-Cily Mills ' SB per bl.l. - :l .ii >,T yiUip.-“Wheut jtcoreo ; wo hovo only h> I i>ohc a sab of 4UP hnshn I’onuyhania r-J, lair it S 2 'JO. Corn. -100 ballr wlmoaod 10,70fi boliels yalloo ruveuwl: ii)Q iQsrkrt wdfl higher fur white, with -mUm ' ‘>f I httslw at 1 i o.', and BiOO biutka dry ui X)7—dOOO t ishols yellow at *' % .m /;•, •* I.OH. OoU —5500 U ° IU "' 3 " , f Klrta *- ‘piote i 1 " JhWiMoifrw-lWwi ijva little doing! e reiKjrt suiull sales of Bacon hliouWer. at J rail) cents. HiJoslltalilct., „d Hama Übu its. Bulk Skouldors are held atOcir. Hides lOuIOI cents. Mesa Pork s2l Ho per , bbj. 100 l lij- cts for City and Western Mils, end Baltimore rcSned Id els per lb. ALL kinds of Job Work neatly executed at the "Dmroeasvic Aovocsn ’liSee Tl.„ ItlMli Ms. Ili'iTidiflii 2khiff snider. Ksq., Auditor of tbo Circuit tNmrt * Ihrf Unmdf rmmty, the Jllf' - Court. * ru&C Voi^s t operations'|h*rforniwliiy tnc loiiue, ond to remind you that thrr hsfv . novr -arritii-fl their // victim. Tbia illustmioj most full? tin* fort, that than* is *• n P now tilled by a radical, whether high or low, however liotiorublc iimkdifni fled h mar be, that Is nor inikin i with )tw bet the axe full, for thr time will s<a<mi ► come, when it will full with no** fon eand • vudfiicc, reaching positions %ait/or * , thrmtrlrr*, ) which Hi lh#4r own ibingkathm, they had madi* (HTpiUiial. . ■ —— i-Miaim Ql AKTEKLY UK POST ... i Of the ciiidilum of tlm Unwm If Hank of Westminster, ot (he luora- • 1 ing of (he first sMnuduy of Jamiar/ _ , y* * (• HA. Bill# vnd Nolpa ilUeuaotfrfh •KM.SS.I iV - ** Heal Kststt's b.UOo pn rurrcnl 4/, j Pn-miutn*, m 1 Heinltlsnoeii nail othrr Nik ! IJM * .... j line frnm Xaliioisl llstik., Tjs ;,1, ~ 1 J- Roiiils depustti-d Kith U * S H i „**■ TmOS.rer, N.SM.O* t *7I-S*“* j Hp. c!.- I.MOftitf f Isfgtl T< efcrs, IU3 W , fumiH.uud Inleret! Jl.Sf^vV .1 tusim z ■iv‘ , • ( CR. li , Capitol J*tarl. rd.tll l A Rsrplu, fuint, a,3lk kt | • Nolesrrc'd. from (bmp’l. [ A moil 111 mi lisad. I'i.lU V^U I Aoi'Miiit imlAldPiling, ■ CT.Sirfe : -VmmSEI ( Who Xstidmfl Bniilflr,' ® 1 wf ! VlrriSSl.ef >tsW* Hank W * j FM*rsnmi, Ksrltsngi* sod 10. . iuSf trl bworn tu Ibid H dst of J anna-t ls7. 1 J.d.iiAimsgrrsißß. bmt '-askie;, , qYARTSRLV REPORT ! Of i/ih /W XotUlHli Jliinh ttf' WrM-i ma*h r MJ. , Mimthty Aijm j* 1 miry TM IftCf, ;; n IKt, nilh surf Xwles iliKMNint.Nl, #7i,075 %? rurrn.t | ON Km witurc ami Kivlure*. Itt W 1 H.'*! K-i.tiP.vni! S.SJS .'4 rt I S. r* IWo Hpj. to ffcnr" Hr. Ino.uM : I “ “ •* m. hand. !•• m •• •* T A in \t-R si. hsu.l. iN.miW ■ k -i '* “ A I'll. Nrtlrv., 17.1 m #0 d r*h It i..r|t,.ling i!SZ?4 ! I’- U. I.fgal T. uder Not-o and i Rp-yi-. .msm g KraptioiMl C urrmerp (M S- ~t 4 Nathmal I,set an .. t-tstc '• tow ..I 1 to- froia Nnlioeal Beaks, l.ars as nt. ‘~ lm< Opilsl Stuck. KkWN Clrinlsli ui, 00! H [...pits., (O.IWH liae Naii. ri#! Utkf, <&/&*'* M. A. rv A -era H* 11 l'-h* .* jf IHVK HihscriW, intewfim I 1 hid native pmintrr, v<|ll ..ffrr at f Ssilo, mi the prl'uil.-UHt,' al(dsi>-d in WfStUiMt* ' Mrr. Carroll ! V'mJtry thr 2H/A *hnf •*/ J „ n<t*f '-t l - oyjnjtk I*, M„ thu4 vnluahle ■mJ c..i*m/’. * i luent llnusennd lo> ot ground, now im'Cu 'pm I h r himself, himled .m Main *grethr- I the o |urt of i in* uo, with >•* M tW i 11 inrgo'knd ronthy. hiiiin, tleeh lately Mt’; Imd conveniently lilted np. It ‘“fOgf-c nc, hajU partly of hrii-k, wkicli is ; |trt C1... so.l W, JanTJaet there nre tno Houses traaanledi sod may I• nscrtScperaltdsr. Tnm rsrtnth,. Ms**- a fiHid M ell mid I’oron of exccll. nk —SITT, a gisni S|irin)} Iluusath(uhgh pldpli tWWfrftS ! tor tl..w A from the |imop, mi r jrvlh-nr-fc > ILotse, and a new Kliddc. with tktv. .iifjl j ami CnTriaci- Uousd. *_ i3I I&1 lie.*- call trnd cjcumVit, fMpVS t dent tin* pmjcirly wilt rawmsstfr- RsdfrUa t pvtrt-bnsgat, ■'■Jv: Jenns mode known on tin- day of sale, . j Al.ntKP It. ULAiMK. ■ { jsuUMs A MAN, cnlKn; himself Bill ir’iniaPm:" < “•■nuts, years uM. of mrdiuni 'M*y -* 1 wati?ss!3um , rom tloi Sobsenla-r on tho Mil of Uewwmha* .1 [ O-t. n smell dark roan Hormi. II ymm wU)> ,h< nor conditions mark un.Wr th mjlir . mi l<4 i>lu and uudor tint nauio, 41 lin(a Vlatoil. silk a siople rein fair loellntr UaiH 4 ate an .dd 1. S. covered Sed.Ue. I siippwa* .... Ilv l ' dn , poed of 'Jvc horse in CareSTlr '.. . O'slant* Comities. Md. Anv itdunuwUm n 1 111 10 t1 . ,1! , h °VW of thief, win 4w a tbflllklully received, and Ulna-ally rewsrtdaL n OJ eddressiiiß ~ "urn*. He.tuMttkoilmdb" RnunSniraßft * ret MkwW . 1 i OKbWUMf MV-teAVd V STOUFFER t HOFFMAN, Mew WlmUctgi iFj ty ✓. I DRBtSSmion *1 Chk Tvifkridge. Antk 1T * rtvy/ . tT Ponictfie OeotfaL a , . I lOking, (iinyhftau and Colkos. XmUn JUi4T received, nnother lot of (Hom cheap Halmorali. Stouffcr k Haffrua*,