Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, January 10, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated January 10, 1867 Page 4
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ItEALKSTATK, rjY ' irtu s hf rtie Cimdt Court" 11 for Carroll county, the Kufi-criber, os •fruitoo Iheaafiy atipoiasetl. will offer at I’iiMi* aWe. "" the kraniiaee, in Ttmey lernrUarcdkcoasUy. Md., on l ■ tu wit: rhtXo ( "tiMO<">l*l ri'itoiiwii* nhout o uwitfi ui Ta'-i„,n. fi,l. torrent 'V n tft I ** Cat'll* Htidt-I I diet! Q&SSSSi£T ~1 Sasoke Homo 1 aßuche.l, ■ ,-k.Me, Here Odis, Huy ini kTapotr dh**d. ,f s t. AluMhal llou-e and Iml of (round, con linjnf aliowt HalfatH-A.-re of l.mi, ahimted ■ Tanfrtmvi'- Md,. whereof the hue kk d am Rwlisel iliuJ, kima ii in the ■Sknidi I’ti’J'lrtJ." Tfco imiTpvtaianU ~,-id ofoJarfl! ItlHl-alorj I, Dwelling Hohsc, I*cil J, MmnU} 1W p MviJkuim: uh Tu* I -v', !*Wa k apj n AViMI uf never foiling >• o ipi bat ynljgil'jo i>nr-rl of I'nntnd Minutcl in r nway mb* jWM*ylowi, Mt. f containing it AVH&i OF, LAND. moff. ur lum. i MiriftiWitaf iy an Alloy and per- j (in TtHrft L*U own* , *| by Mm* Roman Cntit* I lir fetid other-*, tin*) on the an Alley. In-in; lh'- wnne I rw*Ht vf wtjfrh the mtd Vnillam Rndisi-I ! w\ Hwlt Ipd wHrti wa* oonveved to Mm i r Au4r*% Cfc kl. f *u<*l faii'AHjt Mol itl a high alale ofj ' ‘in-n. Alllh* #Uo. |mrc**l will Ikj *>l4 HuUject! I any gronud ivhu vh-:l may Ihhmuiks W* i ill? <l*c IWwoh. ■vi A .ALSO, i I ib* •*!• lima will l*e of.-r.'<l nil Mini j |r JnciraHle tyoIOIH.O f, vnniainioy I 3 ftiyuja uid Jj Jwlvos of I '.a ' •re of Icm* MuOldf<*Ofinfy. about f hree-fn'irtliN [initf or Tiiin?vti'n, wlu*nof oiiiii pliam IIwUmJ died TMI. a-i areli |fr"jnrrtjr, i* worthy t •itentamyl.-insn ay *l'yratoirtuk<; n |Vrnnt m*'inn; fojici* *ii)l i.runcrty niJl . P.X^hiOm > Tor nr. I‘ •iuWvrjlM-r jriTofiU tkc ylt-.^un; ir ly ni'imßMuiv nl A M. IV T*niM of Sal**. a< piVdirrifir*! I*y t lit* ' ar^—thwt .nic-lliinl of the jmr hft*c U ll ’ |)Bid .li.uyl fiianii, ■>.and tw.i years from flu- div of S,il>. • k inl.-f. .| from l!ie duv of nud lo l. I '■ r " rn-Mc; i.>sKf„ ■•MM* . x . TrU'ti‘. I 'vmm sale l)i; A v.\! t r \ Ifl.K fASI I CttWLL CtK XTY, Mi>. P tuAf Aoncr 1 ornt T*n'vntv tV n- Kttbf.icvn‘for t!i 'n*-r. will #HVr ai l*ul|lic Sait*. iryV Mm ■ier. on sirriiruv. .Vvntaiiv k. IIT - ',t-n r „-,.|,Xnr.4, nil tlrot : iii.lrJ’hiSlllr improve 1 F.\HM. .orm-.l H.’Wrilßf.i; and u.-r.p’ed lo F. bfMl.' klfiiird in Cufrrtlt'nuintr, live ” nortli of kVe<tnuiutiy, Marrliu l. and I a mile front-tl.r tlWrvaiuiVl Ttirunike |ir. I Aerrstf Laud more or Iris. t emini>i( of a Prsunc 1 HiASUI.V liUlilk, nn.| #|.liuli.Hy Hnis’uvl in thv 1 [fryjWffl l ; ylili luryfi* fMm>ho<(nnl mm I b) 4 j*urrMin|f .1 wiUi fin*hr;? Ali a lurae Jlarn, rarrintfp ' W<*n-y. St*nf • Ibtiirv with kr Sfrtiitf f kh<l Ar.ttnr nt\r the nmt othor nfcWMfV miflvoiM* H-tV wluMf* Iw4nf rtvw ami in cumplotf -milhr of jjhnd <jnnlity. low | ’anW m in n htjjh "tato <r mio* at the premrt time. I* y (ni l •loconvetiScnl U, nmhr ••xc-xlkuit >if. ii< a Im* JBISRIiMSPjitI *** , C thr*ajjh it. I ln*n> id iilmut !•acres Tiiss? m n fiu<> Ajmlr taol of thn !#.<( frvm, bVnf an nrtrtlancc • Vr ft ail irwd, arl < iV*nrd. I A‘‘- —all carefully jnjltHdinl 1 • *nriMjr ron<lilim. io6Wfe6. *e wifhiug to view tho fnnu will |Jca<a on the truant Mr. llurffmm. .tcorivnl wt Private • n#t, if n <M •oanrr tGnpoaed of; will be i itumlioiMMl. irTfetwa and other parlirnlarK apply to t HAMHLKTON', ,f r . A< 0. hi .A**n*j* *fU. V. Umiul . , • Id* Hi k AUtangli t oilier., ) / \r.naaan thin I .I. - [IJ 4(1, day of l • n|dra ft oilier-. ) Jniniarr. I 'if, 7, j fcby (•■ TT Roifiuider. Trustee for ■ <* ** Hstlde dehredd Z l,r ' Ite finally ratified and confirmed,'uidsuti , ; for fifitnHMOKtth n week - previous to Mat day f January Mat. Ihe Report ' Amount of oalea to bo S *,’7H tL - ■ WM.-A.*. Clk. *Wafc!feß..|e7r j .kWpaufibsßW arsons tkat have puixbiired t . unless the t# aa ti 1 the Uikih r 1 r ofJjMfjd* *i|M*uiUte uKllxA’fTr, ,.aA ,-a •WOfiMiMniV Yotlrr, 'J? Co ty for Cmoll Couaty Till neat at their Office/i* By ordar, v ao- r,| Spectal outers. i'O CORK . COJteCHimox, tliu ftym bo prepared so thsi (be lungs will heal. To accompli* thi* (he liter and .v.nch must bf cleansed and an sppciltc created for ffwi oletomp fnoiT, which, by these medioimw will ba digested properly, and good healthy blood imilc; thus building up the mtuiitutiun.- Mamuuks I'iiluclcamu?the phuoarh of Al| biliout or inucau# accumulation* < and, 03- ucuig the Sea ,\\ yed Tonic in connection, (\o appetite I. restored. I .Sonta*r* r y rciaoiic flviivr U nulHcfons a* 1 *cll ns mcdlclmtl, and, \iy iMug the three rotu ( ‘‘diet, atl Impurities are expelled from the t*y*- j total, ttyi good, wholesome bloyd made, which | will rape) all iliac me. If |*tienU will lake j he. mm) Macs according in direction*, Cm , fumpllab very frequently in it* lft*t*tgr yield* j readily to (Indr action. Talc (be pills frequent I Ijt to Heanae the liver and atumach. | docu j not follow that b-*vmyo fhu bowel* are not coa | lira they ufr-Wfcfrq aired, fur sometime* in : dltarrlimra they are neoewmry. The atomarh j niM.t Im kept healthy, and nn appetite created to allow th Pulmonic ffvrnp to act on the rea splratory organ* prnjyerly and allay any Irrlla- I tiou. Then all that i- required to perform a j permanent cure I*, to prevent taking Quid, ' Rxert iar about the room* a* lulldi aa poaaible, eat all the rklict food —bit meat, game, and, In fact ant thing the appetite craves; but be pai titular and masdeate well. (M mu. lyr IIKAI.TU AX* .-TitKXtiTII TOT UK SICK." ‘CwHiumptW Tan be rtirciV Tomumptioir .SWAVUK'rt ‘Can be rurod.' •t.'minmpiion' . Tan be cured.' 'Consumption* CUMIMJCND ‘Can be cured/ t onaamption' •(! be rurod.* *C(Mi*iiHiptlOf/ SVUIT OK Tail be cured/ 'Ooa.ump.lon- ‘Can be cured.* "lona ana pi iou' VV it* Cfiraar ‘Can be cured/ •C tuiamuption* ‘Tan be cwted/ ‘Ootiauinpliou' is tub Tan be curtrd/ Toatßaiplioa’ ‘Can be cured/ ‘Cuniumption* REMEDY. '(‘.in be cured.’ Thirty year*’ cjcperience, and the • m<uil of o*,.iinnnT fi.un all part* of tip. world ha* proven it a standard and reliable remedr far Cold*. .|>tliuia, llromliiti*. Nervous itr, Blood Spilling. Uvr Complaint, I'ain. in (he Side and Urea it all di.aa-et of (he Air l*as ••re* and I.ung*. Prepared only Im Dll. SWAY'S A Son.. 3W North Sistb Street, Philadelphia. Said by WM. HKESK. •elll-Iy Westminster. Itrli ! Itch 11 Scratch ! Scratch !! S OINTMENT mren Itch in from •>•<l,./. (0./.M.f, •TKTTKU’ ■IS ■ircir ‘tktTku’ ■ JClr .TKTTKU HI •mir is craiKO Tins, •tettkik S TatUAIKNTINO SW:; fjjTCM- 1 rmrn,(l\| ' 'TKTTKU' i C.r.. If chink I*ll-1, ITI-1 Br..M ||.B, ( iGull, 4l Ktiii INmtn Pr.p™i ,mI., b, 1a SW.VIjK * Hlflt. niiUWplii.. 1.1 br \V\(. .KKHK, MlHy W..IMHI-I r. | | y.,i4'AVN’i“s ‘ ; II >WK!, ruaptiU., k. Mtn> .i i*. ieitoc. | will git.s i•- meduiu* relief. H-dd by IVJI. iIEKSi;. , nrllUly Wcaliaiaaler# j Winter Ei|>!ynu , iU, j . Moa;u nu-i ,i.i Mai'* ,r ra introduce a New 1 lin*f glwolulo utility \u every on ( fan wriit dn t|) to #-( per ilar; For iiM.|mrti'ital^ f ttulote BUd n-rJftaS ’ ,e w. n. # m.. Mnv s * *A| Clevclaml I)lio. j y\\ * rv v you yt.AVKs: ■ mir 81.A V KS!;! | rtift, J Sterw. 1 can now make i'iatm lor (loinpcnaa tioii |*dled*>tsj**| Alpo for j State Bounty. I Iwufe’tllyhc wteiatdurv rornw. and win EpnifiiMy utUPiMI |a <h* )>roaucution of aurh J WM. 11. HILL. Attobkcv at Law. 7i| W Kiptfft Str/vt. ; jaw"-It * IWflifWtrcJ Md. ! GEORGE \\. SULLIVAN, Unstable, General Collector, and City Bailiff, WILT, attend promptly to nil hi* o/Kcial ! dutic* a* Cilutalilc and Uwiliff, and j to the Collection of all claims placed In tain 1 hands. He may ho found at all times, except when J nlmcnt on huMito**, at Cook's Notional Ho tel. at the I Ini I road. Westminster Md. dce2*Sui k*| ri/ww PER VEUU Wc want i #! / |o|wlr agents everywhere to sell our iwpß -Sewing Machines, Thifc new kind*. Cnderand upper feed. W'ar ranted five years. Above salary or large emnpti.*sioiM paid. The oaruv mochiuc* sold ut Hlitted States for than S4O, whiekare fnlfi hy l/rnrr, Wheeler it IVihton, (*rot*rfiMikrr i rfl/,er < t('* t tmd ftirk rhirr. ATI other cheap machines ore in .fWbfcnn/A and the ielUr or user are liable to (irresf. fine, find iVtnrwnnMfs/, Circulars free. Address, or eall upon SHAW A CLARK, Hiddeford. Maine, or Chithtro, 111. t , mvrpKxi). THE Txios Nation.l, Bank or W*t a |NTK, luia Jlorcd IKridond of mi; m test, for t)il*M*ix MAoUa, |iav>U. oo nr oIW 21 ,-Ht ~ . Cuhivr, ,VV SOI IOa.S, vjr .uitoblo for ChrUl milj pro.onix, which wo would invito row to *Sl!nd see. .We will wl{ theta oB low.— The, or. too nettnoroutt to mrttlioh ; hut till mndt be aold without record to coot, to *took. Mrs. E. J. ShriaoT. dccl.T Allcnliii BuliA ri anti Farmer.! TTKHIUBT Mh pried ptod for Hide, ■AX ~ V ■ JluifoaMler 4 Co., , *T t 18 itwr Depot, ALBUMS - Mils. SHIUNEH i. now jelling off her lorjc .lock of Album, ot rerjr reduced pn*. Coil ond examine her .tuck before par,haring cljewhare. doclS IjAj it CAPS, For Men, cheap at . dead Jobe Ketiknider'f. P . tV. ~ ; "mmss* HMH v ~ •• n. RoniKNUN A. CO. , OF net. if* J K et/TA WSTREST, „ BALTIMORE, NO. j Mvorao to ii HO RT l r r IT IT HR. d j£*hh l>f|'#r|iicntTfo give • practir*l txjw* u r nc ‘ FuniTcummK. I W give mpc(Ul attrition In this branch of Uural lif<>, '• FRUIT GROWING. . Upon thin subject wo will five roil ihe bene fit mi he practical p*rienc.' *f tli best Fruit* Rrowvr* STOCK RAISING. '• Tll# Dcpar tniont will liv able Article* from r writer* of cspcrhmcce AGRICULTURE. • We defolc mtrh pAha t*j give thoughts that will aid the young and bid. IIOURKKKEUIXG. The (food housewife mill find many valuable TERMS; I One copy one rear, in ad ranee sf.oo hi* copies one year. In advance 6.00 Ttfh e copies one year, la advance is.oo Specimen nainlrtr •out prati-*. i AdvortuetueiiU at lihurul jat<‘s, Knergriir C<inrWanted Kcrry\rhrrr To whom a very liberal commission will b allowed. For further information, address * above, enclosing stamp. Jai*3-St Trustees Salt*. virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court fur Carroll comity, sitting a* h Court, of Cquity, lliu .SubacriU-r Truste.;, will , . sell at Public Solo, oa tile premise*. on j SATURDAY, JANUARY 2t*h y Uw7, nt I oVdek, I*. M., A HOUSE & LOT, ' situated on the Mam-healer Bond. about one fmiili of a mile from Westminster, and ia the name of which Ann K. Bmce. died ; veized ami procc-sed. ’J'lic ll consists of ; o e quarter of nn Acre of I .and at ore or lu-i, u .on which is erected a com forcible 'J'wo-Storv Frame iwkllixo nou’sb, arranged nnd in goywl repair. This property ia OBM-uienlly located, and n reset its a good opportunity fur a profitable investment. Tmun or S.U.K.—One third oalh on the dnv of sale, or the ratification thereof, onr 'lord in m.intha, nnd the other owe third in eighteen month* from the day of ! side. the purchaser or purchaser* giving hi* Inf their notea with unproved security, bmir j it inti n -l from tfm *ly of sale. niAs. t. nKn*sN-iTi-:n, Trustee. p, Crcmt ,V lH:nv.vni:n, .Solicitors. : o. ; ta LIST OF I.irtTDHS I> EM AININfJ in the Post Office nt West- V initial cr, on the Ist of J nonary. I Horn*. .lames Hughes, Jackson 1 Ihnud. Charles Inner, Hr M A 1 Men kind, Joseph l.elstcr, diaries I Brown, R Murray, Kate Betrd. Wm Mnrtin, Hr 1 HM.teJ, Martin MeN’aali. J II , Owen Milhr, A F IIL More.rn.Wm Brown. Miss Louisa Moui, Sarah Bruce. I .MiHa Moreen. Henry Bennett. Caroline Mu*.*er, John Byers, Mary No*d. Mrs Mary II , Coppersmith, Cath. Sullivan. Ellen Circle, bydin Sin nr., Vulcntine |Mf -orst v, 1.0u1.a Slanahnry, Whitfield EbAugb. Rachel Shuuk, .f < Rader, Jacob Stoner, Sarah Fcc.'fr, HaidL Slurncr, Lydia FViir., (icu W Shoemaker, .1 S flrtt.'S. (sen II Stephan, Andrew* ■ (Iciman. 1. Pina Sew el, J II Messrs (ICO A jlro Shaffer, Samuel Hyle. Mr* Elizabeth Swope, .1 If llolfaian, Thericua Spuirchomc. Justice Howard, HP Unger. Rebecca 2 Uuddrestori, Mrs Vilwig, John Herman. Henry Vinipplo, .Matilda Howard. II P Person*i calling for letter* should say they arc advertised, otherwise they may not re ceive them. ina.*Jt X. I. (lOUSL’CH. P. M. Superior Hominy. mu USE who want good Hominy, X *•*•*!© of the host Corn, nnd in the most Improved wav, should call on the subscriber at the Union Works, nenr the Court House, Westminster MU., where he ha* always on hand any quantity for sale cheap. Persons fund long the Com can have Hominy made on short notice and - reasonable terms. Call and you will be pletiMsL Aim Of KAIJI for sale, and 600 bushels of prime CORN wmiUHl, fiir which the highest cash price will Ik* given, delivered at the Union Works. SIMON A. I.EISTKK. janl-Sms AO 801 KQI'ITY In the Circuit Court for Cnrroll Conuty. Liter Houck and others, ) /~'\Rni:iißn #*' rs. fUthls Juscjdi Armngost, A others. ) Suit d.y of Hfcember, the Audit filed in the above cause he finally ratified and euufirmed, unless cause to tho coutniry bo show n on or lielore the 1-tth dav of January. !B<J7, pro ridi-4 a copy of this order l*is inserted ia some newspaper printed in Carroll Ctniuty* for two successive weeks jircrtous to the hud named dav. W.M, A. McKKLLIP, cik. True copy,—Test: . A. McKrujr, <*Jk. Dividend Notice. Finer Natioxal Bank. \ Westminster, Dec. 20th, j rpilK President and Hireclurs have this JL day declared a Dividend of FI VE PER CEXT. for the last six months, payable to Stock holders of this dale, on and after January UHh 18U7. W. A. CUNNINGHAM. jowJI-4t Cashier. I AIHKB’ HHESS GOODS FOg SALK AT J COST.—Mertnotf', PUln and Figured fW m, Cphcr, Udlcs Clblh, Shawls. Linsevs, Wool Hood", Capes, Ac., |r. Great induce mrni. oArwl .t >■ 1. f-’., Houm Keeping Article., TN gre.t r.ritT, It X ($..3) John L. It.iffiiiderV Domcatio Goode. irSBI.K.U’BKU N.UI., Red ,T.l.|. t0..r., Ul.o fWk,, for MloJewM Jo*. L. KeiltaW.,',. CerpcUi! CarpuU ! ! ” Oil Clotli.l Oil Clothe!! lor *>). .t U^ttmor. ,(,, w l*°- } - ’ '■ Jn L K.lf.oW.r, MercJieut Tailoring. 17H)B tloodi, Btrl. uu) Fit, Mil M Owl) John L. BattaMn. UNBHR—A Urge unrlnmt of niM>rior Übm Duok., Drill., Be, hr Ml. al Om T- & K. nirmfi. I A. H. HUBER No. $ Carroll Hall, I Westminster, Md., 1 HAS tat ranWcd fin. variety of li.nd kerchief extract a, among which w.t IViuujiuanni, P.tclioiily, Jockey < ))., Geranium, Jurat**, r Mini. Violet oml Ho*ev Bucl-lc, Hi. ifiiek ofßofctt# constats of Colgate'*, Brown \V iu(ior t Borin’# Poncine | wU WoWey’# Honey, ctg,, olao Military * I Tail ate o MluifliK SoapN, ' JW '■ BfWtrfnjij Tooth Dnuhet, Nail Bruahrn, Mren r uitj Magnolia Tablet. Pmtrlre ala > lolctle, Email He Purls and Mngnolialhdm. 1 FtirOHtXk kXTU.IVTK Burnell*# Vnnilfn. Lemon. Strawberry. Burnett's Almond, Cinnamon ami Uranjre. lie .ilmi keeps constantly on hand a luree , of the most popular PATENT MEDICINE’S of the day. The public are respeeifully invited to call and examine for them selves. decl3-3t GREAT CHANGE IN PRICES ! and xaminc my stock of I DRESS GOODS, much lower than a few week* ago, from Z to 15 cents a yard less, Delaine#, English and French Mori noos, Poplins Ac. ( all ami get so ns of the great latrtfnins at JOHN E. JIEIFSNIDEK S. dee 13 UK AD QUART KHS poll HARDWARE. BfII.OKRS.nfi Calmielt T 001... Carpen j lets and Coopers Tools, Nails. Cross ( j v'" find Mill Saws, Forks, Shovels, Traces, Uniter. Cow and flog Chains In fart ere* rvthing kept in n well regulated Hardware Store, My long evj*;ncnee gives me ndvnn- I tagei in this line. JOHN E. I ‘h rl3 West End, near the Forks. I>r, V. Butler ami L. Evans, OFFER to their friends and the public in general, one of the ta-xt Liniment* ; , * mt h,ls been preiumled for the cure of Hmmorrhoid# nr Piles. We offer this rune dy with the hone that those persons who are I afflicted with Inis disease may give it n trial, i and feel Satisfied they will receive full remu- I iteration for their money extended. *WSale b f A. H. Huber, No. 2. Carroll | nail. \\ i-Htimnsier. ami at the Subscribers Pevidence, at tlie West Eml. i

I Jcc lA ' * f'ttuf r f C WWf fiKmrnfi-r. itml. | IVT OTICB is hereby given that the Suh* i x x <i-ril>*r hasolrtaiued from the Orphans' j Court "M'arrolleuuniv.k-tt.'isofAdmiiiistrs* | tjon (n the Personal Estate of Catharine | Stonesifer, late of Carroll county, dee’ij. All j person* having claims against skid estate art j hereby warned to exhibit the same within | six month# from this dale, otherwise they I may by law be excluded from all benefit ot I said estate. Those indebted arc re|UCHled 1 | In make immediate payment. I _ JOSHUA nr27*4t Aiiministrator. BOOTS & shoes! I I I ST received and for *ale a fresh and i large lot of Philadelphia mm i best Custom Mndo ; HOOTS AND SHOES, *^l^> [ consisting in nnrl of I Julies' . Polish Kid. Morocco, (.anting. Oil float, Ac., Ac., all of which will be sold nl greatly reduced prices, hr j , / ’ T. H. BCKKUT. , Kemetnlierthe place, two doors West of, •Mr*. Shrincr s Milicnery Store, Wcstmin- I j ter, Md. dec‘JO ' ! SIOO SIOO SIOO I j .SOLDIERS KXTRA BOUNTIES COLI.KCTKD nr A. I>. BCIIAKFFKB, V/eatoii nstcr, Md. I SIOO SIOO SIOO For Rent. 4 FINE FARM. CONTAINING 400 1 d\. ofhert tannine In tub on the t> astern Hun, B artlnngtonValley. near St. John’.Ckurrh, Baltimore county'Mil., n,. toon ratios from Baltimore. Ann), to MRS. MARY Ci. WORTHISOTOS. ™ Urislorstown, IJU. cuunn. Md. dee'JO-St ■ NOTICE. “ Far* km* k MmiAxu s’ Nat. Bank. 1 Westminster, December 17, IH4>O. { 1 A N Election (or eight Directors will bo /V bold at this Bank, on SATURDAY, 1 the lltth JANUARY next, between the hours of ten and three o’clock, on said day. JACOB REESE, doi*‘JO-le Cashier. DRY goods: dry goods:: Cloth*. Cadastre#, rtMiMif, • J.inn-v*. Tweeds, Jeans. Ac., *-. A large supply and very low in price. Ckll ; before jmi par chase, at K. K. GEUXAND’S. Ladies n t mbs. sh ifxkb-s, for Ribbon*, Flown., ' Feather., Silk. *nit Si,[in,. Crapes and Lace., Ruvim., Ornament* ic., . , Sllk * o<l C"** Robb.l* on baud. doc 27 Most (,’nttera and Staffer,.. ; II ALE'S r.WBt Meat Culler and FUar, brat *e- rorulelow,.) ° Tli J"hn L. BaifnUdm'a M at prie*.bf*>r-tlioat. J Ca..!■, , , ,‘ i tV?t Caninett*. .... 1-tMoy* and dauu. j wow it the tunc to buy of i dacis JOHN L. ItKIFSNIDKR. IADIES FCjS" ~ . J CIIII.DRRXS furs, . . Mask. Cob*., and Roll., , “ ir * ct rro . m , *• Biannfactaror. Utnl in . aacemanta in stock and price#, at r El John L Keifsnidfer's. A of foakranoUe Bonnet. £\on band of every description, end more ; #Wfcjsi?En “IH years tt<ttahfi*hod in N. Y. City.*' “Only infallible remedia# known.” “Free from Puiuona.” “Not dangerouato the Human Family.*’ “IChU come out of tbair holed to dm. ’ “fcvmUrV* Rat, Rosch, Ac., ExtermV 1# a panic' >t#ed fur RuU. Mict, If Bitch**, Hl<i< k unit Ht 4 Ant*, dr., dc. ‘ J ontarV Hcd-ilug Exterminator Ik a liquid or wft#h-~u#ed to dcatroy. and also as a preventive for H*d tiuyt, dr. “CostarV Electric Powder for Inject# Is fur Mvths, Vviquiloti, FUot. lied ! huect* un riant*, Fault, Animal*, tie. liKw.vnt!!! of ull wurtlilcas imitations. See that “CustauV’ name u on t each Box, Bottle, uud I’iask, Ik lore you bay. I bfß- Addie*# HENRY R. COST.iR, 484 Brondwny, N. V. fiamr Sold in Wkstsiikhtkk, Mu., BrjT* By A. H. HUBER. And all Druggist and Retailer# evjry wb^ru. I “COSTAR’S” CKT.KBRATKD Buckthorn Salve, Far Cut#, Burns, Bruises, Wounds, Boil#, Canoera, Broken Bmutl. Bro Nipple.*, Bleeding. Blind and Painful t'iles; Scrofu lous. Putrid ami 111-cuuditioneU Sores: Ul cers. Glandular Swellings, Eruptions, Cuta neous Affections, Ringworm, Itch, Corns, Bunions, Chilblains, Ac.; Chapped Hand.*. Lips, 4c.; Bites of Spiders, Insect#, Ani mals, Ac., 4c. BTsu Boxes. 2" eta., 50 ct#., and $1 sixes. ; 1 JP*L~ Bold by all Druggists every wliere. i Ml. And lit llKNlfl’ R, COSTAB, Dc- I pot IHI Broadway, New York. I And by A. 1L HUBER, Wetted a- | | stor, Md. . ■ - *——• | I I j i “COSTAR’S” | r.NIVKRSAI, Corn Solvent, , For Corn*, Bunion*. Warts, Ac. J ttcV* Botes, 250t5., 50 rts..nnd $1 1 Sold by nil Druggist# everywhere. And hr UENRV XL COSTAR, Dc- ; pot 4XI Broadway, New York. ft-ir And bv A. H. ITUOI%II, Westndn- HUT, Md. _ ■ I “CO STAR’S” PREPARATION OF Itiltrr-Street and Orange rna HimniM ths rourumos. Used to Soften and Beautify the Skin, ; remove Freckles, Pint plea. Eruptions. Ac. j ImdtcK now using it in preference to all others. fvjT Ikrttlrs, sl. Sold by nil Ibmmtiai# everywlwyre. W- And Ijt HENRY U. COSTAR, Dc- \ pot 454 Broadway, New York. vu. And by A. It HUBER, Westmin ster, Md. “COSTAR’S” rtitTOK.VL coran uemkuy, ForCoq.h., Cold., Hoarscnra.- Sor Throat, Croup, n hooping Congh. Inllunnin, A*th nm. Conauniption, Broncbi.i Affacliou., .ml all Dlmoh. of the Thront .nfi I.unga. ißf Botllo., 2l fU., SO cU., and ft uxc. mr Sold by all Druggirt. evorywhero. m. Aad by HENRY B. COSTAB, De pot 4H4 Rraaiivay, Ne York. ML. And by A, H. HUBER, Wwlniio •ter, Md, • "C o s ta X’ ,<r nuarn. BISHOP PILLS, * mrinii nnbra nu. Fot N f T 2!!" ~ n d S K k Hradatio, Caatirc non.,, Conrtipation, Drarrbm, Colie., Chill*. K | deranyiraeo, of,k Digm, 26 eta, 80 eta,, anti 41 cm. Sold by all Drnfgint. everywhere, g J Hfi! L RY K- C°STAR. Depot t 1W Broadway. New York, 1 < >7 A. H. HUBER, Wratrai^, **• Am ,-■ PATENT MICA ROOFING, j THK Net*- Turk Ifici Kounxe Com fast, (Eo- ' UUliihAd 1H54,) *re ru.inaft< lofifiK under LotJ tort Patent the text article nf tt.mpuaUlou ruuf lojp #T’f offered to du; public It i* adapted to ve cy Ufte of Roof, *tcHjf or lUI, and can be reiidily *j,nhod by any oin . The U. ?s. QoTurnuM-tnt, after a (borough te>i of iu utility, hare adapted iU u in the Axyv Yard., and upon Public building*. , Tha Ranting i* pm up in roll., sod ha* ou\ r to be oaik-d to the Roof to make * Durabiu FIRE AX!) WATKR-I’HGOF COVKUIXG. W# particular!/ recommend iu n*e upon Baiidinffi, Store*. (?hurche*. FcU.ri*, . ehiac-Shoj*, Steamboat Duck*, A. JiH t noorivo i’tivr. Fnr Hunting Tin, Iron, or SMogl- Hoof.. Il ■oraii a bode equal to tMHa* eSafe or oaoistar Pai*t. . No Roof '•an ruit under It, and Old Leakv Rmif* Way be made pertuanvuth water-proof atid du rable be iu u.i*. The Paint retfuirot no mixing, hut i. rvady to bo applied U’ltb thy ordinary paint bru*fi.— I ran-. par gaßaa, ,hi<.b Vill eamlno uundi k <1 eqnari* fret Alo manufacturer, of Blink lutie TAIitIKI) KELT A XI) noon NO I'lTl.'ll. Ulnroant to thr Tmdr. ClrraUrn ud IMp,. Li.t iurni.lifd. Right. 2ar cuuutie. .old at low rata*. Addrc** THE MICA ROOFING CO.. I INI Broadway, X. V, Frank Hnmphnr*, fil Royal Ht., S. fl. .Sc*, fuld. William. A Co., Augusta. Ga. flaldw In 11. Hood*. Monigomerr. Ala.. Thoma. H. fontet, Raleigh. N. 0. , F. A. Tucker, Rich mood. Va., Homy w iUon. I'uU'rdmrf, Va. Agent*. Agents Miinti d, MANHOOD: How Losi, how Restored. Jh'ST published. a new oditlon f Da. Cri.vaa- Xk **Sb '* mUiISi Arii ° *** j T 1 B,w<^cim? ) °r Wortknci. Involuntary Seminal Ijiwi, luro. tkjut, Mental and Physical Incaput-ity, Imped iment* to Marriage, etr.f al*. t oxin mfthiv, i Ei.irtfir, and Fit., induc 'd hr (Il bidalgence j or *o*aal extraraganee, I JW’Price, in ■ Milled envelope. only r. cent*, i The celebrated author, in thi* admirable c*. ! ar, ftoarly deinnu.trnt*-*, from a thirty rear.’ .urec.ftti practice, that the alarming com*- I ■lin* urea of .elf-abuie may he radically cured I without the dangerout u.* of internal medicine l or tlir application of the knife— pointing out a mod.' of cure at one,* .itaple, co-tain, and effbc* 1 dial, by inen. of which every sufferer, no mat- ; ter what hi. ctniditka may be. may cure him- | *S|f cheaply. pricnlely. nnd .Wirdh. /'•CrTuis her lure should be In tiie hand, of •Very youth and every man in the land. Rent, under acni. in'a plain envelope, tn any addr '-■•*. portpuiUf on receipt rrf'.ix er nt*. or two pot blanip*. AUo Ir. Cuivcrwell'* ••Mar- j riage Guide/’ priee ‘ioeeut*. Addrem fbepub- ; UdTer,. (.’II AS. J. C. KI.IXK A ro. in II -werv. Xew York. Po.t Mjfiec boa 4.68 C. oetl'-ly A U ENTS TV \ XTK 1) - j Tor llir .13out I’opolnr nml Bt*i ft!!n§ Snhs&iptioH liiMjk* puhlitftetf / J Ware the mo.l cxleuavo puhludicm hi I the t r niM Slut**-*, UiHving **ix bouaca.) nml ; therefore enu alTnitJ t Irooka chdNjn r mnl pay ngoiita n more liberal tonuiii' ii| iiin ! j Ilian any other compinr. Our Imok.y h not paas ihmugh the hand- • of (ioiicriil AgculH, (ns nearly nil o|h*r wib t irrijition wark’i <lo^) (bmfuro we nre cna- Idiul to give our canvassers the extra per j cent, which ia u-ually allowm! to ('euerul ! AgculH. RxjK’rimicc! cunvnHeem will ace thendvnnlngcs of cltmling directly w ith the i puhlwhcr*. Our aertea nnhmcc o Ihc most popular i , Wi.rks on nil subject* of imjurtum*e, and ia ! soiling rapidly Uith North uud South, 1 j Old a enl.H, nnd nil other*, who want the ' i bust paying agencies, will plena* semi for j j circulars and m*c our terras, nnd coiujmre 1 j them nml the churn ter of our works with ! I those of other jHibUsbnr*. Addre**, i NATIONAL IT HLISUIXU VO. • Philaiklplim, I’n., lk>tun, Mass.; Cincin nati. Ohio; Ch'ungo, 111*.: Ft. lamis, Mo., or !’ ■ InaotiA. V j Valuable Tur.n I’roix iiy at ITI If ATE h4I. R . ‘ THE undcrvigneil will *ell at Private Sale. I J the property cm which h n now reldc., .itesred I • ♦* Main street, about IWJ yards H'cnl of the ' lUUrow! Depot, fronting (10‘fcct nn Main street! atid running hark HH feet to an alley, improved . iV\V El.Lli’ A Xi)'‘I-ItoilK HOOII, ■ Store room is ah rent 15 fret wide and ! feet deep, and I. one of the fluent | .tore room* iu TTcoimin.ler. The dwelling 1 part contains R room*. Ra*vmptii and Cellar. ; Basement floored am! pl.iHtsred. laigeSTABLE ' and Carriage Uousr. H(*g ]|.>u.w. Chick.-n i House. Hake Oven, a Will of excellent *>fl water In the yard. The hnildinr* are all new. having all Bern built within thela*t four y*ar*. The garden cannot be *uri>a***d. Fruit tree* of nraily all kind*. Apple*, reaches, Rear*. Cher rki, Huinh*, Gag-** and Grape*, with alee grane Arbors. The Store room is well known as Mrs. With ncT* Fancy Rtore. ami the STOCK of GOODS is alwt offered at Private Sale. Terms easy—call on W. K. SHRIXER, nov29-tf on the premiaes. LOOK HERE! LOOK HERE!! THE undersigned, baring completed their NEW FOUNDRY A MAORIXK SHOPS. Hear the R. R. Station, in Wer*ntb?tcr. wouW respectfully inform tho public that they Ure now prepared do furnish. Stores. RlackVtnilh Toe Iron*. Tire Benders, Hollow Anvil*. Ar., Kakeoren dmraand Hearth Plate*. Cellar Win dow Grates, Porch Post Irons, and Co-ting in ' general. Corn and CobOrnsbera, Corn Shein-rs. J Circle Sana with bunches complete for sawing I Are wmd, Ac. ' flomc Pattern and Tbrcihlng ! Catling Ros and Ploughs of different kinds; I bnf would call particular attention to their i Justly celebrated Three llur*c Plough common ty called the -Price Plough,” Also tb;dr well known and unsurpassed U R A I K 0111 LI. for rowing all manner of Grain, including Gats. JMT Repair* of all kinds attended to prompt , ly and at HWal rates. Having first das* M bauJrk* empioved. wUI . guarantee satisfaction. WAGONER A MATTHEWS, nor. 19,—Cm. PRIVATE SAXJBI A Bargain Offered. 4 HOUSE ANU LOT. fronting on Ktrert, wid Union Street, t the Wwl of WotAmtm‘er. fl.e nwwt eii|tibto mtuition fur . lilneksmith Sho|> in tEe conn- IJ. A good Two Starr LOG BL1IJ)TN0 jj3;|SiA upon the premwet. with n hnrlt bnildinj at inched, • firwt-mto Well of water and a new Pnnip in said W 8 at a cot of *oo. Terms will be made to suit the purchaser, as the monrr is not desired. ALSO A HOUSE and One ACRE of Land •fine ln th.Xlnr-nwh Howl, 1 mile from Mestmmaor, tuitaldalhr two at thi* time renting fur -sas the other for per annum. Terms to soil die purchaser. . , , JOSHUA SMITH. deofl-tf " GUKAT BAHUAIXB. TT * T MRS. RHRIXER’S, who is selling offhtrSnc ttock of goods, at greatly reduced prices to dose stork. Come one, come all, and rou will be sure to get smtad. .iec-TS CLdLE BILLS printed at (he shortest K7 node, at ihia Offlre. I Valuable Farm at J Private Sate. r |*VHK smlmurHsnr, fining U 1 to nmAOtuhif twe farm*, uflbra mC 9W \ uU* Snln litn PAUM, adjoimMjg the mm oui a wlm Ii hv in T mmivw* DioMdeA (surrftll county, Md., nbout 8 mUctffil. Tlvm j< Taney town on Ihc road lueding from loan to Fred wink bf DouUu Cam* rontaining about 190 ACRES OF LAND- J i iii laud is cf good fpiaiitp. nod pioduiNß l fl’ind to any iu tlm ituigbborhooA-*' | uud htu Itcen well limud jovur, rnostitf B * twice within u fjw yctuftr There ura *lm2 in ACIU'S OF WOOtHoAND, of g*m thriving limber, mostly Oak nnd AUo n tnifiieient quantity of hi uudww. * The improvements consist of a gud ad* Htuntial Sr>a D*u.i.\a HOUSE,^| ■2 by 33 feet, with large fine rooms, uud Im •x Umt Cellars*• a good HANK BAILS by 4 i feel; Smoke House. Stone Hail# orcr a never fuiiing Spring of good watarj Cnmuge House ; Wagon Shed : Cora Crib, (iruuery Ac. This funu is uader *ood -<%.* cing ; luus u good Iw-uring Ortiiard of the Fluent IriUJ lio.“ tlm ml vantage of water in •▼•rj fiald; and Pincy Cvcdt flows thmug-b tha pWq. It ia nitrated in n pood nuigbborboads near to Mills. Schools and Clmrcheu : an a alont 8 miles from the line of the WeetasK * Maryland Hull mud us proposed to be ex tended. Terms liboml, amt made to salt uaroka sop*. m u Address ttie snbsorlljer, at Tanoytaira Tf. 0. Carroll fount. Md. I * ep * : tf etqtux smv. _ DEUBIDLE hotel pnor en t r a f rIUVATE SALK. Tile riiilmcriber offers at Private Sale tAB de>imlde j.Po|H-rfy in Middleton n, I'rudenok county. Md.. favorably known to the i**v fling public ax the “OITV HOTEL,” ! at pranent in the occupancy of Mr. Andrei I PothnWrgcr. The House istwo story. lH'ilcx IWeuient. a large Hr ink Buck building, all (SyHL !id off into large and eemcßnsfliu rooms. rbT ix on tbif* property n large Brick jia* | We. with sufficient Shedding, Ice j and fine water near the d ( or. " “ ' w ’£'*?. .* j the only 11 odd in the ulacsv • and i xittiatf-il in the centre of the town. Persons wi.'bing to view (be propertv wUI [ ideaxc call upon Wie eabecrilr. in MflMfiP' i bwn, who v*ll take pNurture iu xhowing | xatne. TKUM.S of payment Tory wwni*a, mm JOHN HEHRIWI/rfe ort LM. '.'m fru 111 LXdacfcU UHboat falß BY THE USE OF Tilt * MTROtH OYIDF. Oil, If r. <ll kit I. UN lIILU.<MII, d i: s r / s r. AT MlB orneg Adjoining hie Father's Resident#, WosunUiater. Mi* I ITT IIHU* al B! tfnff 1 v when not ])nife*sh>ually euguged 0 j the following (Miints: - 4 ; I'nixH JlruUjr.— let Wcdneodar of mmf j month.—remaining until Snturday. I Xae IIVwW. 2nd Wednesday m *mf nmnlh, r-renmiuing uutil Saturday. i'niuntotrn.~~?, rd Wednesday every month, rouminhig nnti! Friday evening. Tanrytnitn —ltd Friday every, month. —sw makwng until the? Wednesday f ll rleg , •nsT-Iy.nplß PRIVATE SALST I OFFER at prirale a4t, a FARM aC 115 ACRES OF LAND ' more or less, in Carroll comity, ! joining .1, w. l.nrnUnih'a Mill praMtt J an<l Um- land, of J.cnh il.nicrrd .a* An*nar Ri-nw. and within half a mile of C ran harry | Station. Wentim M.l Itoilroad. A In I proportion of it in f,rat-mo TIMBKR 1. ami in well watered and nmlargao* fencing. It u impnivt-J with a large 1,00 Duelling House CflSßr nnd Back Building, Stabling Ac. It wffl bff ; sold in parrel* to suit pnrrhascm, if desired; the parcel including the buildings to have m or HO acres. OoL.Tcrmrt mndemle. ' di RICHARD MANNING, dec Iff-if W t minster Md, Owners of Water Power i, yOQ! j| B'ionM trtff til* rcleSntrd II - ; LEFTKL TUIIUI.NE WATER Wnr.KL, , ManufacturcJ bj POOLE A HUNT, , . ll.ikim.ta, M<l. Send for a circular. ’ dcc(> Gm. . ARTIStS" U(or noesrs WANTED. ’ |? ELI , A BI ,' K “"t oergrlic pcraooa, ma*t JLV r female, arc wanted to aaßoifi nh ncriirtunm for onr Kngmvingn, and to mjk , wo offer rrrjf Uhtrnl each indueemenU - i tifrnii™ to ouharriVan. OMt > km ruitabla to be Mod rii --- - rnilti I. to* |H.rr with aU ntxmmrj wJu ba lurnbihcd on amdicafcioa. Aeww, with reference, i A M ERICAN ARTWW tTSHOV. l <or6-2m 25 Pine Street, New York, , /m the tirmtl 'Court for CamO Ci.f ' T x pnnnancr of an order mcatrwd jam 1 Hon. Perea W. Canan, SpeSl J*K ' ' BOUce bejwba giron (hot*.* Spttdit Wft (ion of lb. Circuit Coart -*irrrß liMtl ' - will be held on the rd TURSDAT. iith '> ■’ ' dav ol JANUARY neat - toforc nammoned and timehareed ** Mb - k I IK. tier thereof sad attend Mcotdiqfe. u a . ”■ ° Wli A McKELUP CB, * .lee n,-W 1 n *' Dr. Bryan’o Medlohues s c Dr. 8.. other caved through the