Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, January 17, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated January 17, 1867 Page 1
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. fI.VME'II.—KI'MUER N. THU UESWMTIC ABVOMTK. Jh M. PImAl fhWnr rntd l*raprlrfnr t No. B CiMHJ. Il u.u The .Votin'vtk it puLUaWI rvrt THURSDAY MOUSING, and fumnheil l Hnltuctlmt* at at .AO prr in mim, In idvunce. pf util paid in a>)vtinrc Two Ihtllurt wit! be tfkargad. So paper wilUm dM*imttnui‘d until •I arrearage* tre paid, eveept til own §| ptnn. RATE* or ADVRHTWISfI. ] #q*re. 4 iiuertioni, ' I; each anWqneiit Jlrtioii 2* rent*; I *q<mre tlir**c m'*i|tha SMO. ■i v uuialln #. Uuaiu< << (W-D of t*a linen, or le*<. per annum'. Nh. M*r •'**-• mi*! oilier li.muk'-m mi'iij iiiclndtu* tW p*r*r • Oaa-fmirth ofn column. per venr, £ 1 '.()(! Ifalf n c tin mn, JV<.a Due column, “ 48.00 ir.wi) rill*. A **’h nf n Shrrf, f.p for 100 12.00. Qaart-rSW-:, for i'., !'. for inn, To Half Hkcot. a. oil. *• imj •• Tjwn^n REMINGTONS Anns. Sold bj H in Realm lad llir Tmclo lifnciJilly. r-*tlNwk. r ridnl. No. 12 Cartridge. Repealing Pi-tol. I Klllot |M. \ Vo. t 1 Csrlridge, lUfMHuff IM‘ii'l. i ft. N". 33 Cartridge, , totkrt Revolver. tKs4fC..ekl..g,} *eW l*uckof Revolver. > * ilh Loading Leter,) I’eHoe Revolver. N*v v Bi*e Calibre, Ml Revolver. Navy j<i <• fMlltrr. Kelt Revolver, tKrlf C n-king. i Kcy Calibre, Xset Revolver, sn-100 in. t *. Arttv Rev..Uer. 44-HKI in. Calibre, lin Cuy, using No. lil'irbli!*". nil).-. 3(2 A 44- HW in. Callb.-T, Ireech Loading Hill*-. No. 32 Cartridge, treeh Loading Curbin'*. No. 4* Cftrtrtdg*. I. R. Rifle. iSteel Hat p'-l with S*bre Baronet, I*. * Kill -.1 llHkt. SpringA-ld Pattern.’ Niagle llarrrl .*>lo| Gun, K REMINGTON A SONS. Urns, New York. A G E NTS. Nr- A NirboT#. New York. Csliasr- A llarh Id--in, Itorton, lolk P. Lov-11. I*4 4*. Grubb A Phibidrlphi i. >‘eßnev A Triinbl.j, Balli-nere. Imti f*lwiM I P., N. (Mean* M-.-mpM*. ; Maynard Hr***.. ITilea/o. L M Kmio i A To., St, I. il*. tlheet K. C.mup. San Frnnci<co* ■rtf-ljr -Jt I?. PATENT MICA ROOFING. THE New York Mu U.x.maOiumm, (Kc tDluhrd lail.. it uiiMtttlaviurittir motor Iwt er l'*4rnl Uip Ih**l article ♦!' rHti)H.aii4oii Wmf 1 njt rftr lo (lie |*aatili*. Ilia •• e(*r% atvlo of 11.H.f, aliicb or Hat. anil rau be eaibljK |**b-d bv any one. Tk" IT.l T . S. (iova-rii'iM-nt. tiiir a tkomtitfli l-at ■ fila nlilitv. bntrn U l -vl iu no- in th- Nan ’arH, aiol u|m fublb UuU lin^e, The Kooflux ia |tii up in roiln, uml liaa nniv o W aaib-tl (a Ui<' Hoof lo make a Durablo fUUB AND WAT Kit-PROOF fOVKUINO. We parlimlarly rt-roinnicmY lla uc upon ' ItiMinga, rtUirca. /'bnriiipa. FaeloHM Vl.i kifc-Sliopa, Slraniboal lluvka, Ac. 9IICM Roomi; PAIiIT, rroatiaip Tl>. Iron, .* SbltlfU Hoof*. It cm a body equal to TftKu cotta or oaniNtar Paint. * Roof ran runt under It, and Old Hoof. i*T b made puriuaneulh uai. r-pruot .iml On >4 bv it. U,e. The raihl requires no inlxlug. but i< ready p* , . w ii r i Itli the ordinal y paint bruali.— ; ftff, SI.OO per gallon, which will cunir twn | ■adred square feet. AJao uaiiufaelarvi * of WRik Idivti f VuritUh. ARRED PELT AND HOOFINd PITTII. I fIIK.MICV U*OKJN(f e ( ).. fr.ka*JL|A*/itvw.. M. Williatn* A Co., (Ja. Haldwin 11. f d*. Almiteoiuery, Ala., Tin mi a* S. (;*•, K. C. F. A. Tucker. Richmond, Va.J rary Wilson, Peter dm rtf'. Va., Atfcnta. ' AMfR Wnuted. mrrtoly IMPORTANT TO OIL BURNERS! THP.'aftbrt-.rtlicr li.tvln? purcliii'.e.l the r\ iVTciigluta woke uml m-11 in Wrtmin r District, Carroll county M<l., Jnn aient Aineilcaii Burning Fluid, rtht inform* tliepulbic that he ia prepared •ell. at hi* residence iu Pleawnt \ uller. 0 ranter Kujir.s,on rtmi'oiutblc terme, to J |w*raoti in aaiO Distiict to make uml u.yc 1 iWo. hv which nictint they ctm Ik* Mttp chettjHr with (lu* heit uml cheap< ofAHWghtn. A. J. KOONTZ. nor 16-2 m Ladles* Fanjr Goads, ATUBB. SHKINGH’g Bunet.n4,Faucj- Store. imVEH, diktat VtiU, of .rr .lrlp -oir., telwt .lrl, ll.„<U.r --•5. kl ? d *- ~Q' l cr .' ( •'! binil. t l>>ruu Ota* Hkdn, CWf n(t MoopSklrU, U < (Mteb.U and Tr.vvliii t u.m, anil ■ *Vku, F.rtMu.le'. n 4 PudfH I(nnk>, ' •* Wk UroJio, Combi, .11 kind., lb ttl Doll Head., (turn Diiper*. Fancy -f.udPwf.mory, dlbunu, CU'Mnu C>r f,,r ' • l LdDIKS' STORK. u ~>***.!'. i /d snir. mfimn riSHER I SCHIIfFEB, rrylm Qfkt,opi>asUt CUy Uotd, H’almintter. EA'nNOlbrmcrlocopdfinm'Wji In ike * l rrmetic* of Low, we will promiHly end to aUbutdoess entr.ieiteti To our Cure. in the German language. jptTKR H. rmOPRIETOR. * for the mßomr>o<liUi*m of Ujn traealUng Public, and every possible at the com fort of guest. WESTMINSTER MD, THURSDAY JANUARY 17 1867. ,; HHI7. PROSFKim IJMI7. I l ' 'Pbo fittentihu of the puMSc Is iuvltetl (o llw diiiin* of THEWORLD r i its one fhr lvvtiiia ivil'Uc jourualM of the \ COhMiNr. t( tf the ciiiiToruan of the Ponto '•rntfr pnftv oflho I’nltv) State*, and the famw4iai|v(MW Of Hie inimntflalo resforu , lion tf the Union. It> highest merit c*An *i lit* tu jin cJumuler its in JUntririM* tin<l Yrujiltvor thj IHeivpnuper. 1 The itfjtlyqur hiiU fiur U> Iks it uiorveriti 1 eal one in the history of our fn;crtsiiiulions limn CA'en arty of ftp* rehtfu! one* tlmi !jha<- pi-oci>de<l it. The first requiaite for an in 1 t*l)i||d*iit judrinent nf public nNinrs i* n full 1 :iml ituthetilu/ ncuount of Istet.s its they trims i | pirc.. Thaw? Ti|K Woiij* u!way* uuiim lo f Rtvo With (Hmtcteutotm iirenmcy. uml willi ' vjiml fulne** nml fidelity whether they make j for or against its nwn*t ie‘\v of public jmlicy I IVoatpt akHvitc in •prdiwKtt<r fw-fore ft* ten , iler.t nverv kind of pewM in which any part , of the jHibliq taken all it it frost. i< the first i Jl. v utfwsjjuiipjr; and the fnciliticH of , 1 itt: \YnttlJi for uiaeliargiMi; this oldimition -tie tin surpassed hr tho.c of any journal in the I idled Stale*. Whaferer else It may fail in. it eeiialidy will not fail to flirnieh * 'Jh* new.ti nor to supply it with tuieh premp ! titude, spin*., fredmess. abundauco, ah icty, 1 m*cifrn;*v. and cniidor. that tio class of roa i dent end mis* Any anytliinir df intercut which ; they wish to find. KDITIPiW. The Ui*eUy World, n litrife nwirlo *hoei, | .urn? si/.un. Daily, i.. now urintol through j out tnluryr nml ha* the largest circu ialion of any weekly journal published, nave I 1. Iu Market Hejmrt* embrace the V.’rw Albany, ibi-diton. mid 4'ambridge I | Livo Stork Markets : the Vew Vorkfhmntrv JVoduee and tlenoml Prodn.-e Markets; • special tand valuable lion Inn lligentv; a dc- ! imrtnient nf Agile iltumrUrndlnf- nil insctb* i-r euuijKoii. an nitrivaMe*! hand Imok of I current information for the Farmer. Live j Stock or Droducc Dealer, the Coilntrv Mer- I 1 chant, lc. I *J. A pnee or morn will he reserved for ■ | ICulertmidlijf I'TreVnle Pending for the Knm I i ily Circle, embracing the fti-dhest and bent ‘ Stories. Poetry. Heliglons (trading, etc . 1 i and a pace for tin* Di.-i'ii-o>a of all I’romi- i j mul ln;ucr of iff ne mi inlercut, political.) j agricultural, Uiiuiu-iul. liiomrv. etc * 1 The S;mi UT i ki.y Woituii* n largeuuur- I (to sheet, same ri/.e | : ,il v , uhich.hy omT I ting a great urn** ofeft}- advgrlis* menis fnnn ! t lie Dally, contain.* nil If* news, cone j on* demu. editorial*, rommercial nml market 1 new s, entile market and provision repot la, I mid a find* and entri iuining uiikccllnnv oi l I lituruli n-. PithTuhed and Frulnv. I I l> K MS. TYkfkTt Wo a: i>. , One copy,'otto year S*’.oo 1 , pour eojm-H one ret r .T.fXl ' i Ten voiue*, one year lA.K j I went? copies. t„ one oddroM I Fifty copies. *• “ •• 00.00! .St \n-\VeKi.v Wohiji. i One copy, one year SS $.041 j | Four eopiua, ouu year 10,00 j Ten copies, one Dairy Woum. One ropy, one year -.510.00 j Ci.ri Pnixui. [ For c!nh* of 10, One Wceklv. one year. I I “ '•* AO. One S. nu NVeokly. one year ; | ** u WO, Une Ditily, one year. . Aihlitium> l> chibs may be made anytime in lha year at tliu above club rate*. Terms, on ah itt advance. Send, if t*os*i * We, Puat-oMoe Monty Order or Hunk l>rnft, 1 Hilla scufby mail will be at the risk of sen I dor. e have no travelling agent*. Addrctn all vi dei aud letters to THK WOULD. dec‘27 86 P.tnii How Nkw York, j FBOSDKn I S F TIIH Wrokly \alionul Intelligencer OF M aSUIXGTON. 1). C. ; I” eoinplinnee with numerous solicitations, \ ft The Wwkly National Intelligencer has been j resumed. It wijl Ui much unlorgeil. and j will be. in fact, one of the largest Weekly J I N> r;iWC.a published iu tlii* country. It j i will i>o printed Akitli new and clear type, on jjStrong Rne. white paper, and will contain ppove reading matter than any weekly pnb- Tished swith of Nnw York. Itt* columns will he thrvotes) k> News. Lit. rature. 4!ommcrce, Agrirullura. the Indostrial Art*, the Inter cat* of iteliKion. and Political Affair*. It will contain regular Heports of Con grewstonnl Procoeding* and Departmental Newa, mid ihe..luto*t Forejjin ami Domestic Mark eta. * !•> a*di of it* deportment* special atten tion will be given hr on aide and nnmerou* corps of editors aAd reporters lo provide the bitr*t } moH iutrrenliiu/. and rrliahU intrlN aruee, and to make the Weekly National Intelligencer in every respect a fit* e/m* Aa/tuaur Sttttpajnr, MaiuUuuiug dm just coniititutional |owcrs of the Ouneral Guvurument on the one hand and t|m rscrvc*l rights qftUfi Stale* on the other, coufidcnt dial tiic Union can be nre , served oulv while Ui right* of each ahall bi . n*spuctcv by With and out transcended by tidier, the Weakly ,National luiolligeucer will,advocate the restoration sf thuSvuthern State* to Umir place in tho tniou, on tbc tkasi* nfa just and equal rcnrismutAlion in the National Lfgislalaru and the electoral follegu, ami will urge social and sectional pneificutnm and reconciliation a* the mean* of restoring barnmuy aud prosperity to all parts of die country, uml the in-pner devcl oiu*irt of its vast agriculturat, mineral uml ( ■ mdustrinl ’ value as a mDcidlaneou* newspaper, the . Weekly National Intelligencer wilt iu every I respect supply the place of a A ’atfonul Vnion , tAmp&imipamr. It will be o/y ratty yub , Haitian of thin rhurarfrr pnhlUhfd at the ' tent <\f Gottrnmrnf. It rc-sU with the friend* oflhe Union and tho Constitution to secure to thn paper a circulation that Khali enutlc it to Nproad.tte truth and to arouse the pa triotic impulses Of the peonle in every State. . 2 county, hamlet, aad fireside whore truth snd patriotism afc appreciated. ,v , Testis, Ijraaotauf lA '< 1 f A iic coipy* erne year $a oo Three copies, one year, to one post oilier -7 60 * Five copies, one year...— 12 00 r Ten copies, one ycr„ v 20 00 1 For the Pally TuU-llixoncvr. 10 00 For toe Jrb wofckly lutellipjiu i r 0 00 At Huhvritwr. should forward wish their names the Post Office, County, ami Stale to ' w hich die jtaper is to ha sent. Bbeaever convenient Postal Money Or j -r* will lie the saftwt mode of transmitting s All commnnicutkma showld h addressi-*! to SNOW. roYLK A CO., Ptlbllalisrs National Inleltiguncvr, | jnß Warthington, 1). 0. I In Prrnrvllij Our I'nlon, I,d li br t nrrf ul to Preserve also Our Civil Mberlles. ■ CLAD NEWS FOR THE IXFOUTUSATK. BELL’S SPECIFIC REMEDIES i Art*, ia *ll rn**-. for lh* Speed? *ud i ■ ' I* fmituiiit Cure of *ll diie)u-* arUiof from M-rattl eteesses or I YOUTHFUL INDISCHKTIO.V. j .Honiiiml Lo**, Nightlv KmiMlon*. sad B<*>**nsl . ( l)rAi4| (I.iiUt, lijntrai and Nervou* |)- blllty. liu|ioten-‘, Qlv|, Sexual Dkuii, Ar. I \ol liniipe ol lllel In AleresHtiry. 1 | They can be n*ed wilhnni dftecHon. *nd never fall U effect a rare, if -used according to in* mtrucllnua, I BclPg- Specific Pills, l*Hyc One Dollar ntr Unit: or Six RStpi for Tire DoUjvk• Large iloxea.containing Four Small. I’rice* Three Dollar*. From four to rix hoxe* ar- generally requir ed to cure ordinary cane*, of Seminal Wettnew nnd Einiolona. though benefit i* derived froui living n single box. In Thrunle e**e s . nn il nartlrtitarlr when Im potence or tb-niial liability with Nervoua frus tration ha* affected the aytcm. Self s Tonic Pill* Are recommended •• the no*t Klficaciout, Re juvitiating and Invigorutmg Remedy in the A Package. Price Kite Dollar*, will Uta mouth, and i* generally auJllcient. In extreme Macs of Debility and Impotence DICM/S KXTEUNAL REMEDY, Price Two Dollurt, tuffieient for a month, ran be u*d to good advantage. It gives Strength to the Organ*, and. with the Pilb, will icaturc them to their normal I condition. A Pamphlet of 100 page*, on the ERRORS |OF YOUTH, design'd as n Lecture and t'uutlon to Young Men, soul free, Ten Cents required to ! par postage. OAUTIONI The above Remedies have now been before th Public many years, and their gr.-at succea ! in the alb'viAiton of human inteery, ha. excited j the cupidity of m-rcral parties, nho use the I name '•Spe. ilie Pills,’ copy my label*, eiren- I Inn nnd advcrtUvmenta. sameiimes word fr word, and pul up worthier* compound* that j disappoint the jtui ex|H-clations of the purchaier J If you cannot parriiai- Ret i.’s Sprririr Rra- I RIMRK of your Druggist, take no other, but send * the money direct l<* D*. JAMES BRYAN, Consulting Phvrirlan. Broadway, New York, and you will receive them by retnro of mail, I port paid, and free from oh*orration. More VitiuaDle tliH'.i Golii! Bryan’s Life Pills i I‘cuirr thk vlood, I Remove Headache, Diudafs*, Giddiness. Drow j sines*. Uapleoaunt Dreams. Dimnca* of Right, Indigestion, Cleanse the Stom ach *nd Bowels, j Insure NKW LIFE in the debilitated, and ! /festers thi Sirk t Ptr/tH Health. 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And hold enough of shining staff, For charity is cold. But place qot all your hope and trust lu what the d*ep mine brings ; " e cannot live on yellow dust Unmixed with purer things. And he who pile.-, up wealth alone, Will often have to stand Boride his coAbr chest, nod own ’Tis “built upon the sand.” Tis good to s|>cak in kindly guise, And soothe where'er wo can; For Speech shall hind the human mindi And love link man to man. But stop not at the gentle words ; I<et deeds with language dwell i The one who pities starving birds. Should scatter seeds as w ell. The mercy that is warm and true Mn .t lend a helping hand, For those that talk, yet fail to do, But “build upon the sand. ’ I'residcnl's V*lo .llessugi* ol' (lie Bhlrltt of Columbia KuHVugc Hill. Wahiiinoton. Jail. 7.—The Presi dent returnedtothe Senate this morning | the District Suffrage bill, with the fob j lowing Message, stating his objections < thereto : To t he Senate of thr Vnittui Stofet : j I have received and considered a bill i entitled “An act to regulate the elective j franchise of the District ol Columbia," j • a-x d by the Senate on the 13th of .N eeinbcr, and by the House of Rcpre- j I*eutativos on the succeeding day. It I was presented for my approval on the j 261 h ultimo— six days after the ad- ; I journment of Congress— and is now re- ' ! turned with my objections to the Sen- j j ate, iu which house it originated, j Measures bavins been introduced, at iho commencement of lho first session I of the present Congress, for the exten

‘ sum ol the elective franchise to persona jof color iu the District of Columbia, j steps were taken by the corporate ou | (hurdles of Washington and George town to ascertain and make known the 1 j opinion of he people of the two cities | upon a subject so immediately affecting | j there welfare ns a community. The i j '| nest ion was submitted to the people at ; >p e'ml elections, held in the month of | December, 1805, when the qualified { voters of Washington and Georgetown, | itli great unanimity of sentiment, ex- ' pressed themselves opposed to the con templated legislation. In Washington, in a vote of C,55C — the largest, with but two exceptions, ever polled iu that city—only thirty five ballots were cast lor negro suffrage; while in Georgetown, in an aggregate <d 813 votes —a number considerably in excess of the average vote at the four preceding annual elections—but one was given iu favor of the proposed extension of the elective franchise. As these elec tions seem to have been conducted with entire fairness, the result must be ac cepted as a truth lul expression of the opinion of the people of the District upon the question which evoked it. Possessing, as an organized commu nity. the same popular right as the in habitants of a State or Territory, to make known their will upon matters which affect their social* and political condition, they could have selected no more appropriate mode of memorializing Congress upon the subjoct of this bill than through the suffrages of their quali fied voters. Entirely disregarding the wishes of the people of the District of Columbia, Congress has deemed it right and expe dient to pass the measure now. submit ted for my signature, it, therefore, becomes lho duty of the Executive, standing between tho legislation of tho one and the will of the other, fairly ex pressed, to determine whether ho should upprovo the bill, and thus aid iu placing upon the statute books of the nation u law, ugsiuttl which the people to whom it is to apply have solemnly and with such unanimity protested, or whether he should return it with bis objections, in tho hopo that, upon reconsideration. Congress, acting as the representatives of the inhabitants of the scat of govern ment, will permit them to regulate a purely local question, us to them may seem befct suited to their interests and condition. The District of Columbia was ceded to the United States by Maryland and Virginia, iu order th;.t it might become tho permanent seat of government of the United Slates. Accepted by Con gress, it at once became subject to the “exclusive legislation” for which provi i ion is made iu the Federal Constitu tion. It should bo borne in mind, how ever, that in exercising its functions as the law making power of the District o’* Columbia, the National Legislature is not without limit, but that CouurosH is bouud to observe the letter and spirit of the Constitution, as well in the en actment of local laws for the seat of government, as in the legislation com mon to the whole Union. Were it to be admitted thnt thelffght “to exercise exclusive legislation in all c’u ■ whatsoever,” conferred upon Congress unlimited power in the l>is trictof Columbia, titles Of nubility might 1 be granted within its boundaries; laws might be nude “respecting’no estab lishment of religion, or prohibiting tho i free exercise thereof; or abridging the J freedom of speech or of the press, or the , right of tho people peaceably to assem- ! blc and to petition (no Government for ‘ a redress of grievaiWen." Dcsjoti*m j would thus reign at the seat of’govern- I ment of a free Republic, and us a place • f permanent residence, it would be . avoided by all who prefer the blessings of liberty to the mere emoluments of I official position*. It should also bo remembered (hat iu i legislating -Jor the District of Columbia, under the Federal Constitution, the re lation of Congress to its Inhabitants i* analogous to that ol a Legislature to the people of a State under their own local constitution. It docs not, therefore seem to he asking too much that, in matters pertaining (p the District, Con gress should have a like respect for (ho 1 will utid interests of Its inhabitants as in 1 entertained by a State Log ini fi tore for j the wishes aud prosperity of those for j whom they legislate. The spirit of our Constitution nnd ' the genius of oar government require \ that, in regard to any law which is to ! affect aud have a permanent hearing | upon a people, their will should exert at j least a reasonable influence upon those who are acting in the capacity of their j legislators. Would, fur iimtunc'*. the ! Legislature of the State, of New York, or of Pennsylvania, or of Indiana, or of any State in the Union, iu opposition (o j the expressed will of a large majority of | (he people whom they wore chosen to I represent, arbitrarily force upon them, ; us voters, all persons of the African or i negro nice, and make them eligible for ! office, without any other qualification j than a certain term of residence within . tho .Stale ? Tn neither of the States named would I the colored population, when acting to- 1 ! gether, he able to produce any greir o ! j ejal or political result. Yet, in New j York, before bo cun vote, the man of i j color must fulfil conditions that are not, I required of the white citizen ; iu JVnu j j sylvania. the elective franchise is res | d ieted to white freemen ; while in In- I i diuna negroes and nmlattoes are express i ly excluded from tho right of suffrage. : It hardly seems consistent with t!m j ! principle* of right and justice that rep resentatives of States where suffrage 1 either denied the colored man, or j led to him on qualification* requiring intelligence or property, should compel the people of tho District of Columbia j to try an experiment which their own constituents have thus far shown an ; j mi willingness to test for themselves.— : i Nor docs it accord with our republican j ideas that the principles of self-govorn- 1 ment should lose its force when applied j i to the residents of the District, merely , J because their legislators arc not. like t j those of the States, responsible, through I the ballot, to the people for whom they 1 j are thedaw making power, i The President pursues this lone of 1 argument at some length, and then mys: ! It cannot be urged that the proposed extension of suffrage in tho District, of i Columbia is necessary to enable per sons of color to protect either their in terests or their rights. They stand hero precisely os they stand iu Pennsylvania, | Ohio and Indiana. Here, as elsewhere, j in all that pertains to civil rights, there . is nothing to distinguish this class of persons from citizens of the United States fur they possess the “full and equal benefit of all laws and proceeding for the security of person aud property as is enjoyed by the white citizens, and are made “subject to like punish ment, pains and penalties, and to none other, any law, statute, ordinance, teg. i ulutiou or custom lu the contrary not withstanding.” Nor, us has been as sumed, are their suffrages necessary to aid a loyal sentiment here ; for local governments already exist of undoubted fealty to die Government, and are suv- | tuiued by communities which were a- i mong the first to testify their dovotiou j to the Union, and which during the struggle furnished their full quotas of j men to the military service of the couu- I try. ♦ • * a lu returning this hill to the ScuaU, I deeply regret that there should be apy conflict of opinion between the Legisla tive and Executive Deportments of the Government in regard to measures that vitally affect the prosperity and peace of the country. Scarcely desiring to reconcile tho States with one another, and the whole people ul the Government of the Uuited States, u lias been my earnest wish to co-operate with Congress iu all measure* having for fchnir object a proper and complete of the questions resulting from our Into civil war. Harmony bet weeu the co-ordinate branches of the Government, always necessary for the public welfare was never more demanded than at the pres ent lime, ami it will iherofore be my constant aim to promote, as far ns possi ble, concert of notion between them.— * The d ffereocta o!' (pinion that .b#t| ready occured hare rendered me only | (he more cautious, lest the j£xocutive should encroach upon any of the prero gatives of Congress, exceeding, iu any manner, the oonatitutioDjd limit of bia duties, destroy the euuiliCrium which should exist between the several co-ordinate departments, and which is so essential to the harmonious working of the Government. 1 know it has been urged that the Executive depnrimenl inwove likely to enlarge the vphero of its aet&u than ci- • her of the other two brunches of the Government, ana c*pu<'i.l!y in the cxer ftiso of the veto potter conferred upon it b y the Constitution. It ehoald bo re tuitfui lured. however, that thin power is wholly itivo and conservative in its j diameter, and was intended to operate n* a check upon unconstitutional, nasty. I and improvident leg* a1 at ion, and as n mean* of protection against iovanion of tho just powers of the Executive uud Judicial X)vprrtinciits. It is remarked by Chancellor Kent that to •'Cmict lavs i u transcendent pottor; and, if tho brkly that posmysen it ho a full and representation of the people, there is danger of its pres sing with destructive weight upon all the other pnrtu of the machinery of gov ernment. It ha*, therefore, been thought necessary, by the most skillful and expeHenood artists in the science I of divil polity, that strung barriers should be erected lor the protection and security of the other necessary powers of the ( i overo moot. Nothing has been deemed more fit and expedioat for tho pnrj *c than the provision the head of tho Execu tive Department should be so coustitu j fed as to secure a requisite share of in- I dependence, licit he should have a ne gative (upon the passing of laws; and that the judiciary power, rusting on a ! ‘‘till more permanent Uimh. should have ■ tho right of deter milling upon the valid ; tty ol laws by the tUiudard of the | Uouiititutiou." j The President than refers to tho no j ccseity of some check in the hands of the Executive. lie quotes extensively i from sou, Jefferson, Mr. Justiue ; Story, and concludes as follows : In addition to what ha* been said by ! these distinguished writers, it may also I bo nrgd that tin* dominant party in ! each House may, by ihe expulsion of a j sufficient number of members, or by iho exclusion from representation of n j mjnisite number of States, reduce the ; minority to lest than one-third. Con I gross, by these means, might be ena l bled to pass n law, the objections of the j President to the contrary nnlwitlistan i din?. which whuld tender impotent flic 1 other two departments of the Govern ■ incut ; and make inoperative thb whole some ami restraining power which it , was intended by tho framers of the 1 j ronstilutroa should be exerted by them This would boa practical concentration of all power in the (Congress of the Uni ted J^taHea—this, in the language of the author of the Deri erst inn of Indepen donee, would be “precisely the defini tion of de.spotld Government.” I have preferred *o reproduce these teachings of the greut statesmen and constitutional lawyers of the early and later days of the Itcpublic rather than to rely simply upon an expression of my own opinion*. We to often ro j uut to them, espf< wily at n conjuncture | like tho preflent. Their ppHcatioo to •*ur actual condition is so apparent that 1 they WWW come to us s a living voice. ! 1 to be listened to with more attention \ I than at any previous period of our hU* i lory. We have been nod are yet in the ; midst of popular commotion. The passions aroused by a great civil | war arc still dominant, it is not n time i favorable to that calm and deliberate I j judgment which U the only salV guide | when radical changes in onr institutions 1 are to be made. The measure new be- j ! fore me. is one of those changes. It I initiates an untried experiment for a I . people who have said, with one voice, 1 j that it is not for their good. This alone ! should make us pause, but it is not all. | I The experiment has not been tried, or i I so much as demanded by the people of ( j the several States for themselves. j ' lu bat few of the States has aach an • inuovaliou been allowed as giving the * ballot to the colored population without 1 any other qualification than *, residence of one year, and in most of them the | denial of the ballot to this race Li nhao j lata, ni:d by fundamental luw placed bo i yond tho ordinary legialation. In mast | of those States the evil of such suffrage | would ho partial; but small at it would be, is is guarded by constitutional bar i riera. Hero tho innovation assumes , formidable proportions, which may ea sily grow to such an extent as to make the white population u cubordioato ele ment iu tho body politic. After full deliberation upon this mea sure, I cannot bring myself to approve it) even upon local considerations, nor yet as the beginning of an experiment on a larger scale. J yield lo no one in attachment to that ruin of general ■ suf frage which distinguishes our policy o u nation. Hut there is a limit, wisely observed hitherto, which makes tho bal lot a privilege and a trust, and which requires of some classes a time suitable for probation and preparation. To giro it indiscriminately to u now claan, wholly unprepared, by previous habits ami upport doilies, in perform the trust which it demands, is to degrade it, 4tyd finally to destroy its power ; far it uw) bt softly assume d that no political truth is better established than that such indiscriminate and all embracing •trdciiKron of popular suffrage must (ml at lost in its deatruotiou. Andrew Johnson. .. Washington, Jan. 5, ISU7. Houston, Texar, which had n popula tion nf 6soo in IdfiO now contains 30. 000 inhabitants. The t>r that fcfcy says ; Our city in perfectly filled With strangers from all quarters of tho gfebC,lmd oar hotels and restaurants j sjC filled ttfth them. We are at a loss |to know Where they come from. But the brat ■hflt iR, they haVtt ail mostly got ronfcy/ Wnd arc buying uj the va-1 cant 'ots and hfccfc* around tho city. ( vriih Uic iutcuiioti of butHin- onthorn T£K9!S s|.6() I!IADTAKC£ UMtIL Tlie Cuqluners, or more properly tbs Angora gout, is lieuotuiHg.quii a favor ite with our wool grower*, und large |*. pur at iuiiH have bdfcn reecutly made.—. ihe I hleago Pi ciiro" fa nnr May, t hit lliere are now about one thousand of tbeae goats iu Illinois Mr. Dicbl, the most extbowro oh ner. intends to reviait tlie Kat at an early day to procure epe eimtms of a Mill floor quality, which are found Ml the nhorea of the Caspian B**. Thoee already impound c.iyinmnd from S3IMI to 81,(100 a head, andiuruiah from three to seven pound* each of fiue which rivals *i.k in and gloss. Besides tho Afi”ura goafs in Illinois tjicre are probably over one thousand scattered over Ohio. Kentucky claims several thousands, while General Har ding. of Tennessee, ami some of hit friends, hare flocks of over a thousand. Indiana has over a thousand. AIW U J ST—-In Vionua the use of sulphate of iron as a deodoriser lias had a must beneficial result. Ac cording to the Pnar the rats hav* ■hesm tai cflectunlljt destroyed by tlie us* of green vitriol, that reecutly Professor il\rll was unable to procure u supply for experimental purposes. There is no better or cheaiier substance known as a deodoriser, or, as sonic people call it disinfectant; and if it results in the wholesale destruction of thus* peats, we would advise its use freely in our city drains. Canada -I/' JilCtl Juur.'.ul. A Broajr rot rim Sbasos —A very' de out deacon, who sold coal told hu servant girl iu curly fall to hang a wet dish rag out at the window and the first morniu? she found it froren to report to him. A snapping October morning tho cloth was found froxjn; the girl entered the breakfast room nod reported to the deacon, who was just ready to enter ia t-1 his family devotions; he immediate ly replied, railing bis eyes skyward ■l.ord help the poor ! i[ must raise on eoal to-day. Irft us pray." fifteen yesrs ago Judge Hrvan Mul lanphy bequeathed one third’ of his property in trust to the city of St. Loo ts, for the relief of poor emigrant* and travellers iwssiiig Uirongh the city on their way west. The preseut value of , the property is seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars; but the poor emi grants’ have not yet received one pen ny from the fund. o®-A Dutchman at Decatur married a second wife in about a week after the loss of wife No. 1 The Sabbath follow iug the bride asked her lord to take her ridiug, uud was duly ‘ cut up" with tho following resjiouse : ‘A on tmk i tide out mit another vo nmn no loon after tbc death of twintf trow ? No, no. ‘•John,” saidau engraver to bis clerk,, ‘lake those visiting cards for New i d "P immediately to Major i \\ illiams. Now hurry; ho may be j ” lft de a brigadier getieraj by brevet bo -1 got there, and then tbey’B be , left ou our hands.—.V. V. Lit. Oat. A o excitement has broken out in ; Hucbsnan county, Missouri, over asup posed discovery of gold, A few day* | since a farmer brought iuto St. Josepb I gold worth sixty dollars, which he said | ho had picked out of no excavation otr his farm. j "Sammy. Saimey, my eon, don’t Stand j there scratching your head—etir your stuiupa, or you will make no pn'greaa in I life.” I • Why father, replied the hopeful, "I’ve often heard you say that the only way to get on in ibis world was to scratch n A.W I sentimental young man thus feelingly expresses himself: -Kvon as nature botrevoi. ntiy guards the rose with thurus, so does she endow women with pias." (Jeneral Duller saya that President Johnson “docs nut like to show hit hand." Mr I’rcntioc adds: “If h* were lo show lath his bauds and all his pockets, and the insfde of his hat, his oock-eycd ssssilaut would aoo uo stolen spoons in them." A lady was asked to join one of tho divisions of the Daughters of Temper ance, She replied: “This it unneces sary, as it i* my intention to join one ol the Sous iu the course of a fow weeks." “What a blessin’ whiskey punch would be to the human family, if there iitvcr wa’n’t no to-morrow mornin’."’ said an old toper, who was enjoying hj* custom,ry headache after * night’s debauch. Biggins, on reading an advertisement. Wanted, a plain oook," said he wished lbs advertisement would take his conk off his hands, for she was remarkable for her plainness, although she were not a.magnificent vookist. Why must a telegram be slower in transuikminu than most letters f Be. cause it must go by so many poets be fore it reaches its destination. ( The newest Vsnkco notion is an nw> broils with a gutter round the edge sad a spent st one corner. **-“! declare, Sal, you look pretty enough to cut." “Well, Solomon, sin % I eating ss ftst as 1 can?" replied Sal HtbA crusty bachelor, objects to übasii orauids because they use meet kali* n than any hix me a.