Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate, January 17, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Democratic Advocate dated January 17, 1867 Page 2
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TOE DEtMKRATIO ADYeCATI. THI?HBt>AY. J ANTI ARY 17. *B#T fljp AT?KAL ur TUA4*. c Representative# *r exuß have lately published au Addrcoa to tbo People of the United State# on the present situation, which should bo seen and read by all. It ia a very temperate, statesmanlike and well reasoned document, which feta forth not only the condition of Texas, but of the South. It is a maaterly vindication of a people who have submitted in good faith to the power of tho Federal gov- j eminent, relying on the honor of that government to fulfil its part of the con triot of surrender, and who desire noth ing there ardently than to forget former difference# and renew former kind rela tions. Hut what use is it to appeal to u Radical Congress, or the Radical ma jority which sustains them I TV hat care they for obligations (Deferred during the war by which they obtained help to conquer the South, and by which for eign interference was stayed ? Tbodread of failure is past, and their cherished object, the emancipation of tho Blacks, has been achieved; but there ia a chance to ask for more still. The terms and conditions of surrender are to be disre garded by one branch of the govern ment, the Southern people are to be regarded as a subjugated people, and the war as still not closed, or the I nion restored. What matters it to them to secure the lasting gratitude and friend ship of the Southern people at this junc ture when tho only chance is offered? They would sooner keep it as a con quered Poland, or Ireland, and smother the undying hate, which their course must produce, by the aid of their negro friends and unnatural Southern while*. But the appeal is to the People, and not to Congress, and there is still rea son to hope that a large majority of the Northern people will yet listen to the voice of reason, and save their country from the lower deep, below even that of the late civil war, which Is gaping wide to receive it — i V. S. Senator from Maryland. Them w a Uw which require* that 1 one of the United State* Senator* of! Maryland shall always be taken from . the Kaste.-u Shore. As that does not constitute mure than one 6itb of the I Slate it seem* to bo an improper res triction. That portion of tho State hae always had a due proportion of the worth and talent of the State, and need not foar that her sons will be overlooked in the distribution of the office*. So gen oral a desire has been manifested to give i Oor. Swauo the honor of an election to | tho li. S. Senate in the place of Senator Creswell that the above law has Veen repealed Cor the purpose; but to gratify tho Eastern Shore it was immediately re-enacted, so that the next Senator in place of Hon. Iter. Johnson is to come froth the Eastern Shore. As the latter | is so valuable s member, we doubt not the Uonaervatives of the whole Union I will demand his return to the Senate, if • be should bo willing to accept it—aud we hardly doubt that the public senti ment of the lias torn Shore will yield oooe morsgracefully, as they have done in this case, ia his favor. - ' * CONGRESS. As soon as the late veto of President Johnson, (which is published in part on our first page) was returned to the Sen ate, it was passed by a two tbirda vote, and shortly after in a like mauner by the lloase. It ia now a law, and the 1 experiment of negro suffrage is to be tried in the District. Since then, Con- j gross has passed alaw compelling negro auffxugo in all tho Territories. They will wait awhile to fee whether the Southern State* will obey their man date to adopt universal suffrage Then, if not conceded, they may reduce the refrac(<sy State* to Territories, sod the thing is done, according to the Radios! plan. Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, introduced a resolution to impeach the President, which was referred to the committee on the Judiciary. Whether Congress is desperate enough to undertake this re mains to be seen. In the meantime the credit aud interest of the country lan gnish, aud will continue to grow worse, unless tire power of the ultra Radicals is curbed, CORRECTION. la the communication of "Spectator,” •St week, os the subject of lb# remove! off the Auditor by the Judge of the I Circuit Court of this County, the ex presdoa therein contained, in reference to certain persona now holding offices “cariril out fur Ihenuelvet" conveyed a more pointed atlas ton to the J adge than wa were aware ofjpt the time of ita in sertion. Qu.exmiaing the Journal of Proceedings of the Constitutional Con vention of 1864 we ffad that Jadga j .‘■niith. (then a Member,) voted ayouut the oniondment of Mr %bb to tho Ko- i ■ port of the Judiciary Committee, which j mad# a Circuit out of Carroll a-d How- , ard couuUai, and rendered the election < of another Judge necessary. With the consent of our CflfMWposdeiit, who fits- ! cUrttoy intention to do the J wc cheerfully make this w* i ***** ] THE LCIiIfiUTVIIE. In the House of Delegates, on the Bth inst., Mr Wampler presented the petition of the Manchester Seringa In stitution of Carroll County for an amend ment to its Charter. Mr. Qore obtained leave to report a Bill to incorporate the Freedom Masonic Fudge of Carroll County. Ia the Senate on tho 10th inst. Mr. Billingslea, from a special | committee reported a bill to authorise ; tho Commissioner* of Carroll County to 1 levy a sum sufficient to pay the costs in an old case of the State vs. Harriet and 1 Miranda Porter, which was read, the i rules sU'ponded, and tho bill passed.— | Mr. Carmichael, on the 10th hint., in , tho House, obtained leave to report a bill, from the Com. on tho Judiciary, to provide for the summoning of jurors ia Washington, Frederick uud Carroll Counties. ()u tho same Jay Mr. Carmichael, from a joint special committee, reported a Bill to provide lor calling a Conven tion to franio a now Constitution and form of government for this tState. This Bill appears to copy considerably after the act calling tho Constitutional Con vention of 1804 It provides that on the second Wednesday of April next, nil persons entitled to vote shall vote for or ngainst a Convention, and at the same time elect Delegates to the Convention, to meet, iu cose a majority vote for a Convention, on the 2nd Wednesday of May 1867—Baltimore city to have its present number of Delegate#, aud eleven to be added to the lower Counties of which they were deprived by the pres ent Constitution. THE BILT. TO RESTORE TO RIGHTS OF CITIZENSIIIP CERTAIN CITIZENS OF THIS STATE. The following is the bill reported by Hon. Philip F. Thomas, of Talbot coun ty, in the House of Delegates Bth iust., to restore to full citizenship and the right to vote and hold office all persons who may be deprived thereof by the provisions contained iu the fourth sec tion of the first article of the const it u tion of this State. Whereas, by the provisions of the 1 fourth section of tho first article of the constitution of this State, a large por tion of its citizens otherwise entitled to > vote and hold office have been deprived | of those privileges, whilst they remain ! liable to taxation, to the performance of I military duty, aud in all other respect* subject to laws iu whose enactment, they can have no participation, ail of which is contrary to the principles on which republican governments are es tablished ; and whereas these restrictions were designed to bo temporary, os is evident from the fact that power is wisely given to tho General Assembly, iu the very section of the constitution | which imposes such restrictions, to re , move them in all cases by an act passed j by a vote of two-thirds of all the mcm i bers elected to each house; and where las tho rcosous for such restrictions j have, by the return of peace, now hap pily ceased to exist, and it is therefore ; right and proper, by the speedy excr- j else of the power so reserved to the General Assembly, to re-establish and | reaffirm the right of tho people to par I licipate in She Legislature, justly de- I dared in the declaration of rights to j be the security of liberty and the fbun- 1 j datiun of all free government; thcre j fore. j Be il enacted hy the. (general duryn. bfy of Maryland , ticuthinU of all the mrmbert elected to each Jlontr. concur ring. That all persons otherwise enti tled to vote and hold office, who may be deprived of those privilege# by reason of any of the provisions of the 4th section of tho Ist article of the constitution of this State, be and they are hereby res tored to their full right# of citizen-ship, and each and all of them shall be enti tled to be registered as qualified voters, and to vote in the same man tier as if the said 4th section of the Ist article of the constitution had not been adopted, I upon taking and subscribing before any j justice of the peace, or other officer au- | | thorited to administer an oath, or bo j fore the proper officer or officers of registration, the following oath or affir mation : * M I , do swear (or affirm) that I am a citizen of the United States, aud that I will bear true faith aud allegi ance to the United States, and support i the constitution and the laws thereof as the supreme law of the land, any law or ordinance of any State to the contrary not withstanding; that I will iu all res peels demean myself aa a loyal citizen of tho United States; and I make this oath or ( affirmation) without any reser vation or evasion, and believe it to bo binding on me.” And shall be entitled to hold office upon taking, before any officer or per son authorised to administer an oath, the following oath or affirmation : ****** And I do further swear (or affirm) that I will, to the best of my ability, protect and defend the Union of the United State*, and not allow the same to be broken up and dissolved, or the government thereof to be destroyed un der soy circumstance# if iu my power . to prevent it, and that 1 will nt nil times discountenance and oppose all political combinations haring for their object such dissolution or destruction.” Sec- 2. J> it enacted, &c., That the several officers of registration shall reg istcr as a qualified voter every person who shill apply for registration nod claim tho benefit of thin act, upon his taking i he oath or affirmation hereinbe fore set mil in the first section thereof, provided he in in other respect# entitled to vole by having the requisite qualifi cation# of ago, citizenship and residence, and be not disqualified under the third and fifth sections of the first article of the r■ institution ; and if any officer of registration shall refuse to register as a qnnli.ied voter any person as aforesaid applying Co be registered, he shall, upon conviction thereof before any court her. log criminal iorisdiotion. forfeit and pay a fine of not bans than 1100 oor more than #SOO for each offense, and ho im prisoned until said fine and the coats of prosecution h; ftilly paid and satisfied, and shall also bo liable in an action for damages at the suit of the party ag grieved i Section 3 provides that all cofirts, i and State, county, township and muni- ‘ clpal officers hi this Blnte shall lake on* A tie# of the privisions of tho act, without Nquiring it to be specially pleaded, set , up. or rolled on. and shall give the ftill < effect aud benefit thereof to any person embraced within the general description of the first section of this act, in the same manner and to the same extent ns , if the name of such person had been ex pressed aud set oul specially in tho said foregoing section. Section 4. This act shall take effect from the day of its passage. Western Maryland Railroad. We learn from tho *Frcderick Ileum i ter that Mayor Chapman, President of tho above Road, last week, appeared a second time before the County Qommis (donors for Frederick for the inducing them to endorse the bonds of the Company for $300,000, with the view of making a branch of the - Road to Frederick City from Union : Bridge. The Kramine.r is disposed to j favor tho project, but would profi t to have the main road made from Union ; Bridge through Frederick City and Cramptou's Gap to Hagerstown. It is j tired of the imporition of the Baltimore , k Ohio Railroad, which it says charges sixteen cents per bushel for wheat from Frederick and. the same price for a bar rel of flour as from Martiuoburg Va., whilst by the Western Md. road it i would not be more than nine cents per j bushel and in proportion for flour. The ( Branch would give Frederick two roads to Baltimore, and would bo n desirable | connection, running through a very I rich country. We have no doubt we will have some day a direct cointuttnica lion with Frederick city by rail. The laclil Race. By the log books of tho three yachts which contended in the recent ocean 1 race, it is reported that during the voy-, ’ ago the Henrietta ran 3,006 miles, the } Fleetwing 3,007, and tho Vesta 3,064.' : Tho Henrietta although the winner, sailed the longest distance and her dai- j ly average was 218 miles, whilst that i of the Fleetwing was -11 mile*, and 1 that of the Vesta 21-I. The greatest j runs were; Henrietta 280 miles, Vesta . 277, tyid Fleetwing 270; the smallest daily runs were: Henrietta 153 miles, Testa IGS, and Fleetwing 136 miles.— With reference to short voyages across the ocean, an English naval officer writes to tho Loudon Times that iu the winter of 1821 he crossed the Atlantic iu the New Castle sailing frigate in clo ven days. I Test Oaths I'nconsfiditlaual. '' j The Supremo Court of the United j I States on Monday last decided Test ; Oaths to be unconstitutional, in the ca ses of John A. Cummins, a Catholic | Priest, and 11. A. Garland, an Attor ney, both of Missouri. Justices Wayne, j Nelson, Grier, Clifford and Field agreed ion the decision. The minority, Chief I Justice Chase, aud associate# Sway no, j Davis and Miller gave a dissenting opin ion. This is a very important deck*ion. aud taken in connection with tho late decisions of tho Court against Military trial of citizens, is a severe blow to Rad icalism. Va. U. M. Senator. The Republican Caucus met at liar 1 risburg Pa. on the iffth inst. and nomi nated Hon. Simon Cameron on the first • ballot for U. S. Senator. The vote stood for Cameron 46 ; Curtin 23 ; Stevens 7;.i Grow, 5. Forney withdrew in favor of' Thad Stevens with very little effect however. Before the caucus met Mr. • Stevens wrote a letter declining to go to Harrisburg to urge his claims, uud i charging that former legislatures of that I State had disgraced the Slate by their j corrupt practices, evidently striking atj i Mr. Cameron who has been charged with buying up member#. Neverthe less both Mr. Stevens and Mr. Forney went to Harrisburg, and were there to witness Mr. Cameron's triumph. A Twenty Vein** War. The Louisville Journal contains the following: Two families ofCarter coun ty, East Tennessee, named Huberts and Johnston, have been waging a bloody war between each other for twenty ! years. During this time fourteen men belonging to the two families have lost their lives, and on the evening of the stb instant, in Elizabeth. Tennessee, the sole surviving male* of the two fam ilies engaged in an altercation, which resulted fatally to both. This domestic j war originated about # dozen fence rails. | A fibort Honey moon. A few weeks since a young German i barber, of Indianapolis, led to (he hyme- 1 neai slur a young and intelligent girl to whom he had been paying his distres ses. Tho course of true love was not disturbed by a# much as a ripple, until Monday Inst, when the knight of the . razor, in returning home, discovered 1 that hi* canary bird had flown, leaving : 1 nothing bnt the empty nest. The dis consolate barber returned to bis shop, 1 ; and put an end to his existence hy swal-' i lowing half pint of hair dye. j' The Bt. Paul /Vet* publishes a state-! 1 moot showing that forty-five million i \ feet of logs and fifty-two million feet of* , lumber was run out of tho St. Croix ' 1 river lout yoor. Thg quantity estima- 1 tod to be cot this Winter is ninety mil- 1 il Though lbs viator is come and the I j Ovldu ars frosen. man; thiug* nia; be 1 1 , cultivated—gaud humor, for in**;mce, j f 2 Commmieattd. THE COCIWTT STATpMKXT. continuance of4f late war, fpotu illUlu-t!t>(i<)u to iU clow, |lu winds of tIM p'Ofilo had boon i.l voluntarily (tilled , airui tafiithe 1.-ttowul of ihpf|ittoniiondae Jheir loSßaffaira, i*'ton*cquAaeo ofthoam*- nitude ot the war then waging, in which were Involved the snvnl that un derlie the whole fahric of Republican (Joy ermttent. How the wnr ha* term mated, it a qiMtioi any <4iol boy will answer; but what will bo the practical working of that result. whether fanaticism has not gained the victory and the Union lostita perpetniiv, are •laeap.on* involv<l in doubt am! uncertainty. iWI Since the contest is no longer in the Held but in the forum, the people l a areal extent have withdrawn I heir attention from National affair.* to given neces.sary and well timed inspection ortheir local concerns, and most certainly never did the Local affair* of any County need a more direful examina lion than those of Ohrrol! county do ni this time, it was therefore with pleasure that I rend the recently publish.-d ai iicla of ''Tax Caver” which very truthfully represented the many and unpardonable defects in the manner of making oat a statement of the ex panne* of the County and with equal truth fulness exhibited some of the characteristic traits of the '•public's humble servants."— But there is another view of the ‘'Statement of ItKifl," that cannot 6til to impress itself upon the mind of any one who w ill examine [it carefully : a view by no means very flat taring to the integrity of tho<e officers to whom are intrusted the financial affairs of the County. 1 think it mav be safety asset i ted that iI such a statement hud been made ! by Commissioners elected by either of the j great parties that alternately ruled daring the 1 prosperous days of the Republic, they would have been forced by the indignation of all honest men, of what party soever, to hate retired from othce. or have been compelled by the stern hand of the law u> hare so ren dered their statement, that it might have been at least intelligible to those who under stand the system ot Honk-keepiimof Profes sor Valentine, which seems lobe one of “sweet confusion" and decidedly "shady” i I in regard to“itcmii and Alms House Stone.” I propose in this article to state for the hen- I entot the tux-payers of this County, what 1 ' the duties of the County Commitftioners an* j I as required bv the Oth Section Art. 28lh of ! the Code of Public General which is ! us follows: "They (the County Commission- I “era) shall make out and publish annually ! “in at least two newnpoj*ers piblUlicd iii j “their respective Counties, if there bo two, a “detailed, minute and aecu-ute statement of “the expenses of their said County, Hpecifv- ] “ing therein each |airticular item of expen- ! and for what and to whom paid, and | “ahollalso deliver to the Sheriff of their res- j “poctive counties ts many copies of such | “►Utciuent as there arc election districts in | “the County, at least ten day* before each I "gem-nil election, and the Sheriff shall. I ‘•within six days after the receipt of such • ‘copies, sit up one of them at the place of ‘•holding elections in each election district, ! “and the Clerk to the County Commission **ers ami the Sheriff who shall fail toperform , “the duty imposed by thi-* Section, shall each j “forfeit the sum of one hundred dollars."— ; Now 1 will leave Professor Valentino and ! Hon. J. D. Hoppe, Sheriff of Carroll conn | ty, to their own “pious reflections" and 1 consequent determination asto whether thov I are not respectively indebted unto Carroll j county nr the Stole of Maryland in the sum I of one hundred dollars. If they are not, then 1 must confess that when 1 went U> exercise i my *‘sacrod right” (which is an old family I relic, that had lioen packed away for the hist throe or four years) I was entirely oblivi { on a of surroundings, for undoubtedly the I copy of the Statement was not present on the oth of November last to witness the ex- I treue of the various “aucred right holders” in my district in their efforts to deposit their ballots. Yet it mav be said and doubtlers is, j in extenuation of the conduct* of Professor : Valentine and Lord High Sheriff Hoppe, that lithe last election was. not a general election, 1 if it was the voting wa*> by no means quite so ! general, particularly in Manchester District. I Hut returning now to our “immaculate ami non salaried friends"—the inquiry is, have j thev dune their duty. d'he law requires that they shall make out and publish annually a detailed, minute and I aoruruie statement of the expenses of their j said counties, specifying therein each parlic i ular item of expense and for what and to j whom paid Ac. The following is an Ulna ! tration of their comjJiunce with the law: • "A mount allowed for the repair of Public I Roads and small bridgea in county for year j SHO K).O >.‘ aa n “amount allowed for the erection of new and repair of old large ; Bridges in oonnty—s6ooo,oo*," again, “snn , dry persons for uuiU and other articles for j Court House and Jail—sl2,oO." How long 'do the County Commissioners suppose the i tax payers of this county will submit to tins I imposition 7 Taxed to almost the lust ex | tremity of endurance, these men seem dis j posed to odd to the burden of (be people in 1 ] refusing to account to them for the manner | j in which they disburse or rather dispose of; ■ their money. How am Ito know whether 1 I these inimncnlute individuals have not given j out the contracts for building bridges Ac., to I 1 the advantage of them selves mid not of Cor j roll county, unless theyo render their slate- ' meet as to make it appear to the cooliary ? j On due consideration of the “Statement of I

IHtW" and the enormous expenses of the county, which amount to 409.240,72; of which sum. no less than from ten to twelve thousand dollars have been consumed in the repairing of the Jail, lam utterly unable to raise myself to an appreciation of the chari table reflections of Friend Parke in his paper of 6 December. Bat here 1 will permit my “immaculate friends" to rest in peace, anil “No farther seek their merits to disclose, Nor dmw their frailties from their dread abode." J ratios. Communicated. WtsuiixsTEit, Carroll Cork tv, ) January 7lh, IWJ7. i Ur. Editor : —l am qaito a lover of fun, and ihinkiug that you have among your nu merous subscribers some who are also fond of that commodity, I thought that I would give you an account of o Babbit chase that I occured on Saiarday lasi on the suburbs aud in the town of I'rizelsburg. in this County. This place, no doubt is well known to moat of your renders. But Mr. Editor let me hero state that although your *ub*crsl>crs may know alt about the town, its locality Ac., they, I feel confident, are not aware of the hospitality and the good feeling of the good citizens of that place towards those who j may be thrown in their midst. They indeed j show, not only to their friends, but also to strangers who may go among them, that j true spirit of hospitality that may always be found in the breast of toe true Southerner. Frizeltiburg will always have in my breast a warm and frtmdlv remembrance of the kind ness and hospitality shown to me by its citizens. Bui t promised to give you some account of a Babbit chase. Xu I was coining down from the house of my old and esteemed friend J. Rinehart, at about eight or nine o’clock, a. in., my ears were sainted with the shout of boys in the highest and wildest state of excitement, mingled with the barking of a host of dogs. The barking of the dogs, the halloping of the boys \ who were about fif teen in number,) and the speed which ex 1 eiteoient lent to their nimble feet, determined me to stop and enjoy the chose. The llab bit crossed the rood juat in front ot* n* and bounded away through one fence, then anoth er, the boys and dogs pursuing at their ut most speed.* Had you, like myself, been there, yon would have laughed to have seen the boys, in their excitement, tumble aud fail aver fence*, rots, gutters and w hat ever might chance to be m their way { this I enjoyed to the fullest extent until the rabbit, dogs, and boys where lost to my view, and passed away like a pageant of life, wit nessed for a moment and then gone forever, loan, A. N. T. Local Intdllgcuec. Tuv.Youxd Min'i Christian Ak scm iawon OF lUtTiaioßK—-This in the name of a flourishing Institution la tel y; al,i r ted in Baltimore, the object of which i* to promote the social, iuiul ieotunl and moral welfare of young mon, by aiditi*; them to secure employment, good boardin'; houses, introducing them to good associates, providing means for iu to] tactual improvement, and whole some and delightful entertainments. It lias n extensive library and Heading Booms, nnd lectures nod instruction given by learned J’rufeasors every eve ning of thtf week. Location. lUO West Baltimore Street. President, J. M. Drill; Recording Pccretary. Ooofgo II Hill, Koq*; Gen. .Superintendent, J. 0. Wilson. Wo cordially recommend young men locating in the city from our section, to partake of tho advantages offered by this afHoci.ition. Mill Burnt. —We are sorry to learn (bat the valuable Grist Mill of Mr. Jacob Krb. dr., (formerly Bek’s Mill.) Big Pipe Greek, Carroll County, with all its contents, was totally destroyed by lire, on Saturday night tbo 20th ult. ' Mr. Krb bad lately purchased t lie prop- j orly and fitted it up at cousider.ibie ex- ! punso, and waajiwt beginaing to realise j the fruits of his labor and expenflt).— ; Under tbo circumstances the loss is rui- ! nous to him; but we are pleased to learn i that i generous public, which fully sym- j pulhiaes with su worthy a citizen in his 1 >ud misfortune, is contributing liberal ly to enable him once nine to start in I business. The tire is said to have been the result of accident, probably catching i from a stove pipe. ! How to Clean Off Snow.— The j snow may bo easily cleaned from pave ments aud yards, even when it is hard • frozen a id trampled down, by . prink- I ling common table or flab salt over it. In ton or fifteen minutes it will be soft. 1 and may be swept off with a still broom. Five cents worth of salt will be enough i | for the pavement in front of any house aud fifteen minutes after you read this I you may clean up in front of your house, j ; reader, and perhaps save your neighbors ! : a severe full on that slippery path way of yours. Surprise Parti k* —Wo loam that I Rev. Mr. Amos, of tho M. K. Church. ! on Friday iiii;ht. was surpris'd by a large aud agreeable party, who contri- * baled a considerable sum in money, and a largo amount of the tiecvssariea of life* for aup|oi ( of himself and family. It seems Cuiuntown, not to be out done by her sister towns, lately contri buted in tbo same agreeable way. most liberally, to tho support of their Pastor, ! Rev. K. Scott Norris, of the M. P. Chureb, Elkc-io.n o? Directors).—At an I clefffafc held Tuesday January Bth . * ISB7, fhe following gentleman were again elected Directum of the First National Bunk, viz; Alfred Troxcl. Granville S. Haines, John Hoop. David Knglar, Win. Lawyer, Joseph fnhaeficr, i Joshua Yingling and Augustas Sbrivcr. Mr. Alfred Troxcl, was re elected Pres ident and Granville S. Haines. Vie-* President. W. A. Cunningham Gash Tux Joii.xhon Cli ii, of FiuUburg District, will meet at tho Stone School House (by the pike and Busby road) ou Saturday Etcmug, JGlh. inst . fur the transaction of important business. All 1 friendly to the cause will please attend. By Order janl7 J. BUSH, Secretary. itjtTltR PH IZB.—WelZB.—We invite attention !! to the Advertisement of Messrs. Btouf ‘ fer & lloimen, of the live town of Now Windsor, as an indication of their busi [ ness tact and spirit. They know that advertising is an advantage; and wc j hope mure of (lie enterprising Merchants ol the beautiful lowus of our County | will do likewise. C®. Vu cxcilinge give* the fullowiag i cure Ktr a fulou : A |K>u)tire of onions. , i applied morning, noon and night, for | three or four days, will cure a felon.— j So matter how bad tho case, splitting r j 'l* o finger will ho unnecessary, if this , poultice bo used. i t Sontiti Convention.—To meet tho views of 100 distant friends of (he cause, the Hoigo Convention announced in the Maryland I'anuor to he held in Balti more on Tuesday, February slh, ISG7. has been changed to Tucsd ty. February 1-th, 1807. J l®-Ike pbjloso[rtier amt poet stiles man, Addison, in his .Sy*r luivr, the first and most amusing of periodicals, in his papers on Country and City Idle, aflords the must genial recommendations to preserve the health and purity of the body; his just sod benevolent teachings with respect to health msy he sought and read with the best effect, by persons of all habits aud age ; the general good effect of gentle medicines, artistically compounded. Addison's experience and intelligence avouches the necessity for. He Jived to s good old ago, and were ho living would no doubt, resort to Bryan's . Ufa Fills, a truly life giving and bene ficial remedy for purifying the blood.— (Fee advertisement ) jnn. 3. The reporters of the thffrmaml Oluhr arc anticipating with fear and trembling the hour when the Hon. Mr. Morrissey will ‘’shie his castor" into the House. Ouo of them, who had been lying upon his sofa in a brown study tho other evening, sprang up sud denly, tearing his hair, aud eiclaimed. '•Qocd heavens, just think of it! If 1 should report anything displeasing to Mr. Morissey, I suppose he’d knock me out of time fur six weeks.” Parson Hrownlow and Brigham Young each received one vote Cor chap lain of tho Idaho Legislature on the sth of December last. The votes were complimentary. The pork season st Indianapolis, In diana, has shout closet. Nearly 50.000 hogs have been packed, against 30,000 last year. fien K B. Wushburne, of Illinois, denies that (icn. Grant endorses the ecto of the District of Columbia auf frnge bill. Judgment Against KLKCTtox_Jflin. s•*—Mr. Jolts 11. Ifondsr, (|tulified nnd registered voter of thi* city, inutititei suit ngniiuil Messrs. Valentine (L Aikanuh, William G. Mor an nitd ('harlcs W. .Miller, who acted n* election judges on the Glh of last No vember. for refuting to receive hie vote. The case was brought before John A. Simmons, Esq , a justice of the peace of this city, who, after full argument, judgment ngainat each o| the defendant* for 8100 damages, with costs and interest until paid. On the same day the suit of .Mr. Oliver II .Martin, of this oily, a duly qualified and register ed voter, against the aforesaid election judges for having deprived him of his j vote on the Glh of last November, was i tried, sod judgement rendered against each of the defendants for SIOO damn | gca, with costs, and interest until paid, j On the same day and before the same j justice the wc of Mr. John 0. Hagan, j a duly qualified and registered voter of this vicinity, ngainsl Messrs James Whitehill, Janies llopwood and James , Perry, who acted ns election judges at 1 the south polls in this city, on the 6th | ol last No t'inbi’r, for having cfused to j receive his vole, was tried, and jndg* j meut rendered against each im* the de j (cndaiits for SIOO damages, with costs, j ; and interest until paid.—/Vr*fcs#*<V|r I (.Vi/.) rmVw,. ! Manika<ti uku I'ottox.—-The fol j lowing table, carefully prepared, gives | iho total number of bales Manufactured I during the past year: “North Carolina, 91,000; South Carolina. 102.000; tiger gia, 205,000; Florida, 9G.0OO; Aiuhiima, 220,000; Mi>svsippi, 270.000. Uuisi. aua, 109.000; Texas. 900,000; Arksn, 1;.. 2.000; Tcnncwco. 148,000; t,. GG9.000. other Slates, 87,000. lulal, 1,750.000.” An exchange says that it is >.just ns sensible a move to undertake to gel 1 married without courting as to atlciuj t ! any business without advertising; both | j often prove abortive. Some of the drifts of snow in )ferk shire county, alter the recent great j *now storm, whore twenty one fret high by actual measurement i Senator (Wan. uf IWnsylmnh. on ! 1 Monday was m<mimt!iMi l.i ih.’ .'-Vn ,r. hy j I'resident Johnson a* Min.,ter to Ai.s i iria. j A negro in \V.uJjtgloii city applied . at the police head pi trier* for dm -s on into the force Hi-! n has mil i yet been noted on. There are employed in Ihe iii iiinfic til re of steel p.*ns, in Hinuingliani. Bri'i men and 2.H00 women A girls ; 98 Mi/ gross ofp-ns are turned out weekly. I Four young I ids. under twelve your* aof nge. wo v discovered in a Jboton ; ehurt li or, Sunday pl iving emit*. fo. , “the hew fur the crowd.” j A aix-yo.r old eli ,p mi Bethel. Me.. | icing unable to drive Ilia row out uf the barn, set it on tire, and then, he says. “she run.” i>i:%tii*. • At his father s residence in FrixxleJrarg. Pa troll county, on Th'ir*c| M the lOih in-i . Ni Niton Fui/*i.k. aged 21 yean. ! uti.Ti.noui: t Tniuv, 1", |m;:. Fufa.—HWnrd Street Super and Tut | Kxtra I tnill isi. do Extra shipping 1 * .Vhi , sl2 00, do high grades |3o*ll i<, do Fun -1 ilv K oite’JHi; Ohio Super ami <’uf Extra J 10 <oasll 2,’*; City Mills Shimt In .jUn£li j bbl. I lye Flinr-new 0 .70,, SO 7*- I t om Moo)—City Mills 84 jmt hid. ! (KA!X. Good to prime white Wheat nt 1 l$ 10 a53 20 |*rr bushel. Com —White ul ' i * OTcol 1(1, mid yellow 1 04a I 0" pi r bushel. Oats lUlu*i2 els. ;er budml. I Hons.—We quote d reared at 8;8 A0 per , j KW His. 1 Pmovisiov-,—We quote prices, j; for I Old clear rib Sides lilnll eta; new Si !c* I*s ' cents: do rib I2| els; Shoulders 11n1T| eta. Lard—wo quote 121 eta. for Citv and West ern bids. . } Skkos.—We quote prime Clover nt 8 2.'h . i $8 i 0; Timothy at 3 .‘snsH 02, Flax ut $2 AO per bushel. Oj .A -*' J*. \rOXIUK is hereby given that the Hub il sorilier lion obtained from the (>r , plmus court of corrull county letters of Ad ministmtiqu on the Personal Estate of Jansc I*. Todd, tale of carroll countv dee d. ' All person* having claim* against siud K*. • tnteare hereby Wanted to exhibit tho name . within six months from thin date, otherwise . they may bo excluded from ail benefit of miid Estate. Those indebted are requested to make immediate povmcut. HARRIET M. TODD, jan!7-4t Adminiatialhx. A ;/o/e o/ Afichiicl II mu/, r/erease*/. i VTOTICE is hereby gircr that the Sale , fieri her ha* obtained from the Orphans* i Court of Carroll county, letter* of Admisl ra tion on tho Personal Estate of Michael Wlwt, late of Carroll county, deceased.' All i person* having cluimf against said Estate. are ; hereby warned to exhibit the same within I ix moo the from (hi* date, otherwise they may be excluded from all benefit of said ■ Estate, Those indebted arc requested to ! make immediate paviuent. JOHN WEIBT. ji\nl7-4t Administrator. Ettatc nf John Lit (I*, tUcuUnl. IVT 01 ICE ii hereby given that the subset! i i l>cr has obtaiuel from the Orphans' Court of Carroll county letter* Teslann-nury , on the Personal Estate of Jotu Litti.r, late of (!arro!l County, deeoused. All persons having claims against said Estate are hereby warned to exhibit the same with in six months from this date, otherwise they mey be excluded from all benefit of said Estate. Those indebted arc requested to make immediate payment. • EZRA LITTER. jaul7-4t # Acting Executor. A(• ItK'A T OiI. .4 aVCKforAGMJffS NO 80 API XOWATKttII VO SLOP 111 UUOWN’B GLASS CLEANING POLISH. Patented Oct. It>, IBOA. For cleaning and polishing windows, mir rors, gold, silver, plated ware, brass, copper, tin, Ac. A new invention of the greatest practical worth, convenience, and ecouomy Indispensable to all housekeepers, hotel keepers, stomkeepor*, Ac. Address C. M. Brown, No. 74 Bleecker Street, Now York. Liberal discount to Uie trade. Price 30 eta. perbox. janl7dHo JUST received a No. 1 article of Kerosene Oil, (pure.) SU/njfer A Uujf'ma*, Meat Gutters, Stuffers, &c Tho garifillod donblo cylinder (Niter and liologna Staffer, for sale by j sev. Z 9. E. A*. (I<r*akd fsrand riesniUHlsu ImO Af T ,#ff ? MARVLANP rNOSriTUT|y rrm tii < benefit or thB>oo& m BALTIMORE. * $25,000 in racsßXTs to ss omn swst.-'- O.V FEBRUARY 22p, IM7. Will h > given a GRAND MUBICAL AND PitK*KXTATION F EHTI V A L. At which Hint* the Ron. Jhn Loe rh.i|uasn. M.i r of Hufihum-* Hun. Jus. 11. Awciuiin. I'hM* thfUmm Cart. G -a. Fra. fiig. I. Dr. M ate 8. UgnL LT Ron. John L. Thoms*, fob }. if. ft. " % ” 1 : Hon. \arnn llofTu.Mn, Sumot I M. Kvun*. Era, J. J. Itankard. E hu, ful. K. 4. M. KrtMhtaJ f I t 01. Salome M.mkli, Ji.fiti MrGarrlgle, K,, I John Davis, K*q. James & uilroon, Em,, Will appoint a Co mac it Uf to aw aid prro-nt*. in mu-Ii h l ew Oil luauuer a* sid Cuiu. | inittvc may drier-mine. ! For tbs' Festival Ihcr* a 111 be isvaed 50. 00* I Tlrkrfs and 30,000 I'rments, ( being one forraeb 1 Ticket, I valued at nr more, tnV : placed in the hand* of JKBSKUUNT, Prcddrm. i of the Aasociatioit for the impi ovemrst of IhJ coudiiion of tbu Poor ibiourli llk abotu i>au4{ j gentlemen. List or PsKsasrs ro as A w vansa. g, j I Grand Plano, t Knsbe A To.) 1 Sjuarc “ •* .vm 1 Gold Watch, duablo lime, lml*t a tnad, 30M ” “ American, verv brevy, Vj* J ” *• ” p. n: Bartb-I, *IW I ;; *; „ ** t H*waA *, * * *• Patent Lever, Ua 1 ** Patent ia-verc. each IW % laMlic*’ Gold Watches, Ame liean, J?k, ! J ” ** “ at atb dMuivad* hi I.( !i ;; I n 11111 i .. .. ur * T rr * -2J * •* “ each tl* 1 * te 4 Ameriesn Silver Watch**, each n U I*anting Silver “ 3O ior w r * a “ •• “ " r it* 4 Indies* fa*n. G.]l ( halnr and Pin#, ecrhOO ? :: :: :: - 1 “ 00 - u 1 44 t'lisul.iin “ -- 1 Gcntleincu's U<>lU t'haina, very heavy iljj I : n * ** " *f sci , •iM iittoncl Ring, 100 1 U I Amethyst and Diainond King, • • n Heavy SiuacKings, each II II -ary Seal King*, earb #<■ 20 Plain Gold King*, fioiu ffei to ' A loci AeeorU-d Gold King*, fiom FS In / m . cl Indies' Fine Gold S I-. fiom Sli to ‘ llw’ 1 W Pins, from 93 ta <4 Set# IjkUcs* Fine tlold Sleeve liut's. $0 tn R I 1C Gold UiaceteU, from e>:i |o 411 *i llaudkerrhiel Kings, each I-.. Ju Opera Glaases, fiom St to R I Firmb Gilt ( lock, m •. 11l onto • loeka, flout HO tu 40 1 fancy Clocks, each W 2 Tea Set*, each Ji a ut 1 l-arge Pm. Jj ■2 le Pitcher*, rarh u 21 Oii:-r f.oteiw, 1 i„ # 1, li lire; ulei*. from 0 to fake Uaekvu. from lU tu U l-t ilullei lobes. 11 out 7 to 19 I W im. Staad, aa * Pickb> Maud*, each ■ ; 1 ril , v "' 1 r.„ ll'i.u r ITnitM, .. *•'.... I. ij 2 Pair Napkin I.mgs, •• •• •• )| 3 Set* foi ( liildri-u, “ mu/ aa 3 Tobacco liases, S 2 Cup-. 2 1 Uegnl.Uo-, J 1 Automatic I’iclcre and .Music Uox, Ml I Safe, Miller's psletil, \ Hi - r..U| O fT..UArIIcWr. 1 . iwairi, 4 an. (;„w.u, Suli.uiir. \\ r.niHr 1 ‘A‘, U t>. k Ar . making Imbranr.. Cl.. l.luitl .1 TL. <||">> IW tucluiL. it- ~ 111. .1,1.1. ~f It. h. < I. k'# J.-. |pjr f K..c. ti.'Wl.. , *u>r.-. IVI -t ,m,. H.ltimutr, Md. Ntt >..1.1 .1 Ihlt .1.. . ft..r thi. ..- Ih.' .Uttt. will Ilv mmb fat Ik -| lit. Btft,. tttul for Ike Mle t.f TVln. from J n It) I n rim k. We mi#k la rail Ike .ItmlKm nf Ike |mt—le, llrtl, l.t Ik" ekariubleekjeel of (It). Kettk.l; • 111. tt| n,et( nnmher of '■l ■ (ill. ; Iklnl. 1„ lit., far, ikei tfcetll„r,|„. !o""lm,'| l ‘';'i K ' r “ “° tortlaKlf Ino .rdlti( it. Ink. pljre In Ike nf l"** ■•di* 3nrf • and the millionaire will have aa advantage over the humblesl c-iliacn. Ilow lo obtain Tlrkela. Oiders mav be enl direct lon*. CDeloslng the money fro:,. $| to 525. in a registered ht. t*r at our risk, nilh stamp for retwi u |xWdag. I Larger amounts thould U-*cnt in drafohv Kx. • press. *t the following club rates j .. ssr Single Ticket, a j ns i | i Ticket* to oau address, 4 ’jt < •• iS . ; 1 m 5 “ -■ Sit - ■■ US Address all orders snd commuairatioas to il w .. . 0* W L LAKK. Manager., I l W. Hsliiisnrc Street, Daliimufe; VA J'tnlT-ei TIU’STI-K'SSALfi of Real[Estate. |V Y virtue t.f n tire too n f the Clrrtiil Court , 1 # for < cured! coiiuty, silling u a Court of I Equity..the Sulnccrilu?r. as Trustee, wiU f •• Public Sale, uu the premises, on I S'ltitrihiy y frlnuirg UtA, IHU7. ' 1 c'clock, J*. M., ik following itOcribetl Jttol KoUto. to kit: J|Q ■ i Acres. 1 Rood and 31) Perches j OF LAND, more or Ires, upon which h j erected a ccuiifurtcible nod c-onvrnientlv 04 i nengrd DWELLING IluL’iiE j with Store Room at Inched, Jfifflf ; Smoke House, lo* SHI 111 Bank Barn, nucl other urrv* 7 r >; oul budding*, all in good repfirrherv ! i* also on tlia premise* an excellent ORCHARD , of elude® Fruits, water conveuicnt to the | j Dwelling I louse. Barn, Ac ; This projwrty is located in WakcfarU i • alley, ou the roacl lead i tig from Ricli ardsoii Station to the Brick Meeting House*. olkhil one-tounli of u mile from Uieharchion'i Station on the Western Mary land kCHilroail, is convertiewt to School House*. BlftHlsniitii Shop Churchn, Ac., and adjoint the land oi David Nteodemu* k John Knglar, dee d. IV.KMir op S.U.K.—One thlwnhmh on the da> of sale, or on the ratification thereof, one-third in twelve month*, and the other one third in two year* from the day of Kale, the credit payment* to bo secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchaser* with - approved security, bearing interest from the day of sale. HASHABIAH HAINES. Truiloe. Choct k Kkgsxidkr, Solidlori, FARMER, GARDAER AKD DAIRYMAID. DAM to Ih. I'oullr,-. Addre*., with 1 dinm, <l. T. W., I’uniofice, Kcintmlowa. Jinl7-Bt* P. A. OOHSUOH, UCUKteD AVOTIaMBMi, 44 OFFEHB bln eert ice. toth pMhlielb k* bo*e cupiudqr. undwUUttend prompt Iv and aßicionilv in all raa. Addnib, fl.rd Hilt t*. O. Kinkiburg (ieroß cmiitp Maryland. janll-tf APIUSIEIo, of Frederick make Back Gloves, for sal* by * joitl7 SlouJTer A Ihffman-